Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1855 Page 5
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Mead n?l?-ui Old Mm Made Toong for W 'J n'Uti ana at the bad manufacture! wtu or teepees ifom th* celebrated nianafaotory of tf KDBUftST * VU. V Maiden I* ".a. UMk and fraal braids, band*, earls, 4c Cop.- tt.e addteas. Pitehle, Tu, Pimplci, Kruptloua, dte., Poel? ?Iwlj o ' r<d by UOUKaUD'S IUItu m-dmated ?oap. P?? taliUH) nproata fcair from lay part at tha kodr. ?an. a lily ?hit?. Pair 4y? an I reiterative, at 07 Walker ?tract. brat "atore irom Broadway. _ , CrliU4w?'i Eirrlitor Hair Dye, ? White ?to> an, rad niouatscbea sandy Impnula ahnuld '-aeoma ekeoiete, airce ttra minutes serve* t> siva tbem a fa^cinat lag t id catrral bluck or brown CH 1 3TA D'lliO' < dye aj eomfliahes thi? oljee. in le>s tiras than It takes to shave. 9ha dveis prepared, ?old and applied (la pr.vate noma, d iilat Bauee. 9691 Uroad?i?y.- H. r. LoTcl'l Medicated Wabpene, an Indisn v?;etaMe prepara'ion a baaatifal toilet for diessiug tba hair, keening it clear of da idrulf; a preventive of gra>nets and baldness; transparent. aaiireo boat ail. Piioe5U cents. Tbompaon'a Hair Dye la Warranted Sape viaa ta a>}lhiD( yat discovered lor aolorin{ the hair a natu a?i black or crowa, without. ro??r J to tba waatbar. for sale w bullae's or retail, or applied in private rooma, at Mae 62 and ft Naseau atreet, corner of Maiden lane, base ment. ?Hume wa a not Built In a Oay," fldtiMf la SlLSWORVII h mpartur hair tonio tba prodaatioa of an tour, boieatitto kaowtadgeaad Ions practical inveati latwit have eouiMned to produaa this greet toilet article, aaouualled tba world o ver for improving and beautifying tke\a? Amenta for New fork C. V Clioktner X Co., Hi ?eselay street, Whitehead A Brother, 182 Ureeawieb atraet; Westell, Setibner A Co., 114 Chamber! street; .old by drug (ku and dealer* in perfumery generally. My OiigacBl) for Foiclnf the tVhlikert or aowatachex to (row in six weoss, is $1 a bottle; or a large kettle, containing eight af tLe small, $6; tont to nay pa -t of tha country, ft. U. QKAUAk, 1S6 Broadway; Zieber, 44 Seath l bird (treat, Philadelphia; Briggs, 37 State (treat, Alka?y ; and nil druggists. Tlte Great Inhaling fttemcdy for Asthma, Consumption, and all diseases ol the Throat and Lunge, Dr. UUfcTlS'S llygeaaa. Thousands bare been tailored to health tka past year by tha Byseana. Pnneipal otttoe, No. S4.I broaiwav, and sold by C. U King, Mo. iri Broadway. Pries only S3 a package. Dr. Curtia will be at the ot&oe dally from 10 to 3 o'clock where ha may ba aomnlted fraa of eharge. I'he Bsuon, Dr. Hpoiiuao, M. D., ft. B., die., pkaai London, af Eercpean fame >? This great and good 3a ?arllaa. It la now ganoraily eoeecded, la daily performing bbi great and aatonnding a<iraa than all the faculty. St. Nicholas Hotel, H8 Spring atraet. Utraogara taka notlao. Br. ?. I, Fitch, Xhthor at the " Six Lee* aaaas on Consumption," oSce 714 Broadway, opan daily, Aeaday excepted,) from 9 to 5 o'clock, troata consumption, awUuia, diteeaes of tha heart, and all ehrcnie diseases of ~'*'l and females. Coaaaltatioo fraa Who will Haffer, when Dr. ToMm' cele brated Venetian liniment will immediately core oholara, colic, dysentery, vomiting, iheuuiatiam. iwallinga, ante, kuraa. Aa. 1 Depat, 00 cortlaadt atreet. Sold by all tho dragglata and atorekeeptri. HuiloM ay'a Ointments? rhe First Surgeons ?I thia great oonntty Lava ganeroaaly aud nobly rooom ? mended tbia valuable ointment to thoir patiouta and the pahlia generally, a* a oura for wound*, aorea and uloers, oven ?L?n all othar meaua hava tailed. Sold at tha 011111 faatoriaa, 80 Maideu lane, Naw York, and 444 Strand Urn dom, aad by all druggiatr, at 2oo., 62)4 e., aad 9i par pot. Traasea, Shoulder Br?c<a, Lad it a' Betta and ?apporteri, initrumente for bow lege, elub foot, aal all da ^?imitiea of the body, on hand and made to order, by l>r. ?"iVM, at tba Snrgaon'e Bandage Inatituta, No. 4 Ann ?tie* y lenaat Crlu^i Sebantopoll Markl Beie u war on the il- . JfT Biartll?m?*tiie r?t and th'*M red ookt#d boT' ' Ilia (nil kiils tti? r*t auu th? monM That tbieve 'rom the barn, iiuw ^underinit the honee Spnrioua oounterieitu are ohviaf,j i.v ? iiUN ,s i.n medalled wrapper, lepot, 424 Broau.,* fnd No ti Sonth Eighth atreet, Philadelphia. ay, and No. 0 South Married. Oa Wednesday, Jane 13, by the Rev. Spence. g ^0M D JU., O. WikHiNOION UiLLHAN to lUHY ADUUtfTA, ?|4a2tl' kr ef James Madison Bull, all of this city. On Wednesday, June 13, by tha Bar. Mr. Uirey, j&. Thomas B. Job.mwa to Miaa Maktua A. Hull, both of thia aity . On Vuacday, June 12, by the Rev. Joseph B. Wakeley, Mr. Mokjjan AflDBkwa to Miaa Kuxabetu Mlsbt, all of this eity. On Sunday, June 10, at the Choreh of St. Prancla Xv fter, by tha Her. Father Liriscoll, Mr. Michael FrrumoKa to Miss Maky Smith, both ol thia city. Oa Tueaoay, June 12, by the Ker. Gardiner Spring, Jamu Black w*ll to Acquuia, daughter of the lata Tho ?us B. Bills. Oa Wednesday, June 13, by the Rer Dr. Clarke, Tho mas Eggiln*, vlaest *on oi the late Count Oe MarbaU, of liaoet, to Misa 1', only daughter o( Captain D. B. Lagiange, of New Orleans, Jl* Mew Orleabs papers please copy. la Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, June 12, by the Rev. R. II. Hatfield, C D. Ahkkns t? Miss Mary V.. daughter' ef Richard Gouldsmith, all of Charleston, & c. Charleston papers please copy. la Biocklyo, on Wednesday, Jane 13, Mr. John North to Mils Miliciat Rat nor, both of Brooklyn. Ukd. On 3d day, (Tuesday,) the 12th inst., at hsr residence, 13 Market ttreet, Luci Uilmm, In the 72d year of tier age. B?r tries da and thorn of tue family ara respeotfully in vited to attend the funeral, at Heater atre?t meeting house, corner of Heeler and Klisabeth atreats, at 10 ?'docs, on 6th day, this (Thursday) morning, without further notice. Wn Tuesday, Jane 12, Hutrt Ficrkjs, la the 69th year mt hta age. His relatives and frienda are respectfully Invited t> attend the luoeral, thin atternoon, at two o'oiuoc. from hta late residence, Mo. 0 Mnngin street, without lurtner invitation. On Tuetdsy, Juae 12, fcixtcv Ann, daaghter of James and Ann Moore, agel 2 years, & month* and 8 days. The relatives and friends ol the fatally are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this atternoon, at two ?'dock, from the reaidanoe of Her parents, oorn-r ol Miath avenue and Kilty second street, without further invitation. On Wednesday, June 6, at No. 20 Eaat Thirty-sixth street, Ekiu Pjlxsk, aged it years. The remains were interred In the Cemetery of the Ever greeas. On Wednesday, June 13, J oh* Trot, aged 64 years, lata -of Clonislee, Queens county, Ireland. His frienda and acquaintances, and those of his bro therm-law, Lawrence Markay, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his leu- reaicenee, corner of Tenth avenue and Twenty-eighth street, to-morrow af ternoon, at two o'clock. On Wednesday evening, June 18, at nine o'cljok, after a ahcit and painful Ulnei s, Kmma Fka.ncbs Clark, only daaghter of Jag A. Claik. Notice ol the funeral will be given in thia atternoon and to mortow morning's paper. On Wednesday, June Id, still born, Louisa Laimbkkr, infant ol m. ud D. J,. Laimdeer, Jr. la Brooklyn, on Wednesday afternoon, Jane 13, after a long and severe ilineia, Arm Maria, eldest daughter o.' William and Maria flandlen, aged 20 years, 6 months and B day a. The funeral will take place to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from the Church of the Holy Trinity, t'he relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invit ed to attend, without lurther invitation. Her remains a ill he taken to Gr?enwoo?l Cemetery for inteiment. Saa Franc* soo. Cal., aad Bridgeport, Ct., papers pleaos ?opy. At Oifton, Stated Island, on Tuesday, June 6, Mrs. Muhgakkt Lawrsmcr, aged 74 years. At Rhine b?ck, N. Y., on Monday, June 11, after a short aad severe illness, Dr. W. Landon, in the dtth year of his age. At Ltdyard, Ct , on Sunday, June 10, of consumption, in the 26th year of her age, Mrs. William Clark, wife of Capt, Clark, late of steamer Conllueace, of San Fraacisoo, California. Mew Jersey papers please copy. At Paris, on Thursday, May dl, after a short Illness, Mr. Lbon Uociu, aged 24 years, junior partner of the firm of Uoupil k Co., of this city. RKNEWfii HTBJL! BAY. PlCHMOSALt AM PERSON WHO CAM OlVfi INFORMATION OF J\. the whereabouts of James U. Finn, who left hia home on the Sutday of the bnrUl jt William Poole, will oomor a great fsvur on hia unhappy wife, Anna Finn, tU Oliver st It TUSi I'RRSON WHO HoLl>3 POSSESSION Or A stjuait tin osati (lao<iueie i), detaining notea of koturea, a metrical novel, and other lit , win letnrn it a", onoe, do questions will be eaked, and a reward will be given. Ai dless T. i 1 1. k IIAaLKY, 8u i^oouara street, room No. 6. IF MR. RELBEN COLLI), WHO ACTED A3 CHAIR X man u. tl.e meeting called by the pasaengere on bo*rd the Uoboken terry boat hewark, on the afternoon ot Sua day, the loth mat., will aend bie address enoioaed to J. H. 8.. Herald office, or call on hia widow, oorner ot Co'utnbia aud W arise atreets, Brooklyn, ne will ooaftr a great farur an her and lerve tbe came ol juatiae. V? ' ANTKW? INFORMATION OF WlbLlAM HAS 1 INOS. ft (aearpenter by traoe) fair iM.mplem.n, ean<ty hmt and whiskers, bum eyes, About su i*>t huh, a little round shoeldsred, who left his wife aome seven yeira ago, with a sen named John, and baa not sinee been beard of; will be thankfully rcooivsd by hia wife, J aue Heatings, t>7? Weat Bioad street, Newsrk, liew Jersey; be ean be easily reoog niaed, as ha la scarred oa hia chees aad forehead. He ? as seen aome three we?ka Ago in Newark, New Jertey. the Jt-reej, Western and Southern pap-ira will tileate >?py this, laiormation, dead or alive, will t>? thankfully rvotfivad uv his dlatractel wife, who la 4a ft entirely penniless. WaiiAM VAIL .-WHXIAM VAIL, WHO WAS A seaman on board tl)? ste.>m-hip Union, in February, IBM, an i aince on board the ahip City ??< Brooklyn, will hear of tomotking to hia advantage by immediately calling on 8POFFGJU>, TILRBToN A Co., 20 it road way. A1C8TA I'JRA N'Tfi. ANDERSON HOLi-JE, 30 READS STitSST, BETWEEN Broadway and Centre atriet, Mew fork, JOSEPH 1 i.lkAMJt/', proptlecor, formerly of the >ew York Hotel. ? Pleasant roums to let At eery - -aaonabU terms. Moals served in the rouma or is tus reatsmrant. LKOTlRiCI. LECTCBE^N RUSSIA, TURRET. ANB THE WAR In Europe.? Tba Kev. Or. BA1E.O, At the rvquea*. of several gentlemen, will givssleetnre ta- night, eammenciaK ?t ? o'clock, in the baieaaent of the First Prsibyterian church. (Washington ,treet.) Jersey City, on Rsmfa, Tnr hey asd the war in ?orop?, lllustrsted by urfS sndslrgsat maps. Admistinn 25 cents. XT J. BRENT WILL DELIVER A LECTURE ON all. art. At tke ebapsl ot ths New York University, thu (?vediag, at 8 o'clock. Tlcksta, 26 esats ; to bs had at tbe 4eor. PLAYIJNO CARDS. pumo CARDS.? LIMN PIATINO CARDS, VEST X Old and well aeasossd, with all the othor various qnal Mies Of linen and cotton card*, mads by SAM HART A OO. F?<r tele to 'ta# 'red* and club hnr.aea s? their ItetS, No. 1 Jarclaj itmt, sppoaits it| Aator Ujuia 1<W PlHUCAriOHI. TBI LATEST AN D GREATEST SENSATION IN TH* literary world has beet oiunI by *h* new ul thrilling soul an ti tit 4 ERNST GREY ; On, Tub Sins ot- Society t *>F?ntly bound in olotb ?i?h six flu illustration*. Prl?? one dollar. fub)l>h?4 by T. W. STR OSO HMwub ?tr.iet, ?ho ?ill fi r??rd it by mail, i're?, oo r?e?ipt ? tb? in>n?y IHi IHt HErlNED AW D CULTIVATED ONLY.? THIS wiek's CRITIC (No 111 ) i* undoubtedly the beit Din b< r of a weakly paper that ha. ever beau iaaaed an thi* oun ? tmanl An approximate idea ot the quality of No III ?f tbu sterling paper nay ha frmed, ?hen wa data that it ia immeasurably superior to the tao pr'oediag number*. wbiah tome of tLe beet judges of periodical literature in thecoaa try proa*uac<d it itnpisiibte ta surpaar, bat who now ac knowledge their arror. COItTCKTS or THK W. V. CRITIC, NO. III. EDiTORiAia ? Messiah Wood; Tha Main* Law, or Heath of a lira at Movement: Extending tha Area ot ('ritiolim; Suath era View of I'arties; Dissolution of tba Union; D->iug? ot tba Mayor (reported expressly and aioltilnly for Tha CritieJ. Ao Ericun iaw Drrinmtrir ?Epicureanism, ita Trma Mean ing; Daiicaeira tf tba Month; Drawing Rooma of ear Mil liuaaiiaa: Our Faahionable Rettaurants; r laestortal Poetry; luitlne Criticisms; Ode to aliiud Uuarter of Lamb, Ao. Iba Out aide contain! three mora Cnapter* of "A Naw Por trait of Pari*," aad a varit ty ?f other artieiaa, written and aeleo<*d with retarenc* to tba tastea of tba I ntellestuat aad Refined, tor whose Instruction and eateitaiament only The Cbitic ia daaigned. T or tale, aa naual, by Rots A 'ones, De'ter A Brother, and Abbe A Vatee, by whom tba Trade iaaupptied; by retail at all the Nowa Rooms, and by CLRVELAND A McELRATH, 17 Spruoa a'.raet. WILL BE PUBLISHED EARLY IN JULY, HfHOIHB Or JAMES GORDON BENNATT AND Ml* TIKIS. ? V A JOVUHALI8T. In cna 12mo. vol , Sto pagas, with a fine Steel Portrait from an trigtnal drawing Priaa 91 36 This anxiously expected work will be publiihed early i> July, it ia the history of a remarkab'e man? one wboaa in dustry, talents and roal cha>ao(trare little kaown to tna public, although bis name ia familiar to the world aa THB LEAD1KU JOUllDALItr Or THI UNITED BTATII. Tha volume will give a panTam'o view of putllo eveuti la politics, commerce, toelety and uew?pap*r literature f?r the past tblity five yeara. The biography is written aolalr ai a spontaneous art of literary Justice, sy one tolly oapabla to tr. at tha theme with candor aad tearlesaaeas with taste aad Impartiality. It ia a work, in brief, that every man will deeite to read, alike for ita valuable thoughts, It* Important fact*, aad iti design to establish Journalism as a dignified profession. SI RINGER A TOWN BIND, Publishers, 322 Broadway, New York. N. B. ? Carrier* aad agents who wish to obtain subsertber* will reoaive canvassing olreolan, with their Barnes printed as agents, on addressing the publlahers. Bnbterikara' aopiea will ba delivered ia advaaoe of publication. Ordera ahanld specify the number of olroular* aeeded, with the aame in full. IFBOIAL HOTRCIB>? HOLMES a BUTLER'S Almm Patent Iioa Sato Depot. W and S9 11 aides lane, (belew Liberty.) N. T. Hamilton works, Newark, n. j., june 7. um. To arohiteots, buildars. Ac. ? A preliminary meeting of those interested in the artificial st02ff badness, carried on at the above work*, will take place at the ^ajjopulitaa Ho tel, hew York, on Friday evening, the 15th in*? for th* purpose of organising a company. to whioh yotir attanu?* If respeot fully invited. JOHN WOOD, Secretary pro tam. TTNiCKlcRBOCKSR BUILDINO ASSOCIATION.-TIIR XV shareholders of th* abov* named association are re quested to attend a speoial meeting, on Tuesday, lUth June, 7? o'olock, to be b*ld at Continental Hall, corner ot Thirty- fourth si ret t and lighth avenuo. A punctual at tendance of all shareholders of thi* assooiatiou Is partiou larly requtsted, a* butlneas ot great importance will b* brought btfote the meeting. JOHN W. MILL1R, Secretary. Masonic.-tue members or sr. john'S lodge No. 1 (under the old oonstltutlon) are re (ues'.cl to at tend in their lodge room i, COO Broadway, this (Thursday) evanlng, at 7 o'olook, on business of importance, iavluluur work in the thiee degrees, STEPHEN ROGERS. Master. Peter M. Sharf, Secretary. Masonic noticx? the new steamer tuomas 0. Haight has been engaged to oonvey uaasenger* to and from Bridgeport, on the apprcacliiag celebration of St. John's day, 26th Inst. Further particulars in a future ad vertisement. Far* tor the excursion $1. NXW YORK, JUNE 9, 1866 ?THB PRICE OF BOARD at our respective hotel* on and after thl* date will b* two dollars fcnd fifty cents per day. TREADWElL, ACKER 4 CO., St. Nicholas Hotel, HIRAM CRANSTON, New York Hot*l. O. C. PUTNAM, Clarendon Hotel. T'AMMa.NY SOCIETY OR COLOMBIAN ORDER. Brotbvt, ? >P?oial weeting of tho institution wil' be hald In the council chamber of tlio Great Wigwam, on Thurs ?'..#T?ning, the 14th inst . at half an hour after th***tting oi tee sun. General and punctual attendanoe li requested. StIpITbh ^.LORENZO B. SHKPARD, Grand Jaohem. Manhattan 8*aaonol**r9??J,#iW; .? ty, 303; of independence. 79, and of th?i"tityuticn thl CT. 0U1 tiOODI, AC. 1 C n/lA YARDS GLACE STRIPED FULL BOILED lUiUUU silk, which coat $1 per yard to import. we are ?eliing at 60 and 56 centi; undoubtedly the moit extraordi uary bargain in ?ilk* ever exhibited in Mew York. Our inti mate triendi and good cuatomers are especially desired to call early, before the choice 1* selected and sold. F. W. A W. r. GILLEY, 1S6 Bowery. BROOK'S BILK. COTTON ?FOR HAND AND HA* ohice tewing, luperior to any thread in the world, wound on 2UU, 300 and DUO yard epoola? white, black and all colore, from No. B to Mo 200. Any number, eolor and length for sale at WHEELER A WILSON'S lowing ma chine depot, 3*3 Broadway. Brussels laces.- just received, Brussels point eete, for (9, which are a decided bargain; aUo, collare and sleeves in a new make of lace, very beautiful, for fcflt; tbi* article is particularly worthy of attention, and will be freely iluti to thoie who take an interest la euoh tilings EmbroAered baaques, handkerohieii, eo liars, Ao., in the latest design*. MILLER A URANT. St I Uroadway. Bareges, silks, lawns. Lk Boutilliek Brothers, 60 Cawalst. Hare itili a laiye assortment ot the above and other drew goods. the pricee exceedingly low, in order to olear out ?took before extending the store through to Howard it. DKESS CAPS.? HRS. SHAW, 466 BROADWAY. THIRD door above Orand street, hai now on hand several duien or dreu and loft oaps, w hi jq ihe will dispose of at one b~H ?iBr uiual pricea. AUo, a large assortment of ?pring iad lummer bonneti, at ununally low prieei. J" BENCH WOVE CORSETS AND EMBROIDERIES.? un Monday, tje Xlth init , we will open two eaaea of our celebrated French wove eorieti (in all liiei); alio, up ward* ot two thousand handiome embroidered eollari and aleevei, at from 4 shillings to 20 ibillingi. GAYNOR'S. ? lbird avenue, near Tenth itreet. Lord a taylor haying lately added to their itoek THE LATEIT 1VCW PATTERN! OS VELVET AND BRUSSELS CARPETINGS, are pn pared to offer to pnrobaiera OH LATCH IWDUCKMENTS THAW ETEB. Ingraiai, three ply and oilcloth! in the uiual variety. GRAND STREET, CORNER OF CHRYBTIE. I ADIEb' SILK AND CRAPE HATS, SS : LADIES' XJ tuson bats, $3 to $6 ; black and colored lawn hati, liom 10 to 12 shillings, at C. BELL A CO.'i millinery and pattern store, Nt> 3, Catharine itreet. Basque patterni out in the lateit style. Laces and embroideries -three cases of tine French guipare bands, at halt' price; alio a lar^e lot ot embroidered handkerchief!, travelling icti. ooLars, sleeve*. Ac. All will be lold at 26 per oent below ooit. oENIN'b Baxaar, 613 Broadway, at. Mohelas Hotel. VIANUFACTURER'SGOODS.-RICH WHITE HAMIL 1U ton lace shawls, embroidered ileevei, worth $1 60, for J ; lluen embroidtrod handkerchief!, worth SI, for Mo.; few in. and eambrio collare at great bargain!; bandi, flouncing, plain linen and laee ieti, and a large lot of black trench and CbantUly veili, at unprecedented prieei. At. BART PHILLIPS, importer, 626 Broadway, between Uleecker and Houston streets. THE LKtPQE HUE8T10?. Y lOCOR DEALERS' SOCIETY-SPECIAL NOTICE.? XJ Persons wboee name! have been proposed for mimber ?i.ip, and accepted, ar* hereby notified that the bookiof the ?oetety will be open every day at t e Secretary'! loom, on tbe aecond floor ot Udd tellowi' Hall, where namei will be enrolled and card! delivered, between the houriof 9 A. M. and ? P. M. By order, JOHN N. HAYWARD, Praiident. N R. BUNCE, Vice Preeidont. D. 8, Paioe, Recordiag Secretary. THE niRF, &ED HOUSE, HARLEM.? THIS FASHIONABLE RE aort is now aomplete in all iti appointments, and tha ?aiea stables aUaoheu are aomtaatly Oiled with the ttnest and faiteit h oriei to be found. Persons in want ot horses oan aiwayi be supplied at tha Red Home. The trotting track ii in splendid order, and trotting matohei occur every lae afternoon The Second avenue eari pan tha door every Ive mlnntei. NH?N COURSE L. I. ? TROTTING? ON FRIDAY June 16. at 3 o'oleok P. M. A match for SI, 000, two mite* and repeat, to wagons. H. Woodruff names br. g. Mambnno; Wm. Whelaa namei b. m. lola. SHAV A WHITE, Proprietors. u UNION COURSE, L. I ?TROTTING. -ON FRIDAY, June 16, a match tor 1600, mile heata, best three in live, In harness. J. Whelpley namei b. g Jaok Potter; 1>. PflCot namee r.'g. Dan i'fiftr. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I.-PACING-ON TUESDAY. June 19, at half paat I o'clock A match for S2,000, uule hiata, bast three :n Ave, wagons and drivers weighing 2b6 pounds. U. Spicar names gr. g. Hero ; J. MoMann namaa a. m. f'oaahontas. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. TO THE LOVEES AND BREEDERS OF FINE STOCK. - Tbe celebrated thoroughbred italllon Wild Irish Stan, will stand for a limited number of mares the ensuing Mason, at the Rad House stablee, a* AM the season. All moneyi to be paid b efore serving tba mate. All accidents at the risk af the owners. WILLIAM A. BROWN. Pracrietor. TH* MLITAET. VETERAN CORPS OF 1812.-A SPECIAL MEETING ot the cirpe will be keld at H. Riell's Star Hotel, H3 l.ispcnard sarest, on Friday eveaiig, Jane 16, at 8 o'oloek, to prtfare ter parade on Monday next, IHtninst. Let every member attend. By order, H. RAYMOND, Colonel. ? u TAvi.on, Adjutant. ?* ... KIRKWORJM. h'lREW ORES? THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS POR f sale on tbe most reasonable terms, alamsaadoom tte assortment ot tba most brilliant fireworks ever offered Ibis market. Every article sold will he warranted aad delivered free of cartage. All kinds of exhibition pieoea tud colored worki in quantities to mit purchasers. JOHN E. ROSS, tW Washington street. W ANTS, AI.ADY WISHES a SITUATION, AS GENERAL housemaid or ohambermald.for a youag woman, now Jiyiag with btr, at 102 East SHth si. A RESPECTABLE PSOTESTANT YOUNG WOM^tN wishee to obtain a si tuition in a private family, as aurse and seamstress, or to do ehjtmberwork or plain sewiag. tan be eeen at 1U Charles it^, ecrner of Hudisn it. A"-" 8 ITU ATI ON WAITED -BY AM AMERICAN YoUNO woman, who li a ilranger In New York; ihe ii ootnpe tent to take the charge of a ?mall nrivau ftmilj; has be~n well ?-roH*rt 'if. ?l>dsvtat.ds i u ie and is a /cud sewer. A J ?/) at *C3 l)n>apwi?U ft , tuise d??n luiu Warren. I ?!5,rr5: A SITUATION WAN I All- AS CHAMBERMAID AND mUr, <r to do genera; fcouiework, la a small family. ! Good city r?ier<nee gl'en fruui bar lut plaoo *twn ahe Uaa lived t?o years No objection to g? t i sue eouatrv. C?? be seen at 70 Cbarlee iltNt, btitHi Uleooker and fourth. ABM LADY WOULD LIKE TO 03TAIN A F1W MORS pupils for the piaao. Those requiring the aervieea ?< a competent teacher, may native them immediately by aJ < dinting Muaic Teacher, Broadway fait Offloe Terui* no 1 d.rate ^Uy'h!? " *ANT3 A SITU "fereaeo. Please oa?l It .5? *? N,? Vorkj'tlVUV/**1" f? ,uaoT" jj? Sgjgjj y;r- or ARESPIOTABLB P ROTES TANT YOUNG WOMAN wishes a situation an aeamatreaa, can oat aud St chil dren's dietaaa, and understands Iter business properly; no objection to the country; beat oily reference. Caa be aaan for two day tat No. 110 90th at., ?or. 3d annuo, tlrat tloor, front room*. ? ? . i A TRENCH GIRL. DESIRES A SITUATION AS aurxe; oan 'ake ?oo i ear* ofohildrao; can talk Eagliah a little; it able to do plain sewing well: oan give good re - cummeadati j|>a. l'leaae call at 170 Variok it., in tho store. A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY, Of (MASS.,) WISHES a situation ai housekeeper; his no objection to oitr or country; thoroughly nndent audi her busineaa. Tho beat of leteranco given aud required, Please address Dressmaker, 70 Sixth avenue. A RESI' EC TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISH IS A SITUA tion to do the aeneral homework of a email prirate Americas family; la a good oook, waaher and ironer, and oaa give the heal of loteience. Call at ^ti Catherine at., near Cherry. A FIRST RATE FRENCH COOK, WHO SPEAKS good Kugllfh, underatanda perfectly wall all the branohea ot irenol and English cooking, and oae been acoastomod to manage large establishments, wishes to find a iltuaMon for the aummer montns. Good reterenoe given It required. Ad dren C B., No. 3 Rector it A 8 COOK- A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WHO ./l. underatanda her buainen perfectly; alio, a reipectable girl, wleh aitnationi aa lauadreaa and chambermaid; both t.ave good city reference, and have no objection to goaihort distanee in the country. Call at 126 Weit 12th it., between Sth and 6th avi , tront baaemeut. A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY FROM CANADA, WISHES a situation aa nurie and seamstress; would like to tra vel with a lady aad gentleman, or do up italri work and take care ol children. Good oity referenoe. Call at 9W Smith it , Brooklyn, for two days. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A J\ aituatien aa lady'i maid; the understands hair droning, dreiimaking, and embroidering of all kindi; no objection to travel. Call at 179 Canal at. , np itairi. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS TO DO the waahuig for a few young gentlemen, or 'adiea' finery; cun he well recommended for hones'; and capability. Call at 1M 16th at., near 7th avenue. AIEMALK TEACHRR-A YOUNG LADY. a con vert to the Catholia faith, aud poueiilng the belt of <c*timoniali, deairei a place a* teacher, either ia a private fan.*U> or In a Catbolio school. Addren A Herald office. rksisctable girl wants a situation, as oook, waiher and ironer, it a email private family: nn deratar da making bread and pastry. City referenoe given. Call at 1C3 Met', street, in the rear, between Walker and beater. A NEAT, SMART YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA ation to do cbamberwork and mind ohildren; good oity reference. Can be itea for two dayi at 443 4th at., between 1st and 2d avenues. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS A chambermaid and to anlat in waihing and Ironing, or aa chambermaid and to take care of children, or would be willing to do light housework; bai no objeotion to go to the the country for the aummer Apply at her preaent place, 314 M eat 24th it., Cbeliea Cottage*. Avery respectable and competent pro teatant young woman deairei to obtain a situation In city or country ; li a good plain cook first rate waihir and in ner, and good baker: undentands dairy basinets, and cornea well recommended. Pleaao apply at 271 Bowery, for two dayi. A SITUATION WANTED? BV A COMPETENT PER IOD, m bum and seamstress; can take the entire ohar*o tf an infant or nursery; U a good seamstress; no objeotiou to the country or to travel Beit oity reference. Call at IDS 2?th it , near 7th avenue, flrit floor, up stain, until en (I aged. A SITUATION .WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE girl, at child a none and seamttress, or at chamber luaidaad laundress; hai good oity reference; no objection to go a abort distance in the eonntry. Call at 136 23a St., third floor, front room, near 3d avenue, forjtwo days. A YOUNG TRENCH GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION as chambermaid or to take care of ohildien; unJer p?n<ls English very well. I' lean oaU fox one day at 33 Ro?s? ? eit street. AaJVf * " ohsuibermaid snifSne 4 SITUATION AS lister withes a situation as waiflfi*, ironer; also, her ne?s perfectly. Both bavt the best oltyTtttadt her busl call at 124 East 20th itreet, near 3d avonne, for t#T> AN AMERICAN DRESSMAKER, WHO HAS ACTED as forewoman in tome of the most fashionable estab lishment* In this oity, would accept a situation in a family; would hare no objection to travel with a family ia that ca pacity, or would engage with a few families to do their cietsmaking at tbelr residence*. Address Dressmaker, He rald office, for one week. Ahead cook wants a situation to take charge of the entire kitchen department of a hotel, either in this ci'y or at a watering place. Apply to Chaa. Korb, Everett House, corner of 17th street and 4th avenue, to the proprietor ot whioh he is permitted to refer. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN LADY WISHES A situation as lady's oompanion or housekeeper, or a* children's governess. Reference given If required. Please address Theresa, Brealway Post office, for this wtok. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as. cook; one wbo thoroughly understands her business in all its branches, and is willing to assist in wash ing and ironing; has no objection to go In the oountry; good citj reference, if required. Please call for two days at 38 East 19th it., between Broadway and 4th ar. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE Ameriean airl, ai table girl in a reitaurant or hotel; good i eferecce will be given. Inquire at 347 Spring St. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion. in a respectable private family, a* chambermaid and good plain sewer, or to take oare of ohUdren; no objec tion to go in the oountry. Please oall at the oorner of Smith and Bergon tts., over grocer's store, Brooklyn, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation at oook, washer and ironer; has three yeari' rofer tiom her lait place: has no objection to go a short dis tance in the country. Please call at 3U7 Mott St., in the rear, between Houston and Bleecker sts., for two days. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS A chambermaid and to assist in the washing and iron ing; would do the geaaral housework of a small family. No objeotion to the conntry. Good oity referenoe. Can be seen tor two days at 71 lung St., in the rear, first floor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WASTS A SITUATION as good plain oook; it a first rata washer and ironer; would take ear* of a dairy. No objection to go a short dittauce in the country. Good oltv referenoe. Call at 307 Mott, between Houston and Bleecker, m the rear. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROS teitant girl; is a good cook, washer and ironer; un derstands all kinds of baking. No objeotioa to do up stairs work. No objection to go a short distanoe in the oountry. Beet of oity reference. Can be seen for two days at lu3 West 19th si, between 8th and 7th avenues. A CAPABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion as ohambermaid, or nurse and seamstress; she has lived three years in her last place, and oan be seen for two da}*. Call at 100 East 21st st., between 3d and 4th avenue*. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A3 waiter or ohambermaid in a respectable boarding house, and is willing to take full eharse; no objections to going into the country. Can be Men at 83 West 18th St., for two davs. If not engaged. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA1ION, IN a private tamily ; la a good waeher and ironer and plain cook. Please call at 123 lit avenue; can be ieen tor two day*, if not engaged. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITU A ation in a nice family; ihe can cut and fit ohildren's di elites, and is an excellent plain worker; no objeotioa to the eonntry. Satisfactory references. Can be seen for two days at b7 West 19th St., between bth and 7th aveuues. A FAMILY SEAMSTRESS, LATE FROM EUROPE preferred; a dressmaker for a private family, by the week; two Protestant cooks; a nurse and seam iirets, and ?eveial imart girls for housework, wanted immediately at M ESLEY'S Select Femaio Office. 19S 7th avenue, between 23d and 24th sts. A lady in attendance. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITU alion as chambermaid or waiter, or to do ehamberwork snd atalit in washing and ironlag. Best of city reference. Can be seen for two day* at bz Spring it. A COLORED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook. No objection to *o in the country. Can be teen for two days at 171 Wooster it. A FRENCH WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS LA* j\. dji's maid ; speaks Engliib. No objection to travel, licit recommendations. Can be seen at No. 7 Waverley House, Broadway. A FRENCH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS oook, or t# take eare ot children and to do housework; is a good sswer. Address Marie, Herald office. A N ELDERLY AMERICAN WOMAN IS WANTID JY as sesinstres*? one who oan tew neatly and understands all kind ol family tewing. No tingle woman need apply. Ad dreta Hamilton, Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY SINGLE man, In a private family, who thoroughly understands tbe oare of horses, carriages and harases; would make him self useful to his employers ; Is a good ptain gardener, and not afraid to work. Good oity reference. Please oall ai I4t? Yailok st. A gentleman or EXPERIENCE, and SOME good trade and extensive acquaintance- In tbe South, wishes to make an engagemeat with a first elass dry goods house, as salesman or sonfldeatial elerk. Address William, box 3,*B Post Office. A MAN WANTED, FOR FARM AND GARDEN werk, care of horses and oows. and to make himself generally useful, near the eity. Apply this d*? .Thursday;, at LoveJojt's Hotel, t* Mr. Farmer, from 11 to Ho'olock. A YOUNG LAD, SEVENTEEN YEARS OT AGE, wiilits to apprentice himself to plumbing and gas fitting; has do objection to any other roups 3 table trad*. 4ddr?ss r. O. B., box 192, Herald office. YOUNG FRENCH GENTLEMAN, OF A VERY A honorable family, and wbo was graduated (as bis di ploma, signed bv the Minister of Instruction testifies.) by the Friaeh university, offers hi* (ervieea a* teacher of Frenoh, l.atln, Crick, mathematics, As., in a respectable family, ia scmpen/iation for his board. No objection to travelling, pleat* address E. P., Herald office. AW AMERICAN BOY, ABOUT 17 YEARS OLD, IS wanted, to tak* charge or a carria^ *ni1 horses for a lady and ?eiitl?naa, travelling. Salary a?o,l. Apply be tween 2 tad f P. M, for two da, a at. the Wa??rljr Hom*, cernir of Bieadwny 1'ouiUi strict, r? >m 3'. 0>t irooa the oountry preferred. wants. Alto singer wanted, to travbl- oi*t who plays Ml instrument pre 'erred: Inod ului kad a per manent situation given to ? oompetent person. Address K. II. Sllter, Patsrecn, N. J., fer three day*. BOY WANTED ? IN THB DRUG STORE ? Third avenue; an active Intelligent bov, about ttfieea years old, * bo writes a road hand. and it or respectable eonaec tioai. One possessing knowledge of the business pre ferred. None netd apply without good reierenoo. CHILD'S NURSE WANTED, -A HEALTHY MIDDLE aged F rench woman, who speaks good English, preferred, she must thoroughly understand the charge of an Intent ? rem it* birth. Unexceptionable referenoea aa to character and ability required. Ona possessing iu?h qualifications nav obtain a permantnt situation by applying at 29 West Eighteenth street. Will travel doting the eammer season. COOK WANTED? A GERMAN WOMAN WANTED, AS cook, for a (mall family residtng on Statcn lslund. Ap ply at 10 Broad itreet, New Ycrk. COOK. ? A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman wants a situation a* first class o jok: she per'eet ly understands meats, aoupe and game in the Preach style: and all kinds ot desserts, Jellies, creams and cakes; has had ling tiperienee in first cfasa families; oan be highly reooai Bended; country preferred. Call tsr.two days at 195 East 12th st. near let are. C0AC11HJN.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, WHO is atoodgrcom and a careful dmer. wantaa situation in a private family, either in city or oouatry; would suit a doctor; ie a Protestant. Best of city reference. Call at, er address W. R. Stewart, 319 Third IT., for two day*. Coachman -a most respectable young man is in want of a situation aa coachman; he would go as froom; he can clip horses; ia willing to Bake himself gene rally useful; ubderstaLds the care of horses and carriages in all perfection, ila* nooKjeotion to iheouutrv. Haa coid city and oountry references. A/dress T. Martin, Hirald office, foi two daye. C1HRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS, 38 TU ) St., between 4th and LexingUn avenues.? GoTernesaes, housektefcra, also servants in every capacity, supplied from this institution. Superior American women can be found at the Institution this week. Madison avenue stages and Third avsnue cars paaa within a few atepe of the door. T\RESSMAKER8. ? WANTED, ONE COMPETENT TO U cut ana fit. Alio, several good plain sewers. Apply at 140 East 21st st. Entry clerk, wanted -salary liberal, to one furnishing aatlsfaotory lefereaeea. Address, In handwriting of applicant, enolosing postage stamp, H. R. G., Herald office. IjMVE SMART, ACTIVE MEN WANTED-TO SELL AN J! article in great demand. Pay $90 per montu. expense* paid and team furnithed. Apply before J uly 1, by letter, stating referenoea as to oapaoity and integrity, enclosing SI, to pay for this advertisement and a stamp to pay answer, to Winfleld A Co., New York Post office. Girl wanted-a gekman girl, (Protestant preferred,) who uaderstand* how to eook, wash, and iron, and housekeeping generally, and willing to go a abort distance out of the oity. Apply this -ay, between 9 and II, at the Railroad Office, oorner of Broadway and Dey it. Housekeeper wanted for the country? nin*t be a Protestant, able and wi'llnjt to work. A pioua widow prefeirod. Also, a little girl ai chambermaid. Ai<ply to day, between 2 and 4 o'olook, at 4t> Soutn (itb <?, Williamsburg, naar Peck slip ferry. Hands for children's clothino wanted Appty to Charles Paul. D. DEVLIN A CO., 268, 259 and 2 W) Broadway. ON DEMANDE-UNE BONNE CU1S1NIERE FRAN puifu, dani une petite famUle. S'adresser 110 fiaat lee rue. e Photograph operator wanted.-onk who understand! the business perfectly can get a fine situa tion at Hunter's gallery, 262 Broadway. UNE JEUNE FRANQAI3S. DESIRE SE PLACER dans une famllle pour prendre aoin des enfant* et don atr jlc* U90M. S'adressor 098 (ie avenue, entre la 34o et 36e SITUATION WANTED? BY A HIGULV RESPECTA * ble Scotch girl, with good referenoee; for the city or country; i* a good cook, brsao baker aad an excellent laundress; also, can take care of dairy. Please call at 223 Bowery. Situation wanted? by a protestant young woman, to take oare of children and do plain aewing, cr to do ehamberwork and sewing. Cao be seen at her pre sent employer'* until engaged. Call at 35 East 22d st. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, as oook; is a hrit rftte baker, ftnd would have no ob Jeotion to do tbe washing and lronitg of a email family. No oljoction to go ft ihort distance in the country. Uaatlie beet ot oity reference. Cftn be teen for two dftj*. at 150 21 ?t it. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR THREE YOUNG Wo men: one, (Welsh.) ?? chambermaid or waiter, oftn do tine washing ftnd Ironing. One fte nurte ftnd leftmitreie, or ohftnjbvmftid ftnd nenniBtren, o?n do Hue washing ftnd iron ing; and one as lftundre??cr cook. The belt of oity referen ces. All willing to go to the country. Apply ?t the honac of their present employer. Hi luth at. SITUATION WAN TEC? BY A YOUNG HAN, WHO hfti h?d five yeara* experience in the gentlemen's fur ni-bing gooda butinesa. Beet of eity reiexenee given. Ad lee 0. A. E. R., Herald office. Situations wanted? for the following excellent servants:?! hreo professed oooke, Protestants, one American middle ftged; alio, several other Aret class washer and ironer, at ilBNDEESON'S intelligenoe vi?r6 fii9? 6 Court street. lirooklvn. established several ?nu ai?iinetl?tf0Bl,*<1 hr ot hi*he,t standing i EFFICIENT AKD COMPETENT m0h^^f nurse *Ul?? a situation u nuree v. ? iaTklld T* 8?n"?n>?n; hue be^ tn the habit of ta^iVk ? ?f both for many jeers, and can be well recommended by I?-, sicians and employers. Apply at 107 19th ft., oorner ot 3d avenue, all the week. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS WANT SITUA tions? one as oook or seamstress; the other as chamber maid and waiter; no ohjeotion to the country. Call tor two days at No. 9 Harrison at., near Columbia, South Brooklyn TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WANT SITU ation* in private families; one to do general housework, cook, wash and iron, ard the other to do obamberwork, plain sewing, or to take caie of ohildren. No objection to go a short distance in the oonntry. Can be seen for two day*, if not engaged, at IIS 1st avenue. Town travei.ler.-one well acquainted with business, and having a good oonneetion in New York, Brooklyn, and the other suburbs, wishes to add to bis other commiuiens any article that the manu'aeturer or pro prietor may wish to bring speedily before the public. Ad dress Town Traveller, box 131 Herald oBloe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG RESPECT able woman, as cook, washer and Ironer in a small fa intly. No objection to the country Good reference from her last place. Apply at 172 West ICth st., between 7th and bth avenue*, in the front basement. "11 ' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT youig woman, a* chambermaid and washer, or to do plain sewing. City reference from where she hft* lived (he last two year*. Can be *een for two day* at 373 7th avenue, between 27th and 38th sts. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a* wet nur*e; *he has lost her baby. No objection to the country, and oan do family sew lag. Good reference, A pply at 173 Reade at , corner ot Washington, for two day* WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situation as oook, and to assist la the wash ing and ironing of a small private family. City reference given. Can be seen for two days at her last place, 73 6th avenue, corner of West 13th at. WANTED TO ADOPT-A RESPECTABLE MALI TT child, 18 months old, who has lost his parents, to any respectable family who would take proper oarc of him. Please oall at 167 Mott street, aeoond floor. II' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T T Protestant young woman, a* cook, washer and Ironer. Good city referenoe. Call for two days at 291 Elisabeth st., corner of Bleeoker. "117 ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, in a respectable private iamily, as nurse and seamstress; is oapablc ot doing the sewing of a family Bert of city referenoe. No objeotioa to go a ahort in th? country. CaU for two daya ftt 80 6tb avenue, aecend floor, back room. "IV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Tl to do general houaework in a private tamily; is a first rate wa?her aad ironer. Good city referenoe from her last place. Apply at I6V Greene St., In the rear, third story. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ProtesUat young woman, as cook; she understands all kinds uf plain cooking, aad is aa excellent washer aad Ironer; the praters a situation in a private family; bast of rity reference oan be givaa. Call at Mo 8W 11th St., between 6th and Cth avenues. Can bo seen tor two days, if not engaged. AN TED- BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman, a situation as cook: underatands cooking in all its branches: can give the beat of city relerenoe. Pleaae oall at No 19 Eaat 11th at,, between 3d and 4th avenuea, for two daya. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waiter, or would be willing to do the houaework of a small family; good retorocce can he given from her laat place. Please call at 87 West 19th St., between bib and 7>h avenue*, for two days. WANTED,? A LADY WILL GO AS SEAMSTRESS, BY the week er month: eaa out aad flt children's dresses and do plain sewing. Aadress 262 Monroe St. WANTED-A STEADY. SETTLED, INDUSTRIOUS woman, to do geatral housework la a small family, six or seven milee in the oountry. She will be required to be a good plain cook, wasaer and Ironer, and make heraeif otherwise generally ueeful. The family coasista of a gentle man, wite aad son, the latter tweaty yeara old. Wa<es 19 to *> per moath. r recommendatior.s. between T WANTED-A SITUATION, TO DO THE HOUSEWORK for a email family, either in city or country, by aa Ame rica n; i he beat of oity refereaoe given, CaU at 91 Muaroo at., la the rear. WANTED-A Si 1U A'lIOW, BY A RESPECTABLE young womaa, a* good oook and assist in the washing snd ironing; good eity reference*. Call for two days at 128 8th st., Clintoa plaoe.Jthird floor, Irons rooas. WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION as chambermaid and to take car* of ehildrea, or to do ebamberwork and to aeaiat in washing aad iroaiag; has tbe boat of city referenoee. Call at 64 University place. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, to take oare of children and do plain sewing. Call be tween 0 aud 4, for two days, at 177 4th St., third floor, near bth avenue. WAN1ED-A PERMANENT SITUATION, IN A RE sptctable family, aa seamatreaa; oan make ladies' plain dieasee, and cut ana tit ohildren'e dreaeee; has been four years in a family; wishea aome oliamberwork. Pleaae oall at my employer's place, 104 Eaat 16th at,, between 2d aad 3d avenuea, for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ytung woman, to do general housework In a small family ; ao objection to go In the oountry ; four years ftnd *tx mi ntbs' reference. Cnn be seen tor twe daya at No. 120 Weat 19th at , in the rear, between tth and 7th avenuea. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RISPECTABLE woman, aa cotk; would aaelat in washing and Ironing, in a private family ; best of city retereaeo oan be *tren. Can be seen tor two days at 173 12th st., between lat and 2d avea. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, as wet nurse, having loet her b?byj le willing to go out or would take oue to her own rasldenoe, I r can accommodate two or thr-uf cMldren as S?>rdf>r* Cat l,e ?e 1 t'c mm*' deJ by fa*ili)A of dis melius la tli* city. Adlrta C. F , it.'. Etit iltb at. w wite and son, tbe latter twenty yeara old. Wa<es 99 per month. None aeed apply but thoso of undoubted nmencatlons. Apply .to A. C. E., 93 Waterst , up stairs, een 11 aad 1 o'clook. WAJWTB. TTlKTlD-i SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE woman, m uin? u4 martfMt. or aa eh*m. ?**??14! If witliaa te go in the ooua'ry Good retereaoea. Apr'y "W Weat lVth t treat, Mwni 0th and 7th iimin, In tit WANTED? BT A Rt?t'ICTA?LB YOUNG Q|*L, A ?1'ut'lKt it ?himixnntU and waiter, or ehamtertnail end p am *??"?* <'an be e? ea for two day ? at <M 1Mb ?t., be t?MD tit aad 7th til, Befereace Iron bar laat plae*. YYANTIO? BT A NEAT, TIDY TOUNO WOMAN. A TV attuation id a private family u aeamatreaa aad to aaaiat In baa waahiag aad ironing; la ? gnoj aewer and can com* wall recemmeooad. Call for two day? at 93 Hudeon ?"?J*. betw?en FtuklU and Harriaon atreet*. Aoomfrrta bla home note of an object than high wagee XVTA NTED- BV TWO TOUNO GIRLS. SITUATIONS, f ? on? to take cu? of * child, and th? other, Ttrj mtelli goat. to do ligtt houaework and aeai?t In the care of a etoro. Apply between 9 acd 10 o'clock A M., or I to 9 t. M., at 101 Walker at., aecond floor, room No. 6. WANTED? BY A RESECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, who baa been brought up in a reapectable family, in tula eity , a aituatioa aa enambermatd, or uurae, or waitreaa in a private family or hotel. Will go to a watering place. Beat ait) reference. Please call at 'Jb 12th atreet, aaar 6th aveaaa. To be aoen for two daya. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE UEHSi AN WOMAN a aituatioa aa wet norae. ahe ia bcaltby, and fully oompetent to take abarge of an Infant. Caa b? aeea at the residence at ber pveaent employer, 299 5th avanue TX7 ANTED ? A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO WOMAN YT aa cook iu a private family; ha* a paifeot aaowledge of her tuaiaeaa, and can give eity referenoe from her laat elaoe, where ahe baa bead nearly three ycara; would aaaut in the waahiag tad ironing, hai ao objection to tha country. Caa be aaau for two day* at 116 Clinton place, top floor, back room. WANTEO-BY A RESPECTABLE Y0C*0 WOMAN, a aituatioa aa plain cook and good waaher and ironer; can ctine well recommended. Call at 133 Eaat 24th at., near )..i avenue, top floor. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, a a chambermaid and plain aewcr. Uood telerence Caa ba aean at 46 Eaat 39th it. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION aa eook in a private family; underatanda trench aad Engliah ooukiua ; ao objection to go ai paitry oook. Oood inference. Apply at HI 28th at , between 6th aal 7th ave auea, in the fancy atoia. WANTED-BY A SEAMSTRESS, WORK BY TUB day, week or month. Inquire at 1 61 Fireyth at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT young woman, aa chambermaid, or nurao and team itreea. flood reference. Apply at 73 Charlton it. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa aarac and aeamatraaa, or chamber maid and aeamatieaa; can cut and Ut draaaoa. Beat oity re ference. Can ba teen for two daya at 460 6th avenue, be tween 27th and 28th ata. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, TT a aituatioa aa chambermaid, and to aaaiat la the waah ing aad ireniag; baa ao ohjectioa to do the general house work lor a email privite family. Haa two year a aad two mcnthi' good city refarenoe. Caa be aeen for two daya at IU Hudeon avenue, between Park avcaue and Couoord at., Brooklyn, tint floor, baok room. WANTEB-BTAN EXPERIENCED DRBS8MAEBB A aituatioa in a private family; underatanda the cutting and fitting of ehildre n'a eluthea, and aU kiada of family eew ing. Haa no objection to the oountry. Pleaae eall at 119 Weat 26th at., between 7tfc and 8th avenue*. Can be aces iron 7 till 0 o'clock, WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A SMART, CAPABLE young woman, a a oook, aid to aaaiat in the waahing and ironing. Ia an excellent cook and baker and willla< to an in the country, Good oity reference, i'leaao oall at 91 Weat 24th it , up Itairi. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL OR WOMAN, AND no other, not under twenty yeara, to do the general houiewcrk of a family, ooaaiating of a gentleman aad bia wife, without children. Such a peraon, who haa oity reler encee, that can be aeea, will call on Mrs. Welden, 15 Pike atreet. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE ENGLISU WOMAN a iltuatioa in a BaapecUble private family, aa ltua dreaa or oook. Ia a gMa plain cook aad firat rate baker, aa well aa a inferior laundrm. Well reooininended from her laat place. Caa be aaea for two daye at 123 Weat 27th at., between 7th and 8th avenuea. No objection to go In the country. WANTED? BT A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS child'a nurio and plain aeamitreaa, aad make heraelf generally uielul; would go by the day or week to lew Good reierenoe. Call at, or aadreaa, 238 0th avenue, between 15th ai.d ll'ith ata., allthia week. WANTED? BT A PROTESTANT GIRL, A BITUA tionaa chamnermaid or waiter, or to take oare of children. Would like to go In the oountry for the aummer with a lady. Canbeioeuat 125 Weat 12th at. Good oity reference. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE younK girl, to take cure ot children; can da embroidery and plain aewing. lias no objection to the country. Can be aeen for three dayi*at 272 10th it., top floor. WANTED? A SUUATION, AS COOK, BY A VERY competent young woman; undentaadi all kinda of baking and cooking, ana all kindi ot jelliei and preeervea; would be willing to take charge of a bouao in a family') ab tenoe. Satiafaetory rcferenoea. Inqtlra at 85 Forayth it., corner of Grand, for two days, if not engaged. WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIYATB FAMILY, AN active, experienced girl, waiter and tine waaher beet of referenoe required. Apply at ?9 Kant 30th it., 1b the morning. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general homework, or would be iff' 0>" ?,-h'"dthand(?tn Eftltr'uAW'W* WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* good plain eook, and tint rat* waah er ana ironcr; or chambermaid, and will make heraelf uae ful. Ilaa >o objection to go a abort diatance in the country. Good oity reference. Can be icen for two dayiat315 Madi aon at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL a* aeamatreaa; underatanda outtlag and fitting ladiei dreaaea, or would take a aituatfoa aa chambermaid and waiter. Can bo aeen tor two day* at No. AS Weot 28th at., tbe reiidence ot her lait employer. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, who haa not lived ont in thia oonntry aa yet; ia a good plain icwer, and la willing to make heraelf nacfal in a private family. Call at 27 State St., aeoond floor, front room, South Brooklyn, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A SCOTCH GIRL. TO do the oooking, waahing and ironing or a amall private family, or chamberwcrk aad plain aewing; would go a abort diatance in the country. Good city reference. Call for two daya at 148 Weat 32d it., between 7th and 8th avennca. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, who can apeak Engliih, a altuation a* waaher, iroaer and to do general homework. Call for three dayi at lift Wilt 27th it. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG RESPECT' able woman, ai ohambermaid. and waiter aad to llkke care or children. Goed referenoe from her lait place, where ate lived for two yeara. Apply at the ooraor ot lit avenue and 36th it. Can be aeen for two dayi. WJ" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU TT atlon on board of a iteamer, aa itewardoca; haa had reveral yeara' experience on the water, or would be willing to travel with a lady, aa nunc; beat of city reference given. Pleaae call at 68 Fourth it. WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION ai waitreai. Pleate call at 278 let avenue. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, a lituation aa houaekeepor or a arm; to be icen for two d-\yi at No, 7fc Charlei at. ~\\T ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A TT aituation, aa cook; ihe thoroughly underetandi her Lualrcn; or ai chambermaid, in the city or country. Call at 77 Henry at. , flrit floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SIT uation ai cook; haa no objection to a hotel, boarding home or laloon; alio a good paatry cook; hai the beat of re ference* from her laat place. Caa be aeen for two daya. H?ue call at 84 7th it., near lit avenue, aeoond floor, baok t om. WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A WO man, aa eook, waaher and iroaer: ihe muit understand her buaineaa, and have roapeotable oity reierenoe. Apply Utween 11 and 1 o'clock, to-day or to-morrow, at 38 Eaat *8tb at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIGHLY recommended girl, ai aeamatreaa and nurae; ean take care ot a baby tromlti birth; ia a competent aeamatreaa on all kiada of faml'y aewing and oaa make ohildren'a clotbee neatly. Haa three yearir oity referenoe. Will travel with a lad) or family. Call at 217 Eaat 23d at., far two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protaatant girl, aa ohambermaid and to aaiiat in wa*h log and ironing. Apply at SS2 Greenwich it., corner of Jay, atcoad floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, i aa firat rat* cook; underitaudi all kind* of French and Engliih cooking. Apply at 146 11th at., near 6th ave- j Due, in the millinery (tore, for two dayi. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to oook, wa*h aad iron, aad do general homework! in a amall private famllv; no objection to the country. Good reference. Apply at No. 9 E**ex at., ia tbo teat, for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A aituation a* oook; no ehjootlon to go In the oountry. A pply at 27 Bleockar at. Good rof?rono*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT gill, a aitnation aa aura* aad aeamatreaa; caa give gtod city reference. Apply at 181 Eaat 17th it, botweon let and 2d avenue*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ai plain took, waaher aad iroaer, or to do general heuaewcrk; good referenoe Apply at 58 Eli i a bet h ?t., third floor, room No. 10. Caa be aooa for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman; 1* a good plain cook, good waaher aad lronor, good baker; no objection to tbe ocuatry; ia a drat rat* band at milk and butter; the beat of reference if required t an be aeen for two dayi at S04 Houaton at , up a tairi, treat room. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, A SITUATION aa chambermaid aad tine waaher, or to do oookiag aaahlng and^roning. Apply at <M (iroenwioh at. WAN rED-IiY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION aa laundrei* or chambermaid. Uood city rater?ac? can be given. Apply at U3 Weat 30th *t , botw?*a8th and O'h annuel, fot two oay*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE German woman, a* Engliab or German oook. Good ret* ence. t an be aeen at 204 Broadwaj. WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE YOUNO ENGLISH woman, a lituation aa chambermaid, or ohambernaid and ??atnitroa*. Beet of city refeceacea. Pleaae oail at 34 Weat IVth it. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Wv)M*n' a aituation to do general homework in a amal| l famUf, and will make heraelf uaetul; no objection to a abort die tanee in the eountry. Caa be eeen for two rtaja. at bar pre aant employer'*, ?S3 Grand it , oppoelte the Jtowery oavioga Bank, iccoad floor, in the dental ofliee. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMA.V to do ohamfierwerk and to a??l*t In naxbfiu and tr >u inn, rr aa lain>drea?. I'an oon?t m l r?<">ni'i.en.lod ?.?n e keen tor t?o day*, it r>n> eiea,td at Us lib t , between Jth n.d fc'h itiiMt. WAMVB, WANTED- A SITUATION, IT A RESPECTABLE (lrl. fifteen jnn *14, to da geaeral ktiMflrt ??4 niiad cnilarea; ?? o?jeotloa to city or eaaatrr IWJ ?' cit> rIniim, Fleaee call at 70 Juno. , 4r?t Mot, kick room. WET NUBSE. ? WANTED, BY A fiEALTBY YQCNO TT ?obm, i litiitloi In i iniliiiM'i hall}; mMiIM tor; refereaoe caa be given n to ehataeter aad Apply at 101 Walker it.. between Centre aad Elm, n?? 19, aaiil esgag id. , 1VANTED-IN A LARGE ESTABLISHMENT 8ITCA ? i tr 10 "rooklTB itailcrn dutr ot) flee chaabeimald?i p.rl' elaaa cooki; also, ua oeat colored Mrioat, t? at '*?? cream lal.icne ?t tb? a bora eet?bliabmeat. Bt "*d ofc" *?P'J at the Odaoa, w illiamabirg. troi.. ^ y l# ^ p jg TP" ANTED? BT A Rasp Ei'T A dl.E GIRL A SITUA TT tion ti eHamlxrinaid ana ..?a..treee, i?d la wUlia?t f make hewelf geaarally u??fal. *P;i, u fey w?rt 17U it., ??coed floor, treat r?om. W/ANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE YOVNa WOMAN Vf With B freeb kiaaai of milk . a .Una*. -f JTy"*1* l ltait call for two ' kWMt ?' "Uk. ? aituatton m wii ouM da,, at 44 orchard .trwt, third daeST* WANTED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE jtOBi woman, aa ehild'i aaria and aeamitreea, ar chambermaid aad waiter; wooid bo "llliag to travel. Gaud retereaee given. Apply Bt No. 10 Strong place, 5aath Brook 1, b. 117 ANTED? BY A BESPIl'TAB.B GIRL, A S1T0A Vt tiea ia eook; baa ihe beat of et<y reierence fro* her la at place. fleaae uquite at t'J Mariea It. Wanted a situatiok, By a respbctaeljr wen an, to do genera homework, la a email family. Having a little boy going on five yearaef aa a, would be >ny oeiiroue to n?t him m a bom e witu ber. No objee 111 to eo to tbo eeantry. 1 lean* call at 170 Wait 10th it, near tb* fcth av<Bse. Good city referaaie TVT ANTED ? BY A RESi ECTAUDE VOUNO GIRL, A if (i'liAtiuB is cbiiubeiiDftio, or to do Kiniril honNworke in a ??all family. Can be aeon for two dayi at 1A8 Weak 16th it , tret floor, baok room Wanted? a situation, by a most hiohlt reeommeaded girl, aa lanndraaeia all ita braaebeii can do all ityleiof ahiit irooinn in tha beat it tie. table Imea aad wladow eurtaiBi, all at jlaa oi-aee, baa the beet ef citv rcfereaee for being oom potent i In bo objeetiea te liruoklyn, er aa chambermaid and 'aqadreia; doae ttntlag. Call ?t-il7 Eatt 23d it., tor two data. Wi Ea?t 23d it., I?r two day i. ANTED? SITUATIONS, i>? ' *?IU1?0 U?*W5. ana ai oook, waaber and ironer' ande?ita?dl ket boal aen; ii a good bread ba> er, ?nc o*? get op iCMtlMM* ? ibirti and eollari in the beet mau*r. Tk? ether aa ahMk lifiBiaid and waitreu, or to help wth the wathiag if Noair, ed; aadentaadi it in all iti brandea . Both b?Te tba belt cf elty reference I rem tbfir lAlt plioe'HaTe ao otyeeiloal M tic eouDtiy ; underitaud milkias 0 at fl 18th it , between Cth and 7tk aveaaea, i?ooBd floor; mhNn lot two dayi. _ XKT ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA Tf tioa ta do general huaie?ork or ohambar *ork la a boardiag honie; ha? no objection to <? a ahott diitaaee ta the eenatr*. City referenoc oar be glvea. i'leaie eali for three day ? at 144 Elm it., ia tt* rear. W AN TBD? B Y A RES/EC TABLE PROTESTANT TT girl, a iltnation ai ohi^bermaid aad teamatreM; ha* bo objeetion to do general hoiaework ia a imail family. Caa be teea for two dayi, at 63 Greenwich it., third floor, bMk room. WAN TED-BY A RESECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, a litnation ai oook '*bn exoelient waaber aad ironer, and geed baker. The k*t of city refereaoe Klten. Pieaa* call for two dayi, at 10} Ea?t >l?t it., between lit aad 24 kTOBnei, lecond floor, bick room. WANTED- A PRfTES TANT WOMAN, A8 WET anrie. Call imvediately at Mrt. Beaoh'l, 157 Weeiter It. Relereucei teqairtd. WANTED fOR THE COUNTRY? WOBRN TOR ALL the departmeati of koniework; the belt of litaatleaa for inoh. Apply at W* GREEN'S ageaoy for do meat io I, 7u White ttreet, aear Broadway eait aide. Ratea red need to flfty ceati to emplt^er aad employ ei. fVr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO tt man, a iHnat^n; ii a good eeok, waiter and lroaer, and alio a chambermaid; baa the boat at eity reference. Plena call at 140 Cherry it, In the rear, room No. % WANTED? A SITUATION. B1 A RESPECTABLE woman, ai Jaaadreei; ii eapable ef fllliag the aitaation in all ita braaoAea * The belt ot olty reterenoe girea. In quire at Kr.?JohB Drnry'i, 161 Eait llth at., for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, UEALTUY WO man, a litnation aa wet nurie. Pleaae apply M hat preient employer'l, ItiS lienxy It., Brooklyn. WANTED? A YOUNG GIRL WHO IS A NBA! (lain sewer, accustomed to in* work, to Miilt with children and do ebamberwork. Mutt some Will !*??? Bended. Apply at 913 Henry it. WANTED? A SITUATION, A3 COOK, Br A WOMAN who understand* her buatueaa. 3h? it willing ta go ont ot town fur t no summer month*: also to 1b the washing la a email family. She refera to bor pretest em ploy or. Apftly at 787 Broadway. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIBL, a iltuati?b a? aura* and a*am*tr*a*; Km >o ohjeetsoa tc (0 to the country or to travel with a ladjr, bee boot e?ty refer creei. Can be iaen for two day* at 224 Caul it., ovex the ihoe ?toi?. WANTED-BY AN HONEST YOUNO WOMAN AND hcr.daunbter, taxed 17 years,) who oan *p*ak Kr?n*k, Car man, and English. and play on tka pi mo; oonvoaleat sitaa lion*. Please call at 09 C nry ?tl* at , third floor. \\1 AN TED-TWO GI RL8, ONE A3 CHAMBERMAID, i u "" T*/ ANTED-TWO YOUNG GIRlS; ONE TO TAKR TV oar* of a child, and th* other, on* vary tntelligeat, t do light bouaework, and aaaiitin the oare of a etorw. Ap ply between 0 and 10 a'clook A. M., to 4 aad 8 o'oloea P. M., at 101 Walker it., **cond tloar, room No. 6. WANTED.? THREE DOLLARS A WEEK WILL BB paid for an hoaeit, intelligent American girl; one wb can Mt t>p? preferred, or on* who would be wlllinc to mak bereell generally useful. Apply alter 10 o'oiiok at 88 Cbas ham at., in tbo b aaement. WANTED? A SITUATION AS Coot ; UNDER ?cab da all kinds of oookiic ud HUM : if WM4,r *a4 iron*r. Uood reference*. AodIv at 167 Elisabeth at., aiar Broom*, in the rtar. WANTED? BY A RESPBCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN actuation aa seamstr*** or leamitreM u4 lom; ia capable of apaistin; aa laundress. llae no obMotioni toco in the country wiib ? family. Can give the Nat of ?i?? He&ST " Pme'1 pU"' M C#hM,W' WANTED-BY A RESPBCTABLB WOMAN. A CHILD to wet nunc, bavin* loit h*r own baby. Pleae* call at tb* ooraer of 46th it. and Uth BTanu*. WHITE GOODS BUYER. -J. R. JkTtUAT A SONS *?t a IBM thoroughly competent to take Mum aC their white good* department. Ha ma*t b* wall acquaint**! with the markete *f Manchester, Olaegow, aid Bellast, aad alio with th* trade h*r*. Apply bjr l*tt*r only, itatiagrtal Bam* and what experience the eppiioaat haa had. WANTED -A SITUATION, AS GROOM, OR RIDING aroam, by a roan* man reguUr'y bred to tb* tarf; haa be*n the winner of literal raoei and steeple obese* la tka old co on try; understand! thi sere and management if boriea in all itttei of illneee. Caa show ref*r*n*e from ao blemen. Can be htard of for one week at 162 Orchard atrtet, flrit floor. J. Rogere. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. Or GOOD HABITS, a situation as entry ol*rk or a*sl*taat bookkeeper, can writ" a (ood head, and ia quick at tigurei; desires a good aad permanent situation, and require! bat a lair salary tka lest j car. Referee oes given , If reunired. Address, for three dayr, G. H. W., II- raid iffloe. ^ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLR YOUNG MAN. A TT liteatmn a* coachman, to la the oonntry with a family. Keferenoe if required. Apply at 200 Ea*t 21et it., between lit and :M avenue*. ANTED IMMEDIATELY- TO G4f TO THB COUN* try, a situation, by a single maa, who thoreagkty ua deritandi the care and maBagemeBt of horse* aad 0f? Th* best ol *ity reference. A nete addreeeed W. o. B? Herald ofBee, will he attended to. w XKT ANTED? AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN. AS CLBRR W and bookkeeper, ia a orookery, glass and ga a txtura Store. MqviiQteo with the bu?ineee pryierred. or address, b*fore VA. M. , I.OJS Brotdway. Wan ted? a situation, by a young man, an Americas. Has a thorough knowledge of redaiaff, bottling and paikiag wiaei and liquera, aad baa beea aem* years in the grocery basin***. Can do ae mueh work as aay man la New York or bo want asked Write* a geod kaad and ia a good marker. Addr?*i V. U. , Herald eSe* WANTED- A SMART BOY. AS AN ASSISTANT BAR TT keeper, who will be r*qoir*d to mak* himeelf ceaerallf U?rful and to understand taking ear* *f a poay. Toiueha boy, if hi nest, a lair remuneration will be given Apply H No. 69 Main at , Brooklyn^ WANTED? A TOUNO MAN, (AMERICAN.) IN A retail hardware atoro. to k?op eooka, make eat bill*, and to mak* himself ustful ae a aale maa. The beet ol re ference* required. Ail drees A B., Herald otBoe. \\r ANTED- A YOUNG MAN WITH A CAPITAL Or TT IB, to engage in a light inaauee: urint bnnaoM. niablag article* In central u*? A chanoe to make *3 to SO a day. Apply at No. SCatheriae it., room No. 9 np itain. TX7 ANTED? ENTRY CLERK, FORWARDING CLBRR v V aad two saiesmea. Tbe adv*rtl**r oaa iaflaeaea th* above lituatioai, Lto respectable young mea, ia eae of tbe largeat dry gooda (tore* In tne olty. Ad ireae, with references (it.cioalag on* dollar, to be ine ? eased t?(*e, oa entering the litua' ion,) to A. Y. , Broadway Poet OM*e. \ITANTED? IMMEDIATELY , A COOR TOR "PORT v v steerage mess" of the U.S. iteam i rig ate San Jaeiate WANTED? IN A LIGHT AND PLBASANT BDSI nese, a bibb to take charge or a breach oSoe ta Phila delphia, who oan command from oaa to twa hundred dollere. rermaaent eitaatiea aad liberal ? alary. Apply te or addreel v . Wllktaa A Co . iBW Broadway, ap eealn, No. il VL7 ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A ,7*'TBM f f who thoroojchly ondortttoda bU bo#iu?M; middlt i|H I reierrtd* Iaqnlro M 42 Chit than ?treat ?\VT ANTED? A MAN TO ENGAGE IN A LIGHT AND II good j a> lag bvilaeii. at wbi?h he can make ?1,000 a 1 ear. A capital of ab*ut reqw'rvd Call lif P O , at Pattea'a Hotel, Greenwich it., ooraer rt Warr*a. ri^ANTED-SIX ACTIVI TOOffO MB*, WITH A V\ .mail eau tal to aH e* waiter, la a tint elaae dinia. ?aloca. N MO neod 'epply t ttoia j vho oaa fnrnlah a capital and give ief*reno*?. Call on * M Mahon, 174 Chat bam it. Tlr ANTED? A rOUNG MAN, KRflM 3EVENTBRN T? W tw.ntvyearaof age. to attend in a grocery a tor* and " v. 1,1m, ell *eaer?lly u?efnl. Ch*r*oter and eompeteaey nlu.t be lound satlsfke'ory from last aad f?riaer cmplajera. AUdreaa I'. L. U , 444 Chatham Pen OfBee, poll paid. ?tlTANTED? AN OTSTERMaN, WHO IS CAPABLE TO Yr take oharge of tb* oviter department In a tret elaae restaurant. Apvly at th* Tcrrapta Laaob. aader tka a merioBB Museum, betweea the boon of II and ISo'eleek. |IT ANTED? A BOY, IN AN OFFICE ; ONB WHO TT write* a good bead, boerde with hie parente, aad eaa sive *ood reference*. Ad*r?n 8. C. Hoc aid eSee, for two uaya only. 4127 BSOADWAY, CORNER OF RIADB STRBBT. iL D I at M< rri, A Cobnert'i, ean be bad Knglish. 3e >t*b. lrteb and Oerman help, for hotel* and rrivat* rami lie, . sl?e waittrf, por-ce, rmci met la'H-i n. f*r<n>r> u* . chaalei aad labwer* at '.hi, ?r th.' nraaeh ?iHj* 0; ui - a. nUb at.

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