Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6906 MORNING EDITION I ORK HERALD. WEDNESDAY, JULY 25 1855. 0 PRICE TWO (JENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERY DAY. SPORTING. 4 tUALLEKGETO THE ST. JOHN (N. B.) UNION BOA" \ i Club ?The mtalwri of the New York Boat Club, ftfflog that the lute race in Boston, between th?m*elves in the J l> R. Putman, and tbe St. John Union Cub, la the Nepture, was an unequal match. now propose to row tbe St. John Clnb another race, either over the lane course or ?? the water* of New York, for the earn* enouDt of fix hundred dollar*. There will be do re atrlciicn* m forming the match, except that each boat (?hell k?vea nstire powtr of four men with four oar*. 1 be rare to take place cot later than September. Ad ?ciete S1EPHEN KOBEK1N, 308 South stroet. Mocking bird.-for sale, one of the great out mocking bird- in tlie city. He mode, cat, doc, pi*, hen aod rooeter, and will ning nigbt and day. He ^a<U b? eaLi at the low prloe of ttf. Apply at 470 Fourth ?treat KKWAILDH. ffl* 1 AA RKWARD-W1I.L BE PAID FOR THE AR in J \J t_r r+'t ana conviction of the person or persoul vie, cu 1 1 r ulgbt of the lfth instaat, feloniously enter o ? ted featroy.d a portion of tbe machinery and did ?ether dameqe to the premise* occupied by D. Jackson k ton. knonu as the Empire Milt, la Twenty- fifth street, ??sit ef Else t avenue. LANE k MANUAH, anl 94 Broad street. diQP P.F.WARD. ? LOST, ON 8ATCRSAY EVENING, wl&tJ 'ilst instant, two lltO bills; one oa tbe Xerbeclc*' Bank, New York; do not recolieot what bank tne othtr was, but it was bamable. Any person finding tb? same will reoeive tbe above reward and tbe thanks o< tlie person IoiIdk them, wbo I* a peer nun, by leav ing tbuni at So ?6 Untv>r.Uy place, corner of Twelfth fcinot, or at W. W. Drake's billiard saloon, corner of *1 woty-eecocd street and Proiuiway. ?Cn REWARD ? LOST, ON FRIDAY, 20TH IM8T., A jJm f_> bbr'.. and tan English terrier, beautifully r.potted "fi am tbe tail, which is long. Gall at 568 Broadway. ,<Jjx ff AEWABD.? LOST, ON MONDAY, JULY 22, A Ot) red cow, bavicg a leather beta stall on and two 3>rar? Inobe on her horns. Ibe finder will receive the ? Lot* uwaid on leaving her at 41 East Thirty third Htryt. between Fourth and Madison avenues. LOST A,M) FOUND. ICST-O* FRIDAY MOttNI VG, IM A BROADWAY A ?'?$*, a pa'r of worked slipper'. The finder will be ?uitab'y lewaided by leaving tn?m at the Pennaylvaalt < <>?! Company, corner of Broadway and Wall street. LOS1- FROM A WAGON, BY TOE RUNNING AWAY vf horisn, on the 18th of July, between Thirteenth and Teentv thiid streeti, a silver mounted whip, gold counted raae, and a pair of horse sheet*, marked J. The fint er will be liberally rewarded by leaving all or ?ao? of then at H F. JONhS' hiding Academy, 137 and 1 i ' Mercer street "T OBt? ON THURSDAY EVENING, IN A COACH J J taken at Jewry City Ferry, a small hand basket, "with oWul articles. The driver will return them to the house 801 Kut Twenty-second street, where he left hu 1?r?. ?jTl.PPtr>? SUPPOSED TO BE S'TOLKN, TWO GUSTOS, ) t?o slirte, and a pocket boek containing a sum ol .money Apply to WM. SIMPSON Ac 00.. Pawnbrokers, 381 Bowel*. QTRAYED? ON THE MORNING OF THE 18TH, FROM the city of Hudson, a red and white cow, with ooe *, ooe bora broken, and one side of mouth gone. For return of raid cow a liberal rtwatd will be given by DUKE. NMCELLANEOVI. 711 thtee sleeping apartments, to let. No boarders mot loOgem u the hcaHe. Contains bath room and gas. A few doors irom New Yors Hotel. References ex clisoged. 3rrt\ FRANKLIN STREET, NEAR HUDSON? FUR I U nisbed room*, for singls gentlemen, with or wi-.hout hoard; pleaaaot losat on and good neighborhood. A0C1I0N NOTICE.? J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER ? BY S. BOG ART. ? This <*ay, at 10 W o'clock, at the su> liea rooms corner Frankfort and William streets, an assortment ot household furniture, sofae. lounges anl losMfe b ? .1 wads, mtbogany and cane seat chairs, fciir*aus. Mattresses, carpels, refrigerator, kitchen fur toitiire and utemlls, office desks, &c. ; assortment of ?iock*ry, dee. A FAMILY OF THREE PERSONS, OC3UPrlNO A small neat house in Bleecker street, near Broad way, declining housekeeping, to let their house, Teeervlag 3 rooms, for the cooing winter (bavin* tbeir meals s?ivtd from restaurant). Bath, gas, and Uroton "tbioufbout. Reference required. Apply at 666 Broad way iu?t above BIsecker street. tAPf OFF CLOTHING? A LtRGE QCANTITY WANT eJ ? Gentlemen having good left oD wearing ap ??te. to diepose of, can obtain a liberal cash equivalent j 'al'lDt on, cr addressing, through poet, J.lllES MO SOKEY, 11 liai er street (late Orange street). CI/TTHING AND FURNITURE. ? LADUS OR GINT1.E having any to dispose Of can receive a fair cash price far tbe same by sanding to M. S. COHEN, 101 f hathem. or 64 Elm street. N. B ? Ladies attended to EyMrs C. CI.OVE ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS. The ?zcruciaMng tormstti of toothache can be speedily uelievad, by tbe use of this remedy. Eminent dentists have a high optnloa of it, and constantly recommend 4t to tbeir pa ties ta. Prepared end eold by A. B A D. 1?AM)8, wholaaale droggiits, 100 Fulton xtreet, New York, a' no by druggists generally. Drug .'tore for sale-cheap; for cash, rent lea'onable, location good: sales from 15 to t>? a <ay. It will recommend Itself. For particulars ?ddrees Jsha, bos 147 Herald office. yoH LIVERPOOL ?TO 3AIL O*_njBDAY, JULY V/ 11, the packet ship CONSTANTINE. For seeonl a or steer I<a?t river, or 1 cabin or steerage paasage, apply on board, at pier 84 ? to TH0S. C. ROCHE, 83 South st. IjlARM FOR SALE-ON STaTEN ISLAND, THREE" 1 qaaitara of a mile from Kosavllle, conalitingof nine ?cree, a g ioi two atory bonne i fousteen room*,), goii -worth $3,TC0. Apply at 67 Fulton (treat, or of J. k O. F HOIK . fc, oa the premine* A)*o, seven farm* at Osikstown, Rockland county, three at Hylaad, Sullivan trusty? all vary cheap? and ons at We*t Sparta, Liv ?.iHiitoo county, $16 to $'.'0 le*s than it i* wjrth. ]T?>R Ha 1. 1 ? A GROCERY AND I.IQCOR STORE, ON . oa* ot the mo*t eligibly situated corners on the Ktth avenue. Stock aad riitures complete. Tertni !cno<!at*t*. Satisfactory reason* given for disposing of ths above. Apply to LAL ER k BCKIJ^ 174 East Twenty Hi street. -TJK/R 8 ALE -A BARBER'S SBOP, ONE OF THE BE-T r stands in the lower part of tbe city, on reasonable tTrvs aad at a vary low priea. Inquire of C. B HOWE3 A <JO , 14 Nan^au street ?Jj'OR SALE.? THE WELL KNOWN OYSTER SALOON. outer of Read* street and West Broadway . will be ?wi'd cttap for cash, as the owner must leave the city t> is w-ek Inquire on tse premise*, between 10 A. M. mti 4 P B^URSm w: AND CLOTHING.? PERSONS HAVING any af the above to dlspoee of caa receive the ut most value ta caab, by *endmg to L. M. Dl'.HSETJlORP, J3 Ha street. N. B ?Ladle* atteadel to by Mrs. D. HOfVE TO BENT? A KAUTHTL AND PLEASANT three ?t ary aad ba-*m?n". brick bonae. nearly new, ?witb sub cellar, bath and kltrbsn range, situated No. 21 Ves'ryst. Rent moderate immediate pteeeaaion glvea. Aj<ply at 174 Had eon at., around the corner. SOP^E FOR 8A1.E? * GRAY H0R?E, 16 ? HVNW hleb will stand without tying, is eigbt years will suit aay person wantiav a good horse will be amid lew, as the owner has ne further use for him. Ap pl; at the I .very stable in Norfolk street, near Hoastoe JEA^K FIXTt'RES AND ST<X3C (IF RttlClRED) OF j a U>(iior store, for sale lor cash. Inquire at 6>K ? stsl etieet. a-nnt-S TO THE LADIES OF NEW TORE AND ITS vicinity.? MADDKN k ~TEWAKT,A43 Broadway, sicoad door above Bleeckar street, will offer their entire etoek af laces aad embroiderlaa at 16 par cant uaderoovt, for the neat four week*, la order to make room for their ne w fall goods . SECOND. HAND CARRIAGE* FOR ,-AIJ- ? THREK NO top buggias, one Lgbt rookaway for four peraoas, one chariot for foar pereoas, one 'light sulkey, and oa* cvscb, all ta good order, at LENT S carriage factory. Tb'td avenue, near Forty-saveath street. Shm>i?f'8 balk or rufeNrruRE and orecs ar tides, iadndisg chslrs. tables, bureaus, mat treeees. he., at No 26 Court street, Breaklyn. oa Thursday morning, July 20tb, at tea o aiock. R. R HIOKMaN. Deputy Wterin. > LET? THE WORE NO. 40, READE STREET, Atty feat from Broadway, east side, opposite -'tewart'a; has two large bow windows; a vwry desirable loeatUa Also, several raoass la heasa No. H6 Dunne atraet, east side, withla fifty feat of Broadway, vary deatrable for aay light maaafacturtag bosiaaee Apply at GEM MEl.'H, No *03 Broadway. ) PCBIJC HOUR* KEEI KRA-TO IJtT, THF. THREE story bouee 3?6 Bowery, known a? the 'Tub House Is wall adapted for a ? rat elase r**taarant, *upaar rooaas b Ularda, or lodsiaf bouse Taat $1,300. Apply ta OK). W MEAN. IPS TVaapeea street. HAIR DRESSERS ? FOR iALE, THE STOCK AND Ixtaiaa af a haUr eattiag aad hair draastaf ?alaaa, eotahlished. aad looated ta Hrooklyw To a nraeti ?al saaa of email meaas aa aaeallaat oppartaaRy la BOW iJw*4 to da a good bmslaeas from the start. Apply at 877 faltea street. Broaklya, af stain INTERESTING TO TAX PATEE3. Board oT SnptrrUonf. Jclt 24.? In the abeenoe ? t HU Hooor the Mayor, Bli Honor the Recorder in oalled to fr*elde. The minute* or the laat meetXag vara reed ud aipror ed. b- veral petiboaa in relation to taxation fin re fueed to Committee on Tui?. VU.LM MnHHHI. Pome email bill* were laoeiveg and referred, among which waa the bill of S. M KaUinfor far $78, for taking the oantua of the flnt diviaion of the Brat district of the Tenth ward . Biiu paid. The b'll cf John C. Wartell, for $185 84, for eervice* rendered in Tax Commlulocer*' office, from 14th Ik; to 21 at Jnljr, tit ordered to be paid. The report of the Cosniittee on Criminal Court*, In favor of paying bill of llicbael MulJany for $110 78, for aerrioea rendered In pureutt of tauia Baktr, waa adopted. The report in favor of paying the bill of Henry S. Smith for $242, for *up?llr* furnUbed the rountv jail, waa adopted The bill of John L. Ambl?r, for $38 17, for Mrrloe* a* C!?rk of the 8eTenth Judicial diatrlct from Jane 10 to July 1, waa ordered to bo paid. The report of Commu te on Count; Office*, in favor ot pa; la a Mil of Iianr; D. Johnron for 11176, for extra aet vice* of Deputy Regiater, waa adopted. hTorrpaoii or paymxnt to nuiKd appoihtid bt to* KAYOS. Tfce fol owing waa ofhrel by Alderman Wakxmax: Reaolved, That the Ccmptroller be and la hereby direct ed to t'iioontlnue the iurtlmr payment" of any money* from the city treacury to Wilaon Small, Jaaee Mcl^o ), Jcbn Vanderpool and Alfred Chancellor, who are ille gally acting an cUrk* of police and civil court*. The Kfct'oRDKR begged to be excuaed voting on the matter, aa be bad not given it aufttcieot (tody to be ac qualntrd with it* merit*. On motion of Alderman VMMMttb Reorder waa axcuaed. A oiacuaaion then took plaee, and the resolution wai put Alderman Ki.y aaked why the Recarfler did not vote .Wceiman VookHia? Ikeauae lie baa been excuaed by a vote of tbia Board with one disaent (the Alderman of the Plxth ward.) Alderman Ely aaid bethought he had been voting on comt thing el?e. Ihe resolution waa then pnt and adopted. Till ANKCAL TAXATION. Ihe report of the Committee on Aonual Taxee wa* preaentrd; hut being only algned by the chairman of the ccmmlttre, {Alderman Kelly ) It waa objected to by Al cerman Ely aa being a minority repjrt only It waa than movtd that the paper* be taken from the committee and uferred to tbi* Board, which waa agreed -to. Ihe retort wan then read, by which it appear* that thry lecommend that there ehall be laiaed by tax on ettatra, real and peraonal, of the freeholder* and in habitant* of the city and county of New York a aum not exceeding $2,393,600, lor the objeota a ad purpoeee fol lowing:? Aqueduct repaira., $20,000 Almiboure 013,460 Battery ttlaigtmcnt 26,000 Board of Health 10,000 City InKpector'H Department 30,000 Coionera' feea 18,0)0 Cleaning Corporation dock* and alip* 0,000 Contingent expenaea of county 120,000 Commcn Council? pay of member* 38,000 Dock* and alip* (new work) 16,000 " (repairs) 20,000 Donation* 46,000 I lection uprnMi 18,000 Krror* and > eliaqnenclee 6.0C0 Kir* Department (for Chief Kngineer) 75,000 Inttreat on revenue bond* 184,000 lnt?r?at on aowuinent bond* 30,000 latfatate eitaW* 3.000 1 anda and place* 16.100 llaiket* 7,000 Mayoralty faca 160 Offieera' fot* 40,000 1'olice end Hi* telegraph 5,000 Printing 86,000 Public tufMinga contracted for 44,000 ilepaira to do 100, COO Rent* 2o, 000 Real eatat* 25,000 Do. expanae* 60,000 Poed* and avenue* 60,000 Stationery 20,000 Sunken vtriele (removing) 2,000 Hewer* (rape ring and cleaning) 17,000 H&larie- 332,000 Matutlcai tabl> * Croton Aqueduct Department 1,600 Water pipi a and laying 123,000 Balldlog fnh matket, Catherine market 5,000 Iiegbne and Belgian paremtut 185,000 Total $1,393,800 There were nineteen revolution* then appended, to M>me of which amendmenta were offered by Alderman My, and the whole report waa ultimately referred back to a committee, composed of Aldermen Kelly. Wabeman and fly? the two latter In place of two member* of the (v mmitUe on Annual Tax** wbo are abaent. The reference waa principally upon the fact raiaed by Altera an My, that there did not appear any taxation on tie fourteen million* and a half of dollir* of peraoaal eetate ?wne ] by nonreaidente, an 1 wbl:h, by a recent act, la l abia to taxation For tbia purpoee Vn? Board adjourned, to mae' again on Wrdneaday at on* o'closk. The following i* the table of the ?fe 5 : E?| 3 81 I ?}> ' >*,> pptr;J ft?/ i 3 iHSSHlgSi3?g2S2i|gS,s? S?B . ,m II '?mf f is' j 2 8< gaisi iSliB5s'#6i S? 1 1 1 m 1 8*j * P _ . _ >> n *1 -E h - * s 81 1 wi 1 1 1 1 1 1 Si h i igi i ilif ? ss ? 1 1 1 sli i fit 1 1 1 iliBII"8cS3i!f t O n ? 3 "4 ? II js|a?3 |=a a si-! 5 1 51 1 55985Si Sssi i n Si i S5 21 ? 7 s ? b m* n I 6 1 1 Bi i ? 1 1 1 1 1 1 5i 1 1 HSSiaii I T tal valeetiea ia ceeatr Ik. T< tal va'aatloa la lamp ?i-trl<it Tatal ralaatlca teaik ef For?y *??naJ rtmi . 4<4,'tAM71 A. C. WUA OO, Cemftrolrr. Srro^n Raomw C'itw -tat? D*A0oova.? We learn from Texaa tbat the all erirpanle* of tbi* reghwnt, wbicb bave been -tatioaed amrmg the Indian* on the bordtr* of tbat "tate alnee the cloae of tb? war with Mexico have recently beea ordered to Kort Riley, Kaaaa*, probably to look after the Hloux and other wild trfbee la tbat quarter. It i* expected they will take op the line of march northward, la a body, about the laet ef A? guat. under the ccmaaad of Major Merrill. Tbi* regi meat i* aometi see termed the 'Md/laard," havtag aeen much hard eervloe la Florida tad Mezlea, aad la the ta diaa couatry Mm Lot uu rim 1?" atitl auSariag from her attack of hear*eneee, and ie aaable to appear ia publi . Ia coaaequeaee of her IHaee* It bae beea arranged tbat Mr. Barton will play at Nibto'i every eight until Mlae f'/oe Nbw Rom ia tv* W**rr ?We publlab to- day the ad vertiaameat of the Ontario, Hlaac e aad Horoa Railway, eoaaaattag with the Ma at Btaghaaatoa It ia ua doubted y the mtX pkea?aat route to the Weet, Oaaada aad Niagara FaUa ft la ?**, hat *10 *oaw he popular Mr. C. ft Tappaa, M MT Urea I way, ie the general age*' ban, aad win five aU neeeaaary iafcraaOaa, lbc Poole Muider Cut? AppHratton to <Ul in It PiadMu to Itetl. SCPKKMI OOUttT ? BPBC'AL TBKM Before Judge K P. Cowl** Tvmday, Jcly 24. ? The argument oa Ibe application to admit to tall l'ntrlcl* Mclaughlin tl'ai raudeen. charged with beUg acceasory to the murder of Pool*, ?u continued by Mr. Daniel K. Sickle* Th* first point wbicb b? presented iu the argument that the priaooer, by the 2Mb, 20th end 50th Mcttona of the Revised 3ta tut**, was entitled to be belled, owing to the laps* of the term of one Court of Oyer end Terminer end tbrte Court* of .u?iaiona, et wbicb the prisoner might here been brought to trial. : The Judge suggMted that couniel ahould piece Uttle reliance on tbet point. Mr. Sickles did not mtaa to argue the point for the diicharge of the prisoner, bat for hie being admitted to ball? and be proceeded to read the three eeotloaa of the acta bearing upon tbat point, wliiah he ooneldered ex plicit and almoat peremptory. And on thorn he aaeoted that In the absence of any auOleient cause being alio** by tb* District Attorney why the prisoner was nek brought to trial at tbe Court of Oyer and Terminer last April or at the Court of Sessions. at which he might bees been tried sines, be was entitled, if not to his die cbarje, at least to ols being admitted to bail. Tbe statute authorizing suoh a case as this to bo tried bifore the Court of Sessions was passed in April last, while the Court of Oyer aal Terminer was in session. The object of tbe statuU was an eminently jnst and proper one. It is not the object of the law, but against its spirit, to punish a man for crime before be is oonvlcted of it. The prisoner is entitled tb be brought to trial at the first competent ecurt after his indictment, and it be be not brought to trial, then it is the duty of the lJistrict Attorney to show cau-e why be ehould not be discharged or at leant ad mitted to bail. The prisoner, however, did not claim to be discharge*. He courts a trial, confident that wbsn bis case c< me* to be fairly and fully prs*ented bifore a court and jury be will b? able to ihoir his entire inno ceuce ot the charge are nut him. There is to b? eo Court ef Oyer and Terminer till Ootober, an1 tie com equence of his not being tried In April is that he will be imprisoned for sis months. That is contrary to the epirlt of ibe law. Tbe application baael on these three sections ie by so means a new one io this city It Is sn aJmoet every day practice to admit piiaooers to bell nnder tb?-m Counsel was tnere'ore disposed to press this point with great earnestness The Ccurt suggssteo that it wan the right of the priso ner to have moved tor a trial at the Circuit (ourt. ? Counsel iupp< ltd be might have done so, bnt be was not euj po?ed to know tbat the District Attorney would tot have rone eo. Tte <mui did not rest with the de fendant to court a trial. The Court.? The object of tbe s'.atute io enabling parties to be tried in tbe Cireu t < ourt was to render It optional with the de'endta'a. The reason, he uuder ? toed, why tbis was not hi ought to trli 1 at laat Oyer an I Termircr, was tnat the District Attorney thougat It would not be humans in the state of tbe public mind, and tiom tbe fact tbat tbe princpal, Baker, was at large, to baeo brought tbtae men to trial. Ha, tbe Judgi, coin cic?d with the views of the District Attorney. Mr. Sickles tbcught tbat there waa, no doubt, a pro priety in the motive, but he looked upon it from a l-gal point ot view. Taey were all charged aa prinaipaU. ibe prisoner would not have objected ts a t.-ial at Iha Oyer and Tstmmer. He stood hers cn the de'soelva Ha was bound to ssnc.De tbat he wottfd bo brought to trial at tbe first trim, and as tlie law givea him a right to bs ditchsrged, or at lea*? admitted to hall if not tried, ha li not to be eupposed to sxpedit* the trial of the case. 1( thtra was a witness whjsa attendance could cot be procured, or if tbere was any reaun why tbe prisoner ibould not be brought to trial, it Bust be a legal raa'on, and the District Attorney la bound to sbow tost it Is The next point of the coun eel was, tbat if the prisoner can give ball in the amouat and with tbe security required, be may bs admitted to ball, although tha question of guilt or innocence do?s not stand lndillersnt on the tr parte svideoca produce! on tbe part of tbe people. He knew that when that queatlon eld cot stand Indifferent, ball was often ret need, hut he submitted that that waa an unsound test It called tn the ofli :er before whom tba applioatioa was made to aeeume tba functions of a jury. Those appli cation* should be pat upoo their true ground, which is whether or bo tbere Is reason to apprehend that the da fenosnt, if admitted to ball, will not coma forward and take lis trial If there ie, then there Is good reason for not admitting him to ball, ma Honor knew tba' day after day, paisost of whoie rallt ot tbe Crimea charged on tbem there was co doubt entertained, are admitted to tail. He conceded that tha cases ho alia del to ware minor feloaies, but nti-1 tba principle waa tha same. If Le was right in tbat principle, ana he thought he waa, the defendant would not be preceded from bail. It waa the principle lei t down In tbe well known easaa of tha people against Van Horn, and tha King against I/ird I sl'iniore, also tbe ca<e of tbe people vs Gndwin. He quoted the Judge's opinion in tba case of tha people against Van Horn. Judge Mansfield admitted Ixir I Bel t more to ball on the tame principle, although tbe crime wl'b which hi was charged was a capital ofieaoe; and In tbat case the cecieion was nut upon tbe ground whether or eo these wae a reasonable certainty that tbe party acccsed would cotEe to trial; and there was no o'Jj'r true ground on the question of bail, although the car taint) of a party's guilt mljht be taken Into considers -tion. CVuniei then passed to bis fourth point, and re isrrad to the minutes of the coroner to show tbat tba ? settee of tbe guilt or innocent:* of th* defendant in tbls case did stand indifferent, say, that if that evidence ? tcod unccntradlcted. tbe nriaaner eon Id not be eon v cted and if be au:ceedel In showing that, be eon tended t: at under say circumstances tbe prisoner ? honld be admitted to bail. Ha prt>re?d*d tr show tbat ?tclau|blin was not preeent at the first affray at rltan wli Hall The Court intimated that be waa aware tbe prisoner was sot prerent at tbe firs', affray which had taken place Ct un? el was fled that tbat fact lav on hi* Honor's n>l nd, aa It wiuid save b m and the Court much time I'* would tli'n ?how that McLaughlin dk not ga there with eny ual ciou* motive Tte Cnuit would not a??ume that tha priaoner went there with a view of hariaga quarrel with Poole, but would a sums It to have Xesn for all the porpoaei of t he argument, a casual assemblage. Couniel would, however, re.'er to th* testimony of Mr. I ng, tt>at Mclaughlin waa preaaed to fo up taere Hyler, to see him borne Hyler baring been preient a? tbe firrt all rat, waa apprebensies of being aaseulted. and T'queated Mcfnughl n to go up with him , and having been solicited two or thrse times, be nt length consent ed In tb* first part of tb* eventful scene itaelf It Is tbat the moat aeriOBS Incidents occur connecting defen dant witb these parties. Tbe first thing tbat occurred a(t?r tbe psrty wen' into Htanwlx Ilall wae. that tha v had a drink tcgetber, In which I'oole decl'nsd to partici pate So far. therefore, as sppesra from th* fee'*, th?r* were to hostiis intention! entertsined oa ?ith*r part. Die nut tblif wblc.h occurred was >ome alienation or words taking place betw??n Mclaughlin an l Poole. Th* testimr>oy arowed snme previous aitercaUtin tMweenth* two, arm* weeks b?l*rs. Naturally enough, when th* j artias net togetkrr again tbi? um< eubject Is renevel, and Mdauibi n is se?n bantering I'ooU for a fight Counsel I'd But de.lfto .iodg* ot blink any of tb* fact*, asd wr n Id admit, for |urpo?*s of argument, that that ,u tte 'a?e Tfce* I'o- !s y m" forward and challeogss ? nj body present to fight him for l/t'O The is m ist fuily eet out in tbe testimony of fieorge Andre** one ot Poole's own parly Counsel reed a portion of the tes'lmoey in question, commenting upoo a number ot facte, smong tbem the fact that tbet* wan no acquaint a ore previous to that evening b*t?*en I 'an 'sen sal Hjler. sl'O, up'.u the fact tbat on the same evening there Wad be?s a quarrel between Morrisaey and Psu d<en also on tu?- fact that there waa nothing in th* ralntatioos of Paadeeo to I'oole oa that nigbt diflerent fr< m tbe ir.sscer is wb'ch b? had b**n shown to accost Mm in fevers' previous oeia?lJn? He thoagbt that the U't mony ofjthat wltn*"? with others furnr*h?d an *aiy elu* to the evstt. of that n'ght. Pw>l* had challenged *cy of tbem for ISOO-HOo forfeit Th*^ men b*1 not tb* money to put up and Turner fealing the alight which he would bav? to bear if tb* ehall.Bg* was wot I ccepted .omeaoutlo accordanc* with his (nllfovnla i." ucaticn. sn 1 enters the rtn< In his p?sultar style, say ,oe "let u * sal. in any how." Thi* waa ejulval'ot to eating "This man want* to fight ll* will not fight for lets than #600 tint let u? bav* a flgbt any bo* into* .*il in " Tb* <>nly tenelbl' solution of tb* tetlbls trsgsdy Of tbat aigbt Is the fa at of Pool# himself thro* trg out tb* ehallari* which be did. But for that I'oole would be to night, amoag bis rrleode I P.. -he time of tbe challenge, Tnn??r bad shown na dls toaitir n to fight, but bad actually inUrveo-d to prevent a Agfa'. Aftsr Totn?t bowavst appears on th* ?-ene ;n tbia character, Paadeen still attempts to keep In tb* foreground ; bnt Tarner thrust* him said*; and f rem tbat timo th* toe'imony in r***rd to tbo par tic. nation of Mclaughlin la so contrndietory sn 1 indn finite ss to render It Impowihl* to say what h* dtd or dtl ?ot dn. Th* nest point in theevldeno* sgsin.t Uetaagh iln la, tbat b* had a pistol about hint tnat alf&t . nnt cotisrel was prepared to .how tbat he s?t only had not a tiatel that night, but tbat he never carried a pistol, and that b* left '.he house after the firet abot wsa firwd Ibe teitlmony of the wlfnensee on th* point of bta bav log bad a pistol la so contradictory tbat If th?rs ware no rebut' lag avtdanee atven It eonld not beheld ttat be had a pistol Taking a'l tba evidence uncontrndieted, eieent h' far as It Is c- stra-'lctory itself. coun**l would ask th* ( ourt wk*th*r It would be po.sib(? f*r a jury to oonelct him t (ounssl thought not H* thought that lis lloaor ?lutng on such a trial would I* justlftod-- "a tba *vtd*??* beforatb* coroner? to direct a verllct of acquittal ' ??* of two tbiags must he abown be.'w* Melaughlis can be conviet*d. II* must not only h*ve b**n preeent bat be ? sat bar* boon preseat with a mal'ctone Inkent It la imposiibla for any man to mad th* avtVno* of tb* affray withont hetng oonvinand that therw was ao previous Intention to gwt *p a fight If tb* act by which I'oole met bla death waa tbo tndlvt do*' act m tb* person wbo coeamlttad It, be, aad he aione, waa reeaoaaibie fat it. If it turned out that both the aartte* were armed, aad that both wag* firing at I each other, It will be declared a jsatifiaMe homicide aad tf It be declared a asaaalaughtof, Timer *i*?e will bo reia<wslb'* for It. There la no sneh thing no aldieg and abetting la a bomtatfe and there waa ao aet en tbo pan of MaLaaghha tending to show any p.rlowe k B'w ledge of the intention V> ahood Puole In fact, be B .tEtaiaed tbat wers It not for theaco'denU' d?.cbar?. ?f T'.mer i piatnl, the affrar would have pceoe.'*1 a . r "n the revt^ of the evidence, owe ?t t'.o-.<l.' ? < 1,'ieetlea ef th* gwtlt m ln?'"wn>e e? ?-tA.igh rie i heege of p*1 a??pai iseee ef the <*nnte, nad , ,J in aootkee eawwt *<a*d* in*n*?n? a%; t4*' wa* *U they could be expected to ibw U an application for bail. And if oompetent b*ll were ?fT*rnd, he thought tbe piiaoner wa# entitled to bo admitted to bail. it* waa ? Now Vorker. Hi* mother and alitor, of whom ba ia the *ole and only aupport, raaide here. H*re be h? a pataoad hia buainaae up to thla time. without any la* pu tat too oa hia moral char ac tar. He b?i boon la priaon eiore March laat. Tbe uns of Oyer and Terminer hat ?ice# mhh!, and thrie tono't of Uw Court of .soMiom, at which ba uUht hara be*n triad, and ho ha* not boon brought to trial. Hia Honor would ?ae the importune to bin of being at liberty for tho time bat ?*? ??* " ' biatrial Ha wai a man dependent on hi* dolly abor for aupport; and It ? >< by hia own l?b>r aloa* tu?t ba wou.'d be able to fee couoael to defend him. Oonnaei, tbenfor*, submitted that If the prisoner wm able, aa be understood be waa, to girt oominleat bou, tbe i?? of the land aaactloni and require* that ha be admitted to tiil Tbe Judge aneounced that he would render hie deei mod oa the application on Tbureday morning, at tea o'elock. In tA Hitter of Opening Eighty ston-l Sirf?(.?Ut. Dll ! loa mOV*d for the appointment of C>mml*?iooari of E* timaUa and a***i>*meat* for opening hightj-?ec>?,d itntt. , .. Mr. Whiting appeared for the opponen .* of 'be in a aura, and made a long argument ofalutt the opiaicg. ItecUion reaerved. The IUMng of the Joarpli Walker. Tbe Oovmittfe mat again ya*terdoy afternoon, la the City Hall, at 1 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment of the day before. I'reeent ? Alderman Ely, toorhia and Variaa. Alderman Howaki. first praneate) hitnaelf, anl deaired to make an expieuetion He aaid ? I danlre to mtke a ?tat?m?nt In regard to tba iinpreaamn made by Mr. Jc-ne* Ie iti?it.u< me to eupper I never received aa In vitation to take auppar with him, and never hav? ac cepted any invitation totoke lupper with any contractor M'occ 1 bare been the repreaantntlve of tba filitb ward. I did sot get any of ll.e rhanpaina (l,?u<httr.) My character I* ail I bare lo curtain ma, and I don't want my oon?tltu?nti to believe that I ever have anythlnj to do wltb auch men ia thia way. Aldennaa H. further atated that when ba Brut n**umed tbe duUea of alder man, be publicly, In hia aeat, warned all contractor* to "etanc' berk," th*t " he wa* not on the atoff," an 1 he would ce tu?m the juatice to aay tuat they had nerer troubled him In aay way. l> 1). C?!?oi m, l'reildent of the Hoard of (ouocilmen. ,wim I am on* of tba Comnraalonei* o." Il*aitb ! did pot attend iceetlng of Committee of Health for f>th of May , I n> Ttr received any ootic<- or Invitation to attend nucb meetlog; I bava attended raee'iog* of thai "mm * Mon'ra ot Health we uaually recMved printed notice* I never attended prertaue to tbe fcth ol Mar. Alurmau Fly.? Did you ever bar* a coover?ation In ytur ofliclal capacity, aa Ccmml*?looer ot Health, in n ?aid to tbe Joaapb walker? Mr. Conovib - I hara not. H wai nerer brought up Alceiwan Kir ? Have tbe Commlaaioner* of H*a'th erer rlelted tbe locality* ... Mr. CosovtH. ? lhay never hara to my kooarledge. I hare never baen thir* myeelf alnce the moraine *be waa "Twt'cionoTer hera retired, end tbe Pia*id?nt ol tbe Committee called lor Mr. A. U. llanaua, *? ?M*r<nun, ana Ueorge H < overt, aad neither of t*e?e gi-ntl?in?n ataweiicg, an order wa* given that they be *ubp<'-ael to appear to day.] Alreiman ? la there any gentleman in tbla com paiy who wiebee to make an explanation ar (pre any la fciir.etlon upon tbla *ubj*ctr Ifeo, lit him *tep for ward. , . (A U>rg pau?t hern fotfuoflt tod oo od? cimt ror^Ard. Foi ? (| OK time th* Oianniittoe re*te<l waiting, hke wnkil* M iCawler, tor ?' aom*t?lng to turn up' J A fur a Upae ol eom* tweaty minute*, Mr JlAKvar tnoam wa* aworo ? My ftore la lu South K?net Iff*; 1 am general y ther* from nin* till H r * i/r'ock , I Vi e? tb* Jo??ph Walaer bad eunk n?*rly ia front of my atore, I hare oftea beard har talW?d ahiot. I nar* ae?*r beard perw na *ay ahe waa jeopardltini; th* lealthot any p?r?<.n. I aerer parcelred an) thine olt?n kire ariaiog Inn the ah p Jo?ph Walker, I bare fre | riornVy h?aid bar UlVei of, I bare tranaariet bu?ineia u mj pre eat locality about fourteen y?ara. (An??er loAldeinan Varian )? 1 hare cooa.derel the wreck a ouliance- not In the aeone of betug oT*n?lre in am dl ? but ?* on cbetructicn to aarlgatloo , Ida not aee air of my aelghbora la bare ; I don't baow enough o' Un cargo la the raarel to decide whetoer ahe would be a di. aeoee aa regmrda the pablie health Tb* CommltUe then adjourned till two o'clock on the after no< n of Meaday seat. AITLICATION HOB A M ANDAMl'H AOAINHT TJIK MAYOR. Bt PEFM* COCKT-BPUCIAl. TKltM. Before Hon. Judge Cowlee. Jrl.T 24.? TV I'topl ' on th* Relation of /?yai S. J', mi m. thmando Woof, Mayor, <tc.? Thia waa aa applloatloa to make abaoluta aa alternaUre man lamu* heretofore iaaued out of thla Court, requiring tb* daftuJant to coontenlgn a warrant for 11,400, with fee*, he , la faror of John Oi**t, KbeiilT, he , or *how eauie thU day why he had got oo?nteraiga?d ?aid warrant The ap plication aroee out of tbla ?tat* of facta: ? Oa th* 'iltb of May laat, Ix>yel 8. Toad, the relator, rerorere<: a judgment in tbe Saprr me Court, agalnat Walter R Jone* acd ll*nry W. Joho* o, for the eum of H.t'M) 7*, and l?*ued an eiecutlen to recr>r<r tbe amount of aaid Judg nent. At tbla time there waa a aum tf gi.OOO due from th* Corporation of the city of New V ork to tbe laid Waiter K J?nee la re*p*ct to tbe contract for th* ralrlng of tbe aun??o reiael J< aeph Walker, and on the 29tb Mar l*'t_ the "?treat (> rr.mieaioner lo-'ged a re<|ulaltion with the Con; tiol ?r, to draw a warrant >n faror of aait June* for the a <i aum of 95,001; On th* i;L'th May, and before tb* ?' iniptrolUr baid c?mp)l?d with aaid re?|ui*itioa of th* Hrret t ommlaai- ner, tb* plaintiff, l/ijal S load, ob lalted an cider raetra'nlog tb* < omptroller from ur*w log ?trh warrant . and on th* lat of Juae aa order wax mad* by Jadg* Ho ?eon r?|u.rlog the Comptroller t> draw 1.1* warrant In faror of the ."-herllf for toe am > i*t ol Pi od e judgment, and ln?era*t, ar d -herllTa feee, an l miiedng*, and ?10 roata. "anil that be g*t the aa-ne piojerly cenntera gt?l " In oNadience to t - la order the (cmptioUar <Uaw hia warrant for the r*<|'ila(te amount, and procured tb* lame to b* counteralgned by tb*'larmof the Comm )0 Coencil but to mike It com i let* II required to be counter. Ignad by the Mayor, he. however, rtfueed to eauntereign it? 'or what reaaon wa* not elated? and thareupfn Mr I'nnd obteinwj an alter native meadamn*. r*')ulrla<^ him to coaatera ga aa d warrant or *b"W cau** for hi* rkfuaal Mr It. J. I i lion CV>r|<>'atJcn Oonneel, appaiarad fer th* defendant and objected that thl* woe not a proper caae ?or a maedarnui- tl at tb* remedy of th? relator wa* oa tbe | roreedlrg* in th* -up-rlor Court. Mr. J** K. ttMtlng, for th* relator, InaUtet tbat a mandamu* waa th* only appropriate r*ai*ly, and that a l*r*mptorr mandemui ought to laaue Hie Judir* too* th* paper*, and r*?erv*d h a d*r < on Blntlne UMrt. He for* e* Judge I'hlllip* aa Referee A BOW AMONG TDK IMIOIUKr H'NVgllJ, Jt i t 44.? William II Droit' r I. John J Hmt an l IU nn?H, ??<! John O'trragh r?. <ht l ime ?Mr. Kum'II ? ppeared for the pla'ntilT, Hrake, who ela.m* from 5e fesdant #11# M. a* a lloanaed emigrant runier ?y c i* tnm and law eathlej to a per<-enUge for loliultieg pae a*pg*r* ard booking them for th* d?f*tdant. for tb* ateamebip f mplre in the, ^'nb of .laty. lnatant. The r uetom i*, tbat two third* of the pr>flu go to tb* *m rr*nt mnner*, and the balaar* to th* ageut. Th* om mla* > n on a company of aevan amounted to 117'., and lb' plaintiff * rommiecion on that earn being II II *1 Mr Ta Imodge, for tb* other plaiatifr*, eaakaelbeaam* rlaim -everal wltaeeaee were eiamtnd to abow the*, plaintiff* tad ergegad pa*aeg*w for fsaiille*, on lioard tb* h>nplre. bnt th* deftn'-* appear*-', to b? tbat it woe not through the eg*rcy if th* platfltill* that auch paiti** wer* ahlp p?d. liar ie ?ir ton eil f Several of tb? p- 1 ai afirt, Intereatifl nth*ea*e, tore ?vl?"*nt nterk< of w>''g baea engaged ia e puglli* tir tombet We have never aeea, in the higher law ' 'ourte, *o many knighta of woefal eointenan'* ao m*ny i*ri*gated eye*, or *o many bound ap b*ade CeiWMl'l ln.|?ae?. MILAM; BOLT ACCif'tWT. Veaterday afternoon, at I0(iaiaot** paet '?o??:k. an accident flf the moet melaacboly aalure oceurr*! at the iholr man a factory of Meerr*. Kendall % Keye*. No. IT! Vearl atreet White tb* en^iaeer wa* ?adaevortag V. Ai the belt ta tbe ma/- hi aery of the **t*kliabmeat ** a* to ana' !* blan U abarpan aena kafra* at tbegHnliog atrne hi* hand waecaeght la the hell and eaniel rojal 'be machinery at a velocity of I .*1 rotat'->*a to th* ?'Bute. The perietal bone* eet ? complet' ly gro-iad fa tbe -.p^a 'len the bende and leg* w*r* m?/at bortlMy meUlMnd, ami ihe maa wae a <""rpee, and a moet madaaebaiy atgbt to look upon when tb* ma^klaery w*? *V pt, ai aa ti ? llrkat* him from hi* faerf al aad agonialag poeitiw 'etene* O'l <?.>i.-U wa? caUwl epam aad bav eg tw.'a ? Jury, Maxede^ to held aa ta^aa*^ forthwith It ap jeered the a* me o'the '?ca aead w*e William J ? a 11am, lealdlng at Ma ]?0 v ton *tr*?t that h* bed * wif* I aad tevarnl ehlldrer wa# l.lmmlf aWd 4J y?*ra of 1 age Ha wae 11a -ia. a*4 wat'aatlal au. eat t*r factly eabar lie wee ta tfce *et?bli*ka?aat of Keat* I * 1 Ke?te onljr etaee Uae Brat < f la*t J*eu*ry bet b* bet tkatr entaan renM*n>e '-I'." aaid Mr Keadali, In tbe 1 'corae or hia teeUmoay, "h* bal latinaa??d that INere | waa aerth'ag wr?ag la ^h* m?-hin*ry eat tbat it re [ >, ailed laipeova meat, we woald h*v* baea gelled by bu 1 adetae " ? it Hem ('anea, enatb^ wttaeea, teeaift*1 that tb* i* a**ed wbam he wa* *n 4*avo?'ag to aaatat ta plac'ag 1 ?he V?H in He preper alaea 'aural blm U be rtrWtl eet hi* head abaaa M be eaegbt Witaaw tben rater*.' ia'a tba haaee. / the alaetnapbe baring eetarral la th* rear area.) ang >? Waa thaa twa aiaa'aa *?? 1 a II* a- ?*rit*4 I on a d by the ae>bieera witb tb* ***" t'y , of etfctnrny. Ha wae laita Aae4 whea eilraeM 1 We raevnee'* (ary k'i?|kl t ? aaH'e' ef Kr lea aeltv kinad by beta* ea?#N t ta the bait af thamil?*eaj I \i I '?r^*.*l?*al. ' p <) S T N V R I 1' T . a/x vclovk a. m ARRIVAL OF THE STAR OF THE WfcST. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. ?HE IfiLIJOl IX TUIU'KG ARRIVED. lutmstiu* Political Intfllhrnn Dfmornitie IVoininutions for Stutf Offiem BlIBNIM OF THE 8TKAMKR AMERICA. IM PROVEMENT IN TRADE, *1 4m-., At. Tfce etean ibi.i H* ar if th* W.*t, of 1tt? Nicaragua 1 o* I W. Turner c ramatider. bnfr*d thU morning irom 1'unta Areata, ria K?j W-*t, with 3<?3 paeeangera nod ? I C( O.liCO la epani* on frtight. Tha W*r of the Went arrived outward at I'unt* Arena* on th* lbth I out , connecting with the *t**mahip Curie*, t?pt. Huron, which left Haa Kra'otico en Ui? ,'t.tb ult The fort* a called at Manienillo on th* way, *nd ar/lr*d at ban Juan il?l Bur on tb* n'ght of tua lutb In*'. Tbe War of tb* W. at left luita Are aaa oa tba mora irg of tba IStb lout , with 3ti:i paaicngera, and $1, #00, 000 tn epecle tad ceiltd it Kay Wen'. for <? a'a on th* 2)th tint , whence aba left tba aim* erenlcg at 7 o'oUi, 1*. M. I'aiMDini all in good health. CoL Kinney and hi* eipadition bad not arrired. Yea**)* to tba barter of Han Juan dal Nona ? Rrttub ate ? in frigate But/ant, aad tha Went India ataamahip Tateat July '-'4, at 12 o'clock, >1 , Tat. : H dag. 4.'l mm. N., loo/. 74 <!eg 0 inln., ?xcbaotad alguala with tba bark B. 11. Camble, atandlng North. the lollowlag la tba mOl Ml-T I'KH MTA K Of TUK W Bit. OWwl M Ok, M oob* tlllM Metiopol Hank NY 1&<),0C'0 UltrH t'ntaa.. . I1,M Wall*, largo fc ? '<> 11^,000 llin?ti'ii 14,< 0') l<o?,KaI 'OD-r A' o 44.H7& lioliatein, l'i.UkO J 11. llowar Hi,:. 00 Scli'ill* k Broa ... 11,1110 Wm H?llgman At'o 31, ihKI K lleckeraon kliv, K Kail J k t'o 27.0C0 Boalon 4,900 Vim. II. Dcnbam . . 24,000 Tweinliiy \ ram; Hank of America. . 2k, 800 ton, in 3,007 Jobn Or, ok Jr 20,000 Hmail k llealy. do. 1,449 W r. lolamautCo 11,7411 J -Uraua* Brother* T. Wtelre tge & Oo 2.C4I At Co,. N. y 10/41 J it. Kralrr k ' j. 2 0?0 Tre*1w?II \ On., \yuier .V Co 1,W7S Ikuton 10,000 Ilu<:a?Q k Bro*... 15, fx. 0 Bamberger k Broa, llni'r AKeigt-nhara U.OCO .Sew Voik ... 6,9C0 A. .laci ba k ' v. .. 15,000 C. Morgan, agent 11,40) Ofdti 10,000 K, k J RotaaSalil. 6,2 00 Nawhcuee ^?pati, II ll? l'hllaoelphia . . . 'iO 100 Mater k Broa.. 2,H00 Booth A. f/lgar,N. Y 4'4?7 Mra. M C fToodar.l V<mi JaMtott la?i k J*2 ? Toial lift.'. 21 J Huuiinaly or (hr I'ort i.lnlit'e Kevra. [Vroni 1 ta ? |\a < *'ii(orala, Juoa . 'i ) The eUamara Mierr* Sa?4a, Captain lllethan, and Ooldan <iata. 1 ap'ain I?roy, lei! thia barW on tha lath luat , with In |i??aangi'i? ti.e lattrr t?an.< Ml and tlia forntr 420. <iu the p?m? dar tba llonora ariirad, from I'aiaiua, with "V. lhe folluwtng clipper ahlpa bava urtead fr< ni tba Allan tip Htatea atca our lant atmni ry Batting Ware, 121 <"aja irom Boatoa, to Hiat, I'aa NxJj Ai < o H.muel Walette, lMdaja from N?w Yjra, to 0 K W nda. lha land rid uan ?, baa been bstare tb* Com nion '?on<ii of th a city for pome monttia, haa naaaef both Hoarda and been appn?*l by the Mayor, lb* or dltaoce prom e- lor the <i<>t*t>ag of Un1 cUina in ^an Flaui laco, the pit / rriin^utahlbg h*r till* to all laid* un'ar the 1'uebio eialip to tba aetuLl oacupanta. \ raat deal ?>l ? i p? m I re litigation la heieby aar.d the ci'.y, and lha aatilar* upon certain lanni will lira in greater aacurity >-eT*ral *xeitlng tneplloaa have h>ao bel l by the *?t llera upon the HolUn k llairi.n claim in tbl? city, that claim tatlng haen (onflrined by th* Hoard of Lait*.! Wlate* Ijind O.ium laionera Tha clipper ahip Klylag i load , 1 ?pt. I'te?*y after bar flftb avr.eM'nl T. yaga to I ali'oraie, aa'led <>0 tf>? Jl?t mat. for Hong Kong, 1'ne Hamael Kuaaall ?a'led fr.r llong Kong tn the ?am? day. lha I'li'mla cleared for llnrg K oi >ii on the2/>tn. Ihe llartoiiig Wave hae landed in. re eara, t?n ler? and maehinary for tha h>ariam*at<i Valley Ka'lroa 1. Tliaen terpriae la faat arrlrlog at a elite of compiatlnn Tte damo'tatli: primary election held In thlarltyoa t lie 1 7th in?t , raaulted in the election of tha ent re K.glar ticket for the Htate I ontention, to 1m bald at a- > cialt.enton c,n the 27lh of June Ihe ateamar t^tty of Norfolk haa be?n pat up'.n the line batwltn tbt* rity and Oregon, f.a tha ? artoua |^>rta along tba i?e*t. The ateamer Amirlca nn .e bar Drat ateem trip from thla city to I'ugel ~?uri 1 on the 'J I at Inataat The * ' ether lu en Krao^'a'o baa b<en niid and aun ny for the paet 'en t ay a, while at tlmee eiceaetaa beat kna b?en ripeilenMd Bualnera bae been lively, end we bare on in 'ire h*ary falluiaa or dafalretiuna U> raaoant. /p application we ? made In th? i wel'tb fHa'rlst ''oart, i o the ll'th, (th* liay of aal le^ of the icui m .tithly ataameia ) for th* arret t of Mr. Band I" Page, wh i waa atout laaaltg for tSe la>'?rn 4t4Ma Thar* were -erlo .a ehaigea of fraud m*''e at the aame t>ma An or tar of arreat waa gl??D, bnt tha rhirilf waa unahl# to m Ue the airaat, aa upor provedlag to the Bold 'n liate, whi''i ataamar aaiie-1 at b I' M , It wae found that Mr rag* hal (ailed at l'i, in tlaa Hen a Narala The taw rouaty Ix-pital le ???.). >t*d enl the p? tianl*, numberleg about tbre* hnndrad and fifty, will he rrmoeed In a lev da) a Into tb* bull I ng Tba new Major *1* :t and I (Itamiin I until take lb* r aeat* on tb* Aral Von !*y in July (}d proaimo; It haa nut yet been <*ti< ?d whether or not to throw out the rfout'l* ratuina of th* lonrtb ward f r.ll/tmanta are aaid (n lie (..tog on in thia 'dy f?' tl.e Atvaiaa party In Mttfo ih* prncaadln^a are aejit eiratdngly i|u<' Ihe > r,ll*d t-tatea ata im'l.ip Maeeaa.huaatta I.t Meade, e< n.mandirg, left tbi* hartjot'on tb* 2lat l? uod i n a The proTlama* >-f th* V agraat a t pv?ae'. hf t'.e laat I^g.alelnr* are likair U> l<e the '?uae t on?i lerab.e oii'?n>loo In thl* C ty an, ' II* tl.a legal freU'ai'.y lif th'a law trery pereoa oat of empi' ^meat i* l et, I* to he arretted, and aeterel para-ina have laea arre-ui an I brought to trial Jury ti ala were l.eld la lh? p>.lira court and the defeitdaira n eorna reee? "inrlftad. Aa trdar ha* (.a*a*l 'h* Board of i?'int> H-iparelaara nppropr atlng tl0,0"<J f- r tba hu.Hlag of a Imlg* a -.roe* Muaton cree ?. On etordat, the .'4th a man nanael I /.he aba', aa otber named L mbern throng h the face la thia *41 f f be culprit ia -aid to hare haea loaerie fie ha* haen **nt tiatuie tli* i. ran 1 Jury Our datee from the ,-aadw.rh Inland* are to tb* ',th maunt. 7b* I'nBa'i r*tat?a aioop Beaataf, wa* at Ua* laland* Tlie Hr tl?h reehlp l'att.ea?a?? waa a a > at Honolulu liar f'rltlai Ma; a ahlp Moner'l, M gaaa > ad ariired at llonolalu from Gtlltft, aed after a fe? *ja ?|ey had *a le.1 to tha awrtnward la ward* fa V> |?uiowaai 'be left lloe. lelu withoit pa; lag ber hOla IriT auppilea, aiul tba appl aata three'. i.e.; witb tbe ant a. Tba ac?ni>i>t of a aa> al angagarneat betwaen a Freb.h aad Kaaelaa abip he* b?*n pa<iU*b*4, b* . t ' l/ary I* ? nt r*ly *nf-at<I?d feieral ntj aggraaatad aa.a jlt. bae* taken plate a Ibia city eith a the laa two ?aea* wk/b baa* Uan l.roaght to tb* no'.ice o' tba author tiea A iropoaiUen ia now on font in tha < <na n .a ' arnnall of aa ?rear! ?c? to parrl.aae tba plea* fiata lieawa ei the Vol??tn, kiieak a and i'aeltc atreet toa^a of tUe aaa* par..ea owaing tbam bribe c;ty for tfce *aa of (IV. 1*0. Tbe pa 7 a.' at io be made ? ally k?4i payab* a t> n year*, w.ih atereat at tba rate of a per eat per ar.nnm Tt* a?ip Ba * r 1*1 Hot ? bae aall*4 for !?* i'ait ?'.lw?e?* liay, l/ ?er < aufi roia, for a -erji *< gaa am 'roan the (e-ea la aaad*, wh 'h are .a d to **a> .a', .a the p .re ar tW*. 7 he 1 a Mcratli Ulata '<??nUiii f< r tba r. ?miaat -a a< a Uittt lar tbe aar oia -ta'a at ae> wa* ' eld an tha I7th an4 Wtb 'tf Ja?' aa-or ? ig to p#*r|>?* aaa , a?a h e,,t The raaalt Ka* oat yet wn lar? >t OCtatttr t'Mtl Han ? *. Marfbai ''*? tftn, l?iwl t. 1?rtf. and other leading at "i f-i'V ptaaa. bar* laea daliaai r.g ape?. a* aa I |4 raeaae tlio'>gb**t the lnt?*W r !a f*t',r af the *?',? ?? taieg aa< oin>at They bare been eath'ia aet. . la ra aired a .rary dirartua aad It la tf ,gh'. lae; w .1 i all* tha Uur of the - l*te 7 be f"Ute 1. action la lea pa" on tha 5 re' t>!a*a4ay in a^|*a,t*r The aooaal* f f*t Ibe ? ?*e aMtlM* to ba ef tba I laaat a?.o?rag ag na'are Tanaeil bf and i*?tta ornah lag ia tetng |t'*i'?M *dk 'itraeM'Mr; tetlatlf, aa ' the late etar praee lea **a w th ttaitertnf n?t.e**..f th* i Iwotary a? a*a aad r.-htenda I aar; 4ny"a ei^anaar. eaa rr>e to palal oat tbe feit '.bat tba pla^ere ft fali'ora* ar* ii.ikia*!?bla , !? tblb*araj wnaly the moat ea 'aaeful aparaUoaa ' are go r.g forward in ' eapa 0?**^ f Tif? f enap, Pre*. h IIUl. fmpr* ' "ty ^tewbat'a llltl, bad w*ba? few>?w aMslag | tarea rioaa elher porta*** ,,f he iHata bo newa t* e (*al) y tk*arl?g Tbe w>a*ra ia aaaaa 4l*trV*to hare ra'awd to ?'?^wtt ?a; laagar a haoh a# baaaaa, aad prafor ta barr tba r tree* area ae ' hay aibaaM IWa |a "r .*t<ag the eWa aaa*. er JUeei k 'a aal'b .ea.e Wbfaf ?* ae at k* ag Iaira4e-e^ h i *i i*a-e>a ti*?t a' pU baarigg tanlvaa*, fr I. .ha R.te* ta t a '*iraN>rada Tba a wtar art** la a ree4y a 'a*t aad I 'le faa4* paatlf "aaataiba'e* ? kiea? mil \ e^. U4t ln*i'i;>a ba? ? Ma * ata taaaifai at the tt arta*aho|>pera. la Unoi Villw It k? feai*o Ion abide (T>iD crop (rill b* dMU?l?d< wall* I* th* itclnltj of hiitmrn'o, ud itlUnk r?r?, tha ?? ? ulen.e of i.eo. butler everythlag rraea h? du?pp? r *d ta their mnk. The aeaa lioin ib? .ootbera pari of the HtaW i* !?? importtot xltirt, luai)n(m tad Waafciaf too Teriltory. Mining and agricultural alftlra ar* ia a prueperoua coodit en th,r, UrBt .teamer kM MB me Bred r?|unr ,rtp, thi.eUj aa<l I'Bfat Hoaad. i. ,**" '?T ol Norfolk atarUd from thia city to ply on tli- Northern r. ?,t waeh. rb? a teamer Tboniaa llum, eehooaer rlg4*d, aalld from tbl* port lor Hong Kong . a the 17th la*'-, but to tuiarrt, heviog eairtal .??, tlluU fcU, ^ ^ ^ tgalB tli* following di). Iba Haeriiototo Cnvm pubUahet a te'.err*rhic <lM pateli from Pla* rvllle, aaaouorinc the arrival at that plica from >?!' l.*Ve. of IIob .1 I' Hill., Aae.,-ia|t, Jaa tire of rtah J. I. Haywtrd, Cnlte4 state. Marahal af lUli, aad Oraoa llvd? Col. Hteptoe act company wtR remain at CareoB \ allay about Ub daya, to recruit, ?ra tk-ui croeeiBg tli* mountilna Mr I ly de itji i^%t (he lilt reprrt giver bun many mnrawtvee than her* iky baa, *n<1 bob* rama over with him All r|ai*t ib .Salt 'j>?? (iraeihoppart doing coetllart Via damage to the en pi Ibe I'ihUiii'I Tiuirj ley i that mlnlaf operetieai la ?-outhrrn Oregon a re aliaott entirely gutpiaried. ( ar tBa wart ol aullir.ieot water It l? teid tbara baa btea laaa rain durlog tba I tat winter aud tprlBg Uian arer Mai* l>urag IJ>? jiaat week tba moat eioeaelve baa* ha* been I i periesced throughout tba In tart ir of < allforaia. lo Haciimeiito the m< rt-ugy ha* reached to ti umnud height In Htockmo It niched fi to 106 dag. , In 8 ?a ra, UN da*.; Ib Coluoilila, ION and Mokelumae lltll 10* da(. In moat pleree tlia brat baa beea tuch aa to pra rant work !o tba mine*, eicrpUng at MornJog aad ina lof New* bat betn received bara of tba diaenvery of g?M lo large ifutaHtiie ia it# aalgbborbood of Kort (?l? l'a It la aald to lia aimilar to laathar nrar (fold, aad that n.< o ara taUng ant trim f | : to I'.'U par Ca j. Uold baa bato dlacorarrd aaar Ua laaaa, la tba oltr ?ai ramontn, aa<t ih?bt paraoaa bava atakad oatelaima tbfra. I If U1 mm |SM imt JIU7 oo na ilay, an I oo ana Utar orar ?"??>. Ilia fold waa nrnbatily bnH?d tbara bf aonia mtaar In tha aarlr daya ??# California aad Barar ra turaad for, and tba waablsf of tba rlrar aatlatr aaar tha bank a brought tt to light. Iba ll< uriab ng lowna of Auburn aad An*?l a Cam^ ba*a lara ratlralf itaatrovad li J lira In tha Laat two wtaka. lU?jr ara laat iittag from tbalr a* baa Pi'Utltal Hrwi, Till tiF.UOCKaf 10 HT ATX COWVKKT tOtt. Tb? damotraUe htata t oarantmn mat at ha'raaiawW na tba 27tli Jaoa tin tha 'JUtli a platform aad raaola ttoaa, farmloic oaarly aa aia<t traaaertpt of tba lata I'altimoi* platform, with tha addition of nai daaaaaa ln| tba Krow NothiBR*, war* uoaalmoualjr adoptad, Mk dalrgalfa voting Tha fil owtog ara tba nomioaVoaa ?John II glar, far Goraraor, Ibcmaa "urdy, for I. aut. (Joraraar, Cbarlaa I'rjan and Myron Norton, raapaHiraljr, for tba ahtit and locg to i ti> of tha Huprama Uairt. T liouraof would | rohabl) In no-slnatad for t 'oap'roUar It ia atatad that taaoi; two of tba dalagataa wilhdra* aflar tha nomlaat i? of IllgUr rukl IUIIL OOMt OTfON IN tr A Hilt MIT!}* TKKKITOBT. A fri? roll roEvrntton wat h?l 1 at uljrnpU, W T , *? tba V) tb cf May, an I nomicttal Joatpb fuahaua for dtlrgtt* toCoogtraa from flat Tarnt urf. INMr?K MlttlMi OK TUB KMOW Nffrnifdl. Ilia r aa Vrgno'aon Cihtm bfJuoa.K) aa/a ? I'ua ol tba lar/Mt aad B.oat antbuaiaatic polltw ?1 g*Vb - * i tog a wblcli a?ar 'm curra-l m ib ? fttata, toot pl*9a la harraoirato < t) <>n tha 2.M mat Toa A?iar1?>o party fur I ha fliat Vima tataiubltd at a public matt maattaf, and by their uaabiniit; aad dlaplaj of aaraaaVoaaa aaii |oo<t fratlog, ati in k llrnitj into tb<- baarla of their af Joiema? Mr '.la lla>altn> -ialllag taamtalraa Aa n>oCia'f 1 ha moat wllf of tbam aipreaaad aurpitao wbaa tt wat at>a> 'lora-l to tba crowd that 1 >r H. A. Ms Meana, Htata Tiaaaurer a damocrat aad aa Arniricui, would praatda iter tt a maatlng 1 t tiotaraer Hear/ H 1 oo'e Uatiil I Marabal, *> < oa| raaamao tmm twa Htata Italia IVrluo, ai illaiater to Chile aad LMr At tot lit; of -an iraariaro lloa Wilaoo 1 nst, ftata Ha. Btlnr, and Hand rt. Tarry, , a diatiagu ahal la morrat of Hto*Jb>n, a'^raaaal tb? maatlag IB aappvt ot the eaut* cf ttuerlrane, aad thalr right to ruia taaai ial?ia, (Intuit g of llir Nlrtmrr Anarrlt a. lbia tilttl waa tottll/ t aitroje I bjr fir* at Craa'aat City, itiegia, oa tba '^tib ult I /?a aatimatad at tllO/OO All bar freight tad paaaiagert bat juat baas an>'ed. No lirra wart loat. , IL* America waa built by Wm II Rrown, la N'*w Vork, Ib IKr an I reglatarei U.'l t>aa aad wat brought trouad Utp* ll<>rn bjt ' ? pt Vtlt hall fba arrtral in 4aa > Itnrlaro ia l'.'il. tad wa- bought by ' apt J T. Wright on 2d Augaat of tba tame y*ar tlB'a ahicb tlina aba baa t'ia rmplojad la tba ro>at tra<!a, tha prlac pal porttaa of tba time running to I Merest < ly, aad tha balaaat la Han If ego. I apt J 1 Wrgbl, tba oaaai, rapcrta I hat tba flra waa puraly accidental, to I latuppoaed lo bare "raita'etf In tba eoal buatera from epootaaeout biiatlon I he <argo of the lata raaeel waa all aarad aai landad. Vlarlaela. ft * Fa* v n~ <? I ainar hwnii, Jaaa Xi>, 11*1 * Sotwlihatandiag tt la ataamir day. awl al tba rUtm tt ti e week, we here to re/ord a decide] laprotetaaal arar tba operatitB* of yeaterdey, and la fa< t Iba dart pro redlrg it. Tbla la in al'y dae to the arrival or tb" 'Up per l aaaBB, abl'h rm,< lato tba barber frvtn ' ee Vork tt ia tlteino ti, I rtbgiog a veiy fair aovouat of prti vl'lona tnd other merehtadlee Alo, .i tha eaUra la V( I ret of /aelrable go< da ware at >/aca lakea ?p mtloly by a Lr'rmir.rnl Jobb'ag b'>uea on ' all fort la atraai, and altboagk at ratea not o.? ?'.? atrirtly pakiic, atili ibowlBR ?'? 'iaj<iat"t.B fo' prt >a U> ia a le la 9?ar tad grala we bare btt lit'le ta report beyood a mt tieoatloo of the trade In lltitll aa d 'itllego, baa tplea gotag oa f.r aavaral daya t>a k Of the two bra a la tl a nrat aan.ed eeemt to !?? emaebu oalriiaaiaf Ita rival Ib value aad poj ulartty , not, wa lavagloa, (mat tr; mt: B'.r aujerKuUy, hut ala>|> y bacaaaa the etoaa of <<alkgo lo ttia mar at la Urg"/ In a>lvaooa af tbo other Ilea! V, I, lla wa <oettau? to bear <ha<{iiero4 ill riea of the aa'ta paled yield of lb* crope tbrvugboat tka eoaaUy. the paper* lo btsd fr <m Oregon toj hat < na tale of tba Viuttaao-ia rupertlalty at atiag la that lerritory tbla eeaaoa It la carreotly elated that Ike >,uant.ty of all kladi of grtla aa<t breadatafa will heat ?aat 4</uhl* wkat it haa teen lurlag former eetataa, aad the i f*ga? taae appear to be fel? ilal ?( theme u vaaoa tb* el poitat oa wbi' h baa bee a go. n/ la 4aa I raaeieoo dadaat ?b? tberefn ir. the pro*jahil>Uae of a rem* a*retiv? aitrka la Ui'a rtty tor tkeli euipla lloa Iheaa *iaa* will ?aa rl a with thoaa of li a ret ipla, wb t htvt l<aaa labor ag to t'ret.uo'.'ly lor aoat* time peat to rid t^r.r market of Ita plethora of (*oor ta 1 grain la or tr that our iwt tra'e tad *roepe? (a May ?<? .iae iad ti?reby, wo kn w ta' but at.oalO a. era y tmut , art, ii,a?t p?> e eel aid aad rom'ort from abroad lba> *aay aa* feare aOtd to It.' 'ilgad kt a boat ararvl ly or ahorVvria'af* na the part of ( ?? 'ora.a ropa la 1 tint rl w tel aiftt, II, a a tivl y ?,!? r'abla f ,t ravtrai aye t>a<-t teatlavea aad largt u u t tie again ? '.*?ga! b>adt today TIM hujira, n mo t lnetao'-a are ' ' ntwiea wha j . r;Seee rim tt 'tea 'ibtr. -a* pri-ae aBd la citne la#1?a Ol It ta a'atal, far >hlp^.ea\ ta- a to ( hist, eUere, at liet ad vice*, theart la eta n?ld at t loeg ?draa-e o? t'i t w.arl at I'oaa* mare fry lite Mar of the Weal fit!' I I '? r i t It el ea*e*t p *' tr >.1 ?fca Weet Capt f . " , l ill a I I xihiell. Capa J t* rierea lji| W I' li t Mr* I H fraiik. ta? ikllrat i?l in*aa< ao h llar--r ' til I fl tte|<?r aat el; i ll ?Wl?irf llgf a>< -l 4 ? ia He-Hell. Mia ? kailaa A ? * ?ia tad ebitl Mie'? r hell a* 4 ' e -? iliilfie In ' fla/1 ? e, Mra leieaa ted < ' 1 ??? I' ate Mra T.. > Hrr I. A < Hak eat kut r. at 1 1 ft ell, Br ? I l? ? *re II I Nree, J ta Mr- ae. lalv. ir.rea .^r-- a?l aarvaal In llavliy, M Weaieerik. fade aad aki * ? I I "Olael l*dy, rraf iTl i poea, Nn I A loltiei ?ra it t| H-eU aai 4eegl.i?r 0i> ? Ball a ' ai i I ? ,?-*aer < apt I) I, U iatra. * a tea* ta OaeBll i'* * * * ie|aaftk ?ad aeaktar. I ? v Ju 0a?iiar t " ' TO Car *, ir, ? A Vtrrflogtea, T baa talaf Irb-T-r^e J H * ark, I* laHk, IB r au eta* J ?ie?,w Ira ?? ?? 1 ti 0 I any, Kg W*M. A * kill it * n Warr ? < 1 ? ? e-,1 W ? Peeee. II M I lllla Bltb' .tail, * * fe?i / N a trail Pptaae A Co * >r eaeee ?ar I M > e?> a aai i<rvatt, WtOi. rage A < a a ataaMtl T ft Valeti -a T Mate.. I. Maa'ari la i ktaielarr laaa- ferk lae A M Baakb-r*, L M Weaer I- II V ? >< a / I' I| aaaa lata < eakraea IP I. * ta I I'f ' ' Well, It Ilea ir A '/tee- aa, C ll J ? ae a ? a ?? ' fi hllewerlh, I. faee?a K iaaae, la Alfeara I Ai'af r 'I'VI a. Mr teeetry * O 'Realty. Ir I'tii a< I' * le.itia R W Aaii- it C *aaV'ii.? J Hit' aa* ? 1, A I;-, .rave, J Tftey. II r.agiard. i i . .tt J W lit 1. < laat. ? <iiwt. ?? llee i Wa Ira Mi haea Julian M 0 Ma< rea J kb*oi. reaa * I a, ia- A a. Elltaglea K lee H leanu.i i R li" ii J I tety. A t wteaea ? ? r tail / rj iaaae eo, II O Nayee* ;a< kaaftve J aua?a Alia Jeeat h 4 an > A ? a >11 iae M Parker I T l^re- a. a ? e.ea , IM auia. ? aaeh *mit>.. I *!?*. J Valea<iae. i ? Heme, *- t ?a*y Mr t'liee Wtf-a laaa J Qr nl Ipr /aa *Hlr, li Vilearabl Maaltoa, J ? Itr aa A AOei P I II ?wa l*>IM.|t W Re a tea W I At - -r. J rweteaeaa WW llarMa, II ReM. A M lingrt 1 ftrjae la a II I ' e-.r t R I aa?4 A Inlay T K Mergia < it| I ' .*?* n a<t(ib.ti ? lea -a J a.?,-e.. r ' Wa'atot in A I'-ea, i C Mttraea, V fb**a aai iM, ? I Theamet RevMrleard. lit M'ff'i AelUa, aa t I W le the Ha- rage ? Iff InlelllReaae*. Tw? New y<MM IViarwre? ?< aai um to fw* > t Jul* V R I ix a Bant 'in. Tha atotfthar* -4 the Ne? York Naat .lab, fit Mag that tha lata rt-e at hut**, bolweeo tbam ra* a tha J. If R Fvatt/ul Ikiltt Ma Cawt ' tb ta tha Niytaia, wa* a* itajail MUI ow t.g to ik>a faat that the f >ra*v haiiag kaaaa ragvgod the 'ay prwrkoat la the Itrae'ow regatta were -ompera'ivaly a apact'atod to r ?w ? rea aw an* thereafter, a- w pv apnea ita row tba I* iaha'leV aa ' titer tea a thiag ever i tea eatoa aoiraa, or ta the wa vara at flew Y trek (Or tha hum Maaail eii btalrel 4 , ei* the PI Jtba'Ukl* bar* t**'haoaaf either of Iba ahwoa Raatad pla*ai Tb*ra iha'J We mo raat'la tMe ia f one. tag tba Match e*-a^ that ?a-k ko*l ahail I eve a ar lea pe war af four men with foil ettt aai ?a e<*vea'ege to be taaea by eitae* pa'ty. eieoyt talk aa a kail ha dee trad l.y ee^palewl ye If" ?? ?J? real la Ittil. >? ?aa-et t*e el fake aaaa will tloa* Saw Ywi a a i ae 0*1 - ?!*??? a 111 at load ta tham oewry I raailaaf ?e |R?* RR? had a ta<?a aftAM kl*d bt aaa* r.ett ia '-?r wet^ee ?od t woaad ea?M A b*?l| taker - ' aat ?**Hit Mae paaMMW?( ha-taw.

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