Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6877. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, JUNE 25. 1855. PRIG*? TWO CENTS. ABBIYAL OF THE STAR OF THE WEST. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. HVNICIPAL ELECTION IN 8AN FRANCISCO* TRIUMPH OF THE ANTI-KNOW NOTHINGS. The Affairs of Page, Bacon & Company. THIRTY BUILDINGS DESTROYED BY FIRE. INTERESTING MINING INTELLIGENCE, News from the Sandwich Islands, Aeapulco, Oregon and Nicaragua. STATE OF THE MARKETS. HARRIAOES AND DEATHS, Tfce atenmship Star of the Went, Capt. Miner, from Punta Areata 16th inat , a'rived at thia port lait even ing. She brings two weeks later newa from Jellfornla, And later advices from the Sandwich Islands, the South, ?rn Coast of Mexico, and Nicaragua. The Star of the West arrived outward at Puote Arenag On the morning of tbe ICtb inst, connecting with the kteamshlp Pacific, Oapt E. Wakeman, which left San Francisco on the 1st, at 2 P. M., with 600 passengers, for New York and New Orleans. The mail steamer John L Stephens left San Francisco She same dsy, with passengers for the Atlantlo, per the Panama route. The San Juan river is now In excellent boating condi tion, and hereafter (a new feature In thta route) the passengers will proceed from the steamships direct to She lake steamers, without changing, as heretofore, at She rapids of Maohuca and Castillo, thus avoiding any ceiay at those placee. The Star of the West left Puma Aranas on the aftsr Boon of tho 10th, and arrived yesterday at 1 P. M., off Fancy Hock; but, owin? to a dense fog, was unable to Come is. She left in port at San Juan del Norte, H. B. M. pteem frigate Buzzard, and the 1 ranch steam frigate Acheron, awaiting the arrival of the Kinney expedition, pnd royal mail West India steamship Teviot, to sail next (day for Aspinwall. V, The United States sloop-of war St. Marys left San Ju&n del Sur on the 7tb, bound to Releajo?all well on board* The following is the? SPECIE LIST OF TBE STAB OF TBI WEST. Messrs Wells, Fargo & Co., New York $159,000 I. A. Streeter, " 6,000 of America, <! 41,000 Rose, Falconer At Co., " 38,778 W. Seligman Ac Co., " 36,000 tJlmer Ac Felgenhaum, " 31,000 E Kelly Ac Co., " 20,000 A. Van Valkenburg Ac Co., " 20,165 Charles Morgan, Ban., " 23,000 Wells Ac Provost, " 13,223 Riggs Ac Co , " 7,0C0 Wolf Bros & Co, " 3,760 Prexel Ac Co., Philadelphia 211,000 Hecht k Lnstein, Baltimore 4,600 Total $626,300 We fire under obligations to R. Lord, Pureer of the {star of the West; the Pacific Express Co., Wells, Fargo & Co., and J. W. Sullivan, of the San Francisco Newa Jlepot, for files of late papers. Summary of the Newa. [From tna AVia California .Tune 1.] The ease of the mutinous peamen on board the clipper kblp John Land was brought before the U 8. Di*triot Court on tlie 16th ult. The crew, who were Indicted for mutiny, were oischarged. on the ground that after Captain Feicival had once resigned command of his ship, the contract between him and the crew ceased. The olstm of tbe master and crew of the D. M Hall is Jet under adjudication, and will not probably be soon tcided. The John Land was lib*lied immediately on her arrival from Tahiti. She entered this port on the J3th ult. , In the political world of San Francisco all has been astir. Under the new charter the election for citv offi cers took place on the 28th ult. Tbe issues, it was generally understood, were to b? between the Know I Nothings, or American party, and the Anti-Know Noth ing*, comprising the foreign born population of the ?ity and the entire strength of the two wings of the old democratic party The latter held a con Entton on the evening of the 24th alt, when e following nominations were made For Mayor, mes Van Ness; Comptroller, A. J. Moulder ; City Lirej or, J J. Hoff ; City Attorney, C. D. Judah ? City Treasurer, Wm. Mchlbhen ; Tax Collector, W. O. Ross ; -City Marshal, Major 'Thomas Glenn ; Harbor Master, John B. SehafTer ; Clerk of Superior Court, H J. Labatt. Tbe nominations of tbe Know Nothings were made May 86th, and were as follows For Mayor, 8. P. Webb ; /Comptroller, Wm. Sherman; Surveyor, Geo. Ryder ; At -tornsy, Bailie Peyton ; Treasurer, David S. Turner; Tax Collector, Edward Bat tun; Harbor Matter. George Gar wood; Cltv Marshal, Hampton North ; Clerk of Snperior Court, J. B. MoMlnn. Numerous public demonstrations were made on the democratic side from the day of their -nominations up to that of the election and probably , snore excitement, In n quiet way, was rife pending the . ntruggle than during any other manic pal election since the organisation of the olty government of San Francis co. It was generally regarded as a test struggle be tween the foreign and native born citizens, and as such the result was looked forward to with an Intensity of in ' tercet seldom equalled, Tbe election took kplaoe on the 28th May, and on tbe 30th the {following result was known throughout ?the city:? Mayor?James Van Ness, democrat, 66 majority. Treaturer? Wm. McKibben, democrat, 104 majority. Oompf mller?Andrew J. Moulder, democrat, 186 ma i jolty. a Tax Collector? Fwd. T. Battai-, '/now Nothing, >03 eajorlty. Harbor Matter?Geo. B. SehafTer, democrat, 141 ma erity. City Marthal?Hampton North, Know Nothing, 3 ma ?rity. - Cleric Superior Court?3. B. McMinn, Know Nothing, 17 majority. CUy Attorney? Balie Peyton, Know Nothing, 64 ma ?rlty Surveyor?J. J. Hoff, democrat, 314 majority. Tor Aldermen and Assistant Aldermen, the following $ndidates were elected:? COMMON COUNCIL. Aldermen Atrit'arU Aldermen. t.rd 1. .Chas. H. Corner, dem Charles Wilson, dem. 2..Joseph Hopkins, do. R. J. Tobtn, do. 3..G. W. Hathaway, IN BP. Peekham, K. N. 4. .J. W. Britten, do. H. J. Wells, do. 6..J. M. Tswksbury, do. C. J. Bartlett, do. 6. .R. W. Slooom dem. J.Van De Water, dem. 7..R. Rankin, K. N. W. H. Dow, K. N. 8.. Wm. Greene, dem. J. B Be idem an, dem. New gold plaosrs have been opened in Siskiyou coun r. affording a field for thousands of laborers. Poring eight deys. counting from May 8th, 40,302.77 ?noes of gold were deposited at the United 8t*tes ranch Mint in this city, valued at about a million of >ll*rs. The steamer Senator sunk at Broadway wharf on the ornlog ?f the 6th of May, owing to some leaky am* in her bends. She wss pumped out the next day, paired and placed again on the route. The reported defalcation of Angus Frierson, In Decern n lad II fct J-? ?? ? - - fili-itii. $1,216,328 66 went forward In gold dust to the eastern :atea by the stenmars Bonora and Unele on the after poca of the 17th ; 1,120 pasMngers also left the 8t*te , - these ships ; and 876 arrived on the seme day la the I '/an L. Stephens Htaee our last semi-weekly summary the following vss hava arrived from the eastern States : ship o*ral<l ; he Morning, May 10, 00 days from New York ; ship ropehtan, May 21, 133 days from Nsw York ; ship laide May 21, 114 days from New York, he geld mines of "Ban Franclaeo del On," abont 80 guts back of Aoapuloo. are creating some attention -on th* speculative portion of our community. A cargo of terrapins (come weighing nearly a quarter ttf a ten,) has lately arrived In thia city. They are from VT>* Oeltipsgo* Islands. The gambling law went into operation on the 17th of %j, when alt tbe gambling as loon* in th* Stat* were . it up forever. -\eil boat was capsized on the 17th ef May In th* barber and a man named H. J. Mullen, oook of th* U. 8 cutter Swing, was drowned. His body was fonnd "mating near Mare Island a few days after, and was de iner tly Interred. Th* schooner Julius Pringl* arrived la this harbir wn tbe 17th Instsat, in 60 days fro si Han Juan dal Bur. Sb# new returns from her unsuccessful voyage to the Cooes Islands, whiob expedition wss organized some x oths since for geld digging purposes. I ihs great nugget of gold which has been on exhl |* InUob at th* hanking institution of James King, of < ??* ha* b*M smelted down, end nets the owner -*vi? *kere has been no remarkable change in tVLBi "P'osioo among th* Opsra ^st theatre has bsse oecu t-<*6 by the Reuses t sisters and Miss Davenport, who has appeared in two or thro* leading parts. At the Amtnear, th* usual eiev-lDiit ?toc? company bu been Plajiag togoodheuae* awl Mcsunmer Night's Dronm" JJ* J*** t**ugbt cot ?n ? ?r?|? of grace ud splendor. *v ?"?? troup. have op-ued tbe old Union theatre on tboir own eci-ouui, giving tri-weckly re pre M-ntaticoK to lut.'onHf audit-nets The San Francisco Minttrels, after a sbopi sojrurn to tha m nes, bars rs tuinsd, and bars renews* tbe r laughable pertnrmaec?s Nadav.* Anna Bishop ano Bcchaa ara giving concerts in It ? mirei To# tbip Charlotte took fire from spontaneous com oustioa in bir cargo of coils on tbv loth alt, and it was found necei-rar} to i-cuitls h- r to savetbe shin Th? l^eargo ws? not dansgKl. " A shocking muit er bus been committod at Contra Coa ts, tee perpetrators o- whin fc??e Dot jot been appro, b coord Mr. J F Gemore, residing about 8 miles irom Oakland, was ib? vlc'ijc heotrls y.tlyitg aev.rsi foet in depth on the Sierra rroun's.Dr. A ilgbt Ittwoea t?o t,rt t<m<-d Francisco Craciaoa ato Cbarl.-s L?n>beit ooa pine* on tbe I'u'gav Raunh. over tb's clti, Oi tbe tin mat , in which tbe former was instantly siljed An Inermaj . named E-ward Dunn attempted to com mlt imcide rD tn? ii/fct 01 th? ilatult, by cutting h-s thjo?t with a p'Ukn ft He was saeeil i>? careful a tention ana ee:r?d to tba Marine lioapiUl After terirsl aeeke' cl?ou?aon tb? Hoard of County Sup, r visor ? rate cec ded to pure hate the lot and build tig aitnoted at tbt comer of Greenwich and Jones re!' t f Cou,,t' Hospital. An appropriation of *'*i u "UH been ma<ie for tlie purchase. Tbe Stat* bating rts gre, all ii ttrvet io the old State Marine Hos "^bectunty avd city indigent etc* will hence forth be at tie eapecae oi the county, and the above provision bss te?n niece for their accommodation. Xbo number is now 1M. Ihe stntenie of death pronounced upon John Blake fcr murcer has been comtuu.ed by Gov Higltr to one J ear's imprisonment m th* stats prison. He was to awe been bung on tb? 26th of May. News bas teen pu bust to in the Alia California of the fugitive jtrger. G. J. Hubert saucers, who was iaat heard from at Honolulu en route for Hong Koog, in tne bark Elvira Harbeck He was said to liave very little monty with him. A fire took piece on the night of May 25, near tbo Lnlftd States Marine Hospital, at which about $1,200 worth of bay was cestrojea Aco'ner ou tha morning of the 27th, destroyed toe interior ol a house oi ill fame ou Lupcct street A case of homici e occurred at San Mateo on the 22d or May, in which a Frenchman, named FraocUoo G'rucia na, was.kiiled by a n an named l^inbert; both were old mer. Ihe care a lit coat before tbe Court of Sessions, and meantime Lambert far be<-n discharged from custo dy on his own recognizance it is bel.eved that he will be acquitted. Meeting of the Holders of the Time Certill entea ol Page, Bacon & Co. [From the Sao Fruuuirco Heral , June 1.1 A large meeting of the hoioeia of the " time certifl rates "of Me.era. Page, Bacon k Co., was held at their Banking Haute, corns of Clay and Battery atreots, jes terdsy at tern son. Tbe meeting was called to order by Mr. Burr, of fbe firm ol Burr a,at torn k Co., anl after a few preparatory remarks, Mr. Hart, tbt chairmen of the committee that was appointed at a previous meet ing, muds a report, which was in substance as follows:? That tbsy had mode a strict and careful exaaination into tte affairs of the houte, and in their opinion, not only would tbe holders of lime certificates, but that all creditors would be pa d in full all the demands tfiey had agaimt Page, Bactn k Co ; that the assets present ed were nearly sufficient to pay all their indebtedness. An important question pre* en ted itself to tbe eoonide ration of tbe committee, as to how far tie oiligers on ? . e herds were bounden to the certificate holders ? It - a.- the opinion of the committee that they were not cc una at all Before taking any definite steps in the premise the ^"ifkt it advisable to have an interview with Mr.Daniel D Page, which they did, and that gentle f>*n,Je?pf?h"?d hl? willingness anl earnest desire to liquidate ana pay all incebtedneea against tbe firm of whatever name and nature; be regretud the harsh and unjust Imputations that h<-d been cast upon his into fv / ?/ tom* cflhe "?""?papers of tbe State, and etated vi , Pas* t^ftotercial experience, coupled with an unblemished financial and commercial reputation were not aufflcientJj poteitto repel such assaults on nis character, then all he could personally ray would be uuevaiUng As hla motive and wish was to do every thing that an honorable and high minded man could do v ,*? . , w" "twmeiy teuacioue that hie actions atould not in any way be mmrepmented, either pubUoly CI'Privately, be wished the committee to submit in writing asy and evrry proposition they had to make to nim. Mr. Hart then read the following letter:? ^ 8a" FRA.vcraco, May 26, 1855. Messrs. Page, Bacon & Co., Han-Francisco'? Gentleraec?As a meeting of the creditors of the house tha '"J? Uk# blkos on Tueeday next, the commlttow appointed at. a meeting of the holders ol the time certificates of tte house on Inuraiay last be* a reply 1o tbe following questions, viz.:- 7 ? ^ In the event of tbe attaebiog creditors agreeing to re I'tt^"! ,n.^ '??'M rifbta acquired by them under their attachment*, and the holders of time certiorates agreo rg,P L?1?*8? ?,?7..cUlm th?T mhJ bare on the obhgora of tbe Fond, wUI Mr Daniel D. Page execute in favor of the creditor a of the bouse In California, a mortgage upon bis property in St. Louis, sufficient to secure to those cwditors the payment of their m verm I demands, with uptmr ** such periods as may be agreed ! Th? ?8*?t? now in the hands of the Trustees to be converted into e?sh, under the direction of each person ?r-.iJrson" *? th?, hoa"? Fsge, Bacon & Co. and the creditors mey appoint for such purpose, and the nre of*their demsndlT^ uao"t th? c?ditori in part pa< meat The committee also suggest that Messrs. Page, Bacon S tT?vr tb? committee with a sUtement of the affairs of the house, showing its present llebilitiea, and the assets available for the paj ment oi its debta The meeting of th? creditors taking place to-morrow, it would be advisable, if practicable, that such state ment etou Id be furnished the committee, either to day, or before 12 o'clock to-morrow. ?/"tb? committoe intend calling a meeting to morrow of all the creditors of Pege, Bacon & Co , it would be de sirable to be informed of tbe exact state of the proposi Mod of Henry D. Bacon, as It affects tbe Indebtedness of the bouse of Pege & Bacon to the California house. We remain, gentlemen, yonr obedient servants, B- ROLUHMN, ? San Francisco, May 28,1845. Messbs. Hart, Borim, fmilxy, Hakdt, Rollinsov, and Tkxaown.!., Committee, Ac.: ' G k.vrL> mrn :?Y our communication of the 26th Inst addressed to Page, Bacoo A Co , was reoeived this mora lng, and inasmuch as your lnqutrlsa relate chiefly to propositions addreeeed to me individually, I proceed to repiv thereto, as well on my owa behalf as on the part otthabouM. But before answering your inquiries ene (Itssliy, I avail myself of this occssion tossy that I have thue far abstained from noticing the violent aaasults ?8?l? b7?f?'?,n newspapers upon my conduct and mo i?^!'. a h?8?08?,1 w?8 R'?ld to meet and discuss such issues, bnt simply from a reluctance to engage in a newspaper controversy at a period when I have mere (m portant matters to oocnpy my time and thought. At my psriod of life, end especially when overwhelmed with anxiety a ad business cares, I feel a natural reluctenoe to D *Dr7. di'Pnt?" wit a any one; and however grossly I may be misrepresented, If my pest conduct through e long end active life is not a sufficient defence ?nch ?8?*?lt8, ??y mere words of mine would fail ?ii bnt 1 m*J ?>? permitted to say that until now I am not ewers that my conduct or motives were ever questioned, and I think those with whom I bare transacted business for more than thirty veers, m- wFom l har? passed the beet part of my iif?. w?l kw ?low to believe that I merit tbe opprobrious haT* b*m 10 P,ofo??ly heaped upon me. For the flrst time in my iife, It bas recebtly been my misfortune and that of the two houses with which I was counretsd, not to be able to meet our engagements puns to*thu MmrrtnJi! J?d?n,?nt k*r* doubtleoe contributed to tbU result, which bas proved a great calamity not fi7.?t0 ??r??"*8 but others. It is, however, some eon bewi w - throughout these dlfllcoltles, I bave had no other than an honest dee're to do the most aasple justice to all our crtditors. With this view we paid out on our last suspension every dollar remaining in our vaults; and isasmuah ascertain gentleman bed signed a bond, whereby it was believed they had made ib u"tlM* ??rtlfl0?t?8' wetrane j . ?A V?" ?nmber, In trust, all our pronertv c?^oraU- M indemnity ag^n.t ^ch liability. We believed at the time that this was an ample eecuiitv, hot we were soon informsd by the par tiee fntsrestsjf tbnt it wa. not deemed sufflc.ent. P.nd JSAuf?T2^7 was requeeted, to which I assented, on condition that certain changes could be made in the trust fund, which, in my judgment, would render it more speedily available lor tbe payment of the certifi cates. These conditions were not complied with, and in tie meantime I was informed that serious doubts ex ited a. to the liability of the ohllger. on the bond, rnder them circumstances I have declined to give fur ther security, and thereby to encumber my e*tats, so i ?!. measure to render it unavailable for the PnlVT? , ,* P?/???4,,0' 8?bts. to wbich purpose I th^M.VJ,'L*1T7 l0'fr of ,t- " "weRMary It isfor ?f.?P??Uato decide whether my conduot, under these k?* *>?*" justifiable or not. ter .-!i -row*?'' lb? tRqulrles conUmed la your let msnt whi/h^TS!!*,0 ?' ,0?y 1??d to some arrange eatlsfeetory to all con To tb. f"'8!?4 www to answer thsen. mSl' .Sff.llfj!??' ^"t "the attaching credit ore win e^ if th. ?Dd .?t?T ?U funher legal pro C2!? jsiift r-stt-jras 7K supposed, and if the assets n^i. u ?' # .? trustees can be pUoed in the XSjfJegJ^I-JL?! be mutually agreed upon by the hrni!?i ? pereous to Co , and its creditors in f'niifnr.i. J.i ??.??n * esebL then the proceeds to he divided pro -ly?' all the creditors ; upon these eoaditione, I will JSmlI a mortgage, or deed of trust, upon the propwrtv k as the Martin Koonta tract, near St. I-ouf? cMdTtio? to! P*jmeat at the expiration of one rear of .11 u! debt, which tbe houee ofl -J? Z?Vo?.?t lB th* m^nti""? ?t tbe rate of ten (IP) P? . ???*-P** eonom reeerviag. however, to mvoelf th? right, ia tba meantime, to e*u or mortgage setd tract ?* ??f P?*4 ?' it with the cos a* at of ou* or more of the trustee, to be uo?ed i. miu deed, a.d ^ySJ^er to m ic trustees t*e entire proo?eOeof ou-.h sale or mort gege far Uk porpos*ef the trust la my judgment tbe e??te la California end this tract of laeo will b* sc-ptj sufficient to pay the rntini kodetn ?? nets ol the bouse *?tne fvare b>? li?to eip ???ed that my piivat- estate bait alrvncy bw? BnWrnil f otheiate r&ctabtbd, k&4 1 tak* tbb cccwlw to l?V ibat If sueb he lb a fact I bare no knowHoje of it; nor do I believe it Is encumbered for a dollar On roy Brat visit'o aiilnn a moie tktt t?o jsui age, I lift with Mr. Bacon a pewer o' nttornsy, wilh Its vie* totbw ctDproiuui- of certain law au ta then p-ndmg concern ing carta ii Iota in t.- ct > ?if dt Lonii I do not remem ber tbr turn of tt-la k*p*r, and it may have bean a i luctal authority to cuom Imitt; bat if no, he bavin no main i int'msw to toe that be baa ever acted under it, or ib?t b- i <em ed to ao to, and I have oo r?u on to brltrva ' a lelm att-roptsii to create any aneamtrraoce whatever Dpi u niy estate. Slnie my arrival bare I b*v? e?ti? bin> lo iu?*r of ?t'c?ney ; ana th? pspcr allotted to L tee m ?) oi e r.e ba. ever bela of that enaraotsr. In local ??re ei'b jour request, I band you h?rew tli a gene si ? tati-nx 11 o? tb? liabilities aud asaeta of the b<u?eof imv, -.cob fc Co., msde up with oa much ac curacy as v as practicable on so abort a notice You liqair*, ? so whateffect the propoeitton submit ted ? > hi Ha-i n ?? tbs creci'ora of PagekBicon will pri-bab y Lave en tbe n-tebteoneas of that tirm to tbe bo ?? or I age I soi n k e. ltj tbe laat steamer I re ctiviO to ?ovices from M'. Bacoo, and have oo know large of w at transpired at tbe msetiog except wnat I b?v? domed trem the nsasp.peta. But If bit propoal t on baa beet ranieo into etlei t, (of which I have no ccuLt,) the d?bt du? at Bt Louis will have been fully liquidated; snd trim mj knowieiga of tbe assets of I'age k Hscod, I aui norougbly coor ncsa tbat house will have tie meaos t<> pay all ita debts. Wfcludtng the debtoi lags. Bacon k Co , without the all of my prt **1 ut I bsr? renew the pledge which I made at the meet ug in ?be -6tb of February, to wit: that ovary ro.Jar ot m pr v?ie eslate stall be applied, if neceaea rv, to tbe p? jnw nt r.f ? ebts, including therein a-i debt* due rom *Le bouse of I'age, Bacoa 4 Co., in California or rise where. I trust that, whether in prosperity er adversity, i an* luc-pable of an unworthy artifice to sbielo idi portion of tnj es'ate from the just demands of cirri ore 1 bars not liven to my advanced age with out re pros cb that i may o;e at laat with ths atalnot frauo i p. n m> reputa ion 1 abaU be read) at any time to confer with a commit tee. il oie -bail be appointed, touching the forego'Dg piopcslnoo aid a#l desire to r-tuiD home aa early aa practical!)*, 1 tenet tl-a* whatever it to be don? may be done as eperdily as possible. B**p^IU/L,0Up^QE BTaTKMKNT OF MR PAUK. Liait lilies. Time dra'ts, first instalment t7?049 82 (I li HlCODd 4t ICO. 166 Oft ii ?i tbird " 131,470 29 ii it fourth " ............... 101,t4b 12 Total 28 Due deposttore 4*3,630 19 Total *848,905 47 Assets. Bil's receivable m ?u t, ?c ?2 Parrott ano Neg'te, aa per their receipts.... 426,103 97 Ca?ii 'n bends ot bteritt at Sacramento 43,720 00 la hsnria of bbenfTanu under attachment at honors 19.000 00 Due at the East 25 Due at Honolulu ?t5 ?5 in Real estate in Calilorn.a 200,1*00 CO Total *1,040,583 06 *707,017 68 Lea? drafts, unprovided for 286,340 00 Surplus aaaste Mil,171 68 Tbe propositi^* was received with marked satisfaction by all present, atd wss bigbly applauded. Mr. It a kt turiber s.atto, tout tbe attaching creditors ?aid he reprerented tome?were willing to stay proceed ingt, Mr. Clahk ashed whether the bond, In itself, was n valid bond? Mr. Mart stated that it wonld not hold the obligors. Some other unimportant interrogatories were pat and answerto wbm Mr. TaiAbWJUAaddreMed the meeting in substance aa follows:?Me thought tone wss about *400,OuO of aaaets, which were covered with attachments; that Measrs. Naglee and l'anott were tbe mere agenta of l'age, Bacon & Co., aid tbattbey were cot, nor could they be con strued as trustees un:er tbe bond, that instrument being void as against tbe obiigora Be reiterated and com mented favorably on tbe proposition made by Mr Page, urged on the creditors the necessity and policy of a ? ceptiug it, eircciaUy as Mr I'aga intended, aVas tarty * day ss practicable, to visit tbe Btates with tbe hope of raising means, within one y>ar, that would be amply sufficient to pty all liabil tun A gentismaa inquired, " What svidenos have wa (ths crscitors) tnatthe property in Bt. Louis was not already mortgaged?" ? Mr iBkKADwaix sa d none, but the word of Mr. Page. After some farther remarks, ha concluded by advising all creditors, whether time certificate holders, attaching crsciters or others, to make concessions, and then, in his opinion, all would be paid Mr. DoYLk made some remarks adverse to the propo siti! n of Mr l'age. , ,, _ . .. Mr. Kolunson then addressed the meeting. He stated, It at in conversation with Messrs. Naglee and Parrott, those gentlemen assured Mm that they were perfectly willing end wished to assign their trust to new trusteei, as proposed by Mr. Page, provided they were released and iuremnified for any participation they had in the alTaus nncer ths now existing bond, and that Mr. Naglee said that h* would willingly give two thousand dollars to be entirely released from tne business. He called on tbe creditors aea-mblnd to take some action now on tbe subject of Mr. Page's letter, and suggested that a com mittee of six be apj olnted to confer with Mr. Page on the matter Ue said be had just been informed that Mr 0. K. Garrison, who was In tbe room, wonld give, as an additional lecurity for the faithful performance of h r. Page's contraot, a bond in tbe sum of (400,000) four honored thousand collars amply secured on un encumbered real estate, and that the creditor* should appoint one gentl-man, and he (Mr. Ganison) another, who should value said property, in order that the bond should be fully binding. At tbe conclusion, the gentls mtn tiat greatly applauded, as was also Mr. Garrison. Mr Doylk made some remarks in reference to Mr. Garrison, which, aftsr an explanation, were withdrawn. Mr. Hi'tussoi said be was (ally persuadsd In his own mind that Mr. Pags meant what was right and honora ble, and it wss bis opinion that it ths crsditors wonld accept, and act on Mr. Page's proposition, that cartifl cates of deposit on that bouse, of every class, would be worth dollar for dollar'in less than a month. Mr. Garrison stated that he had had soma conversa tion with Mr Pags, this morning, In reference to the affairs oi their hou?e, and be was fully persuadsd that there were ample assets to mast all liabilities, now that Mr. Pags bad voluntarily oQered to mortgage his pro perty In Bt Louis; an?, as an assurance of bisoonfldence ID tbe ultimate result, be would hinielf five ft bond in tbs sum of 8400 (0u to tbe trustees for the faithful per formance of Mr. Page's contract said bond to be secured on real estate that was unincumbered, part in tbe city of San Francisco, end part elsewhere in the State. In orcer that tbe c/editors might be amply aeoursl, he pro posed that they sbonid apooint one gentleman and be another, wbo should see that the property was of the value of at lasst *410,000. After some further remarks, tbe report of tbe com mittee wis unanimously accepted Mr. Selovir moved that tbe attaching creditors, and general creditors, shall now accept the propositions made by Messrs. Psye and Gart^on, which waa ear ned unanimously, ba then moved that a committee of three be appointed to wait on tbe attaching credi tors, visit th? m personally, and ascertain If they would accept tbe propositions?which motion was carried. Tbe committee was subsequently increased to four, end consisted of Messrs. Hmi'.ey, RoUlnson. H. C. Clark# and Hart. Tbe meeting then adjourned till to morrow at 2 o'e'ock P. M , to meet at the banking bouse, corner of Clay end Battery streets, when it is expected ell creditors will attend. There were some two hundred present, and all seemed satisfied with the pro positions. PROPOSITION OP mi. 8AWU80N TO SITTLg THE AW' PAlll* OF FAOE, BAOON 4ND OfMPANT- , Ban Francisco;'Bay 29,1866. Mr. Editor?That there may be no misunderstanding concerning a proposition which I submitted to-day to tbe creditors of Pags, Bacon k Co , I beg ?o repeat ths seme in writing, to wit: That if ths assets now in the bends of Messrs Parrott and Naglee bo placed Is the hands of three trustees, to be mutually selected by Pegs. Beccn fcOo , aid their creditors . end if the et tiibn-ente be dlsmtesed end tbe bond cancelled, then I wfil convey by absolute deed to sold trustees for the nee of Ae cie/l'ors, property in and about the city of Pan kraociseo, of the value of four hundred thousand dollars, for so much of the indebtedness of the house, tbe velne of the property to be ascertained by two per sens?one to bo selected by myself end one by tbe crecltore?end If tbey cannot agree, the two to eeleot an empire, end In place of tbe property so to be con veyed, I will arrange with Mr Page, or Peg*. Boo* ft Co., lor my security. C. K. GARRIeON. Mint Statistics. [From tbe San Francisco dun, June 1 ] It Is twenty two cays since tbe Sen Francieco mln re comm.teed operations, and tbe deposits of gold das lor coining during tbat period have been at the rate of * 2(0,000 per month Refining and coining ta going on at 'be rate of *160,000 per day. axelasiv# of bats To coin at this rate requires each day from sixteen to eigh teen carboys of Mine acid, each csrboy contaialag 110 pounds Tbe utmost capacity of tbe mint fa taxed to coin at tbe rate aireacy nam?d, and tome ot tbe awn tmploysd ere cn tio'y eighteen hours ont of eeeh twen ty fov t. Tbe pi ocase of refining is earned on night end **fNbile coin Is betng manufactured in San Francisco at so itpld n rate as abeva Indicated, it >s r?ehj str*nge ibnt invnte parties are encouraged in flooding the eonn tn w? b n? irrerpeneiMe corren y. We cannot nnder a'atdwbv brokers continue to conntenanee the Wees, Meliter b Co coin, for there is eertalnly another tax to be borne at tbe mint, before this kind of gold oen become e standard eurrsnov. It la not even needed for temporary turposss. for if th?re was eone of it in r rcMst'on, who d- ss net knew tbat we should have it. equivalent in good United State# ewin? .... . She total emeuet of gold bullion deppelted !? th iol at tor coinage since May 8th, 18**, I# 128,8*8 08 is none; nnnshev ot dsye*its. 1,118?ehowir g ea evsrag* e' 110 08 eueees (rem each dtpoeiter?vn*?e of dspe site, *2,980,880, <tra?y Intex'lUenrc [Frf bd tbe Has Frauetict lit-ratl, inn* 1 J Majvr Get oral J. K. Wo.J kM jult returned from * tear of iDtpeoticL through tbe of Waetii'it Up end Oregon. On bis strive! (t>y ot? sneer Republic) atFert Venruover be wa* received with honors at tho gerriten, and a estate from ths Foit of tha Hudson Hi/ temp*?j. Tha steamboat Fashion was placed at hiedie poesi. A reputation Hutu Portland waited np?n ibe b bilsBt old 8-Ltleman, with an Invitation to Trait that loon etc with his staff he arrived there, amiitet the bring <?' cannon and the rejoicing of the p?op,e He was e.otriec bj a large bodj of citizens, headed by the Van iruvir bras. nsnd. to ihe Metiopohs Hotel, au I was ther? met t>j ibe Mayor of the city, who, in a neat snd spi ri p-lste idcrttr welcomed ths old hero, and ten or es hiiz the boapitalit es of the p'ace. Vbe (isneral's re piy was received with rr pen ted eh*?M It was gratify tig to wltnee. the eo'huaia-m on the pari >t the old set t's#* of the ni. nntaine. lie was sdompanies by his ate.IT. Lieut Col. Ripley, Cap', tor ikiid lap*. Wbiiirg, I.'eut l'rinie. an 1 l.ieut. Gov. Percy, Rev Mr W?a t of California, Co!. Boone vi le, M?jor Heine, and Capt Wallace, of Fourth Infant ry On <eav ng Fortlsna, Gee Wool was escorted to tre steamer tiy a large body of rliizens, healed by Han. lane end i o) Vaughn Mayor of the city A salute waa fired fr<tu tlie town, which was returned by ibe steamer Republic w. I He at Vuncouver, Gov Mactavish, of the aindeon's Bay Company, waited upon the General and tendered liim the hospitalities of ths Company's eitsb lii-fcm nt An expedition was fitted out to start from Veroouver, to proceed to Fort Hots*, to give protection to the emigrants an to cemtnd the surrender of ths Lotaue wlbo masascred the party of emigrants laat fall, i ear that point. Extensive lonlUgratloa. * (From ths San Francisco Herald, Jane I.J ' IMUHNMIAMSM?DBbTUUlTIOH OF TUIKT f BIT J LDLNOS ? Ill'BMKO OF STKTKN80N 8 III.OOK .to evrnt lepg anticipated occurred Friday morning, r < d resulted in rsr less damage than was to have been tip?cted At precisely five o'clock, A. M., cloudd of etuke were seen nsitg from about tbe centre of the block bounced by Front, Davis, Sacramento and Oem mticfsl streets; and by the time the alarm was fairly scendeo, broad (beets of flame were curling up from ilme separate Imildln^s, anc the destruction of the block wss Irevitable. It appears that (.be Are wal light ed by toe torch of the iocs-id.ary in three places. I'hi Are wes first seen bur?tiog 'rum the roof of an occupied tenement In the rear of Porter's apothecary store On (tmirevcisl street, and immediately alter it was disco ver,d -that the rear porticos of two unoccupied houses fro*'im-on Facrauiento strtet were on lire. More than ore! a'f of the buildings ou this block were unoccupied, except by vsgranra, and ths occurrence of a destructive fire in that locality wai by so means unuxpsctcfl I he row of untenanted and dilapidated three story buildings on Sacramento itreet, formerly known as S.i vtLton's block, and latterly designated oy the title of tre T?gT?cti>' hotel, shared a deserved late; hardly a timber of tha old icotery escaped tlie consuming els ment. Chneldrimg the extent of ground over which tb? fire pseseo, the less is luccneiierable. The ground is certain!- ?' more Ta ut in its present condition taan when it was encumbered with untenantable dwellings, at tbe commecctmentof the Are the wind was light from tbo northeast, but as the Are became bolter the ri'ie- a-r roaheo In, and tho flrtnrs were whirled with great fury against the front ?f the brick stores on 8a cramtnto street, opposite the Are. At sit o'cloo* tha vino charged to the west, blowing smoke and A back over ne ruins This circumstance, together with tbe immerse quantity of wuttr flooding the bu ldiajs on F?V>t street, prevented injury to the build log 8 cn the opposite lice of that street. The retali'clothing stores on Ocmmtrtial street were sufficiently out of dang'r for tbe first fifteen minutes to admit of saving the stock. Ilie stock and bar fixtures of the New Orleans Ex change rr inking saloon, at toe corner of Davis and Com iLtrcisl streets, were entirely consumed?loss about $400. Th* next at joining this on Commercial street was a lodg ing,.houte kept by J. Benton?loss in fixtures about tbOt> Tbe next was Dr. F< iter's drug store; tn the rear of which the fire was first discovered?lose $1,500. Tbe pert were cloihieg sioiee, and storei intervening uaoo ci pitd Tbe proprietors of the Swiss Republic Us.rteu rent state their loss at $100. The building coroer of Front see Commercial streets was only partially barnt ?office furniture caved. Tbe next store on Front street ess cccupted by J S. Kennedy fc Co., Hour and grain dealers?stock bated These buildings were owned by Mr Rich The next adjoining building extending to Sv c amento street, tvae owned by W. B Bourne, and occu pied as the Metropolitan Falcon. Tha furniture of tbe only tccupied ^ on the Sacramento street aide was mostly saved. Ibefr.ntsof tbe wooden tenements oa Commercial stnet, opposite the fire, evidecce tbe inten sity of the heat to which they were subjected. Aid and Comfort for tire Chinese Rebels. [Fiom tbe Han Francisco Herall, May 21.] Awry interesting item of rumor has just gftmed par tial nr ulatiou apparently growing out of tho general I kmerWdga of certain facts counseled with a secret as sccistlon of* In thla city, said to be the agents I of the Cbinete rebels, together with suspicion* engen dered by tha recent shipment to Osnton of some seventy esses, puiportirg to contain tbe remains of deoeatod Chinamen. It is stated that the officers of tho ship Funny South, on board of which vesiol the freight spe cified was shipped, w?re suspicious of the character of a portion of the shipment, upon finding that a number of the boxes were of several hundred pounds in weight. Notbirg of this suspicion wes made publio until alter the VMtel had sailed, as It was feared that public dis cussion of the matter might lead to Investigation, and pessibly cause the vessel to be detained. It is asserted that through tbe ag> ncy in this city, the rebels have been furnished with large supplies of Colt's pistols, and other monitions of war of American manufacture. Ibe ohjict o? this association in conducting its opera cent with such profonnd seoresy cannot be ascer tained. There appears to be something connected with tbsir movements which does not admit of publicity. Mr. Cavalbo, tbe Chinese interpreter of tho Recorder's Court has been offered a bribe of four thousand dol lars, together with a per centage upon certain commis sion,- , to bina himscll to tho interests of the secret as sociation. mining Intelligence. From all parts ot the mining districts the acoonnts are in the high- st degree satisfactory It is regarded as cer tain that a large amount of gold is accumulating In the country. '?ho b<g nugeet discovered in Calaveras county last fall, and weighing 100,'i Ibe., is to be on exhibition at the Industrial Fair at Paris, 11 littie, marriages and Deaths. MARRIED. At Ren Franei'co, on tbe 11th May, nt the rosidenoe ol P. R Comins, Jeq . by Rev. Mr Speer, Mr. Samuel W. Herrings, to Mite Hannah WlUard, both formerly of Pittsburg Pa At Pan Francisco. 22nd May, by Rev B. Brierly, Mr. Bamil<on J. May, to Miss Helen J. Goodchild, both of this city. At Fan Francisco, 21st May, by Rat. Dr. Scott, Mr. W. B. Psake, to Mrs Fophia l.eeter. At San Francisco, May 80. by James G. Pearson, Jus tlce of tbe Peace, Mr. John Holywell Collins to Miss Julia McC Gould. At Fan Francisco, May 27, by the Rev. Father Mack, Mr. Colmon Tnlly to Mrs. Mary Molquln. At Fan Francisco, May 24. by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Kip, Mr Fdward F. Gillespie to Mid Sallie J. White, dangh ter cf Capt Jamee B. White, formerly of St. Louie, Mo. At San Francisco, May 20, by tbe Rev Dr. Scott, Isaac S. Church, of Stockton, to Miss Sarah L. Foard, of San Francisco, late of Philadelphia. At Sin Francisco, Immediately on tho arrival of the Golden Gate, at the St. Nicholas Hotel, by Rev. R. P. Cutler Mr. William T. Mudgett, of Calaveraa county, to Miss Etth.r Jan# Lee, (passenger by tho Go'.den Gate,) of Oilcans ceunty, N. Y. BIRTHS. it Shasta, on the 18th May, Mrs. J. W. Johnson, of a (OB. At Shasta, on tho 22t of May, Mrs. A. J. Berry, of a ? cn. DIED. In San Francisco, May 29th, at the residence of her bueband, Gideon Anghinbacgh, Mrs. Eliza beta A. Augh intst>|b, egeo 53 jeers. At Fan Franrieto on the*29th May, of dysentery, Mr. J. N. McDonald, n native of Indiana, (late of Balem, o T.) in the 29th year of his age At San Franeisco, May 30tb, of Panama fever, after an illness of s,x month*, Mr Annustus Morris, law of Philadelphia, in the 4eth year of nis age. At Fan Frasctaco, 23d May, of phthiaie puimonalts, Mrs. El xabeth Maccarthy, in the 27th year of hor ego. At Oakland, 29th May, Hebry, Infant aon or Henry anr Jane hbza Reed, of San Francisco, aged 1 year, 8 mrntbe and 29 deye At Fen Francisco, 23d May. Fmma W., daughter of ' use 11 and Mary A. Perkins, aged 4 years and 0 month* At Fan Francl-co, May 2tth, of brain fever, Eugene (?rob, aged 8 years, youngest eon of Mr. and Mrs. T. (.rob. At' Monterey, cn the 10th May, Dona A. Cervantes, ?i e of trus Cerv.ntez at Monterey, cn the 7th of May, Donna Maria Antonia t L(o do Vaiejo 78 years, wife of tho late Ignacio Vehjc. Fbe was the mother of 13 eone and daughters, end had lffi chtioren grand children and great granl ch linen N> er Monterey, Juan F.oealea, an old eoldier, who emi gre, ed to California twenty five years ago. ?an Francisco Mm l&ela. TcmiiAT, May 81?P. M. Ft or*.?We quote to day a tolerably active Jobbing tret.# in com per Hob with most of tbo daya ef this week, t nt nothing of marked importance save tho auction sale bill by Meeore. De Ro, Bendixen 4do., this morning, at tils were ecld 80ii quarter sacks Happy Valley Mills, et 15; 2 878 do do. at $4 92W? all without gnaranc'.o. Ibe jobrlng trade eumerp thur:?60 bbls. Gallegoat $18, l,fi(< quarter sacks Magnolia Mills at $7; 2,00'j do 11 mealif on private terms, for shipment, and 200 da. at $7: aiao ter exportation, 550 sacks Oregon eold for $7; V$t' do. Golden Gate at $7 60; 200 do. domestic at $7; 20t do Chile at $7; 100 do. Aehlej'a Be If Rising at $10; 4t rases Suffolk Mills at $12 50. Mae l.?lb* market la dull and bnt few -alas have boon t t ted lit quarter eackt sold for $2 26 per sack. Bnan.?HO sacks sold at 1M?- * tint ?Tho market seems unsteady. It has been very inactive, but still operations bavo boon mado at ? ate# showing n decline on tbo former pretemawns of Folder*. Mill the mate of seller* decline effirrias at tbe r~ro.ed rates assign lag an a reason their belief that tbe ce wirg bervest wll) not be a teavy one, and that after it le gathered. end tbe new crop In tho market, that rat** will net rule, m view ot the anticipated demaud, any lower than tbey do at present. Wo quote sale* of 8)1 k*t)< at II 77>i ; J.filtl dp. at $1 65; 1(0 unci SO Jo. at IXc Ha*uv has boon exceedingly quiet to dxy; much more so than it It* h*-n for ecme time put.' Jubb n,r sale-, etod o' (mult lore, bee-. Minr ;?bl; few 100 sacks eed 60 eo i#W at SI 6b. Ootb ?The market lias been perfectly dead. We hear of JM> transaction* whatever. I'aTaToas.?But few sal** have be?n effected. The new crop ben* oo the ere of arrirlngreudersthe market perfectly li'e.'eee 160 sack* sold for 60,-.; 200 do at tOc and oro lot of 3,COO lbn new, at l'ac. (Iojip. 2,0 0 boxes pale No. 1, sold in Ave lots, at from 7?ac a 8c *Iiuk?60 case* young Dyson fold at 40c, aul 70 cures blacks, sold at (63 Bsiei) Am?.?2(>0 half bMv and loO do. Co. so'1 a> flow CJ^c. a 16c . ex Iliogflelter. SroAit.?4t5 bbls. crasned .and powdered, at ll>?e. H 1?C? Hick ? 1,CC0 mats China No. 1, ex Racebound, sold fct ftp, Bt ttkk ?270 firkins, of recent lmportatioes, sold at SVke. a f4c . Crtu Goods?50 esses brandy peeehes, in halt gallon j.'irr told ?t (10; 160 esses and l,2?do., in two lots, ex K? haj and Hsrrtet Hoxfe, soil en terms not made ltjt lie. Pick us.?27 can. s gherkina, in half gallon jara, sold * Moijwk* jivd Smcr ?2C0 half bbla., ex Kathay, sold on piivate terms. Salt ?27 cases, in 10 and 2C lb. bags, sold on terms cot slater1. _ Coal?2t0 tons anthracite, ex Kingfisher, sold oo private terms I)?i> ?40 bales roll on private terms. Spijt I'kab ?60 balf bbls. eold at 7c. OfKMxs 100 baler gunny bage eold lajt evening and to-day at 12e.; and 40 hales do , this evening, at 12j?c. cftth Nails ?ICO kegs ex Kathay, sold at 6c.; and 250 do., cx do. ,cn private terms News from Washington an Oregon. By the air vul of the Republic at San Fi.ocuco, we bavr news fxoui Oregon and Washington territories down to the 27tb May. Politics appear to be deeply exciting the inhabitants of tho&e regions The following were passengers on board the Republic:? Major General Wool, Gov. l'urdy, Lieut Prime, U. S. A.; Lieut. Arnold, U. S A ; Lieut Col. Bonneville. U. 8. A ; Mr*. O'Neil ana child, II. Meyers, Mr Woodwortli, Mr. HfDsbsnk, M Wllbon, Capt Crosby, M. Lemmonds, M. G. L. Btoiy and lady, M. Washington, M. Torrence, r. B. Miller, F. McLaren, Mr. Abrams, lady aud two children, mo 20 in s'e*rage. The Oregonian says?The bark C. Devans, by Aoer nelbv & Co., and the brig Met.<opoll?, by Leonard A Green, have boU been despatcheu during this wees, with full cargoes of Oregon produce?the former for Ban Francisco, ana the latter for the Sandwich Islands BtsiNiBe.?The Portland Standard, of the 2ita lust., set* ; A fair business has be*n transacted ance our last issue, but without any charge. We look for a lull in tf ade as rocn as navigation is suspended All kinda of produce are very dull and depressed m price, excepting tags which are commanding 25 cents. The whiga of Washington Territory have nominated the lion William Strong as their del-gate to Congress. Mr Misha WUliamson, of Donglaa county. w?s allied by a fall frcm his boras, while riling home from Win cheater, on the 7th May. He lired but a few houte. Capt. John F Miller, democrat, has been appo uted Quarter Master General of ttie TerritoTj, in the place of Chan. 8. Drew, Know Nothing wtiig, removed. MAlUUllli At Beaver Valley, May 1, by the Rev J. G Roe, Mr. Join KLencoffer, of Bunker Mill, W R, to Mies Mary Cieecy, daugliti-r of Mr. Bennett Creecy, Beavsr Valley, Columbia county. O T. At Catblamet, W. T., on the 7th May, by the BarSt. M. iacsler Mr. James B.rnie, Jr., to Mia; Ju?ia A. Sill well, all ot CatblamM. Also by the tame, at the same place, on the 8th May, George lL bera. Esq., of Cowlitz, to MUa Rose B. Birnis, of Catblemet. _ , _ _. . May 3, by D. 8. Poutbmayfl, Esq , Mr. Jacob R. French to Miss Hoirlet G. Caplea, all of Mullunmah county Mayl, by Rev. J. Condon, Mr Koyai T.Hawlay, of Forest Grove, to Mlai Lucy G, daughter of Rev. J. T. Reasoser, of Columbia county. At Baker s Prairie, Clackamas county. March 31, by Bev. G. H. Atkinson, Mr. A. 0. Daniels to Miss Hannah Clackamas, May 0, by Jos. N. rrescott, Esq , J. P., Moses E Folsom to Miss Elizabeth J. Warnock, both of Clackamas county. At the same tim?, Mr John Pola?>m to Mits Margaret'Warnock, all of Clackamas. Newts faoin the Smnilwltlr Islands. We hare received by tho Star of the Wertadvieea from Dosolulu to the &th ult. The Polynesian of that date aaye:? The Rev. J. B airong arrived on the 1st inst., in the clipper ship Spitfire, fiom New York via San Francisco. Mr. Strong has come to the Islands in answer to a call from the Second Foreign Church and congregation ot Honolulu to become their pastor?a post vacat-d by the Bev T E. Taylor, by reason of a failure of health The AVu> JCra says:?Peal estate is looking up. At the suction rale, a few daye ago, of a traot of land be Icrslng to the estate of his Majesty, and situated be tween Vert and Nuuanu streets. maukci of the Commer cial Botel, eleven lots were sold at the avsrage price of #878 60. After euoh a great depression in the price o. real estate ss prevailed durixg the last summer and fall, it is encouregisg to tee such a marked improvement in pnees. PKTBOPOIOWSKI TO BK BLOCAoED. The Polynesian eays II. B. M.'s screw corvette Brisk, 13 suns, Captain Cuitia, arrived at Honoiula from Celiac cn the 14th April. On the 16th, she g?t up ?team and towed the Dido out, which has gone to b ockade Petropolowski. On the 17th, H. I.,M. sfiigate Aleeste 60 gunn, arrived from Callao, and came to anchor'outiice. She sai ed again on the 2cth-destina tion not publicly known. The frigate rresiient, Ad miral Bruce, sailed April 18, and the Brisk in the after noon of the tame day, bound to the northward. Till NEW TARIFF ACT. [From the Polynesian, May 6.] The new tariff act having been eagerly sought for by a large number ot the merchants and residents or Hono lulu, we publish it on ear first page as it paesed the Houte of RepitetmaUves on the 2bth ult. The main features of this act are: let, it reduces the duty on Uquor irom #6 to #3 per gallon; 2d, It imposes a duty of (1 per gallon on wlnee of a strength between 16 and 30 per ctnt of alcohol, which now pay a duty of five per cent ad valorem ; 3d, instead of a uniform duty ot five per cent on all other merchandise, this aet ad mits a class of goods frse, and thrsa other classes at five, ten and fllttcn per cent ad valorem. ..... The teat feature in the bill, and the onW desirable ore in Itself considered, is. in the lauguege of the Minis ter cf Finance, to "facilitate the negotiation of new treaty atipnlation* by which our legislation caw be free and national, untd which we are not a free and tnde PC?ec.^\l?Yro"Td?V that this act shall take effect in twelve months after its publication in the Polynesian newspaper, " provided that it is not in violation of any maty existing at the time." The 6th article of the treaty of 1846 with k ranee is the only treaty stlpula Von which prevents this government from enacting this or any ether legislative measure it may choose for the regulation of the internal affairs of the kingdom, and we are happy to believe that the Commleetoner of France a ande ready to negotiate a new treaty, by which the restrictions now imposed shall bo removed, and the government left, as by the Engbsb, American and other treaties, free in the exsreise of all its sovereign rights. News from Nlcsumgna. Our edvicte from Nicaragua are to the lflth Inst. We ham by a private letter that the difficulty between the American C'onenl nt Ban Juan del Bud and the I0**?' ment, has been settled "wilt be leeoneote^ that grant excitement was created some time ago In Ban Frnncisco. by tb# sudden departure of the eloopjrf war Bt. Mary's for Ban Jnan del Sud, and it was t*"1^ that at other Greytown affair was to come off But the Caiifornians were disappointed. On the arrival of the Bt Mary's at Ban Juan, Captain Bailey, her mmmaut'sir, discovered that hl? mission was a bootless one, the diffi culty having been settled in eome way with the au thorities. Interesting Irom Mexico. [Acayulco Correspondence The revolution of this State has taken a new charac t? r. The question is no more "General Alvarex and the paid, Ayutla," but the project to combine all the Itrxiean paitiec-mooerados, progr.ssiatas, eeatrahetae aoaAceralietae-on the same principles waleh eermd to VVfet Benta Anna's govemment In 184J. Theea pitEtdples, prcclalmed at that time by Gen. ln Gi aoaUjais, are called "Lat borer organxca*-," and Del gai o, ti e leader of the revolutionary partyin Miouoa ?.r h?s invited Gen Alvarez to introJute the same in his 'war-ery, as the beet meant to creato sympathy in b{7h ok'tbstBanta'e arbitrary course will do more than ah tee*e wore* to shake hie power. Heeidee, he Uelok at Tumlaye, and his ministry are disbanding In spite of bis exertions to consoliAle the same, and the manaer ta which be clepored of the prioe-mooey for the MmsiUa , ,u#r ,Cd the projected sale ot tower California, Bono ra, Ac , will assist moie than anything eke to upset hU , lAnfw pal-er has been started here nnder theUtle of R, -tuvi ad or de la IAbertad. Ita flret number eontains a 1, r,a letter from Arangolc, ex consul of Moxfeo at New v? > ir mlio exculpating blmeelf of the one per eent com L .1. miilione, publiahee eight rolcmns of aocueation# against hie former idol, Santa A\n* MM MDer mention* a few advantage# gained by the (evolutionaly party, but amountlngio very little at : pri*co*Deistee^at this nrnlta wUi be lni.h3 wl.hin two monthe, whloh looks like humbug. 7 he report# from the San kranelseo do Oro goldftelde contince to be favorable, ami a great many people have acne down to try their look 'He arms and ammunition arrived by tho Bortamente, "cine Ahrtry."!l^ the tateof Oejaoa, wham a revolwttooarv diapos't"* ia said to prevail, parttoularly at T#^e??**^' Another oody iaa tow deepotetod ?C"* ard had tho good fortune to de'to* l"* tnv-ps at Petnaofero after thirty six rt I Wehav. rvcrtvnd oo new* ye# fnm CW. Common crt, wto I* considered the V '?*">?? tj mike (ha whole of Iff 3roe*i* join his atAnrf.i* ? whi]* hU a^pa's ^r0 wvt\* nigio G'nudalajtru, *ca*. 0U*aaji?*t? and attar *rl!?' proclamation* a * J*?at the *a*4a of roi> imh ,n Jy'fOf *rv vtry oertre, wax * prooaia** totai jo$1 tyo J? if alio* tb?in->*lr* 1 to *>? organ led a-1 p.actfd under thr cntnamiti of bU ?ffic*ra. However, co the whole, there 1* BO confidence an I no ?"<>cej; doIou> thlnle uf eononrlioe in inermetiW sp 1'.?*' atd 0,,r P?'<? i? dull a * caa b?. I ahil continue to give you regular rep. rta. 1'orngn Jlaraeie, .... Bakhadoes, J. t?" 8 19$S. h.H .V Jrf V.1* price' of bread.taffg aa 1 pork, b%y bZunJ' . . llm,t'Dlf ?onsomn5jen, an* '?le* l?*v? h?.?. . at I"'?",l r?<?? Tb- aoaonct or arrival* ver.\?n,?Y n>?rk?>t. aa<' we bare now t> -eport - 1 eeuuTT^n.mfwi K00a flourOB hanJ- 300 o\ rertn ? I awri u ? w^reeoliat 112 in -w>*d. ai.t in? inVrf?''.nh ^ r' !13 50 dht7 P*'d- *>ld Ooar i" am erf iS* no? c?. iiB'1,? but ft '-^'fflcult of haN, .oa' holu djw*n. .n^ lu)7tr KVt0 pric?"' C?? MeU-ltran outeice fiuuiea e l* V y ?'e very ra .co e.iulex' at fween M .a ??i u"^ brauJ< "0Ql't '?** >7 '?*>?*> elJS^m'taa "oat .? 1? X- rp I . Up. JOObtt. m*.-s pr>r? have i?ei ?.?!?? aetiVk i.L "PPO" J to be 18 U?ls in boo* rum artielo la very aaleable, and Or.t hand? are uuite hi,. Toonage plentiful. Freightage Sd. t?2e. Or f..r A l iriciK ?. .to 200 lo,Ml Sugar $2 75 to $.1 25 "per lOUIbs us to quKhtr. Molaseea l.i can ta per gallon ud puncheon 5 doll.,?. Bom of 24 to 26 ^ M Cn??o? Va punobeoa 6 doUl" fleck h scheme on 1-ondon, at oO daye $480. 60, ?j77>< T0| W75 ^ |10# tMy Intelligence IV. Cw8, flTAKKRS._Fro? the following it will he eee, fhwT* Marahala ara of doing their duty faithfully and accurately. If the Secretary of otato wUl but do his duty and promptly remore any one whn u. proted derelict In hie duty, wa will certa nly hive a oen *ua that cafi be relied upon. Th s movement of th? blarahal'a wUl be popular aid will favor.blj diapoae tne public toward* the increaied compea?.ition tLey now a*k for :? To I Ur. William arenthnot, fofaa ?e?t Bioadeor rifth ! The IMarebkl. bave met with many oletrurtionn in th? tcimaaea of the task a?M?ned to tuim, luchae th?^?"J fi. lV i" ?,to ,tk# c'lnirj l?.r the .uiumor of ebote itt'ii i.,-xx . ?if inloruation |cuuld to obtained from ibeir fi a^fe.0"' The mtftleeorra* clenta ou .Up ward, m |?gc. iii* b uses ard hotele and manulao<orinr ?tatigtioa ha*? bein t \,"Ar*',ft'*1n"10h tro" 51 "? ?'"? thoy have been cblired to make aereral call, at iheeo nlaeaa k.*?I bead; c obtain eorrtot information on tho required ? 3? C?t? ?f?ny ti?|?llrenco or delinquency upon tho part, of ?Vtf.,?nV^tiV.r'UrVJl"e in ,be dt*fbarge or their f.nMJLVf .x w addren a ne?e .n this ofitce and the et t ?e tubject B#<,rot,lr> of "?)Ute wi'l bo preinptl? called to A RCneraj convention of tho entire body or Marihale le 5 rtb ??lled to mint at the Uroad ?ay ll.u.o on fridav c ' P M A f"'i ?'?tendance of the I nni II ' . . * aJ *n,n,,,u' memorial (.f UicCommon n^t ?l ' P** pfUBfT'tcd if r or-fi. talc thii rocjwkn fc?> r? urn their thankc fco the pi... lor the many practical biota aid uaefnl euirae ti' ua lbey have made to heada of lamiliea rnd otbora iS^e firence to the preparation ot eta i.tic. Tlie Marshals have lurcth. i'h^k kind treatment in oonsoiueneo oftb?a? pa ragrajphii iu tbe nevvHp&pcrs. and in mailt inaia.nn?? hx.? found oil tin rtatletiea) infi rma'ii ii reonirod ot families ao curately prepared when the Maiahala called! M By order, 1>. C. UgNDiasojf, Socrot&ry of C onroction 01 Uarabsif. A Public auout Piuvats Di^pctm ?Tii# owners of the eteambuat He:o called a meeting on Satnr day evening, at the pier foot of Rob'naon etrcet, to pro* teet against what they call the Injuitice of the Mayor in refueing to remove some abed* from the pier, which they say is an encumbrance to their bualnets. It ap JH'trs from their statement that they rent one aide of the pier, while a rival company, the owners of the Mm* ba^.n' the other, and that the Utter have oocm ?ln ?a E?r !Sn the. premises of the former with an office. The Mayor was applied to, but he refused to in .n-atter, and laat Wedoonday theotllce. which ia a small wooden structure, was upset. One of the parties was discovered and arrested, but releeeed efter ward sen procuring bail It wae to protest against this, and the refusal o^the Mayor ta comply with their Wiahfethat throw nam of the Hero called the meeting at tbe pier. As it Is against the law, however, to holdn n ? iD? ??- aBy Pubhc tboroughfnro. they were com pelled to adjourn to he Pars, where they assembled with a band of muelc. Here a crowd of some four or Bve bundrsd persona assembled, the majority of whom were doubtles* ignorant of the objects uf the meeting, i ' w'f# >? dressed by several speakers, who set fortk ?fiirV.Wl" of !,bs 0WLW" of bhe nero in tho strcrges. language they could command, and whe ex> | preseed their belief that tbe neglect ot tne city authort ou!Ll?Jtmrr!offi5e of tbe rlTtl comptny wae an A ae>, U?* political corruption or office holdere. f??rtS,TC22K,JVite IJcrkwo or trk Stjumroat Bltvalo Between two and three o'clock on Sundey morning, tbe steamboat Buffalo, lying in the North river, foot of North Moor* street, wae dieoovered on fl.e. Smoke was first seen la* suleg from tbe machinery, and upon the forward hatch being removed, between deck wae found all on fire, ex tend ng from the forecastle to the engine. The alarm soon brought the firtmen to the scene. The flames *btn sreuud the walking beam and threatened da* strnction to the boat and surrounding vessels. How* ever, by the rapid exertiona of tbe firemen the Human were soon subdued, and in less than two boars the fire Vf ou*- lbe boat has been lild up for some time peat towetfcir'wiVhoM.'. b?'!"r had ju8t bMn overhaul#*, aSSh ia Lh ?'ber rcp?i" amounting to about $700 or nnrti' I ^a .V eat m4Ud bo valued at $10 000 aaA a *?? a~? * fmouQt *? ooild not learn. She ia owneo by tapt. Handcock and others the loas will pro bably amount to upwards of $600 The tirs U supplied to have been tbe work of an inotndiary. ?UPP<>??? Fatal Accilevt a ro? Bay?1 wo Ma Diov.wd A iroat melancholy accident occurred yesterday at nooa off Governor's Island. It appears five persons hired a' aail beat for a pleasure excursion down the bay; whea they reached Governor's Island, owiog to some mlsmta* ?* ^uat !ipp^1 0Ter' ?Dd tbe men wereptw. cipitated into the river. Two of them wen awept off by t?Swin"S "?tth!?boak,haTe D0% been ae yet reoo* vered I he other three men named respectively Joha lion nelly, Luke favage, and William Small, wen fortu nate enough to secure a hold ou the boat, which they to "Mj1 a HUten Island sailboat came along, manned by two flsbermen, wno picked them up end landed them safely at WhitehalL The names of tha drewned men could not be aicertained, but it was un* derstood they wen father and son. ' I atal IcciKLiY?Mr. George Gibson, a contractor, n sWing on the Fonrth avenue, between 12ith and 136th atreets, was killed on Saturday last, at Morrlaania, in tba following manner :?He was overseeing his workmen and went under a large rock which projected over tha tmbanimcnt and waa in the act of seeing whether tha rock was solid, when it gave way and crushed him ta death. He was about 66 yean of age, and leaves a with and one daughter. Aw Uskwow.v Maw Fopwd Daowwn>.?Coroner Wll helm beid an inquest on Saturday upon the body of aa nnknown man, abont 36 years of ago, who waa found floating In tbe slip at tba Fulton farry. The deceased was stout built, or dark complexion, fratuns large, had dark brown hair. It ia auppoaed that ha la tho man who, about ten days ago, committed auielde by jump ing off one of tbo Catharine ferTy boats, although aa positive evidence of that fact could be ascertained Tho jury rendered a verdict of "Found drowned." The Maswaehssattta Free Hollers la Trouble. Ja.u Gokdow Bsnwstt, Esq. ?? In yenr paper of this morniag I find the following tile gnpbie communication, viz:? TH* MASSACHUSETTS ENOW NOTHINGS. . BoenroN, June 'ia. 18$$. A meetirg of Know Nothing* in the Eleventh wud me th's city, Ust night, was addUaaod by aSSISr wZZ and Govtrnor Gardner. The former oonfined hie satana to the subject of th* Philadelphia National (haimtia aaeertlog that it waa the aim and dealt# of u ' chnrnU delegation to avoid tho queotloa of aUvTv which waa foroed upon them by too South tw., were obliged to meet it then and there. * In the Conysnion Mr. Boiling, of Virginia, said he ;u tended to whip soma Maseachaeetta man, and J i-e Oona. of Georgia, demanded, and would have a dec!-' ? tlon from the North in favor if .UvTry.^ota 7. wise bar delegates would leave. Mr. Wileoa u i j VT,n **D the platfoim commitive aappert t" "L* Mjority resolutions, principally coming fiom States whera the AmortcM party had been defeated, and they warn opposed ?/ fourteen do* legates, representing on* buodred and twenty six electoral rotaa, in tho*e Stale* where the Aaaari ean party had triumphed. The delegates from Geor* (ia wsnt to for George tew for President, also at* ?torn Pennsylvania. Mr. fflleon said that Go vomer Gardner told th* Booth that not a city nor o tow* la Massachusetts woeld support the majority platform, and that Mr Brook*. ?? the New York Kapem, had aail that tho whole *?>** would npuni th* platforaa. It waa attempted la ?$? Ooundi to pat him (Wilson) down to torn bfm out? when Governor Gardner declared that If such we* the remit ho, too, would leave. Mr. Wilson we* very eever* on tha "doughfaoed" Now Tort del*, getioo, obom he charged with keeping the Masseshu **tt* ("elegatiou from the Oounell for tweaty-foor haua after tho proceed Inge commenced. Th* statement contained in it, which refcra to aw, lo wholly natno. If it ia th* result of mlstoho I wish to correct it; if It ia a mil statement deliberately made, at is beneath contempt Tbo statement relative to Jndge Cone, I believe to h* ?anally fabulous. To make abort wort of tho matter. I eever #w so Uttla truth and so much falaebeod <u so few ward*. Tour cbodlmt, P. A BOIltNG, T*.

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