Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1855 Page 3
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mt?W, (rewtutMHunaw IkitimkaiUHi, thniadoia, the r ght ef inquiry ant Mteot, or the teas non Cmdl could cct (lla(k?(|* effioUeC/ tki datf II a pected from them. As to the meaner id which auk ta vnotigettom moat be icr dueled, net the power pf either ?f the heard? or of a commttt-e, in laerrogawnf wit oeaaM ut tbe right* and cu<ie? o' the totter, it wfil be ?aceeanrj again to recur to tba rulee and usages eatab lished aa parliamentary law In tie flret place, the *x nmiaation of the witaeaa moat be confined to the subject which la umotr investigation. and bo cannot bo aikai ont qaoatan not ralating to it, (3 Ore/, 81; 13 Grey, 161; f Hats, 150, 137 ) Nor la he b>uad to i ? I answer any question that would ton! to criminate him, (Bar and Ana, 261, 383. 380; 1 Peek. 437; 2 id., 36; 3 Perry and Kcapp, 206; 4 K. and O , 243), or thot would tend to degree* him, nnleea tbe question asked is essential to tho direct proof of the matter under investigation, (1 M. and M, 108,) When the anamination is before a oomaalttae, Us questions arc usually pat by the chair man, though any member mar put one; and if the wit ness refuse to answer, the proper course is to take the eenaeoi toe committee; and f the majority decide that the question is proper, it is tbe duty of too witness to answer it, (2 Hats. 136?2ana 6 oofs; d'lrey, 278; 10 id.. 166 ) I toy it is hia duty ,b*ceuie, if the witaeaa la not gwvomen oy the decision o' tbe committee, the mat. ' tar must be brought before the house; and IWora the hAIlM PJB I'.et. f tTiirsl wlihthar iha miontlitii Id neonne jam boom can determine whether iha question is proper or not, the whole of the previous invee igattoa before the committee must be laid befora the house, a coarse that would be attanded eitb the greatest inoonvenisons; and U maty csaea such commiCe-* sit during aa adjourn i Id maat Of the house or after the cession is over: aud la this heats, such examinations may be taken by order of th? house or or a committee before a person C in any port of tba btala. or tbe committee itself may be ? conducting its invertlgstlon in anoihtr part of the j State from tbut where the Log eUture is sitting, in some of which casea. at least, it would be impracticable to ob tain tie fates of the bouse. Still it is in tbe power of a witness to refuse, It the commutes have no means to coerce blm. A court of justice mirk-coerce a witness and oempel turn to answer, because the court has to decide the maitcr before it; but it U not the office of a eommtttee to decide, they simply investigate and recom mend, tbe ultimate power of decision being In the legis lative body by whom tbe committee were appointed The oate, however, must be every strong one in which a witaeaa would b? justified in rrf ising to answer a ques tion after the committee had resolved that it wae a pro per one, and in which a leg! slat ve body, upon bring ap pealed to, would not be disponed to regard tbe refusal rather aa proceeding from per*er?enesa in tha witness or from tha with toembarrass tbe aifion of the committee, than simply from a desire oa hi- part to protect liis rights. It remains, then, bat to coar.Ular whether the witnesses m this case were justified in rafueing t> aa ewar the queetiens pat to them, either upon the ground that tha Baaid of Aldermen had no right to investigate the matters referred to tba eommlttea or upon the ground that the quest one w?i? sot relevant or perti nent to the matter under investigation. Under the first resolution of the 6th February, 1836, the committee bad no power to examine these ?icreates or any other person, but tha Chief of Police. Th?t res olutioo directed the committee to ascertain from rbe Chief of Police why he had to long delayed his report; and whoa they had made that inquiry of Mr. Mat-ell or had examined him, their powers under thix resolution were spent. Their light ue examine the respondent* of witnesses mXnt reit upon llie second resolution author si upon ilia second resolution author sing them to inquire aa to ony fronds or corruption it the Police Depirtment, and as to the manner in which tbat d-ipartment waa conducted, which presents the objection ma nly relied upon by the respondents that tba Common Council havo nothing to do with the Polioe Depirtment it being orgs nlsfu under u apeoial statute leparating it altogether from the legislative action or control of tbe Coalmen Council. I do not, howe >er, understand such to be tha effect of tha Act of April 13,1863, under which the l"o lice Deparimstt is at present organised. It has mid a many important alterations aa i enaoges, but there is xothlag iw the Act to show that the department U to be oonducted rctlrely independent of the Common Coun cl, but, on vlie contrary, provisions exist in the Act, plainly indicating that tbe Common Council are to maintain a supervision and watchfulness orar the department The appointment o' tho Chief of Police end of tee polioe officers la voatod in other hands?tha Mayor, the Peoordar and the City Judge?in whom also is vested the power of removal. The rales or regutn tiona to to adopted tor tbe discipline, conduct and gov ernment of tho police officers are to bo framed by tho Mayor, the Recorder and th? Chief of Po.loe; aul the qualifications of offioere, policemen and doormen are prescribed by tho act itself, in respect to these mat ters tha Common Council exercises no power. Tha act specifies the duties of tba chief aod of bis subordinates; but there is rsthing in It to prevent the Common Coun cil fMm imposing by ordinance* addit oaal duties upon all or any of tbe effieers constituting toe department. On tho contrary, tbe act itself declare* that tHsy Bball vetch ?ud guard tbe dry, Id <c :or 'aute with raise and regulations prescribed in t nformity to the ordi nance* of the Gomroon Council, the la ws or tha State and o( the United States. Tbene rulea and regulations are to be ie conformity with tee ordinances of tha Com mon Council; aud aa tho Common Council have tha power of altrrmg tbo existiog ordinances or of enacting additional oc'K, It follow* tost to this extent, at toast, the Comiroa Council exercises a supervisory and direct ing pouer ever the department. That they do, and that it waa the intention or the Legislature in the put age of this act tbat ttej should, appears still more clairiy from tbe fifth section of the third artic'e, by whtsh tha Chief of Police is required to report to the Mayor once at least ovary six months, "the state of tha police in practical operation, with euch other information in bis possession as may promote the welfare and efficiency of the departing&t, with such suggestions as ha may deem proper," which report tho Mayor la required to tranaatt to tho Council within five days after ho re ceives it, it iha Common Council are than in session; or i not, at the ftrit meeting of their next tegular session thereafter, ecoompanying It "with each remarks and *ugge<tinut m be, tbe Mayor, may deem proper." It is very plain, from this provision, that it waa intended that the Common Council should be kept advised of the ?tata and writing of th* 4ep wtment, that abuses might be corrected or tbat it might bo made mere efficient, either by tbe postage of ordinances whica tha Common Council sua/ have th* power to onset, or by ap plying to tl>* Legislature for the enactment of laws esaectal to rondor it more useful or effi cient. I hare no doubt, therefore, thot it wax com patent for either board of tho Common Council to UMtitato to inquiry into tho state mad condition of tie Polio# Department?to Inquire raspeet-af may frauds or corruption, snd generally to iaquiiointo its conduct and managesii'tit. Such waa tho nature of the resolution referred to this committee, and under it timy had the 9;ht t# examine niteeeeee, and it vaa the doty of the taiesea to anewer any question failing within the ob ject end purpose of tho raaolution The two queetiona naked Webettr, had reference to hie nativity, and the witaeee MoCaon waa aaked of rfhat country he wni a na tire. These queetiona were irrelevant. The oomm'tiee were directed to inquire or investigate as to anjr frauds ?r corruptions in any branch of tie Police Department, and the manner in which it hat been conducted, and they were con&aed to that subject, and could not enter upon any ether. Whether an inquiry as to the nativity of the person* composing the I'ofce Department would or would not bo an appropriate subject of inquiry on the pert of the Common Council, it ia not neoeseary to determine It is sufficient that it was not emoracel in the resolution referred to the eemmi'.tee. But this wtt vess refused ? o answer aty other qu-stion the commit tee might eek him?a refusal entirely unwarrantable, and which render* him liable to be proceeded against as form contempt. The wltnese Hoc-urn waa asked his name, how long he bad been upon the police, and what ward no waa attached to, all of which questions he should hare answered. He waa also make A whether he had ever been in prison ia this or In any other country. How nench might be comprehended under this question, or or what tacts tho inquiry started by it might elicit, it ia impossible to judge of upon the more statement of the question, ami I therefore think that it should have been answered. If it had led to proof that tho wttaess had been convicted, in thaa or u any othar country, of an infamous crime, though that ctreumatauoc - would not disqualify him under the act of 1863 from earring as a policeman, tee propriety of appointing such persona might very well be taken into consideration by the Com mon Council, with the viow of procuring modifications or changes in the existing law. This witness also rsfoa ?d to acswer any question tho committee might pnt to him, and thereby placed himself in the seme position as tho witness Webster. The respoDcsnt, Hackellar, was asked six question?, all of which should bare been answered. They related lit it, to his toeu ion and tho nature of his duties in tho Police Department, the salary he received, and whether he received an; compensation over and above hie sala ry. - It was not very material to inquire what office he Mid or what -alary ho reoelved, as ?oth facts could be ascoftnlsed at one* by reference to the Corporation Manual; but the aatuxo of his duties and whether he received any compensation above his salary were mate rial questions. Mr. Hackellar is the clerk of toe Chief of Police; bit duties are not defined by the police law, ether than that he is required to perform all suoh du ties aa the Chief of Police shall direct: his salary !? fixed by the Board of Supervisors, and his appointment is made wl.h the approval of the Board of Aldermen. In his case, '.herniate, tneee inquiries were certainly re levant. Ice nature of hie duties, and whether he re ceived in virtue of hie position any compensation be yond hi* salary, were matters la respect to which it was nt tar the committee to inquire, under at leaat patent tar the committee to inquire, 1 that pait ef tbc resolution directing them to inquire us to the meaner In which tb* Poltoe Department was con ducted. Be was then caked wbeihet he had paid WOO to tl from the dog pound surplus since the laat of the committee, and why he bad retained the econey in hie handa so long This was a subject espe cially wttein tho provtnoo of the Common Council. They had pvisi an ordiuano* requiring the mauling of doge wbilv abroad in the public streets, under certain Cnaltiss, and author-zing the killing of them while und ruretit .r at large, by any person, and the ap pointment by ibe Mayor of persona, at a fixed rate of comprosatioo. to eiezo and Mil them while found loose ?r at l**g? lo the streete. (Ordinance#, chip, l*vi, lsl&.) Bo provision had been made for Impoundiag them, end t?e Major, it wonlA seem, in theabsence of amy regulator n upon the subject, had established a dog pound and entrusted tbe charge ot It to the I'olloe De partment It wee competent fer the Common Counoll to tete tbe e hole subjeog under emMderaWou to pace an omittance establishing a dog pou?d, under such re guiaitoni as they might deem expedient and tbe man ner in which (he doc pound was legnlatedor managed Hi ibe Police iwpsrt m?Bt waa a Irgittin-vte and proper aubjeotol Inquiry. The remaining qaeeUoa aetr t of Hausllsr was, what dispoeitioubal been male of a la-go bisck trutl-, sealed or locked, that w?t received In the ?fflre of t ie (hi- f of Polioe stuns t me previous, an.l of wfa ch t o account had boon rendered. This came drecily within the resolution of Inqui ry. and elioulo have been answered. It is due, hewever, to Mr. Mscksl'ar, to obsorvo that like tdie other two witae see, be refuted to answer any queetiona baring reference to the conduct aed management of tao pollen department; not, as ho atatss in hv affidavit,from en unwilbogr.ees to give a full end perfect aooount of all hie acts aod prac?edin?e inanl awnt tho matter* esq sired of, and of his whole conduct einoe he has b??n ecnnectvd with the police department, but because, act ing under advice, he d t-at tee Board of Aider wen ok tbetr committee had no lawful r?ght or authort i ty to mate each en enquiry. i'lile objective he io'er .poeed at tbe ei-tmv- n-e-nmi ef his exsmiostioa ?n i m stsadof a specific ttftetl to snewtr o*eh p-.rtcjiar question, he wiled throughout ontkifi geeerpl os.op Mm. Ha farther acta forth w affcrdfag eenatonane* I* tb* objection be made, that m ?( tw three mom tors cemprfdag lb* maiMM 4w(*M frtm M it* wu iti IimMHI, and in net present wUea the * undo as referred to wm friytuM t? the wi loose. Mask Mm bMi (hid to toe ai?cu?ei*a of to* ctw itegt to* Merita of (hie iaweetigntioa?to* mtteer it which it bee he?? conflicted, and of the m*tiree which led to it But the only peiat that arses on thle apptcetea U. whether the Board M Aldermen bad to* right, ea t whetier the Sieetieoa pat by the eeeamittee were c Ma patent, aader e molutie* referred to three. I a*a of optn.oa that the Board had tb* right, aad an it I are. red too eiereie* of a discretionary IrgielatiT* power, the manner la wfcieh tb* Beard or lie committee here need the dioere t on etna tied to them la not a matter t? be enquired Into or reviewed her*. The right *f the covmlttew b* irg now determined, it ie preeamed that thee* witoee are will eabmit themselr** for eiemiaati**. A* ordrr, tlrnforr, will simply be made that they appear at the next meeting of the commute* and ha exam ned touch tog any matter* embraced by the reeotaHoa of the 15th of March. 1Mb, upo* reeemnr no Hoe from the chair man of the committee of tb# tune *f Itn next fitting; when, ahoald they fail to attend, or attending ret nee te toetify, an attachment will be granted fer that refneel ard for relating to answer the questions already pro tonnded to them, and which hare been determined to ? proper. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. IKOfET K&UKBT. Monday, Jans 18 -6 P. M. The tendency of prices it the fleet board to-day wee upward. With considerable activity U eO the leading stocks, an advance ni rssllaed in nearly wt'J Instance. Lwge lota of Beading were pat on the market nt pi ice* current on Baturdsy. Illinois Central bonda improved 4 per cert; Erie binds, 1875, i; New York Central Railroad. Erie RaUuad, 4; Harlem, J; Michigan Southern Railroad, 4; Hudson Railroad, 1; Cloveland and Plttabarg, 4; Galena and Chicago Railroad, j. Indiana 6's fell off 4 per cent; California 7'a, {. New York Central and Erie | Railroad etoska were more active to day, and re covered all the depreciation oavael bj the reported rapture in running arrangement*. Hadsin Railroad stock took a start to-day, and aold freely at the adrance. Western railroad stocks appear to have abcut reached their maximum. The improvement in acme of them has been very great, and a farther kflttion would not be justified by their position or prospects. Railroad bonds, particularly Illinois Central, sold to some extent to-day at batter prior*. The Construction bonda,amounting to $125,000, ware so'.d at the first board. State stocks wen not in much demand, and few were offered. Tee sales made were at lower price*. At the second board the market was active, and high prices ruled. Illinois Central bonds advanced 4 per cent; Erie bonds. 1875, 4; Cumberland Coal, J; New York Central Railroad, 4; Erie Railroad, 4; Harlem, 4; Hudson River Railroad, |; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, Michigan Southern Railroad, 4. Reading Railroad sold to the ex tent of seventeen hundred shares, at a decline from the opening. Something has evidently oc curred unknown to the public generally in relation to this stcck, which is the cause of this depresaion. We know that some of the largest hd dsn have lately been selling oat-those whose position gives them opportunities of knowing not only what is goirg on, bat what is in contemplation. A few dsys w|ty cispese of ail doubts, as the books close oa the lit of July. The steamer from Boston for Liverpool, oa Wed nesday, will not take out e large amount of gold* The aggregate wfll not exceed half a million of doTart. There wee a better supply of foreign ex. change in the market today, and rates rather favored buyers. We quote on London, 9? a 10 J per cent premium; on Paris 5f. 15 a 5f. 13 J. The June number of tbe Bankers' Magazine and Statistical Regteter la filled with valuable and in te-eating matter. The index to tbe ninth volume should be in the hands of all old subscribers. The next number commences a no w series. To bankers, brokers and retired capitalists, this is an Important end invaluable publication. The difficulty expe rienced in getting information of the kind contained in tbia work, in a oondensed form, commends this magsaine to all active practical financiers. The at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-dty, were as follows:? Paid obTreasury aeoouat _.. 8108,666 04 Received do 110 201 00 Balance do 2,281,835 69 Paid for Assay offlce 62,253 15 Paid on Disbursing checks 20,073 64 The warrants entered at the treasury Depart ment, Washington, oa the 15th last., were ss fol lows:? For the Treasury Department $61,627 38 For tha Interior Department 32,948 04 For the Customs 21,179 39 War warrasta received and entered 142,188 89 War repay variants received and entered.. 10,439 39 On acoount of tbe Navy 169,404 60 Albert H. Mcoiay will sell, to-monow, Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, by order of tbe Trustee* of the Gold Hill Mining Company, thirty tl ouf and shares of the stock of that company, which has been forfeited, and will be sold without reserve. Simeon Draper's regular semi-weekly sale of bonds snd stocks will take place to-morrow, at the Merchants' Exohsnge, at half past twelve o'olook. Among tbe securities to be offered are seventeen thousand dollars of the bonds of the Lake Erie, Ws bash and St. Louis Railroad Company. The annexed statement exht lte the average dallv novo meat of the leading departments of the banks rf this city, during the week preceding Saturday morning, June 1C, 1855 :? New York Crrv Basks. Loam. Spoil. Oirc'n. Drpot ill. New York $3,390 242 $7t8,822 $237,878 2,917,670 Manhattan Co.. 4,640,941 602,409 3?9,424 2,694 463 Merchants' 3,860,613 1,684,277 220,298 4,943,36* Mechanics' 8,886,688 046 501 418,066 3,449,745 Union 2,697,200 361,930 192,227 2,311,220 America 4,684,240 1,526.622 106,121 5,107.607 PhsnlK 2.270,247 460,650 88,089 2 144,753 City 1,713,499 211,783 68,624 i;860,3P2 North River.... 1,046,247 91,002 178,641 767,532 Tradesmen's....1,417,090 107,932 266,283 831,666 Fulton 1,698.419 209,378 131,461 1,327,687 ( himical 1,4*6,060 290,803 272,104 1.369,197 hrrch. Excb... .2,488,102 274.760 147,663 1,774,142 Nations] .1,474 826 170,239 183,610 842 641 But * ABtov's..1,633,073 196,693 52,169 1,129,529 Mich's A:Tract's. 728,664 $4,360 106,728 633,940 Greeewicb 498,563 28.237 ? 410,029 Leathsr Man.'a..1,804 8fil 188,369 189,426 1,423 806 Eevcnth Ward.. 1,177 712 167,102 186,016 696.260 State 3,(56,834 968,026 486,913 2,630,938 AmericanExch.6.431,994 708.700 286,744 $.776,018 Association 1,1(4,291 106,212 179,440 867 863 Commerce 7,822,052 1,401,623 2.16$ 6,401,823 Bowery 962,423 93,001 176,222 823,106 Brosdnsy 1,376,(94 206,680 210,6(6 1,260,486 Oocan 1,243,116 93.814 102,207 688,730 Mercantile 2,160,007 209,033 96.118 1 430,63} Pacific 864,203 67,960 113,256 603,428 Republic 3.292,060 616,442 91,823 8,479,871 Chatham 666,238 75,298 100 039 444 281 rev pie's ... 892,500 66,826 119,919 065,697 boith America. 1.820,871 1.56,203 86,084 1,283 087 Bsnover 1,309 381 84,424 118,092 695.376 (25,120 43,102 108,022 436,825 Metropolitan .. .3.(61,019 763.603 102,117 4 441,146 Citizens' 743,015 75,826 141,186 628 918 Grocers' 668.231 136,620 89,826 631,920 Nsetau 919,263 212,158 124.136 847,094 East River 649,743 66,385 93,700 304,227 Market 1,181,743 105,43$ 116,113 056 701 St Nicholas.... 710,440 48,062 90,27$ 417.113 Shoe h Leather. 1,001,870 $2,744 106.118 606,038 Corn Excbazgs. 1,563,061 224,647 00,862 1,688,718 Ccatirentul 2 754,646 230,263 77,764 1,844,022 Commonwealth. 1,162,816 122,886 83,606 022 026 Oriental (60,771 68,660 94,248 36?;o46 Marine 812,792 136,609 04,106 712/212 Atlantic 610,333 76,714 97 303 867 071 liland City 381,868 66,626 92;038 213,647 N, Y. Dry Dock. 4(4,797 21,$41 66,009 144,890 N. Y Exchange. 221,364 11,0(8 107,820 146,128 Bull's Head 238,449 146,646 89,936 130,821 Total 93,1(0.33614,978,668 7,462,16177,349,464 ClAARlXb Hoi'ss Transactions. Kxihasaes for weak enODg Jans 11. $108,616,831 ?? " " 1$ 106,644,874 Bala rices ?? " 11 6,060,728 " ?* " 1$ 6,609,971 The above aggregates compared with those for previous week*, present the annexed statement:? Nxw Tore Crrr XAjrw. Lottm. Spotit. OfrcMl'n. Depotift. ase.M, >$4..$81,668,637 12,076,147 7,016,830 62,828,020 Jti. 6, '88.. $2,244,706 13,096,063 7,019,982 64,882,151 Mar. IT,'56.. 92,417,34} 1$ 933,982 T 061.01$'T8 524227 u.. o.i >m nn?r.nM in u^a>. zip'. J* o?ee vfjitu^.w 7.638 (2S 77 yfl1? Ol'l A pi. 21,'85.. 1*8/32,593 14 886,041 7,610,14* 78 74a'Ml tpl 28,'6$.. 02,6* 6,051 14.282,424 7 ?10>8? V$219 961 Way 6-54.. 93,093.213 14.325,060 6,6*7/09 TS'.OIAIM May 12,'86.. 91/42 196 14,586.626 ?W9 7 76 86^1^ u.. in in ci im i* not. i?t ? ...'7.1 "*?' JuQll.'te . 93,lCB,m Vi,271,568 7,462,161 ?y*?4?j4?A Tfcslsrtretwai.oompsrtd wttk&OMft* tbowttk prevKos, stew tm? Iur?uf ii discounts of >,.1091 .288 lne?est* in deposits of Tl0,(1i Dic!UM it ifMJ tr. 29.697 UnnH n olrtdtMa 60,197 The increase i? tucoaat* U aa laUnttioa / 6 Bo e active dewand far mosey from the mcrcaattt* classes. The vartatioos m epecie nai oiroulnuon do not esuiaet to much. That la apeoie afcowa the ea ter l of aoi>Q fee from ibtereal aouroei. With auoti aa ectire cxoriatios, the beaks would show a great re-Jnotion la their aureole deeertmeat bat for the receipts (rem the Interior. We looked for n much greater decrease during the part week, and ate therefore agreeably disappointed. Befwe an other large shipment is made from this port, further remittances from California trill be at hand. Our estimate for the next antral is one and a half mil lion of dollars on freight, independent of gold in the bands of passengers acd gsrerameat drafts. With in the peat two weeks the basks here increased their discount lino nearly two millions of dollars, ard from thit time out the weekly returns will, without doubt, show n sternly incense in loans. In n case recently ti led before Judge Pitch, in the Court of Common Picas at Sandusky, Ohio, John Ba}>, an engineer on the Maasfleld, Sandusky and Newark Ralironi, sued the compear for wages amoonfcng to $132 25. On the part of the company it was urged that on the 30th of August, 1864, while inching his train eontrary to the printed rules oi the rsad, be had tun the engine and train Into a null nod passenger train, by whioh the company Boataierd a loss of $11,000. The defendants, in confluence cf the act, asktd that so muoh of the sum as might be n*o*saa*y to satisfy the plalniff a Ctaim oi $132 26 be set off against the tame, and teat they hare judgment for any balance that might be found to be due. The Crurt upon trial, and after heming the evidence, rendered judgment sgalnat th? plaintiff for $6,15(L_ Stock axrhisg*. Mospay, Jans 18, 1866. $1000 D 8 8'* 88.... 1031, 60 ana Erie RR 49)4 1(00 Ind Stats Fives. 84V 100 do bSO 49)4 600 Virginia O's lOO* 126 do 49>4 ICOO C'aii.'cTnia 7 '? 70 9t,% 100 do MO 49)4 GWOLofaisO'S ...biO 04 300 Harl'm RR 28*4 10(00 do ...b64 04 260 do 23)4 1000 do. b60 93)4 120 do 28)4 23000 H R 3d lit Be. 7o Si 876 Chic ? K I RR... 96 8000 ran ftis Ik*. It .103 90 M 8 * K I RR.bJO 105)4 ? 00IilC<a R K tide 81)4 2# do 1C5 181)00 do a3.... 81)4 1590 Reading RR.... 00)4 51C00 do 82 200 ds ft GO 90 ?* 5000 do ..?:0 82 800 do 9 >?' 46000 co.. bGO 81)4 500 do *60 90)4 6000 Etta Bds of'75. 00)4 500 ds ?60 90 6000 ds... .MO 91 000 do 90 UOON YCw 7's... 101)4 KO ds *90 90 10 oh? Ohio 1.4 r Co 102 204 ds b30 00)4 6 Continental Bk.. 119 100 do bOO 90)4 60Brs?dway Bank. 118 1G0 90)4 16 h or 4 Wor R R. 37 360 do MO 90)4 600 Cam Coal Co..b3 28J4 WO do 90 113 do. c 28J, ICS ds 9i)?4 60 do b60 29 60 Hudson RR.. b30 40 SCO Canton Co 25)4 50 do 39*4 104 do b30 26*4 175 do 40 100 do MO 27 200 ds s6o 40 ICO N Y Csa RR Mat 98 150 do 43)4 626 do 98 60 do b45 40)4 100 do .... #60 97)4 5 CleY C 4Cut UR. 110)4 60 do .... sfO 08 8 ds 110)4 (0 do blO 93 20C1?y4 Pitts'* RR 60)* 2CO do .... blO 9<>)4 30Gal fcChio RR.. 105)4 ?00 do 98)4 20 do 106 ICO do .... l>10 98)4 160 CI 4 Tsl RR..b30 88 100 do b60 98*4 190 do 87)4 786 Erie Railroad... 49)4 38 II S W N lad Cos 100 BXCOKD BOARD. 9160CC Missouri 8's. 97 (60 Kris Railroad.... 495,' 10(16 Ind St Five#.. 84)4 100 do b3 49)4 500 Oh.'o O's GO.. 107 n 100 do MO 49)4 II'.00Brie IK* of 75 90*4 200 do.... .MO 49)4 IGCtOBU RRBssGO 82)4 100 do t3 49)4 SOOONY Ctn7'i... ldk 250 do blO 49;V lOOf u IU Fret land Ba 79)4 60 Little lUami RR. 100 1CC00 do.. .MO 80 100 Harlem Railroad 25 6000 Krie Rds of '83 . 94)4 200 do .... bSO 29)4 lOOshsCautooCo. . 26)4 3C6 do bOO 29>4 100 do,...-.r?0 26)4 2(8 Rtniing R R.bflO 90)4 600 Cum Ceai Co.bSO 29 200 do b80 93)4 300 ds 29 1200 ds bS 9) 100 do alO 29 100 do *>10 90 200 do b3 29 CO Hudson R R R.. 40)4 1G0 do s3 29 26 Clsv h Tol R R.. 335, 100 do b3 29)4 50 Mtch STfc N I RR 105 ?4 100 N Y On KB.... 98)4 ?0 Chi if Rk la R R- OS 410 . do MO 98*4 CITY TRADE REPORT. Mo.ii>a?, Jane 18?8 P. M A-iib.?About 60 bbl? wort oold nt old prices. Briadwi'.w?Moot?Tbe market wat dull, and teaced to lower pr<cea. Gtadot of Stats and Western, belsw extra, declined 12)4c p*r bbL The snlea em braced a boat 8,0Co a 9,0C0 bbla., including common to choice brands, at 98 76 a SO 26; ds. extra do., $9 87; Western do. ds , 60 87)4 s 610; Canadian, (1,200 bbls ,) at 810 n $11 ?:?tbrra, (700 a 800 bbls ,) at 910 76 a 911 26 for tannines, 911 37 a 912 for fancy and ex tra; 1,(00 kbi?. Mid for delirsry la July, at 9$ 76. Rye floor was qnUt Com maal was without change, and to salts of msmaat were reported. Wheat?Salts of 1,2(0 burbals choice Canada whits at 92 69, and 7(0 ds. Michigan whits at 92 46 a 92 48. Cora?The market was active, and prises wail sustained consider ing the amount of receipt*. Tee eal?e reached about 110,000 a 120,000 bushels Western mixed, whioh closed at 98e a$l 01 Iaoiadsd in the sales wore aoont 60,0(0 bethels taken (or the East, with some paretla rorexpoit; 1,600 bashtls Southern cold at 91 20; yellow Southern ?old at 104)Jc a 106c. RjS?700 bushels sold at 78c. a 77c. Oata?Dnll. Cofttj: ?The market waa steady, though sales of Rio were lim.tod. A sale of 1,270 bags Porto Rloo was reported, (thonh we did not trace tt,l at llo ; 200 bags and COO mats. Java sold at 14)40. a 14)4e., and 76 bags Lagaayra, at 11:. OorrcN.?lhe sales embraced about 3.600 boles, at a decline ?f '? cast per lb , which was about equal to the huvance on the At Inntlc's news . Fkuciith ? P.atea to Liverpool were firmer. About 30,CCO bushels corn, in ship's bags, wore engaged at 5d. a ft)<d., and 1.600 a 2,COO bales cotton, at Jfd. a 8 18d. Titrn was nothing ot moment doing for the Continent. To California, measurement goods were taken at 35c. per foot. Hay.?400 a 500 hale* ware sold at $1 all 08. Hiors wcro in fair demand, but with increased arri vals during tbe past wt?k and soma augmsntatiea in stock, pticea 'avoicd purchasers. InoN.?About 100 tons Scotch pig sold at $30,8 months, which was an acts nee. LFATinR ?Hemlock sole was easier, and during the past week holders submitted to a decline of )4o. a le. per lb. lbere wti no change to notice in oak tanned. Tbe rcctipta daring the week slightly increased the stock. I nn ?Sales of common were made at 90c. while lump was at 91 UJ(. Mouhssn ? About 2(0 hhda. Cuba clarified were (old on private terms. Naval droais.?Sales of 400 bbls spirits turpentine were made at 4(o., as it ma, and 2,0t0 bbls common Wilmington rnsln at 91 90 per 310 lb*. Proyimoxs.?1'ork?'the market was firmer and b'gher (ft new mess. The salsa embraced about 400 a 501 bbls., Including sid mess, at 217 58 a 117 02, and new ds., at 918 a 918 26: new prime, at 915 a 916 12. Clear mess was Mid at 910, and thin do at 210 2) a 9\0 60 Bret Aim, with moderate sales. About 200 a SOObbti change-1 leads at old prises. Cut menu were firm, with sales of 268 a 3C0 pigs , at 7)4d. 6 7)?c for sbonifers, and 9)4c. a 10)4e Da- on was steady,with fat/ demand. Lard?MO bbls. sold at 10)4e. a 10;40., the latter figure for prims. Bicx?Ahoat 200 casks were told at a range of prtoea varying from 96 (0 a 98 44. 8nrm ?26 bags popper sold at lie. Fcoan ?Tbe sals* tmbaaoed about 700 hhde. Cuba, at 6)40.; 1(0 ds., at 6)4e a 6)4c ; and a cargo of aboat 260 do. Ports Uses, on private terms, with a smnB lot dm at ()4c. W hkket.?The sake smhraosd absnt 100 a 200 bbls. Stats, at 35)4e. a 86)40., ana 200 do. Obis goods st30e. 1DTEITISKKENT& RENEWED EYHRT DAT. nsTHionoi. $'* 50 r0* A ooou HAND,r,lTrINa~or'B AND 7"o?g acquire ? free ti< rapid band ?t,tbe tab Mriter't academy, l-.ften. It I. oat ct Oft* Jioar tfte'n. Book kttplur radioed from SU It 9>1 W for ? tfcortofth to nr.* of intlrccrlon. O. B OULD0MK2U,SGI ?adSailtatftdwfty. A1A -BOOKKftll'IXO. TIM PWI.IMITBD, OEM) >^1U. ftt ? full tottmoreiftl eoirat, ?rabraotn practical laeiaitt writing, boekketflnft, oommtreitl, ftrlthmtTe end tceoantt, fttM S. p.UNlfd, 23.1 Grand I root. Nor Vofk. Mil Fulltft ttrcil, Brooklyn. Papilt tannine eeaaratc and tin commence any t mo. Laliei' privli t tlftttML 91 twelve ir.Jonc, all fotad. Boom open fttm 2 A. tUI 10 P. IL -BOOKKEEPIHG, tw9 EROAtiWAY, COBKM WU. tl ilunatoa tlreet ?1 ortoat wltbiftt to Itftra Dot bfftr't tntcm rt dot.) It emtry, itr only $10, mutt nppty Im roidiitely, or tkoy vvtll kt ebargtd lb. regular lormt. 8ta lurrmtwi/i vft ??v/ pin b? v atr^wu *???? it>t,wm >viuh. <Itntt qualified to Itnp u j ?ei of btokt, or th# raonoy re --- ??. -??*? i, $*o. twt?l. SkiIh Urftit, A TEACH EE, OF TflK HIUMEST STANDING. WISH Jt\ ti to flnd ft bem? in t r*t ptetftbit family, where initrno t on In any of the bruit! ?< of an Eniiteh Haaatitn, In !<? t.ft, Hrttk, French, Spanieli t-r b alian would be eentitierod an eonlTfttent. Fir at tlftrt refer oncet Addreet A. H. 0., lie.etil tflot BOOKKKEI1KH?C 0. MAKftH'8 COUNTING ROOMS, for the pratflue of hotkkeopiaf, wri'.ia*, Be.. 81* Broad *?1 pay, Apt Itton Bulloiiqc (> ? daily. fre(t 0 A M., It 8 P M. Call for olrenlMt. Mar?h't ttmpl*?i workt on boak ketplef, In Efaalah and lnailb, prlatoa la ttlort, for i?lt at abate. rsRAMMAR, ARITHMETIC, BOOKKEKPINO, At.? Il Mr. C hamherlain it uv nffaajtiag trenlap el?ttoe lor in; Iri]Ten, In yramiatr. duriftft tho eamater, at d?3 Broad ?way. A* TEB?AB COVP.KBIBS FOR TWO TOUNU ft A W di t, a lady who will be villing to rerlde to ? par Uct'.v beftl by pert of the olty ef Ctaarlettoo. anttnvor cad v in Jr. Bhe mn ?t be cer.?Ve tlItCMhiag suit aadfiaat*. it wall ftt th' 11,'ber bianebet of an E*<iUh tdttttita. Of aimtftblt adJrue, ma" were epteeraeoe. aadftotoror thirty retrf it ftft. the mutt wr.eiteptiaaablt retreat* nt forltrt Itrftnd eftrwltt. will bt required, etthttelary will be literal. Err Inikfier PftrUealar* ndAteat A tl , be* 90S, Ckftdtetqfs 9o?% Wife* wati, tk) SkVfMf %<ut, ATAOfnun. AS LIKKT H NI0O..AT. AUCTlONAE* -ABSOLUTE MM 01 forty valaeble beildls* iots U Arvoklya, at e>o tUo.-Alk.r? a klww f<B -? ?? kOOA?Um, hi Wednes day. Job. 20 Wft? tt IS o'olook, At the kuttttti *1 ebui it y . forty Mitrit lot. of ft???0 ? ?b? Pool. UmmM 1b the Eighth end Ninth ?srd?, U tbeeitv of grMkl?'ita.t?d o-r lAOkMk. fU?tk. lut.olh Eiglnl AAA ?took A'MMt, All UaIoa. Seakett aaA ue.rev erree:. Um Fink. Ninth tod FlAtbekh AVeauet AT. rrnd-d k! pwi.U, tko birth. StmU Mt llfktt tm?M w .H?* And Um hlrtti ComntieMeuer ho. rwportel in '''l**' *n bi?i [io*Ufo ia frftdi iLti Mil thou Tho OAUiij put* ?tiitd MTtttND Int. in We Immediate vicinity of thu w per iy lift Utrt Boom. ThU it ooo of Iho a??J ?ortoof Bfw<kl}i tor private rttlatnoet or for kmolAOU pur DOOM. Tko t'tatbusb rellroe*. wh?w eimpleiod, will Aloo otTotiy iaoroAoo 'ko ta(*o of t bit property, it ktIAS tko It Wall t of tko oooipad i to complete tko work. If peaaiblf dirlaa thU summer TIao oil the tuBuftat improve Haiti abntiaad offer toituil iudueeoienia for IM IOPP ?? inwirtA. ????? 11 ?????? " / f " .V" "T: -? .Alio on t' Dfl Mid niortgii* for tfeiee jeera, ?ii the titU it ?e<infettc?e>)Ie tot lithognptria ?api end full pertlej Iai* Apply to ALBERT U. hlLOLAT. Anotlono?r, No. II Brood utieet Albert h. nicola y, auctionisaa.?I'Odiriy* *Al*.?I orkrillo lots.?Albert U. Mnoley will tell um %t .OA' od.y J ore 2", At 12 e'oleck. At tko MrrotinnW Ho ahiPfi, teo'td tTtntii. eerier of lubty flfto *he enloeOK lot liteeted on ibo morlhaMb ooroor of Seoond ATOBAO AAd Eighty Mth it root, 24 feet 2 (nobis front end rear, by 1(*> teetin depth. Alio, tho lot ?dJ..ioic? ?he a hove, ?o avenue, 22 rut troAt and tw?, bylw foot deep. The abcie loto are situated ta the ooati. of YorhyiUe Jur merle beloaglrg to tba l.ooonnt eitate; aod no lota hart boon oi Id tblo ooaicn that o(*r grot tor induo*m?nt? for tho inretiinent of aiplUl of lapravimtfti, M the soonff Are a*o RaLrued ran by thio property, sad the I tit iota Do ?iede withetit' reoeree to the nigheie bidder dupereent eon ?amain en bond and mo-Wage lor throo >#?ro. at 7 par aeai, it deeired 7 be till ? i. unqueetioaable, and tho loto will bo otld free fiotu all I act or bran to. For further ptrt np ply to ALBERT H. KICi'LaY, Auctioneer. No. II droAd tireet ALBERT H. NICOLAY. AUCTIONEER.?THE ELE gant brown ttouo Lu.llsh beaeinont heuso amd lot ?W Wott T.ent* ascotd otroet, at auction?ALBERT IL MCGI-AY will tell ?n Wednesday. Juno 2f>, at 12 o olook, At tbo Merchants' Eiebtago, with Jet riserve, to tho blgbtei blotter tlio uov. and tnporb English basamout bra ft otoaebonoo tud lot 299 Went Twe.ty wound .trout, built la tba rery boot into not. and contain, all the modern tm- ; yrnTOmente. 7erm? ?*?/, end tltlo perfect. For fulllpar tlonlar. ?oo tba advertisement la tbo Courier A Enquirer. Auction notice.?idward scue^ck will toll, thi? day, Job. 10, at 10>fc e'clook, at tbo atleareoin Hi Wall ttroo*. great sale of Jewelry watohet tad diamond., uotidotiBg ia part of elegatt diamond pint and etrrinrr, brtMtplna, O'O.'Aiit cluster and aingio (tone rlage ar d pin. Ac ; It dirt' watcbro. ocamollod. tad let ca both .idol w-th dlaoiAdt; also others, rif. ?? independent toenail, double timekeeper., titteon day, English patoat and dotaobsj la Tin. do . All ia hearj eighteen carat gold caoos; goidlew airy, c?B>la;iug of oaito of braoaloto. Pint and larrlagt, broorbes, btcufpmo, oca' riago gold and stono o.eere but ton! do etudt, gold poaoii caiot, lookoto, do. Sale pooltiro. Tcrmo caoh. Auction 8 4i.e of one hundred building lots, At Ftrdham, luetdrv, lVth lnet , at 3S o'olook, on the grunud?Free cmit^i I'KTEK 1'ARK.S, aucfloteer, wi'l orlt the balance of loto on hand known at tht rorduam Vil la?,o AMoolatioa and bharon Place. Tbio it the elAtiag tale. Avery lot cfftralwill bo told. No under bidding allowed A groat cbaLt-o far email luTOttmrnta. 1'at.age money re lumed to All who attend tk? tale, aod return tiolcau fur ni< bed on the ground after the tnle. Train, leare T went) ? eoventh (ffict dep'.t at 12 o'olook and Cttr Hall depot at !? o'c'ock I'. M For maptand partioulare apply at HI fiat sou aftert. or P 11. BAR?lAN, Kt i- on the premlut. If tbo r eatLtr u stormy, tho sale will take piece ne*t fine day. Z. NEWELL, 81 Nattan atrnet up itairs. Auction sale of household furniture,, te.ars do ? JllUN L yANlEWaTER. will tell on iWedncday) to morrow, June 2dth. at ldJi o'olook. at tbo ealetroom, 12 Maiden laae. all tho furniture contained in the a'ore aalcaioom, laoently damaged by tht late fire, to be told peremptrry on asount of whi A It mar roaoeia; among whiih may bo found roiewood suite, covered in brocetcl, Axmlnster. Bruste i and ingrtin carpsts; blaok walnut, mtho.auy and rotes ood tecretary noo?oa?o?; ckhogany ana rotewood mttble top esn're tablet; otk exit alien dining tablet, bat r&okt, inantel craam-nti, rotewood and mahogany marble top dressing bureau!; d> watlutand.; toilet tot.; do bedtuadt; hair and ttraw mat tmsee, naluattei; enamelled ootta.te euit: toge'-her with a lint of bitchen uttntdo. Alto, a aoleadid line of Jfronoa brsnte. ormula and marble clocks, runt log from7 to 31 day. movement', warranted Alee, A flue line of champagnes, brandy fruits, Fronoh mnatard clarets, sardines, eegar* of variant brands. Also, to olote contlgnment a largo line of oil paintings, amoeg wh'ch may be found some very line goodt; Are now on eshlkltion, with catalogues, and affords a fine opportunity to thoie in want, at every lot it to be told peremptory. UCIION NOT HE -WM. B. JONES. AUCTIONEER.? Hj virtue of a chattel mortgage, will be eeld ttis day, at 11 o'clock. A.*., at 18Avuue A, the stiok of afuraltare ttore, cuns-sling of bureaus, chairs, tablet, bedsteads, rock ers itatip, maffretiep, and stock ? trade Ilk.Mil DhEUER A'toruey for Mortgagee. UCTION NOTICE.?WM. B JONES AUCTIOVEE*. Bv virtue ol a chattel mortgage. I will sell this day, at 10 o'clock A. M., At No. ? CortiABdt street, the ooateatt of a telootcry, consisting of barroom fjrnltaie, Ac. T. 8. MILLS, Attorney lor MottgAgde. OCT ION NOTICE-CRonKEHT, GLASS AND ohlnm?J. 3 II. BABTLkTT, Anitionoer, will pell oe V ednttdav, June 2U, at 1U p'olook, at SSI I'etrl street, in lots to suit purchatert, w, g. blue prlated, painted, o c. Bed Rcekiniham ware also, a large awertmeat or cot and preised ?1 netware, porcelain do. Catnloguet now ready. Goods w tU packed for t'clpplng. AuctTon NOTICE-H. SCANLAN, auctioneer will aell this nay, at 10>i o'clock, at 2IA Caaal street, lurniture from lamlliee leaving vho oitv, consisting ot parmr, clumber and hltch.u fnruitnre, marble top drussinj bu_ run., tud enclosed wasbstanea, marble top, ouatre. end tofa tabloa; mahogany dining, tea cord, and een're tahlca; carpets, leather beda, bett quality hair mattreiaea. N.It. ? cash advanced oa gooda consigned for lale, and prompt returns made. UCTION NOTICE.-J. BOO ABT, AUCTIONEER-BY a BtiGART.?This day, at 10?< o'oluck. at the auetlon r. oms, corner Frankfort and William atreeta, henaahoid furniture, sofaa and sofa bedstead, mahogany ohaira, rooter., bureaaa, carpets, mahogany Franoh bedsteada, leather beda, balr, shower bath, oarpeta, orock ery, looking glass as, kitchen lurnlture.jko^ UCTION NOTICE.?THOMAS BILL, AUCTIONEER. ?By BELL A BUSH, Wednesday, at 10* o clook in onr falesroom, 12 North w'llliam street will be .old, ? valu able variety of household furniture At 11 ? clock, a quam tity of dry goods, clothlag. fancy artiolea Jpwnlry, Ac Also, 4i? beaaa sagara, put up for the Londoa market, or the celebrated opera amd Semtranui brande. BY WILLIAM DUM0NT,?CONDEMNED STORES, BY order ot the Navy A * e a tWM. UU M ON 1 wll I a^l as auction on Wednesday, June 20, A* 12 o a ock, at the Navy Yard Brooklyn, beef, pork, door, bread, rioe, tuner, butter, beam dried apples. At., Ae.; bine oloth pea. round ana mortey jeaktAs, do. trowtere, ivec and nnfer ahirta, dtaw era, mettreaaea flannel blanieta, dnok and linen trowaers, by dranlie press. Junk, boata.ehipa, Ae- Ae. A. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.?ONE-HALF OF'Til E . .team tow brat Thomas Salrnea at aneUOA.?COLE A CUILTOJi will sell at anetion, oa Wndneaday, JamV.lWM, at i2o clock, at tlie Merchants' Exohanae, under dlreoilon of J 8. Underbill, the one hall, ownal by Robert Me . >r mick, of the steam tovrboat Thomas Salmon, as she new lbM at Oio foot Pf Jack.ew street. East river For term a and particulars apply to the anotroneeta. 46 Naaasn atreet. dT na;u, auctioneer-store uo broad . way.?Assignee's sale of marble maatela, oa Thurs day. June 21, at 12 M., at the etore consisting of boautitol ?t!fit??ry, brocatel, Sicilian and other manto'St Jto. DD NASH, AUCTIONEER.?STORE N0^Sib BROAD . way Shorff'a .are ot horaea, Ac.?TUls day. Tuesday, June 19. at 10 A. kl , at 34 Caaal atieet consisting of two horse*. Ae. Wednesday, Jute 20, fcheritf'a tale of plushes, Ac.?<-u Wednesday, June 20, at ;0 A. th* store, con .If tug er a larft# lot of Mlk plash, Ae. Alia, ?amo day, at the store, a large lot of furnrturo, constating of bnreaua, to las oonohe., talles, beatfeadt, bedding, ualr mat?rea<#?, watbataada, olloloths, earpetp, engravings, and nta* on# very old cloek, Ac. D8. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER?LAROE SALE OF . moitgaged property at the dwelling house la Warren street eprmtlte lb. ifeyot of the lludion River Rillrstd. This dav ( rnesday) morning, at 10J. e'olock, will be sold the entire oonteate, embracing elegant velvet, tepeitry, Brneaela, and lngrnia earpeU for flo.r and ttair.; ua. aid cent rotewood tol'e,richly upholetored; roseaood boekoetes, eentre tablet; pier, tefe end tide table#, all with marbl# tops; Fretch pier and oval mlrrori. rotewood afase aruuir, elegant rotew.od bedsteads, bnreeae, waahttandt, ctmmcdea, roaewoed 7 octave pianoforte a very superior m atrument and rearly nsw.mahoraay sofaa ohalrs roekera, Ac ; muslin and ooatly Uoe sortalns, gas eheadeUar*, hea vUv carved oak e.teuslon table, valuable tilrer plate cake baskets, tea iirvieea, apoona, forks, eaifera, aalvere, btauti ful oil palatini! by talented artLta. hvlr mattreMta and eonntirpaaes. clegeat mantel and etegero d-oora'iona, een itsting of the moat beantlftU deaeriptlnna -f oUUe deeorated veae# flower vase., I'arian and blaqaeflgnr#a,o?mola aad ala baster cleek, decorated and plain china dinner and.tea (etc, ivtry cutlery, Ae.; out glassware, linen eboeta. table Moths, wad napkin*. Fartlenlar attention la dlreoltd to this aa'a, at the goods are of a very eeoUy eheraoter aad nearly new, and rtM all be poeiUvely aeld, T/UGIMB. FRANKLIN, AUCTION EIR.-BT FRAN I if . ?__? . ? ? \j LIN A NICHOLS.?Importtat and peremptory sale olca-li.etend h-.uscbold lurolture ?Thla di;, Jan* 19, at o'clock, tl th? autrtwi, 79 Jtiniti afreet, between Twitob and John, being ia part good* oa whieh oesh ad ?aaeea had been mad* and part of ths stuck of a maanfao tujtr glr-ng np the business. all to be told positively, with out lescrre, to the highest bidder. There ia a lsrge assort ruent, eomprisiaa ia part aix salts of rosewood parlor fur niture, splendidly oarved and eorered ia aatla sroeatel. HVUIVi r yavn u iw ijr uacta aaaiaa vwrwva aaa aavou ravnaoai, plash, do.; anita of mahogany fnroitnro in hair math; ail " " " a-totea, ohaf - -- klada of aofaa tele a-totea, ohaira, bookoaoao, book raeke, wardrobes, centre pier fancy, and exteaaion dialog tables: fd bedsteads, of rsrious sites and at7lee. ia rosewood and mahogany :boreana. wash a tan da, hair matt raaaea, pallia* sea, rich Fro? eh plate pier and oral mirrors, *111 frame oil paint ings; a large iaroiee af ailror plated ware, eomprirlag eight he-ax. si-utlr oLaaad tea iota, rich out bottla cavsrt got)lets, da Bat art will fiad thia oata worthy 01 attention. Irery facility for packing aad shipping. Catalogue! an the morn ing tf oala. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER ?IMPORTANT SALE OP . 'hairs, furniture. Ac., ia ijnantlUo* sailabla for the trade, as well aa all othera la want, f. Cotton will toll tots day, Total ay, June 19, at 10*? o'clock, at tka aaotloa room*. .'-9 Poeokman street. second story, a rtry large aotOrtroanl of cabinet furniture of orery description. la will comprise, fat park, strsial aalta of parlor tarniknra ia mahogany and rosewood. fall French end three quarter maheraay ohaira ia hair cloth, tote a tetee la do., aofao aad ooneh ia hair clo'h, tata a tetee la da., aafaa aad aonohaa. oak, black walnut aad mahogany bookcase*: Voltaire ohaira. reeking do , marble top famitore of all undo drotetngaed plain bnreaao. marble ion aad plain aotkngn furniture, knit aad huik traitresses, pollinates, Bfnaeela, throe ply aad In grain osrpcta, oUelothr, oak. walant and o-her extoaaloa dining tables, card do , ertokery, gl issware, table cillery, Ac., An. alio, fsrtbo trade aad all 1 " atbora. abont W) Bow ten rcckera. CtO ootl maple dining and ollot do., children a blgb aad low do , Wether with aeve'tl other kind* of obelti, all of wklch wlu bo o.-ld to the highest bidder, anf uast he removed immadhstaiy. N. B.?No poatponemont an nny aceennt. Gborse cook, auctioneer?ixrxNstva bale af sen and fashionable furiis-ire, Vreuek plate mirrors. oil paiatinga, (Urea plated and china were, to?Oa tlito, Ttieadsy, at lo>< o'efeek, at talosrcom Broadway, oer tor ?< Dunne street, a Urge and si-leudM assortment of ro>a woed, oak, walnut aad mahosaas drawing room, parlor. di?iu> nam and ohnmher foreHore, roaalotiag in part of skis art rosewood nrd mahogany parlor ratta, la Tronoh tace'sle, plash aad hair math: richly tarred ate (ores, sccretsrlee, marble t ip eaatra, side and aala tn'jlee; custom made oxtoerioa dining tablet, dining nam chain, oofas, lonasaa. teto a tstea, arm ohaira, eaay da., spring seat pad >r chairs, wtrd'ebee. hedstesdt, oagaMO, waahatande, k matter aata, pal liaise a, beds, can# aad rnah seal ohi rrekeva, Ao , An Alto, aa Inreiee af Trennh plate, pier 1 maa el g<aaa, rieh decora*cd ekiea ware, allrer plated wi ... -I g'aae, rieh decora*od ekiea wan. allrer plat?. ... table eattewr, As , Ac The whole to >e sold without re set TP. Dosing end ships mc at a rnaaanablt oka*go. Cata logcs 1 aa the morning of tale. 2ROCKET BALE -WW. B. JONKB. AUCTrrtWRBR. Bj rtot ao af an axeonttan I win mil an Wednesday, fl)*n Anna at iters Md Csssl sSraet, a let of gme-rteo, teas, safer, argon lard, batter, hreenu, br-i-bes, An., Aa, tM |?tooor/ woroil wk. >. 4Uff|S, CtH^kv ?&LM AT ArrriOB. _ C" iiomm, W40ON, conrua cbochrt.cli I ret, cutlery this da?. 10H u%l#*k, fif Dey air***, eor aar QrveuwuA?Ceeoa dr????, teas. euxari. cole* our fault. prnneA okowltu a>?jcaj-. rui. Map. li joort. tebaeeu. MUI. kniv#?, PML pi**"1?. elaekf, Hlmii, fiUs, bam m*o. ****** ?"? y>>t cAWMfc . HENRY H IKLDH. AUCTION EAR?BY UH. LEIDS A iu - 7u..dey. 19ia im tbedaeeday. AHh. at 10* a'cluek, at tin tain roots. 1# Nanau street ?(Positively in# iset sniej?Brnntifnl sal# of marble etat'iory, aaiaa, An ; aUa ata'uary from the Crys'al Falnoe. with giber nrtiolea. b* sold without reserve eoneiatlag of a anperb host or ? Old falairrtoa eshlbi ed at tba Crystal Palace, alee, braoli'nl I'loteniine tabla to pa. super' tmaba. taada by Laaittal bo., aiaa. a larfe e?lf*etUa of beautiful alataary, npmiillu Yaioa at tba Bath, Uary Magdalen, Sprint, 1,'tiaif and boat, four Italian poets, aaa laria pair of aaaad rii a feat high, ihiaatt) carved; btr?aaaa, Madlct, Ftaioa tiaa, aad Human veeae, card raoairar with wreaths el grape*, of aarioaa sins; elacesur atatuary aitb glass ehaaes, ra rresenting tba Graces, and otbar daatrabta piaoaa; alao, cl.iea, Ironies. plated ?n olookn, aad other ralaabla ar.ioloa out bafurv exhibited, oau to aoao ou tha day at aola f J EN AT H. 1EED9. AUCTIONEER.?BY H. H LEEDS XI *b c?., Tuaeday, Jfaao iPth, at U e'ciock, is treat of tie-tot* IP Noaeaa at root, o bay bursa 15 hands high 7 >nr? aid, warranted bouad aad 1 ad ia all haraaaa. bold tor want of uaa Henky t. lbbdb, auctioneer-by n.b wool ley A CO ? if ill aell, oa Tuesday, Juaa l?, at 1'H o ctuok. ai tha ? alaa ream, No 86 Heebean street. o,r?er of Willi-, m a ler,e aad extoa-tve assortment of hou-abeld io-ntturo consisting at superior roeewood pianofortes. om aultebie tar a eharoh or alok room, bBdaqtaotHf of ? i.iic; alao will b? sold eprieg seat aofaa la hair clo ka? fc< tiaoy aad p'aia rookara, da. bedeaaada. boronoa, waah stands, card tabloa. ciieira of all d*f^Tt'?.^KKh hi caay aad roaatrrod enem-dled fomltur#, oil palntlafi^Bitr roia oral 4 all k,nd. ot rosewood furilturo, with or with out marble topi, an invoice of ditty docks ??"*' I'*y and glass ware, iron aafe, refiisesetor. bo., be pay adraaoaa. 3 .lb pcrltiv*. Henht b. nuns jr.. auctioneer-on tubs day, 19th June, at otora. a' UK o'llook. hiutahold furniture, removes for oonveulruo* of aala, ooneistlog or mabosauy total In hair cloth, mahogany and rooewood chairs in uo .rookara. mahogany rreocb bedsteads, b hckwnl nut do., uahoiane and roaanood oantra tthlai m\b?geny tale ani tlda tablea, elegant suites of onsmelUd fu rails re, elegant brocade niadow ouitetns and eornloai, down feather bode, alllon a aad bo etare. atran and heir metiresees, leui aa bedaUada, alt paiutla.;a, engravings, orookery, ailTtr plated aara. oilcloth, and s variety ot kitchen utaa iC?. A)eo, a quautity of fancy goods, otic poBliiTt, H0U8ED0I.D ri'RMTURE AT AUCTI0N.-1I0BT. tago aale.? A M CR1BTALAR, auctionaor, id Bonary, will eell thia day. at 10X u'oiack. barroom obaira, laaits. tet'eea. aofaa, oil patatiaga, lookl-ig glat.aa, mirrora, b?jk cteae aad watdrobaf, bureaae, mahogany badttaadi, tauagee ted*, bedding, oiloloth. itoree and pipe, barroom oonateri and fljt'.UTfe; alao, baeketi obampa?i.e, A doa olarat wine, SO dot. olive oil, brandy, demijoliaa, daennterf. Ao . Ao. By ttidtr uf mirtgagta. T MOfClAKTY WILL SELL 1HI9 DAY AT 10 0' J . clock, at 173 Chatham tquara, aaauoral aatoi'mant ?r fr-Diture, removod for convenience of lib I hureeua, oar pete. cbairr, bookeatoa, mahoraay aad othor tablaa, mat tteiaca, feather beda, and rarioua othai r.ooda. "kei LY, AUCTIONEAB.-ASO OtW worth or . dry ffoula, the stook ef MoCoaviU b Murphy, will be eold nt auotioa. on the prvmiaee, 31 Oatbeiiaeatreat, an ktnitfby 'be lhth inaiaat, and following daya unttt all are dlepotod of?commencing onch day nt y a'otaok A M. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OT CLOTHING THI9 DAT. McCAf'J HEY A WALTERS wUl fell to day, at 1? o'clack. at evrner of Cathenue and Henry ati , n large let oi meit'B womon's clothing, cob n**ts. sho^s, ?c. Men s clotting nt I o'oicck. By orvUr of L. & 3. Kunmnii. SIRRON DRAPER WILL 3ILL ON TIIUHSDAT, Juaa 2lit, at 12>4 o'oluok, at the Merohanca' La oharg'. at auction jiw.OOO ?eaen rer oeut flnt iniruage eubvoi title hot da cf the Delaware. Lnokairana and Watt em Railroad Company, due 137S, intereetpayabl^Aeril tft .hd wctoier lt< in >aw Vork.Sl.000 and ?5(U are part of$l,50?J UOO Utued to cempleta the Eaataru d.rl^* f ofitbe road.whleh will be opened earl in theen.nlagau'u'n* for *hc transit of ooal from tba Wyoming and Lackawann dLtrietc-to Now York An adoqua'a alntiag fund it ore tided for tbe liqaidatiaa of tbl. loan, ahunld the prinloga of eoaverelo? iut"'took, rot be availed of. futtbor paril catara oan be had at tha ofhoa of tha company, 18 Wall atioat, ot at S. Drapar'a, 10 Pino atroot. S?ALE OF FINE CLOTHING, AT NO 178 NASSAU atraat. by CIO LRVlk, Auotionobr, comprising blaok and o-iva frock coatt gingham and elpacoa coata, oominaa panta aad voata. Sale at lUKe o'clock. rpUNis morret l. auctionekk-fukniti;re of 1 ail kinds (to aatiafy a procesti. tV cdnoeday, 10,S, o elook, atUl Naaeaa a'rort, roar f'uDon eeroot. Dealers (rcmabroad as atll as near by, will be well paid by attending Also, tbe inruiture of a private family leaving the city aad- *?'d {?* abatavar it hr.nga. so at to settls on day of aala Examine this da? rart of tr.o goods. Komain.lar will be roaiy early on moining of sale Wednesday 's pnpors full particular . UMtllAM 1KYIS0. AUCTtONiEtt -HOUsEHOLD V? fnruitcre, Ao ?W li.l. AM lRv INO A CO , will sail at .auction, cn Tuesday, Juno 19th, at li)i? o'clock, at the *al?t rcomr, No 8 r inastrec, a general aaaoitmeut, removed tor conv tultnce of s?le,oanti? tln? ut U'uatols and lr gr? in oarpo' e, licLsh plato pier g as.aa; suiteoarvad rc-ewocd pallor fur eiture, ;n br.catel; mahegauy oha rt in hair oloth, mv botany ard roaewood ma-ola top centra and pier tablai, ros/wood and mahogany quartitto taclat; window ourtaiua anc tbadat; auitee painted and enamelled iuruiture; marble t? o coi*ai*> furml'me; mahopany, bUck wklaus sud maple co?t see l.edi-teads; balr inat tie-sen feather beds, holsters aad pillows; maboteny uiting tables; blsok dln ng tables; msbogauv French bedsteads; RM>iassa<, nia noaani marble lop dressing bureaus and wasbstands, ma h?ISy d'tilng and tea tanSt; china, crockery and glajj v at e; maple and blaok walnut arm chairs Ac, rlegaot carved rssewood 6'< octave pianoforte; made by Bourne A I.oaviit, Boston; also, one cate of china vatea. figures, oiuamints, bronios, Ac. WS. MILLOR. AUCTIONEER -BY UOUOHTON A . MElJ-OK-ThU dsy, (lnesday,< June 19th at 10). o'olcok, at y?, iiS Nattau atreci Kiegunt onhinat ?nrnltnre: nine rctewood aad 7 octave. I reach plate inirrore; rioh ouinawaie, Ao.; eold to pay a? vaacea without rcterve. aad oonslate ot every deitrahle aa >? rtme'nt of bouse furniahing arttolaa. W'e iavtta oountnr mar clouts and tbe trace particularly, as the sale will be abei Into. Artiolea oau be packed for .hipping on the promisee, at a reasonable olstia Cabinet furniture consiata la part of several soUd lose wood parlor suita medallion baoks.eov 1 erad In crimaon aad maroon broratal, rich green plain, ?rem rape, Ac., finished in tha heat meaner, asprasaly for Broadway eelee, aad are sueh aa are raxalr offered at auotioa; oarvrd centra table#; three ro*t**?f_.1,^"r^t?ld ?ecrttary bookoaees, vory elegant, oas of which ooet ESUO, otccaroe, Aa, roeewood, mahogany and walnut chamber furniture. In great variety; several blu?, green and straw colt red eaamtllcd chamber suits; riohly de??**"d loutge beds t?te-a tsteo, richly oarvedbeaufbts, koerdr, wardrobes, light stands, corner etegeres; three pv tent extension dining table., It feet loag; mahogany, rose wocd and oak rockcri; easy and reception oh?*r, *? *I"' at 12 c'oiock. nine superior toned rosewood piaaofjrtos, msde by first clsss makers, all ofwhich are fully warranted. WILLIAM T. BOYD. AUCIIONEER-OFFICE, 77 NAS ran streot.-Rccclver's aale of omnibus stsgou, d?ubls and single baraoss; blaoksmith's tools, iron. steal. Ao.-On thDldav IJuoe 19th, at 11 o'clock, at Maahaitanville, twen ty oinuit'us stagis, twenty auto of double and Magic harness, Jsr, the llacksmlths' teelo-aavU. yloeSjl.ammers tcngs, bellows forge, dd and new Iron aad steel, odd wheals, parts, Ac comprising a large uesortioent of artiolea uierel to stage rioptietmo. This sels Is made to close up the conoeru, and Willie positive for cash. BKNJ M GO RE, lag . RocalvM. MUElOAlw T1ANTI0N PiATtO PURCHASERS 1-HALL'S PA teut celestial cr double ocUva rieaofoites, ElyANan ger n etu'ecturers Tbeae improved cieaos arc rapidly tek fpi the place of tha ordinary pis no Torts i?!' %tt inocb nu pert or in power end iw&etneM of lone. 2d. trier stsad in tuao well, belnr made with iron '?*"?*11 thev ere aold at low price., ard reoommanded by ell our lir> f idenista, wtoao certlfioutes wa have of tbtlr superiorltv Al.V .t MUNGER No, 619 Braedwey. SL Nicholas Hotel B^ByTbOW POLkV-SELI.ING RAPIDLY, THE famous'Baby How Polnm'' a? composed and dodl ?Ud to th. prix. b*^VA7CE WaTbST ?*r?dw.y. Great SAcmricK-A most beautiful toned rosewood piano, seven octave and new, folly warrantee, m?dc by a very aupirior maker, will be sold at a greatpsacrF flea and a acooad hand piano taken ia exchange. Ploaea aptly at 103 IFeat Broadway. ALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS?BENNETT A CO., 800 Broadway, arc bow supplied with a larra stook or thest beautiful instruments, ao parson should by aav means pur ?has, whatever intcastedpartlas may sav to the ocntrary, till thoy have first seam thaeo improved pianos. ( PW1CAL SOIRF.AS.?CONTINENTAL IIALL. COR ner cf Eighth avenue and Thirty fourth 'I'*0* a. 3EDGWICA S popular musicalaatartanraeute Crct chats aad OuavaraA to-night and arrcry evening (1 rider at copied! thia weak. Vocali t?-Mi?a Duck worth ;M as>re. Geo Harrison. Sedgwiok and Brown. Olcea, ballads, eon oertinn soloa, Ao. Tickets 2# cents; five for >1. Change of programme every evening, NO HUMBUG.?A YERT BCPERIOR ROSEtrO?? pianoforte. 7 ootava, boa fkamc, perfect in all roapaata, aad warranted; keen weed only tnrw# montha; makor'i price 8310; tor aale for 8220, with ste.'l. Can be aeea at Na. 34 Vssay street, near tea Aster House, from 9o cloek till 8, on Monday tad Tuesday. /VNLY ONE MORE OF THOSE TWO SPLENDID U piauotortco?the other oae dieposed of?^*?,il,_?" tkesiFuaddollars; wlUbe sold at a great *?*?s??- **?? seen at V. P. B. OurtU' wnrarooma, Na 447 Broadway. B. SehmaU A Co.'s make SINGING AND GUITAR?MME. MARION HOLLYER, continue* to giv# lesooaj om guitar and slnglng^a^h^r rgrideaoa 712 Broadway. Mme. M. kaewledga of guitar In six lsasous, taaaHl* her purtu to accompany them solve* easily ia any kind of vocal musie. Second hand chickewxo PJ anojorsal^ aa 1126 also oa# Gist A Walhtr for *116; ani ons Naaas A Clark, sisflf^ae dm 8d0; oae 6,?? ocUva nearly now. f.r 8168. Piano* to m,\j0RACB WATERS, 333 Broadway. HOUSES, HOOMS, ?C^ WASTED. A SUPERIOR MAGIC LANTF.RN, WITH ACROHATIC A i ~ lenaoe Hdtu Tiewi, ?c mpleto for exhibition, la waated. Co I txforo It o'elaok (hit day, fcr t. Richardi, at Florenoc's Motel, Broadway, hob 17. SEEENWOOD -TBI ADVER7I8F.R WISHES TO pnrobaeo a plot in Oroaawood natatory, with a vault lady built. Aodrer* C. C. 0., Herald otfico. HOUSE WANTID-A NEATLT FURNISHED SHAM. houM or oottaco, in Mo upper port of Mow fork oily, between I'ortiolh and fiftieth ??recti. Satieflaotory rotor cacti alTca, and rent paid la advance if required. Addreaa X., Herald cflico POWER SHEARS -WANTED, A PAIR Or SECOND haad power ahaata, but Utile worm. Addreae R A Co., Herald oSkee. Rooms wantbd-on the second ce third doer, aultable for a family of throw o*t*eaa Any ann iievlme tbe above to let, ntn medtrate vent, nan do nob* ntdrrtaing tenant, Boa 4 HtraldoA-e. P S ? Aprltaaate uUi plnaaa etatereem, loeaUty aad teraa; weat aide pro tcried. "OXANTKD-A BUILDING FOE MANUF ACToRINb vr porpotM with at earn power attnebel with ptealv of water, la tbe ?i?v. Any poreon havlri .teW to rout will bat t of a 1 euant by aodreadnc bom 3.361 Poat uffloo. 117 ANTED?THESE OB FOUR UNrUS.VflHKD TT rot ma In a prtvato bome for a am all fanllrof two peracna, la arecpoetable uoi?bb?thood; ifbnah ia tba heaaa, ir< fotrcd ; atato prion aad looaUaa. Addruaa J. K , Hcrol i ANTED TO BtNT-A SMALL HOVAB, t?R PART of alienee, f oral abed, aad all mi'in Improvamoata. fnt at ion between Oanal aad PevtHtb aareeii. port of Ltoe-lway. Aidmt i< Sat Ml l*?* OH*. w MIT aooM,?o. 3.000 J?3 _ cti"a3c^TTjsststr&^ssuS. (bawtece ktd KiUi atrMta. . jiii 1'kAKL STREET.-! MPORTEE TOTE ME 44O lete-Mik. Sft/SI lac ?. <? tar eicob of Frauoh ??" Mm ?. iwd* loooora^ for a .at ??"?? MWtwi. Wb btvnr, racel?1kg thorn ulract worn tkd mekete, b coyhlldhk ??111 bo a ot pnok* obloodoft cempeiDWa *?'*? "? larga qwanlitie* of aoiekt* in tha elty tiered ke f f?a?f? dlw tn rat poet fully tnvitod to ca.l had tusiuo kefirf #** ?hZflaC epewbora. 443 Paar 1 otraot. 200 > JACONET FLOUNCED ROBES, nolo up It touo, AT ?3 W EACH. A!jo too Mleeae' Cbftly. Mqmoaliao OvUmo and Horajo Bo boo, it B W EAOB Suit obit for children tram 8 w ft 00 Mid ftlldl flklfRIb Braid way. Cbkalxro i likA bf.W AND ELEGANT SUMMER MNHM* 100 loot t ocoivetl by tko A tianticiftMNflMt Www. US ruo Richelieu, lane. lbl? lavoldA yrtooo tho Uttft oi;- o? tn inaey crape, bl?ok lkkk pud amftraldnMd MW to much ndmiiwd nt ptonut im Pari#, fluit.r cur.tiro, ttot every My wU tkOfOOto Wt f,"Jg etorh will be convinced that for toele knd to*??y f ?T there oro bo nuodo in tluo olty thkt uou oomporo wftb MM At the oono timo our prtcce Bra deotdedly w ooily coll Bill bo found kdvantaguoud, nt MADAME *? Harris a eon, 571 itn.?dw?y. Anew" ASSORTMENT or PRINTED IRM? ooniliioo to ill bo offorad tbio B?nuK nt lo to. pu* jotd. tbbULi.L PEIRSoK A LAKE. 471 Btoolooy. B BOOR'S SILK COTTON?ru* HAND AND MA - chttc ooomr, >w pert or to kn* thrakd in tha wan*, wound .<?*??, 'Mi knd 600 ynrd ?peoli? while, blank and am colon, from ho II U ?c Wf Any numbor, oolkr km length for onlo nt W IlkLLEK ft WIUUM'I enwla* ??? oblcr depot, 5*3 Brand way^ Bl ACE BRUSSELS 1'LAIN NETS FOB MaNTILLAM. ?-bn*!o. polntd nnd ukktiilno Onipnra nod ChoiiMM* loett Vverr width. Jnot roooirod per africa. * pater Huberts ft Cu.. 87E BraaAwn. Bands and collaes.-jambs feanom, w? iirondwfc) . will fpon on Monday, Juno 1#, ft ImmmA tnutitul nooortuient of rtench ombrotderad mndr on Swuo Tiid jacODft B?u?:inn; alto, a eft ?? of tin** fnbrdl?Cfi?wwdi at unutitaUy low 703 broadwaj. CBAPE MABRTZ -C F.UA RTUOLOMEW WILL OPE* the m"iaiug thirty pio-eo of blkcb otnp mkreti.Ma mo.t tfrolrablo go-do lmportid tbio okaooi. N??.m>".!**g ?tore. 661 Bioddway. bit.Mii St, Nlcboln* Ml Motropolitom Hclelo Dress goods -ubsdbll. pieesgn a lair wise. idor thlt^ftirrln; tbo haUhoa of thelratMk of !!??? (do, WueUtiee of onnonior alike, po do Pnrle r. boo. orgnndiee knd hnregno by tkk/nrft. lonlard riiko nnu travailing draoteo, nt k yrant radwotwm ? dreu good# nnd crape price. 171 Brokkkny. F RANCH ORGANDIE ft JACGNET MUSLINS, rBOW At OTIOM. _ AT It. 6d. PEE VABD. A. T. uT?RAW*C8. Brondwky, Chnmbert nnd Kondn otraoko. IiTKOM AOtTlON.?1W FRENCH EMBBOIDMEM ' otto kt *1U SO ckoh; 2,000 enmbria knd Swioo nUhe tbo krornoo priooo kin do., to, do , So., I0? , ISO Md Ikk. ooob; 3 000 S ?>oo nud onmbrie kkudo kt kU price*, framlfc tTwitk MADDEN A STEWART,OBSBikkilwky.AkooktAm* Above Blooobtr otraot [7IINAL CLEARING OUT OP D*yThl'0??''otTo,Fi*2^ P p- r cent mIiw legnlnr puoee The bklknoo ef* ?%, corrprioiny oilko, Inooo, mnolino, ombroldkrtok, fto., WEI kft "I nltbotit rotnro to ccot, to olnoo the bnoinooo. I* , i _ . i . L.I.. k/ixtli a * ?-- * eold VUB9U* *W aT" llrcoowky, tbroodooro bolon Ninth otraot. H 0MER 4 KETCHUM mLL CONTINUE THE PBm . trot week to offer tbo oteck of STRAW BONNETS. STRAW RUCHE STBaW FLOWERS, Leghorn flats, BLON DE LACE. An.. An. Ck.h pnrebkoer. nt k itrekt ra lnotion from eri^mkl prtM^ Ttholr lUek will tt foaitA mure ??maloU, M a law \ftmnm ?f tbk Mk>on, thkn my otborhouok to ttalr Iran, kt N Of. 64 nnd tid J uhn otreei, oornor ol Wiiliom. Now Eo*fc. ?.wi'-Itftr >. v... tor hii atw >?nuntr ?!>!?? ftrt laaal atieat, M1LI INERT?THE LADIES OF NEW VOBE ABW the vicinity ore reopoctfnlly Informed thkt livli'll tbo onticlpmod enrlj clo?e of the preoont w??'?..o;,Wfj* loripiicn of bontioto, locludlnn every ynrtoky w MB*** crape, DOD.Ublo,|.plit ktrnw, Loghu.n booed for one hklt-.heir oriumkl coot. .MknklUok^krag nnd aoloe elcynntly mndo end ohkotely trim mod. ?M l e told nt - ho prloeo for wttoh tbU eimbiiohmiat li aeiwA. Tbt pub io nru r(?I'oeifnlly invl .ed to oall nnd nnAonlae ?tcck. LYON ISAACS, Bk. 6 i lvlHoa NEW FOULARD SILKS. tl Rteeived l>r the Atlnntio, 300 ulnffe pattbbws or PARIS PRINTED FOULARDS. S'ylka qnitkinw. A T STEWART* CO.. Btokdwky, Chnmboro nnt Rondo itraktk LMMKE FRENCH WOVE CORSETS.-MRS. PArlf*W 1 boo J net ictelvbd by the Atlnntio twooe-oeof hor oolA bTntod French worn oorsoto, monnfootured kt by ly *oi her, of no excetdln?ly ?iht. tdoptcd lor onwiror weor, only ??*>.^thn? out ceo kkoh enrant Her ptieeo kro onlt kkH tftMk MMW ohnryed while Cor enoe nnu el#|ktee in tl.tint hnrFram* ?oh ooniu are ooalaaaeAiy oaturpaesa^ S J JJ5u worn ncroo lmp, xK? 45 lim nveauo. ttfkr Tnukk otraoE. Oil.LINO OFF -S1LES, ?**EPf Olkwi o. prlnto rlbbono cmbroldccio, Ac.. ?WMnn^tkem kvd Koko room lot nltorktloni utendknt on nnrrylM ?tore tbionyb to HownrdoiranL On M?dky tkk ptiMkftd til iirini iQ<i iQffn>6f gtodi wlH ?? fotiaa eiiraermaa^ low* l/boUIILLIER BROTHERS, 00 c.ukl olmet. fnfc dboro trcm Brcncwkj'. ? HUCBLIiAHSOUS. 1/1C CANAL STREET.-W. A H. VAN NOTE! IkTl loo k loryo uoartmont of tho Iktkkt pkttorwo ?f ??*< nsieo, rougoa and etovoo for onlo, oo rkk'Qkkblo towmk JewoUaro OBd brnoo fouadero' farBBoeo built Md rapnlffod ?rnteo ud mm oot and raimlrad. CM i/RE OF CORNS BY MADAME BERNARD, W MfE ry. cut tide, between Broome and Delanoey otrooka. Madoma B. ra.poothiily lnlormo the pwblta JAat oho bfco ra dueod her prick 1b order to enoble ercr^oto^to bo^ftM j i..i> In riPAini iint tntl int Will FtB?Tv aucea u?r |hh? ?? 7 7 A.. 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X. 414 Greenwich otraot, oornar of Spring.-^ cnilotho attention of kid old P oaila tin ftvivQiion oi mi? ??? ?? ?" ??.? . bio ?b< TO now e?t?bll?bmowt, which behoi now op^nodwllk ? vorv Ikioo (took of UM. ooffeoo nnd dwenrn, aw* m om M^t.dfHramd.tHkMko vMutlt prloeo. Largo oonoomora, hotel kMpora^n* tiaa irom lie ceaz try would effect M lmmoaoo m?ag w Inipretiag hU praooot itook before purchaoiny oloowgocn. MDotettng oftboftnoot ?raoe ond bloc* trai ln every "?? a ?5t^ietei ,rsr_^: ?radh.e ^f?dTitwt2? Inportktlon N. BV-?The t^ rnnp^ o^tko moA^, LYNCH. 814 Oraeuwiob otreei. corner of Spiln*. Bxcvaiioii. Excursion to the fishing banks ?' iteamer GOLDEN GATE, Capt. Ardomon. f< ceptitn ot the J,* era Knapp, ?Ut make a trip ifHf day Id the week, Snndays excepted, leaving Ante* (treat A 7 o'clock, fe prion itreet at 71* Peck ally atl, Brooms (treat at8>a, and pier 3.N. R., at 9 o'clock. A eottllea bead wrH fi'IBST GRAND EXCURSION TO THEFISttXNG BANS 1 of the aata aad commodious doable sniine A8SACBUSETTS, ? R. Uank?,eomd'r. Thla (tea 1 cere pier foet of Kiey street, ea Tnetday, Jaae 19, at o'clock; Hammond ktreetat 8; Broeete atreet. Bait river IH pier No 3 Netth rlrer at 9%. Fishing tacUe aad faralihed oa heard. Fare fifty cents. 1TOR FISHING BANKS.?THE SEA STEAMER W^M I' OURY, Captain Klckard 1 alee, will leave tor Iht^M injt books every day, tonching at Fort Q anil tea each weak fiom the following plaeee, vU:?Jaekeea ureit I o'clock A. H ; Delaacey ntrnet.dU A. M ; Catkaaftae MathaE 7 A. M.; Peek slip, Vi A M.; Spring etreet. North (trial A. M.: Nee Ne 4, North c.ver, s>. A. M. tlahlag teehSt 0 a bmriL ritO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS?AN XLEGAW 1 drat elaeo iteamer. eplendidly farnlakod with ell oea voaleaooo for pleasurepartial. Apply at the ifkce ef ALIX. M. C. SMITH, No. tSlW oet itreet, betweea North Meed* TUB lOIiITART. ATTENTION, OLD MXHDBE8 CITY QUARlh-AR A , aery tJ0 Breadwiy.--Tna are reqweitid to attamSD ?peelal melting of tho old aad aetlvi meaberi bow la i NUHMiMflHtllMiMilHBUlB. ?? W o'clock, to maki arraavoaeava for tho rmpttoa fallow momberi oa tholr ret axe from Montreal aad ' By order of the Committee. BHOMPANY H NATIONAL Bi.UE.4, lt'TH EEGIEEHT ? V Y S. M. -Company Orders ?Slr: Yon are hereby ee ?ed to apptar la fatUns drew, vlth ranxet, hayeoot aad Klti, on T bund ay, Jane dl, at 7V4 e'olock A. Id., at the lornar of Hoaiten end Allen ttaeeia, for a compear diGE T TT. Cemmaadaat. Fall tee for ton-attendiase. by >rder of H 8CH? G. Kotxawuonn, Orderly. FORRSST IIOHT GUARD,?THIS BATTALION WIRE drill at Cllifea Park, Stetea laired, oa NvdaMdaj, Jnne SO. The >>t|ceri and mem -e-i will ? -wt at wwereaq way, en the day mentloaed, at id o olaoh A * pnceetty, fa cituia'i dteea. By order. MM. V. VALENTINE. Commaadiag. TAG* RALB-TRE FURNITURE OF A PRITA.TE the StyppV Immediate'/ to C. D. HONeSI 6T. fi FMARIS. PARIS.?THE UNDERSIGNED WOULD ? aroctfel y lavlto those peraone vialHag Perla thla ? T?r ?? cell aad examlee hli eMHtt aad eiegaat etee! to ml* are, It. vUm bote, astiqae, marqeeterie, bah I. be! rese eed ether fanty weed*, lee eeiaeraae be camel ties tnteadlng ?e key taveitere will Sad It te^^B PHMMW P. tripH bit 'wether's. A. Been. ITS BgeMway. New for*, | SftH*4*t Hi

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