Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1855 Page 3
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Bruxs on tii Canal.?The Bmi ffmftW lujitkat a BUM bar of tli# Ittenn at work on the em luMMBt of the bl* Anal, wait of DarhMivile, got on m "otiika" ca th* 18th in*'-, foi . for higher wag** Thojr , wore i waiving II per day. bat do ratal* i aia* (hilling*. Thoj locmr.l themselvee into a baoil with th* inteohea of aot only nfoalBg to work themitlv**, bat to pr*v*nt all Other* from working for tho eootroeton They drov* off all th* work moo, a* wo loara. until th*y arrived at But* Bridge. At that plae* the contractors rallied and arroatod mbm At* of tha ringleader*. and pat the rest to Hight. Tho** arras ted war* conveyed to Rome and there lodged in j*U. I Opining Littik&-Poatniwter Genera! Citnp WU was appiM to recently by the postmaster at York, Pa , to know whether a letter containing, as was sup I posed, counterfeit money, could be opened at the request ot the police authoiitias, In order that the money con gained therein might be ld*at.3*d as the same as that pasted by the prisoner, and that tbn* further evidence plight tefuinhhed to aid in his conviction and paalsh jnent. The Postmaster General replied, emphatica'ly, thatK could not; that be had no right, nor any officor under hist, to open any Utter until it reached the dead loiter office, and that this prlicipi* must be alwaye aet ?s upon by theee in the emnloyment of the depart ment Mr. Weaver, of Pomfret, bought a slave In Cuba, brought him to Connecticut, and eet him at work on bis gem. Mabedo complained of the Iwj work to which he ~ lb ice tad. and gave "leg b eves subjected, and gave "leg bail" last week. Mr. Weaver followed bias to Killinrly, with a writ or habeas corpus, but the people dsfeated him, and slipped Mauedo eff in '? tha underground railroad " financial and commercial. MONET MARKET. Thuksdat, Jan# 21-6 P. M. The epward movement in stocks still continues With increased velocity. Reading improved j; Cen tral, 2; Etie, lfc; Cumberland, 14; Nicaragua, J; Canton, |; Hudson River and the other railroads in proportion. The business done both in bonds and Stocks was very large, $50,000 Erie bonds of '75 going at 91 j and 02. The rise is wholly due to the state of the money market, waich, having been flash and easy for some time past, has not affected the price of stocks till recently; hence the extant of the impetus. That it will subside, and lower prices rule for all such securities as have no solid basis, the moment the existing plethora ot specie is drawn off, there can be no good reason for doubting. As the spirit of speculation is rapidly rising again, and operators seem to forget the bubbles of the last year, it may not be amiu to remind them of such things as stocks called New York and New Haven, Crystal Palace, Phenix Mining and Manu facturing Company, Parker Vein, Madison and In d'anopolia Railroad, MoCollough Gold Mining Com pany, and other fanoiea Perhaps It would be well for some of the speculators to endeavor to resusci tate some of the above, as there may be better chances to make a hit in these than in those which have become so very much inflated within a few days past. Subjoined is a statement exhibiting the prices of some of the leading speculative stocks, December 20,1854, and June 20, 1855, as sold at the New York board:? IfcHh W Tn f J" V Der. 20,'64. June 20, *65. New York Central Railroad 79 % 100% Michigan Central Railroad 83 103 Michigan Southern Railroad .... 79% 110% N*w York sad Erie Railroad .... 35% 517i Reading Railroad 06 V 92 Cleveland, Columbus 4 Cin. K R. 95 112% Clerelaaa and Toledo Railroad... 53 92 Panama Railroad 75% IOG.% Hudson River Railroad 82 43 Harlem Railroad 25 V, 50% Chic age & Rook Island Railroad.. 73 100 lielaware 4 Hudson Canal 100 185 Pennsylvania Coal Co 92 113 Cumberland Coal Co 201, 29% Nicaragua Transit Co 16% 18% Canton Co. of Baltimore 18 27% It is to be presumed that the sudden rise in Oen Ireland Erie is due to the arrangement bj which they have reduced their fares, and agreed to ran at ft loss, in the hope of cutting each other's throats. Sales at the Mining Board today:? 700 abs Gardiner Gold.. 165 500 Gardiner Gold. bl5 170 Albert H. Nicolay sold this day, at half-past twelve o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange? 95,000 Hashing RR. 1st Mtgs. 7 per cent bonds... 07 2,000 Fort Way ae and Southern RR. 7 per cent Real Estate bonds 69 6,COO Cleveland and Pittsburg RR. 7 par cent In come bonds., 09 0,COO Lake Erie, Wabash and St. Louis RR. 7 psr oent Con vei tible bonds 78% 9,000 do. do. do. do. 73 7,000 Toledo and Illinois RR. 2d Mortgage 7 ptr cent bonds 68% to 60 40 shares Chatham Bank 90% 40 do Fulton Fire Insurance Co 92 TO do Knickerbocker Ice Co 100 Simeon Draper sold this day, at the Merchants' Exchange, at 12& o'clock? 9600,COO Seven per cent 1st Mortgage Convertible bonds of the Delaware, Laekavana and Western Rail road Co., due 1876 92 a 94 The Bask of Ohio Valley has been established at Bushville, Indiana, with a capital of $100,000, to bi increased to not exceeding $400,000?the Hon. J. Helm, President, and E. L. Rice, Cashier. This la the first organization under the amended law, whioh requires at least eleven stockholders, the deposit of 9110 worth of State stock for every $100 in circula tion, with an additional real estate security of twenty-five per cent. The following were the operations of the day at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of the United States :? Paid en Treasury account $1,278,509 82 Received do 96,173 05 Balance de 1,169 079 04 Paid for Assay office 991 63 Psld oa disbursing checks 109,782 41 The bids icr the canal loan of one and a quarter millions will be found else where. It has baen a fight between the banks, who want the securities to use them for banking purposes, and speculators, who bid to sell again at a profit by cornering the banks. As will be seen, tbe speculators will probably be tie winners. The prices reached are higher than was ever obtained for a State security before. They know, what was well known to a few only, that State securities are rot to be had, and that almost any price will be paid for them by those whs have money to invest. The annexed statement exhibits the average dal ly movement of the leading departments of the t>?Dks of Boston dming tbe week preceding Mom?ay, June 18, 1865:? Banks of Bostox. Bankr. Loam. Bprcie. Dep'H. Circ'n. Atlantic $870.t69 72 525 292,778 14i 613 Atlas 881,815 81 465 267,411 122,410 Black stene 1 300,580 31 688 403 874 293 521 Boston 1,678,464 156,870 7C9.994 219 9J9 Bovlstoa.. 804.848 31.582 397,016 191,799 Broadway 187,437 6,115 37,844 40,772 City..... 1,876,202 84,627 318,536 131,352 Columbian 1,204,828 4 5 893 412,486 160,490 Commerce 3.058,372 193,754 064.348 309,524 Eagle 1,213,199 120,486 678.965 171,852 Elliot 912.004 42,140 209,662 151,997 Exchange 1,870,788 102,008 500,062 260,672 FansuOHall.... 991,833 52 832 403,886 212,439 Freeman's 803.670 38,107 244,891 193,111 Globe 1,710,912 138,600 420,421 148,675 Granite ..1,388,433 46,879 365,726 119,814 Grocers' 1,172,741 114,680 233,626 230,649 Hamilton 862,014 118,07 7 381,132 176,747 Howard Bk'g Co. 786,662 64,269 205.110 151,591 Market 1,074,889 55,796 274,398 146,217 Massachusetts.. 1,106,088 63,466 402,194 132,876 Maverick 761,673 24 839 146,245 191,682 If cob mice' 416 694 14,629 115,921 129,913 Merchants' 6,096,470 489,87S 1,366,270 638,636 Natioosl 1,089,657 56,392 216,833 152,092 W.1 England... .1.370023 47,507 246,866 120,617 McrtbTr. 1,272,910 65,682 898,096 163,010 North America..1,171.677 78,784 824,7S6 1 78,628 gfciwmut 1,168,670 63,313 248,71# 156,441 fihoefcLea Dea 1,632,132 114,738 336,490 163,847 1 {State 2,776,645 237,701 760,165 207.123 __?b'k 1,444 636 356,635 1,246,885 450,404 Tratra' 1,108,681 69,468 245,836 163 206 Trenont..?....2,059,603 138,976 723 643 329,394 Cnlrn ,1.652,866 84,749 396,910 163.719 Wa?liingtea....l 163,626 60,494 286.145 182,889 Velnier 2 433,760 159,721 761,147 882,241 I Total .62,690,944 3,698,65116,446,897 7,361,402 A companion of the above footings, with thoei fit the statement fw the previous week, exhibits tn * followitg tesulU:? June 11. June 18, Capital .teak.-.. $32.710,000 $32,710,000 Mo ebange. loans and die... 12,313,211 62,690,944 Inc.. 377,731 Specie in book.. 8,409,181 3,598,661 Ins .189,473 Puef'moTii He. 6,621,431 6,314,160 Dee..807 271 X>ne tn other bke. 6,155,384 6,118,894 Dec.. 41,48 ? Deposits 1AJ34 125 15,446,897 Inc. .312,772 Circulation 7,595,706 7,354,402 Dec. 241,39.1 The Hartford Time? of the 18th last, gives th* fol owing eycopsla of the annual report of the Bank Commissioners of that State:? Thv annuel report of tbe Bank Commissioners mtkm a volant* el 160 pages, 80 psges of which ere devoted to Eaok.i, sod 81 to insurance, savings bsnks and bedding n?sorlatir? Tt appear* that en lbs 1st of AprlU t the amount of raplmi ??? $Y\145 451, elr.mlatUa, f#,83e,.'.i8j{ |>l,*3IU0$j enajK fH'-i loaM.ra.on.rst; <up**iu, s3,8to,3M; uwNuriki tftate, $3,5*6,474 TU ubout of deposits bu decrease! MtiiUlif inr ?M Million of collar*, owing probably to too not of 1U4 forbidding biaki to pop ?m four par Mot iatoroot m dopooito. The amount of capital baa ta creased daring tka year one million ana a balf and ha* doubled alaoa IMP. The amount of circulation boa decreased largely. In 1864 it vat 111,307,960. Thia year it la reported at $0,838 888. Tbi* la one of tan rrsutt* of tba aariou* monetary pre# eure the paat fall and viator. Tba a ma ant of specie h*> fallen off four huadrad tkoaeaad dollar*, or one-third. The line of discounts baa f?lUa off a tort threa and a quarter Bullion*, but U reported higher than in any previou* year except the last aad la 1863, the amount being In the latter year about $2,?M,0M mar* than April laet. The amount of tonne out of toe Stato have decreased about two million*. Tbe Cemmlaelna ere proacuaxd all the bnnke in tbe State In a eouad condition. Vi hole namber of banks, 67; number with special char ters, 64; number of free basks. 18; whole amount of capital, $111.146 461; chartered eapital $14,197,481; Tree banking capital, $2,948,160 Fire new bank* were char tered by the General Assembly of 1864, only one af which?the Stafford Bank, with a capital pall la of MO i>76 64? has gone Into operation. The Sm City Bank of Vow Haven orgeat red. called In one Installment of 1$ per cent of its capital, waieh wee paid, after that, "owing to the stringencv In tbe money market." Ita "caUe" were not answered. (This bank ha* procured an amendment to its charter, from tbe Legislature now in session, by which it is permitted to go into operation on a much smaller eapital than it at first contemplated.) 1 here axe twenty-en savings bank* in the State, org*a ized under charters granted by the Legislature The I segregate amount of money deposited In them. Includ ing surplus funds, Is $10,066,131 IS. This enormous emi nnt of money is deposited by 61,689 persons, being 1 an average of $108 30 to each person The Commission er* report that these institutions are aa'ely managed. In 1847, the amount of deposit* was only about three end a quarter millions, and the number of depositor* 81,926. Seventeen savings hanks have been established since thet time. Of the building and savings associations established 1 under tba act of 1850, tbo Commissioners report that there were forty-eight organized on the first ds.v of Jan uary last, with Stock paid in $1,870,062 r>? posits 1,035.396 Total $8,511,467 These institutions are allowed to take a bona* iu ad dition to the legal rate of Interest, on their loan* The Commissioner* remark that this bonus varlei from one fourth to two per cent per month; o: from niae to thir ty per cent yearly, including the legal rate of interest. V.'e quote from the report made by thess iaatitutloo* to the Commissioners, the amount of stock paid in, and the dividends made by tbem. Block Exchange. Tiicksday, June 21,1855 $20000 Ind State 6's. 85 200 tbi N Y C BR blO 102>k 36000 do....b3 85 275 do 102?k 23000Tenn 0'?, 00.. 98>; 50 do .... elO 102 2< CO Missouri 6's... 97 Jk 400 Erie Railroad. .b3 54 10000 do.... b3 98 700 do b30 61 20000 do ...b80 981* 400 do s3 54 7000 Louis's 6's. 1.3 94 1350 do 63 5k 15(00 Erie Con Bs'7l 87 370 do blO 03 *k 6800 Erie Bds of '83 94*; 600 do *50 53?; 11060 do 94# 900 do b30 64 27000 Erie Bds of '75 92 100 do..., .b60 61Jk 230C0 do 91 Jk 100 do bS 533k 5000 N 11st Mtg OI, 95 SCO do b3 63# 1C060 HIOen KR Bds. 843k 50 do b60 64 5COO do 84,Si 200 Harlem KR.... *3 30?{ 11000 do 84?k 100 do blO 3'iJk 6000 do. ..blO 84\ 200 do h3 31 5000 do ...b30 843k 2(0 do.... b30 31 866CO do 84 30 111 Con KR 96 >k 7000 I C RR FBwp 77 >k 100 do 95* ? 1(0(0IUF'd Bds.b6t> 82*4- 10 Harlem Pref..b3 74ft 10(00 do 82 16 Norw & Wor RR. 49*k 10000 do 815k 10 NH At Hartf RR. 120 50(0 do ...b30 82 100Reading RR.. .s8 92 2600 N Y C?n 7'a .. 102 670 do sS 92* 14000 do.... b3 102 *4 600 do s50 92 Ik 19000 do b3 102,'a 800 do 913; 800CTH fcAlmbi 92 700 do ?80 92>k 6 its Bk of Com... 114 100 do b?0 92* t6 ShosALeatoBk. 1C1>; 100 do ,c 92*; 30 Common'th Bk.. 100 700 do bill 93 17 Ohio life & TCo. 102 76 Hud Riv RR ... 43 12(0 Gard'r Go'd He. 11.' 50 do blO 43>k 428 Pann'a Coal Co.. 113 190 do 43t; 200 do .... b30 113 2(0 do sSO 43 100 Canton Co.. .b30 28 200 do b60 431k 26 do b3 28 100 do ?30 4Sjg 160 do s8 27?k 9 Mich Cea BR.... 104 50 do a30 27?k 100 do b30 104*k 10 do b60 28 35 do 104* 100 do 27 % 100 do at80 106 100 do br,0 281; 100 do b30 106 50 Nic Trans Co. ,s3 16*; 6 Mica SkN laRR 110 ^ 650 do s3 16Jk 60 do 110>k 100 do b30 161k 60 do. 1093k ICO do blO 17 25 Panama RR ... 1061k 850 Cnmb Coal Co... 30V; 60 do b60 106)k 100 do S0?; 100 do b46 1063k 160 do 30*k 346 Ciev k Pitts RR. 62 SCO do s 60 S0t?' 66 do 61 600 do s60 30>; 100 Galena k Chi RR 110 600 do 860 S0*k 60 do bS 1093k 700 do blO 80X 10 do 109*k 400 do b30 30j; 100 do a4m 109 1600 do blO 81 63 do 109 1700 do 31 100 Cler & TolRR blO 9S)f 60 NY Can RR 1023k 1C0 do 93 60 do b*0 1023k 200 do b80 93 360 da 860 1015k 69 do 923k 100 do (60 102 ICO do 925k 60 do b20 1023k 100 do b60 93 100 do tlO 102 55 Chi A Rol RR. b3 100 100 do .... b30 1023k 26 do 99 150 do *30 102 10 do 98 100 do...... b60 102,*k SECOND BOARD. $1000 Erie bds of '76 915k 190 shs NY C RR.b60 1023k 65000 111 CRRbds.sS 84 102 do ?3 10>j; loco do 885k 100 do aso 1015k 20(0 do 825k 60 do bS 102 1OCO0 do ... *90 82 50 Cler k Tol RR.aSO 92 *k 1(00 H R3d mtg bds 78if 60 do (3 92?k 10000 do 78 60 do 92 20000 TerHtaAAlt2dmb92 250 Erie RR aid 63 20 shs N Y Gaa Co. 140 60 do 43 53 'k 2(0 Cum Coal Co r60 31 200 do 533k 100 do 31 >; 400 do a3 63 60 Canton Co.. ,bl5 28 150HarlimRR GO1; 100 do.... 1,30 283k 400 Reading RR.. .b3 92 76 de 28 210 do *8 92 f.0 do b30 28 100 Hud Riv RR 483< 2C0 do 28 50 Panama RR 1053k 160 do biO 28 >k 50 do b30 106# 200 Nic TranCo.. 1,60 17 50 do 1063k 126 N YCen RR .... 102 16 NH k Hart'd RR. 120 CINCINNATI STOCK SALES AND Ql'OTATIOKS. [fifported by I. Davit, June 19.] Rellefontaice and Indiana RR 40 Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton RR 70 a 72 (levelsttd. Columbus aad Cin RR 108 Columbus and Xenia RR 93 Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanetvile l.K 43 Cincinnati and Chicago RR 11 a 12 Centtal Ohio KR 40 Covington and Islington RR 23 Payton and Western RR 18 a 20 Eaton and Hamilton RR 27 a 30 Fori Wayne and Southern RR 123* Greenville ami Miami KR 19 Billsboro aad Cincinnati RR 211 Indiana Central RR 45 Indiana polls k Cincinnati RR 60 Indianapolis and Bellefontaine RR 60 IJttle Mi* ml RR 95 Mad River and Inke Erie RR 28 Marietta and Cincinnati RR 20 Ntw Albany and Salem RR IS Obio and Vi-sissippi RR 18 a 20 Teinand Indianapolis RR 30 Cincln. Hamilton and Dayton 24 mort 85 Covington end Lexington 10 per cent Income Bonds 723k Ohio and Mississippi 2d mortg bonds 63 *k Columbus, Piqua acd Indiana 2d mt{ bonds CO Hillsboro and Cincinnati 1st mtg bonds 56 Cincinnati Insurance Company 86 CITY TKA.DK REPORT. Tiiurhpat, June 21?6 P. M. Ashes ?30 a 40 barrel* ware reported aold, without change in prices. Brkadstpfix ?Flour.?For inferior and common graOtn the market was easier. The sales footed up about 6.000 a 7.000 bl>ls., includiog common to good and State, at $8 62X a $0 26: do. do. Western, at |!)18 a $0 62, and It) 73 a $10 26 for extra; Canadian (710 a 8CO bblr.) at 110 a $10 87. South ern, (1.600 hbls.) at $10 a $11 for eommnn and inferior lots, and $11 a $12 for funcr and extra. Wheat - 6C0 busbelc good white sold at $2 50. C >rn firmer: ?ale* of abont 40,060 a 60,000 busheii We*tern mixed at 101 Xc. a 103c., with on* cargo at KMc.;Southern white wa* at 120e. and yellow at 105c. Rye quiet?email tales were made at I76e a 173c. Oat* dull, with aalea of Statn and Western at 50c. a 68c Rye flour?150 a 200 bbli. superfine sold at $8 26 a $0 26. Meal?Sales 200 bbls. were reported. New Jersey, at $5. Corrxx.?Vs'es of 800 bigs Rio were male at 10c. a M Jfc.; 1,400 do. Jamaiea at 11 >4e.; and 60 do. Laguay raat 11c. CeTroir ?Tbe market was quiet, as dealer* were wait ing the receipt of private letters by the Asia Only -*00 a 600 bale* were sold, tbe {notations for which gar* no settled, established standard of prices. Fkjuobts.?There wan more cotton offsr'ng for I.leer pool, and abont 1.000 a 1,660 baits were taken, com pressed chiefly, atS-lfid., at which rates e'osed. There were, howerer, some small lots taken during tb* <Uy at 6-32a. Rats* for corn rartsd from 6d. a 6Xd to fid ' s?k*d. Thsrs was nothing nsw to London ir Harrs. To Bremen, 2.000 gallons oil were engaged at Jo. per gallon. To California rats* were at about 36c. per foot. Hat.?About 600 bales ware sold at $1. Hiom ?There was a better demand owing, to the late con cession la price*, and witbtn n day or two Angostu ra*. 20x lbs., have been sold at 18e., riaesmilla*. 22 lbs., at 14c.; rejecting dumaged. do., 23 lbs., at 14c., to be madefliw; 400 a 600 city slaughtered, mldilt weights, 8)4* ; 800 a WO Association do , 8?4e., for hesry middle and light weights, and 300 a 4o0 Sou.hern, at 11)60 a 12c , caah. ?cck abont 127,700. lac* was Arm bat qnlst. LKATHxn.?There was a hotter demand for hemlock sols, With Mr sals*; oak was steady, with moderate transaction and unchanged quotrttons. MoUAfins.?160 tier oca Neurits* syrup sold at p t.; 26 hbds. Cuba musoorado sold at 27)ic; anl C0<1>. clued do. at 26c. Naval 9roam.?Retail lets spirits were sold at 4le., WhOe in larger parcels it waaatdCo ; Rosin was un shaagsd. Oil?Unseed was firm, while eons of sperm were cheeked by the high eiewt ef holder*, "Specially for manufactured sperm r*ovisi<v>? ?fork?Tha market wa* aetlrs, with sa'se of abont 2.660 a 2,ICO bbls , chiefly new mess Tbamar k?t was excited and closed Brno at fully 60c per HM. a .rsoce Amine the ssles were nee mess, on the spot, at lift 87 a 118 76, clowng at the Utter figure*, aad 660 do sold del rerab'* la thirty dart (seller's optica,) at (10 Inter in the da/, 1: was flim'r held n tb* spot si 11V. Old tnets wa* scarce, and with rmsll sale*. It c:cnU tknt |? % a lis w, wili lartad:4 u [ .tto "above VN9 1.000 kbit. uuia-g.ctod prla* in, it ?IS. Thin ????? na it $17 SO i SIS. Oat ntiu vera firm 2S0 pick 14** (oozamoa toti) dry raited * toul4#.-u nndfhMM, M 7K? ? K? and ?h? tteaf?303 bets, wart mU at (nl prim the auht ?Mi( drm Lard? BnUs of act a 40S bbta. wen mad* at I0)fo. a I0??c. QvnciTBOM ? Wtthta a day or two, pnreltaaot hare been mare deliverable la Philadelphia, at O'Jfl, eaeh. Ultra wu qoiotaad prion* unchanged. Hilt ?A root 6,000 hnahaU D'Oieey ware ootl ah $1 TO a SI K7 H y?r aaefc Knew* ?4 mm eitntfi were atld af 93e 8l'Oana.?The airUt waa excited and quite aetira. The aalaa footed up about 3,000 a6,600 hh&e Cuba eam> eorado, chiefly at 6X0. a t>Ho , and 40e b jxaa at ?H? a 7c. I Allow galea af 80.0001be. ctty readers 1 were an da at 12^0. Whiamt.?Salee of MO a 600 bbU. State and Ohio were sold at 36e. a 87a., whieh wee higher. LIST OF LETTERS to tte lev Tori Ctty Pott OMm, FrMhjt Jus 22,1851. Pbbddud exclusively ta the Haw You Hkkilo, let ad Co eg i aae thi paper ka~*nf the largut circulation if any in 'be United State* LADIES' LIST. Jk Ao.srman Cat La Alls'on Mrs Robert Alexander Mr ill try riae J FW Anderson Kin Km A^ams Mies Jean Ar mlow Mrs, Watt Andrew. Mri M A Affleck Mr. William street Anderson tl-? II O Alien Catbailas An'tin Maria B Bleak Mrs Isaac Bauer Mrs Cathe- Brooks Miss Eliza liraokea Mrs Mary tie. both llndy Mar, Rarelt Mad, Anustnouroi Mrs A D Itagley Mrs Eugenie Baxter cuss Amelia Brown Mi<? Strah Blue Mies Elsie I Beach-r Mrs E D Brown Mix Ana M BanDon Miss Ellen Bleak Mary Brown Mr. Susan Band Mrs L'atbe- Bell MU. Ell.a M Brown MUiSanhA rine A Bell Mrs, Bezoh st Bowers Mis. Eliza BarnottMrrS Brll Mis. Anas both Barber Mr. Eliza- Bebau Mary Bcgl. Mary betb Be-.trand Madam Brtioe Mr. Mary Barrett Misa Mary Maria Buokow Mr. A Barrett Mrs,;Jam*s Btojamln Mr. Okas Bntler Mir. Mar *troet lirlant Mis. aanaE .r-t Barn Mrs Edmonil Big.low Mr. Silas Mia. Robeoa Bans Miss Almira Brigx* Miss Lida E Horn. Juliana .A Blag. Mrs J A Burchoil Mr. A J Barrett Mr. Ibes B Bilk ford Mrs AnnE Hraugraod* Mr. C L Barton Mrsdnlia Brodriok Bridg.t Bulkier Ml.. Mary Baaaett Mr. Osoar Bodine Mr. Clara B flnlkely Mi.s Mart W Bc'gor Dora Ba.tian M il* Jots Burtnn Mr. Leonard Bloom MrsAzabolia phiuo Burn. Market C Craddook MU. Ca-Crawford Mi.j Eliza Connelly Mrs, Es. therine Cltary Mia. Marge't sex it Creft Mr. Clara Cr**d?n Mary Coenertoo Mr. Anne Cabill Mrs Ann Cbeeney Mrs Mary Couur'y Mr. Mary Cailrghan MUs Ca- L Conwell Catherine tberies Clifford Ellsn Cook Mia. U M CaUender Mr.AnnM Coburn Mi.s Elizi- Cooper Mr. lo.eoh CbambsrlinMra.Ca- betb Cordon Mr. Samuel ? . . ^,r*V' llri Susan Corker/ M u Julu Camrrtini Tern.a Code Miss Ana Ma- Cornell Mis. Mary E ('amble Catherine ria Curr Ellea Campnell Mary Co* Mrs Huldah Corrigan Mrs Willet (modal I Miss I A Cohen Mrs M L Cortai U Us Auto Canty Buns Coil Miss Ann niette Clark MrtWiUiam A Coleman Mar-ret Corawell Mr* lltia Charle. Mrs Collins Miss A in beih A Carpenter Miss Bo- Colly Mr. Willi .m Cornwall MIm Eliza thin Collyer Mri.Thoiap Co.kecy Mrs Soph Carpenter Mrs The eon st roala ?re.a Col well Mrs Jane Crosastt Ml*. Mirgt Carr Ellzibsth Croom Miss Eliza Co.tellor Julia Au Cba.o Mrs Sarah B Condon Mi.s Julia suitor Ctseidy Mis. Brid- Condon Ma-y tetter Mri James ft Cronin Ann Ci-w Bridget Css.idy Fsnoy ConklingMraAmen- Cro ?ell Mrs Beoj'n Cbattrrton MrsH M da Cox Vgs E Caruchet Med Connell Abby Cupid IrsJoeophine Crayon Mrs. E 34th Connel Mrs Mary Curran Mr. B st Currart lathrxne B'Orgemont Madam Demysey Mrs John Don./ Mrs E M Vve Deyeroux Mist,Von- Dow Miss Clara Daly Ellin dam at Doyle Judy Helton Cath Berlin Mist Kate Mrs Mnrga Barrnxh Mitsss. Drew Mrs Msry A ret 2Sth st Dieksoe Ml.a Emma Dnggin Johinna Davis Mis* Betsey Die ton Miss Sunn Drmzoold Anne Bari. Miss Elizab'h Dimend Mia. Sarah Dnnn Mrs, Beltevue BiridgoMr. MaryE Dodge Mis. Jue ho.pitil Bawes Mrs William Bolan K'len Bonn Mm, 12th at Boa tie Mrs Elizab'h Dollowsy Mra Fran DnnuMrsCC, Mad Dean Mrs eis M i.on zr Dean Mist Sarah Donoloa Ann Dnnbnr Mrs Ann P D.lany Mrs, head st Bonoran Ann Darohbaeh Juliana be! any Mary Donovan Ellea or Bnr?oo Bridget Bo Lacy Mi.a Mary Alice Dwyre Mrs, Reese Bcming Mrs F E Donoysn Miss Mary vslt st bemiag Mrs I. L Dooly Mrs Mary Dwysr Mrs Lucy J Dorpkley Mri L A E Ecnia Mrs Cath Ir.rheart Mrs Hen Mra A.Chrla KvaseMrsAnn DeN ri.tta tophertt F Flazagnn Catharine Flint Mrs Amelia D Foskett Mrs Marga I'arrell Mi.., 3th av Fisher Mils Emma ret Fsaban Mary Watson loiter Mrs J alia M F eiiily Anco FBoh Mrs, 3d ave C Ferns Mi.s Mary Fitzgerald Anne Foiter Mri Miry C Frrgimn Mn Jas Fitipntrick Anno Fowler Mlat B'wav Fieroeb Biidget Filzpstriok Mite 3a- Fowler Miae Lonisi Fling Marv rah Fox Mits M E Finegu Mies Helen Fitz.imons Ellen Flovd Mr. M FineganMiry Florance Mi.. Kate Force Sarigb Finn Mrs Ellen Fryxr Mr. I'artrick Oiaoe Mr. Clinton Grear Mile M G Goddard Mr., 9th st Pi , Qes?y Mrs Hiaora Golahoa Ro?e Grace Mr. Eleanor Geary Gonculoti Mils Jn Grady Cath or Ann Gremlexf Emi y A lut Graham Mrs Gregory Sarah Goodrich Mils 111 Bleooker it Goisert MUs, Green- inheth X Galager IlUa Ann wlch it Godwin Bridget Gallagher Mr* Brid German Anne Gorman Mre, 33th get Uibbe Mri. 12th st st w * Gallagher Miss Mar- Gibson Gorman Mis. Eliza gre. Gridley Mr. ? both Granger Mrs R D Grlfflu Mre I.aao Go*. Mrs Jomes A Garland Jletty Grinaelt Mi.s M Gunning Mist Eliza Glass Mrs E?I Glrnrdst Jules Ouy Mr. Adolph't P Ganawny Mrs E H Hugim* Ellen Hay nss Mrs John Holmaa MIm Masga HamiltonOoorglaaerHaiard Mr.Myrlnda rat MoQuisler Bnmiltoa Mrs Mary Hasard Mrs Hopper Mrs Charty Hardy Mrs France. Head Mrs C A Hera Catherine H Heeth MisrezLuTiae Ho.oy Mi.. Ellon Harlem Miss Catha-Hanry Mr. Julia Ilnbbard Mi.s Ellen riae Hiok. Mr* Sliiabeth Hunter MiitSneanM Harmon MUs Ellsn Higglnbstbam Mrs Huntington Eton Harrigan Ellsn Margaret flirst Ellen Harrison Mrs Sarah Hiley bra Elizabeth Uutohiuion Miss E Harrison MriJobnP Hl.tsd Mra. Bowery W lltrvoy Mrs, 10'h at rioffman Mr. Satab Hvett Mrs Eobert Harwell Mrs, Mai Holder Mis. Mary L Hyn*. Mi.a Cath berry st Uolt Mrs Eliiaboth Hyues Mrs Mary Hayden Mrs Maria ^ lies Barah Irving Mri Maria B J Jaoksvn Mary Johnson HUs Alice Jones Mrt Elizi? 2 I June. Emma Jewell Mr. Elrira Jsffray Mr. Rich Johnson Mr* Banah Jonas Elizabeth moid JotineonMUiMartho Jonet Miss Mary Js.nrenmd Maria Jones Mrs, Bowsry Smith ret theatre Jordan UrsJoshnaL K Kaine Mary Kelly Mary,Walker Kia.ella Mrs Cath Ketrnan Bridget street Koipplo MIm Mary Kea'.ieg Mis* Judy Kenedy Mis. Eliia Kirkpatrlck Mr. Ml Keeffe Bridget Kenny Miss Bridget ry Ks'von Mls. Eliza- Kern* Mrs Maria Kittridge Mrs Char beth Kerr Mist lotcsll Keenahan Maria KiUeen Margaret Komaa Mrt Anis Kccnan Catbnrin* Kimble Mi.s Mary thatie Kel'y Ellen King Mrs. 3d ave Kuager Mr* Trodi Ke'ly Mary Klnsard Miss Jane rika Kel'.y MUs Suean Kinne Mrs A T Ifl I.amb Mrs, 23d st Lawson Miss JsneC Ltgbtfoot Mrs Eliza LambMisaElizabeth Lazarus Miss Julia Little Mrs George Lamb Rose Leavenworth Mrs Llttlefield Mrs Mary 1 amy Mrs Emil's David C l ane MrsLvdia Leddy Miss Cath'e Lockerby Mrs Phebe Lane Mri Elizabeth Lee Mi.s Mary L 1 annity Miss Ma- Leonard Mil* Fru- Look wood MU* Ann tiica cei A Lookwcod Mary Miss.9th st Lepycr MUs Ellia- Long Ellen Lapham Mis.MarvE both Lonry Catharine l.atbiop Miss Mary Lentrell Catharine Lov* MrsS A Lnvery Mrs Lewis Miss Ann Lyman Mrs Ann Lawrence AdelineE Lewis Mrs Lear Lyseght Ann Lzsmid Mrs Ann N Mtckie Nellie Mayne Mary MieesMrs,Roosevelt Mosinnis Mrs Mary Medhery Mrs M B Muoney Mrs, 23th st Maguire Miss Mar- MeldromMrsAbbyL Moore Miss Mary ,sret Ileok Mrs 8 E Moore Mis. Mary Walier Ellen Melrose Miss Morgan Mr- Ellen MiJfrVriPO Merdicke Mrs II- Muriarty Mile Mailen Mrs Caro mirer Morris Miss Anna Use 3 MeiH Mrs James Morris Mrs Harriet Manchester Mrs Mlllbam H.h oa M irtlmer Mra E A Anna Miller Mrt M Mnrt n MrsReboooa Met (field Mrs M Miller Mrs J Q Mott Mrs E Motion MissC A Miller Mrs Sophia MuhlenpfcrtOoretto Martin Margaret Mills Mr. M Ella?3 Mul-arky Bridget Martin Miss Sarah Mills Miss R beeoa MnUins Mi.s Jane Ma.on Mint Sarah Mills Mrs Daniel Murphy Ellen Maurer MUs E Molay MlasClemen- Murphy Mary May trsMrs.Mott st eia _ Myers Mrs Ann Mm McAbe Miss Csth# MoCormiok Miss MoQiU Mrs Mary ?hit Ann MaAdam Mil Axas* MeCarriok Mrs A MoUirr Mrs And row MoAaail Mitt Mai K N MoGonlty Miss tha Mst.'bne Mrt M B Bridgst iloArdl* Mlrt Rot* McBsrmott MUs Moflngh Mary MoAvoyMsrv Mary Ana Molatyr* Sarab McBride Margaret MoB.vitt Mary Mc.Mannt Abbey UcCaffery Ann MeBonald Miss McWanns MUsMary McCarney Bridget Bridget, McNnlty Mrs M McCarren MUs Sn- MeBonald RlUa MoPhalf Mary Ann ?an McEntiy Mrs, 2d st MoQaiUen Mit Ann MoCnrten Ml as Ann Mektavoy Ball/Ann J ana Me Cart j Maria MeGra ly Mrs, Cb.r Mc-Juaye Mrs, MeCartny Mi.. Ana rv it Spring at MsCarthy Mary Moliku Mit* Ellon MeSweeny Mr.Ellia M*Cla> Mrs SamnelMcGruuahin Mrt, MeSweeny Mis.Mar Me('olirt-r MUs I. E 12?h st wnret Mel'onall Mist An- MoGrnlh Margnret M -Tey Mrs Mary aabslla ^ MiGlnn*. Biidget Napier Mrs James MeholMi*. Sarah JNorvsll Miss Do Nath Mrs V Moclsta Mist Mary lta-3 NeelyMrsAmsi A?n Nowlan Bridgst Vsnton Mrs, Ham- MioholtosMrsSarahNog nt Mrs. Vat it Nosh Mtss/lpporali d*water .t NicholsMrr Varick Norton Miss Aan Nully M ssitoso Nichole Miss Mary ^ ( akley Mrs E O'Callahan Mrs O'DonusUMlssAnw* (?tmstead MrsJnoD Dover st O'Kteffe MUs Mary Gralre Mis* Jane B'Cooncr Ellen O'Maara Margret Orne.MiirCaroliaoA O'Connor Margaret O'N U1 Mary Csgord Vis* Luey O'Coonell Mar.rot U'Eoorke Missis, Owens Mrs SL O'Meara Mrs kiisa- Bivtsien st O'Brien Mary both O'Korko Miss Jalia Paills* Mi.s M Pemberten Mrs, Prl aCey Mi.s Ars Paimer Mrt Oee Grand st holla Parish Mr> Cath*- Psnnud'oaMt.Frtm PMiao Mary tine A oil A I'hilUpp Mt?* r Parsons Mrs, WU- Perry Mrs Bridget I'MDipi Mr. Maria llr.m St Preston Miss Luck Pritok Miss MGt ?r paiiltln Mad Prior Mr. E giana 1'ivoeMr. Marj Firr.- MisoErihsr Pond Miss Jnlla A I'ay.cnMissAdrllaMI'ierl Mary Ana Pitiir Mrt Sart rest on Mrs S II rro'tlryMiss.klBhPowsri Mri John Pholsn Johanna Pit* Mrs Sarah A Puroell Mrs Ua-y I slko Mi.a Mary L Qnsrr Mis Ann QnloVsn '.alhsrlne Quirk Miss Ann K Rai>rleye% Visa St- Rerallo Mrs E 0 RobbiX* NOIT* R 'Taun HeVna Mrs Mary KnMnssii Mr.Pkebn K l?f? /i>ra Rttyooldt Mi?? M E R<?ll Mr# h Mend Mr* M*r? H lUyne'ii SilM Ito v Hits \au Bte^dy m"? *i"n it oe Mrs M J S-eWv Jans H.Jmrnd Mrs An RLhin*u Mrs Be-s Mi*, trai.y a,, m Riddle Mr* R"?it ATI* Sir* h lun.y Mil* Ann rtdd * Mt-sJa.ny Ij-w * M -, C He 11* Johaesah Riit*r Mrs Hua.etl ,lr. r Bo ley Mar> Ann RU Mir* M>rman- Ryan NLt Cnths Ksilly Merger** des F. ri?n R*nwiok Vswgaret Resoh Mrt Vo**? R- dr.* Mrs, Hrns Ronwiek Mn. Per Robin MissMargi't toes. t) st 81 Clair ? _ Stephen* Mr. A Smith Mi.. Bli.btb Sander* Him Vir- Shoehorn Mr. C L Smith Mi*. Jan. _ . Shernre Mr* Mary Smith Mrs Martha Btantea In, Sulli Sbarwood Mr* lu Smith Mary tt? linat Steren Pk*by Swi'h Sarah Spar** Mr# B Seward Mr. Theme* Smyth A Mine Stark07 Mr* J H Stewart Hetty 8100am Ml*. Vf A Sawyer Mi* I'rt*- Stickl* Mr* slid* Stall Mr* Wa*hlag cilia Silraa Mary to* Shaw Mia* Maria S'miao*. Mr* Abb Stron* Mr* Frwd'ck Bwaay Mr* C*r?lia? Simi-toa Ml** J alia Soulier Madam* A Baa* Mr* Henry B Si mu- Mi., Ellta Summer Ml*. St Bpead Ml* A B Stina Mite Jet*- Deni* B*t*d Sweeny Mr*. Jnmr* phinc C Somer* f aanay Sweeny Jehann* Smith Mr* A D SomarMraSebaetiaa Stein feldt Mill E A Smith Mr* C L Storm Mr*. Dnealli Sheldon Mt* talon Smith Allay Schratar Mr* Q Shelley Mr* Jama* Smith MU* Cnnlean Soott Mill Bin* Snhemerhorn Mr*, Smith Mr* Ellen M Snow Mr* Jam** P ZM rtreet Spenr.r Ml** Mar Staart MU* B***la Scbnmerhprn Mr* A garet _ Shalt** Ml** Ph*ha T Tra.k Mi?? Aaa W Thnmpaoa Mr*, Thorie Mi.* Sq*y* Wait Broadway Trotter Mia* Jaa* IrarrraMi** Mary Thompson MUaanaTowa Mi?? Ann Ann Ttinmpwa Mil* Town,and Mr* Ann Tnylor Mr# Maty Caroline TotrtnendMUeClara Tread wnllMr.Ell.n Thompson Miea Town.end Muillar TbmngMr.F, 9th bv (.Urjline W riet Tbomat Mte Kin a Thomp.onlir.Edwd Turner Mi*. Ann Treiten Mr* I2d it Thompson MraEliB* Tally MUi Mary TaaaMrsClarkwaB W Tunaell Mr* E V and V Mi** taw Venusdale Sl?rf W Vincent Mi*. H Ulriek Mr* llu!d*h Vo?e Mr* A B W Wnge'hawMrs, D? Watsoa Mia* Vio- William. MraAaroa latcj afreet tor>n Willi* Mr. lie* Wntemao Clara A Watt Mary riettaJ Wall Mr. Eliza Webb Mr* Sa-ah Willam Mlsa. Mott Wall Bridget Webb Mr* Wm L Wilson Mr* Aon Wallace Mr*, Phtr- Whelan Ml*. Mary Wilson Mrs Fanny nix Chemical it k* Well* Mia* Sarah Wilton Mr* Ja* A Wallace Bridget tte*t Mr* Charle* Wiailo<rilriSarahL Wallace Henrietta W|ckharaM|.*M*ria Whitu Mia* M, 9th Welles Ml** M Ann Wright Mr*. 7th ar Whim Mr* Abbey Waller Mr* J U Wright Mr* A E WliiwMr.Hannah A Wal*h Ml** Ague* Wright Mr.Amandt Wogan Mia*, Hul W.Uh Ellen Wright Mr* Marg't berry utreet We'?h Parr Wright Mi*. Marg't, Wood Mr*, Ilth at Watah Mr. Edward Church afreet Wood Mr* Cath'e Ward Lydia Wilheit Mis* Amy Wood Margaret A Warren Mr* Julia WitU*m.Mr*,Sm{th Woedworth Mr* J R Wet.on MreMartha Wilder Mrs, (late ot Work Mrt Geo 11 Wateon Mr* Robert Albans^ WorthingtonMraMl. Toting Mr., W 19th Young Mr* Ann Young Mr* Ellx'bth GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A Allen Daniel L Alem Win Arnold A ETtwley Allen John Adler Henry Atkfu* A Allen Theodore II Alexander John A*he Dr William C A Ten Robert?2 Alexander Sandy Apiley Manhall Allen Henry Robert F Atswiod Gee W Ackermau JoibuaH More Atkinson Chss F Aefceraan Daniel Andereon P Aehbury Riohard n Alrarodo Don Audrewe Geo Ashley Obvuocey C Alden Stephen H Andrewe Thomas V Armstrong Robert Abraham* J Andrews Chaa W Armstrong Methsw Abrahams Harry Andrews A W Armstrong Geo -2 Abrahams Wolff Andrews Grin Armttaga Win Adams ('apt A W Andrews A Co Atwall Wm Adams J T Si Co Ames CaptJosephB Arkoll Thomas Adams ('apt Jot P Ames Franklin B At hi Andrew Abbott 1. W A Co Ames Cbas ArerlU Elisha Abbott llenry Aadrnst A Egglos- Avery Guerdon F Abbott H J ton Avery Capt G H *" ~~ * " ' Anetin ' " AHoiiison Alexna- Anion Lnrbaoa Austin A Co der Amlgh Wm S Anstin Dwight tarry Geo Ambler 0 a Patrick Add! nu Prof Andrea C A Co Andown Lewis A churl > R C Andrus L C Ayret Geo E Ackt-rtun Abraham Andrea Coraelins Ayret Ellis Alrord A Amary Mont Chas Ayr-s Lucius Adsmtki Moses?2 Ad ^ Aylward John Brady John Batcom Alfred Jas Bond John Jay Byadrtreet Wm?2 Bast John L 11 ?tardus Hiram Bradley John Bellamy Moses Botrdman lioraeo Bradley J Beatty J W A ? Urooklev M A Babey Mnthew Ventres Brodie John Braoher Thorn es Beal Peter E Brogan Michael Brogue Stej hen Beat John A Co Boat James Badger Utnry Booker A Reilay Brown Georie W Brackin Michael Beokett Hen -y Brown C L F Brackin Thomas Beatson David Brown Lewis loaafbeid Horace Beckwith Uenry Brown David lllerkhard W B Breakman l.odwick Brown A Learorl Bonos er J S Bens Cept Wm Browu Samuel Baker I.orenso T Book with nenry W Brown CAil Bakar Adam Broody I'eter Brown Wm Baker .'ohn Boon A Sterner Brows T P Baker Wm tee U F?3 Brown Edward Ilanoroft Samnel A Bersl Jacob Brown D f Baldwin Rer C 11-2 Brewer Wm Brown Goo W Bailey James E-2 Bresnak Michael IIour,wis Mr Baanan Stewart Barr Elijah Bonsh Jaoob Belch Henry C Bonis Don Juan Usurlier Hon* Blake RC Beoton 7 Q Bonrret Mono Blake A Johnson Barry Joseph Bowen Joseph Blake W R Berry John Hoyllm Jem's Banka A Co Beanctt Pbllllp T Bowos Thomas Blalsdell W S Bennett John Boyd James BardontMr Bennett A M BowmenCapt AH?2 Blair Wm A Co Barthold Jales Boyd James Blarey Jtmet Benedict A Co Browtr Edgar Blank Thomas Brennan Thomas Bull Wllliem L Barry Richard?2 Berlin Mods LouisH Bneken Thos L 11 art rn hoi in or Wm Benjamin J P llnlkley A Sou BariholomewAesJr Benjamin J Book Augustus W Bertlett Frederiokllemea Emery Bull Jamas H -3 Wm Benaon A P Ilnrrell Samuel T Bertlett WmH Branson I) D Burroughs Jas Bertlett John Bernard James Barton Etuile Bertlett J Boeie Cept D Bunker l Cartwright Barrows F Briton Robert Bntler John Bartine II S Brisbane Chae F Burnett William Borneo Lester Blrkott Wm?2 ButtcrSeld Ch Barnes has F Bliss W 11 A Co Burkhardt El Barnes J N Bird Joseph U Butler llenry barker cbas F Bitdaall Mr Butler A 1' Barney Thomas llirJsatl S 11 Buttorflold Wm? 2 Bar:ami Geo E Birdsall Geo W Butler R G Barrall Geo Biehop A Webster Bnrd Chas E Ba-cmore D Biebop A Naeeau Burling C Barguot I. BirgaWuiH Burns William Bailers John Btl'oloSlgAgosbllnoBrooka Andrew E Barlow A & Hillings B L Bonojer Ron* EU Bare and Eugene Diggers J Ilurrell cainuelT Baistow Edward Brink W fisk Butte Geo W?2 Pa-screen M Blokerton a w o.u.wj.a, y Bar bore 11.0,7 a Brunt Samuel Burgess Joseph Batobrlcr Isaac B Bissau D B Butler Hi'aoo Base Henry Bligk Robert W Bnrnsi Peter Baxter William Biloo Barnard BntterlyN Baieett Isaac N Briggs James II Bitler B Batrs Nicholas Btigae Joel B Ilyrae Edward Bauer A Co Bristol Cbas E Bryan Desnogee Bayley Robert H Bnrsham A Co Ar-Bryan Lyman II Bay a Angnstus F thnr ^ Bryant 3 Calahan Owen Clark Capt Rodney Coleman John Cbndwiek Cyrus U W ColemauJohnT Callahan Patriok Clark Wm E Coleman Thomas Cad 111 John Clark Stiluan II Cinaoll John C Gahalaie John Clark U Conner# John Cn>ill William Clark Edward Conrarea M 8 Calahan Mr Clark XTZ Conor* Samuel Cain Dr D J Clark Eneas P Conery James E Callonhtn M Clark Cyrus U Courath Sebanlan Cain Edwaid Clark A Cn C Crowan Jeremiah Cabn Dr A Chalfield David H Connors Charles ClaiV me John Caso Henry A Conasrs James M Cairer Johu Cash Smith Connies Simon Caldwell Dr J H Casey John Connolly J M Cane Charles Case John Connolly A Co J Camp! ell A B Casey Martin Coadloy Thomas Cram)all Lnland Case Joseph 8 Conway James Campbell George Cassidy James Conway B Chambeis M S Case S S Conway Wm II Cranda'l Wm H Chase Capt J Conway M Crane Edward A Cnvaaah G Conway J II Campbell Scott Clay Riohard > ConkllngJB Campbell J II Caranagh Chrllto- Conkling Smith Crane A Cell pher Crossen Pa'rlck Grand all 11 W Catkea William H Coreoy James Candler John II Cleardond Dr A A Corditr Mr Camp H N Cheiierinan J Crosier 0 W Crane H M Center Jimothj C Coster Deal J Chsmborlnlne A Co Celaml R Cor'ey John j H ciurulaod Dr A A Corroa Mauriot A Cbauib'f Robert Ceniua Agoatino Cosgrire William Cannon.>h? L'he<ine James C'osgrare WUUam Crane I <sao B Clamano Lewis Crosby J Carroll I'eter Cbestnntwocd L Co.por George ClapinF. W Freighter, Hugh Crooks Capt Bar Carter T K Michael nard Carroll Thomaa Chilton Alfred Cook Daniel Chap.n RevilonryB Child ChvtaMT. Couk A Brother Cartellainr So I) A Crlapweli Martin Ccylo John Carolina John Crliteeden Mr Couse Darwell IV Carroll W C CMche?tsr J B C >nrman Louie Carmody Martin Cbriatie Gee t'onains John Cart*right Thos Clinton WUUam Ch.pia Charles Caprilei D Riaardo Clinch J H M Cox Charles W Carr Cspt Kufus Coates Saunders Con DT Caiy Robert CrookerChas CnrsieWmH Carroll Patrick Crocker 8aml Cushman Wm A Carrenter Thoe E Croffet W A Cruckehank James Car' outer J N Cetgeehall Nsthanl Cn.iney J ernes Chapman Wm II Colgton James II Cuulltto W 3 Carpeater J B Cola J P Curran Thnmai Cliaimar V Cole Alonxo O Currier John Cbapuian Samuel Cola F B Cutler Stephen?2 Carr George Cole W E Curtin P Carr Lawrenoe Collet h Chas A Cruttendon D II Carroll Bernard ('olweil Joseph Chnroh Charles Canasta John Colcan Miohaol ChurohlllCorman 8 Cheptor Empire Collien C Churohill i. A II Cam James Coltoa Patsr Cummins William CUrkACoRP Colt Jamas 0 Cnmmlns Goorgo O CftrkSG Collins A Co 3 W Commlngs A A W Clsrk J W Collins James Camtulngs C A Clsrk Edward Collins James Cunningham Martin Cunningham John P ^ Drake George J DolemaDr Ed D Donovan Miiheol Daley John Delan Patriok Penally Petsr Dnx !orth, CookACo Dellseer R U D.nelly Patrick Darling George Dalavlgnle Mono Duolay Thomas DarronABroE Delaney Lawitoce Doanea Patrick Dareic John Deklyne Wm W Duwllng Thomas Dnrcial homes Dolehtmti PetrUk Dialing Jnmaa Dannie- Ad Dolorous Alphonse Howling George D Darron Satal L Dennis A Co , Dow Thomas Dik'i Spencer Derrick Donjaniin Dow C C Drake Prof EC Doming L Dewlay L A Dun 11 Frailer Jo* Darrtokaon Wm W Dowis H -n-T DeyWIllinm Demlngton C L Daagbty 8 H Day Charles T DetcbaMall A Doughty N W Day Anetin G Devlna James Doud Miouaal Cay Jamaa De Zesg Rev live Dnran Pntrieg Dnvis 111 De FordACo ChaaD Dowser Avery Q Davis SamuelR,MD Da Tcaxa Jose C Doylo John Davis 0 WHsom Dss Urosssr 1-rad Duylu John Da sis Ch arias Dawal Ahuer _ Doylu Thomas Davia A C Dsnal Thoioas W Doffty J Davlas James Do Witt Denis' Duncan Juan Davies David O DaveHn Arthor ? Dunoan James Davidson John DwiahtJoh-i W Duooun Wm Vt nl* Davidson Ai'oWn Diokay Jrmis W loc^ Dasia ? W?a Plekiason A S Dunn Hugh J Deuas Mr Wets Uswald I'unn Mirhaal J Desnanjcha Dillon Jobu Donn I'atrl k lie aver John Dixon John, 30th st Dntistrv Jamus Da ArmoiFraaclstrDlion John, Mnl- Dnssrhury Ellas Dogrn Martte bsrry st Do ikrall w Da (lonre Augnstns Dixon Mr Dugan loraallcai D? J ay Henry W Divine Hugh Dugln Thomas 1 a Aiiue ?jTani 'r. o Donner Rlt bard Datoher M-rtln Das ray A Co Dr Donloy James ? vett Till) Do 1 ielsed Jose An- Dohar'y Mlol ml Duplem Lejnoa ous Dontvan J of n D??re Mens Delmonto J Rsmun Eomvan Fairiok D toauld Au.on.a De.anry Jainos Tbcrt 0 Elwosd (lao Enlrht James kokeef rrosleriok IlloaThumas Fnnls Dwiiel Eo wards J IT KHlaCV InrllshUon Wm H Kiimon '.eon Chas ElwoodACoSD Evans W J, M D Miner C 8 KrUberg-.r Jamas Enrj r Chas Ellis Be best Evert in A Klin- A run limllio P F.r?nsC.iae K>( t I Ending I* itenjROR Es g.jrs A F kmery uti W Everltt Patriok Xiiij Cbaa C ^ Falrlios 3 Co Ferrolm J .ee M rteu Rav Alborl M 1 airuald W alter:--2 v Math' w Fuiey J. .\ s 1 aberty Coldmsu F'.ilev Muurue F"lUstt Mr Fab/ John Flov T'lo nni) Fuman Isaas fahfax l'onal 1 M Flailthy M Foruia.. Chas M Frsurls Jatnei Klnktil John H Fur-bee Johu Pranklm Dr Flint Capt vt Puri st A 10 Farren W J F'eld Mh?rt Foot Chn, B Farrol'y ChW ? vMridi > ojr II Farey Thomas vicbeti Ba nttol I Fsrstsr Tbss 11 ka> lierrr 1 * ick'tt 1 a*. ?? F?t Will ana IA all P.vtnel FUls1. t it Br* M Fuster Caleb M Faiahnn. A Co Fllano Pot- s r .ty Rabeyt rarrellJ .br Fis t 8a)'l??Ml Fux RGnn-d lilltas Jamas i'i Us-A Etdred^ Tox Ihousss Feefi? John FlsUtr '.uss Foratar Jsasc r?fiMsJi-rra Ft.hsr Itsnsy Fowler J B T-l iws (isi W ri 7patTlck'ntitiit.hrFrsdlek Wltlia* itUTTf J S |'it|C.aai';M W4IHW f f y* Alloa B?2 ritlliBBtU fit- ftwlw ThtSM Plesoun V W risk Puller Eujik B Felton U ritiilaaixiiJiBH fu-au r rtriuwflttW Fiteh Morris C Fulton Capt J W flittkn 0?if Fltisereld T'imiu ftraia 8 B Ftrrii Arthur Fltagerald Jeha Fuller Uoirgs IF Fees* Mol? k ^ Fry Ckiiitin OjFrry William Greenwood Charles Gilbert Jam's CU<a FhtiUp Greco Cant Gibcoa Chas W Gdaa B 8 Green J.)fin Griswold E W Gall liber Mickael tiro-abauia Isaac Grtswuld Eugene S Gale U|i I) A Greer J?hi Griswold Mi Gage Ginrie Granary A Foeta Giodic J T Graham Frank Grar A Martini Gedtae John Gainer Jonah Graiff George Colds berg Seleaoa Gamble Ro?t Geraar Henry Coodmaa Boor, U ?l?ni ?&* Geyer Edward K Good J IF OtnntWUHam (lennina George H Goodwin II Gambia Oeear A Geetle G II Geee Albert B GerdeDBoir Bar aeaaitlai Aristide Gedehalk Iievid _ C Geauamao.F G-3 Goedliff James T Cevdnard B F Geuung laeao P G.rhtra Win Oardaar Smith Giro Gevrge Gerdaa Hot Pater Gee Loo Aero a ,C GiRen John Gere Fraaoii Garnet Geoige Griffla Thoi Groa Jacob Gerner 1H Grifliu Charley Groves BEE Gardiner Geo P CnflHh Daniel Goodma Themai Gardioer Robert B Cliddon A Williams Gordon P U Gar Jin >e John B Crimley James Gormly Jaiate (Jersey Tbos Gieblne Herrie W Corson J oh a Garrty Michael Gilaaa Harrle L Cough A Ce Gray Thee Grleot J W Going lie W J Gate I. 1* II. M D-J Grnliey Jar W L lluiael Daniel Gandet Felix U? 2 Grid ley A 0? 2 Gannon R Gray A Barton Gigntl A Jaraieeon Gay Thomas GraisenOee Clrtord Cbarlaa Gauaon Jaiata R GrevTheod GrieF James Gal agar B VF Gat lord M J Gilbcrtoon A Purdy Gaily Thome* Cray l.awn cre Gibbi A S Cudet Jamaa Gavdann Moai CtUegen James G'athJoba Adoph Griat G W Gasrere Arnadel Gray J K Grialy Franeie W A Ce Green M E Grittner Edward Guthrie Samuel Geary Owen Gllkiaen RnV't Guentia Henry GreanBR Glimore Patrick Guiton Thouias Greenough Win GiOn ? Guerin Moas An Greene MX) ^ gusto ITall Col Je<eph ncaley Qicharl Holland Themai Hail A WilHeaio Head 0 A Beafer Miciael Hall Daniel Heath Wright M Hooper Charles Height Wm D Hennessey Julia Hoover Albert Height T B Heath W VF Home Jamea T Height J M lleetluorington Jas Husmer Wm E Hiuriworth Wm lievthjobn IloosteU J T Hallo well Menu'gC n?okel C Hopkins Cbarlet Halliard John lleikaon Jainoa Horn William llaley Jeremiah Heir Jamea Horn E Pearos llallork Jamea C Hcalty John HortuuPQ ? 2 I lagan J I ten ray Korean Uovey George ilageuian Carrit HenderMa Weltar Uovey Cbarlaa Ilaaa W Jlenley John ACo Hover A E ifaiarty JuhnW?2 Hen Peter lloarlgea Jamie Ilall Brothers Henderson Dor's H Howes t Ce Hall William J Henderson John Hough Wm A HanntuJobn lletg Francis liotrbkiss A T llandloy William Henneasy Wm E Houghton A Ce Hamilton Jamea W Hozrgick Mr ? lloyt P B Hamilton Edward Henry John V Hnwlaod William Banchon John Henning benj'm S ilouaiaa Isaac Handy William UempelCJ, MD Ilojle Maualey Har rnett David Herniate J G - 2 liowland Wm Hammond AAckley Uorron William Howard J Jay Hanlna Jthn BeeladeJobn Howard Tl* Hammond Wm GJr Hepburn L F Houghton Joan llerri.-on Bertram Hnbert Mr Houghton Edward Batris Major He* doe Mr Uugea Wm M Hatrii-on James H Herts L Huntingdon Itaaiel Harrison James Hepburn 11 C liunttng'.oa L Ilarriman MssonW Hiunton David Humphrey Goorge Bart Geo W Herbert Jamea numphriee John H HargrevttWmJ Herbert Mods Humphreys Solon llarwocd B D Hoy wood B M Hudson John L ltawis A Co llew* Mosw-ll Hubbard J UawisWm H Herbert Patrick Huhhird Tbos 3?2 Harris Thomas R Ilill William llneksMr Hart Robert U Iliigint Alfred J Ilalbart A Smith Harris H V Hill Samuel H llnghos James F Bsrris A Co liibbard W Hughes E T Hartshorn E IF llill C G Hughes Bernard Ilsrris Bowler Iltldre'.h Hugh K Hues D D llaraing Jamea Bitka 1' Hull A Co Harris Amos Holms Michael Hunt Dr F W, MD Harrington MT Hoffman S (sunt Wil iam Barrope H Hogan John Hunt Hiram Harrison Thomas Hoffman Mr Humbert E HaitwellGW Iloff Uriah Hard Francis Bastings Anthony-Holmes C Hy?t John Hoyden Kev Hogg Jams* llusted Jonathan Haubert Chas W Huiinbue A H|doJrit Hay John Hcdgee William Uyde Hyde Hassett Thomas Ilolbrook Joiiu F Honey A Co John Hsren A F Holtnos J F Ilui ey Hbed II aitingi C Ilogbin Robert Uussall Wm J Ilawkina John M Hollmau John Cris Hurley Robert Havilaoil Daniel Holbrook GeoC Uyiaud .Michael Hay A Miller Holt Jam's I) Hutchison 11 rim Ilawklns WW Hookory Williamll llutohlkou Dr J C Hoffman Samnel Haakiuson Wm Hutchison P 9 Hodder Thomas Ueury ^ 11 tveu Henry Irwin A Clark Irwin John Isaac Joseph E jr Jackson Dennis John Charles C F J nes D P Janvs William Johuson J C Jones DsnayAWard Jamea CM Johnson Thomas B Jones Abner?S James Anthony Johuson Debi&a C Joues E L Jaines 1. I. John ton Jacob G Jones A D Janus J W Johnson J W Jonas L C James T Johnston Samuel JoneiGeoJ JenklnsAHartshrrn Johnson E M Junes Hi rain Jennings Thomas Joilsv Joseph Jones AT Jennings William Jones N Joy Charleg Jcffers Wilson Jones John Jurberg C Jewett.TelhettsACoJoues James Just Miehatl K Klsin M Kelly Jat Keys E W Kahn Mas Kolly M Kiernen John Kahn Moses Kelly Pa'k Kile? Jos Ksnowiti Jacob Kelly Jas Kimball D 9 Kakley Mr Kelly Edwd Kimball John Kane John Kelly WeM Kinsmen J Karnes A Kelly Daniel Ktngmen Joiiah H Karoor 9 H Kelly Patk Kieoeller Dual Kaitor leidor Kelly Thomas Kinney B R Kantman K D Keiley Matthew Kingstoy Geo D Keefaber naraard Kre?oh Louis King Jas T?3 Kleiman Mr Keown Jnhn King Rev L U Keiman Michael Kershaw Henry Klrhood Jusiah KeefThoa Kovii Win Kipple Wm Kcatenuohn KenrickJohn Kis?am Danl Keller Valtntlna Kerney Francis Knog Chas ^eaoggVo'iin B K.roil jse Krum'Totfu Kellogg Dr Geo Kernes Michael KnolerPJ Kmlogg Luoius S Ktrr John Klnzkist Chas F C Keller Geo Kennedy Thoi Kennedy J W Kelieher Mr , Is LaJd Wm W Leaf Dr B L? 2 Locke Dr Lalng Mr Leake Thee B Leeks Wm A Son Laldlaw John Leatman Fred Loekwood Joseph B Laird John W Leek Adolpb LsganThos?2 Lake James Lee John Long Gen Geo M Lambert Charles Lee W D Long Henry J I.amb Rev James Lee Daniel F Long Fred Lone Capt John Lefferts Titus 3 Londiro Benneri l.amson Israel W Lehy James Long Wm Laming James Ltmpert U Longbottom J G Lanegan M J l.erron Riiley L'oauey Ed Lane John l.osure A P Lorn J Lane l ?vl C, M D Leslie Lewis Loring Edmund 1 anl s Jnhn Lewis Henry Lord Nath Lmsing J D I^iwis Dr W Lord Wm H Lar.gworthv L H Levi Joseph Lovekin James P l.antcnbach D L Levington Dr Wm Love John Lapham Kufus Levy J 8 Lovgoy John Lsrsen II Levy A Co Lovelaud Geo LaskineThos Levi Samnel Lowry David La Koebe M l.iddle John Lowe Oeear F Latham E W Lighten James Lotristye S C A I.atonr T D Llppirt Henry Ludlow Thoe l.auu James Linn Charles LuUwlg A Ummerle Lawrence Rev P F. Little Henry Luker J Lawrence Edward Little Robt Lulgi Sig Galli I.aviclette Joseph Littlefield Elmer Lurcott Mr Leelair Tbos Littell Joseph Lyman A Jennings Leach Thos E Lively Geo W Lynch Patrick Leach Rev B N Locke Thos Pitt Lynch John M Marran R MasonAngnstus MOlIoore HubbellA Co Slaonmb A 3 Mason Edward K Moore John, Cedar MadeHneMoDfKmileMason Andrew Moore John, Bd'wy JUaorath James Matbews Edwin A Moore Joseph SB Magner Thos Mathews A J Moore E P Magmre Fd Mother J IT Moore B Maguiro Michael MaizotoneclgPittro Moreau George Mngouraii Mr Moldren t'apt MrreheadWmL Macy Francis 0 MeiJfr Pen Heer Morning A blal cn Patrick Mciahardi Charles Morrison Win Flairs James ft Co Meany Jeremiah Monnette ft Co Vairh John M MeltlruiuAlexandet Mi-rmsan Wm C Malley Jas O Mcaa A Morgan nenry FaPsry U H Megoey Jihn Morgan M C Mallluu John Melvitle Henry B Morgan Edward T Mangnlt Jacob Mcrohant Geo 1' Morgan Rev John Mandcwirtb Chas Mentz A Co?2 Morris Richard Manley A J Meyr J N Morris U Mantle Joseph Meyer VaD Lereni Merss I'ster II Mann David V A Co Meyer Isaias Morrison Gee Manning E Mejer Mnritz Moriarty Michael Manning Mr,Cherry Merino S D Ramon Moran John?2 Msngan Michael Miller John?2 Morony John Make E Miller Cornelius Muses M J Marley Mr Miller William Mott II Jtarquarott Rev J G Miller J J Mott J A N A Co Ware dan Egbert Miller .il Moolton James W Markey Jaines Mdler A Minges Moulfon A Mark B Millc* Dr Wesley Mojle Patt Martin Patrick Muirbili* F Meynobain N'arry Marsh Burr Mllnor Er Wm II Moiier Orton 8 Maroh George D Mlelo Nieoio Mnllen Joeeph Marshall Jcun Mills D H Mu'len Owen Marshall Jamie Mills James Mullen Austin Marshall W Mills Wm Mulllnle Daniel Marekall D H Mills Washington Mnlins Jame Marshall A D Milet Aloxander Mulverhill UoCave Marshall Alot go D Mi'ligan Andrew A Co Marshall Robert MlUne Denis Mulney Felix Marshall R Mltcbel Origer?2 MnlterPeterA Vi iris Fernando 9 Mitobel Joseph Murdoch Dr Jas B Martin William C Minges Joseph Mnuagh Jtmes .Martin Thos Montgomery Rov MunscnGeorge N Martin John H Henry F. Murray William Martin? Mr Moan Patrick Mnrray James J MartsiiiloughAlhsrtMoody M T Mnrray John Mayo Capt Thos L Mull.eon Jrmea Mury Thomas E Matorn (5 Molloy Edward Mury Patrick Mann John Molony Thomas N Marphy Denis Maeret Gretcben Monod C Marphy Patrick Mayar D Moore William B Murphy Thomas Mason H V Moore Patt Ky r Louis Mason Wm H Moore H C Myers Kirkpatriek Mason David C Moore Daniel A Co Mason Henry Moore WUstaekKcyMyert AMP Mason Daniel S A Co. He A dam Jo u _ iKilKS i" "? S: J;?,"' fcfef/ar s KtssrA'ic. i'lhS'P issg te?; Eg McCall J r U S*? Francis I??his MochMrf Jfcf ermiek Wm P k'n .?.h 'jSJ?On Modnad^ p?f.,?w VeCnHon^T *"Cyr? Thuma, MoFle. ns ,oph ssaSSt&spsr h $?ftVs*r,M ^h"JI.Ja?., Aatbanwa% '".?wmaa Mohert &V1"** <* s.Trrabis fvsr 11 Aewlia Jobi M ^'wmark J P ? A M >okler 1 n.'EVv* sw/.vr Was-- sH-lv? r,,u . ? o WuneeBC, MD gawiif ' ?'lat. WB *! , '? HMTiintt Ge*rvd?i if r,m V ti?! AU?r4,, Cfrs, Drr/V O'lirlae r?( k?2 Owy DitUi I Oilra<tr0?N# QrCaaor lUnrr Olov?r ? ft W O'KalUfM Ihm VCtiMjini'k Ot*lM itribw Oiktrt N I O'Mtiln Juim OUnr Wilt* OnnkiMr t O N.!! J.ho Orgill R R O'ftaUive* J 9 O'N.U J IB'. P Pariah. On bib. A P?t H W Pickering L Mian r?fw r?fk1 Fim; UiM Pariah. DaaicgAC* ?**?!? Mr. 6ih bT Phiao.y Jul Faektrd J (J Peea Mr Piaaeil Wm Pirkhill Jn Ps?k Abrtm Piat* CliMfte 8 A Ptrk Rev J mm T Phillip# Uttui Palmar HotiBh Pock U Prion# I.too Parent Eraett 'tic JaSa# W P??*rd Madard Parma!** l)U Pear** TreacL Print l? Jtc*h P?'k?r Rer W 8 fnw# J A C. Phillip* I<bu I*Brk.r VbiIAC. Prddi# Robt I'hililH ta ? Pormel* I ruing Pro#. Waltar A Planar M H Jurto ? ? Priabart CI wart PaigaP P Paau l Joba* ( ha* Parry Ja. D Prant... G R pw D.b J jm At Partoai L DcaUf Paatald R O dr*# Packard Auatiu Pr#au.? C K Po#t RUhart Park. Wa Patch J M PappaCbn. Parmrutar iMAaW Praadibl* Maurio* Plaa< B R Pariaat Moai A Poacleton (iaa U Pattar Clark. i? Par#*!# BeaJ F PaOigraw R PaUoeh Ckw Paraaioaa 3 S Pr##c?M Cb?# L Polkiaghwa* W Pad gat Porau# Plate* PartacWaia* A Paddock Ga* Pan*# Simon Paihaaat Cha. K Pimm Mr I'rraira Juha B PaUaeh Ja# Park* Marthal perru Wm Pattar Jaha Pratt R M P*ac# Lampion Pott. N R Pratt C W Perat Jo.tph 3 Pa vail Jaha Pratt Rufa.N I'rpoei Jao P Pott?c n f Pratt Cha* B I'mre Dm Carlo. Poratt Jaerph Paulding Riah'd A Par'.ae Nevtun. Potar Mr Prev J C PrtetBoa Jaha Powell Ma thaw Piatt Jervi# R Pe'unon lUurv Poor Rboa S Peter-on 11 oil ay parkin# UonJ L?2 l'ardy A nick*-A Pnynen Stephen Perry John PlaaiBor Cap M 9 Payne Theodore Perry Thorn*# l'utaphry JaaM Payn* John W Perry Jobu Wm Putnaa DrRI P'Jro Cinteiipr* Peitr# Frod'k Phyaaay Goo H A Pait.rJo.eph (J* QainnTtartbolamcw Qnimby Ua*k*U A Quimhy J Rita yulnn Martin Co MvarRa R Rayae. EJward Rico I)r k 11 Robitoo J#r*rtoA Raw.0B A U Rio. Uaa S Kobinaon J P Ray no# Edward II Rio* A B Rokiaton HAS Katchford Ihoma. Richard. Juha Robia*on L Ray A R.?# Rlobard. John Rob! a #00 IK Kayna! Mo.ajuitin Rlrbatd.Jnmc?R?2Kork John 1' Raffrrty linen Ktobard.oa A k Rork. A bo Wm A RaUlon Captain lllchardioo KevA.U Round*) John W Ra'bb no Tkcmai RiehnrdtonJaiatiE Rotail.r Ed wart Ream 8 A Khoetn Or C P Any.loy Bar Jo. Robot I> Roman* N'ohaU. Kin Henry Rock John Rorerllrab iDarla* Reynold. John Bockafeilew O.o R Romubarg *'?(??% Reynold. J J Roh.l* ll.nry RuAi Bernard ' Reera. Jainc. Rhode# Jamn Rot* Chart*# I KodoIi Thoa;*? Rodman KarWaah Koaa Gu.taru. Redmont Hugh ingtuo Kouxeau Cudia Realy 1 homae Rocehi Ciro Roulatna Joba Reed Cant Crphoi Rockwell Hubbard Ro*a Tboma. Roan Robert Rbodrick Ktcholaa Ko.a A C? * J Reynold. Ely A Co Roger# Jame# A Koonoy Utrthotd ReadR.waraA K", er# A m#w Huimer Geo Roger# Capt Percy Row* 1'vri.k Rearm Geo Roger. Nathan ? Rjwc A ?'? Raa.lar Pla. Roger# John Kowlti I <'*nt Reagan TLinia# Roger. Retort The too- U* Keiter Honry W Bobbin* Ea Rowlan ' J ?>a R?ggi' Niehola# Kobett# E Rua.ellJ hn Rigbtrr Sa'm F Robert# John P Raiiell Jgina* Ritchie lit A'bert Robert. John Ru.iell John Rirley Rev George Robert# Wa hew Ruth# Theodora Ridrowtr Mr ana Kolert. Wdlinm Radedala Mathotr Mr. G*o Ko'.er.on Char o. Rn.btoaDrJo* Riley Jame. Robertion A Co Ruiiitoa Joba V Rlrcrone P?tor R?bert#>r Wm Ryan gebemlah Rbiboot I.gbeit RoberteonAudrewJ Ryaa Paalal Rie* Edward Robi.on Jame. t Kyau Mr Reyaotd# Joneph Y Rodrigner JuinAa Rork Edward ReiUy Peter tonio ^ Roonter Jaia'i Sbadfortb Henry Swat William H Smith K M SnekgotiCM Steele Robart T Smith 1 redtiok Salomoi C Steele Geore V Smith (> M S.okett Wm A Searing Leonard Smith O-o'^o?J Shalye. Tribk Searer Re* n Smith H K Stnoy Warren Seat. W c Smith Hi en O SehhlTer Conrad Seery 11 Smith J St ( laire Julion. Sheelin T oma. 8u.lth Jaooo A (H Smalley Abiabam Shea Dtoi# Smith Johu St John Geoige 3 Sheran Franoin .Smith Joseph U I Smnl'.ey G It StodenJchr.A Smith N Sprague C U Shealook M<eht*l Smith W 0 S.lem Jacob Sr.earmaa Wm D Smith Samaol B i Shorot 1) 8 She# John Smith Col > Strang Wm B A Co Sealot Samuel A Smith B*iaaot StannwichCT Shell1 on Smith Smith Uowlaad j Strnego Mr S.dover John Smith Thoma. W Sbnriey 1 ben.n. Spnnrer P A Smith W P St a life i hem CeorgO SeHri.lgo Kolert O SmPh Walter T Shan ley Thoma. SeoipleAmiv Sterratt A Kiaaa* 8b.nnon k 1. Schryrer U W Sinclair IFUMiaa Sternley Amtro.e Spencer Jes.e A Springer J II Stanton 1 l imn J Stetier Jv.aph Stirlnnd Jama. Stanton Cha. C Stelfon# J M A Co bpluk The. Swain litniel Sherdan Johu Spirit John Stanbronih .lame. Seymour M T Site# Cornelia. Scanlan David Seymour J Smithaoa Ml Semi te* A Seymour D L A Co Stirer. E Samtoa Cap' Jnmo. Seymour John 81o#n Tie. G (21 Steteoa lilram D Stoeha Ale. J Sandlrrd John C St?t??n Ber# T Stoke. Uenrr Stanford Daniel Buret'. Geor.e li Souweia Moaa Snncer* b A Co Steve. Jane* II Sooti Joba S.nd*r.oe<.barl*i>2iS'?ven*on Jauto* D Soorlll A Mead Strang* Mr Sa.tion lloraoe H Stone W H Sorgood Itich.rd Stcrupl homae Stone William H Sairia Sr D Antonio Steven# Henrv F Beuthmtyad (loecgo sttrltie't Lewi. Btcvec.WniH Somnieeride AUa Spark. Wni Steven. CorneliuaR Sohlondorff Snarnton Phillip hterrn. SB Bchggilc*-^ C L Starr / Wildmau Stevet.F S??? ** Sharpe William Steven* C'tm.on^ g01*? ## , ? - - - - " "pokMev A R^ r.iVYf 8tewnrd JIe#.y D S? Satehell John StewnedWol'.er, UDdb'rmoath litvM Shatron W P -2 Sproul Ed win R Slater T A Co Stewar'Jobn Scuthwiok. Wat ? Slator'lunniby Stewart W It South A Co Spauidina Wm E Stewart W Scudd.rRovML Sawyer John Stewart Cbarle# Soudd.r Cha. * Qa Sawyer R P Sunt Monrinure A Sullivan S'ephaa Sawyer Rll StevanMn J.. A SulUvaa Miohaat 2# w Sc Step! en.on rred V Sullivan l>r J aha ? Stow Tboma. SberdvrJahu Sulllvaa JaramdaR Shaw Coj I, Spio. P A Sullivan Denial Sn I too D W . Sullivan John A Ilea Schmidt A S A Co Suman" Caat 1 caae Schilling F A Sehu.a$k?w A men A " K" Si"'0" K J ' S,u a^Vcrt. * ? Simon# Joiaph Supp.a P SieblM Ambro.a Silil"' n n 8u^' Sr Dn DtH* aJfi J , Lbr0'* . Sertbner 0 H SnUl Jama. Stebin. Johu.ou A 3 drr.rl.i Jame. Shut* Noah M irl-Mc laHi" V.&2B-' Si-'svc. SI'*?" ff-"'" BSPVC ??S*ss'" keeist- sss'iir"# Thatcher Ed W Tboma# Ceo T # r irEU li a"? Sani?-u Sr111 c 1;'""">" v:ss,??*,;?>*? T^fTa#r?cir Thompson Turner CbaHaa i ?rs:.c.T \ sSk: i z*? asias Bi-'H sc,'- Rajiv: r Underbill AMAttoi.ou Ullober Pater C Uadiat A B Jr vii! ?orbli0 N ? Veoder Alfred Voi.Mt Aiohaaaa Valleau n.nry M Velio H K Voorhoo. KSS* V^*hW Tl"5 VcruuliV (Jeo E VMauu'caat ISS tzirJ > nroua Joe* Vogol ohirle. Vulteo Adam M Van tun Allen Samuel Van Dcrhoof H-2 Van Doieu Iaaa* C Van Hard Rev J Van Dene. II T Van Glider \ an Itn.kerk John Van Debilt E R Van I ontea Jaoab v::telA* ci"k Vm o#,d"#n m w W'tlah Wm Wheatloy Tlio. WUImm# Henrw W al#h Andrew Weig.berger 1, T William# Joi#a Wadding.Thilipp Wheeler Jame* Whi e Cha. S^ . i ', ? Waleh Greenfield Wnite, Jamea it Wallmca J*?- 5 2'**H2r?.C:2I,r%*1 Wl,iu ?%0 W WaliTri o# Weed * klegaley W litny W U wJlb.. ??.1..1 **'*Uaot (Thaa Windaor Thoma* Hill!! I V w ethrall Mr W iutton Oi villa M J} [1 Jo.?ph We.'eott rrasklin Whitetowa Maary, Wa kerJu.tu. W e.t n L W DD M W m W'intlow Frank ? v Wat.klar Jacob wiiv#|| u>j< win Mioka.1 wssrjz1*0 wftzftzsi w?ddw wF SS*!' K* wiS?Kj??hM*la* wttnTcZp B Z%,\ j a mill Vtl W andovlord* J B Wrlgkt Jame. Wlaemaa Fred W arrca Ja* A Wright Wm Wlatar Joiah ? W at.on CaptG.oW Wtlght W G Whip. Samud 5 W M.einan H? WrUht D A Wintcr A^V^t ?an-? Willi. Edward W auijwZT Waterbnry Ja. Wild* A Ifhlitt# j!u Wattrbou#* A Co Wil.oaJobaJr Wlwloa Rd^Ld 2 .**? * Melt W 'Iaoa Juha Woodoo.k a w.lalorg Morlti WiImb U W B nr-i? -- Jr. W.'.h A Griffith. Wiltoc Robert W.'ill'nt Thaddoa. Weodham Alfred W t d Deary WllMn John A Co Wood ThVodefVVd Wella'w Wll.oaJohn H Wood Col c weu,'jrDK iaafr? ? WmWt! L**" wS?" 2'^ R ^ TkWU* * ! Si. i1 . Wllloy Rev S H Wood Joba?2 Woddl.Tho.BMA WUey^ward jrjrtMj0.. W Weid Franel. M WUI Fraa. Wolh^rtA frit* JK," s;s?1"" ig*., fj&asu cassifiii" W.aleb Rlobard T WU'Um.Jaha Jwak WbaelorBC-2 William. Henry K W^mCmmH ?SUjp,w,1m #. * HammwVl* 1* ? Holme. A WtU*'._M?a'? Oa 2!JZrrri L Martini'. Medte.l .Moo Honnaa Lodgo M* <0. M.rabaat.' Jovraal S??"1,8'"1 Xrtga N 4. J74 N.? l'erk Real E<Ut* P Nqvi !<odfi Wo. 4 - 2 i#r Agaat Moaat Hot* Nail Co K*w F?rk Riohonbotn, Ha B Agent Ponn Yam and Mam- (>?? # Tra* American mandt Port Ida. Tree. Co- P*?t<>r, C.agttRa Agent Atlantic Zine C* tleaal oburnh Am.rlran the* Maa'g Co T Amor Porcelain Maar. r* Pabllahar Me .ropoUtaa aowa Rrltl.k Recruiting OM? .PfHT , Beard of RtvCort ? ?J*' ^uU ?lfHm Brawa'a Marbi. Wcrk. PaMlnhar Metropellua Ma Ciataia krt. wm T Dagaa t-onoll? Idftcr of ib. W*? Yaakwa Rami Mow Tartar Rdlitr ?!>? WwRtjfrer Standard Baarar Editor of tke CouHar of tha Saab, Blind and Planing On Pal** _ 8a portataadamt af AMMb Fd'ter N T Ml?e?tlaa*eu. naar Bagt river 8*f#*r Now York Reporter Weekly Kaickorkeekar?d Editor Commeeeiai Bog'.' or Pnlea iron Co^ Frr'gbt Arort Now York and 7. X Fraternity Dowell Bai'road Co Plrat officer akin Galatea Ore.. Va.Ivy Gold Mialag Co P ISAAC T. FOWLER, Poatmaadw. FVRMTl'Rt. 'NANF.M BDCOTTA0B FORNITDEB-NBAT, PUT . j % tup#, a# low m$T, at tbn maaafbatary *ad war* .. om?lA.V Hroalway aaar Rlaaabar atraa*. beaidai avMf 1*3 !eiT?!?!?*? vi WWW* 'l1** E'

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