Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 16, 1855 Page 3
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CVSIOirB POLITICAL MANIFESTOS. ?ht Fin Rc|tcm 1b C QaUteilng of the Strong- -Uo^*4 Wom??. A CALL rot A. NATIONAL CONV**TIO* Of 0 JLOBKD uauoi?t> Fellow-citizens : ? Tba pt^i.t and the condition of oar oteiareu own peculiar position a* freemen.req^or uswme well Sheeted effort to ooaoW'MtuiedebaiUgla flaenoe that holds us in our p.esent womatoM con dition in this oar native ountrv; and in obsdlanoc to the demands of etern nio-iiiiy tor united mUob, call a convention of the peop e, throaga thelr delej v&ted i gmroiODtitiYflT to UiMnibl9 ifl Cttj 4?I fliilidfilDhli P*? on tke ltttb dijr of 0)V)b6?,lB65, tit iVa frfA nfCD.G Of C')l0r Of fc'l6 Ulllt?d 8 After close observation, and ma -are dsllberfcUoo, we have arrived at the omclosion, that ths free ceopla of oolor, il they woold dwmcumbar them Mire* frcm whatever tends to impede their m* ch, and remove whatever ob?<acle? are in the way of their progress- if they would folly subwrethe cacao of Uberty.whicn is the oanss of Ojd, must take npca them the rtspo ??:blity of doing and act ing fcr thimselves? of l?ymA on. and directing the work of their own elevation. Taat so far a* baiog mete aide and lockers on, tie time hu fW)y com* when they must be ih9 gud.s, lnaiers aud active oneratois in this great seforcu. . . Whc, it may be ask-d, can lay a strongsr clal into a MW.ui who, having r Um Po <er and I ability, can bettor piomote it, than they in >st deeply Intertwtea, and upon whom haa the elevation of the P'M?0' color m th?.e United '^Te'work th? who can better direct and promote t ie work, than treneco'e of oolor themselves? In our elevaiioa lies itt freedom of oir enslaved b/?^te?' elevation Is centered the gem of oar own h gh destiiy, ard tto best well b ing of the waole peo P' Years of well intended effort have been expendai | for the ?spe lal freedom of the siave, while tae ele vatlon of th^ee colored man ? a an ^pp^le urictity to the same, haa been entirelr overlooked. Sut to every tine frW of Treeaom it must nowbe , loo obvious that the whole process of op>ra\l)n aaalrst the huge and diabolical system ofoppressUm and wtosk. ban been shorn of more than half iU w^hwd'fflcicy.btCiUTO of tbia neglect of the Id ten s ta ot the free people of caVir, iatare^a ho vjUl that we d>re nol longer pacmit iham to remalaioa state of tegUci. If nothing use, than, these years of experience have taugh. every true friend of llier tv that the elevation of the free men is inseparable fumfandbiB a* iha veiy threshold of the grett ; work of the alave'a restoration to freedom, aud equally Mtential to the highest well being ot oar ntoSSUpwl. *,?*?? ??<? thft lever bv which the whole must rise, that w >rk JfSJffiwWe ? vigorous ?d hearty support item all ot those upon whom tt baa a claim. The work that foreehadn ?d far tie coosidaraMon ?I the convention ia various, *> d muoh of U dim cult; jet the power of l a aci impUahtnent 11 w la ajstemization and dbection of i*?*0* * wo*]d make no direct Bpujlfioations- while we wo5d be prsBiJiiptive in nothing, still we would lesomwena such a course ai shall prep ve as, and ttcae to come after us, to take a maiiiy part to tbixga in which we have an interest, inc>m hot with the lest ot our felio* ci-.lren<. We ?rou d have the convention asjeitaln tbe preri*e point r?ached in onr prueutprogieia. We wood call ita attention to the atate and character of edu cailou and educational privil j^ea emong u?, with a view to th?.Lr Improvement, or, if n?ed be, c 3 tog e avd adaptation to our demands. We would direct lt to an examination of our bosineaa relati -ns and habits and devise sach ways sn<J m*ans as wiii lescer tkem more avatlab'e. We won'd have tt Bive if possible, to whoever of mechanloal or astistio skiil there is among us, tmpetua an J ^ To 'he Cepaitment of a^rliuHore, also, we would v ve it c'rect its attention anl enc ursgeoiant, so that i all thew will be bego^ in us, and in our \outn ec^ttially, a strong &i<i increasng dealie for these pursuit". There ore nisi pohtioU and aocu' rik>ta that .'io at tbe vtry fuuudatian of our m4? 1 ood t' bA : bta'ned, o-' d errors among ou'S4lv<)S to be com c'< d an d confldrn es to be atreng'-hed or ittUied. Much of the work comment! in the National Cmvention at Rocuester in l9j3 J1??1*," " nr-w a vigc jtua prosecution; other portions of it re S^e'ertcr ahajid to meet wir newerfxparisao^, ttp ole to ieoeife * stlwiluB that will for w?d it ?owaids ttscompetion. i'he progre^a o TvTrtf t:o,mav bave given fiseto exigencies th* require edaititoal agencies hitherto unf ?ewej>, ba row dcmatdlcg a^ taction and direction. In ?i this, then, ftifo v citizets, there is enough to ooaaon* trate cur united wbd m, enliH oar m-m\ hearvy c> opt ration, and enploy our bobt energies, With the true stint cf men, then, let us corns togeth.r, Md wSh a fiim retire, wejnall effac, oaf por po?e. Ut that purpose be rtagl^our and let tie gsthering te strong. LetereryBAVS whs can, send up her doe proportion ?' delegsfcs, and thiocgh them mska Mown her wants, 1 and as .ia , (q deliberating upon and providing for them, with these views, fellow citizens, we again JStfT.SSJjXtl c?m t?g?b? ?nlrit of men having a clear conception of our H^auia a in at secse of our rights, acd an abiding 5tfon? fnat ion to do our du\y. Tha election for members to the Convention wUl be held oo Ue ? - Say of September, 1865. The people in the various ?e^tboorhoeds, chnroh organizations, benevolent flteMiv aocieties, ate raspe tfully urged to meet on that (fay. and elect detogates to tto Convention to meet at Phfladelphia on the 16th day of October ?caning, at e'clcck. 8 William J. WtLBON,) Btbpusn Bmitc, > Comaivtoe. John W. Lewis, . ) Ckll ton A STATE 00NTBMT10N OF THB COLOUS TKOPLK OK TKE STAT* OF NEW YOEE. Tbe ur designed, rrgaraiog tbe present aa a fa vorable time (or preasing tie claimi of the colored citizens of thia State npoa tie consideration of oar State government, with a vie# to the removal of the c die us and Invidious disabilities lancet d there ID , and to gain equal political right*, take thn liber ty to invite their colored fellow oitiz*ns to assennle in State Col rent ion, in tb* city of Troy, on tie tl at Tuesday ct September, 1855. There la a * acred ob ligation jfatitig upon tb?? colo.ed citizens of >h a State to give the ear of oar Legislature no :est till every lep&l and political dianH lity, witti all it* do prew-ir k and degraltog t? bdnnjI-H, mall be swept frtm the Empire State. Toe anders'goed ex;ue-e the iopt tnat measnrts wilt be early taken to hare every part of the Bute repreeented in the co&rea ?Ion:? P. A. Bell, New Yotk. L'iria JscVs m.N.Bltraore Ttom&a L. Jonnii ga, do. Jao. Jjdm, 9i <ly L*ke. Edwatd V. Clark, ao. F., Scaenno'.'/ Htv. Obee B. Ray, do. Peter Bornbeck, Utic?. l)r Jr. McCute Smith, do Oeor<ce Brown, do. John J. Zaill, do. James Gail ins, Ithaca. J. J. B'ra -us, do. J*mes irwia, do. Jacob Gibbs, do. Rev. J.W.I, >gusn, Sy'cu-e J&eph Smith, do. /?ts.W.Rindolpb, A.biny Dr. McDonald, do. Wta. (Jardin r, do. Dr. J. W Penriutiton. do. Rieoard Wrigtit, do. Dr. Peter Ray, W'mabgh. Staph: n Myers, d >. Lew'ji'Ne.V>n,do. , J.seph Newitt, do. Wm. J Wii.on, Brook la. Beej. Bon>mau, Tror. J. N. SitU. do. Wm. R<oh, do. Martin Croat, Ca*skU). Jonathan C. Gbb?, do. J. Hchemerborn, K 'gator. Jamea'H. Davis, do. Joeeph Deil, Badaon. UrUh B eaton, P'keeoale. Ofauocy Van Boten, do. Fred'c I) >ngia?s, H'i'ster P.VandeZee,M.Bltimcire Wm. J. Wattins, do. WOMAN'S RIOHT OP SrFKBAOE. A crt nation will beheld at Saratoga Spring#, the 16'h and 16th of Ananas next, to disease woman 'i right of antrrage. In the prog*ei? of hu man evm?s wcmia now dsmaids f.e reognHl nof her civil existence, her legal tig&'a, her saoial ?(,i.iCjIj w..h man. Bow lur c'aimi can be >he dm t caai 'y and speedily es'-ab lahed 011 a fir. a, enduring basia wi I be tbe subjct of dellberttlon, at the coslcg couveitton. rhe friend* of the rnovmet?, aid tte pnbUc generally, are rafpect tmiy ii vited to attend Most of tbe emtneat alvo cat<? cf tbe enure are expected to be In a't?EUanoa. E <zabeth C. Stanton, E'cettine I, Rose, William Bar, Hamitl J. May, Autoinct e L. Brown, I.ydla Matt, Suean B. Attaony, N. Y. State Wtman'j Rights CjmmltU-r. The Wisconsin Fcoitive Si, ate Cask.? WhM la to come of this caee is more tb?o we can tell. On tbe ?ne band it la aeaeited that the claim will be prostrated tLl the money isptil for the price of too a ave Glover, if it takea a life Ume. Tiila wa Ie?-n from the pro^lavery press of Ht*. An1 cn the ocn'rsry It la asserted teat when tbe Marshtl ahall l?ry opoa the property of Mr. Booth for tae judgment of the United States Court, a writ of re plev-n eill be itsned fr m the S at? Baprems Co irt and that the subject, of the civil aoft bt>in? r*'ly bf fore tbnttrlbonal they will de ide the proc*edlrgs tinder tbe I'ngitive Hlave law nrconatl:ntlon?i aid void. So that tbe matter will stand just wnere the {fimloal salt now atandt. We <lo not apprehend any pbvirsIcollJaion between the Stats and F'ede iml govertmeat while Piank Pierce ia Pre^i lent, or a rstd oato (ot t?. nomination. It may take several ytara for tbe iaeoe to be decided. It is sqppoaed that Jndg* Ooie will coincide with .1nd<* Smiti, m>c tr.kt tbe SU*? c< nrt wilt adhere to lt? position. ? Mt/rauAir H'ttcon/ tn , Jm'y 11. At (Vseord, Msss., oa tU? 7U tnst., J-jha Nst"U? s-s ff,r.?le'e<l of k'lUn# his wife, and ser.S?ei?4 to 'ST* a j ??r. ia Lh? htals prison. Our Columbia Cwfuatp- Correependenee. Hudson, July 14, 1866. Barnburner t in Mafic* u md?r a New Ph<ue?A St ducttve Movement? Another Staff Convention Coiled Under the Direction of the 10 turned Chief tain ? Will the Hunker! Snap at the Bait 1 trc. Oar county haa been the hottest bed of free ?oil iim erer tinea that hydra rained its black bead Within it resides the auster apiiit who first fondled the Booaur Into poUiical notoriety, for the only pnrpese of deft atlng and crushing the identic*! In dividuals who had devoted long and aident servlcta to hit advancement in political lite, and ?ho firmly atcod by hia tide until t3e fact became inevitable that he bad loat the oonfldenoe of the people. Hal it act been for tbie Individual solely, the democra tic party ot thia State and nation wouid not have become detracted In 1840, and remained divided ever since. By means ot the aednctive aita of thia identical demagogue Pie?iJtnt Pierce fell t? the level or a free toll abolition!*'., a id the wi.y acta of tte followers of the aitful seducer awa enveloped the President within their call and enwrapped him in their embrace. the ground where free col Hum broke oat in 1648, aid where the democracy became dbjmated, an attempt ia made at f nai >o, at healing aU the wiurda which were Inflloted at taat period, ud have betnbiseilug ever since. The dsatroyer of the party haa returned from abroad. Ao effjit mutt be made in the ounty of lis residence to tike inl tiatiry steps to atone for Ms transgression nnd political iniquity. The party most be a^ain united, aid a fltg of tiuce moat flow over the same spot where the black free aoil flag araa flrat uafnrled. Oa Wednteda) the attempt was made In this oily. It waa called a mass meeting ot deo -crats, lrresoe r.lve of firmer iiffe: en:*8. Noce of the old leaders were publicly aren on that day, Dr. B.'ekmao, La vreace Van Bureo, John r. Hogebaom, Tneodoie Miller, John 8 ALable, nor ar y other of lie clan were to be seen. They remained behind the scenes in ths green room, with prump; book in hand. A oha.r rran waa eelected, notorious for bts anti-rettiana, wbo haa uniformly noted with the free tollers. Tne resolutions were in ths handwriting of a politician of this city, wboee office haa been du ring the last seven y ears, to travel monthly from tbia t lty to Albany and Liudea wall for fresl i astru > ticni\ Thia pretending important aianer, in cm of his it solo ions sheds auch crocodile tears : UttolTtd, that m oar eitimatian It is calf by thai going back to flrtt princif lee and slamsaUry aot.oa that tla cretd of tha democratic party can b? reitoreJ to itn crigioal puiitr, It* prcgrtsa relieved from tbt embar rak?m<st of diseoxdaat eouccila, aad its ultimUt auc ee*? established upon a firm and permanent basis. Thia harmonioaa gathering, under the guidance of the old dictators, asanme to oall a State onveo Men, and the 22d day of Augnit aa the time, and Market Hall, in Syracuse, the plane. This u just one week earlier than when the sott convention ii cailed, bu'. at the aeme place, and two weeks previ ous to the bard meeting; but it is on tbe sane day when the so called republicans meet Ii not this ctenee perfectly trunararent? Theee republicans are the eimoo pure Buffalo platform abo!lci>n free seller*, row flocking under the wings or William H. Seward. It la the object of tormlng a fusion of anch democrats aa are called together by this Had eon meeting, and the whig repuolijace, to form a ticket to be supported against the bard shells and Americans it> November next. Will the national democ/ats of tbe city of Neir York res utnd to this call? Will Schell, 0'CoiiOr, IXllor, Bs'r, Llbby , Taj'.or, Allen, At: ken aid tha host cf tree men actlcg with ttem, i*b tats bambuirer troveme-rt ancerace* and dexterous phase ? Will Judge Brcnacn encouraged? Tin toft AJbtry Aigua of jesterday acd soft enough it is since it Decaire controlled by the fucda of Eraatoa C'07r,ing acd Horatio Sevm.ur ? in ptblish irgtbe reaolmiotaot tui* impartial Hudioc gataer lrg, actually mSt tub it, and says: ? " rhij U il^h-., ai d we t;nat the detrccrafscf t*ie SUta wl'.l fr<*>ly and iii? fzleccly spirit canvas tble and all otb?r proLOM'isrs," Ac. Thus the iuflceoceof th*f p Int will he bi rucbt cut in favor of thie expect* d to b> wonderfully najmonirus snd impartial mwn meet ing. By doing ao it vixtua lv discard* both th<* hard acd soft cotiventiCLB, and pfacea i^e'f literally in a position wht>e a few days licce It decked the democratic paity was? lu a "atraight jacket." A vigi ant eje wl:l be tept on tbe mcrirneits he e; and aa there is no paper cf independence About cs, tbe pablio wiil 1. ok to the eolamcs cf t tie HKKti.r, where ttrv will flr d accounts of the m>vemeataof theColuaib'a junta, If anything transpire* worthy of pabllcatioo. Tlir Condition of Mexico. [Fiom the Honatsa (Texaa) 'laltfrapti. Jn'.y 4 ] Ire rivfclution in the Lirtieiu deoa.t n?m of Mexico la coir in fall b'aat. Monterey bad ralien irto the banda of the revolutionist# ?ad mart of tba pr.'m 'p*2 to tub of Cothaila and Nueva Leon were ripe fcr uvc i. The hutory of oar bellico?e neigh bcra lor the mat thirty years has been wrlttea ia b'cod. Ote levilution has rapidly succeeded ant the r, until pease and quiet ia the ex eptton and war the inle. The Mexican character la dafl* be aming more assimilated to a condition *t political rtatleataeaa. It la* country of volcanoes, and the palatini of its peop'e have aaaimiJated to the nainral conditions arc and them. It ia not strange that Mtxlooia rtpidjy descending from one of the richest to ore tf the meat Impoverished cjautries in the world. The people are universally indolent, yet a few mnat worker all would starve. But small as lathe pro portion of workers, then ia no stimulant tc industry. Tte govt rcment aeema to watch the privati offering otthe oitiscna. and always devisee some expedient to turn tbetutplus profits into the public coffers. It is irore a matter of surprise that so many non produoers csa be aalntaised at so small a cjst of labor. War cannot be conducted without onney, and with ao ma h of tb* population constantly uLder aims, either to prtaerve order or put down rebellion, tbe exacticra of tbe government abvirb all the tan lops or the pesple. Agriculture, mining, meelaricsi arte end commerce are burdened with tbe nxtt exubitant taxes. Export duties are levied on everything tha: goes out of the cjantrv, J aid an Import cn evtrytMag that omen In, while specific taxes are l?id upoa all tbe ?tapie pr fac tions cf SRticul. are and toe pre due ta of aecbani- j ca skilf. Whnt is to be the ultimate fate of each a country snd mob a pw pie is an iitereatlcg icqtlry tor the Ciitical pluJofopher. Tr.ere see am to be no chacca r prrgma in clviiizutlcn :r In wealth in t-jeir pre tert c nditlcn. Tn? tendency of everything ta retro*r aalre. It ia evident that the people were reve r p/efarc<J for ^government, and there la net virtue tton*h in the higb** ?laa ea vo erect and maintain a:, kdep^nror-t u:onarcby. Mexico wi;i revtr be well gc veined until ate la governed by a i toriigc power, cr by V e introduction of autre i ?n e l go t population. How eith*r will be a :com pl abfd ta tardly a matter of ape-elation, The ! rainiHl p cce-a wen. a To have bt.?n inaugurated; i whether it ftlil continue to operate la tbe <10*11. n. 1 Tho enrf xallcn ot Tex-.a Neir Mexico and Califor nia to tbj United iSt?tee has cbunaed the d ulUiiee r1 ore half the teiriuty and lu local popula tion. Otdfr haa been acb?titutrd fcr chooa, pta.'* for r? voutioo, liberty for dee(-ottera. Industry, ? duration aa<i tbe nit* Lave been a'tmu?ate1, t'.d the Htia hjwk ct a.i abundant hams', of all ttn fiu.tsof get d gorsrrment- aw, order, tbe protec tion cr pe er-n and property, tie lnvi lability cf o-.u s>Ut.ce ar.d tie puiauit ( Individual hapnjupa. Tie rtv, lutlrn jmt *et t n toot in Northern M-xi o may bave tbe ra? et1, if n-t in the cocce;>tico of ti-0 leu'e.a, ia the ultlnate recetkity ot tte uww. Tim a t a cord many ic9uential American on both t i?<a o' tre Klo Grande, wbo are fanning 'Nj fl?mescf i<j ular dltcontent. aud who wi. I person I uiiy ( ng??a in any ccn'ett that piomla'a an inde | letter" gt.vertnwat ea^t of 8i?rra dei Madre. Heel a c(Bdt*'on otce ealabl^hed, and nothing la mere raiuri?l, m we tr T. xaa bava experienced, tban the <a?yi>n? ptacelul Incorporatiuu of the n?ir skate lt,to the ai uia i-f thereat R*i>nbile. In tbat way Mexico bis loet a'i cf ! er teiritciy eaal i t th? Rio (iraac'e, while her fuprecionv oppoaiOon to t^e a'acure oc?t her aa m-cn mere ontheWeat. Tha ieatin'* ot Jtorg Amei'ca aaa kng or paealed^e abrcrptun of ail Mnico Ly tbe t'nlted H'-atea. l Treiie vtsra ago U'e hero of Ban Jac ntopro I ir.'vii Far'a Aina tbat t*e atara and stripea a^o-all | e:e lrrr wave over the taili of Moctecuiea and be plantto v-D :he fat. mcs rf lurlen. Tbo first pari of tte piobcy haa bttn li'tially fu.fllled, and the last la aotearlta aocrmpilabmeLt toat Aaerlcac capital and enteipriaa have crueud tie latnmna with taeir iron at is?, and now control tfceovtiland crmoeiee apd travel between ft# ceaca Tbe dnitiny of Mexict' of Hpaniah Americfc of the cotitioeor, u h?ld In lie hollow cf ;ne hand of tSa American ro , fubiic.wtcee wl!l alora wl'l control It. How tbat volition will l>a exerciard Ilea among the develop I n er.ts < f tf e fntiire. 7i'e lnatim-tef the preaent. at I hriue ?dab'oad,articlpaUBtbe eceai < f oar lao guag? and iawa over thi Wearem bemiaphere; and if we are true to tha present mental ard phjaical deveioj rc?nt? of our ?*<?<?, we ate destined to the acc?>v>p>fabrefnt rf tbe moat noble, benignant and glciiona mi>sioa that baa yet fallen to any peop e. ftxvxst r. Ct rrin S? lUehard B. I /*ke, of Kew be a Third I/etilenaot ia tbe revenue enfter aervle*. First Lle*it*naat Willis* J. ll->gerB, oid'ied fr^m tte revenue cutter Doane, N'ew Ort l?arr, Withe rtve^tie cutter Forward , at VTilmitir ton, Dolawate. fnoosd Ueatena^t B J. Kadan, ordmd from V* ruvfi?e cutu>7 Waebtugiia, at Na* Yrik, ?n th<? ?tter Forwar#, at Wilini'g-^vn, l?e\?r^re. T fir* P.illln IT Ja iracn to Mm out*: Waaiuagtoa, alnew Vo'k . IB WIN P01BM9 U?M, lc?nt HUrttjr of th? KmlbbMoU Mr tlM OtlMMk TO TBI IDITM OP THE MULI/D. Early U. I ait February noon three or tout might have-been fikbaste-ra wttn Lopes is Cuba uaoi to MMKible every morning in one of tie wollicnorn F r?- ecu taveroa of the Second ward. They were eyidfcB :Jy peer la pccket bat rich la that daring epirit which ia e v?r rid; to eoter lots any nah tcbeme tt?t me; be on tte tap la. They bad do fhith In Colonel Kinney. Meet of then b?d been t j the MetrrpoUtiD, bad had interview* with the woa'd bs modern Cutcz, end hid found that bit upedi'ioa wculd not do for them. T:ne, at ftra> eight it looked hEEtrdcna ercugheven for auch apldta aa their?> but then jour ay?U m*tlc hlibnater* n ever mpi/ron of Sgbtiag for nothing. their gieat maxim ia, " the labour la worthy of hl? hiie." Inateid of aupuiylng tbe ready for " ?pree>rg It on town," bo actnmly demtnled a pajm?at of bom aoare o two of do. Lara btfo/e bo would consent to enrol tbtm in l>ia "gtnrioua company " Thit Mad 01 thing would net do fur tbe geatlamen we refer ti. Tbey bad been educated in far 4ifl*re.t aoaiiia: one bad been aa cflioer in Mtxioj; knottier had fcvgbtihe ba'tlea of the Preaoh In Aigerii; while a ihud bad flobtd bio sword I a that Und cf ro manor where tao G*u?cea Utr turbid atram Kexico, A.'gtrU bed India ate certainly rnaoa pU acaot# r fltlda for the exeroiae of tbe akiil o' auoh eite' a>!dieia tana are Vae feverb?arlog awMupa and plaits of Nloaragu*. Ool. K. asy waa conaeq uaotly cat. But there wu a war in Europs. The Britlah^ra and tbe Frenchmen had boeu trying ti ttks Hs i baatopcl- not one of t:*a kner how long. Thay had not only hca.d of battlea, but they bad a:tual y ue=<ii them, and tbe aco nnta that appeared al<no?t dally is tbe BkRALD rtuaed the martial aidor at thaw flerjr aplrlta to aioo a pitch that taey were dstir niioed, like IrUbata at a fair, t> get into a tl <at aomehow. In ordinary times a run with the " mi tbotn," and a Bgbt in Brooklyn, or on on* of th? avbcute to wl&d up wlA.mtgbt bare auflioed, but aith a war In Kurope- navtr ! Buch men are learned in the law; tbey kao w the powers cf MoKeou qul'.e aa welt as they uoderaiand the efTbCt of a judgmaat. Although they do n>t entertain any ape* ud regard for the law, the ltt baa occaaioally had a very jual regard fo: th-m. Aid now again law once mora a ared then in tbe fice; wba> wu to be done ? Fight they would, and 'n tha Crimea. too, or alt with one vf loo wouid cry cv!]<h .' Gradual. y theae tbree or tour go id ea*y " ttill ,4:rea" drew ethers around them ? a Frt-ceh contt, a Pole or two, ao Kogli-hmaa, anl an editor of a paper once, l'tiey weie a*.rjng en<ogh row to regolrj th:m?elTe>? iuti a " oommlltfe of wajaaad ne*i is" ? "w*ja" for get ting at t e Bmlah govern o.(nt, *'a?*ua" (or g?t.i3g ante Crimea. Tee pi?l muar e? of the nesting were arranged cm tbeir whiskey toddiei at tae Flench tavern, and at eight tbey a'nemWtd aomtwhtre in 8t. Mark'* place. Tbe lit of ttty U paet.Bidcowe do not cbooie to aocoy thenev tenaLtaby menliociog the precise looa.'ity. ltw <ul<l be utaleao for na beie tu aet forth the aonod argu B>? Bta ot tbe F.ttch chev<ilier, or t ie iagisil iai ecbtmea ot tbe Mexican offioer, or tbe wily piaoa of the Knit ludlar. Neither th ail we atteniptto de cctibe tte entbuataam cf the French Cju, t, mi pia tuittque from ita broken Pngliah; nor the bu<?:ueaa ike propreaia cf a dry gooda clerk wua h? ) tteei Bdn>itt<d on au&rance. It w 11 tie autlicun; for u< tjftay Ibat from that evening the w^niu i:.ieme benca *o take a itftupe that aecmed liKely uMaaavely to )eid tc veiy fort ^eaulta. But we mu?t go t>ack a ilttie. A a early aa laat fa!i Engl ahmen rea diug cr travelling here had more tbir. once writtea t jth? guTexmert va Brg'a&d taut tbioga were vety tl^t.&nd that there waa no doubt, if loon em?u? eufile enilv atrocg were held out, hut that p'euty of p>'u n ight b? go< to bgbt tn <00 Kiai. l.*nd 1* *1 nieraien :s a f-njtr. mat', a'.d remembeta the?a litCe tl ioss when tbe time c-.mei n und tj uiuke uie if tbem. He ?s focd, too, 01 adopttrg aiartii?g p'uia - icibapator who kcoiva? Time* were really bid tbia piat winter, and the oe sapapt-r>i aaU ao , for (D<e, all limned lb aay log tbe aarn.i ttdog, j ia aa If it ned ca^oe by ?tleKraob. An KogU-h g?n t eroiu rhen rraidtrg in New York, ( re are a eakin of Dtc< mber, 1864,) aed acting tor cbs Bri'.lrb go ve:i mint in feome matter cf patera tor killing 1 1 the Ru.'aiere, aluo acggeite J, In oce of hla leM<)ra t th? War Deparlccent, the policy of nurrepMticaal draaiig itciuiU ficm our ptpula'.lon. tion were conecqcent'y aen tout- one w.vjM h?veth)ught to Mr. Cramptta, at Waabington; but no; tbeaa wtnt to tbt Uoiexcor oJ Caanda. Whtfi two paitiea are both working toward* *?'h cfitr, thiy wt* t in jnet half the time that it woold odicailly Uke titter to get over the wno.e die Uzce. waa tre cam la this iontauoe. The uoTtmeaiB on cne aide b*gan at Canada and teral ratrd at Washington. On tte other, they began at New York ana tetmicated at preclaeiy the aame place. Wa preauma it I* cot wr?.ng to say that Mr. Crampton ia aa n:nccmmittal now aa he waa on tee fiakety queet'.oc. All wete at length agreed that a letter mat'. be written? a letter that aboold at enoe dteplay thsir hop* a ard tteir petition. A few daye pwed aal the Eaat lidian L formed hie friend* the letter had goce? gore to Cnrada^gone to Head. All i were delighted. Ttla waa what tney called ? , " go'.tg abtad." And ao it proved. A few : daj ? mat floe G pernor had alrialy had hit j coe from England,) and * letter came from 1 Carada. The rtciplani turned it tbla way and tuned it that, fotLahly expecting, we euppoMe, to ; 1 t?e ifce " bon and the unicorn'' displayed at full : length on tbe etTe'.ope, Thia date, It waa op*neJ. He tore hm MlcnlsfcmeBt, then, whew he fouod that it waa not Jn.m OllWW Het?d at ail, but frtm a Dan te had Lieer bet?td ol, atd wboaa nam* was certainly ctver in the paper*. He waa at much : aorpitaed ai a flLl boater ever ought to bs; and j ! noit tUU, when h?. fotiJ it eimply reaunrted an newer to ere or tro qucitl e?, aid iothirg nppv rut1.} reij pertlzact to the neuter in bend. A ooa* I eu.taiion waa held upon the letter? ao acawer ??i written cat and eeit. Ti e rep.y eerae? ? aim le mggeatitn to rail at tome office In Barclay atreet, bilore t?.p apiitg opeted a&d mavt-d fo' tb? auri ? pcift'.tt of tr* l>}-'awi of t^e city, to eoahuierery era to bnl'd ar.(1 pn 1 down according to bta fann*; ; tfprfficea in Ba c.ay ttreet were ail my moon alike ; - 4l rk, MMMftttMia p acea MpL MlMM i in the day tlm* by tieir occupant! tdemaelree, i and at ilsht by t:.e Mayor # polic*. Bat tLe tfiice we a;. ud? to waa at thai time, and may b* n'W, also proUct'I by wh-t Vab I oaUi " pub' c !?w." Our frtenda ceteeqwatly thoug'H it aunoea'ato )>ut iti an apnea, ano*. T'ey tibl ao. Nctt irg *e>> c?(itite wan dooe But a . (11 jtantvraa raid er d dooe to focouraRe aurb er.tertjrl <mg gentle- > atr in tfce be'isf t &t acme'tlsg wcru'd coral uly "ixii * ot it." Tte tuwber of "woutey tcxdleV c? tiorr i d that afUtaoonat tbe Kr*nch tarern ereo 1 at'.onitbed tt< baikteper. AnJ ao tblng* went oa ! kr a i< w r?ja mere. Ma cq waa here, cold, m*, 1 a. d oncom<o:1?ble ?a t*er, hoi. nererthtlraa, bring- i ! ii fr f<&fortw;th It Id tteebkpeof * gentleman frja i?i fax Jr?tph II. we la a we!l krowa men cnt in ihe : TitTlrcee am* i a*, ?? Jocge Hailitorton would aay, I " K!iM? pi it )n tit.'' Jcatpb HowelWe? at Ha fax, | atirt the fc?t;t emar. wto came from Ila if?x to New | V' jk waa Joseph Howe- f'blm mico'a la Bi</?dway ?a Ihe b'tel pa?oti/?d by v urtrue B;itaSc; hem*f gjowl tte?e sa mu-h aa be pliaaraatthe rate of m me edd drlln:* * day. Where and how waa the ci/cr?ctiot we co r&t kr. ;w, t jt the rt'j t?xi time tbe l->ii>t I: dtan tf 10 cal.ed at t- at dark litie < ffl ? ir Bar 'ay at: ret he wa? qu^tiy refetrtJ t>'*tb? Iio?. Jr wpb Htwe, e*. I>elra.?nico'a Hotel." Vitj Jcttpb H<.wre waalheit mktewn c?map< odeot, tbe tCf enicua framer ot the two mja'e/loua que? tiora. Forborne daja OttitrMti t<o De'.mrm'oo'a wer? ; v?ty Otqurnt, and tbe h'corahle'a btil for crum p?r ne, rcosaianed in drinking ber Majeety'i health, we Huppwe,) coctinu?d to gr ? pretty f*rt~ X ;aey ^aa litely tupplied, atd our frt?-nda were proaUed crmmlMtiaitt ? provided tbey cooid get th? men to ctmmand. They went to wutk - old Mande in ra pr< prwtfl fl Iboatr ritig expecttlina cro^dei rrord iLtm, ocii drank at ertry bar ro <m -f not" In tfce city, to tte toaat of "H-or H-baetopji." Men began to crrol! tLair naaoee, and eTerythinc ?? t,t?n quietly eEough. Tbe (laet ladtta ann iaooed b attel I a? Co:otel of tbe American Ktfl<! Brigade. The ebevaUer wm major, and the o'h'ni ???? captalne- even the honorable himaelf addre??ed ; ih?Bj by tbMe title#, atd there eeemwl eeery proei^ect of tbetr all fndlrgalorv or a grare In tne Crimea But ? Jceeph H?we Sa ? practical man, and , *ht lly uco??d to fllituatering. If'hetrutn mu?t i l?e to d, be woald tuis any expedition of tte kin i. : He baa neiUertact nor akill for ^orRiDx to the lark. Ha atderataede boaiseaa only <1tea lu opm cr<nit. 1 binge n.oved on too elcw y for bias, ?o ha 1 adrertiaed for men. A {rattle* net te ate n A ?ery Interesting generally, bat Uiey are t>entr* aad { do attra-t attention orraeiomau jr. Ligerbier ?? I lorna ware aeon turned tto rreretting ffflt ?, and men came tamhllng In rrtttir f?-t. All thie, however, d'agieted our mill ary r lendu. ^ very oca of the*, wtikd/ewexoep' the l?<Me?, wfc< , bariog oi]>?d> gr* to?*tb*f ? rue ?? ?My me ?, atai'ed with them for ( an<d? N' a?on?r n?4 '.aj?y I wilhd/ewi tb*a the booorabie io? t?h ft it to i coivvBlgnt tt sake a leegre el ay (4 yew X'?k. U* melt ? r?t nne rfee'e. When 1m w?rt Ihi rewulv log officer* wtat by the b*?rd. too, Md ten* o t the w?nt >o prison. The wi ole hM wm ap ?ft. Emj dm blind t)w iratou troe* He t f?x. Wf?? wtre the rxoajM he made io Be^ey ?fre?t; what BucIat afreet ?ad to fwamjuw; ml at W**bUigl?o tald t u* Q tv tenor of C* ala ltd what Bead taid to I<nrd Paimeratod, by wav o' | exooae tor th>? meat flaiorf toe parties twnrtlvsa or ij kaow. But we aid i*? >h? ximuotlon -.mongst out mtt*tary liitada in the Prencl Uvero In tie 8?oo- d weld, and I.eaH afveeal pion? wlahss ex* I piMMdtartM peraooal aoMy or ttw> " honorable . Jr?e ph" and their g-eat fiitud, the Eut la1i?*i. Welf,??ell; they need not bare beee an anxlraa ?brat the iat?er, for no won*' hid ne*-rlr*4n Krt with bl? men, exultiog tn the pr >?p.?oi ^f >r? n, than be, too, ?i a arfc-ted? and on BntUh grcucd. Thta was Uip unktndest cnt of all. Ha *m ameted for debt lor tba passage moo ay of bimtell aid mro. In tbe coarse of a few day*, boatver, le wss liberated b; som- a^w of the grver ninet t, ?bd foiwarded oo t > H*)ir>x, w era >ie reaped tbe ie?*nl of " ill btaaorrowa, til his ir b?lrg able to *ay that be would .robably get a cap'aii < v. Wrll, we w'ab be ma? . Bo *td- <!, for a nnw, bw> laced Llctt'ah recruiting Id Arretioa. Ucdormath, however, rsoruttoig ?*t.a U'u it, hoi' we venture to asy wtll. Id xplt* of al witi watcblurfkH af we ? i>UfH>sa. lip to tie Caent ?lme a^me 1 200 soldiera b?re baen addxd to ' jtWulle M <j '? ?r?r. B >* many MM nay be so, d.^petos tc some measure, perhi -a, oa tbe movements of our clsgnsted "miltiauri" Another itcroaiit of tbe HMtulUnR. TO 1HK KfHTOR OF JtlK HftHtLD. Naw Yuuk, July 15. Iri55. I am obliged to tre widely circuited Hkkii d for the evilerce it hw given rf a^reciatiag tbe old sdage, "jiudt alteram parttm." With regard to tbe ludicrous a'atoments that have appeared in anti British guise, resjeotiog tbe Foielgn Legion at Halifax, uadir sundry avow?d and m te flrUtlou* ?tg nature^ I mus; simply tvwert that 'J?*y are one and a t tqa-?llv uovae. Tbe animus of tae writera U evidMit ? all can readily form their own coa iinnna m to the impel ling caoae of their pnb!hati.>o. But of all tbe letter* oj ttiiaaubjeet hitherto pob liabed in tbe Uikald, the one uppn li'g oa S?tor day last, ai^ned "A Iteaideut of llil'fax," mtiil carry the prta? aa a maalerly cjaoxtlin oi mla btatemeuta ?cd igi.0;aD0t?. Aa I have bxen eqaUlf aa mich ((f nit more) a retidrnt of Ha'lf<?x a? the worthy ?utbor of aaid letter, 1 ahtll allow my naif to maka a lev remarlu in reply t) bid aU'eaent. Ia the flrnt p'aue then, Icuat Infoim you thai Mr. tiraat waa cot aa hor sed by tbe Uovcrnor of Nora B^otiato rube any mta for the Foreign Legion or lor aiy other putpcee. Mr. Grant din not go to tb^ U uited BtaUa; be leatdtx1 heie at the time apoke of, aad had probably never been in H?!itax Thi 409 to ?00 Irish laboreia whom be wa< "authorize i" to ea ga^e and who "ailoved thema?lvea to be cnadanel to Halifax," n*m to be having a long pawage: for aa yet they bare not arrived. Hovevar, daring the ZLGbth cf Apti!, acme CO Iriahmcn arrived a>. Wiad ?or, N. B., acd staled they had baen seat ttiero by a certain Mr. Giant, to work on tbe lailroad. Tbia waa the flf?t time that the governoseat of Nora 8c?tie h<etd that each a per?on ta Mr. fJ.^nt exidted, ci raequizr.Jy, bov could he hare been "eu So: feed" and "?e/it" to t^e Uulted rilate* ? Themeu who arrived at Wlndasr were a?k?d if they wlfbed t.? en "it In the Britiai aerrise, aa prc oabiy Mr. Grait had lorwarded them for tnat pur porf. Hry refer td t? J > bo, m '.he; h&d been pun wed trtik oo <h? iell:o?d. lbo g< veiLiu?nt now, teeing that the men bt<l ect?al!> bftn led a*ey uotfer ?aU? prceocei, uaM n.l tbe experiate ot Heir voyage, acd esiili.ed evesy 01 1 < I ttjfiOi < a tbe rail oal. ?f er rmc* a v. en-] ar.lred from IWuu, bnnging an ctber lotof hiafcmeri, alho forea d?-d by ?lr (>r*jt. lie government,^ oouree,eoc >yrd at tble re|t*4*. (d arrival, c<te:inaed to eecj t e tlph ba:? to 11)1 It let tit m erek satUiacU iti (mm the iudtvi ;u ai %ti> bad tbipprd tbein. Ike arrval of t5ts imn hai per.irg to Tail on a Sua Jay m:)riiln<, w <o., cm ft <(uft?tl , ihsi/ tuetr cam cou'd cot b?^1 to, tfcey mete b aided and lodged at goverriOLOai ex pei er . 'I be follonlrg wwo'Cg tbev were aeked wiather ttey dirtied to rrnnin in Hiflfaxe'id work on tne ra'jioad, or rr.urn 10 the United Hutee to cU in dan,6g.? from the perecc who Mat them. fh llret prtpieel wart arcep ed by tre greater i amber of tfcun. Out or the remaining one*, aone had tiui.d fritcdn ani rtla'-ioni at Halifax, witi wt.i-rs ttey deter ml ted to try their lack; whl'e < tk tre imong wh m wn? dm with a hag* hlaJc beard, ri uried to the Bute*, fu'Ij drt?f mined, a? te Mid, " to take eatiefaction oat of Mr. G rait." W;tt regard :o the " fright" of thr (itfer.ior and Ha officiate, atd the " buimog down of Halifax ." I tnptx te the worthy " reatdenv' muet have hu (Tared from fevtilah dream* on that sorting: if not, I can not lmeglca when ha burrowed aucb a warlike Hea Yea will perceive, air, that so tar Mr. Grant had not been in Hvlifex; therefore, bow coaid the gf v<ri.mtct imprli-on bim and eeud " other " eram alule* to tbe Btalea for the porpoae of engaging Germane? Iwoor three week* !atar another v#?el arrived, hatha on braid a few mora Irishmen, and Mr. Gract hlmeeif. , Tbe Goverrment eatara'ly became indlgrant, and therefore at osee refuted t> have any deaucga whauver with Mr. Grant ard " hla nen," nut wuth irs to b< Impcaed upoi for tbe third time. But Hre waa the paatage mooev to b~ yahl. Tbe govtrr.ment moat ceitainlv wou.d not pay it. Well, tbei?*ore, the ea tain Of the vewie., *nl n>t ?b ?> G? vnn,/ of NVva Hootte, h?vlt>g no tme elm to hold tr?p' i?ibie, tad Mr. Gr^at iinprieonsd for debt. INm- n.en wtrp oirployed on tne r<llro?d. In tfce Guman ta*rp*)ien will appear a etate mibt luade by a man *Lo ban served n tea tVelgn l/?gion frja IU fi rmation a&til the pre*# nt tim i, bui who .v?? cbUJtid ua diecha'R >, o?dng t > a phy ki al eoinpla:at il oewboaonbt, or who h?ve j.ut faith in tae re<*ti ly pub.iab?>d laleehoodi t< nrtifngthe Fo rl/fi, I^-gVjfl, tend til* matemeut, a* well Mtlt !ettn?the-euL,o anrexed, from men c w rervlng in tbe legion, and they will at nee fl d ibe :iut* vtreios tl '-h* i tT*'r. "Mr. K<i>iC>Lt" net:* again to hive bai a ' " viei'.u" when he au^aka ot ths " n u acroaa | ife?rtei?," ct " irona,'' ai dot ''Hard^.'x-k'" Miucc tff fi 'n.ntioti ( f i he Imi >n ? nly two? :*u?! de<e/tion? lave tak?D plane, and of ueau'reetf-ii attenpta 1 One baj bee i but one. It i? an opecfared falae trod ' bat hc :di h of t.'ift K n?i({c I. >Mon h?re f???n . p aced io in te. No*, a ?Hg!? < < f t ie kiid baa 1 ( c'-um (', *?<! inore<vti,ou Mehilt Iniabd there j m? ro tucta <>f Iron t5 bfr t< and. "Hmdeiock" ia an appellation given by the a >1 1 dim to the ' ntiot>g ro- m." It ie a common arreat, ?Mh an can b? io all r or disorder y and djimkn' ifloiere. and ba? only ><e*c made uai of for vuttaMrg d'oaketowa and inert b r<ilai' ion "D>crg tbe mea. I ibvn'd faLcy thai "Mr. It *i d? ui' tuutt p . ?ee< a a \e:y coraidly diejieltton> be ptetere death to a few h'.ura rmfl>M(ae(.t id a da' k rcKm. am far ae the commualoatl mi between the c.t'z' tin of Ilaiifaz and Use eoldieraU retccmii . It ia a cf that T> ra, r>iTk er d Hirry are rx>? allowed t-i walk in a' d "ti of t- e ber:ack? wbfa they pUaae, but ti re?i> c Utile citl r?o ? r atranger la ?*er prem.ted from vtettlag the ia. aid and eet'.rg tbe arra^icmentethein nele^a be Me evil mo'.iv.e for ao deing. TaaUy, if "Mr. R*>.(Unt ' kroe* tiat flveaxth* cf the popuiatlon cf Halifax are againet tie ti riiit.sou ft tbe Foreign I?Kios, w*>y doea re not ?)gc t'e name to hu letter aa iwlr r- prueett tative? Harelv be teed net fear then be h*? giH I've elxtte of the populatton V/ back Jim, and vhea, t x>, wbrn tbeaiatim ha* c- tt'.? aympatby of any Krgliahicaa. "I ho far.4. t?, "Mr lira liant, ' if )ou ray ' Iriahman" icatead of "Er-g btmao," yo? wil. be right ?. he fat for t>e "BeeldactV Setter. I, fcrone, air. Mr. Kdlu>r, .lave nr. er^fTin# faith n thejutti. a of Ue laeaort hr Uaiwd Mtavw, aud ... u>a eventoal oorrcctaaia of tbe puMko opinion o their eitiatBe. Nertlirtte f rte!y laviered gold of It Jae'%. nor the f'.ihy atimoaitWa of degraded and Syr ng retegalea - a cia*a at-ova all abh ner.t to teen of coti >r la cve'y l?8d? wtll prrvaii over them The iaae of tbe United Htatea neither prevent the f< ??igrei r.or tfca itiix*n Inm leaving tbe caotry, t.tbrmgb bia presumed parpree be 'o ent#' into 'a toie gn rervioe when on itotUf era!. It wae >hna defined by W e diattngvtehed ^r*lv ryo< Hi air, Mr. Maicy. la bla toWt? ,ed 'etvera X-> Vt- "<bI*. It baa ti?-r. ibua m te recea'ly ruled ' lu ibe c nrla (f th? CclteM) H?av? by ot* V the cf '? at of jcai Jad?ea (lodge Kaoe^ la Fbsla.'e pbta. ignorant aad blind, lnd??d. mm or airworthy of fieeaoa, won be the cativeot c tkticenta f.?r> m, ?b" doea not bear the trnmpet call of r m>* uttonal hlierty it tbe preeect war, aed who nee wit yearn I ? li co parrot*, ar ft.>al tU? h (A4 h a to utr a '? part la It. Hot what eewote wIE Arrv?r|-a bear to the wr.^1, i If the peraeratkanf Utrm iMpaaaa who &?? .-a to do *o te oi a'4aa>d ? I' they ato have eo^iiy 4 tm* what t e lee pee mile are t? he arr??rfed,an^ tfcetr p ??rae oowetr ei a ait 'C he dragpd troea U-? rwel or tb< f* .rea4 cmi, tod Impriaootd m ?uppow4 infringer* of I he U* eh mt trial* oaeo* o^m" <*0 " lis Miaird, tit, Uut a.i act or word M l??J" wtth ib? low o? the United Hum h???W??d ? British official. If the lav aw been InfriafOa, It bM oo* b?en by then, bat by no *e wor'bb<*e !?<" virtiftla p aylng * partfoi wb eh ihay ere we J oold, a? d naicir t-eir b?et endeavor* to ti Ji>? e good a ad Joat c?u*e. and to eotrao other*. t. CanaraHdkif. Ftvii D*;i to a rat ?" ??? The it-Uowlog narrative we* lamuiM ut by the writer, wtth the wlah that the Barnstable Patnai and otbet ll^MCtoettU paper, wouid oopy It: - UofO'tuiuU4?Iy > on the lid of J'tly, 'Wi tseehip Jt^n Bryant, of B aton. from Legwo bounl to N. w Yoik, wten croiaiBg Nautucket ahooli, toll I? wi h aevrral fl?h og ecb oner* belonging to C a i. m iibtu ,g at uo time o'.?ai weowor, a; ooo o'o-ock i e Cla^Um ord-ted tue U"4ner ****** eJ?HrKi ?X)(1 made ioa y ui bad toe o*a ?? acboot-er to gei ?n*h coda**, w* u. tobid kul Bad lived oo Bait ^?u*l?ioo I >J llfiy oa>?. Hiao.iM wagieaclly b-yefl, n-jt a; tbf tiota anueii>o?>b* the lean d-fflcul.y of gol.g ""J hiil ?tun.u?? dtrec. beck a**in ti the aal >- toe wlufwuioaur. 1 looksauof tbebaaiaeemiu Itr^ tbe b a.. *0?.t.rte? for tOeuea?-t kooootor w?ieb wa. tbiee milt* ?i?ni t? ?*?*?. STffi **" m**u,g ber t? di/rct ? ??? wboomr, wtUi o light br??z> trow it* Vibtu 1 ?<* lite; to t * eco oa x, I oo ^ V* cuuent limning ?tiy .?^id y to U. J ttMii U/fked for tu* itiip ad wi occiffl dj iia tb?? a^ e .uU c 1 fug ?>"h bad abut bw rella lo, uut we cou-d ae* he. toil. In one ??? D.? it?iie we* neu'. u< * wilder. My *"*?? * . . ioa time waa luteew, but bd nope* the K.g -rouM Clew, but night o?me < I' aid toe Blip CJula ?? ? !* ?eri a aud toeie wb* * Oeree log ?Uli. An eo*iou? wetca w*a kep . d'.rinx tte 11I4OI ou btmt < t ie enlp , ei d ?Ciuoi et, but o? to ?Vdlt. ' be m^irolng 1 ?? (j win It came fe?rlai double of eooin^ the M id ?*?Hi ar.oit of htr d^tined ,^?rt; nJt*itO?taoa | uj, wi Lau ^ glloituo ?Dg f l>^. bTan?? I ce ut, oiitii the eeoobd Hg *t chiu ?? up le < |U(i etd I WJ "*"??? I i u-nt hi nnol the rtauiog oiuicliig, whi -i TUu-tway, me 6tb. 1 1 ga?" up eti , tA neuiLg un boaid the a ip. My .wpea irere *hen diH*ri In varioue di ectiou*, <ad rwy ouud iroaaome ut at etn5*iia*iwdl0f *hl.ufi ?eeeou. cu?a dtflug oo , wpa.c?.im6 wea meat u\"iHb.e to #tt?r, for BeiUier ay men Of oijii^ii b?a any j ?ok -te or 1 and a* we did not aotimp*te trie l.k# b' aK ?"r laie belMe leavitg ihe ahip. were eh ?lly uupio pbitu 10 nii-ei it'( and the wratOtr being *ery w.t i.d ccld dtuuig tbe tune, in?U our aitua t.on vttv dlKigrotable ltdeed. Th? i\?Oiug ?oujo Lr m? .vlUa the (leaeral Oreu, of U^M1 ur, comu andtd by Captain 1>. Paifcuioot tbot to#o, ana "Hbtd by KiHe K Blgn. I e*? by the m.ffr mm 'a and "he cooretaaUic of th? cnptala at timta, Oe did OJt InVuod relmtlug .?ui anv ICUB utuaUos, through a prl.c.pie boonglLg to a man. vz : "Do ae you wi-a v.. 0j d.ue by ? liutdiDBMd auni ia a fmjid J. liraieLtv t(U tilm ?a) to hiaoarf, If ???oula OLO tu tU thue and ao, ? ^ b- ue In tbieo or four daya, A . 1 taeo ?*ia to bim "Captain, if It 1* otalr queanon, what will ?b tikt lo go In ti Bandy i*oiut a?d ctrry nn iid my boat fur; b.Ug a fair wind and a ??? biatsv it will not take you but a wut .ilifbt -our#? Be mle ni an.ear: ' To mo.r,*, afwr the low ? attr alack, I wUi try to inanage a me *ay to gsi %ou IB." My m>ii'l ?a? toeu ?rapp?U iu kesu aua Lnoe, n.y bearc 0:led wito Borroe W the brim, ood , te? e oculd tuckle down my cbeL-ka whi:e I Ltr curroM deck, to mlak xha'. I, tuii nf ?ni ml >n, uufct ba tifO up by tbe noa- ?l-b a Mauilu* on Nauiucket tbmu. In ? ????/ b*/f ** nub. K?r a lime, 1 ocnl.1 tot uil bo* lotg, , hntinn no o'c'bt* ti wliea wa., no U> k.ep the leet Bry, or warm, mi d tH-lx-g veiy ?l ilr-iuj a*, the eaoia tiiaa 10 <we ut/ wnich I b?d at th^ umi ooen abajut fr. m LVax un mou'lia. I ??> y ? f lime wtUi ibeui tibikj 1 w>a incre, taai tbrvi# U f m vovju atout Mxt > (uuet Iron my h,"u i w^ u lCed >n Huutu IU <ic,Ma?., u lc milta f't^u M"nc/m iy. I w?a a ?o very au*i >oa to m"tm>^hip ?o N?w York. I w*i ut coimly ou tte Ckptem until tue Bill day ; ?e bkd Utn bu<Ti ?? tK>B.d uiee d?y*; 1 -ben .ear be Old not 1 no -1 1> cam m ; 1 tbto tt?ked hio? wb?- be ?r >ulJ aoil me i teol hi* coaipatatB for; be w< uJd no; toll aie. I eeKkologto uy lo itach toe laud la ro> imbi, 1 w^uid have left in my boat *itbout ? e . but the Un being bo thl< k I wae puiklrd uoir toe^r W t ned a lue fit?b bre?? bl ?Hig f*lt H 'in fcr tLfc l^rrt nil * '*}? 1 ?topptU quiwiiy mx\ ^ly ? *Llch w ? Satu-diy , wu. u Tti*Bt:?n With ''le cBiUio, bb I bad pre*iou?ly heard Hm M?y be wb* ^*tia?B4?nUy ua.n# 0J? bUi o? (U* evccubt, but did nut ray wk?t mco .unt Ilia bBlt oua fitj-t. iwrjilealn Ice lead, (aptaifl, I Cu nor lie toy propriety in you. tx-ieriKButiy udr* jonrUit. lake ai.d kllco them , (Le had <f/0 porgiee Uben on UJord) they will aell w?L m d go in, aid cury bb in, joo hbm got a fli-B lair w.nd, ?td torn jnow 1b nun.' ay, you can tbta be at h:>o ? otd wlU be read /to cjdi? on Moo da) ?g?iii." He (?Id Hubcbt dll no. make any dlfftrrfcto with bim whUB ?*b??if; h'm the i?t? of B??umieg a good ojluotpaL He U?en .a? t e wUhed the n^xt .hip thai arid* ber ooat on board of blin wotrfd Blok, ond 0I1 co b^ord ^of bor. lor he bad iret enough hy them, and "e b? Hint ibey thought tba. fiaoermeo ooghi not to ha?B h UtItk A !. I to'd him 1 tl ought be ?a* lacking of ?hat tte low klhwe 1 him * *; o0??0" ' f! talJ hi* new and owieia would Hod fault ?rtth him it U did anything different fiom wuat |l^ waa l ten Obing. At iaat Kundaj came, w< nt to Oahing aa wmal. At 10 A. M. tb? fog b,igbtet?d up. 1 raw a Bblp lumb-r Ht|^? c?ine and apoke un, wUbing to ^ ?, uth ?boa! bore; I told him; 1 ? mk* Wm whart bewaaUiUCd; he ikld , to New \ork ; ' J * ? II be w< nld take mj boa\ and three meo with bim, U aaid t.? wou d. VN b roadlij went 00 b . ard ^n, ?xd waa ?erv happy to do ao. It waa the now tcbcx Vi'luutet-r, of Mill Hikge, Maine ( apt^a HtrouKht. Heappearid to bo much a geo la man. We *nt?d in New Yoik 00 tne lo.h ol four d thai the >h.p lad arrived "? wrie mu< h aU.n-td ua. Q .W loog tba fhhlEH rcbo< n*r laid after w. leit ' c*tn J* **'? I a?Vtd Ub captain bow loog be intonded lo a?op ?Un- whin I w?a leaving. He aaid, ab "it fo0",?>(*t I prrrumeall the Maa-achu-Oiu tl ?u>m-n d ? 1 sot fc't on the came pilnclpla. I h pe ibey ?id aJ? member ?e a;e by time* til dekeodiiiK uj>cn aach !'tfi lad to ccjltde, I ahali r^vr lorge! IW liar when I wa* on Naclui-m aboal* 00 > }>>"* * <j:ciiu?trr fl.birnian 10 nde /' tikh'a<,uaiBul.t? Item Ughoio, boor nt.. Now K ^rk * 1 Ai.bbmt i>. I lk*' M Ate if 1 be ?hip H'yact. | Ohio ?? A MlMlwlp|>l lUllmtil. (J loai tb* IK. I'>uta K?f. up I, - ? n , Jul; II | Id thn H .arj of A > 't;ro u j wterda) , tbn lo ..r,tr ton IilOlMXJl'ua '0?>? pl?C#' ? ? h- Ji'ini Gmomtea ? ? the O ikj and Mtwiaaippl t i'.ul'jcad, t>ui>u*r ? t . n.?iiu'Uor* eonUtMl >? a nacteltoB ol t>? Jl ard of aI >rm*n, pta*?>: 01*. a '2d limit, direction Ibmi " lu twlir *t b II nrj l> liner n, fur tti? pur><?? ?>f w/ruiiiiriK wtiat ?uj? he drtlrM t)>e cl j it Hi Loots o uke id 'iCt-r 10 pff tfrC har li.U-<?*t tfliald fo?<l," bd< ??a*? , r?p< il, Ibit Uiiy oa?? i?iorrn?d ib* da*/ a*. *ftl*d t0tf.?3 U ? reaolt c I wJi c'i #111 ?pp' In t ' ? a c< n.|.it.>t: 4 oorraai^r diaoa hm-nviib ?at> a.t<?d. & C ln.ii ?at IUdl. n I 1 I UIH, Cu?a. H. 1 lUdi't ' T*o*. M. WlMiLl. Tfj f>. lUrox, >><4.: Hi/ la jtar c >n ti ur < a'k ii < ' i>'t ^>ta "f J uu, 1 *?>.?, 1 1 Via Majof 1 f tar tit/ of Mi. Ixnia, wlii Ji my* laid M ra t'u City I. ;ri. my, that " yon ara .ila.-oHd l> > lli.U w h ttr 1 >tj id an>ihi[(t wMtb caa >' ?? t>* di>n? w> plota? t t c tat rtmK of the ?f( rkfn Kiaia ol lb# ?v<nii>?D7 " l-'p '0 WBI-h U?? 1 Iw aid tf kU fiutii pUMtf tbe f* 4iu?ln|[ rwoiaU'o I ' itf ? W'O, 1 :.*t t*r "/tnfcirt** 1 d tM < >oi j aud *#?U?tij,l K?Ui<?d C mpaoy fium iftka B trl b? ! li,?tio<lf<l to 0"if?r 91th lleLty l>. Ha ?*> B*')., I'riaUcDt or aaid ? m^ait/.for in* pure<?eoif a mm a 1 1 k ?kat ?-?pa Lc d#?lrta t' a r tjr ?f -M. L.ul* 1 tn taka In crd?r to protect t rt 11 u ir*? 10 aai 1 ' S w, Id ?orord?D> ?IU/ *aid pr?.pt?lu /o.aad ia <**> ofi 1 a to ? am ?a uti .n, we. r*op?; fail; aak la* In wfcat tan tha at/ Mt. I/kim oMta wi'b y a In tba pwtmloa 'A )ba i.iK-fai of U>< >U < kW' An?f Wfcatkt4|w do y?*j Uj<i dt/ fH. f. ill* to 'a?? ?Hh >&? tb? pi?/iactf"t a?'d ' W 11) jitj ktr d ?eo* ft lo aql>?itt t?, ui ai.j jn*> li'i-wi j cai?)M?(i' maka tova d* tM a(?.a 1 pi'ti.osei t of aal<? bjft ? aia yi> par?d tu <n> alU1 r* I' a'l kH 1 ??**!-? iiay tv?t Biajr rt.rji, Uu. y tm tak'B ID U<? |,md a' iJ r?a}? "Uul:. aak an ?a'lji ?lf. With m r tm- Bta oi i?t4> ro w# ara, ra?p?"fiil'f, jr o? ?!?? , wiuu, l.l!. Ui.acaacu, T M Vtnitu, I'an'i *; Tatu>b, (.'??* H. Tnt4w. rtt Imcic, J?l? 7, 1 Vii. M' ??!?. K C. Hi icii tm, bao'i. U IUtu>b aad ( iii*. ii fit:* ?*, ( omiiB uaa 00 l'.? r?4j of I Ik* < |1) CtDI.'.'i <f Ht. I / bmi t ? ; ; !*?' 1 a?i Id laoHvinf ytnrt >4 ?> <s d*ta, ' * *? n.^ai I* 6 by ? Opt of ? of tb* H*?"l of A"mr?b ir>**iorU?? fvj>*i?it4** o> r0'i??r ? rtiu^ai. t(ka Obkoatid IUI r< *d C >'* tha p?rr'ia# at *?-??'.* i*a? vi a> 1 fWira W ? Wy of Hi. ly ^1* v? tak* IB o <"? t to *r*?<"V Btf luoawj n ^4. Y'O a?k ? I. Is aU? naa lia* <aj el Ht. !/ oia vi !'? BfJi io? *1 1 a prvt??U<a of u-a rM nMoi tka?v?kh?U?n1 1. p? Wit uu : ?f ?f Si. U?li to toka with yea toni* the protoettpa of Mii ?tack 1 3. Wis jrra bo ktn 4 aoougfe to euboelt to UMT pmpoaltioa joo amy have to m?Ju toinrdi tho OW com jliahmect < f eoid otyaot ? ]? tho ommuoic .tioo which 1 odAroaaod to Mo <r, on tbo 7!* th alt., m> ohjsci ra to briag bo for* hie nli. d the tart, iiit( muu hoi boat pro ?idf d for the c mpletno of the work oa tM roo4 neoeatory to He < peeing, *nt for tie pay m -at of the totonet <n tbe b >n<ii f tb* compeoj dueoo tfeo let Ibetoot; end ru thee. thai thu U>iog dooo, tmi by It toe roid naved fro* etenfloe to too flit a?4 H*roon moHga?r ttoodOo'dere, I wot ready nod willing ?till to c i-opera'a with ihe city la aay pro I?t pi*a wblcb I', mtxht de* ee to eeve ut proteet tbe of oil tti* et< ck holder* of <fc* compeoj. Hut I di ? not r>]>oct to oe ailed opoo to aaofco ? J^K-uo. u Uim city for the oceoapttihT? I af Aa I'lraldm' o( th* O' lo tod Mlaeleelppl B?ilroo4 CV ai>ki it i? Dnt within my paver to aeko O |if< i ; but wU1* * view of f*cUtvetlo? yoor , ? florre, wiui ?a uj-, % rteelro for the adopMaa of "nif p.M wbc ah* I . iWiaJly protoct t JO la ter** tof tbe etoc* hollrr. . provide for tbo II <ju.4*Uob o* tJ thu i- o? or .ho ooapiai, I , wt>l nuke y<u ite fotliwti g propoattloa, wnioe, If oecepttd witnia the dec ??& dk>?, *h?U be MaaMT I U|0e my Urea. P?k*A U?v?, via: ? 1. Tbe r> id being eoit unW u? Oe*d of ?r?t tDu vte?i J Ui the p? 'y unrctikalng, M^*ct to the ! te/m?of kg'??m>nt n?t?^a the city Mid 1'ege ft | IfatroD ae .'eretuat'er "xii-raied, I prn.oae thattla e ty ahall have uti<n the ilrwt d*> of December east to dotermire wh?*hrr ehe will rroeem tbe prw peilT e*d rt-ltntl tb" cmpany witi the title ?ad Full p"?ee*iUu ot itie, on the following oeodl Uona. vie: ? I. T."r ity ehall pay to r*?r A II ? oa, or th<ir the fu.l ?ia tint of I'm de*d ot trait oil ttittd by the Ohio eac M'tieiMippl Ktllnel OiafW ry to theoi oo t jb Otb June laet, irlib leterait, oeela, Ao. 1. Tlia*. in tddi'lnn to ebova. tbe olty ehaU pay to tbi n&id l'r "r & It .<? o ell monira prrperty expaod od oo a: cu: t of the r el cr fir tie Ciineaor enb etqeett b> the da e i f tbe ef>ioe?id derd %( trvat up to toe tine uf the m Wafer of the property ao aMreaid utJur the truet to the Company, ?rltfa Wiret therro". 3. That for tho none; ma ? tv?-red or furmlAM by ihe olty, tee ??oi. end MieiUMtopI Railroad Oeai l>ecy the 1 M' e?> ro* , or b"fore the con*umiae4aa of U-.e ar'abgtx.eot t>y the peyueutof the aaaaaar by the ctt> ae efnrtxtd. tbet it will l?ne to tM e 'y lt? third nwrf?ef{e b ?e3? for the fall omjoat oi eaii kdveice, b ?ila< Interoat %t 7 per otot. pa eble real tbcuiJ.y lo t o city of New Yerk.OM bo vine tweuty ytun to run. 4. Tb?t u i Lr city, <n the flnit day of Decembar r.c*?, til* u. life I** litenvloa, In a meaner biediac npcb It, i hit the fort|ot*K or engeaient or pr ipeeT tlon wtil be cart ed out, live fuituer time of toroo motit^a i? heteb* uUa.Kd for the fail poyaal of tbr ni'>o>7, ee exprteted in eecttoea lint and aaaaot ol ttale ptov kitleo. Tbe l<eiiie:etiue of thle State meet* In Noraabar: and. in intklrg th'a pro.iwition, I nave ex traded tba time, ao ae to give the city an opportunity of obteinir r the aanctioc of that body far toe autbarikf ieco*?ary to ovry oat the prart?lo?a of thla proper tioo, ebould It be deemed Important, or toot we ally I ha* t o* &'j?r tbe r'(|ul?1te iooer to do ai. I have atlll fuitber edded to tbe time ? three o^otbe afur tta formtl ei.d binding r.b iffatloo af tbe city hee Ut n executed to (tve the city owplo time to dliioee of Ite McarlUoe to meet the r>qa<ro men'e of tre ctne. My orxtety to prtmrrre, Intact, the lateraato of al paitue, bee cd toe to wt 'oi no boniu ? oo advea t?>re k" wire cut of my pr>rition. I etioll feel oaplp comprn?a'ed for the rx'ra >rdlu?ry edvaacee wo heve mele en>l *r* ut<l r, if, by thie plea, the eb jtru tn vleir :-eo le ec orn^liehed. To tny mind the t'iin ?? in? fea-lbla. Tree, tt* edncce arMci It luvolvr* l? a large ooa, bat apia old ulVd k< untj. Tbr roed le noe optaod Ma eLti;e levg'lj, em) )te inevl able inome will eaaa ett ap It tm one r>t the heel, If oot thr b?et, reada of t< e coiu try. W ?b tola erreueemeat lt? botdo4 crbt ?i;i Ik fi.r l?rU w iber><?t of r ??trae too u?te tlit; m< *t f?v?.*whte euaplcu end tua m??t ocaooat ca tn?v*k r nr l" Hut It le t? r y? u, ger.tJeaen, end ibe city, to weigh tu* e It. c *i.<1 etteloat lOe pr<i xx'liao, acd my ? a)y tpilogj f >r ? nvrlog any to yoar oaw kl< tret. on U Irorn yi ux ?>' trutg deiire, la the l?ttar liefoie ti>e, tad In the |? eocel iatetviaaa I have lad ? lib m ne of y u, 'or my own por*oaei vie ew up1 o tb a mt'ect, U??'. I have ventured to give 0 few of tt.e*. A??ln eeenHng you. grotl?men, of my arilaat fa el/r ?? do e!l li. niy tv w>r to co-operate will yeo lu tleatjuatajett of tM? imp rtajit maoiuro, 1 to sain, vci y m [xctfu ij, your < beJIeut *ei-veat, II. I). HkOOM. Tl'a rrpert wae rrfrr ed to a Select (' xataittw, c< rn| o?i d if Merer*. Counan, Wnlla ei.d Thotobatf Lynn Km-?ki*ih. -Tbe I.ynn A'm? wjiorW tbt f ore abcut 78 .WO la*a ro?<U In that city twrf j'$r, and ?oar ?(?:? Ire taabar n l*ij(*r. 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