Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 13
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ivrmmmm renewed um day. luau a r a vinton. a L1UI u. NlOOLAY. >UOUOMl?l-n>iinTl A sale.?Tort*01* lota ? Ajkert U. Kl?o'?? will eotl oa WNi'dlJ J ana 3D, ax 13 o'okoh. at the kUrehAat** Ex change Soocxd hum, oonar o? Eigh'.y tfto at rati, tho aatwaVla I at iltttM aa tka northeast corner of Second tftaat and tuk>; hith street. M taei 2 Uokat Croat aad rata, by nt lectin depth. tlx. tka lot adjefaltg tka aoove, ?a kaaand araaua, 12 Nat trout aad rear, b, llS> foot daap. Tka abort lota ara aitoatad la tka oaatra of YerkflUa. (or ?ally belonging to tka Leoouat e-?-ete. aad aa lota kaaa kaao at Id tbu taataa that odar greater ladueemea'e far tka iamlMtt of aapilal or improvams*'., aa tka Feooud Art aaa Railroad mat ky tkia proparte, aad tka aala is to ba atad* withoat reserve to the highest b.dder W per cent aaa remain am kemd aad mart* act tor Mire* year*. at 7 par oaat, if desired tka title ia anquest oaanit, and th? lo'a wilt ka OaW free from all iaeombr*. oa. ?.>r further part oalara ap ply te ALBERT H. NICOLaT, Aeotl*ae*r, No. U Bread ItflAt. Auction sale or valuable real estate. W* dasixeto oall attei tiou to tha attractive alt to ba ?Mda tkia day k? ALBERT H MCOLaV Aootiaaaar, at 12 a.olaak, at the Maraha .?*' Exchan.-e, eoutissiag of tha Tory eaperk brown atone English mseinen* honso, aad lot No. 288 Waat Twaaty-aeoood atraat, built ia the Tory bait possible raanaer a faw moatha ag i, aud on'ola* all tka me a era Improvements. alaa, two r.laas a lata oa tka North Eaat eerier of Seeoad avai no aad fcUktv Oth atraat, la tka aaatra of Yorkvlile- Al.o, forty ba.utifat bui'diaz tetf, actuated ia tka Eighth ?Bd Ninth Wards la tha oity of Broeklya, aad ia a nee?bho,bn<.d whore neat lncproramaata ara la contemplation. Thi ? prop-rty la wall known, aa it ta a pertior ?f the Paala aetata Terms of all tha property vary liberal aad title* nnqo otioaanta : and a- all the pro perty U to bo aold witbo t reserve wo advUe Nil partial who art desirous of pareha.iag. ?i her far an investment or im f rovement, ta attend th? aala. For fall particulars aad 11 ibograpkit nape, no refer to tka Auctioneer, No. 11 Bread ttreat. 4C. TUTTLK, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE M BROAD > way?Genteel konaakold tornitnra. Aa A. C Tattle ?all at anotdon, aa Friday, at 10o'olook, at ll6j{ Oraad atraat, near Broadway, acaneral aaaor^maatafhouoe kald furniture. ocnslsllng of mahogany pa.-lor, dining aad bedroom fnrnitnro. croaker , china, glue and plated warn, keda. bedding, kitchen ntaneila Aa Terms caek, aad a da poait raqaiiad Irom amah pnrokaaar. AUCTION SALE Of RoUaiHOLD FURNITURE, JLX. ohanepagaae, caiari de-dbUN b TANuRVTATER, yrlll aoll an tWedaesday) tuie day Juno ?lth. at ld)? e'elook. at thaaalaaraom, 12 Maiden .ana. all the fnrnitnro eaataiaed ia the a sore aaJeacoom, rooeatly damaged by tha lata fro, to be aold perempt.ry on aao mnt of whom it mar ooaoora; among wkNh mai bo fmnd rosewood eaitaa ooverud in krooatel, Aaminater, Krutte a and Ingrain oarpeta; black walnat, mahogany and roeoeood aooratary bookoaeoi; mahogany and roaowood marble top oeu-re tablet; oak aateaaioa dining tablet, hat raoka. mantel oroammti, raaawoad and mnhegany marble top dressing buraaot; da washstaads: toilet eete; da bedetaade; bnir aad ocraw mat trettaa, palliaaeoa. enamelled cottage amt: togo her with a lino af kitchen utent.U. Alio n epie idid line of Krenoh. bronio. ormula and marble elooka raaniag from 7 to 31 daye' movement, warranted Al.o, a flat lino ot champagnes, brandy fruito, Frenoh muetard, o'arota. sardine.), aegar* of yarlooJ brand* A Lao, ta oloaa consignment, n large line ef oil paintiagt, among wtroh any bo found tome very fine mode; are mow oa exhibition, with eatal'>gne?, and affords a laa appartaaity to tkoco la want at evtry lot it to be told peremptory. A 0CTION NOTICE ?CRCKIKRRT, CLASS AND A china.?J. S H BaRi'LTTT, Auctioneer, will toil oa Wtdaotdai, J one 2U, at UJ c'elouk at 241 Pearl etroot, in lota to aolt purchasers, w. * kino printed, patafed. o. o. aad Rockingham ware- alto, a largo asrortmeat of out and preited glaaoware. poroelam Ac. Catalogues aew raady. Goods well packed for shipping. Auction notice.?fordham lots-in conik qaoaco ot the itorm yot'orday, the tale will take plaoo thlt any. on the ground, at SH o'olook I*. 11 , if the weather iaAae; U not, tha ftxit fair day foli-'Wing, without farther notlee. 2 nEWELL, 81 Natena etrvet. Auction notice.?m ihiuuhtt, auctioneer, will eell thlt dA.i, at V'% o'eloek. at 27 Centre ureal, a general and large attert-aent of foroitnre?(ntewood, maho gany, black walnut at d maple?ooatitttng of bureem. book oateo, wardrobet, eofat, toto-a tetea, ohaira. rookort, tablea, waakataada aad bedetoad-; together with orookary ami glaat ware, minora, painting., ehinn ware eileletk, oarpett, Ac. Alao. one mahogany ptauoforte, to pay advance*, Ae A UCT10N NOTICE.?JOPEPR L. fcUlTH, AUCTION A oer. will tell,- to memw, 2Ut, at 10>4 o'clock A. M , at 76 Fraaklla ttreet, neat Broadway, a larg* attornment of parlor, kodrtom aad kitohoa fnrnitaro, in txcellent ordtr, removed from Fourteenth itreet far oouveuienoe of tale; alee the remainder of fnml'urenot called for irom the 4th inat. The tale will bopotitlva, without limit. . A 0CTION NdTICB? WB. B. JONRS, AUCTIONEER. A ?By virtoe of aa oxtootion, I will toll, thi* day, at 10K e'clook A. R, atitcre 143 Canal itre*'., alot ofgrooe riea. ooaeUting of teat, tugar, tegart, better, okoete. leap, lard, broemt. brathe* a retilgarator, Ac.; like wise agro cor'a wagon and a tyring cart tril. B. JON'ES, Coartabl*_ AUCTION NOTICE.-J. BOGART, AUCTIONRER. A By B. BOGaRT Thurjday, at lOig o cloak, at tho auc tion room*, mortgage tale-buneehold turnitnro, oontittiag of a genertl aiicrtmtat af parlor, bedroom and kitchen fat al-art. crockery. Ac WILLIAM THOMPSON, Attorney for Mortagee. A UCTION NOTICE?THoa. BELL, AUCT10NE1R - A By BELLA BUSH, thi* day, lU>t o'clock, lo our talet room. It North William itro t, will be eeld, i icontinuation, the vnlunbio etcck ofehoioe d.-y goodt and geat't farniehing article#, clothing hoilery, ahawle, mantillas, cloths, ca.ti nuil vettingi (knee artioles jewelry, Ao : a to. two hun dred bexct lupcrior Havana mart, on* chest oarpentor't or cabiuatmakei'i tools Thursday extensile tale ef furni ture. Br WILLIAM DUMONT.-CONDIMNRD STORES, BY order et the Nary Agent.-WK UUMxNT will tell at auotion on Wednesday, June 20 a-. 12 o'clock, at tho Navy Yard, Brooklyn, beef, p<-rk, flour broad, rioo, en/or, batter, heaaa, dried applet, At., Ao.; blue eloth pea. round aaa monkey jeoktti, do. trowtert, over and undershirt*, draw ere, matireeaea. flannel blaikete, duok and liaea trowtert, hydraulic prett, junk boate.ohipt, Ae., Ae. BA. CHILTON, AUCTltiNTER.-ONE-flALr OF THE . eteam tow boat Thomas Salmon at ouotien.?COl.E A CHILTON will toll at auetion, on Wednesday, J one 27, 1855, at 12 o'olook, at the Merehan ?> E.xohange, under direction of J. 8. Underbill, the one bait, owned by Robert McCor miok, ot the eteam tewboat Tbumat Salmon, at the new Uti at the foot of Jackson street. Matt river For terms aad purticnlara apply to the auo-ioneort, 43 Natl aa ttreot. DD. NASH, AUCTIfNEER? STORE NO. 310 ? Brtadway ? Sheriff'* salt of tilk plush ?This day, Wednesday, Jane 2V. at K) A. M., at the stors, ooaelttiog ef a largo quantity of tilk pluah for veitiogt, Ac. DO, NASH, AUCTIONEER.?STORK, NO. 310 ? Broadway.?Sale ?f honeahold furai'.urt, thlt day. Wednesday. June 20, nt 10 A M , at th* store, outsitting of aofaa, otuohet, bureau*, centre, dining and other tablet; mahogany and ean* ebalrt waahttaad., beekoatet, bed ?teadt, straw and bair mattrtaett. looking glasses, paint ings, engravings, clocks, crockery and xlate ware, Iron and tin ware, quilti, blanket*, kitchen furniture, A* DB NASH, AUCT1 iNEER? STORE NO. 310 ? Broadway.?A largo aad extoaiive tale of hunieholl furniture, en Thursday, June 21, at No. 98 Leonard itreet, at 16 A. M., consisting of tefh* pier glaesei, oa'peva keda and bedding, bureaus, tables, chairs, glass ware, oastora, kitohea furniture, Ae., with whtoh the tale will eommonoo. D?. NASH. AUCTIONEER?STORE MO BROAD ? way.?Atsignee's sale of marble mantel*, on Thurs day, Jant 21, at 12 M., at tho store eoasisting of boautliul ttatmary, brocatel. Slotllaa and other mantel*, A*. BE AARON, AUCTIONEER-WILL BILL THIS ? day. nt 10>i o'clock, nt tho tales room, No i>7 Nassau etroot, a splendid asecrt-ment cf fine gold watches, rieh dia monds aad jewellery, being .he balanoe of goods unsold be longing to the assignee. Sale pontire aad without roMrve. 1_| KNKY U LEEDS, AUCTIONEER?BT H H.LEEDS ?'eUak, _ __ last sale.)?Beautiful rale of marble statnary, vases, Ac.; also, statuary from the C'rys'ai l'alaoe, with other artioles, to bo told without reserve, oensistlug of a superb bait of Lord Palmerston. oxbibUed et the Crrstal Palace; also, beautifhl Ploreutiae tablh tops, super i trunks, made by Lampiai Ac.; also, n large collection of beau tit al statuary, repreaeatin? Venus at tha Bath, Mary Magdalen, Spring, Cupid and Nest, four Italian poets, one lnrzo pair ef vases ait.* feet high, elegantly eatved; Etroeeaa, Mediol, Floroa CO ?Tuesday, iiRb and Wednesday, 28th, at 1 ;, at the tales room, 19 Nassau street?(Positively the tint, aad Roman vasoe, card receiver with wreaths of grapes, of varisns sites; alanastcr statuary with glass shades, re preeeatlag the Graces, and sther desirable pieces; also, obiaa, broaies, plated ware, dooks, aad other valuable artiolee not before exhinited, ean be seen on tho day of sale Henry ii leeds, auctioneer -by h. h leeds A CO ?On Wednesday, Jane 20, at 12 o'clook, in front Of store 19 Nassau street, a splendid French ooupee, made to order la Fade a few niontns ?>nce of the lateet (trie, bf one of the beet makers, llaed with the flneet maroon moroc 00 Aleo, a eet of doable heroes* to mateh, made br Trainor; hemes metal mounted Also, two splendid c >aoh lamps. A shifting top and green box wagon, weighs about 2U0 lbs., but little need, and made to order br one of the best makers In this eitr- A pair of lone tall bar Win, ab*nt l.l>J hands high, boltered to be sound, and kind in nil harnnis. Bold only for want of nse. Henry b. herts, jus., auctioneer.-on Thursday, Jons 21, at 10)4 o'clook, at salesroom No. 6% 1'lao street? Lane and peremptory sale of prime Harana segar*. the entire stock et ns l-r porter declining the basi ns'comprising all the most ehoioe brands, and to be sold rmhont reserrs, tor cash. Partionlars in catalogue on the morning of nolo. PJ. KELLY. AUCTION EER.?BSO,000 WORTH OF . dry goods, tho stock of MvConeilJ A Murphy, will be ?old at aucttaa. oa tho premises, 31 Catherine street, on Monday, tho 18th las'ant, and following days until nil nro disposed of?commencing each day at 11 o'oleok A. X. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-THIS DAY, AT JOHN KOR timer's, Chatham street, a ehoioe assortment of ladiee' wearing npparel, worths the attention of denlers, rls : silk dree sea, cashmere, troche and crapes bawls, capos, risottos, parasols, Ae. I'ETBR FRIDENBERG, Licensed Pawn broker, 4 96 Had sen street andg299 East Broadway. TJRADY MaDE CLuTHINQ and piece goods? a. M. CRISTA LAB, Auctioneer, 23 Rowory, will soil oa TbyrtAay, Jons 21, as 10)4 o'olook, cloth, eassimero, a!paces and linsafreok and lack coats; sassimere. cloth and linen ?AM"* pants of rarions styles and patterns; Marseilles, oloth and satin rests; French and English broadoloths, oat deeskias, blaek and fancy satinets; silk, sntia and Mamflos rrntUgs, At., Ae. COP??l?im WILL SILL ON THURSDAY, O Jt*e list, at 12k c'elook, at tha Msrohan.s' Ex eaaagSj at nuotien. bbuu.nou serea per sent first m ?rtgage con resettle bonds et the Delaware, Laokawaaa an 1 Wert .** Interest Payable April let and OetoVerb, $1.000 and These bonds are part ef Sl^BOiXUilDiMwed to complete tha Castor a diritloa Offtbo rand, which wllrbs opened earl, la the su-mag an' nan for tho trail** "yomlag end Lacknwaaa dutrtote to Nop York An adequate tinting fnnd it pro aided for tho liquidation of this loan should tho prtrtfrge ef oenrersloa late stook. net he amlled of. Farther parti onlare eaa bo had at the o?ce of the oompaay, tV Wall street, or at S. Diaper's, M Fine street. '' HT S. MBLLOB, AUCTION BEE.?BY HOUGHTON YT . A Mellor?Thnrsday Jane 21. at 10){ e'o'.oek. at lis Naooaa street, peremptory sale of costly cabinet rurallare, sapotior toned ruewood pianofortes and house famishing art idea, carpets, Ao.; fnrnitnre will iaolnde eererai rose weed mirier salts, ooeered la ooetly plash, breoetel, breoads Sntia, la great randy; maaoraar parlor furniture on sate, esrered la hmr cloth and flgared reps.; aolid r ose wood eUgerre; ricly oer?-d rosewood and mahogany marble top ten<re. ptor and elds tables; rosewood, mahogany and wblast chamber fnmltur* in ?ete, wl h and wdtheni|morble tepe; eererai straw, bl-<e and vtnk enamelled outage eham her salt*-. rich beokoeoo*. walaet library tad e##rot*iy do., of tho latest and mest fashionable stylos; ladies' oahtoot, writing tablet, beat lets ia eak and walnet (marble tepa.) suitable for dialog and reading re*mi rich wardrobes, ia rcsaansd and mahegsay: several ef ebs latest patent aad a'yleeitaaslba dining tables, 14 feet l?ag, rore mod. ma hegaa#, walnat, tab and birch all warraated, with a ra ri-ty of median class fan! ?r?. tete a 'rtee end plain tolas, rosters, eaoy and flothlo chairs earser staads, elds and fancy ?nfc}e?, electa. Prsrneh plate mirrors thlna ware. be. Alto, at 12 e'elceb, eererai superior rreeweed aiaaefbHes. the trait, dALJBS AT AUCTION. Tunis hokbell, auctioneer?speculators will aMand tbis day. tl U?l4 o'olook, at Si Num liwi. To MBBWN wl?k U ilftiM uf UiTMl M|U<, U ktlit, wbtoh will ooeapy a quarter of ft* hoar; thoa ? (took of tar uiiujo, ?lata kind, bat good oo at, A? , do , whioh aouat M ooavertcd lato oath k> t% o'elook -his day. Aitor whiah a vary attraotlvo at >ok from oar.oat partita, oaotiatiag of rioh and plaia furullum of all kin da. rosewood parlor ouita, ?* vtrod la aaiia brooatal. tolla. Ac.: mahtgaay parlor aad cl ambar farmitora; oak So ; external# a dlaing tablo*. pax* bait matt rotor a, English volvat earpatiaga, la tho roll. oU paintings, mirror* eofoo aad toa arm*, (mall warn, robot, drtatoi boieaua aad waahataadt, with aad arithoat marble top*;Tauogtt aad bodttaada a'.taehad. rolrivaratart or air ?lies; a good teo >ad haud pianoforte will ba sold at lSo'elsak prtrbolr. N. BQaatlamea and ladlat earn aiUad with ploaauro. No dlaaatial action allowed; moaoy rounded if aot suited, by apply mg btioro owaora oall Srta. Regular aaloa ta?o taea (topped for tbo ooaaom; ooly tpoolal sales dura; tbo aammer, whoa (Mat ba:(alat oaa bo (itea to a ooaAdo rablo oatont. J 1L 1.1 Aid T BOYD. AUCTION BBB. OFFICE NO 77 I Narean (treat?Mortgage ?ala of houtohold farultare. bar room d<>.. Ae., thi* day, at '(04 William street, at tta o'clock, oonststlag ot awe my badataadi, with Garmaa ftath ei b*?d#, bod din | do.; aioo. boroaua, tablet, oh air a, ataodi, eiookary, do ; alto, bar uMat, ohairt, prist*. f!a?awar?, kitchen e rockery, two range*, tnble, tin nod iron wart, top per do., do. HENRY BISHOP, nttornoy for mortgagee. HUUOAia w ATTENTION PIANO PURCHASERS I?HALL'S PA A tent celestial or doubl# ootav# maoofoftot, Ely A Maa Cma?uflnoWl^era Tbate impr.rod piaaot are rapidly tak tho place or tko ordinary plaooforta* : 1M, boceat* they are much anptxior in powtr and iwtotnMS of tana: Sd, the/ (tend la taao well, being made with inn Iramoo; aad 3d they are told M low prteM, and recommended by all our Brat piaaiet*. what* oortuieattt wt bar* of their ooparioritw ELY A HUNGER. No. 619 Broadway, St. Nioholaa Hotel Boston pianos?Horace waters, mo. sss Broadway, baa tho rale annoy of T. Qiloort d Co.'* Pi aaot, wi*h aad wi-baat th* dKollaa, JaoobChiokoriag, Hal lttt d fc'umttoa't, and Woodward d Brtwa'a Piaaot, all of wbith hart th* Iron frame. and will aland any elltaat*.? Thty art tha beat Boston maket, and will bo a*id at faotogy prion#, wbolatalo aad rtiall. with a liberal di mount for oath. Piano* to rent and mat allowod Oh parohato. Piaaot fir tale oa monthly payment i Flute teacher wanted-to cite these les aoat a week to two yoang men. Tho loatoat to ho (Iron in the evening. Addrcat Maiic, Herald oBloe. Great sacrifice.?a host beautiful toned rtttwood piano, aevtn ootave aad now, lolly warranto*, made by a vary superior maktr, will bt told at a great aaorl flce, and a second hand piano taken la axohaag*. PI#at# apply at 108 Watt Broadway. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS?BENNETT A CO., SIM Broadway, am aew (applied with a largo eteek of theoe beautiful iatfrnmonta, no poraoa thou Id by any at ana par tbaeo, whatartr iatamtted partita may any to the ooatrary, till they hare flrtt tooa thoao improved piano*. MELODEONS.?S. D. d n. W SMITH S MELODEONS, toned tho equal temperament to whioh waa roooatly awarded tha flmt premiam at tha National Pair. Welling ton, D. C., oaa bo found only at No. 333 Broadway. A libe ra ldlaooont mad* for oath. Tho trade aoppliedoa tha moil liberal term*. HORACE WATERS. NO HUMBUO.-A TERT SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD pianoforte. 7 ootaro, i.oa frame, per foot la all reapecti, and warranted; been uaod only throe moatbl; mater'* ?rice. $MU; tor aalo for $22U, with stool. Can bo aeon at No. I Vooey atreet, aaar the dator Houae, from 9e'aiook till 3, on Tneiday and Wedaeaday. ONLT ONE HORE OP THOSE TWO SPLENDID pianolortaa? tho other one dlapoaed of? watth one thoaiaad doll am; will bo aold at a gmat aaonSot. To bl aeon at V. P. B. Curtla1 wararooms, No. 447 Broadway. H. Sohmalo A Co. 'a make. SCHUBEBTH d CO.. MUSIC DEPOT, 53# BROADWdT, N T.; pubUahiag houM fouadad thirty year* ago, la Hamburg aad Leipiie. Wo racial th* pabU* to lasa-tt ouratoekof oa* mlllioa works, th* largest la tbo United Stataa; our owa 26,OU) publication* rank bighotl la Baropt, and enable# ua to toll good mutio at low rates. Our piaaoi, grand, upright, (quart, oombin* riahnoa* of loao, ologaao* with ohoapaoaa?am without oompotitlom. SECOND HAND PIANOS AT A'OREAT SACEIFICE for oa?h, at they out b* removed thia week; three roto wood and ton mahogany at prioet of $25, $30. $45, $50, $<16, $75, $86, $80, and $100, aad cue malodooa, prlo* $50, for $351 all warranted la perfOot order, at 402 Sixth aveane. aaar Twenty fourth atreot. K. GONZALEZ. HDCIES,BDOES, HC^WdSTEO. A PdRTHSNTS WANTED-FOR A SHALL FAHILT; A aot lea* than three rooms, with proper ooaraalaaoaa, la acme respectable neighborhood; rent about $12 a month. Addroaa H. D., Herald oflloe, with partionlaro. Green wood-the advertiser wishes to purchase a plot in Greenwood cemetery, with a fault already built. Address C. C. C., Herald ouioe. JENKSON'S ANNUNCIATOR.?WANTED TO PUR chaie one ot Jenkton't annunoiatora fitted for aboat loo boll*. Any persons having one to toll, and la good order, will p eaae addreat th* aubaorlbor, at th* Herald otto*, aa to terma and where It oan be teen. 31NQ 31 NO. Mother and daughter only wish a fur niahed houae, and with to pay tho rent la board, with permiasloa to tak* other boardora. 121 Chamber at. WANTED-A BUILDING FOR MANUFACTURING purposes, with ateam power attaohed, with plenty of water, in tbo olty. Any poraoa having suok to rent will bear of a tenant by addreaoiag box 3,352 Poat ottoo. WANTED?THREE OK FOUR UNFURNISHED rooma, in a private bona*, for a email family ef two per ton a, in a re*pectab1# neighborhood; If bath la th* houaa, preferred; state prieo and location. Addreaa J. K , lloraU cfioe. WANTED-BT A MAN AND WIFE, WITHOUT IN cnmlranoe, a bona* to oar* for the summer month*; can ho hiihly rooemmendod by tho gentleman ?-iih whom ho a at prtaeat employed. Call at lzvi Beat 20th at., near 3d avenue, aecond door, front room, for two daya. rANTED TO RENT-A SHALL HOUSE, OR PART of a bona*, furnlahed, and all modern improvements. Situation between Canal aad Fortieth (treats, wait of Broadway. Addreoa J. B., box 921 Poat Ottoa. Wi MILUFKHY, AO. i TTENTION ?ATTENTION.?THE CELEBRATED ?CI. milliner. Madame Da Voa, who la woll known to tho New York ladiao for her great taato in furnishing boanats, cap# and halrdrosiing, call* particular attention to th* latest style* of 1'ariaian millinery goods, whioh ah* hat re ceived per last steamer. Plaaa* can at 481 Broadway. Ono* purchased, will at all tlmoa give satisfaction. MAIBON DE VOS, remember, 481 Broadway. Bxcvanoia Excursion to thk fishing banks?toe ?tM?? GOLDEN GAT1, Capt. Aadcriea. formwly captaia ot the ateamar Laura Knepp, will make a trip every Sap la tk* weak, Sunday* exovpted, leaving Ataoa atraat at 7 o'aloak, Spring atraat at 7X. reek ellp atl, Brautae a treat atSJi, and pier S.N, R., at 6 o'olock. A aatlUoa baad wll ha ob board. Excursions ?to bx lxt, two bars, icx crrau aid oyitere, ae par ate or together, on board a ateamooet aad barge. Applp thi* dap at 23 Morrta atreet, between 9 and 12 o'olock. IT OR FISHING BANKS.?THE ?A~?TiTl<XR URN JT CURT, Captaia Richard Tataa, wRl leave for the nh log bank a ever* dap, toaohlag at Fart Hamilton aaod way, from the tallowing plaeaa, Tit:?Jaokaea atraat I o'oloek A. Delaoeep atraat, 6H A. H.; CathaMn* Market. 7 A. M ; Peek alip, 7K A M.; Spring atreet. North ri?M I A. M.: Pier No. 4, North rivtr. sJi A. 1L Flahing taokla and bait furniabad on board. F OR CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON-THK ateamer Norwalk leavea New York aa follow*:?Pier foot of Amot atreet at 9 V A. M., and 12,?i andSM P- M.;pier fcotol Spring atreet, OH A. M.. 12X and SK P. M.; pier No 3 North river, at 10 A M., I and 4 P M., leaving Conor NJ lalaad, laat trip, at ('H P. M Fare to Coney (aland and back to New York, 26 cento. No half price tor children. FIRST~GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF THK aeaaon will oome off on the 30th of Jane, 1856 The ?plendid (tenmer TEH I'EST, with the barge Irene, Captaia 8sider. will leave South aecond atreet, Williarafbnrg, at 7 o'clock P.M.; at Bridge atreet, Brooklyn, H paat 7 o'olook; Fulton terry, Brooklyn, at }? to 8 o'clock; Peek alip. New York, at 8 o'olock, and pier 4 North river at X P*?t 8, for Budaon river. Ticket* 50 eoBt*. ? CHARTER FOB EXCURSIONS-AN E LEO A N 7 firat olaaa ateamar. aplandidlp furniabad with alt m veniencea for pleaaura part lei. Applp at tha oBoa of aI/BX. M. C. SMITH. No. 232 We*t atraat, between Narth Moor* and Beach atreet a. EXTRA PAT. Bounty land office. 6a wall street, base meat.?Soldlere, aatlora aad teamater* in any war Mao* 1W6, or tbdlr wiSowa, can obtain their land warrantr of tha lectin P' (BXTTS, 60 Wall atreet. No oharge until *?5 T AND WARRANTS BOUGHT, SOLD, AND LOCATED, lJ ?el so el aim# for benntp landa pmnptly proeecoted bp WILLIAM X. HAWS. Exchange and Spool* OlBoe, No. 173 Canal atreet, (under the People'* Bank). Letter* aad or der* from the ocuntiy promptly anawered. AYT BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OFFiCS ?Bounty land* and "extra pap" for 0- B. Navy taller? Ac Ala all wart tlaee 1790?their widow* aad helre? prompt y obtained aad paid. Balaaeoo dee widow*aad hetre of deeoaood 0. B eaRont and ether* ealleeted.and aU kiada of olaimo agaihat the On* ted 8U?e* recovered by uadertixaed; aad tha widawt a* heir* of thoo* who pariahad with United Stat** (hip " Alba ay," wi* ho proittod h, .aill*. A>D B!MBLU Agoat aad (lata) PamrV. A Navy. 07 Wall atieat. raATXLLXWIl' CUlpju CtllXAP FARM TO ALBANY-PASSAOX 23 CENTS, J bertha, 26 cant*'e'at* room*, 60 oenta.?Tha fait atuum ?r HERO will leava Roblnaoa atraat piar avary Toaiday, Tbnraday aad Sunday at 0 P. It., arriving at 4 P. M. FOX KEYPGMT AND FORT HAMILTON?THE NEW aad flat adtSmhoat KEY PORT Tear** New York, loot t) Murray atraat, daily, deodar* axoaptad, at 4 o'aloak If M. re turn in a leavea Key part at TH a'aloak A. M. Far* ? aanta Flumi la air cut irvMlhg aa* tfia moat health* aad bap* bathing pinaaa ta tBa vicinity of Now T<A aaa Sad- U ntEayportt and buafcita* maa aaa b* tn New v#*h New half paat 9 A. M. aattl 4 P M l>OR SHREWSBURY. LONG BRANCH, 4o-THE r a'aamer JAMBS CHIWST.H'HBR will leave tha fn( of Jay atreet Jan* 19. 20 aad 21, at 7 e'oloek A. M.: oa rd at 8 A. M ; aad on 29d nt 1 P M ; returning will lenv* Sbrewabnry nt IS M. Btagaat* nil part* #f the oounry. Regular day BftATroi Albany, landing t V Yoakera, Weat Poirt, Newbnrgh. Poughkraptit. Cata kill. Hu'deon. The ateam.r METROPOLIS Capt J Polha mat, will ooua near* bar regular trip* u Albany oa Wtdna*. day, Jnn* 20tb, I960, leaving New York lr-?aa piar 'oot m Jay afreet avary Monday, Wadnaaday, aad Friday; return Ing will leave Album avaty Tneaday, Thuradav aid 'Satur day Forfurtbar parti on tart inquire at 203 Watt atr*?t' near Jay atraat. COIUPORATIOM NOnCEd. i CORPORATION NOTICE.?DEPARTMENT OF RE jy pair* aad Soppliea. Jnn* 10, 1866. ? Sala <JCorporation ? Wll be eold nt pabli* ano'tnn. on Sa'ardaf, Jnn* 80. 1W6, nt 10 o'eloek A M . to tbn higneat bl ldtr ell tb# materiel* end property of the New City Hall, located In tha P?fk, tnaaiaUni at broke, flagalng, end b-iiidieg atow*. Said property wI1 be cold In different lot*. The term* of **!? wfll be ?%ah, to be paid to the anoMineer ai ?oop aa the ml* la eonelnaed. The ourchaeer will be oMirated *?. W"2* P"'chat* from the eremivet within 0y* day* f?om the day of tele All tbe reeonathliity far the delivery of the property will be berae by the par ohiiAf i Mid In CM? the punhmr should a^lnet i ? old material* or oroportv witoin ?*? deya, aa ta* ige.l h .hall b* ceo aid* cad a? ferfaltad ta the Co'poretlen, aad will it rold over agala for it* benegv *f ?b* ett.*, SAHfNubogtw m a>4,Ri*Y. CimMlltioner of Repair* aad SappUgg. WHY flOOM, AO. Q nnn ***** lAUlur WHITELINBN. DULL. O.WV l?g? u4 ink, from i ty mil '* in 4?Uir w yard, tor mUmw'ouuur a eat* ned iumIchi, ?'??% In HJ (eugcne ? A. T. (TlfikTt C0,am4nr, Cfanxntor* m< feud* iimu 100 HIW AMD RLEUaMT SUMMER BONNBM, intk received ty the A tin* tii (ran onr bma*b bouin. Urn Rlcbalieu, Parts. lhi? lav do* eemoriae* tba Utw terra are no goods in this city tLat can touim* ritL ours. A' tha nnn Una anr frtcn in deeiJ?<Uy wwderata. An anrly sail will ba loan* advantageous, it MADAM*. (L HAKKI8 A BON. Wl Broadway. BRfUE'8 8ILE COTTON?FUR HAND AVB MA obis* sowing. aaprrier to Any thread in tb* ws-'d, woasd on SIM, 3UU and CiM yard spool*? wlun, blnok *a4 *2 colors, (ban (in HUM 900. Any nuuil?or, oilit tai ?ai^th (or isle nt WHRRlBR A WILSUN'8 sswiag ni oUz* depot. StS KroAdwny. BLLPIN'H HANill balling of At a reduction of from 10 to AO par aant from original pilots. ibc I'irli Mantilla Emporium, 3(1 Broadway, being abont to bo entirely remodelled end e.seidrrsbly enlarge t, anvar lug uken lomplated a -pace afaeaaiy aatren thaaiand square ret, with a treats** af ST7 loot or Broadway, 10 oa franklin Moat, and a dspto a( Imj teat, furmiAg beyond oempannoa tbe larcait *atab!i*hnant a< Iti kind la thi.. or any alner e. nutry; and aa a partial tad temporary closing of tha pre mine* will b* rendered necessary tbe *ud cribar ha* deter Mined to sahjoct Lie eat Ira stuok of spring and rammer inna tlilnr. arapa and oarhmera ebewli, do., to auoh an enormous reduction la prion ai muet effect iUoompleto oleacanoe pro Tioue to tbe 16th of July. Uo doenie tartbar comment nnneoaiiary, and will merely enum rate a few of tbe leading article* preeentad for pa -die apprevaL One tbemand very excellent black ailk mnntillni, the rlabaet eiik and of tha etyla for whioh bli itore ban bean an macb calibrated thin laaaen?for ner prion (6 and fy, now reduced to fonr dot:are. Eight handrad blaok ellk mantillne, * t'romena"- former prion* (0 and (III. now rtdueod to tlx doLnr\ Four hundred and fifty metre antique mantillas, witk Inoe rnfBaa?formerly 111. now nix and a half dot. art. trix hundred very elegant ?tlk maotilla*, with liable and donbia loan ruffle*, tbe moet reoberche etylai? formerly (11 and (11, now eigbt (oiler*. And nmultitudinnua array af riebar goods, la real qui? pure loon, motre antique and laoe and other fabric*, mauy af whioh only Jaot imparted from Pari*-all at a alintlar re duction. Alio, a large yariaty af oa-hmere Canton eraoe and etolla ?bawle, equally cheap. (ill). BULPIN, Stil Broadway. Tha xal* at radnoad prion commenoce an Tbariiay, 21st af Jane. F C1BAP*. MARETK, AND TAMRTIN.?TUB 313T V7 quality *< tba above maw and desirable artielee la blank for enmmar wear, hnee Jnet beoa received at WEED'S family mourning atoro, 119 Broadway, fuar doer* balow St. Mioholn# Hotel. ____________ BENCH ORGANDIE A JACONET MUSLINS, mow Al'OTIOtV, AT 1?. Ad. PBB YARD. A. T. STB Iff ART d CD., Broadway, Chamber* and Rend* etraata. From auction-i? French embroidered ante, at (13 AO each; 3.000 oambrio and Swit* seller*; tba average price* or* la, A*. 6a, 8?., 10* . li? and Uf. eaoh; S.l OOSwiee and oambrio bands, at All prioat, tram 2*. to Ci. Madden d BTBWART.MS Broadway, two dear* nboro Bltaoker etrcat. [ ANT1LLA8, MA>'TI LEAS.? L MOLYNEUX BILL, ba* radnoad tba prion of kle spring at via* in salorad and blaok ellk mantilla*, winking to olear them ant to makaraom tar hit new eummer styles. AA Canal attaet, NEW FOULARD SILKS, RraalxaAby tha Atlantis, 3UD ulan rATraans or PARIS PUNTED FOULARDS, Stylo* qnit* now. A. T. STEWART A CO.. Uraodway, Cham bar* and Randa etrcat*. SUMMER FRENCH WOVE CORSETS.-MRS. GAVNOB ? haejuat received by tk* Atlantis two ante* af bar oele kiatad French woeo ooriati, mtnnfsatarad at l.vsnx express ly/or bar. of an exsaadiagl) light le, and baantiranp adapted tor anmmar wear, only weighing train flour to tv* outre* eaoh eareat. Her prlaae art oof. half than* usnsato Mi ohargad. while far aai* and elagace* in (iting hoc FranA warp aaraet* are confoieadly nniurpaeeaa. GATNOR, Importer, 1A Third treses, ufrar Tenth street. SELLING OFF?SILKS, BAREGES. QREftLADINHS. lawne, print*, ribbon* embroideries, A* , tDMno* staok and maba reom for alteration* attendant oa carrying tba atvro through to Howard (treat On Monday tha prion* af all li'rinx and summer good* wlR ho found extraordinary low. LcBOUtlLLISR BROTHBRS, 69 Canal atraat, fonr door* Irom Droaaway. fTBIS IS TO INFORM THE AMERICAN LADIES THAT i. Madame SUBIT GERARD, from Parii. ha* opened at No. 97 Canal street, n manufactory of eortste, whioh wo guaraata* a* well far tha good fitting n* against tha eriti oitm of doctor*. Thi* iafarmatian Is gtvan by n tndy who owe* t* Madam* Gerard to bo nbl* to oenoenl tha deformity ?f harwaUt. HOMIliA ASP SCMMHUi BDlYUtAIB, AST OR HOUSE?THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE Re newed their lone* ef tai* bauea. It hai been refitted, and la bow in bettor oonditlan than whan firit opened to the gabllo Now baths and water olarata bay* boon Intro duosd npon every floor. It* mneniva wall*, it* improved nod complete ventilation, render it the oualaet nous* in thle city during hot weather. In everything neoeisary te pro mala the real oomfort or India* and gantlaman It issaaasd to tint It* proximity t* the railroad* anabla* anr pat roBstoreaoh any portion of tha city without daisy, ana at trifling expense. It U sttsatad in the hanlthiaet ward at tba aity, and tha Park and open grounds opporit* prevent advantage aoeqaaillfi It* eonvealant poetiiona for Mar ahant* and for all partle* oonneoted with the grast publia onterprlta* af tha country, i* appreolatad, ana room* art alwayt in raadlnai* for tha asoomm idatlan of meatlnga. As. Ureekiait from early morning until 11 a'olnek. Dinner in geatlemen'e ordinary. 3)?-, India*' ardtnary. 3>i and A? For tha noaammodatlon of bniioata men, dinner will b* ?erved from 1 o'oloak until V>i o'eleok QraUful for the pnet. we pledge oureelvet to oar pntroni that everything requisite far tbelr oomfort and happlnee* while under ear root, thall be provided without (tint, and at aoost ta thorn not axoeedlng that of any other first clan hotel In this oity. New ToitK, June, 18?. COLEMAN A IT1TIOM. Berkshire sodasprino hotbl?this new and oommodioa* Hotel (situated among the mountain* of eontbern Berkshire three mile* from the village of Oraat linrrinston, Hew ) la now open for the reception ef perma neat and transoiant boarders Thl* hone* I* oonneoted with tbe Berkshire hod* Spring (whoa* melioinnl wet*re are ealebrated fer the eur* of salt rheum and othlr eruptive dleeaeea ef tha eklu,) and is fitted np with warm, oold, and shower baths. The beauty af it* loeation, it* reinnntio and dshghtfnl reentry, render it a derirnble aummer retreat, and no effort will be (pared to make Its gueets oomfortabte, and combine the advantages of a hotel With the oomforte of a privet* dwelling. Carriage! wUl be found at the depot in Great Bnrrinrton, on tba arrival of tb* oars, forth* accom modation ot those wb* wi*h to visit tha Soring. ANDREW J. BALDWIN, Proprietor. Belmont hall, new Brighton, states Island, onposite tha staamboat landing, eve accommo date a much larger number of gnait* then heretofore, hav ing been aulnrged nnd improved, and is tbe moet oanveolent bene* on tb* island. Families and single gentleman are in v ted to cell and examine the rooms. Boats lanva foot of White ball (treat. Buckley house, stamford, conn -this de tirnble summer house is now open for the aeomtnid* tlon of families For rooms nnd terms apply to or address the undt reigned, at Buckley House, Stamford, Conn. J. M. STAPLES, late of tb* Pie*eott House, New Yorka COLLINS HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL STREET, FRONT I. g the Nor'h river, will let to familiee s-iltee, parlor* orris tie rooms, fronting tha river, on mo*: reasonable terms. T he looa'iou is desirable in warm weather; full view of ooena eteemtr* end Mew Fork bey. TALLMAN A MAI'ES. Proprietors. Hotel morrisania-this commodious house it now open fur the reception of boarder* and transient parties. Merchant* and others whose business require* t.iein to be is tbe oity caily, nill find thi* e*t*bltt hmeut most con vrnlent for them**ive< and familie*, ns tha Harlam railroad (rain* arrive and depart almost hourly, and as late a* ele ven e'elook at night from tha oity. The ecesory in the neighbourhood le rural; pleasant walk* and r.da* in th* vi ainiiy. Dinner and eupper part la* accommodated at *hort notic*. Peru n* riding out rrom the oi'y will find good eta bhng and ehad room. Dlitnna* only ten mile*. Horse* kept on livery. HENRY DURCLL. Monmouth house at union city, near key part. New Jersey, i* now open for alty boarder*, woe re fluting, riding. Nth airy rooms, nicely >b* beet aocommodaticaa onn be given; tag, Aa . ot tbe boat en th* shore; Inrg* furnished. Steameri Angle and Ksvpoi rat etreat daily. SYDNEY T. SMITH, Proprietor yport leave foot of Mar T SMI V KW TURK BAY HOTEL, MILES FROM JCRSRr it v"y isrry on Bergen point, plant road Th* most beautfffcl aummer roaldonoa in the State Flaking, bathing. Kc hoatlna. Dtnaar* and snppara at an hoar'atootiae. Pnvate oarrlagea to sad from the house te oity Now open for per muentand transient gneita. Appiy at tbe house, o? to Capt. I.I ? IE, Post uffloa, Jersey Lily RichmonI/hill hotel, statcn island, is open for the season, rharges, (7 a week; shUdrau nnder tea yt-ara of ago, (4; servants, (4 (4); horses (A. Handsome -ui'? ef rot me, wi h parlors. Particulars at 8. W. Beaellet ? ?tor*. No. S Wall street N. V. J. P. KELLETT, Pre prt* tor. IOCEAWAY SEA BATHING -1HB PAVuIlO.V HO tal will be re opened on tbe :wth of Jen*. TMeaetab. bshmant is giaaly enlarged, and aamptt*** room* in eaita* for tnmtlio*. single rooms, sad a number of eottagee on tba ground* fumtehed. with ot without b.-ara at th* heteL fit* bllag.ooaeh bo****, and aaloan* far *g?r*t*e and amawiment. Room* oan ba selected nt th* hotel, ov pier ? se-n at /(o. 47 Cliff (treat, (in York Cart, is acnaaatlen with te tbe betel, leave Booth ferry doll/ at 9 and VIA. M ,3:M LLV 6 and 7 o'elooh; returning at 7:10,7:63, 8:46 A. M , sad J-in St.d5.v, y M. JOHN GEO BAIN BRI1X1F SANIX 9T91IT HOUSE AND FAMILY HOTEL.? Persons aiehing a qalet and splaadid home will d-> well to call nt 131 sends street, Brooklyn, thou b u* expens* be* boos spared in fitli' g no this hone*, tb* prvoe* wiU not axaeed any wall coed' oted bans* la th* clly. Rooms, with or with out board, to let, or partial board. Trbnton Fai.Lsi near utica"n7y -fuE a^TBl at this plabe of favorite rasoat is apes ror th* eeaa.a. Viet art oaa new /eaoh it direst b? the Blaek Rivee and U'loa Railroad, trains leaving Utie* on too arrival ot 'he ?team bo*' express train, alee at tb* Hudson river at prow tram. M. MiKtRR Froprftsor. -\roRK FaMII.T HOTEL, NEW BRIDGE aTRXCT. X I.odgat* ni l, London.? Tha nb?r* bsae* U o?airally ?Ousted, l a* an axcallsat *"ffe* room, ten er twelv* prim'* *Htin? room*, ba* wean forty and fifty light airy n irvum*. a good aniokiag room; warn, aald and aim-war oaths n:**y* reedy. A t.loat p'rtar Is a't?n<*anae A 11**4 aherge for *er vent*, tbe New Turk Herald I* fllaA 7MUM *.$ QlJaR TERMAINB 'alee rvoprievoeof th*Crown and fieaptr*. and Ship tavern* Grseawien) taadar* bla grateful the >g* to hie A merlons friends tor tbe favor* he he* so loag enjoyed at 'be*v hand*, and solicit* thalr sontianad patronage and re commendation. D IPIRIflTCHB, ESKS, DESAS. DESKS-THR LARGEST AMD B?3T etaortma. I If offlee htiUnrt la ?bt eltr, een?Ulm? ?( ?> "libit to I tltjlt ftlttdltit tod tlUlag dt*k?, h og V> to $100. Mia? ttbltt, cbtln ud at all print. ? KNOX'S 'floe turrtiuie nrartroomt M Bttkmar, and Ann etrtdt. Epakbllbb cbttaob mNiTtTm?-NmAT. nun m1W at Ina at MA at ?ht -naanfluktarr tad ten Ml trotltM, mm mtMkte abroad, MMw ??<?> *?-<t of llOfOAl Ml ftMtoatbl* taAMOlitd'evlta. 4>. WARWICK. PARIS PARIS-TSI DNDBRSIQN ED troiruD RB erte'felij lott'e thee* ptrtea* etilttn? Ptrii Ihlt ?nm? mtr In tall and Manilla Ml ta'eatlTe and tlte?nt ?loot >1 fnialtore. A ?1an* bolt a?* que, mfqneierle. bah I, btl' de rote tnd tlhir finer ?' ll, lot numnront te ?t.-at Par ? lt> ta'?"<liar it km fnrrPnrt wil' dad It to tbtlr id an ?4ft bp t?IM?? a- d judidni *nr themttlrat pr vitot t* p r Mailer e'ea-'trt ParMtnlar attention paid la naokine and ? klpptat of ??tdiA"d funoltare FKCDEttf K RUCK, W? ?(! *atil??a?d t??an Mombn'e P ft.-?AU erdeee l?H at kit VrtdtWA A Baos. dflt Actadway, new TtrL, paattaad^ attended R. Oil? PPBUOtTMm. CARP.-^TIiE ATTENTION^r^YuNDKR3IUXED Ucii called to a took. Jujt published, aa titled, " Lcno-Cnt itinera," which u-iifalae Injunuuo <taUmeat* roipteaing Ui? lot* Urn ot I*u4?btll flono A Co., 1? th? effect that they w*i* to the babir of imr .to< aooo their aaaierou* eaotomer* ay seUiu,; vilr utaufsO'.urad liquor* fior pur*. cenuiut- article*. 1 doom it but jamei Ub;h1( as 0*U aa t be filoiido oiHhe I, Is firm, to d<uy tlwM charge* 1b ?to mot* empbatl* maooor. No ortioU of liquor wbi coot oold by ttrtgglcUall, flcrm A Co, which was not <0* cuine ond precisely ?? rvprooeutej. I am aaare that some oa'.liar theimolvvo *' respectable dialer* " aro in tbo habit of macaiaoturiug spurious an ialao, but aa proud to bo a bio to declare I hat no firm of whioh 1 have ever boon a member !.?? Wo gui'tv of onoh praottoes Whether I shall took to ga! rodreao'again it |the perpetrator* of t tit outrage. la tbo pteooul unsatisfactory o'.a'o of the laws, moot dopead na eirnm stance*. Mof.awhl'u, I hasten to niako thio pobtto denial of tbo ?l.a-g"? It S. HMJ'JLEII ALL Lata Haggleh*a, Fiona 4 Co.. 317 Broadway, Now York. BS SURE TO ASK fOR DUNICIN'S EDITION, river kditiun xxmavitiii Stoond edition boa read/. JIR00K3I ANA, oa ihi comtb"v***v irrntiN sexatob brook* aid AACMBIOHOp HltllltlllUI.IU I/ITH THE OMVACII ftll' rtKT? HILL. With an IKTRUDVCTIuy BY Tllr MOOT urv. ABCIiaiSflOP or new VOBK. This odnlin alone contain* tho Archbi-hop's rertowoftha bill, witb el the letters in whioh tho Senator on-Wovored to mak* , e?od hi* aoocrtioa that the Archbishop pooooootd pro porty to the amount of ?A.WJP.UKI lb till CITY or MW VOBK ALONE, tho oaly question iu di'pn-o 1 tpI I'fmo.. halt bound, 3d coats; i loth. 5*1 sent*. EDWARD DUMUAN A U R lyl' IIER, 151 talto a ?t. ^l^L FLEBLO," YLRIODICO GRATIS PARA 1.0S JL Ciihauoo, ?a entrwjar* lot quo !o pidan. por t. A?,urro E , 41 Leonard street Tht brat number of tho Spautoh aowipaprr El Pueblo * IH bo sold at 5 coat* a oopy, by f. Aguero E , editor, 41 Leonard at mot. H ARPEK A BROTHERS. Pkakl itkih, Fk ?qt ABg. PUBLISH Til13 WhKk: t>? waonioriAV. HILLIARD'S SPEECHES. Speeches and Addroaooi. By floury W. liilllard. 8 to., rnuolia, fl 75. The greater portion of tht* rotumt ooaaiato of opooeho* do liTero<rin tbo United State* Honae of Repriaeatativeo, of whioh th* author was a member during a moat un.ical and erentful period. They aro devoted to the dioouaatoa of tho moat important quoitloiit whioh hare o?or ajitated tho oouatry?prumiaeat among whioh aro tho aub-Treaourj aohooie, the Moxtsaa war, the peao* whioh oonoluded this war, tho form of government lo be adopted for tho newly no quired territory, and tho poll ileal arpeota of the qaaitiea of olavery. Thooo aro diacuaaed la tbo light of principle* of unireraal applioatiOB rather than on mora temporary and porty ground*. Mr. llUUerd tnkea throughout high South era m??; hut howerer widely many render* m?y differ from him in aeetimeat and priuolple, no one onn fail to re cognise tbo dignified and oourteou* manner in whioh the dia euaalon ia conducted, and the profuienest nud aptness of the historical nlluaion* with whioh tbo author'* new D eluci dated and enforced. Tho nddroaae* of n literary charaoter which are appended ahow that, in en-aring the akorrny arena of political life, Hr H.lllerd haa not aeileotod the purault* of the accomplished aoholar and thoughtful philosopher. OB THY BSD AT, CONSTANCE HERBERT. A novel. By Geraldtie E. Jewabnrv, author of "Mtrtnu W it her*." "Zoo," "Tbo Adopted Child," Ao. 8 to., paper, 87K oant*. "l onatauoe Herbert" i* deeply interesting?full of power ?nd oarneatae** ?Examiner. "Constant* Ueroort" ia, la our judgment, the mo*t suo eootfnlof Mist Jowaburv's porformhuooL?Horning Poit. "Cunatnneo Herbert" ia a poem in it* beauty and it* lotty piirpoae?a romanet in Ita variety and laiciuotion. Tho tale, a* a tale, t? deeply interesting; full of qniet pathoa, and a calm end beau til ul mornliiy It will bo road with rare plenauro, nan remembered with healthful latere*!.? Athe HUB. III. on raiDAT, MOUNTAINS AND MOLEHILLS; Or. Keoollooti'.B* of a Uarnc Journal. By Frank Marryat. With aumoroni lllaatrationa by tb? Author. Umo., mui lib. 81 23. Life a* it i* in California, with all it* difflouiliea and dan gor*. a* well a* it* advautooo* and attraotioaa, and with all the varittie* of tho hamaa oharao'ar whioh It ba* developed, ia deooribed ia thoa* page* ln*a Uvely and grapbio narrative. ?John Bull. What i* very roRretblag ia Mr. Marryat U, that he doe* not prefer himself to tbo plaoe* that ho viait*. He doe* not ap pear to have tuocetded ia hie main California project*, but no traoo of that faet i* tu bo found in hi* California descris t'one Ho move* along light uf heart ?ad light of hand, (kotchlag what bo aeea and for)* with ahrowdao** and good humor. Like hit father'a "Jaeek Faitiful." he take* it eaoy. Henot, aa honeat, hea'thr glow of go?d nature breathe* from hi* page*; and of thio quality the natural eg prowion i* a kindred otyla, sagacious and genial. A ploa aaat hook it tbo r a suit, and though Mr. Marryat appear* to lore advantage than bo pc**ibly would had tho devoaring element gpared hi* journal, yet even ia ita aabc* livei more fire than belongs to many a pablioatioa making much more yreteiaiou ?London Atnaneum. ft I* a meet faooiaatio* book, and, once taken up, wiil not lightly he laid down agaio. One ft el*, on tarniag it* pages, 11 he had started for a Journey through a pleasant ooun try on a light briery day, with an agreeable oompaaiua, wheio lively rattle and unoeanng flow of iplrita prevent* even a momintory Muaation of woariaeia Wo know not where aa equally good aeoount of California la to bo ob ttined, or where more infor mati ia reapootiag the reiouroe* and oapabintiea of tho eeantry, tho aspeet of tho gold-Holds, the yield of tbo mine*, and tie charaoter of tho minor*. 1* to b* obtained wl* bin an equally narrvw oompas* . Mr. Mar ryat'* deaorlption* have the advantage of being drawn from the life, and they aro deecribed to tho life.?Morning Chro nicle THE UNITED STATES RAILWAY SECURITY ASSO elation, for tho purpoeo ot aaoortainiag the ba*l* and actual value of all kind* uf (took*, bond*, and oocaritio*, iioued by or on behalf of ovary railroad ia the oouatry. It ba* Iron organiiod with a capital ot two hundrod thousand dollar*. The clfloe of tbo eompany U at No. iO Wall itroot. Now York, what* any communication* Bad dooamoat* mar be addressed to UEuRUE H. ELLERY, Freaidoat New York, Jaao Id, 18a5. G DENTIgTBV. IORGE F. SCHAFFER, DENTIST, 3M HUDSON afreet, near Broono?Eetoblitbad. 1841.?Mr. a. ha* tor tbo peat fourteen years been eagaged ia Tarnishing to dentists in Now York end it* vieialiy artificial tooth, at aboat one half loo* than it usually charged to their patient*, and is now fiiraiabing tho aam* stylo of work (which for beauty, quality utility or cannot bo surpassed) to the pub lie upon th* name tarma a* heretofore ebarged to dentist*. Person* in want ot artificial teeth are ro*peotfaUv solioited to call, before making engagement* |*lMwhor*. if* *411 bo ruo*t nappy to explain hi* ayatom to all who may favor him with a call. A corresponding rednetion upon all other ope ration* oonnaoted with th* professioa. Term* invariably aaah. hibcbllakboo ICR CANAL STREET.-W. A H. VAN NOTES HAY* iUu llttjl UMI^IUII?f tkl IllMt HUWH ?f BM(U grata*, ranges tii atsrs* for sals, aa reasonable torn*. Jeneliert and brooo founder#' fuiiM built Md repakeA ?rates and ranges sst and repaired. AMERICAN PLATE GLASS COMPANY-FACTORY, W lllismiburg, Long Island?Aro now prepared to ex ecutt ora?ri for rongh plate glsae, euitable t->r floor*, ?by light*, vault and deok lights Promnt attention will begirea to all orders left at their office, 448 Broad"ar, or with their Meat, J R. PLATT, 78 Murray street. UtK WHEAT FOR SEED-WITH A LARGE ASSORT. 1 meat of garden and field seeds, larm implements, best quality guano, bone dost, Ao , for ?ale by R. L. ALLEN, IK) aad 191 Water street. B I OVERS OF AQUATIC 8POBTS.-AT INGERSOLL'S, li 280 South street, eaa sways be fennd pleasure boats of tt.e finest build and model of any in the oenntry. Sail boats, rorn 14 to 26 fest in length, eaa be fitted out com plete in '.'4 hours' notice. Remember, 800 boats always on .and at 280 South street. PHRENOLOGY AND TIIE FOURTH OF JULY.?THR pbrsaotogieal cabinet* of FOWLER A WELLS, 3 U Broad?ay. New York; 142 Washington street, Boston; and Jlil Areb street. Philadelphia, will remain open and free to tislters dally, Including the 4th of July. Charts and writ ten descrip lous of oharacter given when desired. PMAINTSI PAINTS I t-FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES, roofs, A*., nt I\ eonts n poind; white lend, 7 osnts do.; rise, H eents; Preble's boiled ell at 78 cents a gallon; oil f?r Users, roofs, Ao . SO cents n gallon. Vanishes of every d* roriptisa, at 113 Maiden lens. JOHN H. SMITH, Agent. I>11 LIC NtiTK'E.?TEAS, COFFEES AND SUGARS I 614 Urssnwisb stres', ooruat sf spring.?W Ulism Lyaeh apll* tbe attention of his eld customers and 'he puilm f* bis above new establishment, whieb he has new opened with arery large steen of teas, ooffea* and sugars, and In the f rrrs! t distressed times he la determiasd to call retail at eho-.salt pelees. Large eonsnssers. hew-l keepers and par Has from tie country wooM eff-ot aa immense saving by inspecting his (.reseat stock befare pnrohaetng stse euase, tcatletiog ef tha fleeet areas aad bleak teas la every verts fy and is.toted from seme of the choicest teas af this tsar's lintovtatioa > B ?The trade ropplied ea the most ad lestegcou* terms. Goods dviivrid t* railroads steam boats, sloop* aed ferrl?-s Ire* ef eharg*. WILLIAM LYNCH; M4 Greenwtoh street, ternsr ef SptiaR. SHOW CASES.?SCHMIDT A BROTHERS, MANUFAC 'sry aad warerovus, No. 6 North William attest, near Frankfurt New York, aad at 77 West Third street, Cinotn rsti. Olio. A large assortment ooestantly on hand. Old show ease* tskan in siohsnga. Orders promptly essoined. T'U MANUFACUBBR8. IMPORTERS. A* HlVINO A cor d bnslnrss location. and an attentive acquaintance witk bi.iert generally, wa wenld nndertak* to tell for any e tabliehed coucrn, set ropreseatad la this eity. Liberal advance* if rtqvirea. Apply to K. T. WILD A CO , 117 John street. irRUSSEB, SHOULDER BRa<13, Ao.-A COMPLETE L nssortment ef trotaea of every kind, shoulder braces of tl.e meet Improved style*, Imported c'aetio footing*, ladle*' belt* mad* alter the meet approved pattern*, and tastra motile for he relief aad aar* ot deformttle# ef every Un i oonstactiy on hand and made tt order, by Dw OLuVBR at the Snrgeowe' Oandtge laetitnta, He. 4 A ma ? treed, aader ? he American Mae*am. w ANTkD.? I Wfl.L SEND. ON RRCR1PT OF TWEN TY ty five coat* and ea* posts** stamp to prepay retnra lettev, a receipt for manufacturing a superior article whiek it l'i peat demand, aad by whiah aa ester prising, latelll seat sh rton can realise 9T0 per wash. Address Prat E. D. BATiF.LL, Chstbam square Peat OAs*. N. Y. EUPREMBI. PACIFIC EXI'RBM COMPANY Ft>R CALIFORNIA? ORoe 184 Broadway ?Owr saxtregular aspresee* ferC'a llfornla, Oregea. haadwleb Islands, aad the Southernseast ot .ha I'aolfio, Isavt oa W.deseday the 20th Instant, per staamers Illinois,-ivia Paaaaa, aed Northern Light, fit Metregea. la ei.arg* m epoetal meeeearers. Freight had etokagee taken at Toweel ret-*. Our faetiHIe* far oonvey. leg ?sprees matter t* the interior town* ef Csllfsraia are no.tit peered, nseernn ear own *1 press**, sad have agent* at nil ibe Import an' miring and trading place*. Me oeameeMtra with Adsnw A Co., or with any former *r pre seal partaer of that he ue*. WM. M B ALL. Agent. \\ ELLS, FARGO A Ca.'S EXPRESS TO CALIFOR M ala, Oregon, A*., leave* oi Wednesday. Jaa* 2d by Panama ronts, at 2PM, and by nioaragna rente et 3 P. k. Freight to go through by eoaassting eteetnnr from reasons, weighing 17 lb*, aad more to eabin f..*t, is thkea ?i 36 cents pe- lb. Freigtt wbieb 'ha shipper permit* b> *s" )?*? mnt antfl next tieemer hem Passat ,*aat# weight to foot) 3D tents per lb. O- edt are ship td In heat by our Es pies* All letters innts be enrlpsed In Pits irifle* ten seat ?iamp envelope#, and ten eents in etsiupa put o* earn* for rv-rv half onr.e* addition*! 1'i.Hrd -Hate* mail sterner 1 Ispols, via I'saamastsanier Northern Ll?h\ via Nlearataa. <? 82 Breedeay, D M. BtRvIf. Predion* 8 lOI.KN GOODI. ffke o? th? cntiF or koi.i.'I june is, i? ? Au owner Is wanted nt lb Third Dl-trle'- I'eMe* Conrt, Osees Siva',) for n gold h i In* wetoh etippoerd to bar* bees. sUU.IL PlVR'Ii wvj|>ixl vr'ri1ri. 0 752 230 ?OfKiWIW *in"i*nVi||lM ??vw3MKCw^ BROADWAY.?TO LET, HANDSOMELY FDR eiehod room*. to families or Mm'* f ri 1U1 table enly. the hens* U flrtt oltii. tad coilliu ?U io4#r? improvements. TENTH STREET.?A LAST BaVINQ TAKCN a boute dodrabiy situated la Tenth etreet, pr ,vi led With ail the modern ia pre v rosea to, it desirous ot taxia* sin gle ituViftti or ft smell tarnily to beard. trhoro they ana have the oemforte cf a home. No ohjeotiea to children. Tirai Tw; reasonable. 1 ?7 BAEBCKBE STREET. OPPOSITE DEPAD ROW. It) I ?The above Bret olaea house. repine with improve ateafen, is iv* reedy fee the reception or board ere Families deeirlnft delightful apartments separately or la suite. will Bad superior aooommo4*ioo* aleo Ban rteal, with hoard, at (i Ore to otroet, near Bloeeker. I AC NINTH STRKET?BOARDING?A SUITE OP DS 111) sirable,roomi to lot to a family, with pnvatejtebU. if preferred, aneasond floir; elto, oae [arte attie room, luita ele lor a dflbtilenaa. with fall or partial beard. Heaee Bret elae4Wblp located, hotwoon Broadway and Fourth nveuuo. TQft MADISON AVENUE -STRANGERS ARRIVING luv in tbo ih during the ensuing eoatoa will Bad tleaiaot room*, (either single or la oaita,) in a firn elate oute, havini: all lb* modern eonvnuitaeet, by aspiring a> aboTO. Wall etreat itages paao the door, end other Gnee are In eloeo proximity. lflC WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, APARTMENTS J UU in eadta or single may ho obtained by a faw eoleot families or bachelors, who are willing ta pay liberal for the A ?atto or (ingle may ho obtained by a few eoleot hftoholore, wl beet ot accommodation. no AMITT STREET.?TWO PLEASANT ROOMS TO tJO lot with tall nr partial hoard; tho heaee le pleasantly situated, and has hot, old nad shownr bathe Parsons la want of comfortable quarters can bo salted by applying a; the abora mentioned address. cn WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?A PEW SE AT I led famlllee and gentlemen can be aeoomwodetev with eui'e or etngla rooms, with fall or partial board, ta thet el gible brown etoae building, whiob Is deligbtfnllr laoatod lor summer reeideaoe as 1*1* situated in one of tho broad Set etree'.s of the oity, between Broadway and tho Sixth avenue. ' CA EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN IBVING i)U place and fourth avenue. Furnished roams on eoooad and third Boor Also, room* for single gentlemen, with full or partial board. 1Q LE ROY PLACE.?TO LET, HANDSOMELY FDR AO niebod rooms, to gentlemen and their wives, or eingla gentlemen, with or without board; Brat elate leoatlon. Best ol reioronee given. Avery fine sdite of rooms; also, a single room, having every oonveahinoo, may ba had, with or without board, at 1,076 Broadway. A LADY CAN ACCOMMODATE ONE OR TWO GEN tlemen and ladies with board, in a quiet looatioa, near Broadway, and where tharo are no other hoarders. Board for the ladle* only, If required. Address Reynard, Broad wayPoet eflloe, for two days, A N ELEGANT SDITE OF ROOMS, ON SECOND JO. Sort, to lot with board to a genteel family, la the finely located hoaeo, 62 East Sixteenth street, near Irving plaeo aed Union square. The house contains all the modern im provements, and is quiet and private. References gives and required. WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE TO LET. TO A man and wife, a furnished room, wi h board for tho lad? only; no other boarders; terms reasonable. Apply at 638 Broome street, west aid# ol Broadway. APaRTMENTS-AT 25 WASHINGTON PLACE, BE. tween Broadway and tha Park. A private table will be given, it desired. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN required, would let a few furnished rooms with full or {artial hoard. The hoaeo is pleasantly located; has gas, ath, Ao. Apply at 116 West Twenty ?eedund street, be tween Sixth ana Seventh avenues. Reference* exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, WITHOUT CHIL droa, want two nnfumiehod room*, with board for the lady, in n private family. Addrett Z. Y. 2 , 197 Broadway, at Pbalon't, from 11 to 2 o'olook. A GOOD FURNISHED PARLOR AND PANTRIES, J\. on the second Boor, with fall or partial board for a gentleman and wiio, or two single gentlemen. House has all the modern Improvement*. Dinner at 6 o'olook. Referonoat required. A WELL FURNISHED SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET, A to one or two gentlemen, with breakfast if required, in a private houat, containing modern Improvements, and d^ strnbly located near Union park. Family very email?no children. Apply at21 Irving piece. A GENTLEMAN ANB WIFE, OR TWO OR THREE A single gentlemon, can be aooommodated with neatly furnished rooms on the second floor, with board, at 6! Sands street, Brooklyn, in u private family. The home Is plea santly situated In a respeoteble neighborhood, only a few minutes walk Horn Fulton ferry. Term* moderate. Gat in the bouse. A GENTLEMAN AND IIIS WIFE. OR TWO SINGLE J\ gentlemen , oan be aooommodated with board, at ISO West Eleventh street; the bouse it now and oontain* all tho modern improvement*; price reasonable. Unexceptionable reierenoe required and given. ;A N ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH J\. room adjoining, fitted np for two or three gentlemon. on the first floor, atb# Prinoe street, very near tbo Metro politan hotel; gas and baths. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN A NEAT UX. oottxgo house, with all tbo modern improvements, la the upper part of tho oity, would liktte take a lady and gentleman to board, or an Invalid lady or gentlsmau. Ad dles* C, W. Herald office. OOARD.-A HANDSOME SUITE OF ROOMS TO LET, JD furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial board, la a first else* bouse, with all the modern Improvements; alee, a eingla room, and a base meat, suitable inn physician's of fice. Terms moderrte. Apply at 76 Wait Twenty third street Roferanoea exchanged. BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE accommodated with a neatly furnished room,seoond sto ry front, containing tho oonvenieneee of hot and sold water, bathroom, Ac., with a highly respectable family, who will endeavor to make their guotte comfortable and at homa. Apply at 21 Welt Twenty-second street. BOARD.-TO LET, WITH BOARD, AT 80 GREENE street, a Urge front and back room separata or togeth er, furnished or uafurniibod; marble mantels, gat, hot and cold water, and within a minute'* walk of Broadway. BOARD?A LADY HAVING A LARGE HOUSE, IS desirous of accommodating one or two families, or two or three single gentlemen, with board. Alto, a baok parlor and bedroom, furnished or untarnished; bath and gat la tha house. Apply at No. 9 St. George's plaee, East Thirteenth street, between Flret and Second avonaae. TJOARD?AT 26 NINTH STREET. FINE FURNISHED X> room*, largo and email. In suite* or eihglo, with or without board, may be had as above. Fine, ocol heat* for summer, newly furnished. Ao, Board.?large unfurnished front room, ?econd floor, with good board, to let to a gentleman and wir?. Alto, one on third floor; water and gat. Enquire at 21L 10th street. Board.?a oentleman and wirz,eR two sin gie gentlemen, oan obtain a pleasant rcom on tha se eend floor, alto baok parlor on the Bret floor, with or without board, at 224 Greoao street oa reasonable terms. Use and bath in the boute. Reference* required. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE Ac commodated with full or partial board, and furnished frost and adjoining bedroom oa the tec end floor, with gae, bath, Ae., and every oomfort, in a smell family, without ot ildren and no other boarders. Apply at 90 Franklin street, Utwcen Broadway and Churoh street. Board?a front and back room, on the seoond floor, to let, with board; house newly furnished, and bas bath and gee in. Tha family being small, desire to take a few board ere, to make U mora pleasant. Tho eimtorta ota home may be oxpeoted. Best of reference given. In quire at 191 East Broadway. Board in brookltn.-a parlor and bedroom on the second floor to let, with full or partial board, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, alee, a room on tho fonrtb floor suitable fqr two etngla gentlemen; house new, with ail tha modsrn improvement*, at 46 Concord street, Brooklyn. Board in bruokltn.?a gentleman and his wife, and one or two (ingle gentlemen, oan be accommo dated in a private family with pleasant rooms, having closet* and gas at 90 President street, within three mi antes walk of Hamilton ferry. Terms very moderate and ovary attention insured to make a comfortable homa. Board in Brooklyn.?one or two sinole gentlemen can be accommodated witb Handsomely fur nished rooms, and partial board, la a private family, Living within three minutes' walk tf either South or Wail street ferries; every accommodation will b* found in the house. Address D. O , box 1,066 Poet Office. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and his wife, also a few tingle gentlemen can be aoeominodatej with good board and single rooms, at 234 Fulton ittott, near Clinton street. Terms reasonable. Board in brogkltn-niarthb wall street and Sooth ferries, within a view minutes' wtlk of either. Single gentlemen eaa obtain partial board, with Fdescant room*, (on* sufficiently large if required, for two riesde.) with elosete. Ao., la an equally rentes! and agree able vielnity, on very moderate tvrme, by applying at 91 its to et. Board in Brooklyn.?families, or single gentlemen. eta obtain room*, or suites of rooms. with traasieat or ports anoat bo art. in a pleasantly aiinatoA ho ok, baring all tho m odors improvements sad soma o >tn fotta. A loo, a large front b Moment a si table for a phyei tnaa or dostiit. Apply at 206 Washington ftroot, Brook lyn. Termo moderate. Board in Brooklyn, a private family will let a desirable mite of rooma to a gentleman and wife, t-r single ?ei tie men. Looetiea delightful, ia the rio laity of Pr. Breeher'e chare h. House eon tains gae, and is within Ore minatee' walk of Fnlto* ferry. Address Ellis, HeraN oSee. Board on Brooklyn nMonTS -families or alsgle gentlemen ean obtain pleasant rooms, with epplrlag at ISO Colombia et., three mlantea'walk frsm I alien or Wall street terries. Relereaees exo lis aged Board in Williamsburg -one or two sin ale reatlemen ana hare pleasant rooms, with partial board, la a small pstrata family. Apply at ltO Sooth Ninth strset. Board id hobokkk.-two or thrre gentle nsa ean be eoeemmodated with pleasant roe me and par iUl beard, by applying at No. 8 Franklin terraea, Hodsoa st, a f?w mli ntes walk from the ferry, the hooae has gas, baths, As. Board at btatbn island wanted-tor a gentleman and his three eoas. Two good sited bedr -oms and a sitting room will be required, with breakfast aad tea. and dinner "a Snadaye. Tha neighborhood of ciiDon will be prefwied Address, stating terms aad all r art Ionian, 0. T. B-, Herald eaes_ Board wanted?by a french qentlbman in a prieafe fhmt'jr, whsja center-. and agreeable society ean be enjoyed, and where the dinner honris 6 o'elook. Flrse class rslsrenoes Will bs glren. Ad Jrsss X. X., Herald otBea, stating fnll partlenlars and term*. Board wantbd-fob twooentlrmbn and la dles (board for ladles oaly). with a widow lady, and whsro there are no other boarders; terms aot to exoeed RS a week. Address J M., Herald c Ace. Board wanted-tor a lady, four small children and nn??s, la a respectable family, near the city; price net to exceed 119 per week; best of rerereaeo glrco, If reqilred. Addr-ss C. O. N? Herald offioe. BOARD WANTED-WHERE THERE ARE NO OTHER b ardere forn gentleman, lady and child; board tor the Isdr end child orly. aid ant bo oxeood M per week; I on a tie* below Twelfth meet. Addgeos A. r. A., ttenid MMec BOAJUHSSAI* UMNKN, BOARD W A h TED?BOARD for a lady op town. near Thirtieth strvot. 8 lit a or Il|ktk iruw i a drones in i ImO) prvlerred. or where kkira on only efow boarder# Board pud la advance. iUran, ?t?tl>A?rMl Ac (nono other Loticed.i W. W., ho* 110 IxtM otto*. KiftrtuM ii?liti|<i DOA1D WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFR AND D child, la a print# family, where then in no other boarders. Would be willing to tarnish their own room*. Ad J. K., Ilertld offioe. Boarding -a gentleman and ais wife, or o single gentleman, ehu be neeemiaednud with hwL with icrblehed parlor odd bedroom, ie e Freaeh feaeOg. The boeee bee ell the modern improvement#, and ie ritnatM within ? few etepe of eererol iten end ear rentoi Apply at So Eeat Twenty second etrret. Veer Fourth erenne. Boarding-FURNisBED rooms for a ladt end gentlemen; board for the lndy ealv, in a private boeee np town, with modern Improvement#. Fire different linet el etagee, and 8i*tb even no cere,| nee the hleek ever/ ? re mlnntee. Addreee note to A , Union eqnare Poot (moo Boarding.?furnished apartments td rent, to gentlemon and their wivee; alee, room# tor eiaglo gentlemen. with or without board Gee in nil the rooms hot nnd oold bathe tree. Apply to Mre. MSDHURdf, 6ffl Houston street. * BOARIUNG-A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM modeted with room# and boa-d where they one enjoy the ecmlorts of n home A >ply nt 141 liowery. Boarding at middletown point-at is per week in advance: good comfortable roe mi, inn private family fnquire of lire. 8onnd, 627 iloneton etreet, or te JOHNSON BROWER. Mi^dlotewa Point, Bear in mind that you can oet suitable boarding accommodation# in thie eity, Broekfya, and in the oenntry. by applying at oor offloo. and that all ne oeerary Information la eiren gratia And farther, that here ie a good opportunity for proonriug boarder#. DEMAEE8T A BAaSET. 4 Aetor plaee. CbOUNTBY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED, IN A PEl J rate family and pleaiant location, on the New York and New Haven railroad, afco'tt two honre from the dtp Hall. Good flahing and bathing. Fifteen mlnntee' wain from Long Ieland Sound Terme W per week; children, S3. Apply to lire SMITH, 181 Fornyth street. Desirable country board-a few familisr mere can obtain good beard and deeirable roe me, bp applying nt the Park tfouee, Oraags New Jereey. Six train# running per ?ny from New Yore. 171URKI3BKD ROOMS WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD r A hand nemo parlor aad badraom, for a gentleman, or an arrangemeot can be made by whioh a family or a party ot gentlemen can be accommodated with one door of apart menti, having iplendid acoommolatlone, at 87U Broadway. FCBMSHED ROOM TO LET-TO A GENTLEMAN, without board, in a private family, in Twtatv-eighth itreot, near Fourth avonne, with bath, gee. Ao. Location nneurpaeied. Addreee H. H. R-, boa 1,859 Feet Offlos No boarder# in the houee, PURNI8UED ROOMS TO LET, TO 8IN0LM GENTLE men, by n email private family. Tne room# el geod ?'r^aud neatly inrnithed. Rent very moderate. Inquire nt 227 Eighth nvenne, in the eager etere. IN NINTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, CAN be proonred one er two very eomfortnble rem, in the flret and second itorive, without board, for eiagle gentlemon only, Bathe. Ao., in the hooeo. Unexceptionablerefbeenoe requited. Addrete box 5,520, Poet Office. NO. 579 FOURTH STREET.-ELEGANTLY FUMNISH ed apartmente on the eeooad and third leere te lot to gentlemen ahd fnmillee, with or without board; alee room# on the third and fourth floors for eiagle gentlemen, nt n mo derate rate, with the beet acoommodatioie. QTATIN ISLAND.?TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN, O or a young married etuple, can be aooommedatod with board and furaiehod room*, In a private family, residing at Btaaleton, a short dijtanee from the landing: also, part of n cottage te let. Addreee S. M. A Co., Herald office. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, with or without board, two largo rooms and n single room elegantly furnished. The houee and furniture new. Loeetion unourpaeeed. Apply nt 119% Ninth etroet, Are doors west of Bread way. TO THOSE WHO WISH TO ECONOMISE. AN ELM gant euite of rooms in one of the moit fashionable leea fiont in the city, for '6 dollar# a week, unfurnished. or par tially. if required Tbis afford! an opportunity te hare an ?plendid heme for a email amount. Addreee O. f . Union iquere Poet Offloo. WANTED-A PLEASANT SMALL ROOM FDR A GEN tlemen nnd lady, board for the lady only, in a small family, with few or no boarders. Addreee, stating torine, As, C. M. W., Herald offlee. HORSES, UAIUIIAOBS, DU AT THE BAZAAR?WILL BE SOLD, ON WID1IRS day, at 12 o'clock, at auotloa, 20 borsae; alee, new and eeoond hand rook away S lamily carriage!, ten and ma toy wagons, light grocori' do., and an assortment of harness JOHN g. OATF1ELD, Proprietor. A SPRING CART FOR SALE?WARRANTED IN good order, bnllt for Wnebington Market, with ride boards, also enitablee for fnrnitore. Apply at 15 Rim street, for three days A GENTLEMAN, HAYING LEFT FOR RUROP1, IS destmne of lelhag n superior pair of bay horsee, 16 hands high, kind aid fast; suitable for any one detiriag a coed stylish pnir of bones They can bo ?een nnd tried npen ap plication to Mr. BEATTIE, 76 Aaseau street. A SECOND HAND DOCTOR'S 010 TOR SALE-IT IS la excellent order, ride* and rune very easy, nnd will be ,old at a very low price, as the owner has no farther nee for it. Addreee Dootor B , Herald offlee Bat horse for sale?seven tsars old. fif teen bands high, very stylish driver, ssnbd end kind. Cm trot a mile in 2:50. Say be teen at J Quarry'* ? table, 22 Amity etreet. ' PARR1AQ1S FOR SALE. -A VARIETT OF SXCDND \J hand light wagons, rookaways foi four or ?ix persons, a coach, Ac., Ac., at prioes to auit the time*, at 80 Eldriage ?treet, between Broome ud Grand. PAST TROTTIRO HORSE FOR SALI-FOR WANT el use; full blooded Morgan: time, one mile in two mi nute* and fifty lecondi; warranted in every reipeet. Can he seen until *old at YVott'e Hippoua (table*, 66 and 67 Watte ?treet, corner of Canal. For salx-a black mars, hi tsars old, i6? bud* high, *ound aad kind, very (tylnh driver, aad ae good a flgurs as oaa be produosd. She U of the calibrated Black Bawk family, aad would by proper training be very fart. Can now, untrained. trot a mile In three minute*. Addre** S. B. BABCOCK, Webster, Mai*. fOR SALE-A LARGS GRAT HOR8S, LONG TAIL, ?even year* old, of vary flue ityie aad notion, and earn trot in 3:40 Be i* eeuxd aad kind in every renpeet, aad maw be *?*n at J. JEWELL'S (table*, 266 and 266 Mott (treat. A more de*irabl* bor*e cannot be found in the eouatry. FOR SALE-A TERT HANDSOME YOUNG GRAT mare, kind m haruea* and a beautiful aaddle her**, 'or aale at a bargain. Inquire at Simpson's furniture iter*, 89 Bowery, or Dnderhlli'* (table. Riving ton itreet, near the Bowery. OS SALS-A BAT HORSE. RAISBD IN VERMONT, da year* eld; lfljf hand* high; pony built, flue ttyle aad F rood tpeed; perfectly sound and kindevery way: lettable for a family or sxprssi; aold for want of use. Inquire at elub *table, Pacific etreet, near Court, rear of eeal yard, Brooklyn. iitOR SALE-A BLACK HAWK COLT. SIX TSARS 1 old, (lateen hand* high, warranted sound, kind in ?tag'* aad double harness and i* a very good saddle horse; oaa trot a mil* in three minute*. Apply at Ns. 3 Greenwich a'rest. F'OR SALE-A TIMECARRIAQS HORSE ; IS A DARK sorrel, about fifteen band* and a half high, abeut ten jeart old, aaitahletor family net or a pbvsioian Apply at atablt, 23 East Twelfth itreet, near University place. For sale-a beautiful DARK IRON GRAT PO ny, fnll flowing mane and tall; gentle, sound, aad an elegant saddls hers*. May be seea tot a few days at E. M. Bacon's teed store. 29 Second avenue. CtOR SALE-A FULL BLOODED DUN MARB, SEVEN J? veers old, 16 bands high, black lags, mane and tail; tra vel) fast, and fit for auykind of bnslnsas, and not surpassed in bsaaty by any othar horsa; ia sound and kind. Will be ?oid cheap. Price 6223. Enquire at 262 Wsst Slit street, ef Michael Bo ma. r)R SALE- A HANDSOME LIGHT ROAD WAOON, nearly new and in complete order Will be eold for n little over half its coot. Apply at THOMPSON'S Stables, Thirteenth street, near Third avenue. ?/?OR SALE-A GRAT MARE, 16 HANDS HIGH. SE A ven peers old, kind in all bernsss, an sxceilsnt saddle mare,and sound. Inquire of T. Kyter, No. 10 Brooklyn market, Jamss street, Brooklyn. Also a sorrel horse. For balb-a light running wagon, niarlt new, built te order, suitable for n doetor er pleasure wagon. Also, n flrst rat* light tretting wagon; has never been need; sui able for on* or two horses, with shaft* aad pola oomplete Bold en account of the owaer going to Eu rope. To be seen at McALBER'0 livery stables, East Thir tieth itreet, between Fifth and Madleeu avenue*. For sale-a veet fine bat horsi, abdal lah Msssinger stock, '5 bands high, six years old, aer frctly sound, kind aad gsntle; good style ana speed Sold fox went of us*. Also, e shifting tsp wagon and harness. Apply at 77 Division itr*et._ For balb-a square box wagon, fashiona b'ymads, and bssn very little need, from ene of the beet makers; will be eold witk or without pole. Cam be seen at George Mnrray's stable, 33 East Nineteenth street. For sabe?a pair of obntle black family horses, warms ted sound; will be sold cheap, the ewmer having left for Europe. Inquire at 26 South WilUMi street, gT' usd floor. r)R 8ALB-A THOEOUGH BRED MARE, FOURTEEN years old. perfectly sound; has trottsd in 2:40 end known to tnrfmro. wagon and ktrneee if wanted. Any per ron wMtlng a breeder, er a prompt driver, weuld do well to addrees A B. C., Herald offloe For sale-at 72 read* street, one black mare, 16 bands high, kind and sound, .dank.a and single harness, and good to saddle. Can ge a mil* in ?hree minntes. Friee 6130. FOB SALE-A FEW SHETLAND AND WELCH PO niee. sound nod In good eoadltloa. Apply at 43 Ek i hange place. F'OR SAI.E-A SPLENDID BAT HORSE, FIVE TEARS eld, warmatod per'eotly round aad kind; would suit n doctor; or for a family boris oannot be bsat. Inquire at 96 West Thirty second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, Morgan tiorses.-a magnificent bat colt, year* eld; oen tret 2:60; perfectly kind and seondT Abe a splendid family 1 er**, large and etvlieh; very strong and powerful; five rears aid; Just from Vermont; tor sale low. Apply at 21 Eoerum street, Brooklyn PAIR OF CANADIAN PONIES FOR SALE?16 HANDS high, dark buy, ( and 7 years old, warraatsd sound, Bit]# and kfrd (n burr ess, bcaatifnl eutde horeos por tly safe for children, together with open reckon a* wagon, double harness, blanket, halters Ac .Just in fWm the coun try. f an bs seen at Mr. MoCAFFRT'S stable. Fulteu avs tiee, near Ads'phl etreet. Brooklyn SECOND HAND CARRIAOBS FOR RALR.-QMR roekaway will eeat six person"; one d*. feor; eae eoaoh uterly new; two top buggies; all In good order. aad wlU be ?old low. Call at LINT'S eotringn factory, Tbtrd arena*, near Forty seventh et. TXTANTBD-A LIGHT SECOND HIND RIMGLR " btruees, with breast collar. Anv person having suet an one, hnt little n<?4, that thev wish to dffpoeecf eheae fee efish, may a* dree* A. ??At-( treiRvgq '

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