Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6960. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER IT, 1855. PRICK TWO CENTS. * ALVLKT1SOE.VT8 RENEWED EVEIY DAY. HEW PlHMCATIOVi rl'ST VI BLISIIED ? Mlj >r nl Pion^Udi, Sebaatopol, OreM Hedan. Vtmrlim wnd Mnlakotf towers; map of the Crimea and lilt'1 1 S?u, with portrait ot i he principal crowned beads; also KoiMlan, French Engil.-ii ind Turkish udlcern. Thl* I, the 01.. v- autlem Uuview given of ( .i-tadi, showing llit <.<aet p"-ltiou aud linw amiir of nl! (be !orlliioal!on?. Willi ilio number ol ^ -j ri in eacli. A new plan qyflib? topoi ? aoutheast \ie\ ? tdi.wmg the Urea" Kedan Mumelou ana Malakotf Iwir- dr.n 0ii <Jie ?pot. ?So, allied forces In the Crimea, Haiti' x i. ,t<\ Agen'. '.runted In every Stale lo sell and pc>t We map, of the mov tnjoful character. Slreot nup. 2ti?32 inches. Pri'-e, 2#r. ; heaitUI'it'l* colored. iVnt by mail u> any part of the country fur one ecu: pimiaee. Agent* wanted lo "ell from a lint ot llie most popular mm ?'ver published. Letters of Inquiry promptly aniweml. i r'a iogue and -r>eciuieti sheet tree 10 the Irade A. II. JOCELYN, 60 Fidtou Mi-eet V Y N. B.? Newspaper* copying llie above, and seudiiui the WI.UK- '?> ? .? e.tiL-e, it 111 retell e three cope' The net: soitheun novel THE HIDDEN I'ATIf By Marlon Harland, Autlioi of'Aloae." One neat !2mo , price #1 25. The eadni -euieiit ol the North-ru press: ? " It wt'.: every ?ay sustain the prul-c ?o wrrihily won '?* the author'.. fir.?t effort. It exhibit* the Mine licaliliful senti ment and beautiful feeling, ihe name truthful simplicity ami ye? charm, tg elegance, Ihe .-.ami' ju .t ap) i relation of dillereut phases of Mir la 1 and domes Ic lire. The tule U one of Ameri can life. a. id Is most aptly and gracefully wrought." ? X. Y. Courier and Enquirer. '"The itldden Path' Is a wnrk of originality and genius, full of M/iklng thought*. beautiful description--- and graceful eonvet %tt em, and |u?t Itrerectlng enough as ;? siory lo carry the read r through a volume from the perusal hi which ous rute? !??*?'? a! heart and with a more gculal kuidly feeling toward humanity In general."? Boston Daily Journal. "We take the lllitrty of conBdenlly commending ti to our reader* us one of those gcnUe, earnest books which will tie found acceptable to all pure hearts, and become, we sinci rely tjuai, aa c-peclal favorite with the women rcadei s of Aiue rica.'? Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. Twelfth 1.1*10 now ready. J. t' DERBY, 1'ibMier, Newr York, and lor sale by all bookseller*. fFHK ONLY RECOGNIZED Al'THORITV ON FASHION A U Frank Loslln'a flu/tttc ol Fashion and lie Beau Monde, laidle* sh'V.! I roUMilt this woi k before making tin Ir pun liases, lo preven' their buying old styles. This Ls the ino?l perfect ?work on fashion publlnlied In the world. Of all bmu-e'Vrs, and of FR A NIC LESLIE, 12 and 14 Spruce street. rpHE must ukaitutl romance ever it -hushed, J. ?ple?didi> llluati ated. entitled MASKS AND EAf'F.S, is just commenced In Frank Leslie's New York Journal of Ko mine?, General Literature, Science and Art, enniainiiu ? large amoiui' ol valuable reading matter, and numerous beautiful e ngravlii j ? Price 18:'* cenifl, of all bookseller*. VINEYARDS IN AMERICA-PRICE 12^ CENTS. WITH remarks upou temperance, (lis foundation,) inteinper ?nce, (lUi causes and remedies,) the culture of the grape vine in the United States, and other matters of Importance t<i rich Mid poor. l)y Joint Oaborn. of Oporto, In Portugal uud New York. For sale at No. i& Heaver afreet . New Yor'?. t \ipics Iranam.i'.ed lrec to any part of the United Siaie.s, on receipt ot Ifteen cenU In poatago stamps. KAMHIOKAULE FALL MIIiL.l!VF.KY EXTENSIVE STOCK OF Paris leather*. French flowers, ribbon". Colored Htruw good-. Ac.. A ?? A e , I- offerer a i ememely low price*, for cam, hi Nos. til unil 66 Jo Ira atreei. Comer ol William alrcet. V. V , HOM Kit A KETCH I'M. MAIJAMK MALIIKRHE DESIRES TO INFORM THE ladie* iltat alie ban removed 10 f>?! Broadway, opposite ?he St. N' llolel, wlieru she will open fall millinery 011 Thursday no xt . iftttii Inm. ' MILI.INHRY.- MRU. RAI LINGS, 07 CAN W. STREET, will open fall laahlon* In French, und tlio-e 01 bcr owu make ol bonnets, on Tliur^lav, the 'jntli Inst. MRS. KALLINUS. <17 Canal street. ?*f Il.IJNERS I ROM THE COUNTRY, CAN NOW 8KB JM at t.F.NlN'ri Hn/, ftKt Broadway, under St. Nicholai llotrl, pattern bonnet*, for Ibc lull, ol' uutuiul and ?tt 1 pataltig beauty. Mourning mii.linkry- c. f. Bartholomew, asi Broulnnv. between St. Nichola- nud Metriipolinih Hotel*, *111 open Fart* tnouruliiK bonnet* on Thuraday. Sept. l'h ? com frlciuf over 150 sty lea ol the moal elegant mottrnlnjr bonnet* ever eihlld'cd. MRS. SIMMONS, VA HROAOWAY, WILL OFK.V PARIS millinery 011 Tlnira ?uy, llie 01 September, and re. H>ectfnlly solicit' ? call. VTF.W F \LI. RIBBONS. : 60 r irton* eloign! hai and trimming ribbon*, latent full "tvle?, at 1?. to 2*. per yard, will be folded to otn or, --on 1 n ?s ?? ?<kKi." MONDAY, SKITEMDEH IT LOBD A TAYLOR, 266. I2R7. VtttM All Grand -tri e1. mid new Ku-j. 17 utid 19 Catherine ali'Mt, PARIS MILLINERY.? MRS. .1 II. <Hl*So\ (FOR merly Mi*a J. Daley.) No. 37?'l II road way, will open 011 Wednesday. September 1!'. In 1J inilllnerv. direct fiom I'arl", tier veamei Ark- 1. PARIS MILLINERY? MADAME KERR FRO. No. !i Oreat Jones *trcet. will open on Wednesday, Sept, 19 tall mllline; y, selected by berttelf in i'ari-, PARI- MILLINERY- WM. BROWN, tit BROADWAY, w iJ open bia cxletialvo aanor me>'ii> >.f Impm ed bonnet", toKcthei v.itii tboec ol hi* own manufa.'ture, onThurMtay.Sept. an. wh;rli be particularly Invite* the ladi"* < >1 New York iocs ?mine. He w ould alao uill the ?thill I Ion ol' ibi trade ihrmuli tint ifae CWU ry pi!-' bating pattern bout ? in Ibi- 1 .11 ,1 >nt. SI'ECIAL MITR ES, DR. J 1 l.AWHON KELLY WILL I.E< TI'IiK lPO\ |>|s ea.e generally at Bleecker llali Honda v and Tuf?dnv evening. the 17 >li and 18th; and at the lh milt Di*pe<uary, cot oer ol T ? t nty third atreei aud sc md arco". W educe, bo And Tb ir- lay evening*, the ICb id -ddi of , 1 ui'ier, c om menrlng 1* 7'ao'elo.k. Lit diet . nd .tcu'ie.ucu ire htm ? 1 a' t'nl. AdjniMlOtl f: ri'. vf.iv York iimsii aim hocikty.? thts as*oci\ Uon li I? received liberal -npport flroBI all <|iuirii*r?. and It ifc lione t that tiir li lend* ol bnioaniiy .mM ronunue '<1 *lv??. tbi'lratato thUtrul) pralaewortuy imdri i.tkior Tli?* *kx-Ic*> reaneetful.y re<iue*'i -> (he ladlea of New York 10 mpio In their biunane lab(??. Ml donatio!.'' ?ent 10 ib?*.oflice ol tlo' socle'y 1S5 Grand alreet, will ? o Hum!. mlly rerelved, there aientiu- ? oithy applhanta who need a-?biianiva ilie-ju, .vent time. JAM Ml UttAI PrwMrat Mn n 1 1.1. ''ol, Cli" 1 1 man ot 'ommitii*" M r. K KKLEII - ? W* WoRitai. Recirdlng Sc r .? ry PETERS YII.LE IIOVESTI'. All \SSOCI ATIOX.? ' WIE next regular mt!<dlnjr, Monday evenltiK -p'. 17. all member* to be entitled todrawiiigimiat have paid In ai lea*-! twotUidaol Iheir riilna'ripUotl. Tint druwinii r ? choice of lot? Mil takt place lite (vllowinn Monday evening'. Sept, Ji. K \ PttTTER. rrealaeni W II imVT. Se retiry ST DAVID'S ItlAEYOI.KNT SOCIETY ?TIIK KMC lar q'lai erlv meutinK of will be beld ? - llnvid'M llall, No 242 W.iJk*'. r-*i . Ihl* ?- v * -nl 11 - . ? O'cl'ti WM. MILES I' -sldent Hi M*T N' Moto. t.N Secretary PERSON Afa. INFORMATION WILL BE THANKFULLY ItKCEIYKD at offlee ot" tlic wherealiou1* of unv 01 'lie !ielr? M Jolin llttnter deceased, ft*merlT of Fate -on, S ' V llrcis A. I! R? fleia l i flkc. IMOBMATIOS WAKTKIt Ot TII?iV|\- -IMU'lItV. a in: Ui b; tjade. or III- ???n I* 1 1. . V . iniormmion concerning lUsai will (mi ibanklo re. >;lvei . I' tl. ran II We?t itTt* . FR.-YIiI Will. FIND A\* ANSWEI' TO YOI'lt Of, . av? . < ?. wo).i' U.; I.) No. 7'. Franklin PTBi ?.i:\TI.KMV.V WHO IMCWH I "I' a m . 1 a' li" St. Mark'* place, "ii 1 1 v ? fi" 1' , m-i,. will lie kln i en u*b to call ou Molulnt 1 Co. . v e|;, lie fween t.r ..'.iii - 01 2 and t o'clie k. fpo CAI IFORin tNS.? THE I \ OEltslilNKK II \N I l.r e'i 1 o. great value, and - t irtiit? ?? mai arrant ? fTHK I'KR.-WN WirOAMnm-^KIIf. I II I V Till- I* \ J p. ..o 'lie Itdi and l-Vh u. hi I .**:?; I kn ie? m * It ! ' ? -1 ? B'oad av Fo- -l lillliedia :h. elf W Ini daj 1 i- II ims A |(TS. CJ KiFUSTKR llEOfl LEAVE TO INVITE TMiTTthUC C. 10 V M- an. tl.ibiu..n of d,.i?ii-a? and i-oninm-, bv hi joijill.. I, ..11 k \ ,???!? r V V im am tree il IiIk Prt" !>? \(ii.|. mv, l!M Br'?idwa? UWAKM. U.7- RI 'iVARII WILL HE lilVKS TO 1 Vlt THE ?T 1 ? * iiwal " any peraon who vt ill ilve, ?eetiriiy to drive front rtie pr" ml-e? of a lar*e e?'aMi?bme*t rata, riiai be* and md aril*. In 1A or )l dav.' time Apply '?* KOIti RT MARTIN, Cl'> II . I i -erlr T LOW Ull FWl'ND. il Mi? A bll.iV MARK WITH BLANKET ?V1? II tl Pr.'.i, uie I Ol T. li ami Fli." .vein,. h the owner can hav. t.v ... etp. eaiiina ?? ? T'? c bli - I ATIIH h M VfllKWS. 1 f?l- t I.AROE KEtVUH NDLAMJ IKh. KRo? |a Wi?oini; <>ai.ien,M *m? "ir.- Ti..* : ii th.-<to? '? "i?. - .1 ??? . 1 hi> ? it,*... w.t a Wice-ver -j 1 T-ftN 1IIV ill! I N - 1 itRTtvEI v I.IBFRTY Ji . e and ? *d. ? t k'" ? "I ' 0U1* Tin- flndet mil be . 1 ? t ? ? r< * ?? ' '> r"' 'ht *.<mc to *1?? f?wn? . wIm? ? nji rnuui *' iif* lUtWOI tn-.-lale I.; ?? ?IV 'o j I. I eaov. 't| l.lWv | | i>T? FilMUT M.I' I II Is" W'IVi. V ROM li I a-. "> I "V -tl cel. o-i.-t. ti Hi ? tl ? : h !? ?'? I'le a tadyS e 1 ? -I ? ati.1.1 i.andke h . rift W .'''end Tlie ftnd'r wHl be liberall; led ?? . leWMtmi Uie Mitt.- o * ;. ri I , e .. .<f;< -11* ? n.i 11 d I T,n I e- - ' r ?" Ufel'lie*' I I T?:iKTWE?.N 1'IEI! ' li I , 't-'ct I-Mpn|n?i *-?l 111 'b-' 1 ????... ? The fttider 11 win n?* -imaoiv rewar*i.-o ij re I. ie * ??? M IIKV.VKTT 19? Ft on ?... 1 ~ i - ? I IL' '. IMTIMI ITH "ECTEVhVi! I m|V ?|iTi .1 i .. N 1 I* k. Illld' .1 f i;? \, mot t* r ... 1je. .a ? la*c ir* end. >t -ed. The poblte are warneii i- . >h< -an" pi" we'll ha. Iieep 'i.pped -j"T>eT? IN ? OMING To Pim.AOEI.PIlIA BY \l til. Ji ta Hi ? '.ry tt'ee r.n. mailed a I'r.m.l R | ?.?d one 1 Nfv York draan by fhi? C Horn . ..n> a' 1 iti'.iti'be f:otn -Ian III. INAA in iv- r ot H .oio?.ei, tor jest R 10U h id One a' euht 10 ? idi- fi an April li>, IW, in f?r..r till. M. Snu'h t .1 H-Wiitf !???. l?xh mad^ ptivabv ? We. . en Bank. Fir J.I. , hi. A p. '11 ire ran .Jatnn r? ? ? Ivtiig r., 1 < ??. " ii'S -aid It" e- pa ruieu. u.. ? ,.? b .. . | t ed I o-T-ov tioiNo Fit* 'it ti- vi Y ". i:;wki.i:? -T'jk: li fo^ie, & Il ^,,jwav aiel Mureav -i.-ee*. , i^e \a 1 , > a?'?p'.ei Ho .t, Nocbrlver, a wtu <? quart* at/vi aeal whh ' ????*?? 1 key A Ubera: reward e >< ?a.|, -e' ,'iaj ( ??' r e< - ?, n HNAilCIAl. fAAf) 0(H) -"WW TO LOAN 01* Df AMOIfOS, i t?! .1 w?lche?. Jewelry, dry good*, negnri>, Ar W bought for ra?h;alQclu, note*. mo* u;uko*. Ar rt'T 1. HUxlObM oonfldedul %nd pi iimpt. Bv THOMPSON A bm kfr.i and comminaion mei ch?*nt<, 102 feueet, Comoro! Ann, room No. 2, secoul floor. ?k"i"*7 fiOO T? I OA*? Oh WATCHKH, IUAM0NIM, " /? ' I .J /VI/ jewrlrj ?d I trrry dracfipUon Of VHliiml.k' pr'.perl), nr iM.unlit tor <m.h, by JCf K lri.\Al\ U ulbce. tl (VjiI-'M . ' i <?? f. (rum '?> Ull 6 Hindus*, prompt and tmfldenU*]. Old *?M *ad rt lTcr bO'^ht. N U.? No bu?lue*-> transacted 0*1 Saturday. C ||i ()(}() To LOAN OK DIAMONDS, WATCH1 ? *jPlV/il/U\' jewelry, dry gtn>d?, and every description o property, in largo or sinal nmonn^; entirely different to other office. '/'he full value advarn ?*<i If require*), or bought o*U for ? asl? Apply to 598 Houston street , one bl >ek from Broad ***/ Business prompt and confidential. fc?. MY Fits, Agon? AAA W ANTED ? <iOOD SECURITY OF FIRST yUivvv tnoi tg ?4?' i poo a nit ? tfu stoi > bouu, n < oi Fourth avenue. Owner* of mo nev will pl?**e app.y to E. B, KINSH1MER, 319 Fourth a*onue, from fe to lv A, W or 3 to 7 IV M. fTAA-CLEBK WANTED. ? AN" At TIVI IMF! TWi*/"*/# ?ent business man, who ran lend to hi-* em plover >2, WW ongood security. will be paid a salary of $1 no# |?er annum. l)uiic? of the ofln e light and ph-?i*ant. Board and lodging in the family of employer, If de*ir*d, at V pn week, AdUieNi box 321 Poet office, Chicago, III. duo AAA TO t*,W\ TO I .OA N FOlt A TKRM OF ?IPAdivUv year-*, on bond and mortgng" on improved un | Incumbered real estate, in this fit % c B~ sAJvn Apol* to HENRY W. TIRNBR, tin John trcei AAA to *12.000 worn )i o> no\ \ m> > >v i v-.Wtltl gift .. apon property wi timet thai amount, dc*irablp ait ua ted in Brooklyn, foi -ale, at a dis count ol -I per ? ent, and expeu?es attending t'ut ti angler The** mortgages can bo used for banking purpos. b; v? hich a sav log would be onto to an) bank to kin ? ol 9800 tin ii Vf ar, and f 400 each sub** quem year, a* < omi*a"cd w i'h New York State 6's at a premium ol 20 per e?*n'. Address h^x 150. Herald office. &QAA WANTED I V A BUSINESS THAT WILL PAY ?JPv/V/VJ 15 to 2.r? per cent. Any pcr-on Oikin* auinite* can travel or remain in the city, ?* tjj< prefer. For n \r'\ i .if - addren A. Orant, fig^Broadwaj <15^00 ~AS KXl'KRIKNCKM MKC'ff A \!( H IVIVO luiide an exceedingly valuable Invention, from whkb loth of mow > will be reali 'cd. will h?? i ttt nu?r halt t<? any person who will fiirnUli $.Xni toarylst in in iu'roduction. *10.000 will be taken at* aoon ? t)i?? patent i--ue -. Applv n* ' CAMPllKI.l. t O., lUi Oliamber-i street . AT SIGHT , VALUABLES, MKRCIIANMMK. SROCRT tie h, and property ot value advanced upon in hiiuih to auit; abo, Northern, Kant em, WeHtern.Houthernand Kuro|?ean bank notes, foreign gold, nil v or, gold dtiM, bough' a< best rales, at the Spene and ilank tNo'e ofll e, 4??- Broadway, op poalfe pacific Bank. JOHN HOOPK A Al>AMS. ANY AMOUNT or CASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED at ?igbi, for fair pric?- m, on diamond -. n itobei ridijewd ry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal property gene rallv, by It. WOOD, Gd Fulton aUeet, aecoud floor, front room, from 0 A. M. to 5 1*. M. Any amount or money, in* small on larok iiuma, can always be obtatued lnHtanUy, on aeeurlHeaf merchandise, valuaf)leti and property of all kinds at the old r< HpotiNihlc i'aciflc Agency and Trivate Loan Office, ovar l*a eitic Hank. All tran.^actiotiH iirompt, nafo, contid^mttal and aa Uniactory, or no charge. Fully Insured. 11! (Jrand atreet. Bank of tick ohio savings institi tk. tiffin. Ohio. !nie paper of the abore lnatHutioo will ho reo l at 1 (one; per cent dinconnt by the undtTaUuvd. W. CLARK A CO., No. 4 Hanover atreot. KNH:KERBOrKKU 8A VINOS' 1 NRTIT { ' T lO V .? II &P< ) ?ftors can sell their claims by producing Uieir book- and making pcj>onal applieation to CHARLES IKII.T, 19 Wulln.. cceond ihnir. Money liberally apvancko on household furniture, pianos, watches, jewelry, i?l.*u?, guns, phto!?. hardware, naioical, surgical and musical instruments, drv goods, horscH, wagons, barnc-^. and all other de^erlpttonanf personal property, lefi to l?e sold at auction or bought out for cash. Apply to McOAFFRAY X WALTERS, 2j Catherine atrcct. VTOTICE.? OFFICE OF MOLL I Wi: E M A NFFACTURINU Company, No. ;t Hioadwny, N* w Yo? k. Sept. r?, IH/?5. ? By a resolution of 'he Board of Triut^es of the Molllen; Maou factoring ? '?ompaov of New York, passwl tir->t of September In Ataut, the stockholders ot said company are hereby called upon to pav In nn instalment oi eighty dollars on ??a^h aliare of the stock ihercof, on or before the sixteenth day of heecmber next, under ihe penalty ol forfeiting 'he slurcis of stock subscribed for. By oi ?I r i. he Boai m of 'i ? untaes. Ell W |i. U. TUCKERMAV, Secretary, T>ARKEH VEIN.? A FAIR PRICE WILI. BE PAID FOR J. original certificate* amounting ??? shares of Park- v v?-in i '??.? I i Company stock. They most be nut b as tli ? v eelver e>t the company a PI c? it it \ o be a pan "i the original ;IO,QOO shares. Ad<ir? box 742 l'o i ofll? DOSK HILL SAVINGS BANK? NO. 251 THIRD AVE J I nne, oue door above Twenty lit ' Mreet. op<*ii dailv from 10 A. M. to 2 r. >f , and tV< ?inc day and Satui .lay evenings, l'rom 5 'oK o'cloc k; interest at six per cent on suuis bl $o00 and under, and five | er cent on sums ovrrfVN). WILLIAM II. l'LVTT Pre?U*m. JAS. It. KEELER, Vice IVes t. II. I^ooraonrows, Secretary. TO LOAN? ON MORTOAOE. ON IMPROVED CITY property ? most be worth double amount loaned? Mm sums of *4 .INS) and *2 lis*; ?Uo a birue um, whi'di w ould be dtvldad Apply to JAMES I* f * I ? / jmi iiui , u< TOO MERCHANTS IN \ DE' l.lMN'i SITI ATlON, OR I in wan oi ready ea??h.? Tlie adveriiaet having several fhoiis.nd ?lof)ar- to fnvesj, and wi-hing to m ik a lav^e iute re>', wtll a ?? -omiuod. ?? anv mer? ;intile firm ?f 0'ie- wi'i, .-. ady i ash. No nofi< f? taken ?.i p trt'e- not in tl ir.ote, and with prineipaN only. Orocr-. provision or wio<- ?' il? i-h p ?- \-v rid. Vddre^- o. >t. Mitith, Mcraklodi' ?? \U oimun!" -at Ions to be strict!.* private by both j ? rt i?* - mmicAii. dkj BANJO I I ? Oil i l N MX ! i " 'T*' )? T#tu??. fi? la ?'l\.tn<* l'U{>ih tnu^ht ,1 thrlr n*-l Kanj#* fitwu $1 AO to f'ifl. fan bo wi'n nil 'lay, and in ih?.* tvc-nii'iv 1 mm *'? ?'?*>. H. IV JAt'OlW. lUnjoipt. At .7 Cohen* banjo d#>p?t No. Hi) Hudson *iro#?t. Qi -Han IO. h\, BAN.Io? TAr<i!CT in ) aJx ''i lit ?. in a-lvttii 'o I ? < i-* k. ? - ? ?'?! imh io fl.tVfi - ilia ? i ' > -liorl till. i' i' 111 ? -? n#l < : .<,.0 \ M H.Ml'.M llavttontromfl ,V? 'n*?:. - II ? A rolls i?,f, M-?, rlgn "I ih?' Bl,' Hwrno, Ilu#l*oii. It ?I rKA? H IIIKII\NJn |\ ?l\ I VhV LK'>iiN.. ? ' Torrii ailvar . rv i'ot $>, | . m m.ik ; ?? . i I . fon.'j fHi'i u v in . Ji.?nio- romll I < mi -.?? - . h uoio n A. M nnfil 0 P M ' It. I \?o|J> BanjoM, '. n oi iIh* 1> # No. llu<l on r. ? \> 1 ! K N m 1 > HKVKN Oi 1 w 1: PI A SO I Oft RAMI if . ji HUcri! !'??'. flUKlf i?v on'' ol On* ib' rnakor-, >? ? i ' Wile u-mmI. an?! tnMy warrim '??< i, I,. , *S?*illA M. 111 1W Kim MpN't, war Vw r.AT>r> a ro ?< pi \Norofrn> rrrrw.f an r 'ii ?? L,r?i. I'fln- K^ljiblilon-? II > 10 ; "#???!? aw I Oi#: | . !/?? 1- ?<!>!-' On ' ? <>', ,>? >? ?n In* othtl |no?t ihort' hotng rmn r\ than 'hrr** ?>w oil : -<l lor fompcO Oimi. ilfiM'-ot'- ?" '? br.k1' '1 iii-ij um? n , *.v ??U On* Imrw tf ?in?l b t'b\ a**cn ?m#T?i ??* joan'vp in Ul* Uy.a 1' alfi -u low pric at lln' ur'.tii piano!1 r e *v#i: ? room* 51 y !ii'o.??Hv??\ m N '???<. f ilulci. K1A .v Mi \NKVV .-KVI N iKTIVK I'M NO| r?l.'T P. WITH Vli; full#* frahn: "IK! h I the iihkIm h Irnpro* # vviiMv#4 lo?'C4-h. T'? l?? ? n .? IU' >|. 'loo..! ..." ... bnlMIr;. _ .ol ' BKRMN ? IOI!K' Ton i?K TUB Rr?-?lri\ii !>#??* '' ?i " ? >niiotiw? |??* m ? h prfpiroU im ui\#? It ,n i?(.n .? r Uw ?v?'?l ri^nrh >m<) *',< 1 1 .nt nt*ili..if^, Hfi<( /?!-. mi i*ti??*! t'/rnifHjoi ion. Kor p,?r 1 ol.', - . |'fn> . " i - n^Jiv <?r ' . ? to* h J1' hi-ni,** ?n?rti r? . < Hi W,' ; t'?*r lOflf (1 RK V 1 - T>IfI< '}% ail \ N n 10 Uj<)N ^ r, ^i;v KV o? T 'H\#? ro~t 'HothI |>?.ir of ; ?>)' _ >n on v of-- m.? . . < aU'l m < m ft r- J . v. 11 . o J 1,1 fj>*> ?? ??.r. wl'O' n ? n i" Th# ???%? rr -rr. ? .-j ? m i,.n ,u - < an b? -r < {. HI Nin'U r'rt, :tum 10 A M r .? r ri^in rr< f! * vt ?roRTK vw r\< r<? iv *1 # i"i* ? *11. ;?5. .H7 ,? ??' :?'? w i'w \ ? ,i Hitt'i iiMr >' uhut'-rjot run., ?. ;i rtoifaii? the \ r Mill. ? Hf*V-nr 'Ob' >1 | ? ??? p? a^tf *l,r Ill J/OHOi. li- l*,a?.. - > U't| ; ? p.ili <1 UU'I "l ,IUP' I. T AVWOTA A M \ r ?? :i *i.i M \ HI 1 ? R! I 4 -opto I) t ? V . ?. - , ? ? ? , < ,|.i All-I' ? \ vor N<; I \flV IM I'll ?l I 1 K V ?-l .?! r . ?*.J 1 h it | I, -j.} I . . *??: >! v :?|of| ih#? I rito-il *???!? - hii'1 p't-M./1- on. ? 'laiuwl aMljtit-* i<?r Jn?iru' ?r / will gh #*?.???,- <? ' nil** a' V * r?*4 'lt?ii? <*, Tb*Hy tif'h ? b?to- "n Kl^h ? -I avt no. - or Mill iilo Dtf i?i p #?? Thr^** io#?.i^ " vill i?ro*< -fiiO'-it a#, t win ?f>rt? ,* i**j i.n 4iutoi< norths ?t r??pi'? % b<> *\ b .? 'k '*?<? no mortMiitH' r\i? mu^If* tj?uiiwr#*rtc and -In^Ui^) wl?U?a to > #0"f h# ? ^ >n Ht * kl- T'-rm- ?iik l.y V 1 or, tfi> W M,. . | ?: ||M',?rto-i I J?|I \L I.N-IHI ? TION - A I.AHV. V R#0 I# IKNT J.V a lii n ? l)l\N'iKIM *t It.. '.|? |o\|;ji n\K .i||| 1 - , . ii - ?*>], ln*i>urt', ?' i3 nlni itrfot , fpiiK Miin, I'oik N ?t\ #; f, has I ??.#?!* -? , ? . , 1 >? Mo' . 14 n I Wju r ? ?-? k- . < o#r?d wt 1 'I'* 1 w t k I'rrhnj ronft'ft ? ' tJi?- f. tnji |? . ? r**n- !? "?* ? ??? * t 'bf#*r<unT m>?| i r ?, h a e, ? . 2iO?. . l-. l i r?|j? hf , on ro"-1ft( of I' ??? wmIi ihn "smfs; .i phe ?ll ? J .vr-t r?.j,?4 WlllwiO il?WVi|?h, 25 '^oi'a **>? . ? ???o\ 0 "f fn?" 1 n on. *>*?#? o pt?*^' # 'MiK * BKO . 'M. Ht m itvMf. H"'o Aifftr ?" far >1 N V >.* 4.1 1 Hiowa I \ .;i?ru'i \n o ? ih ??K? -*4 Of ? n\%< i\f. \< %i??*:wk?i. MV? ? I IM'KK^ !?\Ni |\t . ?!<*?> , m Rftxt* ffrH. .% I? .. .M;, r^i? '>r 01 n?ii,' . <#t?T*e-!? * HIU^iHMVK^ N.-W York aiwl llror^hn wiii # ntih tw s*- s r n M - klTU t ? W '1^ Mr#-' <1 1 rt^I ^ - M f f fKiO.IVK ftri4fib.r IS Howard wrcr U r??i i<it ? 4 fo tir mt'n* k r vf tinl*#**' v . " vSvr-i?* n*? CITY POLITICS. Ffrtr and Import not To in pern nee MorfnifuS* Opposition to tlir Nalnt Lnw Kipnutrd mill ? Mtrliiif-nt Llrtntr luivr rnll?d tor? (*Ic< tint- of tlir Trmiwranor (Jrncrul Com> lulltrt, tif. This gen**!#! oie.n .it .n f>C tlw friend- of tc mpe ranee and iobriot)" met on vitu-iay evening at ei,>ht o'cloc.., at 3ti0tiraud atr:-et. T!ie trailing Couip< -?>1 of SMiie of nu.' moat respectable citizen* heretofore active n the temperance movement. It wit resolved tliat the (.coeral Commit t > Ik- compost .1 of five iWiegat'- ? from ach ward. *h ? v. ,-re accordingly d<- ^igmited. The Committee organized by the choit o o( Mr. K.| es K. Kllery ' >r ( hairmau and Mr. Katli.mift Boyd Secretary M: Nathan Nnuirrr was then called upon for aa e* j !n:vitiot> of the objects of thin now politi ?' m ?>*?<? -mi n' of t.i friends of temperance, lit *aid ? Mr ( hitlman and Centloraen ? I have been suited testate the object* f<>r ? In It il. if ( rgnni/ation i* shout being form ed I will proceed briell) to do ho ai cording to the beat of my aldlit ?? You are nil aware that during tlielaat *e*tli>n of the legislature of this Sta'e, a law, called the "Maine Jaw,'' wa< pn*-fd by that liody through the influeuceol the Carson l.e.'.guo and other temperance parties of thi State. The friend* of thi* law had been a:{> the -ubject for yeara, ami had at iarioiic tune* made effort* to gel this prohibitory luw through the legislature. At last they aueceeded, and now, what good hw Uen a .coin pUshed bj thiir labor V himplv ttii* . they hare done tway with the on!v law we ha'i tliat wa^ 'worth a fai ? tiling ? our license law. And now the liquor dealer* an* Mtffered to lull rampant with uone to molest or make tin m afraid, since the new la.> i ?- been dec.aied unconstitutional by our law courts Jt is for the purpose of counteracting the Injury that ha* nlread\ been <1*9 this community In these r e- m j >? ran * fanatic* that a Vnmbcr of the oiti/ons have decided on forming an organization, political in it- principles, and oppuaed to lin ear son league nud other like fanatical and injurious a 4o<iationv Tlie principal object- hoped to l>e rained by us, to induce (,ur next legislature to rescind the present Maine law, and pa^ a slilngent license law, making it a penal offen< e for any person to m-I! li'i nor without fir d obtaining :? lii ense, tin- pi ice ol with h should be lived at >1 000 or upward*, with a heavy tine and imprisonment! not exceeding I'.! mouths in the county jail, to any person violating said license by -idling adulterated liquors, or furnishing any stmng drinks wliatevei to a peraon already under the influence of liquor, a habitual drunkar I, a minor i r a vagrant. ( This, gentlemen, is what I urdemtand arc tolx- the objects for which this aasocation ra to be organ!i.fd We would also, if we are succesatul in our undertaking, have provision made in the excise lar for the appointment of ex -is< agents, similar to those of Jngiatid, whose dutv it sliall be to keep a atricl watch over all place- selling Ui|UOt?, and report to the proper authorities any portion who may bo found in :>uy manner violating the law. We cannot hone to etfoct much this coining election, owing to the little time now left us to work in; but we < au form ourselves, and by > on centrated action mar influence the election of some of the candidates in the Held favorable to our cause, and after the fall camiMiign is over, if the Ward liommittees should feeldisptmod, they can then form a pennauent general committee, whose duties should lie to meet often and con tinually agitate the subject, and make preparations ado i|iiate to our moans for the next election. Ilv tliii mi an ? it i- not at nil improbable Inil that wo will, without difficulty, carry the election in 1858; or if thought advl sable, we coulil select our candidates froin tho>e offered by other parties, and thus ensure thvdr election. In thi inurement we already hnvo the aid and support of nine out of o very ten re-pi i table liijuor dealers In (lie city beside the idd la liioned, staunch temperance and anti teiuperanre folks. In conclusion Mr. N. suHgestod the propriety of npp< iuting a committee t.i draft a plattorin lot the adoption of the meeting preparatory to perfecting the crgani/at ion. A motion nj< thru'' and eariied agreeable to the <ii|q|r.<ti<io of llr. N., when Ike following named gentle men were designated as such commit lee by the Cliait Nathan Nesbit, ,1. 1). Graham and kr. l.ivuigiti'n The committee thereupon telirod mid returned with the following -tint ? ot l e-olution*. wbieh were unanimously adopted after bring discussed by several members of the c' mmittee: ? Whereas, it is deemed OTjasdtaat and naccwry that ttn organization of tcmperanei men should be effected lliat would materially advance the tempi ranee cauie, and not lit' -Imply tho t< ol ul ? ire-jiiilling demagogues ami a con reiteil hand of voluntary spie<; ami, whereas, no such organization is now in existence; therefore, Resolved, That nr. Die member* of the Temperance i i ni i al Omiulttce, do organize imisrlvc. for con -taut a? lion at the ballot box to pipvcnt the ravages of Intempcr nil re. K< .olvcil That il i.< no |art of our political creed that men vho disagree with its upon the temperance question are to l e branded a- munle: ers, os-a-sins. and villains, nor bare we any nflinitlei with the fanaticism and hlgit ry now rampant throughout our land but we will endeavor to spread our ran-e thimigh the medium "f moral sua sion and a stringent license law ? a law that will punish any person ?iltn;j spirit oi inalt li<|iiori to a mln r. pau per. habitual drunkard or a person Intoxicated, not by rum) oiling the siliei to pay n | altry lino but by Imprison ment in trie county jajl. Rexolved, Tbat in notriwifotg candidate* for |tte po,'' >?(,1 Mintages ol Mir tellow riii/en ? hoju -ty and ?t n integrity ot rharacter, and litre foi oHie. shall b" the only ? j it ilbieatlon *o require, pri riding such candl lates are in favor of tl.e tempo ance i< formation as endue bv| years ago. Itofore tin- loader' of thai reformation sought by rooreivo measurex to compel mon to b moral, temp rale and honest lie adoption o* t||i- sbo*? ^Littoi lit wa ? moVud a III ?icondoil whui Mr. V >*Hii li" i and -aid I deeni it projer lie to ii i !.? <me rentai' with lofoten- < to tin pill lot in -ub milted by vout roii.mltli brtoio they are vo'od on by this't ii g | Iuim alie.nly explained tin object - ot thi- organization . Mnn ne-bi too. I it and now that plaieirui i? aliout bring adopted lor our futut- govern i i n' It i- inif "iat veil neres-atj that ev- ry in- to l-t I tin nt -it lid fully H ali/e tl ? itnj "rtaucc ot th r?sp..n - fill I J he . about to s --Utile ly tha adoption of a pi it bum of ptiie |le MV l.ave ? i d! a ue . | irty ot uaii/aten?a poll i al tempi ,.iii' organization ? *b-<? I cly t.t i -nry at tin- p. i a iile . e i i- Andnh; b ire ..t,e Jo- -imply 1 1 .in? th- tompa.-anc pa tic -o called) already hi < *i-:e?. e hnvi j : vol recreant o lie lau-' if linipeiaine airl Instead of stiiving Item-lit humanity by fnllowing tie p f. ' |it< ?',o?n foi them II, y lis . Oiiinenced (?? r - nt t nwr man. bnau-e ol hat? liee-aus fors-Milb, they -a? i'ii n ? ? kill inr tlo n.-olvi-s i.v .1 n- i./ too much I l-i|tior. Ilii- hi are to admit, but while we are v 'IIIdb to admit i' ?? ire ijet ? filing to aouil! tl. ? ? I the strong to iij.j io ? tl.i w . k. j i.Nh n>' or yon ? r the ? i .g i not hi t ni-.y If a man -i - tit to kill .fm-idl i? it tight i juit I -hould bo puui-ln-l for Ii 'ainly ivjI. W then ?? - i In - isli .ii- proiiibitoi v i. - i ? -imj.iy to gratify tli< p' i ? nal f < Hi C? d a |. \ j .. 1 ? ii Una; ? - 1> I.O ? m l ' . t te-t en-y without ? ? avoring to injor' their ir i 1 1 * ' ? 1 1 ? The i e M> \ I pi ? I ? > i I* , ?* .lie' *"j?l t-i ''le .ill I Wi II tuei't t lie ( it i fin 1 sii[ port ol n: no- ?entb ? oor en'ire | 0|?iiation, te i t ? 'y ot |, -h > e? ? w II al-" it ? . i i' d out -- which I tool i it b i ' it ? ill '?<- -'?? sn If ??'oal it en' - of j ittir ?; .1 -top to the i ? ni gfoi . ry ari l !?? n ?bat iuve i ? i rt * I v -| r ng up on >??: _* nle m >ir midst. \g io -elllnu the n|ow but -ure Isdaon wkich the) I Ie.ll out til their poor vlr'lnis In p'leh lurgi Ijiiantit . and it fry many lnst?n<? it w eild j i of an eH.-> ' a I no Hu- f pi.-ien'mf them from 'leml in.* n '!.e I * ?gi sentlro|? but le i .1 th n w i til 1 w . -ng ' tliep <iv?- the ? -i-n- ilitv ot yin?* ?! ">>>?? a -e ,,n,| .?|f; tlg uti ?! :l'e t? : li i n'ii .nli for1 e-mail inantity that Ibey are enabled t?i f ? )? ? vn at l'ont> ? gia the pr? ttlt law is a lead loiter ir. Ais rjty, and ?e are tht- ? d- ?-lwith. ut ey Uw rngm. ling .the ??1> ot intosi -.tnijf . ? ? ? W' .lev r tl.' pi- t - ?? sow- it I hi- 1 i i p' litienl [arty I lie- kin i we prop >?*?? t" niie ?i? u ' Ihvorable ? eielered the more -oft in the< that tie isrioti- |,ol|th al |?rlh s are ren<b-d as it ? on. asnti Vr. t.y the lailous t??n- ' vhich ure agl ? .My the ' mi. it> I ? ??? 'a' ??? portion ol th'- n>|tii r !? nl?-r< i with o* In *hl- v ?-tnent an'l ' moiv ,t ft ol iU"ir In y? | With t govrnm A PI la li "Id who , po-?- ? ?ire, If ue li ( ?.-i t* f.,nt -eparati- tii ' ? *l ' ? ol yofcr commit ti-^ ? ill ?* *d' ' ; Mr i I >?? n ti irk< lb- aul it * a ?'ll i tl e ' au-e wli ? ? ? r ? m t gent tl tntf al ? . ' ?!-??' i ? II !? ? I nvini ? .t 'In' Io ? h bit wa? Sntii i' ly, au l 'h >t .1 c pul t ir -io b ..t - A ' i .? n' i .. fry pnrpoev t i . ? -??n' ?n'l It w?- oioVil eoinmlit in lie-lift,.! t il lit* ba r at ?? rig-ton .Mi Wili sai *1 Ot'llna't ' ? - T Vf I The ||( IMrholn* Hotel MihblnK Affray? Knrllifr PkMlrnlnra. Yt-0tt1 ? *flv vp #n u' ' 011 Bt '!*?- aflrar iq the I a. tCoaiirtttuSt. N?- whwb.* ? ( u|iti<ir. V?..(rh?. .< Ten* v-n.* ae* f*rr-t> ^ ,ls 1 Rrtltin ?n f- -*r> the A ? '???? at m tkt t?V Wt loaru th. ft 'towing :*J ? ? . .-.a! pj? rtv~,,'l'r" ol "?<? rtun?t< 30... . I: a|. ????- th-. : ;n JS.*4 *..?P'*in ?'? J W'rfrcM I rn i?- nf*g*<t a r?i >? rr-Ui tr.-.riii/i?v'o0? with Mi I. . IK- n ui< leu. ? (i th^ni lh>vtoi.rf'it f^.ttiNjnicr Jciip ? of tl.- fun of fill ? -tt- & Whit ?g BfcltimoiV Th?.h * i' .i-tnlM cHj >? tljr |.ro|>* rt> ?f Wr V11 i fpm?rv, vhtrim- i*-r?gtr.l with Mr Mean ca SMutuV nigh! ( t j t ?? . Wiight ?m th iu*( ati r of mu iritfrui 4 ou^lr c< ri?' > paJ-l for ei-ich !w hi d |? I l^nt , lad tltiH In rrntioa h <? ou th* Te?aei After running 1 i ? aonae Ww* Mtw N ? York an 1 N<*w Cr .eati*. a miahap Mcuntd t'. her, an?i tht ran ash" ? :it -milt Hook , l.v t, artl wns iia m.igcf ??? uiu u that .-lie 1j . ? not been uaad *.n'"e, Tfc? It s* O the Vpaiotcauefti ? I na:?i mderstall l? twean Captain Wright and Mr. I*"..-., th p cot:. man charging fat- iattt wiih not bvi>.<$ a- j with Ii .- payments as he ?hruld have f-een. In addition to tllia difficulty Captai.i Wr'gtit h*.ri thi.t Mr D*k>? w:? ghrlBf currency to certain repo So . l.aracter to brim hun into unmerited odium. it wu- ani I he npi ro prlated n -'trite of Mlver pHt - rti-h w:i- On tmwJ the Jewe*.. to hi.) own two. The Captain, bt u.g ?< mtn t i tremciy *.-udtive t ? any *t itement reflect. n# i>n hie honor, promptly notified M f>*uuthnt ho mi M nt n ? h.iu who the ? ut hot of the injarliwi ^tor>' - we? "i hi uiu?t an w.*r f ir the consequence Deim ptl'iuL"^ l? give the lnli tnuitiou deal ???! 1-ut every time the* 'net kept putting h io <>n . On {Saturday nu'it las'. 'i>0T met, by tpi?>inttaObt iu the ?"*. N.cho!a, Hotel barn cm. and tor a time con "rtrt in au apparently fri"nd.y maiui*", v^ieu Wright infoimv 1 Gean that U? must ham o retraction ot the injuiiou. calumny, or h> would ca ligate him on the spot. This Dtau refuafd to whereupon W. U ht pntog to Hi- , ami In the aot of raining a cowhide to ateikr Dean when he was caught by Mr. Montgomery u friend Of Dean's, who was in the company, and prevented tha blow fr>>ui failing At the taav moment Dean Jrew u Ion; dirk knife from a naaltaiound hit waiat tabbed Wright in the leli side to the depth of an inch and ii hitlf . then ? it lull awing the blade made a aecond lunge, and ran the blade up to the very lull in the body of his vi -tin . with drawing it again, ue would again liave run the knife Into Wr.ght were I' not that the acuille attracted attention in the rrowdeit t>n. room, and Mrvetal |>ei on- made a ruah to the h|ot. among whom w?? Lieutenant Stage, of the l'jghth waM police. The officer gra*ped I)wn'h arm as It was ralsoa tor the third time. am preynted him from giving what would probably have Ix-en Wriglii ? 'inuiediiite death blow. lieutenant Stwe, in pullinx the a.'m to llean'H ei.le, made llie lutter miv hi blow in Mieh :i manner thai tha ilirk enteied lo '?wn light thigh, inflicting a ?rere ttenli wontul The whole albir took but ? moment, aiel w:i? done h<> (iuii tly that hut few in th? croirdr<l barroom l.ucvr of it i occurieii< e. Hut after they wero parted the new* *0011 Hprend through the ha! la and corridor*, and created great eadtrment and inquiry. Wright mi- olteened I" w.ilk around the room, for a time, with a Hrtn atop, while the blood wai> tlowmg fret ly from his wotutd up< n the marlilr tlo<u, where it lay to large pool*, which wn* tracked out in the hall; Imt lie ?oon altered, anil mtoone.J in 1h' a i ma ot the byriaudei", and wax taken to lu room Dean and Moutgomeiy were ariestod and conveye l to tlieir rooroa, and a* the tle*h wound o( the former is said to be a saeetf one, the magistrate hu- consenti-d to allow him to remain in the hotel until hi Wound* are better The dirk Unite Usui in tl. is ulTiay I eery formidable looking imtrnment it is aliottt an inch aivt a Imlf wid<* and rayen inches h og. Wii;<ht remained in i 4*ngert>u* slate all niicJit and hi* piiy*.> i. n teai'd he would not lly?; l?e wus inoie lonfident himM'lf, and ?ni satiafled that lv would live for some time, if not auivive altogether. He re maincd in a -lal? i.f oolla)u<i> all iUy >* terday, md hi moat Intimate fi ianda wore i efu e<livliiuilttuee t.> lu - room. Il.e pliysit uinw "tale that In* ha* two punctured wnund-, one on the lei t aide; the knife in it entrance Ira' lurci tin twilfth rib. and penetrated ulmut si* nu lies into the caetty of the Hlnlomen and undoubtedly the (nb'stines are cug- 'I he ither is on the fu<e of the abdomen, about half wa> )* twren the uim/.i'i. (navel) and the lower edge ot the IWti , t? th? right ot th' m%Uum line. The htinotibnge. which wa- elcaaaive iui .'-Atunbiy nulu ha* been arrested he remain* tianuuil and maintaina [letlcct his fa. ultic- of mind, having liad to thi tinn no oaliriiim. The dangei whi< h now threatana him i< pen tonal inflammation eltjiri front direct uiyiTry Ui the peri ton am, or from tbeewcl of the matter in tha boweU dad roud mall. 1 his |>ainftil alfair ha* cauMNi great eioitemanf in the city pai tly from the chaia^tii tha hou-o where it took place, and partly from th- high i licle In he tii? partiaa iiu| Ucated have inovnl ft uoey w"tl to *taio that the ai^'ount given above N'aa fnrni?he>l foi the moat paif the (Viand "I < ?ii tain Wi Wit (apt. wiight ?aa in th< Tevan u n\y all throng' t ? wai between ti nt rriuntiy and Meii. <? fli ili?ting>iished t im.?eif on many "naaion" and displayed great bravery. Wh'n but ,i young man .if twent mmind?s| , email ve- > 1 named the Jamc- flow o iowhh h hip w th a i tew of ih?., i thirty men, )i* I m k r vleni m slo j, ot ?>ar with t?? hundiod und lift. "D .a boarti lb did -o by a skilful rum in oveiinghf *hlp wiili lign . e re- ed as men and so nuiiier' i. ?:!'! th' y ipp' ji t.i the Mexican*, thai the i apl.iln 'ni.> hi, . ? t. w lh" ' b. mg a ?li i II .!? immati"' ! tu othl" i' -I'll- and f'oin. M'. ie |<:i? Intt" high4 t HBH of hi- br.i cry, tftei th' < ?p n W. .-lit run ii st^amV' at bet?- 1 ?ii vew < 'l t' ins undiialve ti.n flue, then h< ha been in luanj dill -lent en ?? p.i.< At on' tin:' In ' ' inmahded tl ? t 1ft 1 1? mi i I "ni?< I tati ' t ba ' wag blockade*! .it the f'xd I Btl tn l.i at fini in- i , an ranhei and Vew Or I an lie wn to l.ave luid chatge In, an III id When ha h .id a it understate ng w it h lei wn? ? Cat. tain W I i^h ' i-.""iyi.u of ige I. a ' ire fm? ii' 'itniify I he Mr .lane ? atgc,t?< : y w! o i a c-ti : . tfo inventor of th- ?? itt.gatet ?. m iiri awl i . well known mechai Mr. n It.-1 Kan l? a *i<towei and reputed!" l?e w> a It) j fwm.i I M ? ,v twelve o i/.<.'t in. i niglit, < 'apt. tin H i jrh' waa d< lericua but Hi the npiafcin '-I hi* pA>> sican >. Id live 'ill'ng ind 'hap- I !i rough th. day tl, ugh it i ? inif * '? i f-U.* fr. ia 1 1 e uatnte of Jos w>>un ! ; ha i 1 <? an livi nior.' iban a 'oupli ' lay I 'i Qlaflrenbo. In att' ndane* arel r' tnalm I up w 'h I. I , all of last ui| h ' TO TflK t filTOft OF Till fl KHALI) tn 9 ft 4y > <?' 'i i r'"' "n -a'lird.r. . vmng at th" u! .Vbleias Hot.!, >?tw.<n It I'. ..n, it Mniylael and i p*. J J Wrifc'h' concerning w 1. 1 ? ii tu'i.) dii). n( ouri" haie ali ady iie?n paMi-h'd fh' lart* a- !ai ?? ?c n gather !h*m from el.'1 ir. .. mi tlx ? ? f jv-t yen' ib? parties bmim <1 bad a bu-in1 'iai:-aef|on t"g*th. in wfco h l*?an ? 1 1 , b tb? iu ' in ii'. llty of Wr.^ht cmi'i'biod he hvl 1 ?? n imja- ? I ii Kor the la "t eig! ? <r leu nl*?ath v . n'b in1' ? '.'ii-e b?s eii-ie?l et> *ea them ? ru thiii^ Ii ? e ' an t!,< meieat ?? .jtiain'jn A f? * < v? alng" ag *'iej . ' a' th' .-i Nicholas llo' l. W ight after ,tg l I* in a ' ? him if he bad repeal! ?itain atateim'n' In ? ing refer, ir i ' h tran>?' 'eit's an d" "g*t..r , i- Wrigllf- lira I lean ?a U. hi' wh* .-u| n the oth' i kinanlel Ida authority :< u . ; ie "i Ii ? 11 ?a ? til. to reflect >p t> it ?ad i'fi?r n *? hi I., i > i test the r<>p a-i iltty ? n "n < '? ib wing ev mi./ tin y ? gam an |w . i ? I W that he deemed it hts i Iv ? -iv, mf, , th?.' < th ; itetuent ? ware not r. nfi'!" nt>? I ' it n u ? 1 i.lber* aa well as him*-"lf. Wrle'it .ep;.* ! 'hat h- I. n. t want te knt w 'h? q h?i' w. .ki . ? e t, . ,,i , < iin ' o? 1. foil. ? ng 'ay -..'nri ? i W ,k i ? s. . ? . ,f> w ?y 1 mutual a.' I aintaw ? tn . tr . ly mi fat i ? tl on* I ?'ia bill! at t f. . -? \ ...' If .1 ' ?ten. it er?n o I'b ' a .r ! a old II a gla ?e 0# a Itv or -? i ethm.- to Ires I'-.n i '??! ' api" ifitu>*n' a tho t u-ie *it t ,r'tt ia. h it aft" ' bi a tn J ii ii inn or iroui inccin< \ 01 llie iiialti'i in Ifui ima i . scaping into the cavity of the nl>domcu. lie is attend by 1,1* own iihyslcfan. Ilr. Qiiaikcubo-, with Drs. I'rou fiait and I'oIJin. Ilis chances for recovery are verysma > h> a ?t be t - tBsy t. t n th. I ' apt 1 i/l t *!'b ?? ditM jifwfliwl Hi' pr. nipt |y mtW*l i- tl ? " He 'in, -|- ties f, . i, ? *|I ' te 4 ? ?'itra(*d the affrav I n ejv fal ? t? t| som. of the f'tefeli d 'Ir. I" . i ap .ir> , .1 ? 'I ' ai a tent ? ? Ii p ' WO t-veed ta-sn t v . '?.< wa la! n>. f 'a#t . * ii- ?'nty ? ' a n ?jx-. . h fort a*, n i- v USl, - It H-. UH fi Tr,y, i m or n i t|((. I,, -. !!?*>:? ! ? n h , ' I 'b par mia -ap' |o 1? ? baa Kg ?tw I b wd It t'wrmi " *' ,h^ ""M* in' -rfi r*r ? J wa* t.V ? Kivtny llui- r.-ijiV W:mM Hut it i<a!w> ?M.'d n Ih 4** .t.-i i. ,??>< * ???' ?! f'iri. i fl Hi 1..1 j tii- 1<* "tic *;<i >u >t<1 ?r?<1 Till * ! ' pa i ii'U- ?-r i *.#/]! |m? , -!K u" ?i ftt |i . j |? tjf tJm' Auolh<r ^enilt muft (?* v ***? ^ ' <? i rc-il.* 1 1 tiir-. -t t!i. : %f> < ft, he p?^ lof f !l IVanit-k J inr of ii- * n'| (be ?rtui ' ^ ***' * I Captain V tj i (OTi'iirj iljn?? tu n \ "u 4 *' ,*,i '* I ' ti- i t t|it , ,, Ifing tinftrrnHk ' ' ?? ?*' ^ ? t> inHjft <i ? ? .i u;uiv en hi# opfX't* | tli* |*/!i ? ii wil! mf-rm yt u < ?f it*<jtnrt?d^ ^ ' I ami k * if;* v t <aik ?n ?ioii! Wr.j<M m fn*t?.'n i% u * ^*t*N t ?M ? iiit? M'UtrtfU. liy |mbU*t<4?? vhf4**' i <>rrt '.*?,< t.i riot> r f \ out r poM ? ?>Sftciit*if v t i * f? ? ?*ii ??. ? f i hn ?' mi l t / ?? ti It'-itt*!, ' ? - * * v ill ub ?jff ail J ^ J wjrv* ^ !)? ,t wid Mimical ffhlti r*. The p**t a ei Ii. ?iulU M'Ttr.i. " >ui I-. mortt u vmim t ? ('? i ? ?? oi pt Oj vra . will b? in lit** fields 1 '.. Gahi tiarel r?ap?.t (?o V ?M Ihn h >g m-ln i? - i< ? - rugt own'. >1 Ar BrotVt) then Ire on J-,t ilt , . n- ha ? r .V ir.1 , 1 IV, <\?t*">r Ka*el It I- .l< ?T|!1 i ? t ? ._. ?al (?-(An*, -i.a. Sifimmi' during the ?i ??? ????l,, ou.j bid \ ?> fu:> ?<\!i < <*!>?. wt ii N '? ? ?. or. Wi.l ne-iay w hi', i *i fiiittrodnl iesira.l >,.? .-si bin ca thi* u>. V ? I.oui I'; n ?'* bncfitt' V|. ? Til ? ter* (u. lw i- ? ? ? lit \g . l ut mo-t . ,ntt trn.'np Ulw: He ww ci>ti. ? I e i Y> *. 4. The i' Mil'- "t I 'V h.. pi-.w<i h.ghi. nucce- 'ui ? ? M !.<? I:.. : h.?> |. ?> <i M?r> i? -mit ( t:m"i im-l .Virions"1 di rir tin wok t'> rfiniin'Tit ? i- home-. P. the opinion ? n.- t I ? urnuiui ti> in admiration of htt act.ii^ ?,?!. that II . r-a tiagelau* ctni!d ?W mi l npprer tut ? her. Hiey m.ght ' ic-i !.i|.-w ?rfirnelhirtg'jlir.itt net nir ? an in ? it I i&:i**allf piacti?*ii ? trti'le. :iD' lit* ? . ? ?' r> run ? in ' tin* h>u lent ??-t the liif(hi**t w*if?-?. M Ih I'm chi-l w play Ihn? gf? part- llii week, namely, It-r mi v (" Atnl-omaiue. " i Thtah<\ ( 'Augelo,"i nui .7??one (1 Arc. <>oe ol the Min'laj pupet ? critUi ??<?- t h<? il .ly art o i Rachel ami ?ay? tha< ?:?? h.vt a tine hou* iii! ""ilii night whtn thut ? i> m pe r rm auce i>? account of th> iUn. of I.i.i !??: \ That i *' a?orine<] Journal it'll* Knehal wl'l pr. <M In n< <? t' l'' -T n. -will- e ?lir> ?olll play nighu ? 1 1 i-U? in tj 1 1> f j.' i at Nm niioiiu <q Junv . . Mi. I nn Tuj; ?> v omul; .-till Wat-- ? i'.nu I'.- p 1 ha? tia-i ii mi iit I(itrtou\. It i. ? rny ?i'.| c "n?i i iirt?il jiii , a^i i vi . tl ? >rgo 1. 1 . <lnn'- j^rfoi m;m ? t t'i <l.t . in ?ini i- , I< iwti-iey . l< our ot hi ?,r-i . I t Mi IlurU ??'?! au'tle^irr ? .. <i not acc .1 miil'.' flilin n ucli p? . ' ? II Imtiy ; ''lit h? i- rrry jo >i in I Iti f u in/ *111 i>? ?\nfte u xalu .ilnhi in tln .it ical atlaii t At 'he MprmiiMl Tin I ill iTki ?t :ir 1'..|. I?l will j.h.y BmalOM, >n " Aii'lrjnu (ue, " SU of lir. nuwt Cfl" I at i part,. At ' i* H?. l.iwir i'HKAmj till- r.'iiilur ...? m w I ooTuMmo Mr. I . Itavcnp .i t lm - l? -n ??ngu.-f-.i ni l .> iil j. lav 'iI<h(. , in iiiclutrii ill., -'ip'tortoil hv Mi. fi lo M'. I ani'i/.iti Mi.frnuo, Mn latio' l'oni-1, an t iithf ? of t)u- vi ry ' ?rcllrnt cinpattr Mi ' hupm.i u the new i" tnc Jinn, will appear in the fii i oi>. Al itrai?N> i':ii itm !h? - A iinn/niuiii fori i?*p.?ii'l?'iiit ? nrw plf" Still Wiiti'r* Itmi Iti-op n ml I'h" Clo< l nut .i"!' Jfut." 'ii?' iiiiiiotin rJ. Al Wau n '. Mi. flroiifrliu II < l-vt'r ronaijjr, tl. "tianif <'f I ov<\ wil|l>?* ulv<>ii lot i lie fifth tlui< with tl.r t i <? cttll'-f Ihf "Spitfllliell Wcivi-r," in Which Mr. H. fbll play .. l?-trr, I', |)i oiij i mi .ikIMi Hoi jr plajr in tho tir-t pi.-n-. At .SliiMi'fl (JAffl*--, Wallac - ojim i lluilaii' will Li'ijivcn, ?lt!i Mi? I . i'yn? a? Maritiun Hri*tow ? ni'w opera i it no* warly twljr for pi tlucti'.ii, iMcrjr attan ti"ii ire Hear, ha* In'eti pai'l to the ro ?iiiiii~ au l wnwy, llllKtialilif IIh- tiinc? I.r the )'? ol ut i> . ; ? . tli' p.-ii-?l that '? trieil mi'ii'a nouU." At the B'lwnu 1 hi i i i Mr. .1 W. W I! v k om >i the v?r/ M actor- Iii Kn)(lan'l or Ainmi> -.a m il uiaku liU llmt appearance oincc hi* returo, a* Hamlet -uppoi t? .| by Mr. .1 .1. Prior %li Jt. J.ilinatoii, ant Mi Ward At WiMin a Mi i>mt>.i?, No. 47i Mroa<l?ray, ? 'aiing lilll i* aim on ui *<t inrlu'.nijj a J'.ni c Uioit pi'mr i-iuiai with a tai re. At Iti'Hin N" i'.O Ilro4<lw . , i ? 1 1 neyr'i minxtrcUj . uinl tbe i accll'.nt hurl' ??|ii?' n I -> -.nn.i hula with Mo Milieu u < I lU'unl i tinloi At th? Buoohut v ATIIIK ir?, nn rui-ilii.i hifn .ra \ ict 1 1 Vi rtiprocit aiui' UH'-e? ? vi . .1 aii.l lu-i, uincnt 'l K'lix rl. 'ihe projfi amine in a ? cry g.?i.l Ia Ijfuma Hill la aaaliteil hi Ml^n Ihial .W ami ilmUiii (. . I I tvi*< ' , .wlgii"i lteriiar<ll. Hi o- ai ' luio lUiul iml other*. PlllL?fl?irMI 1 ?All the |b<*tl<- . < "peil?ll'l ? liil to he doing w< II. "ri -at ui>lajr nigh' ?' the U'alnnl, Mr John Drew pUye<l Marg:> ' t Klmoi > in' laiv. ?tarrlll.-e at the City M i -ei,iii Mi- Anna t'rulee pU> e<l Martha in ISit. I I <.pp* r(l< 111 at tie Air h V| -n l Mi ? I II I * a|?* l > i ? i .I in Iojjoii .ii I1j' < i'y M'i-' in i ii ' '? he i.< i' th prct'i< -Mhcatie- in th> ount; * -ion ? M' ? I rren . oael'Hh - h r r . n an ? i ? -f I enifaic tie n' it ill" Mu<euni thi ? we. . flie ): n theatrr .|<<i>'<1 wilii M i h A<1<> Aluut Noihl ,? M I'elton * IJWi' ? l> i? ??ll -poken i.i M. I l.a nl ran ai.4 i|i-i Albi-rtlw rrmiincnj* ?# eti(a|fenieiit 'If National tl.l Ma iling'. M l u l l late i, f lh< VI1 '* le 1 L *** . ? ' t !,. > till. nth. Il'iwai'l Alhiria in. ra li-r' ? ? I ''I eirle, J. Br< ? Mr W. I Aylinf K M WtlUaM* Mi?. t l< hi ami Mr .fli II . w*n. it h( a r ?? i. . i-liil ; ??. ,\I ti Na ,11' t !!(? nt f*ii M. I'll' l- I' ' . *?. 'I ai mngPHK nt ? loi Radwl'i nitfhtt tliete It ii tp mill . ? Mi Bhly ? playing at th II i .?? t < ? thcat ? Mi?a Hathaway I* 'aitmg in . | Mi M !??.. w*< n Ii Ii.-. I- ; la; Itni ne at tin M'I ?'ree 1 tin n/iini" Ion ? ' nt> lit ii v ? ?Mi ami M hi 'i C j \ i nil ii - Mi I ' tp* u ilo A t I.i e ? ? nft -at nrilar ? I ran II anil 'lie Jl ? ;? . t llrrrt tier ? On ' | I ? (I ? t n< ? 'tl- air Wi neolai J l i ? <all<i| IHin llanc lo ' t *' nt' ' e i> . i op" ni I tli' ' iiar 'It* I ' -nl ti# In; e 4 1 lj ? Imlii' tr 'Hi i # II' " ' tl lh \ i ne In ' .? nifikny <? i ipN' ' 1 her* hi -t at, trmpte , V |.a ,. .I.. 1,1 r u ... | .... \ 11 'Tit hete on ,v?w lo ir.' ? ? -TV roi'Mle i#l V * el rile i hoot 1 1 en ile t 1 ' Ut . Ijitm ? Mi.Ou a ?uer. n?lul - nw I Ir,.,' ? 1t 'he I ople North kC hat " ii tliiihen'" n ihr t).. !? ? <HBr n tl lull. I?i.n i * n ?? St. C thi ? .ty .1 ... -f.' i) .u- .a i h <1. ? , n -?? ?!?- kit ? **W hare 1- ti ft . a* /./ h * i f ? p?v-. whk a , ,. 4 M>? |."4.' .. j ii?<i I i" j l' . a - h - r ni aVut i , " l i ?na'i> "" ' iiUrel* i a i M I ? link ?! *?.?>??! in Par . that frr? | gttl"4 t? t e It.'vaxi ' *4 i'ar ? p* i ratal - {? ^.i?n ? 4b > ,||m nwrtbi |J ? . Ha; ti * yaart ? . ewma l#4 ??> 'I. ? ? - i Im? ??? rtefcaw, t'..?. i* w pi at 11'%'ll/tlri lr?,.i;i.. la r"Ma ? A.i^?w"... rej?,,( 4 4 ' HE 0Pr9', UBS'. C13E /WD COfr.EQijENrr 1. v iji' iloi ( i)Uil>>|>Nl*l 'J i tnt, i: * II i ? dn Iteaworth. VI N pi II \ '> 'i r ?. k:>w mi ? ? r* * i ? i"-n I v1i> by pi.iinutt' t .? ? i, ii nl itml ri<4un>! ' D1..II :il 11 1 h<> t? 'ii ? 1 '.it atci i ? pi. otjl? r t'. KV.j, Tbafl P flUttM >1 >ff # (11 jit 1 11 U til. I r 1 1 1, Wr** * ? ,fri* ?'?<, ? ??<*' it ft* nut M ' ** Uj' ? ? ? i 4- ' * ?tl, - , ft ' ' I ql !;.?*? i fifi* 'Iff {*??? *11 I ' ' ?'? h*|? th# ' WM .!>??? ?r , i, ? i) " . >?<- toctoi # ??#*' fi * Vi i i * #h.< . i ? i .. ? > ? >.. *h j,fcvii -irf ) - t ? i#* t >v i I i* nUa * *1 t*v ? ? ? I \. i b* *Mb ri?l , * ?i? J !.<??# , , 4 why *?i ??r<I#* <' if- '' ? i ? i <? / nf, . ifr rr&nt ati?t r* "?5 ? < ' ? i- i ) ?u m tt.f- ft< tt'?n h*t#?u <*'1 *l * ft ? **< [ ilutifl t"* tWmtf >l?f? ?A#f tl?e m-'mjuf tb? aaof order lo dm V 1 ? ?o ww?fc of 1 ? * ? .?'.??? r J J t,? t. t? .Hit, M ? * a 4 -1 ?ivu * ' ? '*? ? ' -r uh* ma ? l , !* : ,i.v , s , lr,? , ? ... w ** i* n.i . t it ,? 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