Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1855 Page 6
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4DVERTISLKKHTS REIliWED KTERT DA situations wanted. CONTINUED FROM THE IQfTI rAOH WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RUhMCT ABI.K young girl, aa t h?mb?>nuuid and w iit?r. or would IU to do tw ws-iln^ arxl rotting I.est of city jwtlmoalala rrcna her former place. OjII at IS' Nh at , Si. Maik'a place, third door, back rotas. WAKTCn-A SITUATION, BY A RK*PE?TABI K Tf TMAff Protestant irirl, ** <h?mb*rm*i<1 and -.rUter, an I to HuMtn the homework " *nwlJ family. Can bo aeen tor at No. VSt Woat INfc at Wantkiwa HrnJATio.v. by a rkspkotarie young unman. to do chamberwork and watting, or ge neral liotwetvork < ood ally reference. Can be ajeufortwo <lay?, at 46 tor?)tb st. "UTANTED-A SITUATION, BT A MIDDLE AGKD WO VV man, wh" wiahea to make a home In & atntll private fa t* ?k. wubcr and ironer. Beat of city reference given 1 1 required Iuiiulrv at 109 Kivlugton street, K cond floor, trout root "flT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPKi T VBI.K FT young girl to do general homework In a smtll faulty; ha* got Rood Mi y reference from her last place. Can ben c'n tor (wo daya IT not engagtxi. Call at 216 Kaat i:tth at. TXTANTBO? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE ?T >aung woman, a* plain cook. washer and ironer, or tn do the ganeral hoasewnrk of a small private Umily; Is a gool baker. Good < Ky reference. ( an be acen for two day* at M We* 18th at. , in the rear, brat lloor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A PROTESTANT Hootch girl, to do oharaberwork and waiting, or general homework, In a small family. Can be seen for two da) a a 106 3d avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECT \IILE PrfHataot young woman, an cook, washer, and Ironsp, or to do housework for a small private family, fins no objec tion to go a abort distance In the country. The bent of ell* reforeoee can be Riven from h?r last situation. I'leaac to rail ?t 16 Molt street, tn the milk s'ore, for two days. WAH1KD.-A SITU A TIO.V BY A RKHPECT A III.K young woman aa chambermaid or waiter. HaanooV jeeUoo (o do general bonne work. Good reference; oan be seen lor two days at So. 139 Kaat 19.h atreet. WANTED.? A SITUATION BY A RKSPKCTABI.K young woman aa good cook; la a good baker; la willing to aaslet In the washing and Ironing Good reference; can be aeen lb r two daysat So. 374 Forty second atreet; between Ninth and Tenth avenues. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A SOBER MAN, IN A private family, as co alman and groom, and If willing to make hlmaelf useful to hla employer; h is ttrrt olaei ally re fereooe. Address E. M., llerald office, for iwo days. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, at. cliamb rmald and waiter; good re fereaoe. Apply at 1(2 Elizaboih at., for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GKR mau young woman, as cook, or to do general home work. Good reference. Can be seen, for two daya. at 63 Bai ter at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework. Good elty reference. Apply at 206 avenue C, first Uoor. Can be seen for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Fyoung woman, to do chamber work and waiting; pool re fereoeee; can lie aeen for two daya at 216 1 Ith at., between lat avenue and avenue A. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN', to do general houaework; la a good plain cook, washer and Ironer; would have no o'ljei tion to go tnthe country. Has the beat city reference. Can be seen for two daya at 110 York atreet, Brooklyn. 1*rANTEI>-A SITUATION, BY RESPECTABLE GIRL, vf - 4e take caraof NiUdren and do plain aewlng. orehatn berwort and ptiifn tewing. Host city and country reference *an be given. Call lor two days at 6? 9th atreet, between Unlvfc.ity piaoe and fith avenue. TirANTED-A SITCATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, as cbumbennald mid w aiter, or aa children'* nurse; lia> no otyeo ion to assist In w aaliing and ironing. Beat of rrserptu e lronr. her laat employer. Please call Car two day at lOO Weat 2bih at, between bib and 7th avenuaa. ~nr ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vv y-o ung girl, aacook or lauiidreaa; haa no i,bjection to do gentral liouacw rirk in a small prlvaio family; unaeratanda her i'Ualneai, perfictly; lias the best ol' city reference troin her last place. Tnoae wishing such help wlil please apply for I w o days at 236 10th avenue. WANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, a* clmmhei'inald or waller, or plain sewer. ( an givp I he Deal of rlly reference from her last place. Please call at ?3 DIvUlon at.; can tr aeeu two days If not engaged. WANTKD-A SITUATION, 1IY A YEKY RESPECT ABLE yoiin?glrl, n? cbambermiiid and wnliressjor would t<ike caro of chlldrwi; has lhi> best of city reference: can be seen for two days at 2 c; tith avei.ue, between 15th and llitli sta. T)LT ANTED? A SITUATION, UY A RESPECT -VBL.K WO tt man, in u amall private lumlly, an chambermaid and plain Krwer, or ? ulcl da i.eneml bouai work In a nma Ifanvly. (loud referent*. Can be aeon for two davs at No, 6 llester sf., froiu basement. WA NTET>? SITU ATI ONS, BY TWO RESPECT ARLE joung women; one nxeook, washer and Ironnr, ttie oilier as ihsmliem.iid and wui er. tlcod city refereuee. C.ui be fe<?n for '*-> ?'nys. If not enga-r.d, at 2<o ?.Wh it., between 9Ut and 101b avt'tiU'**. second Hour, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RRSP ROTABLE your. ? sir! . as n cord plain cook; understand* all kind* o Inking ?nd la n lir?i rnie waohor and Ironer. Bern of city refer onre Iron: ucr last plan*, where aha lias lived tbrec years, t.'al at lJt East fttti at., between 2d nnd lid nvs. WANT ED -A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ytunj: woman, a* chambermaid, or waiter, or to do the housework ul a in nil family, or '<> ink" cl.urge of a baliy tiro I !-fironce. Can bf feen at li3S3d ? t- , between JIliaudHUi n . a., ?or two day. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as ohamberntaid and nurse, or 10 du the housework of a (.mall family. Quo- 1 reference. Can bo sf>ea a: 63 University plat e, bet worn 1 1th and 12th hih., for i wo lays "BET A NTEI ?? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V? lotutg girl, it* chambermaid and natter In a prime family; has lived In her last place 5 year*. fan give the bea m city reference. Please cali ui 2t7 Kaat 19th si., third floor back c^om, for two days. t TANTED? A SITUATION, AS CU AMHEKM A] D]A \D t well recommended. Can he , between 1st and 2d avenu i WANTED? A SITUATION, p'uiln mwit. Can come seen for UTt> dayg at 175 20th ft., I WAN1ED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young uiarrled woman, aa wet nurse; her habj ver> bnhhby; and two month* old. tiuod reference. Can be seen ai MO East 2t'*h at., third floor, In the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cliauibeni Hid nnd waller, or to take carc of children. flood rlty reference. Apply ai MO ?tli ave nuo, woflntl Jlupr. front room, for two days. nrABtfcn? a situation in a respectable pri tv ?*te fernl!;. to do light chamberwork and waiting, by a young girl 1} i?aj> ol age: la capable and willing to mike her self genrrally useful. flood clt v reference. Can be aeen for three d*y*, tr net i ngaged, at W9 East 3)<h tt., third floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY a RESPECTABLE OIRL, aa rook. ? i?ber and Ironer; has no objection to do house work In a i.nall private family. The tint city referent e given. Oal at 154 Forsyth ftreet, in tnn rear. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PRO l< skint girl, a* chambermaid and waiter, li t* the best of clt jr rcfr rente Ironi her last place. Can be seen for I wo days at it East 11th Mroet, between 3d and 4tli a(fuuea. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE, HY A flESPEC table woman, who Ihorotivhl) understand* lh" care of chLdrer, or an Intant from Ita birth; la a goo 1 aeamsirea*. The l>?it of city refei ence fnun her last place, where she liaa lit t I four ytum. Please call at 145 Sixth .t> i ntie. l<el? cm 10th and 11th limit, In the fancy store, fur two days. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, lo di> clutmberwork and assist In the n vshlng and Iron in*, or grneral housework In a small family, flood reference from ber liwt plae* where alio has lived a number of years. Oanbeeeen for two day- at 01 We* lfith st.. in the rear." XJiT ANTH1> ? A BITU A1TON, BY A RESPECTABLE f v young unnii, aa gisid plain eook; Is an excellent v?a h er and Irotier. Plenao call at 130 Eatt tftb at. flcaal city refer eoee. WANTED? A SITUATION, l?Y A RESPRCT ABLE (Irl, to da general Iwnaework In a small private family; t? a good eook atxl Ural rale washer and Ironer. Can give beet of city reference. Can be aeeu for two days at 'iV? Mott MrrH. IhL-d floor, tack room. WANTED-A SITUATION BY \ RESPECTABLE WO man, aa rook and chambermaid flood city referem*. Obb be aera for two day* at No. 2pt West 2Hih at. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNfl OIRL, TO do housework or rhambernork. Sne nndenianda plain cooking, and la ? first-rate washer and ironer lias the hc?t of reference Plraae call at (A* 6th avenue, between 2Hth and ,'9fb (treete, room 16, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION IIY A RESPECTABLE young woman aa lanndresa. or to 'do chstnberwork and Ana waslilng. Has beat of city reference. Can be aeen at :9 Fast 19th afreet, tor two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to take bare of children; Is a goo, I plain eewer, ha* no objection to travel with a lady; lived two year* in her last places Oood cKy reference. Can he aeen for two day* at Vft Broadway . between flat and ZM sis. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girt, to do ff< neral housework. In a amall private famPy; relereuw (Ken. if required. Pleaae call at :W2 Hudson st. TyANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS VT lady's maid and aenms'reaa; underatandi halrdres.lng ta the m stoat nuuiner. Can give aausfactory city r< ferenee freaa ber last pWv Please address, by letter, C\ F., t'nloa square Paat WANTED-a SITUATION. BY AN AMERICAN housework In a I pri vate tynj'y , II I nmsi piab, c.ok, * asher and Irooer. City re nrea^e ITreqlrod. Apply at no Ixit., between l?th and W AS ( II AMBKRMAID, o* general housework. Can produce ?ood clt, refer,"?; % apply mmm door from Douglas at. In nuyv Houik HroiikiJ^ W A NTED? TWO PROTESTANT OERMAN ?ir7h. vT one aa eook, waaher aad Ironer and one aa ehamWma.d and sMmstreaa; wages K and S6. Apply for two daya a?No *W. aui a<. , ?a.- Mi aveaue. Muat speak English. Waited- a pitcation, bt a rrsprctahi.v. . " J?"*?-?' 10 do thamberwork, and to assial In waak ?n? '* . housework for a small fa *' bly> for ? <1*71 at 1 77 Ludlow it. THE HOUSE wash and Iron Apdly at m 6th avenue. ?? wo*AN TO DO wstl a^b?weU^Jl^'l7 ;Vl!le who cook.^^^^^H ZZr ""I f?eo?nni?nded. Apdly at .til ?Y TWO YOCNtl OIRLS; SITUATIONS WANTED. WTANTKIV- BT A R KSI'KCT A BL.K YOU MO WOMAN, A ?T si ua'lon as chambermaid, and waaher and tmoer; chatn ' eraiaid m a hotel preferred. I'leaaf call al iVJ avouu" A, mfrd floor, fro n l room. TXT WTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOCN1 WOMAN, tt as chambermaid. or to do the housework of a am til prl riC* family. Wages nni so much an object at a i?nWa le situation. Please call at fi<>8 Houaion if., between Hro-idway and l'owery , in the store, for two day*. VI' \NTED-BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, A SlTtT ATIMN, TO tt crok, wuh and Iron, iu a small unrein family; she tho rough!) understand* her business. Kan the best of rlijr re ferences from her last place Can be seen for two daya at 123 21st at., near *tli avenue. fXTANTBD? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRI., TT a situation In a i-mall private family; Is a ':ood washer and irouer, and understands bread and cake baking. Inqilra at 191 West 2bth at. lor two daya. Good city reference given If required . TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, RY AN EXPERIENCED TT good rook also a good baker; can uiakn all ktoi-i of ?otlpa, Jellies, Mane mange. Ice crc ims, Ac. tlool cliy refer ence given. Call at S3 ls:h b(., between tith and 7 h avenue*. WA NT HI>.? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPROT YBf.K young woman, an seamstress. She can cut an<l ii chll dren'a dresses and understand* dressmaking and family sow ing. Would have no objection to chimb rwnrk In a firhaie feinilv Would prefer inn country. Can be Been for two d iys at SOHMoM at., (list lloor, between Houston and Bleccker sta. Una the beat of city reference. WANTED? A SITUATION, HY A REsPE!T\BLE young woman, as sciitustre-s; can cut anU m 1 1 it.*,' dresse*, and do plain sewing in all Its brincii.-s.i <1 !iu"*utl ery. ('en get ihe best of reference. Call at 147 714 avenue, between 'JU.b and .'1st his., liird t oor, front rooui. TITAN'TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A Tl situation as chambermaid and waiter. City reference given. Apply at 43 Perry street, in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A RE<PKCTA hlc English woman, who understands her buainess per fectly, aji'l ban ibe b< st of city r -Ii rences. Can bo * < un for two day*, nt 313 1st avenue, 2uth mid 21st street). WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, as wet nurse; bus burled ber ba'm lias no objection to go a short distance In the country. Please call at lfia 1st avenue, second floor, bacL room. "117 ANTED- A SITUATION IN A WHOLESALE HARD TT ware house; has been live years in 'be hardware irade. Be?t of references given. Address C. A , Herald oflleo. TITAN'TED-A SITUATION, AS COMPANION TO AN It aped lady, or invalid, by a middle aged Am r < ii'i l.idy; references given and required. Inquire at 318 Bridge a.., Brooklyn. TJJTANTRD? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RWSPKOTA TT ble voung woman; Is a flrst^ate rook, washer and iros er; has a good recommendation from her last place. Can bo seen, for two days, at No. 99 27th st,, between btli and 7th ave nues. TfTANTBD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, lo do chamberwork and flne washing and ironing, or washing. Can be seen for two days at 239 7d) at., second floor, back. TIT ANTED- A SITUATION BY A YOUNO MAN, A3 TT clerk In a grocery or liquor store. Is a good accountant, and capable of driving and taking care ofliorses, or would like a situation In a private family as coachman. Apply at luo Kiug street. TtTANTKD ? A SITUATION BY A RE 'PI5CTABLE TT younir man, In a drj goods store, or in anoltlre. He writes a very good hand, and Is sober and hones'. Wastes no object. The best of city reference can be given. Apply at 249 Mulberry street. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPEOTABLE young man, ns clerk or light porter In somo whole sale cstabllsl metii. Is a drat rate accountant, and his a knowledge of the grocery and liquor bu duels. Best refer ence given firom his last employer. Can be ?een for two days, at 144 Water s'rnet, I.rooklyu, In the store. WANTED? A SITUATION, A8 COACHMAN, IN 'A TT private family, by a respectable young Englishman, who knows his business thoroughly, and has exculh-ni chy refer ence; iiny lady or genilenian being In wan' of a trust wortfiy nun, will please address J. K., Herald office, stating where an lnterriew ran be had. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN 19 years of age. In a commission or banking hous,?, who is desirous of obtaining a knowledge of Ihe business, flood recommendations given. Address J. W. J., t>ox!37 Herald office. T XT ANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION IN THE TT hosiery, glove or laee department of an import'n,' or jobbing house, or in a gentlemen's furnishing store. ' Can give flint class references. Address L. J., Herald office. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN CO VCH mnn who perfectly understands his business. Can be wen for three days. Address 127 (Jrund i-t. TITANTED ? BY V YOUNO MAN, WEI, I. ACQUAINTED ?T with the fancy dress irimm'ngs, Ac., buslnsss, a si nation In a wholesale bouse, or 'o take eliarjrc o! a retail ? stabllshincnt either in town or country. The best ol' el y reference. Ad dr box 112 Herald oflice.| THE TRADES. A box wagon maker, cabinet maker and blacksmith, mated Immediately, Uj establish eaeh ut the stove branches of business on the V pper Missouri river. Plenty of business Immediately, and high prices fi>r wiirk. Ap ply lit the office ot ihu Union Settlement Company, 2J3 Broai vuy, room No. 8. CIONFECTIONKU A ND TASTBY COOK WANTED. - ' None but competent workmen tieod tt;>pl> at 835 Broad way, comer of 13tli at. CIOOPERS WANTED? TWO SINOLE JOURNEYMEN TO > make spirit barrels, ul a healiv place In Florid i, on a year'* engagement. Good workmen may apply immediately, at 71 1'lne st. E. C. Estes, DESIGNER WANTED-AN KPP1UM0HP ANDSKIL till designer for calicoes mid other printed goods, m iv hear of ii j.ood opening, by tiddrosslng, with real name, box zet Post office. CXTl'ATfON WANTED.? AN ENGINEER WI8UE8 A 0 situniioii South, one ibat ti.iri bad ten years' experience upon one of tlic best railroad* in New York Suite, ha" ha 1 Nome experience In low pressure work; also sugar inllis. Bet; of reference given. Inquire at 10 Oordandt street. mo WATCHMAKER H ? AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG M AN. 1 who Is well acq lialnted with repslrlng, Is desirous of ob talnlnc n situation In a respectable establishment: salary no: no nmeli an object as a permanent situation. No objection to tbe country. Xwni C. M., UotH m> Tailors wanted.-oood hands fob coats, pantaloons and vents. Security wanted. Inquire at A. Rich A Brother's, W Pine st., up stair". TnE PBIENDS OK A YOUNO LADY AGED 16 WISH to apprentice or put her to some reaper. table trade or bu siness. A bonus or fee Riven, if acceptable or agreed upon. Address Yn. Ephralm Cannon, Herald office. TO MERCHANT TAILORS.? WANTED. BY A FIRST class custom en ter, a filiation. Second class establish mania nted not apply. Address A. B., Herald office. TV7 10 MAKF.BS. ?WANTED, A FIRST BATE Will V Y maker and hair cuUer; must thoroughly understand hair dyeing. Wag?" III per week, or more U worth It. Situation r oiu I ant. Applj to J. 11. Thompson, No. 6 Warreu ?t. ANTED? \ _ COWPETFAT II UK WEB, FOR ""a w country establishment. To a suitable party an Intere-t would be allowed. Apply In person, at 13) Warren sf. TV' ANTED? A SITUATION, AS OABDF.NBR ANDFA't v? mer, by a single man el tlrst class abilities; h'- otters hi services to any fcetitlemiin requiring a person of extensive ex pi rleoce; is a pi-otli icnt land?<MP" gardener, and ot all kinds of vegetables and farm produce; can lake care of slock; is u Protestant. Terms moderate. Address B. G., A. Smith * seed store, f t White street. WA NTED? TO GO WEST, A JEWELLER. AN AMEHI can preferred. Must bo a good jobber. Applj to Braiueid A- GetlfffOJ , 10 I orfliadt st. ~\\T ANTED? a" JOURNEYMAN PLUMHElT" AT " NO~ 26:; t? Ooort abut, Brooklyn. WANT ED IM MEDIATELY? A COMPETBN T draughtsman. Apply at 72 Grand St., Williamsburg. P. B. Gaynor, City Surveyor. WATCHES, JEWELllY, *tt\ 1) EDUCED PRICES. ?WATCHES, JEWELRY, DIA Almonds and silver w ire. The undersigned, Tor the last eighteen years a well known dealer and Importer, otters for sale all goods In his linn at lower MM for the same quail y than any other house In Nee York. 1'hlladrlphta, or any other city, and will seud by mall or eipress, WATCHFS, JEWELRY, Ac., to all parts of the l'nlted Slates, free of charge. AH good* warranted a- represented. Orders by mall, post paid, fnilb fully attended to. * WATCHES. Walrhes wlih places for daguerreotypes $100 to$lVi ?liirginsen Watches, reruine, warranted ISO to '.fit i Cooper Wntrhes, genuine, warranted Ill to ht> Independent Watches, for timing horse* 126 lo 2Ao Pocket Chronometer* 128 to Eight day Waiehrs 140 to 18.1 CaRles' Enamel Watches .16 to list Indies' Diamond Watches M lo JO Magic Wait hi s loo lo LA Oofd Hunting L-vers, lull jewelled. 18 carat ? to 40 Gold (tpenfsced L'-vers, full Jewelled, IS carat ?to it Silver Openfseed I.evrrs, full jewelled ?to l.? Silver Leplne* ? ? to 8 JEWELRY. Earring' Si 80 to ttS Oil Pin* I SO lo 26 0" llraerlcis A OJ to Ho IM Gold Sleeve lintuiiis, set ? 00 to 20 O1 Gold l/>ckrts, I, 2 and 4 glosses 3 00 to 2A 0.1 OoRI tlnnrd Chains 10 00 to AO OU Gold Chatelaine, or Iielt Chains 10 00 to 110 0.1 Gdld and Vest Chains 8 00 to 85 Oil Go'd Fob Chains t; 00 to lt?i Cold Pencils I a to 10 til Gold Puis and Pencils 3 60 u> Lb 1*1 Gold Crosses j is) 'o 12 00 Chased Wold Klor- 76 lo 8 0 1 Pis in Gold Kings 7(W- to 8 ?i Pure Cold Wedding Rlii*? 1 30 to 10 Olt iewelry of evert de^rlpilon. DIAMONDS. Diamond Rtnglfc Stone Pins (12 00 lo 11.600 00 Diamond Cluster Pins 30 Ktt to 400 00 Diamond Rings 7 tit) lo 0W m> Diamond Rarrliq ? 100 00 to 300 Ou Diamond Crosses 28 Oil to *M (JO Diamond Bracelet- tito 00 to itNof 4i*. Ac., Mr. SILVER WAKE. Silver Ta?apoons, per set 16 "0 to 90 00 bllver Deasert spoons, per set 12 00 to IA ot) Silver Table Spocns, (t?r s?t 16 00 to J8 00 Stiver Table f orks, per aet 16 00 to ? 00 Sliver Iiesaert Fork*, par ml 13 00 to 23 0b Silver weddig cake knives, pie knlvea, ttsb knlv-w, piekle forks, Ice cream knives, fruit knives, butter knives ChU drrn's seta, vlt:, knife, fork and spoon, silver cups, napkin ' batches, clock* and Jewelry repaired at le? than usual prxes. and jewelry taken In exchange. iJKu. C. ALLEN, Importer of watcees and jewelry, wbol?*ale and retail. No. II Wall street, second Boor, Near BrM^way, N?w Tvrk. RBSTAITRAim. lJFXTAJ UANT-PURDY^, 336 BROADWAY, CORNER |7~|.V- _ . s'reet. ? ThL< recherche palsais d" Jon gout In ii^?i*'',' "* Pr'^mlnence for choice oy* era this sea iinon^ ? i,i?i! ' w,<0 ,"*n ,ook Upon tn.> cool marble bier rCTLrivL .*, f<* ?*? sarrlfloe thoaa dettelouj swStauHUMa?!!^!^ rir ,h'm w deepest emo ^>of Should such a Otic ?!,- i,eh,.Mr ,, 2?trongea?sytupalJilea. rA!",0H W WEB LEY RE-'TAU oor* Thifl p.ilhiTr ^ and Touiiii w MVle of doing l uslne? w* -.yTf* L* ,*? wlthseellsron <l,s norihv ? B.-.Vo eonaetUoa hangout my nsme WKbosU s?.ki^riL ."J re^ttxertSU for any tr*a?ac!ion s a- reSJ^ "rwif Aurbt (-Cam miixiner and dress ca p m \kkr wmr'ed; highest vut? glveo. Apply at 110 Bieeofcer it., ? lew doom from Oreeoe at \ PROTECTANT (WK, WASHER AND IRONER J\ named by a sir.*]: family. None but a compe-eot per mil need apply at IS7 Ureene H. A GOOD PLAIN COOK. WAflHKR AND IKON'BR wonted ? one who In competent, Drat and willing to m ike hi inolfiuMful, and ran Wve pood relerenoe; also ?rhnu>rr maid and waker, and to assM tn washing and trontul. I'h-y can And pood situations, a? 163 West X3d xt. WeL-h. Herman or c "lured preferred. A HAT MUUHAN WANTKD IMMEDIATELY? AT White's, Mil Broadway * ADVERTISING AGENT?WANTED, a city advbs Using api-ir and coilec or, one w'nioan give the 1* ? 'it siirsncc"- of honesty, a) tiitv anil responsibility. Apply at the Vn ror i llice, between 8 and ? A. M. k OIMI WANTKO.? A KKW KNKRfJETIO MSV .r* wsn'ed to sell Ames' patent door fastener in ihln cl'.j a i I lu 'l;e country, also at tb? .>tai.i county fa.rn wb cli <ake place during the fall- Patented April III ISflft. Apply to A. MSG .MAN, 2UB Broadway - B( OK KEEPER WANTKO ? ONE WHO WRITER A j,i od hail'1, undera'amlo double entry tiOOkWenpiirr, un 1 In ii:u Unar ?lib tlie.hliplng business. Mint br-u' tie b -at re/er ene< a* 'o uiteg' I'y, eai adijr, rap di'y an I accuracy. Address, ? lug salary expected, name and rcfereoov, boit J.Oeo Post CLOAK MAKERS? Warned iinmedla'nly Apply to Molyneui Bell, 88 Cunal street. CLOAK MAXKR8.? WANTNO, IMMEDIATELY, ?X> fli>t r;iie cloak maker* ui No: ti 1 '<ir'l nidi ure 't, up -> ilri To f nod liu'ula extra wages will be given. (COMPANION TO A INVALID LADY WAN l'KD.? Til 5 / advcrtlst r di a rm 'o encii.'e in the a'ovi capacity tin s' rvlcns of a rf*i>?ci?hle, somewhat islu'-itnl i'"ii*le, of b ? ttveen tlilrtv and forty yearn ofai o; "he ?? expect! to do k rnclf to in*, care of the Invalid, nnd i unto plal.i s.*wiiif. To w, mi:l nmo lu peti.allcn lire oQ*1 red. Address Inv illil, ller.ilJ utll : such u 1-i r-on ajdalu comfortable hotm* au:l :nno lurate emu orfi D M C1< OK WANTED? ONK WHO U N I) SI 1ST AN l)J KITH C 'I ) 8|.iuiisi, or 1 rtsnch cooking. washing and Iron ns, Air a , may apply ai 21s West I'll a- y III' I. s r > wri ii l-.i). iiiii an d Mirk svi i ues. tiood clij ic.eretic -s re (|ttirw, CCOK WANTED? AN ENGLISH f>K St'OT ^H WOM VN. in ii Ktnail pil.uic family. Ai muii Una ool cotx, ? tii cr and it oner. 'Ihe besi orclly r. rnium -n.l .t un, will b n* Quired. Ntftit other nee I apply al IS Ea$i Tweu'y-eigu b -U COOK WANTEr? MUST UK A OOOD COOK, WASlffiR hi ii Ironer, and liai e best city references, in a sin ill I'uu ly. Apply ui IX Wesi lllii St., be,weeu O b uui ,ili aveuu 'a. RIO CLERK. ? WANTED, A YOUNfl HAN ABOUT 1. years of ttge, neijualnted with the buslncoa. a; 10 j 7th iv. Dltra CLERK WANTED-ONE WHO TH ?UOlT?LY in der>':inil? Ihe reia.l I.UFliiess, and c in com : well recoil iMndeu. Apply at 102 (Ireeuwicij ?ire ". G0VERNK8S WANTED? A LADY WHO Iti Pli.tFiXir jy ctmipelent io teach, and ?1k? apijitlu flu Eaeneh 1 in uiu;e t'nenlly, an well an l.einfj cup uili of te tobinil ? li.- In .'nor i.iHimhen oil ii,':ll?h eduentloii, and uoubl Hko a po?ttoi) a, ilnilv j utimoMi lu a hlshly rt?,pe<''abb' iiiinlU, in the d.)B.*r p<ir'* oi the city, near Klit'i avenue, will please a 1 Ir ?* , wi : l'oet nffii e. One who can leach uiuhc, dr iwin : ami ? m broldery preferred. Terms nin?t not be hljjb, wnlch p.ei.o slate. GOVERNESS WANTED? A MIDDLE AGED L\I?Y, vihonpeak.^ the Erem h laiiRuaue llu.rutly, lis under go vi i nivs. Apply at 32 West 21si nt. GtOVERNEPS WANTED TO INSTRUCT THKKE YOtTNO T girla In the English branches ami ruuslc, vo.-al an i Insli ii uieuial. ( nc hour's ride from the ('Ity Hall, /.d Ir.isn, ?vi b fnl! parib ulara. refarence and terms eipei t d, to R JiiKKT, box 2.4'. 6, Pont oihce. ILLINERS.? WANTED, THREE OOOD MILLIN.vlH; tl.ime accustomed to ilolnK llrst class eusiom work can have coi.ntam cmp oyment and hlgii salary, by applyln.' at Ju< fi-ncy store cornel of Market and Dlvls.on n reuia. Milliner wanted to 00 south? one who pertectly iinilerslandn her business will hear o. a JvuJ and permanent situation, (food waaes i(lven. Apply to UEKLY Jr CO., 2!I6 HroaJwiy. Milliners wanted.? three class mil liners wanted Immediately. None others need apply .or three days at Mrs. H. 8. Jones' Ktnporluai of i'a-lim.uj, X5 Broadway. YSTEHMAN WANTED? A MV.V TO OPSN OY3TR1-: in n must perfectly un lerniinj bis .>q?I in ss. Inquire ai OO'J Broadway, basement. CALKSLADIE8 WANTED? TEN EXPERIENCED S AT, K t C* ladies who are nccu-i omed to trlinmlni:. -ooJ ruli r-u ei ri quired. Al-*> a Io; , Hum 16 ,o 18 yean oil. Call alter 2 o'cioek P. M. at the llice y ore, No. jU6 Itroadway. CALEBHAN WANTED.? SA LKSMAN WANTKD, a 0 imiii t, ai'llve I oy, from In to VI years oi' age, lu i cloth and elo'bir ? house. An Englishman, wl.o lias bad sora i 'xpe 1 b uce as sab Milan In woollen p?iis preferred. To a n iH+.o ory peri on a pci maaent nltuulio iiul fair salary will be paw. Address, with lull particulars, box 226 rtprjijslcbl. Kla-?. Teacher wanted -a French lady, t"> tevc^i French end music ,n a semmirr at Amhe.-nt, No/ i S'lo'ln: Apply to I. ^ . Weinple, at the Manlmttm Luc Insurance t on pany, 146 Broadway. ANTED? SEVERAL OOOD CLOAKM AKKitS. AP ply Inimedbitely at 27 Walker ntree . TXTANIED, IN WILLIAMSBURG? A RESPECT VBLS YT servant of a'.l work; must be a (.nod washer auj ironer. A| ply at isn I < raiid strret, Williamsburg. WANTED- A COMPETENT COOK. WASHER AND ironer. Good city reference re lUlred. Apph n; 1 ij \S est SHb St., fi om 10 till 3 o'nock (In day. "Or \NTED? A SMART, NKAT GERMAN GIRL, TO D > TV general 1 ounework In a small private family; one who under>.iands her bunlneas. and speaks Knuilsb well, eau hav ? tbe In st of wages; none others need apply at 144 Frank in s . ANTED? A GIRL AS WAITER, WITH CITY BE ferencei. Apply at ST West 17 th st. ANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A f I strong, netlve unmarried Pro'estant girl, to do ijenenl housework, wnnliing and Ironing; mus be a goo i tv isher i > 1 ironer, and wllllnt! to submit to ihe rules of the house. No ie others ncd apply at 1(W W. 3 1 at st., nearHih avenue. Calloa.y between !> and 3. One rec. n Jy arrived preferred. X\T ANTED?' THREE GIRLS TO WORK AT DRE^S vv rnakinB, mid two or ihree to learn the trade. A nmVl compensation allowed while lenrnlm;. A Iso, a girl to do (ten rul housework. Wages 94 a month. Apply nil thin week, a hi Itivlnglon st. 0 w w "IIT A NTKI) ? A NEAT. TIT>T OIRL. TO DO GENERAL T T housework. In a! private family oC ihr -n ;icr*on?, none liu iJiot-e who undemund their btiair.esa prrfec y nerd apply; bent of city reference required. Call after B u'elo -It, a; 111 4ih M., aeCOM dour at.ove Aiiwn. WANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY? A COOK, CIUM hermnid and waiter, with good referencee. Apply at 6j 7111 a venue. Vtr" A NTKI) ? A PROTESTANT WOM VN. AS CH AMBER 11 mnlil and laundres*. IIM of reference!" required. Ap ply atll Madl>on square, north Mde. WANTED? A PROTESTANT TOUlfO WOMAN, A^ TT rook and to wash and iron. In a .nmlly of lour pmoM, a short distance from Ihe city. on llie North river. A p-r-on unoi rstandlng her business will find thin a pleasant *ltu ition. Apnly thU day, at 304 Broadway ofllcc No. 11, between I aiul 3 o'clock. WANTED? A YOINO WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS plain rooking, In a first rale washer, and tan coin wen recommended, can nave the benefit of a good bomo and goo 1 m afcea. by calling at 71' I'.njnrd at. TAj ANTED? FIRST RATE OUII.TRBS ON GROVER TV laki r & Co. '? quilling machines. To Mich, good tvage will be paid every Sautnlny. Apply to James O. Klyn, ItVs Broadway. WANTED? A DRESSMAKER. CAP ABU OP ri TTIN ; and fitting for a fasbonahle eonimiinlty, a > plcwn:ii wemern village In Illinois. None need apply wiMoutthe t>c ol references a* to character and capability. Address Mra. 11.. t orilandi street Ho el, New \ ork. r \nted-a girl TO WASH, iron, A.M> DOM ' neral housework. Apply at K7 avenue C. w TIT ANTED? A GIRL TO IK) THE COOKING, WASHING TV and Irmiiug In a small bmillv. Apply at SJ >uinmii st , i rooklyn, between lliek* and Columbia ?n. WANTED? A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN, uit a companion 'otm Invalid lady, and to assist in hou-e keeping. < ne engaged In needlework mr hersel or other* oali continue such work with Irl Ing Interruption, nnl as a r.tur.i for lier services will receive her 1 oard and a good home. .1 i> <m? American or Moteh woman preferred. Call at . .2 *Vcs lltli st., between 111 npd 1 o'clock. WANTED? TWO OH THBIK GOOD HILLTNBM, ?V II thoroughly understand llie business None other* uec i apply at lt? Wh ar., John Crawford'*. WANTED? GOOD OPERATORS ON OROVER, BAKKK TT A c?i.'s sewing machines. Apply to Dalton. Oll'uojr ,1 Co.. 4<>ft Itroadw ay. "llTANTlflV? A COMPETENT WAITRESS AND LAPN Tv drr*f>. Also a tlmt r ite rook, wno Hill likewise as*:s in washing. American, German, or English preftrre J. K.i quire at l.West i2d iireoi, I e'.ween 10 A. M. and 1 P. M. None but Protestants need apply. II 'ANTED- A GIRL, TO 1(0 GENKU M. HOUSEWORK TT In a small pri?ate lauiily. Nonn but Protestant ue.?d 1 i.ply- American, German, huglljh or French? at 'Jld l?ean ft., hou h Brooklyn, from 2 to 6 P. M., lor two day*. ?WANTED IMMED' \TEl.Y-KIX FIRST RATS MILL! vl 111 rw. Aim, two trimmer*; to suc,i good ?.1 1 cou ? ant employment will be given. Apply at i?W llroitw*,. corner ot Huurtimat., up sialri. N. H.? Three apprentice* wanted. IV ANTED.- 28 OR SO GOOD <LOAK_M \KKIts WANT -III TT litimi dlatelv, who liave been a^uaimned ? work on vi Ivet and cloth work, lo > ood handa eimntain I'uipio/Ri lit will be ?'lven at loh Canal street, over Roaenblatt'* laney ? ore WANTED?^ 1WO OB THREE HAI.I-JIMAN' TO IV FLU ence ca?h and a chort time trade for a Yankee no lou ?_i I fancy good* .obbtng Imuae. Musi be pernevemu. To atwli liberal li'durcmi u a wlli be given. Aiidren* Fat>cy i-oo Is, boi S6 Ilernld offllee. "11^ ANTED? A NE\T, TIDT PR< TE8TANT GIRL TO TT do general hou.eworlt. Apply at L Catherine ?t. \I' xNIED-A (JOGI> COOK, WASHER AND lit >.V 1R Tf 10 goa Hhon dtaiauce In the oountrv, mux tic Pioleswrn wtih Tieat of retervr ce? May call at 10 o'clock A. M., at IA l HO at., up ?ta.r*. o Child, Pratt M Co. WANTED- TWO PROTECTANT OIRLS-ONK TO DO tl'O general liOUM>work of a *mill ta.nliy frnu.t or U oroughi) c<4iipeten') , 'lie o her. a girl from loiiro-en to ?li tr?n yi ?p- of ag?. o do plain srwlng and take car.? o:' a baiiy Mu*< Lave good illy reli rcncM, Apply tor iwo day*, at J0?j l("h at . near id avet u?, WANTED? A NEAT. TIDT. PROTEST ANT GIRL. TO dogroeral housework an I plain cook In ; In a ?u il u n.lly (inc tha tbon u lil) uu .?r* atwia In r bualnr?* and c in irJM ? Old itn njt.eni i.tlon Irtni hir laat place, maj a,'pij a 144 Weit 16*h hC Wage* H per month. WANTED? TWO Ot OD MILLINPRR. APPLT AT 1J Join am n. N?? York, up ata>ra; or at 4cs) A.Jto'ie ? 11*. t, I rcoklyn. Want*!? BY * family residing tkn mil*' from beCti) Hali. a e'rady, ln<lu? rlo-is nan, ti^k* n>,ifOl hor e? ? 1 d r?roea. alw a Krei,.-<i noniui. 'n^e la>ly'a mak and a rrapeCnWe roKired woman <?> ^ 4r? ra.. nook. C'ioi'* Bkwiw. *aJ' *?;<?? /aawer bv Ict r, ?Im!i4 t,B4, rrM'-nct ao4 refec\r.?*a, a4d-ti<4 V} U V., bv? I^IJ r**rt tec? UMLf w tvrau. w i# TV ANTTD? A N1 MBKR OK Y0UM1 L^DIWS WH> ur.<ien"and b? ladii* bulr dr?a?'n : biuln ? ?. Also, ill.' or aud N'CMtn. Apply lu Win. Jiy Uarier, 439 load way. 7 ANTED- PKBSONK OF BOTH SKXRS TO LHABN A I eautltiil art ui which they ran o>r aln'y li-mi $3 w toi, a da) ; I all aught perte. 'Iy in one letsou, itu 1 s nUula fm tiny or. j or lown ?? "lie Unilril s?>?. \pply 10 Prof. [?IkVt.M- A 00.. 44 Hu l.'ou at reel, near UuaK. lirAKTm-vomo men kor wii.alino t>ya<jiw. I I A dv: no* allow fit of from (flo In S, 5 to outdt, Ac. Wan >"d ? CM|.rr? carpenteri una hiwk.'ii>i h>. Yuil.u in n warn ng ago io '< u will hint nil kui.N ui viijk'; * by n,iply.n ., to Rua drll A 1'oUim, lil i-outh Ml., cor. Peek slip, up ? uln. ANTED? A I I.Eli K T> A HAT hT >RK ; SAL \BY Addrcn J. TLompson, Herald office. AMPS'? A." OITDOOB .SALESMAN, A MAM Or" brf i' auiualn, ? I o ran intluonce city *nd couutnr i;iii.c; our laiuular wt'u the colic. , itu, and iplr? trade. Ad d ii? J. M., Hi raid iiffloe. TV AN! ED-MEN WITH A CAPITAL OK 81 TO Sfi, TO II tii. agi lu a prollu If iii loor buxlnes*. iTi^ !? ti ohm o o.iiqilrra ki uttlrd, ha cm l? ui tiul to a i unai 'ill ? e nu l ufltai li- '.j e. /? pply "t ftCULeriuo i*., room 9, up -> Tj/JiKTH'-TWO OK TI'BEM ME8 WHO UMDKR3T \ND TI ' < I I' lit n look ng g:u.n plain*; apply uuui Ji uely at Hi CttaNnH, TirA." TI 11-TIIRKI BALBfcMKN, KOI! THE SH-f, I>K II I n nnd domestic iii partm. n > Nooth- rx nee I aimlp In ib'i. v ho h .\t> h thiTOUgh kU'.MlMlge ol their b.M.nev, ui J tan ii\i- ll.e lest oi mi re one. , U..l. -'lr,Ab A DYKE, 98 Cauil AM I D- A YOl Nil MvN TO ATTEND A SE)\R b ere In lroadMa.. O' c wlm .O'ler- aud la ? tin.lnenpr ? . , i.oi <i iiik* nmjr nnli-w ib.y can ? rms; -jOOlcUy refer oli'hu bt. B avert!, .n ha ;.a>i..|neiit. /NTII? A W'lTI.R IN A KKIV \TK K \M1LY.? (no vlo Ihoroii'hly iinieroian I- hi- Lu Itiosa. Mina o lu i ur?d ai'plv . t lis irlVr uc ,?? required. .' pjilj from il 0 . b'l CCh, II. .NO, 1 1 I UM 2 d St. TV-ANII D- A FI1 .'TR'lKMl.K-WiiMAN, IX A I. E II hi (1 mil roldcry store; o s *b i liorou Uly'naUt II. i I iisirrs: i" i il u. quii'V hi iu ikliu salt ?; iuu-i > ? pr ipot-i?i 1 j li- npf i iiram ? ami atr <*al>ii' In mm -it. . Good Ity roi'or i i. ci rciiiiircd ur o ih.niu <-r uml cnnii UiUei. Apply lininli h 1 1} a' KuBkUTbt N'8, j'.'j i rouuvray. TV' N':r.r? " l-M.'RT, A1T.VK, (IENTBKIj YOU MO II Dmu, (.?nnricnn prnorrml.) ?lio can furntnh SijJ '? i upi rtn'ir d ? oil lug wilo. i. in ihr lnwi-r p?r of 'be clijr, w mi silf. 'i ci a ui* ui li" p. r-on i oihI mji'Urity will l>o ulvn. A t dici K A. 1 . llerulu cfflci , bta lug u bun uni wUere an Intc-r > I \? ( nn 1 e I. ml. TXT" AITKK WANTBI*? A SITl'ATI' v \S WVITKU IV IT ii| Hiali' fi iully, l y a rwniootable roung K igH 'iinm *> i o p?>rli i" I) uihii r?iHiidM lu* tiu-anrns, Tn? lien' of oily rafor i'i j in vhi'ii: Hiliiio s -i. W. B.. Herald office or L'aloii s |U?r.! 1 1* oUlcr; li a rroUataut. TI'lMKI^iO MKN TO 8KU, AN ABTIUI.K P9HD IN II evm fi.mlly. A uanlfi aro making V& <o SIO per dty. V ri |nia. m & o required, i nil u 115 chum lers ? loei.lbti.l I 1 ('< w AKTKI? 11V 1IA NTH, TO WIRE BUCKRAM BON net I'ruuiev, also v'i|i o iu:ikv \\ >rn frame". J. .-PENCE .t ^O.S.i, 2i a Id J, St Dl?l- 'oa st. WANTPD I VMM IATRLT? A L VCNDBK-iS; ONE WHO II ui di rtlanrts her bttsluebx and can vivo i o kI ref rein ea ii ny ui ply i.i 41 V* . lutli a... be Wei ll bill Di d tjio avenue*. WAKTKP? A BEUABLB BARKEEPER, WHO 18 N')T iilrnld of ?< rk. Hiid has good r I rencea. Apply, befuru il' A. il., at ltaili'uud UoiUH'. ui r \zd hi., 2d avenu;. TI'ANTEr? A WAITER OK EXPERIENCE, AT NO. 622 II 111 flu v\ li y. Must be well rccouuutnJed. Ur>Mi r IV A I, ' W CFF1CE ? \ CLERK FAMILIAR IT w ill iho mu lne of law bitbinea*. Also n boy In Iho -.nit cfliee. B. A. Al'A.MS, ,6.N nsniint. TITAKTED? A GERMAN HOY, BETWEEN 12 OR 14 II jiarn old, o run of errand.-, ai 11*1 Grand ? reel. ANIKr-A Bi'Y OR VAN (WHO UNDERSTANDS ti i.diug on an eating counter iu a restaurant. Cull at 211 i 1 1 nik'.ssh|i. V\T A NT ED? A N OFFICE BOY. INQUIBB OF JNO. B. ii Webb, 811 Fori at. ANTED? A lOY, AS WAITBB. AI'I'LV TO K. M ili'iur, 11 Park row, fioto V lo 11 A. M. W'aNII I? .? PTOl T. S.M \KT HOY, TO T \KK CABE il of a horM feud do errandl) one who Ium u kmr.vli:d;e of bi f roi ery lni3u.esii. inquire ot Juiiien Brlen, (.rocer, 13i 11 Vl Due A. W'/MlT-l ( I P. BOYS, ABOUT 16 OB 16 YK.VBS OF II life, tc win k at t' o mu . c ii Inn lumeiit bunlnen-. Vpply U-.i, loliin. li.tintifnc urerof mo-, am orliieK.iis*, taarc 1 1 d log dri ran, riani'let, aceordeni.B, Ac., 80 iia liou s . TITAM'1'1 ? 1BN SMALT BOYS, FOR TYINT SODA II wutirlo.HCb, lit K.DandSJ'i Haa o.i street, btlivj.m i> nud 7 m. M. WA% w IMEIXIC>K9tCE OFFICES. OC7 1IM /1W/Y, CC'RKER RK \I)F, AT MOUKIS I < rmr A can ip ohi. no'l rt'spej able 'in hu i . ii{ 1 L, coul au) 1 1 lab It- * lor i.ot l.? ani p'lvate in 1 1 a) -v wal e rn, r(?aclim n, ap?t?Mi? r^, fir uurs aad me c' mjifl, a. :li.s or .ht I rai.cli oflloe, Vj2 Ore. nwich at. ieraii u iO\ crate. Al >D. 4 KAfT HROM>W AY, ADJOININ'O CHVTIIAM h< ii' re I'osi i fl.OiV BituatinuM procured lor clurks, s"ho<>l uj. c h? i h, 11 en 01 Hienmet-c ai d l ailrotd*, i'oac'hmcLi, gir t.Ti ?i>, j'f rrr*. 1 i?iKm*j>ci ?*. two waters fot a Halnon, roolw, h . niMi? f. ch, nnrwN ami <h mX rmaldn, tour coitou wetver? o k?? ?c> t oiuiKilcTi'. y j?|?l y lo Kd. o'lilen. TlT-\ NT KT/? ^ T 'iCT, liROA DW * Y, SEVER \J* 8 VtiBS ?? oi cipfrlcncc in the n?t ill dry is 'unlnH-A. / no, n j?oi cr; on? who haa worked in that cipaci?y lii a aim i!/?r L?u.s;iiU-3 btiort* pruJerrcd. ripply above. Ul'SICAL. d7' -HANJO TAI'UHT IN SIX KA9Y LBSdOXS ?ll 'l Tera.s, ffi In advance. I'Upil* taught At Ui.Hr ? rani .fcnec*. I en.' s iron. $1 So to MS. t.&u Ik- ?*'n all Jay, and tn the e\cntiu; from t> .. 9. 8. U. JACOBS, llinjolat. At ,1. ^ olieu's buu.,0 tlc|iot. No. DO 1 1 u.l-<>;? i. reet. AIL/N IRVING, PROFESSOR OF MtXOIN J.-TUI-; nr'l?''s Int-'hod of producing toun an 1 ? rttn-plunlng ihc Hi. <C 1 priiiuc mir Porn t i In I aly that ho rerclvel bin dTlplo uiu. cltultog b in prolrs.-or In the c.idemy of San a .Jeccila linn For 'rims nppiy at his residence, Itt Carroll plice, bli t ckiT ?'ri e\ ' Bargains - rosewood 6*; octave nkw pi v. to lor < nl* KJ',4; our (IIIIji rt'?, secondhand, lu good orler. *1.1), otic ^Dickering, tll?>\ ou<' s', OC-ave in 'lodeoQ, for *4d. H. T. IrOUUON, Wi Uroadway. FIXTE INSTRl CTION -PROFESSOR F. J. EBEN IS turn prepared o receive a few more pupil? on the Bo -hm, i-ini.;in aim diatonic llute. To UjOw uuacq.iaiiiicd wiih lus nl 111'? as an instructor, he would rvfer to mini of hia pre?em ptipi'.K ?'tl tht J.OcIllli 11 111"? .tiprsoti the Loelitn lint" ? tvni. liegeman . K?n., loO Brodway. J. K. Tim, Esq., Pi l>ey 'iir.rt. ? 11. Sheiogtiv, l.?'i , xi tour h siren. . Hlvi'i 'i.ati. Esq., 2s North William rreet. For tennb ? r I ? ? J" ai No. 14 King street, or of 8. C. Jolllo, Sl!> I iiii'l'wy. ( TREAT SACRIFICE ? OR AND III VOOk'VL !? K V F N" tn I tave to "wood pianoforte; elegan ca?e, liy best ra liter, [tos $..'0 and warranted; wil bo >?d for $200; been nic I al* tit three icon..-., lb. owner leave. 'h ? <-1 v In a f -w lays. < an t o M i. ii' Ml Nin h street, from 10 A. M. U> S F. GREAT PACHIFK E op A PIA VOFORTK.? FOR HALE a beautiful t^ octave rosewood piano, tire; la new an I In ... > <i oivi r . in tie and wan-anted l y one of the best cltv ?i nkers. will be >-old iur below co?l pri.-e, If apnlie 1 for Im 'iih: lately, al It? ffaltrlty l'lace, late Far, or jr sticet. Oil ITAK A NO SINGING.? MADAME MA11WIN IN T ( ms her p. plls. the la.lle? of New York and Brooklyn, a lie I us returned to luo city and commenced Ii r I nc.i ng .Ihi'uiih V. iil-o lub i ins the ludies ot Jcr-n y sin- glvc.i .ck-ci.i Konoriirn It he week at her reaid-niea, bull's Fe.-ry. Levi r- aildn ssed lliil.'s Music Mere, Uroadway, and a' he. mint ro< ins, 16 Grand s'rect. T A C. FIR IIBR'S PIANOFORTE MANUP VOTORY fj ? ni ii wan n oiii, 248, llf/. Hi 7 and ?/??< West twenty -elirhiti ii'd. i enr Nlii'h nvetjU' Pianos wl !i mCian, the new -Ii ? ulur wale with pa em lube, en-petislou ibrldue, an I the b"s niproM raen a. I'ianoa o let, tuned, repaired an 1 ij.ian^e.1 TAtKOTA A HAMCHALL MANTPvCTl RPKs Oi Lj superior ptonoi'oriea, No. 5 Merccr . irei t, uear Canal. Ml'SIOAL IN''i RUCTION.? A LAI>T, A PROFICTEV1 ? in niusle. (plai.o.'or e anJ vocal.) un l eiperirno.-d In '< mi hlng, slui'i s n iiiet'case thonumh* r of her pupils iu iir.iok lm 'le:n s pel les-on Do een s; for two er more puotls a re dm 'ton mndi . Adnreu by letter Mi:s M. aSflaKIX, j, i.i yi ainci, Lrvt'kl) n. \JI* 1( 4I..-M PlIIIIPPI PROPESCOR of mpsic i? ? ( 12, < barb s strce' ) l>ea? to Inform his pupils and irlend I at he ? ill renuine bis it-^ons ou Thursday next. MrsICALIMfSICAI.I MUSICAL I ? TH K UNOER^IG :? ed re>pn- I'ullj Inlnrins the lover* of misle tha lie tis its' (hi'il.ed and oiriir- for gale ano'her of his well known "sell p i yl- 1 i -inn ." n Iwn'on and l?e?rd dally 'rom \ M. ill! ,i I'. M ., a the rBlee of Messrs. B?'ni I Khnl. importera of jew Irj PI liroadwat, sccond floor, room No. 3. CBAKuKr m (TM jr., ?riM. MI FIC.? MADAMK .ICLIA PKTTIOKKW, PKOFRHS ?H. ol th^ pli no and ?liiglnit, respee Inlly Informs her pupils >d il.e pul i e in Rem ral ihM she l? now prepared to r"? iitw s-r instructions In lat h fur beginner* nd tlnislilnc pitptU? ?vn l'lnlnii thi l'a 'an and French schools. Classes foi pup Is lu 1 1 i-ralic music and sacred music, -out evening' In he week, h hi r 1'i.pi 's residence or her own, No. HS4 hroadway. Ml M< .?A YOl NO I?A1>T, RX PKH I fSIfORD IN OIV Irg Instruction on the piano, will receive ? few mor,- pu pil* at pt r n.onih, ?|:h prvlief.e of practice, rupll* it letn'id at ihelr residences at HO perquarier. Apply ui, r.ighth ii vet.ue. between Tw euty-sei-ond atid fw-nty m rl aU PIANf P.-IHKfK HEMTIFin. SEVEN OCfAVE | ai i for i s. line one and fln'-h, m .lie of in- in ,,rr . al d in tht uiost stibslaiitlal manner, will he *oM low and war ri ntnd. DA V 1 1> ft.VI III, IA .-'nth avenue. 1. NO. M(MN, AND KLUTi t I, \SSES, at TBI Ai ad. m nl litisli', .I'S Allen street. Piano elaaaes every Itli sds) auu I rula), aj IP o'clock, and at ' S- Terms, i6 ' weu I) 1? *?!*>. M' III i classes lliurmlay evcuiuga. for gen le nin. aid latur'S) nair' inks bor 1 oys. lertns. |l tor twelve Icons. I'rivae iiisirtictlon, (10. Instrameut* md iiiUslc lurnlsLed. L. A. 1IKN.MM1N, Pnivlpn. PM|IAN( P.? PRICKS REDDCBO? flll.LINO RAPIDLY? 1 GUlert A ( o's. Jari... ihlckerlug's, llUns A liroiii?r's ???? oad lait.d planus at$3t', ISO, #100, ilro, fcisi. t>|anoa o let T. S. UEKKY, Ml Broidwiy. OCl Lal BTR A^f D A IIRINTR. l^riUNU MT LATE VISIT TO RTROPK, 1 OBTAI.VKO L/ wnrel tie* Instruuients, of Incalculable ra.uw in my ^iclal j ? Df iuarre's op.Mlnaxirope, which eni lesui .<k-j. na. to ,u4 ii-to he Interior ol ibe eye, and see to < opto- n?rve ai .1 retina to aibaaroats, awl the lens in Incipient eat tract, tea twirv t ltraotdu.ary speculum, tor loeaiiu| toto i.i? jr im nt lie ear, the i ia iub-? and throa , Jaoo's n.-^.lra, or if noting cataract sitlMj'g pain or danger; the regulator, ior on, wli I . ariluc?al .ytapanl, tOr inscmUy re?ortag h.-arlng ?h. i-i tbi diiun ol 'he car I* per:oraied o.- .o-.,, arLillclai eye*, wbk h MA alio naive else, ) like the ns ural. ?c. A tt i r tiaeniy year*' extensl e praeiiee and experlecee. prtn ( j n-.v ,u lids city, and ruy reeeu. ojaeriauooa during my .'or e.* ti lour, I Irtitt It will not be iteeui -d uul yeajung In ms o k) ll r.t I (Ot.slner njx.ii lonipet.uit to Irtatall uuwe won may place I ? n.sel ?? under my <-*r?, skilfully, sal o . gvnj a. lim ?wry ivlrsn'ste U*' uau ? e?o>elo?1 in el.tisr a -,u. fit ri . lym bi.? ?< the new Ins rugKi s a inh oasw ..isMtue. j..r.<i.'Iy pisui aid visUde Fs'len a who iiaee rx ea JiMn aj". n?. wtar.ol traveling .roni one pnysl IK> to anothsr il. I ) I oi tW live v? hli a positive vtvnrvnro tlia:, ai a l ace.i ? I I > ? til I ? 'ol 1 ? Ho tnri. What thiar disease trail/ la, si -it ?!?Usf nrst I# ir?iu.i -*ue. Al t. me tr.m, ?l< 1. aau , ruin m to 4 o cks-V , (lull . . J A> U. Ii W l.LL, M. D.. Ocul-i Aurl?a, Ac., Wl l.-fft-vay, eypgelte tic W. Nlct'SWi 8ALKH AT AtCTiON. | AUCTION KVn< K.-?;PKCIa.L BALK or DIAMOND A Lulu ?**?>' slter w-tch""?. plVM w.tre, tc.. | liWAKIi 8 WTO ten ai juc-ion, I ill lay. ail i We.. I: ?la y IIUi mst. at U:>. A. M *> hit unlet room ; lb Wall Ml. , by ordvrof !.. V. fot;Hr lus, aMigti**1, ' 11,1 cu.;re I sort. of one ot our large" id inu' ic'urbu; no t Imper i i? | 1 o '*?*, conf-lv'tng in nsrtoi superb ill unoud nets ot br v-eles, 1 |'l s ?i <1 ehrrtUgs clut'ar an I stride h una pint ail rim* u i r.' I heavy setting , u,.?alf ;.!? I <oil e one seta, do.. J<* ; Klo- ! ren iD" and Bcman mosaic ?' ttds and ?l?ovu i.u one : la-h-ia I r n fllotl waxhes set with dlononls. pldn ilo. lA rir*4 ! (!? ublc line ko< pert ; hun m: , au I >pen lace .In., ?jy Iret tig, ! I'rrr s, lit >nlci, i baud, Cooper, Tobias and oliert i 1 ?<> b a cclets, | hi? nn t cat rln,<*s, ve ( an . gu .r loh dut; s al rl i .??, t )K i " chains, *e. ; <o .fiber w h .u Invoice of s'ljierb pi.. too ware, w iih also be otllce lurn urt, to be sold vrilhum reserve. AWTKW NOTICE.? EDWAI'.II SfllENX'K, AI '.TIOV ter-El>WABl? W'llKNPK will wit at mc'lon, on 'Il.uixlav. >cpi. III. at 1? oVln.-k at ma Morolian's' hixchai re. The ttrst class S a" or) fr.ime ho ise and lot So. 7.17 Tb r l at entte, between Porfv-ulnth and Klfledt atraata. l'be lot a* I 21 ill ilii' >1 * '?*>, with Croon water ail 10 Test c >11 Ing* Uroughoul. f2,U00 ran r main on be rt Mi I ?MtlWf. lii maps and fur her particulars, inquire of 'lie au.:'lon.:-r, 10 Y allsu eet. A1 I'd TON NOTICE.? I. HOGABT, AU' TIOVI.EB. -HV !? . 1'mart, ttdst:a?,T'i?edsy. ai ll)*f o'c o.-k, a: Hie iicuon [ r ftuf corner ol Prank .or' au I Williams e ?et? ian.-t :a 'esaie.of I.. sabold fUrnHure, mrhogany sofas, lonu muiogiuy French chair-, parlor su.tes in bro^ar. ; m iiVfe ' o;j Mule*, card and mat dining 'a'les; bureaus, h?: t> ind, targe's, rane t>eat rh-iirs; French tic Iktrfelu, hair in ?ttr. ??><?/!. rajrrort, lal .o cutlery, kU 'hcu f trn' urn. Vlto, a i inv iiurt of rl ;h decora od ch'iua lea seth, t?'e a "e'e h. U, i hint * ite??, to^ar lioldt r uulch hafr -, fancy Iojm, trliuinlnt--, ^ doti le '.ai'.'e'l d guua, l.. ili: I frcls, crockct) ; n!?o, uiarllc to,i couutjrj, 4c., Sc. Al'CTIO.V NOTICK. ?< ROC ICR BY, OL \N'D OHIV \. ?If J. 8. II. II i BILK-IT allc l ,ue r, Tu-t lay, < :ii In i II. a' It' o'clock, at '.ftl l'tin.l s rc -l. In ,'roai in abelv n. Ut* cr.ite^ beat W. O., blue pr n'e I, p . In "J, dip , 0. 0., Ri.iktnfluuu and tip y ware; n lar c awnrtmcnt of are, nil kit dc; chit. a tt a act, 1'orty ibur piec -a ; cutlery, Uri Hiiuiu ware, Ac. .sale perempiory. ACC1I0N NOTICE.? THOft. Hril.I, ArOTIONEKB? HV I KI.1A HI Sll, ibit d;.v, a 111'., o'clock, in our hilet im in-., 12 Norlh William atn'i'i, w II Iih i-old witho e rcterm, tl' vainabl.' lurnl iirc formerly adrer Iscd, by or l-r of the o art! nl ? o'npr nlug a dea.rable vai leiy of oo l ttacxn lh.ini ( iil.lnci, bookcases, wardrobe, F"f*?. rou I.e. 1b, tablet, rhalrs, |.?ri'*it?, I ret ch I ndx'eada; also, ihu p c urea and p.tlnilniit t\li rh have lieeu much admired, china vases, cln"lc?, man el <HTintcn:e, the two beatttlfnl piciurca oi I'aul an I Virginia, 'a en ai d ehllil, looking Bluwec, a splendid w nfdriwlii{ ro< m furniture, tt superior roeewood planoforie, nearly new. Ait.ttoh notkk.-john* tiouoh, auotionkrr Crcat sale of substantial and elegant Mild roaewood, Mahogany, walnut, and maple furniture will take plaoe wit'i on any pfwti on. mcn1, tbU morulng, Tuead iy, at llfjjj o'clock, at No. '0 Hurray stieei:? plano.orte pier xlastes, Bncllah carpetlni', oil pain lug*. I ookc se, <>le ant solid rote woo 1 t-ul'es f t' fit hioii i] ]'? make, sitmptnou-ly carved, upliolstered, and covered; variously eoveieo easy, reception, und other clalrs, Id elegunt ?iylen of tinl. i; in.alld chairs, miznlficint di ui le action rosewood pl.iuoTor'e of ecveu octaves, cleuanily can rd. prnirl Inlaid plate, and for qu?ll'y and volume of tone. Is ui -tin jssed '?> any (warranted); a num'ier of rote woo I i ctitrc iidiI o'hor table*, all with tu'irble lops, var.out klnda end ttiHtefully carved: also a few choice oil p.tlnUmt*, by dld'er enl arti?t*; trull piece tor a man el, by .-treel; West Poia', by I ; rrolx; I row nett, by the same; Cnatoau of rharles X, by Benny; Hylvan sunset, by llar lwlrk; ancien: place, author an k i nvi n. uDd others; eleuant pier and oval mirrors In ht?vy , old ti-aines; rich and heavy luce ourialn*. elegantly painted *Lnde*. magnlflceut Wilton, velvet andtapettry sulr and tloor CI rpetlnjt; ladle*' inlaid rosewood escru'olre, tineljr carved; ?ld> ajil cortinr < legercs, pla: mirrors, back an I t'ront; a ureal variety of ornamental articles, *ovrex porceLilu vases. Din jue ind Parian tleures, hiatitary; also, in dinlmi room, chin i din ner and It nfut*. costly silver plale cake baskets, spoons, cis u rs, lorks, tt a services and aalver, Ivory cu lery, !? rooch cut plass deointei * liquor cases, win. t, ; Hlso In chamber, tun lent uod modern rosewood bedsteads, bureaux, wash stands, commodes, amtoire de fit ice wardrobe*, line hair trestu *, counterpanes, mahogany bureaus, sofas, botlsloadt, llneo, Ac. A rCTJOK NOTICE.? BY EDWARD KOHKN'CK.? ON XI Thursday, Sept. 13lh, at lt4? o'clock, at It) Wall street, im I (.i lir's sale of choke ol.l wlnt'N and Itmdon Dock bran lies, all ol wlilch aru of superior quality aud warrau.ed genuine. Kale peremplory. Also Havana begars. APPlt; NEK'S HALE OK SADKI-ERY, HARVKSS, AO. J01IN W. HOMEBINDYKE, aticiioneer, (twre corner o Franklin and Centre strecs,) will S' II on Wedne ?lay, Sepi. 12, a. in o'clock, ai MW Broadway a line nt?or:mnnt of suldlcs, harrea*. Ac., to close an assignment. Also, the tixtures, ioj? .' w 1 h hand>ouie giab.s cases, Ac., Ac. By order of Phillip Dcery, assignee. AUTION FALE OK A LARUE AND VALUABLE t.I brary of Hebrew hooks. ? llEN'ltY B. 1II0RTS, Jr., wUl n- 1 ou Wednesday, f-cp'. 12, at ItiJi o'clock, at salesroom No. f-k P'ne stri et, a large to' of He' rew lioolts, of the m>Mt vsJiu Me and ancient kinds, and w ell tvor by the *1 -ntlon of lealera and connoisseurs. 'J lie nl ove are the properly of a gen'iem in Is eiy deceased, and sold by oril?r of luc executor^ of tiie c6 nte. AS-IONEE K SALE OK WA'I't'IlRS, JEWELBY, DIA monda, clock*, bronze*, oil p ilnllncs, &r. HENRY B. lit Blt^, Jr., will sell oil I ues day. Sept, 11, a' II o'clock, at I ic sal srcom No. '.}(. line street, a 1 true lot of gold ami sliver wti chi s, chains jdnB, e irrltiRs, rin','". brtioches. bracelets, ila n.ond cluster and sincle s'onc r'n *, brisiehcs, pins, Ac. ; bronze Htid ot it olu tnairel clocks, orbtin >1 oil p.iln'lngs, .tc. The en tiie s ock oi a larjie den er. and v eil worthy the iittenlion oi the tn ile. Ternu. onsh. t'n'alo ues o , mornln ' nf sale. Myor ler of L. BENTON, Attorney for Assignees. BY J. C. McOI IKK, AUCTIONEER ? TBU8TEK3' 8A.I.F. o. soamer I n (in. On Thursday, September 211, 1?.V>, u 12 o'clock M., by virtue of ? deed of trull, he irlr.u ilii'e Uiu i'.'ih i'.. > ol June, IK.5, mill re. or le.J In IJber J. A. >., No. 92, fi ii* -it-", ft eei)., i no of he land record s lit,' Waahiugon oouinj, in he I Is riot oi' t oituobta, the tuiddrslgned will aell :i put lie nuctlcn, at l'n -o'* wharf, foot of ,^e\ . nth strcot, the nesi'y iii w S'i rok r ral ed :hn " I n'oa," at present riui.iliig in a lerti I cat between 'hi:- city and Al txaudrla Th Ik Meauiar ?B! I it It In Wn.-hlii" (in city In i h ? year 1852; 1* 162 feet In lent 'h, brratittt of beam .1 leet B Inches, depth of hoi I ID feet Hi inchcr. Hit measure* 411.40 STi '.oua eu W.I1 111) use inosaiire n.on', a* per enrollment. Her engine In a Ur?' clas* tereaty I on* power engine, built by Nmt'li and I'crkln-. Alexnn (Ilia V u tilti. Mil. rut.s e ther end foremost, and Is very eon vi mi nt for loading and nnloadlng freight. Terma: One-half eii'h, the residue In 6 rnon'hs, wl.h tutiafac.orlly endorsed notes, bearing ln:ercst. ? IIARI.ES C. ~ CHRISTOPHER INiII.E, \ ?u*tce*. James c. McOUIRE, Auctioneer. W?! hin :lon, P. O..Pep. 8, lf?8. EIJCF.NB B. KRANKI.IN, AUCTIONEER? BY FRANK lln A Ntcholn, 79 Nassau street, near Ful'ou, on Wednee day, *1 10 o'clock? Peremptory sale ot rl<-fi hotuehold furni turc, eml Hittif of he nxnt recherche -ml ile rub ret furniture, manufactured by a el y maker, mostly ma le to ord r. The cntalo^ue consists In part of rose woo 1 parlor cu ten solas, teu.n- ftes, teu ends, arm, Invalid aud parlor chaira; fc'es re*, glass doors and t .icas, marble tops: ladles' escri ;olte?, ro-ewood and malm any. beau'lfttlly flnlshed, lined wttb poUghed -ntlu wood; pier, Mae a, id centre ta 1 g; o\nt mirrors, thli k French phue glass, carved gilt frames, ?opart) oil paintings, In |0* frames, representing Am 'id an mi n< and worthy the ntientlon of connoisseur*; sliver plated ware, In ?? not nix |.iecen; cuke baskets, caster*, forks, spoons, una and water pttchcm, all of Uie newest at;, leu; eight lay i Ireks, lancy work I oxes, In mahogany, rosewood and mosaic; it hud tables, star patterns; silver mounted penholders, gold pen*, silver eaaes, Ac.; suits ol ciiatnbcr lurnltnre, elegan ly palmed in cDsrnel consist log of bedstead, wnalis'ind, m irue ?ope, ion modes easy ohair and fmirst ting chairs; atgn, m i lo^a liy, rorcnood and black walnut French and (lotnle nods evla. r< al Lot pe lialr n>attre?:>cs, palliuuM'sJAe. t'a .iloijue.1 roidy and on eihliu.ton. The attention oi country merctunta la particularly reqtie.stedjo ttlla sale, for hesidoa tho facility ot packing, tho entire catalogue will he sold wMioui rctorve. Tj'LIAB (,'OMliS, ArcriONEER ? THIS MORNINfJ, AT fifi Fj NaK>an street, n rich and splendid assortment of household ? n- nl ure, cons' In p^ri oi roaewood, rmkbonany, an l Mick walnii' sui's, in vanoat styles of covering; sofus, lounges; ro 'k in . parlor, bedroom, din In; room and office chuirs, Ublci, ? Ksrs, Ac., Ac. ? ("1 EtlHt^K COOK, AUCTIONEER.? PKREMPTOBY 8 VLE J ot ti larue and well nsvirted stock of furniture, this nvirn 'in?, at V'^4 o'clock, at 117 Nassau Mreet. near Heekmm, In ' lodlni. parlor suit.', ehumbci and dining room do., bedsteads, uuri an', washs ands, solas, rockers, eh ilr?; centre, ?ofi, side ?uid dlnlnif tables. In great virlety; secretaries, btsiketse*, sk'-l r.iri s, etefcres hall ? ands, mirrors, painting! , chmu and hir nnre, cutb ry, Ar.,*r. Boxing and snipping al niodotuie chnn e. CaUlngues n?nv ready. GBOCKRIK8, FIfH. BRANDY. OUYI OH,. BEST.? 'Ibis day, a' It).1;, o'clock, a' f>7 Dey street, corner Jrci wrh. Htcam laLl", ,alraon, pork, flour, ralsJna, citrrint?, pickles, ,i^'?, prunes, soap, teas, colTee, olare.t, gin se^rs ol aoco, knives, lorkii, scis.^ors, nails, plant s, olocln, shirt ?ollars, i"lock-<. W. A. CABTKIt. Auctioucer. HF.NRY H. LEEDm. ACCTIONFER? by H. H. LKRD8A t t .?On iticsdav. Sept. 11, at liH, o'eiock, a store .\iit-nti street, household furniture, consisting ol* black wilnu >nd nithogany buokcases and racks, do. bwds'Mda and 'rl is. iaaoo| .iny ebalrs In haircloth; auperii arm and cor. ,'ers i ion Lairs, from ll o Crystal Falnee; Florentine do ; ma r 'ssis, l-eds, pU'owa, carpets, ru?s,de. \lso, a great v irle'y ofcei i* tig reotn furniture, chairs, desks, lamps, Ae. Male wlUiou rt ^erve. J I,. VANDEW *TEB. ACCTIONEEB.? THIS DAT, ? Tuesday, tept. II, at lOK o'clo-k, at 4,' B-ekmin !r-i>t ai.i u lit utiii days until the wtole sliall be disposed o/?fo the uad> and nfhi rs? l.arije. attr icUve and peremptory tile o rich caMi el himsehol# furnl'ure, to cloae a ca'dtietmakir' s oek? By ordi r of ihe tiM>rtgagee, removed for convenieoac o ?silo? ;o I e sold cn Tuesday, Sep cmher II, and fo, lowing d iy> until disposed of, at No. 47 I eekmau s r?et. The s^o Icon slsls ol nsrMM, 1 u.ih" . s uy , wilnut and oak tiianulkc ure, In e ery vi rlety and style; bookcases, wardrobes. se.-r.;t*rh*o ro> ? w ood maboeiHiy nnd walout, snp?-r i p trior sul's In rich -atln Iroraioland In rlnh pluah and halrclOfti; O'tugea ot o tt.ans. solas, ice a 'etes, dir. ins, chairs aud ruokcrs, sliei c a-y ana Volwlre arm chairs, Indies' sewing 'lo , mwd. '( p centre, side and pier tables of all d icrlp loos; corner look end wt rks'ands etegerea, Fnneh plnt? glass, si le'w ir is, .Hi Uu tables with tailing leaves, 'ei do., ax ensluo .lo. from 10 ?o 8f et, in oak, malu<any and walnut; ear I and rVas ia Ides , a great . artety of I rench lied tea-Is or every style, and tie' cript.on, In rose -soo t, maho^aay and w.klnul. earve l; inir ble tO|i dressing and plain nureaui of all atylea; do. do. w tab aiand", U??el racks, bedroom chairs aud rockers, com, de e et am. Issl cl amber suits, marble tops and pls4n, hair m t tr?'sse?oi the beat quality, ptlliiiaea, tr., the whole comprising an as-orment worthy tee attention of the tri le and o her*. Hale peremptory. I nftnlahed Work? Roaewool atdmthotianv sf.ias. tete a et. s, (nay and Voltaire chairs, purlor lo In m u In ; also an asxirtment of framework. Ooods carefully n>i id no the premises and shipped. Terms ? Iver ten days; ov. r lit*), too r moot hs. approved endorsed paper, Intorral added at ; per cent. Catelegnc* one day before the tile. J J- VANPKWATKR, Al'CTIONKBB.-THIS OAT, ? liiesday, Fep', mber 11, at H'K o'c|oe|, at the salt^roim, t. Va|.len Isne. will be *.>!d a splendid fln ? it >ld jewelry s?s;k; ees|y(o:d and silver w.ilehes, by perennitcir, or Icr. This > "ck now to be sold iff, etnbra e* n mi very valu able atn^k and cltiiMered I rllllants, art In fine t id Anger ring*. In breast pins, in s uit! and brnocbes; a greet variety of very rich gold sb eve 1 ut'..n?, broorhes, loeke?s. ear ir?p? pen, lis ind p-ns; v. ry elat orate stid heavy Hue g ,ld vest and n>? .-buns; lidU s' and gent's guard do.; splendid bracelets and rlenly set gul l *u le, In cases, and many o'ksr rare and valuable artiel a. I'- s ly gold wa'ches. single and hen' lug eases, of valna'.le lever at d o movements wltb mak* rs' guarantees, double timer* Ac. l adies' elegant .-name lied and jewelled wa'ches, silver le* . rs, Ac. 1 bis varied and valuable assortment well deserves tie a.ieuUi.n ol all on Uils occasion. J J W M ORON, AVCTIONKB*.? CBOCKKBY. Ot.KSS . and . bin* ? Fourth fall shelf sale. Tne?d_?r, Septem-ier 11 h. at In o'eldtk A. *., by Henry t?. Evans, In l'eu-1 airee., IPO cnlrs ot lest w. g. e. c. Rockingham and common ware . au-o a? paekofies hes' flint and green | la*" ware. In lou to ?iH dealer*. Roud* weU packed for Alpplag. Catalogue* now reedy. __ P'lMF B. WII.KINH, ABCTIONERR? RKCETTRB9' fitUt of clegani rosewood and mahogany furniture, by or t, r r4 the Rerrenw < our? (ad>onrned from Vie lib Instant). - fmSLl P ?. WlCklNh will sell at auction, on Wodnealay, errti ml er 11. at II o'rlock, at No. In East 'A*h Street, an ae ot iti'tit of risetrmd and m^ho tttiv furnllnre, constattin of ? Otas, lete a tetee, chairs and Voltaire chair*, covered ?1U, satin. ',r.<c# el nnd velvet; and s.<a tajles, with inarLle lops; M uMe and 4tgtlc French bede ee>l*. hnreans, dreainf biirest*, mlrrnr, stdcl >-rds, ei en- Ion dining table of aft ertra arte a./e l.rkf sot.ia, snh~Me toes ho el or Mlron; aimclrUra, ir. ( *ta ortic can I e had at the .ace oi the au' thioeer, No. 2 . 'rend s<reel. TbU ?ak , which Wax adjenrned on the. 4 ,? Inel ?n an enter fw?m the Niipreme Oeert. wui pe?Mtt! 'M' ?oticIShto*. I HAiJBt) at Amnion. M0BBI8AWIA.-AT AUCTION. SEPT. 12TH, ON THS premise*. at 13 o'clock, noon, a two 11017, attic an 1 1> w,. . mi ot bouse and lot, ttvr minuted walk from the .lr pot. Mruv?L4 011 Railroad avtuue. fourth house above Kubth street, house iS iB, iieaiituully shaded, lot 23x190, tuitelully arrnuiral wltti ? variety of fruit trees, good cittern and tine well of water; t <j4 can remain on bond and mortgage 4W years; a rare Hiano", s?l. don. to be m?l with. A LB*. Hi 11. iNICOLAY, Auctioneer. HrRlARTT, AUCTION FEB, WILL SRI I? T'JtS Blf lit 10 o'clock, at 1JS tt\allmm aquare, Ui- lurm ure of * lam?* leaving tor the West, a t.o< 4 assor.meot; also, f>-a'J>w 1 ?df, raaJtrexaes to,, also, various o her gisj l?, a ironer tf ti mrnieit. l-ale pos live. N. B. -Ou' ioor sale*, of n/ttry dj aer p lou, attended to, at the tlii?itc-t no Ice, Jit any part of the erj, SHERIl-F'H fJAljE.?Vt'. 0. ALBl'BTUS, At. CTION Kttt. will *1 II ?i Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 1U o'clock, at l? ilourf street, I rooklyn. a Inrge (ivtir'iaeiit 01 booUaai shoos, at every description. Salo poaiiive. By order, _ ___ A. Pcvlon , Deputy . E- LOTT, KlierllT. tJllERIKF'ft HALE.? A. M. CK 'ST ALAR, \IK'TIOMESR? k5 will Mil. 00 Wednesday, 12ili inM.,at 10! 1. o'clock, at *4 (.rand street, the who!? and entire siook 01 rnvly mils, clot) lug and piece goods oonaWiiig in p >rt of r?..xlin?re, *a tliict un<l clo n coa<* and pants, silk, ?a'ln, velvai a il clotU eels; can-, meres, broiidclotiis sa'iii -14, boaver cloths, olle.fu'a Inings, unmade coi't and pams, coou-era, shelving and 1< tareH.ic. .IOI1N Olt>KR, tMieriir. T. ,1. iIiujund, Deputy Sherllf. rTCNIS MORRELI,. AUCTIONEER.? IMPORT \NT 8 \TH I at fnrnl ore, 4a., this day, at lo)? o'clock, alrtl NhM'U at. No place mil buy ers I 0 better satlsded in every v? vy? a coj ?tanf rush of I u>lii-.-aa give.- advantage*. War liiiljes, dress'ii f lurtnua, was! islands. ceniro tables sofaa, te.o a etes, chairs, extension tables. suit* of parlor and chautiiec .urnl lure; rosewood and mahogany bookcases; fancy s an is, oriSa, cr> dies, ot omans, can em, owel sounds, ii,<dsteads of all kin I ?; oil pnln'lngs and mirrors. betcarti of mi >erinr qualuy a- -mia mtmumi-nt, (nnder tbo Artmur.) rood a;o. k. Alw>, couatiuf hotiM) noak?, Iron aalea, fancy gooJu, Ac. i*rompifHtia in ?hip. plug at Htnali ciiarge, Ac., Ac. WH. MKU.OB, AUOTIONKKR-BY HOUOIITOW ft ? MEIXUR-? Thlh day (Tuesday) aud t i morrow, U and 11, at !? o'clock, at the hirgcau.l spacioiin waren>oin<, .,ts8 Itroadway , one door from tba City Aiaemlily Hooiivt? Utr^e and pereinp ory i-alc of valuable, rich and costly New York and Pari* manufactured cabinet furniture, contained in he above prlva.c wareroowa, the rli lieat collec ion u?er oUtved at action for alwoiute sale iu this city. For be xrcoiumo'Utioa of country merchant*, we iiavc made arran cine iu with oom* patent perconH for packing and aliliiping 01 purc.iasca m* le at thlaiuite. Ihe Htock will embrace iLh moai fiMkieoeMe aiylue oi rurewood, oak.maliogany, walnut, enamelled parlor, ch itn 1? r, dining room and lllirary furnliure, elaborately car/ed and finb<lied with <he mrwt cosily materiala; Vi/.:? elejaat carved roaewood parlor furnliure en unite, style Louia X V. and Ell/abeUuan, covered In French brocade, satin, tour ooJorod . brocaiel, nioquet, Ogured repa, piu<h, French aatin deiaiie. En^lUhn&ir clo li; ladtea' rosewood cabinet* daed with aaJ> wood; etegcres with i- rench plate mirror froaUt: richly carved muaif oabme<a, mualo ataoda; Klizabethlan siyle carved roift wuod centre tablea with black and sold, U^yjitian tui 1 Will to Ilitllnn marble top*; richJy carved m<iho<any koi'.m; te.e & idea, \ oltulre and rprlng Real parlor and n ceutoii ctu!n<t dlnint: room and library iuruliure; rosewood, imUiouany, wal nut and oak extension dln.n^ tableu, chairs 10 match, covered In piu?h lignred repe and cane aeatu; aidaboartla, buifuU, rich bookcuaea and ? ecreiarioa In walnut, oak and mahogany caaon; < hamber furniture; elegantly carved roaewool unJ loahogtar bei.suMdii;dreu?lng bureaus with marble tops, and Franc* plaie gliiAitea; marblctop enclosed waahautnda and ooutinai.!*; richly decorated eonmclled cottage chamber auitet, several of . wMeh are very valuable; wardrubea, carvad amour* with French plalo glass doors, lined with satin wood and cedw; lounge", lotiugebeds, in fancy del ilne, reps and hair, oh d.-a anil otiomaiis to matcli; walnut co Ukge fui-nlturo; roauwood nod fancy lrcasing tables: plain mahogany and walnut cham ber furnliure, three suits in oak to mntth; rocacra, dlvaiu and sewing chairs; ball furniture richly carvcd; rotrtvond, m-tiiu gany, oak and walnut hall ? and*; ehalra and tables to match. Al.- 0. about 100 pure r'outh America horse hair mat rasae.t. pal liaMCg, Ac. Also, seven rosewood 6V, 7, 1 % octavo pliuo I'orlt s. ono of which Ih valued at 9600, made by Wn.. Liods tnann A Fin, New York ; fully warranted lortwo years. Aim, twenty five French plate, pier, rnanlel and oval mlrrori, im the latest and most fusblonable styles oi ornamented triunne. The whole of the above for absolute Kale; worthy the a'-teuilon of the trade, cumin y merchants and those about refurnishing. Tl M. WITTFRH, AUCTIONEER. WILL 8EIX, OK Tv Wednesday, |>t 10K o'clock , at 187 ranai (treat, all tho genteel parlor, i-hnmbernnd kitchen furniture of a family, re moved from Knltlvsn *tr?et ? One auit of rosewooa. In >roc.-\te!; I o< lcni-e, lace curtains, pier glasses, oil palutln .'x. marble top ceii re und illnlng tatdes, oilclo'bs, three-ply and other car pets. mahogany bcdatcadu, lialr mattrc ae-, tine lea Her : cda, two suits painted chamber furni'ure, with marine tops; sofas, 1 ocklng and other chairs, dressing bureaus and waattsUnds, loilet sets, ninhottany card ubb-s, cooking s oves, china, gia^a and plated ware, ice box? a choice assortment. fXTILLIAM M. WFKKS, AUCTION EKR. ? KXECUTOE'S X V sale of very valuable real estate In the village of Glen Cove, L. I.? BAKER A WEBKS will sell at uu-'.on, on Tuesday, Kept. 18, lhM, hi 12 M.. on the premises of WUl am llarrold daccuMd, by order of James Harrold, i-xec i'or, th-5 wioleof (he real estate be,<n,ing to William Harrold, de ceased, vil. : ? l?t parcel ? The very valuable mill, water power, lam Ing and about ten nrres of land. M parcel ? The large dwelling house and outbullilln js and garden, couialnlng a 10 it 'J acres. lid parcel? A lo' of ground fronting on the ro-vl lfO feet, nnd con alnlng about 8 acres, a pan of whl-hhis a 1 row tli of locust of about fiO years, t h parcel ? A lot of gronn l 111) feel Irout on Ihc road, containing 1 acre, ftih parcel? A. lot adjolnitig Maine Klze. bin parcel ? Contain* about i^' acres, with dwellftig )>oui-e. Till parcel? A lo on jlie ro?d and m II I ond onntaliiing about 1 a -rc. 8th parcel? Fron Inn on the rond nud mill pond, and Ls a most eligible site, con^alninc 11I 011' 1>, ncrfs, w'tli a beaullliil lo?-iisi grmc. 0 b p-vrcel ? 'lhe t'.nm, conlnlnlng about so arre?, of wideh abou Uare \\(H dlaml.snil 2 good bsrns attached; it has a from On the road nr-d mill rond ot a! ou' 100 feet, llltii parcel? An eighth of ( ret k iflha'f h. AIi-o, a piece of salt meadow, at Weat Vara*, i?i talntng acres. Terms, easy, nnd particulars on ihe 1 if of aide. Also, on Wednewlay, >epi. ly, at 10 o'clock A. M., oit i.eseme premises, lhe entire stock, famdnc ircn?lls. lural lurc, Ac., of said estate. J WKS II A K iti n.D, Fxeeiitor. tllen Cove, Aug. 31, 1886. Wf II. OREF.NOCOH A CO., AUCTIONEEKS.? WHOI.I! Vv . >al.- drug Ho<k and flxlurea, at 62 Vesey street, on Irlt'sy, September 14. at 10 o'clock M., consisting of meti Inea; chemicals, paints, olis, patent medicines, glassware, dm w era. counters, glas^ c.utes. bins, shelving, oil and 11ns. wales, desks, Ac., Iu lou to suit buyers. A ivantaceoia purcliases inay bt made betoro the above dull). Terms casli. IUHHK8, UOUM8, AC., WAATBO. 4(71 in T0 WOO. ? T1IK ADVEBTIBBR W1HHEHT0PUK ?5' I "U rho'c. In n genteel nnd pleasant p irt, up town, or In a pleasant tr wo or village lu the neighborhood of Now York (In ibe latter with n few seres oi good land), a bmiw vud lot. convenient for s small I'nmlly, and must lie so Inca'ed as to n newer for the carrying on or a HnU ? niel family troeeey, Of any other IiIcamujI busin ess, lo a'h anlage. Ou ouch a property lie can pay down aiabove, balance lore main on mortgage. Any per-'in having to dispone of hlu'h a property (no ageut* re quired) address giving full description, price and icrma Bf. M,, Herald office, for three days. A PHYSICIAN WANTti, IX AYENLE H. HKTWK'iM Cih and l.'wh its., a front room or front basement, whieti he wishes lo use a* .1 medical office. Address, fur oue day. l'l y jli l,in, box IPO Herald office. IjU R.VIFHKD HOUSE IN * BROOKLYN, WANTED? A arnjll, neatly furniniied house for a family of three grown persona, wlth'n fifteen mlnuMs' walk of Wall or South ferry. Lent not to exceed fWO. A'l freiw box 1,038, Post office. HOl'SK WANTED TO RKNT DOWN TOWN, AND furniture purchased, If price moderate. Particular^ pre pa d, to M. Koto, 82 White street. HOCSE WANTKD. -THE WHOLE OR PART OP A plain house wauled, in a respectable neighborhood, in et li.enjo for board. The host of rolercnee given and required. A ( dress, fw two day*, "Honxe," Uroadway Post office. BOl'SB WANTED.? THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO lease, for \ ee.ra from 1st November, a moderate (.zed i o- >>e, with gaa ana bathroom. In the upper part of the city. h< nt not to exceed MOO. Address W. r. H., bo* 1,847 Post Lfliee. HOCME W \NTED TO PCRCHAHE, THE MOST PART for cash west of 1'j-osdway, between Dunne and TwilUi ?irieta; ad'ires- K. KIRK, Union square Poetoffioe, for twa days. None but owners need answer. Price not to exceed 19,000. PART OP A FURNISHED HOt'SE WANTED? BT A. gentleman and wife. Pour room* required: locs'Jo* li iween Hleecker and 28Ui ?t., east or west aide. Ken I about t~"U per HTjnom. Address L. H. H., Ileraid office. PRINTERS.? WANTED, A OOOD PRESS, BHD I out lor which a fair cash price will be paid, dim .1. It., box Ijn POSt office. Mfl?| prlee. TO I 1 at TE7ANTED? FOR THE WINTER? A THREE STORY. fT w el' furnished bouse. In Brooklyn, near nouth or Ufa! street f> rrl s. or in Newport, in Ibe upper pari o. the eliv.not atsve 'Iwiniicih street. Please addrcs A. L., box tf,8 PoA i fllce, .staling terms. Ac. WANTED? A FARM AT $S.l>U) TO |W,000 t'AHH, OP easy access, wlibln MariM of Uils eliv, with SO to 100 acres best loam soil, good buildings some good wood, and a i renin or -iniss lo rnak" fist jmnds. a Address, slating par icih>r? andciisu price, C. Mil.I.fcK, No. 9 Went it road way. VI' A VI ED? IN A SMALL, GENTEEL FAMILY, IN A TT pics'- nt p.irt of the eiiy, par' ofa fiirnlsled ho tse, con sisting oi par or, hnxtmenl,' bedroom, ami room for servant* I. en not to exceed t?lA per year. Address A. B., Herald of lor two ilays. YJAT ANTED? A PURCHASER KOR THE FCRNITIJKH v T and good will of a mechanics' Loardlug house, lor i ash; i as nineteen boarders, and can accommodate more. The owner dcellncg on acc< net of health. Address K. M. P., lie* i vbl cflice. tBTANTED? PART OF A UENTKEI. HOl'SK, WITH T T modern improvements, in some genteel neighborhood, at n oUerste rent, lor which prompt pay mar be otpccicd. References evrhnng'sl. Addn-s? Tenant, Herald oilie?. W/I.NTKD? BT A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND CHILD, lour rooms In the upper part of a house, where there I a i.te more than one lanilly, either In Brooklyn near Puiioti or t ? h> rino ferries, or In New York withiu twenty rnluuUa^ wa k of the < 1ty Ilall. AdJre- , with reiereuees, ft., Hera 14 i fl*ce. "fl'ANfED IMMEDIATELY.- A WELL U'KNH*HK? Tf hou?e tbrnuvbout, logi-iher with all the raolera lin proT. ments Mils' contain from thirty to forty Ave rooms, ? Dd be !oea td between Uprtog and 21st sts.,an i be'neen Hsu I wey sna hth avecue. Address I.'erald (dlte, for tw? da>s. All c.m.inunleai!o?H strtctly >-un<ktenUal. T1T \NTED? TO PL'RCIl ASK POR CAHR AXI) flO'dl tt securtUes. a pleasantly i<Mvne i llrst class dwelling hotuei, iplf toFli4<lh, ARNOLD A fO", No. 7 Trinity building'. torn 12 to 4 P. M. D nnncLs a*d wmmeb hktrkats. W.ANCrr HOrHE? DEI.ANCKY, NO. 1? ? Rmadway, eorncr nt Wavarley platx, fop pintle New Tork ? iotel.l liavtng been recently demratod and p oi.ud, i* n>?r prepared lo furnish reoma in sniUor single, wt.h private U 'in. sa reasonable as other flist class butela. E 8. t'.IDDi I,i. Everett hoi-hb- north hide of imonsouahr.? This establlsbm. nt, erected on the most prninloeal and je.Uhifiil psrk New York attnria. la approacning a tia?h. sod aim completed will oomhino all that skill ran devise aod n?< nei supply, to renter It the most desirable two) n> nam structad. lali bouss IS now tn pmcnas of rurtiiahlBg , ---f iMa drpnr<n.ent will lie In keeping with the >trle sad sri iass? ilia of the bouse, br ib In eiegenee and comMr- l bs pispil Huig oi On- establishment resprctislly anoouace, that ths hvuM wM us on the 1st day of October orxt. hut that on and after J c LOtl. day of Hepteioiver next, applications will be rnwlwid n m uartlen wL fund to tuoke arrangements for (he wtoiar tmitfis. claPP d JOdLur. H. D. Ct?rr. A. 0. Jistj*. VF.W RfiORXLLK PA ViUOX WII.I. nE OPEN ALL ii win er. I'an.lii? v :.nio : t<? engage board will And B m ?bclr ac\rnl??i as ihe t< rms sillkti ry reasvnaoie an I g.? ? li men i an eon mu e and u-4nsai t bualnaes in .be city dsliy, i n?l by Nen Ha, en ear* only one hour dhunt from toe ett/. A- f ire- ' a l'ie lo ibe !?-? e. or offiec of thU paper. THE RPAdORIRER TAKES PIJCASTRE IN ANNOVNO tng io bis Mstids and thr uublir generslly that ho bas rt> 'err so irotn the Hulk House, L. I., to the Waverley UM Mf liroadasy, wh re be will be happy io ihosr thetn hto raeaa Which are being fifed with i very ooaveolengM tor otohrtssl qnt-'irrw. At'KTed to and mnnsncsl ? 1th it li iln , h j '? i itso rsnt, eondiv^n) by tha' e>-let>r?trd msianraicwr |IM W ? . Pal mo. so long and ?k ? ra^ly kj >r n to iare??*jjgj^au

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