Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6886. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, JULY 4 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. INDEPENDENCE DAY. i^wth of J?ly, and Bow It will be Cele brated in Hew York? roe NlllUiy Parade ? BiewMuiM, Amuitmcnu, t(c. To day will be celebrated, in a becoming manner, the seventy-ninth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The [orations, parades, civic and military festivities usual on suoi occasions, will be indulged in, and with even more than the usual spirit. It is observable that as years roll by, an in. created in* erf at is mauifeeted In t :e nation's natal day? a feeling dne to the growth of a more intenaa rational wntiment in on- mid*t, and a rexignitioi 2>y our people that ths b'e^iuga flowing from the Iteclaiaticn of Independence, and the organization of our federal government, cimuot be overestimated, or iht am.ivereary hailed with too many manifest* tiocs of delight. But with tois commendable feel ing, It mast be confes cd there is a vast amount af iioMonnc alio exhibited on the "glorious Fourth.'' Buncombe speeches ate got off, in which the .Ame-icsn eagle plays a nunber of extraordinary capers, and the "?tarry flag of freedom" forms an Important portion of sundry turgid and bombastic rhetorical sentences. Oce of our exchanges, a Maryland paper, in an ap strophe to the A marie in lag, interne the astonished world that it will yet ?'awave at tbe gates of the setting sun," a point in spaec, by the way, that ><as not as yet b wn dis covered by any kcovrn writer on goography or astiocicmy. Our glorioua Union, the revolutionary fatheiB, despotism, liberty, ard kindred topics, will be dtccanUdon?rf?aiMM<m, from Maln6 to Florida, and from tbe Atlan'ic to the Western lakes. There will be glraming bayonets, thj booming of guns, the rattle of musketry, and all the appurtenances of atomic warfare in evary town aud village thnughcut the country. Tbe c will be powder enough exp'oded to take Sebastopol, and a suffi ciency of liquor drank to float a float, and all will endeavor to be as patrlotis and as jolly as circum stances will permit. PUKPAUATIOW8 FOR THE FOURTH IN THE CITT. For come time past it baa been evident that Fourth of July was approaching. The craikling of flrecrackcrs, and the occasional pistol and Basket fhets from every side street, and the pleased and delighted look of young New York, all bore evidence to the fact. Early is the evoning of yes. texday, the uproar commcnced, to the huge delight of the juveniles and the infinite annoyance o! sun dry old women in pantaloons and petticoat!, whoje nf-ives get the better of their patriotism. To-(*ay tbe tew liquor law is supplied to go into effect, thcugh from tie looks of the barrooms oas would sappotte the traffic was never so flourishing as at present. It Is to be hopad that the conduct of our citiz: ns to day will to such as to prove that sumptuary laws are not necessar; to keep thi community sober, and undue indulgence is not an inevitable couscquence of |onrestricted liquor sell log. THE MILITARY FARAOK. The following is the official announcement of the parade of the First Division No* York Btata Mtii - tia : ? PROGRAMME? FOURTH OK JULY. The Committee tppniaM b; the Common Council to make suitable trru^muli for celebrating the National Aoniremm v, beg Imvh to announce tbe following ."hCHJRAMMK OF ARRA-NOKMfc-Sfd. 11UT D1VBUOS SEW VOHK STATU ntlUTU. Division UHVKHti, No. 54. Nkw York, Jan* 19, 18S5. The Diririlon will parade on Wednesday, the Fourth day of July next, to celebrate the Anniversary of Ameri can Inaepftioeoco The litlmcn i.ine will be formed on Broadway, with the right on Fourteenth street, at 8 o'clock A. M , pre eiael;. Brigadier lieaeral Spiaer will cause the National h'tnncard ta bo displaced from the Ustterv, and lb* ?morning salute to b* ired at aunrise, by a JeUcttment (rem the llrst brigade. Brigadier General Yates will direct a national salute to be fired from the Battery, at noon, by a detach meat 1 rem his brigade. Brigadier UenenA Ball will detail a troop of horse from his brigade, for escort duty, to report to the Major <ienenU, at his quarters, at hall past 7 o'clock. The Wfittiou will pay the bonore of a marching *a lute to the Major and Commoa Council, In front or the ttty Ha#, at lOo'aloek A. M. The Commissary General will Isxue the requisite am -munition for tne salutes, upon the requisition of the proper oflcers. Broadway is hereby designated as the parade ground of the Division ou the Fourtn of July, from 7 o'clock A M. until the Division pasaea in front of the <1ty HalL The Division Staff wil asiemhle at the '|uarters of the .Major G? aural, at half-past seven o'doca A. If. Ihe line of march will bo round Cnlon square to Four teenth street, throagh Fourteenth street to rhlrd are nas, down Third avenue to Tenth street, through Tenth ??trout to liroedway, down rfroad way to Chamoers street, throagh Chambers stroet and Contra street to the oast sate of fee i'ark. By order of CliAliLU W. BANDFORD Major (lonsr*1 I'osnmanding. IUmcrt C Wi.TMonr, Division inspector. THE K IE K WORKS IN TBI ETKNI50. Tuere will be most magnidcent display* of fire works this evening; the sum vo-ed by the Common Council, ($4,000,) being the largest ever appro prin ted for that purpose. The following is the official advertisement : ? It is requested by the Committee ot the Common Coun cil thut th? pernoCiS ha?iDg charge ol the various ohurch bells will cause them to bo rung from 0 to 7 A. M , from 12 to 1 ana from 0 to 7 I*. M . The chimes of hells at Trinity church and Trinity ehapel will also bo roag on this occasion. There will bo a display of fireworks at S,'( o'clo-.k P, M., in front of tha City Hall, under the direction of Mr. ? I. W. Hadneld; at Madison square, by Msssrs J. U. A 1. Kdg* at iompkins square, hy Mr, Isaac Kdge, sen., ?t Mullen square, by Mr. J. W. Iladheid, at Jackaon oquare, bj Isaac Mdge, son ; at the Distributing Reeer vuir, Fight} sixth street, by Mr. Psrtgo; at larntns ?II le and Uirlem, by Mr. Daniel M taorm; at Unir tine place, by J. 0. ft I. Kdge; at the junction of Kast Jiroaoway i?i?d Grand street, kr J. (i h I. Edge. 1'ro feasor Hoot Grant will exliib.t .?.> newly invented light, j'llumio&l i b -ad way, in the direction of the Battery, from the rj.ire of Grace church. 1 hero will also bo bands of sausic at th* following plate* of tho exhibition ot f! r? works : ? At the Cltv "fall, by Wallace's Band; Madison square, by Dod ?worth'i Band: Tompk as square, by Robertson's B*n1; Distributing lUeervotr. Klghty sixth stroot, bf Blind la stituto Ileal; Lamartino square, by Washington Band: Jackson square, at the junction ot Kighth avenue and Thirteenth street, Bholton's Band. COMMiTTSS. ii.uFsmcr. ooc!*cn.?x.-?. C. H. fackar, Mee. <"hss. H. Has well, Ch a. P.P. Vaorhis, B. F l'inekney, B. II. ki'iorr, D. Coeman, J. K. 'teers, H. Read. H. H. H -ward. fc. C. Mci'innell. or sociktih, rrc. Among the societies that will reiebrats the Foartfa to is j, is the Tsamnny Society, or Cainmbisi Order, who will have n grand joUidcatiun at Taojnnny 11*11. The Mlowlag is their cir^alar:? TAMnasr wk ikti or coi.rnsiAW ordkr. H/INDU) IN i:h?. ? tiva AKD ULIOIOCS LIBCItTT Tig 9I.0RV OP Man." Tan mmr II<f i , June Si, 1UV F;?? lo arcoidaneo with tbe custom of Tammaay So eiaty since its eetabiishssoat is 17?, the anolferaary of ?ur National ladapendosoe will be h'H la Tamaanv 4UII on tbe 4th day of July aoxt. st 1 o'c'ock P. M. A day ?'> fraught with sublime romembrancss ds ?orves to ho celebrated by an exhleltion of tbs warmest testimonials oi gratitude to those who mads It Issinar tal,not aioo? by laytng the foundations of the trst nssoas nations, and ooueatlag the rising edifice With their bleod anl traasare, but also by aatablUhlng a placw of re' for tho oppres?s l of ovary laud, and asaktsg ?i?U a?d religious Ukorty, under the guarantee of wilitoii rousHtatioas, Indestructible si seal a la af our national exutaoea. At the proaant tins, when elvll liberty has baaa in vaded I? leg laiatl ve inflaen -e, and reUgteas liberty is thr?.a1eusd by the organisatloo of lateteraat and pro earipuva men. It ^feeaUarly flttlag that we should re tain lo tiif great truths of tLo Declaration of I adopt a - danoe, sod tsa sarly contests In which the nrinoiales of that declaration were naaieated. On this occasion, therefore, wo trust yon wtl' ho nre nent. paitidpattcg with us la <.ur plaaaing thai duty, and aidieu to draw closer tbe patriotic bonds of demo era tic i.rotberhood. On the occasion of our ananai gathering at the "011 Wigwam," the following pro* .-am me ?f anraag?m*ate will be observed At one o'clock, P. M , tho coremoalee vnilenamanea with muait by -o?4ten's caiahrated brass hand after wh<eb, the [>eciarati<>n of ladependonto will to rand by tbs Hon. Join Kellev, to b* fe'lo *?< ay the araual oration bo'oro tbe -ociety. ta bo te'lvwrad bf I'ri Aiti Vim The cc reman s* wul e*nr' >4* with aa ode, 4? .lea'* tc tiie <k>* y, sal s ng >y : h? m '? /Oi < At tbe termination of tha prosoodloga, th* collation will be eertred Id the Ii?ll bj Mom". HoirarU It Brown. Diatingulabed gneste from >11 parte of the Onion trill be prtarnt. and participate In the feaUTitiee. Beat* w.ll be reaerved for the Lad lee during the cere - moniea. Adtniiiaion to the oration free. Ticket* to the oollatioa, $1; to be hid at Tammany Bell, or of any of the offlom of the Society. Sasbem W?o. !'? Kennedy, Ha o hem Kirh'd B. Connolly, " Andre Fremont, " Annon Harriet, << John Kelly, *" Charles H. lUng, ?' George 8 Meter r re, " Joeepb Roto, " Thomas Dim Up, ?' W. H. Durbroir, " A I Freeman, " 0. E. IMletran. Wllaon Hmall, Treaaurtr. Char It a MUla, Sagamore. Blcbard D. Letter, V'aalokoo. Stephen C. Durrea. Secretary. J. It. Urtharlngton, Scribe to tha ? euactl, William D. Kennedy. Father o' the Council. L B. SBl^ARD, Grand Sachem. The State Society of Ginciiiaati also wili meet {.nitnant to the Mloming advertisement: ? THE MkW YORK 3TATB SOCIETY OK THE CINCINNATI. Gkmhai. Ordkbs. ? The annireraary m?eting of the Sew York Stat* .Sooiaty of the Cincinnati will b? hold at tli? City liali la the city of New York, on We lnoaday, 41b inat., at 13 o'clock * Membere of the Cincinnati Society of otlior iStataa, who expest to be in the city, are IcTitta to be piaaent. By order, K. P. MARCELUY, Seowtary. EXCURSIONS TODAY. Thousands of oar c'.'izens will leave the metropo" lia to-day and upend their Fourth in the aljoinlug villages away from the " noise and canfasion " In separable from tha celeVatlon of the day ia the city. Those who are aquatically inclined will start for Core j I?!and, or the Fishing Banks, or up the liver, while others will prefer to tako the railroad cars icr tbe quiet villages in ths interior, or will cluster in family picnic parties In the woods. Those who have not as yet madi up their minds at to winre they will go, will lied what they watt by coni-ultiog our advertising columns, where they will find any quantity of excursions announced THKA1RM, AMI'SKMF.NTH, ETC. By reference to our advertising columns it will be seen that extensive preparations have boon made to furnish onr amusement loving citizens wlti en' teituinmmta suited to their taste. In somo of the theatres there will bo three and even fair perform ances, a fact which must be pleasing to the audi ences and excruciatingly delightful to tbe actors. TH* FOURTH AT THE PUBLIC IKSrlTUrONS. The day will alw be celebrated in tbe institutions under charge or the Ten Governors. At Randall's It-land the ohildren are to be ndJrcs?cl by Governor West, and a collation is to ba serv-d up tottnm. Two hundred dollars have bsen appropriated by the Board to purchase lire works for the edification of the children. At the Lunatic Asylum the inmates a?e to have a [?rod time. One of them, who is reported to ba quite a genius, ia to deliver an oration, which will, no doubt, "take down"' m<ny efforts ol' a similar character made by so-called sane people. They will also have a grand display of 11 reworks. Oil brail Ion of (lie Fourth Ttaronjftiont tiie Couatry- Military, Civic mid Political Pro milo?i?-lUg?Hw, Banquet* and Barbecue*. TUB I08T0N kEOATTA ? CLUB BOAT J. D. It. PUfMAX* The above elegant boat, bail! at tbe establishment of Means. Newman A Rati doll, of this city, expressly for tie purpose of oonten<ling in the regatta at Boston, on the Fourth *( July, was forwarded ou Monday afternoon by the steamer Connecticut, to the scene of her ap proaching straggle. The J. D. R. Putman is a floe apsci nuen of boat buildiag, and as she passe-; oar office on Un6*J elicited very warm praise* frura competent judges. She is thirty five feat loaf, and will be Banned by four oarsmen and a coxswain The crsw consists of men well able to uphold the reputation of New York in any water. The Potman it unpiinted, so that her wot mansbip and the material of which she is oomposod can be seen at a glance, and nothing is hi Men from ths eyes of the meat critical judges of xuch craft. Sl?? carries with her the good wishes of a great number of oiti.utns, who hope she will prove victorious In the regatta. LOWBLL, MASg. The committee have eoncluded to add a new feature to tbe procession on the Fourth, which is this: to have thirteen lads appear in a carriage in the procehsion, dre*ted la Highland costame, representing the thirteen ordinal States. This we think very well, all bat the cress. We cannot conceive any reason for dressing them in a Highland dress, and consider it highly Inap - proprlate. Why not drssstht-m la white pants and olue ackrts ? It would be mue'u neater and a tUsuiand time* more appropriate. Whit had the thirtoen erigi nal fctatee to do with Highland dresses)', MA HA. The lion. Edward l-.sareU is to dell rev an oration en the coming I oarth of July, in hiit native town of l?->r cheater, Mass. The airscgements tor this celebration have been completed on tlie most extensive and patrio tic scale. The tent In which the oratijn Is to Iki deli vered will acMmmodate d.OGO portou* with aeaV, and an ther teat has bscn provided to dine 'J, 50?. I.A WHENCE, MASS. Htn. Jobn P. Hale, I nited .St a ten S*n.ibir elect from New Hampahire, will celiver a Fourth of July orataon. WORCESTEB, MASB. The celebration of Independence day in Worcester Is I left ?ntir?ly in the hends of the citizens Tbsrs wilt be nocity celebration. A vole of th?- (' mm >n <>>uucil to ap propriate one tbonund dollars for tne purpose wss ?un roncurred in by the Aldermen. grsmeriKLS, mam. The Know Nothings have made arrangement* f'<r an exclusive celebration. xr.w iKDFonn. The committee of arrangements for tbe celebration of the Fourth In New lledford, have put up two prizes, one valued at 975, and ths other at i'iO. for tbe competition of engine comp?nies from abroad. A trackman's and alt. /en- proceeeion will be forms ), and in the evening there will be fireworks, for which $000 is appropriated. rOHtl.AKD, Ml. Tlie city government of Portland, Me , has appropri aUd one thousand dollar* for a grant floral prooeaaion. I>OTKB, Jf. H. At a meeting of the Committee of Arrange ments, held last week, It waa voted to have an oration and price* slon, to invits the Ktie Iiepartment, Military companies, and other aiseelatiraa, to jo n the proeseelon, to bare n floral procea-ion in the morning; to req neat the select men to keep the gaslights burning on tbe nights of tho d and stb. till morninir; to appropriate the a im of to purchaae fireworks, and to raise tbe sum or $S0Q In addition to tbe $600 voted by the town. MANCBIHTKIt. M. II Mr. PauUn, e noted seronant, will make a balloon ascension frosn Manchester, on the Fourth ef July NRWPOBT, B. I. Tbe main feature of tbe celebration In Vawport will be a boat race for aail boats. The Common Cou ncil U? ve ottered some very pretty and valuable pr -es, to be (iron to the winning boats. reottMMct, iu i. 81* hundred dollars worth of firework ? from [lost n aad tbe usual independence pageant. RRISTOf., B. I. James T Brady, laq., or Nsw Y0k, liaa coooented to deliver an oration before the cltisens of Bristol, on tks approach is? anniversary ef American independence BRIDGEPORT, COITN. A fnnta'tle parade will take place at Bridgeport, wbich aecordiag te the printed programme, witj be eompoeed of tbe following companies ? Flying Artii lary, Imperial .Shanghais, Owls of the Ner.bera Reoat I.anclng Cmsadera Old --qaaws, i.ray Kagles, Reyal 'irand Codfish hater*, (>ray Baek halnnera, Tiglit Brigade. Hackensnck Fuaileers, Wild Cat Itangsrs. lha Mfbt Hews will bring op the near The Wolverine, Buckeyes, Sysea, Boosters Jnai e , Hlodcos Hottentots, Ragamuffins, Seaplosks, together with Hernnm's Baby Hhow, will arrive in a parachute (frcm Nebrasks ? at dawa ef day. The Imperial I'bi'.o Cboi*an Orand-Migh Popaloram Cow tail .soup drittiis tion, will appear ia Une with full regalia, on ail foers. TBK got yC'KT MAN'S CI.Lk.RK AT ION. We understand the booteet man will give a Fourth of July banquet, at lbs temperane.e retr.-at, at Olilag ville, William bridge. It is to be a free . olo water ju bilee LOXU IM.ASD. Tows or JaMAiCa, i s?v?tjt \'i>m Tiar of Anexc a.\ I*Mts*naM?L June II, 1S6?. | ro ST'irok m > ?*? ros* mmjin, ' -n behalf of tbe cltireas ef Jamaica, we bave the plea sure to invite you to unite with them ia celebratlag the coming anniversary of ear National in<*ependeaee. The programme of eiersiee* ?iU be rinbiiahei ia the county papers An early answer will oblige y<>urs, respeetloUy, ILOnrRr I. mECKI, I (ems i. tee WHNJtU. ^ SMITH. - on JOHN A. KINf, ( invitetioni. ALBAirr. The Foartb will l>e eelebraied in Albaay by a grand proceaeioa which will be participated In by t? milr try, Breaaen, order of I'nitel Amevicaee. aed other civle te siatles KOCHWTBR. A double beaded oeirhrat ea will take place a' R> rh?>ter. Tbe temperaare people who k.. tak-a pee aeeelee ef WashtegUm e .are mate a ero,<M ilea la lave ib? eltlseas gen? # if u w w -b tbe-n but "be i eod'Uoea we ?ld ">e t'aet tbe enter a fab saae 'rem New Yort> ? wboaa they had employed, afeouM be tilt orator of the day. Ton ?n not aeetaed adoaieaable, ai Ibe Mjerit; of the dtmu war* in favor of hiring in 1 old fashioned people'* celebration Nat being able to *t ree, they have oon eluded to bare two staads aal aa orator fot ?sch. onmoi Tit* Kingston (I ao?da Weal) Whig, ?i July 2, eaye ? Tbe Cltj i ouncii ot Oswego ban iariied tba City C?ua;il of KlsgaUn (Caaiuu) to dlsaer on the 4 th of Jul/, and otherwise to participate in the festivities of the nnoiver sary of tba glorious day of In -epentie'ice, abU tbe Klo.;* ton Corpoiatioa la eaid to bare nr jep'el tlia invitation We are do great atMkfcrs lor that bugbear loyalty, bar tog Misted long ecoogh to kaow what that means la C?oa*a. but anrely some deference iboatd be paid to j appearaecee Subject* of her Maj?sty Queen Victoria \ ehould NtNOl) have be?u a.-died to celebrate the MM ! ceaaful rebe.lioi of a loraaor colony. 8AI.10BBUY CtNTKB, IIKKEIMKH COfTNTT, N. T. i The locotn j)g of toe M.vne law on tbe Fourth of July, la to be celebrated wit j gm* t spirit a*, -mlisbary Centra, Ilea a truer count/, N Y. One hundred guaa are tuba lljed at cunr.w l*rofeasor Amaaa !!<?< <>/, editor of th > I'rnhiln'v-nt,', Albany, ie to b* the orator of the day. Dm KIM, N. X Arraaaemtnt* ham bee* me<ke for a graa-i celebra tioa Tbe exercises will oooaiat la part of tbUrij-two guaa at sunrlxo, a grand procee?tou, accorapaaiaJ with i two brass lands toe reading of t!?e iMcliratioa of Inle ! peadenee by I). Itoofcauvnr, !*><j , o' tbe village; oration by H. W. Ileera, of WeetOel'l, an I other exercise* during I the da/. In the evening there will be two ballooa aacen 1 sions, aad a splendid dUplay o( fireworks, bonfir**, 4ij. I MADISON, Wilt. The Fourth in Maclean, tbe capita] of Wl*c?n<in, will be celebrated by a regatta on 1-ako Monona. The prizes lor row boats are a aubacription purae, the Mouoax cup, theBtatn ottlcera' cup, and tbe *:rambln puna, aad tbe prizes lor naili-oats oon?ii!t of the Mad no u :Ug, the Moi.oaa Bag, aad the trustees' cup. DBTBOIT, MIJM. One thounaml dollara wax appropriated by the <onv tnon Council for tbe celeira ion, but tome unpatriotic nag mcht sued cot an injunction, .restraining tbe ('.imp tr< lt?r trom drawing hU warrant upon tbe tretaurer for the aiiount. and tlie case is not likely to be decided ulIiJ alter the Fourth. H<<B<IKKN. A grand display of lire worki will be net oil at h'i o'clock thia ereaing, on tbe green in fr Jut of Mayor Clicki-ner's i e? n euce, oompris'ng a virmty of choice piecci, conducing with taoToiuple of Libert/. HOMKRVII.I.K, N. J. A united celebration of tbe churches in connection with tlie New Jersey Colonization c-ocietr will be held ia SmiervlJle on tbe lib of Jul/, in Or. Messier'* churcb, to to addretsed by Or. J. ti. (ioble, aecratar/ of the to ciety, Rsv K. R. Cravtu, of this city, and othara. NKWAIUC, N. J. In Newaik, between tbe military parade, the I'nlted American* and the celebtaiiou of the North war.l citi zens, with Brew otkii, Ac. in the areniag, there wi'l be { no lack of opportunity for the people, and those who vialt the city trom tbe Interior will witni-e* nil the dia play the/ can reaaoaabl/ <le-.lre. PATKHSON, N, J. The aehool attached to the Primitive church, will go : out la a pleaaant grore and aojoy a p<c ale. Tnere will i be aa exhibition of flrewrrka at Brady '? Cittage, oa tba | t lift. In the tteriisg. Ibo Dutch Kefnrmed church will, [ with Ibeir >?ung folk*, cel<-brate in tbclr lecture room lbe Haptint ncUolari will celebrate ia their church alao. i At the l irat CongregMioual cbur:h, a<ldr?a?ea, and eonga by the cJ ildren will be given, lbe K.p'.acopal lihojl will not ceb^/rate ou Wednrnxia/at all. They bare their p.e nic on Thnraday CINCINNATI. A geaeral proctaa'on wltl tale place in Cia?innili, I which will be c <mp'MM>d mainly of military, Bremen, ami civic ?ocie'ieg. An rrat<ou will alao be delivered. Notice baa been give'i that no Catholic or foreign mllitar/ eon P'ii*,? a will be allowr J to join in the proreaaioa. All tae rortlgn Prot- etaot Ahho tlet'ona will unite in tbe proceed inra. A portion of the citl/*na have adopted another programme for the ceh-bratioa, la which all claaaea, without diaUnctlon, are peintitud to join. CL1VT.LAND, OHIO. Tbe Oil/ Ouncii have appropriated Br* hundrel dol Ian to aid the Bre depart meat la getting up a celabra liia. The military and civic noUetlea will alto tarn out. The f.orcrnor o( the dlato aad suite will be pre sent. The railroad ccmpanie* have given 91,600 toward" '.eliaying expeuaea. ObEKNVILI.I, 1URKK COCNTV, OIKO. A military encampment ie to he held at (ireanriQe. I<arl*a county, <<fci?, mi the 1'our'b of Jul/, on the spot a In re, socio thai, half a < "ntur/ ago, (ienrral Harri .oa aad 1M Anthony Wa.WMai I* 1 txoaty with tba hostile savsgaa. INDIANA. The W< VirUtr, rubliahe<l at Rlxiag Sun, Ind , o' June :.U, *ays ? There will )i<> aa old-faahioned celebri t.oo ol tba Fourth of Jul/, at (ft ien-ui grove, eom men- ib| aa esrl/ as poa-ible in tbe morning lh* Oacli ration of Independence wiL be read, foUowol bv an appropnata omt on. i'be people of Ohio aa t ?Jwit/ar land countita? m?n, womin and children? are iavitod to aiund, without regard lo politis? or religioa, aad ta'.e osrt in the exercises. r mi. a. No urTangernenta bar* born made for r?lelira!lnj th* I'auifli in l'hil?<>i|>hia, *r<l co <*emnmLration will take place eioept the parade of the l irit llt^anl of Infao 117, anl the obeerraaoe of I lie day by the St. Oeirgo ? oc ir'.y rOTTSVILLl, Tk. The mafiniflc nl moannient erected by tU? clU/?u< of , l'oUrt\ .11* to til'1 memory of llrnry (.Iky, will b* ioang'i ratr : to daj. It U aa iron column of (irciaa lHtrlc *r chitecture, upon a aubstaatiai grtnlte ban* Tha entire ?ton* work competing the b*ae of the column ia flftenn fact In bright, lbs column w** cajt In tie tlom, to the numb< r of ei^ht. Th? total hi'igbt of tk* c.a- ; iron portion of the column 1* fifty one feet; total , bt ig bt from Centre ? treet mdewalu to foot of atatup Ut f(?t. 7 j f U tal woigLl of the caatinga, (the coin-no and atatu*,) of '.br menument, i? 4 ton* The inacrlp t.<n li cbiaeelled In whit* marble. An elegant lnaugu jatiep jwm wiU be recited on the ocoamon NORM 1ST* vn, ra. A u iVtary parade i* tha feature of th" era gramme. Iba following c<>?panlee h.ivw *ignltt?d tlieir lutebtloo of participating ia tue diaphr ? scott Lagioa, military an 1 cirll, i'rulac' "Iphia, N , tional (lutrla. Ihiia.e phia . National Uoarda, Weat Cheater; Mam yunk Ulit??, Montgomery Hilli-a, Norriatown, Wayne Ar n'lerat 1, do. A numD?r o( otb?r (oaptniw hare bean Invited, and ara exacted to participate. potthtii.le, pa. In r'ott?rllta, the motiuoi'-at In bonw of Hen ry 3Uy will Le lnat:inrati-l w iih appropriate MWMSfttt Oof. 1 I'ollot'k will be preeent on the occaeion, anl Invitation* liar* alao bten ?ent t?> many dutlaguiaued atataeman WIMUNOTOV, OI L The I'ar.ed 1 T r of American Mechanic* ara to have a grand c<W-bration of '.bo coming annireraary of lade pesltace, at Wthnlagtoo, I?el In the afternoon they , will oa Mtdreaaa-1 by ItaBiel I LUnan, ol New York, 1 in 1 Ifr Smith. and Meaara. hibott and Hamilton. or MtilmMphik. HW.TIMORK. 1 Tba American r'**ty of Haltlmore tar* nude l aifUM' pienarationa for the celebration of tha 1'ourth of July > at 1 oca Cottage, nn the -math - da of Spring Harden. In 1 rltatinne bare haen aent Ui a number of ?liatlagnUhed K( mher* i.f the party, and it .? eip*<-'e-l Uia m-etng will be rrry larg?. Tlie *najnl<??le Hal*', Virginia anl Balla hare been chartered tor the occaai >0 WA?niNOTON crrv. Tbe ( on mlltee or Auan/wmmta for the Vatljaai < el# bntioa In Waa.'iir.gton, aau<< mce that on that day a na tional (alnte will t? (trail a', aunriae noon aa 1 aun-*', aad all the iiarrh and lira t>aIU wt!l ba rung at tha lam* , boura. At 10' 4 o'cloak A M., a ciril and inUilary pro ??if| -.ill mora from the Kxacutira M-<naion to tha C. ritoi ground*, when- tha 1'ecUraUon of la'iepaa loac* will oa laad an-! an orauoa 'lahrerad at 12 M . To aaiU^iKta in tbe*? cartmonir* they rtipectfully ia Tite tha l'reai lent of tl * L'nitrd Ptato*. tba l abinet, the Jndlrtary tba Kor* >gn l/v^tion*, the ilaada of tha Kae entire l*-p?rtm?nU, ami tba r lark* of tka general gor ertment, tka afl.tara of 'be Army N??j aal Manna Corp*, ?oidlori of a'< tiie 1 nitad Httta* w in tba Corpo rate a thoritie* aad ev Mayor* of tha nty, tlie ra?er?u 1 cjergy , actoala,^ea anl aemiaari*> tbe Bra coin \ parlc*, tba e.ti/en* r n?rally ef tka Inatri-t and of '.ho i acjacent rountia* o* M>r yKo 1 %nd Virginia aoeWllMi ?Uacgtr*, and all other* who ae^lra U unite ther? n wn.MrN<.roH, w. c. The Wi'.M'ngV/ti l ight Infantry have Inr tad Mr 1>* lirote fuplar Vo <talir-r an a tdre** before 1 h?wi ?a tba 4ih of July. Tb* meitntlon wae acoapted. K * -HVILLJ5, T r.x* Tba member* '?! tbe Amciican f)n!ar, ia '?>? ebr lie, will olebrafc tbe Konrtb b? holding a mc?..of Vo rat 'y the action <4 the National 'ounci! bald .a I'hi elalp has rRAMCiaco. A yacht race ia to take niaca, free for all boata aot I ei'edUng UA fee' In lengta. eich boat to bar* or?a mlnuta a tart for arery foot tbay are datciwnt in lengti rtart from Vallejo m**t wharf. I bay are to eai to Hunter * Point, around < .0*; laland to t 'take bot' an cJiorad ofl Kort Paint, and back to fhe place of atai'tag It i* aipectcd that Urn will b* the moat eidilnr rae# that haa ever taken place la .?'an l-rancao aa 'our or 6ra boat* kar* alraaoy entore-1 for tka coatee' TOR rttVHTH IK C ANAf'A. fl^** the Hufalo Kepraaa, July 2 , lingular a* tk* fact may eppaar, we Inarn frem < <n a> a that arraa*em?nte ar* beiag au-te tbere for toe C< mmemoraUoa of live natai d.y of Aaerlcu Indefta '??'?re, at eariona place*, aad witk aack note of preptra tion aa ertace* a feearty aad earaaet wait eg for tka '? me to *rrlT*. Ho far a* practical purpoaa* go, we now bar* anneiatioa with 'Ana da Onr bj* nee- and cotn roe - -al Inteteat* are lat'autaly lakareoreo? a kiad raga; 1. at tended by a gewori.oe mntua! coaRiteaee, eilata bet?*oa the people oa both aido* of tk* lia*. a?l fratara.'y of feeKag aad IsWaet I* aprtag ng ap '* mate u W I ?e frionda and brother*, we cannot aak for * more >?* a j tl - ul ?ipr?ea ow of tkelr aepwial regard ! 'or ' be rep >?bc if tae I nff drtatee aad ito laat.taUoaa taaa f?r ike people 'A Canada to obeerre tmr natiooal rta ebath witk beet, ?J eg damoMtraUon* of reapewt f ikl akp BirrT^ Ui Toronto, laat i- ndar ? Ira \ o??U<.j?d f*ur dwe.,*ja rained at |l? ?*? Wkiie tne j ???*? W??w prwgreeatnt. a tgbt e"-jr-e<l hot**** !ke (i"na?r. ant petl"WM* 'u"ri r ?? t .r r,( tka 'a"er w?rw aertti aij r 1 t 4 ? . ??? ly to rejoet r Important to l.ii|mr Drain*. The following circular *M leeued yeeterd ay by ''4 0?i?eral Society af IJrjuor r>eal?ri of ihil citjr. It ?*W cieotly explains it mIT ? DIMOTIONH TO THr M1M1?.K4 Or mi L?)FOR IVKAh ??' Micirrr of th* cirtr ok *r*r row. Virti ? Krery member u buibjr enjoined to treat of I eera in the duo targe of hie doty w.tU revpest, iKoa ier bo c!rcum?tancei to oppote tnem wita vtileace, a* we cmi defend ourselves legally; anl any t>re?c'i of ?a ' p*OM by HQ y raeni'jer would ixot unit be Sm|>oilliC and | reprehensible, but wMliJaaty now opoo ijioU:if, a, h-?Ht lo rxp?o?iT* litigation 8*-tm4? If an oflsareaile t<> tei/te the property of any Member, h? must be requested to wait cat il said raeai Mr j riafj to the office of Utniei B Tejl?r cMltcMr't'. law, No. 13Cfcnni'>*ri ?'treet, iiud tie". > writ of /sp'.tria. '? winch be ce n do by taklnjr * friend w 'b him .* iur? , j, bond M ?iH;itTiir li>rdoa-iU the lu.uut X jlj< >*-t* mi led and br i.'a.'wui. Mi lica.i of counsellor if tbe officer the pt*t.e<sli n of the k?f of your , ??d ?iiow him to remain la p<- iseenoa ?f yata in*$iuit tint'l ton cm procure laM writ. TAmf?lf ary meiubar should bo arrested w^bon aelzare .)f property, bn must tale efti'Od with bun to the magistrate, to br.-on-e hail for bit *ppe?rao> at court, but must not fal to de?*nd a trial by jarj ai ik on ik he it t tk?u > afore the ? For further Information; after giving ball 01 bonis. or both, an the mm ma; be, npp'y to either of lUe Oonmlttee. R VRKXCH, French's Hotal K (' UONHiOUK IV. U) and 17 Btekmsn at. Glo. E. SllfcRWoOD, H2 Broadway. t it The Philadelphia Klrat Troop City Cavalry. i oirus i aoM okvkkal. waSHiNor in jtKVG?B*rjitg i.i ruMT nui.AOK.rBtA KNn n.Ku toviik obk uit of hiving tuc kik?t cuiui: or iiklls. We hare r (hoi red several cimmunications on the ranch vercd <iae*tion, " Which la tb?f?.l lent rolun'eer military ooinpany In the t'nient" but Sad a>thlu< to our previously exproi>ed bullnf, tt>at the "An land ior able Artillery Compani ' ?' >n li r:ititl> t<i tlia distinction. Tbey w 1 aul r "ivnd their ebarUrin the year > c a of the othxr companiea doea not a th? year 1 .00 We publUh to day <-n? ot lienural Waibiaf ton id ref?ren:e to th '.nlpbia troop of light iiorae. They are interMting, in- uuch ai tHny h*re nerer bo foie httn in print, and coar?r a moriteu honor on a carp* for Mrvicen rendered In timea that triad mea'a aoul?. DJPCiiiuriK keom oasntL w? iiisnruM. The I hiladelphia troop ol light hnrii?, under faptva Morrit, hiivlrp performed th*ir tour ot duty, are dU charged ior the prraent. I tate thU op[x>rtunlty of returning my mom nlnceie thaake to tht capiam. aad to the geutlemen who coapo^e the tro?p, for tiie inany eaMotial Mrricea which they bi?e rendered luair co in try, and to me peroaally, during the courM of tbia campaign. Though corapoai* 1 of g-ntl-nieuof fortune, they have shown * noble uxample of dicipllne an! nub ordination and In eareral acti -aa have ah >wn a apirit of brarary which wnl ever do hoaor to them and wJi erer b? gratefully ramamlxreu by me. UKOROK WA^HIVHTtlN'. H?Jii>yr varm.t, UoRRieTuWN, Jan. 'II, 177 f. 1. Sam l Morria, Ciptain; It t.euiga Kuitor'.on, 'i. Jaa. Iludneu, 'id l.ieut l'> rho? I'etera, 8. John Iiuala^i, 0>rnet; 10. tlr PolUrd, 4. Tboa. Uiper, lat.4er^'t, 17 .1 un' * C?liwell, h. William Hall, 'id ao . Id. Wiu. lodd. fl. Kam'l I 'enro>e,.'W ; III. H*tnU"l .aMwell, 7. !"am l Howell, I i>tcji|). , Jo. Ileaj. iUadolph, N, Jai>a lluntei, 21 do. ; 21. Jolta l.ardmr, n l.evl lloilingi worth, 'i.' Alar. N'eebit, 10. <>eo Campbell, S3, lioa loeaingi, 11 .lauiei Ueaie, I Join CenrrMt, 'i5. Oeo (ir*ff 2d Krancia SU 'ioU. Ij, I'lalr MsCieaachta, ! 1Q John Donaldeon, TheM twenly eti gentlemen were the only ei?>!>lfe member* lhty |i-r?eU la too campt'ga ol 177ft. to the i epriag of 1777 , w< re in the hatllca ol 1'ientaa aid 1'nn-e 1 ton, toou a nuaiber of prlaonara, an i returned hmni i with the above honorable dhtcbarge Iroia ilennrai 1 ^aahlngton. LIlwt'TfuS kST Bl JtDI'N TO OB.' Kltil. WASHINOTOS. Titston June 'iii, l'Hi). Hii: ? I am to inform your Excellency that the I'hUa rielptiia troop of IJght Horn, coatidini; of Ihtrt/ >-.ghi, are thi? lar advanced, by or Jar of h .? tlxealleacr Preai lent IUad in ?aoee<| the lata a'ttm given o* ?emtay i witamt m Ikt* Meta. Oa my way \j your headiiuartera, I ahall proc?d through Sotrietowa and Ilankruiin in the meantime, according to mv orcera, I have <l??|.?ti ue i a aergeaat or the troop ei h tbia pr^viou* laformation, to whom you will he please! to (ignlfy your pleaaare. I>y whieb I halt be entirely govirnerl. And have tha honor te ba, with t'-ie greatest ra<j>ect, your luxuelltncy 'a ohadleat servant, J AMU Bl'DDKV . HU Kicelieacy (ieneral WaaiiisuTHH OKMiKAL WAAHlMOrO* TO LIKITKVANT Bt ?1>RV HUAI?JCA*TICIUI, June M, 1 7S0 Hit ? I was fa*ore<l yeaterday areolar with your latter of tba '.''Uh, a<lrlMog m* of the erriral nt jour tiiiji et Treaton. 1 lie ? |> r t aai ikrtMM wnl-Ii the I'll le<lel phta l.'gbt florae hare <lla< o??r?4 on this ocias on n ? ucb an to 0?eer?e my b?-t ttienl.e. I should here m?o I a? y in thair aervicas bad the m?mj rontlouad la the ? !?<??? bat st tlier ba?? e ?a' u *?? 1 this HUta, ? ea 1 ? i ?? ? - * i y la ovar which celli-i tli?-m "at, JM w.ii bt pleeae<l to return to Philadelphia Indued, I thought to i.aee prerea'e<l your adrsio* so far, harm/ re pested Caloatl Mojlan who waa rains that way aftor tae ?a* bt retreated, to oountarmanl tba nr.ler for bringing ?oo to camp. I am, air, your o >?dlent sarvaat. < > KRIUi H WAMIIIS(;r<)N. Lieutenant B( ?dk*. Philadelphia can claim I'm or ad it of hieing lie I ' be first chime of bells ever used la this roantry. T hay war* . brought orer !n tba MyitUla, by Captain Hallea, a rait I tire af l ieutenant lia>Mi>n, whom nam* a.-urs la tha ' above correspondence Tbay ware purthaeed la Lua loa la tba year 1764, at a coat of ?0?>0 starllag Tba while weight af tba belli waa U,(MO lbs. , tha largeat weigh leg 3,040 lie. Tbaaa ball' are now bung In Chrlat ehurcbi Philadelphia, and are chlatad on Mundayaanl hotMaya, in<l upon each other times ai re-jueetad. On Uia largest bell la tb* following inscription ? CI rlst Cbnr.h, Plillelalphla ? This ball in I Mia rait af ti ? real. were cast by Leatar and Cars n f tha ?Vhit*shr.p-l I. all Fouadry, l.ond'.a. I7V4 . reseat st tae tame fe is Iry. 1 MKi An old Philadelphia religious papar contains fie fal '""lag ? The cHIsm of belli now beltagiag te ckrttt litreh, in this eily . waa broarlit from Karen 4 by a < a Mai a 111 Mae wtthoat -l>ar*? ef fraiiit li 'lag tha lint oi I "In I rial r*e. bad t h I ? renntry th' y attracted ?r?"l atteeti.e, sad wii*a pet latai Ilia it'*i>l' ware rial fir aaoia lima, to tha iratlfi' a'l a ef the aatirat I a ar ia - t? a ? ? I the < metre I ??. 1 1 * aa ep|M>rtsaity or beerlsq thaea win senate, it was arret* to bars tba balls r-hiaad aa th? area a^ pr* -a I Is ? market dape, aa l rvwdsof tha "?si*tf fill weald wait to the bur n ia erdar t? mta.aa tba eperetma ef Ma> in* a " irJuaily *h ' li ilia rtateri teak etta I lira I ?eir *a adtaru ??a, by < lsiml .* a ia* *< ht>s>?ti'!l ' / aa old aa I highly reepaetabla elttce* tbat Cepieta Had den W aree ee n p?r*aat a pera iiaigs. frtim beiai tbe .asf?r oi tba balls, Uat Hry ware ? mtertatlr teas "beaeier bli I taaial mind In p?rt M'e are tnforniel hy 1>?. Ulent worth, of tbla < ::ty. % graml-on of t^ptain Hidden, (to whom we ara lalatrf*! lor 'ba i-orreapood*nca aliore ?irea; that wh?a aay the Isaily of tha contain <11m, or wben his shlp< sr rleeil la port, the balls alao w?ra tolled, rble was doaa si be bal t?l ee l tnj ci(ni.?uaaUoa lor hia true hla in trisglng the balls to tlil* country, eo l merely re iaeUr 1 tbet et I il 'eatli tin y sttould be MoWed Wltbo'il < Prraaaal Infa lll(g? m e. avtiTAi.ff. At tbe Aau.r iln? lite j n can ibail, rapt "t*r ,s/ I ' A J M Han oi De*rait; II P Joftes'ia. Albaar, J tl Cbaeeat, ria'iesa'ti M < 'irtla, H aet.le?tne. I'r l i K i Mi*- hell. I'bii sijilf lils , J A Aeaiaf i aaeaellla*. |jr (irti W'.ld, Olne, f A raater, Aar .ts V llartaaber/. ieei>r j f r"a? ' harleette a ateamiblp ianae Adeer V>n lli'< ! M|'| '.raiiem. M, ? till e. M ?? a .rrej M lua*. a, M i W laee, Miaa H-stlai, Mix Pir(?r M ia ( rnuias't''- a ?* ' Denphery, As i ?? Wamwn<at. twi Hi ? II n -. arata a i Mra RA I'rte a an I a > il r . Ura Hall aad el 1 Mm W ; Mbephar* Mr. Mi MrPsMae. M? L ilal ia Mra >? frae Mra fliaiuiaa. tlral* l?- I '? . M re <r >?b *t aad Mrs Her a ate. , < MrahC'i!.-! Mri M Oabm Mre Caldwell and ? a. Mr It M tlal aa 1 a. Ijr, A - I nr1 sad isdy J J PVieila aa I fa | vlly, Z ( olb iia aed aa>llr ?> M li .*?ha, 1 '< rleld* a M tH*?lea^ar 8 tJ lllaeb. J If Karn I" fti-aaler, I. . H-laial- t < Ma'ipieaaaa sal aerraat r It llM'iad J R Mejer J I. I'eaa.ntan. R M Ulslti I ? ?? I'rs' Rl?ar' Jum M frleeee, ?t ?a d f> * Han a R>ll>|l I f AI atoa. (' I' ^let<.e <? llr *a I i* lit - Hful ? JI"'| hard, M Majar, J R Sea-Wa, A ' reae |' A Arrant a ?? * Unfiles, J a<i w Csldwail sad * it 'ta steeraca 1'reoi Sa?sass( is at>sra<l,|' Rseollle I V li rip ladjr iat<it and ' ee 'blldran, A4 *ar I I'adel'ar t aad laer aeriaita. Miss Mtrp U II Psdairarl. Miss ' ard. dri Mitt f'> sidlliiaa 'killri' Miea ('ae a- Padalf-rel Mia Ma riea I'adelfei 4, f??aa Herds. W II I. < I. M litav sad i'nii' J i bees laee. II "raraai 1 ? a 'Is Ki 1 wsr l Pari'l ?rd. Jr Mra ^ !?? ?'? aad " Id M >a < ? Baitn. Miae il A Raytta. < T 1 .11 href a d led/ I M , ftebhiai, lad> aed leiaal H ' eaa>?? a lady lei'k 1 din aad twe i?l taa la, Mi"? Haiti t I s Ikaef Mi'a M A be elt Mri f. 1 llbas ,Mr> A J I'sivaa aed t*e ?? Idree II ar? Eeaer, Mr* D W T aat ? r t i liftars aat ? re. a- \ r RritltA iita I talayaea a-d daeah*ee. 1 aa I. ^naiel, H i l'?s> late. R Myara Mr* Ptelda, Mlaa Pia?[?' e. *eaal I'raa ante, t C Hilbreelt M A Sttlaea aad lad r. two Miisae ettlpae Naihaa Baae Mra < aiUr M.aeii. Craet ft >\f Ml' bilJee, M Beloaa^ea Mra Otilaa, lea rb|ldr*a, i leal tid eanaat, Mlsa |r1U<n W R frar.nes ead Ia4r isa.ea frse a < Lf .iii rt, Miaa C I' Maaan. Mrs 0 M ofalaaa Mmi H I Gilbert Is feat, Ire '.ildre* aa' sarreaA, N aaa < ?!*<?? Mr* I. M Utaar Mrt Re-let M ?e Haas <?ei Crtt'rei. M" J H hilltr. Mi>a Lsart la.1, Mra I. fcltr*k aat Mdst Itairt Meaaail. I. [laalU I> H Meeri lleatl llaa'*- Ca, I J ? eedreff, Jssa<? D ? il U < 'art W fl'.-ii t II II ' reaaiaa. A Meb*rs A ti w lUaaa t P rt? aad ti ia tie ?iterate MT ASTHMA. f 't Hsrps. M last ia tba aaabt' thip M- ?' trf? M as da i < hatey, ef I ra aaa i Traaibell ef aeel ? < ar ea \ i aarebill. I 1 A. Tbeeder* *edtewi<b ef Mew f aat laee* Jtrrnat til lt<i. af I' arte ,1 * eia -egret ef ?t?aaea' ' rttUet J l> ?tis ' A ? ? ?? rt '.'east Mtaval A /.ef ? I Klb As >? rga a > J Mlsa KaaA. ef Isttia aed / >e n.< T1 1 i r*r*| Jnrj !n Wui h'ia f't? DC, < ?* I taia . . af..< ...t ... i . ... . ?! f a I t af nasal ? a eeat Iry t a Pvpa ft ? .0 ire Rat >| 't a-. . e. at Our WniMT||luil nainpomtrnrr.'. Jul/ t, lH.'ii Ju ii/e ? V alio I Esprct'd H$ttgn.niom ? Ctmtmiumm 1 l'/Kin lf>icA if Utptmii?Ntv) '? k* Jppv!ti'c4-?Mr. H'iUnn a Catulnlme far CI irk <?/ Ihr Jit nit oj H'lrrtirnttUirn ? fftw Appoin *rn' ? in I St I'. .? Army ? Abirn<< if the Vtunmuttonrr of Indian Af fun ? S"ir,-1h *</ In (><? Wtml, <#? ., tic. ^ The tvparted raaignatlon of .lurice L I*. W?I<lo, tli? iblt ud pepalar C^unlitlowr of I'eaaiona. ??< ri<bn premature. ae he he? uo< jet aoeepted tti? u?> p?wl*.ii o tenuerrd him ?t r in" 1U hue bee* eler <? t ? i ?> seat upon the Huprea.'- ben .:t? or i on' <-tieut, hut it ? e? l>/ ? i anti dem ? j?li unit jl'u'.i > nth# I ugnle *K1?? l( tbl t elk.". >e f? it ?>i n?t If ?u.T .it 'J" ?JV ?' if .iitv , tt?JUio Wilt out ' ii '.%%? ?o (*ec; M II; hut, on Ibentktr hand, If he ^.Uotfid *a ?*ta!a that h* m faiiiy eeUitad a* the tint cl'ttic* <J tbe : ; UHri ijf h,?. auU tin hi^h yaaitio*, Hud if IV Vhonla l>? tLe wtttt of h i political an.l pereoaal fneode at home for b'n to aeeept, thea. Bad ant until then will be re?t|'n tne ardueue end napoaatbla o?vi under the fedi-rel <o vertn.ent, which tie ha filled with au;h dietlngulahad ability, to accept another of < ompiratire eaer It will tequir* a few i?j? (or the?e far la to be aacartaioad, an i until then theie will be a> reilgnatioo. I venture to ' predict, however, that Jwiff W will U<ul that he itae been compiimeated b/ a fair expri??~iou of opieloa lu hi* fnror from a legislature computed of political adverea riei? aud that hie pemooal ami political frieu'l* at home alii be but too glad of an opportunity to tecure all valu able tervi --eg to the o.a * ot (.-unmet tut. The C male i aleaarafctp of raaainni ma/ then be r*t<ardfl a* vaiant and ae Ju'ge Maion retire* from the offlr* of Commie air Ler of hateata to morrow, thtre will be tbrve bureaux of the 'nterior )<e|iurtuj?ut without a caie; -pen* ion, pa t. r.t, ?D0 Ktarral laud oiBce. A< the l'r?eident of the I mtxl ntaleal* aow ab?ent from Vi . too, ol cour e oo . npe will 1>? t> > ?n tnwarda ap ( polntiOK ?>?* * omuuationera until tila return? nor do I lie 1 li< <e ati/ oui' lia? ) ?i (>?'<'n lor eillier place. 1 ae cbitf clrrke will |>!obal>l; be Ilia )|* ac lug coiiiial^aloiiDi* until after the lall airciona. M?uy bamee are mm lioLvd lu connection with toea* aareral o'hooe, liu". it la through tr? part'aiitjr ol |wrnoo?l fnea-ix ao<l wUbout I ?nj fci'iuoi'n lor the It u h Iiui'LkU that tue , IVtin on ('flii.e la ion In it tine atate of ?!>!' enc; ?n I ilia- ' rtpllBH m l to cotitlaue ao Judge W?i.iu a auci:e?ior ' unift be, l.ko lilai'eit, a proiouad lawyer, a pract oal, and witCal, im< n t a'ratd of tur > lab ir The i ranx ma/ be aatd of other ofllree. 'I'ne Hecretat/ of the [ iuterior Diet not hop> to llnd aootlier huch a trio a* ! Wal'.o, \\ ilion and ainon, to call u> in? amiitance I learn thai Mr. Wllaua naa, " at tlie m^ent aol<r t? ? t oo of man / frirndu " ai niuu rd hiineell a raudi-l ?t? ] for the eierkahip of the neit Hon e of l(?pre<>inl?tlv?*, i on toe Know Notning tt aet, witn eueh voliiat?*r aeim'. ance n< he n^aj be ao!e to inuater from the whig and drmociatio rank*. Mr Wthioj'a removal wa< airiotljr on part/ or Koow Noibmi gr -nnoa, and h ? eoimeni I iji.alilication? for tbe ollice ol i lera of the Houae will at oire make him a piominrnt caooidate. The i'tfaiOeut b?? jual apjioinUd twelve new lieute emit in tlie I nit*<1 > ate> ai .a/ --the narnna of wlom I will fium-ib iou in a lew daji.wlth tin- 'K?nrral order" relative to api>oiDtinea'i and removala aiuohk the bi mber I ant on me not/ n*m* I hare bea n ald? to Mr. I. J. lirjokn of Uatiforn a, and aoa of (olontlK. Ilrooki. wbo*krre<t wlin ma mi twa in tbe war of 1N1J, under C< 'tet ala Ifarrn-on ao I .lecieon, has 1 w ii afpoiuUi! aecoun U?utraaat in tnu 7th in anir /. lhe Ci amiuiober of Indian Allaira liaa Ufi homi to rpend a roaple of weeka in <>llo, aad in?j to prn-eed ?? twerd to eom* important w 'to oouae-i*<l eitb the In' ian a?i?ir? It ma/ i>* to auf*tiat*bd the ac ' tloti' ? ! ilo?? m'r lue. rt and hie Maoitataa la tbetr Wad ap*rul?tii.!j? lie will not return tx-fure tb? m idle Of September a ad a* I. la in. anion la one of ?eerae/, I gneea we war be upoa the t/u, nn for aometliibf iLtarueUng Ilia Kuial K. AITulia In Trui. 11/ the arrival o' thr ateauitlilp i'ereev^ran ie at S?w '?rltari on the '.'8th ult. Capt -n-phirJ, e? han iltlei In in (ialvi-atoa to '^4'h of Juae, and pepere from the latemr Oharke, tbe (ierman who murdered hie wife liaa Imoo rose Is Wo n H.uiion aoo ?wntea'- ..j vo be huog oa tan .Uth o Jul/ After bia ctmvifltioa a pUa o ia**oir./ won tut is fbr the pYipcae of ita?iO|( aenlaoie and ob taiaieg a uew A ju; *u tuea C.up?ine.lei lo l.j I.- <|i.eatioo ? f laiaaii/ and it eaa dec* ted that ae ?a> peittell/ in-aon nut aot iufli"leatl/ eo to exempt bun In m p<.n alimeat A ?in fatal diaeene, tailed tbe "charb^a," la killiaf the rattle m iar,? nuuioete in tae vi'init/ ol Matagorda A wi Wr in tlie /'rt/.. . oieutioaa tbat toe ntue .iiaexe waa equally oeatructlva about liajrou -are In l?.l?i ao I bo ci re La> t*< n (out I for it U? catitioua fain, era a* . unt letting tseir .uga and bo^a fmxl u^io the .1e*b of auch anltuale a< have die-1 w.ia it, aa it a la ae aa ala>" t toatantaneoui i>< icon Di? (itiftrtti Jimnml oi 2 M toil ? W itbio lhi> U?l tao tba ifulatiua of our Jt tU t.*? b*i 0 acgafBtad. frmn ImailfrntiiB Bl> na, ? ??-> ? t ) 710 Tbt* li(r*aa* n.iiaiil* pr orip*l,y ol tb* p*? ? aotrjr li otn tb* <.*rn.*B Mat-* and th? l.u o? pr no mi *ai i? a tfc/'l acrkinp, laduatneu* cUm oi pxi? i, alio m? doubt a t, will ? bl much II lh? if r.culluial uter**ta of bur mn. Hi# l#< ri t'ltmffr glva* a fae*'lo i* of a dual 'wo 'joiiLf blo? !? '>.*>th |r?n from I'm Hatr< ? >,.cb took 1 1* ?ltl I'. kl , * ( Buudi* I yar l* from tb* I'timrer -anct'im Nivitj burl th? ?U i"/yl?IU of lOBdlBf with builr'n tiMOf dl*| Blttl Tb? -?n Antonio 7>j n of lhur*lay la?t, hutuafol b'K.SK paiafrapB ? Wi ).? .?b*u I it'irB in W*i t?ra T?n? luriaf th* pr* *B*. a^k, that 'outlDuni * m* lor' j ( it hour" It 1 1 ali*B- j *la< ktLlcg I lb pur** ?tn?(< of tb# ri I. lo tfc*lr nuik ti? Mil jrin/ i.f additional )v./f aad jo j <? tb* poor lo thalr cuttaf* tom>? A Vatican baa lataly b**n arrMt^l (? '.b* Tldmt/ of tbahaa Antoaio nw, ?*r*ral m.l'? brio* our city, mku ll luppo?*d to b* t l.a oo* aim fcil -1 bl* f.ioiptoioa, a p??1hr, a f?a a?*ka niD' ? who ?i> fooni AoaUag 'So* a , tb* riT*r and wa Uarn tbat a?f*r*l art <?:?? Bar* ba*n | fi.uBd IB po*arl?KiB ol tb' j.riaoarr, ah th rauia Ibia i tuple las I n *i a pomm jbI' atlon to tba I I flrj. iriw, of our r ' j . >lat*4 Juw 12, a* .?ani tba*. fila> dad Uaguirr* a a* kl I ?<J by tli* ladiar ? In ti* t|< laitv of larr lo, a -la; or two b*f> it. Tia bo !y of tli* p"or man van pur ?: a tb bra I arroa*, In alac had t?B aoua<!a fiott a ?y* ?r II.* lo dual Wok b < Loraa itil, *o i Uft t" plu?l*r OlIi'M 71k* Pmn fir** an ?-<-ouat of * *klrm ?b bataaan tbia* lwJino? Kt I fl i - wbit* m-n 1h? lo'1>Baa bad ito l*t< M)T*ral borw < iV g| lit ta?r. mil** ffmn >q abI/ibPi, bat arra pun ? <1 BAd ofVltak* a fonr of In* h ,rw< ?*r* NMttftd, aud it ? ? luapn-?d ihat on* or irw ia of IB* ln :laa*k*l b~ o ?tr*r*!/ *nuu >'. b*f <r? tb*y avU tbair ??c<p? IbcAuat ri ^ ' t> fin ir* - I 'tt^r* from I ' rt X ? *??'l li.' .rm u* Ikat than Bra r.o 4 It1 'iltt*a altb tlta IxliaB i oa tba froti'kar Inn irastr *r? Mflna nf hi eoma lo. ant mot t'n l.?f a | to b* rr.?D.'**t*<1 by th*'*?'l?r in tKilt hi of tb* pr? , *? nt 1 1. . an |??f poi uj Kain* hara fa '??, and firm lo< ka ??ry I It* Hra " r,a /'lanlo of Wa^l?**<!*y |a*t mm ? that h*a?} rata* b*d fail* i. la that *? ti>/a We ??.! tb* folio w Of II tB* Aaatla I m f/B bit W> ;?**")?/ ftrril Bf, a">* it b?.' B?#t < n 'lark i B IvrniBC .1 l'-tj kud' aBly afi^arad IB IB* w**t ao-1 ?> ot tiiroo, I, tb* b**T??? with tr*ak*aV> ? T?<o-1ljr ft* ' .?Bti"?> *ai not a??*rta.o?'l, Irrt '.B* ??? rtl of t a?* tb*' It ?a* tlalbl* *t?B*Br?l to b* nBBauail; "W*B tb* t nlllaner o' tb* i f it *mit t? : *a* (ntb r tbaa tbat o? tty iim inr p' *aois*a' n *??r alts** *?t Maaap/'lto fi I tig from tb* T?i*a If. ml' fit fit , utr*', <!*t*d Juo* !? ? ?? |it* '?lo? 'b* ^n'M"a|i of >? of Um nut u> ? I pTUtt m**Ur(a ? t*t bald at t ?* e?p t%L Oo? l"??a* m'I m* to iob **r ttoa <*ta'a *y*t#ra tb* L*aa* a bl* i-Ucti'-B, ii'l p;o*r. ?*? to lay Ma >.*?? b* ?'?r* th* p?op > of tb* H at* M* ??u*? op*a var afaia>'. th* kg>? VritbiB|>. "I a jl?>*a g?" B k; fill l'?a*a ar* iv L Bat tb " ?!'*' r , baa BomtnatM bim (tulial ?t m? 1 1* a. * ri I H.lkCrTMO 1KU (II 1MB ncttttt i Mvianimt. * * ? ilfiiiT vt, K?r? ?;? ??* N i ?B ??. a I Urnt Jot* I . ia*B. i Kii 111* H .pr*ta? I. '???i?b'i Bu ba*a ptaaaad to > ? ? * I ? ? f ? i '>j * ne ? " r*? ? I n? r.tri rt i*r*it'B?r nr m? *ar? au< ? ?Ki?i. ri TQ n? liiuwiikta ll?rta? p"*tti?* lalnni' o t*at Uk* a I ??at -.r-r*. K uuty an. I ?N*a*. ar* pro^aria^ *at araa-af * fatal. I . -a J >i|?l 1MB IB Um ( klM Hlataa of MoT lb *a"i'a Mi Uil* r?pot/lir, *i1b a T ?> of ' fwa??aa.o? I ?( a pntKi ?.f it* tawt'ofy uB'ar faiaa pr*t**?a*. aat I b? .?? ai" aad tbat ?a*a ai piaditma iBtatl* t> alia^i ibI ? I'nij tb* 1K'.? ;? otUkm uf IB* aat. a *o s a'a^naaa I ara I<?.VI Inraik U < it* '!?'*? ? lit It * a *?-raa :utf ' .f Uk* f'.?. t,o,?a? to *? opt *?U*al aa*a*..r*a fa r pra a*r*U g tha '*i r iBt*<r t/ i/f tb* "piiilB, aa4 I utiBt ita am?> ?ai; aa4 bk?it/ lb*rafor?, la Wa ' ia| MB a 4 It* pb**r 1 e*<raaa - A) I Al< *BM m.lad Si'B'a(KU ?'? ?????*>! Vo ; ?Bk* ap ara- aad '?'-iX tba la<l*pa???aca of tB* aa?a ti> k. kin Uka ptrBhaal (? ??t#a .i.*a*?.a wbitb Ibnat I >0* it. Art X Wl-rafor* fr*M tba f iblkeatk^a of tbl|ii*?rM ? f ry atJI Ba t?adj to a*r** "B-a tba aaaeeioe la^guM t, ' >a? -a U( t< pat tbai?-*.?** at vba 4laf?*aJ ni lu ? i ; >b*' at tba pr^par pwat at tba Br*t ? faai of b *b/m at., 'k ti m?r *.?* Ar tb*aaM ? irBfun aia bona-! if ?? ?*? p* t, una loauaa > parBti' m. to praaar at a to Oath ib* b ? ?*?? I it ai.o latar tba rauatrf and IblBl aaa . h a- t mm?f ail. Ba avt,,*et to *aab t-a i k aaa at a* ta* ,>*t a.* j Maaortba irt I t' ' -a aaa raaaatar 7 aat*rtaia tba *???./ if a " ? ? f tb*? akd af aay aort ru ba nna?i*ara4 aa4 Uaat a . *< ra ta tba '?K atrj Ait * At praaaat a*l so ka( aa I M ptkaka 'bat * ? 1 p> kaa ?iil ba pat M apa aVaaa, aii fai?waar* ara iro: fcit*d ?**? raakrta 1 oa"a UM "eataara ot tba ra 1 ?l *, aid tba raaaaiti** m.i.'ary 'oaraa'an aul ra ,?1 r* tbaa ?? ratiii rtbnt l*b; ta IB* pilar pal u ar ? ta ?? * li<*>'a* A t ? t>? 'ar*?# t* ? ?-?? ? ?? W t r - - , 1 1. 1 ? ? " |W Ik !? ' Ik M; ... t :?'? ?vik kltf^ 1 tl * Co npaay la Nicaragua, prorll'l eeittrr tbt> ou* m>r tba other jfirf ,u?t gronnd* t ? an > P*?f lh*m u accomplice* to tha eipeait.oa or fararab1* to It. ?art 7, The a<l r*ntur?ra, Iilon*/ *a*1 k'ebeoa, ar* pro hibited lt>"B eat ?r iig ib? r*|>?Hle what** >r oiay |m t? ? ? ?ii>' let and character wilb winch tk*r proiaaa tooom*, I II 111*} do MI.'I'Md IB fulfil IB/, til* author. lit* of Iba up-. r i will t?k* care to apjirebaod koJ itvlmr Hi. in lo . v- a*n*at military wnint n1?r. thai he w.ay c.a-. j u, ? iUi |T?tt?r a*curit/ to tho mUiUi y g? lOG. u' tiii ill | x, inn-nt w/iaie th* g??iimaiDi m I Bi'li a. Art ft. In V?a tha fliii. ^vwa ?nr aa/ toww a* lb* republic. tar lDkBt>it.ul? tha..aC a&iw>??ir?4 U??W . wa .t ?ad In l i tm the umw*1 etta ht vklok tfcare ma. b* kv'mbii .?>?? It r?M, HUaa UteM itiuwkirv j.. r?- *??? ^ v whkfcuu*, Jilt. V. I lid urx'ft . . M? rOaMoN**^ j ? *4/?h I wilb Ut? aMNulHHi ul MM, bt owmoMiMfM , .iioUaliuiv eai>o?rn. ^ Uma la '.unaua, the lakoi -'aa*. 1H44, , lT at ,, r- T JJWMAMItWMIAlH.. [ T? th* Hon r??-v .>au tgrb*Hk? ?li.i??a* "f r >rfu : JOU a ruj| fur iafOiBiatl- n Jit iv p 1 Jg you . * r ?!' fi n j in. . Mmsi . qt Mrvant, BAiil IAK.NA City Intclllgrara. Klf Yob* P*u-?? A an niinol? Ik) Ktmllw 0<* ujlltr* of the above aJMOCtatmn ba<l aa a ljourued meat Ion iu thalr committee room, Otiataa ll?ll, Aa'or plaoy (laat evening i Hon lay, Jaly ltd, lfti'i, at * o'clock. Vrora the diary of tba agent It appatri tba folio ?in< hat br?n tbalr operation* dur ng tba paat mioth ?TUT par eonx bar* bora viol tail In prion* I VI ^mplalaU war* aarafaily axanalxiad , :tl p^raiM bar* (ic- a dui charged from ripUolj on tbair raaurom* n latl in , .It p?a anna i?tIti"' aaaia>???* In uion?y, vbli b anabiaid BiMijr of U>i<m t<> b-a?* lb? < it* ; 13 dia h?r4i l pri ?n?ra w*r* aiippllni with u-rful i 'l?tbia( I mployinaat ami plaaa* wan' procur*il for mriBbvi utm an I baja, tao bait l?n Inniatr of our I'r ami Mai* pr.Miai *i*i* tb?f ma j obtain an b?a**t hralihoo i k ihk i.i IUitkk ituii ? A flr* broWa out jr**UriWy aftaruooB, aboat on? o'rlo <, la tha a ' tir of tba rivaUinf bout* No. '.'1 llaxt*r atrant M? alb' ? roouia war* km< plail bj nararal famlllaa, ?l?o aavail about all tha/ ka<l by throwing It out ? I th* wt?t>i*. lb* M'uad law war ooeupiail \j Mr Vulit'l I tan lay. ?)?> waa aica ta bad at ttia tiB* In'l bad to '? U(tM out of tba baaaa. Mr llatl'y a lo>< oa b a mmmrt will ha akout ?76, ibiaf't In tl a FVop'a'i liia'ii awa 'ompany 'or fiMtt. tba ba?rn<rnt waa alwi npii?J oy Mr lUaUjr aa a ,'uBk ?bip lb* atv't la dauxgad about >Vi, aad la aula)) lu tba I <up!? a lu>ui^o<a omi.?ay for 1AM. Ika but floor ?a i oi ru^i ad by Mr * iu Hairta aa a giaaary an>l lii|U? r alor* ha bia aa Inturaa* o' ?l.OO'l oa lua aiock in tlia N?w AnmUrlam lamraaax ''?iiaany. Ilia Icaa ii ttuut |M. lba ttauiaa attan ia4 to No It aa4 paitly < amairail tba rouf llotb of tha hjl' laga b*laac to Mr William Naatla, aa i ar* i airad lo tha Nalltaa Inauraar* Company ftr IU* *?taraal daa?age alicut 1300. Ihjiiii UitltlUlY UinmT kok Jr?a, IISI ? WHala nuaharuf patianla on lar traatnifnt 1,711 , atipilball, at ?n.l?i I at tbair r**!?ro?**, 111; illait>l at Ika dlapanaary (clainO?d aa followa), l,lb<i <3ia?a??a *f ika kaart, lunfn ami tor oat, 1 i, of tba l.aal au1 audinaaa, 1 fairra *.c I ol ilia rya an'l ?ar, 'i, of tha akl a atl, of women 70; of cbiloi'-n "fill aar<i il ^eparlmaai, 17" miner aurjary, SI1 , vaaaiaatiaa IW. Total mam^ fM lamale-, 1 Vu. ta th* l o ltd ritataa, 101 j ?? i Ireland, I iHiH, la otbir MMlriW, 71, H*at lo taa pilal, 10, dird, ti rrmalaiag no ;er traatmrat, 40. lYa acn^tiona ilia(,*r.>ad duilvg tba ir, mth, 'J,"->l la, WaitiuH r>ia Mai ?*r> Ji *> HiA <''i?t?a?tii? wiiii lxf 4. - lb* I Wo Bioii'.ha Juit ? lo??l bate aeourwd Va ua, lo all proba?ol /, tha twanrai ?ia n karvaat Ihia eotintry liaa r-ar iro'uia,'. la tha <orreep*ada( n? r,tr., ill l*?t year th* aropa ware ao far daalroral kf ?nought aa t j throw ua to ti?* eig* of faa aa It may l a ini?t**iin? to wutraat In* weather far tkaaa taa pet,. ?'.*, wblrb bare 1 1 1 en aura o|, petit* >aaa>ta ? X Inf. bt. Jum*. it May. kj. Jane, 'M. Mean tan.J tratore K" 7I? 011 Of MiiUiltr of olrar day a ......... . . IS 11 13 II I Bttirly cloudy ilo. ft I 4 It Mlirl, rlaar ahl rlcuOy t'o .. 10 1* 14 11 K*la 'all on 14 II 10 15 Quantity ol Iain 4 ln< 'J' , iaa. 4 0 Id laa &*I4Im. I?*ya o< airitkrily wiaca ft & 13 4 t'o. Ktuibai ly. .... 1% 1ft In I* IV vanabl* 7 7 ft 7 N?j|l j II larlim of rafa f?ll la May aai Jaa*. agalaat 11, lacb? li>> y**r At a J iait?r balar* f ?'?l*<i> oa HatuMay eremag, 'lb of Ji.a*. * ?u I4*b th*a4ar abnwtr nn ?* op<,n tl a njn,er |>irt<*a* of tha rlty. la tw all an outre tba* fe.l I 21 ( I I h / laebaa *' ma, whi at not a drop fail beloe ( aaal atraat or at WlftlaaM I btirg I'erk *'ip ftiry. 'Ir.* 1 1 1 rea. " l,**t of lb* aumairr, ao far waa at 3 P M on tl.a . ' tli. ahtn tba Ihartnoatelar roaa to vl A? grae* Tha e?ir>w.* *f la ?' luairnar la tba aaaa aa p* aura w?a VU d?, ra*a ? l'i -I Pollir Intelligent r. cicii> tit roiuikBir iron tin. tirr nuiit'iir An ? r4ar for I' ljt "U Um Ul; Tkuuiji, u bate Urn i xm<J by Alfred Uaraon. the 11 >M asfisaat, ??< |i??nt?l at tbe Au4 tair a ulllre os M aiUf, m4 jrnmyXit reitiOi-il by Mr llmf?n <>l that afftrs, a* ' f <") ill' ?li <? x-r <?!>'> f ? ??*?(*? I lb* tlien |fl Ua a littuni <f I Its l>tMnl<w, aait ? ? leaa ill .n half mm b u r h? 1 lb* --r<iar cuM l< iM Mo t-bsslna Huk noM is boar* a'ursat'la It a a* luf iil?l Uil UitiHai <w a ekllful forgery, Mr Uixm, rn >?* iif alioao the |>a|*r I" lare>l tb*' U t S?< > r aaa a fori** ??? > .11 It aaaa ? at>l*a4l4 lailtllM sf tb* (??alia aM "Be that ?i?ll '<? liiely te Sstates ? ?IS It* l<?t )qil?ea of S* 'iMkUffl >? a u ' lil? u?: to Ibe [ery?lriii| of tb* l|tal. llltoatk *t*rj e : it >u m? ? yestsrrlsy I j tb* p-iUee ul iIm (lital ItflwIllalWNI till lb-r.a*l hn?tw tow for Mi. < mum a mIjij tw i he ijutrMi brat of July c ii ami i? with -non i ma*. >? ur j^raa, oa Bemad iatr^k Mebinaley I'alrlrk Ms !<??? Jarnaa MeWa>y, as<) Harah M >los*y, were breafkt Ml/re Ji. atlae lw | art ya*t*r<lsy aft arson a 'bargef with lata* pT-v f a 'a an aweerorlee ta a lsre?sr roai n tl?.i }t*t*r<iay a. ,ra af It aj,??*ra <bst MrKlsaley arll'a'il k Ms saty tm lal> ah* ilete e' l,;t? it tobS, at l"!t i I. a lb a m a'reet wkare " b I n l ~ J )i if kaail a sat" b, pa. ) fat tV him eol le" II, a f ufat l.i.f boaever to >ak? tae varrastaa* till laiai II* * n allaraati'a. boaaarter, itkiw I far tbe Kfiaaat, slirb aaa Lei. "1 to Mm by Mr -lB"U bat al iota n > ii ? at It wa* !.?#t?ral ibe' a f I ??V ii ast'S M", ban I aaa ati.l-o by a. n.e of tbe j?;t r M K ssiey ? u tbSfespr a dels sad aa-' fr ? bin tt.e reoWleara af Ha ketey waa obta r eal I'araaaat -is-th, of tba l?i??r i'a* Ilea < oaf, a< ? myuurt Mr Jatyaat ui tba hssss af Ma low;, at No Morna atreat aMra ta* prtass*ra a aaa arr??U'1 "in aMrcblag tb< ^r??a ?ea tba eivi aaa ra ti, >?ia4 lb* at- .??-i ?era aii .**t?>tta4 forataaaLaa IIm. iiKiviora iwn lt Jobs Maraa aaa Moagbt bafara Jaattra llogart a? rba-(a "f airi. ?? I a(rra fit pa'rfk la lb* baal * tb an as* tafli'Upfr a aa tare aouwl Tba 'oai; .liaal a'ala-1 t'at I' r?a4"?4at Mo i Jam* atr**? Itil ya#. tari'ae b a r?|?ett a / t?-.e I *oaer ad t? "oaka aay ao ?e a< ba aaa Ia?p4?f tbe axaala aaat ? 'kM aaa la n.e a/ .a?.i, be ail*?ea, a* rbt i? aa aia akl ait Lou i aa; ar oat.a aeaaalka>1 kin altM ta*1 ml If aiajoti II a m *f ? rata <.< in . Ita4 Ik* y acaar fat trial oa <l>ar|a "I fa! al.u aaaaait Ttiealrta aixl d. ?IiIMIimu. It*-" ?.i Tm ikVM ."bar* ? '* a tery aaioae eal*rlala?eat at tbi* theatre tai*(>it Tba aaUaaal aa'l fkUMi ?raioa rb? B>vJe ' ll<aka* Mill " atB be tba llrat | -- Mr an<1 Hn * laal aa Ktaaiiar O'l 'inr, b?a a J lj|y ' ak* farea a# "fat's Iran a.iltoMoa aa; a ? le.-* aitb tbe 'law fat UMm' -Mk WilHk? n ??*rartark lb, w??t 'xtir ? fkara * 1. M tv* aarf'rBM^s ?? tbla tbeetr* a* at a t tan *?1 tb- atbar at tba aaa I ear >a ta* - ?** ? r '*? slanaa **ta> tat a-a tba ?>(Tly It, ??*? T aa4 Jarry ' Iftasa fya4 a ?I. Ma "a # a a tba 'la baataat f eear-* ' aa I ika 'Iv .<?? ? JlMa Mil atJI Iraa lar(? aa t i ? ? 1 ba f ) k* ?M llarrlMa 'tf*n tree pa ; aj ?*ai w i| t n tba * I ? u? t ler of U<a ^aflaaal k a* l ira aa kam, a tUrar'ar a?. a). a e.>u aa a ta I a r r a aa ty kfta r lb* I rat art. tb* aaUoaal ?*. tba a Hal lilabVu a.i; u? aaaf ky '.ba / No caabt Ue boiiaa atU t?* rt aftne! ? anaaa'a 7 Hiatal Tb* > *raaaa "y? nakkpaaf a .i |ita an eatarta i.a>-at a' (>??< ?ar?aty ta ? * a a if Itaa >*?? tie iifalar p I a aa i tbeea aifi a.*e ? ? fiaaa) ??>?rart Irau Ms MerUai li 'iraar will apr** It' fcf i a Ta ar* fb*'* alU *?a ta, rar' -at ? e Mete, ose at t *s '. '-aa a aa! aaa at et?at V ke a a a/a tba "llall IUa?ai?a# |k?l<* aa T era a* It ? ? fii 'i Mirttj Ma|u a rt *' ''si. ' "CatlMiaa, M< ?* is flabforsia sad I? ? ' a fail Ag < bar?*r? *l/*at t'-e .tra s Lb k?(k St IratiM* 'I aa-1 fal. le ua ?taa<*: M ts*r*. in laaarra T).a ir-graaaaia ?f stasa*. e ast- l?^ Ibka r**a af t ? -s ab?tb aiH ke eura ta ?ra* S tor fa aaeae * !a*a Ti-a ?*b- Irasaali' laJkat af Ha **>,,*. a sua Kaasr ta nrrts s* fesatu siu as tba t* a I tU | a?e If as a sasla ttii ' sa? tUe tba fare* af Mr asl Mff 'eter ? art* ?? Via,' a Siaeeur-* ? T?. a bski (tea tatf fss ts'.aa t* i a *st aet'a aaaVar tat , -isg Sf as4 4a?e s? aja Iks ftar* as *4 Hl%rt laaii i .is Orui II aa Tb.a aatsLHai.saas'. >a ta -<* J a pa SSI1 fr,r tb*a nay ?si r Tbrea laaaa aa ysr'araa . j '?? afa ba la r ttaa uae-e.rf, s/Vria* s IS i ttaa aa lit tba sitaate* asfsf a . a lias Beat asasre s la : av I ei/'aiia ? ? Ml* r*i a ' IKM I Ma a raraey ?4% frvla' era*, af, ? ti> as I fas?a?? ?ae*i aas aa?'itlSf ?" 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