Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6H22. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE LOUISVILLE ELECTION RIOTS. WHO WERE THE INSTIGATORS? Buildings Stocked with Arms and Ammunition. Tht Irish and tifrmans Firing oo Peafeable Citizens, &c.. Ac. [from the LnnlwlUe Bulk-tin, Aug. O.J 1 lu-re is great excitement. A numlx-r of list ll.irlitx lute dccum-d, but villi the exception of one affair, and I Ik- accidcutal diHcharge (if a platnl, by ? liieh a man HO(i ;i buy were wounded. no se. ioun harm has been done. Oil Hancock street, a man unite d tu-o. Birch. or liurke, -was attacked by n number of Irishmen and was danger <iu>ly injured. It Is feared that bl* ekitU In broken. The Irishman who inflicted the blow was arrested. la the Thiurt ward, a man named Henry <;la.-.s attacked a German Know Nothing, in u litch the former *a? worsted. At (lie Court House, several fights hare occurred, and during one of tlu-in, l'at Tansey, an Irishman. leaia-d from the door In the secoud story of tin- went end to the pave inert below, without auitafnlng any injury. Tie police In the Eighth ward have been very efficient, and but v?rr few plight disturbances. A very serious ac ci.liwt occurred there about one o'clock. A man who is a watchman in the Nashville Kail road depot, was show - irg a pistol t<> .lames Jones, a driver for Mr. Uraham. limber merchant, when it went oil. the ball entering the groin of ,!oni ?? and passing through him and also enter ing tiie groin of n boy about nine years of age. named Henry Voting, who was standing immediately behind Jones. Yiiung wax taken to Hr. firiftiths's office, llis vound is not mortal, but very painful. There is lint lit tle if any chance for Jones's recoTcry. His wound was dressed by Dr. Hrewor. I'From th? l<nui*Yille Journal, (American.) Aug. 7.] We deeply r( gret |to have to record the scenes of % io IcucP. bloodshed and houac-burning which occurred in OW oity veste-day. We cannot now express our great aUiorrence of aueh things; nor can v e find apace in which to -ay what we would wish to say upon this subject. A terrible t extensibility rc-its upon tho-e who have incited ti e foreign population of the city to the deeds of violence which were the commencement of the riots in the First aad Eighth wards. We tire confident that these Hots were not occasioned by anything that happened at any of tte several voting places. Till- flection throughout the <;|tv, a-- fur a- we can learn, pa -se.1 off with unusual quel, with in- exception of a Inula! outrage in the First Wiird. and tome fighting at the Kighlh ward poll-, in which noouc wns much hurt. The riot s were occiuioned by in stifrtroinate and murderous assaults committed I13 fo re'gnet-s, chiefly Irish, upon InofTenslye citl/ens, p?cMbly attending to their or. n buslne? at some dHance from tiny of the voting places. All the circumstance- connected wilh theM- assaults strongly In dicate ;hat they were premeditated, and instigated by other B?rtie? then those by whom they were actually committed. We are not now prepared to say that they were the consequence* only of the incendiary appeals. Ibr some Jinn past, publicly made to our foreign popula tion by .-one- of the leaders of the anti-American party, ?it that tliey -?eie instigated by direct Instructions of men w ith fiendish hearts who control in a great measure tlic passion", ami an- able to dictate actions to the fi.-r nnni and Iri-h who miole these al tacks. All the f. 1 '? t wlll pmbibly he ascertained judicially, and then the re MponsibilUy ?..?ill rest where it properly belong'. Tin- ?-> r cimiMtaiices a- detailed to us. and the confessions ot some (if the miserable wretches who were made the victims of tleir in?ane folly and murderous violence, show that tic-o assuu't upon unoffending and innocent native bom citizens were premeditated, and that the blame attaches 30 ntbers, -,?h.. are as yet unnamed. We have not now time to give details. We assert, however, and aie -ure. that it will Is- proved by respect., Ne wltnesse- that every act of bloodshed was begun by foreigner*. That in every instance where mortal vio lence ensued, the beginning of the riots nn nnpro voked slaughter by foreigners of peaceable Americans t\bile quietly passing iu the f.treils at a distance from the polls, i'h i - infuriated the populace, and a prompt :>nd terrible resort to mob violence, by which many tireigner-" were killed and much property destroyed, wr's the ism eqtience. In the First ward, about nine o'clock in the morning, vthll# the election was proceeding quietly at the poll >. ?r. Oeorge Burge. a respeelublc end quiet American ctt'Den v.n hnttnlly a-iulled by a party of irish men on .In.-kson street, between Jefferson and Oreene, without having trlven any provocation. lie wis knocked <|own arid horiibly beaten with stones and club.. H. attempted to escape from the Mends by whout lie was ntt-v-Ved. ami ran Into the alley of an adjoining bouse, where he ias followed by his blood-thiwty ns-ail ants, lino cut. -tabbed and beaten until he was snppoied to be (lead, when one of these inhuman brutes deliber . tely opened his knife and proceeded to cut the throat of tie murdered man. When this act. of violence win madi known, a party of Americans started in pur-nit of the run rder.-rs \>h>. were *ubscqncntl\ .1 rest-sl ami lodged in lad hv the Mayor and I'ity Marshal. In the afternoon, betw.-en three and four o'clock, seve ral Americans ere Ured upon and severely wounded while qnietly riding or walking by the Merman brewery en JefTcr. on street, near the Keargrass bridge. Aiming these were some gentlemen l'rom .letfcrsnn county, and xcveral respectable citizens. One gentleman who was Hied at ??? t iding in a buggy, with liU wife gea'ed by hi jeide. A^Hint the same time a perfect nhovcr of and bullets was rained upon every American passer-by. frinu the windows of some liou-es occupiisl by tiermans u]miu Mielhy street, in the tteighborhnod of Madison street. At aoun as tle-se occurrences were made known, it wa* ascertain il that large lw>iliea of foia-igners, artneil with ?hot pins and rifle- had assembb d in the nelgblxu liix"! ?if the brewery, and also on Shelby street. An tud'-'cri miuat<- slaughter of American cUi?ens wtu? apprehend* I. An Immense crowd of excited, maddened, InfnrUted Americans assembled. Tiiey wer- fired at from tie win dow* of the blew ery and the houses on Sb-lby stru t ami in seeking to arrest these offender*, several men were laidly wounded; and the incensed and infarintcd mub bnrned the bre .tery and sacked the houses fr< -in which the allots were fired. In the t- ighth ward the most serious distnrlmnces oc curred about f> o'clock iu the afternoon. A Mr. Tlliode-. in company with two friends, all American citliens, were ?|UietJy parting upon Main ?tr<-et, near ('Impel, when tin v were set up"ti by a party of ten Irishmen, who, with hor rible oaths. swore they would clean tin- streets of every Aineri'an. fifteen shots were tired upon them; Rhodes was killed, and t-oth his companions badly wounded, one ?>f thMn aeri itudy. rhe Irishn en then ran up Cluipel stre -t, and on being jeirsnej look refuge in a house at the corn-r of Chapel t?nd Market ?treets. whence several allots were fired by the inmat- s. by which several American citizen- were ?miitded and two were killed, a Mr. (inhain and a Mr. Hobsoti. The firing from this hou -? continued fur some half hour, 'die hash were armed to the teeth with lire arms of every description, while the Americans w.-re al most entirely unarmed, and were obliged to go to their homes to presnre arms to defend themselves and their friend* fri ni the murderous tire of the insane wretches who had made thi? attack upon them. |fc.t*,.,.n ? an,| j o'clock a sufficient force had assembled to capture the murderer of young Orabam; an attempt was nia-'e to hang him. but we learn that he is still living. In the m' tintime a fusilade of shot-gun* and rlAen was kept lip against any American passing by the row of house* at the corner of klcventh and Main street*, h< longing to all Irishman named (Juinn, a brother of Katber Quinn a Itoniau Catholic priest; several American* were wounded by shots tired from these premises, and the attention -if the crowd wa- given to them. They were filled with Irishmen, and with loaded arms, as the sequel proved beyond a doubt. An attempt was made to drive them nut. and the house* were flri-d, whether on the iiaide or outside we do not know. While burning, the frequent report" (hewed that they were wall provided with fire arras; and tie- confession* of a poor miserable devil who wa* rencited by ? apt. Stone, prove* that *they were filled with arms and contained thirteen keg* of powder pro Tided fo' th occasion. The houses ar>- stilt burning a ?e write, and the riot has not yet (ubsi'ded. Wc hav neither span- nor time to enter into anr pur iicul?r?. W <? w ill attempt to do so to-morrow. A num ber of Americans wire -lain by tin foreigners and .? numtier ot foreigners met a heavy retribution. Wed., not kacw liaw maay have been killed, but have already b'-ard of rone twelve or fifteen in all, and some twelve er thirty Imivo la-en more or le-s dangerously wound. ?! Tin- J- nrvtl a '.so contaiu.i the following:? Wlm f? responsible for the riotr Thin N a 'itieation thick niu?( he ans?ored. There I* a ti rrilile r- port' i Mlltjr voniewhere, and the proper partle., let lh<*in he ? ho the} may, mu?t In'sr It. On-- thin^ at !??? - f in now Ut.wn The foreignei in till- eit} more c.ju riiillj ?h? <<ilholir lri?h from pome muxe and at ?ome in?tl|pt'< ion, re armed to the teeth. and u-ed their ii'iti- from koux'i, tiehiuil liarrii ri>, ami from their ?Uilliiri(; p!,o Hx?e abo* <ki?n, renio'aekv'ly, unoffending eiti/.-in % pa?-ed lu the Mreeti-. Of the terrlhio, th'1 lion i Me 4pri?e 'W ' of there annaulti, v>e ha>'' not the hei r1 to -petti Ihfn I- no|r'iiur< too xtmBir? th*r no lnit'iiiyif ? ? " ut enotigh fur It- rund montlon. ft will l..> ?h. ilutjr and tie duty Inn-I be -:.-rnlr performed, nl t|i Ovtmbi r to tJ?otoiiKW? iuv< .tijrit ? thu f?et?, and when ih< i. inude -hall have more to my. (Front Dw f/mlfVille Courier (aotl Know Nothing Angnet 7.) We fc. ?-e,l i o- lerdav thronyh We t<,rrn? .,f hD election A/- (imritH J the IIHl pallf aere ujmited. tnd pn>il?0D 7 -nnted to ""fh ?ere ? riiftit upon the fifty' with ? tew exception*, to e?ercl?e tlieir ?lerl|\i> IranrU'W Sever, perb:.p- ? ? a greater f-ree. ?>r t- *e ahould ton. it tr?in*\y. tnmtffl Huri'ln l< ,md o,..,, *tnd- W4W' rred from rotln/ by direct act* ?,r iui m 4?tioii. <illier? through tenr o| com iu?n<*- and h mii| ti 1 tide nru r |1.<' luck of prep*" facilities Iht rit\ , |q. 4?"*d. ?!?> 'I rihjf the da,. it pMlHMf/MMMlMkk the 1 ? - of which were in' r . el to tie hli-heo ptteh hr thn incendiary apfiCwU of tlin rcw?pnper ..rv.iu Md II* (/' pti'?r len<ler* of the Kn * V thmir party. "n ."witti. n'rhl la-/? detnc hrotnt- of m rj were ?m* to if >'irt' and waril/ t? -ee that IliC t" II* were pr< J*'ir o'4-imxI. fhe-e i. en "he tri.erican ' ef ? . 1 1 T t" IVri.mitte* *um>Ii?<i1 with r*>(Uiatt? refre-lm er 1-, and i*? rmj l? im?(t ued tbey ?e-? m a (It condition < n ye?. to ?+* that the *(fht? of freet/.en were tim .'n ;ee^ th?J <li?'A.anW' thl? impori lU* ffjiele Conjiaitttd to U em in *u h ? auner u to corn ,T>e?d lon rrr to Ihe admlrat'oa ouVittw*. ilNl o(- r*4 *.a: l< U?; 'ho, (-rended r?, . ui &MV for >a?U Own party to vote; tliey huffed find bullied ?ll who could ] not show the sigh; they in fact converted the election j into a perfect three, without one redeeming or qualifying phase. We do not know when or how their plan of operations Was divided. Indeed we da not care to Know when such a system of outrage ? such perfidy ? such dnstardy? was I conceived. We only blush for Kent Fucky that her soil was the scene of such oatrages. awl that tome o( her eon were participant* in tlie nefarious swindle. It would t.e impossible to Know when or how this riot commenced. Hy <l?y break the j>oll* were taken posses sion of by the American party, and in pursuance of pre concerted game, they used every atatogem Or device to hinder the vote of evjry man who could not manifest to the "guardians of the peLU'' hitt soundness on the Know Nothfnf question-' Wh were peraounally witnesses to the (tro< ednre of the party in certian wards, and of these we feel authorised to apeak. At the Seventh ward we din covered that for three hour* fn the out set in the morn ing it was impossible for these not 'posted" to vote, without the greatest difficulty. In the Sixth ward a party of bullies were muster* of the poll*. We kiu two foreign era driven from the polls, forced to run u gauntlet heat linmercitnlly, atoned add stabbed. In the cai>e of one fellow, the lion. Wn>. Thomasson. formerly a member of Cowrres* from thin district. interfered. Hint while appeal ii.jr to the maddened crowd to cease their acts of disorder and violence Mr. Thomussou wan attack from behind and beat. His gray haira, his long public service, hia manly presence, and hi* thorough Americanism, availed nothing with the erased mob. Other and serious fights occured la the sixth ward, of which we have no time to make mention now. The more serious and disgraceful disturbances occurred In the upper wards. The vote cast was but a partial one, and nearly altogether on one side. No ?h"w was (riven to the friends of Prewton, who were largely in the majority, but who. In the face of cannon, musket and revolvers, | could not. Ii?ing an unarmed andquiet populace, con front the mad mob. So the vote was cast one way, and' the result stands before the public. In the morning, a- we stated elsewhere, George Herg a c.n ( enter living on the corner of Ninth and Market, was killed near Hancock street. A (ierman named Kit/, for merly a partner at the (ialt House, wa- severely, if no4 fatally beaten. In the afternoon, a general row occurred on Shelby street, ext' ndiug from Main to Broadway. We are unable ton certain the facts concerning the disturbance. Nrtne fourteen or fifteen man were shot, including officer Wil liams. Joe Selvage, and others. Two or three were kitted, and n number of houses, chiefly 'Jerman coffi-e houses, tiroken into and pillaged. About four o'clock, when the vast crowd, augmented by accession frem every part of the city, and armed wltli shot guns, muskets and rillcs. were proceeding to at tack the Catholic church on Shelby street. Mayor Hirt>er arrested them with a speech, and the mob returned to the First ward polls. Presently a large part} arrived wilh a piece of brass ordinance, followed by a number of men and boys with muskets. In an hour rfterwards the large brewery on .Jefferson stract. near the Junction ot Green. Wos pet lire to. In the lower part of the city the dtffturhance* were cbn racteri/ed by a greater degree of bloody work. I jito in tke afternoon, three Irishmen going doan Main street, near Ueventh, were attackeil, and one knocked down. Ilieii ensued it terrible scene; the Irish tiring from the win<low;< of their houses on Main street, repeated volleys. Mr, Rhodes, a river man. was shot and killed by one in the tipper story, and a Mr. tiriihain met with a similar fate. Alt Irishman who discharged a pistol at the back of a man's head, was shot and then hung. He, however, survived both punishments. John Hudton. a carpentei , was shot dead during the fracas. After dusk, a row of fiamc houses on Main street. l?e tween Teutli and Kleventh, the property of Mr. ijiiinn. a wi ll known Irisbman. Was set on fire. The flame? ot 1 ended across ihe street ami twelve building' ware de stroyed. The houses were chiefly tenanted by Irish, and upon any of the tenants venturing out to escape the ri .mes they were immediately shot down. No idea could b' formed of the number killed. We are advised that Itie men w ere roasted to death, hav ing been so biolt.v wounded by gun shot wounds that they could not escape from the bu ruing buildings. Of ail the enormities and outrages committed bv the American party yesterday and last night, we have not time now to w rite. The mob having satisfied its appetite for blood, repaired to Third street, and until midnight made demonstrations against the Time* and Itemnrmt offices. The Curious crowd satisfied itself, however, with breaking a few window panes, and burning the t igu ol the Tivnv otltee. At one o'clock this niornlny a large fire is raging in the upper part of the city. i|KiB the proceedings of yesterday and last night we have no lime, nor heart now to comment. We are sick ened with the very thought of the men murdered, and hon.-i s bin lied and pillaged, that signalized the American victory yerterday. Not less than twenty corpses from tho trophies of this wonderful achii vement. We final Ihc following' Items in the Journal of August 8, the morning of the election, which, to say the lens I. ore rathe r inflammable, and, we should think, the more e*]>e ciallj as a disturbance was anticipated, might have been dispensed with: ? Out oft}.' poller officer* inform s u* that he never lie fore half m? many Irishmen here an he sees now. He In-hold* them hourly in squads all over the city. and lw known not where they were brought from. Their faeea are Kt . an,je to him. No doubt they eamc both to vote and lo tight, though one of the operation- would be ouite enough. It is a -ha me that we Kentuckians should he imposed 011 merely because we an* peaceable. Our paei fie reputation ha* made the foreigner* presumptuous Such are tin' fruits of goodness. The S-'ag Nichts, including the for? ign-lmrn population, have s^orn that they will vote this morning before the Americans do. It veally seems a little hunt that our na tive born citizen- must 1>* compiled, on their own Mill, to stand ba? kiintil foreigner# are served, but undoubted ly a great deal ou^'ht to be submitted to for the sake of p nc' and harmony. l*atienee is one of the human vir tue*. The American people, however, are not. *< four, vr> j ichiv endowed with it. Our friends must be pre pu red to tand up at the poll* to-ilny in del'ianre of whatever they ma;. me?*t with thert 1 hf*> ma) have to encounter brazen face* and bra*s \nmlh . Hut our countrymen have encountered *or?e things io their contests with foreigner*. On? friends spread a light throughout the city by tkeir torchlight procession on Saturdiv night. f/*t them spread a mo ?? glorious light throughout the rotate ,md the I nion by their da v light nroce^sion to the J?olU tO-<Ja> . As a general rule, it takop as Ion * for one foreign-born eiti'/en to vote - for four natives. Then ought the four American" to stand back for the on** foreigner ? or the one foreigner for the four American1 V The American mean to be entirely j-nciflr to-day. hut they will Tot . They may submit patiently to n i?r? wt many inconvenience** and discomfort*. but they will vote. T) ey ma^ h'no to go through rain and hail but they will vote. They may find serried hosts of Sig-Nieht bul lies and ruffian* between them and the p<dU. but thev will vote. They may have to encounter lire and uteel but tbey a ill vote. It was ijuite extensively said and believed a fe* iIavh ago that the ticiman* generally, from an apprehension of difficulty, had determined not to go to the poll* to-day. We have now authentie and direr t information that they hav? determined that they will no to the poll*. We arV triad to hear that they have thus determined, hut we hope they will go with none hut proper intention-. Sure ly none i .f them can be so ignorant :?? not to understand, that, if a collision I** provoked by them. it will occur. And. if it do occur, there is but one way in which it can terminate. JM the foreigner* keep their elbow > to them?* Ives to* day ?t the polls. Tie re's no pto-e for them in the r ihs of the natives. 'Die I/>uisville /trmocfui on the ratue day contained the following advice Is-1 every respectable eiti#s?n o .my frown i?|?on ami suppress any rlut'?n*{ and disorder. my attempt to ?? up press the vote of either party. I jet us redeem the credit ? limisville to-day, by showing that not.ffithstau<litir/ the eieitement. vr>> run vote <jui?*tlv, like fr**enieu. Tin: <'nicKi.rH avi> (Srahphoi'I'kra in Sai.t J >:.? V <i i vrr.? Tin Chlcitgii I'rrt ? DimI i'u tI?-w 'ii tfn' rf >nt raii^'. of|{r.'i.-h'>pp?Tii iin<l <-ri. k<.t>i in ? i r- -n > .-'nit IjiU?' V.iUcy then* i* a ^trooir proliuhiUty <?( tlu -niutii ?lurin* th" coming winter. If Iht vniiiiitd ar' ' irr<?-t. th* KrirwiriK crop will not fur i l-h I"k?! f..r on. ? ill inhabitant, anil nt Sanliatn i <Jino. ? i.;ht linri'lr '1 nil. ij|.t mt. thi- nfnrc.t |? int from ?rlili Ii then' f'i.iil.1 I- Iiiiih- iif hjniIi tanrr, tin nhnit i-rop will lw no itinr. tli :i Hijrtifli nt lor limin Ii- ll)? J'f " ??!?: ? "Willi in ti< ?' the (Irit In.fnri'-i. in which th<- Ifor iTi..n? IiiiVi* h i.) their crnf* lii -'riij'i.l hy Ui m?< ;ill-l< vimr. injf iri . > - Wi <p* put Into ift? gri mml in tlie ^*lt 1 ake Vulle* by hIvmih '^I pwrtii * at th. time of thHr tinrri 'l i dxiiii. from thl- Ctiil? unH ii|Hin whi' h th* main In/'ly in th" r*1 r relied for rnbni*ten'e 'Inrinj Hie follow iuv winter. Wen MMiiN h j Ihi' cri' ki*t?? - tfrrHt 'n' It' - ryi il, rr*M k-l? (f il Iwittle-fioilleil ? ^fttlnp tie Kre.fl Ii' I'U t" the itroiitnl rtri'l learlop k trifk hehiml tin ,, it* blank .in it w.-o-liil by fire." Hnt Jinit wh'n the ,-airit? were in >l." i #Ir. the-i rrli % e(- Weie i!i?rnv. n| hy the llfti- white kuIIk wbi. h lir. <?I ,"i rv tin 1-lnn of tin Inke anil they rruwli .ti< h i ffec -??r up. ii tli^iu tluit the nrop- *i-re Ihi? n? Lnril itili ? |ne ilii'ti he Mormon* nfti rwanl* .p'kenl ? .(h . jI protrlilenei by whieh IfkatheJew- of oW, ihey v.- ? viii'i ' oin "WirnKo n Krnm thai time nnti! no? Utryhnl * 1 ? * "* " ' - " tiii- im iilnl e when On- in-eef L ,*t f?m? in?l ihMr ?mp* anil hnpew awajr l.weili^r. 'flii . ? I.- 1 rration of (lol KremnR IB he Sill Ijik* Val ley in l?44 rt.i. tlr thaT 'hi -e i,et? an'l irra* - hoppers ure likaly to pr<?!?fe i rhi-onle ^a|wtsni Horrn ?m. 1 1*. m.iii? tluit from tlm' hmierairrtal the natife In liao '? v Un i '"ii.'' ii"' lo re)fnri1 them n pur1 of their nSi'ttnc* Iho.i in ike e*ki - of grit chopper* arvl cri' k ? 1 . T' ?> <lrit "lo i inio tr nijiie with a hi I Are it ihe Nitu i wb'-r i i.. .: wlufp ii n<: liy- .ire bnrm luff hj . lidi ? mi rn. l"' ifier the |? -hi. n if the kni?U of tfrlr*. 7b' <t At iri. iii iMtciM Ibur l^wr tin i irrw- nlatlon. n ' ? r*? Hie pi'- to the wiH nwttre triM-. th? li<..j?iv ?f theiiwerla of Am* i?n'i 4frlia in their re >P?'ihe <raUtlM 1 liey are a i.:?r to the rnllliatli't ' tin anil; thij i tie! where Ibere ii m. .nil for eitWratloa ? ml v ben safari* lib in jfanlteil tr> llMrl an'l reptilet lie, ibejareail i?len frnm nei e? - !y. Dt' I ' ih i-'rii l.npper )? the African locunt of a nwEir *l*e, MM tbi ''HOW-r In 'Iau i ? hut a lower lype of tbe i'e?ert Arab . . * ' fact. It ia not ItopoMtW* 'btt innei 'i i *? (iro>. a pn.riHeatial a>ii.ryf.>r ?If < i-per.1.11 1/f the )|. rtrftu a e1 po>>lbly thi r??rfintf up of tae wtrrupl kierar?h> wl..rh n<w aet-n liea?eo ai ite^ a ml on rwve. lie V rr /fa.' a<>'' *el i^r . .*nti rmtU of Chrt^Oixlon 1/ tbeir rr p? ore a? iNuliy ?at ^ ?ff hs if-i' p i.ed a"??nU wow.d (a.'Ira'e ttvj rr at riibe- <it*perae t>?far? wiater, or fU/it wbea . j'.er W, ri.-ki MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS* BOARD OP ALDERMEN. The l*r?-*Meat.>- O Barker, ?*|., in the chair. Tlie minute* >*'in<{ r?ad, wire spprovi d, A crsMBiinlcatfra wai received f?om. W. B. Reynolds, I in relation In hi# contract, ami wan orviered to be Utvl oti the tabl ? anil priartH. Hie report of the Committee on Pewera, in favor of con curring to huiM m* .ewer in Itivisioa ntr?et, from Orchard tii Itutoer street. The following ??s offered by Alderman Thow i.kiik;k:? Kv-sohed, Thn-1 his Honor 'the Mayor be requested to station a policeman to protect the building Wiuivv u n* No. 1? t (lift st c.-vt thy snme having lieen U':v*ed by the Corpo lation for the w(?f the Kir* IK'fuctmeat, toil Imin^ irnw x?c:int. ik the ren.rt of idle anrl mischievous boy*. l(eferr*no the Alderman of the tilth ward. !x<iiu? roatine business having been disposed of. the Bowl nijiHirnol, to meet on Friday evening* uC D u'tUi I. BOARD OF COUNCll.MBN. Tln'i B??rJ met last night, President 1). D Conover in fhtvohafr. The minute* of the last meeting were reaii ami appeared. The order of the meeting was the third re-nling of bitln. S-vcral reports were presented ami pasted, nil uf which have been heretofore referred to, as they have corae up from time to time in the Iktatil. A eiimniunlciition was received from Comptroller Klagg in answer to the resolution of the Board, asking him by what authority he paid an inspects of pawuhroUcrB. Tlie Comptroller replied, that he paid sncii olfloer rt> accordance with an ordinance uf the Common Council, which pro vide-; for such tin officer, and ttxes his salary at two doUnrs per day wliil \ engaged iu.this business. The com munication was ret irred to a special committee. The following rjessage ??a then pr< -a nted from his Honor the Mayor MAYOR'S (tvTin August 8, 1866. To tltE Honoraulk TUK IIoakO <11 Ccn M tLJtrx . Qkntiemkn ? In reply to the resolution adopted by your Poanl on the Btli lust., asking whether I had granted an v additional stag* licenses, and referring to the act ot April 4. IHfst. as restricting tin* power of the Mavor over this Mibjeet. 1 have the honor to say that ten additional stage licenses have been granted by mo. under circumstances which in iuy opinion, '.ally justified the act. Since holding this oKke I have n?ivted many efforts to obtain trainable pririltges of this knd. where private in terests rather than pahlic lienetit was the object. In no instance have other influences than those arising from the putiTic good had. the slightest weight in deterndniug upon these application*; nor has any action la-en taken by me not fully iustified by the law. For twenty years t tie Miyor has hid almost unlimited power over stage ; tlie only restriction is to be lonnd iu tin- act ot the l<cgls latura referred to. That act was earefully examined on tbl- point, net only by toy sell, but a In by the <3or ( oration Attorney, tie ollicer who has the exclusive l ight to prorccute for violations of the law by the oinui tins intciest-. and we could find in it nothing depriving the Mayor ot imuer to grant additional licenses for exist ing lines. That law undoubtedly deprives the Mayor ot power, without the a-sorit of the Common Council, tu. grant new lines to alter the routes of existing lines ,*ir to deciease the number ot stages already running upon any mute without the assent of the proprietors; but do*.,- not take away any othei power of the Mayor over the sub ject v hlch existed prior fo it- passage. All the former pow ? ?in of tlie Mayoi exist which are not expressly tukrnaway by this act of Apiil, 1 S.">4 . Tlie extract from the fifteenth section contained in this resolution ot voitr Iwsly. whioh states that N'o consent or authority given by tlie Com moti Council of said city, pursuant to I ho provisions of the Hat section, -ball l?e tet initiated or altered unless In the concur rr ni ? of the votes of two thu ds of all the mem bers elected to enrb Ibsird of the ' iiiiuiidq Council, nor unless the Mayor shall approve and certify his approval thereto, i xeept a - provided in section twelve." applies will to such lines as have l>een ent'ibihihod bj the Common Council. Tlie last section (fourteen) referreil to in : this extrai t from section filu-en. applies to ilie creation of new lines by theCoiumou Council under tin a<-t subsi onent to its pannage. The ten additional st.ig< Ibens which I hate gran ted wen lor the Madison ave nnf Trie, which wan established la-fore the act. b; the then Mayor, nn4 cannot be properly Iih ludi d. lint ad mitting thai every line is subjected t i this control ol tlie CoDimou Council, as it possibly may In- by a lihi ral con st iu- turn of section sixteen, yet I apprehend that no one ? iu - ontend that there is anything in section fifteen, n f. rfed to in your resolution, which deprives tin Mayor of the r /lit to increase the number oi si age* to la- run "pon any existing line. It can only la- construed lo mean Iliat Irs- shall not trrininHte or sltfr the rii/ht to rstt upori a designated route. It does not rvivr to the uMki'r of stage at til. ' * .shall not be termliuited OT aiU-i^dj" claarly applies to the total extincflnn ?>f a prfvib-gi to tun, or to the extension of the privilege to run u|aui (ither streets than those designated iu the original grant. It i w itli great reluctance that I have acted over the subject of omnibuses at all. I commenced nty term of ofBl r v* itli a desire to avoid any l?ri?dlctlon over Ijierri only >,(? far ts regulating tlu ir manner of running. & .. I. no, iug the trouble they had given my pi > dee<- <<or \\ itli thi* feeling, 1 made recommendations re-pi . ; iug the regulation of orunibus^ i, running on Hroadway to th'- l Vtuinon Council in my no- age of .launary i i*-t, urtfin tin in to adopt sonu> means for the relief oj that great thnroeghfiire, which I regret has not received tin attention ahich in my judgment its importan'-' de uiandt -I. V cry i -pectfully , KEKXANDO Wt<01?, Mayor A n -ohitiori wa- ? ?fT?T* ?1 by CoiincilirtHri Cii? .1 ? iuy fJiat it }?? n'U'i ri*?| t oh *(rf*rin! <*? ?i t if olt ??1 fi v ? to t;ik? into ''tMi-i?|cr:it|<tfi ntifl report th?* Hiiit ?M?* pliin for ;t fn<?un 'iif'Ol, to Ih? i r?-< t?*il at (f rvt'tittoo*), ov? r f It > n in tin- t?t'tli?* .Vi*\v \ ??rk \ < Itiiitwr-' wh" H*rvi'd In M riioii(i.i,?*nt not to f? >.? i mon- than *]o imju, i i < >??? built offrr;ii)iti\ Ihin m solution Wit* mli?pt? ?I. 0/m? ilninti !'i\< k>kT offt r^I a r?-?oliitt./ii. prorMinir fV?r t)i<* ippoint uitfit ??f m ?p?< ial fomruit !???? ?it llo1 t?? taU? into rf.n-la* ration th' propri^t^ t?f r**-'1I% tiling tii? ritj into ffxty liintrlrtM f??r tin* clcftion ot roiiru-ilnif n in 'i ? ' ? 'Ttja ik*** with th?* r?*<jiiiicin?'HtM ? ?t flu- thirtl ti.-n ??f t)?? .um ii'leU rhartc-r of l&TW!. Tli i - r? solution \ )aM o\or. \ rornmnnir ition wa?4 rfci-4\i?l from tlie Conn**! 1" ('? rjor^f i^j apnwvf t9 ?!?' r? ?-ol???i?iri m ,.?i. fi1 'ft t.? i)>< ? P^?*f?r of tli^ npfrlifl ^ Am mitt of f lJt\ H ?r<l to inv< ; li^ the tf|i?ir- of th#4 Institution f"i th?* Mli mi. 71k rnun-?*l. In /in cl.boratf opinion, *?>* th.' Hf.anl h.i? no jioffr to im <*?tlfriti? thi? nffiir* of | tlii? Institution for tlw? Blind. TJji In-tit ut i<?n th<* f*'l I* a (jrivAto rorporstlon. rihI ubj< ? t t#? th?* Stat# I.i'ui Ifitiire. and not to th*4 r|ty f(ov<'n>rn? nt. 17i*? fom^? l with hi- opinion m-hiI* into thV Itonr'l * l?Ht#r from Mr. l-na i rpnirit ot of th?* Jn**<itution for th#? f >Jin?t in wiili'h ?ifni#*>? thut any ohj# ? tiou hn? i-v?*r h? ? n mail*' by (th** in?titnti'?ii fur u /nil ifi tc* t ii_'ft 1 1? n >\ it ? affairs/ by th# H(#'< ii?l ?-ommitt**( ??f th# Fkt?r<|. Without iloinjr ari) further hn? I w?* "f Impotinn ?# 1Up lb ini adjournal. COMMITTEE ON SEWEHS. Ilif runmltti* ?.r lh' Kutril "f Al-Urmeu mi'Vvvr mi ? n llirlr r<? m altornoou, at ?> o'clwV. fur tlio trari*a< linn i>f htn?ini-*". In tbi' inall. r i if a -vwc-r in IMvli-t'in i>tr'*it, l.ftwwu Hrrtoinl an.l 1 1 u t ufr i>. ii<> netion ?m taken, n> none nl' thr ri>m?a*trnnt* iippiHi-e.1 to nuMifn their ground* "I ? plH-ltl* n rj.- inn tier of f!?. M-wrr in Attorney utrwl. lift wm IMvln'on ntxl (irmwl ??- nrxt r n il Ti 'l an<l ???*? r%l tw.lli <i|i| a" d to and In favor of It, appi-ar* d 1* lure (In ? itiee nnd irnre unfit lanntlon relative t?i It. Tin (K-tttioni lor n nwr In Henry Mn-et, anil fur another In "-pri'i/ afreet wrrv then pre" nted 0" one ret noti*' rating a.'a'iirt them Alt, r tM? tlif ? 'otimiltlw rejourned ithi.k: I h' C iniii'lf*** oa PiiMjc HmiHJi ?>f th#? lt? . - r? I !??<?!? ?)lM ??-1- r?l aft ??moon The fir ? t ulijift of rf?n?lil<mliiiii wa? that of iiaing Wiilli ?1 . H .ip n ilufufiiriir (rri.iin'1 fur nig>" mil. "??v r?l r? imnctrstr sve ln-cti rr<?iv'?l ?gun-t tin pri ? n> i'i? |> -iin-y 'if t i:it pier for Hindi f?i r |?f? twnar other* i m- fr> in tf Collin* .-'ic*in?liip l'.im|n?nj'. The Committf . tint in fator of u?iog the plei ?t Hi* i <.l of I I .rk'nti lnrlliil puff >-<' ?n?l nf filrwtlnif lli:.' l!i?. f?rl? ii 'I in rollw f luir nlirM 'oil pr'iei i?l <!lrt ?< t from 'In* liliii * *1 ffi' Hi' v f"ll' ' t II by a direct foi l l'i ? ? dinipin* ground. nil f trrt 1*1 ? t clreiiitou* route. -- at j,r' 'i-'it . !!<?( rt in f?*i r of fi in tng U tingtou ??i*nue In four of Riling -uti' -n lot* Ixt* ? n Tenth and M-ntli Hf-nti' - iti'l Kortr-flriil uii'l l"rt|.llilnl -tret In faror 'if fairing Knurl" nth <trn l ? n f ir*? <nil Tlilixl svHmi'-, In fiivor f frtii qt Thlrtt' and Diln^-Vi-l if '? and I I'tii jr'' n iwmn In f?*i.r 'if f'-nf ilut I#*lnjt'.n avow f*-tw.<-ti T r'r 1 hiH nn<l 11ilr*)i tilmh flrti tu. In f??or of *1 .I'mg n nuiwin-'' ?t tlif f?i? of tin tr.. > on t(?. Vdrtti river from N'ln<^??nth Vi Tufntj fourth ? trrftii influaiTf |if tin ol.-tr n tlon of *?+rr, ? l ff*it of I wniti -tMnt *fn^ t lVfnil*Jf n urn ' i ?' .? t t.i ?? iki** tlieir 'I?kI from Uk lr lmr|;,| (jr. n I fitr llr*l -'r<?-t. I'? ruraldf. In N?i.f t.f ff r> ?? : rifr W' mrim/1, l>c'*it?fi t?f ' f eMMh nrnl f?'t,tj niti". i(m Ilif Commit ft* t'ljf. i m?: f OlllflTTKB f?K ANNUAL T\X>X T .? f iomltt*'- on Annual Taxr* i?i*i id afljogr.v l *1(1 no t 1 , ac'i-iir an* hunioi i to V ?, !\J n<-x' ?t I l.rt* I* M nnK COMMlH^IOJfllW. A riiroW IT:<?*ii?|{ tit th? Hurl! ' f Hf? Oft im l. ' ??hr f.< ;(1 l*"t 'T?ni?? all f^f? Tlif ?' "i? V*' ' <v V< li.juywl I r ?i4?- ut in IV ? i Tb* >t' n i< Jan^-a J. Murray ?r?*a n> ?'< !>i I, p n V ;-.?i?r| aad tfcat of M ? KM1*"'. (.'! > "' Kl oti, tail 1|/> |i- i?1 1 1 li.|i?> ( <m|?ny Si*. ?* h r*C*ri tf tMu?l r* .rr?, nJfKrf ?, i?Hr raV'i >J ' i *' n* i,t of ?r- ?? ?M wn rit M np Mr. M * Rr?<t f -m %n '? Nf ?*:,??*??,?? liftphiiw.)! i in?' \tv t \ ? H rn+i* \* nyjt U>* M plained of tin* owe of improper tankage by some e# the members expelled their i'viuk.?n^ were all mm* by two- third vote*. arid tin* maj >?ty of thone expel* -4 were prenent when the vote wan taken, he denied that faUe ulurniH fiHcfl been created to annoy meml?ern. no a* to get obtrusions partien expelled. The secretary, Mr. M?*lH vitt /corroborated t )??* a bore ifnthrmny. Hi* (bou|[h( there wan seme or rehgiou* dlscfiifictii the members. Am to the expulsion of Mr lYoyoat, Mr. Van/ ?*dnle iip peared and tentiflcd to hi- Mng tinder trf?Wi?i?< t'?r neuralgia, till* result of aetite attendance on tire duty; lu1 ban alno suffered h y par ilyain, from which hekain par tially recovered; he will noC?** able h ga i n to d?vtlrr doty. The complaint of W. 1 i.? n rut against J. C Harrison, of Kngitic No. 14, wa? brought up. The foraja*r emn plain** of innulting and threatening language wmm! to wards )ilm. Harrison c) ^ not deny using such lan guage. hut contend* thai it took place out <1 the limit* of the fire department* Wflnensea were tairoritieed on both KidPd. lN*ri<don reserved. Poller fotrlllftrnrr. PBOBABLK FATA) M 'FRAY ON flffUJO Utf). Yesterday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, a serioua affray took place on board tne nhlp Washington, lying in the stream near the Fulfoni ferry, between a numljrr of the crev.f. In which one of the seamen, namml John Thomp- ; N?n. wa* ben ten and nibbed in such a luit finer that life in despaired or. It appear*, an fur an wo. could ascertain, that, alter Thompson had gone aboard the ve?,?el with bin 'clothe* client, he dilseovercd three or, four of the crew rifiiytf it of it? contents He went down jut o the forceusth and ^postulated mirh them on their dhdioncMt course of conduct, when they attacked him, and beat him over th* bend and neck with a marlin^. plke. 'Shompon, to a\< in any further injur* at the hands of these rutlian?. jumped overboard, with the intention of getting intoa boat wbir.h lay alongside the \V i.diingtou. Ill ? * he did not sncreiil, j an he missed hi- fooling, and wa~ precipitated into. tb?? water. A number of the disorderly crew immediately jumped into the boat, and rownl fo?- the unfortunat* hi if or. who wan being carried away by the rapid current at a v?Vy speedy rate. Alter coudnr up to him. and potting him aboard t'oe erat't they commenced to beat hir ifptin, and did not b.M>e off their saviigv work until poor Tinoinp H?n lay almo.-t 1 It* ?? in the nottom of tie* boat They then rowed the boat a bore, and left her near the ferry hoiiH". Thompson wa taken to tie4 New York (Hospital where he wa ? placed under the cure of the boon#- Kurgeou. The doctor sayn that it the injure*! man r^ct^er-. i\ will be n mir acle. Three ot tlj, nv nwbo it in hlVtted b?'at Thompson wer?- nibaqu?*ntl) arn^ted by th? Secon- 1 ward pwliee. Th?-y k .v?* their namea a>* l*vnry Hr??wn, Willia?;i Bell, and tiei^t^e Ih>yle. They wen- ait taken 1m* f< re justice t'onnolly. at the I >owe? Police ?^mrt . where they were committed t.>r examination RKCKIKHP l*>K OF nHKAlPtf. So little excltewu ut wan fau,-cd yenteiday morning in the Keeond ward by the reckless uj*e of Oearm* by .? t?v*? a lout hixtcen yeurd of age. It appeara-that th<kaccu?od, Charlea MeCormiek. wan a bartender the liquor ator* of Mr McI.oughlin. 4V4 I'earl atreet, wuw \ery fuat of UroaiuiH. audb id priH-ure*! a aix abater. After having loaded it wlfh aliOt .in* I bulleti*. !?#? repaired to the area of the hoo?c to aee how the uvi^hine would fo, N?it knowing, or rstber thouglitleHaU*. he diMrhiirgxl the con tent* ot one ol the barrel* at ju out bonne, lie* ball panned tbrou/<ii lb** womIcii l??.?rdn and lodg? d in the nbouldvr of ?n ann<H.*iate named Fallen, who wan noine w)int younger than hima'.dl. Fallon, thinking he waa iii'Tt.illy wounded. alarim**t the neigblmrs with bin aereauiH. which brought > laige crowd to th*? M*ene of thin almont fatal tragedy. Met'ormirk thinking no doubt thai minder had freeii committiil, attenipte*i to Hy n nd conceal the weaptai. In tbi*? b?* wan ratbi*r un fortunate. and in th? hw te to put the i -vol\? ? . iii ?? pocket another barrel \r?*ut ? tT th?- c? ' nt.< * it-, awav two of hit ling?*rn. Tbi *"i \ un? \\>* ? d difcharge renewed tin- axcitena rumorn a Hying throuyh the hi ' * ^ vim*, ot the frVcond w^rd. he n?M r y aired to the liquor ntore td' 'b-ljn u. >??o'.? M t'oiinick into cuntody. ill . >?-? I b; . b*-fore Ju^tb-e t'?>nnoHv and < -.uoin> d. the nukjn ?ate. alter K' nring nil th f>? i r . jU- b.;i fvd the pr>~??iicr. ah there s? | j?? ? be no evidence to that he with riiminal Fallen wan t?ikvi\tv>tbi Si- w York ll<'Hj.ital. wh r? being pronounced in ik di?ntf* r?iu eeiulition, M? ('oi Uto j. ah w re arrv't*'*!. It ii likely the prio.\ici will l?? twoot bin linger C II AHOF OF KMUKX '/ 1. 1 : Wt VT. "tliv' r Harmon- . of the Second waid> a: veiled .lohn r. Man*Uur bit? :i clerk in the empUiy oi Mr lioujfla bnrtlwaie dealer So *? Piatt -t reef, charged with having at various thnee apjtroprlat?*d g?K?d* to the ainourit <?f *V,W-0 fr? m hi- MntJoter. A portion <?4 I he pn?|^rty hi- been recovored. Th? aecuM??| wm?* broo|(nt l?ef?n?? Justice CVnnolly ?nd comtnittr*?| for a In tiring in delimit Ot hail. AKftKPT 01 AIJ.KOKII FD01TIV1M FHOM JfTWH T. Charles Claude and Frederick Allen Udb rc -ident^ ol one of the clastic watd-i of our c!tyt were arrehi<*?l yc-ter ? j by oft ? er <ii<ene. of tb" Flr^t l>i triet Folic** I '<*urt. r),4ig? d with lwinif fugitiven from Justice from Hol??4nu. it i^ alleged that they are ' nmed tbei?? t*>am>w*er a ^??m phiint ot Lfffind larceny. 'Diey wert t.?W?*n hack to ? md their trial. f^Mtltr TOFTIIP ? PfU'API^ 1^ 'ICOM rOI'PT. At tie ^peeial ?? ?- ion*, a h * dayn ago, the Court rath'-r antonir hed to fiiid Orat ?? nnTnb? r ot prisoner-* did not answer to their runner. It vra-, however, dbrover^l aiiei <!?? tdjoutniuent ot the Court, that the prinouer* bad taken down ? board whi? h nef?arat?r tleru froip wit ne. T'oliceineri. and other?* :m*f after hiring **rept ? hrmu^b t be ap# rture. n,i\< ?lwuh the crowd and co*dI) walk' t u . un?t? t the ey? - of the geurdiarn of juwtier t v <i of t l.ef** b<e 4, It and l'j ol age, named John K< uu? d> tint Patrick Funlor. were re*arr?? tetl y? ->erday by N meant Miumon?in. of the -s-cond ward, and eotumit t?-t to tie Tonihn to await t !**?? r trial, rtn %?(T'*nder*? W ho escaped W el ' only eouuiUlt?'?t for |oi'"tet,?rtnor?- and petty crime*. It i* Ukely Iho^c not yet arretted may urn o,? tu a t< v? d??v u n ? t%t ?ju Hi* < luir|f? ot eorumi^ ting * ' udta ?* v?tt* uc* " ^ HAIVMlit. .Tai.u + rha&nelly < o !r!?h inVvrOi, w.t- arrenUM yev terdny hy < o r Markn charj/ed with attempting to pi*s u counterfeit )?i II of ft?e Pank r?f Weat field. C'liautanqne ?*??enty. New Y?nk, on J ooen Ithode- of l?d Tlii?d? ave? ii' e The Mil wax fender, d in payment f -r nej Tiro* >,n Die chin, mic e- t'nl there he attempted t*? |? ? - the bill it a grocery ntore in the name avenue. IJo wa broi v"bt before Justice Peafcyand com fdtted h-r trial, t KftFcT Of AS AM.JWRP I '? o burglar n wet ?* >-+t\ yesterday attempting b? f? s<*n t?l en the ?' r of -fllnwri HO Mev*nth n( reef h\ i Xjr K'imund H'al^h. He irnme*l>ately gave the alarm when ? ft.rer Hay nor of til? ^venlis-nlh V ?rd. Ip;-e,?red ??n the groi nd and yraveeha e. Ma Micceeded in cipturing *?n*' *>f litem. He vra fought la*f??re ?fu*t're WucmI and gave hi- name a* Ihomaa Huclair. I he aeeunwl wa" commit. t*d 1?>i examination. The Crop*. to rrr: ki?itok oi thk hkka i.u. }|. O > ?\ f|J f-H'tlftHI I I . \ M Jf * !<?? 11 .?? * f*? ?uUfiwl rain" ha ? **?t ?la< aft*l tin* wbi?t in thi . f i * ? n I Imf* ? ???? that Mood * ?n * 'l'jrin/ 0i?* wh< of th* rainy term " an*J <1 tiu* not (frown wr it??? " ' -*!>?? v :?f?v ^ i- '**#? ? ?f It Jn tin* rw?rtheriM*art #?f f i* {r?U?1??n c* nut; th? * hilt t? \ lift I#* tam?>/?<t Imt not l? v ?ny in#*rt# a# rou<*h ** V??ur fttfttmt? nt* In tin i I i-jK-v i Kr. relative tm tl*< wb??a* ?mj? of |ft&f? *r? trti* - *e?.t?*rn N'#*w York Th* "*t pmj? U tin |ntr?llf-l< t|. wlill# fh* rilnfiffllmrj fr. ?th itt rorn fend jir.fat- ? -? ? h'*? rn f li? ? ?r Mi* r from the !?? ? f * h#* tnifrh* Hht? ?nt* rtainH during ihr fiof irioui r??ntlnm?t rain. Wnr'h ;a?n li?? - faU?-n? - <>{?**> vxrty datr f??r ?# ** n*#**n -lay* ?' tit it hie rii*srr< 1 op now. an?t the wh?*at iifarlv mil rn ? M?on will b* in mark*' Hi- t avr r>a*ith< 4# 1 r of t li#? I #? n. N#**ton Ui th'? flHwAiii M j ' -In I'rfl lau^hi'l nw r it BrtH?kl>n (It) Ki-m. < >?,?*-? ftjifn H*H. ? Tli* fallow hit ?- tin* #*? ' ii' r*t'i.n "f !)?. I irH dfatriet of ih* Tw^flhmrd Nnrn^r of h#?a? - W:t tamill* < *70 \<?t?-r *'? natural!/"! *' ^r ri - y.QUl, ranrw/ t r?vi Of writ*' /If' <?! >>n* tt< f \rriff, 11*7 |4 otnT* ??! [>r >f* rty 171 m??r.n*f ??' ?? li:?? ^ ri t ^ i,Hn ra| it.i! inv-'^i In n.sinwfrrtar nf >J) nil i' ' ' ?'?!>? Jir.'t r iifhint'fjf |lli .MO ? #w maf'r ?} I i*f? ? ?*ii i??r# $*V?, T*Jh\ ti* n ? ; *f4??re?l 4'f* >*>v * 7" a?/m? u jt 1)i- la*l'<Ti of 1J?? warn ?- ?? '^'1 I vi\g( -\n nnfcri' w ? foMfi *i t f'Wnl l)ii {n ill#* wat?-i mi Uw f? - ? ? nt V *t *? * <?i? H ??' vii H) off ff r r ??f h<* 1 hJr<l ?H?tfi#>l '! h# - ?' i|? 'f Ml ' >i ? > f f> 4if.?4 "!?' ?* ? " ?> !. ?' f -imV j| / ?? f> ?? t- I IH t SttlWAl frt*m thr I |?)m r 1l<??iit1. . ?? m ? f M V ^ 4 | >? ?' Wi.rth In, ' <u % ? i I t Mk far ' |?1 ? -i. '' b* '# ar>?# r * V a- ?? ? r ? ?. a ?'* t? r of -<? ' ,p *h* v M* a'*fTTifw/n. *ritn?l ' ^ -t' o" r ?? ?. h# r n'-#^ *r*t *h* * * ? iti.m'- .1 *ai/ **?/ v; ??) ? * 'l ? j rnl-rr ? * ra- i < ? ' ?b <? ? ' ? n ' * * jr ? <t #<?.ar tr j * f L ijt* ar * *. ),*)? ? ?.??>? ? t i < t o K' *#. irtt |t < * 1 th^ t . ,1 tw ?? n?1 ??.?. f M , j a W- - ?" 'i t* v t !'?I1iOm^j\ . .fr k < ft wf'h /H # *T?i |r itrlf h?? kM } I '} V ? '#? ' ? *)* VI * i ar>?1 i ? Ihr ?>%? an* r A '*Ma h ** ,ii? a ?* i '* ?Vt i?? 4 tka -tr,)w f * w a ml t ! ? 'liit p<An\ A 'h* 'HI < ?S?- i'.?^ ?*a'< . tv** t>? W ?. ? ? Mr < ** ? % < Hfa aiwl <? i?; I1</ 14 ??# , r ? . j. t an l? ? #'J I* tW?< h i ' kj ?J ftf|y /i 1 ? 1*1 M't |1# rr* ?i 4 ^ il 1 ./???!? ;>,# ritf i r ? , ? ^ ^ ?' . <i? 1^1-^4 tlap t!? lO'ti *1*?.-' #? #o , i?r ? '? *'??? ' v*-" t Si..y tla M?f? ??,w tfcr j H*r> -J # i it ? . |"ti a w 1 i.*??ra ? ii #i I kM t?f< r+iitf I II A I tv li?1 ; i ?t7 W ^ *l* .at>il*^ /. 4' ?' I*' m v>? if i>i 4?ri?fi |l ?? f ,? ^ tr * tr. > *^a lai #W ?4 J ? a ?V lr Jtriftl*. t '?;}'< *# n| Mir| />????* > ItiMittr# III I up" KMIC 1 ? VUr InicUlgitiiff* !<rretiKr iMitieToKe -Cactio* ti> thk Pmur.? V t?r.?W ntand ft fellow, who r?li* himself an aasintan'J > <iitAr of the Hkkam*, i? levjing contribution# on our- wnaMhj citizen*, under pret**?re of writing their bitiiaphit** His m'jtluy operatuti ; upcar* to be as follow* ?lb* ttr>> unit* on one of our wealthy merchant- and repre-a nt hirm<*i/ ii s being h? .alitor or reporter of Uw HiCKAtn, who having Home time to spar* w i?he?. to ?*n pioy it ita { writing a hook on tin* merchant* ?>f New York and end by ro?|ue??ting a sketch * ?1 the lit* of hi*. intern* d victim i The Litter, anxious to aee hlmaelf i n print, i* J at tto* happy to furnish thf required information. Some 1 1 mi Mft#r he rwi'ivN a> uote inforrwng him that tin- la?ok 1 nearly ready, hut a a the author in suffering from thi? efl * u of a pecuniary pressure, a small loon i - r?ijuir*** to get the preclotff volume out in time; ami, s'rtnge t?r nay, the rascal artually finds dupe? who In-lii vo him. A gentleman calle<t at the Hkiaij* nfti* ?? ye*tenlay, mi?i furnished iik wi.ii the following letter, uhith ha 'I l%?u ? nt to him:? N?rw Your, A?a?i??f 0 iMfii* j Mv JIkak Kiu. My new book rC the ? Miourtij ka? *i Uniting; New York eitl*en*< ami mereh.uiM," will appear ns*t M-aol.vs . and beinu rather yre*aed lurjm/??T, I \% t ?U tolutf"t ><ni w loivn and fa\t?r 4 flu. which I will refund again ou Urn' 'fay, t*tre titer wtUi n t** tv eojites ? t the hooks, w hen Hi vnu ina> see how highly mittmtA among thi m you stmid ; and ki cont ajj iH ?'?ii ei uM call ?? in > private <>(Bo- tomorrow, Mvif> i lOawti I A M.,you "wav see the praofr, and iruikr anj udOui. ? m alteration nee**M,iry. 11) alii we ring j?er beater ,.><o oblige, your*, reaper* folly,' J. Y CAKM.V>, Assistant Kritior Nrm Youa Itrttjuj* N'<?w there i> no aueh pnrann attache*! t<? the e.dU?*"iol rooms ?>f th * Hkruu oMt-e ah Mr J I t a:?ruu?uv tu>r have we the honor <<1 that gentleman'* ne<|uaintanve- There in n?? ottdciir *>V our offite eugiv^l wi tfvt'li*ir up t?lo fijraphien ?.? wealthy n. i?. aii?i Mr. i'at 4au inuat hail troin heme other ehtahlUhment . V\?- muft eatition thn puh'ie atfuiaMt fellnv- who ?all tlu'm i l%an n*|H)rter>. t?< negotiate mi aII hiitn - whi'.h they never repay, |)t>KHVKh a Mdul.? Ye^f-nliiy r,?ur iu?^, ^-r\ant iri r I in the employ of Mtm. Allaire, T?'9 Henry etre?'t went up ftai's to one of tL?' ro?.mi to <ttiirhar|{e her ilntieM, ami w a^ eu rpri^<at t y iw-e a tellow* u the rt^wui. jueparinff to ilt?amp with a lar(fe h<irnlle of rlotkutiK- Nothing (blunted, ^he <)et<'r%iitie?i to put I* Hpeeily atop It. )iih perl iti ??tioiin. and equine ncni tin ait -iei before he had time to make hiawelf eearee. Tlila h^roino In humble I Me ^elwd an article in g?-n? i n 1 n??e in IfedVtawui1 ? the only vojporiiti the i 'K?m? and witiia l*l??w hroUi* it ?oer t Ii ? fellow head, fa*tidinf* )i M? tlyiiu; down a urutOe t a rapid rate. iolnii? hif< f*?ot\. 'lhealaim \?a" tinner diately gin #n, hut ta fori th< police i?#iehed th? iffooiel the thief had ejuraped. li-i will 1?m^ rememtiei weiipoti that hu uufortunalely frtint rat^l hi* I'm I^Ait Cham. K \\ Ai l. s ?k -wCIihiW I*avllle \VnlW'Ut who?e death %v auiiouneiU.y v ter?Hy, wa - the youo/? Hon of ?l:um ? V>\ \S allaek of WaUac k'ii theatre. Wliib* jet a very man Mr WalJurk held a roinmU. inn enalgn, fv? 'n tl? KjigU^h (^iveritim ut, in the Ikm India Miidrn- l.ight Infantry 't he cUinate did not a^v with 1 1 1 iii and he returned to Knjilatid invalided and hllqd HIh kight was I rrftoinJ |?y the well ktionn I >r . I.i^ton. of f.ondon. Mr. Wallwk ha- atnee flmt time twin with hi* fathe? and ;?? w< U.iV? already htn ted aeted '*e t rea?ai ; ?*? to his father m theatre fini e if was opened. TV* i|ik-|ui In atti mlinei' proaoui)' e?f bU death to !*? milled l?y ap pojjexy. indut i'i| hy n iuith taken irijintfei #ii|-ly. Mr. U ? I In < 1, w /i- .'Ml veins - f afcfe at file time f*f Iii ? d??tfh. He leaver l?ehiril him the reputation of H in^ a tt ti and an aff? ? t|T?u brother. r,Mi. is \ MiONrii Stkkkt ? A Wa*msu t*? t?iy I 't TK) m \ n !'(? ni'KH^, ? About half pa t twoo'ehirk ye-j??r day I mi- en, a lire wa * di#rovere?l in the third ^tory of tl ujf ]tou . \o 47 .Nirietrruih. *U-ei |. <?oriipI' <l by N . M:? "ir t tropin U a>- a how? t?ut{ hou-e, ltnppuir? th..f Mrs. (\ moving1 out of tie house and on tb?* day b foie the lire ?he n< nt for ? pluuidiei t?? t^t.M down her jm- fitfltr?'H. Aft? r removing the ft vt *ir- - the uiati put ? fUinll |?ln^ of mrfwl in ?o' h cavity, and then -omi* w bite lead around t hem whicU he romidewd r etire. I wring the night th?* *?eeupant- of th? hoioe *%< r-- a!mo?* suffocated from the eHca^* ?d The plnmh* r %??<* wilt lor again, .i few bourn previous in the fir* f to ?-top tf4 lenli". Alter fi* n'd #>0'U.' of them Im t?a#k m lighted eutidle and ii i ? ? I them all to #? ? if they were Hivure. |h hit Im ? tore 12 o clo< k ami at a little nit' r 'i o'che k the third fton hae ?> ?h- u i ? ti>iiiiij full of Htiioke. Tie alarm of fire ? - t; * ? ? I **v\ the fir 0<||| l Ntingllifthed till', amination thf ur* via- found to have started in fn-twi.-n the v* iodow ci^iu^ m \t to tlo giti pipe. The warn i/h - tiriilotil't. J;. ;/rhted , hon the eaudle wa* W"\ but eOuied ii, iii'fh. e #?f th plumf>er. More car* "hould b cam' I d in th- i se of lighted eau die* aiou'id jfa- pi|a ? Tlie furniture of Mr*. (ViinplH*l| Hi- I i mag' i l?> * t * i tbouf fib. no insurance Hi hiifJdiri/, wbi?'h l?eforiire?I t?? br. tVm. ./ "llffe w?" dam ,'i^?*?l 1 m AIM), [j i Jo>? i- entered hy in^urami', but , In y.iiJO. ei, did not i' tii). I'm n* To^rr r^irn mr? t ? "u fu. lay night ahou V-'o'iJo ? f)?" ! r..le out i?i n tartii^h raetofy <iiu MM in t rly /do b -'i t, tn ?r Jliir ? I 4\enue fh. in. i,,r\ slieil ? fof-Jli ?! ?'?royed, t ?g? ther with two *haf?' ? - i ii ii-/. The fa?>i??ry Itelonge*! fo Mr. Kf?eiiewr H hn pjgfi .f "! N. H I'erk lip. b? ifMiiit tk''RI ii" in Mir,. a - I'j.t ? u?b? ,i - ti ? j <1 to h , t? n |H ii I b ?*' "" I't.'Tkt ? f to v oi 1-1 IM4 ? '?h suiiv HV fin ? '?n WVd r" -'tis jii/ht it If o*i i* \ ?? ti i.< ? i,?- nut In the 1^ <M adjoh. >ir Ihinh ? i '* lutim i . cortaet of Tliirty thiid Kt'eet an l lb-vent h .? enn? l-roni the ?hed? It etf. nde*| to ti.e >?r|ek t ?1 it *f >? all of whieh W t? destroyed. Hie t. urelry had Keen ?jt,. > U| u><\ |.?r some tim? pa ?t and t??e Are i upp' ' J?*d W th* a. ' "t a.i infendiarv the h,?e mil ti?. nut. pr??l?a'dy, to m ,ir *'4,0^0 ? ould noi h am whether the premite* npf* InatirM. The Hre n?ad? ipiAt .? > rl':>.t Hfrtit fln th. Ay t- . ahort time m l .? larg" numtrt r oj flrenen hurried to th?* ?p"t tadie%ingft , to he -i jneth tug >t more i < n e?|U'-ii* e \ '.Ki ^ ,~LAllu> Hot ? t''i irloia- Mi-Sin ? p?.'#r I wotm'iU. apjUed for th?- Nimt i?tli ftta*ion bou e, and ?h' tly ifter lielnf 4c<ynnrmst?*te'l with the *?|iie , l#M?k seriottaly III ller aii*kne?oi Im I <^i j aj?f.?ar?ne ? oi elod'-ra lia^itigci ?ui{- iiid vmnitlng very much. Vt'dieal aid wa- pi ?? urol and a niHUeSne ehe.t )* in;* tf ha ml th' ?n '<?? f in it- w#?ti ?u ? r atorett in heal?b h? fore tfie mommg \i , f/mi? Wa#<' r. a Inhering man whil?? w ..u along the 'h wall, in U.?aliingto0 tre? f tr^l upon an oraiig* piil and fell ?tidd?'nly tt f ?^rri fh# pavement anil dUlocatt d the an \ of th* riyht leg M? taken to the )i?M?i?ital an- properly ^ t ended to .lame#' H'tinv en j lo>Mt an a laborer ?n it*e MUife work* '? ! r ' i a -? ifr- t % rdav moining d %.%? H?ri?tn?ly Injured It* ?a* e??nt*\e?t ahortly lifter the a< ? ??'efit .o the Se# \ y . Ho*pi*i?! and att?- n?i? lis !? I^im-oU. mr i onrt H|w? tn I 1Vr?n. }U ?' 11' * .?n i T?ir MOf?lt rOLRIMAN 1^ Id nr Mir % V*tVOK< I Ait-iPT'* '?' ? I .rui "f W ?ry !?*?? f > tvl *7 .? I ? f?''? i r# t in * ti <* ? i ? ni?- '??? ? 'lit >rr+ \ f< ?? ?n- wtU ? >t? tfi (ff<?yn ! i(t nil' v ?l i ? h- fh . h ?, ? ? ) , wtf' >r t ithf i f ?# >h? lii- Wt M? h< t?m *n 1j? "j j< t? i hft ?'in ? n h ? writ it >u ? * in rhiidpffi wl.'hfh- f? rrmpfi r f}- ri-fij*r ! h< > - s ?* ' rw? n/ ? i \ ? ?'*? f- ir ?V) J I, ? * ? n ft I t< < of fh? f-'j'- v? . ? ' f ?' ' ? . t< I *1 wh' " f* M ?<ri liirn f?/i ? f?|> t I in- I?% f r?t ?ff -? *H' y fh ?t t|*# infrMlfj "f hi* wff* h?? ? <<? sfiuttr-i With tii< ? ' vlr n-f %!'? f > ? ?"fi In htm ? I-' ' ? f ' %?'i' nmr*!'-! ? i1- I , h fh- ? ?fi.*n ? ? '?!??. ?? < l tii <Vfi * ?<? r#t n ' ? t h>*rm+r mo* f r, ? inv f t-i if < u* n*' in } i ri brr ???: ? r?? tlrn* fir*** ? ?i- *?? 1h+ fitntfifitr* ' ?? r*? 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