Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1855 Page 3
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wutbkieittc iekwtj mux m. trot* stLA, <Jll17 LARGE COUN'BY BEAT ON ND-L4 efJ" 'v lx>og l-Unit, tan iniUe fioo N.w ? ?*fc, co^f?ir.leg S7 acre. of txcvllaat l*o l, w?|i etooattl with fdect (ruit, ora*in?n'al lr? e? an 1 ehrubbery, Hr^ ?*nd*ome hou*e, taia, Ac. Al-?* number of acrr* sold, It t2e?lred; w?H eichiWfw E t. BUNCE, 21* Broad way, ick od u. 4JS d /"k/\/"h ?THE BARGAIN Of BARGAIN.4 ? IftJ'i? v/"vfe Ou<u?*?*miUUtaitaring ? l'h?r.?- ?r exclinive ?nl <*ntr*L f*ruit>DC0 per o?at. I>"<n ni uaJiBuU.'. Oca half interest tn thi* upWuua bu<i(ie?a, ?with e ?..o4o;? contract amoantlog to ?rtr S3,ti'X, to #ftbKT m i leoJ*, ecock, \-c , will be sold for ti.uOO c.,*h, ApUy (a "ISO HAS St STREET, i'AX Fine . tr<et. $2.700 1' <iiicutM w*lk from t ONLY.- FOR SALE, COI N CRY YIL _ el h about one acre of l?aJ, fl't?eu ?ijicute*~ walk fiom tL. Koxdhaiu ilepst ia lb-* mlatty of Wt*tl'?rmr. floe c i rlage house, pUoty of the best kind of fruit li?e*, a >* ? < me cf the inJii5*<n?oU to pur chaeer*. Apply at ?S? Ilioadway. ? GEORGE W. SIMK3.S. jHOAA WIU. BUY THE STOCK, LEASE AND SfioUU li?tur*? Oi .he b**tgroc.ry,liou*r, board fife end bout* at tha North rivfr; the owner W v.iv ill, fo t? w 11 e?ll v< y lor; part c?*U. Apfl} at 01 IHr'tion *i??ot for inforcntlon. RKUIL FANCY STORE-AN Ol.f) STAND, IN ONE \ o! tbe beet locat on* u ? the city ; w ?nt? t? tell oat tSeitoc* unJer the mo?t faT rtble Urmi. The rent of tie *tot* U very moderate FjhscmIoii cuibe given ia? wwiu'eiy. PW aae addie?* A. W., Hec?Ll oillne. GROCERY AND IJQI.'OH MORE WR SALE-ONE of '.fee beet tUndi in the lower pert o! the city. lri(uire <f KRNXST B C. POtiRMANN, corner o( Restor ax.', Gieenw.cb etreet*. SOI) \ WATER STAND FOR SALE, WITH ta an ?oaJ a location ** any lo the elty. The above mn*t be KtWi ?? the owaer cannot Chal&Sm at tte ?t?n^. or in tbe fancy ttore No. 1 t,h*tu?m a HH-1 CHS* GROCERY STORE FOR Sil.E, 8!T A uatKi oa tbe corner ?' oae ?? " Tl " jSr^it. 1 v?ue fctoc* and fltture* at a b?r<*'f> TlU? ^'wortVy B nOffA'd, ?t. a- VIIX.V RESIDENCE AT FXSHIN^-KuKfVU.E, A a b'autl'ul G /thic houne, and gron^, with ibrab j^Tv aid "?ee. Cel'ghOuUy Mtuateo, at Flu.b n?, I. I. 'lbe Rtconu and honee new- price moderaf*. W.ll be exchanged for a bouse '"JfVktNSHtMKR, 119 Fourth avenue, 8 to 1", li to 7. ^ A BOARDING HOCSK FOR S A Llv- A N E W IT K L" R^ A nUh#d private boarding hou?? with 11 **??*.?; M" e'reet, near Boiuton. Tbii houae hav all the contort* that it need*. The rent It very lo w, and la paid up to the l?t of Angnat. The leaae of tha hon^ lor two yea:?. - A RARE ( II AN CR- FOR SAI.K; THE W2H.E KNOWS' ?'r t.5?C. VS hffiStKf jl?uu.V1..Swi"Iido?V?M? Bioadway. ?????? BAHTJIY IN PBOOKLYN FOR SA.f.F?I^'^TIjO l^ a a?xl n*lghbt>rUood, now doing a good hnainew SI ok neaa #n? nt ? the advettUer from 8'T?ng 'I atton^ tlon. WCl be aold low to a caJh euitomar. Call at 211 Wa?hingUn ?tre?t. - r>lOAl YARD LEASE, FIXtl'RE'*, &c , FOR SAI.E AT ?SJ&v5s2S ;?i"? COUNTRY RESICENCE FOR SALE ?TBE BKtl1 Tl f?l i(*10t-ac( of Mra. U> U. Bootteld, deoeaeed, la .. red for m1?, situated at the rllltge of Waldt>n, Onnue canntv a*?ont 11 raJei from \ewbnrg, by S r^d ./d 14 from the Ene road at Go.hen. the inaction houae i* two atoriea high, with wiage attache i, SinUiM 11 fine room#. be?lde? kitoien and cellar roomt, ^ aupliod wlth .very convenience. There a, e four acrei of land of the flrat quality, ^ a. orcl -rmitM *nA th* Kioundi ?t6 wctl iiitb iMiiwry, oin^SStal tie**. Few ?H nation* oHere,,ual ?t<mipt)oriR Utr ft ccuatfT r#iW#no6? W?lddn *fl ?ituaki?d fcl llie 0t th? WaUiU, and ih? *411* j ?f ^thU rWer- i? tinririiltxl ia fer iieillWilMH, ftnd uDririiiM jri/eg ar? ftne Ui twtry direction, *nd thft - ?f the >?t'C,1^\^^GWQ^nAM E^ut0,, Ac. T^^AneMatr^Eni^Uh ^^MOer^an^ In a^ id ^^Ta 'airK-... Term* claah. App 1/ nt 206 S!v Jth avenue. A young man with m* k?owUdg? of the bnalne>e wanted. _.KM |nR <A1JC ?A FARM OON TAINING 57 K f acr?i, within a few m'le# of Stamford,1 ?bichu a sood barn and other outhouvet, ad walling, :?d?eIt& orchard. About under coltlratlon, tha balance In wood. Tha .uk tbif feir'i product, will be iol4 i f r#a* D4rlt ? Ap?y to U DOI G H TY, anoiioneer , 27 CoUeit. mi r _thv STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN ?Id aetaMlahed eegar etore, In a good location, now ? a fair bualMM; reaaon for aelltng, tho latendi the oity. Addreee boTlaa fleratd oPae. j ? SALE ? A 8HAIJ. FAST SrEiMBOAT, FROM eighty to oae hundred borea power; hae j ?A..?ino aaffina ia vary eoonomlcU la conaomp ttoo of fool, f* ?nl table' for towing, or 'ro^tj ^,7 gf ?Ugbt alteration* , for p?a?anger?. Apply to J. FOwEBJ, 4? Tenth atraat. I Ad. ran offlo^ itatiaf ilHia " ',UT view earn be bad. R RALE? A WELL ESTABLISHED MANCFACrCB y bjs^a nS? ? Taluabla patent, ^yU vo ir introdaoad and fwmlalng a !u cr*u v* and P"" 4 oent taveatment. For particular* apply to Hi J^M ANN E. IAJDWIO, No. 86 Wall .treat, _nU sklJi? A FlRfT CLAM OY.<TER SALOON, known a* the Irving Brnncb, corner of *i m?j. .tnet BenaonSor'aalllng l? on account of the death of the proprietor. Inquire In the grocery *tor* corn*! of Tweilth .treat and iSxth avenue^ ^ ^ ^ ? BALE- A FLOUR AND FEED STORE, TOOK th*r ^th a l.a- of Un y?ra; the e aid atofa U dniM to for Mlling known to the applicant. Addrea* C. C., Broadway l>oat Ogle* ?table. ? ? ?WTXJft KA l.fc? ONE or THE BK-ir CORNER HJORtfllN K\' Yotk doiN an exoellent bu*lne?*. at a candy ?i vat Uty *to're ; IU* a donble .tore, w.Uflua-l up^a A I'r/'t/ta Mtir AOdft fOUtttAiOi AlC. i h? O'ttW ^e^. ^'^ A.T, bo, '187 Htrald ofllo.. -w-tna HALE? A* OLD KrABMHHKD BREAD, CAJCK Pan* nte bakery, locate In the Eighth avenue, doln* Kyiiaifi iid can be Uritly incretwd ; to ? good tbU U am opportoult? ?4doiA m?t wlUi ; tb# t ron *? lav lb# dtilUac if ivppnod wiUi fM and ( roiPt tl Ir tt^Wt Si givei for *elUng. For particular. Sp^tT. S^th aranne, brtw^n Twenty ^oond and Tw?nty-tblrd ih??t?. ? i no ill r_CHFAP. A POULTRY, i.AME ASD I RI'IT 0R.U^, ^. ^ the bMt lotion* i- t^itr king from twenty te fifty dollar, per week. Mn*t b* eeld. Inquire at No. 26 Tbowpeon ?treet F?n mi V_A PVlNTlNO SHOP, ?N THL NKiilH StiXod ?f the city of New York will o. a^t cf <ickae?* of tb, pr^p.'.eUe.^ly ^ ?venae C. ? ?V.o n*t| -A MORTGAGE Ot WELL SF. on proper! t lo the vicinity oI N" ? n ?. p wini v? sold for cidh. or ncbiijw ' ^.VJ in^y ^ruUgu,; av??. Apply to E. B. KlNSniMBR, 3l?4th avenue, trom ? to 10, an to 7 o'clock. TTVJR JC al doing. TTtO iky FR SALE ?THE fmiCK AND FIXriTtW OF A grocery end liquor .tore, dclttg a good bu*i hh. A 1*0, the furniture of a bedroom Alao, a good grocery wagon. WtU bo tr Id at a aacritoa, aa the owner u going to the W**t Call at 71 Mb arcane, for two day.. rR SAli.-A SMALL TWO grORT HuiV-L a\D eight lota, with eaafl rtable, In W*at Farma, Biautf *' walk frofli the Upper Morriaanla depot oeialibcrtiood |fod; a foot plaakroad moat of the 4*ay . ca?h pr'.ee, $1,400; <404 can remain, if da* trod, ntie genuine Apply to B. KDMONDfl A CO , 14 Fultua et., Brooklyn, cloae to lorry. J*>R SALE ? THE RVX*. FlXtl RK- AND LE4.-K OF ' tea year* af tha ooafectlonery an-l proMrve etore, tb the whole of boneo aad outbuilding*, aituatel at No. 110 Craad (treat, Brooklva, (lata Williaatbarg,/ four bleak* from the two ferrtoe to New York, aad two blccka from the rity railroad. It l? well adapwd to tha fancy bakery or fruit bnaiaeaa, In addition to tha con f*etlon?ry. It baa aa lee arena* aaloon neatly fitted up ?1*0, rode aad root bear oenater. baadaome gaa firtaree, Ac. , the ?Uce hae a donMa freat with f wo eplendid bow wiadowa, and 1* ia the beat locality la the elty: the roat t* very low, only MC0 a year. It will be given at a bar ?ala, or eiebaaged far a plaoa la the eoaatrr, the die taaoe not to etcaed fifty or aiaty mile* from New York. Apply to i .'? ATTEIWK, ea tfce premlaae. F? SAIE-ONK OF THE ItEST RARRHR RHOM IN the lower part of the alt/, aith litaree aad goo 1., ?ta very low price, on reaeoaabltterme. Tfcia I* a great ahaaea. Apply taC. B HOWES A 0?., Si Vaeaaa *t. Xi?OR SAI.V-THE STOCK AND FJXrURW or A X: retail 'aoe. embroidery, hoaiery aai thread aad a*edle *tore ia tha beet location In Jrraey C?tv, no*r doing a good buaiaeea, to be eeU ta oaaaqaeace of a death ia the family, tha above I. a good living Car a f ami It w ta .mall maana Apply at 4A Day atreat, N J., or to rtjrtx B?.VT1J V, eoatet llor at ?aw, Moa'gomery *treet, .'ereey City. Wfm. 4<W.K. B O* BA-LK-.^TATEN ISLAND PROP?MT. ?A F?;p. B>.~<d tr uaftutilafced boi"?a, ?q<! to it acre* of grcuert, <? HuJf >mw, lit ta'.nate*' w?lk from S.ttore taut lJ.r! or leading. Appi; on tii pr- m set, tr to OK A. I!. MOTT, c?rctT Bleackjjr mm! Ihoai^v a ati??t?. I'm tmion (mn.e'iate. L OR PALE, FOR $8CC? 4 MATCH FACTORY, WITH A? "II >h? imi'Su'itr/. Sil/J is oon*e<|uaaci of to* piopiie'tr We?t. Io>tuir? at E. ffuliF * &. Co.'*, No K4?risueA. For sale, oh wotld fx ? vngk for a rock carriMe to ?>??' f Kir psxsooa-A flce^n) hotm', Mxteen hand* high, k??u years old, seuu kind aid g-r.tJ<" in (ipgla or double barn*** or ua<l*r tM *id d.e would suit a doctor ? r far a ro?d bora* Ca* be re? a bj calling at ti;? ?uhln In Thirty ?Uth ?tr**t, b* teeeo J/>>.rirUm aad Third avenue*, aftor 1 a'cloak P. M For sale is brooklvn? a nasi class oro. o?rr, la th* bolt part *f Fulton etreet. Casta ?u ?itesH, nearly $; ,rcoatuu?ll jr. AUo, a nsirf paper *tor*, aitJi a good connection anil other alvaatag**. A #<u il( *?oi* to let. in til* t*st part of Fulton strait, r*nt low. Ap |?> at (te House Agency, 168^ *ult en street, Brooklyn. Grocery fob bale.? the stock, fixtures and ]mh of ? grocary (*t *al*. nt'iuUd in a growing tfig'?v,o: bcod, asd on one of the leaning ar*au<a For p?r'irnlir? inquire oi 8. K. 1'OUJsh, at' 201 Cluuibfln stiett (? tOU FARM. CONTAINING IS ACRfcj, FOR f ??Je, 67 milt* fiotu Ne# York; bu?uti nl view of l*n* Inland fc'ounfi; new bouje ac<l bam, grain, out*, corn, a Itorte, wagon, farming atens 1*. poultry, A Piita 82,860; *1,?H) c?*h. E A RINCV, 212 Broal wa j , roc 31 3. 110 PA1NTKR*.? FOR fiAi E, TUP. STOCK, FlXfUREi, av<i good ?rtll of an oU **tat>U*h?d houa* and eitcn paint tkoa situated down Iowa. It mast be sold t:iu vm*, *? a* prr sent ? owe sr I* leaving the elk/, fim, *75. Apply at 16 Taankfort etreet m) PLCMBIRH. ? IN CON'SEgCkNCE OF THi:X?KATU of wesnn. Grady A Park?r, their place of bu>in*?*( 24C !roi,th fctwet, opposite the HaUno* I>r>> Dock, with ?ioek, tool* ana fixtures all eompUto, for ?U* Apply on tlu> pitirise*, or to GEORGE K. SMIlU, -i C*th*rin* lllHt WILL BE fcOU> AT A BARGAIN? A FIRil CUSS gtoceij *tor*, well eatat>mb*i, and doing a good uusLlm*, with horse, wagoa, hun**8, 6tc ; a rar? chaos* to aii / one wishing to engage ia th* butiaea*. Ia<|ulr* at No. jhi Fourth avian*. * ?\T0NKIXS -FOR KU.K, A BEAUTIFUL 'COUNTRY X lesuleao*. gfire m'autM frona Glen wood dapwt. hou?e new, with all the modem imprinia*a<* (rounds oiB?m?nt*d with Largo shad* trees, beautiful ri*w of the Iiudoon. Plot 180 by 200. Apply to JAMM YUU MAMi, Warburton are., or Yoakar* Post Ode*. $7,000. INSTRUCTION. TJKIB1ER * DIXON'S INITIATBRY COU.NTINO IKM.'HE, i Applatoa'a buildicg, MO Broadway, where adaha conrersaat with .business ma j attain a practical know ledge of bookkaepiag and penmanship ia th* short span* of one wotk. Impioremeat gnarantMd. TEACHKRS OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS MAV. DURING V \ catioa, improv* their time pleasantly and pro lit* bly by lesrnicg Mr. Wood's bMutilo) system of sketch ibg aid monochromatic painting from nature, to whom his tuitoas will b* greatly redaoed. Other papiii as usual. Apply at his re?iCeac>, 2il Sixth aT*au*. ?FIMXPAIMM. SP1R1IUALIBM.? ALL PERSONS WISHING TO Br: come spiritual mediums can do ao and hare full instruction* in the same bT addreuln; a line, enclosing two dollars, to JAMES R. WILSON', EaHon, Pa. BOSCEUA N EOVS. A "IS yPLA\F' GLASS COMPA.VY ? TACrORT jWt* rami and df^^htof' or ?itLDti ord*rs l*ft at taelr offlS,P4?r^?w? or with ageat, J R. PLAIT, 7? ulrrt/ ,hMt AMKRIt'AN CITIZKKS' o. H. PASSPORTS, TO ViaTr foreign coun'nes, furnished in two .lays by ... _ ? v? EDWARD BH8ELL, *ry ^'1C> Wali*tr**t (ba*f3M*t), ?a' p*? 1,M DR W^I;IER ? CUj;BRATKl7 BALAAM Ht isl ??! nnirtnully admlttet to be tin bMt' ">? "????? ccmplaint and cholera For sail rw omc. 4M Bjoadway Offlci "oars', 'sa! Havana segar?,? *. a. saminos <4 fititov ititet inc \o. S A itor Houm, hmi juit r#c*iv?f per (oinelia aad Alleitiao, thr following br*n1s oi rhoic* soger*. Tlz 80,000 E* |? Cta. I. ?;???; 5,000 Ei cooes HMede. B^iiT' 8 OW o!r^?a W ^plre'cit^ MuCc^r 5?" d0. ; L?."^ <"t*d and Oar most notld Ur * *"*' Tlri*'r of the "ffl *?*?? or pnrfoui ioporUtioa-All at ?hich ift affttfd to tb< tn<to on rtrj Uet ai t?roi. II K\Jf.A>N'f 1'VSPBP.sU ELIXIR. .tr" kjii !lU ??c*c!ob* remedy 'or dysprpdt sad biliary complaint* ever offered to the alMie^ad ' lu%XZY!X>'?r? ? | '?,"? ?"*"? "" v?'. <? -I... j I'SLKSSi."1," ??on?a? Bl ILDBtS, Axi> ?*??? to'.TSSSS' 'j? Jtsdy adaptation of ixoa work toaay strE of awl^ST S-TSt s ? s r,? . "*r T"'"D n* '?<?* OK naow.f .?ro.v*. New V^t ,,'""* ?4!n,r ""?? following buUdiats in w*th onr HaUu ? ^ Mr P.?f If10*'" bui)dlo*?. !?? Greenwich street. '-"M Strwt P'r * bulta,n8*. I^xlngtoa areaue and street?' B'*Bt * bu"d,B??. M> Murray ,nd I WOard Mrr bnlMI???- 125 Chambers street. .u?is. Murray aaJ 160 (,r*.nwlch VrwyXeet, * '' buiVia?' "*< '*< *ai Sj' P front, IB DeT ?tr?*V sndr26ih^^and,mr^ "t'-t 4t" ? ?locsr sBank, College place, Barclay street. to Dsraa 158 Chith^bit0"* W!waVf a"ir"11 "J W*"fa' 103 aad 1062 strsats, HoS ,H e#n-' R1^ ??' t'h Tkf Wa-lii0g?f? .tr^et, Hob^ken. Uamsburg^Ac' , Ae^ >&Urlh "d , ,,U> ""? Also Cotiotlusa, loalo, sad ? Tow*r of Wlnl" can ??.? nil" f'T'i fr0" "* 10 fm17 two iacbM ?' ao?k. at price* Infinitely l**s tbaa wooi, brown atoa*, or sun t . Also coraiee* and UlUI co?r**?, bo*, H, and round col nmn*. trosf**, vault and truss glrdsra, A-:. csn also be seea at th* o/fie* o? the foun-lry i _ , J- L JACKSON BKO A 00 ? Wc,k*. 67, H?, 01. as. and 66 G j+rel. atr^it ?T,.i,Er !2?S?T 8KOAE&?THK oVl.y AGES r IN or N ^T-'^T-yCTAt'L? IMFBOVfNO tF. ?*U,2 firhrww. 0?e. fVIM-OfLfwrOB Bt UDINCH, FEN ( fsTSooFtl AC V/ fifty c*at* a gallon Prwbla s haiurf ? ? . ?< . ma<blarry oil. JC Vu/X !^ ^7'! ma*' of every d?.crlptl?s, at 113 varntaa* ?_J0HN ? SMlfH, A?*nL PAINTS- PAINff ?FOR BOII.DfNuV FlV?*! ~ols Ac , at 1 s; ceat* a aoa.d , whttoUad - ^ mj rlae, < csmts F-robU's liid MUt T!i?,ui i.X oU far feaces, roof*, Ac. , 50 c*at* a *alW? ? ?very <**crtptioa, at II;; Maid*a 1 a?* k* JOH H SMI IH. A** at OAI.PH OGLA, VrfKBINARY SOBGWX TmTTv J|^ flrrnnry fot lie* i&d 1am# hOf a? i ioh Wait -p fia street. b*8we?a i^bthUTSith JSllTV < aog* i ball*, diuretic ban*, toale ball* s.?V ! gzgxt! ^TJJWV^SSS g^'ar?;isr ?? ?easr 8H > SEAI.DfO CAVf -^INCF OFFERLNO TfiJtHKLF Ceealiag eaas to th* pohtlc mad* asf*r BPRATf '4 "l{ Maihsfsad to answer efhctnally th* ial*^fB, t?~ ? f1*t la full oar direction*. An. rhis , gtv*a, aot to effect the sal* of th* Hpralt can it 1 eauUaa th* paUic agalcst any preiadic* oa tha'nart Jr tha derei re<l toward* th* Spratfilelf saaUag cm whL? is per tact, ead is la all eaae*. w!,*a os*d with oar di. reetioee eusraetoei to taiv*r tbo lurpon miir jwt ,eMi =? wt*?" ? S?tT^rau's ^r.^,V;r.?^A.T'rOPr,"t " KOf 121 ,TRO,?KBHAI BATHS_N(. *w f Platb avsau*.? The inveatov of th*** bath* a* tenu^J^'Li^' to *i tract all m? toUlc suhetaaoa* from 'ha husaaa -y.Uwi aad to cur* SLiirs?jsc*' " WM GBV> rTvT ~?NGBaV1SQ and I'/ . !*** ~Wal8 ag *ad v'ait a# rardi ea?rar?-J*a' - - - ? Kmt. r*o*(v?d by taaal t** *v*ry^*arr ?".et of Mgraetag ,Bd pr+a'Jag -jyU , IH Braadwa/. .mrwutt. milK BRiTWH AND NOKTtl JUMUCXS BOYAL kUIt I sUmv-h'fi. rnon s.w tobkto uvatriMt Chief cabin pMNp ?1S0 Meoond cabin 71 mou BOeTOX TO UriOUVOL Chief cabin peaaage 9110 Becood cab;n p *?**?. #0 The ehip* fro a Boecon cell at Halifax. AKaIIIA, ('apt. judklna AWKMCA, Onpt Luf. PhKHA, Copt Rin* .KIItWPA, Cap'.. Shannon APIA, Cap* K. 0. f.v.t. CANADA, Cast. Moae. AFRICA, Chpt IleniMtn .NIAGARA, Capt Leitoh. Thee. TrutcW ca/r; a clear, whit* light at nut head; P*> oa aUrtn art bt* : red ca part bow. AMhRlGA, long, km Roatoa Wedneeday, Jml j IB. CANADA, Stoce, " IW.o* Wedneela/, Ang. 1. ASIA, I/)*. <? Bo* ion Wedaaodey, " 16. AMXBICA, Uaf. " Boa sod Wednteiey, " *-'9. CANADA, Btoae, <> UoeVsn Wedneeday, Bapt . I*. AFRICA, IlarrUoa, ?' Boston Wsdaaedey, 8apt. *t>. Bertha not .ecurrd nntil paid for. Ao aipMi'utd ?urg-o a on boar?. 7ii? owrrt. of thee. (lilpi will not ba aoaoantable for gild, a l?er, bullion, epeelo, Jewelry, prrcoue aVoa?? or matrix, uelea. bill. of lading ara .igned tharefor ead the value tl.ereof therein expr>?>ed. Foe iNfU ?c peiiteg. apply ta K CONARD, 4 Bowling Oreen. Tbere will ba noetaenuhip. of th'.iUnifroa Now York until ' a.' notice. For uvupool? h? s-ail os to9hday, jcly U, the packet etilp (ON.-TaMINK. i'or eeconl cabin or eteer?*r pa. ?*g? apply on board, at piar 'AO l.tki nvtr, or to UH0B. C. Itorilt, dj .^outti at. T^OU liVi RiOOl ? T'H LUATIC IJNE-THE 30E* JP tti'l u> pactet chip JUIIN RUTLKlHii: eail oa WicaMt;, August I. 1 or cabin, aeoond eaten oi ataer ege pur?i* "i>pi} oa boa'd, piar No 14 Kaat rive*, o* to GEORCK IXXiAN, 6W Souti. etreet. JU. ,.y L7a,A ?px?n.-the VAN'DKR. Vfl J?>m pMr j10 Norttj rt?r, foot of </*??? Sd^^ al W taSStf JSii s^S^' * ^1"* or ^"^p'-an 9110 The Anal wOl ba follow*: bp th* North Star' a?ni' i ?? 7b? ewear ot the#* TMiato wiM no' h? aooeuntahie ttm a?d (oodi takan at ojuai nt>i Ko * . . j I ? t*t*7i\!Ur "con Of the day t^for, Mlllnc 1 No barih aacarad oaUl paid for. Ultari aros^d 11 v r"u be Tetrad ? "X ljMl!l'?lir wUI ** Carried ia atronw offlSTthwa. ' unaMUU17 <b?oaJ4?i ia p<?t Pw*k u,*n' piopaid, one 4t>n?r an i opwarda. nun iuitm or uiijau. r.,? bm ..... '! '! Norti'sii; ?3 ^ ,Ja For freifht or paitaga, apply to l1. TORRA.VCR No. 9 BowHac Una*. Now York SCWNf R, MONT AN TA DKAI'FR, Na. -6 Rue N. P., da* Vi-toir^ Parla. CHRVsrre bCULOCdHMANM fcOO . No rr QuaJ Caaialr DaUrlgaa, Harre. rlF 1.1 VKWtKH AN'O PHUADtLPHIA fTKAttHHu* /nr ' ?*?oriU eteaaubipa? on* or !lu* CIm?Z MCMi V i< ^t'"?0 tona'Capc R Uitot. U^, irom Philadelphia a.d U ??? -WOf Fro? Urerp^H .40 c. ^^lB? 10 kriBf *at th,ir 'ri??<U, oait obtain ' rr?i ^rr,? ' M**?d Jrafu on Liver^L (a (UIU Ait*at r- ?f r!t "tPW'? i?h ,V?'7 U ^"VKLSiJiru, way Newark tiUielpiua, Mi Ni. 7 #ma<: T^OK BOUiJlAMITON AND HAFRlt? THE UTimi mu uL w ^1? f,4*"3*', AKA,'?' 0 rtnnul.,, U.a * ,onr-'un? at Southampton to l^ad Uio maiDanJ paaeenjcen., oa .l>*tar4av, Jalr 2?l at 1 < ?jcUjdk, f'otn pur No. *7. North SKS.'faSf of 'aijfc ili* of pa?.Hjo, Smt oahin 91.10, Pnca of paj<?<? aacend eabm 176. Tiie etaia.?r It her ooaatructioa ooublaae una iaalUd *1' Wl'^ atrtngth, hkTlng tire watir tifhl aompart Beam, and oo ooopletely proteotinn the enfiiMa. that areo Injury coulil occur Vi en danger the aafty , a'.Aar of th, itJ*] or Aa experienced inrgoon oa board. Lax^ajfa not waai?i ouring the roya^e ihou.d ha aent on board tba .lay be fote wejlng aiatwad -'below " So freight wtU ba takva after I h an Jay, July Ufl. > or freight or paeeige ^pplr B. A11U,J: '^^Tu^Agt,, 6? BroSway B.? All let ton nut paaa Urou^h the Poat odloa. I0R SA.N FRANCI900 ? FIBNT Aviso fiKiZRViifc"' i 1 **,. i I Little, master, la sow rapidly loadlnc at pier 10 Feet nrai, aad will poaltlreiy eall for Han Francisco, on or harora T aeadar, Ja\r 31. Shjppere are partlenlarly requeatad to hare ail the'r freight eWM4e before lae?iay next, Mth "net whin tba ahlp U expected to flateh loading. ' w?m* * l ^PPar ehlpOCKAN TKLWKAPH, W till* matter, will he ready for cargo in a few d?ye wbea aa early day for tailing wlil be aamad. 7 ' The t excel* of Ul? line are adrertieed tor a certain data, aad gnaraatead to aaU on or before the day. Hl-TTON A CO., 63 Booth (treat, corner WalL IT0* ^AtJFORNTA? PA88A0E 9M -FURTHCT RK JL. cactioa of feree ? New York aad ( aliforala eteam ?Sip Hoe, ria Mraragna Aeeeeeorr Traaalt Company, of proprletnre ? Ihreaga la adraac, of th!* thedTa t>"S> " ,ho?*r^ ot^er rouU, aroidlag J .i.1B*,l*a Ffa??r, aad two mile* of dangerau* beating la ' ? aama Bay. Rate* of fare through to 8aa i Ftaaelaoe, laoludiag the Ixthmue croeaing . ? Firxt cabin I 9174; Mcoad oabin, 9124. et.erage, 960* The VpWndft ! doable engine itenmahip iiANlKl. ^KBKTiai, 1 SOU ton* burden/TapUin Tarner, wUI leave pier ko ;; Mwth 1? ia* Puata Arenae, oa Mood*/, Aug. t 1864, eonaecU^g with the iteaaahlp H eiTa Nevada, 2,<Xkj tea* burden, orer the Nlcarewtia Tran ?it roate, harfng but twelve mile* of land Irani aorta ^7 J?4 errrlaje*. For iafoimaUoa oree*. Vnlr A\ "duo* rata*, apply eal/ to CH IRlfS Z?!* 9*JP ? (ir^a UtUr b%c? coat* each ?mM' SUmP?1 ^D-ere taaea for 4^ RfDtCfD I'RICr." ?130 I.BS. RAO.iOC FREf. ? fro^ir be ura from ocean to ocmb b? riaini rail *<*']' 4^? ?xpOfcUia to tropical nun and r?io* \o w?ik mg In the Bud eround eboale and rapid*. >'o rirer fever ? ud agL* No chokra on thi* route. Tlirouib for ( til Irrnia via Pacama Kaiboad. Ib? Caitad .*>tat*N Mail . e .meh p Uaepaaj wl:l .Uapatrh for Aaplawail oa Monday. Augv.?t ?, at two o'clock. P. M , precieelv from pier foot of W.rreo etre?rt, North ilrer, thaaewaoj ? I ? odul *tfim*hip (.Ei'BfiF I.\W, 'J, 500 ton* b'.rthea I A?iof?r? aa? maiia will bo fcrrorded br fonaoit railrtad aad "soenect at 1'asaaia with the Pec. Be il ul 8te?m?blp Compel;'* magain.tat etaanihip John I htepher*, J Ojo toe* b-.rUee, Wm I.ippi^ge, , )m matter, which wll be io readinM? aad (tare imoiedi. ^ P"Uic "? l^'urruel th.t the laciflc Mail .-.. .nnoip ( ooiptuy alwaye hare one or mere extre ete. men lying at Panama, ready '.>r lea U. ? eoidany po.?Me detention of paiMagar* or mail* }?I J? RVV MCND. at th. only o/r", of thXpipeay '*, 177 Ae*t xUaet, corner of W.rrea, FT T i'v" f, AMI,IP COMPANV. ? I OR hT\AH*A SL* f4 S*T' '''?"-"BTharedey, Auru.t 2. at" I M.. from pier foot of Warren etreet .V. if <he well ? m0T * OKAVtflA, < apt tin s p <.ii?a, WIU tail ei above. Pa*eMe can fw r-H .? the CXtnpaay * t,mce. Freight to Now ?>rl.?B* :,0 p*ni ? per eu hie oot. ree*lve<l sioader, July :.n n ,.,r. al.l be rupp.le 1 with blank biUe of lading of *ha fL rm e;?.ed by the < , mpany^ oa appUeatioa It their No other fojnu eUned, aad ao bill* of Jxdlag will be eigne 1 after tie Uu o< -Uag. For rrrt*ht or paau#* apply at th* o?ce of the < ora[-aay. 177 Wa*t atiWi coioev of Wairen \ * T7"?P. Mfn.ll/ 'CRN I Al J|H tl M.? ISMtrnttttttt JL motu&I line, flrat ahlp, Vo mil about l*t An*u*t th* eplendld A 1 clipper ihJp krTROPOIJ<, I OOMon* wul ?aii a* abov., havtag mo*t ot her cargo on bo?rd' -he elil he deepatcbed without fail llor iccraaeU Con* for paMeegar* In flret and eeooad cab.aa cannot be eurpeened. A lew berth* yet for -ale. ? ,r balance * freigi t or paaeage apa.r at once on board, e? pier 17 Kaet Hrer. or to MAIT 1 EK * IO!iP, 1 vPall elr*et or AKI f 1 L & f LI ii)I, 114 Pea/1 ? treat. A OSTRAllA ? PIONKFIt UNf, ( t RRY1MO THI jfxL IJalUd Matoi ma tie for Melbourne aal.'-rdBaT Tba aupwier \ew lork built i Upper eh'p MI.A' K -l *, on heithj at piar No, ? north rieer, to tail '.y-ih of rood vayng., to be euc needed by the clipper bart NlM KOD, en the "Ath ot ' ?ctober, Wing her third royage The ihipe of thie line here far aorpaeeed all ether* la poiet of .peed, the Mlewing ram are eL a peeeaga* hav tag bee* aecompUibed fiom pilot t. pilot ? The ?hi. Oeitra lo, 0Oday<; ahlp Oeeen mied, *9 dayf ahlp Wind ward, ** day*; ?Up flying Scud, 71 day.; .hip NlghLn gale ' 4 care The ? loomnaodation* for a Halted nam her of p**eeagere are e^ho sxxt approval prinrtpiee I fa* llaht. ventilation a^eoinfort. For fre'ghl aad pa* *f*i to II W. CAMfRON, No. 6 Bnwlltg tireea FDR8AVANSAH AND f I/>RID4 -I'NITKD tiTATf-S mall line ?The aew and elegant ?teanuhlxi K NUX j vu IF., Ceptala I D l*dlow, will leave New York for Savannah, an i-otarday. July ZH. from pn>t >o 4, N i R , at 4 e'.leek P, M Bill, of ladiag .igaed oa beard For freinht apply on board, or for paaeage to HAMCM. I. MITCbtLL, iC Brondway For Florida through bra ete from New York to Jackaoavil>, 931. Pflatka 9* ' the / labama, Captala <;.e. It t^heai^k, win eaacoel, and Imvo on etnHej, Aagnit 4 E^^BR ( flAftljO-T-'N AND FI/WHDA _"i Iff ly I. K Mail Hne ?TV. new, fart getag aad maga' t .teener NAMHMI .' F, M. Rerry. et>mma?Vr will Mare wer No. 4 North rlrw re "etardey, Ji; .1, *? 4 e elrr< P. M. piertaely I or freight apply *e board where all bill* m lad ag wtl1 be e<gn*l *a4 Tat pa*?age, , (having avpeeb or*om?*l4tlee. el the efltre of ?Q-OfrtRl' Tfl " S v : ? Bmedwe,' Through Meke*. to >VrUa a* f.Uew* ?To <ecl*cx3 > Tite, 4,'i.u lHa'Aa, 1*0 smwi^ o. For iivvRi-ocL^sAiia to-i>av. the ciimn pataet ebip AMI.'KJt'AS UNIiiN , J,OCO tool, room for* few mot* o< J cab n tgi ite-ri^* pi *ujr?r? Ft* ;Beaag? OB bo?rv, pl?r SO I wt nrlr, Or vo TU06. C HOC HI . W toath etriet F<<? LIVERPOOL ? THE ePLKNDID PACK.KT i-H'P JOHN Itt'IJ.KJKJI1', Oapia a A. Krlliy, will rail oo W^mi lay, Aujaet 1. Cur wooed eetia or aieerage paeeege ?n .j (o l?i #aKfc.ST K .'OSYb, 40 go lii lltKt, COratr Old ai p FOR NORFOLK. PKTER?ntmO AND NOHMOMk.? III I. ?'? aill aUimiiip JAMKMroflN, U Par> nth, w.'l lea re IS North river, oa ee tarday. JuJj4t?, at 4 o'clock Is. M.. will arrive m N?i folk Ibm text eftrraoos, aad ot Peterebur* aad Rich meaJ the fo\t .ling mo??ia^. F-?m Norfolk uiwa^aN fe-r tha South proceed hjr nUmt direct, with thraafb icieii froce V.eidon to Wilmington, Cbarieetoa, ho. Pa*aa;e %r.r< are to Norfolk. %H . t? Petereiarg Ml Ric". ?coo", $10; ? tee rage MM t pnoe. Tbroagh ttckoU to Lyarhburr, $1*. N. R ? throagb Mekete to tbo Vir ?tat* Spring!. Tho Jameatowa ttkaa no freight for Potertbarg. LUMLAM ft PLC** AN T.-t, It Brood war. 1IUVKU.KIW UVUMC. CtHl rtP KAFi I OR ALBANY ~AND TROY? PAS4AOK ) '10 (win, btitb* 25 ceuU, itoto room* 60 cent*. ? lbApl*n?*.;.'. i idi'ni MhllO, Copt. J. W. lUaoot, will lri>? nirth Hi* of itob'nuoQ ?tr>?t pin enrr Too '*\j, Tbimaday iod unlay, it (I I*. U , arriving by 4 A. M kitport and jort Hamilton? thk new J; oad (hit ateamboat KKYIt'KT leave* Now York, foot of Vuiri j atreet. daily, Huodaya exaepG-d, it K o'clock, 1*. ti, raUraog laava* Ke/poet ot T.H o'otosi A M. tkrvii cent*. l'n.-acaa daeiroul of rUltio^ o-?* of tb* moot UurUNy and boot bathing plaoai in th? rl ciatt/of Nrr York will tad it ?t Kiypoci; Bad t?*tiee* ??L tic W Niw Yra k from t*>? A U. until 4 I". M. XpOK CON t1 Y ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON ? ' THE X sU wu-r Norwilk loiroi N?? Yotb bk f?0?wi ? Pwr foot of Anu>> (Cnut it A M., Bad I'M; Bad P. IL , pi?r fo?>t of ^prifcs ? irwt, 0 ? , A. M , li s B?t ? M. ; piw No J North rtrw' at lt> A. ? , 1 and 4 r SI ; liariai Oo Mr lAlaad, lait trip, ot P. M Kwn tn Oo mj IiUj I aad * on UuriHsa aad h*uk to Niw Y? ."?, KA cuiu'j Nc h?lf j, ?Han far otuldraa YTifRIOiNf. Itr.AM'U, HtOHI ANDft OK NEVAHIHK, I 8'urivrburj, \c ? Is# popular itoamcr J A MhS (TllU.-l'ii ltH. w,n II t? Ji/ atri-it pier, fortha abort <l?|ight(?.l wat?->in|( plica*, ca Ihurtlar, J ily W. at 11 o'rlou. A M V'l.aaj, 47tl>, 11 A. 51., haturda/, 'ioth, 'I 1' M. baturaiat, u?m Oraan I'ort oo Tiur^ia/ aad Kri 'a/ at 4 1* M , aad ca Katuidaf at fl P. M. Kara b'.V, oauta. S?a bt aad aarf bithic^ uoafiUad. Tiraa ij fliktclaaa Lotei^ f!oo Oi>?u. HA1U.CM RAILROAD. ? INLAND HOITK? On AND alter Voac jy, Jul; !23, Soada^a excipiad, for AlDaay aaJ Trojr, lAaftig dapot cor air o( V> hiu aad Okbtra attoita. Mali traio at 1 OA. ?L, atoppiu^ at WiUiami' Rridga aad nail itationi Noitli. I'latwigi-ri for labaaaa Mpriaga taklac Una arriri at labaooa at 6 1*. M Wa; f tpriai, a H. M., atoppia| at Wait* Plalai, N?w cijU?,( iohu Kall>, aad itatloaa North, ejacaci ng at Chatimai Kou: Coroxri with Weatani Ra.lroad Kiprrai train. arrvUg at Albaar at lb.U> H. M Ftom Citj II all itation? Dorrr plalai at 6 P. M., atop piDK Tha M' M. DonrPlaioi train will, oa .iator<!iji, run tbroujh to Mitivrtie, raturniag, l?arl at & .4) A M. en Jlcaday. Ootoa l atii at 10 A. M . a topping at ail atiUoal. Ceo ton Kill* at 4 I*. M . atop p*c| at all ataticaiBbora Korcbam. Wlnta I'laloiat 3 :J0 aad 0 lb P. M , a topping at York rilla aad atatioai North. Wtl ianu' llridga at f, It :t0 A M , i! If., 4 00, 6:46, ? aad 11 P. M.itoppin j at ill wif atatli a* i'rom lwaat* aisth atraat atiUaa? WlUlama' Rridga at 9 A M , Wilt* l".alni at It M. PaMitmrravBT alao procoi* tiekati and b?r?> thalr l;igga;*> cheeked for l/tlsa, Bullalo aad otbar plao?i WMt aad tcrtb of Albarr, ut thl rompao/'* ofllcai, cancr g, llcwiry aad Br\-omi atrtata, aad lourth & ve nue a iid Twraiy aixtb atraat. Krtuimr; to Naw York? Mall train loariu^ K.ait Albaar at 6:3* A 11., ana Chatham Four Corntra at S:16 A. M. On tha irrivjj of (!m tiala lairlnz l'ltt?flald at 0.::0, Hoppioj at all mill atatirm* aboTa iViUtaau' Bridgv, ar nrfrg at New York at 1 10 P. M. I i|ir*ai trait Itaroi .tibia/ at 11 A. M., aad Chathnu lour Corerriit i I' M. I'aeiangari from Lvbiaaa Hpria<i I itirg I tutu it I .4 1' M conatfct with tbia traia, atnpp t if or li^aal at all a'ationaaborr Willlaia.' Rr'd^a, arriTiPgat Naw York at (; 66 P. X ? A. M. from Itortr Plain#, I'oppiog a> all atatlobi iln.ra pitrdlmia, aiririug at Nt w York at 10 16 A M A CO A. II from Crotoa I'ai'K, alopping at all '?tatlani, ariiriag at Naw York at M "0 AM. 4 10 P. M. trom (Irotno l?l!?, atipping at all I'ltioe* aortli of I onli. ire 6 A. M., aad '1 10 an l rt 10 1' M ftcm Wb.ta PUia#, I'oppinc at all itatioai. 1'iow. V. i.liaiTii' Brjiga at ? *0, S 80, aal 10:10 A, M ; 1 15, :? t 6, 6 IS, 7 lb and 6 to 1' M , itappiag at all it? i.oci. I'bj) ir/ari bjr tHa 10 10 A.M. from W.IU*n>?' llrl? ?*, atd tL* V :v P. M from Whlta I'laia", will ba lac VI la Niw Yolk a*, the Twiot/ aUth itreat itatioa only. htiO''B/ ariatgrmaBt ? Train* will laave for Crotoa lallf, aid ail *a; atit oal at H 30 A. U , aad :> I*. M lUturriog. laive Ciatoa I alia at T A. M , slopping at all ? tiUooi and I JO P. M., utoppiog at all atat.oai north ol 1 oidbau. For William*' llildga aad ail way atitloaaat \? M0 A. M , aad 1 .10 I' M lia'.urnlag, l^ar* Wallimii' Rrldgaatll A M , aid (t 41 P. M , atoppiag at all ntatlaa*. Fraight for Aibaa/ racairad daily until & 1*. M. at the depot oorcar of Caatra and Vhlta airaita, Naw York WM J CAMPBELL, Aatlaf MupiriaUndant. BkOlLAR DAY IfiAT F(?R ALBANY, L AN Dl NO ?t Yopkua, Wait Point. Nawburg, Pooghkaapaia, Caiiklll and Hudion ? M?ala lirrad oa board.? Tha atiimtr MKTROPOl ITAN. ('apl I. Polhacnui, will corn maaca tar rrgular tripa from Naw York to Albaay oo Wadandar, Juaa 20, i8j5. laariag Jay alreat ptar arary Monday. Wadaaaday and Fridat, at 7 o'clock A. M , ar rlrlng at Albiny la tima for tba cm KaturD'og, will leave Albany arary Tuesday. Tfcuraday and Haturdsy . lor futih*r particalaia Inquire at No. 'Ml Weat atraat, atar Jay >U?et. SUNDAY BOAT roR (.LKNOVK, LANC1N0 AT Htrat'aaport aad Saw Rochalla ?The elegant naw ataamar lHUMAH 0. HAIUHT, will leara regalariy dar iag tha aeaaoa from North Moore (treat, North river, at HA. M.; pier No. a North river, at ft 16, Catharine Market alia, at ft 46; Dtlancay itreat, at 0: Twelfth etraet, bt ? 16 aal Thirty fourth itreat, at 0:46 A M Til: I.ONO I8Ijt.NI) RAILROAD njMMKNCKS 1H1H moialag a lerlei of chiap eieuriion train* toliraea fort Bad .uag Harbor, to leave Brooklyn every Taeeday. TcnreJay aad haturday, at ? A. M , Bad laava Uraaapert ob Moaidar Wedoaa.lay ?ad Fndava, at 10 A M l ara oerta tdb*ak.$l IS fare out only, ?1 60. watciikm, jkwrlhy, w. C CALIFORNIA DlAMOKM.? HAVING INCRKAHKH OCR j feellitiia, wt are aow enabled t? lupply thleartl ? la In ertry ityle of jewelry, Bad at pricae within the reach ol every ace. It a beat jm'gea caaaot tell them from the real diamond. Call aad aae. L. h J. JACOftS 407 Broadway. DIaMON D6 WA N1TJ).? PER.* ?Nf HAVINO A JOB ) lot of diamondi to (Lipoie of will Sad a ready aal* for caah at II i.. ,-CIIMITTVi, 4A Day itraet. Call from 11 fo 1 o'clock. f 1 OLD FOB CIlAIVi _ Vl Gold cuib 1ob ehana from 117 to H00 <>? >. I hea<.a l pattern cliaine " 20 to 4/> (?old i inaie aad engraved Lak chaioa. . " 'JO to 6'.' iiuld in|>avad narrow link cltaiai 'M to 4fl , Gold plaia flat link, with beaded e-lge. . " .12 i> w <iold plain long iiak lob ebalai " 12 to > ' G< Id plalaand rogravid link ebaiai IS to Au I Gold long 'in* Bllil piltarn 11 in fa 41 Uwd lagiaved Lak pattern " 24 tn I And all other ityle of fob thaiaa, for 'ale, at Ian than the uaaal pneei, whtleiale and rilail. GR0. C AIJ.I N, 11 Wall itreet, lecond floor G1 <Hd> Vfc?l CHAIS A ? j f tlold curb veet cba.u? . . . Irom M to 946 , OaM Wanav j.eit*;n ehala* " 10 to .K! Itold Jaan> Liad pattera 16 ta 4'4 Cold la* rata d pattern " 13 ta 62 '.all! octagon a^aare llak 12 to AO (<old aaaka pattera " 14 to <>ft l Gold doable curb " It ta 37 Oold A ielaili pattern " lota (.eel -plendld *)lid Ift ' ar * t veil cliaini " to !!? . l.o'd wore patleira raet cbaine " 1 to 26 Aad all otiiar ity ea af chain for aale at leae thaa tha auel prieei, at whol?aala ao.l retail. UKil C. A1JJCN, 11 Walletreet, : eooad fleer, aaar Broadway. RRNOVALM. 8 A HITfHINHOM II AS RFtfomi MH "HIR1 1 ? maaufactery fiam 2?> Amity ftraat, te the gaaUa- I no'i faihieaabU furnlahing be aar el LKIfD1 a KA < ' FD. (6& liroadway, where he weald he pleeeed to ei h.Ut la lili (lie nil aad patrona the aaoat complete aa ?uvimaat af gaaUemea'a faraiahlag goad* la th- e>ty. PKWTIHTKV. I 30ETH ? PRICB< nnUkORDIfl MIT l"W-tlfOW I aarb, on goi l work, varrial*d 'eur eraaiium* ra ?ed Irtt MA NIM ?N , Im nt'it liti Hr?,id?aj aateb ' ?bed ib ItMs teeth SIM, i-laaaad. Ac raferanr*a ! Iraaiy slves iad>a ind gaata laterifted, will piaiee j eel! MAS<<OV, daat at "M Rriadw.y, n ?art<r ot aew and heaatil ai itylee o I tawth AITROUMiV. j Madami Mf r kr ;t a-^ RKMmaDToin wcvknth ' avaaue betweaa Twawty third aad Iwwat; fowrvb i ? treete, aha coaL'aeaa ta tail pwt, praeaat aad fata re ratta bhawtaa mairtagae, jooraaji law eaite, boaiaaaa | pre* pacta. elctn*ee, abaeat friaada, nraaerty loet ar ! atoiea. Madaate Mayer caaveieae la tr>gU*b, Vraaah, aad Carmaa, aad giraa gaaraatea for bar art. Madame morrow will ph'tw rnr iitr?M the latradad boa band aad abeeat fn?vla, aad ai.i i.,,i all tha mau o? lii* Thia highly gifted ladv baa a aatural gift ta tail area tha vary thangbte AU who Wlah a *pillr aiarrage may eail eoae. aad tKay i may deaaad apoa true advVea. f?<iat*d oa the eternal pria^lpiaa a4 magieal aeieaca> Ne charge if ant aetieted. ? ?aotlamea oat admitted 74 Broome itreet, aaar Ca tambia MtDAII HAMMI, TSE BPtOWNUt PHRrfil/i gtet, fram Pan*. ?aa be aaaaultad abaat lave, amlaie or hoaiaaa*, aad wtli tali the earn* <4 l>ta lady '? ga^Wathey w.U marrr alee tha aam of bar fl ? a. tare. Raaidaata, 12- I ighth etraet, earaar of I earth ? viaaa, erne block fram Broadway Om.t tot a enoKr 7 11a ? noti? l-iip h ROVI*3?, ladr ef tafwmatiaa, caa ba -?aa . tad a>l give* trie it'ormaUaa aa ail a'eraet ag i'i r ? I tbrva.'b life, a* caaal. at bar iw'idaaae. *6 W Htb at MM r f'.b mwiI Her teem* are |l. awcmmmcmt*. NIBI.Ov GARDEN. FYKE Ai-D H \RHf>ON rvoUSH OPERA NKHTS NlMDATB, VTtONt OAVH aad Mr. Wl'-'ON"? MQfTH? FRIDATV. 1C .aiUVh, ratTOQAy.i act _ _ BATCEttAYS. The egtra^rvliasry ?Ur?ot.o? of thi? au<l in n.Ubl? e-Moi , Mr BUBTOS, ( Oft inuirg un ! trlaiefctd, be wU *p;.**r latwoofhu ' b-nl jitrta 1nOR??iir E< JlIT Jfi l#ti THE riF.M 10U8 MKll.r.' Amlo?.'?b Meek Mr. barton (JaptMarfv rt> Mr. 0 .'ortUn , I f'y 'reawly Mm Fraac* TLE ML MM V Toby 1 reap Mr. Itortoa T-et jtailua.... V.-. liolmsa | fu an Mr*. Unlets L*xn? ov?a etT, Overture U commence nt 7\ ; r urteia rt??" et 1 i/etocl (iitclMl). 6v Nun l*i. mt# Bex**, IS Orcbertru IVf.v il Ho* off ,<c ot"-o from 9 A M. to 4 P. M., far ee cornij Orrheitm Menu and Private Betas only. BKOAI'* AY THEATRE ? K A. MAItSHuLL, VOLS Inaeee. Doore open at T<{; oontaaenre at 7>f o'nljck. IbarttUs evaa.n?', Jalj '-'a, will bo performs the fury circle. Mr Barney WiTlii.n** aa ConO'Ciroltn Mr*, tmrr.rf William- aa Monha* O'CtioUn PtKp Wake Mr Cnoeil | 1 1 room Mr. Vincent Hubert 0'N?tU., .t>rca?eanr | Kllea Blake .... Mr* Hough RAREFY, THE BARON. Parse; O'Toole..., Mr Barney William* Iilo?.eottial .Mr i-'wveoor | fn<ty Matilda Mrt. ?*] in our Io re?wlo<!e n It'.i the ttrft */-t of ? ua-41 arrange and yank tee. MODWtY Cat, with aa Irlih a Mr. Barney Williams Nunry Mra. Borne? Willi**** GSO. GUJUriTY A WOOD'H MINhTRfcla, 4T2 BROAD war, above fired street. OI'KN EVERY KYWINS. For tkn week, LUuoplaa M oatrelsy, IHiucieg, Ac , oon elultn* wttL tbe WANDI-RINO MlVrtTI.FI. J -ours open, e>i , uonweaoe, 8 o'clock. Ticket* 84 oeato Ait bulDM Iraiuirtt'l by H Wood. FllA.NKUN MtTHKHM, NO. 63 BOWIRY, NEARLY opposite the Roerery Theatre. Performance* ever? afternoon at 3. end evening at b N. B. ? l will observe that tha Franklin Huwua la the only plaoe la thr United Btntan whera the Model Artists are exhibited, with other original entertainment*. Kecnombor.-No. M Bowery. WW AND mi'H ORIGINAL AND ONLY CaMP bill Mlu.'-reia, of fourteen "alar" performer*, aj kcoaiedfad to bo the "mo<!el tioape of the world," apytax errry ct*bId( at M?l>>de?a lUU, nie-tout atreot, Fhiladolahla. [iR F. A. JONKi, A^eat. M?tt I'iki, Maaaier. RFMEMHKTl, 1IIU H THE l.\?r W>XK Af TUB Franklin Mumob, r>3 Bnwery. Ktlia entortUa m?DU ??rr.y el'.erno ;u at thrw>, ml io tie i>v?nin){ at *:?fct o cJecl. lhe " Model Artiate" wl.l appear la a ?r'ejlion of "I.irlog Htaluaxy " at each entenalDineat. Grand btrkkt hall, ik7 orani> htrekt, near lltoadway. r<r'orro?nc?e ernry oi(Ht Teoladlae trim C'onetaatiuople. the eOtfm KtlfaenO the freot to* ?etiho, Leonora (Jlotannl? the only white ewan, Italian tabieeui, Ac. Ptr.'oimanoci commeneo orery HTtnlnf at H o'clock. rjBOI'U'S TBKATRK, 8T. I/?UIS, MO ?TOE .yUfl 1 eeriber, leaeeo and nianagnr of tbe above theatre, the only one open the entire year io tfcie alty, will be In New York about the ltth of Julr. ftare wlehlnf en lexemhnta tor the eomlng yrar will pleaae aldraae hl?, at C. T. raraloe'e, flurtoa7* Theatre, N. Y. otco wonn. MEU1CAL, A NEW BOOK ? rjfK MAKRIAtiE GUIDE, OR KAMI A ly Metiieal toil /'hy ?olojlcul Icetructor, eptolaMy fnr tbe uaritad or thoeo iaiendinc to merry ? My Dr. P. F. Jlolliek, tbe author ana lecturer. Han <ircilth edition; fire bocdred pa^es; colored platea Price one dolUr I'ubliehed by T. W. HflMIVB, 0* va?f*u iiUkI, \?w Vuik. eh<> ?lil ftvmri fcf m*il, fn-e, on rectlvlBK <iba duller and a^l'lreee. ' The extraordinary bcok we evr read, tioe fo.\tore whioh paiticulariy Jul In* ul?la? line book from all o lb era af the klsd, li the poruiiar tooe of moral ty ? hleh perralee it all through ' ?Medical and furgical llaview. T"\r.. rn inter, no. s division nun, new yohe If eo long aod tevoraMy known ta thn pnWIa, nay V riiiuui^l >t lMlU?IIWMlln,tnlt h? ha< pmrtiiel ie one brench of medicine for the laet 'M year*, and aa<te more care* than any other nan In th? <ity, in many iuetanoea ot p?~*oa? coa*idere? laonrable, ?onieof which he has peiBileiiUia to refer to a* heretofore (liarcea aoderete, end In all rasa* a cure ^ntranteed. (eution ? M> vreat MHl j, HaoVer'a red drr*^, the) ouiH oertan dt?eae?<i without dry In* its poison in tb? blood, oan only be had a* akor*. Frio* 11. Ckll an< jet the Monitor of Health. T-vR. BAITH'H] 0FHC1CB? FOR THE Cl'Rf. KSF*. ? / claliy of th* more severe and old rtaadinc rasee, Na 64.': Houstog atrcet, n*ar Wooeter. ISoneultaMens from 9 to 13 A M. and 6 to 9 P. M., Sunday ei espied R R. WAKD'H UNIXUm VATK'B FRIKND, (1, WJT1 a book ? Joat what thosn want whohavnenotraat disease* ; nsaely, a tire at oace, and no dntoy and aore expense. Or?a teet Wre In tbe world by Dr. ward'i '('nfot to nets'* Erisad." Aflllcted tnks not tea na other remediee oan sure yon radically. Wight ease* ?urod In n few boar* , nothing aba doee li No M> OanaJ ?traet, one door aast of Brosdway, la the plane to got this rapid and thorough remedy ? newtaaa else la New York. A aura warranted b j Dr. WOO. Patients anxious for relief may rely ok a rapid eare by hie 'real aent. witboat Uxlag tbe avstem. Altorntion of dWt ei Mwsln froa baime** not req aired. | Dr. oopvb, u dcane rrRKEr, m i ana known to tba clt'ten* of Now York as tho mnstsan eeasful practitioner this ooantry can boast 0. eon tiauea to baconauitod nt hi* old ofllaa, relieving tM an fortunate, and giving oonsolation to aany aa ?chiag heart. N. B.? Dr. C. gaarantsa* a *ar* la all lam its dertnk' a. | "VR. OOBBETT, 19 DUANK 8lllE*r, haY RK OliN I / snltad with eooB<leaoe on cert?ln dieeaaaa, 24 y*ara In on* >peclality of tbe |aolr?u<.n NMMm hia ka (naraataa permanent cams. His tr??tui*at is the ansaa aa that practised by tha great Rlror-I, of I'arls. N. II ? I*. diploma, aa member of tha M. Y. L'aivaralty may be eeea at bis oOtee. Kit JOHNSON, 1? DUANF. KniKFT. IIAH I'UtKttKM ad more ruree than say oth*r medical asan In Now l. 1* Johnson'* treat man t Is safe and exaailJUnna his aediaines can be taken without faar of dateetlon. Charges mo-lerats, and ibe money rwfnjidad If satiefae Uon i* aot given. Jj* K M Al I ViHiK AL IVHllTfTE.? r lh * institution, now opes for tbe reception of patienU. i* allnilti] In a '|uiet an I retired portion of tbe ? Uy, and la eepacieily adapted for lyieg a woaee, aad *11 ill****** lnci<untai to f?mni?*. Io all who i|*air* com'ort, retirem'at. g'.od tre*tm*at, cmpetra1 nun log, tb'i e*tablisbm?-at I* un"|nall*d. Fur twrliralaia t*im?, A apr4y to V C FRANKLIN, M. D , Attan iOK Pbyaiciaa ao'l fur*e->n. 1.064 Uroedwsy. 1Mi'< 'I'l AM ~.<i I'Ntii I'l'. I>' I*)!1!' i>Kl tCfc Agency for the exeln*'ve trent?nt of ail diaonan* luridenttn femal**, "Ml Innngkaa aveoea, n*nr Knot Twenty -eeveoth strrat and 1 earth i<ea?* K*n*ta far femnle leraagements frons tl Wgk Advise (rntla ?oa*ulU'.ien* sad letter* eank4aati*l. Mall lettar* eon taing (A aervtd with adrlo* aad medio nee by rev. r* part lUilief gaarantsed in all eases Persons from I duitaacn provided with eligible board, naralng and at l?nd anna J' E DoCTKt'B lYrPOl HE, I. ATE FR'iM PARI'. fV j pil of lucard, wllb c>rti>lrst?a f ruan al* I'ani aa h>apitals. U'eta dl?*a/e* c?nbd*aU*)ly , la elliier a?x, to matter bow desp^ra'e '"barge for a>lri^e oaly *o tb? wealthy i fkee 1 1 Hu>'e?a alreet, dreg at/ r? aad pri vale entras'-e ?\f I 0:M'??T, I ARIS 'AMI I > i s f h in r|IY.4ta*k , ?01 ."urgeon, author of the " Medical Adv'ser end Mairiege Omdo." M ?age'. 74 eagre rings, (senile*, Staled lowly, tor 11,1 Is manultsi at t2 Kaada rtreet . I corner o' Broadway, rrean 11 A M. U X and fraa 4 to f 1 p. M., f ladays egoapted. Ibeee at a distance treated by s*ni! and expree* ronrnr nllh other pnpsrs in rec>am**d ng In U *nd hi* trantleo ? '?nriar do tint* In**. l>ay Hoo*. -taata /nitaag, NnAinnal hmvi at Ae RIO iHlr'H riutni K? NOTICE Ut RF.MOT At THA andaratgned, farmer'.y a p*p(> wl'h Meera oTPera, end with thn cwebraied snrgenns of this alty, IV* Gnmaahsn and Mott, Ininrm* the pnblte tkai be ha* raanvd and permanently aetnbl *h?d his aen ? ailing aad dlspenalag rooms nt Na 414 Hrnndway. '** Unnii* of dioaeaes. Ma Vendor* to nil alBirtad pnalMv* ^^^aaeeof relief and tbnee who have baea ahneed by ^^?fedn*," antliotee, utile bnaAs " no an j*ry,"and af astons of the nam*r*ns aaiMcal ahartataas s 1 tits day m*r rely on he nag their saaas treated aSaebea.My, an matter how nip icetel tfcey may nppanr Hi* et ?amtad obeervaUans ia the faasona noapltai do Midi, In Parts, ondsv NIooH btaeelf. bsnMbnr with the many eew end e??*eat i*aa?i11aa nf tW* aaatnent snspaen ; rwnder faflara ?mpn*ot?in It anr be amtlsnK fnr th* informnttan af naMawta readlag ka the eeeatry e? <*k? Vent dtias, thnt they an at any It toe *ea**lt the 'ah 1 serf bar by letter giving a plain s*a leasee t of tAar enen I when thn aaeeeaary medlclaaa *?np<?d tn rt wtd be yea pnr*d and aent te them. Be^nd aaae* *arad wiineat any delay. ? Wge, ewiU e?ortom*a nad tkn Bsaet an? dl/ln'oswaUaa given k evnry metnnaa HwtitaknaMM roeaUlu'^unni, aamfntsna, aereorinl nan narenns dlaani ' e* U head entirely ea tke aaiira *nd tapraead a lima nt aifcdn* an^ baa been Unaoni Utteas se imnsnla rmrn hoe/, from t tn I and km. 4 In* CD. HAMMOND, M D, Bnigttt, A ethar af Medlanl In'nrmntlnn far the Mllllaa. A* , As., Mn. 414 Bread way. effneiU St Mtelwlne MM. 10*r*Y0t ? B ' E> EXIHtd -A RITTREI) i IJt??*Y man laetoyed tn health In n few d*ya. a/Vef meey ion *f grtnt irron* entering id nnalna* te eaii (? own the mean* ?f rare rfl aanl, free, the yearly ? tee. t. aad. Ad tree* Rn*. John M Utgnad ii fnlto* *t-e*t. %ne?'ya N Y. R AMPH.?IKW'im. 0??1 THZATB&? PttONUXlN^ '^"~MAftAfl?n_ 1 1 P. Walaroo. ?'tare k'lupr, <1 H Onffl'.h rnw mf admiartae -aMM.a OMU; lit, <eate- ? r tlk (MX, Prwtt WIN, #6? lUtrrday, jg]i * tlKMlie IN HUMAN n?*tf. ' (liaM Mr. K JahaaWJB W a.'trr Atberly J. M .leaae H.iunlU Mia Orttitte OAMK. <XN M Of THK W'lilRKNRK JOHN H. BMIWH QHAM> TOI'R Of Kl BOf* Ui ?tor or habaspopoi.. At Comma A/watani.T Kooim, 63? kmoaovav, nbowtof ohc ?n.-)i>um viaw?, f?rty f*et arlde, C the cHmlui CmM AND OBJKtTB of INTWUtrT IS riTRiR* faery eTealngat ? o'clock , ud erery MurtwiC teroooa, at I.The aauele by Mr Alwyw riaU, af Lea den Admiring th<>eeea<'a ai/h'ly tnatify that IMi Id large?l B(Mt latereetln* uJ iteful wUillliwI N?w York. IU liwttl hM )M? Mlt *0?d<((?! A"tnre*na Vak RACltll, Tin mTKKNT rRKN'CH TRAOrtNKNNL ? rjiportag if , ronipaoy of I'arialaa artieta, wM male bar dibut OU tbe ut of .-?rtimiwr, at tM Mafcbpl 11 1 ID tl.eeU> , New Vort Offig* ?0 Wall alreot. t TtK BOON t llllihRVS, now IRRKK IN NUMHOL era itadlB* at the Parity,, llockaway. U i. t?* i. .411*1 are tbiitr Md Je.utifu .0,1 ?||| <lo(i bUeaa at tcfccl IfcTft IQ > m U'lftL THK MAMt 1>H1 TRIO 01 CAMfOKKIA.? TOtM monarch ot (Ut foreat wlioaa bxMtwkM a<|ual)od. trIU be on ' O.lbltion li r * attari time il tk? Cryetal lulare, nraru-n,. to It* dr>|iaUiira tor the <>ylM i'BJace ?t SjOohaio, 1 ngiaud. lit height wi> 3?U fati lie dlamaUr 30 hot, or ut-arly 100 i a -' ? -'hmw Tba paint. ofta, elatuaiy, and a ?ut collection e< w curioaitlaa are atijl on r ambition lk.?ra 0|>*u tram ( A U until 7. 1*. M Admteelon 'il, o?uU children half price, . BROOKLYN MC?KW? ? Tlll'fc'DAY rvEVINC, .ill.* ^0, 1".? MliA.M'V M 4<>l IKJ ' baaly . Mr 0. 0 Chart*-.. Mary IV rnor, Mlra M A. Chartea. Dtc i by Ml* ? Shall, Ol It 0A|? Caroline M >rton, Ml-* M A. Cbarlt* Part|net, 'it crate, gallery, I "J ?>' raaU Is ROY MWklM? THH I'OI'CI.AR I'M' K 0*' eniuieairnt will be raopenoJ hj tba uo leraigasd am tbr ll'tli of Nept? tu U r oait. l.adiee end gautlem^a winblag engageir.aoU for tli aaaaon, aoil atara, wiM 8l>aM ad>1r?#a Wnjaa <M?lna, Maua^or, b?j< 401 I'oat fltca, I'hilaJaliihia SOI.TIIW'N Til, A I I . KN<.|'JI ?. SOTO Wlltli* cutlf/ aaatiaiaia of tha r-xjxcUrR >utliara tWatra^ >h*t aha hM imual to firnrrad ?o >o U> llavaua ?? Uaim. aid ia natfjr U> affotlita yaaal a? an/iKtaaala ?pro hrr way Mraugti tba 41!lai*Bt ciUaa batvaaa tUa and Naw Orlaaaa HKb OKITA M?TO baa alao arraaw*' wltb Maaataar CtertM, yrraa'ar <laaMiur uC tl>? <<iand "p?ra( l'.H?, v? arrompany and auatatn hrr m ccrtalo of har BaUa'a. I'aa I mm curt I ?<?<-!. r?, a id alii -nt*rtaia ptoflilaaa lor ttrir joint iwrlormaaraa addraaaad to )i*r. rara at Mr A.T. Atiitiif, iUtropolltan tbaatra, Saw Tart, Houuay ktiuxt n? mrk, Haoood aaak of Auiarloan aaijla, MK and MKH W J KIOKKVrl, tba htTa a?biaTad ta tbalr da'Uiaatlaoa of tba uasn soy anh vankm:uai. a popalarity aod ItaiuiAX'T or RsnrTanix which uo after cppeaitloa fan affaat. CtOWUKI) litaUrtta* hara ad thra olfht'r, and Mra Kloraaoa la rmpimr oualj aaccrad aaob Bi*bt in tha fraat Vajakaa aoac " AltOl M) ?? Wor?'? ao,l aqfle ?r ttaa aipraul/ for bar t/ Mr. V. J Horenca, to trtii,a? it airlaaltal; batoa?a AS far Mttia alnffiar it afaloat hla wUbaa nauat, ta tba aaUan tioa of aright tuiaklof paopla, ataad c?a?lcVa4 af piraay COM 10 VOCAUJT WANrui, I'OH A H.W W Kt.K 4. ? Addrtra, atatiog Wrana, t?i ?M I'oat Olhea. BIUIARIMI. BI1.I lAKfif',- WL INVITE BVYCKH Alfll Hir I'lfHM* to rail at our (actor/ and aiaaalu* our aalaadAi aturl. of roaawood. oak and maho|an/ tal laa, arliaalata. Aarbla and wood with our u*al* laraaMa rcahlora, which haa baan faamload by tba i-aat pUfara In tha t'aitad HtaUa and I mupa, and pr<>o*?ne?l ta bo Uia oaiiy ramet < uahton a??r latraM. floyara raa ??U?tj tb?ana<lraa of Una >m?it by nam ataf ba foia p<irrba?m* ?iaawhara llarlaa flr?n our parMow lar attantton to tbta part of manufacturing tabiaa, WW can aaatu* our > u>U mti > and thuaa who purahaa* few* ua tnat w? ahall rontlnur to ?-i?rt oui?-l? ?a, aa T tofoi a, to atva tbaaa a an par or mad a ta- la, w >k*b lba> raa dapar.d upoa aa balac maCa of wall laaaawod aa? dry naurlala wblfh la alrim >ortaat ttotb bala<r prac tical billiard tabia aal ar >, wa ar? anabla ta Mar far ?a'e Ublaa with all tha mo -aru laiprof aaaaata, aad at la?a prl?a than caa )>a purctaaad alaawharc Trta Btci|a for aala, andordaia by mall nroaptly attaaaa< to OKirPllll 4 III' KKR, ?j Aaaauwat MONTA0UK IIAIJ. IttUJARIl R>?M- ? OltfKf atraat, H/c* kljn, oj,|. ,?lt? tba City Hail, la re opened on th* 'Zlth Inat. vhla cool aad apiaodid aatab lubm'tit for (antlanaaly anuaaaaant will ba opanod to tha public, with iwdte alagaat roa*wood atarWa tap tabiaa kTOTT aflort will ba roada to blaaaa. Tba tmmm patroaa of thla aatahllahaaaat, aa wall aaotbara faod af thia ui ode of tabiaa aiarrtac aad annae*aot, ar* ea apeatfully Invited Co call. The beat of roftoahac? V?. aad aafara aaat dlrortl* from Haaaaa to tba owner. JOIJaN 0. y, Prefrtoter Tpiok ?? DM4M, Huporin tew dent kkuuiom! ?XCtKH0NB.? THK WO I. KNOWN fTT.AMBB AM?H ICA. aad barfO (H'lHAtmr U lot f,* e icwa a. Kcr p*rumlera aad aaatiaf aoatracta, ea^alaaaf (Opt I erl > relif b . oa board rtaaaw A IB art aa, bat of Jay etreet. T^xctKwoNH? thk nvuiur* hahi.k uumu, I j elm twodeefca IWiM feet, w >? ewaia?a, flaffn aad all aeaeaaa ry aeroaaeaodaMoaee for p tea en pa perWaa, II fur charter by day, weeA or aaatk Apply a* dpt. iNYDHR, oa board, at dock, Adama atreet, haeoklya. EX.l'RMloN to thk kihhiso hankm _th? oom liK^toua aea ataaaaet I.AI Ha KSATI'. (M.N. Aadaraoa, Jr.^will make aa occuialo* to tie rubhe* Itaaba, r?a Thureday U'l Vrlday, 'idtb aad */Ttb taaet , .e*T'.B? -'prioa etreet, at 7 l? Itroeaaa atreet at ? , paor 3, N. ft at 'J o'clock A. W. "foil rL-IUNO HAVk.^. ? TH* XrT.AMWJAT MKHCUBY, 1; (aptala Rlabard Yatee, will lea. a for the riatabM [Saaka arary day, < taaday airaaud.y toucb'M at fWI Hamilton rach way, frewa the follewlnt plcee, rti. Jack eon at/cet, 1 ? K ft o < lo'.a uaih Tbtrt aAraot. Wiiiiamaboif. ft o clock I'ulloa aUeet. BTooklya, V o'clock Pock alip, 7 W e'cWck , t aoard Wharf. Jere ap City, T V o'clock, pdng atreet, K. R.. ? e cieca . naor No 4 H. H , li, o'cloct llaoiog tackle aad kalt Fa* aUliatl oa Ward ' otllloa )>aa l acoaupaaioe tbe beat, each trip, fa ra 40 ceata |/lf -T ORASK M>x>M.IUHT ftl.TKfl'IN IIP TIO 1 Ifodaon rlrar - Thla will be the meet dellghtfa* aarwraloa of tbe a?a?oa the Ma aa^haeetta baa a 4a*e log raloan I I'i '?at lore The aafa aa 1 coamwe-ttoaa daa ble toglae ataenaar MA/a-ACJC "l.rf, I. K Uaaaa, roaaa maa-lar, will make aa ncarataia aa ibart awHaWllap, July " W?, laartn* King aOaet, N R.Tf, Itaaama I ft,* l'iar S, n R.I',, Murray W It II, J areajr City ' ' oiiard dark;, H', Amoe atreet, s K , 1^. He f/'at m?ata t? >>e had oa boar) '?riflith'e oatehratod aallltary aad 'luaorille bead wfl be la attealaacp TVk?U It, adiuittiag a gaat aad twe lad tee, to be bat at all Ilia principal hatala hbeeM Uae weatber pee re wBlarerable tba ei'ureaen will t<e puat|>oaed te ?bo hr< favorable creator (< RAN I> 111 N|i 0? THf I RI'A V Wll-a.t 4TTf * T ad <o iba 'batch of Kaiat ? ha/ta> Iterreaeo, luoobl^a to faiiy f.reae 7Tboreday Aeguet b, 1 *? The Nattaaai '. .ar ! bead la aagagvt far tbeaa-aaleaa Hoat laarae fw,t Ui Ih rd atreet, WlJluaaaaPv/g. a* ' s A M laltoa ferry Itraoklyn 7 M^atagaa farry. )l t, er 4, North tirer, New Verb. ? uU }a/ aira<4 Naw York, It, a litir k Ticket* -eeta -feUdree kttl price f ' tMl ?X' CRMO lu TW II Vjf '?a ?a oe< lay. Thurtday. aa-t 1 r?.tay, /el/ ^4^, 2^*1, aad 77 Ua? fare H oeate- by taa aafa aa4 MMM dkO?a doable eegtaa atee or MA -<'T|t "I TT-, IU R Hab a, ' omBModer. laaatcg feat af k ag a awot at ? o'clock, aad ptar No a VorhK ?er at * A M lw*lee taakka .a-! bait oa baar< A a aod af aana win ha la ctteadaace \ ( OOM R.IIT H< ' K I ? ? Itl AMU ?<OMjaK It] l. ATI fap'aia < heilea < aJere-a, waaapaaM a ik the harga tla'aar wlO make aa oieantaa Bp fka lludaaa rlrar ea Th.raiar ar.ataa. Jalf M, laaeta? aa f el Iowa lireooae atraa-. K K el 7 erkaak , Peak aatp, 7S f" v ?'*?,?. ;'pnaf atreet, ?>, Aaaa airart, a I. A aottilee bead will be ea board. I era ba ea ala Af* ANI, U >M M' i "? 4 D>l? ble aag.'ae akeemer MAN A< M> OTt*. r. R. flaabe obaar^endea. be lag aow ta eeapiaM eater aaa be Char terwd ?<JT etecrakeaae P%a ta (%? iMfaat aad aaaat etcaaaac ataenor eflared for tlka pcrpaaa, barla?B Cawalee eaieaa 111 feat l ag Apply ea hoard at lka f ?taf (lag ettaol, ? orth rlaer, ot ta L II OR Baaatwe/ up atalrc. ? ihart?* nm rx'tiMoN^-TWf ???*?? TTUIHA"1 l< MAIOHT 1 ar wtthowt bergae Apply la A1JJ tJtl'KM M. I t-MITlf, No. S3 Woe*, ?troea. Utaeea NerUk Moarw aarf Reach rtraete PRDTMAU J>IU/H*AI.--"MW? <? ni* MlTD^'ip.. b the AlMboeae. Jaly P. IM4 ? Ta Man ? ftaa-'e pt ape aala wUl be ieae??ol by the tlaaaiawa af U< AJair haute, at thai/ ??ee. lUUada.Parb aatli 3 a etarft f M , of tba M 'ey af a eeaet aaat, fa* * la Mag tbe rear of * be a aw ftaaDpet Jioepftal a* Haabwoa'* talaad wtU beat iaaJMy "f t (roea A man aaa alata naila. Aloa, Lbegattarc cad rail aad Baab aga eitb beat ,aaJfy af reaper it oewoaa . tbe ( jaace feat, cad faraiahtf lead era, af boat X tfe, aa nay be . rod. 1 panlaab-ei fa Ike akare rart taa ba ea*e aad farther afar me hew <,btalo?i by app lr%t a i thou e flka*. Tba ' ?oraa aaaa raaai-ra te ialr?. ua r gbt of rofcctlat all o?ar> aot kaamad br tNsaa e? reeUgeoea to the doparlmaat aal prapaaja ta tea " aapoa'ed artb 'be aame c i Iwe padiee aa ?eew/tty far the paafciaacaec of tbe aeatrart T>tui?'r a:/* j-h* "<ai - Ttf' ' or a J[ faetary. la tbM city, w aa be rweeara l"M? ? baa napeaalkle r?al 4a%Jori te faralek ae taa par day *4 cbl|*Mkkrreaaraa> fe* ' ae rear A Ltraea, paatpc I r.cVtf prtM ea.t ter?a 8 11 "efe't t* e

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