Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1855 Page 2
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MtdllWMltlttlm onions, garha, Mi ixqaistto ?>??>0*1 art a ? kick the tine virtue of er?*<ut eosstor'a la a* tract while ike ? i^Wa U relieve.) iiom toe |inn corpo ?eal part, had 4 ted out If such ware tbe oaan in tbe da ye ttUdH a>hUD? marahal* and erovaed loans who* fa ttwi bad btrs coo pen twl Urn* L'Kca jarenr * aAanyc tout ctia. Ude himself, or the eelebratnd Lrrl ttaf ton, wlodieci iif h>n?r for bis favorite <*Ui satet. eould have desired awtblaa Mr* than ha mm jaatardky; 1 only re gret t?at 1 cid cot brier away one of those etezen'lv wrivttn bilk of far* which war* Ktitond bar* aod there tbmogbaat tb? labia, that I might gi?e your readers a lanbial dessription of tbe ?v|i?rHjui vartetv whub, with such rwp-dity (tba oaly 'fault) was preaea?ad to aaah gocat Tba oonvtT*aliou waa everywhere lively a ad Htni gin*, hut at such wide table* it ta necessarily Nmiied to) our neighbor on either side. rh* inspiring atrami of tan hand o tbt GuU!e? ara aa 'mportant ale ss* at of eajoy meat cn inch o ea'iomi aa agreeably til tag np say a?kward pause* that might oih*rwi*e in toad* thtmfrliM wb?n all a rt chip of ipMlqg over maeh, laat, by ebance, a 'orbHdan suhjeet should ba touched, the dianer over, each cavahtr gave hia arm. M ke'ere, to tbe lady ha ?'ad conducted to tha t*ble, and we vetorad In tha ?amo vrder aa wa came. Coffee waa iu atoatiy served, and tba King of Portugal leaning en the arm of the Emperor, made tbe tour of tae ronm, and dlap eyed h.s prodeUncy in tha flattering art af kiach p. The hmparor waa la excellent apiiiln, aad laughed and ebatted about everything, I aa II Instead oi bavlog reached the highest seat, ke were till < a hia p'oa.otion Tha Kmpree* spoke to all of ua about tha ?xhihltira. and aakaa ua what we thought of tha tne art*, to which of ooorae there waa but oas re jb? that b, r Majesty 'a portrait* by Wlnterhalter ware the Unlit an t glory of the Krench department. rue boy king listened and fated at the fair Kugeuif 1 he one en ?aaaeed Half an hour after tha coffee, tea ?u handed, aad sy eleven o'clock we separated. To those who, dty alt#? day, an> witnesses of aueh se?n?s, I can imagins tkey aift possess little interest, and probably sugg-st the id* a that mankind waa made for better thing* than im! rlagertiread tbow : hut to bumble mortal* liie ?jifH, wto am otly permitted rarely to st*p within ttva ebanaert crc>* < f impeiral waa an event to Jto (w?lt aroa and rememnertd 1h*>ei* II. tie in toe shape of political g??alp to telL Vbe report itiil ia euneaw that aa soon as t ie various asm* of he wrv e* are eompl*t*d >a tbe Ct' nea the .Jhaperor folly intends to repair th ther ; but at preheat, tauDgh trtry exertion I* made to pu*b forurd m tt er*, tNn atDI rem* n many thiac* to oe dose, ere an armf ?Meetlv equipped la in r?adiueM to rrctf: ?e oee ?ho m to afford ?ncih?r illoxuatHin of th* Oeearian iwii, w di, nci The cavalry ia yet <mp?rfrct. and hortt* are ?ifag ?hlpp*d d?ily from Mafo-UI** Tae la'e majority jjaitaed by th- F.u^li*h Uliin'ry ia known to bare given Vayahon unleigneo aatU'aotion; and, after readinc tha ?aeliex, be die net lieeitate to a?aure Lord Covley the Uah amhao^ador, that he ooneidered mit'er? now in A hi more favorable poattlon than thpy had be*n xinci 4ke Orimean expetitioa took plaoe "1 am gl* 1 we >tave at ia<t^oce, my lord, with nago'.ia'lonf, and it ?kail not be the fault of rr&nce if any more time ia fluttered away." ?' Nor that of Kngltnd either, but," -waa hia kjrdehip'a rtply. Prmee Napoleon held his firct reception os Ratirday algbt at tbe ralai? Royal, ana htudionsly endexvo-ed t-> ?end every gue^t away eatisflHl and pl?a'?d with hia ftaat Be auggeaU the opinion that be m a mm of ua 4aaht?d talent, of brilliant con rer national p3W<ra; bot aMo**<htr there la an ab*ecoe ot t^at pv.uUar repoae in We timperamrat which of m denote tbe real man of ?toff. It is evictntly arranged that. h? shiii now be put torward ar much aa poasible, In order to take tbe Cmpercr'a pla-e during bia abitenie. the Bu'Mtltution ?f Geaerai l'elipaltr for Canrob^rt, bia Imperial Hlghnees taken every opportnn'ty of remarking, wan hia ?wa aug.eKtion many month* ago, aud that lta adop ta?a saw >? tha moat autpicioci event which hia oicur ied a*nce tbe expedition to the Crimea waa undertaken A la a pity, he nays, that Lord Raglan ahonld not also five way ta a better man. Mr. Mason, ktinixter Plen potcntUiry from the United Mate*, has hia bands lull just now, in eonacqoencs of toe aamerona amv?la from America. Ho waa oeeap.*d ali too morning a few daya ago in pre.-entiog to hi* Mi ieaty var oun Americans who desired that honor, and fka frenb arrivals that are da>ly taking p'aoe promise Mm abundance of labor in the department. Croat interest Im expressed in political crcl*-* about Mr. ?a Pnsidrnt mimore, wbo?e eharaeler i* highly appre eiated here, snd a more welcome guest to Pins the uni versal exbibition cannot liave brought. At present there la not lhe slightest difficulty in obtaining apart ?a?ot*. for never was Parin more full of tbo?a yellow qfflektt which Indicate th* fact of furnished acomno 4attoas:ahigb prise is still derranced, aa the proprietors aan aawilling to <y>me dovn from ibM pegaaus 'hey have Managed ; hut a little aiplomicv et jo lodaces tbe<r ever v? ut'orip wreaght expectations. MURriE. Onr IdailrlU Loi rei]ioiiileiife. Uadkid, Mar 25, 1855. Mew A 'ativital Loan ? Carliti ImurrcGtion ?Th* It la Mont biiuetn Home arul Spaiit?Tlie CuiuaUiUion ? TKt Ckeltra The Coroarssiori of Ef>tlms.ten having Used at ten mfl 1km* of dollara tbe amount necessary to sorer the deficit ta t)i? expensea ol the current year, mtuay tu-ans were paepaeed to mate it up, and fcr thia purpose tbe com mission have bald various sitting* in the presence of the Mia later ei Finance. Man; plane having been given up, ?ae has at last been adopted, em mating (rem the minis tat himself, which consists In taking up an anticipator/ has of ten million* of dollars ? f ? ren and a h .If by for* afble contribution, and two an ) a half by voljint%rylr, payable from the a%^ Viai an intereit of 8 par cent per Absb, and to be collected from persona paying taxes to Mae amount of 935 and nprarc a. lbla plan will be aubmlUed to the Cortea, and the isrinatnt has resolved to defend it warml.v, although we do net know if it will be ini.e a Ci niuit question. It has Wen doubted until to day if tue Coites WJUid re wire it; but this rtr y day an oeeurr?nce has taken place shich, to a certain point, furors the government, ae* gives hrprs that it msy obtain its wishes. Thu ij a ?Mag ef Carlists, which baa occurred a Ara^on. iu tbe rieiaity of Oalatagnel, where m ere than on; hundred partizana of Den Carloa have raised to? cry, and have aaseteded in inducing a force of cavalry of the regular amy to join them, although without oftlom. Tu* go vernment has given an account of this to tbe Aaeenuly, which has obtained a vote in which the legislative body paeaiioea them every kind of assistance Thus it is pio beble that this anticipatory 1 >an, wbich, in other cir ??mstaccea, wonld have eacouuierfJ much opposition, may pass now without diflieul'y. The government h,n mcjAK enough tn destroy this Aactton, bnt may wtll fear tba*, if it exteoda through all Aragon and a part o! Catalonia, it may promo x etvil war. In thia case, the ?xl?iing army ro^.J hardly be aaffitieat t j make head against tn? lasmrreciion, and garrison the province* touching ?poo tboee infected; acd iike ciroumstansas, besides in voiviag them in expenses tot e*t mated, wotild impede tbe embariaten of troops for t ltramar. ?*Th.a aow ever. la mere conjecture; tor relying, as ihe gurernmont aen lely, Ufon tbe support of the majority ot the Asa* rn l?iy, it can ask and obtuin tiom it wcat men sod moaty rt msy require. Vlth the exception of what I hare Jus', related, ??thing absolutely bis occurrjd worthy of mention. Keeeat Lees from Home says that th'y nave r??*ired there iatelligence of tie p'omslgatiou aad sanction of Hie law of r?W?*e frcm nitrmiwo, civil an 1 eo,,;e?ia*tl cal, whirh has o~carion*<i in nm mrprM at the Rom^n court, as they had not expected it, from ;r.e timidity which they supposed to axiet tn Spain w tt regtr'l to tbe tfc Lgs touching Romf. The new* which th* I 'ope had TK-eivtd from Spain had flattered him ?wttu the liopi ?hat tbe Quern would ret are her sanction, in whfh uaae, through an opportune pro'.ust ot the toman court, lie thought to havo brought to th? ground the lib -r.U *n?a?r.res of the pretext government. fnieoelret upon thn paint, thfy sie BOW Oryiu* to put into execution aereral plans, half rarh and haif prudent, thervultoi whirh remalas to be seen. Auiotiqat th ae, that which appeared most favored >a Hoo.e was t-. withdraw .he Legate frow Spair to barxl hi* ra??port? tr> M l*acl>ejo, tbvKpsnitb Mioieter in Kome, aan to publish anrot ?-t, but 1 think ihst before naurtiog to ao 6X'r-n?# aioa anra, Rome will wait to pee if the pre-ftt gov -rament i* eopsolidstr 1. Once const lidated. Rome witl s??k for ncmpcmta'i i .n by ecme of tbe me*i>A and artiflcsa *he has always known how tu ii? In o'oer to obiaia money from dillfrtnt nations, and if tbaCarltft reacttoo should apiaad and triumph, ra? will wait and r.e ^orn-as'l by ?irruBirtancea. The Cortes continue discussta* the n?w conetitutioa, alternating it with fome lnw< of roKter al inter" st; hut tfce proceedings do not o'ter enoiirb of Importance to be mai'e tbe object of a detailed examtna ioa Amongst the d1apoftlu?B* of the government, there hi one wbicli m?rtte pert^enUr m uti o ? lf*v ng free the use of spii ninp macblnee. and removing the tarlif fixing the rbte ol labor an imra?lt'on of the ?^rtoriua Ministry. A3 the** highly ilbeiel m,asures have for object to emaa^ pate labor frcm the aoj'.aiut i Injects of tte.Oatalan worlmen. The ehoiern continue* stationary, and c:*nfi*'d ?o the oathern anburM of tbe capital, ?\wre tie ,?*0^ s.u ?eaeiaHj tn want, and omserieutly uatwaltby The ''f ?%*?? dally hsve vnrled from thirty to dfty, dfaths from ten 10 twntr? Agar** waieh a'p 'f*' tn ? popaUtiM of .100 ID". Man/ ahjai* & being tbe AsUt'.c cSo'.era, c^n?"u ting " nothtnj: more than a colic jeaeraDy arfv;? V J *nd i nown as " FA v ~ ^ , ae 1 have prerioasiy ob ,OT_T!- . y_.U't Wl c5*?? ol vegetables n th* paorer classes. El. CtO. U MFriCt'IiVUtS MTimw* TKK CNirKI) irirttr' AH? s?u*. [from tbe i'aria a eete, May "? t Mews of a very reoewt ante was ivce vei refterdar iroai th# United Ptate*. They fully eon'.rm th? ?*t e ?seat that Mr. Pierce has declared p?>itir>iy that Its will ?ever consent to allow tbe vMieets of the I'nion lo se rtaated by Ppaiitali mea of war in tbe open whs Simiil, therefore, holds in ber handa the qnest.on ot peiot or war. Ta preserve paaoe. aha hae only to ooati ne hnr eight af aearch to tbe water* that immediately wMh the abarea ef Oaba, in tbe limita so 4 aocor i ng to the pre aerlpUane establisbed by lateraatio&il .'aw. The Nab Admiralty, so proud of tbe aaetent supremaer of Areet Britain at sea. and so jealous of ite autbori'y, doea wot extend its jurisdiction along tae eoast to a dlitaacs ?f aMwa than three miles. Beaidee, ft ia no leas positive that the iaatracUoaa jisaa ta the oomaaaader of the American aquadma, Ms ?"??Jey, expreeely eajoio upon him to some u> an ami ?able aaderatanding with ? isn. Cc?aena on all the dlfficul Vea pending between tbe twa coantrte* on tbe saliject of gbe right or aearah . Letters from Havana confirm tbla s*wa They *n?ou pre, ia faet, that the Amerinaa (Vim aaodore. laariag in the open sea the r?n*ainJ*r of hla s^aadroa , preeeated himself twice in the port on boar I j^h* sbip bearing bit 0*f J?p seoond time, <m ^e 23 <1 I of Airfl, U h??l wtth tho CapUt* Goc?ral an tV.arvfew, In ?niefe vtre rrgolat# 3 all qo? ??<??? conooowij wi.^ li?bt <M Ittltti. iBSM' UWijr t?f ?T *i; ^n||; u ? >>M at a giaod m ? of tlio irof*, ^ ? teaqn?t affaroo to b>* by Oa C acka. To pot an *nd to *11 doabta, a VT*?rapbie 4oay?ta*>. 4a?od from I ondon on th? JOth May, umuim th? antral of Mr. I'adgo, *?? <!?pariur.? for Paria tho ??xt day. Tbe dofpatafc adOi that tht new raar?a*a%a tivo of tbo fnitod S'at#n at Madrid po*'tt*aly doataa tiat bU (OveiaWDt baaaay intoat on of breaking wiita up?'n on tho f object of tba rHibt of aoareb; bo wirbva only ?Bat. bi> flag w* 3 bo rtwpontod by Spain *<iaaMy wt'U Uo?e of otbor maritime nation* Mr. Do^go hat for mally d?flarod tbat Mr MeTantoy laatcucHoaa to ccmeto an aatcablo ondorwtandlag witb t>oa. Jonok-i. THE &EIT(I EXPEDITION. THE CAPTURE OF KERrCH- OPERA IIONS IN THE PEA Or AZi>*K- ORE A I" DE^TRUO T10N OP BUS8UN PbOPER Y. [From tbe LomUn titaix^aid, Juu 1?1'. U.] Tbe faveiable intelligence tiooi tlie East crowds up?a ue to such variety and amount th.t it U uuai-o.dably in volved >n FOB>* cor fut t?n Wekno?, however, eno <gh with cleat ret a and certainty to bwlJ out IB ataumnoe tbtt tbe Ctln>ean ram/'algB Dtu?t lead to a reault tri umphant to tbe a b?a Jwt us try to oarl cat :hf facte ?bi.ut which there can be " no m>Uk?." Tbe pe* of tbe "trait# of Yneaale ban iov? n to the *HUa toe ai> solute <!oui n on of the ,->a o> AzotT. until wi hin tliu laat week rr ten dam a Kuaaian libl. 1a ?incl tbe tar oon sidtred bio self so entire tbnt be apt earn to bare turn btue or no caro lode-end the 'wntHt on its coast, Uoojjb ibeie fortrene* constituted t*>? to'e protection ot all b*B msgsz nee of food and a men niton for h?i ai my at Sebastoi.ol, ?? tret) where eta? 'n the peoin. uU. a Migle small i- tenter la tuo only Kuseaan Teasel that new luiks in tbe sea to lately exolj*i"a)y uu'er the coir? and cf the Russians, wtihita poita are crowded w to the ligh'er vena.- h of the allies lb* occupation <f tbe i-e* el Auttt u"!( overa about 250 miles of the coast of the Cr mea, previously inaotsiable to tie allies; the whole peniiihota bein* iu fact cow in vetted kj our cmii-era At irxbat, indeed, the in tea'. - ment set ma to be the oloceatand moat important. The p ace that we have named ia a Furt'.fUd town, oesupying tke snt ih eastern extremity tf that rxt-accinary atrip of land, or aa it 1? call d in nautical laBguaga, ' a pit." %birh, <xtencing Blunt 75 miles from Ue itchi to Ara bet, reparatee the Putrid St a fxon tbe St? o i AzoiT, and rsrrl's toe pr ne'pal h'gb road from what ouy bo cal-'e.l t>e cooMoeiit of Ruarla to thr to? n of K*rt>'b tnm fur oirbieg tee only luno tiansit of proviH on i to tbe south east of tbe Critnta? a eonaidoration udJa to tae value of tne occupy V.on ot Arabic, now tu*t all ?r. :>ra of coKtni>nic*t'on by water are eut oil' by tbe^pnteoce of tbe allied cruisers. r<o tar all >a diftiBcLI/ mtoJigible, auci all ia certiiu; aal tt ia well T~ if V"*' Mtt' oo-.upa;ion of the onlv meana of arpna from Bi.aain to tbe Crimea, tt'fl remote and d)(Muit rout* of Ptrekpp exc'pt?d. is itn airanla^e gained far beyosd tl.e me>>t brilliant Tiotory by lea or land. The acquutinoBa are wil l>oa A* to tlie eucceMtn by which theye acquiaitlons I?to been made there may be *omo repetit out. it baa been some da ja known tbat at Keruui, on the 24th ult , tb^ enemy had burnt four ef their war nteuiaeri jnl thirty tram porta, with nearly a ptillibn of etckft or gr?ln, and tbe alliea had captured thirty traunporte, eixty foar vehne'i 'B all. An Admiralty communication however, appxira to ante t' ate the*e evtnu, if, indeed, tbe despatch in queation doea net ieftr to eotno other occurrence, as .* aarniitei by a contemporary, wMeu tbe errcr of date would be atill grfater. In addition to tbe ai*ty-four Ruarian vo ? h? !?. t&ken or deatroyed oa ^he '2.4th, wc bave learntd that live Ruhbtau tbipe, l?d?n with corn, were ?(>ztd at Kertch, b&viu? onVrcl the harror under tbe impteasion thut ic waa still a llus ?iau jKii t. In the account from Arabt^t, 10<J merchant vttftel* are reported to have be?n oeai:o>e<l, we p/eaume exclua'.ve of tbe aixty nlco ships deB^royei and ta*ien at Kettch and tbe <ive Btlf.eutrarpel? making, in the whote, 16. vea^ela taken or dettroyed. According to au Austrian UlegTaphic report, ihft aU.e.i have uolesn than eighteen ateam* t t in tbe ?ea of Azof, from whicb It muat b.i masifeit that no attempt c?n h? ro* !e by the Rufidans again to egtabHah tbeoiaelves tu any forca eiiht r nt Kertch or Arabttt, and it ii not at til tmprobi ble that tbe aHiea nay n< xt turn their attention to KafTa, once the ?ip<t*tof the Crimea, under thonane of Theoc'oala. KafTa Hew at a dirtin:e of ab^ut twenty miles tou tli of Arabat, and at tbe opposite or Kuxine aide of the istLmun wbicb content* the peoluaula of the Kettch wit tbe greater p*nirsula of t- e Crime* ? tbi* iatbmus beiDg, at t?n or twelve tnilos n*>rto of K iffa, not more *Lun < Igh: or nine mileo acroos Kilt.i has a gcod harbor for v. bbcI.m of o.ouerat<i dra-igbt, anj bad tbe prlscipdl trocc- of thi* peaistula be ord th? fcunriug of Peb?a.toj<>l. lhe Auatrian journtis wU -.h we bs*e qcoted say tbat hebau^opol it provlsionu.1 for ei^ht iccntbs Tbia %a do not oellcvu; hid 5w>aHtop9l bern ar amply aupjVed, what neel or ti e imra'ti e ma gar'nea ?t Ktiteb atd A raSat? B?' lies tbat a besiv'-d ftrtrtaa open to bonicarc biurt c?a n?rer co >at upos tbe n?fni> ol r.fc ntjrguK'ne'd. T/ie camo sutboriLy UiU that tbe allifo ate prepa mg ?? stttck tho itataian army at InUermarn with one hundred thenaand men. It miy be ^o, but we very mu ,.b conbt that t'ue Rns<"dan* wilt wait 'or tbt attaci:. Ite n'mo t lelf vonceit il, after tbe laet tvo y.aia'^exp. rituce, ?*flude tbfm intc the no tiou tbat they caa t>V?ly with or tb nj like an equal number ol iitif lioh :.m Knn -h troop?; and a de feat in a gereral i BKaaecent would t?rm<ita.e toe .?;tr, fatally forF.un'a. No; the? will ra,ilier tr'ntta th>.ir tartbVorVa, to Auattia, anc the Ruap^n nartjaio our eabtret. , ? , IJVb ths I."nfcn (evening) Sub, June . Netting r:in b* piomj tinder r M the pi "'J*' ??-'??. ? -'it tl?or.e UronH lbe?e of Beer* nceoaapUahtd without ciflicoUy or loea the impor tant ctijort* in which th.y ?? e er#ig?l The Uuesitna fledoniheir apperTiinee "?itbont tu? ?Hght'?t att'inpi kt reata'.Ance. KrTtoli, tv* ? iiifHitium^oi ihe cxteuflive oik J-.f.tH abutting od of Audi', a. wtti *s of th.-e watered by tfce IK n? the po<*iti<.n fiom wb>n.K?f o was cfcitliy supplied to tli* ?r?t>y of thf Or! dim ? Kert-h, where *bnt. ebella ard S''ni.' bat!* wre mm if^ured for thau?e of 'he e?m'?vn ol' Febiato^nl, an 1 through which ccumi n entioTii were oa'n airec ?l?h aud re:n fcretmenta obtained frciu ' li? army of tUa ?auci :"i?, wjb rurren<!frpd into ovr hsnf'.K with *-.*ieeIyft ahat fred U> it* d?'tnce i be troops by w hie i it was gir iifcncd ecarcely allows th. n&'ivw time to blcvop tfceir forUfleetion*, wl irh w*r? practically of ro irta'er litre ngth than 'be pa?*F>otrJ fcrtn-sie? of tho r*bine?e. V? st qr.antit.rc of sei?ala. cat*, ?<>rn and flour wo ro aUo cej-ttoti-d, er.d *ev?r?l of their vrftael*; but manr more fell into our bands wbich \b*y eld not venture to take time to may e away with Tbe'e impor'iut .i*UloT'>ir.*nt? were ?Bnjstlntjr fol lowed up. Vtnfl;?'e wi* *j>o?<Uiy ratctui't, anil a* iipceui'.y taken po.-w??ioo of; a hila tUi alJuJ nqntdroa, ? th? *ame tiT?? havog tniered lato lie >a of A/oif, proc??(!ed to 15erdta;jtk( where their appearance wai the i.ijral I or th* degtrurtion by tJw KauiitM of luiUier Urge cpp'ir o I com and lout l*r?o war neaver* fc.rifl of Ar*l?*. ww# tbt n boruisrt'.ed the powder *na^a 7ire? blown op, and HW merchant vesa*'* destroyed TV erf tm but ion ?iM)i st. aoeihip of thn ?tntire Ruwisa nar.v ?? tbat ihd r em, vhinh it wnn fondly thought no bcMtlie fieo; ?ouW <ttpr e.i-1 thtre can bo but il'-M? <nubt tiat ?te wi'l 5?* *pe dily and a&tlf "uctiril} dlg pcpei of; ;oihat tfceio w 11 bs m appjaiai.;t of ts? Ilm. nan flag in tb??*ao( Amtf wbi<^h >a now com;'1. V!y in tbe hasda of the ailieri fleets. There ???ru? V) hare b?fn ?<n.e coBfualon cf dau s r i to tha tim?>s when thc-e litter triuirpb^ were aorcinpli-li'd The t<-l<?ri?|.h:c d??p?wh rri^ei-:cd a* tue Ac3ralr>Hr reffr* totbe 2-d aed 2?d ntt. But that was oerely a verbal ?ncr. It ihcvld prohtHy ba?e Kb t'.e t7th and CSt>; 1 ut ai Uifre can be no i'outt tbut tiie wora. ha* bf<n lol!y dote, we <;ui jit-.turtiy awa'.t the nl?irii:g up ct our doubta re i*t ? ct'Pff tee time it wai hc c< rop'.ii>t.crt M?Kueb:l?9 tte ootn^y a^peored trcHpable oi l'ttli^injrtbe esfrnt or thf dl^at'tfrf they h?^! eoiur^d. Vimh 'ontiiue^ to *rrirs ?t Kertcb, a? if it still re n.j rid in thrlr own ban.ia; ?ji J fire nhtpa 1 1 ten wi'Jj rcrn raire into the !i 'n'> ("e^, aud of conrsti were cap tut" . Ti e *n?t. impottnnre o' thore d?c<l? cnajt tw too 1 'gblj ??t'ni?t<-n. Tue Kogaitn troip? h/?--e th-r?by iwn ^eIrly^,. of one of the nio-t roh-aMe, we h?d ?1 m:?t fitd "m *i]rpeo?aHe," b?*'t of t'jeir op""Hfioo? lb?y e?c pla''?Mi ?-?t?e n two, or ra^h-'r tbrt? hiv*. t?c not nae th?y a?e nwiaced by tb? ^a'laut trsips who hioe tuft taken t^^ir lin'? on the T>iher?ara i?n tie o'her by tfc? eflicicnt corps nr. ?r Hit 1. Hro*o. v bile the TurV* nodar Otnrr PmI* wil xrpif rem via id'e ?*. Eupttor a; tl'e defence" which they h<-ve i^on ?tr'i(;<td rk.Bg ?br roal to .^mpbi-ropol t*:n? ?Mipnpl? ?ly ontflarLx*, trill becoai* comparatively vorthl'ea. fHiri-'ii of oeaantopol wlil ??e.'reely u uo'j'.;a t,ii*ir npir.t ?ktti ti??y can no Iync*r r<'*ira cupplien au-1 n-t!iriv3e mctite ''ob; without, but must entiiely ilwpeod on thMr o?n r?f>?urc?4i Vi> n>?y, therefore. Jook not m-r^y to the rtuniKir nnd c nfvj rnt daftruitjon of that et*oJ, ?2 ncBiict ta OoBfct -ntioopl* a??l to i^ jrope, -otaWo o' U;e who* of tli# rrinjon. - j- ?'iMy o( ;maoy of t>>e ?d jar?nt dietnc-*: ?nd l'.a'xia will hare to depVjre th'? ?va tunr.eiioua rc(ua%l of her Hesipot^ntiaj-y to irr?t. on ibe tf.o l?aie??t 1*m ? ter.reie<* for tier acoeptan''4. fCrom 'be l.'initwi Jane I*. Sf.] The ?Mree?i wlv h h\B A'^nltid ih? tid exjvedt ton *o Ke'.ch* ao iQ^n i to re^ et that tl.e'firat wii recaltd T"i< whole rp-r?t!oi> va? wn redacted with a rapi'ity *i.<i proci 1- u 'bat mint imp ru tb? aa tiee* of toitln n Rue'^i* with a vi ry a ? ^ t ntl#l Wea o' the ?<rfP5".h o: tie Allien, ?nd imp"?a? di-mH| aa'.u:ipa ticne cn th? Hue i?i> ?roiTin th*- itiui n (in the ?.'4th the Ail e* iaoi'eJ at Kerrch, oo th? '^th fhe'r Ft'?mi>? ?h? Strait* and t?i? u^.r* <y (he Weal floats'*, trtn the Sn of AMfl. IVepttdiei re-e'ved by the g<'V?n>meQt iaat n:ght aaoo'ni'f oa h'? Mth tha flo*'lla appeari <1 h'for" ItvrCianak, the b- ?t harbor on the !?'?:? o." /?wfT, and a gn^.t sr??lo 0?oot: tn ? h'r*, a* ?U?whr,?, when a-i?Ule<l tHe en; 'ay b.iinel Ui* ? tote* of con, and de-trry?l four w*r tax t lay in tha barber A^ove a Luu^rel a*il o' v?a *ei? ueed in the traeap.^rt tra ?? have b-rn de atrryid by our eruUer*. Tli" All<?4 on the 27th ?hailed the tort of trabat and ">V?? up (be reo^a ?/Ine TMi attack on Arabat ettectnaUy riim* the ro?l tbe I'ntrtd Fit. one Rtia*itn tte*Ri>r, we ate told. r?roi.'n? iu the S?a of A.-ofT, ard, a* tbe ullien i w.:l tot leave tlia ??i. half <Jo?e. no doabt they ?tll rl?it Marianopol, and T, *aoro^, and every p!ae* !?>*? mhl. ?o tliegctiao! tbr ft -iwri, and complete the irora of dea'me' .oB E?y by d?y the pnmrttbu) placed en 4inth>>rA K.n (ia ??U be lelt not ?a.:7 ct .<eb??loo,W. bit far luUo l, and thf m- reliant* at K?'in :iad Miahr.l Vorfi'od will feel tho effect" of the (ycupa'.'oo of th* strait# of Rtrim, iB'i the teiling up of t irea of AzofT Tt will be fttt abo on tLe plateau* and in the T(tl>?y.* of the ('iu 3*ia?, and the hrroe* tf Sciiamyl will re^oond to the Htrantu*, fimr the l'??peln to tbe rock* of An*p%. tor w II Iti eehre* t* f*mt in the pala/ee of fit. Petrrshnrjr. nor with out effeot at V enna and Berlin. Hut th* actual oper?tione, alt'toa^h not wlt'iout P cry, *re i^ntll io oompiti^KOn with the effect* they ?say reaennably b? >ap?etel to produce on J*j-,'er tb-Kti* of the war aronn 1 Keb?(tcip)l. There la now no cnt'et to the Kuaaian araif ta the Crimea except by tbe Iftfcmn* of I'eiekop ; no prt'?peet but of euotalcing a* hee?. they eaa with tke diminiahtd reaoarcta, tbe etout fight they have Ki'> for the laat eight month*, of mpltuLatton er rt treat. No doubt the ir*!Unt ?oMter* wbo have ao ntffly defended Pehaetop?l will ret new falter In tbe par fornanae of their duty, bee. nae their peril* are gre\ter, and ibcir cb?nce* of reri* ling th?!r b-mr" deefeaeed. Tbn greater ti?kcf fti aBfce la the (Mjbm hw y?t Uta ?ermptipb<d, and ?e much nrttiie im ctiirie'.ir ?' tk?i* Ues, If tb? latter yieM to the ?\j;Ttia%ei of valor ? ao aiaUia witboat ad??p?r? ? *rs.?t?Boe. Tbej hare (Him, *Uet? peftioo*. ? power? ol a i>d e???rous ar tillery: t?>?y are >or ?!?** t*1*/ **?'? tjeiroonn tiy. aad m.t what ?v?n tbe Rnyian *??' * ??J <?al Ibeir country's tsnor; and, opposed uy a*e? men, tb# paib 1o Tie'ory along which tbe alKea at* advancing, c?n en); K op*B?l and toe foal atta ne i at .be e*ft of >?nyn>n?ry hati '*?, and steady an1 un'altencf warfarw ^wct'a is ?t lire the bandit M God; buUD?nrcaw? lejiitt to J. t'mon Jj speaking, ou n'.raejtu grv?t, wa feel bo nil?r<vfnef hot tfc it ?ee<Ma will crown oar arm*. ri>c*? the Ixodes Orosicle, Jane 1.1 Ibe di? ?we from Yenitnki to Kcrtcb ia about nine ?tiX, acta ?a a verdant plain. Kertcn ia eompiet aiy br. lit of a1 ma, r.J tbe bout** aia bandaoaaa. It eoa tales, a p< po'ation 01 about 1C.0CU taula. It van a p'aoe of enly Might iupr>rtarc? wben it wa* cac'ed by U>e l'oitb to i<u?iia i? 1774. but It toon aiUr part.y recover ed Us origin >1 'iitD or. to tta d<trl?*ntof ibaojoala. tbe sue mt Kaila All Urn con.merea oarritd cn it TUa wtwi* a a* i? mead by tbe government to Re rtch, where all vessels Mul to the 8ea ot A* jff w?re ren>ffli?a to undtigo a quarantine of Ivor days. Tha larger ven??U bad -bur cargo* brought to tbemin 'j?bt?ra frero legaBfc-g or from Ko>toi; hat toose of "igbler ciauvbt of ?a.ter erotsfd tta bar and 1 jaded at laganroff. tin tbalr return, they were ooligeo to trana let bull tter c-irgot s at Yenikale into lighters, aad to ?eibip It. at K?rtcb a't*r baviejr over tbe thai low*. N?twi*h*'*nding t beee nlilieullita, tbe core? rse of Kertee and o* tba f?a of aatff rapidly ln-:rai?*d, and In 1 ?61 net than 1,000 vessels tnterrc tbe re? of Azoff. BISCELLIHEOIS Will KBW9. PROBABLE NEW TACriCrJOF RUSSIA.. l? aitu iM?; 3D) Correrponrtecce of I/>ndon Port.) I ain In |>oflh??non tt tome F.uaiias inforioatiuu net wltbr nt 'D'trest. Tbe p?rrl?on of Sebag'opil <un na*?r ?b?nt 00, tbe> are in ???+. ot gunn^raand engineers, ibe p'ate in proti'ioned or eijht muntbs. it >a t*i*v?u tfc at oititra h*v? b*eu eent from ^t Te t?mbur ft that th? Rn??i?u foreen fn the Cri.ite.i are to r? tirt b?lore Ot i>lli?H, Moaly, watch ng only occasion* to attack any cetaebtd corpa It ia prcpottd by tbe Czar to ccnc?ntrate again a Urge feice on tL? (rt litli rn o the i'riucip*ltif r, and thus ttreat?B Itirlcy. Me?n?bile, evt?ry atlort ia U-in< u*e<i to contract oJot er reHktiona with Austria, tile Ooort of Jfruriiia, and tlie rm?U*-r tier roan St?t*?, now employed cn tbio mi?iloD. Huxia proposes that AUftri* ?&oald cflntu.ue to I'romire alliance with tbe Wmtern Powers, ab b??ore, hut always, tie JmIo, lea re tb? floor open for liit-ria io at<aea lurkey cn tbe old gr^uad of the Pria cij ulitiei". 'Jhis, ?p tyc-nts take p)a:% it is suppoied m gbt be arcoinplitbfd, Anetrla finding seme excuse for retlrng frnm ber treaty engagements. For exanpiu. Auttriu might eay. ''Voo, Irance and FogLuad, occapy at il hole KuhMuu imiior) ..we n?r?r int?nded or desired tbe b- R-iIia'Mi of Ihe Czar; we are, thm-fore, no longer bemd to oc-iu-y the bign road to Turkey, and will, thertfore, let the f ncsian army pau " If, then, my ittormation is correst, it would be wis? to strcngilfB Turkey at Silistria and simt'ar strategical points Ibe allied gepfrals have as large a force an is practically urelnl already at tkelr command ? nde"t, n ore tbi n they wilt require, rappiae the R is \^u tact, i beiig tbat nl retreat is tbe Crimea and attack in tb 4 I rino>p?lit!es. NAVAL OPERATIONS IN THE BALTIC. ACTION OF *HB BMTI8H COMMAJIDfcH ON THB NED* TKAL1T? LAWS. [Frcm tl?e London Times, June 1.] A Botlfl.v'.iliin ban be?n addiesfed by the hunslan go veium??t to its *lpU>maVc agents abroad. uti'irg that when Captain Wfctpon, of htr Majesty's frigate Impe jituii, inO'Tn^il tPA b}(H*Kids of P rt Hi] tic and tho otter porte < f the 1uH of Finland on the 28th of April, lie y crow pat ied that intimation by a condition at va riance wito the pruKipleshtthsrto observed by the allied guveiiMren's in the ocrouct of tbeif miRtim4 operations in tbe prtFPDt wer. Captain Wataon It aiWg*d by the Bupaien fOTCtm'rt ta have etated that vi'fe ports wne it a a'ate of b'o.kade fiom lhe 28th of April, but tlat a term ot sevfn dayn acuid be allowed far neu tral ve?f-eiii to l** vo the harbor either In iali&at or with cargoes oi other than Buseian property laden before the cate of the declaration of the blosiade Upin ibis declaration the Rufsian government thinks fit to bate a v?ry jrecifitute and unfounded aivertlon, tbat ? >.Dt)ard now rmonuct s the principles sho adopted but a vear ago ot the flag covering the car^o," and an attempt is instantly made, without further in formation or inquiry, to excite tbe suspicions and alarm of ntutra) trading Stated sg.vnat the policy of tbls ooun Irj. We barn thai this loofah ana unworthy attempt to *ork upon tbe jetiouty of the minor maritime Fow ere ) au not b??n altogether unsuccessful, and thin inoi <>iit suves to flow tbe nee which Rusni* would have nisc? of any r?-al deptriure from the principle* adopted tutiurde nc'.lrala by tula country as well an by France, ?t ibt> ontiet oi tfce wvr But w? have to Hesitation in gitlag tbe meat ur qualified contradiction to the Infer etce drawn by the Ruffian government Irom Captain Waietn's anroonceiaint. No intention whatever oaa have he?n entertained or manifestos by the Uritish gov ernment to renounce a principle wbich has been eoleim ly piode'ine'i to tfce world b? the authority of the Ciown; aid tbe Btiiaian government can hardly have soppCMU tbat a ni' re informal eettimumcVaon by the rt n ni?n?n of a cruiser bns power To ?t aside 'be Tcroe of hp <Wr 1p Council ano a declaration of thf,^'"^. In the frtt place wlyKJhfltn the rtufman circular, cf fit thal.F^ l 'fit ct o* Captain Watsoo'H <tifl:atlon. !' *ijhj tare ( u v?r'>'al or 1n writing, bnt ii in writiog tie nt V**K ebc uid have lw?n i|unted. At any rate, it vug a ir.tre at t of (ouxteey to give any inoh no t'licat on to tbe KufmUn autbcrl'.us at Tort Baltic at all, anc the rmrnsitu of ??. ven .'a>a to netitr-U Tese^la to ^rirg oat th?tr cerg-'ee hden before the b-'ockarff, *?? DtecCed /or t^"<r c cvni';Dce. Neutral vtBseis lu a Hoi-iieced f:rt fcave a ngut to elesr oat in nulia^t or with rfirgteilaoen before tbe t'etlarifion of tlie hV>ek. ai.e, nnl tbn* furCapla'n W*t?cn ?*it?d upon a liberal i*(in5trnc'..onof ^he inw ot natluni; bu'; it i? ?Ue{|tc liiat he 'nfr r jet upon the pnn rple aioptel in the ft* wer by limiting tbti cocc<eiK'ion to cargoes tot iting l'i)t?>n jroperty, end thereby tevired a dis .tocico which it i< tot our preront pel cy to Rake be Ivret rergoi' rnd^r tee nrutralflag. Ve re<iaire io the titht p'ace. tobe rat' iUo tLst Cnpt. Watson dio makeaoy f u?.li c^loi' in?, that uty neutral vessel has Ne^n ta tfce ^riund of enemy's property .to Vre-C? t?o Hcis >f which we eo'eriAin considerc.ble tfeulyt. But, ecvneoing the statement ma^e by tbe flu* ftangovftrtmPTit to benccurate, It la evider.t f/om the i tn'tsf thet C'epta n Witssvi nAn acting upon bis om r?tjon:l! il'ty ; 'rr, wben asked *htth?r ih'ps leaving fit- liHrtot cc ibo ttr.sgthof his declaration wo ikl be al.ottcd to prCr?cti i tbelr Tnyane unimpeilfd, wifioot be'jtg etoj'i ?d bj nvy Fegllth crniwr i-hev ra?hf. meo; at j ??9, he r*-i/li<d .i.uit be coald not take* ou h'mieU to ? givt i bat K'HiTvnrp, 'or that tbe Admiral tclglit f ile O'bir orders Irt it, boirever, be suppssed thatCapt WelfcOjB, ot an? otter officer, actltg uf<>n soup m'a.ip | i TtbtitMtin or hi* in-'n-ctionit, did 3?;a.n a neutral ?jip , oc tbe f r< nrd of it? carrying cm my'p property anJ sun ! I tbe tliip ar.d teiro in f5r con- emuation, wt>at ?ouM be I th< rctu't. Vr^ tt it a u&ruloffic;ron1h<il)so:<>a(Un<ser I fice * pvsfrto filUr the express dee'vrattoti of tV mown or H t p< 1<ct of the governm' nt which he .isrves Maval erticei-e etc efnt ont, not to m?ke th? Jaw, bu', to i execute it; tbey t>re furnixhrd with ampie and minute j :n?tnitttorn apon the po nt? of maritime Uw which Are i iikelj toarlfe und if say etrer is committed, ?hey m*y I he itnd?<rcd ptr.< naAIj rtvipODrilrie in ooets ? iid dt?i?(tes. ! It the cwr we b'.ve jusl put for the sake of argument i if a neutral v>?tel wee brought Into the Oour: of Ad ! nihility on the prounl of h?rewryinge of eie n.y 'e Tr' perty, tl.e csptor wou'd at or? e be t ild by the i Jiif'je." ot the /<?m>?alty aiici the law offioors or i,he Ctovtn. ifctl bcr MHj?t:tv hae, hj her orier in council &' j the 16th ot Aprli, 1*5^ v Uv-d ths naUt of scir.icg ? enfiDj's t Tor>ert* la<"en o" how J a neutrel von*-', uuif ii ? it he ccurriit end nf war;" .ifcd consequently tuat. pro ] t..'ed it Im- iibonn to tbe ?a>i?fa*'i.>n o.' the ti-ici wiio< eqi at'rcn iln? the carjjo "n tosrd a neutral ve.uet Irarinp a Mocl- ?.?.>>*<* jort, wis ltHen before the df j ctarstlon of tte blooka^e, it U no part ol th" I bsiiccee ol our officer! to enter Itto tbe qu<n bn ] if propel ?* at all. Tliat 1* the cl-ar and ua tfoubifd elte^i of the pref^nt *r?re of the Hw ?i I regulated bv tl-r ftn'er.i in Council, and adm'Tiiiter^d b? tic ' curie cf P> ize A ntvtl rlli-xr ea*y or miy not J o tcoitf taaccurAcy < ! 1-tgal e> pip .-ioti, oc mir : e en bf yti:"y o' a vteaoh of hiB ffetradl'ni; but thi , prncifni object of 'be conrt* of mmp'teut jiu Wiation j it 1o tike 'hat the ?tr>ct le^'I prinefptes whiea ger ere tbcfe tKt^actiOus are npplied ali;e to csptotsund | to clilwante. A for? gn 9l#te h? no r'ght to r.iyne up , on a e oi/'e e?.t of ? aavsl officer even though he ius j <ntny, uutli it he eecertvned wh>tiier that act ia ap r : oved r.y h - twn supsritvs. and sao-'tioned by tie rjlzf Courts of the ottvr bfl'.i|etnt It is a ladiorofes ti?ti r.Tj; i>vr to r^rtfnd snd arsert, a*- tbe RoeMac <iov i > run ctit tns cooe In this ins^usc-, beenna > Ca^tiin tVat. ion u.ay l>?re givi n . u notlee a! i'ort Hi! tic whljh :bcon*i#tent with tbe rU{ht o? neatr^ to c?frr er<icy'5 t>rep?Ttr. that "Engl, nd mw tenouujei tbe prtDO:|le she arioptM hut a year ?go of the flag co the c"i^go " the Cabinet of .-Jt. Petersburg t.iaat b? Bwaie that when i,j ImpirtAti- chtnp? la mv'e in the law rr pelicy nt ? State, espeiUUy wbeo it aifriu ttie tights of other f-t?t#s, tbat change t* prowilg-aieil with ifco eatue ; ornxiJitiee as the law it supentndee. Nnutrul ? l o?>rs may tett aeeured. that the Uwof ttiis oonn?ry on th r ?til j?ct i* governed by tli? Orier In Counja W 1 thofAi'rtl iei4, until that ort'er Is reeon-tei by . j? <ro*n tt e prize courts ol Ka^Un l *re i o-.m i by thHt law. ard If It iau be mown th?t the provisions ot tiiat law In fsvor of oeutrala lvave been vM^ el by a.nv m a r<nc?iti' B r? tl.e pert ?f a Brtlsji officer, re.'r-wt *will be affirmed to tbe cln msate. snd tbe ofticer U nim*?ir liable for the co- ?qui ecre of his mlnttke Ae or n aj" Pvr' reaesembies, it w*}| he t*4 y to eecrtfc'o what <l<e pteei?? coTumaoiettion made *>y Capta n Wete< a .o lb-* auihoritiie at I'crt Cialsic. MMlly ear, and v* have no dcubt that tbe goverument will take effectual mewurea to icinove the errsneiu* len preeHon v tlch H. de Sanfcivin h*s a'tesovM to <a*at? nVrrrr*. Indeed, i-s tbe Inprrieuse has been oompelled to relnrti 1" ne by fc?r colhei' n with thn Tiirtar, and ia tow n loitemo'ith dockyajri. we preenme tu?t the nbcle of the ctrrumetan'^Mi of the eae? can he sa'ufact') rt } erpJaoed wl' bout delfly; not iu tbe m??anume. W? tocfldtu' iy ae* rt tbat io c'oauge wna'ever haa beta m?t*e in tfce poll:y er In'enti-m o' the Brlt'sh govern ment with referi lice to the t.ansport of stem) '* urr prty ur< er the nt utra< fl?g; it U oo pfttt ot the ?yr,iein ttw tpt-lied by t??ia country t i loquire into tbe oriiftn or ronfrfhip of cargo** < n 'loard neutral veuels. aud the attempt t<. c?r.rl<?f tb.'s eountry of a depaitore froji the priee-plee it has Aar. unoc- i to tbe world ia a pure Icven i ? of the Ceb ret < f Pt. 1'eterevurg. THE KIPSUM MJMSTfcK ON THK WtCTRAfttT LAW-l in i uk Baltic. Hi? Ku**Un ITn;*i#r lor Fori^n MMi* hu?, no<I?r i1t<? of the K'lh ??' M?t, f?mod lb? folio wloj circular to tU* r*?j???nt?ti?oo of Kn??1? The TbdpmIiI Mlniolry for Koreljpi AfTuJr* ju?t ti er ?td the fc)lo?itg ofUrt?l anooono?m?pt la tfa? fr>*IMlf>ftll?l'tlt (29th) ?f April *n hnxtUh oflie#*, *itb * fUjr of ?rueo from th? fr>4?t? 1,'inip. n-n.'. Opt . Wttaon, rotiBod In I'ort fMtio? 1, lt?t th? Flu?'Un in lb# B?y of RlnUn! w*r? <Vcl*r?.l t-? ??ock *tl<l frf? ?. 'flwlm i ? the nonfri.1 wh cb ?oi* ?t t>>?t tirno 'o I'orf might !#??? tea harbor, but only to or ?|t? ct'fOM | ef o'ker tbaa Bsirfaa 3. V?lftethia en4 a 1 >nm of ????? #aye w.*atawe4 tidL M an' er '.be ?x p?e?? cod' itioa tki} 1M1M Uit is no further cat (a te tke date ?( the dec iwrxUon ?f ibe h^^ckaoa. Wbea uk?l whether th?t Blight V*y?* the buboi on the atreqgth of tbie aa aur?B<'.? ?ot'<l b? allowed to proeecute tb?ir court* un impeded, withaatcangar a b*t?? atopped by My crul?ere ib?y might meet at Mi lb* Lag lOt oflle?r declare! tbet he could to', take upon hituaelf to give thit w kut?b<?, fin a* it vsi po'rt'hk that the Admiral ia oom aaaao ef the log fob fleet might anbeequeotiy t??ue other omcra. lie laperul Mlauoaa and Coneulatea abroad are >e?|ue?t"l to bnrg ib'*e facta to the haawlerige of tbe foveroment to which they ere accredited, leaving it to treat to make tb?u> ktoen to all engaged la rial pnnoita. We tall to ihe'-r r?meaabranae, at 'ha ?aae tme, that tbe nctilietlon pubuabed Much 2Sth ef ibe last jear ia the atweof bee fcritann'c Majesty . ron'tlped the following declaration ?Her Majeaty will waive her right to road Mtate eaemv'a f oa beard Btuiral abipa, except in tbe mk of "oatraband ?( war. From tl-e ?edoqi>">b.?i t made at Port, Baltic tt appeira, bower, tbat Englatd low r?nonnces the principle ahe ac'epfeo but a jear ago of tbe flag covering the ?argo, and it will be expedient tj draw the attentlaa of ueu ? trail engateo in ccmmerce to tbla oircuroiUnce The Director of the Vln'Btry of Foreign UT.ira, Miniater lullatw, MENI WIN. It was jeperud at Dan tain, an the'L'ito, that the lirat divi- ou o( Uuaiuan gaa boaia, rtatloie i at Sweaborj >ao mare a niov* meat tnsrarda the opposite coa-it ol tbe t-nl? ia tbe direction of Riga. Ihe Unset ung are making a land cummunioation wiux Tornea, at the extremity of tbe CnK of Lot! at*. Ibe Kitten aqtiadrca under Admiral l'enaad, aaOed licai Kiel Way 22d. to join the Kngliab fl?et, which w%? lait rejc/ied beyond Na r^nt. Crowda o' pereooa wit nrritd >b? departure of tae French ahipa. and saluted tb?ni with ch??r?, aa ilO ilie l*an ah war atearaer llejla, happened to be in the rcadctead. OPERATIONS IN ASIA. According to letitra fiom t?i7*r?um, tiiaeral Wiltuiiu wat btN.v lertifjing tbe c.ty witli earthworm. Kur< if tan ia not >et unlet. Tl < Ruacatp have recently manlfeated acme intent ioa ef aa attack ea K*re. IBE PEACE 10YEHEKT8* TBE PROPOSED CONFERENCES It wa? an* onset a by aat ate?a>er that the eoafereneea ?t Vi?>na won^d be rtaumtO? cte BMtetmg to tate place ?n Saturday, May 'JO, w.tboutthe pf-wn? of tbo Koh ai?B plaippoirBf iaries, and aao'her oa Monday VSth ?t wl'icb all ibe aaaterK&dora would be preaent. Tte ae <<"->117 ii at; ut turns cio ?ot, however, arrive from L? xi d Par. a, and to coafer*nc? took pla^e oa Sator tay . A Vi?ava drxva^ch of tbe it.tb May, mentiona that rooireot anewei- had been revived to the propo?ala asnt by tbe /uMriua governoieat to Lordon and l'aris on the tfnh. tr<-m Parte it la atat<>d tbat tbe new Aantrtaa propoeitiova are perem;,t?>ii)y aegatived by the Cablm.ta ot fugUco and ktanco; but this latter statement i? pro hi b)y pr? mature, a uatr.a will adhere to her neutrality (tb? d?Fp*tch aaya) nnieaa the Priacipalitiea ' under htr froteei orate" be invaded. rnnKT BUOL'S CIRCUITS ON THE 8UBJBTT. aScr*a.*d tt* foUowlog t> tto Aartr'.n representatives it th. G?n? Courts w*"" to th* UW??BCt?- Yiksxa, May 14, 1855. Cir-The decision of the Bntish government to pw tent ta Parliament the protocols o' the \ienna <^n ?Vn?. for p*ac* at a moment wben they CM"0'b?/^"dflUMMoTthe^cn. At tb* end of th* protocol of the 01 ul" w rl * ^pSS&ttortoa of France and England, on their ^ uuvKTfcc^d that their instruction* were "JHa sissr ifssau ifsast SSmK Sfi??iS^?sSSH!ff3fi5S ?Vv* jsjs ?Kg&' a =sgsis K mkVJlu "m? unicat.on before the ??ttltoftliJ l%V."^"iSbU.,?,ir ?t ?,. ???;? -jsrtiati Icn.iou to the prop??al allude^ - BUOU >Tf?e"CoVotW? Gazette mentions, from an authentic ?ctcto? that three Anstr'ian circulars have lately been lMtird to the Austrian reprwentattvei at the (Jennan C?Thc flrat is a letter accompany ng the prcio:)l* of the Vienna Ceoferenc* It toys stress upou th* fe .t tha tho rfE0?Ia1kns are not broken off, bat on the^onW^ry, are continued by the cabinets In U rested. ( rhe letter i? Ibe'si'ecnd reiiAes to Count Nessel ro'o's toet circular *f Am SO /that to M Clinks.) ?hi:h It declares m no conformable to O e position of germ. ^IJllKfthe ble ritli t? e ?Uigattons noceptsd by it. It pan* ?t the mm (cmmitud *y the Russian gpierninentjuwi ?* ntf Met. the rouT'ciSon that no G?nu?n government wii nhow it??lf dirfoeed to accost engagements wiitsh *Ught to be eo??^*r*d sa ?ir*cted against Austria, and m gli lead to moat regretable complication*, the onseqaencs rnd exteit of which cannot be '<mwn. ?ru'8l?>^* i ver, bss already repHort (January, 18j?) to theBus?*o inwitUn of a strict neutrality: she d??tar*d in two destatche", dated blst January, 1M4, that to pro^toim ?t iiescnt inch un armed neutrality between Austria, Piuuiaard, would b. equivalent ; t , tyto* the* bards in the pt>s?nc* of eventualities, th*b*ar (?? u which was no- known; that, moreover, tie rrotoco) of 5th l*osmbcr, 1853, c??ted r?c??csi ubl'gtticne between tbs four Powers, and that Pro* i car not in any case, renounce the work un. < ertaken . con mon, fnd by iierdeeertion caus* tlietalure ofth* ccnton enterprise. "Bo far," aaya Count Buol, "An tr!? m?y, in nevoid with Prusun, count upon tie tinMil nioiis opinion of tl>6 l)iet." .... , i t~.t i Ob* third despatch expresses regret at the rainisi?rUi cbsrgo which ba* taken place in trance but topes tne event will tot cavce any impealmett to the woik com K<nced lor the r*i toration of peace. CtnCnEatory of tl>* above we find a sutemont in tue Puwefioif Zt uvnp that Count Muol l.M informed he RufctUn umbaisaUor thatUe deliv.ry of Count Nciifel. rede's fepatch to tbemembeis of the German c Con ifderntiou malvidnally, would be tot enly an act in viokrlcn cf diplomatic u< age, hut would be viewed by Au?tiia Tvitb gr?at displeasure. Tnrtfcer. be bo^dth";1 tone ol ti e roi mbtis of the federation woula hind them ?tlvrsinoJ?Mually to Russia, as *uch an ??t w uld Vrlseon a c*l?is which Austiia woull gladly avcii. In the ptond circular. alOTfi referred io. Count Buol la ?imated the (?arc views to th? several German court*. (From the London Berairt June 1 ] Th? circular of count Buol. which we yesterday pub listtd, fngeetta n8?ct;ons of the very gravratcbaMJ Kr as t<. Ui* tt<.te of our relation* with Austria. It is, is truth, ^oij that we &et % Tiew of wti^t 19 piling in that oipkm-i y by which, nav?rtt?JeMi. ? verts oi ihc d?fp?st tooment to us all are decMed Itiin if n<aikul>le eooumtnt ?uppl:es us with one ?? ti.o? '^We 'low know that on the 14th o? tort month prop > mtoma'Vby the Aasyriwi govframont for tba fettle n ?nt r.f tba iJL.Urn (ja??Uon were Uider consw?r?wn by Ihe r?l,.Lft? of lonf on snd l'aris To vary m">v o. < ur r??ifr", lo nio*? u embers of ei'iar Ilocia of 1? h meat, th!s icteliiswoce will, we doubt not, ojmia by ?ur?riM?. It r? Fis. fco?ev?r, up^n the unqueatlon \ <\* au'hoiitv Of ihr Auftriaii Unist^r for Foreign AfTaiiir n.y, itiiby brni publicly Mated foi the .nformatton "f What mi J have been tbe ratine of the Aniiri^n pro_ toasV we are not told We are, bowtver, asiur?1 tlia. in u < ni UoC-aMtet of Austra beVevei that ?h*T b?l fo: nd a "loval and cttnpleto fultijnent of the joiut ol gtiarsnUe." und we an< iui rer ^f3rm-.l b? tla ?am? aut)?ocity, that, if accepted bt tba ?*syra Foyers Austiia would have "pieeented these Urms to the Pi. Petersburg fXb net a? an r,Hiu,%tiun Tie Auatiisn Cabinet mu> t not ierons moipfint imv s'ne a^t r.ny one In irojos d uptn by a dev'ca "*trxna titieLt liyt ocrisy o! which is too plain lie wi iter oj n i. Jotter knew ^Hecfy well that Uie ultimatum would have b. on scceptt^ at St. Petersburg, for the best of al louo.r, that its term* ka^ been previonaly arraufet wi b that Cabinet itcflf. It to, unhappily, no xwret that tlie Crrt cenfldential oo??uniciVon of tba Austrian Caltoct was wth Russia; and the wily Austrian ?f i.lrt?rf, having flrxt a?#frt?ine4 t>i?t Ibe terms would b? acen\?rt by that Government, thrn rtot in^ rv po??l? to tb? Obmets of France an.t Fnylaud. with *b rrTfrrrstiou tbst, if approved of by them, Austria won id, loraoctb. inf<?t on the accepwoce of them by ' Vh's ns'if.n he- tow % clear rtgbt to know what tbeae nrotiose in *m* Count Buol has thoogbt propr to pnv l?h to the worlt tba fact that sncb proposal* mfn* ma e If the ? are rfj'ctfd, tic responsibility of con tiobint tte war is ibuf thrown upon France and Kng l?nd. The m?nife?to of fount Buol states that the Aretiisn jroposals would ba va fully eaaured tbe third Lflint? the ulmiuntion of Russian pTsponderance in the Hafk Era. Ihe whole truth ncust now ^e U.ld. and tbe civll'z*d woiid must be the judge wheth?r oHers have Ivcn wade wkich ?ould hare secured this objnot. list tbla is no- ail. Whatever be the nature of theea rrcDcesW, so myiterioualy Wept aecret from Pari iraant ?nd th* conatrv. it U perfaotly plain that tbe Austrian Cab. net cei-ntoted oa their acceptance. The whole laa Kutie ?i ' ount Btri's circular unpliee this. It li a quf sti *n of th* deepest import to this nation to know by wfccm such expectations of acqu'esaence in these propo into rn tbe part o' England wer* h*id out. Can it be 1rn? that I^rd John Kassell was charged, not only wi b a public irission to th* Conference, but wttu a ??c-et mieticn to Berlin, that the coamua'.cation with Boaeia w;s negotiated in this channel, and that the Austrian prop' sals were th* result of this intrigue' If tbi* be *o, we may, perhaps ?wm* that, hM meet ceallrgs with Ruesia. %lomacy, It ended in * .1 * tvious dtmond on the part of B*sila of ft # , wore than ever wsa InteBdeJ ; and that th* P "po??i wbee tt cMB* bank from V-.nna to l^oBjrM more favorabl* to Ruaaia than its sabto *nthor ?*ant. MEETING OP TBB OERWArN DIET W* read in a Frankfort Utter cf the 9*th of May ? T1 e Bwt held yesterday a fitting to tta ve tM tort l.ole ad^rseseck to M. Gifnka by tb* ltun-;.i C?uirif>t. Tta Pmu'.ert, C??Bt Pechberg, conflnfd hinjwJf to reading ?nd depOeitiag lie original ?? the tati* Se member of ike aa?em b?j roietosirak for trtlVnattbe argamaata id<ui?l b; It de S>n?lrr?4 in tbot Jotunut 8 ace my 1m t Utter, tbe ? ct. ligation of the fedsrai ocntiagmte baa jemaUed .? tuuu quo No etep haa boon tiui on tbo ? ?bjeet ?J auttria or Truaaia. Tbo two ptin* cipal h?moi Geinauy continue to watch each othe* ? ih a a jeak'ua |J?, and Uere la 10 appearance of tboir crming to an enceratandiag with rrgnnl to tbo qaootioa tf war, peace, or tbo strict ntitialitjr of Germany. Sireo tbo Geimtnic Diet ha. recognited the legality of the oM t'gbif of Iko mbibiy to Hanover, the aeoemhly <*a<lT receives Kcmorlala and petition* from various noble bodiia In other State* of Germany, who doaiuod, in virtue of tbo aame piinciple to bo replaced in potati aicn of priviltgea abulikhea by the now conititu'.ion. TBE EFFECT OF THE ALLTED SCCC3SS38 IN GERM &NY. [Paris (lf?y 30) Conoe^ndeneo or Iondon Standard 1 ?hi ?- L.i" *l0rd c Zoning to ba revived; but tbo lope held out, anc tea reaiia??a with which It 1* en tertained, teem rather tocfependon reaeonioz **??"? up;>b any actual it I or mat ion touching the disposition of Bos nia to come to terirs with the allied powtrs rhe ru ?ith InV'ei ' 'k0"'" bow,T*r> the truthful instinct *ttb which Ike pubi c attache* piOtfpecta of owe to ln Iv* ?nid tbat pcnce, tjo. should be r? f , . ,** . probaojo consequence of^ the succoaaea ?at?ij obtaiieo, ptortt bow largely they are appreciate) aln-e time baa been aflorued to measure their extent J m(rlUe ?l th* Rui-elanarmy muit, indeed, boahakou. aenng that bow in the second year of the war tier lave nut oi f achievement to i?cor<t, apart from the of atinacy of the r iMenoe of bebaatopol. /bey Q??e failed ?*i? 'i t,h*lr,*t!acka ln th# Crimea a* they had before failed in all their stacks on the 1 oe of the Daau'je ?"?? u t0 w,l>" ?*?y the rigm* o> a Inrkiah eneurpment on Mnaaian iteii at tCupatori* oily nerved to ra<te tha prestige of the mvader' ?oitie, however aided by ei?m?nta ant in vetted with the advantages of surprise, haa b*wn rejtllod and feaifnl'y punished. * bother the attemot has beet made on the French linea, or tbe KivIUh* or on both, the result baa been the game in il ustrating the kupeiioriry of tbo a?li?a, anu aCdmg sbejk npon check to tie scoie ol Ruaaian defeat*. On tbe other ii '?> all ifoUted at^mp'a ilreeted to particular and special aina. Hn.h outwork! as tliey aaw to caaae Uiem inoonvenienot and to afford i unier theguna of the botterie* and included within their ova wort a Against aoch mul ipiied fa.ta, tbe reaint^nce of a for i^11* ?i axtent of 8eS?atopol, ao large and so e'reum atinrid as that it could not be inveated, abounding n auppliea, and arued with the addition of anna taLn fiom a vduntaii'y facriflced fleet, afford, no tfnBcient ??Mi?blo defeat Jf thia bs the b-atory eampoljfn, what is toere to damp ex pectation that pant evenia tball be ?xoeedcd ln oraa B,th1kiHh ??1> the aimuluWua .X? cf ibe line of tbe Tchemaya anl of the sH ot iiaff, followief the brtll'ant capture ef thou* zViki th/ or?t??i tha^ wbijh 1 rle?ai?r denom' uated a grand vlace ir at??. Finabed wtl. victory and ooTawd with fe'rt of wV.Vh a "ovtiuent, the ob ?? j '? *? Rna?i*na from the Crimea. the he root of the Alma and Inkermann J i Vi.* ^ h v:ctora of tbe tiaoube and of Eupatoria and tbe aoidiera of li>e Piedmont burning to raise the ?flU^K0n V ? * clalm io- Uall?n iadepjndenci which ht to i? in shall render imai^tlble. Before aueh ?d iC?0U Ul*1 bMt ?PPOlntod serfs be expect ed to dof Bat it preiaed at onoe by the memory or a hundred deflate, of conaclons inferiority, aad straiten id a# they most to, in so f plies, bow can the Bnseiana hope e?r "a" ?,th th* i,ile ot lh* auldierg St the Weat and of the Ettat? Bastia wUl then, sav some scon e?e tbe wisdom of avo dini further ioanee and' the will make \ virtue of ne^JiK and find acme toady reason lor coming to terms. The sniwerii, that if wiadom or prn?ene?. or the moat ordi luiy foresight, had hitherto inflnencei! Rueaian councils I fr*T0n d k.av? been undertaken. Russia would bavo better weighed the forces of such ad versariee a* Eng land and f ranee, and not have entered on hostUitioTat the onteet of wbioh she lad to confess the necessity of ateikiag her naval flag .nd of biding one of her ships while sinking the other, if pn<fe or the iasue of necessities beat known to herself obliged her to enter en soch a coarse of peril, while yet it might have been avoided, tbe earn* motives will forbid withdrawal ha c?iue retreat would be aTowal of weakness and coaros passions, which stimulate aad bl_nd at the Fame time, will preis her forward in hrr ffl'Sr* Evidence, which ban al ??7hii.? fT!"1" VLMl,# 01 wu* purp???n, be completely fulfilled. AH ]>artlea reem at present to dread the word vai.cnahiiea, although th?re are few who do not feel a deep pm?nt:mcnt that out of this war wiH eventuaUy i ?n,ft???went of tbe relations of BfttioDB to fueh othor in con'ormity with race. li*iraiM, teligion and tradit onal feeling. Toe expahion ol Uas aia from the Crimea, followed as it will probably bo by troloisof bor hold ou Circaekio, and acoompuurad no doubt by rejection from tbe Danube, will load ber to direct ler ffforta more to tbe heart of Europe In Poaxdshe eoaaidara herstlr impregnable. Sbe has covered that country with fortresses, and will (Jc*bt)e??, en tbe assumption of ber Invincibility in that direction, try to make Gnmany indemnify bar for hor Josses tlfowbae. At toon ss the allies have their eves cptn to the reaUti of tie dangers wish which Europe is tk? 1"e?Uon of the restoratto of tbe f ^'h lliat ought to he followed. Even now it ,Hn for;re?sea in Po and which ajrais AQstiia, an-i bribe. PruaeU to aU Lioa Jith - ltwer t( d to be i?TUlnerablv iBtrn^i ?n ss??w? iSuSi SF - wssssrtsaaS nc . mi M&it to p*cf' ontiJ Bb*> ) us m\dc a tri.i! of ?frort n tte bcaxt oi Lxnopt: t&at w?Ti nmKaw. - * ftt" ^lcn cr ? 'i??'-ion -rom ahiTh"^! m, ,!.. k l"lh,t 01 tbe r-stnred inr.-peB^noe of I accuctry ?bese fr.edim would ate .re eJL | tie def rat ing ?er?t., cf a h*U tailwoua P#*,?7 ir* *?' exoit? e*P?Ct?ti''a? ot peace be ^i%^aK3S5!ir:ar2 piiMli m!i HiVVt*"'' " S JuSuS* tMt'thJ ? , ? * ?oro permattnt sentiment of satis ?fei* ?r.'.v ^^?|" VM>' l6Uci Tf^.'nd W? ^ h. id T& wav^f no!IPni,J "rcoar,?ed- hive 4 u UP D7 ? not of proof, at least: ?f ?i?t Untg Hopport, certain ul^grapLic d?0natcbe? fpoii .?..SXwt. from other motives. It is "" rlirsa.?t^?rtf Aiebcuke. that ef I/f o High A'Llral of I^Lvv ?L? ft sin CCDillt .n FUbUmelv ftL?kia? IIP u 7' T . iKg from fees kit at their rate to MoikaJe Ru?f.n ?" ana capture r-^ery ?ail which Carr, to show th^BufrtLn flag. Coii h tan tine cannot feel much **'<*? ? rvf *^ ^ a*wa of the occupaUon of the*->? l or a n Sl'iSaSffiS of tbo l'r ?co Aomiroi'* flerv atnh t,'.n .,.i L. woriuy t'ripate tlio rfhi, nation of hi* Imoerial Higbneaa j.-.'ai otht-r grour.d than that cf anger at t-e unilk^w .. ^ s,zs.r" THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT TO THE NRS* Phi. RODE CONFERENCE CIRCULaK. Tbe l'sr.s Moni/rur, of Hay 20, publUh?* tbe following circvlsr, afdiesied by the 11' nutter for 1'oTflirn ^ ff*ir? ?( France to * fit FieMh Legation*, in reply to the jecent circular ol Count Ce Nerf.elroie:? I'.'.kih May 23, ISM. Fir? ill the lewpapers of Euicpc have reprG-ln .ed fn ni the J< vr iinl <ie HI J'Uertboi'.rg the circular whl'h Count de N?-e?elrode a<iir?f*ed. uider date of the loth of Slay of April, eld style) to the ageutsof Ku**i* at (o. c if n court*, ths gore, emeu t of the Km^ror h id intended to suait the ofllc'ftl clotln^ of the Conf?r?n*.ei? b?fcr* t sit*m<<z " "OD'iiif honstrc ju<fgmf nt upon them; buv t'uee tie <^blu?t of St. Petoeburg 1>m thought fit to ir.ske, without fmther dtlay, an appeal to puMIs ? p'nion 1 1 ore will Im! surprised 1f we, In our turn, follow In the pith which has been so openid; nod, tor hqv part.. I er'.fr that patli with all the oufl?!onco with nL'cb U.e ff.< (!<ia'ioB and uprightness of oar policy are c*.lcul&Ud to in'plre 1 will lira* of all call to mind the circumstance* which HAntd Kngliurd and Franc* t? take p*rt in the m-go ? * ' r - at a R>cment at wbicb the active prosecution of the wsr ap-^artd to be the prtn-ipU object of their iBxUtj and their care. The treaty ol tbe 2d of lt?- n Lit i#Vi?g tetp c mlu???d, the Western Powers. from (> frtetce to Uc!r new ally, consented to make a last ef Joit at ffneiilstion, founded en the pcnalbiHty of iniu. ring !:< to accept tie bafes which ,*for the general in i<n?t*fl Kurope, th<-j had assigned foe the re-<Mt?!> I ui roctt of ptoc*. It la known that when, for the flrat tin r Filrce Ocrtart-.akoff w?i called upon, after be had r.M' is*rt an < fliolal knowledge of the oomrnon Intention* c I Frsnte, Fp?t?*d, Austria and Turkey, to expUIn Liaweif ?n tiore cf hie Court, he categorically refused t(. a< b?>< to the f or .11*, Ions which were propoeed to him. It ?!i? o?Iy on the 7th of January, after a reference to St. I ' t r burg, that he aooepted without My r*ssrre, tfcf c'.lTe)?nt base* known unier the same of the feur pDtroQ^Mfli Dili fwt in iltirt^d fas ths most |Hh ri apt* tj E*r by the unanimous testimony of all the tl<n pctcbtlntit* prtwn't at the Oouference; nay, more, a i'r?T?'ch of Count Bnol, communicated simultaneou* 3y at WiU art IxnCcn, set* forth that the negotiations, II e limit* of rhlth were thn* <?*fln*d, were only opened at tli* iKitett of Russia It remains then, established, tlj?t I ow?r cannot acenie n* of having taken It ua aeaiea; It knew that one of the indlepeneaUeocnditlona pf peace (t'ttliM In the oeeeatlon of It* preponderance In ihe Knulne, end it had enfiUient time to ascertain the nittt of IVe rscrllct* which tbe eagagement taken on tbet 'u'Jtit wae neceriarily calculated to Impcae upon It. 11?e wlole ou??t on conaleta In ascertaining whether rrlrce Ocrtfchskoff snd M. de THoff fulfilled that *n rsftmert. ?rtf, on the contrary, ihey failed vo act up to <t Ibis '? a point which I will ibortly examine; hut I c'Mie pie? lonely toUresHiate tbe eorrectness of some of UesMeitioos with which the circular of Chuat de htfMl;c<1e cemmences. In the ceaferenee, tbe Rustlen plen'potrntlariee. In tbe ?l:?coe?tr n of the flret guarantee, reutire, aecording to th<m. to 'be maletatanoe of the immunltitaef M^lda nit. Wsllaehia, and herria, and, aecordlnn t# ua. to the [ stKlitlcn o' tbe Illegitimate influence exerein<d by the Cabinet of f?t. Petereburg In tboee three prorin;e < vas ?ale of tbe PubHae Porte, xeem to hare mtannder?tood ike real ftound of tbe discussion. Ooun4. de Ne?ee)io.*e derelopes tie ?*me thesis. I will reply thereto by ques tttn. At what mamnt niaoe th* lut win kti ifwultwi *( tba lTi?ci?ti tMi ?' ;h? Dan a be reo tb? altgktut lajoiy liem the taxerain Howerr At eiocfc baa tbe "?'U? crnt??pwt'd withdrawing a ?be eonceerione <?> be oT?0MMionr When did Kr England. *nd .Austria rnii'Mt ear other daaiia that ot a a ?'?JDi?n and improvicg the ngime of I it ' rative indep?DOen ?, *b ?h, it 1mm W*a to* aae gotlea. m ?eitb?r la Wallacbia Mr Mold* rift ? _ ccnqudt, kit tbe rwult o' M IfTMBCtt freely eledtd witirtu and w^ich <u modified 0 tb* day ?d Whiob lb* ho-podtrs btgu, I wars of tbe *inbt< ecth century, to eoasart with tbe Ooutt of Kneaie tlis* with the blime Portef It was tbna tb t Woldavia lott half territory wbieb bad bf?-n guaiaatted to Wnr ?altaa* It aaa tbm that tbis province and ... instead of rrmatmcg ?oat they ought to hara bt reapac'fd hatrur b?1?Ni tb* Otomaa xmptra tad aia, w?ie, av?a after tba treaty of AdritM^lt, a^H seemed to iMOtO'M o tb*n better defined right^H ??ned rather by a^acna of the otbiMt of St. Pa tarsi than by tka'r own ot>i?fa, at a that la fall peace, | tie j * no only a prorogation of U>* Raiiua aoU, | fourd th>m?eir<h aud'enlt occupied b; a FtrtigB Sneb, air, are tbe real evda from which the Prta tiee of tie Psaub- t a?* auffe**d? each are the da which menace ib>m inceaaaaUy. It waa tbe eala ? of tht> four *nar?ate?M to put aa aad to raa aa: other. Whrtb?r tb- lalarie* o' Raaaia btioa Pru'h baa 'em or not tier<i**d ua<*er the legal tl ' jroteetora'e," ?? aot <b? quaat.on, an! to lay It aa Count re Ne.wlro-'e ba- ooue would be 'o eauae degenerate into a quar el of words H. story ] what Moldavia an* w..|i??hie have gained by tkM aient rela'lons with tba Court of Kt, Petersburg, ? ia tbe return til this state of tbinga which France load and Aaitiia ^uv? endeavored to prevent I pare ?.\?r 'be ien?d gutraa'e*: tbe baiea ftor I sting it are g< o-\ I will conWat myself with Oboe (bat It tbe navUatoa of tb* Hecuba inpededd iwenty-five j?are. aoaQ recover Its freedom, war requisite to* it <1 ore Ro**ia aot to leave usstasa " Lands ene af the most magoificaat debaatbee world. II Garmaiy o tains tbia itcwia advaatagj her ceiPBBfrce are wiJ owe it t* the blool sbed by Ft aid E< gl.n<" Before coming to the principal point, I mu to a rt prcucb wh>ch Count r# Mufljlro* the plenlpoUntar aa of the Weatorn Powera. cuaea them of bav eg oelai od >he eummtloa Conference > of a iomimb ?> toaration ni baa which ought, ot tbo contrary , to have occupied 1 " place :n tbo oo iix-mtioiB or, to apeak more c of not bavirg teian into cooaiovratton wtth thaj ought to k?\? dene th- condition of the aubjtcxa of tbe 6tibi ae Por'.a. No il?co?sion ia i without rnjea, and it tti agreed tbat the foari teea fbimld 6e ?^aatued in rrgular order, the diacuapica Moppfd at the third, the waa not taited by ua; it waa (be pleaipota "*?, of Butaia who r?iaoi it, md our ' tentiarlea only conformed to a profrramai npbefoto'and. Count do N*ae?lrode binmetf, ] juatifite tb?ir r* ?n a, wblob was, bmhvdw, mi i iv *?n??'??>n-?,nt of tbe proximate arrival at* of tbe M<n?at?r foi FoiXgn Ada ra of tbo ?nllan. ,.oua question envtnemed by the pretoaaiona of waa the cana* of the war It vaa 1 th i hculd not be entered upon exoept in pr'a?aoa of 1 asha. and. mor. ov?r, it no loager stood on the i ground on wb cb it had t een Brat brought forwari Cabinet of Pt. Patera burg bad demanded a for gagemeat, whicb, ai bough only apnaieutiy ai I?r* ^ '""^unities, would rot the leaa i initiated tbo Porte, ah.ckled Ita f *u *?' aeioua reform Franco aa land loudly declajad tbat tbo luiklah gorernment < 4v fnmit t0 ,uoh conditions, ?which have been the mm of ita independence: and, If "co be male to the text oi the fourth guarantee *a?y to perceive that liuaaia refrained fram again l' jag tbaaa forward, and granted to tbo Salfen . *f ?ia <ullM> the ?aiiUtiTO of ' f?* the moral and material later* a *? of &\?.r\jrz tber*,w#' f?* a* fo?f. " J?. ul,cu?a ayatema theoretically, thit IS. P!f? ?V * principle exactly coat - tbat the trinmph o) which ?u tie ~" the miaraon of Prirce llenachikoff to Oow Count do Neraeliore baa aaid enough on the subw doubt* to be par rot tied aa to whether the nlenii tiama of Ru*b a would have con flood tbsmnelroa in thtie limita. TIih probably would, aa ia the < aion relative to tbe baoabian Princlpalitiea, kav a niitiM aa to tbe motive of the fourth gmrantee, they wo ild bave orgottea that tbe only thing in i tion was an cxaction by Kusaia to which Kit rope t mit. Ihe iaat roforma effect?<l In TotMt the eagernera wblcn tbe 8ubHme Porto erina* liatesiag to otir aovico, prove tbat the heart < Snlua ia opmfotbe most generoua icapiratioaa. that ia aeeeaaary ia that these inspirations shoal folio ired up without 'rouble, and tbat be who eons th?n? fchtnid hare the merit of them ia tbe eaee i aubjeota ?nc oi tbe world ; and in order tbat thia ] bj ohuiaed. it ia >ndt,pea*able that Ruaaia ahoo tbe I utuT? abanOoi. tbe <aeapona which she saa h? mace oae of, eitbt r to check ureful reforms, tb? frehnga of tbe popuiaiiona against tieir ouch ia the len^e uua mean ag of tbe fourth it ard on readlog tbe Cerpatr.h of Count rte Ne?* may bo aappoatd tbat it ia regarded ia that I gl St. PeUraburg " J now come to tbo queatton of the Blwk Soa. J? ?m hh liaart wiih the maufficlency of tbe t Jv6 ?' Jc'3-i *0 *?cure a p?rinauent * the Ottoman empire in the Eoropcan faoaiW, and, oi otber, with the oangara which tae incr>aae offlbo] tian iforeca in tbe b ack Saa entail on rarker. Frt fngland and An?tria deeUred that tbo roaroatioa of . traits muat be nviaad, or, tt thould ntber bo i ccnjpkttd; ano Uat it was necaasary, ba putting an . k??,r!r>B(J<'rjnre of Hussl* in the Black Sea, to L iMabliah between bar and the other eoantrieo bavlnl tirritory on tbat watnatba'afoo of power which ! ha?a broken b> a auceationof di&aitroua events _ ' bonachakolT, alttraflrat hasr.tiou, adaj^d!' pialim nary totfen-tea of the 7th of January t6i t?rme of that | rop^atUrn, which explains itaelf i ot open to an? ambtp nit* ; and >t ia on ?b? faith' adbtaion tbat the lai-itMatafTM of Fran e and B at Meica ware turn ab*d w th their fulf oo?era ??Terimrnt of tie Emparor aod tbat of Her Brit r1 I r'P**ti ? "*bt to anppoaa tbat the Oao. kd for h^.U'5?rA "J* U>? 'i^rTaS." mo for by tie afatc cf affaira, and in ttat ?t pl*plpctfntiaj)?a c.f Ruaa/a wore inrited l an .nitiattTo intenced to proto^he to?fca th. ?n,\ ^ ",l Ml of ^binet JTtZi to be ' th# first to tcsounce th? concsaiiioin to ? >pri,*^ t0 ?ona.nt, tho allies of the f. ?'. **eor'8rfe w,,h it, put forth ttat r^TiiT' $??? Uen itlUd u tn# an;o*as of tho J nct P?(1<aT01, onr demuMa ; 1 ceraton jaeTident; aciiharaball I enter into dot, J>?Tf ? ??? enp-rfluoaa. I ratior prefer] l?lnt ont tbe iaumts oi E&rope la tbo Bi**k Haa al t0 ?h!tl"r th# <5ouM,s holutlon PJ Sbteh it K TPJ Y* th0s* '"teroafc. that ftattafaet;( which it if. onr olnc, t to obta<a for tbem. in. * T"A Vth* eoaei' ofUie 5*0 neighb ing mo tea. and closed 1o tho naval foroea of othar I'ol ? ra, the 1-iack Pea tar become a closed areaa, whore i ?eraartea unaqual n Joroo raae in oontact, and wb tbe weaker was at tbe njerej of the more powerful, loimidahle fwtxe aa cwbU ned within itar.l 'adel and rot atead an oimv alw?\ ? rt-aoy to embark and a fleet alwa raady to take it on lx>?i\! and put to aoa Ma wartiko ata c pTaparation tinoaciaaary for defence, had batoaopoal ble object, it cot etito-.ea a parmanent mon ice agaiaat t| f? ^ ^UI>eJ. 'id tbemjstary which aurroaadedL tecrea^ed adavgar wb eb at tbe alia htaa t ?y asptom of cr9 *arw?*>ha W>a? of Huropo. Conatraioed, ia apita ? eUoita which h atoxv w 1) appreciate, to hive reconrM I ,rrt/rf;"nd It to tk^hM, J f t"tope. not -0 Ut ttem down u> td iheir wol L i Z? lH" "T'lli-bod. It ia n^easary that t| p' i.??- wbieh tlfj abaii nara ohta'ned ahall be folki *? by a are tm- rape tt-. ^""I Would inch miin'y be tbo cowquonce of either! the tao ooaah>n?t on* recomuandad b^ Count do .Vas-ifl Sitf, *wd. w< bid thxae two Wftana pat an 9 to th? prefonaiaici of Hucaia in the Blank Pea? tI on tbe prt triple of tha compete .J re, iproMl Op?ni< g of taa paaasgaa of tbe IftMaterua t? i* P'Jdar.fUii? Irroiaes tea abotit oa of a rifl . Ottoman fmpito bar alwaya cotiaidarad aa 9 ?SLiXfi rm1 ri,rh' Sil'rt 1 ti e public lair of toitw, At nn nrnt i>njui. ^K. I Ju? a to racit, c, tbe ?w?W " VSJSffr ?ho ?*j|?aeUa of b.r binoj, and the prciorfatiref ? th. nnt UKhate 'Sr'.pSy I tbe f-ubbme lorle for tbo abdication of it, in J 1 rnt.t-ncfr in ita int?rnal watora?in tha great artel which pa/rcs thioutli ita capita). 8be ? r^w pa.,?f kto tt/ VaditerrineV-tbi? kto^J .? ff""" *n<1 11" !**??* t It .in . r nurif fp raat prepoM tion? hw manlian detrlopiMit anH m J ;,Ve 000 8n?" her'ei' togiTioghJ ocniaat that lortfgm aqun-frooH may >a fjture entorl J* * *haro tbey * cttld Qnd neither a po. t. of rofure n I an "rianal of fnpnty. In order to exeroiao tba aurveil to tv.'.? Vs vf r'141; *ouH ** Ml* ?V jonce.l J to IhtD. f ranco ab?. Icgland would he o'-ii^ed 'o ImooJ ?Ht 00?'"? *4eriflcoa| will add? and toi? ren rid# ration Is of wrumt w?<oKf J lli*t piAie, i/ coodUiUd ?? ?uch cou iiticnn, would tfl b-t^ed over to tbe huaard of tbo Grat n Vleut th J m'gbt ooenr. aa?i that too vrry object of the" p?"? ,? | ntrtaaartly iatamittrat, of the Fran-1- ? Ssskfil ?^ mx.oe, wiu)d which would be a menace of war ft' woul t A, - 1 * T"' V?V!t",,la wo,,,d toVSitaiTwithl iratorod aa?l incrraatd without control behiaul tha frri. catiOM of her potts . and, when ' "J'Jw.L'rJj* r* tf ^ u - tlf Bt. Wlfn n,J WOll,y he boa-ith<J t rfd to givi? tbo alarm to his tUfen. The <*en1v in th*l appeal would ho another war, which would mn ?* th J "ft for**<?ht ,?f ib* Wo.- lorn Pow-ral 'tr#n?th of tho anemy -torn the! e? nco ? nA.PTW"Dt 001,1,1 th'T w thont .mpr il f "T * 1H ,rrln^"?*?t whi.-h wonMgraai th ?ow? .fr^fT reT>0,i,? io ??4?*?ce hi I>? ?. ? proTUic nav wou)d tb? prcpoadarauoJ of Rta?.a In tbo He. U deatroyed" i? it ... n,l teaaary, at tho v?ry arosmt <* uahlng pe?.eo, to ar.-ZI tn tba mean a of one day patting an end lo IW 1 it woold le aupuflooaa to carry tliU nanoaing fur I I b*l!*te I hare demons tretod tbet, ?t%rtinj frt* tho pnn.-'pie of tho opening or "liaing of tbJ 1'aidanailea and tba Hoapborma, tha Cahinot of 9t Pel Unt org did not kaap tbe oagagaaaant ?t taVi ia eauaiuj iwlf to bo repreaanfad in tbe con>r?r.' . . Viennal lo rrrflraa thia judamant I wld content mya<>|f with r- I niiiiding jcu tbat Count Buoi ia tho laat maatiaa oa tbJ Ml} cT .April declared that "tha Ku- , ,0 prou.t iVj which he ronld aee netther a eolation nor a haela for J rolaiira. indicatad orly the meanc of rate' lag agtinaa I be naval prapondaranee o< Ruaaia, when it would bar J a!??a tj aaaamati tha piopotUona of an iosuaaorUbiJ dargar hnt In no reapect tanked to eaua- it'tTcoa J 1 "*?*" ** tb# The demands cf fha Weatern Po*?r. t. ,71 1ith 5'Jl1!!? f* th* ,Yrt?. adopted a'ad aiMSrSfj the ead by tbo Austrian pl<nlpotaatUrl?< aa a complat |

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