Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1855 Page 5
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r A* u4 ntetuM of tli? meeting, *kieb dif fered ia oo impact fr on uj o! the masy ward meetings Alt have bMB held lately. Ilobokcn CMy Hem. OoacmtR's IXQunrr o* tboi Drow^iko Cam. ? Yestsr i*y Coroner Van Mater, of Bobokaa, hold an Inquest ?H? the tody of 9ama?l C. Keller, who resided ia th? ?Hy ?f New York, who committed suicide by leaping from the Hcbokeu f?rrj boat Newark, on Suaiay evening, while ?teasing from New fork to Uoboken. The verdl 3 1 of the jery wa a a s follows " Said Samuel C. Keller came to hfs death by drowaing in the North river, oa the after sera of the 10th day of June, 1853; and we further ex preie ear belief that the deceased, of his own accord, jnmped off of tbe ferry boat Newark for tbe purpose of destrcy'ng hie life ? tae pilot aad other man of tbe said heat having a*ed tvery mean* la their power to save the ftfeof the deceased.'' it dcea aot appear, from the evl & or from the facta a e otherwise obtained yesterdiy, spt. Havens, the pilot of the boat, the engineer, or either officers, were gulltv of aay aegligenoo whatever. On tke contrary, Gap'.. H. hu been a pilot upon tha Ho heken ferries for the put twenty six yeare, aal ia re garded aa one of the moat akilful ana fatthfal pilots apoa any of the ferries. He baa saved the lives of twenty persona by tbe boats of which he has had eom a aad. It alio appears that the lifeboat waa ia good con dition, bat swamped while the two deck handa were get Hag the drowsing man into it. ia consequenceof a heavy ?well while it lay la a trough of the sea. No arrest have been made ia connection with this affair. Court of General Seaelona. Before Recorder Smith. Jcsz 11. ? This Court opened yesterday morning at 11 ?'clock, Recorder Smith being upon the beach, in place ef Judge Stuart, to whom this term belongs. Lymin ?s'e was again put upon trial, charged with forgery up rathe Chemical Bank in August last. The accused was attended by his counsel, Richard Busteed, Eiq., and for the prosecution appeared tho District Attorney and James R Whiting, who has been retained by the Che mical Bank, to assist Mr. Hall. Nothing was done yes terday beyond the empanneUing the jury. ' Court Calendar? This Day. U*mo Statm District Coirt,? Nos. 95, 37, 12. II to 20. itPMire Cocrt? Circuit? Part 1st.? Noe. 25, 6rt, 39, 7, 1846, 63 to 72. Part 2d.? Judge ("lerke will call the re malnder of the last week's railroad calendar aad Nos. 74 to 79, 80 to 86. Scprrxe Court? Special Term. ? Nos. 100, 101, 18, 151, 11, 31, 53, 64, 103, 117, 118, 186, 2. Common Plras? Part 1st ?Nos. 565, 153, 565, 674. 90S to 914, 916, 917, 225, 471. Part Hd.-Nos. 870, 874 to 947. Scpxkior Court? Nos. 1821, 1629, 424, 845, 98 316, 904, 960, 680, 988, 286*, 247. 435, 600, 1017, 1024, 1026, 568, 1006 Ji, 348. 800, 333, 920, 598, 1029, 1002, 706, 194, 844, 211, 212, 997, 819. 3. A Song for the Hat? the Graceful Hat t So rich in its gloss aad form ; Like a beauteous wreath it (lows in the sua, Like a helmet in the storm. What a finished air it lives the brow, Wbat a grace no words can sing ! Its curve wai cancht from the white swan's neck, And its sweep from the eagle's wing. Hien a song for tbe bat? the real hat I Not one that would make the ghost Of a beavr sigh, if it could eioapu From the pale Plutonian host; But a bat over which it would exclaim, "Not in vain in the woods 1 died. F?r the ball sent my ?nnl to tbe martyr's reit, And my fur to ESPENSCHEID." At UHNmsau street. lite lias a Happy Influence In Penuadlng . ile gents to woar faxbionable bats, such as are exhibited bis store, and axe sold for the low figure of SI. WHITE, CI Broadway, opposite Broadway theatre. Benin's Summer lints. ? First on the List, light, snperb original and eminently becoming stands tbe Genln dress hat of the season? a magnificent drab beaver of exquisite proportions; faultless in style, perfect in all its details, snd as a specimen of workmanship and finish, worthy of a plaae in any expoiitioa of the useful and orna mental arts at home or abroad. Kspeoial attention is di rected to this fabric, because it presents an anomaly in the branch of manufactures to which itjbelongs, vis.: a combi nation oftwo materials, both beautiful In their separate conditions, but which thus gracefully united, form the beau Meal of a classic andatistoeratlc drees hat, Tbe SO FT HAT DEPARTMENT embraces not only the ordinary styles of the day, but up wards of teenty new ones, designed snd manufactured for the present season, and comprising snob variety of shapes, shades, quality, sizes and prices, that no head or taste can possibly be unsuitod. Businessmen, sporting men, travel lers, fashionable men, and in short, all men, vrtll find in the immense assortment jnst the articles they desire. The STRAW HAT DEPARTMENT Is replete with labrics from ah parts of tbe world. Here will be found bats from Panama, Leghorn, India, China, England, France, Ac., Ao., as well as an extensive assort ment of home mannfactured, article*. Tho children's fancy hat eepartment. has jnst been replenished with a full summer stoek, im ported and home manufactured and parents are invited to examine the new styles of toe seasyn, whioh are mare grace ful aad becoming to juvenile faces than any that have pre ceded them. The OENTI.FJIl'S'S AND BOYS' CAP DEPARTMENT is farnlaliod with ii;rj variety of traveling, spotting and fancy caps, bovs' dress and school cars, Ac. ^ GEMN. No. 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. Nnox Style? The Latest Style of Hats In trrdneed by Mr. KNOX, of No. 128 Fulton street and 633 Broadway, is atiout the noatest, th? most olegant and the meet becoming that we have soon in many a day. Tnis gen tleman bas a specialitytin making huts, if we may usesuoh a term, and an extraordinary fertility of invention. Bonnet* ? Gcnln'a Bazaar, 513 Broadway.? Tbe balance of the stock of spring and summer fashions in benaei*, occupying a distinguishing feature at Oenin's basaar is now selling off at cost, in order to make room for fresh novelties Children's bono<-ts selling at $2 oaoh, with out regard to cost. Tho above preients an epitome of all the prevailing styles abroad as well as those designed in the es tablishment. OENIN'S Bazaar. St. Nicholas Hotel, tadlM, to Yon who arc Blessed with Chil dren, and I o you larticularlv who are ambitious enough to Me veer little ones entered on Barnnm't lilt, we wonld lay thU: Sally forth and cover it* head with one of BAXTA'S beauti ful ttraw bats, and we will warrant you tuocess. Then it has been provod that mil those who obtained premiums, with the exception of the fat baby? "and did (lie obtain it on ac count ot b' r ebatm* V'? havo been wearing hit hat? since their earlieit infancy; and we prtinnui that only under their protection, inch charming creatures could have grown up to perfection, lit* depot will be fcund at 1(X> Canal stree',, cor ner of Wooster street. To the Hatters In the City and Country, A Leland A Co.. 171 Pearl street, beg l?ave to eall the at. tention of the trade to several n?w styles of men's itraw hats Jnst finished, among whloh are the ' Young Americas" and line white Japan bats, both of uncommon bsauty a* well M durability; together with our usual large variitj of men's boss' snd children"* straw hati, all oi our own manufacture, at the lowestmsrket price, by the caee or doica. A. LB LAND A CO., 171 Pearl street. The World1! Medical Congress ThU ex tentiye medical inititntion, composed of foreign and native physicians, representing every system of practice, both medical aid surgical, in vogue, is now open at 512 Broadway, aid it ready tor the treatment of every disease knows to the human frame. Invalids consulting this inititntion can ?vail themselves a: once of the medical and surgical skill of whole world The Medical Congress it in session, and may he consulted every day, except Sundays, from 9 AM. to 3 P. M. A competent pbysioisn it constantly in attead aacs during the intervale that the Con^re<iS is not in session, and may be consulted from 7 to 9 A M. and from .'} to 7 P. M. IT. K. ROOT M. !>., Superintendent. William son '? Photographic institute, 910 Pulton street, Brooklyn ?Photographs and cameo daguer reotypes trom old daguerreotypes? miniature, oabinet and life siie. Dollar Photographic Portraits, Six Times | arger than tha dollar daguerreotype*, fine a* tin finest in the world; and daguerreotype! for 25c. a. 50c., by the New York Pietnre Coicpany of Twenty Artists. Dop>t ol Art, 280 Bread way. Boston Pianos.? Hot acc Waters, No. 333 Broadway, hat the tole agency ot T Gilbert A Co.'s planot, with snd without the ifiolian; Jacob Checkering. Hallett A Cumston's and Woodward A Brown's pianos, all of which have the iron frame, and will stand any climate. They are the heat Boston makes, and will he told at f.iotory pricet, wholesale and retail, with a liberal discount for cath. V Great Piano and Music House of Horace >OTATERS, No. 333 Broadway.? Tho largest assortment of ^ut ratcd pianos and all kinds of music merchandise in thn eel?\d states The public is aware that this beuse has, in Usitt (on to the combination, adopted tho reduced prices, oppetit. pianos and me?odeo?i can he had of Mr. Waters at and that than tbcv can ho found elsewhere. New pianos leu prices rent allowed npon purchase. wq, to rest, and ? 1 Mclodeons? The Cheapest and Pianos am ;ty E)y k *?nger, ?'9 ?r >adwsy. (3t. best pianos in tne e ? e now for tale, a great varitty of ohoap Nicbolss Hotel,) ha n to fifteen different manufacturers., from tr.t greatly reduced prleet. This it alto whleh they will tell a lestial or double ootave pianos, which tho depot for the oe i witli all good Judges. All imtru are now taking the lea?. os and melodeoes to let. Boat* warranted. Pian^EY A MPNOER, 519 Broadway. ____ ? r a Rush at Goldsmith's. v~"r?? owtftoVjo, griarenteed. Bookkeeping In Atoe handwriting for M at tho academies. 361 and S'iJ Sreadwa*1' CU1 biU? V 01. IYER B. GOLDSMITH, " r, .. ... rhe. Tailor, 118 Wll U new good I. Every garment "?"f ' HjS kao ? foil stock of . f and fashion. Beantifnl 5^k ooatt ftEfiRo t??iT"^i,' 10 ?*?.??? **??- 1 will ploaoo yon. Kttablished 1844. ? . June, lU3_Check ?arseli"^^1^ ^^" Zephyr cMsimeM .nits $W; MartellUted eloth oo'ats, W, at June mitt. ?2 ao and M; double brtar Faltoa street ? mTANg' olothlag warehouse, <6 aad 6ft nmer Under Oarments^T>at reduce thread, sephyrmerinot and ootton, tellitV meVt furnishia^ at Mci.ACGBUN'S tbirt factory as* Chambew itw.t store, M Greenwich itreet, ooraer of Shirts made to measure. Green's Shirt and fr-urnishlnft lwrt^sSeias At tor Honto.? Attention it isivited to the ? The stoek in in the (Ontlemen's furnishing department..*, tiet, cravats, elndot oreiy variety of undor thirls, drawer .Ioeve bnttont, gloves, kalf hose, gold shirt studt and * g and simmer mounted and otherwise, imported for the uprlu tortment uu trade. The. pricet are moderate, and the at equalled. Comb Factory, 387 Broadway? ijR laetma? TOipecttully invited to extmlnt tho tuhsorlbcrt' at I. Shell of Virtotse shell dress combs? the newest ??*ie Ollg. combs tepaited. A. A J. SAUN1 Portable Urrsslng Cmp?? Tho Subscr. itable assortment embracet every sti lo of dressing case, su'RS, 7 either for a long or short journey. A. A J. SaUNDK As tor Bouie and 8*7 Broadwav. ? i i is i ii Carpe tings and Oilcloths.? ' Twenty per (t 379 . less than| usual pricet. PETERSON A UUMPIlnKYV?i* \ Broadway, oorner of White street, will te'l durint, bins I month at tfce above rate*. Call and toe. Great bar. I J sity be expected. I rvdTu Leokattho najpiUlceot. Royal Velvet, TV, 1 r Brussels, three ply an<l Ingrain carpets, floor I at ek-tht, he., tilling at JO per oent lest than usual priced 6t??i TttiUt-Fmfc and BiqmMto, This day. Soop n*4j at all bears, day ud ertiiif. P. M. BATARD. Families, hotels and restaurants scpplied. Lace Cor tain a, Window BludM, Ac Bajcri have a i rtat advantage in dealing with large establishment*, for the mere evtensive the business th? smaller the pat "?tail Hence, la baying lac* curtains, ooraices and win dow ibades of flrat elau importing and mannfaotnring sod etrn* like that of KILTY l FEkCCSOW. No. 291 Broad way, the porckairr practi** ? a wiae economy, a* well u en joy* the opportunity of i*lec(lng from an exteo*lve stock. Temperance Dining Room? Wm. C. Groan would thank hi* friend* and former patron* for tbeir past favor*, and hope* to (till m- rit the time at hi* now plaoe, >0. 174 Chamber* itroet. Furnished room* to let, ky the week, at a lair rate. Sewing Machine*-- 81,000 Uunagea were awarded to n* in Ike 0. 8. Clroalt Court in New York, Ha; A IMA again*t the Ejeeleler Sawlac Mao Mai Ceoapa ay, lot infringing throe of our patents. AU persons are e&u tioaed against. buying or naing any of the interior sewing ma chines ot' other manufactoiies, agaiait which numerous suit* are now oommenced. Singer1* Sewing Machines, alway* ac knowledged to be the boat, hav? last been greatly improved, *o as to ma without noiae and with half tne exertion former ly requited. Satiafaetory referenoea given that theae ma chine* will perform every kind of work. Call and examine them. I. M. SINGES A CO., No. 323 Broadway. Man of Sense Wliere li the man of cense wbote mind i* unprejudiced? who from the infection* smell after death would not nay? Would thia body have been he re "t of life had putrefaction been prevented? Are men born but to be lick Shall the lower animal* live their fall ex tent, and man only prematurely perish? Let a* follow na ture; let n* cleanse the blood trom impnritiea, and we (hall live to ?be full extent of the ell in oar limp efllfe. From BRADRETH'S fills, like cloud* from tbo ion, fly Impari ties, repletion*, indigestion*, fever*, griefs and peril* of death. Brandretb'* Pill* are (old at 25 cent* per box, with fall di tsctiona, at tho principal office, 13 C'&ua' street, Brandreth Building; at Bnrnton's book atore*, 241 Hudson atreet, and 298 Bowery. Alio of D D. Wright. 66 Houston atreet, cor ner of Lewis atreet; of Mr*. Rave*, 173 Fulton atreut, Brook lyn; and ef all reipectable medicine vender* in the world. bair Dye, Wigs and Toupees? Batahelors's eelebrated factory for theae articlea i*233 Broalway. Nine jtivate rooma for the application of his unrivalled hair dye, wholesale and retail. Beware ef imitations. The largest assortment of wig* and toupee* in the world. 7?8 Broadway.? Ladle* If yon wlcli a besu ful toilet for dre**ing the hair, keeping it clear of dindrulf; a ireventive of gray aad balJnou, uae 11. T. LOVET'S medicated W ah peso, an Indian vegetable preparation, trans parent and free from oil. Prion 50 cents. wRome wai not Built In a Day," Neither I* ELLSWORTH'S anperlor hair tonic the production of an bour. Scientific knowledge and long practioal Investi gation have combined to produce thl* great toilet article, unequalled the world over for improving and beautifying the hair. Agenta for New York? C. V. Cliokener A Co., 81 Barclay atreet; Whitehead A Brother, 152 Greenwich atreet; Neat ell, Setibner A Co., ill Chambers atreet; aold by drag tit** and dealer* in perfumery generally. Read This. ? An Old Man Mode Young for 110, by getting one of the beit manufactured wig* rr toupee* from the celebrated manntaotory of MEDHURSiC A CO., 27 Maiden lane. Bee It and front braids, bands, curl*, Ac. Copr the addre**. Old Mr. Graham's Onguent for " Forcing" the whisker* to crow in *ix week*, istl a bottle Ltrge bot tles containing eight of the amail onea, $5, *ent to any part of the country. R. G. GKAUaM. 5 Broadway: Zeiber, it South 3d, Philadelphia; Briggs, 37 State it., Albany. Cilstadoro's Excelsior Hair Dye.? The Inven tor of thil artificial dye, prepared on natural prinoiples, ha* taken the priie he coveted. That prize i* public approba tion Lettera fiom all aeotion* pronounce it ur approached a* a site, quick, and infallible mean* of imparting the mut beautiful shades of brown or blaik to gray, sandv or red hair. Prepared, sold and applied at No. li Aator House. The Original Thompson's Hair Dye for ?ale at the manufactory ? wholesale and retail, or applied in private rooma, at 82 A 54 Nassau atreet, corner ot Maiden lane, baaement Alio, the original arramiraculoua ur making the hair grow, Ac. both place* ti cents. 18 th? c'ty. sharing at The Baton, Dr. Spolasco, 41. D., A. B., die., (from London, of European fame.)? Thia great and good Sa maritan, it la now generally conceded, is daily performing more great and astounding cure* than all the faculty. St. Nishblaa Hotel, 98 Spring atreet. Stranger* take notloe. Dr. B? 8. Fltcli, Author of the "Six Lec tors* on Consumption," office 714 Broadway, open daily, (Sunday excepted,) from 9 to 5 o'clock, treat* consumption, aattma, disease* of the heart, and all chronic disease* of Kales and females. Consultation free. Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Sunburn, Salt. rheum, chaled akin, Ac .positively oared by QOURAUD'S Italian medicated soap. Poudre subtile uproots hair from low forehead or any part of the bodv. Ronge, lily white, hair dye and ros'orative. at the old depot, ?7 Walker atreet, first atore from Broadway; Callender, 68 S. 3d, Philadelphia; Bates 129 Washington *t.,iBo*ton; Mr*. Hays, Brooklyn, Ac. Hernia. ? Only Prixe Medal Awarded to MARSH A CO., by the Indnttrial Exhibition of all Nations, for their new patent radical cure trna*. Reference* a* to it* auperiority? Professors Valentine Mott, Willard Parker, and John M. Carnoohan. An extensive liat of name* of mercantile and other gxntlemen cured by this trass, may be seen at Marah A Co.'s, No. 2>? Maiden lane, New York, and Usrsh, Corliss A Co , No. o Wnat Fourth St.. Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 AM. nntii 9 P. M. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, Conanmption, and all diseases ot the Throat and Lung*, Dr. CL'RTIS'S llygeana. Thmsanda bave been restored to health the pa*t year by the Hygeana. Principal office. No. 34.1 Broad wa?, and sold by C. H. Ring, No. 192 Broadway. Priee only S3 a package. Dr. Curtia will be at tho office daily from 10 to 3 o'olook, where he may be consulted free of ebarge. Holloway's Pills ?litre Is Health for All!? Yes, for all I This noble remedy, acting aa it does upon the mainsprings of life, restore* health when failing, energy and vigor to (he s-steni when Nagging, in a manner superior to aiiv medicine ever mado known. Sold at the manufactories, (?> Maiden lane, New York, and 214 Mr and, London, and by all druggist*, at 25 cents, C2}? cent*, and $1 per box. Croup, Croup,? This Awftal Complaint Is Im mediate y cnRd Iy Dr. Tobia*' Venif. an Linim?nt. No fa mlly who value* the lives ot tbeir children should be wHhnnt a bottle in the house. Sold by all druggists and storekeep er*. Depot, 60 Cortlandt atreet. Rnshton's Hew Remedy for Fever and Ague. ?The introduction of this remedy work* an ora in the treat ment ot tni* disease. Nothirg like it ha* ever before been offered to the publio. It* prompt notion inarr sting the disease, and it* invigorating qualities, render It superior to anything ever before used. See the autograph letter ot Da niel Fact aw, Esq., at Ruthton'*. Remember Hmhton'a, Rusliton's drugstore* are now only at the old establishment, 10 Aitor Houae, and 117 Broadway, corner ot Canal ateet. Know Nothing* are most numerjui. Their feme urows wider, londer. In fact the world knows nothing good Save Lvon's magnetic powder. Proved by llie eminent tnrmUts, Chilton, Torrey.Roid, Ac., to he void ot poison, and, at the same time, certain death to every special of annoying insects, bedbugs, fleas, oockroachea, Ac., Ac. Depot 421 Broalway. None genuine without E. LYON'S autograph on label. Married. At St. Stephen's Church, by the Rev. Dr. Price, R. B. Hitxaird to Caroiinf. M , youngest daughter of the late Robert Cochrane, all of tula city. On Friday, June 8. at the residence of the bride'a mo ther, by the Bev. Dr. Millett, of No. 171 East Seventeenth street, Mr. Soar Qkokok Wilooxos, of Manchester, N. H.. to Mis* Emit Jami Lawkkiok, of this otty. In Brooklyn, on Monday, June 11, by the Rev. T. T. Guion, JAa B. Vaj? Za.vdt, of Flushing, L.I., to JakbN., daughter of SIgnor Blits, of the former place. Died. On Sunday morning, Jane 10, after a lingering illness, Philip Hxnrt. In the 69th year of his age. The funeral aervioeH will be held at 81. John's Chapel, Varick street, this aiternoon, at three o'oloek. The friends of the family, those of his sons, and of hie sons in-law. Thomas U. Smith, Rufus R. Skeel, George T. Adee, and Thomas Fenner, are Uvited to attend as above, with out further invitation. On Monday, June 11, Joey Woods, aged 85 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from his lite residence, No. 244 Delancy street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. On Monday morning, June 11, after an Illness of but four weeks, of consumption, Bobkrt M. McQacax, for merly a compositor in tne Express office. The funeral services will take plaie at No. 126 Forsyth street, near Delancy street, this afternoon, at three o'clock. Bis friends, tbe members of the Washlsgton literary Union, and of other societies with which he was connected, are Invited to attend without further invita tion. On Monday. June 11, after a short but severe lllnees, Margaret, wife of Francis B Brown, in the 10th year of her age. Ihe relatires and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 84 Ludlow street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. On Monday morning, June 11, after a short but severe lllneas, Owkk Riszky, aged 44 years, 0 months and %1 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited ,to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, Irom bis late residence, No. 433 Klghth avenue. His retrain* will be taken to the New York Bay Cemetery. On Sunday, June 10, Gkorgk W., eldeit son of Augus tus I,, and Nancy Wood, in the 10th year of his age. His funeral will take place this morning, at ten o'clock, from the residence of his parents. No. 173 West Fiftieth street. Bis friends are respectfully Invited to attend. On Tuesday, Junes, at No. 322 Pearl street, 8a*ckt. Dr. nbax, aged 24 years. The remains were interred in the Cemetery ef the Ever greens. On Monday mora in?, June II.SarahCavhbiiv*. young est daughter of Morgan and Sarah Pinlar, aged 2 years, 3 months and 11 days. Dutches* county paper* please eopy. On Sunday, June 10, Mr. Join Ma mi . In the Slit year of his age. . ,4 His friends ami those of the family are reepectfally In vited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at thiee o'clock, from his late residence, No. 151 Lawrenoe street, Broofcljn. Ills remains will be taken to Oreenwool. On Monday, June 11, of consumption, Mr. Robkrt Nkwxow, printer, late of Norwich, KngUnd, aged abiut 32 years. His friends are invited to attend the funeral, from Dr. Holme*', corner of f-outh Sixth and Eighth streets, Wil liamsburg, to morrow afternoon, at half past three o'clock. Carriages will be In waiting at the Peck slip ferry landing. In Dundee, Yates county, N. Y., on Saturday May 28 aflnr a brief illness, Joanna M wife of .Sunud h! Wright, and daughter of William McLean, of this city in the ;)7th v*ar of her age. At Boy 1st on. Ma>s , on Sunday, June 10, Oot. Hmnmii Ginne. Kaq., sgeil 78 years Tbe funeral will take place to morrow, from his Ute re?ld*nee. * ami I~? tbviaco, , y *ifua yUaea AftVlIIVKXnTB 1IXKWD ITBI OAT. <JK ? WIBLiCATlCWt. A BOOK PULL or WIT AMD HUMOR. D. APPLBTON k CO., 340 AND S48 BROADWAY, Have nearly nt4r. TBI WINKLES; OK THr MIHRV MONOMANIAC* An American Pictvhi-, with Poktbai** or the Na tivc*. By the author of " Wild Waiter* Sj?ne?." 2 vols., 12mo.. paper eorart, 75 cent*; or 1 vol., cloth, $1. This new Amerioan book, by the anther ef "Wild Western Scene*,' ' Laa been pronounced by critic* the moit witty and talented book from an America* {en 01 the author'* pre vious book, published *om* yew* sines, some Jj.OUb copied wet* Mid. CHARACTERS Or T1IF ?TO*Y. Edith Winkle? The Kerry Widow. Wa'ter- Her Battling Son? a '"Know Nothing." Loot? Her Daughter? In lore with Mr. Lo a. Miss WlWome Winkle? An Old Mi d? Sister-in-law Of tho Widow, aad a Monomaniac on Whiet. Nspolecn Winkle? Brother of Wil?orae, and a MonomanUo ?a tbe aat'ject ot the Great Napoleon'* Battle*. Ralph Koland? Instrument of the Jesuits. Cel. Oakdale? Monomaniac oa the suMec'. of Sport Lnjf. Virginia? Ui* Daughter, in lore with Waiter. John Dewly? Aa Old bachelor? Monomaniac oa hid tint Lore. Edward low*? Earl of HlUcn? Incognito. Bell and Blanche arum? Rich Daughters of a Retired Pa tent rill Maker. 8u?an and Sally Crndle? Daughter* of a rich Brewer. Dr. Nitre. Mrs. N.? Virginia'* Aunt. Mis* Gristle* Guastt? A retired Milliner, afterward* Mr*. N. Winkle Mr*. Acrid? If. W.'i Housekeeper. Barold Pollen? A Poet. Rev. Mr. Amble. Tom Snobeoa? Son of a Banker? M'.nomaaiit OS Eciaty. Mr. Filiber? Shopkeeper. Dick lllatter? Hi* Cleik. S-rgeant Blore? Napoleon'* Chief Snbordlna'*. Old Dibble? Widow * Gardener. lavy? Hi* Son. Biddy Haggle? Widow'* Maid. Bill Diztle? The Frog Catcher. Abraham I at an? Jew. Davit Deal? Quaker Speculator. Mr McCrtbbed ? Scotchman. Edith? His Sister. Mr Ba? son? Scotch Lawyer. Dew? A Ring Charles Spaniel. George t arke? Southern Student. ?rof*i*er Point. is Dau/hter*. Mr. Glass? An Actor. Delia? His rtughter. Mrs Edwards? Lowe'* Tlouiekeeptr. Patty O'Pan? Ul* Cook. Dr. I'ransle ? Of BabblttOB. Mr. Plastic? Politician. Flora B ount? -The Widow's Slater, liv'ag m Ntw Turk? a Monomaniac on Novel Reading. Milnor A Co ?New Yorkers. Dr. McOab? Scotch Physician. Mrs. Laurel? Monomaniac on Aristocracy. Col. Ball? Monomaniac oa Duels. Countess Hilton? Lowe's Mother. Mrs. ilonoria Fimble Instrument of the Jesuits. Patrick McC'losky? Barkeeping Office secaer. Mr. Bell? Office holder. Mr. Booile? Private Secretary to Seoretary of Stat 3. I atber Xavier? Jemit Chief. President U. S.. Secretaiies, Senators, As , to., &?. Anew book-the marriage guide, or family mi dical and physiological instructor? specially for the married or those intending to marry. By Dr. F. Hollick the author and lecturer. 100th edition : fiuO page?, colored plate*. Price SI. Published by T. W. STRONG, No. 'Ji Nassau street., Kew York, who will forward by mall, free, on reoeiving $1 and address. Prom the Msdioal and Surgical Review :? The most extraordinary book we ever read. One feature which particularly dittiugniahe* this book from all others of the kind, i* the peculiar ton* of morality which pervade* It all through. JUST PUBLISHED, IN 1 VOL.. 12 MO., PRICE 33 eeat*. "Brookiana;' or tbe controversy between Sena tor Brooks and Archbishop Hugbe*, arising out of the reoent Church Property bill, witn an introduction by the Most Reverend Archbishop of New York.? Thi* edition contain* all the letter* written on both tide* in tbe famoue attempt of Senator Brook* to *how how near $6,000,000 of property in the city he em'd discover belonging to the Arontiihop. Address on'itg tt EDWAtvu nilNEOAN Jt BROTH B R, 151 Fulton *t. riiROW'S NEW YORK CITY DIRECTORY. COMPILED J. by H. Wilson, office 55 Ann St.. June 11, 1S65. All per sons whose surnames commence with either of the three let ters. K, L. or M, are respectfully requested to call with or fend the neoesiary information, for publication in the City Directory. JOHN P. TROW, Publisher. THE LATEST AND GREATEST SENSATION IN THE literarv world taa been cauaed by the new and thrillicg novel entitled ERNST GREY ; On, The Sins o?- Society I Elegantly bound in cloth, with six fine illustrations. F-ice cne dollar. Published by T. W. STRONG DP Nassau street, who *ill forward it by mail, free, on receipt ot th* money ? pkksokal. A NN MONTAGUE, FORMERLY OF LAKE PLEASANT, A. Hamilton county, N. Y., who lately lived in Water street, coruer of Cherry street, N. Y , will hear of *?ino thing greatly to her advantage by calling in person on the subscriber, at his office, 39 Wil'iam street, New York. F. CUNNINGHAM, Attorney at taw. INFORMATION WANTED OP JANE EDEN? IF SHE is in New York, she will oblige by oalling at the corner of Twenty- ninth street and Broadway. INFORMATION WANTED, OF ELLEN DAVINT, BY Michael Maguioess, 146 West Seventeenth street. She can hear of something to her advantage by calling at the alove number. IP P. A. THOMAS. WHO AT ONE TIME WAS A MEDI cal student with Dr Perkins, at 90 Fourth avenue, New York, will leave his address at V. B. Palmer's Advertising Agency, Tr.bune Buildings, he will hear of someth^g to hla advantage M1 IBS EM A BROWN, THE YOUNG WOMAN WHO wrote the letter to Miss L. , of Brooklyn, dated New York, May 24, will please give her address or call on tbe per son she wrot* t). LECTl'HES. NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE, EAST THIR teenth street.? -The inmmer oonrse of lectures will b* commenced on lueailur, June 12tb, at 11 o'clock A. M.. by Professor Barker. Lectures will be delivered dally frcm 10 to 12 o'clock A M., a* follow*: ? On Therapentict, by Pro feisor Davis ; Puerperal Diseases, by frofessor Barker ; Practical Chemistry, bv Professor Doremus; the surgical Operation* of the Eve. by Professor Carnochan; the Mlcroi coje as applied to *ne Diagnosis of Disease, by Professor B. H. Parker; Diseases of Children, by Proteisor Cos; Auscul tation and Percussion, by J. Hancock Douglas, M. D.; Me dical Jurisprudence, by David Uhl. M. D. R. OGDEN DOREMUS, M. T)., Dean of the Faculty. TMJfi MILITARY. LINDREY BI-UES-nEADOUABTERS-CRYSTAL, 228 Grand street. New York. June, 1856 ?The members ot' thi* corps arc hereby notified to attend the monthly meet ing thi* (Tuesday) evening, 12th Inst., at 8 o'clock. By order, EDGAR A. R0BERT8, Captain. John T. Toal, Secretary. M11C TI KP. RED HOObE, HARLEM?THIS FASHIONABLE RE *ort is now complete in all it* appointments, and the sale* stable* attached are constantly tilled with the finsst aad fastest hone* to be found. Persons in want ot horses lar always be supplied at the Red House. The trcttin# 'rack it in splendid order, and trotting matches occur 47er* Ine afternoon. Th* Second avenue ear* pa** the door every tre minute*. CENTBEVILLE COURSE, ... I.? TROTTING.? TUES day, June 12, at3o clock P. M., match fui #1,0X1, mile heats, best three in five, in harness. G. Splcer nanit* b g. Lantern; H. tt oodrull names g. g Mark McGuire. JOEL ? CONKL1N, Proprietor. CENTREVILLE COURSE LONG ISLAND ? TRG TTING ? Tuesday, .luce Uth, 4 e'olook I*. tf. Match Sl.ilOti Ui!ehcat*. Three in five. to harness. G. Splcer didmi b. g. Lantern. H. Woodruff names g. r Mark MuGuire JOEL CONC&LIN, pzopriator, UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING-ON FRIDAY Juno 15, at 3 o'clock ?. M. A match for H,UU?. two n'ilei and repeat, to wagon*. II. Wo.drafF name* br. g. Mambrmo: Wm. ffMu mmes b in. lola 811a V A VHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COURSE, L. I ?TROTTING.? ON FRIDAY, ?Inns 15, 1 ruAtob for $500, mil* heats, belt throe in tiv?, inhariios. J. IVhelpley names b. r. Jaok Potior; O. Pflter names r. g. Dan I'flftr. SUaW A WHITE. Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I. ? PACING? ON TUESDAY June 19, at half past j o'clock. A match for ii.OOl), mile bi-ata, beat three in five, wakens and driver* weighing 2W pounds. G. Soieer name* gr. g. Hero ; J. MciUnn names a. in, I'ocabontas. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. TO THE LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF FINS STOCK. - Tbe oelebraied thoroagbbred stallion Wild Irish man, will stand for a limited number if mare* the ensuing Reason, at the Red stables, at the season. All moneys to be paid before serving tbe mare. All aesidents at the risk of the owners. WILLIAM A. BROWN. Proortetor. POLTIICAL. SEVENTH WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN CoM nittee.? ' The members of tne Ward Committee eleced under the call of the Tamnsnr Hall General Committor are requested to meet at the Kniekerbeoker House, corner oi Gouverntur aad Livision streets, on Wednesday evening, Jute 13, 1855, at H o'clock. for the transection o/auch busi ness a? may come before them. ISAIAH KYMDBitS. BAicriw icABMPEt, Grand apollinea, 379 fourth street.? prof. SARACCO, the mly accomplished 'eaoher known in America, gives lessons every day, The ladles and gentle men who may honor him with their patronage oau be as enred to learn, by his uni'ine method, m a f*wle**oc<i, all the most fashionable daaoee. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &C. (CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS ?GENTS' CLUSTER PINS J with ehaia, >5; single stone, tfl; rln^rs. earrings, studs crosses, Ae. These stones are equal in briUlaacy to the rea diamond. Any of the above sent by mail lor exprest by ?o' olosing amount. L. A J. JACOBS, 4 (C Broadway. 1 KIUKHOHKN. Fireworks? the undersign ad or firs for sale, on the most reasonable terms, a large and eou plete assortment ot the most brilliant fireworks ever offered In this maiket. Every article sold will be warranted and delivered, free of cartage All kinds of exhibition pieees and colored works in anantitie* to (uit purchasers. JOHN tntitiea to suit pnrohasers. E. ROBS, 210 Washington atr**A SPIRITUALISM. Spiritualism!? s ii iTn, writing andspeakihg medium.? The causes and locality of dlseaies made known, and advice given correctly, or no charge. Definite account liven of absent friends. Business dennroeute tatisfao tcrilv a (Ousted at 6i'A Broadway, corner of Prince street. llonr< 9 to il A.M., I to j, and 7 to ID P.M. Private elrole* apply previous. COAL. ClOAt-r WILL SELL THE BE'T RED ASH COAL J for two weeks at the loweei p?M bio prise* for oash, Kreeaed and delivered at $S .VI per ton, and white ash at (Ji ii per ton; from yard 86 Goerek street. MAT. CLIN i'ON. BR WARD- LOST. ON MONDAY EVfcNIVG, A little Mark Blinbelm spaniel r.nrwer ns to the namo wh'.'t Ti e iH'( 'tw?*d w>U t? i" U {j iiiy is tunuri hi* w 12 CUalta il?ce. $5 WAvn, a rriTOa; WS SMBlB*"'' ?" " '? " " A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNaVoMAW 1 tituation ju iuh or ckambermaid, ,?j to a? c"b? ?? *" "? *?>? A YOUNO OIBL WISHES a SITUATION; SO* CAN Wieud il'!**"'"1 "WclpMltJ Ud character. u iiy !***?.*?* **?M. *? ehamkerwork and wait l5r two 55jfc " 00nl*r Broadway, w?!Ss siT&ifGA.'asSjS'i/ Air::." room >o. a, tor two da" ?. **'? ?? 38 ??*?? ?., -A W01fAW, WBO THOROUGHLY UNDER' lewla. ?i h*o?*wo?k, washing, Ironing, and plain would bT f?SU a*Tft!E!a hi * lkdj fol,? t0 California; ???. n Nu?M^?o.^feo^h?rd*-y/ddr"J CtUfWnU A HwK^.SPICTA8I ? yodnq WIDOW LADY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SirtJATTOV ssgSss^s# A fj?ESCiKCTAP''1B YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A seen ^SJSS ^ ??., ??> w'.y-.tH^ SftUagg* 1 u"8 " 119 w* 4SSS?ro, ISPPP^Sw' Has.,?Jd Bt., bet A sen l?t and 2d avenues. 11,1 A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABI F JOMg giil, to ttko care of children and tew* no ohit?r iiom to do ohamfcerwork and few, or o ham ber work* and w jn|, keel of city roterenoe from her last place Can h? ?<wn for two day? at i!S3 West 17 ;h it. P M bo ,eni A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAV wishes to obtain a situation In ? /. it AsKIr'S. A ?.*^m?TABLK W,DOwr WISHES A 8ITUATI0N plojer. Can be iten tUl engaged, at H we?t lath ?tr??t. ARISl'ECTADLE YOUNQ WOMAN WISHES TO SO viij- with a lady as ladv'd maid MimitrAu A FRENCH COOK WANTS A SITUATION IV A ? or nt "r th? watering place*- ho u? ohlttl Iff ''1*.bu,,rail proloaiional.y, and is capable of taking gencTole, AP4,,y 4t B*LL'3 A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITITA wot k'and 'waitfna'' 'n *nd t0i do..chlmb#,wort : or chamber v-? " Uas good relerence from licr Itit nlarn No objection to take oaro of children. Moaii cVll a?3a Sohernnrbarn ?:reet, Brooklyn Q can it ij A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUVO woman, a? cook, in a rrlvate fimiiy; 5 wUllV to a? ? hort'Si.'tann^ i th ?? * "J"' ' family; would go a Icronce! Call at M We?tn*3th .1 'fo^d^r ?f ?H> ro" A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS k 7o?a7ma'l .'famU lm lr'mr id, 0r?t0 do ????! ho.M tlonia ^t-Sr. J 7, G/'od cit* reference. No objec ARESPECTABIE PROTESTANT OIRt, WISHES TO n.r M? * ?' J1 #n ,s Oin upeak Fri>nih and ilv? a k? rue K ebildren. (lod city referenceg Li I* home moro an object than o^larv Ht?nn objeatlon to travel. ApMy at l?rst. Mark'* placc' nea? l?? areaue, Ut three dajf, until ?uited. P ' *r A S&L&-*S3!M! A ^J'^ABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITIJA -xX tion us rhainbermaid ami waiter; w 11 aegigt in thM STtht ' Mut!?' Saa? ?fb,0<,tl0n t0 R? * *h?rt diftanre A ?F, W'?CTA?n!TY 19 DESIROUS OP t ' . to lake oare of children. No ob jection! to astiftin ehamberwork; in neat in her habits and o/mt. te:er' W",,Id l" w,lllin* *' '??*? ^e city, rh, beet of olty re'ert nee from ber l*?f. place Pleaae call at '>V-t li)th gaged.*' l,6tWe" 26111 tni 27lh,ti- two d^ if ?ot ,n A SITUATION WANTED? BY AN INDU8TRT0US .1 ll ? ?j0Un|? wom*n> to do kltohenwork; ii a arat rate du^An^^i Vr?n" 'J11! i;ood "'*tu c<>ok l*o objec t'oim to ISi H?WP a email private family City rofer AVeVl'tmt, BVotlSyn.thr'" " hec la,t 115 A mJJIt.T1 -uvWA*,TS? -A RESPECTABLE QER ?,? ? 15 ' h *00d wferenoe, who >peak> English d^if-Vrrl.'V * ?,.t"tion in. a reipectable fanlly Sh? nr. Addr?, i' R'aeSalVofflce ? "j <duC>ti0P of cUil'lf?" A ?MtnPaHC3IA? LE UR0TKuSTAiNT W0MAN WISHES ^ "th o r t ?d '(tan ce SKI aft th ar City ref"eno'- C" b0 ,eta 'or *wo day. at A SSXiS" \?Y??0IRh ACCUSTOMED T.J "5 the W0ek for prirato families won! d like ?, ?itualion a? MUimstreea, or lo do any Mcht ^wo7k^ or tn!?i No lH2 fth'?f tS 'ffl lhe r1?aie call at wlefk. ' Dt roolu- c,n fc? Mei1 ?" il?o A PROTESTANT YOL'NG GIRL WANTS A SirU\. tion as chambermaid and waiter. Would be willina tn thlr,l"fl*^??r V * M"*1'f4m"y- call at 182 6th it tnirJ fiecr front room. Has good city rofcrences. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A~SI^ rUATmv ae cook; U willing to auiit wi?h th? wanhlng ai d rnn id/, It required; abe ut willing ?nd ob!?g'r,(: ha? no o'>j. etion c'" c; A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. HAYIVG n^B,1rty.^bw1uVe2ld,.rcVk pi^^t^M^StVa^aV.0 Hull $???&?' ?ood< ? iffla A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ENGLISH WOMAN wishes a situation as plain cook, wa?!,er r.od irouer two day""0* n" C*n be "en 38 Whitehall ?t., tor A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion to do ehamberwork and srwinr, or a? waiter un ur two?day?? M,er<"c#- C*n be ,Mn ? W7 FranSlin street, ARESrECTABLE. WEI.L EDUCATED YOUNG WO ?i*i> wishes a situation to take care of children ran oe croohetwork and fancy knitting; Is agoud plain fewer ler?eS"mw?*i!fci,.*eMmm.,Bded- no object; t hnm-t ?re terred. No objeotion to go ? ihr>rt?liatanoe in the ?nuatrv .c??5? ?Vn ,r'"? 4 o'clock at Hi uth .treet, CtVwn 1st a iid 2d avenues, 3d floor, room No. 6. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A~ RESPECTABLE r.neS"8!* *v,U",or chambermaid; tbu beitof city E31 A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITD r,i s.T,?r " ? jts AN ACTIYE YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION irTveV ImL'm? ??* ?5"d'J n"T""i w,th ? familv aboat to travel preferred. Good refer-nou. A idress W A j*r. liroadway. for this week. ???<???? n. a., ?),, Anurss.-an experienced person wants a ?ituation a? oblia'a nine. In o ipab'e of takin< tho en lirt charge oian ii>taot from Hi Mr-h. B !>t oily r. frreoea Kivon A drcrs M. A. C., Union square post ofl?<s Pnoipt a'tratlon given. lam good ?eku>*t rout. A CAPABLE PERSON, WITH UN fc tCEPTIOWABtE city references, ?lihai a parmnuent situation inula inily at. hnuiekeercr ar d will undn'<U ,Ke cake hikinr and |a?try. Won't object to get tip the ladies' line lacea. Nono nut the meat ret pectable need apply. Can ho a<>on for 3 d*< a at *W Bait 14tii tt Or *lil cake charge of a bonne lor tbv in miner. AMIDlii.E AC.EP Wllf'tw Woman ffANH Ti) take charge of a set.tletian's rouie or apartment!, or kerf them in order, tallied with ten' free; < r weuld no v>th a family a? lana d real; lolly eompeient t;t>r<d oity refer ence given. Inquire at. 18 liiwuin* at., tint floor, for two di}'. AhJCSl'ttlAltUE YuUNO VflSUfJ A SIT oatiiir, a* chilu'i rurte un.l leanittrois; la capiMa of ?ntHn> and tittin* ladies' and children's ifto*aos and em I r' dfrj; ?< old la wllline to n?si?t. In obatnberwork: no oh Jertion to go in tbe cowi trv. ha seen at |H1 W. 19th it AN IM'ERIEM EI> PERSON WISHES lO TAKE washing for gentlemen. ? r ?onid take ladle*' wa-hlni i? Ivr ecu h'nu < ao d < f renoit flu tint Saili'actory r? feret.ota given hi to ability. No. 3S5JM avenae,. fourth floor A SITCATICN W ANTED- I?Y A RESECTABLE J\ young w'iUian, a ? chambermaid and waiter, and to a? ?mi in nasEing and ir< nine, >?r to take care or children 'lid do plain sewing, has llvtd ll.ree y ari in her last place; bee', of city reference. ( an be seen for t?o ilaya at 2tfS 'ith a*. , are* nno I)., in tbe rear, fret floor, .No* to a respectable boarding bonio. ACkMTETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SlTlT.t tion aa > earn t trail; nndentanda dressmaking, and :lie <irt >4n/ aim ft I in* ot < hildri n'l clothing. or as attendant ti a lady; I a? ao > hjeeiien to travel. Caa give three yeari' eitj lelertnoe. Can be rtan at 300 10th it., iicjnd floor * Ud ?iV d" to*^ LL"* c?1^1 '? n d Vai? L WA*T* A f' *> II V ? t - " '0 children in i i ***?'? or obam ?? [h, ;t.r, for twodVy?r"M- APP'? M "nVE?, A ""J uA." i * Ty* *** oiRr, trtro ols AL4DY IS DESIROUS Of OBTAINING A SITUA tlon aa irieber in a Protectant tamity et one er more children under ten year* of age; she will devote tbreo or ti>nr benra in the eay to their iu?tmctlon, >t tbelr own r**l dtnee. lenni moderate. Addren Madeline, Herald oflUe. AOOOD COOK WANTS A SITUATION AT A WATE* Ing plnee; po ot>Je?ilon to waiting, waahtng or eham Wvork; the nederataad* all branchei ef eooklng Beit ot city retrresoe given. C>oked iix leaioni ter CtiarUs fno dlker. at Babylon ; three teaioni for Widow Scndder; Urakslt up roll Spr uce, in tho Jane^ Ij La fenrdat No. lSJarsej ir.backot Niblj'i. wari. AR1SFICTABLB PKOTKSTANT TOUNG WOMAN out* iktb; to 1UM It her .** hoaee.36rf9th st., neat ?m> C. lnt floor, front room. Pleats ?11 tor t ityt. ARB8PECTABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A9 cook, txhtr lad teener. ?t to detha general homework ol a uitll family. Can furuith belt of city reference. Cm ?*ieea foe thro* days, a nit (I engaged, it 111 Delanoey st , flrtt floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A BBSPBCTABLB youag womin, it oook; it a food wather and ironer. lias no objection to do th* homework of a small family. II M coed city reiereocei, CaU at W Ba<t Baltio (tfMt, Brook ljn, lor two days. A CAPABLE YOUBO WOMAN WANTS A SITL'A tlou m chimWrmaid And waiter, or m uurio and s?iqi* ?tr?M; can ?ew u?u*j y *nl is competent to do fine wmMoc 4%' jJ?^Vnb.r, B^tntorn. "" "* ^ C>U " A HIGHLY RESVKCTABLE YOUNG WELSH WO xl. man wsnts a ?i ua'ion ao abainbermaii and seara itreis. aadwoald do ttie waibiugatd ironing. Please call, for two da; ?, at t<9 Waabintton at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY, RE^PEC table Protestsnt woman at l\undrees, o&n unto, and understands every thit.,; enre-'tai with a lauudry; can coma we'l recemmended; has no objection to the eouutry. l'Uwe apply at 871 Bowery, fcr two days. A ,PKENcn PBr A PROTESTANT FRENCH YOUNG LADY, BEING 1)E sirous of roiag to Eaiop?. wishes a situation to wait on a lady or take car* of obildren; the has lived several year* at nurie in a h ahly respectable American family; if rot ?r?a.:edt would like a situation in Now York. Beat oi city reference. Address D. H., Herald offlce, ABESPECTABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION. AS chambermaid, or to do general homework in a email family. Can be well recommended, l'leaae oall at 44 Main street, Brooklyn. Can be ieei? till engaged. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK, BY A PROTES taut woman; the It a professed oook in all its branches meats, pastry ; br> ad and oak*; the would do part ol the washing; would go to the oountrv; the would take charge of the housekeeping of a gentleman's iamily. Pleaae call at 37 Grand street, wear Thompson. A RESI ECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN WISUES TO OB tain a lituation at good oook anu baker; it an exoellent wisher and ironer; the bait of city reference giren. l'leaae apply at 142 East 21st it., between 2d and 3d arenuet, loom 9, second fioor <'au be teen for two dayt. A MAN AND BIS WIFE, WITHOUT INCUMBRANCE, of long experience in brut class hotels, will give iirat rate rcferenses fir oapaoity. integiity and every requisite 'lualitioatiou to manage a hotel, club hoaie, . respectable hoarding or lodging house, in any oityln the Union, would like to make an engages eat with such establishments. A J dreis Manager, Broadway Poit Office. A WAITER WANTED-ONE WnO UNDERSTANDS the business perfectly, and can give testimonials tor character and capacity. Call m book it ore, t?9U Broadway. A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD CHARACTER. WISHES A situation at bookkeeper, who would be willing to at tend to the reneral interest! of hit employor. References giver.. Aniress D. B , Herald offica. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS BAR keeper, in eome reapeotaole house; has been at the butiness the laav six years, in tbo city. The best of refer ence from one of the firs? class hotels in Broadway. No ob jection to the ceuttry for the summer. Address M. N., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE man, as porter in a store. Is well acquainted with the city. best city reference {roduced as regards honesty, Ac. No objection 'o take charge of a horse and cart. Address box 195 Horald office, for T. B. Bartending wanted-by a young man, in a wholesale store or tavern. Good refereuou from last employers for bmesty, carability and sobriety. Addreei T. D., Herald office, for three dayi. No objection to the country. BOY WANTED-ONE BETWEEN 15 AND 16. STOUT, and capable of wheeling the barrow. Apply at 50 Ferry St., fourth story. BOY WANTED? IN an 1MPORTINO WIN! HOUSE o&e about seventeen .years of a je. Must writs a good hand; ronit beac'iva and intelligent: tnuit understand the ruoimente of bookkeeping; salarv, $200. Address, in appli cant's handwriting, M. M., Herald office. BOY WANTED IN AN OFFICE.? HB MUST WRITE a gocd ht-jd, and be willing to make himself generally uiefnl. one liting wish his patents preferred. Address, in own h?ndwrii.iiii; box ].Vi, Herald offlje, itating name, resi dence, and reference*. pOACBVAN'S SITU 1TION WANTED-BY A TRUST \J worth; young man, who perfectly understands hit busi neitin all its tranches; has lived In Ant ciats faiailioa for nine jears: it a careful, steady driver, and knows the city we I; no objection to the country. Best of city reference Iron, hit lati tmrloyer. Address J. 0., box 180 Herald office. Coachman.? a steady single man wants a situation in a private family, who thoroughly under s'tnds the tare ot honet, carriages and harneit; would be willing to make himtell generally uieful to his employer; it a good plain gardener; it not afraid to work; would prefer to co up the Nor'b river. Good oity reftrcnoe. Addreit Coachman, box 102]Berald cffice. Dfessmakf.hwanted-onb wno TaoRoucui.v urderftaudt her bunneis, and ii a firs; clasa cutter snd ttt'er. >? other need ipply, at 7S Gceenwioh avenue. DRESSMAKE.RS.-WANTED, IMMEDIATELY. SEVEN lirit ola.i I andt, alio three apprentices; to thoie who arc competent, highest prices paid. Apply at 0 10th St., near 'jth avenue. Drug ci ekk-wanted. a young man, as as (istant iu a retail etore. Apply to W. M. Thurmau 161 Canal at., oorncr Variat Drug clerk wanted-by a physician, to tikf sole -jhargo of a drug store in Brooklyn; he will have to 'leposit $1.W. ?r be taken in partnerih'.p for the l'ke amount. >. a ? An excellent o portunity for one to loarn the drug business. Call this evening, frcm 7 till U, at 115 Hudson avennm, Brooklyn. Drug clerks -wanted, a man (married no o>'fec*i"n) thcr ug'ily comi-tent to take charge of a tirtt class druir ttoro in tr.o intorior of thil State. Apply, heiwoeu 11 and 12 o'clock, a.1 this week, to Hay dock, hivaaa a t.'o., 21f Pearl ?t. /Grocers and others? situation wanted, \X Jy amount-, 21 jean of are, in tome respectable business Has r. thrrnuih knowl?d|:e of the irocery and rrodme butine>?. Fjr relerenco, r-sfers to last employers. Address HJSH ITT WAGNkR 'Jtl Hudson st. HOUSF.KEEPER.-A situation wanted, by a res!<<sotable American lady, as housekeeper iu a small trvate iamily, or to do homework for a very small family. P.'ease call at >61 Elisabeth st., near lilecoker. Nurse and seamstress wanted-a first rcte woman, thoroughly competent in the above cipa tity, frcm 25 to 40 years of age. Apply this day at I2ti 2d avenue, between 11 and 2 o'clock. NOTJCE.-ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON WISHING to cbtaiu a good situation at a fair salarv, und can advance two thousand dollars to theadvsrtiwr at a lair in terest, for two years, coa bear of a good chauce bv ad diersiag mote, tpost paidi to the Herald offlce, to X. W. Y , statins where aa appointment can be made. PLACE WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE WOM AN. TO DO general housework in s small family. Acply a - the resi dence or her present emrlojer, 72 (old number; UaJford st PASTRY COOK WANTED.? A GOOD PASTRY COOK. Is wauled to go in the country as assistant in ft Urge bo'el. >one >><i: a ilritclftKi1 mud may send his reference* si>d lowert price per month. Address, po?t paid, Hotel, Union iquare I o?t office PROTESTANT SERVANTS.? THE FOLLOWING PRO tosiaut rfouitatioi are no?r waiting lor employment, at MANNING'S select tteui, lit Tillary it., fltth door irorn Fulten, Brooklyn ? Three German girl*, one M| oo l ouok, wtflur and ironer, wages Sti; one for generftl hjueework, ?'(.< > 94; one ai experienced chambermaid ftnd aenumrst* tw exoeilent Irish Protectant nooks, washurs and ironers; sul an excellent (election of others of every domestic oa faulty, with r ell Vole city references. St TUATION WAN' rTS^lsY~ARESI'ECTABI.E YOl"NG girl, to do cbamherwork: or nnrse and plain sewing ur waiting. No otjeotion tu tbe country. Uaa the bent of city reference fr m her last employers. Can he seen for two dsjs at 108 East 13th ttrtet. between Srd ard ith avenues. SITUATION WANTED BY A MIDDLE AGED SCOTCH host an, as nurse and p'ato *e%mstre ?; can take the ot tire eharge of ft baby from its b.rtb. Good references can he given. No objections to go In tbe country. Can se seen for two days at 1H/3 Hudson st, IIUAYION 1VA.N1 E I? ? K V A VOI.mT WOMAN, TO do general housework; it ft ttrst rate wether and ironer, and baa two years' character Jrom her present employer, No. ITU new, No. 1*2, West 14th st, where the can be seen for two days. SITUATION WANTED? liY A CAPABLE VoUVO wimiD, at chsnibtrmnid and waitir, or to elst with tbe washing old ironing. Would go to tbe country I >r the rummer. Ilae gcod reference. Call at 58 5th St., near 2d ave. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE MID e)e aged woman, as chambermaid ftnd laundress. Hat the best ot city re'erence from her lftst place, where e*ie Las lived six years. Call at 191 4th st , in tbe rear, for tw? aays. SITUATION. WAN TED-BY A SMART YOUNG PR"? testsnt girl, to do plain housework, or attend to e'i'l firm: bat no objection to go a short distance In tbe country. I an bo seen ftt 49 King St., in tie rear, ior three days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT il BLV YOUNG g<rl as chambermaid, or to tab* carj of children. CaU at her pfetens place, fourth house fr>? Myrtle ftvenue, lu Cllriton ftvenne. Cftn be seen for two dsyi. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTARI.E EN t? gtlsh person ftt chamlerinftid and seamstress in n private lamily. can be seen for two days at :#*7. Mott street. SERVANTS' OFFICE-UNION SQUARE; COOK S nuisee, miters, Ac.. Ac , provided for respectable term lies, city or conntr.v, at tbe Employment Agency Office, Mi East Fourteenth street, Union S<i*aro. Servants.? the cooks, ciiamberm\ii>-; and waiters, nurses, good girls f <r housework. . ?r? to be had at Ferris' Agency, 94 Dnane strett, one door went o< tbe eorrer of Broadway; 1A years established in the h jsi | aess. German and Protests nt girla wanted. 1IWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRLS WISH iPuatiODS, oee to do light chamberwnrb and take ? are of ebikrin; and tbe other In do cbaraierwork and wat'.Ug. Can be seen for two days st JUS lit avenue, first floor, tack room. TO*HOTEL KEEPER?.? WANTED, A SITUftTION A* hi ad wai'er in ft lint class hotel, by a man wtin pertec-ly understands his business; has lived in torn" of the trst r'.ats h josee. and can give the most fatisfacto?y r-fersnn. l'lene call ot addrest M. C., of 14th it. l?t aveaue, grocery store, No. 2.'J, west site; can be seen for this week. TO PARENT?, At'., AC.? AN INTELLIGENT, WRM, cilocsted lad wanted in a cotnrolstioit nxrchsir'i offi??, at sr si | rtntlce A yon?h of ability and pcrss?irano? w.nld have a g?o4 opportunity of ftdvsnoenient. Apply. by |. t4fr, adjretted bo*8,.v.M l'ost office. Is band "rltlen of *i pllran', t'atlng agt, aMainieeats. position of relatives . Ao. Copies of ti stimonials would be uscfnl, not orlg'nftls. The advertiser, a married man. without f?3)lly, rfltrt to tfike the eberge of ? sontlemtn'a hi.u? i for ttin tumtner w ntb', or during the absence of a tatoilv from town; can produce the mo?t undeninble refertnee a< io charaotcr. Ad drees E. P. S., bo* 466 Pott Office. The advertiser wishes to procure asiti a ticn in ft ?mall prir?t>. fftiuilr, for ft jgtrl wto tea i>?. u ? year in bet tmi>loy, to do general houtewnrk. or chamber work and plMn MwiBb-. 9ho can re.' mioen l h ra?beu.g neat, hfcnest and oblu<nf, and nnl? rtrt? with her on ae a ftfr ijtmitty 14. a,, .y 1 i#le j ?UMt WAJYTS. rWN ONE WILL ACQUAINTED witb buainees, ui having a good ? oaneotioa is New York, Brtoklya, tad the other saburbs, withes to add Ut tu* other oommissieas any artiols that the maDu'aotnrer or pro prietormay wiah to bring apeedily before the putiiie. Ad drefe Town Traveller, bos 121 Herald office. The advertise* wishes to secure the Assis tance of a Rented youm lady. American ar MagUeS. or Fret eh or German, woo can sp ak EnglWh a neatly. AU that it required ia that the applicant abou>d write a telttt lly good band and be aetive, Thoee enlr who really daalira a situation are requested to address J O. O , Herald (flee, Kith name and addiess. TTNE DEMOI'ELI.E FRANCHISE QUI PARLE A ft" U glaU faehant beta eondre lever et repaaser le lingo fla? ft qui eat munir recommendations. desire ?? plarer comma efille da Cbambr? cu bonne d'eafaats dan a uuefemille Americaine on Kraacaiie. Elle accepter*.! *u?f? nneJ,U?iKiV!i,'.er S l>*recrit oa en p<rMU4 an No. 102 Orchard it., chet Mme. Eguelm. WET NURSE.? WANTED. BY A HEALTHY TOO^Q wemau, a (itnatioB in aj>i*nt'enuia's family. S*t;i< ?actery Preference can be git - n a? to ^character and cala mity. Apply at 101 Walker at., between Contra and Elm ata, until engaged. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? AT NO. 120, CANAL, ?treat, a flret rate dreasmakor. One that oaa cat tit, aad understands the business thcroughly. None nted apply. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAV, to do plain sewing aad take cars efcliUdrea; wi'l maktt fMJtlf genera1 ly OMtul. Can he tea ai her present place. 15 I err j it , corner of Waverley place, tar two day*, wberv xtftrenie can be had. "OT AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB .'{ jeaag woman, >? cook, washer and iroaer; if a good Jacob it UltJ r'lert,lc,; ?"?"? Call tor twa day* at 15 Akr ANTED? A FAMILY'S WASHING, OH A FEW v r *?? tlemen a wuhisg; will be done in the neatest nan* uer ou reasonable termi; moat res peeteble eity reieraaco *lv en. Please call or addrea* Mm. QuI^Uv.Uil ai)th si. be tween 1st avenue and avenue A. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION in a rrivate family, to do general h.iuajwork; aba is a good v aibcr and ironer, and a good plain o ok KeitrtbO'if, if required. Apply at 140 PaeTSc at", between Court a.i Bcerum atreete, Brooklyn, firat floor, up ata Irs. TIT' ANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN WO VV u au. a tituation ai hcuaekoi pi r, either in tha -? ty or eonntry; al>e understands housekeeping in all itf kraoehc", and la not afraid t? work. Adureas Mri. B., Chathaaa iquare Post Offlse. WANTED-A SITUATION, RY A RESPECTABLE! young woman, at oook; would ba willing to da tha housework of a small private family. Has the bast oi ti'w reference*. Please call at 257 7th avenue, between Jtfth an J 27tb sts., for two dayf. TP-ANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, A SIT0A VV tion as chambermaid or laandreia; she la a good wathcr and ironer. Beat of re'erennse can be given, /a quire at 11 1st st,, in the rear, room No. 1. IJITANIED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG VV woman, a situation to do general housework, er to it eliamberwork and washing and ironing, la a private family'. Brat of city reference from her lait piaee. Can be seen foe two dan at 150 2lth St., betweoa 1st and 2d avenues, top floor, front zoom. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTA3I.? v? yotini ^irl, to do general bouterork; ia a good cook, wsaber atd ironer. Best city rcteroneo can ke given. ApplJ at 590 Maaifon at., second floor, front room. .i. " etedd C'W'wo :.7.y Tl'ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT ABLB Vf Dublin girl, as eook, washer and ironer, or would do tlie genera' housework oi a small private family. Hu na objection to go a short distaaoe in the eoantrr. lla< th4 bvet ot el'v reierence. Call for two days at 80 Ea sex s'.reet. Edge's building, Jersey City. WAN1ED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPBCFABI.V young woman, a> children's nurio, or to do plain sew ing Has good city refetenoes. Can be seen for two days, at IS. Forsyth street, in the rtar. Hoot engnjed, at J 00 Ea.t Hth Jt. M,eB '?* '"?> d"?." WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABI.B ycung girl, to do general bou^onsrkj if a good plain oook, and a pood washer and ironer. llan lived for two yeura in her lsst plaoe.^- Can show tbo bvet oi city reference. Haa no objection to go to the coantrr. I an be seen for twa day a at 13th tt., between 1st and 2d avenues, first floor, irons recnt. WTANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN. TV a eiluation to take oare of a -ink person or an lavand. Beat of city re'erensef. No object i"u to goto the country Call at 2S4 2tith it. , between Ota and 10th avenue*. "fir ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, Vf as cook, washer and ironer ; has been aeariy <evAa }cars in her laet place. Good rtiereuoe. Apply at 2tiH 1st avenue, rtom No. 3. \EJ ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT Vv young woman, a rituation in a reepeetable, rel dona family to toke care of children, t<y day or night; has bad esptritnee, and ia u neat plain sewer; or would do e' omVr work and plain eewing; Brooklyn preferred; would go to tbe ct untry tor the summer; is very fond of children. Bft ef city rei*r?nre. Please call at If 1 Atlantic st , three doors frcm Neviu st , second floor, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECT A3I.E YOUNG GIRL, 1 aituation as chambermaid and waiter, or ts aisiat ia washing and iroLicg. Beat of r< terence from where aba lived three years. Can be aocn at tiio store 2'J2 H cka at., earner ot Pacific, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A aituation ns laundress. Good flit j reference girtu. Call at 178 14tb at., in the rear, for two 4ays. TV"ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT All . C TT Protextunt uoman, as aean-ntreaf ; ahe la a god plain t?w?r. and undcratands dieai makiug in all ita tranob*. Can g<ve the best of retercnoe. 1* lease address A. M. Union a<|iinre 1'oat Office. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RE8PEC l" 1BLS young woman, as aeamstress; can eut and tit lad and children a dreasea; would like to afaist with light work or travel. Has good cify refbienco. Fleaae eall at til jd it. "IV*" ANTED? THRKE EXPERIENCED SERVANTS, A3 Vf waiter, laundress, and seamatreif. Nolo need ar. r nnleii they ptrfectly understand their biilaesa Seamstreaa must understand cutting and fitting. Apply at 105 E. it '.a St., in-arid avenue. TXT ANTED ? BY A R1SPECTABLE PROTESTANT ft girl, a situation as plain oook, and to asais*. in tt-e walking and ireeinr, or would go aa chambermaid, and to io plain eealng Gio l reference from her last place. Can oa seen for tw o daj a a*. 182 Seventh avenue. OY A YOUNQ to the country. Good nitJ? ir.ner No nhis? ? ?<LLc.nke ??u for^wod'y^* *?<> ? U.ghj WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, as cnok, washer, and ironer. o* oha-ubernald; is willing to aralet with the housework; h*? Inst arrived from L-ind'r . Can be seen for three days, at 280 Went loth at., between 0- ta and 10'h avenues. TV ANTED-A SITUATION, BY a YOUNG GIRF* T3 TT do chatnbtrwork, or weiring, or to mind cliil .'."Co. Good lo.'erence ritcd. Call at 15 Writ 20th it. TTANT1D-BY A RESPECT tltl.K YOUNG GilL, A "l tiimmon an chambermaid arid waiter, or to t&ke ? ?-e of children: no objuatlon to en a .-In rt di-tnnc in toeeii.c trv. Good city rcfurenoe frjm tier lnat place. lone. re at 117 Wert 2#th it. "TX7 ANTi D? A SITUATION, BY A ROBES, STEADY TT Proteataut woman, as i oodrnnk and r-akar: wvold ->a willii * to a?n?t in tbe Waaler* and ironing. The l-c? if eity relrreica siren. I'mbt loen at Eliz&betn r . tear BWecker. TV ANTED- A SITUATION, BY \ RESPECT ilJf B TV ? il ic do light cbamterwoik and take ear* i t ? *ii. - drm; ia well educated; no objection to eity or country. 1'leaao call at 118 10th it. , between tith Mid 7t>i avea a?r, tli < r, back room, tan be iwn tor t ?. dayi. WAN1 A1>-BY A RF.SPECTA1U.R YOUNG WuMan' a ritoitlon ai chambtrmaid or t-> do zeneral 1>(B>< voik. t an be teen ior two daja at 401 tith .tveujt, top flcor, kick room. fir ANT F.I'? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPE TA3LB TT flrl, to oook, waah and Iron in a private family. ?r as laorrtrem; the nnderitanda her butlne*. perfeetly. and ea\ do Freach Anting and aentlnneni ?b>ru In tlie I ?>4 r. < d luaiert manner. The rery bout elty ref?ri*nie (Ivan fr?<* V r la.?t pit ce. Can te tern lor two days, at 128 M-.b WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE3PECrA3 G I rotcfttflDt jcr.Lc worn in, to tftki) c%ro of on.lir?D? u<> plain replug or ehamtcrwork. IIa? no objection to go a tVe 0'in'ty. ' ?? K?u?l relirencet. Apply ?tri?m?. j ?. n?i- ii Tl'A^TED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 VV jr.onK woman, 0<mr^t?nt to d<> the hounawork ?. a 1 amail triTaie faRily; nndrntanda p'nln cooking, iijk:->o? warber and Inter, and Laa tie Mat ciiy retcreaoe. call at 1 834 Fa it 12th it., between lit and 2d avenuti, for tag <Ujr, it not ei-gaged, tl-ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WJIIAN, W ID te?r? of ace. lately arrived from kondoa, a ii'ua tlon iu a pilf ate lamily, a* chambormad and to lake cart of t bl'ditn, or cbam' trmaid and lauadenet io a reapee.nblo toarding homo; wcnld not mind irolng la 'i ? heconii'iy, and wontd do an thin-/ re<|<ilred. Call far ta-? diyi at IS Deifroaaei at., I etaeen Hndion tidGnndc'i. Tl' ANTED? BY A RE8PE('TAI?1.E FROTMTAVP TT )bnangiri,aiitaatinn aa cbamnerrnVd and to do j?l- i ? tea it?; ia wfi ma U make beraelf generally aaafal. City -0 frrence from brr laat place. Call for two daya at JHb Mar tin at. V]P ANTFB-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO GIRT., AS IT h aiter or cbaml>ennatd. No objaaitoa to ga la tk? ronn'rj. Beat of eity reference. Call a* ox Mdreai to 12i ? alkei _at. Wanted? a situation, by a Bsspectaslb yonaafirl, to do a'aerat hoaaawark lot anaal'. fr'. ti te family, ir wonld dn the ehaiabarwork and waahin< '.n?' irn.irT. So otjretloa to jo to tha eaan??y fo? the nnat* n nLtba. Cood eity referaae*. < aa he eaea fo( two dayi ai ii-.' urand it , ia the dry gooda it ore. "IIT ANTED? BY A RE8PECTABI.E TOUNO WOIU*, TT a iltnatloa u nnrie and canetreea. or woald do chatc btTwork; haa takeaeariof children for three yenri, an l <a aililBK lo make hen-elf Reaerally naeful; no c.Mrc'ioa to Aa ci.,na?rT. Beat of eity raferenco C'a l at lftt) Uih at., '?c tartta lat aad 2d ata , third floor, ftoat room, for two day. TV-ANTFD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN, T ? a? nurtn aad aaaaai ree?, or ehamSermald ani *a'.tc. No dljfciiin tofo la tha eonntry. Good eity referenda. C an I ? icea for two ilaya at 1X1 3d aveaua, near Uth it , it>?.T, J f r or. ftcnt rwa, TJLTXyHV-trtVkTlOXt, BY TWO 1XP?*T?NC*D | TT ^.lrli? one ae eaak, tha ether an ebamhemaid aad *? 1' ; t in* aad traatapi: nae*ceptlonablo raftr?ncea ii*en. Apply at 149 8th itreat, opptiite tha 1j I ibtar^ ! 11TAN1KD-BY A *EflVEi:TAHT.E WAtRIlT) VO TT, a aitnallea aa ?at nnr??, toe ' eat of ref?r?*.i . A r lily at 4?ti, oeraar of Gtkid aud A'toraeyMf. Uu 14 . r? u for two day* \\/1>ted-by a re^.'rctaut,* vm-vo TT a aitaatien aa aarfe an t<e?ir? fee*. > <??)?>. m.:?i ?? the cunatry. App'y at lira Itli tf. l^tw^ea M aad ??'''? avt'anea, f?r two aaya. 1 JforBftU&Cf 94

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