Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1855 Page 2
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SUMMER RESORTS. QroQur. i *ivoqcv, August l!>, JS65. F L^ft at t^uogue ? Aquatic l/ivv ? radt ? ? Tht I Poetry of the Statute ? 4 Scent After Claude . I be Our life here, though apparently monotonous, in ? reality more dive-raided than that of the city. It is ftaiU of amusing and laughable incidents, which, al though trifles in themselves serve to keep us alive during the day. The baWts of the plaoe are these: ? Having break- I lasted it about 71 o'clock, we sit on the piazza, con vening with one another, or gazing at vacancy un til the carriagOH arrive to c arry us to the beach; and there we have a scene eminently amusing and cha nL^CVC 1 ^ y?U that onr ?*??? were onnvalled for picturesque absurdity; and you can indeed have but little idea of the ridiculous figure most of the bathers cut in their outlandish gaiments. The beach Blopes down quite gradually rroin the summits of some little sandhills, on which have been erected some rustic arbors, built of planks and covered with pine branches. The surf rarely except in the very high tides in spring, comes with' m fifteen or twenty yards of them. Those who do Tn! ISu ?' 8it and gazc on the spectacle below. On ffifff ?*^p8ruV?f ?ouav?. clad in red, dtthing boldly into the thickest of the sprav, even !If^?Uc nttIT14Hea at Inkermao, Wunged g ,on the ,0?- * nrther on, a party of nondc- I te^n^:'w.b<?,,,' pl;rhup1:uwe1.migbl Ht-V,? "lLe foreign ~?'?n, skirmishes with the waves in a manner jpute amusing, rushing frantically alter them as iney recede; but as noon ua the billows come in, in- I gloriously turaiug and beating an ignominious re weat. While others, here and there, each one on I us own hook, with the most perfect impunity, are I fccardingold "Knosegaeus'Mn his den, and, despite ?8 howlings and turnings, escape unharmed. ..J8 tne scene less amusing on the I sandhills under the arbors. The ladies gen- I walJv are seated on the rough boards that I nm from one extremity of the arbor to the other, while the gentlemen are stretched at full length on the sand, at the feet of the fair creatures to wbom it is their delight to pay such homage. There's poetiy for you .? In these interesting positions, they I ./ft ? Iutlltvs) ^Kuile their time by looli !Zn,ln h" u\?J hy conversation; and the gen iifhl Y ! hcs? resources fail, amuse them whes by covering the "petite" toes of their Jady lnends with sand? a proceeding which, doubt- I COiJ;!UCC8 K t0 *he happiness of both i?ar some two hours spent on the bench iu these vailed amusements, we return to the house ffininl* teV *ni,?fter 8Peud th? afternoon 5^, 7'.!, !V 1 aB t,ie ca8<' m?y be; then ? e 6 pttrt of thc whoIc day?the glorious evening. J * I mFnn tlun 's ,'ll8t 'nto 8ca ns wc come I far ?n in front of our houjM, tod w ? a,H ,i"Ke(1 with glowing beams. We had, the other night .one of tin* most gorgeous scenes I ever beheld, 'in the west the Zn'% t1a? was 8,0w,i 10 tiling to his ocean ^''i. overhead and all around evervthin" v,ng light' Tbe flcecy c!o,,lJ anted by the radiance, aud assumed so main varied oi ms and shapes, that it was as though some golden Jftuonima was passing before our view Xow yoS *>uld see some beaiSiful landscape, varied bv eo" ??ges, and trees und meads; now, some tronic.ul ???'$? ,lo,vl> h"f. the tall palm trees waving in ?e fen id breeze? and thc glowing sky only serv g^?reD^er illusion still strone-er. Hut iu the c^tthe scene w?s still more wonderful. There, all was dark and gloomy; the heavy black clouds ikv an/"n ''' >u tbc 'x 'iliancc of the opposing Ay, and all was stern aud grand there. It must have wen some such a scene as this that met the ira/e of Napoleon on tho heights of Borodino, whfuthe mn gleamed aud danced over the bavonets of bis legions, while opposite all was murky and grim; iSli! impulsive French cried, in frautic .hem," The sun ot Austerlitz,'' the Russians were as silsnt as the night. \or was this all; thc linger aDW nllr'tcd ?u thc doud of *ln*y arising tecomnM.T.i n"' l0nne^ *, gorgeous rakbow, an, I, ?oconiplete the scene, the lovely new moon rose iu tne^midst. and cast a soft, silver halo over iho ilerv ^Iden colois ol the clouds, aud thc two, blending and intermixing, gave a soft purple tinge t . the keavens- a tint that a painter might. hu\c longed H u J '!oel ra'fht have dreamed, mi h ?nghts zre but rare iu one's lifetime. The evening *o -isnd in various ways, generally wrndiug up with a merry dance. We i-'ite a great ?eai or poetry here, and chop sentiment by the ??^h.Vin? ?** cmi|o,,bjL hiH recitations l'r.,m 5 Iu : haH ac'l,,irc,J ,he rirname of Macduff', ?d the phrase, -Lay on, Macduff," is used a h'in Sr JiM.^ia ',lav' aU(1 ?n every possible occasion. ?5*o ''t(l? Iwys quarrel, and proceed to violent measures to reconcile their differences, even one xhonts out, " l.ay on, Macdnff ?" Does a gentlem mi snow symptoms of great voracity at dinner, h< is frequently admonished by the universal in, k',, Si? a uleJtoi'. ,he cikac in point? aud is Sir chapter. K ' un<1 80 0,1 to the e' '' of ^ ' don 4 Joiow whether I can write again or not, us wy watch every one so closely that It is almost ?possible to pro, ure pen and pajs-r without falling 2H? i, e J on ?' '?eing your correspoudent. fortune favors me, depend upon it. you slmli ^ forgotten by MErmsTornn.ts. tJRKFNPOHT, L. I. Orkknpobt, August IK, ls.V). Grr tntmrt at Cot, traded leith P?eudo Fh,hwna',le Watering Place,- Its Scenery, AnwemenU. md Sporting Facilities? Yachting, Concert* and Ball* rhr Hop at the Peconic ? Bel'ei of the Room, fr. The votaries of pleasure will seek in vain for the ?hrine of their fair goddess ut either Newport, t ape May or Saratoga. She repudiates thc artificial re Htrainte her pseudo disciples there would fain im pose upon her, and, revelling in the freedom which ie the essencc of her existence, erects her altar where ?atare reigns. Here, therefore, during the summed rendezvous, many of the UUe spirits of New Y ork and ?ther States; and tlicir eiyoymeuts are so diversified that each ami all find sources of pleasure. < : n(; abounds. Plover, qnail, ducks, woodcock, snipe, *c., afford ample employment to the amateur *port* ?en; in Gardiner's Bay, and near Plum Islam! jth vw'? w !AOrt H*U fr0,U ' irWI,P0rt)? ?'??, 111.1 Ch ,.J, Woe nsh ami sharks offer tempting and rare sport to WaltoiiaiiM. The two prominent hotels hcre-tlie Peconic and Wyandank? are tilled with guests, nud each , ,tri Mite parties for tlie pleasant sailing excursion- d .ily made in the bay. The yachts, .Julia, Restle-s, Wave tot ami Mystic, have composed part of the *qnadron placed at the comma ml of thc ladle* ?f both houses. Tlx- social enjoyments on terra Jlnna are varied and exciting. Many of the ,CXi^rt at ^Pins and at billiard-, ^eridlngpartiee are nunierews, the scenery ?f the ^ qu,t? Each evening we i ?COn,,?Tu.ut ^ Peconic, and scoue Dight tbe rreat ef the - hf hop,? c?ra?Loff here. Mes-rs. Ayree, Hoyt and Jones formed tbe fleor committee ?ad for music we had Kerns' hand. The programme of the dance*, inclu.led quadrilles, walt/es, Spwiish dances, jigs ,nj , Virginia reel! a,n,?8t impron,tu' tet not withstand ?XhitTi' arrangements were *? camplete that SSS ^V^T1 t^1mar the f^iT"/ ?f tbe eve Sreteln^u ?k,n*uJp Invidious dtatlnctlons. ^ i? reffr to the rvnosure ol' all Z W' "' J??. Proverbial for _ * ' /a,rt of her manners; thc queenly Mrs. hone a's tl^'i IT/. wtth the ?u?tronly Mrs. C--v, 1 1 intellect nni ? particular stars in tbe galaxy S^yi 'and & ^nWuJVk SARATOGA. Raratooa Spbixo*, Aug. 20, Ik,.',. tirmut Dr*?$ Ball at thf Unitfd Statu Until? A Probabtr Prolongation of thf 8ea?<m? ( 'roinltd NtuU of thr Hot rlt ? Thiong* of Viritrv SHU Arriving ? Xuddrn Dfath in thf fVooil*? Di'litt guithtd I'intrr*? Propofd Incrta* of H<*f> AreommoHuUtma, tfc. A grand drrmi hall in to be given at the Uniteil (Malm Hotel on the 24th of thin month. The follow ing gentleasfn are appointed to act m manager*:? Cel. A. O. Rice, F. L. Wad.W-l, John C. White. A. T. Rornley, Col. Hamilton , J.W. dcrard. J. I.. Paul, Dr. 0. ft. Bedford, Col. Jamea Monroe, Hon. Daniel Ultaaa, Bayard Van Reoawlaer, Col. H. Pienwii, Capt. <; ranger, 8. Alfonao, Hon. Jar. Bayard, Harry KcCaJJ, Jr., Cadwallader Ringgold, R. H. Rn?h. The liefcet* to r admission for ? gNsWaaym, 0r without ladies, arc to be five dollars. Dancing is to cui/iwencc at, 'J o'clock ? supper at 12 o'clock. The season here waxes to its prime. Notwith standing the multitudes which leave here each Mon day morning, crowds still arrive. Of positive, start ling news in this nook of pleasure, there is none. The constant excitement of daily intercourse among the wealthy, the fashionable, the distinguished and the gifted, seems to sati>fy the public craving. The community here is one hard to excite. Every one (saving and excepting ever youthful beauty) seem* fully posted up ? bluti? on all subjects but one, to wit, the arrival of the mail containing the papers from town. I ought, perhaps, to make another ex ception; before breakfast, the grand point seems to be, who shall be first to the spring. When there, the thirsty pilgrim is confronted with "a multitude which no man can nmnber.'' The other day the throng was found to bo so great that the dipping boys were unable to supply the necessities of the eager crowds which beset them, and Clark & White, the proprietors, with a liberality which does thmi credit, directed their employees to carry out the bottles of water which had been tilled for pale, so that none should go away disappointed. The colo nadc on such occasions is a perfect gallery of beau ty. Ladies, in all the freshness of morning toilet, with bloom on their cheeks and hope in their eyes, everywhere mcot the gratified -ight, and one never thinks of misfortune or even of disease in the midst of such a happy throng. From present indications, it would seem as if the season here would extend far into the month of September, as 1 am informed by the hotel proprie tors that they have orders for rooms ahead, which will keep them for a long time filled nearly to then capacity. The re-creation, or second birth of Con gress Hull, has given a stimulus to everything. Even the United States has improved (if possible,) upon itself. J am pained to mention a melancholy event which has recently occurred in this vicinity. A son of John R. Peters, Esq., (late Alderman of New York,) was, a few days since, up in the woods with some companions on a hunting and fishing party. In formation was at first received here that he had been taken suddenly sick. Yesterday morning, shocking as was the event, the body of the poor young man was brought to his father s house lifeless and cold. Death had overtaken him in the forest. 1 am told that he was a young man of unusual amiability aud promise. Peace be with his remains ! The stricken family ulone can fully appreciate the extent ot' the sorrow which has fallen upon tliein. We see, loitering about the grounds here .many fa miliar, and some distinguished faces. Among others, we yesterday observed the quiet mien of Charles O'Conor mingling with the crowd, with as much ab straction and unconcern us if lie was ulone in the open fields. Commodore Vanderbilt, Colonel Mon roe, ? Coventry Wuddell and others well iknown in the commercial, professional or political world, are also to be met with on every corner. Speaking chemically, for three months in the year Saratoga is but an extract of New York. The Broadway lounger or Wall street operator, all the while fiuds himself here surrounded ny familiar faces. Such has be?'n the unprecedented success of the hotels, that there are many rumors of new ones about to be erected on scales ot incredible magnifi cence. Thus, it is said, that Union Hall will be torn down, re-built, redoubled, aud re-beautified The old Pavilion Hotel is also to have another rising from its scattered ashes. Also, on the Clarke grounds, one or more on the European plan are talked of. Fottutuins, gardens, and parks are to be laid out, cottages to be built, aud general accommo dations of every sort to lie increased. We trust it may be ?o. It is certainly much need ed. The only limit to the number of visiters hero, is the exteut of the facilities lor lx>iug comfortable which can be afforded them. Saratoga mu^t be to this country what Bath is to England, or Baden Uadcn to the European continent. Sen ex. WHIT B SULl'HUH SPRINGS, VA. WniTE Sclphur Spbixos, I ? Jbkksbujkk Co., Va., Aug. 15, 185.'). ( ?Yeu< Properties <if the Springs? Recommendations to Politicians? Beauty of the Virginia Scenery ? Visiters of Sote? Belles, fyc., fyc. Your correspondents give ho meagre a coup d'aeil of this iuagniliccut locate that I am led to take up the jien for the lieuellt of such of your re.tders as arc alive to to all that is sublime and beautiful in ua ture, and can appreciate the flow of waters whieli have the two-fold tendency of cleansing both the body corporal and body spiritual, from all impurity and disease. That such are their properties un doubted evidence was given a few evenings since at one of the convivial a-wmblies which assist to make up the programme of " r arietes" when Prince John, of Lindenwald, led off the dance with the lady of Ex-President Tyler, thereby evincing a spirit of harmony it would well become the sons and daughters of our beloved Union to imitate. Thns, you perceive, the influences of politics are washed : away in the charity inspiring sulphurs of these springs. And we advise all disunionists and mis guided agitators, of every creed whatsoever, to jour ney hither, never ceasing to drink copiously until a healthy toue is given to their principles and their prejudices. Nothing can surpass the l?cauty or variety of the scenery of the mountains which environ our smiling valley, picturesquely adorned with whitened cot tages? many of which are urranged with considera ble architectural taste. The surrounding country offers every ]>o&sible inducement for admirers of na ture to indulge their love of pros]>cct. The walks arc lincly graded, and sequestered paths lead up to every mountain top where sunsliiue und cloud cast their " lights ami shadows" with bewitching inde cision as soon as the morning mists are dissipated. The uivut State Central Railroad advances rapidly towards completion, leaving at the present time but a .--ingle day of staging to this place. In another year it will open to pleasure or health-seeking tra vollct* a localityof rare combined advantages, which hns hitherto been considered unapproachable by the million. Already are its approximating influences shown by the unprecedented influx of visiters. 'Hie number of distinguished public men here is considerable. Beside an accomplished Virginia ex -President, and the vice-advocate of free soilisra before mentioned, wc liave Governor Manning, of Houth Carolina, to whose uuusnal intellectual endow ments are added it remarkable grace and urbanity of manner, aud who, though scarcely yet in the prime of life, po"sesscs all the requisites of future distinction; Colonel Pickens, of the same State, who stands high on the list of political actors; the Hon. Mr. Nelson, late Attorney-General, a distin guished son of Maryland; Colonel Merlck, Into Se nator ot tliat State; Hon. Mr. Lyon, of Alabama; Colonel Van Buren, who exhibits'! he credentials of bravery not accorded to every American warrior who fought in Mexico, Jtc., Ac." Tbcy are Iwt a tithe of the talent which seeks relaxation from mental toil, and renewed energy in the vivifying air and Water. Of the ladies who gladden our hearts with their cheering presence I will not trust myself to speak individually, when the taste of one is by no meaus the standard of ?pinion. All possess some bright Kieular attraction, and added grace is given leir loveliness by the adroit display of the pretty ankle as they speed with fairy lightness over the lawn at meal time, nnder escort of numerous gal lants (mo?tly son? of distinguished sires of Virginia and the Carolina*), whose fine countenances disclose the latent intellect which but awaits a proper op portunity for devdopencnt. Tlte fare is more than IMMiblc. and the proprietors of the Hpriags, if not always successful, make more than ordinary exer tion? for the comfort sad welfare of Ifa. ir guests. In a word, it Is a place full of attractions: ana while the fountain wells np its purifying element some of unr Northern fanatics would do well to test Its efficacy in restoring them to a healthful sense of their <lnty? not to a single state only, but to the wh"le Unioh. HAWIJJY gPHINUS, VA. (Ciore'-poli.leueoo! thr Richmond Kni|uir*r.) Bawlet Smikos, Va , Aug. 10, K">5. Sftntry of Hmnley? The Society There? Amwe metds, and Hotel Accommodations? The Deer //u/ii MrCo I am induced to write this from a suggestion that probably some of your numerous readers would be pleased to hear from this old mountain retreat, which was once so well patronised by tbs fathers of the gay and fashionable youth who now slight it. The loca tion of Haw ley springs is, indeed. In the mountains. We enjoy the shad* or the forest trees with their wide spreading broaches, and breathe nothing bat pure mountain air. so that one cannot help feeling very "?omfortable when bo thinka of the heat he endured before comtax here. Omr company numbers now something over one hundred, many of whom are from east of the Blue Ridge. Although not large, yet It is a very agreeable and pleasant company ; and the Bore so, probably, because of the limited variety of fashionable amusements here, for Rawley Bakes no pretension to fashion. Oar boat, and ? jolly one be Is, too, famishes us with good eating, dean and comfortabie 'rabbis, attended by good ser vants, brags oa hie Wfter nod hie liquors, and, mlir<?'g amiu,ea*Ilti tells anecdotes of hw own l0y.c,!?..0> *?*>< chate, (here teems to be a n't ; ^ ,hA* Z!?**', 1 ht" th? cry of a ^' .t !^0,mdK 0,1 of * <*eer ; on? uow iiV the spring which was shot not au hour since. The mountains Mem to be full of deer ; though the cop^nent high waters, have de o,r? l*ii J c uce8 'or wonting. To yon gentlemen, ?r X?Ur 'eUow plodders of the hot streets of the cities, I would nay, lay aside your labors and come to the mountains; bnt, at the same time, it is my honest duty to inform you, that if you wish or expect to see sights, you must come to the Rawley. SMITH VILLE, N. C. Buitbtillb, Brunswick Co., N. C., ) A ugnst 15, 1855. j The Grand Fancy Ball in SmUkoiUe? Letter from a Lady Guest- -Stars of the Evening- Histori (ul Character*? Comic Creation s of Modern Writers? Ensemble of the Ball? Advantages of SmithviUe as a Watering Place, You doubtless think I have forgotten my promise of writing soon, to give you an account of the say ings and doings of our gay little village; but if yoo knew the canse you would at once forgive me. We have all been so busy preparing for the fancy ball, and, after it was over, discussing it a hundred times a day, that I have not been able to find a mo ment to write, even to yon; but now that the excite ment has somewhat subsided, and that I can collcct my scattered senses, wake np your imagination while you rend my feeble description. Tlie ball took place on the evening of the 8th, being given by an esteemed citizen of ours at his own house. The time fixed for the arrival of the guests was 8} o'clock, but owing to the distance that many had to traverse? from England, France, Scotland, Turkey, and other regions as remote? the hour of nine arrived before the majority of them made their appearance. Being among the 'earliest, after making my obeisance to the fair hostess, I took a stand where I had an excellent opportunity of noticing the characters as they severally entered The first which I noticed was a sprightly Swiss girl, who-charmingly attired in blue bodice, trimmed with yellow, yellow skirt, and black stockings, and to whom the trying headdress of the peasant girl was exceedingly becoming-looked as if it required only the glimpse of a snow covered mountain to bring forth, in a gush of melody, the "Ranz des Vuches," which trembled on her lips. Dr. Peter Pnngloss, LLJ)., and A.S.S., with that politeness for which he is noted, by his agreeable manners, and with hospitality lighting up his vene rable countenance, made every one feel perfectly at their ease, and in his handsome black suit presented quite a contrast to the lovely French peasant girl, who, attired in gay skirt and crimson bodice, hung upon his arm, the impersonation of purity and inno cence. Tripping around in complete Turkish costume, her full trousers admirably retting off the smallest feet that ever brushed away the dew from a bank of violets, was to be seen Zuleika, "the light of the harem," her graceful movements and innocent gaiety so entrancing Mr. Samuel Slick that, forgetting him self in bis admiration, ho was so indiscreet as to wipe his face on his coat-tail? and that coat! oh, for the pen of a read y writer, to convey to you a faint idea of the looks of that immortal garment!? The material, bed tick; the waist above the shoulder a.?dithe ft" Sr,owinK "small by degrees and le*^ reaching t-> his heels; the trousers, ol the same stuff, at one end came in sight of his waiBtcoat, and at the other displayed l ull six inches Sni, ue socks, which were garnished with shoe* of the most ponderous description; a vest to <mi respond; three yards and a half of crimson neck bkr'b wlth CrT,!h? T Sle' a, hut twelve inches high, with a half inch rim. Imagine him, whom nature has not endowed with one grain of | spare flesh, in this costume, paiticularly when pptKtorn ? 1 iC i"/6' he u'lllatte,J at ''is partner's leettore-t himself; or, when gambolling along in the promenade, his coat tails fluttered gracel'ullv in the breeze full two yards in the rear. noMf in r?yal robes, white satin, purple vel vet and crmit re, her majesty Queen Elizabeth, close ly attended by that embodiment of gallantry, Sir Walter Raleigh, who having returned from El Dora do only the day tel'ore, display ed in the magnificence of his attire the richness of the treasures which he m?? ^ i ,lie Spaniards,'' and ul , he had been out of practice for two or three centuries. In the ease and skill with which he went ?{lnno?? v ? !,lffi( ,'lt measures, one would have thought him to have but jut-t graduated under tlie I lote-t master who could presume to instruct the ?lames and cavaliers of the court of his Htately mis nimIKUn!!!?,e$e dl.csa' oml moving with the a sqmrrel and the grace of a deer, could be seen a Gipsey Queen from Bohemia. ? There goes "U Fillc du Hugiment" Her white f . ; ^ hanging sleeves, displayed the beautiful waist. At her left side was seen a drum, lift!1 hayI "Not a dnim heard," for every "?aw? .Kl t,M5n* tap was audible, calling her numer ous followers to order. Her short striked petticoat gave to view two fleet which beggar all description and her epaulettes and the oraiments to her! STn displayed the regiment to which she belonged. America! oh, my country! wer't thou not titlv ret. resented by that majestic girl, who ?n plr f colored dresa . red .white and bPue, swept thiKh the mazes of the dance, waving above her head tiie trnn"8 a"" h"uncr, and causing the heart of ever,' trac American to bound with a wanner impulse' i Tu a Ioader> who would not follow ? Some kind spirit eome to my aid while I endeavor faintly to describe Sir Roger de Coverley. In full suit, of black, knee breeches, buckles, high-heeled shoes and costly lace ruffles, he looked, he spoke the courtly high bred gentleman of the olden timo' and that if we modems have gained In vivacity, we have certainly deteriorated in fi^r,ar ele*Hnro .of, motion, and which grace, alas I fear me, we shall never witness again, unless ' ' Rogfr will fHVor us Wjth his compauy at the next entertainment of thekiud. If (^.tainCiaVe,, I gelt could have seen the Duchess of Marlborough n? attired magnificently? she moved with graceful ca*c aiound the apartment, dlsi?n?lug evervwher! a winning smile, or an appropriate compliment? lie would never ''???**? to presumed to call her "old i ? 'pse her train was a sprightly Scotch pirl, ber clustenng ringlets barel> confined by a rieh blue snood, and who. from the golden wrest hawrina from her neck, could scarcely have been mistaken for other than what .he Js-tbe? By^S 'n "V*1. 0,|a*te manner, and decked nicsscngei , Amy Robsort, cxqui?itciv lieautiful Waited the coming of the faithless Leicester w io 2?lr 2?MnV thC WiIu4 ?t' the .till ral ? r villiiin \ arnev. she waited in vain, however n, ', L al,,?nce did not seem to dis i< ss Ikt niucli, for there was so much, and constant ""V !i*r "e,i ^an<1 ,,IC that she had not n, of melancholy. 1>0 I dream 7WOpC,\or i,m 1 ^i*cd with a Ilin V?' Winkle trance, and carried back manv veart to th!! "{tV^ridT ?*????? earts-i IF' S poor Iehabo<t's heart to -well within ilim U""T traverse*! then.-th<- bride of the Md n^m-llon?? who, however, was not present but n well supplied by the devofT lt, Mdick whS eS?lZ" v' deserted the ^.rca-rtlc Heatri.e. and laid his .tteii i..r. ami homage at the feet of thMit ? ,1 ? t ,r 1 >nt< h lieauty. The Stately lleatrlM h ,,, f," attired, would have ntade Mi-. Km,, i isl?.-?l head in |>erf( . t despair. Two jolly 'titrs "just "ff u r rnisr, danced t be saihu 's hni-?..i !l i t ion. and l.y the which thev garni -bed their diseoiir*. showed Thlt fhev mn-tliuve oBg l^en rovers ,,vh<; miifn. Brother .Jonathan was well represented hvl eoat, Ua'lU01 Klizabeth'a dignity by addZlg'tr^'i Qneen," and made himself oh,,o*io? t"tbe a if SS&1SS} is been annihiUted. for lie atepned' ?D we/ywS sH'S '? lowed by his dog., (whlcnd n^uCC;^;' h">* the handsome and Urtlv Vo?! aomnr ' ked " lf ???d never known ?sseiA Jsss^.. \ s? 'be cloodl of pan Ian Hop,,! Xk* Avm hw forehead, by a star which rivalled Venus in brit liaifcy, Rebecca, in fnll Jewish costume of .the most mag nificent- material, having no proud Tamplar to auuoy her, looked very happy, while her bright black eye* shed flashes of jetty light from under a turban of an exquisite fashion, that admirably Bet off her oriental beanty. 1 most not forget Martihal Ney, who, taciturn an usual, showed that he was a votary of Terpsichore as well as Mare. The "Lady -of the Lake'' gracefully danced the Highland Fling, while she was closely followed by Malcolm Graeme, who looked as if he had grown stouter since we last heard from him. You know my aversion to writing, bo having mentioned the principal characters, I must beg oft' lrom a description of the crowd of monks, nuns, flower girls, bloomers, bayaderes, queens, knighta, and peasants of eveiy land and ?l)me, who composed the festive throng? bat I cannot neglect Mr. Pick wick, who, in hu usual dress, and particularly the memorable gaiters, perambulated the rooms, getting out of every body's way with a bow, and smiling with charming afikbility to see every one looking so well and happy. The rooms were admirably arranged, the music delightful, and when at a late hour we separated all agreed that never had old Smithville seen such a time, and that we only wanted the presenco of our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. "Crowquill," to render onr enjoyment perfect. Although we have always enjoyed every advantage that a sea-bathing place can aflord in the way of amusement or health, we have hitherto lived so quietly, that our very exis tence has scarcely been known, even in our own State; but we hope, that when the fine hotel which is now nearly finished, shall have been com pleted, it will be the means of drawing to our shores many visiters who now pass us, to spend their sum mers further north, at places more expensive, but perhaps not more agreeable, than our dear old vil lage. We have no dread of yellow fever here, for it has tried but in vain two or three times to fix itself amongst us? our delightful sea breeze blows it right off, and as for cholera it has never yet found its way to this quarter, so we eat cucumbers, (when we can get them,) and any quantity of green apple dump lings with perfect impunity. Ruth Gleanbk. COTOOSA, OA. GRAND FANCY BALL AT COTOOSA ON THE 23d OF ACOUST. [l'rom the Montgomery Journal, Aug. 15. J This deligbtfal watering place, situated in the mountain region of Georgia, is now in full blast. We see that the different Southern States are repre sented?South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Missis sippi aed Louisiana; and from the character of the company, and the general arrangements, something magnificent is looked for on the 33d inst. The Georgia papers daily announce the arrivals. Many, we tee, are from the cities of Charleston, Savannah and Augusta, and arc tilling up fast? so all you who wish to pass a pleasant time, hie thee to the far famed Cotoosa. Eilwinl Everett on the Death of Abbott Laurtncc. (From the Boston Courier, Aug. 21.] Tlio meeting of the " citizcnt of Boston and vicinity, ami all persona desirous to consult together nnd deter mine upon a proper testimonial of their appreciation ol the distinguished character and sorvices of the Honorn blc Abbott I-awrcnce, and of thrir profound senile of I te rcavement at his lamented death/' which assembled in Kaneuil Hail, at noon, yesterday, was large and respecta ble. Among the distinguished men present we recognized Hon. Edward Everett, lion. R.C. Wintlnop, Hon.^ufus Choate, Hon. I'eleg Sprague, of the I nitod States District Court Hon. Nathan Anpleton, James W. 1 uige, Esq., linn. Samuel A. Eliot, lion. J. Thomas Stevenson, Hon. Nathan Hale, Hon. William /turgis Hon. ^nJam.n N.,1 \ er, Moses (irant, Esq., Frederick W. Lincoln, I-sq., rh o mas Motley, Esu., and many other leading merchants and gentlemen of L'oston and vicinity. The Mayor took the chair. HON. EDWARD BVERETT 8 SPEECH. Mr. Chairman and gentlemen? I have come a conside rable distance this morning (from Newport) at the re quest of the committee having charge of the arrange ments for this meeting, with scarce any preparation to address yon but what cousists in u most heartfelt parti cipation in the feeling which en I Is you together. 1 come to tell you that already, at a distance ftom home, the news ol Mr. 1-awrence'a dccease excites the same deep sv mpatliy as here. With ample opportunities to witness the great and exueitout qualities which made him so re ceded and valued a member of the community, acting with him confidentially on many important occasions, public and private, I need scarcely add that 1 have clicr -hed for him feeling* of the warmest personal regard, the fruit of a Iniendly intercourse commencing with my entrance upon life and continued, without a moment's interruption or chill, to the close of his. He was, sir, but <me or two yeai * my senior, and l should he wanting in comimn sensibility if. on this occasion, 1 did not asso ciate wilh that sorrowful regret which is common to us all the more solemn reflection, that, having walked side by ? ii'.e with him for forty years? having accompanied him to the lnlnk of the "narrow stream" which - divides that happy laud from ours'1? In a few yeurs only at most, in the courc of nature, tliut narrow stream will cea.-.e to ilivide us. It would be an unseasonable nnd superfluous, though a grateful ta-k, before this assembly? composed of the wiglibors, ihe associates, the fellow citizens of our de cent-od ft lend? to attempt minutely to relate his career or ueliueute his character. Vou are acquainted with thiinfrim personal observation, and they have already gone forth, on the wings or the press, to the four quar ters of tliC land. You have been accustomed to hold thi ni up and to speak of them as a most happy speci men of the life aud qualities which, without early advan tages over the rest of the community, are naturally pro duced by that quality of condition which prevails in New England and by th< se means of common school educa tji u, and the facilities which atiend a virtuous, ener getic and indnstrious young man upon his entrance on the world. Yon habitually point to bim as a bright ex ample of the highest social position, of commanding iu ttuenic over others, of overflowing abundance ol this wuild's good*, attained by the calm and steady exercise of home-bred virtues and practical qualities? by the enetgctlc and uno.-tcntatlous pursuit of an industrious career, which are the common birthright of the couutry, and Ibt greater his praise who, out of these familiar ele ment* of prosperity, was able to rear such a rare and noble fabric of success. Mr. lawrence, sir. as you well Lnow, I "-longed to that cla?s of merchants, who raise commerce far above the level ol the selfish pursuit of private gain, He contem plated it as a great calling of humanity, having high flu ties aud generous alms; one of the noblest developments of our modern civilization. I know these were his views. I had a conversation with him many years ago, which I shall never forget. 1 was to deliver an address before one of our local associations, and I went to him and a-ked him whiit I should say to the voung men. Tell tin m" said he, "that commerce is not a mercenary pursuit, but nn honorable calling. Tell them that the hand of <iod has spread out these mighty oceans, not to separate, but to unite the nations of me earth; that the winds that flU the sail aie the breath of Heaven; that the various climates of the earth, and their different products, are designed by Providence to be the founda tions of a mutually t?cnctieial Intercourse between dis tant regions."' Mr. lawrence was justly proud of the character of a Boston merchant, and that character suf fered nothing at his hands. His business life extended over two or three of those terrible convulsions which shake the pillars of the commercial world, but they dls tor bed in no degree the solid foundations of his pros perity. lie bulit upon the adamantine Imsls ofprobltv: lievond reproach, beyond suspicion. His life gave a lofty meaning to the familiar line, and you relt, in his presence ' "An honest man i? ihe noblest work of tiod.'' Far from being ashamed of bis humble beginnings he wa? proud of them, as the merchant princes of Florence, at the height of their power, and when they were giving H e law io Italy, preserved upon their palace the < ranc by which bale- ol merchandise acre raised to their attics. A voung gentleman told in* yesterday at Newport, that two or three months ago Mr. lawreuce took from his waistcoat and i xhibited in his presence a pair of blunt scissor*, which bad served hloi for daily use at tlie h'imblv commencement ol bis business life As for his personal integrity, Mr. Chairman, to which you alluded, I am persnaded that if the dome of the State House, whil h towers over his residence In Park street had been coined into a diamond and laid at hi? feet a? the bribe of a dishonest transaction, ho Would hare spurned It like the dust he fr-sl on. Ill- promise wa- a sacrament. Although In early life .brought up in a limited apheie and in the strictness of the old school, which prescribed a ?omcwhat rigid perseverence in one track, Mr. law rencewas not afraid of bold and novel projects; he ra ther liked them, lie was an early aud efficient friend of the two treat business conceptions ? creations I may call them? of bis day and generation. As much as any one man more tbauuiost, lie contributed to realize them, to the inappreciable benefit of the country. Wben he came forward Into lire, India cottons, of a coarser and flimsier t. xture than anything that ha ? ever been se?n la this country by nnv man under thirty-live yean of age. were sold in* this market at retail at a quarter of a tlolln a vanl Every attempt to manufacture abetter art -le was crushed by foreign competition, acting upon imper fect machinery, want of skill Incident to ? novel enter prise. and the r. luethn e of capital to ?.-ek uew an.' ov periiueutal investments. Mr. Isiwn nce frit that this was an unnatural .late of thliws lie lulleved lfoi>rlulant art* Could he sustain ed through the Hrat lifHeult i?>s that they would assured lv arosper. He believed the American I'nlon to be emi ? lie ntly calculated for n comprelienrive manufacturing system lie aw In un distant |<ersperli,re. the great j agricultural -taple of the South enjoying the advautage of a second anil that a home market, by being brought into connection with th? mechanical skill and the capital of the North. He <aw the vast benefit of multiply ing the pursuit* of a community, and thus giving play to the in t nife variety of native talent. He heard in advance the | Toice of a hundred streams now running to waste over barren rocks, hut ilestiw-d hen-after to be brought into accord with tin miisi. of tin water wheel and the power |,? ni IU- contemplated a home oonsumptiou ?t the far mers door, tor the product" Of his coiutieid, hi< ve getable garden, and his dairy. Thnse were the "lews and principle- which led Mr. Jackson, Mr. F. C loweil and Mr. Appleton and their associates, to labor for the establishment of the manufacture* of tl.e ("nited State* These surely were large and ge nerous views. At the time when lils own pursuita and interests were deeply engaged in commerce, entertaining the opinions I have so brieflv Indicated, he threw himself, with characteristic ardor. Into the new pursuit, and the conntry is largely indebted to Mr. lawrence for the noble result. We are noa, without any diminution of our ag riculture and navigation, but on the contrary, with a b? Increase of both, the second manufacturing country In the wa*M. The rising rity which bear* hi* nam*, od the beautiful banks of the Merrimack, will carry down to posterity no unworthy mem trial of his pnrtleiprtWB la 'Ni! vt&rV-est 'vrcpUen, or creation, to which I bad reference. was the railroad Hy?teui 0*J?? Mr Uw thi? %lf?x the .community '? largely ln-jMod to rence. With rf-peet to the Frst l tble kind in New England, the Worc^r lUilroad,1 not ipeak witli ?o much confidence (I mean rente'. connwtfcm with it) ?? my friend belnnJ'^ ,Hob. N.' Hale;) but with regard to the exten*ion )f road westward, I am able to spesk from my own luf'"ul1 ta "r. I-awrence wa? one of it. wrUwt and mort effi cient friends. It in twenty years ago this summer ain<e we had a most enthusiastic and successful meeting iu this hall iu furtherance of that Rreat enterprise. ? Mr lawrence contributed efficiently to get up tli. meeting and took a very active part in the mei.uves tiroDosed by it. it was my fortune to take some part in the proceedings. At the end ol my speech, for which he . , Lminhwt me valuable material* and suggestion*, he b?t tnme with that beaming smile which we all remem ' ir Brerett we sl.aU live to se? the bank, M rnner Mississippi connected with iron bands with of the p! . naHijed away too soon tor all but State rtreet." He ^ paweaiMja^ prophecy SSSKSSStSJ .ndebted for her present prospcri^. more Bhere is another -wurttj winch jibe ow ^ in. than to anything that Degm? ^ . . . y,. j4W. i uenees; 1 ha cause of 'n^Mcs all 'that he illii for rente wis al efficient friend. BeMd ,s an inai U) ne ncademles and schools o ^ aH constantly ATS,, -- Irtfej? - ? ::fa SKgrf JLsa xts^s.? accuracy of what I wiy on i thin n ? of thoae thai our collegiate neuiinaries, f , . for gciontillc ustltutlons, made but .nud^mte gwUUm ? ^ He education as a prepurut on for ^ lmUUtw determined, ns far as ^ible^to ^ und M. had feltbluisclftUe^antorsu^ilor wu lhc foWed that, as far a* h? WM * should not risiog generation ol hU young <- honor ttt tlrnt suffer the same 'LT^y0rsity at Cambridge, time, to be connected with ^ lime when I conferred with him on , thU Hubj' ? ^ tQ tbat of itH it first assumed distinct ?t systematic bi&ssfcw 3'ssMi" ivu* ?? ugriculturists, our engineers .<^7^ delates SSS'fe-S esDCc hilly rejoiced in bein? able to engage for his ntint effishi?ent the services of the greatest naturalist* of i the tlay? . . ^ ,,u:?r.4u #-?f thA scientific school* ?thin i kgss^ssss mmmm shTll abide till tlie Heavens themselves have departed as 'in: ttSKsiiaa ysaa?? pSSSSfeSS BteHfikEfg? tilSl?ii? wsmm &t ME m>Ld was ina.leup.hohad never yet told a lie, and he was not going to begta at . the -teSHrirSHSr',', "CsrSttuStSCto ~.??. u. ,.ri?r'y Wile%CntT"rt dut'yTa^ fel?n^tor) was is ?t all times Immense) was ably transacted. ' , host of travelling countrymen promoted. TlS public In England gramSt What V??* g SSSltS /ut^y on-r^ssors ; perba'p- I o.ght ^&smm sms InSSlSS? ""i'IS "."S? "'"'l'" a?.~j4 ;rK. iSS'i :.?K Srvss Ub'ucl'he was: so Wind, so noble, ,o I^telnan that Kits-'. the taith, thf hope ot tbe goeyel* Thi i ,1. . liWc this; other lip- and other ocea-cn will do it i^r widch triL,; k1i?ns? i intermedtath not olullons. and I ,J^S^SVTJAi ??? th? n adjourned. The T.ntr Sn spec ted Murder In Prince (JeorRf county, Mirflmid. sr awn Springs, N, Y., Aag. 20, Is". j. TO THE KDITOR OP THR OEBALP. In reference to the murder in Prince (Jeorge Coun ty, Mil., of which Tread an account in your paper of the 18th inst., please coiumunitatc to my cousinn in Maryland ar.d the generous public, who seem ap prehensive Uiat the body found murd'-rcd on the farm of Mr. Heal In wa* that of Mr. H. N. (Jnutt, late oi Michigan, must have been that of some other per son. I am, with respect, sir. Sampix N. Oastt. Krom the British Provinces. St. John papers to the 17th inst., and Sydney to the 11th inst. have been received. The St. John Court rr says:? The quantity of deals, battens and ends exported from this port toOreat Britain, including some small shipments of t<oarda and scantling, dming the hair year ending the 6th of July last, wan .iO .".297 ,000 feet, Showing a decrease aa compared with the export of the corresponding period of last year, which was 63/'0#,000 feet. We may mention, however, Unit some heavy shipments of deals have been made to Liverpool since the Mb of .luly last, by a leading fltm of this oity, which would make up ror the ap parent falling off on the half year oM -?n tlie >tli alt., as compared with 1864. The Morning Nftet of the 17th says: ? The Executive Council has been in j*s?Iou ai Fredericton daring the present week. No aocouut of their proceedings has aa yet been received. The appointment of the successor to Judge Street would, it was supposed, be one of the momentous questions npen which they would hare ta deliberate. Mr, Fisher, it is stated, will decline the ^appointment throngh Jnst and conscientious motives. The eleva tion or Mr. Ritchie seems probable; and in common with his numerous friends we regret the ?? to the government that the appointment (if it be mRde) muct necessarily occasion. The Sydney Nnet of the Uth i?y*:? Small mackerel have been very abundant in this harbor during the week. Three American schoon en pert of the time fishing off the Ballast wharf and Point Edward. Several have put in for wood and water (luring the week ; and a number fishing for cod and halibut , on Spanish River Bank. Nancy M. Hammer, ?r Graftna, Vt., * reckles* Kir! of thirteen, h*? b?Sn arrested for cauxiag the death or a little girl of am years, by Inducing her to partake of a ? which contained arsenic. She carried the rake to ?cboot, told Kome st the cbildren it was poisoned, induced other ? to partake of it, and while one died. ooe or two ntbers who taxied it hat barely survived. Naney neeon ta fare nothing about the affair or its eoase>|aea?e? to herself, and is a living apee liken ef yoothftl depravity. Later Prom Brwtl. We-have received files of journals from Itio Janti ro up to th?r 2d of July. The papers do set contain any news ol' general iu. terest. We tiud nothing concerning the Paraguay an question. That government had parehaHed tha Brazilian .steamer Union foe the transport of colon* lata. We subjoin the letter of our correspondent:? OUR BIO COKKBSPONDESCE. Bio Janeiro, July 3, IBM. Lou of the Brig Wait* till ? StaUmintof (Captain Syl renter- ? Outbreak of the Yellow Fectr on Board U. M. S. Spy?Lait Account i from the Amazon ? Tin Yellow Fever and Cholera at Betun ? Af fair of the Sea Witch? Tit* Difficulty between Brazil and Paraguay?A Regular Doughnut * Commercial Newt, 4"c-> tfC. Tlie fine ship Union, Captain Wiifey, will sail fo our city on Tuesday, the 3d, by whioh I forwar he novidadet of this part of the world, hoping that hey will be worthy to be published in your exten sively circulated H kr alp. The statement of Captain N. Sylvester of the lowi of his brig Waltstill, whioh sailed from New York on the 34th of April for Bio Grande, is enclosed. C aptain S. and crew are in this city, and will leave soon for their homes in the States. The American captains in i>ort made up a handsome purse for Cap ain Sylvester, which was most thankfully received by that gentleman, as he had lost lus all. Yon will also lind enclosed a report of the outbreak of the yellow fever on H. M. S. Spy, while at Bahia, where the fever is now raging. The imprudent act of com* ing into this healthy port is severely censured, but tVom the prompt exertion of this government to pre vent the epidemic lie ing introduced amongst us by this vessel, it is believed that all danger will be averted. Some tour years since the fever took on* thousands in this city, and is One Pf tic greatest prospective fears that exist amooy us* Our last news from the Amazon speaks encou ragingly of the prospects of the steam navigating company of that river, and of the arrival of mors colonists; but the yellow fever is at Belem, in Para, and the cholera is making great ravages there also, and has attacked the troops in their quartet t. Capt. Lang, late of the American bark Overman, lias taken command of the Sea Witch, and will sail in a few days. Only ten of the old crew remain on board, and most of them arc in irons and will he li berated under proiiiire to do their duty. The m.itc Spencer, who is supposed to be the murderer of tin late captain, and Attempted to take his own life m he was about to be token to prison, has nearly re covered from the wound he Inflicted on his person. The examination of all that were on board of tin? Sea Witch has lieen completed, and tbe only one who has fallen under suspicion is Spencer, the mate, who will be sent home lor trial, as well as several o< the crew who arc in prison. 1 understand that they are waiting for the arrival of the Htore ship Belief, which will nave quick des patch after her arrival for the States. Seven of the Chinese colonists, some ilays sine- , out of the number of ten that were taken up by u planter in the interior, committed suicide at the same time. They dressed themselves in their be< clothes mul put all their money in their pockets, then went into the woods near their residence and hung themselves. It is said that they wre treated well and had shown no --igns of discontent ; but the other three state they thought they would go back t<i China. There is but little said about the affairs of Bra zil anil Paraguay, but most of the troop" have b?>ei/ sent, down to the coast on the borders of the Para guayan territory, und one of the ministers of this empire declared in the llouseof Dcpnties that no blood would be spilled before all peaceable diplo matic efforts shall have been exhausted; but Brazil is rictei mined to have what she has demanded. The United States brig Balnbridgc has sailed for Montevideo, and we have no gun m port U> salute our ting on the coming Fourth, but wo will fire a bottle of champagne in the office of the correspond ent of the New York Her alp, and run up a small flag of our great republic. Mrs. B., an American lady, has invited me to be present at her table on the Fourth, and will liave some doughnuts of the same kind our forefathers carried in their pocket* when they went out to fight for the liberties of one glorious country. I ueed not say I shall be there. We have a full complement or American shipping iu port. The captains who command them are fiiu fellows, and call forth many compliments from the ( bserving Brazilians. I have often heard those Hn.y who trade with our American captains that the* lire the best men that come to Kio, and have plenty ot mouev, and are willing to pay what is right fm all servWs rendered them. They aie, i? phort muntr fuono ravalero*. Yours in baste, P. H. S. Rio ok Janeiro, June 29, MU. Tbe brig VViiitstill, N. Sylvester, master, left Ne*? York on tho 24th April, and had a fine pin for seve ral days, nothing worthy of note transpiring, except arrying away slings of foreyard and bobstays, and gibbooiu jumpers, which were repaired without much trouble, until in latitude 27 south, when wt bad heavy weather, very squally, and uncommon had weft h, t arrying away mainsheets, mainboom, ami tearing mainsail; lmd'to set lower studding sail t< keep ?nip to the wind, weather still continuing bad At 8 A.M., on the 9th, found the ship making water, -ailed all hands to the pumps. On the 12tl mom moderate; fished mainboom and repaired th? mainsail, so as to set it; ship still reqntringbott pumps. On the 14th. at 11 P. M., sounded pump* and found three feet water in tbe hold ? itill ? heavy sea. On the 12th, in latitude 29 48 south, at 7 A. 31., tin; leak still gaining, I deemed it forth interest of all concerned to hear up for Rio tie J? neiro. As it was not prndent to approach the coast in thick weather, we continued on our course, tlx pumps continually at work nntU the 15th, all hand worn out, and one pump useless, and six feet watt in the hold: were obliged to take to the boat, beim in latitude -'t ::o south, and longitude 43 40 west and in fort) -eight hours lauded on 'Sua rite bar with nothing to rat but a little bread and water, an< much heat out? eight in number, seven of th< crew and one pa-senger. Wo were taken by th> authorities and sent over the mountains t< tiiis place. We were three days on the road with very little to cat. Al'COtST OF THl. Ot'TBKfcAX OF TH? YELLOW FtVKI ON ROAKP n. M. B. SPY. The disease appeared first in the person of Mr. .1 Olivey, Master's Assistant, who was seized ou th< night of 20th May, at Bahis, after he had pas?e< some time at a friend's house where the fever ha< occurred during the epidemic which was then prr vailing. This visit was made on the 12th Maj Hahia was left on the 22d, and the ship, after layini to for several day, was anchored at Pernarabneo oi the 30th. This was imprudent, to come into healthy port iu this manner. While at this place, a l>oat visited the shore twk* Ou the 3d of June the ship sailed for Bahie. lip t this time there had been four cases and one death viz.. that of Mr. Olivey, who died after an illness o six days and fourteen hours. Ou the night of tb 5th, when ncn.r the coast, about 150 miles north n Bflhia, two more cases occurred, when it was cor sidered necessary to recommend that the ship shout proceed at once to Rio dc Janeiro, where she arrive early this morning. Up to this date the total nuir l>er of rases appear to have l>een twenty-two, an the number of deatlts ten. The last case was addc i this morning, and the last death occurred yesterda* June 21 . 1*55. COFFKE STATEMENT. Tiie low price of coffee from our last advices i the United Htates, and high price here, with pro pects of a limited crop, is unfavorable to shipper and our fine ships in port will have slow dispatc from here, as freights are scarce aa4 but iitlle di> position to ship. Up to the first of thi month only twenty-five thousand bags of th new crop has arrived of this year, while la> year np to the 1st of July, there arrived in por from the coast and interior, of the new crop 80,0<i bags; but there exist of new and old '??reps In th> dty, at this date, mostly inferior qnalities, 110JMI lags, against *0,000 bags on tbe 1st of Julv, 1*6 The qualities of the new crop the* arrived this yes ore interior to the qualities of hurt year. Tbe shii ments during the last month (June) fans been ligf to the United States, as follow*:? Baltimore, 22, #07; New Orleans, 14415; Net York, 17.250; Philadelphia, 15,099? Total, 9d,?7 i ags. Prices per aroba, 4||400 a 4||600. Klour is mote plenty by heavy arrivals the pa month. fay about 44. 1*0 barrels, all told, exist i market:? 3,720 barrels Trieste, at :t6)|000 a 37 00 per bbl 4,400 do. Oallego, at :?6||000 do.; 2,500 do. New O leans, at 33|,0<>0 do.; 7,970 do. Baltimore, at 22 000 2?||000; 13,144 sacks Chili, at 22||000 a 2S'|00: 4< do. Lisbon, 32||500: 2.000 do. not dUehargfl. MAIS ITS. Pcrnambcco, July 7? In experts the entries < sugar are very trilling Indeed, and we now bold i the stores for sale about three eanmes whites an browns; the only purchases made this week ha* been for the United States, for browns l |900 2||O(i0 were paid, and for whits* fourth qnalit< 2 1| 400. Tbe ahlpmenta since oar last number ha* been 307 tons only, making the total siooa 1st N* v ember last 52,604 tons, oompriatng 2?,703 tor whites and 23,901 tone browns, against 45 Add tot to corresponding date last crop, oonsisting of 20> tons whites and 25 ,1*6 tons browns. The Phantot is taken np to load s cargo of sagar for the Unit' mates, but we are not aware of the correct lgn> she get* for freight

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