Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1855 Page 6
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iBfEBYISEKERTS RENEWED EVIBY DAY. WaNIH. a N AMERICAN WIDOW WISHES A SITUATION AS xl. house*.'eper m ft n-i^iubb family whuro there is a* other mutreas bent of refereaos Cftil ftt 133 btfbU m., f*r two caye. RR-iPKCTABLK YOUN'i WOMAN, JUST CONFINED with hrr reread uhild, *iom a situation as wet cum in ? rsrpitUbie 'tall), o' take the child t? bar bcuM, u stay be des r?<i; the beet of city refereoce gtTea a* to character, sobriety, 4t>. Cao be Men by call tag ea h*r at the reaideee* n( her talber, .Mr. Reynolds, he 82 Weet 41st street, between 7ta and nth avenues. A LADY ABOUT LEAVING fHK CITY, DESIRFM TO J\. pcotvt a sitaatioo (01 a Protestant young woman, whe baa lived fa her *mp oy two yeara and a half, in the capacity e: nurse and s-.sui.tre??; would take a similar a.tuatioa er be willing to do labt chamber work and eevUg, co objection to ?oiug a abort ills'aaoe In th* oeuatry lor the summer mootoa Refers to her present ample yens 46 Beat ldth street ? YOUNG GERMAN LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH e family wbo would procure her services as nur sery governess; she Is n?p*nie of teaching Herman, French aad the ru.lmeou of English; is a first rate em brsidsrer, sewer, Ac.; also understands housekeeping; salary est so much an object as a comfortable home; city preferred; beet of reference# can be given. Address Nursery Governess, Herald office A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT GIRL WANTS A situation as ehamoermald aad to assist in wash u? aad inning, or ta do the general housework et a small family; la a good plain cook, washer and inner; geed reference oan be given; no objection to go in the coca try. Can be aeon for three days if not engaged, at 116 W. Itth at., npper floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA 1\ ttnn as none and plain sewer, or chamber maid, ami to help in washing and ironing; no objection to mate hmeetf useful in all other departments. Can be a at AbC let avenue, with Ave yeara' otty refer* nee, engaged. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SB TO A n tiin in e respacta hie family an anno aad eeam ettms. er to teach ohUdrvn; oan embroider; no objection to aaakn herself anefai in all other departments. Cot) be seen at 388 1st avenue, with the beet of city reference, aatfl engaged. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A attoe at cook, washer and lienor in n small pri vate family; has so objection to do general house work. Oan give good city reference- May be eeen for two days at No. 432 let ave., corner of 36th at., third floor, baok 4M EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION . an children's nurse, she ban lived yearn in English Mm Oan be seen for two days at 148 East 11th St., Oral Oner, (rent room. A PROTESTANT ENGLISHMAN AND WIFE WISH J\_ employment, the man to look after horses, si do plain gardsnieg; the woman as laundress, plain eook or sumswen. Apply at Aaencaa. he. Employment So oisty, 37 Greenwich street, near tha Battery. respectable young woman, who lived three yeara in England, wants a ittuatton to do orki i and waiting, and has no objection to de general bensework for a emaU respectable family. Please call at 636 3d eveaue, bete eon 33d aad 33d streets. A TOUNG ENOUGH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS A name or cuamoermaid, with a family living at borne er in a tot si. Apply at 62 Spring at, In the base ment oI the rear bouse. A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSF, and seam ?A stress, by s rrotestant young woman; would go to the country lor lbs summer City referenos given. Cbn be see a Hie remainder of this week, at 146 East 28th at, between 2d and fcd svenuee, third floor, room No 12. A FRENCH IADY, WHO UNDERSTANDS THE BUSI J\_ am of a fancy store for ladles' or gentlemen's ww, wuhes to find employ mt-nt of any kind in the above trade. Address M. T., No. 6Greenwich it Good refsseaoocan be given. Can be seen lor one day. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS il piais cook, wasber and ironer, or to - o the house wort of a small private family; baa no objection to go a abort distance in the country. Please call at her present employer's 26 Norfolk street, b? ween Hester acd Craad, for too days. AHlIAffr, INTELLIGENT YOUNG GIRL WISHES A silastic a to travel *? itb a family; is a neat pUin mix, is capable of taking care of children; no rbjoc Uoo te tram to sny part; Europe preferred; la a go .id arsolar. Call (cr two day* at la Kaat 11th at., between 3d and ttb are , third floor. a RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN J\ wants a situation aa aeamatreia; ahe understands cutting iaiiae' end children's dresses; ia an excellent pla n wxker Satisfactory reference. Can be seen for tee day* at 87 West 10tn at., between 6th and 7th ara. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, PER sianenUy, aa seamstress; understands cutting tad titling ladies' dresses. is a competent shirt maker, sad can do ail kinds of family tewing; wishee a little ci>?mb*>r*err Beet city reference. Call lor two days at S78 I'oeri at., firat floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatant woman, as cook, washer and isoner; nnder a'aaJa het bualiees in ail its branches, and can produce satisfactory reference aa to cnaraeter and capability. Call far twe days at 418 2d arenue, back room, 2d fleer. AREHPECTABLE YOVSQ WOMAN WANT3 A SITUA m ee chambermaid and waiter, or to do cham berwetk, flae wa?hiag and ironing; U fully competent for either Has the beet of city reference from her last piece, vkvi she baa 1 red for three years. Can be seen at i'M <>th arenne, between 16th end 16th eta. a FIF-fT RATE PROTESTANT COOK WANTS A HITUA J\_ Von either in a hotel or private family; would go u housekeeper ia a private family; has served in 6rst oiaea bmues, ao objec'iou to ge a short distance in the eoon'rr Has good reference. Can be seen for two days at 217 M>U at, second floor. ARkHPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, as chambermaid, or to help to wash and iron, or to ta*s oere o' a baby, in a private family. Hoe has goed reoommt adatioas from her last place. Call at Na 408 Cherry St., for two daya. A SITUATION 18 WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE J\. years girl, to do general housework or take care of children. No objeeticn to go a short distance in the country. lias city reference. Call at 205 Mott st., be tween Lias.'tea end Bleeoker. A GOOD CCOK WISIIEa TO OBTAIN A SITUATION 21l in it private family; no objection to the country. P'reee call at 147 Leonard it. A YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION* in a private family; good oity reference oan be given. Ga.I at No. 6 New street. ? PERSON OF EXPERIENCE IN HOTEL KEEPING, and favorably known, will And a pleasant situ ation for the hammer a abort distance in the country. Must he of undoubted Integrity and good character. Ap ply to M. BELL, 68 Canal street. A YuUNO MAN WITH TALENT CAN LEARN THE A. art af designing for engravers on wood or stoas, b - eesving a term of two year*, and a compensation of tw? hondvwl dollars. Apply at ioom 13, 62 Johnstreet. A ACTUATION WANTKD-BY A SINGLE MAN, AH /W coachman, would wish to go in the country; un dsrstasds the care and management of horeee and city dr,; for capability and character can give the best of oity reference. Please address W. M , Herald office, for two daya A FIRST RATE ACCOUNTANT, GOOD PENMaN, A A perfect sad practical book keepsr, by one of the Mit system* of doable entry la nee, being desirous or rel.'oqu'thing his present occupation, offers himself ta the notice of any part ts In the mercantile community wanting a thoroughly competent person ia that capa city, and wishes only to accept a situation where one felly efficient is wanted ; will give references of the hifbsat order Addreso D. Forrester, Herald office. A GENTLEMAN THIRTY FIVE YEARS OF AGE, OF active, temperate and business habits, wishee to obtain a situation aa clerk In a mercantile establishment. Apply at Be. 12 Columbia at. A YOUNG MAN IS ANXIOUS FOR AN EN JK gagemeat ia some mercantile honse as entry clerk, w'sace, by indeatry and sobriety, he may gain a pvrma a?nt situation, writes a good hand and understands bookkteplng thorcnghly. Refers to last employer. Ad dress a note te A 8. R.. box 130 Herald office. Agents wanted?for every section of the oo an try, te sell all Jocelyn's popular map ?beets. Three are the safest and cheapest publications that an agist can sell. Three splendid, entirely new, entered sheets, else 26 by 32 Inches, just ready. Letters ortaotUry answered by return audi. Address A. H. JO fgLYN.ddVaKon street, N. T. C1OA0BMAN WANTED?Winn: OR COLORED. A' / experienced person, and who Is willing to maki Th? best of aity referenoe required. Ap ply at Harie's Hotel. DOTG CURK WANTED,?MUST BE GENTEK1, careful and competes for a dispensing and fnmlli at ton's drug store, 214 Cour "wUti Bwii'yii. "|JH?PIX)YMENT WANTED.-THE ADVERTISER Wl J-J ?s to meet with a situation as bookkeeper, clei feeeeiter or salesman, in a wholesale store; aoobjecti togetouayoftheHtateu. Salary a secondary coniidi attsa. Far retort noe, Ac., address B., box 160, Hen effies. EMPLOYMENT-AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT MAN may obtain a permaaen t engagement by applying (today) between8 A M. and 3 P. M., at 26 John s'-reet, baereeeat. A city reference required. IjMOtALE COOK WANTED,?ONE WHO THOROl cni. JE understands ceoSing in all ita branohss; to such S ?"? too highest wage# wiU be paid by a gentleman n aiding in the oenntry, about 100 miles from New Vorl The very beet of testimonial* will be required of eapac te ?nd ofeaiMtor. Address H. & T., Broadway Poi Gffioo. TfrntAU HELP OF ALL KINW MAT HE OWfAINKt I thf American Employment Society 1. Blkle Honse Aster Place, 8 sand* street, Brooklyn aa< teee oioh stefft. Aloe. farm hands, gardeners, coach WAJTTft. CV1RLS WA.NTEO ?TWO GOOD PANTALOON'S I tuna*, who under* t?o4 ftctaaing up foaU suop pdUkoo, tod two girii who *ut to lrm ttn trod* Apply *t Its Christie st., hoom floor HOCSr.KHTFR.-A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH W0 ?D (? desirous of obtinlfg i ii*uitUMH bou* ktrper >? i idiU piivib fimtty, hwa bid awf )lui' *ip<r.rnc<- in brut rate families Boat city references. Apply At S68 flUi svsuue. b>t ween 22d and 83d it*. ON DF-MANDE?DAXo UNR FaMILLE PRIVKE 0011 poe.'e do quotie personate, uao bonne d'eufants, ct uaeouisiniure sscbant fever *t r-piMr. S'Adreoaer a roc leoommandaiiom au No 12 Lex top ton avenue. rH'lICR'S 81TUAT10N WANTED?BY A YOCNG Baa, IB y*ara of age, who in willing to main him self gemrally uttful to bio employer. Please address J. 8., Beiald cffice. QAIFSMAN WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE TOY AND O fancy goods establishment, a steady, smart and act it# salesman, (a German, of middlo age, preferred ) Only sues, who understand the basin not and can coma well recommended, need apply Salary liberal. Address box 4,021' Post Office, with r?al name and referents*. QAIJSMAN WANTED?IN A FANCY GOODS HOUSE: O one who understands the businesa, and hta a good acquaintance among country merchants, preferred. Al ee a young man, to aaalat nt the dealt; must write a good band, and reside with his friends. Addicts box 2,681, Poat Office. Seams-tress wanted ?wanted, a good skam ?tiess, one who has a general knowledge of dress making; also a girl, to do general housework, and na objection to go into the country. Apply bofore 12 o'clock, nt 104 Prinee at. SiTATTONBRY AND BOOK CLERK WANTED.?A 5 young, but experienced man, and if a resident of and ef Influence <n Brooklyn, preferred. Enquire et 337 Atlantic at, at 8 A M and 8 P. M. SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A STEADY man, en Englishman, who thoroughly understands his business in ail its branches. Address, tor two days, W. N., Herald office. HriL'ATIONS WANTED?BY TWO EXCELLENT GIRLS, one as waiter and chambermaid, the other as nurse and plain seamstress or chambermaid; can give city re i, No. 10 ' ference. Apply at their present situation, No. 10 Weak 23d at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teetaot woman; Is a good cook, and an excellent waaher and lroner; n small family preferred. Can be seen for two or three days, at her present eiraatien, No. 26B 5th avenue. SltUATlONB WANTED?FOR 100 WELL RECOMMEND ed, highly respectable, trustworthy and competent servants, coeks, house workers, chambermaids, waiters, and smaa girls to take care of children. Apply at Crabb's Intelligence Office, 10 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, In the basement. N. B.?No girls aeut from this office without unexceptionable references. Country orders promptly attended to. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN and his wife who have no family, to work on a (arm; he understands his business. Can bring the beet ot reference from his last employers'. Can be seea'for two days at No. 8 6th street* SI1UATI0N WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY A reepeotable woman, as cook; understands the Ame rican and English cooking, and Is an exoelleat baker ot bread; no objection to go a short distance in tbe coun* try; best of city reference. Can b? seen for two days at 3b East 18th at., between 4th avenue and Broadway. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS nurse for children, er as chambermaid or waiter. Is willing to ge in the country, and to make herself generally useful; is very fond of children. Will be well recommended by her present employer, with whom she has lived two years, at Kid East 21st it., Gramerey Park. 61ITUATIONB WANTED-BY TWO EXPERIENCED ) servants, ia city er country; one to cook, wash and iron; is an esperienoed oook; the other as chambermaid tud seamstress; can get up all kinds of Que washing in superior style, or would take a laundress'situation. Can give the highest eity testimonials for years, and will be lound honest and faithful servants, their principal object is to pleare their employer Can be seen at 2691 7th svenue, till engaged, will take moderate wages. SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RESPEC CABLE Protestant German girl, to do cooking, washing and irenieg.ortodochamberwork, in the city or county. Can give the best ot city reletence. Please call at No. 1 >4 R. v egton street, for two days. SITUATION WANH??BY A TROPES CANT YOUNG woman, a- children's nurse, or to take charge of an infant; is willing to do light chambcrwork; good refer ence, and no objection *othe country. Please call at 6C4 Houston st., second l oci, front room. Two gip.18 wanted?in wait in a diving sa loen. Ioquiro st Paige's H 'tel. corner of Spring and West sts., between 10 A. M. an J 1- M. rA PHOTOGRAPH ARTIST, WITH A -MALL CAPI tal, a rare chance is offered for ouslness, in a city of a population of over 60,000, where there are no pho tographs on paper taken. For further information in quire of A. BRl'EN, 214 Fulton atrest. The adyibttser, just arrived from England, where he has bad a long and most intlmsts connec tion with the straw bonnets and manufactured fur trades, offers bis services to wholesalo houses. He csn without egotism assert that his knowledge and expe rience of these departments cannot ha exoelled. Ad dress A. B , 61 Canal street. TO BRQKER3 AND BANKERS.?TRE ADVERTISER, twenty Tears of age, and who has been engaged in the exchange basinets In one of the first houses in this city for oyer three years. Is a good j udge of money. Would like to accept a situation in some bank or good established house. Is competent to take charge of the uncurrent money department, and thus offers his ser vices to any who may wish to engage in the above busi ness for a reasonable compensation. Best of reference, Ac., given from his former employers. Address C. L. M., He " ~ lerald office. TO FREEMASON? AND ODD FEIJiOWS.?WANTED, a member of either or both tbe above fraternities, to act in the capacity of clerk, and if capital can be fur nished, an interest in tbe business of an old established manufactory of regalia, jewels, ke , in the city of New York. Address1 Masonic, Herald offioe. ?jQNE JEUNK FErtSONNK FRANC AISE, QUI BAIT de cl way, chez Mme Philiyoteaux. coucre et coifler, desire trouver une place de fllle de chnmbre en bonne a'eafants. S'&dreesor 880 iiroad W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ait nation to do tha housework of a private family; is a good washer, ironer, and plain cook, and can bake excellent bread. Has good reference. I'lease coll at No. lfi Sullivan et., first floor. WANTED?BY A YOl'NG LADY, WISHING TO CO to California, a situation to attend on a lady or children on the passage; has been aceuetomed to attend in a millinery or faccy store: satisfactory referenco given. Address E. M. D., Herald office. 1*7"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, W from London, as housekeeper or nurse and seam stress, In a respectable family; the best of refersnoc given. Apply from 10 to 4 o'clock at 95 East 15th st., for three day a. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RRil'K STABLE women, es cook, washer and ironer in a .m ill family. Good oily or ensntry reference if required. In quire 'or two days in the rear of 89 Madison st. WANTED?A WOMAN, A9 COOK AND TO DO general lioa-ework; one understands washing, ironing and baking;also, a girl 10 yoars of age to take charge of children ami do light 'chamberwork; must come well recommended. Apply at 318 IV. 24th st., be fore 12 o'clock this morning. "|I,rANTFD? A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE (.IRL, m to do chamber work or ho'i->ework, In a respect able family. Can give good city reference. Apply at 106 Cedar at. **7ANTED? A SITUATION, A8 CHAMBERMAID AND W laandrese, or to do housework, in a private family or board ing house, in the city or oountry, by a tidy, active girl, with good city reference. Can he seen till suited, st (8)fi West Washington place, sec end Moor, ront room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the general housework of a small private family; is a first rate cook and an ex cellent washer and ironer, and understands baking; she Isamart and clean about her work, and is kind to chil dren. Caa produce city reference from her last place, where she lived three years. Call at 250 Ttb st WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROFESSED COOK; she is trustworthy, and is excellent in every res pect Inquire for Mrs. Torry, 44 Hudson st., third Hoot. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a -itu.ition aa chambermaid and waiter, or nurse; won Id like to go travelling. < 'an be seen for two daye at bar present employer s, 133 Remsen St., Brooklyn. "RANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE .. girl, to do chamberwork or to take cars of chil dren, or to assist in the washing isnd roning. has no objection to go a short distance into tne oountry. Please call for tare days at 180 Thompson st WET NURSE.?WANTED, A SITUATION BY A RE spectable young widow lady, aa wot nurse; is a good aeamstreas and would be willing to make herself generally useful; good city reference. Apply at 2/19 K. 14th at, between Avenues A and B, for three days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRi., of amiable manners, as waiter and chambermaid, to take charge of tbe silver and parlors, or aa child's nam* and chambermaid; la a neat sewer. The best of city reference; bos no objection to go a few mllee in the a prlval country fer the summer, or In a private hoarding house n the city; wages ?8. Call at<17 East 23<! st. fori days. WANTKD-A SITUATION. AS COOK; UNDERSTANDS her business thoroughly. Refers to previous em ployers aa to merits. Can be seen at 314 Fourth street. Would aaMat in other household duties in s private fam ily. Can he eeen for two days. *?7 ANTED?BTY A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL, 17 vy years of age, n situation to take oars of a child ?*S*5l!?*?W,"R- (Ma speak French anl English. ?. ?? et 219 V* .1 mt, loom No, 'i, * hami. WANTSD? A BirOATlON, UV A HTGULY RRSPECTA Me French nuij eh* U aa aaceitont tMDiUtu, and teen itemed to th? com rfcHene; apeak* English, snr vcuW Ura c* otjeottoa to travtl. Apply at 1M Clinku at., fioat room. up cat pair stairs. WANTED?A SltUATlON, AS NURSE AND 8KAM ttrcss, or to do chambarwerk for a email famiv. 9"n ?>? eean for on* week at Mr present em Ao/er's, 415 Pacific at., near Navlua at., Biaitlit, Good rafareaoea given. Wanted?a biiuatton, as chambe-uiaid or teemetifei, br a raapfouble Protejiaot English yoorg woman; aba fall/ under*tand* dressmaking, cut ting and fitting. Can be seen at Mrs. Dedd'e, I'M cherry at. CTT AN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 81TU TV atioo aa oook ti a private family; would have mm abjection to nail tn the washing and Ironing. Can ba teen at bar preaent place, *2 West 22d at., for two dsye. m ANTED?BY A RE3"ECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN, v V a aitaatten, aa waiter and chambermaid, in a pri vate family. Pl*a?o apply at her preaent place, 137 Mao dougal at., third door below 4th at ; referenoe given. WANTED?AT 175 SPRING ST., TWO OR THREE firat rate dieaaaatiton. Alee one good mantilla maker. MAD. H. KERR. WANTED?A SITUATION", BY A RKSPEJTABLE young woman, aa chambaraiaid and waaher, or chambermaid and plain eewer, in a private family; good a reference Gall at 59 West 18th at , between 6th Oth an., back room. W ANTED?A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL (ENGLISH or Scotch preferred) aa child'* none and eeam streeai muat be a neat, plain eewer, with good city re Apply at 166 Wait 22d fertnoe; wagaa $6 par month. at, near 7th av. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A 8ITUA atlon aa cook, waahar and ironer, in a amatl pri vate family, or would have no objection to a private boarding houae; good city reference from her last piece. Please call at 92 flth avenue, in the rear. Can be aeea for two day a. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG WOMAN, aa nuiea; good city referenoe. Apply at 190 Sthat, between let avenue and avenue A. Can be aeen for two day a, It not engage A WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, TWELVE OR fourteen years old, to go with a family iato the country, aa aaeiataat ourea, for two or three months. Apply at 14 Weat 31st a treat. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A situation aa cook, chambermaid, or to do goaerel housework. Inquire at 178 Eaaex a tree t, room 8. Would liko to live in Brooklyn. WANTED?A SI1UATI0N, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do generalfcpauework la a amell private faail 1y. Good city reference. Apply at IV City Hall plaee. first flow, front room. Can be eeea for two daya, if not engaged. \Ki ANTED? A GERMAN OR COLORED GIRL TO DO V v houae work In a amall private family; must ba a good waahar and ironer and understand plain cooking. Apply in 64th at., four doors east of let avenue. Wanted?by a very respectable middle aged woman, a situation to take esra of an inva lid lady, or aha would go as child's nurse. Can give the btet of eity referenoe. Please call at 91 4th at., front basement. 1*7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TV a sltuatiea to do general housework in a private family, In either country or eity, or in a boarding house. Call at 11C York at, Brooklyn. WANTED?BT A TIDY YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION aa chambeimaid and seamstress, or ohambermaid and waiter. Please call In Court at, second door lrom I.uquer, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, A8 COOK, WA3HER AND ironer. Beat city seforenee. Also, a situation as chambermaid and plain aewer. Beat eity reference. Would go a abort d stance in the country. Apply at 316 1st avenue, between 18th and If th sta. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa cook and to assist in the ws?h>ng and ironing; is a capable baker. No oijeotien to go in the country if required. Good city reference. Apply at 333 Bowery, in the rear, for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa ooor, waaher and ironer. Best city reference. Please inquire at 104 Nary at., between Myrtle avenue and Johnson st, front room, third floor, for two daya. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation, to do the housework of a small family, or to take charge of children. No objection to go a fliort distance in the country Can be aeen far two day a. Please call at 189 TlUary street, Brooklyn. 1*7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO TV man, a situation aa laundress and chambermaid; to a first rata doer up of ladies' finery, or would be willing to do gentral work far a small private family; Kod city reference* from har Utt place, where she can aeen for two days. Call at 212 W. 19th at. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGkl) WOMAN, A SITU atisn as flrat rate cook la a reapeetable family; has lived In highly respectable places from, where she sen give the best of reference as to capability, &c , Ac. Can be aeen at 97 W. 12th at, second floor, front room, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework, and to a good plain oook, waaher and ironer ; good references if required. Apply at 4813th at., between 6th and 6th avenues, first floor, front roam, in the rear, for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, aa wet nutea in soma respectable family; none other need apply: no objection to the coun try ; erence if required. Inquire at 197 Avenue A, front room, first floor. WANTED-A BABY TO WET NURSE, BY A RE spec table woman, at her own residence. The beat of reference given. Please call at Mr. Moore's grocery store, 66 West 32d at., for Mrs. Tarph. Can bi seen for twa daya. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A situation to do housework, either in a large or email family. Ie not afraid of work. Apply at 42 Bay aid at., near Bowery, from 9 to 11. WANTED?A FIRST RATE HOR-E, ABOUT 16 hands b'gb, gentle in barnesa anil warranted, to gether with a neat and light wagon and harness com plete. Any person wishing to dispose of such aa estab liakment, at a. low cash price, may hear of a purchaser by addressing a note to A. A., Herald office, with price, Ao. w ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework, and in a good waaber and ironer. Good reference. Apply at 2flD Third are nno. Can be aeen for two days, from 10 to 4 o'clock. "WT J ANTED?A 8ITUAT10N, BY A RKSPKCTABlF. VV young wtsnan, aa plain cook, washer sod ironer; good city reference. Call for two dsys at 201 Went 27tb street. \\JANTED?BY A RESIECIAIII.E PROTESTANT GEIR Vl man girl, a situation aa chambermaid and waiter, or do cbamlierwork nnd fiue washing, in a prirate Eng liah family; good reference from her last place. Can he seen for two cays at 487 I'd avenue, corner of 8Mli at.' \\T ANIFJi?TBIf I?AY, BY A HIGHLY BE? PEC TABLE VV young woman, a situation ss chambermaid; has no objection to waiting; is trustworthy and com teat to fill that place in a prirate faaaily; hai unquestionable city reference. Can be seen for two da;a at 10 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, in the basement. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN aa chambermaid; good reference. Apply at 30 Warren stnat, South Brooklyn; can be seen for two days; front room, first floor; can do plain aewlng. WANTED?A PROT1 -TANT WOMAN, AS NURSE and seamstress In a family, where there are no very young children ; she must be olean, good tempered and willing te make hertelf useful. Apply at 12 Lafayette place. WAN 1 ED?A FEW GIRLS, WHO UNDERSTAND braiding and embroidering. Those who are folly competent will please addresa Sift, Herald office. "^TTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE t V woman with * fresh breast Of milk, as wet nurse. Best city reference. Please call at 74 East 24th at, be tween Lexington and 3d arenues, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teetant girl, in a private family, aa seamstress; she understands family sewing; would assist In cbam berworl ;a lady that will take her to the country pre ferred ; undoubted city reference. Can be seen from tea o'clock, at her last situstloa. Hit East 0th st, for two days. MRUANTED?A SITUATION. BY A STEADY, gUIF.T ff girl, to take cars of chlldien; caa be wtU recom mended. Can be seen for three days at Mr. Howard s, 73 Sands st., Brooklyn. WANTED?A 8ITUAT10N, BY A HKdPBCTABL* young girl, who te a good plalnceok; can bake ex cellent bread, ana is a first rate washer and Ironer. In quire at 212 West 26th st., bet*sen 8th and 0th ars. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS seamstress, in a private family; can do all sorts of family sewing; te also a good cutter and fitter of lad es' clothing; beat of city reference given. Apply at 08 7th avenue, fer two days. ITT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f? young wok an. as cook, sad te assist in washing and Ironing; best of city reference given and required. Apply at her present employer's. 26 West 20th st.; caa be eeew Thursday and Friday of this week, between two and fonr o'clock. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as oook , no objection to assist la wash leg and honing. Can he seen at her last place 174 lltk St., between 0th and 7?h avenues. ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A HIGHLY RESPECT able young womaaj te * good cook, and an exeel lent washer aa<l Ironer. Has the bent of city reference from her tent emploger, with whom she has lived for the test two years. Please call at 244 Heory at, corner of Paeifle st.. Brooklyn, where alp caa to nana gntll on |0|ed. WANTS-ID?A HTUallON AN SKaMSTKRW, by a jns| Im;, ia ? ixptcliN* ftatl/: cm de i? broidery, fancy work, or make ooilraw's cUliM. Ia quiie at M fct Mark'* piece, MWtd Boar. WANTED?A SITUATION, A8 NURSE, BY A RE apeatable woman, -ho ia capable of tak a< charge of ?a infant from it* birh; ha* a good knowledge of plain sewing; haa good c } reference. Caa be teen (or two rays at 83 East i2d , near 3d av. WANTED?A SITU AT .ON, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* bambermaid aad waiter; ba< the beat of city reference. Please oail for three day* at bar preient tmployer's, 1 9th it, a?*r Oth av. WANTED?A NITCATIUN, BY A WOMAN', As chambermaid and ?eamitre**, or to tak* care of children aad do plain atwing; ha* no sbjectioa to go to the country; beet or eity relereace. Apply at her piesent imployer's, 830 l.roadway, for three day*. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A WOMAN, AS OOOK. tin-roughly understand* her bu*ioe*n; hiiaoov jeetion to aaaiat in the washing and ironinr: ia a good bread baker; beat of city reference Apply at her pieaent ampioyer'a, 800 Broadway, for thro* day*. WANTED?BY A MOST 1BUSTWORTHY YOUNG airman, a aitaation a* chambermaid and waiter, o* to do general honaawork In a amaU genteel fanail; the applicant haa lived in the city name time, and caa produce good city referenc*. Call nt 4T Hadaon a treat, front room. ^ WANTED?BY A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN. A ait nation aa attendant to a lady; haa bean ac onatcmed to the care of children; or aa chamber maid and aeamatreaa. Can ba aaan nt ll3 3rd avenue, between 13th and 14th adnata. filT ANTED?A SITUATION, AS OOOK, BY A STEAL Y Vf woman; can ba well recommonded (torn her last place, where abe can be aeen from 10 nntlt 4 o'clock, rieaee call at 390 Houston at, near Broadway. WANTEDu-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGIJtSII WOMAN', a situation aa cook in n private family: under stands baking and paatry; i* a good washer and ironer; no objection to go n short distance m the country; good city inference. Apply at No. 4 Amoa at., eoinar sixth nvenne, second floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at cook or lauadraas, by on* who uadsrataada her bus inert; can ha wall rteommead ed from her last* place. Apply at 48 Vanfiam street between Hadaon and Varick. Can ba teen for two days* WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABLE young wemaa, (a Protestant,) as chambermaid and waiter, or as chambermaid aad plain a*war; would assist in the washing aad Ironing. Wages no objest, if n good bom*. Best c<tv reference. Can bs aeen at 162 9th st, between 3d and 4th nvannaa. YK7ANTED?HTUA HONS, BY TWO PROTESTANT if girla, M&trrs; one as first class cook; the other aa chambermaid or waiter. Have no objection to go a short distance ia the country. Best olty reference from their last place, where they have lived seven years. Pleass cail at 131 Waverley place, for two days. Wanted?by a respectable young woman, n situation aa ohambermail, or to do the general housework af a small private family. Good city re ference given. Apply at 91 Prince st. for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ? situation as chambermaid orj seamstress. No objection to the country. Apply nt CI Renwisk st , 2d floor, for two days. WANTED?BY A HEALTHY WOMAN,'A CHILD TO wet nurse at her own residence, the very beat of care will be taken of it, and warranted to be treated will. Please inquire for Mrs Carroll, XC1 Mott St., first floor. Can be seen for two days if not engaged. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, who speaks English flnentiy, a situation as lady's maid, or to do sewing; understand theoba-geof cbil die*. Inquire at 80 Norfolk st., between 9 A. M. an! 5 P. M. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE English Protestant girl, as good cook, washer and ironer, or to t'o general housework. Can be sjen for two days at 30b Mott st. Good reference. No objection to the country. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL, A situation as nurse and seamstress, or waiter, in a privata family; good city reference. Apply ?t '251 fith avenue, corner of lfith nt., in the bakery, for two days. WANTED?BY A YOUNG AND COM PETE NT WOMtN, a situation to do chamber work aod waiting, or tine washing and ironing; can give the be it oC re ference ftora her p'.eaent place, where she haa beta Cor one year. i all at No 2 Union at, corner of 14th. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, TO ATTEND IN A grocery atore. Moat give good city reference as to character. Inquire at 1,V88 3d avenue, between I2tith and 127th nts , Hailem, in the afternoon. ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG MAN, A situation as gaidaacr; baa five years' reference from his last employer. Address M. S , box 180 Post Of fice. ANTED?BY A FRENCHMAN, WHO HAS LIVED with the moat respectable lamillea In this city, a .situation as relet ton single gentleman, or as waiter in a private family; the beet'of city reference ean be produ ed. Flease address A. N., Herald office. Tns ad vertiser has no objection to go in the oountry. ANTED?AN FXPKRlENCED LITHOGRAPHIC PEN man. Apply to Wm. H Rease, northeast corner of 4th and Chestnut ate., Philadelphia. ANTED?BY A UESl'EC TABLE YOUNG MAN', from Scotland, a situation as pastry baker. Ad drees A. T . Herald office, or 214 10th avenue, between 24th and 25th its. ANTED?TWO SMAKT, ENTERPRISING MFA, 10 travel in a light and pleasant business; also one with a capital of $1W, to take charge of a light an 1 re spectable business; salary $40gptr month. Apply from 1) A. M. to P. M., at 102 Nassau St., room No. 5, up stairs. ^ANlTJi-IN"X>r^EICE," lffTHia CI TV, A YOI NG VV man, 17 or 18 years of age, who writes a good hand, and is somewhat familiar with books. Any cne who answers to the requirements of this advertise ment, may hoar of a good situation, by addressing, in handwriting, D. C-, Herald office. ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, FROM SIXTEEN TO twenty years old, in n temperance grocery store. Must have some experience, and good recommendations trom his last place. None but an American need apply at J. llaight's, 23 Stanton St., cornsr of Chrystie. ANTED. IMMFJilATEIVY?A BOY~WHO SPF.AK8 English and German, to do errands, Ac. Apply in the music store, No. 60 Montgomery street, Jersey < tty. _ WANTED?A < 01 PLE OF GENTEEL YOUTHS IN A wholesale shirt -tore; must board with tbeir pa tents a nr. have undoubted reference from their last situ ations; none other need apply. M. Wl jSON, corner I'crtlantit street and Broadway, Gelsey Building. r AN TED-A BOY, OR A YOUNG MAN, TO LEARN the ladies' shocmAking. Call at 303 Grand st. \jjtf'ANTED?AN'~ AGKNT~,1N~EVERY~TOWN AND TV country thioughout the Union, to engage in the manufacture and -ale of no article nptn whi:h, for an outlay of $10, one thousand dollars a year may be made. The article is one of on rental consn mptton. This is a chance that should not be a'lowed to escaps by those who wbh a good remunerative business. Full particu lars. with a specimen of the article, will be scat by mail on tbe receipt of 12' .' cents. Address Prof. JAME-S Y. IIORNK, Post Office. iTNIl'X?ITVE AGENTS, TO TRAVEL IN A BI^SL rere that will pay from $3 to $6 per day. None hut smart active men need apply. For further paiticn lets ir quire of W. Jennings k Co., 280 Broadway, room' 42. WANTED-FOlB SMART, TTDY OIRL8 AS WAIT" ers for a hotel in Connecticut; tare paid. Al-o, rcoka, chambermaids, laundresses, housework girls, farmsrs, porters, coachmen^grooms, boys for stores and trades may l>c eigaged at No. 4 East Broadway, corner Chatham square. < barges moderate. Employers suit ed immec iately. JAMES McLEHNON, Agent. t)Q7 BROADWAY, fvtnvin "rAftr. at li'inrti.-Hk mi 0 f OoHNUir'S, can always be hod English, Scrteh, German andlrialt help, for hotela and private families; also waiters, porters, coashmen, gardeners, farmers and mechanics, at ttls, or the branch office, 102 Greenwich street. ITOLRR WOODS. AH I' E OF THE CHIEF OF Pol ice, new YORK, June 27, 1865.-<<wners are wanted at the First District i'ciice < onrt for throe crane shawla, and at this office for one silver spoon, marked M. A H., which pro perty is supposed to have been stoisn. GEO. W. MATSET.L, Chief of Pollen. KlPRESHCIt' "* Brooklyn and nbwyobTnimlaiii wagen and business rente for sale; an established concern; the owner having another buniness oannot at tend to it. Inquire at 42 Vessy street pier. West Wash ington market. tSTCTOT k GO'S BROOKLYN AND NEW YORK express.?For the eooommodatiou of the travel ling public, nn express will leave our Brooklyn office at 7 A. M . 9 A. M., 11 A. M 1 P. M , 3 P. U. and 6 P. If , eonnectlng with sll the different lines of railroads and steamboats from New York. To save trouble and risk to pas*sogers, ail baggage will be checked at the house when called for. Time tables of all railroads kept at our office 168 Broadway, New York, and 209 Washington st. Brooklyn. CORPORATION MIDi KC /10RP0RATI0N NOTICN.?DEPARTMENT OW ML \i pairs sad Supplies Jnae 19, 18?.?Sals of Corpsratioa Property ?WiU bs sold at public auetiea, on Saturday, June 9u, 1850, at 10 o'elook A. K., to Uta blgkeet bidder, all the materials and property of tbo Now City Hall, loeatsd in the Perk, ennsDnng of brisks, Sagging, and building etoas. Said property will be eold ia dlSbreat lots. The terms el sale will be eash, to be paid to the awotianeer, ae sooa as tbs eals is ceaetaesd. The parshaeor will be obligated to rsmove the proeoods ef bia aw i oh see from the premieoe wltbiw Ave days from the day of sale. All tbe respeoelbiUty tor tbe dslltwry of tbe prepsrty will be boras by tbe par ehaesr; aod la eaee the pare banc sheaid wagleet to remove eaid materials or prepertv within Ave days, a< ipeoifled. it shall be oemeiderod ae fbrfrited te the Carporatiea, aad will be sold over agala for the beastt ef the ettr. BARTHOLOMEW t P0RDT. Md MttMi TUN ANTS' RHOI8TSR. F APARlMENTd 10 LET IK FORTY FOURTH HVVBET NC-. 96 and 97, bat "(x-n With art-en# lit 0bo?4' way: four rcemi wl*h all the m xlera ioifr-ir#m?at? Tbe boc r?a u? irat tlan for health a ad r-epec'tf ? ciuitbi quilted in New York. But II to flit p-r Bictt. *1h>, a iw Gothic houie, with ax?ro iu {tnrmuota, atx rooms, 111 far aoith Inqalre am tba ].rvm.bea, far ot>? weak, bad at 13# Raat Twenty tint street. A FURNISHES HOUSE T- LET, F< >R THREE RON THS' ob verj roast-sable tsrms ?8 tue'-lea retired and health;, aal am table for a Southern family, or at bare viMttrg tb? ??;; or the reoat wiU be let separately, will out board, to geotltmeu; or b aula let perma nently. Apfly at 260 Fourth avenue. A FURNISHED HOINE TO LET IN BROOKLYN?IN J\_ a delightful locality, Ave minute#' wale from the ft try and cart; every cnuviaieecs, gee. ranee. 4c , aal i? io perfect order, the furaitare U of a good quality. To a re?pcn?lble tenant, wtil be let eery low Apply, for particular#, at 76 Franklin etreat, New York, or el Fulton street, Brooklyn. COTTAGE ON THE HUDSON RIVER TO LET.?A neat cot'age, two stories and high casement, on taming fourteen rooms, attaatad at Tubby Hoot, forty flee minutes (rom Chamber! atreet, w tbin 100 yard# of the ruilroeo depot, with rirer eiew, will t>o let whole or in part Apply, on the premiere, to JOHN H. WATsON. FURNISHED APARTMENTS NEAR THE FERRY.?A parlor and bedroom attache:, with or without board; a good kitehen also, if required; hath roam and gae; house is pleasantly situated. For particular# In quire of Mr. VAN BOSRERCK, corner of First and Washington streets, Hoboken. ANCY RE8IDF.NCE TO LET?AT BERGEN HEIGHTS, New Jersey, 1)4 mile from Jersey City (erry, a neat Gothic Cottage, located upon high ground, com manding a view of the harbor and bay of New York, atjAnnsurpaared for salubrity and aa a cool retreat for the summer eeason. Stages pasa within a few yards of the com ertry fifteen minutes to and fjom tha olty, fare 6,!? cents The bouse was neatly furnished about twetre mental since, tha furniture of which will be ?old at a great ?aer.fioe. Alaa, a pair of French ponies, carriage, Ae. Posaeaston given immediately if re quired. For further pnrticulare apple to R. KINOBLaND, 11$ Chambers a ,r?et. Furnished rooms to let, at reduced rates. ?A room, bedroom and kitehen te let, to a small family. Apply at No. 133 Wast Twenty-fourth atreet. Also a past of a first claaa bouse, furnished or unfur nished, to suit Tne family being small, tha applicant may make axraagementa to suit himself. Apply as abova. Furnished or unfurnished rooms to let. ln a first clues house, (new,) or the preeent small family would let the whole house, and remain, taking partial board, apply at 96 West Twenty fifth atreet, a few doers east of Seventh avenue. BOBOKEK.-PART OF A HOUSE TO LET, CON slating ef 4 to 0 rooms, in a Una location. Apply at >rtmUes, 137 Hudson street, Hobokea, or 177 Wil liam" street, New York. W. FRIKDLANBKR. Houses to let in Brooklyn-a fine three ?toiy house and alore. Rent, to a good tenant, $10 par month. Also, a nice cottage, with verandah in front and rear. Rant $12 per month. Apply to M. E. JEN KINS, 36 John street, up stairs. OCSE TO RENT FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS, AT Newport, Rhode Island ?Genteel furnished house, ten rooms, with or without furniture. Has a good yet a and garden, pleasantly situated on the htU. For terms apply to N. UEFFROY, at Brumiva&Qellroj's, 10 Cort land t atreet. PART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE TO LET?TWO PAR lore, with mirl>t6 mantels and folding doors, and three bedrooms and basement. Gas and Oroton w*t -r in the bonse. Location three minutes' walk from the St. Mcholaa Hotel. Apply at 27 Old slip, between Front and Scuih streets, first floor, back offloe. SUMMER ROOMS TO LET?LARGE H ANDSOME RIO *9, at 870 Broadway, for families; every comfort and convenience for housekeeping. To single gentlemen wishing to economise these rooms are worth their atten tion. 870 Broadway. TO LETT ?AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND, A NEATLY furnished andcomfortable home, (or the furn tture 7JS5SSEZ?: ?nc> ?u conveniences within the nou#a, ??? ? new rea<*y for Immediate occupation To see the piw mises, aip'y to T. BAT TELLE, lewnsend arenue, or 103 Front street, New York ; ? mcT LET?A FOUR STORY HOUSE ON PRINCE 1 a+rafet in fine order, b%tb, sc. Ksnt fouu. a (o^ a three' story basement house on Fourth arenue in elegant order ; bath, gas, ki. Rent ?060. Aluo, 8mfcUhou"' b?KIN3H[MEB, 319 Fourth arenue. mO LRT-THE STORE NO. 40 READE 8?5ET, 1 fifty feet east of Broadway, opposite Stewarts. font >600. Apply at GEMHKL'B. i*>2 fcoadway. T-S'sSf JWaS-S SSfSJESi fssxjm. >. ??w^wA manufacturing business. Apply at GKMMEL S, no. wi Bio# iiway. . mo IET-A FINE TWO STORY HOUSE ON HOBOKEN I Heights, fifteen minutes' walk from the ferry, three lots of ground, well fenced, commanding a splen o^rtew of Now York bay. Rent $13 per month. Ad dress noboken, Herald office. rUtf-OFFICES IN CHAMBERS STREET, NEAR the City Hall. Are large handsome rooate, and j>d to no offiee in the atreet with respect ta their adsnUtion to a professional business. Inquire at 12 rbsmbers street Also a large basement with a good entrance. vw>Q LET?THE SMALL NEAT HOUSE CftO.'l TENTH T street, with gss. bath andCroton water To a> goo d tenant it will be let cheap. Apply to J AS. KELLY, 97 Ssventh street, near First arenue. To lit TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE upper part of house No. 121 Second str^. uear First av?ue, with the necessary arrangements juch as en# #11 through ths house, hot and cold water, with grieve of bathing tubs and all o'-bor necessary aecim modations. Apply on the premises. mO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO. 108 jl/ Leonard street, a few door. of Broadway. This toute U Tory conTeniently located, hontalns thir teen rooma, with sufficient closet room, and is sol'.able either lor a private family or boarding house, lor term#. Ac., apply toS. CONOVKK, 298 Broadway. fTtO IOT?TO A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR T two single gentlemen, a lnrg and bedroom, with boud. Appl., at 109 hast Bersn teenth street, betwaen First and J< cond aTeauea, near jjtujvesant park. TO IET?THE UPPER PART OF THE HOUSE NO. 231 ( anal ntreet, three rooma suiUble for any kind of Incus purpose;!. Also a handsome suit of parlors, L":I?!h:rtP"uWnl#bcd. Upper part >100 per yo#r. T" O LET-THE FIRST FLOOR OF A TWO SfORY bonse with four room# and Irent ba?#ment, wtth _tcn water; the seoond story occupied by a "writa ble gentleman and wife, without family; a small genteel family preferred. For particulars "iciuireatMrGrui? erj s grocery stars, corner of dd avenue and Slat at, YorkTille. ? ? rilO LIT-A SMALL THREE STORY HOI HE. IN RLE J gnnt order, on a nice street. Rent only J *?> b1"' <ne on Twenty third street; rent_?<K?. Also a fine C wrllirg part?12 rowns-gn and bath, ?4,0. Alio, a fcur etorv hons. i>c Prince street, $800. u E. B. KIFf-HlMKK, SU> Fourth arenue, 3 to 7 P. M. li^furmshkd OR UNFURNISHED, ONE ? half of a genteel two story house, consisting of t wo base icoms, with high oeil'ng, on ths lecond aoor. with bed room and large p#ntry bnween, one entry bedroon. with large entry pantnes, small tea or bedroom off, good t ized room on the third tioor, and privUsge in the lower front basement and garret i very quilet itemUy ?sen py the other p#rt of the honse. Apply at Clarke s Ex chant*, coiBM of Chatham and Dutno streets. r'SW*??1 aVur^App^ to R. WOLFF, 610 Hudson strset. . mO LET-IN WIU.1AMSBURO. A HIGH FREBSR'NE 1 basement upright attic two story brick house, containing eleven finished room., Tery pJ^santly locat ed, within fire minute#' walk of the ferrtes. Reini. low and immadiata poseeeeion to an acoepUbla ^^vnt. Present occupant leaving the city. Inquire at 2211 ro street. . mo LET?EITHER UNFURNISHED TO A SMALL X family, or furnished to single gentlemen, the thiri story ot the first class brown stone front Inns^ all modern Improvements, 182 Weet Fourteenth ?trw?. For particulars Inquire on the premise#, or B. mmy. Jr., No. 6X PI? 'treeL mO LET?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFF^ A FUR J. nishfMl room, with tbo nM kitchen, in a #m*ll family, at 65 West Twenty first etreet. TVT a* A VERY I.OW PRICE, POSSESION GI T Jm i?m?ilat*lT n large house, or part of hoaee, y- ? " well adapted fi iVii or betel and restaur;Tit buslnsss. Ths base mentcanconv*^*d into a ni bsr room. Apply to ment can oe con y FIQ, ^ Murray street. mn LET, ON STATEN ISLAND - A COTTAGE, PLEA ? santly situated, on 1 anderbill . -euue, about ndnutee' wuls from the landing. R nt moderate ulv on the premises, adjoining tlx- 'rden tr. Gordon, or to ff. k J. HkRTH IN J TON, #hoe store, stapleton. - Ap noreery of boot and IO 1ET, AT WIIUAM^BURG- ?STOK! AND DWEL ling boost, corner of Graham arenue and Powers street" long establlseed a. a and two lots on Hanford stmt, honse sooth of Willoughby P* M Bum. Ap^y at 468 Gran* etreet, Williamsburg. mo DRUGGISTS ?TO I.FAHR. THE FINE STORE sSbn. Sa Wt "??? ot ^ amnna,betwasn. .7rfT ."ilir?bff Forty iwmitM Stmts- woulll maka ? ..I^l sW to eommino. tha drug bnslMea, as thsrs is no^Uey stota of tks kino In '}>??*? will ba mafia wry saay and llbornl jo tos right Mns M ^peapt. Apply to ^URTHA| CBJfAJm* EBQ rRKNT?70 A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL dree, the ? kola second door, ooneiaMng af thee* MM am bevrooei. on third floor, aad uee o axtckem | Ac ; hear* No 36 W.ltjw *t**et. Brsoxlyn, witheuV bid at-*' walk of Fulton or W*U itmt terries, ftreno** t xehengtd. 1* 0 LEASE?FOR~A TKKVI OF YKAB3, THK FINE I ?tote oaa dwelling, No. 716 Eighth evewao, wort arte, , brtweer. Forty ninth and Fiftieth streets; ?M above itm is suitable tor almost no; kind of respectable bueheaee - Io jcjjo o? SMITH * WOODELL, No 444 Eighth ifMU, or No. 626 Sixth arenas. npo IET. WITH IMMIDIATE l*038ESSK?f?YKABLT JL rent #609?a beautiful brown atea* house, 1 Eighth avenue, with gas, ohaadelieri, hatha, ?<>?, ? peaking tubea, laundry, Ac , ta* chtnaeHara, o'lolotfee. fire parlor tapea'ry carpets in nice order, may ba pur chased, if deairod. B. W RICHARDS, 607 Broadway. TO BUTCHERS ?TO l&T OR LEASE, TOE MEAT market cn the corner of Tiraatr-eighth atraetaad Feicno avenue with the priri'age of baying tho rteofc and fixture* belonging to the ease; u now deiag a good profitable buvineea. rpO LET OR Ff R SALE IMMKDIATELfk?1 BARBER _L atop, ttk Hm'aou atreot, wail fitted up. Alee, a good basement; the utore aid table for a watsh maker or any other buaiacaa. inquire on tho preniaoa or at 22 Ganaeroort etrtet. ' TkASEMENT TO LET?PHILADELPHIA?TO BAR X) b*ra, faj bias able beet or traak makers, andar the ale gant hat atore, 168 Chastaafrktreet. B'URNISHED housx to bint for a txrm of years.?lha new. elegant aad eammadiona brawn atone trail dwelling houtc. 86 Aaat Mlaeteeath street, near Irving plaaa. euppUae with all Ik* modare impravamaaU, aad far aiai ed thron&hoat with rieh furnitare the awatr, the pre eat t oeoapsat, leave a for Karopa ia tha autumn, aad wiB {tee paeeeaaivn immediately after duly 1. Caa aaaaan from l)A. M to 12 M. f or oarda of admteaioa apply to HOMSX HOMO AN, Metropolitan Baak building. or to FBAMOM f. GABKXTTSON. attoraar. ho., 74 Wall rtrort. M. B.? Boarding honaa keeper* a*ad not apply. PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE AT OUFTON. MA Un I aland, to let, within |t*a mlau'ee' walk of Tea derbllt'a landlag. Tha grenade are wall arranged aad Man tifally shaded. Tonne moderate, laqeira ali 8. HOWBS, redding on the premUei, or of MM. CHESTER FLO WAR. 71 Broadway, ap stairs. mo LXT? POSSESSION GIVEN 1M MBD1ATBLT?m X rear part of the intend story, tha Croat Port ?f Ian third atory, and all af tha North atory at MBaakmaa ?treat; alac, tha front room of tha fifth atory rt Si aad 83 Baakmaa atraet Kaoh apartmaat la anitaMo teeong kind of ataohaaloal business; alee, baaamaatet 36 Baahmam ?treat. Inqeiia of JAMBS COMBER A BOBS.? Beatemoa LET-TWO THREE STORT BROWN STONE ^?frost XngUah basement booaea, with all tha modern improvement*, in Twftnty flr** ctrevt, between Fifth and Sixth avenue#. Apply to ALBXANDBR WBCKBECKBft. Sl^Ukartv ?treat. Tho lxt.-thx new three story housx u pot lar atreet, Brooklyn, within one mlnate'a walk af tha terry. For farther panicalere inqalre af THOMAS ROB TOM, 212 Pearl atreet. Maw York. Tho lxase-a countby srat at pilham. west ahaetar county, m?<ut aUteen milea from Mew York, on Long Iaiaad (Sound. The plaoo onntain* fifti-tonr acres aid la replete with avary oca for a ganttamaa'a reee deaoo. For partlonlara apply to ADAMS A LOCKET, TO Maeean atraet. TO CAXPBT, CABINET, OR UPHOLSTERIES, AC.? To let or loaao, the hi.uee 866 Bo eery, U well adapted for tho above business, the firet aad aoooad atoriee having a flue front wblcb can be entirely opanod for display. &? tho eaetern oar trait ? r*** the f-ramleea, which make* the 1 ocaMon deelreble for country aa wall aa olty trade. Apply to GEO. W. DSAN. 166 Thompson at. SPECIAL. NOTICKS. A FAIR AND FESTIVAL.?THE LADIES OF 8T. Paui'a chuxch, Morrlaanla, will hold a fair and festival at McGraw'a Hall, Morrtaanio, on Wednesday and lhareday, tha 27th and 28th June. 1866; the prn ceada of which are to be davotoil to the complauea of the Paraonago, now in the couree of erection. Shwteid * tha weather prove unfavorable on the nbovemeattoned daye. the fair will take plnco on Friday and Saturday ensuing Dodworth's Bar.d Is encaged for the osoaaioa. The Harlem earn leave the City HnlL N. Y , for MMfiea nia at 0:80, A. ------- " P.M. Return 7:08, 7:28,9:13. 1:80, A. M.; 2:16, 3:30, 4:20. 6, 6:45, 6:16, 8, P. M. Returning to New York at 1:28, 8:62, 6:18, 0:18, Alexander a jamrs m. donnan, (late of the firm of Joynee k Donnans,) attorney! at law, nctariea for th:e city, and comtmasioneni for the State* of North Carolina and New York, 1'eteraburg, Virginia, have associated m the practice of the Iiw, and will faith fully attend to all bueineim which the public may entrust to tbeir management. They regularly attend the D.a trict Court and all the courts for thin city, and tha courta lor the counttee of Dinwiddie, (tcird Monday,) Caaater field, (second Monday.) and Piioce George, (Moond Thursday,) and occasionally thooe for the counties of Suieex, (firet Thursday,) and Amelia, (fourth Thura- ? day.) The collection a of debts aball have their particu lar attention. Tbey iromise to be faithful to their cliants. Office at our o d stand, Bank street. A N ADJOURN*D MEETING OF THE STOCKHOLD ER. era of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company will bo held at Messrs. Gerard k Beets' salesroom, 108 Wall street, on Thursday, June 28, at 1 o'clock. By order. WM. H. DAVIDQB, Secretary. A CHANCE FOR THE LADIEB.?THE FOLLOWING ia offered by Oscar to the consideration of the India* oi tho city and county of New York:?S600 wUl oe award ed in prises forth* fifty handsomest dagueireotypoo that shall bo selected from the number sent. Six judgao will be selected to award the prizes, which will consist of the loUowIng, to wit:?First, to receive a portrait paint ed from the daguerreotype by one of the meet celebra ted an lets, and not to coat leas than $200; second prize, $60; third, $40; fourth, $23; filth and sixth, $20caoh; seventh, eighth and ninth, $13 each; tha nnt fourteen $10 each; tha next twenty six, $6 each All ledirse wishing to secure a prize will please sen 1 their daguer reotype to Oscar Bhang hie, Ne. 2 Dey street CONGRESS OF NATIONS. ?THE ADVERTISER 2 ARB prepared to treat, on behalf of the association, with shipowner*, shipmasters and others, for tho delivery in this clly, from all parte of the habitable globe, of any ? portion of the forthcoming "Congress of Nations." which eongiTa Is to consist of one person of each sex (? hie or her native costume) of every tribe, people and nation upon the earth. The association propose* to engage tlios- representatives for three years, in order to make with ihem the tour of Europe after their exhibition in Amnion. Address ANDREW W. JONffS, Secretiry,pro* tern., of the Association, 70 Wall atreet, basement office CI ACTION ?THIS IS TO CAUTION ALL PER30N3 / against trusting anybody cn my account, aa I will pay no debts contracted after this date. N'ew York, June 2fith, 1855. MRS. D. H. SANDS. - IADIES' FAIR AND 8TRAWBKRRY FESTIVAL ? j SeTcral ladies interested in the erection of Grace Mission Church, Wi'lHn-sburg, will hold a fair and strawberry festlral at tbe Odeon, in that My, this day, (Thursday,) the 28th ir at. A beautiful amor tin sat of useful garments and fancy articles will be exhibited for ~ sale, lee cream, strawberries and refreshments of all kinds will be provided for the occasion. Te be open at 10 o'clock A. M., aad eoutioue open during the atter noon and even Dg. Tickets 12)4 centi; to bs had at the door. N. B.?This is an effort te buill a free chirch for ? the accommodation of a denaa population of poor. Do nations in money will be thankfully received, and may be rent by mail to the Rev. Alrah Oulon, Williamsburg, L. I. VTOIICF..?THE MEMBERS of henry clay LODGSK X* No 10, A. P. A, are requested to meet at their new Lodge room, oornor of Hixteenth i-treet and Eighth avenue, on Thursday evening, June 28, at 7 Hi o'eUok P. M., on bnstnees of Importance By order of Jauvs Guthrix, R. 8. JAME9 CP.OMIK, W. M. rE COMMITTEE ON ROADS, OF THE BOARD OF Aldtrmen, wtUmect at No. 8 City H*U, ou Thurs day, Juno 28, 1865, at 2 o'clock, P. M. All persons la tcrested In tae grade of Eighty sixth atreet are respect fully Invited ts be pre tent. By order. W.n DRAKE, ) x ANSON DERRICK, V Committee. C. n. TUCKER, | COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. dSCYpr AAA ~A partner wanted, with Wjy^dtJe v/v/Vfe this amount of cash capital, m a busloets already established, paying a net prtQt of 24 iver $100,0"* psr cent per annum. Sales over $100 ,000; may be ex tended to twice this amount. Tbeee statements guarvn teed. No agents need apply. Address W., Herald Sffi :e. flrjQ r A A CASH WILL PURCHASE ONE HALF jJJOeOUV/ internet jn a leg!timste^msnufacturing vu^neis, Ja Brooklyn, that will net $9,030 per year. Particulars wCI !*? ?????*? interview by addressing Brooklyn, Herald offiee, a it*:'? Uipe aad place to be see a. jBtKAO -pART^f\ WANTED. WITH TH13 iDJtlvU. amount,Jwho la energetic, and pushing to take an equal Interest la a first class real estate and k? nk sv's nffi/ia fnll ?4UP. .tl._ #no a.. * ? iw ? d? us at uiab ciRM (OKI wrnL*|49 ft*lll broker's office. Full satisfaction win be given to aa? CO$ of proper qualifications, before laying out any V-WU -- M r" qi.w..?.>wwyn?| wtvi 0 Am J UM Vllk RUT HQ - ney; that 915,000 can be realised par year. Apply te MrkfABON k CO., 171 Chatham st. "VT OT1CI IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE COTART XI net ship heretofore existing bcttieen O. W. Arm-r string end Toos W. Htgyins, In the name ofC. W. Arm strong k Co., is this day dissolved, the interest of 0. W.' Armstrong having boon bought out hy said Higgire. Notice is also given that the bus'ness will hereafter be coadneted in the name of Thoe. W. Higgins It Co. TH08. W. HIGUIN9, New York, Jane 25,1W5. C. W. ARMSTRONG. r PARTIES ARE WANTED TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN the formation of a company to manufacture cbemieel and other preys ration a, now la the market, aad for which there will be an immense sale, netting a profit of from two te three hnndred per eeet, with bu} small nek aad outlay. For full particulars address Manufacturer, box 3,847 Post Office, stating real name aad address, and the amount to invest. A very lucra tive berth in the establishment will te given te ancfe a# will Invest n suitable sum. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH A CA3B CAPITAL of twenty or thirty thousand dollars, la a caah business already established, which will pay a lafge profit. Address Tadr .try, H?-ald office, stating wife# an interview enn be bad, when all naoessary lnfa tioe will bs given. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH FROM 9200 TO $69$, in n cash business which has been established MVbn years C*fi mhM from $2'CW tn $?,fW0 yearly apiece. Abo wanted, purchaser* for recites far mama factoring an article tbet pay* five hundred per efcit. Price for each from $5 to $25. Apply at CAMPBELL A VWUMV, 11?

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