Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1855 Page 3
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SlfcUS of the Times in ? Potot ot 1TUW * IFts a me U*i(oi? luuu*, Jtl; 21 ] The !a.k 1 sns in New Yo-k Writ rtrched the highest amount ever ki own. beii g oa'y ft million cud a half t>a rt of one huidied mtillncd ot dollar^ *^fce Baeton bi&ki are equally e xparded, haying m cieasei ihur loaia during tae put week mora tout ? quaiter of >> mi.'Hon, wbi> tfifir specie lias been recuced to t:e >ame ext?n>. Tiiis extraordinary expaiiks hi# taken p!?rr at a time wt-en legnlar cc mmetcial * iua^enfr ts tad business paper are tat. maud t> have lea retuced near y cue half beiow their uauai amount at thla eetfun of the year. Tbe t*Cfc??.y iolcrence ia.tbfttthe great increase ot lr?i.n L?* tivta made upoa temporary hyp itheca t'o- f. o! stock, aed tbat they have contributed largely to simulate *ijck speculations. Tntie are three cir cumstaicea wt'cb must, whenever tbey occur, cause ? bLiidtu connection of the Now York bank liana, and produce toe usual resu.ts which follow npon tins opetatoo. It is tvpected tbat the imports will I latgely increase vti? soon. This Tacts upon the ban Wa in ? tw< fola u ancer? it causes ft drain of *i ecie abroad to pay the foreign creditor, aud a ciain cf ape te at bun 8 trom the binka into the - iuieteudtut txeasn y ur the puipcte cf pacing tha duties. Ween the enctmont crops of tie present season ?ie reely lor maiket, New Yo?k city will become largely irdfb'.ed to the agricultural districts for the flour, wt ratted corn firwarded fortale; and the gold wbico h?e of late been freely drawn trom the country towi a and ci'iee, must vnta equal freedon be leiuinad to ett'le the ba'anoe of trade, which thea wi 1 1>.? cu/ued against to? njabcard. Commer cial traufactiora ko long >e?tri<;ted by groundless aiain^t cf v.duui kiuds, Will once more resnme their acctu-tomeO activity. The tit ct rf tiat upon bank leans will j'lkt ?rss be twofold. Ttie large deposits, which, u)v 13 rg idle for want ot profitable employ irf tt, a e at>de to lornr the basis of large discounts, will be withcr&wu in order to be employed In regu la r buaii t s. iu adcit oc to this, tbe merchants will require for tht diacoui t ot t tir business paptr ft large pnrtiia ot toe motnj an w loaced on demand by the batiks tor tbe purposes of speculation in sttik*. The coubtiy bai ks v* ;1I also call borne t:eir present ba lances ia New Yo;k, In order to m'tke toeiroos umirj acvatcjs to the mlllera and owners of pro duce. We caouot, therefore, agree with one of the prin cipal flu s at *1 waters for the New York pre^s, tut it would be pe.lectty aafe tor tha banks of that city ?till luiUrr to expazd their present line of dis counts, merely because they bapp?n to have on band leur or flvs miliiocs more of specie than they had at tbe lug period of last je?r. Enn at its pit sent amount, $1(1.000,000, the specie basis i? abeurdly and danverously email with reter enc? to the etotmooa magnitude of the transactions built; opens t,ftirow a roondati' p. According to the latest returns, the leans of the Baok of Ihgiand ur<t>n pobiic and private seouiities amounted to only $1 20 .0(0, (K'O, while tbe speoie In their vaults exesea ed $90,000 ooo If this ratio of speoie to ioaas is deemed r*ce**aiy by the Bank of England for ltd wcutity, hew can it be cocs'dered safe tur the New York bar ka to 'e nd $100 000.000 with a specie ra se! ve ot cn ? $1(1 000,000 ? A very alight turn in the rate cf < xe&ange, or in tbe cunent ct imports, would drain them of half of their plManss cf gold in a few wetka. It is, aire over , to be boi ce in mind tbat tha real capital of the 'banks, which p/o ets to lend a hundred millions, is only ftboat fifty millions, and consequently one -half of their loacs merely n presents a fictitious valae or arbitrary expansion of tbe cnnency which has no substantia < x stence, and is exposal at all times t) bofuddeoiy wirh.Uawn or materially reduced, to tha frlevaua :rjaiy of these who are dependent upon oans. Regatta on the Connecticut River. [I i cm the Hoaton Advert ner, Jul; 23 ] Our leaders are already aware that a cnanenate for a nee bavicg been th own down by ths boat clubs ot Yale College to thoia of Harvard College, ftrthogemenU were made for ft race upon Connecti cut river on Saturday last. Tha boats cr the two colleges ware meaiured against *acb other three years ainje, upan Lake Wianlpistiioxee, on whioh oc ?si >n the Cambridge boat (the Ositda) beat all her competit jrs from Yale College, b arug eft' the prize. The appreheniton wasveiy generally felt atCsmbridge, however, that this rebu;t wruld be reversed in this now raie, as it waa MteVld tbat defeat had btimuUtad the Yale men to tan ru:cba&e cf b ats and to renewed practice in X' wing. Tbe preliminary a oi the race wete eettad but little more than a week ago, and tbe exaltations ar.d literary exerciecs of th9 past week bare allowed the Harvard men but little tune for prepar.tory practice. The challenge, however, waa accepted, and the midnight train of Saturday brings up :be Intel igwes tbftt both tae Harvard boats beat the Yale boats, tbe tiaa of the best being abjut 22 mlnutea for th) , distftaca oi thiee miles. The prze (an elegant set of color?, presented by the citiztos of Sprirpfleld) was won for Cfttnbridge by tbe his, of Harvard College, built at Caelsea. 8ae rah ltd efgbt oars and ft coxswain, Mr. Joseph M. Brown, cf tse class ot 185U, who was coxswain of the vic'oii .iis Omidft on tbe occasion of ths Wioni piisiogee iac? with tbe Yale biata In 18.53. Ths e ew wen aa follows:- Bamnsl B. Parkman, (stroke) ot the late Bcptomore class; John Hotnans, of the late Frfabmsn class; William H. Elliott, of the late Sophomore class; William Croninshield, of the late Fiesbman class; Cant lee F. Walcott, of the late Sophomore cla*e; (J banning Cl*pp, ol ttie la> Btnlor class; William G. Goldsmith, of the lets Hiphomore class; scd Joaiah N. WiUftrd, of the Iftte Sopnomore class? ail, of coarse, of Harvard College. The 44 Y- Y ." ot Harvftrd College came In second This atrftx gt ly naitod boot, built ft'. St. John, pulled four oftrs. v>z: Hestrs Langdon Erving, of the graduating claw; John Erviag. of the class of 1863; Alexancer E. K. Agaasf?;, of toe graduating class; and Samuel G Permit, of the late innior class, all : of otutae of Haivard College This boat cftrriei no oixawftin Tna distance was three miles. Tha b.ata started , at 4h. .'Mai 33s. P M., and came in In the fallowing ' oitier and time:? Ilia, of Harvard 21 mle. 5i sec. | Y. Y.,of Hatvard Tl mis. 4> sec i Nereid, of Ysls ? 24 min. 45 sec. ' Nsutilus, if Y-tie .f. ... . 25 min. 4."> sec. , Making tbe allowantfis for size required by the | rules, the Ills beat the Y. Y. only tnree seconds; while beta weie three minutes ahead of the Yale i boats. This intelligence will be moat gratifying to the sons ef Harvard everywhere, and we congratulate our Cambiidge fiienas on their trinaphast and al ! moat unexpected success. Tbe art of boating is ft most mftoly exercise, and ex rellence ia it !a no mean lauiel to be bcundftbont the broes of thoae distia Si'uhed a the walks of letters. Its cultivation adds ose gra es of body which ate some'Jmes larked by those tco tx ? at i rely devoted to the stndy of books. 1 snd we are ie.iotced that it ia noi neglected in our college*. Adjournment of the Court of litma. On Saturdsy last, the following named gentlemen wtreswern Aitirneys of the Court:? CharleaiJ. Mc l>r>iiald, of Ge rgia; P. B. Fendall, David A. Hall, Wiilim J Stone. .fnn.,and Charlea H. W,nder, of WaahingUo; and John W. Bryoa, of New York. Respecting the question of one judge acting In vacfttion, tae presiding Judge remarked Toe Court consists cf three judges, end it la ft well aatablianed print lple of law that whea a tribunal cf three ia estaoiiahed a'l must be present to act*, but two say decide a question ??ainst one. Two can not, bowtrer. constitute a qaoram, and ofoourse ane cancot s-,t in vacation, unless exprefsly antbo r '.ed by law so to do. Some further legislation ia neceamy. ( in less apectilo power is conferred, all must be present to constitute tbe Coari ; one can not in acy cue act ftlone. Bespertiog caws entered on ths trial docket, ds pendlpg In whole or in part on do umentary evi dence. the evidence mast be filed with the petition. , If the documentary evidence it on (lie ia the depart- t will not bo rtqalreopo be fll<d with the ' ease. In the case of G. A, Magruder (No.61) an amend i acett was silowed. When important facts are added in an amead ' meat it, must, by the in<aa of tha sworn to. 1 Ia the cues submitted the decision of the Court , will rot be announced ia vacithn. The Cv urt adjourned to the 17th of October next 1 Diutb sr Ya.i.ow* is PirraauHO lvrmt ntnifcx oi rtir. Board or Hbaith ? A man named On?aa, residing oa Poplar alley, In tha S xth ward, late'y rettunea from down the river, died yesterday at hia tesider ce. of yellow fever. Infarmatioa was given to the Hiard of Health, and Mr. Fortune d?spfttrh*d an order to have tbe b)dy immsdlately : tuned. Tbls the friends of Vie docea ted refusal to d>>: but the police be'ng aent to tha boose, car riages and a hearae were sent for. Tbe friends ; again determined he ahoald not be buried until this 1 morning, and disnlmed the ve'iicles; whereupon Mr. Fortuns deepstchei the whole poliee, with a : fnrnituia car. with ordera to forcibly take the body I to a butial gtcnnd, and arrest any who teaistel. ! Fortncatriy 10 disturbance ensued, and the boJy waa left in the Crtbollc cemetery ?t Uwrenceville. Three or four other ceeee tn ths same lo ftlity are repotted. Ono of them ts a brother of Timot y Murray, the voang man who died at Louisville a week kd, of yellow fever ?Pitfburf Journal, .U>/) 21. I! nlted States C easwalselMSct'e Court. Bsfors Oeorg ? F Rstts. Jt't.r V.?' Tbs esss of ths nlo- s>?iasB ebsrf?l with rsvolt bosr-1 ths Aewrirsii thpHasaibsl, wss scsta troufht l? f ?e? tbs Commlssioasr sa<t ths scans I were r^rnuitted far trial. Awtkr Chary of Rrrib -Jo?sph Mrtt msld wsa h?H to Hitft a eoaiplslat ef rsfusiag to do dstr as Imr I tfis sM# Kartell. The Street Cleaning Machine*. Offick Commissions* or Stukts ud I.impi, I Niw You, JaJy 23, 1855. f TO TBX KDXTOR OF TBI HXKALI). Enclosed joa will find my answer to the commu nication from his Honor the Major, sddrsaed t) mo '? i elation to the estimate* of Mem re. Bmith, Beoke1 4 Co., tor cleaning a portion of the streets of oat city, whicL is published in yojr paper of tois date. By publit bing my reply In j oar paper of to m irrow morning, you will oonfer a fa Tor on jour obedient seivant, ? A J. E. Eblwo, Commissioner of Streets and Lamps. I'KPAKTMBNT Of BTKKKW AND IjAMFB, I Nkw Yoax, July 23, 1865. f Hon. 1'u>amx> Wood, Mayob:? Yours ot the JOth lust, is received, and la reply I would tta( ectfolly state the following reasons for the delay in cocuammating the contracts for denning tbe atieets with the ioirest bidders:? Tie Board of Aldermen and Council men, some time nice, parsed a leaolntion requiting the Heads of I'epartment to tend all contracw to the Common Council lor confirmation previous to con eluding the wmr. Aidtla section m of the ordinance directing that to coi tract for the payment of which an ap prepiiatlcn baa not pre*iou?ly been made, snail be I rigicil or txccu'ed until eucti contrnot and ail osti um; s relating thereto, shall have been Laid b a fore tbe Common Ccunctt, and an appropriation male therefor. Th*. appropriation called for by my ptedeaesmr was 'oi cleaning the streets for they ear 185."), based cu the contracts then in existence. In consequence of tbe ^glect of the contractors, a portion of the contracts sere declared void by ae, and 1 then, wi'h j oi r concurrence. proceeded to clean the street' until tbe balunoecf the contracts wea'd expire. ibe vait smennt cf filth, sefces, garbage, A-?., that wss left by tbe contractors in the streets, required an additloial force of men and vehicles to remove the tame, acd of course added greatly to the ex penre, In consequence of whiob the appropriation was reduced to a low figure, not leaving more than enough to carry the department through to the first ot August. 1, in accordance, therefore, with what I believe to be tbe true meanirgand intent of the ordinance 4!>4, submitted to tbe Board of Councilman all tae esti mates and tbe names of the lowest bidders, togatler with tbe amcunt of each eatimate, for confirmation, and n? o submitted a statement of the expenses for tbe luoi six months, asking for aa appropriation at j tbe same time. Ap a public officer I feel anxious to promote the public good as fsr as lies in my power, and at tbe same time to comply strictly with what 1 believe to be my duty. My udvortirement calls for proposals for cleaning , the streets for one year from tne date of the execu tion ot the contract. Consequently, therefore, there should, acoordlog to the ordinance, be an approprla j tion made ior tne year named before -I have the power to execute tbe same. Until the appropria tion is made to cover the expenditure ciUed for in tr e estimates, It wcnld be Involving tbe department ? in difficulties of a serious nature to give oat con- ' tracts acd bave no moiey to pay them with. These aie my reasons ror pursuing tae course I bave taken, l may be mistaken in my opiuion, but am willing to be conected if wrong. My II tentlous are to do right in this and all other matters apper taining tithe department over which I presid). I ] can ree ao reasons, nor hare any been offered to me, to induce me to alter the coarse 1 bave taken in this | matter. It is cow In the bands of tae Common I Council, and I am ready to fulfil thrr instructions immediately on tbe receipt of the same. In tCe mentime I shall pro;eed to keep the city ; as clean eg postlolf , and remit no exertion an loag ; an the biatce of .the appropriation for 1855 may < last, which will be probably one weak more; | alter that time, I do not at present see how we can precee d without an appropria'Jon from the Common Council. In irgaid to tbe communication of Smith, Ssckel : A Co. to ycu, aod which I have seen in the morning | papers ef to-day for tie first time, I would re ?p< ctfuliy state that they bave not represented the fade cf tbe case in a tiue and just light to yoa; > for wt at purpose t bey nave doae so, I am at a lots 1 to ktcw. At tbe opeLing cf the estimates o& tbe 12th in ; staiit, a large number ol them were deolared tnfor I mal by the Comptroller; among these were the b ds 1 ot Smith, Seckel & Co.. ail of whloh lacked the very ' important leqnisite called for by tha ord nance, No. j ?198, namely : "It (tbe estimate) sh ail be verified by the oath in writing of the party miking the estimate, ! that tbe several matters stated therein are in all respects t;ne." Ibe mhsicn of the affidavit, I th<nk, was ratal to 'heir estimates, aud rendered them informal; but I finally, by the advice ot the Corporation CoutwM and the Comptroller, alio red them to make the affi davit within twenty four hours, under the rule that eiroacf form may be so altered. W he ther this omli won of an affi davit was an error of term or of substance I leave to o*bers to decide. | To show that I acted fairly in tbe matter, I not only allowed them twenty four houra, but extended the time laity eight boors longer, la order to &c jomato dale them. Tbey .state that I notified them to prodaoe fieir eceuiities with a view of cloaing said contracts. This is fake. I never did notify them for any sash pur pose; SLd tbey wen knew and understood at tha time that tbe p> rods who were willl og to go their security, provided the contract was awarded to them, were only required to make affidavit that tbey were worth the amount that they were willing to be bcund for. This 1 at tbe time repeatedly tola thrm, acd they so understood it. 1 also informed tbem repeateoly that they were only correcting the mistakes tbey bad made in their estimates. Immediately after tbey had so altered their esti mates and made them In form, tbey, much to my surmise, demanded of me tbe instant execution or tbe oontracts with tbem. This hasty sad nn;ailed for action cn their part I treated wito the contempt it detervtd, ard informed tbem I should notify tbem when tbe conflicts wee ready, if tbey were con filmed by tbe Common Council. Tbey then de njareed blank copies of tbe contracts at a bonds, for the pot pose, I suppose, of making tbe contracts themselves As I corsider myself perfectly abie toooaduct the bueinees or tbi* department, 1, of course, declined to furnish tbe same. In their card to you acd the public, they state ti at their proposals are in due form of law. Th?y d<> not state that ttey were eo when presented, leaving the public to believe that th?y re<|uired ao time lor alteration, and that tbey were, when pre sented, correct. Thi y also atate that tbey were filed iu due lime, wk?n the facts sre tbst tbey were ne>t filed in dw form until the third day aftertbey were e fl-rel; at.d ( have my doubts whether tney are even now lega ly U'.ed. There arc other partiea whose estimates are the lowest lor eight of tbe wards. Mo complaints have been made by tbem of tbe action that has been lakra by me in regard to all tbe estimates received, ft eeenr.s sinanlsr tbat so much interest should lis manifested entirely for this c mpaay, sad that the others, who are equally entitlei to their claims, j sLoold be overlocked. For my part, I shMl endeavor to deal equal and exact juati:e to all parties. ?11 complaints that may be ma<ie to you in rega-1 j to ire ?tieets will be att?;..ded to iartanUy i<y *;n.l ir g to Vbia offioe. Many of the complaiots are made | withe tit cao-<e, by parties interested in bringing this department Into disrepute. Hoping tbat my views may meet with your ap proval, I remain yours, respectfully. J. E. Esi.iso, { Commissioner of Streets sod Lamps. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOHBT MARKS'*. Mo?DAr, J u'y P. II. Ibete wss a very doll market this morning. Price* wtie uasett'ei sad rlosed heavy. At the first boaid lire bond* of 1*7& fell of | per oeat; Dlinols Central bonds, 4; New York Central J T's, 4; New York Central Kailroed, 4; Brie Hail road. 4. Nicaragna Transit advanced | per cent-. Cumberland Coal 4; Hudson KUlroad, 4; Chi- ! csgo acd Rock Island Hill road, 14. Indiana i's were untfluaily active but (lightly Improved iu market va'.oe. Cumberland Coal was tha moat a rtlrj stock on 'be list. The talt* sum ap more than two thoo sand abates, principally on time. Beading Bulroad has been very quiet since the declaration of * dlvl deed. It baa not touched below ateMy per cent dividend off, and Is firm at our quotation*. The giosr earnings for July, this year, will not compare very favorably with those lor the corresponding month last year. The tolle aie no* twenty five cents per ton iower tbaa in July last, and the ton | nage tbaa (ar this month Is lees Tbe total groea me fcr July will be les*. but tbe net Income may be larger than in the same month last year. Etle Railroad has no life or activity. It doet not ! vary macb in market value, and we see at ! probability cf Us imptovirg much, it is j aelliag aow at price* which are considered ' above par. That the payments iato the sinking fund absorb Ha entire est earnings, thers eat be ao ! doubt; and as for dividends upon the stock, they are utterly out of the queetton. Fifty per cect f it an j aapuodwcUve stock is something very ex'raerdlns/y ' even la thsM minted time*. The eufreV. priest paid for Harlem, Had mo River, Cumberland Nicaragua we the rates for anprodacttra atcc* ia taia market. Erie is selling far above any of t oae atocks, and ire do sot know that it ia a oent bitter than aiy one of then. At the second board the market irai weaker and pilcei lower. Cumberland Coal declined i per cent; Erie Railroad, i ; Beading Railroad, 4. Illinois C?n tial Bond* advanced i per cent. The batlneta this attention waa to a email amount, and no one aerms diipoeed to operate much. There aie no buyera to take cout facta. There ate plenty of aellers, bat they must have baye-8. Holders cannot realize without submitting to lower prices, and the indica tions are decidedly gloomy. It ia utterly impossible to get op any apecu1a!ive excitement. Prioea are cow far beyond speculative points, and must c< me down before now purchaeere will touch atock In any way. 1 he Gardiner Gold Company have received the Bccet favorable novices from their ininea? la three d?}s wot king with the aeir amalgamator* '.30 dwta of gold w?re obtaiLed, valued at HO to 95 coats per cwt. Gild mining companies must aeek oat the roost peilett amalgamator*. There ia no diffi:ulty about the crnsh!ng machines. The ore can be embed etd ground fine enough; but nothing haa aa y?t been it vented in the way of an ?ma'g?nutor that will extiau a'l the gold. The ore ia all oar gold minisls rlcheaoagh; bat the acienos ia wanting to exnact tie mineral. The attettim <f curlaven UvegenuMs should be tuiatd to this fact, and aee if iomethicg cannot be produced to remove toe dif ficnitv. Tbe Gudiner Gold Company are working a tew kicdof amalgamator, and the resolt thus far has been very satisfactory. The traieac ionsatthe Assistant Treasurer's offlse to day wete a* foL'ows:? I'aid on Tteaaury account $7.M,667 71 ]??<.>? vi ucq fnaavy aseawit 75,473 64 ItaJacc* cd Itrmuri account 2,131,1*07 90 l'aid for Aiaaj oflioe 0,4l:i 40 Paid on disbursing check*., 120,190 70 The payment a today include $?00,000 taken to Wa*bii'g7on and Korfolk. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department at Wasbirgton, on th??0th lost., were as follow*:? for tin Trsssury Papsrtmeat 117,412 19 Kor the Interior Department 60,4>i6 98 lor tie Ci:atoma 13, 22.4 02 ( oT*red in frtm m<*csllan?ou* louicaa 33,015 79 Covered in from Cmtom*. t>U,57M TO Navy approbation warraata 80 I'rttwD oa account of th* 170,(61 11 War wartsnt* receirsd aad entered 26,415 40 Tie following is a comparative statement of re ceipta on the New York Central Railroad, from pa* tengtiB and freight, during the month of .tune in 1K64 and 1855: ? I'uiMttprrt. Freight. 7VaJ. l*6f> $320,549 33 $201,100 75 $521,710 08 18t4 316,148 67 101,430 03 476,678 BO loereess, 1866 jr., 400 70 $39,730 72 *46,131 48 Most ol tie Increase ia in freighting ba-ioes-c tome large private sales of railroad bonds are repotted. Amcng them are $000,000 Mllwaukla and Mitalulppi eight per cents; $50,000 Michigan Cen tial eight per c<nt aterling bonds, and $36,000 Bur lington City, Iowa, ten per cent bsnda. The receipt* of the Pennsylvania Railroid Com pany for June were:? June. 1866 $.102,174 71? Nim* tun* last year 227,062 04 tacrtar* $74,624 76 The value of foreign merchandise imported into tie pert of Breton for tta quarter ending Jane 30, 1855, wtsaa follows:? - In American ??wl< $7,200,126 In forcgn vtattl* i,42H,tc:o , Total $10, e: 16, 066 hecotu nuar'.er Of 1864 11,987,206 Iiecrsa*e...'. $1,362,210 TbeBoatcn Courier of tbe 23d instant says: ? A (light teviv*! of |* aeral buiinera ha* increaand th* iltmaLO fir capital within a i*w da;*, and fully main ta ned tbs outaide rate* of discount. Th<- incrsaaed bank !oana art ratter high for th? moderate show o coin exhibited in the lata return*, and not warranted by a prudent regard for sdeerna coutiagenoias. A portion ol Ueorectora adnit thin proposition, but, b?lu< in it* miLority, tb*j are, for th* moment, overruled and i Dei ccd. Railroad botda cloied at the following price* ?Boston anil W orcen'er, lul , Michigan 8'a, 99. (irand Junction, v'J; Cor cold sari Montreal, ti0'4; Chesnir*. 86; Kaateru n4, Paitnmpalc, f3 and 80 Vtrmont and Massachusetts, 77; Ogdenaburg, 60 and 23; Bullir*n. 39; Varmoat ' en tral, 31 aad 1- >?? . and Rutlas<<, 67, 2^ and 10\ par cut. Ibtia ia jitj little disposition to anil or bay at the** price* lla'.iroad atock* la! t off at the following n uota .tiopa ? Maine, 66'^ ; Michigan, 9.1 tVoroeatar, 91',', Weatem, 91, Portland aad f?eo, H8. Old (olony, 84^: I'ltrhbuig, 78>j; I/owall, 73; Pioridence, 10, Vermont atid Canada, W; Connecticut Kivnr, AO, ManrbeatsT ami i a?r*nc?, 60: I a?Uin, 61'4 , Concord, 47. S^rthara, 40; rape Cod, 67; < Ixahira, 27 Paeaumpalc, 16, Vermont sift Massacbaaatta, 11 % ; Hautb .Shore, 9 ^ , f onoord and Montreal, V>?. Ogdemburg, 4% tSallivan, 4; Boatoa ? nd N*w Voik (antral, 8>r; Rutland. 3, and 2. and \ armont * rntjal, 1*4 tor th* good ana 1 for lb* bad, par abate. Tie annexed statement exhibits the average daily condition of the leading departments of the banks in tbia city daring th* week preceding Hatur day morning, the 21st of /oly, 18M:? Naw Yuaa Cirr HajuKS Hartkr. fipnir. Circvl'n. IMpowi. hew York.... $3 427,9^2 Mfl 439 ?J60.472 2,82? 578 Manhattan Co. . 6, 178. HO 9lA.2f*2 376,989 4,0<>4, 309 Merchant* ....3,940,067 l,3?:i,77? '^07,873 4,942,767 Mechanic*' 4, 42$, 123 824, HOB 402,113 3,786,919 t'ni< a t. 647, 014 4CH,( 69 185,137 2,178.802 Ameitca .6,i)?l iftd l,'i02,'.88 78, 706 6, 14.'., 912 I liietif 2,481,984 622,441 87,2?7 2,.tM,6?6 ! lity 1,681,703 348,401 u9.982 1,340,347 I Noith lii?er l,03M,!f,7 116, K6 173.6C1 807, '<<14 ' Ti*Ce*maB4'.,.,l 466, 71d 99,.'!t8 267,644 794 88 J ' Fulton 1,692,7$'.' 312 3?'8 IV9,184 1,641,334 j ( Li it i ca I l,4eC,Ml 273,046 JH0 016 1,301,260 ' Mercbaata' h?., 2 682,973 38H 317 1 32,29$ 1,973,641 National 1,629,460 JOO.OO'. lHC,il6 1,012,60.. Hulctara'Ai l>r?.l. '.07,794 114,930 t?,4.a 1 120,687 i ll?h k iisdtr*. 7<2 613 63, $47 1(6,126 6 :0,iHl Ijieaawlcli $46 642 i8,779 ? {92, $79 I ? ler 1,949,064 148,167 ?0,284 1,428,21.'. (Hienth Ward. . 1,177,127 97,024 ltl,8f.4 643,012 Wave 3,441 ,.':f4 .'.01,162 l-S,e.'.7 2, $44, 760 Am?ni an M 6,761 47 ? 1,1V6 756 279,776 4,242,140 Merhaaica' Ana. 1,301, 474 K6.786 184,6m) V46,72( i i a. mere*. . .8 4M.840 1 183, ?C6 2,146 7,7211,6,4 Bawtry 1,027,727 lhl,160 174,467 8: 0,927 Rio*ow*j 1.4./I.247 1 6, 178 206,644 1,8*7,947 Ocean 1,277,303 117,074 107,696 087,617 Mercantile 2,M3,W.9 27?i,8l3 wv.608 1,6 ^>,6'i| I I'ac flc 120,732 14,30.". 116, 4?3 646,32-: I Republic 1,467,346 447,037 J,764,7?l n.atLam 711,167 76,180 H7,lh3 479,000 I'eeple.* *tl,438 61,860 133,047 423,949 N. America 1,(60,8^2 191,876 84,104 1,210,767 Uatottr 1.313,867 76,964 112,376 f 06,83.1 ! liv'rf 611,670 79,028 MM, 494 ?? ?,H.'!l j hatropolitan . 4,108,018 1, 232,1?2 94,936 6..>66,.ni8 Citl/eaa' 709,661 .9 911 144,080 600,?f,i I (iroeara' 681,174 149,76: 91,098 667,'*8H Naaaau l.(71,24'J 22*.',674 121,137 977,493 ' K?at Ktfer 647,122 64,992 9.!,Oh7 ,'!16,:i!4 Market 1,214, *42 97,62*? 116.176 971, 114 -t Nlchola. ... '"86 ."64 46,107 91,100 ;,99,*08 1 I fihoei leather 1,?'6 787 64,979 198,613 714,279 ; I Coia J.;scLaoga.l,492,6."J 114,214 8.1,446 1.327,902 ! Continental 2,9v0 K2 168,446 67,439 2,064,106 ; Ommonw Itn 1,14.'. 999 194,734 89.972 883,924 ; Crienta' :,61,8?K 46,109 94,094 .144, 644 ! Maria* 898,379 74,949 96,591 699,167 I Atlantic .. . 474.768 40,47 4 94,004 Kt.406 , Inland City . . . . 4 1 i,9?? 7 43,298 91 ,009 229,40'l I VY.lrjOoca. t< 8,64-. 23,60$ '.^,887 149,2.10 . N. Y. Ktcbarg* l?6,18j 11.226 1"4,1I6 ICO >74 bull* Head.... 237 097 24.(07 92,617 142,161 *. f. (ouatjr 118,81.1 13,480 ? 03,960 | TatalS 499,029,14716.414,999 7.407,048 82,079,699 I ijr.iatM' HorKB Taaaiucnma I icbaag** '?r week ending July 16,,. $107,601 416 Da. <o. do Jaly 24 46,440,16 ? , Balance Jor week ending Jnlj 16 6.02M,9.^t i Do to da. July 23 4,??2,34f. , Tbe above sgmnegatee coaaparad with thote fo ' prevtoas weeks, preeeat tbe aaaexed stateoaeat: ? Raw Tims Ctt SiiU. lomtu. ftiafi Oirc+i'?. A me*ilt | be*. 64, *44. .4*1,663,6*7 Vi, 0^,1 47 7,474,444 44, m,VX> ' Jan ?, '4$.. *2,244,704 19,644,444 7,049,942 44,982,164 1 lan 13, *66 *3,976.0*1 16.488.526 4,466,441 4T,$0g ,44 ! J*a SO, 'S6.. 44,447.994 16,372.13- 4,441,144 44.447.411 I Jan 27, '66.. 44.464.667 14,447,244 4,634,424 74,136,61* ,'et> 8, '66.. *4 145 697 17,444,144 7,444 764 73 923 Ml ?*b 14, 66 49 *42, IT) 17,124,344 4,964,111 76,794 441 i r*b. 17, '66.. 90.(64 031 17,349,0U 4 941,404 76.194.4M r*b J4, '66. . $1,140, $04 16 316, *76 4,464,6e? 74,644.721 I Mar. 3. 66, 9-:3*4,124 16 631,27 1 7,104,714 76,944,444 ! Mar. 10, '66.. *iS*t,1*4 14,874,649 7,1*1 904 74,269.44* , Mar. IT, '66.. P2.447 846 14 933,932 7, 441, 014 *3,424,33$ Mar. 24. '66.. 93 450,771 14,602 724 7,462 *31 74,289,924 Mar. $1, '$4,. 41,6*4.041 14 01* 104 7.n-,683 76,640,1*4 April 7, 54. M4WW 14,4*8 <?4 7,771,644 77,*1? '?4 | May 24 66 41,160,616 16 *14 Ml 7*449, '??? ri 'Vt'Vto Pi""* 1'.? n U ??? ?*? V4M.444 74 Ua'SM ? "J***,?' ** 42, 109,097 16.006 166 7 60" 661 7- Its -?<, Jaa 17,;66 93 loe>86 14:97*,$48 7 JTrU, 1 j' 04,029 426 14,706 T2s J.frt.UI J 9I13IU Jua 30 56. . 94,677 112 14 Ml 974 7 *94 944 al ?a, ?a> J,' r w ^ r w 4#1 n tn oH f ra 3 ? % % ' 1* 'I*-.* - W 16.6^764 7.6U72. T' 6 l6,4t^fay 1,43'm The bat retort*, com^aral ar*.th th,a< o' tie prerlooa wtok, obow ? Decree** ia d*po*it* mi : i'i l)*?r?au? ia *[?<> of - ?'6 g ltwrfBM In clreulafcloa ot . aia'Tlft iBCtteae in Innn* aad dl#c<iunt* of ........ #,Ji Thia io by no wiu o ootiatoclcry lUteoaent, but < b tte coctrary a more unfavoroblo exhibit hut uot beta nade tor many mofctba. AdecwMOin etery drpar? bat diaccunte ahawo increaoin* weokneia. Tl?e faille* eff In df poalta and apecie U a matter of tta mr st vital importance. Tbe depo (fl| t re bow no larger than when the diaoounU were near'y lire oillkti of dollara emaller. It i* Bcctaewy ttat theie two department* move along pretty umfoimJj together, and an expeneic* ia u* tele unless baaed opm oconeaptodlng Sncreaae in depttiti- The dopealto in onr batik* belonging to banking InitHutiona of the interior will be largely tcduced by the withdrawal of fundi to aid in mcving thentw cropi, aedtte banVa of thia city will bate to prepare tbemaaWf o for thia demand The * xpofationa of ep?cie from thi* port thia week will figure up nearly two ml llooa of dollara, wUiok will more tban abaorb tbe i xpected receipt* trom CalitMiiia. Tcere ia a squall brewing. The Connecticut R vei lUllroad Company have declacd a semi annual divider! of four per cent oa itapefened itock.and twoanlahalf po?* cent oa ita common stock. Tuo Owan bteam NavigA.iOQ Company (Bremen line) havs doclaied a aemi an uual dividend of five i>er otnt. The Ma*sachuaeUa Cotton Mil la, three per cent. The fol'owlog advertbemeut appear* in tlie St. Loob p*ptrt:-~ Whera**. ti e Ohio ?ad Ml*ala?lpfl Rallread did by caedct data the Utth day of Jun?, A. ,D .11.*, ,jj dul v i, corned la th* Recorder* o?oa* of th* ti?a afVt. Clair, t'l:nU)o, Marion, C.'*y, Wchland and llwunc*, In th. Stata of lllinoU, couv** to th* under the following <f*acr!b?d property, to *tl ,~AH V * ml *?t*te, iD'i right, title *n?l iatonat, and d*mund of, In and to any real Mtate In ol IIUcoIh, which hid at that data ba*n ae<|ttlr*d, or niiaht thnaafter 1>* ac'iulied by eaid Comp any, for anJ toward th* construct on of th? railroad p.ny we** niithoilrad VP conetruot lB ?*ia m*Uol i a Li*. ** ?bo for and toward tbo con.truct;o? of bouata car houi?. d?|?ta and other ffnaaifnta, or l?r otber iurFo.? corniced w.tb aald railro?d, and did tUo fuitlfr convey, by aald l<aad a* afjewull, maitta, rjad tracl" rail*, br'.dgaa nnd otliar ?*turia wbatiwrcr which ?n.?bt bo Dtaced or c<m|tJrueW bT ??i.t cob pany 011 any teal aatata which might b? ?*"~' fceld n?d or .ucJuAl by aald cmpant and dW aUo fuithar convey by W^oio alore.aid, alfengioM, loco motirea tendara, cara. innchtnapr, and |J?t p,rty of wb?t~oe??r hind, which thea th?r?atter b? owned by ?a>d eom paay , and to)J?. income, ier?uue, laaue* ana proflta of tha proparty thereby con?e)ed, anAdid furtbar cooray, by -^ald tw?a aa nfoi'iald all prirUefei, franchltea, caaamentu, rt^hta ! a whmtapaver. attbat data poaaaaaa-l, uaai ? eij^ed wSicV m'iM X reader C^iulwd .or Loiataradbv faU frmpany ; which ?oa*ayanc? t<> \ha ut.dtiafaned waa in tru?t to aacnia tha pajmant of a pro C awn data with .aid dad ? aacuW I bjT Hiaid fomDiLT to A BftOOB for tht ?um of ???? ?? l, on tie Sundiad and Ulty ?{?" Uwaawd four and algbty four ?i*ty on* hundredth* dollara paib ftva dav a after data, with laUraat from date; aad whera aa aaii con i any have failed to pay aald aota according to' 'itTSiw tenor and effect Now, therefore, aoUca 1. Lertbr airtu that, in aeeaidano* with the prortaloaa of eaid /?td ot iruat, and at the written revert ?f the '**nl holdcra of *aid note, 1 a ha 11, oa Wadnaaday.theSth day of Augont aeit, Utwtan th* hour* of 10 o clnoW A. M. andBo'clcck 1* M, at til* north doorof th* Curt H^,"nthe?lty ot'? Lwla, and .-tat* of Ml.eouri ?. U tbe nr- t*rty, ptivil'ge*, franehtie*. ca*am*nt*. r ght* and interrata hf t*inl-a!ora de*crll?.1, at publij randu*, to th* kl|b??t bidder, for c**b, in order to pay *aid no^i ,.d th. coata and eip*a*M of ^'xivW K, Tra.W* Mr. Baocn haa addieiatd the foil jwtug latter Ui the Major of Bt I.oai', on tbe *ub;<Hjt of the rcjnrt of the committee of the Boatd of Alderman t) w.ilch we alluded on Sa'urday: ? ,st July 14, 1*.W. My D?4* bin-- A eommiivw lA the Hoard of *J let man of"t lou.a coo*.*t n. ot No.maa I tolman Hanry B Bell m 1 Krantuu Welle, uo ler date of 13?.h laatant jaa .L'llie-aed m* a letter In ie?ard to the aftaira of the thio ? rid Mlatlmlliai Kailroad Company an>. my ho lee. That letter not ouly ?mbra:ea a acopeofm l",r/ ^ ?trd m v rower to reply in Xha tim* limited 1a my letter ^ tba"thTn.Un?( to": C. W.ekbur., Km,., an i ..thera trrthe c.ty to dec\de whathrr U will m*We any ? If . .av*tb* io*d U> the *tockl?old*M or not, butiacoaoh , dlVa laniiu.ta and tu * which can only b5i^XK .*"*P?;lo, r >^^.t. l3prope^n o? till i>?il o! mi UOUIO. bucu * it.Uf l" but raapect for the e'ty retulr*! th*. * ' fntim'ahouid l>? taken of a communication trom l^T^iuZ^i'Xn r*pl..O to thecomm.aa* ?* innn.rf * aould not ba an*w*T*d. f, rba< ? that 1 ebould go futth*r in reply to that c ni ?Bntin me th* tnt*r*at* of the el'r and coun'.y of ft. 1ot.iaan<lof tha prtvat* ?U)ekb<ildert of th* lot 1 ar* dLi?Tb*aray own fa*llo** and du'y p.rhap* ra?|Ulr*. that 1 abould wale* luithir notice of aU that may ba un ^4... nt n t lie e? t ; aordl oa. r U.atm-t 1 hte* r.c^Te-1 P ?"'rdet, tterafor*. that tia effcr.a "d aacrfSoe. of hi.u>a to aecuf* to Ht. I^n? and ita eitixen* thair .bar. In th. oenar.hlp of tbia -_.i_ ..u ifnir tttiBtioB, M rbiof ??fiHrtw Of vow c?tT to thi nec.Mlty of inn immailiat* action, tb*t wa wy'j Jt! If ^aaabli, arrtf. at a ..ti.factory arraon "?.a L*o*l* of til* clt* wtll aocoubt e?p*c? lb^ir r*pr* ?entat reae t* lei for tha b.*t t.tara.t* jf th* atockhold ..a B nb^cb I tbsll rMOtco to co-op*r?tft. li ii LoofD to ?ou tbftt tho iUadlH ?otnmilto# ?( tlio ?ittss: riru? . ' ~s'vs&s;'" Hon. W?*emeios Kiwi, Maytr of Bt l/>ui*. Stock Blthang*. Moaiuf, July 33, 1V4 *10COCbi*6\ t,0 !?,?; '.DO *B* N i Oa R.aU 101 n. 0 Ind .-tat* ?'# . 14 50 do ..*30 101% SMXO 0<I... WW X4>i 800 CO boO 101 ?t 10*0 .? 84 200 do ,..b?l 10P, l(0f,0 do .*?"? 1'' ) <*.0 a.'! 10! ?4 tuoo i-oulia b * b.' ii 'H 100 oo . ...afK) )01 ^ 6C'0 Cria c Bt**. '71 ?7 1 00 do ... *40 101', tote frla Bd* o/ '7.', ti\ 12 WU L ?hora RH v. ^ o ohuj k iA na b?. tumuwNiii ??* lOfOiUTKR b*. lit; 100?reRrt >? if, 1CW0 ia *8 Ml, 110 dj .... al.'i 61, fttOO.N *c*n T'?... lOX'j lto do.... blO 61. 40i0 do lllj '.'On Mo b20 SI , ') eb* Ocean bank. 100 to ><? Jl UI', , 14 I'lik of N Amer 1C4 lljO do i1<) 61', , 10 flaanevr ii**k . . . 'J9^ 160 do *3 H , 10 Metropo'. ten Bk. luo I0<" do *?'! 61 , i!,0 Me Tr*n < o 1?.0 1H 100 do... ?00 .'.1 . li m do. ...... ?1 It ll*rlem ft R. 2S ', f.U Ctaton Co ? 4m 87 100 Reading R R. M<> f*/?t HA i cmb Oaf < o 2*% SO do . b?0 Jt>>, 4 0 to b?iO 9 110 llnd R BR h20 41', 110 do *?' 0 2<-', l5S Mich (e? KK.bM ?4 260 <o.. * 2# Sk0<1 ft TaIRR ??; ttO do bt'l *?', 2. do Hi , ?iui) to awl 2*',' 40 do ??? , 1 ' 0 do. ba Vi', l<JO do tht 90 I 0 CO >) ? to , 60 Ch ll H I UK U u 4 i 0 do ?K 0 2tt 6'I do .. h*) ?5 '4 ltO I'run t ite U (V 4', U do t?? ! 410 N V I en RR... c 101 \ nCOhD B04N0. ttVn Mum'I 6 * K O 96 U 3V(0 'to *.". 9: >, CM 00 dn b60 96 \ 1"0<*Jm^KU .. K'Of?TnBBnfc.. i"??; fcioiu CenRlWa .. ?*>.' I rt/1 l'im Hde, Id ia. 10< , (U 111 free land tu * 9 100 >t * Sir Tr l?b /> M 4.'0 taaib Ctal Co . . '.'V, xo do eon ?AO do.... b"1 .?*>, a? d? fae.'j 29 tlfT 1 i?? ? fal** "a %>,U He?ei-ir?m ? 1 l?ar? 4 uni:uon gr?- ?? of Btat* w*re , ii*<r. wkil* th* milium and hi*h?r -jiiaJlt ?? war* an ' bulged. Th* *aiaa tnibrnend about no. a 7.0,j0 bbia ,a< itdlag ii'iiaiii -tat* at $7 *7 ,, with ?om* lot* la '?ritr at f7 76, and (tra'ght to go^ htat* at 17 a* a It, and H II a 14 M for aitra tttnta to mi tad and fincy Wtatern. tariad lrr,m Mil a 0402. 1 ?a*l.?a a** dn 1 a boot 600 a WO bnrraU w?ra aold at t> M I 610 :.0, with MM* inf*rt*? aad common lata at 6* * t i VI -ou'her* wa* naglnetad. and th* a* ea anlmpoe t*at *nd wtth*nt cbanga la prtea* Whnat-Tha *a>* kl -Outbeta whita reached about 2,000 t>uahal a a eapaiat* lot*, *t 01 91 a 02 for a part, w:th ? mall |?Tti*e a* >?w a* 01 00 huutbei ? cad wa* at $1 10. Cara? 7h? eaiea raa> abwut 'i t tic a fO.OCO Vaehala wwrtara mli*d at 49c a 00e . ' ! wily at ti* la'tee agar*. ee|?*l*lljr fot ail la good ?I luagu'n Ry? we. doll, wlUi eaie. raporUd at II i*. f*??* wei* >,*>?t far Mat* and W*at*m at flV a ita ' ?TV* ee >* tabraeed 600 bag. R<a at 10 , a 1" . . aa taeoiee wae aold m Baeton for Saw 'aofil at I OH*. ( <m"? ? Ab<>at l,<A<i bale* war* e?Ml to kaia haan ?eld, tie market alo* ag alia e?tx ? better feel'af Mil ?tin g c p anda war* ,?otai aa high aa 10\? , aad ha* (ii'eana 4o. at 11* la*M.wwi ? fo Uaerpool 6<Ki a 600 bale* iniiiml ">tt? a w*ta tagagad at 6-?2d , fc.n 0,010 to l.'AO b?j\ eta wheat ta bag* were taken at .-4 , aad t 4V) ta 1,1 4 af can is ?ce, *t .v w,tb eowa* i*m at t\4 tbera waa n?ih no new H landun To Ham, 200 halm of " ttaa were ?*(age-1 at ',e To We.? a, .naae met ?are?ewt g?Wa ware taAaw at aid ptaaa Ikaaa wa< a< rhang* lo **U ia r*l*e for < *ltf?ra4 Hat ? OM hay ?a? aaarea, aad that in pctaa* ahipfag ar'ar waa hwld at 01 4 New Lay wa* aimiaal irnie rru'. w aag wa* etealy, at O^.e kg a OU, ali m< atb* tin ie<* - kWo-.t V? Vk!* New MrWan* w*e* ?a I *'. o el,* ( >idj ' C?>b.O 24*4 ! 176 N Y Can RT. 101', . ICi do b7 1' 1 ?, '.'10 CI k Tol KK W> lOv; 100 do 60', MB aria RR 61, 1'0 ?Jo . .?,) 61 100 do.. blO 61 >2 2i Harlem Itf. 30 U 00 Raadinc RK a TO 90 10" Hud R RFf. b.? 4|', 1M M.'li f>a 'K ii K RRNIIT. M'>*iur, Jnly 4 ' M ta war* made a'. 64 60 N??i_ Hr>a,i - .<tut* A 'A tbU ,'VitW wve ?t?e , lOV.e. J I'xoi enow* - I'trfc? 7h? maurke! fog new sm< ni dri er tt* atlee nr,hitc*4 ?Vol U'J bbla , aaw mt?a at (10 8u * fltt th?1( tc I c#w prima at 5- St 4 (18 76 , oU mm < . ..a-*. *; (19 ST. Haef -.Hale* about 1 i bbla camij j.r ma at $\> 76 ? (ID 'Z6, uU area do at 911 a (15; (.."Be uaeaa ?* m %'ti a tM. Lard ?Sale* of about 2i? bbla. (titan!! *l 10 c * lie. Bit* Sales of 15.0 kti-e wert mid* at f, ? 6 tl , aad 1.00 a V.O bags l-as*. 1b ila, ui bead, auia at P *? Scuta.* ?Tbe nukll conttaued Ann and ?'.!?. Tba ??alas foe the day footed up about 1 ,"ih, ntiilt. Caba ruus- , rorat'o at pr'ces tang eg from 6T,c to "H,c , tnl 177 do. 1'oito Rico at &',o? ib bond , loi riporv Vmui.- tialat of a?M?ut iSOO tibU : war. made at tie. ummMta'n rk\ewi:o imi my. RBWAIUM. ' 1 REWARD ? AN* l'RRSON 01 VI NO US ????? WmallN WfcM wt.l l?*d to the convicuoa of tli* perqgn or imhu wtio broke the brick pillars of our building Ann street, frill recoil* tli abore reward by calling Sfcour billiard labia factory, '.?0 Anastioet GRIFFITH A PECKER. OT -J RiWARO? WUX 111. J'All) fOR TUi: AR flllvU im( am*. coorlctionef to* pemaaor p* r?oas who, oa tb* night of the 19th instant, ttiUaioualy ?jt?r ?' aad laatroyad a portion of the machinery eat did other damage to tb* i remises occupied by 0 Jar <oi A >oo, koowo ta tli? Empire Mill, la Twen'r filth street, aaat at t'iist arenue. I.ANE A ma.miam, 0. tnl "Ji Brotd lUNt Qj 6)r R> WA1U>.? lX*tr, ON SATURDAY KVffTNU, tjya_0 -<*t laaUnt. tw? (10<? bUU, oa* oa tu* M*cli?Dic>' Hack, N*w ^ oik , do uot r#col.*ct what bank Uit othtr nai, bat it *t< baatablf Aof porioa tl>e n%m? will r*e?tT* tb* ab?r* roword *n.l tn* thank* of th* p<riuo loxr/ tn*m, who U a poor m*n, b J I**t i vi turm at Ko CO ('nivtrrlty i-ornrr of fwilftb *tr?*t, or at W. W I>raki'? biUinr<l saloon, cora?r of T weuty s?cooil strret sad Broodwa*. ?2.500' <Jh6>r reward.? STOi rv, on mtuumv sir,nr, lion '1* pri-miac* It' Canal at i o?t, a p?ll-psr iwt ui mull calls Arfa*s v*rj plaialr, and ask.- for brandy and waUr, |ia/ biaast, blu* aul ur*ra wiag*. Alto, a caaar^ li rd . bIbk* lioautiful 1 as 1 aa>w*ra to tb* Dime of IlJ.'lx. gt*j back with jslluw braast. Who *v*r 'Bill ratiuit ths bii la will r*ccl*? th* abar* if?ni, and BO iiU**t:co* aakrtl. $00 wi I b* pan) loan/ fxr torn who will g.T? aurU laformat.i>B a* aLall roar.j; th* thief. A 0AISMSS, IW CftMl aumt <jh?>cr kkwaru ? mjbt, YienutOAV kitukr in WmO Will aiml| H Mwm Iwtt W UltMi atrott ana Lorrr *Ur?t. os? bHS'lrnd and tir?ntr dollars In (.'? batik abl* mouoy. 1h* abova (award md ba puJ, with th* t!mi.L.? tt tba oan'r (or rti jTi>r/, bjr i??o 11 tin Itb. 197 Siuih itrovt aj ft mevajuk ? i?n, on ruiuY, snti imi., \ ) black aad tan Kn{ll*h t*rrl*r, b*antlfully spott' I lioni tb* tail, wblcb is lon< t'a.l ?t b >* llroalwa/ Sg> FKW.IRD -I/K'T, ON 8ATTR1UT, tlST Xtwr., t) a y%l.nw bull tardar alut, iuxk id ui aa.ui of Katnr- lha abora reward will b* paid oa bar ro'.u.n to ^0 Murraj atKBt. dhff RfcWAri)-IO-T, ON El'.IDAY MORNINfl./I I.r ijpt) -Otb, fa passla( frpai tbafnot of rbirt/ firll '?'.net, In a f ouritentU straat aUj?, to Itood strtal tl.enc* la a Fulton f?(rr *U|? to 1 ulton "treat, ara. til Irown paper parcel containing a maauscript of on valsi* to ao; on* but tba owner. . A reward of (We dollar* will ba paid on the return of the ram* tuOlirtrK luaf >0. 07 ^a'.ei atiret, up htaii*. ^ . ? LOST AffU FOUND B OV IjOST? MONDAV I VKVINO, AT fi 0' CI.'CK? _ j live ;rara ol a??, daik brown hair, b lac ii eje? had <-u lialit pants, pUm apron, and black be It. /a j ? f* will b? liberallt rewatdr l b/ returning him to l'.u I Inojatcn strtet, IlrooLl^a. J. 11 111:111 1?. LOKT-O S MONDAV L*il, IN BROtDWAV, Ml tween Aatcr place SLd Walker atroat, three lattara, c< ats-aiOK ibb-'I checks on the Cbeiai :al IIsb* I 'a j mi at b?n.(f stopped, are uaelt ?* to the rtader Bjr r* turn ag th* iao.r to I. I', i'aris, 611 Walker atr*ot. a r? aooable reward will baglrm. - IfAT.-JlXV SI, AT 10'j (J C'!.0< K A M IAKf IN j a Kourteenth street -tag* cjrner of I'ib* s>r*et aL.I liroadwa/, a loe'.tJ per. (olio I'laa ?* return 1 1 * ? am* to ^l 1 1 A INI.Ht - oibce Oi; I iae o>r**t, w!j*r* tr.e t rj wi ? !>?' produced, aad a suitable r< ? ird gift 1" Of-T-ON 81M>0 AWKK.NOfIN A VEIJ.QW TKI', t tier cok, )>ad a leather cellar w.t'i "Jtu* *i. giaved *o wk*a oat. The tinder will ba ??rjr haadroaia I j t?w>iU<d I'J lrar;ng h m at Ij.1 W aatiiaflwn plac < Lt.-l-OV >MI>AY UOhNISt;, IN A BROAOWaY atage, a pair of woike.i alippera. The tindar will l>* auitab'y tewaidod \>J leafing tb-m at the l ?un?j I'urnt tosl CompaB;, arm of Ilioa'lwajr ant Wall street LOtT? W.IWfEN MiiRCI-AMA HEI-OT AND M W \rrk, a \.ni taint. i.n tie. eont i.nlB( a amall aiB'iuot ci ictiiejr and a nota af dt|-oelt for ti\t/ dollars A y pet*t u letbiniug the ?trrae to the new htilora' ll iai* . 1 i'earl etreat, will lie aaitabl/ rawar4?l. ra;m*at u stop[ed. T (.1-A .1 II III \t" i:Y, I TWO i'ARCKtl, Pi I a bl'M of Kcoe< lal* 11a a k and I'mxa Baal, I?or *r, la Wall atr*'t, betw?*a B os l stiret and tbe .^martcaa Ki clargoNBck. Arewar^of (10 will b? paid if tha aain? ia lei i at tbeodc* of < A I . W Thur.og, S.. Wall etreat. LW-ON ^Air Hr?.% 1 KI'KMMi I.A.-r, IN A BROAD way and lllaackor (tieet atage Kaleksrbtcker i'Ce, a Barrel roBtamlaf two account looks, oae heloag lag to tba M'lll'annburif f'rieket C!ab for 1 (A1, and ?tb*r st counts . Wboerer will leata tbem with Mr ?Ik:p(?'?o, 66 Cold street, or with C. < oleoma, corner of rierenth e?eeue aa l Kigbtarntb atteet, will ba II bars 'ly pail for ibsir tiouble LOJ-T, OR I'AII) AWAY IN MltrAKI ? A BIU, ?oA one hua lrad Ooilars ob oae of tbo city bants Any pen'.n returilng the aboee to V/0 Wa'l street ? or u?r ioctb street .".e* York, t.r to lot HnUer mat horn stieet, atar -m.tb stirat, altel ? iiberally rtwarlod and teceife tbe tbsuka of lb* U'.'?r?i^i.?t J I Wet* mora, ISO Wall -treat, New Y u ? , or 10) ?- i*rmefV>re street, Brooklyn. IOBT-VKHimiisY KRINtfiN, MCTWnK Till j Mijoi . oSne end No 1.. ' 'jam ,?r? <Vr??l a oiatt < n lha Koyal Itafta Ol lielaal for pounds atar l og, diawn by O'Hierae A Co , ^a/able to tbe deer of Ibcmae Water* lb* pt inttai ba< beaa etop bed, aid the tin er will br liberal iy rtwir lad by return ing tl.a dralt to I* B Taj lor, No lUCbtai'tera attaet 10>T? on H N HAY 11. MM., A I'AIR Ot t. .1 li i epectsrlea between Mraroe sad ' roeby alreeta tia Hutgtta, kiiii am (<ibjA atraet* Tbe linger will be rawai f? -1 by learlag then tt ISA Moaroe street SVGf t* io afctitt) and a (? i?t >>ook ? ?ot aia ag a au? of money ApplytoWM blKIWII A CO., Pawabrobara 111 Uowtiy. TIIK TBAORI, A I IR.-1 ivrnon ' T'TTr.n WHO < *V p. ft' aace a aige amo'.n'. of trat'e. wuiliee t> obtala a g'od alt< atloo Koi'rets Wtlify, IltraU o'll'a I KAll JOB COMI'lMIKlR AM) A MAKT boy ran ot'aln a t'.itlom </ i(.p j a< at HI ' ROl Ol'H , > >aa pteaaea, IU i a t* a *lr*>( A ( HAKCr -WAV JID, 00"Ft R CARf ? tars, blackaailtfca. Ian awiaa boataVaarera, ?* auC tbliti ?ll!cara, til cia'.ktag furbiabe t flit tba forage Ap ply at thecMceof tbaeoaipaay. ?7 Ke?' at "-iwir ^?cai up ala ta. t.pj. a te H N R BOF MT H' Ml MAJOR? WANI1 I?, > lAMUt IIA H Nob* otbtr net4 apply to Wia Hinna. tt . Br. ad ??/ G? ARM MR ? WANTKD, BY A PROTHtTA- I YOCVt, I s>B, w b" tbt>roogbly at leritaeda tba maaage n t at of a (Stlea, a aitua* oa( bas the >>eat of refer ?n a, hef'tg llftd atar fonr faara WitA b ? la*', employ ir Ait. tees A. < , Herald utiee C" 01 I) f?>( -WA' 1 ID, AiiOODOOU>f>R.>i MAKEi' I t #t; s icon aia tlisi kn eo-ttl a t 'a 'lory o ii U?bt work Apply at l'*a44il A Eatr?bi' ? ? 131 8 It! vTlos * ANTIiw-BY A h!M,t MAS, Alt gartfewar 'o take clisr<a af a gre*e b-.aea ? raga ta l*gard?? ;adaiala?!t kn buaiaaae tW'>agbly ot at ' ?tlau if r? ,?uel. (.ood re '.mioaa 'atloas glraa App ;/ at It JcUa ?' , ta tba a*ed etora. WAMEr-nrm gooii ? iiarm\kbi ahd e i Sa.aber* Apyly ia 0"RM<V A R* M, Me ?M Water itreat. teiweaa tkf bouit of 10 and 12 a'eUtk Noae bat a'?a/y ataa aad the beet of eaAaaa ae*d WAvnit-coMiticiroRj' -man tr^dt ha r? (SI fMata toaa'aat awalf.ysaeat by Imawel ate apyi.' tUoa to I y a A B'.'>?ar US Pearl ftree: g'jr-1 Vagte will aa paid to a?ti*t bora wbo ba ee Waea a' t i'U ma t to att t j |? W AM Eli? IS A SRW TOWN [\ till WK?. A B?g?n aaier, a ca-. aet maker aal Va^ ??? ' ? a k p.ntaeeleg a .mail capita to eetabVeb btsaa* 'a a * rat rate k,i.tiaea?. 7b'?e iatereet?>j ata ? (ear af a I 'I par or daats, by e-| at ?.be?*eee' the 1 al/o Pa fit aat at ? oatpaay. '.V Hn i4e if I liUTIIMU. A< A iam, iv'AMrri ? At ''?? Ci'immci ? mi. t i ^wt leave in' M kit * woe.-ug ap i ? let a d.rjtx a <J ia large *' u *"? ** *? If ii >y h t MM f' ? keai ?y a. ag ea or iU >u rg Tli' MA .*? 1 etr?H, betweea 'Ity llall (l?B taA OlAHlMIt nmwvV-i'm* a *r 1/ to f a;?e? ef '.*? roe* '* * f* ' Oaaa P?>'a ?y aea t tt tb* twaeee fca| It fajfta* f'**tt tf .J *?>' IWeadwtr ee by ?t^tkrojgb ?a? I'oet '?* ? !*??* *n*?.? k; ?ir? t* ** * '?>">> PUTIfli CAIUMI. ?iath>? caibdm or etrmy nawjRTT.'Wt-f ? aai* tt tka IJaiaa Uri MtatfiMar/, 1*1 aal IT( a< awwat atw BfeaAwar, taMaAtair alaaia aai gaakke beaAs ere*saaatal aal ptala, eal?aa ta ear tt A aa^awtar ar*it< atf Aaaa faro aaria, eeaa sataaael tal VKT*?k?* a*"! ?? aOa 'n arccfti. nmon. CIAITWN ? AIXPMRMONN AltP( AUTIORKD AOAIWW ) raeetrtag m mm toatutf a draft for w,?T2 M-IM, l-?n I >j J. Mkk;i Raa, oa the Hank of Ikl Hiy?Mli ?I ikM oity . Im (??? of fc 11. Kowlaad, u4 iiiwl fey htm, payable lit Au^uit miIim, without grata, a* MftMM wateod Hold draft wm malted at AuftfU, 0*,, for R?cfcford. Eli note th* MMr rtathid frte dtotiaaMaa anthoat th? draft. I'aymaat hat too* *topp*d. CtOU7MRlA.N U)liMl WAHMINUTON, 0 C ? ) Iter J. C Ibnat.r, 0 t) , l*r?lMnt AAd l'r*f?tB*r ?f lutailectaal m4 Moral PhlloaapAy. William Ruggle*, 1,1. n , I'rofiaaor of Mtchaalaai PMRa ?oehj Mil Aatrocomy. Il.r A. J. Hunting'., >a A M . 1'rul natr of Um (irOOfc and lat.a Uusif^ < bar!** C. /awttt, A M , Profaaaor *f KhaUrto aad iv;.** i?tti?*. ft-w a II. ntaiotr, A M , M B., Prof* aril Ratttral Ih.loaopliy t T lri(? AM. Profaator of M*tb*matloa. William K J j Uoa A M I'rwf. of Modara 1*4 K (' >< i. a H , Ta'or 11 (>rMk nd Lilui Li J <? Null , A M , Ttacher of Preparatory T 1 . <? out m,ih t,.gtna ou th* tetl Wadaotday la Mf 1'iooor, *nl coaliBa?. B'.n* naoath*. ttktll Ui teat W? n't ?/ iu Juo> < tadi ute* for aimiaelia may togB air loed on Mob lay lay pitofltag thtop*MMjf ?f tliB NMlci Tbk regt'.ar CoUtf* cotiroo n^tlM Ttm r j?*r* let 1Mb dagtea of A It Tfco** wlahiag U do ?% m?i omit U?* an rat laaguaga* ,n,j p,ir?,e ? iitaVIl Coor** 'hrx _??at? for Uii d*gi*a ?,! It |* Aa tlriaMl* tt alto ptotld* I for ' a* of A M Mulwli II'*/ p?ir*u* *07 particular t.iau iUM, whrr* thay COS tm ?o j>iotl'eUly( au'i ?(U U?* *uSi-t??\ ?\atie* fa|[? xm BO rtil>y ll??lr tin*, *ul r*o*ir? * renin *U of actual it t.nmict. , A f.r?|?r*torr ilcpai tmeat U **Ubtl*h*d uater Mm genera'. finiir of th* faculty, wttb ?a abi* >(| ?n LeilroMJ V*?cbor, aaJ >;>?otel otUalii>a < b* (iroa to flUiDg pupU* to later Lollaga Hit a a fill and ?'J? faculty, ?ta l?nt? ar* wltti ooM (i> uca iorlt?.1 tu 'J10 taual Uo'-!H*of our baat InatMa tiooa, with tko'l a<lraate|M poeallar to th* ml of Ik* I* i:ml Kortrniarnt. CUrvlar*. oitli All o*o<te-I information a.?j b? i?<-?ir*4 li; appljmf poraoaaU; or b/ te'.tor to tb* I'roaMaat K'OTtnr TO IfEJtCBAjTTH AND MANLKACIUKMU. 1)i* au ).TMgn?*l will *t*rt ?a tbo Aral of Aujtaa* (v> tiarrl thro?(bout tli* wb< I* Houth *ai Wrat, for Ma* purpu**of clrriitetiOit th* rartte aa I adr?rt.aou-nu, a*4 roliciUaj of orJ*ra for ??rchaote aa'l iuaauf*rtcr?r?. It? r ag brrn for **v*i*l j*ar??ugage.| ia tbU <"-!>up*u?a, be I* ?*ll ar(ui at?l with all th* priaclpal bual M>< ir.rn of tb* South aaJ WeC. , aa4 b*ia( ateo pl?lia<*< o! an abunJin'* o' 'h* Ttj l>?*t 'eatJmcBiaU, h* 'aa bo ?ately lalud upon, both for olieiooc/ anl iaterrt?r. <tr.l?r* caa b* l*ft at A M flinfcbjr'* |*aaral froight aad Tirk*t *4?u<*> 0 1I1 !*?? . 110 llr?a?l?ajr, oppo*ite TrlaMf bulldlsci uo ter lb* Mttropolllao llaok. S C. ( WrRllMJIC. 81 trlhuUoa of ?f*Bilaai*.? !? th* ptapiU of tba r* rrboo'a iind*r tbo direction of th* t'hrlatiaa llrotbora, to tat* piano at the lalxraaal*, No. MO Itroalwa/, *? lutaCa;, July 24, at 7 o'clock P. M. Adalaaioa 'ii coala. ( fllMHi N K ItH 1 1 1 1* M 0*1 1 It! B M. Q1 ? ,000 -WANTV:i>, A PAi.lNKK. ffllaUvU 10 a r??p?rt?b> ea h ntaufaotnrtac bt>ria**a, downtown I'roBU (4,000 to |b,(XM |)** aa Cub. Th?r* ? -to rUk, a* tbo party will bara ta* **4o 1 k*rf*/>f tba u.aaafaet?r*4 ?tx-? aa guataateo. Apply ftr thi*a <laj* to ( U. TliUMP-ON, 11 Maaaau *Vr**t, I'jobi No. 7. |?tk)/kA -WANTUl, A PAltlW WITH llM, iD^Uvt ,R7 P??*J n?' 'bia a ?af* laml n ?nt an) a ?ur* rbaac* to tnkko a fortua*. Mltr 4*1 lar* will bo t?i*a tar 'lay. Kor part., ular*. afplr ta UlM( AN A HHAl'KH.TON, "1 Naaaau *tr**(, :4 *twf . Al togl* peraoo proterro<l VO TICK-TH>: PABTKOMBT ?* IIUOH aui;ibn Xl CI.fiK- A SONS wa* dlaaolrotl by th* 4*ath at IMo *?nior partner. 1IU aoo* (who aroalao appnlnt*4 aaar* . torauf hi* will) will attanil to th* *oUl*<n#at of th* af fan* of th* Urn JOHN AC< IIINCI/m ip AI>( fff!M? UK Th* nnteralgar-1 w.ll roatiau* th* comintealoa boaaaaa. uq' er tb* Orm of John A "ugh Aachlaeia**, At N'o HI l*< adwiy, cora*r ?f Tbaai** atreot. J'MIN AO' HIVCWWH, IIUOH AUCUINCMMK, Naw Vork, July 18,11:', MM. V HJ "KTinu P -If) Al.l. tviioM irMAr COSOM9, I1l? X'.t?f a-ti-r'an u bMr*ti>'?r* ri a Uag uaVr lb* Unb aa4 ?tylo of John F notfl A ('? , al (M areaaa, ia Ma ei'y of '??? Voik, la tiie H iur ?od faol buaia***, U tkta t!?j<ll??o ??' by bijI i *.' roa?nt. All butinaa* tilaiag to aaid Oim wil. bo **ttW I by Joba M <oy**, at Mm at.0T* pUra. JOHN > . WfJOU. ^?a Vork, July '.'4, IV,'.. JOHN M, MA' 18. 1 h* UBdriailUx), baring p.trUaaad th* aaUr* I * verso* at ,'ot<a f. ?kll roa* nue the 0oa> aa4 fooA baM C" ?*, at lb* old li'aeo, '14 i bird arruu* J<?I|N M SOY f.i. CH 48 W. S'UTKt. PAKVIK WgNUO-Tu JUIS THK ISfSSBk ia *a *?? abli*Ur'C ir.trhin* auauft' tara, ia wiick hta (Ol a patent at. I ba* >?n **tabli>b? l (ir* ya art An aetii* ba>lu*>* 11. an wttU K.OOQ or |*,,fK'j, aoalg 4* aril In addrta* 1- >allldeati*lly, W (. bo I HV HaratA ailic*. To capita 1.1 -tm ?t nucunoMn iv amaN *nd aurgary of mi t?*lr* year* ta tbla olt - , mm4 lata a [ hjairiaa and mrroapon lir g lacratery to a poya lar loatltutl'iB for tb* traa'inent of dlaeaaa* af taa tbro*i aad luoga by th* inbatetlriu of m*<ti?ol? I rapara, harlag a thorough koow'odga of th* tboory aaJ praa lira npoa wbieh It U l<aa*d tog*tb*r with all Mm levrdle*. aad tb*lr Bvte .f praparatloa, wiaaa* a part aer, acUia or al'aat. with not ??* tUaa ? ..'WO K*Aa fcl* parti*< oaly will bo f a.'arrad with, by aMrtaiag Iobalatl?a, iterald offie*. WA>TH?? A PARTEM, WITH A C'ifB OAfTML of $b0"> to II ' 00, to tak* a ahar* la a n*? laraa Moa, for whir b a larg* turn Ka* bran oftoiad la I uroya, wblcb would yield lary* profit*, l ull partleu'.ar* aaa ba bad by a4'irr*<!sg farantioii. boi Itl Herald ?Ma*t for tbrta day* atatiag plac* of iaurrtaw MAT A *< ! t J * ? A I'ARTNUt, IN AN AKTIOS A->* Wf coaiiniaalua ttoro? a rMpoctebla baaiaaa* atfa. with a raab capital of t' tO 1 to |4,'?U0, la an oli o*tob II' led buaia*** To a aaa af aaargy, aa4 lb* aboeo a* p 1*1, a ehBBOO odata thai I* aal'loo Ui bo aiat wHA. Ap ply at '4 William at /Vet euraer of I.'a4tr, Vooo aoafl 4 (.ply that caaaol put ia tha abora amoua" ?*?/ antki) ? a PAirrsnt, ktthck kiijent o? al WW ll?a, with a *apital of two or H.OOo, la a tahia b laioeaa a'r*ady ei'abl^aUod wbaca th* pratu i r*aiit* t2.U0 a y*ai and raa bo graall/ aitoa'ad dieaa A M , II* rat J one* II OH II KM, CaIUUAUKM, AC. BlO"0 llf'R >>' Ki>R Hil l OH r*f HAVf.K-TffC r*ry it) li*b Moigaa horia, <ir*y Harry, parfaetly anl kiad i-aa taa* tw> la a a kg <? laa>4* of lArao Bilautei Will b* roll aia-b *od*r hi* ralao, or ** roangod. A air lium horaa, aagoa aal baraa** takaa aa part pay oi eat Apply to hr ji. ItUKlKI, coraar af Ihirty ninth atraet *ad hlkfh kraaat V ?4 1 1 V IIORal - ' IN f M> In ft Hi IIAM AUOM J ?tf ag family bora* total aal Well k-ea* Apply at Hroadw *r n?a i an 1 ID, kotw**a II aad 12 A M or *ddr**a family. Her* 4 ofllt*. 1^'iH '?All? 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VMM Alt- A Rl Y II "HP! 14 M4*fM Hum, JO black tall, m*aa aa I *f* i jU parfatMr *o?a* aad klal. aad w U elan 1 ? tl. *t t; ?g wiia ftigt tab* W*gi.a aad barar" wl ao I ptaiy ar 'aad botaaa* I ta b* a<a *t tk* waer tA HP 1 1 aad Mar r ?oa atareta. Mr*ok l/a to 1 a'<r teya if anl *?? 1 F'>r -4iju a mtin iio?m> m? r> am 0141, ?Bitab a tut ear y Work. ' ?* u? e?#t a fraat af *Ur* ?l I.harty atr**? W ; S* a4d low fat eaak 1' ? t MOH ?' 1 IPMNK, 14 H MANIM 1 A gb, eigkt ?ar* '?? -* - f *al apoad b* raa aal b? *arpa**od by *ay b?r*a . aittaaAad aaaad aad k.od la ? riga ar Aaa hi* haiarn 'an trok aaMte ba thraa a. .a ate > to * r'<a-l ?***? *? aa aate Tka arte* of tAui 1 fa< u w Apt ; at Harrtea* R )rl*a1,t ittto i# Ifam'n rtrrel, a a*/ M*/kat # A l-*r BI aUK NOR4R, rn.Hf Yf.lM _ I baada t<? aoaad aa^ k al ta ?l baraae* . . .taa t auk .tl;*t, aoll .?ltot far * daa'af*, at . r fatally aaa A*14 fo< waat of aa* *1 IMtUba, Ml Rowarr Jr all 14 baaAa hk(b aoaad aad k al ta t^^ I|?'P RAl> ? 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