Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1855 Page 5
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,*?? OrkiM, SC. Clurlri Hotel, Ah. 1, 1**? 1? lb? Editors of the New York Courier:?! can J*t 'Peak aa favorably a* I could wish <jon':> ruing the **Hh of our city, for it In not to be concealed that yel ?* frver prevail* to a considerable extent among stran VJ? Mid those aot acclimated. The theatre* are all ?weed, business ia at a stand still, and the fashionable all taken wing lor Northern watering place*. I ??4 been felicitating myself upon the pleasures of a ??nth at Saratoga, but find the pressure of my own kartneo# ao great that I cannot consent to be absent for ? <ay. However, there m one conaolation ? we get the Water of the ftmpire Spring, at Saratoga, a* fresh and aparkUng a* when it ia firat bottled. By the way, apeak ?eg of Empire water, 1 Haw a recent eupy of the New Jerk Herald, in the reading room of this hotel, which aontained a lengthy advertisement of the Congress Spring, by Meeara. Clarke k White, kt which the virtues ef thai spring are extolled and lauded at the expense of al ether medicinal watera. Now, I Mesars. Editor*, as jeu probably know, travel a great di?l; during the eeaeon 1 have viaited all the Southern cities, and most of tke watering places, and 1 find that the general prefer ence ia manifested for the Empire water. You remember that at Saratoga the Congress Spring is adjoining one of the large hoteu, while the Empire Spring is three-quar Urt of a mile distant, and that the knowing ones go there to imbibe it, its vast superiority over the former feeing evident. The advertisement alluded to struck me M ridiculous, because only a few days previous I heard load complaints that Congress water arrives here in a vapid, (tale and valueless condition, while the Empire water is always fresh and effervescent as when first bot tled. The advertisement is injudicious on the part of Meeara. Clarke Jt White? highly Injudicious ? as in it they state that water arrives at the South, purporting to be from Congress Spring, under their mark, which is valueless, ana can only be detected by the druggists on epeaing it; yet I presume it was intended to counteract the odium incurred by the Congress water becoming ?tale; and by disclaiming any knowledgo of it, they en deavor to throw the censure upon some one else. This is a shrewd move; but it won't puss current. Asldefrotn an ethical point of view, it's a bad move; for the Empire water will alwaya have the preference. It possesses dis tinct properties which the Congress cannot claim. One ef these is that it is charged with iodine, rendering it valuable for consumptives, to whom Congress water is ftigbly pernicious. It also contaius a greater quantity of tarbonic acid, which accounts for its retaining its value so tench longer than the Congress water. A friend of miue iaDemarara, W. I., who drinks it during the entire year, eeincides with me in this opinion. * * * You will observe that our local papers draw largely Upon the columns of the Courier. Your satirical editor is voted a model of his kind. My next shall give you ?mme hitherto unpublished jottings of u tiiu to the IMe, and an alligator hunt. Ever faithful VMILA NCE. To the Ladld -Jiut Received, a Urge and ?piendid assortment of Shineal and colored straw trlm nangs, colored hats, ribbons, Bowers, and millinery ajeods, at WM. S. IRVINE'S, 112 Canal st. Madame Dt iuorcii'i Grand Opening of Fajl iad winter fashions, Saturday, September 1, No. 075 Broadway. ? Au extensive variety of new artistic and "le rant de.-igni for every article connected with ladies' and hildr' n s apparel. New design* f'.i idaia and bwjue t eaiet patterns, cut to fit the f'-nn. , Cloaki and Mantilla* mK . N, ntnia la now | iHitlng his recent importations of Paris cloaks and aaatUlas. embracing rich and elegant goods, together rtttoa large and splendid assortment of his own manufac ?M; black siik mantillas, lined ami wadded, from 91 60; lltfth talmas, from $2 60; cloth cloaks, firoia W 00. lJuyera rfll find it to their advantage to call and examine the deek, as it will be offered at the very lowest manufac ?ring pricea, at 80 and 82 Chambers street, three door* ha Broadway. Moflqnitoce ? J. mid C. Bei-rlnn, 001 Broad say, opposite Metropolitan Hotel, have on hand a full tH'ortment of Haakins' canopy and nets. They cau be dtachfcd to any kind of a bed, and the net 5s a > con ducted that it will lit closely by means of a rubber band, md they are a sure guarantee agaiust mosquitoes and nsccU. For Protection Agnlnet Noaqultorl and nil ??ect?. ? Sleep in pence, llsskins' patent improved port able canopy and net. combining beauty and cheapness, aitbout obstructing the circulation of air. It is con tinued ?o that it will lit any bedstead, and the net is so irranged that it will contract and expand by means of ebber braid, ho tjiat it will tit securely at all time*. It an be attached to any kind of a bedstead in the space of wo minutes and can be taken down in an equally short ?pace of time: yet while it affords the protection sought 1 is a beautiful and chaste ornament to the Ma W. fTKATTON, sole agent, 90 Chambers street. Let War Shake Europe? What la It to Dl!? i foreign fabrics should be denied us, homo Industry an supply the deficiency. Once the American man of aahion considered I'aris shirts unapproachable; now it ? not disputed that tho shirls made to order by GREEN, <o. 1 Astur House, equal in fit, style and needlework Jtiote of the I'ariit cheuiisivrs. The Place to Bny Your Shirt*, If You Want o get :i genuine article for as little money as you geae ally pay for slop work, is McLAI'tiHJ.IN'rt shirt and 'irnisbiug store, No. 20 2 (Jreeuwich street, corner of ?ha tubers. Carpettngf, Ac., Selling off at Greatly Re ?need prices, by Y 0 UNG & JAYNE, 43 '2 i'earl street, who rill shortly remove to 304 Broadway, corner of Franklin tret t, opposite Taylor's elegant saloon. Carpeting* for Fall Trade, 1H55.? Smith Ai ' jOUNMJEKKY, 4f>6 Broadway, near Grand street, have u?t received, per la e arrivals, several large invoices of legant velvet tapestry and Brussels carpeting, which hey are now olfering, together with a Urge it ad select lock of all other goods connected with the carpet trade, it great inducements. Wile Rachel Arrived !? The Steamer Pacific jo brought a splendid assortment of Royal Velvet and apestry Carpets, with ltugs to match, imported ex m-t fly for city trade. To be opened in a few days at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, No. M Bowery. To thoae who Study Economy, Combined ?itb elegance, convenience and utility, the subscribers 9> r their portable dressing cases, as the most complete i f the kind ever manufactured. A. A J. tiAUNDKKd, <C. 7 Astor House and 387 Hroadway . Comb Factory-? l<adle* are lUigwcthlly BVited to examine a large variety of tortoise shell dress iotebs, at the subscribers' store, 387 Broadway, ' A. k J. SAUNDERS. I Fancy Cutlery .?A Large Variety of H porta. J sen's pen and pocket knives, of the most rare and beau iful patterns, can be seen at A. t J. SAUNDERS', No. 7 Utor Bouse and 387 Broadway. Itagcr'i Sewing Machine*? The highest Nine tr< m the most competent judge*. Tue editors of be SeientiBc American, who possess unequalled advan ce* for knowing everything usefui in the way of new Dveotiuns, in tbeir paper of Aug. 11. in their weekly 1st ?f patent claims, in a note appended to a claim of . M. Mnger for another improvement, remark as fol ?wa : ? " Mr. linger has beeouie a Nestor in the dis overy of sewing machine improvement*. Hardly a reek passes without the issae or one or more new patent* Mr bis inventions. His sewing machines have been reatly improved within the past year, until now they je in the highest degree perfect. Himself and partner lav* already made lsrge fortunes from the sale of these naehine*, and their business is rapidly increasing. We je glud of it. No one man ha* done so much toward the ?trodnction of them great labor saving machines as Mae M. finger. Ho ought to be well rewarded." To ?eh an enconium from auch a quarter we desire to add loUklng, except that our machines are exhibited and sold kt *?r offices in N*w York, Boston, Newark, UlnveravLll*, Ifchinicre, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and New Orleans. 1. M. SINGER fc 00., 33? Broadway. i Sewing Machine*? The public are hereby s .tif.n'd ?gain>t making, using, or miB| any "??wing aachines, having a rotary feed motion, or feeding wheel, inle?s licensed by us, as all such machines are infringe nents upon onr rights, See advertisement. NATHA ,'TEI. WHEEI.EB, No. 34.S Hroadway, O. B. lfJTTEK, No. 06 Broadway. Allaopp's India Pale, Bus &Co.'a India Pale Je.ln cask*, eight doien pint -{each and chodder cheese, in *?es one duren each, landing ex ?Devonshire," from xmdon, for sale by JOI1N DUNCAN k BONV, 406 Broad l+J Great Bargain* In China and Ola**, at the "hina Hall, 813 Broadway, above Eleventh street.? ine white utoue ware dining set* for only $15; chamber et?, ten pieces, for Ki; tumblers 8*. per down; 100 oren cups and saucers, only 4s. per dozen, (24 piece*.) J. K. KEIUl. Chevalier'* OtnOst'i Furnlahlng Wars .ouse, MO Hroadway, (number wrong in IHreetory.) lanofacttirei and dealer in everything appertaining to he dental profession. N. B.? Catalogues sod price cur ? nt furnished gratis. Wilkin'* Amlelct.? The Celebrated OculUt, h". Elliott's invention, presented to me *iU cure hald e**, preserT' and cleatise the hair. I'rice 30 cent*. Sdd ? HM.EMAN, CIAKK k CO., druggists generally, and f. WH-K1N, 44 Maiden lane < J i eat men have medals of renown To show their deeds in every town, Thus l.yon tx**u of wondrous pill ? I hat mire and rat* It aure will Kill; And powder too, for roach and (leas. Or any creeping insect you plfttse, WU1 be a "?OBer/' a* the Hoy* *a> ? L'*e yon's piUfl and pow. er; only tw<-nty five eenls a p*<k ge depot, VIA Bt'.u'tway tour in-'lali to Is: s<eu : buy 6 trafii from |sllar? i I.YOV on In'jelv I Hill'* Improved Inetantaneoua Hair Dye, inly tour shilling- a b x. black or blown soft ?,?i gtoa-y ?ecoat mended b> chemist*, doctors and editor* a the ?bat in u-e. "Sold or a; plie] at 1 Barclay ind 45* Naiiau Ireeu. I Hill, the Inimitable'* Hair Cnttlng, Curl g and Minmp' om ? Varl"rs Nn 1 Ba re U; street and t,'> ! assau street, sha * ing. ?i* eent ha>r \ie only I lillings per box, Ida' k "r bro ?n, 1 ? ?t in tb< wprl {. Whisker* or Mosul ar he* Forced to Crew in x weeks by my ??nguen' wbie'i ? ,!| n >' ?'* n or InJ - ? r* ? ?kin $1 a l.otMe. lat loim ??< ? ? i f ? mur U. tiKAlUM, !&? HtoMWav /o. >er tt *h T urd i set. Philadelphia. Br gg* .if (Hete st-e* Al iny. Katrbelnr** Hair Dye, Wig* and Tonprm i* bsMit ir tb* world Nine private wn.. l >r ?lqdyit,g a aniivalbd dye ffc-wirc ?>f lfilt*tl >n? t:.ey r??iiM In tlcule. The Is k ' ?.,? . ,d ' I ti:.> so. whols-s!' sr. : re ail. at BAT< HA')?K>, JM H ? 1 ? 1 New PiU??9|?le ?iiw ?initj-l?? Polaon. KauDB^ nrv* thD aocm whm .* the natural antidote to malaria, which will entirely protect en, ie<rtdent or traveller, even in tbo moat nielli; or twenty localities, from any ague or biMou* diaee*e whatever. It will instantly cheek tho ague in peraon* who have suffered for any length of time, from one day to twenty year*, m they need never have another chili, by continu ing it* use according to direction!. The patient at once begin* to recover appetite and *treugth, and oon tinuee until a permanent and radical care In effected. Furthermore, it* unvarying efficacy ia equalled only by it* lingular innocence, and to prove thia the following certificate from the moet celebrated chemist in the Uni ted State* i* attached to every bottle: ? N?w You, Jane 11, 1845. I have made a chemical examination of '-Rhode*' Fever and Ague Cure, " or "Antidote to Malaria," and have Meted it for arienic, mercury, quinine and (trychlne, but have not found a particle of either In it, nor have I found any substance in ita composition that would prove inju rious to the constitution. JAMIH R. CHILTON, M. D., Chemist. fome of the most remarkable care* made in New York have been of persona who have derived only temporary relief from the best of other remaghsa offered for sale; and 1 beg leave to suggest to ague suWPers that it ia safest to try the only harmless remedy first. JAM EH A. KHoLiKH, Providence, R. I. GEORGE H. BATES' wholesale ag-nt, 133 Water street, and for sale by C, li. Ring, C. V. CUckener A Co., F C. Well* * Co. Brooklyn. Mrs. M. Hayes, and druggists generally throughout the United States. Heckere' Farta* la Bestoratlve, Ntrcnstta faiog the digestive and absorbent vessels. In disordered bowela, even in diarrhoaa, dysentery, and cholera, Farina Spared uuder a judicious physician, is soothing, heal , and salutary. To be had of grocers and druggists; oleaale, of HKCKER * BROTHER, Croton Mills, ?M Cherry street, New York. Hernia*? Only Prize Medal Awarded to Marsh Jk Co., by the Industrial Exhibition of all Nations for their new patent radical cure truss. Reference* as to ita superiority: Profeesors Valentine Mott, Williard Parker, and John M. Carnochan. An extensive list of names of mercantile and other gentlemen cured by this trus* may be seen at MARWH k CO. '8. No. 2'? Maiden lane, New York, and MARSH, CORUBS A CO., No. S Wast Fourth strict, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. U. until OP. M. Cllrehagh'a Wlgi and Toupeea. with Ilia newly Invented skin narting. arc the wonder of all wig wearers who call in hundreds daily to examine them, at CIJRhJlt'UH'S establishment, ltJIi Fulton street, corner of Broadway, up stairs. Who will ?uflfcr, when Or. Ttysi' Cele brated Veuetian liniment will immediately^ure cholera, colic, dysentery, vomiting, rheumatism, swellings, cut*, burns, Ac T i>pot 80 Cortlandt street, New York, bold by all the druggist* and storekeepers. Dr. 8. 8. Fitch, Antdor of the ?lix Leetorei ' vil 9opgn|rnjio|^'l 714 Broadway, will bo ploa*e4 I % afford relet to thoso who havo been injured, or who have failed to be benefitted by the speciality of inhalation for diseases of tho lungs ?r throat. Open dally (.Sundays excepted.) from 9 to & o'clock. Treats consumption, asthma, diseases of the heart, and all chronic diseases of male* and female". Consultation free. Dr. S. S. Pitch i* always at home, and there is no person elsewhere, travailing or otherwise, in uny way connected with him, er authorized to hail from his office, or refer pat ion U to him. Tan, Plmplea, Freckle*, Saltrhenm, Ring worm, blotches, bites of mosquitoes, Ac., are positively cured by GOl'RAUD'S Italian medicated soap. Poudre subtile uproots hair from low foreheads or any part of the body. Rouge, lily white, hair dye and restorative, at the old depot, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. Brwaic of worthless receipts. Callender, 88 South Third street, Philadelphia: Bates, 129 Washington street, Bos ton; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn. Plmplea, Freckle* mid Tun ran be entirely removed from the skin by using ELI W. VONDEK SMITH'S Extract* of Hoses and Elder Flowers; one bottle will bo sufficient to convinee any one that it will remove pimples or freckles. For the hair, try the Persian hair,oll; it will make the hair as ?oft as satin. Sold only at th" Bowery drug store, No. 1&8, just above Broome street. llolloway'a Ointment la Invaluable for the core of bad lens, bad breasts, sores and wounds even ot' o0 yeart' standing; case* that have been long considered as [iast all euro readily yield to its wonderful efficiency. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, New York, and '244 Strand, I^mdon and by all druggists, at 25 cents, A2>3 cent*, and $1 per bottk*. Com* and Buniona Removed from the foet without pain, blood or danger, by I>r. I. CLUTE, office 386 Broadway, a few doors above White street, New York. Immediately after the operation the shoe* ?nay be worn, with comfort. Each corn extracted fifty ?ents. To Ntrvou SnJIferera? A kcthvd Clergy. nan, restored to health in a few days, after many {earn r?f gr?fti BOrvoan tn ftu?l<iun io uuitvc nown the mean* of cur*. Will and (free) the prescrip tion used. Direct to Rev. JOHN M. DAG VAl J., No. 59 falton street, Brooklyn. D'Camrron'a Recelpfa nre ao ndnptcd a a to render the preparation of the most desirable and effect ive cosmetic* known perfectly easy to every one, 'at a cost of one-eighth the store, price. For sale nt 212 Co lumbia street, Brooklyn. Price $1. With the view of refuting the aspersions of an unmanly rival. M. D'Carac ron will agree to submit his roceipts to the juilgment of competent and impartial judges, and should they say that they are not censidered collectively ami in view of the object contaminated, the be-.t that can lie olfered, he will refund every dollar he has received by the rale of them, and distribute 20,000 copies gratuitously iu the public places of the city. So well assured is he of the high estimation in which tlicy aro bald by the best ju'lge.s. tliat ho will agree to any reasonable test of their merit*. If they aro 'worthless,'' here is a chance to prove them so Healthy Scaaon ? Thia Haa Bern Rather an eccentric season from it< advent we liave had winter lin gering in the hp of -prlng and reclining upon the bottom of summer we hme beeu deluged with rain upon rain until the natuial world like Nlobe is all tear", and her weeping is fnot yet ceased This unseasonable and fickle apportionment of the weather gave rise to the hue and cry of sickness by the croakers, but we have had nothing but health to er.<wn very many other ble- sings for which we should >>e thankful and rejoice; many have been the conjectures respecting this continued le alth of our city, and the general opinion is that it is attributable to the free use of the health Inspiring cream und syrups and pure soda water, sold only at I V. RI'SHTON'S 417 Broadway, corner Canal street and at No. 10 Astor House, corner of Itarclay street. Kpldenilr no Loogir a Terror. ? Dr. Junra Met lintock's diarrhrra cordial, discovered and prescribed to over two hundred case* in a single day. with the hap piest effect*, by its author while a physician to the City cholera hospitals and prisous, Philadelphia, during tho <1 fj adful epidemic of 18.';2. Ill* hooping cough remedy ghes the most speedy relief to hooping cough, and I* per fectly harmles*, aud effects r*pM cures. Sold by A. CtVIIMAN A CO., 20& Broadway. For Fewer nml Agai .-DralUcr'? Pllla, $1. India cbolag"gU". $1 ..0 Washington elixir, Vic; tor ilrop *ey, gT vel, ftc., Wolfe's Schblam schnapps, $1 for rheumatism, Myr*' extract of rock rose <1 Ilyatt's life balsam, 76c., for suppression, obstruction, fo-.. Van Humbert's female monthly pills $1 , for eboler k morbus, diarrbo'a, Ac., Mrs. Kidder * cordial, 91; Mrs. Hayes' syrup, 50c. . and sun mixture 12 V and 5<)c. each, at Hi ION'S 127 Bowery. ?hiM. On Tliur?il8jreTcnin)f?Au(fiiil i't, tiy the Rev. Mr -In p herd, Mr. Jos. N. 1?: to Mint Huutirr N. Hue both of thi* city. tin Tbur?.lay evening, Aifuat '28, by the Hct D. I' Sanford, at the rtaUiwice of tb? bride'* father, 'if, iK<t H. Hawiim#, of Brooklyn, to Ml?? E. Ai>ct.r, daughter of Na than W. Kaeton, Kan-, of thii city. In Albany, on Wednesday. \ tiff tint. ti. by the Rev F Morrow, Mr T. Juri I iwi\ Wm/t, of thin city, to Jltvil, daughter ?f Mr. J. I>. Jone?, of Albany. At M?cele*fteld, ?u Sunday, July 15, Mr. Owwts < H ir.\ rtuw, aged tj, to Mr-- S^kau Oiikmmiw, age 1 'JR, of lie I dl?h. Hf thia union 'he bride beeamo th'- * ife of lu r own uncle, nirter in-law to her own motlier, ?l*ter in-law to bar aunt, aunt to her brother* and * later*, and Htepmo ther to her eou*in* and by another marriag" "li" bccaine the mother- in law of her own filter. DM. On Friday, Augu?t U, atqu.nterto o'clock. Kur.? 1,1k. youuK*i< daughter ol liar.. I nod M iris Todd ?i(ed t) month* and IS dMy?. Tl>e funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residence af tier parent*, Mo. 118 Fa*t fifteenth *triet. The friend" f Ihe family, th? member* of I'ba-nij fudge No, 15. A. I*. A.( !.al I. lilted state* l.odge No. M8. 1. <>. of O. F , arc re?i>ectIolly inflt ed to attend. < in Friday, A'tffUfct 34 nitant daughter of Al bert and Caroline*ter The relative* and ftiend* of tli'- tatullly *<? re?p-etful|y in'ited to attend the funeral. thU afternoon ?t four o'eloek, frcci .No. 01 Millet *tree?. On Friday Augu-t 24. Jjiwim inrani daughter of lohn 1 . It and Fliia Brown ag< I I and I month. The relaihe* ?nd fri'-nd* oi th faaiil/ are . "pecrfuliy Unite*) to attend the funeral, f> oto the residence of ber perent*. No, 19 Morton treet. Oil* bfler.'ionn at two o'clock, wi'hout further iavltaib'ti. Her remain* will tie taken to Terr* town for interiu?-it. On We ine day, Augtt't WtllH* Willi'* >0Utg< 'I ti>n of ??**<>. W. and Mary Jane Roger*, ajed 1 ye.if ?ui 3 mcnth* III* remauia w**?* interred in (i i ?(i?ort. (>u Hiurn ny, Aogu*t XI, F?v <(?, ?on oi Ilium.* M, and Ann-- Ctmtianghton ;ige.| 11 month* an- 1 ^1 lay.. The friend' and *e-(ualnt.'i*ir ?* of the family *r.- re queried to attend Hie funeral, thb aftermxn at tw> 0 clock from So. 14ft luting *treet tin iildnr, Aiiguat 44, lwnu< a '? elde t ??in ot Wil liam and iilitia Thompson weh'.!r< aged 1 rea and 9 month* The rrlailt** and frieu-l- <?f 'he tauuly nr^ re lly l?rl??l to attend the funeral from hi? late rcn'i' n< e Su 1W Ninth avemie at one o'el<>ek* tu rn orr w I rn ?ii. Hl? ternain- will tie ronreye 1 to '.reenw mcVirl.r iuteinn nt. <'n Tlitir?day, Vuiru-t jci, ( <nniti ife if i> t*?rd MtCarty, ngnt 45 year*. Her liiendo ure raqneated lo attend the funeral thi* afternoon, at two o'clock, fr<?i ber lat. mid' ue. , \u Hu'grr ?1inI. ? n Friday al*? r ii-in, AufiMt 14 \;,?kt K4T1 ?! IT Infvnt child >>f .lohl and Caih.-nn- Mr. nr .tr, .T.-I 1 \>ai ?nd vO day*. ft- f if'.fi' -b- family,,, >f* f.nylo.leMra tend her funeral, front No. 100 Anthony *tr??c, ttis *f tern'MMi, at two o'clock. On Friday morning, Angu^t 24, titer a sertre ami pro tractod illneea, TuomjJ) IUkihw, io the 66th year of hi* age. Ilia remain* will be Interred in tireonwood Cemetery. On Friday, Auiu*t '24, Kllkn Lflrau, only daughter of Joseph W. and Llian U. Harper, aged 1 year, 1 month and 23 day*. The r?l*|ive* and friend* are invited to attend the fu neral, thMafternoon, at three o'clock, from No. 14 Went Twenty-MWDd ttreet, near Fifth avenue. At Harlem, on Thnriolay, August 28, of consumption, Jkntt i*n!ve?, -wife of Charles Steven-t, in the '26th year of her ag?. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from the Reformed Dutch Church, at Harlem. On Thursday, August '23, Adouhii Buowkb, of the city of Brooklyn, aged 78 yayn. The friend* and relatlveH of tho family, those of hi* aon, John H. Brower, and of hi* sons-in-law, John Speir, Gil bert H. liudsay, and Henry W. Peckwell, are Invited to attend tho funeral, thin afternoon, at four o'clock pre cisely, from the Church of tho Holy Trinity, corner of Clinton street and Montague place, Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, on Friday morning, August 24, after a painful illneaa of six weeks, William Ct miikhhon, aged 24 years and 4 months. The friends and relatives of the family are respect fully requested to attend tho funeral, this afternoon, at halt' past two o'clock, from the residence of his father, No. 201 Sands street. On Friday morning, August 24, of consumption, at the residence ?f his brother-in-law, in Sing Sing, N, V., Jmu XUH y. Wttun, formerly merchant of San Fraaclseo. Cal. The relative* and friends of his family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his father-in-law, John B. Keyes, Ksij. , Franklin avenue, Kast Brooklyn, to-inoriDw afteri^pon, at two o'clock, without further notice. California papers please copy. On Thursday, August 23, ltuuin, daughter of Thomas William and Martha Boyd, aged 1 year and 7 month*. The funeral will take place from the residence of her parents, No. 172 Grand stroet, Williamsburg, to-morrow ufternoon; at two o'clock. At Greenport, 1.. I., on Thursday. August 23, after a short, but severe i Untax, MiRV, wife of Joseph Furrvll, iu tho 30tli year of her age. The friends of thu faudly are requested to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the South ferry, Brooklyn. Her remains will be Ukeu to Fl&tbash for interment. At Centreport, I,. I., on Thursday, August 2.1, Mrs. T. Alexander, wife ol James Alexander, much and deeply re gretted. At Selden, 1.. J., on Monday, August 20, Fioiuwot Cor hkij ?, infant child of S. 1). and Almira Hawkins, aged 1 year, 1 month and 11 days. At Harkness, Westchester county, on Friday, August 24, of fracture of the -kull, Tireoixjiu: Monday, son of liennls and Ann** Monday. The friends of the family, those of Daniel and Veil Mon day, and of James and Bernard During, are requested to attend the funeral, from the Hudsou River Ball road de pot. this morning, at half past ten o'clock, without fur llivr invitation. Boston papers please copy. At Fairmount, on Friday, August 24, Mrs. Mi RY A. Hi>I.T. Notice of the funeral in Sunday's Herald. In Liverpool, Nova Scotia, on Sunday, August 12, Stl Cobb, late of this city, oged 3D years. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY Dir. PERSONAL. H THORNTON WILL FIND A LETTER AT 1'IIE ? l'ost office. MRS. IDA WHITFIELD, lATET.Y AT NKW RO i-helle, will Hud u letter for her at the Broadway Post office. POST OKFIC'K NOTICED. POST OFFICE NOTICE.? TUE MAILS FOR EUROPE, via Southampton and Havre, per I'nlted State* weamer Cnion, will close at this ollige on Saturday, the 26th day of August, at 10U o'clock. A. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER, Postmaster. REL1IJIOIH VOTK EH. CATH01JC APOSTOLIC CIIIRCH, IN SIXTEENTH street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. Evang< list irvlces (which have hi -en impended of la'.e) will be resumed on Sunday evening, August 26, continued every Sunday evening, nt 7 o'clock. Preaching on -ubjects of interest to all Christian people. DTANK STREET METHODIST E. CHURCH, REV. L. II. King, pastor. ? Preaching to-morrow, 20th, at lu},' A. M., 3 P. M., and evening. Citizens and strangers are inrited. Seats free. F1VK ARTS. Fine arts.? wedding, visiting, at home and busines* cards engraved and printed in Mm M I fu?hionnbleastylc, atR. I.KUOKTt'H, 4 John street. Also, wedding envelopes, flno silver plated door and number plates, seal*, kc^.Jtc. Kkij.y? 11X1^' nuci: enokavkr and printkr, til Kulton atreet, New York ? llridal, invitation, addreaa, ami ?t home card*, wedding envelope*, laney atationery, Ac., bualneas card*, bill head*, bill* of ei change, note*, label*, Ac. For sale, or impr?"<Mi<>u-< fur niahixl from 100 *teel engraved plate* of AiMriua and foreign scenery, Ac. LKUAI. NimCK!*. POIJCK ? IN THK MATTKR OF JOHN S. MII.I.EK AM) Magdalen* I'clter*, charge nut'le by Harris Mark*, lor an alleged conapirncy. Mr. Miller, on hearing iliat a warrant wa? issued l>y .lu?lire Itavis.u re|>uired t<> the Jcfferaon Market Police Court, ami by reason of the Judge'a engagement, tin* matter ? a* a<ljourn<'<l over to the .'?Oth inotiiiit, on tlieii own recognisance*. We are a? *ured that the charge ia without foundation. Mr. Millar i* alway* to be found at hin reaidence, No. M White "t., in thi* city. THK TRADER. AflW ci. Am ( i, WHO has ( AHiif?) on the merchant tailoring in thi* citv for a number ot year.', ia open for an engagement in thla or auy other city or country town. Beat of reference* a* to ability. Address J. C. Nutmari. Boyd'a 1'ispatch Poat office, W[l linin atreet, near Wall. Brewer wanted.? a good miKwra, ok* who can come well recommended, will hear of a good altuation, with a good ualaiy, by addre-Mng U<>* -H4 My. racuae, N. Y. Brewery capable of 100 bbla per day. CIOOPKR* WANTKD? THRKK <>U Kol'R GOOD WORK t un a. Inquire at &U Kjrjt street. G\ AKDKNKK WANTKD ? A KDIKI HASH PRACTICAL T gardener, who thoroughly under*t?ada grape* mi <ter gla?* and in the open air, border, greenhou?e jlant* Ae. He will not lie require ! to attend to the gmituda or the vegetable gat den. III* r< li mm mut be undeniable. Place about twenty-flre miles fi.tu New Vork. Apply at 174 Httdrfon atrcet. To SI BVEYORK, OVtL KNOISKMM ANH MAP ITR li-her'. ? The underaigned, surveyor, leveUm and draughtsman, who la juat flniahfd with t h>- aunrer and draught of Herkboer county wiahe employment in th< ab' vc capacity can take topographical aurvey ofeoun tie* town*. Ac., alito trigonoim trical *urvey* of -ea coast, plana and *e?tlon* for railroadi, Ac. Addreia T. (lidding, Surveyor, Oratfcnbcrg. Herkimer count} , N. Y. Tinman ?a tinsmith, who pkri kiti y i sder Itivnda th<' proceaa of inaunfaeturiiig Iruit caniatera, may obtain a altuation at 'M Oold atreet. C'. <i. Kvcritt. mo I'RiN ruis. ? wan n:f) immkdiatki.y, a good 1 two third band in till' offiei ol the .Jt;ia'en Islander, Mapleton, K I. llo?t* leave South t >rry every hour; fare aii|icncc. TO CTTTEPS.?W ANTED, IV UN K '11 THK I.AIM1E-T cuatotn cst?bU?hjnent? in the country, an ciperi enced eutt' i to take tb? entire < barge of the cutting and manufacturing department. None neel apply but those who can gi?< rcf.-ren' a to character and c?p? billty, a? the propitclor wkeh< ? to tn- relieved 'if part of hi? ri "pon-ililUty . AiVlr.m Cluthimr through the 1'oat oflice, with ti?tne and a>l<lrei"?. rivo Fit 'II HH' AND fiTHI KS -A CARI'IMIiR Wl|<? 1 ha? been rn^ag'il in building for the la?t twenty years would like to get ?mue buflduw to au|ieriiit"nd either in lown or country. I? not afiaid of work him?< lf. ITi be ol clt^ rcferenc. Add re- - C tfi ;10 Ii< aid of fi. e. w ATtBtfAKKR WANTKD? TO <.<> ?0t ni A srVCLi: man good workman; none other ne d apply. BliAlNIJ'.Il A '.I fTKi V, lu ' n Undt -t. ?fl-ANin? A .I'll KM VM AS WATCH w vk": to Vt go a short dlatane.' in In n'ry one *h'. a i Ani' riian preferred; ? agi from t'j to *1'J a Wi?>; and he intiat tlbd 1ii? own t<? I- Apply 'o W. i.r""r>e. 11 Maiden lane, upataira. "llrAMf r?? A-V OPI.RATIVL BRiWUt HI Wfi.l, TT ref|uln- to be ? man of pri tical e*pc<" nci fogit larly nlurate^i in the trade, tuid po??ei-;ng * complete and entire knonlo .ge of brc?lng in ill ita liranebea Any one ?|'l''/iniC f"' '!?'? -Itnatiwi Will do ao in wrHleg ?taMng i|?alinaate>na, wlii n/a*?l gi\ i.'ig ? .ti.fiet'.ry t'.'MJi'.'h ?!? ?uji amount of salary eij, ted. A'ldreaa box .VI ft* Peat Oflice "ll'ANrFrv-rwo on murj. *ku.\k vuk: r. vt '-on. '.ot (he 'jfc*; workmen m-'d apply to # '--.-l A I ?u I'tn. <JHy Ptpre'- iitRct, New Maven. \IM\T>J>_Atl -1'iM ci 1TKR, T? ? (.0 TO A i-OITH f> em elty In i'iirc "f THOMAS I". Wll.J IAM-, V Ufci flruadway. ?fiTAXTU' ? \ mm a a* book mnto. ai* vt ply It 'mediately, at ?"7 Beekmun street p -> i r flr?t llo<ir. V T AMI It IMvCKDJATFl-Y ? TWO HR-i ::aTI 0*11- ' i 4ft .*< err*an|'.i.?. ?t r at !>?? Ik . Iway n ?' of fhian, j fANTKD? A ?1tAC*rU Al. < HI vt I - 1 IV A vtA'. lat arln? laboratory. %' wh understuniis the ? mis- niay h? >r "t a yd ?ituuil?in by app'ymif at e drug st> e IK CaU Broadway, corner of JeBei MM'aniM' ;mm>!ATi:i y? a riH-T ratk hi a? | sniitli. who uritler -tanda his heatn* *? well ari take 'barge ot a shop, and a first rate bora* h-xf ? h' an e<o>? wdl re rmn ??lel Vo ?.ib?rs n, i I ?1. In.,., ire HieWI M .iff owe Warren UiaLksJ ffPKciAi, mmcis. 4 oentoal imrnsii or the ctoctoiolders of J\_ the Butch**' Real Ertate Hide Association of the city o I New York, will be held it 'he ofttce of the associa tion, ?itoate on the corner of First avenue end Fifth street, la the (aid city, on Monday, the 10th 4ay of Sep tember next, at half-past 1 o'clock P. M., when a reeolu tion will be offered and voted upon for the dissolution of tbe Mid association. By order of the Trustees. S. P. PATTERSON, Prvaident. EDWARD 1', Secretory. UEOItGE W. CAMPBELL, Treasurer. New York, August JO, 1866. CARD OF THANKS.? AT A MKKTINC OF THE MEM bers of the -Kolian Olee Club of New York, held nn board of the (teamer Ocean Wave, upon hor return trip from Shrewsbury, on Thursday, August ~t, 1865, the H> lowing resolutions were uiienim msly adopted >? Resolved, That we, the members of the .Eolian Serena de?, do return our alncere and heartfelt thank i to the member! of the Neptune Club of New York, who are at present encamped on the bank * of the Shrewsbury river, but more particularly to their gentlemanly representa tives, on the occasion of uur lata visit, viz:? Mr. Edward Hyde, Mr. Henry Crippin, Mr. Charlea Hoffmire and Mr. Thomas Flender, for their kind and never-to-be forgotten treatment of us, and we hope some day to have it in our power to pay them off in the same coin. ttenolvi'd, That our thanks are likewise due to Giptiiin Haggerty, of the Ocean Wave, and Mr. Florence, andUst, though not least, to John, whois always around whi n ever there is good eating going on. ANDREW ST. JOHN. Clwirtnau. .Tavu W. Hour, Secretary. Edward bikpkij., #7 WALL street. attorney and councilor at law. notary public, ami late Purser t'. 8. navy, devotes his whole attention to rases coming before IJ. 8. Court of Claims, to the recovery of claims of all klmU against the U. 8., to procuring, buy ing and selling laid warrants, and in 3(1 hour* obtains I'. S. passports to travel in foreign countries. Notice, to owners of property in new York, Brooklyn or Williamsburg, or Staten Inland ? That! am prepared to excavate earth and rock, Ski., till sunken kits, docks, Ac., on the m?et reasonable terms. Satisfactory reference given, if required, that work will be done to satisfaction, Ac. All orders address ed to Contractor, at the grococy store, northeast corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty-fifth street, will bo puno taally attended to. Nonet: TO BUTCHERS.? THE ARTICLRBOF AORKE ment of the Hutch* re' Hide and Melting Associa tion, for tho year commencing the (lrst of September next, are now ready at their office, corner First avenue and Fifth street, for signatures. The butchers of the city of New York and vicinity are invited to join *he association. The election for trustees for the ensuing year will be held at tho above place on Tuesday, '.!8th Instant, at 4 o'clock P. M. Ity order of the hoard. JOHKPlf W. CLINCH. Secretary. PETERSVIU.E HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATE >N\? AT THK next regular meeting, on Monday ev< nlng August !4"th it 8 o'clock, at American Hall, corn< : of Broadway and Ui and street, a plan will be adopted for the distri bution of the lots, und other In'.portr.nt hmdnc-s brought, before the meeting. A lull and punctual attendance is desired. i'. A. POTTER, President. W. H. n?iTT, Secretary. TO 80lTHERNER->? DRINKERS td? O'NURKSS WA ter ? We are reliably informed that mineral water*, under the name of " Saratoga" water, and fait s, under the name cf ''Saratoga" -nits, jre extensively imposed upon the public in the Southern and Sonthwe <tern States, where persons buying th?se Article* desire and think they are purchasing Congress Water, fcc , whereas at Saratoga there are waters of all kinds, from Congress down to ditch water; and tho articles imposed lu this manner on the public are mostly artificial compounds, en tirely worthless, and oft> n dangerous to person* desiring the effect of Congress Water, the effect of them tieing en tirely different from that of the genuine Congress water, frequently prodaringgrlplngpains, vertigo. A' , sometimes resulting in serious |i?ruianent difficulties, bv weaken ing the digestive powers and destroying the tone of the stomach and bowels, often rendering a uiild e of dys pepsia Incurable? tho effect being in no wAe <Ufferent from that produced by saline cathartic* *>li ^ solvent in ordinary water, while Congress Water produce* neither griping nor injurious effect lu any case, however debili tated the patieut inny be, it being toni ? as well its cura tive fhef'ongre-s spring, as is *oll knows, is the spring which, during sixty-three years past, has built up the reputation ofr'aretoga, yet some have confounded the name of the spring with tha* of the place ? thus affording the opportunity for swindler* to foist worthies articles upon the public, on the strength of the reputation ob tained by the t'swigress spi ing in a long series of years. The injury thus Inflicted upon the public and our"elve< is double, for on taking thi -o spurious articles, and finding either no effect >r injurious effects from their u>e, they In future refu-o the genuine Congress Water, supposing that they have already tried it. It is not a sufficient guarantee 'tt its gemilncnej* that it is in Uittlcs and boxe- fn .u-tng our narues, as the ?>!?! bottb - and boxer are greedily bought up by counterfeiters for the purpose of tilling them with tlieij- valueless article and selling It a* Congress or Sura toga water; buy only ol those you can rely on ? longii -s W nter and none other ? a nit lie certain that the cork is branded, as is the coik of every tmttle of v niouc C?n > gre-- Water, vii: ? (<ngr**s Water ? C A. VV . " ? ll sltli out these word?, it is a valueli ?s >laiig< rous counterfeit. A? to the couipoumls call's! Saratoga powder- Saratoga salts, Ac., they are not only valueless but Injurious, not |ios?e? ing even the virtue- of the common eMIIti pow ders of the shop*. That it is im|iosaible to form Ooogrc-s Water artificially, we have the authority of the celebrated chemist, .-ir Humphrey l?nvy as follows: ? 'It is Uu|mm sible to recombiue the ingreilicnts so a< lo mske an .? rt i cle of equal ijuahly, the < fficts of shicl, will be tin ?sine as the nutoral water." On writii g us, we will -end you ll?t of prices, sizes and package .md hy ordering from ?s direct, enclosing draft tor the amount ordered, yon can have it safely forwarded to any part of the work!. We reiterate our caution, to genuine Congress Water only, of reliable per-onsrt?l>gto eiamine th let terfag of the cork brand. CMlthk* WHITE, Congress Spring, Saratoga Springs and 13 Thane- "treet, New York city. Tt) WEKTWARD SHIPPERS. ? TRANSIftRTATIt IN Office, llaltimore and Ohio Hailroad. Ilsitimore, August IW, 1M.V ? In con-e<)tience of great mlsrei reMn tations hating l>eon nuvle by intereatcj parties I f>eg to Inform the public that theslightolsitrunt! in on this road, at Kingwood Tunnel, i* now entirely removed; and that freight (as well as passeng- ra) Is now forwar'led lu >x>tb directions promptly nn sche?iule time. The contlnna tb>n of this ik?*|>atrh Is ensure<t by the building ot an at dltional road over the hill at Kin(j?o<?l, by which 'he use of the tunnel will be atocb-d, until its widening and arch ing is finished. Tliis new track is now In use. The busi ness community is confidently assured that their freight between the four great Atlantic cities and the West will lie transported bv this road, and it* connections in time at least as slmrt, at rates as low and with as much gineral ??atit.factlon as by any other route. Shippers at New York are reterred to our agent, H It ''KoMWKIJ., office of Hsltimorc steam-hips, corner of Washington md Allan; -t recta. H>Hn II IsiVt Master of !>ansportation. TMK Tt'RK. TTNIoN COl'RPE, 1. I TWirn.V*;.? ON MOVUAY, U Aiijc 27. at it}* o'clock, a iu?t<h for I ><J0, mil* heat*, brut three in fi*c, to wngtiai trrylug Wai Wb*l*a'? "light II. Woodruff n?n>?? r in. f.vljr Frank lilt , Win. Win- lan nam 4 "? m. Mill"r'# I h? ni *?-) HHAW * WIIITK, Proprietor*, To THE I i.VKRH AND HltTO IKRX <H~ K1 NK <T<?M - Th?* clrbratml thorough br?-<l ?**Uii<n Will Irnlmiaa will Hand lor a limitud number of ii>ai' < th? ? ii' .mg wa ?on, at the it'd Hon?o MtaMi at ffk# lha wav.n. All money* to b? naiil bcloro twrrinf lb* ui*ra. Ail aoal deiita at the rlak of Ui" "fieri miU.lAM A. RROWW, PrrprMr*. THK K1HKMKV 1.1IIIK DM'.Wff MI NT? Till i.KI AT ? ? \ I HI :|N., "I J lir*nvn The A ir- I j?i? r? ?n? n t < ? in rn 1 1 III in< t a' 'h* ( r ||?u on ."atnrdaj' ?\mii>r, Aug. ?< " o>b?-k, m brbalf of ? ha r leu I'bi C?? 1?< n< ttt to take |U ? ? ."?Jit. 3. it >3. RKWAHiM. -'/V I.KWAKK ~U?-I ON WH.NWI.AY fldll T, at lOoVbwk, M?fO I tii- n ?? uare, *l"lith afreet and l iftb avenue ? rreec i Kofii-li (hi. ket book. containing 'hr owner ? addrem on- fit*) >>l II on tlir Iwli of Amrrim, I tM iml t*<) 110 a Mil ltan>i>i< <lr A No. TJt) MMfrinri, and a n .te 'if the Itan of I ngland. f<th .fnljr 1*M, CJ? Th" two la-t ar? rut In two Tlia Under on returning it to H., 2OT Fifth innur ?hall rtceiv th" ?bovem#ntloned reaard. Q}6)r VIWAItK? M>-T, ON WH.NV>|iaY MTM*. noon on hoard the tenmboal Thorn*" Hunt, foot of KoWoaon ?trewt. <>r in going thenrt through ?iin?n wirh ctr""t to toot of Charlton ??reet. a ftaonnait Hi* tin<li>r will rerelre the above reward bj r< turning it and ront'-nt* to UH Ifudnon atrmt. I I W N >|V>M illl I'lM VIJPiH of rear houae |fi& Kant Twanljr f' irth ?trr?t tiii- nifn* of ih> PA or Xilh lint. ot>f h?a ij gold lira' a |< t. ma4<' it{> in ?cftlt-Mkti link* vnr ?V>. ir<a^? ot hr ?n hair, with <r' l I rla p?: ow pair of I u gold rarrmf* "n?' K+atMBan ? diamo?'l br*a?tpln ?l?h ?rnall Tb? it ar?>! rn xll* at'a' ><*?! <>n* ladj - bioaitpin. f'fM-iIn pain'in# with lUurt>r*> of our <<aviour on it kwt in ImmM, on" ?runli do., all yol'l on* patr <,f aUiB void ?Jjirt * iri . but* tf iii *B In'f'kt fold rn? with i yj i r,f on. -Mlh all arnund m?4? uji of ?a'.V.w and ark rM f'lWM A* aVn'l rr Wiru will I* jmi-l for ih? rrci<wj ol tii |>rovrty, an ! no >|ur?tl</iia aikrd. I'awn broVrr* ar? whrn<"l mauut r< reiving a nr of tlir aV?>? aiti < ? Aj>i>l) at IU Kaat I??nlj t< ur\h ?tr<?-t (JhQ/\ Kr-WARD.? fffOMN I.A-T HTMN'; fHoil / T1 l^taj-Htr- aimnf llr "iklyn a lar| iliiantlty of ?? i ring apftarfi fin' lin<n?. ta'-"#, tv lu oat of whlefc in markr i Ma rj Narr? a Inn if tnonoy, ron1airi?i in a ptrtlMMit u a'kr l Marjr t ml n i inrini Mbw taln?hi?? Th? ahori reward will p* 1 on 'In a| ii'?h?n? on of th< thirl withanj. of th* *r'.i'S<-? hy appljlrif a. abo*?. MWT A?D rOlRD. ]T*? >t NT? ON M<*!fT>AY JiTI! Alf.l-I HIT* J J"'. I ?'??'I. ~l? l?tli .tr?'l? llgt.i', tMu? . portriaonnata TV?- ownwr ran 1??t? th? ?arn? ? iA? 'Tiu^ i.r?.j,?rty ->n : c^Jflnf < Apptjr l?iiifigTui'l l'i P M at Mr W Itarbrr ?, 9M Want Tarnth ? Iftitb ?t Ti>*T~A \ 'irrju fll^-MX WHAHI-n. IN A WlHI>. j haodk<- rhi?f *M Wt Ml W?r4 ? Hunll>.n imi i' ?rrrj boat. TV* fi?Wr will ba >uita 1/ rwaardad hj >mr j ttif it at TS h 'ArtflM, rornwr if (M ?l<(i IitfT <m -TOIA2* ? A HANK Hnr?K r?y TIO VA' I j hatter* f n*tH<nf i<f> \ ? t*f \* k ? ? rntij ?' !? hi? ihrt %\r** trill It | w ?> * ? r |1 f , ?, >. I HBUP WAITED. 4 r>W MEN WANTED? TO dmaos in a lhmt indoor business, vbut p.jyn #2 to M a lay nroRt; a ?-apital of 1 2 to $lo required. Apply, between 9 mad 3 o'clock, at 6 Catherine it, room 0, ap atai m. Aoenw wantei>? in every static, w max ?beet anil pocaet map* of the moat popular and uee haracter. Letter* or inquiry anewerad by return mail. Catalogue and specimen opws ?vut t'rae t<> the trad*. AgenW are mating from 16 to 110 a day. Addresa A. II. Jocelyn, 60 Fulton it, S. Y. Newspaper* copying thin wiU reoeiv* a copy grati*. BOOKHKICPINO? A HITTATION WAVTItD 1Y A IA dy, who la an excellent rhirographiat, and thorough iy understand* bookkeeping in all ita br?neh?x, either liy doubt* or "in*!* entry , and cau furniah the beat ralmn can of itn tiding. Ac. s"fce prefers a wbolnaal* or commia aion house. which will re<|uir? eicluaive attention to th* book*. Addrea* M. K. C., Herald oflle*. Boy wanted? to i .earn tub a'srarnoKKRY , one who ha* worked at the baking preferred. Ap ply at Clark'* saloon, 836 Broadway, corner of 13th ?t. Boy wanted? at bcrgek" photographic room*, 293 Hr?xi da ay, up stair*. Apply betweeo 0 and 10 o'clook A. M. BOYS ? SFVKHAI. BOYH WHO IJ1ARM DoIJIk'AK'S bimiucw band writing. 60tt Broadway, may obtain good Mtuntlon* in irtore* and oOcci1. Home got f.'l per week before completing their lemons, Young men by learning bookkeeping may double their 'ak'ries. Apply thin day. CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER? WANTED, A PRO teataut chambermaid and waiter, in a small uunily in the country, neur the city, none but a competent and faithful person need apply at 42 Whit* ?t., on Saturday anil Monday, from 0 to 12 o'clock A. M. Wago* 6*i. C1I.OAK MAKERS WAN! 1J> IMMEDIATELY? AI't'I.Y ) to Molyneux Bell, .'>8 Canal street. DRUG (T>:i!K WANTED? A YOrNCi MAN, WEI J. AC <1 ualnted with the retail drug .aid prescription business. Addrc**, with real nau.t and rcfercncoe. E. (>., Herald office. DAdl ERRBOTYI'E OPERATOR WANTED? TO TAKE an interest in ;i aell established gailerv, in Ft. I.mii-e To one who thoroughly understand* Uie busine?s. thin in a rar? opportunity. No money required. Apply j to .S. I). liiitupliy, "?4?1 Broadway. I Gt oYEHN'VXrf WANTKIV? A YOCNO LADY, CAI'ADI.K f of lunching mu*ic, French and drawing. in a prl vftte family, a short diatun'e in the country Inquire at 21KI Broadway, room* .13 and '12, botwoen II and 12 o 'clock. Gt mi. WANTED ? FOR t.ENERAl. HOCKEWf >BK A f good washer and Iron. r. Murt hiivc k^khI reference for cnpaliiUty, .Ve. Call it tH l.exington a\'>nu", t: ve doom above 27th it. IIQUOB SAI.ESMKN.? A HARRIED MAN BEMUHNO j In thin city, and having i run of rn?h imd ehort credit city and country ?u?tom"r?, in*y bear of n altua tion by addreit*ing, with real nau.e, and giving r ty .? fe rem-e-, bo\ 4,ft41 roat t>lMre. MU.IINEU WAKTKD-A IHI.IJNKR CAPAB1? or taking charge of a tln>t rLiM intlllnxry bu?inew in a laigi- town in Mamaeliusetta, Hitl factory reference* inquired. Apply at Hli~ -> k Kellogg'^ aw Hi<iudway fr'in U to 11 o'clock A. M., on Friday and He turdny. Mll l lSKJlS.? WAS ITD IMMI'.ld.VTEi Y, V?tl R (Hrfu, bonnet tnQllnerx, an eiperienc.<d trimmer, ind two tu>? inakern. (iocmI wage* ind steady employment given to competent band-. Apply at Osteon'", 37L' Bread way. MIJJ.INKR WANTED? A l(?S COMIETKNT TO take charge .,f ? ?miil) i>?Uibi.Khim nt. in Jeraey * ity none hut a tirot rate Ua'.ud ?? <?<( apply to au<"h the utiiaUon may I*1 permanent. Reference requirad. \p ply at 267 '.rov* itr*et, Jcr?cy City, n< it door to Dr. jacoha' dl ug store. MIIJJNEHY ? WANTS), A UU)Y IS A KlflXT claai millinery one ' li ? brM accu?tomed u> the lient of*ork, a good tiimmer, and who wuuld b?' wll liug to a??l?t in taking ehaig# of a workroom ?hen ne ce?-ary to one that l? . ompetent to 61! *uch a ajtuution ifo<-l ?<je? and employment th" year round glvtn ? l idy n>at ban lieen aecuntomed to buaineaa profrrre.1, Apply ?I .Mr. Jagulo V 71 Montgomery ctreel, .Irrnej < ty. -\| IIJ.INEKS WANTKO ? A PRAtTICAI, JIU IJS'ER, ^vA. ca|>abl? lo take . harge of the *ale?rootn of a 6r?t cia" e^talill-liment In I'etrult, aUo a ttrm rate trimmer, ran tind good and permaneut ituation* by appiyiug ! ? En odman .V Hro, 00 William ?t . , between 12 and I ?> '< ieck. ON A E ARM . ? W A N TET>, A RJCH1'W"TA111> MHiM.v ag' <1 woman, (American pn tered who i* enpal.le of taking charge of a ?!?? (ling on I< njf laL-\n<t ?tie mn?t b*' a got ?1 ?ook and uuderxtand ilalry work, and the management of poultry. To ?u?-b a go.Kl h> me * .1J furtilidled and lau wage, paid. Apply tvitur lay or M' n ?lay, at the of th Weiteh>?t*r II'ju?. o>mi oi Bow< ry and Broome <t. SAl.EeMAN WANTED IN' Till Bi r.VU 1>RY <.001>-i trade. Nnno need apply bnt tboM of dty etperience and have the l?e?t "I reference'.. Apply to Journemy \ Burnhatn. H4 Atlantic tre. t, Brooklyn mEAl HEB WANTED.? A OENTIXMAN W IM HA 1 retired from a profe-?orahip in one of our t - t I lege" widien to nerufe the aasiitance nf ? t |^..,. a and malhi-ioatfciil teacher hi a tlr-t e U?- t.oai'llng and Any "Chool, for boya, to he ' "tmhlUhed lo the upper part of the city The re-pon I' illtr and tbe J. r 'I Q t- to be equally shared. Addrea* fbilo, at H, A. Wa'kln*on'? jf the No 7 Naaiau atrect. r?i<? BOAIIDINO AND DAY SOIOOI>'.? A OKNTI.E j[ man ? ho b? " orriipled| th?* chair <>f mentel ph U'?' I by, rhetoric, history and fingliah literature in one of the moat popular college* in tbn ^uth, aiMsId h4> iriad to obtain a similar position In some old or n> ?ly ??'.ab llihe.1 literary Institution in or nenrtb' ity. Addreae Salon lit i aid ofliea, lor Dire*- day?. ?1I^A^^>:|>? \ IRINC1I WOMAN. WHO '?I'KAKS W iinglinh, to travel as ? dressing maid sh*- nin-t understand dressmaking, hair ilressing doting kr. Any perMin capable of tbe aNive dnties can obtain a sltua Hon by calling at l'r2 K*st IVBh st,, ? twe n - scd b o' elork . lor th ee days. nrAMTOV41 v PRIVATE f a Mil V I FRENCH | Vf cook who under- (and* h- r business '.horongbiy and ' in give the \? ?*. of r|ty references, one aitiiout flitnily aud not youthful required. Apply at N. JU Wet 17th t.. ta twieri the Iiours of i? and 11 A. M on the 24th, '^ith, and 27th Inst. TIT ANTED? A MWIi, Wlln IK OCMJ'FTKNT TO If take care of an infant most bring the U?t.,r city references Apply at 20 Meat 17th st. on the 24th 2.Mh and 27th Inst., between the hours nt w and 11 .t. M "II ' ANTED iUMi.NMOl ttlTH HMUH Vtt-JilN( l<i II tirid employment, wbicb wili atmodantiy .1 tbe >liii|f<'ot hand, run do so by e?|Jtng h t 102 ^aseau at., ro m No. 10. up stairs. II/A.VJED? ?.'U?AK MAKWIf tl/^n.fxil) gt II 1U'; VI \pply at 14.1 Myitle ?? n?, Brooklyn, at the News Agent s. "llfAKTED? A Nt'MBFR "I '?OOD CiOAKMAKI3tJ || I lis -e apply at 27 Walk.r st. "11T ANTKXV? A -'MART OIRI., NBOI 1 SIXTEEN VI vM If old with good reference, to do the hou" aecv 'or agentUrnan, wife and child. Apply, before 1 J o'clock at i.^'t lib avenue, northeast corner of 2ft'?b ?t, w w iirA.NTKit ? at i iavwohthy u Ar:nrj?lAi. i\ lojuiiifd' "r) iw Hf/'.B.' ai \out.B bulb'* to ?'>rk on tLe aaiiooa brm* ha? *b4 ot?<> <'*|>?Mr of takiytf <-liai*aof lha tuikto n <vl?o a '?* ??? torn; *ork given out if r??iu!r?<!. '<<w4 <.n ? will bt g'rtm ?fl'AVTTD? TWO ?KHMA-N -KHVAK1* rifK OVi: A>' Vf cook, ?u)ltr tu) It ? ??e r, in<J th? <Unr aa 'ham Ix iioiiU) ari'1 mnM , both u.uat u?4at?taft'i Iji$. ali. Aj> |?tjr at 1 13 K?> t litii ?t. ni-mi ??1 av?onr, \| vr no A.V H< ? 1 I am trot WMPM. a -71 \\ labelling J ttl- ? Ad Ainnirjin pnUrrt-i <a< ?rriu?int?<l ? illi the bn?ln<? n *j 'all at P fiiraulA'o ? AVtthltaat tv< dour* treat wfHroadwar V *od IS o'clock. "IITAN'TH ? ? IIV AMIfll.V. MK-r/iKVr U M'lAT W wl>ri?ga, an < c < ib at *K ? - ap*' . of making lr'--'? f<.r tba l?.|y iB'l ch.Ar* a Aw../ Willi pr. p?r tea'i'i f.t.lala a? t<? 'haia- ?*r 04 . t !"? at *4 Amity itmt, ?fl?r 10 I M j ami i'? a si ttioii <f> hk,<t hatk Mtui^n^ Apply lmin?'liat?ly ?( 72 Uu! ?f<?l A I I AK\ ? k "? A.srn? ?'<i k '.'fiii miijiskh* am> *<? Irtmmera tlM to I-a rn tbr b a T?i Af| I y at fci (la oa I ?' W'AN ;m> ?. ' ? i <,i"i i" r*i rM? ii< ? o ? f ?<>rk "f 1 fab If ? f 'I ira p*r?ca? .a Jaraajr < ' lyr mar Hi# ferty abe ??ul U a /-A {.lain took, ??>4 * Mh*' I pM If a?r *?f?. V) p< r month and a fraa Vrry tl'U ' all at iai . . -tf'?V bear Market hafora to A V or after I I* M "fl'ANTIH-AS AMKI'.W t\ TOfW} UPY U? VP' T V t<? |>|?-ata"? t. al'Ttrl a "rala^^-^ry ?s t r? nra in aal' n with tar it1?- K*-l Appi* aft*, to r -? a a' '.I II -t?' A .t'<? t tj?t*??ii K?a<fe fh<>' ?Ua?<? "11 r a y'CtJ'? ivmi fju-rr am? '.?>T7JC???. t?> ff >?i?rl>a t> at all. S \*rj '?a '? U ?!/ n?i? froni tbt-a t-j f ?a 4 i!ara par 4a j ?? t* <"a? a*, hoava hn flty ' f >? nri'r^ '<? ?n all Ap(.ly at M M?4? a at. ANTTD? V"tv. ??'?< >"H WIIAJJSO TOT *?*?*. a .tar.'a aii^ vvi - .f f- .ta t? Itt to owtftt Alt" niiM f^para rarp* a(W aa4 t la.'?a?Haa Ap jly all tt.i. an4 ????? utb to KaaAaii A lU.twaa, Ul on'li atjK t "ira?r f<f I ?lip, ap 'ta^fa. ,sm? a vol so ma*, or ?oor) nmuf ? > .r,1 uiw vaf.tWfvaWa . haracfr to ?/wt . a lal Ha.*/y ?i?4 r-/?. n ( >?? "tf ?' tha ImVx i'rlot n? ??4 f ' nj*ay, iitay.t ff * tUJ hf w. HaMII'-IV a ? IK-T fT.A*? IT T*>W.?r ORO ?ij ?? t? . y "if :a?? ?< pulait 'Mlnat 'ha Mfcrf to Uak* fbarf* arf i . Mv a h. ? -Vi. ' w V \ fhJy tl? r?*.? ?h r ?**??*> v.? !i* N\ 'A\/)l-? MA V Tll'.ijr, ,1,1 * 'k tk "** ? ..g gis* > h^aaiaaw ,? .? '? pa'ki?.jr f w <m IIKLP WANTKD. U|rANTKD? A SAUHMAS WITH A tfc)<tl> Mjl J/j quaintanre among the dry good* i tilling hou-??. Apply at ftl South 7th *t., Ur?~.k !y n , Kaaterti district, eee?nd floor, before 9 A. M. or after 4 P. M. WA.STHV? A.V ACTIVE AND INTKUJOENT I'tfWitf who 1* familiar with the quality and foreign v*Ju? ofdruga, chemical*. paint*, djentuffn, Ac. To* r ?. .mpctent ?ran, with unexceptionable HiAiimi * fooJ attuaUoni* open. Addre** bu* 1,890 Poat Ofloe. W A .NTH)? AN INTKUJUENTAKBUQAN BOY, tou rt?-?-n to aixteen jmti ut age, lu a liquor im porting houae down town. Salary fir t year one loiWr per week. Apply at W Broadway, down *tair*. SITUATIONS WAIfTED. MoTllKK OF I XFOBTl'VATE CIRCl'Mlf ANC'BB ^ in llu'l a (eutleman and wife wlio, having nO Ikdren of their ova, would take an Intereallm llt'.hl girl fur whom *lie I* totally unable to provide. Auy ar reagvment will la> acredi-d to whereby her daufhUr'# bant inteti-ala umy be accuied. Addrr** AdoptUMk, !!? rald ofllir. A A NY PERSON WANTtNO A 1 AI'Y ro WFT NTIM2 jt\. a baby? hai loat her ovrn trahy, two uiontbe old M healthy, and tbr tr?t baby? ran inquire In BayiOuiWI atrret afcimd houae off to tin- right fr. ,,, Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Noue but re?iie<;t?blti pet aon? m-wl apply ibe beet city refeience given. AMSPECTAHLE Vol NO WOMAN WANTS TO < 0 to California with a family; i* an eiiHrtoneed g< <1 nnrM, and In fond of cblldicn la .,n ejcellent nwk auij baker , ha* been at *ea tn-fure and ?n? ?a< tick. Cm get the beat of city reference. Can tie ???? at hrr pnMiit employer'*, li'l Cbarlelou at., for on<' week. AKMPECTAIU.E ANll COMPETENT YOf.'NO WOMAN dealrri a situation In city or aountry a* lwuwlreaa ; can do lipclothc* in tlie n?*nt' *t manner no 0 >Je< tlun to do thamberwoi k and n??l*t In ?a*hing and ironing; wage* moderate. I'learo apply at -71 Bowery, tin* ?l?j or Monday. Aft NI R>'E? A illl>li|.l \".i:il I'KIWiN, l-XIKUI enced and loU'i of children, and capable of |fi viu^c thrm iimt ruction in French and Kn|(l > *u. If require). Addie**, to-day and Monday, r1. M.( bo* 177 ilua>l office. \HHtVA.NT (KltOM fih.N'KN A ), TIMItOI OIII.Y A' ?4 uMintol wiih table ??errli# and houw-keeplnuf, wanUi a situation. I?'?t clly reference* given; no olij. -'tloo t-Jgo In the couuliy. A|iply at ?i?(o i.i Uicenc ?t, VROI'Bl TAIU.K Y<ll V. HAIUUKD WOMAN', W I Ifl u fr?>h lircaat of milk, wUIicd to take a tia'iy to ber own Iioum , an nhe I > a ? loat tier own babe, two wick* old. Tho br-t of city rcfrrence can I " given. J'l??>o i,?lj ai> 1H7 piiiiK atrei i, in tlic ii'ir. \YofNU KNtilXMI I AI?V ? A Plt'trKHTANT, .?> d< droun I t < nxHitlUK h< i?elf ?? \t'ltiuK K ?i*?,rueee> In !t idrrt fundi), or an realdeul tra' to r In ? tie i;un '< family; he m iai>at)l< of ti-ni bioir ;i II the KnglUli bran I ? ??" iiud l< donii'aticali'd ; Iihh hao ?<iiiik yarn ' i *[i? rl?n ?> ir. tin' altove capacity. I'le??e rail or eddre-? \uu.e, ?.'d ii venue. \IO.-l'Et*rAlll K MllUd I A' HC'iTCM W< MA'I U i|i - irou" of olitaln nir :i ?ituatiou in ?!< Hnueral botjM'work, ami l? willing to a--mt in H??tiiu^ and lr<jn ? inn no i lijictli'ii to K" to tlii mtiy < an In u t .1 ? ngafted, ut 2t> Wttt) "t. ."imr of \uiick. in th< liore Bi nt. A Ytil'NO MAN WANTV A -ITt VTI<>N AS !'<ll.:rtt j\_ lu ? wliob - ale or r? l.ill - 1. r i? ' II a .u.i.i 'nl with tlio i ity no objection to work , i- ' i i nnd -i?a .f. f.'rtod i-lty rel? n nee. I'U'n ? .iddr*1*- J I , I I 177 II- .. J office. SITUATION WANTElt ? BY A Y<M VfJ WOMAN, *1 good plain cook and lir-t rati ,k~ln r ?n l ir m i ? r to do ehaitilierwork and One wtal ng .ml In ulag. Ik ' ot city reft fence Can I n '0>n a1, ti.'7 llrnadeujr, tr twoen tO$t m l VIM ?t . Srn'ATioN WAvn-n? nv as i\i inn ?m,?:uy< ' ? : Wi n ut) > Col k, ?| III I .lid Ir lirr oi wuuld o ? h' in'work, to eitln r city nr i untiy ia>l<'r>tand nilA Uignod baking and lm? g'od rate i ;fj, JTi? ? i.ul u'. ? i Il<. we, y, rpwo ji/i;iii.v i:t. 1 1 1 ' tin i < "im ai d< 'in k of ? I. tain. ok I n - iii uy ri?|i< filln latbily, to o. ni'ial lion"- ? "i l 'ii i'iIii i . ? ..! L dim. I'll i i; i all i' -17 V i in tU'- r?-*i . rpo Hi III PUol hll ToHs A* I' OI HKft*.? ? ANTH> X a -Ituatli ii "? l?arki-"p< i , In ?oin?- Brat f|a?a hoUl n-aiaurant. lib* b^on In one of lit" ftrat ???tAbl.-b Don l * in I In- < it* an I i in Imlucii ?' a laigo amount vt ? loin. I'bwae addieaa t' l> , H-rald offi' e. ?flfAMU) -A Mil Alios , i -v trxw YoKK r \v 111 '" 'nil a i liiunl'i noikid waller and | .a n m or an I'liatnliei mal l and lauiior- ? t>v . capal ke rlil, w ilh giK d ieft'r<Mic? A | ply u fuoiij n n t. Ik i | n M'nt i opioyii - Vol'' pi 1' klyn "11 "AMI I'-A .-111 AT||' UY A YtiCNti OIKI t? U) \f tw. lve jraina lo in. rare . .1 ? hll Ireu - h l? light elinmlx rwork lie. > in jilr at lli Wi#? i/j'h , where he| iu"ther nut pii ieut eniploytNl "llfANTKr? A HITL'ATION. BY A B?W1K7IABUI VV Jt'illlg Wiiiii: II i Wrl I III t, ?j 1 t, ; r *pply at 1(W aftuuf It|i Ijlli and I i'b '? t i*o iiay? w "II'A.NII It-A If! ATloV. II V A HIM l/ i\l M \\ j il . la'iy '? loai'l oi a? In.'! '? inn m< an t wan ' ? t:i# llli'leratanil li.*n i| i ? - - in ii i ? fi ? -ibj# t n ? Itnt- 1 I Hi If ? n !" in l' A M. to i) J'. M at Hi h.. ton ?treet. 11 , . . I AI I i ^ M jf II wi of .i altuat "ii ai rhamberm* i ai?r waller, or to tali i are of 'ii.i.lreu, or to In the g.oeial hoi rwuik i if a ioa'1 laindy, wnutl do auyjhng re* rid lie, i?)l lor t .oiluya at No 1 ^ .'n ., corner of llud Himll/l iNTTN-i rn ITWJ* BY A RBtPBCr tBli; ? oil an t iiof?e a baby at own re?|.>a e( A rcfrreiii ? . Apply at ?"V. I?* a i-nue ? rn? of J" b ?t for two il iya VI' AMU'- A IT! ?T!' s BY \ YOfNt, vi itu \S M ' v va-ti- ? i ud roan * d ? ? chainfierw rk gi nd referrn t;q.|y at \'n I'. "- , .ri ?t , lln-.klyn fti ' fl? ? r frout roou Can lw '-o f r iri ifayt. Y|-v;iH' \ iH.xmiv V"< ?; woman, iuv i W ii.ii.i" Mlit tt tilth mi W?tew4a| 'a ? < d< airou" of w?t itin iga title, eat' 'ak'-n ?' ? rh.irge. Apply ?' '?*> I o'-yth ?t 11* A .III'- A MP i vv T' tieg ' a uwWr a la II, e , ing ol pa tir ai d m lie ? . ? ? -1 jtj r?f? en f ??o. I ill for two <U> at V i i i . ?? tt> > 4 ft or Yl'ASllfi I II f/.l til S7 IfY A V ?<; tl.t ? \\ bu-ilii a la' it- who W tit? a plain an) -ai ?f band not afra d o t work. Pleeae aldrna W. If Hr'allyn I'm I I'll i w AMU -A -fTI ATI'IN A liolfT P><I<TI it I'.T a roan "f .1/ ady l?abli> be arlt. a a % baft1', |a aril o .jualiite-l all), the il ty. ami nan ><? Veil f--m nwnded by bl- p e?"?t riopli.jer Id W t| r, effree. Al'AMU'- IIY A tmrWTAMJt MAS, A *m.i IT ? ?* ii a? Irrk Im a ?lK,l?-aal? or '''iwimlae. n !????, or any Other p.tio? aultab .? to bla tab il'.a, l a g'eel ^ till Hi a Ml ,t at. t fr .... t f f . " . ? Ulgn?g'? Be-'.ef 1} 'fli 'alt t<e (iVirB. \ . J*-4 W B. M , ||, tai l iifB'f IHI KIXllilCK V. OKKK KI. ()U7 It; OAltWAV mi'Mil -H BI Aid. A". V ja? ti | r a A Cbhatrte, an i? obtained laafrftatla '.eiroan. I?{iidi Kr.:t h an l Irtab I. alp f ?<% bote. ai<f private fai .ol,- ? ,? wa*-' / aebi. < a, fa ? *"?, brnier* and B.iebati ? at v.ia tj,n hr?t,f i, ? 10U linea?lrk atrvet Terma in Kerala pWnWjlXT MDIYANTS fi'.THM'it'li 1 als iiiii> ? a, tbrea aailerglila na? flwii aallar at* ? other it- -tie* f .? ia'li,.ia itatiiaa In rea pa. 'a' ? farr. I ae?, r ll? ali i << airy Apfly at 'A la>' hi'HUrrrJt afreet I n .ii a-, uare will. gwA retow.rneodaUoaa ll'A'.TH' nt II' IWII.V i'Wf I I'iJi ?? TT No t l,ilt wtf ?'.!.# f -?UaW>ei) t?- l a-para i ?? fa f. it ta| ta4 Iwt' U. la for trvl< ? a lad ???' .< 'oael.iiww War.' fa, a f'.t'.i ?? rooka rlian.r^rana ? uurei tal aawnaetr ? aeea i I. irr?W or 'f derate Apply V' U>. Mil XXJfl tmk laiHi oh m iirrioa, Vl^ York lv IfltU ^ 1 > "'t'-f th? >>? ?e wn ? .ety, an?l la' it bav ' g -?gra"t t??e ('? rntit r ti -n and By lawa .rare.,*'. -I' ea.. at tta flaik'i 4|ra. Oil 1 aa II ?le eau Ifc' l.'Mie '4 ? A M a lad g r M ao4 <t" a., ir Uatair HwaUn barti* j-tael and n t ra ea,va<l tba .r r? ? I ? ' a ! :'?!"? e*l? fet o%r lay B ' J y at tlK Imt l?l jlaaa 'J V MtYWAW) freeldet!. N B. BI N't Vice FW*lai.t u P. Ta'S ? Jee fiery. \l>- I INI -'"Till UmwS A~*P~r-' '?> I * y . U 'I 1< ? 1 rawt ?a, w '.ea g,a aiad U' > ' * ? a li.aa frotn #2 t'r 14 itftWh lairna ayi - , ar.l a il / al Hat at I- i ? eel, near IV wary. uiam?-a<.n> ?j unut /k , "> ij jrfT^KTwt ' y WU??aM aa m' taa variauaf 'k?."|?r'' " '' " "fi untile the aiuau a ?f !?.? t-a4e f- n?e eew abipeeeel ? Uat* eeUI'.at?1 branl vt vim Mr?eva ?4ed wpo* tM0 ?eet Mberai tart,, a Iki r j m- in" i v i"-' L i?4 h- W'Tf ' 1 r ' a?> ark pa ? iMt'i'tknatw, viae*, yia - ? "fp fee all i?pq?ie4 et JiMWlyl'f'a a?< ?* |e?. ??aa "Wat rial W..1 p^'.a* v? aepat K ' ' f ta "*?( tlauaa wanai / ar ad. A a a* a* r ?? "f ? -df-aa *< aeli.og we low 114 ' 1 *' '''Mad alreet WAT< HKI, JBWKUIV, ?C. g~ik i:r 1A 1AV' f a?, Kji'iL fx mtuJA?T V i?lrfW''V'V tl<> l?l<la<Mt4 pr.-aa ? aa'?? c?.'i' pm aiikiUhi II grate r wv ? |dM. vtuwet I ' al* 14 fa ,ta' ?*wg . a' n- va >%<?%* etylaa. *1 te lli; |a4 ' a ea a(? ?l -tal |a< a ng ? iu M W ?? .?.'?? p va -a .'. .. | ' Iii ' alaa'er . if. int l'.? . ??a. lit ? .*? alar ? ? -aaa, ata.A? e.av ?/)!? ?,? (a % 'a a k 1 * a veerUaiea a . a a ??"?????. la etg* *ea "4 ' ?a .tv.ta at' f . t .a', nalkn t'V?l?f M ? jw fc.aera r ? ? I A way.

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