Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1855 Page 5
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tell upon jou to aaaUt tu; to giro a ? kid, for Mtho< yoa to f<oT ia>eicst?d ia (xtoAQlog the light it Um 6?7w to A* ignorant mil ion* ol the iwt WKfcCH OF DDL A, A. HktlVM 00>VK*T. The K?t k!r. 1'hiWpe h- re Introduced to tbo oudienoo a n*tivt' convert. Wuii^i^f totboSaataltilba Mr. Phillip- aiid Iium. was * pupil in hi* tUw in State!, ?M he bad b ought btm bete with hi* ?if? kd>1 family; Data m a uwt ooy, kii^nail; tbon iouct?t?f#?ri of ago; ho w?? ilirrcd n uiuci pwti, o??r which ho wore aoheek*d ihirt ivaiib'Dg down co h a knee*; * atraottr wouxl hare t.ken b m for a p'aruuon ne^re iron tno Hoatb; h<ti hair Man hieck an?l early, bi* a we oroed and Hat, a ad bad altogether much of the African mark in hia ?hjalognomy Be appe T?d ateh em V.rrnB^ei whoa ho cama into tbe pulpit, whi-.n arooo, aa Mr I'hll ip? ?al<J, tam the fact Wat tt?'? waa the test time be bed ever ?Mealed before a public audteaoo. Dola apoka aa fot Iowa, la hia native lon^oe, which waa tnuulated by Mr. 'hiMtpa aa few want along Dola (poke vary fluently, and m a load ttfA remarkably clear aad musical. He , iinTh My friend*, I with to tell you of soaMthiag wb ch >m dene for bo and my race by the utit mcrilioing mwe em it They have brought to me tbe hgut of tbe Ceoyt? tney found me iguoraat, and tbey taught me to wan ? they found me a heathen, and the* giro me the tiaopel. I waa i? heathen darkneaa, but I have been iu ?taaotod, and I can now read the word o? God and ua doietand It, and know that Christ died for the salvation of iumii. Bat wo want more misturaariea. Tbo work te ho dose I* great, ana Vbe laborers are few. We want ?eee of yon to come to my ooantry 1 waa once beavy at heart, bat at) my burdens have Wu taken from mo by asy eotu'a publication in the aplrtt of Christ biia bare net down, and a collection H?tn* taken up, Mte aadience diaper**'!. The Kev Mr. Grebam stated daihtK the exercinea tbat the Sautal tribe, to whlsh h.a belonged, had no iangoago that waa written, bat that Mr. Phillips. after much labor, had reduced it to ? i win, and now wanted aaiUtanoe to publish it and oteoataio it among that people. Something ot !?!???? to lh. Ha folk) win* communication wus add reeled ?b?mi!?oners of the Land Office in March last. It is iSteinid i'it. 1? ? ???? "m* * tm" *?"toP#a,M,t of tho matter wlU bo P?^?w y0BK| ^,-ch ?, 1866. To BM Honor Ueuto.ant Governor the Honoiable the Comuii*? loners of tne Und Offlce of rTtfcn plftTil# tf Uie BtaU of Sew Yon aod tM ?jmCwt the 1 P church, upoa wiiuh iargaaieat SJS tfcfithe .-upwBHi Court in timrftl 'i?rm U.t Number and on ? Lich there is rsasuu weipsct ade (ho 12th March currvnt. rtwill bo eeen that the Atwrtey (.eooral, Mr.Ch*t flekl. lnterpoeo l a flemurror, bocanati n iaoeAattan of thia action waa incooautent with tbo alg TL L?wtUb Ptople of tbo State, ana thw 1? a f!!? -hero the mUintW ibuwi in hi* complaint that tbe ?*** ^, *** f , ? ,|V(eudaat, ihe Church Corpora eoTtrega m Qf p,ol^.rty worth miny miluoos 2?^oUars^*bich el'arly belong* of right t<> Vm peo;^, HdwbKbthe people can recorer againet .ud eo-d. twdTntUi thla rVn a-.tion. by fling ? croesbai ajrord mc to the aiua couree of equity projeedio<? ag* -i aa m defendant claiming againa t aa d defendant the aovUt u tfo n of 5ia t pro ??t j to the .pooplo of tOedtate ^ the aov^gn'p^pl., s^s:??r;;TMrr.%U"xu."-T' W '? "6^t to all too property i?UaVDBt in uutiuon At tbo twentj third and JSeSvfourth prt?e* of the print- d copy of the complaint fb?2opropr*tary right* and truat oougaUona arc aum ?si^asiMssy ?. ???>?. At the htato an'ilta due rrgard to JubIIm ro.juiro thdt tho at;orn?> G.u.r.1 M^Tat .ta"u CO <i^?adaut,W ?aurcb Oorporartoa, t? will ti log in I ??' m0*' U> the h uw .> *'arm proper ae teo\nt thenof In f ?, aud oi lb a piamt.fT.od the Wr? for ,aom uo.ue^ to tt? two ncU eliich ue comi-!a fit ?***}/****' *?J* cocBiuicd t>> the Colonial Governor Nich ...? o tbe r ta cmtoi" a.corcing to thi "rucles ol capituUt on ^of i<W*, WwLteh tie Crowe ia 1. 07 toon into aa ouatody for ??<?* ke* in ihe uaiuie of a 'ruetfor tbe Deir* of au hake Jiut. itogardue, au : whi.b pa ?od .j the ?^ty ot 17t3 ln'O U'. custody and earn of the ^ople ol vlua aUte STum"' UQ,Dl !?' ?siaic aa 6"'>wn by the complaint. a'-io?iat*d lr>)m tbe V~r\? te th. tioaty of 1-Sa, b?te.?n too Crjwu aa i*i di- r i ?n > :he lliurcn Corporation aa l^r^r^t^Uadlard'a^ .md rhurcb f^or^auon ?r?ua'. and'cegtuia que truat iu re. pec t to the tracte M _ k r r*afti<i couUrujfcil by OuTtrnoi icuoiln U> heir* iuOc-atea between tne Crown -? trustee ctrtui* (jue truat from "aicttT atkum-.' tii" treat ao?o to tb? trtaty Ot 11 "uo? waa tranaf.rred to ani e?taoll?U?d betwe.n tha -nit of ti>u Katea?truhi*?inpWceotta*<rownfor J2? beiru a ? cektula >iue truat by lotco ?aw ? ot trtUym?i connein'oce all the paxUe. la thte ???* ntaid before tho l ourt ?a tbty migbt b-r.. 'too- J* ? ^ y.M *ficr tne r audition of the tre?? < W be<< iuK?nHmi Court of tie htaie, and it must need# oe In the b'nate by the managemant o ^chMh5X^rbyr^'?o- {n*Uie A*?Mibly, waa^aio on th^ uole in the rfenet*, ooniUtin^ of oily kbeotbe pUinkHi m>ut arr**1 f tho Coort of A PP?a'?j ?.iT.rtbe oeoole ??y the^ Attorney General fh <ali .n itwr rcia^t wi*'/ doem it expo .ient to file their ;rn.e ill again* t th?ir eo-defenaant aa tD'> . rr flfithl to a<iv*0t?|r? of HQ?i th. ua*t pu-ami. ?xpeu?e to UH?Pa'SilrW.-..t Cpnt'C, It li pUIn tho greateaL dlM?r ?H5 ^jnii.ssssiZT-^ vLt*t!*c: ln <av?r of the ihi/cn, aad ie.ive F?m oro-lr ^ ocg, to the ?id toe poop.e * *? terrfeTW'l * th- .tr??ge -i >? ; u-un. f vTJ Zn .U c* claim tin* ii lenaot in ie?, lut r kimtb* t>o tracts a* comfirmtd by i.overoor SiciiitU S^'rT?5 aU?Uih. ^mtV.ter, r.ghU obli.tion* of tbe pfopl" of the M*te uod'T toe tr ? y -f n?a be tpc-'tuy Irrrught to ><ermlnatwa, aerord *L t the -ur./of th? * income ?Wtof th. i-a-.s. f* JZt ??!-? iu anch a "a-e t* ot the graate.t oo; m\ni ot'l I'X tt" prefereece to which tola a. ttoo i* JLu.Ud by 'beUw Of April l.V 1*M, ita determi a?U'.n m.v Doreiv be acc t i-bed ?i'bu> 'be pre^ut y-u. Wr^eiitW requeatiftit the Honorable tne v.omm-e.JO # -a' c?>im at;?ntirm t" tb? p'a'n " re?iueet ?'f?? *^tau"*i evltoth* rtirt"' -0(rtr- of tola :om plaint, 2? tn tbe defeodaat'a .lewirrer, and to the pUt?ti(Ta l,.,t? aiade I" 'lie O uit thtr^.n, and herew.lh eo^ioa m\ th* oniier? jned rtmiim, . , *' Muf t ro p?ctf ully , the r lV( llf f oanre! for Pla'utiC acd other - .tirs of Jan ?u J McMMilwr d Pleinoo -0.?r ?tco?<lhMA *.??>. .-luiD piano for ?- u. one ???"* * ^.\4 frr il 16: one Gle?. ? T WAlkltM, >:i ?w.e lor IW ;, and ono tor I-jU, > ?' "?A f Snadtiji ? ? ? ? ?.H.t ??-**? Ua^.n. r?eoty|H-???.'lPl???t??K?-?i'*?* U, h?0..u.'a O.aJl^y of l:?a.itf at on- tb r . ? if h a Ro?; '>< ul i oim are at toe wru r hrcat war at d Kr? ok lla a'-rret, vbsrw ^notograp ha are lak?u <n all v?eat"i?ra, 1 Da^m ri - o?yj?*a ??> ? '"I ?j* ni? t>' t. P"r down. ?tea?, ??~ trielty ;vHtt,n a?a.MV all ? ? ** er. WM?a.y. I ????*? nj tan of 11 -W V .r? Ar:.?f* Club, B.awd * a; ^ k.,pp'. umiL Tt.-,; u-jirrr raU'e w tiA i ?p> -?ou? %n%r.-u?ea 4i?*t w 3 \ ?*n '!"* it l>t?i urn t/t 4}n ail t? r?lv,a ,t,a^. ' Die** Hakli R !<?)??(? mu da In r. n honro a/ ia ' i>< ? i l" .? tr? t I i'i | peeai r cf Iwwai, W bwhNf^ f paaito 0ro?dway I'rm Kitliiet 1-? |uir<HW qnt] all I 1i ria- II ?? >ip * patent lapfofto ceaopy aad eey? I aowibta af tan'j. cteopoan aol e?Ure eecentv ag*iu?t I BMrU r'.int *ti ' rd Jlatiia o> aw- I' Wraeftr 'V- .11 I aij 'gai.uut, ts i a?". la t? a rr*rt" '* * " o?'OWaait aad aip?n.) i,; ? eaea o( ns bar t'a ? ?? *nat l will (It aer.arela at ell tte-> *and on a:. i-r?!ata?.'? ttoreiy afTwrding ?Btirepro Itftiaa ^i nai taaef* a U ' ?B fc?* ?ttarncl t ? Uw eaci aaaasi I/. i*?* (tea *ei' minute* aa 1 ~ao be taaaa Sota e-jnal y ?bt 1 afece o? 'i .? jat Wuiie it artor.!* tbi j,r .nci . ?hv it '* a W?en fnl anl ehaete <r??e mt O* l< ? ? be 1 futlniK ttiflll on aa d to f ?ra h le r -[>?e'*'le ia if' ^a Kit (III I *>r Bl/it but ^ar eg th" '?? ^ HTirfO-lj feoie A,-r.t, Kc ?0 CltmP$rt .uaa: N. If, Altseit H* ncolty rym TTf 4 * *? ,0< b0lidi <**r, ?* ?* *H2? <* Merehaate' Ktchange ror fu? Imn '?hi* adrsrtlsemeat, U> another col 5S4.SSST * C"U ?***?*<? ??<*, No. 11 .vPIl!,MK'"^Bu"":<l W?Ur?, 383 Broad way, hu }'* r* ' *g?ney I?* the ?U? of T. Gilbert 4 Oo.'., Hal *Cnm*ton'H, Woodward & Brown's, *nd Jaaob Ohiet *r.'B tj's Boston piano* ; and bin in '.lie only b)u<? wuere 'f beotnameo the celebrated dohmii improved Horace Waters' pianos, with overstrings. friar* lass than aan be ha>: else where. and wbioll d?'y compotit oa. PUaos 1c- itut. and rent allowed on purcliat*. 1'iaooe tor a tie yn monthly par oi" nts* Pole &genoy for S. L. te H. W. Siriib'A eelebratM aielodsons tuned the equal tempera ment, brcenJa fthlrt and KnralilUiig Store, Wo. 1 A* tor Home ? Attention is invites to tft* aaperior artj. cl<? in the gentle aien'* furni*hmg department. Tho stock includes every variety o I repbjr and game, ilik atil merino, Lsle thread, Shaker, Angola under shirts and drawer*, ties, cravats, glove*, hair ao*e, gold *birt si bds and eteeve button*, mean tad and otherwise- Im ported for the summer trade. The price* are moderate and the assortment unequalled. g|?|u>l S?wln| Haehlius tor (Routing cloak, mantilla and ooat lining*.-- Manufacturers are re quested to call and examine our large siie ihutt'o ma chines, spectaUy adapted for quilting. These machines will use a finer thread without breaking, aul thus con sume less silk ; and running at a very high spmd, will secemplUh far more work than any other. The great economy ot usiag tbe*e machines can be eloarly demon strated. _ UL BlflGEK k 00., 823 Broadway. Osisnes Walamanrter Sarfes ? CLonert C.Pat nCK is the sole maanfacturer la the Called State* ot k?* above celebrated sefee, aad patent powder proof de fense looks aad ores* bare. Depot 193 Vearl street, one leer below Maiden lane. Bare Ltianrr._Kor Sale, lion as Small, one of the ver y beat dressmaking and mllintry uat&blish mente la the city, established for twenty year*- For terms apply to Mrs, FRKMAN, 327 droadway, up stairs. Hominy and Samp Hntirr ly Free from tike adhesion of bulls ? This great desioeratiin is obtainsd by the new snd Improved plan of manufacturing at the Washington M.lls. BEN f EL * UOLMaN, No. 26 Centre street, near OraaJ. Who taint* the air with poisoaou* drug* Which injure man a* well as bugs? Emphatically all save those Who Lyons' magnetic powder use, Whieh nothing poisonous does possess, As all good ctn-aists Oo csnfess. And whMh u lufsUlitiiy UcstriHttve to All kind* of insect*, lions' pill equally destructive to mice ttuu rats, fe L"i ON.S' signature on the label of geauiae articles. Depot 424 Brotdway. Hair Dyeing la Certainly Done" More Nat it rally, skilfully, and beautifally, and lasting longer, at HILL'S, No. 1 Barclay street, and 45 Nassau tit reel, than at any other place; the dye is not only the best iu u??, but tbe clieupest, being only four shillings a bo* fur black or blown reliable colour*. Whiskers or JUoaataohea Hrodaccd In Six week*, by m_v ointment, which will not ntaia or inj'ire the rkin. tl a bottle. Best to any part of the coun .ry. B G. GBAHAM, 680 Bread way; /.leber, 44 >touth Taird street, Philadelphia ; Bilggs, 3. Stats street, Albany. Ladles' Hair Dj'eli.g. ? Mrs. E tilbeon haa made arrangements, at tier rooms, for the accomato la tion of ladles wlahlug their hair dyed. Also, an assort ment of braid*, curls. Ac , on hand, or maae t? order. Head dressing at a lady's residence, 00 cents; shampoo ing, 60 cent*. 97 Sixth avenue. Ice Slutves and Heart i/ooicii- Greatly E?> teemed t'outb American luxuries, just introduced at HILL'S, No. 1 Barclay street, or 45 Nassau street, only 0 cant*, and to continue daring tbe "heat*l term/' also, Hal'* infallible onguent and tlora'lia, for ths pre servation and btsnty of the hair. II oil okay's Ointment ana I'lII*. ? Scrofula, saltrbeum, rheumatism, and all skin or musciUr diffuses can be radically cured, if the ointment burubMd into the part affected, a* *alt i* rubbtti into meat No external diseare can long withstand the eoiabmed power of these wonderful medicinss. Soli at tbe m?nuf?rtto ries, M0 Maiden lane, and Strand, f/mdon; aud by ail drvggistf, at J6 c?al?, cents, and 91 per pot Wanted? A Reapontlblc Uentlcman, ae Trea eii'tr of a company ; also, a utach n st, wbo under tints hulloing erglncs. Address, WlUiani* ti iiahn, box 133 Herald oGke, tor three days. Oi?di On Sunday morning, July 22, Juiin ACT kr, agej 00 years. Tbe frient1* of ths family, and tho?s of hfi sons in law, Henry Le? is suu Authou^ Scbaffir, are r'-specWii'ly in vlttd in attend the <une>al, this aft-rnoon, at on* o'clo ?!?, frcm the reiii en<vi of his sjn, Gfor?<* Acker, No. 61 Kidge street, without further imitation. On ?aturi'ay morning, July '^1, of cuar ulaionx, Flo k:-nck Mahy. youngest daudbter of Jerecuaa U. aul Henrietta Ilarnum, a^ed 1 ye?r ani 24 days. The islatives and trl*n< a of the family are 'nvited to Httend the funeral, this afiernttn, at two o'olorli, fraui the rfiid'rnc* or her parents, No 1?1 Ra*t Ihirteentb ?treet. Ibe remains will be taken to OrMnwoo I. Lib Saturday aftsrnooa. July 21, at four o'ciock, Miry Hku-.n Wiifo.y, second <laught. r of Joeeph f. and liar net Ann Wuion, aged 3 years, h months and 12 dur* Her rema.ns will be takun toUreen wool Oemstery, this af'.trnvon, at three o'clock. Canada papers pleoae copy. On Friday evening, Ju y 30, of marasmas, Giokcje Wiiuworor, ^only ohill of Oeorge W. and Mary E. Eve rett. aged 6 month* ana 23 day*. 11 s ieasa:n* were taken to .ling Sing for internsnt. In Broolljn, on Saturday. July 'il, ILikt Ei u iBkTii, wife of Hxury Oakley, age<i 31 )??rs aid 3 days The relatives and ineun of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the f'ineial, from h?T late reside a?, No. Ib4 Adams street, this a:t*rnoon, at three o'cloca, without further invitat.on (in Sunday, July 22, Martin McToy, la the 4Sth year of his ape. Hi* friend* and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this aft?ra >oa, ittt ee o'clock, from bis late residence, Iweaty fuurch ?tre*t, near Third avenue, lirookljn In Prooklya, oa Honday moru ng, July 22, Cn irmji, infant son of Fdmund A. and the late Oru*l>a S. Brown, aged 2 month* and 22 day* Tbe retail ~es aud friend* of tbe family are invited to atUtnd the luneral, tola afternoon, at two o clack, from No. 146 WiUougLby street. Io Brooklyn, on Thursday, July 19, Mrs. Euiauktii Qhwako, aged 62 vear*. Quebec papers ploase copy. At VancerbUt avenue, Urooklyn, on FrMay . ftei.-ixia, July 20, IUsry Bkittav, y iubg-st child o.' Mr. ? Van Willi*, aged 4 mon.hs At ^a, on Thursday, Msy 31, on board ship V B. Tal icer, on ker passiae fr"m Man lt to Vesr York, of con sutt ( '.w>n UosbRT Docxi?iN>a n, Jr., aged 17ynars, 7 months and 20 day*. M-n Kran^lsco pap*r* pk-tse copy. Tbe iran Franciseo lf-ra ?!, re ei?#d t'.e lant Califor nia tteamer, coetiined tb? folUnvmg uo'.I'-m ? I o?i Boat to Vik ? Unr cap'ioa it a u>*lancb'.ly oke, ho' it s.<prsii*ei< ?<> tritt wily tbs iaeiden', ?hi?b ??in a> oat to mlste, that ve <riu ,ot fnroear using it. A veiiag Ui*n nsn. u hi-iiAVis Va <hokn, ??o ?? ( u,r ?e\'ral jeers eicn Pmf'ire Kasiae > oeipaey No. 1, of thi? eit|, aad ?ho, by bie k. l-elg ? 'or ?ria ittsulv -? .n<l .(.t in all the reia'i an of hie, I a I ?i'r*< ted amui 1 101 t Inrge etrele ot frienda, fell lo.oc animitioa. ebirb waited him prf?dnsll> sway, until th* i nvtrtton heeame irerres <-n Maovamind, ml on thi> all eh. > kn?* him, th?*. hn etal4 no', -.miuli a?r< *e \t? ravt<e? It a' In *?ia ita- l.e ?niivi tHe Hau.lei i Ulanda t >r relief W bee ho returned he ti* worae ft,? ev?r 11*^ then expressed a At ?Ire W f" b- ne to th' AMe-'i.- ?tst*,. tbit he ml rlr. .1 e his tiater*. aad "slen| tbe slop Hi*, (no** ik e'tk l?)i' on ths ?i o> hallawrtl to bl . i?em?r by early a*eaeik tins ? Ui> antle bear's i ? imlreia aatbered areaad bi n s. I furmei. >'d bin witb I ton n< ne????f euwferis t iun? the vol age abea'd t s J ha Stepksos whleli sailed ua "stnrda) auori in(. Am n, there who S' e ? I bin. to tbe Vi* ?1, ws?* Mrs ?t*r'(, ti ? r?'i, aad soo'ter ledv *c <|iialntan e. 1 hey bad -"a "> buo s? ?'???r? A irieir hi* III nc?s, saa t? t t#tnnt.e?t ? Attend him with their kircd of fices to tl o ia-"?*. m- tusot pntotieakle. <<n nildin/ bi?n s I < u, f .r tbs Isst tiu.e A* ill- / felt it t ? be, tbsy creeeed his head * irmly aurd a crowd of syirn ubi-ln* *i c.-t %' re, and eneui tr' d him ><y IaskuH* appropriate to tbs -t nun Tb ?? ens w*t a tounldv* < ?? . and ? a" ??<! AQ Inenlim'.srjf tear to "tar- t.? the ?j e 'if ai! ? ho J It. Ibsji leit line true en tin- eaeuoee oi Mr*, lismans ? l.ea. e bat ? tb lr tiin* to (W1 And ft i < te witii-r ?? tbe b'irtb * o 1 i l r *tn, A oC g' art to ?et? but all ~ Ihi o hA?t all eaaaone f>ir tbino 'i?n, oh, dejth' regret to aty tUet Vr Via bora ''iel la t'm "Ity en ths ?sry day t'>" f-An Fftodleti /f'/ffi ', ?? 'h ti ? above n'ti-se, *r a reoelv?-' ai was aaanio'-'l la tie Nrw Yo?h HOUlJ) at th? tl'.ie. IMIRTLSKILNTS IhJtWf.D I.Fi fiV DAY PKR50T AX*. -* i t/ . i j? ivf i>ok ; \ veg t<? ? n t- " ban '? o# M -s. R. ff v*>" t seo do ? }onr own h*t. Iwr1;in^. au miervis v ?,* He 1* VR. J'?'.I H HARBUt Ckid.S AT H7 VtAlUtV taae, li* Will bst* of so ui sUL ? ag to hie advaatege. 1b "N>f?i< ??All"M Wg >; 1KI) fjF >.! AH V *.> I) ROBERT Aiy, age I sii'.wn and e!?*em yr*n who left I. -e I, Uelas ', for Nee Vor* in licujber last An/ infor mation of 'hem * 11 thaekfulfy re;- e*l je *, In d I Atj, Wsppioger's fslli. ImtcbsM county, N r. ISkfiKMAT IN VtMUl-it THIS aHuI'I.H <4-.-.r lbs *)* of tb# U? I*n eoenac Wtio lived as - o. at I tl \*??t1 w nt j s?:?"id str-e?, an 1 left oo f wiet-.ft'io taml y in un in Kurajs, 'e Jupe, 1*!'?4, will e^nd her name snd s i'r"??to * ll'tore, st 104 Wee? rhirueth ?treat *j? i'. ay hear of eor. h ng to her alrew' ./n. M a A HIU0ROVB, Wil l. YUl Pi.K,?K r,) lis litsiksa ilftet see >ad ?lies up id * incrrtifig, *sd eti where an interview .an li ritit'iKM, nwi.j,.w\ WAHiiiOi OMI IK i? Wa'.THi > iP. CM I ? r?M beatd tas yln-ygt '?t"l fier aa * <"r? t , j;.iKik'yB I'egt <>& W VK W E i*wA, in a fh^iorbood o ?t f/*? r '/? m*U* nut Cl> liM?| !?Uni Of tn N* t Jtrimv drill fifit witb f ejct'iwf. ft nut ) * % *ii*j ?i>d cii?ap Ai'6r%m . Him* '*%?% <?%<*, 9tM ii?g aim +i b- u it, iiMit ai 9! UqI pu/*? n.ti TO Mai VfKlS fV.? W \ VTBO, A ifCyir p* in Air Mfwo oa? for TUB TXJKF. xrrw you, JtTtr ?, i?m? having sken a uotca to tha Herald that Mr Whalpley fuUd to trot bla ? teuton William Tell tguaat ui atallloa, I w.ll trot tha ? ulllon John Karri* againat William T?U, aor ric? that be may mum in h*rne?* or to wagon*, and Mr. WhelpMy can nam* tha Urn* to *tmt, tor on* thouaaad dollar h add*, or for u much sore an be pleaaea , or an/ other a tail ion In the werli. Apply to 8AMUEL TUUESIIELL, 172 Mercer (treat. C1ENTREVILI.K OOl'RSK, L. 1 ? TROTTING ? (1BKAT J match lor %'i (Ho, between U?a Don ion ho-no Chicago Jack and tbe New York mare I.?oy Franxlin. Monday, Jnljr 30, at o clock, uiatoh for >2,00*1 ? two mile he?t?, to wa*oo Mr. J. M. Denial* namea b. g. Chicago Jack, Mr. U. Woo irutl name* ro m. L*dj Krank Un. Jut.L C JN'KLIN, Proprietor. UNION OOl'RSE, LONG ISLAND? TROTTING.? ON Tueaday, Jnly 24, at 4 o'clock, P. M., a mucn for $1V'U0, mile heat*. bait three tn Ave, to wagon*. J Dttlel* nan b. g. liar J Road: I) Ptffer nadton a. g. Major Kogera. SUA W k WHI TE, Proprietor!. rf'O THE LOVERS AND URKKDKR8 OF FINE STOCK. j| The celebrated thoroughbred it.llion Wild Lrntunm will ataad for ? Unit ed number of marea the eniulng aeaaon, at tbe Red Houae Stable*, ai tbO the laaton. All money* to be paiil before aarilng tbe mare. All ac oidant* at the rl?k of tbe ewnnra. WII.LIaM A. BROWN, Proprietor. MM UhUUU liVMWViUA. fTIHE LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIkTY 1I0I.D REGULAR I metting* at tbe Odd Fellow*' Hall every Monday evening, for purpoaee o ( d;*eu*ainn and trie tr initiation of general bualnea*, when member* are expocled to at tend. Ko peri on admitted without hi* carl of member (hip At a regular meeting of the L!<i'ior IVeler*' Society, hell" at Ucd 1'elloWn' Hall, on Monday evening, July 1'), the following preamble and renoluUone were unanintou*' ly adopted ? Kai olved, That 1 <iunr dealer* of good character may become membera of thin Society by applying ?t the of fice ot tbe l.quor Dealer*' Koc.ety. leojn l itnry of <> id tellow*' Hall, earner ( J rand and Centra atreet), nay day between the hoar* of OA. M. and 6 I*. M., Sunday* ex cepted. Oini'arn of the newvpaper to be distributed through the ward* can be obtained at Freooh'* Hotel. J. N. HAYWAIU), I' re*, lent N. R. BUNCE, Viae Pretident. P. 8 Paiax, Secretary. WE SEE, BY THE EXPOSITION OF TBE OAR-ON League, the name of H. S. Toompeon, 14 Bowery. We would ?tate that there li no pvraon ot that name re nding there. K. C HO l ?i. J. C. M< FAUDICR, 14 Bowery. New Yoik, Jnly 21, 1864. ff/k/k CAHfcH OF 3UPKRK )R CLARET, FRO'J $2 t)Uv (bottle* returned) to 19; London and Dublin porter, Scotch alee, brand l*?. wmt*, ruin, Schiedam nebnapp*, London cordial gin, blackberry brandy, watte brmnoy, lor pmerving; and all otaer imported lliuora, eegara, *?., for tale by UNLERUHX k MAFI'KRSoN, i'M Broome street CtLARKt WINE-IN C.U5H<, UOOSUKAUi AND 1I.VLF ) hbd* ?100 hkie. very nup?rior St. K<tb?plie Bor deaux elartt; 1,300 caiee Hi. Julien and Cb%'?ux Mar ?aux claret; 100 half ca?k* St. Julian elartt, all in boal. or aala by L. II. SIMl'SON & SON'S, 10 Heaver *treet. WINKS AND Ml.VNDm IN BOND. ? CNDER Cfi tcm Houaa .ft, in tli ? orl|(inal paakairee, bran die*, winea, gin*, claret*, charopagoe*. *ic , toe. Hraa dle* iu eighth caA?, quarter caimi and half pipe* Kor ?ale by L. H. SIMPSON St SON'S, 10 Beaver ?t. THE TRADES. AS KXi ER1ENCKD 8RWARD \SI? OtiD WAIffBk with < xccllent te*tlmonial* from AHtor llmw and othtl tiTHt cia*> boialn for the last twelve yearn, l* !e Nlrou* of a mtuatlon. Pleane addren Super. orsnl?ut, llrr adway Po?t O^ice, near Canal (treat, noting where an interview may be bad. G1 ABIll-NI'a WANTED.? A SI.VGL'C MAN, ACrOj I tvmed to the uaual work of ory^mrntal and veg etnble garreuing,' includiag tbe manei(fl<n<'at of or ".hKr?ie, g i ape vise*, and hot be1n. OnaprodajiUj *<K?d i?nomm*noi>t^on* for nobrlety, induatry aod capability would be employed toy the year. Apply, thl? at theufli<;aof tbe W'^atchelter ilou^e, corner of Uiwery and Bioome *ti?et. w WIN i I D? A FIRST RATE CUKEB LN CLOTHING houM 28 Wnrran t ? r? e t . MAriHIKSSSN U 0 IIAR4. WrANTKI)? A VITI ATION Afl GARDENER, BY A -IV K'e ni?n, l.aa a tboiongti knotfle Jge of gi?r 'eu ng IuHm vanaa brtochea. If aoj gentleman nbouH be u went of a com| elant man, who can bring th'i mwt ua exci'p'. "Dili rv'erence, ho n??y adir?*i a note to 0., Herald ofliee. \tr ^NTEI'? V SITUATION AS GARDENER OR FARM ft ?r, by a bcotc.., one who i* aot afrall to work, aod can put hm hand* t > anything about a gontlemta'* place la marnoO, w thont chlMren, ill ran proluce teat rroraala, or wora a month on trial. Addreta A. B. K , Herald ollice, fur two cay*. II, ANTED? A Sirt'ATIOV, AS GARDINER, BY A TV aif.gln men, *K?d 40 year*, a Protectant ; tbo ri'igbly uniierftunda bia bunna** in all It* variou* brat. obi* a; cub g .vo the beat refaratcei Addraea R. P., No 7 John itreet. ClAITHIMU. ax:. Aiakuk yUANtirr of c\st off ci-othing er ? Dted. ? liaatlame ? ha\.ng lett oil wearing ap parel to (iicpoaa of. In Urge or amell lota, will raoaive lue very h rfoeat price for th- m by nlllug <>o or addrea* ? ng I'HOMas D. CONKCY, 491 Pearl *tr?et, between City II ill pla<:c and Centre itmt. (>10M1ING ? 1ADIEB OR GENTUCMKN HaVIN^ ANY j U> diipOM of can raoaive a fair ea>h price by eenJ tog to tbe itorea. No* 12 lAureu atreet or S2 We.t Broadway, or by letter through the I'oet OWee. Utdie* attenUu by Mr*. Cohaa. 8. WHEN. ^jFXU'.'I) IIANP CIO THING ?A LAR/;i; QUANTITY O wauteo. The h gb?*t prl"?e given, aod c??h paid in fuumt money Uec'lemen dealrou* of obtato^ug * fair equivalent for fond left off rlothlur are re Mie-t.xl to o.alt oner addr*n J AHK.- MORONEY, 11 Baxter Itreet, near < ha'.ham atreet. *W)Rri\?. A REGArTA WILL TAKK l'IA< K AT POINT BREIZB J\ EtotoL en l uiliT. ih# .rn, at two '.'dork P. M , tlin <" m lea irom Jeriey City ferry, Yor> iuy, for t purae of df'y dollar*, to toe ?< 111.0/ b. it free fur a'i g>n and ?aaio^a l b?ale under tnirty leet. Ine uaual time given on atarUog . JOHN H. MKiMKIU Proprietor. IftANCV I'KiEONS ? THE VERY BEST HT0< K OF ! Loit?r?, cairlera, faataila, raffle neca*, tumblera, fcc.. In tble city, la at Bawary ; alao, a fine let of wht'.e and blecl: imeotb leg Afucan bantam*, canar.ea, h \ tor iua chrap lor rjuih. \?o KiNf. ninn fOR sack ? k PLf v- 1 >i f ? mock ^>1 log bird. T'li.i 'jIH n two yean 1<1. an 1 la not to u? ai< e led oy any. .t. now *iiigiu< aigtit an i daj. Aay ,("rittem u a ioiloga iln? bltd may app y ?t <i ?treat, Pi>oa UKM tRJM. (^t ji/i Rl. WARD? WILL UK I'AllJ l >? iilK AI' JJr) J. v/ \J r*i- 1 an I con?ict.nn of toe p- .-a no- nir.ooi who, i U tb~ nl*ht of the ltftn lnatant, t?l a. . lely ?at?r eo aad I'dtltfit a ptnt.jnof tbe ma< lii^i v in ? diu (tber damage to tba prnmieee OTup.wl by I>. Ja^na on Ac rea, kto*t a* laa Ka.j, ire Mill, in Tw*n y 11: lb n reet, ?*?( of Fi:*t avenue. I.VNKA MANUAND, vi aad Vt Ilr'i?d (treat. r 1 I !"? Ward ?WW r. 4 i ROM TDK AD> ERIt 1 " a gikl caeaa liver wa tea. Morria <o bina makar, ?o 2,122, aad a baavy g ,ld veet eabl* cha r. with dksble lima, plain and cbaaad al<*ruau> y II, a #b..?? reward will b? paid for the n?oav?ry of the prop-'i . and no <(n? -l.ooa aeked A<l<lrca* ., liaraid etbea. AAA MVttB-flMTBD OK .rroi.KN, ji j,y vjjZxJ II, fna -ora'T ot W k-;..a4'?n ani Fall** ???? ta, a ioag tall bay on: e, Id ba#i# n%h aiao ???? and P irttM. Hi ?i if ai tj 1 ? . l^utwy street *.ba anova r'.wa. will U* paid. dS -? | v R1 WAR!) 1 O 1 ?R "Toi I V, i." I ltth lo'tant from *.b? :ia"er7. a ?' lidtowt, htwtt't i>'.. an<t he* re" 1 ot 'j a prltr ln| coat ot whit* pi a*. Ihi g iBWale and i?> f ?ir?kl. i* pa.ntad ?' ia. aj ply to Th?.ma? Vaau:t, No h bat "rj plice ICNDAY, iven mm S10 rkwakii ? liw. ok HAT?;rrnY morn ?:? to th* if I r j 4ii in*, Mtr. 1 li~> JMul x?rrj "i !*#?*', ' nil r*clivt Iht tfeottt r* faro $10. iKK 1 EI'lNG.? TtM i LNUMITCD - jJJ J \/t ?? .? ' a -iHii* ' ?*?"? ? ?-?!?? ? . i'.in? -tat 'i.'ty, c.i ?riU.a?e'.ic, A:., at -.??! term* all thy* wee* at \( M. Payra * mm <t n frm 7 A M IL1 10 1'. M , at il* Grand to ner >( r .w iy, r.n the ?am Uo/r ritii i i'ag ierr? W.'I'D ? IX'iT, ON Tin; l'.TlJ Iv-T|N", A J 'r t- 'r^i ('ii-.'*r ' { >v {a , an . to* ? T1i?- ftneer ? 1! /ewivf ,vi- *' iverawtrl br leaf | ii* bi" Charlea MeWaj "* WVIIan ? , irg, t *t H \.n > 1 himar r Red Mf.'a l*r!rnt;?,N I. OH | AM) KOt ID. | ii T? FRU'a V K\ NI*ii,*IN i.'iSN . i ,.<'M B''. "D j JLa ?ay arc ' . -?',.?r-t ??. to He r< y a,. | i.i Irixn that* M Waabiagtais a<|uara, ? a<ag>? a'"ae Oia p b . i, it. ? i. i ?*.:?! ? i- w , t# ? j- i ? ?U' ' HaiafU" ie, j?r ? li*ra^ a.inuer of M elda? taae an 1 | l ^ js i , ik ' : t - -? at, a .1 r -? ij 1 1 ? . dau b t t I.' tt ? i.- . ?nra | f Off? JlTf 14TM, IN rn ,'j I j w 17 H awet ib t 9<b a**?t'>a. a l.f?e f?e? WM- 11 l I i era ij i?w*T<au by leaa ?g il .t o. ,u >.b?n* r a' tte Vnauianca pa'.n.i wiVn ho ?? Hi 1' nam ii w w&m. Awkt Nuu-ih wamtbu? o? a floc.NJ tXJNdri ra tion aod t >od ?( trwur. *?k aallk not mora than K> or htm uiudUii old. DMlor'a oartlfi.ate required. Afpl; oa Moooa? ud Toaadav, it 168 b?( Tutta at Ah chamb hmaid and laundrehh.?a ju*pi.ct able woman, vrnU live or six year a' dt y rafarau M? ?Mti a aituatoo, ib* la qmta capable of bar baeinenj, end woaMnot obje:t to go to tne country Can 0* aeon lor two da/ a at ".I flth arenn?, near 4th at. AWMTKEfH WANTED.? ONE WHO CAN Hilt so recommendatlonx lor oapaclty, boaeity, industry and oaatntiM. Apply at the bookatore of Mr. Crowva, bW B;oadwny, corner of Fourth atreet* RF>I'E<TA8I.E WOMAN WANTK A BABY TO nuraa at bar own reeilenoe. fiood roc >m<nen!a tiona given. Apply at 2411 Ka?t l.lth at., between lit avenue and avenue A, for two deyi. She Baa lout ber baby, two montba old. Acock wantfd? one who c n derm r an d 4 hkr bualneta In ail Ita hraorhee. tuay call for two da/a at 60 t'aat Twenty ibird atreot; I'rokeetant preferred. A NCltHE AND SEAMSrRE-W WANTED IMMEDIATE /V iv ; two Engllah or Dsotoli chambermaid* an ! waitara. two coo?a, waabera and ironera; a Protaetan'. girl for the country, and a number of eaaart rtrla for hauaewerk, at WE.Sl.EY A: CO. 'H rtelect Female oflict, 103 7th avenue, between 23d and 24th ata. A lad/ 1a at tendance. AREBPBOTABLK WOMAN WANTd A StrtJAT10N,"AS wet nurif eb? loat bar baby two week* old; (ooi leecmmapOaMooa g van. Apply a?3ll 12th it. , between averuci B and C. C?u b? ?eea tor two do/a, tap lloor, back room. N AMKitlCaN YOU NO l.ADY WANl* A OITUA tlou, to attend a confectionery, baker/ or fancy atera; abe la aocnatomed to bualaeie, and h?e tun beat, of refermci-a I'leaeo call at 3*>2 12th at, bat ween lat and 3<1 arenuea, ancotid floor AIIESPE'.TABI.K YOl'NO GIRL, NOr LONG FROM Kugland, wan'.a a attuelioa, aa eeemairean and numa. or aa chambermaid; no objeotion to lb? cjantry. Apply at No. bf> Attorney at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' WANTS A SKUA tion, ae act nurao, In a raapectable family, wno baa loat net tint baby . Can bo aaen for turee day a, if not engaged, at No 42 Weet Broadway, neooad floor, front loom. MICAiidN WANTED? BY A RHHI'ECTaBLE young woman, to rfo Ae general bouaawura of a 'mall ptivate family , ia n goad pi tin cook and II ret rata waahir and Irooer. INa the belt of city reference. ( an be laen lot two da/a at 60 -prmg at., In tbo rear. AUrUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN yonBK lady, who u competent to take charge of a baby or children; baa no ojectlou to travel; the beet of roferi'Dcea given: can be aoen for two daya. l'lea>a call at 108 Weet 37 tli at , mom No. 8, aesond iloor. A YOf'.Nr; MAN WANTED- IN V B'MlNtdW THAT fV. will pay a lar(a prolit, the buamea* li milling landa In Teoeaaea au l A'kanaaa. There will be 730 acraa of land ? ?bileo to ih? part/ ?bi goee aa aaleaman, and other Ian :e aent to h ni Irnm tim* to tlm v Only (300 required, ^utiafactory ??id-nc.e an 1 re'arvn:e given. Ptrtooa anaw?r*DK th.a will receive a letter atttiog when to call lor an iuti rvtew . A'.'reaa lor thren daya, with real nan.r aud builafaa liat eogaged in, J A., Ilorald office. A COACHMAN WAN1B A SITI'A TION TO OO TO TilK country ia a lingle man. mod thoroughly under'le tbe care and min ^emrot of boraea aud driving. For capability Hml tar h? can giva lite be-it elty re'er?o:e. l leaio aldiaat W. X , Herald oltic?, for twa daya. AN AMERICAN no Y, ~AHOlT "seventeen YKVRS old, la 'ranted to aat aa page to a lady tod gentle man traveling; b.i muat poaiaaa a knowlx l^a of horaa* aid i.B'lcisiiu I ilrlviug Ad* I roe a Hbftidera, llnralil otlce, rtatlng ahen and whorn he may bn e.-ea Nun i ex -apt the** competont and of the re<iulr?J ag? need aaaaer. A FEW BOY" WANTED ?BY THK WEEK, TO SELf, a aaw art!' le. Call at '^27 i htri avjaue, .a the taeemrnt, between 0 and 12 in tne moruinir. A BOY W \NfKH-TO ATTEND A PAINT SPORE, and t<> >?? "ign pa>otiog. Apply at J10 Uulaoo afreet, a/tei oue o'clock. AOhRMAN WJY WANTED? O.ViC WHO HP?AK? 1 egliab tboiouif'jly, I. did 14 to ' 1 yea.'i of t -e, to learn ttie drug boat*' **; anaicptiMable refcan.^a re nu ted. Aj i'i j at the 'iowery dr ? ? atore, No. 16<i. AtiENW WAITSD? TO fSL A NEW MAf IN TUB Male an<) tbe Canadvi o?w plan of iebmopol, li. n map of tbe -Vr\ o' Ar."f Black and B?Uic Keaa, Crlfcea, rmall map o' Furore, ebovlng rou'.ea and dia uacea, vl???, ?rciy and navy, po-iilatiDo, *. Stae of tbe map, .0 by 32 neb-a. Price 2 > ThU the beat acrk nut for ag- uta A II. JO'.'Kl.YN, No 00 I'ul ton atreet A^i jTtu LjT;"hkk v Asm a ri ~ want i to t mi dat 2 auf, nor o' oaa, f'rrnc'i man COSl , 2 ?upari< r laun^'?>la*n - fiofilant cioka 2 l'rot?ai.<.at -haiuiet nalCi' ana v? tar girla. an I.rglMli waiter Al! muat be fir t . lac? >erv nt> and will be pa:d bl^l wagaa. Af ply at 14U Orand -trett BOY WA.VTFf! ? I.N \N .Nti 8TATIOVKRY huuae;<me at ml 'ulcnyp- of aget and rea diug with h>H partnla, aoul 1 bt Jgjffred. Addraea, ataiing partlculara age, Ac , in OWl. flradwrit ng, I. S. V., be i foit OiUca. Boy wanted? in rm dri o storm 4.1 rimtD AVM cue, an a:tue mtellUent boy. ?bout fifteen f?uii old, who wrlVa a goo-1 band, and ia of re^pe'^able cou o?:tiont osf p? >.aairg ?ore I now ,<j 1ga of the b an neal prarerrad. ue-d aj ply without go d refer encet. Boy W\ stkd~" on bTb a vino wmi knowTedge of painting Jirtleriad. APi y to J. Hugbea, 74 lnvlnoa it. CUUFOKNIA? a Tol'NO wirxiW l.ADY W DC SIR > ooa of making ae ar at- irer t for a aitnation with a .'amil , or la"y, goinr l lahforb'a ibe la a go<vd e>?n>r'rvae kind, attruti e, aa l te willing d nt'-e uer ?"If oainlly iieful b*)*K of Indua^oue bablu. hi diet- Mri M , Broadway net liflloe, for one week. C?l>Hk*, I'<?rtTV -<~ IIAKii I I i'KK-*, W *ITm^ ?.< > \CH / men. gro* ma, fervor*, boya lur atorea ho'.-ii en I traf'ee, oooke, cbara'??r,uai ;? , ifamatr'aaee, ;iun Iraeaee, bonev work gir.e, Ac , may be ?a>pKyed al tue otb ;e No 4 1 ae* Broadway Miltr of I'bitkan ojgire. Or l?ra by mad or ? ity Mfattl^ionptlf att?0'!- to. f'na rg?i mndnrnta. JAMI.S M< i.EJl ? V, Agent.* DRCGOiST, VWUWX OB RETAIL ?A rfirUA tu o wau'i'l, by ayi; io< "ally ac la o'el with tie pr?acrlpti in tame" aiop!>> tea i jua; |ir?n o regard to character and e'Ality wheWeala bo.<? jre feired, Ailiireri Irru/eie', Waab.ogtwa City, U C DRI.0 I li.HK WaNT?J?? F??ll t I'f.M l-.N ii^Y bnilseea la lli'yobl/a mo't ri- pat -at and I'uwl. Apply .v 1'. I. :alm*a Oo., HI fiiaejker at., I ew \ ork. # D"iu:6"CT:iRK WANTtD -' t a* i < N'U !'? ?tande the praa-' ptlr n t ibui >a In,, i? ?? i. l Oraan e it ig atora, 3W llroa-iway, odtoar of Wala ei etiaet. ? - ? uYMl ? r.? A HI . -I'i i 1 At I. . Y0"N > 'ItV, 14 p .ri .j; a |ood Inowiadga of ?ha a?4y a?d nei^i bfiThtwxl itay ij iU!n ? ?!tuetlj? j ? Viwn tr*n |gf . Ad drree, ?) !. tier jolj , ( rapald, *. boi 2,-71 1'oet >'l.ce I'aHW LaBO KHa, FEMALE IX VO -'I1' .< , ' \ b? *Bg*i.'" at the iBitina 1 g? Kaipl jy IE??' f on-ty, .7 liraenwic.i ?Ve.t In n'n.ya!!.* < tber rficae <a. 1. >ator pl*?e and .nla atr-?', Brook 1 j a G~ RO?/itRir< tJKlT^TNfeJ; --A~Y??' NO MAN THAT bee a kn> v,auga nt tli-i re't 1 ^tn-?ry !.?eineaa at ?oanpeUnt V> ta?t ? t?rge. ah Am?ri .'i |> ?? 'erred Id dma bos b4 ChaUinaa e']taare P >?v 'if'.- ? .i >i?me r? leranie, a o. Gi HO ? BY i I ? ' i \ : . \ v.* f Ji .III I it " ? .'I 1 ? /- - , r I a tborougLIy i. >r- in i tbe b to ? % i m*: e b m ill ?ib> a. y u?eiui be raoat ti o ig^anUll all atoatftult, ? ,."t\biee at.1 ;?>. I. AMtwe f. II f|?r*l.. tflee. KI>. - \ i l?Y, ? . > Wild, W. fjom tea city u?ul t a > aaew* l>a omi tea % uetlon foi a /On- - won*ae aa aerae or ^aia< reea il r* . ue aia cm r* n . be for taa *aw r. ibtrt nak nt ' , an 1 i? I r?d to ? Itidi an baa no ,te u?n to go ne in tlaaiuairj 1 ? u eaen for iura? j?, at be: pr.?- t ? ? mployar ?, 7* Rae. 27'b a*. lil'ATION W \N it ' ?? I: Y a. OVI'.Ifc.N T. lltOHI.'t WS1". H oniM.ION HA.NThl. ? ' )v"fK *'*?' ?. t" ^TI<in- vaie i i n mm. . . K.>lagVoa rtr?. U>U i *fl. td flo hflttcf*' rli ?? a |'*?f1 rooi, iri?h*r *?ij ?iti # i 4t>iir- fei%? ?!tt it/# Applf *t M Mrrii? ?, Tin? I r mr I [ WANTED? A HI I CATION. WT A Rf> 'BCTABU young girl, a- ? >ood piaia cock ?ra?u ?r, land J"***' 10 fauaral aonaawork 'or a re<pe-L?M? family km good ciiy rvferencaa Can ?* Ml ?nf !*? J?j?, if not engaged, at i;t4 Mott atr-at, near G >ted, firm 1 1 ooi, out the (lor*. WANTI.D-BY A MhPECfAUI.r. PROTECT AS f QIR1, ? altuation aa chamberu aid or to take care o chlldrea, baa so "Dject.oa to do IU? work of a amall private family. Hot eity r?!?r?ne? giraa. lB.iuire at US Eldndga ?treat, for twadaye. 1 Wastkd? a hituatkjn, nv a hiohlt uarvc table girl, with good refrrrarea to d> eoekmg wiabing fill iromuf or geaaral houaeeork, U a gc<?{ bread baker, a ftrat rata lauudr??e, ami o..? no objection to go to the country. l'ieaee anil at No. 2ZZ Bowery. WANTFD-A NOTATION, 8T A RKHTEf TaIII J young woman, oan do cbaabtrwork and waiting, or will do tbe general homework of a email fauillv . n an La aero in bcr preaeot aituattoa uatii auiW at lUtt Uth atrMt, between ia and 3d avvuuee. WANnn-BY A RKKl'BCrAllli I'JUiTK- TAN T girl, a altuation aa aura? and ma>trM, food city referrnco given. l'lcaae cull itllP Vnt Ifll M< , I i.i tvo daya. WANTED- A SITUATION, nV A Riyi'RCTABIJR I'roteetimt woman, aa oook, waaber and lrou?r, beat elty refereaca. Can I* uvea for two dayaatftil at., corner of Blaecker II' ANTED- A KKSPKCTABIJ: \<?U.\0 WuMAN, AS Vf cook, and to aaalat In waithlug aod irouinf , anna but thoaa wbo naderatand tbalr Sueuieaa aod can bring city recommendatioae, Dead apply. Wag** I?- Call at 1U4 W?at2?tb at. WANTKD? A SITt' \ riON, BY A HMAItT, TIDY girl, who la a neat nawur, good ehauiberraald and nuraa. la foad of the eare of children, or #111 art aa gen* rat houaemald la a email family , can ??afi and iron E rally { and do plaia cooking. haa eicelirnt city refin ance; will take t f>. Call at or addrcea to 217 Kelt 23<1 at WANTED? BY A MH'KJT VU 1 l'Uur?>TAST girl, a altuation, to go with a family to Callfoi nia, aa vhiUiien'a nuraa: la a'neat plain aawer. Beat of city lafertoce. Call at 2M Waat 1 )th at. in the rear. WANTKI)? .SITUATIONS, BY I ?fO KK I K'TAHUJ yaunK woman, one a* cook, wnab?r and ironer, cr to da geaeral bouaawork, lu a umali family, the otuer aa ntamNtreaa, or would do waiting an l ctiiaui tier work, la a reapectable family, good city rrferoaje the oook la a .Scotch girl I'leaee call at JW Molt a!., aecood liojr, between I'rince and Uouaton ata. WANTED? A 8III ATION, IU A l.l.vTM IAIII.K youig woman, aa eoik, waalier and ironer, or to do gtneral bouaawork, in a aiuaii tain iy , good city re feresice, baa uo objevtiiu to '.be country I ao b? ae?ti (or two daya, If not engaged, at So. (? rjiaei at., In tlie tear. tjrrA NTFI )? A SITUATION, 1IY~A tU^KnTrABIJC Vf gtrl. aa cliiimt>?rmikid and a?#rr, ta a goo-1 ein broldertr; la willing to make hvraelf g?u?r?lly uaaful. Can pr<*!uc? the beat of ctty referf nee If rj'iuired. I'leaae call at 71 King it., for two dayi. WASTE!'? BY A RHKI'WTABI K.I H I H'tNC i.lltl , lately arrived from Canada, a altuation aa a<>aoi atrvaa. < ao be aeaa until engaged. I'leato call at 3'-2 Kulton ?t., Brooklyn, la tba baaement. WANTHIt? liy A BXBKCIABLE QVKL, A. situ \ tiou aa a good plain oook and waauer aad Ironer uadriNtiaOa baking. <>ood city re ereace can '>a given Can be aeen fortwodayi, if nnt at il'i Stjantf at, liont roam, lint floor, !*iw ?n Kiting'.uu and Dlunsey. IB; AM TED? A SITU ATI' >N~TO ItOiIESEliM 1|<?C-E W work la a amall family, by a amart, tidy girl, with tba beat of city raftrtneea. fivaae apply at 7b Canal atrret. WrAMKO? A WAN 1 11,1 AN'li i 1,'JAK t I. ITKK, t?K taate and *s[>?rl?nee, to do the out ibk for a iar/e talab'b-limeal in tht* city. .^atlafaot4iry refnmnc<*e aa to capability will be re<iuir?d. Apply at HO Cbaa?>r? ?treet (up utaira;. H^ANTEK? A T Om I.AI?Y Of OESrKKI. I0? ?Ireaa, to attand a roaftatmiiary an l icenreim aalooo. Apply at No. 21 liudaon itreet, .iftar 10 o'clooa, A M. W' AN ! ED? A SITUATION, IIT A Itl^l'fci TA'tUJ Piote^tant aomaa, aa aoamatraaa and chambrr inatd, or in willing U> do general h'iaa>wor>> ui a amall family. In a good and iruaar, aad n willing tj reake lierat If g?neraliy uaalul. Ilia country piefarred. Apply at 110 Uli avenue. II' N TV.1) ? BY A VaWWOUMM %UI, A Ktrt'A W t.on to do bounework lur a amall t >vil(y or c >am berwoik ami takv r.aie of children, or I" w tbag to a?>iat with tbe waalung and iroaia^ good city r<'lti*u< ? from hi r la .t plane. Can be a?en tor iwo .laja at .,1 l'r- tid?a ? traet, aetond dour from Vanornnt aLnw lirooalyu "tl/ANTB'? A SITUATION !l\ A CA!'?li'^: WOMAN, TV aa a prnt??aed cuoa aad bakvr un>ter?Ua<l? all kind* cf paatry, oonfeeliuaery aad daea-rm laa'-o aural rate bi.u?*k?ep?r, bating maay yema ?*p?ri*u.e uo objedlon to any of tba country, I ?,?_<? I preferred (?cod refareure. i *a be eeen at 114 i-wt uftUl a:., or ad drtae, by note, A. L WANTKi)? A SITUATION Ai WET M'RUIC, TO take a beby to ber own bouae, by a reap*c'a:.le youi.K woman, who baa loat h<r owo baby, two mom i old. t'ood elty refereaca If re{uii*d < it t,r ?? . ? for two day a, at 'U'.i f?at lutb at. W*mm~9r a hioiu.y Hmvriau raomr ant woman, a aitiatwo aa profaeaa i . , uniar (taadaall km iaof fjigliab, Aoeruaa ID'I ti n h ok :?g, jadlee, blancmaaga, Ae. , will aa?'ai la tlie lauadry ( aa ^ive tie li'gbrat city rafe-a ace far yraia and a> ? It take BoOriate a?g??. Apply at 7 lil a>?uue, iu t'i' at u re. r a s 1 1 r^B y X rk?i7T\ I ii"iT Yotmo ml, "a kituati"a to do general feoua4*o r' n a (mall fam.iy. t ity preferred. Apply at W CUr^ a ? t. , lu the i?ar, for two daya. 11 ' AM H> Kfil R IVTri I l iENT rot' Ml ORPflAV W (>rti, about lo ttara of a^*- aMo, tfire? j"iug lioya "f tC" aema age, for a??i?t?ii'e ia th *i wa eV>r V y. eit I ar 'r ci tue ? On o try or tin If f auit a la, will Mil' a p"i ao l rarnur.a r?' ? r d i n', la quue of or aoor ia M. II li liteuaLam, '?*"> B< ?*ry nfAMMa iiY A TW BOTSUIASU AMniCAN fy y'?UBg wo M, a ait'iati1 n ?a ni.r-e an I >< do plain eaelsit, la t ad to < nlldreo, wllll?|r and obliging ibe I"-' of city r< farenoe ean be gieaa I'laaee aTl at 1M Thirty HflL aUeat <>r a ikdraea Btuabatb Jalinaoa. W ante: - i|T a nr.- 1 vt r*in..* umi., a h a tloa I* a ' rat ratr waaber ail 1 ti'.ner, a ga>) bread bakar beat of elty r . fwieace g r.u l'na<" call at !>? 1Mb at Wr"ANTtO^AS jT\udu( AN, WXlTcii t. cokted girl ? m who UM/rr agMy un>1-'a*a<. la the Mtti'i ? bildrea, ai 1 ii ?UMa| te aikt ki" ?if (eoiitliy uaaful. To ?/ oe we' re'-oinvi >nded a comfortable !?'???? a?u *a>.a ail! 'ki glean. .' t*fa< > ' i'. i lei' r?r?, liobvkta oi.. bl cl h .ra tl<e f>ny. H'AVtiii--AN H?iSf-r aim., with ? i r ir itfyni eacea ? r gfr.-rfcl tit :ity, f??a faw'tr of te?> a ! ta take ':are ? f a ^Ulid Wag?> par aMnth App'y to Mra l-idy, I ? Kuliltaia 14' l.l W.. M' ?, A .!!? r VV n'l aa , y . b- il'l r ?i'Bl?n ?' r . .? g -en fan be tee* at 71 Kutgei aiip \x *srri' a n r.' it, in a i * ? ?. .i t aa tk 1 1 a Iivrao aad aeeinat aa?. A) I n ? u ? . ? <>raar of iMk a'. Il/ASlKIi? A tin Alius, BY It Rr.^'WUAAMaly V \ it??1y, wlar yiini iiian a*'* a a >'rjf ?t? ia, "r ?? an a-atauat Ik*. vr l^n^r.luui taiMn i ta aa u> ci?n,j,?t?n<-y ? , >i,u\itai not a., much a>i object aa a ata*ly place A- .reta it. K . H* ' .rt way !'?> t 'HR'.e %?' .'<!?.fi - A fci>l'*C[ Attll. Atdb.i' t'f I ? I It . Vf ?t'h *' f! fi'y rr "aoc. !? at'?i. . e cou'e t>< nary Aw> ' ppiy at 17 Baem at f* oat ' at Aaaer eaa r.?et a^ply ? I a n 1 1 j ? \j o .'4 THIRD ? ' for* UnrkyaH, f rmn ?> ^ I u o if j il h,* ?'fi (ki m l?f*< '? Ji ? H%1+ 9, A ***?, *?tf ? ar. **r > t r4$ *k ? h%->t ? ra ibd gfiful ?? u Ml mail tn it, >1 MTV All* A WAh, w 0 9**tf *+pwitf 4 +*. ^ iK^tt *'m Wi 4 fUf ft'U?64 Ui H * vntmjkr i*i i r/f piyM] ? H- - Ik (ton ' 9 i/UO LCDODHk iW) fu, bkoadwav? v i Kir doom above tha Metropolitan a XJ Sm Ihtrdaa H>tala. K r?t riiu unuoteniiK for i- iMMt aa<l ^iwiwt itardara. rtiaw rnxubU 1 *7/\ PRANXLIN ?rRKEr. NKtR flUMON PUEA - J(U taut r> ?ma witb mlifir perUa^baard. Ifcaaa wuh ?g to tecuia il?air?bie Will M well U apply toco 1 A n lll'l*<)N MTlJ-JM H >MIN<; MT JOIMV -I 4 I PWk I ur?i?t.?.l n >tn? W kit, will i???r<l, M ?!??*? W>? u. or K??tl?iueu %??.! tbatr wirea, ?JM, a bamiaemeij faraUhe.1 b.c. ,>?nor , mum a- wly fit ........... ,>?rtor, MUM a<?ty ? ? Biabad, with ?ll the u?> !eru ilapr jraOMMU for ftfM mt ud tnatml U?to*ri. 7(\ KRASKI IN MTRKf, KTU-TT l/oiMI JfKSr Of IV/ Hr.?<iwey. Sultox ( braa?Ma*t aarrad if ra talr*4) aiugla and iioubi# room*, oa tu-i llm' Ml Me m 1 4 tore, ""''J larauhaj. A K ><v.| l.i.-a'i'ia for a ulifaiciaa. ? 5? ,or * ,l""t f**lof, If rvqtilr?4. ? iMOllMM miiUy obeena ! !|, 1,1. ti ah re. ?"ifi UjPKNAIM KTtUttr NKAR iroadu *y, vkat "" *y iHnil?hi?<\ rtmiu., U 1*1, WlUA uC with Jut bfifd $11*55** ,?*??* ? OWtUBMi AND THHR ? U? ? ot'UMifl C*1 NftMM ?tidafcd With han>I?.BJ. I) lWrti,h?J ro ana oa Ant. M K:,i'"rV[r" u?r ??r?i sold bath*. H*f?r* acwi txilikngvl AKK YOU LOOK I. N't; roll <WHKI) CM', liOAKr>ICIlJT- > We call Jour attaint, a toaor em?e oar i&a-nu ?r? anauruai-M.l iu in . or ?ar ot..rr <? ? , lulrd tri are politely dWtad to lulU'.h j,w ... ii or coaatrr, fraa of diuraa, wblte i,.,?r.iioK pt*-oa ara pnmiptl} mppliaxl. (KUcj SOI Broadway, n' n to t.raea all arch. APAHTOKNTX n?R PaHIUIW, AMI HOOKS H)R g' Utla>a.?D, With good ?MMr.l, ia a drat rlaaa 'mum, at No ft loroy Plane R ?U*?C Hud.: at ? u'eJaob. >raticb uad l-uglialj *pofcaa AUo, aa eltiea tultabto fur a Joetor. Aa * A I URN.'MIKI) IMKUJK .Nil ilc.llllOOa PI) LLT? A To a gaiatloinao ?o<t t><? *lia >a two or thro* am (W (c'ntUon-n, la a amall pri??t- lamM; wbaro tboro aro aoolbor boari'ara. tha; can be a?) jatwolatad 1/ apply l*| at 101 Hoary ?trw?t a nmNWBw Hon;*, ok pakh.y ?*), n?T JK eiaa*, *lth?r tlia *r. *vr of lo **\t put wiu M lot to ?alt. Pcreardof a^1>. r???, apj>'^ at lv.i it?it Tooaty fourth itriat, whora mar h- li >'l a r?o?, ???lr.?a> u4 kitebaa, furaUhul or Dot, at induced pr. *?, wAtar Ihroufhaut. At.i:vri IMAN U II" W J I 1 II III Hi l.i l.\i. TV Ai> raaea llOo, will bo Iota -oia'orta*>>? aparfcaaat i doalrahlo looallty mar Uroaoway. no waMMbh Unas, aad bo a*curo<l u a a val iahl* Praaofc a*4 - llab library, wltb ft* fr*? um A i irvr* l'? tllao, Vtttm ?qaar* I'ott OIBm. HUAIX Alll HK'AS !>?!!. Y WIIJ. IX! A PAR lor an<l l?droom, wt'h n.'.Mt ml ha'.n roaai 0M n*?A*4, faraUhaat or \>a uraia) ?d, >o autv appllakBtl. Alao, two ball b*drooa>a, nntlj fuiuiabad, witk or Wltt out partial board, on *?ry r??" u*bU tartui. V?vy Aa ? Irabl* Uasatlea. Apply at ? vu>4'i??al atroot, HI. (1?bmb(i plaeai, tUr< a <l<Mjra ali?*? II i??to* At ui prince Hriuci r, k?h'h uoorm wmr qf l-roat way, a (c?utlr-u?a aud h .a w.fa way oHaia a hoodaoaoa-ljr furalaba.l patlj r, aah t>o?i XlM, tWO ?ln(la iratlomaa raa Iw ac caimo'Utal at modanto pil'-ra iiooM Or at oln -a, wuh t*- aal oatha. AhmaiX i'Rivatk pamh.y. itmri.N', it nn. Dortbeaat eoruar of l?nn('?a avaaua aad IVlrty - third atraot. wnuUl Ilka tu >??.. a (mti nAO aad b>a wlfa or two aloglo (totl?tna-o tu noard. A hPIJJUIUIl H H'. IMiHi I V 'I '-II Willi '/VI. (>'. fV two htdrooaia at a>-b>ii. t<. l<-? to oo? or tiro nail* Kfotioataa, in a prlrata boua*, witn all tba uiukra la ploTanxota. Alao, a aiL^.a ?? II Iai|tlir? at #H PrUMO ?tr?t. A PAltTUkNTS 1U LET ?A i INK HU1TK OP H'^/M J\ at IH<I Oraod at/rat, a i ? >i? f'?r a aru^L, fuaily, w.l) bo rrotod vary low. A, > j in tta trog atara. BOAPO? ONK L^IUIE AIRY ? HOST I'ARI/IR H A>P ? rm?ly ft>rBWbad,aol'. hi- f .r > (*a'i?rnaa aad w.fa, vu Mtond B(?r al?o i law . ia. m |aoikawo 'aa l>? a? rt naiailatad, at Sa<t Muw I way. BO A 111).? A W11.UW I.AUY H I f II A -MAI. I. lAMtl.Y will lat a Ua: aoma r<xia and two paotriaa oa Iba tlr*t floor j lair!} fnrntahrd. >? a gt utl*ni .o au i w.fa, < th boar.) (or Ilia ivtf, (or t a a?aa. App'r a*. Ml KaatTwealy alithairaat. u> a> l idtU aiaan N. U.? No alfB it tba bona* Board.? a vkry larok iuho-omi. mo-r ramn at-! h?'lao ? t ? ? t, alio I*, r 1 furala'ja.; or unfumhk'<!. o? tba a?v,o.1 rt .^r, io a pr??*ta li luao, aultahla foi a ir?u< lauian ab'. arila ab(> . > ntfta rooM (?aa and lath iu th* I. u . > a Apply a V * Kmut, ??<-??<! di or frtoi Ct.'a p*m H\?tf ? !'? llttoOKI.YN, Kail TIIK* 't'FII ANI> Wall at'a^t a. in, M(a{ l % an tlai ? i i?? iroua of voialn.air pl?i>aot r< < r?a aliL or alt' >u> l/oarl, la a at taal loiatlan fio rar> ow. I' rata t?ra?. l a at-M r>.(i1iu<1 at 'j! 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