Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1855 Page 7
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ADTERTISEMm itESKWED E^RY MY. mt SALK. ?lr AAA ACBKS OF LAND, FEB SIMPLE TITLE,*) J.UUU he Hold for cash or exchanged tor city property ? Wf uate la Franklin, Marlon and Lincoln oountles T?inwM6. Railroad euiiifnuiilration dlrc-ci lo Charleston, H. ?)., N:nh?llle and New Yoi k. A railroad, Just ihilshed, runulng tbrounb 'ti? property There are several bituminous o?al s.^ mw of ami lunt quality on the 1 in Is, wbleh are table lands, growing all ?Link" of small grain, ^ra \r , abundantly. fhoy are well wati red, heavily umbered, and will adapted for S ock and ?raxing purposes. TIU? Indisputable. Applv lo A. H. NIOOLAY, 11 Broad at., New York. AAA ?FOB BALE, ON VERY EASY TfOBMK? A ^PU.UUU. very tine tour story brick house on Thirty M'.venib ntr> et, near Mxih avenue, with nil the mt-li:rn 1m pioveinents; l< run tfOtJOcaah down, and $000 each year until i. ,600 is paid; I be balance, 13,400, on bond and mortgage far three yearn. Apply to A. C. lAJOMlS, 1,128 Broadway, uear 1 hlrty fourth street. 0>A TAA ?FOB SALE? TWO STORY HASKMBVT ?Tr. I UU. brick collage house, 2K4 Went Twenty t .urth mi eel, modern Improvement*. g?? ""I fixtures; two alory frame cottage, Fitly-first street, alleil In with brl. It, marble mantels, $2,Njtl; three story bouse, Twenty-Ural street, S 1,000. O. M. II A R'l WICK, l!0B Broadway, room No. 1. AO enn ?FOB HALE OR EXCHANGE, FOR A ?J)^ .?JUU. small farm, an established buMaeM, doing a 8 (aid trade, together with stock, fixture*, and letute, located in a uidncssslrect. Amount >1 trade, terms of dlspoi il, and rea sous for senilis, miide knot. tl by applying to CYilL'a M. 11 A in WICK, 2oa Broudwiiy, room 1. tO AAA ?FOB SALE AT NEW BOCHELLB FOR A.fUU, $2,iN)0? A cash paying buslne**; will besbown U> rlear lrom $> .,! () to $1, >0.1 per year. The principal p.irtof Ike money may remain on good security. Inquire of H. F. PKL'I'ON, New Kochellc. AO AAA ?FOB BALI, A TUI extknhinb flour and feed store, long established In lfa present locality, and known as ono ot the moat profitable establish meuis in the lino of hutilncsa. The present proprietors re ttring will dispone of It on reasonable terms. Apply to BOWES A FBOBISH KB, 84 Nassau street. <fcl KAA? FOB BALK? THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX ?A ,?)w\f lures of a furnishing and tool store, situated In the most business pnrt of the elty. The stock, will be Mild at valuadon. Satisfactory reason* given tor selling by applying at the H< al Estate office 2b9 Broadway, room No. It). SIMKBS A TAYLOB. fl OA A?FOR hale? A FIR8T CLASS BOARDING l.Zi'lv l ofl-e, witli furniture, Ae. nearly new, now fall permanent hoarders, situated In a very respectable part of the city. Satisfactory reasons glvcu by applying at the Heal Estate Oflice, 2H1) llroadway. HIMERS A TAYLOR. AAA ?for sale, a cash business, con nuclei! with ono of t!ie oldest ami moat reputa ble manufacturing bouses in tlie]eliy. The business will pay an energe'le man $1,(100 yearly; $600 cash, and the balance may be paid in monthly instalments. Apply to 110 WES A FBOBISH EH, 84 Nassau street. (II'AA -for sale, a dining saloon, with a UUv. bar attached, situated In the First ward, an I doing a flint raie business; will be sold to a cash customer only, an I a garantee will be given to clear $1,300 a year. If properly con ducted. Keni-on tor ^oiling 1* sickness of tlie owner. For par tleuiars address a nolo lo A. II., box 110 Herald office. djTAA? FOlt HALE? THE LEASE, FURNITURE AND fixtures of n drinking saloon and boarding house, lo cated in the lower part of the elty, In tie1, neighborhood of the principal railroad depots; must be sold tills week. Apply al 260 Broadway, room No. 10. . I M Kit.- & TAYLOR. d> H AA ?FOB SALE, THE LKASB, STOCK AND FIX ' ? lures or an old e-tabtislied daguorrean gallery, situated on a corner of two ot the greatest thoroughfares ill this I.lty, now doing a good business. TLiata a spleudlJ etuuiee. Apply ill llroadwuv, room No. 10. HIMERS A TAYLOB. *orn ?fob sale? tiii: lease, stock and fix ?Ot)v . tures of a u n and coffee store, situated on one of the most business avenues In this city, and doing u large and rapidly Increasing business, and must positively be sold ibis Week. Apply at 1&9 Broadway, room 10. SIMKBS A TAYLOR. d>QAA ?WILL HUY A BUSINESS PAYING $25 A jpOUv'. week; the business Is established, and has fc!i?n jo $300 cash customers, together with the hor?e and wagon arid all appertaining to the establishment; will be sold lor $dd0. Early application will secure this chance. HO WKS A FKOHlSHIjR, 84 Nasaau street. a>?3 PER ACRE.? FOR SALE OR KXCHANliK FOR ?0 merchandise. 10,000 aerea Texas lands, situated In ^an Antonio county , thirty miles from Austin, prairie and timber land, beat quality, well watered, title perfect. Apply to C. M. HART WICK, 2t)rt Broadway, room No. 1. A BABE CHANCE.? FOB SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK, and fixtures of a groc ery store in one of the best locations tn the upper pari of the city ; the reason tor selling, the owner Is going into other business. Inquire In the shire 112 West Thirty-third street, corner of Dunham place. LABOE FIRST CLASS FAMILY OROCERY FOB sale.? The store established several years, now doing a btulners of $60,000 to $76,000 yearly. The lease, stock and fixtures will be sold on reasonable terms to a responsible party. Block on hand at present $6,000 to $6,000. The location tin surpassed. Apply to HOWES A F ROMS II KB, No. M Nassau street. A A FEED AND FLOUR STORK, SITUATED ON THE east side of the city. established several years, with a treat run of custom, uolng a traile ot ?40 dully, ami may be increased to a much larger amount. Price $700. Apply Itu mediately. HOWES A FROBISHKR, 84 Naaaau street. A GOOD CHANCE FOR BUSINESS MEN OF SMAI.I, capitAl.? An opportunity 1* offered to engage in a bust nesathnl may lie carried on successfully in every city ami town In the Unitod States. Persons jnll #10 ih upivanbt Bay t ngage In it. Apply to HOWES A FR0B1SHBB, 84 Nassau street. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, THE RIOIIT TO manufacture and sell the hornloglcal cradte, patented to Mr. Edmonds, of Illinois. It l? a very beautiful and useful piece of furniture, and can be made to sell very readily at a reasonable price and will prove very profitable. The cradle will run lor six hours wlien wound up. The right ean be had for New York and *1* olher States, or tor a single county or city. Apply lo ( HAS. CRUX, 1- City Hall place, from lima o'clock, or a letter addressed as above will be attended to. A GOOD CHANCE? A LEASE, (!()OD WII.L, AND FIX tures nl a paint shop fur -ilb'. lease live ye UK, relit liin, derate; loci, ted comer of ' Irand slree?aoa Uowerv. Cat soon, as the pre tent occupant wishes to leave for the West. A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE? SIT usted on one of tin" beat business eorners In the Eleventh ward. 1 he mock, tlifnrra and lease w ill be sold at a harg.dn. In consequence ot the illne* ol' the proprietor. Itar recelpta ?S to tl t per day. APP'y 10 HOWKS ? FROBISHKR, M Nassau street. BASEMENT AND FIRST STORY OF TO4 BROADWAY: also the second. tlilrd and fourth stories of house !W2 and 824 will tie connected and well milted lor a boarding li m? or for nulla ol rooms to be occupied on (lie French plan. Entrance No. 20 on Twenty-first street and H24 Broadway. The whole to be let together. Apply to J. CR AM, 3(1 Union square. CIOTTON MILL FOR BALE, TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. / The subscriber will sell at private cale the cotton mill at Peterson. New Jersey, knoun a* Harmony Mill, oonLkinlng se venteen looms, one willow*, two pickers, nineteen oanl?. two drawing frames, five speeders, one grinding frame, ten Darf Ibrth spinning frames, two pairs of mules, warptng mill and reeling frames, with all other fixtures and utensels for marm torturing, all In good running order. The mill and dwelling bouse stand on leased ground, with light rent and a perpetual lease. Inquire of 1'IKRRE J. BKRTINE, Administrator, U Warren street, up stairs, or JOliN U. UKDLKY, Attorney, W Nassau street. CIOI'.NTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, AT FLUSHING ? (IN ) WhlteFtoue avenue, one mile from the railroad depot, ad Jotng the late residence of Gardiner Howland, Esq., oontaining about ten acres ol land, with genteel house, stable, barns, car riage house, tee houae, Ac. Fruit, shrubbery, and shads lu abundant e. Apply to CHAS. F. TOY, at C. H. Sbeclian a Sods, IT! Mullen lane. DRLO STORE FOR SALE.? AN OLD ESTABLISHED drug Mure, elegantl/ arrange I, location unrivalled In this city. For a celebrated apothecary, ambition* to control a first class prescription and fancy bustne-a, this Is the el celslor store. The proprietor wishes to retire from the bust neas. Address Druggist, box l.i'/i I'oM olli c. DRl*G store for bale? located on one of the leading avenues In East Brisiklyn. well soe ked and neat ly fitted up, now doing a good business, an eicellent opjeirtu ntty for a young druggist or physician. Terms eiutv. .-siii* tsctory reasons for selling. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, .V, Fine street. Desirable lots for sale, two lots, zaxiivi ? each, on Twenty tblrd street, one corner lot. three In*, ZtxIllO each, on Twenty-fourth street, one corner lot; one lot, BxltXI, on Twenty-seventh street. A buildlug loan will be made with the lots. Apply to F. A. Gl.'lON, lib Broadway. Farm for sale? containing 170 acres, si ita illy divided in meadow, plough and wood land, sltu.i'ed three miles northeast of I'eeksklll, in a most valuable lo- 1 m. For farther particulars Inquire of .1 A MKS Roll Kit TSi ?N, ti.'l Sixth avenue, or ot the owner, EDWART CUNNINGHAM, on the premises. Farm of 111 acres, in orange coc.yty. towv el Montgomery, 11 mile from Newhurg, by plank road, and neat W allien village; good buildings, tsroi well watered, abumlat.ce of fruit, tir-t rate soil; will tie -old al a great bai gain Apply to C. R. MILLER A CO., aucUon- ei I'J6 Br iad w?r For sale? the elegant brown stone house IM East Eighteenth street; sllthe modern Improvements, thorough repair, dire*1 rooms deep, a perfect mtslern bouse !;i all respects. Terms easy. Would be exchanged for ? small hou?e worth or fH.isW, balance rental n'.ag on mortg ige. Apply 'n T It VtioKIIEKS, Counsellor at I ** , iltl lb nad way. Apple ton's Lullding. I[H)R SALE? A BEAUTIFUL SMALL HRIt'K HOI SE. ' In a pleasant and good neighborhood, built by lUn'n wort. In the best manner, with all the kBprovmiMH. Price (ft 3UI) One haU can remain on the property. Injure at Imi-aal Thirty fifth street, near Third avi nne. I?OR SALE? ON MURRAY HILL, OXK OF THOSE J/ Lvsti Itui new *'} le bro - n sii ne liouses on tlie nor'h si-le of Ih r'y distil -tree:, between la xing'on and Fourth aveon. i?e ol tne u .si pleasant ?!?< sin tlie > lly, built by .L?y'? work, in the I est iraniier, with (it the Improvetto nu. In i lire on the premises. FOR sale? THE LONG ESTABLISHED DAtJtKRRBO type n l plio'ograi hle ca lery, H Bf adway. I bis is a rare chance for any oi . wi long to . *.?^e In tae above bu stness. as it is ue ol I be : . ;<e-? iisia the ctty, teimr i?xt do<ir to Taylor's sa^iii,. ui|..:o of I'. (<AInE, itrua 1 way. UOB >Al.l? ?NE LOT ON BROADWAY, NEAR FORTY se ven tb treet, running through to Sevendi avmttie, two lias on M?ty inurth ?tie?-t, between Fourth and Fifth avenuoa, esrh UixlUI te> t. Also, lit" desirable (bur story English base fcent hon?e .So. Sft East Thirty first aueet, and a three e ory and basemen' brick house on tooth Ninth stivei, Wllhw I, org; bo h contain all the modern improvement*. For par WuifS app y to J. H PAYNE A CO.. AI4 Oreen ?ireet. IJOR SAl.E? THE DIAMOND KT ATE, 1 a propeller, ot the following dlmenslnos, vlr.. len^'b, I >i to?t, breadth, Zi feel; deptli. , I set. Will slow about 1 i' <| hbls. She is tow pie - ire. an it I* fitted out under the late law lo accommodate slit) pas-ei.ners. Apply to I Hum as Ml KI'IIY, Steamboat Inspector, 3ft .Nmth Wmn..,, ?r JOSEI'll fc. I'ALMKR. 43 N u :h Wa r street, Fhllade:,,tus. I^OR SALE? V A LI-' A BLE TENEMENT PROFERTT, AD van'ageoti-u located In Brooklyn, one tblrdnasb, beltte a on mortgage set. ral larms for "*?le and excb in :e. Twenty five houses, of varto'ia gra'les. in New York an 1 vl inlty lor sale and eiekange on easy terms McM K HON, 1*4 Chatham street. BtfiR SAI.F ? i OTTAOE M>TS ON SIXTY FIFTH AND sixty *t?th stree'*. t>e'?een Saroad aod TM|< avenues, will be ?old In plots of Itsi leet square, inr genc ei <viuag> Im provements; the lot* elev-ited sn I tie.tufl'iitly looated In cioee proximity to llamtltrin sr|'iare. bo# ga? and <>- 'ei water at tamable, ami a ei.?i**? s^hte ?a SixsyAfh si reel, near Third inn'ie How (operlor to s^cioae ro*nji*<lt , ,iy residence' Aptuy at tbe drug twrt, o r ner of Broad * ty and Ft 'jr'.eeotb su e* (. JPOIt 9ALB. FOB BALE-TOE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A ORO cery and liquor store, (and the store to let,) one of the best s lands to be found, as there Art* no other in Uie block. Call at. ltd Cast Twenty stcond street. I poll HALF ? Til K FIXTURES OP A FORK AND BEifiF n'ort', in a genteel neif bbortvood. A rare chance for a German. Kent moderate. Apply to D. if. BAKER, 212 Broome street. IjlOR PA LB? ONE OF TUB FINEST FAMILY CARRIAGE horses in Now York, i ist from me country, at* years ot 1, sixteen hm.ds high, sound In every particular, ot splendid form and ac'ton. mahogany bay, long tail, not a particle of v. hife ul uut him. A'so. one ct of double unrners. Apply to V\ II. COMHIOCK, No. 2 St. Peter's place, one door froiu Bar clay street, rear of Astor House. 1jH>R SALE ? IN THE MOST HKALTHY AND PLKA ?ant tmrt of Brooklyn, two MAt eoUaffs bollt boa^n m l lotB, cominiadtng om oC tbe lout vtewi to Um city. (louses two story and I axemen t, hard finished. and corniced centre r?ie<es, anlud parlors; large lots, 1'6 by 1 10. Price only 11,160. 'lei ins ea*y , considered cheap; will double in vain**. Apply on the premise*, Dean street, between Grand and Cfastbn avenues. Fulton avenue cam pass within a abort distance. JlOB HALE.? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES, TOOETH er with a two year's lease of one of the boat and imwt prosperous dining and lodging saloons ui the ''ity. It is dom j u first ra'e business: the proprietors have made ar ran cements tor ^<ninv into another branch of business. For particulars apply at 213 Fulton street. _________ FOR SALE. OR PARTNER TAKEN.? A LITHOGRAPH le business, located In the most frequented part of down town, la to bo hold, or a partner taken. It consist* of every requisite for carrying on a lar^e business. A< uvt> (no pass ve) applicants must have a capital of $4,000, and will get particu lars at L.M1 Broadway, room .'?8, ?hir?l story. M. Wit AY. fpOK SALE CHEAP, OR EXCHANGE FOR A CITY LOT. 1 and lot on the northwest corner of Thirty second street and First avenue; house 20 feet by 48, four stores and cellar, facing the liver. U. FOUNTAIN, 183 East Twentieth street. FOR HALE, OR PARTNER TAKEN. -A litho<;raphio business, located In the most frequented part of down town, is to be sold or a partner mk *n. It consists ol every re qulsite for carrying on a lari:e business. Active (no passive) applicants must have a capital of $4,000, and will get particulars at IfcO Broadway, room Ho, third story. M. WR V V. FOR SALE CHEAP. IN BROOKLYN-TWO TWO STORY, attic, hasementand cellar frame dwelling houses, tiandsome ly furnished, with gas fixtures. Situate on the east akle of Skill man street, south, and near Myrtle avenue. Apply to II. Phil lips, on tnc premises, or to U. Wenman, 10M Broadway. For sale, or exchange for city property at Spring ville, Staten island Five an I a half acres of cellent land, within thirty rods of the water, on the plank road, four miles from Port Richmond landing. On the land Is a Urge new gothlc house, containing 13 rooms, a rooms on the first floor; also new barn, carriage house, and ail outbuildings re on 1 red for a country residence. Terms easy. Inquire of A, C. S1MONBON, on the premises, or of J NO. II. SIMONSON, 1&5 South street, N. Y. For rale, or exchange for house and istore on Fulton or Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, or New York, 8 lots in Williamsburg and one lot on Flushing aveuue, Brook lyn. Apply at 260 Water street, New York, IflOE SAI.E OB KXt HANtJE? A c WAL boat, or N) tons bur hen, now on the dock, foot of Clark nun sreet. I * in first rate order, and will be sold cheap. Apply to L. J. BKLLONI A SON, <3 Wooster street. For hale or to let very cheap? on eighty ninth street, near avenue A. two ne ,v three story bou <es, each having thirteen rooms, bain, water cloaet, wa h trays, Ac., tour lots, with fruit anil shrubbery. Fare by rail road. Apply to S. RICHARDSON. 212 Fifth avenue. For sale or to let-a new four story brick house, 26x30 feet, with modern improvements; lot j.'i\104 feet on 1 bird avenue, next to the northwest corner of Kitty second street; terms easy. Can be bought cheap, tor caw; very Uttle required doa n; or bootsand shoe* taken In exchange, or a g<ssi shoe stand. On hand, a small slock ol groceries, with good fixtures. A good s'aod for any business. Satisfactory reason given for selling, on the premises. HARPWARE.? FOR SALE, THE STOCK OF A HARD ware store, which has been established ten years in the bands of the present proprietors. The stock of good* i?? at present light. A favorable lease of premises, if desired. Ap ply on the premises, 218 Pacific streej, Brooklyn. Houses for sale at reduced prices? a gen. teel three story house on Thirty second street, near Lex Ington avenue, 95,000; a two story brick cottage and lull lot on Twenty-ninth street, near Fourth avenue, $d,500; two new, stylish English basement houaea ou Lexington avenue, $H,500; one on Fourth avenue, $7,tss). E. IS. K1NSH1MKR, 319 Fourth avenue. 3 to 7 P. M., 8 to 10 A. M. RimiWAY FARM, AGRICULTURAL AND COAL COM puny.? A lurtii mid it home within tli" reach of ore ry niiiii-I'eiiiii-ylvimla land ? Twenty *ev< n thoiiwmd acre* of land tor *?le, ulrlog a farm of 26 acre* lor i200~payahle $ 1 per week? or nrrns of 60, 78, anil 1U0 acre* In propor'lon. Tin' null in amongst the richest tn the Stale ami abound* in coal, 1> IriK in Elk county. Four ralli'oailv will nbortly lie oom ?Iet. il. connecting I' tiva direct communlcnilon with New ork, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburg, Erie and all the wesiern roads, inrmmg the grandest concentration of railroai'* in ihe Stall*. Hi' i* the latent map of IV nnsylvinla? Harnea. Tliev are the Hunbnry and Krle. Alleghany Valley, Venango, A".', In rapid coume of completion. Locomotive* are running on a large part. The large and lloiirlahlng town of St. Mary'* In In the centre of the tract, numbering Homo 2, BOO Inhabitant*. It ha* hotel*, chools, >i? and grist null*, flue *ton *, and every thing desired. The stor kin ddcr* al-o rci elvc ISO lots in ih> town and a caw mill. Tlin land surionnd* the*,- Improve menl*. The timber I* of the best kind, consisting of nnerry, chestnut, a*h,oak and pine. The coal upon this land Ik literally liicitiaiiKtlble, being u continuous bed. It 1* the only coal land In that pai l ol ihe State having a direct cominiinlcitilon with the different cities. It must shortly become Immensely valua ble on thai one *i cotitii. II* location point* It* destiny to bt come the PottavtUe of that country. This I* an opportunity never present) d before to the bnalnea* man, tho worklngrnan and the mechaiiic. It place* a home iiiimeilbin ly wltblu hi* reach. It emiblc* him to provide lor the present or the lulure Hgalnsl misfortune. Those who wish more detailed Inlnrna tloii will please addrt sa by li tter, when they e,?n receive a copyol the pamphlet, coti*iltiitlon, and bylaw*. Farms can lie bought by enclosing Or*' Instalment. Addles* SAMl'KL W. CATTELL, Secretary, 1.(6 Walnut street, north *lde, be tween Fourth and Fifth street*, Philadelphia. CIIAS. K. {.AN 1)18, President. Hancgi. W. Cattcix, Secretary. Keierencis ? Ei Governor Bljcinr, rhlladeli'hia; Hon. Geo. R. Barren, Clearfield; Hon. Alex. Hays, Lancaster, and all other well informed persons. SEOAR STORK FOR 8 A LB. ?CALL OR ADDRESS AT 100 Atlan'.u: Htreet, Brooklyn. CKGAK HTORK FOR HALE ? IN A GOOD LOCATION, O on Broadway, well stocked, with the best brand* of lla vnnasegars. Any one WMSthtf ftfOttl N^Ml MtjaMNM Segars Store, Broadway Post office. OINUKR BKW1NO M At '111 NK FOR HALE-IN PBRFKtT k3 order. Inquire at the hoot store, 72 Fulton atrcet, Brook ?n. S SWING MACHINE FOR HALE.? ONE OF WHRKI.KR A Wilson's m o hines tor sate 41 a discount for caah. It I* new, itnd warranted to be one of their be *t machines. I 'all u|miu Mr. ToWNSEND, IIS (Chamber* street. second t oor, tront room, on Friday and Saturday , lrom U to U lorenuou, and 3 to 6 In the afternoon. TO MARBLE CUTTERS.? FOR HALE? TIIE SHOP, STOCK and flxturesof U* well known marble yard opposite Ihe main enlrnnce of the Cypress Hills I etneterV, on the .fatrnilca plank road, do* doing ;i nood buxlneaa; win bo sold cheap* a* the owner Intend* leaving for OaMfornla; also, a new and sub siantlal dwelling bouse and three lota of ground, on Cvpre-s ?venae, adjoWiir^; the marble yard. Apply on the premi e*, or address to JOHN. R. HHAWTER, box I2H Herald office. TO Bt'TCHERH ? FOB SALE CHEAP, FOR CASH, ONE of the neatest filled up meat, shops, all complete, witii * fcod run of caah i iunomerv. For particulars apply lo t'll AS IIKD, franklin Museum, S3 Bowery, from 2 lo uj o'clock P. M. TO I'll YHK'IA NH.? FOR SALE A DRtTG SHOP A VI* J. fixture*, together wltji mi excellent jir?ciioe, long stab I l*i i ed. Address J. t'. Olmstead. Dumlall. 8u?.|ii"h*nua comity, Pennsylvania. TO DENTISTS -THE HXTl'KKS. Fl'RNITl RE ANI> inalrumcnt* ol a dentist office for *ale; also a Urge denial allow cn*e. wl h male ivnil female tin es, in gissl order, will be -wild together or separate. Ad Ires* J. W. , Broadway l'o*t office. LONT AJID KOI' WD, Al'Ot KKTBOOK FOUND, CONTAINING MONET, IN llrookl.m. I he owner may have the aarne by calling at 'iV, Atlantic street, Brooklyn, and | roving property. Xpoi'MO? A SHALL KINO CHARLES DOG. WHICH I the owner can have by calling within two days at ill) lnoetlway. ^ LOST- A LAROE NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, FRO* Washington Garden, Williamsburg. The col ir of the lot a black, wlin w hit* tip* on hi* head , toe* and tall. Wbaeve# ?UI return him will be amiably rewarded. JOST? IN THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN SECOND J and 1 hlrd avenues, a gold eve gia tor which if return ed to US Enst l.iili at between tile il and lid avenuea, a suit able reward will be given. IOfrr? 120 REWARD? THE ABOVK WILL BR GIVEN. J or Ita value, for a geir lenutn's (old ring *lth n yei lnw (iinn.t'tid, io*t between h und'Jo'. is-k I' M On (hr IV-b itiwani. from IM I hamber* street (oUMWeat Bruedway. by the owner , ?bo value* It for lla ^sioitlatlon, and re*ldea ?' lit t hambeva sire.-t. If ST? WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, A SLACK ANIi J tan d ig, ear- not cropped, white breatt *r?l snawi r< o the n?n,c ol Tray. Hy returning the name u> JT'j l^jwery they will be handsomely rewarded. IIM-O.V WEDNESDAY AFTKROON, IN THE VI J clnlt) ot Itrondw*. an I Hey street, ? gold eyeglaae. A si table reward will be given lo asy one wbo will return k to R' I ?' A I^aUU, 31 Maid' n lane. If. r OK STOLEN? THE PI BLIC ARE EXREBY 0A0 J Uoned against ncgii'latinii a Btile of Lewis Oppenlielmor lor live bUOdri d dollar! ((Also, da ed April I'.'. UtS a' eighteen ti ontlis aTer liate, u> hi* order, and endorsed hy him. uie fmio" i.ote I m * my | roperty , and loat out of my sUire on Moo u# the l|Lu UuM. KOBKRT A. GREGORY, Ml Sixth ArentM, *11 OP Alt' PIN.? AH OWNKR WAKTKI> KOH A FINK iU ffokl Mfwii. pm. -mkm tmut n boy Wfeo lie Sound ft Ajijily Mi* [MUe/*flry More I'hatbiiii ?*|Unr?!. QTRAYKIK-ON SATt'RDW, FRO* 5H WF.-T TWff n tlctli I'rpr', A !?r^r U< k Wi? wtountlUbd dtht ?' i* m Ur**? roilur MMMl WMR, wj h Ui?? in* riptum ?'? Ko**r,' upon ih** owsWr, imI '!>?' Vo?ro Oiin/1 nptm Any I ? f on rourniriK Umr *inu tc ihe #?*t?wribef, <?i <o Drock, r* A .Nr?totQ, JO (ortUtMlt atrMl, w ll r?* vrat-l"l. AHU All GILB KRT. ^?TBATKII? FROM THK HRKWRRY. 167 rtUUJVAN ? 7 ftrrM, a biiuK ptip, lirge ?t?*. hft/1 00 a ptMiflt i? tlber c n?nr. li remrne4 ?? ?t.ovr, h r^wurU ??i I*', wiu .??? pmki JOHN HAKUIXOV CTliAYKD or HTOtJtN? a CRKAM < OUtHKlf IIOKSF, O "it ' ln?-NUi> n!i. S pt. 19, frm?? '??#* -ubMs i* ? oiruuer ? ctifet. tlkfrcr wlii return bitfk ti# 1^9 "Ai Hro-uiwmy, nr r* rut r of Urojf Bwlionl nf recta, *%l ) be iibcraliy re tirllcd. ijLOTHlMO, tk> worth ok *' aht off cumus ? want AeI/UU cd.-Th- Wahe*: ' Mfi prir? rally v i .' Utrgm or Email io<a of good icn ??? or ?upertlt?Ofia rU U?in? f it rv ry dfnrrlbttOB. Aikirean nr * ai 1 on <f AIJR8 HQHONKY, 11 liai>r Etrect, Uue O rang* , a 1 tn famr* (ro rn ObBUwaB. a ny onk wanting a full, lndkka# or hrr U V vV'C ir?>EM of a 14? utfnatit o< the IidIUnI navy, h^riK ?il he Intent rotror fancy bmi ??r the at?f?, will (M y??* ?Aifi-- .y bjr "***'' I*0*1 p**'1 f p. C .lluuhniB 1 Ptw A LAROE ? A.VTfTY <if CANT flFF n/)TIIIN? wan ed -Oentiemen baring left off wearing aaaarel W di.pose <4 in large or smaU lot*, wri r-ceite uie rery !.jr ertee ler hem. Hy calling tm or sddresatng TIIIW It i I iM ROY ??l Ptari twtet, between 0*1 Had p.ace and rt. BKIPPMO. FOR LIVERPOOL ? UNITED MTATHH mail stkam ,-blp BALTIC, Jo*. J. Comatock, commander.? Title ?lean ?h p will ?lf I nit aIUi Lb" Umtud * 'vlee mails Tor Europe positively mi WeUuo-Jiy, Got. 3, a "2 o'clock M., from her berth nt thi> loo* of Canal ?treet. For freight or pa -aid, hiving ui.ettiialled accrmmodailoo tor elegance mi l commr', a:>ply u> KUWAill) K COLLINS, .VI W ill 'tre. '. Paiocngrni i-rr requested to be on board by II o'clock A. M, Mipi frit piotUH' take h( 'li e ilic ships (it Uils lino cannot carry unv goods cotvr abulia of aar All let t. in rnuiit |i if.i tin ninth tli?' Poet nt' c; any mh?' in will lie ro'.urned. Tlio slcuUMhip Pacific will succeed tho It il'lc aui salt Ol 17. The British and noutu amkkican huyal nt< ait. -liij.n rtolM St WW fOBK TO UVUlfOOl. Chief (??bin |ta-?uge JiriO Second cabin pnsrage 76 fUUM MOKTi f, Tl LlVHKI'iHiL. Chief cabin |Min?:tge $110 Ccond cabin pawuigo 40 The t-bipi from B<*ton rail at Halifax. ARABIA, G?|it. J udk iua, AMERICA Capi, Ian? PLKslA, Capt. iijr. i", KIIKOI'A, Qipt. Shannon, A.-1A Capt. K. G. Isitt, CANADA, CapL Stone. AM.ICA, ('apt. Hirudin, MAi.AKA, Capt. la-tch. Iheso vohiit'lii carry a ch ar white IigLt at wast head; gn ttn no nUtrlx ard bow, rt'd uu por* hit. America. I aim leaven Boston Wednesday, A ug. 20 Canada, Stone, ?' Boston Wednu day, Sept. It! Africa, Harrison, " Boston WisJuesilajr, s?pt. ' 'i * America, I-ung, " lloston Wednesday, Oct 10 C?n?<la, Htrino, " Boctou Wtdntiitiltijr, (ht, 24 Africa. Harrison, " Boston Wednesday, Nut. 7 Aiia bitt, " IkiMtou Wednesday, Not. 21 Uertbf not secured until paid for. An rifx'tleuo-l surgeon on board. lhe owner* of tlieMS ships will not be accountable for gold, iril? cr, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious atones, or uii't'iN. unless bill." of lading are hl^-ned therefor, and I lie value thereof tlu-rein I lyfltMl For Height ur paM>ag>< apply to h. CUNAKD, No. * Bowling green. There will he no steamships of thin line from New York until further notice. T?OK LIV KBPOOI?? ST. UF.OKUF/tt LINK OK CLIPPER F ships to mill 27th Heptcmlx r. The celebrated last Killing new Clipper ship liIthAHN'OltO IT, Capt. Samuel*, will positively sail on Thursday nail. For paattige, havhig ututir |.a--cd acron.nK'dationH for all i-lan-cn of ii.i>?-ngi'ni, noply nn Ituurt, pier 8 North river, or to C. A. TENKYOK.Of South Mrret. For livkrpool.? thr favorite packet Hfiir NEW WORLO, J.W"l 'onu burthen, being uuavol lalily di talnrd, will ml on Sutunlay, Sept. 22. Homn for a lew rnon pawmitrra. t n r paKKak'e ?pply ou hoard, ill pier 1 lJ river, ur lo 1 llOS. 0. HOcUK, houth utri-el. VrOTIfR.? FIRST PACKKT FOR LIVKRPOOL. P.\rit J.1 et k2>l KepienU'er ? The ttplenilld new and fatit mlliiiH' I mln ahlti A .ST A lt< Tl' ', 1'aptira Stoder, will puclilvelv Hall mi Satiirdav. 1 September. The iweiiititiiixiailimx for all i .,iMi H ill "?! i ? l i ut e tr|i;iM"?"l. K-irtv uppli *11110(1* i. ? m rnrv berth* blxtuld b? mmln <>u bmird, ptiT 14 Ka?t rl%er, near Wall street, or lo TAI'HC'OTT A CO., Hotiih *t, The vandehbii.t kiikopkan hthamship uvh F< r Sotitltaiiiptott and llavre.? The atipenur llrxi rl inn pteuinMiip ARIF.L, ton*. I^tfevre, commander, will pom tlx ely nail a* above on Hattirdiiy, Sept. ?i, at noon, prerlm ly, fn tn pier No. ItO North river, foot of Chiunber* Htrei t. Hrel f)u?? paeaage $11,1 Sccond cl??w paninigH t>i >ue? t ' it is nr kailino. ?l?.W VOI1K. UAVKK *:'V StHTTII IMfl*. Ariel Sept. 22 North Star Hepl. 22 North Star Oct. It Ariel on. it Ariel Nov. 3 North Star Nov. t Artel Nov I TIickc fhlpn have wtter tlgh' eonipartnt'" m ! ure . nit ?nd mu d in the bent manner lor **fe\* and Inattro at the lnw**t rate<. Le'1 per 1 1 n/.., are teeeved at the nfllce Gre. n, till II o'cha-k A. M. of tb? ? <? I epcein taken at reduced ralea, at rald, ? > . tl and utiwurdK. For l.eiijht or p i D. TO lilt AN' No. R i a, New York. ALBERT N. t .K No. 0 Plac. . . Bourne, Paris. C1IKYKTIK, SI II I I.-.-MAN t (!(? , 2V (JualCtudntlr Delavl^ue, Havre. FOR flOCTHAMPTON AND HAVRE ?THE C.VITKI) Mate* mall xteanier AKAtKI, It. I.lnen, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the null* and itaecentft r?, on Saturday. Hc[iteiol>er 22, al 12o'cloce, fnuilplur .;7 North river, fool of fie aeh atrceC Price of pavaago ? First caliln $I 't ) " Second cabin $7ft Thl* ?te*m?blp. In her oofialmctlun, oomhinea titi.<i|ual!ed ?alety wldi strength, having live water tight oompar uii-nta. Hltd Ml eon pleiclv protecting the rniftneii that, aven In c.iae of t oIllHlon, no litjiiry rould ix cur Ui endanger the nfeiy either of u.e vcvel or pa*? n?i' i ? An eiperieoccd *urgeon on board. I tisitaie 11 wauird ituitng U.e vovtge ?hould be lent on hontiTdii' day before oatlliig. ma'keil "Below." No freight taken on t>oard after Thor"*l?jr, ^ept, 20. For frrlgki or parage applr Ui rf LIVINGSTON, U Broadway. The Meairter PiiK* will . ead llie Arago, and nail Oct. 20 Ci-lt nil"! . VI t ?<il'TtlAMPT<lN.? Till'. L'NtrF.O r >U'< . ti a Up W AMII S'GTON. E. t;aveudycom ntander, wi . ? . i .nien, touching at Southampton, to u, i . . I it.e mail* etwt !?? engi ri Uh* Ktislattd and Frauca, oa Satuniav, <>?>- r / at 11 o'clock M . from pier XJ North liver. I'li . ot p . ?ti ti. iu New York to Southampton or Bremen In hint rat. In. main *alonn IW) In Br?t cal In lnwer 110 In pi-omd ' al. ti tVl An eijiertriu cd purgc(.n 1- a tachei) to cai-h uteamnr. Specie delivered In Havre or Linden. All letters mnat paaa thneivh llie I'oai oOice. For paMuuie ur freight apply lo O. II.SANl), agent, II South William K'rret. The utatimer Herman will ancceed the Wa>hlngtoo, and aall Novcmiier 3. First clipper for san Francisco, ouaran teed lo aall on or before Monday, October N. The apbtudid A I clipper atop MaKY, Wm t bun l.tll, niaalrr, 1* now re ceiving cargo at pier 27. Ka?l river, and will poaltively nell as above. Tlu* superior venue I ha* never lieon I. eaten, lias made three voyages, and dlx harged her cargo In perfect order. And being of small capacity, i* expected to finish loading on or lie fore Saturday, 2Wh tnat. Shippers aro particularly re>|UO*:e.| to M-iid ihelr IrelKht priimpily ou board, and near In mind tiial the vessels of thla line are warranted to sail on or before the day advertlseil, and In no case have been, or will he, detained. For balance ol U.e small capacity dlaengaged, apply to SUTTON A CO., 88 South ?t reel, corner Wall. FV)R MKI BOl RNK, AUSTRALIA.? MUTCAL LINK regular parket ol October 1U ?All tfOfMl* mtiet be on board bySauirday, 6th proximo. The ?npeiior A1 rltpper aliip OKR TKri>K, 1,?00 tons capacity, Phlnuev, maater, navtng all her cargo engaged and going on board, will be d?-p?t.h#*l a* above. Thf praviou* voyage to Melbourne of til* ?htp waaonn o f the *horte*t jet made, and there i* every probability of her landing l?er prctent cargo In good order at Melbourne helbro any ahip now loading here tor (hut port. Thla ship hw* Oik* ae <ommodatlon? tor tirrt end tecend col In pa*?enger*, who will he taken at moderate rate*. For balance of freight or pa.4?aae, apply on board ?t Pier ?, Eaat river, or to If AILLER A LORD, ltW W utl ntreet, Mener*. Kokcih, VVarQeld, Lord A Co., ageum at Melbourne. For new orlkake, direct? to leave ratitr day, Sept. 23f, at .1 IV M.. from pi?r No. 3 North river, the la*t mid elejpM A itrinibip U)1'IHiANA, W. II. T*ib?A, ? <nn mender, wllfleavt a* Above. Kitentive alteration* having been mode lor the comfort ol paaaengera, who Is confident!* offered m the fap'ent mid mott Ifnnbll medium of travel between tiiie and the port of Now < irieaua. For freight or paaaage, ap iily on board, or to <11AULKS MORGAN, No. 2 H<*v% itoic Green. Price of cabin pa*?at<o, in atate room*, ?">?, ?te<jra,;e parage, and found. $26, freight, 26 cenU per cubl *ot. Australia pioneer link carrying the imp ed Maiea mail. Tlie beautiful A 1 r Upper hark OOLDKN KRA, tioo tone, lor Melbourne, now at her berth, pier No. .1 Kaet river. Han now bah her eargo on board, and will hive quick dewpalch. Oua ranted Ihe flrat voy.i I. For freight or parage apply to K. W. CAMERON, No ti itowltntf Ore n. EiOR NKW ORLEANS.? E A OLE LINK? THE FAKT tilling clipper nhip K. O. IJARNKY, Captain fiarnfy, wil positively mJ on Saturday. 22d mutant. For paM*a.(e In rabin, ?*< < lid eabln, or ai?*era^**. apoiy on b??ard, a? pi*. II Kaet river, or to DKMAKKST & JONfcJt 40 South atreu, and .16 Old ?llp. KIOR HAVANA AND NKW ORLKANN.? THE UNITED J/ M*v< ?* mall n'^aiiiNhlp I'AllAWHA. K. W Shufelat. rotn fuari'li r. In now i < ' ?*lvlng freight and nil) nail lor t -be aoove port*, ouTuf*day, H^ptrmbtr 2T>. at two o'clock P. M., from L??r pier, 27. North river, fora of Roi?io*<ai ?treet, \A\ 1NOBTON, ( KOCH K RON a ? O., :il Hr?adwer. F"^)R~KA V ANS All AM' H.opIhA 1 MTKh .^TATlis mall line.? .Thr n?*w tvnd el* gant nteamer FI/IRIOA, ( apt. M H. Wofwiholl. will leave on Haturday, Hoptemh^r 2:1, frr tn oier No. 4 North rlvrr, at 4 o'rlock I* M Hlli* of ladiriK ?b,nM on h?ard. Vat frelfh?, apply tm ??ard, or for pa*<n(??. Ui h, L. MIT* RILL, LH llnatdaay Cabin r'a^'-atrf u i Hmva i nab, t'X, ftn Fiorida, throng h tirkVt n from S'? w York to l?> k M>n\ille, ?3I, to fllafka, f&i, TIk? Atigupta, ' up'. Thf>a. Lyon, will *urc? ed, and aatl on W? dn? ?Mb?r , HrpVraber J\. "L^( ?R S AVA NNAH - v\ RK lil ll! CKD? THII I'MT KI? r Htatetunall Mrftn^hip hTA'lK UF OF.OKOYA, Capt .1 .f tiartln. will |#-av#* Philadelphia for ^-avai.nali, on Wednesday. September 'M>. ai |0o'? U*ck A. M Ki?r?* #ii). ?t? ?-r aiff, It II. ?* Ki.YN'fONK STA'IK wlil leav? an abo%-e, oo Wed/i*adav, Ortobfr 3. A*? nUi In N? w Yorl, H R ANTON A TALLM.vS. 19 Ok) i?llp, aiH-re ^laii* room* may be rmoir^l. FIOH < HAH iTKHTf ?N AM? FLORIDA ttKMI WKKKL^ I lilted fm'f - Mail Une. ? Th?* new arid faai tfoimr * > irivr NAMIVILLK M Herry, c?nunai?d r a ill lean pier No 4 N H , on M*turde>, ^epi. 2S ?' ? ? eine.k P M. pr^My. For freight, apply on toird, whTP all hllla ?>f iadlng will be Mgfkcd and for pa-^ane. ha^tnf magnificent a*-< omm xlaUon^, at lUr ofljre iH HPOfr FORD. TlLKhTON .? CO., W hr-a'lwav. Cabin pa>Mitfe. $28. Th?* nt^amboat Carolina having r ? om?# i hi?r trtj to Florida, will l#?an' t herl*?too every Tiw?day ' ?? , < ' :e k V. M Thro'igh lickcU to Jackaonviilr, |LjI uj PikVa.183. rro soi MiFiiv tr a vem ew^ -the" t nfted states I rr.all '*?-ar? -lilp JAMI>T'?WN, i'y. Parrt*h,*wi)l i?*??e pier i.i Nor h r r. on Haturd ay, TM in*'., for Ki< h nond, tcurhing a' Old Point Cotntoft. raao^ngera for the South will f.rf^rrd, * }\ Petemburg, without d^ lay. and wi'l arr1v? Ui U>klon, y> rmlngton. Ac a? won, and w, h a* Huh' alpine#*, at If tbev a **nt \la Norfolk. Th#y nH hm' apprefaond dar>g**r from the fevr*- a? Uif ?h!p WW not go n*ar th*- nf*- t?-?l rule* Pae iitr and far^ utataroom Included, WOH Point |e, to Peter*1' org or Rirhmond. flu Hteerage half prir^. Lt'DLAM k PLEASANT*, ttlir.iadaay. 1 II A V KMiKKH' iiMUK. F^ALL AND WINTER ARRANOKtfENT ?THE FAVOR He und well Known m?*r KAOLR. Capt. C. M 'fori wlil run fbr Port Mtmmou'h. Red Rank, Hbruwuoury a .1 l/tui Rramh. from ihe foo' of Murray *tr**- oner daily, at .io'clori P M. On thf arri val ol the boat al Port Moooiouto <nagcn itsll be ready to eonvwr pa*?4*r?ger* to all parte fjf tf*<- r/mntry. 1 1 a h# r refurn, ?he will i^ave Port Monm<<?ith at A M.' I'm* whjtrTH for in* r??i4> will find it by far the itnmt ^mv^iJenl ? f d ? tp? di'kitia of any by uhlfh they ?*an **?-k ac*'?jiamod^ tkme. Fart? to Port Monmouth. 2& rente, to R* 1 Hank, f>2%. FViR RET PORT AND FORT HAMILTON -THF NTEAR b<iat KF.T I't'RT leave* Murrav etrf?>t iht d.? y, u\ ?Mtf?te4,) at 3 o'clock P M., and Key Port at a o eiocfc IH I LINTS A XU At HIHTR. nCBlNO MY LATE VI^IT TO T.i ROPE I OBTAINED ?e\?ral new teieiru?i ?? -nia, of ineatr ^u?a? .?> val*w In my ; . / ?. ! o r r ? ? w ??'>? ' l;jit u? .??ok Info the ln>rior of the eye, and immj the optic nervo | ? rn a ! i r f ? I * , a r . equally ? Cr?ordlnary uperuiura. for looking loto iiw lr ..-n ??f tl*# ear, t>??* eue*aehwin tttb?-e and *krnat, Ja^ou*e rie**.!)ee l.jf rv moving raferaet aiihmtf pain or danger, th?- ? ragufaaw^ for ??iunU4'je. arttfirtal tyrnpent. for in?taiily rr*u?ri?i< '#? log ? ? ir . ? J..T- / : alafh iovik and mr ve etactiy liJie U?e r*alijra.. kr AH?r taenty yeare' exienaive praetP*#. d eip ?r^en'*#. pftn r i * y fu tin* city and my rer^i/ o' e-n st>. . t < rig my fo" | eign tour. I tnirt .t will ?y?i be daam* d onbe- i,i: g in me to ' ? tr> at ?;! tbo*e who rrmf plare. them eel TM ?u.d#?r o?y rare, ftklifuily, at?4 to ei'^nd to | Im e*rry a/ivar.iar< tt*ai car* in etLh?r Uaii ppher* hy Br.' ana c a tile new ii>?niAifn^ #sa? h ?aee b?wocae<4 perfectly Dials and vMble Panenia who nave be^-n dia"?u | 4 . * ? : ' ? ? ? ? ?< r I .. % . ? mat cot ?'vl' n e with a poa?ttve a<moram ?? <ba*. a' aii e*??iAa, 'het wiii ee told auk irnOifuioaae wf+t tb+1 1 dta*'**** la and whether '?arable at egfjerwiae At home U*ma 9 to II a<-l ft a. 2 to 4 O riork. da.iV JAe W Pf|WKtL M D , Ortitkl, A urv4 t r . W2 Hfo edaay oppose* m. EIMJClTIOIt. (hr WRITINO? UK. DOLRKAR. *0 JIROADWAY, 0 OK nor ' oua'on * 'reel, ha? i few prKa'e *ek'i vim I, v bU'h may bo secured thi *. evening at only for t mil *o ? i tUlc course In pi ;nmau*hip. and U?e humous taken at pu: k<u One uiore private ?eut tu b???>k keeping at onl> tJjO l'ldll MONTH? SPANISH OOUHSK. -PROF. A PI tf)0 KRRA be*a o annota.'- ? fo lleeoi i> r-ori ? -vho aUhto le arn the 8panl*h lantfUai ??, tliat he wl!l oj#,- ? a ,? >ur-w of I.-* ton* m 'liia lan^ua^e, at kla reMdenco. from i\ u> J o'clock m me evening, <>a n< v Monday Went. .M. He ran alao il*|,?M. of a tew houra t'c ? j.rivate untrue km iu tf?e above tang uagoaud. in French. Ap| ly al Ja< kaoa Hotel, Si\ and \ ti Bpruig at. A LADY, JUtfT ARRIVED FROM PAttlH, AND FULLY ./V competent to teach French, Knr.iieh, am ? and sirK. i ?, *>hMhi) ri,;:u ' ment jgofemes*. \ S*>,?.hern OII'> in terred. Addros* F. 1*. I* , Uui<m square Poc. A LADY, fiXPKRIHNCKD IN TKACIIINU, WHIIKH for an ? ngagement In a private family, aa vi dua < or r d dent govern' hk, she ia competent Ui us'ruci in tin^tith, French, mtialc anddiawlnt:. and ean ftirniah nociception ? do references. Country prefer red. AddixM tl?Veruoa<s iter ill office. AGKNTLEMAN WUOKK AFTERNOON^ ARK DIHFIN yuged, i willing (ogive instructions In book-keeping (??y double entry,) Knglislt p ammur and corn p?a?it ion, and, U de aired, the Greek aad Latin clai lea. Adver iaer ipectail/ ad dre sac a himself to adult* anxious to aequlro a protielen.".' in Uieac studio 1 1n lean time than that usually hen owed on tiielr at.'aiiHneiif. Per -on* dodrous of learning shorthand ean 1 1 h*? bo instructed In the syntem moat generally practised by tho KatflUh reporters. Term* moderate, addreaa Grammar, llcr aid aflice. 1 FRF.NCH TKACUIRR OFFF.R8 BOA RD IN III* J\, private houae toafewK^ntlenrjn wlflhla't to learn toap-*ak French t>y praetici*. Thla lan^ua^o only i? Mpokon by h.M finally, who. an \v??ll aa hiaiH?*li. are from l'arii. i'he torma will ftaJude bcrtld?'a tie boar J ail Uie aioeHwy uwiruetUaiH. II ih house it* miuuted 2.HV) T??ni!? ttreot, ne?r Soeoad avunuo. and baa all (lie modern improvement. ACARD.-TIIK PUB8CRIIIKR HKS|*|Jt JTFULLY IN nouncea to the citizotiH ?u New York and Hnwulyn that Ida acudt lay wi.l re open on Mnnday, '^A'h Innt., for priva'e or claet n - ui In i" iixtMUi hip, b?M u /. u I hta Ue, lo CUtion, fherl hand, Ae. or ? rart ? rn are invited to call during the day or ovenlntf, without i? ar id Uifru4oti. i- irti ennlultdiik' full t>artiriil?r* may be hud at l ho room*, 3tiJ Mroul way, eonuir oi Kraukdn street. Anplicatisna reeelr?v| inia da> wtid to-morrow. OUvSR it. QOAIMHITII A YOU NO KRKNCII LADY. QUAL1FIKII TO TRAt'll tw<? younff ? hildren lt\ Frcnen and on tie plana, ean m vk^ an enrecahle armaKemcnt foraHtnall portion of her time* In exehan^e tor hoard and a home in a private family, by ad drei"tliiK W. II. W., lie raid oJllce. 'Ihe mk nation w >uld bo auitai le lor one en^a^ed in teat'-hln^ in a ?rliool, or a vihituii; governena. IjlDl C ATION A RUROl'KAN LADY OF MANY YKA1H J experience in tea'*hlnir. wlahen a ?dtuation a-* inn'ru' tiinm of mtuue on the planotorie, In a aehool. For |arUenlar? a<l ilrni II. I'. II., Union aijuare Font ortioc. VJIAMILY UOVRRNB8H.? A LADY COMFRTRKT fO r lea< h i ho Kn? Iw.h braaeh?*H, and th?* nidliui'UM of drawing, muaie and Freneh, d? win> a ultnation in a r?--<ncc'aid? private family ii thfo city, for which boiml for hera?*lf, aad a lltilo ?'li I live yearn old, would be rceoivrd a* an e(|UivaJent. Ckxxl re lerciicea given. Inquire at .17 Tenth aired. LA NillT AtlfC I'ROF I). LAOKOIX, NO. 1? llroadway, rwaUiiuca to receive new pupils on favorable terms for thorom:h instruction In the French laimnaK**, Impart Ing to hem ih?' ability tonpr.ikr with Htiftiey and correctiin^. ( la/i-e^ are now hrinu formed, In which the inanber wfacho iara will bo liliuia-d to six. rM'.OHOKTOWN I NhTlTl'TK.?H. V. BATKs, PfllNfl "T p d.?'Ilir k. ml annual CHHion of the abovruauiisl Insti 'ut?' ? r am ri ? ? h tiio lir^t Wedn< "lay ia Novt-nsi "r. It i-i r*? iilt . Wi-h 1.11 lie fern Improvemcnta. and anpa: i? 'i tUoroiajh and ei merelAl edtUAlkw '?? IM pupile, ItlnpleM ? \ n?Mi tho llanbury and N??v?vahi raUr><ad, in a i.d it i. ^ community. A l?*w more iioya can be a'* < . (!,<< ^;it? d. '1 ? no from $?0 lo *Hi p< r ?????wion, F i flier ?iartiei.m circular !, ?le.. may be iii^i at 17d Orand 'r? .*?, \V iiiiaaodni!' n , <?.'> Mvrtie avcuu'*, lir<N?klyn;H'> HouhIou street, IV-tMith street, and 'J>i Broadway, Now York. \1RH. OKILL'H BOARDINO ANIi DAY SCHOOL FOR lil Young Iadi4's *aa re opened hept. 4. IVi soim d? -inn^ circular' may oliLiin them ai her residence, Noh. h and In ( Union place, hl^htii street. MItH HAMILTON'S FRF.NHI \ N D F.NOLIhll D\Y school will r? open on Mondav, Hcptcmber lil, at No. I'M Went Thirty alxth stre?t, bet w?***a litnadwav atul s?'ve?i(have line. Circulars ma v he oiitaoicd at il?o acli'jol, and at ^aep-?r 1 ?l Co. 'a book ? ore, 16. Fultoa ur? et. MR Jl'LH'H MKTZ INFORMS IIIH IM pILrt THAT l|K ia n ady to give Instructions, an uaual, ia ala^intf and on the pianoforte, at X*V Fourth avenue. J f EXFPV LA Kit I'OLYT K' UNHJ I NHT ITCTlv? DK>IO N ? II ed for the educaUon of ar*'e|tecN. an 1 civil, minim?, and topographical engineers. Foreopfosof tho Annual Regma-r, ^lOiaf lull lafoi inatloti rc?.(?? ctlag the InatliiiU* applv to H. I KAN R LI N OHKKNK, Director , Ac., It. I'. I., Troy, R. Y. O FA Nihil LANOUA<IK? !MU)FF>rtOR OORRIN IIAH p reemsed i?i - liMta netloa tr? ? i ??? above Ian uege, Ferw dt ftiiou? of learniiu' I', either privately or in cian -es, amy e;*il a' his K ?d? a< ? , 154 > , h<A gtwiet, Mir Breedway. ^JPANlbll AN1) FltKNCH ORADUATR* 1'ROFRHtiOR M. O <}. AinMade, wiMhf? to give |esn#?nM in a oallcgc or pr.v u? iamily, an?i ai hia residence, N<i 57 West Twoaty third at. lie will open the courses neat Monday MUSICAL. AW. IJIDD A CO.'H PIAPOPOICTKH TRIUMPHAVT ? at the grra t Firii KxMbltlon ? Having b??n awarded the hij<hei>t prize in- 1,1, an t.ein* **?#? j.ian<ioiir? in ? ;j#? exhibition, there bring more than three hundred lor roinpett tton. The above (*lfbr?iM (mirumcni, with Uw largeat and beat aaaorUneoi of piano* In thla ritjr . are for pain at low prima, at the great pianoforte warcruumn, 619 Rro*d way. Ht. Nlcholaa Hotel. KLY A MUNOKR. ANF.W M VKS <M TN\K IMANnnuiiK. WITH MF. tallle frame and all the modern Improvement*. will be aotd low for caah. To be aeen at 112 Jieiuiongai atreet, rear building. ALAROK h'TCM'K OP PIANO PORTKH, (NEW AND Htf eond hand.) lor *al?? and for bin*, at Walker'* war#? rootiv, t> A*w?r place and *'h atraet. Al?u? pfAeral ttne toned piano* bv the beat New Vork and iloaton maker*, exrluaively (or aale ALLAN IKVfNO. PBOPKXHOR OP Nf NO I NO. ?TIIIM artiai'H rn? 'li" I <if pr?4lldn| tone and atfiflgtllailillg Urn voire berarne ao celebrated In Italy that b? ranelvnd hi* dlpio rna, electing him fjrof' ?M>r in the Academy oi Hanta Cecilia, Rome. For term*, apply at hla re*?den< e No. 5 Unlreralt) I'**"' A JACOB*' COMPREHENSIVE MKTIIOI) FOR Till' ? aerorde on.? Tina work la Juat what it* iiti e Import*, and Hill tfM> b anybody to play tbe a? ? ordeou or tlutma without any other aid whatever. i be price in but trf'y rruta, and yet It I* a valuable tnfttrucvor, and eoutnlna a rare collection iw mu?lnal gem*, embellished with three beautiful Meel engrat ing? Hlngb* eopt? * wm by on the receipt of uity cent*. The original A JA< OHH, 1HJ< hadtam Mreet. ACAKD.-MIR' KI), FROM 9 KT CI.KMKJVT'H PI. At F. a allver medal, bearing the following ln-<;npion '? Royal Aeadi my nl Muirtr, imiltuM 1^21, fri;'' U? KqwatiI Ka^iId, idtiglng, iii'U-uinmer IHflJ." Whoever will return the name to Mr*. h? guln, will be liberally r? warded. J A V. r MCHCR'ft PIANOFORTE M A Nt .'FACTOR? ? and warer orn 248. 2V>. 217 and IVi Weai T wenty eighth atreet near Ninth avenpe. Planoa with ?-oilao, iIm: new ? tr ? ?til ar n ale with patent tube, ? ??pet>*k>n Vhtidga, and ti?e lUipro\em? n a. 1'iai.oa to let, tuned, n paired and #* */:n*nx? d IATKOTA A MARmiAlX. M A K fJ F A < Tf * R K Rfl ')P J itupertor ptanofor ? ?, No 5 Mereer atreet, n**ar t'anaJ. 1A . DRN.IAMVK RF>PK< IM l.l V ANMOfntOW J* the oj ? nib* oi bit room* (or <? >*?*?*? and ai^ tor pri *ate ii?*tru' ' on on tl.** ptanoiotir and other inj-truni'-nu, nnl "lr.<,'4riK. at the fnUowirg pi-. ? ? vt-ry Mt?? Uy nnd ?t tn< lutur'* fori. ?>f rf.r ?hur<*h In Twenty M?r? ni Mr*??-t i/?* tween the Third and Fourth avenne* ; 7 ?i?-*day< and Fridays at the Aeademy oi Mtioie, 2lh> Allen utrert, Wrdn#?Mlayii ?i l ha'ardays roiru ro! l(nn*tnond ?tr?*et and W?v?irley pla<>f. ?n trnnri* to lecture on Uaverley |?lar?* T?rrn". ?6 for ^1 bt- >14 In cla-*; f 10 private violin and Utile . f?w j ?? Ha lhui?ta\ tVrninK-, and on Haturdav n oruUtK a' 'J o'<up ? ior f?f?y?, at llMi A I b-n afreet; al?fi. at 2 o'r lo- k at Wir??r|ey ol-i^e Apply at 3/ ? vclttck N" V. mid. IIAVfNti FORMKI> A < ? ?N S Ft TfON WITH ? T Fnalfe Iliiilbr4, ii fttfrpwuwud togtv?* lurifio (ton nfKiti tb? pianoforte. e?*rnlnart*'a ?tu>n>H. For l?riii?, A? . ad'irfta N. C. IIII.l,, care o( ii i??lord, luuaiu d?*^ler, ftol Broadway. PU*Off.-rOtm HF.A FTIFFf. 7 O0VAIV PKAH0 I (orte?>, fine tone and Ihr-Ij, iun*\? o( the l>?^ ina ertala ???-! in the tnoai Kubaiaii'ial tidkuifi will b*? ?*ld low, nnd w?rr*n ed. DAVID HMi 111, \'> Hb a Venn*. 1UO NF.W HK.VFN OtTAVF PI A NOF< >RTFH, UK* i epy maker, with all the mMrrri Imprnvefnentg. warran'^d In every re#?M*rt e^ua! to ti?e n? - at a har/aln; tli? y ?(?? n>otiid?Hl and ornanwented , prVef'JUi, al??? one ?ii o-'av? ? mod batid, ii*); one f ?r fiyt, an?l one for fMO the .aa? Uiree Will either be Mod or hired ? a Alien ?tr- < ' rpo Mf'RIflANH ? WANTED TO P! RCHAHF. ' HKU' J a gofid three atring double baaa, bra?a able drum, )*aaa diurn (apt tnetta, trSanir !e ar.<,' ball*. Addreea, free to Jt'U AN < HAMI'A<?M. t>75 <?r* * nwleh ?t TXTAimi)? A LADY TOOA 1#HT, TO Hivt; f|f a ha ? T lion t/i ItalUfwrr; gor??l aagr>?and pei iiiaoent employ ment. Apply UMucdJaiell atAnUwny ntupp , ZSHpring at , New York ANTED? A KOPRASO. t'APAHI.F. OF Ht TAtVtNCl her part In a firet rla?a f htAr, In an Kpl?e>opai e bur* ? in die tipper part of the city. Apply, by leuer, U? Win. M li? ' ? (Aft J r? adway. V DAIIC'IAIO ACADKiilBM. r\>.V JSO At Al?l MV~M f.l.K PAC'LINK J" lolly armo'in' ea Utat ?be will #r1ve a grand ? a'u'Jeniy, No. "Wllroadwa) on Mattu lajr *v.?nlr it aumi, comnn'nrfng at H o'< n? k. ANCINfl ArADFWr? f FTItRAL vol N #d daneer nrlliif arvl* I) '' '**'?! *? "1 ; ? I/mBKHOV* IHSI'IXII Ai ?lii *V l>i r MHKI I. ?KHIt?Hn ???! t f KllKUti I r. M - I >.j; ? ( ?-.u * ?? *i.?t Mel,. ^ i| w .il rr ..ji. 'irU;. ' ?? ft ' ?r? <1 nialulnjc rrri,t ?n<i <-?? t>? ??. ?br ?r?rf rfnjr M> * .?? It^rlt^nlk Mr- < ? >r ? Mftdamr < Ihii r?o K?rrrf, ?? i K K?r-'r . rf titm!y ti'UHin 'b+ r^M.nUi *4 Hr<? .,/n iltftf IV f * . ' pit i IrHfb '4 1W11 Sf w Vf?rl life '?.or ?irr*i. Rrnoklfn, ?? TuMwtor O'-". t < ran taini'.( I'rmwul 4?># ?<( wkiim . v.w.i x tt? m?' '4 >ui h A t .vr- lirvAl/n baud \Potr.iNKA. 3T9 rot ktii -tk> ?? 'Kily ? ?. ??( . ha* . . I . ? . , kU '!??.-? %>?! prtir?<? .11, AblflM... ?*ll 1 (' BA> I i.? liad 4?b< MK* A LAS1AY " I)A\ tJtil .'i? 111 i V A Hr w nftl>,r4af I- ??.? i V* :un? 4?| afenuMi, tawuim ' r*g at f^nf pm*t threr ^er par tb tiler* M f?nur? auier^aefoatota M AMtMOmiXK CAHOtlKK TfSQF^*V DAVflVO aeadeai* H Howard ? re# ?? now .^-en Ihr ? ia?? r?reJa w?r tie tn*trnr?vm of mm! 'e? ar^t g^n nu*i a ?>'? ?m k Y M and * *? < i? the ttMiHg lor pr^tbra. (#? aivl aolree danaaa'e ev?r> Mo.'?r4ay evp.^tng. M K- I.IBT* I? A **? I v.* MV -?R? MR ??*'!??? f.*?4 lllfl, n |b> ?? r . - nf et? fi r 'he ceaeran wehan eenembiy 'ti H.^.day #*e* ? *r la* Wra l^ti jr will tftfrnd't'# pe-vera4 new t*o * ???? t*l+t a Ihe tn.perw #. * Ma|r. *? w ' d. and la Ron ar.r- re a Tr+tt+b 4*t>' <> mf treat an ? , e ' h >?a? lately b#eti rertr#4. Par tarva* appo at uo avi or a< I la P.mea aratt 4UK*I'V. /MU(' lli!"-1"" -JFOH* K' Tt&ltti I ?* ' ? 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 * Mr* H'enUud !'*'*?? ?.* .. Mr. X to Duckwurii AMI KKRVEIVTI. Broadway thkatrr.-k. a Marshall, flOLJB L??ree; W H. fttake, Htafe Manager. I^xvri opet) |i &%? *o commence !}?, uYtork. Friday evening, H-* pc -1, will be peri* i nw d tli.* . .. tv ot BUI Tt K; OR liii: FALL OF TARQl'IM. I.ucktn Juinm* ui ? Mi K. L Oavenn<wt Tun* Mr C, FUh. ' ~ *" " - 1 F? i ualurqu in Mr. Utniri;* Arui.* Mr. Or? veno t luijliUf. Mi Hint.' To omeiude wlih lli?* hhi?i< i.l burl-' . ,?i A LOAM OK A l.OYlR. Captain Ain? rxfort Mr M, Kvlruf* Uertrt !e , . -phbiO Manner* BOWKRY THEATRIC.? PKOPRIKTOR AS!? MAtfAOUf L I I* Waldioj,. ^ um1 Munajtcr, <1 If OiutJH.. I'l/min udtnUf'on:? Hoicm. -'? < etita, pit, 12S oenu, Ouil iy, (2U Box- *, |6. Krklfi' Jl . will be performed Ol IlLLJ.O. 0 hello... Mr .1. W W* k,-V Ugo Mr. H I KruttU Mr-. W W k, \ T1IK MAMAi Ui^KK. T>0RTON?fl. OIlAMRKKH ? TRKKT ? JL) frk tmy, the two i<r? <tt ci-tn . kvm m.m:k a no tooolk, will appear en the tame ,i?* The comedy of THR FKRlOt'H V iMri.Y, Ainlniulub Sleek, Mr RurtoN t'.-ipu dun; Lady (Vfamly, Mi < ili f!,- t. With tur h? moi* k * milt Polka. A i 'I the never tiring drama < >( th<* TOOlU.fev Mr. unl Mr*. Toodle* by Mr. II u Hon and Mr*. Hughei Mai v, Win* Kate Reynold M I I.l. WaTKK Rt'NS DKKP. Tlil* superior and Burnt auece .aful comedy nightly draw* crowd* U and la?di?onabla Iioum'?. K will In* repeutvd to i?"h tow evening, with the la*t new niece*, I'HK WoNY UHV CORllKM'ONDKNT and THK t 'ltH'KM AKKK'd II AT CI KO. CIIRI8TY A WOOD'S MfNKTRKLfl, C2 It HO A 0 I way. above Oiand utreei ? OPKN KVKItY KVRN1NO. Rn*ine*ii trnnwacted hv If. Wool Bt&Ke Manager. . . Geo tlhilati For thin ww k KihiCfiUm Mincer. I*v. concluding wi'h MARK DFFON. Chunk 0?w?, Chrtnty 'I bin IVinp my will fiiorM to their Nlw Hail, 441 Rroao way, on the lai ??l Oriolirr ne*t. when they will l>e lutppv t# rtcrive tl??*lr | n'roriM in ? whlrh to |?rorn iiiiom by ?m inp< l? nl 'o be tin- UmcM. the l??'nt vrnUl.t v<l ,*ria the liafKlMjiiiodi pi are of Kblopt^n entrrt*iiiiin-ut lu the workl. I >(mii n open at o'rlm k , to unnuMNice at ts. OIIN H HMITirfl ORANO TCIHR <?f KUROl*R AMD HIKGK op HKRAHTOPOK At Cm*K*K A/mmitiT Rin?Mn . ?VW Hkoaowat^ J showing ONIC ill NhKKi) viKWH, for'y le**t wide, of !b?* prineipnl < 17IF.H A ?*i O OHJK.t I A <?K INTKRKST IN EVROTF.. Kt fry evening, at H o'clock; nn l every Smurday aHernoa?. at Tb<* tnuave t?y Mr. Aiwyn I'b-ld, of l?ott<ton. Admiring thotu*an<)n !ilk'?'iy teatlfy thai thin tn the largem, muat Interact lug md tie^ant in?< r'ainmeut lu Mew York. Um wuro na I)hm b< ? ii in u? t won l? rfol. A 1 1 n 1 1 Anion 2ft e??nW 1 be IftNtwrck toil one in Srw York, ami OR A NO AODITIONH To THK Tufll OF RTTROPr The Keerrt F.vpedltlon In now ooraplele, and tha wboia lle? will aiu Dipt ' be itUa< k, and hKBAhTOPOL FALLfl TONIGHT. fTIlK HIBERNIA v 1 Mr* Ml VANUKU OVHHK' V< \l and I:> ?nwr,? ^-al Irl^U eniertaiant' ut, entitle : ^ > KM Kit M.O fSI.K A>0 TUB I? A K I*. H <1 r K I LI- A H N K Y , Wl'b b^-endi* t ane< d ?.?<m mihI di >ram^ view** of OulU lr? ImikI. < i M?u.d ?> . s. j ?? tn .??! 2i an Uwryevn Inn ? X? < pt hatnr<Uy . at h Saturday alti rtur-n at .1 Adni Halon 6U ceii'*; p tilery < kao Mill*: Kailti. BOWKItY THRATHR? HI'W IAI? NOTK K - A leader i*f vbe orvlw-vra, a!w? a Rrrt properly nun. wanted Apply linrnedli*'< |yf per*on?lly or ? y l?(t?T. |M ^tpalO. to OKO. II. tiRIKFlTllH, Hia^e I^KANKI.IN MOKl'M, NO. A3 MOW KR Y, NKARf.Y OP . poult e the Bowery theatre. ? l'rrf??rmaneea every i*ft?ir ? noon ut H. and evening at 7 l , N. H ? Mr.-ui.iera will *?i n tm tl'H t Ute Frunk tin Mu-eum ti the only plaoe in be I tilted where ili#* Mtniel Ar'in'x are ? iblM ? d, witii other ordinal en* t? i tatLii.efif*. Heme ml er, No. 6.1 lUmrry. rr II K NATI0.VA1. Mf HM'AL I .VloV fdVCKHTH I'o.M 1 menee at Arndeiny Hall, tuiil llroid way, \Vedne*?li*v ne*t, i't ib ii xlant, and be (ontinned ever> evenlnif.g J be tleknta will be Unued on Monday and be tr itaferabM. I l-'keta twenty five erotii. M. JULIAN t'llAUT AONK, I'otHltiirUir, Oreenwieli ??. IITTLK CORDKLIA HOWARO COMMKVCKH AN KS J Kauetnetit of) Monday neat with M?na*i?*r W K^rbeu, in 1'rovi deuce, R. I, (tier native city, where *he wa* born neven i idle win be ?? U|?|*? ?? !<??! by her ?;? relit*, Mr. and Mm. (i. Howard, and the ?ntir<: of a in<*?i excellent ctmpany. THE NATIONAL MI?KICAL I'NION roNCKKTH ? TMK jtrtiatea wU! pl*a?e aaaetnble fur a aaoeral r** h? urwal, KaftjrdAv in- rnfiitf, at .V ii-lnuy II*. i, bo'i nr-wad**), hi 10 oVIfx k, [irrdiw ilnir. M Jl MAN (.:11AM I' A ONE, Conductor, C7fl OrwmwWb, at. IpRANKLlN MTHKUM. M BOWKRY.-LOOK Ol T FOR ?? morrow's Mil, being ????? Km ItKNKKIT OK ELLEN IMCKHdN, ntcn over KIKTY VOI NO L AIH Eh will appear in the Model Arti*teM, till oUbcr performance *. Afternoon, at 3; evening, at 7*> o'clock. TI1E NATIONAL MI'HK'AL UNION MANAOER l?K aire* to atata t tiM* no fre?b arran**menta can be made fo r concert* out o! New York liefora +*c*nvl w?ok In OcU?Oer; will bo harry ?*? treat with loana^'or* from that date M J T la AN i 11AMPAONK Mat u^jer. ?75 llmanwtch ?\ . (1 RAND HTREET HALL, 1TT ORANH HTREKT NEAR T lir??adway Tableau i el rant* ererjr nUrht, by a aompa ny of lemale arti- tea. Alter the performance there will a pru u'?i uu*<lrlJie amu*em*-nt. Doors open at 7 "'< :<* k. Ad mt??lon ift <enfa. Young ladlea ran find an engagement. HOTBU. BLANf'ARD'H HOTEL, BROADWAY, COffNK<TI#?i wUbiA Twelfth *?r?*t, V Y ? -Th?* proprietor rwapeet fully announce* tbat tbla ' -fab i'ah icr?t will be lri re%tttno** o? ihf IM ol (Mobt r. Families wialitnjf to ??? nrr apttrtirieot#, either perirnnent I y or for the win et moolhi, can ??e arnnrn modfttr i with nrlvat* table or ? lable d'b???e. The wumar ran** mi uU ?alil be made altb *lngle gentlemen. I'rl- ? a wl!| be regulated ac< online to tbn rient aud locality of U?c apar? menu* ( 101X12*0' HOTXt ? ifTUATBO FOOl 0f GAMJkL J street, and dlrMlf oppoalte Colilna' IJrerpool Un* of ?lea mem. with a full elew of New York bar and bartror. I bo l'l?-a> an'eat li- at ion for famtHe* in N? w York. and will let u> permanent or lran*lct?tt <j t? moat re?a"ftabie let um. with parlor ful' en or atngie room*. TALLMA* A MA PKH. ProfirUrton. HOU)RKIH)K*H HOTEL. 7 ft? HKOAI?WAY, ? oHNKIt of < ! in ton place.? 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