Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 12
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1WOIOU1.W.? Mi permit of their woming doua town. M "?? IlaXtw* ife Mm iJttf alllaad A Co. VI Pearl K bava to call tha at. y y1*"?ll_ lsjIs to M?era! bow style. of uea'e ettaw g***Vl ?? Wbtah oro too ? Voong Aaterbaa" !?%? white J?l>?n bats, both of UMBBOl b?auty a* itll togltbcr ?Hb our noMl Urg. <ui>t; of ?om'o, &?7??e&diaa'o etraw b?t?,Ul ?? oat AahfMtatitot by tho oom 01 doaea. i. I* Bali * Jo.. 171 Pearl atroat. ? Boyud'i ruotie Soap ?A Very Superior ... to i tie, BUfthlBg ISO pouade, will bo roody tST Famulee aad ootolo suepliei with any quantity, Bt 0B0 MSar por quart. or tbr?o dollar* por gollon. ?Im World*! Hcutcol Congrt", Composed <rfmiuti! from tho uoot popmlor un'veraitl#* on both ?nttacut*. molt of whoa h?TO bod extensive practise in moll tiown Koropao, OBd Amfriotft ho. pi toll, are at Zuiag to retUnts dsily st tbo regular ?o?ot?o hours, from I? U lu 3 P M Iir. ROOT, or hn oiiiitoati, oon bo OOB 'i1 X1 Broodwoy. nm.. 0f to. Bphmond and Petersburg MeAvead Company. Richmond, JuneT, 1^~Tho Froiidont uddirooton of thio company have declared o dlvldond of ffwa ond o I olf por oent on tho capital ttook, pay t bis on and Iks Htitk day of J une, 18A6? il thif otfioo. "W,U y JNO. WIL.UAM8, Tccuurtr. ?, (he ladies.?A Splendid Mwrtmont of f sir AW foods Mid Biilklf biti, At ? iW 1 WM. 8. IRVIWI'd, 112 Canal itraol. m,fTir- Hand Cbickering Ptauo Air Sale, at MM- alaa ono Ube * Walt or for, 1110, and on# Nuane A HnTV $126; tao do , 840; one G}+ oovavo, nearly new, to* I**4 Fiance *? reBt"HORACB WATERS. 333 Broadway. Mac Second aland flnniia' Piano, Air ?130; laissil Worst or A Dunham, IIS); oao fine roaewood, $150, ST^r iliflt oi" ^ ootar. ,'o.ewoodfor *118; and ... f.r ?ra baV nitmis At areai bargain*, l ianoe to lot. SW. now piano, at groa. ulR(tV- M1 Broadway. RBaailr nth Houae, Corner of Broadway, Vhb iti mHu??^o"'i. oonduotod on th. Buropoon W ta now in tho toU tido oI ?uooo??, having beoome a po_ jji .nnni.r nlaoo tor Jtaateru and Southern travel on It! jS7t. t SS fashionable watorlag plaooo and?'"? X?th It* light and airy apart mauti, and admirably oon Meted oatmg airangomont, havo given groat satisfaction Acs far to tbo travolilug public, and invitod a oorroipondiag TSk,iXu!>n'%tMbo<, ovorv delicacy of theseason ?hMv bfl hid At tho fhortest notioo, nnd ft All hour* of tho 5S?dsv nad nirht; mc fow plnoee in the oity can supply a 2S2SS MtUr <Uaaer. Ao attention of the travelling ?EtTb respectfully oailed to tboio faota, and every ae 5ln? 1. SJK by the management, that their stav at the Smudreth House will bo rendered both pleaaaat ant agre* abU. . Mnsauirr Clotblng.?bVe have lately added ... .tvlea to onr immense stock of faahionable sum SKSSh* ?d would ad. tie onr friend, to given, an ^alr aall aad mate their ?eleetion?, as tha more deairable stybe will be tearee before the MtjJ^????, A CQ 388, 259 and 230 Broadway, aorner of Warren itreet, Bnn,' Clothing Warthonie, Hog. 66 and 68 Paltoa itr'et, ie tho only place where lephyr oaaaimera w|?, M i0id at 210. Check Marseille! inita, S3 60. ladles, Attention 1?Joseph Lockltt, Son A go. 261 Pulton itreet, Brooklyn, have now In ?b??b the tersest aad aoit select assortment of ladies dreee and man ttlia trimming! to be found la the oity, eoniUting of bmi Mascb KAUie fringes, Guipure gimps, molrt au ique, so., 2T Am Ale", l-oihitt'i eelebratoi mow button, and grope, manufactured aad eeld only by them, at their fur waAaggp emporium. Vattle's Emporium of Kngllah, frtnch, ?etmaa and American fanoy good*, aoveltlea aad toy*, No. 346 Broadway. Defiance Salamander Sales.?Robert A Pat" a ICR b tha sole mannfaotnrar ia tha Umited State, of tha . oflUbratsd sAfea, nnd patent powder-proof defieuoe Su art ^SU Cnpot l&F.arlnrMt, one door bolow Maiden lane. Oarpetlnei and OMelotbs, SO per Cent less MsTSnal SJca-PBTERdON A HOMPBRAV. 379 Broadway, eerier of White ?tr-et, will aell during this week attheatove rates. CaU and iee. Great bargain* may ho -satoatad. ?andsomely Bngraved Wedding, At horn* aad visiting card*; batra heavy illver door ptatee; ??*"?* *#torU1 "d 00tunitrTaui BRUNS MB Broadway, oorntr of Broome at., aad 206 Bowery. a, Exchange or Money Brokers.?A Young ?v. ?ll b dlaengaged about the lit of September, aa?who has bad the handling of money fo^th? part ijx weave is a good judge, and b eonversant wrlth the rate, of 322Tint w^ihei to obtain a situation w th the idea of laaraing' the bniineM thoroughly. Can ssmn'n- or releteiee. Addreea W. U. X-, Herald oflloe. a Bolendld Coontrjr Seat to Let oar laase ~ Sbaated en Btatea Island, immediately on tho *a SiSRi'iSiSSS,'"IkwS *">ui?S,X,0?. ? - n?, Wigs aad Toupees Hatch alosVs ? ? 7?"? tbeeeartielee W233 Broadway. *??? 2S5S^5?f5^he applleatloa of hi* uarivallejl hair dye, & w are af ImttMoaa. Th* laMart Mggshuaat of wig* aad tonpeee la th* world. Dhrbtadoro's MxcelsMr Hair Djrs has be. a staple article throughout tho Dnltol State*. No SdhMwirit produoes defy dotoction aa artlftoinL Sold uM applioi at No. 6 astor Boaao. my Oaguent, tor Producing Wblskurs and maustafiiie? la tlx weeks, ia SI; or largo bottle,, oon 2522iTe?gbt of tho email, S5. ??nt to any port of the JJJJiry, M. G. GRAHAM, 686 Broadway; Brlggs, SI SUto street, Albany. Van. Pimples, Freckles, Salt Rheum, Rlng wsrms. orupUons, snllowaoss, Ao , cured by OUlIRAUU 9 llslisn meaiested so?p. foudrc inbtllo nprooU bAir rom Jay ?nrt of the body Nothing looU e9 well m slofty Ifore head Ronge, lily white, hair aye and restorative, at the eMd*?F*7 Walker itreet, tret store from Broadway. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, ladles' Belts and ?assorters, instrument* far how lags, olnb feet, and all da fauaitiei of the body, on hand anu made to order, bv Dr. GjLGVRR, at the Surgeen'a Bandage Institute, No. 4 Ann Dr. B. S. Fitch, Autocar of the "SI* loe |ms| aa Confumpliout>' oflc4 71$ BroftdwAji op#a ISanday excepted,) from 9 to 6o'oloeh, treat. eoneumptioii| Slf-. gbeases of tbo heart, nnd all ohroalo dbaaaea at Aeiwilnd famalas. Conaoltatlen free. Hernia?.Only Prise Medal Awarded to MARSH A CO., by the Industrial Kxhirition of all Notion*, at. their new patent radical onro truss Boferenee* aa to H??rm??j -I'rofoeson Valentino Mott. miilard Park *' SffjohnV Carnoohan. An oxtonaivo lbt of name* of Boroaatilo and other gentlaman oarad by thb trnsa, may ba SSTIt M^rah Vco-'aVNo- Maiden fana. Maw fork, and Marah, Car lie* A Co., No. 6 Mr aat Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Holloway's Ointment and Plllfc-The whole civilised world have, as with one voioe, endorsed in Ztvor tf those wonderful medicines, a, being tho only sow yemedy tor auy old wound, uloer, core leg or eore|reaet avow when all other means have bean triad la vain. Sold at the maauiaotorios, 80 Maiden laae andffi Strand, London, nnd hy all druggists, at 26 oonta, 02>? oenl* and 21 por boa er pot, To Ague BuMerors.?Taka no More Arsenic, tonics, meroary, qnlalne, fobrlfngaa, afryohnlna, or anU wcrtodies of any klad. The w*U anown laeffioienoy of these S^uimi prove, thtm to bo the offspring either of Btbe sneaieal principle* or of meroeaary quaoks. fit aoju mmlatlve atmosphane poieoa, ' malaria, b tha aaaaausa Phtoh the ^ remedy ia lh. maw ''aasidot." isailed i. abodes' Fever and Agne Cure." Taka thia and health la aaenrad. Th* oertilieate of th* oelebrtted chemist,_ Dr. Chlltoa, *e oom pan iee woh hotUe. Forami? hy C. H. Ring. C. V. Cliekener A JUaw. H. L ?ox, Death?Astor House, Mew York, Aug. ll IMS.?Msiiri PAriom 4 GOs^ClllttiBIK! VTt Uato mod Smhu^t wtJmdMtw With sreat enoeess, and oh^rfnily qV.wm af "" M ?*?? preparaUon for oook eaaahM we have ever wed. ToB,J'LTIVAiNr*if'STET30V. C. T. CL1CKBMIB A CO., No. 81 Barolay at., AjasU. At Mew York, lnjthe Dead of Might, Th* oitbaa ia head alright. Reeoived thafarloua eharg* f hnagry boat* of hug* aad flaa,; be loatbaou* rat andmoose Join'd the*., With roach## black aad largo. Bat they wore all killed by LYOM'd magnetic Powdtr and PUla. Tho infallible deatbdetUiag articleliaa B, Lyoh'?lig aatura on label. Depot 424 Broadway. Ob Tnoeday, Jan* 13, by the Rev. Out I-oodon, Johh SLoaomiT, Esq., of Padstaw, Cornwall, England, to Locy Cant use, daughter of (bo into Captain Armstrong, Tlot BwIbiM Cornwall (England) papora plaaae oopy. On Monday, June 111. by tbo Rev. Dr. W. H. Lewis, of Trinity Cbnroh, Brooklyn, R. THOBirmnmY, Bxj., to Miss ?'?'? Limn, both of the city of Armagh, Ireland. On Saturday, Juno 10, at No. 420 Third arenas, Sanaa SanDBMon, aged 74 yearn. Bar remains were interred in the Cemetery of the Bvergreeas. On Monday, June 18, Bnnxnr, daughter of John and Ellen Gaffney, aged 8 yean, 0 month* and 2 days. The friend* and aegualntanoea ot the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, fron the real denoe of her parents, No. 168 West Twenty-ninth street, this afternoon, at one o'aloek. On Tuesday, June 19, Mrs. Kinunrni Joli.y, tn the 78d year of her age. Her relative*, friends and aoqualntanoea art reapect fully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow morning, at tan o'clock, from her late reeidenoo, No. 243 Mulberry atnet, without further lavitatioo. On Tueeday evening, Jane 19, Mart, wife of John Oowe. V Particular* in to morrow'* papers. In Brooklyn, on Tnsedty morning, June 19, after a !filta|Onag tlhvees, Connnua h., wife of Kobert Armstrong, **ta the 86th year of her age. Her relative* and Irtone*, and those of the family, are respectfully invifed to attend the fnneral. from her lata residence. No. 26.' Waabington street, Brooklyn, at three o'clock to morrow afternoon. ABTERTISEXgftTO 12HEWED EVERY DRY. IF A WOMAN NAMED HUB3EY, WHO WENT TO AME, r*rt with a viBto name4 Garrigan, from Dublin ikenl ten rear 1830, is alive, aba will hear of sometblsg ?a bar advantage by addressing a letter to the New York eity Paet uffios, baa 1,NI, atating where aba may be oaad. 1 INFORMATION WANTED?CONCERN 1 NO FEEDER ick Bonerkora?, a native ef Limerick, Ireland, aged about 39 yeare; raa laat beard from at Cinelnaati, Ohio, in 1860 ar 1861. Any ana baring knowledge of the above mentioned pereen. will eonfer a mvor, by tending bin eemmunieatioa to boa 1,468 Posv Office, Boston. INFORMATION WANTED?OP BRIDGET WALL. SER vant If aho will aall at 131 Chamhara atraet, aha will bear of aomethlag to bar advantage. TAMES LAMB. AET18T, IS REQUESTED TO FOR (J ward his addre?? to his brother, or any informatioa_Ma oeraing him, aiaaa 1881, will obllga. No 6 SmiUtfteld Bar*. Lincoln. EFMCIAL IOT1CKI. Butt end chowder club.-noticb.-'toe mem bora and guests tf tha above Clab will ploaae ba on board on Thursday morning, J una 21, nt H> o'clock, precise ly, nt the foot ef Spring street. V iltib Millxb, Vlee Pies't. SAML- LONG, Prea't. (CRYSTAL PALACE.?HAVE YOU EVER SEEN IT V W J not, improve lbs laat obanoa which you will aver have of teeing the galleries of atatuary and oaintinga from the bande of Italian and German masters, got on exhibition. These oap'ivatiag works of nrt mnat bo returned immedi nlely to Europe for exposition in the Pe1eo? of Industry, in Paris- Coma uuiek are it is too Into. SAMUEL BREVOORT. Acting Superintandnnt. HOBOKEN TUR'iLB CLUB.-NOTiCE -THE SECOND dinner of the Hokoknn Turtle Club will ba given nt Elm I'nrk, on Wednesday, Jnna 2Mh? Conveynnoeeby the Third Avenue Railroad to Yorkviile, (Eighty sixth eiteit), where aline afomniburea will positively ho on hand at 3o'olook 1*. M., to oonvey pnaaengern to and trom the tnrtlo ground. By order of WM. P. DEN MAN, President. MASoNIC.-THE ENSUING FESTIVAL OF ST JOHN will be celebrated by n prooeesien and appropriate oe remonies, by Weav jheater Lodge, No. 147, nt New Kooholle, on Mondny, 26th inat Brethren from lodges of the jurisdic tion of the Grand Lodge of thie Stnte, (under the old ooneti tution) and sojourning Brethren nre invited to be present. The enrs from New York will lonve the New lluven depot, Cnnnl street, nt 9 o'olook A. M., returning at d o'olook P. B. Brethren Intending to participate will leave their names in the Grand See start's offloe, 690 Brondwny, before four o'clock on Friduy, 22d Inat. Masonic.?dobic lodge, no. mo.?brethren nre notified of the Intention to celebrate St. John's Day, on tba 26th instant, by exouraion per steamer Laura Knapp, from tba foot of Markot street at 8 A. U.preoUely. Tickets may be had of tba treasurer. P M. Jno W. Simon*, SO Cat ban ue street M. J. DRUMMOND, W. M. R. V. Batemaw, Secretary. Masonic notice.-the Spanish lodge, la LFraternidad, was opened on the night of tbo lttth lost., nt the Mntonlo Temple, corner of Broome and Crosby atresia, by virtue ot n dispensation granted by tbe M. W. Joseph D. Evans, Grand Mnater of tbe M. W. Grand Lodge o ? the State of New York, and will meet tbe second and fourth Satur day a of every month at the same plaoe. AN ORES CASSARD, H. W. Avidal De Mosquira, Secretary. M ASONIC?THE MEMBERS OF LEBANON LODGR, No. 191, Free and Aoeopted Masons, arc earnestly re quested to be preeest to night, at their lodge room, Jor the traneaotion of basinets. G ? ? GEO. H. DOYLE, M. D? W. M. 8. A. Freer, Secretary. ATRW TORE, JUNE 9, 1865 -THE PRICE OF BOARD J.1 nt onr respective hotels on and after this date will he twe dollars and fifty seats par day. TREaDWELL, ACKER A CO., St. Nieholna Hotel. HIRAM CRANSTON, New York Hotel. O. C. PUTNAM. Clarendon UoteL Notice ?a note or d. c. oris a ogden'S. fob $3.6(10, June 8, 1866, CO days, drawn toordar ef and en dorsed by lanne Otis A Co., payable nt Atlantis Bank, New York eity, was loit in sending ky mall to Bridgeport, Conn. All periona nre notified not to purohaae tame, as payment has been stopped. Notice-all persons are hereby forbid den to pass or negotiate the following ohecks, drawn on tbe Bank or tbe Commonwealth, by Shufeldt Brut. A Co., to the order and endorsed by W. T. Shufeldt, aa payment or tbe same has been stopped:?One ebeek dated Jnne 18, 1866, for 3300; one dated lure day for $250; bne dated Jane 30, for $.1U0; one same day tor $260; one dated Jnne 21, for $601); oie dated June 26, for $260; one dated June 27, for $260; one dated June 28, for $200; one dated June 29, for $260; one dated July 1, for $600; ono dated July 2, for $b0J. MEW YORK, JUNE 19, I860 ?NOTICE IS HEREBY given, that no person baa any authority whatever to eontraot debts in my name, nor will I bold my I elf responsi ble for the payment of any aueb debts. BORCHART MEYER, Booton. N' OTICE ?ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY FORBID den to pass or negotiate tbe following oheoks:?One drawn by William O'Donnell, on the Bull's Bend Bank, * r of ? for $300, dated the 21st day of June, 1866; another, drawn by John Lidell, on the Pacifio Bank, for $360, dated the 19th or 20tb day of June. 1866, payable to tbe order of, and endorsed by, Charles Wright; as payment ot tbe same, has been stopped. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, NEW YORK, Jure 14. 1866.?The adjourned meeting of ths stock holders of this company will bo held at its office, 64 Booth street, on Wednesday, Jnne 20, nt half past 1 o'olook. WM. H. DaVIDGS. Secretary. The owners and occupants of property on Vsssy and other streets, who nre opposed to the ex tension of the Sixth and Eighth avenue railroads, through Yesey street to Broadway, are requested to attend a meet ing nt tbe Aster House, en Wednesday next, June 20, nt 4 o'elo look, P. H. J. A J. W. MEEKS, on bohilf of the ownera THE UHCOR q,UK8TIOS. A N EXCELLENT QUALITY OF CLARET WINE AT J\. C2 Mr doien. (bottle* returned): various grade* of elaret, ulnea. brood lea, gin, Schnapps, London and JDnUin porter, and Scotoh ale*, for *ale at UNDBRHILL A MAT TERS ON'8, 490 Broome itreet, on the oorner of Crosby it. Hungarian and Austrian wines.-the bn. dersigned, sole agent* for A. Sohwartier A Co., Vienna, hare on hand and offer for (ale a fall assortment of theie ehoioe wine*, in whole, half and quarter eaak?, and oaaee comprising tome of thoflneet description*, and warranto 1 free from alcoholic admixtnroe ae per oertiBoate, from J R. Chilton, Eeq , ehemiat, copied at foot On examination the of these wine* will be found to compare mo*t fa with any imported in thle city. BURCHARD A BUCK, 22 South William etroot. Certificate.? I hare carefully analyzed several rarietee of white and red Hungarian wince, imported by Burobard A Bnek, 12 South William atreet, sole agent* for A. Schwartzer A Co., Vienna. The sample* were taken by my direotlon from oaths whioh I iodiserimiuately pointed out from a large quantity in thoix wine vault*. I Una them to be of excu lent quality, and that they hare been made from the pure Juice of the grape, without any alooholio or other admix ture. Theee wine* can be highly reoommended for sacra mental. medicinal and other usee of pure grape wine. Among the white winee, thoee of Tokay, Menoei ana Rueiti, will be found to pooiees the meet tonio qualitlee; and a* the white quaUty c ?orably ' wlneelgenerally bare diuretic propertie*, they are beet for nephritic oomplaints, wblle the red wine* being most astrin gent will be aervioeable when inch an effect i* required. It give* me pleasure to recommend these pure wine* to the public, and I trust that the importer* may meet with the encouragement they desire. J a mm R. Chiltok, M. D., Chemist. New York, dune, 1855. PONT OFFICE SOTIC ICS. POST OFFICE NOTICE?THE HA1L8 FOR CALIFOR nia. Ac., per United State* iteamer Illinois, will close at this office on Wednesday the 20th day of June, at 1 o'elook P. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER, Postmaster. ________ . rp> E THIRD ANNIVERSARY of the YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB wUl be oelebrated on June SO, 1856, at the METROPOLITAN THEATRE. Biatlnguiihed gentlemen from different parts of the Union will deliver the annual addressee. Members oan procure sard* ef admission on application to either of the follow ing Committee of Arrangement*. The balcony boxes and dree* circle will be reserved for ladies and gentleman ao eompanying them. S. WALLACE CONE, C. L. VAN ZANDT, LI. HARRISON. Young mens' democratic union club.?a special meeting will be h?ld on Welnesday evening, June 20, at the Chinese Rooms, 638 Broadway, at 8 o'oloek, to compute arrangements forth* anniversary at the Metropolis ?a re on u J0HN COCHRANE, President, ?onnxuvs Carres, Sec. PUTOQ CARDS. PLATING CARDS -LINEN PLATING CARDS, VERT old and well seasoned, with all the other various qual ities of linen and cotton oards, made by SAM HART A CO. For sale to the trade and olnb houses at their store, N*. 1 Barclay street, opposite the At tor Honee. _______ Booes ard engravings bought at thr old Cariosity Shop, 107 Naessu street, where the highest oash prioe will be given: also paintings, eurioeities, or any thing appertaining to literature or the tine arts. Always on hand a large assortmemt of books sad engravings, at very low prices. JOHN PTNE, 107 Nessad street. REST AURA NTS. /"I REIN TURTLE SOUP AND STEAKS OF A SU IT potior quality, every PETT1T A CROOK'S, 13S 'ator etroot. HE PROPRIETOR OF THI WOODLAWN, a?5o our old Mead the Fat Bey, Will plea** aoeept eur slaeer* thenke for the baa* tent us yesterday, tbe fleet t we have teen, having been eanght in the rear of hie place. A 27 lb, bate is a pretty good bate. He is "himself," he is. OSCAR SHANGHAI, No. 2 Dey etroot. PAlCPM AOAINUnia, Dancing acadkmies-o. plance, dancing matter, Informs hit friend* sad the public, that by an arrangement with rrefeeeer Same so, wbe intend* to glv* private lessons only, ho open* this day. No. 378 Fourth *t., s now dancing school lor praotioal els****, every afternoon and evening, attended by assistant ladies. -BfiajAaiai. ~ Billiard tables.-wr oifer forsalr a fine ?took of oak, mahogany and roitwood tables, with our newly Invented euihione. Cloths, hell*, cuee, and cu4 leathers, at the lowest cash price*. One good secondhand table tor talc. GRIFFITH A DECKER, 80 Ana street. Vrt^HES, JEWELRY, AtC. G ENTS FINB GOLD CALIFORNIA DIAMOND CLUB a*. V' cheln. $4 These pint titf i ZJ i. '-i*d /o* te the real diamond. Si of tee United State*, by enclosing ^ A J- JACOBS, 407 Broadway, B^'THjaiiONI Al^ ~ Thr advertiser, a younq mVi*. n year* of eg* of nuquostionablo ohnracfoVand eood a? ares*, In easy circumsUnce*. wishes to open derce (with a view to matrimony) with ayou,.* to 20 yean of ass, of good sdd.ei* aad Ube^^J?" " capable *f making horn* happy. Plea.* addresa SeSWuf ford, Brcadway Po.t tifflre, immediately, a* the adT.?ilj intend* leaving the city tor some fashionable waWMrtS! to spend the summer months. * piaoe fPiiirfg^Mh ~ = OPIR1TUAL1SM.?SMITH, WRITINgTndVfkak I Vo p medium.?The eamer axd toeal.t) of dl.e.JeuT ruade known, and edvloe given correctly, or no ohargo. Definite accounts given ol abien* friendr. Rutin* s documents sat,, factoilly adjusted at .'?<15 llroadway, oorner of Prince street Ho?. /to 11 A. M.; 1 to 3, an) 7 Co 10 P. M PrlvaU .'??? apply pievieu*. rms. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN JL wishes to obtain ? situation in ? family, u ?atM ut iiuitttK, ?r to do ehamberwork or plain sewing. Can he mob at 116 Charles aL, earner of Hadaan st. A SMART. ACTIVB PROTESTANT GIRL WANTED? A to live in a eouutry town; aha muat bo English, Sooteb. Vt ? lch or German; a good eook. waakor and lroaar. and tho roughly undemanding general boua*w?rk, witk a good re ference fro mbar la t place; wages $6 par month. Apply at 126 CiiatoL aireat, Brooklyn, between 8 aad 9In thamorning, or 6 and 7 In the waning. A respectable young girl, prom the city al Dublin wanta a aitnatlaa aa aoamatraaa. in a private family; aka nndoratanda cutting and fitting ohildren'? dieaaaa; haa a good knowledaa of dressmaking and all klnda of family sewing; would have no objection to travel. Pleaaa aall at 99 Eaat 26th at., betwaen 2d and 3d avenuea, for two day a. Can giva good city reference ARESPEC lAbl.R YOUNU GIRL WISHES A SITU A tion in a reipeetablo family, aa ohambermaid; would aeaiatin washing and ironing; ia vary wall uaad to ohlldroa, and plain sewing, and would make herself uaeml in all other departments Can be aeun at 386 Pearl tt. Has tba best of city refereaeo. ARKSPECTABIB HOUSEKEEPER WISHES THE washing of a email family, or a lew India*' and gentle men's. Pereons boarding in this neighborhood will find it eonvenlant to gat their olothea washed at 171 Wooster at,, fir it doer ia the rear. A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL A h? naework: has no objection to go a abort dlataneo in tbo country; a Protestant woman; can take eare ut ohildren; etn ho seen fOrtwo day*, if not engaded at 291 17th at., in tha rear, between 9th and 10th avenue*. AS SEAMSTRESS.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man wishee a situation in tba above capacity; oan cut and At hoys' and girls' clothing; also, different kinds of fa mily aawing. Please address Seamstress, 403 Pearl at., near ly opposite Matfiaon. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A chambermaid and to assist in washing and ironing, or to do plain sewing or general boosework in a small lataily, baa no objeetion to go a abort diatanoe in the oouutry. Call at 62 Rutgers it., room 22. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITU A tion as chambermaid and to assiet In waiting. Refers to the family with whom aha resides. Apply at 81 East 23d street. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A sitnatlon asohild'a nurse and seamstrees, or would assist in honaework if required; has no objeotion to the country. Can be seen at 23 Hosier st., In the rear, between Norfolk aad 8nffolh sts., for two day a A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wanta a situation as eook, washer and ironer; has no orjeotlon to go In the country; has good city referunoo. Can be sceu lor one day at 249 West 25th St., between 9th and 10th avennee, second floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE JOL girl, to do tbe general housework *f a small tamily; is a good washer and ironer and a plain oook; no objeotion to f o to any of tbe neighboring cities, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Ao. Can bo seen for two oaya at 362 2d avenue, lront room No. 12. Good city releronoe, if required. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL J\. wants a situation in a reipeetablo family, aa good oook, washer and Ironer; good roferenoo. Apply at 63 Heater st? comer of Ludlow it., In the ehoe (tore, for two dtye. A STEADY, RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN wishes an engagement to travel with a family to En rope; it an excellent washer and ironer. and good plain oook; wages not so much an object as employment in a res pectable family, either as ohainbermeld or general houso servant, l'leaee apply at 271 Bowery, for two days. Bast of reterence given. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WHO HAS lived over four years in ber present situation, wiihea to get into a small tami'y, to do gensral housework or obam berwork; she can do plain oooking; is a good baker, and ex cellent washer and ironer, and oan give unexceptionable re ference. Please address or apply at 31 6th av,, near 4th at. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION, as housekeeper, in a private family or hotel, either in city or country. Any one wanting snch n person will And in the advertiser an uctive and willing assistant; salary not go mneh an object a* a good home. Address A. P., Herald offlee. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU ation as ohambermaid, or as nurse and plain aewer, in a private fhmily. Best oity referenoe. Please oall at 121 1st avenue, between 7th and Sth its , for two days, if not engaged. A FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER WANTS WORK AT making dresses, can out and baste all sorts of patterns in tbe French style; will give Instructions and go aut to families by the day; can give tbe best of oity icferenco. Ap ply at 161 Elisabeth at., between Broome and Spring eta, 2d floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation, In a small private family, a* good plain cook, washer and Ironer, or as ohambermaid, or would bo willing to do general housework. Can he geen for twro day* at Mrs. Irwin's, 86 Duffleld St., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS A seamstress; is an sxoellent plain worker; ean cut and fit children's dresses; oan take oharge of one or two grown oblldren; no objeotion to the country. None but respectable families need apply. Good reference. Apply at 87 West 19tb ?t., between Gtn and 7th avenuea Can be seen for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB A tain a situation in some respectable private family, ai nurse and seamstress, or to do ehambcrwork and plain sow ing. Can bo soon lor n few days at 63 West 13th at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, A aa plain oook; !? a good washer and ironer, or oham bermaid and lanndrre*. Call at 76 West 18th at., between 6th and 7tb avenuea. Good oity reierenoe given; has no ob jeotion to go a short diatanoe in the country. Can be seen for two days. I PROTESTANT FRENCH LADY WISHES A SITU at ion to wait on a lady or take oareof ohildren; she baa lived In a highly respectable family; oity referenoe gi ven. Address A. M . Herald offlee. _ A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB tain a sitnatlon, in a private family, as nurse and seam stress, or to do chamberwork and to assist In watbiug and honing; no objeetion to go in the oonntry; ean have good city reference. Can he seen for two day* at 83 Ann St., from 9 till 6 o'clock. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. In a genteel boarding house or saloon, aa oook; good city referenoe given. Can oe seen for two days, it nut en gaged, at 75 R arren it. A FRENCH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS eook In akotel, restaurant, or boarding house: under stands her business perfectly well, and ean produoe the best ofreferenees; no objeetion to go in the oountry. Ap ply at 131 Anthony street, near Centre, in the milk store, for throe days. A NAN OF GOOD CHARACTER AND GOOD ABI llty wants a situation as assistant bookkeeper or part ner of equal means. Can give real estate security to the amount of 310,000. Address, post paid, F, D. M., 733 3d nv. A YOUNG NAN WANTED-WHO 18 A GOOD PEM A man and trusty; one aeqnaiated with the tin business preferred, at low salary. Inquire at 168 Sooth st. A SITUATION AS COACHMAN WANTED, BY A A very reipeetablo English man; on* who understands his business thoroughly; ha* had toe oharge of one of the most respeotable private establishments iu the city, for the last S or 4 .tears; osn give reierenoe to late employer. Who ever this may suit can apply at(Mr,Mulagan'(, 123 Grand at, for three days. Agents wanted in every city and town in the United States, with a small capital. A liberal commission will be allowed. Apply to or address, enclosing one stamp to pay postage on answer, A. J. HALE A CO., 198 Broadway. A YOUNG HAN IS LOOKING FOR A SPANISH teacher. Address Box 3,226 Post Offioe. A YOUNG NAN, RESIDING DOWN TOWN, WISHES to receive instruction en the guitar, for a moderate compensation. Please address, silting terms, Ao.. T. 1. B., box 1,666 Post Offlee A SITUATION WANTED, BY A 8INGLE MAN, AS coachman; would wish to go to the oountry; thorough Z understands the oare and management of horios, and oity lvlng: ftr capability and character can give the host ot city icfercnce.aA note addressed W. O. B., Herald offlee, will meet immediate attention. A GERMAN ARCHITECT, COMPETENT TO CON struct and superintend any, even the moat difficult kind, of buildings, who U an exoellent draughtsmen, and had tor lateral years the charge of a oarpenter and etalr builder shop,wiahei to obtain an engagement. Addreea box 171 Herald effloe. A BIT CATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young man, to go on a farm; understand* the buaineae, and fa willing to make hlmaelf generally neefelin and out ot doore. Whii not eo much an object aa a good home. Call at 52 Charlei at., rear hoaee. Z YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION,IAS WAITER, la a private family or hotel, or to travel with a family: oan apeak Engliah and Spaniah. Uood referenoea given, if required. Call at 108 Eaat 22d at., flrtt floor, back room, for two dayi, from 10 till 4. BOOEKEKPER.-WANTED, IN A WHOLESALE Li quor atore, a young man, Amerioan, who la well ac quainted with keeping booka; aalary $300. Addreaa P. 8., Herald office, in own handwriting, age, name, town, oounty and State ot birth. Cock and waitress-a family leayino the city, detire to find a place for their oook, (colored) who haa been la the family many yeara. Alio, for an Amerioan yuuSfl wonts, ?i:wdin?w pctivo and obliging; wage* mode ?ato. Apply at 104 Ffft& avttnt, Mir Htl el. CHILD TO ADOPT.-WANTED, SOME RESPECTABLE family to adopt a flue heal toy little girl, 4 mo n the old. Addreea Mrt. W'lleon, Herald offioe. Coachman.-a situation wanted, as coach man, by a reepeotable young maa, who ia a thorough groom aa well aa driver; uaderetaade the care and treat ment of home; la competent in hie buiineaa; will alio aaeiat In garden If required; baegoodeity rooommendationa from his last employer'!. A line addreeeed te M. D.. box 104 Herald offioe, for two daya, will be promptly attended to. Coachman -wanted, a situation, by a re apeotable Protectant maa. who perlectly understands bla burineae; no oUectlen to the oountry; will be found generally ueelul. Can be teen at 120 cedar at., for three daya It net engaged. riHltfTJAN HOME FOR FEMALE 8ERYANTS \J TMrty eighth itreet, between Fourth and Lexington avenuea; goveineeeee, houeekeepert, alao aervanta In every capacity, unpolled from thia institution. Madison avenue atagee and Third avaaue oara pass within a few atepa of the doer. Two Frepeh women at the inatltuMoa. Drug cierk wanted?a person thoroughly acquainted with the eity retail trade, may apply im mediately at 413 0th avenne. Drug clehk.-wanted, a competent assiiv ant in a retail (lore. One who can give unexceptiona ble relerenoe aa to compotoaoy and o bar actor, may tenure a permanent aitoa'Ion. Addraee, giving real name aad refe renoea, D. D , Herald offioe. Deug clerk wantrd-a young man, fully oompetent to lake charge oi a retail drng atoro; none bnt a oompctaat perron need apply. 32 Catharine at. }j>VSNINO EMPLOYMENT WANTED?BY A WELL <4 edoea'ed young man. who fully understands book beeping by double entry; apeaka and writes oorrootiy Eng liah, French and German, and writes a fair husineat hand. Good reference fivon. Address A. Z., box 106 Herald offioe. HOUBIKEtriRS, SEAMSTRESSES, NURSVS, CHAM termalde, waiters, cooks aad smart girl* tor bonne work, with good retereueo, can obtain rmpeotablo situations and tha highest wager, In oity or oountry, at WESi.EV'S svleet female offieo, ISA 7th avenue, between 234 end 24th eta. N. B.-A lady la attendance. Call early. WAITS. TTOUSEKKEPER WABTID.?A LADY WILL QDA II lifted w take charge at a mall beardtig bins# la the country mar call at 74 Kait 384 at., U-toj. HOUSEKEEPER-WANTED. A MIDDLE AGED WO man, or widow, without ineumbreueo, aa took and housekeeper Aa evsrytntar will ba aadar bar charge, aha mutt tara the boat of city reference. Boot oh or English pro frrrtd. Address A. W? boa 1MB Herald office. NtiESK WANTED-WANTED, AT NO 8 WEST21D r- * ~ a. ? tree*, an American, Scotch. at uaraa. None without the beat roooBuneadaiioaa aaad apply. SITUATION WAMTED-DY A 1ESPECTABLE PBO taatant girl, to do waiting and to atilat la cbataber wcrk. Call at bar preaont employer's, 47 Amity at. Situations wanted?by two sistbes <pro teatanta); one for general housework, the ether to oook, waah and iron; can give good city reference, ao objection to city or country. To ba aeon for two daya at 143 West 23lb at., between 7th and Stb arenuea. fir at floor, in the rear SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT AND RESPECT able young woman, who it an axperioaord nuree to take charge of a baby from ite bi tb, or would travel with a family, it required; ia a good ?< amatroaa, and baa tho batl of city rclerrncea Please applj at 106 27d at., weat of 3d ayeuoe, fcr two daya. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE UIRL, to do obamberwort or g.neral houvevworh for a small tamlly. Inquire at ft*36th at between 9th and Oth evenuea Cam giro good rafcreucea SITUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teetant girl, aa abambarmaid and aoametroa*, or aa nurao end teamatiers, in a privato family. Would have ao objeo tion to go In the country, or to travel with a lady for tbo summer months, (lood city reference. Call at 73 Charlton it., In tbo rear, fcr two da-, a. SITUATION IS WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE English girl, as flrat rate oook, washer, aad iroaer, er as chambermaid and Unndreee, Has best of oity references. Plcasa call at 54 Charlton street, oorner of Variok street. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RKSPBOTA Me y ouug girl, to do the general housework of a private family; it a good cook and excellent washer and ironer: good reference. Apply at 16 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, in tbo basement. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A GER men, in a grocery store. Beet of rtftrenee oan be given. AI ply to W. V., lbU Cherry at. TWO BK8PECTAB1.E ENGLISH SERVANTS WISH situation*?One to oook, waah and iron, and tho other aa chambermaid er waitsr. or plain sewer. Best ot oity re ference oan be given. Call at 133 41st at., third floor, front room, between 8th and Oth avenues. f ravelling agency wanted.?a young man, having a horse and buggy, would like to obtain a travel ling ageney in this or adjoining State. Unexceptionable oity and eountry refeienee given. Address Travelling Ageney, Prattaville, Greene county, N. Y. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS,-A YOUNG MAN WANTS a si nation as barkeeper, in some respectable house, lias bet n at the business the last six years, in this oity. Tto best reference from one of tho first class hotels in Broad way. No objection to the country. Address B. N? Herald office. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS ?WANTED, A PERSON WHO thoroughly understands the photographing and daguer lean arts, to go to a large Western oity. 'To a competent man, a permanent situation, with good salary, will be given. Address Henry Shalt, box 2,410 Buffalo Post Offioe, with siecimene of work. TO DAGUERREOTYPiarS.?WANTED.?A COMPE tent rereon who understands the above business in all ita branches will bear of a permanent situation by applying top. GAlUE, 309 Broadway. TO APOTHECARIES ?AN ASSISTANT DRUG CLERK wanted. Letters stating qualifications addressed Phar macy, Herald office. TO CIVIL ENGINEERS, EC.?A DRAUGHTSMAN, well acquainted with tho duties el a railroad office, wishes an engagement, or would aooopt temporal y employ ment in tho city. In a surveyor's, ko, offioe. No objection to go South. Address A. Z., box 107 Herald office. U] NE PKK80NNE DE MOYSN AOE, D?81 RE SE placer dans one famille privde, ponr fairs las chatnhre at eondro, on taireun pot It m 6 nags; olio n'aurait pas d ob jection d voyager. S'adreater 45 West 13tb at. w ANTED-A SITUATION AS NUR8E OR CHAMBER maid, by agitl who has lived tight years at 57 Chntoa Slaee, where she oan be teen. Is honest, faithfnl and in net rieus. TENANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, A SITUA Vv tion as housekeeper or companion to an iuvaUd; the it well odnoated and of good addreta. The advertiser wonld not object to take the entire charge of a family whore there are noobildrcn. Shs Is oxpable oi taking oare of a baby ?... - |b from ita birth. She is also a first rate oook, and would assist in fine washing or plain sewing In a small family. Please address Housekeeper, Broadway Post uffloo, tor one week. WANTRD-A HAT TRIMMER. WITH THE EXPERI ence, capacity aad taete requMbe to mperlntond a hat trimming room of one hundred girls. Salary no objeet. In quire at 166 Water et. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO PROTES tent rirl, as ehambtraaid and p'aia sewer, and to as sist in washing and ironing. Apply at 333 Greenwioh St., corner of Jay, second floor,"fortwo daya WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A good plain oook aad broad baker, and first rate washer and nener; must be willing to make herself useful and bring good city refer erne. Apply tor three days at No. 6 Douglass St., near Court. South Brooklyn. WAN TED?AN ENGLISH. SCOTCH OR GERMAN ?onu; one who cm waih aid iron In the bait manner and do plain eooklt g, and eomo well recommended, may ay ply at 110 Hamoreley It. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ASINJA tioo, aa lanndreu or chambermaid; ia folly competent t> fill either situation: good city reference given. 1'leaae call at State at., Brooklyn, aeeona door from Boer cm. ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa cook; ia a good cook, and nnderataada bar butlneea perfectly, and oau giro good eity reference. Apply at 1,003 Broadway, earner Twenty-seventh at. No objection to go in the country. w w TV'ANTLD-A GOOD COOK AND CHAMBERMAID vv Muat hare unexceptionable refeitnoe. Apply at 39 Eait 29th at., near Madison avenue, WANTED-A SITUATION, IN THE CAPACITY OF nurie, by ayeuug woman of very etaid habite. aad unexceptional reierenoe. Apply at 433 3d av., corner 27th ?t> WAN TED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonng women, a situation ait chambermaid or waiter, In a private lemilj. Unexceptional reierenoe aa to character and capability. Can be seen at 332 Sth av., between 27th aad 2Sth it*., fourth floor, tor two days BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl a tituation aa nunc, and to aeiliit in chamber work or plain aew ng, or to do cliauberaork and waiting; no objection te go in the eeuntry for the cummer or to travel. Bai city Reference. Call at 119 West 12th it., between 6th and fith av?., for two days. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED Kngllib penon, to do leneml homework, chamber work, or waiting. Good reference. Apply at the Weavers' Armi, Jersey City, Newark aveane, for two daye. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, ae housekeeper to an elderly gentleman. No ebj 'etlon to living a tew mileo in the country. Good recom ?renditions can he given. Addreei E. D., box 196 Herald olfioe. ANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOK. BY A MIDDLE aged pereon, in a private family, and oan aaeist in the laundry; no objection to the country; good referenoe. Can be teen at 34 Greenwich avenue. WANTED?A NEAT AND T1DT GIRL, TO DO houtework; mmt boa good waaher aad ircner and have good city refereno*. None other need apply at 37 Tea try tt., near Hudson. WANTED-BY A SMAET, NEAT AND EFFICIENT girl, a eitnation aa plain eoek or to do general house work; the is well recommended; would go to the country, and at modeiate wage*. Apply at No. 4 Sand* it, base ment, Brooklyn. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to travel with a family to the West; ie wil ling to make herielt generally uaetul. Can be eeen all this week at 271 Mulberry ct., between Prince and Houston. WANTBD-A VERY GOOD COOK, WITH BEST OF eity references. Apply this day only, at 1J West 10th at., between 10 md 1 o'clock. WANTED ?BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a eitnation aa chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children; can do plain eewing; the beet of city re ference given; no objection to the country. Apply at 232 Fiont it., Brooklyn, fcr three dayi. WANTED-A SITUATION, |TO TRAVEL WITH A lady going to Europe, at attendant; raterenoe given aa to character and oapaeility. call er addreei, for twe day*, at 106 avenue B, near 10th at. nr ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RES I'EC TAI TV girl; iaaiood oook, waaher and ironer, and ui stands baking; can be well recommended from her last i TIT ANTED-A SITUATION, BT TW# RESPECTABLE TV Protestant glile, in a privat* family, totaaeoareof children, of to do ohamberwerk; would havo no objection to go a short distance in the eountry. Can be eeen for two day* at 162 Myrtle aveaue, Brooklyn WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A THY YOUNG GIRL, to do the heueework et a small private family; is a geod plain cook; or ae obambermaid or to take oare of onil dreni no objection to go in the eountry. Good city rofereace. Call at 67 btanten street, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTBD-A SITUATION, IN A RESPECTABLE FA mily, aa obambermaid and waiter, by a young woman; hu uvea nve yeirs wi.L ??* ',Mt ?nployer. Call at 404 tfta aveaue, for two daye. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RE9PBC table Protestant girl, aa obambermaid and waitree*. or to lake oare of children, aad do plain sewing Tho beat of city relerenoti can be glvon. I'Uato oall at 102 West 21st street, her present employer. RESPBCTABLE under _ italta atioa. Can be eeen for two day* at N*. 6 Heat or at., first floor, book room. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOK, AND TO A9 ?iit with the washing and ironing; oan produce the very beet ef eity referenoe. Call at 124 Twelfth it., between Sth and fth avenuee. Can be lean lot two daye. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation in a]tmail private family, to do general home Work; ? *ood *"hsr s-^d ironer. Good city refe^anoc. Lall at 46 Forsyth at., frjgt basement, for two days. * rMS0N 1XPBRIENCE, A u ? i-* lady's maid; understands cutting End ".-to** and ohlldren'e drsasoa; alto hairdroisir.g em Jro1 ..eCf and ladiea' finery. Ha* no objection so travel to ^urop* or go to the oountry. licit of eity reference. Can be seen tor throe days at 271 Mulberry it., between Prime and Bonetoa. ANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION, TO do ohamberwerk, and plain sewing in a smell private fan lly. Can be eeen for three dayi at 146 East 21th street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 3ITU atlon ae wet nurse, with a fresh breast of milk. Has lost her baby, one woek eld. Has no ohjeoti in to go nut or take a baby to hsr own house. Pleaee cu'! at No. 2 Columbia atreet, Brooklyn, first floor, front room, TITANTBD-A SITUATION, RY A NEAT VOUNO GIRL, TV *i gen tod adds< to- she Is cmpebii ef doing tb* general boetework of a small private family; can cook, bake, wash ai.d iron in the sea' est stylo Has the best of city rolornuoo it ill take Ida month. Call at217 East 23d at. WANTED-A SITUATION UT A RS3P2CTARLS Protestant woman to take vers of ehrldron Nook jee'ion to tie country Go>? eity refer, nee Apply et 142 Sullivan it., In the rear, l?r three day*. want*. w BT NURSE.-A HEALTHY WOMAN, WHOSE BABT km (till tor* ( wt(k iIim, would toko odo to nnree T T WM lull IVIU m w?kw """ ?? ? : o? bor roe. donee. 1? Ew? 26th at, near 2d avenue. Good to fcroce ?an b# u4 Ule "fVT-ABHIAG.?WANT1D BT A WIDOW WOMAN, SIN; VV gle gentlemen's or fnaailiee' washing. lean ex penanced bond It washing ond ironing ; hu u oraorioaeo<?f sevan yari. Ap^ly jiartonally or by note, 199 BmI 29th St., to TV ANTED?BT A BESPBCTA BLB PROTBSTANT Vv (OHM, o sitnation u laundress or chambermaid.? Would tot* charge of en infant from itt birth. Coo prodooo the bott of oitjr reference. It folly nonpatent to rive ????*?' ?otiafootlou to h?r employ sr. Coll ot 339 ltit 12th St., hut floor, roor room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A MOST RESPBCTA bleyonag womon, m seamstress in o genteel fnmilrilsn rood drseemaker oud eon d? oil kind# or Mot towing: no oblee'ion to go a short dietanoe In tho oountrr. or do light ebamberwork if required. Tbt bott ot olty rofertnoo (iron. PltMt opply for two dnyt nt 172 2d tt. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RBSPBCTABLB cirlt, ot rood eook; it n flrtt rote wotatr ond ironor ond coed bokor of bread. Good oity referenoe. Con bo toon f.r two dnyt nt ?6 Honmoroly tt.. in tbt roor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RBSPBCTABLB young womon, M tonmttrott or aorta; would horo no objection to go in the oonnfry nod do general homework. Good oity rtforenoo from hor net attention Apply nt 70 3d ore., between 11th nnd 12th ate., la tho thoo (tore. fir ANTES?BT A TOUNO LADT, A PLEASANT AND VV comfortable room, with boord, in n oonroniont port of the oity. Addreti K. r., Uerold othoe. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tun to do gonernl housework* Apply nt her prooent pi too, 193 Mndlton tt. WANTED?BY A DECENT. RESPECTABLE MAR ff ried womon, two mole nnd ont fomola ohlld to board, tboy will horc n good oleon borne ond bo well token onre of; hot oo family but berttlf ond husband. Apply tor two dnyo ot 99 Entt Urondony. tint floor, book room. WAN'lED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as onambarmald and flno washer ana ironor, or ot waiter. Can be totn until engaged ot hot pa tent employment, No. 73 Eatt 23d at WANTES?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, m chambermaid and waiter, to toko ooro of ohildrea, cr to Mtiat in the housework of n tmnll family. No ohjoo tion to the oountiy. Good reference. Apply at 87 18th tt, between Oth nnd 7th arenuet. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY WOMAN, TO COOR, wath and Iron;the ranit oeof iteady, quiet habile; ahe moat alto bo of a kind ond obliging, tarn, willing to make herself useful to hor employer: suoh, with good rolerouoo, may apply at 136 Lexington nronno. A Protectant pre ferred, WANTED-B Y A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL, a tituotioa at norae and teomttrett or chambermaid oud waiter who hot got good city referenoe from her lnat place, ond bu no objvotlon to go n ehort dittacce la the eonntry. Call at 215 E. 13th tt. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO WOMAN! at chambermaid, aud to aeeiet iu waahing oud ironing. Cood eity reiarenee. Can be teen fur two day a at 203 12th it WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE yonng girl, to do general housework in a smell prirate family, or needlework if required. Can be teen lor two days at 2U3 Watt 2tlth at., batwaen 8th and 9th aveuuea. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girla, to do general honaeworb; no objection to go n abort distanoe in the eonntry; good referenoe Call nt900 Htoeton atreet, near Bowery, in tbt atore. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO WOMAN, at chambermaid ond waiter; good reference. Apply ot 199 Boat 13th et., for two day a. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do genarol houaewoik; good reference. Apply at 94 Cbarlca atreet. Con be seen lor two day it not engaged. WANTED?BY A SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUATION AS onrae ond aeomaireoa, or ns nurse ai d chambermaid,in n imall private family. No objeotion to go a short dl.tanoo in the eonntry. Can be seen for teo day* at 329 tilth arc ane. Good referenoe. WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL, A SITU etion. m chambermaid or nurae; oon be wall roaom n>ended by' the lady where tho bos been living. Con be teen for three Uaya ot tho eorner of Hampton aud Atlantis eta., Brooklyn. WANTED?TWO SMART GIRLS. WHO ARE FAMI liar with tto potting np of aiuall package*. Apply on Itiat floor, ot 219 Ceo tie street. ANTED-A NEAT, TIDY AND STRONG GIRL, TO gc a abort dUtonae in tha oountry, to do general houae woik; mutt be a good plain cook, know how to maku bread and paatry, understand milk and hotter, ond bo a firit rate warbrr and ironer, of mild ond oheertul disposition, kind to children, nnd willing to make heraelf generally usorol. Wagea $7. Family amoll. Call between the bo are of 10 and 3, on Isaac Carpontei, 14 front et. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng women, as one who oon take charge of a dining room, or aenmatroa: hot tbe beat of city reference from har lait place. Can be teen for two da\a at 26 Spiiag ai. ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG HEALTHY woman, w ith a fall breast of milk. Apply at 44 Or ohard at., for three day#. Good rc'eranccj given, if required. ANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion, M chambermaid and waiter, or would have no objection to do the genetel housework of a tmall private family; the beat of elty referenoe given, If required. ITomo call at 269 Weet 33d et., near the 9th avenue. WAKTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl; baa tbe beat of olty refereeee: hat no ob jactian to go in the country; eon do aenernl home work, or ebnmborwork and waiting. Please oall nt No. 33 Prince et, second floor. WANTED?A GERMAN GIRL. AS CHAMBERMAID and waiter. Apply at 18 South at., or to Mr Adams, Cliaton avenue, Brooklyn, third beats from the corner of Lafayette avenue, on onat aide. Wagea. $6. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA tiea M cook, washer and ironer. or would be willing t > do geaeial housework for a small family. Can be teen a; bar pi stent employer'#, 122 Livingston at., eeoond door enat et Smith, Brooklyn. ?YVANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Vv girl, m nunc and chambermaid and plaia eawar. Apply at her preacat employer's, 109 Enat 14th at, for two days. Wanted?a situation, bt a rbsprctablr gill, who la a good teams treat sad naderataads drees making. Can ba seen at bar present employer's, 114 9tb avenne, between 16th and 17th tie. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION n* eook; thoroughly understands her basinets in all its branches; Is willing to assist in WMhiag and ironing; good eity reference. Can be teen for two daye nt 197 16th St., be tween 8th and 9th avenues. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG PROTES tast girl, a situation as ohambermaid or waiter, or to aaaiet la the oare of ehildren, or do plain aowing; no objeo tion to the eonntry; the beet at elty referenoe given. Please call ar addraaa at 149 Weet 27th St., room 13. Can be seen for two days. If aot angsged. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE women, a* Brit rate eaok, whs naderatanda her buai nees in all itabranchas; has no obj actios to assist In waahing and ironing; the best of eity referenoe ean be given. Can be a?tn for two days, nt No. 70 Third avenue, between 11th and 12th atreeta, In the regr. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do general homework la n email priests family: la e ?r?t rata wMher and Ironer. and good cook; has good eity ? efertneci no objection to tbe eonntry. Can ba earn for twa rays, la Amity et., between Willow and Colombia eta., la i he rear, or at Mise Ferry's, Snath Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WUO IS A FIRST rat* dreeamaker, can make hoya' ar girla' clothea in the neataat atjle, and is a neat fine aawer, a litnation u aeamatroaa; would be willing to go by the month 01 week; no objection to city or eoontry;bea worked for tint elaea fami ne* la thia city; beat city reterence given. Call at 240 Tenth at., near Firat avenue, third floor, front room. "TIT AN TED? BT A STEADY WOMAN, A SITUATION, TT at cook; i* a fliat rate waaher and Ironer; or would dc chambcrwork aad Que washing: good reference oan be given. Call for two day* at No. 9 Union Court, between Uthart 12th at*., Unireraity place. *17'ANTED?BT AN ENGLISHMAN AND HIS WIFE, TT aituatlena? the man aa eeaehman and cream, the wife aa plain cook, or in any other eapaoity. Call en, er addreaa J. C., No. 14 Oak at. W^HANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION, AS clerk aad bookkeeper; being aaclona for employment, a moderate aalary will content. Addreaa C. leeaina, 23 Greenwich atraet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN INDUSTRIOUS man, of bnaineaa habit*, either aa outdoor clerk, dranghtaman, foreman, or light porter. Will derote all hit energie* to tbe bencht ef hia employer; well acquainted with the city and aubarba, aad naed to driving hocae*. Beat of refereneea. Addreaa G. P. 8., Herald ottoe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS gardener; underataada hi* buaiaeea in all it* baanebee; good reference. Addreaa F. R., lis Maaroe at. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS WAITER, BY A yonng man who perfectly underatanda hia oualaee* la every reaneet; baa the blgheat reeommeadationc aa to eha raoter and capability, with tbe vary beat of city referenoe; baa lived ever three year* In hia laat plaoe. Any oommand* for L. ?., at B. Tilford'a, corner ot (An avenue aad 9th at., a ill be punctually attended to 77 . ? 1 r V ? . ttflhflD-AN EXPERIENCED CLERK IN A FIRST TT elaaa hotel, who can prouuoe the beat ef teatimonlala, and la capable or atiperintendlng the ectabllahmant la the abneneeof the proprietor. None other need apply. Addreaa Walter, Herald once. flTANTED?A YOUNG MAN IN A PUBLISHING TT oflloe, who can loan hia employer* from STUD to $300. One unacquainted with the enl* of the olty. aad of honeat labita, oan have a pleaaant and permanent aitaatioa aad a liberal aalary. Tbla it a rate ohanoe for aa hoaeat and taitblal young man, who deaire* to beoome acqaaioted with bucinca in tho city. The beat of reftrencea givan and roqUlr td. None need anawer who eaanot comply u,* above. A do roe*. with referenoe, PubUabcr, boa " ^ pi'aiofBoe, New .the 00to beoomt ho qualnted with baalneaa ^ m eitJ> petered. W A.N rED-AMALE OR IBM ALE SCHOOLTEACHER M to eg a abort diatance In the oountry, to take charge ef a tvtan eehool. Apply at R. A Rtile'e olothlag atore, Kt>?en Catherine end Oliver eta ANTED?A YOUNO MAN, WIIO CAN OtiME WELL . . recommended, to go through tha olty aad take orJera from eutopic*. One that i* willing to maka hlmaelf naetnl n ay hear ol a g?od aitaatioa, by eddreating U. B., Herald office, atating what aalary would bo roqalred WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED CUSTOM CUTTER. None othert need apply. Apply to Wm. A. Mead A I Co., SO and H2 Cherry a*. [tTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESrECTABT.R TT young man, aa gro?m or c-aohmaa; he la a Proteitant, and can prodnoe undeniable referenoe fr m hit laat plaor; baa 1.0 i ejection to maka Mmtelf generally naefnl; no eblee Hon to city oroouatry. Call at 129 Grand at, near Broad way, for two day. ff/ANTUD, AT TIIE JEWRLERY* TT boy that hae a knowledge of tlln repair q* of Jewellery, and to make h?u.**lf generally neefW fab atora. Apply 127 avantl* atre< f, lirooaly a. ____ _____ WANT1Y?AT 841 BRffADWAY, (BASEMENT) POR fere lor atorta, man fo dr.vr harawa aod can., men on ?t< a it. etc, eoaohmea, two ralaamon for dry good a, olerke, aa.'Vant hoolbecprra, toy. for re.peetaM. tredea Ao t medarate. N O -1' uf cotton wnvere. Apply to 1 t arge, maairai'. f||oa, BrlliK ^,,4. w Wash. "IXTANTBD?A BOT THAT UNDERSTANDS TIM TT oyiier blSl?M. lid to make himself netful. 1?K to EUGENE 0TTBTI6, in be eerier of Onad rtratZi Imn, WANTID?A.N I8RAEL1TE BOT. ABOUT A OB M 7MM of ago, ?bo nod.r.tend. reedtjg, writing lad gjpbering. Good relerenoe reamed inquire It 197 WRlltm WANTED?A SMART AMD INTELLIGENT BOT. lieu I Id to 16 voire of ere. to rue erendi lad make himself generally useful in ? ttdoriug ** Mb lie bin out; bddt of rolordico will te required Apply et * u'eleek Hue aimti it No. 491 Broidwey, oorier uf Hroumest. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG BOT, AGE 17 years, to loiri ? wide Would preter i slothing ttoro, or ? fuey store. Qood refereeoe fren hie liot em pleyor. Apply for A. L., it tti corner of Hodeoo end In row itroote. WANTED-A SMART AGT1VE BOT. ABOUT SIX teei yeire old, to attention grocery etore, he watt reid ind write well, md oonu eel reosmmended from hie liet employer, lad nndere end ?ue em of I boroo lad wagon. Apply it 136 Crosby et. ?1AA THE ADVERTISER WILL PAT ONE HUN H>i.yU. dred dollere in o?i, t? i?y pereen who will M eure for bin I (cod end permitien! .itniasu m eome MB mere ill hoiee, oitber ia tin < ity or io any other State of the Union. Advertiser ie lain |;. or eHu the Eolith. French lid Spiaieb languages, ?? t cm forui-h the heet or refhren te< ie to capacity lid charm ?r. Addreee Giepir lietaa ceuit, 717 Broadway. QQ7 BROADWAY. CORNER or RRADE STREET, AO 4 at MORRIS k 0oH> EitT'M.Joan he hid a ehoiee ef English, Seoteh Iriib aod Derail help, for boiele and private fimillbe. Alee, wai er? porters, oeaohmea, gsrdsn tro, firm ere, mechanics and liberure, it thie or their ore ? oh effloe, MS Groeawieh et. THE TEAUBS' CHEMISTS.?A GERMAN hl oTAECARY AND OHEM iet de.irea ? situation ee ivn miu, eeeietiit, or aailylet. ii a ebemieal or pbaraiooatioel meoatietorr. Refereeeee unquestionable. Addrete U< rana Chemist, Herald lEll. TO BUTCBMRS.?A BUTCUKU'8 SON FROM EUROPE, wiehee to find employ men oi the large oatahMah meite in thie city or Phllad- ipliie hot where only oaoa aao elaaghtored; ho epoaka Geraeu one English; worm bo ob ject. Addreee 0. F. II., Mtrmd offleo. WANTED?THREE OB FoUR PIRSf BATE JOUR net men carpenter* to go oi Long lelind. Mad trite wares wul ho given, end emu'ot meat for throe or her month*. Inqnirt at 3U3 Weetel., near Spring, op etaiea, from 9 to 11. UHTKntrri'io <fcO r.A TOR A GOOD U an i> WAITING.?old and ?Tel* tlu yooig iciinlre o free elu rapid land a^the rah teriter'e academy, ii |ten it-t.une ?t ooe Jisur each. Book keeping rodnoed from $13 to tl > in for a thorough eoarte if inetructieo. 0. B GuLUcMllli 361 ead 361 Bread way. A GENTLEMAN OF OlUUuaT EDUCATION, LATE ly arrived ia thieeonatry. either m giro private ret inae in inueio, modern language- md -??seoee, or to tad M engagement ae toter ia eome hr ? claee family here or ia the country. The high politico he termor y occupied, eaablog him to Eli took a place te the iali"aoii?a ef any party dt eliing to have their eh'ldren imtrneted en the neweit plan lad method, how to move la accomplished tociety. Boot oity roforoaoo given. Addreee K a., beg it Harold tit*. A GENTLEMAN, WHO WaB SWORN INTERPRETER A and teacher or Freaob, Iteiun, Spanish, English, Air men, Huitian, Dutch, Latin led Greek, at Baden Bajp, wishes to be employed either ee teacher in private IsmUlM or public establishment, or u irau. iter He can give f boat reference! Hi* method i. preotioal and easy, trieeiatioae will be oorreot and quick. Apply by M giving name and addreee, to a 2 f L , Herald office. BOOEKEEP1NG, PENMANSHIP. *o? ARE TAUGHT ia a superior and espediu-u- manner, by F09THR A DIXON. 346 Broadway, where gentlemen and youth* 4M qualified to dtoohargo the dutioe ef the oonaUng noose with poompiaeta. He Pity and doopa'oh. BOOKKEEPING?C. C. M a KSQ'B CDUNTINO RQBM8, for the rrattlea of bookkeoiinj vrtttng, Ao. 34S Brotd way, Apploten Building Opuu dni'y. from 9 A M., to S P. M. Call for oiroulara. Mar.h'e oomploto worki en look beeping, ia Spanish and Engli-h, printed la eelere, for ealo ae above. ELOCUTION.?TBE SUBBOtUBEB RRSPECTFULLT in forma the publio that Mr J it Urown. the eolohratod Bbakaporiaa Reader will give aa il nitration of hie ora tor leal skill ea Tuesday and Thur'day e real nee, Jo a* 19th and Slit inet., at 8 n'oloea Huge ileteti fifty eoote, or three tieketa one dollar. At the Academy, 302 Broadway oomer of FraakHn. is.-IYER B GOLDSMITH. ROWX'S WRITING AND R,'i>fcKERPlNG ACADB my. 443 Broadway.?ladle* au? iMJtlpmon taught a fise, delicate, or bold mercantile ey-temot potiseomriliO, in twelve lemons. Rererred hours for tudlee from two toWURA, and three to four P. M. lnat a a Mont at the re (ideate of pupils a* usual. Wedding sad visiting oarde, Ao., writtea to ordtr. Term* rodnoed thie ead the eatoing week only. the ruiur. " EHKD HOUBR, HARLRM.?THIS FASHIONABLE BB I sort is aow complete in n<l Ite apuuiatmente, and the I sale* stable* attached no oonsiantly tiled with the taoot and iaatoit home to bo found P-rrene ia wait at htrm ena always bo supplied at ?te Red House. The toeMmg track Is fit splendid order, aad trotM ug aatehe* oeeur ovtgy Em afternoon The Second eveeea ears ease the door ITW loo minutes. . UNION COUBSE, L. I.? IhOlTING.?ON WBDNB8 day, June 20, at 3>j o'olnes, a match for $1,000; mUo heat*; host three Is Eve in har??ea Geo. Spioer name* b. g. Laatera; H. Woodruff aameer n.. Lady Franklia. SHaW A WHITE. Propriotord. UNION COURSE. L. I.-PAUInG,?rnE PACING race that .was to have oeme off ea Tnrtday, will taht plate ea Thursday, Jane 2iet BhaW A WHITE, PropriotQW. UNION COURSE, L. I.-PACING?ON TOURS DAT, J una 21. a watch for $2,0W,n Uu heata.beat throe loEvo to wagoa and driver woigbina2b3 pounds. George 8piece tamea gr. g. Bore: J. D. Melfaaa names a m Pooahonta*. Gars wlllleav* the Sooth ferry, Brookiya for the course at 2 e'eitok P. M. aad return a* eooa ae the sport ig over. Faro to go aad return, OOoeata. SHaW a WHITE, Proprietor*. rTHE LOTERfl AND BREBDRBE OF FINE STOCK.? The eolohratod thorough Seed etaUion Wild liiA maw, will staad for a limited anmbor of mare# the owaatM pea sea, at the Bod House stable*, at $fi# the season. AM ?owl to ho paid before serving vh* mare. All tidiwh It flu Hah of the owners. WILLIAM A BROWN, frogrioton. rkwahde AOC REWARD,-LOST, A I.AKQ? NRWFOUNDL&ND VAilf dog, blook oxetpt the tip of his tail, face, breast, aad at the tots, which art white. The d.dsr wlU Motive $2$ by leaving him at 136 Seventeenth at. *1 n REWARD -LOST, ON SATURDAY, 16TH JUNE, q)IU $47jd ia gold, in brookly, Item lldnoy p:ac? to tie ferry. Apply at 11 Ftrman street. H uoktyn (f|1A REWARD?LOST, ON ?4..>? aY NIGHT, 1STH CIU last., at Hoboken, a brown setter dog, ooe year aid; aaswtrs to tkenamaaf ' Jo." aay person returningtht seme to the St. Charlet raetauraat. eoruer of Broadway and 1 eoaard street, Now York, will rovo,vo the above reward. Sin El WARD.?STOLEN, FRoM THE STABLE OF wlu B. W. Allia, 347 Slxto ave> ue a white horse, ahowt lS}i hands high, very lam* in the algb fore foot, had ao shoo on that foot, being lamed from mid* gravelled in shoeing He is in good erudition, aad was used ia a cart. The above reward will bo paid by returning him te B. W ALLIN, at the ittd ttoro, 347 Sixth areaae, it $23 reward for the pro ?ecutien of the thief. AC BEWABD.?STRAYED FROM NO. 81 HENRY opU it., a block Newfoondland pup.wAh white Up* on each foot, a white stripe oa tht breast, and a white tip on tae end of the toil. Aay person returning the tame at 81 Hoary street, er te Howes Brothers, 14 Bowtry, will reoetve the abort reward. LOST Al?? ROITKD. FOUND-ON THE Hth OF JUNK, A SMALL WH1TB tog. Tbe ivur oan find bin tt (it Laight etroet by proving property and pacing expo hi OST?PER STEAMSHIP laiiAvVUA, FROM NEW Orleaaa, a linen bag. containing aiaihing, Ac., marked J. O. Liagham; wai loit Irom landing wharf. The lane will pleaee be delivered and expeatu will ne paid be C. Q. BD WARDS A CO., 181 Pearl itreet, Hew Terk. Lost.-.ifi.oo reward?a rocitEr book, on mon (dair evening 18th lnet.. ocn'-a'niag three notee, payable at tee Bank ef New Jereey. Hrnnewiok; one of Andrew Bolton, dated Jnne 12, tor $90 24, ill y day*; eae ef Joba Conorer, dated Jane IS, for $148. f ar month*: one ef Jebn Read, dated June IS, for $88, tour u >ntki All "?*?u "uu? '??i ,v? *wi ,w"? iw'uvoe An ymwwwmm riv forbid negotiating the earn*, ae parment U (topped. The above reward will be paid for the pooket book and pa pete, at 183 Wait etreet, op (tain. " CLOTH1RO, ddC. CAST OPT CLOTHINO OF RTRRT DESCRIPTION wanted?The blgbeet prlee given, and eaeh paid la ear rant money. Gentlemen wlablag v? dleaoee of Vlrlblat if a good guality, for a liberal oa?fc ~.e??aleat are reonaSbd to eall ea or address J AMR I MORON RT. 11 Raster etreet data Orange (tree41. CI LOTHINQ.?LADIES OR ORNTLRMRN RATIM ) any ef the nne to dl*f o<* of, oaa eb ?la a fair and eiS price Iv (ending ter the (nbeoriber at hie reeldono*, (K through the Po(t,) 86 Elm or 101 Chatham creot. Ladles attended by Mn. Cohen. K. s. COHEN. ARTHOIAROR. CARD?MADAM PREWBTER RETURNS THANKS TO ler friend? and patron* and ben te ear thai after the tbonfeadt, both la tbi* city and Philedelph a. whs have oonenlted her with entlte eatiefaettea eh* t*& eoaMtat the t in the question* of aatrolegv. lev* aad law mattes* dad booh* er oracle*, a* rilled on eoaatantly by Mapela** A* ha* no eqna). She wl'l tell the name ef the Inter* ba*belli and ale* the nam* ef her vlaiter. Reeideaoo T? MAdbea gtreet, ea* door Ska Catherlaa MISS BRUCE CAN Rl CONSULTED ON EYBNT9 fh? a eherb time, at her n??* '1 But Righteeatb itreet; and alio letter* written for thoee who have net the ability ?t writing for tbemeelve*. for Nnpenea Rvealag hong#, 7 till 10; hoar* la day time, 10 Mil f? ?P IFORTHfO* Mocking birds for 'jgf-zZELf'thumeL? d??ehin8nroVJ*lld%'*25 d" la Fraakliamarket, 014 ,Up< ="=~~ """= pBMVAM. vTrTzT")<'?P?c"T 118 TO ANNOUNCH y huored hlibnteher i store frern Me eld stand, ^finTeiker and Mott itreet* te No. 88 Mett etreet. tne ouaer* wh#re he (elicit* a eeatiaeatlon of that fhver ?*'5 for vrt at M* former (tend. Moderate prlee* ^Veilty "i" b* ?"?? I* command trade. ^o NOT iu WITHOUT A GOOD FARM; DO NOT BR It without healthy and eeaatant employment; don't 1*4 the hiaii price* ol rent aad proviiion* trouble yea. Live la the Dintlielthy part efth* United Statu, where fever aad Agae (It never known Fer sale, a farm of 48 aorea, at Clarheteea, Keek land cenntv.N.Y .SOmtlu rum this eity.ftjd from Nyaek 4 ftomKocklned Lake. *? fr -m Haveritraw; 3 aew heaiu. beta, iter* ibop. imnb* bouu, eoia ortb kitchen, and tail tbe mod nntbnfldlng#, *4w and la beOtordar; 8 HIH yoeag oreberd, 20 acre* wood, and good well and $ne ?tream er water Bed of new stone fencee that will last fere vet; 4a* rchoole *nd cbnrebu; ene milL Price $4,890, $1,800 eaeh; It it worth $8,800. A good farmer can make atenev en thin pace. Fenr ehancrt a day t* get t* New York for 2a. Tn* I nlldlnteaa be filled with boarder* a*$4 and $8 per week. Harereire* I* a botUr market for produce than thi* tity. If tea went a fens, do net ml*e tkliehano*. Apply at V yultoa *tf**t.

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