Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1855 Page 6
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f nanc/al and commercial* BOUT i4??' B1-W4I Jaly 22?6 P. M. ft 9 moots ma'ket remains wtthont M 7 MteesUte. The demand is a little aon motive from Ibe *ero??e eiasaes, ba? the anpply holds good, bo advance to rates Dm been realized. Th^ im mc*Uk"~ a ^8 1? 'o ?onie ? togely. Last week the nice * car imporat ??? ni a boat five millions o f tfdiarf aad the pribabuity is thai m accounts of Bur epiecdid bwvtftte reach the other side thi matn'aotaim cf Ei-g and and France wil prepare Iniaww- shipment oi tt*lr produ. U fcr tlia conn try. Tliey ?U1 uo* *?" 'or orders, bat send oat oi Hbtf* own aeoouw. NJ k-o* very well t^a'. onr ability to ooobuiwj s waited, and thar. oar ability to pay ie ncdcuotfd. * batever cautionmeea our local importer* m-y * ?b? wili not be shared by jhefct^s* maniac or* ; and tiere is, therefore, (KrJ probability taat *u thall have an lmmfnaeun pemtv? ntf yituin nvK>?, Cheap food will (fire & r^utopexaa to LiOu#w> la avtry mechanical put ?aH. We (.hill ao?m hu*e a revival la honae baild hg, eLip baiK3'D(f. ?u4 la all other brunches of a i d the preeeu* aiaudenca of money will sua tain soy advance maw. Capital, whiih is now tap ojed In oarryiog ''"k etourities, will b6 with itv^ted in th > o ff rest tiep vrtmenti of bnsl *es, er.d give Uf ?> ? a activity to labor to gH jpitioca oi th* uou&iry. We mast look, Mbere/ort fcr a le-a ea?y money miiket, for ? more htal-oy o-d'tion of the labxtog ctosact, and fjr a iu<n legitimate emrtoyaiaat 0t the rust cayiWl *hnsh has accimoUwd by the coitnctica of o.edits pro?tr*tioi cf trads, &o , ftariag tte laa?t<reiv^ ca ?atra. Che st>ok market |i Uktly to bam re uj ir-> l naa baoeflttod by these For the t>?r( twe<v8 montue, t**a h*? t to nn for b4t to pu< it into ft to ki toother way of emptying it presected itself, acd gar meet canti>a? o?4>?Aiiai* were ooaip^ el to buy eeco ittf b, or tet *0111 m>aay recLala idls in do' potht to the bank*, rotate wMl eoon be a more ac Hre Mkatrd from tbe 0 icsnirctol olasses, a demand Wu* Will be so fa - la advance ot the supply that XBVeot interfs' will aiv*joe atd the value ot money Ooowp^d Bio re nearly vti ihi legal standard. In" tfieiMoca of snah 5?usg^s hiva alrealy appeared' fts4have dally bos ma a?racger. T lere Is no life la waikrt. ard p let a are with diffi ulty sat. Baized. Bpeculat on h?< po'.lreiy died oat. Taere ftn wm W-Itn a) tlie H<ch?nge tiaa b-ijers, and |ho fflkct of those thio?s mniteooa be visible. The DtaMgt Infitioa an? s ock on the list to capable of, has heen realized, a^d wa mxst now prepare fir the reactio?. A. H. Nicolay's regalar aeml weekly aocUon sale Dfaloek and bonds <ril hki olacj on Mmday, at 12 ?'dock, at the iter shaa ?' Exchange. The k tbracite eo?i tonnage for the week, from Ike bcfcuyiklll and Lehtoh regions, reaches the very wpeotobie amoant of 109,017 toas, and for the PMMM 2, 256,972 tons, rte Il-adir g railroad re peitoforihe week to Cnnfs toy, 61,147, and for ths ?eseoo to the name per'od, 1,24*1 663 tins, againit 1,101 !<06 tons ts ths sao* Um? lastystr. The prfinjimi Navigation fowta fjf tl9 week 2S>,.>73 Ions, aid f* the stasoa 503 >13 tms, agiioat l*fc,562 toes to the 8?m"j tim* i*'t year. Tiie ro lompUon of navwati w 00 the Delaware division. Vtm n t in tine to make 4ie retatmug eui.i^y b iat.4 ft variable btfote Moaday of the pwaeat watk. Bhlpmwtf) of c *1 00 tho I for waok ynd lag Bttfea+n"''ay lai* ?? !', la '.'OMiqastico, 0 aly 28,8' ot lias' 1? 4lt t n-i toe -.he c >rte?poad lip ? . ci ( jtfar; for th? ueawn 608,">?G taxs, | .>1 to M^ie iois lastysa". Td^du'* pic 3 to rtUil m* k?t, u*uai at ttie season, to ag pc7aud by the ni?<i?a tv:a'. of '.ho weafiur anl by Uu absirct from the Hy of many of ths larger c?a tuacis. The dtaoa d far shlp'n,,nt h\s imaravol, to inaprcricg , and to not noir coofiacd t j parti nl'tr Bucs tf coal. Toe supply of l.ehigh lanp aud stove to start. ? The dhlpmenta of coal from Hic'nnai, t^e P.ud l?g rail rt ad depo', for the ?ve#k eadiug July 14, and foe the year, are as fobovsj? Alkaat. N. Y Ntwliavea, ft i>8". A^uiK/'ii, V?. 4^1 N??ri>nrjjM)rt, M?is.. l,lSi Barear, Me lu?l Norwtea.ft v2G fitrnl; ftu 209 Nawark, K. J ?S7 BaKtOC Mm 8,649 Newport, R 1 IH0 Boufid Brook. N. J ... 77 Now ton Ion, (.'? 210 Brldga^ert, Ct 041 Prori>laoea, R I 1,8*0 Braa/ord, Ot 100 l'.trMburir, Va 110 BkidMhi.rK, i'a Wal PorUmouth, h 11 ...1,1*28 ftakMc, Ha<t. VJO roD?hkerp<(?, N*. V . 102 DrlStelPa li? Portl?ad, Ma 2*0 BWTato. K. V 180 Port Chanter. N. V... 145 hntr.i!xe Mmi 461 P?*tuckat, R. 100 n-,t- N. J i!U Rod tiaak, N. J 47 Mr 06 Ronrioat, N V.,,..., CU6 CkarVMtoa, S. C 1W I'.ixbarr, Mat* 611' Ckarlaetown, Maaa. . .I,o00 Stco, 301 CfceiaM, Maa? WO Salem. M?m 1,^47 Cheater, Pa H2 sWea, N,J 100 duUMaca, Pal 70 San Kratcuco, Cai... t'77 Hovsr.N H 7? SaaitaBeWt. N. J 6? Cifhtoa, P.. I f 41 N. Y 160 Sacchaatw Point, Uaaa -"eo M?m 1W Eaatpcct Ma 1JJ HWpleUia, ti 1 400 E. Greenwich, It I... 115 3Ua?fen-d. Ct 7T Fall Rlvec, Mae* 4M tMooj Point. N. Y.... 610 FalrfcaveB, IImi 19S S?a<rc? M*?a 325 Flaatlsg, L.I 349 ? Nair Uariiat, M??h. 80 Fraaklertf, Pa M Trov, N Y 406 Fraakferd, Me 89' W*?b<DgtoB. D C ... 100 Vrsdstiefeabarit, Va.. . 06 W?r*ha<n, Mat< 150 Otaaaaart, I 1 130 We?tca?e-er N Y. ... 8'^ Bartfcrd, Ci 9 8 Waat Farme, N \ .... 140 HaleveU Me HO ftvatl'oint N. V.... 1*2 HudacB.K. V 41H W-atport, !f. Y i;09 ' Birgham. Maae 1<2 Vtwije*',, M '.ss 71 Irrin|t, N. Y Wejmoatli, 50^ Klt??bri<,f r, S. Y.... 11" Yeolm, K. Y T3 JLjm Him Ufcli ? hUrtVawc.Ct 1!^ To??J -IS 0K) Nantcckat Maae J >>r < La muroa 7t>? V'T htfBMit Ma?? 49;-: lJiitljiar 6T?,1.2i Maw Y?k t 8ro?tljB.7,:?2 Tl.s vu.'ue of prsdu e and rniauUrfures of th? UciUd Btotea, expstt?d fr m N -* Orletni dnriog Iheqsuter cdiaa Jqm 20, 1855. w?f> #21,652,707, Of whioh IU.150 360 vest t> foreign ccac.nn, anl >67 to ooabtwi<? ports. The Neabnryp irt Ihrold ? atec fiat fie E??x BtMm Hilt CompBay la tiat city, hat a%?o cp its ftoooanto for the Alt year, acd *wr* a loss on ths yaar's baalr.esa of a*>oa^ #2,600 ot cwiogto flllO diprceiion in the price of goodt they cascac tare, wlJeh m some #3 000 le^s than -wm feared tfxty day* since. Tl* Lake Superior Journal of t*ie 12Ui i jst. h?s lwea Mwind. The mws fr. m the mioej is very (Bcoongtog. Masses cf cop;?r are hanleJ out dallj, ??? <he cry to, "atUl they c ms ' Many Bcstsn, New York ud otser gect^mea wiio are fciniwtoi to tht mines, nave been vUi.iug tbem Ihlsseasoa, to order to judgo for thcntolvM or Ihelr value ? and it is said, are p cpared t > re tar a knot with very favorable reports. The shipment it cofpsr daring tv two preceding week* has bxa zalhet lig'it, QBtag to tho absence o( prop)ilers fitted to toad and anload nun copper f.omthe ?fpar toke. luring vhe wetk ciosicg Ui? 12th, tlie HtWttfirer bttught down from the Hi Ige mine, 20 Mia. or 11,140 lbs , and thn oiM of 500 10s.; from Bhs Forest mlnf , b bbis. or -.247 lbs ; from the Ai Wtcturt K.toe, 11 bbls or b.CiOO lbs. The stealer riTtaali hrcnght do mi from the Minneaota mlae M frUa, aad from the Northweat, 30 tens This tfflflfivwtera mine whipped last asMon, 250,70.1 yennda cf cooper, whi:h so'.l (or C?, or Blxrat 2 Ci tntfl cash, to Clbve^ud. I The amend statement e.xnibUx too qntititjr and 4 taioe oT certain articles exported from tbU port da /| tteg tbe vretk ending and ioclading Friiay, Jaly 90, dteUsguialiing the daatioaUon and extent a ?hit cni r ta 'o cach place: ? Nb* \oau-- V?it act l " U' wjvoi raiuj" fyuan, Ottoa. Nl...4,8T4? a. 1. 7 V Hi Cort, Vu..rx,t m' K?k?. ka 1?' ?iita 14 CO 1 l"8 P.u#l^r? c?... 2 jpbw, tt-.f* Hn 4 >' 40 ju>*"D o??. rkaoosy s* s.fci1* efi, gUM. ?,71? "lotai. iokvo*. F*?klas ea. 36 $4.Ki fob :\lha.U '((tia, ?W ?,iU T m F?a'h'r?.h? aoairf .... 4 179 l^,6t W Kdm tb ^ tr. oU. eel* V *>? 46 "49 O jaint'r- a 1 I L irtrf', m. 14C 9 *26 Clock* ?>??. 1-V ?3a? be. !/?#.. . t WT 14 'urpeafa t Wl |Q.?lB M *90 Warea 6.0W P iu. ' tm toe 2 '?? jf. t*v A it,9GJ Tjtal,,.... Cotton, baiee 426 fin tad (k '? 66 Draja 43 MJaerala, ca. . 2 HMhiwr; ... I Lea. doth 4 I R. gooda . . 05 Tcbacco.Nklea 284 Dyotuda, bxa 610 Gotten, bale* 811 I R.?rroda,ce 1 1*2 Mbalob.lba.4",286 Tobacco, khca f 2 Uoiaaaes 292 Booka, oi 7 Spte.tmp, bt) soo Coffee, b?g? 2,174 Bop* bale*.. 66 B o?ln, bbls. -,fcnl 1J.0D a wood t'B 84 Clock*, boxoa 26 Cotton. bal.? 464 1 Of k. bbla. , . PUm lot Greoadllla wd. 48 Kid, bbU . 50 Bone. lbe. . 80,459 -bells caaks.. 3 l'tarl atb.bbls 12 0?r* 1 534 iUl)Cp?n>, lge8<>7 Hops, l b Jot . , 21 Hark p?gs. . 34 Wbaleb lbs. It 8f:i I. R goods, c? 130 L'ma wood . . 30 ijxier. bar* , . 374 Rosin. bb'?. .2,0.6 Sp turned U? 100 mums*. $20*01 begwool 101 $642 12 .S3 Koala. bbU. 1,000 1.946 2,814 Red oil, gula.4,107 2.2S2 10 Copp?r. e?... 2 010 1 5 Jeww'ry 1 1,000 824 Shoe p?ga, bbl 69 2 0 10,. b6 WbaUb ,lb?l 1,0X3 #,8?2 4 8*3 _ 2,868 Tot*l 908,216 iiHtvta $48,896 Sooe p?jt? bbl 097 3t>."16 To?ac>o, lbe 6,368 18,619 Mahogany ,,, 726 2.804 Potaabsa .... 08 6 482 L?a cloth, ci 31 026 Sains, bales.. 11 18,200 Honey, ca .. . 01 ? 30, "17 Kuatvc, tone . 60 l,r.3? Oars 200 6 299 etaves 000 4,423 460 Total II A V $20,9tm 655 4 728 364 ?30 2,600 W0 itflo 2,HOO 4 154 l,0HI 962 7.181 9 4C0 M. Furniture, ct 2 Ki<?. tea 26 Sosogu, bal?a 13 PotaahAa,bbU 76 Uard, lbs. . .24,616 Cedar. logs. . . 208 Shoulder*. .11 8f7 Copp'r.lba 209,034 Oil, . , .4,077 Lumber 2,T73 M??U 60 Stave* 0,600 11 228 r.9h 4 916 2,3?6 8,7811 033 4,5Si l,6<-0 2,0 ?9 375 $l87,2l'6 $'.M1 1,060 860 a it'O 2.718 2,000 1 009 62,011 2,094 434 1,016 763 Total $1*2,706 (iLASOOW. $1 A)b Tar, bbls.. ..2,170 $0,767 >.380 Fustic, too*. . 66 1,182 6 070 SUves 22,580 1,010 3,1*8 Total $22,327 Cotton, bin. .1,142 Plcur, bobi . . 20 B?*f 20 Pork 16 C? due, bags. 8, 673 Uccoo, lbs.. 6,414 1 U. (ooca ca. to Oil, gal., ...., 86 Spturpeutino 600 Jugwood toaa 104 Rosin. bbla .8,650 Poiaabes 246 Sugar, boxen. 330 Tallow, lba 1,264 Pitch 100 tar 100 Logwood, tots 6 Total AMTWSBT. $62,876 Cudar, lga.,?. 10 212 Piano. 320 MabOiany. ... SSS 247 Coaoa, bgs. ... 69 105, ?m< Tin ware, es . 11 593 S'gtra 3 3,219 1 cither clotks 1 1( 2 Vain'sh, bbl*. l/? 9,823 Ste?e* 18,000 2,500 Fuatlc, tons. 16 18,129 Candles boxes 3 11,203 ? 6,600 Total $310,013 CADI*. $160 Rosin, bbla... 700 231 Sp turpentine 20 3.-.0 Boards, tt. 22,604 110 Staves.... 79,6000 $120 200 ;;,oi8 203 807 818 130 101 1,260 UC9 141 $1,480 541 662 6,040 $8,35j MALAGA. SteTea 82,820 $3,UT LISHOIT. Cotton, bale* 801 $43,456 Turpentine... 50 i/ogveod.tona 9 loO SteTea 56,800 Roein, bble. . 200 376 Totel $41,751 $160 3,270 ltarfn, bbla.. 640* wood, ta 16 Total TRIESTE. $1,160 Sanaparilla . . 24 803 nocr. bbla.. 100 Coffee, bag a.. 282 Brandy, cbla. 60 Rum 6'H Tobacco, lbe 14,151 Tar, bbla... 1,439 Pitch 60 Total.... ....... CON BT A2tTtNOPI J :. $1,086 Bread, bbla... 60 3,368 Butter, lba... 066 1,174 Lard $,227 9,078 1,200 Total HBI8TOL. $4,908 Rooln, bbla. . . 664 143 Corn, busb 10,777 CORK. MULL. Rosin, bbla 3,570 Turpentine 393 Total $7,MT $845 $2,008 $260 193 668 $17,036 $1,402 $6,463 $10,777 $6,767 1,170 HTixn.N. r:o?ln, bbla 1,2S7 Spirit i terpentine 1C0 $2,484 1,0*9 Totel $4,173 DIllTtfrU !>OKTlI'A.N COI/3NJH* Hour, bbla.. 2.ib5 $19,708 Siavoa 62,000 $5,650 Corn, buah.. 3/80 3.311 Rye floor .bbla 051 4,015 Cor.ttetJ. bbla 506 2,019 Tobacco, kis.6,016 650 l'crt, bhlf..., 0 1,118 Sugar, bbls.. . SO 491 Paper, bucd'a. 56 560 Leather aides. 100 450 Glats, boxes.. 450 430 Other arbcloa . ? C^8 Totel $58,648 nour. bbla. . . 047 Itye ttcur.bbls 56 CotntiMral bl>i -100 Corn, buHhala.460 I'ot:;, bbla.... 29 Beef, b >ls ... . 20 lUce, tUrc*?.. 5 Lard, lbs . . . . >,220 Butter, lbe. .2,719 liana, lba. ..2,718 Soap boxes .. 86 C*DOlca,bcxta. imiTtSH wkst i sores. $8,468 270 077 639 668 467 122 278 700 322 223 1,468 Hay, balea....l46 lid warc.coKee. 4 Chandal'a, uka. 2 Dtuga, caaiis.. 5 Boovs&ahs, ch. 37 Dry goods, ca. 2* Oxen 64 Pimento, baga. 60 Ram, bbla.... 6 Rope, packagea 0 Tobacco, hbda. 6 Other articles . ? Tctal 940,790 I'-eef, bbla..., 29 i'ork 16 Lard, lba.. 1,260 Wine, caaes. . 40 Maclin*rjr,pk 6S Kice, kg*.... 114 Flali, bbla... 60 Floor, bbla.. l.'rO l'iah 50 Sboes. canoe. 13 Candlea. bxa. 26 Tomeatice, ba 26 Butter, Ids.. EC3 Soap, bxa... 106 Flour, bbla.. 76 Beef 160 l'ork 160 Biancy, ca.. 26 Tallow, lbe.. 952 Candles, bxa. 60 Fegara, cs... 6 Powder, keg a 200 Sogar, bxa.. 27 Lmd oil, gaila '.00 Rice. bbla,.,. 100 cr?A. $402 Codfiah, lba.6,300 209 Bread, bbla.. 26 138 .uhooks,hhd. 3,669 120 t.umbsr, ft.. 7, 030 1,10 0 Other articles ? 463 110 Tolat HATTJ $1,067 Bread, bbl* . . 40 1 367 Ftah, tks.... 54 821 Clothlatr, cs. 2 Mi Boards,' tt.10,685 776 Other articles ? 109 124 Totel XEW" CRANADA. $810 Bread, bbla. $107 114 4,970 140 1,905 ,$9,06> $121 332 247 20G 1,601 ,$6,069 186 2,034 Hardware, cs zr> ' r, ft. .0,044 $1,167 141 327 104 416 300 ioa ill 774 2j484 Lumber 168 Hams, lba... KM 124 Lard 3,200 547 Piano 1 COO Soap. bxa.... 200 482 Furniture, bl* 35 662 Other article* ? 1,631 Total $12,044 AKCESTISK R13-I Hue. Hour, b'jla.. S02 $8,416 Cordage, pWg 108 1V6 Sugar, bbm.. 100 104 Rice 501 309 Tea, pkgn..., 077 6,604 Ona?ot bbU 450 280 I'epp-x, bag*. 60 1.131 Totel $15,C04 $3,431 6,380 4,Dltt 2,C07 4no 786 B? oka. ca 1 Hluct Dg. bSl 4 W'bi'e had. . 200 l>oi?eeti"s, ba 127 Kofic, b'>la.. 150 Sp tbr^ntine 26 Tcbacco 76 /iRAyji . lour. !ibJ<..3,022 $;5,344 Sugar 2 1150 Lnrd, lb?.. 11,502 1,417 Lu<nb'r ft. 197, 260 5,V!48 l>?nt uiat'ls. 1 '04 So.ip, bxft.... 100 2S0 Tea f bests., 68 1 587 C .nOles 586 2,870 I. II. 42 5t9 RiNin, bbls.. 804 1,603 Scears 2 462 ? Biauij 2 6C0 Totel $19,013 Cnatoon, bis 44 r?pf<r, c?... 11 ll?ni?sUcw bs. 33 0ai(i?ar?>, ca 2Wi Moa'l in?t, bx I Soda axli. bbl 26 lU>ktt?, c?.. 3 Furniture... 1^8 I 'a n?, k?B?.. f'7 lVpper, bags. 60 <'b?e?e, lbe. ,C M? W)ie bxa.. . 140 Cr. ckfry, cs . 10 Vatrlip*, hxs 10 So.'a Bhb bo!. 127 (Ha, ptpoa... 12 'I'o'al MEXICO. $14,55.) t'ocoa, bag*. . 510 Candles, b*s. 2,t'4t R?t? 1,072 C*ir?kln , 149 IVrtumery. .. 246 Paptr, rni,.l 165 Ale, bbl- ... 3.:<28 I>rfgo>l*, cs t?S i.^mpn, bxs.. 741 Watches 384 Tojs, ea owl Hata, bxa... . 372 Curpottog. b* 166 Tubucoo, 1'js. 1,265 Other artclea 239 6 ,u0" 85 1 11 5 15 \'alce of merohandfae exports'l durio ' the *t?k $1 I alue of specie ?xport?d during the week .... ?. 16 010 196 2-6 411 566 25i 024 111 21 5 841 1S7 2CS 2.en $34,737 168. 60S 06,199 Total e*i?Ttutioo $1,663,897 To, id libpvrtelion 1,907,018 Fjtceaa of imports over export i $3, 64,0^.1 Tbe fbllrnlrg U ft cnmparftllre HUtemcnt of the vuit c or from the rim monument of th? yoar to Juiy If':? 1>$I. 1865. Cotton. .. $0,2' 1,107 $?; 658 252 Flout*... {,267,121 2.250, 670 Corntt.aal 2< < 960 20.. 071 Wteat . . 2,758,j;-6 71,502 < Otm 8,282,176 2,^67,740 Bltf... . ?'.'1,S03 8vA',22$ if Ik .... 778,473 Increw* Ihcrtutt. ? $-',60'J,S76 ? 8,010,361 ? 1 876 ? 2,687.064 $2$.6>iu _ 849,430 _ 1,866' 7 S3 i,078;a>!0 Total.. fVl.lM.OM $11,190,181 fl,30t,S65 $K,:fl8.16 6 Nat d croaao to July 10, 1866..... $7, 005, vol Tfce't is Potb.Bf ire portent la ibe abm dMaUcl fttfttcmrnt of fxprrte. Cotton is Rolng forward mo d< lately, while breadstuff* are ahlpped only in limit ed <|uanU*icn. Indian corn went to Liverpool las', wctk *0 a greater extent than uotaL It ?rlU be Kine time bef .re tbo priors of fl>ar and corn will be ?unicicLUy rr daeed to warrant a reryactlvoox pottet'on. We expect to aee prioea coudderablj be low those now ?u Ihr, current before tin lapse of naiiy week*, but not low et.oaj?h to make ahipments pnfl tabic. Tbetmrortetiopsof dry g^ola and general m?r cbardise mat week were nnaraally tteafy. T * tj tal Tslne was n^aily five millions of dollnre, a fltnre a*ld( B ixoeeded in the whole of l?st year. Vety few weeks to 1854 qaa t>how an as ^ rebate IIV? that ^?annexe! Ma:emeet exhibit* toe qoanUty an! Tt ue of certain arUcJe*, otoor then dry foods, ia ported Coring ??ek eodlcg Mtd including Frt daj. Joiy 20, lvfW?:? Cokmmk k i<# r??. 1 liter ?r N?rw Yob*? V aut* ov Impokt*. ' /' Km Bags lli Bu kMr 8 Iter)'** rC 4 87H ?ill 4 .39 641 21 c89 3 912 V8 '91 l/,86d &i,6C0 die 12 477 t 6!-4 lfc? W UbOts 10 Rtlt* . 31 ItltkZM- ...... I IkuM*f. IK Bottle* - Ilcttont 76 Cf?*e?.. *8 Ok'tk DC ? ' Co??, 1pf<* .. ''.16 Collar, u??s. t ? i-u Cmr <8 Com 41 1 (XttOD 71 Clocke ...... . 2 D?k toot '?... 14 iTDf* ? HHi. mU ..1,312 B1m? potfder. VM) Bete*..... .. " Bilnstcte.. . Oitiie eevt . . Ckc*m Uilir. OrctiM*!.. .. Cni !????* olio ton ct'tifB. .. l"01ie (oU?h Lie paste... Mac tr WngDtf >a Opium 1 OrcbJI 14 i*WB hfriN 20 I'udv btrr. . 1 ?o Bidfltda 5:0 Mi ash . . . . 3 3 Ptircory 18 Heisepsrla.. 18 Tart acta 69 Otb?C -*rtlcl?"S ? I>J?enod? pilots, 4c ? Ba>l)l? 6,;.Ki 3 84* 0 pe>a* fro 615 f<o 1 2C 11 16 7 ?r. 9 82a 46 86 ra'ur. fkat. ?f2* Hair co.h. . . 1 I >'1 Bat rr goods . T 492 leota cab nr. ? 8t>9 Hon j )6 8 679 Hhals 2 Icrtiumeat* ? Hu?>c?t 19 Kvutical ... 4 Optical ...... 3 BurgtoU 1 Uwj ? JeWHr? 24 Jute tOO Oil p?u.togs. 20 W?'rtX?.a 1 Ma Ma rem ..1.480 l-quore? Brat a J 2 C'rJ.iis ..... 12 2,91.9 Gin 1 L-athar 9 I'eWut 0 BooU k shoe* 7 (uan'O aiuas 1C1 tTe- r?aiui'l ... ? Metal gooda.. IV .?? (OMI . , S i 00 Cutl.ry ..... 9?l Hnriware 9.17 Gum fat us tsn 6,697 320 1 9i6 760 4,146 747 1,3*7 270 1,047 9,812 3 042 1,424 3,712 1,614 S.663 2 ? 17 2.777 H4b 'fil 4, fit 8 10 4 70 383 43 10 46 100 Ml 1,706 Cot*a . . fu?t? .... lnd*(0 l(f*co4,. Oct re... 1 justad oil Ollte 1'atntp 68 Yci million... . 1 W bitAL^t 100 Fruit*? Ginger 1.423 I *? tarna ? Nats.... ..... ? Orange# ? I*iE< uppltB . . !-'auofs F.artl en ware Fistt; Krgraviig? . l aoc j goods . lulling 2 Hib ? l'urs 118 (Mum 06 flldinirt.. .. 406 Mirror platan. SO Hu. hair 2 862 812 10ft 3,864 1,184 466 28 {52 66.032 2,428 824 ?5 457 at, 874 8,445 4tl# Iron, tout/. .2,2(8 112,206 1 "27 68 4,371 17.7V7 Bor.p?. 709 169J Pig tots ., .1,140 2C.810 Railroad . . 12 2S3 70,01)7 Bbaet. 2,410 10,469 Tub.s 3' 0 1.891 600 4,w45 ljfad. 6,3 19 36 666 Bttol 2,;ol 67,i>4? N?a--l??a. ... 6 2,36S P?rc'n cava.. 6 700 PiaiM oars.. 2 650 11,604 Sulci, ry 1? 2 523 18, 20; Spalur 2,?37 6.11C Macbint-rf .. . 21 1,C04 Oldmttal.... ? 3,476 durr e'/onaa. 3,016 6,721 1,6;'4 Mat tile ? 7 C.U2 42l? too:aai??....l 122 21,637 7,214 Data 4,fK)0 2.766 7,411 Paper 3 814 4tl Po. bang a.. 10 1,619 47,622 nfumery.. . 23 1,819 8,801 Pipe t 1,404 1744 8,490 Piaster 075 016 4<M l'otatoca ? 1 578 741 Rica 821 2,iM8 But ? 9,074 2.133 Kwdl 3,002 10,623 3(K9 Soaps 1,020 2.214 ? 19,W>f> SplMB *600 4,181 ? 6,109 Sponges 2 425 ? 3,?26 Sugar 408 202,946 7 911 2 Ih7 *34 387 7 16 7,0f6 2,730 4.H38 349 232 770 100 6 82 164 I)o. bxs &b?2,m 26,96" 8' atlocar t . . . 41 731 Rnjra 914 3.197 Ta?, creata .8,r>C0 20,315 Tonacco 707 1 080 Toys 193 10 936 Watoh?a .".8 66 572 Wines 2,401 706 Champagne. 2,425 3,560 Mahogany ... ? 5,910 Flocks 68 1,726 Other articlea ? Value of nierobandife put on tbe market du ring tte week 91,699,483 Vahio of dry goods put on the market during tiie week 3,312,455 Total importation $4,907,918 Tie most important articles of import during the wetk were as folkw:? Ocffee, 181,600, linseed oil, $17,522; fata, tGts 672; undressed eklna, $66,032; iron, $112 296; raQrtad iron, $70,007; steel, $57,049; sugar, $238 ISO; tea. $60 392; iraccbei, $53,486. It will be teen that dry goods form the balk of the a? girgate, and pr>babljr wi 1 continue to for some wc?ka. It is onr impiereion that tbo importations this fall wi 1 be to an immense amount- eqn&l to thaee the spring of 1854. We have no doubt a large pcrtion will b? on foteigo accoact. Oar Urge crops will entourage minufactunrs on the other Mae to m&ka large ehipmntf. Stock ttU'liange. Rattrkay. July 21, 1656. 400 she N V C?n Kit o 101*; 400 do b30 101 1W do sOO 101>i '70 *:C0 Callfo'a 7's 1? u do 100 do f:0C0 lnd. 8tiitt> fi's.. 81 00 do .'(000 liar. 1st Mi Bds OCX < kriet'en Itfl 71 70 MtOlluil R 3dH Da M CO 111 On It R. Bds 10?0 do. . . blO 7. ".00 do . . . . s3 2C0C0 do... *60 looeo do., bso RCN10 II. C R. r. B wp l^KO do (X00 III. F'd Bdu a3. inooo do _ 16000 N. Y. Cta 7 s. 1(5? ?, 500 do 102^, 13 >hs Contl'tal B'k 106 ft < 'bio Lifo k Tr Co 100 12 Ilanoror Hank.. P7K 10 do 96 50 Canton Co c 20 *, 200 do c -co Cumb Coal Co. . c o50 do S3 .,00 do. bOO 7C0 do a60 ,,00 GarGoJUke b30 66 MX WJi 84 Si 64 01 % 92 77 85 V 85 >? MX 86,'i 8.S\ 84 V 86 88,*; 4; ft 124 r,o 100 100 100 100 110 Krie RR i?3 2M) de do. do a'io do s(IO do bOO de sOO do s60 10 Xor k Wor RR. . 60 Hud Rir RR..S3 100 do c 1C0 Reading RR. . b -0 91 60 do bGO 90.V (}0 00 on .... s50 48 UlehCen RR ... CO do b60 -HO Pansma RR . 01V 6 IV 51 'e 61 ?. 5i a 6l?J 51\ ftl1; 61'. 39 465a 40' ? 90 V 90 r 101 27 28 28 -V 29 28 1 1? -JO Ni.ia Trsn Co..c 17;a 365 PrnnaCoe) Co.. Ill jOO NY Ceo RR. .*60 101 14' ,21 do 101', *00 do. c 1CK ^ 70 do 101 V 50 do bSO 101., $20C0 Fxle Bda of '76 92 ' 2000 1U Cen II. R. R bC 85 260sbsCkimCoalCo. 28*/ 50 do b20 28 T, 50 i!o. ...b7da 28', rO do b30 29 CO Canton Co.... sCO 27 1C0 Nlo. Trans < ob80 18 100 l Ur, .V Tol IUt s3 HO ' 1?# do b3 90 \ 100 do b30 Wi 1C0 do bCO OOV 1(10 V. Y. On I!R bSO 101 300 <lo 130 1C2 i r. 0 do WO 101*. iO do b3 101 lOCta, H&DR1!.. 83 10 CleT,C ?t Cin.... 50 Ills Cen RR CO do 200 Harlem RR 1C0 do b30 300 do b80 40 Chr.V l'? R ex diT 18 (ial&Ctu Rexdir 104>; 208 Cler A Tol R. . ,s3 90 100 do. 100 do ?ISCbl & R Id R..b3 60 do bOO BECOJJD BOARD. 106 90 97 28 V 28 V 28'; 50 V ,.s30 90^ .blO oo.?; 03 >; 91 '! 1(0 aha Rdf. R. R. sOO 00 % 200 do.... . s60 90V 50 l'uiami RR. b4oi 102 60 1 iifl Rat'xoad b30 61,; 1(0 50 no . s3 bl5 bCO do.. do.. do.; do , do b3 do.. , suwk do six) do.. ,. . *30 150 Hudooa Rircr Hit 100 do -r,0 160 50 100 1(0 51 ?; 61 0 :-V*, 61 ? 51 V r,i % ? H 51 )< 41 41 Trade on the Canal*. Siatcmnnt slxivicg the utianti'y of the nerenvi article i <iri t cliorcl on lb" caonis at. and the quantity l?(t at N?iw Votl; during tlio tblrd wee? in .luljr, IW5 ? MTchandite Cte" rrd. Arti'Ur. 1\Aat. Artirlrt. Totnl. Migar, It's ...... I,50fi,f4ti riit'ioo '.2,40<l 214.800'njM and iron Coffee 220,94 Nuil" cpiUt s ii ml ltots* ?hces... 35 701 Iron t.n<l s'eel. . . 171,81" l:<iilroiidiron.... 2.584,200 Ail ot fT rtr <;!>:? nrtl'.o at 4 iu:lis 1,787.11,4 iildrs SC. 100 (otton 97,110 Total Arrivtd. Arliclet. Fnr. Flour, bbta... ... ...... JW.Cf'2 VTbtat, buibeis 200 ? bin ?16,400 Kje 2,:x;?i Oats 36.600 Ht?n tn<! sbip tuff, lbs. 186. COO Asfccs, bbls 48 J >'o?I Ilumx an ' baron, lbs. . . liutter 1 erd, tailotr ana Ui.i oil H ool Domestle pptr'ta i^aDi-. 1 < arts sni scantling, (t y tares, lbs. 57,100 3, 6C0 wnrc l'oroign salt. .... Titnt, crockery snl t-l iRjBorf . 52, 0^0 - .one, L ma ftuJ cl?y 18(1 ino Mia?rnl coul '170,700 fun. ri?? 004, 0C0 "?,027,789 CSmnplai i. ?,0Tt 811 218,0CO 4,'i0n 610,000 168,70" 23,660 014 COO ."113, 9C (I lee tiier 113,600 I >o?o?Uc eotton JlanhaniiiM at 1 i. llis. 27 000 362 100 Miseries 133,500 2,(00 l.-.l.'JOO 3,600 21, COO 66,000 20. iro 1^0,70*1 txj too 228.000 1,608,200 JhUl. B.916 200 216,400 2 300 38.1C0 l^ 3,500 237 811 218,000 4,90.) 510,000 315,600 27,000 638. 2,3t*'.,9(i0 178,560 27 000 072 ,?00 28,200 4,200 1,600 .',<>0 100 1 18,100 i?,70? 2,f(M 1.700 ;n?;,7oo 13, 100 12,;ioo 228,000 1,001,200 -lnn(il?-s, M 1,200 Tiicber, 100 feet l.fiCu (%ni ineal, bbL'.. 190 IVas and beans, buahol" loO I imajiuf 'd tobacco, lbs 117.700 Llrnp 1*2,700 Hops 2,f.<0 Furniture.. 1,700 Ilteo. i and bar irca.... 87. '.TO i eatings and iron ware. 1^400 i oprer ore l",30o Nails, spikts and hofi^ xboes ? Mont llwo auil clay.... Amount rsi'elrfd for toll* IS, 87!) 31 I c?ttl(y the ab?T* to be corrtitl, R1CU I) H. WOODf, (ollectcr. Clll TKAUK UKl'tlllT. t>At\ ?l>A^, July 21? I) 1> JC .C-in-. ? A boot 7."< bbls.ptu were sold at $0 50. Ilhr-vi-en its ? l lcur? Tn? market cooUuued dull, tbongb without ( declint l"u? smIos caiiirac?4l about -1(00 a 6 000 bits , io tuning cummin Ir. g.?,d htraJgbt s'at#" liraiMia^at $7 75a aao >8 a $*.'? 0 .or<?itra co. V tstuu at ft> 26 a ?Hot aolianrr lo'c. Cioa ?liae. In urnll lu*s at fw 60 a 110 ..0. t-auttiern Houi war <j?rot *l<b t B'all sale* at ctichirged pnree- Wuent ? About 2 0C0 huslials -^utl cm red war* so .1 at p t , ?upioi**1 t? ba*? b??n at ?l 76. rod aior.t 4to a 500 4a tipuitwm lrblt)' at f2 mk' one trtKln< lot wai r?p?r ?> at VI .95. Cten? Tb# sabs anb'arr'. abiut bvOOOa 60.100 turlels i1?t ni'ie' at 8-*. a ?<V r.ts ?as cull ai4 U w?r B?rle> wait eaa 61 W a |1 to. i*?ta W?l? i (? dull ?t 6Ce a <vc f'oi'*!*. ? ba '-'ifl OOCha^asf Tin w?r? nr.*.'i atlC^c. SC Itc at 1' He- ? "? 1,4 Laga;ara at 11 ,c , eat f CO /? fit. D? n *? e t Onrwi.t ? lb? >ai?e wet> cccfioc-? tr a ? han''fed Mee at irr?f n'.ar riawa iw'. 801 etl**4 be;c*i aUc*. lij%* for ?i!<. af flaeOi Fkbooid ? Rate* ??n tfoll au4 engagement* light V* LlMtf1! ?f? BO WMI'IM U\1MU??BI, *ttt ?? I'm: ?- 1ft tvr ot-on, iM ? a 3d. 'or yWb ^ Out* *ew t?L?n<ioaor to lb* Uvtlatnt. Ib Uhivtai* itiw witil Iron 'tic. a 37 Vc h.i-1 ?? qutbt at lMc per HO ibe. Naval f-TOfciM ? The nin *mbra<*d about 600 bbla. srlr.'a turt>t*une, tu abnpieg aroer, at 40c. a 4<Se , an* : M>it> w?.<iv?jjtou roeln at 91 8T>?. I oowoto ? Aboat 1U> ions of At. Uoming* were eell, at $?' mi. leondioMi ? Peru? Tfc* embraced aboat &n0 bbls, icciuCHfi LH n. ??<??, At HP ST a ?lw 8/, ltd new pr a?, ?l $16 > 2 a 916 76. b*?f ? i ha sal** taciudsd about 2f>0 bbls eo*ts?rj m? atd pnme, at aid prteo*. 8400a <u quiet. Cut mu?ts "?rv vita li?ht sales, at a Be for ?b?uMV-??, eud t wc ? 10c for hems. Url ?u fliai and ?eMv*. wit* of about 70s. bbls , at c. a He. Tit lalttr ligut* for prima hies.- Acout t* ?6nc? u warn *oi4 at6j?'c. 06.^0. (?picks ?A o?4?'? of wero *old at 92i SiuaH* ? ll.*re *?" a Im-'W fueling is the market, with mete omng 1 ' 0 eal.a em*>r?0Ml a^ui l.o0<- ?? I, ICC hri's C?ba Kueoorada at 6%c aft)?e;l40do. New Otb-sns. at tma'e term*, and 600 boirt brovj at 6c * C'tc T*uow? .-al.s iA about 10,000 lb*. ware mala at DVc Whi^kjcy? Tb# ea'ee U eluded 2*0 a 300 bbis. in lots of 8ia?* pil-cu, at ?lc Wool? He uiarket for tbia iwrt'Cle ii not aoUve at preeent, owirf it en-at part to the fact that manufac turer* of oiu**ttc ecppii-it immxt'inu- want* 07 p?ir rV*r?e outing <t<- f?c*?t eeuttug time is the coun-ry ForW*c is no* Id ctmafcr, and 'to eioefc t? moderate Iccdtf Ii a In t of rurrmt ptlcee. ti*. : ? Am*rte?a Hnx fl*?oe at iihe a 4?e t<-r lb. ; failUd M?rt , at .>7o a .'i8c.; SI *00 X l'?- '?* 8Ve a .14c : satire and at i;0c. a o"c ; Mtrt |.ulU<l at *2e a 3r? ; Hap. palled con? try at 2?c b .'Or , No. I, an., do , at 28c. a Z&a ; -*eru vi?n, ??> hI, at a 26s ; Boat t A'taeric*o wished, ? t K'c a 13c.; at P<i a 9) ; Siath \m?ric?a Ct>rd w?#hnJ, at Vt* a 2!?c ; African un trufhed, at Be. 0 lfic ; ?Bfb#d ?t l^c ? 80r ; ttamt, un?r??h<"l. at l.'ic a 14a; waelud, at t3c a 2tks ; Mextcan, uawaaaed. at 12c a 14c W wlilj Keiort of UcatJu 1b tbe eltj aad ooaoif of N?-? V orv, from the ltth d?j ?( July 'n tb? via; d?y of Jab, 1R66. M?c, 81. women, 69 bofa, 226 <lrU. 2lrt? fatal 69L Adulu, 1?0. chl'nren, 4>1 muler. PC6; fdmalee, co lored peraona, 12. Abtvftn 1 r'?voc, typhua 2 Atmc?ea, lumbar B F/acture of thesLuU. by Albumtnulaaud Bnght'a lu.?U 2 dia?e*e of kidney*.... 8 Fungas, Weeding (of the Aneuttam of tte aorta .. 1 eve) 1 apoplexy,. 6 Soon, (Unease of 4 Apoplexy, leroaa. I U*?. effecta of...... .... 3 AHthma 1 doopiBK cough R Uladdrr aad proataie InStaimation 1 gland, dieeate of 1 Inflammation of bowein. . 6 Bleed'nc 2 Inflammation of brain.. .11 Bleed ng from luoga 1 Inflammation ot oheat... 1 Bleeding from womb ... 2 Inflammation ot heart.. 1 BoweU, diaraae of i loflommation of liver... 2 Brain, diaeaae of 2 Inflammation of lung*. .. 1 Bronchitis 3 Inflammation of atomaah 1 Cancer 2 Inflammation of throat,. 2 Cancer of the Urer 1 Jaundice 6 Cancer of the stomach,.. 1 Liver, diaeiae of 1 Cancer of the womb 1 Lockjaw, adult, 2 Cholera... 8 Luea venetea 1 Cholera infantum 110 Malformation of liaart.. 2 Cholera morbna 6 Maraamui. adult 3 Clrrbotia of liver 1 ifaraamua, infantile. .... 42 Compresaton of the brain Meaalee 8 (by fall#) 2 Old 7 Congestion of the braia. 16 Oaalflcation of the heart. 2 Congestion of the liver. . 1 Palay 1 OongeatioB of the Innga.. 4 Premature birth 8 Consumption. 48 Rheumatism 2 Convulsions, adult 1 Rupture of the boweU... 1 Convulsions, infantile. . .66 Scrofula 3 Convulsions, puerperal.. 1 Scarry 1 Jroup 8 Smallpox 4 Debility, adult 1 Softening of brain 1 Debility,. infantile 4 Softening of itoaaoh. . .. 1 Diarrhoea ?8 Sprue 3 Dropsy 3 Stillborn 21 Dropsy in the head 22 Stricture of intestinea ... 1 Drowned 0 Sn'cide, by arsenic 1 Dysentery 22 Suicide, by cutting throat 1 Epilepsy 1 Suicide, by hanging 1 Eruption, (miliary; 1 Sutoide, by shooting 1 Ftvrr 1 San stroke 8 Fever, puerperal 1 Teething 2 Fever, remittent 2 I'loeration 1 Fever, ecar'et 17 Ulceration of tbe leg.... 1 Fever, typhoid 0 Total 001 RttUFITCUtflOS? MSiU"? OI.ASSCD. Bone*, joints, 610 & Stillborn and prematura drain and nervea. ...... i 88 btrtb 29 generative orgami 4 Stomach, bo we is and Soart and blood veasela. 13 other digeatlve organs. 248 I ungs, throat; itc 66 Uncurtain oeat andgen Old ago 7 ernl fevars 24 ttin, 4c., and eruptive Urinary organs 4 fevers 30 total ?' EDI ?Of which eighteen were from violent eauuos ACM Jnderlyear 283 8>to40yeart 31 1 to 2 years HO 40 to 60 years 22 2 to & year* i'.'J 60 tc 60 years 12 t to 10 years 27 00 to 70 years 12 10 to 16 years 7 70 to 80 years 9 16 to 20 years 7 80 to 90 years. 0 20 to 26 years 2d 90 to 100 jean 1 2o to 30 years 20 ? Total 091 lunrctuB. England., 0 Switzerland 1 Franco 8 United State* 452 Germany 36 Unknown 5 Stlnndy 81 Wales 1 "cotlano,. 1 West Indies 1 Bpa'n 1 ? total 691 rvBuo WpWdtiom. Almshouse, Bl'kwTa IsL 2 Roman Oath. Orph. A?yl 1 Bellevue Hospital 4 St. Vincent s HoiD . ic.. 2 City Hospital.: 4 Smallpox Hosp., Bll's Is 1 Colored Borne Hospital. . 1 Ward's lal'd Kml't Qoap..21 lunatic tayi.Blk'll's 1st 1 Workhouse, Blk'U's 111. , 2 Ilandl's Ial. Nora. nosp'L 2 ? lotnl 41 WAXM. 1 21 18 30 2 ? 14 26 ? 2 1# 14 4 211 16. 48 6.(lnciudeaC1tyHo?p ) 23 17 66 ? ? 34 IS 4d 7 18 19.(Iacludes Black well's ' 33 Island Hospital)..., 18 ? 17 20 ........ 41 F) 21 21. ( Include* B'v'e Hos.) 27 I I 40 ,22 12. (Includes Ward 's and _ Rdl's Ial'ds Hospa ). 31 Total 691 THOMAS K. DOWNING, Oily Inspector. City Inspector's Offioe, New York. July 21, 1866. ADVERTISEMENTS Ye^WBD LYI RY dIyT HOItSKS, CAIUUAOBI, AO. A. at aucticn, evi-ry Monday na?l We>inesdar, at 12 o'dcck, a numner of hoists, now and ?e<^>nd-hand widens, sieple ol 1 double harness, saddles, kc, .nilN H. I- vlFDXD, l'roprietor. A. C Tfrnr Auctioneer. A WAGON K)K 8AM'..? A HANDSOME LIJHT HOID wat?u, lu complct4!* orilrr. ft weigcs only IbU l"iiinds. is well built. And one ot the atronj*it .ind most ?lrablo *n(,on? of Its wsiglt in New Vort. It wilt 00 sold veiy cbtap, i' apr1'*^ for iniraecUt l? a) fli?cip w.n's stablis, TtijrtftfTith fitre^t, near fiircl ?*eaue. A HA"V n< >R-F. FOP. HAI.K ? IS S\ yi.Alt- Ol.f": I C\. 11 suited for a ?oo'ov, is sound, grnUeandiund l ?n lentn at 7' Clirrry ?t , n'ter lSoVlo.'ij. Flit 8A1 F ? A RETONP 1UVD I'OI R f-BAT 1:0:k a?av but little u>ol. In .uue at 3'.'i Lirua-lwiy, to KINO k WILCOX dON. [j" P. f ? a spriMdi' HKV non^F, i:.i; H4S0S Ii gli. five yf-ari old. and warranted soond and klbd, ;id rny last, together ?ith light wagon and haraess. Will tic .old c!)f*p, n* the ovner is a'>out loaviog th-* city. 1 01 particulars inquire at the stables, 'Ji Mernor stieet. FOR r.AU? OKAY" MARF, WAfiON AN*I> HARSF.33: m?ro 11X h?n^ahigb, sLx yeers old, stylisli, sound and gentle; would make a dcMr* >lo family or road hor m\ wecon liae a llcht eti't ng top littlo used; harness in kf?Tirp. Apply to QTXMWil. tt , FAllLIT, corner of Mar ket una Clitny street*. IpoR SALE? A HANDS' 'MF DAl'Pl K OBAY HAI V 1 trero ( sniut.n pony bcr*e, ?ttorg, fire years old, p?Tleotly qoi.t, abd soimd In every nspect. Would si"t ii doctor, giocer. butrlier, or any one n want o' a goad, ureful ton* Hlc-9160. laquireof .1. FAIRBIVirtll.R, No. 101 Wlllocghby "tifet, corner of '.old, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? A PAIR OF 8PLENDID BAY 1IOR.-IS, Oee or vers In dorM* or single harness; will be rold togstber or single, if required. Also, the car tinge; all ot which cut be purchased on favorable turns For Information and psrticuLars respecting the hones inquire at M West 16th St.. at the stable. FOR SALE ? A STVUKII DAPI'LE (.RAY HOR3E, 16 X hands hivb, will dnvt in single or doublo liar oess, ana can tiot bis mile in three minutes; sold for wantef use. if not diapoand of In on* wrek w.l! be s< nt totho country. Can b? aeon at Jackson A VVilut's stabie, 1 wsrty-eiglh sUeet, be?we*a Madison and I ecrth avenue*. Warranted sound. For s?lf.-2 light wacons, i two ?fat ltomt away; 1 two hor>? wagtn, wit'i tops, carrying from *.b to tt tinndred weight light and strong, all cuy made; ene handsome b*y mare, 7 years old and 1G h.i^u . higj. J*p|dy at21 Uowery. For sale? a fast yocno hokt., with light wagon nrd harnrss, all in oompiete ordrr Aaj H'.tkman nuhing mcb will do w?U by calling on Jjho MoJ?ncu(h, 413 Broadway, in the iolo on. For saii t ni Ap? a uiinr m w top kuslvf^ wsgon, bntu U order an.*, o' tbe beet ol muteriah 'on tn Htt at tfUfMr.KTs*, No. 6 Worth street, late An <1 ot y etteet, near Undsca. HCn?F FOR ?AIF. -A HFIl NMD TUOV GBKY bene, e etwl a fcaJf bands hl<h, a ill stand ? iittvt H'si ?? 'l*lt y*ar? ok, and wnuld euit ao ft pie>? rc>P ?' snf g??tl?c?i waeitiog ^ gno ' hf>rs?. Hr *C' Is so'i a? th? rwrer ti>. no furiiwr nse loc bin.. &tVlJ *1 Fiftt atreei ?AUD? AT Al/CTIO*. A LBKRT hTV(OOL*Y, ACCn?MKfck^>? POCKS AND A bi.?3s at auet?oo kmaiarsWa. ALBhBTU ki CuLaY w |i wU ttua dtf . Jul* 2 <3, ?t 12*, o'dm, at tte UtrcbHit' Eichiafr, foe immii of fkon It m?> cocma, #8. 0t , (jr>?t Weotero IUi)r?Ml (dlinoU) J?t 10 por c*?t txiod* 91,000 eacll 92.UI' Fluablag KaiUoau lot BBortfaga T per reut bond* .... ,, $1,000 each fj U? JohnjioB County (io#?) T petoit bwa ....... ?l,0?0?4Ctt SI 7 KJ La Oewe Bad tUwaoktt Rtilroad 6 per c?n: ooivtf i't4e be-on* 91 OiO CfcTt<aad, ?-aie*?TU> a m? Aabtabaia halnad 7 per cent mrrtga^i ooul* . . .91,000 a?ih 9 ,i (X Ou? onlltioai* of tM BreokaabrUlga Clonal Coal Coil p?E? 4" 0 t>U?rn. Lake Kria Wabash, and bt. Louin ha t road 960 each 2tO ?bmta Hrtf Ha lrrad .... 91?o?*ou 6 uLuit* Park F re la-?.rao ? Company .... 9100 tun 4 abait* tuii/B JtwS'a Ku^r Company 9100 e?ca 100 New York Oo*??ltaaUfl o*aga Cinip.D) ... - 9^6 Bach lei a-# of ?- Je? Tan par foot this <ay , Ml tae baw?a o befort 2 ('clock to roor'Ow Tht ?ecru?d > a ?4l Ut wi'l be ttarK-i* to pMct?Mr. Ne*tc? tful-r tale Co hu relay, July tttith 4 LBKHl H. NKOiaV. aUC 1 1 0NECR. ? AB30LU T iS *al?o< floe din, bran- e", a**ar?, Atf. ? Al.ttERi' B. NKOLaY ?Ulft'il oo foe?"?/, July 24 at 1 o'cIj ?*, at ttu eak* toom, 11 Broai swtet, a One tarotce ?' brja riuw Ac- ; bniot 4 whlrn are ii.MM' caao ht Jel"? claret, IMOetffi Crate. o M r#?nx io , 60 caeee St K*t*taa do ; 100oa?ee U?u? Basac, rteas Ham e*uterni i? ?ctuve* CogBac b.aody (>*le),2 q??rt?ri< ro ; 2 > balf pijitt do., 18 ijoiitT pi#a# do. It) octafHi Cognac Imn di (dajkj 16 (j altar <? do , Ih ball do , 10J o?#krt< H C i-tifcapa^te, 70 ba>*?ti tfjil ?rcff>- r noipsgoe togoia-r wltn it 0 Ol'O import-! *eg?ra. Alao, 80 Aorta euparior gtauioe Geiman ooicgn*. AUCTION NOriCB? JOSEPH L. StCTTH, A^CT'ON etr, will Mil to- mot row. M >nd?y, at 10.S o'c.oat, at 76 F>?Bkltn *tre*t, loorta founs trxnt of UrOailtrtr, ?? rotawood puo. ot bmtaot tinaaud ttoUh. ptrlor icroitoru of toiid ront?o d; rtob cu-p*t', oiiclotb. Ul paibttsgt, lng?- oral and pir* gUbfen rocllo,; *o ! aaay cba:ra. mubo^ta) and m?pl? ebaira, ?cf*< dicing aal fentablta, rotwwoot not'. t b? att-a^B, bur<i-.m and wasbtitands to matcb bf t hair mattrnasM, erne try, gl*?B?Br?, elccka ailT?r <tar?, &c ; three uf>am?Ued oottage suite*. Auction notice: ? ,r. bog vrt. APcriavKKft ?by 8 B03AKI.? Will tell oo Moo'Jay, 23d mat, at ]( '? o'closk, at tb? *al?a room, com* r ot Krtakfort and Wilum utrfxtd, on account of moult ma j coaccrc, HH) voinmt-B ntaudart aad mucellaacon* works, by popular autbora; also two pfflte d?ak* ch?tt?, carpet, taoto, A s. AUC1ION NOTtCF ? fHO? BELL AUCIIOSKP.R ? By BELL A BUSH G?ate?l urtitnro. Tnis dtj, l?fc o'clock, wlU bt kold tbe rwlly goo l turaituru coa tamed in tbe tecond rory U tee gttitw;! bouse, 20 Urors etrtet. near Bod ord, compi- atog tbe arrtneements of parlort, bedroom., Ac , *11 af a O'scrlp loo to gira *ttU tactlca: btautlfal p otares. Ac Tuesday, lu,V o'clock, at >o. 9 Bataria strut, tbe fari.itaro o< a resp? ct*bie fcoarclDg hottte. Wedm scUt, In our sale room*, a splen did variety of superior household furniture, at 10 o'clock, Auction notice ?t. BOGARr, Ai'cnoNEER? by S. BOG AKT, this day, at lu>? o'eioit, at tne a ic tioo rooms, corner Frank fort and William (treats, gen Uel household tumitore ? tete-R tet>, solus, unUof my spr ng seat cbalrs, do rocker, French bedsteads, hair mattress, lonoge bedstead*, Brc*sels three ply carpets, lancy goods, rases, lot of valuable boots, office furni ture, 'debks, tables, clocks, mantle ornaments, lot dry goods an' I fancy articles. AUCriON NOTICE? JOHN HOcGH. Al'CTK'NI'.ER.? Magnificent tfousenold furniture, rosnwoia piano lorte, pier IM oval mirrors, velvet carpet*, oil paint ings. statuary, fee., to be told this day, (Monday,) at 10 Ji A. M. precitely. Tboie good* ?ro tne entire spurn did contents of tbe firstclass four story dwelling Mo 70 Murray street, and are to be aoid without reserve. A part, bat not mlnnte, Ust i* anaexed Parto a ? One m tg nlOcent rosewood suit, consisting of seven pi toes, tbe (ramoa of which are solid rosewood, e'ahortteiv car* >3 and upholstered, In crimson and maroon brocatnl, cost ?M5; rosewood ?*Ton octave piaoo-srte, of beautiful tone, and fully warranted; massive rosewood boolcca-c, oarvoo rosewood otegere, with plate giaa* doors and b*o* : elegant ladies' escrutolre, inlaid beautifully throughout; curved rosewood centra tables, with statuary m?r>lo tops; hoary French plato piei glassos, rosewood buffet, t?ati)ully decorated c.lxina v.nos, marble ntataary, sous very fine leelgns; an excwlont relict on of oil paint loos, by artists ol acknowtiiigi <J talent: royal tapestry velvet carpet, alabaster, marble and Gothic inlaid clocks, elegant lace curtains, ouraicea, shades, kc. inning room? Solid mahogany excursion taftle, with earned feet; mahogany tea and broasfaat tables, maho fsn; cushioned chairs, reaorated china ainner and tea let.*, adver tea eeivicen, can. ere, cate baskets, fori:*, spoons, &c. ; cat glass wines, goblets, preserves, fruit, fin; ivory outlcry, engraved dec*ntuM silver napkin rings Ac.,Ao. Chambers -Rpjewo>d and ma hogany bedfitouds, bureaus, wasuatands and card tab cH, roeewooo suit in ba<r cloth, mahogany do,, ta peptry, Brussels and ingrain carpets; pier and oval misrors, paillasse-*. pure- curled hair mattros.iea, fea ther pillows and bolsters, Marseilles counterpanes, lace and muslin window drapery, cornices, shades. teLut cots, engravings, Ac , fee. Catalogue* at tae hou \? Bale without regard to weather. SA. can, TON, AUCTIONEER. ? OVK HAi.F OF ? the Kteam tow boat Thomaa Salmon at auction ? E k CIJI I. TON' will sell at auction, on Tuesday, July lit 12 o'clock, at tbe Merchant*' Exchange, under the direction Cf '? S Underbill, tno oae half, owned by Robert McCormlek, of *U? steam towooat l'homts Sal mon, as she now lies at the *"a* 9' Jsrkion street, Fist river. For terms and particulars u,"clr to the auction eers, 45 N'aisau street DP NASH, AUCTIONEER. ? fTORE, 310 BROA" a way? Sheriff's sale of feed, wagons, fc?.? This day, Monday, July 23, 1805. at 257 Tenth avenue, con sisting of hay, straw, out*, fine feed, horse# and wagons, iron h?fe, desks, 4c., Ac. Dl). NASH, AUCTION Kl' ?? STORK ."10 BROAtl a way. Sheriff's 'ale of fancy goolr, jewelry, &?., tbf} day (Monday), .luly 23, 1S66, at ll A. M., at 2C>i < hatham street, consisting of a large aaanllty of jewel ry, musical instruments, walking does toys, poitennn naies, wallets, Ac., Ac, EUUEN i: B. FRANK! IN, .\ LTt HONKER ? BV FRANK LIN A NICHOLS ? Mortgage sale of a pUr of well matched bay Vermont Itorsss, 11 '? to 15 bands; 8 years old; will trot a mile in 3'j minntea: sound and kind To bo sold together or separately. Amo, an Abdul! a horse, 15 to It; hands; 9 years old; sound and kind, fun trat a nifle in 2 m -15s. in harness. Also, a spring cart and harness. In front of the auctlou store. TP Nassau stroet, on We nf; day, ?5th Inivt. G< EORGK COOK, AUOTIOVBES.? LAIME 8M.8 OF I new and olegant furniture, gilt framo m>rrors, o 1 paintings, china ami silver plateo ware Ac ?On Tjci <iay next, ot lfijf o' elect, at the slos room ::?l Croat way, cornor of IHiane >tro?t, a Urge an J r plendid assort tent tf sew and fashionable furnituro of every dcsjnp tion confuting of rotewood and mahogany ptrlir m?. oitore, in rich satin bro.atel and tashionaals c? vetinKf; refcewood caetre, side and sofa UMes, with inerblr tope; secretaires, look rejeaaes, ecegores. cu* t? m made e\tensio '. OlttiD^ tablos, spr'a^ srat chairs, ?ofes, tete a tetff, loon.^nti <as j sad arm churn, b. l eteadi, baieatu, wardrobe, wasbattnc'*, lllltt^es^8H, pallisfires, ,vc. latalot;u?? on tho morniu - of ?a!?. f< KOCKWS, Fn.MIXV:!., KAHIVS, BEEF V I Tuesday, July 2', 1U? o t.ojk, t7 I'ey alroet, i"r. nur flrwi tlch, iHri'fctie^, sturch. ool!?o, tea. nut<, prwer p^ /iroi i kinvrS, lilfs,"* Mssoik, hhws, 1, chiwl, oiocks, crocVcry, li^ttt clotliiair, scgarn, woo t'n waie. W, a. CAR1I Jt, Autiionoer. HKSBX p. Ht!:w, JCN., AUCTIONEER.? MO*T gate ivile of ^rowry ftare, on Momlay, .laly J-l, ?t 11 o'clock, at No 5 '?, 8tn arenuo. uto'ii and fix tlires of *lii jtoror y atcre, eonslat'.nc o* t".is csSee, s-t ?ars, tatdlaas, herrings, fees fruits, tobacco, so liais. Dili tbo u ual variety ot ^tuck ot grj?er r?; also oecr litimp, ' aaks, boioe, barrels, *? alts, weigitf, m?i ,utra, collee m''l, oieht lienih, counters, \c By ordpr of attorney fer mortg. Icrms, cash JOHN F. BRMKLL, Al'CTtOWIEB, Br DAf, Bl>' HfXI, ?. 1 at E5 >a siiu atroH, to icorroK, Tiusiloy, at /A.M., a In.tll quantity of soro^d hand furniture. Alto, liv catAi' sue, a large coll<>jt<' n ol superor new hocnehold furniture, winch will t? po. sluvely soKl without merve. Tho falo *i'.I camoien^ j wttli second hard furniture. JOHN 1RYI90N, ACCnoNFFR.? 00 TONS N' T ASI) stove coal will be sold at aa<.ti >n, by orier of I'ur ly A nicks, tor account whom it nuy eoncern, on Tuesiiay niorninKi -'uly 24, at 10 , o'oloe^, at C<11 Wsst i. tract, corner ol Leioy JMUBlAin v, AUCTI' a': n:. WTLI. gtLL, OS s Tuesday, -4xii !n?t , at ll)i o clo-k, at -'I Thirl av*Bue, i he st'>ck, fixtuies and gooi will ol the toa ? tore, with the utual assortment; alno the furniture, cemprlslnira nl ?>* and ?elr-t assrrtm<mt; al/o tne eir pots, feather t^l^, As. -ale positive. JAKK BOAT r\|ON AT AUCTION".? WH DAT, JUfA* j 1'3 at IS o'clock, on Hoard, at pier 13 Nortl rlvee, loot of Liberty street, (he lake boat l.'nloo. with anchors, chains, ceirick, furniture, stores Its., in ' oe?plet? Ol der. Pale pxsiUve. \V A., Aac'.'oneer. 67 I ?ey street, corner of Greenwich. M\ caovt, .1 (TOSH R.-SUEWI I -or..? li. ? CROI T li. llll.MNijB. at iheir auetien store, i' '. ^iHamrtieet, criner of Cedar, on ^lonlay, i'4 Inst , at 1( <i o'clocs. a large assorunont of farnl urs, ontist irg ol hair ?n?l straw mattreee^s, bedsteads, bureaus, chair', cioclery, An. JOIIN OR^GR, -hertff. MOBTGAGK SAIJC- \. M. CRASTALAR. Al (TfOV eer, 53 Howery, will sell on tliis day, at 10 o'diek, one bay mare, rt.,ht years otd; one bay horsj. c)x years old; one carriage, one light wagon, one tlr t q u klity spr tg cart; also one suit Comf any A., 4th Re ^im?Lt, horse eiin'pnients. A-c., New Yor* ll'issar lly otCer of T. J. I'll UX \N, attorney for mortga?'*e. TOBARBOW.? MOBrOAGE!-Al.t.? AM.nOsT\i til auctioneer, S<> llowtry. will sell, on Tuesday 'ilrb test,, at 1(1'; o'clock, at 2< Power*, the e<>ntent?ofa b?iltr'i ?bef , consisting of three barrier's chain, b a?t ?sli.ut, witt crimson re v?t coters; oar sofa and chain ?<, n lit. h gilt r lrrers and loosing glasses, marale wash ?t?to. w il silver fossiu, cup aou show cas-s, odciotba, Ae Also, a 'piefvMd lot or ,nabocasy forniture, sofas, ?oreads, wartirobes, rnsbion end other chairs, ro-aers, r i | kifi?in?H, Wl'.tr? and llrus-ele carpet*, one I' ea?i ik, ? c'??s piano, las cottage do. N?ok ra^ei. 1 escH I*. it ?<v ice large tai- trr, two ila. oval, aldi orn< uito sr t- a q. entl'y of ott-er articles tos ao-isrous to n ? tt or P) ordtrrl H. Mw>nA.MiK, e^uaellorsatloraey K? KMt<ag^? ?AUDI AT AUCTION. STOCK AM) HX tunas Ut QH03E8V STORE? WKD aeade?, July v6 10>? o'clock, corntr Sc-^ftteeatk tVtel iu fc"T?-o*.b ?nnui, tru,, By*, r turns, ?t-g.m, btrtUf*. pickleo, sateen, lea box, counter, Ut casbl.'er., scale* wad weight* euxsL and tUtuie* all i ew Sele LO?iuv? Deports te<iiur?d 'rou all purcafr terf, W A. LAKTER, Auctioneer ii ' 111 1AM T. BOYD. AUCrmEKtt? Ol'SICK NO tT Ww Na???u tfreat ? To oooptr*.? fill be *ald at tac tion, on Maoflay, *a*t 13, at K>i o'clock, at Coat's Br c? Varf, nOjetGlm Uaoultoa areoae ??rry, Broakiyn, ore ben.tiad act) ft'ty bundle* ot hoop pale* (split*) , t* par cbu|M of \ir P. MUXOK, AUCTKN'EEB -BY STOUOflrOX k , MIUjL'II ? '?c6h1?li , July 24 at U>4 o'clock, at 210 loJumbia ? tit ft Broc.ijn, ratr Htmrtoa Utrj, eeelgate'* Ml* of tor ? took 'eta croc, or j' aod g!a?n star*. e?t?isi<ag of th< asaei variety ? co?t atiout f[ 200. The Uaoe are patt'OdUr j lne?l?d. as tLo wh la will aoel be i-OJn by o'dw of th? aa?igaaagkA deposit af aat Hu than Uve 'iollar* will be r*qu>rt^HUi pwchaaam, and $oo<? to be rtiaoetd en the d*> o rials 4'MIUMMtar FURNISHKD ROOMS, at ?? CLINTON place.? two Ui|? auy toome, e*tuu.un'c*uo;', tjt bandiaiae I; farewbrd, to let to one or two suogi* goatleoMKa, wi?b ot ?tu>out brtakiaat; baths, fce , on aanie ll>or. Ake, bo upper too ?, eurabla toe a gon-Jetuen wishing to ace DOOIM la Ux"nug-. f^uH KkKiT ? T *0 Ha&IWUMK MuD^ft.V riMAU. JT brown ttoe hoaaee; tc??> tave all tb? fashion ?bt* ct'oveaiftcefc, It* est Mark 'a place rmt t&OO. Al<4,a pie??y two Blot) aod att c bone*-, tir, 7 (Jrotuwicli strqat; rtnt?!0?. Ir-quire at lt7 St Mark's pi toe, la tba bafld aunt, from b to 10 A M , or 8 to 7 P. M TJ OCt-Ej 10 iJCr ? THfeKE ELKGANT OOCJS09 Of H Hirer terreo*, Hobok a, turoe minulo.' w*lk at (??? tcirj, c> coeteoetag a beautiful rt?? ? 1 th? bsy aad eltr *f New Vtn, with b*tii, gas hot nod cold eraser, Ac , to families of tu? brat respectability only Inquire at the office corner of' bacon* and Hu 1m?o etr-ptn, (? Ittaen, af EOVfftiU) UARCU. H0U*E TO LET? "XJNTAIMNG NISJ ROOMI.NKAR Uroanway le'ow bpritg etr>et, with g**, cbsoie l>*rt, raoye he ; the |w ilktaiea aod ollclota* w?U oe ec4o ltw, and W-?*e flrep, with laiua?d>V.o pjMradva; good lo.ation for a aoioon or b'Mnici^ hinsi Apptf t* V. W. IilCHARLK, 007 Urvadaray. LOFt TO Ij:r? IN TIIF BCILDIKU SO 12 KAtDtfH liuae Apply t? JOtl-N U. DAVISON, up aUua, name number. I>0 TJCr? 10 BOfit AND FHOE DEALKKS ANO otberi* ? S ore >0 .et In a celebrated bas ne.a aet?b bri hood, Uie location 14 ntuurpiMied for the ooet and fince tince. be<cg a ooritr stor?, und wuere tbe abate bracrb ot buairaM i? a<'.tuullr required. Inquire *t I'. faAl I T Y , ctackeiy atoio, 2*8 (.reenwiph street. TO I JET? THE imLMNO PART OK ItOOV. 211 ELM at , on tne ecrtx-r of Dm and Ppr<ag. aaltaMo for a rwpoctabie b ?rcmg boose: tber? arc thirteen raaaaa; ga* and Croton waUr; furnl'ure for salt at lew 0/iire. lt'iuirc of Yi. b. JAhVH, 20b l.lm atrvct. TO IJ:t? 1WO FOIR STOP.V ANO BASKMKN14 BRICK bonaea. new and diilalied m goad style la Fifty p. -cond B'reei, between R^vet th arenae nn<l North riTer; thoy have a floe r.? rer Tiew, aad will be let at a wry low tent Apply to JOHN G . DAVISON, 12 M aides lane, up stair*. r|H) IJLr. ? ItiM'KCT.IBLJ: AraKlM!"NTS TO LBT J. cheap, in houae 1C4 Chamber* strest, ctnaiatiag of front ntd back parluri, foiling door*, cloaett, back b?M m?-tkt kitchen, btdtoom np atalia, more or ie*a te ?n(t; alao, ? front b*aem>nt, suitable lor a doctx'* office. Ia nuire on the premises. TO IJBr-APAMHENTB IN HOUSE NO. &? WBir Fortieth afreet, conaUtmg ot a parlor, two bed room* and a kitchcn; tb* boaae u baniaoaiely flalahed, with garble maoula, water, ga*. and all modern im provrmenH. Bent from $10 to $1I'J per month. Inquire en tbe premises, from 6 till 12o'c!ock, noon. mu LET? IMMKPIATK P03S1S ION , A VERY OE* I ttel ud comroidloua dwelling part of a houna, <n vicinity of Madison Bqutir*, wi.h oath, g*?. ?8 $160. The house contains mlv^r?B^Y\*.t W* ' StO Fourth avenuo, 8 to lJ, 3 te 7. 1~W IET-A VOLT. fror.Y HOO-E. Off PRItTOF *tr*et. ccnUlnug sixteen roc mi. wit* cm, J>*?# Sic'., tuitalile lor n bo*r?Ji?g bo ri-at *HV1 ^8,? ? tfcwe ?tcry houee, on Fourth ?Tinu^( ?'>60. AIM, ? dnollliiit tart, $476. E. U- KINSHlHEit, I'.IO iourth a vanua, 3 1o T P. M., 8 to 10 A. H. rf-ti IJffT? TO A GENTLEMAN. WITHOUT DO Utll, A I furti.-hed itxun m a quiet home, where taere are no boarirra. Abo, another l-.r*e be irooai, aaite* far two gucV'twfn. App'.y *t JOS F-Utoo *treet, Breoidy*, T~oTkt-the upper or. lower part of the Ergllfb bnnraeut bouse We. CO SaiUett nicely finished! bap marbie i?w fixture*, ftc , and very desirably located, being on'jr three miuatw walk from sad tn* first i>treot uor'b of the Ua-n ltea ?trry f^outb KrooUljn; will oe rooted low to a mil family. A?ply on the premUea. O 1 17T? TO A GENTEEL 1AUILY, THF. PAP.T AVB front but matt, and other pr of houae 76 He ancoy street. Apply at the i?a^CJ, trtm 6 A. M. t? ? P.M. ____ TO IjEJT, CHEAP? AS LODGING BOOKS, THE whole of tbo hotiae, 110 Bprlng atreet, weat of, an* a few fwri IrVB Pfoadw&y, as the l?B' * Mt fc rwi;? ou-. J town bouM ill g?ol?ely]uraUhe^ anJ otktrwwe in perfect order, aflJ ITW ntto?*|?njnMU the com.furt of the lodger# Apply 10 o doc.., any j Pay tbia woo*, at 110 Spring *traet. rr\0 LET on I- or ba~j: ?the brown stone front I dwelling houee No. 212 Weat 1 wentr third rtroaC Inquire of 11 C VAN VOR jT, I'M Broadway. T~0 LEASE FOR 11 VI. YK&R8 ? TWO FlTtSr RATE fire atory store*, So* 2 1> and 27 Canal iti?at; will be tompMid aultable for mechanical purpose* br Mje int of August. laqulre of DC BOti S VA-iW^rOOBT, 37 Water atraet. _ TO MANUFACTURE*? ? EXTENSIVE I'ACToitY AC couimodatiooa, wilh ateam porcr to let, at Ue 5 tone aim? xntublo woriu, foot of FiZt> Grat atrc?., Nortii liver, adapted to any Urge heary l.a?uw<sa; alao, em [41 ior rjonia, with or without po *? r, for purpose* leaa bittakive. H. l'LCK, 2 1 Trinity UuUdin*. FRKD'K p'. STUONG, on the precilaea. COPABTflKBSIMP ?OTICM. ^ WASriP, AND AN ACTIVI PAUTNES, ffitliOUU <o engage in a lumbar aawuiK and pUa iiJg tuwwha near this city, undor clrcuae<iUnoe? toat will (Dnuro $C.(K.O per year Particular* will be g r-a at an iau'rvlew. by addrmamg l.amtier, Herald ofiioe, atat mg when hlJ whtrti t? be nwu. _____ flt, | 7V7\/"k-AGEMI i:?L\N WITH rHr.Sti'7ll JK J_.^ |\/\J join th? ad% miser, wbo will furoi?li tTe r?e amcont, to purchai-e a n-npectabie *nd proat nU* buaiw h. 'I he wUl t?- perfectly sale, aa napio ftfjrity will l* giTtn f.r tho money iDreeuie. $4,100 \i> $0.tC0 jtr jour con bo rsaii cd. Aadrvsa Hi r?ld oilice. in .1 ~/\ -VAR'J N'Jt \t 4\n;i), in a\ oiji f.j 2S^O\l? UUiahid uaA wituoat c? #pi Hiiou u> iiittifbrt; with it. Medea $J,CGU pjT anaaai ixiJ may be incro?f<vl Apply to C. n. & ? J., 84 Ntasati street. ,w.|A _w M I r\ A iT.fir'lN WITH ?200 TO U a 'ratt-l with ttn advtruser in r. tuM jruiu-aut asUixprtiO Aar pit J wiiu thr ?mont ?t* liul this well WJrU y tbclr atUintioo. a i;i*a i??'o %a? i\>tc inTentmtut. Apply to IliOMlV'V, SI f?a*a*a rtltet, rtoiu T. (^OPARTKHRMIIP? THE FIF'.U 01? P. H4i;RH ?. _) IXother, 1K0 ( batnaui aqurire, removed tj Mo. 10 C?.tti?:ino ?l p r,n the l?ln July, lS/v, ao<l aa??itaUid ic pirmerihip wth J Hirris, uno*r tue f1?n of J. H*r r:.? .v Ilrotiwsr-. All account' un >r the tnd O'luie of I'. llama ?v Broti^t-r must 6e >,etiic<i at Wo. lo Galbe rite clip, i orner of Wottr ?Ueo?. J. n.tlllUS k PBOIHEiM. "VT OTICT' THE PARTNER-HIP OF Hl'CU At'CJIV CI <?? k 80r S waa dneolve't by the Cetttt ?! to* K'Qior pai'x.< r. Ill* aens (who are alM> xppciuU'l eset a ton of LU will) will attend to the flCtU"?nont o t the af iUr? ot Ute Crni. .IUHN AtriliNCUIirl, ui'c.'H Ar>;m?ciAJH<. T1<e pn<Vr?>i''ncd w 11 roailBLe Uie comirissioe oa^laMs. un< rr >fce firm of Joka it llagh An Qiacto'.*, at N*. US P?io:?1wiit, "ortior of lhnm<i* -'r**t jo uk a0( rrr cv>v, H? GH ALCdlNi IX*-;-, ?.rw Yock, J?ly is, IMS. WjL P. MiPXiW. F ARTS en WAMIP-IXO TO ll.OOO-TO PGRCll t ?*! a (lrat ' luc ftrocctr atote aituatod on one of tbe Uat thti' tigbfarea in tola city, and dola* a iarga ?u*l mi. Tbia i- a ctanc* aeldoaa not wth to angiee in a i-cl buelntva, and under aur.o dcnirr. i!- drcumitanoe*. ? 1-W to < AMrbKLl, A PI! II. I. IP J, li;.Chan3lcr-> atrwt. flV) CAHTA 1 ,1-TS- ? A PRACntlONEU Is IIIMOiNk 4 ar 1 a jitery of or?r twelve youra in th>* city, nai 1. 1? a rhyleiaa aad cotteepwe ng -e r Ury tn a pep 4 r Institution for tire tr*ntm?nt of din* ??i of tba th.oai and iunpa by the Inaalutlin of m*<tira'M vu'j*r\ b.irliig ? tlior iigli knowlcdje of Ihotorory ioj pr?; itce wh'eh it 1? t>?a*"t tog?tm-? w,ti all tie tmtdie*. and tbelr me t* ?f prepi r?tloo. wiplm* a pirt r? r, a.ct.\e or aleat. with not l?.'a t un >:> o<h? tU'iia ble partie? coly will be c ntorrod wilh, '.y a^dr*Miias iabalaUaa, llerald ofiioe. RVsTAVUAR'i*. " (1' iJlJW? N '".W RS8TACKANT, NO. :>0* RPJHP | war, firat hotute above I>u^no atraet, op>u er<ry ray for btaakfant, dinnir *00 au^et, from A A. M te f? P M. Thn proprietor, in returning bia thaaka f.< tba f?ttonage be baa ri -oivnd for tbe l*?t nimnUm ytwa, t?f a to aaanre hM frlevdr the public generailr, that fct< bralof*" will be eonductel '.it* tb* momi *>*rg. aal t elite aturtlon, a? well ?* th> ratr* ?Marat* r ar?e*, whleh baa n^a<1?Go?Ung'ti r?*laar?at ao (x>paiar th?o?(h out the I'd ted .S'at* . l'| Taida of JKKi il Ofaraat fltaba* are *er ve.t up daily, cooked ia th? b?at niaan*r and mti - ed np by polit* and attentiv* waiter* f- G'KUXfi, Vroprlatar Fimr A CliOOK'r. NO 1.0 WAIT!. STt.rtr.-fW vat* din n* aat cttb rooai* h?re -cat b*?a addal U> tb? alnau) eapar l?ce arartuarta, rur* -tlj arer tk* n n dtninc ball an-' ott?r luetru rt l?pror'*Baaita co?pl*tad. ?? art at* tr ? rv? chiim, ta b r aa if lvtCtala or -a c.iba, wi^b %n tu Mitttw U-e **a*?n.

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