Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1855 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6887. MORNING EDITION ?FRIDAY, JULY 6 1855. PRICE TWO IENTS. INDEPENDENCE DAY. Its Celebration in the Metropolis and Elsewhere. ICflPEITI, d*., Ac*, fte< The day passed off n usual. Ho far as we have heard, (here *u ao trouble, no riot, no dlaturbance of m y aort. There were quite a number of accidents here and elsewhere, the parUoalare of which we fire. Apart from thsae, all pisaed off quietly and happily. An occasional shower, with thunder and lightning dar ing the day, ctoled off the atmoephere, laid the duat and added eomewhat to the celebration. ? the military display in the city wae brilliant, but ./jret to hair of aa accident toOen Hall by the falling of hJi horns oa Broadway. New York can tarn oat the finest military division ever aeen on parage or in actual ?ervioe. Ia the evening the rain interfered with the fire work*; the thousand! Is the Purk tried to keep dry un der umbrellas, bat they failed in their efforte. The Are -works are postponed to Monday. The Liquor law went into force, as the legislature directed. Every one who felt thirsty slaked hi* thirst a* usual, lhey did so In Brooklyn, as well ae in New York. They did so everywhere. There was no trouble? no ar rest, no aerizure. We have not heard the opinion of the Carton League, but everybody elae teems aatlaSed with -the operation and effect of the law on the drat day. APPEARANCE OP TEE CITY. The glorious Fourth was celebrated in the city with great eclat Wednesday. To be sore the weather was not as prop Itious as it might be, but what did young New York care for that? There wax a certain amount of flteworka bought, and, rain or shlne,they mast be explo ded, if not in the l'ark or in the streets, why then on the housetops and from the windows. And terrible was the racket the j a ran lies kept up. From ''morn till dewy eve," the air waa reeonant with the din of Qrecraokera, and the exploalona of gnna, plitols and the smaller aort of fl re -arm.i , while at lntervala the booming of cannon waa heard to heighten the effect. Thla continual daring the day, and at night the olty aeemsd almost on fire, so continuous was tho stream of roskets, Roman can lies, Ac , shot up in mid air. This was kept up antil Night's candle* were burnt out, And the jocund morn btood tiptoe on the misty mountain top. The weather daring the morning was very fine, bat ?bout noon a smart shower came up, which aent the pleasure seekora scudding to their homes. The after noon was rhowery at Intervals, and Heaven's artillery, thundering in the akiea, came into competition with the detonationa of flrecrack ? -er? and aquiba, and at length withdrew dlagkated from the unequal conflict. The oity in the morning had a very brilliant appear ance, as avery hotel and place of amueement was gaily adorned with flags and patriotic devices, as were also the ships in the barbor. CELEBRATION OF THE SOCIETY OF TAM MANY. la accordance with the custom of tb? Tammany So ciety, or Columbian Order, since It* establishment ta 178#, th? annireraary of oar National Independence *?' celebrated in the old wigwam. There wan, aa uaual, a Urge number of person* present beside the members of the aaaoelatlon. The room wa? decorated with the emblems of the various State* , and the banner of the Orier was displayed behind the platform whish bad been erected for the Saohem* and other officer* shelton'a band, which waieagagaJ for the occtsloa ga?e additional interest to the proceeding*, by the per tormaoce of mm of their beat muiic. About half pa* one o'clcck, the Sachem* and offlser*, wearing thei budges, and preceded by one of their number, bearing the cap of Liberty, entered the hall, and after marehln round it once, took their Mat* on the platform. Th (?rand Sachem, Lorenzo B. Shepard. Esq., came for war snd addrm-ed the meeting a* follow*:? BaoTHi-ns.? Tb* revolving year b** brought n* eaoi Maia that lay of wbieb w* are most Justly proud. I retara* ia peace and prosperity. No natloaal calamity rerrsfes the rejoicings with wbich we bail it* presence. Uratitade for the i err ices an J demotion of our fathers, .Inst pride tar onr high national boaor aad power, aal tbe rtvtaling* of ths future filled with th* promise of a grandeur unapproaehed In the bistcry ol man, feli citously ouncur to elevate onr spirit* to th* dlgaity of th* oc - cn-ioa 1 here is ao oiime m which ear flaf, borne by tbe leviatbars ol our commerce, doe* not lean t* meet the rlsiag sun of tbis most glorious day. There is ao breets tindor heaven that does not bear tbe voices of those resounding eennon which vindicated triumphantly upon tbe great deep, " Ike* trade aad sailor's rlshts ' We shall most fitly begin tbis day by eipreesing oar bnmbls thanks to that bad Pro videnoe wbieb ha* maintained onr country during the peril* incident to national existence, aad kept allvv that patriotic ardor wbick MM a democracy above m?re sectional, local or tenporsrir purposes, aad with a spirit as philosophic as It U J a**, embrace* oar remoteit brethren as warmly as those nbe are nearer. This spirit, tbe spirit ol oar fsthsrs, perpetuates tbe Union W hen ;t shall be>ome cor rupted, aid pablic Tlrtue eat service shall glee no reoog aited title to poblie respect ; when constitutional dntie* shall be coastdsred immoral or degraJIng, than, then, indeed, oar Union, ulslategrated, will tumble late aatagonlstlo ele menta, and the hopes of rree government beextlngulshsd In lasting gloom. As brethiea of the Tammany Society we can aot forget that it* foaadatluns were laid ty men who have departed Not one now linger* open tbe stag* of life. Tbey Lave gone in tbe fnlneis of yeare and of hoaor, leaving us tbe heritors ef their sublime sstat>? our country, and those principles or civil and religions liberty which Infinitely Iran eeead ia their blessings to mankind the Imperial gift* of all tbe eovereigntles which the history of maa records Ttese principles are tbe links which bind us to our lathers, our | brethren, aad oar cbildrea. It i* our pleasing duty to beep those lip as stroag and bright. And this day, as if in pre eeaee ef the departed free wbooe memory we invoke, let as reverently add eae other stone te their meaament? oae other snthsm to thsir praise! At the conalaslon of Mr. Shepard ? remark*, Alderman James Kelly rend the Declaration of Independence; after which, three cheers were g-.Tea far the memory of Tho ma* JelTenon. Ool. Al* under Binfc theTorator of the da j, then cam* forward aad delivered tbe following ?ration .? faLXOv t'lrizi ks ?The august itstr .msnt of th* Delia ration of oar Natioa's Independence has this day been re cited te ion Eighty long eventful year* have elapsed since tbe great moral. soelM, and political troths It ennnoiates were proclaimed to aa admiring werld by a self sacrificing aad hersio baad, who pledged their Uses, their fortunes, aad theer sacred benor, to maintain inviolate the bold, znaaly, righteous doctrines it declares. Ingland, the no t^er country of these colonies, having lecomi " deaf to the voiee ef Justice aad consanguinity, ' swept from her c ban nels s sea ef oppression and tyranny, wbfoh surged against th*e land, from Plymouth roek to the arid sands ef tbe Care linaa. Ine telling, freedom loving husbandman. aad tbs tai ridden artisan, struggled with sinewy arms aad nnsusdued hearts to ci mbet tbe eagulpbmg wave that plunged them deeper aad deeper late poverty aad waat. and sinking them to a dog rndatlea woree than slavery. Tbe Americas coloalst -appealed, prayed, remoastraud ia vain te British outrage and be Umiab power. Insolence aad insult were returned to bia neadBul appeo:e; morttfleatioa fluttered bis heart, ia i digaatiee darkened bis brow, resolution and retribution i closer slenebed his determined band, aal taking up tbe 1 eword veagetnlly be ehouted, (Jive me liberty? or give me 1 death Tbe entire nation kindled with tbe shout? "liberty" and "iadepondeaie" swelled from every homestead, was borne aa every breete emblasoaed oa every banner. The , twin or oases of St. Andrew aad St George, onee venerated, | V net adored, became hated aad sorted. The throne was ; no mora sacred, tl e erowa powerless aad despised The eolo ties rebelled, Reason reitnid, aad maa assumed the ma | lieaabis aad preeenptlve riant of self government. Boo. daughter, sire aad wife, All the sett relaMres that twee tea life, Kelased their grasp, aad liberty aleae leuip d tbe bosoms uadlviied thtebc. Distiaotions coated. want, wealth in Iro'bsrhoed i'okei te the wheels ef wtr, together stood Tie staks was mlgbty 'twas a glorious cast? Inempb s Irst char'er aa l misfortans s last Bush was th* crisis, fellow cltweas, whsa that aa/nst assemblage ef ear patriotic sires, tbe Haaocks, Adams. J offer see. PraakLa, Morris. Wilson, l.lvingsten, Lewis. Ross. Smith, Pean. t arroll, Railed**, aad their venerated cotemporarlee, soberly, serioasly, resolutely do < Isred te tbe startlsd oar of distaa'., kingdoms, that kingly rule was usaeeeeeary, maa capable of self government, and that tbe Ameiiena colonies were, of rlgkt, free aad la depeadeat Stateo Oh immortal fathers of tnis repnh'le. bow much will the millt>us el tutare ages owe to yoa Tne moaataias ef Tell, the vale of Ciaciaaatas, the laad ef Leo xidae, tbe rivers el the Seiae, the Tiber aad the Nile, shall lift their veieee te tbee ia praise, aad cbaaat to Paaas to your imperishable tame. The pen and doesrlaes of Jeffer ??n. aad tbe sword sad wisdom of Washington, shall iaspire the baarta at nabora millions af freemen when the monarch teal Cheops aad bis elowd erowaed pyramids shall be orum bled aad mingled with the elods of tbe valley. Tbe day wbieb gave birth te this glorious epoch ia the easels ot ha maa government Jlfce Tammaay IBocioty have lavited yea my bearere. to eaeiet ia eelebratlag. It is ao pageaat wher yea ere called te strew tbepath ef a blood stained con queror with fragrant flowers, nor gexe srlth woaderlag eyee ?n the dessliag gew gaws of tbs spoils ef victory, aor ye* to lift yon* "sweet voieee la ths laeagaratloa of sons" nsw formed dynasty We have ao military trepplags to eatranre jou withal? no antlqaated armorial paraphernalia to la cite von to boast the Meed ?l a line ef kingly aaoeetry? hat we Invite yon here a* brother m<t-esMlM aad ant'tled te equal pelltleal right*? ?e e^oni religions freedom? te equal t .iseaUen la year owa peoaliar de'-rlaee-f. eqaal postlUa aad sdneatioa? asd to tbs equal blastings aad protection of tl at charter aad that aatUa wbieb sprang late being on the 4th et Jnly. m?, aad wheee aaaiversary, with tbs blese leg of Cod we meet te eeletrete, aad ao one shall mahe us a^aid. this is, a* I uaderatand it. the democratic d.-triae, ibis Is tbe Jefferecaian creed, snd this is tbe religion* mac tlee ef tbe Celnasbia Order of St. Tammaay, by wbeaoVlnd InvltsUoa we have tbe gratl*?*tien of bolag swrrenaded hy True brothers in tblsaeneoa of flower*, at earaatlnoo) f??t, val ? "the birth day of Libert) " Ob Liberty than power rnprameiy bright. Profuse of biles, aad pregaaat with dellgbt. Psrpoteal pleasures ia tky preeenee reign. And smiling pleaty leads thy waat on traia ?ae'd of ber lend, snhjeotiea grows mere bgbt, Aad poverty looks cheerful le thy sight. T*ew wisk'st tbe gloom/ faee of nslere gay, Qiv st beeaty to the sea aad r>ea*nre to the 4*y I will venture. Mid be, to wnary U{ IUI of una of my brethren ol th? Columbian urtfer by briefly ittllii the on Kin of tba Ttmmini Sooiety. la 177* 3, during tbo period oi disaffection wbiob wu strengthening with tbo strength and growing witb tbo growth of too male on Unto ia tbo Ant noaa cjlcwes. tbo loyalists and effioe boldera nador tbo minijtry of that time o? poo tally in tbo leaport town*? or ganized a goodly number of King George'* loyal subjeits into St. Ctorgo'a aid St. Udnv'i Seoietles, to mttla the crown ia it* net* of usurpation. To oppoea aad neutralise tbo affect of tboao tory aaauciaUona, it was suggested by a number of tho moio liberal colonists t. form an ordar on more liberal principles: an<i as they ware growing mora aad mora boatilo to Great liritain, they resolved thai the titu lar siiat mult ba of aboriginal origin. Tammany waa an Indian chief than roaiding la Pennsylvania, of extremely vtituou* aad honorable habit* ? noble, tolerant, brave aooial und intelligent, with extremely bi;h notion* o liberty and equality, llim tbey adopted ai tueir uiut The flnt ttembert of this society, principally ooin pried of the offlc*r* of tho train bin da tn tne mil tia and eoma other distinguished citizen* oounaote Willi agrioulture lud commerce, drew np tbe Brat plan of it orpaaiaation. With an eye ta tbe permanent security o themselves and tho colenite, they taw that levolution wa the only remedy? and every nmn of distinction they coul etrol under their banner at that early day tbey courted t > join them,? they werothu* inntrumetal, by tbe association of talent, induitry aad wealth to couatsraot and ovormr i many ol the deep laid KheBiei of tbu St. George'*, St. As drew'*, and other loyal and tory clubs of that time Many a intoting of the Tammany Society of that day wa? adj.rued b> an instant summon* from the bo ?m of the oaanon or vol ley of musketry. Their motto* were "No Kingcraft," "A t'nicaof lit publican State*," "Liberty or Death!" About this time Tammany Society found it neoearary to plaoo itaelf In oppoait'on to a recently formed "Society of Clucluaitl,' ' in conic quote* of tba engraftment on Ita charter of the arts tocratioal feature that none but tba eldest born of ita mem beri should bo eligible to memboiahip. Ileaooit became ue f>opular *ith many of the officer*? to m<tca >o, that Waah ngton, who had contented to have bia |name used as President ol it, bad to get the obnoxioue clause re taled, to appease the demooratio opposition of the aohema if Tammany Scclety, who were opposed to all English title* of nobility. Through the poaition tin lain man v Society of it* distinguished member*, at this time obtained from tbe Leglslaturs an not of iaoorporatioi. It divldsd ita memberainlo thirteen di*liact triboa, to ooui Erehend each State, with a sachem to each tribe, aad a rand bacbem to govern and preside over all? tbe very ol lice new to ably filled by our proaent presiding officer, Lor enxo li. Shepard, 4tiu. All their insignia, are of the simple and primitive aboriginal character. They still keep bright tba tomahawk and eiatplng kniie. ready lor enemies, and tfceir calumet of peaoe, their wnmpnm, and the waters ol the Cleat Spring fi r their friends in council. One of the char aoterlitlo feature* of their oounoil* i*, that the Sachem* and i's tribra are always found in advance ol any treat reform, calculated to benefit humanity or the maaie* of mankind, at tbe enemie* to freedom *cd ei|ual righta have toe plainly learned, and are now learning With an undying confidence in tbe Great Siliit, the 9ona of St. Tammany ever hold that the "Voice of the people Is the roloeo' God." To this ao ciety, and to the democratic teed town by it* paternal hand, are we mainly indebted for the pease, plenty, liappineai and liberty which now curround u i on thia auipioiou* day. I ntad not infortn thia Intelligent audiense that the peaoe which eloaed and crowned the atiu^gle of the American Revolution, wasaot acquired wltbou tlleavlng deep and last ing tracea of tbe march of eBianguined war. The homea desecrated and deserted; the privation, want and suffering endured by the patriotic banda engaged In thia death struggle for popular liberty. Alaa : too manv felt ita horror* and shared it* woe, and none more oruelly to than tbo unfortunate yet gallant inmate* ol our beartle** enemy'* Eriion thipt. Ilere the noble *on? the generoua brother? the umane and tender fa'her without a hand to biud hi* wotindt or btd whereon to teat hi* weary limbs? in rag* and wretcbedne** ? covered with filth ? a prey to vermin? wa* he left, deprived ol food, or languishing or maddentd by nnap peased thirat, to droop a living akeleton Into the armt of death by aotnal and Intended starvation! Can it be oredited tbat tena ot thonaanda of tbe gallant aona of liberty were so permitted to perisL'Miod preaervo all future age* from the practices of the Kriton'a mercy ! Tens or thouaanda of Amtricac sots to perished, aad their unburied ccrtes left to rot and whiten on tbe desert be&oh of the Wallabjut. And there their uncolBned hones lav bteaohlng in the annual ann till the Tamrnaty Society, by reaolutlon adopted February ?, 1808, resolved to have them gathered up. placed ia proper coffins, and eonsigned to honor able tepulturo. This society built at its own expense an honoitd monument near the Brooklyn Navy Yara; aad on Wednesday the 13th of April, 18UJ, the Tammany Sooiety, aided by thecivlo authorities, the clergy, the liar, tbe vari ous tradea aocietiea. aud the naval and military forces of tbe oity with due aoiemsity and ia "all tbe pride, pomp aad clrcnmatance of glorioua war/' inurned tba bonea or the 11,500 marina in t'reedom'a and their oountry'a cauae. Had tbia Sooiety never performed any other servloe for ita conn try? this art alone entitles it to the veneration and reapeot ot every civilized community. Ah, well do 1 remember that daik and solemn day? how my boyish heart awelied with ia dignatioa li my youthful Ufa gave utterance to ita heartfelt exeorations even us my aged voice still echoes in this I all, "Shame? shame on thee. Britannia- aocuraed be thy wars forever"' fin the establishment of the Indepeadenoe of tbe Americaa Republic, a new epoch opened to the aations of the earth? not only on this continent did man feel him self regenerated and disenthralled? but to the oppressed ? tbe struggling and down- trodden of distant ol lines was sent a thrill of joy ?a gleam of hope tbat nerved them to letten the weight of tneir ohains? to dare and rebuke tbe ty rant's frown? to treat with acorn "tbe proud man'a con timely, the inaolence ot office, and tbe law's delay." Ty rants were taugbt to tremble, ane despots hurnr their their haughty leads; while the bold, the free, the inspired and the brave, cheered by the oomprst ol the American con fcderacy, battled mote fiercely against error aad intolaraaoe, aud relighted In their aative land the fane of truth, of liber ty aud justice. Tho^principles of the rights of man were defined? understood ? established; and all free hearts spoke freely out "Would my oountry waa America, or I an American!" In even oliae our flag became an object of fear or idolatry, and the American oitixen honored, respect ed and admired The (Onerous Sentiment that reoognited man -tbe high, tbe low, th* rich or the poor? aa a brother ? the coaceetion of the polity of the aoverelgaty of the people ?the guarantee of lire, liberty aad the pursuit of liappi neai? together witb a perfect equality of righta, without distinction of birthplace, to all who lived under our flag and worshipped at it* snrine, itacpped the land of Washington emphatically "the land of the ir'e aad the home ol the brave' ?and dignified this coontry In the eyes of eery na tion on the globe When it was reiuetnbcrea, too, that In the ranks and In the council of the heroes ol the Revolution, who eitabilihed tboao holy t>r<nciplea, waa a Lafayette, a Kossciutko, a Pulaski, a Dekalb, a Steuben, a Montgomery. wk? ooast icnouslycontributed to seal with their treasure and their blood the compaot of American liberty aad indepen denre. It was no wonder tbat theao distant nation* glowed with our glory, and lelt themselves participant* In ita great results. Thtlr hardy brothers an I sons, downtrodden vie tiins of oppression and tyranny, wan Invito ! and * unlit our ? heron. A ii.?rican pol ic -. and Atnerioan itatnamanthip coa inlted the | rot]-erlty aad tbo wealth ot tho country by couttlng emigration, and loosing the rigort of the nature Illation lawt; tbe hardy pioneer came, and the foreat fell bo fote him; the agrienlturiat followed, and th* valley blossom ed as theroae; the graiier dotted the hill tide with cattle; tbe nnvlgator whi'ened the river with canvas*: th* arolntect raited the pointed spire towards heaven, and tb* peopled street* gave out the busy hum of the srtinn and America btcame happy, gieat aad free! Tbe coalraternal leeliag which our fathers cultivated aad encouraged, and which {ave us neb proud position abroad str?n*> benrd the etruc ure ol republican liberty aad upheld our dsmooratic Insti tutions The spirit of iatoleranoe had not then uncoiled bis vennmotia fold*, and Know-Nothingism was then 'as It soen will be again) a thing unknown in the land ol freedom Oh, fellow citixena, let ua continue to live in tbe faith of our fatbera; abjure all intolerance, and foster no spirit of pro scription. Throw open tbe avenues to eduoation and moral coltnre; promote the purity of the oallot box; encourage maa to feel that by virtue and eaerrv he may aspire tn any emineno-. that whetbsr Jew Of GeatUs, Catholic or I'r .Vel tint, rich or poor, tbe aali of America shall protect him ia his equality of rights, and that th* I aws of his eountry like the dews of hsaveo, are dispensed equally alike on nil; then, la the lyric metre of onr national anthem 'As a bud of bntheri Juia'd, ftMt end safety v* shall fladf When Col. Ming concluded hli oration, which >11 re p?ote<lly applauded, the (irHiid Birttl invite 1 Ul meeting to unit* in singing an ol* which had be?n pre pared for Dm occasion by Mr. Hulbert, to tbo air of ?Hall! Colombia ' Thin whs followed by a j-erfeot ?torm of cnthuslaain, which found rant In nioo terrific cheora, that ma<U the wall* of old Tammany nhake A large portion ?f tha dimUm, at tha *ugg**Uod of tha t.ranfl Sachem, adjourned to another room, where an excellent collation waa prepared for tbem Hera, tha exttclaes, ai say be supposed, war* of a different or der. The Giand Sachem i>r**ided, and opened the pro ceedings by tiling hi* glee* from a lara* pun;h bowl before tilm, and inviting the company to do tha aame, ?'Brother*. ' laid be, "lot ua HU our glaseee from th* water* of the great spring." the lavititioa, it la almoei, needles* to *tata, waa comnliad with oBaolmoaaly, and when all tba glasses were charged, tha drat toast waa given a* follows ? lb' bay we Celshrate? May It h? *? jerp?.?aal u tint* Tbia waa reoaived with thiao cbavra, an I then the sa oond waa *lven ? The President ef the Tailed S'.atos? The ftrrt oommoner in the land, the Instrument to protect public rt?hte Mr. Jon* CotbEaxk responded id a faw brief remarks lie aald it waa not to Franklin Pierce that the hoaar con veyed In Ihl* toa-t waa given, bat to the offle* of I'reei dent of tb* I'd i ted Htata*. At th* aame t'me be justified ble whole public policy aince be entered the ex*cutlv* chair, and although mo* might differ from him in re spect to th* wiadom of hie acta, be bellev*?l that hie tory woold jnatify all ho did. lie allude! in the oonrae of bi* remark ? to th* gallant cooduet o( Captain Infra ham, which, ho aald, had been approved by theadminla i ration, and defended the bombardment aa an act that ?ai required to prevent the Interference of foreign pow er* upon thla continent. It wonld have been all tha ?am* if Greytown had been n Gibraltar? the ooura* of tb* govtrnmcnt twould hav* unfit red no chang*. Who ia it, be would atk, that waa opposed to FrakifaiPUroe ' It waa the whig* and n certain party which bad It* headquarters not very far fiom Tammany Hall Bat he could tell them that notwithstanding all their opposi tion the public oonrt* of the chief ma?l*trat* of the na tion waa approval by tha p*ople, ao matter what might be laid to th* contrary by party politician*. Th* alio aion to Captain Ingrabam waa received with three hearty cheer*. Th* Grand Sachem bar* atated that fetters ha<l baan received from th* following g*aU*men -Gov. S*;mo ir, Com. Boorman, Lt. D* ('amp, Freeborn 0 'Jewitt, ?*n. Ward, Fraetus Corning, Hlmnoa F. Jewitt, J Rometn Brodhtad, Wilson i. Hunt, laaac A. Vcrplanck, Benja min Welch, Jr., Ktapban D. D*llaye, Royal Phelp*. J. M. Fiancli, K. G. lapham G..W. Ralph, ft. B. Garvin, ?ad other* Of thaa* letters we hav* only room for tb* fol lowing ? ^akatooa 8r*i*e?. Jaly .1, mm G> >tm ***? Tour ibvttailoa. sddr*c*?4 w> ?? at Alkaay. to naite with your society ia ceUkretlae the aaaivertar/ of ear aatioeal ladepeaee*?e, it r*eeived. for w%ieb ae eept ?y thsaks. I am, hewever. tee a*?h of aa lavalid to avail myself of yoar eearteey. Ne caoee on earth tboald more warmly eallet oar appro hati' a thaa the proper oheer?aace of the day u>at proclaim ed the anion and ladepea<>ac* ef theee Statee. Apart from lie taaoaJ celebeetloa, we may oftea reear te that time, to lie deed*, aad above all te the spirit that easeted them, with pr?.*t It wa* a high spirit, ealm aad self reliaat hefov tke meet threats tilaj perils- more tkaa that. It was pare aad pa trlotic, aad ksew ao petty eettahaoee. Wo modern ttatetman tbnveathly imfcaed with ? hatiptrit 1 ceald ever pr?p?ee meaenree ?o gratify his owe i rseaal ?nds, at the saartlee or at tke pettier tke pea*e of hie eena try. It ie, a* yea Justly oheerve, gentlemen 'petuliarly Ittla* that wa *ho*Id re 'ere to the greet tenthe if the D? claratlia of tedepeadeae*. " Key we. at th* tame time, ia hale the lofty spint that proclaimed thewi I have the heaor te he year vary ehedWat eervnat E. W. PKCtfaAM Haw Toss, Jely S, WA Oeeri sne*? I keg te retara aiy elaeers taaaks )?> year k tee Invliattoa to aalte witk yen at Tiant!) Hell ia esle hratlae eei eel teas I asalrereery, aad to sspreee aiy *r?et ? ??vet that prevtees ea?a?sB>eeU will deprive sse ef tha' pleas* rs. The eetle petarip'ee npe* which ear lad*peadeeao vu d dared, aad t&sflefte** etfe||l? by whl*h It was *ftakU'l>*-1 can never in mora Dtly ttaimbmd than now, and nnwlwrs lik more appropriate!* oelebcated than at Tauimany IliM-u yoiK* note well remark*. tbe peraevertn,* offurta to isvads oiril libait)v bi Isgislstive actios and la otganii* iatolaranca anil proscription against religions freedoa, make a raonrrauo* to tb* T* udanuntsl pnsoiplea at our aatioaal mintages a bt*h litjr of jetties and patriotism. and to a democrat Ibii dntjr kritsa laitb It an honorable Hid* la tb* position *verr ? bar* aiiuned by hi* political brethren. fortunately tor tba oonstry qusetioas freijasn tly arias whioh apply tb? touch ?tons of tincerity to ti>* professions ofmso, and compel th* country to deois* who are aad *bo are not it* tru* trios li. !"uob ara all |U**tion* tosthini oonatitutloaal fraedsia? Ireedam of opinion, of trad*, of spseeh, of rsllrlaes fatth. Th* apyeal or misjudging philaethratfcy to legislativ* oosr oion aud tb* auuoiptiua of mporior patriotism aad ehria tianity by ba*t*rd American* *iv* tb* dosscoraiic party 01 tt* nation tba opportunity which It asvsr tailed to improve, ?f (finding out b*iura the world a> Mj* opponent cf in tol* ranee and fanaticism, tli* datendar of th* aa'.lon'i h'xpi'.al ? ty and lu.justice, and tb* champion ot civil aad reliflnut free ilc tit , in every State of tb* Union it* poaltion i* the **m* V* it b<>ut itsvious understanding ur apparent conoart. with out meeting net othor iu ooueultalioa, th* drmoerai* of Mal*a aad Gei rnia, of New Vork and Miaalaiippi, iustantly tha tame position upon a *udd*n and aew >|uaatiia, ai d learlieeiy confront a sombinaaion whisk u *w*vpin< tvirytl.inj before it Tbi* i* the great and glnr <m* iaatmot ot d< mocr*ey. 1 bia glv** it It* tru* conaerratire aad na tional character Tbla mak*i It what it 1*? th* natural fauna and governing poesr ol th* l/aited State*. Irulj Your*, J. Y AN BURE.V lb* text irgular tnaat ? lbs Memory cf tVa*hington? ImmMtsl a* hii d*eda ? was drank in -lienee Ihtn came the tcast? the Tammany Society ? ? which was reepotded to by Mr. David O'Kiwi, in a few appropriate remark*. He waa very severe upon the Know NoUloga, and es pressed tha hop* that the day would never c< mo wh<n t ?? ia country would be ruled by meti who were secretly combined to deprive their fallow citi/tba ot the lame light* which they enjoyed. lb* fouith regular tout wu ? TboBignereof tha Declaration ol Ind pendance? ' The mo darn men of Runnymed*, who d*mand*d aad ofetalnad a bat tar Magna ( hat la Auiihoki L. Pirmby, !><j . responded. Ihe following toast was then announced.? Ibe Gcvcrnor cf the Male of New Verk. This waa received with gronna, which, however, were eocn suppresied by tbe ehaiimaa, who suggested that it wai to Ibe olhce tbe toast reftrrel ao<l not to the nun. lie ca led upon Captain Rynders to reapond. The Cap lain | rem oted hiwstlf, and aaid be could not conceive theoSject cf the President in askinf him to spsak to Huch ;ito?.t He then made a vtry bri*f reply, ex pressing bia opinion* a* to what wa* neceaaary to ooa atitute a good Governor. After the following toasts were announced and ret ponded to, tbe company dispersed ? Tbe Army and Navy? The Shield and Buokler of Co lumbia. ltesponded to by Major George B Hall Tbe Empire State? The Irigbtoat atar in tha **cutch*oa of tbe nation. Responded to by Hon. Thomas J. Mualy. THE MILITARY PARADE. Tbe military display waa not io fine tbi* year as usual? not that all the regiment* did not respect the or ders of their Major General, for they did, and as a gene ral thing made a Tiry creditable appearand; but tbe difficmlty was, that anticipating a warm day, many of tbem did not parade, and from this cause several of our beat regiments looked much thinner than they ahoold have done. Beside*, the general order male it appear aa though tbey wete to be under arms in the hot sun four bours, and in view of the numerous eaten of coup dr soldi lately eocurring, the delicate and aickly men did not fed disponed to run any risk. These causes all combined helped to make the parade this year compare unfavorably with thoae of former years. There was not over 3, COO men out ia the Dtviaion yesterday, when the usual number is over 5,00a But though tbs military turnout was slim, tVat of the ptople to view thtm was not. At whatever plaoe they appeared eager ciowda followed tbem, and oa the line of 1 march tha appearance of the streets waa brilliant ia the extrtme. Tbe windows ot the house* along the ro-jt* were filled with well dreased ladies, to wltne** the glit trring spectacle as it swept past. Our New York ladies manifest the usual week nee* of their sex in admiring the gay uniforms and nodding plume* of the " boll sol dier boya." who comprise the rank and lile of the First l'iviiiirn N?w York State Militia Nor Is a paraie of our uiiiformed companies without its suggeetlveness. l or its numbtrs, It is certaU.1/ tbe moat showy, sa well as tbe most ooamopolitan little army in the world. It embraces ail sorts of m-a, and every Imaginable variety of military Ureas, line in the Marlet coat and daahing umi.'rm of the Kof bsh- ihtre tne gaunt garb of U.e Continental*, further on am the H.mbre liabiLmant - of the [Uack lit unawickera , and still fuither in tbe ciatance may be seen th* gay array of the bcotch? the taitan, tbe plaid, the kilt, and the abaonee of a certain garment thai makes \i uijtf ladies try to bluih and M modest, even when viewing them Intently aa tbey are passing. Then ihe Frenchman, with hia acarlet bieeche< ami un*eemi? tat, the ercen liisbman, tbe atrong Austrian, and 'he "gallant Hussar." All bavr their good points, and se i ure each their admirers. Our militia very aptly ty pi tm the ooamopohtan character of our peop.a tha diver* races, languages and naUonahties that live under the hiiadow ol our municipal inatitutions, anlara ruled over so benignly by good May or Fernando the First. Pursuant to annooncemant, the day was ushered In by a grand nation., 1 *alute. which waa lire! by a >!* tacbmeat of artillery specially detailed for tbe purpjae by Biipaditr OlMltl .-picer. Tlie nat.onal sUnUrl was dliplaied at sunrise The belle throughout the city wtreaUo tolled, aad Trinity onarch chimed appro priately to c lebrate t be naton's natal cay. -ooo the pound of druman l life and baods wtre he .r l in tbe atrests, caused by the various companies marching lr 'in their headi|usrtora to their respective rendetvous. H ion after 8 o'clock A. M , the time designated, the line formtd in Broadway, with tbe right resting on Four 'eenth street. There, wbtle rereral of t!ie regiments were countei marching, a most MftM* HlM>ltW?lim4 to Brigadier General llall. It appear) that while paaa ing Blocker street, the General s horse took frigntat acme fireworks that were let off. and allied and in doing so slipped on tbe pavement, throwing his rider heavily M the (Trout) i Afsl-.tance ?s< immediately renter*.!, aad Uerieral Hall ext/lceted from his unplsaaan*. and tlengevous position. His fight lag waa fonnd to he broken, and he was otherwire much injnrwl. He was conveyed borne, when it waa foaad that what is known aa ths small bone of tbe leg waa broken. His wounds, I though painful, aie not conaidered daagMBus by '.lie , pbyiTciana. After this unfortunate splsods, the lise of march was i tsken up, and the proeeasloa rocved in the following or- | der, beaded by Major General riandford . ? Finer Ban. ana, commanded by Brtfadier General | Fplcer, composed of First Regiment of borre, Colonel Kyer, preceded by a i n^iunted band. Hectnd Kegiment, Colonel Bogert, with Rohinaon's 1 lirtfSbanci. Ihi- regiment oompri-i-a tb* Continental, i the (It y Guard an t the Kcotch compame , and was . nil' h admiied for 1 1 -< excellent drill. Seventy first Regiment, Colonel Voeburgh, precede! i by Wallsce's brass tan<i. Blue frock cost and white ! psnts. 1h< uirh not a large, a well drill?l regiment, compcaed exoTuaively of Americana. Shcomj IIkk.jii>k, Bri(.idier <>eaanl Yataa. Fourth Kegiaent, Colonel liincktn, compoafrl of three 1 eompenlea ol earalry anil lira of artillery. tight Aald l pUrm .tctr.mpanied thw regim' nt. Fifth Reg.iuant, 'clonal bcbwartzwaaldar. art. nap* nied by L'odworth ? aacood bend. Thla regiment in con) i poaad of one grenadier, Art infantry an<l two rHi eom 1 pa dim fixth Regiment, Colonel Peer*, aca*mp**ie<l bjr tba j Waahington br*?a ban 1 A email turn out. Blue uni form, trimmml with red, tod regulation cap. 8i*ty ninth K'x'ment, Colonel liohauy accompanied by Ajrr'i bead. (xapoeed prlaelpvllr of Irlaamea. Tiii*? ltw> ? r?K, Brigadier General FlaU ~?Tcnlb Regiment. National Unard, Col. Darya*, pre reded by Noll a ban<l. aad eeoorted ay a troop of tba Waehlagton Orayf. Thla raglmaat tanned oat far y full and commanded uniter**! admiration aa thay marched down Braa<l?ay. Ibrli drill and aoldiatllke bearing waa tba theme of many a wall marital ?ul imj. KJgbth Keaim'nt < ol. I.yoni I. taut. ?> lonal B?tta, ac | compaaled by Klieltoo'e Ana band Thla regiment It , battar known a* the Waahington '.rnya. Thi? in one of i our oldeat and beat drilled regtmeota, and ean toaet of ] having taken pert In tba war i,f IHl'i Tha regiment U now of lis companies of infantry awl two troop* of corf*. Ninth Regiment, Col. Pitkin, with Maaahan ? bind. Their nimtera much mora credltabla than their drill It baa right fall ermpaniea of Infantrr and ona of barae. Tba uniform ia a htndaome nMt, with iky blua panta. 1?ntb Regiment, Col Htlaey, proceeded by a baud The an Muikateer*, attachad to thl* regiment, ?arched wall. (.uardee lafayette, (apt. la Clare, anicmpanled by * An* band. Thw command now form* a battalion by IUe!f and commanded T?ry r*a*ral attention Kocam Bam ana, Brigadier General Itat Ueventh Regiment, Cat. M M. Van flearan, w> h PbaMon'a ban l, compoeed of A?e companiaa of Infaetrjr, two of riflee and owe Iraop of laacra. Th* Continental Guard, Uke Uty Guard, tha Montgomery <Miard, the Irlab AiMfiaaa (inard, tha Waahington, tba City aal tba I a ion RIfce, belong to thl* raflmant. Twelfth Regtmeat, Ool ?tat>blni>, accompanied by Dndworth'a full band, and preceded by tba n?? Engineer carp, whoaa appearance elicited marked attention and approbation. Tha ahewy Twelfth did not make at good an appearance aa It abaald bara d a* Half ita MBfli meat of man wu net aut. Aftar tha Una waa formed the prceeeeion Marched through IVnrteanib atraat ta Third aeenna, down Thud k'naa t? Tenth atreat, than to Broadway, throngb Broadway to the Park, at which plara they arrlrad at half paat ttn o'clock. Hare thay were rwriawed by tha aathofitlaa, and all dlmiaaad bafara noon. A military aalnta waa ftred at tha Battery at aoon by a etachmeat of ib-l^adler fJaaarai Vatae artillar j Thua an<ad tha military parnda of thia yaar ACCiriKKIH IN THE CITY. On Tneeday aftaraoaa a littla girl named f}atharina Hlliker waa proatratad by tba bant of tba ana. Kha waa eanvayad ta her rwatdaaea, No. |U Waat Thirty aintb ?treat, by tha Twentieth ward police Kaatqretteee ware i w mad lately applied, whan tha Miiltrar rariead aad wtfl probably raeoear. William Maker, a bay raatdlaf at Na Tl lieary itr-at, v . ?. Tfraiy iajnrad an laeaday a' ? rnaon, by tha ?? a of a aareapar...a bwttla pawdar Ha , (t |? ?low me*eh H '*? fww>- v.: a iiaaMif* not taking place, he plckftl ap botU*, vhM it aiplo <Md in hi* fac*,w*undlnK him Oa Vi elaeetfay, Tnoa. Kagaa, leeldwsg at No. W1 Hon* too street, accideatally fell from the top Of a a'.af# anJ ?n dangeroualy injur*). 11a waa taken lium? tad pro perty oaiea for. Abent S o'clock on tho iiot afternoon, James Mur pb>, a tn.j about 14 years of age, wa* badly buroel by i be txjJoaioa of a pi?V>l which bo waa in ihe art of tiring at tlir time. Ho wm taken tola* Mow York lloapital iur nmilctl Utatn.ent. On t lie aaue tKy, Henry PIIm fall from the new build ing, cointi of Maraat ana Monroe a'.rxvta, and *a< dan- j gatcurdy injarr.l. He wai taken to hia rea.denca, No. 31H Mot. roe *tn*t, by th* Hereatli ward police. Adolph Miller, of >o IHiil Kirat avenue, waa run orer , tiiu rei*j*iy i?jur*.l by a'a wa*ou 11* wax taken , to a drug store lor treatment, and waa aftarward* taken nam*. IJtnry I*wi?, a boy tliittean year* of age wa* ?i verily iniurmJ by n ilag falling upon him while be waa j plajingiu ( rchard ttrett. He wa* taken houie by th* IbuUectu ward police. l)n Tueaday i.i^lit, an Italian boy, named Joaaph Mar tin, fell from the tliird itlory window of the houa* 21 | Baxter atrtet, and wa* luotantljr killed. To* Coioner [ held ati iaqurtt upon tbe uodj of the ilacaated. when a | veid ct of acciilental daath waa rendtrod. John Kuan, a boy aged thirteen yeara, wa* kaoskad I (fown auu itevtraly goaded hy an infuriated ox belonging to .Mr. George I'arr.t*, of WUUami'eurg. The poor child wan picked op by the police, who convoyed him to hia I lealdenco. li?6 East Thirty ninth atraet. The iloctor in > attendance cunaiCrra tbe boy 'a wounux dangeroua. About three an 1 a half o'clock Wednesday morning, a young u. an, working in the bakery atore ot Sir Holm**, ! taSecoad avenue near Korty llfty atreet, waa dreadfully burned hy tie explosion of a caaiphcne lamp, which ha waa llUii.? when lighted Mr*. \\ ard, ot lbtl Franklin stroat, hk<l a very narrow tsoafe from >lcalh, ou futaiay night, while aiitujg at the ww. ow; a bail. Ilred frtm a gun or piatol, panned through the bair ol bar head, and lodged in the wall, wltbeut doing any furthn tajury. Tho shot waa tired t/? a bo; uawad Ferdinand buiitb, who waa amated by Wti> Filth ward police lor carelea* ua<> of tir<* arms. about Vi o'clock oa Tuetdav night, while Mr*. I'hilipa, of No ? 'i Kit n atreat, wa* alt'.ing on th back ito<>p, acme < ae fwetl oiT a loaded piitol, the ball of which en tered ler th'gb, mB cting a very palniul and parhap* daagerou* wound. A brother ol Mr*. I'hilipa, who wa* alto ou the atoop, received a ball in the leg of hia boot, wltt out, however. being wounded. The putol* were ? uppoacd Ui hare bean discharged from the rear build ing ot 19 Charlton atreet, an couaicerable firing wai l(oi ng on in that building about the time of tbe aocl cent. Mr*. I'fcllltpa' Injuries are not auppoaed to be fatal, although it will take month* ere *he can fully n> ooftr from tbe accident On Wedaeada; John Oram had hi* hand shattered while fltitg cir a ptatol, in Water atreat, near RomytH. Ha waa taken to the hoapltal for mtxllcal treatment. Michael Meytr* waa aataraly burned a -.out the face by the eipioeion of a piatol, which tie waa flrtog in Kranklin a (uare, corner of Cherry atreet The injure! man worlbi fur Treadwell A; Co., o Warrnn atreet. Thome n CallaLan w?a brought to the New York lloapi tal, by tin mother, aullcnng aererely from the ezploaion of a piatol la hia faca, wlnla oelebratlng the day la l'earl ntreet. Ilartholi mew Roia, while looking at tbe procaaaion, waa eun atrusk. Uo waa coareyed to the New Yoik Hotpital. Ue will probably recover. Kanny Gray, a daughter of Mr. Gray, the Warden of the City I'riaon, had h*r faca aevirely injured by the exploaion of a piatol, Bred by aome careleaa raacul. in Cantre atreet. 1 he powder and wad inflicted a painful wound on the Utile child'* cheek and neck. A, whoaa name we were unable to learn, while ahootlng in tbe piatol gallery uncer the Aator Uium, in Y?a?y atreet, aocldentally abut blmatlf In tbe foot Tli* ball waa extractad with a great deal of troub'e. Join Bo vie bad bia foot eererely cruahad by a Hag fallitg upon !>im at No 109 Mulberry atreet. lie w?a taken to ihe Saw York Hoapltal. I awtaara >.orri? wa* dangeroualy wounded while walking In Mott atreet, between linatar and Urand atnat*. by the dUcharga of api-tol. Th* ball entered th* abacuMn of the Injureo man oa the right al le, and takiag a drcuiUui tout* cama out near the a^lnal co luma. Ilia wouad. although a very a* rare one, l* not ?uppoaed to be f.ital Tbe per tin who dred tht piatol 1-aa not yet been aneited, although tha pjllc* are oa bia track. William O'Connor, while amuiin* himtelf at the cor ner o I Ppntg ami Marion iitrteU with aotae powder, ba<t Ijk face creacfully buried by ti e un*xpe:ted ?xplo?b>a ol the -erne. Ue waa brought to the hoapltal lufTeruig . acutely Patrick l'oonev *al daugermitly wjuniled I j the head mmriM al.nir W anlna^toa atreot, by tbe ei|ilo ?icd of a piatol in the hao<!a ol the proprietor ol the riocvry aiore, corner of Morrta and Waaalagton atreeta. Ih? piatol bi ing carelt-Mly fired doe* beanie tbe ho?2 of Kocnay, tbe wad inflicted a deep wound in tho ecalp, producing innnnibillty fer a time He waa taken to tbw hoapttal, wbere, alter proper treatment, he waa revived. Ihe wound la not auppoaed to be fatal a t.oj imm! Baton ret?.-?, aMfc fealltag a laaflai piatol in bia band, ha<I aevrral of bU left fiD^ern blown oil by the premature diacbarge of tho weapon. He waa taken to tbe hoepital, where the Injured j< lata were am pntated. The accident happened la .Niath avenue, near fort; fifth atreet. A ton of Hergaant Rloord, of tho reaarvH oorpe. bad bia bntii btoly ? battered by tbe premature explosion of a p.atol w hi', h be waa about t .. lire ?t tbe MM of tbe accident Tbe thumb and (ore finger will, ao doubt, have to be amputate.1. Daniel I .ins nad hi* band and arm eaverely in jurel by t lie explosion of a piatol, while lie w?a loading it He waa conveyed to the ikoepital, where it waa thought am putation would be necaaaery A young man in the employ of T. Barker, of lO.'i Hay ard atreet, wblle in tbe act of dia^barglug a putol, wa? evvvrely injured in th? hattd and arm by tbe eiplotion of the WWfM A pn-ee of the b irre! carrl- 1 ?w?y ? large piece of fleah out of the limb. There will be no ntotaaity, bowevtr, to amputate the arm. Thiae boya, named Caldwell, Irwin aad McCay, while olebratisg tbe Fourth, at tbe corner of Tenth aveuie and Kgbteenth atreet, were evvrrely burnel about tbe face by tbe explosion ot a flaak of powder, with which they bad been loading their platole. They were attend ed by a pbyaiclao,who relieved them aomewhat fr>nn the pain creaaloned A little ton of H? argent 'Juiad?n, of tbe raeerve crpi, bad.hl" h n i b*dly aiattvred by the premature < *pl< aion *>f a putol with which be w?a amuaing blm MM A lioy waa accidentally ?b?t la tbe grrin with a plitol ball, al.'fgtd to bare been fired by one of the occupant* of the bouie No. W lludaon atreet The boy w?e eev?re ly Injured, and waa brought to the Fifth w?rd eta Uon bouae >n jjreat pain. No arreet. Film Uily, a child about aeven yeara of age, waa run ovor and inetantly killed by one of tbe iTy Do-k and Avenue C line of etagee. Thoao who wltaeaeed the oc currence ?ay that tbe driver waa not to blame In tbe leant, aa the b< raca ? ere going very alow at the time of the accident. The body of tbe decaaaed waa taken 'o tbe home of ita bereaved patent*, at 1U1 avenue I), where aa !n<|ueet waa held. FIRER ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. I1HK AND IXFLOHION 01 liUWOKKM IN PB1NCK ISTHK1T? MIHACTI.Or* BHCAri UP LIFP. Between 11 aad 12 o'cloik, tbe night of the 4th, a Are broke out In the fancy etore N'0. 13* Prima ?t/?et, oc cupied by Mr. Rtone, who had a >iuaatity of tlreworka in bia atcre, In lea* than two mlnu'ee the whole placo waa in flamea, and the eaploaion of llreworke cauaed much eiciUmeat. f-oou after the criae of the occapaata of tba prvnuaae over tbe ?tore alarmed tbe neighborhood ? i Mr. Jobu Nagle, wife, two daughtera, eon ant mene, all grown pereonit The firemen came, and aided by l Captain Torabull and hla men, the whole of tb? | family up ataiia were reecaed la their night cloth ; lug from aufiocalion, through the front window*. Tie third floor. waa occupied by Mr. lieebe and wtfa, 1 who were rtecued from the wiadow, ae aleo a hoy ? bo alept rear of the 'tore. All eaeape<l injury with the exception ot Mr. N'agle'i a eoe who rec?lv?l a alight bara cu the akouldev. Mr. >t?t?e'? atock la iaeuiwd In l^oriliar'l luau ranra ( cm pan y for 91,000. pine in vawdam nnrwr. The firat alarm of Bra, at about one o clotk P M o ' curra4 by the dlaoovery of Bra la a ttable la Vaadam i itreet, It waa aeon put out It waa caotad by Bra aovl rilK IK WATltMI.Br PI.AC*. About half paat two o'elock a bra broke out la tba fraaia itable 1ST Wtverlay ptaoa. It aooa axtantad to lt.r> aad 1B9, which, UigetWr with I4T, were a w<?t t< tally deatrojed. The flame ?xtao^?d to a brick nnga cl ?table* In tba r?ar bat by the prompt arrival "f the firemen. It waa aeon eit'ngu ?bed Mr *'a Mull try who owned tbe etablaa l'.7 aad 1?9, and alto the rear bs>biia|*. enataise'l a loee of hara**' f??d. etraw , to aboat lltO. Tba lot* on bia atatlae will l<a tir o Tley are Intoiad la Iba Mr*men'a laaaraa^a i "<n [.any for $4t0 on 'be rear brick building, aad on tba Ira me ?tablee ia front. Mr. Mullery who waa iaite aa well, bad left early la the mora a g for Haratoga. lb ? table lfA hatoag"! to Mr *m Jee.up hie loaa ia bnlld I aad aoatent* )? eboot IIOO No laeuranea. Tba fira waa taaiwd by flracraek*re nab i* nAf-nrrottr arum r. About three o clock, an 1 wbua tba Bremen were at w?rk ia Waver ley plate tba belle atrucb ap foe a Are at bo. ZA f.eneevoor' atrvt The BreaMa were eooa ap>/a tba anot aad |t>tckl) eitlagaUhad the tire, which a a tad la a email frame dwelling occupied by Mr* Fiaaa aad naa or two ot) - poor famlnee It la reppoaad ta have been caaiad iwrvtcn Mag thro we la be twaan tbi* beaae et ? ?na et otnla* It ThabatMlag belonged to Mr. ? e>. ? AeU.r, aad ?? not laaarad Tba pcov aeopla who ocepied tba bonee Vaet aboat %V> No lataraaea naa in pbakl aruar. fie4. woe thie* aad four o tiark aa alarm wee given for taa aeveatb dmr ct, eaaaad by a ckwtea) faraMi eaMiag tba floor oa fl -e In tbe baeemant of tbe peam eae No tM I'eart atreet Pat eat wttb a pa. 1 of wavnr rraa im ware* ara am. Aa tbe Brv-oaa were on tbMr re* ore from tba a'erm a I Peart rtreat amoba waa discovered lean lag from tba fourth atavy wi?c ow of tba bel?4tag No in w?t?r etfea* cera?r of Plae The Bnmee '*>aaadiateiy g te j work aad evtteg eUbed tbe Bra wkict wu feeied to i heva ovlg aatad la tbe iinmlei i of Mr Jefca Keeper, I ll'h'iar%p?.?r IMa Bra at a i ? lent la aba ?yatertoea Dm i F're Marvka. bee tbe amWev aadee laveatigattAa Mv ? h'?T*' aaa aa icetiaeae as ti e^i la -a* uaaiat aa I tl.KOiathaHt Mark's Inauraac* Coap* o~. Tm Ion caariot a> ) at be eatiratu>d. Th* tulrl llo?' U occupied I b j Juilin h Hr n f?|tr manufacture 11* u <Mur?l on j hi* stock la tl e MinLat an tcr 11.000 II j be, fioui watrr, ??Mint $iM>. Ill# aecood lloor_?Mnf? pled by Mr. Oncuf S Hchtunk, aa n baidwar* aad ?. ?? (H-I y ?to: a. Hi* lot#, If tnr, will b? tr'iltng The flret ."V>r j w?? occupied by Mr. J. U I?o?, nagar dealer. nto"* ( daraige.l Ly water probably amouutu g to loaur f tl in tl>? k ?t.-opiiliUn for $B,W0. riM I* WAHHIN?n>* ff KKKT. Alout lOadoek, I* M , a Dr> ilumnml In lb* lomth uttrj of the building No. SM tPacktapMi ffttat, occupied by limn Wainrigbt, tf*yr* h < o . wooden ware ?n 1 fcrvom dealer* i hr flr->>n*n worked vita grtat lore*, anil aocoaeoeii Id reclining tba Bra to the loitw wbicli it appeared to h**a nrrglnatad. I he groat rr p*it ol tlia *twk Id tbi ? loH will Im a total l?ti Tba lirn Lava to m*. ?) b'twern #15, COO and 9 14,000 <n their ataHik, <4 whieh tha M*rcbanta' lie* #6,000, t'o lurubla 4.1, oto. tba othara we m-ra unable to Uern. Tba loan at pr???ot raoant ba eatimated. tl KK IK W AHUK'. HfKKKT. V nil* rim* of tha Bremen were ami entagad at the l??t naitcc! Hi?. as alarm c<nt frooa Warren atraot. Tho tirriurn t.urTle-' arour.d aa 1 found tba lira burning la tba laian.ot of No 'Jj W?rr?n a<raal, ociup a J aa a pa tent nw< Iclne factory, kept by V I. I'aroMf to*. Tba Air aae nt.nxul. h#0 ia aSout half an li mr. Mr. I'ar merton'ia irtp-ud on bia atock and Aitnra* to tha amouul at 11,300 In tba Co'uinM* Insurance 1 outpiuy Tha loar by li. e and water la eeliiuated at about 1 1,000. M HR IS KI'ITON HTIlnrr. A Bra occurred about 11 ?';loek A. M., la the houa* No. 7H Fulton alrtat, corn# r of 'fold, ooenplei by J llm n???j a* a lira work* dapot Taa damage amounted to about (4A. Mr H bad bia right hand ahattered In hit attempt to eatiugulali it. It ?< auppoand ibat It waa an attampt ataracn Tha Kirn M tribal will loraati^ata tha oaaa. THE EVENING IN THE PARK. la tha tranirg a grrat crowd of rntliuilaatlc ntvl patri otic citlraaa aaaamblad to tha I'ark. to witaaaa tbr Hra woika, '? a bat diil'nt go olT. " lly 7 o'oloik in tba araalng thouMndi> had aaaamblad, but tha ahownra of tha aflar boon proved a ci 1.1 ahowar bath to all tbair anticipata<l pl/nauia. 1*ba atata of tha waatbar waa aucb aa to pra rant tha workman aran from arranging the firovork* In tba aft#rt><<?n. and whan aianing i-aina not a a'ngle paw Ur oandla ^raetad tba ?jn of tli* vlaltara In front or tba < llj Hail llun<:rada, nut willing to ballata tlia ra|Mirt that tli? aihlbltion bad ba?n paatpnaal, liagarad about tba Put till loag attar tha hour < f H o clojk, aad war* Hnallj drlvan away by another ahowar. Tba (Vim mitUe of tba I'onirnoo (V>uncll on Klrawark*. btra darldad that tbe atbihltiont of tbeaa artinlat ahall be glvaa In tba illllarant l ark* of th* < ity, na?t Woa.laj avi-ojng, waathar permitting What U laid here of tb* l'ark, may baaald of the other publiegiouuda of tha city wbara flraworka war# aipaatad. Id aarb plac* crime* aiatmbled, but all alike went homa dUappmntad. The axliiblilcn on Moadat naxt. will ba throughout th* city, aa intended for th* lourtb DISPLAY OF PTREWORH DR9I0NED FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY. Tlia CommlH** of Arrangamenta of tb* Commm Council for Ih* ra'aSntioo of th* Fourth of July give notice that the diaplay of Uiswotk* daalgaed for the eT?nlog of the Fourth Inatant, but pontponed In cona* i|tieac* of the unfltneai of the w*tth?r, will tak* pla # on Mon'ay arming aatt. tb* Uth Inat. Hhould th* wea ther that *T*niog also piora uufarorable, the <ll*play wi 1 ba further poalpomd until tbe llrat fair orsnlag thereafter, ?ucctedlng a Ha* af arnoon lly cr lar . CHAM. II. HARWELL, Cha ruiaa. C. II. TurKtR, Secretary. THE I)AV IN BROOKLYN. I In Ilronkljo th. day wM 0.labraUd r.ry much In at ! cordanr. with tbe raputad charaet.r of tb. .-It* Not wlthatardlog th* fact that th. r.Uil d.?Ur. 1U alcohol c I ZZST" "Ot complj with tb, th# I Inhibitor j it? tbe Mrj, ^rtloa of th. da, : W,< Dot Boeh of dru?b.uB.ra lo th?. Itriwu ao 1 I tot faw of th. man, aocl'Uot) .ad eaw.itl.. d.t'.ii*, balow war* attri lutabla t? IntoilcatioB. Na.rlr ?lj th. I ratail war* op.n ,ol doing ba.ln*.. a. oaual, 10 Mui.|?nN of ao ImplM |?.rr*l und.r.tatd og that do for nol.tloa. of lb? I'rnfaibltor/ law would bt mad. during th? Cay. ttlui op n liquor ?tn?i ao<l diluk ov naloorjn, t h. clt/ auita'n ?<l a t??j cr*r*ltabl? e bai?.ct?r for ao l ?o>d or ?In. !l i! b?Ul ,h# cor?d*.raB?l. to ?Bill. *? faroraulj fur tb. curpng out of prwoaeair. l f "' fof ? ob^rrauc of iiuuDm..,, ?f our fir .h. ^ " '* '"I morale -frr th. ara.oo, it wa* d*Ugh|fal. A cool andra r.U,.cg br*.r. with th. th? lit o'f' h^m&Ulm * **" "h'Ch th. afl.-u of fcl? .Oulf.oc., and p*rmltt.d lt?. i-irrln. air o f ?P 'n hawltliful b?at th. p?l*. of th. ,'10U* lli" of lib?Ttjr. <W*?. ahow.r. f,om rmd ia; until a,..U><, w.r. ,L an an id iranca that roup , 1 , " '"?/i*1*.' ll",n *" oh'Wuctiona to au s>i"mr | ll.a of *maJl arm. th. r?p|r?,on of craek.r. burning of Itrman , anolaa, and th. raui.i a?.?.t n r parti rolur.d rock.t* during lb. pr.rijua uinh> J i'i ria?. ataLwxj anoth.r Kin Van k'.k U to taao' .lI" . ?' If "I... rdlnar, .moo, fane, of tL. t.mi * ' '.?* eooMqai-btl/ f.w could Und .acuta U .U.pT- ?~"t "J l dull.. wliic. <!?rol.* upon U ? i.athuauatle patriot ou auch as oocaalu* a. aai r ?a 4 o clock, mora thaa oaa nouipa uj of tba KiMh hit 5! ? T0^"' "I ?i.n l/ui,to, aououo'^lb* B .and drum that tbar w.-r. uj. ana doing At a.t-0 n?arl, U>. ? ntir. brlg.4. *. r. a: th. arm?r/l la mar- 1, log i*?' *" * )* '' r 1 ' wrr* ?r to* Marof and ? on.m.,o ( .mscll at th* Ctt, fi.ll .fur i^ar.og Jm vMti a marcb through tb* principal .tr?t. o' th.citr Ih.!' piomptua-.. at th* hour of eali, IM, ' "OiUK WMon march, and appMrano* wbu' ! und.r r.t :*? ?.,* ?]j no? than ?.,ual tTaar oth.r .l pMraoc th*, bar* mad* .. a trig*:, Tb,'.?a1? c tic prM*n?.oo durirK tb? I la ott.r r?.p?ct* th. apt,, aranc. of tb. .Itr *aa a I ^ lb. national ?Ut. .nd , flag. w?r. tbrfj?n out from th. a?r.ral publiu building* ,?| tb* iUr< an1 atr.p*a. aa u?v*L alorn ?! tb.. fuailnlt. of b. t*l? anc porUr bona** and rUao'.d from U.* u*a.l* of ' h. r*?? from railroad ear. and oronlbua*. At niglit a I m.7r ?? ?/ it thJ i ? i . ?nd 'ro,n lnnu,nw?l?l? prlrat* dwalliu* aal | H . i'n'k rM'rm"a proOucttoa. of p/roU-'nnir .?UI llahm.Bt* w.r. ?*b,bl:*d with un?onU4 Ub.ralJtr ,'*V? ' .* c*ui'r,u"0 '? Brookl/a wu 1 at. 7b. accla.?U whi.h o-?u,r?l .** .X'Jl I con>*'ju?nc* of esralMtn.*., At aunna. a ralut. wa. flr*d from Kort <,r.*o. br tAa \ of tb. W., of U12, th# ?rf t^',^ and'auM** ,r* ^ " h"u' *l n...n MILITABT. i Ij. M?*t .1 r* of th. miliUr/, '?.mpri.iM f J? ?"??*? a? 'rabl?l at t>.? *rm-</ at , o ujt in tb*,|, und?r cunmatd of l<r*a/li.r i,.o*ral lljr ya. Ua ho. lotmt?S I. Ill' k. .Uaat, U. rigb! on i*rk iua?t. Th. coinpanl.* war. fuUjr ninvtoM and a oriiiUot aad cr^nubi. ?H-?ran . thwi Bare h.d throof h lileka.Uwt U, Uoolagu* pUo., 'hroM? MoaUf u? jJac# to llror/. Uiroufh ll+utw Vj u& Atlantic to llnyt, through llo.t w ? ult^.o ling* <i,,m n f ulton* to th* 71tjr j/,u wh?, u?, p^i ? **'<"? th. Major and ' otniooa ' o in' I a mount *1 rvmpany from th* U-Urn*) th* a.ual ermrion, ,n p. ..lug th. M*,or and ?IM aa ?tight h; *l...ting awr.r al woi.k*. ikMIIm *ivl aratra^. I?g to dr.ak Ibartrroa. lb* llrtgad. tb n w UI i.ia MjrU. ar*nu* to Hrldg. .irMt Ifrl !*. to -*Bd. ai ml U -.o > ult.^, iFroogh >o!toa to >'r?ab?rrr t/, Um i tj Aro.or; wfc.r* tb*, >.r* | " U. Hroo.!,. Ol,0ad*U, th. NWd to i? .b, city for th.t/ wol^ao. of pli?., a>?i ^rmnt/ at 4 o CjOfi A M und.r (-oam..; UaU.n 1 wl.ira tb./ pro.aUd a maraifWat ..ord .f tb* I mtad h .tM r^galation pattara lo Ad;ul*at Klbwrt H Muwt* T"n. J pr-m<.'?l U> th* po*iUoa b7 lb. <.o.*ra ? .j tb* r>Ut?. I |iow tb* Mabb.rd u iaMrih*d >'r v? ' in July 4th, IMS Tb'Mna. Ilak.r. I?i nuib th. ? ? ' '"i*. * 01 *' vi',r"*' whl' h wa. atpr?. jriat.lf to bf th. r*.|pt.B, Th . tb#o a<tjour?o4 to th* ?ut>ia ".Uon wb.r* i .. a./ Utk of a (ut.taatlal brtakfa.t ' ' Tin rmcwoMsa. '"'??7 0# Hr.wi.rk. frvm tb. Clip Hall. Th. littJ* park la froat wa* k-pt <4 ,.b*1' "? .r tk. roMuid M r^.u.a J''*l of lb. Hr*t ''lat/.et Th* .tra.u r' ,.1 aboat aad ?dlag U.Mwto from .h.-h a u?kt obtala*^ w.r* rrow-M w.-.b *p*rUtor. .t.n.o*iw bardij kM than a?l . ^ n??.r to^Mfcrr Th. I*pla r wa. n. l. ,Th. b, U, Rdwwd. ^ u.wctlr.of b* 'oaiaittM appwtaUd hr a* frn.a/11 1h* p*a*a. of r??*(H. wp?iu r* rolriaf wb?.. andrtar. (?* pwM,*..*l?d f?,r I '.rt. pUroad with arrow. aAow.f la. word t ai'? aootliar K ' aal U,. -r.a^ ptaM awa n.t.d of a ahtoid by aa a*<W* Amti/i. laga, -m wkl% war* lu? word. "<rwr ' o.a'r? ' Wiu.ib tb* *hJ..d ww nii'iiiiL i it. . mkUw of lu'irfn of I aitad ' nir hbb ? ?r an arat a ad bant gr*f ng a .eat a Th. dMbior ty rnditabl. "?*ld.rlag th. iiaprwpfUoa. rUla of th. w..ih.r- Uaa ?ot.tarw ha. .g ?'M*1 Uko wart, to .a'k a d.,r*. aa to -a? ?w- X U. haaoUf.l pkMaa. TV. Th. la.t oa. a.|??UJI/ wa. ? raUwwd |a . _ . .. rw",i *?" Aocf vmn Th. doahi. tw. *Wt frana k?ut k? ?, ... Jtf ?tr^t ?ar *;rlh aowaao, oa.iplod b? ">*b*mla' Jr. ra.k.r., ahoat ?o>lo.k fh. ^ r.rai ,ur* *?- kjt a lar,. proporu.. af th. r-,1. wa. daadroyad Th. hoa? I* r.Marwd laUaaMaWa j t-*+4* abatt M,?M. paTUail/ laaa/ad A 'kort Ha. pttrWa. a trw brai. nt la th. hoaa. '*rMr af Tar? a?d Jar i?a?y. ^wpMd a. a craMarr by J -ha MelmA* Aaa 'Maphalt aa4 aMtkar 'a?iTr TV* taaa.U krt anart; all Uw; ha4. VaffaUaw W ?a laao r?.h b? ->-raf W Mr I a. pSan TW h"n? wa. Mwial Ta?al d.Biata ahwat ti MO TV. Ira ar gtaa'arf 4aa Ira rrartm A ka?? I* lla/aaa a raw*. ??< w*.* rraatao' taVn w?i, ?a?ki l? w ik. rW Ira Wa >aM -aaa K I ni apaadlly aatmguuhad, howanT, without ?ocMiw In* much touuiii. NMii'e tha Qrtnra wrra It work an Iba lira la r?J* ?traat, lha gottar of tha bouaa fall dowa and a truck a I Bit 11 oB tfca arm, cauaiog a aariooa fracture At tli* lira la Ja; atraat him liramaa attaraptal M ! aotar th* boua* wlthont haalng oo them uj 4riii;iitlaa l to abow What they war*. Tba Chief of Itfl aa ar larad I th?m back, aini for a while tbara ?u qulta a braly l tin*. I lia Itixmnn were preraatad from going la, how wrer, ami twa of th<m? liaorr Oaaootgue an. I Ittwa. Kt! ipatr uk ? wara arraatad, *a<I bald ta ball la tl.OM each to appaar aad aaawar. Alder mt a WaUb awl I at haw want tb*ir eeonrtly The ?rtmro ara la a bl?li atate of axeltemmt to ra ttan] I* tiara arrrata, aad hare caltal a tMatlof at lirmiena Hall for Friday erasing twarpraaa thatr rlaww la ralatla* tmre'o. liaaroiirae was brought bafora Jum tlca Potitb yaatwrday, a no bol t t> bail UtaaaitfeuetMBk of lha fiatd jurT, for aar .tilting a nnlicaitn a3F TlU patrick on'a aimllar rh\rg?, ?u held to t>ail for aiaal oat. on on tba ttlh m?t. Tba (Iranian allege that lb> polka ac tail Id ao unwarrantable manner lAM'AITIIUI l* HJNU TUb UAT. A lad, nancil Henry UarUiD, egad alx>ut It ^mi\ wb'la In thu art ff loading a piufcil, bad bla froat fiagar partly blowa olf, ami bla baod ahattarad, Ky iba pr'iaa tore dl? charge of tba piece. Hit parenta reetda ta flat butk. Ha waa takaa Into Dr laiwloo't oflh-a, cut oar of Haada ami Kuiloa atreeta Joba Murray, aged about 1ft, bad tba forrftagar o ( bta left baad abot olf, by tba promatara dleaharge of a p4a tol. lla la employed ta tha grocery atora MAM of illrla and I'onlar atrerte. Abraham I'uon ha I hla ham! blown nearly od by tha riplvaion of a platol. In lluahlag a?aoua A boy, aanixl 0 Itiiea, reeUlug at No 0 luraaa atraat, hail bit ayaa am! (ao* ditajlolly lajural, by Ihw axploaloo of a platol. An apprentice, In the employ of Mr V llaaiiwaawat, la Atlaatli- atraat, bad hla tbuaih blowa oil, by tba e\pla alon of a platul. A lad, f:i yaara of ag* had bla lift aar partly liiua off, by tba axploalnn of a platol, la <oart atraat A loung, nauieU -lark, realiliog la Waahiagtaa I trait, bail hit hand annul; alialtarad by tba etploetua of a platol tour lade, namad lliomaa fillUa, Patrick '^onla, lawreara O'Connor, and Joba lialna, wara all dread fully UJuiad about tha faca, baada aad faat. by tbaaa oloaion of a quantity of po* ier. whlrb bad baao aeat lerad oo t h ?? aiCeealV in Hilary atraat, aal lato whicfe another boy thraw a ll<hlad < ra'kar. A boy, namad Thomaa Vjo?in. waa arraata.1 on a war rao? bj tbat-aroad diatriet poiiea, for wilfully Ailag a piatoi into tha faca of n young girl, oo lha torawr of lioM and Joha aUaaU. hha will ba l>adly <li?Agurw<i la ooaaa quru ea. A larga uuuihar of aioiitar caaualt aa, with graataa ar lf*a aailoua raaulta, happaaad throughout taa day bwA tha namaa of tha Injuiad ptraina could not ba aaaar ta l in 'I. THE UKGATTA IN BOHTOK? NK ft YORK VICTORIOUS. Tha fourth wa? caltliratad in lloa'.on wltb a apirlt which baa narar baen aiuallad on aay prarloua oaratloa lha city gorarnmaat had invta ampia proalataaa far "kaaplng ub' In lepandaaca liar tan thouaaod Halltn baaing barn appropitatad for that purpota. Karly ta tba morning, tha traina on tha rarinoa railroad! fraaa diU'rant aactiona of tha country liagaa to arrlra, wblah wara !oc|, an l loadad with paaaaag?ra Tha day waa arary way liaa. with a a<Millog braata and th" thnraaa matar at about rartnty, and nothing appaarad ta a la ad In tba way cf a full rajoyKaat of lha gloilaua fourtli Tha Codok n, which waa dottad with boothf, taata and atarida for tha aala of rafrxbmaata, waa tha petard palp. lot of raodaiioaa aftar tha procaaaioa ha-l baas wit oa at ad, and tba wbola park a? atiiad alira with baaaaaa IwlLga until al oul halt paat oaa o'clock , a kM tba rrawda bagan to laava lor a mi t liar attractl aw, which waa ta bw oMarad oa l.tiaiUa ilvrr. ita rrgatta waa tha prlD' ipal faatura of tba day It had batn arranga-1 by a nomnrttaa of tba llty ? auacM ob a m<<at libarai as'i ailanalra ?aala, and tba graataM anabaty aaamai) inanifaaUal oa tha part of tha paapla ta witnata It lit lora tba liaia arnrad fur lha atarUag af tha boa ta tba Mill litin, < ambrlOga llndga aad arary loot of ground frcm wblrh tha ra?a eoabl ba w I va ? i tad, wara oraupiad Iba t?pa of all lha bulUliaga la tha *1 cinlty wara roaarad, ami protnloaal poaiUoaa no prirata proparty wara lat at priraa rarylag ftiai taaaly law i rata If fir a i.ollara ?.?aritblng ijf Iba ?>oat blad tha* would flott waa loadail with paaaaagara, of ro-jraa Abi ut balf pa?t twa o r lock a gun waa llral fraal thw juCgaa' ytr.M for tha boata for tba llrwt raaa to gal raadr. II la war for faary boata, to ba r<wad by bay a uadar (? yaara of aga "niy tbraa oat of aoma algfit ar law wblrh It bad baan aaaounoad wrra la aolar prttaakad thatnarlraa, all llattary Pat of Saw York. American I'aiy, of Naa Vuak. Jobtay Juiup>r, of ll^etoa lit ptlx-a wara a ailrer oar far lha wlamag baat, which waa awaj-tri' to tha llattary l*at, aa1 a ail aar >H?t bo ik to tba taoond la tba raaa, wblrh waa waa by tha Aaitr.caa Ifcy 7 ha tactiDd raca waa for dnriaa, a pacailar k'ad af boat, much Id u?a id lha wa'ara arouad ftoataa A l^aautilul allrar trauifal, a ? rib tlit, waaadaaal la gala whl<b Of a doriaa atartad Tlia raca waa aatily waa by Mr William I "arkar, in lha <???? I?aalai I?. V> aa arawkt, which waa hull! la tola nty br Maatra Nawrnaa k rara f but waa I'andall, aipraatly far lha rara tbua waa tha ana baat ob Uatir oau watara. aad by lhair oaa p"Uua? kiml rf l-oal, by Naw Ycrkara. I l a th rl rana wta for clab boata for a prlie of owa buadra<l dolJara, wblrh waa won by lha four oarad baat, J I H I'uimaa, which waa alaw kalll by N'awaiaa t Handail, is Vi a rtty, ampraaaiy for tba ragalla, aad waa rawtd by Ma>art Htephea laUrla, I', t.yach. II I a raaa ami J. llatbarana, Naw lorW amalaura iba 1'utmao ?ia aiaai aalara-l for tba 'ourtb raaa, hot li t jadgaa, aawlrally faarlag lha Saw Yoik boata wawM any homa ail lha pruae. atarlaal tha hoail la lha analavr raoa btf<<ra lha roataataala In l>ia third raaa bad ccuaa liw a lo iba alartlog joint tbua akaltiag aal Ilia I utman aa t tba Jota|,h I -Imoaico, both af Saw Imk aal both of vbbh bad baaa propaiyaatrrad, ma xiw roimnui rutrgyt. Hunoi J 1 1 r i, IW6 A apirllad boat ra a to .k pla<a thia artaraooa am ( l.arlta rtaar near tha Beldam, batwaaa tba Maid '4 >rin af HI Joba, N II . aDd tl a J l> K l'a*m*j>. *4 Sew York. Iba rballawga waa glr?o by lha ' aw Yor% boat Tha parilaa put up throe buadrad dollara a aita. Tba raaa waa handrotnaly woo by lha '?#? MruaawlckaM. TFLKO l< A PIIIC. rauora ax? r*r*i. nor m 001.1 m< '?,01110. < VC ??< a, Julr 4, 1M4. ?> ? ?C Turaara 1*1 o'baia waa para Ha* tit* -llaata. a 'liTnulty m? b< ????i > o? of iha 7 urnara aa>l a *>07 * ba a aa aUm ?a? aBuo-to-l b? U? Turr.ara a a- 1 Iba/ ail raabal baob, aaaaaltlag n.< 1 Uiiua n| at-/o?? at Ik* await la It* at/a ata Ilk* riot ftan inmi aa I tha 7?n?n, ba'aa arm*-] allh raalaara, eoaatas'.*'] llrlaf op-ro IM a? *4. '"?t a -'.oiaa plituti ana .1 ' a ?. Lar (? 1 a*4 mi aa n-.a k aaaa/aly t at ha <1M altbta h+'l ? a boar. Many ot.Mra 1/a.liy la . ar*4 by abota tai ?'."?wa. bat B</na. It La La!,aa?1 f?ull> Tha pol hat a arraata-l laraut y Towr Tmuri, afalaat ? bum |rvl<llt opinion It ?a* a 4a >4?), aa Mara a la ktr> Iimi au aaauta altaUiar for M*4? twitaM ?M' CIIM? ACOICCHT AT ?*?**?? i buioai Jtl; I, I'W T wo ;*ua| aaaa batoafiaf t? tha ?a raUfa IJ^bt arIM Wry,** W bltl' r't a a/ Kaaapton aaab -oat a haai yaatar'ay naoralaf arblto Brla* a aaJuta tmi ?oi urn it Kii'tmi rrr? Iimi'* ^aiy 4, IMA. fa tbia <dty lb* tenth f aaa* . ?4 la i?aMa?ia ?iM tba pubi aba/! yt o/rao.ioa. aaO o*la? 10 a rWraaklaf 1 1 ?? ia mora 'baa tka uaual uarr.'rt ?aa ? 1 par 1 a ai? 1 Walfa a aurnbar af a/. . toata w rr*1 frarn I?ap?a4n a t| aa t iba Jr.m of aa aapraaa ?a??a ?aa tlroan fl<rn kit aa*. I ao l klVal tba boat r*<*t vara a'taaaaa^ b> aoania riwto. Iba Brat ra'a aritb fan/ baia ra?a4 try yaulba ?aM ? |fib<B *i> mi It Ifca lial'ary l*at af '-aa Tart aiv) tha 1;. |i Vialamil ar, 1 J I < K fataaa balAal >n ?o?b aoa tb? rwj-a'Uaa raoaa la wblab (bay aata at| aaa-f Tba ra'a bataaa* aaaa la ?, r rJab baa la at* aaa by tba Ma 4 af In, af M. Joba H If la Taaatoa ;aa! ataaik(, a -aan p'fary iU| a| arxM T>.r ataa.ay iba f r??</rba broka 4?aa aa4 taafaa ar if t*aa ffwn van Iajara4, ?.at bona fatally ' Iba abalfkoalata aaat JHtaa 'a; a I raa; afbaa W I. Garrlaaa pr aawtlaa , an4 iriaoj pr ai aaat tlaHwill apaakiaa Maul (matt ?a? Mia|il; 4aa a*'a^ bf a> aaa of tba afftlara Tba intl alaaarj Ka?> Notbia?a b*M a anliUaal jab? *? a A Maf Aoa. iy?M vara aaa 'a b J llaarf ttfiaaa a&4 '.tbar frwt aaat Ira lari of tba ofiaf Tba liHal ?Ja/a tw Una TBK rot KTN I* vprjiK'rjrT. M> imiiK, /all &, 1*44. Tba talaUlUaa <rf Uaa >?irth >a tbia latter ak it ui ll>??aaal f? Tba Mabta vaa 4a U?ara4 by ' * IUi-ar l TNI KtlTR l? nW'TlflHU. r"? 1 ir ' ran, Juij I. 1IU Iba MtaVratao* jm+r* a/ , ~a~l afl vary taMJjr baaa Thar* ?a?a at aaM' ??? laa^aiala. JaaaV lf?M ? tot tor -arrtar far f?a Kb< a^?.(bla I 'oaf 'HMa, ?aag4rawwe4 ab to balbia* at A Vawi?, l a , Jaljr ?, 1*44. tba I' lrlt an -alaknW bw? ?tu aaaaab ?frft A lira at It) -' tabarf 4aatr?;a4 tba faaalri *f J B. T'.a I ? a* rtiiaw .atoaigr taaaraaaaa tTt.W Ifnaa-au Jalf ?, 1*44 la; aa a mj |a?aiaJ); ibaaraal, aa4 paaa?4 off 'j a to* J J aa4 attbaat aartaaa aalllaal Aiwx>aa ( I'aaa ) /aJy ?. 1*4 Tbara *aa aa laaaaaaaa faUiar'M baaa faaUMar af j arVaaa Afar Mr l*ala'a Ipl 1 A U?a Aaaw?aa ?to* l</ia, aa a/.ayt*4 at Haito^aipb** **a aa?/iaaa4 bf Iba aatifa aaaaaaplaaa, vttlkaat a llaaaaOaf aaaa Ma a4 tha ?, aaa'. <aa Tally aa4 faWly aa waitiial iaalj|rn?i, aad raira4 i>l Waaa biaa. ni wi m tw ?Aanr*rro?. Willi -r ?, Jaly 4, IM*. Tba *a?ahfa'. >a yartatlay ?f a aawptota failaia, oafa? to Ma >ai?a rtnraa Tbara aaaa t*a nlatlaltaaa Kaaa Hafbaaa a?4 aaU Kara NaMlaf. Oa*. naraa aaa V va-a^Ml to, Vat 4*?a t Tba laaa V*. it ia>a naiaMa< aaa/ |W ?*1y Wllaoa raait Ma Uaalara iw>a aa4 Mta <tail<aa?4 aa aalVa fWaatary Ibata TorVt4 <ba (y'atf arMlary /aaa Mf tba aaW ym?a.a?a. ? traai fca-'aaWa >| k' ~

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