Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW TORE HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6918. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHT. TWO WMXS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. THE QUICKEST TIME EVER HADE. Only Piinrtrea Dayn and Twenty Hours from tan Franei&eo to New York. ?EMIT A BHUOH 01 COLD DC8T UUtlTEO. Alleged Frauds by Gold Dust Dealers. THE BAMXEftS AND LAWYERS IN TROUBLE. CHOLERA m BOARD THE SIERRA NEVADA. THE FRENCH CONSUL IN DIFFICULTY. Iatemttfig Mews from Lower California. BIRTHS . MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. ?71TE OF THE HABIET8, ?Str-, Ac., dec. The Access. <ry Transit Company's steamship Northern Light, Gtptn i E. I.. Tuiklepnugli. arrived last evening in nil days an. I nineteen hours from Snn Juan, with Ills passengers. it- nJ $040, 03t on freight from Han Francisco, Joly 16, per steamship Uncle !"am making the pa->s,ig.' from San Fnincflco in the unprecedented short time of nineteen day - <?id twenty houri*. The rente . >? perfectly healthy, there having been no aickness at m \i kind during the voyage. Thr Bin^ i California are yielding letter than for several year' j list. Gold in large quantities has been diaeovered m rir l'uget Sound. Colonel We-ii'-r ia still at Itealejo, where he retreats! from Fan Jiuxt del Sur. Captain French came down by the leet atea.-u v from Sjttn Francisco to join the govern ment party. <Colon?l Kinney arrived nt San Jnan. with a party of twenty-four, on the lflUi ult., in the brig If tin - trend, of PhPnfielphla. They art engaged in putting up a building in ft iu Juan. Col. Waike t. .it is thought, will, in consequence of the Crnd danrtiem by the native* at the recent engagement at Hn Joan . u 1 Sir, join his fortunes wifli the govern ment party. At present ho Is recruiting at Leon, at which place 1 0: recently held n court martial, and a Mr. Dewey, the { it^ o who set fire to the house at Sin J mm del Sur, wa- ordered to be shot, and his sentence duly ?MCuted. Hi - <vcit|?uion. generally known a? "Sara the Hunter," ? . - also sentenced to n similar fate, and given an hour to p vpare himself, during which period he ma caged to ell c t Ids escape. Gen. Gu'Wn'inlo has left Managua wiUi a force of 800 men ta attack 'isxm in the rear, and it is thought, by llila amy* tin ii Ut put an end to these never ending revo lution*. At fire sent the government forces may be esti ? natad a* follows i? Keviez, 500 incn; Grenada, SOOinen; Managua. LUi>t> men. The govei rnoeiit of Costa ltica, which lias heretofore kept free front these internal Iroils, has considered this row a ccamumi >?use, and proffered the government 4.000 picked Men. like heaill> .cm the hi hows is exceedingly good, n deaths having- >oi urrod since the Vt&th of la*t tuonth. At Vbgia Bay tin re is no cholera, and out of all the death. Ml the htkiu if only three of them wn* white men, and thoae can bo attributed to intemperance in eatiug and drinking. A? -present the i-ickne.s Is confined to the city of Leoa, wbir'nis a place of al*>ut 40,000 inhabitant., and there the dea tit., average twenty a day. The majority of the deatlu <.n 4>.?rd of the Sierra Nevada can universally be traced to !i ii'tnperance in eating and drinking. We are in?.?t. ted for the above to Mr. C. Dickinson, who raroe passer g- try the Northern l.iglit. The follovrt.i'i i- the SFKCIIC MOT PER NOHTHKRN LIGHT. Ureiel * Co. . lulu. $247, 000 W. .-eligtnan k Co. . .922, 000 Newbouac k .-yiaU., 15,200 I liner k Fergeu K Meyer*! 2,000 baun ..12.000 Mrs. M.C.Wc. .ovarii, I*7.ora Krere.s 13.241 PhiBih. <1,400 'ioM/mith, Mark Co 11,1(80 Becht k B?u.. Haiti- Jacoba, lie*! k Jacob* 11.000 mot* 2,100 .-'cholll k Bro 10,500 Metropolitan ifiaiik, Straus* Bro. 4 Co. . . 10,001 KewTerk 190,000 H. W. Schenkberg. . . l?,W8 Welte.Farir ttfo ..1?,1<H W. Halter 7,877 Bona, Falcocv iCo. Hl,4(Vi Big'** k Co (1,100 Order _ 65, 045 J. Hradly 5,000 Booth k trinn ?? 4,80? V. liregory 4.H00 A. Jacob* *?.'?> 33,000 J. H. Dun lap 2.200 Em* of Aroe 25,000 E. & .1. lWenfelf . . . 2.000 W. H. Dnnl't Z't.000 ? Hudeoo * H - . 10,000 Total ?t?40,WI5 The Nortlif j I.ight left iu the harbor of San Juan the Faglia h at earn -r Bu7.iard;brigFouTri?tte, from St. Thomas; brig HiDtr?-? lor Philadelphia, in batlail, a od schooner Jteate, of Btiiv leliN. 71 Mkrif lliasilet, Captain Carr. of Wilmington, went HkMtad 1> V?'''l ?' 'he mouth of the harbor, in a heavy ?quail, on the liight of the 17th ult. Crew all saved. The folio r i-. ig 1b the log of the -teamMiip Northern Light > July 29. II f\ M ? Left San Juan. July 30, 12 H. 130 mile*. Mr n, k -? 270 ? Aug. 1, 12 '? 303 '? A Of. a, 12 * 304 '? Aag. a, 12 *' 370 Ang. 4, 12 ' 344 Aug. 6, 12 - 300 A*. ?, 6 K M ? Arrived at Sandy Hook... 80 Total a 101 mile-. Mr. Ha tcii [?ir-er of tho Northern I-ight, an<l the I'a clie Fiprev. i . mpany, will please accept onr than!, fur tbe pronpt 4 i very of our package. ?ear (allfomla Correapo tvde nee . Has KuMurn, July 16, 186.',. t.'xri/inj Kf*te in California ? />uW Arriryfl B-itwn a fYmck Hi' ?l rr nnd V\t French ( ?nuui?Bark Out of rite fedi i 1 ? far tolling f\mr Hundred Thousand tM ' tort in Bwt rlo>d to Page <t Hernn?Ntw f rem ?o**r Odi/ormo ? K&riKjuoko?lM<Uk? in .iurra Newt a. The even ? eince ttie (tailing oi the a -.earner or the lit, are animevMis an<l Interesting. Klrst In order la the BenaaaafiK aa affair ; ami of iu importance 1 leave you to }ai|?. Mr. I'atriek Dillon U tlie Consul of France at this port. Ite ia a'.irewd and energetic, and withal enter lain* a bittc ? >>%tred of everything American H? puts on all tbe air- ?f an amba**ador and since he cam<- in CoDlainw with lie V lilted fltate? court*, abont a year *go, be h*a .ne'elt particularly obnozloua by liix ?ta'? mnrtaeftbe prmi?lunent which hW master, thr Eirn?er?ir, would give "r- Americana for tlm indignity off?r<>'l to the yeraow of tie C-maul la the Kuro|iean mail, arri in/ about a hr ? ago, cam* a copy of one of Con-ui I'd bm'a tetter? o the French goviTmnent, an eitra> i o which la a* ?' >w* I have re ?itedly calle<l the attention of tlie lte|?rt ?teat to tbe ev-eptionx to which one i? ei peaed la >en< *\y fond* from Vrnn -c to California, in ontar to aeek tin - a fruitful investment. I hate ?ignali/?>t tte *afctti t ? q ranization of the court a, and the difllcolty, MMnM| iiw<m| to it lmpe?-il>ilitv <-t meeting a pro Etetwr tkat nm y not be menac?i| each <Uy with ?eeing ? riffct o 4 r*^-*?ion conte-tol. All tkat I tn<? naid on thi? occ*?ion ia of the rnn?t Tlgui ude, and de?er>e* to be brough' to the knowledge o( ik? I'arUian public ? Um much lncline<l a? it la, to lbt?w aa tbe report* that ?re transmitted from San FraaeV- m. ? e ? * g Aa 1 tev# abore, iaf -eteral months much pro JJrtr baa L*ea .old to Fienebmen domiciled at l'ari?. jte iafcei bi lr ?ne* of these operations are ro'iiw men of gnod fciaiiie- w ho write to their Triend* in l'ari? that they ?r# *??jr wn^r to keep their find- in Kranoe, and that tfcar ovifh' v? tiarticlpate in the majraittrent re- .It. which are obtained in California. Rahind the? young men are toni 'i?>e -peculator* and business agent ? of thin plaee I .wrrfe- from r/iui-iana for t he ir?o?t part who Mek, by tbe aid (J tbase operation*, to escape froo, the ? ibanaaau.e?i*? of a seriously thieatene<l financial situ ?t ioe. I ?ho i'd bate abstained from re>ertiog to the ?natter, which ba> already teen ihe subject of olxena lion am my jaitt, If tbe operation in '|>te*tion did not lend tone*' tm each day a greater ejtent. Tlir nant in which the French goTcrnm?nt r*?e|\ed I'lMtul IK flow * letter la best shown by the (oUowlag which waa p?Miit|ed In th* 1'arl- new-papers, an l al-i orrulated la handbill form ? The Miafc?rr ??# Pnblle Works bas jnst transmitted to U* CMi ".t i4 WUMttt (1 11AU A MiC Utf* u: ?ul of France at i-an Francisco, relative to the acquisi tion of reol estate by foreigners in California. It result* from it tiiat the California!! constitution, interdicting the of r< ol erlate to foreigners not resident iu the country, Mich i f theae foreigners a* might parcha** any * "uld find tin mselves i-xpoeed to the most deplorable de ceptions, (win. /?//??<,) such as the contestation of Uioir title to projierty, or even the confiscation of thrrr estate*. The business men ami capltaiista whom this information may interc.-t arc a ppriaed that tliey can liave a perusal of the note of the Consul of France at the ofBce of ?hef<e cretarv of C? muierce, N"o. 2 i'lace de la Bourse, e?ery day, from 11 to ?! o'clock-" The umouut of French capital invented in real estate in this city is between fifty anil sixty million* of francs. It it- managed by agent* residing here, and among these agents Messrs, Samuel and Lucien Hermann, Creoles o l/mi-iiinii. ate quite conspicuous. Considering himself oggrif.ed by the Consul's course, Mr. Samuel Hermann culled upon Mr. llilloii, at Mr. Davidaon'l banking hou^e, and showing him the letter, requested an answer, whe thcr or not he was the author of it. The Consul had pro bably expected an attack from Mr. Hermann, and had se cured the protection of a couple ot police officers. He refused to look at the letter; and thereupon Mr. Hermann gave him a blow on the face with his open hand. Mr. Hermann wras arreted, taken before the Recorder, and fined $'4b. Mr. Dillon wears the ribbon of the !.<gion of Honor, and liia countrymen insisted that the insult which liad been ?Km? t must be wiped out by blood. He aent a challenge to Mr. Hermann, which was accepted. Mr. Hermann ex pressed a preference for swords, and Mr. Dillon's aeconda agreed that swords should be the weapon* used. The duei was to take place on Sunday morning, the 6th inst., and every vehicle in town was taken up by parties anxious to see the promised sport. At the last moment, however, Mr. Dillon declined lighting with sword*, because, as lie said, be wan un skilled lu the use of that weapon, whilst his anta gonist wa? known to lie skilful at fence. And here the matter re?t* for the present, although we are promised the vengeance of the French Emperor for Mr. Hermann's assault upon the consul. Another excitement sprung up when Page, Tlacon k Co. commenced a suit against Mr. 1. C. Woods, (of the house of Adams 4- Co.,) and Mr. A. A. Cohen, for the sum o' 9400,000. In an affidavit which accomjianled the com plaint, Judge ClinnilHTs set forth the well known foct tliat there aic description* of gold dust known as ' poor'' and "good," and that the. value is ascertained by the genctal appearance of the article, its color, &c., and not from any assay. He then says:? He is informed and fully believes that on or about the tlrst day ot December, A. h. 18M), the-aid Alfred A. Cohen and the faid Isaiah C. Woods entered into a fraudulent and corrupt conspiracy ami agreement with each other to cheat, swindle and defraud the plaintiff partners afore . aid, out of their property and estate, by fraudulently felling to them the inferior gold dust as aforesaid, at a price greater thau its real value: and said agreem"nt was not limited or confined to any definite number of such proposed fraudulent trail' actions, but was general and unlimited ill its scope and contemplated the utter bank ruptcy and ruin of i-aid plaintiff- as its only limit, and as this atliniit Is informed and believes. And thi- affiant is further informed and believes that tlio said defendants, in pursuance of said corrupt conspiracy, did, in divers days and times, during the said period, sell to the aai'l plaintiff* at their said several offices, the in ferior gnld dm-t aforesaid to the amount of two hundred thousand ounces, the same having been previously so changed in color and general apjtearancc by mechanical, chemical ond other a ids, used and practised by said de fendant as to reremble In color and general appearance gold dust of superior value aforesaid^ and in further aid of said fraudulent transactions and .--ales, the said defen dants caused the said inferior dust so changed as afire said to be delivered into the hands of miners employed in said mines, und into the bunds of persons dlsguiaed as miners, who, injierson, and by the fraudulent procure ments of the defendants, effected the said sale* to the plaintiffs at tin ir *uid offic es, uml such sale* were made to the plaint ifT of mid dust for more than its real va lue, and in consequence of the fraudulent contrivances aforesaid, and tlie |?cuni?ry Ins- directly Huatuined by said plaintiff- in consequence of said fraudulent sales, amount, a- this affiant is informed and believes, to the sum of *400.000. Wood and C?b<'n wore arrested, and required to give I. nil In the sum of $4:10,000. A hoitt of lawyer* arc cn,'?g cd In the w*, ?nd the devefoperaents open rich. Mr (of Page, llacon k Co.,) denies having anything to do with the unit, and saya the lawyer* (lUlleck, l'eachy, billing* and I'ark,) are at the bottom of it. The new?pai?r? ate tilled with the "card*" of the different parties, and the wholo thing promises endless crimina tion. The Supreme Court ha* rendered a decision in the cn?e of Adams 4c. Co. und their creditor*, that tianl?er* cannot go into insolvency. The ( fleet of thi* i* that a few credit or* who have attached wiil take all the asset*. while up ward* of 8.0?i0 depositor* with the bouse here and itt branches throughout the mines, will not receive a cent. The failure of Adam* k Co. in California I* total, and it will be long lietore we can recover from its effect*. We have important news from I/iwer California. For some time past Melondrer (the man who drove Walker'* filibusters out of the country,) has lieen in the exercise of the office of rummandant of the frontiers, and baa proved him-elf an efficient officer. He ha* cleared the frontiers of the rattle thieves, which have s<> long infested that part of the country. His kindness to Americans has rendered him very popular with them, and sn active trade had sprung up. Vessel* were run ning regularly between San Vrancisco and lower California? taking down fancy good*, and brining up Milt, (which i* very abundant there) sulphur, pearl obeli", kr. Very recently Iieut. Pujol wa? appointed commandant of the frontier*, and he set out from I si I'm with a force of about fifty men. When he arrived near Hants Toiuasa, he sent to Mclendrez, und requested an interview, which whs granted A* noon a* Melendret came to Pujol's camp he wax arrc-fed, and Informed that be bad been tried at I* Par., and sent? ced to death for treason. Melondrei remonstrated, but it was of no u-e. He ?a? taken out and sbot, and hi* body left upon the plain*. Pujol then put forth a proclamation from which I translate the following points All foreigners who croes the line dividing Toper and tower f 'alifornia, (unles* they sre fhrnished with pi.,,, port" signed by the Meviean Consul at Man K'ranritcn) will be shot. All foreigners now in the Territory, by the tolerance of Melendres, will leave immediately. 'snd failing to do >o, will t? shot. The introduction of ?rms and ammunition by foreigners will be punishable with death. Persons who maoc common cause with Meleitdex will be shut. Foreign vessel* nt snrhor In *ny road*tesd, with pa ?enters, will sail forthwith, snd In <*a?e of noti compliance will be regarded and tf'-ati-d as pirate* Throughout the South the promulgation of this pro clamation hat created feelings of great indignation. A number of American citizen* reside nr-ar the frontier*, and should any barm result to them the consequence* will be fesrful. Ut an American be killed by reason of this proclamation ? and Pujol give- authority to rancheros snd major-domos to carry out its order ? and five hun dred men will spring to arm- far revenge. A serere .hock of an earthquake was felt at lxw An g"le* a few days ago. Men were thrown to the ground shelves emptied of their goods, and every house in town more or less Injured. It was preceded by a terrM. noise, resembling a* one wltnem, observed, the eiplosfoa of a powder mill. The houses in 1/xi Aageles are of only one story, and ar built of adobe, with walls two feet thick. Had a* severe a shock been c*perien<-H here, It would have shaken down 'very brick building in the c|tj. IHiels ate not uncommon, and cowhidlng affair* are '? two numerous to mention." The late-t one took place on Saturday, at DonneviUe, between Mr. I.lppmeott, of the State nate, snd Mr. I^vis, The latter was shot through the heart. Ttie Portnlght'i Sfwi, fjrom the Alta-t'aTifornia, July 1?)J 7 be chief mstter of Importance during the p?-t f.,ct night ha? Ifen 'he celebration of the Konrth of July in thl- city, at which the usual amount of patriotic enthu-i arm was .ho?n six Independent military compsnie turned out, making a gorily dl-play. Very few acd dent* occurred to mar the festi* ilies of the dav. The steamer Pacific srrli cd July Jd fr ? n> Vlcarsg.i* with 4#7 piis-? ug^rs, iiinetjf thc . <,f ?h' m we1 e ? omen and thlrt y-eiifbt children The -teamer John 1. Stephens arrh ed at thi- port at I o'clock P. M on the Mth ln?t., from Panama, with Mt pa*-?-nger- ,nd two weeks later new- from the Ka?tero States. ? The following ve.-els have arriv I at thi- f"tt from the Instem State- -ince the f.t of July . nip Northern Kmpire, 127 day* from New V.irk hip Atlanta \'JA day from No* York -hip Paragon, 14.1 d.?ys .m Ve? Vork, A disptite occurred on the 1-t of July, t^lween Mr Samuel lle.mann, of Is?. and now residing in th city, j and M Hllon the Krench <'on*ul. W I hi I on having written some oflen-ive communication- to hi- govern ment respecting the Krench re-idents ot California the subject ws- taken up by Mr llerinsori, sod, th- I'on-'il refusing to explain he was slapped in the faee by Mr. Hermann. A duel between the |*i tie? ws. antiripa-d but did not tran-plre, there being a dl-a# -cement re -(?eating the weapon* Mr. He- sr. g 'he 'ha lenged |*rty, rhi.?? small swordc to >h n the friend- ot M Irtlloo otijerted on th* ground U?a' he did aot under stand its usw snd so the ir.?t?- r??'- Hi Iftwk ot&u m wwiti Um'i Vvjm*, the l^iou cf Honor, shall avenge the io?ult he akegaa he, na well ?/< the French nation. '"y received. Mr. John 1*. IliU, brother of Capt. Jame* M Hill of thr clipl+r ship Northern Fjrtpiie, intt a audden death Mi Ihe Vd iiu-t., bj falling <ivert>o?H from that whip, ra nttrmpling'to hap on buird, tdrflting hi* head violently agftinat the fluke ol the anchor in hi* deecont. lie ws-t u native ot Tort-mouth N. II., and ha* been ? resident of California finer '41'. lit remains were buried from the (?hip July 2d. Ili* Honor J. 8 Il.igr took hi* seat im the Fourth Dii tilct Court in Hit- 'jl iu*tmt, tm luccemaor to Hun. Delua I ukc, resigned. A large number of penton* werr present to witniis bin inauguration. The new city government of ftin Franrt>cr> tun orgna izinl, Mr. J. Slocomh being clNtiil I'reaidetit of the Hoard of Aldermen, nud Mr. H J Wi ll* of the AMlatant board. The auretlca of tin- \aiitiiiN elty officer* haie appeared w ith the required bond*, ami the wheel* of U>e municipal machinery art thut agaiu in motion for awther year. Hy the pra i* nt chftrter, which paaaed the la*t legislature, O'e c-flice of Recorder uni) Mayor arc blended into one The dwelling of Mr* Mcl iwc^blJn, on Telcgrnpb Hill, wna r< nuiiiied i n the night of the 6th lnut. A poor woman named Film bet it Crawford, the victim of (eduction. died on the nigh* of the Oth Inet., in? house at the rornci nf ])arrlM>n and Harris atreet*. Th<> elr runistour** <.f her death createdgineral nympithy and (courn nt. I'auriy Cox, ( Abraham) the reWbrated colored ctothea rcnovater. died < n the 9th lnut. at lii* house on Kearny ctrtet. Hi* eccentricities had wr o for him a wide repu tation. Hi* fureral, which took place on the following Sunday, wa* attended bv a Im* proce*?lon of hi* fiiend", union; them the colored Free >l?*on* J. I.. I'arbeau. of the homestead raffie humbug tin? U-en rxaniined betore the Keeorder of fan Franrl?co, end the case dismissed, there not belag enough evidence to M'tnl him to a higher court. The weather tpia lieen unusually warm in thU city for the paat ten day*. Capt. Koran, of the British ship Nararine, wan arretted on Ihe 9th in*t. for ahooting three men, ( l?.?rding hou*e runnera.) who attempted to board hi* vesital to eotiee the crew to (rare while entering the harbor The men were hadlv wounded "Ihe captain wai heid in the aum of ??0&0 to appear at the Court of Se*?ion* Two men who were arrested lor entb in# the crew to <V-~-rt. hare been held to appear before the Grand Juay The cis* will ex cite considerable internal nmoog the mercantile commu nity. l?uel* are becoming again fashionable. Two oecujrpal on the 12th, one in the vicinity of the Mission lh>lwre??, between two French merchant*, and another at Contra Cotda. also Hrenchmen 'Pie weapon* were email -Word* in both instance*. M. Saulnter a wine dealer, one of the parties, wn? ilaugerouoly wounded in the alxtoinen We hare advii e? from the lower country to UOtli ult. The new* fri in there i* not important. Ihe Son- of Temperance celebrated the 1'onrtli thr ?ugh out the State in an en1hu?ia*tlc and becoming manner. Hie Know Nothing* hold their convention foe the n<? mination of S-tate offlcera on the Tuewday in Augu (the "tli). There are numerou" candlilaUx pro[>o-e<l tor (?overnor, but the ni"d axtute politician cannot predict who will be the favored choice. 1 1 worth, the yede-trian. ha* completed hi? great f^at at Kaciamento, of walking 1 WO mile in 1 .000 eon-ecutlTo h>'iir*. He wa* uh!e to wivlk another day wtim the ta-'? w?- 'lone. The weather in the interior continue* to t o excK-urfcly warm. At the tirk of the Co?umne< river, fi>r iiLHtaix-e, | in H I 'or a do county, the mercury atood at l'JO dej; In the cliade. Other lemarkable htatl-tl<V of the he it are I recorder I. A decperate tiRht occurred on the Oth inst. at Cave ( ity, and another at Calarerita*. in the Interior, in which three men were kllleal, and the wounllng of Ju?t!cc llctma in Cave ? Ity. The I emocratlc rttate Convention wa- heil at :<a>r? mento, a> bv previou* announcement, fri-m tin? '-"Tth of .lime to the 1 -t of July The follow iuic nomination* for State officer* were made ? For Governor , John Higler, of Sacramento. IJeut. (>' over nor, snmueH'urdy, of Sar> ,loa qnln: Jodee* <if the Supreme Court, Myron Norton, Cfull term, j Chai le? H. Uryau lunexpixvl teimi. Cotnpti oiler, Thomas C. Flotirnoy, ? >f Mwrlpo*?; Trewioirer, It V Keene. ?>f 11 Dorado; Attorney tieneral, II. C Whitiiag, of Mon terey; Suiveyor a.eneral, S. II. Ma*iett. of I'alavera* State l'l inter, (.e.irpe II. Cro^ettee <?f Itiitt*: State I'rUon Mrectorn, VN'm II. Itell. San Krancieco. Samuel C. A*ton, of Nevaala. C. K. I'owell, of San Joa>^oln. A lire luajke out al*>ut nine o'clock I'. M . on the lat of July, in Sacramento, in rear of a hou*? of ill fame < >n K, l?tween Second and Tliird atreeta, north aide The tlame* apiickl^ epread to the Merchant*' Hotel, and in a few minutes both hiiildlpga were in rnina Alan deat rov ed the cai i enter ahopa of I'ike, C. W. Bnrkor and K.. S1. Marah. and fix or reren arnnl! frame houac on the al ley; We*tein Hotel, owned by M T. Sjuirea, loga Jl.'iOO. fu'rnitiire waa owne<l by 1'siriey. ladd k Co ?total lo?* about $2. .'.00 ltauiond'a houae and furniture, loaa $3,000 Veatern Hotel damaged in the rear, but ?a?ed by great exertion?? loe* 12.0C0. Total hwa *10 000 A light occur i od at ~acrKu>enta> on the morning of the : 0th, bel?e?i 11. C. tlllrhriaf.a late police officer, and William liarr. Ihe partiee clinrhed and each draw hia platad. Oflicer Atiguatua Smith and another |>era<>n interfered toaejarate them, when (.if Ichrlnt fire?l. the ball paaalng through Mnith'a hand. Two men have been aentenced to be hangi*] on the H ot August next at Sonora? Joae Mir ia liixobar. for the murder of a deal and dumb Mexican at Salvado. Ia<t fall. hihI Joae Sebada, a Oiihan who killed John shaddr>a. a |xdi< i man of that city Agricultural affair* throughout the >tat'- have au.T.-red fn in the irivage* of graa?hop|>era, whoa<- destructive pro greaa ha* swept down all vegetation in ?? aectlon*. They are n< w disapjxaring. Tfie mat ba- al*o injured the wheat crop in iotn* of the agricultural diatricta. Trouble among the Banker* anil Ltwy era. [From the Alt* i aliforma | ( II \KGFS AOAIKKT I. C. WIHIIiH AM) A. A. OMBBi OK fOCLLIXO 9400,000 WOBTH OK grCBIOUS OH IN *1 K10H COLD DC ST TO PAOK, BACOX A CO. A u it wa- coin me need on tiie evening of .luly 12ih hy I ?(?'? 1'ai i in k Co. making extraordinary i harge* of thfa nature again-t I. C Wood- aii't A. A Cohan. 'I l.p complaint charge- that the defendant* adopted the plan nf procuring lir?t. nod cliaugitig iU color and general appearance by oheml'-al proce i<e Mli toft i-emble Hip gold du?t yielded hy the Southern mine*, irliicli vir hi *ujierl<ir *alup. The plaintiff* -ay tha' tiu*tmg|to the ap|>earance and color of the metal, they pur rhar-ed at diffpicnt timc? large amount * from the dimd' auto, about _'<k> OGi ounce* in all and paid a larger price by alxmt $2 for each oance than thp ? ame wa- a ?ually wurtli paying the fall valua of the gold du 1 U'aaHy yield ed bjr the rout hern ininp-. The plaintiff* al-'i arer tliat thp fart*- constituting the conspiracy aud fraud icferred to. were di?cnrered hy them for Dip fit t time with n the la?t month. A Ju'lgrnPtit i* demanded for the aum of M00.U00 and eo*t of *uit. The following ia oue of the count" of tl.p cimplaint . " 'Jhe plaintiff- furthpr ay that the ?aid defendant!, seeking to gi t their II- >ng hy variooa fraudulent and dj? hone-t practi-ea, heretofore, to wit ? 'mthpl-t.lay of Iipceinber, A. ll. 1>M), unlawfully, fraudulently and ileceitfully <1M Mn- p?rp, eoofp-lery,{ und agipe together to cheat and defraud the *al'i plaintiff* prirtnpr , a" aforesaid, of their money*, go-*). and es tate tnd wi'h the unlawful Intent among other thing* to wjjyllj I'i'llijupt and ruin Hi" said plnutifl |wix trier a^ afoieraid. Aud the plaiut.1T* furtbet ar and o.\cr that thp Mid defendant', In pur-uaiice of 'he ai 1 con spiracy, combination and agreement, a* aforesaid, did on thp 'la,} and year aforesaid falsely and fraudulently form and nettle, and ngrpe upon the f*l"p an 1 fraudulent de tlce or plan to wit ? Ihe -aid detfOdant* were to purcha-* or to procure, or to cau-e to he pureba-P'l or procured, from time to time hereafter, the int'-rlor gold du*t afore- aid, jieldpd hy tbp northern mines a- aforfald, ant when purefcn ed or procured a< afore-ail, thi ild infe rlor gold dn ? *?? to tie -o changed hy -aid defend ant" in color and general ap|>eiirance hy ndMistttrt?, tnd hy chemical*. mechanical*, and othpr contrhan < e*. a* to re-emMe In rolnr and general ap|*aran e the gold dunt af- reraid yieli|p<t liy the Mid aoutlipru minaa and of i-upenor valua a* afortnaid, aad the raid iofprlor gold du?t whpn to parrhaeed or procured a* afor^^aid and when the -.irrw- bad lieen " ? altered in color and ar learanca a? nfoie?a?t. w*? to he olf?re<l lor aale and <uiU lit the -anl i|pfi-ndaiit? to thp Mid piaia'iffn partnvrs at"rp.ald at n pricp lieyond It* r^al Talue and a- for gold dunt rielded by thp -aid nouthern mine*, of pofierior ralup aud win b it had been Ml fraudulently ma le to ri BCtnbW. And the ?aid plaintiff- further -av that th? aid dpfpiidant- in pur- oanoe of their raid fitUe dp<elt f n I and unlawful rou/plraey, and in pornuame <A the CO tltiou- and iinUwful plan or ?!< tire aforesaid on the >1 ay and year afcrwiM a&l on direr* other da y? and ti?up< betWK-n that day and the ?ai l lHih day of l<-bru*ry A. I>. IU'i fraundulentl; purrba-cl aui nro^ured large ouantitipx of the >atd inferior gild daat to jieloed hy the "aid northern mim - a* ?f :r? ild on the paid liMt .lay of I^'Pmlior. A. I'. 1M0 anl ond on 'liter- other day* and tinip" t?t ?<- :i that day and the aid l<Mh lay of Jphruary, A I?. 1W6 fraadafputly rurchared and procured large jiian'itip- of the aai ' ia fprior giild da?t mi yielded Hy the ?aid northern mine* a? aioroald, nnd ? n the -aui l?t day of ttpremtier. A !? nod i n din r? other day* and time* h*t*i-<-n tha day aj>d th? ??ld itth day < ' fi-ti'uary A I' J$i'. ..1 by <perit,u-i and fraadnW-ttt vlmhrtorp- ?n i t y in I y nieefianical <hemieal aad fraudulent t'-ntrirun ' ehangi' the rolor aad general appeeran" to rr-, -table and In all rp-perl> appear IfIN onto tbr gold lu?t of -'Ij^-inr ralup *o yl? W< d tiy tbp *outhp?n rume ?lor??atd And la fmtbi-r pur*uanre of the Ul>e fraudulent and unlaw I fnl ron*piraey and of the *aid falaP fra ndui<-a' and nn lawful dertee or plan of oj^ration- ao ?rnnf"! ?etfle-t and agreed uj^ n ?? ?fore?iid. the *aid defend* at n the 1-t day <.f l*-<embe' A D. and <n dite>. . -her day* ami time* between that day and the -aid nth day ofjehruary JWi.'i did falpely and fraudulently fT' ? for aale nad rpll to the pla.ntift- |*'1t?-r* a* ?f"rp-ai t a' their aald f.fBpe In 'he city of .Sin Kranei*- ?*?! a' tbet' aaid bran- h < fTi"- in the ?ald a</uth> rn mine- the aild inferior gold du-t in large abaatlti,-- t- wit: VWi (*?/ oaacee. ao altere-l a* aloreaai-l aa f?ing g' M ?' i ? /f -u p*''lor value yielded tiy t)?e n.iae? ta?t afor?'.id Thp count eoncladea by charging that *he plaint T I "Id the defendant* fur the aald quantity of g-..d dn-* , 'arger price than the earn* wa* worth t>y >b* - u the ounce, to wit: the fuii ealue of fold du ? e* . ; yielde<l by the aaid ariutbern mine* a* afore?.,i-' TBK ArriPAVITOV MR. C lit 'be couipuint l> ac uu-an.e : l.y the tollovtng ?d?- \ eit I arid (lumber*. r,f lawful age. doe? -Jep- *e te?!i'y and aa?, tb?t . .n or about tbe tat da i ' f member, I % *i the *%ld plaint iff* |>*niel I*. I age, He-iry !? lla' -o Hea-y ' liaight, baetd tha, par* a ^'.-snr-a W lag* ware paitner* oixler the atj > o! fag. li. oa * Ct and ea J aa *U'h in d , r* a g?..e .. ? a& aol ei i.i * 1 l,* In the -'ate of t*. .'' i * ?a 'uotlnjad *? ea i i 't '"i t<? *?*? u'tte t#< U*ji vi l?Vr*b I ItW, iiiwt during aaid i*ri A b?<l their prtwipaJ o?ce at tJpcity of (-nil Francia* <??, in ?-:i ??1 State. ?*< two brunch jfai one at Hucrnmento, in the northern i"?? of _?*? istef. ami flir other lit JVinora. in the eoutuirn lir' and dwing ..21 <f *.ii.l I? ri.K* -aid plaintiff- w ere r ng In the >uiilia>e of g?l<l du*t <t each ot nai't c See* for 1 ahlement to the Atlantic Wot" rt' ?bl* I'nlon jjiadthi" affiant further eay.*. that during all o* anld e*ioil<'f ti?ie, g.,1.1 ilun' of inferUr rnlue.and commonly Eewn by t \r nam* ?r dencripfion' of "poor iluat ?** %M?ht and w.ld in the nuirWet of *t?id State, au o(kri"4old du*t. fonmoiilr known by the name or ib ?c*U?lRe term wf ' good duiit,"aud the aaid poor du* Ai0ry*4 from th< ?aid good du*t. not only In value, but in ( colo^gw'' g'-ner?? npueaMbc#. , Ant t>i" affidavit further ray*. thnt dttrhif all of wind perid Itn- g. Id .lout prolan*! hy the aaid Northern Mine* WW, according to ? general, i*gnl?r and well known of tlie trad". offered for rWe a?vd Bold "n'X inthocHyof .v*n Frmriaco aforenaid. and in the city of fnerrtient ? aud other plaeea aituate in the district of conuUv wVrt-ver the ??:d Northern Miw? ?? l?c?tw. ?IMl dtninj. iil< ? eitid |V*ri<Kf, tlie gold du*t pr-wlnoed bv Oir mid >-Jt)? rn Mil** *?h*. according to a general regular ali.l well known suM.irn, offered for aalc and eold only In th< Ity of fan Vrnmlino aforenai#, arid ?t Bo not*. and ot'i>? place* (H wt1' in the dlatrift of country whertTcr the vaid Houfher 1 Minew are located- and anld dlitHrt* ?r?* i .-t from ??tU?'r. i?n?i bMi* tiwoa ?rrrt?w.t< frn??#f?lti city of hw Vmncimro, iwwi jluruig all (if raid fieri .4 both of mi t ?Hff' rfnt kind* of gold d*?t wvre produ. > ' by the mint * aforet-iid? ' Northern ?n?l Vouthtro." , And during a "of raid oerlo t it v.? a further regular well kl'in ale' general M the raid gorl duet trtda. hk earrie.1 ?n in caid Stait*. for gold duit ?o p*o 0mm ?* nlntrral V to t* a? ator???id, by 'Ter.ons .ngagtHl i-. the bu-inf'of mining ?n the f.UA mine* rfp| eel r el;r't and ?aid in IB- were genera ly ?w tinauUliHt from *IV other v l:ti"-er< n the community by iliclr drr?? nnd general ?pp*?rane* , And till* iifllant fuvthei "ay- that he i? inform*'. aii'I full) belieie- that on or about the rrxt day of lio.-emU'r. A. I'. l"i*0, the "aid Vt'red A Cohen, an>l the Kaid l?mal> C. Wooda. entered int'i a fraudulent iH'l corrupt coo^pi ? acy ami agreement with each ofh?r to cheat, swindle and defraud the plaintiff part ner? af re<iid out of tluar property and eitate, by fraudulently M-lluig to then* the inferior g?M dust ax a'wn -aid at a price greater thuu it? i cal *alue, and "aid agreement w?a not Umite-l or coiv ti net! to any definite number of mo li proponed trainlaioiit tran-actiouK, hut ?i< general an I un.itnited in it* *cope; and contemplated the utter l.ankrupt.y and ruin of *ni l plaintitT- a? it* only limit, and a* thU aiiant i? inlortuad and UdleM-*. And thin ?ni:mt i- fuTflier informed and believe* ton the mid defendant*, iu purauance of ?ii-l corrupt eon "piracy, did, In dher* d%y? and tinx'*, during the "ant l erlid M-ll to the "ai l plaintiff*, at their wild neveral I fflceH, the inferior gold dual aforesaid to the amount ot ?JJO.WW ounce*; tlie Mine Inning hewn previou?ly ?o changed in color and general ap|ieurance hy mechauutil, clietmral and -dlier acid*. u-"d and practiced t.y raid de fend a at* ?* to re*emble in color and general appearance gold ilust of superior \alue aforesaid, and in further aid of mid friiudulant tram-action* and i-a'en, tlie w?id de femlauU iBUhtd the "aid lutorior du?t *o Changed a* iiforcntld to be delivered in the hand* of miner* employ ? ed in ?old mine-, and into the hand* of per*oii* dicgn I a* mlwr* who in per- n and by the fraudulent pro cunmnit* of the defetidenf*, <??.?< ted the *ald ????. to the plaintiff* at their *ald office*, and audi tab " were made t. the plaintiff* ot c?i.| du*t for mere than it- real \ftluc* nu'l in ct'i^t^iu^nce of tli?* fr?udultot > ontriMW,i?H af"rc-aid. and tne pecuni iry l?*? direcfl) *uitaiueit by ? aid pUinfifl- in C"ii-e<|uen. e of ??i<l fraudulent *aU-*, amount*, a- thi- alllaul i* Informed and believe*, to th? Mini >l(Ki, 000 . , AiMin ko far a* tact* !*fnrc rc-citoii Ntato.1 on intoi motion and liellef, tb? information i- dfriredl frora atateniCDt* mad- to fbi* #m?nt and other n??nib?i-"t -aid tiim a *loie-aid, by sundry in-r-on- now in. < aUfornia. and who have aid to M?id afllaiit and hi* eaid partner* that lint had formal knowledge ol the '^d-.-'iei't.-'j ami in tfc number of *uch j?r?ou*ar? li. A. W luting and Jame* King of Wui. . . .... ... ... And flit- affiant further cay* that he. jointly with hi ? *aid partner*, have cmumeuct*! an actum againnt ttio ? aid t'ehm and Wood", in thi- couit and ?i?titled In the manner 4afe.l at the head of thi. aHida*rit. r -l()0 000 dainuge ? *u-talned in fact by thi* affiant and I hi* aid lartnei*. by tcasuu ot the wrong* ?fofe?aol. I Signed) I'AVlft ( HAMUKI.S. 1 ??orn to before me, thi- V-'b day of July. 1855. I 0. ??. MIAi'llCK. Jwlge -uperior Lourt. 1 \ OKI'KK 0* fcltmfJT. I I At ft o k" ', (he "nine night, an application wa? nvide Judge N irtun, at chamber* for n warrant for the ?r le-t ot Mr I <' Wood* and A A t'olien Mr. 1/lnnmd Ibmdoltih fade tie appll >tlon. u? < "in*> 1 f?t th" phtln tiff and Mr Scha'fter, of Halbr-k, 1'eachy, Milling* and lark though not tin attorn' y* "f reeord. al?o appeared in the ca*. 1 h< undertaking on arr.*t wa< *igtie l by Sir Hmrv M. Naglee and Mr I oul* Mcljiw for *urette* Judge Norton? What i*>b' amount of ball you require Mr. liand.dph " *800.000 an double the amount cialnii d There wa* nothing in the atatate fi*fng th amount of ball, and V *uppo(K-d that the (ourt would haie to < xercl".' it* discretion Hie Honor .luoge Norton decided to Bi the hail a' $4'.Q (RK). A warrant waa latftied ftcer<rdinglr f??r the arreat of th^ I artie* and made returna'ile <>n th<' '.Otli innfanf. ( ii AittiKs or rno?fc.H?ioNAL *m? kali ClOt'H PROftC'lTION? A K1BHT KATE HKLb ON OLD A n* mb'er of afBdai Ifa hare l->en flled. to hn uaed on Die rule to *liow <?o?e whv IfalleC, peachy. Hilling* i a od l ark idionld not !?? Buhatllufed a* the attorner* of re cord for Mr AMn Adaio* We are compelled to c u di n- the r? port of them, owing to th" pr. <* of the abaiu "m " w*<'1* te"*ifie? that H .l- Itilling* K I'ark were the attornev- and connnel of Adam* H ' o and that ar va* iu a i*rti ular and *[^c,al manner the cutiMd f .r the turn that the affiant lia* di?elo.ed to him cotiliden tiall) and iinn-eiTedly on tlie V"il of february, the con dit ..not the turn and all the fact- of t he ca-e th*t t wa- bj the adTice of I a/k that the cult between the j?rt net-wa* commenced which wa- to l- an awi cable - u 1 1 , *o a* to pr<*-uiea/To r.i/'i dlatrlhufiou of tlie the a*tef? of the firm that la* enjoye<l the f<itle?t eon tbW n'e of the affiant and ot M" lla-kell an I that -ill' bin return from fhe laetern Mate* m June la?t he luaa ught and i* n.w -?-Mi.g u, the ti-w rr.dii.g mo ? ;<> coi.Tert tin- a. ton w ? I. wa* orig-?a by a-ltf.-ed and grind bv lorioe'.t a* the e. .,ii-e, of all the partner ? t A'tntii# k ( ?., ??< ?? mnicat'le mit f'?r the |/ro rat* f tlmlri* l/uti"n of the flini a**et* into a ho* tile muH, V. harraea an l .njure thi* alliant, | mticularly towar - wU-m atk ha* conceived a mo*t Tlolent resentment and whue# rarter be ha* latelr a"*aile<l and rougtit to r^iji a ra rielv of way" and tevl. e Mr. Cohen teatifie* In :? very minute ar,) clrcnmatantial | manner to the f*ct < f I'ark ha' ing l>?en retalne-l by Mr Wood* for all ti e p irtner* of A'* Ac f>> in wluf waa underatood to be an aiuicabU *uit. He w.-uitwl a fee ..f 1 forty thouaand dollar*, and inud<- *"i. ?tatein< rita a* to what he c uld il" and had d m- nl.h h were ra lr lated tu joomt bow much \l<- in'viV" ? C->. it would he to contlLue to (tnjo y ' Irn on their Whalf He a la., -aid that Mr O hen owed si* ap|*.intm< n? a* f" to Ida eff. rfa. The foh'.wlng we '|U' ten full:? p.j.nint f .rtl.r eay* tl..t parti o'.-vfly in re'-'n" to th? forrn'i. ri of th. partner*' Ip t.. twecn A I in Adam* I I VV.- d? and I' H lla.kell May U 1W.M and the agency of C. K. Bowera a* the agent yt Adam* in bringing It about, and th# relation* of W.?*t* and }fa*kell H ereto, the defendant had two " . er ll c.n- | ver?afi' ri* wi'li fhe aaid I'ark, eti" in or afeiut^Jmy | and the other in or ale ut February, in which thia dept.nent treated *ald I'ark *? in an ewjweUl manner the counsel of Wrx*!- and Ifa kell a* .li*tlngui?h ed from Al>in Adam*, and *ald I'ar. r?-i*ni?ed re,? tlan fully *nd among other thing*, -ai t I'ark In the 6r*t of the-e eon' er*aflona talk**l of going to the Ka?' for an l on behalf of -all W.**l* .od Haskell and arrange matter* with tbe aaid Adam*, and alao ob?en ed to the dep*ment that it wa* *?l'l "a Ur*f rate sell u|*.n old Adaio* tl>? I'ark thereby meaning an l a*?uwiog tliat Ahln Ailam* had been in way clr'-uw anted in the formation "f aaid partnership, an a**omptlon and intention which thi* deponent ha* alw?y> un ier*t.eal the -al l W.m*1* an?l lla-kell to deny^ . . , Mr. JokaT HoyVe of Jan.e*, |a,?U H TV?i t?-f , aUo te* tffie* to the fact of I'ark being retained by I. C. W.xel* for all the partner*. <?n ti otir.n ?<( Mr I/.- e. >4 eonn*ei f.,r the pri ? ne* Mr l!< dn an M. liatku* wa* admit'ed to Itali in t'f) Th* (lielnt on Board Ihr Hlerrm Ktvuli. (?> m tlw A.ta < alif'.rala Ju g 11 ] (''lAiMniblr "iHtiDMl ?** i ?t ? Ibnnfhout < wri r* th? appfaraO'-t- of th' rh<.i< ta on t^?r^ tl? ?(tamrr ."it-rra S'Ta-la dur:pf lirr |*'*ar U*m\ -taJtimo to Una port. ??? ,n S'w "rlaii' tb' jt. <1 U'm *li< rr nor)/ I'iO t>' r w< k wtr' 'l/mg V* ?gnu I It a]*p<art4 aa>or>( tlir pa--t-tigf-r* until ?? Vlrfin llaj A youtig fir) vh'i ? n tat.i.* fru.' in[ : u<l--n1Ir ?? Ut'b Vilh a r-fuy ?fi I ?! la a f>* 1 'i ? ? 1W ?hn?i i a nut' in' t - j.' n- or >1 ? %'i.rf < hoi. ra .f ri .-nf tff- 1 ?? th a ?? ??I '.if at .-aa *" ""* <?? -a! ???>.? : aa<1 at ( i'n< ? ? At ' ? an ll t tt. > ? <t?a<l bMlira at ? o? tin, if t:!. ?! - at * ?? (T ?I at. rrfu-t 4 to bury t).? m. Tli?- i?a '.??<? |?t,< -a. j MX tt' t> ?n A f?-w ttajr- nut trim u g Jtun 'b? b .?f? r#*l ?iiK'fij 'h? | - ? .n '. tjt'n '< furT up to tb' tta; ' >r;i , b"? lu'.j U IV .? , b? in \fnti amount t< 0 Our lof'titnaot, < fit- '.f 'h* ? >U'?- that lo t o* V Br hour aalrb ??' t-a ra ? t t?-ri?iinat#"1 fatall/, Ibr bltf ma ??of t^? >tHniM Mr. I'atry iM <jb I r14ajr. 7b' <t?iri?,r ilUI no1 la ?. ?tti* .<a? aa* * ?' ?f ?Jura a?r? amtr>( tb? ?'wt|t b -fl) ?irral '1U4 la fka uj.t.-r I I"??t '?t? n- A: -n* -b' ?? ?a? ?bf Par. C. II. *??t, ?bt> ?>? oa bl- ??f b?r? >o tak? ? h ?< (ft of a e?Ttft?tfa'l"n id or?? of "b? IttrtVir !?? ?? 1b> r? ?r> a' v 'btt? on buarl -ht j?r a' b# ?btrf. ikl'h "b? ('< roa't aaaartt ar? Ub?lf to f ta fetal. Tao * n??n tSlr-1 jxwUrilay tn- rain# n?a>"! ??'J Aaa A *ti. *g< ) ivratf o?* jnn, ?bt ? !'? b* * *<*?a j marilad w a fnjt.?m?a la ^fn'lt ?bo ha-t wrl-t^a t ? I ht tn t ( at* ??t att't jtc.a Ul??. Il< j I- a ? ?? t? ? 9 ' * of ' b* Cor <?a?r . It **j..r Girrfi'iiii *<Viaf *b rr. >1 ' f)' ? if' i" ia b? a<at'ar. i?! b < lau*1 bt~l tb? t rna>il>?, aU ?a *b? ?~ffy tn att?o>l tb> ??jB?'?r> t.n tianl 'b' ?taarn?r *a fai?i.b b*'t?|tb a l.?1 <sf tb- Va'". a- fp t? . f llrwtMir M1-- I ?-!?'.? Mir. t, ? .a *!???" a* ? j ?(.|?af? '? bi? ??.1 il?? niilittf r'1 '? "? ? ?f? 1 am*?n J*%n Tb? ><f I>r'?ab j t tr r^.^V-1 a' tiu:< (?*oftb >- ? < U!?< "*a | ).?r f ? ?????, j-ar\ H?f)-; Hi- but ai, , waata 1b? ri'J | ??? ' ' f ><?? ?f? ?. ti r'aill ? '* ??? ? I fa ; t*>f h? f.M ' i - ?* a **n* 'Ml ifl ? '?? '?t' | a >. m \A wti?- j**4- ?f *i vwt dread Intelligence that * he diwd when the ateainer wa* lour daya' mil %*?,m tMa port, i^br I - aa.d to luif be?*n | c?M of uuwt loT^lf a( her eex. The gentleman ihut attended her during ner iki&fM a bowed ner every it<?n lion and did nil in hie power to ie*torr her to health but to no nrniJ Her brother iMamed ber trunk* and found * loc k of hah , whit h Mi* clipped fer her loved brutbet - ia California. In one in?t?ntc n whole family v lMt#-bnnd, wife *n 1 cliiVI, died in three nucrfMiifv day*. N AJIKH OF I'AfhkXJKHb WHO *1HJ> OM HO AHD ttlEIUlA ML V ADA, JUL*, 1*65. lilUN. July i ? Jofhua I.otd. Juir 10? T. H. Brown. 7? -T. H. Went 11-? Mr*. T II Hrown. 10 ? 1? !lii>-hman ft)? It Am*-tr. ?* ? I/il * t of T.lf.lfcown. KTKKHA'lt S"it\y 7? Thte Berg. July 10? K C?mpa. 7? ?Thou. Morri*o?. 10? Fatiick Council. 7 ? Jmno Keg^r* 11? J II Fop?\ 7 ?j,vui IUhnkeu II ? Jeaae Hnratow. 7 ? John Collin*. 11 ? IHtgh Neal/. F? luft of Mra. Ril-f. 11 ? J? 11104 Kox. P ? Mi,~- Mt i ;?li Mulliun. 11? Aug. Mayer. P ? in. Matter/. 11? l<nl|>h S?ymour. If ? Char lea Hole. IV? >laa CIm Iinff!i?*r. 10? Win . .w'cot1< y. lii? J. Madden. rtsw. July 14? John Ferry. 1*1 ?IHeer. fi ? I lurk by, fireman. I1? Major ?? ?, aeuinan j. r;. n^;r; I'uraer. Add to the above the name of Mi^ Mary Ann Alien, who died yewterday r turning; and *?e have a tatai of 31 Ihere are now three ? ??e? iir the County H*?pit*l on Wocktoa afcteet, and fm?r iu the Unitad ."itatta Marine lloapftal it Kinewi Not, ***?e of wbieb c?nn*i( but prove fatal. The ateaairw luin been hauled away f.'om (lie wharf, and will ho thoroughiy iruovated mik! painted. DrutiurtWr agrwtlM III Haii From Into. [From the Alfa Crttifcrnia. J About half pjiwt three o'clock on Wednesday morning, July 4 an alarm of fire wsa *ouri'i*d from the >i*fh din trict. It proceeded frtn the Cryatal .Saloon, near the corner of Kearny and ltuelaatrceta, and though the de parliwiit vmh at once at the ae>ua*. the Manna had en veloped that a .id tb?*a?ljMMng buildinga in a few mintttca. '1 be * ?g n* * were atatiom*?i with wonderful celerity >?long hi amy and M mtgpmcry atreet*, and alao upon liuah and l ine. A great crowd ciile' tod in a abort time. Tb? tire ?w?*jit wti h ftjry t<? the cant ward conauniing abuut twenty LulldingH lh?- !?????? w w?- fjne tM'low. Ann og tb> inn-b nta of tK?? ttie waa the n*acu<* of two childten by Mr I'h'trh a Ih'iter, wb?? < nter< d a burning building on Kearny atreet, in the nndat of the tlamea, and snatched tbt a from the lar^I upon whlrb they wer?? lying. Theii jiaienta had ? troui the bona- , but in their Dight had been un:tblr to r?*a< ue their ehlldren. One of the infant? had ita fN'ttwdfy burne<l. Mr |a-it?*r laaued frr in the bouae in aiifety, arotd the clieera of the crowd, llie iwretita appeared a?K>n after, and the meet ing again with their (liildreu can )><? better imagined than deacribHl. At cne tinu it wa< thought tliat the flames would ex tend quite to Montgoia* ry atr?*H, and thu < deatror tl?e entire Mjuare, but tlu-y wero ohecked on tin- Cant ? n!??>! HeMen atreet. oppontt Trinity church, by the alniont ?u )?erhii!iuin effort- f t hremen T!ie lire %*a?* at??|?|ia?i at the flour mllla iH Wm. Miarp&Co , nhlch aa-? tba 1h e t lif?u.-e conauaied. Tha apa<te burned over i^ lri> -'tided M?wn Keainev and 1U-1>U u, ? a tin* weat and ea?t, and l ine and Hudi, on* t tie nooth and aouth. T)?ot??lden (jate Floiti Mill* w -re threitencd, and the walla n?ari*nt tl e fue much a? ?? ?r < bed. but the bri'-k* w? re proof atraiuat the intense beat, wbleii at one time ua> ao'lntena** a< to dti?e the crowd before it, and n?w but the tireu??*n re mained It e lo^-?*a ar?* a- folio wf ? Iltiah atre? t - CV fatal Hou ?e, a large double tiulldiufr, ninety teet iu d?f?th, uwt?*d l?jr I' 11" a man, ofeuiiied a- a hotel by Ilagwr. nothing of c<>uaei|UPnce aaTo>l; I >?*? of building and furniture, $111,000 I *r inking -aloorj, corner wi the alley, ?iaaH lo?o? lintcLer i?huu comer of Kearny <awi , tctal lofat $,'1,000. Kearny atre?it. ?BorlilyV lintel, kept by Ilarkly , no fur nituie *a*ed total loaa, #9,001). Oiward'a Uaety ataMeaf three building**, owned by Mr. Carter, now in kuro|>a. htar?e* all ?a%ed, l?>aa $0 000. Four buUdUiga, ownwlbv Mr. liet?drl? kn furniture all destroyed loaa at>out I'roCuion atvra, kept by Jobn l^^ger*. Furniture and k ent Italy consumed \nm* fi/^OUO. Huilding on the corner of Fine ^tr^???t, owne<l by Mr. HtH f?e? Ul'ied tiy Mr IhitT, lower port a* a millinery ?hop. aauie building, Htein'a gilding ahop, total loaa, $16,000 1 ine atreet.? H. I. (?oodwtn> one hour"' ? lately oemj IM a- n feed -tore, loaa 0 I'biladelphia iiouae, kept \>y J. Hrown. Nothing ?avo4 Is aa, $t?.t00. Miarp k Co.'a at earn flouring mill, machinery aarM. Vadtitif apparatua deatroytM. 7/?aa tv ?t eatlmat?*<i IkJden H?re? t? 1 mpire State Flour Mill, owned by Mai lory k fiariiaon, building owued t If. I. Uiaatwin in.i i ) inerv waa nearly a tidal loaa. Whole loaa eatfi?*d at Feaidea the t.uildinga enun?er%te<l above, there were a large number of amnli w?m*1ch V?uildinga on the oaat aide of relden atreet that were deatroyed. A building on IJelden atreet, otnwl and wctipi?l aa a carpenter a hot* and reaidenee by a man named Kldrldire waa eii%eli?iie?i In fiainea be$*re the tamlly were arouaed, and they fiad barely time to eaeaj-e with their liwa, witlcut raving a particle of clothing except U*at iu wbb.b tt ey were apparelled. ? ill n ha, Marrt*|M and Dtctiu. hi in iim. In Sun hmiriacfi, Jul/ 6, tb< wif*' of Ml. BwWu C Moori', ? -f II ilailtfhtir Iii Mciaui<-iit", July 4, th1- *lf?' of Jacob Br mum' I of ? <?'n. In I nt' ii, Humboldt county, Juu<- M, Ui' wife < f Mr J. ,W lif .%? la, i.f A ?..n. At Wbl-ky I rnk, ;-h?-ta county Juua S3, th- ?lfr < f Mr llark'lnt'. > f n aon In -an b ran< laro, JaM iil> th'- wif.' of Mr. Fetor Morn win, lit tain il??irhtn? In fin franc Wc., Juno 8? th>' atfe of Mi. I^rtllip ffcblou, of a Mid At ?*?, nVti! tW Emily Minor Jane 1A Mr? Uttl* of a ?<Jtl At fluuH, Junr 2*, thr ?ifr o( Mr <4 ik ?on Ki J-bMU Jul/ 4 the #y|M' rs)f?? 'f * <Ua*Ua \f AfclUKI'. In Pun Krmd^.i July 4 by th' It*? I H lazy Mr f atbi N Hawlrjr, of thi? city to iir?r? Hunl/ar, of I hai !? -ton n, Ma ? Abt". at tb>- *am?- Uw and pia*"*, Mr t ha* A tin* Icy to Mia* little I. Ufa ll .r 1 aii 1 I fan I ratielw In >an b'mwHaro July 1, by Ju>Hf' A fMl Mr -ylraa trr (Vjtutor, i'( Nliwi<.p Duluri"*, tu Mi-? Vuy AM <ilill*. ? f th?- ??w- | Inn-. It fu Krinel^u, July I, ty Jl< <> P<*r?.n J I' , Mr Nli'b' U" J l arton to MI" tmoriw* Iian-n I lb <4 tbi? dt? m >'wrinrM<i, July .1 Mr Jam'* W Bublrr In Ml?* Kiynli laurrnt AJao, Mr I. I Mill- t <? Mi*a L A FrkanlniktiMr In ."to tranclfo. July 1 by tk* R?t f ?r it, Mr I ranklin Henry |i?y, of tfuflalo, M. Y , to Mr*, li' tuw.w lull, ' I l**tin?) Itania In ^?n J. M', July by tb? lion n II R-i'kn'r, '..unty Judge t',t< ui W Crab', Eeq t" I* Ma Juaua EncatM t .? n <trt?K? d* -aii'lford In racrniri' nt" July .1, by Ju?tic Aubury Ja* N Sub let t< Mi1" Ka(?-uia lauiant la hacrantrnto, July 3 by th.- IV* I?r J- w|.kk 1 Jon**, Ibwidor. II Mlll?, f. nifrly of Suffolk ' inly, ?? V ??! Ml ? Aiabella rrb'iri|? alt< fo? of Wrfli mburg In A ubain July ?'?, by 'b? !<? ? J Knfin ' hn '? taef ? f > mint Jim, to Mr. At<?*l, ol Auburn In fun fnocifii, July* If lb' lb* Mr (.aLmlvr W IllUru Samuel llrk? t>> Ml-? llrl g< I Mafulr', all of thl? city In A u bun J' ly 4, Mr (?? A I'Imw Ui Nla Var litx loafer, all ? Aubum In t i |n I t*ilU Jane h by th? ftr? '< ft Taylor Mr JanM tlrl' ?" Mi?? l>aa?a ?? toiler, t. th I una !!? 11. - In fan trar- u'o, Jun?- II, >?y tb>* I' r lrr fla Virtm \ (. Mr W in f ? ??rty t" Mi?? M?-ir?rM lb" r'?a Maj?? i*1i !).*?? torn an-; I' rmeri) ?H K*.i/liu In AaJkrrat ?' II Mat ?, by lb- !!? ? J I. Oan. .(?bk< W Toana >f .-an rraacU'.". to Mtaa ' y&tb>a<i ?? liiir * f An b?r-t i ii '*?;?! ' b? fioH?? A* July 0 >y I>? C l? Wy. ."Mr I'lil'.'i'. of -an t ? >!,? i? o to Ani? l? ri"f <.f*b'lat< A-a I'rrfciaa, M I* Uf. w Itoirr, Jf II K?, by )>i. R P lu'W Mr Rob- 1 1 M t* HIh Aim K>arn> b>.-b ?fthatrity In >b???a luly Z7, Mr fbano^tU, of MMiilIi 'a I |f;. M- b .14* Fan lot 4 of ba.'a. In ran turirbco, Jaly i by Km I'obt M'Ri"y II r. Il'niy I'. II' o ii' to Mi-* rojphn.i,.. I . IIa> f, b o( I ? 'aluina. In -<n;i nto Jua? yf J W !{??? af W ir<aila ?? V -? Ifannth J <t> ? "f N' ? I 'i III f-ai. b ranr???-?, Jnly II, by Itao 'i l'??r?na, J?? t." < f th* l> >'< Mr. Ibn.?? i'.. ?r to Mm- ??? *? I <?' ll of 'hut r,. y In I | I'r I !?' <-ri I l? J ?.r.? " ty t''> f. H T?i'? Mr. 1 b'<..a? ? ro?? to Ml?? M"bab?'ia J Unlit, Wb?< I * ? , i. Holloa la Hrai'M. July IV. b* !V? Mr W.x?4l?bl^* II n Mr. t ? n ii* Amy i of lu u o< o'y * f An il'a I a I o m* fo- rr>" ty >4 (fW ? "?M??rlaa4 < n -*f?i<lBy n t I* ly * '?/ K? >''???" af ? n . M ? -f.> II* A> ' A'|oM| ? 'Hy t- *4' r coaa'y t'? , ?o Mix Corn?;la Jan? -- io4?-' * lara ''r ' n 'h? *'fc Ii y irifan'a* ?ra t fr-f ?? M^'tay I' b <1 A 1 1 nr. t , ,,f ?ata tl?i> M*-? ."?llf J M'< ItilaM) . I'aaiMyh ? o * (Hit. In ?a Im '? J.;l ? ' *:< "? Mr. I r* I'' y a !>?? of ?a4 a.*> i M ' A1??. , V>? fott ????! *4 y??r? IS Haw ul?, Jaaa l< K K A l aat, I'oti l|<,. >* Hli Hijo1! aa4 af tba iaa? at af>4 M }?ar? iii't I# moath* '"a : ."III .? I a?*y, Jaa* ii A W Aki aadat, aa< A " >4?at ?f -?'i?r>*a'? ll. il'.'. o J .ly < Na't^afi "fi y aoa i' i M t4 Ibb/-. II' f'.ala tm+4 ? list 'ft b- *rA 1? '?i UK 1 > '!? ? -ao*?f?ara " jaty Jaa? JO ' w H it.< ?r"1 ?'? -t *0 jir? >or? ?-'y o? tt. t a ? mi "<?at; atau la ^*a rraartoca, Jwty 1, of tnfcaM Inn, M. Ifrary M f ar. ? i at. . . ' I latitat K - aa>4 /> ya It. !?? V.a, J'-?<? * Mra Ma'fai*' !/..? ?y* ia I aba na Ml l-a.ah lx? h n an l/io .w. Jo'y ? M? ? V'.fc I* " ^ M !.?? H aa^Ma- a). **a, Imh^ y ' 1 ?*7. *? ' ? jr- 4 .)???? aad 34 '?? .3 t ', JVy t.'of I -?? - ? ? ? ?J ti'/lt M.-' , Avf a Mt , ?f - . i * la Fmnft-efl, Jul/ 12, of typhoid Imr, Mr. J Mfti CWbuui, ol Naalnrtvt, Mki., Sfwl Gifrmr*. July 8, Mr?. Kmk Mitchell, connfrt of M Miiiliell, Hi hi* r> ?? half 11 mil<* tx-lo* Ktmmi'abi ?sfu Frurixo, Jm! J 12, of lypbiu? fever, M; M?t lh?? l4iid??i. h na<i*? of l'ui/<j?), fc?/1iaud, ?sj?d Jt } rati a. Mtrhtfi. t*? ttuiiniw, July M V M. Th<" transaction,. ,,f ;?,) -n(ty vrrr email. c#u?M M mm n h* tbe frvmah t*\rn nnent ?f *hi" tin**, ?? Mwt o?-mr a|tna<li if ij,< .lejuituij id Ihr ari.-ti, a it'; imA f<>r ihr *a*t CHir in>|iMlii r<'Mln<? l,,,hi ? r*r i.t ot Jhmut0f tfcqj ?mi IU the ay,:ieyatr I ? MO ?*. Ju al K>it,76^. W?2, ?:im<- Utile lii.t )'i'*r iiui . ,rt, lr,.i 1 IkU fort t* ? untrl.r.l,,.. ? .l.n.i.i. 1- ,nM,uni- 1* ?WM. i?i. Hwn'iiAt t.-x 022, r, 37 ??ni. um. ,.m y,.,, ijJfcn ? |?< |? ?mrf JkUiiuijr l-l. ?l .,m*i 172 u,( III- th4 W. U*1 yror la-t Mali nmt ? .( nit rit\ l^?ukK >1 II w rti?w i f>W'l,IOO hi li.uti mni I ?.vo m j<f?M4? * und ? >!>'?:? ... I f |;i,,U0 II, ,n,t f'4i : Onrtn-u lati< a Klm H ? Tlir ealae today amount In : /HO Ian- ?M '!? mc-llc and l'."> bt?l ? tul . .? an . UaiiiaUai HI M> * M2 iiM.ts ? MM) I-m w ?"M ?' tl 2.'. a >1 12', IUI.IM. ? t-*I<? liu*' l>p*e? wry li?iit, i.?l nrrili a*r 1,C00 I UK- <)? kh'pIIc at tt I* ? (1 China <?i ? -lHt?raM*? I blua oil mill on prir?t# t?rM? 1'i'itK ? lim half hbl# clear r < *1< 1 hi (lit 1 - ' Ha ?> ? .'?? tine. - in b? ue, < I John Miit.n tnllo* 1. 1 !?*(?? 1<?n>?. fi<> t>M? <!*? c\ Witchcraft, aw' J'Mm Mfl ? I iMi alkti |yv?lr W.OUO II* do <?! Wltrhr r?ft, nlwi ptm rnlt*, ami .'W tn rr< ?, in l>rm". al IVc . Ut Urrrtt ao!4 al> idkc,; ?o lifroc* i? IU<uf> ? -12 lilwl* ???. iu UlUbriafi, fci4J ?? llf i 1ft. 000 Umi. rxli* ?*l?*it, ?*\ ?olJ on t? nu ??? flalrtl 1 * HI! ? 172 ra?*?, 10 nn*l l.V Hi. tln?, aolil a" ltr la 17', <? . 7.1 10 lb tlna, rr W, ?..) I mi |ni ? iiilr triiiu '.'3 do., 10 lb. tin* miolrr mu*-. al I' ?,< III nirK. ? V?0 llrkinn m*w ?"M at 50c 10<ul aold ut llie MDIf fl|fiirr llM.M> -III liHI*. an<l half ?hill* ?<>kl on prlrelw trim- bO l?l'W? aiul 10 lialf <lo., ai Jnbii Milton, aold mm ibntf. * Mini ? It.- China Nn 1, of n lot ronaliMnc aT '.0U,l*<0 lb"., va? xnlil at nurtinn by IV II t, Has (Mini A Ci- , at ll*#r 10U liairbbl- fHiirilriMi, at 13**'?., 11 hall bbt? . aru-hol, al 14, 100 half bbla an<140#4?. nil br*t ali*l |mttiUyHl, rt Jubn Mlllon, mihi oa ,*v4vaMa l?*i in? Hi. i - 40 (MM Um. ( btna Mild at It* 12 000 do. lainnar nH.I at ft'*** lt*u*i>.f. ? MMI ball aii'l <(Uart ? l?nr Ujrar aold ' ? f?i \ ate tri in. . M<>iam>?>< an I umi i' ? BOO >1 f?l kn? hy tup, a*d MM <bi. 4 an*! ?'? tfal- at 7.V |Ikam<t. ? 10<|r. ra?ka and I "i ?rta<i*? dark Sarrr a< a?M al >1 ? 0 Wisur* ? V0 <a?k? rlaiol aold at ?'.< IU'IH '.00 belt 4 Nik. 1 to 111, miM at 2flr 1 w, (i<<ll? ? 1'< balra lir. *n alx^ilnif a?M at #l<r 0. > v<* W iiinl 10 4 .liwlliifa nl < oat and rhatffn*, iHmflmiim, blufand i<M hlanWrta at ii<i t oat.? J00 tona >*rolrli, <*x Tj?dui.>rr, at (IT. I imud. ? MM) Ikixh- a.lainantlua aold on prliat# t^raa* I <j o <t<. al-? | ri< ?tr ;00 Im>?<-< Kinmion -lo. ?< al at Ulr . .'4X1 ball hotaa Ui iiiiib k l<i ai 100 <lo ?l t at ttt* >iinn* hguif . '.V iam< i art<? ti? do at llfx* , .XMt.ljOiea ? ..Id at u'.'r. In addition t? tbr aboia, w? .?rf + an oiler ot .12 mat a for I 000. I?<i<*a, ao<l X>?nnur?ar 10,tMM) do, abith |<rofler? in both in. lame* r tt* (?oar ? 1 VlMJ Ih ii'i. Illll'a i t John Mlll 'n, aold at He. hm ? .till ball bbla. iimrVaral aold al ?III. I kill. Alfiw? 112 half 14,1#. a?M at l^^c. ? I3(!. H*IT. ? -0 < II -?? I0P. aa'k" ? ioM at '?>. , 12 da *oA do at 40. , 74 i a?< ? 10 lb. oarUa, on prt>at< U*rrna. C?am.ii<?i?J* ?'.00 5 frallun t- < >* l? arriifc, el Jufcu MB/ loll, < li lurtui* not ptiblj. Dreadful Calamity lit Chailuua a?f I . MKABLY A WUOI.K rAMILV WlKt TO OKAV*? f W C1I II. I'llt N TAKKN OUT W.AB FIT* OTUBK >?' nuyn m?t kxtm ni> to he< ovbh. I A?t ulftit al-out tao o'clock, a lira Uroba aat lath* ? Uittitng rtotr of l>w Jaruba, S'>. lav, t'i?\l|a|ei#?Uret, k?i1 Ih fura aaalataaoa eauM !?# nrarly tiv ? wtioln of a faintly ?<?(?? ddtriijxl. Tan rlillilri n wfrr takaa In in tin- mill#, l.uiut (u itmtli. Mr*. Ja< -.U*. Aan<I mfaut tliii*- mUu old, r?K ?M from tin ii.oa# , l?it Wn lily burnt hIh ut tli# fa**, ?bovl4> r? Ami lm-v t#. A Hit. Hactlt, AU<1 ilauglilrr four ycara old, ??? l?k?ij nut ami rmiYfji '1 In tin' li- Jn'al, aaT'r'lj iujur r I from tm rw, Marcu?H< nian, tli? cutter, ra?vl?''<l ????? ra, if not laul Injury from tarn* alxiut I tireaat ? ?.| I*.)/, Ju Mm luilwl*, 1)i<i ?*rT?iil #lrl, WW boM ut unr nf tba r h.ldiao anil tiinil' I.m f?|* tlnou^li tin' amftk" without Injury llio luti-na a \ citatum I coure^oaot U[?ifl tb* 4ia*4fa calamity rnidiTol it illfflrult to arrita at ptrUraltr*, ka a? far a> could l*> nbtahiJ <1 tbay ara a? l>?lo<a* ? 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Wa aba w a ? ?aj a ) ? . . nr>4 u b ' ? kaa^ a ..??<?? '?? ia 'ha Ite "<a a-vt ' a -ml u. aa. ?? a a :?a ? ? IV n< iam' i" a a' ^ > ?"* ? ?a !>? a- ,- r. Of a a.j ??/ * #???#? ?a. r> ? 1 ? ??* 4a'iac> by a#t? ??aal laalr llfca*aaa# . 1 a f ? . 'at * bt * MaiaM a- *. J?a- r- J m J ? .a 4 tr ? ft a ? * *?! *?' ?a ? H Ta a. k ... ?4 IMiaar) . . ? . Vy

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