Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 1855. AVYMTI&EHENT8 EEMEWKD EYEKY EAT. POUTU'AL. fvKMts KAT1C MATE CONVENTION.? AT A MKi'T 1 / ingof tlie Democratic State Committee, held pursu ant to noti- e, at tbe Astor i lou -<?. New Vork, on Wednt*s ?4 ay. .hir* ?>. 185ii. Augustus t-'ohfli In the ??hnir . and M. Lyon ? </?! s. Adams. Secretaries, the following nsolu tions wp.f unanimously udojtet, wlii jh have since i?-en vrieink-i by tlio unanimous concurrence of the member* of the O miiiittee, an follows: ? Resolved, That a Convention of the National Demo-ra cy of tbe Slate, to consist of one delegate from each As sembly district, lie held at the city of Syracuse on Thurs <iny , the ' Utl day oT Aogjst, 1K&5, lor the purpose of no minating a State ticket to be supported at the election in November nt it, rlt. : A Secretary of .State, a < 'imp' roller, an Attorney (ienenil, a State fr ngineer and Purveyor, a Htate Trcaeuxer. a Canal Commissioner, au inspector of itate Pri>otu, and i Judge of the Court of Appeal* : ant for transact. og such other business ns may come before the ?fVmvcntU ti Resolved, That the above resolution be published In be ti%m<vr?tie papers of the M?te. Dia. 1 ? Ae^untusVchell, IKs. ft? Benjamin Carver, IImwi J. Bair, Joseph M. Lyon, Arffl'ti S. I.lbby. llclon F. Novel. S? Ku*setl Smith, fl ? Burr B. Andrew;", imue! Fowler, George Clark, <lro?ven'r8. Adams William Ilnlsev. C ? John S Natew, 7 ? Michaels. Mye-s, 1 , Titan Tremaio, K. Darwin Smith, .'ames U. Fonda. Fermi C. Dlnlnny. i ? Oliver -Cooke. 8? lla-mon H. Cutting, Thomas H. Mitchell, William (i. Ilryari, 1.. I>. Br.ici, Fhn'rer A. lister, Democratic State Committee. -TUF-fEEMH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT, SEVENTEENTH ward ? At n primary election held in the above district on Thursday, August Iti, 1W>5, pursuant to the call of the General Committee of Tammany Hull. August 2, the fitUuti i ng gentlemen were elect ed a* delegatooto the Syraeuae Coo von lion: ? John Cochrane, George 11. Row; aliet nates. William Coulvr ?n l Michael Smith. WILLIAM COl) Li tit, ) GEORGE SHl'KEMAN", - Inspectors. THEODORE IfROMENT, J ~VJ"I M-.j cj-. \ i'l I WARP. ? AT A PRIMARY RLECITON, J.1 uei'l on Thursday evening, August 10, 18i'>5, at Me Lenneit'R Tavern, la Forty-second sireet, pursuinttoa <a?Ilofth* t democratic Republican General Committee at Tammpny Hall, for tnc election of delegates to moot in reinvention at Starr'.i Five Mile House, on Monday the 10th Inst.. to reieot delegate. to represent the Tenth As sembly District in t.!,e State Convention, to be holJen at Syracuse nn the 24th, the following named jmrson* received more than two-thirds of all the votea polled, and were 1U1I7 Wee led. viz.: ? Edward Dennis, .lames II. Starr, Kinsley, Gregory (Conner, Michael O'Brien. GEuhE WEIR, ) Inspectori JAMES KEK1), V of the ROGER DOLANj Election. -vroi K :: ;?> mi; voters of the city and coun ty It! of New York. also my numerous friend* and ac quaintance*, tint I am a candidate for Sheriff. JAMES H. BKENNEN, Eleventh ward. T, TH1. '.EM'iGJiATIC ELECTORS OF THE CI1V OF New York. ?The friemls of Dr. CHARLIE McCAF HfEY, of the Twentieth (late of the Fifteenth) ward, annouBAkjin as a candidate for coroner at tbe ensuing electita. object to the decision of the Democratic Con vention. _ REWARDS, <Jjl6>/r niHARli.? STOLEN, OoLD IHJNTIXC WATCH, Cooper, maker. No. il.WW, from '--'J and M IVy street, on the morning of l-riday. Anjosi 17. pawnbro kers and ollicrn will please stop the if offered. By returning the same to M. it. lUomi, ?i aud 2 ft I ley atreet, th#y will receive the above reward. 4)hf 1 ' E"WARD. ? LOST, ON MONDAY, 13TII INST., ?JPJLU between Cedar street and Staten Island lorry, obrr.wn morocco pocket book, with memorandum, con taining about 940. A satisfactory description of con trnUt, and the above reward, will lie given to any one returning the some to S. Leltoy, 21 Nassau atreut. <fh"| A PftWARD.? I.OHT, SUPPOSED ON CONEY IS V/ land beach, on Monday evening, August l.'l, a silver patent lever wntrh nod chain, made by Samuel H. Ictli, Uind:m. No. 7,036. The ubove reward will be paid by THOS HENWICK. 90 Flue street, N. Y. PIWARD? LOST, AUGUST 17, ABOUT 11 i.' clock, in Wail street, between Broadway and -*#? Will *ticel, HO, in four {10 city bills. The above re ward frill be |n?id by leaving tb<' alsjve at tlio Herald of ?ee. J. O. HENDERSON. ELWARD.? DOG LOST? A BLACK DOO, I'ART terrier, medium abort hair; answer* to th" nam? The above reward will be paid by returning said to y"o. M Front afreet. 4?JQ RKWARP? I/WT. A SMALL ACCOUNT BiX)K, |Q)0 Augu-t 14, in going from Brooklyn to Flatbush. The finder will receive the above r"ward and the thank* of the ewuet. bv leaving the same at 101 Mlddagh ?ir>'?t, Brook I v n. D. N. SMITH. LOST AND FOUND. iOtr-A IJ-.nTJt MA1UD FROM PHILADELPHIA f on the 2d July, containing ii. I. lipman's note, ?r of H. I.. Upman, March 1*), at six months, tor two haadred and thirty-seven dollars ?l*ty-tivo centa, ad ?toeeaed to Mesara. Deniaon k I tin w, New York. All per MH arc cautioned against negotiating said. -T OPT ? BFTWEEN 131 WV>T THIRTEENTH STREET, ^ J M?th avenue and Curmiue street, a lady's g<dd Wktch Mid chain. The Under will ho literally rewarded by Bailing at the above oddre**, or 128 Maiden lane, up Lost? on ruteaiAY afternocw, a mourning pin, with hair in it, with gold eoainelled letters, bearing the following inscription: "In memory of." Sup poaed to be lost either In the Second avenue cars, on the Wan street ferry l>oat, or troin thero to Willow street, Brooklyn. The Under will be -uitalile rewarded and re wire tbe thanks of the owner by returning the ?ain-' to 127 Willow street. Brooklyn, or 266 Ninth street, Xew York. LOtT ? THREL DOILARS REWARD, FOR A MEMO, randum txsik of the American Print Works, .lames Hark, Jr.. Thirty seventh street. Sixth av*nae aud Broad way, or No. 2 Barclay atreet, Aator House. T OCT? THURSDAY EVENING, THE ldTII, A BANK I J Ixiok of the Brooklyn Savings Bans, going between Twenty-third and Twenty-ninth streets, in me Eighth avenue. Any person hnding thr aame will please return it toM Sixteenth street, weat of Sixth avenue, and coo ler a neat favor, and be handsomely rewarded for their ttlWII. ? ?DWCATMMf. ^ A CARD ? II. PKUfiN a HAVING Cl.o-KD >IH Frrnch boarding and day achoul lor young itanlle Mn, Id which I haT* been prolenaor for the Ik*' three yeara, I h-g to inform my frionda and tho puMie >hat [ ?hail re-op?n on the Itth of .September rvxt, in tbe large boot* 4t l a?t Twenty-fourth ?'?eert an fttuhliahmcnt of ? ahnllar character. Proaperttoua. with full detail*, ra feraocea, and * letter from H. Pr'ign-L to fx' bad by ad 'ireaaing a? ib"T?. M.IK CHARM I II. T>OARI>lN<i AND KAY x !l(N|!? IDRT RICHMOND, II Ctatcn I - land ? Tbe MUim-i ANTIhEIJ, will receive Applioati'*u for boarder* (young ladie* under twelve yeara of Kgr, ) aftrr the iith in*t. Th"|r number being limited th* ahilde?u enjoy U.?* comfort* of bom'. T-rmj moderate. If H. I.. W. GKAND-VAi> < LA.SHCAJ.. KN(.M.<tl, JjX Iienrhand Npaniah b?,ir<Ung in?titute Hudson *nd Waabintfton lertafm. Hnboki-n. N. J. A tint ' ia -i imrtitulaun, with an efficient cm p-? ol instructor*, mi 1 iMfX r?|ubit> lur he%)th ?nd comfort. Cfeculara, with r-'tereri' e, k <?.. ut tin' inntitutiun. M?. MKAR?' KKENCH A VT) ~ ENfi rjSH~ BOA P. I il N ? 1 and day whool, for roun* 1a?'.u>-<, (32 and 3f> Witt Mf v?bHi at reet, Mow Pifth ???no*,) re-open* onThur*day, ?Vptamher 6. Mr*. Mnara will be at home to rc-eire j>a rente and guardian* who wiah to comet with her, from Mowday , Ht!p?ember 3. F~>i.\ technic oiuxra; ok Tm -tatk pksm. eylvnnn ? Wml I'rni Square, Philadelphia ? Mrna nlaad on the plan of the induatrwl <??? liana of (ontluen tel Karo|? and the only ^ikite in the f'nion in which gentlem. n graduate in tbn ? ridtntrfal profc-iiona. Third year comin<-nrin(( Monday, .September 17, 1H.Vi. Facul ty ? Ifatheinntice and engltteerlog, Prof. S. H. P-abody; general am) applied rtoemutry Pr>> f. A. 1- Kennedy me chanic* anal machinery. Prof. H H. Boucher; geology, Biinemlif r and mining Prut W.rt. Row^n; ar.nit. .-to ml and tofiotraphical drawing Prot. .1. Kern, mod?rn Urnr-air* ? rmt V. I* AmarelH. Kor c^ialof u<*i ami rartf?*t Information. apply to A. I- Kennedy. M. I?. I're -idc/it of Ihe Faculty. (OA& COA1 ? DRY, HJCAN AND HR.-T QIA1JTY KtVi, ?to?e and ' r?d a?h. dtij ,ei ,nic all ihia we?>k from tmat* foot of l>oter ?tt?H, K?At riTer, The price will In mad* wh< a you ??* tbe . 0*1. Uther in boat or at the yard. No. J?w< otre.-', K (iAKHK K. CHKAI* rf>Al. ? \ CitNTINTK ~TO o>al_ AT tbe k.we?t market pri?e tor c??h. Very be?t rvd aib ?u>t? or ?toj. t'i 'i0 dellreri*! in (pxx! order from under nhed. S6 rente !??? to giocar- and parti.ii taking (Itc inn* and upwarda Weight ?nd qifcility wnrrantod. JUCIIARX) CI J VI ON 250 Kirnt area'i*. corner of Kifte?nth itmt. OAI. AT tTVT~ DtmIXr- I W: T?i\ ok TW'i TM-/r. aand lha ; red and white aah. ? r* and atrrt* aiie?, ?Jeliwred from the cheap ea?h '?opiyard "S l odlow ?tre.-t, between Broome aad Ormnd. Vow i? yor time to lay in your winter enpply. Yard. 78 l udlow ?treet RKMOTAM. DIK MNKKH AND KNtjRAVER.? H. KKKfND. wo?ld met reapectfully inform hi* fri nd< and patrona in fenerm., that he haa removed bin olfi to JQ Am ?t?"et aerond floor. Jw%ere he wrill be moat happy to reaeire tbeir onlera. rHee <4 the latent at) lea tor jewelry lT '.'9 AU ofkrp finctuail/ attcndel tv The Govrrnor'a Room at the C'ltjr Hall. ^ eMerday wo paid a visit to to this time honored apart ment in the City HaU, and a* it contain* a valuable gat 'ery of portrait* of some ul the mini distinguished men this country has produced, together with many latTCst ing rolled of 1} -gone days, a brief description will not be without intercut to our reader* The Governor'* room la reached by the main iitair caw in the vestibule of the City HaU, ami exteuds the ? 1 i * - tance of the entire front between the wing*. It is com prised of throe dlstinrt apartment*. the central one of which opens upon a broad portico. an<l furnishes a line view of the I 'ark and the great thoroughfare* laying each hide of it. The furniture of those three rooms Is of inn f irt mahogany, richly carved, and of the fashion of the last century. Indeed, it wax used by the first Common Council which organized, immediately after the Revolu tionary war. It has, nevertheless, undergone many re novations from time to time. aud. except the multiplicity of uation&l emblem* carved upon its picces. would hard ly be recognized a* a icstlge of an almost forgotten epoch, (no of the most interesting objects here in the writing table of the immortal Wa-hington. upon which hl? entire correspondence was written during hi* two terms as Pre sident of the United State*. It is a plain "Id fashion"! piece- cf worknmnship. ornamented with brass han dle* and knob*, but *tiil so comfortabl" and conve nient to. write at. that the cabinetmaker* of the present day might . take pattern from it with profit and advan tage. r~ Ihf'walls of the thro# room . are covered with por trait* of the various gre it men uho luve hgured either in thehistorv of the republic or of the city I'a??ing into the went room, the first thing whi 'h arrests the eye of the visiter is the large allegorical painting recently pre sented to t bp Corporation by Monsieur Etev, a French ar tist. 11. is picture, which is deigned to represent the "Glories of the l ulled States, " contains the portrait* of WashingU n, l.nfayette, .teffer*nn. Kranklin. Ked .laekot, (lay, Webster, Calhoun, Fulton, Marshall, Cooper, Mor gan, Hamilton, Cas*, Greene, Gates, Irving, West Trum bull, Jackson. Van Kuren. Harrison. Tyler, Klllmme, Monro*', Madison, Count Rochanibein the various Gov ernors of the State, Senators, Sic.; and among other no tabilities of past aud present days, a likeness of Mayor Wood, looking over the shoulders of Senator Seward, as if watching the course of that dangerous demagogue. Tins was introduced by the artist before making the gift, to ron, niemoi ate the time and circumstance of ft* presenta tion to the city. All the figures are Variously grouped, and the foreground is tilled with children, occupied with the Implements and emblems of agriculture, the mechanic urts, kc. '1 he Goddess of liberty occupies the centre of the painting, holding in one hand the nationsl standard, nr.d in the oth?r a crown of laurels. The picture Is en closed by a heavy gilt frame, upon wliieli is caried iu medallion* the arms of thirty-two States. In getting thl i number Monsieur Ktcx has probably had his cy? on Kansas. The artist waa engaged upon thU psinting a period of more than twenty years, during which most of hi* time was spent in collecting the " sea of heads " he ha* so successfully grouped together. The room is hardly large enough, however, to contain it, and In it* prerent position It 1* made to eoneeat the full length portrait* of Monroe, Taylor, and Governor Troup. In point of size it is not unlike the picture ol the Vicar of Wakefield. The next objects of attraction are the likenesses of Gov. l'etru* Stuy vewant ami llondrick Hudson, painted more than two centuries agoi The former. 1' will be recollected, was tb? fourth Dutch Governor of the colony and arrived herein 1647. He had previously been director of the colony of Curacoa, where, becoming involved in disputes with ? Portuguese settlement on the Island of St. Martin, he laid siege to the place, and lost hi* leg. Ho was a man of great force of character, and perhaps the best suited to administer the ii (fairs of such a remote colony a* Xew York then was. Cntler him the city was first surveyed, and the sheet* regulated aud named. He died in 1671, and his remain* now lay in fit. Ma rk's churchyard. A "mail full length portrait of the celebrated Admiral Monckton 1s also in this room. It is beautifully execute!, and raid to he a perfect representation of that naval i magnate. The right hand will ii covered with tin1 IiUfii?-**#'* of President Fillmore, llaniilti n Fish, and Governor Mure/. Juhn Young occupies the space between the doors. and la other jmrts of the room are tk portrait* of Mayor* I.*w rence, Woodhull, Brady, King-land and Mb-kle. litre in also it planter cant of the celebrated bron*n statue of Jefferson which wan pre.ented many yearn ago to Gen. Jacksou, by Captain Is-vy, of the nary, top-ther with .1 marble bunt of Henry Clay, ami a bron*'- on" of the "Great Kxpounder.'' Taking again into the central room, we tiud the fol lowing full length portrait**, vti : t?ov. l/wtn, DeWitt Clinton, Washington, Ijifayi ttv>, Governor* Yate*. M-irlin Vun Burcn. Wm. H. Howard, W. C. Botick, Mila* Wright and Dnuiel I). Tompkins. Above thnr art' the likeni-n-en of Mayor* Duano. Varick, l.lvingnton. Clinton, Willet, Hui'.clilTi- Coldctt, Weplirn Allen, Wm I'aulding, 1'hilip Hone, Walter Bowne, Giih-on I-ee, Aaron Cln -k, I?aa<- L. Varinn, Pobert 11. Morris. Jam<-n Hurper, Wm. F. Havemeyer, and Jacob A. Weatervelt. Of incut of these there are many anecdotes now told. The most eccentric man it raid to hav? t>een old Mayor Willet. who cultivated with industrious care a wild cherry tr?*e in his yard, which he lelled many yearn beforv hi* death and had manufactured into .1 coffin This he kept con xtantly in bin bcdchambvr, and eventually wan buried in it, with hid hat, wig and high heeled than. The central room has been reserved i-xcluaivoly for the reception of the city's guest* nitice t hi- completion of the Hall in 1811. The number of great nvn who ha\e hal lowed it by their pre-o-nce, from that time to 'he prenent. may be imagined. The east room, which <i'ru?c>-t< with the <-cntral room by a double entrance, I similar in all respects to the w?-*t room but ban bein appro priated for th?* reception of the portraits ,,f anr din tingulnhed military and naval men. It in. therefor*, called the Hero's Gallery." Here will be fuumi the full length picturen of (ienernb- Mrown, McOimh Hwift., Hctt, and Commodores 1'erry, Decatur and llainbridife. together with half length- ol Harun Steuben. General WiHiaiun. General Faex, I remd'ot ltol*vai Coram >do re 'J anncey. I>. T. Vab-ntin*, and Chancellor Kent. There U also a fine painting of the great Columhns, and a baud some lithograph ol the Hungarian Gen<*ri?l*. pre ented by the celebrated Alexander :-niitb Ko--uth Tbi> we believe. completes the < atnlngue of th<- Municipal I 'or trait Gallery. We mu*t not omit to mention however a sfla*? e-i?e on the left hand side as you enter *hich contain* th?* torn, tatteri d and blood stained colors of the Sew York Volunteer*. This alone la sufficient to attract a host of ?j(i>r spectators The only remaining matter we hare to ret- r to now la a table containing the nUndard wight* ami mr-anuren To tho-e ? I10 are in the habit of being chi cllcd by their butcher* and grocera we would sdvl-c ? vi-it to the Governor's Room where they can be grati fied rvith ocular proof of the requirement* of the law. The place Is kept in < *ci llent order by Mr Jame< Tuyrlor. the keeper of the City Hall, to whose g< 'nth-manly atten tion* and courteona conduct we are indebMd for the <le tails of our visit. Brooklyn City %>%??. lie Ki.ijtKira. ? The lion"' of Mrs. William- No. WiOrange street. was feloniously entered <>n Thursday evening, during the temporary absence of the family and robbed of e ilv ?-r ware and jewelry to th- amount of f'/ffl) No detection. Thi- hou - e of I'atrick Itnffy in .Sevin?. n< ? I>?uglas street was entered by mean" ol false key? yi>nter<lay morning ab?iut ? o'clock nml robb?-d of clothing, jewel ry. k- k<- valued at $100 Aonnwrt. ? A man, named William Karrcll while at work in Johnson .V .ap?d#r'? lumpier yard, "n K>-nt a?e nn#. a day or two ?i?ce w?? aanously injured by the tailing of a pile "f luml>er op- n him >{?- w.i - tak- n t? bis re-iden- e. Coao>*B'* ImtviM.? Coroner flennet' h<-ld an inqnest yesterday, at Kort Hamilton on the body of a drownM man suppled to he WilUam Itominott, from pai<er. tn-ar lag that nam'- being found in hi/ pocket. Mr had on a white flannel ?hirt blue overalls, and an oil cloth ".at A verdict of 'found I>rowned" wa? rendered. Kiae.? A hr? was discover*! i-o Thursday <-vening in a house in Kevin, near IVhijk ?trest <^. u( d by Mr? Murray. It was o^nasiuned by a lamp betng pla<-?yl on the window and the sight eon.' ng In contact with Ihe window curtains It was speeillJy ?v" -igttlshed by th< t>erupants. iHtnage trifling l*T> *ifjTtnv? There were only seven arrests made bv the pol.-e of the Wsster^ 'H/'r*' t 00 Th'i'-day night for I llonrtl of Hnprnriaorii The meeting wu culled for two o'clock. At twenty minute* punt, the toll was called, when there appeared in their Wats the Mayor, Supervisor* Moaer Win. Tucker, Trowbridge, St?er*. Waketuan, Kelly, Marker, Christy, Hy. Herrick, Varlan. The Mayor aaid there was not a quorum present. He would, however, wait Mime time longer, and if the Doard could not lie formed, he would adjourn. Supervisor KlT mid, ait there was some important bual netm to be disposed of ? the payment of the bill* of the cenaua marshals ? lie hoped the Chairman would wait till the last moment, in order to Bee ir a quorum could be found. Supervisor ftrnwn shortly after entered the Chamber. A quorum being then present, the minutes were read and approved. fc'ome Hinall bill* were ordered to be paid T1IK ITNNI'H MARSHALS' HIIAS. Tlie Committee on County Offices, to whom wa* re ferred the billa of the census marshals, would report and recommend the adoption of the following resolution: ? Keholved, That tlie bill* for service* of the following named Marshal* he audited and allowed for tlie several run* hereinafter mentioned. IhMri'i. Wiin/. Amount. Williaui AndVMin 7 17 $182 60 (In which -were ?15 tier man families and t},330 in habitant*.) M. 11. Aldi* 3 22 110 00 I'eter Cblvorn 0 14 127 00 William Penman 4 123 26 Terence A. Brady 8 4 1AJ 00 ldw^rd Collin* 2 It 10 1 00 S. W. Van Wart 1 1ft 120 00 John Tllley 3 l.'t HiOJ George H. Maekuv... 4 16 !r.? (1.1 J. T. underbill... 1? 17 110 00 Jameo Mcfotiough fl 0 I4tt 00 < fcorgu Bush ti 17 107 00 Churles Missing. 1 22 140 00 .James T. Maguire 10 11 VJl 00 Theodore Keeler 10 17 1<V> 00 William Kurle 2 18 lrtO 00 R. F. Harry - If. ?H 00 V.'m. M Gibbon 8 0 ?;t 00 I vivid A. VorbM 5 l.'t 128 60 Alvin N. Hyatt 2 11 171 BU licnjaudn. l i ice 5 S 10H Ml t harle* Conant 2 fi 111 02 Win. Henry H 10 101 26 Walter R. Savage 6 6 132 00 Oliver Milderburirer 2 10 VI 09 And that the Comptroller 1m-, and he in hereby, di rer ted to draw hi* warrant in favor of the above named persons for the several amount* above named. Alderman Hiouuck moved that the report I*' adopted and the bill* paid. Supervisor Yakian naked what vras the reason of the disparity between the charges * Suj ei \ iaor I ihkKjrh, chairman of the Committee, said that some of the marshal* bad performed HO day*' work, and some only 30 day*. A man v/no lin* taken the popu lation of 2,000 ha* aworn that be wa* actually employed more time In taking the cenaua than other* where tlio imputation wa* three time* the number. The law com pelled them to pay according to the day* they wore em ployed. Supervisor Ki.v, a member of the Committee, explained that the extra charge for one of the district*, where it is stated thut there were 3 .'twi Germans. wa* occasioned by the necessity of employing an interpreter. Mr. K. maile ii somewhat long *peech defending himself from aecuaa tiona that had been made outside, that he wa* opposed to the propel payment of the oen*u* marshals. lin would gladly pay them >3 a day il the law allowed them. He would art in accordance with hla oath of office, though he had stretched It much in Ik tor of the marshal*, but notwithstanding the influence of that body he would do no more. fujiervlMir Varian aald that in all that had fallen from Supervisor Ki.t. ins quest inn had not been answered a* to was the cause of the difference of the amount* in the bill*. 8u pert iaor I'Rakk. who junt entered tlie room, wished to know why it wa* that there ap|*ared aeren till I* from the Sevi nteenth ward (kl/'s) re|a?rted on. whilst aome ? of the other ward* were not reported on. Supervisor Rkhwx asked why it was that there wait not one bill from the Kir*t want rcjiortedtf Supervisor Hmuutk? There is not one from the First or Mnetevnth wunla. A UTTER Ittox Ttir. WKRAKT Of !f AT* IH Tlllt .T A TV. Of NEW tokk. Supervlxor 1 ?ukk handed In * Ml*rfroro K. W. Iz-aven *orui, Hecn'larjr ofrttte, to several of the census mar aliall*. in which hi* soys:? '? 1 kn<>? of no junl ground of ohjcaljon which c,.n ho made to the payment of the fair bill* of the tnarshnls. I d<> not think any will be urged. You do nit itnt* the Bfilurc flf the nhjectlrtn* nrged, which (emit me to imagine them. In King's county. I understand, that the hoard were resolved not to pay for service* of the 1st of July; should mich an objection be made. 1 1 it sufficient to xay: first, tint the census act. section A. requires each mirshil, truly and accurately to enumerate the people in his dis trict, and obtain the repaired statistic. second , l?y sec. 0 i-flrh is required when he nulin hit return to swear that it is true nnd accurate, No# the law re (ulres the return* to be mad* by July 1. }*uppo<o then thoae provisions cannot ull he compiled with l>?es any >>ne nay the marshal* shall stop on the .'10th of June t If tney do, the following eon*e?juoncc.i rr?nlt :?Klr*t they violate t)ie rtth section of the act, second, they Cannot comply with, and therefore violate the?th nei-thm, third, they deleal entirely every object the law *a" Intetide 1 to hc c< mplish ; fourth, ? ? ? As the law cannot be technically compiled with why omit a complaint with tenth acetion which involves no such con??|H(W'? ? which attain* nt ill every object proposed ? which Involves no needless expenditure of money, and Which would be in comformity to every man'* common seu?e. Why vio late two section* to defeat the object of the law lnite?d of one to carry it out. Any number of analagrms case-i might tic cited to dhow that It was the duty of the mir shals to proceed In each ease till the dl-trict wa com pleted, and. of course. tliat it is the duty of the hoard to pay them, and they should lie paid liberally. The duties are arduous, perplexing and re-iponsible. hie cotnpn-a tion per day ix mnagrc arid unworthy of the state. Thl", the Ix-ard nhould, in my judgment. correet &? far ax pos sible. should they tlx upon a certain numlmr of Barnes a< a days work, they might tlx that number at iiueh a point ax to do jt-tice to the gentlemen engaged (n this huslneie. And Ihix I think they should do. Were there any other |x>intx upon which my opinion wa* do*! red, I should ex prise it with phmxore, a* I feel a warm Interest In your Iih > lug justice done to you for your services i n the premises. J have the pleasure of the acquaintance of several gentle men in the K>>?rd nnd feel the *tronge*t confidence that all the ineinlier* will not onlv rai>c no technical objec tions to your bills but will be rea<ly and willing t/i do yrni ample and siwly justice. K W I.KAVKXWORTIf. To Metur*. D. C. Henderwon, C Missing and .1 . II Hurl man Committee of the Board of i'ensus Marshals." Supervisor Mi?r? was In favor of the bill Ix-lng paid. Supervinor Prauk said there waa great favoritism shown by the committee in their report. ."npervl?"r Mowskti entered the room nnd having AfsikfUnl tor hi* alxtence, which was unavoidable a-ked tor the reading of the report again. This was compiled with and ? long debate tixik place, but nothing *n eli cited worth noticing, except a lltttl" epi .ode between Aldermen Howard and Kelly, After the previous quel ti?.n (the adoption of the report) Ix og moved by Hu [lerviitor Brown and carried. .Supervisor IP. ward held |*i< ?e??li n of the tl<x?r when he was called to order by Mr Kelly Mr. Howard refused to sit down. Mr. Kelly re. riewed hi* point of order Mr, Howard said that If he w* ? to -It down It would take Mr Kelly to put him in his ?eat Mr. Kelly ??m1 hewn* able to do that and would do ***. The Match threw oil on the troubled waters, and ap l*aled to th? sense of the Supervisor of the sixth, and thus the uutlter on that point ended The report was then adopted. Another report from from the Committee a<kcd that the rem.iinirig hills l>e taken up separately and imlite-t tor -uch sums as the colleetive wisdom of the iperxi hons shall direct. Su{?r> ,*< r WAhKD4K moved to discharge the i '.,mrn t tee from further consideration of the suhjeet Superviaor ViXUI irxive-1 tliat the rep?irt lie recom mitted to the Mine committee 'in this motion another long debate arnae. Super* iaor ItniiKia m?ve<l the previous i|r>eati nVtb" adaption of the report lire I'liAiH expUttn***l why he would Vote against til" uue*ti?in. The r? were 140 marshalx in tl.e city th" t'i nuiiitles- ha<l reported on about one half of them, and the discnasion that woubl arixa on the remainder >f the hllla would occupy the Hoard a month. He thought that lis the Committee had already reported on 71, and there were 7H yet remaining they wer? tully ari)uaitite<t with the subject, and that It shonld I* ett with them. Ihe motion was put for the * (option of the report, and was lost. The nibject therefore remain with the committee to report on the reniaindar of the Census Marshals' hill*. Stipen-UKir Wakoiav moved that whe?i this Board ad jonrn It adjourn to meet on Monday ne*t Su|x-rvi*or Ml *ald if the object w* I to facilitate the |?)inent of th>- marshal" bills It would be entirely use. lrwr a* the < ommi'tee. from the business eugagernents of th* Alderman of the Nineteenth ward, wonld not !*? able to refxirt. The Msron wished it to he nndOMteod that he could not meet this Hoard afrain before the first of ~eptern>* r He thought it wan use le*s to put the city t?i the e*|*nv of Mil a day by meeting here; It wa* absurd to meet ,.1 that expenae to th* clt * tor the pnrpsww of re**tvtn/ a f? w Mils i'( the Censua Marshal*. Su|jerviK>r Wmta^'ii soul wax not *<i *mali as to le ? ?re to meet for the paltry nay of a 'ley. lie .fid in tend !?? go out of town on Monday but he eon, l^vit g1 to srjoy hirneelf while h# knew h* left seventy. eiVht p ? r ne n liehiod him who Were waiting for payment for fieir liUIs. ^ujsrvix.r Howakii was in favor of mes?tmg on Monday n??t SO'I it wa* the duty of the Mayor to lie here in?t. of going to sarat'^pi I h?- Maron ? Tlie fliair did not say he tu going out of town nor does be Intead In leave the c||y again 'his ?easen Mir*rvis#>r Howaan npUine-i that he nu??ndev?tood th Mayor. Al et .eme further remarks from -uperrt~.r? Wake-nsn ?f?TOn said he did not intend t? le* ve the city sj, -s?ein he wo?14 he at his o every day .4., M> ;uui fas W.V.J.W viit M*r<na, ard i?us axel important public business, after which lie did not think it noceiwar), nor did he wiah to spend lour hour. at thi? Hoard In the ? vening , listening ?<> frlvolou*, unmeaning nnd unprofitable debate. Ho would n>t throw ?iiy obstatle in the way <>( those (the CeiiMu Marshal* ) ; he thought they lml earned their money and tlmt they ?hould be paid. If thi' committer, said hia Honor, will bo ready to report. 1 will attend at my place id this Hoard to receive their communication, but why ahould we niiot, when th?y toll im In advance that they will not be ready* If uw Marshal should be pjiil, they lire nil en tit lid to paymeut. luid It ia our duty to coerce the com mlttee to finish their report uk nil thflae bill*, hut n* lore ?? *e consent tone-el here 'lay after day to receive H few bills at a time, there will he some ot the Maralial-i lelt unpaid until whiter. I think they ahould he all paid, and I am ready now hi vote lor them. I du not ?ee why, with my onerous dutiua In my "flue, I abotiM .It here, gentlemen, without luniug had ? 111 mthful of victual* since ?ix o'clock thi* moi lung. to accommodate you. anil I ? ill not do it. After Mmi? further remark* from Supervisor* Wake u an and hly, the motion w.m put to adjourn to tho llr*t Monday in September, which waa loat The Hoard then agreed In meet on Wednesday next, at 4 o'clock. Thr Committee on IharKM. The Special Committee from the Hoard of Councilmen, appointed to examine into varioua charge* preferred againat Jameii Kurej, the Strict CoimnhisloniT, held a meeting yeatcrday afternoon, in the office ot the Clerk of the Common Council, I'reaent ? Councilmen Webber, I inckney and Jacluon. Mr. Webber win appointed chairman. No bu.itie.a wa- transacted. however, owing to the ahuenee of aome of the inemlierM mid the witne<*e*, who luiil Imt a very short notice. The committee, there lure, adjourned t<i ncNt Thursday, at 4 o'clock. Xhe charge against Mr. t'nroy 1- that he obliged a man narte 1 I'hillp Ka hev . a contractor to build a terrace wall at tin foot of Kifty-lirNt street. to pay him WK10 fur the purpose of obtaining th'' requisite plan*, which were wllhheM ffc m liiin by *ald Km >-y. He U alM> acouaed ol having refusal to advert lee for proposal* to grade and regulate Fourth avenue, though lepeutedly called upon to do so. Police luteinize tire. ARRESTS FOR INTOXICATION YCSTIiRDAT. There were twenty-eight arretta for dninkeucs* iu the eity yeiterday, a* follows : ? M'lQU'riUfi. (a mm i' lit - ntr.t. VI rat Idstrict l'uhce Court ? Alderman Ilalrd, 7 Second iliKi do. ?Juatice David<nn, 10 'Ihird do. do. ? Justice Kiennuu, 11 Tolal ??? CAPTURE OF AN ALLEGED HQUHF. TtllK.t'. tieoige lliggi naon waa brought before Alderman 1 laird, the acting niagislrute at the 1/mcr l'olice Court, charged with grand larceny, In having, a It la alley*!. itolen a lot of wearing apparel, valued at. $.70, from Klir.n Arm hi rung, of No. 54 We*t Ilroadaay. The complainant k.i y* that on the lUth innt. ah" met the aconaed coming her rwm, with a bundle of dry good* under hia arm; that, recognizing among the article* aome of her properly, *he accosted the intruder, and demnnde 1 in stant restoration of her wearing apparel; but llig{>n<ou waa not to lie frightened by a woman, for, a"*uming a ferocious attitude, he fold h<*r he would "hurst her eye out" If (he did not get out of his way. This ahort but p< rtiuent speech, aa a matter of had the proper effect, for Mm. Armstrong, mithout more udo, a offered Out hero lo depart on hi* errand. Iiigjrin?in was atihu'. (juently arrested by officer Bulwer, of the Klfth ward Cilice, and committed for tual, on the charge of grand rcetiy. CII ARCK OK KOROINCJ ORDERS. fleorge W. Maaon w?* nrre*tr*l by officer lira m, of the Third watd police, charged with having lorged the name* of Charley H. Woodruff and William K Hat field, to three different order* for good*, drawn on Mr. J. It. Schenck. The order* ar* dat?'d th>* 7th, Olh and Uth instant. The following ia a copy ol the one tintrked A In the complaint: ? \ Mr. !*. B. m m.w*,? -ir, c I'lwwe deliver to th* fiea rrr ^ { art f?*-t 1 1 4 inch lielling, end charge tlw * ime to { ; 412 do. U Inch do. Oiami ?> H. Wis.nm iy > I by I J Si<taHito, Aug. 7, MM. Wiujaw K. llaTttitu j In thN cum*, llr. -Ytien. k make* lb*1 ronplaiat :tgiin<t Uii' (irinomr, alleging that thi? order* are flirg'riea h ml muiUi l'_\ Mnwtn with iikt- nt to iletru.xi km out of bi- propei t>. 7b>' iirUudrr win comuiittoij ftx mt uuliia tl< n by AUInruiau llainl. .i-tin g m igiftrate :rj flii- l.urer Police Couj t. ? M.LKar.n an isr> i.ahc r.vr. A UhUi muiio.) Jnmi'o Smith, *n? jx-ittcriUy arreat'-.] by often Cli'f ncy, of lb* Kirnt ?a*d police. charged with ?<t<*iit?7* gold watch, titim Williuui Klirn, ill ICS I'.i.iix,''' ? iitreet, whit tiw4 Inlter *.n on hi< )?? k>i ;e from Mi I'll l*land to thla rtty. Tt;e rumpbiinant, in hi* affidavit, ?'*t'?that he frft flip prisoner taking thn watch mil ? f )> < 4 \t?i pe<ket *P.d he then 'nbivim 1 to mix with the crowd ?n n? to p?c?pe the Observation M complainant, but tli? latter followed rlsv f.?hitid the auaje-cted theif. who ????'Ins that h' wn 'itvo'.trd ' nought to <?*<?? pe by aJyljr lettinc 'he vain* Me lull u|? n II e deck ol the ?"??( M<. Klicu ? n >t unirtln II <i I th* trtrk for he immediately eei/H Smith and kept him in cuMody until the arrival ot the i>>t' >t New York, wben be wa? lukcti charge ofbythe ' ffl''er. cuiith wa* taken before Alderman l'alrd, acting magUtr.ite .it the T' mb*, whore njon < xainilVttlon h'- ??i twiini'tvl for trial. HWIMlUNO ON A KV. A 1. 1. 8CAI.E. Th> Cawly, n natitc ? >! IjixUnd, and by prufr- inn it jwdler. w?? br"-ijjbt before .Ju<tb-e IkiTidaon. of the Second dlatrlet Police Court. jcitrrday afternoon, chjrg mI with fraud, iu having retailed peache? with ? b ? ? r t loeaiiirc-. The aeriniad, it in alleged. w.n doing a brink Im-in' 'i* when "IR' PI ?, of the hij(hth ttuni |M#lice, discovered the trtrk, and immediately arreat'tl 'lu lei low. lie **? committed for <-i ,i iu mtum CnANQK OK VAIHK PBKTKV" K*. Ale?an<l<r .Ji?iin ??< Uken into -u-toily by ? fti ?: Stienlwig, oi the I on/tMnth ward p*?li<je, > h*rg> 'l with luit intf obtain<?l moO'-y un<b-r lal * pf? !?-or ? fr.mi John J, l|,..l(r?~. of No. 114 liraad ftre*-' fir ? mphlamt utatex that h? wn.i ln<tu< e-1 l>y repre-?otati"t?< uia<h* by Hnan. t? mlvan n (be ->im ot V<0 oj^vn a t> b.rt*. wbb'b the piiaoucr 1|K<1 1(1 hie <i?iu. ?n 1 wbb'll h' Kpre i ntml ?- In own (irof^rly ItodffCe n?w twy* that it" rnu-i'-itl iniitrouient ?!??] not l>ebm({ to ?b?in thuf h/' hint it titer* uierplf tor >tlr k?-fing, and t-lmt. the rwj r renlufbitw made by the ao>*u?'4 were triirnp> l up for the purp<'M "f ?]"lrau<iiiiK hiin vut<>' h> lunnry. H<-) t for examination. co)?ri.Ai>T piMMi?t t>. Th<' romj lalnt afaln-t -siuiuelFInn'), foy l Ur eeny pr' b rud a??iOit him by I!. J. ArebibaW ba.< l??-n lilnmiw'*'! by Ju?tii-e ilreniuin tlu p t^inv no j i<t IfTouii'U upon wbieb th>- nuijfi - ' ra t?- < o'lld ftok! 'i,< cu-n| to rtD-wer ih" ebar*' U UllanMbDin City New*. KOCH M?:> HCR1KD ALfTr. |j?ft ?T>-niBt:. b?'t?>'en tl?' nn?f it o'i lo. k , a .< Bom' r nf lal?'r<r< were ' iHirng . treri b .m?' live ? r fw t ib ? j>, in l ii?< >trr?-t, tjetwr?n Scith Nm'.ii >n?t ,-oiith lent b ? 1 1 '-*?!?, Ka^t ? -'triat. IV r tb?' J ' i rj* *? '' 1/ * inc <n ft- ? "i - the ' in I <ii: k ii it>- w iv .,n ' or of the men ten burled. A- i/ianji n en i '?>iu!'I ? "iiT? nb fitly wort, omri er.n-?l ii-tno?iii(( tin i-aril n!in i few niitiuti- lh< in'n were <n<hl<<t to br??lh* <*??! i ri thirt) iuini|t?'? I b- y ?er> *11 tak>n ? it iTi- 1 ' n < n - ? were John Mai'm, Mmon.t lefnaUIMII Wn; l?'.**ii-. Vinrtin a[ifnri?. to bn?e r ? - ? i v ? ? *??'! .<'i* inte' n?l injuri' ? .uei w?? *!??> m i Ii i . h* i ?? ' Th' h? rtwo wer< but >iichtly lnjur~; l:n: ?r H' P^r-T ? Al-*"?t ' o'> ? k on Tl.<ir-.l. y evening a H ? broke ont in a huib ing at Hunter '< I'oin*, n? ir th Hn -hlr.|f Railr< ?<! ?l< j?.* o?n?~l by Me -r> Jobn-on * To In whieh patent tai paint ). r ?hJp* ? ? nu?nuta' "ire<!. < >w n* to t he < .imbij?'ib|e n . feriai 'h re lieinjf -*%'? r?l tiundrM lim reU of far aofl r<*in 'I I tiiH imr i r?'l ? nfeftf* w?r- entirely <l??lroye?|. 110 f *10 ri" I n - jrmnee. r r>#? L ri ?a? *h' re* lit 1 **' Imdm "f one of the enpio jt *. 1 T?J?M I'J? r-? in th? Kiltb I'olje ^?rie' three j? ? on* W. r. <liapO'<4 ?if by Jnatio yi er ' .y Mr I i" r unk ? fir ?-?>. In th* -.a'h rii-ti't .lohi 'an ? f- ' I 4muk* (ii. - an ae-ault '.n ? fh -? r- ?a> t r>.! (ormtrn' ln?|n??<?. At I Md Km Mi lm<.w>ia ? ' ofObel W ih< "an j h?M ar. I u?-t J?~tiiila? th i "'y ' < r> ur .*?> wn men ?!???. t 4ft yern* of ar1 ?!? * ? (? ?in'! -Ire n"i ?t , th- fr"it 1 t Fifth "'f*!, I^,t riyer I" a "1 ?i* ?b it 1 ft?e ?it in h< ? tn height, ?<? ? b ng 'bin hair of I whuh but T?ty little r?mam?? Me l..i?J no whi I I wmel wire a (rreer: ?,.,ib n?t ?j|?< |?n'N w.tli ? 1 peo'lera, ' nmitm naei 't -f, #n<l new In b<>|?i k et? fr/uM a br?- > or ke -n?i forty >nu In l.<n ?? lb' jtiry renile?< <t ? ... , ,, t ? f ? ? .{,f~ +>4 ?w t,g ' A I H III w> ? <>ron?r Mliherr. h A -r, ln,o? 1 lp B 1M Mf tf a Imy Bulge! A ?' .tl ."l?r *k' w ?er>ii< n'aily 'Irr^wned by faJliof over' */>! Irorn ? ?n .. boa* . fWie I >n?a'. tfcaftmt* IUmgi<?<t >*im rhe >t 1 r ?*ie! wbib pia^frnt ?n,'tnA ' h? 'I' -h tb.? raf* m(? ? ' rH bw itep ?on ? a# pr<^lplfate?t ivrOmrH aifl M' t the neie?-ary a?ei '-faAee fimkl he r?wij. rev, waa dr?iw? 4 I Verdi- 1 'death ty drown. r? Iw.wim wnity Kamxo.? Com*<r )| |? *c b ?! m ! in>)u' ?t up- n the |?idy rf an unkno>n leftoai. wk? ??' | fond floating ?<? * he Battery by .rf the llr** ward j |edi e. 7b- b?aty wae entirely Ijiked leadirg the j.jry j to mpT'ee 'hat 'be d?e*?a?ed had a-?.? ix*f while j laitiiDf ?t>m> 'he apyiar?t" n4 'he eorpo K - nM j e<* b*w>- he?w in Ih- ??<#? <haa a (?? -Up V? ^ Oer-. ' 4r*Ul by 4r?*a.?| ?? city Politic*. CAhDlDAl'KH IN TI1K MKLD. Aa the election approach.'*, t h<* political ??icl(?tn,,nt itcn?in. I'oliticmna are already on the qui r?> for honorable poaitiona. and poaitioo? that are lucrative a? Well aa bonoi . The atpirnivt* come up ill ho*t?, >na> much a* the a] oil* are very great. At the coming elec tion Home i>f the moat lucrative in the city govern ment arc to l? filled. The OuuiimI to the Corporation, Stieet CoromWaioncr, County Clerk, Sheriff. Commiaaloner of Kepaira nml Suppllea? ?11 "pay well," and are co* nidered by politician* to lie ffarne well w.?rth looking af ter. Beaidea theae, there are to he electcd tin* f.tll two ffovernor* of the Alma llouae, four I oronera ami fity In apector? poaitiona which don't "pay ?" well." but which are, never Oiideaa, de?i ruble. Among 'I"' name* which m have heard Nuggeated. the following arpewr to Im- miui* of Uie uw?t prominent : ? KOK SHERIFF. I'umaha* W. I labor n, (now JuaUce of the Peace,) whiff Joi-iah W. Drown, (now Alderman of the Klr?t ward ) deti.ici-Ht. t L. Vuitie, (Ivputy Sheriff,) democrat. J H. Tunc. Walter Hi ikkh- (butcher,) K. N'. John Oraer, Cpre-ent Sheriff ) democrat Jamea C'. WlBet, (Deputy Sheriff, ) fri* noil democrat. Jamea It. I'enacll, (Dep. ShetUf.) hard ahell democrat. Ihomaa IhinUp, ( I .ep. Sural Officer and Councilman ) will ahell democrat. Cnt'NHKL TO THK CORPORATION. H'.n. tigdeu Hoffman, (present Attorney <?enetal of the State.) whiff. Hubert J. Dillon, (prevent Counael ) democrat. t liuuncey Schaffer, K. N. Theodore K. TomlinMin, whiff. Daniel Dow Icy, whiff ami K. N. h. C. Weat, hard ahell democrat l.orenxo It. Sheparil aoft ahell democrat. Joliu II. W hite, whiff and K. N. I'eler It, Sweeney (I'uhllc Admiriiatrator) hard ? h?'ll democrat. OOITNTY CLKKE. Dongln* l> ttini'wi II (now I'reaiilent of the New York literary I hion.) whiff, reform and temperance. Hii haid li. Connelly, (prwnt County llerk,) demo, backed by Tammany I la II and liquor party. (?eorgc Sherwood. v liig. J. Sherman Brownell, liard ahell dem. COMMISSIONkH OF KKPAIUH AM) IDPrLIK*. B. It. l'urdy (preaent Commiaaioner,) liard ahell de mocrat. lintel W. Noma, wift ahell democrat. W. I? Minor, aoft ahell democrat. J. T. Mon I ton whiff and K. N. Tlinman lUlcy, of lleriniiuip Hall, democrat. HTKKKT COMMUHIONKR. ?bmeph S. Taylor, (present tiovrrnor of the Alm*hou?c,) whiff and K. N. Jamea V iirev, (pieaent Commiaaioner,) democrat. Jamea Dewey, whiff. Harry 11. Howard, (preacnt Alderman for Sixth wird,) independent candidate, hard ahell democrat. Charlca II. itniff i?a -Alderman of toghtli want,) dem., hacked hy liquor dMtara Ira Turner, (prweat Deputy Street Commiaaioner,) whiff. Atileimnn Voorbie*, of Ninth ward, whiff, K N. .md temperance. Daniel Iwan, (City Surveyor,) dem. Hiiffh Smith, dim Inane Vermilyea, aol't ahell dem. Samuel Allen, (Ta z Commiaaioner,) ilein John II. Chamber*, (IN-put) t'h'rk of Couiinon Counrll.) dem. Jainiw Smith, (Contractor.) hard alieil dew. Charlea Dcyi lin, (Contractor,) dent. CITV IMirBCTOIi. l>r. J W. Kanney, | pri nent Councilman,) lefonn, tciniaTano-, Kr. Tliouiaa K. Downtnff, (prwwnt inenmbemt.) dem. <ieo. W.Morton, (preeenl Kirat Clerk ol t'lty ln>|iee t?r, i K. N. a?d <). I . A. Heniy 1). Johne< n. hard ahell dem. OOVKKN'OROK Al.*allOOHf.. C. (Jialfrey (iunther, hard ahell dem. Ih. Jua. H. Wood, Whiff. Jamea Mulliffan, dem Uaa? J. Oliver, K- V. and temperance. And many othera. CONrTROLI.KR. John S. tilled, (Tteaauier of the Klre Department Kund,) whiff knd K . N. Nathan C. Hy, (now Aldernuin of thi Serentwnth ? aid, i whiff. A. C. H.iffff (pie?4'Ut incumlamt.) iKilt ahell dem. AiiM.n J. Herrick ( preaent Aldeiman of Ntne'.e?Bth a .nl,) aoft ahell dem. Bcbt. Folly, i.ift gliell Jem. COnONKffS. The four in.'iimticnU Dr. K D, C. nnery, old fa<hion<?l dem Di A S. .lonen, (preaent Surffeon of Police). LT. Mtl^nnell, (I re/icnl Stir(fe<? ol I'ulice l. Dr. Hyalip. I>r. I'erry. Dr. Kieraleil. Dr. Kammy. rhoma* Whelan,* i ex Alderman of Koorte nlli a i d,) <lrm. I?r. Kenny, dem. Jt lMJK OK MARINK COI'RT. Judffe Matnard. Hie i > nientiotH for nomination* f"r the ab<i?e ofl> e? have already been called, and the aoft and hard ahell iliin<a-rata, and, we underatand, the native American*, hxive already m lccted their 4e|egjteg Mayor'* (HHr#. Till: VAH AT f! A8TLK UAHIlKN KNCOrNTKK MET WICKS' t OMMIXHfOPKK KKKNKDV ANP TIIK KtttfNKItM. Th* new ?? ?l*pot at Ca*U? Onrdtn i* *?kl'*ntly -tinc'l to th* <~auf* 1, f nurnoroti* rontMitbiH *n' difficult tan lM-tw??n th" Connni**i'?iwni nf Kini|('*li n HD<i th* runner* ba<*k??t l?y ?!iff*t?*nt partita wK'hm* *?m int*i*at*?l in, ?>r who wouM otherwW 1* benefit!*! by it* immoral W< hav* air . a?5y lui'l a f*w *p*ciineujt o i thin o( opp^iUrjii, from Uio * litrarifft "f which it * ill not li#* /C"W t*r to nnf tlmt th *ro |? ronAf*J*r?h!* work nn?! tinnnyiiict in *tor* for th* fimi n^r#. Th?* i unncrM ?**in if th#y*au not <l?ftr?>y th* ?!*f**t, fit !???* ? t in thtow ? ir ry po-nlbJ* ntMrtnrl* In tfc? way of h* pro|**r ni.* Mf?*m n' . D'i accordingly allow n?? opportunity fo: *<? t<# f*t** by r tin aeail*?l Another dilll* ulty of thi? k n ) o < ?irr* t yr*(#f!?y at *'a-tle an I th" Mayor'* "At-* wliii h. had it n*'t f>w*n for 'h* timely loUfffrrtorr of Mr. Wnori might have t*rmirtat*4, fw r?*n<<.-'n parla***-* iru regular " rough at*1 * tight, 1hi? affair o.r urre*1 pretty m ?? h aa 1? 4low< ? . iarly in f morning * -hip fr?#rn Antw*rp, **))**} th* Hd*?. hawta* on h<?ar?l '24'? (??? nitri, irHvn) ?t tl ta port. !h?- Mtn^uK' ?.f tkf li.? . >?i|f ? J*** nail to Lat>?l <h* pw-^enifwr* , pr"?*i!t*4 H tlw'ur ?*o ?!??? hi* i?* u?uai m th<?-** r?r*a, th#* ha rg* u?* OinnU ii"nfr* ?a? ?*nt out to envy th* pM^rwri to th* d*pnt Whit* Una wa? goin g on a hy aom* fllfWo or twenty mtifwi, ' am* al -no 1* th* ?it|i !?n "H permit obtain**) from th* r'>ri?i|a?w on ?om* fr>nrx r nrr^Um ?n4 in4?ir*?1 ar?wwr*l ?? f th* p*a> t>l>4?,n to i**av?- th* h#?ir* *4 th* t ^mm ? m n? r * in<| *me<t th? m ? . at pi*r It North rte*?r wh? ra th* ? w?-r* ?tUp? -**l * 4 at th?* ?*r i"?ia Ir nnHnj lv>n a** to w)iirii th* ronn*r? w#?r* atfnrh"1 "n l+mmlwr thin Nr K?o> r?"?ly irav* * rd' ra that r- rn f thr** pii^nyf it'i'iH t<? *n! ? thi' ?'aM*fi A^ofllng'ty whwn tb*r pr? ntwt tii*m iv**, th* ?*?iiork#^prr r* f i-? l to a liult tb*ni ' n* ^i?* a?ittM-r, h?rw*y*i hy ?/f?v n?*%n< ??* oih' f, inanag1**) ti> at>?i f?,r ' *r jT?tr< H* *a< rj?M*ti<,?nwt ?? t?. wh'*ih *r >.*h*1 an Uf.-i*?t tt >h* 'p't an*) ir? Uiit h# hf! rj'.t t'Ut nan h**n t rotiftiv a h"f* in thr ?%* %m r>f th* rtn ?? r- h* ?a^ r**|*ir# i#??! in a '|?i**t fftana*# to UmW" Hi ?' ' ? * r >n 7hl* ?h* fi(rar not In rllru*! ? f t y m a# hrt?k ? n<*nr?*r a* th* * ??mot %*u#n*f? >*-Jr?"?l ?n?l a ' "ffiinfiy th? **rTv ??? ??f ? w*r* ? nt?> r*?|uUiti*>ii ami th* j?*(u*t?ir*r f??r ' it?|y ?,J***t fh* r?i?ifi^r? wh? w. r? (- owUf.f ifc'it th" .&< *n, than*" ^ t^ ? t?rf * th- pn*?*'nfw? fnaino?tawt that fh* ' r fTii/ii- ??? n' r* int*n/1*w1 to rhtt him out f bii to u?j a*? J |*WMi? ;*?! h)m ?* f t/? th* May?r ? " # ? ? nr?t>, plaint Mr K'-nn'^ty T^* |<a*A*' if*f th *' lOf ? r*fail?M !?? th' Hty Ma J, <* t hy a r?orfi???'/ <4 th* rn?t **? ?*w tt.* Mayor ant hy m*ana of an n 'tffpfHff, th** wk? k t un t?4< r* hi H n *f tn th* n?*?riwhu* ' *tnm ?*r?n*'f K" n#?ty al??< ff Ji $* h ? ! af t?arat.'* ?f fh#? 54ay? r'? ??*# with ih# lai^nt^?n <<f I <J?rn?ft4fnr 4 ?tr*njfr f.r^f br r th*f^if|" * -A m? f arv rnf J#**/ * Mt *h*?r?r'Vn H- ir* jo 'h- f*-' ' ?t ra'? *r an nna*a?o?ahJ* n ?*rrnt th* r'su -- m *< * !r? a h f '> ?*?* *4 ** .**' *nt an! ? v, I o/ ? /litr?jr?*? f|^ trat#?l Ky t) ? < ' rnmi *' f >4 r ? 'km Offft, **? ihHr an t ? ?c* Mt ttmiuf Mr K*ft? ly -?* *r *tr U't+ ? . 1 t**0t'x to "*ntra'1s*t any thinff ? ? 1.94 t< 4 'h' 1?,r A'"t nmlrr*fj?w|jtf tl?' na? ? ' *h< /ui^f* af *?nat him Mr K*nnMy wh- MtflfM rata*? mo*l* * oir'-r in a p*iMk* H*', ??fca?j th' tlayor h* |iul any fn'h ?n <h* aikra^""* ' ' fh * ? h* aff*f?? ?? i* W. JJ kt*> ?n !? r4? tr *han a #M th?#t** who ?n^??t hy H- ?' ?Nr I " ' ' if ib* Mnf Hniffaft'* T>??? ?a? *M *?frul f'?t ti?* '*lif a l? 'h' *wi|4^ ? f Wm W?|. *'in i r ib'l W'l#* *IT' **t * n'"1 to tui iv b ? Km. h mmvay Vr K' nn^i n,?4* h; tM ?ml?rafti? Hr K?M^|y n^t ?fiahinf *h* h; * ? ? i #ff *f * ?U|? a/"*-* '?? m ? )ft w ' * v ?f -r? ??ii 1 \lrr*f? Ikt h*f^ th r^t tt n^**-*ry to 9y in*., a ? HMV' #??-?**? K'#.iv *y i# H? tlx ffithi# tf Uano ?} w** ui nc?t ir #rthy nf Ml#f Mf hrnn '* in-W'* ^ wfth ? <Wi<tMly \#? '?* j. u win h * i'** ??. t*? al. ?}?r^ar *n'*a cna^f ?Mh ra^ r<?h*4 </*??'''? *'*"*? tritH fl-'# ,n a thnt! n if KttH fr**wi ?fr .Irlaf Mr K?n y > y th Mayf, th?. f?U * ', htmarlf Uta^ft *#*? f . (f^a'a#4' li?-' In an '?'#r atvl ha4 tkfylf ?at, with th* *4 tli* n*r | ^ ?h* -mx' Mr v#*?l#r ?a ? <h*n ?*?t w*tii tika jnf^/rlonat* f-4* n | f*f 4*w?> to 'W U 'HlfVn f'* th* pi/jirw# ./ tlv ?h* ??ff -c* '?'hKh ?? vaa ?w*? u. j % m af'ti at! ?*?>*** paw n>/a? ? ?tk bl b|H t; 'h# r^nOiw M f ? *a^#*4 ik**. ? INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Arrival of thf Amcrifa'* and I nioa's Mafc. OUR LONDON AND MAORIO CORRESPONDENCE. A< Jr< Ac. TV Amrtira'n null* ?rri?r<t in thia city at U*t ?nrminjr Idir Ismitmi p,i|M-r? ?rf i.f thr 4th iimUmH Tin- Afiii'rt' in Mail Pt*Ahi*liip I ni<<n < .(pt*in AiUhm, ? rriviMl morning .--lie Ufl Njothampt'in lu firi ) on Die lot in-t lh? lar?e*t F 'mrlinh liar of buttl* ?hip ?ui Uitnrhetl thv iil*t ult. at I'orUmouth <U.< Wy mxl w%? riiriaUfttit )'\ II?t M:?jf 1 y the Hit* Mn tUu-tuiyh A iarff** ouniU'r at perM'iii it*#eml>U?l t?. - th<* launch. !? Alwling fr? in thf waj*. th? Marlborough, by Mini unei plained In Taint* "hung up," AUd gn*al fn?m w*ro ? ntertaincd that cioddf rublf rbtmain* wouM be I ?iu t? thf r* Uif* Howpyi r, at th?? midnight tld?* *hr wns by %hm united exertion* *if about 2,00(1 men, K??t otf iiul MTuntl in thf harbor. Ibe follow) pg Intetlipencc *an telegraphed from l^?n dt n to Liverpool, cm the ere of tin* tailing <>f the Am* ric m : ? pAMtic, Autfti/tt 8.? The xtwinjwrrlDrfM Abe* twit* ar rived here v ith thf mailt. She left the fleet on (hf nit., at Nnrgen. Nothing of import nnre haa taken plftct, | except thf i)PMtriirtion of hoiiic ron?t batterie* /it Kr>l|?a, t??i t prrj aratlon* arc be in,? made to make mo important Mom Unnov, Friday Kvpninf. ? The Hi?if f ?-li fund* "pca*d quietly, hut toward* thf middle of the day e*peHenen4 a Midden riae. A reaction then in, and the cloning ?|UotatioiiH were only one-eighth per rent above th??M? of yesterday. In the Htoek Fxrhang** thf rate fur gi>v eminent M*curUloa ha* riaen thref f>er rent. The afocJt of bullion in thf liank of Fn#Und mIiown h <I'"'i?mi of ?vM, 240 1 he corn crop in Portugal i Abundant and Urgt *m port a art- anticipated. i holer a lt?<> t?rol.*n ut at Oporto. in thf KnplUh H"'iow of Common*, on July Mat, Ha* following vote via* iturwij to hi Committee of ?up|4y i? ? r I rlti'l HUlm rluimuntii umirr tl>p ronvmtfaa of tlif :.<1 1 ("lit i: try, IHXI. Our T.Aiidoti forrraponilrnrr. I/www, l-rlilay, Auk 3, l#f>5. ParHamm/ l>rttu t I ? .t ('tour ? V" Crimrn Humeri <m4 ( imnlrr Human ? 7';,. H'ar in ,l?io ? K r?i yf ? <:??**+ ? An Italian Isgum ? A MW Isaiim- TV H'ur AMity? M'ltry rofe>? TV I 1 Hill Stala?Thr Timr, Jfitrttia nrnun, dr. f*m<fnn In f**t *ti?p' yitiif ??f th? finhiotuiMci, *)>? ar# flying to watering or to far-la, In nnlJripali<>a Of the QureuV ?i it to the Kmperor, for which prt-|iaraUotM on a ginml walaarep injf on, in t lo-ljtltig* riilng to mi nrbitnnt jnirea. *lhc I'm '1 1 turrit* ry Vlut'liill IHnaar enmm olT 1 11 th" Stli at llii" it . )i, am) In aaotfear fort night, anlcM mm (f"'?t !??! nt oecura In th- Kaat to mr r- ??ltHte ? ministerial gathering tl.. public will lta*v> t* truat t<> pt urate tciiKi aplilc d'-apateht* and to own ?orrfwpondatiU I' t ??<?*? from th? Ctlmn It ia lru? tti? l-reiirh government will putiliah the intelligence, and pet ha | a my lj/ri I'tinmuin luay |iif> in-trurtiima to Umt ? Hoot at th* War 'i?w, Thr 1* ?t accounta from tlir t'rimea are aatinfaftofV. Preparation. for Mirnn jn .it Mow inr atltl going on. and the rumor Rain* credence that ?n attorn pt will be Mil to force the entrance to the port The 1 rem-li art- witMa piatol shot of the Mnlakoll ami .-very attempt a' a a.ieHo la Immediately rapulaed The revolt of the lta?hl I la touka, whom 11 lutd endeavored hi org?nlr?. Into a regular body of cavalry, I. rath.-r aerioti It ia reported that Urataon haa b- - n murdered by ttiflm but lb* report r?-(iiir>-a confirmation From A.-ia w le?rn that Iiatnyt lua advancod on IiOU and that 1 uii?. ^ui-ntly tienrral MouravielT who * a a bt-*rig 1 ng H a r?, bad l>*>-n ? unipcll.-d to retire. The communicationa l?tto n Kara ami K riant urn have bean re f?tabli-b?l, an l the Sultan la aendlng rHnforcavniat Ihfrf, M do Th-venel, th'' nc? Kiroch Ambaatador to till Ottoman fori*, haa arrived el OtnalanUoople, an ) ha torn received with the uaual boautra. TW lhike of Now raatle bail dined with (ho Halloa ami had alarled f.w flat ' rlmea. 7"lie re|*.rt that fii'n^ral - nip on hat r??ifn><4 ia not IfuF UMr i'aaba lia l al?o t.. <Vmat?aM ?opl* to dMoan.t poriniaalon to Uka a m f aM|*? port In til'- war. It ?a? *aH that b? woul4 I* ?ont to AM* to tipjio <? MitaraTMl hot tb' rrporta o* tk* NtfMt an m ?a| f'H- that it Ia lapatikb to atato th'- r'al 'a>? Asotli'r doubtful irpart I-, that I<,rd Bgia w.ll rrplom txfd Htiatfoi'l aa Alboj?ador of higttn I at Conatontl ?flf, fbn Mat important ww? 1 ha*.- to . <itnmunicaU ta tl..- fbnnatii u of an Italian foraigv l<-gi.>n I it m th? tirat atrp tfc-aiiia' AiiiIma ^ir iaDi^ llflaia our aMo Mmlatar at 1'irln, baa t.> ? o 10 l/.n !? n for tba la.t month, and ri-turnH to hi,- p.,.t th- <tay t?-f..r? ya.Ui '?ay. Hta brothar, MaJ.?r llo?t n haa baaii appoint #d to tb<- |o?t if -iJt-'-nntrodrot Ornfral haro, at lb" War ')(&'?? ?if thia Brw Ifg i?, and (<>l<>?a4 I ..f t|ia lutar, d l? to It. Hat* I* a% Oprntaf at one- t r all th* ItalU'i raf I|?N Tliia |U)Ua Itftan ma/ bor./ma tbr awli-n- th. ad*an. ?! k ard, a? it wi?r?, <il Ilia limy, that will "0# day r?-?tora |ii<iafaa dMicwtn Italy. A .atria la playin* a htaardoua r,m, AuatrU baa ,| io o?0 ..H 'lonal tr.^.pa to Italy 7b?- lw?4<{ 'MTtora <1 tlw Ital.'aa ' . r- .gn '^loa ?ili bo So rata, in ar<1liii* A I'- ii h I'-fttm ? ? ?la>. l.i U form' d I m-l o<4 ay that a ia aor|.,a.|y alarmH -*io la n rw rikt<K*.if In* u, rmnj . n w r tiatl o? Tli? R-i - ana jourriala aial- tloit Ij.glanl and lr?n-? a rr ai- k of tba War Tt.- b??t naa.f m ?(,# alatMrv nt of tw. facta -- I m.ia Sa| - u . n 4tMn4> 7 v< OOQ.OQQ lr?ii'? rat-y '?n th> at t T>.- nail* n anb*< >la? bat iBilliAidi lad ?i|M tk' ?"-?arum?nt ? f > i.flaod fraatad tb ??f mllll' na atorhi f. nan for tl.? mn . purpo>a A ll.ort 't. "I'D t'-.k pla- >? U?*. 1. <bt in tl.a 'Van rrtona, will, h aa 1* rafara it <?*? ia!!/ to tha <|u?v> twn.f 1 antral. ai>d to tba (,'nltad taf may iatarawt yo'ir fa*!ar? Vr 'illaMi <al at>lia" n( l< r-i ralMMTat-.n ? Tfcar* wa? aa rtl !? In tl>? /.?<'? tha' ro ruing Km ring ltUrrmnm ??>? ' nlt?H -la>??. and ao Ia? aa I ,,, rrj la? t ? 4( i^-ara ? h? t " rrr i aa %? ri. a,r ? r I'. raiaW iii?ii tbatr for tlia- Brit b lofijn la-g.-n wbirb i? trary to tba U ? >,f t?.? f n 'ad I 1- ... ?( at tha. (OVornet'nt 111 tha f'nitaal ^tataa pat., r - ia..'^4 tba' th<-y w? aid not ?*k- [?rt w tb ? ttlx ? loik (f??'t.?# in t' ,? aa' i?ra,!tl r,( n ? t tl M up of Ku-ian pHvataa-f a nnr U" r- < ' ? -ja?, 'of t..o ||| ' I'll ai n,y | tf.. >, ? 1 1 a w* a th" f> - ' '>f tha . mtm a r t .? rjr only |> ? t' a' a . n A- , t,Mt I '?i i " i?k ?b"hat "t?a ??.' I ?i ? .- ia tba II aao ??) I.'?tt, at. a- .1 a ?? I ? ?' ' y Ian j't'aiil i-,tj.?! - I.J it that I . ? f.f tho (if< ma a" Ifth aa- la / j . at >? Kowtand. and .Ii '? |* ; - ?f 'j ?.f t ' ti " Aft. 1 th' bat t^' 1 4 'hair at ? what ? 'hrra at Ua f t (,?? nt " r.r * ti | ; 'a. - ?. to ? ? I/, raiaa % t-ial fti 1^. n fotd I'rtM-.' ? r-plUdH vi tj "t%i : ' 1 ? >--'.i a .bkiiatxa latlia I nit^i ? lu'r* 1*1 at >?? 'n? tioa'OaW' r- o'laf .a >i?t a ai. ar-al <???." \ at>1? at Itaiital by w i-h mm? j. - t.. ???"? 'ha.- tr.?, ahota^irr ..aait>> a /bt b m t ? ?<' t at paat .it ?fca| k.,4 *4 v? n..a .tn.ta WIU it. ?/.? WtlWy thr t a- tad OalM a a lai al.a"M>a 'w*iaa ' Uat ' antry yialaM hrr M. ? f?<?- tai .-tit '44ac 4aoi?.?. na. a-t . ???> ??? ah- aM t y p,*.,iHi.ty a Haa ha pot aa >0 I t UM ai ??f.<-a? of I ."-aw wbtch taa-t l?, uta I a-ar at Hall la a Naat baar , I att/Waa U.? ?rt. > ?0 tk? fta.'/ a!l l ?-?t '? Tl.a Nortb "tar a-iW'.| . ff ya.!./'l a; a't'-'O-oi. ?>wr Madrid I nrrtqiandtnra. Maaa.* JA IVA d4t Otraaa 0/ 'if 'V ? ?*. IA- AftanA A- '<a tiUt i Af H.i'K- frtim?T nmrat- Hffmmi y y /D'Hraai '1 W- -?? 'l'? ' *?"A I'rofrrlf ? l^atl ?j 'hi /'"/?/ ^M?iVi| fWart'iaai-i' y th, r -mm! JXr -/ Aiapewaaf /wr (A/ Yltr ^.imirl y 'A/ ' Vatfti-.i ^Aa ^ Tha' ort" ha*a aatp? tJkHr ta?? ? < tit 'ha |at ,baa? th' ati (atia< by thai), haaa r- ? >ad Uba royal aaa- . o TV law of rtjaai f'-rn a> -taaate i. a y*- ?y t"* that had/ anl aMb ^fVn ? tha pa-Kaw H"'" 1 I" *k? roaaj it - 01 apu ??-? It ^a'attly wti, -In Ufrri AfT. '.Naf ai l k? 4?t?. -pad hf tt and tho p?Mt" wealth Iwvaf pott*# a -'"ib that lataia^aa pt patty a" iiaala" ' ia tha baavla ay thr '?"HI aa4 roryarwtia*. ' awnataia 'b*4t a ? and %w??ara 1 ba ftatf part, tat /aa ?a/ aa; a- 'ba ta?J. >|? t t

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