Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6901. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, JULY 20. 1855. PRICE TWO JENTS. Visit of the Albany Vommu*ou Council to S a tea liuwd. a. PLBA'AANT booial oathbhinq at V4*ant"> ; HOW THI HEALTH OPP1CBR BHTKHTAlNBD HI8 FHIRNDH - 8PBBCHBS, BKHT1MKNT8 A?D TOASTa fcXcliHSION DOWN THB BaY, ITO Dr. H H. Thompson i who Iim recently been appointed to the -m portent end responsible poet of Health Officer ol the fort of New York, entsr.alaed e large aumoer of hi? friend* yesterday, at bis rasidence on Btaten Inland, with the roost generous hospitality The Doctor was before his appointment, a resident of Albany, and ?when called to the portion he now holds, occupied a ?eat m the Hoard of Aldermen of that city, where be gamed the respect and ts'.eem of all wb? were aa qualnUd with him. both aa a private citizen and (n hit capacity as a public officer. During his brief residence amcrg u?, he has gained a large access'on te h<* number of friend*; and even those wuo were strongest anooj bis political opponent* hare been the first to tender him the expression of their good "labe*. It was a desire on Uls pntt to reciprocate those fee'ings towards biotha leo to tbe entertainment jesterday. About a hundred and b"y person* were pie-ent, connating of the mem bers ol the Common Council of Albany, several of the Sta'e t ill. <-rs, the Coamlshiooers of Em'grpton, the Com mit otvrt-ot Health, and a considerable num-wr of. .tlier*. Aboii,! >h?t? we noticed Man. Alvah Hunt, Ex- Mayors feix, aiirt iajlor, of Aliany ; Mayor I'armsle., the pre sent ciiiel msijlstrsts of tnat oity; Junius T. Mr. John a. Cooke. Mr George K Cooke, Dr Wm Kocawsll, Dr J. Mill?r and F. E. Mart ndale. E?q., fiepu'.y hsalth ofli-er. V- was expected tuat M*ior Wood aod uoveruor Claik wcula he pieaent, but toey both sent tne folio ? inn letters, regretting their inability to be prasen? ? ? July 18, 18j5. Ft H TiioMrsox, Ks<i- ? Dear Kir ? I bare tte houor to acknowledge r?cslpt of jour kind invitation to visit Quarantine to-dsy ; I assure you that it woul 1 alford me ?er* vrra pleasure to avail myself or this opportunity to me" t the distinguished gentlemen who will bs pre sent i n 'be occasion; but official duties of themistur sent and pressing nature compel me to c'ecl ue its ao o*ptan. e. *e pleased to exprs** to jour guests my sinceje regret in being unable to participate in their featlv it With sentiments of estsem, I am v-ry truly yours, 11 ? WtJUD Jilt 17, 1865. My Ik?k Sir? I have tbs honor to acknowledge the receipt oi jour p?llts invitation to meet tbs Commis sioner" of Emigration and other friends it your home to perlske o< a yuaraatln* I in jli on 1' next 1 ?xcei? in^lj regret It will be impossible tor me to be with *ou on that occasion. Very respectfully, your obedient s"rTei't, M. H. OL.ARIC, L?t sts o' apology were also received from K. W. I-ea ?venwortn. Isaac Newton, anl several others In coo* pint *ioe withtne lnvita'-lun tne numerous com panj fcH. vuilied about one o'clock, at the pUturenque nam-iou oi Itr Thompson, where tbsj wer? recived by that K?r tinman with the most lordial wsljom* There was many a meeting of old friends, and thorn who were strangers to each oth?r be fore icon .became acquainted, It was refresh ing to tee the entire aisenie Of that r?atraint and formal' i j which to? often prevail at social gatherings tvery out teemed determined to enjoy himself, and we never a pirty who succeeded ao entirely io their own e?- infection The day, although excessively warm in tbe city was quits pleasant ou the bay, where the intense beat was moderated by a mo it delicious breeze. As we luv oil undsr the shale of the trees io wmch the of our host Is emoo vered, and enjoyed the beaotnul scene when lsy outspread belore us? me bay Studi ed With > easels of all sizes, from the gallant ship frei(fht>-d with the produce of aistant lauds, to the little yaer ' with i'a merrj party of pleasure s?e*ers? 1?? lur rouriiuiK fcenery glowing in all the beauty of summer ? the city looming through the hazs In ? hmh it seemed envelopid ? as we gazad upon ail these . we pitied the condition of the ?. ven hundred and fifty thousand perspiring oltl *er? ?bo wtie continrd within tb*t tildirnwi o( brick and i.orv.r, called the Great Metropolis Such w<re our feelings whtu tbe musical found of a bell rsug in our ?iiis, ?nii tb* no ess musical of our hon; invited us to t?rtsK> of tbe bountsous repast whins he hid prov ed. We will not attempt to dsscrio? the many good tJjioe s that greeted our eyes when we en'ered the bouee .t is enough to say tnat all the delicacies of the seaaoo were tbure ia the gr*it?st abundance an 1 that tbs art. o? coosery seemeo to hav? surpasred itseif in i?s efforts to do justice to the Doctor's honoitality. llifore tbese the appetite* of the guests rapioly gave way, anil then, ?a usual under *ucu circumstance*, cams ths speeches toasts and sentiments. Dr. Tnompson made a lew brief remar** in -relation to bis pre sent i.osit'on and tbe duties of hi* otftoe Since eu tring. said he, upon tho dla'.bargeof tbe duties ?t Health OBljer of tbe port of New York, 1 bava from time to 'tine labored unier the many embarrassannts -which are always incident to a new offli-e, but never up to the pr?e*nt t-me have I been so much ?#birfa?el a* now. I ?>e around me tbe Mayor and Common Council ol tbe city of Albany, the Commissioner* of Emigration, the 1 1 inuitasiooers of Health of New Yor*, and a num ber o' 'be o'-U?guished cltl/ees of both cities, and in tbeli presence 1 moat confess I am at a loss to exprss < ia woi-'s the plessure and gratifioatlon I feel at th*1' attenOaoce on this occasion 1 can only say that I feel nniler msny obligations, and sspseially to th* Mavor and Cwmon CouncU of tbe city of Albany, for the prompt in- nner ia which they accepted my inv* taUor aud indebted to tbe Commissioner* or Kml. crat.on, ?o.l other citizens of New Yorx who have honor <t me with their presence. I hope that you trill not r-avi cause to be i!i?plea*ed with your visit to Quarantine, nu'. that you will hare cauas to remem isr It beie.f er with feolisga of pleasure. The Quaran tine it ?n institution in which the whale city in intersst ?d. D bus heeu e*tabiiihen for the purpose of prevent ing tbe tmp> rtation of malignant, infection* and con tamins'i' * flieeases. Ard yet, wbils tbs city of New York is ?? despl? interested in it, tbs city of Alh*ny and other i?- rtion* of ths State are no lass so. Hut for its ?xietei re L-re, ii*es*e m ght be spread throughout the p>a?e ?nii it needs no lively imagination to foretell the eonsei,ii>rces Hence It 1* tbat this institution has been e?w ! i-lod- that is, for tb* preservatijn of the public health, by protecting It against contagious dls eaten 1.01 ng the emigrant* seeking a home in oar coun try I/" me. raid ne m conclusion, give you a* a sent! jnint "The Major, the sx Mayors and Common Council of tbe cit ? of Albany, the ?'omnil?*ioaer? of Emigration of ths -It r oi New York, the C-ommisslonsrs of Health and the se^ i-ral member* of tbe Common Council, sll of tliem repreeetitnttves of the people, and generally inter'sted in car ?,'?>/ out fully and completely tbe objects of tbe institution at Ststen Island." To Tb'* Major 1'ahmkiek responded sabstaotially as foUows -hr. Health Officer, on the part of the Corpora tion of tb? city of Albany, and ths cltixena here pre sent, i'. belong* to me to respond to tbe exprssaiins of kinctess in which you have alluded to oar visit b?r*. la tbe prteent Mats of the heated term, 1 cannot b* ex ported 'o be very warm In my remarks, and therefore 1 eanao . < o ju-tlce Io my osrn teelmgs or tbo*eof my follow ? citi/f na ? for to speak in such a manner now would aa Dogberry say*, be ''most tolerable, aod not to bs eni'.utoo." I wiu, tb*refors, confine myself to the axprsesmn of our tbanks for this invitation and the Cordiality of our reception. It ia peculiarly gratifying to us to have tbi* pleasing reunion with you. because it afiords us an opportunity of meeting hare our mnnlciptl brethren of the city of New York -of that great qaeen ?tv o? which we are all so juatly proud; aod of becom ing acquainted also with thoae ollicers who bavs tlis BianagrmeDt of these great philanthropic Institu tions, o< which we have more reason to be proud tban e\en of the wealth and commeros 'and mag ?itudr of >sw Yors, aad I bops tbi* i* the lnit'atory step to a more cloae cimm union be tween the municipal aad other authorities of the Em pire ei'y and tbe city of Albany In relation ta your self, nr. ib ttkiag leave of you we do so with reellag* of legret at the loss of one who i* most estimable In all the relatirit ? of lire, whose skill aa a os^ioal adviser piacee blm aming the highest member* of hi* profession; wboee eervice* as a public officer Will prove most sffl dent sn 1 one who haa also been a hard workiog whig (lausr.ter aad applauae.) If be needed any reeo?m?n Cat on tiom us to yon, gen'lemsn of New York, we eauld rive him one of the bigheat character Although In *oni? <ioar?er* be may b? thought to be an Albsay maa put into a New York position; yon will all 0n1 him to be tne right man put into the right plaje- I beg I leave Io propose in ooncluslos ? '?Tie bealtu o*t?e Commlssioaer* of Emigration, who, a* a**ntnof tbe people of tbe citr of New York, h*ve so afflclentU and *o ably discharged their as to de serve not only tbe gratitace of all foreigners, but the thaaks of tbe people ot tho whole rteate." |.x .Overman Jabxk Kbit replied on behalf of the Onriwiooeii or (migration, ia a few brief aod happy remsrss. aad concluded by giving? i "rte i ommoa Cwuacll of the ( Ity of New York." Tbi? hroujbt out Alderman Hahksk, President of tbe ^oard <>t Aliermea, who ia return gave? "Tl." Common council of the tlty ol Albany." Al?!"i man MrHiJwn re*[?nde1. and proposed ? "Tbe Health fifficsrs of t!* ' Ity of New lTark." Mr i owevm, I'resident of the Hoard of Couaeilsnea, tna/e s few remerks oa behalf of Dr. Thompson, in the course of which ha took occasion to berate thoe* re form* rs who bad deprived tbs Oommoa Council of on tsrtalaln* the auttoritiei of other ettiee, aadesUndiag to tbem tboee rites of hospitality which It had been their ptlvllese to eterdss for ysar* past. Be gave ? "Municipal Government 1st tbe people take care to ?lect tne r gbt repreeeatatlvss, aod they will never go wrong." In response to tbis, Mr. W E. Rosi.eisov made Mopk* aorcus remark* aad saded by aaUiag ont Mr. "Elijah f . Pardy, f?mi iarly knosra aa the <<Old Warhorae." Mr. I>aidT tided with Mr. Coaovsr la bis denuacistlons ot tboee *- reformers," aad tbongbt It was tbs right of ths Common Or unril to enjoy tbe privilege of entertaining tbs ^bUe authoritiss of otbsr sitlss when tbsy visited Nsw General J. J. CoAiTOLm reepoaded la aa ap, ro prists toanner to a toast to tbs press, aad after a few remarks from Captain nilsbnrf ynd others, ths ompaay pro MSded on board the steam Vat Hun, which had bee a en cased to eaavey them down tbs bay. A* eooa as all were oa board , (bras ehsst* wsra given ta the family of Dr. Thompson, who responded by waving tbsir baatesr ab'sfs. During ths trip down wa were eatsrtalasd with pnrni music by sn sioellsnt band, aad a daase was got ?p ' but it p? ovsd a failure, as tbare wsra no ladlae on tbard. aad a few member, of ths ?t?rner *sx had to supply their nlaoa. Hosrersr. other way* of pas*iag ths time wsra devised, aad the Uate pases i sa piessantJy that it appeared t? pass uanoUce-l. Ml. Mcllam/ favored the company with torn* capital lmpromp u rbjBlif, which kept them in roan of laughter. ill f'icft?-or E W. Underbill, from (jtrnu;, recit-td ? DumtMr of buntoiou* piece* and soogs and seve-?l i comic scngH, which produced the ?ame pUasaut < *n our return to Quarantine, we lasM Tnora;>s >u and a few trltnds, to whom we tare three che?rs an l " a tg?r" at parting, and 'hen proceeded to Cattle Garden, the new emigrant depot, where we dissmbaiked after a day of the most pleaasnt eociaJ enjoymwt ? a day which will long be remembered by those who were trviisnt, among thelmoet happy ruminiaeenoes of their liver. The Committee on ta?i? ?nd Oil. A meeting of the Committee on Lamp* and Ga?, of the Hoard ot Councilman, wa? held yeaterday (Thursday) afternoon, at the chamber of the Board in tbe City Hall. 1'ieaent? M?ssrs. Pincknej, l'urdy, Moore and Floyd. Mr. Hocano'i for the Metropolitan tin* Company, closed the argument. He had stated in the course of hia remarks, at the tlma of the last meeting, that there was no contract or obligation to prevent the city from granting the privilege of pipe laying to any pernou or coirpeiiy. Alia a tentlon had been csllel to tbecoa tract between the city and the Manhattan Company. He V new what the provl?ion? ot that contract were. The company should light the lamps of tbe pnblic for about Bitten dollaia He knew also, that no ex c' t'gfct waa given to }the compaoy Vo lay down pipes in the atreet. The Cammittee would recol lect the New York Gas Company la 1S28 got this prohibitory grant, allowing them, to the exclusion of all other persons or companies, to lay tbetr p pes. He held in his hand a copy 01 the agreement made between the New York asd the Manahattan Gn? companies. An it waj fomewbat important that tbe Oommittee ihoul 1 understand It, he would read from It to substantiate bis remarks. The contract waa. made fith May, 18iH be tween the Mayor, Aldtrmen end Commonalty of tne c'ty ?r.d the company, it grants the gaa corporation jtbe r gtt until lbt8, to lay tbe'.r pipes, but it made no ex clusive grant. That agreement, If It bad stopped there, could not have been interpreted to give any exclusive right; but lest some such Interpretation shoald be given the Common Counc 1 guarded itselr in this agreement by special woidirg. They say; "And it is hereby ex pieesly provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed or dsemed as graniing to the said parlies or the sec/nd part any sole or exclusive right or privilege, or at preventing tbepaitlmor tbe Drut part !rom granting s like privi lege to any utbsr p*r?on or company " so that it is clear this question at tbe time the contract was mule was enliiely put to rest, so far a* any right to the ex clusive use ol tbe street could be pretendei to by tbe Manhattan Company ; and the contrart of tht Sew > orx C< mpany bal expired by ita own limitation, no that tbeie ceased to be any exclusive lignt to Uy down ],i>,?s; and tow be would aek by what right the New Yotk Gas Light Company appeared to oppose tlie granting of an application whica the Com mittee bid a right as ftee as air, to grant to any into' bory or 1 ompany at pleasure? By what right did they iu terpoae betw-er* tbe claims of the Metropolian tyonipaay to tbe privilege and the grant of It? Is it any tnterfe r.n-e with the lights of the established companies yiat 1 ? . lie opposed r Clearly not. Nothing is asked for to 1. 1 leie ?ith their rights. th? Metropolitan Compnay nap ? ssk? to be allowed to lay down her pipes and they cone in to watch your act on. li it from fearof tbe raerlflce of public interest ? They come betore you to try and prevent the granting of the privilege wbish they have held In monopoly for so long a time? to tbs nuking, as counsel auppoeed, of an unwarraatabiy large profit. That is a question with which the Com mitu e, however, jhad nought to do, sitting to nay wnather the public good requires the gian'ln* of the privilege, or if any public evil will result from ?ucb a grant. On the ?an.e principle aa these c?mpani"s inter pote, so mixht an obi bank step In to prevent the ettahlmbment of newer ban**, beaause fie ot.l b*un could furaisb enough of bills as should be wanted for circulation There la not a right to the weigh- or tm port of a atraw that 's asked to be laid hands on; an I II eny such lights are Sndable in opposition to tbe claim he should like tbem to be pointed out. The on y ana.'.ow of aigumrnt tor thu oppoeitlon ia in the two conliactr. lte Urst waa gone out by limitation, and tbe sveoui specially leave* the city Coiporatlon tbe pow?r to grant the like privilege to aiy other corpora tion He contended that these two companies h?U a monopoly, such as Is not another in existence in the i iiitfd States or throughout the world. fcvery m?n lights his home? bis shop with gas. an'! It bai become an article of prime necessity, anil jet this ?r*at city, wi'h be tween seven and eight hundred thousand |>eoplc, hupplied r.y two tympanies, and when a proposition is male to crsate another tbe people are told? what' Ue would cal a'teLtion to some of tbe obj'Ttlons put In by the Nee York Company, In writing. Thev say in subje:t 0 lon't trouble jourselves, we will supply tbe ctty, an I as often as w? fsil It to be to our Utereit, we will reduie our prices. Of course, no propbet nor one rising from tbe dead is needed to tell tne citizens that tbe nompany will promise to and will supply gas for which they are wel psio. lie railed attention to the fact that there Is no pretenre ?et up of basing, by any of 01*011, benefitted the city of New York, nor 'hat they hare not got a full and ample return for all tbe fnnde invested. No merit ia pretended on tbe part of tbe oppoeing compa nies , they ha>e supplied the slty with ga* and have been I paid for it, and remarkably well pal 1 at that HetS*u reviewed tbe variom ob.jsction? ?et up {already pu'? Itched in the HaKai.ii) by the compeny referred to, stig matising tbem ae ridiculous and cbildish. He tboogbt that the cltiiens of New York would rejoice at the ei istence of a bea.thy competition. He could not suppose that the quarrels likely to aroe between the two com psnies would carry any weight with the Cjmmlltee, that being a matter for ?hem to arrange between them selves and aa to the opening of the itreet* and k-ep ng ta?m op?n, he remarked that th? power remains with the Common (Council to make the saros .onditious with the new company as exiets with the old -that is, that all pavements snail be replaced by sunset of tbe same day that tbey are opened. Then tber reflect up in tbe ttatement of tbe new company as to fu-n shiog a better gas at a cheaper rate, as being problematical- On the r roirg so tbe Metropolitan Company woult have to rely for tbe patronage of the public. He thought the po sition that it could beeo furnished to be substantiated by tbe value of tbe old company's sto:k, tbe surplus; an-1 tbe aTersge product of ga* from ooal wocti scisntlflc | authority warranto', blm to aay waa about from 10 to li hundred thousand cubic feet per chaldron of roal. He referred to tbejnetoein uae, it had been said by tin N??w Yerk Company teat but one kindo' murumeut was ue?d for measurement; very trne. but. could not they lie' On ioqniry, be understood that_the company have a favoritism for tboee articles aa manuiactured under and (although nut ostensibly.) by the president of tie New York Gaa Company. This must be, for one of two ressona. to make them a* suits the Coupany, or to create another monopoly. He pointed oat several way* in which these metres can be made *0 as to measure mere or less as n*ed?d, and he alao referred to tbe dif ference of expenditure caused by the iiressure applied. He ridiculed the idea of placing as an objection to grant ing privlliges to a new company, the faithful perform - an e of cootraeu with ths city, lie denie I sueh gool faiib. and read from documents of the Uoarl of Conn >n Council to show that there had been complaints made by the nubile in this matter Mr. Wtt I.*IU), Ip replv, considered that not one argu ment or pesitlon of consequent had been advanced by the counsel for the application, but tie lea rue 1 gentlem ?a bed meiely delivered an address appealing to the uopu lar prejadlce against monopolies, and to the complaints of citizens, wh ch had a tendency to dlaqualtfv any com mittee to take the matter into cool and unbiassed eon sideratlon Ha contended that it would he to the disad vantage of tbe public to establish a eomr>?>t'ng company, as requiring twioe, the capital to do the aame amount of service, and consequently entailing a double expendi ture. Mr Hoc<;to* desired to know If the gi-ntlrmtn meant to sar that tbe more capital employed the dearer the article would be. Mr Wiliakd meant that wh>n the orlgioa) capital was eaeugb that would be the eifect of doubling it, as creating an amount unnecessary for the purpose The only polat which he considered the new urgnaiiat on had a right, with decent r-gard to tbelr position, to show waa tbnt tbey wonld do tbe work cheeper and better, but they will cot bind themselves so to do, but being started, they want to be bought out by the old companies and tbus seenrea good return for their lost monsy. He referred to tbe statistics of sounsel as be mg erroneous takrn fro n some work on new not! >ns Mr. SniCbno* ? You wonld tlnd a good deal useful to you In it; It ia 1 lkekman onflnvan Ions." and It is wo sldeied generally as rsliaole authority. Mr. Wnxaan? The name r.f the book is enough toeon deir n it. I do not want to see It. It Is a boo* of novel ties or notions Mr ??rot <iifTOJi? Mr. Macauley says that "people coo (ton what they do net understand " fi^anghter ) Mr WiiLsan? I am loet 10 tbe anpilcattoB. I tbooght Macanley had been endowing the book Mr. Wiixaaii reauoel his remaraa Ihe gentleman bad referred to the metre he wanted to know If It waa thought possible thrt tbe maker goes all over the city altering the Boat. He alao referred to the praeanre tasua, to sl ow that tbe pres-ureTl-Ing regulated that the gaa may burn at all, It la prepost?rou? to advance eoeb a stotsment. The naasi i? the charter are not those of the partlee aetlve y engage-l in tbe Matter. Be dsaired Mr stoughto? to state what be knew on'tbla point. Mr. fToruino* answered for tne i? pon?iblltty of the Sartie., and thought that if the 1-egislature waa satis eri on that point, ao should counsel be. The ntrtlea named were the parties bs knew in the a (T* I r lis con tended that counsel should show a breach of trust, or inefficiency on the part of tbe New Tort and Manhattaa companies, to maks anything like a good en* Be de oled that the Manhattan Company bad paid dividends averaging over eight per e?nt. or that they had pill at any tine a dlvl?"enl larger than ten per eeut Councilman Pt ai>T deelred to anow If the new compa ny Intended to Uy pines Indiscriminately throughout the dty, or to favor a few principal avenues. Mr. Moroirron understood that a general course would be taken. Bo ha waa instructed and authortisd The committee then adjourned, taking the natter under consideration to report In August next Teddy Mnundera, an acta* well knew a la Ctnetnnnti, was dm n nod tart week, mm Vi. i?uia . I'hf W?alhir< ANOTHKA WAUM DAY. We have now ha1 axceaalva bett f?r three d?ya in encceaiton. anil white we write thnra ia no alga jT a cea eatlon of the warmth War* it not for ? I (tit brnti * j that w?< occasionally wafted up from 'he bay It, waul 1 I have bean aimott impiaalbla to have witbatool the h-?t The following are 'he figure':? At 7 A M. 80 degreee, | at 12 M. 63 degree* at U I'. M. 9 > degreea, and at ft V. M- j 96 oegreeH. Thla may be very Hie **a*her for orn ant i po'atoee, bat it i? very di agreeable weather fa tine who lite on tnoae ?<l blee. Wr have beard of aevera c*>a* of aunatioke, au A n'> djubt tH? mortality tab'ei of next week will ahow it larger increase. u? learn to lire ttmpTately aail keep cool. corf 1>K HDUU. Coroner O'llonnell held aa indent opon the b?ly < f an unknown man, who waa proaira'ed by the.boat of the aun, in I Ighth avence, nrar Twentj eecoad atreot I'eceaied waa found sitting on a atiop in Kighth avenue In a very txbaueied comlt'loa troai the mt?ai? beat o' tbe tun. He wiia immediuUly coaveyed to the 4ia tffotb ward atatmo bona*, where the pr.ijmr reatoraliv ia w?ta app>ie<i, but without elUct, art he aooa wants exp *?o. A uoat mortem eiaailMtlua w in mvlo upon the ho y ?>' Ui?- Ct-ieaaad by |rr. O'lltnlon, when It >v*s clearly appim-nt that death ?a? eiaunad hy euuatrHe. The jur\ rrndtred a verdict Ininconi m:e with the atmve laeta A German named Xavier Stushtle, living at 1 IS Seventh av?u je, waa prostrated by the beat et the aun while at work in the premne* corner of fifteenth street and Sevt n'li avenue Tbe deceased waa a blackan th by trade, an i while eugafed lu ttiU o;cupit'r>ii fumed away, lie waa immediate y couveyef ti hi* resdejce in Seventh avenue, '*bere b? waa attended by a doctor, hut he died in lee* than t*? Minutes after nia arrival bomr. CorciD?r Ui lion belt aa Innuaat upin the boly of the decaaaed, when a verdict of roup de tolul wai res derail by tie jury, lieceaaed waa 1' yeara of age. HUN BTBOKK8 IK DHUOKLVN. A laborer ntmed Hannia UerOert, a (ieruain, waa pTontratad by the heat of the nun in Beiford avenue, and died from the effects t-efore effectual aid oould be rvndtred. Jacob Ritchtr.uUer, reataing on the corner of llo ighty and Kurman atrteta, waa overcome by the heat aud ex pi/ed in ron?e<|ii?nce Mary Van Burke, a young woman, residing in Hedlord avenue, became pioatra'.e by over exertion, and ex pired. Mary Criaenger, a chdd, wbo*e parent* realdeatthe eorutr of Van tirunt aud Union afreets, dial from dlaor deja ariatag trnm the extreme heat. trancta I'onnt-lly, reaiding in Coluaabia street, dtad ? from a complication of ttiaoidera, accelerate A by tha heat ' of the weather. Coronera Redding and llan'oti hald in<|<ieata ou the atove case*, yeettrday, ana verdicts were rendered m accordance. A conductor on the Flnabiag avenue line of cara wai proatratad while ttg-gfo in changing horeeeat the to it of (irabam avenue; ahd it hoy in the N<vy Yard wa* overcome by tbe beat Remedies wre applied ta eteaia in both caaea, and tnev recovered A number of other tnataacea of a aimilar nature ?' :ur re<) thronghout tba clly jeaUrdiy, but toe lloft are all that camo to tbe notice of the Coroner* aa having ptovel fatal. THE II VAT IN JgKB*Y CITY. In tbe Jerney ( ity ferrr home, y? iter lay a'teraaon, the thermometer atorid at 101 degreea In the abide. Tboae at wcrk In expoae 1 poaltlona nuapenled labor or acted with caution, and no caaei of aun*tro'*e were re ported. WEATBKK IN B4I.TIMOKE. lUi.fiMoKK, July 19, Xfili'i. The wtather ia Ittenaely warm. The thermometer at 11 o'clock ranged at 01 degree* in the ahade BAi.TTMoaR. July 10?9 301'. M Tba thermometer haa rang-d to-day from 9t to 90 drgreea in the aha'le A thunder ntorm aprung up thla afternoon, wl i ;h conniderably cooled tbe atmoeph<'re, but the weather ia atill very warm WKATIIKK IN BdHTON. Bowto*, July 19 ? 1 H. tf. Thla ia by far the hott?at itay of the aeanot Th? theruometsr now a'anaa at M ijx^reea In the anada. WKATUKH AT llAltTf >HI>. Hahtvuuu, July 19, 145V Tlifl weathi-r here to day haa been extremely oppraa aive, tbe tbeTmometer ranging at 97 degree ia the aha<!e. or within one dagrre ah hot aa the .'iU'b < f June, which ii recollected by every one >n thla lo ??! t/ tahav? been the not day. WKATHKB AT CBICA0). Ciiicauo, July 13, IMS. To day ha* been tlie hottest of tbe eeaeua At f Ji o'clock thia afternoon the thermometer ?too 1 ?t 100 degree* la the ?hail*. CONTINUATION OV THE HIATKD TKIIM. to rira unrroR or iiik ikkai.d. The heat of tbii heated term increa>ee in it* totem t y. ami thu >'.a j, at 3 P. M., it acted ?Hilegr?e*. Hie loweat timpeiature, aince 7 A M. of the 17th, wa( at 4 o'clock tbhi morning? 74 degree*. On Tueaday the temperature rang d from 90 to 05 degree* who cone?cutl?e bourn Wednaa<;a?, 90 to 91 degraei eigbt houre, with a perturbation on the ??cjad hour; and to da;, fr>m 90 to 99 iijrtw. We have our Aaatraiiaa record* before u?, rtsordlog temperature of lib, 11H, 120, and IjO degree* loatlmuro on four teteral daje, and on one of tboae ilaya It wa* at lilt degrees for nearly a whole d?y. We hare the Arctic record aleo before ua of f>0 to 6? '? degree* below zero, for a cold term of four and a quarter coo leeutire da) k. The two compared loget'ier ?ho? a ddt*r*o:e of one hundred and xevfotj nine and a ij Barter degree* tim perature between theee two plac?* That go?*< beyouJ a&.t thing we ever hare la thl? Latitude. L'mccklt.v Hmuiith, Jul; IV, 1855. E. MKK1AU. Poller Intelligence. LIFI IN 7HK HUTU WARD. Yeat?rday afternoon, about tbree o'clock, ? difficulty oecurtad at the corner of City Hall place and i'earl e'reet, between two men, named ltlctiard Barry and .Joba W. MoAlpme, tbe former proprietor of a (lOMr; and liquor ?tore in tbe neighborhood. In which tpe la'^r, it I* al eged, tired a reed ear at Harry, but fortunately without etT'Ct, a* the ball went wine if the mark. foe entire oeigtiborhooJ wae quick If alarmeii by tbe occur renca ano in a few miou'e? tbe io alitjr wa? the acena of ihe wilda rt turmoil and confusion. Officer iteCanly, of tl e Sixth ward poll-*, healing tbe report of tbe p *tol, ru?ft?d toward* the pceae ot tbe allray. where a oumier of llarry'a frienda eere beat og McAtp ne in tbe omt iiavag* manner It wai with a graat oeal of trouble an<l baid knock* that Me.Mptne could be reecuetl from the infuriated mob. and wean be wae taken to t'ie I'olica l ouit hi* bead and body prenented a abocking appear ance being entirely coeereo with cuta, bru ^*e? and coagu lated hl?od. Tbe greateat eielt? ment prevailed aroani tbe Tonb* In confluence of tbe affair. Jytloe Hogari, a' ter bearing tbe evidence of Harry, beM Mr Alpine to bail on h ?own leorgniianree to anawer theeharge of aeaault ? nd batt?r< witn intent to aboot. McAlpin*. tbe prlao aer, etated that bia boy. a child about aeren year* of age, wae aeeaulted by tbe complaiaaat and other*, wbo alio threatened hie life and it wae for the parpoee of protecting himealf and family that be carried tb? wea pen on the oecaalon rtferrei) to lie aleo aay* that he din sot fire tbe pl*tol at Hairy . but on tbe contrary waa about handing It to officer M ' au'ey when it went off in hie haid*. 1 lua fact aeem* pretty apparent aa hi* band l? much bt.rned and wounded trom tbe diacharge The elimination In the ca*e will coma off to day at three o'elocx, before Juatice Bogart. vosd or niMM. A nnn named Cunnlnrbam waa arreated yeaterday by , officer Roaa, of tbe 8econd Dletrlct Police C?art, cbeigad with ha* ng atolen about $IC0 worth of caoarlea from Mr. I.. Treadwell Tbe aecuaed worked in the *tore of Mr. Ireedwel), IB Hit) aecond atreet, and, aad, ae le al leired wae in tbe babit of going home erery e>enieg with a eouj le of canary blr< a la nil hat. lie waa "M for examination by Jnitlce Brenoan ?ayor'i Office CASE bll* M laHID. Fraaeie A. Wheelock charged with baring forged a check for a large amount on tbe Ht. Nicbola* Bank, with the 1" titlcn* name of C. A. Stanley, waa ?? bar * l from cuatody yaeterday . tbe accuaer'* coanaet to ?uatain by law tbe charge preferred agalaat tbe priaon er. Mr. Iluiteed made as able aad eloquent def-ece la l a tot of bia clieat, Mr. Hbeelo^i. la g ring the de rUlon, Juatice fxberne held that the caee waa eot 'to* ' forgery, for tbe reeeou that the defendant bad long paeeed and beea known by the tame of I . A -tanle/ aad by ao other to the complainant who ba<1 ae?n him etga a aimllar check with the aame aame, watch the pro aaeutor bad negotiated for him, aad which bad been pa d him. The aaauropttoa of tbe aame of HUatey waa not for the narticular fraud of which be aV>)1 ebtrgel, aad the credit glrea by the proeecutor waa to the pereon and net to tbe aame of tbe drawer of the check la theee elewa the Justice felt blmeelt Jnatilled by all the aatboritte* which had been quoted la caaae ot a atan'lar aature. ?aprrat C'aeai U Ipealal Tama aatf Chaaben. la coaaaqaaaea af the eoaUaaaaee of the argument of the Ninth Arenue Railroad raaa, the aaecial metioa fal? a^ar will be takea.ap aa Taeeday, Wedaeeday aad Thareday awit, (JalyM, 2fc aad M.) after whitb the 0>?f1 will adjoera for the larm AD artere aad aaUnaa re'mraahl* at aba-n'^n th ? weak etaa4 a4Jetuaa4 to Muada/ aeit, s d ,<ut a*. U ft tlftch. Tlie Prohibitory ljquor La?> AKl'.EMTM rOH l>hl>h*NI1krv~l YBWTKK04T. Tim w*r* thirty one arietta for iatoxlcaiion ia th* city Seven of tbe i.fTenden war* broug t to tbe T t District I'olica Cou ' , befor* Juetict* Kngart; fourie-n before .luetic* lira naa, of the Second District Polioe Court, Jeflt-iMin mar set, nod en to tbe Third District I'oHce C'ouit, at Kseex market, before Justice iVel-h Tbe ptlioners were all d*altjwlth in the uanO mtnner. A few of th?m, fortunate enough to raiee tbe f 1 > 'lm, escaped iirprtebiiiuent in ? ??n cell, w i?re the oth?e* were ochj?.-o to expiate their otlanrei Nothing of anr | interest u connection with tbe liquor caaen occn red <luilt g the j?u twenty four hour*. ?KKR>TH FOB intoxication IN BVOOK^TN. Tblrd lilfirict l' 3 JVurth eo. do ? liltli to. ?lo 4 ?evtatli do. du 1 Total 10 All the iiorliei were disposed of by the Justices with the ueual tine. A emull quantity of liquor, oonainting of a bottle of btaotfy a bottle of wine, auil a bottle of g<n, was seiteil at tbe wbolerale liquor store of B. 1*. Midd'atoa, In At lantic street yesterday, by olllcer Jona SMIwell, on i wstrxat iesind I ? Just o* Curtm Tr e eeiso-e e?< m>>in with ire iMtntnt of tbe party, and with th- view of !??!? tog ?b* If w. th? cine is to o? carried ap t > the Sup--mi Court Ibe liquor m? sent to a New Turk cbemiet to bave it tented m to lie purity, ti o. TH J POl'tiUKUVXIK UQCOB C WHK. The decltioD of the Judges of the Supreme Court, in th*? ????, ? 11 not be rccdered before the 1 t of Svptea* fit II is I Mir intention t >Jglve tbe whole subduct ? .borough examination. Ciljf IntelllKtnw. Ctrv Rktorm? THa Ck.vhds Km1 it mi ? The surprising re?ul?? of the reo-u* a( this city will probably be lot lowed by Important consequence* bearing on tbe pjllcy of tbe city g nerntivut. \\ hi<1h in the lowur pert of tbe city tl?t hare dusininbeil In population miy be merged intitolhere wbich barely bold their own, while on tbe nt In r band the greatly increuie<l number of laborers In tbe upper wards would n--m to render tbe nihil virion nectesary of ium? of those whose population cot cr* too graat an vxleot, ? r ih by ll.e preantit ariaugeiui-at unequally leprenonU I at the City II til In our community nvory thing ih mored by tbe moral wi i; -ht of opinion, which in turndepenis on preponi erent inU.itstn ll?n? we may calculate with tol.rabl* certainty that tbe plan ot tlw gient pare will lie wt. ked out ? ibat up town market* will b* pro v iOeil lor tlie supply ot tbu waut* of tbe upper Wardn vbereereiy ex'ntiiice ?*uik lo hev?< b-vu hitllerto igii'.rea In iei<Mr<l In m\rket facilit e?, l'p town ptntitl iMcilitivM will almi be c?lie<i tor wttU a force of op omn end iBtereat that cannot be wlthetnod wvrn by tbe m>??t mtt'terate energy ot New York wolcb has erer tilled tLe i llice of l'i?lma>t?r Oeneral. It ban tmome an abiire?,t authority r?rely ever ei|oalleil in tbe nsiti'ti potic foru.? ol govKriiinent to tor- e an entire papula' ?n id ntvert.1 iii.itor-il ibuuMiude oi inhabitants to k<> a il ? tance ot revtral in !>?* to deposit or receive their tun, when the evil mi universally rompUmed ot c?o nv n*nje<ti?d by the ?ttabltabment of a-i up town poa'ottii*, which Las been petioned for by thoti?and? of inn* i tanta, wt o pay t?x?i, wSo vote, O' who have a right to Be beard when they cboien to audi*'* an exejutlvit Of; ?rtm*n; uf tn? Koveroinn t. We coam n t tnis euhject to tbe attention of Jn i ie t'annpbel], nalssSMr urn ra, be itri-ally deems to readtr ine u lmiui?tr?<ic>t < f i eon a I I inrre ss unpopular a* posxible Tne rapi<t gtowtL PI tb* up town populatuiu will alao giv? xrx .Ur increeeed strength to t lie alretdr powxrlul p?rtf th?t tlnok ibe mun.i'ipal government ot t^e city euoald 1m rained on lion, oine wore i-rntial point toao t.i<* I'ark. I v. ry i'aj bia.<ea it nor* *|ipar<nt that tbeil?<tln> of tbe ( i y is upward? that the time cannot lie r-ino e ? In tii in'pai ln?tltiit>cpt m'ni *e?E a ?cnmmi. 'a ticca wtiicb ramot he found nu,tb ol Ma 'I in nuare F.ven noer we learn tiia' preparatlnns >- th nit'>lng to pre vent tbe eUctloo to both IkaKa of the Common 0 nine 1 floai all tbe ctntisl nun uppi-r ward*, of caui.ntat"* who no nut pi'dge tbenmelrtv in favor of an u^-towo City Hall Hut to Oui oplnu n. itw uld lie rn'irn nausfactory to all I artiea intereeted to have tuis imiiortant |iie tion tn re n?ci 'ed by k popular vnto, w i|ch can lie or r? 1 elt* i r by the city government itseli, or by the l^isia turn at its next Union, tlir .Al.A*T?r? Tk>k j*d in Cali **iator* ? A wrier in ti.e Jiittrvnl of < Mwcnr, in an artlnlo iuten 1e l to n very tunny, propoee* to jilatu a pound otgunpow sr at t)n< mot or every alauthu* tiae and blow tb?m to pieces, thus ridding thcan ef worm*, which this wiseacre tl eyron am. New tbe wit cf tl a funny geatlemau who wrote this eiifgs'tlcn would b> much more appa rett if be kcaw wUat be was writing abiut. Tha fact is that tbe aiantbos tree is the only one that Is not infeit ed with woiuii , and it 11 unfair that this really ciiauiy tree tbould be so uiijustly mil gnnl. Those who are curious enough to lavestlgtte thi matt*r would do w.l to t??? a walk atouad !-t Paul's ch ucHard, and nn I :%> wMcli tr#es tbe wormi infeat. It will !>? round thai tne klantliDk tie* sioae is clear of vermin, while the nn '<-o w e willow, tbe elm, the aycaniure ?nd the paper m il Iwiry u?ar ev?ry mark of the rava({*? ot thn inohworm " idle i In part cutar tbe aiaathus t'< ev around fie AiUir lluu??- tnw il?nn tbeir app?araur.i-, bow gr?en tb?tr foli age 1 o ? grateful toe nr a le' fbey bave grown In eplte of ? tote pavi n ? uta, gaaptpea, gu't?r?. and anunkinly eoil, and bave flouritbao in rpite of axe, aud kolf? au I aail, cult ng and backing the bark In a uianuer tiat wouln bave destroyed anv other tree. Woen the alao tbu* t ?>! ?a? lntto<lac?'l lata this country sums twenty >eai^i agu, it ?ae a great 'a?or t?, and was 'te?lgn*te i fiom its oriental fulia^a tha "tree of I'aradi-e ' an e> tiavsiiaot ap^ellatum, its beauty almost warrants u ? in cail r g it l? is by f?r tbe most handsome tree groen in a ' urtlern climate, and g vee our culd regmn a look of tbe tropics The wnodof the alaatbas It mush pru-d fcr inai'ufacTurlng purposes. While on thi< subject it winil 1 he well to rail the attention of tha authorities to tbe cimdit nn of tlo trees In our pul'lls parks. In everv cratice an I cianery III -re may hmeen tbe iwnioao' !b?- wMte miller. After night fall myiiads of them may be eteri ri-mg to tbe brandies of the tree*, there to de poelt tbi-ir egg* to tie ripened in * few day? to worme, to ngsin descenn < n tbe beads of tbe ptesere by It wnl be eery absurd to b* coniplaiala* of the ouiatne* when It occur*, for It would l<* a vere e aey matter n<w t?/ ?leetroy thee* vermin. Will enr pari, keepers *ee to tbie y nritLnrwro on a linrm Top ? Offlctr Young, of the KI(| iit.entb war) pol'ce. while patrolling his beat od 'hnrsi'sy nornlrg. saw a man sleeping on t ie roof ot tbe house So. .'ilk ."teccad street, with his lege hanging on r the eoraire. Hie body was ew*ymg In a niaonrr to alsrro tbe ' fflrer, who entered 'be b ,U*>. ao t. ran appioarhing the sleeper, drew him b*-k aal rnly. an" tbu*, no doobt, saved hi* life Ibe name of the e?ved men llMtwirt lie had gone on the houee top to ercape tbe *xcee*lve heat Mmjtakt KxiVkejo* ? A line military company ptse I our oftia* last evening, and halting by our building, they gave o? an agreeable sereoade Tlila compaay con*iata.| of two Orman (iuard*, who, having met N.rin/ tbe dty, iitnul themeelve* togeUier node, the coromsnl of i apt. I . 1? 1 ineerman Inie <-ut?| euy number* 1 sixty mu? ke's, had e,? pioneer olllcere an t csrrled with ttiem sixteen valuable pri*e* .N>? Vokk Fuimn O'liso nil Tnmr- fngln- ? om pan* So. ;?> of tbie city, aecompamed by I>ndworib e haod, will indie a tour Kastward in tbe latt*r part of ne it month. It la tneir Intention to b* In H ?too on tba 21 th of Auguat, when th* ^lm Iiepartment of that r *y are to bave a grand muster aad parade to re-eive ttaam Kikx iiv TanrraaftTH Hraarr .snortly before a o'clock yesterday nn, ruing a Are broke oat la a etable at No W< Tb rteeoth itrwet near tha i .ret avenue. It da ? troyed tbe etable and some ? tie- Is used for *ton ? cut ting, oe?upta<l by ti. ? < nsrd, Manning sad nthcrs Dam age eetimat>d at about t'.Oo. > mat* Tiitkrv etkxr leregrr ? Between ? and 1 o'clock j*?terday morning a Or* hrm* oat ia tbe frame by 11 i ng oa Thirty flrat street, next to Ninth aveaoe The e?cnan fii or has been occupied as a hair elo'h manutao tory the tb rd door waa oruplad oy Mr Mali** BaMlett a* a weaving eatabUahB>iit, wi n., macaiaary eni etoek wer* moatiy damage I II* tia* ?n iasareo^e n the-t Vr&olB" Ineoraiire i omjaay fnr ti* '? sad eeti male, bla loss at abr ut $-i>'0. M.e boiMmg belosg. 'o Mr K. liTlagatoa, aad la damaged ab>ut ttQ>i m, n IjaiMllord *i>d Truant. h*j?t Piami r oot arr. (later* Jgl|? Iiimi Ai/'iH W llnyt tttfi Jim't WickhGm "* 111 try II antic. ? *etoo to re* jiiart-r ? wo', o' pm! ?f ir<BiN> No lit iIimI ta.r to* '|u?rlrr <>a Mr I at of *a; laa* Ttia flafn' ffa |>ro?~l t!.at t'ia tampiad tli? prarn a?? ?!> ?< .??? "? Ii?? *af I, 1?M, t/> April I, llAt 'k?t ll paid r?n ' ftl lit* f?V of ?4' 0 qaaMarly, a p tr >?>.roar? ) l*!A, ?'tli thi ?? raptloa of till ? birh plaint 1? allnaad him altbar f-<r | that bad h??? tfota nr mb r\t wa? lot a d<>a tt a w.'a*?a ?ou?l not atata wbi'b. (Ta a ? ? pr-i?? I that tba ^afan-lanl bad f?paat?1lf ?- ao?la-l<oi tbat | ha h w! tba rraaiiaaa I rota olaiatiifa lor ? ;?ar up i l?) May 1 )UV Iba dafaB' aat <.!farad ta p?o*a that tha I rrot i?aba<' a? that nt ?l> bo ?rdara *oiM a A to ?rata aa<1 that ba tu tborahy r, ap>.*l t ? laaaa tba I j.r??taaa ba or a boot tt? Oral 'ay <?' Apr>L Tbia taatJ 1 <i*mj *a a oh;a<'ari U> by platatiff*' "?aaal, oa tha If uad that tba laadl-jrt did at>t ?( raa ta ia?p tba aw ta 'a pair Mta?, u?B'ly , t' tba Vaaaat a ahad tt r? (alrad, ba maat do tha aaibo at kla ova aipartaa <),*' V'? >iitiliaD, nt dafandaat'a roaa^al aieaptat It ( ? aa th*a jftrad by a ?t*?aaa 'hat had baaa ?*'??? for ?ba f afa^aat tbat ba oet?p?d a part o* tbaaa j>r??n im ? itb tba dafaadaat opto ?b? lat of May. TaaJadfO aatA tbat aa tha lan4tor<3 b%* tuA abroad to tha f mtaaa la raparr ba *M aa-Wr ao Wfal obi ja'laa V. ta "> baatdaa, tba talulllt'i vt**aaa pratad tbat ba aoa ? aoad ta orrr^j a part of tba praaotaaa aa lata*', aatar tba dofaadaat for tba ?b*>la ?f "ha 4>a a?< tar? ?b-b ? ?? ?'(? i. ut to<V? iaan ba iet rx-rap ad M U> da fin aa* rr>?a>. aatrt'y thata > at Mat a>> a? ?"?a '? , '??? I ??lilttrnftn tlkf ,U JttUl 1? tl< i<t kt 1< Ivt |l?. n? twi Oiklwli vrw TO*K Tfl BT (IBOIUit'M Ol.l'M. Talk about eieltement and ??rm weather ? wbj did jrcu ant go over to Ilobokra oi Wedn. ij?j en 1 Tnmaday and ?ee the patriotic eecoad elerea of the abora olaba rrdure their weight? Take my word for tt, the gr jonl ! will not want any wettriag lor icnn daya It woull 1 have dote you gcod to eee tM pe apratlon pouring oil tba player*. It biou||bt to oar in od 'be da c IpUoa of ' a game id tba W'aet ladlaa, tbu ? ep *en of by I* okwick "It uuil ba a warm parault," aalil M P., "la tush a climate. Wain>r? red hov-glowtag ? eMrchlag. I "lay td a match oaea? alagle wicket? frlaed the Colonel? Sir Tfei ma* Hlaeo who ibaold ge' tbegreeteetaumbefofruag i ? wod tba toax? ttiat iaamga-7 o'clock A If ? all na tive* lu look out? wtat in kept in ? heatiateaaa? nauvee all faii.t#d ? takia a?aj ? fr??li haif duiea ordered? faint*-*; *l?o ? lli??o bowiiag- euppi.rted oy two aativaa ? ioul< i. 'i boat a a oat ? feiated uh> -cleared ???; tlia tulaaal- wouldn't give in ? fal'h'ul ?tt?n.|?nt ? (Juana* l? : m?u i. fi ? run 10 bot, bat ta hi atei* ? oail entrchrri btown -f.70 run?- rattier enhanced ? Q ,auka witeterrd up la?t remaining ?tr?agth? bowlail an out ? lied a lia'b and went o i'iou?r " I Mh itia'flh. n't?r laatiag two daya, waa a drawn game I'.v luutuai a it i re meat alter d but on tba rejwud da/, ? lieu St. t.torgf 1 .at s wrteta for 101 ruoa, ao that tba (line leol.' i a lltt'e mora even -t??? < I * jr ? play ami only ??ne H'DlrjfK each Why It tooawd I ke Kiting a woek Hi. (ieorji having got tue cho tm loiiljilUy aeat Naw York a P. iter and Vi?t". opeoel th? bait and allowed in aoeae Baa play ? tha 'ora?e? made 4'k? 1U t*oa :i threee and 1 lout- the letter a beautiful a mtiflc bl' scot., after - ^ hour* routing, made 60. Taw r helped up th* acote It"*, wben Oib?ro caught In in on t In galutit rtj l? , ana dir?ctly afterward* made ano tktrgood cit'ch oil Ai'dy U.riay juat wkat Ad ly we* getting tcto bin pU? Ireetou. who with S?ua Wright, belcrg eisluelveli to tlia hut eleven, gal Int. tMa match through Ibe **oni>rt eleven n-.t atteadlng to the toll rail. SVn.ptr epr??a>*ot, wa? to bat laat, and ?ol to bowl, mo Uey < in Dot uie'e muah o' him. Pr<*e ton ddo liatle wain the two be<t liei-ia of tba day Tba )< >tdi(irtit no niuili. eicpting Jaioeii, who looaeJ like oiakipg a ar. re but got tun out 'llinht lieorga'a ronin.?nred witti Jonaa and Jobaaoa, ar dartre goo ijlay aoeo>d .lobnaou ao in nr.or? I S wKn liraudpa Hlcharca bo ? led D'ni; while Jou<-h kept in tar bout a, abd BiaCe :.K, anvmg theta aigh< two*, tine tbreia ?i.d a four ? a l.aautl ul, clean hit, uliaiml S.i ? verj l>odJ Viaton, Tilt a^l Muna tb ingti they pl>)?ilw?il i ii1 bot add materially to the anore llai ey |.iaj?<l <?ttar than ner ? iteai t pleaa'ire to aee iMm (it t * ? 41, aod If It had not heaa an unlifky catib of ( aatle at the wtrket, he bid 'air to hr og hie ha', out bl 1 U aller u aCe now goort hit for 4. Saunderaan-I ? >?t>orn ?*i r<. uo'< rtuna'e au Sam Wngbt who r.ame in attha d<att , otlv made A abd not out. Tha howliag ?f Haliey, Kiel uida Jaatee tad ilarrlay wan good, particularly tie lllltt, who, atthaome g>cod practice, will make a valu el le inan in h ma'ch tirn rea? ht. tieorge, Mr. Hharp . New York, Ur. Kletcber Scur*ra ? St. Ceorge, Mr Waller ; New York, Mr. Ficbardacb. KF.W Y'lKK c LI II, 1 ? I'vrter b. Walltr 2- fvott r. Halley b. Jonra ; ? Tower c Oabora b. .lone* < ? tiad y liarclay c. Oabora b. Jonea 6? I'rratoa l> Rai'ey i ? fplir? c. Tilt b Rrowa 7? I'avti c. and b. Uxlef .... ? ? Ma* e. Jobseon b Drown (i ? Jan ea ruo < at.,... 41 60 It 0 0 0 4 is II |C? iicggloa run out. 11? Ktf harm not out II* ea, :i leg 1 H .tie Laila Total, hT oanMiu'n CM H 1 ? ,lon>ar Muliey b H.,ott 2? Jobfu.o h hioharda.,., ,i ? t inua b. Hirrlay .. . . . 4? r"7i< c. lower b. Jam**.. :ih so & I ? I f ? Mj i?u H, .latnvK ? ^ r CtffU b. liArcUj 7 T Wiilcr runoai,,,, ft? -Hro*n b BifUj Sntci??i? ruu out,, . ? . , , If- horn ^ J?m?n 11 ? bain. \Vi?ght tot out H '2 0 i! ^ o bull... Vt i<]e hail Total Til* Klr? Com iiiLaalmirra. Hi* following ara tbn dasiaiuaa of iba Kir* Cnaron aloi tre ran *ra<l yanlariUy In lb* e?a?a publiabwl la uur of tt.oir ptlX>?i|lGg? Of I'urxllJ airaOlOf ~ (ihi.miI).- Ju f(<b Hii- "till, of ) ogin* No. 31, it reordlag Uiibc uMii>innib? ?uli of Hi" noui,.ony, *?> be return* I a* '#?ipii?il Inaiiad Of ??ip*lli-d Hi -Mm *!?.? "ninu*! Morton, of i nrlnaCornpaof No .'II, tn t>< ritumad rf. (Iji-o *i in* om%r of luinin/ tn* d* ? r' , (Of man ytara ??",) ha not baing a c.tuan uf Ui? I wtad gtatea At r? rr>M th*roeordof ' dlabtad*)" oppoilla It- ii?riic of Ilan *1 Moona) , lat* o' i iuiq? .omptor 41. h in i.-iow* Ui.<IIMini - All.-r. V*it?rao>l W/nai .i'fa Wilaon, Item t>ngin* Company -l'l, Patrick It?o?"ii, s.tu j. I l>?njr, H?ujU' I W llllama. Jam*. Matnar and K Pitrtailsft l-nifln* ompany II, Mtrl'n >'?? ay ' nartaa la bra and Hilllam i'lggatt KotiMlo 1 ^poorar IViaa Iran- Vcglat '??rajaOT If ?' K'appal, I bflb* Uonjiui; V < liailaa fvaibard, hogina Comf ahy * , Hiljiaio !???>?/, I r if n* Company 10. I'tTlTN ?a I ? f'f Mr Rldaf.aek ao I oth*ra, Tlioa. ,-to^> a an '. < In la'o; War K rat/ <>t llo>* an 1 I V.dar I oui pany II. for a hntnug ralatiaa to thalr aipulaloa of .latf iJ Vlttj, lata of tn(tna< mipnj 1U, W ba raturaa l _? ri*?1,iiao lualaad of aapallal. A njr'ilar aiaaliBg of tlia Hoard of V ir? Comntaaion ira aa* baid laat aranlng at tba K.raman'n Mali, i on Bklarii OJ>r VlellougBll abaant. Tba raaa ol a *jm/.?itt mad* by I look and l*ld?r (Vrnpany No I agaloat huglna No. 6, for aaaaull. Mr W. II. Hli>|ur, for* man of ttia complaining company old not > a* as j una atruek; but Mr. Joan A hnltb, uodar rath, t*atiflad to baaing bara donomlnat*'! b y rt utiiitai.a of aar.oua gra'l** rf lut dtntioa, a man fro* No L a rip* alao f'r*d a plac* rf alata at him, aod aD .ti.rr panon ?a i r b !> on bia cap atrorii him Mr lata* pa uaa, of Una abd l-*d.i*.* ' o.-bpaaf No. alao aaw Wr roiitb aliurk bj a man >ot bariPi< hia rap oa bia baal. a>?ral m> mhara of No. !> daj,o?ad to Ui? ruuulof la o' No. ) into No V but iaw no aaiault on tba part of \ha prr.aoeotlcn Mr J. bn F 'orarnan aaw th? atriklnf, r ?t tliou*bt tfca runn og loto No. >tn ba >julta *rr 'natal iiwirnr to tea a'aau a of a< ma nip; rua! tiUiiMi, fortbar baarlBg la tbla caaa ?aa piatj <>na>1 Iba 'ornpla nt of Mr Iiarid I an not o' Hook an I 1*1 i#r Wo l.aiainat ? nilaa fomj any > for aaiault oa tka ?an. a ocraatoa, ?a? 'b?n takan op Mr l^naoi oora pla'tatt, i?ai'f)?.l to 1>a eirtumatan-oa . a in an of tna ?a?le? knorkad bla nap off a ad tl.i-n caagbt him by tna noia ami attrrnpti'l toatr >a t..ra >iam but th* bl->? vaa for f?'l Mr *? It TayUir a? ? .imWr of In .a 'orroboralad tliat t?atlnf<ny aaaral uthar wi'aa.-aa ana tvcin to tha lana aiv.t foro* tnattaia of ai uutaiona wara aut.a? ,u<-ntty takaa | up, and tba Ik aid ai'jouioad. ( onrrtrra* Ir rjiia-ata. ft fltrt ky iwiliw lliaaair aririi a 1'iaTOl ? Cwiwr (?ambla bald an ia'|uaat yaatarday upon tba iKtdf of a (?arman, aamad Ja<-ob wart*. raafdia< a' 112 ' liartt.n ; ? Taa' vfco commltti'l aulclda by ab?"l j| blaiaalf In tt>a atc'omaa oitk a piatol Iba d*- aaaad !'tt ' t'tf tint* paa< baa baan ?uffarlng .on Ota nt malaiwholy, bnit|kt I ? ???.it by t o*? raaa la fortaaa, aod to tnn la nwioital fa a<-t of a?lf tfaa'rii' lion I ai-aaaad aaa a marrtad j n,aii an ' laaraa a wifa aod ? aa "hill to lamant n a i,a ind ^?art/ *aa ab?u? forty two <?*rt of ?b' an Ibnot aa a man of tary inta-naparata bar, la KaTaf Fan ra/m ? W ni?i? ? Km lO'joaat W aa alao b?id I y >' roaar '.ambla up>>o tna t^^ty ?? a rnu oamid Mary Coinliky, a ??!??? of Iraiaal, and 'Ja ;>iri o' ???, obo *aa ?'ci' antolly ? .iad by fa.iiog ou '. of th* foart). atory olodo* of Uta bouaa lit Waat Tl rt; Aral Itrwl I l.a di^-ataaxt, who waa a marrlal woman, wblta ranlrMI) NMl agoetof tli? wiodow loat bar baUa ? aod waa |.ra< .p tatM "i tna yard taanib, a -1 ? ?o-? of r.iarij forty fa>l, riramnj ? aatara in. .r.aa taat ?''at?, ion/a aflarwaria >naaad Vard.ct ? ?"MMtal 4?atb DaoWWM Wini? It i Tni ail. ? A man nam id Bar", '.In mi w l''j>'bla waa drowaad wh 1? bo'.hing at tka foo' of Twaaty tbir I atraat N H. Tba >-aaaa4 waa takaa with a 't amp wb la io tba watar a r, 1 waa tftwna) >?? tot* tha ni'aaaary aai atan^a ?'uM M pr? ira T ia lunly of taa da r*aa*. I waa tokaa to tha ?fiioantS war*". a*at ? n bnnaa an t frntn lkaa?a tb? Hallama 'luf 'a. /H1" brua* wbara aa iw^'ioat waa bail a pan tba M'f by i orooar '.am'.ia [tara?*a.| waa a oat?a?rf 'i?r?aay A'lTVtatai I %i*IIN. l?|ta*r 'I taaa.: Ml H a iait M a taa i day upoo Iba bo4y of a raaa aama! f ??alky l>r.aa?aa wbo waa ar*i Uatoily <lrowa?l a faw 4a;i ago Tka <!?<?aaad waa, by a?nfOt?oa a ixja'mao. aod ?bi^ 0 tka portal! of lila mi *'? ? '-^aro'ly droan^! Iba Ml of Ua da<?aa? 1 waapt-a*! up at tt?a foot of 1*1,1.1 atr?al. wb l^naoi II lay tba i^-at latrti| V Ui bt? ?<"nft Tha ,r.r> rw? -ara^, a ??r>! ft of ? 'crt/aautl < iwwotog ' loraarad waa a aatna of l/alaa4, aad waa VI yaar> of aga A a I ?*?r,wa Ma* ? '? *? Irmiwmti, ? j|o ka^oaOl Waa alao b* d by Coroaar ODaaaall a poo Uaa body of aa a* kooon man a boot V yaara of **? Wko waa f'/a?d float Ii'g ta tba watar at ptar ho 1 I oat naor lanaaaad waa atoot !<? faat V?o 'f b? blfb Ho waa dra aal la a waoraa bloa ahirt. bora at Ik oor.ktio. b< ao oaora'U, att Ml bar ba t aroaod bla want, la wkltb taora waa a iMatb aaifa 1 1 aaa n < aiao wora laalbar allppara a*d (r>> aoaka Tha bodt bo' baoo to tba watot fo ? ooar.y tw? atoaUa Tardiai. " Koppoood 'nwai^ ' >a *,ao*t waa aioa bo 4 a poo tba body of oo aakanwa sua aba waa Nat draoaai at tba ptar fo-.l af T aa fib a-.raat tortrtw Ha waa ahwut M ;atn o> a<a bad iv bar aod wbUtara wora aJaa"a ?o?t aod W->* raata 1 a aaa al'it ' ? fia* a, at a *a fc'jt ? '? o ' r?||" iw} bv?M| Brook l)n City (few*. CniUMOft AMD HuuoL-l A' < lour -YtiUrit; mora'uf a wutr; *i(M, ailm by Joba Wyokoff, of Jaiaei'-a. came la colllilot with ear No Ml of the linn*Md, whan la the rlelalt; of the Oily lla'l. Tne *t<n oesa pled the rail* m front of tbe ear, am) la eadeavortaf t? ahecrofl lb* car rao Into tbe other vehlole, avl bat* were pretty will >a>ili?l up A little b y, aaiawl Uurgelv Ui liBi., ton of Sergeaat Mr lane, of tbe Third diatrlct police, IM |n ?>,, g,, the Hum, a at) bevla ble arm out of the wlmtiw, hie hand wee il/e*1'all/ rroabao, au<i one of hla Mn^i-rn nearly e*rared He we takrn W> I'r Ajr?? wneie l-?? linger ?et<pe tate.l at the Heron ! jo at Tin child h a'xrat five year ' . ? ,'r,v*r the wayoa wee arre?le<t aal brought before Jua'ice i urtle, ?b?a the eidninaUoe V?e adjomne-i U. eootlwr -bay. Tlie o^urrenea, tJ ftU app'erao. ea, wae accidental IitgCoi kth ?In Ibe Court ot Heaalom W<4u?lt/ #?? lalmaitn were aocim.oed to m( m <irao4 J star a to the place of otbere eseuaod oa erciuu.of elckaeaa. IMr aataea are? John C. Kyereoa, vVro Storey, Huydera liegeman, ( harle* S Spojnnr, W. II. Velah. ? tarta* Meyer, otherwise Carlo* Uumr, aail John Tuttle were a reigned on an Indict aont tor burglar/ In tbe thir l de<rwa and pleaded ant guilty. The tela' of John llat >e?n, la dieted for an aaeault witb Intent to hill Vdermati liaoiad I uyntor, la liwreaiber leat, by attarklag him with a knife, proceeded with au l roaaluled. rtia jury lad not agreed upon a verdict on Ibe rtelog of the Court. In tbe i i ; t'ourt, x-rt llauahridge, in'lioUel forea poa ng hK person, pleaded guilty and er?a e?ut-nc?J to tlie IVnl m tlery for ?"! 'Uj John lti?- n, lad io tad foe j ram) In re. ny. pleaded guilty to petit larceny and We a ?eetarred U> the PealUattarj f r HO iteye. tl-ury iteech naa pleaded not guilty to rraiid lataeny. Wm Metlae ny pleafled gu'l'y to eaeault and waa aentaecnd to the r.<> not j Jali lor lb day a. -?ntroce auapende t Mtahaed Itoaiity waa tnN and coarlcleo of rejeimug a wat-.ta whlrb lie knew to I are keen stolen, and whteb ha pawa ?d ile wae c< hiictad, when the Caurt adjourned t?MT ft uihil I K i Ham*.? Tbe eebolara of the Yor% street Methodlat fuaday school priirw Imt to I ilea Cava I.. I., oa their eaaual eicureion, on Tueedey. Tba arhool wbleh la under tbe superintendence of ei Alder >ia Hoots, nambera about #00 rhil iren. fbey ohar - taied tlie *'eaai?r America aed barge (oaaaikla for tlaa o'cafloo. ht' pploK at Wbltaalone, L I , ther loot aa boar 'I about I'.'.'i rMb'ren of tba Village Hahlath ernaal. and t< irether wilh their |>area'a una tearnere tbejr aa juye>i ? pleaaaat tna*, wltn. wbi h all were grall(t?4. 1tt? ltr?? i i.rtut kmiM tub I'ouii imii I'lauta ? Ttie (HffkulUee wbloh aro'e between tbe p>llaa aad tlaa Hrrn? u at a bra la Jay atreet, oa tbe tth of July laat. In wblrk, aa alleged, tlie police prevented tbe Ar?meai Iron golcg loio tbe burning bullting, la now on arei atnlnetien before a epeclal rominlitre of t^ie Guraaaon Couaell. At th? latt matUag of tbe no mnti (tee oa TueeOay aight, Chief f:0gin?rr Vetaor, Aaa>etaat tU. glteer Taj lor and Mr. J ll UWaloa were eiannlaad. 1 tieir t'atiaiony gtte tbe fac'a aa to the origta of tbe af fray *ul atanlialiy tbe eeiue aa lori'tofora pabliabad, to the i tin t that tbe Dmumb ( who were not la uaifana) woe pevtated froai go ng om the bulldlag by tb? pa lice, who were atatiooe.] on Ue it'Mip aa I no* flremaa waa hail It beaten. Tbe tiatnlaatioa will be rejumtd oa Tu?ara> evealBg neit. Daowxta iv a hvacii Ti n ? Ou Wa>)naaday a little glti, aged about Uirae j??:a. while playing about a waeh tub la tbe ba^riaaut entry of Ita pareat'a hoaaa, la Adamn atrret, fell la head for em >at and beiore rwliaf came, waa orowoed.? WllllantaitaiK t Ujr H<wa. .wi v Stbukk ? An unknown aiao, apparently a labor leg men, waa proitrated by tba aua, la lledford aeaaaw, Wa4a*iday altera) oa, offlrar rMvallu of tha ITiftb dia trirt police, procured a cart, aad bad him ooaTeje-l w? tbe I iftb tlinrlct ?'ation ho<i?e |?r. North waa oalkei to a tend btai I fie raaarery la doubtful. T>i? I t ? i li' ft-aoota ? Tbe elty Hujarlnteadant of Tab lie Icbacli. (Mi. Hulkley.j accoaatiaaied by eevaral waa bare of tbe Ikia'U of liluaaUoo, ruaneatel via Uag the publlr a< boola of tbe Kaatera iliatrirt Wtdnaatay. Ike flrat vltlt waa autre to aeKool No IU, of ablob Mr Va Untineia prtni l|.al The erhotil la ?ary lar<e aad tba romruitiae ?> r? Mgbly p!e?ead wHb tee alflcirary of tba acbolaia ai >1 tbe 'orract I'teriptloe of tba aebn >1 TW ?a It va' ted achaol No. 17 of whi 'b Mr. Moodawortbto prlanpat Aftat lUumal reremoalea by tbe rlaitere, tbay ware fetured with alng ng by the eebool, aedar tba direction of Mlaa iiodweil, the leaiala principal Tm i < nimntae eipret aeti tbeniaeltae well eatieled with tfcw d? [;<. it man' ot tbia eebool The other i<h?li ereve virlud oa I hurailai . y m> I )M>1 Han ?At a recant m?tm| of ibe Hoi r d of rltlrara ol the fire !>eparta>ent of tbe teetera diatrlit a reeolutl n waa a.'' |.tal directing < blef I oglaear TaJ Iki* t/> pe i ? ion i be i otnm< u ? iu?nil ti probi'dt the aea of 8 annae buit< an-l all li >ae with larirrr opeaiega thaa '2 lac bee, egoapt the rtr t l?aglh frooa the eagiae wbieh uiey taper from J to ;i, lacbee III km <hy.- Tlie re-ldeure of llev eymonr Laag tew career of tiraad anl f. waa atreate, (Ktttara dletrUt,) baa te>a fcurgiarlou Ir entered within a few dayi Timi fen My Ml g eeaeat, It le bot kaoen what articlaa bava been Ulaea. ItaiTiliTt f ?ftl er Mlnef of tbe Fifth district, aa riete l b iren caned I'ottlnger ;w?tei lay. on a r Saige af taatlng lua wife In a brutal manner while i a '<? i ir atad . ile wee bald for ?ian.u > tioa l?tor> Juatlea Jaoofee. I'rieonnl lnlrllla< iiae. Wi learn with pleaenre that It la tba latanUna of Mr H li. <>OOdrteb lately (aaaal of the I aita>l HtaW ei I aria, bat at knoen by tue trie of l*ater I'arley to aataMleb Mrnie.f pei maaantly la tbia rilf, Na one ol iurl oaasla la I urope baa aver atKirt higher for I eraoaal 'jnalltlee or tieeo n.ore e!l.-,eatly uae!ui laoAow t) an tbia -eatlawieo. Il< n llt.maa riuurnoy baa c< neeate l Vi lellver tba antual addieea bet'ire tbe Vlff nla ant '<?rth < arottaa I Dion /grUultaral r? iaty at IU meeting la <>> lobar Jot a A < oUl*r, aaya tbe llel'alo At tnrtutr of the |3tle In - 1 , waa la u ? n JiiUt'Lai with he family, aal w ah rg i" take an a r i.g 'eilid a a erne ye irtrea by a Cat lander of ti e oaeat ar. I in * at llieiel kind ? ad where ? oee jar boaoe eent to go>" "Ha witb to aa* aha' le m at latareatlag la tba pla* a- drtra ua a'oLt the loan "le it tubal lb* lew* y?r boaor ' ' 4 kea jaa,' aal) Mr I . uopatieaUy? ' go ahead " fore, aad I Will, yer l.oaor," end off be atarlaA. leeulog ibe!<ai>, I'a' drava It wo OCTOet to >j?a, turn i g down Ira he w>nt to tbe IUa>a then oa la tl.e d<<k. and to tbreagh Wa'er aa<) I'll me atraeta, aa4 to "hie >h>n to ihe If; IraiMre ate ip Jr "erana e'rwet te the > d rity l.ia ot pertl'ulerly a<>aair)ag what M<a I'ertiogtoo alia tba o?ta'|alrta of a <"l'y, Mr .<1 railed a parley, aad eoaaitacal to reaooetrate witb Uaa Irlabo.ari amrui. At Ik* l?!lk?>i*a IImh K.. 1 <Jil44ik, I i(laa4. H It i II it la. 'lit* ?) ? lt?r* Km <. a|4a4* lllr* it ft* Jl?l?l ?l?tl ?? ? a.'l*. 0*< R*lia*%a, k< ktiHU '.a K*? J *nl 'tj VlM.rifl A4*l?k M??", ? ii ib i . I || I i audi I, IaM I'll II lit rr l-l.i II ? J H "nlll. HliUl|M < ?f, W J l ili /, M iik.ail- a ' i? f I I m h ? fft, II fti , l> Hi f*H?ifcly If Ml 1*1 '? 11*11, '< I II ?N I; I I 4U| W III) ft.'* A *' -latil t. It Minimi W ).?? a It I rail a J W r.l?w, I. 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