Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1855 Page 5
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?'?lech t?-<a a'tsruoin from Portland, and were met at iM* ia!ir?ad dtp it by the Bottom City Duri ud lb* Mrs lis laud Cuarea, who #ae rted Utniu to the City ?all, mntje they were wslrorosd to the hospitalities of lb* ?itj hJ Me}or Kn,lth ; aitsr whioh the three ootnpa i ir evdsd >o th? Amerisan lloaee, and partook ef a ??A sites. T> 8 b?acquaxtsr# of the New York City ore ot I'oion Hon on3 the msmbers of the eom pooy ore in excr'ltnt hraith. netting ot noMiiehoKlu tankers. Boston, Jane 31, 1866. Bstegate* from sleety-seven heats tn this State met ?t the frenont Bouse to-Joy, ond voted thu it wee ex pedient toorfooize o book of mutual re< emption arnler 16* shorter granted by the last Legislature. ?helera OMappeartBg from Sivv Orleans. Naw Orleans, June 18, 1866. 'Mere were only seventy six deotha from cholera in Mis stty last week, ond the dteenae ia now beliered to be skew* ?t on esd. ?otkdltlen of Leavcnweith, the Doelitet. Buffalo, June 21, 1865. The statement that the wounds of Leavenworth hove saastifiM), Is incorrect Every day the prospect of hie sseovwy la better, and hie danger is inconsiderable. Flse in Princeton, ff. J. Princeton, N. J , Jane 21,1866. 1H Princeton Pros, (newspaper office,) with the ma shiieshep, iron foundry, ond adjoining dwellings, the pretty ef John T. Robinson, were entirely destroyed hp ?re this morning. The loss Is reported to be very h-vy Insurance small. The Are ia attributed to on I amend lory Movements ot douthern Itaamais. Crarlsuton, Jane 19, 1855. Ms United Btotes mail s'eomthip Noshv lie, Copt. M. Bessy, arrived here ot 8 o'clock this (Tuesday) morning. Savannah, June 19,1866. Msateomahip Augusta arrived ot her wharf here, fsem New York, this (Tuesday) morning. Mwhets. PHILADELPHIA 8TOOK BOARD. Philadelphia Jane 21, 1865. Money eftody. Stocks active. Morris Canal. 14X; 1/tsg Island, 17J? ; Pennsylvania Railroad, 46X; Penn sylvania State 6's, 88X BaLTIHuRK CAT7LK MARKET. Baltimohb, Jurs 21, 1866. Beef cattle come forward freely, and the market is *od?rntely active; offering to day. 6U0, of which 160 were driven to Philadelphia; 60 left, balance sold at wises rasping from 4 to 6X on hooL equal to 8 a It) net, and averaging 24 76 grots. Hogs?Live, im goeve; sales 8 a 8>? gross. Sheep?bull: supply large, and it is difficult is effect salee at 82 a $8 60 par head. Naw Orleans, June 18,1866. Our cotton market le Arm, with sales for the < ny of 2,COO bales. Flour is dull.iwith a declining tendency, kales as 89. Cera,?Sales of western white at 96c. New Orleans June 19, 1856 We have no change to report ia our cotton market to day The sales add up 2,500 bales. The prices of Aour are considerably lower. Kales at $8 60 a 88 02)4. Wes tern white corn at 9So.; molasses, 29c.; mess pork, 816 60. Cotton f reigt is to Liverpool XA Buffalo. June 21?12:30 P. M There is n little more inquiry for flour to-dav; sales 7C0 bbls., at 89 26 Tor common Wisconsin; 89 62 for com mon Ohio, sad $9 76 fot choipe Iudiana. Wheat in mo derate request; solas 70' bushels Uppsr Lake Spring, at 8115. Corn unchanged; sties 30.000 bushels, at 85e. a bOe., mostly at the inside price. No sales of oats. Canal ireigb.s unchanged. Albany, June 21-12:30 P. M A fair business is doing In Aour?sales 800 bbls. Wheat?Kales 3,000 bushels white Canadian, at 82 65 Corn better?saies 10,000 bushels Western mixed at 86)4e. a 69c., and now held at 81. Oats better; 54c., we?ht, for Westers, and bOc. measure, for Chicago. WMatey?36s. asked. Feed?Salee 20 tons second quali ty, at 81 26 per 100 lbs. Oswkgo, June 21?6 P M. Floer?The sales to-day add up 700 bbls., at 89 a 89 50 for csmmon to good State Wheat?Sales limited, and M previous rates. Reoeipts?450 bbls. floor; 11.000 bnthvle wheat. Const Calendar?This l)ny. VNrna) Statu Diktbiot Court.?Nos. 23, 28, 29, 46 to 62 burs ma Oolrt?Special Term.?The Ninth avenue ease still en. MjritkMK Court?Circuit?Part 1.?Nos. 21,102, 118, 2C4 to 123. Part 2 ?343, 474X, 160 963. 936, 1032, 1038, 119.', 1260, 1264, 1288, 1289, 1320. 1316, 1406, 1425X, 1496, 1498, 1601, 80, 39 77,193 to 203. Co a a on 1 lkah.?Nos. 104 to 118. ?t l-UBOK Court?Nos. 346. 98,336, 848, 919, 383, 1002, 106, 194, 997, 619. 731. 694. ML 8|L 864, 284, 940, 941, 264, 1til6 341, 120, 169, WlljjM, ?, 814, 960, 242, 810. 882 386, 777, 808, 682. MM, 274/868, 1227, 197, 790, 662. 436, 827, 100, 211. 212, 784, 406, 390, 969, 866, 1494, lit 9, 844, 93, 40), 973, 23, 378, 680, 702, 396, 267, 269 811, 184 943, 768. An-Ox Removed.?Our Knox has Uone, good urad- r?nut far to be sure?bat then we, who have been abwe him, end by the ride tf him, fot many a year, begin abroad ? to feci hia loaa. Yet, Knox, sad, of all knock!, K MIX, the hatter, has taken himself off A placard on the shutters nf bis old slurs, No 118 Fulton street says that he b?s removed to the c .rni-T of Broadway, just be; end Fol ki' icg the direction indicated by the placarded 89*, we war to a neatly but not gorgeonaiy Sttoo store, of aasy ac cess and c'.nspionous location, and therein smiles, as of old, the man of tiles Knox is under his own roof, that large building claiming him as its master. The Sun sheltered him on his way fer ui-eward; and now, with a lair auonly of fnr, he takes s fly on his own aioount. Snccsss attend html tut, bMoio leaving 1 im, wo And that be hae taken measures toahelter himself from the Nun. That is qneer, too?aud ths means be takes are also queer There is a roll of avom neat u the tulldlD.q?tbat is plain enough; bat that qneer nasi of sellscr joints t What are they r Oh ! that's the way V'U knock them out, is it? And so they shout on. into a avlar awring frame, substantial and light, and very credit e to the inveutor. Nr. Do How, whtlo the workmanship iiren it tells well for the maker, B. F. Mill)r, No. i6 West JJroadway-Sun. Espeocheld Invttra Attention to his New and el),-ant style ot extra light gray beaver ha* for summer wear, manutaetnred frr.m a rare and beautiful selection of fnr, sf exceeding riohneas of o?lor tad fineness of texturt. Also the pure Kooky Mountain silvery beaver hats, together with several choice style- of straw. Pana-na ai d sennets, adopted to the sca?on Gentleman desirous of a fine artiele ir. the hat way, should call at KSFCftOHElB'B. 118 Nassau Mr es t. Van Cases Young America's Just Received; ak?o a vmy large arsoriuient of French felt hv? all eolors, now ready at W'HITK'S, 321 Broadway, opp site Broadway Meat re. A* Ulr Huttcri la Hie ON| and Coontiy, 4 A Co., 171 Faari street, bag leave to *all tbo at fatten ol tb< tr?l? to aeveral mw atylea of men'* at raw ksse J not flnlahed, among wtiloh oro tbo ' V#nng America*" ?atd lno white Japan bat*. botb of oneouimon biaaty >? vail -? AnrahUity, togetuor with oar u?eal large variity of msn't ??>**' ted children* straw Lata, all of oar own launfaoture -i is* r ? ** * * " low**' market trice, by the oaoo or dotee. A. LB uiUiD A BO., 171 FomI atreet. Pianos?The Laigett Assortment of Piano* ta tbe Ciiitel State*; priors le*a then can be found eiec wbore. Hole arenoy for T. Gilbert A Co.'i planoe, with or without tbe rcoll*n; Ha.lett A tuwiston'*, Woodward A Brown'*, and Jacob Chtekering'a B.tton planoe; and tbe nly bcaae where may be bad tbo Horace Watera' Celebrated mo darn improved planoa, with oyer string* and Improved at toon Baeb piano guaranteed to give ontlre ia'l-taotlon. or purchase money refunded. Piano* to oat, and rent allowed on ptrcba *. l'ianoa lor *ale on monthly payments .caomd band piano* taken is exchange for now oaes "?-on Ihand piano* lor aala at good bargain*. Bole agsnoy ?? r - U. A U. W. Smith's melodeons, tnnod the equal t*ui|i ra. .?nt. IIOKACF. WAFERS, 333 Hrvadwny. Anion** Dagnrrrwdypr*.- .arge Hie for JO ud in a nieeeaao, tw' ??nta. colored and in a tie# oa*o. twice tbn *Ua other* take fer Mi cct* and erinal in quality and (Ue to thoeo made eliewh?rc f t *2 AMHON, ?9 Broadway, oppoaito Metro poHtan Uotol. The Kitty cent and Oollsr Photographs by ? he i'loture Co , 2H9 Broedway, are eommendabie a* work* ol art, and iconoreioal (o the people. Daguerreotype, 13 ana Mi oenti, a* u. ral by s'eam, wholesale and rttail. Oemb Factory, 387 Broadway.?The most chaloe asleotioa of open work shell ooabit* be *o?n In tba city. Hhell work repaired. A A J. 8A17NDBRS. To Travellers and Others*?Tnc Portable ?)v> esing cere* mannfectnrod by the auiscriVr* will be Senad, on an examination, to bo the in >?t perfect or their hind. A. A 1. SAUNDERS, No 7 Actor Uenio. Swans' Clothing Warehouse, Aim 00 and 08 Faitee etr'St, Is the esly piece whore tophvr caoimere e?n# ere add st *10 Check Marteiilea auits, pi W. James L-Htle ? to., Merchant Tailors 41S? Broadwr*. near Canal afreet, where yoo will fled tie mott ?aehlonablo and boat made garment* in the city. Ooode made to o dor at tbe ahortest notice, and la a aaporior mea ner Warm Weather Garments.? Alfred Monroe a Co.. No. 441 Broadway, invite cltiaeni end atrangera to cranio* their aurnmer ovate, voat*. penteleuna end furnish ?sg gOvda. We are inclined to bo lev# the', efter an ex ami nation, thoy will parebaae. No deviation lrom market prieea. Mourning Goods I Mourning Good* (Ucb ?STir* Sa?*"""??i Priate.i mnalina, de bags, and all other kino* el mourning good*, .clUng at greet bergema. 1,<tAPBl^TWa * Co.. 347 Broadway. Bareges I Bareges?4 How hot mt Rich barest* will bo opened this morning, which we will tell at la. 64 per yard; aloe a now lot ofohaai Ml kg. 4. H. LEADHRATBR * CO , .H7 Broadway. Travelling Divas Goods?Three Cases of Una ?renoh do bege will bsoffered thia morning, at the low ?i?.ci- r.A uaahi *u? ?i iodie aeereuoaeaa, a 111M1 a IvwUsl "? w ait nwwaiw.ww ?i. t? ? prior* of U. 6d., north A*.: alao, real I new and beantilel article for tre veiling dreeae*. ?utli hi NM'iis ??r ?rsrsino| nuw"'. E U. LBAOdBATIM A CO., #47 Broadway. TefJij r Merino, Lisle Thread, Cotton and *Uk under garments in great variety, st MCLAUGHLIN'S abiit faotory and men * furnishing atnre, 999 G/eoawioh a'r.ot, corner of Cbambora. Shirts, oollw*. and hosiery, vtsleale and retail. Shirt* made to meaanre. Foggan A Woekrra Premium Excelsior shut*' U. Heritor A Ren's family boaiory: Conrviaitll'a kid ?levta, ennvaljed (or artiatio out, fit, flniah, elaaitoity, soft ?era durability and cbvapnoa*. 169 Casal atreot, ourner fcuiltvas. June? And II at twsst month ot b anteon* flowtr*. HOSSM of a brighter world than ouia -Hryaat l.tdlaa. it you wiah to look charming and appear on a ny>. par and gasteol footing, ibis beautiful month ot June, k,y ^^p^lt^^t*^l>ppervm^adtoileOMcpjei^ro^^^ Mayor WmM?TIm outy Autkwtk BUfra pby and portrait of lenudi Wood is new pabUahiag in FhAMl LkSLUpB Hf* Verb Journal for Jway -prieelf% c.-uia- c staining iuiiou Wultfil eagraviugs. and tna <> ritl>*f( ?< maiee uf the ?' Soldier at For'ana" Thla la the Baa o.efu) ai>d Miiertsiaing magazine published. For -ale If all booktellara. Ui< ptflnpa anal OikkhIu, 40 par Cent lata than ui nal price* -I'lTKt MN A BUM ['UK KIT, S79 Bmilat), eori ar al White str as will aall during >hta week at "ha abort rates Cnl. and tea Ureal argents may ba NMaM. ClEce of the tUrhuioud mul Petrrabarg Riuiraad t.'.unpen? Rlebinond, June 7, 1896 ? The President lad sire,Iota of line ha?a Uevlaral a uividaud of '-?? null half rar cant on Mia capital otoak, pa; able on aui attar tka SOtk day of June, 1846, at this >>Ac*. JNJ W I hi. I Abb. Treasurer. PaMlloa, Hew Brighton?The Proprietor rvspcstfuily usaounee* that bta estesii.ninei.t ta a?w fully opened lor ti e recap-ion ?f Ixiardar*. Parties wishiug to .??ureresm- can make application on tba prcinlaee or at 826 liioadaay, Mew Vo?k. F B< ANCaKD, Proprietor. Xottle'a fbmporlum of BJngliah, French, Conn an and A merman fanoy gaoda, noveitiaa and toy a, Nu. 346 broad* ay Defiance balawander Haiti.?Robert St. Pat RICK it tba aola manufacturer in aba United Itataa of tba above aalebratad aafaa, and patant po wdsrpr >of dettenoe loaka and oroaa bare Depot 192 Pearl atraat. ana door baiotr Maiden lane. Handsomely Engraved Wadding, At homo and visiting enrda; Extra heavy ailver door plataa;>, notorial and aonaular seal*. Ao., nt TUoS BRUNS' 486 Broadway, corner of Uroonia at., and AM Bowery. Sea Bat tiling?Price# Ucduced -Ttte Iwtm* ming batha nt the toot of Ltaabroatas atraat ara now open. l*?ice 12J< cent* or tan tiekete tor SI; warm tea bntbe, 1?)?; it you wish to praaarreyour banltb bntba ottan. aalr Uya, ttlgn and nawapenn natuiiemirt joiebrated faetory far than* artialea la AU Broadway. Nina MKvate nam for tba application of hia nnrivaiiad hair dya, wholesale and retail. Beware af imitation# Tba laiioo* iMortmaat af wigi and toapeaa in tba world. chrlatadoro1 a tCxceimur Hair Bye has he. ooma a itapla article throng!, ut tba Uaited states. No druggist or perfumer can allord to pa without It for uo ethor dye opera'ea with tba a am a oertalnty and aafety. The blnok* and brownt it produce* defy detection Al artificial. Bold and applied nt No. 6 ax tor Houaa. WbMkera or JBoantaehen Produced In Sue weak! by my ongnent, without otain or injury to tbo akin, tl a bottle; largo bottlea, containing eight of tho email, 49. Bent to any part of tb? country. R. G. UKaUaM 986 Broadway; Zeibor, 44 Booth Third atreot, i'hlladelphia. Bitot, Cleanly, Comfortable and Practical, ara tba branob iiair Draaaing Rooms, at No 1 Barclay atraat. HIlL, the inimitable, long and favorable aaovrn at 49 Naaiau atieet. Bbaving at either plaoa, six oenta Troaaes, Shoaltler Bracts, Ladles' Belts and ?apporteri, mitromanta for buw lege, olub feet, anl all do iormitiaa af tho body, ou band anu made to order, by Ur. ULUVJCR, at tba Borgaon't Baudaga Imiituta, No. 4 Ana ?treat. Dr. S. 8. Pitch, Author of the " 8tx Loo mree an Cumnmptioa," ofboe 714 Broadway, open daily, (Monday excepted,) from 9 to 6 o'cloak, treate consumption. Mtbma, diseases of tbo heart, and all anionic dlaeaaai of ?and famalaa. Consultation free. At Hew Yorh, in the Dead of Night, Tba citizen in dread alright, tttoeieed tba inriona obarge 04 hungry boete of bugs and fleeo; The loethoome rat and mouse Joiu'd these. With roxchae blaok and large. But tbay ware all ki'ted by LYON'S magnetic Powder and Pills. The Infalubie death dealing artiola bat E, by on' a sig nature on label. Depot 424 Broadway. "A Hat! A Rut! Dead for ? Smarter!"? Mr. Csarin 1'ariona?Dear Bin It gives ua great pleaiora to tes tify to tba great menu of your '*Kat and Roaob Extermina tor." For years bad wa battled with these tiUhy paita, and noiwith.!anding wa had used awry menus within our power or knowledge, and kept persona constantly ou guard against them, and although we had clayed thousands of the euetny, their reserved legions were sura to eorne tn at the last hour and claim ti e victory. But hv tbo aid of your valuable "Exterminator," we have runted the enemy?horse, foot and dragoons. We find no n- ceisity 'or oven our guard, acthere ate not enough of tho enemy left to try expeiftnents upon. MXBRITT A i,A!fG1.EY, Propa4etori of tba Day atreot House, Nov. 94 Ad and 68 IJoy street. Agents, C. V CLICK ENBR A CO , No. 81 Barolay itreet. A National .temcdy for a National Diseaiel Fever and ague can infallibly be prevented r cured by a'ing tho new 'antidote ta malaria," called "Rhode.' Fever and Ague Cure." Tba uaitiboate ot the oolebrated ohemist. ur. Cbilton. accompanies aaob bottle. For sale by C. U. King. C. V. Clickener A Co., and by dealer* generally J. A. K110UES, Providenoe, R. 1. Bolloway's Pills?Here in Health for Ail! To*, for all I- X bis noble remedy, noting as it does attly oa tba main springe of Ufc, restores health when fall ing, energy and vigor to the system when Barging, in a man ner super or to any medioioe over make known to the worid. Sold at the manufactories, bU Maidsu lane, Ne v Y-rk, and 244 btrand, London, and by all druggists, at 26 ooati, U2)k cents, and $1 per box. On Thursday morning, Jane '41, by th? Rer. 8. V. Col lins, Willktt 0 juohki to abhi J., yeangest daughter of Jehu Vnn Bussum, Esq , nil of this city On Th arte ny .June '41, at ihe residence of tbo brido's father, by tbo Roy. A. D. Gillette, Dr. Jorsph 6. WaLrsa, of Alexandria, Va , to >ophia K., youngest daughter of John Mohewan, Esq , of thts city. On Bone ay oyening, Junofll, by the Rot. Dr. MUlett, at hie residence, ho 171 East Seventeenth street. Mr. GkokoxT. toUUPoRO, of Dorchester, Mass., to Miss Mar tha Janb 1 krhixotoh, of this city. On Wsonrsday, June 20, by the Rev. Dr. Harry Cros well, of Trinity Church, New Haven, Ct , John McCrack a.n, of San Francisco, Cal., to Arm P., eldest daughter of the late Henry J. Stanford, Esq. Boston and California pap- re please copy. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, June '40, by the Rev. Lbeneser Seymour, Mr. Harvky Baxtkm to Maky E, eld est daughter of Gilts B. Ely, Esq., all of Brooklyn. Died. On Wednesday, June '4C, Hknry Feus, native of Gsr many. in the 8f5tn year of hi. age. The relatives ant friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend *be funeral, to New York Bay i>me lory, from hie late residgmpe. No 88 Roosevelt street, '<*pr* th ? afternoon, at one o'qjgm, without further invitation. On Wecntsday mom (MR, June 10, of consumption, CbAHun M. Bakkb, aged28 years. ihe relatives ano friends of tho family ars invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at ene o'clock, from ho 07 Ludlow street On Wednesday, June 20, William R. Hazlr, aged 52 years. Ihe friends of the family, and of his brothers-tn-law, Cornelius, George W.. Alexander C., and John H. Pod Ion, and John U veridge, ars respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No 227 Henry street. On Ttursdey afternoon, Juno 21, Sarah Kiss ah, aged 41 years, a native ef county Down, Irelanl. lier funeral will take place tola afternoon, nt ono o'clock, from Mr Hamilton Waddell's, No. 180 Avenue A. On Thursday, June 21. of scarlet fever Mart Anna, only daughter of Jshn and Mary Ann Barker, aged o years, 1 month and 18 days. Ihe relatives and fneadi are respectfully Invited to atteud the funeral, from her lata residence, No. ltd booth First street, Williamsburg, this afternoon, at half past two o'clock at Newark, on Wedneeday, June 20, Ann, daughter of Joseph Bay ley, aged 6 months and 5 days. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral,^ without further invitation, rrom her father s residence, No. 8 south Bridge street, Newark, N. J., this morning, at eleven o'clock. In Philadelphia, at th* resldenoe of his son, on Wed niscay, June 20, Jsaas Evrrrtt. Id the 77th year of his age, lor thirty years a respected inhabitant of this city. Bis remains were taken to Massachusetts for Inter ment. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. fbmocal. c S. F. WISHES TO BBS HIS MOTHER 1MMEDI ? ately, at Ne. 8 Columbia street, iu the rear. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MARY MURPHY, A native of Abbyfeal, ooanty Limerick When last heard from was living la Washington City, D. C. Any Informa tion from her will be thankfully received by her Miter, Jo bene Murphy, 110 tlulherry itreet, N. Y. Soutbera and Western inpert please eepy. "TN FORMATION WANTED?OF PATRICK BOYLE, JL frem Killoaey, scanty Sllgn, Ireland, by his friend, Joan lieyie. Any information ef him will be tbankfellv resolved by calling on Bernard Thornton, 267 Elizabeth street. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOANNA LEDDY, wbo arrived in New York sixteen or eighteen years ego; a native of the eonnty of Cork, Ireland, by her niece, Mary Coleman, at 88 Hamilton st. INFORMATION WANTED?OF Ei TZA WAL8U (NOW Mr? MoMreyan), who esse out to this country in tbeyear IMS; U a native of Weaford, Ireland. When last hetnl of was in Mmyth etreet, Mewbnrg, Or an so eonnty. Mew York. Any inteuigenee of her will he thankfully rceeived by her sieter Ellen Carter. Please address te lus Franklin street, New York. INFORMATION WANTED-OF BENJAMIN DICKER ILL. t turner nv eurrier, r< siding in embent New York . apply to 3AKCI.AY k LI VINQSToN, M Bearer street. TNFORMATIOH WANTED-OF A BOY WHO STRAY A ed from his retidenoe yesterday morning; John Drady, abont three years old. Any Information of hint will be rseeiend thankfally by his his name u ation of him il&ieted mother, 243 8th I*1H18 SHOULD MEET the eye of tub LAD Will X loft, his homo on Friday, the 16th inst., very uasgpsoted a ri'mrm mTmmm-V? DtUfBUU ??fj !MICh bf U?tfl taTlJT ' 1 no aeeident has bappsae TKLs*nsM ?,B,5T ?r KIN. OF JOB! thing it their advaniaga by applying to ? Vs STEffiuS" CO*. Maropean Agent?. 333 Broadway ff Y li d0,'Li enclose stamp for answer. If by lotto _ JTfAM. TUHR, Bed house, hari.f.m~?tiiis iasqionahi ? ? ton to no w complete In all ite anpointmenw a'Jd i talesi stable* attached are oonesaatly filled with the and fastest horses to bo foaad. Parsons in want of hit. can Always ba supplied at the Red linns* Ta? I teak is in splendid order, and trotting matohe* nenaeeM i?: Tbe Kmsnss TOTHI LfiVERfi and BRBRDKRS OF FINE SI ?lh?eel<braf.d Ihonngbred staHfon Wild fri will .tardier a llmi.00 nmher of marss tho easnin ron, at the Rod H >nse ?? thins, at $6(1 tho season a lil'.uVl't th* mM*' A11 aeoldei ipmul aorunra. A special MtsriNu or the stock holders or the Uui'hlnghain Un a Company will be hel l el the .ifi <? ?f the eomeany, 61 Wtiltlrte'. tuos No 41 on Crid?y tie 22d test., il li o'clock, It By order of the b-*rd ?t Trus tCM. Brooklyn.?charge ok larceny, abduciiov, Ao ?City of Brooklyn, oouut.y of King*, ?? ?Key Q. XJ *??city of Brooklyn, i Coorer, e' cnld city, being duly ?w?rn, 5u-h dep?e"and ??y that lb,' i* ike wlfn of " coy that ike t* ike wife of Cbarlas C. Cooper and In re ferenoo to wtet appear* in Ibe newspapers or this date un der the Above hand, ahe says, it le l*ls? the ahe Itr-n tionally aver pA*?od bc-aelt on a> tbe wife of Pa rlok Mo Ceo; aid -he laitb that ao imrrspsr iaUmtoy aver existed 1 betwiei- the aald McGee nod oeraelf; that iba never o >m mitted any ae* uaheooming the wi,*o of anid Coo-er, and ibat th? only relatione exirtiag between the aald McUee and Her reli ar, and wore fboae of mia er and ai-r van'-, aud that thin very relation ?a? compelled l>v the oo duit of the aaid " "idc" Cooper, in n<electing to piovide for her and bercMld ; and in te ereuce to thn charge of taromy against aald MoU-e, aba saith that the a,o?d? toned In hia paaeeation ware good* ef her barband'r, which ahe wae compell-d *o eell for her aupport, and which eke did ><11 to aaid MeQee fur that pur pot*, supposing tbat ahe had a perfect right to do ao. MAR* Q. OOOrER, her mark.) Sworn ha'oro me. tbe Zlat day ef June, 1855, E Jacobs, Juatioa of tbe Peace. Ccrystal palace.-uorace uRbiley impri / aoned in Paria ! Horace Ureuloy ie iu*| of tbe Crya al Palace Direotora, and aaa imprisoned In Fiance beoa le a pii co of a tat nary belonging to a Mr Lecbeane waa injurod ? " ' ----- on ita way to the New York exhibition. Thia now famous piece ef itatnary can be aeon at the Ciys'-al Palace. It waa exhibi ed at tbe great Lot don ex dblrton. and it, the ebel d'teuvre there. Thousands will vis-tit daily. There ia an incident connected with hie pieoe of sculpture now, whiuli will make it aa object of in >r?et for awe*. BaMUKL BREVOUKT, A u ting Superintendent Masonic notice?at an adjourned annual communication of the United Grand Lodge of tbe State el New Ve ra et Free and Accepted Ma*?na (oolored ) held ou Wedneaday evening, Jnne A). A O 5836, at their lodge room Id Mutual Relief Hall, 42 Baxter efeet, for the elec tion of grand ofltoere, the following brethren were duly eleoted dor toe eniuing year? Br. Jamee Barnett, Req M. W. G. Matter. R. W Br Jacob R Glbba U U. Matter B. W. Br. Alex Alston 8 G Warden, R. W Br. Va H C, fnr'ia J G. Warden. R. W. Br Kaneom V Wake u. Secretary. R. W. Itr. Cbarlee A. Hortsn U. Treasurer. R W. Br. William Clark G. Registrar R. W Br. John Peterson G. Chaplain. K. W. Br Riobard White S G ifeaoon. R. W. Br. William Mart J. G Deacon R W. Br. John Porter G S Bearer. R. W. Br. Geo. W. Hi!ten G. Pnrinivaut. W. Bra. Idw. Rickstaand Jeffrey Van Cllef G. Steward*. R. W. Br John John,on G. lir. of Cere. Cbae A. Johnson Grand liter. A true copy from tbe minutes. Atteet. RANSOM F. WAK.E, Grand Secretary. New York. June 21. 1866. MABOMC.-TBE ENSUING FESTIVAL OF 8T JOHN J1 will be celebrated by a procaaiion and appropriate oe remotiea, by Wee;ihiater Lodge, No. 147, at Newkoobeile, ou Monday, 26th lutt Brethren from lodges of the jnritdio tton < 1 tbe Grand Lodge of thia State, (ouder the old consti tuticn) and sojourning Brethren aro invitid to be present Tbe cars trom New York will leave tbe New Haven depot, Canal etreet, at 9 o'clock A. M., returning at # o'olook P, M Brethren intending to par'icl.a'e will lews their names in tbe Grand Boo start's effiee, GOO BroadwajMH*r? four o'clock on Yriday, 2?d last. JASONIC CELEBRATION OF ST. JOHN'S DaY-AT Bridgeport, Conn., Monday, 26th.?The new steam r THGMaSG 11 alGlIT will leave New York foot of North Moore street, at a quarter before G- foot of Broome strcot, E. R . at Afc; Tsath street, E R , at fi>f; Tweuty-ixth street, at fijf; affording an opportuuity to join in the festivi ties, consisting of dedication, ora'i .n. banquet nnd mil, nnd will return the same night by moonlight. A due oaod ot mo tic en boa d. Tickets for the exoumon SI DUNHAM A PR. IK, Proprietors. Masonic.?doric lodgi;. no. ton.?uhjuciiren %re notified of the intention to eelenrate St John's Day, on the 26th instant, by exouraion per steamer Laura Kaapp, irom the foot of Market street at 8 A. M-vreoixely. ?oket?maj be had oi tbe treasurer P M. J no W. Simons, vafhanae e.rect M. J. DRUMMOND, W. M. R. V. Batsman, Secretary. Mass meeting of the citizens of new tore ?to be held in the Third waid, on the pier foot or Ro'i inson street on Saturday eveniug, at 7 o'olook. Slteds and l.uiidirgs are allowed by the mnnicipal authiHties te re main on said pier, to the great injury oi the public. Cone one, come all. There is corruption?your rights are in danger. New yore, juns 9, is65?the price or board at enr lespeetive hotels on and after this date will be two dollars are titty cents per day. TBEaDWKLL ACKER A CO St. Nicholas Hotel, HIRAM CRANSTON, New York Hotel. O. C. PUTNAM, Clareudon HdtvL TAK COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, NO 32 CHAMBERS J. street, basement of the Nevr City Hall.?Notioe to tag payers. The assessment rolls ef the several wards of the 01 ty of New York Mymmapned for examination and review Mom Monday, thvVm^Hby, nntil Monday, the 23 h day of June, inclusive. MP tax pavers desirous of sxatnie Irg and correcting the said reLs are requested to make ap plication te tbe undermined, at tbeir office. betseea the hour# of 9 ?. M. and 4 P. M J. W. ALLEN, 1 GEO H PURSER, > Tax CommUeiouera WM. J. PECK. S The public are cawioned against neqo tinting a cheek on tbe Ooeun Bank, in till* city, Irom Leman H. Hopkins, dated J nne 19, 1866, to J O. Toola, or bearer, ier S30 00, as payment is stopped. vsut UiiCoaavHtTio?. SIXTEENTH WARD LIQUORS DEALERS, AROUSEI-A publio meeting or IM Sixteenth word liquor dealers will he held >1 the lltu Hon*#, corner of Twenty-llt'th street ul Eighth truit, on Friday evening, Jobs n, at 8 o'olook. The Iiqnor dealers of other wards. Bad all persona opposed ? ithe latei ??? .... r leuaeted fanatlnBl prohibitory bill, ar? inn tod. Eminent Flllktia wil' address the meeting. - CHAS. C. WHITE, Oh'n Ward Com. Johh Hoir, Secretary. Am excellent quality or claret wine at ?2 per doioa, (bottles returned); various gradaa of eiaret, wines brwociee, gin, fchnepps. Load-in and Dnblia norter, and Seatob aloa. for sale at UNDERHILL A MAT TfcRSON'S, 430 Broome atraat, on the ooraar of Cr?sby at. HUNGARIAN AND AUSTRIAN WiNIS-THE UN dersigned, nolo agents for a. sohwartter A Co , Yienua have on hand and offer lor aala a lull assortment of tbeoe choice wines, in whole, half and quarter oaaki, and oaaaa comprising tnma of thefloeat oeacriptiunt and warrau'sl tree from alcohdlo admixtures aa par certlffeate, from .1 R Chilton, Esq . ehemia', coaled at foot un examination tie quality of these winaa will be lound to compare moat fa voiabfy with any Imported in thia eity. BUKt HARD A UL >.K, 21 Snnth William atreat. CaRTiricATF.?1 have earelu'ly anatvxed atvaral rarietee ot white and red .4urgsrinu wines, imported by hurooarJ A liuck, 22 Sontb William atreat, aole agents tor A. Sobwwrtisr A Co, Vienna. Tba aamolaa were taaen by uiy direotien trrm oasks which I indiserimiaatth pointed out from a large ... ._ * * - - si quantity in their wiaa vault*. I bra tnem to bo of axoe] lont quality, aad that tboy bave oaon nam from tba pure Juiee ef tbe grape, wi'boutaey aiuoliolic or oher admix ture. Tboae wiuea ean be highly rso-mmeuded far saoia mental, medioinai and other neea of pare grape wine. Among the white wiaoa, those of '!? key. Mental and Kussti, will ba found to potaeaa tba moat tonio qualMles; and at tha whlta ... ??- - wrEoa, " wires generally have diuretic properlaa, they are best for nepbrltio complaints while the red aiuee being mort aatrin gent will be serviceable when snob aa effoot ia requirad. It gives me pleaaure to recommend these pare wines to the public, and I trntt that tht Importers may meat with the encouragement they desire Jamei K. Chilton, M D., Chemist. Mew York. June, 18M. rewards. <JjC REWARD,?LOST ON WEDNESDAY, 20TH INST. Ifu in Woat Twenty second street, bctwoen Eighth and Ninth avoooea, a gold chain and locket Tbo Under will re ceive the above reward by leaving tlieui at 227 Weit Twenty second street. W REWARD.?STRAYED OR STOLEN, ON THE 17th mat., a brown cow, vitb black legs. Any person or rertons who will give inform, tion ef her to James Curreo tbrt Washington, shall rtooivo tbe above reward. Eg J4EWA R IT.?STR A Y E D OR STOLEN, FROM Flashing avenao a mouse oolored mure dark mano end tall, hair off both kidnej s. Whoever will return her to MICHAEL Men A HON, Walworth street, between Myrtle atd Parker avenues, will receive tbe above re sard. (?'J REWARD A SPANISH OR MALTESE SHE ft) goat, jot black, very long hair, wa* stolen earl von lriday morning, the oth instant, from John llilora, ? t (Tee hawkea N. J. She was aeen the same morning being taken l> a Cerman towards Lull's Perry, and was there taken on loard tbe steam'oat for New York. On landing at Spring street, between 8 and 9 o'clock A. M , tbe same German waa sien 'alius hor on shore, and was traced to Sixteenth at , where he offered her tor sale. It appears that the same man was in Brooklyn, and other parts ot Long Island and he ' old o " " " " map hat* sold or exchanged the goat there, the above re word of S3 will b? paid to any one who will dedver said g at to JAMES FERGUSON, rear of 4C0 Washington atrout. near Cana' (tract. ? Q?9 REWARD WILL BE PAID TO THE PERSON who returns n pocket book, l?at on tho2t'th inst.. aad oeataining a draft for SWJ and a few Gorman .otters dfreat ?d to Sehnittsl A Anheiser, ia Philadelphia. Oh'la Rosa tentaoher, IS Elixabetk ft LOST AND FOUND. JJOG LOBT.-A VERY HMALt TAIf TERRIER WITH cropped ears and tall, near tha corner of Broadwav aad Tenth street. A suitable reward will be paid by return ing 787 Broadway. Found?a large black Newfoundland too, on Thursday night last. The owner ean bave him by proving property and paying expenses to Meirit Smith, Jr., 249 tniton street, uadar the market. tOBT.-A NOTE MaDI BY DAVID RAIT, FOR *i?, drawn to his own ordsr, due November SO, 1834 Any person having possession of the same, D requested to n:ura It to Leveraon Brother*, IA William street and tha poktio are hereby warned ngttiait negotiating it, the said note hay ing been cancelled. LOST-ON THE 19TH INST., A VERY LARGE BLACK and white Newfoundland dog; answer* to the name of Bruno; white under tbe belly, ou the cheet, legs and tail; black on tho back and bend mad on a biaok leather strap, with brnie ring. By returning said dog to S M.Taylor, S3 East sixteenth street, a suitable reward will be given. T OST-CN WEDNESDAY MORNING IN BROADWAY, U Barclay or Nassau streets, or in the Park, a largs gold si al. far slmtia of Kiss' statu- of the Ainaxnn Any one fad ing ike same and returning it he tbe subscriber will bo suit 31. j rewarded. W. H. LEVISON, New York Pioatuae of fice, 114 Nassau street. Pawnbrokers wMl please atop it if flared. Lost?a yawl boat, Four of hudson street Jersey City. It belongs to the sobooner John Manlove The boat ia painted greon. with a white mark aronm. her. i reward of SlO will ha aivon L r tbe return of her to DALY A URoTliEK, 61 Uruen street, Jersey City. 1 OST IN PEARL 57 RiET?THREE ACCOUNT BOOKS Id?Wh' sver found them will be liberally rewarded bi leaving th* tamo at 343 Greenwioh street, in the store. I OST-A CARPET BA0, CONTAINING ARTICLE! J uf children's apparel, supposed to bave been left In on< of the Seventh avenne and Fulton forry line of stages ye* terdey morntrg, between 8 aad 9 o'clock A liberal rowan will be paid for its rcoovery, at 194 Front street. 1081 ?A SMaI.L WHITE SC01CH TERRIER DOS J W hoever will return him to M Fulton street will be handsomely rewarded. 108T-A BANK BOOK IN ACCOUNT Willi THE J Manhattan Savings'Bank, No. 7 088. The finder will he snltatly rewarded by leaving it with J B. Nones, Esq , No. Ijg Warren street. I OftT-A PAIR Of GOLD SPECTACLES, IN A BLACK fj n.orncco ease snrpoied to have teen dropped in the Bowery Tho finder will be suitably rewarded and receive tl e ?l anhs 0I the owner by leaving them at Itf) Variek at. 'J'A KEN FROM A BOY ABOUT TW ELVE YE\R8 OLD, 1 MTP-ted fo ho stolen, it rvtrpatep It.tsak, .no WANTS. Ah young oiel wishes a situation, as plain eook I* t good into Ml IrtMf No ?UmiIoii te d > the work of a imill family. Ql*y rtHniM. Call at 36 Wot 131b it. No oojietton to the oouutry. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO UO 001 by tbo day In iamiltei; one U evperieaeod In entting and fitting lediae in hotels. PloaM address 279 6tb evened, second II or, baok room. A Torso WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, IV Brooklyn, a* chambermaid, and to a<aiat in tbo waab ing or takiiig cere of ebl drwn. ilea lived in this ceoaafer ' f? r the le?r eighteen niootbi with a family where iho rad bo seen icr ' wo dayi Inquire at 39 Willoughby at., Biooklyn. A SITUATION WAN'TED-AS NURSE AND SEAM ?treia, by a Protestant young woman Would go to tb. country for the aammer, with a family who returns In wiatar. beat city rofareroe Would go ont to mw by the day tr week. Can be aeeu the remainder ol the weak at 146 Xaat 2eth at , between -M and 3d avenaea, third floor, room j?o. 12. A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES TO GET a an nation in a private family, to do general honey work, plain .looking. wa-blug and iioning Inquire at 13d W'?n, piwtu Ul>? tup, W tt-UlUg, SUV IIU Greanwieb ay., two door* from 8th av. ARRSl'ECTABLA PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wiahaa a sllnarioa la a private family, aa seamstress; cm cut ami fit ladle*' and ohl'drea'o <free*es,|tail fit and make hoys' clothe,. Beat of oi.j- referenoo Haa no ohioc to n to tbo (ountry. Can bo aoen to*- two dayo at 73 W. Utb at., between 0th and 7th avo. AS CHAMBERMAID AND SEAMSTRESS, OR NURSE at d teamaireaa- Situation wanted, by a reopectabiu Pro t's'aut girl, with satisfactory city referenda, wilt bo found tb. roughly eotnpetent in either attention Call, 01 addreaa to 336 bth avenue, upper floor, for two dayi. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion, aa uook, waahor and 1 roller: haa no objection to L ?iv?, can uuva, wnnuvt aauva itvum. iimw uw vvjvvoivii trvy general bouatwurk Alao ber aiaitr wiabea a aitnation, aa oh am t ern aid and nnrae; ia capable of taking oare of a bahy trim lie birth; the teat ol city reference can he given, i'laaae oall at 223 Eaat 19th at., for two dayt, flrat floor, trout room. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK; uuder-tk'-aa all lta branched, alao pantry and jellies; no objection to aaniit In washing and ironing. Good city ret# rcnce Irom her laat place. Call at 60 Weat l'tb it. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN a email family, aa good waohoc and lr?ner; understands plain oooking. (i?od city reference can bo given. No ob jection to the country. Inquire at Jti Forsyth at , frjiyt basement, for two dayi. < A SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN ycuug woman, aa nurae and aeamatreaa. Would like to go with a family to tno eountry. The boat rolerenoo can ha ^iven irom her loot place l'leaae apply for two dayoat 23o A RESPECTABLE GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION aa lanndreao, or aa plain eook in a genteel family. Apply at her proaont employer's, 39 Kaet I9tb at.,noar Madi ?ou avenue. A LADY, LEAYING THE CITY, DESIR1S TO FIND a place'<.r tor chambermaid, who ie truatworthy,cm pi-tent, and an excellent ooame'reae; one it alto a perfect wet'resa Apply at 39 Eaat 29th at., near Madioon avenuo, ti r two daya AhESPEC'TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation to do general homework, waahing and Ironing; I...dor otanda plain cooking, Ao Can ho teen for two daya nt lib Weat 27th si., between 7ih and 8th avonneo. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED MAN, Ac quainted, beside# the Eusllsh, with the Froeoh, Ger man and Dutch lan unges, and writing a fair hand, wiikea tu obtain a sltnatii-n; .he b st of city referoncao may ho had Drum hit last employers I'lcese address C. H., Herald office. AGENTS WANTED-TO VI8IT THE PRINCIPAL place* in the Unite! States and tjio Cnnndas, to tall a new map >?! North *ma>icn, United Stateo and Cuhn, show ing tb ronton an^iistaBcei to tbo principal pi iocs, extent and population 1r the United States, British, Rnasiaaand ( entral Amotion and Mexico; porlreita of Washington, Jef lorasn, Jackson l otove ie, Webster. Clay and Calhoun. 1'rioo 26 contt. A. H JOCELYN, 00 Fulton at., up atalra. A'.GERMAN ARCHITECT, COMPETENT TO COS I mot and ooperiutend any, aven the mist difficult kind, of buildings, who Is an excellent' draughtsman, and bad lor several years tie charge of a carpenter and otnlr builder chop, wishes to obtain an engagement. Add res# box 17) Herald office. A FARMER NURSE, COOK, AND THREE USEFUL men wanted?> i>reo and cook mast he superior servants; tern-r ? plain, industrtouo man, understanding horsas, cava. Ac.; th* others as grooms and useful men generally, contented with moderate wage*. 119 Grand at. All Pro testants. A GREAT CHOICE OF ENGLISH. 320TCII, GER xan and Iriab help, for botelo. boarding houses and pri vate lamlliea.may bu bad nt MORRIS A COHNCRl'S, 287 lir<>adwar turner of Reade; also porters, waiters, coach men. gardeners, farmers and mechanics, at this or the branch office, 102 Greenwich at A BOY. OP INDUSTRIOUS HABITS, WISHES TO GO to tbi plumbing, in* ft.ting, or house caroenrar. fully understands the use of tools. To be seen nt 146 Cherry it. AN AMERICAN HOY, ABOUT 17 TEARS OLD. IS war ted to take charge of n carriage aad horses for a lady and gentleman travelling. Salary good. Apply bo tycen2nMCP M., for two day-., at the Wnverley Honso, C'-rrer of Broadway and dt i St., room 31. One from the e. nutty preterrod. Boy wantbd.?a smart, uonkst boy, abhut flftt. r yearn of kit*, to learn the retail dm* business. Apply *t 405 3d avenue. C'A.N DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK?SUK IS A OOOT> / washer and lroner, good pi kin cook, k id hk* k good r. commendation from hor last place; bka no okjootlon to go ton or twelve inilen in the oouatry, but would prefer the oi't^r. Con be seen for two day* at 201 lit krinoe, between JOth knd 16th it* , tirat floor, front roon CIOACHMAN WAhTlD.?A SMART, ACTIVE CO I 1' red men, who wonld be willing to ranks hlmielf gen erally useful, who thoroughly understands the oore end driving of horses, ano ii familiar with the city; r wa ..... .. .... referenoei required; none other need apply. Gall kt 212 Pearl it., be tween 12 end 3 P. M. (31 ill RISTI AN HOME FOR I'EMALC SERVANTS Thirty-eighth etreet, betweon fourth end Lexington kvoueee; governesses, honeekeeneri. kleo servants in every rapm-ity, supplied from thie institution Mkilieon nveoue stages knd Third avenue enrv pass within k few itepi of the door. Two Freneh women kt the mitiiation. IpXTBRIENCED 8KRVANTS--THOK0UGHLY COMl'E j tent to discharge their duties in the vnrioui doraeitie departments, eipeeiklly oooke, wnlteri end nurses, with re liable retereneer direct from former employer!, rany be en Bieokly ~ ~ iigec foreity end country, nt the Brooklyn Female Em ployment uffioo, 10 lillnry et, fifth door from Fnlton. F ,'ARMER WANTED.?WANTED, A SOBER. INDUS ir'one, steiidy young men to take cnro of n emnll term Loar the city He mnit under-tan I tbortughly ploughing, id t' u ow<ng andthe oare of horses and comi None but a very competent pereon need npplj. Inquire at 1(M Front it. L'ABM LABORERS. MECHANICS AND FEMALE D't r ironies may be engaged at the Amerionn knd Foreign Emigrant Protective and Employment Society, 27 Greenwich it. Prospectuses eont on application. Governess.-an English lady, of great ex perieuoe in tuition, wither an engagement ae resident Address 8. A . Croton Falls. Weetohceter to. S 1RLS ACCUSTOMED Tt> DO UP MEDICINES AND J perfumery ntaMymar ftndemployment by applying to l linstock A Brother, No 2 St.. Pttor'e place, rear of Astor Ilouaer, oue door from BtroUy itreet. GROCIRY -WANTED, IN a CHEAT TEMPERANCE grocery, k young man who thoroughly undere'andl hie l-ueimss Nino hnt thoso competent, and having a good city recommend**ion, need apply. Alto a icy to take care of horses and deliver goods Call between 12 and ii P. it. At VIS Fulton at. N G CROdlEH NURSE WANTED?WANTED, AT NO 8 WB9T2ID itreet. an American, Scotch, or Rnpliihfwoman,as nurse. None withont the beat recommendations need apply. Situation wanted.-a family about remo vlnr to the country are deairouaot proonriug a sit as 'o n In Brooklyn, aa chauibarmaid or oo ik, for a moat exoai lent girl now la their employ Apply at 27 Sohermorhwu ? ? ?1 to 27th f * ?t , Brooklyn, previoua to 27th luat. (J I TP AT I uN WANTED? AM CHAMBERMAID OR nnrao, by a girl, with good raf< renoe; would go in (he country If deaired. Inqnire at 274 West 19th at , near 9'h Avenue, of her preaent employer SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPXRIINCED, RE snet table young woman, to cook, ~neh anl Iron. Can rlvo the boat city ruferenoo. Call tor two dare at 152 Weat Zfitb itreet, between 7th nnd 8th nvenuca, third floor, front room. ClTl'dTION WANTED?BY A VERY COMPETENT O yonng woman, as first rate cook, wisher and ironer, or lauadroa; has the beat ot city rafereuoos; four years in hor last iltnatlon. Ploaao call at 54 Chariton at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY COMPETENT and well diaioaeil yonng woman; la a very good eook. fliat rate washer and ironer, and a good bread and biscuit raker No rejection to the country, and haa tha beat of re fereaees. Please apply at 271 Bowery, for two days. Wages $0 per month. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, aa oooh; understand* her business in nil its branrhes, aid is a Protestant. City reference given Cull nt 19U Division at. SHIRT HANDS WANTED -TWENTY FINISHERS to work un custom shirts; a ho, tea body hands, to whom ? ba highest cash price* will be given; none but the boat of Yt ilaon A Co. a machines. Apply at 12i Fulton at., Rigors' building, fifth floor. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS-WANTED, A PERSON WHO thoroughly undeistands the photographing and dagunr rean arts, to go to a large Western eity. To a competent man, a permanent situation, with good salary, will ba given. Addrees Hotry Shalt, bog 2.410 Buffalo Post Oflioe, with specimens of work. fftO COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS-WANTED, SOME J. first rate bnaixoss man. having a connection among druggists, for the rale of Joyoe'a tasteless eolation ot eo Ikvla Terms liberal First clans city reference given. Ap ply at 114 Chambers street. * ffO EMPLOYERS.?A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS X served an appreatieashtp to the printing profession wishes to leave it, and eould giadlv aocept ot nay employ* ment whereby he conld earn n respectable living. Higher reference given Address W. Bawl, Post Office, New York. ITO COMMISSION MERCHANTS.?WANTED, BY A X young man. a situation m a provision store; is well ao qualnted with the butter nti-inese, and le willing to make btmaelt neefnl. Apply at S47 Broome it., or addrasa H. H. W., box 193 Herald office. TO DRUGGISt8.?A STRICTLY TEMPERATE AND indus'rUus young man wants a situation to work In a iholerale drug house; haa beam In the retail drug buslneae for a considerable time, and nan give good city reference. A lino addressed to F. D. H., Herald office, will be Immediate ly attend, d to. TO HOTEL PXOPRIBTOR9 -A BOSTON HAN, C thomnsh huainefs capacity and competent to tal charge ?' a hot*), wiihosto ceoure a situation a* nlark bookkeeper W*uld invest 91.000. Terms sstiiiac'.or Please address 8 E. Spring, Herald offlo*. Tutor wantkd-fo* English branches, als< k I n neb preceptor, for two female pupils; tha forme two boars: the latter teacher oae hour, per diem. Addrei T 0. 11, Herald office, with tad rsfsroaoc.: * T WO RESPECTABLE TOUNO MEN CAN RE ACCOI _ ni idated with hoard, where tha oemforts of a homo ci hr he I; also t.?o yoeng ladle* who work ont. Referood required. At ply at SO Frankfort xtteot. wiirn. UNE riLLE rRANCAISE DESIRE SE PLACER POUR ?II* ahambro oa bean* d'enfant*. On |>*ut la r?lr an Nu. 194 East ruth tt.. obn Mr r. Gela. ITN PEANQAIS D?S1RE TROUVER UNE PLACE 1 c?n due e?oher, II en end rartai'-em.-ot le service S'a <l' ?'?n 2.3 46 rue, (-ntr? l? 9* ?t Ho iianu, po ir tro4?Joara. TV" ANTEP-a SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, .1 V "urao and ?tiiuiitriu, or to do light chsiuberwurk. Call at ?14 44je?t cfitb nt., ???t of th? Lai Uouie. \VANTED-A SITUATION . AS SEAMSTRESS BY A TT lady aho fully ui.dtritmds ???ri kind of fiuo aawing, cn'ling, uLd filling cbildieu ? dresses, ha* no objection to fb? country. Aid>lj at 44 Charlttu street, roouiT. It ANTED A SITUATION, at CHAMBERMAID, TT waiter, or nurao and seamstress, by a* woman having ex jvlleut recommendations tr .in btr lot place No objection to tb* ooualry. Apply at 371 Eaat 12th at. TIT ANTED?A RESPECTABLE, T1DT GERMAN GIRL, TT to Ao ? he housework in a small, quiet, r?*i>aotabla family. Moat b? a good wa*bar and iron*r. aad com* wall rt comoianoed Apply at USA l'aoiflo at., Brooklyu, between Smith and lloyt aia. TV ANTED? a SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yoong wooiaa, a* chambermaid aad sewing, or to take cars of ohitdren and aawiag. No objeotioa to go a short distance in the oountry. Good reference Can ba seen at ?y Smith at., BrooUyu. Can ba aoea 2 day a. TV ANTED?BY A YijUNG GERMAN GIRL, THIRTEEN TT years old, a situation to do light housework. Boat Of references can be given. Apply in tat grocary atora, ooruor it South olh and 7th at* , tVilliamaburg. TV7 ANTEI>?BY A 44"ELL EDUCATED YOUNG LADY, TT of good addrvaa, who apeak* English, Fronoh and Ger man, a altnation aa laoy 'a oompaaiou, or to attend to a re tail lancy or ooutectlnuary store Can give tha beat of city raleieLcea. Addrvaa W. M., baa 2,53d Post Udiee. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A SCOTCU PKES3T tcrian girl, aa chambermaid. Doe ar&shar and ironer, or a* nor. e and seamstress. tlaa no objection to go in the country. City reference given Apply a* No S7th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, A3 NUK8E OR CU1M beraiaid in a private family, by a reapectaole Sootan girl. Aj ply at 332 bleecker at., corner Hammond at. IVANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young Udy, a* chambermaid, ha* no objection to m ciat in naabiay and ironing: beat of city reference given. Can be seer. fur two day a at 344 12th at., between lat aud 2d kvtLUca. aaoond floor, backroom. 7ANTED?A SITUATION, AS ATTENDANT TO A ' lady, by a reaped able temale; understand* bouse kieiing Slo sashing and altering, or would take charge ot one or tao children. Would go a abort diatanoa in the country Unexceptionable raforenoe of four your*, with letter* from Epiacpal clergy men. Ct.ll at 103 Atuoa at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN* a* eouk. waaher aud ironer, ia n email private family Coed city rolermct. Can he neen for one day at 93 Hudson at 11/ AN TED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, to do general boaaawork, in a private family; ehe it a good oook, warier aud Ironer Una the beat of refer etc* from ber l&at place. Can ha scan for three day* at 174 Tayloi at., Wflllnmiburg. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT youny girl, aa chambermaid and waiter, or aa waiter a one; good reference trurn ber last place, where ahe baa lived tbreu yeira. Call for two day* at lltf Wavur'ay olaoe. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa first o'as* oook in a hotel or dining geloon, or in a brrt olaaa boarding home. Uood reference. Apply at 227 Kaat lltb at , between lat avenue and avenue A, in the at ore, tor two days, TVANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TT a* plain cook, waaher and ironer or aa chain barmaid ord waiter. No objection to the country Good reference. Apply at No. Ill Macdcugtl at., near Houston, in the bnac n.ent. w WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa plain oook, waaher and ironer, or to do general hi uses or a in a private family. Good reference. Can be leenfor two day*, if not engaged, at No. 123 1st avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Pro'eataat girl, as plain ooek. waaher and ironer. can give good city refertnea. Call at 313 Weat Slat at., betweaa lltb and ll'th avaauca. TV ANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GIRL, A TT situation as esarastieas.ln a privet* family. Can bo a'en for two day*, from 0 A. M. till 5 If. M., at Fred. Thou*, 310 Grand at., rear. TV ANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A VERY CAPABLE, TV > speiienrad ?otueu a* eook; tally anderttands her busiaeat and can give the moat satisfactory reference*. I'>a*c call at, 116 26th at , between 2d and 3d aveanea, top il< or, btci. room. Can bo aeon until sailed. TV ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCU OIRL TT recently arrived, a situation a* ehambermald and waiier, or nurse, or wrould be willing to make herself gene rally useful. Can be a ecu until engaged at 4196th av., third flcor, front room*. WJ ' ANTED.?AN AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A situation to do np atalro work, and make heraolf gene rally nvelul. can sew, and undcratanila the care oI aa in fan< 1 lease addreaa or caU at 723 3d av., ap atair*. The best of oity relereme*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa ohainbermaiJ and nurae. Can give f dud city reference, and be aeon at 292 12th at. I TV ANTED?BY A HI SPCCTABLE ENGLISH WO TT man, a al'nation aa aeama reaa and ohambermaid. 4'an come, well recou.mended by her laal employer. Uau be seen tot three day* at 3U2)? Wist 22d street. TVANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS NURSE TT aad s*ama<reaa, la a family where there are no very yoaag children; ahe mutt he oleaalv, good tempered, ana willing to make heraolf uaetnl. Apply, with reference*, at 1: La layette place. TV ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, TV who oan upeak a little English, a situation as tbitn barmaid and to take care of ehildrea. I'lnete call in nth avenue, bo'ecen Ihtli aud 47flh street, neit door to the iron fvotory. Good refereuoo. TVANT1D?A SITUATION AS SALESWOMAN IN vt eome resoecteh1? business, by a lady of education and ruepectakdlity. Addreaa Jdra. Stanley, box 133 Herald office. 1.1/ANTED?A 8ITUATI0N. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, vv na ?enmstrets, or to do light chamberwnrk and tako care of children Beat city reference from her laet place, tall at 147 Allen at., corntr of Rlvlngten. TV ANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK IN A PRIVATE TT fairily, andarstapiif all klnde of pa?try and baking; no objection to the oonntry. Good city reference from laet place Call for two day* at 70 Charlea it. tvanted-a situation, by a respectable tt young reman, r ho understands cooking, washing and ironing, in a rmr.ll family; no objection to go a short die tance in the country. Applv at No lEO Hudson arenac, ae eotd floor, front room, Brooklyn. TVANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE tt Trotostaut girl, to do general honsework in a small private family. It a good wather and lroner, or chambormaid and waiter and plain aawer; the beet of referenee from her last place Can he seen lor one day at 299 East 13th St., i ? ar avenue B WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng wi man, t<> do general housework for a private family; is a tirst rate washer and ironer, and good plain eack; has the best of eity reference*. Can be seen at 211 7th arcane, between 24th and 25th sti. TV ANTED?A BABY TO WET NURSE, WITH A TT tresli brrast of mi k. by n respectable woman. Good otty reference, it reqmred; will be a good mothrr to it. In ijuir? at 41 C'laikson street. Can bo aeon from 10 till 3. W ANTED?A CERMAN GIRL, TO DO GENERAL V> housework, to go Into the country ebon' two and a half hours' ride frum the cl*y. Call at a. A W. E. Corwin s, dry ?roods itor?, Ac.? 397 dih avenue. TV AN I ED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. *T 1'rutestant by biith, a altwation aa wet nurse. ^ site good eity ref?r"ue*. Plena* call at No 283, hornet of 18th at. and bth avsnne, for two days. IVANTID-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as good cook, and first rate washer and ironsr. Can giro good eity reference from her lost pin to. Call at 198 East 14th at , near let avenae, for two days. WANTED-AY A RESPECTABLE PR'T1STANT German female, who speaks English well, a sltaation In a very ids 11 ami quiet family, aa nnree, or so do general housework. No objection to go a abort distance in the oonn Mp. Inquire at 123 21st St., eoraer of 3d avenae. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as conk; thoroughly nnderitanos her bu ilness la ail it* branches; is willing to assist la waabiag and Ironing; would cook in n hoarding bo nek. Good city refer' noe. Can be seen for two daya at lbl Eaat 24th at, between let and 2d avenues. TV AN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT asitna'ion ?s ebambermaid sod waiter, or to take of children, or do general honsework tor a small pri vate family; no objection to go to the oonntry with a lady for the summer mirths. Rest eity rt taranoe. Inquire at 128 Mott at., second floor, upstairs. TV ANTED- BY A COMPETENT PERSON, A SITU A TT tion a* cook ma hotel or saloon: perfectly nnlerttands the order cooking Call at 133 Naataa et , third floor. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT German girl, ti ebambermaid and waiter; Is willing to tiavel with a lady; the heat ot cltr references can be given. Apply at 74 Hondo vt., near Broadway. rANTED?A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A respectable young woman, Eoglieb; sen cat ont and fit ladies'nod children's and do all kinds of family rowing, would go aa ebambcrmtid and fine washer: tan com* well reeovmended; would go in the oountry. Please call or addret* Seamstress, 299 Mott st. , front room, second floor between Houston and Biereher sts WANT ED?MY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG Wo man, a situation to do general houaowork in a small famllv; is 'u flrvt rate wather and ironer: oan be area for two days at 23 Hester at., bat ween Nor! oik and Suf folk at*., in the rear. TVANTED?A SITUATION, AS WAITER, BY A TT Protestant young woman, who Is thoroughly capable in all its branches; the oountry preferred Can ba seen for two daya at 146 7th avenue, near 30th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG AM1RI can woman, a mi nation as plain oook, washer and ironer, or to do general housework. Has th* beat of re ference. Call at 238 Watt 17th at. WJ WANTED-BY A SCOTCH PROTESTANT GIRL, A situation to go to ( alltcfnia; la an excellent team ttrana, and eapahlo trailing any situation. Beet refers sac as to capacity Call at (or addreaa Julia) 119 Washington stroet, Jersey City, for one week. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to do waahing and ironing, or general housework. Goad oily reference. Apply at 21S Hadeon atreet, eoraer of Canal, over the ahoe sure. WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION TO leer* the dressmaking business, where she oen board. 1 be has served tamt time at th* trad*. Addreaa E F , He iaid office. OT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO MARRIED vv woman, a situation a* wet nurae, In some respecta ble family. Nona other Bead spoly. Has lovt her trst baby, two weeks old. Beit reference givsa if required Call at 28614th street, comer of avenue B, second flo- r, front reom, for three days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A R1SPECTABLE young girl, to do eitmberwcrk, general hmssw .rk, t-laln seeing, or to take care rf children; would make her ? h .. . WAim. WANTED.-A R??PK< TaBiE SCOTCH HIRL "? ilili a tHu^olea to do plalu rawing ami light ?k?? b- rwork; ,be m a good emnrdtarar. Una haee good olty ?' ferenoee l'l?k?e ?atl at 381 3d itrul, up floor front room, for two da>i WANTED?!1V A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, a ?ituatl'ia; it a drat mu ao?k, an excellent baker aid paetrg e?ok; uaderataeea ioe fain and jellied. No okjeetlon to a botal or rtipri labia boardim boom Good reference Apply at 84 Ro,,etelt at . teoond floor, front num. Alao. a aniart, hon?.t boy wante a aunatiea A* dr raad boy. Can road and ?rita WANTED-A SITUATION, RV A MOST BIUHLY recommended yoont girl. >< P tin iNk. la an axaallant vaebtr and lronrr ami a rood b,k-r; ana go ap a ntaa die ter in a email privata family; or aa chambermaid and floe laundrree: can All aitbcr aiiuatuo Wagee $ft to $6. Call at 317 E 33d tor two daya. ~\\JANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN INBUSTRIO0S TT naa. st baainsaa babna. oiibor aa ontdoar elddfc, draogbtiman, foreman, er light p<>rter Will devote all hla tnsrgies U the bruaht of bia ? Bp oyar; wall aoqoalatad With tb? aity aad suburbe, and naod t? driving hereon Maat at retereocea. Adoreaa (j. P. b . Uarald oSoa. rANTED?AN EXPARIKNCID CUSTOM UUTTEB. V None othrra nrad apply Apply ta Wot. A. Maad A Co., 80 and 82 Cbarry at. Wanted-a clerk, who has some know ??*?? ot, *he aatata brokerage builoaaa, Aad wonld he aatlafiad for a tlmo a lib a email oompantatioa. Addraa* W. Allan, boa 13ft llerald office. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CMACHMAN, BT A nuder-tanda the eare of horaaa and aarriata: lananrrfnl moar; or w?? d li*. with a doaur. Haa yeaa rofaianaaa. No ohjeoMon to tha oouatry Caaba aeaa for two dayi at Mr. Wataia'a, aaddlar, 840 Broadway, coraar 13th at. w w WANTED-A GOOD SALE-MAN, FOR TI1E DRT ?aoua bnainaaa. Salary moderate Apply ta F. Bar gin, 188 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A YtlUNO MaN, ABOUT TO PUB llah a naa and ekatp w r?, which. It anooaaafnl, will piora a fortune a young man of noma ability, to aaalat in getting Jt ap; equal interval and eqoal rtak; no capital re vnlredT Addreae, with rial "* uo a.d -a? reference, J. T. B. Herald offlaa, enclosing $1 u pat ndvartiaing. IT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A fOUNO MAN, A3 * clerk in a book (tore er ?Utiunerv nttre. Caa apeak good French. Reference if required Addraa* C., box 189 llcrala ofBoe. WANTED?A COACHMAN. WHO UNDERSTANDS gardening ta go In the country; maat underetaad bia boainag* thoroughly and be wltli.ig tofmake bimeeif aaafn). Bay make irumediaia applicatica at I4J Water ah, from 8 to 12>a o'oloak WANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE MAN TO TARR charge Aa barkeeper; be in'in: he well experleaaad la the builmeaa and oaai well rec mo vended for aober ateady babita, and if he la not etriotly beneit ba need net apply to E. L. Tucker. Hotel 133 and 133 4th atraat, WiLliamabnrg, trom 12 U 6 o'clock. WANTED-A MAN WITH A CAPITAL OF tlflO, TO take char, e of a light bnainaaa. To a am art, amar get e man. a aaiary of $80 per month will ba give*. Apply hi 1U2Naetau it ,room ft, upitaira. W' 'ANTED?A SITUATION BY A SOBER, STBADY man to care boraaa, work in a garden and make him - generally naetnl about a gentleman'a olnoe; no abjection to So a abort dtetanee in the oountry I'l-aae otll or addreae 1 F., 2114 Broadway, for two daya WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS TV bo< kt caper,talesman or aaalatant bookkeeper; eaa give moat latlafactory rafaranoaa I rem hi, laat om slayer, with whom he k?g been far the laat aa'aa yaara. Salary mot aa abject an a permanent situation. Addraaa A. B., 1. Warerley House, corner of Fourth atraat aad Bread way. WANTED-A YOUNG Man TO ASSIST IN A LIQUOR More; ane acenntomrd to t .a knaiaeee, with read city T'ferenoe may apply at S78 8th avenue, oornnr of 41ft at., from 10 to 12 A u WANTED?AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, FROM Id to 18 yaara of age, to attend la a billiard roam from 9 o'elaok in tae morning till 12 In tueav -nlng; ha muat reside In Ilroaklya, nnd bring good recommendation! from hia laat ampleyar. Nona bat Ameticaue need apply. Call at 7fl Water itiaet. WANTED?IN A SHIPPING OFFICE A SMART, IN 'elligrrt lad; one wh-i onn coa t well recommended far bonaaty and ludnatry. Apply at 87 Wait atraat, aoraar of Albany, up ataire, from 10 to 12 o'elaek. WANTED-AT Ml BROADWAY, (BASEMENT) FOR TV tort for itoiea, man ta drive horaaa and earte, man an attamara, coachman, olarka, am ,taut bookkeeper*. bay* for i*epa?tabla xradaa, Aa Chatceo moderate. N. E. Four oattoa weavare. Apply ta TUOE SPINK, .* $100. THE ADVERTISER WILL PAT ONR HUN died dollar. In oaah, to a' y peraoa wba will ee anre far Mm a good and permauaat situation la aanaa earn, n rrcinl bouta, ait her la tkia oity or in any glbu State of the Union. Adyertlerr I* taml'iar with the English, Fraaak and Spaaiak langnaiaa, an 1 eaa fntaDh tha boat efreftrea oii aa to capocitg and character Addraaa Gaepar Bataa aenxt. 7i7 Broadway. Q>Q*r -i promise to fay a bonus of saft Tosao <???). ta any one who balpa bjU a permanent tttaaiioa aa bookkeeper, clerk, w?u?r, to , Ao. Good ratnraaaan. Addinaa Iadnatrioua, box 2U0 Uerald otfioe. THJC TOtBRI. A FOREMAN WANTED?IN ONE OF THE PBINCI pal iron railing, door, aid shutter moo u fee to nee in this eity. He muet be A etrieti. temperate man, r?nC thoroughly acquainted with the limine#*. Address C ?., Broadway Pott Gffloe, at time firmer eltnetleAA la tbat ea pacity. Alto, treated a first clan >a(e maker. Addreat A* above. Boiler makers wanted? six riveters; must be 6ret rate baade; to go a abort distance teatkef Mew York. For further iniorma'ion Inquire of Themae McLaughlin, 200 Teoth avenge, to day, freoi 6 to 8 e'eloek P. M. Ctunmakeu wanted.?one who underbtands T el coking ai.d jobbing. Call at J. ROSE A SON'S, 72 Catherine atreet. T O BUTCHERS.?A BUTCHER'S SON FROM EUROPE, _ trifbee to find employmeai la me jt th? Urgeestablish menn in thie city or Philadelphia bat where only oxen ON slaughtered; be ipetk* Uennan aae f.ngUth, wage* BO oh jcot. Adorets 0. F. II., Heraid utSou. TO BOUSE AGENTS AMD LANDORDM.?THE ADVER tia.tit a inea who can keep lioetee la (mid order. Be be eta work at twelve different trades: le a married man af tem perate kabltr; will ru for low wa. at, if fonnd with room and board. Addieeg 1*. b., box 198 Herald effiea. TO WOOD CARVERS ? AN ENGLISHMAN, THO rouabi) acquainted with tbla bniineie in all itx breath er, aid cepablo of taking ita ua-ie dtreotiou, withtx to meet an ta(B|iem"nT. He haaexeelient testimonials. Appty at 'he Amer.ean and Foreign Employ meat Society, 27 Sreen wleb atreet. w r ANTED?TWELVE OR FIFTEEN FDR IIAT FIN iibeie. I mini re corner af Raymond and Will oagbby tia , Brooklyn. J 11. Prontioe A Co. w ANTED?A SITUATION,AS GaRDENER, BT A SIN ale man, wbo baa a tri.a knie lodge of hia haaiaoea ia all ita braeotei: baa nve years experience In this eeaatry; baa ao objection to go wl>ere hi, a-rvioea may be reanlred. A note addreaaed o M. C., Herald offioe, wul meet with prompt attentlen. Can take charge of a email farm. XI'ANTED?A BKEAD AND TAKE BAKER, C^RRE* Vl ol Baltic and lloyt atrecte, Brooklyn. AtaW bafoaa 8 o'elock A. M., or alter 7PM m J LKCTURF^ AT ^.aOGKLYNi?THIS HIOHLY PO THE M1U1ARI. s 'TA1E OF NEW YORK, IIEADQCASTERS, ADJU 5 tint Genera*'? Office, Altaay, Ma, 11, 1866. General order No 20.- On the application ef Captain Rayaar and tbo otter officer! of the Vsterna Corps, and " t, of thPFlr with tha content oi Hri<adi?r General Spioer, .. brigade, (to wbieh raid Corps la now atteohed.i and of Colo nel feyer, of the Firat remain* uf laid Fir at brigade. the ( amuiaadir ta Cbief ordere and dircota that the Veteran Corps be attechad to the Firet ragtnieat. By orders of tbe Command r la chief. ROBEKT H PHY BR, Adjntaat Geaaral. 111 *i vi. ari . i k y ihhi Ba n. ALiit N jr. S. Miijtia, J Niv Von a, M.y 13, 1X68. Steoial Order ?The loregnuag general eider ia hereby pi " uigated. Captain Rayanr will report hia command - _ Captain Rayaer will report hia ? Colonel J. B fcyer. eoaiinnnding the Kiret regiment. By ar dor of chaRlEs B. sPICSR, Brigadier-General commanding Firat brigade N. T. S. Militia B kaiiqi art* m V iru ah Coaraor '76. i N?w York, June 30 1866. At a regular quarterly meeting of the Corpe, pi Capt. Rayaer, lieut. Devoe, Lieut. Karle, Licet. I Lieut Dickion, and thirty three anoners and privates, the feragoiog | eneral oidera were pro .ungated te, mad the at iingoing icnerai oraera were pro uolgnted to, and the at tael meat approved by the o?mpeny- It baviag kit ma ae eeaetfy, under Ue now orgauiaation. to go lata aa etaetl.m oi efficera, it waa ao ordored. and the officer* aa aamej above were ananMaously re elected by order af Captain RA7N0R. yRTERAN CORPS OF 1812.?A SPECIAL MUTING 7 wHl be held at H. Rull'a Star Uotel. 62 Liapeaard atreet, on Friday evening, J aae 21, a* 8 o'eleek. ea basiaeaa<1?' h. Raymond, caieaei. Wat. Tavhoa, Adjntaat. -LOVERS Great boat race at boston, jfly of squaMo sports, INOEBSoLL 260 * oath atreet. New Ytrk. bat ea band one of hit celebrated 30 feet race beau. II >an aaat to aeeare the firtt prt?? at the regatta, with a certainty, it would be well t. secure her. Aeaa evldeaea ef legation'* I _ I'aanperioriiy la thla bran oh, he would elte the fal lowing beat* ef which he waa the builder.?The dOfbef race beat Oeetge Washington, built fbr the officer* af the United State# a'-ip Ohio, which la aaid ta ltve wltlM uatekeat tine ever made ia Boiton Ierb?r; the oelehrated SO rest raee ae W. Chapman, that won the peat coatee ted raee ft feet race boat George Washington, makiag 111 "l,all7f-I?r>n.l?ataa.for a Wei a gel/aid Slth i^iboat Gee [*? ?' aahlagtom. makiag the diltU0C*Hllx HT i? fOT ' Mob ? JfOlfl Mid .llYeV.Tda* Waa e'arded by the American Attriate; the TO feet rtci beat Adeline, for wbish a stiver enp waa awarded hv ?>>? Amaricaa laatitata for makiag it . euickeat ?".w#" *h' i.QUO; alas *he 30 feet raee boat fie euickeai reoera?see teeeatiy waa t cant race le BiVium for 16 OUOt alto the 30 feet rasa b? fcimkriA. tbat attracted te mnob attention at the American Mnteum: tba J? feet raet beat Hearv Stork, that wen 30 In eigbteou moatha Innumerable others might ba mee tinned. Tut the above la aaoagh. The beat ea bead la (be mnfel of 33 and ia believed te be tbe Saaat aaa yet pro Huced by Inieraell, and la 80 lba. llgh'er. Boat and Gar Dinner. 180 South attest. M OCKINQ BIRDS FOR SALE.?TWO SPLENDID JTI mioking birds, J net arrived frota Savannah Taa>e b'rda, ftr mcekitg. are act to be excelled by anyla tbo eity. 'J hay will be cold low, ae the owner it about te return. Ap p y im r rauklta Market. w ANTBD-TWO TAWNS. APPLY AT 1? PEARL tl., up atalie. LEGAL NOTICES. IS TUESUANCI OF AN ORDER OF THE SCRROO ATE of tbn Cent ty of New York, notice U hereby eivea te i having olalma agaluat J?hn L n MeCracken, reruns I UHNNSSWEWMHSHS late nt iba city rf New York, mtrchaut, deeeaaed te pre g?nt 'be Mini with vnucbern thereof to the aabcertber, at bin office, 31 Chew e'reit in the oi-y o' New York, "a t I., fori (he I'f'h .1*1 "f .Iclj pert "??w Ycrk th( -Xtk

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