Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. '? ?* * & r f.r r > v? ! ??? - ? ? ? i ^ 4 . . , WHOLE NO. 6914. ? MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE ASIA A I HALIFAX. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. AFP <? IRS IS THE CRIME! IJNCRINOED. j " " " More Fighting before Sebastopol. Embarkation of Lord Raglan's Re mains for England. THE rALftf&STOft SUM TUT 8 1ST AWED. iHttmlius Condition of Affairs in Spain. Diplomatic Relation* wilh Romr Br?ktu OH. SETTLEMENT OF THE BLACK WARRIOR DISPUTE. Continued Outragrs of the tn surgt nts. Rumored Attempted lusiu-rertions in Italy. ^Denmark Heftues *o Abolish the Sound Dues. CONSOLS 91 ? MARKETS STEADY, &c., to, &c. (BY WK HOUSE PRINTING TK> E<?llAVH, 21 WAli ST.] Halifax, August 1, 1165. The ro vol mail' ateamihip An.*, Ctptem L?tt, from Liverpool oa the Afternoon of the 21st alt., arrived hers mt balf-ra?t 2 o'clock this morn d if Phe left Liverpool on the aftfrm on of Saturday, the 21ht attune. Her at': rice* an) cuawquently one week Inter thao r?cc veil by the Atiauue. The A>ia left for Boiton at four o'clock this mornlsj, and will bo <iu? at lion too about uocn on Thursday. The Asia leforts passed oa the 42d ult., at 10:5 A. M., the ship Conqueror, twenty m les west of Tu*>.ar, bound East; 21th. at 10:t0 P. M , latitude (0.27, longitude 27.20, exchanged signals with the royal mail nt?nniibip America, bound Fast. The Wash:ngton sailed from Southamnton for Vew York on the 18th July, with 210 oasinugers. The Cuc&rd oteamsblp Aiabia waa at Liverpool, em barking tioupe for the seat of war. The weeV had been entirely unproductive of any event of mtnent in the Crimea or '(title? the position of the belligerents remain n; precisely the fame a* at last advice *. la the 3ritish Parliament Mr Roebuck'n motion of 4M?are upon the government h?d been debated and Anally rs.iecied by ooo bunertt majority. The l'?0 -morston ministry, therefore, recnt'na In office. The vacancy cr eated by the retirem mt of Lord John Rcseell bad not been B laJ up, although rumor pointed to Sir Wiil.^m Molc-worik as his moot probable ?ucc?saor in the Colon al Secretary ?h'p Thelocion Monej liaiketwaa easifr. Console clo<ed at the earns figure ae on the previous FridVi nam uly, 91. In tbe I jTunool cotton market there had been rather more activity than daring the west procel ug , th? sties reaching J'i.COO bait s, of which but ?? small proportion wee oa spat ula' Ion . The advices from the Ua^ed states liad exercised a rather d? pressing effect dar'tig the esrly part af the wee!., bnt the market aubsequeatly rallied and closed acatout previous rate*. W beat ami flour wers pten'.y at former quotations, but in Indian corn a further d>clioo of i*. per quirt" h%4 thkea place. The ??ath?r had Dies moderately f? vcrsble f' r agricultural purposes. Provisions generally were dull, bnt quot itlouii, ev cept for lard, wh'ch was slightly lower, Had not bsen rodaeeo. F mights I rem Liverpool to tho United States are tame aad ratee are tenaiog downward. T HR W A U . PROGRESS OK THE BIEUE OF SEBASTOPOI. SSPCLPE 01 BU8S1AN UVUTltS- BMBsKKAflUN OK TBE BOOT 01' LORD RAGLaM? IMPOH1S0 DISPLAY OF TH1 I KENCH TKOOPS? h.t INrOKCKULN T Of Tilt Kl'SMAN-, ETC. ? The geaecal prospects of the war, at homs and abrrad, were tot very encouraging. Partial successes before Sevastopol fceve, however, revived tho drooping spirits of tbe army, althongh toe small reported losses of tbe sillies show that tha succ * tt were not of impor tance. Pe.Uaier, who*e character *niler#d much after tho repnise of tbs 18th of June was regaining confidence, aad from tbe strength of t4e French works now close ad vs need towards the Malekotl, there ia a probability of its eatly rapture. Tho are the latest dispatches:? Under dale of J sly 10 th, IIP, M., General Pe>lis*ier telegraphs? The ecetny, who had for some days eadoavorelia rain to atop our left *pproecb?s u front of tbe MaUkotl Tower, attempted last n>?b? to dr>vn ?s back, bnt they were iepul*t-o by tbe Orst division of tbe ?eeond corps. Throe time* the i'.uss uns vhr< w themselves upon our trenches with their usual ?houtiog, but affr eaca at tempt ther were compelled to ret rest, 1>T the steady Are aad ealm attitude of our fOH'iers, fearing behind them many of their slain. July 17. Ceaeral flmpson telfgraoha:? Nothing of Importance has occurr d. The army i* in good health July 18 He telegraphe:? A sortie made on the left attack waa repulsed with only this* casualties on the UritUh aide. tho I-arls J'atTir of July 19 says ? According to the news received this morn'ngau>e Kiis staas attempted another sortie ia?t night, ^^ut ten o'clock, s*a.n.-t the batteries of Careening Bay. and were vigorously rspnlted. Lettere say that tbe Bus* sian ships begin to sufler fr>m the i-ronch mor>ar bat terv on the *i<!e of Quaraatlne ><ay. aad denert-rs say that the rations of the sh'pping aro rcducod oo? 'ialf. The French have cleared Kamcincb o all huspicious persona, aad have established a municipality. The .Sardinian and Turkish forcee have again with drawn from tbe valley of Baiilar to Kalaklava. This may indicate eltlier another modification la tbe plan of cam palgn, or that field operation* again - 1 the KusniaB* have been abandoned. The report ia confirmed that tho Rusalaaa have re ceived reiafrrcemects. (iortechakoff baa written to Ht. ratortberg acl nowiec'ging their arrival. A despatch frrm Genera! >lnsp?on Is publijihed, giv lagan acco nt of the embarkation of the body of l.ord Raglan, for I ngland. 1'elissier placed a garland of immer'tltu on tho coffin, aad the French troops forme I an avenue of men sit miles loag, from the camp to tbs sea. Tho Hrltlsh General Kyre has lied a leg ampu'ated. General Sir John ( tmpMI died w thia .Sebastopol, and nailer a flag of truce his swot I was returned. IMPORTANT MOVEMENT 15 THRBL4CK SKA. Aaother sea expeiiition 1 fitting out, bnt the destine tion is ankaowa. It is supposed to bo either against Odo?>a. t to relievo the Turk ? hard pres-e<l in Vaa-oUa> aad per naps it ma* be for opera .i<-na on tbe Imaube Foar tauusand Tnn - aro >n tue ln>b. ataclie wliure retn /croemeots of Fren h and Inglisb are < ipected. AFFAIRS IN riiB BALTIC. Klne shlfe were recOnnoitering appr'iacbew to Abo. The I'.nasiaa official journ il of Bi'lsing^ors complains that on July , six Hug lsb toat* came into tbe small Kanma, district of Abo, under t!?e 'alse pre toxt of a flsn of trace, aa< piurdert-d the shipping until ared on bv a Uetachment of Chasseur*. No intel ven'e eoncernlng the moeem?uts of the main bedy of the allied forte* had been received. CRITICAL POSITION OK THE TURKS IN AH! \. RaUaWe a counts to Juao 23, item that tee Kua*iau army, uccer neral UuravtelT ba4 lavestedKari whil< a *mall J anmx bad ad tsar e<] upon kutai, an I w .a preeseng the Taraish gaituon of Hatoom. Tas Koi ?ian* number u0,(a.0. and the (urks 16, o o, aal?r\a? ^elf 1'aalie aad (ieaeral Auliams. The t'.u*a?D< are bringing s ege g.ias fiom ' amrl, and the sliuitina of the it* 1? critical, nnie<? thej rea rr Rare a aoeoad ?i!i*trU The Il* held tho road* to Krearoua THE PP.INT I PAUTTK*. Ths \ustriar. troope ia ths lTiaclptllttee a-e h?in< aiy reduced, aad tbe men oo?rey?i aetat t? angary, mte to Tmu*. GERMANIC KBI.t 10N8. Tbe focdon Void Eg Ckronuie pcbi.i h?e tM tort of aa Auetijan circular. dated .lune into, to tbe <? ?rmaai s lit'. lb? dccuornt *praia etrougir (or peace. *?! ?lad iu)h ytuatr;? will continue to bold the 1'rinci palitita till ftuct be la tcrad Austria fuztber *i'?a tha (-'rn&anic confederation to maln-aln ito preaent atti tude. A ti li-gT*pbie ''f -patch aa;a th? P<*t baa replied that prraent fi<n?.ftaif?a oo net oall for fr?ah sun tee Met flora i ot contemplate extending tu obli^a tiros or tngagtaaerit*. It i# ? tu 1 is Vitiu tb at a better unilei'tandia? cc? bt-twe*q tb* Aua'rlan ami PruenUn Cablaeia, 1 atd tjjni their art?on in tb# federal Diet *ill be Meutl ca; Tliria .* aire a ru?or? scaicdy rr?o\t?bla U'.w cTf? 'ha' th? Allies propoee tbat the Crlna'* begiten ?e Turl-ty, the PriaelpeMtire 1o anil Lombard? to Ha i diai* ' I uglan-i and Franca to have contingent ad vintages. Great Britain. BOLBUCX'ti MOTlO-s 0? CK'UIKK DSfKAWO? THE Yk LMJ Htr.l'N M.iMM'ttY bl'bTalNkU fctC. .Mr. Keebaeh'* on-t i>u for a vot? ot onnaurxoa tha gottrna.?nt. alt<r hung ci iateo a l ureat leuglh, wm t)rc?n out m 'he Itoukr v< C'i mmoi<i I y * majority o' 107, '.hf cumbers "Vatr-pr 'or tbs aottnn, 18V; *?*lnu it, '.""ft Ttie ? ebet?- o~rupie<i t*enty-*tx coiumur of ' nr Ixnten Timet. Ibe Paimtrstot mi' ha* thai a now Ice** of -lie. J1 la s'sted that 6ir W (litem Mol?aworth will eriretd Ijtu Joi n Kurtrli aa Cokinial Sec:er.Hrv, aad th?t fir btltjtUi u Unit be of Worm, trrL.tit ? lUiin tat. and Sir Jtht fcbell?y President of tki Pond of Bt-nlib J'ar'.lsastntf.:? buMteaa, otbtr than the abive, lit* bt< a unmjoitant \ ceo niKiee iia.? b*en iDT>at''gatin< Into the po'iae outriwee 'o tha ??cent liTf.e l'ar? <.ecaooetra''.lcna Anthrny Uibl>* N an, of London, am a; pointed tuiatc ai agenda o f?ru Pr. Arii ad, f>?fu?oxi h it Beleaa doctor, ia dead. France* Tb? M^nUt\r contain* a deciaa modify log the import dntim on frttral atllcl-t. Tb* erne ft bjart for tbe f ipenae of tbe /( '? Napo leon cn tae Ut;. of j'.ugi st, ia to t>e diatributad to the wlc*.ona and rrp> una ot tb'i war !? iv? Jbus'lred B't??ian?, a?? at Toulon, are to lie ex cbai ged at C'cei ?a for French prlaonera of Jon* 18. Spain. Con tfcut&nte ia appoiLted UicUter to Waablngtoa in re, cm cf M i neto A felnj[raj.bic mi-t>?*ge fjorc Madrid ??ja the rapture eiili Ktace ia co?j.^t<?, tie Roai&n Cbargi- bavieir de nuaied bia paia|<<iit on the It.ili, on account of the pa^epeof ibeCbitrih I'roi,?rrj bill. TIih Ulack Wuti r <!in.ti?e *ith the I'rii'ed St?ten i* Ot-tinluly a?tUe<5 bj ti? isiTemnlty of a million r?aN. Tbe Frtnrh nail rid l>ten a^am atofip'-d by tbe iiuur K'o'h t.?ar Buryoa. 'len Car'^ta were (.hot on the 10th, at Olirtt'. t-tme t^irmhbn occurred at Burgoa, (e wbich tbe lege on either tir? ?aa trifling. Among tbe killed, Jioweetr, was <>'n Arnaoa, brotner in Uw of Ca bj*ra*>. ltarceionx LaU w pome quiet once more. Tie treaty with ti.? rcoinican Itepublio ia authorized ty the C'oriea. Itai). I run'e. England and tSaroia!* are raid to hav* ex proatd thru formal difapproral of the proputod league ef the Italian tsUtei. Tbe Turin papera apeak ot an attempted inanrrec ^ion iu the Duchy c.f Mooena and arrttta had been nj ii de at fpttzla Caiara. Maani l^rici and elsewhere. Owine to V e txontled ntate cf Italy tbe 1 ranch g*rri rin at Koine baa been reja.'cictu by a thousand more una. Ma.-.ziai puMiahef a letter in the Genoa papers, warn ing the Italiata againat Bonapartiat intiigue^*. R neat a. A Vienna latter in ti>e t'orgae floz'it* reneatn that, oltierenceK liane ariren t?twe?n tbe 1 zar and hia brother Ccn>taLtioe. and that tbe journey cf tbe 1'rinre of Fruexia to bt. Peteiabcrg ia tortbe purpose ot acting a? nsediator. ft* i .Mo?t of the en. *11 German M?;?i are f reparlcg to ill* ? rm. > Ike reeigoation of the Hanoverian Cabinet i? hourly eipftted, ?bc. it ia i na Count 1'laten will be the new PiMrira. Cept. MetTjman, of the Amtr^tn bark Undine. he* been the tlrm to return panuent of the lltntverun State due* He iitu.cii to ehow hie papem, jet wm pel nutted to proce?u to iiamourj: and deliver hi* cargo Itakmilb The Paniab government ia uucetatood to have replied to t&ir United Ma't" in a lout; urcuinant, regretting that ti e Cabinet at Waahinaton iiau not iriv>n long-tr uotice ol it? ist?iitu>a ree.ectintf the nun payment ol Sound t an* especially .n t tie p:?-??at cneia. wh?n Iwnmirk'i ueiubboi* ere enr'tavor by to drat* her into* oar; ant that the ato'.tiou ot fcoynd due* ?oul t tic * low it &t:/ thou. an> ? of collar* <o Itoiimerc, *n1 a taring ut tot n.ore thau t ,?? o Uunuied ooilar* annually tj tie el.lpjlog of the Caiiei tsta>* lienmark. ticreforo, eon a.cei* it lmp< ?nbl? on the ah.rt notice to complv, and believe* tbat otrer natioa* will regard America * lemaad tal* .oret ly. (nmoiirclal InlrlURrnfc. LONDON MOMY MAktKi'. V< aey coutina** <juit? abundant, not*ith*t mJing tl e m?oj war loaa< an^ di.irpoD'- are currently o?W*-! at tore* jer cett T ie ^old export continue*. <00*01* elmed at CO' a M lor account and 01 for money. The in tbe 11*nlt of 'r gland La 1 decreitied ?166,000. I >. lair quoted at 'i. IUr lllver, It. }i<l. Kig'.ea, "C?. 4d. I oubkoca, 7i * I A AMrnu stcrRrnc. Weetra. Bar. 11/ lr.?* report a moderate bueine** in Rai'rMtd bAftde, hut tat State and Citjr ^tecli* have oeen comparatively nnl'ciod Meter*. .Htc'ke* 4 t o., of London, quote txao-ictiom an fellow? ? Alabema Sterling %~i)i M*iy!aod J-terliE* t ivt* 01 a W ! I'tcCftjlvania .-tock, ex diri'e&d Tit a 8 > I'ena^hana iiotii, < . clviitiid 8t VirglaiatHocK 88>? a 90)1 Virginia sterling 86 I'ecatylvan1* ltailroad, lot ir.ortgaye 9;; I rie Third Mortgage. ... , 87 a 88 lll'DOii Central itailroad HO a R'i Illinois free. and H4 a 87 Canada llocdf Ill LIVrHPOOI. COTTON ?*UI?BT. The Brokere' Circular fporta tbat tha adrloe*, i?r ilia i*?ia, raup?d a linitad demand, nad a partial reduction of price* on current <iual tte? i,f American, durlnj the early part of the wee* hut faTorablo ancount* from Itio'a. on Taeeuay, imparted mora ?teiwlinee? in Man rhMtaraad LirrTi-ooi, and prleen reeorerxl tfae daelloe M?em. f<eflei>tnnti, ??d oiner Ann-, quote the weefc'e ealee at 4(1,330 bale*, m^lndir^ 7,000 nfl apecnlation, and U.800 for eiport. t'Tklay'f buxinee* wa* 7,000 balee, cloticg quietly and Ihe qtiotathina aie Kair Ctrleana. 7 ; Mtddltof, fl , ; fair Mebih e, ??, middllog*, 6 ? , ; fair uplaniln, 6',: middling. ? -1 IB. tome circular* ',note fair Mobile 7d.; ordinarj to good ordinary, ' ',d a M. ; Inferior, I ,d a M The nfock on fc iod wa* ?'^),(X)0 hale*, Including t?4,C00 .American. i.irirRfooi i?RKA?<rrrrr? market. H??era. Itrown, t'bfpley A Cte. reprrt wheat and Hour in continai'l fair >i? mapd. at fnll price*. Whit* wheat. llt.Pd a l'J?. 'iti. : red. 10?. a 11* 3d. Western rtnal Hour, 40*. a 40*. 6d. ; Philadelphia and HtHimnTe, t'Zt. a 4v*. ; Ohio. 42a. a 44a Canadlaq, 40*. Cd a 41*. .four, CP* a 40*. Ir^Iaa corn wa* totally ne/lecled nil the Dieli. until Friday, wh'n, a further decline of ? *. beinf e*tabli*hf'l, rone *j feulatlTO feelln. aroae. and price* recerered 'd , cloilo r at? white, 40? a <1* ; yellow, 37*. miied, a"*. T!ie weather bad be<-n variable, but wa* egain favorable. The brok-r*' eir ol*r ?a II* wheat Sd. higher and .'lour 1*. Max well* circular quote* white wheat IJf. nd. LivtmuPOOL raovigios makkkt. Me>*r*. Kichar4*oa. Hp*ace k Co.'* Circular rep<jrU )>?ef and pork rerv dull, with onlr reUil <alue [U-on In fair demand, but aalee In retail. lard i.'?pre**ed Mi. a?ked. bnt M. leva would b* takea. Sale- of the ?eek 50 t?>n*. Tallow firm aad buiiceia larger. North Ame rican 63* a 64*. Till LATEST . Me?ki* Kiebar''?on, Spenco k Gi. *upply the felloe irg ? .-awrtfajr, I f M. ? There ia no change te note ia any of our market* to dev. Our yeater day * circuLir w* couller a good report of what I* . .lag on. Piawiigei* b> the Meamalilp Aala tor Itoelon. Wr fto?tl aid la<ir. Hr* ?t>-rwoo*. Mr* D?anj?' n, Mr* P ?yf*r*. Bipl?T, Mia* Walk?r, Mr* Bo *?. two Ml?**< fialley* R*v Mr '.aieeell aad Ia4y, Mr K<rr aa4 Mr* Clark*. Ml** I'bllltp* Mr Cowdroto a?4 la?ly. Mr* Waldma, Mia* C'.f ?*. Mr Morale* aad l?<'y, Mr I>i44'.a aa i lady, lit|e*o I'rof Tn-a4w?ll aad lady, Ma*(*r HI**-. Mm. el ? ay aad lady, Mr B. lie aad lady l/r M>ri* Carlrui aad frirnd, ?rCoflf?ill( aal tntnd, 0 Y llradi-rJ, a* bar r ul ?l?*tatehe* Mr Jshart'.a and lady. Mr lay aad lady, Mr* Hrrtra:a. Mr Hailvr aad ladr, Mr* Lo'ila. n M- Oaaham aa I lady. *??ter rraiue. Mr and lady, Me>*re emer*oa, " ? "*k? " Hnrlbnrt, Him, ?? , ....... ??,. . ui< ??, v*j?:iart, " '> a?r Miarcairan. Ji haeia, McCnrrfii'k. Ml'ler, ( aweron f>enal*oi>, Clara, I>aiy aad Ma*ur L?eiy ol Charlrno*. Monlererb. Celvart. Barled'a, Walue, ll?de> a. Mark iara. Mcliowao. Hay, Maiury, Atbtarna, Wort I. agioa, ftnmerty, *eh?>-opar Marker, inkorae. II>ary M,i >??, Pr-f'et Wood'lli* Walkar FraeT M?*d? (laatla. I * - "h, K< l.*ri<?* Ti*dale. Brrte, Voeae, Man by l<*r%e?a, n. iB/a. baalk, Mtnreiea. Jr. Amnry ?<?' it Ceckrtdg*, Ifi i?i, WaU'ii Dickusa. H'alker. Iln?he- . A< r?* .fin air, ?>re* Me*a. Miller. Wall* K*au>a Lonll. Kra> Kllkorae, Marker. J'<fei.iten. Sebaair, BmU*. Curtia. ?<ra?i- r. Whipping Ifllelllgtnrri Arr frem NTork l; ta. Uarid deadly, at Aatwerr . N'rKoa, ar4 11. ram at Br?n*a. (<**? ilatapeh'rt, In ta* Clyde; 1Mb. 1 hetie, at ?t I bee Arr fiba Beittacire l?tb. Mlnerra, at Breiuea Arr frtra Chariotva i;tb, Oeort* Uoiiey. at Ilaere. Von L. at Hrirdeaox. Arr frtai >avaaaak 17th. Manaar.r. at l.nerieel. i-iti, < caeird, at Oraeeaed. An trt? I'ea*e?' :a ITtH JtmeeCaekle Arr fma* New Orleaa* 17* b. kretbard. at Breraea Moly. bearf. at l.ieeri?ol Bid f'r New Vork 17?b, Payllakt, froai A.-.te tr: ? 1Mb. '^?r?le?. frrn, SHtldi; Macb* > winejarl. f* ? Li'eryeal; IVth, %?rrr* 'Vav*r'e, a*4 B?tr.eeal4* ?re? Uterex I. B e ter l'aet<a l*'b, WM *lr aai Keeeve 'raw L**rye*l, < e-e Beale. >rea ? : Via. Ol* illeory freai #U fcr/tbac.**t*t liiMtt, f*tm - ? THE WORKLNGBUN IN THE PARK. !!ItETI!!4. OF THE <? W!?E PlWf?" LIST BlfiflT. The Contract System Condemned. STREET-CLEANING MACHINES DENOUNCED. A FLGHT ON THE PLATFORM. SP K BC II ES, RESOLUTIONS, Ac., Ac., Ao. t <> tbe following call, a Iargel/ attended m??ttoi< ?u hf.ttff n ia the I'atk l?it ?ren nf ? MiW HUTUU OK WOKKIMUMHN I* TtIK I'aBK THIS Evxsf otpoM^ to lb* contract ijiltin e?ne at X tkot > ij lion Mi. a Wa)i>h. T. K. TomHnnoa, E?l-, h. < ( m v>wf c,r<1 , Kaq , Caanoilzian Hor?no N. Wild, jurg>' Manntforl, J P. Hojt, Kaq , William Word# worth, Eaij , II N. Fx)., Hon Daniel B Taylor, Ik?. A C. Vorton, (onod'inan Clan r, Hob. Qllbtrt C. |.<?n otbar amiatat ? 11 aiMteae tM p*? pM>. C. V> jAQL'fX, Chairman Com. of ? rraagementa. Near)} ?U Uia tr?<)?e nod branch*) of laduftry were repreetated, but tbe mujorit j MtmeJ iatereatei apecial in the atreet cUaciag ooatraste. Thrre >u a great deal of oarnaitnaaH dlxplajwl by tbe per?im amemUad. Tbe mere pun;:?nt remirt. made bj the apeaken. and uiuisg I torn private aoureo* were received with a grent deal of rtllab. A military baad waa etatloaed on the platform, and from time to time ditcoureed patriotic muiic I'ae Tarioui delrgatioDi bora bannorn thua (aiteribwl ? > Ml I 1IaMi> *M> Wf.KKINUMkN 1M TIIK I'ARK TOKMH At half pa*t h i ?ha mntlcg ?u organized by the I election of JdWI W Too* a* Chalrmtn. Tbe Cm in ex} ram-ed hi* sympathy with the workinf iren of tbe city who, he raid, had hitheito been uasd j at tool* to elerate other moo to power, who deeerted tliair friend* whan once In olllce He then called upon tte rotera pr*?eat to lilted to a ?>ilee of raaolution* which he thought ahould be carried out. Ilnl*uch work been done last Nrrember thera would hare been it* n?ed of thl? meeting. Mr Ciurlw ^amt then read the following relolu tiorr? Whrreaa, It h?a been itatcd ia the public print* that the CommiM oaer of rttrretH and l<aujp* ha* eubraiued. to ttie i uB'iiou I'ouocll propo*nla lor a new contract to clean tie ntieeta o? thecitj:and whereas, the mreeta aie not now under contract, but cleanaai und*r the dl lection of the proper officer of the Cooperation by the <- in |>li< } tut at oi wcrkln^nieu at fair at.d e.juiltble wage"; hie wfcer?a?, we regmd Die contract eyatem an one or toe Kie?t??t enl* ageiait which labor Uan to co iten i, ?D' tne that I* aiao a eeriou* burthen on the tax payer, wbort urat.* of peymeat u drawn from the labor ami j indu'.tiv ol the city ; and wneree-, the city be* triea the contract ayatem of cleaning the atreel*. anil foun 1 It not only u fal.ure, but n robber/ en the city trenaury, by wbkh tbo Corpora ttoa ha* been compelled to pay twice for the name xnion once to the contractor*, and a second l.roe to the worklagmeo, wbo were culled In to perform tbe worn neglected by the contractor*, and whtieaa. the people of the ci'y almoet unaolaiooaly agtre In tlie op nlon that the city we* ner?r to a bitter of noiti< n ior cleanltae*! tbao It ie at preaent, when I e ns)''' by daVe labor, under tbe directloa of an *? cieut hiad of i'i pertinent and auperlntMndtn'; and ?n.i?a-. *'1 exjer i-oceh*e proved the preaent contract Midi mot the Corporation to be a failure in every te ,,^ct-?v ey?t?m tlat enly work* for the benefit of fl'.r jupt politician! and contractor*, wbo I1t* und pit lat on putt!"- pluu er and the earning! of hone*t labor. Thntfore. Itei o?Tr l; That we, the worVingtnen of the city or K#w Veil., co ? er?by earneatly and Le?rttly prulvnt aea r ?t the making of icy new contract for tbe cli-aalng oi the ftre?t?, or any other work to be doD* lor tbe Corporation telievinr, an w? do that each contract* e e laiurloti* to labor and tne tax payer, aud v*i*t ?b le ' n theory tre ayitem pretearta to be b**e>il on eronotJV ell experience ehowa tbat under it, for the iroft pro 11 ^ate e?j eunlture ot mooey, tlio city geta tUe ? rrat ?ora ((been ; . _ , _ I ed Ibe.t we apreal to the msmbt r? of tlio < oin m< u < ouncil to taufe ere Uey ? auction any n?w con ir.ct for eliamng tba atrea'aof tna aity. eapecialty in el-.w O- the l?ot?, tbat the last contract of thl* kind had te he j,?lu lcr twtra imi; aDfl tbat at thin time tne city, un<<i r le rreunt or. er of tbir^re, m claaaer than 11 errr wax be'o o-wa T?Ur to the report* ot the City lu?pector a* t^e ?i ?t ccnrlualve prool of tbe pienoot lanitary coscition of tbe rtty. <b>ud aopUuae.) iUboirtd, Tbat Ihe merbacWe and worliinirmi n of tu? citj Na? VoiW 'to* to th" Common Council for prn^ t-ction i^amat tnotopoll-tta acd "outalde inllueace*,' aad we t't ire ounelte* on al^rtlon day to remi m'jer | who #re cur ?r'?n-" and who Oi.r foe*. IVe *hall hi re afte? . a* rcen by their art- m 1 not by their piiitl^ai profe*- . -!. All we ;nk I* tna* we ma; h.Te a fair r; tort 1 1 ity ot e?rcmg a ll*lc? for ouraelree an 1 lam ii-., wl'bout beiag aobjected to arcipt aim* in coaae .,uem? < f nch n.06cpoi:ata and contnctor* beini{ allow <?<: to app ' piiale ta tbtmaelvn a portio* of our ?arn tj.. We O uj th? r'ght of the fegt?lali?? hrm Ii ?>f tt? Ccriitratl'in to puraue any a.. >liB C legi*l?1!ou tb?+ ? * pauper* and alavea of aole bodf?d m*n, and we pleote I urxelrea hencefr rth to know who we *upport for ? W'e We I. are been ?>ooght and *?>! I long enough ot c urrupt toUtletan! (. houta o: appUu'e > l'?aolT?d. :i copy of tbia preamble an I raiolut on be -ent to hi* Hcn;r ?be Mayor, aud ?#rerally to the UcetdoC AM'tmen and CouncUm"j. And tbat a com inittte of ma (rem each ward of :je city be appointed to wait < n the vU'umanand Cotr:< llmen of hi* ward with te'e-mca to carr* log out tbe ut,iecta ?.f thl* m?-t iDf. tel.evlng. aa we do. (Vat if tie matter la fairly pre aenied to tbe rri?mhera of the Common ('ijuneil. thev will unite with ut in making an effort to destroy a aytem that ? stall* onlr enl on the Corporation and tbo* wU > to tbe work it r?f|uir'i. Mr Chanih J- niTii tu thea Introduoad, and *aid ? It waa ii'in moo tba ala<e ha had U?t addiea?el tbem in thia p ate and han'ly exp>-ct'-l t^haTa bad the honor of addreaung tliem to a ght. It i? true that tha con trai t ?yat?m wa* 'ioee away with. It ia a or/ ipt ?y trtn t*'.e? the mrmey out of poor men * pO'Wit* and put* it .nto thi e^ of tbe rich. 7ue *oica of the peo pic liitherto ia* h?eo unbeeiled, but b* hop<?J. tbe* were row ,ieteimin? I to oppo?? tbe ayatee and drlre ii from the eitv (Cheer* ) No matter whether tbe Mayor *anctii ia it or tbe (kixerror eaoftloaa It, we wlD 'irire thl* inl'iultou* ?y-tem out of tbe e.ty. It Uaabal a j *y*tem a* tbat which forestall* the aritkct and puU ! (lour up to twelre dollar- a barrel. Mayo* Wood pre I tend! tb'it the cit> muat ba !.?pt cli-ao b? contract We | o?ny ttat. It conld ba done l.y bard labor at %'U ? per | week. Bat tbera 1* loacething rotUn In tba Ute of i Deaioark. l'erhap? ar me of tua*e high omdala hara ? h?r<*? in tb? cottrieti. (Laughter.) fill a* oot of | contract*, when tbe work can be .'one by hand. They cay tbe law Co?t not permit tha expenciture of m' ra I than ?-"0 iaotie item flat the law nowhere -eye that the atreet eweeyirg muat ta dooa by contract. (Cool.) You mnat only help jour'eWee :ind tiod will b?tp you. I Hnpport men for clhce who will aupoort you fioUiemi'h aaya ? 111 fare* the land, to hastening Ilia a prey, Wbere wealth accumulate- aad men dacay I'rincee and lord* may flourlah and may fide, A breath can make them a- a breath hath tna>V Hut i\ told pea*antry? tbeir country'* arid* U once deatroyed can aerer ba Mipplied Tte next Introduced to tha m*-t og Mr. Wt.-r, wbo eaid ? J.Uow elU/ena-I do not appaar hera to inflict ? long ateech upon yoo. Thia -elunt of our labor to the lowe*t b/ITdir Mema to ma too much like aiarery. The *'**?* n tbe fontb are better off than tbe *lave? here Tbtlr r^*t?r* at., aire in them tha right of fro ?rtr, and tl.ey have at waat toe righta which P?P?t/ ba? ihey muat be kept in good w .rktag order (tTiear*.) in onr care, bowertr, Ihe bill of -aU which glf*- ti our turebacer* the naLt of our bodie-, gtr** tl?*o> *<hX to ocr Mali uc* We mu*t a?en vote a? they dlract a* to rote It not, we are thrown out of aarrlca and aiw otmla-e^ a*c^s the ciiUwat* 'A th* earth. Oar frea In*' .tat on*, the ,nt?*rlly of tbe ballot are bitter boltow BoetetMa and a dlagrata to tba rery nataa of can om. We all know tbat la our pr.mary alarti'i*' tii? re i* Oo mora prolific aourca of orlbery a?l corraption tin n lbtoeo?trae? *y*tem. Tbe member, o^ 'the* wiiooo (VcncJ. unccr thl* *y"1e?, rapreaent not tha paople but tbe 'Ohby rr.ew er*. Ta tlu* -oeiiaction ba rafemd to tbo '?? .oo* i'ar nc I'.ailroad .eheaae *^tb '?> UyagM rot ;?? death blow frrm a meeting y,e|<J in tha Taberna ct# H. , '?o referred to tbe bad working ot the ay *m la tbe tanal operation* of thia -tate Mr. . A Vou ox nix I'MTroa*? Allow me to interrupt tha geat erraa 'or a m'-inent What haa the Pacific K*; 1- j r>ad epeculatlon rot to do with thia meat-ag ' Vox I '.n't Interrupt tlie ?aa. Ut ?u j * Mr Wit ( imprecatlngly) ? Von will bear ma, wjl^ roti not ? V .?< v t* v m ? C' He will, *ooB Mr Wi/'-'Ome of the per pie b?re iBtenup a>? lUiie tin* arene waa tafciog place .aoUier'ae wa* beina ae'ni 'or llie (pecial beuel.t of the repo Wr* fitiener No I, on the weet aide of the reporter. U' *? mai.J. *ted I la aympatby with tbe laUcrnpVoa aa-^ tnoLghi H e ?p?a er ahtuld coabna biaaa.lf U Ihe o.?^ i uribliaod. . .. . u . I (n, trier So. it oa ti e *** a! Va of tbe t?.bla, intlmx hi* earire t e .re that No 1 would cou.e our*-, 1 a I K.uai: puKmelliag would be a ailt,.* ere-i to I.J orcaaa. :-o 1 rft. maieadad No U to u.ep hi?^?if qui.-', o? la wooil le roa*tra!iiad 'oa -opt* a&e axnaa iaa-/ a f lee *eat Beaetirea with blwi No i >*m a yrofeae oath H at If ba rnll '.a y lay hie hand ra Ma. 1 ba waaVd bill b * a eu-aaa Mr * vrr? Hot to oo??* dawn to the ctty Hrtbary aad corrupt ra era laetaoeea aaalfcply day by cay. Tbeaa coatracta ata bat aaaiptea X *? way la ? k'cb oar I aelatati ra aea naa? at There ta aa raanedy far thia, ear* ?* t*e *We etm trart ")?t? No. 2, lateri aptiD r ngilo, ttlruti the atUofon of Mo. 1, who tlMg> ti him an eipreeaion of undi?guited conUitpt. and oall?4 upon him to reapoct hie coarac Urui cU.teu. No. 2 Intimate* tbat No. 1 U an Irishman, and not a citlcrc at ail No 1 repadiatoe the charge, and thrown tt back npon hi* ippontot, with u>e daclnratioo that h? *u a cluitn wbrn lb * other w*? 4 footing turi In the nul l oountry. " No 2 oculU not dany tba aoft inpoachmeat, bat of f?r*d to tot a collar tin would nuke au example o( tba Wfct'rij g>-otUmaa b*fore be got noma to night. The out *ou'iU wbiob reached tba reporter in an I* ttlligibir thape from tba gentlemen wbo occupied tba toatruui, ?#h _Tu* xtroat ewoepioit machine*? ?r you owuirtl tLtio jroum ivee, you would bar* no ubjejtiou to make meoey of tlx in. (lrobably not:> It wore idle to merely num w*r on maohlMM. ! he ducn'rert ii of acl toie am orolnacce* ot God which man muat ojey and atknowlei ??. but tbare la other wort wbiob toe citf cau gira ton n on boAoilog <o jour grtiloa, and which tiie city ban a right to give yon; there la an array or po'loenxo, ait j department* of doctori organized to cuie Umb No. 1 ? To pnlaon tbun, you nana ! Mr. M tar ? I bare might be alao department* of tailor* ant abiauiakern organised (Uughtar) to alio* and to duUe ihea, ohali tb* working cJmwm receive no re oopn.t on ?rt m tba city government' TL?re am liou*e* ot ran i|k, th?r? am city pibona and city penitentilriea, U>? inu.atn. of wb.rU bave to 6* cloji*? and ihod. He c ia work for tb* people. There ar? alao public 1?&C? ton c'. y :olv which aia your property; on tbeae lot* the cl*j ut'^ht t rrrt b* station* for tne working po pli- of New V 1 1 It ; ao<t when jou had paid r*nt aulb ci? to oover t/ie e tire coal, th? building m ght be your own ( thftt'a tte talk!) ti?re in work wbich the city might itlre >ou. and I aay vo yon tbat that i* the great utmaixt whitu you *houl<l iz.ak* upon them. (Good.) VVi'.l you Co it'.' (We will!) I Mid 1 would rot make a loo* tpeech to you, but I hare embodied my ? t?? In a tan** of rendu Hon*, which I wilt read to you aak juu to have thtm embodied iu the resolution* of the meet Djr. Mr. * >ar thtn wad the following aeri?? of reiolu tiotin:? Iaiborr?a*cf ?ch.,ic? tsainatthl conr.o.d to prote.l ^g|?P <Wi?<l im b vi.f?vti ??T ! ?n? ? of the fain# and t7 ?m?nr "a^Su'll tl,ron?c"ut gpim osssi^^affiss 'V ","U "' ?>r tb? law, but that lu c,nk;:r; % u,,mi "*??*? &is priMiuctlT* in th^r charact.-r? to ??. 1?";bI,V In. I, .?* b?B?llc#Bl KJ-Ul,, ?| ,^b i- , ^k". 0p0? U* l"lbli?' I?o.U Ulonrlito tVVr t, orrr.^V.SH'iiF1^ -'tea: I*' 1Ult " *?Mnmch ai the wurklBitnoa of i ^'lir.ennw ,? ,?.?t %t ?Vtb*lb^uu 0fut#t!l "V1** ni?*?ui*?, Whlcli ki Ur I?.i l. f. t i . tb? u?oUon upcn tb? publl.r Uoda r tl,?cn'- of bniMuif ? auita ?>!? ?or 'V1'* MoJ* <'*?H work'n^meo wm'onlVdV rmttHi by ^ jiirtct construction 0f tlie Ui r ? utnormnir IrKim", *"t* 01 "f Ubor* ?n'1 bJ <>'? m?chl??tlOB of cb(Q) tg ^p#CU'<ttO(l Rdd C.OQtfl?kl[H m ill ihi i BB.Uwitb IL.' Uo^^ ft?k,?5 wntaaU Lotorat ? to M*?r? th. adoption V fu " ' w " tui?- if !? ?n,. ,.''n.,ot t?? rltr c-'iartjr w rtpcal tt? c< Btrmrt ju><1 taiititot* therof ." th? W P'"Mn|bi" 4D'1 *h?? f??Ol'ltioB?. vWsa i?;vt a.p.1 working m< b, nt i noting to E^dfnJ JE purpo,., to tb. .nd that ,h. uamn J^uE/ta port ii u riMcJulii/r iijty |j0 lifrlectecJ %xj<i tiiittlti ??? ? *? < ??l ?rU? u Of *11 the Wo ruiiic..; wsr* ?""" ? 11.? (illowiBf Wit ?pp?in-fd m a eommitU* In ??? coxd.lte witfc th4l u<t rM0l,lt!oo _ ?* 10 ?-^?bXT: WMl- *"? w-. ?uu M;rhut:^r5^rt?:j,,"f u,f? ??? "UtTirfio tnui ,it. it. >.n,,|1iW0I",'n eJ'"(J,-''n i bab.u,ioB.(e,,kitorof^:;?c^ ,Dr;r i> ?m r?Iii?ed .n tfc?V .rrj xrl~?l!?"?: (,i" "?"?? ?>???? ??oV.h,sr j * r? t b ? 0^ "? ? !j ' *b o t *. ? /'r? ?o l' iit'l' on ! - t?a i 'SK^rjs: ir. A ?,n;t 0f < 0i l,0?n tr?wd?n uJ j (nf/Su,oVtbi'^ I * ??/!?>" "'blBMlf Tad u'X: ff.S?r3 /;? coUVa,... vo!TV?; I ? 'r- ; 7b" ?; -? ;2;;r^ j 3?ur ifl'i your cbiidm'M rnoath#T whIU th? m-.iooo! ~r "?* M?r-?ll?iiw cow*" ?"* '"H"*1 'or U?^b, but b. . d Bot ?"v ""T r"u" " BoiBliuttcn ??? c?Bfirtr.M! '?*>tutioB, u? ??*J???HAW n"i "" '?t'wJwtd, ke ?? i..',".-:";:^;r?T -? .i..,., for f?tt?r. Tb?T h?d biiml,, .-.^ ^ *" *r" ?< !-?<;?? is tblx afl?i| wobJ.I '""P1*! ?>ut tb? U?t*' <'b, ao? "all ?U ^ ,uc'' "?'i?btf a:,;:;; r? "xi:, 1 " - 1 jjj1 a,^i""a '"-T- i t,r j0 ,rvn~i.1,<: h"", ?? ' ?R?1 Hint* Botl,i?c: U*f*?rr, . 40lm*J I "?k?? ?.? Ur ^.vt1; , ?? <*? K*u ? r b:-m' ????? "?>?? L .. r.": I ?-tt-B? Up lb<? ?,?? :?? ((,ir?r! ... "Il lot* 'r ?frcw, tj,., ,f ti.'.ri' '?' '??? ; ?m^r/ t/jr?# !#?4+r? w| 0'? f . y.^ f)''TW'*2 '"M'i'Wtllii ?r,,| v-r. km* 0. h_. i ?h; ?? ?ul.l,;,Qi.4rrrt ^lu',r j rW tk* rteh lb.: .L0llUi L~, ?,Z"Tl *1" ' to NteMa'tuMt ** "** '" "** 4*f%' t"v",'k <fc?? ? '?? OMtU'jr, B** W? F?ir*t ?< kiri^M'?nrt?'h. ? i??rB, IM it tU Wim ''tJ.ktr ^nt|i Virgin* m f"JM ?bl'b^ h? <? Mr kw4 ?? b ? h*|,? H? ??? >?>4 <it7 In }Mn ?t4 bii ir*t ? ferf* l?Ul?o( bk tU* u (itMMil f|K< fit ?u. negro celebration. iHml) ?Vli it A milvei mi y ot Ut Ituii YYret India Emuiclpadoii? I'mrn Out ul lh? t ?r lui r<l PopnlniUMi of the Mrtrt?|?oll* ? Hpitt 1>U( /tfitra-i'be (Hack ud UWUi (.dtfeiallo* at Nihui Monia ? TM Union n|(oli> UluoltcU by William Itlojrd UtrrUon -Ittnii, liiridtKM, Ac. lb# twenty -Uritt annl vn.uay of ill* emancipation of the negroe. in the ltriti>b Won t Indlee ?n celebrated yaata?day at Morria' "Grove, an lumg lalaad, about* ml)* and a hair thia al<!e of J>uu ea. Aa thia la one of the peculiar feature* of our grrat m?tropoli*. aaJ ma/ b* tegard*d aa il uatrativ* of the atrauge acanc. which ain occaaeonaily ?uoW<l hare, wo devote a larg* portion of our *rao? 10 aa account of ttu calibration lb* folk* tag aiinouncetiwnt of the alfati w*? publl.ted in tba papain ? Af>VI 'I.AVKKV IXCl'MION AND PIC NIC Tbe New York AnU Slavery ."ooiety iontea ton fru-n.U of libtrty in the ci jr *(>11 vinoity W> <>? l* to c?i? rattan Ui* l??nty.flr?t arj o' Waal India eni.iocip* lion, hy ?u iicurtion 1 ? Atorria' titorO, n?ar Jamaica, on WedD*aday, Jtngnat 1. William Lio/d Uerrhtoa and ili? lien. hrwtaa 1>. Culver aro maenad tj deliver ad tlttHl, ftntauue 1. lUr? aad bluaia have alao been laviUd. lib nio Itjr th? Wallace baud. lUfrialimant. will be furaiahe<i by iu i:v.dualH or faall?*a for Ui?tn arlvea 'It* enpany will lca?? Brooklyn la a n pec 1*1 tran of c?r* (intuiting baggage ear for refreahmeuta), at lOo'elbok A. II , and rvturning will tear* ibe drove at 0 I*. 11 Tbo e mt> nding to unit* ia the oaiioraton ere mini -tlv r*<|U?ated to procure ttcleta ui or he'ora Wonca?, in irJer tbat the railroad ciaipmy may be rpHMjnahly Informed an totbeaxleat of tbo arcoaimo dat on* Tr'iuimi. Ticket, lot the ax< uraioa (50 ovnta, children half price) may be had at me Ami Navery office, No. 1UK N.aaati attest, or at Kowler \ Walla', No. aos H.cadw.y If Wednreday prove rainy, tba celebra tion will be postponed to the next fair day. to direct ion*, we aaw Mr Oliver Johnson, nun of tbe leading mm la ttia aiouraioa, and puroheecit fn in h in a ticket for tit'.y renta. Wn then made our ptf p iirat.ooe lor atartlng, and wlira tbe hour arrived wue anugly mercured iu a a?*t in on? of tb? care, litre the principle of nodal amalgamation waa practi cally cairied out, for whitr. black aot (tlmd minified not oily on terma of equality, but of perfect Intimacy. Tbt t?- *ei" many of tb? shining light* ot aboiitionl'in, at U many who would not ab'n* la any capacity ihire wan, however, out alight drawback to th? general plaa ture, and that wa? II ? abe?nc?? of Wallace' hand wmch It waa would accompany tb? etcura?n lata. When it came to tho hour of departure, bo* ? Trr, Wallaoa'a baud did not mitke thrir appear ance, allrgiug, it ia aatd, aa a re a on, that it wan rejug nant to thrir feeling, to play for colored paopia, anil tbat they woula not do it. lbey eaeiiird to be tbe only muaieianl who objected, lor during lue mornit g we raw no leea than t.'. re* c. lorni aiiiilary com paniae pan" our olllc*, an<l all precede.) U> white 'inula, it) Uiu way, thoac ci nip.iuie* had a <-uial<r?iion of tiieir owe, heriLg r?iu.*d to join with tbe Uarritouitn party, at <1 w# ee'r tblotmad tbat Mr?. I I. lioa<-, wiiu w?a m vi'ed to llorria' Urore, <* Uie icvitatioo ar t want with tbe Di'lUry ? hat in tn? cau>? of tbe t idl ulty, *iid w at haa prodnced tbladiviaion in tiir rankso: Yetiug Ainca ' Will Mr. I "owning, J. K. h , enlighten the pun lie on tbe auiiject!' What* vet may !.??* tmea tba eauaa c f tbe iiin?i(.u, it U tertam Uut tbera ?u a larg- aa caaali u tr em the (iaiiiaaman ranka yrataiday, aa<t ibtl the cotur.d companie? v,cnt oil in an in lepaodaateicor rion by tfcima*lTe?, to tHaUn laUcd. Altcg*'tiar,tba(0 wtre mt m?re than thre* hiirnlred an I fifty peranne at lloma' tiro re, yeetr'ay, and nt tli< ?* abmt on* >i*l( wero wbitr. <>o tbe arnral ol tne train at | our |'m? of i!i atlnetinn, ?t fount a plalfutm errctid tcr tb ? epeal em, and a Itr'e uutnMt ( ot irata In fiunl for tb* cnmpitny. leoupo taiy leitauiant* wrra eittah'.Ub*<) by c.iloiro gentiMn-o, | wtoaupp mi *11 Oxxauiu ' (or ic? eraaui, ?i la wat- 1, t<?, tall t*, ham, leaf, anu oiaer li>|Ulda an. n-itida We | lnvaiU'l thirty Meant a halt <eut* m ?uiik u the*? oencacio, but bm'. Itttla ooealtoa tor tbotn alletwarda. I D? a. mi llieu<!:i |?ttl Hi ->lj i ai:ie to our .i ii?t?? a an j j iiti|ip'1.4 oar ?att" with r'i?4i of t more a<- -epti'iU Wtu't Ah.trtnM to< t joy there |y?a with the (i *at ml | leit.ul ibe otij ? iuio of oompaint W4. ta? totoiara biavi'ithot tLe ?p.?eLe?. iioe(\?r, therf wat a r. mcOy Ir.r tbl? ? tho?* who dii.n't ca.-a to hour tli-tu an mrd tb>m>?lvt-n it> up ping au l in *arioui oth-r way a, wbii* Ihbke alio did, dul* ?*rr. f tw re ttaikaUlj tr.tty ooloiod trtria. and q'uSU an ujliero'ea inorrd n.lcie.i awama, all pti ing ta tb*Jr attoatoaa. V(B*y waSlarLbi'l 'a tba r.o? u .i . ilstjla aw et tbla,y wete aa:u *a?l awrtt Ifcln^a irara tat n, aud ?* tier* t* tl'firla maJ* 'o wis thu buar'l o I nu cclnre t fi r S addition to L- cunpi y from ?? < Vori t' ? r? e.i ijnlte a covaMtr bia diUtiatioa fiit:: .M-naiei a' ' tbi fa mtlfat.> oi Uctria' (itvti, wto eaaii to i'ln iatt ? leat >iU?. Wagcna of tba moat "ur nt < on atrnctli n rontluutd to airira duiisif tl > u>< roiu.' 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