Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1855, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1855 Page 9
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jgMWTOB MBfP ITMI ill. Ot'-ivO AAA WORTH OFJEAL ESTATE ? CONSIST - V"" "K ?' '?*m?, homes ud lots, la the oily 1' 52^Iwk f*4 ,{i to be said or exchanged by /. ? SBE1* real Ntotl HUl and public aco)uu:ant, oflloe 151 iwet, rntrapco Itoi City Hall square. 11 AAA -FOB SALE? A DRUG STORE, LOCATED fx,Ul/V . m om el tbe lw4iu IIII1M If town. The sieoh it fresh, will imrtod, ui u good oresr. The fix tures are elegant Seldom tu a store ka offered for sale SI 000 -"2P*fc8AtIE-A B4M*T. .nrcLCDmo ? greai thoroughfare, es -.abashed eeven jew*, and jK...- .TJKsa. ?. .?* y ; AMMiiTT flitarM. la. ? bono tad | wagon, tlie long lease o? paiM M a lew rent, located on and new doing Broadway, Mim ?C^A*1U BUT A SMALL WELL BOILT COTTAGE fDOU and corner let on Thirteenth etreet and Seventh amM. Brook 1 j a, beautifully located, fifteen minutes from the ferries tGretnweod cart); good garden planted, (bade and trait tree*, It. Inquire of Mr. Day, oa the premises. Terms very easy. A BEAND CHANCE? ONI OF THE FINEST STANDS JBl already sstabliehed, for the eale of books, newspapers did stationery, will he eold reaeoaable and cheap, in Breok lyn, en account of siekaess. For particular! inquire of DEXTER A BROTHER, 14 and I? Ana street. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE Iff BUSINESS, new in sucesesful progress, and which may he increased to any desirable extent, requiring no investment except a few thousand dollars for a purchase. The matter may be in vertical ed by calling at room 4, No. 9 Spruce street, betweea a and 4 P. M HANDSOME BEER COUNTER AND APPARATUS u for eale cheap: ia rood order and all complete; oist SMO? will he Mid fat $60. Apply at LAW A BOYD'S, (58 East Broadway, near Market street. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE IN A bnsiaess.? For sale, a windowshade and paperhangiag etore;an eld estahUshed stand, and doing a good business; in a goad location, whero trade is yearly increasing. For particulars aadroso L. P. , Herald ellco. A SPLENDID BUSINESS FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE ?A rare and extensive business, without competition, and affording immense profits: will be sold at a bargain, wit* the stosk, tools, Ao , conplete, as ths proprietor can not attend to it. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34)? Pine strep*. Bakery.- for salb cheap, a bakery now doing aa oxeoUeat business. Rent low. Good bakehouse and cellar room. Satisfactory reason for leaving. Apply for tiro day* at No. 109 9th av. CONFECTIONARY FOR SALE? WITH STOCK, Fix ture* aad tools, now doing a first rate business; also a good horse and peddling wagon. Will bo ?old separate or together, to suit tho purchaser. Apply at 220 Hudson street Drug store yery chbap, and on easy terms, doing a food business, which may he ineroaied, sitaated ea ono of tho best avenues in tbe city; a good lo?a tioa for nphviieian; reason for selling? other business. Ad dress E. B. C., personally, ct by letter, SO Fourth. ELXCANT COUNTRY SEAT FOB SALE, BEAUTI folly located upon the hanks of the Hodsoa river, ia | the village el Stuyveiant, Columbia county, N. Y., and commands a (ao view of tho river and surrounding country. The bouse is sew and with every convealeaoe; about two aeree at (tod grouad with it, will bo sold cheap or exchanged far etoy propcrtv. For farther particulars inquire of the subscriber, av 76 and 77 Elsveatb street, near Second ave auofJt. Y. GEO. Z. BABTHOLF. ELEGANT COUNT BY RRSIDENCR FOB SALB, WITH th? furniture, carriage. Aa , aad twenty acres of toad, CM aad a halt mil as from tho New Brunswick depot, N. J., on tic hanks of the Baritan, and eommaading n macnifioent view. Tho house is ia tho Getblo ety Is. lately built with tho BmI materials, tad filled In with brick. A shot seraph of the aiaee can be (tea at the offlce of F. D'HERY) LLT, No. Bi hotasii place. PABM 10R SALB.? A BEAUTIFUL COUJ aad (aim for sals, leventeoa miles from I 0*e mils from the Pas sale Falls, near Patot fetog on tbe west bank of tbe Pas sale, i m the river. For further information, i thr. BARRET I. BLAUYBLT, aythoj VOR SALE? W CASES NO. 34 M fteel, quality, saitahle f gnaWsukars apply to ^ E^BR SALE? THE ^?ooafectionery ^ ^?Tth avenue, de^B be present proj^^B Ilty Till I, window*, ok op town, CATED BILLl 1RD a great saoriioe, ft* tha rrcrrieter it sngaged in other busin?a*. For further particulars, iaqefcte ei WILLIAM W1ITERS, 187 Canal For sale-an old established file cut ting end (rinding (hop, together with t^e rood will, Uols tad fix'orea. Apply ?t 07 nod C9 Foray th itreet. For sale-the stock and fixtures of an eld established grocery store. Will be (old ftt ft eacri Hae. in eo?ee<(uence of tbe o?ner le??in< for the Weet. Th- re ie te ether grocery en the block. Call at|78 Eighth avenue, fer two d*ys. FOX SALE- A FINE FARM, CONTAINING 83 ACRE?, adjoining the beautiful village of Haekensaok, N. J., veil adapted for oftrlj gardening purposes, or could be di r the beautiful village of Haekensaok, N. J.! _ for early gardening purposes, or ojuld be di vjded into village lot*. Apfly to G. W ILSoN, 222 Prospect llano, Jersey city. For sale-on Wednesday, june 13, at ford ham, Weetcheetar county. JJ. v., at nine o dock in th* ?'OraiDg. lour loti and frame bouee. with a good we.l of wa ter in the tonne Can be bed for half coet by applying to JOHN T. N. CURRIER, at pier 13, Eaet river, on hoard the hark Almira en Tuesday, 13th, or on the 13tb, at Fori ham. Tbe ear* leave the City Hall at 7 A. U. All the money can regain but $27S Fob sale, at hoboken.-three story brick building, with tearoom, occupied ae a grocery and dwelling. A desirable opportunity for Investment; will be x>ld cheap. if npplied for immediately, at 27 Barclay street, from 1 to SJi 1*. M., or corner of Washington and Second streets, H? boats. JOHN M. BOARD. FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY? A HANDSOME THREE story brick home in Brooklyn, near the Soath ferry, with modem improvement*. Price, $6 000, and must be told thi* week: ean remain on mortgage. Apply %a C. 0. THOMPSON. 81 Naeiau street, room No. 7. For sale, at a great sacrifice-a select ?lock of fancy good*, c^neisting of embroideries, laiee. trimming*, Ae., together with two iplendid ateel mounted glass eases out door ehew ca*e*, two connter* and awning, the property ef a lady retired from buaineai; coit in all about *700; will be mid tor S'.VO. Inquire at 29 twenty Mventh ?treet, between Fourth and Madieon avenuee. For sal? or to let-an elegant mansion, with 20 let* of ground, (haded with tin* old forest tree*, ?Huatod en avenue A near Mighty ntnth etreet, having a chemung view ef the Eaet River, with tacilitie* for,i>, Ratiag aad bathing. A'M opponte the above two baantir-il modern three itory houae, Jaat floiihed; Croto* water intro duced with bath*, water closet*, waeh tray*, Ac. Each heap* has four full lot* of ground attaaned, embracing part ?* a green bouee, with fruit and shrubbery. Apply ko S iKllARDSON, 212 Fifth aveane, or CHAUHCEY BARNARD, 96 Broftdway. FOR SA1E AT HBBOKEN? BAVMER'S HOTEL, COR ner ef Hudeon and Third itreet*, eoataiaing twenty -four raamt, with aocommodattca* for bcardtra, barroom, kitchen and two baeamenta, ball room, billiard saloon, tenpln ?*l"i, garden. Ae., iaelnding thiee lota of ground. Inquire on the premises. R SALE OR TO LIT-TI1E LEASE AND IMPROVE _ mente of Wabt lot* of groned. at tbe foo*. of We* t f or IWb street. Apply te VAN BH0NT J. WAT ROUS, BIO Chamber* etreet. FiR SALE OH TO RENT? A SPLKN DID COUNTRY leiidence, on long Island, ?x mile* frem Brooklyn, l>v V.tng t aland Railroad, aituated within on* minute'* walk irom Cypaesi station ; houae SilSf; baicony all round: a tnn gardea c! four acres, under fine cultivation; a lino well, Ac ; a line (table, row and hen boueee, Ae. Apply to I. T. El> OERTON. UIj rearl street. OR SALE OR ETCQANGE-rnR a BOUSE AND _ let in Sew Y ork or Brooklyn, 2t>0 tone of Mexican guaao vf the t quality, a* the analysis of Dr. Chiltin will ihow. Apply immediately to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau atree\ room No. 7. ^/"IBOCIRY STORE, WITH STOCK, FIXTUItS AND VT ieaaa, for (ale, in a food ieoatl la, doing a in >d buiineis; ae a rare cfeknc* fer a man ef enterprise, .sold la consequence of *w ner leaving for Europe, his native home. Ini|ii're at m Seventh avenue, or 119 Waet Thirty-ninth street, be ? -' ten 12 aad 2o'cloclt M . or alter !? Ui the a'terncou, where all information can be ha i respecting the sime. (JtGAV STORE FOR SA1.E.-A SEGAR STORE, WITH O fixture* all complete, aad doing a ralr butiaeu? sl-ua ted in the central part of the city? will he sold at a bar fail, ae the ?rfprietor? eontemolate a change ol business A or particular* ftppiy to WM. H. SHEPflEKD A CO., 118 ffett ?treet. ^TORE FIXTURE? -SHELYING, BEAUTIFUL SIDE O aad (ountershew oases, eonnters, high aad low deika. p'ave gla*s. partition, copyini press. Ac , to b* sold 1 i he*| , before Saturday, at J18 Tearl street, up stairs. > MTTOG1 f>T8 AN D^ATOTHir ARIES. -YA L C A BLB aad beaatlfeMrng etore for tl2l) 0 The d'uation i* rat* aail the store ha* been egtahliihea an 1 successful ly riei on for manv years. Satisfactory reasoae si'** lor mg. Bene Ode pnrc hater* ranreeeiva all re'tuirte In aatiHi by calhag on F. HA1.E, wr.ter on |la**, 80 Nas ?tNW, pt- . PHTSiciANS AVD DRUG0I5T3 ?DRUG STORE for*ale, aituated n on- of the principal aveaoas la ' Brooklyn, imtabl* for.a young pboslolan or apothi rt tmaaaa for *elli?*, death ot the proprietor. Termt ea?y. f e dxpoaaA of thl* week. Apply on tbe premises, *or f Steabaa street and Myrtle avecae. I?K?R?-rOB SALB, OR XlC'iUNGB TO? CITY propettj. a beautiful rrun'rw residence at Yonker*. i hense ceatams water, ga*. Ae , an ante n' land la'd out BK?y, akrohberyTlvnit, dr. .Ai^f te R. O. aEv E, I ;?? rreet, fttu Brtajwaj. wF aonu Ain> ivnu untun. T?RLMONT BALL, NEW BBIGHTOV, STATES' U IdMd.-TliuMtU most coaveniently niatM koaN n tb? islaad, being direetly opposite the landinc ; anil it can HMBBttH* a much larger number of gutsta tlia hereto for*, an addition to the >hbImi having been made. Some >tij deeirable room* are offered to fa tail We aad single gea t lemon, who would do wtll to oall aad mo the hoeae. There i* alto a bow aad ooailortablo stable, wboro horees will be well takes care of. The boat* leave the foot of Whitehall s treat. B- C. COFFIN. GREEN GBOVB MANSION, KBYPORT? SITUATED ob tho Lock port road, aboat tea minutes' walk Brom the ?team boat landing. ? FREDERIC N. ARMSTRONG baa opened thia bow aad commodious building for tho reoepUon of snmmtr boarders, where all tho etmforts of a borne will bo in fared Tonao moderate. Berry facility ia offered for bath ing, boating, flahuig, gunning aad all other apeciea of country enjoyment. The etesunboat Key port loaeee New York from the foot of Murrar street. every afternoon (Sundays ex eepted) at d o'olock; and loaToa Be j port ever. moraine at 7Ko'elock. For particulars apply to Mrs. WINNB, 143 Franklin atreet, or oa the preaaitee. Mount pavilion on statin island, at quar antiae leading, Is aow open for the reception of visi ters. A few rooms to let ia tho boaae, aad tho eottaga ad joining, to gentlemen and their wins, or aingia gentlemen. Apply oa tho premiaoe, to J. F. BENJAMIN, Proprietor. Monmouth house, at union city, near bet port. New Jersey, ia now open tor oity board era, where the boat aooommodations eaa be gieon; flatting, riding, bath lag, Ao , ot the beet on the shore; large airy rooms, nloely furnished. Steamers Angle aad Beyport leave foot or Mur ray atreet daily. SYDNEY T SMITH, Proprietor. New yorb bay hotel, sx miles fbom jersey City larry, oa Bergen point, plank road Tho most Ueantifnl aummer roaidaneo ia the State. Fishing, bathing, t.oatins. Dinners and aappers at an hour'stnotioe Private Triages to aad from the house to oity. Now open for per manent and traniient guests. Apply at the houae, or to 'apt. L1ESE, Pott Office, Jersey City. NEW BOCHELLE PAVILION. ? FAMILIES AND SIN gle persons can aow seoure pleasaat accommodations for the aummer, oa reaaonable terms; locatioa delightful; well shaded lawn and fine garden-, only ono hour distance fr> m the oitv ; access by New Haven oars aeveral timea pur day: good stabling, i'orsona are requested to oall at tho Pavilion, or to PETERSON A HUMPHREY, 379 Broad way. ROCKAWAY SEA BATHING ?THE PAVILION HO tel will be re opeaed on the 20th of Juno. This e*tab liahmeBt is greatly enlarged, and comprises rooms in snites for families, single rooms, and a number of cottages on the grounds furnished, with or without board at the hotel. Sta bling, eoaeh hooaea, and aaloons for ex<-roiee and amusement. Rooms ean be selected at the hotel, or plana seen, at No. 47 Cliff street, New Vork. Cara, iu oenneetion with staeea to the hotel, leave Booth furry daily at 9 aad 10 A. M ,3:45, 4:18, 0 and 7 o'olock; returning at 7 :10, 7:68, 8:48 A. M.. aad 2:10 and 5:86 P. M. JOHN QUO. BA1NBR1 UGE. THE COLLINS HOTEL, FOOT OF CAN-AL STREET, will let, with board, parlors, and suites or rooms, fronting the North river, on reasonable terms. I or fami lies. the leoation is a desirable one. Also single rooms. TalLMaN a MAl'ES, Proprietors. SUMMER RETREAT.? THE MEDHUBST FARM, AT Centreport. Long Island, is bow open for the reoeption oi eentlrmen and families of respectability. This beautiful and healthy place is threo hours from the oity. and ia situa ted on the bay. Bear the souad. Has excellent boating, bath ing, and fishing. Ac. The acoommodatiou oannot be ?ur passed. For further particular* apply to ANDREW EADIB, Jr., Esq , 1)7 Fulton street, up stairs. YORK FAMILY HOTEL, NEW BBIDGE STREET, Lndgate Hill, London.? The above house is centrally situated, bat an excellent coffee room, ten or twelve private sitting rooms, between forty and tifty light airy bedrooms, a good smoking room; warm, cold and shower baths always ready. A night p< rier ia attendance. A fixed charge for sor vants. Ihe New York Berald ia filed. THOMAS QUaR TERMA1NE (also proprietor of the Crown and Boeptre, and Ship taverns. Greenwich) tendera hia gratefnl thanks to his American friends for tho favors he has so long enjoyed at their bands, and solicits their continued patronage and re commendation. CfSTRUCTIOV. ?in -BOOKKEEPING, TIME UNLIMITED; WRI ?piu. '.ing, 92; arithmetic, Ao., taught daily, from 7 A. M. till 10 P. M., at PAINE'S Academies, XXi Grand Itreet, corner of Bowery, and 166 Pulton i treet, Brooklyn. Visitors in the oity can take a course of writing in throe days. Mr. l'ainc is the best teacher in this city.? Lowell Reformer. A LADY BXPEBIENCED IN TEACHING, WISHES aa engagement as governess in a private family: ean teaeh the English branches, French and mnaio, in whioh ehe is piofioient: is an EpiAopaiian, and can furnish unexcep tionable references. Country preferred. Address Teaoher 3C7 10th st. A GENTLEMAN OF HIGHEST EDUCATION, LATE ly arrived in this eonntry, wiihes to givs private les sons ? musie, modern languages and sciences, or to find au engagement as tutor in aome first class family here or is tho country. The high position he formerly ooaupied, enables him to fill such a place to the satisfaction of any party de siring to have their eh'Iaren instructed on the neweet p'*n aad method, how to move ia accomplished society. eity reference given. Address B. M.. box 40 Herald eSoe. A GRADUATE OF CAMBBIDGB, ENGLAND, AT JX. present engaged in fhtladelphia as teacher of the Creek, Latin and English languages Ao., wishes to re move to New York, or its neighborhood, and would be happy to enter into prospective engagements with aohools or pri vate families Ur the autumnal season. He is thoroughly competent to finish his pupils in each of the branches he proteases, and to pieparo young men for college; and ean far i'ish the moat sat {(factory references. Address C. C. 0., 164 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. An accomplished latin scholar, wno speak* Latin fluently, and hu great experience t< ft ttasher, nill give hi* cervices to school* or private famuits ob v cry moderate term*. Address Cicero Herald office. BOOKKKEI'ING. WRITING, ARITHMETIC. ? MR. DOLbEAR. WW Broadway, has soverai vauapt desks, and offers great inducement* to pupil* who ntw thi* twk, for ? partial or lull commercial course of Instruction. Bit students become elegant writer*, and praotioal bookkeeper?, ?nd therefore command lucratlvo situations. Bookkeeping, penmansaip, Ac., are taught in ft inferior and eipedltiou* manner, by FOSTER A l>!XON 346 Broadway, where gentlemen ftnd youthe are qualified to dlieh*rge the dutiei vf tbe counting Lome with promptness, faoiMty and despatch. rE MOST E?SEc?TIAL ACQUIREMENTS OF THE age.? Writinr, bookkeeping ftnd arithmetic, eftoh per fectly taucbt ia twelve lesion*, by H. C. HOWE, 443 Broad w?y. Term* reduced, thi* and tbe ensuing week only. Re served hour* far ladies, from 2 to ft P. M. Private untrue tioniattbc resldeneaof pupils, as usual. Yisiting oards, A*., written to order. THE FRENCH LANGUAGE PRACTICALLY TAUGHT by ftn experienced Parisian teftcher Ketorenoe? -Clark A Fanning, Monnt Washington Collegiate Institute, Wash ington square. For luriher particulars, address J. L. E., Herald offioe. OCBICAL. 9riANOFORTES, (TWO UPRIGHT,) TO LET AT 92, $3, $4 ami $5 a month, or for sale at 940,966, $75, 911*1 4-125, 9178 and >300. M. DUMsDAY, teaoher of music, 2J5 Grand street. A YOUNG LAST OF SOME EXPERIENCE IN teaching, wishes t o give lesson* on the piano and in singing, also, in tbe > reach and German languages. Young ladies attended at their residence. Apply from 11 to 2 o'clook, at 1U9 Canal (t. Attention plano purchasers i-h all's p* tent celestial or double octave pianofortes, Ely A M > ger manufacturers. These improved piano* are rapidly i**. iag tue place of the ordinary piano f ont a : 1st, because thiy are much superior in power and iweetueas of tone: 2d, the/ (land in tune well, Ming made with iron frame*; and 3d. they are (old at low pHoes, and recommended by all our first- pianists, wbose certificates we have of their superiority KLY A HUNGER. No. 51!) Broadway, St. Niohola* Hotel A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAN? piano*, of aU classes ftn a by various makers, for sale and hire, at J. A D. WALKER'S, No. 6 Astor place and Eighth street. A SEVEN OCTAVE CARYED ROSEWOOD PIANO forte and (tool for sal*. Ha* been used but a short time ; will bo cold at a bargain, ft* tbe owner ic abont leaving town. Can be seen at 49 Cliff street. BOUDOIR PIANOS, MADE BY GILBERT, OF BOS ton, second hand, for sale at lower prices than ever be fore offered in this market, l'iasos to rent, and rent amount allowed on purchase. HORACE W AT.fe.RS, 333 Broadway. (inEAP, CHEAP.? A $325 SEVEN OCTAVE ROSE ) woud piano for sale for$2^>, made to order two months since by celebrated city makers, and fully warranted, of ?nperiT tone and finish; perfect everyway. The owner i* fowg to Pari*. It can be seen at 113 Chamber* ctreet, from till 4 o'clook, oa Tuesday. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS? BENNETT A CO., 900 Broadway, are now supplied with a large (took of theee beautiful Instrument*, no person ihould by any mean* pur chase, whatever interested parties may *ay to the contrary, till they have first seen these improved piano*. MELODEONS.-S. D. A n W. SMITH'S melodeons, tnned the eqnal temperament, to which we* recently awarded tbe first premium at the National Fair, Washing ton. D. C., can be found only at No. 3S3 Broadway. A libe ral discount made for oath. HuRACE WATERS. MUSIC.-A YOUNG GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WHO ha* liven piano and violin lessons in tail city anil Brooklyn for a aiimonr of year*, with the greatest success, wishes to take a lew more pupil*. Term* reasonable. A line addressed to E. L , Herald offioe, will meet with prompt attention. PIANOFORTE -FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT BOUDOIR piaiotorte, eost 9360, and has only been used about three months. Will be sold for 917\ ir applied for Immidl atelv, atthe Loan Offioe of L. BALCH, Mo. 30 Beekman TWO BPLEM DID PIANOFORTES, WORTH A TnOU ?and dollars each, for sale at a great sacrifice, beet cltv make. To be Men at H. BCHM/tLE A CO.'S, 1ft and 17 Mucer street, or at N. P. B. CURTIS' warerooa*. 447 Brcadway. TO PI ANO TEACHER9.-A YOUNG MAN (FRENCH) wisbe* to take a lesion every evening. Term* onst be moderate. Addrcce Pianlit, Herald office. TO MUSIC TEACHERS.? COOK A BRO., 3? BROAD way, l.a*e advantage* po*se**ed by few other firm* for miking selection* of teaching masie. The largest discount to tbe pioferfioc, and the greatest accommodation*. will be found at their e<tal 'Ichment. Music selected by ns may be returned if not nieil. ' WORLDS FAIR PRIZE PIANOl-A SPLENDID piano, worth 91, W0. will be iold at a great laorlfloe, if called .or im:uedlately. It can be eeea at the wareroouis of N B. P. Cnrtiss, 447 Broadway, whore alio may be Men a iplecd'd assortment of George Hewi'c Piano*. 447 Broad way. iwvramoNiAt.. AT HI HON I AL ? A GENTLEMAN. THIRTY TEARS ytl of age, of domestic habit*, good business ijnnlt n?*tions, and posreswng a larre Income derived from a Wl Bronte business, and of liberal view* a* to diibnricmenU, Ac., wishes to make the aequalatanoc of a lady of an affeo tit .i*te and amiable disposition, of prepeisessin g appear atce, to . with a view to matrimony. All oommanica<ions trvaiei confidentially and honorably, aad if requested re turned. Answer! loiicltrd from all par'-i of the Union, par Ocularly from the South. Address George F. Freeborn. New Tork Post Office, V| ATR1MON Y.? AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN X i?l years of age. of wealth and respeetalUlty, wiche'c te make Us **r|iaint?nee of some lady ct a kind disposition aad of a suitable age, with a view to matrimony. Address A D. P.. Broadway Post Offioe. MAI BIMON I A I..? A YOUNG GRNTLEMAN. TWENTY six year* of are, with refined manners, and moving in good lode* y , and who I* able to provide Ms wife a oomforta ble home, wish** fc> make tfte acqaintaaco of a young lady with a view to marr'agc. Apply to Mndara* Harris, W Bomrj. HOUU, ?AJUUAOM.M. A PAIS Or SPLENDID BLACK CABRIAGB HORSES, kind, ra(U ud good M*?, will to wld ekeaa m ?<hu(t4 for a work born. Atoo, a Jtujr Liad carriage, witk Up U tot dowa, iMrljr m?. The whele will be nM ?heap or mbuiW, m tke m? ku ao fw?ke? im tor ?nem. May he eeen at 7# aad 77 Cleveath rtrMl. HU St roud avenue. OBO. Z. BilTHOU. pABBlAGES POB SUB HER DIB IN THE COCNTBY. \J -gtai twt ul ibn i Mil mktrtii, together witk aa aaaertmeot of ooeokea, wtftu, bnilaooa or light market wagow, one Meond bud coaokee, ono uMuiii top brtt, Moond bond two Mot nokiwt], At., Ae.. B. THOMPSON A 00, 86 and tl Woott n itmt. Fob sale-a pine sorrell barb, is bands high, toast and (tntlt; it a itjUik driver, aad can trot m three minutei. Cm ko mod at all konrt at tko rtable, 163 Twelfth itreet. Alto wagon and haraei*. Fob salb-a stylish paib op bay coach kertei, 1(> kanda high; is Id for want of uu lor thorn: to bo toon at It Eait (sixteenth itroot. Alt*, two earriagee. If not told at private ?ale before Thursday next, tko/ wUi thon be told by Henry U. LEEDS, at 11 o'olook, in front of kle ttort, 19 Naiaau atioot. Fob sale.? a viry sdperior and small Young Shetland Pony, with wagon, made by ( Lawronto A Colli*,) harneai, aaddle, At. A complete miniature eitab llthment for a young gentleman. Apply at Stablo No. 6, IStk ttrtot, between 8 and 10 o'clock. A. B., and Sand0, r. b. LlOR SALE- A SADDLE l?0N Y.-INUCIRE AT SO A; Wett Fifteenth street, utablci. For sale-a very handsome and stylish black mare, 13>t baadi high, 7 jo are old, perfectly aouud and kind. Can tr> t in 3:10 to wagon on road, U an oxoolloat ltdv '? laddie bono, l'rioo $S50 Can bo toon at the Aroade Stablei, ?th ftro?t, near 6th avenae. For sai.e-a splendid pair of batched pa oincboitot; can go together in three minatot; nretoandin every retpeet, and perfeotly gentle; eaa be drove any way, eeparate or together Sold at toe owner leaven for California. Can be Men at Clearer A Baton't liable, 57 Mercer (treat. IFOR SALE? A BAY HORSE, 16X HANDS HIQII. ' kind in tingle and double barneat, a ttyliab driver, and warranted tound; alto, a beautiful bav itddle horte, will trot or canter, perfectly genteel, tonnd and kind. Apply at lis Grand eiieet. KOR SALE-A SPLENDID BAY BARE, KIND IN ?ingle or double harneai; ju?t from the osuatry, and warranted lound. Alao, two light wagon-. Iaqulro of P. H. BcAVOY, 62 Prinoe itreet, oorner A Marion. For sale? a splbndid pair or bay batched carriage koriea; oan go together in four minutei; are ?ound in every reipeot. aad perfectly gentle; are ftve yeari old, etaud 16 nandi high, can bo drovt any way, separate or together. Can to teen at 19 Great Jo net itreet. Fob sale-a bay horse, raised in Vermont, ?ix yearn old; 1 6)i band* high; pony built, Sna atyle and gooditxed; perfectly louad aad kind every way; luitablo for a family or expreia; told for want ifiH. Inquire at elub (table, Paeiflo itreet, netr Court, rear ot com yard, Brooklyn. Fob salb-a very handsome bay horse, is hinda high, Ave ye&ri old thii ipring, warranted per fectly louad and kiad In harneia; would make a inlendid family horae. Sold for want of uie. Inquire at VYeit Thirty tecond itreet, between Sixth and Seventh avenuet. Fob sale.-two trotting buggies, warrant ed In every reipeot, and made by one oi tbe beat maker* in the State* ; alto, a full blooded Iriib letter, perfeotly broke. Can all be teen at Weil't itablei, the Old Hippona. 65 Watti itreet. For salb veby cheap? a blooded mare, pif teem bandi and one iaek bigb, ebeitnut lerrel, and oan trot in tkree mluutei. To be teen at the private itable, 54 W eat Pifteenth itreet, between the boure of7 and 10 e'olock, nntil Wedneiday, Juno 13, if not aeld before. For sale cheap-a podb and six seat rock away carriage and buggy, mitabli for eity or eoontry; alto a oow and aa excellent Engliah watch dog Caa be leen at itabl* 159 Monroe itreet; or lot partleulart addren box 3,104 Poit Office. VTBW YOBK TATTERSALL'S. SIXTH AVENUE, COR 1> ner of Thirty alath itreet.? Thii day, at 12 o'clock, auc tion laleof home, wagon a, kamen, Ao ; new aad Moond band light wagona, with and witbont topi; aew and leeoad band (ingle and doable harneia; 20 boriea, by catalogue; alio 3 Hue road horiet, jmt from the eountry; together with a great vaiiety of property offered at TatteriaU'i weekly (alee. OBO. CLEBONS, Auotioneer. Hksrv Palmkr, Saleimaa. PONEY POR SALB-A SMALL. BRIGHT BAY BUS tang poney, perfectly lounl and well made. Inquire at 55 Cliff itreet. no (tairi. ALONZO CHILD. RGCKAWAY.? a Tiro SEAT ROCK A WAY FOB SALE, suitable fur ore or two hornet, bat little use*; would suit the country or city. Will be told cheep, m the owner has so use for ft, Cut be seen at 497 Fourth itreet, new Second avenue, at the Empire Stabler SECOND HAND CARRIAGKS FOB S A LB? THREE bupgiet, one with sbiftiag top; one roskaway, with mi (or four persons; one roekaway, ieat? lor eii p-irtoa*; nil citjr built sod in good order. Inquire et LENT'S carriage fas tor;, Third avenue, iter Forty eeveo th etreet. WANTED-A VERMONT MORGAN HORSE, SCIT able ter a family carriage: about tixtcoa or eixtten end a half hand* high, pony built, youag, kind end eound; of tine etyle and good ipeel; a bay or blaok preferrel, with out any wtite feet. Addreae A. B., box 1 118 Calttmure, Md , with a deicription of tho horte and the price. HI8CBLLAH1UHJ9. oi nnn W0RTH or lamps, girandoles, chima fi.UvJU ??i aad tea e?te, waiter*. <t-un, giaaa, crockery and Britannia war*, ali in good order; alao, fancy article*, to be sold at great bargain*, for a few day*, oa ae eonnt ef havinf to vacate the ??ore, at C. A. BALL) WIN'S, 65 Bowery, corner at Walker *'reet. ALDEN J. HALE. COUNSELLOR AT LAW, NOTARY rubllc, 4 ommissliner of Deed* fur New Vurk aad th? different Staie* ? Passport* obtained, bounty laa I* bought and ?old. aad claim* for bounty land* aad peaaloa* promptly collected. Office 190 Broadway. BB08HBS OF EYBBY DESCRIPTION AT TUB BRUSH factory, 337 Pearl street, Franklin nquare. All artlole* ?old at th* loweit faotory price*. Paint broth** *f superior quality eonitantly oa hand. Maobine bouihes made to or der. JOHN K. HOPPEL. Evading the liquob law.-a tavern keep er m New Haven was complained against, a few day* ago, tor Mlllng Blake'* Bitter*. Th* publiean stood trial ? ud beat the authorities, having proved that tbl* compound contained nothing of an Intoxicating nature, bub wai, in fact an antidote to drunkenneu FOWLER'S IMPROVED MODEL.? LADIEj WISHING an easy method of fitting drones, will find it greatly to their advantage to oall the preieat week at 41 Twenty eighth ktreet, where they can be imtructed ia th* above art on reasonable term*. HARBISON'S AMBR08IAL SOAP-ITS COLOR A beautiful purple, it* perfume a bouquet, pleating to the million, *o let the million have It. Call for it at whole sale at W. H. Lyon A Co.'*, 4 Day itreet; at retail at K. O'Btill)'*, 109 Avenue D. Atk al*o for Uarriton't extract for the handkerchief, essence bouquet. If you are an Ame rican, it will more than pleaie, it will deligbt you, became Harrison made it in bit great American perfumery labora tory. I WOULD BEG LEAVE TO CALL THE ATTENTION of drnggist*. comectionera, and th* trade lagenaral, te the tact that I have n<> agent for the *al* or my good* in this eitv at present. Dealers will therefore please tend their order* direct to me, which I will fill at the usual prices, and forward with despatch. A. J. CHAD VEaU, wholesale can feetioner and maautscturer jujube paste, gum drop*, A*. 248 Market street. Philadelphia. NEW PATENT SPECTACLES, FOR STRENGTHEN ing vision, and tor seeing both near and distant ohjeots with one pair only, accurately adjasted to th* eye.? Manu tsctured by Profeisor FRANKS, Patentee, Lecturer on tbe Human Eye, Optician to tbo New York Eye Hospital aud New Tork Eye Infirmary-. Office No. 2 Park row, ooposito the Astor House. UusinOH hourt from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. PAIDT! PAINT 1 1 FOR BUILDINGS. FENCES, roofs Ac , at 1 >? oenti a pound; white lead, 7 cent* d*. ; tine, 8 cents do.: Preble'a boiled oil, 76 oontt a gallon; tan ler't oil, 2fi cent* do.; machinery oil, OOeenta, do , at 113 Maiden lane. JOHN H. SMITH, Agent. BEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE-A BOSTON REMEDY, ot thirty years' itan dim? A sure and speedy oure tcr burns, lioils, corns, felon*, pile*, ebillblain* and sores of all kinds. Recommended by physician*. 25 cants a boa. Sold by all druggist*. Agenta? Boyd A Paul, 0, V. CUckner A Co.. C. H. Vinr, corner of John streat, New York; John Gil bert A Co . tVm. B Zeiber, Ph ladolphia KIDDING A CO., Proprietor*. Boston. SHOW CASES -HOFFMAN A FEKtSH, SHOW CASE waren-oma. 57 Bowery, between Walker and Bavar<l streets, t uses made in every style, silver plated, brass, ros? and satin wood, mahogany, Ac. N. B. ?Old eases taken in exchange. Orders promptly exeettced. SHOW CASES.? SCHMIDT A BROTHERS, MANUFlC trry and wsrerooms, No. 5 North William street, near C hatham. New York, and at 77 West Third street, Cinoin t>ati. Olio. A large assortment constantly on hand Old thow cases taken in exchange. Orders promptly exeentod. VJLATE ROOFING ?DAVID BBOWN, 155 CANAL f) street, reepecttully informs the public that he is pr?p*r ed to execute orders in the above line, on tbe most reasonable terms. Hoofs and ohimnev heads repaired in the most ?ub stantial manner, on th* shortest notiee. SODA WATER8.? SUPERIOR CARBONATED MINE ral waters, of extra II ivor and effervescing properties, vix.:? 8?r?aparilla, lemon, vanilla, banana, ginger, port * ilia, clove, Ac., prepared from the expressed juiees of rioe fruits. toaether with par* ales, cidsrs, por .or*, lagerbier, Ac., supplied in any quantity, at twelve hours' notice, by OSTRaNDER. 48 East Broadway, to eommifslon drivers, dealer*, exenrsinns, pleasure parties, and oousuiners wort rally, tre? of cartage, at almost oost prlcoej aud warn ii ted A >o. 1, vis.:? Soda and mineral waters, oT any d* serif Mon, at twenty cent* per doitn; ales, porters, oilers, lagerMer. Ac, at twenty efaht cents per doien. W. A. L; OsTRaNDER. Practical Manufacurcr, 48 East Broadway. TTNI1ED STATES PASSPORTS INDISPENSABLE TO U all persons afcoti' going to foreign countries, procriretl as below. Enr' p- an 1'arce' Express:? I'sreels for*ardo>l to all farts of Eniore iis'oni llonsc business of ovary kind attended to CBaRLES HuLT, Cus om llou?s broker, 19 Wall ?! , up ??a r . tilUPPIWU. FOR CHARLESTON A*D FLORIDA-SEMI WF.EKL1T Cnlud States Mail Line.? Th* new, splendid aud laa suing steamer NaSMVILLB, M. Berrv. commander, will leave plor No. 4, N. h , in 8aturdav, June Id. at < o'clock I' V ireeisely For frsigl.t, arply oa board, where a 1 bills of lading will be aimed, ana f*r passage, at tue offloe ofSPOFFttRD, TILBSTON A CO.. TJ Broad war. Thnnirh ilokets to Florida as follows;? To J*ek*onvill* VI; to PI. 'atk*. S^.1 11c Southsrner will suoeced and leave on Wed nesdsy, Jnne I/. OR NORFOLK, PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND. r The baited States mail steamship ROANOKE, T. Skinner. sommaader. will 'oave pier Ne. IS North river, *a odnesdav. June IStn. at. 4 o'clook P. M.. will arrive at N orlolk the next afteraooa, and at Petersburg and Rleh ?oa d tbe following morning. From Norfolk, paaaengars ."or the Srnth proceed by railroad d(ro*t, with throngb tlekett from M elden to Wilmington, Charleston, Ao Passage and far* to Norfolk, ftt; to Pstersbarg aad Richmond, *10; steer sge. ball' pr?*e. Tlirongh ticket* to Lvnohborg, $14. Apply tV LUDMM A PLEASANTS. No. ? Broadway. N. B.-N* ? L^l ht taken for Riehmond. PETERSBUIIO AND NO)RFOLK ? THB STEAM r ship ROANOKE, Captain Skinner, i* now loading at Pt*r & ?. R , for Petersburg and Norfolk, and will l**ve en Wed Ada* afteraooa at 40'eleek. I.UDLAM A n.BA Br0><lw>T lAril PER STEAM KR PACIFIC, TO SAIL lSTH . ? bad for a lad* io *ne of the beat staterooms Ad cregs,^ |NRl| wker* aa interview ?aa be had, bo*3lfi, Polt Office. " V Em liTivwir-i. ?.juinnA?ai? Mome. ft K&ssrsMiSS; psgt JlM 13, at 13 osleek ?? tM Wf hope* a* the feci al Gaaal Itnrt for Me(ht ?P pas_akj?..>*"PB ?aeo? tordMHMUlmrtM, *H?y ? ip*i?0 I. SoLLiNg, m w2i ?wit.^y?wis(?ttja ii>??* tob? beard It 111*4 A. M. Tfce ATLaM'tlCwlU SueeeeA the fMUt, u< sail Jul W. Shipper* *10 plaaa* take aotiee OMtkiiklptrf Ml* Ma? ?u*M M) a?yjadd? ec^r*. Iu4 of in; All lotion dm |tM tkgoash <Ae foot Offieo; u; e there will bo rotarmod mBl BRITISH AND NCRTH AMERICAN BOYAL X ff'1 BfMMlttf rioi IIV T0BX TO UTIltMk Chief (ilia ??* Beeead cab.n postage 76 FKOH MOTOII TO LITMNOb Cklsf cabin pat sage 9110 Seooad cabin paeeage . . ... Tbo skips from Bootom toll it Halifax. ARABIA, Copt. J?4kiit, AMRICA.Capt.Laag, PERSIA. Copt. Ryrle, BCROPA, Capt. Bhauuoa, ASIA, Copt. E. O. l3U, CAN ABA. Capt. Btone. Af RICA. Cap! Hanrlsoa MI AO ABA, Cook WWl Tboeo vessels oarry 1 oiear wkite ligkt At masthead; groom ob atarboard bow; rod on port bow. America, Long, leavee Booton W.dsesday, J urns ? Africa, Harrisoa, " Boston WeAaesdsy Jaae 30 Asia, Lett, " Bootoa Wedaeeda/; J aly 4 America, Long, " Bootoa Wednesday, J all 18 Berths not secured catll paid for. Aa experioaeed smrgsvn oa heard. fit ownori of thooo obipo *U1 aot bo aooeaatablo for gold, silver, bullion. specie, Jewelry, precious rtcnee or metals, anlou hills of lading ato atgced there or, and the value thereof therein expresssd. for freight or patsags a?l? to 1 CUNARD, Ho. 4 Dm Um Groom. Tbero *111 ho no steamship* of this line frcm Mow f*#r mm til farther notice. Tbb vandbrbilt europsan line or strav ohipo.? Tho first class new ateamship ARIEL. 1300 tons, Lefsvre master, will leave Now York from pier 30 North river, foot of Chamber* atreev, at aeon precisely, ea Satnrdaj , June 30, for Havre direct. first elass postage $110 Beorsd class passage tK) The Ariel will beful lowed by tho North Star, July 31. 1 be owner of thooo vessels will mot bo accountable for gold, tilvcr, bnllioa. specie, jewelry precious stones, or me ts s, nnlers bills of lading are signed mart for, aad the value therof therein expressed. Specie and goods taken at usaal rates. No freight received after aoon of the day before sailing. No berth secured until paid for. Letters prepaid l???o. per 01 will be received at the office up toll A. M. ol the day of sailing, sad will be car ri?d im strong India rubber bags under look, aad en arrival at Havre win be immediately deposited la the Foot office there. Parcels taken, each prepaid, eae dollar aad upwards. rixcD uates Or sliLWe. r?OM KBW YORK. I'ROM H A VK K. Ariel J one. SO North Star June 30 North Star July L'l Ariel July 21 Ariel Aug 11 North Star Aug. II North Star Sen. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 22 North Star *'opt. -- North Star Oet 13 Ariel "ot 13 Ariel Nov, 3 North Star Nav. 3 Ariel Nov. 31 These steamships are classed A I at the iasuraaco officii, and specie and goods will be insured la them at at low ra'ea of premium as in any other iteamsh pe tbat cress the 1 cean. for freight or passage, appiy to D. TORRANCE. No 5 BowIIob Gr<-en, New York. SUMNER, RuN TAN T * DRAPER, a; Rue N. D. do* Vie toire. raris. CHRYST1B, SCHLOE3SMANN * CO., 27 Qua] Caistair Dels vlgne, Havre. OR LIVERPOOL? THE PACEET SHIP ALBERT _ GALLATIN, will sail Tuesday, Juae 12 5oton 1 eabia aad steerage passengers will be fouad in a liberal supptv of eooked provisions by ths shir. Faro, second ratio, a 18: steerage, ?16. Tho jacket skip CUNSTIIUTION, will sailJmaeSl. for passage in either of the above ?hipo apply to THUS. C. ROCHE, 88 South street. L'OR LIVERPOOL? ST. GEORGE'S LINE.? THE CB r lsbrated elipner ship DRE\DNO(JGUT, Captaia Samuels, 2 500 tons, will sail 20t ?|ke. This splendid ship has aceemmodatioB* 'or all daosos W paassagen, not equal' led by any ship out of tho port. Apply oa board, pier 8 North River; or to DEHARBST A JONBS, 40 Soutlrstsoet, corner of Old slip. fOR LIVERPOOL? THE DOC BL E ENG I N E STEAM ? ship STAR Or THE SOUTH, James Marka. Comman der, will leave pier tf , East river, feet of Wall atreot, on Wednesday, June 20, at 2 o'clock I* M. i'lrst class pas aee, $100 ; second class passage, $3U. The owners of this ship will not he aenountable tor goll, lilvor, bullion, or other valuables, uuless bills of lading are signed thersfor. F NOTICE-PACKET 13th J UN B.- FIRST PACKBT FOR Liverpool The splendid new aad fast sailiag elippar ahls WM. TAFSCOTT. Captaia J. B. BsU, "* ?ail on Wedneaday, 13th Juoe, preeisolv at 1 Early applleatioa to secure berths should be miaao ou oiara, pier M East river, fo?t of Market street, or to TAPSCOTr k CO., Ni South strest. F OR LONDON-SAILS TO DAY? THE PACKBTSHIP _ LIVERPOOL Room for a few more aoocad cabin and atcersge paiaougera. For pasrage aprly to THOMAS C. ROCHE, a 8 South street. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA BTBARSHlf Company intend sailiag their favorite roamshifo? CITY OF MANCHESTER. 2,135 teas, Capt. W yLe. CITY Of BALTIMORR. ia?w,> 2,688 tons, Capt. , CITY Of WASHINGTON, do. .2.700 teas, Capt. R. Leatoh. Saloen $00, $66 aad $66, aooerdiag *? state room. A limited anmber of third elasa ftisaigaas will >e take* i>om Fbuadolnhia aad Liverpool, aad fomcd in previsisas From Philadelphia $801 from Uvarpoo! .id Partfoo wishing to briaaeut their Memds, taa oVtaia ser lifieatoo of paoeage aad drafts oa Liverpool, m saaa of 11 atorliag aad mpwarda. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, agoab. 17 Walnut street, Pbiladolp&a, ac4 Ns. 7 BMadwayiNs* Ysrk. F T OS HAVRE DIRECT JUNE 33, THE STEAMER _ QUAKER CITY, Captain J H. H?dg45n ? th* tart ?ailing reamer Quaker City, l.fui 1cm bnrthea, with iu (tiOii undtr d?*k, will laare bate for Havre tim< on the Sin of Jane. 7hU ?teamer ha? pioT?d hreealf, cnher muil peerage* botweea Charleston end Fhiladelt uia, one of the taeteit and atacnebte'.. veiaela afloat Her arMcesmodaUoa* tor paaiengcra art of ih* molt lupertor ?**eription. fuiiKt in the after cabin (ISO '? " forward do 100 For patMge apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, 63 Broadway. N . B.? N o freight take a except ipceie. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE-THE UNITED State* mail itaamer UNION. Captaa K. Alami, com uander, mil leave for Havre, touohiag at Southampton to land the mailt and pa*MDg?r*, oa Saturday, Juno 30, at 13 o'clock, from pier No. 37 > orth river, foot of Beach etmet. Price ot paiaage, flrat cabin. $130; tacoad cabin, 973. Lug gage aot wanted during the voyage abould be Mat on board the day before tailing, marked "b?low." No freight will be tekea after Tburadav. June 3tf For freight or l atgego ap ' o MORTIMER LIVINGSTON. 53 Broaiwuj. B.? All le^terf must pan through the Poit oEo. Bremen, via Southampton.- the united State* Mall ateamahip WASHINGTON, E Cavendy, compandor, will tail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to land the maili and paneageii for England and Franeo on Saturday, June 16, at 13 o'clock M , (rem pier 37 North river. t Price of pauage from Ntw Terk to Southampton *i Bremen:? In flrit cabin, main caloon. 91M In flrat cabin, lower ealooa 119 In aecond eacin 31 Aa experienced inrgeen it attached to each ?reamer. Spe cie delivered la Havre or Loadon. All letter* nut pact through the Pott office. Tor paaaar* or freight apply te O. H. SAND, Agent, 11 Scuth William atrbct. The ttcamcr Hermann will ancceed the WaaLin?ton, aad ?all Jnly 14. E EDUCTION OP FARES TO SUIT THE TIMER. - New York and California iteamrhis line, via Nkeut??n Aeceeaary Trancit Company, it .Nictengua. jrojmtore tbmugh in advance of toe mail? 700 mile* eborte; than any other rout*, avoiding the deadly Panama rever, and two mile* of dangorou* boating ia Panama Bay. The ipteadid iuable engine ?teamihlp NORTHERN LIGHT, 2 5U) ten* tiu'len, 'J apt. Tinklepaugh, will leave pict N o. 3 N orth river, at 3 o'clock P. M. procitely, ter Punta Arena*. *n Wedaea day, June 20, 1-S5, aounectirg with the itoamibip Cort**, 2,000 tone burden, over the Nicaragua Tranait route, ha>ing hui twelve ie Ilea of land traacp srtatica byflnt tla.? car riagea For information or paiaage at the reduced *e'.?a ap ply only to CHARLES MORGAN, Agent, No. 3 Bowling Green. Letter bag* made np at the office. No anctataped letter? received. Reduced prices1.? ioo lbs. baggage free Pour hour* from ocean to ocean, by Panama Railroad. ?No expoaure to deadly mlainaa, and dengercua na\i*-a tioa iu open river and lake boata.? Through for California via Panama Railroad.? The United State* Mail eteamahip Company will deapateh for Aipiawall, en Wednea Jay, June 20, at 2 o'clock P. M , preelacly, from pier foot of n arrea atrect, North river, the aew and ailendid feamchip ILLINOIS, (2M0 ton* bnrthen,) J P. McKimtry, U. S. N., nuiimander. Paaionger* and mai>a will be forwarded tv Paaama railroad, aad connect at Panama with rbe Jaeiao Mail Steamehip Company'* magnificent eteamahip Joha L. Stephana, (3,AU0 ton* burthen,) R. H Pearaon ?*?).. nom mander, which will be in readioeae, and leave taneAiatolv for San Frauoieeo. The public are informed that the P. M. 8. S. Co. alway* have one or more extra atrainer* lying at Panama, ready for **a. to avoid any poiaikle detenticn o! riaaaengen or mailt. For iia**age apply y. I. W. RAY MOND, at the only oflee of the eompanie*. 177 West Itreet, corner ot Warren, New York, fronting the North r,ver. C1LIPPER SHIP GALATEA, FOR SAN TRANCISCO, IB J now rapidly leading at pier 10 Ba*t river, and will notiUv. iy aail on or before Saturday, Pith Jane, inrt. r>hi| per* will plea** have all their treUht oa b?ardby Saturday, 9ih. ai.. hand ia their bill* of lading, for ligb?> ture, to SUTTuN k CO., W South ?tract. eorserof Wall. FOR bam FRANCISCO.? THB a 1 NEW STEAMER ASTt'KIA, of tuna burthei.. will lie di#patch*u on the 21ei June. Fcr trelgbt and paasuge apply to the und*T ? i?nec,or the captain on board, pier No. S N .rth r.vcr. Tlila Kteamer olkura line accoamodaticD* f r a limited na l.-r of lataengera Perauna availing of thi* otporiunity will avoid the danger* ot tickaeaa on the lathaaa. WILLIAM LOBAC'H k SCHEPELER, 30 Beavcrat. Despatch line for san pbancisco.? the mai. nificent A 1 clipper abip GOLDEN U'EST ia now load ing at pier No *, EaKt river, and wUl potitivcly *?il fcr S?u Iranciico on or before Saturday, Junf <1. Shippera wul plea have all their fretrht on t> arJ Saturday. -?K in*'., and hand in tb<lr bill* ot lading for Mgaature. The Gnldr.n U eat ia one ot the aharpe*t clippna ever tuilt in the United Ha'ee, and prcaeut* the greatest inducement* to ahipBCT*. aL'TI'ON A Cu.. 58 South atreit., cor. of Wall. S. MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPaNY.-IOR HATANA ? and New Orlean*.? On Monday, June 18, at 2 P.M.. fiom pier foot ot WaT*n >tr?t, Nurth ri*er, the well kt'owr and favorite ataameblp CRE3CK.NT C1TV, Cap'.an Join McGowaii. lltivinp te^n thonushly overna'iUd -.nd I ?t in firat clam condition, will iinimt her plar* ia the lira ?nd Mill ?>? above. Paaaage can bo a?oure i at thi oomraiy ? iflice. lielght to New Orl^ana. 3*? cent* per ci to gLIpper* will oe aupplled with blnak bill* of iad'.sg >' the term* aupplied by the company, on application ?t their n dec. No other lorm* elgned. and a? ^lia o' lading will be Mtned a' ter the hour of tailinr. For tre.|int ir pae<'.g?, *pply at tba office oi the company. 177 Weat fjtact. an r ol Warren. M. O. R'tuttii F~or* D-STE A MS II I P t A LEDO :VIA. >rA P r Scudder will leave mer 13, North r:ver, et r .-edey Jure 12. at 4P M. I reiiih'. taken fur Montreal, Qn*leoa?'l fr.r all Eaatern port*. Apply to J.">HN RILt V . corner f R aahinaton and Albany *treet?. Freight rccei <ti daily at ?aid pitr. PIlR 5AVANNAN? FARE REDUCED -THE UNITED Stat'!! >iail Steamabip KEYSTONE STaTE. Oap*. R. Uirdle, wil' leave Philade phla for Savannah on Wodo** day June 13th. at 10 o'clock A. M. Fare $*!, *t*cra?e $8. The Eoctoii* State will leave a* aV vo W*duetdty, Jen* ?7tb. A sent* In New York, ?CRANiON A TALLMAN. IU old flip, where atatea roomaruay be aecurcd tVDFsAVANNAH AND FLORIDA -UNITED 'T4TF.S D mall line.? The now and elegant ataamrhip FLORIDA, tapt. M. S Woodhnll. Will leave N*w Yort for ah, on V ednaei'ay. Jure 13. fr-m pier No. 4 Nortn river, at tcur o'clock P. M. Bill* ot lading aigned oa beard. Tor r??ici t arily onboard, er for paaaag* to SAMUEL f?, MITCUEf U 18 Broadway. F?r Florida, thrt ngh tick*'.* *rtMi\ N*w T?rk te Jacksonville, ?.TI; Pilatka. (S3. The An* urta,Tk*a Lyon, will gaeeeed, and ltava na I ridaj, June 10. 'OR CHARLESTON AND F l7? R TO A.-SCMtTw eTk - L'OR 'HARLESTON A.-vu FljtaitlUA.? stli'UBlt' P ly Uaited iHate* nail liae. The ??? and taa' gol^g ategmer Marion, W. F??W ee?mander, will e\?e p.*? Bo 4, North River. <m W*dne*.fay, Jane 13 at* o tlo?k P. M.. preetaely Far freight, applr oa toard, wbe'e a'! bin* of lading will be ilgaed and trr pacaagc at the ofllcc of Jrofford Tleeton k C$., 9 Broadway. Tbroueb *<ekcta to Fif'-ida, a* followc? To Jackoonvill* M1 ; to Wla'ka AV Thr >a*h villa will lucoatd and l*?v? on Saturday, Jung M> G1 VTlBLoB <UU>a.-TMl tkF ?OMMRNCRMBNT'~ jQI Mean own M 7; Oixut M iwn at 7*5 m tuin r,(?? ? g e'elock rNMh. mi ADD HAAR.'SON ENGLISH CPMBA COMPACT. niMi or orui t?Mt mtur. ? . THIS (TUBSDAYi EVENING, J ONE U, Amber's FRA DIAVOLO. Zerliaa..., Miea LniMfnt m Djavaj^ Mr. W. Harnaea Im Pjm, Mr. Horacaatle, Mr. Bciiui, Mr. Holau. MBNT1 T-D*""tU'( DA0GHT*R ?* THC UQI Thursday? BkllVi BOHRM1AN GIRL. Friday-Auber'e CROWl* 0IAM0NBS. htartM-WUliH I M ARITAN A. IB restart *1, a mtm (irtad opcri, Btlft. Tieketa Printt tout V 16 Vrcheetra Sutl ?*' ?????*?* 8 A. M. to 4, fsceeeiiiaa Owtwtet 8? U m4 rrinu luw only. ?10. CHRISTY & WOO# S MINSTRELS. CI IMA# r flj, above Grand street. 0r? If 1ST EVENING. liF th^! *?klOM* Minat relay, btulii, A*., Ml eluding with tbe WANDERING MINSTREL. Boms opaa, CW; nbmui, 8 o'eloek (kteu.. rrr. ..v.. ^ M,t? A!) buaineea traaaacted by H. foil BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. ? ONE WEEK vroore, from M 'Biiay, Jano 11, to Saturday. Jose Its and positively the last wmIc of tke mad National Baby show. All tbe prise babios will b? exhibited on this occasion, suita bly distinguished by badge*, including sapecially the pre mips bat j ?f tbe entiro ibow, said to be the finest looking child in tho United Statea; at well as tbe twins, triplets and fat children, among whom were distributed the $1,000 in pre mium* The children will be all ranged on high platforms, where tbey ean be distinctly seen and not handled, every day, from 11 A M. to 3 P. M., moat 01 them remaining to be aeen, besides, from 7 to 9 o'clock in the evening. Perform ance* in the lecture reem, vis , at 3 in the afternoon, and alio at 8 o'clock in the evening. The living Ostriches, the livtog Ourang Outang, Maine Ulaatess tight tict high; Dwarf Lady, ta eat) -seven Inches high; Mammoth Girl, tbe Twin &iatera, 32 1 ears eld; Fejee Mermaid, Ao., are here. Ad mlttance, 25 cents; clildreu under tea, 12)^ etnts. TOttH R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF BUROPB 0 AbD SIEGE Of SEBASTOPOL, At Cnisnar A'ilkilt Rooms, MS BnoAowav, showing om U"kci>d views, forty leet wide, of the principal C1T1EK AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN EJIROFR. Every evening, at 8 o'eloek; nad ovary Saturday alter aaon, at 3 The masic by Mr. Alwyn Field, of London. Admission ->25 tents Franklin museum, no. aa bowbrt, nbarli pppoeite the Boweiy Theatre. Performaacea ovary at tern 00c, at 3, and every evening, at 8. N. 0 -Strang*? will okaerve that tbe Freak lia Mnaeum ia the only plaee l? tbe United States where the Model Artists ?re einlbitad, with other cnginal entertainments. Bemeasber, Va If Bowery. OLYMPIC CIRCUS, ib BOWERY.? n. FRANCONI A Buraell Eunnells, Proprietors. NRW ATTRACTIONS FOR THE WEEK, Engagement of the Ci'jaen Clown, W. F. WaLLETT, first appearABce in two jean. Alao, flrat appearance of the eeleerated German Gymnast, Franklin Martino. Fran ctni with kia splendid horses, Bayard and Johnston; Leva tor and his Juvenile Artists; Hop o' my-thnmb Steve, or the Clown in Miniature; and many ether noveltiei, thick will h? enumerated ia tbe lulls. Boies, 26e. ; He served Seats, SOe. ; Children, kalf-prioe; Pit, 12>,'c. New yobk stadp theatre 37 and 39 Bowery. Tuesday, June 12, first performances! the celebrated SIEGR1?T FAMILY, and the peat French Ballet Company. WONDERFUL GYMNASTIC EKERCISES, PANTO MIMES and DIVERTI SEMEN TS Pricea of Admiaaion ?Private Bnxea, ?!; Firit Tier, 20 cents; Parquet, 25 cents; Gallery, 12 }i cents. Doors cpen at 7; to commence at 8 0 clock. NBW YORK DRAMATIC SOCIETY.-THE NEXT RE gular performance will take plaoe at the Brooklyn Mu sun, on Tuesday evening Jnne 19. Positively no gentle men admitted nnUis aeooupanied bv ladies. Tbe tickets now in use will not be good after this performance The .. ... -? - - Johnston will take plaee at 5, tbe 21st inat. Secretary. Have yol seen barnum's baby show? THEN GO SEE PERHAM'S BURLESQUE. It's the moat >aushabie "take off" ever brought oat, and ATTRACTS IMMENSE AUDIENCES. /CRYSTAL PALACE ONCE MORE.? THE GRAND V display of the norks of genius and of art vet on exhi bition at the Crystal Palace, must positively be returned to Europe in a few days. Aaotter week, and our oitiieos can never again feast their eyes on the same gnlleries of statuan and paintings, betides various articles of me cbaaical skill, aad an iateresting selection firom tbe mine ral world. We Invite every oernn to take a ftnal tare well look at tbe New York Cryafal Palace. SAMUEL BBLVOORT, Acting Snpfrintendent. GREAT~HIT LEA'S NIGGER BABY SHOW. at the Franklin Mutim. No. 53 Bowery, eel i pies Baranm'i Baby Skow entirely. ONE HUNDRED FAT NIGGER BABIES will be 'ad every night, in pretence 0: the audience. Remem ber 52 Bawery. ______________ NOTICE.? THE MEMBEES OF THE ORCHESTRA EN gag eJ for Madame Iaidora Clark's third and laat con cert, are herewith aotitied to attend rehearsal this morning, at 1U o'clock, at the Metropolitan Theatre. F. B. UELMSMULLER, Musical Agent. A~ CURB FOR HARD TIMBS. finnan a Gnaar Gut Dismsnrviois 1'oa-tirely takes plaee on 5tb of July. REMEMBER T1CKBTS ARE ONLY fl EACH, AND admit four peraona to Pcxnan't Rthiovia!? Opera, 663 Broadway. Amosgat tbe gitta to ie dlattlbated ia a t plendid farm, worth tlC,0M 1 loan of sask C.UOO 1 loan ot eaab 2,000 1 loan of sash 1,000 3 loan* of easb, WOO each 1,000 10 loans 01' eaeh, 1100 each l,0m Tbe 2:<0 trotting mare Lilly Bale l.AM 10 Rt sewoad yiaacs 4,006 50 Gold watches, A?., be. Sand all orders for tlskets to JOaiAH PBRHAM, Adams Heute. Boston. FOURTH AND LAST WEEK OF PERHbM'S r LAUGHABLE BUBLESQUE BABY SHOW. Every one admits that, in eeeina it, th?y get full 21 CENTS WURTH OF AMUSEMENT. Performaacea every evening, and Wednesday aad Satur day afternoon*, at 3 precedes by NXORO MINSTRELSY. DANCING, ETC. Tlckcts, 25 canta. Gift ticketa admit four persons eacb. REMEMBkR. 663 BROADWAY, Thorn e s benefit at the BOWERY THEATRE. to morrow, when one of the greatest bill* ever presented will fcs Ki*en. Secure y?nr teats in time. ST. CHARLES THRATRE NBW ORLEAJU.-ST. Louis Thiatre, St. Lcuis.? B. De Bac, Lessee md Ma nager of the above theatres, will be ia New York imme diately after Jnly i, for the purpose of making engagements with stars, Ae. CHAR1.ES f. PARSLOE, Agent. N Y. For sale or to lb?? the national theatre, in tbe eity 0.' WaahingWs. It is one of the lareest in tbe eonntry, is the on'y out in the city, and baa alwaya paii ' gaad rente. It rronte oc Pennaylvaaia avenue, betwoen Thirteenth and fourteenth atreets. Tbe lot fronts on tho street eigkty sight feet, ruanin ( baok that width ene hun dred laat, when it wideca to one hundred and four teet, and continnoa that widt& the further dMtence (f flfty-nine feet, making a total depth of one hundred said fifty-nine feet. Under tbe theatre ia a large saloon, whioh has rented for tttiper weeb. To an enterprising man, who understands tbe b j?inss?, the property can readily to made to pay for ittslf ia a few ytart. Tfiatermeof paymtnt will be made convenient to aparehaaer. Or the property will be leaiad far oae or mire yeart to a suitable party Applications mny beaidrested MW. H WINDER, Philadelphia^ new in use win nut be gooa a>ter ima perion oomplimentary benefit to T. B. Johnston will t the Metropolitaa Theatre on Thuraday evening, t J. NORTH, PLATO6 CARDS. PI. ATI NO CARD8.? LINEN PL ATI Jft; CARDS. TUT ?14 and well uutui, with all th? eth?>r vanen* qoal itiM *' been tid tollli tudi, mtit by SAM HAST A OO. r?r tale to the trade asd elna k(UM ti than iiut, Jfo. 1 BitiIit Hmt. trtttiit ibt Artir Ueiee. EXTRA FAY. DOtKiT LAM) OFFICE, 86 WALL STREET, BASE D most.? Soldien, *a?or* and teametare ia ?ny war nnea trc their widnwi.ean obtaia tb*er !acd warrant* ?' iha V*nt, p. T. IBET73, ?J Wall r.rttt. No charge nntll eel VrAYT BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAT" ?FFiCB. i.1 -Boaaty land* and "extra pay" for 0- B. Navy iiUan *?.<)b all wan elnee 1710? ti*ir widow* and tieir*? prompt er obtained aad paid. Balaaea* da* widow* and b< It* ?f deaaaaad V. 8. NtUara aadothtr* **)l*?t*d,aad all kiada of elaime aaaiaat tAa Cti ted State* r*?*T*r*d by uadenigaed; and fba widawi ar heir* of tho?* wbo p?riab?d with Uaited States ahlp '-Alba ay," Will b* profltlcd ky tailinc oa EDWARD BTSSELL. A|?t aad (lata) Pnror V. S. Xaty. <7 Wall auaai. MEDICAL. TBI GREATEST MEDICAL D1SCCTERT OF TBI at" ? MB. KENNEDY, ot Rrtbarr, hti dieenrertd ta on* ?t gnr common pai'irt ?? ode a nmrdy that oura* *?ery kind oi kam< r, from the aczit accrfnla dowa ta a cotsmoa pimple. U? bu tried it ia oTer 1,100 caaea, at/, arrer failed. *ie?pt ic two caooi? both tnnader bnarr. Be he* c" w ia hi* pie tei.ioa oter two bsadred oertlDc a',ec of ,t? t jtn?, ail witfcis twenty milee of Boetea Two be'tlae an warna'ad to rare a i. -rf'.T.g irre moi'h. Oae to three bottle* will etre tbn wcret kitd of; imple* aa the face. Two to ".bree battle* will rare id*. ?r?ten of ro:U. Two botMe* at* warrant a to ?a?e rlo wrnt camber ia tba not1 h or (tetnacb. three to five tot'J** are ?ur*Bt?U tn etre >h* went can ef ?rryelpei**. >no to two bottle* are ??:' n'-?i t: cure all So mar ia the *>??. Two bottle* are wirraated to jura r. nting of tut ?rei aad ? >t 'b?e tin n the bur. Peart* oim Mttiaa are -arrtaud'.a ore oorra; t atd raa aing aleer* Uaobot'le will r??e eeaiy erojtioa it Uienn.i. Tw> to ?hr?* ? tt'.let art warrant**! :*u:e the went eaee ?f rlaiwerp Twa t? ti re* be-'.le* a:e warranted ia tare tbt meet dee r*raie .-aea of rbenm?ti?m. Three ta foar bait ee art warranted U care tfca tali rbeaw. t Iva to ?i#bt et*l?* wul i nr?. thawrret '?m ?f*orr.ala. A Vea'f t it elwaye eiperieaced fru? tla Arts iottle, tad a peritbt ran it warranted when tLo above ^caat ty it Kea'dtr, I[e)ikSn*rt 'boniaal ' Mtle* rftLi* la tb* T-ciii ty of B etoa I kaow tba effecte f 1t )e e?ery ea*e. ' ? i?n a* water w.ll (fia^mth Srr, ?o enn will tbi* em hom?r 1 never to' t a hot" ;? <?' it .tnt 'bat ?cM enotbar; af ?era trial i: alwtyeepeak* f;r i-ealf. Tnen antwothjai* a' oat l*te u?rb '.bat appear tain* .n- raiot? tlr*. '.hat it irowe ia ear aa?tnree, n ' nae r>laca* <j?ite rlantifa., and frt i?* tal- * ba* aa??r b??n known nai l ; d.eocrerad it ta enn told eron- >tt notriee p?r aay. is Apr., iw, I toil over a tbonxand tif l?e p.T day ol it. N ; Lkng* of diet e??T t>K ??? the btet yoa tan get, and enough of it. Uireoti(.n? ftr e*?? A'?nJ".e, ca* UbJe *if". nfol pat dap ehil tt'.n o??t yean, dreewtt epocifnl ; th ldnB ffccm Iwa ta ettht yeen. tea epeoa!*.. te a* diractjoaa ?aa be appli naVle'o a)". ear.* a' .oa*. *?ka *<i(H*i*at to oparata oa the towrle twiea a day. Mr 'veaaedr <i?aa tenoaal attnnd ene* in bad <|??? ol eenfnla Manufactured *y Donald K.natdT Nr. TW ?arraa ttrdtl. R?itcry,Ma?? Prieall. Whri'iaie tgerte <rr !rew Terk-Cha> TT. Rtcr, Na. 1*1 Biradway; < ?. CMekaaar, ?e. M Bareiay Hraet; A. B. A D. CaBle, No Ml FaHea etreat; Mereb A Northrer, Ifll Oreenwich etraet; SbaW'.e A Bne, A Co . IT* *UMam etreat. u;?n.?n .vrww.j ?>11.1111. m or*-*, m .. I , 11* ?? uw. .m"?i Brifd k P?nl, , hitnl.en etraet j F. C. Veli* A Ca., 1)1 Fraaklie *traat; tf'Keera, Ret-tiln* A Ca? Maidaa laaa, *?aTl'?ad Heme!' A *i*e??. ????? "wet1 iM C">**a A C*. Ma! cat iat.e aid r?.a.??4 by aU r??t.*tefc * ?rtt#'?t AHVfimn* A CADE1IY Or MUSIC. A ITALIAN OPERA. roiriTKLT Lmt IT'H o? till Ituoi. BENEFIT or S1UNOR BADIALI. fini Hpuniet of Mil*. ZUI ana Mom. WIETHOF il thif Mi?l> WEDNESDAY. JUNE IS, wbea wtll le p rftrmad, lor the iMt time ia New York, Im ?u.i i tbef d'n uin of . WILLIAM TELL. S?aora STEVYANONE, BERTOCCA MARETZEE, Big Beri EOLCION1, BADIALI, EOCCO Md COLETTIib the pri a c i pal role*. Mnaical Dtrvetor Hi Coadoc'ot Mas MuiUtk Act 3 ? Tm Tyroleaaiby Ml*. Zoo and Nona. H'ntbet Grand Pa* Mil it airn by The entire <orpe da Ballot. tTieoa of AdmUaion ?P?r iue< |P?r|u*t Circle aad Fir* Tier. 91; Secured Seat*. SI ? Second Circle, SOeaaU; Aa pbitbeatre, 26 eaaU. Boon i pea at 7)?, opera commence* at Boelock. BOWEET THEATEE -I. p. walbeom. pbopeibxbr amdMaaacor; Robert Joml Stage Mauai. friwa ?f admlsslOBv-Boaea, IS ooati; Pit, ljj< ooaViiOaltarT. ]>u ooato; Prioato Beaee. St..? I ueetay eveaia* Jan* 12. THE FIELD UF IOB:f FOOTSTEP? Sir Arthur MaUhlovo Mr. B. Johaiton m aba. niello. Gniaoppo Anlello Mr. OriRthj Burton s. chambers 'TREET.-DRESS circle aad Parquet, SO coat*; i ..mily Circle. 25 cent*: Orche* tra Chain. SI; Private Bcxc*, f.' ?ach. Dooraeaeaat 7 V: Win at 7j?o'eloek. Tuesday tvcn:nir, Jane 12. THE SECRET. FIRST NIGHT. KATHARINE AND PETEDCHIO. retrucbio ..Mr. E. x.ddy I Kathcrine...Mr*. I. C. Frott PLEASANT SEIGUBOEB. BUCELEY'S SEREBADERS, B3K BROADWAY.? MOM daj evening, June U, aad every evening daring the nook, a grand new turleeiue on the opera of LUCIA 1)1 LAMMERMOOR, IN W1I1TE FACES. Edgardo ....0. Swaiae Bu^ley Lney., Mia* Eraaaer Preceding the opera, NEGRO MINSTRELSY, CEO ff OUT SHANGHAI, ?rigiaal Joke*, Wittlciama, Ao toaaiaeei at 8 ?'?look ticket*. Si <??at*. METROPOLITAN TH EATRE? BROADWAY , BPPB ute Bond ? treat.? Tbe public i* reipeettuJij informed teat 1 SI DORA CLARE, AMERICAN PRIMA DONNA, will live bar tkiid aad lait ORAND CONCERT, ia tbi* eity, ea TUESDAY evening, J one 13 Bi tilted by tbe fallowing artut*:? a JO NOR ABNOLM, Tenor, SIGNOB BERNARDI, Baritone, SIGN OK OASi'AROM, Baiio. MR. HEN EI APi'Y, the eelebrated Vielisiit, aad a FULL ORCHESTRA. Director Mr. Carl Btrgm au PROGRAMME? PART I. 1. Craad Gverture. '? La liana Ladra" Reoii 2. Romania, " A Tanto Amore," from the opera, Favorita Deaixc i ' 3. Scene et Cavatina, 'Eruaal! Ernaail Invola mi"? Eraaai Yer 4. Violin Solo. " La Ma Celine" Haaaa . 6. Bngliah Ballad, "Ibe bream" Mo'. ?i. Liberty Duet, "Suona la Tromba"? 1 1'uritaai. ..Belli . 7, Air, " Mariana de Tu. ojii," with variation* Saldox. K Overture, " Zaaetta" Anber 9. Scene et Aria, " Aneb io Ditcliiu**," from the opera. Nabucodouot or .... Tard. 10. Vlolia Solo " La Melancolie" Pramr 11. Aria for Baritone. from tbe opera, Ernani Yerdi 12. La Borenata, (the Serenade) Scbuberth 13. Quartette, trom the opera, Loeia di Lammtr moar Doaiietti Priee* ef admi*?ion:? Parq net and Par<raet Circle, 91; Family Ctrclee, W cent*. Private Box**, accommodating an person*, $10 aad S C. Seat* leenred at the box office without extra charge. Door* opea at 7 ; ooooort to commenoo at 8 o'oloek. U*her* will be in attendance. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. ? THE COMMITTEE OF MA nstremeat have the honor to inform the public that they k?? set apart Thursday, 14th inst,, for the ftrit appsar atce in thia country of M18S ELIZA HENSL1R. OF BOSTON. who wai suddenly compelled by a family affliction to aban don hor engagement aa prima aonna at La Scala, Milan, and return totbia country. Mies Qeniler will appear in Doai setti's admired opom of LINDA DE CU AMOUN1X, in which the obtained a signal success daring the past win tar at Milan. The Committee of Management are gra tiled nt thia opportunity of e (fording encouragement to aa in stance of American talent which reqnlroi only the warmth of public favor to ripen Info higher excellence. Metropolitan theatre? mr. hackett re ipectfolly acknowledge* the receipt of various compli mentary communiontions and entreaties for his repetition, kefors withdrawal, of bis two favorite and origiial Ameri can characters, RIP VAN WINKLE, ARO COL. N1MROD WILIFIRE, (the Kentuckian of 1815,) which were received on their revival on Saturday with ex tranrdtrary demonstration ? of eatiataction by an over crowded andicnee, and wonld intimate that he will have the boner of complying with publio requejton THURSDAY EVESlNit NLXT, 14TH INST , that being the only occaxioo w'>en it will be convenient to reopen the theatre lor snob purpose. Other entertainments will be added and announced here after. Private Bones, Orchestra < hair*, seats in the Balcony and Dress Circle may now be secures at the Box offiei. MISS MARTINEAU.? ALL MODERN TRAVELLERS in Egypt unite in testilying to the great value and im Eoitiinco ol Dr. ABBOTT'S celebrated museum, new en on. ibition at the Stuyvesant Institute, ?39 Broad *ay. The collection numbers upwards of athooatnd genuine objects of antiqoity, including the necklace and earrings of Means, first Pharaoh of Egypt, 2,740 years before Christ; the helmet of Shiihak, who invaded Jerusalem 971 years before Christ; the massive gold signet ring of Cheope, who built the great pyramid; three large mummies of the Sacred Bull lAeia), upwards et 3,000 years old, the only spocimens ever exhibit ed; and several tine human mnmmiee. The accomplished Miss Martineau, in her thoughtful book of Rasters travel, say a that the loss ef the ring of Cheops would be '?? nation al less." It is nn object of ureat interest to all visitors te this museum, now the daily resort of stranger* nnd resi dents, nnd the most attractive and instructive exhibition in the city. Open day and eteuing Admisaioa, 21 oen'.s. Remember, that this is the last win of PERUaM s baby SHOW, If yen wish to eajey thiieveuinr, and a heaity laugh, go to ??3 BROAD WAT. Bowery theatrr.-wednesday, june u Secure your seats (or to morrow. THORME'S BENEFIT. Seven pieces. Ornnd mammoth cntertninment. TO DRAMATIO AUTHORS.? THE UNDE RSIQN RB eroposee to the drnmatlc authors in the United States, to invit e their exertions la behalf ef the dram*, to a eompo tit-inn for the following:- For tbe beet farce, in which aa Irish mals and Yankee female character shall be Mm leading features? On* hundred asd fifty dollars. For the beet taut, tn three acts, with aa Irish male and Ynnkee female charac ter? Three hundred dollars. far the best comedy, in three or five acts, in which aa Irish mate and Yankee female cha racter shall be the most prominent ? Five hundred dollars. These sums will he paid te the ssooeccfol authors respective ly. The decisions will be made by a competent, disinterest ed committee of five gent 'omen. The latest term for the re ception cf the plays, which an te be sent to the subscriber. *02 Rast Nineteenth street, or the Broadway Theatre, I* the tlrst day of August next The subscriber dsems nimssU called upen by the recent wheloeale piracy of his pri rate sr. anu scripts, tc make the above proposals, in the hepe that hereafter he may be able tc nroteot anthers and artteta. In semsmsnsurs, from the unprincipled uee of individual property. bARJVEY WILLIAMS. Comedian. HEDICAI? A PHYSICIAN OF THE FIRST RESPECTAR1LITY ' and standing in the city, has taken a private residence up tewn, for the trentment of invalids. To any one wke de al res retirement, qnietude, competent nnrsing, with all the appliance! cf comfort, this eitablishmcnt is unequalled in the city. Address Physician, bog 777 Post OfBcc. DR. SWAN APPRISES HIS FRONDS, AND THOSE who with to consult him, that hs Is daily at bis oMce, Nt. 1 Chatham square, in partnership with Dr. Lake, where bis celebrated remedies are prepared for both sexei. Recent casss cured in n tew days. Dr. L.'s ellxer and electuary, price SI per bet tic or box. DR. PERRY, 87 FRANKLIN STREET, NEAR TAT icr's mleen, may be censnlted confidentially in cer tain diseasss, with certainty of success Dr 1'orrv is the agsnt for Duval's French roinedy, for female irregnlaritiec. Price SJ. DOCTOR 'J. PFRIFFER, BYDROPATHIC AND BO taaica'. doctor, efBee -17 Rast Seventeenth street, cures ifceumatism, diarrhoea, and dlsensc of long stand ing, sad all anting from an inputs stats of the bloed. Also, his ointment Tor burns nnd sonids. OfBoc hours from 7 to 9 o'clock, A M. and from 1 to 4 o'clock, P.M ; evening, from ? to U. DR. COBBRTT, 19 DCANR STREET, MAT BB ROM. suited with confidence on eertatia diseases; SI ysacf it one speciality ef the profession, enables bias tc na senates perm a a eat en res. His trsatmsnt is She same as lt? nana Used by the great Rioerd of Paris. N. B.? Dr. a'tRMai as msmbcr of the H. T. Paif tatty, may be seen at hlecBcs R. COOPER. M DCANR STREET, 80 LORD KNOW* tc the citiscass of New York ac the meet sucesscial practitioner this country eae boast of, continues te bj D consulted at his eld cflec. relieving the unfortunate, aa giving eonselntica tc maay aa aehtag heart, if, R.? Dt. C. guaraatece a care in nil eaccc undertaken. DHR. JOHNSON, It DCANR STREET, HAS PERFORM ? sd mere curcc than any ether mcdlcnl nan In Mew I York. Dr. J.'s treatment Is eafe and expeditispe; his aedt Cbnrgca mo IMtVna. einec caa be taken without fear ef detection. derate, and |fc? meacv refunded II satisfaction Is DR. HUNTER'S RRD DROP CU treatment ef other phystciaas and all o tall. It is year oaly reliance fo> a thorough c diseases, lie. 3 Division street, the enly pie* brown for tbe many extraordinary enrce It h w.thont diet or hindrance from buainees, when *0T|0? f sced>s only drive the disease in the blood? Rl mji T-.m seenrcs tbe patient from secondary attacks, and ielne m i,# remedy en earth that docc it. Yoa will Sad this eat V? tsr sxp rienee. if von trust tc nay ether mccSclnC. ' ? aae cured thousands or sasec that acvev weuld have bee* *< -?? without it. Dr. Hunter restores people to health dm ? . ? he bvve leea almost ruined by merenfy and eancttes t-v ?l-. humbugs T\R WARD'S UNFORTUNATE S FRIEND, ?1. arTm JL/ abcok.-Ju?t what those want who have e?>n'.-tr-.<i dlteascs, namely, a ears at once, and no delay aad nn>? rsasc. Greatest cure In (he world by Dr Ward's " tni .r snatc'sfFriend." Afflicted take notice ? ne ether rem - i".* ? an sure yon radically. Slight eases enred Inalkw |to yr* , ?o-.biaat elrc docc it. No W Canal street, eae door es?- of Brnsdvay, Is the rlacc to get this rapid and thorough remedy? no* here else la New York A cure warranted by Dr. ? trd Patients sn stout for mUcf may rely en a rapid eure by his treatment, without taxing tbe system. Altera tion ot diet or ecscctlon from bncincee not required. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES -DR. DUBOIS' OFF1CE 1 Agency ftsr the exclusive trentment of nil diseased 'ad eem tefemalec. Bo 8S Lexington avenue, near West Twentr sevsntb street and Fourth aveaua. Remedies for female deraaiemenvs frcm Si to flL Advice gratis. Coasultetiea* aid letters confidential Mail lettere containing S3 served with advice aad mediciac by return poet Relief guaranteed la all cacec. Patient" from a distance provided with eligible be atd, nursiag tad st tendance. s MLARMONT, PARIS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN e and furgson. anther of tbe Msdtanl Adviser aad Ear rings Cu'de, -*vdS pages, 7.1 engravlsgc, (mdlled by him, sealsd closely, to nay address for SI.) tc consulted at 41 Reads ctreet, ccrntr of Brondway, from II A. M. till S, ad lie it J- W., Sundays excepted. Thoee at a distance treated bp mail and express. We concur with otber rapersia recem Ending Dr. L. aad his treatise.? Dlapsteh, Courier de Rtets Unit, Day Bcok. Btcats Zeltung. National Democrat^ Ac. S- URE CURR -DR. WARD'S ~ UN FORTUNATE 'I Friend new icuced before every other remedy. The enly certain turn known. Do net be deceived. It ie the en ? iMoeov that trill not disappoint. Quite original wftt>o-< mower v e- mlaeral poisons Me eneever tried the Teftne tate ? Friend but cspreeesd bis admiration s# Its s#Mi ee^nll* ?' saeaat as salnterr. Mesv a*e snrcd *t ope dees ? CM ee Cai-ei at,, cae desr east ef Breadwsv.

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