Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1855 Page 7
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IEIEWED mil III. for sale. ~-TOH BsLE CHEAP?A GOOD IN mlaiit tr-r* Imi etory tad baso tuui Imw?, IS i?eh walm, No. 1M i r,IMt, between (MMd ?*d Wrd aeewues. A fail ud complete abetrsst liriUnlji j a ?A SPLENDID MANUFACTURING U. business far *tnan* dtaind a&llttlted. On^^fj* ?* rJeTTd buiiaaee will bemM /or bUlBMI AU Who Will ?0P^t*^1 ApWJ w THOMAS A BTRKKf,^* Placet. FOR BALE. ONE OP THE BKt L eating houeee in New Ysrh- looted HalL Object of aaUtof, going Wait .n. Boat low. la doinga profitable boai ' 32 Grand street. iin SALE SPLENDID HAT E8TABLISH _ at down to a a, alto*'.ad la the eeryta?t I going ? rushing flat cash business; lta lo drsatagsa unaurpefssd In tola city: owner h ALV^rtaar wiltad la lumbar trmU wilh JO,COO. Apply at 212 Broadway, rooaa No. 13 HILL BUY THE BEST EATING, OYSTER I drinking house in South street, on too I will aall laaaa, stock and fixtures loo sryill. Applyattoab^W^O^tort. -TOR haT.F-.THE FIXTURES AND LEASE of * irgtr itort, No. 205, Spring itfMt at of tba owner lea Ting the city. A good y WILL buy a small but safe and I profitable manufacturing business, hsring o of can torn, Ac. The proprietor (a widow) *o Mitiiui ita A Bin of soorgy could inw.S7.SmR. Apply at 63 Thirty-fifth .to aTeaao. 7*1^ for SALE-THE FIXTURES, LEASE, ,, Ac., of a tailoring establishment, on OM avenues; a daiirabla stand for any kind of xtnroo ftic in order*, rent low. Ap* latiW at 260 Broadway, room 10. lately aa ao George W. SIMERS. ) ONLY-FOB BALE, A SODA WATAR r atand, with marble slab, ?ilrer iBouBtad aU the aeoeeeary apparatus; looatod on the ;w# great tooreugblnrea down town. To u; hding house for sale the HOUSE Heco umodate about 88, and now has 25 regu .. Th? location ia rery desirable, being h? toe '*elatty* the Oelif'rala steamer landing. 4nM beds and bedding, ell complete, wQI dc 100. ' Apply to C. B. HoWeS A 00,84 Naiaan ill CHANCE FOR A YOUNG MACHINIST.? too la and machinery to maaufeotMe all^Ae inttoae, with order, on hand, wUl he dlapi^d enable terms. Inquire of & BAXTER, 58 Km i 8 to ? A. M. and from 4 to 6 P. M. VORABIE OPPORTUNITY OFFERS FOR A I iob printer, baring one or two process or toe getting them, to locate himself where he may rate business at little or ao expenseas torsnt, Address Jamee 0'Flyn, eagrarer, 188 Broad CAT CHANCE TO DEALERS IN LINSEED OIL. hneecd oil miU ia Cincinnati for sale, with sD ?eery machinery for too manufacture of 760 Hid 72 toas oaS. per day. The ssi'l L fir. 1 height, and has sufficient room to store fifty In fire Annnnl paimentu. It ia all in flratrate id offers aa op port unity to a busineee man har_ IQ OuerB U Up UVl waaaaaw j ?? ? ?? m i capital which seldom occurs. Inquire for ?artmular*, of A. G. WH1I0N, at H. H. Good 5T??, No. 7 Wall street. ID BROOK HOTEL ?FOR BALE, THaT WELL lews and profitable ho^lociUdat Bound tome rest county, New Jersey, thirty-fire miles wYort. by the Central Reitaed, with about rm ? superior land on the Rarttan rirer ia front Ta W% be sold a bargain, the present owner > other business. For lull particulars apply to F, No. 7 New street, third story. ?UW FOB ?176.-F0R BALE, IN A GOOD btien, oa the western side of too city, the firo UnsT good will as d fixtures wnc&tojf ha old K?d bakery. Inquire at 124 First ersffds. mRY STORE.?FOR SALE. IN THE COUNTY Essex, Nbw Jersey, twenty-three mOae from k, by railroad, with about seyea acres of good small stock of goods, baring arery convenience vwe business; store and dwelling ssperato. Fur formation aaay be had of M. EGOLF, No. 7 New third story. STORE FOR SALE.?APPLY AT 208 SEVENTH Mt, corner of Twenyfourth street. TmucmA ? jou( ua who has some knowledge of (bo i. Apply ?* above. ISTORE FOR SALE.?THE OWNER OF A ErRST (4T\t drag store, Dewly stocked and splendidy fur wants a parchaoor for it, ao ho ia going ont of ?try. The oltnaUon ia on# ol tha beat in torn, business increasing every day. Terms easy. Ia l 145 Twer tr second street, between Seventh and rvonuss before 10 A. 11., and after 5 P. M. STORE FOR SALE?THE WHOLE OR HALF l)>are of an old and well established retail Crag ^ one of the best locations la the city: the store i footed and in good ooadition, with a lease for a ef years. Address Druggist, box 140 Herald JQ STORE ?FOR SALE, A STORE IN THE BEST etieo In the eity, doing a good business, owned nt by n physician, who einnot attend to it. It sold very low, and little cash required. Address Broadway Post Office. NING SALOON FOR SALE, CORNER OF BROAD t my, Canal street. The furniture end fixtures, Stifle D be sold at a great bargain, with thrne years' This )s n rare chance to purchase cheap. Apply ndlow place, Houston street, or to C. B. HOWiB Ludlow _ 84 Nas'san street. EG ANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-WITH ?be furniture, carriage, &c ; and twenty acres of Mt and a half miles from the New Brunswick Ds l. J., on the hanks of the Raritan, and command i magnificent view. The house is in the tiothla lately built oith the best materials and filled in brisk. A photograph of the place can he seen at fflce of F. D'HERVILLY, 18 Exchange plaoe. WSALE-A COFFEE SALOON, AT 324 BROAD , next door to the Broadway theatre. A good for business, and only $250 rent. Inquire in the rat, between the hours of 8 and 11 o'clock. W SALE?A COFFEE AND CAKK SALOON; ONE of the best stands in the city. For particulars in ? on the premises, No. 7 Wen street. )R .SALE-A FROFITABLE BUJINE53, IN FULL operation, and doing a large cash trade, the profits rhkti are $fcO per week, wh eh can be satisfactorily ?n. This is an sxcellent opportunity for any ] log a small amount of easb. Apply to i-w Elr 34^ p THOMAS A STREET 34Pino stroot ORSALE-THE PROPERTY KNOWN AS H PEUO ait's Institution. Tha buildings are large and in leider, and desirable for many purposes, partlcu ? for a school, for which they have serve! sines I, They will be sold with six lots, throe oo Bans et and thxos on Troy street. The other alx lota, n'so t wvll situated, will be sold separately or altogether. Jy taU. PELGNEr, 27 Bank stjeot. IOR SALE?ONE SIX HORSE ENGINE, ONE TEN korse boiler, aix iron stills, four copper worms, a of now and teoond hand furaaeo bare. Apply at 20J il street. DRSALE?A FANCY STORE, SITUATED IN BROAD wuy, and uomg a good casn business. Will be so:d ip, it applied for immediately. Inquire nt 1,078 tdwny. :0R SALE?A BAKERY, CONFECnONERY AND ICE steam saioon, with lease, stock, fixtures, fce., all ?plge. Will to sold at a tacrifiee. as tha pre t Owner wants to dispose of it immediately. Inquire the premises, 4C8 Sixth avenue. 'OR SALE?A GENTEEL. PLEASANT CASH BUSI *9rs of 8200 per week, 26 per cent profit; expenses sot sxesed $lo per wee*. .Statements guaranteed, ig lease, low rant?a ture chancs to make mooey. st be sold Immediately. Apply to - -pfr - - C. B LOWES A CO., 84 Nassau st. 'Oft SALE?THE THREE 8TORY AND BASEMENT biiek house, wi'h cellar, gas, Ac., situated in the ft improved part, 216 Washington street, Ho bo ken, ma eary. Apply at the place. f?l SALE?4 SODA WATER STAND, WITH ALL the nec? scary apparatus. Apply at 141 Fulton let. TOR SALE-LEASE, STOCK, AND FIXTURES OF THE largest retail clo'hing "'ore in the First ward iMm tor selliog is that toe pr?sent owner is aitk and ntfXo retir* fiom business. The bast oT satisTaatioa 1 bo given to n cash customer, and nono other n#ed A. Apply at 19 West street. ^OR SALE, CHEAP?A SODA FOUNTAIN AND STAND, with everything complete; tha best stand In the y -Apply at the s'and, or in the lamp store, No. 1 atham >quaes. jtOR SALE CHEAP?THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF an elegantly fnrnleh.d isgarflore, loietod ia the it tborougttar- ef tbe city; a great barga n Address tote, immediately, to L. C-, Dox 168 Herald office. j70R PALE THIS DAT-AN OYSTER AND DINING comer of Rroal and Pearl streets, under ? Washington Haadqearttrs The saloon is already ,w\th p>?#i7 of furn'tare and cooking uteaeiL. 3125 I cquire of JOHN H. HARKI N, 101 Broad street T7K1K sain, AT Y0NKKB8?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ? lulHaM for gswUsmcn doueg basin* to in IIm city, only five minutes' walk from Gteawood depot. Tie tem 100 feet am Atlantic etriet, Brooklyn. This ) kn do reetrktUee, Is good for nil purposes, n yield n Urge reotol; its eontrnl position on n to bnlit by dap's work, in tbo boot moonor, in tho ltnimi water, both room, gas, marble mantels, gits* til Sloots, eoJtags ornnsMntod Tory richly, eontoim vrn lots, ornswonted and studded with largo ioiert troos: tbo now ?t tbo Hudson no for ss Stolon tbirteon rooms nnd osllnr; the ground ssniiins ten Islond esnnot bo snrpssstd: pries >7,000; terms May Ate, n terse doable, flrot elnss bonss for $9,(00. Apiily to JAMES YOUMA-NB, Worbarton avenue, first boast a be to Lsnmrtlns avenue, or Yonkors Pott Ofllco. T7H1R BALI, TO CLOSE A CONCERN?A VERY JO valuable property, bnring n front of spwnrds of " tt, Brooklyn. This property nnd will I tending nnd valuable street, renders it most dosirnbte for pro btnhte nnd tsonro In e est went. At pritnte ante, by AN IBONY J. BLkBCKltR, 7 Brond street. FIB SALE, EXCHANGE, OK TO LET?THE HOUSE, with tho form tare. No. 09 Best Twenty sixth street, senr Feurta a run no. House throe stories, boiengent nnd cellar; 20x50; modern Impressments; 16 feet court ynrd W front. Possession immediately. Apply ns above. or to JOSEPH DAVISON, Henenr baildlng, ocroor William end Penrl streets; or to LUSH k MOON, 296 Fourth neon no. Mocking bikdg.?for sale-two splendid mocking birds. Those birds, for mocking, nre sot to bo excelled by one in tbo otty Any lsdy or goo ttemsn wonting n flue bird, msy apply nt Pmnklln mar ket. Old Slip. SEWING M<tL'HINE8 FOR SALE, FOR 660, AT 168 Cbntbsm street llncbinee repaired nad improve ments pat on. One < f Singer's mnehlnes for enle. mO TAILORS.?FOR SykLB?THE STOCK, FIX TURKS X nnd good will of nn old eetnbliehod trsde; exclu sively ordered work. Tbo stock is eery ligbt. The ren te n lor offering it for en's is lU benltb. For further par ti cnl nre Apply nt No. 96 Cl An berry street. Brooklyn. B. DOBKSTADEit. mO INSURANCE OOMPANIE3 AND REAL ESTATE X broken.?For ante, tbo first, third nnd fourth volumes of the mnps of tho city, pa bUshed for the bene fit ol the insurance companies. Those mepe cover nil the property in the First, Seoond, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Six'h, eighth, Eleventh, Fourteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth wnrde. D. SHEPHERD, No. 7 Wnll srest TO LUMBER MERCHANTS ? $8,000 WILL BUY A first close four story hones in Tadrty-fourth street, between Seventh nnd Eighth uvenues. A good loo stion. $4,too cam remain on mortgage, tho balance in lumber for building purposes. Address Lumber, Herald office rr\0 PORTE MONNAIE MANUFACTURERS.?FOR SALT, 1 n partes in oomplcte order; also the aeeeeeary blocks, patterns, dies, stamps, tools, nnd material?for 8176 cash Can be seen nt 96 Fulton street, up stairs, nt tho effleo of John E. KARLE k SON. rfiE SOLD CHEAP FOR CASH 08 GOOD PAPER? tho tones, stock and fixture# of n first class gro cery store, situated in the beet location in this city, nnd now doing n good bnsinoos; or a partner taken, who has some ready oath. Apply nt 884 Fourth avenue. Yacht for sale?about 12 tons, well built. oopper fastened, a fast sailer, roomy and safe, well found, in perfect order and sails new. Inquire ol Syd ney Dorkm, 11 and 11 Fulton market. A BABE CHANCE.?FOR BALK, OR A PARTNER taken.?One of the partners of the photographic nad daguerreotype establishment, No. 3U3 Broadway, it about going to Europe, and a rare ebaaeo is offered to a person with a email capital to bey out tbo oetabiiehment. or to loin the remaiaieg partsor la eondaetiag the business. A knowledge ef the outlasts net requisite, ee the remaining party is an old daguerreotypist. Inquire of DeGDINON j STEVEN, 668 Broadway. fNLIITON, STATIN ISLAND, WEAR THB NARROWS. \J ?Building lots on high ground, with pure water, flat views, and perfect sewerage. The most attractive position tor realdeneea on tho inland. W. W. TAN WAQENIN, 16 Feet's buildings, Hanover street. K SALE-THE SPLENDID STEAMER CROfON ; _ she is now la perfect order and eaa bo soon daily at the (bet of I'tok slip. New York For terms apply to JOHN T. IRVING, No. 7 Nassau street OR SALE?A WBLL ESTABLISHED MANUFAO F! For salb-a house and lot or land at taeked, situated at Aapiawall, New Grenada, Bum bored 222 la the allotment of the said town, us will appear on reference to the records la the offlee of tbo Panama Rail road Company la this oily. The situation is ens of tho best la Aepiawall, being nearly opposite tbo Royal Mail Com pany's plw. Term* lew frr eosh, sad title unexceptionable. Apply to H. V., 28 Merchants' Exchange. tiOR BALE OB TO LET?A GOOD TWO STORY AND a half keuee aud three leu, 96 by Me feet; also, a stable above property, situated on ?al and Patohla avenues, Brooklyn. _ t half keuee aud three leu, 96 by Me feet; also, a el and earrings house ea the -*? say street, between Seed For partteulart apply at 86 Hadaea avenue. Grocery.?fob sale, a bargain, a first class temperance grocery, a corner. oa on* of tho best avenues in the eity; stock fresh and choicer rent low; Irate traasfeired. Address C. Brlgge, Herald ofli*e. HOTELS AND SIMMER RETREATS. A TLANTIC VILLA, LONG BR ANCH~ N. J?TH13 J\ Hf house, delightfully situated BMt the iit oborc, le mdj for the reception of company. Person* ??iirotu of (tearing room* will plana* nlL or address A MO j R. 8TELLKNWERF. Information can b* bad of R. W. Bow jar, 110 Whit* street, Now York. Fishermen take notice.?there is pine fbh iag at Fort [Hamilton; weak tteh and aea baa J or* taken in largo quantities. Boat*, bolt, and tackle nl wajt raaaj at tba Stilwell Hotel. Tao Conej band boat touches at Fort Hamilton each way. PORr MONMOUTH HOTEL U NOW OPEN FOR THE eeaaan ? Thl* hotel i* now, and beautifully situated in a largo cedar grove, near tba want boa* of tho High land*, commanding a fall view of tho ocean and boy. Tho bathing beach cannot bo anryaatod Good B*htag and (hooting. Tho ?tea in boat Eagle looro* tho foot of Murray street at 9 A. M and return* in tho afternoon. On Saturdays tho Eaglo leave* tho city at 8 P. If., and return* en Monday at 6 A. M. N. B ?Thl* hotel i* at Fort Monmouth, and not at a place called Union. Port Monmouth, N. J. - J AS. SAG AN. SEA-VIEW HOUSE, HIGHLANDS OF NKVASINK.? This now end eommodieuo house will bo opened for the reception of company on Saturday next, tho 80th instant. There eon tothiog equal, in grandeur and bounty, the shores and ocean scenery of the Nevoaink Islands? there eon nowhere else bo found such advantages for see bathing aa are combined in tho river and surf which ?troteboo for mile# in front of tho 8oa-Viow House. The house baa boon elegantly and luxuriantly fur nished, and in all appointment* it i* not surpassed by any similar establishment. All that experieno* and liberality can command?all that tost* and oomfert can desire?will he furnished for the entertainment of tho guoetn who may favor tho house with their patronage. Those desiroue of obtaining rooms either in the main house or in the adjoining cottages, can do so by apply ing et No. 89 Prince street, or on the premises. The steamboat* James Christopher and Ocean Wave make the trip each way daily from the foot of Jay street. NMEW YORK BAY HOTBL, 2K MILES FROM JBRSKY I City ferry, en Bergen point, plank rend. The most beautiful summer rostdenss U tbs State. Pishing, bathing, boating. Dinners and suppers et en hour'sfnotis* Privet* tarring** t* end from th* house to sity. Mew open for per manent and tranrient guejtn. Apjply at the hoots, or ta Copt. LB BAB, FostOttoo, Jersey TBBNTOM FALLS, VIAE UTICA, N. Y.-TUE HOTEL at this pines *f favorite retort is open for the season. ?<?t*r* SOB BOW isseh it dlrset by the Bleek River aad Uiioa t Ahead, trains leaving Utiea an th* arrival of th* ttaem beet expreee taatn, else of the WATCHES, JEWELRY^AC. / 1 ENTS^riNE GOLD CALIFORNIA DIAMOND CLUS VX tsr pine. uith chain, 86; without chain, $4 Tbss* pins are sqnal in brilliancy and appsaraoos to the real diamond. Sent by mail to any pert ef the United, by sneloeiag smeant to L. A J. JACOBS. 4U7 Broadway. Reduced prices.- watches, jewelry, du mends nnd silver were. The undersigned, isr th* laet slghtacn year* * wsU know* dssler nnd impoitsr, rffers lor sal* all good* in kit line, at loner prioet for tbs same quality, than any other bsuso I* New York, Philadelphia, or oar other eity, end will tend by mail or ?*l*MfcWATCHj8 jgWELRT, Ac., to ell parts of the United States, frs* of charge. All goods warranted as represented. Orders by mall, postpaid, fait, fully attended to. WATCHES. Degusrreotype wntahee glOOtofUX Jnrgenson watehos, genuine warranted ISO to SM Cooper wetaboi, genuine nirrnntad 115 to 77' Independent reoond wntahee 1381* pee Pocket chronometers 125 to MX Bight day watches lb) to tl" Lad ins' enamel wetehei 851* 10* Ladies' diamond watches 55 to SO' Mask watches /".W'vr'.v" KMta 7? Gold banting levers, toil Jewelled, 18 seret 41 GMd open faced levers, full Jewelled. 18 earat... V Silver open faced levers, lull Jewelled 18 JEWELRY.' 8 Earrings SI 50 to 829 (\ Pins 1 50ta 25 0 Bracelet* ...j. SIMM 89 8C Oeld losketa, one, two, end fear glnese* 8 00 to 25 Of Gold Guard Chalni .10 00 to 80 0( Gold Chatela ne, or Belt Chain* 10 00 to 110 00 Gold Vsot Chains 8 HO to 85 Of Gold Fob Chains ? HO to 15 Of Id Poooll*.... 1 25 M 10 Of Oetd Pens ana Panel]* 3 50 ta 28 O Gold Cross#* 2 00 to 12 0? Chased Gold Rings 1 Onto got Plsln Gold Ring* 75 m 3 0? Jtws'ry of ovary dsjorlption. . .. DIAMONDS. Diamond Bingla Stan* Pins 815 00 ta 81,500 M Demon d Cinoter Ptn# 31) 00 ta bfl Ot Demon* Ring* 7 t0 t# 250 l? Damoni Barrio** 100 00 ta 300 <X Dinnifrof Crosse* 28 00 ta 800 tt Damand Bsneslet* 100 00 to 859 uO An, At . As. SILVER WARS. Silver Tsaepeons P*v *vt 18 <M ta 18 K Silver Dseeert Spoons per set 12 00 to 15 Of Stiver Table Spoon* per ?*t 15 uO th 28 Ob tflver Table Forks per set 18 UO to Mot f liver DtMOrt rork* per set 13 Of) fc> 271 0T Silver Weddlrg Ceko Enlvo*, Pit Kaivos. Fl*h Reive, Pickle forks, 1c* Cream Knives, Fruit Knives, Bnttsr Enrre*. Children's Seta, vis.: Knife, fsrk end Spoon; SUvev Cupr. Napkin Rings, As. Wsteho*.* nad Jewelry repaired et lees than th* nauM'pneea- Wa'shs* end Jewelry taken in snahangs, GEO. C ALLEN. Importer of Wstsbe# end Jewelry, Wksleael* and Retell Ms. 11 Weil street} <***oed floor J ?ear Broadway, Mew York. ? BuOAb^Af LO VN Of. _ Are.?tiatb advances osiits ?n dluiaon-s watches, j? vol $80,000 per com interest, on PPAXOAL. $7,500,000. im Urge or ansa) esse an is, ot , ry, appsrel, sad nil descriptions of personal prop-it/, or purchased tor cosh. The a detest msMssss *sa pan^tu W*'ik *t 0>MWT*d' 394 Brood**/, nesr db^AA AAA ?MONEY TO LOAN?ON DIA WOUl/.UUU. monle. we lobs., jewelry, te ger?, pianofortes, merchandise, and pereonui property generally for bought for oes?.) Business confidential and executed Promptly at IS Naesau street, ttrst floor, hack office. FLORENCE A 00 , Brokers, 78 Suuu at ?f?AA AAA -MONEY TO LOAN ON DIA l?OuU?VvU? monda, watches, j*eelry, dry f?x>ds, segere, Ac., or bought for cash; stocks, nvtee, mortgages, Ac., negotiated. Business contdeaUel and prompt By THOMPSON A CO , brokers and commission merchants, 104 Nassau struct, corner of Ann. room No. 2, second Boa*. TO LEND ON BOND AND MORT gags, for a term of years, at ssren good productive reel estate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply t> 8. 8. BROAD, No. 18 Wall strost, second story, front rooms. A A AAA advanced on diamonds ?TcU. V/VV watches, jewelry, pianofortes, dry guoda and every description of merchandise. Business strictly oonfldsntial. Apply to I. LYON A CO , 608 Houston at., between Meroer an J Green sts. Business hours from 9 o'clock A. M. till 4 o'clock P. M. <BMA AAA -money advanced on dia ?rrV/s v/vfv/s mends, watches, jewelry, segtrs, end ail kinds of merchandise and securities, by JOSEPH LYON A CO., 16 William street room No. 10. Parties waited on at their residence. N. B ?Business strictly confidential. &1 A AAA 10 ?2?.?00 WANTED?WITH A ?lvsvVU first rate business man, in a com mernial business In a foreign country, under auspices and it flue nee, which will be found on investigation to be ol the h'ghest importance. Particulars communi cated only at an interview, which may be obtained by addressing Commerce, box S,9flOPost Office. flflA TO LOAN?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, ?vUV/ os real estate in this city, in sums of L00, 83,060, or 82,600. Apply to ALLEN, HULL A BTOCKF.R, 16 WaU street mifr AAA wanted.?security to twice the l]Pt)-vUU amount, and one third of the profits of a lucrative business given until repaid? ?r a partner would be taken. Apply with real name and addreas to A. L, Post Office, Newark, N. J. (HQ KAA CASH WANTED?in a legitimate (DOeUUU manufacturing businets near Una oity, under circumstances that will insure 80.001 par year. Particulars will be given at an interview, by addressing C. C. A Co., Herald office, stating time end place to be seen. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PUR0HA3 ed et sight?diamonds, watches, jewelry, piano fortes, merchandise, and valuable personal property generally, by the New York, Brooklyn and Williamsburg Lean Association, 01 Fulton street, seoond floor, front room. - DRY DOCK SAVINGS BANK, 019 FOURTH STREET, near Avenue C.?Open on Mondays, Wednesdays end Saturdays, from 6 to 7 P. M. Interest at sis par cent per annum on sums of one thousand dollars and under. Deposits mads on or before Monday, July 9, will receive Interest from July 1. By order, ANDREW MILLS, President Jams L. Stewart, Secretary. Money loaned?on good securities, in sums to suit applicants. Apply to JOHN HOOPK A ADAMS, specie and exchange brokers, 402 Broadway, opposite Pacific Bank. WAN TEH?860. TO A PERSON WHO WOULD AD vanee the above am sunt, a widow lady would let a seatly furnished room, with or without partial heard. The highest testimonials of respectability will be given. Address H. G. Otis, Broadway Post Office. to nnn nnn -money to loam, or bought fO.UvU.uUUi for cash?diamonds, watohee, Jewelry, estate, and every description el valaable property, by JOS. E. ISAAC, b see most office, 11 Chambers street, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. The highest prioe paid for old gold, silver, and California gold. AU traasactions prompt and confidential. 41 nnn T0 0N diamonds, watches, wlUv.vUU Jewelry, sogers, Ac , or bought lor oaeh; real eetsU, bonds and mortgages, notes, stocks negotiated. Business strictly confidential. CHEE8RMAN, BRA1STED A CO., 88 John street 41 HftA -persons WISHING TO NEGOTIATE viOO.uUU. loans, er sell nay valsable.porsonalpro perty, consisting of diamonds, watehss. Jewelry, sogers, Ao.. sen CO accommodated en reasonable terme by applying to rORBUSB A JOHNSON 107 Nassau street, entrance S Aaa street, rooms i and 6. Sash advanced in amy amount, or puechas sdat sight, diamonds, watches, rich jewelry, mosnhss s, and valuable personal property generally. R. WOOB, 69 Fulton street, sessnd fleer, frvnf room, ?torn 8 A. M. to Dividxnd.?Manhattan savings insttto tin, 644 Brgvln;, corner of Blmktr itmi-TM birtMi of thia iMtttittM htT* iMltnd a Hmi annuel livMnd, at tha rat* at Ms per mt per aaaam aa all earn* (entitled thereto) of $600 and nailer, and Are par eant aa ?ama arer that amount, payable oa and attar the third Mon day ia JnJy aaxt. Ail dividaad* not aailad far trill draw internet tba lame aa prtaaipal. AU mcaaye la thia Inatten tion will aammaaoa to draw internet aa tha drat dap of July next Bt order of tha Board. Jane 23, 1866. A. A. ALYORD, Secretary. Emigrant industrial savings bank? Divi dend notiae.?Dapoeitore are informed that a aaati an naal dividend, at the rate *f tlx per aant per annum oa all ??aa of $600 and nadar, aad dv* par aant par aaaam oa all tame aver $600. whiah ehaU have bee a eepoaitad at laaet thro* moatba oa the let daw of Jniy aaxt. wUl bo pad to depeaitare aa aad attefjbdtli July 18. Iatarait aot ?ailed far will ba aarriod bo the credit of depoelt ore ae prin cipal Tha bank ia opened Jtr basic ee daily, from 10 A. M. to 2 P . M , aad from 0 to 7 f. M., at SI Cbambore etraet, eaet af Broadway- JoSEPH STUART, President. J ohm Manama, Camptroliar. PIMM BONDS IB8UBD BT THE CITY OF SAN FRAN ticeo, dated Dvaambar 1,1864, bearing intaraet tea par ??at par aaaam.? Tha nadaraifnad will pay tha aaapaaa "No. V' daa July 1,1863, of tho above named boadt, sar? KM. It 62 tank$1,001 63 a 87 aaeh 601 88 a 116 aaoh 1,000 IdeaSOO aaoh 800 WILLIAM HUOB A CO.. 40 Wall atraat. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WARREN 1 atraat, ana door from Graaawtoh.- Open daily from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. aad fram 4 to 7 P. M. Intaraet at tha rata af 6 par aaat oa nmi from $1 to $600. WALTBR W. CONCKLIN, Ptaeideat. N.D."vAP-VpSi,j Pi**"* TmnMLT L. Bcxtoiv, Secretary. ILLINOIS AQKNCT AMERICAN EXCHANGE SANK. ?Notice ia heraby given that tbe January "and July. 1866. inetalmaata of iatereat upon the etooka of tho Stato of llliaele will bo paid at tbo arenoy of tbo Stato on aad after Monday, tbe eeeond day ef July noxt. Tbe ieatalmeata (at the rate of $16 par $l,0dQ each) will ba applied upon the tal lowing eoopona from lllinoif and Miahigaa Canal Bond*:? Coupon |ot January, 1848, from old S1.0UU, ?300 and ?l(M Bcnde; eonpon af July. 1848, from ?226 Sterling Biada; conpoa of July, 1849, aad January, I860, from Bendaof 1847. JOHN MOORE, Treasurer of IlUaoie. MONET ADVANCEDPOE SHORT PERIODS ON BBAL aetata, diamond*, watobae, jewelry, plate, pianoforte*, dry geoda. heraes, aarriagaa, aad every deter.ptioa af pro perty by the reipeniible Empire Lean aad Ageney Com pany. C. WILLS. Agent. Twenty four hour* notion eult ?ient oa real eetate. Several bonte* aad lot* for tale. OFFICB OF THE THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COM tany.?The Internet on lb* boadt of tble Company, due let of Jaly, will bo paid at tba Broadway Bank. AMORT EDWARDS, Trtaeatec. tXOTHLVO, AC. CAST OFF CLOTHING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION wan tod?The highett price glran, and cash paid in current money. Gentlemen wiehiog to dtepoee of cloth ing, of a good quality, for a liberal eaoh equivalent, art reqaeoted to call on or oddroaa JAMES MOIIONEY, 11 Baxter ateoot (late Orange street.) CLOTHING?LADIES OR GENTLEMEN, HAVING any to dlaporo of, can receive a fair each prise by ?ending to tho More* 12 Laureao itroet, near L'antL 62 Watt Broadway, or loiter by poat. S CCU&N. Lodlto attended by Mra. Cohen. CLOTHING AT AUCTION PRICKS?FINE BILK alpaeca eoata, $8, worth $10, So* black doth frosfea, ooitSS, at $4; g ogham eoata, 76 cant* oaoh; drab do ete panta at on* half the coat. 122 Naaaau atreat LKVIE'8 auetion atore. Good a received oa oommUaioa, at 122 Naaaan a .raat. DBNTISTRY. GEORGB p. SCHAFFER, DENTIST. 296 HUDSON etreet, near llrooae?Eatablkihed, 1841.?Mr. 8. bai for tba part foartean yetrt been engaged ia farnithiag to dentiata ia New York and ita vicinity artificial teeth, at atoat ene half lee* than ia aiaally charged to the'r patient*, aad it bow fuialebiai tbe tame etyl* ef work (wblea for beauty, quality utility or eanaet be enrpaeeed) t> the pub lie upon the tame term* aa heretofore charged to dentieta. Perven* ia want of artiAelel teeth are reepeetfully eoltetted te call, before making engagement*; nice where, li e will be moet tappr to explain bit vyetem te Mi wbe may favor htm with a cell. A corretno ndfag reduction upon ell ether ope ration* connected with the profeeeion. Term* invariably each. 14 XT0 CAN BE DflI*V WHO OAS FINE teeth"?J. J. Roveaeu. Save year money! Tooet who have kwt their teeth, aad intend to remedy the evil by an artificial vet, will gave 6) per eaat by pur chatlag of DK. NAPOLEON PRKIT.KRE All bit dental work prove* to be good, tetter than the beet, and in prise, eh?ap?eheaper than the oheapeetl No. 436 Broadway. CORPORATION NO TICKS. f lOEPORATION NOTTCB.?DEPARTMENT OF^RS \ ! peli* and Supplies, Jaaa 19, 1866.? Sal* of Carporetioa Property?Will ba eold at pnblla enoMoa, an Svtirday, June 3u, IMS, at 10 a>a1oak A. M . to the bighevt bidder, ail the material* and property af tba Naw City Hall, loaatad in tbe Perk, eoneietlag af bnebe. flegflag, and building I tana. Said property will ba eald la dirr*r*at let*. Tba tarmt at ?*]? will ba aaah, to be nut a* the *?l* i* eonetueed. Thaparahaear will baabti<at*d ta remove the prooaada ef hi* aarahae* from tba promtea* within tva dayt hw tba day ar eala. All tba fepondhUity for tba delivery ef the preperty will be bene by the pnr ehaear; and la earn tbe pare haver ahnnld neglect ta rameva raid materiel* or vrepartv withla 4v* day*, aa eperifled it ?ball ba aaaaMa'ad ae forfeited ta tba Corporation, and will ba aeld aver again for the benefit af the eitr. BARTFOIOMRW e. fuedy. mmieelexer of Bapafar* aad BapyUag. Fib urarooL-u. b bail ftramship ATLAN TIC. Jk Wrot, Co?M?< r Thla rtwiMi wtll 4? part with tho Ualtod S'thw ?UI? (w Itrtn ?wiu<?t| Wodaoodty, Jul B, U II ?'?look ST. btalwr berth at iht (not of Cum m*A ?? Mlkl ? fttnp, bating u trailed MW <?ll?ll for ilbUM Mi MBftrt, apply to EDWARD A. Out LOS M Wall H(Mt Patmaaui nri minM'ti to bo ?B bMri ?t KM A M. TV* BALTIC will ?ntcwi tlx Atlulla. ?nd tail Ja r U. ftrtppers will pltut til aotlee that the ihlpe if ibi litt Miiti ttm idi Kitit Milititii ot war A*l lettorr matt piM tM o?t Otto*; any ilkeri will b* wnml Tub mew tor* and Liverpoolunited states Mail fHtaaiora.?Tk* ahipt tompcrtrg thla IIm ar* tk* follow tag.? ATLANTIC. Capt Wart. BALTIC tot CemrtMk. PACIFIC Capt. Ny* ADRIATIC, Capt Tim ahip* bill but knllt by tontraat, uprtailr for natel Millet Inrj tar* bat boon tuna la tboir toa ?tiuotioa, a* aa? la ibiii aatlaot, lo taiwro ttroagtb aai ?Hii, Mi tbcii accommodation* lot pat?agar* ar* aa* Joalltd rot oletaao* aad oomfart Prloe cf pattag* from ?w Tork to iJiwpotl, la ftrtt olata eablu, Bud; in Mooad 1*.. 173; iitlouw* at* of oiira alio itittnom. S3*: from !.Ivorpool to Now Tork, 33 aad B) gurteaa. An eip*rl*a**d rorgeoa attached t* taok this. No berth t**nr*4 aaUl paid far. rmoroaao date* or miui*. tua naw roan. raof umrooL. Wednctday May M, 1836 Saturday Bay bfl, 1833 Wegueoday May 3U, IMS Solar day J nut A ISM Wed Dead ay Jan* 13, IMA Batarday Jan* M, 1838 Wedae-day ....Jaa*I7, 1833 Batarday Jaa* 30, 1833 Wednesday Jalj 11, l.-Ao Sal or dor July U, 1833 ^?*Mjby....J?Jy *: 1838 8atwdJ.::.:..Jrty J? MM For ftoUht or paaaag* apply to SMTp K, CoLLIR8, No. 83 WaQ Mrect, Mow Tork. BROWN. BBIPLRT A CO , Liverpool. STRPBBN KAN No RD A cb? 17 /??tin Frlara, Loadoa. L 0. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Pari* GEORGE U. DRAPER, llano tbo Oram of tbooo ohipe ? fll not bo aooowatabl* (or gold, oUror, bullion, tpoolo, Jewelry, preeioaa ttoooo or motalo aaloo* tofllo eMading or# tig nod tkarofor, aad tho ralnt thereof tberria taprttoed. Bhlppoig pltatt take notice that tho tbipt of tklt liao oaa aot oarry any guodt ooatrakand ot war The vandzrbilt European line op steam ablpo-Tbo flrtt clot* bow staamahip ARIEL, H.3U3 font, Ltlarro matter, will tear# Now York from ptor 30 North rlror, foot of Chambora rtroot, at aooa proeItaly, oa Saturday, Juna20, lor Barro dlroot. I Int olatt paatago $110 Boeoud olatt paaaagt 60 Tbo Ariol will bo followed by tho North rftar, Jnly 21. Tboowaor of thoto rottolt will aot bo aooouotablo for gold, tUrtr, ballioa. tpoolo, Jowolry, prooloua atone*, or at ta't, union billa of ladiag art aigmtd therefor, aad tho rain* therof tberoln upreteed. Spool* aad goeda tatoa at atnal rat**. No freight roooirtd after noon of tbo day bafoto tailing. No berth ooourtd antil paid for. Letton prepaid 18Vo. per X **? will bo rocrtred at I bo office ap to 11 A. M. or the day of Miliag, aad will bo oar rtod la atrong India robber bag* onder look, aad oa arriral at Barro win bo Immediately do malted la the Poet cflo* ] thtro. Paroelt taken, oaob prepaid, ono dollar and upward*, rnra data* or aAiLino. not WBW TO UK. ruou HtTtB Ariel..,. Jose 30 North Star JuneSC North Star July 21 Ariol Jaly21 Ariol Ave 11 North Star Aug. 11 North 3tar BopV 1 Ariol Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 22 North Star Sept. 2k North Star Oot 13 Arial Oot 13 Arial Nor, S North Star Nor. 3 Ariol Nor. 24 Theto tteamtbip* are tlwtaod A I at (ho iaanranoe offloo*, aad tpooio aad goodo will bo ioinred ia them at at low rattt of prenaiom at In any other that arose the oooan. for fralght or passage, apply to DTTORRANCE No 6 Bowling Greon, Now Tork. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER, 23 Rut N. D. dot Vie tokro, rati*. CBRTBTIE, SOBLOE88MANN A CO., 27 Quai Oniimir Ltlavlgae, Barro. For liverpool.?sails on Saturday, juneso, ai 12 o'oloek, tho woll known paekot tbip ASuBUtitoN. For toooad eaktn or ttoerage postage apply on board, pier No. lit Eait rlror, or to TBuSTc. ROC 11K, 83 South A, FOR LIVERPOOL-EMPIRE LINE?TBE CRLBBRA tod clipper tbip C1TV UfJNEW YORK, J. G. Motet, matter, will potitiroly tail on Wodnocday, Jane 27. B?r aocoinmodatioBi for oatia, toooad cabin and tieort|f pat teay or* ar* na*nrpa*oo<L Apply on board, pi or A North Rirer, or t? LRUARE3T A JONES, 40 South ttrortj oornoc of Oid tllp. ffUPSCOIT'8 LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKEM.? X Packet Jum* 28 ?The apleadid n*w clipper ahip BKLLE WOOD, Gap tain Tucker, will poaitireiy Mil on Thursday. June 28 The accommodation* for cabin, aocond cabin, and ateorago pat*eng?rt are utwurpaaaed. Earl; application* to aocoro bertha ihoold be aiado on board, pier 37 Eaat rirrr, foot of Market street, or to TAPSOOrr & CO., S3 South itreet rfcCOIT k 00.'S LINE FOR GLASGOW.?TOE packet of tho 28th Juno. Tho iploodld and fait ?ailing packet ihip GLANCE, Capt. J. M. GillatpX, will Mil on lnurtday, b8tb Juno. Hor aooommodatioa* for all claseea o< paaw near* are nninraaieed. Early appb cation rhoakl bo mad* oa board, at pier 88 Eaat rlror. loot of market ? treat; or to TAPSCOIT k CO., bB South atroot. Black ball line of packets for Liverpool. ?The clipper tbip GREAT WESTERN, Oapt. Furter, will portUrely tail,(on Monday tho 2d of July. For cabin, tecood cabin, and at??raf* pottage in thui ipHo did packet, apply on board foot of Boekman itroet, Eaot rlror, or to JAOOB W1LBON, 108 South atroot. FR LIVERPOOL-PACKET OF JUNK S0TO.?TOE ?plondid packet ahip CULTIVATOR, 2.000 ton* bar then, Captain AutLn, will porttirely *ail on Saturday, Juno 30. For pottage in cabin, Mocnd cabin and rtoor ag*, apply on board, at pier 28 Eaat rirer, foot of Dover street, or to WILLIAMS k GUiON, 40 Fuitoa st. f(\BM LIVERPOOL AND PB1LADELPB1A STEAMSHIP JL'Company la trad tailing thadr Ihrorito tittmikip*? CITY OpfANCHMTR?. .. ,2,1* 10BB. Capt WyHa fMANCHESTER. 8JJB ton*, Capt. WyMa. ? BALTIMORE, (aowj RAW teas, Oapt. " CITY OF WASBlNGTONTdo..1,700 bona. Capk. R. Loitok I Ball.on 300,033 aad 033. aooording to gtai* room. . A limited anmber of third olatt paatougoro will bo taka bom Philadelphia aad Lirorpool, aad fouad ia prerltioaa. From Philadelphia 03u | From Llrorpool .....3*1 Parti** wiabiag to briag out their trUndL oaa obtain oot ldoatoo of paatago aad draft* oa Ur*rpo*i, la tim of AI r>K SOUTHAMPTON AMD HA VMM? TIM UNITED State* mail ituunet UNION. Capia'n R A Asm*, som tudtt, will lwft for Hith, touching at Southampton to Mil tbo mail* and paMOuort. oa Saturday, Jane 30, ak 12 o'olook. from pior No. 37 North river, look of Beaoh (treat. Prion ot passage, ftret cabin. 9110; ooooad to fata, *73. Lug m? aok wanted during kbo tojmi ahoatd bo ooak oa board the day beford sailing, markod "bslow." No freight will bo kakta afkor Thursday, June IB for freight or passage ap ply ko MOBTIMER LIVINGSTON" 63 Broadway. it. B.?All lokkoro ia??k paw through kbo Post Offio. EETUCBD PRICKS.?100 LBS. BAGGAGE FRBSI ? Poor boar* from oooaa to oooaa by Panama Railroad. Mo oipotar* to krc pioal ?aa aad rain*. No walking ia the ?ad around tboal* aad rapWs. No rivnr foror add agoo. Tbroagb fcr California via Panama Railroad. Tbo United State* Mail Steamship Company will despot ih for Aipia wall on tbirk ay, July 8, ak 1 o'olook P. A. precisely, from pior toot ot Warren (krtek, N. R., tbo bow aad splendid steamship GKORGK LAW, 2,300 ton* barkboa. Paaoaagor* and mail* will bo forwardod by Panama KsHfOSil. and eon nook at Panama with tbo Paoffle Mail Stoamafcip Company's macaiflooak steamship Galdoa Oak*. 2,810 ton* borkbon, A ?. H. Leroy, eommaader, whioh will bo ia roadtaoa* and leave Immediately for Saa Fraueieeo. Tbo puolie are in formed that ?1* P. M. S. 8. Co. always have on* or more si - kra *ttamer* lying at Panama, ready tor **a, to avoid any pcssibls detention of passengers or mails. for passage ap. ply to I. W. RAYMOND, at tbo only offloo of tVe Com pal ay'*, 177 W**t atroct, corner Warroa, N. 7. FOR BAN FRANCISCO?THE SPLENDID A 1 FIRST clan* clipper *hlp ANDREW JA OKSON, William*, mat tor, ia bow loading at pior 10 Knot river, and will positivelf tail oa or bofor* Tuesday, 17th July. Ship para will plena* send their freight promptly on board, aad complete their engage menu before Tuooday, 10th. The ihip* of thia lino are advertised for a oartata data, and guaranteed to sail on or bofor* the day advortioed. SUTTON k CO., 68 South *t, cor. WalL FOR CALIFORNIA?PASJAGE 850.?FURTHSR RE duction of (are*.?Now York and Cal'fornia steam - ?nip lino, via Nicaragua Accessory Transit Company, of Nicaragua, proprietors?through in advance of tk* m?U ?7(0 mile* shorter than any other rout*, avoiding tbo deadly Panama favor, and twiftniloa of dangerous boat ing in Panama Bay. Rata* oB.fare through to ii* Fran cisco, including the Istbmuacrossing:? First cab n, 8175; second cabin, *128; steerage, *50. The splendid double engic* steamship STAR OF THE WEST, 2,600 too* bur den, Cbpt. Tumsr, will leave pier No. 8 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely, for funta Arenas, on Thursday, July 6th, 1866,'connecting with the steamship Uncle Sam, 2.000 tons burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transportation by first das* carriage*. For Information or psooogo at the reduced rate* apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, agent, No. 2 Bowling Green. L*tt*r bag* mad* ap at the office. Sfampod letter* takou for 6coat* each. Australia.?picNBBR line-carrying tub United State* moil ?The celebrated A 1 clipper chip MCHTING ALE, Captain MUbor, for Melbourne will bo despatched on borreeoed voyage about the let July, hav ing mad* bcr last ia the unprecedented time of 7ti da ye. Ha* ox col lout scsoramodatinns rev paeeoagsre and freight. Ap ply at the rffioo of R. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Green aad lid WaU street. Australian indbprndrnt mutual linr The magnificent A 1, clipper ship METROPOLIS.1,000 tons, T. H. Jay. Commander, will suoeeod the Crystal Pa lace sue bare immediate despatch for Melbenrae. The ac commodations for pa**aa|*r* ia this fine ehip aro of tbo very best, both la first aid teeoad eabia*. Also, a limited nam berot steerage N?M|in will bo taken at tbo low rat* ot StR found with provision* by the ship. Having a portion of ler cargo already engage l,passenger* oaa depend on qmek doepa'eh. f er freij ht or paseago, at low rat**, apply on beard *t pier 17 Baal river, art* MAILLRR A LORD, 108 W?ll street, and AREELL A RLLIOT, ltd Pearl street. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.? ler Havana aad New Orleans Oa Monday, July 2, at 2 P M., tkom pier foot of Warren street. N R, tbo will blown and favorite sti-nmship EMPIRE CITY, CaptUn lleary Windle, having taen thoroughly overhauled aad pat in firit elan coadttfca, will resume bar place Is the Hue and ?ail as aleve^U'Miage eaa be secured at the Company's office. Frelgflpto Now Orleans, 80 scats per eutile foot. 5bippers wilTbo ?applied with blank biiltof lading of the form shred ry tfcs Company, en application at their otfioe. No other forme signed, and no bills of lading wl'l fas signed hbippers wilTbo eupplied with blank bill* of lading of the the Company, on npplloatioa at their otfl i signed, aad ao bill* of lading wl'l bo etgi after the fa on r of tail in* For freight or paasaga applv at the office of the Ccmpaay, 177 West street, corner of War ren M. O. ROBBET3. For savannah and florida-unitkd states mall kae.?The new and elegant steaawihip FLORI DA, Clapt. M. S. Wood hull, will leave New York for He vfinash on Wedneeday, Jnao 27, from piar No. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. Bilk of ladleg nign>d cm brtrd. For freight apply on board, or for pannage to BAMUEL L MITClllCL, 13 Broadway. For Florida, through tick etsfrrm New York to Jacksonville, $31; Pilatka, $33. The Aognste, Tto*. Lyon, wtU sue .read, and leave en Sa turday Jone SO. F~ OR CH ARLEBTON AND FLORIDA?SEMI-W BBS - It?U. H. Mail Un# ?The new, magnificent anl lati going steamer NASHVILLE M. Berry, earn mender, will leave pier No. 4, N. R. oa Saturday, June 30th, at PUatha, $23. The Poutberaer will ?uooeed, aad leave oa Wednesday, July 4Ut. FOR PKrERSBURO AND NOKFOLK.?THE S TBAM ?bip ROANOKE. -Oaptaia Skinner, to aow loading at Pier 13 N. R , for Petembnrg and Norfolk, aad will ware on Wedneeday atternoon at 4 o'clock. LODLiM At PLEASANTS, 32 Broadway AMUSEMENTS. a cademy or music. ~ A 1 rALi an opc&a. POSITIVELY THE LAM WKkK OK THK LA GRANGE TROUPE BENkUT OF S1GNOR KAFFAFXIR M1RATE. Moiarl's chef d'tcim, DON JUAN, will be given, for the firs'. Um?, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 27, with tbo following unexampled cast ? Zerkina Mtdux Anna do U Graage Dotaa Add* Modame Rooo D?vr?ee (H.r first appeerauo* for two years ) Doaaa Elvira Madamo Htedsnburg Ioa Ottavki .Mgnor RaffaoUa Mint* Doo Juan.. Wgnor More IB Cn IWto, tb? Commandant ......... Slgnor Uasperoni Leporello Siguor Rovers MaiettO Si/ uo r Otalio (Hto first appearaaoe In Opora.) M'tls Soto and Mono. Careaae will daaoo a Mia not In the first act. Musical Director and Conduct jr Rig. Arditi Now scenery, by Sigaor Albert Seats may bo secured at Ball A Ban's; JoUie's, 619 Broadway; Van Notden A King's, and at tbo Academy of Masie. l*ricca of Adaalrrion.?Parqnotto, Parquet Circle and, Secured, $1 AO; Family Circle, 60 cents; Amphitheatre, 26 coats. Doors open at 7\ o'clock; the Opera commences at 8. T> ROADWAY THEATRE.?E. A. MARSHALL, SOLE D Leasee.?Doors open at 7%; commends at 8 o'clock. VYednesday evening, June 27, will be performed IT'S THE CUSTOM OF THE COUNTRY. Mr liare Mrs. Barney Williams THE IRISH TIGER. Paddy Ryan Mr. Barney Wllilamt Lavender.. .Mr. Grosveoor I Julia Mrs. Seymour Marrowfat.... Mr Wbitlng I Nancy Mrs. Hough IRISH ASSURANCE AND YANKEE MODESTY. Pat Mr. Barney Williams Nancy Mrs Barney Williams Butter Mr Wbl dog | Arabella Mrs Franoe Herbert Mr. Canoll | Susan Mrs. Nagls Bowery theatre.?proprietor and manager, I. P. Waldron Stage Manager, Robert Jones. Prises of admi.eslon:?Boxes, 26 cents; Pit, 12)4 cants; Gallery, 12)4 canta, Prtvats Boxes, |6 ?Wednatday, June 27. 1HK MORNING CALL. THE ENCHANTED TEMPLE. Galzettc Mr. R Johnston MR. AND MRS. P. WHITE. GEO. CHRISTY & WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 472 BROAD way, above Grsod street OPEN EVERY EVENING. For thie week, Ethiopian Minstrelay, Dancing, Ac., con cluding with the DARK DEEDS, OR CRIMSON CRIMES. Dcors open, OX; commence, 8 o'clock. Tickets 25 cent* All business transacted by H. Wood. OLYMPIC CIRCUS, 46 BOWERY.?H. FRAN CON1 and B Rusnelis, Proprietors IMMENSE BUOCEHS?OVERFLOWING HOUSES. Engagement of the two celebrated German artists, 11ERK DE17.EK AND OOURAD, who will appear In the double trepese, and go through a a variety of sstonishisg feats. Second week of the celebrated female equestrian, M'iJA MARIE, and, also, a comic scene, entitled HONS, and MAD. DEN 18. Open every evening. Afternoon performances:?Mon day, Wednesday and Saturday. Boxes, 26 oents; Re served Seats, 60 ceute; Pit, 12>4 cents. pUCKLEY'S SEKENADEKS PERFORM IN ALBANY X) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening*, June 26, ?6 and 27; in Troy, at Rand's new Hail, oa Thursday, Friday and Saturday following. Rand's Hall, Troy, is < ne of the finest music halls in the United Stabs, and Is capable of seating twe thousand people. The only baby show in wsw york?now exhibiting At the FRANK UN MUSEUM, NO. 53 BOWERY, every afternoon, at 3, and evening, at 8. SECOND GRAND CONCERT AT THE BROOKLYN Athenaeum, corner of Clinton and Atlantic streets, on Wscnssdsy evening, the 27th inet., by Master Wm. Holding and Brothers, aged respectively eleven, tight, and four years. They perform on the violin, fluto, ao eardeon, drum and piano, with a mastery and precision never before equalled by youths of snch tender years. Their previous oonosrta have been attended by large and fashionable audiences, and alieited a high degree of favor and popularity. Bayer's Brass Band will bo in attendance. Admission, 26 cents; children half price. Boots open at 7; performances to commends at 8 o'clock. TAXATIONAL THEATRE, BOSTON.?LADIES AND J3I gentlemen, of acknowledged talent, wishing en gagements for tbe next seaaon, will please address or communicate with Mr. PARSLOE, Theatrical Agent, at Barton's Theatre. WILLIAM FLEMING, lessee and Manager. MISS A. STANFORD'S BENEFIT, AT THE BROOK lyn Museum, this (Wednesday) evening. Miss Stanford as Claude Metnotte, in THE LADY OF LYONS? Pauline, Miss Maclean. SLASHER AND CRA8H6R? Slasher, Nash; Dinah, Miss May wood. WHO SPEAKS F1RMT? t'apt Charles, Faulkner; Smart, Miss Clark. THK UMER UK BOY. Admission, 26 cents. mo ETHIOPIAN PERFORMERS.?SIX GOOD ITHIO _L plans wanted, to play on the 4th of July after noon and evening. Apply setween 2. and 4 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, to JAMEi ROBERTS, Live joy's Hotel, New York city. rpO DRAMATIC AUTHORS ?THE YANKEE SONG, EN X tJUnd "Bobbin Around"?worda and music by W. J. Florence, will bo published la ? few dija. This eons was written by the undersigned expressly tor his wife, and bar been inns by her with great eclat in the prin cipal cities ot the United St*tee. W. J. FLORENCE, Comedian. Franklin museum, no. as bowiry, marly opposite the Bowory Theatre. Performance* every af Urn oca, at 3, and every evening, at & N. B?Stressors will observe that the Franklin Museum is the only piaee la the Baited State* where tbe Model Artists are exhibited, with other original entertainments. Remember, Me. U Bowory. Black fianist.-mastrr Augustus loca, tor Ethiopian Thai berg, only oixtoen years of are, who** oatraordiaary performances have excited the admiration and astonishment ot the profession who have witnssood bis private rehearsals, will alvs his first Grand Usnosrt. a? ths Tabernacle, on Wednesday evening. Jans 27, eommeno' 8 o'clock. Master Loca uTll be amis ted daring the Conocrt by bis brothers, and tbe celebrated vocalist. Miss Alien During th* evening hs wlU perform Llsst's Conoeito, by Bsrti, and Wallace's Polka do Concert Tickets, 2ft eents; Reserved Seats, AO oente. Tickets to be had at th* prinoipal Maslc stores throughout the oitff COMING.?KEMBLE'8 METROPOLITAN MINSTREL", the star troupe ol th# Union, comprising twelve un anrpaaeable performers, under the personal supervision of Mr. William H. Burke, will ihortly appear in Nor folk, Portsmouth, Richmond and Petersburg, Va.; Re sign. Warrington and Wilmington, N. C.; Columbia and Charleston, S. C- DR. B. PHlLLIPd, Agent. XHIBinON AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE, JULY 2, for the benefit of tbe Sixth Avenne Ragged School. Ibis school, wbleh has been for ths last ytar under ths charge of Miss Mary Ann Dow, will have an exhibition ot it* condition and progress in the Crystal Palace, on Monday, th* 2d or July next, in the afternoon. The aebool will tnter the Palace ?t two o'clock and leave at aix, end during that time there will be exhibitions by scholars, music and addresses Mayor Wood, of New Yoik; Mayor Hall, of Brooklyn; Rev. Heory Ward BeteLer, Rev. E. H. Ubspin. John H. White, Receiver of the Palace, and others, will take part In the proceed ings. Judge Edmonds will read the report of the school, and Mr. Gerard will give an account of tbe Ragged Schools in I-oadon which he Ttiited with Bishop Wain wright. The receipts of the day, after paying the expenses, will be devoted to tbe eupportof the school for the ensuing jsar. tot worth's Band have kindly profTeied their tervioes on the ooeasion. and will perform etiatervela daring the alter noon. The various articles yet remain ing in the Palaee, including moat of the statuary ard paintings, will be open to th* examination of ths visit ers during the day. The undersigned, tak i ng an Interest in tbe school, and desirous of seeing similar one* estab lished throughout tbe eity and vicinity, solicit for this exhibition tbe attention of the humane and thair char table aid. Ticket*. 26 cents; children undsr 12 years of age, half price. Tickets to be had at the door and th* principal hotels, book and mualc stores. James Harper, Jam** W. Gerard, Peter Ooopsr. John H. White, J. W. Edmonds, James Free land, H. H. Day, tiam'l Brsvoart, Geo B. Jones. FIILKWOltKB. ^ E DABS' FIRST PREMIUM COLORED AND BAIL LI ANT FIRRWORKS. Many sow sad original designs, appropriate to ike oomia aamvorsary, never before offered to (he pnblio. Th* snhoeribers are now prepared to furnish displays foe cities, towns or villasoa to any oxtont, and hnv* on haad a complete vaiiety of sal* work, of ve.y superior quality, which thoy offer at th* lowoot mark** prices. Orders will moot with prompt attention. Address ? JDS 0 A ISAAC RDOR Jr., United Stales Laboratory. Jersey City, ec RUN KIN A BOBBINS. 63 Maiden laae. N. Y., Our only anthorised agent* tor th* city of Now York. Firework depot, ss division strict, witkrb oan be fonnd all ths various kinds, mode by th* boot mtnufnotsroro, and warranted to be of the flret quality, at th* lewoet cash prices. Country dealers supplied, and or ders punetually attended to. THOB. 1. JONES. 38 Dirleion street. Fireworks-new york laboratory, us promt street.?Fir* crackers, Canton rocket*, double header*, ?< r"wv. ff u w ViavAWgs, wwuvhu ivowsij uvuvm '? *??? ? "t jess sticks, and a complete assortment of fir* works, war ren is d to th* first quality. Country merchants and dealer* ta f nsral, also oooimittooi for city and country displays, ?utp.ifd ob th* moot liberal terms. V M. BENNETT, 196 Frost street. MilPPMG. ^ COR NORFOLR. PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND.? U The United Stats* mail steamship ROANOKE, T. M loner commander, will leave pier No. 13 North rivwr, on Wvdasadav, June 27, at 4 d'elock P. M., will arrive at Mcr'olk the next afternoon, and at Petersburg anl Richmond the foUowlng morning. From Norfolk, pae tsngers for th* South proceed by railroad direot, with ihioni h tirkst* from Weldon to Wilmington, Charleston. Are. i'ai sege and far* to Norfolk, SB; to Petersburg and Richmond, 910: steersge, haii price. Through tickets th Lynchburg, lid. Apply to LUDLiH ft PIJ-TafiANrd, 62 Btoedwsy. N. B ?No freight taken for Riohmoad. T 0 CHARIER FOR IXCURSON3?THE 8AYR AND rrn nxxitous doable engine steamer MA9BACH0 ckTlH E R. Ilankr, commander, can be chartered for sxewrtiewa She lath* largest and meat elegant steamer oft*red. having a dancing saloon 112 feet long. Apply m board, foot of King (treat, N R , or to L. H. GROVER, 193 Broadway, up stairs. AMUSEMENTS. M ii O'" ?!? to 11 it fg| ' VTSMI tAIMR.'IUl OP COMMBJI I> tMIIMU M I; 0?M ?! tote rtose to 8 tent ?w?ii W >u> [oii.T. Jvaa >7, CCNTIN C1P 8?< < ?88 or BAi.f ff'a GRAND OPBBA. IBB DlllOuiU UP IT. HaBE, IT THE CU RB RATED 1*7It aM> UARRISON ENGLISH OPlKA CuHPAMT. Ca* arias In L. Pyne Adoiph .......Mr. W. Baton Lxiiiiuo It. bvlvi | n minl|i Mi IIeiiIIi Andrr# Mr. tomi PULL uKCMKSTRa, in KflaSftO CBOROB AJSfl CKa.NO OaLI.kT. Conductor Mr. 0. P. BriltoV . _ IITItt HOTICI Ticket# Private Main .V..?m3 Orcheetrn toll _ J Boi oAna open Sally, from IA. H.tolP. B.,IH II III te I Orbolti OUi III rnTki. Boicsoaly. BUBIUN-B, CHAMBERS STREET.? I)RBW QDICU and Parquet. threats, Family circle, 26 Mill; Or chrilra Chairs, $1, Private Bases, $5 each. Doom emu brgin at b o'clock. WtduoiilaT, Jul 27, TOM CRINGLE | NEW YORK AS IT K. Tern Crtegle Mr. Ed.'y | Hon Mr. Okufru TIIE KING'S GAKDRNER. Galochkrd Mr. Holland tl'ALLACK'S 111EA RE. TV GERMAN OPERA. O.N SATURDAY EVENING. JUNE 30, will be performed, for the first time beM, Auber's (tab2 ?fM?, i> five acta, of MASANlELLO. Principal eharaetsre ay Mescumsi LEHMAN. LEEDER, Meiara. QU1NT, VJNKK, ? , , MUl.ltK, Ac. ( ob due tor Mr Robert Htopel Loom open at 7; |?r onnauce to ooiaaMaco At 8 P. M. Prico of admi.eion:?Private boxes, $6, 111 iiluali? Stabs, II; Parquet aao Dr??s Cuclo, 60 cools; Pllta* Tier, 26 ctBta. No axtra charge for Msersed aoota, A MtdP *11 *****'"' a' ,t"' 601 ?ffi0e "** lt9m BtctboTin'i grand opera of EIDELlo la in active re hearsal. IT* ALlJtCK'S THEATEE. ? FKENCa VAUDEVILLE TT aight?bounce le Jew.i 28 Join, 1866. breeteur, M Anthony. ? 1.A I)A UK AtX IKOls MARIS, veude rillo mi acta LE B0>Nbl' D'a.nE, scene eoafaue jou.-e par M. Edgard. LA HI.LE DE DOMINIQUE, eomi dio vaudeville an no acta. l.A FAMINE DE PARIS, tlr.e do la Hmriado do VoltaiM, riolU-a par M. Aitknj. LE LA1T D'aNEsSE, eom<dio veuaoville on ua acta. Lib bureaux ouvr.ront a 7 beuroa, on ooameaeera a 8. Bureaux ca location lo Jrudi, oo II banroa a 4, BUCKLIY'S SERENaDERS.?THIS CELEBRATED Troupe, during tba repairing of tboir Burlesque Opera House, 639 bio.d way, alii give three of tbair un rivalled ontertainaieatB in ALBANY, commencing on June 26. Aftei which, they visit tbe city of Troy, (and surprise tba Trojana ) Tbey gve tbair Concert, in tba Inttar city, nt Randall'a new Hal!, tba moat migalQoant In the State of New York, being capable of sealing two tbPo land parione. J OHM R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OP BUROPB AND H1BGR UP 8EBA3TOPOL, At Cmnxsx Ahimilt Rooms, S39 Bioxoiit, showing one hchduio views, fart* teat wide, ef the principal CITIES AMD OBJECTS OP INTLKB3T IN EUROPE. Bver> evening, nt 8 e'eloik; and every Saturday after noon, at 3 Tbe nub by Mr. Alwyn field, ol London. Admission a> tenia PERHAM'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE, 663BROAD way. ? First weak o tbe "Mlacbievona Darkioa." Revival of tbo *' Walk Around" and " Railroad Ex ploit an," in connection with Negro Minatrolay, k?. Perferinancoa:?Evenings, at 8 o'clock; Wednesday and Saturday afterneone, at 8 o'clock. Ticketa, 26 conta. Gift ticket? admit four peraai' ? A CU?,,wa5 sV.^t ?***???? Pouilvelv to 00 4ih ?f J"iP REMBMBrV wi **?T? Alt* UNLT fl BACH, ANB admit four pereona to runto'i RTMionan OPbka, ?63 Bboabwat. AmoDgst the glfta to bo dtatribwtad ia a Splendid farm, wartb 8MM Iloanotaaak ROW 1 loan ol cash 1 loan of eaak LMt 2 loans ef eaeb, SSOO eneh EUR 10 loans ef eiiih, glut eaeh LOW Tbe a:40 trotting mare Lilly Dale Mil 10 Rtiewead pianoa AUK SO Gold watches, Ae., Ae. Band all ordara foe tiebeia to J081 AM PRRHAM, Adana Houae, Beaton. CBARLB9 8TRBBT TBXaTRR, BALTIMORB, POM I int.?This beautiful and fashionable theatre, nt tba corner of Baltimore and Charles strents In offered far rant, by tbe week, month, yssr. or longer, en reasonable terms. During ton past two seasons it ban bona wall at! so did by the best portion ef oar eitisnna; and not withstanding tba ginsra) deorasslan of 'boatrtaals all orvr tbe country, tho bnsiaoas has bosa profltabln to an sxtsnt which warranto ibe astertlsa that, with a need aom pnay and attrantivn wrtormuits, it mntt provn lucrative to the mannasr hereafter It io ia goad repair, and hae lately beta mack improved in ventilation, rendering it ana of tho most oomfurlabls and airy thaatros la tba alty. A trifling outlay woald place It in suoh a erudition u to rank second to no establl.bmant in the oountrj as regards boawty, nratnaes sad sUglbiHty of location. Wot torml, addraee fa. W. MoCLBLLAN, Baltimoia. Md. MEDICAL. D R. SWAN HAS DEVOTED HI3 STRICTEST AT?N tloB for tbe last 18 yearn to an office practice, and oniinuee to be consulted daily by both eexen, at bla office, No. 1 Chatham square, in partner*hip with Dr. l*ke, where bla celebrated remedial can be obtained. Recent caeee cured In n few dayt. DR. PERRY, 87 FRANKLIN STREET, NEAR TAY lor'a saloon, may be oonsulted confidentially, ia curtain diseaaee. Dr. I'mry ie tbe agent frr D aval'a French remudy for temate tirtguteritiee. Price 82. DB. FLL1X OCVERGNE, FOR M\NY YEARS RES! dsnt Physician At a certain Hospital in PatIh, baring arrived for a Abort visit to tbo United SuVes, propoHi directing hU Attention, whilst Acre,' to tbo treatment of tbnt elAM of dies*#*#, for whleh bio lone connection with the Above timed hoapitAi, nndar tbo celebrated Dr Ricord, particularly qualifies bin. Pre-. ?ertptlone lofAlllble in All forma of tbo Abort named dis eAaae, And which con bo procured of any druggist At ? ?mall coat, will ba forwarded to any addraaa an raednt of one dollar, addressed to DR. Ol'VEKUNE, Dr and way I'oat Office. PUm# be particnlar la describing lymp toma, bo. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES.?DR. DUBOIS' OFFICE? Agency for tba exelnalve treatment of all dtnaeae incident to female*, 86 Lexington arena*, near laat Twenty ^ereath atreet and Fourth avenue, Ramadiaa for femnladaraagemanta from $1 to $6. Adrioa gratia. Conaultationa and lattara confidential. Mall laltim aon talng 16 Hired with adrlce and medicine* by return port. Relief guaranteed in nil eaaea. Pereona from n diet once pro nded with eligible board, nursing and at tendant. MI.ARMO.vr, PARIS AND LONDON PHffilCTAN . and anrgaoa, author of the Medical Adruar and Marrkaga Guide, 346 pagaa, 76 engravings. (mailed by him. Haled eloeely, to any addreaa for ffil,) la eonanlbad at 42 Read* atreet, corner of Broadway, from 11 A. M. till 2, and 6 to 9 P. M., Sunday* excepted. Thorn at n die tan c* tieoted by mall end txprota. We eonour with ?tbir yipare in re commanding Dr. L. and hie treat!**. ?Diapatcb, Courier de Ktots Cnia, Day Book, Btaato Zei tnng, National Democrat, 6to. EIOORD'S PRACTICE-NOTICE OF REMOVAL.?THE undersigned, formerly a pupil with the great Ri eord, of Pari*, and with tba celebrated surgeon* of thin city, Dra. Carnocban and Mott, inform* the public that ba baa removed and permanently Htabliabed hie eon salting and dispensing room* at No. 616 Broadway, far tba cure of disease*. He tender* to all afflicted positive assnraneeof relief, and thoee who have been abused by "specifics," antidotes, little booke. " no mercury,"and like effusions of the numerous medical charlatans of tbo day, may rely on baring tbeii cams treated effectually, no matter bow comp'lcated tbey may appear, tba ex tended oltervntions in the famous Hospital du Midi, ia Paris, unCor Ricord bimseir, together with tbe many new and efficient remedies ot this eminent surgeon, render failure impoaalble It may be mentioned, for the information of patient* residing in tbo country ?r dis tant clliaa, that tbay ean at any tome consult tbo sub aeribar by letter, giving a plain statamant of their ease, whan lb* necessary medicines adapted to it will b* pro pared and sent to them Recent cans eared without any delay. Charges quite moderate, and the moat eaa did information given in every iastanoe His treatment of oonsamption, scrofula and nervous disease, ia entirely on tba modern and improved acience of medi cine, and baa bean eminently suooeaafnl. Conaul tationa ?n Frangais. Office boars from 8 to 8 and from 0 to 9. C. D. HAMMOND, M. D-, Bnrguoo, Author of Medical Information for tbo Million, At., Ac , No. 616 Broadway, apposite Bt. Nichols* Hotel. Dl. HUNTIK NO. ? DIVISION 8TRMIT, NEW YORK, so long aadfavorably known to tha puklie, may b* eoa ?ulted at bis aid established utiles, whan ha has prsatiaed in sas braash of msdleln* tsr tka iMt 24 years, aad mad* boh ears* than nay other ass la tbe eity, ia aas; ia s la sees ?f persons toasidsrsd insurable, aat #f wbiah be has ma lesion to refer to as hsrstofors. Chorees Moderate, aad in all isms a sure guarantssd. Caution.?My great re medy. Banter's red drop, that sares certain dimassi wtth ost dry lag its pets on ia the blood, son only he bad as above. Fits* 81. Call aad gat tbe Monitor of Health. DeT COBBETT, 19 DC AN E STREET, MAT BE Con sulted with eonldenr* on certain diseases; 24 yean ia an* spestality of the profession ssables htm t* i annate* ponaaasnt ears*. Bis treatment is tb* ait a* thatjeae Used by tbe greet Rieord, of Paris N. E ?Or C.'t diploma, a* member eft h* M. T. Vnivsttity, near be seen at hts office. DIC COOFBK 14 DC AVE STREET, SO LONG KNOWN to the eittsens of New York as tee most isiwifil practitioner this sonntry saa boast st, eeattaecs be be #** aulted at bis *14 affiM, relieving the aafertaaate, aad fir tag eeanolatioa to,many aa ashing heart. M. B.-Dr. ?. guanmtea* a **** in ail ?UW nadeKahea. _____ IYK JOHNSON. 18 DUANB STREET. HAS FBEPOEM 7 ad men ewes than aay othsr medical ?*? w_*f oik Dr. At treatment is safs aad aspsditfe**; kto medl risrs son bstskea without l*?r of dstesti** ,Cb*r?*? m* dstats, aad th* msasy refunded if satisfHtiau Is net given. iers^vThi? t?e?ni""V without taring the system. Altsca Mon ot dWt oreeMition from hastens act reqnireA Sr?g CURE. - DE. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S friend new Is used before svsrv other remsdv. Tha aaly .,,ln .ore knewu. Do not be deceived. It U the aaly nmeW that will mot ?Uopt*i?? ??"* BiVrimrr or mlasral poteens No oas eve* tried tb* Umteete Sau" Triesd bat eievesisd Ms admlrattea *f iWilMl . son ally plsnsaat as saint ary. Man* at* rsrad by Am dee*, office Caaal *'.f**S ens d*?Mait? ?re*lw*y.

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