Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1855 Page 7
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ttfMTlSBSEfW EEHEWED ITEM DAT. ? roa saxjb. <fb 1 tz AAA -^0R ilAIJS, AN OLD (STAB ?1U?VVV| liihed buniue-s on the west tide vir the crty, bow doing over 915,000 worth of business ? 7**r, which can be Increased to doable that ?mount. Profits, 33>, per cent, on the amount of galea. About ?2.800 cash. or approved paper required. Inquire of EN GALL8 A CO., 212 Broadway, room 13. <8tQ AAA ?F0R ^ ALE? FARM OF 65 ACREB, 4p *7 ? V/ v/ \_7 ? near Mulford station, N. J ; 55 acre* cultivated, balance pasture: 'i>,' story houae, numerous outbuildings; on two pnbiic road*: two good cottages; large orchards, well watered and fenced. C. M. HART WICK, 206 Broadxay, room No. 1; MELICK, 84 Seventh avenue. Q AArv ?FOR SALE? FARM OF 116 ACRES, '?0?UuU? at Smithtown, Long Island, live ?Tiles from railroad; 80 acres highly cultivated, remainder wood land: water In moit of the fields ; variety of frulta; good buiklingi : well fenced; a very desirable country re sidence. cTm. HARTWICK, 208 Broadway, room No. 1. Am AAA ? F0R HALE.? AN ELEGANTLY up | ,v/UU? finished three story brick house, Inented in one of the moet desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn, marble basement, with all the modern im provements. $1,000 only required to be paid down; balance on bond and mortgage if desired. Apply to WINCHESTER BRITON, 37 Wa3 st. <h K 7AA-lf0R A ?REE STORY, HIGH rjTOoP, i^uOe I v V brick house, in Eighteenth street, be tween highth and Ninth avenues, hon<l*ome yard, Ac. : aleo, a three storv brick cottage houM>, in Twenty-ninth street, near Ninth avenue, very low if sold soon. Apply at 875 Ninth avenue. HATXOCK A IIATChT (JhJ AAA ? A SPLENDID MANUFACTURING tj[/Tr?vu' '? business, without competition, awl att'ording over 300 per cent j;roftt, with a valuable $3.t>00 contract, will b? hoUI for $4, 000, which on examination will be found to be a truly unparalleled bargain. Apply to THOMAS k STREET, 3i)j fine street. <ltiO A A A ? F0R immediately on the Sixth avenue, a neat, comfortable kooili!ii house, on & oorner lot, or would be exchanged for dry poods, piunofortes, clothing or boots and shoes: free ii u<l clear of mortgage. Apply to C. G. THOMSON, 81 Na?*au st., room 7. 1 pro ATI ACRES OF LAND IN NEW KENT OOPN ty, Virginia, for sale? Lumber, timber. ?ord wood.? In execution of a decree of the Circuit Court ?L#tw Kent county. Virginia, pronounced on the J9th Wy of Way, 1865, in the case pending in said Court, in the nan.e and style of Terrell and others vs. Terrell's adminis trator and others, I shall, on the 13th day of September next (Court day), offer lor sale, at public auction, to the hifheit bidder, at New Kent Court Houm>, Virginia, the fcUonicg tract* of knd, containing, by estimation, 1.626^ ??res: ? Triss Cross. 714 acres. This tract (Criss Cro^s) it supposed to contain 714 >4 acres, is heavily timbered, and hes in about 3>i miles of I'amunkey river: of good soil. and has on it a large dwelling house, and ihe usual outhouses and an orchard of various kinds of good fruit. Fea Hail, oil acres. This tract (Pea Hail) Is supposed to cor.tnin 511 acres (about 25 cleared), of good quality, the reeidu? l)eav>l; tiuibere^ and lies in g {^l?s tflVWWty Tow ft, &ud 1 of Sew Kent Court muse, fb's land, it is I'tllmul, has 60 cords of pine wood to the acre. Wool bury, S00 acres. Thi? tract (Woodbury) lies on t'hicka honuay river, near Providence Forge; is also of good quality, nipposed to contain 300 acree. and has on it a good dwelling houre and a large quantity of as good tim ber as any to be found in the State. Terms of sale, on a credit o f 0, 12 and 16 months; the whole to carry interest after the expiration of six months. Bond and good secu rity, and title retained until the entire purchase money I shall have been paid. The privilege of getting timber and needing email grain given when the terms of sale have been complied with, and full possession at the end of the year. The title believed to be good, but I shall sell as Commissioner only. R. T. LACY, Commissioner. (Hi-| AAA ? K0R SALE> A cnY IX)T< 25 BY UnXeV/Vfv/e 137, at a sacrifice, situated north Mae of Mghty-slxth street, between avenues A and B, 150 feet ea?t <T avenue A. Title i?erfect. Terms ca-y. Ap- I ply to Mr. THORNE, 04 Marion street. dkTAA ? 1X5,1 sale--4 light, safe, pleasant Un ( Vv? business, long established; a good chance tut a smart buidnesHjman with a small capital; tlie ca ih receipts now average 9400 per week. For further particu lar*, address Business, Herald office. (Jf[/>AA -FOR PAI.E? THE LEASE, STOCK AND Mp\)v/\/e fixtures of a bakery, Including an excel horse and wagon, situated in the best part of the city to make money; this is a splendid chance. Also, nn old es tablished news depot. Apply at 28# Broadway, room 10. GEORGE W. SIME1W. dh A r A ONLY?FOB SAI.E, THE LEA?, fPOCK ?40" and fixtures of one of the established eOufectionery und toy stores Id this city, situated on one ?f the best avenue*, and now doing a splendid business. ?Apply at 289 Broadway, room 10. GEO. W. MIXERS. <fll A A/V ON MORTGAGE FOR A FACTORY, WITH iJp^V/vr large saf?, worth four time* the amount, I. . w hich a benus of $25 and 7 per cent interest will be given. Address B. P., Herald office. (fljyl (\(\ ? FOR SAI.E, THE GOOD WtLL, FDC ?Ip^V/v/# tures, Ac., of an uptown market, located one of the best avenue* in the city for the kind o business, and in now doing a good buslnew : also, Includ ed in the above sum a go'?l brown horse; market wagon with top, harness and cart. The reason for selling is the i roprietor annct attend to It. Apply at 279 Third averue. A boarding house for pale? the ftrnttcre and interest of an old established house; the house ie in good order and rent very low; It can accommodate forty boarders at least; it Will be sold at a great bargain, a* the proprietor has other business to attend to. In quire on the pre mis?, 24 Bowery. A LEASE AND FTRNITrRE OF A FAMILY hotel, with a number of acres of fine land attach ed, beautifully situated upon tl* ?ast bank of the Hud eon, near the city, ami within two minute*' walk of a railroad dep>t The bouee is large, new, splendidly fur nli-hed, weU "haded, supplied with the purest spring wafer, acu occupied by Rome of the wealthiest resident* of New York? the receipts being about $700 per week. For sale low and on easy terms. For cards, sc., apply to P. C. BULK1EY, 49 Wail st., basement. Broadway property? lease for sale cheap. An ex^llent location for business, being sur rounded by the principal hotela, and nearly opposite the St. Nicholas. Apply on the premises, 603 Broadway. CARMAN8VTLLE PROPERTY. ? A HANDSOME COT fage, two story and basement, marble mantles: kitchen range, Ac., with small garden, good stable, will be aold a bargain. Apply to J. D. CHEVALIER, 390 Broadway. TWRCG STORE FOR SALE.? A FINE OPENING FOR A 1 1 J druggist or physician ; location on one of the prin tipal avenues. The store is well fitted up. and now doing a good business. Application may be made to C. STRONG A CO., 206 Broadway. T"VRUO STORE FOR SALE. IN BROOKLYN? DOING 1 " a good prescription business; a goo-! opportunity tor a young physliian wishing to commcnce tiualnesa, in a raptoly ncrsasing n< ighborhood ; the store ia neatly fitted up, and well stocked with drugs R'nt low. In quire on the premises, corner of Hushing and Division avenues. DRro TORE FOR SALE ? OIJ) Ef-TAE UNTIED, rflTl' ated in one of the beet streets in Jersey Olty, ami uow doiog a good business. Will be eold cheap for ca?h. Satisfactory reasons fcr selling out. Apply a* 20 Newark avenue, Jersey City, for two days. FiR PATJK? T FAPE, STVrfTl AND FIXTTREB OF ONE if the best dining, drinking and lodging places In the city, being directly opposite Washington market, and near West *tr?et ; this place Is new and neatly furnished, doing a daily bar business of forty dollars, with thirty beds. Will be sold at a reasonable price aa the owner is going in ether business. For particulars, Ac., apply to (KlilTT D. OLAltK, 95 Barclay street. FOR SALE? A 8MENDID LOCATION? AT BROWN'S Point, fi .e minutes' walk from steamboat landing of E*-yport boat, eight acres of land. with a good house, haru and stable, with a splendid well of water, and fine be' bin/, together with a fine selection of various fruit and thade trees. This property will be sold In whola, or ia psrts to stilt purchasers. Terms sasy. For particulars in^u're of JAMK.V I.YoN, 331 Fifth street, New York, or en the premise*. FOR SALE? one of the best GROCERY STOKE-? in the city, now doing a business of from $400 to $100 per week, -ituated on filth avenue. For particu lars inquire at 4fi7 Sixth avenue, In the dry good store of Mr. Bainbridge. FOR RALE? a WHOIJWAIE and RETAIL SEGAR store, and a good retail tobacco business, an oi l es tablishment, located In tl.e best part of the ? Ity, with fixtures and stock, or without stock. Good reasons for ?riling It can be riven. For particulars lnquil* of C. B. HOWE? & CO., 84 Nassau street. FOR SALE? MR H. PETGNFr BEGS TO INFORM the public and his friead* that he has not eold his institution to any one. His property, 131 feet on Bank street and 1-4 on Troy street, is offsied for sale. The buildings, which were ised during twenty years a large institution, may be sold, with sixty-six fret on etch <treet, ?nd with trom one to Six more lota, if desired. For *a>. instruments of natural philosophy. Address H. WSEGNKT, No S, Bank street. FR Sil.E? THE STY NIC AVI) EIXTTRES OK AS oil) established oonfe -tionerr and toy stors, situated .,t lfi.'. Avenue B. Apply in t!f? store. F,R *ALE? A SUPERIOR Hot SE OS WiXT WA-*1I ingtofl place, near the square? price $11 000. one oa West rwenty-s?vonth sti?~t. $7,000 thrcs oo Twenty gl.Ji street, between Madlaoo and Fourth avenues, !' 000 tie <n Fourth a?snue, $7,000, two three story bouses <n Elm street. $6 000. Apply to F_ B. KIN 111)1! R 319 Fourth ar?nue from 8 to 10. and from 3 to I o'clock. __ T710R "Ai l ? -T?s K VTYFI !:M AM) G <?)U Wli J of p a linrdaate teo year. . ,taMi.?h?l. o8 one ?t t-- ' ..jinjr^venue <-f tbe .-ity A g<*?! opportunity f.,r "J J- . " n H'i-hj// *?> eng.^rr .n t !.?? busine.*. Appfr at ' ' avt.npe, betvoeu Thirty fourthand Thlrty-u/th ?reels. H ? ai f? a \--Fsni\l~ > "Miflvinv pr-ivnn with t) e le??e anJ/tamitar* ? f an elegant o(B<v?. By t*ent:< n will < ? or ?: n $. '<*) to ? y (r A.lnr > ?-.ry i?-f. rmat'ei. g'vi r ' . .t t-s.' < :a..?.rel. - ? a small . ? 1 ? . ,.*??'?! n. . -I ! Is. i a' X? ? '?? dMitnr, POR uu. _ -f7H)R SAL&? TWO DINING ANDD RINKINO SALOONS, J; 3M Broadway and 103 .North Moore street. They will be sold low, as the owner ia going South. The reut* of both are very low. In the han<la of one who under stand* keeping ? saloon m it ought to be kept, must m.ike money. For tenna. Ac., inquire at 103 North Moore street. Kurt be sold immediately. T710R SALE ? THE STOCK AND FTXTCRE8 OF A RE Jj tall boot and shoe (tore In one of the (text location* in the city, and doing a safe and profitable businea*. Thin ia a fine chance for a smart businea* man, inch aa seldom offer*. For further particulars apply on the premise*, 20 avenue C, or to JOHN H. FOWLER, 81 Murray street. T7TOR SALE? A FARM OF 70 ACRES, ABOUT 1? _I* _ milea from Rah way ; the (arm U in a high state of cultivation; all kinds of fruit trees in full bearing, gar den handsomely laid oat with shrubbery and dwarf pe*r trees and apples; also, a fine vineyard In full bearing, house built of brick, and encloaed with wood. There is water, bath tub, and heaters through the houae For further particulars Inquire of L. L. GALE, on the farm. For sale, for $300? half intkr&<t in a aplendid cash business, on Broadway, clearing yearly net, over evvrr expense, $4,600. Also, superior and ele gantly furnished and stocked drug store up town; coat 13,000, will sell for $1,500. Also, aplendid hat establish ment down town, $8,000. Apply at 81 Nassau street, room 12. Fr sale cheap? a large, first clash stand in Washington market, situated so aa to command three gangways, and well adapted Air butter, pork or poultry. Address Butter, box 140 Herald office, or in quire of D. PEARSAIX. Crook's Hotel, Washington atreet, near Folton, between 3 and 5 P. M. ?J7 OR SALE, A BARGAIN.? A BEAUTIFUL FARM, OR JQ country peat, of about 100 acrea, on Long Island Bound; buildinga new and commodious; land In fine or der; old and young orchards, and every variety of -fruit, fishing and fowling in their aeaaon, and bathing at all hours ; distance 50 miles from New York ; access twice a day by railroad; fare M) cents; steamboat every alternate day; tare 76 cents. Apply to HOMER M< (KG AN, No. 1 Pine street. FOR SALE OR TO IET? A NEW FIRST CI ASS THREE story and basement brick house, finished in the best style, with all the modern improvements, and desi rably located in South Brooklyn. For particulars, inquire of HERMAN E. Si DEC KG, 35 Wall street. Hotel for sale or to let.? any person wishing to engage in this business can have an opportunity that ia seldom offered. The buildings are good and of the most convenient character- the house la well furnished; a large vegetable garden; fruit of every description of the choicest kinds. Said hotel ia tieauti fully located and doing a good business. Price $6,000; $>'1,000 <-ash, the balance can remain on mortgage lor a term of years. Apply to I'ETCH Jl INGALUS, real estate ?gents, 345 Broadway. OIJ) ESTABIJSHED CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE establishment for sale. Located in a city ia this State containing sixteen thousand inhabitants, and the only stere of the kind in the city. To any person wishing to commence business, this ia a rare chance, and one eel 4?w kn'r, 1?. ? w. j, /a HFj 117 Broad street, New \ork. E01TE FOR SALE.? AN OIL AND FLUID ROUTE for sale, with horse, wagon, harness, can*, &c. Apply, after 4 o'clock P. M., at 47 Norfolk street. mO PAINTER?.? A CHANCE SELDOM TO BE MET X with An old established paint and shade store, in Brooklyn, (F_ D.) will be sold on very reasonable term*, aa the proprietor is about leaving the city. A young man wishing to commence business will find this an op portunity seldom offered, as there is no opposition in the neighborhood and a first rate run of custom. Address H. g., box 1,210 Pon Office, N. Y. mO PRINTERS? A GREAT BARGAIN? A GENTLEMAN 1 having every requisite for printing a newspaper, consisting of types, galley", &c., wishes to meet with a purchaser, this day. The above will be sold at a great sacrifice. Apply to Mr. FOWLER, 368 Broadway. THE FAST SAILING BOAT IZAAC WALTON FOR aale.? Phe is about 24 feet long, built of the beet of material, In June last; (he hae two suita of s*ila, and ia complete in every respect. She will be sold cheap if ap plied for immediately, aa the owner will leave the city in a few days. Inquire of WM. PETERS, Penny Bridge, Brooklyn, or address box 2,834 Post Office. WATCHMAKERS ATTEND ? FOR SAI.K, LN ONE OF the best locations in New England, a well estab liahed watchmaker and jeweller's shop; stock light and Well selected. To any one wishing to commence business with a small capital thia ia a first rate chance. For par ticulars inquire of HENRI PERREGAUX & CO., 78 Nassau street, New York. YONKERS.? FOR SALE, A FIRST CI ASS NEW house, with the modern improvement*, half an acre of ground, ornamented with shade and fruit tree*. Also, an Italian cottage, just finished. Apply to JAM1K YOI'MANS, an the premises, Warburton avenue, or Yonkera Poet Office. Good view of the Hudson. W8THICTIOM. FRENCH GKNTIEMAN, MKMBLR OK THE UNI versify of France, withes to give lessons in French, in * boarding school or private fkmilie*. No ohjociion to go in the country. Tern* moderate. The beiit of re ferences given. Address C. V., Herald office. S^RENCH LANGUAGE. ?A PROFESSOR OF THE 1 French language? a Frenchman ? who has taught France and la England for several year*, would be clad to make an engagement in a school either In New York or In the vicinity. Good testimonials aad reference given. Please addrw P. B. H., Herald offlce. WRinNO AND BOOKKEEPING ? 346 BROADWAY.? Gentlemen desirous of attaining, without Iom ef time, a masterly knowledge of bookkeeping, elegance ia penmanship, Ac., are Invited to call at FOSTER ft DIXON'S establishment, Appleton's Building, Inspect spe cimen* and obtain reference*. WASTED? AT THE ASTORIA MALE INSTITUTE, two Spanish boys and two French, to Instruct in the Fnglinh language and board, school select; the prin cipal will call on such as may leave their address at 34 Beck man street, With W. B. Parker. W. PARKER. (XOTHIBG, AC. Ci^ OFF CLOTHLNG OF KVKRY MHCRIPriON wanted ? The highest price given, and cash paid ia current money. Gentlemen wishing to dispose of cloth ing of a good quality for a liN- sal cash equivalent, are re quested to ealf on or address JAMS) MORONEY, 11 Bax ter, late Orange Ntreet. G< ENTTENEN HAVING I.EFr OFF WEARING PA r parel. and wishing to dispowe of the same, can ob tain the highest cash price for them, by calling or ad dressing JOHN MURPHY, 123 Na**au street, basement. TBAVEUiKHI' eiTBE. For ooney in and and fort Hamilton.? tbi Steamer NOR WALK leaves New York as follow*:? Her of Amis street at 8J< A. M., aad 13K and 3){ P. M. pier foot "f Spring street, 0?i A. M., 12 ? and :)>; P. 11. i pier No. 3 North river, at 14 A. II. . 1 and 4 P.M.; >av!hg Coney Island, last trip, at 6 P. M. Pare to Co ney Island and Fort Hamilton aad bach to New York, 36 -ents. No half price for clilldren. I TEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD.? INLAND N route. <>n and after Wednesday. August 13, MM, (Sundays excepted, 1 for Albany and Troy, leavi?g depot corner of White an'! Centre street" : ? Mail t-iiin at T *) A. M.. stopping at VDHnm* Bridge and mail station' north. Passengers for Lebanon Springs taking this train arrive at Lebanon at ft P. M. Way expre**. 3 P. M-. "topping at White Plain*, New castle, Croton Fall*, ami stations north, connecting at Chatham Four Corners with Western Railroad express train, arriving at Albany at 10:14 P. M kjujm cm iuix urano*. Millerton. at 6 P. M., stopping at all *tation*. Croton Falls, at 10 A M., stopping at all stations. Croton Falls, at 4 P. M.. "topping at all stations above Fordham. White Plains, at 3:30 and 0:1ft P. M., stopping at York ville and stations north. Williams' Bridge, at 7, #:0 A.M. 2:1ft, 4:00 6:4ft. 8 and 11 P. M. . "topping at all way stations. raon TW?rr-aimi mum ha to*. William1. Bridge, at 0 A. H . White Plain", at 11:40 A. II. Passengers mar also procure tickets and have their hsggsge cheeked for I' tie*, Buffalo, and other plaoes West and north of Albany, at the company's oAee*. orner of Bowery and Broom" street, and Fourth avenue and Twen ty -sixth sireet. turromro to hww vox*. Mail train leaving East Aihany st 6:30 A. U. and Chat ham Four Corners at 8:16 A. M. (>n the arrival of the train leaving Plttsfleld at A:10 Stopping at all mail sta tions above Williams' Bridge arriving at New York at 1:40 P M Fxpi'-ss train leaves AP*nv at 11 A. M. and Chatham Four Corners at 4 I'. M. Passengers from Lebanon Springs leaving Canaan at 1:44 P. 11. connect with this train. Mapping Jon signal at all stations a We Wil liam"' Bri?l(re. arnving "t New York ata8:ftft P. SI. hi, 0 A. M. from Millerton, stopping at all stations above Fordham, arriving at New York 10:1ft A. JH. 6:20 A. M. from Croton Falls, stopping at all station*, arriving at New York at 9 A. M. 4:20 P. M. from Croton Fall", stopping at all station* north of Fordham. ft A M. and 3 30 and 6 10 P. M. from Whit* Plains, stopping st all stations. Fr- m Williams' Bridge at ?,?0, * .?, and 10:10 A M : 1:1ft, AAA, 0:1ft, 7:16 and MM P. M , stopping at all sta tions. Passengers by the 10:10 A. M. from Williams' Bridge, ami the 2-iO P. M. Irom White Plains, will be lands*! in New York at the Twenty-sixth street station only. WWBAV AMUMt*****. Train* will leeve for Oroton Falls, and all way stations, at Bu'lO A. II and 6 P. M Returning. leave Croton Falls at 7 A. M. stropping at all station*, and 4.90 P. M. stopping at all station* north of Fordhain. For Williams' Bridge and all way stations, at 9:10 A M and 1.30 P. M. Returning, leave Williams Bridge at 11 A. M and 6:4ft P. M., stopping at all station*. Freight for Albany received daily, until ft P. M., at the Depot comer of Centre and White streets, N. Y. Wll. J. CAMPBELL Act g. S??pt. SUNDAY BOAT FOR GIX* COVE, LANDING AT Strattanport and New RocheUe.? The elegant new steuner THOMAKG HaIGHT, w>11 leave regularly during the season frons North Moore street. North river, at 8 A. M ; pi*? Vo. 3 North river, at tuft; Catherine Market slip, at 1 :4ft : Delancey street, at t, Twelfth street, at ?:16 w, J Thirty-fe?a1h ?Weet, at 8:4ft A. M. FR LIVERPOOL.? CWim) STATFH MAIL STEAM ?hip BALTtt^ Jo*. J. Oomatock commander. Thia ittuuhi; will depart, with Um Carad Htatei nuilt for Europe, positively on Wedneeday, August 22, at 12 o'clock M. , from her berth, it the foot of CWnal street. For f reig ht or p*Ri age, having unequalled accommodation* for sle ranee ua comfort. ?jplj to EDWARD K. COLLINS, M Wall afreet, hwraprt *M requeued to be on board at X1K o'clock A. M. The ateamahlp Pacific will succeed the Baltic, and ?ail Sept. 6. Shipper* please Uke notice that the *hipe of thia line cannot carry any goJH contraband of war. rilHE HXW Y ORK AWD^UVnil'OOL cnitkd nil rS 1 mail ateamera. ? The ahipe eomnosing thie line are the following:? ATLANTIC. Capt. We*t. BALTIC, Chpt. Oooaetock. PACIFIC, Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt Tfceee ahipe have been ballt by contract, expre*ely for government service. Every ear* hae been taken la their contraction, a* alao In their eaginee, to ensure atrengtb awl speed, and their accommodation* for paaeengera are unequalled for elegance and comfort. Prioe of paaaage from New Tork to liverpool in first si*** cabin, I1M; Ta aecond do., Ill: exclusive uae of extra aiae atate room, M*, from Liverpool to New York, 00 and 30 guinea*. An experienced Burgeon attached to each ship. No berth ?ecured until paid for. noroma Din or iuiuko. VMM N*W TOW. raua UTBtfOOL Wedneeday, . . July 26, ISM. Saturday, .... July 2a, ISM. Wednesday, . . Aag. 8 18*4. Saturday, .... Aug. 11, MM. WedAday , .. Aug 22, IBM. Saturday Aug. 3S, ISM. WednKda/,. . Sej3. 8, ISM. Saturday, . . . . SeTR. 8, ISM. Wedneeday, . . Sept. 19, ISM. Saturday Sept. 22, ISM. Wednesday,.. Oct. S, ISM. Saturday,.. ..Oel S, ISM. Wednesday, .. Oct. 17, ISM. Saturday, ... .Oct. 20, ISM. Wedneeday. . . Oct. 31 , ISM. Saturday, .... Nov. 8, ISM. Wedneeday, . . Nov. 14, ISM. Saturday, .... Nov. IT, ISM. Wedneeday. . . Nov. 28, 18M. Saturday, .... Dee. 1, ISM. Wednesday ... Dec. 12, ISM. Saferdey Dec. IS, ISM. Wednesday, . . Dec. 30, 18M. Saturday, .... Dm. ?, ISM. For freight or paaaage apply to EJ>W. If! (OLUNsTNo. M Wall street, New York. BKOWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KKNVARD k CO., tl Auatin Friar*, London. B. G. WAINWRIGHT k 00., I'aris. GEORGE H. DRAPER, Havre. The ownera of theee ahipe will not be accountable for gold, ? liver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preciou* atone*, or metals, unle** bill a of lading are signed therefor, aud the value thereof therein expreaeed. shipper*, pleaae take notice that the ship* of thle line cannot carry any gooda contraband of war. TjVIR LIVERPOOL? STEAMSHIP IJCBAN'OV, T. COOK, F commander.? Thi* new and powerful staainer will nail from the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company'* dock, at Jeraey City, on Saturday, the 20th Inst. Passage money for flint eta** passenger* only, for whom there T* excellent accommodation.". 8100, In cluding provision* and steward'* fee, but without wines or liquor*, which can be obtained on board. Freight taken at reasonable rate*. Apply to E. CVNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. T7*OR LTVERPOOI ? TAT8C0TT3 LINE.? TO SAIL ON J Saturday, August 18. The very superior clipper *hip ALBION, Captain Wllllama, will *all a* above. The ac commodation* for paatengera on board thla veuel are un surpaased. The Albion la on* of the fastest vessel* ado^ti person* ahnn* proceeding to Europe *hould faiake early application on board, at pier 34 East river, or to TAPSCVTT k CO. 80 South street. FOR LIVERPOOI ST. GEORGE'S IJNE.? THE PN rivalled clipper ship DRIVER, (apt. llolberton, will positively aail on Wednesday, 22d Aupuat. Her ac commodation* are superior to any veascl tn port for all classee of pa**enger*. Apply on board, pier S, North River, or to DKMAREKT A JONES, 40 South street, and 30 Old Slip. First packkt fob liverpool? to hail this day? The splendid new packet ship ORIENT, Capt. Hill, will Mil at 12 o'clock, For passage. having superior ntate room accommodations, apply on board, pier No. 6 .North river, or to C. A. TEW KYCK, 67 South street. FR HAVRE VIA SOUTHAMPTON.? THE VANPER bilt European line of steamships.? The flnrt claiw steamship NORTH STAR, 2,300 ton*. Warnock, master, will leave New York from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham ber! itreet at noon precisely, on Saturday, Sept. 1, for Havre, calling at Southampton to land auaU, passengers and specie. Flrgt claw passage to Ham or Southampton.. ...... tllO Second " '? ? 60 The North Star wUl be fcllowed by the Ariel, 8ept. 23. The owner of these vessels will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewellery, prociou* stones or metals, unleee bilk of lading are tigned therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. Specie and goods taken at usual rates. No freight re eeived after noon of the day before sailln*. No berth secured until paid for. Letter*, prepaid law cents per half ok., will be received at the offlce up to 11 A. U. of the day of nailing, and will be carried in strong India rubber bag*, under lock ; and on arrival at South ampton and Havre, will be Immediately depoeited in poet oficee there. Parcel* taken, each prepaid, one dollar and upward*. fub) nan or taoua. rrnoH mtw tob?. not una. North Star Sept. 1 North Star Aug. 11 Ariel Sept. 22 Ariel Sept. 1 North Star Oct. IS North Star Sept. 22 Ariel Not. 8 Ariel Oct. 13 North Star Nor. 3 Ariel Nov. 34 Tlieee steamships are clawed A 1 at the Insurance offices, and specie and good* will be inaured in them at a* low rate* of premium a* in any other steamships that cross the ocean. For freight or parage, apply to IX TORRANCE, No. 6 Bowling Green, New Tork. A I .BERT N. CHRYSTIK, No. 8 Place de la Bourne, Pari*. CHRYSTIE, 8CHUXBSMANN, h CO.. No. 27 Qua* Oassmlr Helavigne, Havre. FiR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE CN1RD Htatce mall steamer UNION, R. Adam*, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mall* and paaeeiuMr*, on Saturday, August 26, at 12 <f clock, from pier No. 37 North merl*lbot of Beach street. Price of passage, Bret csrtiln, 8130; second do., ?7k. Loggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on board the day before sailing, marked " below." No freight will be taken after Thursday, August 23. For freight or passage apply to If. UVlNOtftON, agent. U Broadway. The steamer Araga will succeed Use Union, and sail September 22. mHE UVERPOOL AND PHHADEU'IHA STEAMSHIP I Company intend sailing their tkvorite steamship*? CITY OK MAN CHJEKTEH 2,126 tons, Capt Wytte. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new) 2.638 ton*, Capt. CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 ton*, Capt. R. Lcitch. Saloon, $00, tOB, and 866, according to state room*. A limited number of third elM passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provi sions. From Philadelphia, .... 830 | From Liverpool 8840 Parties wisbtag to bring out their friend*, can obtain certificates of passage and draft* on liverpool, in sum* of ?1 sterling and upward*. Apply to SAMt'EL SMITH, agent. 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and No. T Bread way, New York. B EDUCED PRICES.? FOUR HOl'RM FROM OCEAN TO Ocean, by Panama Railroad. Meal* furnished to steerage passenger* on the Isthmus free. 100 lbs. b ig gage free. Through for California, via itiiaiaa Kail road. No cholera on thi* route. The United States Mail Steam ship Company intend to despatch for AapinwaU, on Mon day, Aug. 20, at 2 o'clock, P. M., precisely, from pier (sot of Warren et., N. H., the well known and favorite steam ship EMPIRE CITY, Capt. Wlndie. I'nascngem and mails will be forwandrd by Panama Railroad, and rosnM at 1'anama with the I'aciflc Mail Steamship Company'! magnificent steamship (ioMen Age, J. T. Watkins, com mender, which will be in readlnese, and leave iinmedi stelyfor Han Francisco. The public are informed that the Pacific Mail Steamship Company always have one or more extra iteamer* lying at Panama ready for sea, to avoid any possible detention of paaaengcrs or mails. For pa *s*ge, apply to I. W. RAYMOND, at th? only offl< r of the Companies, 177 W**t street, corner of Warren. IJMB CAI JF' )RNIA ? I' ASH AGE 860 FTKTTIER RE J duct too of hres ? New York and California steam ? hip line, via Nicaragua Accesvirv Transit Company, ?f Nicaragua, proprietor*? Through In advance of the null ? TOO mile* shorter than any other route, avoiding the deadly I'anama fever and two miles of dangerou* boating in I'anama Bay. Rate* of tare through to Han Francisco, including the Isthmus crossing: ? First cabin, 8I7&; cond cabin, 8126; steerage, 860. The splendid double engine steamship NoKTrlUtN IJGilT, 'XI, &00 tons bur den, Captain Tlnklepatigh, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock I' M pn>ci<oly, for I'unta Arsnai, on Monday. A * -0. 1H66, connecting with the stenm.hip Cortes, 'i 000 tons burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twehe miles of land transportation by first class carriage*, For information or paaaeire at the reduced rates, apply only to CliARI.ES M'lKi.A.V, A/ent, No. 2 Rowling Green. Letter bags made up at the office Stamped letters taken for 6^ ceuts each. First cupper for han francthco? auaran teed io sail on or Wore Tuc?Ut the 4th of r*tty tembcr.? The splendid A1 first cla?s ("upper ship If I .AC K WaKKIOK. Murpby, master, is now rapidly loading at Pier No. 0, Fast river, and will positively sail as ab/ve ;-hlppers are re?|u? ?t?.d to complete their engagements Wore Tuesday, 'iSth August Lnst., as the shipls esp ;t ed to finish loa<<in|r on or before that day. Sl'lTON k CO., 68 South street, corner of Wall. A CSTRAIi A ? PIOVFER UN E ? ( 'ARR YING THE V. i V. S. Mall.? The new and beautiful clipper ship HI ACK SEA, D. Cote, master now at her berth, n*r I, N R. , will positively Mil on or Wore lit September. The accommodation* for a limited 'number of pa? ethers are on the m?et approve.) principles t<r light ventilati n and comfort, being all on deck. The success of the PI neer line aincs It* first vstablishmeat four years ago is perhaps unprecedented ? no serious acci<lent having oceured ao-. no claim having l*en made on the ins iraoje o Bices, while among the thousand* of passengers absolutely no ?ickness has been known The advantages of employing first clas* ships ami experienced comanuxlers i* dem .n? tr*ted by the f- :i- ? n* rewiarkabls |S j* never . led from thi* country :? etilps Ocean ateed. M iayt Hying Send, 78 days, Windward, 87 days Nightiiw*ie 74 days; Oartrudo, 00 days. The Hlack Sea will U ?uc ceedsd by the clipper hark Nlmrod, <m her third v- y.?*e to sail on or befcre 1st of Oetober. The fast sailing ship Vandalia for Pydn ?j, with immediaU ?lispatcb. now 'ng at |der 12, E. H For freight or r ijf~ apply oo b ard or to R. W CAmRoN, <1 B.,^Iing Oreen. F>R CHARTER ? THE SPIES f <11) AVD FAT STEAMER I be chartered for eteursir.ns. Aptdr F^Em b '7 South street or t, i <%p tnia I William H. Wood, on hoard the boat at the foot of Twelfth street, Kast river. 8t> AM-nn- vorth tar, for ma\; i -h-u w i? h *t.-i)M of the boet berths la the ship for ^i? E| ?. MAIL STCAMfKir OOWFA^V ? W ilAVA> A j a mn ? w \rtmmam .' ?? a i? ?, ??|?w ??. ai 1 r. ., from pier toot of Wire* euwt Ver1*rH*Ake wW town and favorite aeeamafct* OUUCWT CTrT, ObfL John McGowan, hartng MM tnaraagfcly orerhauted and put U> flrit class condition, will r?uM her place la the line and sail as abort. Pimm<u ha eecurad M lha Company 'a offlce. Freight to K aw Orleans, 30 tl?l? per cubic foot. Shippers will b? supplied wtlh blaak Mils of lading of the form signed by the Company, on application at their tflce. No other form* lined, ud no bUla of lading will be signed after the hour of sailing . for freight or passage apply at the eAee of the Co?paj>y. No. 1*1 West street, corner of Warren. M. 0. ROBKRTV. XTH)R HAVANA AND NI W ORLEANS.? THE CSTm> x States mail steamship CAUAWBA, R. W, commander, la now receiving freight, and will mil at 12 11. precisely on Saturday, August 2#. fcoin pier 27 North Hrer. L1VLVQBT0N, CHcXmKON * 00., 31 Broadway. E?R SAVANNAH ANtTfIjORIDA.? UNITED STATI-X 1U11 Line. ? The new and elegant steam-hip AI A A, Capt. Geo. R. Schenck. will Mare New York for Savannah on Saturday, August II. from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'elock P. ?. Bill* of lading signed on bonrif For freight apply on board, or for paseage to SAMUEL L. MD.CHU.L. 13 Broadway. For Florida, through tickcts from New York to Jacksonrille, $31; Pllatka, $33. TTWR SAVANNAH? FARE REDUCED ?THE UNITED P States mail steamship KEYtfTuNF. STATE, Captain R. Bardie, will leare Philadelphia fur Harannah, on Wed nesday , August 22. at ten o'clock A. M. fare, $30; steer age. $$. The STATE OK GEORGIA will leare ae abore, on Wednesday, August 20. Agent* in New York, Scran ton k Tallman, 19 Old slip, where state rooms may be secured. FOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA ? ?EMI WEEKLY United State* mall line.? The new ami fart going lit earner MARION, W, Foiter, commander, will leare pier No. 4 N. R., on Saturday, Aug. 18, at 4 o'clock P. M. pre ciaely. For freight apply on board, wlierc all bill* ot lading will be signed and for paoxage at the oB?? <>f SPOJTORD. TILHsTON ft CO., 20 Rroadway. Through ticketa to Florida us follow*: ? To Jacksonrille, $31; to Pilatka, $8.1. The N'axhriile wlU succeed and leare on Saturday, Aug. 28. OT1CF- ? STFAM5H1P JAMESTOWN. -D? 00VSE quence of the quarantine regulation* with regard to Norfolk and Portsmouth, this ship will nail en Satur day, 18th August, ilirect for Richmond, without going to Norfolk. Passengers tor the latter place will be landed at Old Point Comfort, or they can proceed South, ria Pe tersburg, without detention, with aa much expedition and ae cheaply dui ria Norfolk. I'eteraburg pa*?engeri will ba sent up aa umsl by railroad from Ctty Point. I'tjthugt and fare to old Point, $8; to Petersburg or Hich mond, $10; ?teera?e half price. Through ticket* to I.ynch burg, $14; through tickets to the Virginia Springs. LUD 1AM It PlFAfANTS, 32 Broadway. No freight can >je rt ceired for Norfolk. FOR SALE? AT A DISCOUNT. ONE FIRST CIA-nS cabin passage per ataamsbip Baltic for Liverpool, to nail on 22d Inst. Inquire <>f BOWMAN, SE1JJ0W * CO., 34^ ''-ne it. HOTELS ASB HIMMER RKTRKATH. BEHNEHS HOTEL, BXRNER8 STREET, LONDON^ ? Visiters to England will find at the above h"lel dsome apartments, moderate eharrgee, and every at tention to the comforts of those who mar favor Mrs. A.-1ITUN with their patronage. COLLINS HOTEI-, SITUATED FOOT OF CAN AT. street, and directly opponite Collins' Lirerpool lln? of aleamera, witha full riew of New York bay and ha r bor. The pleaaantest location for fitmilics in New York, and will let to permanent or tranment, on mo*t reason able term*, with parlur "uiti or ningle room*. TAU.MAN1) k MAl'VH, Proprietors. MUSICAL. Bargains.? oke ballet, da vis"* co.'s seven octavo piano, nearly new. coat $900 for $160; one Oilbert'a, $160, $126, and $100 each; one Chicker! ng'*, f K'6. Malodeona at 936, $40, and $40. all to perfect or der. Piano* nod metodaone to rent at low prij?s. liar inoncou* and reed orpu for churehe*. 8. T. GORDON, 297 Br. a.lway. COAL. COAL? DRY, CI i JIN AND FIRST QUALITY BOO, flare and [red a*b, delivering all thU week from boat* foot of Dover street, Ea?t rirer. The price will 1*> made when you nee tbe coal. Either in b<><it or at the yard, No. 23 Jama* *tmt, P. GARR1CK. MHCELLAJTKOl'l. AMERICAN PLATE GIAH9 (X> MP ANY? FACTORY Williamsburg, Loaf Inland? Are now prepaild to execute order* for rough elate glass, auitable for floors, skylights, vault and deck Lighta. I'rompt attention w.lJ be riven to all order* left at their office, 442 Broadway, or with their agent, J. R. PLAIT, 79 Murray (treat. ARTISTS' CLUB AND NEW YORK DAOCBUtEOTYT'E Company, 2M Broadway, ?even year* e-tablmhcd, employing twenty artist.., who have taken 30,000 picture* ?>n the cheap *ystem and by a new invention, machinery, and Holme- ' lui ted State.. patent double and trlplecameru* preventing the world'* model picture factory. The photo graph* are introduced here by e*ten?ivM enlargement and extra akylight. Parlor* with faculties for taking 1.000 portrait* dally. l?t September the war bcgiui when t-ebenVipol mu?t be taken. UTTON, BUTTON- WHO IUS THK Bl.'TTON? OR who want* their button* diatributnl ?? Having travelled for the laat four yeari with button* of all aiae< from the overcoat to the ibirt. with tailor'* trimming thrown in, 1 fc*l confident I riui button on a large t'a<!<> to any button hou"e. Beat of rlty ref.'rence given. Who'll button me into their employ? Address Q, 9. . Herald oftoe. Everybody ought to read it-cash paid for aid oewapnpere in any auantity, old pamphlet* of any kimL old writing yuer. old blank book*, old -chool book*, aid paper from school*. libraries or ?etn marie*, or waste paper of all aorta and aire-. J. CHAUNCEY STOCK WELL, 36 Ann atreet, basement. FREEMAN * CO. W1IX SEND THEIR NEXT KX psesaea to California, < Oregon, -andwih Island* and weat coaat ?i f South America, on Monday, Augiat 'JO. ?>er "learner* Empire City, via Panama, and Northern Light, via Nicaragua, in charge of uprrial rueseingeri, aa uaual. Freight* taken at reduee.1 rate*. FREEMAN h 00., M> Broadway. IRON AND HARDWARE, 278 WASHINGTON STREET. New Yock.? We offer at lowaat market price*, and la quantities to auit, round, aouare and fiat bar Iron. *crou, band, rod and hoop iron, norae ahoe Iron #nd nalJ rod*, aovila, vice*, aaw*, nail*, alas, ahovnla, emith's b Uowa, he., he. KKM1CYS h SAMPSON. M .MINN'S E1JX1R OF OPIUM. Tlic jrurr attract of the native <iru#, highly eon central"! and ?< parated from all thoae deleterious prin ciple* which render laudanum, paregoric, morphine and other preparation* of opium objectionable. For aale by A. B. h D. SAN W, 100 rultou atreet. Mold al*o by tl/ug giat* generally. MT PATENT - IT/TACT JV FOR RESTORING Sil.Hr N p peeing near and distant object* through one pair. and r*.tltiK ?.,r life. .Sole patentee aud naktr, Prole** 1 RANKS, lecturer on the .ye, No. 2 Park row, opp ? te the A*tor Houae. Attend:. ;? <iail> troui 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. J^OTICE TO TAILOR* VJfTTLNG THE CITY.? Al-EX an 1 Jlw at 209 Br<*dway, over Me??re. Tilf fc Co R AN I fcl: D. RHVB1, t' a her of', h.i- . p n? un .JBoe at 209 Br> ad way. over Me.. re. Till k C<??, im Mirt.'r^ nt tailor'* trtmmJrg*. Mr. R. will give !>? n,i? in cnttlng, In all It* branche*. by hi* improve- 1 actual nw^auireiuent ay?t<rn. IS" I A h FATHERS ? Hy tlte *ingle bale For *ale ly DILI, k KROH1I., 2i? rear! .tree'. OHiiW CASKS HomiAN k FTKI-'H, SHOW ' AS1 J5 wararooana ft* II- > w ? ry, U'twean Walker and lUya 1 atr<-eta. Ca?e? ma<le lu every atyle, ?llver plat" 1, bra roae and aatln Wood, mahogany, he. N. H? OHca"i taken in esrhange. Or.lera promptly ei>cut"d. Tj GOLD FOIL MANl.*FACn REW? 9100 WoPTIl oF rolla-l gol.1 toil No. A) and No M), In atrip* 1 by I lltrbee. Specimen* and hula received until l*t of *?-i i. tu ber. Add re* ? H. NI< HOI> WAUKWORTH. D D - Wa?h ingV.n, I'. C, ITCF. rOCTAR'S RAT, ROACH, ht ., CTT>3:MfSAT >R. / Cae Coatar'a rat, roach, h- e?tertr. n "<>r !'*?? C< ?tar * rat. roach, he. ; exterminab.r. I'aeH It. Ovtar rat, r<.a?h, kr., eatenuinator. Ca* Coatar'a rat, rou h he., estermlnator, VfRY IMPORTANT FOR I AMR' ?THE flMi np I oriental natural aeraglln roug*. (red eolor,) !m ported hy Oman l>mnel from Conatantinople, for ale at the general de|w.t, *17 Broadway, (up ?tair? > oppo'i e the Clly Hall, and hy Hm.t? lAHCAIA. Mr.aulnay F W I I V ten Broadway and DEI IX k 00 ? Broadway WATtHEl, JKWEMiy, hC. C1 OU? FOB CHAINP ? T <joUI curb fc.b chaina fr m 911 1#> $100 Id bead*) pattern ehaina ??? " JQ to Id ?|'iare and eagravad link chaina . . " 'J, to k'i Gold etftavad narrow link chaina " i4 to *r r? M , lam Bat Uak, wtth baaded edge . . " ft to *4 Gold plain long link fob chaina 11 i jto M Gold plain arxfeagravnd link chaina " I', to 'it (..Id Ion# link, AlMkl pattern " l< la 14 (.old en?r*ved link paltarn " H Ui M And all othar atyla of 9.b ebai'ia, for aale, at iaaa Uiaa lite ..aual priraa wlkr.laaala and rata.l t.B?. C. AlJJPf, 11 Wall atreet, aecond t- r. Gi (>u? riyr chainr? r 04 M firb vast ehaiaa from $9 to $4$ ( Waraaw paltarn chaina 11 10 to M (?old Jenny l/od pattern 1'- t. ( old fawwted pattern . , '? 1 J l? J; Cold .-ctagan aquare link. ........... .... " 12 bi (.??1 ? at. eke pattern '? 11 to J) l,. .Id dout.le curb '? 1H f> B7 GoW Adelaide pattern '? Jot/. M (.<4.1 aplendld aolld IK earat vert chaina , '< 'li to ?i I. old w.^re paltarn vaat chaina ?< t Ut ii And all < ther atyla* at chain, for aaie at lae* than (he uaaai po<ea, at wholaaala and retail. <i?> C AIJXN, II Welleuaat ^aeood 9owr, naar Hrundway U|fAT?Ht> AT $a, WAWry AT $T WAToi?y"iT VT $7 walefcaa at $10 w?t. he. at $li wateha, at $1A g?M wat'W* at ?J0, 9VA $i*. 9S7, 9M 91'. ? 0 $&? 9 ?> ?** 979 rti. MO 94* 9*0, V* 919) $110 and 91* at L * jlA^oia- m Brvad-.y. M' AXt'SBnurra. _ _ S'ttl.0*s OARDEN ? MR. BDITON IN THREE P I E C E H . A <;heat night for VVS. Etsmnm ti'iiin 17, ISM, ? BU'E DEVI I*. M?r>w Mr, Barton Ja?e*.,.., Mr. Moore I Annette Mr". Stephana POOH PUJiOoDDY. John Peter Pillieoddy Mr Burton O-Xcnttle.. Mr Russell I Mr* . I'iiUcodAy Mr*. Cower Mrs. O'tCuttleMr* France I Sar?h Mr* Stephen* TCRNIN8 THE TABUS. P Jack Humphries Mr. Burton Jeremiah Hump* Mr Patty I arkin* Mr* Stephen* Fainir? PYNt AND HARRISON OPERA 00MPA3Y in CINDkRElXA. H?t wn- Mr. Bt'RTON in TOODIJCK, forth* last time. Poor* open at T ; Orert are to commence at 7M : curtain rises at 8 o'clock precisely. Tk*ete. SO cents Private Uoie*., M Orchestra H?tU Bo* .ifltre open daily, fr..ra ? A. M. to 4 P. M. 'for ee curiae Orchestra Seats and Private Boiee only. KACTOJ-'S K1R-T APPEARANCE will take place on ^eptomqer 1, at the METKOPOUTAN THEATRE. Person* wxhiiig to Mcure place* for the ftr*t night, or to subscribe for an* number of repre* entation* are ro nue*ted to make early application at Da.vwair'iJ OiiHi a\d (k>% at riivtrr Omen, Joixut'o Mc ?HSTulU, S?. NkNOLMI ll(/TKl. Now ready, the Rachel Biography. with portrait, 2S conn, au<l toe authorised edition* of the play*. in French and Engliah. . rnU)P' H JTAN THEATRE, BROADWAY, OPPOSITE Bond ?tree*. i.T IHolTK OF FRKNCH AND SPANM1 DANCERS FHEMH VACDEVI1.TJ6 COMPANY, by ?erersl urti-t? from tho French Theatre, New Orleans. rhe Bftl'ift Dill include the following emtuaat artist*:? cenorlt? ^t?TO. Mile. VJCTORINE FRANCE, Mile. NA TA1.1K rc MAN, Mile HENRI, Mono. CARiUMC, Moni. L. THAI AN, Mon*. YATEH. with a full Corp* Je Ballet. ONLY nm CENTS. Till* EVWIMQ, Al'i.rtfl 17, <0 commence with the vitudcnlle, In onn act, I.E PHILTRE CHAMP EN Ola. After which, the grand ballet, I.E M ET A M' illPHOHK. To be followed by a ballet divertissement. The whole to roncluvle with, flrit time, HIM A <Jc ATERZE HEt'RES by all !h* Artiat*. For character* and Incident* *ee bill* of the theatre. Door* open at 7; performances commence at 7%. <irand Ballet and Vau<leviUe every night this week > Metropolitan iheatre. new york. ox the l?rr o? Sxrrsiuunt, the eminent Fren h Tragedienne, K A C H E l/. fippcrte I by a company of distinguished Artial* from Par]*, wi.l unite her I irst Anpearanre In America. RACHEL DRAMATIC COMPANY, ?jD'Icr the management ot Rahuki. Unji MADEMOISEL1.E ,HA< HEL. lf.>. ?AHAH, from the Comodle Krancaise, Pari*. Mile I.IA from the nH> St Martin, I'arli. M?. DIRREY, fiom the Onnwdle Francaiie, Pari*. Mile. liINAH, from the Odeon, Pari*. ITJ?. FRIARD, from the lm[^rlnl Tlieatre, St. Petersburg. lime. LATOUCHR. from the Grand Theatre, I.yonn. Mrr?r*. RANlKil'X, from the Comedie Fran^al**, Pari*. ? HEHY, Aiue, from the Owllll* Frewaal?, Pari*. LATOUCJHE, from the Imperial Theatre, nt. Peteraborg EFACVA1JJCT (li'on). from the O-lcon, Pari*. DIEUDOVNE, from the Comterralolre. Pari*. C1IEHY, Jetine, from the Amhlgu, Pari*. BELLEVAll.T, from the Royal Theatre, Bru**elJ. I'EXJLETOJt, from th? Ambigu, Pari*. R E T E 11 T 0 1 R E of the principal piece* to lie performed by the RahikI. lm^iunc CovrAXT In the principal cities of the United states: ? ANCIENT TRACn>IES? HORACES and POl.YFTITE, \j COKXBUK; J HKDR1E, BAJAZET and ANDROMAWUE, l y KaOXB. MODERN TRACED rEH? MARIE STI'ART, hy Ijhwcw; JEANNE D'ARC, by Somrr, LL'CKECE, by Fo.?iuju>; YTSOIME, by 1.1 TOf* f*r. Ybam. DRAMAA? AIiRlMNNE IJOOOUVREUR, by Scmim and Lxooi vt; ANGEI 0, by Victor Ilroo: M'U i) I>E IIWJJ( IEI E, liy AiniM?t Druia; IjU>Y TARTUYIX and LA Ion' FAIT PEl'R, by MjDaMB H OnUMMN. CfiMKDIEK ? TARTlTre, by MauMI; DWIT AMOO RP'X, ? y M?itmn, IJi CAPRICE, by Aunuai Dl Mrewrr l.KS IH?>|TS 1>E I. lloMM^ by Ji'UM us I1? IUIUV IJ- MAUI I?K IJI VSOVK. Ac., in. IUdlva.'S RIOORAPHY. The authentic Iliography of Mujl Rachk, with cotern porary eriticltnit by the mort eminent European writer*, nod analytical notice* of her moat celebrated character*, fkautifuily Uluotrated with *uperb Portrait on iteel, cie CUted by tlie Ilellographlc proce**, in l'arl>. PHm Order* tu te addreaned to J. DA11CIE, at Hall k Son'*, "39 Broadway, New York. rCKIJ-Y'H SKHF>AH?m-THIS CH.ITIKATO) tronpe will nwn In Himton, at the Howard Athe nsfum, en Monday. Auguat 13, where they will give a serie* </f their Orand HurTewjne ??|*ra?, cisninencing with MiN N AMBl.'LA, after which time Oiey will return to New York, and commence the *ea*on with entirely origloal jTodu -tloni. I 'Hi: MAMMOTH Tll?; OF CAIJFORNIA.? THM monarch of the fore*t. who*e *iae has m'rer been e<iua.l'.<d, will be ethlblted for a ?hort time at the Crys tal Palace, pre\iou* to it* departure for the Crystal Pa lace at f jdei.bum, EtigUnd. It* height wa* 363 feet, Its diamr ter JO lee?, or nearly H)0 in cirr-umferenca. Ths painting*, statusrr, and a ra*t collection of other roriotltTee, ar# *1111 on exhibition. Itoors open from I A. M. until 7 P. M. Adwlseioa M cents; children half K'<*? DANCMO ACADKMIKM. DANHNO At ADKMV, tst BK<>AI>WAY.? MH PttA ailO ha* tt? honor to inform hi* pupil* and 'ri?nd* that h* will aira iMtt Tuiaday ? renin* l'ilh III-' * ? plrnoid bail foi lil' pupil*. Ticket* for g*ntl*io*n, $1, I uy at th* door. EITHA PAY. Navy botnty ijlvu and "Extra pay" nmn ? Ilnunty land and " **tra par" for V. H. Nary, he, la all warn *inea HW thalr widow* and he ri ? promptly bU.u?d and paid. Halanoa dua widow* and heir* of d(if*a*ai| 0. u **Ilor? an I other* eollaetad, and all kind* of claim* afainat th* UlKcI f. Lata* rac?T*ra<l t<y RKWA1U) MMDJ., Af*fit arx! ("jl ta) Pnraar V. 8. Nary, 97 Wall ilrMt MOTCAlw Dh. wAni'f (TJicaaAiru kkwai.k kkmiiiiw the jre?w *t t.irMlnft of the ag* aff'irdina lublll relief In ail Ui<- (wcutUr complaint* of ft-mal<-?. Ilia ladi*-* Touie I'erlwlie I 'III* ne?i r lail to re*tor* th* monthly turn*. Office, CauaJ *treet, two door* N>t o? Broadway. FOK TJIK I'lljes ? DR. I I'HAM'.H KUZTfHAHY, AX intern*! r*n*<ly, i* a certain cur* for tlii* <ll?iren* i iijr arid lor k i-r'U* complaint. Kor aorn* of Ui* mo*t a*' tonlrhin# ore* ?e pU|ikMt, to Ijnha'l at lb* l*>etor 'a ????'Ileal office lor ?oU*ullatW'<i *nd*<l?ic*. No. .47 f ourth ? tr'ef, third '"or from th* llowery, h?-tw*?n lio aery arid Hroaiiway 'autlon. ? 71i?- public are caution") ajpiin*! a counterfeit of ?y electuary which ha* recently nwl> lt? appearan -e m the r,ty. the /an nine ha* my *11(0* lore on the out-ldi- ?rap|M-r, written )>y iu* with a pe?. 1 1,? eotHjter leit h..r a [irlaliil lac aimiW of in/ >14 naluicaod |* very liiMlujuiahi ?! ft ><ui th* jo-iigii,. The counter feit prore- to 'if rt"t only wnrthle** hut *b*olijt*ly In jurious IV j artl' >i!ar therefore, and we that yoo jet theK'r.mne < hi' beaut* obtain' '1 at the proprietor a No ..h7 Fourth *ti?,*il tl.lrd door f in IV,??ry, between Bow? ry an: II .olway .olofc. v ('ii'ki-tmtk C? No *1 I ar lay ati?e? T N TRS TTUK (Jf 71'.lnn.AnoN, TI1K BRft WAT J lor ? ?r 1 .* to -o'.ft le their c .*?* U? ? ' h a phy* , ? ?>.*? Hr IroUfY !Ci7 (iraud atrwt (near tha IWi?tryi New Vfcrk 11 ? ei? M ?iropmn and AinerU an reptita t.on (itn 1 f .rant<^ for tit* MfformaitM of wha'erer h? proini??> A <rriile j.hy? iarj witlt *alt?hia Ix-nrd, tiiirair.f A' are p-o l 'e : ior U .;?* If (a.lhy'a rl.? . ??t.e piJ* m.''. |'iofe*?or M larllt* fe .er t tlerinin tor ? ?th Chef *jj.ig\?-i 1. .e-i oe, cotwtaiitfy on h?fel IMI'IHTANT ^t l*<CT?'Ra ? WANWatm, /I|W?, *ery No bomboc ' t ertain rur* of A lati<- rK .lera dytenlery , ( h A III. itr infad ?ll?ii *t .pf~l In a A * l"gri. to t* ? 'I' ? "f. l or further p?itir?tara arf-Ire- at I OONTKNAN, |o3 front ?tr**t. IK r'?7Hl: liJTOIJIT, Mill, or UW'KD <>r j Par'. ? fT? r ? . t/> tlie Am -lean pc.pie after 1 j' a p.* ? e In m ord * lio.p ul <?fR'. 14 Ho!" 1 Ire' If " ' prftat* *i.l'?tK* for laAi' ? M, T'-" LAJtM'OIT, l'A HI"4 A N I> WSlXtK PinrXKlA* _ # 1 aith f til* " Mental A4tl**r mnS Harrla#* ? l?," -4^ pa<'?. * eriir-a*tnf?, laua.M, **al*d **!7. '? ' 91.) 1 con*'.lt?d at t'X fu?4a *tr>?t r.?r if Bt?MWy, ff>rn II 1 II In] and from 6 tu I F.l -?Jr.'t*y? ei . pte-l Thae at a ?'..??an t* t.<xkU< Ij it a 1 ai.d ' Ip???a *? concur with other p.pera la re" rr.n ead.'ri? I?r I. ar 1 hi* treat 'ae ? f>< irier ?!* I tat* Lnee, lay H >k, -iu'j Zeituri^, Nitkiul Iwaicrit, Ae iifSEKS - rnr ?i3at n wiitan i t-^ivntr ? P ' y K yal la 'er* I'a'aot Of ?-?^la . ! a I *?* >??! 'T 'ha aaa * ?f Br<da da lha tra' a in If * and tha Iai|*t.?l ' ? :iaf* f del V ? .? ? Tra-enar, So. 1 a tha ramarty lot y? <W . ?battatt'l tKittfltlii ria, ar.d ail tha diet tml ay e? *a ?,".er eea art? ?r< an aarly a> ?a* he Ita awtta a>? ?4I *a*io ? .n youth n*nu *.4 a? 1 u.<J a*" laM t' * ecni<tii ? < r< w Ul n?t laa- <? a Unja r?i ??*?? a '? dar..i,? of I f* if th* Trtaaaanar ?? * aaiear** ijr ? t ? ?l All jhyaiea. .I'.J?" ?.*!.'? eaotah h?* maf ' ' ?I?W If nl .anea |Im ttttorlrf te *ie* rua: a'-la I*Uk?)M taei'ftha aarrtaaaataa *r'?i?m?r S' 1 ' -ly aixt en'.irely ar* ' -ata. ail tra?a? ut th? ?* <1 ao? :e?a ? h ch Cf j I a ? ?'. ? . ? a : a a *o 1 ? ?# 'aan t?. ? ,t aa ir.t do'* . to th* rut', of tli* haa "f a >a*t j. ofthaj'i .!*??<? Tt n?awr ? '* tha r ?at ?ur? ;?ar rar ady f 1 'ha* 'iaa* nf dJ*?*dae* ah 'h ibkrla r.ate y tha lrji..h {hye raa t aa'. trrth o^re ,.y U. tha MM** ?f tha ?ana?t * aa>>*V??ik?, ai dwhwha-l tha ?*r?a?aMl^a I* th* a-rrid aatinot ta T ? i*ee*r>*r V'a ) I a?4 1 ar* ahka da?*ad of ta*?* or *b* 1 ar>d M a. 1 aeaaaahae ^?a>iti*?. n?*y ??. ?* *.<! oa I oa t" -el taUa th*r imi Wof r .lar'ad. ? el ta tin IW I) aaeh dirvtad loto a? >V?*a a? adr.-m.atar?r1 hf \ aijaa 1 le!i**n*nd. Pa- t h" 7? ><* laad *l>-fai? ?*d r*u 1 H, l| A. PAKH"W (1 ll'Wal *tra* aaar Cbaal Naw Ywk, ???*. a iy *| f?**'*d kf tl* f.f"j rta'/w and {?'?'?? a* ?(?at f> r tha ' n.t*<t -<a'a*, a*4 *?ary <*W part of Anta r>*. laa^aU'r <w ra*? a raerAttar^a Mr iw ?ia taffd tha TiH*ara>U?*y Met of th* wo. Id eae Italy ?ae**et aad adlr*>wl arwo?-4<a( t? ibe laate ' ?< V *"<4,a aflf**** J ?n..' ?>*? ixr?MMim, BHXUDWaY THEATRE? f. A M AiCJfIA; J, *CI W Lmm? -floor. op an ?>i(Unfor? At TV. rnday Aufwi 17, *111 be p?rf.inne4 ILUrCHKNl. SichoUi.... (labrlel lUt. I Kxhkibmi or hi* Uvtmc Kjkiw, by Urn MARnNrrn wKirraaw. TIIK O lit EN M ON .IT KB . Whit# Night Gabriel Karat De Miioqu* A. flroaal | Mar.* Oollel I* Oraiid P. lUrtinettl I landlady Mme.J Martinet* (irMDUoutn Ignncio | Ronalle Mom. Deri re tqowery theatre.? PRorwirroK m uanaub* J) 1. P. Wnldron, Hum Manager O. H. (JrUith. Prio* of Admlaaion?AosM, 2ft canto; lit, 1SK e??U Gallery cenU; PrtYate Boxee M. Krl?U/ erenlag, Au gust IT, ftut BKNR-IT of Mt? t. tJC rOlXt M INVAHION Or BRITAIN. Ilrrtvkrit Ml. R. Joknafc i> i'eiformanre* by the NEW YORK Mt >UAN HtWiDBV. ACTOR* ANh ACTRg^M BT OABLMHT, Ci eo. niw.TY ft w<joot? MunmtfiLa. ua ?wad r way, above Orand atree t. OPEN EVERY EVENING. For Uil? week ? KUki'ipiao MliutreUy, Dnndag, *?., concluding with the new MASK ERAHF. IIAIiX Poore open At 7 )4 o'clock . to C'tutorac* At ?. Ticket*.., M craw. Ail buMueee tranaacted by II. Wood. MR. AVD MRH. W J nj> RENtX The -mTf?iiful American rapreeentalieee of tKLSII AMI YANKEE. Arc in ihe rlty, And ?U1 remain a few daya preparatory to commencing their EA1X AVD WINTER TOIH. All communication*, Me , ?l.o .W tielaiUrMMi W. J, VUHtKN CE. 430 tltmmd etree t. aitvahano: or m i i>. tekwa pauodi is 1 S><* York. ?lnce her return rr-.m ? urupo ? <.ran l rnnffrt for lb" relief of Ib? miflrrt-r* froua yellow hw '.n Norfolk. M'lle. Tere-a I'arodl. negated by Mad'*. A mall* P?ttl Wrakosch, Maurice Htiakoeeh, and other eminent artiata. will give a grand Concert, (ha receipt* of which arc to be appropriated for the rvlicf of tht iuff'r?ra Ir* u> the epidemic In Norfolk, on Tt what Evwuo, At <.v?r 28. Particular. In future advertlM'Uienta. JOHN R. "MITH'H (iRAND TOHJ OF EUROPE AND -IHiR OF At CuivirT Amur R?xa. r.3U Bhoadvat, ?how in ova ai'Mium vurwn, foil* fee! wide cf the prlnrlrm) ciriK-t avd niuw is or ivrmxr nt ictrope. ?>rrjr erenlny, At 8 o'clock , and erary Saturday a/Vr tioon, at n>? mnnlc by Mr. Alvyi. field, vf Ixiodoa. Ailmirlng thouranda nightly toelUy that thla ia Ikl largeat, ?oat InterMling And elagant ?nWrtAiiuaaat is New York. Ita aorcvaa haa bean Bioat wundarftil. AUttltnlop .... M c?n!? a < Ari?:MY of MiHic? nri- ^rAmjafMEvrr irirx be l?t, until *li? "?mmeix etneut of the regular aea ?on, U r ?nit crta, oratorloa, |eriura?, kr. Apply to Mr. II NlMlN, at thr door of the Aodeuiy, VburtoCDUt atrevt. I^IUNKUN m'wm, NO. M IMIWERY, VIUEU.T oppoelle thr lioaary lh? i'?e . ? 1'arformaoea* arera aflemrx.n at .1, and e?emn> at t. N It ? ftriagara *11 olirerve tbai the KraakUti mu?miu> la the only iUr? la th>< Tutted Stalea where the Model Artl?U ara Mhibltad, a ith otbtr otigi- *1 enUrtalnmuntA. Hemamber, No. M llonery. Tie ben Km to he orvKN to mwh fan vv oh tx.iii* l.jr li?r Mrod*, who a?mpatlii?e with hn n bar prolonged alrkne?a. will t*k* plaee al Wallaeb * UlM tre, <>n Saturday. the llth Inatant 'llrketa cab be tad at mumble'* 0|*ra ronrert and ticket o?re, Join* ? itiunl" ?tr>re, "t Nlchola* Hotel, of Mr. Mou, tt (k< b?i oft, re o( the theatre and of member* of U>? commit'**. Further particular* will I* duly Munuirtd. fpilE i.ERVA-V AM ATFX'R CtXB ?'HUMOR."? TO THE. J. votarlea of *o<lal amuacment* and illver*k>a? ? Abi ut a year ago, a ao.-lety, atyliug IU? If Humor, onu tjixl a Herman amateur tbretre lor thai purpoe* of b4 If"'""* ? frw of lb* lingering rfMiiu hour* of via tar by dramatic performance* I'rir i u i *ge 1 by the eueieaeof Ita Incipient enterprlae, tbia *oelety bow propo*** to *iUs4 Ita operation* In th? way of mirth and hilarity by e*tebU*h Inga rln b ? iih ainplee< 'omnw-'lalioaafur It* member* u4 ? Ubi rrlbera aaaernbl* every eaealng far th* wlou amuM-mrntx of Hading and oxiveraatku*. or a gam* o f wblat, or >if rb< *?, In addition to their dramatic perfar rniin. e*. Iti* aorlety having baea oCarad a au I table w of a central U a I Ion, and n-t fnllog war ran tail la ea Urging It" a-rangeui'iiU without aa adequate ineraeae of lt? ?umber, It lalra thl* way of enlisting Ik* Intereat of the frieml* ? f aoclal mirth and huefrr To behalf of the root' ui| laii.l ? xi. ii-lori of Ita apbere. For furtbar par tlrular* and ll?t* of mbaa-rlber* pleae* apply at C Br*u alng'a mu*le ?toil' *01 Ilr'?/!?af, H WaaUrMM * CVi.Y '.'M) llroedaay, J. H. Itrbreii*', M We?t (treat ud J . k W Knaap'a l;:l Howery ? J otumittee of the " Hu mor." THCATRICAI. NoTK* -HANAl.EKH WUA?0 tO engage with Ml-i FANNY MOftAVT, the favorite comedienne will pleaae addr.e. U>? aub*erlber rtat.o* Ume, fcr lllir- MeKhON, Theatrical Agent bo* MO Pott < >ffl- e, I hiladelphJa. niOM I IMM VAMP -ASUtl ONpl - Wanted *v iru? aingera, m*W- aad fecial*, for lb* 1 ngllab Oj* r* at Slblo'i Good valea* tad a kaow Ii-4?. t,f .tglit Mngti.g lullai enaaliW Apply to *> W. If. ltt,i re atage roanager, letaeaa thaboaraof 10 aa4 IX Hoijjpay -Twrrr thkatkt, baitiuoiu.. ko ? Ih. la'lie. a ad (entlaMea aaff* f>r the Villa* winter aaa>oo, ?lll mtmlila la toe free a roam, < a Thurxtay, Avifuat IA. praparatory to tba opaalag, a* M' aday, A igiMt W. II. H. OLAI'MAW, HU(a If a a ay* r. DfXDirAL. A ("All I) T<> rill lAI'IO ? l?H DCHiN-no* OOli? ?n pill* far female*, the ov~t looa wadletat ??? known in rorra- ting, ragnlating aod ramoelng ah atructlon*. ?od laay I- u*ed *ur<*aMuUy aa a prtllitln. 1'ilre |l, ai'b ? 1 1 b'lt dlKetWa* rt?4d, alwi>a?ale aa4 retail by II King exraer of ftr>? 1 way and loha a treat ( A II. til 'arid- <?' net of William aud Faltoa *traata; I V fllrkener k <n , Hi lla relay atraet. Whitehead * lira, (ireeoaleb n?ar OortlarMlt atre*4 llall, Raehl* ft to , ir.t) fireenaltb -treet; W H /leWr, 44 Aoatb T1klr4 atraat. I'blla<lelpbia Weak* h Mlar 114 WaahUMtao atieet lto?<on I r ? tr : r gt<aai ft Uay. Wviaaa- R.ll4Uc, Alliany Mr> wri k I'ro., So 4 i*amth IJherty (treat, Bai tliiiore *nd ? y >'.rug|r1a'< K?nefally, aod wiA be e*at Ut ladle* by mall, I'j anel/vlrig II W> Dr IK-'hINCO, lirxad way Text 'dfl " N*wV? rk. ER. WAHIi S I SFoKTt*NATKK nu?fl), ?!, WTT?. a br?>k ? J lit wbat thoaa waot who b*Tt taea, namely a ura at ooea, a?4 bi dela* ai?I moif eipenee. OraaWt eare n the wnrU by Dr. WaeA'e "?e fortunate * ?itend." Afft -tadlake nottea? aa crtber ra it^diee ran rare yr.a radloallf. rOtgbt aaea* 'arad la 4 lew boar* no tblaf elae tfoa* It. MoM Ckmal (traet, 'aa ?ItM.r aa*t of of Broadmf, la the plae* U> get thia rapid end tbor< ogh r-u^Ar? o'^bera alee l* .faw fort, ft rare warranted ly It. Ward. I'atleaU aniwu* far ra il. f may rely 00 a rapid cure by h It trwtaeal, wMhaal taring tba ayctem. Dlt HT 'TO NO I IHVWJOK *TMXT, IfflW TOItft, ?? IrLg and favorably know a la the pallia aay lae r< nakiiel at ble old eetal'Uehad otic*, where ha haa praetiaed la ? ne ' ran'b of aiedl iae far Uka lart M ya ara anal made i?. r* c?r*? thaa aay other aaaa rlty, in niany in?taneee of aeraoae owoatdarad lar?nP^ e-'Wte of *bl> b Ua l>a* permiael' a la refer to a* heieUtore. (I.arg** looc'rale, and la all ?**?* a rare gaarar.t**4. tautlin? My giaat r iiimftp . Haatar'* rad drop ibal e ure* ..r'aio diaeaaea wlthoat dry lag It* pataaa la the H'd, ran valy la bad 1* at*/w*. I'rV.a II. LaJ aad get tba M' nltor 0? 7l<aJ'h Jui< rtant to rmAijj* -im. oowtm otner* Agai.' y ' t 'be at . ial?a treatjaaat of aJ teaaa* If . 'a I. ? ? la I. ... ? lai I.g' r, a?*, near Fae* Iweaty eatao'b atiaet and F' arth ITaaaa Ha<nadUa f'r fan^le daraaga-ri ant* fra<?i |] W> M Wrlfla grata 'V naultat.. r>? aixl icttara nftleotial Wall letter* "a /. aa.?e.l ?M)i adrUe aad a^d.riaa by retara (?at. luri??f guaranteed In all eaaee. r*t.eata fr?*a a dia'anre protTled With ellftbl* U?rd, Bufatag, aad at tandaare, wuh >i'iu*tea aparUaata. SIOf/HI J'l'.A'THT ? X'/TTCT. "T UMOT Al>? tW 'It,.>i*.gn?.! f rnterly a papil with llar-ord, ofl'aee, w.tb tl.a ra,. k.a'ed (u?y*"?* of It.a ?ly, f Ye - n< ' I. an aiad Uott laf ran* lha paUle that be ha* raaa*a*4 and |?rmaa>nti; a*ia' ahed km enaaaJtiaf aad ti*p*M r g rawer * at *1' Hr?*dway. far the ear* of dlaaaeaa Ua 'aoder* t" ail aft: .'"a.) i?*Ua* eaeeraaae 'yf r*.<af aad Umw al.? la'* b*aa al aad >?y "ep?nlx," aaUdatea, little ba?iie 1.' iM-'mf, ' aod U' Wae>' u 'f the a a MM medMal ? ? a. a. .a th* day, *aay r*ly ?a hav ing tbeir aaea* Ifaatai afla- ? a. -r ?* a attar fc?w t?W they may ap|?ar II* eateadad ' tea rati a a* tgr Ih* baa. a II a j ta d? Midi, w la. *, aadae Iwcoed haaa aa f ('get her a 'h '.be araaf a-w a? *dlc eat r?i?d, a* of t!..a an rai t a 'ga*n reader fa-lire hnpaaeill*, It n ay I' awt.t.i ttad for it* al ' ial> ^a -jf )>tnal* >1 1 r.g n tbe e m r ? r d<a<aat erUaf, that ttaey aaa al Mf t ma anna it tba eabaeaiker by a'ter, (talaf a |iate etatefaeal ?f tl ? r aa** the aaaaeaary ibedieiaaa ada|t*d la t ? I I- prepared aad e*H be tfta*. lUwal raaa* ' rad a I aa,. delay OiaifM falta mm derate, ar.d th* n *? aa r.d d laionaaUaM fiaaa la every aetaaaa. II a trea'r- at.t ?' ' *t:iutb?al, ?rndal ia*. Marwraf and aer. a I ?<"a .* >>a*ed entirely aa the it wan I Mapvtrveat ?"'? "f i.aalle.a*, aad ha* baaa ? a 'ell* , .a??*rol f n tu-t'-a* aa I ra apan UMae haaea r . ui I to i and f" ? ? V. I, f !> llAMMOVTt M f? tnuffmm, A tba a ajf M*d 'al lafaraMlioa far ift* M faa . ft* , *< Wr adway, "yp*arila iH. hiahSa* Haw |>|'IVATF. (*isKt i TAWW* ? Jdt WAr-?w riM-nta* 1 taj t f. ? n -ha pablta that b? anatlaaa* ta> ta*a? a ..-a .d ..'leaaa wtth a tarta ?ty f aa' *** ft'Wk u| v.rda of taaaty fta* year* e*fa?i*j >* f ar r* wb.'h ima ha tae* ? arao via thaa tweajy it iaaaa *a?*a. I ara.*,a wha/*a a* mile Inl ba* aaade W'-rea ty 'ertala 'l.aila'aaa. aod wb?have?i??a la a rad >?a ' '.aetr ft? at. >*a *f e w|*. i*Hy ranaeeted "a. aa.l Rr. We tea a aaaa V*' y fit 'I* w-a-a.i.ine aad .daaa'ar* wbladi never ?.a?tUea tl^ fatleat a,,. ~e* to 4ete-t, ^ fArdiaar* re*** tarad Ih taeaa'y iaf l?an la tlltyj bia *^wet* a^ rl ?a-a ?? .,ib*r aaa .*e *?a''?aUy rearaavad >twdkr I a* Wat a. a * -k ? Tie ' ai*e *?.d tba 'ara ' wh Ui*?r * --f n'y aaataaal-el 1 U?a* Bad draalac* *f diaaaae C' ? ?l Wi-UAIf WATWlV M r?T a/, a * 1 ea atraad e faw fan weet of |b'a4*tt r?" ri Rf._ ml * a 1 j. ' rwfonvwAtra f, - ? - aa k*dnea eveey Ike raw-a-'f r*e ,'aia awra^a eaira taawa Ufa atd he datMaed. H ft ftM w r ( al ly I bat will aad dieapp det v a a*tg-.ral. wilW t a-"*ry 'V aaaeeal pntwaa* Wa -a* eve* tr *4 IV laAftvaata* Ideal hat eayr aaaad Mr adjai*at.ea .4 atfaat? a^aatly ? la* a* i t a* aa' atary fary aaa *a,,aat ' y una daaa OMM (MtJ eueet, ?*a ?-?;* V ftrgadvey.

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