Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1855 Page 1
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? *; THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6957. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1855. AITOKTIKEMEKTS KKNtWlSii fiTERl DAT. NEW PUBLICATIONS. N AMERICAN NOVEL OK KAKri FABUIN ATiON. ??. D. APPLETON .t CO., .'ifiand 34- Broadway, New York, have now realy LIGHT AN1> DAJtKh'KK* ; OK, TUX3HAPOW Or FATlC. A Story of Faablonabfe Life. I vol. 12mo. Bound io n novel Btyle ot cloth, 75 centa; paper, 00 cenu. oilsiom or tiik mica*. Thin novel inaugurates tbo career of a new writer who 1m ?UnMlued 10 create a strong sensation uniong the reader- of 'i* '[oi- A? a story this production wiU bear a comuariaon with the bt?l of Its class.? North American ami I'. H. (jar I'hll Considered a* a work of art it will rank high, mo amon* iiumerous and Interesting works of Ucdpi? ^ Vtlch ai^wSf t Inually issuing lrnni the press. i he narrative It liveWranS and always spurkling with animaiion. ? ? The'v' of Ui? P^ton. fs intense and the denou mem Is so "irl.'tlr cSuaU tent with poetlrsl justice as to satislv e \ <? n an oj,i nwhinnitii K^&XS.wh0B the 'e*dpr Historic truth and romantic interest HEMBV WIIXIAH II KBttKltT's MCW BOOK. Now ready I HENRY VI II. a,... ? . , , HIS six wives. l*'mo Kir? MM r3?'"e "?!!? SnJ BMh ?fhl? ?l pp., Ihi. fn, ?..? w" "mPrtl,'r"-' lvlu< ' I *-"??* the Eighth, w th Irf imt' I i' ,5:u' Ami MolcTH married IMS; behead ft.1,? '."-? ^17"<?UK' mame.l, IMC; died, 1837. Ah.m ok nJa^Ci '^jrep "dialed, l??l. K atkshi.xk Howard. Killed islw ' 1M1, KiTUilt"'K Haub. married, May"bc had of all booksellers; or, post paid, direct from the publishers Miller, ORTON A M IM.MtM N, 28 I^rk row New iork, and li'< Uencaee atrect, Auburn, ' 1T i?.FMrBL1S,lK,> ~TA,K U ITS S AY THE "ESCAPED J correct. The orliflo&l documents are in nur '.;;rr"?n' n'"' 11105 ,aro lluch as 00 "Jjunrilon can reach. Wc ?? ^1. " "" " "?? * M DE WITT i DAVENPORT, Publishers, Not. 160 and 162 Nassau street. New York. rrH?.!!,r;F-TT[KST OF AI'I' books. DKRKM 5e,(Vu.b"Shed.?" L"? 15111 u,? htry tale of "CIN i'TiKhLLA, lot tnliig tlic firui book of lie we tf a KaHmb ?f nit* to '^h inHr'0"r?r Uttle Kolk- ln ne?l, smallquir l.?ni?t ?.t? ,V "ll!"ra,llon^ dasteiied and engraved by the kffi^5il^hjiSiSU2 ,7.* '? V1'1" ?uPwlor u> or the I published, either In Europe or America, and printed '? v ery *U|icrlor paper. Price In Illuminated cover ce,,f i f"11 -tnd Kilt ?dges, &0 cents. Tho ??'"* colored fronil<plnce to each roluine 1 J,? f ?n "n oU P"inU>?:-? ?ew feature in book l)luatr? f 'h^country. Ironi uuin'iroua letters addressed to tiia ^ been aiADul^'f UlThka *e.aJ,,,ua". 10 wl?i" 'he euterpi l.? '^.^a?w?aBsajsr?,b,',,L"' original, designed and engraved l?y arilsm In our own riMUktrv >. r k. " "AftHINOTON IK VINO " I have never seen so beautiful an edition of Cinderella Pray send me any other volume which you may publish ihii >e?r. " ROBERT C. WINTHRW'" I ijoslun I 1'jTie (iirlma donna In English' opera) " as jntres the publishers ofher appriclailon of the aduuraljle wav 01 the series will be looked lor with pleasure UUln . "KOHT. \v, WIEK." Th? I tO^emmen AHl.t,, West l-olnt Mllliarv Aea.lemy 1 The liook trade will be dealt wi:b liberally. All orders will t< promptly atlendcd to. U. W. UEWi:^ No 12 l?,,Tch9T THp.,V^'H.RamAu,0K like ANI) utbratore" 1 "'"'shed monthly at the oBice of the Mfln? Are i?oi<o!i t OHTK'iTS oy THK THIltu .MCMSKH-rOR My I<o*t louth. By 1'rolessor Longfellow Twilight; Poem In Prison; lx>*sc?. Memoir of ibe Rov. Sydney .Mnl'h. Would \ our To Miss NighUugsle. T tnV,,fn'''r 01 George 111. A hilly hong. Ntnette Pompon? a French Story of Lova J?e Arctic Voyage r?. The ? ocnin China ^'orrcsnonVence. Hitter Aiinr: Part III. Alexander I/, the present Emperor. T he V atican by Torehlight. /aldce: a Romance, 1'art V Zaidee: I'sr' VI. Souvenirs Conteinporalna; Vlllemaia A raw Words about Jane Eyre. The Kiodus Papyri. A Poet on Oardenlijg. Synagogue Poetry ot (he Middle Age*. Miss Jape Aiisieti; Pride and Preiudlc k' The Life of I- ai(b; He Sure you Call Home Picture; lly Ule River. Sonnets, by X. Westwood. Ottilia; Til.' Angel; Elegiac. Curious Autographs. With many short articles. Every mitnlmr of ilils work will eon'aln articles 0r I ? vluiir iiilnival; grave sud earne-i, yel not heavy; popular, and vet ttl abiding value. To these will be added, (n prifW al. undstiee and great v4: lely, tales, poetry, voyage?. iraveU, a!i I w jv i,.ejTTw!' 1 !' 1 i ol sonud taste and gts?| prlutdpie S!?^Jhtr~^fi 1nd<,r,h1lari"' light rc?dlng. B.M reading soon becomes wearlsorn ?, unless there bt. athu from tt spltit and heart? lite and soul. We nroinls.- i a book soitert 'i " t? " nj0r* ,Hn:' ""'^r "?? >n?re amusement; H ^ f "1B 'el"ure ot the old and wise? and vei abun ?lde fni-" WMmV?t '"i^"" 5'?"n;f,tuu'1 ardont. Ii will freely pro for th0 iniagliiation, as well ns for the reason and memory ? .. Tin**. 7 for three dollars a year, received at the ?ffl"e of publication SfciSffi T T "?al ^ of, 10 ?uy Poet aUce in the Iniled Stales. Two copies, live dollars a year? live copies ten ?dollars a year. Clubs to pay their own postage. Tho volumes begin with the January and July numbers. ? . L1TTELL, SONi CO., Bos'on Offlce of publication In New York, at 313 Broadway. "y^EYARDS IN AMERICA? PRICE 12!: CENTS WITH remarks upon temperance, (lu foutidaUoq,) Iniemper snd remedies,; the culture of the gripe ri?e tUrSJH V. 'rS? 'f nla"< r* 01 Importance to rich ani^ioor ilj.lohn Osbornof Oporto, In Portiujal, and Ne* , I** No- "??ver "tr'!et; York CopiSi IgMBiiitsd free to any part of toe Ciuted Stoles, on reccliii o( Wieen cents in postage stamps. ' w THE TURK. ^BNTREVILLE COp1?8K,'iri^TROTTfN(}.-TIR'RH. li^i. i?y: ^l"<"m,,cr 2?. *l ? O'clock, P. M. ; purse, ?00 t wo ??5U. w"?OD,i w?fon and driver to weigh 2/3 pounds ^K8pJftit"C7 b- ?? Forrester; J. 1) Mclfinn eo" hi-k i P'nr*1* ?"P t i*" I)"n'"lj enters b. g. Chicago Jark, D. Pdlfer enters ch. m. Miller's Damsel. * __JOBL CONRLIN, Proprietor. ( 1 ENTfl Fyn^t.E COURSE, L. I.-TROTTINO-MOND l T beplemlter 17, at three o'clock P. M? Purse last tulle M 'm* ln Bve' 1,1 hBrness. Oeo. Spleer enters' br. g. ?War, J. It. Mi Mann enters b. m. flora lempls; H. WnodroB eatorsA. ?? Chicago Jack. JOEL COMKLIN, Proprietor. ED HOUSE. HARLEM.? THIS FAVORITE PIJLOE^OP 3- , resort is now in complete order, and rea<l> 10 aeeonuM mL rW'i'? P'^lle. The Oot&km and Ba Ule S.' .''J 1 '"i *P ?? ,ho neautiiul green attached to the "J aBoed much sport to the visiters of this beautuul piace. The bestot retreshments always on hand. WILLIAM A. BROWN, Pri>piiet4>r. UNION. (OL'RHE, L. I.-TR0TTlVn _ON VHir> \ Y e hlEt 1^', hJLiT"' 1 "'c,'xk' precisely, a ma'eh ;nr ?.s*t,' ;"m V?h"' , Vb,?? "!,?? '? ??*???? ll Woodrurt names n "ti.7 *' ? P"ler ?. m. Miller's I ismsei B.-? Th*s match will comc off without regard to weather HHAW A WMJTK, Propiietor/*. TTC12? <',"1rR8.K'.> ^-trottino.-a purse or ,y, ,WoJ' *!'b ?n '""'de slake of ?.)00. halt for f?t?. mile Uea's ?r?u2. K?ir ? a1*0 11 parse of HO#, with an Inside stake v"r^i:, Z? mllJ? ripeaf, 10 wagons. 10 com.- off on IJursdaj , 8< pl. i7, and Tut day, Oct. 2. Enulns oe.iose 2L.y<S*LyJ.ay^-1"' i' "o'clock l'. M a' Falkland A Dare m f "*** f roadway and < atherine street. Three or mere to nuiks^ a race and tw . to star'. V. H ? Kntr-vue to be deposited ai tlmeofenirv. Ur. e Kdvd ei< epted in hoili purses. SHAW A WHITE, Proptietot . R TIIK LUll lOBL (il KSTIOS. PKR CEKT HAVKP AT PIHR*OVH, in BLIROKKR ^j\J hIiop!, nrar Howerj. Br??dic?, wlnea, whlakey, i um Ac. in iHitile unci ?d draugh', In <ta> <iua'i<u;- j Mae oM brmrilM, Ac., t\ lentaper ;l?n. JrrNOS COI'NTY I.IQI OR PEM.?R>" SOCIETY ?AT V ? mi-p'lnn of the C'on'ml ? "? iurr, h>M i1 I . nhrf Motel, on Wednesday *Trnln? S>*p' lZ IWft, II w?? Resolved, I hoi the eevornl ward ?nl 'own romnnuri-i in the ruUDtjr o. KH(< rail niciinitii In their acveral di-'rictn, the i ine anl | l*'c of inectint; u> be di ?i(aau ?! by Hie h?iA comiuli 1MB, for 'be purpoae of oriianuaUGti ami adopting utrh uiea ?'ire? *? 'icy nmy deem expedient fur 'h.' pr" ion of n'ir oiinattu'lonal rlglit* nnd llbcrti<'? In the forUiromlni; election %*aln?t otir fanatical and tyrannical ewnntea. Tba' the committee ilo adjourn until We?li!e?<l?y afternoon, F?p?. IB, MZoVlutk. TIIOH. TOYJIBKK, Preaideni. A Rfj.VR, Vi ? Pre.?ldci.i P. Ci,*mr<.oir, Secretary. OPBCIAI. XOT10B ? 1 TBI MKMBERM Ol TIIK MQI'OR O Oealera' Hociety arc hereby notified thai lb" clerk IN now r? *dT to receive their i rupecm'* due-, al hn uSire, Odd )-?) low Hall, aacood floor. All I'llla not paid und October In trill bt given to a collector und ? hari?>.f 10 p?-r ?nt additional fbr rol>rllo*. trtBi e boitr* fioin 9 till 1.' A . V , and tioni 2 ti .! i, P. M J.N. HAYWARD Pre-ldrn'. !>. S. P?n.r Ncrretary. ,V H. Bl.NCK, Vire PriMldoii rpo LIQUOR DRALKRfl AMI) f!R?X'KRS - NOTICE IS 1 hcrehy gtrrn. tliat ?< bar* m* landing from atilp? XlUon and I-at,reii* fmm 1!. rdra u and Ijl Roctolle, a etip-rior at HfMnt of li i?> wlnca and l>randi' ?. which wn offer at the low eat market prlrea. In oeiavcn, 'I'larrra and lialf ptp't. In tlia original p'iekme?. fn ai tfca wharf, or I'nl'ed Ma -'i bond'd warehouse rurh j>ack*ge netns ? tanpiu.i'-d l>y a oart.ilcata Ol imp.M ladon Aw die Collector at <to i'ort, berc.y avoiding any dtlP< utty iiy the Maine la* All artlcloa warranted ?? ri~ preaeo cil, and ?old on lit eral tertuej, t.y I- H. hIMPfON A *OHK, I* Hearer utrrct. BXCURMIOX*. 1i?X< t n HiVTOTHK ntllivo HANKH ?Till' IHH'BI.K U rnglU'- Ktfjmt, WM. OAOR, Caputs J. t> PMIIIp*. will make ju ciriir?'On to tl?' Oxlilnu lianli on Prldiy the I Ml, Haiti v ' Ik* ICitli and Hutulay, thv liiih day? of Hurtrui'ier Til"' l>oat wlli Ibiitc iui loliowa:? Ainoa mrei-t, Jf jrth rlvrr, al o'ri'* k A. M. .'-pring atrcct. ?8'?, I'.nxnne Uriyt (m ,,vr. Puitonh-rrr, Brooklyn, at ??<: pirr .Vo. 3, !*orth rircf, at 9 A. M A i>and of miMlr <? ill a< > otnpanv tJt? i"ienr?loii. rt r-ept on BaR, tlabtiat tai'kle and refrc?i)iu -nU I'll; njflicd on l oard. fare for ib<- urur ion 90 rent a. /IR tNU KXf (' RrtlOB Til THK KNIIIXU BA N K~ ? VT IV and oomm idl ?ii doable cnctn" aleamer MAX MAf'Hl 'ft: I TM wtll m?ke an rv<-ur?lon to the PMUnf nank?, on Sinida<- >"*pt If 116# Tb* boat will leave K in? utreet ?? ? 0*rlnek. "pli r >?>. S KotUj rtrer *i ? o'clock iUu and fl?bin< furninH'd < M t?i?rd. A band of m'Wf will AC rnlany the boat. Par* for the Mcurtioa <0 C I.K N B.? The yf h?mn l*#en 'hciou'Tliij orciliaule! and rf fairel. offera *nperjir no mmmod itir.nii over Mnrothtr l>oai tar tkciir having a lanettw aa'oon 111 fee' !oni IIOTF.I-!* AND Jt'MMKH RETRKATS. Dffl.AROKT HOUXK - MLAI??'ftT HWK. NO. 7? Broadway, comer of B'aee: P a CV, ipp'nit- New York MU baTtng open rccenliy dco.'aiad and paint 4. U n??w |i -ep'.red 'o fiu . ?k rionn In ? i' Tilr.,'; arlln pr!jaj# tahlg, >u reaMiable ttoUMr fl:V < '%** hceli ?" f*. Kir?l?'l.l.. xrtp.r ?rr*Rif?R a"*)** iimtio.v ?or rA*!? 1 a'. I at:i|{.* perarna i ai. 1 nd a. ji- 11 ? -r* I : ??, Hik aram?. coraar ? AehUi ?tr?d kept U. I- ?;r ?p"aa Koaut art jt?c?d *i rwilu'M rava fr imU.ap af ? HUB. i; 'f'.T ;LA".K, f: [" PERSON AL. ACARD.-TUE UNDERSIGNED. WHOSE PKRSORaL property m advertlaed for sale this day bv the Sheriff, deems II due 10 hlmselt as a m?n of business, la inform the public, through the unw channel, that the Nluir wu entirely unauthorized. and that the judgment ??t recovered agaliwt him in an anion wherein the UnUcratgned ?> a the plaintiff, br the neglect of bia atlornlea, and without any knowledge on hfii part. Ho iliu t the public may not l>e under ihe Impression that the undersigned la insolvent or embarraaaed la biarlrcuiu stances, he invitee nil to whom he may be Indebted to caU at hi* foundry and receive their money. Isaac HOLLO WAV, Sen., Iron Founder. Vorkrille, Sept. IS; 1886. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMKRICAN YOUNG QEN tlenian, who has recen'ly lost his wife, la desirous of placing n sprightly and exceedingly Intelligent and affectionate I Oy, five years of age, with some highly re ipec'able lad) or purlieu, und who n>? > possoss absolute control of him, an I adotd h:m if preferred, and where nil the attention* or a kin I mother could be given him, and w here the axjociHtionx whir as well a* instructive. Bea references glTen and required. Address W., box 1,172 Po* effloe. A COIN COLLECTOR WHO CALLED AT THK BANKING . cilice ol John lloope Jk Adams a tew days since, with old ??oiiis in s> ll can now Und a purchaser by calling aa anon ai I oralble at Ihe Bunk Note and Special office, 4 Y1 ilroadw i? JOHN HOOI'K t ADAMS. IF TIIK GKNT1.KM AN WHO WAS PRKSKNT AND heard Ihe conversation when the i>?rty obtained twenty seven hundred dollars (J2,70U) on a lot ol diamonds, al the I 'a eiflc I -can Office, will call again, he will confer a Uvor an 1 learn something to his advantage. rMlfir Ivian Office, over the Pacific Batik, corner of Broadway and Grand street. 1 F 0. C. H. DOBS NOT LKT HIHSKLF BK HEARD FROM. J and that speedily, he shall hare ample cauae to regret it to ihe last hour of hi* life. INFORMATION WANTKD? OK ELIZABETH RYODY. Any tnturttiiitloii of her will be thatiklully reei-tvi-d by Mary Myers. at 371 tth at., between avenue* 11 and C. Wtieu heard from, she was in Bleecker (trect, New York. Shu is a native of Dungannan, Ireland. | IF CHARLES M CARTER, FORMKRLY OF BALLSTON, 1 fiaratoiru eotinty, is in this city or vlclmty, by calling at 2V> Jay street, lirooklyn. he will hear of aomethlug to lua ad vantage. TF THIS SHOULD COME TO THK NOTICE OF HKK I whose maiden name was Mary scullion, who came to this country In ihe ship Ashland, from Queen's county, Ireland, she would oblige by letting her mother. Klien Scullion, know where she is. l'lcaso address Charles Shlvlln, 323 Rlvliigton -?reel. New York. She U l.ellevcd to lie in Merlden, Conn. INFORMATION WILL BK THANKFULLY RECEIVED I at this ofllco of Ihe whereabout* of any of the heirs of John Hunter, deceaaed, formerly of Patersoo, N. J. Address A. 11. it., Herald office. JOHN CAMI'HKLL RALSTON. ? JOHN C AMl'MKLL Raision, formerly of the Brltlsi^rmy, and late of Mussel burgh. Scotland, will greatly oblige Ihe advertiser by forward ini; either hla own address or that of a friend through whom a ? ommunkallon uu?y reach htm. Address bo* "Vi Post office, New York. The gentleman who picked up a notk book and newspaper In Fulton street, near Broadway, will confer a favor on the loser by leaving 11 at U17 Fulton street, N. Y., und be iiiitably rewarded. THK GKNTLKMAN WHO GOT THE TWENTY <M30) BILL changed In Eleventh stree', on the 10th ln?' known. He will please tall and reclaim it, or be dealt with according to law. WILLIAM HENRY CLARK. OF ROCHESTER, N. Y M will plesue meet an old friend ut the Itaititiow Hotel, Heektnan street, tills day, the 1,'jth. ttnd also the 14th Infant between Uic hour.-- ol 10 and 12 o< lock, A. M. REWARDS. <5>7fr REWARD WILL BE GIVEN TO, AND THE IJ |i) personal expense* put I of, any person who \> 111 give, security to drive from the premise* of ' a large es'aMialnin'nt raw. roaclie- and red anls, In 1.1 or 21) davs' time. Apply i > ROBERT MAHTIN. City Hotel, Jersey City. REWARD-LOST, ON THURSDAY, Tllfi UTII ?JPj-iU Inst., n black and tan lerricr dog: had o'l when loil a brass collat with owner's name and realdence scratched ou. Whoever will return him to 234 Third avenue will receive the above reward: it being much valued an the gift of a friend. a >n REWARD.? LOST, IN ONE OF THK BROADWAY JJP'J staiM , going Ironi V'nlun square to Twenty aeveuth st I ret, or in one ol the Eighth avenue cars, from Tweutj dxlli si reel to i (t imbers, a ponemonnale containing a safe key and papers w hich are of no value to any person except the owner. Tin a bove reward will be paid by leaving the same at 1H1 West Twenty sixth street. (J? r REWARD- LOUT. ON THK. 13TU OK SEPTEMBER, * a gold sea] ring, With a da k atone. The Under, who delivers it at.'*) Exchange place, will get the above reward. S. SNYDKB, care Horn, Schlleper A HaariutO*. tfj/T BRWABD.? LOST OR STOLEN. ON SUNDAY ???' morning, a while poodle slut. Whoever will return tho UBr to 19 Wooatt r street will receive the above reward. <U1 R EW A RD? LOST, ON MONDAY, I0TII INST. A ?T> I small men. oraiiilmn book con'alnlng papers, Ac. , of no value to any person but the owner. Anv person retm ntng H to i be aubeerlber ? ill rooelve the above sum and the thanks of the owner. THOMAS KELLY, 03 South street. IA)HT A. VI) roim / tAI TION -COl POHB LOST, ON THURSDAY FORK J noun. ptcmber ISih, In the Hudson River railroad r ira, between Albany and Peeksklll, h am. ill dirk blur moi ivo pnoki'i diary n r 1M, containing seven (ireat Western I Illriot* conponr, Uliy dollars each, due Oc'.otoer I*', (the pm u n> of which ha* been ?u?| ped.) and otli"r pap.-r.-t only useful lo Hi" owner Tla Ao'ci w ill l>c ?u. ably rcwarde 1 liy 1 uvlu^ U at IRISON A FHINNEY'S, 17H Fulton street. nflO LOUT? A I. A ROB BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND dog, 'm|| lipped with white, anawnr* Ui lb'1 name ol W ?<; was wen at r-lii/ Sinn, on Thursday la?t. with wo arlnaora ci ladei h, wl.o enticed bun from my premise* the day prevloua. Five dollars r??rd*iii be paid lor ihc return o( the il'i Hlvrrdale Sep. II ISM P. L. HL'Sll. DOO LOST.? $10 REWARD? LOflT, ON SUNDAY, SKIT 9, a whre Spanish noodle dog, one year old, of medium al*e, five ;thd lege u> Ural joint *havnl noun black and white; siifWerH io till nil nit' of Chail y. Who?ver will return th" aloretald dm; to No. 10 South Third street, WllUainaburg, or plvc inform tt1 inn where he may be found, shall receive the above reward, and no question* arked. I OPT OR STOLEN? ON 12TII INST., A POCKET J i ook, coniaininti money, cheoka, notes, draft*, Ac., to a. large amount . I'a.v mem ha? befu -topped. If Uie Under will I ring t hp pocket book, InUot, to the undersigned, be will be rewarded and no Question* eiked. GKO. K. LEKPE, 229 Fallon street. IOHT -IN Till; ITPPKR PART OF THE CITY, ON TUB J lWh ln*t . a ladliV xold huntin ' wstnh, ma rk**d on t he liiu k "Ursula." The tinder will he satisfactorily rewai led by leaving It at (W ' hambei * e'ree'. IflHT-A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, FROM J YVupiilngton Uanl'ii, Wllllamabmg. The color of the dog la blark, with while Dpi on bin luiad .toe* and tail. Whoever wt'.i return l?m ?,II be suitably i awarded. IOST ON T1 ESDAY MORN I SO, UTH INST. ABOUT J b o'clock, between First and n rand street*, 'hrmgh El dridge, h' oui fl.HW. WOO of which was th* Sia'e money, and t-iM) elty , one Sfl counterfeit bl.l on Onn Bunk, and o^e W on Mllfnrd BatJt. The bll'a wer-- put uji iu 1200 package*, nr.d ? tapi M fti>0 reward will be paid fw the reoorer)- at tli" rami" , In applying to L. SA V I' El,, 210 Eldrldf " .if""' ton/k -* kPLRvdid i'aryed. kevhn o< tavk ?)wl/> n.-' ?'<?! piano, of tiiiijtonc Rnd n^rlv new; worth KMi: will b<> miM for K0O. Can be nean at the oDi e ol M L HBBLOON, -A Nuaaeu <reei. &C -HA.N.'O lAlOHT IN EAST UMO m w Oa Term*, M In adrar-?. rnp'l* taught a' their re?t dfrnr". Banj<^ tVom fl WtoKT'. Can lie ?"<;n all day, and in tha ereuint romrtio?. H. B. JAfOIW, U?njo.?'. A i .)."t oben attnjodcpoi. No. ?0 II ?Wjo i're?t. Ai.i.AN ikying, FBorraaoR or Htjromo^-TRn J\ iir'i- ? ii I 'id nf produi ntr tone and ?ir< ngthenlnc ih? vim e l <? ni' >o relebratod In Ita v Un t he r>" el??d Ms dlplo ina, elee'liii' hllti |ir"t"??or in lh" A adrtny c i ^n'? <> "lla, Kimie. Fir ternai apply at his r"?ld', 10 ' airull (uac, Ble#.cker BU r a- . A W LADP A OO.'S PIANOFORTES TRll'WH \ NT iV . a- 'lir >. r-v Parla Kxhlljl'lon ? Har!n ? ' i ? I "i tti" hlidieai prlxe ni"dal. ?* heln^ >h" ii"?t pianoforte in ih? exhMUou. there being more than three h indml lor flfnpeil ilon. Tlie above rrlebreted laairuaMnt, with the isi .mi I i>? M a? nriiii ?? '?! pkuwe ill ht? I Ky, ai<- ror ?al" at l?,w jir ???, at the treat piai.on.rte wareria.m . il? BlW,|?,t, Si Ni nolai ?lo?el. RLT A MI;N0ER. ("lit EAT 8At'RIFI< K? 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SINOINO AND PIA NO foil/ ? Mr V tKHKK be?? io announce to lila ?"hol?ra that lie will re?'iwe hia ieaar>na ju Mon<Ur, Hepteiuiier 17 mtd wnl l**'l obliged il they will infurm btm when the) are prep ?r ed lo I'-mmeii- ?? Reaidea< e t!6 liruoine *r -et IJHEMIIM PIANOFORTE ? <1 A H. BARMORrT NO .lit lilee. tier wreet, hatlnc l?een ri;ei*iirs manufacluren li>r 'weniy veaia, offer a large aaaortinent of ategan' , superior li.anoa. at IS" liiweoi poislhle price. Ila>ing aieo perf? ed a new at; le ol piano, 'he grand diagonal, thej would call ( arj ctilai atlemlun of purefceaen. T>IANIST WAfTKD? TO PLAY IN A DANCnrfTAt A J ilernv. One wh" Is aeuiialn'r I wl'h fso- dan ?< and disengaged frrnn 3 to 9 P M Md from* ui lo In the evening Salary modera'e. Apply at Broadway from J to S P M PIANOfT? PRICK? R ri)L'( V ELL I N O ~R A Pri~[ T^ T. Gillie rt A t'o's, Jacob l.Tilekert/Mi - llain- A Br -t^r' f"imJ hand plaaoa at 190 |e0,?H?i ?ltn, ?jn Pienr.. i. >? T .- HERBY 141 Br tadwi M WIMEUA1EOI H. r1|!F>< H MRcUANICAL LAMPS f'AR< KI-J AND n oler*' re.? Jtiat re~Hve?l a new Inv l<-e <jt thaae be* Will *m|.? alao a urea' ?ar?ei> of Ffaoah gwtlturra, rap" s?a(! oil. iriaaeware, Ac., OrooMng a A 6re glldinrf i>< ? (ii U?e I^t pa > aiy4 repa'red (it cjtnurteo' Wi-k met H tiAHIKixyffl.r.. U", Br.jad^y NBY r GOOTiWtV, "OMMI a4|i'?N PAPR* WA?f . !? No JAn . erw etas door from ?e* f, i -t't ? ot ai d**rpi, i? ma. i ? te h im u ?? ??t ?, V, b A uilMtri P*|ier nui'w r. r t.i ?r - ? ? ^f.'.igWiM t u. eeea .< 35 i -'Ja V. W. i***. If CITY POLITICS. GRAND HAED SHELL COUP D'ETAT. Excitement and Conttrrnation among the Office Swkm and Striken. What the Bard RkrU General Caaiaritteo DM Last Bight. Rtioirmcs OVEB THE mainb victory. CWFV1EICG WITH DL\IEX S. DKKUI94NV. MOVEMENTS OF THE REPUBLICANS. &C.f Ac., Ac, The announcement in yesterday's IIuiAiii, that the llardhhcil General Committee were about to di-tpet&ae with the primary elections thh fall. and nominate all the candidate* themhelvee, produced no little excitement among the politician* and ottice aeekera, who repaired in great number* to Htuy veeant Institute last night to try and influence the action of the Ceueral Committee. On arriving at the Institute our reporter found the barroom, hall and htrcet, swarming with politicians, striker* and loafers, IHghly excited and Tenting loud anathema* on the purpoeea of the new movement. So high ran the feeling that the proprietor of the hall became alarmed and tent for a posse of the Fifteenth ward police, who re luahied until the adjournment of the committee, to pre \em the politicians from indulging an the rough and tumble knock, down and drag out ?o congenial to their taates. Among th* lobby memberH were Kicherd Con nelly, James Furey, Justice Connelly, Harry Howard, lien. lho?. J. Munday, six or seven of th* candidate* for Coroner, besides a host of smaller office hollers and office seekers. When it wa? announced that the committee had de termined to dihpeme with primary elections an i do the nominating themsehts the croud aeparat ed in a very bed humor. Thin action of the committee, It wai argued, was most tyrannical, and far exceeded the famous 5th of At'gu d movement of I>an. tiickela in 1862; while th* memoer*. of the < ommittee, in reply, stated it va^ th* only means they had left of pre?crvinff their organiza tion intact, us the softs and Custom tfou-n had everything arranged to carry the primaries and fuse, which the Simon I'ure hards would uot listen to and hence their ac'ion. '1 he committee organized by Horaces. Clark, of the Eighteenth ward, being culled to the chair. and John V. lavage, of the Fifih ward, and J. W. lioye*. of the Twen tieth ward, acting as Secretaries. After the reading of the minutes the tollowing were read: ? To 1 111! PtMOCftATtO BwrtTBLtCAN Ge.N Kit as. Con Mirror : ? In maturing a plan for constituting the several conventions for tl?c nominate n ol candidates to be .supported bv 'he demo cracy at the approaching elcctiou, pursuant to the resolution under which your committee act, your committee have, hi cr careful deliberation and general consultation with <lni<>r.ii-t both within anrt without the General Cummlttee, whoa?? coun aela merit our highest respect unanimously com 'uded thA' the time ntid opportunity baa arrived for the national democracy, through it* Owners I Committee, the re<pon*lbi* represents lives ot tin: party, to adopt a plan lor the various "nominating convent ion which will not only .-ecttre to the ward eouatuu ctides a ' oinm'indiiu: voice in the selection of the general t ounty and Senatorial ticket*, but will restore to the warda that power' over their local nflairs, of which they were hereto fore deprived. Your committee, therefor*, nufinlinonsly re commend that the system of primary elections under whl? !i the primary political alOUrs ot thia city have gradual*. passed into irresponsible hands; a nvstem that ha- font err d and sup ported a class of men whoso services are at the old of the unaerui uloua candidate for poliUe*| position, to th ? preju dice of worthy men who shrink trom Improper mem* of *le vutlon, or whese pecuniary condition forbids their employ ment: a system which. by Us association with and respond blhty lor acts of brutal violence, has driven quiet, reapectab.e citizens fiom any participation In 'he primary uiy,nu?/.?'loi of parties; a **v.-tem which, by shameful corruption, bribe y a ad intimidation, haa parked conventions with ho tool* of oonoi loua Individuals, and by the most unscrup ulous a'?u-?* of pu / lie confldt nc*, eft' cted the nomination of persons repu-man* to the majority; that this system be now abandoned u?d thai the Qtineral t'cmrnltfee a- u botly, the representatives of the democracy of the county, and Its Individual member- a* repre ?ematives of the wurds, provide for the organization ot ?n v*- n tions to nominate a ? neral ticket for the coirn'y and forth* Fcnatoiial districts, and re eommb to the ward orfanit i' .on* or the ci'y frill power over their local nominations. And in pur nam*- of <bu rt?cominendatlon, your eommtttee report tie* an uexed reiolutiona and plan: ? IteMtlvrd. That a judiciary convention be held on Thursday, the 2Dth day of St ptemher Inst., at the committee room of the pemorrutlc Republican (Jenerai Committee, Ffo. 6H3 Broad way, tor the purpo?e of nomlna ing eandtdates tor \h" fellow ing oflices, to be supported by the national democracy al the ensuing election: ? On* Judge of the Supreme Court. <?ne Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, two Judges of the hti :?? Hot ( om l i u I >>? ?? Judge ol 'i <? M urine Co ir . ? ? on vention to consist ot three delegate s from each ward, one of whom shall be named by each member of the general commit tee. from his respective ward; and in case of a vacancy in any ward, or the dlaagreement of the mam I eis from ih?* ward, the general committee shall select the remaining delegate, or dele mi to, from such ward to such convention. Resolved, Tha* a ci'y and county convention be held on Fri day, the 21st day oi September, Inst., at the sam^ place, for the .purpose of nominating candidates lor the following office* Counsel to Corporation, County Clerk. Hherlflf, tommla skmerof Repair* and Muppllee, Mreet ('omn^-?ioner, i .uup troDer, City Inapecior. Oovemor of the AlmnUotM ?, an I fo ir (^r* ners. Such convention to coiudatof five delegates from each ward, one of whom shall be named by each member of the < tunera 1 Committee from his respective ward, and two t.y the delegation from each warti or a majority thereof; and In cafe ot vaesncy in anv ward, or disagreement between members of any ward, then the General Committee -^hal! select such remaining delegate ?<r delegates o aueh convention. Keaolved, That each member of the Cleneral Committee within the r? pecive .^ena'rjiiai dlstrics appoint one d^mo' ra tic elecUir from his respective ward, iu a delegate n, n Hena'o rial convention, to nominate a candida'e for hUite Henauir. Hueb convention to be held on Monday, the 24th day of ? , at the following places:? Third district, (Is'. 2d, 3*1, 4th, ftth, and 6th wards,) at ? ? Fourth di-tri i, C'li, UXh, 1 Mb. ;\n?i 17th ward?*,; at ? Fifth district, (Mh. lnii, and Uth war?fs.) at Hxth district, (llth, llrth, lAtb, 16th, l#?h, ltt h, 30th, ^'Ist and 22d wards.) at .And diaf in case of a vacancy In anv ward, or the rtlsa jree men' of the m< m)?ersi, the General Commluee nhall seH ?*? the remaining delegate or delegates from st;oh ward to s ich on ven'ion. Kesoived, That ?he merriherw of th? General Committee from each ward, within the i^lith Jisil'isl district, appoint five democratic electors from their respective wards, to a conven tlon to nominate a candidate for Police Justice in aaH dutrl.t, arcb eonvenilen to be held on Friday, the 21st day of tfoptem ber; and Uiat In ca*?* otsva?ar?cy ID so r vrird. or fir df*a gre' ment of the members, Ute General Committee shall ap point th* remaining delegate er delegates from such ward to "aid convention. Keaolved, 'Ifu d e Word ? orom. te^s ejected und?r the all, jm 1 certified and <pr rott l bv :he ra mber t ot he f>- moer ttio Mpubliean Ot. ra, < otmrltUf a* Huayv?*<ant Invituie, pr?? eeed, cn or beftjre Tue-^day. the ?.Vh day of K**p?enrjber. to* , to ai poUit delegatea to the following convention*, and to d? <U na e the plH4 e c rne. mg, ej.-ep wvere herein otherwise pro vided, vl/ In each ward -om peeing n entire AM*mV0y dlatrlc*. 'o ap point five delegate- o in 4?-# n;bly Conventioti to be he d un rrtday he ^tii day ot ? , to nouunat" a candidate tor Ash rnlny. IntH'h r,.Ml < n?| ? on . o*i ? . t st. A?a*m>-I noint five delegate* to an A ? embl) In-M? t Coav n?r o, 'O u ; held ^r Friday *1 '? ls?h?l.ij < ? , ?t the following place ? First dU'rtn Firti siut ?? nd wards.) at e>? ond dHirfc. Third and .-!i?h wsrdsjat ? ? Ten h dMrt- ' (Twel? h, S'1ote*n?h ai d Twenty-second ward^.? st ? Fourteen hdwt i 't, (?l*'eenthand Ts n ? leth ws rtla,) at s?*'een Ij Uia?rlct. (Klgbteenih at d Twenty first warda, > In each ward containing but one Coun< it dl?tric fifteen dele gates to n t barter Convention. *o h* h*?d o? Mondsy Hk! 1st day of 0,!ober to nomina'c fsndidat#'?? for f 'oun* ilman and charter oft cers. iu each ward cont lining more / an on* Conrell d'au . \ five delegate- So es? h ? j.-uU' b ?'< HlrV to -? *'? ?J t. t?v? n ->ii, o ?>* be id on Wf'ni 'fay. 'he 3d da; of " c *i, t ? i: 4 andtdaie for Councilman, at I 0 meet tn joint ftmmu on on vf' t ?? the f?t day of 0?Hober. *o nominal itop^HaaVs for charter oflkers. KKAeTt e W . til.OVLH. Klevcn'h ward, n ? rr? 10 JoKKPH M '? It- II. I eMu? ward. <lR<> F THbMXiN. Flfo-emh w^id. ROBKRT C. M. INTIRF Flf'h w.t ! .10 II N W HOf ff H. 1 w' n e h wrd. WK'ARK It I'vR-o>H, Klghfeemh ws rd UMiltOK * AlJrK.N, ee*en'h ward. Xcw Voea, Kept. \2, The only opposition to the above was from Jon ' R of thcKlevenih ward, who bitterly oppr*? d the pro p</M*d action of the committee. The ayes and nay* tM'ingat length celled, resulted aa follow*:? ^^ea? Nicholas Dtmond, Joaeph Flaekborn fThomas K'ewa. First ward, John J Talt. Mt had Ryan, Walter Jt? a, el ward, A J McCarthy, K C West. Jmw a llafkert, Tl.lH w*r !, Wm IImUidm. Henry M I>?w n*a. Jtitn f'asev, roo.'h wars, Robert C Mcfntyre, Jobn Y rteva^e. Jr, FlPh ward. Tbom ? I Itarr, Jame<? Me?,owan, Wm Hln< lair, tiVh ward; Geo, c y Alden. John Faln'on, Heverith ward: John B Ha?gin*. i I*or?K, Isaac Keyiar. Ktghtb wanl. tins' A tJowafsr. Clover, | Ninth ward; Joseph M Marsh, l)an*el li ilunt. John liar. iao i Tenth ward; Rrsietus W Glover, Kdwtn i ' ? toi ward. I'a*rl? k M'Gsnn, Twelfth w?rd. Chart*-* U H G .N??wki'k, J O Urte, FouHeuuth ware, Pa'ricg Hern s F T eu> 'agi, M^amey, Fourteenth ward, Benj M liar*. George F TtitAfeon, Fifteenth ward, Hamnei kad< iiffe, J It M iregor, Fhliilp bffltr, tiiiieentb ward, Jamee Murphy h* ntaeoth ward H or a? e F Clark, Weare If Parson, Wm H'.asc K.g'i tetftth ward. Mr Ri:*y, Jam* s C Rumerford. Xlur^n'li ward, WmJ'.yre, J "W Boy< *,Tw< n'l*th ward Tim ? by Itti/ ?Fas M fc"'*nl?h, Jr, John i.vneh, Twentvftra* ward "Pa'n k Masters 1 Urn A Turnure. John O Toofe, Tw#o y wood war d ?Vffirs-J?lin M?eher. Kleven'h ward. John G Km St.i* te? u'n w^rd A> T Gallagher B#vmth w*rd; Ch W lv> >*1 N'm h rut' T w e l/th ws war t- M *? .4 man A beam G ( ratio, Herrnte^- ? -i? aar J pe ? t ft Fween**y, Ta? rrie'b ward ** k ? wing wjs then |>ropo**d by Joff* Y * . of :}> Fifth ward and passed un.-?nin*o*jsly ? V. * Na *' f>r?e^ra-w Conv*nfk?n of th* f? -i* ?* F mtb'-csn General C/^nm?ttee of th> ' y and c- 1 . n*w Yofk. rm behalf of them?*ives <154 their e y? ? ? - ? s*r-l b*tr tarwrst ecugrettuatory gr^tn/* 'a tt ' \n hr <4 the national ''eow*erar t of the A< *> o m%i ?> - ' - ctn*. glraue * trji mph inekecUeg a a r. ? is g - w .*b *t?e **>*?.< % of a '*??? r?- G . p*e fo Mr- !awr5tn Know ,VUs|ies eivl fr? sa ?? and ne - ws? *?! abelMtesi rtptih irnjusn ??.?? i Urv tw that th* r?^* .ton Hi m <#t la? tut or ei -h? e hat here by wr r% a 1 o>?? a >*?*?! in favof (4 *ae n%' 'e?a? det*^# r ? ? pa W , . ? tn. th ? e? ' f t's rsrdt Jaw* el the er - C* i *? r ? n fit ,n* T % is v-n tate cofr<ta.i'>* al, a, M b the I 0' I " t>* |a?w. k/ psr a m tfc* - r*M, ? ' # 1KTKKTUCW OK Tn* H\M> BlttLUi WITH DkNJgl. ?. UICKIHHON. After the hard .bell committee adjourned. they pro ceadtd to tkf Metropolitan Hotel to pay their mfcU to 1'aniel 8. Cickinaon, who U atoppiaf at that pL*-? Hon. Ttiornm J. Burr, hi a few appropruita remark*, Introduced tbe commillee, ?Lfrwr>n Mr. Dickinson e*pra*acd hi* gratification at meeting with the I>o??ecratic K#pubiican General Committee of Sew York, whc*e principles, which they had atood by through evil ami good report, were hi* principle*, bi?4 whoee general aclioft he cordially proved or. The comjulti'-e had tried to aarTy out tlioaa p.lnclple* that were lor the good of J the dJ^r^ juHW, and he tell be *a* among Irifuito, and it did M*. good to ai-e th, iix The*? have been trying time* to tboae 'bo wiah to preserve Intact the good lntaraata of the democratic party, for thi* i* ?? age of bargaining, of cor ruption ami they de?ar?e commendation whj hava hai the virtue to wltLrtand the blandi.hment* of offlce anl Jower It u no time, continued Mr. IHckloeou, for aun fhinr patriot*; we muat have mora ateadfaatne*- ?^ Prln^ ciple; and re?t uaaured tiiat aiucea* wUI ultln?t< ely he . Alter aflftin iiuuriM the committee of hiagood wt*he* Mr. Oickin.ou concluded by bidding them good ?igbt. After the aaaarier. of the committer war* 'Intro dlfoed to the bard ,li*U leader, they took thier departure ?grVBLIl'AN M0VFJIKWT8- HKPUBtlCAN COKMTTEE Of HIXTSKN. ( The aecond noting of the Kepublican Committee o sixteen, appelated iu the republican oouuty meeting at ?rte Miixon'n HaU, Kept. ?, waa held on Wednesday even ing at the Mercer Boom. In the absence of Mr. Ketchu.n, the Chairman of the committee, Luman Sherwood, of the Sixteenth dial t tot , wa* called to the chair, and U. II. La moot acted an Secretary. At th* call of tha roll, the following peraona answered to their name* : ? litotrlct I B. H. l*moot; 2, K HrM U>n ; 5*. V. II Kiihn. ?, .la?. Kennedy ; W. I jal. 9, t. < Ulgh;?. William K. Duryea; 14, I. Sherwood; 1&, Kich " Mr. IK'itrEA moved the *u*pen*lon of the readinKOf i (be minuter aathe Secretary did not bill* them witli ''' Mr MeMi'UKU, Chairman of the Committee of Three to re.Hirt the list of delegate*, presented mmm manuscript a which he had taken id the minute*, which he ""ide in the ahape of a report, to whi? h Mr. launont, the Se, t.ry protested, and *aid that that report w?* not from '^Mr'Bn'vrftif the Thirteenth illatrict, moved that the minute* an roe*t by Mr. McMullen, be adopted, will. b on a division. waa declared carried. Ihe Committee on Finance. appointed at the last, conalating of Meaara. 4*lgh and Duryea, were C Mr aah* It'waa* the llr?t Jw had heard 1 of Wi ap point mrat . and declined ae.vtng. lie named M . Blunt who al-o declined, *tat>w that he had the lumbago. It wa* moved that Mr. Heldbe *uh*tltuted in ptoca ? f Mr. ' ^le Co'inmlttie of (V?rrea|*>n.ten -e. who are io procure ap<aker* to the County May Meet in* which will prolw hlj Iks held a* the ltroadwav Tahernacio, N pt. 19, report ed prnRieaa through Mr. JUuiit. chairman ?r that com mTl'7conin.ittee on I electee to th- State Convention Meaais. McMullen, M.e,wi"?l, and J. II. .-wany. Mil n ? A t'onimi>*ioner reported ft li?t ol deletfate* to their t liatr , ihe -M entation of thi- lUt o, .|el.*ate* to repre the whole city in the Stale Hepublican ^.ventcin .1 wvraeuse produced great axcitcmeiit; and Im iom, in secretary Could obtain a liat ot the n tine- ot tho.e lelc ?'t. H thev were, on motion <d Mr. .1. Kennedy, of the HfVwa.i I Iwew to Mr IrMnllen. the aha rman of the upecial r*?imultt?* '?? Mr. Ulunt condinl hr. h mu'ion. II. C. Uovp ot the Thirteenth w.rd moved to add wo in, <T. peraona to the < ommiUea on I Mr ? ,1 all the delegate* reported by llr. McMullen were 'II men. Mr. W'lgh -aid he had l>e.-n choo-n |nililicai. - ot hi* own w,,d to be a ?-P-; < nUU?e m part Si their Intel e.t? at the Htate ? ..menl on. a .1 -p..k. n furor of Mr Berry, one of hi* fellow delegate* to .via CUM- Mr. l.eigh then referred t? the eilml* now being made for ..rganiratlon hy the rep.iblle^n' "I the - Ity and coonty Ot Sew York, and alluded to the g?n< ral c-.m-jiC te.- ol thiee delegate* from each ward, ol which h? In the ho or ... mending tempoiarlly at U one .etoldeWutr- aeo.ld lie *.-nt from each -IHtHct and thoee ahould 1?- dee'ed hy the of th' di 1 1 let * . lift. I a lull and fat, notice of the place lot hold ?i? tion aud denle.1 Uie tdalement which had l.-en giv 11 ' ' ;,';?ch currency to of late, that he w . J.-l ? ?" ; miiiati. a for Attorney Ueneral, aud w.n tin rel ro roua of looming the elect.on by a county a lack. d lirle^atloii to Oyiacuae foi any ? purp< e \ r liori) . ? |,re*Md hN lndigaati?i? at the ?-ieui|.t to Li . li-t or J'pon the peoioe of N.w Voik, over the , egularly < u."--o delegmteaof the i publican* ?l the aaveral dirtrict*. It wa* wioug. and the and outraged of the Sixth ^-emrny .liatrM I iltohthward,) pre-eote.! a wiitte.i prote? ag.iin-l. the, .iillg, which bail ?<) I., I l.e<-n ll.l.-II by tlie K-|" !ative*o|ai. rlty ol ih. fommlttee ol who had been ai p< m fed at I ree Ma*on * Hall. We herewith pre ent a copy of hi* raunan. Tlu: underrigne.l. memler of tin ii i ninte.l at a public mating held at i re Maaon * Hall, 'be,'. M ...1< in ii I y I' ????-!. -gainst the action t..ken .by ..n V I. . ,'K maj. r'y ot tU this evening in .elating ?fr? and ,n ..pi-ition to the rig In* -t . , ),??* ' Very A e.nbly di.tii it. the delegation t<> i>" p . e?Ml, cify ? ??nty ? < .S- York at end tli. ol the ? ouuty having w?U* ed o t?Le action on th? 11th of Aogoat, to th all ?f,he ,-tate O'lnioi tee I ' r all pro ,ng. taken bv ihi ? com mitt, e .in<. it* orif-nixallon as void U. all in ,n .r,d p,.rl?.. v ?- it ha* be- n d- ided throughout V w York Wi ere the del. /ate, hav lawn generally choaen by ? ingle dlatnct* in. " the time dadg nat.d in th- ^Ute cU. ^ ^ (,EH^ .sif,h ?tUiKt Ihe pro'eat rai-e.1 quit- a breete in the camp. Mr. BUAI Objected to It* . ona.der.U- n in t"]o, ami movd Ih! it be returned to ita a .thor, or laid on th" labl' . hr .turn.- Kc On' dy, MrMnll-n. Umont and l>.|gi*ll .. . ke. Ihe protert waa laid -n the table. Ihe Committee on Koom*-M -*?r* ' Tl *nJ Kehn? w. re eal'.ed upon "> report. l?r. Kennedy we/ no- .w?r. that he was < n 'he committee. I"** wa "'reappear, to beg, eat -trile in ihi . rommUlee of M- tee., i bou Ibo repreeantation Ol New M, .fe I v.?,.rit, on .IICep-ibli. au* on' j.arty fav r.n| | n , ppointni?-nt of delegate* to >).i.^ - by a . e la m nJilire Of thr-e ar t the ollam V <?' ,e ?'tt^r'^ed'ro 'X.e ti! ?' thi* < te. n ha. no ...nuaeti-n w.i tl.e b.-putd.- an ? ; u- ' 1 omn.lttee of ihr ? deleeatea lion. < aeb of th? I. put i.f h" ?* i**' u'"^ r?' " 1 1 * ' i f, - \ f Of f t'0(( til Ii (.onrtntion. ir?" K?r i*-? p<* 'I r a?.. f. r the traaaa- ' - n of ? h*' ? e * . .lain.* ol all . on ?? -tent- will be.-xamin.-l ano 'l <i ui on. r>l 1.1 <JJ?TI ? TO Til i HI ITKLK tN T ATI! CD" v;:\ riov, A matting of ? D' "f ih* <!< Ugnt?t c.. rtr 1 bj tlv wvrral \-- w\i\f 'U?ti >?.!? n< 'aft ?v< niig ?' Vn I Bto owe -irwl, bnt to Kirn- amMfuJtj ,11 til- ill a* publiabcd, ?? ' jo'i i u?"l K< wM ?' tu ? aaiue pia ?? h, <r??iiinv ? t H o'eio k. RLKVEKTR WAKD FHIX HOfL ni.rr?*v It'll. I.a*t 'veiling tha n)?u.b?> ? of ll ? I ll:<ji i! ? an flub. ?if tha waiJ hivI Ml>< ? <]?-aii >ua ? f j'iointr mttd' W" '? !"??? ? if ' ?*??*??? nn BtM I" and I'. T)>' f' * B' ' "1 ?" a >f t).i I'lut l'?f i-tant, f i"man IliiMs; \i- ~ !'. ?M -n'.*, t l.?u<- fVrkj. John l>?? ' Wll>iaiu t.-ay fHir.lal Wl!' TVaati ?T hn V. f > III <> iHjnn i ( '. rj Al!cu < am> run f'.? rdlne -? raJary, W It -aiar?nt a' arm- Jaci li W Km rr.. u I n? I rfcail W tallad tn ti' ria- tf < : tli V U n tii u ill pilrxlj!' ?!.?r> up<m Mi l!a ?U . <1 ' lowtrg ? I'l/tt ? W "t?-! 'T' i-b'I d<> tITrm that ? ' ir. ? ? ? 4 in our national aslati't. -a *b- n -t I ? i"t tK <t * jr f iffif Ior?r ' t o%r < na'itu'i n ? a. in ?>! ??!<??? -tat?- C'l o t) <?<??'?.: (f ' ir n tj '<? ? i|T*- ? h. <??, r. - lit ai v n ? if- ! n * ? li * prlD'tlil"* ? iV ill" ajtanl.n f-Uv ,?a<,iid ? a l aj?rd a'> > o-t n?li tHtia Ifl.t n '"r ttoiWha'i' n a.f tb ' ? '*1 - t' , ? nil ill ai'W anjr .ataatina to llitarf- ? wi?l? t i.a lit ?' tu'ion ahar'- It 'i1?ta I j Ftata 1 ? . Tb.rd ? Wa har-hy pin go on i rv t'd i./an mlt-d'jr. to u?? all bib'ra' ir and iMtitaUonal un an? to tant tha ? itrrim n of #!narj ?Itbli 'b? Vtfi t</ry ril th* 1 nl'ad M?t*? Attarh?l to th? aborc a f tfc" n?m ? of ao'li < U?n* of tl.a Up^i nth *?rd a* are Ca>- ibM* to tha r'p 'j!I- ?n ' nil rt ? *? m~t.' AIU*? tbm i>?-lar&'i?n ?a? 'r . n. ??- a itf?-<d untJ half paat mu> o'?.l?*k y Mi. -J?-iaf?>l ukI otbar ? An adjournment <>? tlrfa l.?1. TlilKD DIHTKICT Wlll? Ar-KMBI tf COKVUVTION. Ik- wl.lf Aoambl; Jieruiria'in# ?t W?' i vi-nliiH at No. i. Madix ri atr??t at> ! a^Ij u. u?'?* ttaia ?t 7 ?'el?ak, it tha '?r?? | iaea forth'-par J?<? ?; '..akiBC * iv.'iiinat, o I' ^ .? t>i ? ' !??.( i.?u, <??1 M. N. Jimrm t-tn tt'.Arf . wjiia rwKLrrH iH'cmblt m*tr?i< r ? i*v lki> l? o**otion Ml L?at trvti ?( at th? It lira** to*', afar tha trwwt! n of vitrK yallr <iar< ini'lfaH#, vtti *iat(fd R^njaci'ii * m *h* ?a?4i'!*t? for tu Twlf'h A?? t.S j <tat-ict V* mm o?ti"B ??" m?:? bf MelaAkt.' . rj ? a <iaa*a:.>?| ? l* nf h?? 1 *! * Ur li i rn?ri? ti/ th* twattBU/ o for tk< ..<,u ? t* at h? 1 t-wn t? after." J a, o hJui ?nd ,. * mr h: ??. ,f ? . t H, to ta?7 '?t 'Ha th? uk pt nrt j.-*, : i ? f i;?o. ? 'a; ii?* fsi. i mi ?ta'- ?? ? U"* '}m? I ''l?? ' i Ml v Am*- tr> ?A-i* ttf. at< mi imi rmwula, tW nr> mm > . < . and at*., t/ J ' Irtt of ail, thf pra??r?aU >a v'th> a >-n ?HTt?*T* W1T*1CT *nt? >?i|?tr CO*Vl?TtO?. K nlMi ???.??*<???> of ? ? l>4>itna' ??'. T??vj ar?". vftfte, s?rt i??| ?t Kf of <iie V lgbieedt u war 1, pre-iding A eon/ei -Of* C"W ml tie. of two from eac h ward (ln< ludinjf tbi- Ouirmau) wa? iippointixt, 1< report the name of a cui table prr.uo for ( Li- wlilc numlwr for Aeaaiubly The committee (-lulu of Miliar aii<l IM'uw, of lb- Twenty -tint ward, am", ffc le? mi'! Cliuri lull o( the (j^liteanth ward. TU?' cou tVuticn (In ii adjourned M*1H I'd LICK PIBTWCT CO* VBSTION. The (Ynr< ntion for the nnratruition of a I'oUce Jmtlce in the hiffhtetiith ami Twenty drat ward*, Where Juatie* )*e:i rry ofltiiatiM npixnritm. nl ofi.wr Clark, met again laat evening at O'l^mnell'x, corner of Third uremiw and Twentieth itrcet ? J. H. Hur!?*"n, of the ly^hteenth want. pre?idiiig, U. Confer, of lli# Twenty. firat wtrd, acting aa riecrtftaty , TvUera ? Jan* M < Mail ami latuly Milger. ,-ii ballot a were tiki n for dele*!**!- at Ury?, without choice, the vote alaudiug every balM.O lot .lutia I'. (oojier, of tin' I wenty flmt ward, aud b ior Julio hainpaou. Ibr prominent candidate* for tin* w/uun.-ttion of I'ulice JuaMce were .luatice Pcatcy.of the l^Ulwutli ward, and .iamt* M Flaudrraw, f l?eiit?nuiit of Polb-#,) of Lbn Twenty-flret ward. The ' Uinu ol tlio latter ware adru rated by M.-aan J. M. I Nbdl. Ihiini* M i'al*, ThMM J. (larlanil and of the burner by (Vrtf? C Sfurrh. I<eidf Ot.'ger, and (iemg.- (i. Ilellow ?*. Adjourned lortwo weekjt. TO TUB V.DtTOK OF TI1K UKtlJkU>. Nkw York, Sept, 13, 1S.W My ?:??? baling been time* mentioned in the IIi:m m ii anil other )ourn>tl ? in < omwettna with th noeni nntlomt of vanouH political ucMutialion? I wiali t<? ?i>y tbut i am not now. nor hum- I ever been, a voluntary candidate for public office of uny kind. J.'f. ooounr TO TIIK KDITOB OK WI IIKKAI.IK Nkw Yo?k. Sept. I:', ISM. 1 perceive by your piper of Ihi* morning that yon hay* placed me in your but an one of the cnudldnU'* for the nomination of t-keriff, by the deaiocratir party. 1 would feel obliged if you wonld contradict tba *anie, a? I am not, and do not Intend to l et-vine a cninhdaLi for any oflire thia fall but Intend to aupport with euergy thi* candidate* nominated by the democratic convention WM. M. TWIJ-U). TO THE EDITOR Or Tlir II Kit W. II. Nkw York,. Sept. 1:\ l(tf,ft. I regie! iieecdliigly I bin uioining to ..?? my mime once mure among the Hat of democratic randidittiv for office. Will you be no good a a to correct tbla error. a- I nerei yet a-ked. nor could I e*pe I, n nonilnntion from any party with whom 1 have nrrer been annalated In any way, aliape, or form. J. W. RANNEY. Brooklyn City Pol It l<?. ? GRAND DEMOCRATIC FUSION MKKTINO. The apaclnn* hail nHaehed to th? llnmklyu Muwum waa pretty well filled laat evening by the democratic eiedora of King* count y, who anaemlAed for the purpoM of etteeting a (union between the two great opposing elements or diviaiona in th? rank* of the "untorrifted democracy." The niffiiiig wa organised by the onllin/ of Mr. John F. Henne*y to the chair, unci the appoint ment ol A?a HehhiriH a* Vice 1'realdent. and Mr Oliver Center ami AMeiman Mulcuhy aa Hecrata riea. The Chairman then l?rit*ily addreaaed the meeting atatlng If i ohjeeta to be to endeavor to bring about a union between the demooratic party, for the purpose ul offering a atern opposition to the near ecret or goniia tion known ai Know Nothing*, who wfnh to deprive /til foreigner ot the hatred and Inviolable right * guarantee \ them by the constitution of the tinted Htate*. Mr, IicnncHV n j ok <* ?t ?ome length mi I wai rntch applauded. Hon.. ton - Kut.v, ol .War York, Sir. J. M?*m arid Mr. IliliA.v followed in urceaion. and denoumed, In Urn moat bitter term#, the n? w natlwe American proaerlp. tlve|arty, who, Mr. Hlrau said hold their ?rgle? au<l co unci In at the deal hour 'I mMni#!i*, wli it pitch/ da t k n<"4 ? cower ? the fare of the earth. Mr John Kki i r paid that the time had come when it Wa- iio<?*n?ary that the people ahouhl *p<ak tin I m-t f ? ? thei!?f*el\ f4, without distinction of perty, hard* or *ofN. I ei th' tou? of the people, lit Maid, tn? h?-?rd a.oni the old | i4.r t y (cadet ?. who, through in tare* ted motiv< * t> ter th? spirit of dlaunlon aniong?t iUiiim rat*. an I - 1 crifice the etei rial jrin< iple? of justice and tin itity toey owe the. i count iy for the -ike f enjoy in j the apoit < Mr. Ma o* wi)*d it to t*- under ->to d that he di 1 no 0| j? ethe Know Nothing- becauae thev ??? e an Aur*ri f an party, but la can m* tJn y iirojM^?"t violating th ro n a t it ul ' on VO whh h the % eat tatbei ? of the greater. and 'alic?t republic had ajje-n -led their ngna* .ir(*? I n* theie re many imperfection* a. id corruption* in tlui two old piii tie ? . int rat - and whig*, no iu*ble p? on Would di i.y , but di i '.lie Kn??w Nothing proj.o e imptovlng thi* Hiate ?,f tiling/* or refor ruing the*#- uhn?e* No; they wiahed t?? tiatnple on the conaUtntlun, to 1 1 Mm | le on the right* of adopted citizen* a.i I to ei up a despotic g'.wernm* nt in pla?*e ? f th? pr?* ent gt'?.lou? ??? public lie Loped, therefore, that a union an! barman/ would reign arr<?ng the dene**; .*t* which w^iM t?e Ui? uifami of ik'cu ring a glorloua aucce#<? in the a;?proarhing campaign. A letfei w- read from .fame# T. Ilrn ly, I*!- | . , who urged a union of the 4 ?hell*,'' denounc* I the Knot% Nothings, and fn term* of dl?u?ppr#? if ?f th'* < ouue i f the pr( ?en? nati< iu?l adrn?ui<? ration 'I he following re-"lutlon? were adonte-t:? Resolved That in the opinion of tbh meeting it , pen ?ary for the democrwta of eoarity, and all fiiind? of dni ocratif principle* to tie#* their t?ett ? fl ?rt in support of demo era'-y, and '?y rigoroun ac tion to pre vent ren t pollileal ***< riath n ?? from abo?<iri(( th- puhl ? trtu! f??r their own be-?* ptirpo?ex. H'-^olved. That the friend- of democracy l?e re^n**?tf? J to Meiift in ? ich ward artd t?.wn in King* count/, t ? delegate* to a eonwentlon for the ptirp?>?e of ocganlxlng iiran< h clnba throngliovit the county an t that in va/ifion meet for organisation at tlie Araolit yn Munenrn ? Tliuraday *jwth iuat to art in conjun tion with th" llirkorf t lut Henolr^l, Til I' t ;? committee* of i| ? l?e app' nt?* bt th' * hair to confer with prominent ?nd tm*i* rthy iema '?rate In e?ch ward of th** ' ity, with the %?ew uf n-r^r taitiir g the mo-i eonwenient tine and pUcea for h dd nw meetings and forming elnb* and th?t ?|>eiker? Int .*? -d and appoiotoil to attend *u? h meeting*, Ui aroiiM* d# tarmined enthn?ia^m in fav*rr * t d#m^ratl * p iri'lp> . Police llll? lllgfi?ir. A ItKfrEHAT* MAN - l? I H KH< Afli PROM II I. AC It W r.l.l.'rt I HI. AND AND HlUHK^rrNT f* AFTt'RK IN fOW RAY. About three weeka ago, an iod vMual kn wn at ul ''a< Klve I'omta aa T?<m Myor *;ia cent to tha fenltentlar/ on I laekweir* I -land for uaing indecent and inaulting language to Mr. Jol n^on AaahUn* ip*r nt' n l' n* of 1 1 to * ||oo-? of Jnduntrr. in Mi u-n t'Uvf &%? f'oint" f'.y ron e ii.eHn? or other, Myer man?g<-'' ti? ?? cape from ihe inland and yesterday made h ' ?pp'wrw,? e at the fid quartet *, on the f,*e i> >n'- Here he a ?rse ICu f Vfr. J? hriM n r?| n wh? m he Wroin I rw' + ?? about inflicting *e*?re ?;? rpore?l pun! nmen', wb'-n - >m pernor.* came to the rex/ io of the a*a^ U^l . flyer th**n * ter te<l off, in order if j olw to 4airr#t tei ? ? flUBlp Uf pur*ue-l hj (i^r* Kate|4#gh an-' M Dermo*' of th'- ,H*th tea i?i. who ehoood him thf gt An*hoo?, W?ir'J and] t'? V ? -t ? - U'Ma iot- m ol 'en m#ot In 1 *ow f-ay lime Hyer took ref :ge jn w^l^t n g*' tlig<leef f om tin ofrir* r?, I.y jiniplfi n o th yore <A a ho um* in f^eonard atree* He eW? ??!y t"fl'<w#f however, and wa< f r^ullj ta! ? n Mo r i-u^1f When brought Info c ? 1 1 Mfore Jnatftag W??i?h. h# laarama ( iHe abu^ii e to the . e^eer*. and ?eld he would *) 'M then Jw?' aa aurr at U.? y ' nt him up Hila e telai -'ton wa ?e face*lh??*^' i v?' .enr and '"li U* %tl ? a^on*' e?'ni! ulnar * Mr JohSfii and *h W* *r? who hid ? * ar?fflfly <ap* red nln "n ^ way it th/'???fb fairway !e<>dtng f?? tfce nt/ I*? "fi, ie r#-t^h' hold '4 he roi *n?. <>*? lar* th?t h' n< il ! n ? t?e p ? ,nto i cell ?*^en th- v > 'he poh< roaa h-?d t ? tio -k awery l=* i.e f l??e?y Huh i frere howe .*?! ft J * ? on removed from -a 1 t4 r? ?/ the rwt^tad ar t ? "V' 1 1 1 j * umiii wo* 1 , I #?'. 1 M I, ?... tw... f hf I >. t#r. n ? n >1 J rt ? f ? I ? , ? if I ? rtfWl ? ?(. !#>' t| >1 ? 11 'K' ???? that >1 ' f 1?>1 (I t *n?l | i him, ?r,'l ? h*> fl ' i# f" ntuer ot on ?? t ' *?? hv ?*?!!?? . I'ttt4f ?*? u ? m e?>t? > , n ? H'tl 'T 'A "li? t 'th ??l ?lt); ??' 1 "f iJrjr f ?E'l ?' trlBf ?? >?> lW |>f. !?-? ly ? fWkfj tniti ?! J.l H< ?" ? ' * t ' " * ?b?- ?OjUn fmi4* ?j< la '!>? | "? ' Mlmtib l|" 'H <?.?? 1 '1' 1 <* * W. i.l Bt 'H# I dfw r I' IJk |?' i* ?' ??? 1 *rf>4 *Mli eUwiilN! ' | ?? i ? / ' ?? 1 )?<? iu' waui .".-I !? > '?i? '? ??? ? ML I OH tVTOIK ?TI' '* 1k*r* ? M ' ' D' ? '? w.? f ?' ? !?> ? ]fc ??r p 1 1 ? Hr?t ?!,.<) ? ' ...i . ' ...W A.. ? i ??<!.'.'? Pwy ..11 j-j,,, j ? ? Hc.nnMt ? r ?. ... ' ? ? 1 _? ?? '? .'M ??> data Vy ?? l*?v>r lurtm t,, * ?'k rtiwl w .HMUb-.rg, tb.t w U Ife. r 9 ? ??? <?' * ~ 1 w.k' tftf * 1 " ' '?? ew.w?4'? '* >?t , - j"? %'awM4 ???' ?? ? ?nrt ? >Un4>r - Tku Day. I <.*r??y '<i> ?? <.r? >-S ? SM -fc > "> j 1 w 1 n 1 1 -to 1 ta i ?' 1 ? ? '?, 1 ?? ? : ?:* l,:i l,|W i,w? 1 ??* ? ? > . ?. .?r.rtt. thr? ? iff, 11 ? * a, a, ty /?. u u : t? t ? ?? . 1 t I, ! f .??..? I'lw-Xa v#, *>4 H>, '/ * m o?, m, w, ?r, u/.v DETAILS OF THE AFRICA'S NEWS. Rri>orth of the t'rrnrh, Kngliib sod RiutiiiB Gm nuiiMlrrx on thr Raltlr of Traktir Bridge. FATM OF TJIK BAM'RIAS PRIMIPALfflW. DETAILS Of THE INSURRECTION IN BRITISH INOM. IHXMAJtfc IlAD THlC HOCW NH. INTERESTING FROM CH?1VA. Oar L*a4?a, nrh aid HhuglM Orrw 4nm? &.C., Ac. Our (?iiilon ( orrrapemiriirr, T, , . ? Lomw*. August SI. IK* " 1 " f th' A II i -a ? (Jrmt Cry 4n<f I AMU ?f lh, w , Admini^raHm H,f?m m l"" At"***-**** Mtf ?? ' I S'Ur' "" <????>* !?? I'nif Th-iUrU at nrrknulu, H'a,< M fatmn-,Um-A, Oil r? w fa a , 7V?i/?. nH-Mrfoo Jou.naU tbU p?,t w#*k h.,nma?4 , '"?*"?"<< ?f lh, U.t .Un?i.b I. A. nmr , <ir?*t .tlempL I.. , ??ar* U>e rraduloa lh#l It UHU. ? WOttJar/|tf r rl.,r, .o4 thai amull d,tM,llII#I?. ,0|| ^ illnua, defeated ,|?, ,.nUrr ){u?Un mmr in^4 ^ e*r'yi"K ?*>r?litjr anion*,! the lurk,, ,, would -m?i Um . r?gUM. eorrMpondruta bad r,u<(M U|, fMhU., .for ?o,Ke ? ly,Ilf_f?r ?|(. fn41|1-r,B whleh fai t* n.dhrto.Ud .mount, t? wrtl.1,* elae Wa canbai.llj wonder at anonjrmou* ? '"r-1" ' tilfc eirrtiUilan the grwMeat d<N*ptiaa? wljeu wo ??, th* li.nth Upn,,, wtviu* Uirm lb* r,ample-a. t? etter writtfn the otb'-r d#/ to <,?u,.,tt| |'?IU,|,r whBr, h* pretend. to l,??r ire Information Ih.t the |ta ??l.n* runuot hold out during the enaulug winter etheUe U.pol M l,at imbrmtmi Kr m?.? l-ool. N?p.,UH?. lake (*? pubUc to l? t? .uppoi- tbejr would (wallow ?? h ? tbu w ut i, to ,lu..Utu ou% ior n?? winter, or. down winter, morr wi?t ,?[onii, I on p.,, h. racr. ti,.? A 1U lI11.ul., .rtirt ? i' " ""ljr * f"noy ? Uner'B c"lro "" '?nf*tl??pfl of t|^ public an| fim-t um th* bumUUUn* pciUon of the ||or? rJ'^'T "*'!?" "f'd ' .U llmr ,,,1,1. ?r? ?,,y ^ * ' r'"'14" u"7 >? ?iu. n... i 'ijii .i, puWl ... du,,,.,..., ,br w.y thlll<. ,r# (r,)l0?-,m limst of i),u inornJag ri ll.., I, il.o 1,1 ?. ,.r h~?. Ir) .?.>? -o- ting . million ? w,...k ,, mitliluf l.ul krwpi,ii( out of ?U1)? . w.r. n,r CJZ?. ?I' I' Ol ?K,tb ?io plainly .reu.r.| ?f,.,w,rdlr? a. c?a trkatr.l ? .tl, tl? of Ubm. If Ru.,(a -II 111. W.r, wMdi ?lu cerUlnl/ will. ,i," will ,u>y??4 i? thiowln/ Kok1;.u I in ?io .1 r.,nfu,t,.n UtU* ,b..rt ?f t*r? ? 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