Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 11
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/Ihtlm; sad NMb itiwi, to MWfco mnndw added 4ltottbtnukr?t*-loi *bo?t?r kit eelakllaAmeat mt tolmut tbtoo will the hat wearing ranull; gather. ?fMiall) whsa tli itjhi muwd kn u tut. tasty and 4miI at those bow offered to public laigtoiwi. KNOX 8 itm depot, Bt No. MS Broadway, will remain at at wo Bt? thus aeeoromedatiu. those whoeo leituro time will U*t permit ol tkeir eomtag iIowb town. . i too CUf and Co?tiy, _ balaad A Co., 171 Pearl ? treat, keg leave to eaUttoat, tokn of the made to too oral mew ttylea of mem'i at raw Etojast Antohed, among whtoh are the ? Vemng 4 men eat" rnd doe whdte Japan bate, both or mjaoommoa beatatj at well mm dwiablltlj. together with oar noma! Urge variety of moa'e, aid dUdno'i etraw hate, aU el oar own maaateetare, rnVe loweetmartet prion, by the eaae or dooea. A. UL "At * to., 171 Pearl strast. V. Bayud't fnrU* Soap ?A Very Rnperior m*tm tattle, eetghlag ISO pomade, will bo ready to terra to mur. Families and artels (applied with any qnantity, at one Met per qeart. or three dollars per gallon. ?he WerM*! Kculcal Ceagreta, Compoerd Wf andittee from the moat popular ua rereiliet on both aeatinouta, meat of whom haye had extonalre praetioe ia ekaown Biropen, and American ho.pitele, are at las to petitnta dally at the regular eeaeiea hoore, from IA H.tolf. H Dr. ROOT, or hie aaeletante, ean be oon 1 at ail hoara ot the day or erasing, a. K. ROOT, M. 1> , bnperiateadent, 613 Broadway. (Mke of the Richmond atnd Petersburg Bedhead Company. Richmond, Jnno 7,1866 ? The President sad directors of tbia eompeny hare declared a dividend of ?we end e t air par aant on the capital atoek, payable on and altos the bUth day of Jnaa, 1666. at thia office J no. WltdilAMB, Treasurer. the Laditt-& Splendid tnortmant ot , etraw gooda and Bliakar bate, at VH. B. IRVlNR'd, 112 Canal (treat. Hand CBickering Piano fbr Sale, at alee eae Olae k Walker for, $116, and one Nnnna k , $136; one do , $40; oca <}? octave, nearly aew, tor Pinnae to rent. HORACB WATRR8. SS3 Broadway. SI Sne Second eland Manna' Piano, tor $130; lard, Weraler k Ouubam, $l?); one Boo roaewood, $160, tor $126; one li>? octave roaewood, for $116; and eae tar hew pitaea at great bargaina. 1'lance to let. T. 8. URBkY, Ml Broadway. House, Corner of Broadway, Hi) LiaMiurd dlrtsti. ?hie aew and elegant hotel, eoadneted en the Bnropeaa fem, to new in the tall tide or aueeett, having become a po Okm nteppiag plaea tor kaateru and Southern travel on ita way ta the fashionable watering plaoea and spring* of the worth. Ita light and airy apartmauta, and admirably oon Auted anting arrangements hare giran great aatiafaoticn Sne far to the travailing pablia, and invited a ecrreapondlng WBaeemt of patronage. la the rereetory attached, every delicaey ef theaeaaon maty be had at the ahcrteat notice, and at all houra of the Sa day asd night; ana few plaoct in the oiiy ean supply a itoapw or better dinner. The attention of the travelling phlb is reapeotfuliy ealled to tbeae facta, and every ea maanoe ia gives by the management, thai their stay at the Maadreth House will be rendered both pleasant ana egree er Clothing.?Ike have lately added ??my new atyles to oar immense atoek of faahionahle sum near ale thing, and wonld advise our friends to give as an early sail and make their selections, as the more desirable ?tytoe will he scarce before the teason is over. ' D. DBFUN k CO., 288,269 aad 230 Broadway, corner of Warrea street. ?wan*' Clothing Warehouse, Moo. 66 and 68 Walton strict, ia the only place where sephyr oassimere watta are acid at $10. Check Marseilles suits, $8 60. Ladles, Attention 1?Joseph Lockltt, Son A Be., 161 Pulton atreet, Brooklyn, have now In stoek the Berg eat and most (elect assortment of Indies' dress and nun thia trimmings to ba found in the oity, consisting of mosa totogea, gause fringes, Guipure gimps, moire nn ique, Ac., Ae., Ac. Also, Lookitt'a celebrate! moss buttons and drapa, manufactured and sold only by them, at their fur nishing emporium. Vnttle's Emporium of English, Wrench, Bona an and Amoriean fanoy goods, novelties aad toys, No. $db Broadway. Defiance Salsunander Nafta.?Robert H. Pat $IC1 is the solo manufacturer in the United States of tho Oavo oelebratad safes, and patent powder-proof deflanoe ?Mho aad cross bars. Depot 192 Pearl street, ens door below Maiden lane. CUrpetlngs and Oilcloths, MU per Cent lean than usual prices.?PBTBRdUN A HUMPHREY. 379 Broadway, eerier of White atr?et, will sell during this week ad tho above rates. Call and too. Groat bargains stay ho " stod. ?sndaotndp Engraved Wedding, At homo and visiting cards; Antra heavy silver door plates; Bostons, notorial and eonaular seals, Ao., at THUS. BRUNS' dW Broadway, oornor of Broome tt., aad 20$ Bowery. Bd Exchange or Money Broken.?A Young ?mo, who will ho disengaged about the 1st of September, aad who has had the handling of monoy for the past sis years, is n good Judge, and to oonvorsant with tho rates of OSeeeunt, wishes to obtain a situation with the ides of horning tho business thoroughly, uan five satisfactory ?entities or rolereice. Address W. U. X-, Herald offloe. A Splendid Country Sent to Let oar Lcnac Bhnatod oa Btatoa Island, immediately ou tho water, south tote, containing all the modern improvements, flne garden, too house Ailed, house handsomely furnished and ready for hamodtoto soonpatlon. Apply to UDoLPU WOLFS, 22 Beaver street. Syo, Wigs and groups?. IhHihslsirt Nino ^Mtoatod factory for thoeo arttolos to SU Broadway. mhrato rooms for tho application of hi* unrivalled hair dye, uCtoeale aad retail. Beware af imitations. 1M largos* OMtoat of wigs nod tonpoeo in tho world. ??n. Inimitable flair Cutter, so Long and flnwraMy known. at 16 Nassaa street, has opened a branoh BMr cutting aad shaving room at ho. 1 Barclay street, ia as ma* aad oomfortahls stylo as aay in tho olty. Staving a* bsdh Biases ? cants. DhrtotSMforo's Kxcelstor Hair Dye has he. aaose a staple article throughout tho United States. No draggtot or perfumer ean afford to bo withont it, for no other ?too operates with tho same certainty and safety. Tho blaoks aad browns tt produces defy detection as ertlAstaL Sold aad applied at No. 6 Astor House. Mj Ongnrut, lor Pndndng Whliken and meuitaehioi is tlx week*. ii $1; or large bottlee, oon eight of the (mill, $5. Sent to OUJ port of tho eeaatry, M. O. GRAHAM, fibS Broadway; Briggi, 37 State atioet, albauy. Van, Pimples, Fnckitt, Bait Rhenm, Rlng nni, eruptions, lollewneti, Ao , oared by UuURAUD'S Italian medicated ooap. Poudre oabtlle uproot* bolr iron toy port of the body Nothing look* 09 well 00 olofty fore bead. Bongo, lily white, hair dye and reiterative, at the ?M depot, t7 Walker etreet, firit etore from Broadway. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Ladles* Belts and ortere, instrument* for bow legi, elab feet, and all do nitieiof the body, on hand ana made to order, b^^Dr. ftLvYU, at the Sargeen'o Bandage lmtitate. No. 1 Dr. B. B. Fitch, Antnor ot the " 91* Lao* twee en Cemnmption," office 714 Broadway, open daily, (Seudny excepted,) from 9 to So'olook. tree to oomumption, aUhwo, dUeaiee of the heart, and ail ohzonlo diieaeea at amies ood femolee. Conanltotien free. He*nkuUlnly Prize Medal Awarded to BABBH A CO., by the Indnetrial RxhlMtion 0/ all Nation*, to* their new patent radical core trnie. Befereneee ae to gta superiorityProfeeiore Valentine Mott, Wllliard Pnrk *r. and John If. Cnmoehnn. An exteulTO lilt of naeieeof mereantile and other gentlemen eared by tbi* tram, may bo ??en at Marth a Co.'*, No. SK Maiden lane, Mow York, and Marth, Cetliei A Co., No. 8 tveit Fourth ? treat, Cineinnati, ?Me. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Hollowny's Ointment and Pills.?The whole oirilited world have, a* with one veioe, endoried in mvor tf these wonderful medioinee, a* being the only rare ?edy lor any old wound, alocr, core leg or lore b re ait. rt. ?ten when ill other meane hate been tried la tain. Sold at the maauiaetorioi, 80 Maiden lane and>44 Strand. London, and by all drnggiit*. at 26 oent*. 02X oent* and >1 per bos or pet. Te Ague BufHereio.?Talcs no More Arsenic, tonie*, mercury, quinine, febrifuges, itryohnine, or ontl periodic! of oay kind. The well hnowa ineffioienoy of tbeee ?toxica* poiioHl protei them to be the effopring either of ?alio medical principle! or of meroeoary quaoko. The aoju mnlatite atmospheric poiion, ' malaria," ii ( the ano oania for wbieh the one remedy ie tho new"aaiidote" oallod ** Rhode*' Fever and Ago* Care." Take tbi* and health ia ??cured. The eertifleate of tho celebrated chemist, Dr. Chiltoa, acoompaniee each bottle. For ealo by C. II. Ring, C. T. Cliekener A Co.. and dealer* generally.. J. A. RHODRS, Provide***, A I. Bus DcnUi.?Astor House, Bsw Tork, Aug. U, 1863.?Mewre. I'anoai A Co.?Gentlemen: We have need year ineect exterminator with great eaoeeee, and eheerfaily MMnniit it te the publio a* the beet preparation for 000k soaehae we have aver a*ed. C. T. CUCKMN1R A CO., No. 81 Barolay et., A prate. At Mew Tork, lnjUte Dead of Wight, Tho eitiioa in dread afrigbt, Honor* Received the farlene charge Of hungry hotta of bags and floe*; The loathsomefat andmoaee join'd thoee, With rooeheo blaek and largo. . But they wore all killedby LYOM'd mognetlo Powder and ruia The infallible deatbdoaling artioleha* A Lyok' ? (ig aatnre ea label. Depot 414 Broadway. Ob Tuesday, Jane 12, by the Ber. Clark London, Jobs Bumam, J?*q., of Padstow, Cornwall, England, to Leer Game limb, daughter of tho into Captain Armstrong, yj^g Regiment. Cornwall (England) paper* ploeso oopy. On Monday, Jane 18, by the Rov. Dr. W. H. Lowis, of TWnity Chureh, IJrookljn, A Thowvbkrbt, Bit., to' Mis* Samoa LarrgM, both or tho city of Armagh, Ireland. On Saturday, Juno 16, at No. 420 Third arena*, Sanaa ga?DinaoK, aged 74 yeora. Bar remain* were interred in tho OooMtery of the Kvergreea*. On Monday, Juao IS, Bnnxmr, daughter of John and ?Ban Gnflhey, aged 8 year*, 6 months aad 2 day*. Tho friends and acquaintances of tho family art re opeetfally invited to attend the funeral, fron the resi dence of bar parent*, No. 168 West Twenty-ninth etreet, Itli afternoon, at one o'aloek. On met day, Jnne 19, Mra. KusaaarH Jollt, la tho 78d year of her age. Her relatives, friend* and aoqualntonoe* are re*pect fnliy invited to attoad the fuoeral, to morrow morning, at ten o'clock, from her late reeideaoe, No. 243 Mulberry stnet, without farther invitation. On Tuesday evening, Jane 19, Maxr, wife of John Oowe. PortKtolar* in to morrow'* paper*. |h In Hrooklyn, on Tneidey morning, Jane 19, after a DMitegering llhxee*, Cobjiema fc, wife of Robert Armatrong, ; totbe 16th y. or of k*r age. B*r relative* and tHenes, and those of the ramify, are respectfully mvli'ed to attend the fnneral. from her late reudenue No. 26* Washiagton street, Brooklyn, at i Utree o'etoek to monWW afternoon. IDTERTISElTCflTS R2NEWBD EVERY DiY. V A WOMAN NAMSD HCB8EY, WHO WENT TO AMK, With a woman named Uerngan, from Dahlia I tbntUtnw 1890, it alive, tbo will hoar of eomethieg J? her Mmliii by tU?nli( t let tor to Ike Nov York eity FhIoAw, box 1,WI, stating where >ho may bo eui IN FORMATION WANTED?CONCERN1NO FEEDER iek Bonoybotao, a native of Llmorlok, Ireland, agod about 19 years; m loot board from at Cincinnati. Ohio, in 1880 or 1851. Any one liitbo knowledge of the above mentioned portta. will ooaftr a favor, by sending bit communication to box 1,488 Post Office, Boston. INFORMATION WAN TED?O F BRIDGET WALL, SEE rant If the will oall at I'll Chambers street, she will hoar of somstblxg to bar advantage. JAMES LAMB, AET18T, 18 REQUESTED TO FOR ward his address to bis brother, or aay information eoe ocraise him, siaoo 1881. vUl oblige. No i Smithheld Bars, Lincoln, MMCIAle EW1CMS. ~~~~ Butt end cmowDERCLua-NoncB.?the mem bora and guests of tbo above Clab will please be on board oa Thursday moraine, Juno 21, at 10 o'eloek, pruoire ly, at the foot of Spring street. V alteb Miutl, Vie? Pies't. SAML. LONG, Pros't. (iHYSTaTpALACB.-HAVR YOU EVER SEEN ITT I* J not, improve tbo last ohanoe which you will ever have of teeing tbo galleries of statuary and paintings from the hands of Italian sad Gorman masters, yet oa exhibition. Iheso oapiivatlng works of art mast be returned immedi ately to Europe for exposition in the Palaot of Industry, la Paris. Come quick sre it is too late. bamubl brevoort. ao Acting Superintendent. HOBOKBN TUR'i LE CLUB.?NOTICE -THE SECOND dinner of the Hoboknn Turtle Club will be given at Elm I'ark, oa Wednesday, June 2UVu Conveyances by the Third Avoane Railroad to York vine, (Eighty sixth stieit), where a line sf omnibuses will positively be oa head at 3 o'clock P. M., to onnvey passengers to and trom the turtle ground. By order ol WM. P. DEN MAN, Pneident. MASoNIC.?THE ENSUING FESTIVAL OF ST JOHN will be celebrated by n prooeetiea aad appropriate oc romonioo, by Won. shooter Ledge, No. 147, at Now Hoc belle, oa Moaday, 28th last Brethren from lodges of the Jurisdie tion of the Grand Lodge of thio State, (under tbo old ooaeti tut Ion) aad oojourning Brethren are invited to bo preeent. The care from Now York will leave the Now llaven depot, Caaal otreet, at 9 o'eloek A. M., returning at 0 o'eloek P. M. Brethren intending to participate will leave their aameo in the Grand See etaxi's offioe, 690 Broadway, hofora four o'clock on Friday, Z2d Inst. Masonic.?dobig lodge, no. sso.?hretqren are notified of the Intention to eelobrnto 8t. John's Day, oa the 26th instant, by excursion per etenmer Laura Enapp, from tbo foot of Market otreet at 8 A. M. precisely. Tickets may be had of the treasurer. P M. J no w. Simons, 30 Catharine street M. J. DRCMMOND, W. M. R. V. Batxmaiv, Secretary. A SONIC NOTICE.-THE SPANISH LODGE, LA LFrateraidad, was opened on the night of the 18tb loot., at the Maioalo Temple, eorner of Broome and Crosby streets, K virtue of a dispensation granted by the M. W. Joseph D. an#. Grand Maotrr of the M. W. Grand Lodge of the State of New York, and will m?et the oecond and fourth Satur day ool every month at the oamo plaoe. AN ORES CASSARD, M. W. Anibal De Mosqueba, Secretary. A80N1C ?THE MEMBERS OF LEBANUN LODGE. No. 191, Free and Aoeepted Masons, are earnestly re quested to be present to-night, at their lodge room, tor the transaotlon of businoso. GEO. H. DOYLE, M. D., W. M. 8. A. Frees, Secretary. VTEW YOKE, JUNE 9, 1868 -THE PRICE OF BOARD JLl at onr respective hotels on and after thio date will b? two dollars and fifty cento per day. TREaDWELL, ACKER A CO.. St. Nieholas Hotel. H1KAM CRANSTON, New York Hotel. O. C. PUTNAM, Clarendon HoteL OT1CE.?A NOTE OF D. C. OTIS A OODEN'S. FOR 82.500, June 8, 1866, 60 dnjs, drawn to order of and en dorsed by loaao Otis A Co., payable at Atlantic Bank, New Yurk oity, was loit ia sanding by mall to Bridgepoit, Conn. All persons are notified not to purchase same, as payment has been stopped. VTOT1CE? ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY FORBID JLl den to pan or negotiate the tollowing checks, drawn on tbo Bank ol the Commonwealth, by Shnfeldt Brum A Co.. to the oruor and endorsed by W. T. Shnfeldt, as payment or the same has boon stopped:?One cheek dated Jnne 18, 1868, for 5300; one dated same day for 8250; Uno dated Jnne 20, for 8800; one same day tor 8260; one dated June 21, for 8600; oie dated Juno 25, for 8250; one dated Jane 27, for8250; one dated Jnne 28, for 82U0; one dated June 29, for 8260; one July 1, for 8600; one dated July 2. for 8500. dated< New yobk, junb 19, isso ?notice ib hereby given, that no person has nay authority whatever to contrsot debt* in my name, nor will I bold my I elf responsi ble for the payment of any sueh debts. BORCHART MEYER, Boston. Notice.?all persons are hereby forbid dsn to pass or negotiate tho following oheoki:?Ono drawn by William O'Donnell, on tho Ball's llead Bank, for 8300, dated the 21st day of Jnne, 1856; another, drawn by John Lidell, on the Pacific Bank, for 8360, dated tho )9th or 20th day of Jane. 1856, payable to the order of, and endorsed by, Charles Wright; as payment of the tame, hag been stopped. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, NEW YORK, Jure 14. 1855.?The adjourned mseting of thi stock holders of this company will be held at Its ottoe, 64 South street, on Wednesday, Jane 20, at half past 1 o'olook. _J WM. H. PaVTdgE. Secretary. The owners and occupants of property on Vesey and other streets, who are opposed to the ex tension of the Sixth nxd Eighth avenue railroads, through Vesey street to Broadway, are requested to attend a meet ing xt the Aster House, en Wednesday next, Jnne 20, at 4 o'eloek, P. M. J. A J. W. MEEKS, oa bohtlf of tho ownera. THE MrUQR HCEITMW. An excellent quality or clabet wine at 82 per dose a, (Bottles returned); various grades of claret, wines, brandies, gin, eehnspps, London and Dahlia porter, aad Beoteh alee, for sale at UNDERHILL A MAT TBE80N '8, 480 Broome street, en the corner of Crosby St. Hungarian and Austrian wines.-the on. dereigned, sols agents for A. Sohwartior A Co., Vienna, have en hand and offer for sale a fall assortment of these choice wines, in whole, half and quarter casks, and eases comprising some of the finest descriptions, and warranto 1 free lrom alcoholic admixtures as per oertlfloate, from J. R. Chilton, Esq , chemist, oopied at foot On examination tho of these wines wul be found to compare most fa with any imported in thie eity. BURCHARD A BUCK. 22 Sonth William (treat. Ckatifioate.?I have carefully analysed several varletes Of white aad red 3uagarian wine*, imported by Bnrohard A Back, 12 South William street, sol* agents for A. Scbwartier A Co., Vienna. Tho samples were taken by my direction from eatke whiob I indiscriminately pointed out from a largo quantity in their wiao vanlts. I find thorn to bo of excu leot quality, and that they have been mad* from the pore Joioe of tho grape, without any aloohollo or other admix ture. Theee winee can bo highly recommended for saora mental, medicinal and other usee of pure grape wine. Among the white winee, those of Tokay, Meneei and Rustti, will be found to possess tbo most tonic quantise; and a* the white wlreejgenerally have diuretic properties, they are beet for nephritic oompiainte, while the red wines being most astrln gsnt will he serviceable when inch an elfeet Is required. It give* me pleasure to recommend theee pur* wines to ths public, and I trait that ths importers may meet with the encouragement they deelre. Jamxs R. Chiltok, M. D., Chemist, New York. Jane, 1855. quality e voiably i post offick soticm. POST OFFICE NOTICE?TIIE MAILS FOR CALIFOR nla. Ac., per United Btates ateemer Illinoia, will close et this offloe en Wednesday the 20th day of Jane, et 1 o'eloek P. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER, Postmaster. POLITICAL. mHE THIRD ANNIVSRSART X el the VOUNO MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB will be oelebrnted on June 30, 18SS,at the METROPOLITAN THEATRE. Distinguished gentlemen from different parte of the Union trill deliver the annual eddreoeee. Membera oan proonre earde ef admieelon on application to either of the follow lug Committee of Arrangements. The balcony boxes and dress eircla will be reserved for ladiee and gentlemen no eompanying them. S. WALLACE CUNE, C. L. VAN ZAND?, L. F. HARRISON. YOUNO MENS' DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB.?A apeoiel meeting will be hald on Welneeday evening, Jane 20, at the Chlneae Roome, S39 Broadway, at 8 e'oloek, to complete arrangement! for the aaniyeraary at the Metropoli tan theatre en Jane 30th. JOHN COCHRANE, Preeldent. ?ouiuviCitni, See. PLAYING CARPI. PLATINO CARDS -LINEN PLATING CARDS, VERT old and well aeaaoned, with all the other tarion! qual itiea ot linen and eetton oerde, made by SAM HART A CO. For aale to the trade andelnb houaee at their a to re, No. 1 Barclay atreet, eppoelte the Alter Henae. KINK ARTS. JJ Cariosity Shop, 107 Naaaan atreet, where the higheat oaah prioe will be given: alao paintings, cariosities, or any thing appertaining to literature or The fine arte At way a on hand a large aaaortment ef booke and engraving a, at Tory low prloes. JOHN PTNE, 107 Maaaau atreet KJQSTAURANT8. /""I REIN TURTLE SOUP AND STEAKS OF A BU VT perior quality, every PSTTIT A CROOK'S, 138 water atreet. The proprietor of the woodlawn, also our eld flriead the Fat Bey, will please aoeept our alnoere thanka for the baaa aent ua yesterday, the flueit we hare aeeu, having been oaught in the rear ef hia place. A *7 lb. baaa ia a pretty goed baaa. He la "hlmeelf," he Is. OSCAR SHAWOHAl, No. 3 Dey atreet. PAMCPKI AHAPWHS. ANCINO academies-o. plance, dancing meater, inform! hia frienda and the public, that by an arrangement with l'refeeeer Saraeco, whe lntenda to give private leeeona only, ha opana thla day, No. 379 rourth at., a new dancing aehtol tor praetleal claaaae, every afternoon and evening, attended by aeeietant ladiee. ~BmXIa55B^ TJILLIARD TABLES.?WE 03FER FOB SALE A FI X> a lock of oak, mahogany and rosewood tables, with newly invented enihiena. Cloths, balls, edtd, ana FINE our , end leathers, nt the lowest oaeh prlcei. One goed aeoondhend table lor sale. QKIFFITH A DECKER, 90 Ann etreet. jv^jyfcWbai,'JBWRLRT, AO. Grnts; fine gold California diamond club !6; wlthent chain, St These pins i ytc tie real diamond. "f1 *? of iioUnited States, by enoloalag MMM> u L * J. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. MA^TRMIOitiAXw The adtrrtisbr, a touno man, twrntt-two years of ago, of nnqaeetionable character and a cod ad oreaa, in easy otrenmataneea, to opon a!. deroe (with a viow to matrimony) with a young ladtblm f? to 20 years of nee. of good1 add,wi led llbirTi^no.ti^.tad capable of makbg horn, bappy. Pi?a.e address UnrrJ'chf. ford, Bread way Post office, immediately, aa the ertrVril... intends leaving the elty tor some fashionable wateftEpuEI to spend the summer months. ^ SPIRITUALISM.?SMITH, WRITING AND SPEAKING O meelum.?The names and loealit) cf dlccasce made known, and advice given correctly, or ne charge. Detaite accounts given of absent friends. Bn.t ie ? documents satis factoitlv edjnated at M8 Broadway, corner of Prince street. Honrs 9 to II A. M.; ] to 3, and 7 to 10 P. M. Private a roles apply previeua. WARM. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN with*. U obtain a tliuauea la a private family, a* aura*aa* tttartrw, *r to do ehamberwork or slain sewing. Can k? seen at 114 Charles St., esrnsr of Bedsen it A SMf IT. ACTIVE PROTESTANT 01EL WANTED? la a country tows; she most he English, Scotch. U rich or German; a good oook. washer aod ircaer. aad the roojbiy oadsrttaa<flii| general housework, with a rood re i*s'iBr4 .,ro ?h*r,B't place; wares 16 per month. Apply at 1.3 Clinton street, Brooklyn, between 8 aad ?la tteinurulnr, ?r 6 and 7 in the evening. ? ARI8P1C'TABLE YOUNG GIRL, FROM THE CITT el Dublin wants a situation as seamstress. In a private family; she nndsntaads cottier aad Suing children's dresses; has a Rood hnowledss of dressmaking and all kinds J sewing- wonid have no sbjeotioa te travel. Please J*1 r *!' f* ' 2d and 3d ayennes, for two days. Can glee good eity reference. AEESPXCTAbl.I YOUNG GIRL H'IStiES A SITUA ticn in a respectable family, as chambermaid; would I m cashing and ironing; is eery wsll used to chUdrea, and plain sewing, aad woold make hsrself useinl in all other ci"y'rsfercVce. * " 388 P44rl " the best of ARESPECTABIB HOUSEKEEPER WISHES THE washing of a small family, or a lew ladles' and gentle J"1"' , Psrtona boarding in this neighoorhnod will and it flrst dotr'ln 'h/rsai ?l0ih" ",hed 11171 Wvult" $l" A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL m UMWurk; has no objeolion to go a abort diat&aoe In ! ? Protectant woman, can take car* ot obildreu: evil be seen for two days, if not engaded at ill 17th ?t.. In the rear, between ifth and 10th avenue*. AS SEAMSTRESS.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man wishee a situs'ion in the above capacity; can cat ana At boys' and girls' clothing; also, different kinds of fa ly oppari?eKMadUoB? ?ad"" 103 Pearl st? user A P*?J*8TA1*T OlML WISHES A SITUATION AS s?X chambermaid and to aaaiat in washing and ironing, or to do plain tewing or general homework in a small lamily; a16 *Ratigers s * 'room*at *** dl,t"oe ,n 11,4 00ttut" A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA t. J ?.B ^ oh?"tbd?yald and to assist la waiting. Refers so she family with whom she resides. Apply at 81 East Aid IttNt A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A .. i f asohild's nurse and seamstrees, or would assist In housework if rcquDcd; hue no objeotion to the country. Can bo seen at 2$ Hester "the VEr, bet w*a Norfolk and Suffolk at#., for two days. ? A RESPECTABLE PEOTISTANT young woman i *- ~ A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do the general housework ef a small family is a good washer aad ironer and a plain oook; no objection to to to any of the neighboring cities, Brooklyn, Williamsburg. R bo soon for t wo o ays at 362 2d ayciiuo, front room No.^2. Good city reference, if required. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL 4 tltuatton In a respectable family, as good oook, washer and Doner; good referenoe. Apply at <3 Hester st. comer of Lndlow St., in the shoe store, for two dtrs. AS.TFADY' rrrprCTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN wishes an engagement to travel with a family to Ea rope; is nn excellent washer and irener. and good plain oook, wages not so muoh nu object ts employ moot in a rei peotable family, either a. chambermaid or generi house of re*"rem* giVen* 4t 271 B#wwJr' fort"? <?**?? A ,.R*8p*CTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WHO HAS ?t into a0T.malCln,^.i1^f, 1" b.?r pr"?nl, '"nation, wiehe. to Slii w J * ?mi?! %0 do boarowork or obara oJllMt ?P oooRinK' ? food baker, aad eg ironer> ??d oen give unexceptionable re ferenee. P leate address or apply at 34 6th ar .near 4th it. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION ZT* o^cown? P!r'1,1 ? priv4t? f4mUP or hot?l, either la Si fi. S ffi '? A"y ?ne waiting ench a person will And In the advertiser an uctlve and willing assistant- salary not office1 4 ^40t M 4 f?od bo?*- Addresa A. P., Herald A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as chambermaid, or as nurse and plain sewer in a private family. Beet olty referenoe. Please call at 131 engaged."*' betl"4n 7%h "d 8th , for two days, ifnot A FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER WANTS WORK AT making dreesec, can cut and baste all eorts of pattorns ?mnu ^?B?k ''y'e; will give lnitrnotione and go oat to SS^WSMSj ?e" ^T.e th# b"t of olt/'tftrencc. Ap. 5d floor ootweon Broome and Spring otoI7 ARJ!?P*fTABLF,Y0UNa *OMAN WISHES A SITU ntion. In a small private family, a* good plain oook. rfinb"";. r0kn,r' or V 08?mbermail, or wonld bo willing ir^V^^ffl?"d st * BrwhJym H*? f?'tW# d4'4 4t A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS sonmatrm.; is an excellent plain worker; ean cut and nt children ? dresses; oao take oharge of one or two grown 4b"?"?; n? objection totb? oonntry. None bnt respeotablo families neod apply. Good reference Apply at 87 West ISth st., between Cth and 7th avenoos. Can be eeen for two days. ARE8PECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TOOB taini a sltnation In some respeotablo privste family, at nnrsc and seamstress, or to do ehamborwork and plain sow lng. Can he teen lor n few days at S3 Weet 13th et A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, at plain oook; li a good washer and Doner, or oham oermaid undUnndrres. Call at 76 Weet 18th st' betwMa bth and 7tb avenue*. Good olty reierenoe given; Las no eb l'or two days.* dDtaneo in tho country. Can be seen R PROTESTANT FRENCH LADY WISHES A SITU ?feisfi TV1?" 4 d' ?? oareofehUdren; she v^dlTro^ri ,?m^oef>mU7i CitJ f4f'r4^?1 A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB *4tn 4 "tnatlon, in n private family, as nurse and seam ?treii, or to do ohamborwork and to Miiii in waibiag and ironing; no objection to go in the eonntry; can have good 8 tWSSfeck. 1444 for tw# ?' 86 Ann St.. ^>m A RESPECTABLE WOMaN WISHES A SITUATION In a genteel boarding house or saloon, as eook;gooil KbITA .Cmnbe seen foi two days, u not on A FRENCH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS cookJn a hotel, restaurant, or boarding houte; under stands bor business perfectly well, and can projnoe the r!?i .i1?Vw'' .obJ;at'on to go In the country. Ap fd? three days ,trMt' B44r Ceutrs, in the mlli stori, OF GOOD CHARACTER AND GOOD ABI j)U wants n sltnation as assiiiant bookkeeper or part iitr of eqaal muani. Can rivfl real ettate feeuritr to tha amonnt tf $10,000. Addretu, poet paid, Ft P. M., 735 3d a?. ATOUNG HAM WANTED-WHO IB A GOOD PEN man and trusty; one acquainted with the Un business preferred, at low salsry. Inquire at 168 South ?t. A SITUATION AS COACHMAN WANTED, BT A very reipeetable Englleb man; one who nnderetnnde bka bnalneaa thoroughly; hae had tue oharge of one of the moit reepeotable private eetabliehmenU in the city, for the last 3 or 4 years; eangive reterenoe to late employer. Who ever thie may enit can apply at|Mr.Mulagan's, US Grand *1, for three dayt. A GENTS WANTED IN EVERT CITY AND TOWN A in tbe United Statu, tilth a email capital. A liberal eommieiion will be allowed. Apply to or address, enclosing one etampto pay poitage on anawer, A. JT. HALE A CO., 190 Broadway. a YOUNG MAN 18 LOOKING FOR A SPANISH A teacher. Addreee Box 3,236 Poet Offioe. ATOUNG MAN, RESIDING DOWN TOWN, WISHES to receive inetruotlon en the guitar, for a moderate compensation. Pleaee addreee, etetlng terme, Ao., T. /. B., box 1,666 Poet Office ' ' A SITUATION WANTED, BT A SINGLE MAN, AS eoachman; would wieh to go to the oountry; thorough ly underatande the oare and management of horeee, and city driving: fcr capability and character eau give the beet ot city lefcrence.aA note addreeeed W. O. B.,Herald office, will meet immediate attention. A GERMAN ARCHITECT, COMPETENT TO CON etruct and aaperiutend any, even the moat diffioult kind, of buildings, who is an exoellent draughteman, and had lor eaveral years the charge of a oarpenter and etair builder ihcp, wiehee to obtain an engagement. Addreee box 171 Herald offlee. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE A young man, to go on a farm; underatande the bueineee, and Is willing to make hlmaelf generally ueefal in and out ot doort. It ages not eomuehan object aa a good home. Call at 62 Char lee et., rear houee. I TOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION,IAS WAITER, u in a private family or hotel, or to travel with a family: oan speak English and Spanieh. Good reference? given, if required. Call at 168 East S2d et., first floor, back room, for two daye, from 10 till 4. Bookkeeper.?wanted, in a wholesale Li quor etore, a young man, Amerioaa, who is well ao auainted with keeping hooka; salary $300. Addreee F. 8., Htiald offioe, in ten handwriting, age, name, town, oounty and State ot birth. Gock and waitress?a family lbatino the eity, desire to find a place for their oook, (colored) who has been In the family many years. Also, for an Amerioaa junhi wonar, ;:ewd}n?'j potlve and obliging; wages mode late. Apply at 164 Fifth evened, feidr lift el. CniLD TO ADOPT.-WANTED, SOME RESPECTABLE family to adopt a fine healthy little girl, 4 months old. Address Mrs. Wilson, Herald offloe. GCACHMAN.-A SITUATION WANTED, AS COACH man, by a respectable young man, who is a thorough groom aa wall as driver; understands tbe care and treat meat of horses; ie oompeteat in hie buaimees; will alee aaaiet in garden if required; has good eity recommendations from bis last employer's. A line addreeeed te M. D., box 104 Herald offloe, for two daye, will be promptly attended te. COACHMAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A RE epectable Protestaat man. who perfectly naderstaule bis bavin see; no orieetlon to the eonntry; will be foand generally naefnl. Can be eeea at 120 cedar et., for three aaye It net engaged. nUMJ&VAV HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS? VJ Thirty-eighth street, between Fonrth and Lexington nvennee; goveineeeee, houeeksepsre, also eervanti In every eapacity, supplied from this institution. Madleen nveane stages and Third avenue sure pass within n few stops of the doer. Two Frepeh women at the laetitutioa. DRUO C1EEK WANTED-A PERSON THOROUGHLY acquainted with the eity retail trade, may apply lm* mediately at 443 6th avenue. Drug clebk.-wanted, a competent assi?V ant in a retail s.ore. Oaa who can give uaoxoe^doaa ble reference as te cempetenoy and oharacter, may Moure a permanent eitua*ion. Addreee, alvlag real aame and refe rences, D. D , Herald oflloc. Drug clerk wanted?a young man, fully oompetent to take charge oi a retail drag store; mono bnt a oompeteat person need apply. 32Calhariee it. I EVENING EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A WELL 'j educated young man. who fully understands book keeping by double entry; speaks and writes oorreotly Bng ltsh, trench and German, and writes a fair business hand. Good reference t.lvea. Addicts A. Z., box 106 Herald offloe, TV OUSt KEEPERS, SEAMSTRESSES, NURStS, CHAM XI teramids, waiters, cooks sad smart girls tor honee werk, wltb good reterenea, can obtain respectable situations and the highest wages, in eity or country, at MfSSLBV'S select female offlee, l?A 7th aveaus, between 23d and 24th ?te- N. B.-A lady in attendance. Call early. wajtw. HOUSEKEEPER WASTID.-A lady well qua llfled to " - . ? .11 kuril.. Son** I. tlu wutr) dii .H^Tfled U Uli oktm ot a faMll ^ ">? sail at 74 tut 33d ?!-, ?a-day. SOUSKKBIPKB-WANTED, A MI DDL* AGED WO_ man, or widow, without lneumbrauea, as oook and ?ekreper A. ev.'ryt?>?* will ? mutt t?.e the tut o? ei?V reTbrsnce. Buoteh er English po ftrrsd. Addrsos A. W-, box 1? Herald office. NuBCE WAHTID- WANTID, AT BO 8 ?trvt. m tmiruu, Scotch. or liiliibJoouM."nnrm. Nne without tho boat rooommondadoaa need apply. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO lastaui girl, to do waiting uud to tuilt la chamber work. Cull ut hur present employer'*, ?7 Amity it. Situations wanted-by two sisters (PRO tMtuntu); una for general bouuuwork, thu other to oook, wash and iron; oun giv# gsod eity reference, *f ?l?y or eouulry. To be ura for two duye ut lu Weet datb at., betweeu 7th uud Btb avenues, Bret Boor, fat the roar SITUATION WANTED?BY A MAT AND RESPECT able young womuu, who le an *xp*ri*eo?-d aura* to take charge of u baby from in bi th, or would tiavel with a family, It required; U a good otametrees, and bae the beet of city relerrneea Pleaae apply Ut 104 224 it., woat of 3d avenue, ftr two dayA_ SITUATION WANTED-BY A KESPECTAOLE GIRL, to do ohamberwork or g<neial housevmrh for u eutall larnily. Inquire at 6* 3tth it botwoou 5th and Cth avenues. Can giro good references __ SITUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teataiit girl, aa ebambarmaid and oeamstroet, or uu nurse and geamttiese, In a private family. Would have aoohjoo tion to go in tho country, or to travel with u lady foe the summer months. Good eity reiereuoe. Call at 73 Charltou it , in tho rear, fcr two da; a. SfTUATlON IS WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Knglirh girl, ua Bret rate oook, waeher, and iroaor, or ao chambermaid and lanndroeo, Haa boat of olty roferoaoeo. Plcato call at 54 Charltou street, ooraor of Variok street. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY EE9PEOTA ble young girl, to do the ginarul uouseworkof a private lamlly; le a good cook and exoellont waeher and irouer; good reference. Apply at IB Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, in the I basement. SITUATION WANTBP-BY A YOUNG MAN, A GEE man, la a grocery store. Boot or rrforcaeo oan ho glrea. a|ply to W. If., 1HI Cherry at^ TWO~RESPECTABLE ENGLISH SERVANTS WISH situations?One to oook, waab and iron, and tho other as chambermaid cr waiter, or plain oewor. Boat of eits re ference oan be given. Call at 133 41at at , third floor, front room, between ?th and tfth avenues. Travelling aobncy wanted.?a young man, has lag a boraa and boggy, would llkt to obtain a travel ling agency la thie or adjoining State. Unexceptionable otty and country rofcreuoo given. Address Travelling Agency, Pratteville, Greene county, N. Y. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS.?A YOUNG MAN WANTS a si nation as barkeeper, in tome respectable house, line beta at tba business (be last six years, in this eity. Tie beat referenoe from one of the Bret class hotel! ia Broad way. No objeetien to the country. Address B. N., Herald office. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS -WANTED, A PERSON WHO thoroughly understands the photographing and daguer tean arts, to go to a large Western olty. To a competent man, a permanent situation, with good salary, will ko given. Address Henry Shalt, box 2,410 Buffalo Pott Offioe, with aiecimens of work. TO DAGUERHBOTYPISrS.?WANTED.?A COMPE tent person who understands the above buainesa ia all | its branches will bear of a permanent situation by applying | top. GaIOR, 3*?0 Broadway. TO APOTHECARIES.?AN ASSISTANT DRUG CLERK wanted. Letters stating qualifloaUonaaddreaaad Phar macy, Herald office. TO CIVIL ENGINEERS. AC.?A DRAUGHTSMAN, well acquainted with the duties ot a railroad office, wishes an engagement, or would aoeept temporaly employ ment in tho city, in a surrey or'e, ko, offioe. N# objection to go South. Addreao A. Z.. box 107 Herald office. . USE PEBSONNE DE MOYEN AGE, DfiBIRE SB placer dans uae fainille privde. poor fairo lea eharahre | ot eoudro, on taireun petit mdaage; olio n aaraitpas d oh- | Jection A voyager. S'adresiert5Wost ISthit, -\I7 ANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE OR CHAMBBE W maid, by agiil who haa lived aight years at 57 ChaWa place, where she can ha seen. Ia honest, faithful and la duatrioae. _____ TItaNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, A 8ITUA W tion as housekeeper or companion to an invalid, ahela well oduoated and of goon address. The advertiser would not objoot to take tho entire obarge of a family where there ore no ebildren. Shots oapablo ol taking ear* of a baby from Its birth. She ia also a Brat rate oook. ^dwauU aoaUt la fine washing or plain tewing ia a small family. Planus address Hoaaakaapar. Broadway Post Offioe. lor aaa wash. Wanted- a hat trimmer, jtith the expert ?nee, eapaoity and taste roqubdM to luperintond a hat trimming room of one hundred girla. Salary ao objoot. Ia quire at 186 Water at. Wanted?a situation, by a young protes taut girl, aa ohambormaid and plain sewer, and to as sist in washing and ironing. Apply at 333 areenwioh at., oorner of Jay, aceond floor, for two day a i WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A good plain oook and broad baker, and nrst rate washer and iron or; mill bo willing to make herself useful and bring good olty referenso. Apply lor throe days at No. B Douglaao It., neat Court. South Brooklyn. WANTED?AN ENGLISH. SCOTCH OR GERMAN woman; one who ean wash aad iron in the baat maaner and do plain eookli g, and oomo well reoommanded, aaay a? ply at llti Hamoraley ft. Wanted-by a respectable woman a situa tlon, aa laundress or ohambormaid; ia folly oompetent t s BU either situation; good olty referenoe given, i'loaoo call at State at., Brooklyn, ascend door irom Bocrum. bo tinoaa I at l.OCS I to go in tho oonntry. TI' ANTED?A GOOD COOK AND CHAMBERMAID TT Must have unexceptionable reference. Apply at 39 East 29th at., near Madieon avenue, WANTED?A SITUATION, IN THE CAPACITY OF nune, by a young woman ofvtrr staid habits,. and unexceptional retarenee. Apply at 435 2a nv., ooraor 27th ?1 WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation an chambermaid or waiter, In a private tamily. Unexceptional referenoe aa to character and capability. Caa be seen at 332 8th av., between 27th aad 2bth eta., fourth floor, tor two dayg. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl a situation as nurse, aad to assist in chamber work or plain eow ng, or to do chamber work and waiting; no objeotion to go in tho eountry for the gummer. or to travoL Bat eity Reference. Call at 119 Woat 12tb at., between 5th and Cth avs., for two days. Wanted?a situation, by a middle aoed Engliib perron, to do general hou.evork, ohamber work, or waiting. Good referenoe. Apply al the Weavers' Arms, Jersey City, Newark aveana, for two daye. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa housekeeper to an elderly gentleman. No obj ? otion to living a lew miles In tha country. Good reoom mendations can bo given. Addreis E. D., box 19b Herald offioe. ANTED?dTSITUATION, A3 COOK. BY A MIDDLE aged person, la a private family, aad oaa assist in the lenndry; ao objection to the oeuntry; good referenoe. Can bo goen at 34 Greenwieh avenue. WANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL, TO DO homework; muat boa good washer aad ironer and have good city reference. None other need apply ut 37 Vee try at., near Hudson. WANTED?BT A SMART, NEAT AND EFFICIENT girl, a situation u plain eeok or to do general house work; she is well recommended; would go to the oonmry, and at moderate wages. Apply at No. 4 Sands st, base ment, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to travel with a family to the West; is wil ling to make hereelt generally usetnl. Can be seen all this wtekat*71 Mulberry St., between I'rinee and Houston. WANTED?A VERY GOOD COOK, WITH BEST OF eity references. Apply this day only, at IS West 10th St., between 10 sad 1 o'clock. WANTED ?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as chambermaid and waiter, or to take care or children; can do plain sewing; the beet of eity re ftrtnee given; no ohjeotioa to the country. Apply at 232 front st.. Brooklyn, fcr three days. WANTED-A SITUATION, ITO TRAVEL W1TII A lady going to Europe, as attendant; retereaes given as to character and oapaeility. call or address, for two days, at 1W> avenue B, near 10th st. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY TW? RESPECTABLE YT Protestant girls, la a private family, to taut eareof children, or to do enamberwork; would have no objection to go a snort distance in the eenntry. Can be seen for two days at 162 Myrtle aveane, Brooklyn WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A THY YOUNG GIRL, to do tbe housework ef a small private family; is a good plain cook; or as obambermaid or to take eare or oetl diea; no objection to go in the country. Good city reference. Call at A7 btanten street, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, IN A RESPECTABLE FA mily, as chambermaid and waiter, by a young woman; bU lived nvc years wi.i ?? tail at 404 dtn mily, as chambermaid and waiter, by ayonng woman; red are years wi avsaus, fer two days. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPEC table Protestant girl, as obambermaid and waitress, or to taus oare of obildrsn, and do plain sswlnr The beet of eity rsisrenors oan bo given. I'D ate oaU at 102 West 21st street, her present employer. UTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV sill; Is a rood oook. washer and Doner, and under stands baking; can ha well recommended from her Inst situ ation. Can be seen for two days at Ns. 6 Heater st., flrst floor, bsek room. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOE, AND TO As sist with the washing and ironing; oan produce the vsiy best sfeity reference, call at 124 Twelfth st., between 6th and fth avenues. Can be seen lot two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG QIBL, A situation in ait mail private family, to de general heaae f ?.riki. ?*w"00 .vW^*hJ5 *'"* ?oo<i city reference. Call at 4(1 Forsyth st., fr jgt basement, for two days. A PEESON OF EXPERIENCE, A he lads'. maid; uadarttaads eutUag had J"!"' ".At1 and oblldren's dresses; also bur dressing em Jro1-dry and ladles' flnsry. Has no objection ?e travel to ..urese or go to tho oountry. Host of eity reference. Can be seen tor three days at 271 Mulberry St., between Prince and Houston. ANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION, TO do ebamberwork, and plain sowing in a smell private fan lly. Can be seen for three days at 146 East 2Uh street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation as wet nurse, with a fresh brt?*? ef milk. Has lost bsr baby, cue week eld. Has no objection to go out or take a baby to hsr own house. Please oa'l at No. 3 Colombia street, Brooklyn, flrst floor, front room, "IX^ANTID-a SITUATION, BY A NEAT VQUNO OIRL, f Y el genteel adds* ts- she is eapabte ef doing tbe genual homework of a small private family; eaa co?h, bake, wash aid tren in tbe sea'eat style Has the best of eity relereaoe # Hi take Ida numb, call at217 East 23d st. WANT1D-A SITUATION BY A RtSPICTABLI Protestant wou.aa to take tare ef children No ob Jsetioa to tte eouatry Co ?? otty refers aeo Apply at 142 Sullivan it , In tbe rear, Br three daje. WANTS. H7IT NURSI.-A HEALTHY WOMAN, WHOSE SABY YY was (till Ion ? ink iIin, wonld take im to bum ?t b? iw-WtM. US Iwl 36th n , inr 2d kuu. Good re ference can be (Itam, u4 tho nsi required. WASHING.?WAN T1D BT A WIDOW WOMAN. SIN (la gentlemen's or families' washing. la an exponent ad '?and at washing and ironla( ; baa aa experience of aefoa J** Ao^j^goraonallj or by no to, ljfl tut 29th at., to TI7ANTED?BY A RE8PSCTABL1 PROTESTANT J*.?*"**. ? aitnation aa lanadroaa or chxmbermnid ? Woold take charge of an Infant from ita birth. Can prodnoe atty r?<or?neo. la tally ooapetaut. to pie ?oaaral satisfaction to bar omployar. Call at 335 Baat ltth at., brat flsor, r?ir room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A MOST RCSPRCTA ble youngwoman, aa aeamatress In a aaatotl fa mil r; la a ipoo dressmaker and can d. aU kinds of noat mm,, no oljec'lon to ?it abort distance U tho oountry. or doll* hi ebamborwori if required. Tho boat ot eit* refcrenoe riven. Please apply for two daya at 173 2d at. * WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girls, aa good cook; ia a flrat rata waahor and Ironor and good bakar of brand. Oood oity roferonoo. Can ba aaan for two daya at *4 Hammoraly at., in tho roar. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RSSPECTABI.E young woman, aa aaaaatraaa or aaraa; would ha?a no objaation to go in tho oonn*ry and do general hauaeworh. Good oity rafaronoo from bar aat aitnation Apply at T'J 3d arc., botwaon 11th and 12th ata , in tho aboa atoro. WANTED?BY A YOUNO LADY, A PLEASANT AND oomlortabla room, with board, in a oanrament put of tbo oity. Addroaa K. P., lie raid othoa. WANTED?BY A RESPECT A BLB GIRL, A SITUA tun to do general housework* Apply at her proeeut placa, 193 MadUon at. _ WANTED?BY A DECENT. RESPECTABLE MAR ried woman, two male and on# female ohlld to board, thoy will bare a good olean homo and bo woll taken ouo of; boo no family but herself and huabnnd. Apply for two daya at 66 East Broadway, brat floor, bank room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, aa a nam barmaid and flue waahor and ironar, or aa waitor. Can bo satn until engaged at baa pre rent employment, No. 73 Eaat 23d at WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa ebambermatd and wniter, to tako oaro of obildrea, or to assist In tbo bouaework of n small family. No objec tion to tbo oountiy. Good reference. Apply at 87 ISth at, between (1th and 7th nrenuea. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY WOMAN, TO COOK, wash and iron; the ranat hoof atoady, quiet habita; aha muat aire bo of a kind and obliging turn, willing to make herself useful to hn omployar: auob, with good reference, may ipply at 136 Lexington avenue. A Protestant pre ferred, WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, a aituation aa nurau and aoamatrooa or ohambennaid and waiter who baa got good oity reference from her lnat place, and baa no objection to go a abort distance la tba country. Call at 21o K. 13th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN! aa chambermaid, and to aaaiot io waihing and ironing. Good city reiareneo. Can ba eeeu for two daya at 263 12th at WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BBSPECTABLE young girl, to do general houaewerk in a aaall private family, or needlework if required. Can be aeen tor two daya at 2U3 Weat 26tb at., between btb nnd 0th aveunea. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE aifll, to do general bouaework; no objection to go n ibort diafnioo in tbo oountry; good icforonco Call at 600 111 oatoa atreat, near Bowvry, in tha atoro. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, an chambermaid and wutsr; good reference. Apply at 11)9 East 13th at., for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general houaewoik; good rctarenoe. Apply at 04 Charlca street. Can be mob lor two daya it not engaged. WANTED?BY A SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUATION AS aorso and ?eamttrooa, or an nurao ai d chambormatd,in a tmall private family. No objeotion to go a abort dl.tanoo in tha eonntry. Can be aeon for too deya at 320 fclxth ave ane. Good roforenoe. ?*17ANTED?BY A YOUNO BNOLI8H GIRL, A SITU T T ation, aa chambermaid or nurao; can te wall leeom mended bv ' the lady wbere ?ho baa been living. Can be teen for three daya at the oornor of Hampton and Atlantic ata, Brooklyn. WANTED-TWO SMART GIRLS. WHO ARE KAMI liar with tbo patting up of email package*. Apply on flrit floor, at 216 Centre atroet. WANTED-A NEAT, TIDY AND STRONG GIRL, TO go a abort dtetanee in the oountry, to do general houae woik; muat be a good plain oook, know bow to mako bread nnd pastry. understand milk and butter, and be a flrit rate warher and ironar, of mild and eliecrtnl disposition, kind to ehildren, nnd willing to make herself generally uaofal. Wagoa 97. Family email. Call between the honra of 10 and 3, on Iaane Carpenter, Id f ront at, WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng womnn, aa one who oan take charge of a (lining room, or aeamatrei a: baa the beat of oity reference from her laat place. Can be aeen for two daya at 26 Spring aa. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG HEALTHY woman, with n fnll brcaat of milk. Apply at 44 Or chard at., for three daya. Good referencei given, if required. WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA YY tion, aa ebambermald and waitor, or woold have no objoetion to do the general housework of a small private family; the best of city rcferenoe given, if required. Please call at 266 West 33d at., Bear the 0th avenne. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng girl; has the best of elty reference: has no ob jeetten to go in the country; oan do aonoml housework, or ebamberwork nnd waiting. Please eall at No. 33 Prince at., aecond floor. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL, AS CHAMBERMAID nnd wniter. Apply et 18 South at., u to Mr Adams, Clinton avenue, Brooklyn, third bouse from tbo oornor of Lafayette avenue, on east oldo. Wages, 90. WANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLB GIRL, A SITUA tioa as eook, washer and Ironar, or would be willing t > do general bouaework for a small family. Can be aeen a: bar praasnt employer's, 122 Livingston at., aeoond door eaat ot Smith, Brooklyn. wanted-a situation, by a respectable Yv girl, aa nune and obambarmald nnd plain aawar. Apply at her preaeat employer's, 160 Eaat 14th at, for two days. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BBSPECTABLE girl, who la a good seamatrees and understands drees making. Can ba seen at her preaeat employer'!, 114 5th avenne, betwean 16th and 17tb ata. Wi WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION ?? cool; thoroughly nnderatanda hat buaineta in all ita branohea; la Hilling to aaalM In waihing and ironing; good aity rafaranaa. Can be aaan far two daya at 197 16th at., be tween 8th and 9th avenue*. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTK9 TT tant girl a aitnation aa ohambermaid or waiter, or to aiaiat in the oara of ehildren, or do plain aawing; no objea tion to the country; the beat at elty referenoe given. Pleaaa call ar addroaa at 149 Wait 27th at., roam 13. Can ha lean for two day*, if not engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa Srct rate aaok, who nnderatanda her boat nete in all itabranchei: baa no objection to ateiat in waching and Ironing; the beat of city reference oan be given. Can be teen for two daya, at No. 70 Third avewne, between 11th and 12th etreeta, in the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general homework in a am all private family: la a drat rata waaber and lroner. and good cook; baa good city lefcrcnca; no objection to the country. Can be aaan for two raya, In Amity at., between Willow and Colombia ita., in the raar, or at Miaa Farry'a, South Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A YOUMG WOMAN, WIIO 19 A FIRST rata dreiamaker, can make beya' ar girla' clothaa in the neateat at) la, and la a aaat flae aawar, a aitnation aa aaamalroaa; wonld be wllliag to go by tho month or woak; no ot jeotion to oity or eoontry; baa worked for firat olaaa fami lial ia thia city; boat city ratercnca riven. Call at 240 Tantb at., near Flrat avanna, third floor, front room. WANTED-BY A STEADY WOMAN, A SITUATION, aa cook; ia a fliat rata waabar and iron or; or would do chamber* ork and fine wattain*: good reference oan be given. Call for two day* at No. 9 Union Court, between 11th and 12th ate., Unlvaraity place. rANTED?BY AN ENGLISHMAN AND HIS WIFE, aituatlann?the man aa eeaehman and groem, the wife aa plain cook, or la any other oapacity. Calf on, ar addraaa J. C., No. 14 Oak at. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION, AS clerk ud bookkeeper; being aaxlom for employment, a moderate aalnry will content. Addraaa C. Cortina, 25 Groenwtob atraat. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN INDUSTRIOUS man, of bminoaa hakita, either aa antdeer clerk, dtaughtiman, foreman, or light porter. Will devote all hie energiei to tho bonaiit of hit employer; wall acquainted with tho city and eubnrbe, and mad to driviig horaaa. Bait of roforeaooa. Addroaa 0. P. 8., Herald olKoe. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS gardener; nnderatanda hi* bnafmaa ia all ita bannahaa; good reference^ Addraaa F. E., 113 Monro* at. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS WAITER, BY A young man who perfectly nnderatanda hi* ouainea* in every reifeet; baa the nlgheat raoommaadatiem aa to cha racter and capability, with tho very boat of oity referonoe; bae lived aver three year* in hi* laet plaoo. Any ool man da for L. B., at B. Tilford'a, corner ot (Mb avenno and 9th at., will bo punctually at leaded to WJ YtTANTtD-AN EXPERIENCED CLEKK IN A FIRST TT olaaa hotel. who oan prouno* tho beat *f taatlmonlala, and ia eapeble of aupartntonding tho eetnMlahment la th* abaonaa of the proprietor. Nam other need apply. Addraaa Walter, Herald offio*. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN IN A PUBLISHING ofllo*, who aan loan hio employer! from SM) to $500. One unacquainted with tho anla of tho city, and of hoaoat labile, oan have a pleaoaat and p< rmeneat eitaetiea and n liberal aalnry. Tbla la a raie cbaaoa for aa hoaaat wad taitblal young man, who donrva to beoome aoqnaiatad with - i _|.K I W, dealfom to bcoom* Ac quainted with bminoaa (ae #ityt preferad. U' AX rED-A MALE OR l'RMALE SCHOOL TEACHER M to ma abort diatanee ia the country, to take charge of a tlbkU aehool. Apply at R. A Rifle'* olothing More, but*een Catherine aan Oliver ate ANTED?A YOUNO MAN, WHO CAN COME WELL leeommendcd, to go through tbo oity and take urdara from a am plea. On* that la willing to make hlmaalf naatnl n ay banc ot n good aitnation, by addroomng U. B., Herald office, itating what aalary would bo roqnired WANTED-AN EXPKRIKNCED CUSTOM CUTTER. None othora need apply. Apply to Win. A. Maad A Co., 80 and 82 Cherry at. IYTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV yout.g man, aa a room or o-aohmaa; ha ia a I'ro'oiUnt, and can produoo undeniable reference fr m hit lact plant; baa tie i-bjeetlon to make hlmtelf generally netful; ao oblec Hon to oity or country. Call at 129 Grand at , near Brood *oy, for two day. ll/dNltD, AT THE JEWELERY BUSINESS - A ? I boy that ha* a knowledge of tho repairing of jewellery, and to make htamalf generally nooful fwk iter*. Apply 127 tt'antla atr*< t, Urooaljn. ___ WANTSY?AT 341 BROADWAY, (BASEMENT) POIt fete lor atoiee, men to driro hereai and carta, man on ?t< amrre, eoaehmaa, twa taleenien for dry guada. olarka, ma-Kant boot hoc pert. k<y. lor roepaotanlo trade*. Ao t natfo# modfrato. N. B -f ar eitt?o weaver*. Apply to THOA SPINK, Agent. WANTBD-A BOT THAT UNDERSTANDS TBS VT oyater keHaago, Hi U Bik< himaolf oaofut Am to EOCENE CURTIS, attb. Mrix of Grand otrWSd ?owtry, XJtTANTRD?AN ISRAELITE BOT, ABOUT tl OB If TV }Htiof ate, who under-tanO* rwiln, writing IM JJTkw?|. Oaol tilwtiM r.iaued laqairv at 197 WlUaa WANTED-A SMART AMU INTELLIGENT BGT, about 14 to 16 inn of mi, to raa tr'anda iti atkl blmttlf generally aural la a ta.leriug eaiablithmtat; baat of riHriMi will bo required Aptly at It u'oiook it?? ? at No. 491 Broa4w?y, turner ?f tfruvmett. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A TOVMG BOT, AGH 17 yoara, to laara a trad* Would prefer a olotbdag ttoro, or a faaoy otoro. Go..d refereeoe fro a bia laot OHt pltytr. Apply for A. L., at too corner of Hadooa and Bar row atiooto. WANTED?A SMART ACTIVE BOT. ABOUT SIX toon yoara old, to atteu I la a icrooory a tore, bo Moot lead end write well, and oom. waJ, r*o*mmead?d from hi? laot employer, and aadora aa<i tbo cam of a boroe and wagon. Apply at 166 Croaby at. feinn THE ADVERTISER If ILL PAT ONE HUN vlY"> dred dollar* i? o?\ t? a> y poraoa wbo will oo ?ur* for him agcod *nd permanent aitueateu la MM com mercial hoaao, aithei latbiailty or in nay other State of tha Cnioa. Advortiaer i* oRu ?b* Raglitb, fraaob and Hpoalab ltnguageo, an I can faroi.h I bo boot of rtdmes coa na to rapacity and eharno'-or. Add root Gaapar Botaa oauit, 717 Broadway. OQ7 BROADWAY. CORN EE Of READS STREET, A?iO I at MORRIS A OoH". a*T s.Joat bo bad a aholoo *f Engllth, Sooteh Irlab aad German uolp, for hotrioaHd private lamtUha. Alao, wai er. portrra, ooaobmoa, aardoa "2? and laborvra, at tbia or tbolr braaob offioo, MS Grata with at. THE TRaIIHH. CHEMISTS.-A GERMAN Al'oTOECAEY AND ORE* iat deriroo a attnatxoa aa tunmtu, auiataat, or aaalytot. in a ohomloal or pbarmaooa>loai uiaoutaottrr. Roferaneot nnqnaattoaablo. Addrata U< ruiau Chemitt, Herald ofltoo. TO BUTCBEES.?A BUTCHER'S SON PEOM EUROPE, wtohea to find tmploymau .u uia el the largo at tab bob manta in tblt city or fkllad. Ipiiia bat wbam only 010a at* alaaghtorod; b* ipoak* Oarnu aa* Ragllah: wage* at eh jut. Addroe* 0. T. 1L, Mtrt.d offloo. WAN TED-THREE OE r?UR FIBSf BATE JOUR noymon earptnttra to goon Loag ftland. Modarat* waroiwul b* given, aad omn'otraeat far tbrnt tr Soar month*. Inquire at 3U3 Waatit, a tar Syria*, ap rialto. 1KB 9 tO 11. oriTKnori'it A <L9 nn *?R A OOOO U.\vi> WAITING.?OLD AND *J\J yonng nciiolr* a l<?e ?*?> rapid band a\tb* tab aeribtr't academy, li (ten let,una ?l one Jbour naob. Book keapluR reduced from $16 to 612 >1 for a thorough ooaroa af iattrueUoa. O. B GuLDoMllii 361 and 362 Broadway. GENTLEMAN OF UlUUr.aT EDUCATION, LATE ly arrived la tbiteoaatry. olahoa mi giro private loo ?oaa la matin, modern language- and ? ataaaaa, or to Sad an engagement at later la tome hr t olaaa family hero or la tho aonatry. Tho high potltloa ba fora>?r y ootapitd, oaihl** bim to All tatk a plaoo to tUe tatl< ae>.<?a of any party da airing to baro tbolr ob'ldron intimated om tbo qoweit plan and matbod, bow to mora te aooompUshod toeloty. Boot olty roftromoo glrta. Addrota M a., boa 4t Harold olta. A GENTLEMAN. WBO WaS SWORN INTERPRETER and teaabar of Fronob, Italian, spaaitb, Englltb, upr m*n, Haitian, Dutoh, Lotiu and Greek, at Badto Badnt, with** io b* employed titber at teacher in private Inmlllb* or pahlit oatablubmtat, or at trau* ator Ho oan giro tbo beat rtftrenot* Bli metbun i? praoUtal and oaay. Hip tranalatlona will bt cor re 01 ami quick. Apply by lillW. giving nam* aad addrnu, to A 16 r L , Herald offloa. -nOOEEEEPING, PENMANSHIP, Ac.. ARE TAUGHT JD in a tuperier and oipeditM'U- nannai, by FOSTMH A DIXON, 946 Broadway, whore gautiomon and yoatbt AM qaaUdod to diocherg* the dot,** of tbo conn tang bona* with promptaut, tettilty and dotpMoh. OOKEBBP1NO?C. C. U a RSH'S CGUMT1N0 RQGMB, for tbo prabttoo of bookkooeint. vrltuag, Ao.. 34S Drted way, Appioten Building Upea dni'y. (bom 9 A XL, to d r. M. Call for etroulora. Mar.k'a oomplote work* on Mtk kaopiBf, la Spanitb and Bngluh, printed In oolorr, Mr talo at atova Elocution.?the bubscdirbe ebspectfullt informt tbo pnblio that Mr J B Brown, tbo calibrated hbaktporiaa Reader will give aa il'aatraltoa of hlo ora toiloal ibtll oa Tuatday and Thur-day evening a, Jane 19th and 21it lait., at 8 o'olook. Mng e tlafctte Aft* ooate, or three tteketa one dollar. At tbo Academy, 362 Broadway corner of franklin. o. IV BR B. GOLDSMITH. my. 443 Broadway.?Indie* an* gnatlomaa tnaght a , dolieata, or bold mercantile ay ?tem ol penmaaabln. In J^OWE'S. WRITING AND BooEKEEPlNG ACADB twelve loaiona Reaerred boar* ??r l*dia* from "two to tfiiao! and tbr*o to four P. M. Inat notion* at the rcaidtaoo of papllt at ninal. Wadding aad rUitiag oardi, Ao., written to ordtr. Tormt rodnood thla and the catalog week only. the rutur. RED HOUSE, HARLEM.-TUIB FASHIONABLE HH> ?art it now oomplote la all it* apuoiatmonte, and tha taloo otahkm attaohod arc ooaoaaatly lUad with tbo tntrt and laot oat bono* to bo fonad P-reoao in want at i oan alway? bo ?applied at tbo Rod Honra, Tbo Mack la m apltadid order, aad trotting antehot 000 Ino afternoon. Tbo Second a?taa ear* aoaa tbo door ill ?TO minateA UNION COURSE, L. 1-1 AOlI1NG.-ON WBBNH8 dny, Jane 20, at 3>j o'olotk, a match fir $1,000; mil* boat*; boil tbra* In 8v* in har*e*a Goo. Sploor namoi b. g. Lantern; H. Woodrut itmaar a,. Lady Franklin. I SHaW A WHITE. ProprioteTa. UNION COURSE. L. I.-PACING,?HIE FACING race that .wa* to haT* ooae off an Tnttday, will tab* plaot oaTbnrtday, Juno 21 at 8mAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COURSE, L. I.?PACING?ON THURSDAY, Jul* 21, a match for $2,000, n tie boauubtet thro* la tea to wagaaaod drlvor wtigblng 266 pnund*. Goorgo Spiorn tarn to gr. g. Itero: J. D. Hoilaan name* a aa Pooahoato*. Can wlll loavo tbo Sooth ferry, Brooklyn for the oeort* at 2){ o'clock P. M. aad return at tooa a a tbo gport la trot. Far* to go aad ratarn, 60ooate. SHaW a WHITE, Proprtotera. rTHE LOTBRfl AND BREEDERS Off FINE STOCK.? Tbo aolobrated tboooagharod ataUlon Wild IrlA aaan. will ataad for a limited a a a* boa of morn tbo taantag oaaton, at tbo Bod Hoaao atablo*. at $6# tbo laaoon. Al " ra to b* paid k afore tar via# vb* mar*. All aatedoEdg M of tbo owner*. WILLIAM A SEP WW. Proprtebar. RKWARDS. ?OC REWARD,?LOST, A LAKS^lt NEWFOUNDLAND TPZiO dog, black axoept tho tip of bl* tall, face, braait, and at tbo to**, which are white. The d.dor will rooolr* $26 by loaviag bim at 736 S*v*ntoantb at. $1 ft 1EWARD.-LOST, ON SATURDAY, 16TH JUNE, 3>1U $47k In geld. In Srookly, from Sidney p:a:? to Uk fairy. Apply at 11 F*rm*a itroet, u ouklyn <I?"I A REWARD.?LOST, ON MonhaY NIG HP, 18TH q)lU laot., at Hobokoa, a brown tetter dog, 00* yaar old; aaawara to tbo nam*of ' Jo." nay potion rotarniag tbo ?am* to tbo St. Charla* roacauran*. ooruor of Broadway aad Leonard itreot, Now York, will roaoiv* ah* above reward. Gin REWARD.?STOLEN, FRoM THE STABLE OF wlU B. W. Allin, 647 Sixth tv*> a* a whit* her**, a bo at 16)4 band* high, very lam* in th* algb fore foot, had ao aboa on that foot, baing lamed from oaiag gravelled in a booing. Be ig la good ooaaitloa. aad wa* aeod la a eart. Tbo above reward will b* paid by returning bim t* B. W. ALLIN, at the lead itoro, 647 Sixth avoaae, tr 626 reward for tbo pro ??cation of th* thief. &C REWARD.?STRAYED fEUM NO. 81 HENRY J at. ,n black Newfoundland pup. white tip* oaoaok feci, a white tlrlpo oa tbo breaxt, and n white tip on tae end nf the tall. Aay ptrtoa returning tba same at 81 Henry ?treat, or to How** Brother*, 14 Bowery, will roeete* tbo above reward. LOST AMU mm>. Found-on the 8th op june, a shall white dag. Tb# ivuit can find bin at 61 Laight (tract by praying property and par tar ?>P0 mi. OST-PEH STKAHbUU' CntlAtVuA, FROM NEW Orlaaai, a linen bag, oontnmlng eleihing. Ac., mart ad J. O. Liagham; waa loit from leading wharf. The tana will pleaee ba delivered and expeaaaa will ha paid by C. H. ED WARDS A CO., 1S1 Pearl itreot, haw Tark. Lost.? $6.00 rewaeo-a pocket book, on mon Iday a renins. 18th inat.. eoataiaiag tbraa notaa, payable at the Bask af New Jtm-v, Brasawiok; ana of A a draw Bolton, dated J ana 12, tor 100 24, its y daya; one of John Conorar, dated Jans 13, far $14d. f ur months; one af John Brad, dated Jane 18, for (65, tour to iatba All peraeaa are forbid negotiating the tame, aa payment la atepped. The abora reward win be paid for the packet book and pa pete, at 183 Weet (treat, up stair*. " CLOTHUIO, deC. CHAST OFF CLOTHINO OF ETIET BBSCEIPTIOE | wanted?The highest prtee giren. and eaah paid la enr ?I money. Gentlemen wishing o dlanvee of slothing, of a toa&vasi sgagsnsasiA Branca street). S. COB EH, ASTROLOG1. CM A RI) ?MADAM PREWBTER RETURNS THANKS ED I ler Monde and patrons and hens te ear thai after the theniaadl, both la this eity aad Philidalph % whe hare oensnlted her with entire aatlafaetlea she teaks sonfldSat that la the questions of astrology, leva aad law matlnsa, gad books er oiaelea aartltod oa eoastaatly by Napaistd. |be bar no equal. Baa wl'l tall the name of the future busbeM aad also the name of her risiter. Reeldsnoe 76 MkHsen ?treet, eae door from Catbsriae. MISS BRUCE CAR RE CONSULTED" GN KySMTS for a short time, at bar o?na, ?3 Bast E^bteenib (treat; and also letters written far those who bars net the ability ?( writing for themseleee, for eiipenee. Brtalag he?rr, 7 tm 10; hoars la day time, 10 till f?"F *****< IPOBTWO. TtlOCKINO BIRDS FOR ?ALRr?fg.^gPit S a men wanting a fine bird. ?PP'J u marmot. Old (Up. ^MOVALB. >EPBEC1IT BROS TO ANNOUNCE kPkm lowered his butcher's store from hie eld stand, J^?.f "*lksr and Most streala to No. M Matt street, aneoereer e wh#M h# aeliclU a asntlaaatdon of that fhyer for ra.ra at his former ataad. Moderate priest ^d q.a'i'f will he hie aim, te oommaad trade. art never known Far aale, a farm of dS teres, at Clarkattwa. Moot land eonnty.N.T ,90mUea irom tbis eity.AU frees Nyaek 4 rrom Rooklaod Lake,4U fr-m Barer straw- 1 aew h oases, bars, iters .bop, inaoka bouse, sots. erH?. Idtehem. end (all the uindl ouibnfl dings, adw shd la beds order; 6 aerea jssag orabard, 2? acres wood, and (oed wall, aad Baa stream or water Bast of new ateaa fences that will last farsrsr; daa tehools end obnrohes; one mill. Prise $4,500, Sb.VW eaah; It is worth 15,500. A good farmer eaa make amass ea this 0 aos Fsnr ehancrs a day te gst te New Vork far Ba. Tne 1 ulldirse can be filled wHb boarders at B4 and $5 par weak. Barertfrew l? a Patter market far produce than this a Mr. If son want a farm, da not mlso tbWohanoe. Apply at V yultoa I Si eat.

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