Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1855 Page 3
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Xlw C?QfM tad Mm Rate * NKW YOKK. We pubUotied an lt?n tbe other day, under tb? caption ?f a '?I'remiuw Shower*," la which an opiaion was ex preaeed that the recent rain would act moat benefiolaily oo the grewtag crop. Yesterday, a farmer from Rock. Uad count/ paid us a visit, anil gave u* to nader?tand that, while ha wan pleased and edified with the style of the item indicated, be doubted It* truth. It appears the hear/ reins hare produoad injurious affect* on the field* ?( wheat m all the con-ue* la the neighborhood of S tw York city, and, indeed, throughout tne whole of the Nortb-ru Mate*. Ia the Northern htates, the wheat nod tye Uate.iust been cut, and are now In shock* in the field, undergoing the iweating process. The beary ram bate aooaewbat retarded thi* operation, and much wheat is spoiled by tbe moisture. While, therefore, ?bower* may be at a premium in th? city, they are at ftt a Giscount in the country. Ihe following i* fro .j the Albany Journal of the 2Mb in*'. ? In Uus count; w* lieo. of bad results from the warm aod beary rain*. The mi eat and rye, eut and uncut, are moT? or if** injur*- 1 by aprouting in the bead, though not to baoly a* t-uy are aaid to be Went. Ves terday being pleaaant, some farmer* were able to get their gram he u*ed. We bare conversed witd a gentle man wtio upeut yesterday in Genesee cauuty. Tue wheat tbe*e, though soaked by tne rains, his not ?ptoute 1 to any injurious extent. A ape-im i which he brought with him compares CuroraMy with toose we hare seec from other parts of the Stat- He think* forty * l^bt liour* of good weather would enaUJ* farmers to safe'y ge, in the crop, which is more valuable tuan any othrr ever harvested In the ctunty. I'a*. esgets from tbe West Ui that it bae rained almost m-essantly ior a week in the region of the i-akep, i a thiougbb' t Wisconsin, Ohio. Michigan and (Junada West. I'aaretigbr* from the South report similar damtge ? :on* in tbe rirer counties. (;rae? nlbn most and wheat next. Usta are beaten down in some places, bat, ?e a genera' filing, look well Up the Mohawk valley, what wheat there is appeari to be less injured, while com anf on* are growing finely. In Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and tl>e .Southern States the wheat had steady been harvested before the** rains set in, aou is tbi-tdfore safe. Th? yield is unusually abun d.iot The following letter* have been received by dealers in produce iu tbis city: ? 1 xtract of a letter from I.yons, Wayne county, dated July T, '*Fiom ail we can learn we very muah fear that tbe wheat jou will lect we from Wayne county will be con Mderahlj We buve been shown sample* froui etverai fields badly sprouted. Whether all is so or not we ar?' unubls to s?v, lint tear all is more or les* in j 11 red. Barley wiE probably be very much stained. " Extiact Jiona a letter from Wayne county, dated July 26:? "We are having a rery wet time of it here. Wheat i* ba.ilr injkied. It ha* rained nearly all tbe time since la.^t Thursday, and at thistime '.here It no prospect of a favorable charge. Kaimer* say their wheat crop i* ruined. Not a kernel but what is aprouted. Unless there is a change st.011, we think the crop will be a total lots, yet we bope for better thing*. One thing i* cer tain, you will g?t no prime wheat from thia part of the Mate thisteaton," Extract ftotn a letter from Oswego, dated July 28:? "Tbe pretent rainy and hot weather will use up the wheat crops in tbis State, Canada and most of tflcalgan if it continue much longer. Wisconsin will also sailer badly from the same cause." The Roc better Dmiocra of the 27th says there has been much sptculatlon in the eity us to the amonnt of damage which the recent protracted rainy weather has done to tbe wheat crop in this section of the State, and fear* were generally entertained that tbe aggregate lo*s would be very great. But this preralent apprehension aeems, so far, to be without founiatlon, judging from aneclinens of the standing wheat selected from fire different field* by Edward Jone*, Eiq., of thia city. These samples show that, though tne kernel of ths wheat 1a swelled somewhat, the instances are very rare where a sprout is produced, hence we infer that the da mage apprebwded is likely to be miinly imaginary. This whett of which we speak indicate* fa excellent growth, and contain* no evidence* of the aaiaults of the ioidj ea*Di:?x or thl* important cereal. ?a> . ~t?"? (rnm ?o:h-,ter Jalr 27 ;<"k ?"&'!: XttSffi ^ itfjx, uli-ay TI^TV" *< ?wJs. .?5 rr.r ???"? ?? SHSHSvS! :^,?lwHr??v-K3 ^!,nl?bt: It bacama c?l? with ? lituj wind? jn?t what >u needed exceut that th... ulu# sa^-^ayb: jrr-V'TV"'^ ?"~V ^"S"?.,"r'! had iMD wti a fair .ample of tha field tha oriee of th. SnS?*?U? But,b# 'lr#ct#<l than from one t> thre* G* neaee which ara l""* '"D ?"?? "?P>- fro. uitaiuu 7 ^ "orH* than thoee tasen from I thfa field. I eucloee eome of tha head* for your la.pac J??2ftOWSf.h!5f of wheat, and of flour lt; ?hiJe they know but vary little abaut It \ e",c' 14 *f 8'r* 'be bread mad* from It ? etlrk* or ?m??SSX Si* bou""*">. from .uchYoar vUnSi aT?atf SSdto i mUe l'?ht ?'thouth U that made 7mm tke ' " S aeecoBBtry, . xcep, U.^lTat. ,h# ?#n" 2212? T,d aot *? ? h'?? ?<tl mate, croii Jii,'', Jl?w.*r' b,T* o' *>r?lee to othar by ^rSTS..,7 Sf8* th*' h?? been accompan.e I wirn wtathtr. The corn, otti nntAtn** v/ ?,. are looking mare luxuriantly to no I ha re men 'them or? T**r* ? *o that even tbnufh the wneat 2n!j?t M'V r*lon much mow than I am famine ^ 2f V* Vl tb"* no ^aatar either of a famine or o' a continuance of the high prl. ee of th. CV,lr. l'"TX^1'"UtwiU baabunWherS and ?*eiytbln< eiae with wheat, ii abanlant everrwhvr. ?I?e. for at to* Weet. South and Norlhweet the wheal 22w .iT ?t!"rln? ,n con <11 1 io n* an<l ?neh of it already brouaht to m?rk?t ix e.iual t? the be.t {.?*,?<?, m it* pelmieet dayi. rh. .. .. ^ ^ ??mwiiu. The J.tUbur? Gate,,, of the U?th .net :he lollewiaK _ fSSSSSSS^pSA TO t,? the lo.. w Hi b. ,mmen?.. The bar an/^t , " 'OITr ..... 1. 1,.., ZXWtiSf'Tn, " with oala, to a ext^it u. t?.t ?. ?? tami'.T ia conflned to the ra?i?n we hare mention^ UienTwilT *^7l!?l '?t? ?f t.h'" aacurad, and Tlf braad enough and to epare. hot we .ieeolv fawne,? of thu re?.ou and aortti pj* r,.Vt ?::#d.r roi^o^ tn? ?jhD!ec?h"XV(^ z-74 VTt^ ??" "?*??? known for m?> T.Vre ' 4r7"t- " ' ThaTowaoda HtfxirUr of tha 28th *an _ _ ',or ? ??? P??t the weather hae baan ^nfa?crat?le for the t lone of the farmer* ra a *r#7 ,U' th-t time. Much of thj (rain bae been cut, and tiee in tha (IM.Je i ? " hear alriedr ?Tat ^. win I- ,hV*. ,PronU,) <x)n?id?rable d>mar? W*tnMt4it "ll U tss* "? ""? ,ai ?"r"' n.. MIOniOAX. of Ul*-*tli in.! , ear. ?It |. fbur-^aj !a.t ,b*,.r*'n wU',h eonin>?need on ?o'y up to .'.yj-.*- 00*1 la wed almo.t uainterrnpt THi traced, while that wbirh re itT.i .. be dae. In man/ !oea!iti??. In ika >.m. e..^? ** -me aitent We d? not tDO 1 ^e Ity, but we tie apprehaneifa it la ?<&i r"i in Hme ?ection? *> mu. h r?m hae not UlETl. . if ?o the har?a.t mej jet he par-iaii, at the rery bett, tbU ?iorm bae >*.? a moet^ ' i"* ??ne to MicLiran 1 be prop would have bata tha^I!' ???r rmiMd |a the suu. It bad th!VX ei..neai*udaa to which ^a (real (Upie I. wa. npe t,r tbe ntkle. u?. la.t moment, ? pti'a watalBoet w.tfcia ?r??p, it i?*oatcb?l fr?.? ih. Entrr?* b,Jf' 1 crUD*U^' lh# wh*?1 ?ro- '?* ?Uiw "rl'f * "J b,T* ;h*'* "op" ?*?re, -? that bower,, llthlut *rtw ' k,rh'""' ,b* c,"JBtr> ?'" ?ot be at^t^?"*"0f,ha*tb ??'? -U.t witk we tbtt u* i? th!e ftateltr b?.l cotaa.a .i hat resting tbelr wheat, with e?ecy prospect of ? (air ? ??ld , but the ilaoit tWMsut rata* ?( tha last tirS c? aiz daj? bars. ?i fear, asrieusiy lejo.-ed the crap. Mi 07 farmer* hare their wh *at cut, bat a great pertteu of it U Ijinx on the damp fro and, unbound, which muit, If there U not a decided change 1a tba weatVr I immediately, fof which the proepect ia aBjrtliiat( Dot propitioui), be almoat entirely ruined. We #erealicwn | to day aevarai heads af wheat taheo from a firtl cut but a law days a go, every Vernal of which hil tp'outei to the 1? ogth of half an inch, and we are inform*! that eurh i? Uie case with mac 7 p acta of wheat whiatt hare not jet been cut. New Publication*. Tbi Cvmrv op '76, ok Wblbh*3n and Tnn Da f>C*KDftNT8 OV THK A11RKI04N BaVOMfTIOH, ?itfi a coploui appendix, by Dr. Alexander Joaea, pp. 132, 8 vo. So e clon, Lamport & Co. Few persona, from reading the above brief title of the work alluded to, would be able to form a clear idea of it* character and merita. The first part of it ia devoted to an aldresa 00 the origin and iuHtituUona of the Cymry. It traces toe foundation of tho English common 1ft wm, including the trial by jury, with the divlaion of the country into Canti-tf > or hundreda, (coi responding to diviaiona into coun ties) and the diviaion of aupreme government into executive, judicial, and legislative departments, (though couched in quaiut language, and rudely defined) to the ancient Britons, and give* kisioricil extracts, in support of the same. These laws were aaid to have bean translated into Litin by a noted Cambrian bishop Aaaer, (or azure) Muievenaia, who was invited to the court of Alfred the Great, and wbica were translated by the latter into Sixon, and made common over all the Saxon Heptarckiei under th<.lr monarch, brace called commoa lawi. An attempt waa made to crush out thsse laws by William the Norman and hia Continental followers, and to establish in thoir place the centralizing ccde of Justinian. Hence arose in opposition to the measure, the Commou Law Schools of London, known as the Tnner Temple, Gray's Inn, Lincoln'a int fields, Ac., which subaequsntly triumphed. The remaining part o( the address ia devoted to the enumeration of those persona of Welih origin or descent, who shaied in our Revolutionary atruggle, wbiih embraced some sixteen or seventeen a'.gners of the Declaration of Independence, viz.: ?Thomas Jtffertou, author of the Declaration of Independence; Btojeniin Harrison, chairman of the committee who reported it; Richard Henry, who offered the resolution declaring the Colonies free from Great Britain; Henry Llghtfoot Lee, Stephen Hopkins, of Rhode Island; Williim Williams, Samuel and John Adams, William Floyd, Francis Lewis, and Levis Morris. The latter three signed with Mr. Living aton lor the State of New York. Francis Lb iris waa a native of Wales; Robert Morris, of Pennsyl vania; Francis Hcpkinaon, John Morton, John Peon, Arthur Mlddleton, BnttonG vlnuett, (a na. tive of Wales,) while aeveral of the early Presidents were of Welsh deseent. Among the military men of Welsh origin or de scent , wto served in the patilot cause, were the fol fairing brigadier and major genera : ? Anthony Wayne, Iauic Shelby, Morgan Lewis, Wm. It. Da vie, Edward Stephens, Charles Lse, Rlcharl Winn, Daniel Morgan, John Cadwailadar, Andre# Liwis, Otbo H Williams, John Thomas, Joseph Williams, snd JamtB Reese. Among the colonel* were Davii Humphreys. Lambert Cadwalladar, Richard Howell, Mtban ALeu, Henry Lee, Thomas Marshall (father to tte Chief JuHioe), and James Williams Cap tain Marshall (late Chief Justice), Captain Morris, and Dr. Morgan, the surgeoo generals, Ac. Brier biographical noticea are given ot the most prominent on the list. The notion the appendix, to which re ttreocen are made in the address, abound in curious nistorical and ethnological information. Historical extracts are given to prove, and, to all appearance, beyond depute, that Christianity wax introduced into Britain A. D. t'.O, either by the I preach ing of St. Paul or some of hi* immedin > fol lowers or disciples, and between 400 aud 500 yeara before tte Saxon invasion. I he Bret Christian King in Karope was Lucius King of Britain, in A. D. 107, aud che first Christian Emperor, Constantino, was b <ro at York, England, wheie his father, the reigning Emperir, died la abont 300, when the former atcended the throne. The author traces the emigration of the Cimbri irom the Caucasus to the West of Europe by the etymology of the geographical names in the Walsh or Cjmbiian language. Thus? Caspian Sea, he de rives from Can, insulated and Pen, head; Caucasus, 'from Can? a barrier, to fence in. to hedge in: and cas, to inaulate. Alps, from Al, high ami Pan nead, contracted into Alps. He goes on to give the ety molosy of the Balkan and Carputhian mouataios, tr e Ithine snd Eibs, with vartoas other places. He also adduces evidence to show tha antiquity of the Welsh language, by the etymology of a great man* rivers, mountaios, town*. Jcc., in Wales, England, Scotland, Prance, Ac. Oal in Welah means a plain; hence the Cvmbrian tribes who settled there were called Gals, Romanised into Gauls. Celt in Welsh means a wild, mountainooa, wooded country, a place or covert; hence the people who resided there were called Celts. Hence the Scotch were called Celts or Kelts and Celtedon, was finally Latin ized into Celttdonia or Caledonia. The Greeks called a people living in the wild mountains, or wooded, oo verts, Celtae or Keltae. The Welsh have no K in their alphabet; henoe tbey sound C as K, and Cym ry tbey pronounce Kumre, sounding the C as K, and the Y in the first syllable as U. A curious chapter in the book la devoted to a list of Welsh, Scotch, Galic and Hollandic name*, of Welsh or Cjmbiian etymology. The derivation ?suggested for Shakespeare's name is original and ingenious. The religious character of Wales haa always been tolerant. It haa ever, more or less, completely re sisted tbe power of the Pope, and at th is day con 1 tains the moat thorough Protestant populatios in Europe. Four-filths of its churches are Pro- j teataxit, and independent of the English j established church, and supported by the voluntary system . while ita people are still i ob.igod to pav tithes to the established religion, j Tho system if tithes and the feudal teaure were not knoan in Wales till after her union with Eogland. Among other emioent men of Wales were Roger Williams, the founder of religious toleration in Rbcde Island, who was born in Wales, in loW. Wm. Penn. the founder of Pennsylvania, was of i We'sh descent, and related to the Tudor*. Chief Janice Marshall was the grandson of a native ot Wa'es. Oliver Cromwell was also spruog of a Welsh family. Naw Et gland has always contained a large number of perrons of Wtlah birth or de ho p.t, amtng whom wv Vale, the founder of Yale College, aod Jonathan Edwards, the eminent di- i vine; snd the mother of Daniel Webster wa* said to < have det?<>enced frtm toe same race. Among the 1 Pilgrim Katheis wen* < apt. J .nen, uf the Miyflosrer; | ana ('apt. Reynolds, of toe Hoeedw 11. And among the passenger* of the Mnyfl ,wer MM How , land, Thomas Rogers, Stephen Hopkins, aud John Aldeu. Mr. Jenkins, of Philadelphia, ha* contribute! a letier ou eminent Welsh warriors, ata'e emen. poets And divines. The motlier of Oliver Goldsmith was the daughter of the Rev. Oliver Joees, a family of j Welsh origin. The mother of John Milton, or Mvl ton, (the came by which he waa baptized,) was Be reh Costar, a lady of Wales. The Morningtoas, the maternal ancestors of the Duke of Wei lingion, were the descendants of Sir John Trevor, a Welah Baionet. Mr. Jenkins gives a lorg list or distinguished Welsh poets. The author of the Cymry gives a list of Welsh scholars, scientific men. in vet tors and artists, among whom are enumerated Kir Humphrey Davey, Sir Wiiium .lores, Wm. Edwards, the bndse arcrute t: Griffith Davis, tbe tutor of Sir John Franklin , Milne Kd wards, the phytiol gist; Oliver beans, of Philadel phia. tbe Ir.ventor of the high pressure steam engine. The lirst invention and operation of toe locomotive (?team e ng'ne was ma^e by a Welshman, In South Wales, in 1W4. He also alludes to Gibwn. the sculptor, a native of Wales, and to Buchanan liild and Powell, painters; and to T. D. Joo<-s, the sculp tor. The work is concluded with a brief sketch of tbe St. David Benevolent Society, of which General Morgan I /?wis, tbe sen of Prsncl* Lewis, a native of Wales, and one of tbe signers of the De ilaratlon of Independence, fur New York, waa ita first President. We are not surprised to tears toat the first edition is about exhausted, and that preparations are on fcot to issue a seccnd as soon as possible. Theatres anil Bah I Melons. Hsojnwjir Ihkthk ? Th? iuiuiI ?.?fit o?Ui?4oor k*'per?ead oftie#rs taksn place this erasing, being the Lift night of tbs suacn Mr. asd Mrs. Williama bar* feiadly voluotesrsd '.heir service, whlrh fset id lUslf will Mil oosaldsrsbly to tha chances of a full houss. Tbs piae* ? ssleetsd *r? the " Robbsr ' ? Wifs." " '>'(1sa m/ao and tbe Kalriee " an ! the fares of ' H: leant t<esk," It 1? bope.1 tbs frsqoM'.srs of this '.lieatrs ?ll -to their doty to sight. I?t be bouse bs 811ed. Nislo's Otsiiu ?Nr. Burton, wlioes (tin* >< a rmt ! o.medlsn is to'.so to s*ery one that has n-it*d < nmm , l>er? strest theatre, Is now performing s roun.1 of hie e?l? brated characters at Niblo's, wh?re be ia eupport?.i . by a rery goad scmpaay. lbs pleeea <ele?-t?l for tbia ) svemsr srs ? I'aul Pry ' and "I>secs af Irreatfnl *>ot?, la which Burton will auatain t..a citarar ter? of Paai Prr . ao'i Mr. fright NolssM tbs gar '?a w.ll bs crowded , | sad Barton rvcsivsd as usua. w.tb applause. Be w ?*r Tnnnti ? Tbi- r rse'at Mr. S. W i.ltns sp p?ar? fat tbs ??ctnd ttta* tb.a esasos tn i s# eh*rv'.?ra , Pj|saalioa Itoeafoi, <a Lbs p.a:? ral " A Malsl for I a W 'fe," aad a* Jobs ch? dt, u> taa ? Wmtttsl Datehmaa." Mr. Md Mr*. Kraal Draw. \wx> very fo pilar utltti, will www <a >ka'. -aA in Iadl*1' aal "A 1%/ l*P#rU." fWi Ml will doabtleae draw a large audieaoe. Wood's Ml*sra?u.~Th* rntTtaicaisaU HlKtil foe thU itnuig trt Mfro da'.oAat xion la ligfji, iucis| sad iajtramtatU perUrman.-m. Bmil'm iliis, tfca pi*ce calWd " Out D?ada" wiUtUo bajivaa. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? ONBl MAHKIT. Monday, July 30 ? 6 P. M. The stock market 1a duly becoming mora And more depressed. The absence of operators has rather a favorable effect than otherwise, aod aervea to austaiA price*. There are seller* in the ooantrr as wet1 aa holders, and the probability is that at soon a* Ure heated term is over, and speculator* return to the ctty, there will be more seUin# th?o buying -more stock thrown upon the market than it cat bear. Outsiders, wuo purchated largeif a few month* eioce, at low prices, will be very likely to realize upon their return to ton. If they do not do so immediately, they will, without doubt, be compelled to as (he reason advances and business Incrraata iu acimty. Kveo in ttie event of money not being in more active drmacd for commercl* puipe sen, hefders of unproductive sooka will be indmcd to realize, from the utter impossibility of inflating prices bejond present points. At the first board today New York Central 6's declined 4 per cent; Ne? York Central 7's, 4; Heading Kilxoad,4; Illinois Ceatial Ralliood, 1. Iiliuoia Certra* Bonds advanced 4 per coat; Michigan Central RulroaJ, 4; Panama Railroad, 1 4 ; Ga'ena and Chicago, 4. Reading sold largely , principally for cash. In other stocks the amount of business Ua&aacteii wai limit ed. There is no life in the market, and we see notbicg la the future at all likely to revive it. When the receat speculation in the etosk mvkit commenced, price* ruled very low, and there was in moat stocks a wide margin for improvement. That margin has been coveied, aud those who were the largest operators are filled up with ail sorts of seouritier, productive and unproductive. The supply of buyers hss long been ex'iauiieJ, and most of thos* who wetc a lew weeks since buyer*, are now, or soon will be, severe. Very few of them have any hope of realizing higner prices. The largest holders would, no doubt, be glad to realize current rates, but a:o afraid to put much cash stock in the maiket, knowing that it cannot stand it. The smaJl holders have the advantage, a* they can real* ize without the market feeling it much. Alter the adjournment of the board, the following sale* of bonds and stocks were made al auction by A. H. Nicolay:? ??,?00 California &Uta :??, 1HD0 Flat. 87 10,1 U0 Virginia li'a do.. 10,( 00 I'kaiut Rat; road T's, 'iA Uiue. . int. added. 104 8,<G?j Fort W ajo? tod Hoathsr* KK. 7 ?.. .do. .. 7,600 BMA?oti< Ccallio , cartiQcate $1,1S0 400 mm I.ake I rie, Wabakb aod .St. Loum ItK. . '? 7 f>0 do. North Rlrcr Biak .... 100 The tallowing sale* were also made at auction:? ?10,0C0 Ohio 6'?, isi;o Mi aOJad Mtjtf 20.1(0 do. do do. 104 \ 20,000 do. oo do. 104 >a 1 oPO Ro:beit*r City fi'? do. 00 1(( nbs Nation*'. Fin Insurance Co 1>># ^ do Wa?hiu(jtoo ?u.-urance < o 0'>S{ 11 do I'eter Cooper Flie Inauraacs Co Hftv. 1( 0 do Ohio Iil> loi-uranee sad Trait < o 99 *, &() do do do do 99 Bimeou Draper's regular semi weekly sale of stocks and bonds will take place to morroir, Tues day, at half [>*st 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Ex change. At the second board the market was a little more buojant, an l bun'neu a little more active. Missouri (>* advanced ? per cent; Illinois Bonds, Cumber laud Coal, J; Erie Railroad, 4; Reading Railroaa, i; Panama Railroad, r, Michigan Central Railroad, i; Harlem, 4. Meat of the transactions were on time, buyer*' optlcn. The steamer from BMton for Liverpool, on Wed needay, will take out upwards ol halt a million o dollars in specie. The transaction* at the assistant treasurer'* of Bee to day, were as follow*:? l*?id oo tna'urjr account $48,957 91 Rtceired do. 147, MT ? Balance do. 2,792,494 H. Paid for A??a y odice SH.MS * ? Pslil oa disbursing cbacka od,872 4 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department Washington, on the 27th lust., were as follow*:? For tb?Tr???ury l)?paiim?nt 173,04:: u For tb? Iat*riorD?partai*at 14,720 81 For th? Caitomi 9,flr>.'! 7s Oa icrouat of tb* Nary .'>,000 0) Covered la from miM?Uai.*ous *oare?it 20,000 CO Cottrrd la from laad* 321,224 H6 War warrant" iscaivrd aoil eot*i*d :;7,72-. 91 War repay warraats 11,302 01 The balance in the hand* of the Assistant Tree suitr at Boston, on Saturday, the 24th instant, was $3,314,274 49. Tte Illinois Central. Kailroad Company will sell at auction, on the 3 let of August, 2,841 shares of stock forfeited for non payment of inaUlments. Of this lot, 2,6 >o shaiOH stand in the nams of It. A (>. L. Hchuyler. The coal trade cf the Cumb:rland region Is im proving. For ths week ending Haturdiy, Jul / 21, 5,472 02 toe* of coal were shipped by the Cumber land Ccal snd Iron Company; 2,332.91 ton* of this amount was shipped by railroad; the balanos, 3,140 01, wai shipped ria canal. Total amount atnt by this company, for the season, since the 1st of .isnnary, is 97,467 0M toon. From the Froetburg re gion, fcr the week, the amount of coal shipped is 4 713 toes. Of this amount 2,470 tons wai sen', by railroad; the balance, 2,239 tens, via canal. From the George's Creek region, for the week, 4,999 12 ton*. For the year, sinoe the 1st January, the tcMamcont is ir>,4'*7.04 ton*. From the Neo Cr?ek Mints, for the week. 124 02 tins were ship ped via tbe Heltlm re and Ohio Kill road. Far the year, 2 524 03 tow. Fifty three boats d?sceode-l tbe Chesapeake so I Ohio ('anal for the week end. log Saturday, July 21, carrying 5,853.14 tons of coal. Ibe annexed statement exhibits tbe eremite daily ?tort moot of the leading department* of tbe baoki of this city during the wetk preceding Saturday momlrjr. July 2*. 1K05:? N?w Yaax cm &t?n. I ant. Hp",*. Vircvl ?. /Vjwm t. Saw Yort 8 401 ?ftl 697, *77 -">0 15 3 Yl?nt?i1?n O. ..4,0>> "91 92H OtS 37k,'il0 3,9U*,600 Mtrebsatu'..,.. 3,914, 290 1,644,174 301,304 4,>r9? 07* Vlsrbaales'.... 4,414,7 14 1,007,004 404 .922 3,904,290 I d.ob. 3 ?;-S .'.61 20i,2tl 177, 07T 2,1S1,37S Aintmi 4,9"'4,79* 1,22.',, ?13 7a, 41<t 6,106,310 I'h^n. x : 4'.0 :?h 42X 207 47,093 2,310,949 CH? .1,740,740 VH, :.7S 1,447,101 North Hi?*r. ... 1 1 4'' M ir3,21S 172,07* 009.970 Trade* a.?!/* .1,464.0: ?? U?, 3a7 MO, 420 7*7.0 72 I'oKeti.... 1.721, CIO :t. * *..7 137,174 1, MM, 414 i-hnnical . 1 4 41 70- W.l'S 27*. 1M 1 14*,9l? Mfrrbsnt* Ei .2,492 0?.1 3*0,703 137, .144 #,047,327 Nat'-oaat 1,014,719 144.74* 144,044 913,343 Buteh. A T'r>? l,.'4?,0i"? *o.oe* ?,047 999.602 llt b fcTiadsil 740. M'< 64 44- 104,36* 417,040 (Srssswicb 052.9? . 1.074 3,444 649,491 1 ?*tb?r 1 ,'?< I:..''. 210,204 1, 4 ., 20 Karratb Ward. . 1,1 62,23o 12.' 7? 17*. W 440,040 Htats 3,(44.17* 661,407 V 4,021 2,'. -.,170 AatltMS El . . .4 . 721 ,6t . 1,44'., 114 2*6,. .40 4,401 4*9 Mtce Ilk, Ais.. 1,104,377 ltO '<17 179,547 917,494 < Qn>m*re* * 4*9,617 1,1*.*' 2.4 2 146 6 000,41 I9???rjr . . .. 1, CI', 440 *4,97' 1"0,7o9 *14,444 Brniilot; I 429,1.0 141,030 304,072 1, 100,400 <t??n 1 *00 71.2.4 10* ,04 70", '>0 ? \!*r ?atil* 2 196,470 193 DM 93,100 1,494 434 1'kciBc 007, '"93 17,224 114,0*1 420, '.74 Republic 410, yi. ;no io7,l.';9 3,002,430 < Uatbam . ... 494*40 44,720 >4,4.' .9 4', 9, .4 I'fopU * 464,427 61.2.2 109,9-. 2 011,334 H ASBfltca 1.443.: 70 100,7116 46,29.. 1, 24,2..* Hasnver . 1,24* 772 9.,,7l'4 110 744 i?44. 90 IrtiBC . . . .'>16,016 71, '?s. 103,440 44* Metropolraa .4,641,999 1,2*4,906 101 447 4,022,304 Otireas .. . 770.430 4- ,0.4 1 44 .".*4 403,979 f.roeern'.. . . 0*4,192 11". S4 91,004 02.1,000 N*.-*u 1.12. 214 II' Al 121 ,.40 341,497 Kim .04 ;.7'j 6.'., 41 4 97,331 397,244 Market 1/201,717 110,7''* 119, 30* 974,040 ft \wb.,U 4*o.07 ? 40.977 90 334 417,312 Shoe A Ixtb'r 976 64* M 17'' 104.301 073,424 < ?rn Kxbtoir* 1 412,117 109.403 *7,ol? 1,164,144 ?'oatiB?otal ....3,479.274 320,713 43,994 2,14* 047 ' OKaienwealtb. 1 1 O.OO,". If* *0.. *9, *79 470,447 OrieoUl 071 17 s 40,034 94,47" 3.'*, Ill Vartae. *?* .'.12 U) ,a:, 94, .if! 443 71. < AtUafce 474. 7U 40 03* 9f.,20T 2*9.*44 , Ulaad Qt/ . . . . 407,732 ..9,761 93,900 333,47 , N. If Dry I o<>* 400,fi"?S 24 97 01,290 134,040 N. V. Etrbaaf* 17. 473 10,4*1 1 '.,4', 7 93 021 Hull * ll'ad J.7,775 29, 4*0 90,304 1 42 400 H. T. (cut; 133 3"t 9,9l? ? V, 044 Total ?9^040,79016,430,970 7,409,49* 41,426,7*1 j CiAti.M. H f ?? ruiKi-rinti ?t' *a??? for ?m. ?( 2- #04 400,7, '.9 " Jolt JK 4M33.403 Beutae* for *m ???Oi^Juiy zi 4,t I ' ** " J %if 14 4 4/1,-f, The ebore aggregate* c?a|Miwl wiifc tbeee Mr ftciixu weAa. present iiie euexed auu.^eali ? ? ??* T iu Orrt ittitf (MM <M(v Jf1**. 0M.t*,' i-.,J76,ut iiA'.rt) JM. 6, '66.. 6.!,2U,70d 13>M,Ma T.MW.Mi 64,*>!,lU i Jaa li'M.. <Ain?,081 16,468, I'M e7,3U3,SM I Jm.1 0, '56 . ?4,4?7,B00 16, 4^1*7 6,861, 1*6 99,647,61* I Jan. 27, 'M. . ?4, 8*4, 64f 16,697,100 ?,?*?, fKiJ 70,1W,6H V*t>- I, '56.. 17.4Jtt.IM 7^U),7M 71 *C.?11 r#b. 10, '66.. ? 17,1 '44 394 6,000,111 T?,7t*4,?4S lab. It, '86.. IW, *06,041 17,3J?,0M h *41,604 76.19LW0 K*4, *65.. 0;.?9O,l?4 18 1*0, 87 b 6.986,68* 74,644, 721 , ?,'6S.. M ?86 .126 J.. t>...,27. 7, W6.110 7\'*k,:.44 H? 10, '4* . 92,331,189 16,670,660 7,131 (MM tb 149,480 |Ur. IT, '5ft. 02,661,846 16 098,042 7,061,01* 76,?i4,?U Mar. 34, '6*.. 9.ifML778 18, 60t.T? 7, 6i2, 76 ,2jit?.023 Mar ll.^W).. '?C041 1 (IIS. DM 7,88": ,6i3 7 tiffi) 186 April 7, '64. . 0? 408,3^ 14.966,006 7,771,664 77,813, *06 Apt. 14. '6a . 9? 140,300 14,800,0-9 7>i.-,,628 7-,28t,'-?2 Apt. 2I,'6"> . 14,H*6 041 7,610,1*4 T6.744.021 Apt M, '66.. tr:.M>6,06k 1? 282,4 W 7,610.916 76, 0,961 M?r 6, '66.. 03,06.1,248 14 325, DM 8,087,800 78,214,1*9 May 12, '66 91.842,1'<4 14,566.02** 7,HiM,#n "ft ,H;?J *09 Mar IB, '16 , 01,676,640 16,226, QM 7 ,648,6-10 77,a61,21l? Mar 26. '66.. 91 160,616 IS, *14,6.12 7,489, 6^7 74,766,740 Jon* 2, '56.. 91.107,66ft 14,397,874 7.664,600 78,;U3,'.Oft JuM 9,'Sft 92 '09, OUT 15,006. ISO 7.602,6ft1* 77,128,789 J?J> 17. '65. 9.' ICO, 381 14,978. f.'8 7.462.161 77 849 464 Jua 23, '??#? . . 91.. 4'ir> 14,7or>,72? 7,:?6.#M 79,11.1135 Jon 30, 'Oft. . 9i) 077.212 18 841 970 7 .194 (164 *>1,003,986 July 7,'M. . 9", 862,491 IS,; 'i.oOt 7.7?3,0f.9 H&,?47.24<> Jul/ 14,'56.. 9K 41 .,432 18, S8* 7'.8 7,616,724 85 81* 038 Jnlj 21, '55 T 99,020 147 IS 918 ??<>'? * 4?7.0H?t 82,079 Vie JaljiS.'fi.. 09.083,709 15, 920,0:6 7 409, 498 41,626 788 Tbe l**t rfUinut, ccmparei with iioa: for the preceding week, nbow an lacreaaa Ui ?oan #n l dUcotutl of $:.4,8.r..! Increase in aptc:* of 1,977 Increase ia circulation of 2,412 l)acf?a#? ia dapothe of 46W.S02 Thla lesultw somewhat extraordinary. The chaoffw* in tbe first three Item;! do act amount to tau'h; it IB tbe iiviucticn in d?i''#?its to which attentfon rau?t be tamed. 8fne? the 14th *f.ln!y,a period of b'lt two weeks, the deposit* h?rs derieaaed more than tout millions ot dollaT*- This drpartment la our >>auk<* will be aUadilj' leduod, as moae; is war ted to move the croj h acd prondc for snore active buioew operaticoa. It will be tbe reduction in depoaita that wUl compel tbt> banlu to teduee their lint- A iii? counts to :>roktin. I.oaas mide'to tnp omaicrcial elaaees, tend to keep up tb^lmeof d?oo?tB, but where the drpoeita btloog to one claas, lad loanj are made toanothtr, aa aotive in the mono; market ia likeiy to weaken the baiika materially. TbenonezeU statement exhibits tbe quantity bl cetUln manafv'tures exported from retkt Ilritain to the United HUtee, during tbe aix months eaSlng June 16, in each or tbe past two years : ? MAMVil-ri M10< KjPORTIU ?-HOM (iBl'.Al TO I'lf tiMnri) ^tath. Sir Won(A? mdin Q Junr 18, 18,'>l 1866. (V'tton yarn, Ih* . C8 'J44 4'>,.'i99 Cotton Uiread, io 754,91'.: 6'j'.t,017 Cotton, suoJnti, y?ra? 711,677 407,'i77 Caliccas, ptaio, <lo 44,971 978 24,798,971 (lallcoM, pnnteJ anJ d.T?J, do. 57.748,90.', 84,202 18.') Cambricii and mukUa, do 1,790,988 1, at 5, #26 Cortis, jaacs, tustunn, reltsts and v*lT?t*?n(, do l,l.'>9,290 3C4.304 lace, (anz?, net aaictape*, do 6,4..4 ho.i 6,212 .''..*>4 Un*?am*rat?d eottna (joo>i?, do 32,737 13,772 Mnraandoot. gooda miicd, do. 067,030 318 523 I,tn?B good" do 21,S3O,30Q lfi.lT0.10t Ua*n thread and yarn, lbs.... 36,764 4, ,'>02 WeottOB anc < ut'oa gooto ?87U,669 19t*,.'>87 Woo l?m ?406, OCO 14T.&S8 WootUn and wotttw: goo?l?.... ?9'lC.6i(8 C69.021 Woolkn and wor*t?d ;moi, lbs. 218,088 86,534 In evbry article there bai been a decrease, while in acme ot them the (a licg iff has baea immeDse, both ;a value and quantity. It is th'a diminution in our import trade which haa placed tbe chantry In each a trued and proapetoua condition. Wtille wo bave be<n cut:iog down to the above ex tent our iin | poitatloai c ( foreign mauufacturee , we bave bf?n prooucing the largest crop* ever before known m the birtoiy of tbe country. I Stork. Eubui(?. Mo.mut July 30, 1?6V IWKO Virgnia ?" v; 100 *ha N V (' l'.R ?<i0 '.IH UU000 Co.. l?00 97 \ 660 Ikta R.K bl 51 6O1OQ M aaoutl ti'a. . 96 160 (lo.... a'O t000 ?'o W'J 96 S, 300 do M 1010 frlriaCon Bda'71 K7 "0 do c M 7t00 do.... c 87 7 WU I.HktM HR *tili 10000 do . blO 87?, 10 do M\ 25600 III Co? RR B* c 10 do.... ^,... 8?T. 16000 co b.'O 5 Mieli C*n R n 9?\ 5t00 <1o r'-> 8* ', 8 do NK 1 1 ( < 0 do,... bl. 8C\ -00 Re*' log &K *00 89'4 160' 0 do ?? * 800 <lo e 80 '? 6000 HI FrelnJ b*.*3 90', 800 do blO 89', &C<0 dc...b:fl fl'? IKK) do *3 80', 1100 N Y C*u 8'? . 01', 200 do ... .bit *9* 6C0M *r?7'l... 103 100 do b3 80'J t< 00 do 10V?; ICO do *3 80l? 10 aba Cmon Book. 120 100 do c S'J ', 4.1 Itel&Hud C< bOO 132 2C0 Herlem K K ..e -'7', 6.'J do lot 60 Hud Hirer RR. . ? 41 KO Ilk of ( cmm*rra. 109 60 Mich HANI* RR 103 20 .N*?eau B*nk .. , . 108 76 I'tuiu RK . ..e 104 6 Cooiwl'th Bk . . . . 100 100 do *00 10* 8 Oh o 1, A T Co . 99 X 100 do 1041, 6 Horn* Co.... 06 0 (ial At Chicago RK 10S>a ."(Xi Nle TriadlCo. ,c 18', 60 IU Ooatral ICR . (#7 (to do blO 18', 1*8 do (MK 80 I'eoa Coal Co.... Ill KO do ....bto 400 Cum Coal Go *3 2'\ 60 Ul ' on $ JO ato>- k 06 100 do bi 27% 'iOI Itf .VTol RK bttf BO', iro do a3 27;, 109 <lo H9\ 6i N*w CrteW CI Co. 2 204 do ... . .b3 90 50 NYC#nR0ff tl d 98 50 do.... bOO IW'j bo do a:) aft op 98 BgCOHD ItOAKf>. 95000 UiMoori *3 9*. loo Rrt* Railroad. b.: 51 ^ 1(104 da 06', 460 do *3 51 \* 2(000 do . . . . b3 06', 5C0 do b?0 61* 20000 1 oninUna o'? 06 50 do......al6 61', 2C00 Krl* Bda of '75 93 >f 100 do a 10 51 v, 6000 1 <Jt B* '71.b20 87\ 200 liudMia R R .*A0 41 6C00 11 1 R R Hn.b-iO 87 2C0 6o . . . . bflO 41 \ 4' 600 do 87 200 Raadlng R R.*.'iO 81", 2<io aba V Iran Co. aflo 18?J m lo bli 89^ 160 do *3 1H% 200 do aflO 89* 100 CO *.'.0 18', 400 do *3 80', 60 Cum Coal Co 2*', 100 do ...b-'M) 00', HO do a." 3#?, H(?o do 00 2(0 do ,*i0 2*)t 100 Panama RR.... 106 lro do bflO 2?fi 26 do......... 106', 260 da (3 28', 22.'. Clara \ Tol R R #0 10 d?. blO 28', 182 Mieb Can R R .. 07 lio do b20 28', 30 Harlem It R . c 28', < IT V THAUJC KEPOftr. \1oMj?t Jul/ 185.' A-IIW" ?The aalea embraced about 100 bbla. f> la at S>> 50. Bmcaiii ri*. ? 1 Ir ur ?a> in oetter lem tad ?ad mora arttra. 1 be ralea inrladad about 8 OOo a IO.O? bbla. ' a>l>r*ci'ig comm<>a to eitra brand* of Htate at f 7 76 a tv Weatrrn. common to (ooil, at 98 a ft 60, < analian a tiout 1,5(0 l>bla at |1 > |H M for rommon to tfxr\ brao'ta, .'outbaria ran??d Ironi |0 a 110 for common to ! grot fancr bran'l". Air. <n* tbe aalea war* about 2,000 1 a 3,000 bid*, rommoa flat* for eifirt. Rjre flour and cr in m?al ?rra un< baogeri Wbrat?Tbere *aa a good , demand for .Southern, and al*ont 10,000 a W 000 bnabal* of new Tenneaeee war* *ot<l at II 76 a SI KO eloeiag at i th* la'tar hfiire for good 'juaJity, aod ><<ki bualiel* wb'te Maryland anid al II OA li/a v amali lot of V) b ?h?j new Nor'.b river, tbe flrit of tbe <*?eon eol l at II IS, ?>nd a ?m*li lot of old al II 17 Corn wai low?r lb' ?ale? embrae'd about 40,000 a .'iO.OCO buabela Waeu-rn mlted at 8hc, ay-l.c, cloain/, bowerer at HH l)at? j ?eie dull at 'i?c a ?"<? U>rn.?haka of two cargo** RW. were made, em at.out 2 20" bag a at 1< >,c * lie . and al>?iit *00 do. , In lot?, at 10*, r. a 11 >,e , 600 do (aguayra, at ll>,c. a 12c. lt.Odo Mar*, aibo, at 11 a 11 ',e and 150 ' ipe, at 9\r C<tto? ? Tbe aaiae enbra^ed 1,(09 baie* and lb* maiket eloaing ,nit* ataad) > an.. lira. ? There wa* ratbar more doing to l.!?*rpK>l tbongb at loirwr ratea A l<oot 2, WO a ;i,'<00 bbl, tio ir wart >nt <ged, at 9d. a lOd per bbl , 10. 'MJO bualiala of <-orn war* 'Dgagwl. at 1 '.4 a 2d., lo balk 150 race, of c ock*, at 10*. 1.500 bhl*. of r?tn. at 1<>4 an 1 about 200 a too balea of cott. o, at ,d. for rompreeaed To llavr* rata* wat* uarhaaged lo Bi<-tneo n >aa r*meot | <rooda ware takan at 1' a To Auatralia tba M*tr>[iolu wa* full at 40. ea'" par fool m*a?'irem>nl To ('alifor oia rata* were at about an araraga of 36' par foot I fci it. ? About WO box** M R r ra.aa wer* aold a'. I - 56 a |2 70 Hibaa w*r? tiruiet during the put w,e? with ?ora eng. about 1,000 Ormoto,. 'pi lo, . at < jU'.t , 7,01/0 I'orto Caballo, 2llba , at U'je ; an ! T W Hi* 'ifiiN 91 Itok, it 89 * ' . a. all .. a Hat ? Old waa at |1 25 per 10<i Iba Ik,* - A feo* I 190 tana Mroteb pig w?r* eo 1 at I I ? i moatkt. |jjTii?e - There wa a Rrmar feeling, aa ! mlMIing w?ighta of bamtock war* about -,e. par lb a (bar, wbiie otkrr ?ort* war* wtthont materia! ' bang* >'*?*! hro RIP ?About l,4tt) boiea .oaia'.tt ro* n were aeld at 91 80 per 310 lb? dallrerwl end ainall lota of apirite wer* aobt at AOi^i; H .ld*r geaerei.f 4a r??.fe4 41a. 'hi ? Tbere waa a ataad J trale n wb*ie and w * bo*, t alt*ratl?a in prire, | |UI> i>K>ft* ? fort -Tb* ailK wara ?oofiaa-l '*> a i ') bbla. In lo'a, of oe? at IJ ? . wl. e I ; ? ? waa ganerallf d*maadad by h*.d*ra aew prime w*a at ll>. 8'. a 918 (is aa<t 119 for oU maa, Ha*f~ About l'.O a 110 package* were ?W at ?n'bangwd prtra*. I'rlwie a>e>a ea, .,ul*4 at %Si a ?-? Cat ? wore at V 4 " ',r fcr ako ildara. a?d ?',r a 10r for 1 ? "'k little doing lard dull alae of 'Ml a VB i' r?p?rl?t at | J%< a 11 ,? for &*? I pr aae Hatter aa4 rbewea !all I' ii wa* fan with limit*] traoa, -uoaa Peal. ? "alaa of about t.OO" bu> <*ta Sal eeei w?-? mad* at 92 16 a 12 20 <>iv -Tka laleaiakrvad about 790 a Wl bh t? ( ?ta oowwraCa at about ??., 4',c * ? ,c. tba ma' tat ' e ig firm W iwaar ~Tl?a aaJ*a aanbraced W a "?i b' ? pn+ a a ad Olio at 41c a 41 >?c Fare If n Market P??na? 'ntJaae X ?A Utt^ mora ?'tl >!ly in th ? pnrtbu inaaa baa piwralled -tara tba dau af ^r -a?t i'rtrei ' ?i/Ttti- tb* acr- vale fro forat^a port< *ttk a aaca t?l ban I eea t*a ieWM with baa' ft- -a ue Riror Hat*, aa* a< wtkk ?*at ot i* )<? -eaa r/?e w ta w aa a *4 aaaaa'i I ea.-r? 'row (#*aoa -a* w ta ta?ru4 -aainaa ft*.a Trte?te, aal two a^ta ? ?'?>b fr??j K'wfouaJtaad V?? !t aaAM'Uou* wa?'b <l??t taaaa plu? ? |i? u (ol'ox ? M. jer kad O.' Klo Uranda, Ih?r? H-- ?bctt *41 LMXt atrwb.a feaid for ?*U. ra?-n!tar a' ?ior ((at tat.'>n (ui.Uw. ? fh? 10 boraaparKli rabathj , li'ioi I'biiadaipbia, rafarrad to m aur pi<v 1?, ara ?anKiov??n by ti? impciim aa I rata Ha< CoJttah? b* tba low r?Ui! pttwa, ifci .(? .lfcn?l ha* )>??a ?a*-jr acta.*. t4 iki prion* mold, t,i, baaa rua?a??i? bad ?ot tba l atry, briarta* 2,U0 dri.a??, and twTl'i ? to, t>ru>*io* ?,f?0do . bo<b 'rom Nawfoaodlai.d, u\da toair apr*"*?o ?? bo'h cai,j<?a. ar- t r*- b'. uatoU. an J lorind uf thaa?., w |i?? tha atock t<. at? at about W.TflO en.a?, rataUmg at oar ij Ual - J* <l?ifl?aU ofabot i at ??<' pn quit Oaiao, bin ba?n Cr aau>a ?????!, _ * b?ao aflar'a'l Of 110 itlrj'l1 $'.?'! ft b ?? I* aajiorta wa roatidar that tb? > u|t?t .tup u no* Uat draw.a| to a rloaa. for tha >ia bppoinlt.* nnm I nntad daily koA prtfi-n atUl hold>a? up, altli .uno ?h.i, pirjx la ?(irc aod wa h* ? a now Out four ?t.?U la tU? pO't ftr charter, ou o' which i- likaly ti*a cottoat, wbliat tha otbara ara sot y?t lacidad. i'aralb* a:. ; M ? v?i? l-u^ar -No Iraa-acl.oan Have ta^u plv^ anl oon/ff^'r too crops la thaaa two poit? hara oloxrd Cot too Tha i-ntriaa bar* baau wimawha' latflar tb J wa?(., aad jrieaa hava aot only maintain**! lhamaalrat, aa in o oa or two inataocfa IPO ra. mora par arroba wa? paid. Maw o aad 1'araiba Cottoaa -lH tha fonMr, en '.ba '.'??1 laat , a carip h?d baao ptirct a ad at about 8|9M, and a part cargo at f.i '?? par rob? f . o b., o' tba lattar, do thin*; '.a- two <1a-r; v aa yat, although thar* ara acma r? for aaJ? amt o'Tar.o* ha-a IliJea -\o ab"pta?oU of dry i a KH bava piar? Notbiait ba* aa-ti a ac to -a aa Krai^hta? Wf h??i' ti* aiiviaa tba .'oUawlo* ruarlara ? Norral, I oalian barit. to load rot a* 'row J'.ira b? i t | Iwtywl a' kta .t j?a? lb , ac^ '< p?r cfnl ta?io< ?u|rar ballaai to ablp'a aeroutit ri.<r?ph(ca Katkliab -t\p to load oottoa atoo at Paraiba for I .*crp.>j4 at 11 1Mb i |>ar lb , aaJ b par oant ' al*o aujar t alia ?o abip'K acMuat; an.l Katbar Ana from M* tio for ljrtrp<?l nth cattou at 19 32d. par lb., and !? par caat i i- i ? "i ?? UfMBHPlW ROKWLII KVI'.Kl DAV. fOUTltAL. "i~ Dii iMiUTK; RETI'DUCaK GKNKfUI. OUMUItTKK. ? A rafnUr uji. t.n^ of thia cowmittm ?IU ba ball at laaiaia'iy liall. oi TUu.u!ny ?vanlag, Aaffuat % at eight o'clock Puaetua! alUm.Ui. t u rauuaataJ. F.OHKUT hKLI Y, Cuairui.j Jax? L BKtnurr, ) AHHHMl.aM-a?.tO?, t ItJATIO.N'Al UKSIOC1UT1C Ki:.TUI.It A ? OKN?*AI, JL w ('cwniUtaa rilMAKY tutortoa / t a iiu'tttiuii of tba Natiooai l>?ui .-ralii Pap jl>! <'ao Cacaral Ccamiittaa bale at htutroaaot Inatituta, July IKtt, tort lit fi.rj.oaa of r4llla?' to alactiou fur tlia rtslcl o! 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I'ihht A; xm li Ly 1)i.iiiii<i ? At LHmond'a, No. 0 lUarar atr*?t . Mfom A.t'iMii! v DlimirT? At lay firaao, Un atraat. Tt?Tti AaxaMMi.f l?o?iRi(T? At J Voj tale ii, cornpr of Fonrtb avi una and Kigbtt a <tb atraat KormiMii AMtiMBM ln-nutjr? At Duaa'a, ?>raar of Ihirty aiitb atraat and I igbtb arenua SuTvr.vni Ahh*.miu v IittRKT-At h'mltb'a, '-oraar of I ourli avacua atn l?rant> aaaaatb atrrat haaolrx*, Ibat tba polls I* b*ld at tha following pliraa, aod tbat (he fi>llowla( parao aa act aa Inapaitora ftWHi VaAB* Jobu Hailev | VU?r Itra lj ,.'????. lani ard, at llroad Mraat Houta, coroar of llnad and I'aarl atrrata. :-n MM, W,iHf>? Joba V. Harara Cbarlaa I Ba knima tar Vicbaal Hyan at !*? Ana t fiiiHii Waal'? Win Mcdraw, I- Iwaxd liurka and .lobn Kiil>|>trlck, at Tylrr a, No 1 < hur< b atraat KorRTM WaIui? Ifa I'billipa, I'atHck f'obarty, aad IP-:, am n I'atry, at .' 7 Oak atrrat htni Vi ?Hi? -Joapjili A Jackaon, Jaiuaa ljiwr*a^a, an ,' V. m Holfm ra, at Hi Wart Bmnlway. Sum W<m>? Iboa I'.ian llavid Hlordan, an I Janm llriian a' Huth Wanl llotPl. .-av k>tii Winn? lln/li K. McCallray, A. T. <>aUa?b?r, and Cbatlaa IJaatb, at 1* Mat'iaon atroat ijCHTn W a*i?? hamual 1*n| Aitin r t^ralicbtun anit 1' iliait lian, at ccmai lumiini. W and Varl?k stiaata Si>tii Wjrd ? Jnrot. Ilruab, laur Williaai-, anl Wm Cottar. (?' I'airy atraat Tt>tii Wahh . lotto Harrtaon t'barlaa I. Marrttt, and ,!oap] a .ipDcln^a, fci. Chryatla atiaat. Ku'Vjtii Vi ?hi?? Col I'aaid .oa, Joha Mckia l and Jackicn V armilyaa, at I'mou Mall, ciruar of avaaual anft K?\irtb atreat. Twit mi * t ii i> ? Natlianial Jarria, Jr., I'atrtck MHlaao and .lot a M'< !ana, at MrOaan'a Kli? mm* lata Koa4. THikrraMii Wahu- Jama? (J. U Itua, liavl l II. Ilaam atad anlVm. P. MH'orinlck, at McConnick'a, roraai nf l.raa l and < annon atraata toi HTiFNTii V> ?ai> ? Mirbaal Sattb, .lobn ( >aana|b ? ad llngb O'Hrlao, at '^1H (liand utiaat Fim?vrn Win?' Wd M. Mclntlra, Philip Kltipatrtek and Jobs l.ilmoto Kutiutk W?hi -- .laial <.llaoa llanry Pioaty ,aaJ K?a n ftaria, at >?., Ninth aranua, llasry Prouty'a. HavKKTiurni Waki ? John llartia, Jacob IMyca aad Aodraw Carrljao, at Montioallo ilouaa, llonaton atraat, eoruar avanu* A, hum r?>m W amu ? C. Oo>lfray Ouotbar, Hiarlaa M. Smith. Fraacia O'Dooaal, at Win. O'lioanafl'c, Twan ti'tli atraat aad Ibird araaaa. Nj> ?r*>>Tn Waaii ? Itanuia Turbridy, Tboaua O'Kallly an<r\rm. K Ifaakia, at l.fttla Tammaar, Tblnl aaaaua, Vorkailla. Iwihttith Wari>? 1'atri-k Borka, Baraard Tralaar, I'raorfa llarlla(, at Millar'a llotal, Thirty aiitb atraat, fjahtb aad faaaatb aaanua IWKMnr ri*KT Wun ? Daaul H.Taylor, <furf Mpfton ball, Joaapb Yaamaoa. 1 wk>Tv a?(tj?i> Wkh- Wm M Htainbraaaa, Jamaa A . McCormlck. Jitba 8 Ma|a?a at Harron'a, coraar of ftroadway anl Forty oiatb atraat HoKACI I I I.AKKr., i halraao JoH.a V. Saraua, Ja., \ PiT?a B. Hwuoit, j ?a'f atai iaa. IPKCUL ao-l KHI. AGHtMAS DOCrOK, OK I. H1JK IVH.UKNCIC MDOAl bU niuDtl) oi#a at boma, would bi on* l>l?d to I urn ? ?altlruiaet of ''irmiD faraaora for tbi* (?II aid nait ?l>r1o(. aod .? willln* U uo.ta witb tkl a?ttlrm*nt hlmralf if libarml i.ftara of lulufMf abould t>a mada A<ldrr<a -WtVl- n??ot O <?., I(ar*ld ofWf a. Iti II h - niF R W ? i H A v. I ? l/>IKiF 'It arU THHf. ,N?w York *111 romuaara It* annual imiiiib on Wa?l koiiIdi, Atfurt 1, atlOorbnk, Id Ibi kdb, 'Hid Irllow'a II* '1, eomar (Irani aa<i (Voir* at riaia 7"Ua amotion for ?l)ir?r? wili t,a ).?M on Thuraday. frjm (In 10 o clock y M. Bf ordar, JOHN' J ItAVll-*, liraad Non< THI IMiHWIUSH) (<Rl? Kft- IHVK ? trwl to eloaa tb?ir pla. ?a of b'ia o*m ?l H O't took I*. M . ^atnrdaya an 1 holiday air* oa *n<l after K?lii??nr l>< Auju-t Kijli h Hill . r'ltt toorth atraat. I' krlttoa "JT Amity at/aat, roraar of <?raaa Jobs .1 Morr a l'ol?#r?itj pltr* <<? of Ittb at il. V K (orwta Ml Broadway Hadaittk Hot oar , .lit no < liratar I'rlfg*. fttl <*o llfOij A K?rr ,74ft do. W lot via ft'' -In J. A W < .aary .119 do SYI.t IMtJt LAY, ATTORNI Y "AN|? OOCnii/X at law, notary pahlir aod < "moj.aal'.oar of da?4? alio n<mal?a|i nar for all Ilia UU< and larrlocaa at rapt Niw J* raa y and Maryland I'aaaporta obta-aal fr<Ml VVa*h.i.<t< n fa thirty all laoura for aaraona la t'B'linf to traral la foraifo eeuatriaa OKI'* biura, t A M toli'.M. CYl.V'K^TfK r.A V. Ift Wall atrwat ITMTKIj mnuxi LAMP A*/* I AUON '.<1 ;i.? J A r*(ular m<atln< of tkll lati n will a n?l I oa 1 uaa-.a; aaaaiaf, Aufuat T, I ".-I, ai 1 o>l?- ? I' M , at 171 Jor?lemf? atraat, Hrooalya AU ma >,bar> a/a r*'|ua?'a l to ba pra?aat, a aaarrai aart?i?aa of land will ba aol<) >a ibat araa'Df hj ordar of tba a* aviation Will I AW Mt'KKV wra-arr AITHOUWV. A |l.i)(bl/ ?ifta I lady la. Wilh/m< ?! aildirlt] : aaivi4o(l?( n 'bo world or tbal baa t>??a known fba will hall ali lb* ataata of Ufa. aaaa Ul> ??i / Iboafbta aad will caaaa a^odf narrUwaa aod ab' W tb* I l*aa? of tha atan.tad huabaoda aa-1 aba^nt franrfa to tba (roat aa>?aiabinoat tf all Ukat imt bar No i h rc* If aot aatiaBad App /at :? Hrovaia atraat u?ir I aaaca (>aatl*n.aa a ( a4i?ll'^a4 A^HPTROt/JOT? KHfODVOljOCT.? tVK ODJCfUUTII) Mr* Talaa ty, from Pari* . boaa ratati .a I <aa baoa - ->n>*aatJ/ <-a?a .itod by ap?.<? >a I , fi ?a? traa laf- rtaaj '.ion . a all ??mil of lifa iy j?al '.?? a/a irjaral bj "ta p'lwar of inar?atiam, at 1* H?o?f?a alraat * f AfiAH) UITKR Hi.- R> MOTUf TD lf| NCTT T)( ItI aaaoua batoaaa T?an(y Ul r4 aad 7 vaatr ' >?rta ? traata, aba '?aUaa>a t* Mi paat praaaat a*: fltM a?a?la likalaa mat ria** ? a? ?? ta, b?? a** praaparta alaanaaa. abaaat frlaa Va ?r-?par ? Iwat m ?tolaa Madaana Mayor aoaaaraaa <a la|M. > raaaa, aod i'*rau, aad I <a? fuaraawa for bar art. Mapami: harri ?<, R*:w<wi(?i imWOMBW fr>-? Paria. >aa l<a caaultad **??<! !??#. ">arrUf?, b ? o-?a 4a , tmt will Ml taa aaao* at tba laly Of m? tidi'ia i hay ?l. marry aiar, tba "??? af l-?r rtalan I'aiidHM lac ?-*btb atraat, '? r nar af Fo?.rtb araaaa ???a ? ? 'a Oaaa Ptr<ia4 asy. WW? WnX V?. W* -flJtlRV'iTAWT BI?M Uca* by J ? 'B> *i ?' Wadaaa da; a aa4 ? rl<^a*?, fr ^ ? A M UIF M., at V>. Im laasy auaa', Lata ?a aad l??l Naa ?)??? ?ad Taaa!?/a, TT? ^a?a aad -?t?Ma;a, at XM Atiaat1^ a'raat, 'a.atb BnaAiye _ flt'fNCAIa. GWAt HaRaiAIS- HAJ? >r<?Rr?,~AT J." * H# 1IIA paaaatafta aaaafa-tary tai vara I ru^a., -a* ?aan?aaty aifhtb atrawt, aaaa Rlatfc a*a f a J k ( t Majf pra/r^-a. an a?4 Maa'atl * la# ?a y ??? 'rafal* tba M ptaaoa a* Www Ur*. a at U ?aa caa to faj>la%>i aayvban /?aaa?t baa: piaaaa at ? ? I t, ||?, |Ua. I1X a*4 II D MM OOODM, M 5 AAA PAUW LAiHW 8I A0H aUU.U Hiu wrra, I ut| kft'l short. vHb And ftU'jU AT 7f' cmth rut P*W. AIM. KIKV DITTO, at 8t U ckmt-i rm raw, A. T fl fK W ART fc f>), Bra*Jwaf, Chavban aad I toad* ?tiw. i ARKJVaL Of A LARGE AND VaKlED STOCK OT real VaJaarlaooaa edging Uil laoa, trrxm la pm iirl ?.pw?nl?. mfcR HOWBWS k CO., 316 ltroadwajr Acimiok stock of TIUMBIQ9 i.acbn, ui| ? clioiaa lot cf rut rolc?k*l baa-n of tuff te ar .lion. *ilJ t? vNt?l on M<jOiI*? , Jolf 10. I'KiKR ROBKKfb k CO , .'ITfc BnU'if ^U<)aK ami MANTI)LA>< TO W110UCUALK BITY Kfti < ? Tburada* . Ui? ".<! Au?u#t, w? atuul MpoM for hK Un? >'joW of Kr.odft ?a I nUttUl>. (? Ui-ralW of ||... nrji?k? ?' material, Md tho MM >i)Ut A ? It M ca.irt^ to dikpoaaof tkM* pi<im[Ur, t ? ?lil Im told at * rd; (to* J tdrwei t> u?, i??dfi?r batua t_? angiakl roat Ui tha raauuIacturMa '<> J M> K A H) , 8<i? llnUni LAOIEo' TRavki USU lunik,-. - Jn?'. ofjauM, A1 71? Lata, A. 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Ti> IJ CffU, ON IK>MI) AN* No 11 ' v/k' /""k mmtikifk, ia kiunt to k?u ka j i.i ?ul?, in ko<kJ |iro<li.rW*? r??l ??1kti>, lu tbi? cilf or 1ll?l*Wn. A | |iiy to H il. IWokJ, 13 Wkli IA".m4 a m j, front roosa. ;? i 1 1 AAA- advanchj <m* DiAHnsm, lg4U?"Uv vaIiIm, Jawadry , fur^tura. pM o-?. iik.utioar*, dr/ fnilt kki'. ?r ar/ daaarlptioa of pf ,|"'J futiri amhmn hi ohtotu loktaa, kko ba kfloaM ?aaoatai on liuaral taraa, d'Oataak to oUtar sffioaa fba au.ulwt rtiah<\*mr? ma; ba r?lta4 on, aad tka kbara kiMuut a?iu had la arbola or rariuna auou, oj *0 pl;lny at Ms llou?toa airMl. balwaae Marnar tkd <>raaaa atia?la lloadnaaa houra, I a'oloek A U aatdl I P. H i'arUaa waitad on at tbaar awo raatdaao* H MI VKIl A?a?v fli^A AAA-01 ommmmmm, monkt, ?^IU?V/V/"/ aal uor1?a?aa. rarflaf M annuot, ?acum.| for aala at < rturonut ilok Iani*k(??4 pplf Ui IttX). J. <t)KNKI.i , UU HailatrraC (JJl | r/W\? ' UMN IMMI HIAIE.'.V ON IONB ? 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IWr.tla, llrikld otlr* WAAA WA.MH" AN I NTOtl'RMINC MAN, iV'UUi mtli rip t?l to tala bull of a raafc baamaaa tbat will p?; a ?i r/ Ur*? profit. < aa liar 1 ( all at < ail?t at , ttlid 0?>r, trnkt, tr*<a II M 3 to ?a j. <fc W\A ?WasTKII, Ai A'TIVl MAN, WITH U) I \ )U| tfeia nn.i l, LI to Uka tafr|Akl laiaraat in > oca aod ebrap pulillrat ?m. abl' b pr< oi.-?a a faa i ? oi ub* ration. W J liKl '.'DBr.i) A CM , 71 '<a*aaa I a' ratt, ba< k oflir*, l.r?t tloor. CI A II IjOAMCH IN AS Y A MOO. NT, "H I'l iu iM*K? / al aiabi (or 1*1; prtraa, d union la, nek ry, pU'", niarrhaaJia* (oil >al>iabla piiMul pra part J. I t V. Wtrtllr, M YulUn atrial aW"Dj Moot, f ml room, (rust 9 A M. t a U 1'. M T \1V1DKND S?<TK> ? <?rrl? K "I TH K HIXTH AY? I / Due lt4llra?l<uB^ui Sea V?A J>I; 1 t, 1 ? Trie Hoard of IHr?< Von of thla Oeuipaa; lu" da< larad a of S >?, per real ?? tta capital rto<> oat of Ite eareiaga of tba 1 1<*4 for tba currant all mealba, payable at tli? ofBte of the Treaauref, (U I* Aajalaa, k?| , Caj.'i lar, i al the People a Hank, on an ! afw Im BratAaf " 1 ha traaafer hooka will be a.iaeel uatk T. ISA I !?> Y MYKKil, wriWf. ?Camum* pTBip ommvnom, tihki? av*_, Ju c-raar of Nlatb atraat, for tba baaed l of all ciaaaaa or pereoaj Haak nti daUr froaa 9 A M. to 1 f H , tad aa WKJiNKrOA Y aad HaTI KJlAr KVKMIMM tram I la ? # elo#k la tare* t on 4epo?lte of $00 0 aa I an ter Mil IVI CHT UUACT. HMJ til, Hacreiarp. Musky ai?ya>< ed ron hiimrt i'cki<>i*i aa raal aetata, dleiooeda aatrhae, jewelry, plala, ptaaofortae . dry (ooda boraae, narrlafaa. aad arari Aa errlptiaa of property, ky U>a reepoaaible A aapara I aaa aad A fane* ' ompanj C W1MJI, Aaeal, IH Uroadaey, oppoeate Uia Itruadaey IkaMN. SAlUttkP HONIM i' - AM) ipH UTY aa 1 rouatj eererltiee, at pmale aaVa. BarAatA, la k Mala u9*r for aele railroad boo ). alack* oily and (OualT aa'ori'iM (Iklo ?a.l Miuaa:^ Irat tad awnfl uortfafa 7 par oat buada oa band aa) for aaka. I f Hltf Tf, HAVW K MAIS T, WliLua at US' Ml ANMAl. IjI VIIiIMi ? <jl UK MTY.AN S'AVWA D Uoa I '.tiijan; hiea York Jaly >2, l?!A -Tke 01 ra. lora of tba fAraaa ?".?am Marl* *U/>a 1 oapeay beta lb la da; derlarad a dividend of it* ( '?( par ? ?at aa tka U.a r.apttal ?U'k, HI of Ik a aaraia^a of ll>< fwtM nioaUta, pajabla i>a tba lat of Anaoat aait Tba Ua far bvoka will ba aloaad froai tCi* <U>/ aattJ tba let af Aufuct. I. I. A'- IilJ'.-MS , Harratarf UaNKJI ASll HANKKtt*? A I'ARIY *K1I ' AH Lai and tka l>#it far llttaa for aaapia^ oal a elrra lattoa, aiahaa to mala arqpacaman'a W r?la>ta aai ra* cnlata tha bill* of a bank la (oodalaa llaf Ad I ???a J H, M. , 111 Niutii atraal 1>' IliK lr)S|JHOUHCIM '?? Till MA '.al I>.(J? AH? acflnak/. Saaduakt, Maa*f.*M aad .'?avar%, aa4 (algalitil aad l?ka lyia r.atl/oad l^aifwa aa -Tka m.ttaa afjc ?'a: at Iba lata n.?'.imt at tl>a Aawr llawa, bara pr?|>ar>d tba aiixm^al la ba n/wl by W>a didav *at ibtaraaia in Uia abota '^an aa in a"ar4aara ? Ma tba raport tbara a*da aa ' a"?|/t*t an I It caa ba fvaad at tba af I I If Idbaoa '?? I'aarl alraat, abara tba l<oa-t bulitar ? ara ra , aalal to ' al. aad ? 4 a taa aaax attkua'. -lalar Aa/ fsttbar iaf laatiaa aaa tbaa and tbara l?a oblalawl $ ( 4>PAI(T*KMMIIIf* IHTII K?. ?I / lh/i **,'"> ?A lAI'.TH. WA.tKO > ? " "7" la a . i>rr atabU do>a( oa? ?' laa b?at Il- iimmi of aa/ a'ak'a la S?? Vara u ?a* tb/ikal ailkararytkiai ta ti.a l et aal af tba Mat .a r fo a iaa'l all * bo baa I la>aak, taa atbar (1,010 fan ran.aia for oaa /aai oa tba a!a*a tkia ia a ? ban a aald'/w aff? rad Tba a'akla la larfa aad rarf rtstUif, a tk ian? A f t jr i!n a, an: f') ** ' ,mT hrraaa all tba jtmt ratal AVtraaa I '.aa"a. I laralj 0*' (a, attk raal natna ata' 'f ?f*ara aa >a>r? aa aaf ba kad a|>al> i>aa aaaaar At / iA/k - A I AKI ) ?A TH' I* A ?tr WlaVVVi *l* u'* ' " f"' ? ?aa aa tabliabad for tl.a aat aaftit raara. / a; a# a?fa To aa aatrraria a( aiaa tk a ? a * ??i '-fpart a tf A( 1 K.K, i0W fcMltaf - PAKTSKJ? notll' I?? IH A* | Uv( a't ta .aat ?a .( V.t aaaa bat a* oi. n aa a ? ? ? II r? a ?< ? - a rara tbaa a la I?.a-t aa tba boaaaaa ? I IM f? ?%', ba tka ao < i. laaattad A?l; H IM, b ( AMI f'l ' 1 A 1'HIU.llf ll'i I baaabart al arni,-?? rill, A I'rK ? s TO Jo . nir AD W#}' /' "? '"ta" '? aa ?ata i' ad >aab taiaaaa, . . '.a pr??t af %'J*t par aaaa 'aa 'a r<a>lia4 Aa alt ta ? t a' 'ta t f ITMaTtll, W * all atraal a J. Y la.a?'a tPia ft ((kA >*A?inarJt wa jwi ha ??;'?? J)4' IV lab. ahad aaab b.r aaaa a bara t aara u a* rut aad *C! a*ord a f-. 1 1. 1 a| far tat. yaraoa*, aiaa ar? aanaaaary ta "i?l'i't tba bo ? aaaa a?a aba CM ft# part af b.i I M .? 'a 'aptaM><aa a/W ab-h. al nia Ua* ?1.1 ba ra<(a'rad H ll'/W IS ? <?>, W Kaaaaa atraal -WASTYJ. A YOl <? *A.s. > f ART ?)"/?/a ?*' ? " 'A i?W?l'ad boaaaty, ?ara aad at<aaboa. la la<# Ua aaWra a . patttatoa af ? lagltlaata baaiaaaa air a. -y an>b b*d ?!.???) a art., of pi opart r aa f 1 r f *n? taa aw. aat. ? parmaaaa llttac ?a4 M ai'a.aat rkaan U aaaa M??f Mlm. So A qm as y IUra l-f*-? 1 |0m>i 1 row ih </>f itjir^ ihmocT^tbk r? 1 t par'aat ? t ^ barai/.'ata aiiitli( ?a4ar tba bra a? HaaOtaa b MKaj >? Ml H?d*aa atraat. ta tb.a tar diaai I aad by anataii aant Tka I ablUUaa of tka lata ?ra aiN ba a*tt^4 bp J A Maalltaa i A )l?M:i,T?t. WHWJB MaKA V |>AKTMR *A>TMV A MAS WITH A llW rAri J tal af aa4 faa'^r a lib WAi aat a/a?aa?a 'aa abla<a katf af tka pre*ta af a aa<i artilaiial aai prAtabla Vaataaa Maaaw airbuut ? AMtaaa ?*h raal aaaa, A ft , Partaa*. 1U-+X aAaa WAfTTM* -A fAltrS'rK WTTlf ?ll-i I" ?? 'Hr* tar, raalaaraat aad ?r>aata* a a faad bakt;, ky a jaaa ? aaa aba la airaad/ atartaf Ip f?y laMII'ataW at I A la aatar akraat

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