Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW TOR WHOLE NO. 6902 K HERALD. PKICR TWO CENTS. THE PROHIBITORY LIQUOR LAW. Arrtfti for DiunkenneM VutenUfi Tbe n>egi*tiat*? and c'trk* bsve plenty of work '? per form in U>* midst of thi* hoc weather lb* heated term baa been *t*adily accompanied with an inc?*a*e of toper*, ^eboee thirst muat b? quenched at almoat an y ?o*t. Beside a, they taVe an extraordinary delight In taking their bitter* "in ?pit* of the Maine law." This incentive cauHea the drinker to be reckl*** He mix** puncbe* with smash**, ale with gin, and before be can repeat the order of exercises be gencra'ly find* himaelf either lying blind drnnk in a bar room. or reet ing very i-teasily on an uncommon narrow bed in som* station bouf>*. 'J be next > ay comet th* retribution ? a . bad headecbe, nime and in the oewspnper*, trn daya' ruprisonment in pro?pective. Alt thia for get ting upon .1 alight spree. tVbat a country ! The following table show* the number of arrest* yes terday for intoxication, in the several judicial dint riots: Commit ini by Co.nmiltmmU ".First DGtrict Police Court.. Ju*t<oe Bo?art 17 ? 'Second Pistriet 1'olice Court. Jnstioe Brennan .... 12 Third liiaix'ct Polio* Court. . Juatio* Weiah 11 Total number of arreat* 40 An eat* for Intoxication In Brooklyn. The total number of arrests reported yssterday by the polio* wa? ten, divided among th* diatrists as follows: ? 1st District 1 ?OA " 1 8d ? 3 4th - 4 tith ?? 1 Total 10 Thay wire all dispoael of ia the usual manner. ?Opinion of Greene C. Bror.non on the Prohibi tory Liquor Law. So much has already been said upon our lately enact ed liquor law, that I shall only notice a f*w point*, and as to tboae shall da little mere than atat* my conolu aioas without much diacussicn. At another time I may wxamin* the subject more at large. L lhe legislature has, in my opinion, taken an un warrantable liberty with existing rights of property. The owner of liquor*, who hm acquired them under the aaactlon of the law*, ia wholly prohibited fr?m selling for um aa a- beverage, which deprives th? property or :uuofc the greater part of its market value; and ha can not sell for any purpose without finding two sufficient auretiea in five hundred dollars each, aatiafylng a Judge that he is a man of gooa moral character, and making oath ttat he ia an elector of the toirn or ward where he 'intend* to sell, that he does not use intoxicating liquor as a beverage, and doe* not, and daring the time he shall aell will not, follow any one o( somt fifteen or twenty lawful pursuit* specified in the aet. These are great impediment* in the way of the owner, and in many case* ?must operate a* a total prohibition against selling for any pnrpete The right to sell ia cne of the incidents of property, and that which constitutes it* whole mar ket value; and except where the merchandise ha* been acquired lot consumption, there is nodiiTerence in prin ciple between detyinr the right to *?U aod depriving th* -owner of hi* beneficial inteiest in any otter way. Our constitution provide* that no person shall b* deprived of life, liberty or property without du* process or law. Here (hers )s no pro**** at all. The legislator* ha* usurped judicial powers which beloag to th* court* alone, and paueil a sentence of condemnation againat the property. liquors kept for sal*, or with intent to sell, in riola tion of the act. are d*c-ar?d to be a public nuisance. I am *f opinion that th* legtlature cannot make a thi <14 a nuisance by merely declaring it to be auch. It mn*t . be noxious either in tt* own netnre, or from th* pits* or macnar of keeping or uaing It: anl whether a nui aance or not i* a queation fcr th* judiciary, aad net for the Legislature. A public nuisance may be abated by ?ny ooe: but be will act at the peril of being able to ?rove that the thing was In fact a nuisance. The Legia iture cannot make the evidence fot him nor give judg ment in his favor. The constitution atfords the like protection to life, liberty and property; and if the Le gislature can authorize the destruction or the latter by ?merely branding it with an olioua nam*, I **?- no reaaon why R may not, by the like m*an*, deprive the owner of liberty, or even lite itself. He may be denounced as ? heretic aad burned at the stake. Kxceaaive Jt inking is a great evil. It is an offence which ahooM be punished. Mat it does not folio w that the moderate use of liquor is a sin against either God or man, nor that th* imocent sbonld be punished as well as tii* guilt/. The gift* of God may ail oe abated, bat that furaiihies only a slender reason for denouncing the ftft* tbem?*ives as a nuisance, the abuse < f iutoxlcat eg drinks began aa leng ago a* the tim* of Noah, and yet when th* Uraeilte* were afterwards under a theo cracy, and thair law* were either written or c totaled by the Almighty, tke temperate tie* of in toxic.* ting liquor ?we* sot prohibited, nor waa it forbidden by th* Saviour nor by I'auL nor by any one else, until we get dewn to 1fce facalicL.'m of our own t<me*. Th* law is open to many other objections. It inflict* . grievous penalties, arms inferior and irresponsib e otfi oera with unusual and arbitrary povers, pacas juries, acspects aa t threaten* magistrut'S anil other public officer*, reverie* th* ru'es of evidence by presuming guilt instead of Innocence, Invite* aggressions upon pro Srty, and in other ways evince* a oonsnuuaneas in os* who fran..?.l it that the measure oouU not be car Tied into < x ecu tion by the ordinary means for enforcing penal statutes. I will only refer to ooe or two of these objectionable provisions. I'nder the law, the man who breaks into a dwelling and takes and came* away liquor as a thief or a robber, has got a better t'tle than the owner ef the house, for the latter cannot maintain an action to recover the value or porseuion of the property without proving that it waa "lawfully kept and owned hy him. Again, on th* trial of anyone charged with a criminal oOence created by the act, the delivery of liquor ia msde jtrima farie evidence of sale, and proof of aele la made sufficient evidence of unlawful sale. And thus a man who delivers a Lottie of wine to be iii?d by th* aick, or at the communion table may be convicted of a criminal oflence and shut up in prison, unless he in ao fortunate aa to be able to pr jv* bis innocence Hucb laws reflect no credit upoo the age or eoantry in w'uich we live; and, ia my opinion, the Legislature has gone beyond its legitimate powers If the law bad been wholly proapective in ita optta tlon, and had only forbidden the sale of such liquors as might afterwards be acquired, tt would have been free from some of the objection* which have been mentioned. But such U not the character of tbe anac tm-nt. the clauses which inflict penalties, anl authorise th* tteirare and forf*itar* of liquor*, are subject to several very grave objections; but these, with none other ira -potlaat question*, have been so fully considered in opi nion* already before tbe public, that I shail not disiuss them at present. A plauiible pretext 1| wanting for violent men pure* of this kind. The prevention of Intemperance i* only one among the number. Tne public good is always put forward a* th* end to be attained, aad that ia so im portant that no on* i* allowed to gn**t on the rnsan-t of xeaehing it. But thia is a dtugercua principle. Coder auch wttMCM the greatest enormities have beea com mitted. lb* right* of all have been invaded because aome men abuse their privileges. The llbertiee of the people have been overthrown iu many countries under color of promoting the public welfare, and under some aneh pretext men have evn beea denied the use of the Able, aad the right to think tot themselves upon th* most important of all subject*. The law in que* two i* none th* lesa dangerous because It J* aa*ri?!.? ^{issUj again, t a cias* ef m?n, inst?*d of efct whole community. That la to* usual mars* in th* ^ d^ajt^tnts of power. The attack omit-ecrs on the -weak pointo, and proc^' by d*rre.s it la* rareljr happened that th* privileges of ft ft"*;1 troyed in one day, or bi a tingle blow it hniiJjne* . *to watch th* first step. If other merchants a > well as ttioi? who deal in liquor* had b*ea included in tbe prohibition against felling their goo^s, ar. tbe farmer und the me chanic had, under come plaint bl? pretext b< *a >leni"<I the right to vend the fruits of thitr indu?t-y- *11 would have exclaimed *?ainst the rank ioinK'.lce of the meaaure Aad yet th* title to in'oxicat ng driok? is a* perfect as is the title to anv otder special of property If we allow the right* of a tingle cl >? s to be -ntsdel, no one can be tesure that hie riguta will not fait n?t t II. If we aasume thai the Uw 1* val> i, I th at It not aapiy to imported liquors Th* first anl general prohibitory section concludes by ttejUriag^lh^i i section ?hall not spplv to liquor the r ght to sell wLn It ti tbm '.^tate is given oy any law or tre?ty of the Unite i -tats*." aad It I* settled by tbe highest court iu the Ian ! 'tat the iawaef th* t'nited Ptates give the imp .r e: tt'* r:.:ht to ?ell hl*wtMrchandia* in tbe original paciag'- 1, in t. is an ' every other iftat* The naviag clause wh'c i ! as been quoted says nothing about sales by the iranf'""- or lu tne orlgtas] packages, nor about same t? a particular e'ass of p? eirn* . but It extends, in erect an 1 w.thoct any qiaiification, to *11 airs of tmt-orvel It ,u< r Ther is a provi- on in the'Al sscticn, that toe a t -K?U not be roMtrued ao as to prevent tt? ircpor'er o't.: reign liquor from keeping or relling tie sam*. in the ortj ntl packages, to aa/ person author -ed by the ast to sell ?uch liquors. But this is nothinir bat ???'.?| chms without any prohibition whatever, and I am unable to ?ee haw a general aaving elanse, which takes atl sa:e Of foreign liquor- ont or the influence of the aet, caa b< reel rioted ia It* operation by a subsequent savin? clau* which authorizes rale* by the importer to a partlcu ar elaaa of person*, but without *orW. ding 'air* hy an ! to all other persons. There Is undoubtedly c me tneon (rulty ia the two clansee , but as on* permits, and th* other does not forbid, the unrestricted sale of sported liqi'ors, I see no principle on which the conrts can ie clare a prohibition. Tliey are not at liberty to gn**s that inor* was ?*id than was Intended in the Hr4t ssolion and If, U truth, there waa a blunder, it Is the bci?'n?es of the legislature, and not of the court*, to cjrr*:t tbe error. Many rule* have been given for the interpreta tion of statate*, but none or them will authorise the court* to cerreet mistakes or aupply omission* ia the Uw. No rut* of Interpretation is more dir?:Uy applica ble te thi? ca** than tbe oae which declare* that penal wtatute* should be construed strictly. 111. IV me -fuc'gea hav* h*ld that the pwnaitie* of tb-oli law may be imposed fer salea without a lloeose h?twe*n lb* ftrwt dav of May aad the fourth day of Inly o! the pre *ent year Hut th*re is one view r>l the quest! a which, sc. i*r aa 1 has* observed ha* not been oooslde>?i The rase rtand* thus the old law established a U?*n?e system from which a revenue was rived te th* goverau ? at, end penalties were Impoeed fo.* sailing withmi > itoene* Tb*t these penalties will fall whea th* n?w Uw ??>?? fully feto ? tiet ts *gr*ed "n all band* Bu. a* n>>thing but th* license clause ba i yet been repea.?-i fa exprret Uiiut. it ia paid that ?h? penaltie* reman I do aot tb'ik that entirely clear Tbi penalttea ?rt part ant w.rc?rl of tM Itctnae ayitem, ?nd ikm i* oiuab r?*?oo tar aaying that when the UoeoM ?? drnied the whole r j at* n* in at ko end. B it Ibil it cot all. If both In *i a re hell to be aiw in fore* tbe caaa wld *taad tbn* tie old lav forbid* iVir? without a lieanae. and the new law d*n(?* a lrtarr a do both tojathir airouot 'o ? to'al prohibl t n ?g? nit cell rg ia aajr quantity Ira* thin Are gal lica Ibe pioblhltioo acta upon exl<tin| rig at* to p;op?rty The owa?t la frr?idden to aell the marchin dii? which be acquited ui'it the old law, aad which by that law ha could fell la an; quantity on obtaining h licence. He 1a, in effect, neprirrd of a large abara <? ' hi* Wtefltial inteimt to tbe < ropertr, end tbe eaae i< ?utj*ct to the objeetiona which wore' first conalderei. it -a a ?* a in tne construction of atatuta* that tha abox.li1, it ptaMb e, he ao interpreted that they ma r have <llect. That can be dona in tbla oaaa br hoMinj that tbe repeal of tha lirenie claim* carried with it th whole ijnteni of which tbe lloenre wa* a part; where a a, by toldmg that tbe (Id penalties are atill in force it i* v?ry questionable whether the new enactment car be euptorttd. lb>? view of tha queatioa aeami o' t to tare fceea craaidered br thoae who bare bald ll at tha old peukltia* are atili In force. I will not clot* without ex preaaio# the bope that ao t)<<rg will te dcaa, litter by way of enforcing or op Vicing the law, except by an appeal to tbe court* of jua tice That 1< tba otderly aad Ultimate war of set tling tba qui ition. If iha Judges upheld the law, let it be c keyed ao long a* It remain* in force, howarer an joat may be ita operation. Forcible reaiatance can end in noih'ng bat mi*chief. 1 am wall awate from the pa*t come of tha adrocatea of the law will danouaco any man. be he high or low, and whaUrer may be bla calling who eltber drink* a glat* of wine, or differ a from them in opinion, fhejr bare already attacked tbe .ludgea, and thrinta are freely thrown out that no man (ball hereafter be elected to the bmcb wbo doe* not conform to their at in da rd If they hope to gain aaa thing by auch attempt* at intimidation, It U not to be donbtad that they will find tbamaalrea miatakan. I bope no man will dlatrturt the jndi alary, and make that a prateit for reaortlng to riolence. OKBENB a BRON'WN. Skw Yohk, June 26, 18S6. Temperance Tournament. CHAM KNOB FROM THK TKMPKR ANCK MEN TO THE LIQUOR DEALERS . Nrw York, July IS, 1H56. To J. N. HaTwaiw, Esq., President Nsw York Liquor Dealers' Society: ? fiK ? The undersigned Wl?? the liquor trains ti be wrong, loiiBuet es it Aflect* our dearest family Ints lestc, demoralites the community, sacrifices life and pro perty, and burdens ua with taxes to a mom (earfui ex tent. We hold it not only to be the right but the duty of (he State to protect the pen pie from the vant evils produced by paid truffle We know that eminent oounsel hare declared the Pro bibitoryiaw unconstitutional, and therefore null and void. We know, too, that the chief magistrate of thU city, who voluntarily declared a determination to exereiee even ''doubtful powers'' where the public (food required it. has, by placing himself behind theee " opinions," de prived the law of the servloes of the poll re, oa which its execution mainly depend*, opened wtrto the fountains of intemperance, and in effect detlarel "free trade" in liquor. Hut these difficulties hare failed to discourage us. or change our convictions. we believe the Inhibitory law to be wine, just and constitutional, and demanded by the alarnrng spread of "intemperance, pauperism ami crime" In our midst. We believe the law will be sustained by the courts and by the people, and it is not from any doubt r.n ttiese points that its friend* in this city have abstained from vigorous prosecutions. They desire to sbosr a spirit of liberality and forbearance We would subject no citizen to the entanglement* of law, or place bis " liberty" or "pro(.erty" In jeopirfv, unless it appears to Ik> clearly right, ami demanded !or the n ulntenano* oT order, and the pro tlon of the community. We nhiink, however, fiom no rraponslbiltty imposed upon u i as advocates of prohibition. We ar* prepared to meet the issue ai men. Vou clffer fri>m us widely in opinion. You malnta'n that the Prohibitory law is unconstitutional and op pressive. We are no friends of strife. We would aroid need less irritation, annoyance or litUatiou. We contend for a great principle. We are as jealous or the individual right* 01 the humblest citizen as you are. If the law in any of ita provisions is unconstitutional. we want t> know it. If It is not, we shall labor diligently to en force It. Vndsr these circumstances and In consideration of the difficulties thrown in otir way by the ? onstxuctiou put upon the law by the llayor, we respectfully preeeot the following propoil ion for your consideration and ac ceptance. ? We pre pose that jou cr tome one or more of the memters of the I.iju'or Dft.leit' Society, ihali place us in possession of testimony of a charjeter whlcn nh--? II be at unobjectionable as the nature of the cast- will admit, but which shall be sufficient to euab'e us jointly to carry the following p^int. rn tfc? ir merits and 10 sepii rate suits. through the various :ormh to toe court of lait reiori, with the least possible delay ? 1 The r'ght of the 8 ate to prohibit tho liquor trndic. 2. The cona'.itutiMUkllty of ?uct part* of the i'lohlbi* trry law as authorize eear:li and aei/ure. 3. Whether the law allows the s*l# of imported liquors by others than Importers, or In other thin the oiig ral packages, except by thoe? licensed t-nder the net f Wheiher trials for mlsOcm<>enor un '.er the law ere cocilied to the Court cf Sessions. We will consent to add any oth-r relevant points wbir.h you may desire to have le ted. If this proposition is accepted, we will meet you fair ly **ui honorably lafore tke courts, as sucerw a?ek?rs after truth, and as law loviog and lae abiding citUeua If it is not. it will te regarded as an unmistakable evl dence of the weakness of your cause, an<) of the little faith you have in the position >ou hare assume.!. or ia the "cpiaiona" you have so lavahly spread before the puVMe. Wm. K Dodge, Samuel Inslee, John W Oliver, J. W. Ilush, Koe 1 ockwood, Henry P. see, M. T. Hewitt, H'-ory l?e*ter, John Falconer, W. H. Wllison, Henry N Beers, John P Cumnvng, C C North, J. T Brooks, Joseph F. Joy, J. W. l.ester, K C., F-. W. K..tohim, Isaac J Oliver, John, E 8. Haltted, Dan:el Trs -J, J. P. I'rall, J.Murray Police InUlIlg'iirc. WHOLESALE AliKRHrS OF I'll El OCKHrfl. On Thursday, as the steamboat Am*r<ca was on an excursion op the North nver, Captain Russell, of the Thirteenth ward police, and several cf his -jilittra, who were on board, discovered n sur-itier of j-.ickpoe'<eta among the excu;^?ni|,th Th"y were el-wely welched, ?nu wrrft Unmolested until sev. a! o( the |.??S"ngera ha<i lost their purses and wctehea. it was then thought high time by the police to arrest gome of the party. In doing so a severe scitflle ensued between the officers and pickpockets, who were stron* in eom'H'ra They wer? evtn'ually, however, t li a ' i>f c-veial of l us smgers, caged in a >n.u inu\ ix>'. wi?ii 1 .4 and there cenflned until the arrival of the ?t?Aiuer at N'ew York. Yeaterday morn ng ttey were all tiken before Justice Welsh. :it the Third D strict l ollciJC iurt, wli-re ttey were corrmitted for turn nation. There were eight ol the gang capture, on the festive occasion. ALLf'.KIi ORAM' HBCmNT. YMttr<'?y Pfflssti l on an- Uj ii.t I'.llC. Conrt, arrested three por-on*, uaov>U lii/a'.<elU Yau Winkle, Julia Skeeling and Janes Monroe, all residents of Water street, near I>ovfr, ti charge of roVi ng a eocn trymae naiced Washington Mill of IVi tn I *r. bit's The complainant alleges tl at m ken i.e eot e-1 the pit' ? in ',u*sticn, he had the money aho-it his p*rtJO, but soon aftei wards m.'seed it. lie" area s?* tfc ne wom?n IMi harlnr stcj?p it Monroe w?i irr' stet "B arspxtou of iiopl'cateJ tn the roblery, as l.e lia'i oil frequent er of the place Ju't.ce H'gait ^-tDuiitV' ibepriv ni rs for examination CHAKOl OK f-Kbtl.VG I.Otrf.RY lOLIOIEI. Yesterday, sergeant M?r?Q ld an 1 rlTbir Webb, of the I.ower Police C??urt, arte te1 a m; n natr.' ; Jos?ph T. Hurr, doicg qiisinees ht K o 4 I lvi-'o? str>?i barred ?>ith selling iotte/\ The rmnplainsot. Daniel W. Robinson, alleges the* on the l",ii ias.. the Mens*1. soM the ferlidden article', ci i-'rury to the L11 it this Ktete Hurr was held fcr examifiatxifi by Justtae TJogart. a Tor>o Pici<;?ocrrr c*tonr. Yeiteiday afternoon rneofth- !adv p? -ner ^ r< of t!.e Ncrtlern Ught hail her po:* st pickel 0 a , urse eon tala'og $4 an I her pa* s^e ticket w UlfMaia Oflijwr l arle> 01 the Reaens corps, arrawtel a young ras.?l oa suspl'loncf being the thief ' p a >e*f(h;ng him the p.cketb ok containing tte?! o?< articles was found tn Ills P< s?es?ic?. lie e as loeke 1 up by Justice llogar', hut as ths la' y esile 1 for Han lranria>-o <klmnet I . tne dlateiy afttr the> nee the ecapegrw* wiJ pnba bly. for want of evidence, get clear. CITiRuK Or Bl RtJI tRV. Joseph A .sebeyer sod Hlrmu Snlam:n>ki were arrest e! yeeter 'ay hy o".cr Ku.i-/U\nl, of the Tenth ward jolioe, charged with bav.ngon the night of the 10th Inst burglariously ent?.-td the premises of lienne'.t Tnrk.of No. 14 Division street, kud stealing therefrom 'i7 ready maiie coats, and other articles ? f wearing sppvrel, valned in all at $l,kSO snme of the slo'en prop' rty, It Is al lege ', has teen ttseed to the p ?ss??lon of the aeeoe^l br Cspt Nrrrle, of the T?nth ward p?iHee. Justice vvel<h comeit'.ea tte accused lor examination COMPLAINT t)imi?*El>. The complaint against Wm D Watson, of Brooklyn, fcr false pre'.eneee, preftrred by Cldeon Wslker and others, a? published In the Rt.uiD of the 17th Inst., was, on being fully Invest iga.ed yestsidar hy Justice Mrennnn dismissed snl the defendant di ^barged. Mr Wataon rwi^eets us to sia'e that he was not hsll to answer the charge at all. but merely renaainet at liberty on psrele until the examination should come 1 Maria* Affairs. Mrmt av T'li (jnxifliri ?The crew cf th^three masted schooner Ilean-bal, Capta;n KUae. of .Saflolk, V? , for Montevideo, now lying at ^uarea'me, rsfu??*l to get the ves-el nnter way yee'erday nacraing, threat snug to stab the centals whe 'hew <-aae up te the elt/ to preen re the aid of a 1,'niVe'l HtsVes kiar-ha., to tue the erew ou of Ui* festal. End of ihe IleaCed Term TOE WLATI1BB ? A OL QHlOVii DllOflB. The heated urn burael lUelf oat yesterday, ??d >*f* the earth a* dry ami thlraty and pirchul aa an old toper after a long spr.-e. On Thuri'lay evening, about eight ?'clock, the lower part of tho city wan vlalted by a amaet abowtr, accompinled by vlYld llghtting and heavy wio4> which did coisidcrable damag* In B/ooklyn, unrooting bouaa* and upaetting chimaiee. Strange to eay, th# rain wa* confined to lha lower pari of tha olty, not a part clo cf it having fallen above fourteenth Btraet. I'P town people werfc a little a*t>>nl*li*d on reading in tba naw spa par* in tn<* morning that a hear y ahowor had vlaited the city the evening before, and auapactad tha n?ws to bi? apuchrtpiial But yeaterday we had a rain worthy tha name, and no miatake. It wax none of your tbin, mvserly, uneven, teazlng showers, but a guth'.ng outpouring torrent, every drop of which wa? freighted with eoolneaa, cleanliness aad comfort lo our city and ita teat ojiprfHted Inhabitant*. Tba temperature fal during tba afternoon to 79 dag*., a difference of II Jeg*. in 24 boura. The day continued to ita aloaa abowery at '1 rioudy. Tbi* flae abower, after tha Intense beat or tha pievlou* eighty hour', moat do inoalculable need to Ilia corn and potato**, and will ?and peach* a and beer lea into the oily la great abundance. It needa no Maine law to teach our eitizana the value of good water ia wtrm weather. The home made article ia then acceptable even without the admixture cf the contenta of impoited " original package*." TUB HKAT? TDK CHANHK. to tux kmtor or tux Hxuai.D. The temperature yeaterday waa from 93 to 91! degreea from 8 A. M. till after 6 P. M.; average, Ut>? degreea for eleven hour*. At 8 boura 30 mlautea a cloud came over, charged with wind, thunder, lightning and rain, from 10 1* M. till five A. M. the temperature waa eanlllbriated at 80 to 7B degreea *ev?n hour*. At 10 A. M. It roee to li4 degree*, and Immediately commenced felling, aad at f> I' M. 1* at 70 degree*, a change of 24 degree* lo aeven hcurs. Kain in Urge drop* at 11 houra 40 minute*, and after that it fell freely. E MKIIIaM, Brooklyn Height* Friday, 6 P. M., July '.>0. KVFKCTB OK TUB BXAT. The following caaea of roup dt ttleil have occurred du* ring the laat two da;*: ? Godfrey LTman wa* penetrated by the heat ?f the *un at tfce corner of Waahiagton aad Cedar atreet*. lie waa taken to the hospital. At noon. Thursday, ?n unknown man wai found aun struck cn the pier loot of l>ey alieet. Takea to the Hos pital. A man named Patrick Roach waa found in (he market of the Third ward aunatiuck. Taken to tba hospital. At fl I*. M , tame day, a man named John l.ynch aged 38, wa* aunitruck at the loot of Thirty alxth street, K. H. lie war taken to Bellcvue UoapiUI aad will pro bably recover. At 8>a A M . yeaterday, an unknown man fell at the ccrner of Twenty fourth atreet and Second avenue, from tbe beat of tbe aun. lie waa conveyed to Uellevue Hoe P Jctn Conner, a ma?on, wa* aunatruck while at work od a building In Greeno street, at 11 A. M He waa con vened home. At 1 'i o'clock P. M a (ierman nam'd I^tlea* Stickley, agidlB, a blacVemllh, lealulng ai 113 Seventh av?nu?, wa* auoiitruct, and died in twenty minute*. A poysl elan attanued, but wa* loo late te render any asslat aace. An Itijueal wa* helj upon the body of Martin Demo *ey, a i*6orer, wbo wa* *unstruck while at work in tbe ?tab es ooioer of Madi-on avoue aad Fortieth atreet. Alao upon tbe b<idy o' Mary Flynn, a domestic, who wee p.-OH'jaUd by the heat of the aun oa Thur*day, while walking in lbird avenue, near Tblrty tiftU Btraat Martin ISrennen, a laborer, reeidiag at 140 Klitabetb street, waa alao aunatrnck on Thursday afternoon, m l died noon aft< rwaru*. tlie jury la all caee* ramlered a veidist of ccup d< toUil. BF>RCTR oy TBK UKAT IK BBOOKI.TN. A laborer named John Dwyne wa* proatrated by the beat jeaterilay In Bedford uvtnue, whl'.e employed at cut door work. He wee immediately taken in charge, and the umal wm^.lta ai'.jninuiertd, by which be re coveied auttltiintly, ic a abort time, to be proB?uo"?d ?"\ womj?a*Haanab Huer, reeidinif In M1U atreet. b?c*me exhausted from the effect* ol tbe weather, and d ed in eor??(tuenoe. She wa* 40 jeara of eje, and a nttlve of '*A*^oung womaa re ? <'ih* l? Oarrlaon street, near York, died auildecly fr .m the etfecta of the heat, flw w>* 1< ft alone in a room for a short time by tbe woman of tbe hotiee, wlo, rr.|uirlnjf her aid up atajra, called, but rrc^iviDjf no inhWir, capo? down, *nu found u?r d ad, In a aittlng poature, In a chair. TUB HTOIUI OF Till HSDA* NtOUT IK BBOOBI.TN. A building on Fulton avenue, near Navlaa atreet, wae demolished by tbe *torm on Thur*d*y aight. It wa* of brick, /our stories In height, and had just been roafed, and wa* consequently not o<v*upied. A but ? log on He t Hook Pclnt, oscupled a* an oil fac tory by Meears. t.wynne k Co., waa completely demo Uabed and a buhdinit on the oppoelte aide of the s'r. et accupied by C U de UVeng'ne, in tbe maaufaiture of iul ricatlng oil. wa* considerably damaged _ ITie pumptrg engine manufactory of J. H. liwynne, K?ter'? bcler mannlactory, and *everal of the Atlantic dock wa i choice*, were more or leea Injuied by lightning acd tte wind. RAlK IN BCHTOK. B<>f<T<).?, Jaly 20?1'. M. We were visited with a very refreahing rain thU fore nfx.u, and the weather continue* cloudy, with a tine easterly breeze. The thermometar *ianda at 73 degree* In tBe shaie WBAH1KK AT PBILADKLI'Il I A. rniMPXM-HU, Jnly M? 9 P. M, Tbe weather ha* been very ettltry here during the day. A etorm coaamanced at # o'cloca thi< evening, which decidedly cooled the atmosphere. INTBM9K HEAT IK CtKCIWKATI. , lUeixjiATI, July 10, 186-V The weaiher 1* most Intensely hot here. The ther mofLetnr ia at W! degreea in the *bade. Wa*hiiiOTox, July 20, 185i. The thermometer atanda at 91 def .ln the *bad? n>o ?klyn ( lly New*. Thk Cnv ExfKMflim roH 1>6#.? A joint meeting of the (oiniten Council and s-uperviaora waa b?M Uat evening, at \ha City Hall, for tha purpoae of preparing tna annual alatamiiit of axpenaea require I for the coa*olidat?d ciiy forthejear 1M? Ihe, following la a tumnury of the apt rop nation* made ? An.ouut necenaare for lntere*t ... $97, '>19 i0 lor inatalmenta oj J9an* and elnking fuo'l* 7i,2t3 74 Common 'ee'ho<i I pur po ? ? Ui m 00 Oenaral W ? IJ?liliDg atreet* ? H?tting g?* peata in lt>62 (lo te rataad in the flr-t live walda) > '* W Cleanitg etrveta end repairing we. Is so ' lumpa, ic., Iae!u<iin* ward m ejsV Tb*r t?et*tli. FourVetth, 1 iltwalli, :? t terath ?Ld beventeentt w?i a, aad SllOolura 6ii -0 uUti?i,,e.e 6i(i04 w ? F this staler.* ol it *t l*ai* that I lee whole rtpenaes ol ueclty,anu ihe several larl* tb-reof. :or IsV, will be ? 5 l>,. exc.iuaive ol t be aurplue ?*?eU of the laf c t? of Ili' iktjn an 1 t-.wn of of wb'cti IIW, 4CO, It la .a'ioiaieJ, will be <;arive4 irom the ettTj* veiue abu U 1 U.anre, a.rionat mg te |sl6 ? ') ' ? t* ra eed by direct ta?ati>n. ihe bo?rt trenav.ted all the bvsite** before tbaa, and * !>ou: aed. Ai oanc-i * Bom?t ht llori ?Yeaterday aflern-jon. dtr.rg tbe aeremt of the *y;r?a. a watch v.l?< 1 atllM) waa stolen from the codin wareh^art of M' les'ev inO.urt etre?t, In the folloe'ng manner >? r boi* r*n tit'er the awning n front for ebelter trom ?ee re a ll.e *a i?ht.r rf Mr Halaley ba-t bee n -- .t te ta^ houie for bia wat-B, and entering tte atore abe Ui^ oa a ?*-*. her father left the r?? for a few m ireota ti e of the boy took the cap 'pf aiioUiar anl It into tb? 1101* ci ?r tb? Mfc To# vxjJ wd-?*# r.p waa taaen ran after It, and at the aenei Urn- a- ??? tbe watch, put to hia 'he-!., end, with Bis companion., waa a oa out o* algal Altnoogb aerera! perae.aa w. ere atatiug abant. It waa done so an. lien r that . i*y rot even taka notice of the boya and eouM not leeerbe 'beau. Th*) ware puriued, but weie not oeerUsen Th* aire a and Bx?ill?HW?na. ttwm wx Tll?AT?r.? Hourcleault'a deema, eatltle.J "T\.r Irl.h itamond, M?a Willlama aa Aa ly iUa*e *n l Mr Wtlliama a* M jlrooney, a achDolm.a'er roe ^ naw feme letla - ajad "Fat lease anl Fareeveraace wUl tot low M-" * ll!lar.? a* Fati#ue;o, a Yankee l*dr, an . aa Ailea. an Irtah buotre-a. The amuse treats will 's>~ wltl. the "Recollection* of ?? FUanlgan aad tbe Faine. Niali) s Tbe performaace* of Vr. ftirton ara drawing 1-rga audleoee*. To nlgt't be aMsarM *' Tlmotby ToodJ#, In the amoaing pU?e c* !ed 'Toe I die*.'' Wbarever Hurtea appear* he la alweye s.rei ba?e a large and reepeetablw eudienre la add ion .o the ab"\e mentioned p;e<? he aleo app?*r* a* T..l?y Tramp, la tbe "Mummy." Pnwrai Tn??rw? The perVrmaneee of 'his a rating wlli coar!a('e the apgagame t.t of Mr lioeylail. an. t' a W1!1 he tbe laat Put oae of Mi- Ward* eogagrw*"* ?The ftoakard" will e-mmeaoe tbe smaeemet' ', "f( Roo'all a- F>*w?rd M'Mletoa. He'wf*D U.a flrat to aeoood piece* theie will be eter*eg aafl dan ng ar demeate drama "Wciuae - l*>va," will Vrmiaa e me antertelnmeo' a Woo?, e K.% ?T?*iy?y?- T1 .? laad 1* ?t? fr ejiof te *" au !leaeee tba boaae every a *kt wai. Duo: Ibe bill Of till* tWiflf ReillUfiif, n*0? lug, ctbeg atk-Jj fealaree | The of Jiwph Walker. CONTINUATION <K* TH" I>Vi*HTfUATIUN KX?MIN* HON OF TH? KB-' L? OOmUailONBM AND TUK coNTkAortik ? oonV?*ot to bk b(;rrHa?8Ki>? 'iHK OOKTKAOT OF J'tfl** AND BAHNB-I. The committee of h? Biard ?f Alderman U?v ug iu charge the investigation of tbe matter appertaining to the contract foe tba laiaing of the Jo**ph Walker, met yesterday (Krdai ) afternoon, and rrsumeu their exami nation of wiineaaes. Praaent, Messrs. Atilflginen Kljr, (chairman,) Voorhl* and Varien. Tbe Bret wltnaaa called wan Dr. Wm. Rockwell, Keal* C?ut I'hyaician Ald> rmio Illy? I will tell you what we want to aiccr tain cf jcu If tbe ciae waa aa usual, whether tbe no tiee tba: j ou received to attend the meeting of the Mb of May waa in the uaual term, aad received in the a?aa way. We want to be fat right In that, for It haa been ? a d that there waa an Intentional omlasioa of some conimir sioners. It. Hoikwhl? 1 think I received the aoUoe the aame day aa that on which we met; it waa ax uaual; I cane hire, an 1 usual y do, at about 12 o'clock, and before utt tli? meeting waa held; the meeting wan held at, say between 12 audi o'clocx. Alderman Kly? When you receive! th* notice, were yoa ???i? ul uny spcolal object of tbe mselng.' Witmbb ? ."omehoi'y said to me that th?? Mavor had a mutter t'.at be wiahed to bring before the Commi.nloner* or Health; but I did not know wbat toat uw'.tur wait Aldet Kly ? Had jou any conversation reatire to tbe subject that yon acted on with the Mayor, previous to tbe meeting of tbe Commissioners? Witmm? No, air. Alderman Ely ? At tbe meeting wai there a majority of the t omtniaaiout *a present? Wiy.nmw? There wure four present; there was the Mayor, mjsel', Dr. Ml.lerand l)r. Downing. Aldeiman Ki.r- At this moet'ug there was a resolution paoeeo? wan it passed unanimously f It waa so state! by tbe Mayor. W mmt-l believe that It was, it might be pyeper for me to state thst tbe Mayor aald in ollaausg Una resolu tion, that th? vesivl had been up to the surface of tbe water and thst it was very offensive, be said that it was very desirable to *et it p<*a*d at once, tbe preamble spent not its beta# removed before tne hot weather; hence it was no denlritble to get it up at once. Aidsitnao Ki.y? lied your attention been called v> thia matter i lllclall} , as ltraldent 1'byaiclan of tbe city, be (ere that mseiingr Wmnw No. Aldsrtnan Kly ? Waa your action predicated wholly on the it presentations ma^e by hia honor the Mayor? \S ITKUul - It was, sir. Aldtrman Kly? 1H> you know why the resolution di rected the work lo be done in conjuuctiou wilb tbe htreet Commissioner initial of the City Inspector/ I will explain the reassa of my inquiry We ssad to de volve ail cuties relating to saailory mature in tbe la ?peitcr? 1 did cot know but tbat you could assign somu rear on for this change. Wrr>ms? I do sot recollect any of thia; my Impres sion was at the time, that the Comptrotlur would unite with the Htreet ('emails'. i< nsr, anu moreover that Ibis course was to be taken that th* amourr. might not be taken from tbe Inspector, who eoiapla ued last year tbat his sppropriationa were crawn on lor every pur pose. and lor such as be had made ni estimate. Alderman Ely ? Have yon beu any person i;ixnplaln to you, as rssiceDt pbjslcian, t bat tltir ho?lth or oomfort was in any wise endatgeied by this wreck t Wltwe- No, sir. , Aldttmaa Kly? there has been considerable talk as to tbe manner that this money waa drawn, as being tbiouirh the street Commissioner; to some degree wbat you have stated U explanatory. Dr. Jadtrtliah Miller, Uealtn Commissioner, was next aworn Alderman Ki.v? Shall we nay that (oft r m asked you male ti e tame replies f Wit.vuik ? >ot altogether. ideiman Kly? You received your notice in the usual say f W ITKWMt? ! My Impreasion la tbat I waa Invited in tbe usual way. alderman Kly? Had you any knowledge of tbe object of 'he roiiveu nn oi the Comm'aaionnrs ou tbat day " \\ n>fj-n ? My iniprtoslon is tbat I had that Is my lm< preiMon Aloiman Kly? Had your attention as Iletlth Com in i - 1 ienrr been called to tbe Joaeph Walker t Wtr>kJv ? Not i ilic-alij, mi lupxesakw is that I ran cotntuahend tb-' ground* la ahortnr space if jou wid al low me to irtAe a statement, at about that time I hi t ?<?? nfrrmation in conver?ntton wttli linerent to i visuals, hut neter with tbe Mayor. I think, up to tlin time ttli we rame into the meeting and hi^ard the subje. i of ibe Jnpepb Walker mentioned, tbat there had been an effort making for h'-r removal for nvmi two yuars, or in tbat vicinity. Aldtrman I ly? I do not know that we need go Into all thote particulars. WiT>f> i resumed ? I received the usual oolite ou tlie day epeeiOed; the pieamble and resolution were mtro dn'td hy the Mayor, tbe <|u<-?tioo wae put io tbe uiual foim, and it picked i. nauimoualy , the reasons tbat I vo *1 as 1 did I shall be vtry happy to explain, If the ooioait tee wlso to tear them; if aot, I bare no more to say, except loi xplain my reason*. Ah e; man I i.r?Had yen aver visited the wreck, or lo eal'ty, pievious to the meetingr V t.Mie ? Not tke wreck, but tbe locality I hat not to investigate tbi' matter , the whole of it was done b?eMa? that we thongbt that the Mayor ??< pretty efficient, the Ctmmia* on. rs ware <-ooviS'<-d that if he took steps for ite removal, It woubl be done, tbat was the prin^iptl tease n r' oor action, or r<vtbi'r I sbouM speuk for myself al<'0e, of oouise, I cannot anewer for my collearu*-*. Alderman Kly- -llad you any knowledge tbat bo bad made a contract previous to your tirnrting him to do ao' Wmtina ? vly impresslKn U that 1 he had taken s< roe steps for ber removal, but what, 1 knee not; 1 had no ktcwlsdge of the contract, as to the oontract I sni not posi ive how far , I hal heard that soma step* bak been takes. Alderman Hly? Had you ever beard any peraon say that anything sr sirg from this wr#t:ii wi? to thera or fecsive, or in tLclr judgment lending to jeopardise '.he public fceallh' WmtWH-l believe 1 d'd. /Idervao Kly? Can you tell as who that peraon Isf WirxkM? Benson, I thiak tbe gentleman's name I*. .1 iy ? I mean, whether the time you acted on the subject joa tad n?ard any pomon ex press the opinion tbat it was alrealy offensive7 Witsms ? Not to tbat time. I uujtratyoi Mr. A. U. lieosoa to nay tfcat the veaael ha.1 been upto'.beaur face, and then that tb* matter la it was attentive Aldermaa Vnoaaiw? DM you judge, in your official capacity, that it was ofTen* ve to the publlcr rT?>. a? I ga%* my vote on tli* quea'.lon aa a gre?t ma tj of ts that have been In the Common Counrd do. f therefore K?ee my ?otn by silec' coreeet th- Mm tM tbat tbe chief meg etrate bad determined in his own ?rased tba' a certain object onght I' be sr~i,nipliiiba'l lor the public good,and I did not tbiak that it w*< In my po?fti?n to thwart him, and therefore I gave him an affirmative vo'e. Ijr. Tik.max K Dowiei,, City Inspector, aworn ? Ald.rmtn Ki.y? Wd you receive a nui< e in tbe usual way to at end a meeting of tbe Commissioners at tba time tbat tbe "Joseph Walker'' >ia?*tioo we* acted ou WiTMWit? At that meeting I did. Aldennan Ki.y? Do you tYlak that the mewUag wae held at about tb* usual time WnNits ? AK.utttn uaual time AUteiman Kly? At the t M jou recelve-l tbe notu-a verejou aware of a ay s;eeif> buaiee?? for wbtch you wei# t- 6Vtne,!? V ,i>ne- I wts r.ot Akerirsn Hit ltd jtru ever h?ve your atte-n'loa odi clay ctlwd to tte wreck of the ? Joseph Watkw' si faraehtren sngsrlng the h ?lt!i of any of tba elti >eeie' I mesD prevoua to the r?th Oay of May. Writ'-- 1 ad rot Alderman Ff.r?Uad yoti ever been 'Iowa npoa the Hit peeviO'is to tilts meet r? of tlwi I oaamiMl 111 ri of ll-al'h for the porpo?e of etam nln.; tbat wreck' HiTMes? N eltl t n before Mr slate Al''enr>an I LY ? ICaee yon ever beer, int.'ed or re fjtiested 1a your offlcUil < apartt v to vofll th?t location, with a view to aacertelnlng If the health of Ibe city was Isot-rd /ad in any way' y> rr7lr^?, ? I > a^ not Altlernan KLY? fill you received Information from sa) eour e that tba heartb of t'.f < I'y wae ;t >par< \n 1 hy tfcla wrick' WiT>?>e?? I bad net, [ revtou* to tbe m?t or A'#era??t Ki 1 ? !? a'l th?t you ever b?srd In r?K' on to her jeopa Hiring the health of the c !y -Is all that t' u learned from tte mminlcat -,n of U? Nay t oo tl e day tbat th ? m?etirn was b?ir Wrr.M ?* ? Ve- atr o tk? Mayor's of. on that wea VKtifa contltue l to reply to juries fjom AUtormMl K)y. N? ot) er paper than th* pf*" h'.e an ' r* I ?? '. wa* submlttei; to tbe wwUBg by the Mayor ao Ht ? < r.e or coir m'lti *?' - n ? earn* ' ? rr._t i: elel ';ld the Maj>or m'ke any lee/'hy veras! et ?t?i at he B erely Introduced the ree?,iui^ia, an ' >*i ! a few ?i",i 0 reiatl' n to It K Is v?r r urt.eual 'of anv mitttr r? atlng 'otbe *a" "* iry ctmdlt. a of tke city to be trsaa sctso tbrooa*' anv ' ?fsiiant hi* mine, aad I in^iotal 'hat would be ''Otee onier my diecretk I n tb* tne of in - at In/ ls> e that tbe Hay.,. . * | a *' . / made any contract I bal no ,ea *i;at oor a. t 311 e ? intta* e-t te tngaUr* any (gwvtans doum* 1 u?d^ >W A tbat varlots way* bad been at'en pto' to raise, this vae eel hnt I pi>*?l no tboogl ?. 1* was ntowMIS r c l f. 1 r soy tt '1. / paet I hate Veen < \j io '(?"?!>./ .wo snd a hslf ysars iaei J' ly, an ' 'o no' rsnjw er if anv ease o* m ei.tor e work b?<og d- ne by any ? ?.* te*', mj ?eif d?r ag tta* ? me The pr'.o'ipai in nt <e o ray veto ts* 'O'lBd la th? ?' OS "erst n that ' ? v?e a. wet as 1 t, r.'-ersted, tt wiwid le??w?e pe?t'^6?. -a ??e u% aa I waa toil, her* at tow s?i?r I vet'-: ? a '-in* 'be i?*pot ?lh!e 1t? M ay r etef ' '. hst ba e jid a'stsreeth* r??j* ittjr Kr. f'lilini h*a?.-* aw ra aail, IsMt'trlsli terogatortoe ? I ecuM g ve a brtef h .'ory o' e ? / o w .lit' ? matter I k new a>w?i tu>- / -? ( t Welaer wfcea *1 m was M.raed. but hae>ng <rther b .? 'ne^i on l ?? t ay a- -a '?on waa Mt at that time relied to bar ? ' ?*. . ' '. .s -"d of April la t I wa* t, t ?f t,a? ??,. ?? ,t * kg tbsrw aad aurreyai th* l ?aiiv ar. wtwek ? then Ietiae4 tba' ae.-'a. a 'tempt* Ul bteu 1 l .I to Jfe' he f ' "it I esse ' eb? ' tt, Ht ? > s '? '-ft t? t Jlweeet Waiters, II * S"e??ry o' te ? e?.r ' ? ' a er ttl >efs aad aleo to tbe tsi^rt I 'vile' 1 - a. Ind vMwa!!; ss. Warned t> ?? tHet Sad *? aa.' ".ed h?i aad did aet w'.sb te. msiliHa ra *. i aa If *?e a: wn ?an referred the w a iter te Mr i**'- r' im? *4 1 2? slv. je aS ?3J'? ~H tmt ^*-,!fSV'np',"b,<1 lh* t*rmfl ?**?*! upo* ?' i," J* '*?* ? "?:w?tooJ by VrTd..( tbVTt"; inorad n7.?t ' proposal* to bar* tha rMki.v h. .aid y .7 and f ^ . Mk,<1 Wm ,f " WM "?? ? ? 1 BO Olla/aw , " ?* *? **a1 tO ft p.OpOtU I dl.J S?i^hiTtb.r,m0T#W fo'?V<?; thatVrop^.u J Ai.tfrm,, Ki *? Thi* I* datrd tb. <Mtk tainfr ^ ,B ?rror' I 't I Mr ????*??!?. pT,I>po"1 0,1 th* rburwlfcf or Kr.l., ?7 7 to c*^ btok ?? Mon* lay Ob Mir i ??r?d h.r *r, ??d ^ ,g raet, hu ?ai<l tb? oilj bftd taken hold of It I i^n "let *"? W*n,#d ,n,t hM '?*?! B""l" ? CO u nf.?n n . lBO,,,erP??t/; but lie *,|dwl tlii' perhap ? r oould ?(laet a n-ai.hatioa with that party f}? >1.1 not n a ? oT.IT? mT *ro*?"U' but ratn.r " " b,ll,r',<' jt ?aa all rlgtu. I oll.rad (*> n 1 1? r nj ?rrr>r? mippoeln/ b? bad proper blaak* um haul thwart?!? *"OU.t, lh,* *r*rW "? I? tbi* tin* ?n th. ath April. I ha of water around tb. ?w,.-l HS on h"r " "trunk at from to *0*0 feal, where bar bow* raa-bad out It n-r-r ?'"?hI nijr rimt that th.r. ,n> uuwt.ol.aom",,!^ J* or I ?houl.j b f>t btro uu'1#rt?k#a tb?* theV dSi' t0 *'?- " that p.77 wb^b ?'* *??*??? tha w?l? * rleaaar at that plaw "bar. oh lection ,0.T*"r "f"1" ?r0un'? to di.turb it I hire aa raid?, .U ?m to the committ..'* it 1 r^'zirrr T^rT'ii h"?? ?,* * M ' Wb"1 Alr joi ?>?<! ma is the ?a"?r in. n 0''>"r ?*'' "f ?""" ? omplain of Th/m .!t" Ju M?r "'" ,tl" tndaad, tha m .?t of tb*m talia their meala or#r bar. Aaitber hare I ??> ?r vWj.VT0] K'a\Z" eom' lmla "?/ knowl?l*? *1.!?. 1 1 K ? i '1>MIU lh#n conMnt^d tbu th* oootrmct ?a. .o Uken coa,nltu? <>?' laiij, a ad It AOIUJCJIKftT I NTWKD INTO Tni? D4 V BT trUTfU H JC?N?h AND C It AS. r. M a RN>:h. ?""ord.o.M ^rf"? ah.,in tr I, 1 1, . dQ.k U, iBu,Ji.i;. i; in ? b?r? .aid at..p i?,w l^i ??k J T !. kff r.?:. ? v- -5 ??miJotTob!r rr i'"",: i-ii"1 r:"v; ,hPiV' r.t.',",:r '!7. ?' ?ald Job**' and th?t Vn4 ?r i !t !? aiaa U ?> " li.Mia rri.Mel *f " . ?"t ?? ?f,'.-;.;;:1 ?rr-';7y ?:.? j-; C. r. Harm*, iA?ai.) Oaoant M. Co*k. 1 D?w*. ** of tba Haooad van! 2 i. ?"orn 11* made tba foil .wing eta ?m-ot - ^J*1100?0*1 1,1 m* *b"ul the 7tn Oat of May, and be tvlil ine he hail the rjntrart tw (nt the ;ri0.?': h? TV '"tr<?luf*d t, |jy \|r lib "? t. Iintn, at aod talked aU*at tha wat of cub / tt V., t i Ktre my oplf>'oa that ha could not ?!o It ka ti n war he WV ?4llni{ J tald him ! thought ha el.ip might ?a t?kan Lka ??d(' rVUl b:r ? "rt.'-r.1 \Xon ?Jw ", l'?f ,iM .' ' baiu. were uno?r Her ur I won .1 no, bar? i.noa ej; the nt,*nrt (fl t , ii,, , ,h (OO'laiD the ablp wt-n, l.j'.aght U) air It w*i aleo re markld that Ibe City woul 1 glre notua thing to have her ri B>"V> il, and I wee to hare b?lf of that Vr lh* Mr l**UfT 1 1 j ? ? ,ra on'/ elating what I wee told I Mlfrd ob Mr Jore. and th.n h,ok..| or.r tU c?ntr.?l ^top iing ewiue miidttlratlor a that wer. ma 'a ec.t a P< w eontntct wee drawn up and eigne; u7 I n~ ... ?.* that It wa. out km, an wb.t tMrlrwouuTloY. tba m.tur , th:? contr?--i wa* dated on 'lhi. th .,f Mtr the flret timVr wa- dellrero.) oa th? 17*h the du.? weradrlren on tba Kith, end th.o ,t ?? , ) *f* ' ,! that the rhaine lia l ha oane weak whero thee had aoaie . CMUCI w.tb tb- copper, I found ,,ut'^. X,Z that a contraet wae made leteeen tb? Mi. . or an I 'fr ??" ?tup to ... ?? what aD.?boX !hu. V* '"Vr,*? w**' *fUr 1 tb. agree maot how n mL i to 'h* UslOT that I did nut ee? w i f WM.',OB"; ' remarked, that uniler the |? i iJ* ?" JMV "r"< the contract bat I \m.?a of hi. *iran?>-n ? ?t- | made the earn* remark u, Mr ? on.e. and eloca> that ra?t of the c .tt'-a I... U'P 1 "???l?o told that there waeeoae pork and beeflnh*r, bat oaanot dnd >n. ,or taken out'*-1 *? 0,,t '"fP " "" W "th h" Mr. I)iit^jr-.| t<dd Mr Jcne? that 1 thought tl?a bro (iad r. lT it? 7" t"!'1 U'J,t th* W?v>r .i . ' U,m '"r "Iwhuraem.Bt u? Maior aleo told roe tbu en teo oecaelona, par.l- ilarlr it Li ??c?nd Inter r'.w with h ?, he e?wm..t U, ep.?' |u bu o.n nam. but I uoderat,,,) hiu. a. r.'er.lng tWlt^ of toiii.e k?r.le?D Bp. tin torelatlre ti.tbe wl.arf^e' a u ppoee that ft, 000 or t >>??>? ,t due In r.?rd^ i ?hlA it la .dif ^ talk of ?(, or ?dor"r?J enrh a re,?e! in IU*!' ? pla'.e . Wai.toi It. Joint awore? J mala a ,m,i,.,i _ ,t tlll?*r^nt?0 Tf" b* itoclt, aU rgbt t'IJa rr f.,r re mbureeo ?nt for at. e.nwn-liture whuh ba egr?ei! to Incur la behal / of th. l\f< JZ, ment a. KJ Wl? ?ute. tb? he diet.netir aYETl ? ujJ ???! fnrth?rrn "r?, all m? rl*ht? of tl. city were aeiigeed in ne .,0 ,?r tb. ooatract Aultrmaa l?ir?| vuuUI iitel to aek?but jiju ean take If ?b " TO" ?d- tVeeonu'.M ?y^" own babalf.OT If otb.r.waie in th. od.rUaiot-tii,|-?l who wa* to ?h*r? to lb# tnoa+9 r+ emir ex, ? Mr .hist/H- to \),m pl-in'Ur* 4'rniMb r ir-Vw, / te.i#p| your word Mr Jo>, then related how h. bad me to loob aftwr thi matter tut wltloijt ana war lag the i.etloii A'cermen tooeaw r?o jnn kaow Mr Van H|,nla Mt J? ??>v. He I, in offlra; ha |e not a partner g.'ber bUt * **??* ?? 4" hu*ia?ae tn Alderniao F.l.r? liid/'Mi aak h m U* rnaaeaneaU' at. Mr J<>?? ? I do not tbJaa tnat I aaked hln. bit I ?t*W tii4? bf Wf>nM hT'ipf rm. Alderman RlT?Mu jou .low wtal prs'e ba wae MO* tig Uj pit Hi' Mr I gtieaee ), tut ( did a??. e?a -11/ kaoar Al? mu an l.i,r - You n ten *1 that It . ..ttie our y Ci - r ? ' lhal la tU uiuai pr.eea.jae Alderman Vooame ?(if rour>? Mr Jo ? i No c B tf act waa aia<!. other t?.r tL? utter that pat^d. I gara a I* a I for $i >o, and waa to Kl?a tbe aatt' for I'.O.UOU if I' waa r*| alrad Ibe iBiaa'Jrati/ B bare rlw.i, aod wii nrn.^ orar ' ' ' M. 0 ay, whan t'r W.l er R Jooe. ofc,.^?wd t ?t ? * ' bl a'.oa ' f tt>. rt ntiaet et<,?. lae.rta' aadamatiaa aaa p?a,?d at the ea/gertU/n of Ai err ar, arlaa ra j. eet ng that It *M,uld not ha ao nubiuh^l Meeere \|.,?rn,.e rjj VwrtU ooallare! the; ha/J a* r g? t ?? ir 'arferw with th? rejx.rtaie aal their tot'ei the i*oe i me i,i t-lrg ortipetly belora tbe IV/ari They 'boa e'er, agreed with tba .??aoUttc-n a* a re , neat llaae Hall. T> e I n i ri Itaaa liall '.lab, ' A Morrlaar.ia, tfeat naeter cci oty, s.w York waa permanently argaaiwd oa lu? ay trerlag laa', aad aoabart at preawnt tveaiy tbre. attj.a ?^Bb.r. ia!?r tbe -ljr?-t.-Baf tba fu mtri oflMM, rh ~Tbrm%? I, ^otta? I'raaidaat lletry > r.B w, \ >a Pre.k.ent Wl "am ( a a. II . r re'.ai y . Jku> f.. I'ara) ail. Tre?e?r*r. a?j tb?aaae <.r?ia- liaaa Kiapar 1 ba ^'.Bb neeU ' /. ' eld e ter -taa 'B Mraday ?rd I r lay af'ar?0M?, at 9?e >, ? , Hiuf'WI Krmmi et Kan Pont ? '*? laara tM Wl'lla P W? ?d? :y ca* r,f lUNlr1! It ? wa. ("taa*. ad abiia batUag la tha ilufeob c? Ttar^ay | area r.g A teleyrapbK 'Wapat/h of t?e .< !??et* waa 1 ira+ 'la'aiy **Bt to b* - father at fta '? a/- 'oat ai ? -a ? arr . ? ? ' lart ca bn ?ay 1 a. ?? a >.f tta a't'tc; i.f ac?B?r?*'e I ninnera' l?<|U?eta. t ? ?|, ti?..we?: ? Aa lai?a<t wae VM ,fr 0 tba i/fVy ?f Wlhiaat Rllay a bor ?S> '<t * yrera ?f agw wl?/ a. ? it; ??atahy dro- oed w|,i a la bia g at ^4ar -- . ??t f ?er Th- b ly of tbe *e-e.e^ wae H/tujM ha tbe re* let', if b ? i * rent i 11 ' berry ttreet, wl.a ra Vtea n ?>e?t waa be. Tie Vody of a n 'iala'*a wtmaa wa* fv .ad " al ig a tb. wa**! near |<*r ' ortb iteer. Tba -Vacw?a.d wa> ?cry taapeaeably ?)r*-?a4 aad a ff - r?l to bare '-"i a ?>. wi'.er ? .1 a .'^Yt I lata A a ib . aaat w sil ' ? aa ?1 Jetawy I Itjr Weaa. I |f -e- 'TWee. ? y#at?rday ba'-Ta * "? " of J. r?ay City, 'beta war' tw> a?'* * ' ' 1 ... i.y ?aO*f Mall Jafei Or.rrlr*o a' ' . t, .? ? r I ?Plrt bad kt^rrg*. ? raa'.a wai f . ' < ' ' a ?"?ara a ad fa?d ?V? bad r??? i V * 1 ' f . wae ' I %*. |B'ltf B?1 bae4 ft ? an a^te WJ >? he waa enatr itat U ^rte?/a ? a f oi l-. ?t ? TWwra waa aa *d,?a ??* >*? ?? I Ifrtflw biT r* ? t* ?? tbarwday .'*? " ' ? "h?'* ' .a.erj le ' ? *a?a *ae Alaeaaaed. a i.i laid '?* ? *?? l j eeaga a'. fc? t.* INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA'S MII18. The Rukmbii nnd French Official ifeoanti if the Buttle of Jaic 18. THE FOURTH OF JULY Of LONDON. me until* toKuiromnrc, Ac*, *e., ?*e The iteamablp Can*!*, CayUtc JudWln* arrlrad >( Uoaton at four o'clock yaatarday. ||ar mail* aae* iw calved In thla city about ?l? o'clock to Mm I rtar ?<?)?. We are Indabto 1 to ('M* Jut kin* for the '-'irtrtag !*tc*t de* patch from Ixmthva ? !??*??, Hnturday, July 7, 1Mb. The Timer, la It* leader tMa Uurniaf, oeu aidar* U*a. I)* Uerg'a account of th* II Mt*o ell air n rirjr ??Mlb factory, a a ba doe* not li plain why na waratag wae glr*a to tha boat, If tba Kuaalao satpoat* did not ahaaae tolat bar laa<l, or why tba part y vara a< ? -aptured, aa thay might aaaily bare bean, by the oi?r?fcalnia| ferae that lay In waiting for tbaa. A ile*petob from Baraaluna, dato* tha btti loat. , *ay* ? Tba atrka of tba workman conlinae*. Tba uppuailioa lia paaalr* ona. Tha aaaaaaln* of Ike two maeafhrtararw at llaroalona bar a baan arretted. Tba aillHIa raaMkn faltbfuL A deputation lind baan aaat to Madrid. Tba bark A*bl*y, with coal, fionr Maerpom, wae to ?troy ad by Bra cn tba 90th ult. Tha 1\mr$ city article, data- 1 Friday eianmg , aaya i Tba KnglUh fund. opened atoadlly thla ? traleg, aaad ?ub**(|uantly maaifeatod a Undaney lo i m prnTeoaaat Hank (lock e?p*rl*n<od an lmpror*m*nt of oaa half par cant., owlBg to tba announcratonl that a I reach la about to bn aatabllahad at tba Waal Kod of I . en toe. Nutwltlu lauding tha aitra demand aa uaual at iMe pe riod, money la tary abundant la tha (Hoik Kt change, aa well aa In tba dlaooual market. Tha French aad fellah gor*rnm*nt* bad agreed to guarantee a Turklab I oaa af ?6,(00,000 (iold continued to ba aaat to I'ari*, bat aetla large quan title* TL? baUlon In tba llauk of Kagtaad haa d<crea*ed -1160,? I. Oar Madrid (Vtrrr ipnndaai ?> Italian), Juaa 3B, IIMI. Thr Critical Omd i'u/ii <?( Spa n?Inf >jun / ??< A,? jDiltm ? Nrw Sf*tnuh Klnn'T (* (V lined Mr. I'rrry'i l*'!rr, . , itc. A/tar aararal <laya of arduou* labor, tha Violator *f li nance pre* anted bla project for nortring the gr. a' <*e Kelt of Uu million* of collar*, without raauit be la aa financier. In tba inaan'line, tba country la tergiag to wer'* Ita ruin, and nothiug leu than complete beak ? tuptcy can be b"p*d for. Huch a aula of thing* saaaet ardor*, aad Ita prolongation la an abaolute dleeredil la tba llbtral lattltulioa* of thla oauatry, A .1 nxaaa pre sented for eo raring tha ?'"flell ara nutting nacra tMa |tnpo> og taiaa, whltat tl?a only proper aa-t principal DethiMl would be tocutdown tha aalarlaa of tha principal i.Olcara of htata, which amount ta a aeandaluua, faar Iti u a calculation mada In tha auditing dapartmant of tha Mialatry of klaanra, tba aipanaaa of tba month o' July will amount to |!> OtO <<i0 Iba ( of Ketlmataa bar a fltad tba etpauiaa of tha Mmiliy i4 I a tartar, tar thla j?a r, at $il,fiC0 MK) . the Navy at ?A.'WU.1 ' O aa-l the liapatuneat of f'tate in! I'ltr imarlnaHarrlia at I ?T.0,Mt. We abail a?a If, amongat all <ha waya propoard, ona wtl be found to ba admlaalli a. I ate bankruptcy a tar lag na In tba face. N.rattbeleaa, tba ceatiw and aitrame laA of Iba tliamlier I. ara pn p</?e-! a plaa which n ght ha followrd, of aorailug Uia 4*l>c.t by tolibtary ? ikanr.p tloa. Tha Aircuaalon <H?ararolng tL* laaawbi' b w.ra te he cenaidrrad aa lut 'taoiinlal, haa kaaa long and bitter At laat tbry baft decided that tliera aball ba tba "Haa toral Uw," that ralaHag to th? relet '>a a beteaan th Irglaiatlira tiod ?a that relating ht> gorarara'at, whether irotlfcclal or mnD<?l|>?i urgailaatKia of tnbuaala, law conrariilag tfca | raaa, at<d that of th* net oaal ulltUa. tba |o?>rnmaat haa agr<a<) to tf ? Aa It aae atpa-'lad, mat*i ml oppcatUon on ?ha part of tha cltrgy ba* a't'B' ad tba Arat maaaurea rarruad into aiaeutbm ua<'ar tha Baw Uw of taiaeae 'ram a,' rfma.Ei. Km ? Mabopa ba ra i*'ua? I t.i lalirwr up tba pro|?rty of |l>a cbu th la their dloeeaaea te the a<!mlnl*trator( appu'ata l (</ gorarnmant to carry awl th* {.IbTlaiuoa of ll.a u?. I b?ae pfMe?:ing? ra?a*l the ^urbulant aplrlt by ?b b tbey ara animated, bat t bean labellloua ?i*la?ia' tlca wfll ba ju ?ad aad puntahad hy th* law, anaorlh; ahapbarda, g!? og *arb bad etaaapla to Ut air tacba, aud pa) lag bo attaaUoa U> tl?e |u|el aa ? hortatlai a ?f abed aaaannd (<?-* come arret'* u! thaaa ga ntiy atl'l otcur lb. tinnrb (<i>' bjr ueana of l*a gandatmaa, ara guac'leg tba frr?t >r* I bar caught Iba athar ley, a party wb? alaaot to antar Hpa n 7uef>a? b g<i?a ran-aat, to |e* cut tba reat aae re",, ra^ogair** ta ?toetemulin * y'i of Kn??t?, and 1 ' ? ?ap' l.ea la to., c:a<ar to alk/W a rata'll) n >a Hpala. aet ob fvot bp r??. ir <at|lgu*a, to gatbar fo/-a upaa hi* Hank aad raar la tba nxa./.:;/)# .'** * "*rt tha --Damarda a. I ha <an,aadtn?a to cowrla'a th'm that >? a ll,?u >a'?t dlttnt?r?ated frtaad ?h let at t aart ha la tb? miat den gertiia ion; of ttalr rarolntivn aad o' aU thay he'a ir o?t i!aar. lb* t Vjrte* har# g ran a rvte f theak* to tha ' aplala Uetaral of Cuba a>?l to 'ha trio^a aad n, ilia la l Bat lalan'l, fof tba,r aarf *a la lb* late partar atata- f afalr*. Tka ?ial*ter of *? t " Ueaaail, aal't tha otb*r dar in tb* (urtee, ba.ana <if*a*a th* eadabraUd Uemwrat, aa''. bima*lf, thaaa iiaial an mpea'*Me gulf an i tl.rew Oa'i la the iame of tb* g?,**ri.ment tba an'ibat of ? tyrant %d ti?, appM'1 by tba latter t? I in a Mepoiaoa Aa aid II t La f"..!laa ''o rou ! ' lag ?/. r* ?' a ?ba g ' ?** maat llom tl^.r preaant atialta, they wtU, p.->. <?eb.y, au*|? t ' their ia-a aa for a 1 aa* Ita AlfoalO K?-al*rnt* baa l/a*e aaaaa ' M a ltar 11a a I'.taaliery to t>ia l"o Ud *tated, a tk* plac* of M CtMta hut ha *a yal eaat* <ha appr'iral of tba < >ria*, *? b* I* a d*patr It* I* a ymt ^."ao* aa anrt of |? MB, but a l?11 1 It* aul'lt/ aa r*gar.> ta'.a t aiaaea, *1.1 rot airy aaj ghlened K*p4lt*r? *? '* ' apea Ua BOO natll B A I|an*la'.i"t) of Mr firry > !.tter to 'ba n> laet. ?'?fiaiiag bla !'? ia tlra tnjafi'ua a aat. aa a' aa Vtla)*t*r oeUi, haa >?? In a. <ei 'af^a hara If It war* r><.' for laaatag 'he ujaai r i t of a ra* reap4 odea I I eoeld g^a* Jiiia ' ' '*? a ?Wa opiBia-n of Uu* eoaatry ta ft*'1' u '? ' r' ? lat'*' o I Wi. I'erry, at. baa pMr??et*d ? "a . b '?Uai 'ban ??'.ul- the trua chaiar'ar < f ? ? ? ; ?a ? ? ?? *?d Ita aiaipathlaa towar Utb* f Rita at?a I i . eathe K/cfuct af I'ri'y a*i ? air* > a ? Iba* < '??? ma nt i a aat ) i lnw ta the tow* h1* ?? im -at-aitoe, Kr Sow U at tla 'l?*i*Baaa etea?n ?e a*e bapilly a a ?ay >*in# *a?tiarf the *>rl**i ?? ywwa Willi; rap;?aat.U' I >a, Mr. >? g? ? ?a *l?r*'.a thaaa ' n'a'ehotat* "?t Hi* ' * "? raatgea la af tha ?tfi.a B'*a of I ala ' ? * ^ > a Madrid, Uaae* m Ur . r aoy , a.u - t ? "*a ba?i j a. ..eaat ra I ! 'JD. r " ? ? II I r. M A Ra TH> B4TII.K <?K JI NK f* tii? k a-l*>? KOUt HT Or Thg IfU k Th* /*??> 4# #aaf Bay* ta* la'a )??% reraiaad the foltoalog '? ? -tf?p-?i f r< m A a da 'amp laeaer ai l'r*? ? .or -It ? I af ta* >i ?ai t ?>' the I raB'h ?? lha Bth f )atb) < f ? ? a ' .j I 'd and J! aad Mwaiietf t>4 toe Haa of a'**-* at ???*<tap*.l aad <?' tkanr repolM by of t/- ta lbe aeamy aa* ag reaelaad to w a<a a ?-??a*aivaek ?a?B? iest leak epaae^ oaihe'th 1*1 ' a*, at 4 M a ' ore of La a r ?** ? * -? f the Ki abalie'e la? War| a?' ? oaa aad 'a.a?e?lt ?e taa-i<a a.. V?f le'tai ai fill tar'apia^ brr ada *a "a ear *ld* e* ??? tie it lataii At two la t/* >t?f*'*a al If IK, sag a* '?? hea aya:a c^en*d a a,; / ?? ? ? ear rtgki fao* The tia, er 'k an oee ?^**l a. tag V a alal aa cf crar daf*aaa leaded ill aaad'ir.'ad bear a* la a A I.nt *td tbreag ? ' ?? t th? .1 the ?????. ,>?aa ah?i a aad ra- . *u tato ' >* 'e?a, ava fa r a <bel aa? the aorih ' * * a'.aaa fr?ato ?h -al,a. ieft ta* a ' ft?ei at U* **me t aee trad hfaad ?. *.?a late toe f, a da. a* ar? a?1 t?* V.wa Tte r**av f '<? af 'a )ri^eabi*a '* a v? *ha aea withaat toa'k eg m ' I' naiM?'.fca? 'a- a Ba'a and lareaaan' V if aa I r*>*et tha hrara <*f aatorn of bMaitafa fraa .aii '*"?a i ag tka taaa?a d- aa to tha a ia e* m a ferr' * a* 'fa' aad tiak Ir* th* a '*r> a ear* * a* > rvmpiato). the raaa wb^rh bat ?*a . daaaea a} nat ay aea "aea aaaay po-at aad aa tia* . .iti(*f tka Ida iiathiaf iawa a. war* p?rferUp j ? , i r*>: te rwalia aat 4ni he?a th* aa*' r *>? a * ? b k*t*ui tha ?th aad 'ih .i ? d 'II) ' . a,'i a ita^M f'f ia aaaaal'. a>rt??-fi aan .pM'M bVvaea I Be left taa* ef ?a' baa of la I faaaa ~ 1 I* 'Ira S B'd tb* oegbvri'y ?*ttof??. w< I ? fka'eat by tha r> ,'.*'?' tbe lltb ?;?*'* aa *f 'a a raa *a* at o 4 t a fa aa* ' >.ae**ar*, aad a hakba aea a a aau -I . ? ' a ? ? ta* ? aa* aa Hajl ? m or i?i . aata i?M .a 'ka ?* ?et in i d W

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