Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. 1 1 ? 1 1 ? ? 1 "' "" " ? 1 ...??? ? ' 1 1 ?" ? ? ?- ~ WHOLE NO. 6941. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. mERTlSEItNTS RlJhWbO KTLKY DAT. SKW PVH1JDATIUNH. RFSTOR CD TO UnMHiT FAMOUS I A' Eli, III Broadway Belle, In out once mure larger and mu.e interesting than ever. Read It, awl laugh. Single c ipies, two cents. George Thompson, editor. 1 . F. Harris, pub Uther, '.98 Broadway. 'The Locket" will be opeunl September 6 ? a great book. VINKYABIH IN AiUJtilA? ritlCK 1 2% i ll\Ti with remark! upon temperance, (its to.iada:i.mJ Intemperance (it? eau?e>. and .eiwv.les, J the . ul uiao'f the gi ape vlue in the United .*.? a.eo, aud other iiimi?<- of ' .'muorlance to rich aud poor. Hj t John 0?W u, of 0|>..rU< in Portugal, and New York, hoi mile at No. 16 heaves - .itreet. New York. Copies transmitted free ta any part of the United Mates on receipt of fifteen centa in -jo. a^r ??Jtafeps. THK IUt*lOtt lil i?!>TlUiV /"^tflAMI'AGNE. ? J. MEYER, JK., SOLE IM II HOCK <?? biliecart salmons vevK* uay chaiopagiMi, 14 Broadway invite* the attention of the trade to !ii> cew dUDtnen; r this celebrated brand of wine OriW? fi'W upon l>? ?oat Mbern! term*. K. M. ToMI'KIN-i, Agent. PHILADELPHIA LAGER UEEK. FOR IT I <UC SALOONS and private families, bottled, half pint* per ?d< ?n , pinto, 4s. per dozen. In keg-i for tlio trade, deli vered to order. F'R. L'OERING, corner of Oliver anl Henry street*. WINE8, BRANDIES, GINS, ETC., IN BOND, IN HAU pipe- quarter casks and octaves; e?eb accompanied witb certificate or impoitailou. For sale from wharf or from bonded warehouse, by L. H. 4 SONS, IB Bearer street. 2 DKt UtNHM, da . CASES OF ALL WOOL FRENCH 1>K LAINR*, VF.ftY rich designs. will be opened thl.i morning. IhttDfcLL, Pfcllfc 0'< fc LAKE, *71 It oudwiy. ERODIKV Fall CLOAKS ? GEORGE BKuDlr., So. 61 Canal and tUJ IJspenard street, has no* in sto.ea lai re assortment of novelties in velvet, cloth and uviirci ?ntiqu? cloaks and mantilUs, to whi?u lie Invite* tl>? ?inspection of wholesale cash aud short Sue buyer*. Embroideries and lace goods.? "etsb RO BERTS ft CO., 376 Brondwny, respectfully 1> if to in form the ladies that they are receiving, by every steam cr, the purchases of Mr. Ho!,orts, ?h.i, hoing in L.iropo, has selected the latest noveltl - In llonitm, i >lnt, lln.M sels, Maltese and Guipure laces. Klcb e>ub uidete'l muslin bets, handkerchiefs, -leaves aud colliir-i j-.isl re delved. N. B. ? A fi esh stock of Valenciennes laces, from 12% cents upwards. "TJ^ALL DREB3 GOODS.? UDSDE1.L, I'MIWON ft LAKE r would res|<cetfulljf inform their cuitoin*-r-i aud transient vi iters lrom udier Stales that they will open this morning an clegs nt assortment of rich good , deigned for the tall trade, consisting of flounee?l silk robM, broende, stri(>e<l an i plaid silks, by the yard; shawls, cashmeres and de laiuM; plaid good* of every description: trench merinos, velvets, ealloot, *c., ft.-. I UW-fcl.L, 1'K1B80N it iAKE. 47i Btoudway. LADIES' ELEGANT EMHltOIDERIQ) CO! ,L VHS, AT half prices. ? Just received from auctipu, "W Swiss aud cambric collars, from 7s. to 12s. en ill; aid*, 5 >0 ??mbroldered bauds, four yards long, Ills, each, V.'ii), a I, 2*. ed. each. No Foconid price. JAS. MAODEN, 043 U. iadway, second door above Bleecker streot. MANTtAl X CASTOR.? ON MONDAY, AUGUST i"TH, A. T. >TEWiVBT ft CO. will np< n r. ca^e of these fasti ? -.unable cla&ks, suitable for I ravelling and for l lo: tea shore, entirely new in style, and ;vt moderate prieei.-, Broadway, Chambers, ajel Kvad streeU; rOIRE ANTIQUE SILKS*. ? .'>O0 I'lKCR) OF IHE lU' II 1 est quality nianufautur. il, of evcty sliade of color, very cheap, will be o]*-ue-l this moruiug and cut in any length, to suit nut chasers CBSDELL, FEIRSON k LAKE, 471 Broadway. OPENINt; OF FAIJ, GOODS, AT RETAIL.? A. T. 8TEWART ft CO., desirous of accommodating 'h i. customers, who are alf>ut to leave the city, will upon, ou Monday, August 27th. a superb a.i?nrtm?nt of entirely new dress goods embroideries, shawls, ftc., Stc., 4c., just received by the I'aclfln. Broadway, V ham t>ers, and Reade -treeta. rno whoijshaij: bcytrs -opening, at much JL reduced prices, oi '.00 cases of splendid new fall rl'i bona, rich milHnery good... bonnet materials, rtre.u and ?cloak trimmings, r>stiich feathers, J reneh flowers, ou Monday, August 27, by M. H. LIGHT EN8TEIN, JO Howry, comer of Hester street. M' $500 BEWVUDB. REWARD l.OT >t! STOIJ'.N YIMTKR'IAY __ morning, In the vicinity of Wall atroet, bilW amounting to $7, MX). Whoever will return I hi* Miiau to W. HOUSTON', Time* uiliue, will receive the ?btir> reward. (JS^r/A LEWAKD 6T0I.EN FROM NO. 106 CANAL street, on August 1H, l<ctw? ? n 10 and II ft'tloek, JT M., 2 gold guard chains, 1 fob chain, 1 folrt hunting watch. 1 old favliion golil Watch, w lite tke.e. I old fashion bull'* eye wa'ch, 1 lepine jjold wat.-h, :t gold ?h--a\e but ton*, 3 gold breastpin*, n-gtihei with some 115 l i ij-i'-l. .and about #10 iii ?flier ai:d peuultf". alto, several oilier artii le? of jewelry. The above reward will be paid by mo for the recovery of the proj-ertg. \VM. wir iTKRS, 187 street. {toCyC? KKWAKD ? LUST, BETWEEN PRIXCE AND 41 DjitJ streets, in the Bowery, white grin rig on the timln, from the city, of the N'e# Vork and New Haven Railroad. on ha tarn ay, lMth Inst., a d nov.rvl drom a ring. lheAo ier will roeetve tt.o above rewvd t?y returning the raine- 1 > FIIANr. UN LAWTON, 04 Wall -t. (Jhl/k REWARD WILL BF. PAID FOR i IP; r?j. ?LlU *rrery ot the bodj of ll^'ii y Al(K>p, I"- from *cho?>n?i Hhi i let Newell, op|>o?ite ll-ilxnte ferry, on the '~id Inst. l ie-*, blue <luuyai<-e pait(*l>H>a* nod ?h? ?? fhirt; had ted moustaches an 1 whisker*; about twenty six- jeers old. JOHN AJ>OP, 67 JefTer on street, Newark, N. J. (jS 1 A KEWARD.? Un?T <?R STOLEN, ON THK ?*5)Xv/ the morning of the 27th Inst., a small brown ami wlilte dog, from the corner of Allen and Wa! .er ?rt sects; answer* to the name of Hilly; h?d on witen loet a blue and red collar, with owncr'4 name and do/'* n.?uie unit. Any peraon returning Miu to IW wrwi, wfli get the above reward, and no questions nyked. RkWARD ? J>>ST OR STOLEN, LAST WEDNKS __ day evening, Angu 1 22, at the rntrnnre nf thn nr'-adway theatio, a gentleman '?< fold lover ? .Mi, Jo* Johnaon, maker, Mverpool, No, 21 310. The Under wil receive the above re* aid uod thaukn of he owner, by rt, turning It to officer Wi3B, at '.hi1 First in trlr.t Police Court. (HjIA REWARD.? Lo*T IA-T MiiTir, IS I'H.H WpJlv/ teenth street, belwe<n Fifth and Hftath nve wuee, a small diamond ritijj. The ring i* of carred or open work, with an inscription on the i.i-lde. Th ? above reward will be paid upon leaving it at 0 J Liberty street. (ftt A KEWARn ? LOR. ON FRIDAY EVENING, ' JBJLvr ?4th a large black Newfoun llaiel d- in ewer* to the name of Don, with leather collar, &*?. Who ever will return the same to 660 Houston street, will re ceive the above reward. X. LOOT AJTO FOim (j&t ? the nam and thiri? of a murw?. change, drawn by WlllUm Whlilo-k. Jr., datut J itna 12, 184V at sixty days "ig?t, upon WhllV>ck U l ur n?tt, Havre, in favor of Willi. un H. Herriwi'thrr. tnr 2, SOU francs, the brut ucceptad July ft, 1166. fMtklff were endorsed, and iJiym^nt ix-in^ ?f' |.pM, th? bills <.-ao be of no use except to the owner. Alio, kr-t at itanwi time, a 160 bank bill of th> Mercantile Bank of hU rity. The Ander will be suitably rewirded hy returning tfie above to J. H. BlUfWKK tc O'., 46 S>utb -'ree!. LOCT ? ON MONDAY NIGHT, BETWEEN PARK J'L.VE and "MTiadwiiy 'heatre, a tine (i'.npure la<-n collar. Hi' Under will receive a suliaMe reward by rein. >iln< the same to the otBce at t fee < liffotd Hoase. Fark y e. I??*T_ON TIlF. 2TTH INST., A CERTIFICATE FOR J 100 share* of the Philadelphia and ttea itu* Htll rtad < om|iany stock. Tlie (inter w<ll he suitably award ed by leaving the same with tlie tran-Nr clerit ot fai ?aers' loan and Trust Oe., Ub (?'?<-ba:i|r? pl.i-*e L?^T_0N MOM AV MOHMVfi FROM Ml. 4.1 SIX TlT ?venue, a smaH bla. K an-l tau terrier d i/r w?l .nrupped. tail ratl er eutlfMl. whit- n^ark on hi* brnait, ab<i spurs in hind legs; i.n i ou ?? hi* k <ther e?i:ar with bra-* Vn k Wh?ir<>r w .11 nt'iru *aid >l>>^ to the above addri -n -will be sul.ably rewi-.d?sl. IHoKA-S W. ItiiWOKN. PKK>? CP? IN TIIK ?A.-I RIVER, ON MONDAY fO'h taet., a ?l*tecn fc?>t row liv^t, g-->en bottom, white w??e' with red streak and -rr -n gin.?-i?lr reeently lamted Apf-ly to rihrs. Ki<-|>ardi. I'eek sjip terry. PICKiJ. CT? ON ,-i \ | -a', ,,i ; .wan?1j II"- k. a sixteen ' et row l>oat l.gbf bull i. *nd two |?irs ?.l seblla. Iheb-ri wa? up wnen (o nd. Tlie owner can bktr her hy pa) .ig etpen?ei Inquire of Ih'Aias * Branch. e?rner ofl'lke and -xuth vtreets. TH* VFU.FRi' ol Iuk. COKEY INLAND AS"I> FuRT IIAMi^ro.N iiN~. ,f after Monday. Augu* 27 l?io t.-.n.v . ukWAI.K wilt mal^" only iwo trip* a d v to 'or*. Hamilton ???J f Otiey IrlkHd leaving Aims s're?-t >t fc>? ard 1 , pnng wtri-et at i t, and 1 i . Jl ,ler No. 3 N. i:.. *? )1 A. M and kH P. M. . leaving C.iney I lam a* Hand .ouet, at r'ort Mandlio.. i-a<-h *ijr. F".ie or the wn >le ? cursion '.'5 rent*. I lII !a e I T chll lrer. FM WS(i BRANlTl. Mliu wtirnv H'.Ht.WO. ? rxt orean t'oit.? The fnviii# - .'AMK-* t tiki T<?l nut letives Jay * i-e' pie- 'or 'h>* pi. ? on M<?day, Ai (rust 'il , ?' 3 I . M ; Tuevlay -?ih. at dU P. M.; Wadnewday, 2?th at 4 I'. M.; n)'.r*?'*y. -Mill at 4 V. M , I>lday tl?t. at 4 I'. VI, :te- irn lea-e? <>;esn Port daily et i A. M. >'are 31 >4 c?n .? THE LAST MEXICAN REVOLUTION, j The PUn of Ayntia? Platform of Um> Bm* ! latiorlMa?Adoptloi. of ? Uktnl flofern- ! m??i? How IIm News vtm Bmlrwt lit I | ViililngiomJjIirmttjr of Utmci to the ! Anient in Wh?l< w-Teiffi lyt for Mexico, Ac., JU. .-lily ned we (five it (ran 1st ion of the plan of AyutU tlso'.form upon which the late Bureeanful revolution in Mi xico v.-a. carried out. it U probabio that tht.i plan will be acoepted by ail thv fctutes; ? PLAN Of AlOT'LA. The chiefs, onicikl^, and u>'iiviitn(?l4 of the troops whose imu0r am hereto *ubsciiheJ. assembled up m Ike citation oi the tnor Colonel I>. llorcacla \ Uliircal, in tU" pueblo <.f AyotLi. ill-tilct of Ometoj/ec of the Department o (.uei.ero, Icsrtticring, lhat the continuance of I). Antonio Lope <lc ?'ftiila Aiiiih in ]M>w?T, I-, H WHlant tlirentto p'lhllc liltoty, slnre to the g?iiftial disgrace, uudei his gotrern nuut, iu-lit Ulufcl ikh'u Ity h. sheen more pro?t-?ted than even in countries the lea *t civilized; that the Mexlran 1 SO jealous of their liberty, are found In iiuuuueiil dang'1 <<f Iwing subdued by the ferae of ?n absolute power, ?mi ci: ed by it man to whom they had no 1 ita generously than deplorably ontrmtcd the de^tinict of tin ir country; that co fi r bom t< mpl>l>ig with such an hmorabh- invitation, he hni only ceuie to opprei> rind the people, loading Iheui anew tvlih onerous contributions without any consideration (or the general p>>vei I/, expending their r??l|"t? In useless n <? and beit<>wlug for tunes, as in times jitii, upon wuu.v of U? particular fa voiiles; that the plan proclaimed iu Jalisco, and which threw open to him the port.' of the republic, has boon be. troyed i ' It >< spirit imu object. by th.%arung the torrent, ot put lie opinion and s:iti::;g by arbitii.-y restriction the ;ri (1:1 m nf the jneici: that he lia.; nut fulfilled the no l< inn pi < mi?o made to the nation on Retting loot iu hi.i ln.tlve laud, in living pr.ipo-ed th*' lie. v.mM to. get pergonal auimosi tie* and never throw himself imo the aim* of any party; that .>bi!e It ??< his duty to pr?* serve the integrity of the territory ol the republic, he has hi id n large portion of it, hereby Krtcridc.iug our brethren <?! the northern frontier, who hrr.cetorth will ho foreign ers to it* in their o?n country, t?i tie cast (?n at ??ne iuiuie petlod, ii" wan the ease in Cfcllft>rulu ; ihat the nti'ion eanu"t continue larger wl'bout being ettablithed on a firm and lasting oasis, not depeu ! :ug for it existence on the caprice of one mun only; h it 1 e j.ublli <? n institutions are only adapted to the r.. ;otry to he entiie exclusion "f any other sj ..em <>f govei 'intent , and last ly, perceiving that the national in ic. cud-uce is found to w menaced under another aspe. ?, no less <ian geious by tiie well Known efforts of the lominau' party miifd up by the t,enei nl. iSan'.a Auna, the undersigned, ui-ing tl.eF.imc right.; which u ore exercued by th ir father, in 1S-J1 to conquer their liberty, proclaim a ud declare to sustain to death, ?' needful, the iohowiug m\ : 1. 1). Antonio Lopez do .'-aula Ansa, and the otb?r functionaries, who, like he, n ro unworthy of public conil ilcuce, of who m? opposed to the present plan, shall cuifc to exercise executi.e power. 'J. When UiL>< lm.< been adopted by a majority of tho nation, the (iencral-lnChiet of the lorco* supporting it xfciill convoke a representation from eni-h .-'taleaud Terrt toiy. co that vrh<-n ss-iemhled in some place w.iicli ho roa> derm suitable, tliey may ulc-l a President ad in'-: rim at the republic, and n.;sii<t him as a council during Uic K mltcd peiiodol his "Wee. it. 'lhr I resident ml ivt/rim shall he forthwith inve iic I wilh full power* to watch over the safety ?n.i indepen dence (,t tho national territory and tho other branchoa of public administration. 4. 'n each of the . -tali where thi s political plan shall he approved the principal ihief of the ailht ing foicox, in couj. notion with seven intellig. n person* whom h" may select, shall ratify and proclaim, within a month, their having assembled in a provisional t?>ifn -?t' govern ment which in to rule in respective 8tatc or terri tory; It heinir an indispensable ijase lor each of these piovislorai government.! :hat nation in, and always .?<hnll he. one mile, Indivisible and Independent. 6. 'llie l'residei.t tut interim, within fifteen dayi after entering into ofl ce shall uonvike the Congress extraor dinary. in conformity with the basis of the laws which w ,, promulgate.! for the name object in the year 1841, wliicii rholl f.clusivily be occupied iu establishing the nation untie' a representative popular republican torui ot government, and in revising the actsof lac pi 'ivlsional executive mentioned in article -, fi. 1 In army lieiug Iht- a uppoiter of order and social seeuiily, the government <yt inUnm shall take care toe jBeserve and attend to whatever that robin in iitutiunl may demand, k? well a- to protect the liVit.y r- 1 lnt#i orl aief fmeigu commerce, publishing wl'hout delay Uie tnJ rifiV which must prevail. While in the ujtun lime Hi? tal ritf established during the administration of Seaor Ca{ ball"* shall be in force. 7, The present laws respecting drawing Hy lot pur port: unil the lax imposed upon the people hy lb" name of capitation, shnll . ease hence torth to have effect. fi. All who oppnre the present plan or who lend a distance. direct or inilirc. t, to those in authority. w:ui do ? not iccognitt it, shall l o treated as e.icmica ot the n i ti< n.-.l indej.rndi nre. V. 'Iheir I xeelleiirics, .Senoni General* linn Nicola* Bravo, Pen Juan Al*er?>7, ?nl lion Thomas Moreno, are in*ile?l to place tbenuelv"* at the heed "f the liberal lug forcer that declare for thia plan, 'hat tl -y may i u-'aiu and cairj' into effei t the at ivc refor ins which are deaignatod in it. with power to make ruc!t modUtaatious therein as lliey may deem preper for the national wel fare. AVfTjA Varch 1, 1854. 'Pie Colonel 1 lorenclo VilUresl. Commandants In Chief of the I lilted i orr-e . , Katevaa t^auibtano, C'-miu-i ndani ^ of Oattallion Jose Miguel Iudart. Cap tin of Ircnadier^. Martin trtendls < aptain of Sharpshooter >. I.eaiulro Ro-ales. Captain, 4cc., 4-. HAN'T A ANNA ON UOAKP A IlitlTIKIt M W-Ol'-TV \U. Oar Havana correspondent send.) us the lollo?.. ng: ? The British mall steamer Wye, having b?en compelled to touch at Ne? Oiltan- on her way h> re from Vera Cruz. I (uppev jou are airendy awsre of all the iu'.elH g< nee .frem Mi xlco. I thinit It. howe . er, do.ihtAil If 1 y u know tlist should ^-anta Anna make g,?.^l hi? e^.-^pe to the si. i coa t, he will be reroived on b 'a.d the lirlti'h brig of war faring, which Is there, by accident of c tri" lier commander, Napier, will make a good tiling ' of his illustrious passenger, who is to be couvej?d u? (Ills Islat.d, should he Ik- so foilunat** as to get ? u boaid ihe 1 ai ing ? should be not. the gurr<4r awaits him. Hcaora f snsa Anna was about lour leanes fr' n Vera Cm*, await iig a stronger escort. THE St W9 IN WASHINGTOM, Onr Ws?hlngtr.n correspondent, und. r date of Attfuet 18th, saj ? 'I he late iniportiint telegraphic new< from Ml tiro, an noitchtf the aMklMni ef <:eneral ;<<nia Anna though ? uilc-ipa't-l for .-"Die tnomhs, fail" to receive full credit In sotne ijuarterr; jet its truth Is not ijuert ini-d i y thn ?toveinment !iere In the Wate I??parliiient, it is >.? ? d*bbte<l and the he.t impies^iou - ems to h<> ?h ' " h'apoleon ofthe outh " has again to retnrn to lUvaoa to induig" in hi* lavorite ainus?iueut~-c?ek ligl.'mg ? but for what length of time is a different qnestbin. The Mexican people, in fit* of 'emtu rary excitement, may drive hiM into eiile, but th .1 ??'? l< coui| 9lie'l to re. all i-anta Anna to take chaigi of their ji. v a -lent, or ru iher. to bocome their government, >< I ?.< maaK' ?t they an' not CApahle of iclf go v 'rnment. A :uilitary M'spotictn can alnr.e sncceed, i vn for a tlma an ng '.le deRiaded and wietche.1 population of the M-xi m ftates; and no ote can control the*" people : ?> well as their tt.ii.-f ert'.i d and banished chieftain. f in?a Ann.i *111 ngaio tule Mexico Ye> his present baiiistuui'ut wnl enci urap- the Sllh'istering movement now on foot la lexns nmi the re ult will probably ho a sue "srfnl revo lution in onoia < hil.nshua ind Ooahuilft, If n? ' in Xttva Lwu an<l 'am-iuilpas. Cloeo upon tho huele of orh a revolatun wonl4 Pillow "Joint res?du; ion* ' in Cu.igress for anii' xa 1 ion. It la not iuioro' ?' >?? that the next l.onfrr ?;> will have to con-i le. thi.. Ject, w!-e,i 'liOie win I. a hn. iieiu for 'lie deploy ..i jmtti. l-m on the Ofce sii!' and S.utheru chivalry <iu tho oilier. Ixsn OKt for bresi^eri. OP TH", NKW OOVER^MENT. Ou A'"v?>l'0 coi le.jH.n'U 1 1 wot 'is the H/ some tronth- ag". which we republUb as interring a th s time ? V ' n m,. Iters settle d. we a little tite following p--, -in r ? iamrr iu wlil. I have reason to b? ile.e, be iisued:? l"T I re Idem? Juan I'autlsla C^vhIIos. |i i ?iinhtet "t W?r ? luan^us'eI Nevarro, Inr Minis'! r of Fi reign Kelati- <i ? Igna- lo Oisb of. o I . For l.liiister of lb* lit*>ury? Mi iJLor Ocamiio lo Jim -t?t 't Justice? Juan / ut ni< d' !? rt eate. A better it lection, in my opinl n, ci u'd n it te mad". ' iter are all g- mlenvn of talent and Hl^rat e? ntiments; aid thU 'epublir, with ruth a Preaideot an 1 Ce>d c wh- r onlj a m would be the Interests of their eonnt.-e, ?.il .ut at king after ew.f ty t?l? and " lmpeti I n in lit- win (i le mts min !?re;f agnltl; tad Ood |s-l il.e dtit wh- n the rights snd libe ties of fte? eommer ? will he Afi r. rtwtwt tt :r, a trnddea-doWu people. A*.V VKf I AND I RK* POttT". "ne of tie i.r ' a I ef Alvirea wa? thu- <k vr \?<l In ? he ilKFAU. tw i or 1 .ee Months egot? ? Ignseii, t '? j.j tniurt, Co'ernor sol C mmxijUa' a -n* Ml ?f the 1 epti.'treni ot (.'nern r" Ui ?t. i?fca?itar" - ; . e ;t I. no in I. st I Lav h'tn olre, t?l I J >bt tieonral m ] C V ict ot ti e H'letty f tstir.j ariif, io 1?'<M the Mi * ir. j <Wcir? '. .lean Alvarw, desefttee well vK hLt ??? ?..??;?. | ri:n d< U'/nirin ) Oei.eral of "jiivl'.en, a i '.eoeral In Chief of i be er'rij (o restoro the ,ii?et'^ ?<( the M' X an republic to tta IniiaMtants, *j. 1 I That d*?lrin| to lend to ,he port ?f Aeapu> ? tit p I te'tUva mhieii It reqnlro' raise i' a rrmch *? pos*i :u ? to the height to wlu' ? n, r jrapiii ?i po'i' ->!l it. by tm lU ntiug all the muni which may eonioee to the tncreaae of iu traffic ami buaiiieaa, and couaidering a? one of the bmI eflicaclotu uimuu the permUaion to Ik* laclt'c whaling veoeel* to winter in it; therefor*, in virtue t f tbe !**?? isTMird in mtt by fkr pku of Ayut It. I 1?m- (bought it lit to lattue tlie following tleciee:? ? An. I. W haling ?kipa ol *11 friendly natiom ere per nut ed to Hi ei lt-**?- ami ? inter, in the povt of AcapuW c<-, keeping beir crew on boaid, free (rum tonnage <lu tii-t . aud (rem *11 other charge* end emolutaeata, *?re tho-e bj thi.-. decree. Ait. 1 ii the u?s ol the I apt tin of the Port, pilot end hoepital tee,- "here >h?il be hm!?I from whaling revel* tiit- vuhio ?<? iln pa) ut vie cut by fLeexiatiog regulation, bt t u t'< the fee* for diaugut, ttiev *hall bo pain only at ?1 ? r*'* i f ten . eal- (?1 6) jer toot on entering, aud the MiUji ' & leaving. <4-i ". I u. .;.if "1 e k ntinuauce of ?uch ve-iael* in port, Lt; a:I . cm.iin auijec in everything to tbe vigilance alia cc| o: i i ?! .tot the uiaiitiiue tuatom Il?u*e Ai : . f-ii ? i c.i, U>u cou?i|{nee? or aipatit of thia rla ,.i v.-.e!* an i?rmi ? ?-d to depoait in tbe port oi Ampulco t!.r "ii whalebone, iwory, and other matte.* bilii.giiig K. thia t.h.u, wiib<'?t being aubject to any t; x, i.i rMcd lb., the) do not make aale of them^ in ni icls i s c "iifj i-Lail jny 'on jei cent on the valuation <?; .n'<| hi l III**- bj the ui'minMrator of the Cuatom Uonre hi 1 t v wo ol ih? meicbanU of tbe beat repute in the jO.t. A.i. 6. No ' h?1r. cti'n ah all be offered to any of the in tatae ol 'In- m'iI wl alinp ve?*el?, In furniahing them wiili pro\wloo* and it ei |?ply of wnlrr, and in procuring all m ct"-aiy repair* m iheir \ e*aei*. Ait. (. Ihi? .briee lenikiti* aubject to re\ lid .n by the riprtu.t* goven mt-nt which may be entabliahed iu con loitnity wi'b the ; iua ol Ayutia. 'I hn flare I oitlei tl at It bt- printed, pubHrhed, cireu latt-.l * i i.l n-inplied with. (.iveu in the general barrack, is l iHi:u \irtn, tlie 17th of klarch, lH.'ifi R. ri kjt>*wi>n-. -ectetaiy. Jl'AN Al.VAKKZ Am) 1 older ii to b* jirirut-d, published and circulated among whoiiin>e\*r il concern*. Acapnlco Jiarcii 20, 16i5. J. COMONFORT. J. 1 U.fiZ Y.-ix.m, l-ccre;ary. tub tklkokafh in ukxico. TO TWK HtllVB O* 111* inrw TOHK IIKK.Mil. Mnuro, July 3, 18J5. 1 hiii dole i wi-er of the tt-iiyraph privilege in thin re public, aiid ptopoae f'-rniini; a company to build a line fri m > nzulltm or Fan tlai to tatamorox, which nrght {?? throi gh lej-ii*. tioailklajHia, >an Lui* i'oloni and amplco; It* bnrinc s from the*? citiin only would b* Cry lnrge, nn.l when added lo that from the two line-i (.? in i.j.f-ittU"ii fiom 1 enn to Vera Crm. and irom the I idled :-tale?, l.uiope unil t'aliloi nia, Would be imuienne an! TCry piefitulilc. Kov- by thi line would lie delivered in New Orlckni and >.ew York in rix day* frtira ralifm nia, aud thii g.i vrmirrnt hac i-nurd a deeree which giiarantet-ii entire -fiiii fo I In- llie, Hill mine certain uh it will pan* tlroigh larjii tuwu;- iis entire distance. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Your obedient i-ervant, WM. tiKO. STKWAHT. PAKTA ANNA'S MFUCCI/l'lKH. [Cot re-^oudeuce ol the Journal of Uiinmerce.] Wamii .(.Ti.?, Saturday, Aug. .5 ? P. U. A iir?j.a1i*h hn-i been received here frmn ' e?r Orle.?n*. da'ed tin- iii"inlii(r. hinting that the Hteamer Oriiaba, hn-il jUHt si i tved 1. 1 m \ era < ruz. wi h intelligence that .-until Anna bat! abdicated and 1 ad left Vera (."rui for Harara, with hi* family, on board the steamer Iturbide. J- or ?ome rtnson* 1 dirtrupt the utateinent. No! lilnjf linn come lo the Mtiienu l tjfnt.oii frem the Mexican CVtiMil tliooj-li honri. have |.a-.ed einco the deii|iatch reeeltfed. Pem'dra, the New Oriean* prem and telejrrapblnlH aro xloatf i-wift lo gi?e iiowa of a character unlatorable to .-?nia Anna. ? Ti n late oci-a1 Ion you aliudeil. In yo'ir p* f^r, to a Igi iii ln<.tnii',e of 1he auppmirinn of lm|Mirtanl lacia by the New Orleami lelegiapl.l-tK. in relation to the condncta Ire.m Mexico ? that In they re|>tirte<l the cap tuie and Mippresicd the tent oral ion. Hut, ittlil, >ani* Ain a l? heninie-l in ?nd almimt ex haiialrd. The reT>dut|onl?f? ol tbe: outh could lie inan ?ifs<d by h i In . it ; e Could I* fiti|.ported in the North. Hut In ha* more to tear irom the leToiulion on the ilio <:i*iide. and in the Mati n betweao that river *nd the Merta .Madie, tliHii Irom the oppo-iliuiiof Alvurez and the .?Mil hern ie/ion of iii-xico. lie l? tjulle uopiei.Hiei| fo n* lo war wiib the I'liited Hla'f, in the Texan Hangi-m ? whieh i? the name thing to In III. I II. It- 1 the circuiuplaueen, I ree no re*Min why lie -lionld not. Mexiran lanhli.n, retire a fourth tim.- from lite go' ernment ? II he can, by ci.inpi online wilh hi- ad vei rai ie?, do ?- he ha? done bt-rei> l'oi e, preserve hi- pri va'-c fi rtune. But, on the other hand, it i* evidently iin |<OMlble much lorgei lo uiainlaln hint -elfin opptmUUm to ri vi.lutloDK on all ?, ami to tbieatt ne.l invaaitn" f..-m tie b'otitli and tie Ni ilh, aud from th-lat. and loan iuipt ntiliig mil with the .-'lute ofTexaa, by which he w:t < lice coi>t| uei ed, t-ven ?hl-n her lerourcee were compara tlxely feeble. Aivait-x, who h of the Ilbpar.o Alriran rare, and a nun of ron.'-.<ier?ble eneiyv iu hix wav, bin of no . npuclty for gi vetsmrnt, will pr<il>al>ly l>e raHid temporarily topi-W-r, in <a-c r.f .-?nta Anna'* ovutbro*; but hU g. ve.nmenl w- iil>) not i-taiid a week. Hie Mrxlcauu-Texau revolution will, no doubt, under ntii h ' ii'cum-ta nee< lemilt lu ihe ept etiy eat abli. hmcnt 1 1 a new and inde|#m!ent republic, ? lobracil'g Ihe N'-itheui Stale-. [I orr< pondenre of th<> Baltimore Siin.l W.\mu<uto> . Augu t if. 18.V>. 71 h North*! ti ?-!:?' ?-?? of Mexico will ti'?w ?\all them it i? thought, of tli" <!?"? ufall of the Central gor etaiutD1 lu form a at- pa rati* f ?? <i ? , al republic, upon the moOol of the t'r.lted tatea, am. to adopt our lib. r?l com morcial >yAtcm, which ia no for the develop mrnt of their rMotiirea. Il.ey may lie ald?"l in that ob ject by volunteer! liom tlie I ultid :Mnte?, who may rn tertair. the de-ign of bringing tli?.<e Htatea, ul'ium'ely, MtM'.ei tl ? told* of the American fl?g. It would not be * hod movirornt lor the Vf*tcan ftat??, though for u? it woulit 1+ h pool baigniu. both politically ami flu. in dally. W" can nu longer. without much acctiooai agitation, an ni x lorelgh territories to the L'nion, or even or-ganlie government* for the territory already |ioi<aea .e<i t?y u,. Oar (I'tuhlngton Correspondence. W^rtltxiiTii*. Aug. US, 1865. .V i.tifU Of l'roritlrmi ? I'ff'rl of l.ij/Mniruj "ft M. irLlt ? J'mfrtt jn H: .V awl H>-nrv ? Krfra.linn and th-fif tu/n of li'/hl?fiTi-riil Ortirr from Ihr H'l r Im 1^1 /1 Hi' Tl/ ? ( >Jt,< .-r ? t \.n. thr I'uitrl Martini ? /Vrf'A <>J A ui*tnnl Vi/i ii t-rni'i, H'lt'm ? A in>iuali'ini fur f Vti'Htry ? Whrn will lh" Attn at Lnn l? I* 'J}?-n J .r Is>ralii.n ? M ian < holy < a rtjn tfr , <fv. The proceeding* of thr convention lately held lu IV | vidence, R. T , fur th" promotion of acteme. la attracting the attention of th" country. I'rnfesanr llenty'? paper On the dciitruct&bilily of building ma.eriaU l? apnkeii of in the higheat tfinw. If** eituelude* tii&l frwa th# ac ioo of lij'ln ning uii'l atni<>iipliiu? on niarbl", it will w?ar aw:iy shout. "V Inrli in i thousand yiar.i. ft ha? long l.rrn known '.hat electrletty att< i?t ma. Me, but no ur.e, I beli- ??*, prior to I rofcsaor Henry hita nttemp!*d to r<' du<"e th*1 amount ->f d^mago to r^guUr rule, rrofenaor ilu! J *a? e*[*Cte>l to r?a<l a paper u Ml i< :;ce if thx r<tT .cll.,n and r<tl?i t ion ..f liKhl <? api li'-ablo to tlie l.'gb houae eyiicra <;f oar cfmrnnnnt. Thia p-.pi r will t.e looked foi with iuterr.'.t. f only by the vtm tifle world, bu* p.irti nlarly by thof. intereated In our lltbt louw eatabiirhment. 1 / aro preiiutiiily tneniioncd the fart that a ?enr i coi'ri M.-iiual hao l e? n railed nt r irt ly*>enw*rU>, I. ./a* al the Umt unnbie to cive Utc uwn ot the other. . roUMitutiBK the 4k<tTt. Hie loilomug i.. ;ho order l<-n?.| nr. 'he f ; >? UmliiritTurit, ? wrr?.*T Orrir.' t rr.nt.flt in. 134 WaanmoTox. A i?l *. I"M J tly I r. *' f . if. 1 1' >o * fy<,m ibe I'raaM^m i?f tie* Liji,?*<I PMa'e*. \ ral * oun ^;niVI, mnatt'u:r<ta? her* Uinf.^r will <t forth l^a?eni>"ir'h. T?*r l ory. %i Jl A vf , v..'..t*jr. i4i b r>?t??fnb?r. or >n<tn ? he Trailer aa pra? ?teat->. 1. . ih* *rti?t Of I>r?-wi l.fetii. W h. .ttiatimcrr. J?n;r>r 2i li.un'rr ant i>u< h iHlirr peraoaaiui may v'i: br?'.*li- heiore It. or t ? it ro? ?, Mr fH?T. C >1. .1 K r V? g>fl? ld tii-( ?? cr 'ieueral. Jo'Ppd flrgir'nn Infantry. Jtr>-v" 1 ' P. Si::. !i :.)??? l' I o'.i-.el |iph U.f\nt y OA. K V e m.uitr. 1" C?i dry I ievt- r.,1. ? A .MeiH. f'olo i' I M Cavalry. ltreve: I. II. . I'ap'mio tlolumra. Major Jobi. .-ed*w!*fc i.i < avairy . rem Major ram. l.t?l,-riv. Caftatri <th VrtUlery, |? ap .IodK?* JI4*'**1? ot -he toiifl. 'Ill Hir 1 epartn.eut has n-tlr d inf niatiim of tl^ death ' I Jutepb I.. I nlaotn, AmMMM wnarterma^te.-. t f. A., ?.rid With t r.e IdIIiiimUm ei-nto ?cor-.-* of appD eati.-ne for pr moil' a I" ;h racanry oeea lone. I by t-.? di?:h. A ww A-'-i-tant tji.arl"rm??:"r will be app la" "I Mr ?eek. In view "f ibe large n timber of land w?rranta new t.etr % i ? -? r t a nd 'ireulMled tfiro?||ti the ?" ntry. I' b* r. 0.. a a li loiter irf irr ereit to kn*'W when the finr ia3*l ?4 lonitoiy W'll b? thrown open t<i lorji '.ion 1 l?t| e nipi> ?.|. n of tl.e (i tal land 'Kb " that 1 1. ?.* i land- aill be l**ady for un.ik'*t In ab'.u*. tw lv month:i but the *lro? will depend in a aMNIt u[>' n the a. tion o U.? Ir.tlar In. rata, *' there are yet ?oma Indian tit lea to le ' I ii'KuUI ??t li'/ldera of eertlll':ate> may f*lculate^ ? 'th aa ety, on treing able to J' in tb? "br/fder ruf fana" dtirli-g M neli year. | It la a tnehBi I. > ? ? '!?? ? at> amer for I Norli Ik ?"??? ft eitr li i ? ? 1 h ?? I. : U? afflicted t?y I a . atai'lay ^?l. t ? -rf ? I unstated of ih"A nai rorr hob>r-? lor ' ai.d the ti'ier la atlll r? hr ineiea -a. Tl.rrr I . l.Uli h rf that I' rt Mon or- \M IV lot Comfort) la lo he nra ed by the trrop* and. ibr 1 . -e (rtver, ul lo 'he < tirer. . f Soif k and Tort-- 1 . n r T?I?I C*P?| ij* a? nr ?ml tht City Te?ti| *r?.r? e A lllarir I . to mr t niroK or Tit* h?.hai,i?. I >e roiier t ?n error in j" ir r p irt '' t>.e Uqnor trlef )eai??l?y Ul. re Ju. (? Mwrt. ll.e 1 AiMi l"i( >' ?re not il ? i tmoUinaoU in '.Ua c?a?. T j. ?utl"< * 'I t I ?rif ? on c npUint of f J. V r"e? J?n) V . I..r-e. ll? I y ; ini|.'an 3? ai.r- iv- ' al ^ <lm and ?le l.lewt lieal.T*' A?"'>"i?1i"> art - . , r ?l ti. iMataio ih" 1i.riK. y .,t nr. par'. * irirrai in rr,n''tt .? tn r?? by ilie ,.,r |. TJil. (, h, n. m?a.,a a ri?t|nri|on wl<h?ur , nr ny i vb' .iM Uitt tiay.r dyar. ' ?> . I II adtei te ii.y l< I , ?irgi.i ?l 'lie >? > ? ? n *W" " "t I. ' rt?) i*i'??- in ?!.?? i i^ < ' ca-e. In b* I. J of tbt t it? 1?wi| ? rant# Alliance, ? J, * A Cone. ?* ti t ? ( f*- ? ' ? y frw Yc/r . Aujui i r , tnx, OBITUARY. ? R*r. Spencer II. Cone, DJ). Thrt distil guisl.ed baptUt divine, the Uev. Sjim ui II Cora, D. v., died at hi* rcMiicnce lb Bruuiw* i.rte . > ?v ter day morning, at ft o'clock, aged seventy years. lie bad h?*n 'suffering aiaee the 10th instant of paralyils, and quietly bieathed hi* last aa above stated. Ills mor tal remains win be Inierrod on Thursday, at Schooley's iioiniaia New ?er?ey, naar the pUu of hit nativity. .spencer H. Cone wan bora at 1'rinceton, Now Jerney, oti i hi* i>Gtb of Apiil, 1 ,80 Hie father, Carant Cons. w* a utucendani of the 1 ilgriuis who (list ?*itied New Eng land, Bud his mother, Alice, waa the daughter of Colone i .< ah liou?ht<>D, of Naw Jersey. lloth hi* parents wrr.* ci uiinunlrauts wi'.h the hoj.eweU liajdist Church, lbe paienis of the subject of our sketch were no , l4trr?u with this win Id'* good.--, but hi* mother, early rvei gfelsli-g the power of knowledge, labored wtlbou (?ai-iiig to tit him U?r academic studies. At the age o twelve years he entered the College of New Jersey a 1 uueetun, but be lore be had coiapluted tha acsd.-mi ieim ol four yiars, he wan, by domestic uaiamiiies, obliged to leure the college. and eontiibute to the support of bin until; by teaching. lie wa? connected, in this capacity. With the academy at 1'rincetou. also with a school at pi ii.gheld, in il. e name Mate, and subsequently wa? en gaged a* tutor in Latin aud tiieek at Or. Allison's acade my at Bordenlowu. lie afterword* removed to riiiiadel and Wk* a tutor at the academy under the supervi sion of 1 cctor Abcrcininbie. At 1 hiladelpliia, Mr, Cone became acquaiuU'd with muny membsiii ot the theatrical profession, and itavlng ?uasy ie<|Uii*llen for the stage, such a* u One face and hgnie, a poverlul and musical voiie, auda perfect knowl edge of the art of deelamiitlon. he listened to the song of the eyien aud assumed the sock and buskin, lie was for ci me time connected wlih ihe I hiliiuel|hii* theatre, un der Wood 'a m?i?>Kemeiit , aud played what is technically lei Died ''Juvenile tragedy" anil lignt come.iy. In the winter ot 181'.. he huil a benefit, which did not tmu nut bcDcUclally to his pocket, and he addreaned the fol lowing cat u to the theatregoers:? To TI.E I I 1 IK ? KlhfcT Nil .MY IN AMKKH.A i.K "Til* !'*.? T> Bov." ? l.avii g sustained a heavy loss, In .toad of reotivlug n benefit, and at the solicitation of several Iriei.u* win inly in cti*?:ed in my welfare, I am induced i nee again to tiy ti c sticng h of that tenure tiy wnlch I have hltl eito held the putu.nage of my fellow-cltit ens. Vi bather the chilling neglect 1 have this sea on, fur ihe first time, experienced, proceoded from lellmrgir in difference or poimcd eon:einpt, time will sueedily d>* ?r n.ii.e. 1 cannot lenaln from thus publicly expressing my thanks lo i),e mi. nsgers for their liberality in grant ing me the tirst n>?hv < I a new rti ?ma, written by the (*? vi. nte eutkor of toe day, and wliiuh, I coullilantly trust, Ihe hppiiibwtlon ol a I hiladelphia audience will sanction .'It- llM III the most elegant aud iuleie.ling uroiMl iinls o? 8I*KMCBB U. GONE, 'ihis raid, with the new piece, seems to have lieeu I effi ctlve, fur Mr. Wood states that the benellt netted >7: 6. Mr. Cone was for some time under the manage ment of Mr. W. K. Blake, now the stage manager of the I'nadwsy theatre and uas succeeded In the i'hiladcl ) his thi atre by Mr. tieorge llorton ilarrett, who is now thing in retliement on Isjng l-laud. Boon after the benefit above noticed. Mr. Cone retired fn m the ntage, nud uas engaged a- bookkeeper in the < of the llHllimore Ameiiritn new-|?npor. ]n 1813 he wan married to Mlsa Sully Wallace Morrtll, of I'hlladel pbia. sml was a|.point*sl to i> clerkship lu the Treasury i i (aituient at Washington. 1 urii.g his re idence in i'hilndelphia and lil< -even vi art i xj on the alngi*. Mr. Cnite'a ????. ly leligious il- ti tell' u would seem to have been almost obliterate.!, lie v as in editor, a | olltiitan an actor, and a military man; hot bis restieai fpnlt, ihnugh always aeeniug for ?, MUneii never rati-tu- t We fhe the annexed vny Inreiei-ting account o< Ins awakening in lils'own liming ???!*< d the proprietora of the A mrrirnn mitre titer B >*ur J' lilt Norvell. Kaij . of Kinturky, mar tini my yimn(t< t airier (long cine* ilMd ; mid who ha? idtw* been M tiator ot the I ntte t Mate* from Mi hi/m, i i ? ? I u?. <?> I ojc to unite aith him ami puc'ha '? an<l conduct ti e farfftwerr It I.mi 1'utiOg llu- la t war. wa auMuiiu-d the Maili-on adaiinUtiation ?ith all our |?mcrK at tbe fame tine 1 c< uraemlad tlx- ISelliiiioiu I uion Artillery 0 nil any, and ?a? iauied away wi^b military ardor. h, i two ytarn, Ido nut reci lb ct at'ending public woratiip more limit twice. J < trie* ami war coutple'ely engioaaed Ui) miud. a In the muntli ?? Sosmhrr, 181), after breaVfeat. I t?,?k up tht nevap?|.'-r, and aaw among other thing*, a laige ialr ot book- uiWiitl-ed at Wood'* auction room*, ?aid to a<yre.f, I will look In M I go 10 ib>- ? iii.d if wl.ut they ate. I did to, and the fliat book 1 took u|< ??? a Volutin- of tin- Worka of John Newton. In an In-'aut toy whole life |.a??-"t in ievl?-w before me. 1 n numbered tiikii.jr that book out of the roili-gi ?ibiary, ubileat I rim eton. and naming N'ewtun'a I -if to u-> mother. I il? dream of tbe loot ring reminded me f- ii ibly of my dream of the aell, and I f-lt an ardent le ? i. tn i,\tu the b'Mik and n-ad tin- dream ag?in. I li lt tl t lutrttia. having lirat re>|tie?t?-<l Mr. Wood, wiio ?u a {.articular friend, to put i: uii for rtlc aa anon ?? In- >aw me in tbi evening, a? it aai tin- only wotk I want?-d lb pi i n l-?d to do m>. and I immediately went out towaula our oflii-i- winch * a* nearly oppoaite; but I had araicely Marled tbe nt'dilb- of the etriet when a voice 'lim- th* ,rtind of many wftterf," -aid to tin- ? Ihia l< your Uit *. rMng ! I tiewible-l like an a?|-eu leal ? I lelt uiy-ell to lr in iht- grnrp of tbe Almighty, and an ? artbuual-e rreld r.ot ban Im rea ed my dbrnay. ."ermun . heard v hen only eight yearn old, on tlie lteim of t.ilead, and on the lamb of ti<*l ? i|.e dteam ? all were painfully | ii i nt, an 1 I thought my liour ol doom hail rime. I went to the ofiin-, took down tin- day t.U ttt cbatfre the new advertlM-menl*. but my i id trembled m? that I c'/kIiI not write, and 1 put the look ha i k >n |)la< 9 I W'-ot out into South atreet? ? ?hen walked up and down Market ftreet in th*? < ro*d till dinner time. to drown, if it w rv poiudiile. my tbm :fht* nod feelinga. hut all in Tain. ihe *<>iind *UJ1 i unir. nc,t only in my far*, but through my heart, like th? und of a trumpet ? lhi?tjiyour b??t wm ning ! I Vtfiif h? Bie to dicnef , eieWviVoriiig com ea I my f fel ine* nn muib uf potoiblf frotn my wife. Thr day Worn benvily away, 1 a at the aurtii-n r Q4>ni at the hour . ji?. i . iji?* b? ok that fe? ioe?i to be nt.angi'iy c?n i.ertrd \ i h my weal or woe , rtUfoH to my nou?e irmnedia ely und rt%<l New on i <?on'fal Iif?- en tirrly thr?r.;jrh tieJore reii/?ng to rtat. Then- "tin <?1 to b#* -orr??? ctionff p> iota of rewmbLftrire lK?ae?i? u* , he ha-! I Mu te??:uiel from the wiMih to com ' What would o**? ? lot of ru#r I found )je i ? .'id the hjbi* ar.d obt^neii Lght. I w?*?it to tie t with the defrt minat ion of ritit'g fa/ Jy U> imi'aU?* ho? ?jl ? , an 1 f*- 'ich the iplutv*. My dear youu^f ?*!<"? (hi n^lit I uim nuid. Oh nt* ' no! 1 v;m not mad' IU' who ) d et aipa **Um ow U?e p<mr l>a<lafecvv wa? tu w l iinKn K " U) I?y " K mind in a wty tkuit I knew not. I ci K o ? c ? d if Mind ^be wlb in/*r ? f, to find ?ul how a rould b* ?iH, and La two ii . u r? . \ tl.?* >?iid >'.t(feient 'if iho ( tti r..< nt and the N e w I think niof? tm-n^ tin *??? thfongh. 'Pih i'-ulme, JoUn - '? p? 1, end the to Uio K< mana. were partimla; \y |<r * ?lor 4. It r iiiired gf < ? tl-< t to a.teou to d??wie?^|r: du *ie? ?fi4 my b?i/*h ?* if the ?!!?**#, f wr I t**lt con'i ?-uaiiy th * it w<mld pvolil me nothing ' to gain tt.? wLa.. w?iild and et la*t i?jr ??Wu ?owl." I ?o?g:?l out |?t?i?rber*, md h*-ard Mr [Niu<in fre*tu?ntiy, but r ? I ! tv t harn from any of hrm the w^y of Aal Mtrb ur*" tfeuitg, afief t^mily h id all retir?*d I w r?t up into a vaunt parrot, and WtUa>) tja^kw* and foi waidi# in gi < at at;ony of uiind , 4 kieeie*! lown the in*ter,^e of Hf?>skiMh oer ifr^l to me , ilk* bun i t<.ii\e^ ; iy ftt'.e to he v a?l ace' rrl'xl (trmfnj. A;? ? newer eeen.e<l to be ? otie? ?Lf?d in aa 'nii-rn- .??i, that 'u ' n* r^an> year# f i.a^l ^N'l in r?*?K*Slhoj egalnat (i< d -o mar./ t rn??ft u?w ?-ri lur% U*fc?r*' 'Seiiver a nee >, aid be grant e^h i cla^pr-l *iy t*andi in*! <-rie?i ??uf. '? Ve?, d? i? 1/ d, a Ui u-an ! ym i of .u. gt.i h a* I r.ow feci, <f 1 mev only l-v -e >w?i t ; Int." 1 rrnijovel *o /? id, ami w Leo ever I c >nl . ?feal away i vf**i fnto 'he (rwrr"t. th**re \ wa\\ < d tj ? fl r.r>t wnen all a/o??nd. h h<*\ in fher r?> 1 j <,yrd and j^?ured oof t#ara ? >' bitter -ofrow ^Vhile th? n enge/ed one * tie * Jan of M!va?i. n waa re^talad to me ,m tbe ftgi^a of - Ark. 1 iw enoigr?dljr raee ew< ^t away *?th 'he J jfrt'l. but Soah f??*l hie family wwre r^fi?d. fir fcr*} ?h'it t^etn .r? tbf Ark. I :r It that aa a ainaar f wa? *?nd**!' n^l aiw) j i' tlj ??* l?? ? I t# iBto^Ute anrl in. a ting ?. * ew ?ij tinrtiy ?h .1 in il.i mt alon?- 1 m t le* ?> .vd, .( *U ail, an I ti* *iew I that monc nt ha.4 of nvli' tl of -arm% einnere, I do still eno?t heAr?1iy ?*nter am. *ft*r ?birt* ywa r'e ??y^r^iie' f hit W?f I Hi* *%? atuf'ay f ight, erel *h ?t night i il'lrt ra*>r^ avwtly 'hau I had d*#e fot tviny we ?.? < ii i ok! day ! aw k. ?rw' wr-n. ' wo .r ?jfuetiy tf.ade a ftte in il?e par ' -r , and ih. ?w opeti '??? ? in }ffw <wl)ut4fre, md aa ^ /n an I C"i??d ajw n ?i,' -h ? ^rea^iar^h** *?aw* I ' 4* ? 1 *' th? I *b r* af !? r J,hti, at 1 earn* t whrf# l>f r ? 1 ?>??/ 1 ?. er wfceh my J*?o* aa-w? ??l hi * It I j ? t .i - not, tbji'i ' <?*'. ii t -irt a* Jo. ??# -U e 4 Iw r r e t * L to him *1 *rt d, not t-.jr *? . t t fcitf . .> baa fliy bet 4^" At tbai mvaietil ??y hi art ?^"we1 ' '< n ? * I f*lt a% If p' fnV< a M(h of M'?"d :r !n^? I via ''Hieaj fr?e l.eai to ? fit I* ana th apjfhe** ?ina nf | vibb?*ttt v?re b'l^i l?.t a**, tae' <*41. ti e gti?l*? d ft' a< a.) f) In ?' *4^' )4 n i t } *' |t?'i >V ne on the t*f + ?? on t> ? wall, trvt th* I "Ui ?o faU of Igb . 1 fed iipor. )?r> u? m / ' a ny j la<?< at th* f?et of J?? ' ewl ??i a^d gatw U ? ?* u>; I ? ' W?;, wei all ( fff u 4l?l * pr. ?? ? I f mind eifoe ei wbh '.t *.&** b uuU-** ,':in?iif?r Itk -.i th I I "fd, O my Mini! fe rn that boar t* aiy ^aMltf an t elc .lot f f < y j alii wi'li |8 rtif 'i#j xk"Mtfaf? of Wear* i f*fm, iiefrd taal "aeahe deitk, n ?f prtae (aiiuw, yumm* n Itir ??MM, Ml heltb1, ??>f i ?, . I ail I* aU? 'o Mf-arat* i?, wl 11 b ? la J?'w? mv l? .f ?? th. t. ? fftly i|,.? itte d .^i-lte. ? 1 - "I. | > n 'I 'igfc 1 | kit r,,' ami i?" 1 U,? ? 1 ule' .any ???? wi^ co TU Mil <Ukf be wanv U* 'M p**' v# 'A e pi church of Baltimore, aod appJM for hapUa*. The rcla tlon of hi* r aperient* Mon th* church wa* .v?i*.u to by War* awl aobe from naif erf the member* 1 he Ice of tbo lataparo, which tu awi th>o * t vl thick, having bacb rot tnr the purpoae, he wax b.iriH la the liquid (rata by KMar Imwu Kicli?rdar oa Satu-liv mora i?g lebruaiy 4, 1?M, the day after!* had appaiMdhe fbie thr church. brother tinr'n Mas tioa iwto thr miniatry wai i-.ily rrmarkableaa hi* oenVerAoa. He w*? frequently i.-d*4 I'V hi* brethren, aad ir I* It a atronaitaalre to prtavii the if i-j el, hut beliovtog bimaelf to ba unqualified, I did but avail attempt towshovt ata prayer ??*?>! rig, uuUl l.r took up bi* mddenrn at We* ilaftoa. fhreeor foal week* after hi* irm?\alto thai |laoe In- ^vw* invited la' liml the l^iid'* ilny morning p??)er inrotmg. in the lit ll* chitrrh at thr Navy Yaid, whach wa dtaohntaat tli* tine of a | a*toi . ami to ijlvaa noil of Mliortatlon. 11* ILu* ?j>*ak* nf the ocra*u>a Hint it#* cm 4H|ua?i*i>? "In teadiag 1 John 2, I wee forcibly imurt?*l with the void*, 'If any man mij. we have an adv? ??'? vrith il o latht-r, Jcmun < hrixt tht-rifbttfon*,' and I evoke frni? them without embari ajo-meat lor nMrly an hour, to my own utter aurprlae. Tin* uty Ur*t attempt t?f*eacli Clirlet rn litiwl to my fellow meiw '? At thrlr taiDM reoue*t, I agreed to ?|.eak for them njrn.ii on the mtxt Lord'* 'lay morning. It ?otm-b?w li ukwl cut that Mr. Cone, foriwrijr on the atage, ?a* to tii?ii(h. When 1 wvnt to fulfil the appointment their III t le meeting houae on thr Coibbiihvi near thv V*vtr Yard, wn? aurioi.nded l>y an iiwfncnee crowd, vM? will. in it wa* i.n full that I reached tlie pulpit ntcpn nttli (im.n ltr 'Mil* win thr gTrateet trial I ever hail ? a pn achcr, in view of nn audience. Wheal ram* (a Night of tbr (11 owd I wiu- tempted to turn l?rk, ani whrn 1 roite up to c< miMiirt pnl. lie worahip. Satan aa?urrd rn? thai my uk utli xhouid lia atopped If I attempted to preach, the ?au?e of my precloua favioui would l? aadly wm.tidtd , that 1 had Iwitt-i uty Ik Ihc tr <?pU? I w?? not i*| liml to wlilic ? bit lar?i' an ii -w-mMy, and than go ( we. 'Ill* aiigvfctloii wa* ?o plau?Lil?, 1 did not think at the moment il came from the great dacrlrer, anil I ri.itclud. d to give out a It) mn. rrud a chapter, pray, and aitig again, ami then detoiniina )n>w tu act. While >lnging the ratmid lijn, which clo?e<l with the-* woidf ? B* thou my xtrrugth and rightooui-aF^n, My Jeaun and my all! th* Wurth Of until* win prcented to my mind <Ht h irre Klxtible lorce; I uuvi r orica thought of the waat of wordl to tpll he *tory ? f the rrima, nor of the rrowd of hrar ata, but duelled them to I j . 1 ? tan ii. 10 ' kor we urn hi? workuian*lilp, crea'ad in Cbrllt .Ittaua utit<> x,MMl ? oikn wl lcll God hath l-efore ordained that we ahoulil *nlU in thriii ' and ?poke tor an hour with fersor and raflillty. Wonderfully did Uie Lord hele me that (lay ?nd ktelt il to 1m- ko ta y to preach J< -u?, and 1 win ho tendy to *[>*nil and he t pent in liia nervice. that I rnnaented to an ap|e liniment l"t 'be next Lurd'a daj My thud aerinou w?? from Malaclti ill. 16: 'Then they thai I' and the I/nil fp?ke often > n?. to another, and the lord hrail-ened and heard it,' he., and he gave me that day a ?i ul tor my hire, to encottt age my heart and toatrengthen my l.and? ? hh -?<d t?e hi* holy name foreier! '<h, what am 1, or what my latherV houae, that to uie thia grace rl.ould lie guen, 'to preach ammig the t.entilea the on H Hichahh rti he? ol Chrl?tf MHto. O.} B. Biown now tt*kcd mfl if I who llceoaed to jirwcht I aaid, no. Ho tiald he had nerer hoard in?, but liotti the report of many of hi* pwplf, and from what ? vetyb* ?'y ml'l out of door*, he had no doubt 1 wa* called to tbe work. At bin nuggvutiou * wrote to Baltimore* for coy letter of I t* ml Ml on, lecetred it the ne*t .Saturday, nt.d preached for tho flrxt rhurrh on l/trd'a diy morning. Attet *er\lre Brother Htown atopned the memt>er?, And leadmy letter ttpon tlie riedJtof whleb I wan Imniedi atcly icccircd. lie then naked the member* If the/ had any doubt of my called of God to the work of the ministry Tliejr *ofd, no. And upon tbf uiotimi of I fumn Fnnch Reynold*, I wa* unanimously Ucemed June 24, 1815, to pre?r b the go?pel of the ble?*ed find. In the* afternoon Brother Brown Informed the church that he ?hould t out the neit ?L*y to ti?li Km m((n| |aientH In N? w Jency, to be absent nix week*, and ehould l^ayf Broth^i Cow to *tipply bit |?ul|?it . Hi* had not ^pokrn a word to me upon the subject, and 1 told him it would I*' impoeaihle. f??r 1 had p'eaehod *U I knew. lie said 1 could prc*? h or >hut up the houae a* I pbaaed? -end ih> left me. For *ii hour* ?a? h day I W** Ciowibd whh buaine** lit tbe t r?a*ury, *o th*t 1 bad but a fioail p? rtlon of time to d?*%ote to rooding. 1 bad no ?lie to <on*ult with a* to the *ubje< t* for the oulfdi, or the proper n.anner of treating them. My mind w a* gra ciously IH to pieach t hriat in hi* ofHnae? ? t'ropoet. I rie*t, hug, Aiirooate, r?hcph? rd, Kriend, kc. ? to dweU ? ii t bt wot a < f th** spirit nod the evidence* of CbrUUao character and coait.ate taeao thing-* with my own pcim* l ieuc* Hud aln v*- ?li 1 ?w led in preaching the way >4 li e. tu ray what I knew, and no wore and Uimi r mu% ana think and pay, till 1 ai>|uued additional knowleriga, arid then g It* It to tb? people In tiii* way, with many ftit?gg)ei> and tear* ?nd loUgmog* and ?l? Itouraat night, 1 tu- ?&ahlwd U preach twice every Lord'* day for *\x v. <*k* to una. tiaUy large and ?tttntitn a* amblie* I'leaclK I* Mlid Ih v% y#*i and rlarka, and head* of 'U*pait n.< uth and iaLAal*. atn<> from etery part of the dUtrto tr hear * hat tbe ac: or ) ad to my about r?-hj|ifvn a ad wi en ) Uh*K Work upan lb??-e ?ceoe* I am roa?tiaiiied to ?'k<:Ia m, 1 what bath t-"d WrooghtV W)i? n 1 ?hat the f'-er of k hii t?e%%r trouble! tne in tli?* for a lonurui, that mi-n in tin* comuu*nci'iiieni of Bit ?i?ia1ry, wi>atr?ar wera my tntiroal *tn gfrf"*, f wa ? Ntrangtbrncd to go t}?rougli lie M-nlee* 1 4 the with a largi* abare of llbrtty and comfort; aa<l (bat th* jdan of aaivatl ?n tbroog.i toe Ticatloii* f? fferirg of tin- Hon ofCi? d, a* teY?aakat tamr in my & nrrnir n. i> th* < niy phin I bare ever preoched i mu >1 aarrlte it all to to th? gui danre and protection of Oat 'good 'hiphe.d who laid down bin life fortlia *tu -ep , ' and to t i* nau?? t^e till tti* gb?rv !" ilr. Co lie ?i? oidalne*l in th?* V apti#t <bor^b at Wi?k il g'oii. N<i\efnt*er 18U?, and wa* a?H?r* after < hiaa^a cl plain to ( ongr?*. In lJ.o be wa* ? aJU d to t/?e ti t cl urch in Ak xardila, and in May, h? ran* *ed t? New York, takirg charg** of tbe oNier itn?t ioc^r, w) er?* be r? main?'l until 1M1, when he wa? ufiaauivtj ijr ??ailed to the pa i> total caie of th*- Kir*t IWp i t cbur? b in I*t < titif trtteet. lie accept* d tla '-all on lit* L?i July, 1M4I Ihe |tro? tit*- atiet t rhuieb had ti eti l*?nt much io nuu? and tn inf!to nee hot the g#aUt* *4 i|?f o?*w pa?b*r taictd It to tde hl^boit | la?e in the "piitb'ikr <4 Bardiat* tl r< < g) f >ut the bind. He aok tli U ad in ail rbaritaUa ai d tni?>^ionary enteipri i pre i?.'eij orrr nmiwoNM ?leetinga, *a ttf+a edly *? uu+rtt I rr*id? nt i4 lb# Ao.etiran iaptiat lb rue klir Ion N? l? ty and of tie American ar.d ?foicign I W ?w?*l mif wt?lrh lei?t | out h** Mle*t Up to the ?|,?y of bin die*****- Hw MHr fot M?f/al oai? imnlfrat-r of 'Ibe )| kVhi HI*w A? ?< ? Lation, at?d ba* been -iodlaily honored lo tlv ^faw Y? tV A-amlatlon *o?l In th** .New Yor% Stale t ? nrentb n. Ha wm f??r alte y*-ari l'r?^klao< of the Fa| tint Trii nrial < ?Bf9ft.i' n ara! tor a l- rac !l?w t iled the double ? fl*<? of < on* u ing ant H*" ordirg heei*ta?y to lh*- S?*w Y*fli lUj. i?t in *?Mlir V||-??rwi .vf.cicly. fn fact, I t. ('< ne wn* thf h?*a^f ate! front of tbe American and loreign Bible Horf9tj( *hi h va* fopri^l ?br< ugh t-l* * lemon* II" w ?he leader of the p?#ty In the ra(tli<t thurrli who favo*???| tb< rrrt*ion of the ttor.idati' n of the f.ibb bow u* xerntly in uae, or**! < ftrn taid in hi pubilr add rev tea that tb*- awoid \ the Hrit mi af lie diawa out "f K ng J an?e?' ^abiawd ' iWre ia an boneat diifaa#t?r? ef opinion io fha ileptiet e it eh ? m v in |? iut but the pwriiy of |*r t aiiiA tw f.vr ilnav eeurad fo h,n? tb?* g"<el opinion <<? lh??ae a ho tl oi |(ht biN< wrong in ho> lr < T,e ?? (.m ' f th' r*A*1 foptilar p ilptt *?%*<. r* In th? I n ted 4 fa'e- l.l? pr?aon wa? r offiriiMi?m^ hi? mi nr i r g an ftj) ?nd a nnirg? ?<<(? ' "ijnt? nai t.and p ti ? aid lie 1**4 * peculiar faciUt lor u<a luig.tig I xg? public a utui'Lt* aol wai emiB'oi^r popu lar < ut*ide of bif rhtir'h. Hit eoica bad unr/rnmoo jttner fle*lhii?ty and m ar?aoet?eae, aret he gnat |ower otar tt*a f earte ef hi- auditory j? bJ* *ur I it i icg r ommam' of the act of <ie lamatt' T, tbe uul k .?n r f hia r'.nr#pt?</H of hleaa, amt th< r?*h r< i ?rtng wl Irh Wa* thrown ?? er twi hy hi ? gr?ai /wahh of tnia ginatfon. In New Vork W? wa* a gr- at j* tptt "fa tor *n.< ng h? great. He Ium g ne 4o* n V, t'laftav* at Uie ? i o of a )!??? w? .1 -p-wt fr. C ore law we* a aa* near WaBae U-we a m?"*nt?e' ? f | e New Yerk >mt at 4 tho? gb w y?ev*^| man .jwite ^ I r* mlwn* p. I Irian CimiK C?4*LgW OAtmrVT? /. ?. I led at Me reai ? ??f r.? (n >??w BrttnaWlfa*. '?ew f*r-wy hr lat itiatfin . after a ilaa'ertog illt ea. thb'Min <a*?t '.*? *rt of the i Bttaff ta*e. Saay I'*i0e?f?t f*wr itj^i ? a*" H** wa?l^i? b it liog*??n i . ^Uf N'*w J? #ey 'tu*e eatly m n?? haeetr rfw5 % r th*,?wa w|.|rt U|rfttlAei in I e 1 1 # by . ?*' r ag the aery, *t a lin e tbeo ?ar vv *i|*? ' a w ir> <oe*at taita ^ Me rii^t ??.H iu tka guo^?t ??!?%<* ?>n th#- ! iaww?# ?r. Fr. I*1l ?e vf? apio- y,a W. th* Cn * ?* Wa'a? d.ib fa*D ' aiftata. iooe- lb ??* la llwari #<IUa Ua?p iiJ I "*? io 1*1 o>? tfc'n pri?*-w te th* land of Km.n4, fr at /*? wa* etcV^ay 1 Hy ti mi er ' f | ? t e n< b* * i| allwew* 4? .a ttai ?#*?#? Vf.? ',1^ ii aed M' liewk i *|<a<?*n Ul* Kr*. In Vk.1 i ? a a afi i'fc *d to re M oT. #? a* Hp-1 I ?? ai em.* nt( t# m * l? s I e ke?)'*-'riii*ta *4^* trekifelaf'f la i ? i |.|i tte ?h tl aid*t"?i -'asr kw* ' nMa**^ eat*l 1%-S* wk?n b* vrt 1 iltn ? $ f%* a fa?"**r*? y B/ ^ pl*?f ?-| a' i ih" *h?f re* %? *? he f t.H*v 'af*w ?? a ? ? if. n the ? a *!?# >n *he ' ??*?**? nd of tiv , ,j a i i'H?r. an I I al? ( va<*i<aw ?h'?re d? /y at the I #a Ipbi* 3^*ey Y a ; r ai ti oi *xrciw^nABT rwr ^iwooii. 7* ? i'1 ?*, ? ? t. I^a# f A 1*1/ u* t f A 4 ? i Ml .4 MllVut n f'a^aew<i4 ' ''oh'a' a>* i*? f d at t I^m"! 'M e- ?* ill r M (?a wa m 4U * teea ?f ' | I ^Brf * B > * ' Cap*. * a - rB 'Htm* tb? ten'h r, f * Ar^r 4|i?|?i V^aewiet tk# ?* in** a^t oeigaf *f - *ae ?? B ' la taU flfwlMWd o< Iw tba a/'uf aaJ W* *?d * a*a it W . t n I I -a a p *eg?s,. . hi# f? 'M't . ' a*C % W*? ?> ,J J . ao ? ? < 1 *?i a ?* Ire* ' * f,<, at the pup* fa < f ?U" ' / /**? w , v. II ia pt'heMa Hiilitiy aiaiai4 r|?*|>ial tlaap I 1 ItM* Mt ? I h* an* I !|' >' U '/> ??TW I IV ( ' _ ? , ' f t r.? I u? '*t f -4 ,* t ghC ea?> w a??e+itta1' a/ h 1 e ? |Mtnl* feia t#a * ' U ? **?!' IV 45 City Miilr*. wnto oowrr comrmmon. Tlirr* wm no littte nrilmwl it the Brxlttj 11mm* la?t ftifht, (rowing f>Ot of the meeting >4 U?e *Th( <'?? ti nlli B abli h met thfra. be kail* tog i4 Ibimral ?HlMri ?u kept up to a IkM how, M> lnM thkt ?? ?i? ?????! ellM 1 o al.ndge our *cc<mtt of Ur pmaeedhi^a Ihe iwnvratfcin waa orffwalied bf IM I . wla H Watta, of iba lJ?w<nth wwmf, am liwpwi| ClniMun and John >< Sutinrjr of 1 hw TWnf Mr4, ?Mt Joahufttl APha, of I he Second wand, Mi fWKlWto ?09 trm TV? temporary ulUtni ?f? appolnftyiil UMWO) After conaldirwMe dlruaainn. HI.ertdan Mhook of tfc" Uilrd wa/4 and Dennl. Mrlaugl An of tho Ikourth w* 4, were appoWited telle r> ; whereupon tho nrit/mrt ullef A their MlM Ihr *? wiMatlona foi *h*itff A I. In man I'take, of (ho Twer tyaaeood card, llw4 by tA? TwnlJ-woioJ *r?r-l , Rarnaba* W. Iki her* wiia B latd by 111* Xirat, s. <i??4 TWrd*, l^ourlfc Tealh, ' and 1 Went) flrrt ward* ; at ?i William S. DukW (?ll'?* *r?y) of th'' I mill waril.Vjrall the I lt>K W?r<ta e*cept the Twetfib ?hle|. named laaM B Hn rli ?lrrr of the Twelfth war-1 .Incite *lt?l I ken nffermt * rtwolin^nn lhat mi imr nh"ul.l fw balloted for hheitS who mm* "wrf * true ?W ?nil fri'wdly lo reftilai nniMaaHoiia ami ||? uu|Mif the whiTperly. Thia 1?1 l? gi ?t eietteiaent wvl veHnwt miitii na #ere made to dlap<ia ??f thla reflation. It w III ally moied lo lar lion tin- table, olmli waa eerrte4 by a ?ol*ef 67 lo oO. Ibe CoBT?dtll'll pioceedeil It Wll'it for .' 'tariff with lb* following leault:? l?f HoU.%. U MoUaf. William H Drake bl M William S l uk M I'arnabaa W (inborn 41 ? Imc P. lWrheloi 6 ? (ieotge K Sherwood I ? 11 waa then moved thai <i<i<rga K. Hherwaad, of Mm Fourteenth ? aril, lie nomiaated u-wnlmnualjr |br County t lerk, and ihie motion w?? i-airled k> ac< UniaUnn vttk mil a ili*n n'nijr trolra ihe runTenlti n (tuTe three < heeiM to Uia numlnaaa fur ???berllf anil f'ountjr flrrk. Aftrr Ihe.e numloatloiu the ruiiwntl'.n |,rnre?<la<1 t* ni ininata the randiitalea fur ruronera Hut piwrt-?ua to the prrx nlatlim nf rnndldatei, (liarlM KlfilJe of t h0 Iweiflli ward, ?p?ike of the linportane?-nf the acttaa Ikif were about to tnle. of Ilia uerv?-|tjr of thatr bmnf oan tlmia In the aelantlon of randldal?< aa their artlon ?M Itokrd up to lit not onljr the wftl(a *4 the el j but Vf Ilia ?hiiri of Hie Xlate and tin real of Ui? I 'bum. It0 waa liiterruj t?l !?? emitlnual leferenroa ?o th* "laik lantern." Mr. KliMle prne.-e.1ad by huplaw that the repn'?Mitallm of 1h? ? htra of the (r?M n mmeiclal emporium, by their ki?e of llhartv. ]?ai|ra and f aedmn imuld make aanilnationa l? aei -ordailre ?llh puMl'' aenlilnent. lie li|4 baas n whiff for twen'r yaara, and had totttad hard tar tb? ranee He aald 1|m1 unit" *ie?ft?nt nomlnattoM vera maile. lha wliiy rota would ba aa atrial! aa hurt yaar (A.otO). lie urired ronclliatlon and harmony, and tfc* BKimnatloD o| bo one who waa not kaown to be a f*?4 and true eliljf. and eataa well vouched lor aa auoh. 1 r. John Ivaa, Iif tlie Taeulj WMM w ard, waa nnaa naia<l fur Cm oner by acrlaraatiun . I ba coiiran'lon Uwa went Into nonilliation for Iba reinaiiiinf Coroner*. Dr. I'erry waa darlared nominated after the Drat bal lot. Ihe M-roiid liallot waa rejarie<l hr an Inloimallly. I hurlra Mlaalnic waa numliiaijd on Hi* third I -eeund rw ipilar) ballulllif, and waa then declared unaolmuual> th* n> Bilnee ol the whlfla. lie la one of the I'ttiui Itar abala, and a Journayman Jeweler, fir. IIUN aa* noinlaa t*d on lha fourth ballot lln/f. The noraluatloaa Air (W ner ware fbua oiiuipl?4rd. The Honor Interaat prejnari nated in the ranwaiiUoo, and all Iba uoinlna** are anM Malne law The i Bin ra warn ap|e Intiil a emmaitlae lo notify th* eandldataa of their noioloain n> Tlie ooareotion a4 Jaurneil after niidnlxht. AMBKICAN OR **OW NOTIIINa NOMINATION*. niirw iriu Tli* Kmi Mathinga ot th* V.ightU ward Kara amoiaB t*d litM f'olanian lor AIiImimd. Juim K. Colgrow Ih hr*n raWrtnl by tha ?ama I*rt* u < an lbdala for 'jova rflman nf tb? I l*li"mlll ifldtrlrt ?ml J'tarph D. MtrtW far ( ?uacllman of Ut? NlnMrwnth ilMrtol. n?ni waatt. J?ai*? IkmUn haa Iwrtt rwmiaatad I if Ik* Know Mm tki im - <f t ha Truth ?ir<l?i raadldftla tmr tomitlfn WUltf van M0H1M4V10M. mi.mnuTM viae, Tln> fulbiaing ar?* I bo whig notuiaatiuM ? >It Ahlnman ? Jae?.)i II. \ *l?iuiaa Ctrl, ante l'?? llfll ?i*U? ili.Ultl, Uo D"*Uu..Ui?< Ft'1 aaYrtilh, Wm <i. flnllag. iuao* ? ("bailta Vw>a riiwf?U/i? ll<aij ll'bi'P, Ja>uaa llriil. MKtiA (* aim '#? r Hmnar Itta.llu Trt ntn- ? Au'lirw A. ftNMbar, W. K tflnmi, Jam* ML Krtaajr ,VA t*>l Jnrjwtltrr ? Jattira W I ?i rar <1 rr>#Tii ***!?. T?> ma aairrii* >?? tiik iibuiii. Ilimlt'. Il<?l li th* >i?iglna? i.l tb> vklfi, anil of m olhar miIj, itl ? >mh Irslli ward, (or A14a>u.*n If Jum* i.i llliiti l? In ni'inluall' n fur lliln nfrr, l,n inuil Im th* la'kjr l"! "f lb* hrvw ?? party vkka art. lu ?acr?t, at It It i><tt | nhTu 4> kiwian la (ha warik tb?t ha baa nadN >1 a ?N'OMMllo* if Wf kind Vrm arfli tl arafi r? pliaaa i oft art ynur .tan.. nl of la 4? . la IU* r rira "I Ji HtUYVK'AST. kt.raUi ol W hl? V' lainalia* I tar buMailM. An*. IkM to thk kmtob or tiik miimami. Piih# ih# rw*ruiriaiM<rw f-t ...only I ,'I . ,?*r ? haaa liaata by '!>? IidmUm part/, II loan* ?nili-lpa'*4 by rrrf '?<n? I ahoaid ha plarrd la rumilnailari for nra a# tfi'1 ? r? u< r-, ai.'l I.IJ U lia* to "I.Uia tfca aaiu*, I ha*v '?'itilaly harraarw.l sii'1 (*??/'?! try [?- ria <n>t > rn |^-r t '.ninr nv to aul ibii i?_? na?? In tla* public w >ii lnd?|i#l>d*al camiidala, Ir.l4iag nul aa lad an uta I II lOtlr ?f im lltar ?ir that >ha aotl M.ina l*? |?rt| iV.I. ? d iu* f> r a ' ?ixli in'r thai lLa fl alulia, baaaf ?>i< it. Iti-I ???o tha wi Iga 'W I'M rna, 'half vm unfairly '1?alt alihln ilw mim' iif f nrrnll? (?klrb latin ) ailiil) I u V I' ta icfortld llw, iivol a>at>iU>iuly >xi U>u |?r? a< n.any ?).< m I n.lflit natarally kit ', >-i4tak *<? filmdn 1 1. ?t I ma ? Ik. ut alar * lag a u? m Aaaarinaa f4rty t4i dafrat 1),? rlwjr mx*\ i? n'ji a|a?U?a? tt?.a fall. <t? Ar Amrrlraii tlrlka^, I.) a dlvlal 1 1> 'hat I aai Iraa'Uh^ aa4 ankiy w.'li tlam. an 'I ?IM ' VI' 'M* *7 1 >. a?.I allli lilt, Mb. ???' and r.r.^r ? ft rala II.. pa < / <nl? * an trap l.j aklrk I hay waaUl I* <-a?ai*? I'frihH ?1U? ?. ri><- laanlf nlhar lll<|ill?M ?|Uaily 'alar, br Haiti u tli' fact 'b>< tt af?ny baa na.aacv n* >4 Itiji ?'i'i : II mm, and I ha1 Ihay ftaar I **11 nut Ml jrriit I n I i lr>*.al r|lttnir rm- ll. n? 1'riall im kt> ?*4 <m? hr aU In ?r, Ibai ih I vr.iar'aln a k ? ?ri >? r a ?<( I ha ima'*?a 'Vina it.' I if; rn all imIi 'Iik ai"^a?.u -a. ailariM ii.' fi* tn lh? Ra?at . f.'lal >a' laady -??fl- rt or all ll r f aa'JIda'f" j al la a'.mlaa IUm by ' *w luranaaM l?r'y I rl.all fa< up rv> rw . {a'^>, I ?upnari II. r | ?rt? / f th* rat. .4 I (a prlatlf ?? ami '-A tut in4k ?ld> al? III II. I hat' |||?>.|?.| I'<| Biufli la lit aa 1 >nma itwl i.i rni 'k I* II lahrn ad i?aa laag iali, and i-h? llrhad II* ptla' % l? ? If", fhllhf .Ujr awl lantll; t'> I?r Bill nr at thka tai< ho > to a4ib?r al/arvl ? ur tli'*? i.l -ta'-l#* In <h? nl 41a avnwaaa aak ixaa* ally In h* II ? wllllag aa jaal ?? 'h* > Iinhai aod v lilylaC laaddla > f ita j .<aaiia ma ai hat*. 1>.<n U-t Ii I ' laiily aa^ratnod, that ?V??ia I har* ill ? y, I ?hall. '? I ha ulufat of ray ability i .'lain, lb* pi ????.( ar aay 'uLara h>i?iImm llaa par ? r?JWt ha' a V'AMnga Mhn r* thrill'/ U a.'.it l-iru'lfta^, al h iha l ?i a yd ' r ?? Ima a 'a . f ib|- fff "a'lilrn ll'O J W/UH'*iS uji.iir '?IV V ili. Au|?H .a l*l? TH* fMf, faioM ronum. i.. 1. ? Tuomiio. 7i Iran A' t !l Trottfng mat h ? **> "in l*a*|a> hrat Air* la f.aa, lo vif cv aa a a a* I drlaar la ?l ?b Mr Vl'lan'r aalybt II |ii<4l?l &h*rl > *a l?1y I'antllr I k ? V. It h' iai aairi' I ' n> It'll""!.* .I I t % TIm* * IVU.' ?? f'a^ <Mi if 'I ' rrf ' ? rwt T? TFt?#? ? ?VlirH a? a* 'h *'?? '1 a! 'JM lia 4??' "1/ '>'jr*?a *t?i r lay I t.r i^*.'. -?.?* i ta ?ara trtth dra ? a UmI^XM I M> lan'l< V,; bra" *4 i% I 'A t<, II - ? mi, . in . t- tl a IV "? * ' ??'a! '?????? ??' ali l? (I a "? '??'hi rU ? a *?!>?. *ad ?i . ?'.? tad laaaii. -af'. WaW m . ao.1 'h* rank 'all ,; *? ,i | V 'I' brt u ' ? '?!' ad tka ?r- iitakn fl > .' ?'* 'b' f.u+tj 1 1 #r H.I? 1 ) t S 1 I 1 I ? tii a i . ^ . :a. . n 3*0 Tha r? a.^at-.'r * " '?? U *tr.'ilr - S !'?"*<*, <k b >? " ? ?" I . a >?<><>?<> J%>i I ? rfca PWM MbUh bal**a? lar ?? ? ' f aj . I r -a <H.r?U| In fl wt a4la Wa, t..t a '? rarr.< I f?.l?i v laxwal Wa'-fr a?al a# 4 .. u Ik*'. rath W ? i ??f iVa ran* and waif aa* a a* by W.'.iah MMtam KTV-a ; V th ?a MIM< ' ( l r ? A-<a 211 I J it e *? "Ml l I IwalV'l 1 ' ??? I4M, ? ??. .a- . I *. i-a1 J* it 34 a-Tfc* %**?!?? ?n <h *?> ?l ?'* '? kt'a, H lliM>. t?-a a ms4 * *a*a, mar Ikt I W nr.* I'aaraa taa'.raa; aaa tr a t.y |r iattaa I'.taa alp ? ??4 b> I k"' 1 an I 14 ' I' J ,T?^ , ? . > at*. li a . . . ?.... ' ? 'ay ' , . ?* aa a. ,rra ?* ' '** '?*? f*** I W4.ll! tad Ira- V ** V J I , u. Mrb U> M a a., a a ' / I -I J .Jis-m. t* I ' 44 '?? ?? ? <?<"? Mk tba 'a?i?h l~?i Ilia a ? I* ?'? I I oa wal a- ' r ark la ' ra-.lian* | , w.v a I ,, , . ? I - \V-I, tn**4 V?.a 4r, ?>.?*? j r. >| Niaa *v ??/?? '? ?>>*? i .< . r"\*iatr a ' ) y ir. aa^rfd r r "aa ??'.???* ... 2 I t A* * i.a. a t. . "' I r I ra^ J. t?i* i I I lira# . I I .l .... . . ,'S A aa * ?-"l I *1 Wk CrUahan a* I <A ? t ?? ?l t> ? irtp-.a-. * a. fctt "?**%*?' 1 | r i rvaa Mf ? ? t flaa a.'^r raat ad Waladl t Iffct, kl^i ???

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