Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 17

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 17
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llKIIttl TRAGEDY M TBI BIITfl WARD. Allege* to Haw? U Juroaei*! In-"*, r about 2 o'clock, the neighborhood sf No. 4 Bute itmt (UU Orange street) ra thrown iattipMl state of naMmat, In consequence of a hor rible Waged/ that had bo?n perpetrated on tha enseal tear of Mkat ballMag. At that hoar tho scream* of a a min in dUtraaa aroused too luaataa froaa their bode, arho made an effnrt to obtain an entrance to tho room of Edworl MeDonanB, a shoemaker, from whloh tho noiM and eetes of murder enao* ad. In a few minutes oiUcor Dykee, hearing tho d.sturbaoee, roahod into ths prsmi oaa, and oueooodod in effioUeg an entrance to dcDoa nail's roooa. Bore n hotrll spectacle waa presented? the wife's! MoDonnnll lay on tie floor, gaaping m tho offeulel 6f death, from o largo wound !a her throat, out of which ll'u'u blood floured rapidly. The oeavalaive effort made <>y the woman to breathe weltering in bar blood, seat a cold ' through tho reiui of all who were witnoM to tho hecrid ooone. the huwosal daring the confualon left tho room, and wendst-y^ v?5 into the ?<??-* ~ arriving at th? ?? om ' ...nor 0' Chatham street, ho wont np to Boor Connor, of tho Wx'b waro police, and telling him that ho had asmrdered his wife, gay# himself into coated/. The officer eoaoojed him to tho atatioa henna, and immediately went back to tho ooane of tho dreadful affair. Hero ho found too oeghbora all gathered around the dying body of Mrs ItcUnauall, lamenting in loud criee her untimely end. Vha brother of the prisoner, ?he was w at ploys d by aim ta me workshop, was alto n witness ta the horrid apectacl*. A razor all covered with Mood waa fanad on too bed by the policemen, showing evidently that toe deed had bean pe:p?trated by tee aid of this inatrnmrnt Tho unfortunate woman was plated on tho hod in n dying c edition, and a tur??oa was sent for to dreis tee weuods; hat all earhlj aid was of no avail, as she be en teed her Inst in a te? moments aftar ha airived. MoDonnnll is thenght by many to bs laaans, and it is auppaaad that in on# of his mad fits be got out of bod n tho sight Una# and mur ered hla wife by ontting her throat with a razor lie la a man of some respec teMHty aad property, aad has throe ohildroa living with him, who now arc orphans, evtn oy a father's head. ??konkk's inqukst. Tsstsrday fcrtnaon. Coruuer Wilhelm held an inquest ?pen the body of the dec-s-ed, Margaret McDonnell TheOeteotr's effieo was cro'ced to its utmost capacity with witnesses aad spectators. Tho following jurors worn duly sworn on tie inquest:? John Toady, Michael Maguire, Walter Stars. Oillam P. Wall, Charles 8 Chlekhaue, Patrick tiaoey, Lewis CorptaUr, to#. C. Hall, Marsaa J O'Urisn. The prisoner, *k? u a veil m id* dm, between forty m4 fifty year* ef age, wes pirbeat during the progress ef the inquest, attracted by counsel. He seened muoh deprmstd in spirits mo was no doubt, fully aware of the awful poalheo he wan placed in. On the table lay the raror with wbicu the deed waa oammlttod, completely oovrred wi'h the blood ?( the victim. It is generally believed tbat toe prisoner la insane. His ap peatanen yesterday warrma>.ed that presumption. The first witnars plze-n upon the stand was? Jihssna Murphy, who, beirg dulg sworn, deposed? tbat sb# resideo at fas 4 Better street; she wss employ ed by Ifr sad Mrs. hcDoaoaii as a a errant; has been living with tbtm ler t-lgkt- z> moatbs; they lived in a quiet meaner together tm-y never quarrelled and never drank intoxicating llqa?r? to 'er knowlelge; never saw them Intoxicated; a seatthss weeks ago tne prisener waa out el his b m for four u<.ys; ho would not stay at home, but oontieaaliy wanted to go out, an he ssid, to buy cloture, be was raving in tuis man ner, ud had to be bvld n or J by two msa; when he could get out el bed be would break the windows in try ing te get out; he never tried to injure any one at that time, be was atten ed by It O'Ri-ly, of Oliver street, and got quite well in n short time; I noticed nothing particular about htm sine-- that time until yesterday, when, about 8 o'clock, h? I tosed very wild and strange looking; he had seme awa wor- lag for him at shoemak ing, tn the beeemeat, he went after dinner; when he came hs, as above stato". oe remained quite quiet? stayed about bah an hour, and went out again; he cams bach at supper tome looking quite natural; he stayed boms aB the evening , 1 was here, as war* also hie wife axS cfaldnnt there waa an quarrelling, no harsh words ?the evening waa spent *? usual; none of us wot tj bod that night until I'd o'clock, 1 Blent 1. the asm* room with the prisener and v I* -he we All west to bed abou the same time; the prisoner and hi* wife knelt down by the bedside and sab! their prayers together, just as usu al; abvut torn e'sleek ibis morn log I was awakeaea by aeise, and starVd up; it w?s a cry of some kind tha wake me up; there was a caudle banting on th tabic, which I had plaied there previous t* my re tiring; when Iawe'e I saw the prisoner standing at tho foot of the W, puttlog on bis pantaloons; and his wife, tbe > eoeased. 1 ing on the floor by the bed silo; she was alive but d d aot seem to move; I did not speak tn him or tench her. but went oat stealthily te call In seme of the neighbors; I found that the door wan looked ea the tnsioe , I aaw the deceased bleeding from the throat; I eaiini in tbe brother of tho prisoner; I did net discover that tbe prisoner htd anything in hit hands bat his elm be*; I don't snow which eide of the bed he generally slept ou. he aid not speak to me; after oalllng the brother e' the prisoner from the basement I retorted and fonnl her ('be deceased) still alive; ahe lived baif so hour but did art speak; when I got back the prisoner bad left tbe room; 1 uever aaw the tasor new shewn me trior*; the prisoner always got shaved at the barber's; wbea I got up 1 saw blood on tbe bed; tbe cbiUien slept with roe, but did not wake up; no one visited thorn last night, I never Aaw a razor in the honae; 1 never beard him U>rw%.*a to take her life; af ter the brother of the pri? ner came into the room, Mrs. Murpby alee eame in xnc was present with me when the deceased died; this was about 'i\i o'clock; about three o'clock en officer came and showed me the rater which he said he had found n th? bed-.deceased did n?t en aa\ occasion express any fear* of her life being in dan ger; tho prisoner was not in tho room tho entire evening; he weet dowe to bis workmen after supper and caaae an again about 1?H o'clock and after sitting in the roam about half an hoar went to bod; the noiss that woke me np waa that oi something railing on tho floor, which 1 suppose most hove been caused by the de ceased in ber fall. Patrick McDonnell melding at No. 4 Baxter street, being duly swore, deposed a* follows:?I am brother of the prisoner; I am employ ed by him and have tbe charge ef his business; we generally close the shop soon eftar 10 o'clock; he prisoner was in the habit ef drinkiog, but 1 nevrr saw bim Intoxicated; 1 know that be was out of his mind, as stated by tbe preoedlng witness; I don't I new tbe cajss of it; 1 did not notice anything particular about him yesterday; he seemed to act as usual;be seemed qane pletwd wheel sew bias stttiag ee tbe f.ont steep along with his wife; at 11 o'clock I weet to be die the basement; I heard ud saw nsthing an til I was awakened by tbe former witness; 1 went np immediately, and fouao tbe deoeased lying on the floor and blood all over tbe bed; I did not notion th* out ea hot threat; my brother was not in the room: I turned huh and went ont immediately for Dr. O'Rlley, but whesi I got dewn in the street 1 overtook my brother on the corner of Chatham and Baxter streets, whsco he wae talking with a poheemsn; I did not speak to my brother, but went on lor tbe doctor, I did not succeed in getting the doctor, aad on my return I found my brother bed been taken nway, as he was not where I had left him; wham I re-entered the room my slater in law was still ah re; the preceding wltnese was in the room when she died; I was so excited 1 could not toll who else was in tbe room; I never raw tbe razor now shown mo befhre; I never new the deoeased drink My Intoxicating ItaUMT. Uk Murpby, residing at No. 4 Baxter street, being ?warm, deposed as follow*-1 have occupied tbe room above deceased's for three years past; I was well ac quainted with them Ml thought they were as fond a eeaplt as svsr lived; she told ma be (the prisoner) was a vary kind husband: I never saw ber Intoxicated, bat have seem Mm slightly neoer the Influence of liquor; I keep a stand In Chatham street and did not come in until It e'otonb. so tbat 1 did not see them at all lsst evening, I irewt to bed between 10 and 11 o'clock, and sis apt beer anything until called by the woman Jo ban aa Murphy; I oame dewn with a light and found the deesaeed gbg oe tbe fleor dead; l saw the blood nleo about the room and on tha bed ; JohMua was in tbe roans and Patriot Brady was steading by the door; I heard at tho sasae tisM that the prisener had been ax John Dykes, reaMIng at 121 Walker street, being ?worn, deposed that he was e polloe officer of the Sixth weed; this morning aheuta quarter past 2 o'clock officer Pen new met me on th* corner ef Perk ud Baxter streets, and bold me that a murder bad been committed on bis poet, et He. 4 Baxter street; 1 went there with him and found two small children la waa lying in e pool of Tn tbe awoke while fennd the us lying on the floor, as if she bed. she wae lying 1 * ' Mood; Mr*. Murpby and Jobaaaa Murphy v room; one ef the deoeased'* little ehlidreo a I wae there; I was looking et Its mother; I ,.,g? w,? raaor, plowed, but with fresh blood nponftt, et the foot of tbe bed; While I was ihtr* I felt deceased'h pules: It fluttered e little, the prisoner brother's oame in, after having sisrdksl flare dootor; th* raaor case was found on the labia. Daniel O'Connor, ef tbe Sixth ward police, being duly a worn, deposed that he readied et N Park street; this morning about e quarter post two o'clock, while I was ?tendlog at tho corner of Baxter end Chatham streets, tha prisoner esme wp to see and said?"I give myself np to you;" Hooked at him and asasd him whet was the matter, ad I know bim verv well; bo told m* that ba had beta quarrelling with bis wife, that ebe hod abased and beaten him. thht ah* took a rater te eat his throat, end that he tent it from her aad eat her threat; I naked bim if *ba wea deed, end be said she was; I took him aa far aa tha stoop, but thought it would be beat aot to let bim ace her; aa I took bim to tho station house, ?be prisoner looked very wild about bis eyee, lot ?** wry eeol la all bis actions, I thought h. n.ght ksvt boon ander tha iaflaenee of I', cw -e soma extent; on going to the station hcu-e l-e look off h i bat end shooed me a spat on his kr.ii. ?'? ?sto said be bad been streak by the deceased ei'-r 1 r. ? seht him to the station house, 1 went beak' jr. si '.??*I ''eeeased. and feuad everything as d* ' flV* r r> ?f?, wt'b th* exception of the razor if *>>, eg a* No 4 Bettor street hslag ?worf 1 Met he was emplosed by the prisoner kto the ww.?Tf MM iff Ma MIM hbave plaoe; I noticed that hia imhun h4 am war* aomawbat changed, be mud wild about U? eye* deceased aiked ma tf 1 bad art noticed it; aba said aba had beta up stairs 017lap, baoauaa bat husband was getting bad again; aba eakd something about tba Influ ence of liquor; thia waa la tba evanlng, about S at ? e" clock; I never aaw him drtah to asaaaa. Philip B O'Relly residing at No. 9 OUvor atraot, au baiac Kwora, deposed?Tnet ba waa a physician, kaat the prisoner for aotaa Una pant, waa hia attending phy aieian for a year; I *aa callad upon la tba lint week of May to aaa tba priaoaat; I had aaca him la tba airaat a faw day a ago, and waa "truck bj hi* appaaraaoa; 1 waa led to auppoae that hia mtad was dlasaasd bj ia dulgtag In orink or aoosathlag of that klad; I fount him, wh?n callad upoo, laboring unlar a fit of de lirium tremens, they toll me be bat cot alept for three week a; there waa no othor derangement but thia delirium tremana, from which he recovered aa ueoal la three or four daye; a tout two wetka ago I aaw bim much la the came condition anting oa hia own atoop; I ?topped to advise him upon the neceiaity of hia abatalning from drn*; I have mat bim aiaca, when ha about tba eye; ba did not apeak haa tna nam* wiraak. . to me on the last meeting; I did not know that I ban bean tent for this morning; I think it wei the influence of drink tuat made him a opear darinrad. William O'Donnell, M D , being iworn, deponed? That he wu acquainted with the prisoner for tba last twelve years; waa bra family physio**" * have bad alaivat daD* ??? ior two years; botw w-? .runnwe of meeting him; -- ??? auy man more devoted to hia wife and fa mily than he waa. MEDICAL TKSTIMONT. David Uhl, U. D., being duly swora, says:?I reside at No. ft Bond atreet, aud have made a pot', mtrlem exami nation of (the body of Margaret McDonnell, oow lying dead at No 4 Baxter atreet ; 1 found her lying on the flaor. with her head toward* the bed, aad her feet to ward* the window ; toere waa a large pool of bleed aronnd her head, and one of the pillows on the h?d was covered with blood ; there wae blood upoa the left hand, bnt none upon the right ; there wa* a wound ia the tbroat three taehea in length, extending from left to right, and completely levering both the trachea and area phngue, but not injuring the carotid arteries; the edges of the wound were ragged, and there bad evidently bean two outs in the tbroat, aa the trachea waa severed both above end below the thyroid cartilage ; there ware no other marka of vinl?noe on the body, and the injuries ware undoubtedly the ciuw of death ; from the appear aaca of the wound, I am of the opinion that tba wooed waa not made by herself, and that deceased would ba un able to make any orlee. The ta*timowy beingocncluded. Coroner Wilheim then charged the jury upon the evidence elicited before them, in a brief but able manner. After due deliberation, that body rendered the following VIRDICT. That the said Margaret Monoanall came te her death by the eflecta of a wound of the throat. Indicted with n rasor in the hands of bar husband, Edward McDonnell, on the 19th day of June, 1865. Anamination op the prisoner. On tbe rendition of the verdict, Coroner Wilbelm ex amined the priaoner in the uaual manner, aa follows:? Q. What la your name? A. Edward MoDauaall. Q. Bow old are you ? A. About 44 years. Q. Where were you born ? A. Ireland. . Q. Where do you live t A. No. 4 Dexter street Q. What la your occupation! A Shoemaker. Q. Have you anything to eay, and If so,''what, relative tothecbarge here preferred against you! A. I have nething to eay. MoDonnaU waa then committed to the Temba, te await the notion of the Grand lniueat, now In session. The Board or HdueaUon ?nd **? Worms* School* of York* PRESENTATION OP DIElsOM A8 TO THE QBADHATEB "SSSSS^ ??. T1?m?.0LB-ra? o8? 01SB8? DU1ET8, ORATIONS, AMD 80L08 LIST OF THE ?RAEUATKfl. ... The presentation of diploma* to the female and ma e graduates of the Board of Education of this city took in the Broadway Taberaacle laet evening, and was conducted in a moet satisfactory manner?with the ex ception of the accommodation afforded to the member* of the press?by Messrs Neileon, Hibbard, Davenport, Winthrop, Green, See, and MeCloekey, members of the Exscntlve Committee, for the management of this de partment. There never waa a more numerous, respeo table, or intelligent audience collected in the Tibernaole than that which assembled on the occasion. Sixty gen tlemen, and as many as seven hundred young female graduates weie present, all of whom have been trained and prepared in our public school* te assume the im portant duties of Instructors of youth, either here or elsewhere. The young ladies wers dressed in white, orne mented as their different tastes prompted,and theyfermed a perfect galaxy of beauiy, animated by education and moral culture, as they sat ranged in front and around the platform. Every available spot in the other portions of the house was crowded to ite utmost extent with oiU sens, old snd young, who wvnl to hear the exeroi*?s, and rejoice at the educational progress of ?"???*" ? daughter, a son, a near relative, or at least of a fellow C'Aulidf jast eleven o'clock P.M. we noticed on tfee nlatfcrm ex Governor Seymour. W. H. "lUom . President of the Board of education; Horace Webster, Esq .President of the Free Academy; the devout prayers of thy p<op;e, and abe ilve all their offences. Receive our humble acd cearty thanks lor all thv goodness?for our creation, our pre servation and the varied Clearings of tbU U'e?for thine inestimable love in the redempt.on of the world by our laird Jesus Christ, lor all our means of grace, for our religious liberties, and lor the hope of be*T?^7 Wa invoke thy bleaeing upon Ibe ruleri, th# people Ml theinetitutioDe of o2r country Hayouxmagt.trates inrime to tbi will, end our nttion walk in the way or thy commitment#. Thou, who bast ^rm#d o^ and endued our souls with their faculties, vhs t t the fountain of knowledge and wisdom, *'tbA.y favor the echcoU established among us for the au- nf h0und learning and Christian Auottlon. So jure 4n thpm the patron age ^needful for carrying their good &2K2toS?rt ^Visrtwith ?h; blessing all the offl cere entrusted with the control of their Interests and management of their affaire, and animate them *ltb and real Grant the teachers, and thoee XSrtte assume the roeponsibitiee ?r teachers a true mmniiA of their solemn charge, and understanding and strength for the fulfilment o i their duties. pupil* health of body and mind end soul, and estimate of the advantsgee they here enjox. coonitv and dilhrenc* in the pursuit of kaow ?dm w ith submi srionto authority, respect for their teacher* end a ready will to follow the counsels of judg ment and maturity. Guard "thou their inexperience, .v" fr0m ,ain conceit, shield their virtue w.ri, thou hoof ?oU?0 them. Defend oo, ? are here assembled, from all danger* end the night, and direct us in all our domge by thy grace. AT^imedUtely aSMr prayer was conoluded, ell the gradu ates cfceuntsd the hymn:? With humble heart and tongas To Thee, my God, I prar; Oh, bring me now. while IMS young, To Thee, the living way. My heart, to folly prone, Renew by power divine; Unite It to thyeelf alone And meke me wholly thine. Oh, let thy word of grnce My wermest thoughts employ, Be this through all my following days , My treasure and my joy. The President of the Board of Education then came forward snd delivered the following eloquent LADDMM. . ... Before the exercises of the ?veiling proceed, I wit jay a few words explanatory of ths object which baa caled I us tor*ther 1 will then Inform thoee not intimately ?!n nffntoc with tha Oommon School arrangemcnU of this city that the pnpDe od the normal schools of ths Board of Education are almost exclusively the teachers, ?tin urn durinx theusaal eehool days asm school hours, Mwaaed' in the work of instruction in the osmmen schools of this eity, and that they comprise about twe tMrtToJ nO the timber, so ?P\?r*- ?f ,t. nnarii of KdieaUoo reqniT* all the jnnior teacher* la U* ward school* to attead the normal ?ball have attatned to a certain scholastic peeliUoa. Wepre.ent the graduate*of thisevsningvrithdiploma. tK.? tbev have oomo up to the required i-j-^y^garaa aS'Sirv a'snas'iss s "S' assw .'rasrJ m sr ssnsayss ths oommon .*?*?? ^ Aato h?vs charts a.* ^JT^WmSersmd the exemplar* these are mow ?;T> ' our affections, our sons aad of ths dearest rror oease to pray that onr daughters- Ob ' they neglect to be they may be found tatthful, ehonh.. , shmdd stow the proper eumro^hww aad we. -L-tsrt ths en. taken from the advanoed classes In oni'ward aehoO**, and licensed, enter on* normal aoboole to receive instruction, and then again pass to our ward schools to eomssunicats ths instruction reosived, and contlnns at stated periods to alternate be tween Us normal schools sad ths schools in which I tbsy are employed, until they are released, as is the ease with the gradaates this evening. Thus Uses normU ?ohooia are ths osntrs of that ctrcoUtion by whlsh our school srstem Is sustained. These normal sshsols am ISm Ue illvatisn of onr whole school system, for thsv aro tSTmeMshf which *nr schools an foruLhod with oompsU^t Uaohers. Tho people wiaing to beer the burden of a Uxatioa for the support of oar eosamon schools so long as thaw are assured that this* setae's Statu of conducted, hut ths doom of onr schools !* sealed if ever they become the corrupt ImtrumeoU af ^ other hind of patronage pUddff, on which te five a living I devoid of the requisite qualifications of a lawhia mat, stool 1 it ever ocear, ou wtt MM ta to e pa Mm MmM|. Ttoaa nsrmsl , torn, whlok in a torkt to (to MalMoa to terms tserdiers toto wMitli, aad wbteh keep as nmUM with eempetsat mi, m tto ulrttto to the wbeteayoSMs Than Ant to the Washer, there ta wo pod tina mare towarable mere reapeanbte He u ?wkla| upon to very foundation of awMj, 4o*? Ito oct to itatrti observation; tot aot the Use important U It tlut tto work should bo nil and faithfully performed. No Mo tor buiMor, to ho avvr to skilful, eon ocoot a ante edfloo upon on insecure foundation. That portion to tto k true tare which It to asset tto public gate, may bo at strong ao noetoniea eon maka it. jot If toot upon which It la <o root bo not w?U Into aa^properly oemented, the more miae>ve the a u pore true Mire tto more euro it* ruin, at a time when we are not aware taat building will foil, aad great will bo tto fall thereof. The patriotic rtatcnnan, who la bore for his country's welfare, ta his endeavor* to control her counsels and regulate her des tiny, will have but o bopeltaa task to perform if tto work to the school teacher boo bees carelessly perform ed. they ore tens benefactors of the human family who " ?*- *k" -"-nfeoaton of teacher ?o the pinnacle upon whlob it ought to rest?and who plant1 - , as tto determined opponents of those who would enter into the rank* to our teacher* -ittout tto requisite moral and iatellao?ual qaalifieataoas for tto poet- Tn? nana IXOrpt wel qualified for the position, iu*u ua Jlnittac no teachers, is the desire o! the Board ^^Stoa, as syinosll by It. lataet aotUa. Tnat ?I k.. - khort time since, passvd a r?-quiaatios rate baby ton, a - y -? ?sUsn to ens Me any oao to lag tto ataadard oi qu- " * rtoe'.ve a lioemf to teach and at tto same una u?n? miaeo to establish a daily normal school auxiliary to tto normal schools before you, for the purpose of pre paring for tee profession those anxious to beooma teachtrs Thus, while on tto one hand tto doer is closed to incompetency, it in on the other opened to these who desire to fit themselves for the work Our common aihools ere constantly improving in character, end ad ran ou> g la pu -die favor. The ward oiBe-rs while dleonrdiag tto idea of competing with any other ins U tat ion, cannot but feel a laudable ambition, that ta ma nagement, dissipline and instruction, the schools under their supervision shall be inferior to none in the world. It sroutd be untorteuate, indeed, if at this time, when enr nntionhl prosperity so much depenls upon the tu teil'gsnce of our people, any error should arise caliu lated to create a prejudice against tto cause of public education When designing and ambitious dema gogues are seebieg to plunge us into foreign strife, or to exoite the discefftaat elements of this confederacy 'to the destruction to ear glorious Union, want hsva we te rely upon, as n defence, sure and standfast, but the intelligence and moderation of the people. Again awl again has that been found adequate to our protection in tto time of peril. I hear occasionally n voice sf complaint of our school system?that it oeoa sions an unnecessary burden of taxation?but this ooDu ple nt cornea, 1 think, from those who do uot well under atand the subject I would that they who, as they pass ear schools, regard them but as oostfy piles of maasorv. for the ereotlon of wbioh they have been taxed, would eater the hmldlnr aad sea the jewel thst the casket oontsins. Let them ascend the stairs sad approach with me the door of the primary department of one of our largest nobools?la that room there are assembled about 1,000chtliren When that door la open, do you expect to hear a discordant murmur, or to witness a scene of unutterable confusion ? Hark I you can hear the very door creek gently as It turn* upon its mages, end you are in the preeenoe of more children, perhaps, than you had, up to this time,'ever seen together in your life. So silent, so apparently breathless ts that multitude, that you can hear the olook a? it regularly ticks; and as you look upon that motionless body, you perceive that every eye is attentively fixel upon the teacher, aad that the teacher controls that raot assemblage with a glance. Not suoh a glance as Is cast from the eyes of some master, reedy to tear and to destroy, but a glance ready affectionately to reprove the erring and to give praise to those who do we(L With a mot>oa hardly peroeptibte, the teaetor raises her finger?in s moment, sad with s precision that would do Locor to s veteran corps, with ons impulse, every one of these 1,COO children has risen?every eye still fixed upon the teacher. ready to obey the next silent order given. WU you near them sing r Oh! the music from those little throats ta sweet?and were he preeent who utteied tto wise saying. " let me make a nation's Mings end you may mate its laws,"?he would confess that if our laws were ae good as the songs of tht*e little oeeo, our nation must be indeed well legislated for. And I could take you through that building, the field of labor of these pupils to our Normal schools, and you would see that the first ioetructions given to our child ren me, obeidieooe to law, reepeot for constituted autho rity, and moral ana religious accountability. And I think 1 bear you say, as you leave that building, " Tto only anchor which can keep our ship of titete from drifting to destruction before the wild gale of popular pession, ia a liberal, eoligbtuing, humau'ziug, Chris tianizing sympathy of publle educat.on." When Mr Neiltoa'o address was ended. Miss Marie U. Van Zanot and Miss L. Victoria Walsh, two beautiful young ladies, ascended the platform and sang the duet. "Come where the Violets Blow," in a style so purs and with voices no faultless as to elicit a universal burabof applause from the audienee when they concluded. They retiree to their seats amidst a shower of bouquets. Wil litm .1. Kennard then delivered an oration ou "Purs Patiiotltm Necessarily Allied to Sound Educat'on." Ms treated the subject in a clear manner, bat if his enun ciation of tto different sentences and been more distinct bis ices# would have been mash better understood. Mies J> ne E Cunningham sang ' Lots Linnets! a Fairy ho-t, ' 1" a tone so feeling and sentimental thst It looked as if she really felt how frail must be ths bark wbioh carried Cupid and the fortunes of his votaries. Mr. Scott read an exeellemt composition by Mies F. L. A. Guteh, on the subject of "Female Education," which was much applauded. After which all the gra duate^ gave the cbotus, " Violets, blue vnlets," with fine effect Mr. George W. Harrison pronounoed an oration on " Ths Pre**," which was well conceived, as app'lcable both to the United States and European count r es, but was delivered <n a voice toe weak for suoh a subject, and with too muoh of the " start thea tric." Miss Josephine Rogers sad Miss Walsh next esrg the duet, " Moonlight Music " with good taste and fine effect "Novel Beading," s comoositien oi Miss Caroline Apple ton, waa read, and contained some useful bints on the mental prostration resulting from an over indulgence in <los?s or light literature. A chorus by the gveduatee was followed by the oration of Mr. 8ylveste? G. Penfield, on "Improvement of tto Physical EVwees," which was a very creditable efloit. Miss S. Viotori* Walsh then ascended the platform, and taking her plaoe by the piano with great dignity, ehe sang "The harp that once through Tarn's ball," w th a pathos, feeling and melody worthy of the great poet oho composed it, and worthy in execution of even the most accomplished daughter of the country to which it refers When she concluded rounds of applausv were given, aad some elegant bouquets were thrown to the platform. The exercises were concluded with a diversity of orations, songs, ehoruses, and duets, after which the diplomas were presented to each graduate. In some of the ovatiens a strong Know Nothing sentiment could be observed, which was well received. NAHA8 OF THK GRADUATES. MaU Normal School?Jacob Kebrmanu, George W. Harrison, William J Kennard, Charles W. Morse, Syl vester G. Penfield. George W Stewart. Female Normal School.?Caroline H. Appleton, Jose phine Bailey, Louisa Barton, Mary E Clark, Eleanor M. Oon n, A Augusta Dayton, Mary E. Flanagan, Char lotte F. Glover, Frances K. A. Gutch, Phefce A Hope, Elisa A. Hannoa, Mary Bousewortb, Nancy E. Heyt, Henrietta Hall, Elisabeth F. King, Mary J. King, Laura E. Lent. Sarah A. lore, Agnes MoFarland, M. Louisa Maefarlsae, Mary J. Mend, Helen G. Morgan, Margaret F. Magnire, Sarah F. Millar, Isabel Oakley, Mary 8co lli i, Augutta A. 8cofield, Sarah Stewart. Charlotte M. Sbafford, Emma M. Sweeney, Esther E. Thompson. Tto recipients of tto diplomas ohaunted a farewell song. A valedictory was given by Miss Laura E Leal, mod Mr. Charles Tracy pronounced n farewell address. When be concluded, the feUooing hymn was chanted: Softly now the light of day Fades upon my sight away; Free from care, from labor (Tee, Lord, I would commune with thee. Thou, whose ell pervading eye Naught escapes without, within, Pardon eaoh infirmity, Open fault and seoret sin. Soon, for me, the light of day Shall for ever pass away; Then, from sin aad sorrow free, Take me, Lord, to dwell with thee. After which the large assemblage separated. Personal Intelligence. Jm. M. Pendleton, oat of the seconds in the late duel, frost this pott last Wednesday, for Borope, in the steamer. Of ooarte this paragraph it not intended for tike aye of the police. jJUUTUB. At the St. Nleholas Hotel?Mr. Allen, U. 8. Aj 0. Wlsto seL U. 8. A.; Mr. and Mrt, Fletoher Webster, Botton; Dr. IVbeaten, V. 8. A.; Robert C. Hill, do.; Mr. A. Brnnell, To ronto. At the A (tor Honoe?Cnptaln Tyler, U. 8. A. -, A. M. To boy, New Orleans; J. Williams, Virginia; F. B, Taring, W. C. Breeee, Charleston; Dr. Oreen, Colo ago; B. Bntler, J. 0. Torrey, O. W. Til den, Boston. From Havre in the ?teamohip St Lonle?Capt Wm H Hud son, benrtr of despatches; Mr Hn*t and lady; Mies D re ret, Mrs Peltiers and two ehlldren; Mr Morlloro, Mr PreUeesk, Mrs Straues, Miss Strauss, Mrs Eustris, Mr Benedio end ser vant; lie*. Thenof, Mlse Hustren, Mr John Anderson and Indy; Mr Baeh, Koselin and son, Uhnrehill, Mr L Marina, fonr infants and servant maids; Mrs Dodete. throe children and servant maid, Mr Fane, Major Devane, Fon, four Priests. Mrt Williamson. Mrt Demling, Mrs Cheesemaa, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Prett and child; Mrs Roielin. Mrs Brunrd, Mrt Chteeoman. Mr H Shauffler, Mr Bxtord, Mr R W Noyee, Gee Osborne, Mr Tliooks, Mr X Stone, Mr H B Cook. Joe Pollard, J N Bis slow. Geo N Blselow, J Ball, Jas Prlsy A Cookran, Kohler. Fred James, Mr James, Mff fUboka * W Mathews, ? U lJatbews, U Bull, From Chnrtegtoa, In rteMuUb Jas. Adrer-Mlss A. Cot ?bum. Mm C. Retebum. Mist Wolsey, Miss H. Towasend Mm C. Town send, Miss Fanning, Mise kigbton, Mies Clark. Miss Weeks, Mint F. C. Hendriske, Mist 8. MeUnda, Misi Blake, Mrs Campbell and ehild, Mrs. Niohols, Mrs. X. P. Towasend, Mrs. T. M Gadsden and sen, Mrs. Hart and daughter, Mrs. 8. Brown. Mrt. T. H. Marshall, Mrs. Mat thews, O. H. Mitchell aad lady, A. Ball and lady, O J. Cbsffee, lady, 4 ehlldren aad servant, W. W. Dtsbrow, lady Child and servant, John M. Dew and lady, Dr. IF. L. ilanll tea thd lady, G. B. Edwards, lady and ten, Gee. Pettiboae, 0. f preo?*l*i D Fanning, W, C. R. Dullng, J. . 2-d? ? ur _? ^ jfitchell, Geo. Z Bnrtod, *r . a, flnmp 8tag|, W R. FarrelL T. Baroh, Dr. T. 0. Thomas, M. Mul len. A. MeGUley, L. Roach, C. Hngbea, and 25 in Jhe steerage. rnm Savannah, in steamship Kaoxvllle?J a Fay and aer vsift, Mrs W Middle ton, H Mailer, Cel 8 T Bally, ? Wileox. Rev W T Dalieli, Mine M A Bailey, Miss Julia Bailey, / a Pratt, Geo Sheldon, J V Brooca, Mr Manly, lady end son, C J Lawrenoe, T 0 Gilmer and lady, Mrt 11 A Sorauton, Mr* B M McWilliams, Mr* Van Rensaeiaer and ten. H C Araold, G W MUliagton B IF Beebe. J R Habersham, P M Flynn, A Harding, J C Watklaa. Wm Ktne, 8 Thompson, U C Lane, R Stafford, Mr Roosevelt, lady, child aad (arrant. Mrs Moore, Mrs Gordon, Goo Gordon, Miss II Minor, Miss P Miner. Mrs NloheU. MIth Meyer, Hev J B Ryerooa aad lady, A H Gor ion, J Mac Keen, J Mod, Bev H O Wyer, Mis* Ward, Mis Whoelar, infant aad throe ehlldren, *s Bale sad lady. T W N eel ye, Mrs B Callaghaa, infant aad two ohlldrea, If B White and lady, Miss J rarkman, Miss h Parkmaa aad sor raat, w W liaoola, lady aad aorvaat. Mlse Wright, Mies C [oUst. MimOgdoa sad osrvent. Miss Flanders, T ?aiollffe, D BatetiBe, Mlse Ceagdea, Mlse F Wheeler. Miss O Wheeler, tad ft In the stoasagn From Bermuda, la. Mf so hr Jaatfaa-Mg MoCaUum. Conor, B. W. SunoaA Wm. Jlilehsll, Goo. '& Waldron. Dr. J. S. Toffasoud, i. T. Bnriod, atd son. t'barlos Harris, W. If. Bmsrsoa, W. B. Ob Monday svsnlag a ntUu affray occurred Mwm tTCBM,UBM Franc 1* Farttz aad BuimI Sprague, at the bonee Kb. MO Delaaooy street, in which a nam* Margaret Fertis. the wife of one ot the party, ?u ehet through the breact with a putol ball, alleged to have beta fired ot bjr Sprague. The foot* of Ui mm, Mthij appear ot pwmt, ut u follow* ?Om tha it?U{ la queetiom, Sprague oad Kortix bod mbm difflculty re ?pecting tbo barking and sola# of o dog kept ia the yard of tbe premises. From word* the quarrel oeme to blows, Kertlz recctviag o blow la the face, whioh com. felled him to retreat up stairs to the fourth story, where be resies*. Here, It it aliased, be woe followed by Sprague, who liv?d ia tbe adjoining room to that of Fertis At the Utter reached tbe bead of tbe etaire, 8prague entered hit room, and producing a pistol, - . w. . _ ? ?I |??wwwv?tta m uwmh. rushedi towarda Fertis and hie wife, (who was with Jum during tbo diSeulty) aad, at it is said, dii-bsrsed ihe weapon, the ball taking effect in tbe right "hast of the women, between tbo first and aeoond ribs, and passing dlrrotly tbrouga tbe oaok. The alarm was now*1' r"?*3> Sprague was almost ta?qo4i?feir after w9onneoon ari>jfod by offlogr of & Tbirteeoth wAra police, aad taken to tne station house, where ho was lowed up for the night. Mrs Fertis was promptly attended bp Dr. Underbill, who stopped the Sow of blood, but gave it as bis opinion that tbe nufor tunata woman oould 'not tarries tbs injury received. Tbo occurrence created a great deal of excitement la tbo ? ?i-khomfomm^ TVia wmtwmimm fl?wo? ? . *-o was taken before Justice Welch, at the Eeeex Market Police Court, whore be eti committed to priaca to await tne result of tbo wounded woman's Injuries. Horticultural Exhibition. The Horticultural Booiety held their annual June ex hibition of fruite and flowers yesterday, la tbo rMdiag room of tbe Actor Library, aad attracted quite aa as semblage to witness it. The day was not pleasant, bat tbe exhibition apparently suffered no diminution thereby. In the evening, the room* were quite thronged to listen to an addross which was delivered by the Rev. Mr. Os? good, who spoke on flowers and their Influences in am1 eloquent and improeetve manner. The exhibition this year was very creditable ia one or two departments. We have never seen a finer collec tion of choioe roses, though the numbers were but few. Pot and greenbouMpIantc were scarce, and ne vary re markable specimen* were exhibited. In fruit the ahow wae especially defective, there being only a few berries and grapes, which, though very fine ia their way, would give a stranger bnt a very poor idea of what our State i* oapaole of producing. There were a few vegetables ex hibited?radishee, salad, aad the like?but this depart ment was too meagie to bo worthy of more than a mere mention. Among the roeee, we notloed the follewiag named, which were very fine of their kind, and attracted gene, ral attentien:? Madame Lamoriciere, Sydonle, La Kerne, Auguato Mia, ssrssa. "ssr?4" *?<*? Lion dea Combats, Madams Rivers, Moss Chiatata. Geaeral Cavaiguac. Souvenir de la Reino dee Belgea, Among greenhouse plants there wsre several exqui site geraniums. Those known as Zuchsias or ladles' ear drops, wsre much admired, also, the amai*. plnelia decuasata, Ac., &c. ' * r eve ral orchid*, or air plants?among others, the cery anthea macnlata and the oacidlum fleruasum, attracted no Htt Ie attention. Theee are indigeno us to South Ant. rlM, and grow from the branohee of trees, the petals lUuTa'awMi ?a') r??0P*llc*# ?* carious shape, not un We also notloed the following plantsEpacris miniata. a rare plant from Australia; cummingia trimtoulata a 'J1* plant from South Africa, called after Cnmmings, the celebrated traveller. It is a blue flower, of hexaa drioiu petal, with a singular bine tinge. lhere were some magnificent bouquets, which we have not epaoe to particularise. Among the grapes, which were very fine, ws notloed the Canon Hull Muscat, tbo Alexandrian, and the black Hamburg! ' Among straw berries, Lonaworth's prolific and Hsvey's StS. ff?oeet>?rri* were repreeentsl by ike WhiUemitb variety; and the chortles, which were very poor, by Kn'ght'a early blacks. Among her cacao a* plants there wen several fine va rieties, though but few wore to bo seen. Altogether, this exhibition was not what It should be; and it would be well of this association to endeavor to $i\*. JS i01"*tblng more befitting a gnat city than the exhibition which closed last night. The folio ring is the list of premiums:? plants in pora. To David gcott, gardener to Mrs E. Holbrook, for the r bfiit?ACh',a,"V w? *>y JiBN W. HwelL To David Scott gardener to Mrs. E Hoibroak, for the beat specimen plant in flower...93, by C F. Lindaley. To Martin CoUopy, gardener to John H. Prentice, Esq., for a beautiful specimen of cleans discolor, a special PrlM 93, by E. G. fails. MM* To Mateo Don ad i, Astoria, for the beet oolleotioa of _ 98, by W. G. Hunt. To Daniel Boll, New York, lor tbe second boot, To G. Marx, Astoria, for the best it n&mwf rosesf11*"' To M. Donadl, Aatorla, for the second bestf '' _ ? _ ..... . , 32, by Cornelias Oakley. To M. Donadi, Astoria, for the boat 12 named rosea, - ? .. 92, by W. G. Hunt To G. Marx, Astoria, for the second best, 91, by W. G. Hunt _ CWT FLOWERS. To John Hewatt, gardener to Aifnd Bridgeman, for the beat collection of berbaceone plants.$6, by W G. Hunt To Mm. Cranetonn, gardener to K A. Stevens, Esq., Ho rn bIlkeB< for th* odcond beat S3, by C. F. Lindaley. To W. AJ. Park, Brooklyn, for the boat cehectlon of verbenas... 93, by James De Gray. To James Weir, Bay Ridge, for the seooad boat,, To Daniel Ball, for the beet seedling verbena^ _ . _ , , ? 93, by A. A. Leggett To James Weir, for the second beat 92, by A A. Leggett _ - . B0UQUBP8 AND BABUTS. To John Cranstown, Hoboken, for the boat pair of hand bouquets ?6, by Dr. James Knight. To Timothy O'Connor, Hoboken for tbe second best, _ . . 93, by Clinton Gilbert To Jeaes Weir, Bay Ridge, for the best parlor bouquet, To William Wilson, for the second best, ' ^ 93, by William Mandevilla lb William Wilson, for the beet floral basket, _ _ . . 95, by Thomas Hunt To W. 4 J. Park, Brooklyn, for the second boat, _ _ _ 33, by Dr. Jacob Harsea. ?fu1' fiurdener to 8. Knapp, Esq., for a beau tiful floral deeign, a apeoiai price of 92 _ BPBOIAL. To John 8uttie, Now Yorx, for a fine seedling fancy pe largonium, a special prise of $2 To W011am Cranstown, gardener to K. A. Steven's, Esq.. Hoboken, for fine seedling antirrpinums, a special price of 91 T# DifW Boll, for a fine seedling anchnsa!.* .A dipioma. The Judge* also made meritorious mention of two seedling rosea from Mr. William Cranstown. GRAPH. To William Chorlton, gardener to J. P. Greene Esq., Steten Island, for tbe host four bnnches of hothouse t ^ta,d4> 36, by T. Hettarvdlo. To William Chorlton, gardener to J, a Greene, Eeq., Staton Island, for the best 2 bnnches or hothouse grapes, (T kind) 93, by W. G. Hunt _ _ . . btrawbkbribs. ToDr I. M. Ward, Newark, for the boat ooUection of strawberries 96, by JohnGroshon. To J. Kapaloys, for the boat quart of strawberries, ^ r.* . ^ 93, by W. G. Hunt. Mward Decker, gardener to L. 0. Jones. Esq., SUton Island, for the 26 best.,. .92, by J. B. Horriok. G008KBKRKIB8. To Mf. Cairns, Newark, for the best quart of goose berries |9 by W. G.Hunt. To (Edward Dschsr, gardener to J. T. Jones, Esq.! Staten Island, for the 29 beet... .91, by J. B. Hecrick! _ _ CHERBIKS. To Dr. I. M. Wart. Newark, for the beet ooUootioa of cherries, a special price of 92 ? ? ? VBOBTABI.BR. TtoWm, Cranstonn, gardener to E A, Stevens, Esq., Hoboken, for two extra fine cauliflowers .TTea ToC. H. Ripley, Port Richmond, 8. I., for A collection of .vegotobloe A diploma. Baud of Ten OoTcnmii Ihe Board net at tha L ana tic Asylum, Blaekwell's Island, at fl P. M. yesterday. Present?Governors Dra per (In tha chair), Doha, Degro, Taylor, Brennaa, Henry and West. After the transaction of soma unimportant business, Got. Tailor, from the Committee on the Lunatic Asy lum, offered tha following, which was adopted ? Resolved, That the ffrst and third Wednesdays of each month be henceforth know a as the visiting days of tha Lunatic Asylum on Blaekwell'a Island, on whtoh daya alone, except br special persmstisn of seme member of 4Vil &>nrd. m of the Resident Physician, or of tha Sa nrutsndsnt of Out Door Poor, shall parsons he alia wed to visit said institution Tha following whs received from Harmon Kldridge, Warden of tha Workhouse. M is s document that will ha read with much ihtereat ? Wonuorn Office, June II, 1865. Isaac Towi?mon?, Req., Presfdeat Board of Governors - Dura Sir?la tha month of May. 1840, the Board ef Governors (of whfeh you were at feat time a member) did me the favor of appointing am to tha offloe of Super intendent of the Workhouse Department. 1 entered upon the datlee immediately, with pride and seal, though with many embarrassment* and difienltles obstructing my path, as well u being without hnlidiage, shops, and even tools of the simplest kind, for the beginning of such an enterprise. 1 have labored on from day to day most assiduously until the present tisae?against wind and tide, end the experience of oOoers whe had had long knowledge and supervision of this class ?( staple, and who said to mo with gnat assurance, that "they (the vagrants) bad never worked, and that they could never be made to work." The ready aid, however, and the prompt ee-epw ration of fee Board of Goyernore, m plans and granting mv reqnklttoa,ito eyblame to or centre this department, aa well as the sraaUoa or ins workhouse bmldug, has brought USito F**** dltien of our aff? #, whieh I am sure is weU known br ,, "Hi"* the compl. uoa of the buildings end ahops, yen entered 2? a contract with Uri Oiiw hr Iki MflofaMt IN mm ul km, wtlfr (N frirtlag* of la?MM| i Hate to IN onA aiao tor M nau, with tM nrivitsge * toewamng to to?, m mMm hawevwc. that w? htn tb* inyind Mhto o< (tcb m wto mi m j ? - ? ?ia ml * - *- 4a La - , to N em dsguarr? 1 vim vik> "w"~" ? shop iN machinery for tb? Mhto 1to?rtM'ot,ww horo at thU moMt only 20 mm embayed, hut Mr. Chapman's H?l informs no that ho oh w? pnt ?? daUjr tovnral new hand*, or aa toot aa they coo bo tostracto* to tho kind of labor they on to perform. la the eonrso of sixty dayo, wo ah all probably ha to at least ICO men am ployed. Therefore wo haro, ao you will poreatn, -pot tM baU to moWen,"ood thare can bo no possible doubt of keeping It la motion, provided than wm any aiauraao* of oar to mates remaining with uo during tho trrma of thoir oommltmento; Initoad of which they an noeived, placed on tho oontraot, and aono of them work 6, 10, 16, 20, 26, V, and otm 29 dajf, tb*m are iatd out ob write of hibau corpus, sad discharged, on account of oomo defeat to tho commit ment, and thoa (aa you are aware) Bothering t^^,w dpvs no charge can be y"1' ICT ooTTioo, and it piOrM to be a loo# to the inatituUoe? exceedingly dis couraging to thoofflcera, and perpetrating grant inj nation to tho innato. and 1 am (oartul without mm immediate ooneotion oi this growing eril, tho contractor will arriro at tho arnma oocluaion that otnera haro hotoee v? tbat this labor eanaot bo mad* ? - .. -~io, rto, Of tho too? ?* ? ?rauable,ln cooaoqnonce r to whioh thoia tomateo an committed and dlMhiffod. . ... I know of aoraril who haro bona Charged twin and thrice, to leao thantwoandthioo monuia?the racy pereoM.too, whoahould Mnmato t M institution dur ng tho whoU terms ef their ^Mt"""te Thaoo on aortoua and hoary drawbacks oeosful workings of tho department and will thwart ita progress until a * riaw to ooneet the abuses oomplains 1 of. Th*eforo.elfht or ton months must elapse before n remedy can be ap plied, and oonsequen'ly tho workhouse must stand etlll. ana euffer to reputehon as troll as to a pecuniary ^han^aJwiye prided myself from tho "fnmMMWnt of the organisation ef tho vonhoueo (and It was an i ambitious ftcliM slowc that in palled ma f , ' iSf. ap an mtftatton (tM tint ?< *U. country) that would proro sot only a credit to tho groat city of New York, but to tho Board of Qorsraira. and this will eurnly follow when yon an laws, failbfuliy and juoUy administered, and not be f?La boring under an these try tog and mo^fytogc1' cumstanees, I am oonstratood to oay that thU iMtrtn tion must stand still for tM next you to^oPm*, fu tho want of proper laws to gororo It; nadaa there is nothing to hope for. or to encourage as to tho opoody consum mation of tho original plan end workings of tM work house department, I must, with deep regret, tender to you and too Beard of Qnrernon toy resignation as Su perintendent of tho Wotkhonoe, to take effect from the first doy of July next, ot ae mneh sooner as yon can appoint my successor, giving mo time enough to proeent to nim tho programme of this department Presenting to each member of the Board, many thanks for the favors and kindnesses extended to me on all oc CUiODA, 1 am, very truly, your After a lengthed debate the resignation of Mr. Etdridg# was accepted. Adjourned. HiBITIIB INTELLIGENCE. almanac ron wow roll this bat. sow nisoe 4 n I MMW sore... 46 "" ss:;:::::::::::::? a I ?.?? wat.. ???o u Port oT Mew York, Jnae 19,1898. CLEARED. Steamship Star of the South Marks, Liver*?*1 Ship ConneoUeut, Welch, Bsvre-L.n*, Wset A Cs. Ship Star ill as (Belg), Oomberg. Havana?W F Sohnidt A ?Sbip Wm Stetson, Jordan, Quebec?NesmtthA 8ms. Ship Brtadalbane (Br), Warden, St Qeorgos, NS-QrtoasU, * B ukjMitsBMl (Dan), Degan,Trinidad?1 Beoh A Run h*Brig Oipsey, Farrier, Bristol,!?H A F W Meyer. Bris Pomona. (Pott), Jones, Fsyal?Jos Perkins. Brig B C Broots, Drtioo, Si Thomas?Buemll A BtigTruxlUe, Mulligan. Jacksonville-Hslsted, Chamber UBrig Marcia. Morrison, JaokienTilie-JW w Scbr Lam at tine, Briggs, Wilmington, NC? MoCwady. Mott *hihr Howard Mavis. Newborn?J H Ms thews. SB i".&K jessx:'??tsstfu. gitfaft-vay* Sotr Almatla, Bearts. Philadelphia?Jas Hand. Scbr r belies, Lowell. Boston?UO Brookman * Ce. Bohr K P Burton, Blakaman, Derby. ct~ Bohr Mary Staples, Staplel, Bridgqport-u.alter. nij Steamer George's Creek, Geger, Beltlmero?Crtmweu s ^Steamer Sophia, Green, Philadelphia?J A N Briggs. ARRIVED. Steamehlp St Louis, Wotten. Havre, Jaw16, and Cowes 7th, 12 St AM. with now and psssenwrs. to M Livingston. Juie 17. at 6.30 PM, tot 42 4B, Ion 61 26 W, ] V. i. 'u Imr ..I.S.J* ?ilk a mil otpo Jure 17, at rs, laiszan, inn o? "? ??. ship standing W, painted blank, with a rod streak, showing a bine and whRo signal; 18th pa wed am Am olipp?r ?hip itand ito B. showing n white Banal with latter Hla the centre, 18th, at 9.36 AM, passed steamship Washington, honeo for Bromoa. Steamship KnoxviUe, Ludlow, Savannah, 66 hours, with mdm and passengers, to 8 L Mitehill. Passed in the river, bound up, sobr Loyal Soraaton, from Now York. Jnn# 11^ bound up, febr Lcyal SoiWntem from Now Tort. Jon. 17 11 PM. oV Capo Battens 8hoai, passod a steamer ""P?^ tho Naihvllle, hence for Charlaston; 11.30 PM, Hatteras light bearing W, signalised steamship Augusta, ho not foe ^Vteamship James Adger, Turner, Charleston, with mdse and pasMDcern, to Spofford, Tileston A Co. . . , Ship Hudson (Brem), NodenhnU. Bremen. 49 days, in kaL last, with mdse and iss passengers, to Hennlage, Mnllsr A GShlr%h?lne (Ham), Haaek. Hamburg. 44 days, with mdee and 121 passengers, to Beoh A Kunhardt. ... Ship Margaret (of Portland), Mtrryman, Cardenas, 6th inst, with sugar, to J Perkins. ... Bark Kosmoe (Brem). WeueU. Bremen, 47^days, with mdM tad 170 potMBiert. io Oolriohi A Co. Had two birtkt ?lrt'ithonaT^fartin, Montevideo, April 17,to^aUAit. to H A Curtis. Jan 8, on the outward passage, i* tot;M30, Ion ? 6o. lost Robert Mullen, ooek, ef Portugal, who foil overboard Bark Salem (of Salem), Ckl wory, Rio Janeiro. May dwith coffee, to C G Soaraman?a May X2, lat 2 18 S, Ion 3115 W. passed wbaUng shin Cltisea, of Nantuokot, bound N; 27th, lat 6 40 M, Ion 10 10. passed bark Gambia, of Portland, standing sfcl; Juno 19. 36 miles Bdl of tho Qlghlnnds, pass ed thip Albert Oallatle, hecee lor Liverpool. Bark G W Hall (of Providenoe). Carpenter, Rio Janeiro, May 18. with ooffoo, ?c, to CarUele A Zimmormann. Bark Sarah Ann, Rims, Bagaa, 7th Inst, with sngar, to ^Bar\\^roas"Teaton (of Portland). Btevons, Bagua, Jum 8, with sugar, to GrinnoU, Mintorn A Co; veitol to master Brig |8ul tan (Br). Shedfotth, Palermo, April 14, and Gib raltar ? days, with frnlt, to Draper A Devlla. Brig Landscape (Br), Rlehards, Palermo, April 14, and Gibraltar 61 days, with lemons and oranges, to D OH mBrijTst Anne (Br), Ylbert, Aneona, MarekST, and Gibral tar April 26. with enlphnr, ran, Ao. to 8Ims A Huffer. May ll, lat 39 60, Ion Z7 16, tpoke Br sohx Devon, from Cadis f#Brig Cbateworth. Brown, Para, Hay 26, with India ruh b*B'rig?^to Me?ePanav'ama, with sngar, U Mayhew. Talbot A Co. Jnno 14, >?* SM6, lea ? 2 20, spoke whalfsg sohr Monterey, of Mdgartowa, 36 day* #,Brig'WiSsn BkSner (c^f Baltimore), Parker, Havana, 7th tost, with tegare, to Kirktond A Yon Bach*. Brig Sea Lark (of Snrry), . Carlton#, 5th tost, with "Irig t&SpUu. Guaataaanoo, Cuba, 5th init, with AiMnt (of Mount Desert), Mllllken, Jacksonville, and at Johns bar June 8, with Umber, to J Qrioe. Brig ToioeUo (of Waldohoro'), Goer, Jaeksonvllla, 8 days, T Brig^Btonioo! IUg#r#,CJaok#oaville, 10 days, with oak, to 1 Brkig(to{?Ftor (of Boston), Atherton, Darien. 8days,with wttk lumber, to Smith A BBr?? Webster, Holbreok. Calais, with lumber, to Jed Fry. Sohr Wtecogis (of AdffUea), tohlte, Laguua, 66 days, with in*wood io Lobaok A Soheflw* Jnno 10, Lai 38 40, ten 72 ftT epikV schrR Ntokewin. from Bosto. for Rich "ftehr Abbv Lindslev (of Plymouth), Chase, St Barts, 6th ?B?hr Abbv Lindslev (of Plymouth), Chase, St Barts, 6th '*5fhr ltowi#?ilol^n#Gof RooUandLBnoklto.OnavamSjFRj Vf i""nni^CBj'?f7.Till,} WllMt. IrtMIM. 1| l?Jfc?Ith mrlBttM, i? J wadi- .uIyhh cot. Ao. io MiddleiOB A to, BivenenoBa 8c\ir Lady Ba#aa?an (Br), BoKrii, Orwa Tarilt BiJ. ? diva, io J Emm. gclir Lewie Smith (Br), Crocker, St John, KB, II dayo, with lumber, to Plokard * Co, Bohr koto BrUhttn (throo mooted), Dunham, aaranneh.S daye, with oottoa. do, to Dunham A Dimoa. Juno It, Tybee light bearing W by S. peeeod bark J W Cofla, diomarted aad full of water; oaw a Savannah pUotboat board hur; oould aot oeo any portoa oa deok; taw oomo of hur oparo aad oaila klODOlidft Bohr Barkalew (of Charlootoa), Nye, Charleotoa, 6 day*, with lira oak, to w Bwlft. Bobr Col Join MoCrea (throo maotod), Bogart, WUmlng toe, 4 dart, bound to Boatoniput ia for wator. Sohr Mary Staploo, Stapleo, Wilmington, NC, 4 daya. Bohr Kmfly, Mankta, Wilmington, NC. 3 dayo. Sohr C 8 watooa, Day, Ooorgotowa, 4dayo. Sohr Harriet Neal, Hunt, Calaio, ? * ? ? ? mJk _ Sohr tiring Cloud. < lohr Marotl?l,t*a' CMW'??>"Addl?oa. S2h! Br*y. Calai. a0*" oieph FarweU, Connor, Kao Bohr Southerner, Jot, Luboo. Bohr Turk. Hemy.Xubee 2;L; charlotte. Head, MUlbrldgu. Sohr Taatio, Keller, Mae hie*. Sehr Cabot, Mokerooa, Boitoa. Bohr Mary, Hawo, Young, Beotoa. Sehr Capitol, Ltaaell. Boetoa. ,._L. Sohr Mutie. Aetohaa, Bootoa for PbBedelpkia. Philadelphia. n?unura ma, vimibo/, n aiUNan, J WlUlaao, Boyd, Fortl and. Ho. roeetone. Brooke, Portland, Ct, B Bluebeth, Johaoen, Portland. Ct. BXLOW. Bbipo Harraot Queen, New York. Oaleorue, Rutledge, Jno Neemtth, from Liverpool; Helvetia, front Harre; Hill) Harbeck, from A mo tec dam or Antwerp?hj pliotboat Moeee H Grinaell. Ship R Roblneoa, (Tern Ltrearpoel: oohr Challenge, from Knot port?by pliotboat BUtrood Valtar. Bri? ( lintoa. T dape from Charlaaten?by plletbeat Oar id MKobelL Tbreo brign. aakaawa. Wind during the day KB, Bart Stotl*. SB tau. Vnflt mw at >?w Oilanns, hi fori for SUjBOO, cmS. ?fit at BtlMaon, T a B /tan Si Mioaiso Tmil -Sato 8?a Bird. Bryan sld hsaao abotta April 14 for lop Wool, and hao not riaoa boon hoard Qroao. Cant PHILADELPHIA ?An June 19 Mannar H. lanfard. Snaford, Now York ; oarque Triton, Roberts, MoVUa ; brigo Jobn Alford, Parrj- Canton, Crewell, Boston; Forester. Prolla, Bath, Me.; Governor Brook, Battfi Portland; Union do Caitiae, Lnfkin. Nov York; aahra Hal Flower, Strong, Now York; Ganges, Harria, Star, Niokersoa, Providence; J. P. Collins. Brlga Sarah Perry, New Bad ford; Abb* whitman. Clifford; Rod Rorar, Bnoon, Chartaa Edward. 8fcatt, and Mary Millar. Laws, Boston; D P., Tad rap, haw London; Charles H Rogers, Langlay, Newbarp port: Elliot' Goulds, Prineetowa; C. Loesor, Snow, Parta mouth.snd Boston. Wiley. Calais Lid bark Gor. Yon Oaholm, Davis, St Thomas; Mai B. D Cratina, Lnfkin; Andovar/ llardy, Boatoa; Ohartta Rdwmd. Shata. Portamonth; John Alford, Perrp. Mow Bad fort; tchri Mar, m?v ?cSeS Harris; Hope town, Hammond , L?jat Daponl, Caraaa. and C. Looser, Snow, Boston; and D. f? Talpop, Nawbnrp pait. M_ "Ill J W Corria (el Newburyport). VVS.^iy 24th ult Icr St Mary*. Qa. f? WW* j^Af1"%g Marti*'i lndu*try lightship, ?f?l"4 ?d iktatllM MO Arrivals. Schb Lvcibda, tt Bolton from HmUm, pwkad 1" Monhrean, ? tnllor'i che*t, containing olothlag, sad paMM b*lon*lag to Mki Eli* a rraaoee,of St *g? intorostcd ou find tho above ?t Meeen Willi*in Pop* a Sosm 80HB WilULLl. Graver. BytM** Vgg tu In oontaet with eohr Juniata, jonjj^g fore reported, put Into * ewport on hidji for tooolre nno^ bod forward itonoheoni, knight haade, So, onrriod im?< Sohb J as W Abtuv*, Petereaa, from Peaeaoolator Mare Orloono, with eO.OOO foot of lumber, io tho three ?*?**?* *5% nameunknown, before reported aehore oa Saad Ulead. M* wont a*tore 6tk loot, nndwUl to * totalise* Bcmb Jamb* M Mum, of and for Baltimore, wttfc half ha* e^o on b"" w?t ..kore, and waa totally loot at Ouay ana Slat nit. No particular*. Ship F W Bailey, Koopman, from New Orieaaa foe Co Mm. 8th iaet lat 17 37, ion 74 38 Orleans for dene*. Ship Harvaet Queen, Gross, from Now Orleans roc uoaea. ?s> Bart Otlden Bole. Mokw*on,from Boeton toe Trireta, May 21Aba?k ?tierin/^'ehowin* * "*** W.tJor?u&'??&<*. wa. ed Jul 16, lit 32. Ion 78 40. Foreftgm Porto. An* Catbo?In port Nay 31 bark* l*aa*J* ^252& to tall next day for Muope; Wyandotte, Burae, for Boatam ? dayo; brlaBrto, Peters, to **11 aoon for ; aeh* MartM orn Light, Burr, tor Boeton 5 da}*. . Ann' ?in port Nay 10 hark loeoo, 14tuning, arr lrt. frren Salem Jan S via Zantlbtr (where the arr April 9 and rid 18th) to rail abt 20th. for Zantibar and homo. SU April m berk Parodl, NlUett, Zansiear . ??.*?. **a*?In port abt Juno 10 bark Nodora, votat on and for Boeton ldg to oloar at HavanA __ Cardbhab? In port Jnne 9 brig* Polneett, Hill, ror' ?*J ton eoon; Abby Wateon, Wateon. for do ldg; wm Q*U| Gllkey. /or do, Philadelphia ? ^ Jhd'fS? dMkKi and SI I; per bp* for sugar, and $2 per hhd ror dooa tea* *? molaeeet; eoUBr Dunetor, Cartle. lor CiEHrvKcoa-fn port June 9 MMMS and tor Boeton, trr, a ehort time before. Btawtnnreo^m "LOTS* YGuayama, P R-L port Jane 7 brig. L * * Thompson, from N Haven, dieg; Trenton, Nay nee. Ikem J Atdo'i1!1; 36 brif^Threelttatere, forCmb Ida^tol^ KSr^c.'wr..1 J.mre'eooV'wotton*Brered'treuloadfbr NJork ladelphin) ' Bark Wait Wind tn dt hroo ma* t*]{ ?"brAugno a. P KpAwsr sxMotod from Key West, wow botn oimHfil lor NY^rk io 'SK .ugar at SI Si per bo., the former oareta* 24S?Al?,,":*,Lbl"?*^rt Ti 11 (not preyionely) eohr VmU Tom, Richmond; flth, br^ Triumph. Atkineon, Wllmia?t*^ MNAHiAirii.*.o?No Ameriean reieol inport May SiriuxAe-In port June 11 bark. Cuba, Nraea. andthA Breeie lit to, for Boaton ldti and other*. Cld 9th Mp Champion, Need, Falmouth. B; bark* medic* to dnl.h ldg for Nkork; Union, Hewitt, PhOaiM pbia; ?ohr Bteber Burr. Ryan. N(*lean*^? lino*. Montivipro?In port April 17 hark John Henry, lit * henoe for Rio Janotro 10 day*; only American tomoi tm a !? nort Hav 28 brig BlUabeth. Und.ay. for Now York. dlig. Sid 26th, brig ^euiloo, Fairfleld, Salem (Nan* "oi wrc-In port Nay 16 bark* Hikon, Bradford, Natwwvt *SSiSl?3i ' pSttB' la. 1 Urn Drtlw.Cw.tT ?ssnssj'^If^jsffss sr. wsssi lat una, Gleteon, from LUbon.dltg: Htrit, I.lnoela^nfom RlienOl AUCIi wasi u li VUBU""! t-.v-o- . Cloud, Todd from Babla, do;G B Ltnct?ter, ?omereJ CtdU.'diM; Panama Graret, from WMaaf Coo Bin i?, from ??.do; brigs Abby Tbeiver, wij?reit# do; M*ry HoR?e. Br*mh*lL ldg; JL do ditg; New U|hi (3 m.etedt, Bright from White Sqn.ll (3 maeted). Bardy, rapg. Sid 13th brig Omri meroe, Hiaokley. Baltimore. . . _ r , St Baut*? In port done 6 eehre Klnrfiher, Noepe*, n* NYork 11th; Nountrin Engle; ?? 18th^ Teiwidad?In port Jnnt 8 berk uten, Ferrwc, nreie Mr ton. *tr Cl b, to load for that port; brig Dnamwk, Yatae, Or do ldg; and othen. Sid 6th brig "antojri, Amea, *e. WrreiovTH, N 8?la port Nay 16, bark Byroa, Adameaa. ^/AwViRAn?I* port April 16 barke Nlnnotoaka, Ckaaa, from NYork (abt Dto 6) yla Moiamblqne, art 12th(aotlttK Emily Wilder, Lambert, from Salem Deo 9, arr NaMh W, and eld April 7 on her retnra. [ran *t?aii*hi? ?t. iauis.] . BAncBLOKA?Sid Nay 24 Soda BnU, NanUetrnqna, N#r* ,eB^Bt>*Au*-8ld Nay 31 Canflanoe Dayld San Fraarieee. Dnal - Arr Jun# 6 Dayoaahlra, Lccd, N York (and prioiea ' GiaBiUkTAit?Arr Nay W Solenoe. Sprlgge, Palerme (ajt? old for Philadelphia); Ilorenoe, Nlfeheft. do (aad oldler NYork); Abby Brown, Brown, Trapani (and old for Beeta^. Cld 18th Nellta, Foetar.Norton. HOrlAaae- lue HATBt-Arr Buy 81 Abby Imngdon, Hull, NOrloana, i?lB 2 Nnry Hamilton, Baker, Oalywton; dth, Moralag Ulerp, Parecie, Bobila; Naw York, Tnompren ^ork, Ckaaa. White; 6tb, Bnlekereocker. Peabody ; Wm V Lent, FlMaacS and J I* More*. , not reported where lrom. _ Sid Bny 31 Notre Dome dee Vlotoiree *? c?Sb2b^25C Franeieoo; Robert L Lane, Cornell, NTv?rw *? Bird, Cardiff and Cnitad SUte*; June 2 Robert Kelly, Bbc "tln'^rt?TJnne 4 Havre, Baxter, for NTerh 6th; BatMag, Brown, for Conetantlnoolo, do; Zurloh *loh, 12ih: Lorenn, Urqnhnrt, for; Nnry. Ch?roMU,, Ihw dol(lih; Stlionle, Folnnbe*. fordo, uno; Ariel (?). for do 9th; Now ^ork, Thorn peon, for do ono^and otherm Lordob?Antorod {award* June 2. Sarah L Bryant. Fc1?ont Juum"rPaSriek Hanry, Huribut, ?** Tork^Sd. PLiv?nroot?Art Jnna 2 Tonawanda, Julln*. Phlladeff pbla- Aeia(e), Boeton; 3d, AUleon. WiUlame, New Torkg Andrew Footer, Swift, do.; 6th, OUeer Jourdan, aad Wal ter Scott* Mew Orleanf. - wa.l, 04 Cm. Sid June 2 Stephen Crowell, Burgeji, New Terk? SJL cw? ?tsiiBtiAH Allen and Washington, W hite. do- ; Corinthian, ]).*? New Orleans; 5th, Alliance. Tinktram* Charlestea*. 1% Jnne 2 wiiffniton, While. New York; Northern Chief, Young, Boston; 4th, Columbia, Hutohlnsen, New York; Tamerlane, Holmes, Portland, Me. w Ent for loading June 1Lucy Thompeon, Pendleten. Now York; 2d. Satelute, Lalng, Sam Franoisoo, 4tk, Neptune*, 1 NARsniLi.BS-Cld May 80 Hereld. Dlsehen, Newoastiae?Cld about June 1 Arkansas, CoUis, rerto moutb; Alesto, Richardson, NHaren. PALKBMO-i.rr Mny 24 Velooity, Doane, llareoiUeA Rotterdam?Cld May 80 August A Emma. Kohlar, MB Banff, Gortell NYork. _ . ?. Sai oob?Bid April 7 Element. Adell, Boeton, 8th. Bn blne, Libbv, do; 16th, Fleetwood, Dale, do, 17th, Cyden^ ingereell, Jo. Ilome PorU. ALBANY?Arr June 18 eohw Panama, Allen, aad Daehi Cex, Lynch, Boston; l criCTeranoe. Rogws, &o\D%nl*lW*Jh . ' i ' ' D-i- n.?A.. Bannk Anmiits. Dsmllf. rfSfl' * BALTIMORE?Arr June 18 itoamw Oregon, Fult* hn?n Philadelphia; bark Llaoola, Fall*!*, Bio,VJSJK n riiiViAv uaa*i Kio Grande 12th ult; Queen Vloterin fBri Motln^ ht Vlare." l4 daye; rehre AUoa Mow^ Pike, Naymum, P ?; Joeephlna, fwrle., Trey; Eleharf Rnrdfin H02WI. Fall i&irer; Peerless. Pataorson^ Melissa Coaet. Cbaa Colgate boamanN Ywk; kin*, Newhnryport; Bareh A Matilda, Bnok.ggrt, WeU'h, Baxratt, Cap* do Vred. vU Smiuh,J1ISTa>ka& Wilson (new. 230 torn). Farrel, Hie tiaeei'o, ? ? WUSqU^ow. Signal lor' twe brigeCld ehlp Mary WaH. ignrx&n&Fw&t J,nTw ORI.?AN8?Arr Jnn* 11 eteamihfp Mmplre City. Wis die. NYork 2dln*t via Havana 9th: *hlf* H Ton Oagew* (Breml.Reimere, Bremarbaven; Uhland (Brem), Laha***, 14 verpool: Bromea (Brem), Beinken, Bremerhavaa; Middlesex. tooVT, Berian. Cld brig Zasa, KoWaeon, Belisa. H?a. . NM IF PORT?Arr Jnaa 17 **hre Oeo Ann, Form, PJwvt de*oe lor NTerk; J Birdcall, Blrdeall, Virginia; J W Oam dy, Cereoa. Philadelphia. AORFOLK?Arr Jnne 16 **hr Watohman, CrownH. "aVt teBamptan Road* 16th *hlp Mlaek Warriar. Murphy. '^PHILADILPHIA?Arr Jnn* ?, PM. eteamehlp CHrjf Naw York, Matthaw*. Boeton; bark* Margaret, Weed, Mew deanx dO day*; Adell* Moaere 8a*w, Breton; brig fajj* Crowell. do; eekre E H Atwood,_Atwood; Florida, K*NJ? aad Harriet, thare. do; Jam** Eagli,h, N*al, ?*?d*ff*; A I>*Tereo*? Alehorn, MkM Umpv Bekee NooCsCk; WICE1 ?owe?w. fitct.T Wilder, CwNr htm, tor Wt mla?t*n.wC

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