Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. - TT , . , . . - ? : ? ? - ? - ~ ~ ? ? - WHOLE NO. 0928. MORNING EDITION"? TjlTURSD AY, AUGUST 16, 1855. PRICE T>70 CENTS, ABfERTISEMENTS BENKWEI) EVERY KAY. XKW PUBLIC v rios 8. GH>,T KXllTh'UENT AMON'O JoCHNAUSm An tin- public become acquainted with the history of my (Ury will be more enthusiastic toward my course, an ! mure desirous to Jo me justioe. ? Jan* tior "Jon Bear - ? Now I'ubli-lied, VKMOIJW OF BKNNKTT AM) HIS TIMKS, With n fin" medallion portrult; 4ft 8 pages. Prlc* $1 25. A BATTIJt LN FlUHJl'lOCr. "The interest excited by tlie merit* of this book, and iti complete view of Journalism in the United Mate*, hai bi en iiiU'ii I !.<> opinions upon the work are an diverse an can lie imagined. Strange contrasts wilt be discove. od in then. ; und as public curiosity aeeks to know how tho book ha* been received, quotations from time to timewil be given, in order that tho pro* may l>? fairly represented on the cubji et. The author ban stated he -eeks no favors for his vo: !? luo public vill Judge of !tr> Vulue without being instructed l>y weie empty decl.nnntion forced again*' tl.e roWSRKT. FACTS AX1> KYI DUN CM brought forward iu the volume. Tho work itself furni-hoi the ke\ ! tl,e peculiarly contradictory character of thc^e opinion-. '1 lie public prosit ol the city supplies some in teresting notice.-, from which a few unfavorable and favor able c uiir.?at? are selected from the 1H1M-IPAL NKW TOBK jnfltxjktt. The (Ugnii.'jd Commercial Advertl-e. says : ? "The mt'.ior has been aeverely censured by several co tempot arb* who are pOiMinally hostile to hts hero, while other < who are either IndilXei-eut or favorable to the subject of the work, praise the industry uud tact with which Khas been compiled. All that the public naed care to know is whether the book ban been written in a truthful and impartial spirit, or under the influence and control of the person whose life it purports to render an account of. The preface assures us that 'tike author had nought nn person's counsel upon his theme or its mod" of treatment. Neither Mr. Bennett uor any one connected with him has been consulted, either diro -tly or indirect ly, with respect to the writing or publication of theso memoin.' Unless, therefore. this assurance U an abjo lute falsehood, which we cannot presume, the work must be recoiled as a voluntary, unprompted aud independent grodnrt j,n. Hut apart from Its speeial object, tlio book icludos reminiscences of so many interesting public aud private eients of the lant thirty years, that it will gen erally be read with interest." Annexed U a specimen from the New York Times, of "three columns of disinterested comments, accompanied by extract altered from tire text to suit the commentator. He is seriously alarmed leat the book should bo read, and his warning should be generally known:? "We wain the public that there is eery little of Interest, and nothing whatever of value, in tho book before u a. A poor, eat.M, -penny, trash} . Ill written, Terboso compila tion, au t liat as dead small beer." The reiitiwi Home Journal appears to have examined the book ?itb a disjsj.iition to represent it fairly. This is ita verdict : ? 11 We confess that we liavc read it with a relish deriva ble not only from the subject, but tu be traced to tho cx ceedlrgl; skilful manner in which that subject ban been worked mt. Indeed, we may ua well at onco say that it (t a volume no journalist ? whatever may be his opinion* of Mr. Btnnett personally? should be without. U may be imagined that it wns no common labor to digest and arrange i-uch an immense mass of personal material. Were we to nay that this lias been admirably done, we ahould sa> no more than the truth, as these memoirs arc indisputably the best and most complete of their clan ?which w e have ever reen. In every respect we believe this w oi K v ill have a large sale. " n?e Tribune's philosophical acutenesi diffused through out two columns, may be comprised in a few of its lines thus :? "?But we must "loss a volum?" from which we can gbvui ao Utile that is worthy even of pacing atteutlon froru our readers. Few readers will have the patience to wad? thiougb such a mass of verbiage, miles* for the sake of examining sn audacious specimen of book making. " The Xe? Vork Evening Mirror discriminate* with mora jttftice. It say# : ? "Tbe book is worth reading, and the ftf? is worth eon ?iderinir. It chronicles the history Of no ordinary man, and al.etch.-s, not without partiality, the ri.o, progress and rour-e of one of the iftost enterprising and successful journals li the wodd. It contains a medallion likeness Of Mr. Ilennett, which is the best thing of the kind we have ever seen on paper. The publishers are expecting a gnat sale of the book; and the attacks- it Will' receivu in running 'he gauntlet of the press, will lie more likely 1 to help the kale than to injure the subject of the volume" The Htatch nnd reliable Journal of Cttncnerge comments as follows:? < "Hie author bas abstained from personal Intercourse witli ti e subject of his memoirs, either for Information or counsel, with a view to indejiendenc" of the influenrei that audi association might operate to engender. The material of the work having been chiefly gathered from published writings, the world cannot look tor much addi tional enlightenmrnt in respect to the qualities anl achievements which entitle Its heroin his own estimation to be considered 'The Napoleon of Journalism In Ameri ca.' The book possesses interest, however, a< suppivln tbe thread i fa somewhat tortuous and eventful publl ? career, and a recapitulatory sketch, of incidents anl occurrences that have invoked public atteutlon at inter ?al- during thi' last thirty years." "hie I nitei! states Review has taken a different view o. the wm-k. Prom nine pages of review these lines are lected:? "Whoevet the gentleman may be whose pen lias given us the leadlcg ex enta in the life of this man ? to remark able for pO' H'-sing In the highest degree many of those feature* whLh have marked some of our greatest men ? we can onl> say that he h?? performed his labor with great abilitt. He lias produced the uiu/-t satisfactory and abl"? biigraphy tliat we ha?e crnne a -rtus for many years, it uu.-t have been a labor which hi?s long occu pied him." lhe very diaiitsble and unbUv?! Kvaa?list obserrej : "It does nothing like justice to iu aatgect, and none ?hovld be m much dissati ii.?l with it a* Mr. It- nnett and bisfamilv." ? The f lit *sng ic y important and yet humorous deci sion Is frrm tho New York ."nn : ? ' Couiibg ?f ier Barnum's ilcii confe.-siona and humor ous ie\ilali'?s Of an eventful Ufe, the book appears dull and dn ari le- 'Dd endurance. Instead of a racy memoir and a giajhir'ievti w of the liistory of the last twenty or thiity year-, we have a melancholy examfrio of nieri book-niakln|, iclieved only by a readable chapter or two on the rise and prugreas of the penny press, and e<pe oialiv of th? New York .Sun." t> fRINGKR k T'jWN.Sf-N'l), 1'ublishers, 2 B Broadway, lhe work will be for sale by all booksellers, travelling agents, car agents, newspaper agents and carriers every where N. B. ? Clrfulars furnished on application. JTST IT K JSH H v? THE {UVERDALE SCttnTIHCH, by Julia* MM a, 26 ceala. W? cooeUlet thi* the Ktiint rckotlbich we btTt pubUahel fur a long time ic teacbtrs, by calling, or sending thoir card*, will a. cofy ft ?tt?. Cm dit from the country mant bo acc mrsnled with threo cent#, to l*y th* poatagf!. COOK k BKO. , Music Dealer*, 343 Brood**?. CVPAMTSBBIHIP NOT1CKS. Ai a AAA ? partner waxtko-to take mBA vF# ? a fourth int?r??t (a au ?ttal)li?he-l ouidnesr, paying 100 per cent per annum. An active balnea* man, with $2,300 ca?h. can K?r of .m opportu nity to realite 100 per cnt clour of all expva**?, by a<l dressing bos 324 !'o?t Offlce, Chicago, III. <Jh i AAA ?THE ADVERTWKR. HAVING THW jBltVvUt amount, U deairoua of engaging in #T me Ktnall profitable buaiaein. Any one ha ' log a bmi o?m- to di?|>o?e of. or wlnhing a partner, will plei-.i ad ret* H. K.. Hrrakl afflce, dating particular*. AjQaA ?A PARTNER WA.VTKH IN A BC3TNB38 $Df/V"V/o e?tabli*hed several year*, and payng 94 000 t<> >6.000 a year, the buaiiieaa it cash. and may be extended to a much larger amount. Pull particular* on ?ppH'ation to C. B. HOWFS A Oil,, 94 Nanau street. (jtjQAA ?A PARTNER WANTED, WITH Tin* >IpO\ " J* amount. to J'dn the advertiser, who fur ulrhen th ? ? -rime to purchase a manufacturing business, without '?orajietltion, where from $4,000 t<> 96,000 per year profit >?a be realii*!. Call on W. I.yom at A. Campl*!! k Co.'s, 113 Chamber* street. T\I3HOI.mON or COPARTNERSHIP.? THE ?) I " pniinernhlp heretofore existing between the suharri ber* under the Arm of John T l><>Un H Son? i? this day 4i*<i Wed by mutual consent. Henry Ifc>l*n will ?ign In liquidation and will continue the bu?in?<? In bin own BHine. JOHN T. t*>I.AN. PETER i?>I.AN. New Ytrk Aug 13. 1S66. HENRY IxtLAN. PARTN ttKRI P.? AN ENULHH GENTLEMAN, 1UV Ing an Important Um ion agenrjr in provision*., flour, A but who on arena at of the health of [? fimily i? obliged lit fUt KlHfe. U anxlou* *o ob tain the ??*rrire? of a gentleman, capable of c .nd iet i n x thl* busine--. during nla sbaenoe. Apply t.. II. II. by letter, to the c ire of Me??r*. taftloll, IWrlow ft farveoue. aoltdtrir*. Kxchange pla-e. who will furni-b particular* to any respectable applicant. fTtBE stifcribek has this cay am?)cuted A with liim Aaron ?. l>erli. under tha title Of J. Henry A r>i. , and *u; continue the watchcjin? manufacturing ?? 'n r'outh S-eond afreet. Jt>HN MEMtV. Itiia 'elplila Augunt >1, 1M6. AARON f. I'E" H. ?fl'A'. IH'-A I'AKTNKH WITH 000 IN ( Aril OR I? cre<llt to join the adrertl?er who ba' the refu*.?l of * hne ?'ore well fitted up for the toiiawu cheap rent, an t "tnall eij'?ti?e?, the prerlnoM proprietor ha%ing re tired fr< m bu?loe?? Any perwm wiabing to ani^age in an bon<.r*Me Tc-cation thU la a ehatir* aeUlom ottered. Tlio ovital invested, #4 000, 'an bo doubled yearly. Appiy iu; ila'ely , to 0. T. U* I'lRT. 'JtVl Atlaatie ?tr?'<''t, Bri 'slyn. TTai irAU.-Tv-THE AnvKitri-'Kii whhm tu find ? |.artj with 920 OOo to 936,000 to build a hotel at a new watering pla^e. in a beantifal, wife and roman tic harbor ; fiahing an I pl*a?ure gro?nd< ane>|>i?ie! < fur nartleulara or an Interview, addroas for one we? '* W. f. BaraJd oBc*. NTOIjKX (?K>IW. OmcK or th* canty 01 pouce, ai ?i -rr 14, K?', ?An 1 wner la Ofited at tt.i Ihl^ IHMrlet pfMjoe f'- ort 1 bM Market) f..r a mantal ri.xk, al?o at thi* ?'h'e. /j r a green Mlk para^il both hiving l><* n fpiind. OK'.'. W. Ma i-lXl. 'Itiei of Poll*. ^ ... graoAl trovioaa. ErK^'AJU) BHBCU^ 07 tm<KET, ATTORNEY au'l counsellor at law, uoUrjr pmbiie, and Ute 1 utwr t'. v". nary, devotes liin whoVe attention to case* coming befix e ' ? Court i>f CUiifi*. to the recovery of claim* of all Kinds apnlnat the U. S-, t? procuring, buy irg and gelling land warrant*, and in 30 hour* obtains 1'. f. ] nutiporlHjo travel In foreign cowrfHei. MERCAM1LB LlBiUUY AisSOCIATjWN. ? NOTICE. ? Tbo librerj and down town office w M! Iw cloned ft/t tbu djmcc of two is edit? front Monday, the 2C7h lost., to Paturdfiy, September l*t incluaive, for the purpo-e of cleaning, 4c. The reading room will continue open un til notice. J. K. HANiWw, Chairman library Contirtttoe. -vtotkk to iuE imuc?os tbe soth ck au 1* guxl. lite second lloor of the building knowu <* the i < hriniun lb lue, at ttl IvaMt Thirty-eighth ntroet, brtween 1 uurlli and I exington avenues, will be appropriate tor tiie rale and |aintlngr>f rl.l'ia, fU*' and orotkery, the profit* of vliich " ill pu*s into fflje haii'li of n Hoard of Tru*tee?, for building and supporting the institution. "lh.> gieaUr pan of the go.xls Hill be Imported from I t ii uce and fruglrnd. and m.ld at unusually low price ?. A WC|I> containing the object* of thin Institution will be published in feptemlter. Die Madison avenue stage* pass ilit door every few minute*. OIJ) JOHN STREET M. K. CHURCH. AVI) K1K-T IV the luitcd states. ? The meml>er* and congrega tion of thl* church, and all who an ill ftivor of retaining that time honored sanctuary in It* present location, will hoid a public meeting tn the (irWne attwt M. E. churoli, be-, ween Broome ,ind Spring streets, on Thursday eve ning. AuguKt ltt, at 7 o'clock, when a full hUturv of ti>e church, including the existing difficulties ovca ?ioned by tin attempt to rell it, wiU be given. All the clergy of the city aru incited to attend. 1'. S ? Suit able accommodation* tor the pre**, by order of the Committee of Arrangement*. JAMI* T. BARNES, Chairman. C. Fnta-bOK, Secretary. TI7"AKKFI?IJ> INDUSTRIAL iii>MK ASSOCIATION No. Tf 3. ? The member* arc hereby notWed to attend the next regular meeting on Kriday tru ing, August IT, for the pur|x.*e of taking action upon the arfHng of the sur " 111.- lota, and the lots of drtuk(iten* menvtiers at auction, ly Older of the Association J. ANDREW HAN.SCirt'Clt, .Srrrotery, IBWARM. <Ul A f\f\ RB-WARI) LOUT, ON WKI>Nmi>AY, 1?K I4D T*UU i w?cn the hours of 10 and VI o'clock, in gi ieg trowi SS Wall street to the rotiuida of th? Kx change, tbence to the banking h?*i?c of llrowti llrother.s, 57 Wall street, a package of bill.*, labelled I1..S56, compi king live 1100 bill* on the American Kxchang" Hank, lire #100 bill* on the Chemical liunk, and the re sidue in bill* on \ar*>ns city banks, rangtng from tlO to $fi0. Hie above reward will be paid on leaving the HUM with Archibald Mutter*, at the Herald office, or with Brown ltrother*, 67 Wall atreet $? AA REWARD CTRAYRD Olt STOIJCN, KRUM i V V the farm of J. Kerney, 1 lock away turnpike, two mile* from .laDiaiea, on the night of the l'2th inst., one yoke of work rattle, one a light red with white spot* and broad horn*, the other a brlndle. with whtto spots and broad horna a ho. both have braaa knob* on tho tip*, 'lhe aboTe reward will be paid on convicting the tulaf, or ten dollar* on recovery of tbe cattle, br applying on th? a box v premise*, or to Mr. Ctfrman on tn<> Jamaica rovd, oppodteJ. I. Suediker's, or corner of Water and Do\er vi' <-1*, N. Y., to Mr. John Kearney. <lfl (/A REWARD ? I-OST, W tiCNDAY AJTKKVOOV, } in coming from Htaten Island, in the tlt? o clock boat, a gold patent lever watch and chaiu. The parties bringing the same to Lnwl*<> racer, 77 Koniyth at., will receire the abo?o reward. (JjiA Rf.WARD. ? STRAYED OK STifLKV ON OR alxmt tlie flrat of Augu*t, 18.14, a bright bay l,..rve fonr years old, aliout fourteen bands hlgb, two bind Teet white juat over tbe fetlock, one .fore foot white just over tbe hoof, a large utar on his forehead, a an lb on the nofe, black mane, long black tall, not abort. The above reward will br paid on tbe return of the borae to AN DRJ.W KIT/PAI RICK , Sixth avenue and 1:11st at., Harlem. (jSftA REWARD -I JTt, IN THE WATER CU?KT WAV of Crook'a Hotel, a gold hunting wnteb, John Jvbnaon, Llverpwd, maker, with a chain attachMl to U repreeenting the back bone of a anake. Pawnbroker* Mid jeweller* are requested to atop it if offered for sale. tka 4* <210 A REWARD?LOST. IN GRIWIX STRICT. ? Jj \_J Staten Inland, a gold watch open faro, with gold cfTp, and the name of 1'hllfppe Wuagncui on it. Tho tin dcr will receivr the aliore reward on delivering the above watch to Mr iiartrl*. in (iriBin utreot, Hteten Inland, or to Lute Brothers' office, No. T1 Nassau atreet. (Oil A KEWARI) IX?T, ON MONDAY, 13TH IN.-X, ?C7j_X_/ between Cedar street and Staten Island fcrr/, a bn wn ruornrro pocket hook, with memorandum, con taining n bout $40. A satisfactory description of con tents. and the abore reward, will be given to any one leturnlng the *aroe toH. LeRoy, 21 Nassau street. (JS f* HKWAKIv ? I>*<T, ON TTKBDAY, ACOC3T FOCR WpO teenth; iHftft. a red bull terrier dog, marked, four vTite tW>t and tip of tall white, and white around lii-? t eck. Whoever Will return him to "flOold atioet, will receive the ab<Ye reward. dh ff M.WABD.? UWT, OolKC HIOM McDOL'UAL J(nO street, through Cottage place to Blei-ckcr stn-ot, n gold breast pin. The finder will receive the abovo re ward by leaving it at OA Mclfcmgnl street, between King and Houston st?. ?? ? '? | f JiKM'AKl' IXHi LOUT? A BLACK DUO, I'AKT O'errier, medium short hsir.answrrato name of Sam. e abore reward will bo paid l>y returning mid dog to No. 8 Front afreet. BEWAKit.? I/(HT. ON f UK 16TH I MUTANT, A ?5)0 pockelbook, n ntaiuing a Imuk bill and a g ild e?nmelled diamond ring. Hupposed to hu*e been loat in No. 27 tbelsea line nf stages (lonovcr's), at about 2 I'. M., in Ninth avenue, vicinity of TaotrtHh atrcet. The alxiveinentioned reward will lie paid to any person who will return the same to O. 1*. W., 129 Ninth arenue. (fllQ KKWARI>? IXJHT, A SMA1.I. ACCOUNT BOOK, ?O Augu-t 14, in going from Brooklyn t>> Flatbunh. 1 lie tinder wiU receive the aho> n reward and tho thanka of the owner, by leaving the mm at U4 Middagh - tr. et, Brooklyn. D. N. SMITH. M.WABB.? I.OCT, YfJTKRPAY, BY A l-ADT . in Broadway, Oiui or (lumber* itr*'et, a gold e"ejtU'?. The above regard will be given by leaving It at 21 iAiudon terrace, Weat Twcoty-third street . Juht ahu rOVRD. L(*T YESTERI ? AT. ? A V IRON HA*E KEY, HAI.E^ lock No. 1,405. Any peinon having found it will b<- aultahty rewarded by leaving it with Manxn. St-jrnn A Marvin, 144 Water (treat. OT ? A UTTER MAIUTD KH< >M l-HM.Anei.finA on the 2d July, containing H. J.. IJpman'* note, order of H. I* Mpman Mareh 10, at ma month*, for two hundred and thirty -*?*ven dollar* ?I?1y-#Tf> cent* ad dre?*ed to Mes?r?. I eni?on k Blnaa*. Nc? York. All per *on* are cauMr ne?l imainet negotiating aald. U?-T? ON' WKT.\k>i>AY, A H1.ACK AVD IAN BITi'M j had on a ?teel chain collar, with bra** plate. Mhe wan la*t M-en near the Ninth ferry. The Hn-ler will be liberally rewarded by Waving her with niotua* i'ritchard. 1JO 1 ul'on atreet, op *tiir?. t *<T ? llKT W Y KN THK ?T1I AN'l) HTH INSr., A TW<> month*' note. dated PyraciiM, Augnat 4. IV. 5, for bur hundred dollar*, payable at Dull. an Sherman h C New York, drawc by Stephen D. WSUyt to the order ofK. C. IMllaye. and endorattd; a! >?> t?v P f. V . it. All (Artie* are forbidden negotiating with th' aV note, a* payment ban lieen (topped. JOHN' C. HAM, M8 Br m '.way. 1'X?T ? ON WKI'N?T>AY EVKNINW. AUOI'-f IV 'IS j tb? boat which left r'taten Maud at 7 V M . a amall I actage of paper', of much value to the owner 111 finder will be*uf'ably rewarded on leaving thern with A W Ight , j;;# Br< adway, room 27. S1HAYEI> <>K wTic.wiir,MTHK I'AHK, IN II t re street on Morday afternoon. the 1-Uh Inrt., a but) k mare and btipgy A liberal reward will be [ ! for tho recovery of the aooVr, by J. s<ha p, JOd Wait fcjgh trenth atreet. ?DCCATWRi HU OAMD1NO AND I 'AY Kttml, J'OHT Hit HMoNI>, iMaten Inland.? The Mtere* ASTISRIX will ra<-ele? application* ft r boarder* (young ladie* under twelve year* of ng?. ) after the 'iMb met. Their nunit>er being limited, the children enjoy U?e comfort* of h?n>". T"rui moderate. **f R.? MEAJW FRENCH AND ZSQljm BOARI>fV0 1?L and day achml for young ladle*, (-V1 and 30 Witt Fif teenth afreet, below fifth av n i*. ) re-open* on Tburaday , .-September t. Mr* MearawUlbeat home to reeelra pa renta and guardian* who ?ri*7i to <.i,:?r with her, from Monday, .-ep'e tnler 3. L. ?> i |/v I" t4f0 W AMU' |..| t HoRTTIMI p.R ?^e IU? hl< b )f.i"l 'nti r?--t an 1 ??rurfty will ??? rlri-n < n projetty worth litre t i til' ' the amount. une?<*?.j tiou al !<? iefi.r?-n<<- given. Addreaa f). V. !*. , II" raid orttee. f lOARD IN NINTH TI'.KTCT, I?TW?:\ HITIFaM > J| ^fxth *??nu' ? Ki?-Kant ?uit* nf ro'ini- with pv fMVlaktoM not, lurnl'bed ? r miliirnleli'-d. e?ery e<mi fi rt of a private family bom# gtven for a n... !rra'" p'lce if tl.i- Iteat refeierire i- glTen. Addreaa, wl'.b m lid num'ier M A . A-tor pla ' ro?t Office. Ht.V * AVfl li? Alf 1 . I" Ki.V VF.\ . In 'I'Hrien'a, late (,aig?'' t?agtTT t? ? Brt.adway, i\e*t door to Tavl' r'? -tit'" n I. tje well r?ei nimi n?ledi < ne that (m- l>e-tx in the bn-loi ? preterrwl 1 / ii'AMi ni:m ii.ti i i.: ?.i:asi> "iT>7r V'.Ut \T Broadway A ?? ?>?< de lu- r I ?/ i*. or R. nn genre an ! ehar ae't tl-tji latitat*. 1 by l?4 rleor. Ibe UtingarMn wreatlera anl the White -wan, hi Af'er the perttirmance will be ? bail N? ladle* ?d m> tied without a gentleman. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS' HOARD OF ALDEBMEN. At'u', 15. ? Isaac O. Barker, i*w(., id the chair. COMMUNUATJOk KHOM TlIK 'OUtTHoIlJlH I.* KKI-AttOV TO A1>0I TK1SAI. AI'IIUPKlATIoNR rOH KKTAIUV A?U UlTTUW. Mr. VL.pff, the Comptroller, *ent in a c*wnnjunl"iition in reft i i'Oct> to the In teaddit ional appropriation of $l'J8,000 for Iho I epartment of Hrpuirn nmi KuppUc*. Comp troller saya: ? '-Ho fur iu liability* have been contracted, and work done for the elty, the huiim necessary t<r eanoe II.dkc liabilities may he lnclu't?<t Jn the annual f*>tiinat> iif Novembwr, ami ciVrri-d by the tax law of 186/1; bu cat/ tho Common Council b-g->lly borrow money at tbe present liiiii' to nuet those demand*!"' The lV>tuptro[f?r, lifter ?yirrtlDg !a*? govertifug the depart men t* and tin? Common Council, my*:? Can U ? Comptroller legally borrow ?f'.M.OOO on rove ?Mbooda, ienwl InaMiMrtf ttM CmmMoIm ol Fepair* ?i.4 Supplies, lut'urrisl -u detinue- uf tbe provi sions of th." charter? It in desirable to h?Ve thi* i|Dim '? ticn fully ?->'*mincd by Uir IviW- Cranmlttee of the Board, I a* other cae-s of a nmtli more arguil rliawter will n-<nn I* proceiited for the cmniierr't^u of tha Common ? 'lunoll. Altli the 19tb HCctloa of the charter of 1 Wt> deelat en, in expros* term*, tti it ' ' no erpeuae sl?fl l>e iu' ^rred by r.ny *f the depiirtifi~rtt* or oftic era thereof, nh.tlmr the object of expenditure Khali haw b?t>* w drritl by the I omrtton Council or not, ui2*d* ?? npfiro priatfrn Khali have been previously uiAdA t overing marh expense-" yet It Is understood that the Commissioner of Keji""ir.i Mini Supplies. In the face of thi*jvovi*ion, htM made arrangement* with jierson* t(J i?-rfSri*- job*. i*v4 wait fit payment until appropriation* -re made, Tho*' who hav* made aach hrrangements, are bound to> wait fer toe annual appropriation, ? n* they rrmut haw 1m en i?tri that Iho appropriation Tor 1(W5 wk* expended. The Comptroller informally chilod the attention of Iho Finance Cominlltee to thru- difficulties, and lie rio?r pro rente the w hole subject to the cottni Oration of th#' Com* toon Cnwcil in a more formal manner." Thit waa rclir re<l to the Committee on law. IWOKTM. Concurring to confirm award of con tract for hntfte Hook 4. ladder Campauy No. 14, To fdrnlsh a' new car. rlage to Hore Company No. 44V? adopted. T? direct th* Comptroller not to |*y any money'* to John- Qulnta. or liia legal i?preaantattve*, ou the cotitfatt for re?niatlAg, *c., Fifty-third street, from Uloomlngdaie road to Sixth' avenue. Concurred in. TtlK ( IUH..IK AGAINVT AlKKHWAN MlfODt. Alderman IIowaiw moved that when this board ad/mrn itudjourn tu nwt on I'ridav next, lie mad* thin ntn tion at the re<iiiei<t of the Alderman id the Third w.ird, (Mowr, ) whodenlred the attendance of the Alderman of the Fifth watd, (UntTmirc.) in order th^t the lnee?ti|fa tion Into certain charge* made by Alderman llotfinlre ininht be bad, an Alderman Mower did not wialt the clmrgo to remain over biin until S'ptember. Alderman Eir did not think an adjournment to Friday would effect uny good. He, and ha Uelicved aeterAlmem tieri of the board, had made arrangement* to leave town thin week. AMerman Mi?kr ?ald that if the Hoard couid enter' in to hl/< feellbge, Ihey would not refuite an adjournment uoiil Friday next. 'Hie gentleman of the Fifth ward we* In fawn every morning aud every evening, and thta matter could lie di?po*ed of by the committee between thi* add' Friday. Alderman Fit did not know what the object ol th? motion wa* whi n hoopponed it, arid be would remark that at thn twu meeting* of the apecial committee the Alderitiali of the Iblrd ward (Mo?e. ) wan present, and the Chairman had l*iiued hi* notice to Aldenuan Hoffmire, bat wa* in formed that he wan abnent, and bn (Alderman HoffnUr*) did not attend. The committee will take any *t?p* the Hoard recemmend to compel the attendance of the Aldar taan nf the Fifth ward; but aa ba niuieratood he wa* in another ftate. they c<iuld not pernap* reach him. Ai'lrrman \ Ooltum raid if that waa tbo eaae, he did not re* h hat object could lie gainud bv an adjournment to Friday. Ttie Alderman of tho Fifth wa* out of town, ami pel ha on intended to remain there until the end or tit* Mimiaa. and tharafore nothing could be aoootnpliahed h|r meeting again on Friday. Akle man Mokkr *al<t that from then* circumstance* he did no* think the committee would be able to report on Friilajv aud he t ha refute would not oppoae the wlihea of the Hoard to adjourn tor tbe month. rAi-iat* rw?K ma loi -inijnti The neport of the iv>?r.i >iu?<u uu arae*<ting M>i.i? ain?a. e?, wo* concurred In, ^<with*tanding tho vete of bi* Honor the Mayor. The rcpo>t .f the Committee of Finance In favor of an additional appro- | tirlatioa of >00,000 for the department of atreete and I* mp* wa* concurred In. Other bunlne** wa* tran*artod, and the Board ad journed to the flrat Monday In .September, A VOtlT or KBAKKKfl TO THE CITY PATHKBH I'ur!ng tbo prorccdlrgi of the Board of Aldermen, two tall gentlemen In long ^hanghae coat* of peculiar texture, iind with axtennive hat* of the dimension* of a moderate ?died u abifll.1, enteral tbe chamber, and were introduced by Alooroian fam Brlggs to some of hi* fellow members a* real uptclnu n* of true American". We understand that thi two gentlemen are Shaker*, though it wa< a" ttrst whiapered that they were Mormon prophet* Th?y neiuiwt <iuite a*tonUbe?l with the august body nittlng In nolemu eanclate Ht this ?artn ?e**.,n of the year. By and by* tbe stmnge gentleman made their way up to the l'ii?id"?t'* chair aud there shook bands with utm. They then >-?t down for a while, and in a ?hort timu went round the K>ar<l shaking hands with each member. Th?y th''n a?i" to the reporters' table, where !>etiig Introduced to our repre^entatl'e, he b arne<l their name* to be Pr other* K.yd and l'arkhur??, from Warrencounty.'Hilo, that tfc-y are here on agricultural baidoe**. and dally cxt<Mt a Urge coniignoient of cattle in thi* city. BOARD OP COUNCn-MKN. 1b? I1- ar<l met la*t night pursuant to adjournment on the e?euirig pterlouit, at their chamber* lu the City 11*11, tlin Vroldent in the chair. I'elUlone were firat in order, but none "I any impor tance were proaented. Resolution* ? ere next in orler, and among thoee pre rented were the following: ? A reeotutfcm railing for an onllnanre regulating the inaiuiing of nphblM, kr. Thl* wa* adopted. All the othtr nvnlattoil of tho ereo b g were in N|tl4 (o pnvlng and grading ..'reel*. A report *u thro prtnented from thn Committee on In r U-< an<i ifnrii, in hror of inereaaing tha aalary of tho Chief Knglneer to |3,000. Ihiit report ih referred to tho Committee of tbi Wh< !e. An effort we* th* n made to rail up tha report at Dr. J. W. Itanney, In Ciror of allowing Caatle Cardan to b<> need by the O nunlanioner* of f Emigration a-> an emigrant depot. )hi4 wae '?t down for thn apeelal order of thn day. The Board refwdng to consider tbi* report at tbi* tiiue, a motion wait made and carried tiiat tho Board ad join n till the first Monday of r'eptombor nest. BOARD OP SUPERVISORS. In the ab-ence of the Mayor and Rerorder, SuprrTianr Voorhi*, of the Ninth ward, wet railed to prealde. A f' W WIN ofCen.u* Mar?bil* were rerelred and refer red, and the Board adjourned, to m> rt again at 4 oldotk Thursday <"?ening [We uiider*t?nd the Mayor'* ab*ence *?? ? ' * ? ii.ii- d t,y the nine** of hi" daughter } COMMISSIONERS OF EMIGRATION. Ih" Board met at 4 P. M. I'reernt, Cotauiiaaianer* Wrplanck, (in the chair) Kennedy, Kelip, 'iarrigue furtly. CWrigin, fn mining* and Morgan. w ahd'h wt an immcni. r Hen. B lay, phyeician in-chief of Waria lalaivt, eeat a c iomuniralion nominating <>e?rg? VwA, M. D , for I- I't iOt, and F. ."unrock a* -eo/ml aaaiatant on Ward'* ! - land There were confirmed by the Board, Commlaalooeri Kent.?ly and Vurdy wotiag is the nega I'ntl.i recir.menila'ion of Dr Caru Win Bar iintr, M. D., and Mirhvi \eUem. M. ii fi" - b en a* aa-o tanta to the ?urge..n il chief. n? ft flowing re?oluti' n wee 'iTrred hy Commia? -n-r Vnmxx. end paa*?d unanlmoueiy Kl'olved. That 'he pte?i>t Member* of the Me>t 'al Bt-ard be okcially iufutmed that in C">n<e.|i?en'? of tbr flange. of the tyftem of nwdieal ?ar*i' * at Ward'* I aland, adopted hy the < oMrieeionera, their term of >?r ??!?? till ee??e on thi* day, and that the ( ommia*l??i*r* In thne ending their present ..Bciaie'-nnerti' h with the tVitiag pfcy-iManf and mirfotm, ettpreaa to tfcem lh?4r ?!. . j. ?? n e of tl>e ability >ik I fidelity ?.f their aerrUse, and t h?ir high reajeet for their Individual and profeeeional i htm 'er. A motion wa? ma<le hy f a?* 'IA? that a thou' tnd ibdlar* be appropriated to fit the koine* of the i.ew \ hy Irian* properly C< iiaui^loner I't hut mrongly op|<^e<l the aotios, which *w at lengtii wfthdrann tmt *?>?.??* i>r tw? ?"M ' "n reading the re>|uiaition*, a fj ieatioti wa? r??-ed a? to the qtaetlty .f hrandy u'e.l on Want'* I-laod. It ap tear* that -rn<-e the a)* lll|( n at the u - of lienor on 'he {?land, rertain partie- are autioilfl to ha*e it t>ar? again C( n.nii'*l<,nrr f| ai.T mored that ?en gilU n? ? f i reody b? a 1'le.i to the reijiil-itlon* a* he un''er?'-ea| the d re-( aired it, ai>.| he aiore-irer h' pel that the rete*' er- irottM ??le note of the m<>i|< d he made, aa h a^b'-i to b* *ef light the puhiir. Cr n-imlneioner C' ?'?' ! 'ha' flee gaUDfi" of hr." r.'J v I a-i i^rn j''n* *o the l-i.i i. 1 'he * * e? t*far*, ao-l wi*b< 'I t<. kn<>v what beeaWeflt Hran'ly wn not ne c i ?arj fur the ?iek, in hi* opinion. ' V.riiioimioner KKXMKT t) - ugbt that a ilttlv '.rawlv did no hairo Bay, It wan beneficial, to 'he *1 k an t ralfmel In e*r? ?? would kill an>! w old IWandy fer )>ef< the liquor that had b?> n ?ent up t . th>' J.ian'l b# 1 era j >.ra Ih ? Mra wmn] ti ?trlke the ' om/n^alolH'r* a* a ri'<we| ? ne, ar.d e^rfte^l o ni# (Mac eeaiofi It waa inM?at^l tlji* ? .e brandy waa 'eriai?ii> n- ' glreuteti-' *lek .?! w>?*t therefore, had l>to ue> of Itf Ci naladmer ifaar wanted to ktw w if the WaH'e Iflaa'i C' mmittee h*>l not lie??on the J-lar?<1 <t rmr t e ja*t weekf (lauvbter.) ABer a ?|>lrt**i Mnawiea, th* m 'i/u to a i *'u ??' Inn* of briMdr to tha *u carried, airt the Board 000a after adjouront fUSttT MTMKABY. Kmigrunt* arrirad to Augit* ft. . . .v 87,122 Do. do. ainco, to 1Mb.. . ... 1,97$ Nwit thia rear. . . . . . . . 97,91# MM. 1864. in inrtitutiona? Ward'a Mmt). . . .?;,#? 2,2 Ta Ma4n0 HunpM. . 1*2 280 Total*.-... v.. .2,111 Balance *1 i.aul Jan. 1, 1865 M1,1V2 40 Afyregatce^ei^u tn Aug. 8 MMA.622 81 Received i*h<.v, tn A tig 15, for commtitaf?wr/of iwivwDger", fee. 8,<T9 97 ?881,702 68 312,895 04 PiHhiirsrmeiitH t ? I a i$!l7 i ZW 8# Sundry exp. n? k *r*Aug, 4 to 8. . . 10 'J7 $386,185 18 Oterdridl* on hank . WS,*W 12 MtjWi t*?** TDK CHRISTIAN HOMf ? A rft'MH CRAMN AUAINrfT Wit*. LINl>roftI>; T1 IK KEKntK It will be recollocted t!i4t ttM k a*o?o accoant wae publicked lu ?< mi* of *iJ? *A\y )? urnaU, of r?; nll.-gtvt ewtndle In the ?).apn of an 'rMitrfila n call?d tbe 'Cliria tl>n Hnn^" pur|iort|ji|t liohttr (K r It* alin the moral and Ui(?f5?ctu?l advancement? of p?? ' *enrant f(trt4 d<?? titute of tin UM-an* of arqu rMg n ay kind of <*]?ic4U6n or religious in?triii'llon. Tl." bet*p*ir??>f thi* Institution 1" Mr*. Martha Undford, Hrl ty-elghth atp-et, between Foarth and l?xingMV who, It U charged, had r<rel??-.l a nurnet TK riAM ? >f philanthropic Individual*, Who baUeted her -a t* wit* ?ted by pur?-ly disinterested Motive*. Mr*. Unr-rtrd art* 'rtiae* her irt Htltutlon an a place where nit nation* ?n procured t*r ??errant firlfl at nliort notice, and tlk-ir mi* ral condition iavprovid. The charge i? that Mr lia<tfM d pocket* the IMnaey, hut never geta tiie girl* ftftatr'nM . Krvqui ft coMplaint* hnve he>n made an* nm Mb* ? I ?. at the Mayor'* office, and ?hc wan, in tact under d? II to aiuwi r a pr??iwu* charge uf thi* nature. .- >*Vee[?. an W-fter office witlioat**. Th JienaHf for keep fna an intrlligru<-c office without Uc? >*M< |M, The complainant, in the preaent ?. -??, ia ??i rl named KJlea Kiei nan. who make* allhlavit, that *?eai| ! one of Mr*. I ladlord'fadrtvtui'iiient* in one t ^he 'V*U/ pa|M'r*, *W" we*t to th" lliriotijin Home for t ^e?ptirpoH*? of pro .ctfringa aituation, paki the regular fh" '*. and wm told that a xituation woukl he o?>8tla?4t la r her. Ail<*V reHaining In tbe place for nbou tl is girl ?He?? that Mr?. I.lnilforil informeit lie ttkat c<mM nokget ker a city place, hut that *he h ^w*e*ar<coun tr> pMM to which alie COttld go Tbe ^lll thow a ?k?d where th**? place* were, hut would uot ?4okl h y Mr*. l.iii?Wr>rd, wko puniahed Kllvn by turning 'li^oul a' th* xittia^rooM into the haacment. Alter tbt? IVlen Ml the preinweii, Mr*. IJudford refusing to refuel hw 1km mo ney her for the purpose of procuring Ultffals *1 t.iatKn. <tn the alx>T? rhaige Ma>or Wood uNwd a?rar runt f it th* arreat of Mm. iihdford, which em* ounal^l by <>(Ur*r I to p?. Mia. Undford* rouniel ?? v? prwa it, and had an interTiew with the Mayor, but fa -A to pro re to th.' ?.\tUt'a?' ion of Ida llonur that bia cller tfvad *i It fairly *1?h Itilen. Tbe Mayor required ber *??il la fAOOTj-jaKWer the charge. Poll** InuUlgtnr*. I VMMHTH VOX INTOXICATION. I lb'>? < war > t&frty-nine arrant* for druokcnne' i ?. t? the I *ariou?i'o(hv /l-frieti jwterdar, >? follow*:? ... . _ maf/iMnU (Am .Aw*. Flrat IHiWo* I ?hae Court. . Aldarman Bulrd, II Hjcod<I da do . Juatlce I>*?i.le?n, IT . ? <l" ..Jiultee Rrenuaa. 9 <>ourtb 4i> do . . Juati'-r Otrim, i **?> w cbauub on cosrotntMNo a r*L0NY--n?P0rj-i*r* CAM. P*l)i t Lynda, a ?arclktnt, w?* (arretted by offl.-cr t n derhill af the IHatrlct I'hIIm Court, on a Cotnpo i'rMl?n II U -il-^..! ? me |?ri gl tb* proeecatkw Uutoi or about the WOth of <ht., 18M <*? Joacph Jr , waa indicted by the <?rand Jury h ? a felony ? hawing, u rt waa allagad, obtained about tU?. 000 jpjodi from th* firm of MrCurdy, AJdrUl** f-pcnrer, and other aaarcbanti doing huain*<? (n *hi? city, oidar fait* }ret*nr*a and fraudulent repre** ?t tioo.4, -ritA inti it ta cheat th" creditor*. <H thin the acrjaed (J.ynda ) a a*. It |a allagnd, fully aware a* h r n n 1 ?JofHitmi by th^ creditor* with power of attoi ?> to bur trup li'ixio. and. ft pifiuuhli*, r^i/r^r I'iria of the pn.j fr?y belonging to ?lae creditor-. InnWd of d">B? thU, h ? ?a?rr, it to alleged that I,rnde compounded felony ~n>enri%i the cum of ?I?, 000 from llotie for ?!.? [ of u !16? lac him to e.'c*|ie from the lianla ol u tlce aaj lb? c iutrli?r< of hi< creditor*. Hoaie th- tl. lrfr,l awiwilnr, haa o*cap*d ainee the int.-iwiew i*,} with and bt now ai.Jou rmng In lla ran*, lailouahr aaaiting the r*ault of Iba fa'* n *? J-Vorw lb' rourt. T.tnde wta brought bef *? .'untie ?? 1'wxcoy and b'd.l to taaail in tb * aum ol tlO/Nai In iinawer t)i* <b.irg* Mr Atterbury, of Ilr ?dway, ae came nil In the ab?>ro aum. Tli? partiro iiftbl* ?#!? wer? publl-h.d in the HJOUIJJ aome month* #go. v. h -atha 'lamination in tho r?v of Th<- )'*<ipln m II. ?!.? ? u *<.i?n .>n at tbv nd I M-trl?-t I'olirn f?. rt Ibo CI' nHaint axaln-l I.jnde i- mate by Norton A Hi 'It a M'laliT* nftbr fnfitirr, Jonrpb iloxl". Jr CBAROE Or OBAND I.AKCKN Y* A tn*u. namrd Oiarlea raiuleraon, wa< arroat^-i y<-?t?t <!ay, byj/lhcar McMahon. of tlii? Kourt"?nth aari) p> tift* < ha /?, i with bavinfatol. il lit Mn liauk Mlla and f*? l coin, fVi^tn r qrinda llrown of 10 K*?t KJfvcnlh alrawt. lbi? a. aurad i? arraai^i with tbr mon.y in bia aion. It? atatad tbat ha had a p^rfi-ct rifht to Ukt Oi? mo??j from tha (omplalnant'a trunk. On I?Ihk l.r .u<ht b*-for J uatira Ilr^nnaii, tha cniplainant having rforar ad all har m<B?r. Indu 'd th'- mafiitmf^ to dl?mi * th ra?<> of latrany . but to prarant any aniioyan. r ' n th part of tha prlaon ar ch? rM|iifra<l that ha ahould fv bald to I wil In tha aum of tAOO to k<-ap tha pa?i-?. for tl a n^it twalaa montha. Hiiil l<ainjr f. r'h<-..niini(, Sandarhun Waa di?< h*rgad fr< ni arraat. flia (omplalnant w*a ao wall pla?>a.| * Ith tha r>>?ult of ?h ? pro<-?*dln|f that afra ja\? th* pri" i ar a prt ?ant of ?.V). Th" acrnxad aul rotn plAi&ant arc old frlamla, but hliTa bud 1 fkJtilqf out. KKI.OKKOfn AfcM*t;Lr AND n*TT?*T. .-ti?ld*id hldd, a foil ff'ima ???. >u arreftM yaatarday. r har fad with h?Tlnq rommlttad ? Mo cauaa A>aault upon th* paraon of Chartrt Il^nry rilw.mona, of So It Thomaa atrial Th* romptain ant allagoa that KI-l.J flr?d a loada<l platol at hli b-ad. tbr 1*11 In. Ill whirh mt'-ml th* aralp. a?d paw J <>T*r Without doing aa^r further Injury. Tha prlaon^r. In dafenr?, ata^ l-ed miiiiiioii?, rhaard him tilbi la nif'-. and mould r. rtainly hat* cookad hia mntUia, /-r him had th* pistol not Uan pnxlurrj, and u *ad with aurh a bappr affart upon tba aoaailant'a ha*d Th* piMonar au bald to l-*ii in the aum of toOO to anaaar c?aror or auiuii.Amr. John f-'tawart w?a t*kan into wtody hy oArar ^ a) ar , of tha Twolftb aard Palis'*' r)i*rgi>d with baaing borglarioualy enterad th, rar pautar'a -bop ?>f tiaorg" W. ConrkUn rornrr <? JSOth atr??t ant l?l< < mlngdal* road, and ata?liiia tharatrom a lot of ralu toola. 1lia*/i u?ad w*a obgai ?a<> making hl? -nt fr. m th? holMin/ by one of Hi* workmen wh'. fortu nately went Into the pretniw* at tike un?e*aon*b> hotir 1 f 4 A. U. to do '"ma aitra w..rk, and aa ha w? entering tl.e ah p h<* met tha pr>-. rier ronang not. The*, -el waa r. mmitted for trial, In 'Mao It of bail byj.i-tire I'earaon. of tba K-urth Matrl. t I'ollre Court AN A rrKCTION ATH SHOTIIKN. \|. e? |i. rioh' e who rapr. -awie,i him^lf aa a tali.,r Ihlrif at So. 24 I lira l-aih atr-?d a*a taken Into emt?ly ? n . haige of a'abhl,,^ hli bcuther Mlrbael with a |.?,r of -1 i ?Tr *ltb Inlaat to kill hbn Tt a complainant ?? e.. rely lnjure.1 in th* .Me, but with pr.p*r m*i|r?l tream^nt will rerortr in tba rourrf of a few w.*k- f>, pn onar *aa balil to laill lu tba aum of $!JW) to at.-a-r tb* c|,*rge of falonioua aaaauH and laitti-ry CirwrW Inqueafa. M hiw rw TA*I.1U r*Bta?" Aon ?An in<i?r-t ??? h< ' | y< ?t*r<t*y tipr>n tb* Ikk! , of a mat) namad ? ? I la>t*n t re* "ling at tbe cawnei id lludron an ! Iloratlo -tiee' , abo ci romitted a?li-|de at ten o'clock ?e?terd*y imirnlng *a*[!i,w(ng? bottle of pr<.?fic acid. Tlie act waa p*rp trattd i| j.reieni'e of * friend of 'aaet . V' * bom he aid, "tioaal !ork, Tom " a? he waa in the a?t of pa'tlng o.e deadly drug in bla mouth A. a Biattar of "ior? i-a^b *?a? iaafantane'/tia. To*- can e ^.tgnad f <r tt?i- " n.n> anion -.t tie ra*h aet ia a !'??e?t,i trou'>i* "hat thedniM.oil had of >*?.., re-ultli.* iu hi- aile ae, . facing fii n> blni an 1 r"i' g "? >'< 'Oban. ?bar? .h< i" w ie?i l*. T><e Jury rviim'-t ? nt't t of li-?'|? atcid*. " I ? i T1I n* A ? I for 7T? > an r> , , )>*?>? ~lm aer Wilh?;m held an In ^>,eat rr terday at th" J-H-r n m-r ket I'. Ue* f'ourt pr.. n oj-ni tb- i?-!y 'f iu har t II .trthur. or,e .f -hr r.rti?. ,.'ily ar eate-l ' r r,?. ? Inf #?aa oa the Or**n Bank <4 tl.* city who < ni ?ery - iiddanla while e. in l.ia cad It appeared r ' e ! e<?aaa<t *aa attacked witL a tt of it. .rluib tniw n al.ich feenlud fatal r l ?'?aaed waa f 'ty yawra < f **e | ? at aa* * Mtlra .fV.w Votk \ ?i l?ct? la*ti, by - tirPtm (riBtani> Aint*>T '? tw* 1 1 aat a Ra;lJ?UD >*ri>nf III' 1 belli an id'tu*at y eater day at i?0 ihird atenu* "...a T 'A a Raao naaoail Eavar 1 Jagfar' aki aa ki..*-: a tl - llarletn Hallrowt *.?r Matc-ae aut. n ? n 1 e 'ay afaerm^ n The Vreaa*! w*. . ?,rakem*n la ; - f ibe Hartewi Kaitri^d I "miaany ar. I wk > a' '?> j ' hi* brake aceMew'alty f*,| if th* r*r and ?a la aa' r ki!!*d l y tha abawU of th? aablei. p* '? t i * 'ert.-t It, ar"-rdaa- e ? I , . - ay*nli df f The Late 0t?bMn? Cmm In William Street. cohonkr'8 in^ckwt Be/cre Coroner O'lvnm U. Coroner f?TVinn*l? held ?? mijueit jr?<terd*jr, ?t tho ! Coroner'* ofltre, ?7 Chx tnberii ctreet, ujx.n the Ihxljr of the men mnieil Joint Il^nrj- I?ri-Jojr, who died at the New York Ho?|.it*l oo Horn.1*?' ?'?ht, from the .-ffeot/ <>! if dirk knife wound rerotvwt in (he nlMtomen, on th* ui ;ht of (he 4th i nut., while entnmod >n ?n ??tfmy *ith?oroe ItMiIkOM in the Ut#*rl>ter mloun %?'? 231 William etreet. The dne??ne?l nam never a I of hln motit intimat* frl>n.t? on (he aiflit of hU fU?1h, (o ?hom Ik* K??k mhoi* wh>le?i>m* Ndvire relation to tholr I'rAqiieotkiff druikiqf ~*lo<>ti?, mid other dUrpptitrtblo |il?e*?. tU? Oomi?tiian< frotnMed to <d?y hi* injunction* faithful!) , and were much irfceted with th* d*in(f m;m'? %at word* V adrlee. I^irej.rj- *?? n inemli?r >f hofjuie Co. No. l.i fl' n'?id*.| at No ">fl Koae etreet, i %l Win" ? in*chint?t ha trade. I'etorSevii-' the pri*<>?rr r *>ff<-d with the ctHiimMoa of the offence wik prevent ttortiif the ini|i:e<t. ? The following U ? report *f the tnvt*tignUon held l>y Coroner O'Donne.t I , ? Tiwrm^r. ??orn. i1whkm'(] thnt hf hmi ? nrinfar I k i t*iT lul / ?i isi" "m'S'H; v * tzz r<.jv" i? Rg?(U.n,i ,,?i ^::??^nA;"k,m'w% ? - :nri? 'r "''r Stir I^rt^r"'*1 n0,lTl n r"un* m?" P^"?n* ? 1 * ! ?rr"' *n ? "'??>?? thl? *o?rt? man w?T?o ^ , .. r**"' U'r'" "t ?><- U*?r !,l" ?? ,u c:nt^;,;p<;rl,lrh:v >?un* ?r? ?" *: r Vr .T V^ko ^,,;r,'Pt 'r' "h" r?,v" l-Wnt rajw&r?Sr C^sz^ ?{- , Mm loth"*" '/" "Orrrf \Z'K'. I.?W1 M-Tt -5 & fis. Kr^t-ccrx -?V" 4'dl.f >?? ahould Irtrr l)?. nr. ? J. '.'il M "" J?v:r ^rvsrl* per*or,? thnralng U-n. li?.H at ?),? d.T-g?-.| b , h " ^wwtrrsAr ? sr'x'r.ri: ru" up the gtrvot toward* I)U*UH,(,^.,. | -/ ??-?. 1.E "" rtj^rs 9* :?r v=t, r-jJ* 5 ?iri oi wng wen hgklod, ??,( lt #bou1 ,ft.. , . KVt S/sksza: tli? bniatrUy night before referred (o, the ?* , I ,' m, Cnfo m/ plAc* AH'! called f?ir a arljt?M of lutrt biw th? u ? ?ltne?? (Jna* f.rMu) .u(l t, i2f t 1 table: mr ,i?(rr hrongbt tl.eru ?h<- I*. c While I jfiKwi nt my buioi*-,, toy <|#t? told ,h*t Lotgiov ih? di-ieg ?H had throws Wer in g young m??% */<, { Mine up t , l.ov, -Jftr, ?,.| ,?M ,liin h,.;??*V Si^hi^. JT "d ~,M "Cmi: w? nt hebiljl the hg r and an? g , |nb n|her? *l?. thn Htor? fow i ?A the* tV*a*^] lnit i,f f??. i ,?4 ? no. wlgh tu ?g,. <U.^,lr^ln .. he i rtw 'nri,",,r ^ s ~n- Tnm ? ?>??/ ?ton, Mid ? I n^.vv a> I n.;h? '.?.u'?'.T.i.. r.^'i'C-S7r',r:i!r1,ra^K; ojon jler? age.) ,, ??] ed him ..ut at (he ?gl?on I < m <*,1 C' no o?r |0( rfwi?| thj, ^ iW^wh M'tllo": telr'ttl 7T*:' 1? Knllerton on th? HNturUa; n.^l.t In' I!' sa?s i^ajKi- a'r &?rs^5if?? h m 'brt*e or f,?ir tl-u? . g .,,^r,TO ,r'u*l7!U ? ?1?jp benr||g?, ?<> .??,) <lrre? e.| . ? }*.itrU ?,' ?7. "f ""r ^ "ut ' ?? ^ prW-r ll"t,,r?7l?, j"V' V ,,,", n"1 *"?> """? "fU.g Irg-,. .tNTK.^.r*,' ","r" 'i',m'v"1 u"1 >'? . - , ' '?*" r ? 1 "? 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[Iglaed ol niucli by tlig iielghbm givl ti?t lb?r<t wgr. ?e?erg| ?bo pglitione.1 hilt, to hgve Uig jnugU; %ll,i 'taurine ?t"it*^, which ??. roortMtlr c'bc on thrrg ?V. r? nlfrbt, until 1 J or 1 o .1 ~ J, * ' ' ,.i ?.,JI,,al t>?l.i*??oru <1g(.?.?.| tbgt ?h? r< ?I'M gt -9 KllOant ihKt. ny bog' gel l? ? t,l 4?f,r ?f | tngker I ? m .lUIn* T>jr ,n, ??M?w on thg nTct,t fig tlon. wbf n I b??rd g n..|?. oat.M- looking ?iit J the Wln-Urw, I ftw g fl^ht f, l?g ,mt t^.g ri^Mfetl ia t>i# Uj. -?ri t"? """ rr"f" "" '?*" ', Wnfrlk U # (>nUM? ??>??.? ?r7T)? i ? >.jr/-n f plgined of g (fr. gf <irgl ?.? the oel*hh.,r. h.,1/ ,n iTi*. i * f-oil-etn.n -gjr tUgt g ;?*?, ^ xtgbt^ed: I rgn/i'it Mr furthe r ?rt?.'-4j iMrn?o-<T. ?< 1VJ v.n illgrci in, M !>., Wu< d?!7 n?ta, .lgp.?l g? t'i]lo?> ? 1 ?gagrhng Houoe hur(f<^u gj th? .?. rw 1 .?rk H'?|4tg| ,.n thg 4th iwt When brrmthl to lD-titution he ?uff*nr.|{ fn,m g ,i.b ^ tr?tig( tb? <g?ltjr of ihg gbd<?nm , g poriu/n ofiai< nt?. iln? ?r< trwM: gtte??,,Vi w?, lw,n*dW<??? n.vk to i turn the iote?tin< ? hot ?Hhmjt gur.^,. tl^ w?. tbmdllgfid w).?*n it retnTM^t *er_> r? gOilj , ititrh** ?gpi> ??|>Ued to Vh'- rut, half ?n ).< ?fier tit. vln.Hun l.i. < .1 ??. thinufh the urin. the 4,reM-.n ..f U.. voi.nd gnd blood in ?h> urin? tedlegtiyi that tb? ltigtru Utent hg't penrtrg'git tl,? l.l*d >r, t>Io-<d eontluue ! to m?? 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At a rowtinf of gantlaman r*ai??* ? t|,B uu<W? thia > lt ?r4fom rartoua ??ctton* of III* ucttun* U> Mntia.1 ?cr? ii, j>.,ii,(,?| ? ?*miaitt?*. with InlA ,m ftm invit* yourwlf ? nil many other gentleman % ,1 pulMi potltuB of tl?a I uiniiioiiwoaltti and all tie dtlfrf^k oUmv, ral partir*. to mart in fhaimtan llall, In Oi?p?r.?* ( in tba city oUWon ?n ?1a< the >Pj Bunt in?Unt. at ll) A M t*r hi* pu *?<>??,' ?!??? of that* after tre> mii') lu)l ill ?<-??? ton and wiutultat.*^ di-rtaliiK tt>* t?-al mixta of rim >nt rating M*1 gi*Ing? 1'HNul'iu t >U?- abuoat uiiitrfai fpyculilun Muia<lll ?alt. t?. tlit repeal i?f U?k nif.t o? fr**dofiT; " ant l<? Ui* nv.ia re, . nt wcrMMn . ,,t the nU*f |>ow*r ? lt? loTul"t) n( Kinu< niTTthe o?? 'brow of the rtghta of lb* Irw m tllffi tlinl Territory Hi' iniu<irt?|i yuaa lion t? !.<? cotutdeted ?t thl> m< oi ?m will t*> the a*pe dianry #f ratling a aoovi nUon .>f t lia u*0|.la ?il UlMalf, vlth'Uf dlatiacU' it nt ptrty. with iSerlew of tiUnag Maewirhuaeftn ill aympathy mid f"i??*-tion aiU? Uaa girat republican wmwiu ?"? in |in?*?i ? The routing into l>a what U | lamiy t?4t ?t??1 ataom; fad ?><? wbo atlra tt it la t > 1? 'WU"nlitl or" bounM b? it* doing*. l-y hi" ?*n f*' hutee afta* hi- i? ina'df lull) aware Of all it? ael- and ? ?><?!?. I>eim*. ui t,ik?|? that you will tba nvating With your pi* ?rrn e and tounael Will yon. at no earlr day. inl ??'in ">mr o?*"of to* roaa nilttre, l.y Mtar or oth?-rwt?-, wli' liiar you will b? at>W to acrapt tbU inTllatiun , aii'l it you cannot. you fur Uirr infirm ua whathrr wi> tt?y bo all' "???<! *> apjaw* yunr nam* to the call tor autl* a ronrcntion ? 0 U abof* aiitniar] in Vary I raj**! fully , your faili?'<-lt.?an?. MAMt'H. KWUit, HifinflW F. ' Jt'lIN M <T.\MK lio.ton HAMI'M, 0 lOlJ) (ir.?n?i-l.1 I.Kl.-lfuM R WklfTtlN, lm*bn?. KI>W IN V JKN'HM, Ninth Ada t/: IVKK- MlllJJf. Iltrhburf. JOIIN A OlXinWlS l/iWalT IV KMKMV AM>Mltli, Wor,aa??f Mr Una la* in rtiitor "f tha KrptiNmin aad a Mr. (Lurk I* ? )>?>? Nothing. ami abrrtil of rtuffaK rounti Mr Wi-ati<a la a fraavullar, w*a a tn*tabtr of tfc* r*i-? uilrr round! nf Maaaarbllartta in ISOi waa ? tandf data Inr louffraaa tha aama ntr, am! I**a rlrh man. Mr. Janki la a Xri'.tr NotbLnf, Mr 1'bUlin. laa dainorral, >irf *a? a tnmnhrr of thr jVnati- fn.m W'.^aatar county la lKJ>:i Mi. liooriwln !? a wing. an t r-I|u tli* Patty l\m t v-r, a" Uiwi II Mr Abtrlrb la a win* ?.Md rtuia Alloc ii?-* fur Hi* Worrratar ittntrtct. iUi- luratlng itarldad to )i?|it a hut* notrveaUoa ?l VutcMli t un tlx- DQlli iuat. JOHN L. DAVMON'rt I>K< l.lHAT'ftP. *> publl?h lialna Ilia lattar of tha Hon. Jahn I. Daw i- u to the I'lolikRl tif the Initial Wati a, i'.4r Unlrm ?>< appoint mrnt tanOcr?.l hlin of fJorarnnr of Kfteana Tarrlto r> It will ln> ?ran that tha poaltlon all unabMcltad ami unaipri tnl by htm: ? 11anw!>*riM# AnfUt ?, lfcM My !i?_?h Hi* ? i in nt? rat urn liiitnr Uiii rifi>h|, ifW a'l amriitc nf iriaral ?wk?, I find jr?>ur Irttar of tha 'JltJt u I landfill K ma tha appointment >?( Unrairar Of Mm Tat < It or) nf Kanaai Thl- itlatlnguUbad mark a* your (av.n ami aa Irani, anil tha M-ry ttattarlnff tar ma (a tohlrb tt la oontaja"! In ma, allclt mj grntrful acknt>wl*df*a?W. My prlrata afTM? prairnt tha ai-r*>pt*urr oi tha hnbnra liU and ra?pon?IMa truat which imir ronfldanea and f*m*t (ipioiun wmikl i oriuult to ma. llflth but Ultla taata fnr jmfcllc Ufa, at* I with a ilrap attachment to tny hotna aril my natlir Mat# I roiiM nut omaaut to chari? ay ml ilaii'c? but aa caaatralnad by arnrj rharliMrauUait tlon (o i amain In a communlt ? (Iiom rmMaoN I kin enjoyed, and nf nlna-a (f ?*?! will I ba?a bad tha n?M |a>?l - til a ahil rai??t<4t taatiianntala I ?ball a*ar bAM In Ifrataf fl ra^?ila?t|oo tlila aildanrairf your ?pfra>IHI ai, and tka wort, kaaama it >aa un?.li(llr?l a?rt una apart mf. A':<?'pt aaauranraa nf ni high rr^pird an ) haat vtahaa I f Ot0 au'raaa rifinui ? Imlniat rail' in. and lallti* ma. tnilir, ?jow frWad, JNO. L. PAIWii lli- bwllaa'-;, Franklin I'larr*, I'tnMaal of tba I nM Mala# Tin- national davu?r*4a ?f (inaiita (UMintr art morla^ I* Uia mat' tr r.( baatkg a Ht?la aonvanlioti. JWr liira rtllal il.nrlar rnarmtlmii Cur tha fiurpoa* of alatUeg <l-ta#a'<? tn rapraaont tbatr A bulbar ru*l .? ?aatua -a? bail In UuatMl Ml UM luh mat. tri aV|.t maaa .ra* fax bubtlnv a Xtata ron'anttoal for tbr | uriH?a nt analnatU^i ran lnlata* f..r Hula oflliaa ?hu li ab?.I la-ana tba imi |i|airl uf Uia aallyhtaMd Uki lll?ral nii'fclail man a 1 all i-artiaa Marina Affkln. CmaaiM. rut An ?mi< |< Timta Mara ?A workiof an fftniar. by tbi> nama uf Jnbu llima, raaldinf In Maatraai baa addii a.-al a U-t'rr tn I br May'ir i.f liiaton, upva Uxi aubja'i "f > im-irit tunu'ion i?4 an attraordlnary rbarar t?*r l|i- ? . ii. ii- ti bara dlarmarad a n'-w motlaa power, wlai b wt -waft a -hip ?'r ma tba Atlanni- liraan In Oiraa ?lay ? , an l 'ui IWi r, II a W W nara r?~t In lb' twtluan, tli? ?r>n*l ?"iiM fli *t altb r>|Ual ralat 7 an>l fraadmn. In nr4ar toi "in|ilat? a ? rkln* tn'?l*l wlilrb la akaUjr In^lfia'twlrai nf ataam, I. a a?k a tba aaalataif* of Aft<^? buii<lriit I'jtlai 1 fr?'in a im ifantlrmaa'a p<?k?t So |?r>i firaa, aaya Mr. Mum. !.a? l-aau nm-la In tiial dlra<-U<>n 1 Ika rral til k< ap |j? <? ?tUi tba manatnanU ntar rallrnmta m ilii land, 1 lai tin- li t" latum will rcrtamly b? arr<<aa ( nn< ?^-inoii-tratM in bl? (rant dl. .rrar f?IUm Urn Atlvrtin^ Mi r*i.#r* imi <in*?T l?aa? na |jy* ? A latlar ra<-aa ? fri tn < aptaia M^iara. nf tb?- wtiallnjf l?ark Maria, 'if Naa llcllmil, it?4M |tay at Ulaial* Mai'b 1^, 1*!iA, raparta tl r ;? -? aluji 1 1 1 1 mni?-U , n> < alia" ''apt IVnnay, iaa 1 . of Jalf !*'?< ?? ? raaf t..i|>c ???toi l u < 1 ala-b'tila In lat !? H , l?(i 111 k #'it l?K1 iV>?ia "n tba ' barta Uia aaul "ti ?t A M Ilia afalain, ?l'h tbr 'aata d " t'-f and fcwir aaarnan Urfl bar In ? Sat alal a..?a n 'tbin* "f bar aft^r, and I'i'iik ? aba a>at tn |'l?' fa >na liad mi l?a?r<( f.U> a#vill?-a tr'm <%tna, arvf a 1 raw Ut num an-1 all nan-t ba?<- (?n?l M. with Um> 1 1 ' r|'tl<in "f tba aatan In Iba Wait. Mr ? liwlofli," tka ma'a. ?i klllaal hr tt a ratlaaa i>n tba l-Und '<f Na? 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