Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6907. MORNING1 EDITION ORK H EH A LB. THURSDAY, JULY 26. 1855. PRICE TWO 4JENTS. ARRIVAL. OF TIIE ATLANTIC. mr. WEEK LITER FROM EUROPE. Ministerial Crisis in England. DESIGNATION OF LORD JOHN RUSSELL. Ttir Renewed Bombardment of Sebastopol. M DECISIVE MOVE BEST IN TUB CRINE l. OPERATIONS IN THE BALTIC. ANTICIPATED TROUBLE IN ITALY. IRCBEI8C OF THE UtTUM fiAIKISOMS. miMSYERlAL CHANGES W ST. PETERSBURG. ? ? > ? Proposed Visit of the Czar to thg Crimea. RCrnitD DE1TD OF SCHARTTL. STATE OF THE MARKETS, SLIGHT DECLINE IN COTTON. MONEY ABUNDANT, Ac., Ac., Ac. We have oa? week's later news from Kurope. The Collins mil steamship At lentlc, Cipttit West, <jrr!ved at aloe o'clock la it evenicg. Hhe lett Liverpool <n SnluriUy Boon, tbe 14th ln-t. There ihi mini rte rial crisi* la England. It was csu.ed by lor J John Russell's shuffling explanation of Oil < con a net at Vienna On Monday, the 9th, Sir Ed irard ftulwer 1 ytton was to mora ttat a ministry containing Ixrd John Rusiell it unworthy of confldsnoe, The pub lis expect that Lord Palmerston must either throw Ru?' eell overboaid, disiolve Parliament, or resign. The Britl.h Parliament la to be prorogued on the 10th ?of August. There ia nothing importint? nothing new from the dlmea. Pebaatopol bad again been aabjeeted to tiro day* heavy fire, without effect The besiegers were ereot ing immsnee works against tha Malakoll and Redan to were. and tbe booieged were erecting equally formida ble earthworks behind those de'ences. Opsratleaa on a small scale la the Baltic an reportej. The Mverpool cotton market.was depressed at %'d., but clcsed more steadily. Wheat and flour were firm, owing to the email stock ?on hand, bat Indian corn was 4*. to h. per quarter lower. Provisions ware dull Consols ware 01. The bulll in la the Bank of England bed deen aaed nearly half a million pounds sterling. C"lbe diplomatic paper* explanatory of tie peace pro posal* of Austria have bee* laid before Parliament, and ?re published In the London papers of the 14th lost. . "Marshal Radetsly has demanded large and immediate s? it forcemeats to the garrison* of Milan, Verona a ad Venloe, and 40,000 men are to be distributed among the ?Italian garrisons. The Cr-lon arrived at Southampton on the evening of Thursday, the 12th, and the Star of the Soatk at Liver* pool am tbe 7th Inst. The report juet pieeented to the Legislative boly on the Mil relating to tbe guarantee of tbe French govern mint to the Turkish Loan, states that the revenues ee. ?part to meet the interest and einking fund amount to ?,3( 6, crof.? namely, from the ffryptlan tribute, 1, S'f,W>ff. ; from the cuatoms' revenue, ef Smyrna, 3,500 COCf.; from those of Syria, 2, 000, OC Of. A letter from Trebl/ond of the 24th ult., In the Moni it v r, states that the news of tbe death of the celebrat ed Caucasian ehlef, Schamyl, appeared to be positively true. A Parliamentary return published on July 13th in l^ndoo, give* some information regarding the public income aad expenditure of Kn gland for the year ending the ;tuh of June last. The Income for that period ?mounted to ?61, 163, 000, and the expenditure to :?73,0e?,<C0, leaving 'aa exoees of the latter over the former of ?11,901,000. Of tbe expenditure, ?27,863,000 -we- on account of <ebt, ?1,61?,0C0 charges oa the con. aollda'e-d fund, ?9,800,(00 for tbe army, ?17,61H,000 for the navy, and ?6,442,000 for the ordnance; ?3,000,000 To?e of credit en account of the war with Russia, and ??.176,0C0~for miscellaneous civil service". The balance In tbe exchequer on the 6th of July, 186i, was X4.(m,0ro, and on the 30th of June, 1655, ?3,882,000 lhe Emperor of Russia, it was rumored la 9t. Peters burg, intends to visit tbe South, perhaps the Crimea. Tbe Oread Duke Michael will, it is thought, assume th? government of Poland, leaving to Prince 1'aakte tlw military command. There are rumor* of changes ia the Russia Ctbinst Vt inoe Gerteehakoff, It is said, will be recalled from the CHuee to take the portfolio of war. Prlnee Dol^eroukl will be the new Minister of Police; wh'.ie Count Orloff is to be the new President of tbe Coun:lI. The Paris eorreepondent of tbe f-ondon QloU, writing on tbe 11th of Jmly, says ? A boet of eUlv rumors, most of them of Herman fabri t p?c* of bona >'? ??*?Ufea?e from ? ** .?S.1' 'W* expect with *o much anxiety. ?Oweeral Mmpeon s dee pa tea of the 9tb, however, holds forth a prospect that many days will not now paas be iT" ."*? 01 .* *">??entous character. It ii ^ a for-.nitKt ?.o~r, Hi** fr 1*4 util be tn our Kindt At vices from St. Petersburg are act agreed about the htalth pf the Emperor, who is variously represented ae '.pitting blood," "in an advanced stage of consump t.ou," and aa "taking much exercise," and undergoing fatigues which, to a man ia a decline, muet prove fatal. Be this, however, as It msy, If the death of the late Cser did aot conduce to peace K Is not probable that ?the sceee. ion to the throne of Coaetantiae, whoee war Use propensities are no secre1, would chaage la any way the face of affair*, lhe real solution. then as new, would remain to be arrived at uader tbo walls of .Sebas topol. The following telegraphic despatch had reetbed Ua doo ?? . i W1 . 'hareiay, July 12-8 P. M. A telegraphic despelch from llareelooa. dated the 11th laef., axoot.neee that order relgas la that Mr. Some ?f the mac ufacterlee have resamed work. The culprits who have been eneet.d will be punished. * letter from Trebiroad ef the 24th nit., In the J #o?< ?'?r, statee that a report was current, aad wae generally believed, of the death of the celebrated Caucasian ch ef W?h**Bj| fbe Kdglltb aad French squadroae blockading the 'A'bite Sea bare M late received reiaforcemente The *>cyte, a Pnneb six gnn steemer, the togllsh corvette ?Arrel, aad a French frigate of 80 guns, have just that ses, wnore the naval forces of Eaglaad and Franc i bsve hi h.rte oonflaed themselves t3 maintaining a triet blockade. Tbe eomaa?nder of tbe united equadroa a lhe White Sea 1s Capt. Batllle, an ofl) :er well known In tie BiitUhnavy. .VotwHbataadiag the Uteae.e of the season, there are indications of operations on the Dannbe. M. ' n 4 v reneh seglneer, has been sent to Inspect the roe Is In lavfe rT1 Moldavia, aad make a new one from (Mlati to Jeaey. Orders have been forwaided Vo the local author! tie s t4 <pa. f0*4' IW* respective districts in ths best poeeiiK * agents are making gnat purchaa *? tb* <'*??">? ??? the supply ^ sin;. We learn, it im ws* 4o1 brought by the Sinai, that 80, K* me a were eaployed oa tbe new werke to be directed agai.""1 fortliaatloae of tbe Mai at off and Kedaa. Oea. Pa ^ erSered the dls- i tribal ion of a daily ration of m?,# or t to mala- I tela the sanitary condition of til* troops, which had bren a tec ted by the exeee*lve bant aad Da. TT etorme. ?lea Movravteff wae hefore Kara with 30,00(5 ?tea. but it was reported that Coleael. Sehwaaeabev aad Cjlau bat rep< >sed tbe Rnfe*ao adraaeed guard oa tbe Ifth | June. 7l? Kouiiu ??< luanu-uvring to cut 0.7 tbt I c<u>n,unlcat ion between Km* and Krteroum. lb* l'?rU Shmiteur ?t*te* tb* toUl number of death" I from battle and dlt**se la the Fieajli army k'qco it left France, thirteen month* agv, at 14,300, up to June 1. and the number of killed a nee than at aot more than 2 3C0. A difflcotty bad occurred on board the American aUip ! Arlington, at Ba'aklava, ia which one of the stamen waa abot by the mate. Mac rid letter* of the 11th, moot on that the Cortex bad adopted the bill authortziog a loan of 230,000,00) Mala, end that should the loan not be Toluntailly sub srr.ted, it was, aHkt aad of n month, to bsc?me com puhory. . /cvicts from tbe Cape of Good Uope, dated May 16 ssy the colony is tranquil. Hla fciojlWoiy th* Govar ctr, Sir George Grey, wa* about to p;oee?d in th* Hydr to Natal, for tit purpose, it ia said, of adding LMagoa Bay to the J> a'al colony. The copper mine* of Nam* qualand cent (cue productive, bnt the difficulty of con Ttyance for shipment* still exist* Queen Victoiia will viait l'aiia on the 17th proximo. The Princess Nathalie, daughter of tie Prince Gre gory Ghika, ha* b?*u exiled to a nunnery in the Prtnel pal'tien, for Are year*, in coatequence of her coquetry, which caused th* recent fatal duel, In which the Aus trian Count Stoltert killed Coant Itulche, main law of th* Frinoe of Moldavia. The princess U 20 years of a?*. On th* 7th inat., Queen Victoiia hsld an InrMtltmr* of the Order of the Bath at Buckingham Palace. Admiral James (Mack Bee) I unda* was knighted, and the Riband oi the Bath was bestowed on him, as also on th* Duke of Cambridt*, Sir Pa Lacy hvaas, Lord* I.ucan ani Car digan, Admiral* Ptumridge, Chads, Moresby, and nu merous other officer*. THE WAR. THE WAS IN THE CRIMEA DESPATCHES FROM OKNKBtL SIMI'SON. War Dspsktmknt, London, luly 11, 1465. ? I-ord Panmure has received two d*?patch?s and taeir enclctui**, addressed to hi* Lordship by lleutenant General bimpaon, commanding her Mejetitr'a force* in the East, of which copiee are also subjoined:? Bkpouk Skhsstopol, June SO, 18S6. My Urt ? It Is with the deepest regret that I anooaace to your I or-! ship the death or F'tld Marshal Lord !ti< len, G. C. B., which malanMioly event took place a ITtUe before nire o'clock on the evening of Thursday Ia*t, the 28h instflt. His Lordship exp red without any suf f'ripg, In the mld*t of the officer* coinposieg his per sonal staff. I ha** further to report that, beiog the n*xt senior officer pruent, I hare *ai<umed the command of this sriny nntU instructing shall arr re from England. I hare, Ac , JAME-5 SIMPSON, L'eutent General Cimsi anding. Ihe Lord Panmure, Ac., Ac , Ac. Baroax Ssiu.hdpol, June .10, 1865. My lord? In thi*, my first military Ue>-patch, I am not aware that there i* north ag new or of conse juenca to report to your l?id*h*p. AM regard* th* frogiess of tho siege, there ie no great operation yet determined upon, but we are employed ia repairing and improving our worka, to be in reading** to co operate with the French, when their approach** toward* the Malakoff ahull be completed. The n&mioal return* of caeualtiM from the 25th to the 28th instant or* enc loved . 1 am truly acrry to announce that Ueutenint Oeneral Sir George Brown departed for England thi* morning on medical certificate. The ISth Light Infantry ha* arrived, and disembarked at lialaklava this morning They will remain there for the present to assist ia tho dutlea of th* place. I bare, Ac., JAMES yiMPHON, Lieutenant General Commanding. The Lord Psnmure, Ac., Ac , Ac. PBOOL A MATION OK OEN1RAL PBLIS8IBR TO THE FRENCH ARM V. The following order of the day ha* been addr*s*e<l to the Frcncfc aim/ by It* Commander in Chief ? > Soldiers! ? In tke battle of th* 18th our eaglei were carried to th* worka which (sin th* very precincts o t'ehaatopol; but it was neceaaary to abstain from carry ing to th* lartlifft a contest who** incidents I had not foreseen wc uld bs eo bloody, an* you returned to your lire* in order the enemy not faring to leave hie on tienchmenta or disturb your return. 'Jnr actual situation 1* tbst of th* day bofor* th* combat My eooOdence in your nrdor and ia our auc ces* ia the same. The artiva's of eve'y day (office, and more than Hufflce, to replace 1 1 o* <? amiog yon who hive gloriously fallen, aad whom in your hearts you h?vs sworn io av.nge We have gained ground, and in toapresslng the enemy more and move we strike him with more crtainty. Hi car not subeiat, fill on th* gaps in h>s rinks, or provlle himself with muaition but at the price of un'ieard of efforts; while we, mattor* of th* se*, inceaaantly ani plenti fully renew our meana. .uoldiers !- You wlllehow your*elve* mir* patient ani energetic than ever in th'S obstiaat* contest, wnicb will decide the pence cf the world, snd in which you have already given proofs of self devotion, bravery and pa triotism, adorning your flag with immortal glory. I need not cite her* any on* individual out of so many biav* men who honored their nam** in th* harotc con test cf Juno 18. At the general quarters before Ssbastopol - A. I'El JdHlfcR, liennral-ln Chief. Jin* 22, 1815. Tits RP.rriHH COMMANDS IN Tlllt CRIMKk. The follow'ng is, we believe, a correct statement of th* divisional and tirigad* commanlar* in th* Crim-i ? The 1st Division, commanded by Hr Coi n Campbell, G. C B . consists of th* Guards' Brigade under Major General Lord Roksby, and th* 2-1 or H'giland Brlgale, under Colonel ramecon. of the 4ld 2d Division, Major General R W Harnard. 1st Bri ga<^, Colonel Trollop*, Q2d; 2d Ihigada, Colonel Lockyar, 3d Division, Sir R Knglacd 1st Brigade, Colousl bar low, 14th. and 2d Brigads, Major General t 'At William I j re, K. C B 4tn Ijeut*nant Cenersl Sir Bsnry Bentinnk, K. C B 1st Brigad*, i alone 1 the lion A. dptawr, 44th. 2d Brigade, f'oicaal Garrett, 46tb. Light Diviaton, Major General Mr W Codrlogton, K. C B. lat Brignd*. Colonel Van Htraubensee, BufTe; 2d brigade, C'o'on?l Shirley, 88tn. Cavalry d.vtalon, commanded by Major G*ntral th* Hon. Sir J. York* H-arlett, K. ('. B lat, or Henvy Brigade, under Colonel Hodgn, C, B , when complete, wtll oonalft of the let, 4th. ftth aad Otli I<rsgo >n (inards, and tb* lat, 2d and tlth I'ragooos. Ihe 2d, or light Brigade, under Colonel I/>rd <>eorg* P*g*t, C. B , is csmposed of tho 4th aad 13th l ight I>ra gocna, 6th, 10th and 11th Hnasar*, and 12th and 17th l.ancers. ?> IMMENSE BKINVORCKMKKTS FROM PRAW3I. We read in th* Courrter J- Jf<i. ?et/t? of th* 10th In stant ? If we are to jndge from tho preparatioas m (king at Mareeillea and Toulon, there Is Ititle doubt that onr amy In the East will be soon considerably au(msnte1. W* are not going to asnd tbitbsr fresh reiaforcemsnts to (111 up the void ocMsioned by the war, hy disease and furlough. An entire army i* to b* embarked, the elfcctive force of which will amount to at isnat 60, 000 m*e Wo had been told thatfh* division* of General* Renault and tonrtigl* were to be de tached from the camp of Bouogna, and ??nt to the ( rlmen. This may he the case, but nothing official on the subject has yet transpire 1. We have, bowevr been ereoibly Informed that 20.000 m-n of th* army of Lyons are to form part ?f the new ex peditionary oorp*. A portion o ( thoe* troopt havo evea aliMdy cossn?? need thAwvaaea'. The brigal* of General Hoi, consisting aTWm 30th and (6th r*<tmenta ol the line, has er? now left i.vons for Marseillee, where it ia expecWd between tb* 10th and 1Mb. for immediate embartatw*. The military nnfhotitlee and the intend a cc* sre *eti vely engaged in procuring metes of oonv*f so'* for other regiments, which aro to arrive in succes sion. and to eocamp In Ine neighborhood nntii tto day of in?ir entbarkati?n. Th* Inttm -tions forwardod to Toulon are not lees pr seeing The Marit'me Prefect has teen ordered to prepare, before the end oe the month, a sufficient number or vrsool* to transport 16,000 men and a considerable wa'Tvl to tb* annt of war. The earns letter tcucha* on *ev*<al ?Iscsllanoon* mat ter* connected with the *i*go:? Mortars *n a new system, th* ranae of whl<fti**v ceedlngly great, hav* be*n placed in th* tiono*** fort to th* left, near the Quarantine, aad thatr fir* kegln* to annoy th* eight Russian line of battleship* snd t tie four - tee mer* which aro no v at.* hotel In two parnllni lino* from th* military port to that cf H*v*rnala. Thi* n*w kino of inveetment will ie completed by th* work* *x ecuted on the right attacks, on tb* MslskolT attack*, snd on the slepe of the Car*oning Hiy which h*longt to tb* a lis*. Th* ??eeral In CbMf, it I* said, places great rellai.<-e on the results Thr temperature It vary variable. Two evening" ago the rain fell io torrent*, acconptnUd by heavy thunder, and the air was mo?b rsfreahed. Th* n t h'*, In particular, are very cool. At Kertth ev >rr tblnf remains In itatn <j?o. Th* Russia** undertake nothing thnt can indicate the idea of any probsMe I a' tack lb* alliea continue to fortlf* Yenlkab-, the gar ' rson of which has b**a UUly rnlnforced. Evcrytaing i cont'nne* to go on well In th* M*a of Atcff and on the Asla'lt roast of the Black Sen. On the 27th of Juns n r'g'ment of French martnea latt Kam'*sck to garrtaon ft Paul and Ak Roumou, which command the Ptralta cf K>rtrb . Than* troop* are to repine* tho a* wUloli {lad Hen left there by 0e? D'Aatowam. TBI BOMBS EIMBKT OF ^EBAWiPOL. (From the London Oironicle, Ju>y 12.) Th* foarth boMbearCmant of debeitopol haa commenced, and at tbl* moment the formidable battarie* recently erected by th* sill** s re d?*liag <t**tructlan to the Re den and th* MaJakofT Tewer with prai*ew*rth; aaergy snd skill, the allied emc'neer*. neither da an tad by tem pflmrr cheobn, new dta*our?g*d by th* wonderful ferti. Ilty reeemroee duplexed S J ?he enemy, haw pevse vevac it t' e ir'ms labors */ the siego; end *e*h r* t ?wa! *f the bcamrdmeet ha* witnt**' I on the ?-** of < lie tM-ategera aa metre** o'foerur *nd superiority. The ttrritle l. ,x e? suste ot?l by the iiuasieo* ?a the 18tU of Jut* testify to the Cthtructica ectailod by tie Sri cf our For of 2,061 men Ulbd tail ?round ed, tte n-ott r iceft-taed t-y Prince (iort<cuakofT, few cot. a bhTc fallen by the bnnL* cf the aasaiil ag columoa, ?no the Vh w?i consequently initiated by our bettarlee. rvtnt* hen> proved hou til udvieed It waa to Mint the Ure i1?' l"t!l Juoe- wiwch had it been cootiaued, wrulu tire fi>vwfd th? t^rtact of the attacking CO Iudii?, tod, bf preventing the concentration of troopi in ib? aesMhd potation*, ni glit possibly have ch*n*-nt the fate cf the lollov'ng day it u, boirevar, a thank ea? tank to racur to the pant, end the allied command ers have doubtlens profited by the experience they gaiLtd tc that unfortunate occwitoo, watoh will iadufl* them to rt'r more on til of ecience aod Intelligence tli -c Lm biibrfte be o tbacaae* The Ingllub batteries opened on the 10th July agaiaat the Keenly end u* pmtuoic a ilaulUoeou tonibt/d* meet of the HtliUIT wort.* wae ciinwagM by oar kill*#. The despatches of Oeaeral i'ellssier do not te 'ertti 'hie poiat, but nuch haa don bites* been the case, 'lbe period that ha* elapsed ainco the laie uaauccaeaful ult haa be. n profitably employed by the Hritlih anl Jrpoch miimwri In preparing for the bombardment which bar now commenced. Tte (round conquered tram tbe m emy prior to the Htb ult I an been oocu plod by oar engineers, whilst 1niii?iaiiil parallel* one cover the spate where raged but a mi'iil'j agr> ?be nightly ? ncounter* for tbe po**** aionof tbe deadly rifle pi?a Oath* Mamelon a battery of ttie heaviest ri-librs haa been mounted, which will defy My attempt of the enemy to recapture that pod tion, and at tbe eame time wilt shower down it* storm of projectile* en the MalikoiT works brjoud, At the aame time the ground in advance of the Maaelon haa been sapped by our enterprising ally, and labyrinth* of covered ways uad approach** hare been oonstructad in the direction of the tower. Kraah batter iar have tlLewias been erected la positioua which dominate tbe Kuaelm ahipping, and thtdeatruo tion of tfco latter ia but the wotk of time. The contract ed nature of the harbor of Sebantopol muat remove all idea of titration from the mind* of the Russian Admirals, and wa ahal' probably ba soon informed that tbe few vessels which still bear the cro?? of Ht. Andre w in tte Ittark Sea bar* been aunk at tb? mouth of the pott. A bat4*ry destined to play upon the Kuaaian ves sel* of war, rsoently constructed by tbe F/eacU, Is iU t?d to te armed with two m irtara of t irenty one inch dimensions Should inch ba the caae, a complete revo lut'on will tika plact in the artillery hitherto employ ed ia bca'tgtng woika. Our largeat morUra araof tbir* tern inch calibre, an l thete were oonildered already an irrveistible; but, oomparal with the immense weight of rootal of the above cannon, their deatructire poerera can be only tilling. We aee no reaaon why the weight of tieffft artillery ahould be limited wheu we psatean, by meaaa of thu railroid, the pswar of traoaporting th> Becoeaary bulk of ahe.ln and ammunition to the ?Tcini ty of the Irene Bra. The allied troopa are reported to b? in good litalth and ep'nta, and aa awaiting with iuteaae eagernraa the op portunity of waahing out by a rglorioua aucreia, the ebeck auatained'on the 18th ult. The latter nf our spe cial correspondent In the Crimea ahowa that tua poal tlfln ol tbe beti'gera waa excellent, and that the only two aentlmenta which exUted unlreraally In the cam; Were grief at tb? death of tholr commander, and a de sire cf engaging with tbe toe. Both armira hare been inajlrited br the chairing wor'la wtlier of tseir Qu?en or of tbeir Oen?ra 1. (General i'c)ia?l?r, in coni<lae tan gnage, baa appealed to the patr on -m and pernereraace of hla leg<oi>H,wbi;b will be worthily responded toiu tbe approaching aaeenlt. The fe w touching worJ* of her Gtatioua Majeaty, in vticb a he expreiiKea to her faith ful troopa her grief t/iat ao much valor ahould hare been di?pl*j?d, and ao much blood ahed, without the recomptnre of auccoea, will klMlla, If pon-iole, the ar lor of our troopa to a mar* intenae degree. Tbe long lint of appoint mi nta to the Moat Honorable Or 1?r of the Hath will convey joy to tk? British camp, whet* our officara were juatly complaining of the neglect with whica their MltlMi viete vi>lt(<t The emulation of our gallant regl mental officer* w.ll be atill further tncrtaaed by thia w?ll menttd rrcompena* for the hardahip* aad aa<-ri lice* of two campatgna. Wa regrat that the Hat of appolntmenta In queatlon doea not contain many namea wlilch It would now ba invtlioua to menti in, but, on tbe while, the nomination* are aatiafactory, and con r Hived in a felr spirit. We might, however, ha urd tbe remark that many cfllcera have dlaplayed equal abllltiee, and have rendered far greater aarvine* to the country 'han I?rd Burghersh, and that Captain Oacre*. late of the ijanepirell bat been mora than euftitiently rewarded for tbe confuiion he aiaiate? in producing in tbe harbor of Balaklava by ?ha appointment* ha ba* re ceivrd eince bin return to thia eoan'rv We could name flfty rtgitnental ofticer* who bava far more daaerved tl.ia graiioue mark ot their oountry'n reapect thaa tbe above. We neither deny tbe atrtlity nor the intrepldily of I ord Hurgherah, but we opine that ? poal dan on %'ae ataft aod tbe advantage of Vin/ aon to hit KxMllencv Ix>rd Wextmoreland ahould have weighed leaa than the mora tlghUona claim* of hundrwda of othera of leaa dia ticguiahed ecclal position. The inergiea or tbe allied commant'tri appear to ba oenccBtiated b'fore Hobuntopol, for we hear nothing of tbe movements of lbe army encamped on the Tcbaraaya. Tbe gallant Bardinisna are doubtleae ptnting to eagtge with tlia enemy, aod thin deaden by action the progr*?* of aicknras amcngit tbelr rank*. We treat that an early epportunitv will be given to our Italian alliea ta iMtplay iu the field their valor and discipline Oaerl'aaba, at tte bead of hU etnpt d'/mifr ha* recently explored tbe position of the eesmy, and ba* penetrated beyond Mar kacaie'a Farm. Wa meat confesa to experien'-tng a feel of apprebaaatoB at thsae ripaateO pronienalae of tha Ottoman ccnimander, wbiih apparently lead to no re sult.. blM'j'd, l.osnw an engagviuent unexpectedly en*ue with the enemy in one o' thee* expailition*, tbe con*t<|tttnce? m'ght be fatal to the Turk* aad thu* dt< aatrout to the allied armies before Hebaatopol. The prop*r field of operatlona fe* Omar Paaha wa cannot help to be the Asiat c provin^ea of the Turkish Kmpire, which tha Ruaaiaaa are threatening with lnva> alca In Xara or F.r>? roum the ottoman commander and hla army of exptrtoacad troop* would render Im trerae aerv;ce, aad save Armenia from tha danger* *bicb B?eua<-? It Tbe Uteet (at* lllfffw* from Kar? r" pott* tha' % partial encounter bad taken p'aea, In whl:h ih* Rtuaian cavalry bad txper enoad tome loea. The tin- I port a toe of till* surooaa bts been exaggttated, aad tb* prviutrtd at'ack ?M ffVMj a* ?!.r* tbau a reooa i oaisxaace In fcrce. We fear tli*t unleae timely aneeor* are dispatched to the Anatolian army, a dtaaatroua da <fe?tro? the poee'r of Turkiy In the I'achaltska of Kri?rouu an 1 K tr*. I .OBI) HlflLAN'a LAW MOIIKWTH. A leitjr from before Hebaatopnl or tlte- Oth ult , in tbe I Siwiaphor* of Maraelllea, give* the following details of Lord llaglan'e lllneaaand death ? Ilia lordrbip waa aaveral day* laboring under the la ttuence of that singular tnaia ty whirh nearly reaemble* ! cholera without having al 'b<- symptomn of it, hut the phytlciaBR, ea tha very morning of his deatb. bad given it ae tbtir tp nioa that he waa better, aad that hie I atate no longer rauaed uneaalnea*. H a voice bad re- i gained ita atreogth, be had been able to eat, and during the whole ol the day hnpae wiie entertained that all veet'ge of his indlspoaltlcn would soon dieappear. lord R*"laa himself aaid that ba fait nearly wall, bat about half paat all in the evening be waa aelred with a m Men falatnesa, and, without aatfering the nllchtaat. pain, gradually aank. anH in two hour* alter thia crlaia r?> ' algcod hla eoul to God with a calmness an l a traa<|ulli - ty which it Ls I ro pot el Me to dtscrihe. When the reli. gioaa aereKonies have been performed bla body will ba remove.! from head ^oartert and conveyed to Koglacd by a war ?team?r In charge of bla atd de camp, I. .rd | Iturgherafe, I. eutenaat ' oloael fomeraet, Major Klaga octa aad I.'eu'ensnt Oalthorpa. Tim VKKY LATB8T. W? a bimnrnr, July 13, in.'..', Ij.rd Penmure preitnta hla eompllmaate to the editor of the Tim", and haa great pleeeore ia tranemiUiag tbe itcl ?>d Intelligence which ba* thia day reached him frtm General Plmpaoe ? Cbikica, July 11?4 4 fl P. M. <>ur fire yeeterday bad gf/?d elTect on tbe Redan. 'lolera la deerean'rv sn>l tbe health of Um army ia aatialaetory, I'ARIK. Thursday, July 12?8 A. M. lbe Vinitrur anuauace* that tha laat deapatchea re- i ctived from tte ( ?lm?a at* dated tbe 10th ot July, 'I P. M (l?naial I'etiasier wrttea aa follow a to the Mlalatar of War ? I have nothing aaw to announce to jon today. The t firing haa beta vary br rk drring the wbrde of lite day batwera tte Kn?l!ah aod the tirent Kedaa. Thia eveu leg that work I* very ell?nt, conao>|ueniIy oar allies | will ba able to a'lvance their worta. tub Baltic. A despatch from Iwatxi: etates that Admiral Btyaes' rqnatiren baa left Nargt a to joia Admiral Daadaa off Crtattadt. Tbe fltot ia hcallhy. Tte It I'eteraborg journals t.f the 4th report that no tie night tetween the 21 aad Ihl, the guoooata of the allied t:??ta deatroyod a large aumber of Fialaal vseeels near f.roeelachra, aad that no tbe morn ug of tbe .'id, Kiaaaafagorka wa* bombarded for Bve houra, aal tha Telegraph barracks almoat satirily deetreyel. Die M nlster of Marine of Fraace had r*c* v* 1 tbe fal lowing 'ee patch i * from Hear Admiral Paaaud, com maadet ol the aquadron in tbe Baltic ? Oa ftosap rwa Toiavm a, orv Cwowwvarit June .10. ; ft* ? Yesterday a eteamer left Ckonata-lt with a 8*g of truoe , it ateerd for the alllod Oeet an<ber*d I* tbe pea lege eontb of the Tolboukla. Aa aoen ae it rams near tte aqaadroa anchored north ? Oonaladt a boat from the fmka of Welliagtoa polled alongside, aad bro-ight a Kuseiaa oflur aa board tha PaglleB Admiral * abi? t few moment* afterward* Admiral Daadae raate on hhH tbe Tourrllle ta eommaaieata to nae the ^aepatcbes he had raealvad, iaforaaiag ma that be bad tbooght it we* a<:dreesad to Ukim poraoaaOy, bat that It ^oaeeraei the veeeale of both aatioas. la tbla (Tripa'cb. a copy of which I bava lbe boarr to ?"close ta your P.ieaUeaey, tbe Mlalatar of War of ths 1 mp? rot af Resale de<-i?r?s that, to prevaat tbe misun deretaadlaga to wblch tbe aaa aaada af flags of traoa by tbe Vaglieh aavy might give rise, the veeeala of the allied I'ltiedroae will only be allowed to eoeam iaicata with Vie Baaeiaa authority* la the 0a Uaoa thrae pu a is ? aamaly, Craaatadt. flweeborg aad Revel Jb^Mmaader of tbe Kaghah aqoadroa baviag askel I thought of tbe aoataaU af thia doepat'h, I Iff am that, tm ot all, it eaewied to aM that ths Mia.* trr of War at W. Peteraborg -ugbt to have a*ntiaeod wk?a tha KacUah abwaad a flag of traoa. aa that I* the prat* 1 1 made aaa af by tbe K aee lea gnreraeaaw' to limit ' r<" reatrtet the aammcaioatioa hitherto le aee t?etw -?a a be ItUeraat fewer* t ed<*ed that the aae^ ire a?t '<?* t Igfit give rtaa ta vary earloae leeoareaia v ~t. *a?d < MtgCt ha teeeei that r> might ia gaaai tae v Ii f wer that at all freiffa, ( U WW- lb1* U meLc the Ru*alan government undersUat that w* throw upen It the who r rrepon*iMHt/ it as y evils that migtit ?:i?e tha relies. _ _ ... Ibi* morrmg I went on be Af2 ths Puk# ^ W?lliBjt iD tc c??c(t' *hk Adminl 1Io?Im Uin t?|lj thet shoil: be n?nt. That officer ?tt me i draught of a reply in tie afternoon, which t approval! by a letter, o' wbl?.h I also trod a copy >o jour Rxcatlleniy In ths evawto< Ad&iral iHiudaa feat the reply to Const alt under a IW* ol trace 1 *m, 4c., Admiral I'KNAJI). TI1X KUHSlAh MIMMTKK OF WAH TO ADMIRAL DUN Dart. The lolo?ing h a translation of the letter eddreaiied to Admit*. Ihm'ai b y the Ku*eivn Miaiater of War ? St. t'KTKUKMJau. Jane lis (2H) Pin ? 'With a ilev to prevaaiirg mutundsratand'Ofx tj which tt* uee o< tl*ge of truce mw!e br the Eaglish miitt give lie, I >m chvgsd by the Imperial gori-ra pent tn inform von of Ilia rwolution it hu a' op ted r? H?riiug comtruntcaVon* wliieh tha Ang'oKrenah fl??. id the lull, c nioi think At to add r?e? to a*. Flags of truce will only bt received on three point! ? tend/, ( Tor.emdt Sweaborf an>l llevele Vaaae k le?ni>? a flag ot touoe must hni*t a whlto llaff of large rt men ion* and celt eochrr beyond loaf ran/e kq I wiUt until a toit gee I alonge.ue to receive a written riian>?Ke l rum tbam I mutt inform jcu. M. V Admiral, that the Imperial goeonneit hi> irxilnd cot to racogaixe a Hsg of truoi en anj otbtr point than tboaa above mentioned, or with out thn fttnci acileeion to the rulfi hmln laid down. I eliall f?tl much obliged to you ti mike ma acquaint ed wlih the regulatlcna you may think lit tooatabliitb on toor nic?* m ie*.ar1* ti e communications we may think it ad vinable to >isJ, under flag of triM, W the allied squadron*. lam.Ae., I'BIKCE IIAKIUC DOLGOROUKI, Minister of War. To tba above, Admiral Dundaa eeut the follotring re ply ?ioiur ftxcii.i.iNCT rumen doi.uohouki, ministkh or war or ms majkhty tiik kmi-broii or iuwia. Oi> uuAHti lli-it MaJttrn'a ?inr 1)vk? or Ww-uxuton, | at inchcr five milee N.N E. of Tol r txnlm 1 Ightbousa, June 30, llt&fi. ) Fir? I bare the honor to acknowledge the receipt of tfce latter ton addre?aa<l to me under date of the 2ttth Inat , to inferm me that, with a view to prevent any mi? undtraUniMng with regard to the uae hitherto mala by the Br.tlah ntivy of liege of trace, the governm??t of bis Majesty the Kmpcror of Russia haa thought fit to a? sigii crrtaia limits to eummunlcatioae of tbl? deecription which the allitd e<jnadron?o( France and England might find it a^rieable to tefdrera to It. You alio eak me to make known to you what regu'a ticna I may think it necenear^to eiitablieh for the re o?lpt of e>ml'ar communlcat'ona which the Raeaian go verKnirat may bave to make to the allied Uette. I take the liberty of Informirg you that I am tfoorant of the eircumatanoet with reaped to the con luot of my oftictn which may have Riven rlae to reitrlotiou of com munication* by llaga of trace ee hitherto prectieed in the prt -ent war. I am ptrfectly aware that It in cuatom ary to holata white dag of eufflriant alze, and I alao al mft the nece ally of not approaching within range of tbe gncH of a fortree* without peiaiaalon, or nearer any othir point than may be aeceaaary to attract attentiou, tut tbc time and place where aurh communlcationa, un der a dug of truee, may be thought IndUponaable, de pend upon the clrcunirtaj>ce? of each iaiivi'lua] cue. I ?(mil. wi'liont reeerve, that io molt caaet It ia m?re initahie to af nd a Heir of trace to a epot where It It Ukely to meet with an ofllcer of rank; and that, moreover, ni adTtntage ehoald ee taken of auch euepenalon of hia ttllt I* i to accompllah, without danger, eeta wblch oould cot have been done during actual boatllitiaa. By informing me that on the whole extent of the Rua alan territory m m lornea to Ijbau flagi o' truce are limitad to ilia three points you bare mm'.loned, you vir tually Increaae the evlla of war, and deprive both par tied of thoee mean* of eorreepondenc* neceeaary area fcttareo rnem'ra. I regret thet when mich a potifleation wa* made to m? no fact waa mraVnned which rolfht have lal me to make an Imjulry Into the conduct of thoee accueed, and 1 am qv.ite reacr to Inatitute en tni(ulry into the coo duct of *ny officer pointed out to me aa having violated a flag of troce. I Aa regardeeoirmnnleat'on* '.bat may be eent to me, I teftr j on to the condtt on* yon voaraelve* htve male, either to approach or display a flag of trace: a Hap of truce wtil be received by the nearaet veeael, and Mat, a* thecaee mey fca, to the nenior effl ar, and I aa* no other .rcutltf than that which I may reasonably expect fmm the inod faltb and honor of th? offliiare to whem you mey tnink flt to tiuat each eorta of commu nication*. I have communicated jour letter to Rear Admiral I'eoand Commander In Cblef of tbe French wiuedron In tlie Rultln. Ue per'rctly approvre tht ubaervatioae I bate 'he honor to make to you ae regard* tba r'*tile tiona ? on wl?h to Impoae upon communtcatioae we may have oecae'os to a-ldreua to tha Ru wlan anthorUlea, an I ivri'id a-d myaeif tkink it right to polat oat the eevioa* inrooveolencee anl evan avile which may he tbe eon*e<ioeeea, the whole reepooaiblllty of which maat fell upon tbcae who bave prevented the mean* of om on when *uch evil' might hare been avoided. Admiral DUN O H. Tbe fol'owicg letter wa* addrea*<d by Admiral I'eaaud to Admiral l>unda? ? o* Boa an H I. M smr Tormui, Juh 30, l?6*. Mocalcur l\tinlral-l fully apprarethe let'eryou ptr pr ae add trad ng to tie Mlnlatarof War at Kl Cetera burr, In reply to that In which ha lufoimayouoT the rt -trillion * wll-hbl* (overnmoat wUheato plaee upon liar* of truce for the future, tKtwatn ve<aele of tbe Aa tfh i renrh ftaet and tbe Raaalan authorit ea We con Id ant In fact, give our cnaaent to exceptional n i a?ur*N ha vond the cuatimary uaa^ea of war, the exe cutunof which may bave unbappy conae?(uen?a, and ? ap**iai)y when it I* (Iran to be untferaW>o4 aa a motive of tbe propoalt'on that the Eaillah have made ahuae of ? flag of tinea I am, 4a.. Hear Admiral PKVAl'l), Comman ler in Chief of tha ItalUe H<|uadroa. OPERATIONS in the whitk sea. A Hamburg letter, of the tfth in*t , to the Jnnrf. H'lf , *ay? ? i 'or m?ri baatJ bave received lattera from Archaogel of the .eih of June Th* foreign veanel* in that port fcad aucc*?d in dtaring oat with tteUr cargoen before tha notlllcatlin of U.e blcckace. Anvmg thru iW?W? utrr tivrral (o <A' L'ni'rd afAtcA, a/'^r lundin^ their rnrpin-t, prv?d"l eaafuwirii. Hince the ar ? Iral of four F.agllab war ateamer* aad a Kren -.ft vea ??) In In tbe W hile Kaa, the block ale la atriatly enforced Naaerlbela**, down to tbe Wth of Juie no Fngheh ablp of war had a* ytt appeaitd at the mouth of the Daja, whaie the military ingmaer* havo erect?*t ???er*l bat teriea. Ihla paaeage ujuat be forced, la or<l?r to enter the a mall gulf at the bottumcf which Arohangtl 1a *iti atf. The nav?atlon of that gulf haa b?en moi?>ver ren di rad inipiactlcabla for ahlpa of war A cwrtem nom b?r of light vaaaei* and guntoata wfll eoaaaqoe itly be ltdlapanaahle on that pclnl to approach ami eanaoaada tbe city. Archangel la now la a r?ep?? table a'.ate of defanca It* fcrmer fartlBcatUn? hava beea repelr*!, and other* bate Men nonatructed on both aldee of the tows, which are eeid to be armed with gun*. There tie lathe neighborhood a large loroe ..f lof.ntry, two field batterlr* of artllliry, two pulk* of loeaacka, an1 a reaimant ol Ufhl cavalry, qoartated In the village ad Jotaing the coast The marebanU of tv>e place appear title appreh* naive of tha co??e*i'iencea of a Komlard r.? at or attack on that p??rt by the ailM-1 erulsera. We bave alio recalval teaent lnte:ile^n<-a from l.lbeu Hlace tbe raptara of a steamer off that coa*t by tba flying pquadrfn of ' ommodort Wit?oo, who hitn*?lf I that not a single veaaal ramained la the port, no ship of war tas appearwd then Tba ca*t a every eh?ra aa- I oaepible. bat tba aurrounclog v llagea are oi-upied by aumetoos o?rp* cf Huialan infantry an 1 artillery. AUSTRIAN POLICY AT THE VIBNNA CON- | PERKNCE. I.onp JOHN HI K?kU.'a DIPLOHAOT. [Frtm the l/>adoo Timea. July 1.1.] In the courie of a very akort speech la djul n Ruasall laat Bight committed two 'n* cure-.tet IO reir a rk able as to auirgeet e *a?p . thai bis Ior*?hlp bss lo?t romewhat of bis uaesl clear Be?s by bl* abortive attempt at diploma'/. The Br?t of three waa la bis reply to Mr. I Israeli whs had asked whether bl* I ardsblp bad obtained her Majas ty a consent V tba atatama?t ha made laat Friday night with raipact to the prajeeAlag* ol tba liablnet It wa* notorious, lord John Ruxall obeerrad, that ba be- 1 brought arrnoeal* from \ leana, whieb, ea a matter of c urae, tns Cabinet would look at aad a* It was eleo tiHailrm that tba negotiation* bait to a riot, | atd ws ware at ill et wsr, It followed, es a matter of ci nrae, that t^a /.tiatr as piopoeala bad be?n re)?rtad. ; Po what bad hi* l/oraahlp new to' I aiore than ] avarybody knaw Tt?a nueelkm waa a bold ooa. fcr It s^mlts of a prompt reply Ws ar? la (?ebtad to lord Jota Ku-salt for a eoualderabia ; addition to the notofiatle* ha r?fa?r?l to lla , casmi nicatad to ua i<n irlday tha exaat nature of the Awatrian prcpo*ala. and the additional fa't that be and tba Frenab Klmatw were fully of ..plaioa that < I bey eowtalnad the al? aien'e of aae^e It la true that the Austrian asralon cf tb' affatr waa aire v-r before tie world It is true, al'O thet before leal Friday, be i Ma tba atomolgetion of the AuslrAO etateav>nt, evaa ; i*t j i ooa after lyord John Rm aell ? rHara, the aab aUnoa of hla praaont roveUtk,* had baen wbtaper-1 a boat. Ibis, beweasr, wa* so ?? for tbe .liaged braach et misUtaital secreey bat rather an aggraaa tlon, par'lcwlarly when it ie fwund that tbe peraios in c<?eeeaiea of tbe ?a-ret? th? pa..j,le whi wen*, aboat , lia'aa seylrg thet l>^d Jobn Ra.eall hal re turtH fimi Wbbi a n*gh r.*mwr\ Vt ih? Aut1 tUm r>Urf, rtilf r?t?? ?nr wtr? Ui* fry who m '?ill/ Hfr/ixl ffr.w lb* " ? *** spmUj f\i th%l. iho-ifb ty l+i tk?fr cttiM vti 1 'Mt i ally is the Mieistaral '*mp It raano' be Counted thet 'b?f rlvery of Me?" ' dy'i oouaeil hal be>* kraka* ia ausaa way or ml j,d, as l<.rd Jew Kua?ell ie isbly simplified the . o?ro <!1velgtag *?sa* rery la te aeUi g pertlaalara. It wa?" natural to aab wb?'be* be bad ekl etas'! leev* for doing *o F ? oar owe par'., la dead, we 'blab the 'nan* taken by I/*d Jebn lau n.e' lately after bie r?teiB howae ai h <a?r^ leaf e per- Is , tedlng tbe espeetaet Ilowee ef r"9> *n?? no tblag at ail etrept that Raaeae was aa aaaMt'aei i oaacvapwleua Power, all tha tiata that be was w iap?/ lag to a few taquMtlvo and loaky frirm4? h s ae-ee? to ? ha AuaUrtaa ntoaoeal, bwt to sny tbst be Ml tbe | llr ass am Friday eight no nwa thaa rt knew eiraa) y Is. I? eey the laeet, a iem aerpr'steg inoatewrwy Tha sac and inMOaraey is tha fas* Wan la a " ralf 'a>e ? end la-t laws leal faaelf saak Mr M l??r ?i b f ? a '? *' d tha ait**t m e4 Hoate la tb? ear -alee ia eb'rh I awat Hooi eUled thet lord Jaba ???ee?i ?ad ? at ? ely or4k?eebad to tba Uet AaStnae Ka ai , a ad , ?K? * ba bad eofeaed U >a?ee*ae <ne g ,?ar^~-et at I .;u ti'r* wrT"'>.?li ? ipniMNd It ia a ?nboaqaant part of bU I . >r n Join Uua.all, at Vimu. had tofa?4 Oauat Bool U." Ue litl pinpoeal of oflertd the 0 * b< ?>< rable nolutioa of the <| uastloa Bad that be " - I vatod to laStiene hi* government to ***** t ? <* . **' tl'?*t*wer I/ord Jobo 1<u.*ell gar* to thl. at the Urn. wait KttMr MIlBartilbaonhad totally m Meproaentod tbo *?!? This wu r.tbee buJ m.a*.ir,. tor Mr M.Ibm (Jlh?o?, who .pot* with th* circular b?foto bim. Ml en.'ra vend to *tato i?o wntant* with ?vaaatoai fidelity On KtMey tmt Ijord John Kuaeell had pro tab!; (ftrmr tie circuU t a moit ?or}?' ^ru^'' .lid net vblaV It expedient to reoeat hU chw** of total p?iir?'r t??witi?fic6 *taln?t Milner f.lbeoB <?b that ocoaet. n U* and. "1 certainly thought that pier of cou/iterpwUo fM lal.rtor to th?pl?n of 'uiU I on that wo orofoeod, yet that 1m , a mod. of c< Bc|i.d(0({ tha war with honor to the allied l o?,r*i act that tt would K>?? 1 *?" n,,t "J* a v i r v fair proepec', of tbe duration M.laar (iiUon calling out ' Hnr, boar, Lord John llu* a*ll proceeded "ftt rght Hon , gantlem.a a-k* ?? wbt<b?r I have chaog?<l tbat opinion Mr, 1 changed that op- u en I think the' too.- tor*ae ??? cafuUMd either CB tbo one tula to eacure Au?trla to u* in tie War, or, on tha other, to obtaia a poaoo which. It .l*ht be bar* be e n a p?ec? that would here afforded *ocu"?y for th* luluit " Further oa l?rd John N"***" ?.). ??', after a trord on Mime po.?lble difference ol iriolWtioB* ? " I have no daubt that th? oiato ment of Count Iluol la ia tto main an accurate a icount of what I did at Vienna. 1 aald that I had no Inetruv time that would enable mo to agrea to auch term*, and that Urn In.tructlon* I bad would lead dm to that ?>ueh t?rma would not bo aeaaptod, but 1 a*?d th?< my owo oplnloa waa that th *y "J 1. b? accptfJ ; and 1 aald to ' otnt Huol that I oould aa ku'r* h m, and that he conJd oobtoj that ao?nra?o? to tba Kroprior of Auatria, that I woald lay tha oaw b? Ion* tpa Cabinat of thl* countrr, and tbat I woul I una n.y b?ft and?a*ora to put tboao propoallloaa lai ?urh a l.KWt that ?bry mljht hop* for adoplloo That pto bi.*h 1 p?rtonnod.'' I?r?l Joba Kuaavll haTiaf thua axpliititd tuat ,tbougl. bih argunaanta mc.wwo the utmo?t eotaldaratlon, thay dU) not prarali, pro^el^t to aecotnt fc.r bl* not haT<B( nwl^rawl hU aaat in tha Cabi B*1. Ha wu a?*l<.o? n?t to ua??iUe ao aoon what had juit letn aaitlad, and th.rofor. lar blB?i??ll to the public |?od, and atayad la. II we eOBld alao think with hie Uirdahlp that hla preaaar* In tho Cabintt contributed to the pioapec*. of a atn.ii? tovnnmant and a decided pober, thea ?a Balght ?1?? rerpect the aaciifi.e ho haa m*Aa to tho poblir ???> u i ? hbcauae wa thlnh b.n> a porpttaal uawtUament a faulty pi fee of U sober, aa ln-?r?ble leakage, a rot lnU'? goTernneat, arer ready to opaB tho paaaa^e h? which jowir and conlldoara w.ll pa.a orer to ??me other bloation, that we think very lightly of thl* boaxbel "!\ 'n!|Cnow for Urd John'* laet alght'a a4dit<on to thla aiDKular atot y. "It baa l^ea laf'rrod aud ?upf?aoi, lie now obaerToa. '<beeau?e I aald that at lh? ood ot A pill uad in the Hut daya of May 1 thought thooo pray oaitlom mlgi.t bare been aaaen^d t?, that 1 thiol oaw, at the preteat moment, thoio pr<>po alt.ooa may form a foundation for peace. HjoIi a -uppoaltioB woul 1 ho totally orronooua. It U entirely con'rary to the fact that 1 coBeltler bow tloee piopooiVont would form the foujdatloB of It wax it y opinion, and, aa I ?laWd the otner day. I re tain the ooluitn ae to what might ha?o been done, but, alter the erente and p?oeeo?liBga wh-ch ha?e ?ia e oo coired, I beJleee ootlnog hut a rl^oroua proeectilloa of ibe war will obtalo taima upon which poMo aaa Jo c?. tludrd " Wo ran only a*ow oureeleee utterly a?toal?h ?d that any Jtrltleh -Uteeman abould bo, or Pr"f^, to be, ,o blunt 01 et'|"'henelon en to aubaUtutt ti l.o I ^nfe^ if Die r. od rnppo*itl.<n" beie deecril.od for that which tho Iluuie of ('oBtmoaa and the whole llr.tlah publlo drew (torn hi* apaeeh <>n Krliay n'ght We are nuite auto that on thla point Mr. Ilieraell eaactly ropi*aooU erery leUlllgtot toader of the abot-e paeetge whea ho aaye '? 1 do not e?e tbat tho atatomeot which tho BObU Iflrd I.aa ncario at all changee hla .UuaHon ?lthr...H to the llooee. and ae reepecU the narratleo which he mai'.e oa trtday alght I did Bot hoar that acybody, on Krtday n'ght, hinted ^Ua., In (oneequenca ot Uio apeeoh of the noble l?rd he waa at thl? mom*Bt of oplBion that peaoo ooght to ha negotlatad wtth ltu-a^ upon the h?l.ofth. p.opo.l tiaaa which ba approeed et tho tl^ be ha, now bi.b^ tu ned. Tbat waa a p?> nt which wa* not at all broaght lubn coooideratlon " Why. of coorae, the Anatrlaa pro haa goto to tho wiaA. long ago it U B?W .tt? clestly clear 1o tho ?erl?at peaemmgor that Kaglan.1 will not l^> content avan withh?r own plan of liml^a tloo, bot will require much ??r..ager *ocurl'y Wo can not kuppoee that any one would Imagine even Uid John Kuefeli go ng about to perauad* peop e that Hu? la might ptMaihly conoent t/i let tha alltet ke?p a aeet aijual to h?r owh In the Biach S?a, and jo a In guaranteeing the lniep.KWi.oe of Tnrney. the Idea la not oaly at pkwUd It la tldte.aloue; Bay, n?o?e, It lo beoouie a m?t Ur of K.rprUe that (ount Buol aiioulleTer have au-. cead#U In paJm'Bg ?<? *ln<iilar a coaooptloa oa a Brj ti.h Biluiater. Ibe re/ ?U. oreora aad .app~lUaj? lb?l tb? pubU? fi'?? J oid Jofin htii#?ll ? apetcb l?, th*t oa I he greet .(i.e. (loo o' peace orwar, wtiif-b n*u? t for ion* t???* wupy tb? poblifl to t&* ?* clufK B of all other* and wblrb on the flr*t great re ?er?? 1? l.kely to coBt-ulee any govecnBient, there a'*a1? lord John Ku???l the prnleeeed author of paetBo ?ou a eel* the man who brought a mere e*oof p aoe whir . hi* , col'i.goe. thought Bt to rejo. t the te.t.ft.r t" ? Til t ?**. the man whoto adrlce, it will be *aM had It been followed mlgnt bar* ta?e-l a* o.Triad i o ,l?oe, aa I I n.llliouK ubob ?lalOBi Of I b. ; I* the ' V jaitloa which l.>r<l Joha ba* ob ain dfo- hlm*elf,ant weh-> 1 it to tedarg?ron?t?any goTernment of wbl:h l?o rnty hap p. oto be a member A. for th. paclttc "M,'? 1 lereOfd Minuter*, they at* *?? down to the moll* * th.t ( unually role the ..ppoeitmn Not *o l/*d J*.? t im portation fn ro the Anatriaa t haa^r t i* c?p ta and in the poaaihl* hoar of dlaaatar I-ord John w.ll t li n It to I ha haatacrount ? iitrrrall?K from Unaela. A lottor from Wartaw of tha f>*b, in the ?</it >'o:t?w "'lU rooacllkr of HU'.o,4t Ko'.aVuo, *"lTa.1 here ,ea Urdayfn.m Hba*'^>pol, *ni l?me<Uately he I an aadl enreof I'riBrO l a?kUwit??h to w hom ha lellrw>a.Uet ter* from <mn. Ooria'hakoll Tb* p'etar* wbl?h M. de K'daebno ^ra?? of lb- atato of tboi r.maa la far fr^m ?atialactorT. t,an*ral(iortachatoff, It la *tld camplaln* that the relnfcreera*ot? b?/th of pafalry an-1 aod *uppli?* of pt?r?l >n* pa**lng through I erekop ware advancing hot very alowly, hut la oon^BOaBB of lb. waat of water in the a'eppea. where the thymoma ur at time* atOod at 34 Haaoaaur Kahrtabe.t ) it t aa aereeeary to have tl^ Uoop* fallowed ?y an .m mecee m.mbar ol vhicleo orrylag wator Theea i.lnfo?r*oitnt* w?ra <a-ltnated by diaeaee ow thair march, and tha rom.lo.'er, on arriving f.olr eorved to BU the (.oapital* , ,.pbeiopol ae 1 llakehieeral are to I .'I "f *?0h ?hat I! tee bMa found aeeeeeary to oeUbll*h ambuUaoo* uudw teota It.e mor'-abty. owla* to the eitr >m? heat, 10 dear riho^l ae trlfhtlul. 1>iO town of I'eteMtopol I* aa.l tj ba la a "*L?rate ?tate? aot a h?u'< but ha* .oB.r?l fro. tha abot and *bell of tie* allle* The It9aii*a army at ?a battooo: haa beta waaker.ed bv 10 ?W iren by the af 1^1. of tb? '.th aad lfV. of luae wlthoit r.rhon ng Uioea who havo diet from .;ho*r* a VI fthar dlaMeae. II.e ?t>- bava reBdtrod iljelr>c*ito'B betweaa lulehlava lad iLker mean tapmaahia, ... tl at, a r^o' a. ae?lt (ienet*! l.ort*i>a?oll caoaot aa.Ut tha garneoa b* ina* ine ear d vera on na ?ld? It la *?p?o*?d that the gar.tioa w 11 blow ?I aU the public bulUldg. a?d OKI leave to the a-aalTaat. a b?ep of r...oa All tho art lilt, of value b. I.f gmg t . tha < rown have by- ~ IA t'afakfib Tb? account ot lb* to '>1 I/T ? A** h., ?^7r.f poiata '-uf the IneaM of tne Ku. >ian ?r? ? Ita beot (Jen??al? Kora.lett, bottom r, W.lB>oBoff, (bibllder, <>rhallaB, aa-t ..vera! ">.ra have Uea httlBd a?t Wcrt?aw;^ XajM Cblflf k a 1. 1 i ani.eaborg bava retlfe.1 M-.r. lbaa ave r.d .f.r.raof all ran. a have b-a a'read^ l.*t hf thi war it I* *a.d thet irfaeral U arrewt le .r^t. and U at he be. wrlttea oa thf .u ?,ect to f!ll ra I' rh. ob,.ct af the via.1 of tha t rard l uke M^beel to thl* ?<?y ?? tne .uh,e Jt of >0?Me< laaTftaat'oa He wae It I* *.ld. eha-g*d to eo .B i the ,,f [-rare f>aetU>lt? h aa to hi. Uklag tho -o? A i <.f the ai?J Of tbo I rlatea hot the PrtBsO I* ee'4 rv..^ Ve'uMd ia the ploa of hie beal'h aa.1 th. pro BiJe of ..r-oee iaa>'.e to him by the lew Kmp.tov fha I. dai IT oerry.iHI off froa* ..ghtoeo V. twwty 'e^.-B. here a ad it I. e.'-adiog IU ravag.e al-wg tfa Tituta ao far a* ' taoww At t>ac.w ttl fatal ? eat red a f?*r* lUporte ere carreat her- of eow^ ^.trnTheVwo .B the rouB'/y of th* Ihiiot-r. -I. regl ^tT^hoar. b*l.g fernied f.# of the ? Kpire in Uw p.?i?B<*l Po.towaaat .erbeia. * A lettor *owi Bt. Peterabarg of the i4th alt , a the H'?*<frr,rof Vletna eay* - It 10 gveerally raw- rad ??? the I o.p.ror lo <o af e. v.ry .hirUy lor ooaU bat It I* not* ao e , he .. ?'..?.g V. vt?.t tbaOliB^a >x ao?a .Lit -f ti.e War. Haa It M aJ-? eto'^t that ' ho '.ra ? 1 lr ke Nlrhole. le to viail tboae parte mwietteUly after bi* retnra frcm Ua Baltic l'na',0 Ml ^ha?ll t* j Z?e uaia the* H? bi 1M B. be |..ea?? I'otand KnnreVaahiew 'ach omlf reta e a< t?- ? ... t'ca* with I'reeei* .ppear t.??ta? aflea^ve .ad defease* a Moa^B I* Vr^'B ? |m boeUg v-.- r?.c! da-l Wrttreea the t*. ? owar*, (BM8I ajea ^T. havlBf b?*r ttoreia daly 'or^B Tb'a rw?w, ' bev ag MWfdaaea wt?h tha anto o* Ha<wa iT^teefla. Itbaeu. ta WtMh BWthi l? atV af the Of I r ?.eie to war' a Awateia. .at of tha two p* ate af (o.raa?ao i^ler tlim I?t?Ib o< tfco Tt? oaf. ? Tl7T'a.laB rr?^?* WaroBW^T who IB a". K?eaat at iwaadea fcr Uo >*^?t af 0*0 health la ek?rt.y o. a'cMM ?W*?Oee?a? Be w. pa pore t .' hi* ie?|aBBt? that hO MMeeeae, Boithe* bot ertatB la tho inaaaa, a ad (bat the teg i?b easot bar* (pared etthae. oB ba* to*B ro ptrKd ? Ib?b Mi ClAaa. . |U. UitiiMi. Jaly ?. 'we Ibe Ia4.a ?? ? Wav- Aleaa^rU toie *.j r.*? <r. m <a '.Pa, Jaae 4, ttombey. JaB* :ra?.,a. tt ? peaeelU tbiaagfbaat 1??? I ?*? !?>* ' aeie le IB the HailfteaCTlee H?..o?e. w*4-rato |J b.B?e ?? C^eatlB. U 1 **? I oetlet OB*/ UrreooL, Katarday, July 14, 1KW? A taltgraphir das patch from I-oodoa, raoatrad jeat baforo Uu tlopwtirt of th? Atlantic, UWUMN that I.ord John lUiaaall Km rcaignad hU Hit la Ibt UMm( Nubda, Lo?t>oh Mumkt HUM), Jul,, 11 ?'?Inek.? Ths Punda ?(uiot UU mnraiag, and wllhoad cKfcaaa finwi > ?*????<. - - ? ? " ibit a <rtij Improving ?r**?raur? v??, wmmk% tumm%tw4 with Iba ml urn lor ihs oonsspoadlng period last nu Twa o'clock. ? Tha atock marital haaoibiliitad a ilrmm trndascy, sad a alight iu.fnmiMit dm it uaa time rriuead, tut ba* aot Uton aujportsd. t 'insula ha.absam u noted at 41 ?? bsyors. but ar?> now weakrr, at 01 to 9| ^ (or rmw) and tlia Mo AtifsnV ltedune<) 3 par t'aato ars at 0'J, md tbo Now :i |?>r ( -ant a ?a . liajai. atook, to 213. Ia<' la Hoods, 34a. pram s*rha.|uar btlW ramoln at Ml. to 27r. prraa. for the Juua In lla, aa<l 'Hit. to 2l?. (trn foi tha March laaua. Hull- peat thrse o 'cluck ? Tha Caglieh Knod* i.inee atone t. at VI to 01 far moasy sod Um?. KaducM at 01* M. Nawl par ?'aaU, at Vl\ WIS. Kecbanum INila, V a. le T.' a. pita, for tbo aaw bills, ami Ma, to 27a. for the obi. ? AHlftQ ?*(.*?*?' OtMCm.AlU IxiKiMia, July 13?1 I'. If Thar* la bo change of Importance to aotloa la tba oe loaiai aa<l foreign produce Markets this wool., aod prioae generally ara wtlf tepportsd. Hugar aad aotloa Arm. lothl qoisl Consuls loaoe alt 01 h 01 H for aia?r Mtaey for; abua<iaat Dollars 1>* ; bar allow 6a. IH4 , houtb American doublooas 7 to. , American oaglaa 70s. :<M Hr aloe i He aph I rum T rivals w* leers She arilrsl thars ol tho Indian ia?H, with adrioss liwa Oaf - cntla of Hi. 4 Ui, aao lioaibey of tha 10th Jki?a. h chaoga at < slculta '.'a l\d. AatkirtK ttr?K ?? ?Iba traatactioas hars baaa eUaflr eunlinsd to rtilioed boiula, sad to III nois (antral aura psrlirularlr . tba 7 jor out < oaatruciloa Honda hero I It* a to itil? a HO, sad tba 7 par ooat Vrae laoda to 43 m *b. ilii jroia of Michigan < 'on'.ral It's at 04. 1'iaaaa 7 'a, vtnlipg inlvi. I'eonaplTaale Oatral S'a, 0J, a* dir. lat Juljr. Na? York aud Vria, (lat aa?rtfa?*) 7'a, 1*1 ? 111; U?i uoil,aK", conTorlibla *J0 a 02. U?rjlaa4 at? Mb( ft 'a, Wl ^ irgiula atarluc t'a, Hi. <?aata O'i, IIHIII. I <n ii ia a ? i. ? f.?>0 baga baaa aaala baaa o(Tara4 tkla waak, and about two llnnlB aoiil at a Oacliaa of ak?i> Id. p?r lb lli ailuraa alUor, at 3s 0d. a 4? Id , blaah. 4a V4. a la. (il. Toaoillta altaar, at M. Hi a ;ia 114, Mark, 4a. a 4a W, Too Im(i Uailoaa Mack aald ai Da. M. Ox ha dull. Of HIO ha^a Trlellai ollaral, otlf a aaiall portluu touod Lujin fioai H7a. a .' fa. t.l. for gtjm4 Uii; to lair iod. Onraa ? Iba tnnkat la airy Arm, and prlialal* a good loquirjr ailkU lor eolyijr daaodpUuaa of p'aata Una t o j loo, tba publl'i a?l4a of wbirb baaa tau>pna?4 col; M eaaka ??. I'O l<a?a NaWva Oa/loa la au*ai*at 47a. i d. a 4?a. (?f 4,X;I baf ? Klo at anetioa, aaly a ?mall portion void ai 4 Ca. a tin. for yoo.l urd A cario of 4,UOO baga Saataa *ol4 at 43*. M fur a Mar poll. IV.TTON ?His aala for tho woak aoanuat ^l/i KM balas, at about piavitua rats. At litorpool tba daasai has o?.t b*?n activs jivlor.laj'a i|uotaUoa for mUlotlag Orloaaa was ?',d. s 0 7 IM oar lb. Cod* ? Ifco vupply of Kagliah wboat at tbo ixi irkst urn Mua< ajr wss ivrj aaiaJl, ami it aold rsadll/ at full/ paw rfoua iat?s. Id fof'ita not tnueb doing l.aal w safe's a*f>a)(o ^notation lor Koglub wboat was 70s. 14. M HH.IVa qia. ratursod lbs waatbsr ooatlaaaa rsry (a torablo lor tba groslo,; eio^a. To dav tha markat was Arm, aa.l .ilitlo utlinof, oicopt at blgbsr ratas. Va ?luots wbits Amarlrao wbaat Mn a H4a , rad 70a. % Ik. par qr. Aauncsn llour 4' a. a 46a. par bol |)ai i. a. K< ? < a* lor oil ? W> oasss chially sold at W*~ vloaa ralss. Una pals ft >,d , low ta gsod ascaa4a frawa ? ?,d a i. ? , . 1'itago i<ark ? 1.41*1 soroas said at aiU Tinea sf 'ui par lb. Mum Arab's? Of W casss Kast dls, atout oihi third sold from 14s. hd. a lis. for sr4l ra r?. Ouai ollbaoam -M) easaa partlrsold at Tim. 04. fordarb and block jr. .'>lo?s? 7b gouria narbadoaa ikMy uld from t'i 17a. M. for low ta tA 17a M. far Calr ijiiahtT hara?partlla--ll balaa Jamaica waat at 'is, M I Vs 7d. tiutta parts ba ? About 4 test goad Rtnaias ijaaliif soil from >4. a ?H4. par lb. Jatep ? .ik , baJsi partly arlt at Va 34 i -bias ramp bo/ WW. < ateh 97a. a *i/a 'A. <;*mbiar ITa. 6d. a 1*?. Tartar apium 17?. 8d. 1/uiokallTor la I'd hafTTow lis. a 14 s. Hl.*r without cbanx* ? Ht I'stsraburg rlsas Ui a ?41, and llt'la dung Msaila rootinuao <a rjr 4all, sar i< ot qualit> la < IRirull of tuila at 04 a UI Jots? IM balta at auctu n biou?bt full pries? ?12 a ?14 l? fas ci tn rod a to mld'lilng. Iu? Is dim, and iuals*a gsaorally ara aakiag hlgkar prioo* Ws Muota ram ?7 lla. a ?7 lis bars, ?7 lla . frso oa board in Malas. HcoUb figs, 74s. ft r mlks4 aunbara oa tha iljrds l.?ai?? isail/ at Li'2 7a M. a f.-'l 10*. for awaMa?B P'f I.ismii ii eiLtlnnas ?? advsnrs l>aw '|oality CaleaHa bas baaa aold ai 70a , la warshouss, sad Has stapo ara lisM at 72s A cargo of o.;?aa, c.' rias rina'liy, arrirs4 on tba roast, tiaa >aa I- ? Isilrsrad at aa oaipatA For airlasl, talis <r g'? ! Calcutta ara r*^- rt?d at 71a. a 77a., ooat, frairbt in inauraa<-s Arrltala this was*, 6 i \1t aar1? ra, all fraru tba last ladlas. liaNwi. I 4 Hi. ars adraaclog 'r-rTiii film tirlM /I. a ?l'i .'.a for baga, .O'I ?11 10. a ?11 lis 11 libit. oils ? In dab ll'tis 'tolsg, and ao altoraUa* la mtuaa. 1 Invosd lias Isrgaly la droiai for i paoalaOaa; 4.a It tho ptlcs to rlaji oa tha spot, 4 <s M for Warsss lor m l l?<am>>?r aa-i 4ia lor tba **r If moatb. sf aaal jo ?t Papa? Hroan oa 'ho i|-i? baa boaa ao44 at 14s. . nln I, ftks li Ol rs-4iaUipoli, ff i a Lb1 < ?c*a out 41a <A Iw aad 4.? U<1 Ia> Shin Calm 34s. a 41s. Hi'?.|utot, 2 7W? Siga rood aid whl's l)?agal at aucti< a l.roufhi its M. urnua, to arrlrs, Is r?tt lis M. a lit ? 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