Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1855 Page 6
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Hnmnnrn kkrvb item nr. run ma. WAlT&a. ^ANkJ^ByTbB! PBCTA BLB GIRL. A SITUA TT tton aa plain oook, waaher tail Iruner; au obioctmn Kj 4* the honae work of a email family, or to go a abort diataace it the country. Best of oi?y nftmMi. Address (. P., 127 , rut Wtb ?*., Mvmi 21 and 3d avenues, in ths grocer y ' ato*o. > WA> ted-by a young girl, a situation- as IT ??m and luaiirew, or a* chambermaid aad scam stress; tbcrougely understands bar buaiaeaa In both capaci ties; no objection to go la the eoaatrj. Good rafereuce Call ? at ?i y?Ha Moore at . for two days. Wa.nTKD? ?1Y A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG auuri*4 womaa, who haajait loat bar o*n baby, a child -to wet nurse. whs would receive particular attaatioa aad bar* a comfortable home. Befsronoea exchanged. Call at J26 Cth et., between aven~?ca C and D, iroat room, eecond floor, lot oae weak. W ANTED-A sitcat:ox. bva young woman, Tv , to cook, waah aad iros, and do waiting: no objection to tie oountry. Good refexencs. Call at 144 Yarick at , for two dajra. TITAMID-A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO TT plain oooking; iaaa excellent waahar aad iroaer. No ebjectioae to do the houaowork ol a email family. Beat of city refrrence. Can bo f*ea until auitod, at 70 Spring at., in the dry gooda a tore. "fjn"A>TBD ? BY A RE3P1CTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tlon aa chambermaid or waiter. Haa no objeotioa to go a short diet an oe in tbe ctnntry. Haa the beat of oity refereaee Pleaae to call at 103 7th avenue between 3Hh and ?lst ata. WASTED? BY A RB9FBCT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a mruation to wet nurea a baby, with a freah breaat ?f milk. Age 21 Jaara; a healthy woman. Beat of oity rofe i once. Pltaw call for three days, if not hired, at No. Oil, Mb avenue, Stith atreet. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE IT yonng women; ono aa chambermaid aad lanadreea, aad tha o* her aa oook, and to aaalat in the waahing and iron ing. Good reference. Apj'y at No. at titu avenue . Can be aeen fi r two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook, and to aaaiat in the waahing aad ironing. She haa lived ovir fonr years in her laet place, and haa the boot of city reference. Can bo aeen for two daya, at 122 L2th atreet, between 5th aad 0th aveaues. "IIT AN T ED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITUATION I TV aa aeamatreaa. Can tit aad cnt dresses, aad do plala sewing. B<at of city reference given. No objestion to go to tbe oountry Pleaae call at & avenue B., betweea 1th aad : 5th streets, 34 Root. ' TI/ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yeiiag woman, aa nurae and aeamatreaa. or to take care of ohildren aad do chamber work aad waiting, ia a pri vate family; beat ei oity re'exenco given. Can be aeoa for two daye at the residence ci her laat employer, 139 Weat 1 1th at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT girl, aa chambermaid and plain aewar. or to aaaiat in waahing and general konaowork. ia a (mall family. Good < city Mftrenoo. Pleaae call at 21312th at. , between let ave nue and evenxie A, aecead floor, front room, for tiro daya. la willing; t?go ia the eeaatry. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonngrirl, to do ohamberwork and aaeiat in the waah lug aad tKMiag, of to take care of children. Haa good re t'erente. Ptaaiecall at 59 Etst 25th at., roar bail ding, for throe dtye, . if not engaged. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TT a Protectant, to coek, wash and iron. Good city re I'erenoo. Apply at 148 17th at., between 7th and 8th avenues. Caa bo aeen tor two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a *it nation aa lady 's maid, to travel, or with a family going to travel, or aa atowardeea on a packet or a teamabip. Apply fortwc daya at 630 Hndaoa at., between Troy and Jane ata. tl; ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN* fi te do general housework. eo objection to the country; good reference; ia a good waaher and lroner. Apply at yti Catherine at., in the rear, for two daya. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A PROTEST AN'l WO man aa tlrat rate cook; makea exoellent pastry, all kitde of jetllca. preserves and defs;rt?; nnderatanda oooking in ail ita breaches, and ia fu'.ly qualified to take the manage meat of bonaohold affaire. The beet of city reference. No otuection to the oountry. Can be aeon for two daya at 1U3 eat 28th at , three doora from 7th avenue. Wanted? by a respectable girl, a situa tiun aa nuree and plain aeamatreaa, or chambermaid and aeamatreaa; baa no objection to assist in waahing and iromag or to do up ladies' mneliss. Good ro'erence oan be given, ritaae apply at ltl lut 12th at. Can bo aeen fjr two daya, if not engaged. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protest ant woman, to cool:, wash and iron in a .mall family. No objection t<> go a abort 'ixtaace in the country. Reference if required- Apply at l.*7 Elizabeth st Vie corner of Broome, in tbe tear, in tbt "cement W ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG >MAN, aa chambermaid and waiter; is willing to amist in the washing aad ironing. Can at* years' reference, and her employer oau bo aeen and wi ve an excellent character. Apply ltr two days at 13t< . :irt, betweea Wyokoff and Warren its.. South Brooklyr W ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do light work; is willing to mate herself useful where ahe would bave a pood home. Can oome well recommended from her last place. Pleaee call at No. 7 Tnion court, between 12th ?t. and Univeraity place, for two daya, if not ongaged. TV ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH Y3UNG TV eomaii. a aituaticn ae aurae and aeamatresa, or to do chamberwork; is * gcod washer and ironsr; lo objeotlon to the country. Can b? seen at ?X W. 16tb it., in the rear, till engnfid. WANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSE OR SEAM streea. by an American woman, wboia reoommanda tioes for ebareoter and atl'ity are unexceptionable. Apply at SSI Bowery. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, an a professed ooek, first rate weaker and ireaer; no objection to go te the oountry; ean l>e seen tor two daya at 79 FnHon avenue, Brooklyn. TirANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SI TIM TT tion aa chambermaid and waiter, or U take eare of children; baa the beat of city references from her Ia?t place. Can be aeen for two da jr, at 11m East J9tb at., in the atore, between 3d and 3d are*. Tir ANTED ? A TA1LORBSS, TO WORK ON COATS; A M boy ne'er instructions, and a young man to work by tbe week. Apply at 34 Attorney it., rear, for one week. WANTEC-A NEAT SEAMSTRESS. TO DO FINE eewins None bnt thnee fully competent need apply. Inquire of Mrs. A. Hall, 211 Hudson it , corner of Canal. WANTED? IN A SHALL PRIVATE FAMILY OP TWO peraooa. a north of Ireland, Scotch or English Protea tant air!, troaa 18 to 20, to unlet in the general houaework. v aching, and Ironing. Mnat he a neat sewer, respectful and willing to observe tho rules of the house. 0>e who has not lived oat before preferred. Apply before 11 A. M. at 196 Woet Slat at. , near 9th avenue, fcr one week. TITAN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a aituatlen aa nurse and eeamatreee, in a respectable family. She haa good city reference trom ber laat plaoe, where ahe baa lived eight years. No objeotiona to the ooun try tor the summer. Can be seen for two days, at 325 6th avanne, in the atore. WANT ED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a aituation, who haa been two yeara in ber last place, and left ia consequence of the family going to Europo. Best ?f city reference given. Sbe i? at good plain cook, waahar, aid ironer, and good baker. Can be aeon for two daya, at 173 ?th avenue two doors below 19th st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MOST EXPERI enced young girl, aa lauadrcss and chambermaid; can do np gentlemen's linen and ladies' tiaery in the flrst atylo. Baa bo objection to go a few miles in the country. Bat the heat of city reference. Will take S6 a month. Call at 217 gaat 23d st. , for two daya. mr ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT yeutg girls: ono to cook, wash and iron, or to do bouse ?work, the other as chsumbermaid, waiter or nnrse; they hava the boat of eity reference; are willing to go a short dis tance la tho oountry. Please call at 77 Henry street, room 2U. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA tion to do chamberwerkand waiting, or aa nnrae and * i lain sewer; would be willincfto make herself generally use ul; haa no objection te go in the country. Caa be seen till suited at ber present place, 221 West 14th at., near 9th av. WANTED-A YOUNO, HEALTHY WOMAN, AS WET TT nurse, to nurse aa infant at ber borne. Good reference reqnirea. Address 3. S. S. , Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa good plain eook. wssher aad iroaar, or oham lermaid; is a good baker; no ob jection to the couatry ; ia a first rata hand at milk aad tut \er. Caa be teen lor two daya at SO* Houston St., west aide iron ths Bawary. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonag woman , ita sea metres*, aad take care of ohildren, In some respectable family. Please call at No. 142 Pacific st., neaTfBoorum. Brooklyn, in the taacy store, for two days. No objactloa to tra?al. TETANTMD? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU TT atioa oa board of a steamer, aa stewardess; haa bad ?evtral yeara' experience oa the water , or wonld be willing to travel with a ladr, at nurse; boat or city reference given. Please call at 55 Fourth St. UrA*TID-A SITUATION, AS FARMER, BY A YOUNG TT reepeetable Scotchman; wonld take entire ehargeof a tans; test of re fa re* ee given. Please address, for two days, D. C., Herald offioe. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonag woman, to do general houaework; no objection to go a short distaaoe la the couatry; good reference. Caa Bo soon for two days at 52 Perry st., corner of 4th st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid or waiter; is willing ts do general housework; no objection to go to tbe oonntry tor tbe aumnaar; has good citv reference from her last place; call for two days at 48 Forsyth st., la the rear, flrst floor. -nTAHTZD-BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS TT sMsastiMs ia a private ffcsaily, or as child's anrse aad nsmitssss. Caa be well recommended. Call at 178 West ?Sth street; Caa be seea nntil engaged. xrr ANTED? ACTUATION, BY A NICE, TIDY, RE TT electable girl, a* chambermaid and seamstraea, or nam aad MaWW- Can be seen at 15 Rose street, room Na. IA Has -the very best oi'.y reference. Wanted- a situation, by a young girl, as seamstress aad to take tbe care of ohildrea, or would trarotj with a I lady. Unexceptionable references girsn as to ehaiaetar aad somnolent- v. Apply fertwo days at 191 1st avenue, between 6th aad 7th atreete. ' YOUNG WOMEN; ' i California; ia J Mill of (tal ly sewing; (ho other underspends all kinds of housework. -- of their ex peases sad are wil ag over. Call at their , aear 6th aveans. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT flirt, a situation as shambermsid and to de flne wash iflg; hasflflflWefltisa te de general honaework In a small private faasily. Good city referent s Please call at WJ <*h aveane, betwsafldOth aid 41st streets, third floor, in the I reflf. 117" AN TEO? SITUATION?. BY TWO YOU! TT oae aa florse aad lady's maid, to go to aa excellent ssamstrese, and understands all 1 I iy sewing, tho other unders'end? all Both are wiUiait to fay fan of their ex^M Hag ta live wHfi the family after going prat? > employer's, Ne 7 fth street. ae^B ""?rsv2 WANTBD-UV 4 tBIPECTAELE UEALTHY WO m>?. ? rttaaue* m wat nrN p\ease apply at bur pntul e?p.a??c?, Ifc' Unary it , Brooklyn WANTED? A 311UATICN, BT ? TOONC ENGLISH ?rjuiao. *J cofk, waaber and trocar no objection to HI aquation tha* ??/ be tall ad tM As piy at 161 Hudaon at.. between MM> andfeth Wanted? bt a respectable yqoshj woman aaitaaiiaa a# cook, waaier aad ironor. uaderatande lulu**; would do geaeral houaework in a private taaiilv . a* obtctioa to th? country .bstt of city reference aan bectfe*. pint* ea2l at 809 % Wooater at , ia the rearjthird door. tor tw* day*, If mot eagattd. _ _ RESPECTABLE waaher aad ironer, ia a rr ? - ? i? I- _ ? - -- .a (a a abort distance ia the aaaatry. Caad rafaraaoa. Caa ka aaaa fir *w? day*, at 410 K>* * at, frant roam. 2d floor, between amw C- aad D. XJtT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BT A STEADY TOUNG TT woman, with kaat oity referenct aa oook. Ia a ?ead waaher aad iroaer. Mo otyestloa to the oountry. A?ply 180 EluahetA at, treat baaamaat. TIT' ANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE TT youuj girl, aa nurse aad eeamstresa, or (? da ohamber worl . flne washing, aad ironing No objaatlaato tha ooua tiy. Tba boat ofeity refetencea from her last place. Pleaae to oall at 120 9th at , 3a. Math's pi., third Boor. back, room. WASHING WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW, WW for two or throa families, or aix or eigat tingle ge*tle ntD, or would bo willing to go oat to waah b> tha day. Caa produce bait of refereacaa. Apply at 335 Eaat 12th ?t., first floor, raar room. WANTED- A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN aa aorta and good aeaaaatreaa Apply between IS aad 6 o'clock at Mo. 138 Clin tan at.. Brooklyn. VANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE woman, to do houaework for a a mall family; ia a first, rata waahar aad iroaer aad la vary toad of children. Good reference Apply at 76 34th at., eoraar of tha Uh avenue, far two daya. No objcetloa to tha ooaatry. TXT ANTED? A PERMANENT SITUATION IN A RE ww epec table famili, aa aaamatraaa. Caa make ladiaa' or ehildrea'a plain ore aaaa. Caa do ehamberwork. II aa bean tour yeara ia a family. Plaaaa call at my employer'a, 101 Eait 19th at., between 2d aad 3d avenuea, for two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, NEAT YOUNG, girt, a aitaatloa aa ohamkarmald aad to do plain eewJ lag. Caa bo highly recommended from her laat place, wbaro aba caa ha aaaa for three daya. Pleaae call at 4b Kaat 29th at., 4th avenue t j WANTED-BT A RESPECT A BLR TOUNG GIRL, a! aitaatloa aa c ham barm aid and aaamatraaa; haa a geodl knowledge of dreaamaklng. aad ia a first rate plain aawer. Can ha well reoommanded by the ftuaily aha haa aewad for. j at 102 Weat 11th at., oatwaea lat aad 2d aTeanaa, for ?aye. TirANTBD? BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young womaa, a aitaatloa aa ohambermaid aad aeam alma. Pleaae oall at 224 Weat 16th at., bat ween 8th aad 9th a v en u pa . WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to coi email family. 1 ? 4 -- ______ country. Caa be aeea for two daya at 145 Weat 27tk it., Apply i two 4a; . girl, to cook, waah aad iron, or to do homework for a email family. Haa ao objectloa to go a ahort distance la the eouatry. Cai room No. IS. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE womaa. aa Plata cook, waaher aad ironer, in a small 2'ivate family. Good citv referenoe. Caa be aeea for two ye at 246 Mulberry at. , front baaemeat. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa eook, waaher aad iraaer; haa ao ob jection to do general houaework. Good city reference*. No objection to go ia the oouatry. Call for two daya at Ne. 3 Haeter atreet, front baaemeat. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND iroaer. Caa give two yeara' rafereace from her laat plaoe. Pleaae call at 115 Weat 24th it. , betweea 6th aad 7th avenues, third floor, front room, for two daya. WANTED? BT A PROTESTANT TOUNG WOMAN. A aitnatioa to do ohamberwork aad plain sewing, or to take care ot children. Refereaeee given. Pleaie call at 195, corner lat arcane aad Eaat 14th at., third floor, back room. WANTED? BY A GIBL, WHO CAN COME WELL RE commendcd, a aitnatioa aa plain cook, waaher and itoner, or to do the work of a email family. She can be eeen for three daya at her preaeat place, 460 Greenwich at., in the rear, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do houaework. Apply at 270 Hick* it , Irookljn, for two daya, VXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABIE TT young girl, to do general houaework in a email private family, or cnamberwork aad plaia aewing; haa good city re ference. Can be aeea for two daya, at Mo. 4 State at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to cook, waah and iron, or do general hoi rk and make herself generally useful. Call tor two davt* at 4'.' Madison at. \VrANTEI)-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GER Tl man girl, us seamstress ia a private family; caa be pea for two days at 304 Eighth at., in the atore; good re - c'jmu, d at ion given. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, aa cook; one who uaderatands her business; good relerenoes. Apply at 37 Mott at., ia the rear building. Can be seen for two days. WASHING AND IRONING DONE, IN THE BEST of order, for ladies and gentlemen. Inquire at No. 3 t'raaklin at. , up ataira, on the eecond floor, back room. TP ANTED? BY A SMART CAPABLE GIRL, A SITU TT ation aa chambermaid aad wattereas. Apply at her present employer's, 64 W. 20th at. WANTED? BT A YOUNG SCOTCH WOMAN, A SIT uation tojdo general houaework; abe ia a good plaia cook wither and iruaer; can give gcod re(erence from her laat place. Can be acen at 186 Hester atreet, in the rear, first floor, for two days, fXT" AM ED ? A SITUATION. BT A VERY RESPECT TT able young girl, at general houaawork, or aa ohamber maid; *ood reference from her laat place. Pleaae call at 119 Waahingtoa at., neat door to Poat ofice, Jersey City, for two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIBL, A SITUA ? ion aa ohambermaid aad waitreea, or to take eare of children; good city refereaoe from ber laat place, where aha haa lived lor two|yeara. Apply at 77 Charles it., between lileecker and 4th ate. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS NURSE OR CHAM lermaid, by a girl who haa lived eight yeara at 57 Clin ton p'aoe, wbera aha ?an be i??a. Ia hoaeat, faithful aad laduatrioas. fXTANTED? A SITUATION, BT A GIRL, 15 YEAES T T ol age, to take care of childrea, or to aaaiat at othar work ia general. None but reepeotable families seed apply. Good refereaee glvea. Please call at 101 W. 25th at., near 7th avenue, lor two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBBBMAID, AND to make heraelf generally useful. Good city refereaee. Pleaae call at 03 Chrlaty at., la the rear, for two daya. WANTED-A GIBL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, in a family of six; one need to childrea preferred; aoae but Proteatants need apply at 196 Adams at., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU4 tioa ue cook; no objeotioa to do geaeral bonaework. Good referenoe if required. Call at 21 Talman at., near Bridge, Brooklyn, tor two daya. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a aituatUn aa cook, and to aaaiat in the waahing and iioning. City refereaee given. Call at 19*2 Eaat 19th at., be tween 1st and 2d ava., fourth floor, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do the cooking, washing, and ironing, or the general bousework of a small family. Hat no objeo tion to go the oountry. Pleaie call at 41. Amity street, in the basement. Can be ieen for two dayt. Hat city rertrence. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a titnation, at good oeok, and is a first rate washer and ironer; hat the beat of city reference from her last place; can be aeen for two daya. Pleaae call at No. 355 2d avenue, between 22d and 23d tta., third floor, baek room. WJ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV von d< woman, to do tb* cookin?, washing and ironing, and housework in general; ii capable of baking bread and paltry; tbo be?t ot city references can bo given from her last place. Pleaee call at No. 197 gth avenue; inquire In the butcher'* (tore. Can be leen for two day*. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, FAMILY SEW iag, at her own reiidence; oan give tbe beat of city reference a* to character and capability. I'laaae call at 120 2Cth it., eecond floor, tront room. Can be leen for two dayi XT ANTED? I.Y A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. THE Yr washing of a imall samlly. or o< a few ilngle perioni Their nrderawill be punctnaUy attended to, in any fart ot the city, by applying at 173 Wooater it., flrat, floor, in the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework in a private fami ly; can do plain cooking; ii a good waiher and ironer; can give good reference. Can be teen for two dayi at 31 Prince ?t.. aeoond floor, front room. WANT1D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proteitant young girl, ai chambermaid and waiter, or to mind children and do plain tewing; no objection to the country. Inquire at H5 7th avenue, up Main, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, ai nurse and leimitreia. Beit of citj re ference given. Apply at 32 Sheriff it., for One day. TITANTED-SITUATIONS, BT a MAN AND WIFE; TT the man ai coachman, aad to make himeelf generally useful; the woman ai chambermaid and Uundreit, or cook and to aiiilt in the washing; country preferred; have tbe belt af city reference; can be i?en for two day*. Please call at ISO Eait 30th it., lecond flo>r, tront room. None but a reipectable family need apply. WANTED? A MAN AND WIFE, WITHOUT CHIL dren, to work on a farm. He suit understand farm ing, and rearing of oat tie, Me. The wife to take charge of the dairy, poultry, and aieiat in waahiog. Addrt sl with re ference, H., box 78 Peat Office. Motriitown, X. J. WANTKD? A SITUATION, FOR AN ACTIVE MAN, ai outdoor clerk or light rorter, by bia present em ployer!, who have ne further nted of bis services. They can recommend him in eyery way. Addreae box 2,518 Poit Office. W4NTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN. (MARRIED) a situation ae light porter; ii honest, industrious, and willing to work; write* a good hand, and can proure good rr erencee. Addreai A. Judd, Poat Office, Williamsburg, or to A. Judd, Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF IXPERIENCE in tbe glaae trade, a ait nation ai aaaiatant in a china ind glees, or plated ware itore; would travel for orderi. Reference if required. Addreai F. tlaytos, corner of Madi aon aad Rutger* ft*., lor E. Lyom. tXTANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, AN EtfG TT liahman, a aituation ai coachmaa; hae lived tifteen year* in hi* laat place in tbie city. Caa bring tbe btit of city reference. Apply at 92 Weit 17th at. WHITE GOODS BUYER. -J. R- JAITRAY A SONS want a man thoroughly competent to take charge of their wkite goods department. He muat be well acquainted with tbe market* of Mancheater, Glasgow, and Bellait, aad alao with tbe trade her*. Apply by letter only, *tatiagr*al nam* ind what experience the applicant has had. II/- ANTED? A CAPABLE PERSON. WORTH W0?. TO TT take oharga of the office in a small #rat class hotel, with in one hour * diataae* of the city. A fair Mlary and un doubted Meurity will be glvea for the ana advanced. Apply to P. Terence, Bay Stat* Hotel, Fuitoa at., near Broadway. WANTED? BY A COLORED MAN. A SITUATION TO TT 'TUTel With e jtantlemen er a >r<itl?maa aa4 ladr. Good retureioeiaavit. Cm b* Me* tot ?w? day* a; 271 M. ;t tk, am B UMM w AN rXD-A FEW WAITERS, AT 10 AND 12 FULTON *w? Apety tm'r in.U* asorniug I HV ANTED? A. SMART ACflVE MAN, TO ATTEND atcre. a >nitU ailii) te wuniM with. Apply to W T. Uatoheioc A Co , i'J u< 51 Uimic it. Of AN TED- A F$W ACTIVE YOUNG MEN, VT fcDic Torj pcpulsraad bigeiy feterestiag wo ? uiars will b? furbished and bitkt supplied on w TO SELL _ worn, otr nwlM M IMNUbll t??R.s Room No >, ? Aam ft. TI/ANTRD-BY A RESI'BCTABl.K YOUNG MAN, TT a pi MM aa MOO mil -o?k cr improrer ia a good hotel . or iHuii hie . kM been four years ia ike business. Plnie in quire i. I2ti Fulton M "fir ANTED -A MAN. TO RNGAGE IN A NEW A?D Yf very lucrative buBuu, at wbioh he can make $1U0 per mjn'bL A cApHel of ahmt $60 required Call fur Ferry, ?t PkUd'i Betel, Greenwich et , corner el Warraa. ASTID-BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, A Si tuation la ft hotel ae baTke> per, dark, or night wntoh men. Cm fnrtii> the bent nf city reference* rlease ad (tfn S 3 . 27 Maldesa late, for throe days, ap stairs. Wanted -a young man to attend a liquor ntore Must be ci strictly temperate habits, and bring undoubted Ntereaca BARNARD RRILLT, tt? Flrnt avaaue. WANTED?-A \r.UNG MAN TO ATTEND A CROCKET store; one that understands the bunneei, oan influence rome trad', end caa ipeak the Gormen language, may apply at J(t avenue, corner ot 10th street, Bait come well re ooroma-a -it-d. 1 ? ANTEB-AN kONR&T, SMART AND ACTIVE BOY, thas i? willing te make himaelt generally oee'ql; aea* need appfc unleee well recommended. Apply at '06 Water ft WANTED? A BOT TO LEARN THE COACH PAINT io? hu*lo*a*; ene who can board with hie p* rents Ap ply te M. Ttsmpcon A Co., ST Wooater et. WANTED-IN AN OFFICE, A BOY, WHO WRITES a good band end cu p<e good elty reference ae te lioaeetv aed integrity. Apply to E. H. Leadboater A Co., 347 Broadway. WANT *r? AN AMERICAN BOT, IN A LIWIIR'S odice; one who written plain and expedition* hand. Ncne others need apply te J. A Sherman, 187 Green wioh et. ?I WILL AT ONCE PAY ISO TO ANY ONE WlIO ipiJU. will pat tho mo* ae into my handa whereby I eta obtain e mplc ymfent, where activity and labor le required. City reference given. Address A. McGregor, Herald ofice, tUting where en interview may be had. OQ7 BROADWAY. CORNER OF RXADE STREET. AT *50 I MORRIS ACiHNERT'S. can be had English, Sootcb, Irish, an i German belpi. for hotele and private families; also wait?re. porter*, ceachmea, gardoaere, farmer*, mecha nics, xnd laborers, at thU or the head office, IIS Greenwich street. BUY MOOIM, AO. <*1 ft/l AAA WORTH OF DBY GOODS. $1UV.UUU MORE IMME0i.SE BARGAINS. G?1 AT ATTBAOTIOIT AND INDUOKMl NT A orowdoa (tor* all (he while At theVOWERY SAYINGS' STORE, No. 126 BOWERY. nnrtpg the laet ton days there has been a tremendous eatitemcnt waich arises from the fact that at this oonoera aU tho Mod* have Deea marked dowa to such tow prioes that every easterner is surprised, and givss evidence of that faot and vent to tbelr wonder by bujing? humancr plaid silk* 2*. 8d. worth (a. Summer plain (ilk* 3a. bd. wor -h tie. Black la sired ailk* 6*. worth 9*. English i-'Tos di *oi* 3*4 worth ta. Ireaoh lawn* lio. worth 2*. Summer tlaauels 1*. worth 2*. Linen napkin* I Toilet quilta I Toilet cover* At half pile*. Table cloths i Towels aad towelling I Crape shawl* %& 80 worth SIO. Domestic good* at let* than factory prloea. Gentlemen'* and beys' auacmer wear ot every kind and quality, from Go. t? M?.,the bc*t variety evtr offered ia thie market. Some ot the enormous bargain* are getting scaroe, bat the** who call very aooa may be enabled to partake. F. W. A W. F. GIL LEY, No. 186 Bowery. A FURTHER REDUCTION IN THE PRICES OF summer dress goods will bo made on Monday, June 11. A. T STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers aad Reads atraets. Brussels lacis.-just received, Brussels foint *et?, for $ 9 , which are a decided bargain; al*o, collar* and *l*ovo* la a now make of lace, very beautiful, fcr $22; this artlole ia particularly worthy of attention, and will be freely shown to those who take an uteres i in such thiog*. Embroidered basqae*. baadkerohiet*, collars, Ao., in the lateat desiga*. MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. BROOK'S BILK COTTON-FOR HAND AND MA ebice sewing, saperior to any thread in the world, wound on 200, 300 aad 600 yard (pool*? white, black and all color*, from No. H to No 200. Any namber, oolorand length for sale at WHEELER A WILSON'S sewing in*, ohine depot, 313 Broadway. BAREGES, SILKS, LAWNS. Lr. BovTiLLir.R Bkothkri, CO Caital sr. Have ?till a large assortmoat ot the above and other dreaa good*, the price* beiag exceedingly low, in order to clear out atock before extending the store through to Howard st Barege robes and organdies.? received per eteamer North Star two cases of barege robe*; also, two case* of organdie robes and organdie* by the yard, new do. ai#as. UBSDALL, PE1RSOM A LAKE, No. 471 Broadway BANDS ! BANDS ! BANDS !-A LARGE STOCK OF French embroideries, Swiss cambric, aad mull, diuble band*, from .1*. upward*. Alio a complete aasortmeat of SwU*. jaconet, mull cambrio, aad linen edgingS and inser tion*, very cheap ja*t received. PETER ROBERTS A CO.. 37S Broadway. Dress caps ? mrs. shaw, mc Broadway, third door above Grand *treet, ha* now on hand leveral doienot dret* aad *oft cap*, wbioh she will diapoae of at oae halt her asual prioes. Also, a large assortment of spring and summer boanets, at uansaally low prioes. Embroidered travelling dresses.? ubsdell, PRIRSON A LAKE are offeriag the balaaee of this stock at $270 per dress; also tho balaaoe of Fealard silks at a grrat redaetioa ia prioe; also two case* ot barege da lain** at 1*. per yard. No. <71 Broadway. Embroidered collars, and cuffs to match, (for travelling.) Parie embroidered oape* at $6 usual price, >13; embroidered haadkerchiefa, ladies' ailk glove*,all colore ; buck laoe ehawli, plain black Braa*oU act*, aad a aewlot of Yaltacieaae* leoaa from 1*. per yard, just re ceived. PETER ROBERTS A Co., 876 Broadway. From auction-great bargains in trench embroideries.? 120 Freneh muslin sets, at $12 SO each, worth $22; 1,(00 cambric aad Swiss collars, the average prices will be 4*.. 6*., 8s., 10*.. 12*., aad 14*., each. MAD DEN A STEWART, 643 Broadway, seooad door above Bleeckot. French wove corsets and embroideries.? On Monday, tj* 11th last., we will opea two eases of oar celebrated Trench wove oorsets (in all sisei); alto, ap ward* of two thouiand handsome embroidered ooUar* aad sleeves, at from 4 (billing* to 20 shilling*. GAYNOR'S. 4? Third avoaae. Mar Tenth street. IVE CASES OF SUMMER SILKS, RECEIVED BY the Wasbingtoa, will be opened oa Monday, Jaae 1L Tho styles are new, and the prioes vary low. Also, one oaae of auperb flounced ailk rob**, the last of the seasoa. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers aad Reads streets. JUST RECEIVED? 10-4 AND 12 4 SILESIA FLANNELS for summer blankets. Also, two oases Frsaoh plash blankets. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers aad Rsade streets. Lord a taylor haying lately added to their stock THI LATEST IfEW PATTERNS OF VELVET AND BRUSSELS CARPETINGS, are pr? pared to offer to parchasers GREATER INDUCEMENTS THAN ITSI. Ingraias, throe ply aad oiloloths la the asual variety. GRAND STREET, CORMER OF CHEYSTlB. LADIES' PARASOLS.? THE ENTIRE STOCK OF ladies' aad ohildrea's parasols will bo sold at greatly re duced prices, to olear oat the balsaceof the stock. QENIN'S Bazaar, 313 Broadway. LADIES' SILK AND CRAPE HATS, S3: LADIES' tuscan hats, $3 to $5 ; blaok and colored lawn hats, from 10 to 12 shilling*, at C. BELL A CO.'l millinery and pattern it ore. No 3, Catharine street. Basque patterns cut in the latest style. >RINTFD CASHMERE SHAWLS.--TWO HUNDRED M. I Broadway. receired per steamer North Star, nan style*. UBSDELL, PE1RSON A LAKE, 471 Br Shawls, ac.. ac.-french cashmere and grenadine shawls and soarts of new and beautiful de signs. suitable tor the present season. Also, black fillst net shawls, and a superior quality of black barge and de laine shawls, (11 selected in Paris since the 10th of May A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. STRAW BONNETS- ? STRAW RUCAX, STRAW FLOWERS. LEGHORN FLATS, AC. The subscribers bow offer their entire stock of straw goods, French flowers, Ac.Jte cash purchasers, at afereat redaction from original prices. The cash system enables them, notwithstanding the late ness of the season, to offer as complete an assortment of goods ai at as earlier date. Caeh purchasers will tind it to thelrinterest to oall at Nos. tt and t6 John street, corner of William HOMER A KETCHUM. s: MALL STOCK OF DRT GOODS FOR SAI.E, WITH the good will, where a large lusisess has been done. Rent, including house rent, $MM per annum; aSording a first ra'e chance tor any person winning to gofinto the retail trade. Address W. B. B., Herald office. TO TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS.-LARGE PLAID Marseilles, by the piece or yard, may be bad at Uak Hall, 84 and 8ti Fulton street. F1KB ARTS. VIESSRS. HOPE A YATES, NEWS DEPOT, 2 2 BEEK IV J man street, invite Litre Oak George, his Know Nothings and all the democrats, te parehase at their store the famous caricature of the blockade of the steamer United States, in the East River, New York, by Marcs's squadron. This oari catnre, ver* witty and spirited, where the Colonel Kinney, President Pierce, Attorney General Cashing, Secretary Mar cy, the Niceregna man Marooleta, Captain Graham, Comal 1 abens. Mr. White, President of tbe Nicaragua Transit Company, and tbe terrible squadrons are caricatured, as an interesting novelty of tbe day. I*rioe only, ti cents. Any numL*r of conies will be forwarded without delay to any part of the Union, by sending the amount in postage stamps. Please read the New York Herald, of the 9th last., in the article beaded " The Kinney Expedition." THE ?? LOST' VELASQUEZ? CHARLES THE FIRST - This celebrated historical picture, the most valuable and most important painting in the United States, is still on exhibition at the Stnyvesant Institute, AM Broadway. Admission 26 cents. 1855. ?XPXUBIS AGENCIES. . -G. H. WINES A CO.-S CALIFORNIA AND '. Oregon Biprsss.? Office No. 2 Bowll* Green, foot of Broadway, New York. Reference*? Cknrlei Mor gan, Esq., New York; William Hall A Sen, do.: C. K. Gar liion, Em., Ssn Francisco. We are prepared te forward merchandise and treasure, make oollectiens. purchase ex change, and attend te all business sntrusted t? ns with despatch, and on tha most reasonable terms. Experienced and competent messengers will aeotmpanv each ei press, leaving New York en the Mh and 20th, and San Franeiseo en the 1st and Uth of oaoh month. DOWN1E A CO.'S EXPRESS.? THOSE HAVING foods te eend te Brooklyn, E. D., late Williams burg, *111 And it tn their interest te give this express a trial. Offices at 301 Pearl street, ldf Washington street, c?rn?f Certiandt. Wares, roods and orders attended to tiriw ft ??/. FUUftffiAwc effiot, M Ss?U> 9*vt?tfc Streev ItlAICIAJU CO AAA AAA -aovir to loan oir m fZ.UUU.UUU. am**. nMM,j?inl(7,dt7iH^ min, A* , or toUki nc Mtk: uli stocks. utM, mert MM and hilt* of uAimi Mffiwtil Bwiua BTiii erompt. b; tnokrioa * CO. knbn ud Hi mismoa MnlMti, la Ihmi atsial. mi?w of Am. ma ft*. 2. MtMlllOOt *K7K AAA *? LOAN? OR BOUGHT rOR CASH, I U.UUU 4|*Mt4i, wttekM. Iwdn. t?4 iMt} MeriftlM ?( Tilollb (ifiMtf, tar /OS B. [litC, km meat offlo., II Cnaetbees atiMt, bat wee* Chatham tad Con 're TtimmUou strictly confidential N. B -The highest pcioe paid t?r old geld tad silver, from Si H.Ui i'7a. d>OAA AAA -MOMMT to loan on diamon o\ V^UUiUUU. watchss. jewelrjr got ? aad lUra plate, pranoa, ft ad all kind* of botMhold runiiurt Baalae** con fidential aad safe. Apply at 36 dMknui itnat, third floor. Real estate bought aad Mid oa oemmlssioa. L. BAI.CU, Broker. AAA ? pbbsons wishing to nbgoti atb fluu.UuU. loaw, or (all aar valaaola.porMaat pro port/, oonaittUg of diamonds, watches. jewelry, secare, Sc., oun M eccommMeted oa roaooaablo term* by applying to iOBBUBB A JOHNSON 107 Mauau ilml entrance ? A an street, room* ? and 5. d>lAA AAA -monby to lbnd on bond and fluU UUu. mortgage, la nas to luit applicants, oa pood ptoouctlve real eatate ia this city or Brooklyn. Apply to 9. 8. BBOAD, No. 13 Wall it root, ?ocoad (Tory, trsat room*. d> i A AHA advanced on diamonds, watch ?P "t U.UUU a*, jewelry, palatial*, pinnororlei, dry coo da, and ovary deacrif lion of morohaadi**, (or bought for caih.) Business strictly ooafldeatial. Apply to J. LYON A CO., Mtt Houston *troet, between Ueroer aad Greene. o r AAA wamted-in sums or and ?ttt).vUU BS.IXX), on prodaotlTO property, ia Kaat Brooklyn, one mile and a half from the ferry. Neighborhood improving. Good bmd?men. Property worth more (Baa doable the amount wanted. A. BAINBTAOSC, 181 Fulton ?treot, Brooklyn. a>i) nnn TO ?s.??.~a touno man can bavb ?J>Z(.UUU security and a liberal (alary to advanoe the above amonnt. Duties light and business resoec table. Would take a* partner, if agroeasls, on trial. Address, ap pointing interview, Copartnership, Herald office, or UaloA square Post Office. CASH ADVANCED IN AMY AMOUNT. OB PVBCHA8 od at light, diamonds, watches, rich jewelry, meechau di*e, and valuable personal property fOoeraUy. B. WOOD, 69 iu'.tcu *tr?ot, loooad floor, fro at room, tstm 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. ' | Liberal cash advances on household fcr nitnre, piano*, watcbss. jewelry, nautical instru ments. firearm*, mechanics' tool*, dry good*, Ao., and per ?onal property of every description, or the highest oath P'ico paid tor the *ame, by MoCAFFBAY A WALTER, 28 Catherine atreot. Monet to loan.? pbbbons bbooibino tem porary advaaee* oa roat estate, diamond*, plate, watch m, Jewelry, pianoforte*, dry good*, harass, carriages, aad every deiorlpUoo s I personal property, promptly ao oommodated by the Kmplro Loan aad Agoaey Company, 333 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. O. WILLI, Agent. XT OTICB-? THE JULY INTBBBBT, ON THB CIVIL IN Funds Bonds, of the State of California will be paid by JOHN COOK, Jr., at hi* oAea, 31 Broadway, on press* - tation of the coupons, oa aad after the 30th Jons, 1856. POTOSI LEAD COMPANT.-A MEETING OF THE stockholders of this oomaaay will be hold at tho office ol H G atebbins, Esq , 41 William street, on Tuesday, the llltk iiet., at 2o'clock P. M. The object of tho meeting ia for the purpoee of preaentiag to the (tookkolder* a etate ment ot the affair* ol tho compaay, and for th* transaction ot auoh other boainea* a* may b* deemed ne senary. H. G. Stebbins, James W. Blatohfocd, Simeon Leland, Traitoei. mo CAPITALISTS.? THE FOX AND WISCONSIN IM JL provement Company offer bo capltalUt* for invest man t the remaining half of their 8 psr oent bonds (1201,0(10), pay able February I, 186S, interest semi anaaally, at the Bank of North America, city of Now York. Those boads are so. cured by a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valua tion, more than doable the amonnt; alio, u son the improve ment itself, together with its prooesda, water power, Ao Inquire at the office of the oompaay, 14 WaU street. WANTED, $100 -A LADY WISHES THE LOAN OF the above amount, for the nee of which board, ia ? first ola>s hcuie, with two lesson* oer week id French, will be given, nntll returned; tecuri'-y if required. Location np town, cesr Broadway. Address Heater Ibotaos, Post Office. COPiVBTSKBSHIP NOTICH8. A AAA -PARTNER WANTED, TO TAKE ONE ?P?U.UUU* balf ot the real estate of about five acre* ot highly improved land, and extensive buildings of all kinde, and a manufacturing conoern which has been estab lished about five yeari. Light healthy bu*inee?, and iu the country, about one hour from the city ol New York He mutt bo a gentlen an of high standing in loeietj. Addrx* M J.. Herald office, stating ?hen and whore an interview may be bad. AHA -partner wanted to take one CO.UUU. hall interest in a concern already o?'al>lishod. 'l his ia a money making bnaineaa, and no rent to pay. Thi* amount i* neooaaary to enlarge the concern, whioh ia in the country, in a healthy location. Addre** J. C-. Uerald office, atatisg wheu and where an interview may be had. <?? AAA WANTED-TO INCREASE A PRIME BU ^pO.UUU aiLOa*, well eatablished; real eatate in this city will be liven hb seourity Monoy (hall earn lawtully fifteen per cent, or the iervieea of a ?osd bueineea man would alto be accepted, with the money to take interest, or other wise. Addreaa A. B. .lohnaon, Herald offioe, stating name aad place for an iaterview. Otfiflf) ?WANTED, A GOOD SALESMAN, TO JOIN ifUuU, tbe advertiser ia an old eatabiiahcd manufac turing builneaa. Any man that ia in waat of a caah paying busineaa will find this wot thy of his attention ? a ohaace that seldom presents itself. Address, with confidence, O. N. A., Herald office. $^AA ? A PARTNER wanted, in a cash ma ipuUU, nnfaotory bnainoaa, that naya a large profit of 40u per cent on tl e amonnt of aalea, aad is done strictly for caeh, and ia naed by bnaiaosa men altogether, aad can be extended through the United States with a small oapital. Apply this mornins at the mannlaotory, No. 90 Falton it-, fourth floor, room 7. dirnn ? WANTED, A PARTNER WITH THI8 t|PUUU. amonnt, in a first claw real ectate and auetloa busisM*. AddreM Jaokson, Herald otnee. VTOTICE.? THE COPARTNERSHIP FIRM OF PICKEN 1.1 A Belchers ha* been and it dissolved, aa of the 21st day of April last, by decree of the Superior Court, made the 9th day of Jane Inst ; aad by inch decree 1, the under aigned, am declared entitled and authorized to w nd np tbe affaire and admiaiiter th* ataet* of the *aid late cooartuer ?hip. New Tort, June 11, 1856- L. J. MELCMEH3. Notice? the gbntliman that anowered aa advertisement lor a partner ia th* Herald, aigned S. M., w 111 pleaao leave his addreaa when and where the anbacriber can have an iaterview. Addreaa Cntter, Uerald office. TO CAPITALISTS. ?THE 8UB8CBIBER HAVING IN veated a lite preserving float, whieh was patentoa Feb. 20, 1865, and has been inspected by oompetent mariners aad pronounced superior to aaythlac ever iavented for the pur ?o*e for which it i*de*igned, lolioit* the attention ef capl alist* to intpeet tbe Mate; th* object being to take a part ner, having from 92,000 to $8,000, to purchase an interest in tbe above. Ia point of eapaolty, buoyancy and superiority over life boata or any other known etruotare for the eame purpose, ita merit will be admitted when the model 1* in apectod, at bil room*, at the Dey Street Houae. GBO. BLANCHARD. THE ADVERTISER, HAVING A REASONABLE ?mount of capital, would like to join lomo one who i( already eetabliahed and thoroughly understand! the ra* and old pa|ier, or old and icrap iron bnnneti. The moit aatlifactory reference will be required and given. Addren J. A., Broadway Peit Offioe. atating when and where an interview can be had. Agent* need not aniwer. WANTED? A PARTNER, IN THE DOMESTIC HARD ware trade, with a cash capital trom $8, CO to 910,000, by a perion wbote partnerahip haa expired. The beat refer ence given and required. The advertieer haa an extenaive Southern and Weetern trade. Addreaa A. Brown, Herald office, confidentially, with real nam*. HOPgKI, ROOMS, W., WAHTBP. ~ A GENTLEMAN WANTS A FURNISHED PARLOR and bedroom, without board, in a honae in the vicinity of Broadway, where there are no other boarderi. Addreaa, atating tenna, Looua, Herald offioe. ASM WANTED? A SMALL FARM OF 30 ACRES OR _ upward, actuated near the Hndeon river, aouth of Pongh keepeie, in exchange for Improved property in New York. Addreaa A. A 8. Buaeell, No. 7 and 9 Hammertley at. ROW BOAT.- WANTED TO BUT, A SMALL (SECOND hand) boat, with oar*, 4 a. l'rioe not more than ten dollar*. Addreaa Andrew, Herald office. TO MACHINISTS.? WANTED, AN ICE CREAM FREEZ lag machine, either tor one or two freeeer*. It muat be made on the meat approved prineiplea, and warranted to give aatlafkotion. Addre** Confeotloner, Herald offioe. fir ANTED? TO BUT. FOR CASH, AN ENTIRE STOCK TV of good*. Said atook may oon*i*t of either one of tho*e mentioned, aay ataple or fancv dry good* (clothing, olotha and oaaaimerea). My object of baring i* to buy a bargain. No perion need apply unleia he want* to comply with it. The itoek may amount te from $15,000 to $40,000. Addreaa D. H. M., Herald office. F B BIjuLIARD*. ILLIARDf.? WE HAVE A SPLENDID STOCK Of j a> table*, with marble. *lat? or wooden bed*; al*o, bU Hard ball*, ouea, fifteen ialta pool, billiard alothaln fact, every artiele in the trade, ten per eent cheaper than an* other eatabllahment in the United State* LEONARD * BEMJAMIN, hlgheit premlom maker*, 3t3 Broadway. WE OFFER FOR SALE A SUPERIOR STOCK OF bllliardttablea, with our celebrated /laatie cuthiona. Being the original investor* of the** evihfon*, they cannot be bought el ee where. Buyer* will do well to call and ex amine two teoond hand table* for *ale. GRIFFITH A DECKER, 90 Ann atreet. BICURSIOIfl XCURSIONS -THi FAVORITE IRON BARGE IRENE, with two commodioa* daek*, 1? by 30 feet, i* now beinr out in eood order for *xeur*lona, and can be char UMd by day. week or aeaaon. Apply to Capt. SNYDER, on board, Adam* *tr*o?, Brooklyn. E E ICURSIONS TO THE FISHING BANKS. -THE SEA (teamer OOLDEN GATE, Captain Anderaon, (formerly oaptata of the Laura Kmapc.xwlll.coutlnue har refuUrtrpe u the Bank* every day. (Snndaye excepted.) Ieavia< Amoi atreet aWo'eiockA ?.; Sprin /atreet at 7)*; P?k .Up at 8; Broome (treet at 8,'?; and Pier No. 3N?fth river, at 9 o'elock. Fiakin# tackle, bait and refr- ahaneat fsrniahed on boird. A fin* cotillon band accompaniea the boat. E XCUR8I0NS. ? THE SAFE AND COMMODIOUS ? ateamer MASSACHUSETTS. Capt. E. R. Ha<*ka, bein< in oomplote order, oan now he chartered for excoiaiona. having a large dancing room, with t very thing neceaaary to comfort or pleainro. A rare inducement. j* oflTered to the lublio. Apply to L. H. UROVER, I?i3 Broadway, up *tair?. For fishing banks. ? the sea steamer mer Cti RT. C aptai n Richard Yate*, will leave lor the fiih b?k, every day, tonchin* at Fort Hamilton each way, frnm the tollowtng place*, via:? Jaokaon atreet, 6 r>!ock A M ' Delancey atreet, 6>? A. M. , Catharine Market. - A M ? Peok*lip.7\A M.;fept??? atnet, North AM: Vi? N? 4, lNorth river, 8>? A. M. Fiahing taekle and tait fufnlahed on board. ??.v Iilaad laat trip, at 6H I* M fare to Coney Mend eedVa's to New York, 2S eeata. No half price Or cbU Ate* 366 259 204; 186 157 105 - oooocvo. cei tal bad b*Vo I2L* r*u,"*? ui kit wi t, ^ ?5 TbSA^SiSi.,ii?? tain. >11 tho modern impruT.ia?t*. ? ??*" 752 "lA"Wr^"ToHUlJ' 'JUEIV?0 with i without board, in Ui abar. tot tlM, h^** '**'? 7/\Q broadwat, ONE DOOR BELOW KICHTH i ' OO (treat.? A (tllliau and wife or ?ia?te f.otU a.Q can obtaia dertrafcle room*, with ar without Iwicd 1'riraW table. Reference. < (.changed. " 3R3 handsomely run OOO nUbedrront room to 1st, with ar wikhott board. 1?. ?f or a aentleman and wtfa. The bouM bu Bowery ? '" Between Broad ray and 37 fi F0,LBTU STMBT?ELIOAKTLT FURNISHED J?J *?, ??"*???*? to lat, with or without board, to g.atl. tfeoir *lm, ar to .ingle piUtmn, with inrr at toaaudatlo" a* to Nabrt. it. Modern ? - F toach aad Spanlah opohen. lUuwaow exchanged. 8*?*BT.? FURNISHED OR UNFUR g - - niahed room., with or without tali or partial board Houaa newly painted throughout Reference. aaehaaged. SShff!?.SFH!rr~PiAASA*T MO> TO LIT, ?*g?K? AYBWUE. Qjll DOOR BELOW Till R riss f^hSdisS-f^^ room, to gentlemen only. The lb?w?ohi. a 11 tb i - ? ssssF "4 u mit x&& z OR AND, CORNER OF SIXTH STREET Wff.. - -? n?w aad el.gaat houoo U bow read* for the reoeption ot familiee aad .lagl. gentlemen re sskf asssr sr^aaai:.rr5r.g!;.-j r %**?.**? S***ET. OPPOSITE DEPAU ROW. ? ? J "~1? %bo?6 flrf( eliN doom, reoiota with imr>M?A. AaaMn*d?IUh S5!'*. f" th* **?*?tion J boar dan. Familia* desiring delightful apartment* separately or in auita will MoomnodikioM. ol?o floe rooom with board * 45 OroTiitmt, mm Bicker. ' 14-fl ?'*?? STREET.? A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY ? ii I?!?? owrtaoiti to lei on weond fl or to a WRIT FOURTEENTH 8TRRRT, APARTMENTS ^.sss^ sy.^%^,gs; Q1 BAST ?TH STREET? ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN hU haui a iS?i*t "Itbout board, location very deaira tlo, be lag a tow dooro lroia Lexlngtoa avenue. 91 ?BI15 i0E ,IR1ETt *?* OF AND NEAR ?.]?? *nd "?H furnUbed aoeommod* *itk board, for gentlemen aad their wivee? or .iaile ssssr- flm oiaM' bmth ,nd ISM***? 7 fi GREENE STREET.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED k j roo^i ,?'jSe"tloman and their ladle*: al*o one nafu7 nubed parlor to fit. to on. or two gentl, othiVuT k* <Ue,,1 4n4 bre?'*?t aant to tho room* WlU""' Wb.n required. Gaa aad bath, la tha houte" bo let with or without partial board' nermanant fcS^w?wL.ra^tiri.,?as; LYir.mode^"*7 " hoa'" *" AO WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.? HANDSOMELY room to lot to familiot or sinslo sontlo men, with or without partial board. Parties in aummt nf *Mber p,rm,k?eutV or transiently, will do wall to ?ncM eifba?7?y mo,ler,, imFroT.m.uU. R,f,r. AA. ??SEE.Tv-ri;^N'rSHEB booms to let, ? bie?Wont ,?or $ to a doctor "wither w^0hQOtab,'ardA1,A' SoBdthc.hftnce for ?jx ?h.b4.^ AC) DEORAW STREET, CORNER OF COURr ' ? Brookl? n. Boarding-? a few siairte KOAtlomeBflm h? acoommodatcd with good room., will? breakfM?"nd tet and ^^nf?e.r.-n^5anda,?' m\U ??' WMk. AIm, a gentleman Md wife can bo ftocomnodatoa with a largfi And .nnni Tt nt a reasonable price. Cnr? paoo tho door. ' 26 ?2 UNION SQUARE.? A SUIT OF ROOMS ON ttie first floor, suitable for thoso wishing the host ae oommo stations; also a front room may bo had oy immediate J?f.he.Vl?n' at 28 U?'?? ?<!'>?'?? The bout. i/boautlfoUy Mint and aonT^n^t'ooation^*8 U anJ"r>..ed for pi..7 17 2?4Li2J9i f^VS-ab?; SS ooaT?je,oa. ofamad^n built hoaS, to letto ^atlamtn' aan aUo t^et, f'ugn'uh"/8 >w*ae,lt- "iUbl> Fh/ii' 4 ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDE. ? VERT CON. .T*D1*n,t' npnrtmenti for famili.t or Mnglo gentlemen viih botrd, A Una airy looation for tb . aamm.r btinc A'iSSSSKt^S'.lJSA' 'J-FgU?#* ^d tM?"d,eri^b?l'loc.?t'o^'< * f'W WMlu tn th8 olt> A PRIVATE TAMILT OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS bou?e, having more room than required, offer to let Ha* as! fsssiftssn^. nRSi^-jyyt ATi*LBROfDWAI" TW0 DOORS ABOVE UNION square, Urn furnished rooms to let sinxle or in "uS of * pr,T*uX"11'- "ith ??. *>? IK A FRENCH FAMILY HAS AN BLEOANT FURNIRR k the'nHTilMa ?i Ti"10?' board' to ? ?ingle gentleman' " , priTilego of Freneh conTsrtation. UaexiMntiAnRKiB ^ wqoirod. Apply at No. 4 Croat Jones street ss cond door from Broadway, after 3o'olooh P.M VBRY PLBASANT FURNISHED f''h or without board, inn .mall tamily, at 55 Mn etrSt*. Term? jnodeSte.* ?0r?M #f C*"1 "d Uud" A 'BW SELECT BOARDBRS MAY OBTAIN Rnnvq tfJS?U.w2iTJi!i ,v. r 'Kir.: AniVATK FAMILY HAYINO MORE ROOM TIIAN hnnVlUi!i! i W<5S! V a/6W burnished rooms, with or without board. Tho honso is pleasantly Iocs ted has hath 5^1 J?C* ft1 ^ W"est Twenty second street, between 811th and Sorenth avenues. References oichanged. A Rare chance.? a small private tamit ? gentleman and wife, a .uit of handiomel* Inrnt.hSd nhlm bw ia HerSlVoace.0*1'* 'mPro?n<lut'- Addrew R. L. F., A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM h 2L im?1*! v*00? *'**?b?d, on tecond floor; will be let wuh or without board. The houee i. replete with modern improTementj. and deiirably located. TnmtmolZrfto Apply at 121 .treet, oppoiite Nlblo'e. aerate. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING WEST OF BROADWAY can accommndate one or two gentlemen aad ladie. with ooard; full board for the ladle, and partial board for the sssn MiX". *""" A A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND A PE W SINGLE gentlemen, can be accommodated with board at 123 Hudson street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OB TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen, can be accommocated with baard, in a private family, on moderate terms. Tor particular* apply at 21 Carmine street; or inquire of Carroll, 34 Liberty street, A YOUNG LADT WISHES BOARD, IN A SMALL FA mily, or with a widow ladv preferred. Address, stat ing terms, which must be moderate, A. D. B., Broadway i'ott office. A FURNISHED ATTIC ROOM TO LET, IN A PRI vate family, without baard, to a (ingle gentleman. In quire at 85 Elm itreet, one door irom White. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM modated with board at ISO West Eleventh (treat ; the bonne i* new and e on tains all the modern improvements. ' Price reasonable. Unexceptionable reference required and nivea. VERT PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE second floor, with all tha modern Improvement!, for a gentleman and wife, or for tingle gentlemen; also, a angle room for a gentleman, with breakfaet and tea, and dinner on Snaday, at 97;Cllnton place. A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM IN THE THIRD itory to let, with board, to a tingle gcntleMn,or wenld be let, uafarniahed, to a gentleman and wife ea reasonable terms, at 3B8 Ninth street. A LADT OF HIGH STANDINO IN THE CITY, Oc cupying a flrst class house, wishea to let to gentlemen several handsomely furnished rooms, with tae luxury of a private French table, it required? a very quiet home for a foreigner wishing to Uve in good style. House situated at Cliatoa place, near Washington square and Fifth aveaae. Add rase a note to J. M., box C32 Post Oflce. A WIDOW LADY HAYING MORE ROOM THAN SHE A requires (or her own family, which oousista ef herself ad servant, would let a tarnished room to a lady aad tea lemen, permanent or traasieat, withsut board. Address Martha, Broadway Post Office. A WIDOW, WHO OWNS nER HOUSE, WHICH IS NEW and bandaomely furnish, d. would like te hoard a small family , or a gentleman and bis < tfe; no other boarders wUl be takea; to thoae who would be igreeable, all the omfort* of a home will be gtv?a; terms n. "Urate: best ot reference* *iven and required. Apply at 21.' West Thirtieth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth aveauo. ALL PERSONS WHO ARE TIKf I) OF ABYERTISING la the publio papers tor bearder > will lad that it is as I say. If they eannot be suited through my oflee, their ckaace is hut small: my arrangements irt perfect aad oom mnaicatioas with all part* TT>' eateoi > e. I call the atter Hon of all to my register, at the beet ?. M,? world. Lad' and gentlemen wishing board are Tx>ltt- r directed, cither letter or otherwise, (free of rbarge).<w 906 Broad* next doer above Grace (Lurch R. D. OOODWIN, late .< CUatoa F BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIU . OR TW gle geatlemen. can ebtsia a pleasant r .in or eoad floor, also back parlor oa the trst loir, - . th o? board, at 224 Greene itreet. oa reasonable terns. bath in the heuie. Reference* required BOARD.-A SMALL, QUIF.T FAMILY, HAV (NO MORk room than they want, will take te board a gentleman and his wifr, and a single renttemaa: neighborhood good, hnase newly furnished; gas, hath, Ac. Pleat* inqaire at 191 East Broadway. Best of refereace given. Boa r ts r ai7 ~~fTne_i ? a r lo" iuPwTth bed rooms attached, handsomelv furnished, are now Tasaat at No. 10 Waveriev Place, oae block from Broadway. Tran sieat persons snd travellers will And the best ef aocoBmeda (lop*. Alt#, oa* or tw? tingle r*omt. Board.- a few younggentlbmbw ca* be accommodated with pat tial beard, U ? plea east omI Wf Broeklya, within tea minut**' walk or all t?? ferrt ot R ?w pUaaant u4 ai ry. Apply at 194 Bridge street. Board ? a handsomb suit* or booms to lit . furatshed If unfurnished. with fall or partial beard. ta ? ant elaM houae. with aU the modern improvemente; alae. a single reoao, and a Hieaeot, euitable f >r a phystciaa's of floe. Apply at 76 West Tweaty third street. BoCereaoe* exehaagsd. TJOARD.? AN Y GENTLEMAN WILLING TO HILT A -D lady with tba loaa of $100, can bar* the dm of a ?H?ly furnished parlor, witboat charge, an til repeid. and theMgfc eet nftnncM gi vea, If reqeired; location op wtt, Mac Broadway. Address Sllaaaa, Union square Post Offioo. B HOARD CAN BB PROCURED FOR TWO OR TBBKB ? little g'rls, ia Brooklyn, with a email private famRv; ev?ry attention given; aleo a Ml opportunity t > learn aa eio. Tirai moderate. Addraee ft. O., Herald othoe, eta Uaj where an interview may be had. B ABOARD IN TWENTT-THIRD 8TBBBT.-A BAM ? eomely luraiahed nit ef rooma, te let, #ith full ac par tial boar*. Alee, a single room, la a Bret elaaj houae, wMfc aU the modern improvement*. Alee, a baeemaat, enitaMe br a pbyaioian'a office. Apply a* ft Went Tweaty attrd street Roforonooo exchanged. B HOARD IN BBOOEi.TN.-A FINE LABOR ROOM ON | eeeond floor; aleo room ea third floor, to let. with board. Family email, and oemforte ot a home can b? bad. Applr at 219 Adorns etteet, a ear J ok neon; loeatioa ii con venient for either Wall er f niton ferries. Board in b roo el yn- gentlemen can obtain neatly furmehed roc ma, with er without partial beard. A gentleman aad wife oaa alee obtain pleaaant accommoda tion!. The apartments are delightful, aad aver/ attention w<)l be liven to make a comfortable and deniable heme. Tbe home la within Ave minutes walk ot Fulton ferry. Ap ply at So. 4 Sands itrtet. Board in bbooelyn.-onb labgb pleasant room, au it able for a gentleman aad lady, fir nil bad ac net, with beard; aleo two smaller rooma. enitabla tor single gentlemen Term^moderate. The houae is genteelly located, aad i* 'urniebed with m throughout. Apply at 91 Sanda street, Ave minutes' walk from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn Board in south brooeltn.? a ladt an? gentleman, aad two or tbree single gentlemen, eaa be accommodated with board aad pleaeant rooms, ia a private family; houae new and airy, aaa within three minutes' walk ef Bamilton ferry; every attention pnld to the oomforte of those residing with them; gas ia tbe houae. Inquire at 9B President s'reet. BOABD IN JERSEY CITY. -A FAMILY OR A PARTF ef gentlemen oan obtain board in a pleasantly leeated private house. A fine opportunity for a Southern lamily er parties desiring to live retired. Terms la advanoe, er aatii factory reference. Address, prepaid, one week, delltario, Jersey City Post Office. Board in the country- a family havino a large place ea the baaks of the Hudson river at Nraek, several acres In ground*, plenty of fruit and milk, will ae - commodate one or two large faaUliei. For full dlreetiena oellatNo. S14 Broadway, or Union square Poet, office, et Mr. htevens, at tbe Nyeek landing. Board wanted? in east bboadway oe hbnry street, by a man and wire; room with pantry preferred. Addreea, tor two days, E. H. K , Herald office, stating prloe, location of room, and time of meals. Terms not to eaceed $00 per month. References exchanged. Boarding.? plbasant booms fob gentlembn and their wives, or single gentlemen, with beard. Please apply at 177 Caaal street, nest door to tbe People's Bank. "DOARDING? 375 SECOND A VENUE. -A FEW HAND 1) some parlors, with bedrooms adjoining, to lot to Auai liei or single gentlemen, on reasonable terms. Gas, bath, Ac. Also, single rooms. L. BLAKELOCE. BOARDING.- CHOICE OF BOOMS ON THB SECONB, third, nnd fourth floors, in a first olaas aouse caa be secured. A fine opportunity is thus offered to a party ef gentlemen who desire large nod airy rooms, oomblaed with a good table. Dinner at six P.M. Beterences exchanged. Apply at 33 wsat gfd street. Boarding.? 74 west twentythird striet. A lsrge front parlor and nedroom, with full or partial board maybe obtained permanently, or for a short period, if desirsd. Also, one or two rooms tor slagle gentlemen. Location four doors from the Sixth avenue. Boarding in west fourteenth street.-a lady, having a lew rooms to dispose of, would be happy to acoommodate a few gentlemen and their nlvee, and alio a few single geatlemen, in the first class honse No. 64 West Fourteenth street, between Fifth nnd Sixth avenues. South erners oaa be accommodated. Boarders w antbd-in a healthy and agrer abls loeatioa, on a farm. A few tamlliee may be ac commodated with good beard. The house Is wsll shaded aad commodious. Business geatlemen desirous ef spending thoir leisure time with their fnmilies will find it a pleasant heme through the summer. Oae mile and a half from Bart's Cor ners Depot, Harlem Railroad, twenty five miles from the city. Addreae advertiser, A. O , MorintrHle Pest Office, Westehester county, N. Y. Brooklyn ? in a private family, a furnish ed Iront room, with or without adjoining bedroom on second floor. Also, n single bedroom, with fell or partial board, at moderate turns. House new, with bath, gas Ae.; situation delightful and near South aad Wall street ferries. Apply at 212 lletry street. Brooklyn heights.? to bent? the second floor, 3 rooma, servant's bedroom, aad as* of kitchen, at 36 Willow street, ooraer of Cranberry, within throe minute* walk of Wall atreet er Fulton terries. Rent $17 per month, ia advance, to a small family, without children. Beferenoes exchanged. COUNTBY BOARD.? A LADY, HAYING A SPACIOUS and delightful l euse at Shrewsbury, Now Jersey, weald tske n few bosrdsrs for the summer; fine sea bathlag aad flihing, lruit, Ao ; also, good stabbling. No objeotiea te cbildrsa. Terms modarate. Address E. B. , Herald office. COUNTRY BOARD.? ONE OB TWO CHILDREN CAN be accommodated with beard, In a privet* nuuly, where they will receive maternnl care. Terms rest 'liable. Ad dress A. M., Yorkvillo Post Office. COUNTRY BOABD. -TWO OR THREE PERSONS CAN be accommodated ia a private family, where they may enjoy aU the eomfortsof heme; loeatioa delightfuLea a term convenient to the city. Address F. W., Herald offioe. Furnished rooms.? two suites of booms. neatly furnished, to let for single gentlemen, oonveni ent to tbe new Union CInb House. Apply at 2?4 Fourth avenue. Furnished rooms,? families in want ?r large airy rooms, with or without board, ma* And ae eomoic datioa at 19 Bond atreet. Tbe house has all the mo dern conveniences. Breakfast at any hour. Dinner at Mx. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LBT-WITH BOABD FOR gentlemen and thiir wives; also, rooms for single gentle men; home in good repnlr, with all the modern improve ments. Apply ai 427 Broome street. Furnished bedbooms to let cheap.-foub nloely furnished bedrooms to let to single gentlemee. They are furnished well, end will be let low. Please eall at 97 Franklin street, over the grocery store. Furnished room to let.-a private family, having more room than they require would let to one oae or two tingle gentlemen a neatly famished tront room. Reforencea given and required. Apply at No. 8 Croiby at., between t and 6 o'clock P. M. NO. 50 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET.? DESIRABLE roome, with tnl) or partial board, between lhird aad Fourth aveauci, cearenlent to the car* or eta?e rout*. O. 379 FOURTH STREET.? APARTMENTS, EI. E gaatly furnished, on tbo aeeond floor, to let, with or N without board, to a reipectable gentleman, or to aceatlemaa and hii wife ; alto roomi on tha third aad fourth floor*. PARTIAL BOARD DOWN TOWN ?TWO OR THREE JT gentlemen oan be accommodated with firet-olaao Tar nished room*, breakfast and tea, in the priyato house, No. a North Moore street. Reference required. PARTIAL BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A SMALL FAMI ly without children, liring in the moet respectable part of Adam* itreet, will let two bedroom* to tin*!* gentlemen; relerencee neceesary. Inquire of Mr FALKFN0R.117 Fulton etreet, Now Tork. Location Ave minute* walk trom Fulton ferry. PRIVATE BOARDING.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE or a few ain ' room*, i* at present ? door from Prinee. Ga*, bath, Ao. -exceptionable refe rence reqaired. POOMS. WITH BOARD.? O* "??, XV gentlemen may be aocommr Cbamber* itreet. Reference* r? TWO GENTLEMEN AND " gentlemen oan be aooonr Tate family, at 17 Renwiek *treet;term* moderate. TWO PLEASANT ROO _* niibed, with full or *" aad tholr wive* or tingle Three single r rrz 4?to4 with board ??to family, vhin t' UI fgl> No. 6 I irtt ttroot* i* ir All, nuAKUl.-NU.-l UOTIiEMAN AND WlfF* r a few elngl* gentlemen oan obtain pleatant furnished *, with full or partial board, on the lecoad floor, whioh present vacant, by calling at 11ft Greene (treet, second GLE TH OBEAP FAR' berth*, 26 tteamer HER'' day, Tbursda , 29 CENTS tt*.? The fast ,it*r every Toe* ing by ? A. M. .ON.? THE NEW . Now Tork, foot of i, at 4o'eloek P. M., A. M. Tare 3r> eoaU. t* moot healthy aad Mew Tork o*s flad Ik | H la Mew Tork from >. > MOUTH. REM BANK. ? Poiat.? The steam?r EA et daily, (except Saturday .etorniag. leave* Port Moa 4 I' M RINGS? THROf OH TICKETS a half oaly from Rtftoaaad to *t Spaflugs ? Pennn* wlahing to i oan, by taking the *teamaal*? rom New Tork, oa Wednvieday or .meet at Richmond witk the oar* of ailroad to Staunton, thenoe by itage rther information apply to .AM A PLEASANTS, M Broadway ASTROtsOOY. AND VhRINOLOGT.-TBE CKI.I Fleury, from Pari*, who*? relation* have consulted by Jlapoleon I, give* information /life, at Ma Broome etreet. MORROW -THIS HIGHLT OIPTEO L ABT the 1 i* a . eatb daughter, and hae a natural gift to toll all snte of life, oven the very tktuHti She <a the moat , Attrelegeit la the world. No (barge if aw aaH*-/ *M? ft*aOam*a art ad-| Mortal t

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