Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1855 Page 7
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UpatMBW i-itfa f KT IAT. I AAA ? FUd rviLE, FOR MERCHANDISE, C?UUv? ? apl?od?<? tarsi, of one h jndred a 1 row SA I.E. Mi AAA "-1 ?U?Jil)m t'HANOK ? ONE HALF ?4r?Uv/V/e l?t?>eet di?id?d or undivided, la 4 |Wlilf>?< in r ? aut'HttMc ktHMM, eoaapria i*C ? great raritti wt arti.dfe u< aderdiar laattN peetf, mar b* bad far M,0oo, oy ear bnalaeas bii vhtwflaaMciiMalMi em r r ti 00. Apply to fHO ws? srofaer, s?s piae street ?4. ?Mr acjft all free t>< ?u? of ucimbtuu*, aal ia ?aa it Uu baal location* la thie 4 tat a Apply to DU.Vd OOMB ft Sk'MlLLtN. 1X1 Bread way, Trinity Building, fas 9. tret a or. 411 Ai\f\ ? K0R 8al8, the lkame, stock |D1(tUUi aad a at urea of a flrat elees family filial, A No. 1, eituatea oa tan coraer of one of the meet baiineaa avenues, lb '.lie baat park of the city. Tkl* ti uaqueatioaaely a rare chaaoe. Apply imme diately at 289 Broadway. GEORGE W. 81MEK4. A1 AAA PER YEAR -LETS^STXpLOiToF ffllivvl/ groand, w th eight houses, near paying fl,0U5 par year aat, a ad with a Uttla Improvement wilt Hf ?S,WU par annum Laaaa haa aiastoea yea ra to ruu. rreaerty is be Jo a C-nai atreet ta a business location. A. H. Gul'GH, It Hada?a etroet. A BOARDING HOUSE Ft>R sale ?a newly fur A mehed private kea?lia| houae ?Uk 11 room, ouanaa atreet itu Hoaatoa atreet thu house bam all the oomtorta that .t needs. The rent 1a very law. aal Is paid ap ta th- Brat af Auf uat The leaae ed the Emm ia tec tiro jhtii. A BEGAR STORE KOK SAUK.? AN EXTKN'JIVE Bl'31 A, ma la the null um &ud mmufa itunag, witti a gee? taa of regular ?u oa?r< The location in a great tftanughfar*. Che a too*., natures. lease, Ac , will be ?oUhta bargain, onimm*di?t*?ptilic?tioa. Price $200. C i. HO AT US, 84 Nitnau etr*et. A RARE CHANCE FOit A BU4INB86 KAN fflTH A A. eanaU eapitai.? tor eai*, a light, pieaiant, prolita bae cash buetaeea, that any uiaa may beooma fam liar wttft la a rerr abort 'ima the capital required, from ?SCO ta $?00. Call this day. on C, a HuWaS ft 00 , 84 Naaiau atreet. -JJCaFALO LOTS FOR PAl E-OR WOULD BE EX iy cbaaaed for nice furn tare, merchandise, fte. ? Three city lota, weU losated. m bnlfalo. A lira, a villa re ?Meaoo at Flushing; a.'au, a count! j a*at at Geneva, and a &ae fara in Durbo.a county. Apply ta E. B. KIN SfflUR, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 and 3 to 7. TJAKHIY, OONFKCTIuNl'.KY AND 1CB CKEAlf f> aa'ooD for aaie, *Uj b? f>l ' at a graat aacritlca, aa Itiuiit be eeld ttu? day at aoy inuaey; good nawai lor Mlliag. Inquire on the premises, *0c sixth avenue. SAKERY FOR SaLE-IN ONE OF THE BEST THd renghfaiea In Breoklja, three yeara leaae. Reat 7h* only reaaoa for aal.lng ia the proprietor haa other bufiaeaa to attona to or will admit a aoSer man, who oadrntanda the bread and o?Ae baking, aa partner. Icqvlra at 47 ^ James a treat, Brooklyn. /Maui's CAUL FOR BALE? APPLY TO DR. CaMP V BELL. 304 Grand aV, Wlll<amaburg Prioa$200. DAGUERREAN and PHjrOURAPHC ROOM FOR aale? In good looatlon. together with aU the ap patatus, specimens, ftc., leoes-a tj for conducting busi U*m. Amy person wtahWg to engage In this beautiful art wfll find this a gooo opportunity for so doing. In atrmctien given gratia in on* of the best and moat cer taia photographic prooeaaee known; price 8360. Apply at.yw OtMtd atreet. I\RUG yTORE FOR SALE -THE PROPRIETOR, / wishing to retire from the buainera, oftera his atacafWcale; also, the houae, which is leasehold. The property rents (or $613 per annum, grjuai reattlOS; pcioa for the whole, $i,Ho- Terns of payment liberal. Laqalr* ef E. H. PAY ruN, 99 Ninth avenue. pURM FOR SALE-OF TWENTY ACRE3, ON WHICH Jj ia aa apple and peach orchard, two story house, tart, aad cow houae, ia go>d fence, railroad paases through It near Esglisbtawn, Monmouth county, New Jersey, three honrs" ride frcm New York. Inquire or P. CASS, ICS Weet Broaaway, or oa the premises, of Wm. Waetj price S'AOOO. fjXMt SAL*? THE ?H-OhIX)N COTTAGE," WITH 9% JP aeree af laed, sitnattd cc Mew York bay, at F'^rt Haaailtan. The house ia id grod ereer, and the greunds are well stocked with peach, apricot, oheiry and other frait tree*, or it will be reuttd lor the season. Apply to riUUF R- WILKLNS, AasUoneer, No. 2 Broad street. Xj>OB BALE ? A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY SEAT r car faia af26 acres, and a nice house, at Harrison. Westoheater county, about 3 milra ea*t of tLe railroad atatioa at White Pla-ns , ont buildings, ouniage house, twiu, k. Iisce 86.O0U. E. B E1N8HIMER, &19 Fourth arenrae. E? balk? on Washington street, Brooklyn, one of those beautiful tiro story and beteraant B bo CMC, DIM ia with brioc. bnitt by dky'e work la the fcwt meaner, with marbie muUli, eliding dojre, Sc. Laquirs af T. ADAMS k CO., 7 1 Wall etrvet. TX? BALE? THE YACHT VLT4A, 100 T0N3 BUR 1* thea, schooner tig, aad fully equipped. Ota be ?eon by epplyicg on board at Hoboken, with aa order tromt&a eubaoriber. K. H. LUDLO#, No. 11 Wall at, TT*OR SALE? TO CLOSE A CONSIGNMENT, A LARGE r (at of Havana eegara. Maat be cold this week, na tbt omm Intm the bvatee. Call at 3J3 Waahingtoa ?treat, comer of Banlay street, up ?taira. Will be told ia large or mall lata. TJM? SALE? A WELL K8TA81.WHED MiNtJFACfU IJJ ring business under a valuable pateit, alie^dy Savwebiy lalrodueed, and promising a lucrative aad per ring buafnese under ?M; iatroduoed, and p OM*t UTMlaeot. For partionlara apply to 7i , HERMANN k LCmviQ, U Wall atreet. ,, eaa' ' ? 1 Giok. iiAXJS, JO 0 oal A COMCEWJ^A VALUABLE X located property, having lti front (over 100 feet) m AtlaaUe et., Brooklyn; a ekoloe inveet meat and rarely aflMtag. Wt jroperty baa ao reetriottoaa, aad lia? di tto! i? i mealrstioa with Broadway and other leading beaiaeoe peinti af Now York. At private eala, by ANTHONY J. BLEECKER, 7 Broad ?t., Now- York. eat 8?ui' uubb, ok~ rent.? house and 4 fate 'or ftoond situate on Blooming dale roed ?ear fciaoty-elxtH street, with a chop adjoining. Houae 84 bet by 31 ; ebop 40 by '24 ; buth in good order, and will bo eoid or rented reaeenaoie. Apply to CI. CHILDS, No. 99 Fourth avenue, noma to 0 e'eiock, P. M. Eyp. SAIX OR EXCHANGE ? A FARM OF 43 ACRES of ground, ia the tjwnihip of Rehway, county of k, State af New Jersey , on tae read leading to Weat Held, atout half a mile from Ka<iway depot, acoeaelble ?eery few boor* ia the day by car, froat 8 A. M until 12 P. ML, far* under good cultivation aoU good; about teal aorta ef wood land, youag t mber, good paature land, aad well watered, thnu acree beat of mealow land, balaaee upland and tillable; grounds high, fine apple orebaid, fruit treea, ke ; houae. atone, barn, and other oathonssi. beat of water: alao, the etosk on tU? place. U dealt ed. For particuUra la^uiie ol J. L VA.NDhr IS Eaiden iane. 1X>R .-AIE OR EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE IN ' tb_a city? A mor gagr of $4,860, we'll eesured on property fo weet aide, n>ar Grove atraet. Intereet 7 p*r oeat. Tbe above w:.l be dlacouctei for caah or e* ebaagod. K. B. KI.nSHiMKR, 310 Fourth avenue fTW rHfOlOIANS.-A WELL KNOWN DRCG STORE, 1 for oaly WcO, eituato. on the eaat aide of Broal way, ia one of (he oeat thoioughfaroe; coat more thin tfeno kare the money to (it Apply to F. HaLE, modi ?at iMer, bv Naaaau atitet. f*?0 DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES.? STORK TO 1 be ajW for 91,300, situated ia tbe beat area ue ia aad doing a capital prescription buaia ?e. The ?(oca ia well stocked,, e ad coaiptvt* in every respect. Apply t? F. HAl?E, med'cei fitter, HO Naaaau atreet. fflO DRUGGISTS AND APOTIIECARiES ? VEJIRiBLE 1 drug nteie for H,t00. aubatantially fltieJ and well ateokod wit* erery emote it u aituated In a rapidly tee proving part of Brook >yn. and doin( a good legitlaate beaiaeea, whisk Might easily be lacreaaed to IT/iOO or ?4.MC per year. It ia leased vary lor for fire /-are to oe*e. Call oo F. HALE, 8C Na.aau atreet fpO DAC.l ERREAN8? A RARE CHANCE ?TO BE DH JL JW'I of, on very easy termi, the daguerrean por tiaa e< pho ographiii aad daguerrean buainess. in Ur>ad way. Apply at the Holloa iiallery, 3W Broadway. MUSICAL. A PIANOt- ID LV.l ? OS AND 93 PER MONTH; T*(? Car sa-a cheap, one new and one seoond baud, at 2 ti Cbrystl* street. A TTKNItON, PIANO PVRCH IBKRS I?BALL'S Pa XjL eelestiai or deuMe nctare pianoforte*, Ely k ?eager maanfaeuirera lh??e Improved piaaoa are ra sadly takmg tbe plaoe of the or Unary piaaofortee 1st, "Sense tbsy are ssaih aapmlor m power aad sweetness ef tese, IA, tbev stand in tone, being made with Iron fcaosee and 8?, thiy are eoll at low prices, anl ra eomaeeaite.1 by aU ocr flrat piaaista whoae cartiSjaU wo have of tbetr aapenonty. ELY k Mt NiiEK No. 510 Broadway, St. Nicbolea Hotel. CHKAP, CHEAP ? A YWIY Sl I'KRIOR Iu-,k SEVEN ootavo $3M rosewood plaeo ia offered for trjo ln elodiag ekeel, by oelebrated maktra, fully warrac'tei ?old oa aoeoaat of aicaneea. been wed but ten week* leiahad all ronad with heavy loeeoood moaldiaa- lo be eeaa at No 0 Collego plaoe, from ? A. M. to 7 I*. M eOIN(l TO tl'ROPX ? A FAMILIAR READING TO thee* who. rent lag private reeldeaees, e<>nvert tbaa late ealaereoms an? attaaapt to gat the bettrr of tfc* pakhe bp advertlaSag the eale of ptaooa, far mture. " laeeqaenee of tb? former ownore going to Eu some other plase HO K ACS WAfKm, 3*1 M., fea Maeeqasase oftbe former owaars going ko Eu rope or soeao other plaoe HORACE WaXWH, 343 Broadway, aelther ia toads to vUit Europe or any other plaoe, at preeeat, bat wiU ooat.nue to eoU, in a Uglii r, piaaee from ten diffaroat ?aanfactoriea. at lee# arleee fhaa caa >e had elsevhero, aad adds to eaofe bill a gaaraatee that tas >Uaa shall give ea t' -e satMaeMoa sr purehaee aaeaey refaaded. MCKIC TAUGHT ON THE PIANOFORTJ, BY A LADY at 134 M Veet Nineteenth atreet. Terata 93 a teXh ia advanee ixtraxti-A Yorso last, tppil or rat mow '1 aaWlyMed vocal ani l^'rumaatal perleraaera thU f.aeo vtsted the Ceiud Daatea. eat ptaeeeetaa (r at aainrei .llNUet for feae*r?i tier o?har? will e<vela?aeaa te laeiea et I wnatiaaee SI Wen T*?aUetk atrtee, ketwi ta Miekk aad ' "eta e'eawee, if wi<l a>tead et r ?iJ*aoea Three aaeatha -ill prera aoSeieat lern-s eaeordia? te tba Wai^, The i-a^M. V(io^ Mi Xkdiua sty i# ?? veag^, HOTKLS AND SVHN1R KBTH1 ?1*. 0N0 Wt BlTHtNO.? TfflS WBUL tnowa aod dsftgotf *i summer ntmt U situe *4 tmti lfur miles 'ruin New York aloo* tae ilntai wut, steamers Oeaaa W?tTt ud J imga C hns tO0h<w Imvi fort . J?j dadv, far Ixjeg Braaeh there >n urml l*i*? sard noumooloas boarding nooses tl'.u stod withm oo? hundred yards of the ut saore, with a Am (M uw nrtHdlif in front to tkt e4g? of the im i' lue Ashing, pUMMt rides, aad or*/ atteetloa Mid to tbo gutsts lor thstr comfort. Vhoco *f? at feaot 16,000 persona visiting Long Braaeh daring tt* iiinav season, the navigation of the Shrewsbury river beiag greatly improved oaring the present r??r, to eaafc o toe ?tMBbMti to lead puMi|?ti it Breecbpert, within oee mil* of the boarding bouses. Stsgss will convey puni |tn to the boarding houses, woien will bo opened tin 2otb of June. Any person desirous of obtaining room* will apply to tbo proprietors, Metropolitan, b / Yaalyae & Cooper; National Hoqm, W. Stokes, Msnsioa Uium, 8. Laird ; United States Hotel, Keanedy k Craten ? '?vi ttoa Hotel, 8. C. Morris; Both. Omen k Sens; Qo eland*, J. V. Coo vers; Alleghany, by J. w?r<lell LONG BRANCH, Propria ton. Mocnt vernon hotkl, cape may, n. j.-raia mammoth hotel, with ac somaiedettons for one thousand guests, will open for the ssaeoo on Satards/, Juno 30th, lbbo. Ono hundred and fifty additional room* have boon added. 1'oro aoft ttfr from an arte ?lan well hu been lalroduoed through the home, and a large number of new and complete b?th nouses ad'ed, beside* many other inpinemeata tinae toe lait Mima. Partiee of six persons or upwaris can have private table* at any lioor agreeable to t-iem. A regular table at regular hours wUl alio be set for those who are not In parties. or wbo may prefer a table .1a bote. Too term* will bo moderate, and no extra caarges, except what may be ordered. SAML. B WOOLMAN, Agent. NEW YORK BAY HorEL, 2H MILES FROM JER ney City ferry, on itejgen F iot plank road. Tae most beautiful Hummer residence In the itate Flihlag, bathing, boating. Dim oca and sujpsrs at at hour*' no tice. Private carriages to and from the bou?o to oltr. Now open for permanent and tramieut guests. Apply at the noui e, or to Captain LESSH, Post Office, Jsrsey City. . SEA BATHiKO ? NATIONAL HOUSE, LONO BRANCH, N. J., is now open for tue rectptim at' visitor*. Having bad the p rem its* put In thorough repair, anl gas Introduced, the subscriber, into whose haads tu? property ha* no* pasted, fe?la assured that hit frlendt and patrons will Had thin oae of tae matt pleasant and healthy place* on the Atlantic coast. Terms ike tame a* lait yea: ? $'0 per week. Communication twioe daily, per steamboats Ocean Ware aad Janet Christopher, from foot of Jay ftreet. WOOLMAtf Sf OKE j. SEA VIEW HOUSE, HIGHLANDS OF NAVE3INK, N. J. The above new aad eii-g*ntly luruUhtd hotel wan orened on the 1st Inst , for the recaption, of visiters. In all It* appointment* for luxury and comfort It it equalled by lew aad turpaoted by none on the American Contiaen t. At a deUgV tful reaor t for the olUctat during the ocorching mosths of tuutmer it it only aaoaaaary to mention in addition to the a bo re thit it ha* erery advantage in surf and river batomg, tailing, ahootiog, and the delightful walk* through the voola which sur round It add materially to tne comfort of tb* guest The steamboat* Jamee Chriatophet and Uotan Wave make trips dally, each way from the foot of Jay street. m. jAftm rpBE .SMITHSONIAN HOUSE AT THE BATOB OF St. JL Cathaiinea, Canada West.? This epeoioo* and per fectly appointed hotel was opened Jnne 18. It it twelve ?ilea mit of NUgara Falls by the Great Western Rail road. St. Catherines Is a cool, healthy and dellgktful summer retreat, and the baths of the mineral spring are the most efficacious in coring chronic diseases of any on the continent. Address E W. Stephenson WAVFRLY HOUSS, MADISON, MOKUId COUNTY, N. J.? This house has been remodelled and newly ? fnrsiehed. and 1* now open for the reception of summer boarders. B D. HUNTING, Proprietor. ORK FAMILY HOTKL, MliW uRIDGE Sl'ilECr, Ludgate Hill, London.? The above house is cen trally situated, lias an excellent ooffeo room, ten or twelve private sitting rooms, between forty and fifty light, airy bedrooms, a good s making room ; warm, cold nnd shower batbs always ready. A nifht porter In at tendance. A fixed charge for servants. The New York Herald is tiled. THOU AS QUAR1KRMA1NE, (also pro prietor of the Crosrn and Sceptre, aad Snip laverut, Greenwich; tenders his grateful tbauka to his Araeristn friends for the favors he has "so long enjoyed at their bands, and sol.cits their continued patronage and re commi ndation. INSTRUCTION. ATI A ? liOOKKEKPING? TIME DNLtMITED; WRIT \J. ing tl twelve lessons, at M. ri. PaINE'S, VUU Grand street, corner Bowery ; Hifi Fulton street, drook iyn. Persons viilting the city can take a course of writ ing in tbiee days. "Col. haiae's system of writing it simple, concise, and his mode of instruction eminently successful. ' ? Advertiser, Newport. Erench teacher.? do you~w7sh~ tTTfTrk the French language in a short timt f Call on M. Giegen, at 1>. lieaudm'e French hat store, 2?9 Broad way, who will, by his own method, learn any person to sptak French in less than three months. R. AND MKS. CHARLES GANDA'S BOARDIXG and day school for young ladles, No. IT Lafayette place, will be re opened on Wednesday, September lit. P-R1VATE I.>OTRUCrioFlN HEBREW *^D GREEK, by H. M. POPPERS, 13 Laurens street, near Canal. Gcod references will be given. OWE'S WRITING AND BOOKKEEPING ACADEMY 443 Broadway, near Grand street ? Ltoios aad gpBtlemta (It matters not as to age ordedoiency) taught a perfect system of penmanehip in twelve lessons. Re served boors for ladiea from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 P. M. Famlliea instructed at their residence at naual. Wed ding and visiting oar da, As., written to order. Term* raduoed tikis aad the tsisntof week. DOdKUBriMO-C. 0. itAkSH'S dOBNTINa ROOMS Jj ftrSepraetlee'ef bookkeeping, writlac. As.. SM Broad way, AppMea Bail Mag Opea dally. Area ? AM., to I F. M. OaM for eltealan. Marsh's complete works oa hook keeping, in Spanish aad English, printed la eeioce. Cot salk ai above. ninuica S~ U1GEHS KIRK IN9UH ANCt COMP ANY, NO. 179 Chatham aquara, coram of Mott atreet, New York. 3, lt)M. At the tuuil election hold thla day at theoffico of the eompany, the following umI gentle men were eUcted lHr extort for the year enautng ? liuo 0. Barker, Mirrit 11. Smith, Jr. Jo*aph Whitfield, Elijah T. Pnrdy, Willie m Peat, John H. Bewie. Wilton Small, Charlee Irving, David 1 L MoAipim, Joaatban Purdy, Jamee Davla. Bdwia A. Uapktaa, Jacob Miller, Jehu If. Ketcham, Akram 9. fteribner, t.dvd. A. truer, Samuel Rajn?r, Jane* V. W'e<kiaa, fn. 11. Adaua, John Robiaaon. Charlai 1>. Bailey, Alton Wooding, Joi n B. Simpeon, Mark, StephenMB, (leo J Hamilton, Oliver VV.Wuodford John Pottigrew, Tbet Wallace, George O. Puraer, John Alh, Court* reekhnm, Joisph RaM. At a meeting of the Board of Dtreotore, held immedi ately afur the election, Inane O. Barker wan aaanlmoua lyre fleeted Preildent, and John W. Ketcham, Vioe l'rvaident. By order, E. B. FFLIjOWS, Seeretary. TllAVSUElU' GUIDE, FOU CONEY ISLAND aND FORT HAMILTON ? TH1 aWauier Nor walk leavea New York aa folio in:? Pier foot of Amo? street at V}? A. M. , and 12'^ and 8l? P M. ; pier foot of Spring atr??t, 6f{ A. M. , 11S and 3K 1'. M. | pier ho J North river' at 10 A. 'J. , 1 and 4 P. M , leatlag Coney IMfc&d. laat trip, at OX P. M Kara to Co ney Island and fort Hamilton and back to New fork, 26 ceuLa. No half prise tor children. I/tOR LONQ~BRAN'JU, SHREWSBURY, AC , DIRKOC? J? ^a air and aurf oa thing! Hie Hteamnr JAMtC CHRISTOl'iitUl leare* Jay atreet pier fcr tb? abort) placea on Friday, July tth, at 7 >4 o'clock A M. ; Sit urdav, July 7th, at 1 o'oioak, 1*. M. , Sunday, July 8th, at 9 o'closk A.M. Stage* will meet the oo??. VTEir YORK TO THK 1 WHITE MuUrT Ia7n?, MON treat, Og'lenatmrg, St. JoUnabury and iiurlington, l a Northampton, BeUoaa' Fall*. Rutlaad, Win laor, White River, Well* Itirer, Montprlier, St. Albaaa and Xouae'a Point. Throogtt tisketa, via the Near York and New Haven railroad, 11 atea ezpreia traiaa to Spring field, 8 A. M. and 4 1'. M. Baggage clieskel through. FRANCIS 11YDK, Agent, i 'Bee, pier 26, Peek slip. rpo Dayton, Cincinnati and" looisvilLr? I Spring and aummer arrangea>eai, via New Yerk aad trie Railroad, Iludaon Hirer Railroad, People*' ilea e teamen, New York Central RiUroad, Lake Shore HaU roa<i, Cleveland and Toieao Railroad to Clyde, tbeaee by Mad llivar and Late Krie, and Clneinnati, Hamilton and Dayton railro*da. Quiekeet and moit dlreei roatel Throe gh fraro New York to Cincinnati Iwo houre In ad ranee of any other route. Connection* oar Vain, and ample time for mania. Three daily tralne. Paaaanger-i leaving New York on evening iteamera of People1* Una, or 4 A. M. train of Hudeta River Railroad, or 6 A. M team of New York aad Krie Railroad, eonneet at Biffalo aad Dunkirk a* fellow^ : ? Arrive at DuCTaio 9 P. M-, Dna kiak 10,1ft I'.M ; Cleveland 6 SO A.M., Grafton 7 06 A M , Clyde H.6? A. M , Uellefontaine 11.48 A. M , Da/ton 1 P. M., Hamilton if. 11., Cineinaatl J P. M. i'aaaengera leaving New York on evening boat of Peopla'a Uae or 6 A. 11. Main of Hudaon River Railroad, or 0 A. M. train at New Tort and Erie Railroad, arrive la UnclnnaM two bonce hi advance of Coltuabea route. Pecon.l train? l>eevte Cleveland. from writ aide of river, 9 A. M., on arrival of ataamerr Orea.-ent City and yieea ef the Waat, fraaa Baffialo, arrive at Sanduakv 11.3ft A. K., Dayton ? 1'. M., 8 2<> 1'. M. l aeaengere leaving New York oti b P M trarna of lledeoa lliver Uallroed. or New Terk aad Kile Railroad, arrive at Hatlalo 10 M A. M , Ihanairk 11 59 A. M., Cleveland 6.30 p. M ttraftoo *4/ P Clyde 8 #0 P. M-, DajKa 4 60 A. I T, CtaWnaati 7 A. M. Paaa eagre leaving s?m York oa enniag tmlae of Hndaon Biver Railroad, at New Yerk aad Krie Kali road, by tbia rante arrive la Chaeuiaatt thirty fear ml. n???* in adva&ea af C'olumbna roate. Be eare to eati ler Mck??i via Clrda aad Oaytoa. Cleveland paeeeegere, an reate (or C ndanati, eta Clyde and Daytoa, taka th? *at? ef th? Cleveland aad Toledo Railroad, aad are nan honed to beeara of the ?nerepcwntatiopi ef raanere la the CUvelaad danai, that the tnUa for CiaeiaeaW doea a^teavmnW 7 Ml. M. Two hoajaaregalaed by taking ? It A M 'run, vta Uydaead Day tea. Baggage c baa cad htm Naw Yo,?i to ilaifalaor Dvaktra, aad f rem Bu'Ulo ovDaaabk to ciaalanaU. rhmngh tiotete, and all la nvmatta cm b* obtained ea hoard Peapte'e Uae ateam ere, or at the tloket offlraa ot New Yortt and Kri? RaM read, NawYork 1 antral Raiireaf , aad Hedeoa Biver lU'l road. or at affl^of Cin^n.o, Haeailtoa aad Daytoa Breedaay r. C MfTOHKI^ Oanera^ Ageat lJ'V Broajlaay, N?. York alty. O. B BHOHTN, uiwfti Hi'frt Ag?ii r r< itT iio rotT~i4.MiLm0-.fHB nv a tfttJjKl grtW gjjw at < a'aoak. P. - ?'*i?*a a ?. ran * M9NL rlM^ll IMMII If fwMn* <>?? r,/ |ka kaaltk* at. 4 beat katfeldx plaaaa la th* ?l*<ni?v a* Mae r?ik w3 iad It at Ea*por* ; aad b?ata*ia aaaa aaa be te M.w Tm? OVB fx A ft aa?a t r. L ""?"?klwrirt HUPFISO. T7*OR LimPOOL-l'. 8. Mill. erEAMtHlf B*L It; 1; Joe. J Ooaetoo*. ceamtader ? Thi? ateese tiup wtl! with t?? DilM statM natta far Km rop*, Caltivey on W?<? <>f , Jul/ llt?, el 12 e'aleok M., Ma her eirth at the fast or u*a<i atrnt. for freight w >'UUf*. bartax rneentltbd uMa aoletioaa (ar ele gance and comfort upl; (a KO# Attn K. OOLU.Id. 88 Wail Miwi Pmiw|IN are requeeted to Mot board at U y, a M Tito PmlBo will ?aase?d the II* tie, aad rail J uly 2t>tb. Btappera will p VMM take aotiee that the ?Ufa at thie lia* eaanot ?ar?y eay gooda ontratul a war. All lattai* aul put through the Poat OAs*; aajr other* will ba utarntd . TBI BBIT1SU AMD NOSTH AMBKICAN KOTAL mil] tiiifftK,r* ruoM mmw tubk t# uritrooL. chief eaMn paee??e ?l? Beeoak cabin pawag* It rkoa aurroa to uvwrtoL. Chief ?aUa mu? 8110 Beeead eattn paaup Oi ilea ehipe from Kiua tail at Hall fat. ABaBIa. Capt Jadklaa, AMBBIOA. Oee?. Laag, 1'AttiA. Cap*. Byrto, BUKuPA, Cap* Hhaaaea. ASIA, Catpt. B. G Lata, CANADA, Jap* 8t?n?, AlalCA Cut. Uarruoa. JIlAdAla, Cap*. Letloa than tuBtlt carry a o.aar ahito luh; at mast head; green oa starboard bow, red oa part bepi laid. Lata, liar 01 ftoatuo. Wadaatdw Inly 4 amBBICA, Le?& '? Beetea, Wadatidar July IS. CAC. A J' A. Bum, " Bottoa, Wedaaedey amtut 1. ASIA, Lott, " Beetea, Vadaaadar Auguet !i Berth* not aaaarad bail! paid l<-r. An eipaft*ee<a fergeoa an oaard. Tba man ?ir there ?hip? will < ___ I a>i ba aootuaiable foe geld. ?11 far, bullion. tp?aia, Jewelry, p.?o?ui ttoaea ar metala, uil*ee brtl? o < lading ara dec at thereto;, aad tha ralaa thereof therein (iprawad. Tar f rai?; lit or paeae?e apjdjr to | CUriAKO, Na 4 Bewliag Great. Thne artil be no ateaiaahip* of thia Uae from Now Ifork entil farther ^cllaa THE VaNDEKBlI.T EUROPEAN I. INK (IF 8 lEAM t hlpe.? 'i'fce Brat citas eteamahlp NUItfH ST&tt, Warnaok, maarer, wlli leave Na# York from pier No 80 r*or'.b rlrar, foot ol Chambers etreet, at UJ?n fre aiatlf , ao Saturday Jul / 21, for Havre direot. t rat olaaa posege tUO Beecnd ciata eaeetge 60 1+a North Star will bo foils wad by tha Ariel, Aug 11. The oMiti of these rauaU vtll not bo Mcouataole for gold, eilrrr, bullloa, apaoia, Je*a?ry, preciooa aconea or mvi la, utt'fat MiU of lad af aro d^Aed tharafor, and the value thereof thezaia expreaeod Specie and gooda tun At uiaal rates. No fro jht received after noon of the day betore railiag. Mo berthaeoured until paid for. I.ewtrra prepaid 18V ceata per hair or., will be roeetrtd at the oftloa up to u A M. of the day of aailiog. and will be earned in utroug kK'ia rubber bage, uodar loA, amd oa arrlral at Hario will be lmmrdUttly deposited 1b tha Poet Ofllto <her?. 1'areelfl takto, eaoh prepaid, oaa dollar and up irarda. FIXED DATW OP BaILIVO (BOB KIW TOkK. r?OM HATkX. North Star July 21 Ariel July 21 Ariel Aug. 11 North Star Aug 11 North Star Sept. 1 Ariel -Sept 1 Ariel ;.ept 22 North Star .tiept 22 North Star Oct. 18 Ariel Oat 13 Ariel Nor. 8 North Star Nor. 3 Ariel Not 24 Theee ateAnshlpe arc etaaaed A 1 at the IneurauM efflcea, and epeoie and gooda will bo taauiod in them at aa low l-atea of prtmiua aa la any otuer a tea uu hi pa that oruea tha ooeaa. For freight or paaiige, apply to D. rORRANCK, No. 6 Bowling tlreen. New York. BUMNER, MONtANT k DRAPER, No 20 Kue N. 1) , dea Victoirel, Peril. CHKYSTIB, SCHUK-HMANN k Co., No. 27 (Joel Caeinir Oelavlgae, Havre. Black ball line of packets for liverpool ? lb? clipper ahlp MANHATTAN, Cap t, Likon, will poeitively aaJ Oth July, l'aaaengora La the aesonl etbin and steerage are found with gool prorialona, properly cooked, t or terma of paaaage appfr oa board, foit of Beefcmaa aireet, Kaat river, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 South atreet. "\T OTICF.? CHIT.AP PAS3AOH TO LIVERPOOU? ' THE apleadid new clipper packet abip BECLK WOOD, t'apt. Tucker, will poaltivttly Mil oa Fridity, July 0, at 12 o'clock. The acsoanmodatioaa lor cabin, aecoud cabin aad ateerag? paaaengera ere oaaurpsaaed Early appii oatioa, to aeoure bertha, pbould be made on board, pier 87 E R , loot of Market atreet; or to TAfjCort k CO., 86 South etreet. mHK LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP I Cionapaoy intend xallisg tbe.r favorite ateamehipa ? CITY OV JMANCBISTBB 2. U6 tona, Capt. H'yUe. Gil Y OK BALTIMORE, (new) 2,638 tuna, Capt. city c.F Washington', do. 2,700 toua Capt. a LeitcU SaJotm 890, 86ft. aad tbo acooiding t > atate roema A lirnled cumbor of thir'i cliwa pES^eogera will be taken from Phila&elphia and LiverpoaX, and found la ptOTiiibM . Frvm l-hiiaidelpblA $30|Froin Liverpool $40 Parties wlthuig to bring out tbelr fri<-nda, can obtain ctitiflcaUa of pai'.ageana dra(U on Liverpool, m lima of ?1 sterling aad upwards. Apply to SAtfDKI. Suli'd, Agent, 17 Wain at etreet, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Broad way, New York. BRKMKN, VIA fiOl.TH A MPTON ? TllK UNITHD SUtas mall steomnhip Hl.UMAisN, IC Wiggins, eom mander, will io*-i for Bremsn, toaobing >t Southampton, to Inad tbs malls and passengers (or inland and France, on satirdsj, July 14, *t 12 o'olom H. . troaa pier 07 fkrth rlv?. Frit* of fUMfi from New Yon to Southampton or Br (m so Is first obis, main saloon 9130 In first enbtn, lower saloon 110 In second cabin 60 An experienced surgeon Is attached to each lUimir Specie delivered la Havre or London. All letter* inuit pass through the Post Office. Por passage or freight ap to C. H SAND, Agent, 11 South Wlltam (treat, ho etMimr Washington will encseed the flaraaann, and eatl A ago it 11. OR 6011 H AMPTON AND HAVBK? THE UNITEO States mail s Warner aRaCJ, U. L aea, ceiumwider, wtU leave for Ham, touching at Southampton to land the ma !i? and pesaengers. on Saturday, Jul/ 28, at 12 o'clock, from pier 37, North rirar, foot of deaeh etreat. Price of passage? first esbla, $180; sacoad eabln, >76 Luggage not wanted during the voyage shouU ba sant on board the <5ny before sailvog, nursed "H?tlow." No freight will be taken after Thursday, the 26th. For frslght or passage apply to MORHMkR UVINOBrON-, 61 Broadway. FK CALIFORNIA ? PASJAUE *80 FCRTHtR RE d action of fares. ? New fork and California steam - ship Una, Tin Nicaragua Acoeeeory Transit Company, of Niearkgaa, proprietors ? through la Mraueaof tite mail ?7 CO milea ahortar than any other route, avoiding the deadly rename fever, and two mflee af dangeroue boat ing in. Panama Bay. Kates of fare through to 3aa Fna eiaoo, lnaludlng the Isthmus eroaslng:? First eab'n. $176; attend eabin, 112*: steerage, >60. The splendid double engine steamship NORTHERN Ll(}Hr,'J,?0u tons burden Oapt. Tlnklejau, will leave pier No. SNirth river, at 3 o'eloek P. M. precisely, far I'unta Asenaa, oo f riday, July lftb, 1866, 'connecting with the stesmshipUncls 5am, 2 Ot'O toes burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having bat twelve miles of land transportation by diet class oarnsges. For information or psssage at the redused rates apply only to CHARLKS MOiiUAN. went, No. 2 Bowling ftresn. Letter bags mada up nt the office. Stamped letters taken for 6X ovnta eaah. fU'R SAN FRAN CISCO? TUX 8PLKNDII) A 1 FIRST hIipi slipper skip ANDREW JaJKSON, Williams, master, Is now loading at pier 10 East rirer, and will positivelj sail on or before Tuesday, 17th July. Ship pers will please sand their freight promptly on board, ard complete ttflr engagements before l'uesday, 10th. The ships of this Ilea are advertised far a oartam date, and guoxantesd to sail on ar be'ore the day ndvwtieed. SUTTON k CO., 68 South St., cor. Wall. AloTRAI IAN INDEPENDENT MUTUAL LINK? posi tively the first ship.? The msgnltlCAnt A 1 clipper ?bip METROI'OIJs, 1,U0 tons, X. II. Jay, Commaadar, will enicaed the Crj sial Palace, and ha ra iminsdinte despatch for Melbource. The accommodations lor pas so?gers m this fine ship are ot the very beat, both In first anl second cabins. Also, a limited number of steerage panserfff ra wll be takea nt the low rate of 9*0, fouixi with provisions by the ablp. Having a portion of bar cargo already engaged, passengers can depend on qulok ce'patrh. For freight or pessige, at low rahee, apply on teard, at pier 17 Eaat river, or to MA1I.LKK k l.OKI), 108 WaU street, and AiUCEIX k ELLIOT, 146 Psarl street. FR NEW ORLEANS AND HaVANA-THK V. 8 mall steamship BLACK WARBIOR will begin to resolve freight on Thursday, July 6, and aail at noon precisely, from pier 27, foot of Robinson street, on Mon iT. Jul* 81 Broadway. FOR SAVANNAH AND FLOKIUA? UNITED STATES mail line. The new and elegant steamship ALA BaHA, (apt. Geo. R. Bchonck, will leave New fork, for havaaneh, on Siturday, Jnly 6th, from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'oloek P. M. Bills of lading signed on board. For freight apply on board, or for passago to .SAMUEL L. MliCHILL, 13 Broadway. For riorlda, through tlakete from Now York to Jaeksonvdis, 931; Ptlatka, 933. TM Knox villa, C. D. Lndiow, will succeed, and 1mv? on Saturday, Jnly 14th. OR SAVANNAH -FARE REDI CKD. THF. I'NITKD Statoa maU stsanuhip, Kh.VSTu.NK STATE, Cant. Hardls, will leave Philadslphla for Savaaoah on Wednaaday, Jul/ 11th ;nt 10 o'elook. A. M. Fare 920; et??rage, 9H The Keyatono State will letvs agaia as abeva, Wednesday J civ 26 Agent in New York. SCKAN ION A. 1ALLMAN, 10 Old Slip, where state roocni may bo socurod. fT'OR CHARLESTON AND F1X)R1DA.-?EM1- WRr.KLY JC Tnltod States line. The ntw and fast golag st?aiasr MARION, W. Footer, commander, will lesve pi?r 4, North Hter, on Batnroa; , July 7. at 4 o'elook P. M , pr<*cis?ly. For freight apply on board, wfcsre all o4tlo of lading will b? signed, ana tor passage, at the office of ripoiTord, l.lfstcae k Co., 00 Broadway, lhrough tickets toVlonda as follows.?^ To Jael- scovllle, 981, to I'llatka, lho Nashville w ill eiicc-ewl and leave on .Saturdiy, July 14. >OR NORFOLK, PKTER8HURO AND K IC 1 1 MONdT? __ Tho U. S mull stasmsiip JaMOTua n, L. Par n?h, commander, will leave p er 18 North river, on haluKiay, July 7, at 4 o'eloek P. M. ; will arrive at Nor folk the nevt afieraooo, sad at I otersbnrg and Rich motid the following morning. Froa Norfolk ssstengers fcr the !-euth p>ooe?<l bj railroad dlroot, with through t ckevs Iroai Vi?1<1<>? to Wilmington, Chsrletton, *e. Passage fare to Norfolk, 98; to Petorabnrg and Rica n f no, 910; st# erage half prioa. Through ticiets to I jnol'burg, 914- N. R?Th rough tickets to cha Vir giLla Kwrints. The Jsnmis?n ttkoa no frsigit for Patarotoirg. H'Pi.AM k Pi.KASANi'H, SlBrosdway. TEAMSHIP' PAM PkioT CAPT. AtTL I'HoV hirw Orteasw, <s tow Oisnhargtng at pi*v 98 Norti river C(?*ign*eo will pitais attend H MARES, Par?*r. I !??<<?> hltllMINIi AND NORFOLK.? IBh flTWAWjtHfP r jAMth*D'WN, Captain Par nab, li now Issuing at t*r 1.* N riwr, foe Rielmeed an I NnrlWk, and wiM ?r? ot htcr i; aft*r?o?o. at 4 o'ciaok I.' DLAM U PLKAS^Ttf, II ?nrmo. Fb pale at a discount? osi stats room, with two b>rtha, ta ths main mImi oa itttatr North star, Jvr Htm, Jmij 21. lliftf. A liberal distoiat will be ailu-ed. Inquire at NkCMANN ft OO'jJ., Me. 3d Bearer ittwi SPECIAL. NOTICES. X^MTLOVVENT.? BROOKLYN FAMILY AND SKR Xu nib1 Industrial and Protective Institute, 'iUS Fulton stieet, under Uu approval of his Houir Mayo r Hall, and other distinguished cliisaa, ministers and Ulty. Thia institute InrttM employer* and domestics lo eomv ud inspect our arraagaineots for their mutual bootlit, ob a plan Barer reached by a ny aaoiet y la A. mi ne a. Mwiag U piovioed or femties top*/ for hotrd white remaining >n the Institute for a situation, ani all tbep earn hauled them. It awards sllvtr medals to ail who rema>n blameless in their altuation for a fear. A newspaper is issued, at/lad " The Domestic Guide and Famuv Intolligeacer." Wanted, sU hat ftaiahcrs and sight female trimmers? constant work. Twenty well re commended fetnalee caa haro situations at once. Aa amtrioan boy. 16 years o d, wanted. A subscription hat to opened for signatures of the benevolent, willing ? aid in getting up a home for the aged and lolrm domes ties Mrs. Allen, Female Superintendent ; F. Browne, Central Agent OBJECTS OF THK CHRISTIAN HOME FOR rEMALE Servants, on Ibirty-aighth street, bet seen Fourth and Lexington areoues. ? Terrible ship wreck ? Upwards o! five thoussnd shipwrecked passengers have been driven Into this port during the past year from the ti ou bled waters o( life. With few exjeptloas they htrs all been passeogera on board the great 8 ?am?r called tbe Mart <?d State The founder of the Cnriatiea Home has carefully and impartially investigated the cause of tbu terrible disaster, and has invariably fennd tuat the captaia m charge oi this noble rtssel was ignor' at or the laws whicu the great Builder of the ship 1- ignad lor guiding ?ud luxaing the passoagers safe a.t the de. sireu and destined i>ort. Consequently t .e sbip wrecked ? consisting of dtsorted and runtway wires, yoathful daughters, ie.n<ceat and unconaelous children? are glad to linl a port so good ani ho near as ths Caristian Home, wbere tbeir unnatural wouoda are bound up, tbeir bitter tears oliecked, tbe balm of sympathy atrord ed, and tbeir wandering feet dlreotel to a resting pUcs. 1 lie founder of th? Christian Home Hits on theie raters to caU anil re^sive tae shipwrecked, inquire into tbe nature of tbeir wounds, and apply balm and sympathy accorulog to their diversified necessities; and last, tbrngh, to teach tham tbe dirine and natural laws as a certain guarantee against Similar disasters, nithtr to themselves or their belovwd oilspr eg Sl'ECIAL NOTICE ? ADVERTISEMENT FOR RK4L Kntate Gazette raoaired until Satarday noon. The Gazette ta now sufficiently known to render it a good medium for advertising property for sile or to let. A short aurortlaement cost* on:y 76 cents psr month. Offlct 44 Ana street. 10 IRISHMEN AND FRIENDS 0E IRILANO.-A so ciety baring been organised la thli city, the object of wblch Is to aid and assist, by pecuniary means and practical advice, all deserving Irishman who hare large tamJes and require aid to reach a home ia the great West, we feel it to be a,duty incumbent upon every lover of his country and race to assist In an undertaking ot this kind. In order to carry this pUa out tUe more ef fectually, and to serve the objeet ia view, we appeal to all without distinction, knowing, as each of you do, the necessity there Is for an organization of this kind, to relieve the wants and alleviate the sufferings of many a forlorn aalle, and to rescue from the dens of rice and immorality, so numerous In a city like tuis, the price less gems whose minds aie not jet matured, we appeal to you in their behalf. In order to carry out this ob ject in a systematic manner, a society has been organ ized, called "The New Yore Irish Aid Soolety," and meetings are held every Monday evening at 126 Grand street. All frieods of the cause and of humanity are respeotfully invited to attend the meetings. W. I. Kkklkr, Sec'y. JAAF.S MDLMGAN, Pres. H. Wawu Rec. Sec 'v. P. MoPONALD Treas. Ths following sums have bsen already subscribed James Mulligan, 125 Grand street 960 00 M. J. Healer, 114 Thompson street 10 00 P. McDonald. 12a Giand street 10 00 Thomas 8. Boyle, 17". East Twenty-third street. .. 1 00 ]>ter Biennan, 107 Cinal street 2 00 Patrick Kerns, 15tf Mott street 6 00 John Cassidy, Mott street. 1 00 Patri?k Cassidy, 70 Baysrd street 1 00 Thomas Martin, li9 Molt street 6 00 H. Meadows (htt{U*bDian) 1 00 P. Cassidy, 114'lhompson htreet 1 CO Thouas Utttray, 60" Houston street. 1 00 C. R. Ptiolandsr, (American.) 693 Twenty-third st 6 00 E. 1*. Christie, (American) 5 00 P. Cogblin, Havens wood - 1 00 John Boyd, Elm street...... 6 00 John Boy 1p, Twenty-third street 100 John Morrissey, Leonard street 25 00 James Moore, Tenth avenue and Twenty-sixth st. 6 00 James Aapeil. Eighth aveaao and Thirtieth street. 1 00 George Gallagher, 64 Spring street,.., 2.> 00 James Doyle, 126 Grand stieet 2 00 George Hagan, 123 Grand street 10 00 Phil. Butlti, 118 Grand street 2 00 Arthur McGcrl'e lb West Thirteenth street 0 00 William Powers, Chambers and Centre strsets. . . . 25 00 C. Sweeney, Chambers street 10 00 Charles Shea, Chambers street 10 00 Charles MoDonougb, 40 Thirteenth street 6 00 John GUobrist, l;i0 Mulberry street ft 00 H. Ksrlev, Elm and Gmnd street! 10 00 Thomss Fitspa trick. 108 Thompson street 5 00 Thomas Day, Kim etreat. 25 00 Morpen Odell (American) 2 CO David Kissine 5 00 John Peppird, 26 James street. 6 00 James McKiona, Spruce street. 5 00 When Pathjodsm was at Pa a, akd *??* n Commanokd a Phkuii m ' ? The PcmttyloanUin t?yn:? In 1780 General Washington bsd been compelled to appeal to Individuals for aid in order to avoid the establishment of a hank for the supply of the army with provisions. The sum ot ?3c0,tcu was needed, and of this the members of ths Society of the Friendly Sons of 9t. Patrick subscribed as follows.? Robert Morris. ?10,000; Blair McCIanahaa, ?10, OCO; Wm. Bingham, ?2,000; J. M Nesbltt k C>., ?6,ti00 ; Richard Peters, ?5,000. ; Samuel Meredith, ?6,0C0: James Mease, 15,000; Thomas Barclty, ?6,000; Hugh Shell, ?6,000, John Dunlap, ?A,000; George Campbell, ?2,000; John Mease, ?4,000; Bonner, Murray ft Co., ?<>,000; John Katton, ?2,000; Benjamin Fuller, ?2.000, Ceorge Meade ft Co., ?2,000; Joan Doaaldson, ?2, CM); Henry Hill, ?5,000; Kean ft Nichols, ?1,000; James Caldwell, ?2,000; Samuel Caldwell, ?1,000; Joha Shee, ?1.000; Sharp Delaay, ?1.000- Teach Fran:ls, ?5,000. Here were ma-e than ?100,000, Pennsylvania cumncy, equal to $270,000, being more than one third of the whole amount raised, contributed by these gallant Irishmen? a sum, taklaginto view the scarcity ofmoaey during that period of the revolution, of greater value than three millions of dollars now, and of which not one dollar was ever repaid the subscribers. These facts may be found In a duodecimo volume ef 112 pages, con taining a brief account of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St Patrick, with biographical notices of some of the members, and extracts from the minutes. This is one of tboee volumes that occasionally spring up ia our way, to sbow how mush patriotism and public good owe to y octal Intercourse. It/AKEFIEI.D INDUSTRIAL HOME ASSOCIATION. VV No 3 ?Notice.? The member! are hereby notified that at the next regular meeting, on Friday evening. July 0, the aubject o: (jolt Claim Deed* will be brought up for action. Alio to take into conai.'eratlon the pro pnetv of appointing a oollictor to wait on delinquent mi-mWa. N. B ?All member! ferrous of taking up thtir tleeda should be prvn-nt on the above evening. By order of the Auoeiation. J. a>DRKW HaNIWCHUCH, Secretary. FVRNITUUK. U>UBNIll'BE? THE ILKGANT FURN'iriRE CON P tainrd in the four itory houM 160 Weet fweoty fourtb street. tor eaie low for c*?h. The farni nre U of tbe if it iletrription, and coet upward* of $7,000. If not Fold at private na.e, will te cold at auction on Satur day, July 7. WATCHES, JHWEI.RY, AC. C, KNTS' FINK GOIJ) CA1JFOKMA DIAMOVD 0I.C8 X ter plna, with chain, $5; without chain, $4. Thiee pine are equal in brillUncy and appearance to the real aifwmeod. Bent by mail to any part of tbe United Siatee, by cnolealng amount to I. At J. JACOBS 407 Broadway. REDCCID PRICIS - WATCH E8, JlVTlLaT. DIA mondi ana itlrer ware. Tbe uuder?t#ne<1, lor the lait elguteea veaii a well known iealcr and importer, 'Sera !ur *ale ail gooii ia hU line, at lewer rricet for tb-: fame quality, thau aay other huu?> la New York, fhiladelp'' ia, or aaj other city, ait will teal by mMlore.rr-. WATCHB3 jmwMr kg > le all parti ef the Url'ed MM**, tre? of oharr*< All |04il ?*rr?ni. d ?< repreeeaWd. Ordiri kj mail, pettcatd, fai"i tally attended te. WATcn?. Watebei with rlace* for Dnga.rr?>tn* ?!???. fVW juriteiiioB w*tohe?, i?nolne warmated ino ?? V* Cooper watehea, genuine warranted 126 te J7I Independent wetehni Tor timm* boriei IZAte W docket ehremmeteri liito .'94 bight day watrhee 140 to ifit l.adieV mnul eatehet V to ]ljn T.adlei' diamond watrhei V. te .KM Magi'' watcboe im te II Geld banting le?eee, toil Jewelled II eeret U Geld opea fa? ed levcri foil Jewelled. 14 carat... it Bilveropen tefed leferi, tel. Jewel:?4 w 9UTttUvJn" nwxinr. ? St*'1** fl M te ?? \ fSt ...flu 19*?e ?a* Bracelet! 1 A M te HO Ueld loekett, ene, two, an-l four glneees ISJt; *1 ft Oolti Gaard I'balni U) W ti Ma Geld I'hatela ue, cr Beit Ckatae 10 n< te 110 08 0?n Veet Chain! 9 U) te *? Of Quid Fob Chaiai I 00 te 15 0? Gold feaoUi 1 It in i? Gold I'eu aii? Peaelil 3 W to 35 01 GoldCreeeee 3 t)u to ? i)? Cbaied Gold Rinci 1 00 to I 00 Gold ft'eeve Bi.tWai, Mtt 2 no te 9) 00 Plata GeM Rum T< ?? 4 0* I'ove GelJ Wedding Bin *? 1 30 te 10 00 Jewelry ?f e*?rj DM. Biaaead Slnsl* 8u>c? i'la* VIS 00 te t!,JOO M r '.anion d, < ;???. or Piai 30 00 te ft) or CiaBoad Riep;i 7 <0 te *T TB Dlemced Karria;! IV' <10 te .?) if Uieeioad Croeeee tt 00 te it* ut Dtaaeai SraeeUte UW to Ai . Ae. eiLf ** VARI anwerfiMr*M ???t V ? te m 1% Bilrer IV-eeert SpeMe per eet 11 0? te lit ? Stiver Table Speine pet let M ttt te I> i<o Stiver Table ferfci per let U 00 te ? W Shv?r Dmirt ferbe....... per eet li 00 U a CS M-ver Wedddi* t ake Knivea, fU ltfn nib Um nan lerka. lee CMa Rnivea, fritt CelvM, Una CWl^tfe'i Bete, vbk KrtH, lot aad Ipiefc. SHvw "Ti ttebU k 'oteeeT'aid Jewetrr 1 1 MfcU ae leeet?a?tbi MKBteUdf, It* Int zuwwBEBirrs. Broadway theatrbl?b. a. Marshall, Lussi -Boon opecat 1<<; oommeu j* a e' alack, of Mrs. Uoruj William*. Irulajr arwai, Jatjr 6. wU b? periormM THE IRISH AMBASSADuK Sir I'&trtci. O'Psenipc Hi. Harm; William* Isabdla Mrs. Uiratr Wul ml Grand l>uie Hx C*n?U | Lady Emily..,. Mrs Hough Daaca... Miu Ad* Priee THE BOBBER'S WIFE I*rry O'Gi* Mr. Barney Wtllaras Marx i^dlaad. . . Mr Ctuke j Ro?* Rttdlaad. . lira. Wuiii CONNECTICUT COURlfcHlP. Our Jemima Mrs Dinwjr Williams ( tURfON'S, OHAJitfERs SVBKKr.-DKE*! 01K0LE I > aa4 Ptnjuet, 60 cents ; Family Utrcle, 36 cents; Or tttitrt Cnalrs, >1; Private Boson, *i sack. Dt*rs cpea At 'Hi t?(in at B o'clock. Bemiit of Mr. 0 Holland. Friday eruiiii. Jul# 6, till tM wrformd TBE BELL RINGER OF BOSTON. TO FA RENTS AND OUaRDlANS. MRS, Harris. GEO. CHRISTY It WOOD'S MINSTRELS, ITS 3?0A9 way, abor* Grand *lreet Oi'EN EVERY EVEMNO. For till week, Ethiopian Minstrelsy , Dancing, 4e , eon eladiirf with the DARK DEEDS, OR CRIM ON r RIMES. Door* open, 6)4; commenee, S o'clocx. Tickets M SMW All business tmuacvd by H. Wood. B UPTON'S THEATRE ? FIRST APPEARANCE OF tbe celebrated m,rse, M S. HARRIS, (com Guy's Hospital, Loudon, On Fuiday, Joit 6, for the beasflt of GEORGE HOLLAND, when will bo periorme: ibe celebrated coB.?dj of OLD HONICslY. Old IloMtl/ Mr. Eld/ With a variety of other Vntectainmeate, la irhiok Mr. Chaafrau, Mr Wioans and Miaa Alb?rtiao will appear, The whole to cooolade with tne langhablo Ca.-oe called MRS. HARRLS, Or SiiRT Uturi rat I'aktt. Hr*. Harris Mr. Hollail MISS ALBERIINE RESI'ECTFL'i.LY ANN'<?0NCi,S that she takes her farewell bsaefit at Burtoa's Tbeetre oa Saturday next, on woich occasion A GLANCE AT NEW YORK, tbe great original Mo?t> piece, will be psifbrmed, and Mr. Caanfrau and Mis* Albortiue will give their celebrated imitations, in the always popular WIDOW S vicriM. FRaNKUN MUSEUM, NO. 63 BO WIRY, NBtRLY opposite the Bowery Theatre. Pecformaaoes every afternoon at 3, aad ereniag at 8 N. B Straogeri will observe that the Franklia Mussna is tbe only place la the United States where the Model Artists aid exalblted, with ot&fer origloal entertainments. Remember, No. it Bowery. T7?RANC0MS OLYMPIC CiRCUS, ii BOWERY? T laCKXJJill) ATTBaCTIO.V AMD a* KCT1BH OUAKGX. Will be prodneed oa Monday afternoon and evening, and throughout the week, aad Wedneaday aad Saturday afternoons, The grand melodramatic scene, produced under the Immediate supervision of Moos. Fraaeoni. entitled the SIEGE BEFORE SEttAsTOfUL; OR, 1U? ALLIES VIC TORIOUS. Principal character* by Mans. Fraaeoni, B. Runnel# and Levator lee, with an auxiliary force of flftj people; to gether with aa entire change m the elegant equestrian, gymnastic aad Olympic games. Three graad performances on tbe Fourth of July, com maaoiag at 10, ? aad 8 o'clock. Boxes 26 cents; re served starts 60 seats : pit 1 tyi cents. Re eigagement of the Citizen Clown, W. F. WALLEIT, who willappear oa Monday evening. THE-PIAN ASSOCIATION, OF NEW YORK.? NOTICE. ?Ibis amateur dramatic society will hold its meet ings during the lumaer In the large zoom No. 6 MtllUr/ Hall, Bowerv, opposite Sprintt atreet, every Frtdiy even ing, at 6 o clock. Letters, Sc., can be aiidre?s?d as usual, to 58 Prince rtreet. The gaiety theatre, new or leans -lessee, Mr. Dion Bourcicault ? Will open for the ensuing Winter season Engngemeats may be made by address ing THOMAS McKKOM, theatrical Agent, Philadelphia. Mr. McKaou begs to inform artiste* that this thetre, erected by the wealthiest proprietary ia America, will be de<>ioated to comedy, comic opera, burletta, ballet and farce. It will bold 1,000 dollars, being more than snyothsr regular tceatre in the United Htates?thus enabling tbe lessee to afford the highest terms that great talent can command. Tabernacle.? the black swan (lately rb turned from the British provinces) will give her list fartwell Vocal and Instrumental Concert, oa Friday evening, July 6, assisted by Slgnor H. C. Bee hi, who will preside at the pianoforte. Slgnor Honegge, Violin ift. Tickets, SO cents; n?erved seats, <1? to b* hid at the music stores, and at the Hail. Doors open at 7; concert to commence at 8 o'clock. HKDICAL. Anew book? the marriage uujdk, or fami ly medical and physiological Instructor? apsciallv :or the married or those intending to marry. By Dr. F. boilick, the author and lecturer. 100th coition: 600 nsges; colored plates; prioe tl. Pubi.ahed by T. W. Strong, No. 98 Nassau stteet. New York, who will for ward by mail, free, on recaiviag 91 and address. From the Medical and Surgical Keriew:? " The most extraor dinary book wo over read. One feat are which particu larly distinguishes this book from all other* of the kind, is the peculiar tone of morality which pervadM It all throogn." Dr. sir an has devoted ma stkictbst att*v tion for tie 1m 1 18 iwi to an a/Be* practice, tad contlnuee to b? MualtM dally by both him, it hli eitue, No. 1 Chatham Hun, la partaarehip with Dr. ?*k*i whoa hi* celebrated iwMun eu be obtained. Rcc?at euia cured 1* a lew Itjt. , BLCNDFLL (LATF. OF LONDON) CONTI STJK3 to inpplr tbo afflicted with Sir Aatlcy Cooper'* cele b rated rcmed'ei for the radical car* of rupture*, with out * trusc, ferer and ague, rheumatUm and pile*. Seat by cxpree* on receipt of >6, a or recipe for >1. Aldren* Dr. Blundell, Broadway, New York. DR. POWER'S LADtC GOLDSK TONIC AND Pe riodic PiU*? A lure remedy for the monthly Dae (uiaritle* to which female* are *o liable. 91 per Mx. Obtained only of Dr. WARD, Canal (treat, eaat of Broad, way. f"\R. WARD'S tr.NFORTTVATR'S FRIEND, $1, WITH 1 1 9 a book ? Juat what tboee want who have eantnaet eTdUea***; aamaly, a core at oaee'and aa dalar and sore capon**. Graateet cure In the world by Dr. Ward'* '-Unfortunate'* friend." Aflllctad take notice na other remediee een cure yon radically. Slight eaaee eured in a few hour* ; nothing eUe dec* li. Na. SO Caaal ?treet, cne door ea*t of Broadway, 1* the yWei te act tbie rapid aad thorough remedy? no where el*e in New Y?(t. A care warranted by I*. Ward. Patient* aaxioue for relief may rely on a rapid cure by hi* treat m*nt, witbent taxing the ayeteB. Alteratioa of diet or otiaatioo from bueineii aot required. IMPORTANT TO FMtALK8.? PR. DDDOI3' OFFICE? Ageruy for the cadastre treataaeat of all di**c*ca incident te femalcc, 86 iaxiagbon arcnae, near Kut Twenty-wreath ? treat and Fourth arcnae. Reieedlcc far female derangement* from 81 to 86. Advice gratia. ConcuHatioa* end letter* confidential. Mail letter* eoa talag 88 *erved with adttae aad medicine* by relaro peit. Relief guarantied in all caaea. Paieou* from a cUtance pror.ded with eligible board, aurring aad at tendaacc. IE DOCTEUR HVPPOIJTK, STUDENT OF RICORD, j coo gradual* of tbe Parin hot pi tale. will treat any grade of Jleeatre, ( r?a to Doit difflculc operation*. German and French upoken. ('Largo oolr f?r medlcioe, except to tbe wealthy. Drug itore, li Uudion ctrcit, private tntrace. MI.ARliON T, PARIS AND IOVDOM PH fdlCIAM . and ear| eoa, author of the Medical Adrtrer aad iage Guide, 348 page*, 78 eagrariag*. (mailed by him, cealed oloeeiy, to any addreea for 81,) i* coaaulted at 43 Baa^e ctreet, comer ef Broadway, from 11 A. M. till 8, and 6 to 9 P. M., Banday* excepted. Thete at a dietaaoe treated by mail and ezpraaa. We concur with other ptper* in recommending Dr. L. aad hi* treat lie. ? Dlapatch, Courier 4e Ktat* Uni*, Day Hook, dtaata Zel tung, National Democrat, ha. 1'VM QRIATC9T MEDICAL DISC0FR1T Of THX *!? ? Mk. EINNIllK, ?f Koibar*. baa dl*eer*red 1* or* ei oor eooinot paetart woode a mm?ljr that ear** even Vied ef faamir. frem tbe went rtorfal* 4c wa to a eeaan pimple. He he* vrled It la orerl 100 e***a, anl aerer tailed. ea**m to two ??*>?? leih tLun.ler 11a ku new ia hie u* eetMoa ever t-r > butiir ed ef it* rirtae, all wimk iweatj mile* ef Boitea. let be. ilea u* warraaled te ere a au-*ia? lore m^akk. Oat te thieo kotilei * 111 eaie tbe w^ret kiad ofpimpieiet the fere. Twe te three battle* will eare the fyetem ?f baile. Two bet>le*er* wairaated te owe the went canker la Um ?oatkor aton Mb. T'c ret tu ?re oettlee are aarraated te ear* .he waret gui of erjalfela*. Oat to twe *ettiee are wer;*a-td te curt ail burner la lbs eye*. Twe baitlet tre teJ t? aire ruaaiag ef "he era* ft blatchaa araeai tbe bair. tvv te *ia tettlea ere aarraatal te eareeerrae*. aa4 rue atr j aieera (laa bottle will nre teal? eroptioa e< the >kle. Twe to rhrte belief are aarraa'.ed to eurt tba wont aae of rtnfwnoa. Twe to -Jureekottia* are warraetel te eare the aoet dee pera*e eaee of rke?ma*.ua. Til ?4 It fear kettle* are warraat*4 tc ear* tkc Ml rheaaa. Flea te eUkt ?>*Hls* ?U1 acre the waret eaee jf eer^rala. A bee?at la alwaje e.tperlec'ed ?Voa the Brit bo?ti>, ?[ a perfect tare I* warranted when tbe abort quaat tj li Itflt. Reader, I peddled ever a tken*aa4 belt lea eftMe la tat Tletnitf ef Boetev. 1 kasw tbe affeete ef it la eveer .'Ita 8<i anre at water will txtianiek Sre, ** ear* will thle aua b Ulnae. 1 aerer ee'd a bottle ot it bat that aeld euoUiar, ai ter a trial it aiwaye apeak* for IteetC There are twe ih?ict a. *?t tele kerb that appear be me tarpriMag? ?rat tbatii <ro*? In our aaetsrM, fa ae?e plac?e anlte aleatif*!, ao< ?lt* ?aNa hae aerer keea kaowa natll i dicaarered 't It : aeooad, Mmt it eb?a>d eare all kiadeof baaar iter 4cr te tire *eae Idea of tbe eaddan Cm aad mat popnlaattj af the llaeertry, 1 wflieteta tbe! la April iSl I celd.ed It aad acil aVoat eii keetlei per day. ia April, IMi, 1 ee'e ere ra tkeaaaad bot laa par lay ef it. Me ehao(? of die tree aeeaeeary; eat the bait yen eaa gat, tad eaeacb ef It Dlrectieec fee aea-Alelta, oaa table apaeafal per 4ar ebd 4rea erer rear*, deeaert epooafal , ahtidraa boa Ire te ?IfV. year*, tea eaeeataL Ae ae direettoae eaa be appU eerie to all eeacttratieae. take eatMteat te operate oe tbe taweie twice a day. Mr Keaaedr ?i"*' ?*w?aal aaeaad eaee la bad eaeei ef aerafala JUnnfaotara4 hp ??aaM geea-SeTT* m Warm *t*^.??rtaTT. Warn FttoeSL frbdoeale e?e?te fa* Mew Terk? Cbaa H. Rtay. >t Wl neaadwar; c T Otlekeacr. Me. 81 fUewlay etrtab; A a. ? D Pern Me 141 'aitaa e treet. Hank A Verthrep. 18 iaetj M.nia A Brea. A Oe, W |JTliSat*eet AHVSBMKHTS. NrBLOis 'g arden.-timk or oflwitoiroeimfriZ l)ooo ojwo it T ; Ovortare to cmsux at TV; cur tiii rtaw at 8 o'clock frwiMlf. mm F>k?ijii), r?iD?r, Jolt*. 185ft. THE PINK AtiD HlltR'SON KNULliH OPERA 0M1 PaNY. BaI.'i's gruni sofrstacle 0(.?ra of ihe DAU?um< of sr mark Catar*ca Mir* Louisa P;m Adclpho Mr. W. a. UmiM aneouL nottol Tickets 50eoo*t I*rirate Bcioa |s Orctoeet ra Seat* ft Box office opto daily, from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M., for m curing Orchestra Seat* and Pr.??tc- Beit' only. TJOWKRY THEATRE. ? PROPRIETOR ANO MANAGER, If L P. Waiotoc, Sun Manager, Robsrt Jones. Crises of adaaiastoa;? Boies, i& ?oti; ^It, l'i^ coats; Orfui*. 12 V, mcU PriTkto Boxes, $&.? Benefit of Mr. M. W. LeffingwsIL Friday, Jalj 6, THE THREE GUARDSMEN. A TREMENDOUS TERRIFiC TRtGEDIAN, THREE JACK 6HKPPARD3. WALLACE'S 1HEATRE ?THIS IMf ABLISHMKSff. the eoolest sad most comfortable plaoo of irnn meat (a the tity, m; bo r?ate4 on the otf night* for concerts, theatrical performances, Jw. Apply at the Bos office, JOHN R. SMITH'S ORiND TOOR OF EUROPE Alt* SIEGE Or SEBAifOPOL, Ar Cntfrawi Aabviiblt Rooms, Mtf Bboadwat, showing ONK HUN HMD risvrtt, fotty !tot wide, Of the principal CITIES AND OBJKCTd OP INTEREST Df KUR9PB Every evening, at 8 o'elook; and ovary Saturday af teinooa, At I. *he nauui T>/ Mr. Alwya FuU, of L5o~ Cob. Admiriag t>oii*o'a n'ghtly test'fy that this Is ths Urgent, moat Interesting sod elegaat entertainment ta New Vor?. lu sue ?u hae been nest wonderful. Aad la order to give families in the viclaity on oppor tunity of a iay exhibition, than will boTSRKE |nU displays on the FOURTH OF JTTLY, one st 11 to the monlng, it 3 in the efteraeaa, tad a<k 8 ia ti-5 craning. Admission tl coats. BUCKLEY 3 SERKKADI.RS FROM BUCKlEf'H BUK leeque O^oxs llou.e, WD Broadway, New Yore with appear laUtica, Monday and Tuesday, J air 3 aad B) la iStracaute, Ju ;/ 4, & aad 0; la Auburn, July 7: aad wilt shortly a pj-eax ia BuHa'.9 ia their Grand Burles^ao 0(?rw. D'LLE RACHEL ?MR RAPHAEL FEI.IX, MAMA M g?r oC tiit Rachel Kieoch I)r*maUe UcmpAoy, 1 ? all G#BI<1 G faaen aa office at Mo. 40 Wall street, where al( comma - nieatioas relative to this enterprise ssast^bs addressed, l'srsonal Appilcstioos cas ho icaio betweoa the hoars o t twelTe aad four. The detailt of taepoi(ora>Aaeea of the illustrious "tragodienaa" ?(U be announced la a few days. REAT ATTRACTION AT TH): CRYSTAL PALACE.? _ the aicaarch uf the Callloroia forest, supposed ta bo the largest tree in the world, has arrirod at this port, from Saa Francisco, sad will be eshibitod ia the Crystd Palaco? the only buildiag la New Torn largo enough to coatain It? oa and after the Fourth of July. This gloat tree has been named ty botaalits tho Washiagtonea gi gantoa. It moasarod, when staading, MS feet bom base to suasmlt. Its greatest diameter U 31 foot at the base, and l&H feet at a distanee of 118 foot from tho roots. No big tr?e ever exhibited, and none of its rate reaaala i ag la California, will compare with this sylraa aaste ioB, or, aa it was called by the CalUoraia Indiana, In thsir language, the mother of the forest. The Crystal Palace ha* been rented at a vait expoase, for this exhi bition, transcends in intorest all the marrels for which CaUfcraia m celebrated. Doors opea from 8 A M. uatil 8 P.M. Admission 26 sent*. M. B ? Hay ward's splendid Quadrille Band will be in attendance. Mr. c. bass ? this dhtinocishkd actor and popular manager is free to accept an eBgageaasat or engagements for th* easuing seasoa. Let tutu ad treated to his event will meet witn immediate atteatioa. CHA.S PAfcSLOE, Theatrical Agent, Burton's Theatre, New York. MR*. WM M. WARD. THK YOUNG AMERICAN actiesM, takes hrr benefit, In BulTalo, to-morrow, eatoiday. July 7, end commences aa engagement fer twelr* b'ghts at the Bowery Theatre, oa Tneaday next, being her tirst appeatanco in New York. TO ETHIOPIAN P* RFORM ICRS.- WANTED, TWO 00?0 Tiol.nists, to travel with a band of mlostreU. Ap ply for two <larn at tho Utah House, corner of Twenty filth street aad Eighth avenue, Mtween 10 and ISo'ciOst. J. H PEH1CE, Theatrical noiici-to managkjis andthepro fassion ger.erally ? Tbe subncriber. egont for seToral leading " stars" and numerous respecU?le mroMrs of tho profession, takes this mo'.liod cf Informing muiagers throughout tho I'nion that he is bow prepared to arrange with them for starring engagements, also to assist then In the formation of their com,aotts for the ensuing faS seasoa. THOS McKKON, Dramatic Agent, box 080 Poet Office, Philadelphia. mo THEATRICAL MANAGERS.? WILL 800M BI" J. ready for negotiation, a new and attracdre dram i, entitled " Harry Asbtoo. or The Will aad the Way," dram a tired from a woik of the above name, by a lady bcw in this city. MEDICAL,. " Dr. vr. OKRAi^omci^ roR thb gPKeiria kMlnwl of pita# ud IImum of th* btrili la MMnI, Ml Foarto a tree t, *nraer of Bmlnr 9<Am mm la. 1, 0 and 8 P. H. Out irnaM, er tntt masrt aat eom moaned. Money returned whan aat aoMa 8*4, tout *Mki after. Intermittent firwt eurvd at aB IdiUmn without injuring the |nml h**Kh U tk? aligtateat dag re*. ProtoeUoa agalnat fatal* ittadki by wlaiil ioif*. R. HUNTER, NO. 3 DIVISION STREET, RS* YORK, M long Mid favorably known to tha paMlc, at; be eoaaalted at bia old eatoOhabed othae, where ha haa praettaod m on* branch of medicine far tha Wat M jnra, and and* mora curaa than any at bar au in tha elty, in many Initnno** or peraoea conaiderea Incurable, aome of which ba kaa parmlaaion to rafar to a a heretefare. CW?i aaoderate. and In nil caaaa a aura guaranteed. Oaatloe.? My ureal remedy, Hunter's rad drop, that euraa certain dlaeaoea without drying Ita poiaon in to* bl*od, *an only b* had aa a bora. I'rlee 91. ChU and gat tha Monitor of Health. DR. COOPER, 14 DITAN* STRKEf, 80 LONO known to th* oltiaana of New Tort aa tha moateoe aaaafnl practitioner tola eouatry a an b*a*t of, ooa tinoea to b* eonaulted at bia aid office, relieving tha an fortunate, and tiring conaolatioa to many aa aohlng baart. N. B.? Dr. C. guarantee a a oara in aU aaaaa aa daitakaa. ? \R. COBUETT, 19 DUANfc STREET, MAT BE 00N I / salted with confidence on aartala dir*u?? , 34 yanra in oca apaotaiity of th* profession, enablee hiaa to gaaraat** permanent euraa. Ilia treatmaat It tba naa aa that practiced by tha great Rlcord, *f Paria. N. B ? Dr. C.'i diploma, aa member of tha N. T. Unireraity, may b* fern at hla elite*. IvT()flN9<)N. 1<1 DI'ANK SMKKEr, Has PKKtK>KM *d mor* cure* than soy other madteal man la New I. Dr. Johneoa's traatmant ia safe and expeditions, h a Bedieinoo oaa be taken without fear of detecttoa. , Charge* moderate, and the money refunded If aatiafao tion la not given. E~ 100 kit B PKACT10K? NOTiCK Of REMOVAL.? TO* aoderelgned, formerly a pnpfl with tha great Mi cord, of Paria, and with tha eoiabratoil surgeons of tola eity, Dra. Oarooeban and Mo*t, inform* the pnbi'.c that he baa removed and permanently eetabi ahed hb oca ealurg and dispensing rcotzta at No. 610 Hroadway, tat the cure of diaeaaea. lie tendera to all eCiwtod peettf re a*euMi->eof reLef, and taoae wbo liar* been abase* by ? "specifies," autidotis, litUa books. ?? d* memory," aad Ma? effaalon* of the numerous medical charlatans of th* day, may raly on having their sate* treated eSe*Uol!y, co matter how coinp'icated tfiey may appear. Hi* ex leodt J observations n the famoae Hospital 4a Mi<il, to Paris, na<"ee t.oord himself, together with the rmaay new and efficient rimed tea o( thia eminent sargeon, reo 'er faiiare Impoaalola It may be mentioned, far th* information of patloats residing in to* eoantry er dla- ' tani ait'ea, that they aan at aay t'.m* eocault tha sah sot I be* by lattar, g.viag a plain eta tenant *f their caa*, when the necessary medic n*a adapted to it wifl be pre pared and sent to them. Keocot oaa*a on red without any delay. Uiargaa qaito uodarat*, and tha meet cut r id information given in every laataaoa Hia treatment of e^niumptioa, aerotala ao4 aervoua Alaeaaaa, la baaed entirely on the modern and Unproved aeteeee of m*di *in?, and bae b?*a eniinentlr aaeaeaafal. Coaaoltattoaa en Fraaoaia. 001 oe boara men 8 to S aad team 6 ta 9. 0. D. HAMMOND, M. D., targaen, Author of M' Ileal Information for the Mtllton, hi., tit , N*. sie Broadway, eppoiUe St. Nicholas HoteL m MARRIED Wo J' AN' APR I V AT E MEDICU. 00* pan'on. By I>t A. M. Mauiieeau. Profeaaor af IX eeaeee of Woman Oo* hundiadth edition (600.000), 18 R>?., pp 2to. On floe papor. eitra binding, II. Kvtry v otran can b?r* tfUcoier. ly aomparlng her own ajirptomi with thoee deaeribtd, the natora, eha racter and cauae of h?r oomplalat and be roared rr noh anxiety aid auffering. The wife about be-omlog a motjier haa o- ten ne*d of ma'.rueUon and aurloa ia raa f*ct to her eituatioe, whirb abe will here lind llioee eutTeiiof fr"m obe'rdctinas or irregulaiitie* peculiar to th* fema'e e^atem, or froai prolapiui ateri i (failinr of the womb), or from Busr aibua, ?lilea-h ^ And In Ita page* the meana of prevention, am*tt*iaU?a aad relief. Eitract of a letter from a gentleman In Dayton. Ohio. Dr. A. M Mauiioeau? Darro*, May 1, ISIT. My Itear Sir- 11 r wifa haa been peroeptibly atnking for one three vaara or mor*, la ooai*q?eaee of great aa tuleh and etiharlog aome month a before aad darlag *ea onem?nt. evtry a jtreeMve oae more and more debtfi tated and pinatraUd her, putting her llf> ia lmaaiaaat dangtr, aad which waa oa tke laet ocsaaUtn deapalred of. I auppoeed that thia atote of thing* waa to*iltak**t aad r?aigr,ti myaelf to aieet the woret I h*ard yenr book highly rpokea of aa eoatolalag aome matter* raaoh lag my caae. Oil It* rtxoipt aad p*raaal I aanaot **? p. eea to you the relief It afforded my diatreeeei mtnd. ?nl th* joy Ha pa?ee lmpart*4 to my wlfeoa lea rata* that the great diascvery of M. M. Beoomeaax provided a remedy. It opened a proeaeot to me which I little eoa oelved waa poMibU. Bat for thie, e?e aaothar year woU'd have paeaed orer my hea-1, in all ho man pr*ba bi'lty my wife would have beea la her grare aaui mf oMl^ren left nolh*r?e*?. Vor eel* by TOUVOKR k TOWNSKND, No. ttt n road way ; Sherman k 0* , Alter Ilea**. No. 1 Veiev etfiet i.e?ltt A Pevenp***, (Tilfcwae Huilr fo?e) aot at too I'nbllah'aa; offloa, Me. 1*9 Ltberty atn-et, New Yee? ? Toeeah Tfcoher. MoMI* ale*. X B Petareoa, No 1M Ch*e<aat etreet, PhllaMphla (>? to* r*ca<pt af |l, a oopy will he treaewrtted by Kail, fee* af o**ta?*, to aay pert af th? tTalt?<l "ta'ee. A>' leHev^ ma'teaal dreaatd, pOkUpi-d, to I?r A M Maar ceas oli'e l?9 Ubertv atroet N?w Twt, or boa n*. 1,6.1* Nee X*\ r?*t 0#?e.

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