Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Temmuz 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Temmuz 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6895. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, JULY 14. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. HEWS FBOK CUBA. -Arrival of the Cteteent City? Oar llmna Co rrrapoadcixr. The bmJI steamship Cretoeut City, Captain Mo 'Ooww, arrived yesterday morning from New Or leans ad Havana. She left the Utter port on the Sth inat. OUK HAVANA COBBKSPONOEMOB. Havana, July 8, 1865. .ZVtio Way of Paying for a D nnvr?A Tragedy in Private Lift and an AiUmpt to Defeat the End a of Jvntict? Death of the G v erne i of Porta Rico- Military Outbreak at Puerto Prin ciy*. ? Html lit of the Island Ttu. Government Bank ? Dtincetia-nrou* Ntxot, tfr., tfc. On tbe 2iit h ultimo a voluit treote-ed %fonda <? atirg boaKr ), at tfte correr o? tne Calie d'Amiatai and Neptu; o, railed for hla dux,**, and having eaten fcearti y, drew a knife or razor from his par * n, ard wished to pay for h" in em by cutting tbe landlord'* throat. Tbe laidlord, unused to such mode of paynirct, caturally r? root atrated, but the voloi'tter refusing to pay any coin tor hla dinner, and being withal extremely abusive, thi landlord giappled with him to put hun one of doors; a gunf' dia civil, uovover, made hi* appearance, and bath patties were arrested. A gentleman, formerly re?:de_t in St. Jago de Cuba, aome time since caught a < ertain alcalde in tbe very act if criminal intercourse wH his rife, and on the inttant stabbed thi b caloe to the heart? an act whico all rcaatnabie men *ould deem per ftct'y joati&aft e. For this, however, ue was sen tenced to sei v? tbrce yews in the ch?la gang. His Cenalg appealed to Spain again*' sbw sentence, and tbe matter was referred to tne R al Audiencia.of this city, to investigate. When this !a:ter tribunal entered opon its duties, the d'SJOve'y was made that several pastes of tbe book on which the record of the trial had been iisciibed, we e torn oat, and any icvestlgation rerdered imp'??it> e. Whether the g?.n tinman will be dischaiged reea ns to be seen. Tbe alcalde, named Htredia y Tt-jada, who waa tent to the I'ir ar del Rio district tj take evidence relative to the recent alleged con?pira y, has been ai pointed Interim Auditor de Uwrra during the forty days' leatoof abseice vthl h :iaa been granted to the siacereiy respected genUemat who bolds that high office, atd wfco, I r* gret to add, is in ill health. During tbe period Senor H-tecMa Tejida wa ? engagtd in tbe duties of hia office in the Pinar del Rio district, he payed the tyratt, i understand, to perfection; imoriacning partiei of respectability ?mocgtt thibvrt), rogues and vagabond*, b? ause tbry (tbe parties) refused to give such evidence as be ccsirei to extract from th-m Tils alcalde is evidently one of G jneral C Jnoha's usefal tools, who of course must be suitably reirarded. Tie govonittnt of this inland bai had erected in this city, urder the eupervision o* the inventor, one of Btshoii's patsnt derricks. A commiuion waa appointed a stcrt time sluoe to teat the capa bilities of tee dtrrick. It swnog ut.d moved to a considerable d stance no leas tha : sixty- five tons. Kvery atuu-i or the commi<i>!ou, except tti <itm-ial of Marine, who bad some pilftfj, personal pique against Mr. BUhop, express their decide i approbation of tbe derrick, and iW talented inven tor baa been amply remunerated la a pecanUry aense for hu i>k)li and labor. H? next oroceed*. 1 learn, to E<*#'and, to erect one or jiore cf ttieae der ricis lor trie Batuih govtrcment. Ktuly on t^e morning of ta? :ii irst. I wtlkcd ouratde the Mor.tserrat gat*, for tne parpotf of U.tni(.g in ihe Iwge frts i w-iter b*f(i thsre situate, w'.ien any atknuun was at r*cud by h larf;e crowd of persons. ( apprnacbed to ate w rat wa-t the matter, when I found it wa* on y toe d'ai body ot aiiifrroiM, ah j Uad been atat)t?ed tae preceding fee. or AnieU, who resides at t,e Carro, a few da>* ago direct* J his white aerr?i t tt Uko taj lo?dmg of powder Md ball ont of o1a puAol*. Tbe peivact ihcupot the anorteat way to do taat would 1m by discharging the pivto;*. Be acordlngly v? Ved into tne jard, ana tired ot? tf the p'aiiola at th?. beard ftrcs. on tbe other auie of wbL'h there wan a negrfs ecg*ged in nursing ner caud. The ball Horn tbe pistol kJled her up <t t.i- -pot. Th( re wih a sb cklnj; rasa of infant clJe at th) Cenoone day !?at week. the jtranlm )iher, aunt *? d Tuotber of tnc newly birn ini? t. ttteraily ac'ing like wild beaau ia destroying it. Torre is Do excuse ft i ; uch acta her'), for at the benltiuecicm tiere i* a "yuien'a credit '' (elmllar to that at ths Foand ing Hoscitalin Paris >, into which tie b*b? m*? b; put. It will b? receivea and kindly tsndco, withou toy ir<iain btug made aa to iU par*ntage,or aa to the party oy wham it waa dejoeit d ! tb>> company of volunteer* of this city, who were dignified with the title of Zraares were inspe -ted ??ii Sunday la*t t>y the sub Inspector or MiltfU, wno directed that tbe/ should give up tietr carbtnea.and receive ordinary mueketi instead. Tata toey retua '?<1 to d<>. The ? reeul; of thia refusal w*e, that t'i? Captain General ordered the company to be dia bonded - The Captain General of Porto Rico ia deal. Vel - low fever ia repnted to prevail at taat Isluad, and there haa been another revolt of tbe aoldiera tnere, caui-ed by tim.lar rcaaona of complaint u those ?Men occasioned tteone a few mo ittnelnce. There ia aaid to have been an outbreak amount the soldiers at Poerto Prtncipe. in tula unand. A battalion of c?/.adore? (sharp ahooic ra; tr/ived froui Ba^ua la Ctar dc (the neareat par; to Paerto Prin cipe) three oajs smc?, In the Spanish war steamer I -eon. He vera! of tie men are sUted to have dew rted, and to have got off tbe inland. I chanced to be at the Unites S'actn consulate a few days ago, wten a Bpiniih ycuaK' 'n-?n entered and expresses a desire to enlist in lb.* lolted State* army. He did not like the Bp>al?h service*. but would glad 1? tifcht under the '? atar* and stripe*.' Ot coarse he waa t Id the xinmlats waa not a recruit ing i (B -e. YeUow fever existe to a drend'ul extent at St. J?godeCub* In tola ci'v, a* yet, we ha?e been spared this direaae during the pre??t.t season, ti any conailerable extent. Wbo can te-l how much longer we nhall be to b eseed ? There in, in gx>d troth, but very llttt e sirkns** snongst u/?, aitbcngb I have hear j aorne "birds of evil '.men" foretelling that before the month is over ?? Yeilow Jack" will lie In " full force" here. The French w*r steamer Acheron arrived on the "2d inat. from *an .Into de Nicaragua: she does not Ining any news of Col. Kinney. We bave had 5ho nnre Asiatics (Chinese) Intro duced an " Iree laborer#. Joel Maris Mora'es, Eiq.. the miaaging partner here of the honve of Drake A Co., Iwued a few d*ys aiiice a circa'ar proooaing tbe eatioiubmont of a mutual iMuratiC eompaoy, for tbe 'tnor*nw> of the lives of alavce. ( pon which M de Kmbil, tba cele brated Spaoiai a.prcant. addresael a letter title ?Ottora of th? Prenna, in wbHb be aaya "the cir colar lesued b> Morales and dlatnbnted among tbe planter*, offsra to it anre tbe llrts of slaves up>n c >nditiooa m< re favorable iban tba** offered by a similar oetnpai y now in the course cf organization. ' M. oe tobil*e ntinuea:? A? yat tho?? r.lHr* are sonswhtt rs?rae *n l ?l({nifr but little, bat 1 thiak It iaiposatM* that Mr. Morsle* thvrou^bl/ rooip'-'hrods tbs lastnioMnt esotsiniaK tbs roadtUoa* ?h'?a lis pretaads to bsvs laiprareloa >saatharsf ibis Mm, aboot aaotaar*qaslly imparut! ?i'i hensBeial to lbs country, 1 bar* ilrsarn up tb? nc o?*?ary doeuir sat f<r th< astablisnmcat of a Hlara lt/r Mntusl lasurtacrCoaipaar, ?n<! m"r? tbsa a r**r p*?t, axrspt tbs t.r? ps**ed in Ma<lrtd, bs? bs?a ?mployod in tskinir tha orc?.??rr uteps for pfurinf ?tr*et ]a?ti's t? all Mr. Mortis* romraeacsd sbost tbs 1st of Job* last After ?Uting that the beard of directors of bla CTmpany hare -be power to lower the ratea on V lldea aa low salt it pjaalble for tbe company projected by Mr. Morelea to do. or aa low aa 'bev ? ffrr to do. and that be will give t'.e sffalra of his company Us oeramal auoerr1al>n. and not confine them toindiff* rent or salaried perrons, M. de. Kmbil continues:? Tha trath 4s, I am tba author of tbe Idea, and tba at t*mpt on tb# fj% n4 another to d^prift mi of it br xuj pri? at yj pr.^mi ng It ta tbs publtJ as bis, altbou?b under a <iff*raet asp- et, It s tpaeiss of plafisritm whirb differs irom Ut-rarj plsflsrltn. aad wbleb air produrs ssarw ootjibla and potltirs sfftcta oaa of wbiei ia, to firs tbs Hsath Wow to tha .pint of a*s>~laUoa, If tt wave easy or possible? to wr?sl rn m tach one thtt which is his w rU -ths laaatt af his It tor sad <np?e i tara. r issui a yoarn, Ac. H. (,? r.MHIL. Mr. Morale 4. of couree, repllee to thla with be otming tplrtt. and a "very pretty qunrrel.M It ptanda," noa fxi?te between the two gentleaa'en. The " Auditor tie Gaerra " ia undentood to have dlsaented to the aentetcee pasae*. by the ?? c maej i de (iuerra" upoa C<titr4 atd th? ethera char?*d with being ooareraea is tha rectwt allege^ <~oaapi fr J- T\e natter M now Mare tfc: " Coutto de Beviaion," the molt it needa not the spirit of pro pbf cy to foretell. The capitalist!) rf this city appear to refnse to in vest their money in tbe contemplated (jova'nraeit bai/k 0/.? of tbom I* ported to bate stated to the Captain General aa a wo# ?i> they so refused was that "tbsy bad no confldet ee in tbe stability of the gov* irm*nr." Pretty plain speaking, that, was it not? Adios. Baufua. Havana, Jnly 8, 1855. The Cat* tf the Two American Seamen , Chauncey iind Winn ? Shameful Inactivity of Our tlorrmmeni inthi Affair ? K'Uate of the Pmrtugwte Seam' m Cmtrniei/ in i! ? I Vhat the Spininrdt Think of U* ?Cnmm-rcial Ad vice), dc , etc. The Cabawbs, last trip to New Orleans, passing ds without notice, we bare been de irivel of Intel igerce of tbe world 'a doings since the lH'-h nit., aid compelled to (ail back, to divert mwiw', upon tbe ateculative dissolution of tbe Ucion, got up by the Marine Journal, and the aggregate police and dismal statistics of twoat; five millions rf people which are poured upon forty thousand Cubtn intellects, for the quiescence of Cuban servluie. Sow, in return for tbtir back hand omplimmts, I beve to notice a discrepancy in Sjanlih justice, which might be deserving the attention of Mr. Marcy or bis chief, if they have leisure, after trim ming their sails to meet tbe small puffs of oliqia favor to which they pander the national himr. T?o American seamen, Chauncey and Winn, tj whom I alluded months since, have Deen over a jear in the royal jail, under tbe charge of baving been engaged in the slave trade. They do no*, deny tbe fact that they came from the coast of AMci in a slaver with negnee on tnari, which were landed in Cuba, but they allege in extsnuation that tbey were ahipped In New York tor a le^al vojape; that on arriving np>n tbe coast, when tbe business of the vessel was made known, they bad to way of returning to their homes out by continu ing with the vessel, and that tbey remoastntel in vain against this infraction of their contra" i and vio'ation of their rights. Tj thi knowledge ot tbe ptisonfTs this government has not yet tak^n tbe iltbt btep for their trial, although the attention ot tbe Captain (General of Cuba has been frequently invited to their case by tbe United Ssataa CjusuI. In connection with this glaring outrage, ami in order to put it in more saucy relief for inaugural atte tition, the regularly shipped Portuguese aiaver teamen who were tsken with th?m hava loag since bten it leased, and two of them, at lea*'., bavj made a voyage to the coast of Africa, and returnei to Cuba with a cargo which has been safety delivered. It is also notorious that s nee Cii.uncsy and Winn have been confl e i, ovar oae handred Jtwer sesD'Pn have been put ia the Tacoo priaoi (Spaa td> at.d Portuguese), and many cf them in tbe fame apartment with the Aaericaaa, and after de ter tion from twenty d*j? to one mcntb, hava baan d'fchargtd without examination, to re urn to tieir v( cation. Many of t^ene sai.ors are upon th ? c ait < f Africa, on their return voyage, or at this rao oiot MiDuUg cargoes upon tbe coa?t cf Cub*. ''<> the 'itquent prajers of Cn?uncey and Wnn the I'at'Al State! Oatdlki ban only kbit to respond with sympathy; tbe au'.horit'c.s ?ind Spanuh e re Jute to act in their btnalt. "because they are .Vn;n can teamen !" May tbe Knoir NitMngi take po* iwMnuot Gen. Picrce, and the anti-Know N. t'nuga fcttcw bis path with inaugural hopes More biting cutcfs c ti'd not be engerdtred by th*< wti'.?e r?a'ts be hia deceiver. While writing, I am re tcJrdfd c-t a recent conversation bssween a ? jot e men wei: km wl ?r the Umv i Bta en nod a di^tta f.ui'htd Spaii lard bne, as to toe exihti-ig reinuons liri^tenjoui govt rnmeut and Bpa n? "bo frteuliy, Mitwitbs'-andbig the many aigre?ilon? which nivn Ufa oomnjitted." Tbe rtpanurd oonrv d ' Tnit rnun te e<- ? 't is cot /or ttie ioterett of tha United S'9'*s'o become irv^lved In war with aoy p >*er, ai d i. uat of all with Spain." Kecond'y, " t oer are **t f'bto o( tbtir weakue>.a, and -te to? overwa Irn lug loxee, military aid m?val, ooooantrated ia 'be ia.tnd of Cub#. rVy itarn the aniolctty ot t >? ihti" mils r Rrariards in tbeir valor m* dewrm'n ?t!on to deltnd Cuba to tbe Nh(; bancs the L'uixi hiutf-K ticria tt more prodent to back dovn." Cii'Cly. -'Thty rend ont htre ont? of ta?if mat vn.ient cauimoiorce, (wh'cb, to Spa^lah ears. m?ans ??aUrw. vho ttarts with a grand tlonrlso or tnm p<-ts tf what into bs done tor tneaggrieve>l na'.i mal oi'Lt r, fcr tbo prctectisa of tbe comtm-r a of the c-ctt/y nrd toe livtsof I n cltizcnH. Lo! hecime ! 's preMBted by the Consul ol bta .onntry, with dm at niuncoment of bM very great lame in bis own lai'U, as A (cmtnojore."' BuU*e<|iiently " he is invi t?d to a cfremonial and ? social dining, and to a oiirely accidental ais ilay of troops, for whici the State coach is put at bla diaooeition . that he may uot ? he lhe lniprethioj* in'.maoJ by tbe review. " Thu caauhity bad bten in prepa-a;ion fir tbe fortnight irtvlcua by inftinctl ;n and cultiva'lou ofthe blick nt>d jellow troops of hnr Catholic Maj'nty -i on?t tofinjr 'he links of affrc'Ion of berCubai subjects. " Alter the interchange of other rivtliVei of like agiteab'e ut.d imp-' quality, the c annJ jre Vi'ut leave, wi Ji tbe terme wei^kin'<f u.ioa his vfcl ant soul that bp Juts betn deputed noon' a Tom fixi' rf errand- ' " Te?,'' cjntltiu*d thj Hptnltrd, ?' tte I'nittd States will keep <iuiet , aid luev will ?fiow their prnden< e by to i< irg. Tn?*y have a con -^rv-itive party of shop krepers acd ? nip owners ?rat are ail powerful, and ?he go 'ornatnt dare n 4 (fl?Ld them. Tbla we now pcileeiiy uaaers'.&nd; b*z,u our immunity, and in p*riuur security: bu'. the main cuum.* i* tu be found in cur actutl rll-ctlva forw to ho d in tb< ck t^eir pretenatona. 6uch are tie tarte of jour eetima'.lon btra. r -e t'.b of July! Ibe flag was soicad to tbe tree winds, a dinner tpreed, eaten with love acd uoSriety, at ? , a ?oee?-h went forth, and sentiment* waie uttered. One enly do I rememb-r " Oir couatrynuu at h'me or abroad -m?t ttev know notmug but tbeir ?>Lntr} ? good." The B.iush ship M ir'Jn Lot icr, McCariy, 1,241 tots, arrived on tbo :iO Ji Jaue. fri.rn Swat it, with .>0 Asiatic coioniatn. Two other ves sels, with the same cargoes, are d ie. Contract value of Asiatics in our mv ket - years servitude, 10 onr res (ilTO. , atd 111 for clothing, oa landing; saiaty |i 'i5 per monii. Sugars have continued in active demand. Slocks la mi-st rt'ju' st small, and the advance of the lue*. two we+k* fully sus'^ineil thl/. Escbaiige? New York, 3^ to 4^ discount: oiherfltlee nrrtb, 3 j to Ij dis. onnt. London, ? premiom. Such a DOHwm tor health in Havana nut within ttie memory of the oldest 1 lhabiun*. The K1 I>orado, from AHpinwall, artivod tie 6th ir?f. Tb# U.S. (loop- ef war l almonth was in s'gtit ft* m the Moro on the 3J and 1th in??. Toe B'.ush st' op Kradlce in sigbt or tbe"?th. Tne stramrr 1st Im-1, Kol.ins. frtm ?bariet-uw. and K*y ?"est, arrived veaterday. at 12 M. Tbe twmir <?r? atrived from New York at 0 A. M O. Thralifl and Kvhihttlmia. Baoafiwar Thia tk? ? lha drama of ' Die*. tba Nawa '?fj which :? ? grrftt 'ftrorlta with thoaa who vialt tlia IVm'way thftatra. la agnonood */aln for tlUa ? w?3 1 a^C ? Mra Ha r nay William* la k*r lalnitabla rapra??nt>t">n >>f f'ick. I bo '-KaeoUctiooa of O'Flanoiiran and ttox I'a'tiM" will ba tba wit placa? Mr. WillU?"aa Pbalm <> Hanniaar Iha drama of tba "Hattla of liua?ar H'Lf Will ' onclud* til* amuaamwata-Kbaaarar " I' .no I r.a by Mr William- and Uddy Jlnbo by Mr?. WilUftma, ?l'h tba ?on(f of "Rabbla* Around " ftf w?kt TuMTU.? T?o??rf i;'*<d t Ift^aa ara anmunr ? (or tlaia tfaniDg. Iba flr?t la tba drama a' Uie tit i ?n Swtid"? Mr. f*. R. fioodall aa hataraa Tb* baa'-i i'ii'. play of tba " Cora Iran Rr.thera" will ejaelnda toa amuaamanu? Mr W. II. Oo?ltll aa <h?taau Itaaaud. Tl.a rharaetara of I/>uia and f'abian la Prancbl > 111 ba ? uta'oad by a ?ary >-i???r acti?an, \fra. W w?r 1. who ? a ir?at farorita witb tba fra<|uantar> of thia tbfatra. NiiiIjo ? (jA?|iU ? llalfa'a b?? itiful upweUel* npara eallad 'ba "I aojhtar of At. Mai ft'' 1a aiaouDrnl lor tba ln?t tim? It la *<-arc?lj naeaaaary to ht mat thoaa who Tiait Nlblo'n will a?,oy ? rich trwut. Iliaa I. Pyna. In whatarar tlarttlft <u? tnayapyaar, uc*rtain ftlaftja t<i nog her Tolr with roeftl ?ei?ara, and bar action i* *v?rjr way fr*ealal. i*b" will ba aidad by g ?cl vocal - Ufa ? Uraari. tlairiaun, Horiam, Holmio, IFora '.aa.i* ana Rta. Wooti'a llijrwniif a.? liila band >*>iittatiaa o a pi? patoua <ai?ar. owing to tba ??>!?> mannaaiaot o! Mr. H??rv Wotxi. To ruffbt ?" Dark l>?da'' and aagro ma fttirlay nf ararv Miaraetar. Mr Wood haft hit nw* ball in ? forward .Vata It will l? rarjr lar*a, aad taatafolly arrar gad IB aaary <e(,?rtn>?nt. Hi* comptsy will plat thai* 10 f-'aptamhir. Awarrra D*?*a ? Tha Youa? Maa'a Pramati' A-wia txn gara lhair racoad parfurmaarw at tba Krooalyn Mu??um on Ihoradav a??ulog laat. and it w*? crowd# l with >a highly raapa. labia and fft*hi'<aabla an audlaaea aa ?raa tv? r ?*a?mblad la anr th?atra in thia '?it*. Tha V.l?r*a rapraaaatad wara -chular auajaif of " tba Rnfc ?nd ft oaw farca rft'lwl - .IB IrA Jtralftfa?." Maaari. llam. t' o, Mr'tilf, MuncaJf ftnl < bnr?o dla platad ?raa? draviftti' afciMy la tba trrifadf, aad Mr. an'' Mra ? unnary craatad rt-ara of laugbtar ia t/i? ^ar?a. Mlaa Oajnor'a eonfwpHrnof tha rkarft/ tar of V->n wm Ttrf 'f>rr??t, and a.r.'ad n jab ftpplaua# V?t?ra W ba'ftn. Ubn ai l Maud wara ftla > anorh ap- > i'a*t Wa oaaar wltaaaawd an ftmatasr parfrrmaon wh 'U (?ta anefc dacliad aatlaffteVoa THE PROHIBITORY LIQUOR LAW. T?* Cane* In the Court of Apeclal Irwloni. Hrfore Keaorder Smith. Alter tbe hear, a* of varioua ??t(j caaea yesterday mcramg, In the Court of tfpeeUI Sensiona, the mm of Mr. Tboma* Uowii, charged with TioUtlog the Main* liquor law, ?u called. DtiW B Taj lor appeared for the accused, and stated that tba brand/ vai imported. Mr. T. K Tomlinson, who * ax aaaociatad with lb. T., admitted the name, hut -tated that the ptoof that it *<l act lmpor ed mu*t be ehown by the prosecution; thejr tbnefure cechatd briagiag forward their witnaaaM oa I tbi* point and submitted the cane with r imply the evi dt r>ce of Majy Mai tin. Mt ry Martin wan called to the ataad? I pure haled liquor of Mr. Dowd it waa brandy; I can't tell how much 1 got ; I drank a great ileal; he keepa in Ktfcabeth ? tteet; 1 can't tell if it w?a Imported brand/; 1 had been dtunk before that time; 1 have been drunk acveral tlwea. Mr. Tomliaaoa Ik/ n briefly addrMMd the court, roak'ne the single point, that imported liquor* were not prohibited by the law. Mr Ik/ lor agreed with Mr. loin t kinson. and huncaO hi* point a to tbe Recorder without aivument The Keccrjer reserved hie decision. I lie rase ofCinilea K. Hill va. C K Smith waa aext called. ? oicntl Verier appeared for the proMcntion, and Mr. H Morrison for the defendant. In opening the ea*e Colonel Hevier aeid that be would admit, for the purpose ol expediting muter* , that Ui? liquor sold by the defendant wan Imported liquor. Mr Moirisoa tirat aadretmtu rim court, reading liia points tf law, (iame aa taken hefue Judge liirdaall in lb* Marine Court,) without an; attempt to argue them Ilia main point waa that Ui? (iene'a 1 Sean in* ha i ni juiitcittun inthii matter. Hlf uext point wa* tint the I'rob'hitirr law waa nocuustitut onal. because of IU ae'/ure anil sacrifice of property. Kecorner ? Yon will give me a copy of your |Ointa, Mr. Mornacn, and 1 ahall examine every point in the caee with gieat cure. Col. favier next addreeeed the court, aauog that he would occupy but a fear momeni* of Ita lime lhe point* raiaed I / the opiHiaicg council were ao simple that lie couto nay uothiug to make It more plain to the xenss of the Coi'it. He contended that the oecliion of Judge Marshall, in 12 Wlieaton waa good; that the privily* 01' importing carried with it, aa e, n?c?'*aar/ incident, tbe rignt to anil audi importation-! in whatevrr quantities sgrteaole to the citi/en. Altiongh I am Here on the I part of the proaecution, yet 1 am not accountable for tbe blondeis of tbe I?,(ialature. Toe intention of the l egislature, to my mini', la clear. 1 have no doubt tb<-y Intended to prohibit the uae of liquor altogether; | but in carrying out their object ther have committed *o many inor. atrocities that we ar* compelled to throw the law overboard altogether. Tee Court ieserve-1 it* de ciaion till Tuesday next. Arrtata for lntoxit aMoa Yeattrda) There were twenty eaves case* of arreat for intoxica tion jeateriay. Nearly all of the utfortuca'.es, ai usual, were committee to priron in default of paying the fire imposed by law. Nothing ot intercut ciarae teriztd the proceedings of the police court*. No com plaint* Hera made agatist the liquor dealer*, nor have at./ wai*anli been ssued lor their apprehension, t he magistrate* pre'eriirg to await the reaull of i-mitir* caee, In the Court ol ,->p?-rtal Sesaiona, bel'ure they talc ary deciceo atepe in the matter Tbe number or ; rinou eis at euch police court waa alike giving ea-h ni tgla trate an i>|aal share of tbe labor, wh cb ia real y greater than most people imagine. 'I'he I.4H in Brooklyn. Tbe examination of the parties brought bifore Justice I). K. ."at ith on Wedniaday, for atillug liquor, wa* re aumed y?at?rfay. The ulit e* cf tb* defeoJanti are:? Iluf h Kitipatrlr.k, I.uke O'Rlley, K Igar Morri-ion, Jobn Nugent, John Flanagan and Thomas LjucU Uieuiotiia made by counetl for Cefendanta. to admit them to bail lor beloie the Court of (general t-eaatooa, wea de Died by the Justice, on tbe ground tbat it taaa the evi cent* of toe legislature that perat n< arrest id under tbls law should be Iried no-' disposed of before < ourtsof f-je jl?l .?*??! I ?e*. In supjori o( bis views be cited the Mo section ot the act t outael lor defendants tnen dim-iaded a jury trial in each case, and the examination aa- tberaup-jn furthar Mi'jouri w until tbe lutn mat. 'llic Law lu \IIUliinul)ur|(. Ueior* JuNticr t'emu J 1. 4 J'rr.plr O'lainti Jokn Krry, charriMt v i'h . /in.; lu/v r to a minor ? >'r>0llp Haiufllon l.? j . ?pp??r- l for tha defendant, noil D0>?! that the ea?e b* refcrr* I to tb* Court <?( Gatitial aa alone. Tba Jua'.io* o?oi? U tli? loot.ou, atd U. a c?ao*i>l ui J* tlcVptlbBI 'JLe c< uoicl then mo?*d tint th* caa* In" ?'V"i r-J"l t > UOLI DJ lirl'.. a* b" ??? IJOl J.rt,/hinl to #0 ou Kith *."? cafe at the I'tMrct time W. II. (;?!?. K?<| . appeared 'i r thi jw?up'*, m i argue' U>a t :b? r>-f v. a . no n. r> *fi'y nf jit *'ponl'i< 'he matter but out of rnuitn-y he would no*. ohj*c? aga.nat poat j.O'-inir It to Morday Ih? luaii** tnea atatad aa it w*? Hi* fir*' ?-??*, an-1 be wlrt i ! he de/t ndaut to have all ; he c pport > i to deftnu b.maelf, lie would poet po?* the matter un' 1 Mon^?? Btxr, at 11 o'clock '1 La CO* ?>' then aojourued nntll tint t Hit \ writ of rrplaiin we* r*iicJ u^ou officer Utralaad, of tbe t-iath diatiict pi lie*, )*fUir?y, circctlug lum ' > |fi?? up tb* liunc r* b* had 1 tl/ed from Jabn Kn-j fn* t..,uoi? wi re a. cording!/ girto up to ttaacuatodj of tfc* i-b'ilfT. iMrrratlnR Tttal it Alliaaiy. 1 1IK I.AMiOS LIQt'CK CAM. [Worn tb* Aioaay AtU*, Julr lo 1 The court Daring con??pej. It *u annouu * I th?t Mr., 'be . onr.Mil for tbe pioae-ution, did nol propcae to preaa hi* application for l?ar* to lile a new con.plaitt . tb* Jcl?D<lac.t. Jurt ie Ct la waa pro cecals* lo tb? daiaLiant, wh?u Ur i'orter ap piiied bfru that Mr. I.aftdon did no', coneut to be tr.eil by a Court of social .Saaalna, but c'?i.aad the r rlr. to , |ii? bail let bit appear ant- at tb" Ml ( NMt ? ioria, or such other eouit tiarlrg .rimiaal juriadlrt on , a tbe .1 ii# tire kbould designate, to aoaair to an y in dlctici'Lt that might t* prefrrraj agonal bin II* aia'ad that lb* < eftuiaui was t-ulj I . ?iibr ioio a re rOf iii uc?, With Itifllc.eot M:r*U??, n ? ico amount aa tte Justice aboil Id <".e'^ rtn.i.t . Mr. Wert?r, in bi-balf of the conptaiMot, d?me<i tb* rightcf tre i tfeo'tant tub* aioilttid to ???it^ tbat ? lie ar' r?<|'nred the mijia'ra'* to try tb* can**, and i prei Isded hlcu from aeiidu -? u tb anxtber uul lie e aim* iJ that tht r* ?aa no authority foraucb a proceal toe. Mr. Pcrt?r clt*<1 tba re;?nt <?*?* .a N*? York wb?r* tbat tout aw bad b*rn Dur?uen. an<! re erred ta? t>>ur' to tba fil'b aactKB of tu* I'robltitory 'aw, wtiicb pr.?Tlde? : 'hat lb* tflWt before whurn tbe romp'.aiot I# maite n " auU>ori*e?) and r*<ju're'J" not ni'reljr (o hold court* for tb* trial of " mplalnt? but al?> ? to do afl o'b?r a-.t?, j and (tercia* the nam* autbotity that raar !>? Oone or eiercU *<1 by ju?tlc?* of tb* tnn In rrmilnaJ ca??? Ha r*f*rr*0 to tti* >? rired atatutea lo abow that one of vi.e powera thua cualerrcd upon "he ni^dlita, aa 1 on? of | the dutira tbua mpoac upon h n. b\ law >a< if tba | aceuaed ao eleeteo, to bold hnn u> bail to acivci t-J an I :.i<!i?iment for tbe offi oce tb >r?* at 'In out ' ourt or !<?aatona baviag criminal jumdtetioo. 11a tlaim><l tbtt the lap. uair" or ine lifts Miction *i* cl?ar and upli- t, the -rant of power to t ? ma lNtrat* ? *? bto? t ?nl >on prabenalre. tb* rl/h'a of tlje acc i?e.| were a?< nr?1 by the b|<alatl<* mandata to h* ua(t*'rate eajoloin ? t ufon bini It.* eierci.'e of tb* po? r an ma ferr? I. and lb* dtfaiKlant could only t* d*pm* l of hi* prirtl*<* liy >bt refiatal of tb* ma.'iitrate U> obey that ro aia**. 11* con mtri'e'i up<n the >ap? tl** pre* n(or.a of ?h* tatutca, and of tne rrohibttorjr law an t *B0W"1 that it tba act waa to t>? coaatrn'd aa rlaime. '>j tb* ro'in") Ur tb* pioaecutlon, it waa in plain conflict wilh t he cunt Ututiun. It -leprired him of tbe r <bl, at bia ?i*ctfo?. to be triad accord n - to tha co?r?e of faai mi s law. by a < ourt of Record, and a jury of twelve of bia peer*. It intr-'.ad ;m iaferior tribunal w'tb p.iwwr to c< o*irt him a* a er'.niinal without the >je.,?1t of 'ha raletuarda w icb, m <, rd.narjr <:?-?? fbe !a? in,?rp'<??i Icr th* protactirn ef the clt n .?t???n thi i**d ? *nd the acctit-r It ?ubfe.-u<i b.m to d*(riTai|?n o' hla liberty, ano to an inttornunou* eoarietinn " wi;hi jt du* pr? < t -a of law. It diatmrfti ?1>"?I lilm froaa alt otb?ra thar|*4 aa ctluiicaia, wli*u tbe t*r/ wr'in ua .?r 'ia cuanot ar. w? tba inteat to p!a-? bun < ri 'oe tain* foot in? with other part?'? barged wi'b rlclatl/n of en an nail law a No mult cooatruitua ciuld b* upbel I wa* in dn?ft eoBfllet wit), tb* plala Uag ia?* >( tn action ato if atlt.p'ad, lavolrtd tbe ar? !ity ? a | tct. Tbe defeB'jaat iaa./itcl u^-.a bia r ri.". a-c ? ? tba law on wlueh th* accuaatioa - baaad. If it *?<??> i uaed for cr.nri fion, it abouil b* e.|o?liy afl ? " . wl*n in?ok. ! for bi* prvtaction. Tb* earn- ? wblfh cghUti juriadieti' a op a tfce nafi tratf r? 'jOijea btra to enerriae the <*ate pa?"ra and aatbo r.ty aa .a other cnmiaal 'a, en. \n?'iv tbe** ia tba pa.wtr to bold tb* a' U?' l to hail. Tl a' ban L? Ma i oftarr. Ill* appl ra'lon ia air ,'u l^rnart e >-. laj.ily bai'anlec Aad yat It may ao' ti* rrao'ed io m* th reati lal* of tb< law >?*?* plain io ye i It m*y a?*?i otharwlaa, aad if you ao hold we mnirt acijrix' nth' (fe'itSon. The laarne.! rotin??l, tow??er, will e> Icr aayinr that It aeama to ba a trinir* aa'.-ialy "<n aa'.tac. with thla proaacutloa, that n'." , fo- th' -? ad !Ikc ia a aait for tba *aforcetn*at of Mi* law, be ?a ?trained to ifaota it* plaic proalalora ah* a la? ? - J for tba i>rr'*etlon of tb* rigbta of the a t*4. Mr Warner iBaiated, la Uhalf c-f ?ba 'Cni'a i n' that lb* fifth aaafioa of tha act |ar* the ma jlatra' * jew to try lb* i*.?f*n<!aB? aril anada It f..a tty t< irj hiaa ?pettily Tb* Court waa not h^ ad t?i ri' ld t;.e r ? -??r to tail, fiteh a preceding wt ul<S in'tlr* .e ay, aad might be the meaaa of defeat r.g tb* aada o' oat>? T b? 'iw roatamplataa a trial h*r< aad not on. , waa ao indictin?at ae?*?-ary, aad ao tr %) by a jury o' twe.r*. but ao a itK'aaCoe w aa aereaaa 'J e- en .a tba < ourt of pfrsal Se aioa' Tb* <laciaii.a a N?w V or* Uvl ao appJlcatioa, for tha co-jrt n tbat raa* n*d Wy I a aabaao-.tnt atatul* teea e*;r ? of tb* poeer of an?mociag a ?u ry, aad c?mn lao*.:- ee-iii *?'. try r iff under thi* act nnl tb* ejey e la t^at aaaa ?f Uief?w?rto b- Id U t>* ; waa t) -'fare no pre^-'erit for tb* iiu'lt* of a m ar (?a*r l.*~ (fa 4 oted 'hat be eltbar now or It 1'.* '*ea r dl^-uarlwa l|| t*y tba r r a?i#t< a a of tba I rwfci binary -a w Waa ? ba a*?w ' I* i mad waa tbat tM ; aat. a 1^4 p I w*r ?* try ? ba fa 'eudant, bat iMttl mm p*w** ia (atbar 'Xtaa aai ? ????? to hold to hail. WW ha claimed la tha dNcue sk>n of (be suttieieocy of tha complaint ?u thai the aafeodsnt wee not the party to object if the cempa at *>? insufficient. . , .. Mr. I'orter enld he so understood tha omuW la tua former c lecussion The defendant then insisted the'. the Court had failed to acquit* jurisdiction, tne cistpla'n' not being fa conformity with the provision* of toe act. Tha eleventh taction provide# that "the complaint shall ?tate the fscts and eiioumetaneee" oa wh ea the oellsr of the locuxr it founded We claimed tbet the oorn plaint shoo Id have etatad facte, aad not mere rumor* of lacts, as the loundntion of hie belief. Die complainant m?ieiv h tat ad that he b?H*Ted the defendant htd vio lated the law, aod believed eo because lie had been ?o informed. We produced tlirte reported areislone of toe ^uprtnyCourt ttiii ft judicial construction been given to a precisely elm'lar provision in a previous Th* 8uprtin? Court utci^M that the party awntrlnic to hie belief mutt sup port It by Neta and circumstances withio his >>wn knowledge, and ibat mere information was not suili cltul i u the foundation of belief. Our objection w<? overruled thii Court not cincturing with the Supreme Court, but holding tha* information ?? sufticiauv. Hut tha co'unM'i diJUred fruni both of us, hold'ug that it **i Immaterial eo far a., the defendant ?r< concern*!, wbetCer ihe warrant was in conformity with the auction or not Ho, upon the question no* under dlac.uiaion, I unoeratand him to Ignore another provision of the act. He claims that thi* Court hs* power U) try the de/*n daot li be ao electa, and whether he sj electa or nut. Ou the tiret branch of hla proposition ws arc sgrwl on the second at vailanoa. Wbeie the accused ao elect, the power I* clear. But, tha earns section, with e<|ut) cleer Kiean, gites the tu*#i*lra*e power, If the defendant *i? elect, to hold him to bell 1'hl* la the portion of th? ?ee tion which or learned friend Ignores f ie two alauaei are in harnmuy, and both equally operative. True, in the clause giving power to try, the .luatloe I enjoined to try apeedily. l'he earn" injunction la ooniaiued in the revKeu statulea si 10 complit>iils for olher Crimea triable by Courla of Hpecaf .?"easiont Hot, there a? here, tt In coupled with the general power to hold to b?l\ end it la for the acr uaed 10 .lecl wuether na will give hall or avail hiaeelf ol tha righl to a 'p?? ly trial la { tie Court of j-'eesion* The decision in Sew York, re'er | red to bv tie coun.-el, hm more lorje a* a precedent 1 thun he ia willing to concede. Mlietbef that court had I the power to try wee a mooted ?(oration But no ;ouht I waa entertained' of Ita right to Be Id to bail. Tua' rtrlit waa exercised iin-'er the bth section of the h I lh? tame language wfciih Invented th;?t court with the power j to hold to bad, ido;b** thl< court with the no? power. ! We cmin it* exercise a^ a legal light . Mr Justice t ole reluaed the application, and held that be lied the right, unoer the liltn eecMoo of tha act. to try the delentlnut, aad wae not hound to r?oel?e Itail for li? appearance to anawer Hie mdlct'naot TVe w?rr*ot of Mr?n* ww, then i?ad, and the de ftn(<aut luUrpoecd hit pl-a Ihe vmlre which ha i oeen previouely iaa ued coouit'ot-ally, vr?? then return* 1. Hie count"! for tba defendant, for the purpoie "I r*i* log one <>t Cie cona'l .utlooal qnaetloua lurulred , than I movtd to ?et anlie the venire, nod that a new vamre ia- J ?ue, cn the gio iudthit a aufllelent ?nmbsr of jurora wnt | not r lr?cled to be autuirnned; tbnt th? venire onlem plated a trial hy ejutyuf an ia?t?ud of a jury of twelve, the <?ef??d?nt claiming 'bat be it en'.itlad to a trml hy ; a iuty cf taelv* men. The Court h?ld that ae the law waa ail* nt ae to the uuni'itr <>r jurora, tne defendant war uot entitled to a ju?y of .?elv?. bul w?a limited to >'X, the number pr?e:n?ed hy the I'.evi?e't Kta'.uten I (or ttie tilal of other mii?einc*aorn in Courts of ripwitl I H?'Kl('na. I llie panel of jmora w?e then culled. The connael for j I Ibe i e-i iinant tui-n Interp i?-xl a written challenge 10 tua 1 array Icr priucieal c.a u ae A'ter noma consultation Mr. ' W?roer aug^veted that it eoulil b? desirable to adjourn ' st thie time, as ,t would ha neoexaary to make ? tTje ? j eiam<r>ktion befoie determining whelner to jolo issue or J demur tt toe challenge I 1 he < ouit tfcen adjourned to meet on r'rlday morning | I et the Major'e couit room. tin Kricay morning the court met at 10 o'clock Mr Werm r presented en enawer to the cli?ii*n<e hi see ?t aterdsy by Mr. I'orter t<> the venire, aud demo 1 , the alietaliona aei forth. tur. I'orier nm*rk?dthet he pieeumej that w*a ondi latood that ,xcrptioiie ware laaan to the d?ci*lona nliealv had from the court. Vr V. then cail'd ou II U Whalen, police constable, ? ho v a? "worn sod t*-Hfl'd aa to tne menaer ot e*ecu ting tbe verire. llurtng his e x an. t nation a? alate.l ib%t re ifvions1 d "> two ae let eor.l. tua -the \ioany lHviaion of Ti-,ua of Trniperanee snu the Uoul Templtra. Itu'. nrne of ibe jurora to hla knowle-lg- were m?u>t>?r< uf , tenip* ranee i< c. etl*e ^iism lial lawo? M a ?ra. t-flir right anil Ida. w?l' had b*eu IJ \je obligat e ns ol sarieey tsken bv it-1 meis'iare J ( A 1 i'o not knoa that I ba-.e ? r?Ut to state the ol>- i ! !<gat:ora that 1 have rnteied m o. I aaclme enawar>o< 1 that 'ineaV.on. Tbira are no ostha?tnty are marely pl?.'(e.. g. Will aoo state what tfc?se plat'ge* ate I wt i nit, unlrrs tie Court 'ieys t must. Irs (.Obit feiH'ea tbat the w>lae?swaa n<>l bo ml to atale wbat tiJOi" p'e gea wele Ttnacx ?u?i w>s ? vcepUd to, ?? were otUi r i ,|u?nt on?? of a nn-llar nature IfliliitM roi iw\ *<S ! ho f ifif ?*rt,t'on "wi'U Mf. ? V<l''tir , ffompi?l??nt) regsmlog tbe aummouitif if vhe ?-tv it wae ?>v lut. atioo to euomoa an uupattal ! W- ? a . ")>e t .anilnatUm of Mr Whalen wsa lengthy aad the ?' ng >ie tbe maieii mi parte o' I J. II i nieui i wore- I til, one of ISa iutors sammoned | r iliiacese never coutriau en to thefunt raiaed br I j st e Carson league 1 psv. p.-omlfd au-h contribution! ! bate ngt.?d a irloted olllgatio'. fjr tbat piirtxve ?i>rm I the 'Ubetance of ihe ojt'ga'iun la thit the contr -oeliona are to be ievoted to an enforrein*! t of the prohlb'tory law bave a< t been engaged ia any odlzUI cepaclfy by I any i r e to t!o a?? tniorr ut.'.er the prohibitory U?, ncep' rg to serve it?e cent o thin ca? | ij KB. Biiiiga awom Waa on< of She jurora n.t a utOiber ot th. I aracn l?egu?. J.aeih I ladeeli aeolo? Waa n..t a mem'jer tf l,*?raoit I ee|ue Tfce eiamlnstlon of jurors h're cleeed, end ibs ciurt drrlded tbat no cause had been abown why the ventre ' ilit nld be eel ai*U*. [ Mr. i'oilsr ?*(?pted from the decltloo The t out t (Dir. prrcee<led to draw the jury a* !'? II 'W, Barjatnie Marah, John Hurt, John U. < hisin I'.liUirl B I'ngge Jihr Mesd I.. M "Ouitrlght. Tie Coutt - Have ?ou any objection to the jury ' Mr i orter.? In tbe caee of M* ( hum we o'.ieo *.vl I | uiiae It uiU cot '.e Insiattd upon Uat tie la s pro p?r juri r. By cf.n?> nt Mr. I 'Mam waa e?cnae<l, aod Mr. Jamas Milwsin wsa dtaen in ma ate ad Mr. I otter challenged I r. Ilngga, for prim ipai csiiae Dr B on hein^ aworn, atsle-l n? ta<l fortae-i aJ <pi tuna raxsrclt g thia ease. Ihe cb?Jlen?e lor priacipal cau?e waa than with dlawp, aud <l.e juror waa eosllangeC for levur Marefc and Mi;w*ln were aeorn aa trlera I r. Prlrge waa than eiammed unier ?ath il- h*?l read ihe affidavits of Johurou and llaatinga, ind tialler ?<l tbe 'aria ?? which tbey had teatlOed. Mi. Wein. r m-iated that l>t. Hi.gga wsa a cnmpelent juror. Mi. Porta r sigued at length that he wsa a<d in,>e t? nt, Ibe triers decided that f)r Brlgg< wsa Inconpe'ect tluon 'A Allan wsa tbeu drawn and peremptorily el allenred bjr >'r. i'orter. ll'teaaO Wsn'.s waa ee?tdrtwnan> peeemptor y >alleoga l bv tbe proaei attore Mr. I'orter danied tbe rigiit of tbe protection Uj > eballange perempUirily. Mr Warier withdiew hie challmge "ll>e toll&Wi eg jnrt<ra were tb?n worn -Hat .ra n Manb. .leu e? Hilealn, John ?'ead, Tborna* <?. Aea'Sa Joi n Hurl K M. Cottrtr'gM. Ite court tban sdjoortia l to -1 o'ciO'i !' M 0|fiatloti of thr l.iw In Otlias Pari* of ilir Malr WV hrar of but ??rjt taw arra*'* In 'ha Interior kitbar lb# law >* ?? r- tally i bwrrnl or taer* It rt#!io'iu?i?c? in il? a nlr ic?ii.?Dt. In < flanaburr a ifnrla n mail wa- *rr?*'? <m tb* ?lb, who MM to jali until *?t>?r aooufb to n? at a ro I nail, wb?n ?? iwir- h? ff(?-jp?<l bU li^u# r m < -n* > ft. In 4?faoJt n1 In aollftra 1,? w*? artit 10 ? (or '4a ?J1 taot brr niftn wa* ant'lad u an nl/^un ? ?.??mo <<a tba ;>tV (?r b* if (look II* aw or* tint w ft v iuia?l tfc?- i '|U or *r*tioua to tba 4lli. an4 dr?ai It In h'a < wa II- ?n Un*l tan collar* In tb? ?*??? B*l|l>l?rb' (id ? roan too* horoa > t/irral of ahl-or ? hnk ha nit ia lna ?*?mo ore tilrnt lo tla m 'Ktn/ ba foood lha Ixinf but ai?<l tb* barral ?oipt;. A a to* *?? in tb* bftbit ??? abtiaiac bilti'mkaaiMi ran. it j la ? aPWtaae that altaaiacuWu lha wr .t of '<)a??r uet'on UimN. In I t..t< ntilla. M'>av iwnil/, tb* H'kig -i;i "II a pulrbit* ly U.jBOT law >* atrtr'Jy aftaat**; .. lis a ? illaga *01 jateiaily. -a f?r ft' wa ar* apart t?l It a rt.nfilM BlUl tb.-uukbotil tka (awl) W* b?*? a t Mae ? droal?a man aia?? tb* ad la Corning tlaaui cooaly, ** w? *?ra fr ??. tb* JohtnnJ, ? pub m**>:nf, eo?p? of tha rae>' -itl'i ? atlkl rlVl>?o? of tbftt plfa. w?a h*!4 OB |? ft*T ?rra U>f at III I ir? na ,o lioita*, toai l>aa?* roaffftt' 1ft t ?n* a ti'l tak>- miaar?? to iboio>(bly aafor* tb* M?.n? la* Ma j or Plaid, tba aa'lird, pftalail, a.*! aipr*>**| aw | r?t?imin?tt <a t? rbay th* U* aUtttl / ! ?"*! *at ?p. *<?[,? a ?'f? aa/* ia njjr-f'. lt? la* Ij/ aaft'or Innnan I' I) < oRi tora ta<- otb*r> ??1 i? .Uoa* aara at aa>n.oua>y paaaaj V/ ui?p <fl tb* .aw, ?? <?' ahal i I*. mm j. In C*san'a>ftia ixorilii( to tb? tha bar* of all lha bote. a an! >al? ? ??ra ?-.<>*??) ? Holla ? liiUlllcnir, ftkKMT oi iirn rntaviP Fe> ? b?.y?, aaryiag la ag* from 11 lo 14 ?'?*ra, wara l*k*a lata eurUtfjr oa Tbur*d*f n fbt. ?*?. ; l at.b l anri *nt*v*'l tb* eat a of a ??.??! lyla? at 1 k? lot,' of l.o?ai a* uf *tf*al aa>! ?t?a''t.* *r? ai t/>* ' *p'a >. a ? aa*t ??IVO Wbi ? < ?f U?* joo'b* ??Bt ?<* Ixaat I to* '? ??l aa<l aa*of?<1 lb a b?a?tj, tka wtftara l?pt a h?o*?ai, aa<l tka rvbbrrj b? ag *??**?fi, ly ft^' ?B| . (?? !, a.U I' ur *t*ria<t off t* tfta a?*'*at gro'*rf ?t?r? aa : t tk? ap?.in. So?? hi tb* ato??n Wft. ??-<??? ra. j o - 1 ,ca Wao4 roaiBi.itaiS tiaaa?< mad for ' aft" aat oa llli?T op M *?>ftl?citj.l?. At *a a*rlf k'-nr jaa!#r<ay a^araiat f ap'aia I a it*, ef tb* :-*r?Blb Wild polka al'A * }? atoaaa af ra^ aa ? I b<* r<rr.aiftt>< n.ft' a ft iV ant ?p*>s ha p-?a aaa >? IX Watar atraat, ftad a/raata-d *J Ik* ???*'?, bata . ?a? axt mil, dwa.'.af Wiarai Tbay ?*?* ? J ? ? ?*ya^ to toa Tb r*i ^utr.a| ? wa 'a?rt y*at*r ta; at*r ? 8f abaraJafU'a *?/ liatnta^'Ji v.?U pa-t"* ?' tba pr ataar*. bat *aat a a aabar af ti* v aaa v? iwMbwail ? ftft&ar ? * tafaat Mt PmiM Accident ?( Camp Wsrth, A WOMAN AfcD CHILD tUUT ?r THE NATIONAL CCAABS? UICBN OK Td? At V MKT II HMIMMPT lO TBI CITT TO DAY. A nott ceplorAb'-A Acciden' oeenrml yeata rday mom 1?K, About Ui o'clock, At Camp Worth, maat KiagttoA, where tbA National Gnar<t? A'? bow encAmpAd. Tb* rfglm'nt wa? cal'id as' (o- dr I, aa! Bring practice, And of counts the numbara cm U?A iTOund to witaaa* tb? ?ilubitioa waa rary greet. Immediately in fmit of the 11 da a mnUi of liliH, frtenda ah<1 ra latirea of tk? mwlwn wArA fuinlabed w.ih eaa'.a, to bAfe A batter WeW of the firing, And All paaaed oil phut aautiy until ihtj bvgan to Are by battalion, when tbA cry WAA raired ? "A wouiaa ahc t 1? A woman abot !" whereupon a iiuh waa uiAd* to a part of tbA Maid where A *onu waa tt?o to fnlL Kb* ralaed benelf to bar feat, when, to the horror of All preaent, i pun< infant wai found In bar anna, wousded In the h??d by u bullet an l ita blood aud brain* arattrr*d over the (?c a An I |i?rwn of tha notbrr? hi ?he afUrwardi piored to b?. Tba greateat eisltemeat en?UAd. and the fain ilea pre oant manlfaeteil tha utuicat feeling for tb? un>oriunate netbar, nod w-ra profuta in their ofT-ia of A?AiatAuoA, and ro aflArted ware many of them that they aha 1 t??r? The woum'td motiier and child ?f ra taaen to A tant anl a i toe tor aaot lor. It waa found the wuuu 1 waa cauaad I t a bullat which had Ilrat atruck tha brea.t of tha mother, paaiiug through tha mamltlaiy gland*, than entering tha fiontAl lobe ot tba child a head and paoiog out At tin* top and a^ain woundlr : tba mot'ier by break i acr tba bone ol liar Arm. Nor waa tha courae of tba l-all bats stopped, for it atiurk a young man aod lu-iged ia hi* coat tail, without to mring blm iaucIi The obi1 1, which waa abjut tan month* old, cannot aurrlva, but tha mot bar ia pronoun* el out of (lander The wouiulad wuuuao .? tba ?<fa o' a Jeri uiiab 1 ?<?al, a farmer, wbo lirea about tan mile* oacV of ft'o^aton, Tba liall waa found to ie flattened, ml hail a pllre of bene attachid to It Mow It got into una of tba uiiteketa ia a myat'ry It ia aurnilaed tbat it cana from ttia Ha cotnl remt any, (Oaptntn Khalar'a ) woo wara u.rertly ojipoaita M'a ? a.??l wfen all* tell It furllwr apj aai a luat tt>e; had l?an abootlug at a tarsal >o tha morning, and it ia (urmtaed tbat a ball nari rii'ge , by a< ma ru At aha, waa mixed with tba bunk < ar'itiKaa, and in |h< eicltA sent Of loading tha dltlTanc- <i' not notice d by th? |i< raoti who aped the fatal bullet Tilt oi!Ict< ?t?ia that all tin n.uaket.1 ware eaiefiiljy <-<atiiin*] and tliay < an not ucda atanU b<>w tha rtl?a?'*r CAn'rt h?v? occurred lba nun aia lou<1 In tin ir ? i| ?*-unt of aympatar Tor the bar?a*?-?l and woun.l* ! in " ar, and tha all ir . an*, u gloom otlr tlo' galadai, wbtch waa progra^iiu,; moat plaarantly tc all coseanx .1 In ororr to in foma way atona for the mtachiaf, a -ol llRiioo in aid of tba woman waa up, an t nearly a thousand itollara ctlirctA-l Ilia ball, whn 3 wai to coma oil in tha arenlog, An 1 fur WbM lltM prepara t!nn? had Iimo inula, wia iliapan-ad wttii, to lh.) graat il aappolntmaat of ton e lira hun ? I yuuu/ ladiea wbo had come troni New York mi tbn amroua<s..ig ro in try to participate in th? faatiTtty. Tii? giaol r?rlaw waa alio [Miatnoned. Ii. i'a-l, tbA unfortunate ovnr ratca pot u atop to aU tba plaAaaot lit tie acnn?a ttia 1 iinArdi Anticipated. Ihl- moiotLg tha -a Tenth Kagim- iit will return la the | i Alrla. and ail' airire at tb" foi* of Ho'jiaaon ! atieat About t ao o'clock In th' a'ternoon Tba l?t , hagiment, < i lonrl Voabnirr. will ma*t the Ovat'i an their ratlin And eicort tb*m to tb ir haad<|iiarUr?. City Intelligent*-. Hm Rotai Hk.iimb*- I'm mi A* h*m? i% a N*w I'm | Hiitiih Hoi ' ? l.aat nigSt H ml) fantlani'Bl/ limalnj 1 iaUitidiial, dr*?a*4 > <a milthiirt mail* ill* *|-|?Mr iara ? at tti? Kourtli ?ml itat'oo iiOIN, aoit uking for I ?p tain 1 itrhatt, Intorantd lU\t otfccar '.Uat lia wa? B(> laaa 1 a j?raonag* than I' tiro Al'rr*., tba l ;?!nwl ?/ Wum u Vi/t"rl?. T1.? rapUm l?uAl.?'l at tba abaurd Mn, but tU* ruJ*&votr<l t j tba onwt r'?in eihiii to pro** P. at J w? ? li (fir} pwlleiiltr. In bU eonviiaa'ioa h* uid Ua juat srrtf i Iron l'*.g lotiin < na of tlrinii?H'* pactat all in ? liat a r?* . <<: u ? on i 1' .4 Wol ? out in Karopt, ? 1 ? ,<? i li>< ln?tant ; <?(,?? to <b* Uinta '. :'Ut?n. 'Mm <{iu?o. i.? al I, won 14 mo ? a foi'ow ui u ?a*?tl c?a? oual I >.ut by tiaa c*< *ta at Wooiairh, for tlut Bi.rj ' ?? I'aoj luppixi tie atraiigm mn',', but iai> io?n rt a ! I ibi'* of etbatralaa Bf etuai* th? p< ? Mbllity of lont'f. II* alio atalad tlut >1 ??? III* in'?titif>o O 1?irt a b m tK iji ii i|i<i jmt*ct?aa "f tb" I Ditad (ovrn io-n"., m.d I mtli* tb. ro.ntr* li fit'iia bon.* ard It waa for >? I urjxn ?.f (lading a rcau *'ia < .r* IBUB to '?!*?? I., i'. aula nl on* lb >' ;-*"r'jt*-i btaa?l a'. ? hafst "'i t<?iar ??I.?i|, ?!? w?>,itn> tl?t uonlil ?rca>[K>DT ' n<-n ? > i. Inl nun, h> !*, .ifrt, it*t "u to* pa*?aga 'rota i j>(I< .1 l?l* c'.?iU ba 1 I ca*n bio**n into, cn<2 *11 !.*'? <i? llwb'4 itln ; it* ?** p*r'ccti* r?b? ' nrT'in: ? ut , 1 ! ? ilb mil' l 1 ' >ir' Mltrtnw ' Or r* ally ??.'? 'hi- l'/if? b Pi*' If I <? !?? ???? ?li p ?bt i u ?.<nl Itia bub*/, b* nf l, I > it|| o? il>; ilitir u?w tf in Etiroj.* a* lha P?r l.r **)<?? MM ??f anaai! of HI* w i c 1, ?ad thtralor* U ?t all tta fr*?i Q*?*jof l a i'?*b fall of t|i? Victor a d'Dotr - > o?ri>?at rn l'i ? >!rao ft in b'a pr<>i?atatioo?, ibat Ri4Hr ?liu ?*? bin Utt i.i^'.t ?rnt bW>f ul< it ih- bri >1 ibat tli?r raallr 1< I b?1 tta liooor of an iDtio'u< ' > n to U!? l(o]r?l |l g>, at I"rlncf A!t*rt fii'lrifia in Tah. .i? ? jottr 0 fx>aaa I b?td in in>|uaat )??Ur */ at !"? Jan ?? ?li*?t, upon t'>a l??'ly of a wonan ?o?<ut i ' jr an of ?.-? i?n*<i "ipbia I Initt, a na'.ira of (iiiati; aim romu<!U?". gain ? by t?V H( a Cr af Ol ar??n>' It ?| J>?*r?<3 '.*?t n? | La4 taan ini| '<ij?! >i a li< at tb* afeov* p. 4 ? | for una moctba jaa'., that kU ut H ,j s k* ? n n.uralajr ? 'Kbt ??? |.rixur?'l a r.f *r*?o ar.'1 a?all<i?*t ?.!,* P'. >i u ?Hboot i rf ? frr t>* >".BiiiiL?aM)o of tl*ra>hart \??r auf!ift?| >. r?r?ly fir four l.oira, 'he <"?<), altb&tigb in IT * avt*<lt vaa ruai^a to ?a?* b*r I > r. fi'Ilrnk n ma ? a poat KitMn nation n;?a Mi* trdj <t ttr? 'lacajai I. aad fonan tli* ?Um a- .'ttgklf r<i(>at<d and containing p*ra ? i*a ? I aiiaaic Tb* 4a ciaixd ?aa a niMaio n ?tr o i? "oiraa ? b*nfa no I'aion ran l? *><igcr>i f<r tba ru.n l* T> > jnif ia liiia raa* liadi ltd a rtr ilr'. 01 : b/ rj ?r aanir Ki,i h?h) hi il .111,1 < latlarltf aftar !>? < a, ?al?n a tta lac ra ?' no U o c!o '?, aoiu* *ap* Iiancai. bova* tb|a>?? It* dvaii n( M? iiaual .n lliait Taao da* ''r?i cat. *i\.l a noir. bar of *? p*rfln* i. Dm, ti'loea . b* ?? r? r>rti?>l oft I a> r.-aa laraily antbtliad a aumUr i.' ralnaolra wr.f'i c< aUi *a*ll/ l?l*l4t*lMtr*d No rio? b%4 ,i*t ba*n >bta a*4 tai o.' parpatiatdii ot tb* /? tta r/. N'iT |Xi?a I* Till IliM ? Ho tV*.'n**''af n,*bt Laat, ? b 1? a yov-tg man aao ail U m i i ' ?aj but r *! /?*? ? atr?,lm tb* parformaa-'a at tb- !t?w*rp *b*atr? a< uwi ? n* -:*t larouair pirta* liia f.,lij ?at#b aai ^a*ia fro** r.a rid (wkii aad **' * p* ' t'l I'll raJaal'l* a>r? I a* r > a?r araa aira:* of bia -a I aonao *>i a - ?>tv1 I n ao 1 1< u ti ?f blllei haatha ll|1l B||fn4 aparitir iB tt> '. rasi a, bat tt>?r? **a ao *a ,?a?* vbat*a?r in ? aiivitiaa tb* ua.iat'*'- to ^?ld bar Mi I a 1 ana U'a* La <'Tr,'?*p?'-*tlatl',parf *ntBraa ?o ira full ?o ir'oual/ to >,.? >*??? r aiant. Kitm I atl i *" * a > * " * A t',f |ia? atnr* FU-. Bif at, B4a1 algbt ?*?. a, a> >ntaljr f*U liMi IM tl. : ! a*o?T ?ib??' ?of 'I * h a* ' < %f j b*rry atmt, a n 1 waa r. afaollj a n ?? *i!l b* r. ? ap m lb* body of tb* .araa**i! 4*^ hj I oronar il I ra a l? t'r*>ir bajot ? I* orb * .?? I r' 'ay !? ? m*i / ^i? ?*? ? > < t?'*^ in i?? '?*!' n? 17 H?n< o ?t a?t, p ?<: b> Mr Ki ?a It- r li J ? >S-1 ?taiiaiatbar faaaUt** TI-* fir* ?** 0 ? o**ra4 la tba r*ar part of in* ?mlb'.o* wt .< b ? u <i* ?/? av %t IHO Tb* b ? ?f * <????! by Mr aana* fctaup, ami i? rail o tb* I r < >?/ It* aa a f??i?a*af I n H.OtO ? "i > inn Aa ar; r ai'p*ar<<; ? lavoag* tb* p* rl t.oa ? t am. ? ata i. f umaf inUi ?tb Inat. a. ?a I abop I r aj 'iaujb'irof li* "A* in -if a f ,1/ I r ? r.*, *4.* ?o*i * ? a* fcaT>ng ir,at aa a' . !*?t frWa tk* ' vS (a "f i t >tal a ? h. ?? ara lo'irai*! >r llr <>fa? **? I - ? ? b* raaa hiatu not nMltBtf a*;iatM <a j Naprania Caaort tprdii rrrm rt* ?W* il'-f. Jt, l(a I". <Mtaili IHrOiTtbT MKfiO> IB MUTIO* TO lift I ' a >.IHU. foil I' ' ? f It i . /B V, /*? ? ? / y 'Laura a*' f* iapo#p ? Wbara a tifa laaoraaa.* (ro*>p?ay ! Iaan*a aad * !rri.l*!?a a |fiaM ' * **.iii|*ag t oanaaa aa 1 *ll. kit of 'a of IU ?j*>? a!?<; amoif l#*r ta'aia lo'arai r.f tba p? ' ' bat ??Ml pMMtMa * u?*a ta ^mat ? imlivi ?fyj( I ( aa? o". *r bat l?a<i ?'*< of ' a part/ ??f at tltf Ui -att** b aaaaai pr> a**i aaa vitbif a ftp ill a 'ar t .J ' .*, f (* :* lb* Inv -al a a* a' ap. -ri IN tlaaa ?ltb'" t <n raaat *f * ? b ,i'^(^?t?a, I i??ua* a fill ; 't?Ulaiif tb* n*' . |fi-?t*-; ':*a*a that .f 1 ' * aa?'.:?4 i?a" pay'.aa a.ip ??*.? ?a? al pra ' ii una ( lb* Inl bavla. t***a pa ' ? tr bafaia u>a aaa'.at ta;a r.?at? ?v^ ? "H* p'l. a'y tba (?,? ' panp '-aba i a< t b* I o* ' -?*i r t Ka *, 'aa* la > a ?aa* 'o* ' ??f aa^n'ai of f tba pat >.** \ ? b*1 tba p aaa a*lhaafb at/i - Uf aMMlhalte, map at tb? f?.i.f?T^aara .f ta* *??,!*:, ba ta oterart ay AIM at ??y tliM a Ma t rtjr 4a?a ibaniftfr, a?a? f (?? *?'.> l.aa a I 1'lf tappaiaal aaiaa* tio aa*-.ra!. b*a pr*> o??ty doaa a - aa* a*l m iat<1a ??< c*> an: ?* **rtal ?f * r t'* * i .d*Ib( a* lat*attra* aim W aanit ao* th* -a atrae*?. lb* r?ia <! >t? !' ki pr*liaiui| tafo I tta tba aa ar* ir*rf*<! la Uan>* ,*,' ? *r~r I ?f pafrf", >? (??*?< M?* pa i / p * tbat * >#* i* \l.a f*.(;r pra?ar--ai la'aaica *f tb* paru*a ?Bai*a< i* 1 (?aa ilia tl* praa'at u..i* I, i? . f ?>'.*? ?? f i *fl'*m0W i*l*BIM'i i f |g* t >aa| * a ? H*a<f ? ? 'alj O a' 'b? ?? *?*.,?,??,! a . >j aba", m' utaiala ? a ??<* I ' ?!?*? aa ?-,t tba' t\? i ibif t ? ap#r' a a a fr <r* a. .#??..*?* p*i,ry ?*? f/'ba' * ? 'a tbat ' im* 'Jitaa'ai a la ' ira laa pay ?/% ta* at*M tf a* ??k at' r, * r? tk*i* it ail b * ?p~'*? a f ; MBlttM fK*?jla?, ail^v at a taait*' ba ?<* ? **? t aa ' at aa f t-baa "vitbll tbiftf ?*;? la^aa/'ar " I 7ut*a.|?ai W afltg Urf.Wora, ** /atp> : t; taai i aat f'av laa* ?' af 'a tS? a -*f*i ' rotlaia an ] V pay tb* iweaa' w- m * tb iau ?*a '*1, ? ?< t*. pa** a wbbab ?u laattiai a. J a* **a< Jalfaai ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH HTML TWELVE HOURS LATER FROM FRANCE. OIK LITEST PARIS COKRKSBMDBtHH, *?., 4t*H 4k? tb?j Vamieibtft iW&mer Norfj 8t?r, Cajrt- Wa mack, arrived early jenterlay ruortneg from Havrr She wtli (1 at noon of tbr :?oih ult., bringing ib at twelve fco'ir* lat *r ime'l.i/et.c* froa K?anof. 11* datea from KngUntl *aa thr r?tt of Kur>|M w*r* anticipated by tfte Pacific. Hie arrlvid off th? Highland* mirttiiftht, hut ?n drtnaiM !?> ih log. The North Star bring* o*cr a buadrt I p?-H<io (?rx and tt.'O ton* of frrl?iht. The ?tf*mabip Kr1ra*on, hen'e for IImw > m spoken by the N.irfh Star on the runh. at 11' M., foriv flve m>l*a northwoa*. of H?m- (T^a w?.k in^U n, which sail* J In oonpany wl?h the Ricim, air Wed at Southampton at ti I*. II- o ( the 2'?Ji ) We are !? debud to Mr. J. B. Kurd >ca, pufw of the North Star, for hi? atter.tiona. Our P?1? (<irrr?|HiMil'iir?. I'ahi-, June 7 'h* Paru /?. j/i'/ztf ion /. < Profit T.ttwih .Wu. lui it'/ -'l'ht Kmjirtt*' liowi itr?T$tbw.t ?f Art In FtmrnU IVoith and ? ?Vi# A'"- m Dr/mrl mint ?Cliff it' (Kun r , of Htnrvti IhJuiIii IHr Kmi/ii m of t'hini '? ll'aichrt T*u htiof A', nl I hararirr ? IKr lint Poll of a Rnyat A'jf j/til up /< i J'rhilnti in. TJ v Kicat In i rove went I r?"<>rd*d in my ImI I<m in rewi/r ?h*U d, but, on t!>a r mlrjry, rapidly au? mrLtcd. r'>? amb >ntir*,aa if ?tun,, and got.d*-tl V? drtitiatloa by th?i rot>rnach?( wblc.i, abi?.<l at b?.BL<>. iiava been uupaxiotfij hc?|.*i up? hu*i at ltrR'b fairly put th?ir i>boulu<i a u ih? whral, and t?.e ??ult la, that thia eaUi'UUon, lk? acme ctoU" drooling for lark of baat aad Rtolatur*. now raWa IU b'autlful head, and tally ai:d bootly upardli.K 1m! after leaf of oucMkUag HKCetlo* ?.id color, la without a rival tn it? k or? It in inpotffeiti.'e to dtuy tin fact that. wmtarn m?f have Urn it? lachi un<) lb*ir e?'uc i? ln^ioa it? Krtnch Kxh biU m, a? h whole, will Infln'U y cxV ttiip ita Ixisdon preieceaaor. No one rtn uita bv?r (!>i K<ifntwui f iujid' r U of the I'aitM il<- )'h> Juntiia, n?w culmtnatiuK lo in p mt. of ptrfectioo, ovur Uiat aooba^titg jp?!lt'y of pi at ingi. mi,.; that colo??i?i b.iiM'r?, wh-re the a:;ieccj of uiCcbanic* Uin oractlcal optrtVon w th out admitting ttat Le !ta? bfforo bim ? bai'iurt if in'.tllci tua) ft*. J. mi' li iwt, In lb' Ui?t?ry oi mu, waaunr Rivn before, and wbJcti, viewing ib? dortny ttm<a in which bt haa lallea, be oi?; well ucrpair cf tlud'Dx again. Tue Krui (iior aod the htupre?i v tiled It on rl* turday , aod r? nuimd orally liroa ktMra. Tot I n I jii? ?.*, aa w<-ll m the C.uaidM da Mooubr loaoJ lha Maiqu ? (2e I ?.i Mariamai, were drawn throuo the vailoua pert* of tbc boi.illng la rolling < hair* Tiat 1 in which her M*j* iy ?u aoated *? % pre?-oi j from IV. n ? Aibrrt. In th* K?U?frjr fact 3 { iht 1 01 Ui , and I'ltraidt the win t m.j, iq tbe 4e,?artiii*ai more r-tpr i*i|y appropriated !ur tiie dia|>;ey ' to* rich etika of f.jon*, tut-t tma or.i i.nJ a Uju j it lor ; toe Kraprere. ar.d a* a n in tun <? of tire I >u 'if ea i liaotmeU a Lua l'ic ? re?r.b i*o impart lo imy thing wbv ii umtiitiu'va to the luaury <it ? (? ia iMtn avojace athwart toe hroad A'Jant c to oaee I aid tea. Tlo I'gn.r ew c n-e an4 fur n ji #' ! this litfSa retreat in j> tftcv if ping wi'.h the w -.nine sod rrsliitwitly Vmla'oe hi* iiy for wh <* i n. penal phuMX it b piipiitd. It lonn** ? oi.ty tare ?tn? I r'/ > in . On appioaciiug t>? ?at< ur * . >cti p?r ?.vr a '.otty iicotre, aupp irleJ by 1 j* Jm : ('ffiiotk liguraa in white planar o.' p*n?, t>i prwftiun ia vary graceful, aad taa; ctn\ ttretr ?>?? i? vardt t?ie p<ioi aborr a ? ? iu the centra, tLa l/'Tt* iif b"ldiOK lo U?eir iu>:< a t'lield h*aii0? t .? Koip't" ? initial iei'arr, ' > n'<io?sl ? th It at of her htiabam-*. A btaUiial n tt' r te ot> U a '.ail < ( the nwa, u<l a deu -icbly Hilda d with j.'ala |Um trti the rifh*. t e U'g* tro*d wt.iCJ ?i'?od wltboat, ititvrlf adrair:ag *k~ III aly e o'pt >r? d par. end th? flliiug oj fit t> r enlti" r, ?a B *ntreat?d I'll maay i ffi< *J* in grtro a:.d g< Id for tmoiMaii.a <o cc?? to* tirttb. i <> C. I ^Upj* ; f< i?at<*, Md.unt'i wMk m/k -aldto taJWBwo- it i tl er ww <, tbe iarJ wmiit i Ui -rw* ?? y< ur etnufiwl' ni by Hrl?" n ?/.#, to the cory ?td n.< rt.fl- a';-n or a rnoa.if. 1 by | tiafdeia, ?m raoat w>iy Oairad lo nw. T.1.* Om oprr,a oo a Qtiia io/m, ?h ck ta? 'a, im [ tn'ihi hart'f.V'wn for t!?e!/ ooa/t f-f aodttaaia. a [ rarp**. <?( *h't?- tntU l:/jp?flaJ f ? , *ai a < a. ( py ar. < all faniMlJe i'i d'ad K''id, ar?d r ?? -rai ?>tO MtUlavtitfc frtm t!-?- iMoia <?( lilt Madam* Jr MalnUii' o Ob ' if. ia tf ? |>al'a; lay* ? f ba/ I urn* n ? ' tttottw Foanaaitti, uii gra&d ftf' itaiqsa ?' t "ii. J Lavn untax <t of Ihr war l| b? nikdeif I e i t* Ji*crk trsjatbrra for tto laip* rUi are y*vU*4 ia ?Wta and H la- toe caiibca tr'-' ift Oi'ac with tSa aa?r a-?Jia w< rk wb -h I'lrn Ihr rbaif* tbr irjiai( li f' rmfd lot? r. larRr ovai BMdaUioa, on whif 1 a'ir*?a f'?-at. * .T^t>g ai u* i ait baaatlt<uiy >a aV f i bttf&thg tba imr> irtt?r* S. ajJ a- 1, at if ally -ct f u> proiitt t: ? iaii" 'iioranlty wb? m narrxa th?y ln6i< ?> f<?? ??eiy tfiaib . I tai'it or Hjary. A eaaij K?wiy oo mm "Ida of tl.? fiia ?, dta;wi trtaa vtth a curia'a cf w> te ?.;k aad j, >a tnoa? <4 dorta J"ri to a ap?fV?? of t?nt rnuobr-, I rum V? kail ipb?> of ? ' i /i la . ail o*w *? < wail* i. l> b'u? ?> k i.?'.gtsai' l?4tawad wiiu *iut.-ni r>-l *1 tar Orar U.a nantij ptte* t< a riiirit.r ' ?? ?? l.i I wh???' )? ? itil"l f? rr?i at OT'W tla r*i K'O ald'O ifelMltf yM *A im a tctir.te ;?!>?, ra.T' rf-d aatth Hi<atU? .a<.a, ia a itrfntig gi**4 irufla IM ? ? of htaa .i Mrjrtimar. '/awed n ?flaw 'f IU fttat ?!at r?l?- w rkir* &??. j la ?(. |< rtatl 't! r f t^a Kt/ , t-?. ? m/ ?.!*??? anlaa). m of W ? lr? j* d < tr- ?ti a, .1, htal*? jraaM, rotated U.ta iiti:< riitn ? 'i u i aaa t' -tt, at 'I apta*4 oa a tnavl tal >if .o.?j>) i*arlaa mui> * v.wtuA ?a a iu.i*a pad>?ia! h ? ? '4 ! i i.u tr'inaaiaNiiWA tl*a ?har? tt ' I bat ft* t ttrtufit nmmtrm a tray j tlNftlltoii'i* K.'b aa V? > jpjil ai?ht haaw ta?w<: a> . ??: aa I'taaraal '*!'?? . I ?ra? glm t jr d ? *r ' >? at th* flit -,ga af tn?a "torw ? rrtrrat a?r? a I mvia k. aa lo If ??---?<?? a 14a at ; ' aaa re. an l>t *r:apl(<! t/< aa/ o*.'?r ar ia lowbUii it ruay o? t'.a UMfarlai arti. tw tr?..?>.?t M?i ladud Utf ka*? MAbiox of a Urapt *ry 'ha *<*? a?> ?)? itaaa. For llaa pta?ot a m* ?MAI aa?? haM nw-r* MMprtMNf mImM Ha t*? a a a da I ifc iuaUia, Mi.liua**-! ,1 | aiay ?a/ m, aa t a n atlka fr-.r.-i (./'?? of ?;? a aa/ l^atity, a??i' rivrrimwafta^ ri< aa*aa, t at ar J atunp V. <i#*rriba iVrr, waaid ba ra?re f ?*' f"ti^. la !e aaff.' i#xt U< aay 'hat lanj^a W jBJ Uaaa Lh.a far rrw*at4 j#oartara a# Frar. t r' -,;d ir ro? wlttio a - "n ?->? ?Vf?t aa an- (v ? (.ff.-?a?1 t/i th# ra/ a </ taa waaaar tag rtatlar a? faa alnaia aiaog to* gailarva af taa 1 atia KifeiuUoa. 1 'aa* are faw lapat mr^o a. <r- a ?U/ * t. ra tad Irt'reatiDg Uaa tiiat ma in', rr"r*r-at4 ia la* wa?*?r? ga.;?rj. Tha we v/m It ? i "??i a-> la tNkaaal??* a >*? >?ia at^dy. 'rora Ika fiauh aad tat>t li'tt a tL? wot k at J U*a .a:?o.t a tartaty af 'I'l f.f! ' *ti'.ri a; -i oraa/-i*eUtMai IndeM -/?>? la t* irj?Ud t<> Ibis! Uiat Vw .if ti* k wari a i '*.? i*r '.uKre w?h att/igeUaaa U.a: cpmwa ? f tha r< i; J aiiad t^igiat, an aitraorduiar r * va^ ti oa/ a tab#* Lb tba IwMda of thaaa h w.m v>'? I r ,1? J'W w Btka, day*, hoora, rtaaw aa r. id* ard ''aa ?*afiVa are rbroa>M. Tw fal rr?? r.i aa ol t/4 ' re'l are ak wa, aa t/TtWrmi ay t.* ?*,?*te l.>jbpa*?or da f"!ii??. TVy?r? ?are t.'ajs 4Mb' a tt* CimsfafTM 'frjr KufWpawa wat'taa, bit ?; )*?/ Vi l* *4n >?Mr etaae-i.aief tha '*?t? aad m i?'?a Thar Uara I* i>* tHrlaa at/aar Bwiufar 'art, *o tgM a*d *v%mj ?M varttd tnat oft* 9 I ra*.* taa f -aaawt ry it Pre." h ar* Atia) fl wrr? A i I ".? ?'?* ao?d ?*?* , sow of taa tn m<m"A wVda r? , -;UiU?e w t>. ita 'araa rcttat'a aad ail aoaaatr of In* au*k, iu ?*tar > *1 flow*' ataa't f. -a * a" * f *??r kait?a, n<* *a Uaotftl ij U.? ? r a . iMta nafrtrag t *? ly Ma e#ari.!r>g Hwia? *.tw* patavad ?? twa kV a aad kaaadVa aad naatra rMva*. ?k^aa ? *b-?? r aaread aaraa ar j fr-.l r?aaat tfci aa at. tiwatu y *~nat,'^tai tm t*.? Ml/ U a. ra( m*^%

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