Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1855 Page 7
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wwm^m &mi mi. . roB sjua <&l4A AAA ~TOR sALE-Gwraor w ?i ?4v vU". MtiM - BimImu sp?noid *>oeery, situated in the central ??rt of tM o?tr. Ah# * tudimty and eon ecVonary tn Brooslya. Aieo. * clotbleg ? sreblisbmeot to tb? to*tr part of tb? city a' so, several bole la, boartllag kniM. eeger a tors*, .V i Parties wishing to sell or pnrcheee pka*?fi of Damons ?' ftuj kind in this fit) ?<r visinitj, will dnd it uo their ad vantag e to call at 288 Broadway, reoes to. GEORGE W SIMKRH gj A /\ nAA -FOB -UUS? A DININU SALOON, ?4v?vUv? situate-! o? to* beat eoro*r id tbeeuy, dew* ton, la tbe eeatre of boato***, and oo? detsg ova r $40, 0( 0 worth of burtaeaa per jear. ta? Uitarn and furniture coat ever ?7,0t0. m4 will ne dta peeed of at ? a?t eaerlllee for caih or apprjred p*(xr llhe l?aprtette*a? aaotber place, and cannot vail ettaed to bath Fdf^arther particulars apply te LNGAI.L-1 h CO., 312 Broadway, room 13. AAA 1,1011 8ALE? A MASE 0 F I.I ME ffiOil'vUt wort*. at Kingston, contracted on atprtaent aoas to yield an inooma of $5 0U0 per year WiUteot contingency . and can bo worked at greater profit. A)*o a leaae of nine bouaaa, down to wo, netting $ looo par jau Income. Inquire a: drug itora 14 Hudnon at. AAA ?THE BARGAIN of BARGAINS. ^eV/We Bu*tne**m?n?la.jturing ? Character la)uti? and genteel. Pro Its MO per oent ltoaaaa<> nnHuerted. Oae half intarait in thla splendid baaiaaaa wttb a valuable contract amounting to over $3,000, to t*1kor with tool a, atoek. Ac , will bo aold for $4,000 cash, MM t ha proprietor cannot attend to it. Apply to TBO MAS k BOujkr, b*k Pino street. ?1 Q/?A ?CLOTHING 9T0RE FOR SAl.E-LO 'liOvva cation down town, and one of tbe bait, tbe aity ; $4,000 a year can bo mad* over e? Jiam; thia opportunity occur* through the lltneca of tbe pro prietor. Apply to 0 >V. SIMKllH, 289 Broadway, room Be. 10. gkl AAA ONLY.? FOB 8 ALB? THE LEASE JSl?v''U atoek, and fixtures of en* of tbe aMaat eatabliabed gioesry aad feed atatrea in this e lf , ?Itaated in one of tbe moat busmen neighborhood* to Make meney ; thla la a apiendia shanie. Apply at WO Broadway, loom 10. GEORGE W^IMER". |j*1?)A ONLY.? FOR BALE BCITER, CHO^H (Bl^V and milk depot, located on one of too beat avenue a' thia iacladea a 1 fixture* appertaining to th * place, which muat be aold immediately. Apply at 2SU Isoaoway, room 10. GhXfROK W- SflMEKS. 4fel I I A ? EOR SALE.? LOCKSMITH AND SILVER |J)lUUe plating abop, situate in West rnirty eignib atr??t, with Mole and good will; aaup?rteroh?nc? far amall capital. Aho, a apkndld 00 acre farm, na i? r a b *h state oi enltlvution, with atore,. dwelling bouw and aoopa tkerton, situated aoutb moe ritaten lai&ai, for $3$,0b0. Apply nt hi Naaaau atreet, room 12. BEAUTIFUL COUNTOY RB?1W5N<*, ONLY V, mmutca' ride /root tn? city by auamboat aad raa 'Ihe bona* lit new. frame, tliel in with brick, two K?l?a and aub-oeiUr, well tmanel, baring nine oonre theo WiT A I rooma and teTen pantriva, tormahea w tn b?nnti fnl mnntek ana grnto. Tbe loeatien tbe moat bealmfnl aad ateaaant around New York. Will be told very eae*p. J. C. SANI)ERH, No. 3 Natfauu Btreel. WELI. ESTABLISHES PAINT STORE FOR SALE ? Tbe adTertiaor being anaioua to Ware New York, the above at a reasonable price. Apply at No. <t irtrert. A Man RARE CHANCE - FOR SALE CHEAP, IN THE Vil lage of Honnt Vernon, a neat two atory cottage, l aare garoan, pleat antiy aitaatad, within ei^Qt alee walk of tbe depot Lmiaire on the preataee, it Xklrd avenue and Sixth street, Mount Vernon, or ill. JOHN BARRET 1', corner of Fiftieth street and MJpway, New York. A GRAND CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY?FOB SALE, a well fcnown and old eii*bM*heJ coffoe, cake, oyster aad geaaral refreshment saloen, aitaatad oppMite one at the principal marseta, on the Nortb river side of the city, new clearing ?2,oo0 yearly. B. UOWEj m U> , 84 Nassau street. ? OONFFCTIONBltY AND ICE CREAK SALOON hX)R sate.? Ihe location nnsurpaaaed. in a great bani Me* and faahtonabla thoioegafare. the leaae, m&nutac taring utensils, everything complete, will be aold at a bargain. Apply this day to C. B. MOnB4 ft CO., M Naa aau street. AGBEAT BARGAIN'.? FOR SALE, THE KOCR years' leaae and business of a first rate bakery, ?ww doing a businesa of from 14 to 10 barrel* a wee* , alee, a here* and cart. The rent la only $376 per year for the whole bouse. Satiafaotory reaaoa* given for ?ale, on application to JOHN BEDDING, auctioneer, 1,104 Bioaaway. eRCG bTORE FOR tiALE ? A PHYSICIAN WHO OWNS a drug a to re, and wuhea all hi* time for practice, aall It to a good druggist far a reaeenanio price, tiwaaut income from $4 ?? $U per day. Rent $460 per year, with a lease tor live j?ars The store is on a oor nar In thorough repair, and well atocked, and may be bMt to pay $20 a day. Adcreaa Doctor, box 180 Harald a, lor toree 4aja "TVRl'G SIORK FOR SALE-WOCLD SUIT EITHKR 1 " American, Engiiah or German, m a good looaOon aad doing n lau bus.neas Terms oaab. Apply. at KM Beveatb a vanne. A young nan with eoiue knowledge of ?eboalne?s wanted. T~\RUG STOBE KoRSAlJi^ItU.vTRDIN A CROWDED 1 9 thoreughlare, and a first claaa store, will be aold ?(?bargain; Is wall atocked and la Ooiog a good bast seu. Apply to A. C. MtuKlLL, No. 0 Chamber* atreet Excellent Cornish pcmping engine, and ether mining property for aale. For sale, at the Penn Mum, ia Helen Hollow, near Valley Forge, In Cbeater county, Pennsylvania, a low prsaaitra, dire it ac tion, pumping engine, u0 inches diameter, cylinder ten feet stroke, wkn a boiler of tbe moot approved cue ?trnctwn , one lifting pump complete, 12 incbe* oiame tor and la inabrs water pipe1*, 128 feet length; and other lifting pnmp, 123 feet length, 9 insba* diameter, and 10 iaeb water pipe*, and oae forcing pump, $2 feet length 8 mcbs* diameter, and water pi pee of *a me diameter Ale*, ooe excel eat horae whim rape and buckets, smith'* bellow* and tools, double crab winch, tamoer, and a greet variety of other mining material*, i'ne paus ing engine is of the nio*t approved construction and ma terial, and is un*nrpa*sed n tola country, for economy of littti and sIBeleacy. Tbe pump work will be a^ld either la the lift* or pnmp* oomptote, a* they now stand, or ia sncb leparata parts aa customer* may deeir*. The Pens Mine U about one mile distant oa * go id road from tbe Reading Railroad aod -chujlkai Navigation at Valley Verge. For viewing the above and otoer inforuaaUuo, apply to Capt. Francis KnotveU, on the aline. "DURM FOR BALE? IV THE IIEAu TIFUL VILLAGE X of hadiaon, New JnN/, 10 minute*' *kik (rout depot, b'i acre* best land u> tbe Htata, with brisk bona* ?id the bulMlsg* of the ftntai*-* au?l in compete order Al?o, mtiiiI email farms iu toe ?l<uaity ot New York far low. i>lno, at Nyaek, one of 178, aUo. at Hyde 1'ara. one ol 12H acri'a, to eitianK* for oity pro ?arty. Al?o, a line lumber tract to axabaog* for 'ity or Bleakly d pioperty. ABoE k KOillN -*ON, u8 Wall airwet. -|7'?R BAI.K-THE 8tO<."K AND FLXTUHBi OF AN I* arid entabliabed eegar etora, La a goad loeatioa, new Mag a fair buain***, rweaoa for aalliag, too proprietor la**na* leaving the ?ity. Addre** box 1M Herald otHoa -jj>?b K?LB? ihk con tion fcitY sroitK AND RK< JD taulaat, in oae of toe DeatloeeUooa an Broadway, wMb a maOtraUi rani, doing a wood biaioea*, aaJ laae* af tan yearn, a bargain coo do mad", tf inquired lor IM, at Mft uraat way. "pOR SALE? A HPLFINDID rw<) STORY FRaMS OOf 1* taae bailee and throe Iota on toe wutu u '4 *f Wl| third (uraet, aatwaaa Fourth aau Kifiit areata*. Am 4 iou>e ir it feetb uubee front and ra ?r, a?1 kltoH^a IB Mar af b?>o*e. and is feet ue?p tlaaaa du'i.1 ta wiin batch and Hour* deafened Lota haadaoato fenced ia, i In front af bonne and haadroae courtyard Pare at the pareha?e m< ney m; reaaia on oorvwa. Aa " ta FOUNTAIN A awfrH, builders, No. M Bant y tevtath *trret T|*B f/il JD ? A SMALL FAST rtTK tM8>>Af, Fit ?M r eighty to oa* hundred boraa power, baa in *xo*l feat eenaea* D( *mr>e la very eraaomeil la coaaaov> if luel, la eoltakj* for towing, or fralght. and, wtb alteration*, for paaeangara. Apply to J. 482 Tenth itreei. I 'OR SALE? A VALUABLE PATENT MROn 'Lfr., with all oooeraary apyatatua for bualneaa. 1' re a* at araartetor ha* aot luflaeni capital. Will **ll at a aa i for caah. Addraaa hoc 1<R Herald offlo*. R SALE? A I>(?aS HroRE AND NEWS DK'Mf. located la a good ?a*iaa** plaaa, appeal ta one af b?*t aaarket* la Now fork. Lot aire at tb? *aga r \ 131J* Uowery. z |/<OR SALE? AT a BA'AJAW, TITO NTiTE THEE* r atoty briok bouaoa, tog*n.?r, oa 1 w-aty elgotn au**t, batwaaa Madi? oan l roortn avaauea; tete'i'iM SnHi la Bae order, wila mole-a .mpcoTeinota, and let far It per oaut. Alao, a aoaaeaefl lot oa Fourto araaoe, abaap. E. II K..N:4llllfK>t, 310 Foorta ar*ou, * to 10 A M., 4 to 7 f d CR RALE? A WML Mil tlliJ-HED MANOF ACTUB iag bua.Deaa ttadtr a valuable pa < -at, ahwlr faro ? uiro loeml ao" prvmi?.*g a <u Satire ax>d perm t Beat Inveftmrut. Fur partKuiar* app y to .'IhKM t.M.N K_ uumio, No. as Wall (treat. F)R HAINAN OLD Hi "Alt DSHEO HRrjtD, CUiK aao pi* bakery, loi^uo in ia* r>Kath avmae, dok^ a good* and em b> Ur?*ly lner*aA?d , to * gaol bak*r, Ulia ia an oppartualAr eel. J no metwltb. the rent m low; ta* dwelling ?applied wiib gaa t'rovoo at tar, lx'*t r**?ona giiaa for aaiiin^. For particular* apply at 'IM. lights avaaa*, between i treaty aaooad aod flrrnty tbirU etrteta FR Bali ? fHE IJCA'B, "ratK AND FIXfUREH >Xt an old **ta?Kabe<i b^tary. cou eetnaoarf a?4 koe citam aa'o"", 4ituatod '? a <reat bu^laaM tw.orouga/er?, In as ?*t?lwnt ! jeat.ou to w*?e at ?a>y any puij alablog to nfl" 'a the aVrre, ta a ia a rare oiaa: /ppij at 2M Br ad a ay, r jo? lu 0'.i?SK,g w gltfKit'i ?c?eE bals-on ke "O.t able mm j, * a.uuii;v ? JP a bep, >?e of '.he 'wit ^aad* ia tbo lower pi rt of if tUf, O.i o* ar ** elM.t li jeiitea*. Thl*i*ar>-e ? bare*. A i ply to C. R. i'O., Ka II N'a'wu ?treat, up a 'a if*. 170R ^I1K-A UtT AND M.ttriM) Mi.liTi' r tory, dc.ieg a gjad t>ur'???- wi a all Uie ai it*r >14 belf *fcii t to tbe b'ltuieaa, ?a'l aa? f ' <oo w tj i*lu ibe b?' nee* ??an ??* feioao-nded to g"?l aa* team l?r fnrtb*? |n tirJirt la<(': re at til* atop >o. 1'.' *"*l Twnty tigi in t'i**t, vi' ijgoth ?r*aa? HVHk HAJUa D. P- or balk? an oi.\i R8r ab.isbed oaoos^Y.Vrc ated on ? C1TB+T, sol aow Jomg * ?w1 ?ut bu?i MK Tbta IS a chaos* ??.<lo<D a?M. ?l'b Kea*. WJ It*, and tsims ?.wy. Ap>y >t M l>ejr strwt, ia th* base ?0R S-ME OR XZ<3\NCC rOR OTHER PBOHMTY, Uur boats* aa> ?vo lots; tiro boaso* os front Ml en i?di o( the Wj's. A suvtlt ?<>m feya*?e Is oath, bslaice in ten years. Ap^y to It C .AGGErr, 3b Well (tTMt For exchange? a bevutiful farm and oou* try ?eat. oont.inlag R"> ?cre?, so under crop*, ba lance wood, sit a? ten n the Shrewsbury river, bAM a milo from Mount's and nr. va'i do k?; eloopo Itnl ?? tbe premises; pluoty o f trait goo I (Uhieg, gunning, dsmi, oysters, betbtsg, he ?far New York 1m proved prvp-rty. or a aai og r????l In part ?' whole. Apjly to I.UNC.l* A SHACKlurON, 71 Nassau i-rnt For sale or to rent?* vert DEjiRtBi.E coi n trj r?std*ase on Long island, 10" yard* from Cypru* itadsn, on 1 ong island Bailroei, and mven mite* from Brooklyn. Four acres at laud full cultivation; lla* wall of water S'aolea, b*D QSJsa, Ac Applj at 140 Pearl gt N. Y. IN CON SEQUENCE OF THE DEATH OF T 30 VI AH Harnaaon, tbe livery business of Hitriitto fc FWet b now offered for sale aleap, w lb the leaie of tba ate blaa 19 and SI Rooeevelt street, ao ousting of bora'*, carriages, sklgts, berns*s, *0 ; on* of tbe n+?t af.iad^ for 1 be business In tbo eity o? Now York, an I on* of tbo boat chances to go lato tbo business. Apply on lb* prsmlses to JtlN A THaN G. FLSJX IRON OR*.? THREE HUNDRED TONS S'XTY PKR NktWHtltllMtN, for Ma at tba Ti glgg *1 office, New York and Harlem KaUiMi Company,! N j, I Cantro street. Lease of valuable dock property kor sal* ? bulkhead lOi feat long. gooo depth of wa ter, lot of ground IO x!!0? feet, ?nit?bie for a eoal and wood yard, brick, ttme or lum >?r yard. On the pre miae* are two d?tllng bouses, offie, (table ial tbrea larfoshedt R?at low. Inq Ut4 of A. J. BERR1AN, 37 Cbambara itraat. TKI EW3 DEPOT FOR SaLK CHEAP? ONE OF THIS beat an i oldtat eetaoimhod la ta? city, and m a groat tboroogbfaro; reaeoa for aolllng, baa two placet, mod eanoot at tea 1 to h?tb. T la ia a goo) cbanoo. En quire 01 C. B. IJ'JWfci A 0")., hi Nas<*u atraet. Bark chance for a bisinr^ ^an ? the arB i-eriber, in ooBieqo*no? of iu baaltb, ia ooitged to otter kit ftora sad atoek of goo<la 'or aaia, at a graat bar gain. 7be loeatioB ia con?ioei?d tbo moat dooirable of any in the State, aitoated Id a aaannfaatnring Tillage, ? tera tbero ia a large aaieaat o' bnataeaa none, aoo ?bleb u raptlly iBcraaatag, and there la little conpeti tioa in trade; toe atoci ia Dearly bow. aad oonstaU of 'be ainal affOrtwoat found ha eoootry atorea TUo atom ia ??w, large, aad badt in aM?"ern atyie, and la the beat country atora 1 a the couaty. The baaiaeaa at prnoent la once mostly 'or caaB, but eouut bo ooabiel if credit wae otTt-ied to reapoaaieVe partiee To a man willing to watt a few lean to acq aire a fortune, a liaa cbaaoe ia aeidoa Offered. For farther partieulara apply to or addraaa A. ('At- WELL, 10 Oortlandt (treat, New York; ar L. C. MOB itlS, Newtowa, Conn. SiTOCK OK OOOliS FOR BALE AND rtTOKE UJ IXt, ) It being located la oae of tbo beat thoroughfare* 10 tba e?ty far eoaatr y or city trade, which can be tnereaaad te aay extent To tboae waat ng to engage in a ?%fe, pro Stable and pleasant buataieae, with a captuil of $5,1100 ?r 90,100. the above offer* a good opportunity. By ad dreaatng Jooaa, Herald office, particoiara arlll be given. mo PAI.VThX->.? FOR 8AI F. THE SlfK'K, FIXTURES, JL and good will af an old eetabUahed bouae and aign paint abop, altuatod down town. It moat be sold tbia week, aa tba preeeat owaer ia leaving the ctty . Prioe, ?75. Pleaae addreaa Painter, Herald office. TO ARTWrS.? A DAGUERRE AN OAT JJERY FOR 8 AIX, doing a good buuneae, aoo eacabliabed in the t>e?t location in Broadway Apply at the gallery, MA Broad way, oorner of Howard. TO SELL.? A BOX AT THE GENERAL POST OFFICE, at a moderate price. Write to box 3,663. "TTALUABLE PATENT FOR SALE.? THE ATITINriOS V of capitalist* and lumber amalera ia raqueeted to Bullack'a iatb eutttag Bsacoine tba parent for which ia offered for sala, on teaaeoable term*. To tula Invention was awarded a ailver m?dai by tba Asannan Inatit jto, of New York ; VLe Frank lin lnatitute, of Puladelpbia, and tbe Maryland lnatitute, of Baltimore. The mac bin* 1* capable of cutting lis thousand lath* par hour, aad 1* well adapted to tbe manufacture of blind alats. For farther Information, application may be made to JOSEPH 9. RJlKi WAY, No. 1 Naaaau atreet WILL BE BOLD AT A BARGAIN? A FIRST CLASH grocery atore, well nbt ihUe.I, aad dolag a gojd onataeea, witn borea, wagon, baraeee, Ac ; a rare chance to any an* wlabtag to engago is the buamee*. Inquire at No. 3M Fourth avenue. KUlAilUAU AfWl ?Money to loan on di a lIDUvVtVVV* Mali, watches, jewelry, d?y gooes, segare, Ac., ar bougnt for eaab; stocks, ootaa. mortgages, Ac., negotlatod. Business confidential ana prompt, by THOMPSON A CO., orokoro aad comaalaeiea marafiants, 102 Naasao street, corner of Ana, room Mo. 1, *<oond floor. to loan? on w Areata, lha monds, Jewelry, segara. and ' >ogbt far $557,000 every deacnptlen of 1 valaable proporiy, or boo IHi - - " ? 1 acted on Saturday ?by JU1. h. ISAAC, baaooaeoi offioe, II Chambare street, froas B till 6. Bnainos* prosapt aad coaMontial Old m and aflvw bought. N. B.?No baste cos trans $85,000 on koou productive real estate in I TO LEND ON BOND AND MORr sums to silt applicants, rooq productive real esiaU in tbia city or Brooklyn Apply to 8. 3. BROAD, 13 Wall etraot, eecond story, front loom. AAA TO LOAN, AT 7 PER CKNr ON SBO vfe V/V-TV/ bond aad mortgago, on improved or good upimnroved real e*Uto, in tbia city or Brooslyn, in iumi from il,toO to $16 '00. Also, Ave of f 600, 9<mo, MM and 1000. Aad t3e,00u to laveet in tbe purcbeao of atortgages. Apply to J. K. 0OOK, Jr., No. 6 Wall street, office No. 11 &/t/i AAA- ADVANCED ON GlAWNOBt vaV vV watebrs, Jewelry, tamtam pin noe, paiauags, dry goods and every dooertpaon af pro perty. Parties wis htng to obtain loans, Ban be aooom mocatoi on liberal terms, different toother officea. Tba ?trie Mat confidence may be rolled on, aad tba above amount can be had ia whole or various soou, by ay plying at 60S Uoustoa street, betsreoa Mercer aad Greene streets Buslneee noura, ti o'oloea A M. ontfl 4 P. M Partssa waited 00 at tixlr awn roeideooe. B. MEYERS, Agent. jN-i a i ?i t| a or ?io,toe wanted on b'>m? iplUvUV and mart if age, on improved r*al route, worth doable tbe amouut, id this city. Art if -a box tit Poet Office None out principals need apply. ChC fk/fcg' k TO LX1AA, OS RKAI. Est ATK (ba UilS tPOoV/vr" city only ?Any pnrtr having goo.1 cunty, improved or unimproved property can obtain t *s above sum at once E B KINfUI ifKiC, Ul lourtb avenue, H to 10 A. M , 3 to T P. M. Mr AA TO LOAN? OS BdftD AND MORI eOUv (*ffe, oa first c'an aueocainboro. property in this ci'y. tUGHAlUV, 30? Krotdway. Articles of vaiue advanced upon in bum. to suit applicants. Forotgn goii and stiver 'MM* bonght at big^i'st prioes ono irrent money d soonnt* at lowest rates; Una fsrrto'a bo<ight aon <oid at u>e Specie Exctiange tftlico, AA2 Hroa<1way, oppo-iite IVUQc Blank. JOHN UaiUTC A AD.\M* Cash advanced in any xuovtrt or furciiab od at aigbt, liinobi', watr-iiea, sich jewelry, mar chavdise ana valuao e personal property generally. R W0?JD, tO Falton straet, eaoond user, front room. CA -H ADVANOD? IN Bt M- TO .-'CI f API ! I'. ANT.-, on every description of property, at 41 Uosrard street, southeast eorrer of llroalesy, L?nn?: tbo oi mi and moat responsible office in the o<ty i'be atr. -w-t eeabdenca ana l.onor may bo rolled upon MsLOUOUiJV ?. (KNKIIJ-. ErVlDIND N(/nCK 1 ik'FICE DF TUE BIX Til AVIV boo RaOrund Comptay Saw rork, July 14, i*&> Bamrd of rhroetors of tn * Coropaay Bare daiclarad a rtivWi?Bd of t)iporoeat on Its enpitaJ *t ??, oat of u>? earrings of tba road for the current six montbs. payaoke at tbe offiss of the Treaserer, (O Do Aagatis, roq Cashier,) at tko People's lltak, en an>l after tbe first 4a* of August Best. The traasfer eooss will bs iMoaet ? WW that Cay. T. BaII.FY M\ FJ>* HgiHwy W~ arInub' bavinob iNsnrcnoN, third mhe corner of Mntb street, for the booeBt of all - '"11 Maak open Aaily fmea II A K. to 2 P. M., ami oo WKDN^MJaY and iUTUtlDAY ETHCKMI frota ?. to >? o 'cjoak Intoiast on 6epo>it* of >600 and an W -IX Ptl CS >T UAAC T. SMilll. -Wetacy. ^E?i"an?x"ai, wti r*% D? oo'a ? srr.Aii navkja O Uoa Cowipaay. New Vot*. J aly IS, ltiO -The Dl ?ectora of tbe dwu "Van Warigatlon Comi?u>y ha?. tbl* day dociarod a *:r^6rmi of Ivr (',) pmr .;"Ot 00 tn the capita, s'or*, cut of tb* OWMngs of tOe >tsi montbs, payable on toe 1 at of Auguet a*%v [n.- iraa fer books will be a^ncd rrom tn.? tfar iatu tn? latof Aognst. C. I". ANDfJeON, 8ecrwt-iry. ffuioW' wtsHi>tj a .- it tN?> "iiwiriTABtjc IS 1 vest sseat wiJU ptense eotlce ? I bat merchan iiae an-l goods, of every variety, suitable for nooatry ?t'?r*sai.i along poolie worts, aili be reeri*o4 to exr^ aug" for railroad stock, laetx-1 in ear". I>r tit* wtstrutwo of on of tba at imnnr aet Ur > of Vbe ma a taor .tubftre botwf cb New York tn" th" W- V. whirk ia bi? in p' > cess of c?ostrn?t?on. Karty att?-ot>? tl ?<v) for tall la ormaUoe a-i reea boi l *l irvta.- .'ioaae. c apiyalw ? 'a i to n a i ~JyTty o -a rvi-.j chan-efcr sa loreeluent. ? A buaiaenn now wol esinti iabe'i , and n . redoing rtpWllf, r?>jiiiwi the ?bore sum to make _!t more eiteaaJm and p-i1t?ila <? gua a<*oa.l to the &\rty the irat yaar, W lot r?s* may ?s^cb $1 4,000 tka (ret year A:-'"*** H J II , A!e> aid office, oitb real aeroe All OoaS lean*. I ? par*"* caa be spe'iel or sc'iag parta^r h<in<iiin. LaNO'.AOK TAl fill! .'li< ? t 1J., by Mr GIBliOI? '-*W method 'kkj le , . moatb 'a *' any Mm- scholar will kuow em/ugti t4trav> through Vra4.c# without an latarpreVr. (lass for g-o tl?ssen at 3^ o'dn'k P. M , or at the eebolar * re. i?e ? at other hour*, day cr evenug. CaH at '?"* Broadway IB tbo hat stars HtfMW. e.HJR LIYMtFOOl ? C > 11 &U~r!T sfH MUL f ah'p fA'.'lfl K Njs, valuta ? Cttf rt?? ? hip <UI ?>D>n ?ita tbo Caibei <uCm uth f J* Iu?im CUnlj on Wod'Owney, Jalf 24, ?t Us'ilm ? 1 Oa- twi 16 ?t the i??t If CtM itiMl "to fm'gk* ?r r-.-HM^??ODI l?r (I*. getc* ana iumiori, evptj v> EDVtiUJ K. WIU.IM4. 40 *all itr??t Cuiriiitn ?n nu mI>4 I) IMM ??"< ?? l<Jk A M The Allan- k> ?\l aaooeed ?he Peelfla, *m4 ??0 A Of a it t. Shipper* will y'oiM Ut< Offt** t?at t*e ah Ipa of (bis Um usa ?t euri is; Modi onntrabnMI a / or. AO Wtuni mt UMnjl tb? Put Mm; any otbrn will be ntarioi. I'M* new Turk and Liverpool pnipho ^t* tee mall iteemers ? Tbo tMu ?g?fMii|Ulu line an tao following:? eTLjNflC. Oipt, WmL HALTK1, Obpt Ok PACIFIC, Chpt Nye. ADRIATIC, ?*?pt The** ablpe have beea kuOt 8y ooatradt, u^irecaiy for govern meat ierv>oe Eni) mm bu b*oa take* m their coaetraetKm. u um in enjinee, to *"-? -iro atrength and ipoed, ??d uetr ucoaDMritVOM (<- M* eengrm are uxeqLAlVd 1st elegat a aed cora'ort. Price of (MUM from Nov i ark to l^farpMI, Ik bit iiIm cabin 1130; to nerood de , #6, *x<iliwiv4 of extra Me ?UU) room, #aak; from UraryoM to Nov for*. ft end 20 go nana. An exp*rieoo*< nur*?on attached to ?oca aklp. No b?rth aecoted uetll peiJ for. MUJKKU? BATH CIF HaII I*U. won mew tokk, kkdm uvwooi* Wedaeeday ..July 26, Wif>. fteburday . . . . July 28 l&M. Wedaeaday.. Aag. S, two. natut :ey ... . Aa/. II, lt&i, We?oeed?y.. Aog. 22, 1*64. Situ 'day Am 26 !*>:.. Weriaoeday. hept. 4.18.-4 Ifctur lay . . . . 4ept 8, l# <4 Wadaearay . . Sept 10 1k>S. Haturday.. , .Hept. 22, ISM. Wednesday . . Oct 3, I8S4 flatur lay.*, .Oct- 0. liift WidMfOij . .Oct. 17, 1*44. Sa.ur<l?y....0<t. *1, I8M Wedaeaoay ..Oot. 31 18i,h. Set'ir uy . . . . N<?*. a, 1864. Wedneedey. Not. 1*. l#M. Saturday.. .Not. If, lUi Wednaiday . .Not. *8, Inmj. ftatur lay.... 1)09. 1, IW?4. Wec!ne?day..l)?e. 12, 1H4&. Saturday. . . . Poo. 11, 1Mb Wecn*?de;H.m.c. 20, 1844. Seaway .... Dec 2'J, 1846. For frelgM or peerage apply to hllW K OOU INS, No 4? Wall itrmt, New York. BROWN. HUIPI-K* ktX). Uvrr^ool B1K HKN KKNs AlUi H O) , 27 A.?#?ia FrUr?. Loa>k>a. 11. O W?1NWHK.HT * 1X> , Parta. UtOlHlK U. UrtAPKK, B.rra Tbo owwi of ttiw attipo ?ill npt txi MyriatabVt for |0M, ailrar, b?iliwB, ?p? j??*lrj, prOOtoM.klMkM 0V Bo'ata, naMao btlla of IwltnM lr? ,^n*l Vhortiof, jutd tko TaJuo tboroof tbtrola oiprnaaad. Bbipprr* ptoaao U>l ?otlno tbat th? ahlpfl of ttUa ti>M cannot carry any gooda oontrnkan 1 of trar. FOK I.(VkRPO0I^-lBi: DuACK STAK PVKKr .-HIP KXtkUSIOH, llaolat, wl.l nl Mun<lay July 2i>. Kor paaoago. bino< vary (uporior ac y> jiovj dailaaa for oakM, mcond e?bio and iwrMO :piy on bnorn. ptmr DM ICa-t river, or to i i'llt >ktP JS'ri NLPHkkW, 'J76 Paarl itrraV fJVJR I.IVSR-OOL? TUK CI.U.U*\r<0 PACKsr SHlr J* UNIVKrc-K, will poaitlTalr nail on Tuoaday, 24 Ji July. Alao, a ftrrt elaax >ktp to a*U lat AaRint. For paaaago in cabin, ?aouao can.n and fitaarafa nopty to !)!? UM & Mint f B?iuvh Ma ?m ?Up. For hvrrp<jol ?to aail thuk^hay, jhi.y ?#. Tba faToritw p?caat tbip AK? I . !v , (hfl tmnM, ** 1 Kail on Tknraday. 1Mb unt Ibia oobkn Ta?*al tvi* ?* caUcut aocooirw dattona for pawirn^ara, *bo iriU bo takan at ?Mdrrato rtui and found with a good auppty of pro ?rnona by tbo iblp Too NMl MM b*? n??n nairly ivn<l braottluli j Uttod a f, and ?(f?r? nnoaual attr*'tx>n* for lamilioa and otbora. Tboaa about pro4?adUig to Ka rop* ihiuld mnko early application, on bo? plor 14 fcnat nror, or to TATgCOrr 4 CO., 80 Mouth it FOR LIVERPOOL? TBE SPLENDID PACKKr SHU' AMERICAN I'NION, being uuaToldabty dutalnod, will mil on Widncaoay, July xh. Room for a fair mor? second cab'n and ?t??rag? pMacayerH. For pm*|? apply on bo*Td, pWr M )?** I ni?r or to THOa. C KO.HI., 83 Soqth itroot. FR HaVPE VIA rfOUTHAMlTON -THE VaNDIH btlt European Use of ilea maul pa ? Tbe flrit olam n#w ateamabip ARIEL, 2,300 Uu, 1 ?(em, maatur, will lea re New York froa pier 30 North river . foot of Oban ben atreet, at aoon preolaely, on rlatarday. Aug. 11, for Harre, calling at Soathaaptoa to land maila, paaoengeri and apec.e. Firat eJaae pauage to Harre or SoathamptM $110 Hecond '? " ..T7. .. SO The Ariel will be followed sy the North 4tor, 8?pt. 1. 1 he owner of theeo reieela will not be accountable for gold, lilrer. bull1 on, aneele. jewelry, prerioua etonee or metala, unlaaa ailla or lading are algned therefor, and the raime tbereof therein expreaaed Hpeele and good* tak?n at oanal ratal. No freight received after noon of the day before aalllng. No berth aeon red until paid for. liiMere. prepaid 181a eenta per half oa., will be reoelred at the office op to 11 A. M. of the day of aalltof , and will be earned la ktroag India rubber baga, ander wok; and oa arrival at aoatn aaopton and Havre, wiB be immediately depoatted la poet offlcea there P areola taken, eaah prepaid, oae dollar and upward*, ran D*na or saiujio. raoH jrrw tobr. raoa h4trb. Ariel A?g. 11 NortA Star Aug. 11 North .Star fept 1 Artel Hope 1 Artel HepV. 22 North Star Mept. '2u North Btar Oct. 13 ArloJ ......Oot. LI Ariel Not. 8 N?*th .Sta*... . . . .. Nor. 3 Ariel .Not. 24 Theee ateamablpe are olaaaed^ 1 at '.he tnnuraao offioee, and apeeie and gooda wUTW Injured la fiaa at aa low rata* of premium aa la any other rteawahlpw tkat crou tbi For freight or paaaage, apply to 0. TORRANCE, No. t Bowlmg (Jroea, New York. SCMNER. MO S T A ,VT 4 URAI TR, No. 20 Raa N. D. . dea Victoiree, Taria. CHR YKTOL HCHLOC'V'MANN** i? . No. >7 Qual Qaalmlr Dalartgae, flarre. En. LIVERPOOL AND PHILaDEIJ'HIA HTK.AllriHO' Company Intend aalltog tbetr farortta rtmmablya? ? Or MAN' JlCflKH 2,124 tona, Oapt. Wylle. (BTY OF RALTIMOKK, (new) 1 438 teal, '?pt. CITY OF W AJ4HIN0T0N. do 2,700 ten*, Oipt. R LetUh. Haloon $00, $A?. aad MR aooerding to ftata room* A limited avmbrr of third claaa paaieagera will b* taken from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, aad found la ^im^PhUadelphla..... ?30t From Iirarpooi Partlee wliklng to krlag oat their frteada, eaa obtain eerttBcatee ol paatage aad Oiafta oa livarpool. la aam* Of ?1 sterling aad upwarda. App.y to RAM I 'LL HMITH Agent, 17 W alaat eteoet, Philadelphia, aad No. 7 Broad way, New York ___________ OR HOUillAMPTON AND Ha VRK? THF CNITKD Btatee mail iteamer A1Ca<>0, D. Liaoa, OoaamvWr, leave for Havre, touehlag at (tonthamtKon to land the mail* aad paaieagera. on Saturday, July J8, at 12 o'elook, from Mar No 37 North River, toot nf Jteeak atreet Price of pa mage, Inrt eabto fl30, Price of paieage, aeoond labia 074. Thli * Learner In her ooaatrurUoo combia<ie unaoua'ioc aa'etj with a'.raagth, having Ave wat*r tight oompart meata, aad ao oomalet^ly pret?ctiag the engine*, Ui?i even la caae of eeiluiioa no injury couM ooaur to iu danger the lafty, ettber of tba ?e u l or paaaeagera Ar eipartenned aargiou ' oa board lAiggaRe not wasted < u ring the voyage abould be eeat on ootrd tbe day fxt tore eaihag amraed, "below." Ns fre^ht will takan nfterlhareday, July 98. Kor fretRbk or paaaw* apply t? M UVINf^TON, Ajft , 4S Broadway. N. B. ? All lettera nrait paaa tkruu?|h the I'oat ?fl loo. K DIrTATCH LINE TOR PA V FRAVCBCO.-JTJHT nUpMr ? Tbe ipiandld A 1 ftr*tclaai olippar "lip, l< I. VINO DKAOON, Uttle, ma t?r, la ntw n pt'Hy 'oaflrvr at pier lb > alt rivet, aud will pc^ltl/< ly vul for .iar. hrancijioo, on or betora I ueaday, Jalv 31. Stlpper* are partteolarly r?>qu?iit?<I to have all Uwvr fr?<ght aloagaioe before lueeday next, .t'.b luil-.wU-o ihe ahlp U ex peeled to liaiib leading Tbo favorite A 1 dipper ihlp (W AV TTI."/ !P. \PH, Willi*. maiVr, will he ready for cargo la a toe daya, a lies an early day for aail.iig will $m named. The veeaeli of thla llae are adeemed lira certain date, aad guaranteed to aall oo or before the day 81 TTON k tX) . Vi South Itreet, coiner Wall. T.X1 P f"A I IKORNIA ? r aH-' lOE #i0 - FX'RnilT. Ut r ducttoa of tare* ?Now York and ' -vi.foroia eteua ehlp l:ae, via Nlraragna Aocweory Transit Company, <* ' v tfaiua, propri?*-ari ? rhmagh la a->vaace of tbe aiall? 7t? mllei aborter than any ether route, ava?4lu? tua oea<')y ? arama fever, aad two mllea of aangnr< -a* hoating In Panama flay. Katae of fare through to S.u> i ranoiaoo, laeluclng the lathmu* eroaamg . ? Firit eaua. 8174; eecood cabin. 81-'>, ?l ?ra#e, 840. The apit-nilid double engine eteas-emp DkNll I '>V . 1 .so*) tooa ?mrdrn, 'attain Krwr, rll U-ave peer No J North river, at r, oTtlock ! M pr?rl*e?y for Vuata Ar?o?* uu \ miiiay , Aug. *?, 1844, O/nae' Ung w Ik the eUaaeh f -I erra sevada 2.0UIJ t*r.a httrten,c *r the NW*ragu* Irva ?lt route, hav'ng but twalve ml e of land traaa#arW tlon bv britclaaa airri aye?. lot Information or ? Mge at the re-^uoM ratea, ap ply only to CIJARU/' WOIW.aN, apent, lO. 'i Itowlinx Oreen latter ni^e made up at tike offiea. h wiped let'eri tokea for cent* aa< h. a tKnuiiA-? pion'xb use, carrying r?n l nit*-! Mateo mail for Malbonrn* aa<! 'j'.ntrj ? lie "iiperor New ^ or. built clipper iklp III. A K .1, V, now oa bettr>, to fall ^</th of Aag<i>rt f"r ilei jcar^e. the clipper chip V ANImI 1A, to aail on tii e 2 til of a if i?t for .-yd any direct to he followed by Um chpfnr aulp lillim l'f. to eeil on the MAM ut (vyv? er on teer m. ' v vuge, to be lu'- 'erdo'l br tae 'Upper bark Mi Kill, en the vCth uf <?ctvl>er, bein^ tier tbird ro/ ? The ar ipe of th.- ua- have far eur^?a*<-i ail at'en la iieuilul apeed, tbe fellow a< n rnar km, pwwagie hav i/f i?eii a<~' oi(4nb?-; fiooi pilot te pilot ? iba ?aip ?.ertmde, l* ''aye, ablp Ocean I" ee*:, ? i 4*y, , aliif -flat war'', 8 ''?}? rblp Flyiaii "ca , 18 d?/e. etilp Nlgh'^a aa.i '. I (uj* T w a >euem7K><la*.iofie for a limited Bun >r i I ireun tu mm', tfprerel pnartp ?* | ?or I *b', vsu ilatloc aad ' "n'ort. For fre ght ?ol r?e- | apj.'y to It W ' AMlifJN, No. 4 fkieUn^ <>r*aa. F<>?8AVANN.ill AND H/>?D8.-t"Nim> TAT ne I line - Ihe new aad "Want *t?<irruklp K\" )\ , VU I>", f apta n ' P 1a Kw. will leave New York * '%eanDah oa -o'orday, July 28 from | >r v? I, ' I R , at 4 n'rlatk t. M RlUa o- la ag aiguel tm b>ar1 For freirl ' apj/'y r?fl Vwf!, or *cr |ie>vfa to "AVf ' f I L M K11IL1 , 13 Ikta^.f ay Kw I lf?*-Vla tbrvit%ii.'? j ekfrna Iff* Vora to iaek^'avi !e |1|, 81 !. Ihe > la?ama 1 attain OH. K 'ieik, will ea- 'ld. ) r ad leave oo -atarii) Aeguet t G or f?< KJ-OIJC, it.rn i?' Ik?. and Rt0)rtK?vn - jr *?k Carud Hatea Mall e'eam^r kOANdKE, T. . flinti reii ieaa*w. will kaee I ter 13, North near, aa ' Wai'needair. Jalf V.',, at ? ?'??*?? f M , will arrive ^ ?tor'nlk the n>rt afterxw n a' I'eter.burg a . t r.wn | the foitowiag moraing Fr< m itmfulk, (.aeaeti4ere foe the Hoetk by ral'road direct v i? tkrwa/h I ?leteee fram Wek'ea to Wttmicr'oa r>iarle>v a. k?. Oebia pa?eai? aad 'are Sertoli 8- te Potere'iarr an.; Rtai.u/Md 810 to I.eaWkmirf t<? Li olAK * f*lAA A*V, K Broadway. H. 0 ? Throa/k Uekete t? Vie vtrfioia "prtogi. The lt>?ale Ukee an fietgkt for SHIPnjijbh LD BLACK -TaH uSutUf /.\ JHCIH ?OR UYRR OLD BLACK KT4H UN* Of (MJHKIB roil UYB? poal - rb* fiwil ? pa:hat ttn> l/WrJWt Ot(|t ('?at. olll po?it'?*lj oil to ro?wi?jp, J al| il "ftd *aper or leoomao'ittloa* '?t aab'n, HnwJ eeVa, wl p?*?oi?n. rtrioit itiu) Ntiroi?< ? &? ? W eoontty will >1* w?ll vt I* MM aiflceat ehip. Ap?i? ?? hH?i et pur M *??? rh"?, ? to WUJJAMS k 0U1UN, W Pultaa lUeet |7K)R MILBOCRNE, AU4HUUA.- [ftDCPHMM* f Batual ilue, tret (kip. to ???! abaat tot ?HMt' The t pleiHiid A 1 cilpp?r abip MrTHOfOU-i. 1 0 <0 laM, will ?J.H m above hiring mietof 'xr ctrgooa kwi hbe mil b* doapetcbad witiout fvil Ii*r aoaK?Bt>t? IKjm tor paflgtDgeto in Or*' ta4 wmjI ?e?> a* c?no?t M iwp*r>tX A '?* berue yet for anU F? (h1i>m of lr(l|tt?r ajply >t ?? M f-otrJ, at pwr 17 Km! r> eer. or to MaILI.CB k LU iD, lOe W Ul or AlUUX * EUlUT, 144 Pearl ecreet. I -ok 8ava~nab-fa*k reuuceii ? rutc uNivnu 1 HUUi sell *l**onh p KKYdfONK <TAfH, 0*#t a IJeidte, will k?? rbtlacelphia far fie* uwtkia Welaoe day, July 26, et 10 o'clooa A. M Fere, ii<), eUorago, ?H the Stole WlU Wave eg?'U *4 IWK OX WtdacaOay, Augimt *. AfraU in Now York, rWHAN*).1 * YaLLMaN. 19 Old ?Up. whero ?teV?e?:n? t??y bo Kcirtd. PR CUABLK^n >M ANI> FLOI 0)A - ??P ^1 WKRK If U H. Mail Line ? Tbo nee fv?t .* ?ni on**"!' fioost (tooiiwr NaHUVIi.LK, If. Barry, ?o<iot, will have pier >o. 4 Norib riv*r oa Sat juKj, J ?ly at 4 o'elcck P M prea'?ely. For frtWT. . jplr <>u fe*arl, where all bUli of laniag oil' b-> * gael; and far p****fe, (having KUp*?b ao -oiuin-d itlon- ) a' the odi io of >>FO* FOHD 1 1 1, 1 KTON * CO. , J9 dna-l way . Through ticket* to Kieiida a* foJore ? To jAckeoa Tlilo, $31 ; to Pllarka, ? 3. UVIKU AMU UK. 1 iUtAT?. S BOOKS' OLD sr.Ul UOCKI^ d4 AfD M MHI-* nard (trrut Brtvidway, ou to? C-irop?an pita ? too wiu*n, iptnto, alrk, MJir'l, ,t-. Ilr??if4.i, Oo man and loncbooD*. Uo<><l *m>'|4 37 .Si ?o<l ?0? par olgtt/-or ?d.1 ?l ytr ?*ok JOHUCPd HMOOK-i. pro prxtor, late of Ciacltiiiatl, and formerly of tUocbootor, AagUnd. Hien BKIIXiK HOTKL, WtyT>CHfVri ? HlllK. ? Boarding f?i tiio nioi'i^r ? ThU 0>toli totuatal i? mw opoit fnr 1 1'? rrccpt.ou of po<nu*a?nt or trtuoot toardtr*, ou the ot >it r*?ioa?b>? .-trm*. It* * u>i a? rni lo tbo eltf by tho "*r ?<n Kailroid nrtrj hour *?l tbo *pl?Ddlo ?ora? j, with tao * ire* of frail, *>mil <ni R octet tbr moot 'IttiiraDI*' rrmiru 10 ttto .JiioH/ of fow Vorfe, aaporlally for '.io hoaltii an 1 ntfot/ of ^hildrwa. loc|Qiro of 1MOS. Ju.VKt). PENArKll'IT HUISK, Ul'PtWirB FIRK I L4NU ? Tliiii boma m ouw o^?n for i!;o o ?r ?r? It* ??*} aooa?? nj Uiou U jld 1 Kulroad, twtor <tat!j, aod Uit ipl?od>d ?!' atUoa ot ubo nouao, rao lor It oio of tbo moat d??tr*b<o raaor^o ta tbo rl?init| ?<' Now York, boato alwaya la raadlaaaa t> taJia pa^aao ? or* to I1 iro mlxftd INrxooa wkabimr to tU44 ttua "Kio? aUl toava tbo car* a*. Tbomoaoa *taUoa HK1JU1 SfRON'Q, IVrprlotof. S1CHM0VD HI1J. HOrKL. '-TATEN WI.aNB, t-< | opou far tbo aaaavn vfiargeii, <7 a w***, ;hiklrwa j ?r ton yatri of ago, $1, Mr<ant?, $4 60; hora?a, la Haaditona aul of r?Kjm?, ?iU> parlor* I'.r'.io aLar* at H. W. iWnodlct'a ftoro, >o i Wall itivot, N. Y Oood aaa bathmg. J. f. KRI-LKIT, l'ropnotor. OANl?H f<tK?JCEr UO( H>. AN1? FAM1I.Y HOrr.l. ? VO 5 lal Saaca itroat, Braoilya.? inia hotaJ la aow ou*n for tbo roceptloa of faaatllva _nd alagle g?aU*fn?n. Nootpoaaobaa k??a ? pa rod ia tbo fltt.n* up -if tbi? bouro Tpo o doairona of a quiet jat apHnd.d boar, would do woil to oall bofcra aagagiog aiaoaharo. l aa pailora, for tbalr alia, ara ooaorpaaaod . tboy aro o?ai M faat doop aad wall roaillatol. Alao, a'tacba l to tb* booie la a billiard room for tba goaita aud tbukr intra doacd fnaaOi. ."be prlooa at tbla botal ara a* low a* at a bj walleoaduelod boooa la RrooUya. luMma lot, with or without boaru ?r partial board Tbo oara paaa tho door ?tmj throo minutaa. Locatloa a* to roopooiahUit^ oaaorpaiaad. I'HK UVDEHflONKD, II vVINO OI'RNWJ HH HOOK, can accommodate a faw boarder*, if ippl ?a<lau m madn f0.jn. .<*a healthy, Mg| an I .|0.?t r'tr?at, *ol facility lor *oa bathing, it la a?t aurpaxwl For further partiealarf. loquira of Otlbart Daria, (??<(., eoraarof William aa4 1'ina atrcnt^. No* York, or of .loka Uar'iti, at Hlrerbead, lx?g Inland or by lottarto tlM nubaeribar, at Qhogno, haffotk oounty , U I WWAJII) ORIFflN. nitoi statics urrrei., haratooa hi-bino^ .luly 20 ? Fiota frtqaaat laqoirtoa which .ira aaado to u* by lottora Irom all porta of our country, It woutd tt?a tba Unpraaeioa waa aatartalnad that tra Cnito l Hataa. for the pro.aat **aaoa, la iomnx>n with atay other Uotala, had ralaad ita tar.ll of pticaa. In aaawar, we bag to *ay tbat ao eliaogn la prlc?a ban b*aa aada, bow*v?r Bach our mpruvetnania aad an approvlativa po bike might juiilify. JAM^S W. M Sttm A CO TBAVRLLKUR' OlIOK. CiRl AP FABK >OB ALBANY AND TKor? I'AH^ AQK / vficont*, bortb* ranta, atato room* 50 c?ata.? Tho tplrodld itaamar llkBO. < apt. J. W. ilaaoot, will Mare ncrtb aide of Kobmion atr*?t pior amry Tuaod*/, Thuiaday and -unday, at A P. M , arriving by 4 A. tf Tj^OK UUNKY IMLaNU AND FORT HAMILTON -WW X atoanor Narwalk laaroa Now York aa follow* ? Fir foot of Amor atroot at V% A. M., aad 12\ and P. M. , pi or foot of >prtng * treat, H >; A. M. ; 12 W and 3 K P. M., pior No# North rirar* at 10 /. M. 1 tad 4 P. M.; IootIu Obnoy laland. laat trip, at p. M Faro toOb nay laland and Fort Hamilton aad back to K*w York, 9 eoata No half price for cbildrea. T^OB KlYl'OBT AND FOKT HAMn.tON.-THK WEW JU and faat atoamboat KLYPOKT laaroa New York, fi Tot of Murray f treat, daily, baadaya a 1 0*0 tod, at 4 (tied, P. M , returntag laarea Karport at 7)? o'okoak A. M Far* 24 eanta. Poraona leilfotu of riaiUag oao of tho moat baalthy aad baat bathiag plaooa ia Um ri elaity of Now York will Sad It at Kayport; aod tsHaL**aa Ban can bo la Now York from U* A. M. until 4 P. M. TpOR LONO BRANCH, HIOHI.WD* OK N EVAPfNK, V Hhr???bury, ? Ii.? u*w Maaaai t J RIM < 'HKIH ToPHkB, laaran loot of Jay ??j*?t, Nortb Kivar, fur 'ba abita daliKbtful wataiiug placa*. on Huoday. Juiy -i, at fi A M Monday, 83d, (l A. M . Tu?aday, ? tilt AM., tt*daa*day, i.'iLh, lb A. M. Returning, l?area imh. Poitoa >ua.)ay, UM, 1'. M. , Mondiy, 914, 1 I*. M ,Tara day, 24th. 2 P. M. . Welaaiday, 2Kb, 3 1 . Vt Fare, 37 k, 0>ata. Iw*Dt| Brat c<aaa touU are aow op?n. air aad bathing unexcelled. No .letontioo, a* the mtTigataoa i* now good. BAKl.Ut RAlUtOAD? INI.ANi) KOI TK-^V WVD alkr Moadey, July 1U1, Hundaya etrapvad, for ny and "Itoj, itaaviag de^ot corner oi Unite aod (autre atreete. M?U tralo at 7 :>0 A. M , atopf.lag at William-, llrtlg* aad mail ? tat ion* North. I'o.wu^ r? fur I^'taa^o S, -,04* totiag II. la train arrive at l#^uv>a at b F, M Hayexpraaa. 3 I*. M., atopplag ?i Wbitt f'laioa, Now caille. (. lotoa Fall*, aad ataUuna North ooklNti k at < hilla tourlorn-r* wltb U'an'rrn Railroad Lx^ta* treka, arriving at Albany at 10. b I' M Kioaa CAy llall etatioa? lior*r p' i'n< at t P. M., ?'T> pltg at ail ktoUoaa !he il' M tnrrr l'.alj* train wlil, "0 -aturuay* run throtigb t. Ml I lor* mi rituroiag, l*ar? b J|' A. HI. eu Mooowy. t rotoo Vaiii. at l<> A. M ? lepplng at all *??U<.o? I'roton Fall* it 4 I', tf , ?top jOWk at all ntotM' It r- ham Wh .to llaiai. at 3 >1 ana ' .16 P. M . 'topping ?t Vor? rill* and ?tat net S -wth. *il lane' liiidge at UM A M , "i.lft 190 4A, * awd il 1' M . aioppiog at all ?a j *'*u n< I r'.aj 1 w*uty a ito (traat ilatloa? -'ATJioaie' Brl 'a' at t>> M , WtUe l ima* at 12 M l'ai>a*a(*r>tuay alao proctno i.tkot* and ha-e '.hair b*kl*4l* eh?ck?i for l'.?, Uulfaio aa 1 ofi^r pi ?* Weet and Durth Of Albany, ?t U.< ..oa^oy < -oa rtrwr S, bowery aa l Broon.e etronta, aud 1 vtrth ?>? tur and iwraiy 1.1U1 ??r? t. li't jouikiN** kort--Hailtralulrii inz All- . , at t A m ., aal ? b it Lin I 'i? Oirax at - U A 0 r rn u>* arr.val of the Iran Wwvlng IttV.Aald at ? 1 , ttorplag at al' a. 1 (tiU'.n* ab>jia '' Uliaua IirK*.j u rtlag *t Now York at 1 11 I". H 1 1| r<a* tr*ia fear** Albany al 11 A. M., ar. : ChklU 1 our < oraeri at 4 1 V. I'anaen^eri1 'rom Ub.n 1 ^r: l*?i*lag Ca naei. at 1 r, I 1 M woa*. *uli thui trait uo ?ignal at al! ?'ntr D*abor* WiiUauit' Rr.dgf arnrlag at N?w York at '>i V M. fl ,t M. trvm lAiear Pl*ina, aroppiag at all >>all<a> aUrre I n tb iaa, err'i it* at N?w York al 10 16 A M It 6j A. If fr'?.n r'/ovia I al *, ?'"pping ?" ail a'alioo*. iriitny at New 1 ?> at a SO A 11. 4 *0 P. M frota UrMoa I aB?, *top,,ln^ at a. I *ti.ll"r.? ixi'.l, rrf t .irdhain 5 A. .tf., awl l 50 and d HI I' M fur* tttsive I'talna, a"VfnK ail atatloru 1 rtab W lUlaBa' I jid*v at I <0, a .1(1, and 1<) 10 %. M. 1 ih, '? < '> 1 1 A, " Ih aod 9 3* J' M , rtopptng it ail *ta ? ivna. r?a??rff?r* by tb* 1<i 10 A. tf. from W in*ob> Rrtcg*, end tba I 8P, lf ffoaWUU I'Ujm, artU r? laJirt/ J in S*w York at *^e Iwtnty *.iUi aire*'. etaU'.a oolj ?".ntfay arraag*niM>t -Tralna will i?? for f>>v? I a. la, aad all oay >Ut<?i at ?" *> A. N , aad b i ' M l'*iumlag, leave ' jiu>n l alt* at 1 A. I' , *top(ing at a'l *<eUoaa .M i g) p. M . at all *t*' >r . vrV of > card &**> I or * iiM*bm' nrt*'^* ia' all ?*y atat'one *t 1 ^ \ M an>* 1 ?0 1' M >bHuratng, lean WLiiAjn* at <1 A M , ard >> i,< i". X , *v j p i.j ri all etotoa*. Jr<|ghtf?* tlbac/ r? -*tnxi <.'?!/ 'ietJl * I' M a'. V>? (l?pot awam of ' *n>r* ? <r lt? *'*<? ta, N* # r? IK J I AMI nlJJ At'lac Map??,tat?f lat.1 lh* IC"* Y'^HU TO 4tIF WH IE 1F?CNTAIV?. M?A" I' teal, fiplen#! arH Pi J ioa?bury aad H>ir!;agV?o, t a lb ii,e*' I all* RaUasi, WiaAee*. tth'te I'.wr, *ii|< R.r>r, Mantpr i;ar, M, A a* t* a?i Bouo*'* P?iit 7hni|l t.'.aet*. -la It* '?*?? Yo?? at?' V*w liaaau Mllret*. liKlU a^preae raa* to ??i'U DAM *ad 41 . M. Baggage ? -?? ? *4 Uirua h. fK.l>' 11 HYD'a Agawt, ptar if>, feat ?itp. IMlf IlKIK. YalUIMf COHMM.L'l tL Ui A IF-? kANO ?^Mi'A*Y, I.*'*'?! at l u?*7 aa '/3lfl*r?, ?-# W*.i auae ' op f?J, th(*? nulltoe 'if d?H *r-? kata V i^i TMa. aaMMly '-r llw Mlarii^, to *>. i ?radiant |'LUta*ufiiriwl4t nw*ilin/teM*, toaae ^raot<-. *a fiMotaa I. ,f too ^**> ?? r ia Bay ?'???. ?? m* 1, la: - * ???** aa t^e a? . ' *1 men . Iaa4 c V r. 14 |?* '?a- taai^tti a my I mi ji %it br. 1 N IMlfp-W. Ml UAHll v f ,,_?? <?, , /%, be ir?| to 60 toll* red l?a t pnreana* I trying t>(a, at N? * Aaa, Al UK l? toa atreet lablaa al toe aa*at pete'a, Ac for *aio. n nag in are a ?'tod to try 1Mb for r?n<*lif, They tre Mt<Jy baUed At betag IA* baat ?rer a?W _ AJwraukuuA-r*. 0A11DKH. Xl PYN* aMJHaRHHOI UNOIJMU OPfilt VKOIS lONDAYri. WKIlVlC!n)AY^ and rKOMTP. My. BCRTOHW NIOIRH? TOB-DAYd, Tlll'mDA V and TOE P1N? AND BARIUMS ENUUHH^?PEHA Txill FANY MOIUAT KvkRINII, JilT in IMA KNQIJ8H Ot'kK* NIUBr, ' will be pr? ranted Aubar'a 00111 - o^r*, ' in Ihraa aota I ?Dl lM FKA DUVdKi Ku L/tarok> Mr, lltrrtaoa Zfrl'na *"?< l P*ai lord AUcoah Mr II .mr*,-* 1 I lady Ail'aab.. . M aa ft an LortDfcO Mr. llalman | UUc ta i . . Mr }U*f?ni ' frilfil *r. F iu Ti Kfiur ? ?h<> |rtit coiaadlaa, "lr Uurton, la too of hi* Wit TOOI)l.I^ aid JOltN JONW. Door* open at 7 , Ororturo to ouinmonoe at 1\ , curtain itiH it H O'clock prcciMly. ivaoca M ONt< Prlntf Bona*. $6 (JtcbMiiu SmU $1 Box a?oo open daily, fma 8 ? M.toi? U., hrM onring OrehMtn Saata aad Prlrato Hoiaa oaly . WJ ROADWAY THEATRIC ? K. A. M A RMl 4 LL, NOl.U 1? laaaaa .-Daori mi at Tfc , i? ai 7 \ o'oloak Mot day owning, July VM trill ti* p*rlorm?<i PADDY CAllKY Paddy farcy Mr Bvsiy VIUUm FATDCNCR AN1 PKJtSEVKRANCK. Pa'loiir* Mr'" 'Urn?r Wllllama O'KLANNiOAN AND TBK FAIRIW. llwlta O'Klannlgan Mr B*ra?r Wllllama I auta Mf.uflla. . .Harttmr | Toiimua Mr. Vmooot hula Daffy W rig bt | Mart Mrs. liourfb To ooacludo wtth th* lint a?-tof IKHH Asm'RAVCK VXD YANK KK MuDGRTY I'At, wlUt as Iriah aipg Mr. IUro?y WulUaaa homey Mr*. Haraay WUHuu Gii<> CB9UKTY * wood? mmmmu, ?ii hroad war, tbvra Stkod ilrwt OPKN EVIKY KVXNING. For &1* wook , Atk'Oytan Mhutrol#/, I'aneiii*, *a.,ooo ?totllng with ttm WANDKRI.Sfi IHNSThEL Doom opoit, O^'i ooauacar*, H o'clock. Ticket?. . , 'JA oonta All bilnm trta^KCUxl by H. H'rMKl Jumom OK MR. T. D. BKB ? UKOADWAY THKA Mr. T D RICK roapaetful'y InforTta hi* frianda %o I tho public that MONDAY KVfcNINli, .M'l.Y J*. INI, h?t two ant apart, at thta thaia'-ra, for hia Ill.'f.Hf A pro grau'Bi* of tha pnfara>tsc:M <r III t>? pu>.|i -hnl in a ?* ??j? Tfca follow In* tul-nt*' artiaui b*ra ilrnll/ vi.luu toarod to appear on ttxi o?<-??u.n : - Mr. and Mm. Hara** WlUUakN, Mr. and Hn ' ormnr MMri. Btakoaad Walroit, Hr p*rai?'?Uio ? Wooo'i Minntrnln. f D. Rtaa. ' WFHT AND mi'C ORIOtNAl. ANI? ONLY CAMF bell Mlnatrnli, of foart??o "?t?r" p?rfura>?r?, a' tnawladgad I* ba tt.? "utooal tiuipa of tha worlt,'' a?acar ararj OToaiBf at Mtkxlaoo M?U, '.Itaxtaut utraat, FMladalakia. DR. t ? A. JONK-t, Aganl. Matt I'kbi, Manacar. BROOKI.YN MOW M.- MONDAY KVT.MINU, JCf.Y 23, 1*5.',.^?K1ANH AM IT Pat. Mr O. a Charlen ; Judy O. Trot. Mbw M. A. 'Jha?t?n IM riiK KOCOK-Jcruihoy, Minn M. A. Ckarla*. Ilallai-Mr. fiuTor. Par turtle, tt <?l>j g?!i?r/, U1. <-?aU. ODB0N (iAHPKSH, WTLMMMWa WWflfOr Mlai KUZaIIKI O WALttiN, on "l aaolar aranlnf, July 24. Kmln*ot tairnt harr bun *a<A(>vl, auJ will KdiIMtcIt apaaar. Tha pioeoa aro Wllo ,-PKaK.H PlR-l" OKill DIAMOND, anil IM*X AND CX<X. Parforeuo-?i coaioiPDCe at ciKht o'clcek. Adinittaora j gal lary U)jc. TO MANAOKR3 AND AC rOR-i ?1 RICtt HR-J'KCrKI'I. )y to call Uia attention of ttw (aaliaaan of tha prafrialoa to tho fact that all tha drama* baring my MM attacbad totbrmaro ccpjri^ti ad, and alao to **.ata tbo cno bO*riO( tba Utla of tba "h.ry tlral*, or, Coa. O'Oarolabao'ii l>r?aui, " ba? bron pnreliaaad by, Md la tho Mia property of, Itarnar WOliaaa, Km a. o. puwmrr. A(KKI^ TBI KM I N T 1001 TOMHWPrWL , ooppvtlad by a aovapaay of i'aruiaa arUxta, will ?ako bar (Ubat on I bo lot of .ioptomaar. at tha Metropo litan Ihaatra, Naw Tart, oflltoo Vt Wall atraot. WH FLMH, PltOM U?MN?N THCATRIOAI. AND a abarftcwrtatic wig aaUr, 619 I'aart ilnat, four door* frcoa Uroadway, Na? York. Amateur paform am-ra attundad. Wlga Imt on nira for priraU> parUaa, naiiqaarad** aad faaty ilro?i ba'la. Wbiakara and mouaUcbea. Country tbaatrirali auppliad on abort ?o tioo. B CXCVRAHM BXC1'RSK?.V8 T* THK fbUll.SU BAXKK? TlfK Hiamtr Utildaa Oato. Capt. ( hariaa Aadaaaaa, (for marly Captain of tho ataaaorr l.aara Kaappy, ?ul jouti no* bar r?(oL'ir trip* to tba hanka orarr da/, t.iuadaya aicapti >1), laarloa Amaa atraat at 7 o'ektok A. M. , ^[irin# atraot at 7U ; Pack ailp at k , Bru>mr atraot at M , and plor No. :t, N R , at B o'aioc*. I iablaf taokla, bait and rafraahmanta furnlabad on Sear ! A flna cjUBma ban ! aeeoBpanioa tho boot. SXCT'BMON FOR HKA- HAX-TV-I'CIJ* ? TIIK' ?rt\Mh3t i. '.I I'.A KXAPP, CorparAl IliayiM, iMmu<l?r. maka an axcuralon to the > uhln^i Bankj aa -*a nda r , Jaly "11, laavlnf piar foot of Murray atraot at m, A. M alar So 8 North riror at 9 A. M. , raek aUp at A. M Kara for tba aaauraloa II. A ooOaUoa aorrad oa board grati/i. No poatpoaanaot oa acoooat of mttiar WOB H 1IINI. HA.VItH ? TIJf" bTtU MHOAT MJQU2 RY, ll Capiaia Rtahard YaUa, will laara tar tha Hatiio* llaaka arary day. I <uaday I tou-biM at furl Hamilton rach may, from tba loUowiaf pia^aa, via. ? .lackaon atraot, K. R. (I uatii Ihlrd atr?-nt, WliUaaubara, o clack k'dlton atraat Rmoalyn, 7 o'clock j lack flip, 1U o'clock, l-uaard Wharf, /ara ay <'lty, 7x o'clock , Hpnag atraat. S. R , 4 o'clock , ufcaf kio 4, N. K , <1 1, o'clock Kiauln^ tackla ul bait for aUbad oa board Cotillon baaii ac oiopwiaa tha boat aacb trip Faro 60 root*. 3 tO CHARtiJt FOR UKt'R-flOW ? 1 ll> UMi.KSr ?a4 ooaooilliiu a** ikaixr TlluUM II IIM'.lir, ih or without liargaa Appiy to ALhXANI'KK M < SMITH. No. Waat atroo., uotaaaa hartL Moaaa ad Haaeh atraata. "Y'AHIT IXtl R-H<s- - 4,'AN UK HUt)J> HY 1 li> J dayorwoak.oa raaaoaal<i* Unci,i fa* I aaiMa* jtrkl, of rboot firty tor t. wilb pl?a^?ot cabin* ao-i r?ad avooaao'iat out, for pari ?? or rlul-a. A?Jy on board, at tba foot ot Harrow atraot >ar*L rtrar WM. P. DAYfO?, Captain " WAW IIM. J K W I I. it r, ?c. GOIJI t.i aKD CHAIN ' ? tiold curb fiiarrt cba'aa frowi ? ' ko "h " ' -Wlai'ia guarii baiw from la to f> " flat curb " *' lr?a 11 la II " Waraaw pattara guar<l "halna ir-m I* to .', I " won pal'arn (aafdaba aa .'mo IM* A 1 " at^aara foar lt?k pa"#rn ...'raw |A la 11 " rounl chain with boltbw Iti.k . ir-.m 10 to In ?n ?? all otbar aiylaa, for aaio t*tt h>* a? *H?4a?ala a?>l ralatl. <?'- * < a Jit, _ No. 11 Wall at , <*' ni Soar. Gl OLD CIJAI>-. POit>l T <>n,d curb chat' U?a? ' w|- . r>*il p'a, fraai ?'< to $.?. Cox) 'urh ehatalam* e ca, * th aiamI ptaa, from t.C. t? tU Oold Adala <to rba'?> mi rtaiaj, with fle war p ji?, front ? 17 to ??!! (?Old A<i*l*id*, doablr atrtod, wtUi laaf p4aa, front $* to I*. I .aid w.ra rhatalalna a .a,n- ?IIA rtcb >?a # ptaa, from 111 to 137 ri'.ld Octagoa 'bat- o? chalaa, ?1'Jj (M fralt JOB from 111 to A plaatid I ranch 'UUIalra 1' carat, rraal., to |k?? ??'id cbatal'laa rha(a?. Rat Pa*. Ik oarat fraai |r>, ko t<4, aad all atMi atykaa ol at^ula aa oiua aa, far la m, .or >aia vary low alx. <?ai? aa-i ;alai). i. i i i ALU.S , 11 W?/ atraot, aa> aad floor rpo jfwhj iiw - w tNt if? wi*tm oi <kjw? j J *atcba< '?? Ibraa m alba t oaa, ly * g?nlkaat -n i jiiBr Vtaat. aa I av ''aaaa ? 111 r* f ran a* ?? ur.ty o*> a alty m'. a >.aa <?f th . /?tiiui !">?-? addr*aa Af 'AM li? al 1 of!!'*. KITH A PAY, fkOCWTY LtND Iirru%, M W A Li. I.THWr, fl mwat? hoi<!t*ro. aaU-ra a?: naaakaai, ta aar war alaoo 1771, or tholr widow a, <soa obtain taa.r war raato of Ua aaaat, P. f. iiXTIV, M Wall alooot No akarga a* Ml oolloatad. i. ol "vrV~ i^A^wt, n - H'Uirjf, aiIj/4. \iii 1) all otbora who a?rrod ia aa/ <?> u? waw ikw aloaa or aiaor cblW/aa, 'a* aktaa Ikao war.a** kf applying at ta* okd o'aIIjI*i '..Vi .7 IB ioiki i ?4 a* it to finrtaa ? D. * Mtf/W M AWora*y fat ' aitad Uua ClaHaa xfiiT" moa ntt Lan aV'd taou 'fa?" A^l ? Hoaaty taada aad * ???*?? pap fa* If a 'arj aaiWa, *a , la Wl ?ar? 1? *^*a? wtlwwa a*?l kfra^yroafU; o'.ialai ? aad paid Ba, laara ??a WWtWWf aad Ka'.ra of ia' ?M'? I'. ? ?Aan aal wkbara loDtntil ? nd ail kta^a of rtaaaai aya a^taa ( aJWl tataar* a^orod by >.a aralgaad aad kha wVUpa or aairaof Uaaaa wbo piria -d wAa t?- "a' a?ip ' Ithoay," wfM oa p*??iad > jr - M W A nil MOM t u AMTOtfcqrTiiii *?' ! 'HfcuuBwoAm' I aoaa aad * d?>aa*?a* maaaa, rta%aa ko forto , .tiikt'1 '?? ? ' ? ?? r ' traaly kHlnM) < f aaMatia tlap?aiiWr aa! t?r?aeal tllraiQ^i ia rUw ?a ualr-wOi Wbo WW *d havo aa np<iia w traaal, aa U ? ad ?ar" la?r tUlta lorapa la aalaaaa Aff rua.maa<'a'.i?aM atr^Uy o>?Adoa.Uaa A44*wao *tt !tx4o hi, lloroM ai*. I (,t.''BAiiA? ft* T a- >f. am> Hicri5?ww?r7 'J I mft'Ual nana ta Mr* 'aotfortaMp aad k> raara W|? o akaa to oaa?a tha oa^aA o'aaaa of a i?d/ /wtli a rtaa ta RkAlfatay^ oho la alaulal, aaoak; alpal, aa iW.'t all t> Aaaaatog a M' ara'ly aaaaakka aad a1? liaaata ?a Addraaa Kallla R f -^afOakd a . w Y'ot itat ag wWoa aad wkaia a BaaU^ ??/ ka ?md i r ahwaW a paoatoaa ?iarr?? y aa <a-??a ba prWarrad, "a ar'at baiaaf wwald awt a'.<M tail all . .*l'a t>oo* rod bo atrtatiy A tjowkrv nourRJ!.? rmw-ifto* and ma JO l r. wiicui .*-.?a iuu-o' ? a ?rt??k. Mm ?fMhciitt'oo - Oo??? lJ4 oaou ctt, 1 amtoufmBft 12 \ dM'4, Wra-a hm, ? - Mo-dkjr, Jalj 30. OCY MANM*hl"iU. l'?ri!U? Mr*. W. WbrJ THE OMNiaiH PAt Mr WAiLACKH rHIuniR-VfcrviKMR RWRMRVT A ? 'a 1? '* kbiuik Kr. aaa.**, 4tuM If J-aa B. ISJotlJal, 1IU. Pw?i)r? o'?in>? iU kb TBI OS HOfrtMK, pi. e*ra ? b?-tee r>*r MU ?l.rii.r* *t IMm; <ta*a If; aela* peraltrao- MM l,~>a l'?t ? NuUrl, U l?rrt, Vc U?a, Thib<?rt, Pigirr, M??< ARaa, AlWba dnna, eeila. Otmul'i', etc Le* port** oirrnol & ?V, '? ?a??*3:?r? 4 7't I,ea air*Ml da koatlao wren !? K hajrae da null Vmr p*uf Vm lrh'1* l^^sh" ?? In Jour JOHN H. IUfrril,w UK?NU riHIK or EUROPE in tuM.v uk Mcnt<(urJL, AT ' ll-B.n iNUUI HuuMa, MU lluavtli | I ,? uw rvn.arj I oeaLr- IW<it?uiMMB . a at 1. and at * N H -MhZ|K<B Ifiat t 1 a Kmaklo Vumuki la tba aaty pfeaa h bkdatag ma mai.iii! tartylM* aU*! af Hi* prl%aiMi trnni or ixncKt-r in k^ut*. Rr*ry ?t?ntai,a; I o'aloat aod erary fUtlMdfcy kM ta-otx a, M3. TU nutlt by m> ?lm field, ef Lad] -"aa Aa'rotrtra* Uiamaaai'a aifiai) m?M? Iktt tklt M larfeat aoat lataraaUag ud \ nWrttfuMal Naa York. It* m a a* haa a?u a?at ?umd*rfal. AtelaataaTT. EIUNKUN MUMCM, NO aa WIWIHT. ?ypo La the Bov.erj rbeaLr- farfur rL.i a at .1. and nam ?^pwrvi 1 tba (.. ?!*?<! sta'aa ?b*r* tk? Ma-i-l a r*ata ar* i1iH)|i al'h otbar *H(!n*J aatartalBaaai* Hmnabti, Ha. |j Bo war j. flBiSKUNML'-KCM, NO '? HOW*RY Honda; aftaroa** *'*t ?? um<, Jaljr i.'l, tj h a rkmefit or mi ft *uav yoi so, oe which 'o^**I*n Ttnarr Tot in l.?i>ia* ?IU apprar la tha Modal A? > '? >itk a jraat r*r *ly of ? itr* *at*rLalam*at. full p?rtlt?Kr* la *iuul a0M Tiie mammoth tiu:k <k cmjfobnia? flge awicaiTh af lb* format, aiww ?tia ti*a HiX baa* ? i|Tall*.), wlU Sa an nh rtl i?a> fo< ? ahvrt Uaaa at tka Criatal f'alaea, ar?.'i?u? to V> ii???fiura Hr Ik* OrjaUl PaJa-aa! rtydauhaai Ka?U?). I*? >xM?at vaa VWI *Mt; ?* /kaaaat- r 31 laat, or i>- ?alj IU>< 'a?t ta a.rmaa(?raaa. Tb* palatlsia, ilataarf, *a>i a aaai o ?il<-. tl?*? tt ?tk?r (urlaa)daa ara ?ull uu ??hi<ni? > . lk>Mi oyaa fraaa B A M. uUl 7 f. M. Adailaaloa OA aaatej clul*?a kail pilea. DROAHWAT riH.vTHk.? 13 Mr. TilOMiMO KH'KM HKSKKir will Uta pJaaa oa Maa<UT. Juty M. Ikn liooa aaa apaa. X*R(K)KI.VN lIMV. JCbV 31. 1A4A, I) IHI-tl KS(?* S?>rM NM--' a-1 j, Mr. U. 0 (fWlaa; I iddj, Miaa M A. f'Kari?a llli l| 1J11M - Taaa Maara, Mr U. C >>>? r'aa an t, *r naiu at lar tba taot tlaaa, r'Al'DY MltJ?' tU.V -I a.| j xr ?|. C. OfcarUa. fax qnat, 'it eaata, (alary, l'i s 'aula MKLudcn mi-hai. and tcx'iinrnoN (tu, Ua*ataa<l, Ohi . ? Karartva antnfaiaMM vkl ta ? ta >al Vba Hall, or Ki r .aai'iy baa la af wlaaki ila aad all tla4a af ai hlbilioaa taa pr<ipataU>r. A fa* aaala aa-1 fauala iln^ara aad i aajara waatai. Ktiaa aa abaro. H01JIUV -THKJtr IHJUTHK. Ral.nMOHtC - HaeaaA vaaa of Oiagt rtaua \mat ?*a aaapte. Mil aad MKH A i Hi IrtlfcM wba Lara achUirart ta U*tr < a laaatl-ma of Via lltMl UOV AND VANRr.K ti A I. a po|.?iarlty aa l II?IUJ?*'T or KtriTanoa ablah no iftar oppoalUon caa ?rt CHOWIIU) HoUi>M bura rra? ad tham atght >, at i Mra flnraaea U raylar oui'7 aurcra 1 taall alRbt la U< traat Vaakaa aa*( af " WiRMlS-ii AHdl.Mll " Horfi aad ?aal? mr t'n ai|>rva-y for bar b y Mi W. J CTaraaea, to *b ca It ateluaitaljr balnaga AO aar aaa* alariar It a?alaat hU wubaa anat, la IMMHa tioa af ? rifht Uuaklof paopl* aiaad oaaalrtad of pr?j . R AMD MR J. J. PMOM ? AN V M\MA?,KK vlablar ta W|>(< tb?ai for tka ooaiti plaaaa aaUraaa J. J. frior. 101 Orat/ rtraal. DKWT1NTUV. D' P lR. H. ntAH' Mt'.AN 1M1IH TINCn'HI M THE bait ramady aad pr??an ra aga>< at aiaaaaea al tka ?nth aad tka taatb, aad la aa aaaahaat piaaariaMat af kaadaaaa aad baattbj waaUi I>r H Uaaa' MUaa T. T. haa pram Itaalf. ta asat aaWbratad Kura^aaa |M olaaa aad aba^lrta kaaa narMnad Vot aala tllktMaa, M,S Canalaa ttraat, WilUata lUAda'a, xa Hraa*wa?: laaacl A llaaa't, lb Uold atraat, Itaab k Oata a, kit <>raanvlrb atraat. MN? w"ma>' c*s bf- i oi t who Hta viwr 13 taatfc i. J Kuuaaaaa. rtaaa yaor Tha a who baaa feat thartr taatb, aad lalaad U I tba aril b? aa arlifWal aat, ailt aava M par aaaltoyi). ebaalaf of I)r. MAIVlJUiS PtgriKKKX All Ma ?Mtal work praraa to ba ?a-?l, bailor tbaa tha baaC aad 'a pr lea ebaap ? fhaai>ar tbaa tba tboapaa'. Sa. 434 ?MMtviy MKDKAl.. SVR. IU N ; KK MO. 3 BlVLSlOW ? f r.l K ! , NPITOM, f aa taa( an J faTorauljr anaaa lo tka paMa, aap eaaaaltad at lua old aatabUabwi nfllaa, akart M baa praeMaad aa aaa bra oak of aalMaa for tka M M yaaib, aad aaJa aara aaraa Ikaa aa; at bar aaa ta tka city, ia taaar laataaeai <V poraoaa maaMtaaai taaaaalla, anaaaaf wklak ka kaa paraMaataa tarafar taaa IiiiWmi. ()ai?ai aaadarata, aad la all ea aaa a ?aia (aaradaai taauaa?Mjr iraat aaaaily, H ma lar 'a rod ma tkat a'iraa aartala dlaaaaa* attb.?i? Iryla# Ma poUaaH blaad, aaa aaly ka bad aa aba ra Crlaa ft. Ob* Mt fat Uta Moa'ur of iiaaMb R. ?aij?? -7 OmCIB-fOS THE Of'lu: AtVI elally af tka aaara tarar* aad <41 Haa-tkaaaaa, 7a. ftl t Ila ua taa atraat, aaar VaaCar "t it --"ittfat from ? to 13 A. M. aad 4 ta # P M , Maaday ai aaykad. Dr. cuarvm, u in am mm, ho :4>na kaova ta ti* tlt/raa* of baa York aaMba aaaabaaa raaafal pra^u .loaat tkla aaoatry caa i?mi af. aa? tiaoaa ta ba nanaaltad al kla a?i att.ea rater a Lag Uba aa fartoaata, aad klrlag aooaaUMoa ka aaay aa aaklaf baarl. N. l-llf C (aaraataaa a aara ta a.) aa aaa aa -lart*> ? a. '! Dr. ooMUcrr, iw i>( am* irntaju, mait * arm ? i)ta4 aitk eoafl'laaoa aa <wrVata Anaataa, >4 yaara la aaa rpaciallty of tba pr? ?-?aana, aaakkaa kaa la taaraataa panbaaaat mraa Ilia kr**taa?k u tka Maaa aa tkat pra^Urad kr tba (?>?! Huor<t, af /aria M. R ? l*r. < ,'a dlpfeaaa. aa u a' tka R Y ('a' aay ba aaaa at Li* offira T\H JUIINr"V, II I I'ANK -tVKjn llAR MMuKM i t ad aara ettroa tbaa aay a'tar aaitlaal aalla Waa YZr k If JabiHD a tr?atm*a la >a/a ao4 aa a*dlk kia aaa d n aaa aaa ba laAaa wl Jaoal 'uraf 'atar 1 Uaraar r?<*>rata, u<t U>a aiaar nfuiiM If 1 Una la But glaaa Ii wahi* ri 1 v?okt? ?Tk i rwrwn a k , wrTt aat - Jnal akattlxaa aaat akakaaaMbtMrt dlaaaaa? aaa> 1 a-araai oaea, aad aa>laUt tad ?<-ra aipaaaa. ( areata*' ' . r- ? U>- ??,rld by ta. laH'a I af</*?*Bai?'a Pnaad," Alb -l-o Uta aat aa aa ?tkar raaail.aa aaa aara J <TL. ra1><^t>r ??kt taaaa rtarad >a a faa koara aaulagaja aa it. *>a V> (baaJ atraat, eaai"?r aaat of ta tka p-baa ka aa4 ibta rapbt aad ikoraiafb raai ' I f a.a?i.?ra a4a? ta *av ?ark. A arj ra ararraaia-l by la. Marl. hitaaM taraai for rabaf aaay raly aa. a r?y?<: a<ara '.y Ma tiat aaea?, altko-al Uilaf tba ayat^aa Alkarabda af 4M at aaaaaaka fraa kaataaaa aat i*.t j r*4 IMr?il!TA-?.rT'. Irtli'i* . UH |?: jr?, A|?a?| far taa ai>in ta 'j?aiaiat af alt dWaMda la^'aatl* faaaalaa M laa arb a tiaaa, 7 a?at* aa rvatb atraat aa ' t i/tt far l?aaa ia'Ui aaaa ta rr<aa 41 1 . At A/a ??1.)' ? aat ?tlafa 'aabiatial Mai: <? taaa aaa talap 4A aar aad altk bdt aa aa. ! aaatlbaaaa bp aaara part Malta/ ftaraalaa. ta all eaaaa I araaar Vaa a irtaaa* prar.iad atlk al% .aa baard, auraag aad *4 M' * at' ? pari* ami umw mt* , aad taaqpaaat aaibav of tAa ataaH-ai AArtarrj "4?." ?t* baa?.. "'.anrartaatMH I , l?<r ? I .J U a?nat.lta^ at t. Rdb4* MM. a4?k;, wall A M u> 1. aal iHa fit I trr.ape tas.ata. a?a lad kaajy, |r<r 'araat of Riaa4*by. | I' M., P-J?4ayi rk ?a ptaj Haaa at a by aaR bad at a aaaa Ma aaa'ar ant atkdf , war aaaa?.aag It L a? l.aa (Natl ? ?4 """ ' aaa lay Rank . tatb laaaaar Hat ' uw/iu/f i-ka?'.;a' ij rsmmv aju? ma | r? aaaferavoad. fankarlr b p-apfl wvtk Rlaaar. 1 of Pan*, aad ollt t; a '*ia4?*1e4 araiai a# |u j a"y f?ra raraaakaa aaaa IWt, 'Mkraa 6a paUMlat ka haa raaaof 4 aat paaa aibtlt Wt*>il<?bad Mt aaa aar*?r aa-t dlapaaata* raaaa M Ma 414 ttraadaay. Ma IM raa af Maa?a Ma laa aar a 4a Ml aShaaod paaaRaa aaaaraaa??r aaiaaf, aad tlaaa* w?a haa* baaa itial H i <a fpavfll' a." aaMaataa, Mbaha kaada '? aa aaar van. "aaa Ua eAratmaa af ?? aaaar /aaa aaallaM ' bwbaUaa a# kka day aap r^y aa kaatay Ibab raaaa aaaia I adi idairy, aa aaat aar baaa aa^laai al <a*y aaay afyaai I4M at ...a.) otaanitaaaa ia t4ta fMn-aa rb?pft?i 4a *?. M a/1 a, *a?.?r './art btaaaM, Wx ??aaa attft Ida aaaa/ aaa aad a>i laat aaaai itta* <af 'Ida aatir al avapaaa, rata4ar faala^a laapr aa -.a ft a?y - ar.a? a*"1 AM tka a'araada a' pa' ?ata raart "r>t taa Ha a>a r) a 4M laat iNm tkat tk*; aaa at ?ay t a .a <?ealt ka aak acrtvar by trttar r r'at a p?nn r'.iaa- at a# bar aaaa, aba a tka aaaaaai) aaa. 1 a- ?p*?^ la '' "Id ka pp* pawl aad paat ta t>,?a *? -*?? ?^aa ear?d* attbaat ?? a Aatay. ?, arf aa , oiV? ..... a.ab aa? "a aaat aaa 4lal lafaraattaa ? a-a a aa*?, ?*a?a Hta 'waataaaal ?* aaaatrt?l n*al. aera'ai??? aaraa n aai aarnaaa dtaaaa kaa' aat. t?fy aa ?ka ae'wt -at apriaM r-aaa^a of wadla-aa aad b?- '?a ?a?ft? aaa-aafal Oaaaal tataaar ar ftaa? aaa ?aa r* ^aaa ? la 1 aad Maaa 4 to? OR "1*4 'i. M a..raaMi Aatba' ?* M?Maal la'?ra*al ?? 'aa tba r^int, k- ka , ta* tit Ibaa4rtf, utiilla *4 RI'Mal HMd St r? *r ? :r. ??Pt>d tTtr-iRft fATtt Prle* aa? 'a aa. t Mtfa ??a?? oabae naari Tba aa*y arrlala e rakaaaa la aat ?a R ta fa* a r -?**? ' 1 'bat a U aa?t Ataappaat 0%Ma afkaL a. Wat o^araary ar a -aataJ pMa>w aaa aaar krtai ifc? I (.'xr oaata a Praa4 bat ?t a**?at taa ?'aaaraabai ' ta afaa ? ?,atl.| abtaaa' aa aa atare *?af aaa >ara.' >-y aaa Aaaa Odea Caa*! at ?*! <aa '? ""t af MuMM " i ? ? tw* ? a ?rn<t?i 'i *mut ? t* a*iu a a 'aa lay a, afha aaa| * , . aadOriaa. ta aa ?a ta aak4 . aa a' ee#B M.'I aaad '-aal tba paa aad r*r?tt /'<!' M DA4aN a! I , (pa r'taat, %aa* lyk, N T.

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