Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1855 Page 2
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Si. lmi Itafw ?tt* eaTy ?? *?!1 have teon h lit tin; m sat-ty far several yevra, and this U owing la the 'pr?imf t and to'?H*a~V wnti of Com Matter ?nibrM, of ah* l\ S. war ate?K-r F.lten, for which rea Mi | hare the ??oon<1 tine alluded to It that it may not a-eapo abelaoetedge of Uo?e who bin Mm tdrui h|K tW"by It t? a pleasure to let th? c nmnaander aha know that Cera are watchers b-re who ho'd in ob Mteateen ibe goei things <'ene. although ha had sup pe.ted kiimtlf >ata from 'heir rvnark w. ite bouuitug ai.r the wm >a tear h of oib*r duty, mil that they rate it with proud sat. si action. Tbe haw-Kent of tta peace will be all vaieted to diy, and the varxioa offl es of rveoid eotn?ct?d with oar daily nuemets are scattered through too oity, to ba hunt ?o np at great inicnvtuieaae and !oal of tiara I hear new eanaes assigned for the su.Ulen < etsr a .nation of General Concha to rarry out thia purpose, wh'eh was wlaaaad by GeDtr*l P.xuela, an.! it ???oui*vai therewith tear for hia personal aa'sty. The story is too nclouUms lor boiief; and as it wvuld show a poaerf ui ul*sa of gov arnmsnt officials in Hague for bit destruction ? for bia death, and that ef hia n'-ereivng Uui..y?tue absurdity would prevent its na[Ot>l(ion upon the naa-t igaor*ut of ?nr ' ktow nothing''eoiomua'ty, and I b-lisve tkat General Ctoccna ia? permitted any such suggestion tea reat in hit mind, even if malice has enrteavorec to tmpevea it there. A bulldlrg ta being prepared for of ?eee for the rooted eo.-ps of notaries, Ac , which will not be finished tcr a year, and their old apartments art ta ba tlfcd by our polls* soldiery. I waa yesterday reading au extract from a Boston pa per? translating it as a sort of Sunday school lesson for twe yaung ladies o; mr class?s pest in g of the evident advance end imprivrms nt of the colored population ef that e>ty, (Beaton.) in cress acd mortis, aud naming the pTcf?ision? toey wore ornamenting?when tbe Se norita Jnanila remarked, with nsivs.e?1 Then there nust b- soma hope for the white portion of the commu nity, if inch neu ae hist scd bis fellows em be benstt ed ay the txaoipl* of their eo ored brethren." 1 w-.s a bo at to diem ea my pupils, hut they bugger me sa h?*d to read tbe t'e of Georga law to trnm, from the Hsuald ") *>hat I could not resist TVo> b may have lie own Jo m do rood, and I shall mt it by ox tug tie ssn'iment* of my young friends; they may awe to rvalue them jnst and true. I band yon a very interesting commercta.) report for the acascn, and ti.e contmmd. If the Granada does not arrive by mrrinian to-dry, tbe paeseogsra for heron board af the hi Dorado will be providol lor on shore, and the Utter leaves this evening for Aspinwaf). Tbe Oa hawbawidbe ovsrilowing fall rrom* the engagements made by the agents here, and will be unable to take for ward any of the Cafiformans. D., Jnue 12, 1855. A Financial Conference?TV Mwlrid Bank and Us Brunch?Speech '/ Ueneral Cmcha?The Creoles and She Financiers. At sundown last eri't'-'g tb?r* was nothing I.he a steamer to be teen from as walls of old Moro, but it Is to bo presumed lUatt.b* Cahawba and the Granada will be here to leave before ten o'clock to day. On Sunday a conferenos was held in the palate among the tlvaacMTs and capitalists of Havana to consult upon the affairs of the proponed Spanish bank of die jo ant and deposit, authorized by charter of the government at Nhdrid, ef which a oopy has been famished yen. Ths ?? jest seems to have been to indole a prompt au'.scrip Hon of tie aloJc which goes off hea7ily. Gineral Concha made a ?er y good speech,! am inform*!, ooa ?tdaring that the subject was new to his mini, and that he ill Ignorant of the practical working of his scheme, which is borrowed, with enlargement, from the sug geet .one of the Marquis de la Pssuela. The fear to be overcome in tbe mi a Is of the people hue, especially the creov?, who control a very large portion of the floating capital tuat enters into specula tore bnsinese, and which would be drawn nto the -vaults oi th'-a Institution, is taut the future exigencies ?f tbe government inuy make it oec .sA-.ry t? adopt seme extraordinary rule, cr forced loon, which would ateaib all the me'alllc bi'is, and lews the stockholders, baUboidrra and depositors, minus their fl'oe*, with hills and certificates wurthJess, except, possibly, for part payment of customs, inooius dues, and land rents. Fioteeticn from the extortion, touch or demand of the ?avenment, and tne bank would soon bo in opsratim as the charter provisions in other respects are good, fee aweolas, howtvvr. wid not be like'y to Use any great hater, at in tie stock, te -au'e it will he under dpon'oh owntro) and direction, while tie hams is not in haimony with their wishes. I shall reduce myself ti reasonable brevity?after die later therefor?the present exceedingly hot we^thor Bdmaniabing me of its propriaty, &c. ihe meetiog hud M kesuits. I). ?Te The Failure of the Cuban Expedition. f float El C'.mets, (the erf a a of the Cabins of Ne?r Ycrk,l Jane 13.] TO-DAY 8 QUESTION. It ie generally talked of as a recent event which we all barieve to be true, and which has filled with borrow and anguish the hearts 01 the Cubans. The Main fact stand* uncontradicted, but such ia not the ease in regtri to the detail* and causes of It. It is natural for every Cuban acx'ouily to inquire about these details, and the Ires causes of such a griev eras catastrophe, what are the;f If we, on our own part, have h-ord some explanations, prudence and justice bid us to listen to the coua'erpirt, end we believe that all those placed in the same situa fc?n ought to suspend their verdict. Although the tndi ?vidua! wbo relates a fact be entitled to our first credit, he cannot righteously n quest it, il his manifestations bring forth charges against other persons, uuleia they be present and let the coarges stand uncontradicted. 1 et ua, then, suspend our judgment?but until whe_ There exists, indeed, a necessity, an imperious and ur gent necessity, of depurating the causes of the failure ?I so many hopes, the intliction or so uuny lanugos tie e&eitfi te ol so mi or victims. Nor it it a mere curiosity that Is to be *5'is tied, but the desire of drawing from the lessons of the TJST, useful warnings for t?e future. ? r^Stir, w? ought to wait a Mtsocable Mijth ot bn>#i hut that reasonable term, in the pr?-,*nt circum ?Ranees, sheu'il be the shortest, ns we must soon, very ?en know who are the guJPy ami who are the merlto x?ns. The rf3"oa for that ir. quit* plain? we see and ?Isolate tit fa'al consequence *h*t the least suspicion against eertain ?sc wou'.d produce in the people of Ca be. the people of Cuba trusted on those men and on tfcetar programme; they believed them to he honest; bat the Mo * hia betn a terrible one, and nothing but an Immediate vindication can lessen its bad ellerts. The least delay will give rise to suspicion; silence would oenfirm it The ship is lost?what do the pilots : ay? During these last tew aaya we have heard the clamors #f the impatient and the lamentrtiona of the moderate. The former say, "Neither unforeseen mishaps nor the interference of tins ilmlnintra'ion. nor any ether cir ?omoiatcee within the reach of wise ra<-n to prt ve t, have been the cause of the failure." What, then, hiT? ?bey betn? And dilemmas an set fcrth-awful di kNU, that must be resolved. In rtgard to the moderate, they wait patiently before they declare their opiuion The'r con-cionco would ? case them of advanclrga verdict not founded on fa ?; but yet tbey, as well as toe others, gueis with their o~n mend, and oof in a very favorable w?v indeed. The author of the present lines bas nsver been ac iaiuted with the doings of the Ouban Junta since Its augoration, except a very limited number of them; a?d If this veil ol mystery hex been thrown over the nflhirs before the eyes of all thus# interested in th m, ww cure say that It ha* proved fatal to the Junta; and ?e repeat It, although wo have ofttn said It (baeauM it -fe necessary to In'n'oata this idea), anl although our ?pinion it now almost unanimous among the Cabana. Th# reserve of the Junta expldDs?nay. it justifies? tf)? nnbeunied >r?ero-p with which every Cuban enters tte wide held of conj ecture. Some o. those eboaic in favor of such a mysterious system?and it is fair to say that we deem them b><rui fid* men?argue that it was not convenient to make toe whole tmth known. Those men?perhaps ancoo -lcnsly?profile the maxim tlint " it is lawful to cheat tbe people far its own sake,*' in the same way as we cheat a sick cb'ld by nwseV'nlng the ?dgeof the bitter glass of medicine. No In Vied ; false hood le never lawful In regard to a people: it might be ?, lor lack of otber means, apctnst its oppressors; but ?ever when employed against those who deserve ?it beet regards. Besides this, to comtitat* themselves an Judges of tbe interests of s million of poople, conceal ing from tbem the grounds of their Judgment, would ?bow a pretence to superiority ss false on foolish. Mors ?wer, a similar oondsct causes the one who follows It to be continually in deugt rof goL.g astray from the pith of duty, as tbe obi gut on ot telling 'hi truth Is a guar antee ef good behavior, wuiie the privilege of concealing or misrspri sent log one's doings is a hi pery ground for a wtrtuans man. Th-re is one thing that we ought to declare In earnest, 1. a. that silence has been kept too long. We believe that si ue* tbe failure took place there has he so tltns ?tiengb to write and fo publish ali about it. We have already been told?to onr great sorrow?of a motive for each a silence, which, indeed, appear* to ba nothing hut ? pretext. They eorne and ray over and over that "it is not convenient now." alluding to the pre/rotation of eertain account a. But what r*o we care for ih'?eeae eonnte, when the result of the who's wffalr is already known? And a wonder*nl result it Is, Indeed! let tbem give us the key of the e<- gma Lot th m "?t out with a fair dad?us. so that It may be i? by those wbo are tbe meet anxious to eontnte it?a defeoca ta wbleh we may rather berr the confession of sin o? Stror than a eausidical plot. TARABILLA, [From the same paper ] ABE Wi, OR AKR WK NOT? ^Tbsr# are some who deny ut?the Cti '/an exiles in the Pwittd States?the rgtat of representation and lnter'er anee In regara to tbe affair* trusted to the Cuban Juot wfamfc w? constituted,ln this city onthe nL-htof tbel&th of October. 18t2. * And why do they deny ns this right? Because, they say, that we nuve not contributed th ? money to create the funds and bny tbe materials whtoh as tt appear*, bar# been saved from the wreck. This, ia plain talk, would mean that the Cuban ques tlon has he*n "BMtalfaod "?(hat ihtrets no lunge question of "m-re" patriotism, but patriotism in beside and Hpanteh doubloons; and that tbe numberless soeriSees, the patriotic *?lfdeo'ah the teers, vh? ulooi air racy spilled, are nothing bsfpie tlie altar of our fatherland, competed with a loan at so mu.ih per <?ot n scrip, or a handfnl of coins with the bust of Usr Catholic Majesty. Le* nobody conclud* that we Intend to lessen the merit of thote wealthy patriots who bare deposit ad, with a Hberal hand, their pecanltry ?tlatf^naoR the altar of our native lind H id not ttoee noble gift been made, we would have Rotb'ng like mater; al and effective ftwui to carry tiCulit the work of our liberat ing revolution; and wh'n tbu trinmpb of oir eanse shall ba obtained, every o? of Uem wi!l bo eoUlted ta a glorious page in tba annals of our political redemp tlon Tbay say, we repeat, that we have no right to bring the Junta to atconnf fir fonts wli sh Jo no: provisd frnw ourselves, poor exiles. And what can we, what, should we say in reply to that* We can, we onr hi to reply : Tiratly, That when*, mm is compelled ta give eiwir b'e lift or bt* purse, be would rethcrgre his pur?c than Ml life; and 'hst IM|| the <>?b?n ?rt)ee U the IhM itktes there ??? in*ny who Hit* PW**<1 tVr Mm IB mtty a cam 101 the a*?? ?< our ceuwtry. SiniOlj, Ti nt if on the tnatdl'itioa of til* Pi*** JrL?a in tbw eiiy onr mmdUik to'ii ??r? "shitted ?i? % rtpta oii'ii r* u' Mr o?u tnliir y?cb?i<w wm admit'?u it * iimwrof tu'd ct>rpor*ti -a, ? U is ?vi deht tbat Hey tacitly end ex sited ly <'eular*d (e* it eeibtto appear f'om'he minute* of Itit O'ltliy) onr rights as oonst tawn's, in part, to sail oar constituted ? ruber* to kesoont. And Th idly, Tbat if our bre'kreu thru reaping in Cula wer? not a"ls, on ?? ouot of tho exc* '.tonn euf cnira'icio 'li wbioh cur ui/'oitu'-aue ?*'.lvr l.niis p'e-td, to ren'er in a publ<c manner tbeir suffrage 'o? tbe Pcctirn of tbe four trot ir.em tiers of the J m'?, there in atili teser eb?nc*? tor them to nomn for'b nt* and lay in put He their r.-alts a <? order t > obtvn expla nation There ere, ev< n in 'be ea*e of cur rcsignia,^ 1 onr rights an eii'es, w? ettjtb' to ee tbit thus* of uur broibera in Cuba . re nn'y attended; aad above all, bo Eeveat tbe altar of our fatherland's caise f-utn -inking to tbe darknreH of a ru;.et?ry tbat ought 'o bo ex pia-mii, so'hit the 1'gbt of faitb may be v.oCleJ scow, or to preeerve tte live, of many a gencruis <uad noble vir.tun that ahou'd be spared for a better occasion. Tbe idea of ''our being nothing" is, up ?o tbe preS'-n', ronHnert to a rttrall ein-'e but tf i' expands ont. o' it, if tbat natural and declared right i? po*i'.tv*iy d"nied u?, tbe recourse la left m of "win-tog oar bands" bad withdrawing a coolideace wb-cb tbey would not come to asoennt for. II. T. Tour* , TEE CUP60 07 T'fE BARK ttiGN ILIA. [f.cD the Mob.le Keguter, June 10 ) Tble unor innate vessel lies oat in tho stre-tn, at the foot of Coveri m-nt street, in limbo, and in tbe clutches ?f I'n-leFnra. If reports be true, tie la a rtih prize, and Las an beara more tb-ngs than Col. Kinney coula pcskibly mrte are ot in h<a expscirioa to Ni. irn on. We beer that abe has under dec* the tnan meet of a wrv reep??ittble iltlle army, far outnumber rg any force tbat Col Kinney was eror aupietsd of taking to C'Utzai Aonrlc* What, for inataace, wotll br have w inted with 3,1 00 rifles, 1,800 Colt's revolver's, 6,COO lbs. of powder made up Into 300,(00 ron-abe Hied an.m' u tion, l,u00teuts, a battery of brate find pvecea ail ccmplt'a, with harness, rquipmerte, and shot 'o lots of spile* and rabies, a quantity of co.hing anil >00 cots? all this loots as If it was a part of *nntu>r more impor'aat and battled expedition? as if, indeed. it nria intenden tbat tbe Cap tan General Cent Da abould hire ba<l an interest in this preparation. We eappose the ?eirel will be libelled, anc then there will be an exhibit to the public eye. MA&KKT CIKCl'MR Hava.m, June 11, I860. Since 26tli nit., date of our last report, busisMS has be-n more attire than pr rijutly noted i?io.iRa buve been in demand at full prices, with a slight improvement for tbe io eer classes On receipt at tl ? farorable advices tioin England and the Catsd ^tatse, breogbt here per steamer Empire C.ty, from New York, there bas been a b iei deroa'jil, and a largo "usuae-s would havr been done bat tor tbe firmness of holders, who, declining *o sell at our quotations, are looking for an advance of '-4 to rests arroha. The stack on hand is estimated to tie now ' On,000 boxes, against 196,000 boxes in 1P54. 226,Ov.O b xee iu 1853, and 166,000 boxes in 1862. We have no amies of muMoradoe* to report, for want or stock, ihey are ebanging hauls at oatporta at from 6)9 to 6 reals tor common to fair. Our quo tations ore as fnfi-jee:?Whites, contmoa to Florotea , 8 a 0 reels?24r. 7J?d a 2*s. yellow1 ooutmon to Iloietes., f>4 a 8 rcala?70s 4?<d. a 24s. "?<d.; nrowna, J?o 11 to 12. 5>i a 6 rean?18s. 7-1 a IDs. 9^1.; Cuca ruelios, No. 8 to 10, 5 a 6}4 reals?17*. 4*gd a i?a ll^d. s'.rrliDg per cwt., on Niard, at 9 per cent premium exefcaoge Mi LASs-ra ?Owing ?? Hrttness of bclders, there have been hut few triiarsotious at 3>a a .'t rs. kag for clayed bete ami at o itporta. ana thsse are aow the rul ing rates. Ma-covadu is held at from 4a 0 ibs. keg ac cording to quall'y. EuNtY is unchanged in value %t 2% a 3 rls per gal lon. F.ip< rted since 1st of January, 1,707 tierces, prin cipally to Hamburg, Bremen at d Holland. Bi m is in active d?inand at 836 a $37 per pipe. Ex ported sin^e 1st of January, 8,271 pipes to Spain, 1,721 Urrat Britain, 1,367 France, and 704 other part*?ia all 10.066 pipes. SxOAsa are without any change in value. F.xported durngthe fortnight, 7,684 mille to tbe 1'nlted States, 2,6'.2 Ftsnce. 2,229 Hamburg, and 1,247 other parts?in all 13,682 mi lie. Tobacco.? On account of tbe high pretentions of hold ers, buyers have bought but spartogly. Exported dur ing the fortnight, 212,oOd los. to Sp*'n. 127, <210 Ham burg. 108,167 L'cited Ftates, Oo,OUO Valparaiso, and 2 vuO Great Britain?in all 640,699 lbs. Excha.ncicp.?Thu '.mount of bills oliered for sxle hav ing teen in excels of cemand, rates ba*? declined. We quote Incdun 8?., to 9 per cent premium. New York, Boston and other Northern cities to 4 per cent dis count. Paris 3 to 3)4 per cent discount, and N'ow Orl.aas sbort 2% per oent disconnt l.uiuRTs of provisions have been light, and sales li mited. Jerked beef. 8,600 qtle per PixaiTo s^id at 1.1*4 1 lis arrobc, 3,660 q'l rntoniaMurl.i, at 14 rls.; 3,500 I Albeitina, at 14>4' rls : 4,800 qtls. Martin, atHf4n?., 4,(00 qrls Maris, at 1-1 '4 rls. The stock on hand alio it amounts to 33 300 q'.fs. Rice, (Carolina,) ba* retails 1 from store as follows:?85 ca?k?, at 16,lf rli g.rro<H; 270 ccskK at lo)4 rls.; 6C0 hags of Valencia, at 11rls.; and l.uuo bigs, at 12 rls.; 120 caaks and 0(8) bags from Brr deaux, st 16 ?? rls.; and 1,100 bags Manila, at 3 '4' rtw. Tbe stock in store com istsof 2.560 c: lie, mosily Carolina. Fish?*0caalts Po-'r,n col. sold qtl.; end38 c,a?ks at 82: and 60 drums do., at 82; I.' 00 iiruote Ea;l(4b cod pr1 MtCi.ra, at l'ne slock on hanj conairte ut toe raruo o: M n* iron. Xor t .'y, wh cu is r^iad iig from sture tbe cargo per P(it-cn, (1,675 qtle.) from Nova Scrf.a, end tho car^o per Ue nricU froat Norway. L?rd bae it tided from store, at 816)^ qti iu barrels; and $17 in kege. The stock amounts to 2,000 barrels, and 3,030 ktgs. Butter?60 kfgs Dutch, at $22 qtl.; 75 kegs,'at 822. and 211 tegs, at 824: and 33 k*gs I ew (.risen*, at 826. Cheese?200 boxes Dated end 6C3 paUgraa at $19>* qtl ; 400 tioxea Dutch and 1,200 patsgrse at $18),'; ou) -oxes Dutch an I 529 pata grs* at $19. Heme?19 bbls. New Oile-vns, $13^ qtl ? 19 at 816; 31 at 815; 10 casks at $14, and 100 Westphs lin hams at 824 qtl. Caudles? 200 halt box s sp^rtn at 8401,1 qtl. Tallow?20 bbi*. New Yirk at $'4li qt' bevr-l? ebl*. white pit I? fls, WTohb. Wrapping pa p, r? SoO Kama a) 4 r'.k , nnd 1,800 at rle Flour? 1.210 bbls. Fpautrh at 814 Bait? 600 ba^e Liverpool at 83)4; 1,000 at 85, and 100 at " 81 8-10 Lumber and cooi erage stock bar* rrtived freely and sold as follows: ? I'ltch pine, 101,009 fret Wilmington steam sawed at 8'.9 snd 68 C00 fret CharWsUin at 828>?, White pine boards?16,000 feet Bangor at $23>4; 160,000 fest at 824)4; 25,000 fest at 823; 129 000 Uetat 823; 8-.109<) feet at 824; 168,(00 feet wid? Bath at $27, said 154,000 fret do ss id to ne at 8':0. Hhd. shooks?700 sugar and m>iasres at $3, on time, (Portland ct'yr made). Hoops ? 23,COO (R. J ) 12 feet at 8i0: 8 500 at $41; 50.000 12and 14 mixed, at $42; 29,000 14 feet and 8 000 12 feet at $42, and 9,COO 14 foet at $45. Empty hhJs. ?1,0(H) second bund molasses retailed at g.'W Sugar box shooks? atx ut 2.000 have been reta-led at 6 to 6)4 rle. Ffurr.jro1.?Five vessels have Men cliartTed for Fal mouth and a market, v'.r. : one of 4,000 buies, ou? of 3,200 and one of 3,000 at .02 5s., one of 3,000 at 122 7s 6-1., one of 2,500 at ?2 12s. 6d.; three for Cowes and a market, rae of 4',M:0 at ?2 5s ; one of 2,000 at ?2 10? and one of 2 700 at ?2 12s. fd., two for Liverpool, cne ot 800 at ?2 J5b , snd oae of 7,000 to .'tad at Mstanzis at ?110a.; one of 4,000 io load wood at Nnevitas for Looton at ?3 10s. end cne of 2700 to loud wood a*. Miszsnlilo for a port in U e North rea at ?4; three for Hamburg, ou* of 900 at ?3 7a. 6U., ou? of 1,000 at ?3 2s. 6d , undone of 3,1(0 for ihe?round sura of ?1,409, one of 1,600 for Marsoil'es at ICO fts , two of 800 ?acb for Cadiz at *2)( per box. To tte L'nited States, two of 3,030 boxes each for New York at 10)4 is per box, one of 1,6C0 for New-York 01 Boston *t $1)4: 0L* FajiUx and Now York inolass'.s at $3)4, one to load h're for llos'on 2,590 boxes ot $1)4, one for rur lusres Bbhia Hon !* and Boston at $3)4, one of 400 hhils. sugar, harm and hhiladrlpbia at $G).,' tier hhd., oae of 2,900 boxes to lord here for do..J|ir<csnot transpired, one for Ortigosa and Portland (moU*B<ii) $1. Tliarw are only live or tlx disengaged vessels in port. Cuiloua Physiological Slcmoranda. TO TIIB A TUTOR OP TUB TTF.H Al.D. Wli*t Is man ? Is he tlio head, the body, or the limbs of the thing called man ? It is believed caw by eminent phjBiologists tbat every portion, or every member of the body can act of iteelf, in itself, having a distinct ganglionic centre. What portion of him (a man?la the man ? If we cut a snshe in two pies**, we And that each piece will act independent of the other, ramlfestlng in encb a manner an to indicate the separate existence of two power a. TVbicb of these two power* la the en-ike? the mind of the rn'iVe?or the will of the snake ? A wasp cut into piecee?ore the head, one the body, with the wings, end one the portion with the sting?will mani fest?through each uf these portions?the first will bite, the second will fly, and the third will ating. Which la tha act of the wtip?tbe win of the But therein a nirsnger csre. The alligator, without a head or spinal ins tow, will resist a pressure with a force correspond ing to tbnt pressure, end with the foot n?ireet to it Which ts tbe alligeter ? The head, tbat tnil move by a leap, aa it were, four feet at an ofl'euding object, ao eording to Dr Cowkr'e erp-rlmror, although sepa a'-d from tbe toiy, or the lege, whicb indicate will atvl judg ment in the reslstenee to impressing objects ? Wh ch is the alligetor, tbe mind, the wdl ot the all gator? If ibsee acts are the acta of mird, is not in'od divisi ble? If not tho act* of mind, what are they? And if mind is divisible, which ie the mind of tbem-n? fhe mind of the bead, or that of the body, or that of the Imhs? Protester AgaseU adopt* foetal progress a* a measure for the classification cf nntmsie He hens* contends that (be Web footed animal.! are lower In th* scale of be'Dg than those tbat are no: so His theory (* not sun'a nrd by the fcllo vlog fact). The Newfound land drg displays morn intnlllg* nee than dogs triatare less web 'oo?ed Tie duck has cnnvnlut'one on the sur face of its hraio; t?e common 'owl, which le lose ereb footed, has not, and le therefore Inferior n Praia o x ui izetlon J. F. G. illirAU. Kiw York Cm, Jddo, 1806. Uau.road Coktbpt?Kkpputton of Par*.?Toe mi nt de? standing bet w??n i tin V.w York Oont-gi and Etl? reads In regard to posasoger fires Is ah rut to Kftilt^in & redaction of tie thrbugn ra tee ostwMi Niw Ynfc n'd fiek'.i Erie on nearly all ibe iralra. Thot>ttral monairer*, wv unfe-stand, have 3atar mined to run an express t-a:o fra j Bjlfiio, to con nect wth t>e Hodaon River railroad. ?t thii city, for $7 .">0 ins* rail of $'j. a* heretofore, the Hud-on River ion; etui ee-ilr..< so Lr ifs wtvkxa. Ot wr liret Otsww exptes* traits mil run ia o a.Mte*joo ?ri.h the Hudson River bia's, lor $0 50; aid a a*c vad o.'sM) train is to nejmt on, ti coMiOC*; wli tbfi boats, for $1 These tsrss will of c /til x,l tlie R -1* to ?< like a oorreiponding reduction, in or der to o nr.jrele trith ihe rival roate ? Albaiu Alia?. JufU 16. Tbe peach snip in New Jersey and Delaware giver pro mise of hoing tbe largest over k*u?n ajair*?ti have airaedy been made f?r U?e del.very of large nuauntiM of this fruit at very low price*. Pjbtifol Intclllg. nee. NATIONAL WLATroPM OP THS K OW SOMETHING*, jromit *r cast in,*.mi, jvvr 14, I'M*. to tit* shivs pu*? elwM'triwi th^ti tiessl onraaiza'.ion of tb? exist poh'te<.i parts**, as this servility l? petlloue hofh to the nxnho.l of ttio Nertb and the liiierty at trie republic, W? oeriare? first, List the issue bsfors the Ameriran penile is frtrCoei cli.II t-e iiu. tod to toe free dtai.s, or wl-tlur ?i?T?r? ihali ti? iia ied to tbe siave dut?? ?>?c .Dd, It*', this mut bo* b-?n forood *pvn in* by th? oUo* poser Ui.-ougU r?n*ol*J ag gression*. tod by tcto wtich boo* violate i national tadh m )?mn compact*. and ? acred oooonooM. T1 ml. That now igirtiMDi, especially tho Kotrtalii #vi ?*' 7 ''rc, *?Honll opto th? okootio* f'?0 ihi-eic nan**, buve ?rou?rd fo-em'n of tbo reua-vdo to ? ju.t -ears at thslr duty ond tbe I- d**it-r, **d tbcngh thsy ml. levsfle no rigLt o< ooy ht??s ib-y will KOifcto n eooij rlgbiuf tr.iecoco on.) r-ruit tee Ka?,IM of soother sieve sit,to or tbo aiiouwi of asoibar foot of elav* toil. h.cortb Thot we oholl mart thU isvj#. thus forced up< n u?. m tbe spirit our fo'.boto not tbo issue ot ta*.r coy; sad leUeviwg, oa uey b tunas, ?u*t rightfully t,D no P" P?rtj in noi, wo wltl inuntoia tne natH'Bility or ireacom. ftth, Tbot fioodon beisg ono la ain and sad, tie world ?v?r tbe Ineuds oI medom In thio riuuilir should make priocii lea aed character, no*, birh plaes, tbe tut or odmiaiion to citizenship and it* roostits t' r.gbta And we further dsclere? Sixth, Tb.t tbo right to worship God asset 'tag to tbo cictstos of individual corscience belog inviolable, to stresgtben tbio inmaotty through aiMSbnUa*- ?nt we will repel evsry politico euctanasti ;ni iatsrfereae* in politlaal e Pairs, by potentate, poot.if or pries-,. or their abetters. us dei'ructire ante of tbio right and ear commit liberty t-'evsntb, Tbot inVmpennce bsisg an evil, we reiom m?nd to tbo several States such a-.hon far th? promo tion of temperance ao will extend and eitadus tbat virtu*. E-phth. Tbat free ee.b.ole, free labor, 4b* improve meat of rivers ond r arbors, ao bane-t repat-hoau otH cial lepre.cntatioa abroad, all neaanros tbat tend to ekratc man. eatabl *b tbo nab-rial proepvrlty of tbe cooniiy. and give ataotilty to tbo Inma, abtll loeelvo our hiarty luppert Ninth, Tbat to ensar* practical aueoorn, we will strive to fill all cfflcea with men oi aadouoteil integrity and sobriety, or abbty ond of nerve to resist aggression upon rights, com* wbon, where, or tn wnat shape ? lb nth, That for tbes* objocto, rltal allko to bomanl t? ano Ibe rvpub'ic, w# are ready to nnito witn *U mm, un?.ir whatever name or orgon'zation, wuo will ak us m carrying into sucooMtul operation these rrcst principles KbOW NOTHING CONVENTION IN A LAB Ah A. Tbo Mcmgonery Mail .aye No ptetenee oi seereey is attempted inrvgard to tbo a*-embUng of tbo dtat* Conned ct tbe Aiaerican part* of Alabama, wbieh eon veneo en the 18tb mat, in Concert UaU, Market street, in Montgomery At tbis wilting we cannot say bow generally tbo State Is represented, but wo have boon Informed to at quite a numMr of counties bar* delegates hei*. lb-re w'l protabiy te quite an accession tb-a afternoon. I j conceited tbat everything oep-nda upon the ac^on f tbe Nab?>nal Council at Pbiladelpbli, satisfactory ac counts from wlucb axo ex pic tee this afternoon or *?> morrow. Ibe reporter of the Nxw Yokk Hisiuld beliiven that Massachusetts will be tumbled overboard, and mat touiid priacipief w 11 triumph. The State Council of Alabama are determined to pub lish a platform of principles, and to remove tho veil of secrtcy. 1 here is out one esatlmunt on this subject. MtSHIPBirPI DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. The Mississippi Democratic Convention met at Jackson on tbo 4th Inst Alt the preeent State oUlcers were re Dominated as follows:?Hon John McKae, for Governor A. B. Dilwortb. for Secretary of State; Madison Hc.tfW fcr Auditor of Fublie Acoount#; S. L. Hussy, for State Treasurer. Ibe Committee on Resolutions reported the following which wer? unanimously adopted:? 1. Resolved, That this cooventiou adopts and re affirm* theraicluboosof tho National Den ocratio CouvenMoo, held nt daltimoie in 184!f, and oeems it pvculiarlv ap propriate at this time to re-produ?u for puhlio consider atlob it e /uliow*Dg ot these resolutions, to trit 'Jhot the American osmosrsoj pUco their trurt in the Intelligenoe, tbe patrotiem, and the ills crlminniing justice of tbe Ameiicau people. Rtfolvd, Tbat we regard tols ss a distinctive fea?ure of our pobtical creed, which we are proud to nt ntam bvfoie the wcild as toe great moral element in the lorm of guytiument vpriuging from and upheld by the pjpu lar will; and we contrast it with the creed am prictlc# of lederalism, unctr whatever nsmo or form, wh cb seeks (o paJpy the will of the constituent, and which conceives no imposture too monstrous lor the populer crednhfy/ ? * e llmt tbo liberal principles embodied by \Jeflomou in tbe Declarat'ov of Iodrpvndecce, and ssnstioned in the eoncWtutioo which ma:.cs ours .be land of liberty and the asylum of tie oppressed of ?y?iy nation, have over been cardinal principles in the democratic fsitn ? end every attempt to abridge the privilege of becoming citi sons and the owners of soil among us ought to lie rvrtet ed with the same sp'rtwhleh swept the al.en and sedi tion laws from our statute books. lhat Congress hen no power under the constitution to interfere with or control the domestic institutions of tha teveral ttafes, sna that saah fitotes are ths sole and ?PJ*'t*l??'ng to their own affairs not prohititea by tho eon titutloo; thst all ef icrts of the abohtioristH or o.hers made to induce Cor, jiess to Interfere with questions of slavery, or to fake incipient steps In relation thereto, are calculated to loid o the most alarming and dangerous oonsequencss, and that a l such efforts rave an lneviUb'e* tendency to dl DBinish the hspp nsas of the people and endamrer the itabii.t. and pennsnsncy of the Un.on, and ought nat to t>e Coun-enanoFd by any/riend oi our poliUcal rnstitu ;ions. Resolved, Tliat tho for?golng proposition covers, and was intended to emt-race, the whole subject of slavery rgitation in Congr-fs. and therefore the democratic party of tlio Unicn, standing en this national plat'om, will abide by ano act ere to a faithful exccutKin of the acts krown us the compromise measures settled by the last t'ongrets, the ' aot ior wcla mlng tugitlv?s from ser vice or labor ' included, which act being designed to carry cut an expresa provision of tbe constitution, can not with fidelity thereto bo repealed, or so changed as to destroy or Impair Its efficiency. Resolved, lhat the democratic party will resist all at tempts at renewing, in Congress or out of it, the sgita tien or the sDvtiy question, under whatever shape, or color tbe attempt may be made. ?. Resolved, Tbat we are opposed to tbo s?cret politi c?l organization, commonly known as the "Know iNotniDg 1.-Because its proceedings aro conducted in setrosy, and its and its candidates are shrouded in mys tery nnd concealment, and shun the light of day and the test of free diocus&iofl And ?iaznination. V.?Becaute its mcmbt-rs are bound by Holemn oathr. to a blind ( b-dUaco to the dictates of others in their social and political relations. 3 - Because it enjoys the denial of the truth, Ineul ""?Ml promotes insincerity and dupltcity, and ? tides the bold, open, manly conduct and conversation which chsrncvrb.e the mau of honor and tho freeman. J-?Because it craatts an organized baud of secret spies in evtry community to watch ithe conduct am catch the wore s of tbe unsuspecting, to be reported to their secret midnight oounoib, and made the fuandatiju of peiFOiialacd political proscription and persecution. 6.?B-cau.e it la of social cofidcsnoe, cad of all that is dear and valuable in the social relation 0 ?Became it mal.os religion a tei-t of qualiticati-ro for office, in violation of the constitution, and to tho en gendering cf ill-will snd strife among religious sects to the disgrace cf religion, and to the disturbance of the public peace. 7. Because it excludes all persons of fore'gn birth, of every grade and character, trom all political rights and mefennen., tho policy of the roundeis of the Republic, and procHimieg that America abatl no longer be " the asyinm .'or tbe oppmsed of all nations ? 8. Becanse it unites Southern men In filial party bends and poHtiralorgnnizat on with the worst elaun-nts o' Nontcin fstatlcitm,a&d foiees'them to ylsld jouala r.snre to the dangerous, desSuctlve. and disgraceful movemer.ts c/sbolitiorlsm. 0. Because It prohibits In ?p!rit, If not in terms any tSMitance by tee Southern States to Noi thorn use?m Ficn or unconstitational oppri-aslon. 10. Ocaufe its organization and mode cf proceeding, its aims and objects, Ba form and spirit., are Babvarsive of those great pr aclples of ciTil anc rel-giont 11 >erty which have ever been, end we trust will ever coutmus to be. tne pride and b.ast of the American people. 3. Resolved, That we consider It the duty of tvary pat riot who loves the constitution and the Cn-. -n of orarv citizen who njir i ths peace, good order, and dignity of society-or every Christian who advo .aten the liberty of conscience snd of religious worship-of evsry true southern man who iv dsteranned to maintain to Iho Inst extremity the iqool rights of the South unterthe eon s itnilon? to unite in the overthrow of this uiiscliiovous and dangerous patty. 4. Resolved, That we respectfully, but earnestly urge our biotl tr democrats who have joined this secret Order to re conetdor their steps, and w.thdrsw irom an areociation which contains the elements of so mucn mischief and diiogtr, and which, tf it tr.umphi at sit must triumph o'tr tbat time hooursd party waa wt Ir they bsvo tern eo Wg and inumatoly coi nede-l an<l over their oM Irletds with whom tb?y bars stood shoal Ce* to shoulder in so msny hard fought fields of pslitl cni wariare G. Reeolved, That we have re saiTe i with pride *04 aat iafactmn tho lidicga of the gtorioua victor' achieve) by U o ('in ,oi if j of toe Old Ih.mln.on over this, tbn'.r U*t aod wrrtl co-toy. ooi that we W>uccr to oar gallant hretl rtn and their iodooDit?l>l- 1- ?<ler our hearty timki If r the bnkla unci lurce-wlul effort wM.iH boa rcliel bast from tbe South th? flf roe tide of iD>.t>ci?m that latent ertdto oveiafceliu i.a l. IiCFoIved, that ftilrpfut Inwe for the excln.eien of fore .go peupire and convict*, ?> .1 a ?t? <-tndm'n<*trttioa of the ntturaU/.-iUon Uw..k nn! ug to ttia.r tru* spirit will, 'n our opinion, bo aufHeient to suppress <tar i-wedl in the elective (ranchiae, or any *~.|>,>osed ovlta raeuK log frcm a rapid in.reeaaof forcten born voters; bat if 'b>*e ebai not be found adequate, we ?ure an abiding ronfldenee in ?he wledoaa and integrity of tho deraooraJo paitt to proviso, 'roil time to time, suitable nmend it< nta of the eyetrm to adapt it to the want* and inter ecia of our cooniry. 7. Itoolved. That we cordially approve the orlnciplfvi and policy of tbe oe ir'nietration ot f'ri-aidout Rnei, and bave the ful'ert confidence in ita iaitbful manugem-nt of tuf domestic int-reate, an t in ite lirm raitnionaase of the rights and htror of tbe country a bread. 8 ilmolved, That the intermit* and safety of the rolled Ste'ra ?lew and that we ahould pnwe a the Winn I of Cuba, and ere pledge our hearty ai.1 to the adm nu nation in ita effort# for tbe acsoropl.ahmen; of that ob jeot at tbe earlieat peitod. 9 Be>cl?vd, That we extend oor wort cordial aympa tby and j?g?r.i to tboae true and gallant borthe/n m n ?kn have aided ne tn light the h attic a of thaSonth on the Kehraaka Kavaaa bill and ot-er n.e*aurea in rolvinr tha quaetlon of alavery and tha constitutional rlthta of the alvveStetea, and arogiad to not in party raaor'ation with tfceni; hut we oaonot all', liatc with any porty i>T?V?r* that ?nell I?t approve u4 aarvy #?t la ?ocO Ipitb tho pr.we-w'" ef ?h* Nokraoka MlLwsi we a.* iinw*) to oil ol all pwtj *??"? ? .'orttot v'to* -? "1 fofl, to UtoltoOOl poffcj. SUhCWLLaNSOrS. Hen Rot?rt hrmmsa oi G*or*ia U?i writ tea a ????ad tolttrfrcra Boston (tbo ?r.t ?>? b.vtu* totossmod,) to the eCl'cr ?f tho Oolutoboo (?1? > 5m titoi, to whieh b* gtTOo bio objection* to Know Notnlac*o?B, *~eh V* ?lu [> v that lb* oow poity to a sowt orgaotiatton tbat it ptopoht$ to ir?a?io the r??bto of ooaoc.vaoo, aad teat it to in f.vor cf iudo alvwatioao to tho ?alavahsa.toa tows. Hurt's kit Hoa. lva?l Waibbora, Jr . whlf rnomoor of Coagroao o'ect fr< m tbo kitth tfiotrtet of Main<, hao <tofiao<l Bio poM<i< u to a lettoi to too Dai gor Journal Ho ?ajs bo tip rot ret with t? o party which lupporu tho adtoiaio tratioo of Fraakba Pt.roo, nor eta bo oo-opirato wtthJ to,Jv of w>?a wbooo aetiua nsuit bo aoetrullod by tho i whig Kaow Nothiig* of tho South or tho ittwf fray i Kaow No biDgr of bow Vork. Bo to froo soil aU oo-r Henry A. Wloo hao written a iottoo to th* himoorato of I Po troborr, Va., dooUotog an invitation to attooJ ao 0?J I issb toned Virginia barboouo Ho raj? ihaf. no moot giro all bio attention to bto fan ly pror oao to hto inaogu ration: aad bo takoo tho oocaoioa to wara tho riotoocra ot that oventi a?o oato a? for obtoh thoy ought to bo prepared, and to.-eoimoodo ?h#? to ro-o.-gaa-io, by barns a coaior?aoo tarooghout tho Stoto. Governor Jobmen, ot Georgia, ban written a letter ae c'LticK ibo li m Bi ion of the Democratic Coamttiou for rv oleutloa to the chief Magtetraoy Ho sayo ho eor dtoily approorO Iboiooolationaa-optod by the ooarea toon wbhiti. tt will bo remembered, oeotstoo a p'odgo that (be State wonMreitot ti-o enemaahtoooto of froo solium even t* the ftorapttoa of Hn Uolon. '"This MDiehre eruoade," fnitbor soy* tin Gi.Tiraor opoaking of Kaow Nstbwstom, the tvHiprtag of faaatteiim, abo iti. ri?m oad denatfOonotiBi. ehalleaoeo the coopera tion oi every irao trend of the ocnititutioa to defeat acd re bob* IV It to fraagbt with conseqoeoeoa the n ootcaegereut. and its triumph will b# tho oigaal for riet, biooopbed and rovnfettoa ? 1 he Legislative Convention in Now Hempohlro, on tbo lElh met., elected Lmtel N Patteo of Aatrtoa, (dew R. N.,) Secretary of State; William Barry, of Barnotosd, (dem. K. N ,) State Tieaeurer, Amos IioeJley, of (ton cord, (Old Guard 1NJ State Pno or. Among tbo dolegatoo to tbo Know Something Oonwea ttoa, at < levelano, to W. S. Bamroll Joot ? too tod to Om ?reie firm tbe ib.rd dtotrict of Maaoaehuaotto, by Kaaw Nothing voter. Tho drmoerati of Philadelphia are to bare a grand celebration cn tbe Fourth of Jaly. George 8. Meorvbead, the K. N candidate far Gereraor In Kentneby, ban declined hie ia'enttoa to take the itoirp, and riiit all portions of too State before the elec tion. In tbe Know Something Convention at Oeretoed, oa Tbnridsy, a deepateh wao roeoired from tho Know ?o^ thing Ceareofcea in Pblladrlpbto, announciar aa fol tow " fbo North defeated I Tbo pro-elarory platform adopted I! Thirteen fttatee withdrawn ! I ! God otor tally etna eiavry and dougbfaelein 111!" State* of Alabama, Arkaeoee. Iowa. Kentusky, M ftourl and Tciae bo'd 'heir otoetioao oa tho trot Hoo day in August, Teaneeeeo aad North Carolina oa ttie 6iet Iboreday of tbe same month. Oa the eoooad Hon dvy in September, the election t% Maine oftcare, and tuat of Vtrmoat on thn first Tuesday of tbe oanto month. In Maryland, a fusion of whiga and democrats to pro pot ed, in order to defeat the Know Nothing* The Natchez dVe? Tiader indignantly repels tho oharge that John A. Qnl'mao bad been Kaow K?tbiag>nftd. Iu tbo >iDe journal w? find a communication r.-puobehed. warmly urging tba name of Gea Quitman for tho United i utes Senate from Mississippi- Tbo writer says:?"If John A. Quitman hao had a political fault, it to that he loved Borne more than Orcoer- that tbe constitutional libertlt* of the South were dearer to him than the dom: nation and aggression of the North." The Teat Liquor Cause In Westchester County. TO THB EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Morrisania Jane 5,1855. The first acd thetoet eatue, I bel cve, In this ccuDty, brought to recover panaltiea for seKiog )iqn?r without license under tho la? sinoo tho first Monday of May last, came off at M'Graw's HU!, in this place, before JoBtfoe Pnrdy, yesterday; aad ?a several suits were pendingagainat divers personal ? tbe town, if created some considerable interest. Toe tuit was brought by tte overseers of the poor of the town cf West Farms, agaUat Mr Jefferson Levis, proprietor of tbo West Farms Hotel. The action was for alleged v oiationa of the ltfth section ol the Bevfced Statutes, entitled ' ef excise and the rega l*vi- n of taverns and groceries." whi h provides <n subs'am e, tlai whoever shall sell any stroog or kpirituons liquors, to be drank on his prcml.-es in quantities ot Jess than live gallons, without having a licttite theretor as a tavern keeper, shall forfeit twenty-five dollsis. A joiy was f mpaaroed cn the application of the defendant, sime of wbiih, I am iniormed, ware ad vocates of the Maine law. C. Smith, Esq. of Mx rliania,apyeared as oounstl for the plalnulla, ml B. Ba'ly, Esq., cf No. 2 laryon raw, of your oity, and II. Bprotky, Eeq , of Morris.nia, for the defeidant Bnt iit'le time ru consumed by the j>rweaatkra 10 provipo that liquor wa? sole on defendant^ premises btt? ef n tbo 8tn and 12th days of May. The defend ent'a i cai/tel deolinod calling auy witnesses, and # Mr.'Bsily^s Iaignmert cn the part of the defence, which occupied npwuos of an bear, and was mostly coiflncd to the law of toe cise, it is coocsded oi a, i rides, was ore of great ability. Be reviewed the history of intoxicating liquors, and of iegislatton i" rtfercnce to them, to s ow tiat the sate of liquor wss free by the wmmoo law, and that the principal object of the fitstnte on wbicn the action was based, was not prehlDiVion, but to subject sa es sud licsn a, s to tsxstion; and contended that tweasy-utth section ot the Maine law now in force, by abolishing tbe statute authorising licenses to tavai n keepers to sell llqncr, in effect repealed the i estriotive sections of the same statute, as th-y were mtra Id aid cf such principal orject. He n.-ged tWs point with much foice and ckmrneBS, and teemed to rely on It as bis prim ipsi dc'exce. He was followed on the same side by Mr. HpraV ley, who ably aid ingeniously criticised tbe t?c t mcmy, conUtdlng that defendant was not cognizwt 'fMrf Sniftti1 ou behilf or the plaintiffs male an eaiiest aid able effort, when after sbrie^charge from the court, tbe cause was submitted to the jary. Tbe jury after an absence of several tacuri, retoraed acd bai ded in tbeir verdict in writing, which was ""We'mrd'tbkt spirituous liquors were sold on tbe pro mises of tbe defendant, between tbo 8tbi and Mtli. days Mil y, IMS, but wo also And by sucb salo, no tow or the Stole, at present extotiug In foroo, was violated As joiora in these courts ace judges of the law as well as of tbe factB, avd as the jarj in t .is cue_ was composed of men of intelligence and rsspsctablri'.y, it is presetted ibeir vccdict will put an end to linncr prcMcuti'-ns in tbio section till the 4th day of Ju y next, wtentho ball may be again oneted oathe platform of tte prohibitory provisions of t e law o April, 1856. 8rrotator. Burning of J up ah Toubo's Old Books and Correspondence ? Our atteutioi ww called yeawr d*y evenipg to a fire In the yard of one of the build ings \elong'.tg to tbe Tamo estate, on Ginal s're ., our the coiner of BwirboR, which are tobekun down to make way for eeveral new and splendid stoiee. In an old brick well la the cantre ot tae yard w a* a pile cf buining faggots mix;d with old account books, In which tbe detaUsof Mr. Tviuro's badness have been reccided for tbe last forty or fifty years. The proofs of burning had already continaed iw > I dsjs, and tbere was still a eart loai left. Amongst ttem was a volume ot Ma '? correepordenoe with rile friend Btepterd," whi h his friends might desUe to have pieserved, unless destroyed, like tba rest, by bis positive orders. These numerous books, exteud irg over the transscilons ot so many years, were Migsf stive of the tk-siduous business tablto of the deceased philanthropist. It lo ked simewhat Van t a like to tee the flames desvroving what cost ti him and his cletks such immense labor. Toey a'e, however, but tbe s affoldtag over which the fabric of bis princely fortune was rear?d, and that fortune only a part of that with and oyer which ths struc toie of sd toduBtiioaa lod nob'6 life fM bout. Tbe books and other instruments of the fortune perish ; te who accumulstcd It to mouldetiog in toe t>mb ; thv bequests and chsntise he bsst-wod will so in ba lost in tbe common mass; but the rxaupje of his magnanimity will remain in the miajry of uabarn ?,?.sciaUons.-iV?tr Or leant Courier, Junetith. Remabkablr Balloon Asckssion?Thrkb Hun dred amd Fifty Mi lbs i*ravki.lei) in Foda Hoots ? Wm. O. Biummtls, of Adrian City, Mic it gao, aeceided on Friday aftemoialn a billo w, nom that piiiCP, at half- past ten in the m Tnlog.and d- :? corded in GUriou ounty, Pornwylirinia, at bal< pesttNo in tee afternoon, malting thBC/raputol distance of three bnndrc d and fifty miles In tae et traordira y short tine of 'oar nouta. Tula la hu M*ord trip, ai d an cx.eriment&l one, with a balloon of nmtsm-nally large size, it la th'rty foot in dii met?r, confab s over rx hundred yads of allk, sol in oep?.ble of h&ldingjilDo'ean thousand cubic feet nt gar. A'ter hta aacait to 'he il stance of t^ree nrlf.s ud a bait, tbo so or ant struck tbe eastern rum nt of air, which bt> aays is continually blowing in the ona din Mien. It <arried him aooth of the )?h?r, through Ontra' Ohio. Hia iatention was not to dtrcend nntU dark, as he wia above the rain cknds In a dear nporr ?ky, but the excessive ootd to which he waa exposed brcugttou theaocastomad drossy it nation, whlsh pre Tented him from pro perly managing hia balloon. Ha was in that sleepy pt.*te when bia crait" anchored in a tree in Red Bask, having d*a*emded la ooneeqnenoe of the eva 1 oration of the gas. Tbe cold waa so severe that bis feet weie completely frozem? Philadelphia Ltdgtr, Jvnt 10. Tbo Council of Onnor*. with power to ovarbanl th? wbrin Ftatc irovcrnmant of Vrrmnntoacn In aavon year* not. ? few dn>? nine* In M ontpepnr?tat found not.b'ng to do. Th? ?t*adj old Stoto kvops on tbo oven teaor of bar way, with ao netd of conaVtuUra tinkering, Boston, Jpxb 16,1866. Pino Hamp there?Tht Ar**to Sonthmgi-Gw Bouivotll? Tht, Rupture mt t*KilneUlphi i?L tuneh of the M*rvnao?B**ldimg im lioeton?Dthiilt Military Crvieums em the Liqur Law?Vmetraet for the Library ButUhog?Daily Mail?Summer ? Vrg-tatie*?Ram avii Hail?Canktr fVvrtn*. The New Ilampsiire election for Becalm baa gene very rmoctsly for the aides, who, it was fondly hoped by 'heir adversaries, would kiu-ly tall out for tbetr tenrflt. The plain tenth ia, that the present Ne* Hampshire Legislature, so far as the majority ia eoLoened, ia compcaed of men of more than average Intel'ec, and when such men look coolly at a matter that may lead to trouble, it la aa good aa aettlei. There ia much gained by sending men of aen-e to the Legislature. It was by sending ao manj' flats into cor State House, Vat the A. aori can party of Massachusetts got into ao confounded a anarl about nuns, grass widows, and committees of investigation. The Know Bcmetbinga kept their intention of having repiescn ativea at the Cleveland ooiveetiou very olosr. 'ihet Gov. Boutwell ia one of the dele gates, proves to be true what I stated some m irth ago, that be bad joined tbo new organization, lie tea free tracer, and will have nothing to dr with the protection aodge, though the Cleveland plat form ts said to embody that emasculated humbug He ? but one out ef thousands of the Massachusetts demcerata who will have no part nor lot in the p-o. Iterd new coalition which the Bjstou Poet ia urg ing so vehemently. By the way, the Go/?irnor has given np his old business, and ia preparing, at thirty eight, to beoome a lawyer. Aa he is ah* to live without labor, 1 can't ootnureheal his cooda ;t* It is too mm h like the old jcke of leaving off work and golrg to sawing wood, for my taste. To do no thing ia the height of human felioity. I have spoken of Gov. Boutwell as if he were one of .the deb gates at Cleveland, bat as I have seen him bat recently, and have heard of his bslng at heme during the last two or three days, I am In clined to think the telegraph la wrong in reporting him at Cleveland. 1(9 can only be there in ths spirit. The rupture in the American Oouscil at PuHa delphia ?u so much expected, perhipe desired, by here, that it has not created much excite ment. Things sow p int to the formation of a "Republican" party In Massachusetts, the prospects fcr which are better than they were a twelvemonth ago, wlnn the drat movement in that di-e ition was undertaken. The administration men are confident of national succeas, even if General Pierce shou'd he their candidate. But we can hardly suppose tfast Providence bas so far abandoned ns as that would imply. The democratic party may maintain Its hold of power, as a oonsequenoe of the inability of its foes to unite, but we msy be permitted to hope that it will find itself compelled so far to defer to publio opinion as to make a complete change of kaders. II the South is to save the democracy hem defeat, it would lay the North under great obligations if it should demand the nomination of new men. The launch of the Menimac was a very trace ?sa fu'. affair, and, we chuckle soma over having got ahead of the constructors of her sister Mgates Dotting, however, can be inferred as to hsr future career frcm the Bu<cese that has thus far attended her. The Constitution, that luckiest of lackv ships, is said to have stuck fast when it was first dttsmpt edto launch her, an accident which alone prevented teT from being the first ship of war that was got into the water tinder the new organization of the navy. The crowd that assembled to see tee launch was very gn at. They do say, but perhaps it is gcaidal, that a booth for the sale of liquor was allowed to be put up in the yard, whioh is the property of our common uncle, and not snbjeat io the lats of Mws^'-Us. Cer-aio it is, that weakness?f the legs and dizziness of tha head srne very oommtn oomplainu on the occasion; bat perhaps they were owing to an excess of enthu giant c feeling consequent on a patriotic ccntem p ation of cur naval gfeatcesa. It Is not very likely that naval gentlemen would do anything offsnsive to the fpi?it of tbo law. .v. Nutwi'bstar dtog tha dukices of the tiasei, the growth and change of Boston goes on as rapidly as tiver?perhaps more rapidly than ever. *n the Southern part of the city tne spirit of progress is especially buBy, and the buildings there in course of construction are fine vpe linens of M&loi e i lace block contains six dwellings, while there are others, equally good, going aj onFrank. lio, Blacketone and Chester squires. On Gam-lea street a Dicak is bufiding that will contain twenty dwelliess. Tbey aie building extensively, too. on Wa?biDgtcn, Chester aid East Cheater streets, and >n ooer parts of tbo 8 nth Eod. Tbe old Pantnecu Ball, long famous for its par ties, balls, tad so f. rtli, is oomlng down, its owners, the Bojleston Com .any, having determined to con vert it into a building tor business purposes. They hsd quite a time to get Mr. Hilton out oftheplwe, and there was on Wednesday a pretty Utile fight carried on before the qaestion of oc op*?0* setted. Cccrltuate was fiberally supplied toi tae worhtzg party, free of charge, by Mr. Holtous bxotler-in Jaw, Mr Coaant, so that they were :re duced, for the time, to the condition of drowned T*ln the northern part of the city and Its vicinity, thi ugh the spirit of change is not so busy asin the < opposite qnaiter, it is, nevertheless, ve-y As you leave Court street to go towards H-iyma ke. square, you will observe as many old build lugs ss in aDvVrt of B ilon. 3 me of them, indeed, appear as 11 they might have been residents of t e ton iu tbe days of Dudley aad kndros, but certainly at ue later period. Also, tisre are not a few mran ljokiog buildings oc upicd aa shop*, snd for nwchaai-'.al and nwnutasfuruig purposes. For yeats ?barpe bas been slow in its operations in that part of itoc town, and it did seem as if it wars to be left to time to oiomble sway thes*rel. s of the ngst. Budbuiy street was, and indeed is, parihu larly licb in tbese modem antlquitlfs, whlchojn tiast oddly trnngh witn such great bull'iings as have bcfu errc.ed iu that quarter. But nov the land oi improvMiwnfi has ooma down upon the vicinity, and per. hvbly will not stip until it s.iall have niadt ccro i ete work of It. At the corner of Sudburry and Hawkins streets, four buildings have been destroyed, a*d their site is toi be b* sn edifice ot va*t dimensions, wMchwlUba ^ stories; tic first of granite and iron and the others of biick. Tbe buildings torn down, however, were ?ot all so very eld cr so very sbab oy, two-rhlrds of .inn being good brick edittcee; but tne effect on the i.eig' boihcod will be ail the same. I"? often noticed th*t the destructive spirit, without the onerst ors <X whl h there can be no construjllon just as death is recotssry to life?1st very spread ice svtri*. A ns'gbornood in which it appevs may he locked upon ss doomed, and p ople mqchtaa well oc n>m? nee moving as onoe. . A builcn g ot gtguntic proportions Is gclcg up at tbe corner rf I'i.ts and Gr-.n streets, c^ to Bo v do^n eoust*; aud at a aboft distance fr^m Court st set, a great space baa Just been cleved o. old buildings, preparatory to the emotion of ano irer I e diflce. Tne structure that has then m tie si^e ^ the old Bxouange G file Hooee, In Devonshire sti* us and Congress squ re, is fast appro* bing tJ comple tion sod la oi e of very noble appearaocs. It Is a bity'thvt it is not simattd at some poiot ww3 its f.L enCe wonld add mo. e to the beauty of the city. Tbe mbb'sby bui.dings, sUbles, &c., that have .o j long be?n tolsances in the vicinity of the Court rfo^TaSlitiTn meet n?, e>i the que^n of u> TinM-r a the H? a. toe spteones being apropos 1 S/rWnw UiardMr rich to near mil Ha-y I '' TL?n ns tbe Mayor not to enfow the liqnw 1 nw which be bad IsJned his proclamation ststiof ! bit be would enforce, be the o^^n^rs wna .?? ?i?h? Did tnev mean to enooutago violent 1 Dslr st tbe lawf and to inform rbtousiy dla i ttJT? m.-bi that tbey might prooesd with im . n^tv so far as the military arm is concerned ? If o 2ey cujot tobs dlslinded at 007, for the cniy c'ffer?nee between a soldiery and a mob^ nrdfr inch cbcumataneej, would be, that the ?,.mer would be the worse of the two, as bsvlng the more power and skill to do mis (diwf. Tbe srldler bas no right whatever torew sot>; ard a ircomcttve could not be mo-e mis ctuvous if it rhrnld suddenly be endowed with the XX to 1 lay the deuce, as It certainly bas U? power to do so, thsn men who talk In the manner that scree of r nr soldiers have done. The olararterofa KM Komi f"~ ttafteB Bo? tfa-'i Ho constructed tit Boston1 tie. Ho rsetroets to dr> th? work for $80,000. The daily Mail Ee?spa?*r has pa*wvi into tt ka. of ae- in ?' y of i>r* ic,*l printers, and vl? b? ul8 r *be editorial etar?e of Mr. B'geto ?, son ol JobuP. B;gtlow, a fesiulemaa of learning oaf talent* Bummer h*e nomm -Dc?d to d?y. Wo have ? roLt'.ctrablo rain sii. > ib* fiiat of tbo monti, aa the ? * nniry boa a fr*eh and green appearance] Btil , tho rain baa not dote all the good that il might, aa tl o fall of It baa. In almost iw> etas] beei. followed by tiemendoosly high winds, * diied nptho grout d, or swept atray the soi'. btli wi.i h tell on W< dnesday dii ceisidsrabl^ damage to tender p'&nts. The oankor worms committing tenth)* r*v?ges In the neighbor. towns. I cave seer. wh )e orchards of app o trt In which tbo leaves are aa blasted aa it they rial gen* thitmb lire, but whether thu ba owing to \ cat ker worms or lot, is more than I can say. flea. Wilson re.uri.ed home laot evening. He in gitat spirits. aloomi. Interesting irom Blew GranaSa Ort CABTHAGENA OORBBSrONDBSCB. Cahthaoena, N. G., M.ty 5,1855. Public Quiet and Government Improvement*?Re ligioua Toleration?American Enterpriz*?'. Mogdalena Canal? The E*gliah Cin ping Tra on the Pacific and Atlantic? The Fortification** Ovns and Stone Wall* of Old Spain, I presume j on will not ohjeot to Lear Arm an old reader away in this sumy clime, although I m*j i 'nter'Bt your rearers much, as all is peaoo . ufefners in tbo Granada States at present, jucglrg hom tbo many imor vomenta in the law* which govern tbo people, cooied, as they are nearly* ficm tbo laws of onr glori ins republic of tbo star* and stripes, with tee rel'glous toleration?which, by the way, is anew tea are in tbo 8. ntn American Btatre?cught to make the country?a country, by the way, which native nev*r did more for?a para, dice of health, wtalth and happiness. The people here don't seem to appr^'ite oil tbg good th egs set before them; they lack the energy to reach cut their bands to obtain wealth and lnxn? rlcs, which seem to be arouEd them in e very shapeS a lit'-le Northern energy, well sot to work, woald da wcndeis in this Doun'iiul country, with its mmes of wealth 1-vieb.y spread ont in a manner unheard of in California- a soli that yields prolific crips of sugac cane, coffee, coot a, rio*. Ac., &o., with less labor, perhaps, thin in any other part 'of the tnhibl ?<] world- its forests erowded with many ot the most valuable woods of oonxneroe. In fact, a country overrun with nearly all the valuable dreductions of the world, would Mem to be an inducement to many of our enterprising youdg Amtricaoa to oome and grasp tfce fomaes wtiofc lock as if they were wait* lrg 'o bo picked up. 1 would tot have yen think young American en terprsr was altogether regm ted even in this place, as a Ne w York company of enterprising capitalist* have a fine grant from the government for navi gating and opening tee canal or d'que which has btcn c osed ho, thr. ngn neglect, lor a Dumber ot years past, but can be rraoe navigable in a abort space of time?and not at great expense--for stoaaa eis, no to the upper wateis of the ttagialena river, wclch'will make a gala day for this etty when open ed, and put more money in the enterprising com pany's bauds han they probably dream of, Hklag all tbe business, as it must do, of fourteen at the least ot tbe finest' and most populated provinces of Ne ? Gracada. The Resident Director of the Company, Dr. Yen dre?, in pushing thu gs aling for a speedy oansuai* mation or the work-, and may be considered tng ll:n of ti e dsy lu C.r iwgena at preteaA O? e ihii g " blob struck me forcibly is, why it iff that tbe English have all the carrying trade on tb? 8 nth A'lauticand Paciflo teeans. It seems a* it American en'erpriee could compete t> s me profit agaust many of tbe old steam tuba rnu by tOM English oompaiies. W ythey have such a grand mompily, with thebr slow bats, poor aoionmoda tions, ard high f*ie, is a mr awry. And I wouldi re* spec fully ask George Law or Commolore Vender bllt to lock into tbe subjtot as worthy o? their con sideration? as it seems to be a paying business J and with our Isthmas conoecions fir steamers, ana our style ol doing budness, I think, would wake ay new ideas in this regl m. They have floe lortiflcations bere, minus tM guns, which vn enterprisit g Yankee has purchased for old brass a short time since; have also a fine old Spanish wall around the city ; wood oom iott*ble, or I might say, extra cjinfortable dwell ii gs, probably the Ires', on the Spanish Americas continent, well built and good masonry?of which, by tbe way, old Spain seems to bava exoeUed in istone walls. Hohda. Ittwi from Texas. We have Austin and S*n Antonia papers to thd 2d Inst., Galveston pepers to the 7th. Tbe Ausdn papers give favorable accounts of tlid corn, wbeat and cot oo oro(>s. Tte State Timea says tbat tbe recent Intelligencl frcm Fort Beikuap rep' esecte tbe Indians as peace able and quiet. Tbe arrangement of teedlog is pro gressing euapiclou-lj, and Major Neighbcr* express* ts l imtelf isignine of success. No d fflcu'ty In restraining tbe " otiioiC'd bretttp-n'' b*s yet b^en encountered, offering any 'h'ng like a wrious obstb* de to treco. summa'ioa of that plan. Tbe b*ik Miles, from Hamburg with 126 passen gers arrived at Galves'on < n she 4th tnst. tbe Istdlavuia Bulletin denies the existence of thd cboWra in that city. tbe Vistoiia Advocate learns that John D. Luga?, E.q.. formerly editor of that paper, met with a se rious ac ident a few days since, whilst attending to bis itcck cf cattk, ot woich he has a large herd, a lutUus s'.err tuaht o upon him, bit him to the faca with his boms, and tore out oue of h.s eyes. Ha was not ctterwUe teriously irj-ired. Ths Gaivt#Un News, of the 7tb, has the folio wing ' j^private let'erfrow Fort Clark, dateddfcs 23J uit, informs as that Major Ruff's conaoany (I) lets that point on tbe 20th ult, from Fort Davis, to taka the place of Capt Elilot-'s oom. any (A;, which id reduced to lix-teom u,a- d recalled in conaeqoence. Tbite who have p roband cotton eirly in tna K?r s a<e rtal-zitg handsomely from tneir specu lations- The Iiiqu'tri *?>? one mei chant la Gon-* zales fcas mace $10,000 by toe sdv.nce la the pri* oftbesta-le. ? Tbe G^lv' ston Netct of the 6'h ins'-, gives thfl folk.wit g a count cf tbe O lumbm C mveatroa : ? We li am from Gen. M Leol, who retcrued honwl on Saturday fiom tbe Co.'umbos Convention, thau tbey s pre nib ed on Monday, 28th ult., and adjourned at 12 o'< lock on Tuesday, after a very harmoiioui and active sessio?. Mr. Bvret'., President of the Hanisturg Raiboad, was invited to address tbe con vention, and was lister ea to with toederpeet atten tat , ar d his state mints and est.mates became a:ti ms?e)y the basis of tb?tr action. The deputsilo* from Fayette atflrst leaned toward* ihadl.eit or ale lice route from Rcumwd to Colanbui; bit in tbe committeef thej rn-Hfd in the pltn of the Colorado mtmbro, to rua the line so aa to ao oomiucdve the Wn?r?oii and lower C dorado county pettlfCTiCLta- ttie dttt?g?nce ti be at the ort ?>? t joco sett <merte?and Mr. Barren clatmiug for the oom pany tbe rig t to smrge the route on the m*? pra licsble giouud for the common benefit. Ira ? etvention pledges tva cenntits iutereated to raisa five tbcuBaDd dollars per mile, and the comouuv. ta tale tbe balan e. C:ey alao peswd T-* iwl fidviaioff the Colorado and the ?alieji weat of it tn direct their trade and travel to Rionmood for tba^ p event, and a? k-.d the * weromaat for the mail by that route. Gen. McLeod addreesed thw corveLtiLii ou the debt qofetlou, urging * he accept an e of tbe present bill by Congrise, and the pay ment of tbe balance is land. The eonventton took to arfkffl on thi? anbje x, or Mr. Bier wot Ta Butn plan ot Internal improveu oi.ts, as tbeir insGuctlina atd object were exclusively coollned to the mauee in hscd viz?the inmedve extension of the Har- 4 riebnrg Ra lroad to tbe v?lb y of the Col' rado. P >? convention was composed of soma ot the mast re liable men is tbe Color ads Val'ey, and showedItneii" earueetness in stating their Individual wishes frank ly, and then yielding them, so fkr as faunest re* qr.:re', to other section?. No railroad meMIng is be B'ate baa assembled 00 this subjeot with mo*e unsnimity of plan, or a more cordial determination to carry k ont with the necessary means. Tns Akhkst op TtKr.iLi, and Watson.?On Fri day a ornwp, complaint ?u made by a alitor of the Constitution, that, ho had on Thursday night b?ea *wh>< led out of 1160 by Albert J. Tyrrell (of ICarla Bhkfcrd notoriety) and Benjamin Watooo. A war rant was made ont and plac d in the handi of Density fiber.IT To ele, who found the raeoa's near the Spring market. Waters *u arrested, and Tlrreil took te ble if els. As be tbremed bla way armed Ohnroh Hill, followed by the fihenff, the ala m oaa prion, and bj tbo time he reacted Water e*reet handreda were In pnretilt. He inrnef into Cfniloe street, slipped the house of Mr. Job Woodsn?, and wee there a>rested. There waa maoh cheeriag by the crowd as be waa carried ow Market square.? Pot turnouth, N. H., Vhrouirlt, June 16. Mnrders ara said to hare become very frequent la Mlaelaoippl. and tbo elerijmen am stroaamrly urging tbo more rigid ?nforwmo-.t of capital pmUhmeot. Tbo _ frequency of merder there, boworer, 1* 0# thing m?, for 4 Gmrner Footo o?oo remarked, that for mr; too iia;s of M* term a? Gore root of tbo State, thorn was a Oi or der perpetrated. 8?cloty teem* t# ho la a <1 aorierl/ atate, or amah a proralenee of calaao soaM aot ooou.

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