Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1855 Page 2
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?are*8 pi, .inly denoting thai they were Dl ?* ?n?c with themselves. Tnc greater portion, how ever, rcictioed below, to ioiliugt iu the wwbboivl exeicise. The breakfast table presented rather a Meagre appeuranco, a* compared with the r iveitoas hoi d? who promptly answered tho summons ot too Cop at dinner, tea and sujiper on the arj?toun_ilay; I an the sun roue toward* It* scnith, ana uv: nun temporarily disappeared, ?" "n P0*? could keep their stomaens momentarily qniet a desperate attempt to keep up appearyice* by "how lug themselves on deck. The contrast MfM" the ceaseless bustle and glgslmtf of ,ye?torday ai>d tlx. Miibdued silence which how prevailed was abs >lut ly it freshing. A sort of hhipwruck seimdiaessaeeiiied to have token nnmrmhw of nea rly every one- ?? ormality was thrown aside. Ladies groned their way up, with 110 one but myself to extend a little polito as ?Masce to them; and those who bad particularly suffered during the night and morning presented Hip u;oi>t uninviting appearance imaginable It would have been a most fortunate tiling for the whole hnimm family if Miss Eve liad been seasick ' when she first appeared to Adam tn the garden of Eden. There certainly would have been no danger of his fall if she had, ?nd we should now be enjoying, with all our prede cessors, eternal life, unfading youth, and unalloyed happiness- Tbe quarter-master just put his ugly face once above the upper step of the stairway, and again disappeared for a couple of days. Patent Medicine looked as shaky as if he had swallo ved a whole box of his own most nauseating pills. Dis ccnsalate stretched himself out by the smoke pipe, and looked as though his highest aspiration was to get out of existence ?s soon as possible, and never to get into it again in any world where there was the slightest possibility or getting sea sick. Pour Balls and Corson League appeared terribly wo- be gone, while the tall Boston sharp ra".<le a most j>cr tinocious, though as will be seon by the sequel, futile attempt to avoid compromising himself. It wis evident to a keen observer, that his play was to moke a J old brush tor a few inomoats, and then re tire for thedaynuder cover of the apparent triumph. 1 felt in a sort of semi a?ony, lest he should succeed, for In truth [ teok an itwf I uotive dislike to the fellow. Encouraged by one of those momentary lulls which at all times more or lees occur at sea in tbe pitch ing of a ship, he increased the rapidity of his pa-jo, ?nly, however, to lie suddenly brought up by a lurch which sent him flying against the rail. Tho effect which this disaster was likely to produce npon his sea going reputation, lie endeavored, with rather a clumsy cunning, to counteract by remaining for some tiir.e at the vail which brought turn up, and looking up aid t! j wn tho horizon with a vacant stare, as though he was trying to desery some obiec! of interest, mi this he might have succeeded \f 1 had been absent, but unfortunately for him I was calmly posted on the opposite side, enjoying his discomfiture, and - ? eking to attract I be attention ot' my sickly associates to H by a pretty loud ironical laugh The latter demanded his attention, and gave him anaoying assurance that there was at least some one present with whom the game would not work. He looked at first like a person s iddenly detect ed iu some dirty act,, but recovering himself, with a promptitude woilhy of a better cause he timed remind and cast a sort ot defl mt look at me, the o.ily eff< ct of which, however, was the prediction of a second, in; lalivient ot' the vexa tion* laugh, followed by a malicionsly natnred look, which said to liihi and all around, :n plainly us any look of mine cuiild say it, '? (Jo no, old hoy; itsnonsc; that dodge will not take with me." As all present, and p irticularly the ladies, for whose Sood opinion lie was specially laboring, with evl ently no very good motive, now made an effort to join in the la'igh, it became iloubly incumbent on him fo vindicate his damaged reputation by som" extraordinary achievement. With on eye to tin successful accomplishment of this end, by the per formance of some feat which would leave his sea-going qualifications unquestioned, and at the same time serve as a severe rebuke to me. he carefully poised himself for a lew moments, and attempted to whistle, a* though nothing hud occurred. I saw that ho was waiting for a favorable opportunity to again stirt, and am free to say I felt serious misgivings as to the result, until he engaged in the operation of Piing his hands in his pockets. By this last move intended to entirely annihilate me, but the nomeiit he ventured on' it I knew it was ail up with him. As it was no part of the tailor's business to bar gain for tbe unusual she of ins hands, he made the pocket holes of the ordinary dimensions., and the ' tall sharp experienced so much difficulty in getting his paws in that 1 felt confident he would never gel them out in time to save himself, In the event of another larch catching him. 1 was not long kept in suspense, as he soon struck out, at what he deemed a most favorable moment. He readied the extreme ?torn in a to him most encouraging, and to me ex ceedingly disheartening style. He turned and made toward the stairs. A smile of triumph illumined his face? on he came in fine style to within a half do aen strides of his intended destination, when -glori ms, heart-cheenng si?ht? the ship in hev labor gave a sharp, sudden twitch, which scut him sprawling on his lxick, with his hands inextricably fastened iu his pockets. The projecting elbows served as braces to fasten him to the spot . and he remained there as helpless as a turtle, until, by way of completing his mortification, I stepped forward to lift him up. taking good care, however, to accompany the hu mane set with some loud advice to keep below daring the remainder of the voyage. It seems this was not lost on him, for l did not again see him until we anchored in Liverpool harbor. The Carson League man having learned that l had several bottles of splendid brandy, insinuated him self so far into my acquaintance as to secure a snifter," under pretence of settling his stomach. Knowing where the lil>erty was sure to soon leave suth fellows, I told hi :n to go down and liel^hitn aelf whenever he felt like it; but he me, with great apparent o.iruotaens, that there wHs no possibility ot any contiugen:y arising which could tempt him to a second drink. ' It is almost needless to say that a couple of hours focml him a ' stiff as a wedge, and one of my Isitllea completely empty. I intended to have described a number of others, but am this moment informed that the -1iip sails at i> A. If. instead of 12; so 1 have but time to subscribe my self until next mull, Mikk Waisi, LKTTEfi II. A BreokJ'ast Table Picture a I Sta? Mike's Stlj' ? Congratulation* on the Sound nr*s of hit well tri'd Stomach? A fnr I Ford t for Briggs ( not the Alderman) ? First Glimpse of Mike's " Father land" ? The " Emerald Otm" Etch- t no Parti cular Emotions in hie Bread - 'lite IsindiYtg nt IJverpool ? Mike Sees som /"< >e Thtngi to Ad mire in that Benighted Town ? Mike's First In troduction to an English Family Circle? Sensible People on the IVholt ? Mike Exhibits his Yankee Agility ? Fatal Catastrophe to hi* Punt* ? Every one Qlad to See the Xnc Voi k Lion ? Mike thinks Himself again in tie Sixth tVard His Aden- i tuns amongst the Irish Shoe Blacks - His Cruis'1 with 'he Cape Cod Skipper. | Liverpool, Aug. 2>, The millng ol the Atlantic three hour* sooner than 1 had supposed. brought my hint letter to a TMatioualy abrupt termination. I was Just alout catering on a description of several exceedingly am using scenes which occurred during the pjfw.ige, when my friend. Dr. Burgess, popped in upon me, with the unwelcome intelligence that he Ind barely time to get on board tieforc she would start. This, of course, left me uo alternative hut to ?eal up .it once, or wait till the next mail. I preferred the former, with a reliance on the fnture to make amends for tlie deficiency. He who, in these day*, moves about the world with his eye- and ears t.peu. and frith the slighte r faculty for turning what he seen and hears to advantage, is pretty certain of cu- i ?countering enough to talk and write about *? lie j goes along, withont recnrrlng to things a week >r two old. For this ie**on i shall say but little in this letter about the voyage across, and lean in rela Won to the many intcte- ting and exceedingly ludi scenes and Incidents which every hour of the ?lay and night unfailingly brought forth. We had ail und many more than the usual charsc ?eristle* which dlstingiith a (tea voyage anioug a ?twngely assorted company. The fc'.iff liree/e and accompanying rough weather, which. tn most of air passenger* unexpectedly pmd their respert?to is on the r?ry tirtt night, made many groaning 4I11M n< ttithe following morning reln< Untly surrender. in *tonizli>g instalments to v\dgar looking, nann chamber utensil?, all the choice daiati?>. which they had licked, with to much mlUsk c.uc, fro.n the rich est dijfies of tliree fevcral meat, during the *ft to ?ou *nd evwjnjf of the preceding day. The bre Vta*' table w*j in consequence pretty nearly deserted, and perscns of moderation ami rtiia'mcnt, whose whole thoufht" are not devoted to their st >m?.!)*, | but who eat like Christians, or, it ire c ne *.;>? 1 ?peaking, like JSfchoainvvlans, had ample Ojiimrtu nlty to tike a bit? without belig di*g s; ! bv the beastly gormandizing wbi k othersi* *?.. : l"lmw> I driven then permanently away. Being proof against ei-icin, #, *jy ?:f, m I jrati fled beyond measure at the retributive snffermgi <*f I (be disoomritte*} glutton* b?low, I enjoyed the meil ; ir>U? ? bwtj, and w>?ewhut nwMolflus, r? L b ? ,| h ' ok 1 have not cxpe, -kneed frr a lent timo. A se.v lock person, when tinrt barely able to m*l on deck, is, at all timed and under all ? ire >m?ta:ioe , a mof t Arptotnble locking oh. -:t ; bnt such a hope tartly dejected, Ood-foraakc i se; of creatures as tlioBc seemed, ou their ro-appe irtuicu in meagre dc tacbrceat", after several days compols )ry exile be i low, it ban never W\ ore been my lot to look upm No canpldate, 1 care not what might be his claims, I talents, or merits, who >hoiikl look anything like the least repulsive among the male portion uud show hiir.celi in that condition to hit* constituents, oo>il<J by nny possibility be elected to \t; hiniblest oilier iii the g'ft of the people. The ladies, too, were emi nently calculated to malt., converts to celibacy, iloft of them presented a willed, slovenly, sliji-sliod appearance. Their toilets were repudiated, their hulr lay dishevelled, and their dresses hung flapping aiid grucelessly about them, like the second handed frocks stuck on wocden stand*, which adorn the stoop in front of the renowned Mrs. Mayo, in hum street. An soon as they reached the pmme nade deck, armed with n pillow or cushion to put DLtlcr their head, down they dropped, without any M(i:rumi.>h apprehensions nu to how thoy looked or how they lay . ho it tended to alleviate their sufferings. On the whole, however, we had a very tine run, and to those who were not too sick to enjoy it, a most delightful time. The prodigious strength and admirable tea qualities of the Atlantic render her at once among the latest and most comfortable chips of the world-unowned line to which she belongs. All her uirangcmentM are unsurpassed. Her tablo is equal to that of any hotel ? the attendance on it su perior, and far more prompt: and the officers, with out an exception that I could discover, (aud 1 had a pretty good opportunity of judging), from captain Itriggs, her gentlemanly and ever watchful comman der, down, are as polite, obliging, and gallant a set oi' fellows as ever ploughed 1-uo ocean, That which was peculiarly gratifying to me, was the cheer Ail alacrity with which every order was executed, and the fact that there was not one offensive or rude ex pression n'ed by an officer towards the men. Doctor Burgess, uigeon to the ship, wImi is i young man of tine attainments and great promise, was unremitting in his attentions to nil needing medical aid, and par tidilnily ho to one of the poor coal passers who got his leg badlybrulued during a gale of wind. Oil the morning of Saturday, the lsth, we got the first glimpse of Caj>e ? 'lear, and thouce during the whole day, aud uilll some hours after dark, ran along the Irish coast, which we at length left to cross the channel. The morning of Sunday fmud us at the mouth of the river Mersey, and ore noon we were lately anchored in the si ream, opposite Liverpool, with a number of en1- torn-house officers on bovid, busily examining the baggage of those who wl-lieU to go ashore in the steam tender. Being myself in no particular hurry, I remained for some time after her departure, but linallv, on Feeing one of the little jigger sail boats with which the river is swarmed pacing close by, in search of a stray j- >b. Vundeil i!t (one of the engineer- ) and myself hailed her, got in, and were soou landed on tlie immense floating stage iu front of St. go's pier. landing stage is in itself, by the way, a grand.? and in a port like this, with its twenty odd feet of ri?e and fall in tide, ? invaluable structure. It is s?:ne 500 fct long by 70 wide, accommodates over three thousand pet sons at once, and is connected with thu pier by two spacious iron budges, which, with itself, rises and J alls with the tide. It rests on a largo number of transverse pontoons, and is said to have already hreasted, with entire composure, sevcinl of tin* most violent of those storms so frequent in this exposed port. All the steamboats which ply between here and Birkenhead, Basthum, Rock ferry, Woodside feiry, .Mink's ftriy, Trnnmore ferry, Bgremont, New Brighton, Ac., receive and land tbolr passengers and freight at this Host. All the steam tenders that wait on vessels in the stream do the same. This will give some idea of its magnitude and capacity. Another, about twice the size, is uow constructing for the accommodation of large ships. As it just commenced to rain slightly on our '-rossing the bridge, we concluded to take a lide.and for that pur pose engaged a "han'som." It is surprising this neat vehicle has not been long since introduced into New York. It is drawn by one horse, sets low, has two good sized wheels, is very easy got into at the front, where a door, a little higher than the waist of the pass engers when seated, closes in two parts from the inside. If raining two upper ones, of glass, reacldng to the neatly convered top, leave you completely encased within, with nothing to ob stiuct your view. as the driver fits behind ou a small elevated seat, which has scarcely nny connection with the body of the vehicle, but is fa-tened by a light strong iron frame to the carriage on which it rests. It is, beyond all comparison, the most per fect thing iu the way of a public conveyance I have ever seen. After driving around for some time in in our "han'som," we < ailed npon a friend and fellow engi neer of Mr. V underwit's. who lives in the lower or north end of the town. He insi?ted on our remain ing and taking tea with him, and as It was my first introduction to the family circle in England. T m terpreed no oly'ection. He was a fine specimen of a cla-e which, 1 1 egret to axporience has proved to me to be very meagre in numbers j here. Entirely free from the narrow, stupid and ?!nw*t unaccountable prejudices which seem to abound hi England, despite the liitler lessons whi< h they have f-o repeatedly received of late, he took a plow. practical and 11 be ml v'ew of all thefjreat move ments now going ou in the world, and, in common with eveiy other sensible man with whrv.n 1 have sincc conversed on the subject during the last twelve day?, he deprecated the present war as piinmu to trade, fenifully wasteful of the treasury and tec beat blood of the ri.-iion, and utterly Uuren in all com pensating result-. (lis whole family, too, were so cbnimlngly unaffected and aereeable tbut I imiue diatcly felt quite as much at home as if I had been among some of rev old friends In Xcv Toi k. After tea and a social cw s of "hot whiskey puncb.t >pped off with a suiokc, we exchanged civilities and ' paited. | The hot xvhi-key punch in A ugust . though there I is ,i vast difitreucc between the temperature of I Washington and Liverpool, brought llariy Ifibbattl , i of Hew Hampshire, vividly before mo. It'vushis favorite drink dvrintr July and August of last ye it. ' every night after the adjournment of the House. I j spent ninny a pleivant hour with him on thoae oc< caslons, but came very near melting down. One nijiht I inadvertently gave way to his iin;>ort'iuitie* so far as to join him in two successive pitchers, a hot as fourth pro<>t whiskey and boiling water could make them, with the thermometer .it fflfl, i'nd not a breath of air stirring. After n pretty lively beat about the uorth end uu I centre of the town,' we turned in alwut 1! A. M., TOM at 5, and went to the ship in the steam tender at 6. Detirous of rebuking the lazy, loa Mug move ments of the Custom Howe officers , w ho wee slowly assembling at the gangway to gape at us, 1 w ide an ill-advised attempt to aatoui-'i them by uu extraor dinary exhibition ot trans. tlantie agility iu no.ttiug on lxiard, which proved fatally disastrous to the only cloth pants I brought with me. The entire seat, and one knee, were so completely *nuggt .1, as to rendt r all thoughts of repairing hopeless. Having several summer duplicates in my portmanteau . and plenty of money to boy thicker oaes if needed, this little mishap tended mure to iiran?c than disconcert me, the more particularly as the ill-fated pair had alrtadv done pretty good service . and I bud suc ccedeu, by a dexter* -n* twist of my fr< < k -oat tail, in ( onceahig th? accident from the dull custom house clmps, ? ho were ftirly entitled toahenrtv luUgh at my expense had they but been t|iii< k eno iah to discover it in time, md sufficiently Ut i^.'it nititd to have cues-cd, even vaguely, at t!<" motive which was it< jrimaiy cause. A few minutes iu in ? stateioom -ufiieed to tcpair the damage, by the sub stitution of a rather outlandish looking pair of rtrin j i summer pants, iu lieu of wlin*.> gob days Ltd been so suddenly brought to a ftcal i'ree.l ed by my portmanteau, I again des'Yti led into the tender, with a cautious care worthy the most timid and nervous old gentleman that ever went on ship board, und in it soon returned to tbo Una ting, or landing, stage. QMtf the baggage jn-t ni>'h tioned to a potter, with instrnctiona t > leovo it at my hotel, I stepped iiehote without the iiji^t it tflote suspicion tint there wa* anytldag particularly s-n nse about cither my manner or dress, lite, my lwt. which, a ft<r day- previous to leaving home. I pnrdmeed from Knox, as one ot his very best white beavers, was now rendered mUiei *hsk^ by sundry severe and but partially concealed k'til While the smoke and cinders from the cook"* galley and the cjiokf-pljie hn<' msde wofnl inroad* outlie purity and evennea* of its original color. Ph. day being vefT cool , too, 1 looked, lait in vnin, .<n?oujr the through whom I passed, for i single pair of htimnier pants or a wb'.tt vest. And vet, iu a city where there wac such a m-ofb?lon of abonii nabli- bad hati>. and so many cha-, s with -n-a , cei\ tbe tragmaat at' Iw lw on them as I kuuirfiv-a actual obscn auna during tb< rid.' of titc " ec^ liog iflernoot; it sochuhI to mc there eo"ii K<> ? n< :h',m either fM> startling or Indierma hi the ^'-lavp of i |<er*i'n with a two-weei's-jld liat.of tuy fin? vr eoloi . 0i- pair of pam^. wh"le .md r!i an, ;io mat:i r , out of what spvuies of frabic w.uuile. f Tl*? whiti vt-t wsa ionfidently feitende4 to lie ualh ini]*re?'-i>e mi4 WMVl'ii lasciotiting, oould not I thought, uuder aov viliition of s ve pul>! i t tc pipsbie in a avillMxi eonutiy, be Kv?kt-.| it>m ' -s thon Itigbly respectable. Knitnently atls'flictery as was all this fine rcar.i t l r in tin- nb.-tiact, I was not long in diSkirci tng that e?.t ,ul fi ???;? roderuthk * lv and Vs? d Mike o er all its seeralnglv iiK'outro\ r. Utile conclnsions. W'cil linonhc tbat tfe nropM e# I pfa.e are not to U n <|.?d it. iv hoteb, 1 loncludni to take n few bo r -trill abnit tov.n. by win of geliiug wtiae of it., be: rings jireviwis to f.-llnwinc- m baggage toils ?le*tinatfMi? My heart fairly bounded iviili delight at the g< odhunn. <i?'pkted the rather heavy oixra twaoce if trtry one J JOC< >w my w?y throu^N the ' *tre?lH. ATI the girls, too, jnrlfcd with an jr- tineas that pnt rae in otaciea, (bough I was aully lost in tcilfaN'pt to reconcile the giutil'ytag ioaiu.cHU.ion to the general stolidity of IVwtiuca which distin guished LWe engaged in it. " iitorious piano, this l.i\eru< ?11" e^uaimcd 1 to my?etf. " What the devil kept me out t' it so long! Every man, from the highest to the lowest, seems picked at seei ig iue; and the girl*, (God LIo.h 'em !) uuconsobus no dooltof my being married, use one and nil, at evcu-y step 1 take, making affectionate overtures to ;nc in j i'iitomiae, with their bright ejes.'1 All my pievious expei ieute in laoe*. as adhiMmg an insight into the true char>ctcr and temperament of the wearers, was here so entirely at fault that I begun to entertain serious apprehensions that my pa?t li(e had teen pretty well thrown away in this respect. I had scarcely reaehed the angle of the hrst street, however, when the whole of this bright heaitchceiing vision dissolved like a delicate bit of frostwork thrown into a boiling pot. One of (he very few ai d meagre {.rivih-ges of poverty of enjoying a jt.->t or joke without the slightest re serve, and com eminently, that, which only provoked a smile among the aristocratic residents of liii ke i hrad, whom 1 hud just met erosaiag the dock oa their way to the icii y bout, now vented itself in deafening sin nts of boisterous, and? coming so un expectedly? somewhat annoying merriment, from the vigormm throats of a large oevy of ragged nrchins, lruit girls, ai d cluaixy foil grown dookwal whim 1 waalitcrally .,urr<imidcd. Fortified to hcice extent by the consoling reflection that 1 wan personally unknov. n, coupled with the fact of possessing an innate faculty of making the best of everything which 1 am ueither avoid or remedy, 1 dcleimir id to staid it with as much philosophic resignation and stemii g indifference aa possible, even to joining in the laugh, us though 1 supposeU some of the ill-looking, .".ote-sh-ving rascals ahead of and around mc, instead of myself, was the object of the merriment. This masterly move was at tecded with quite as much success as I hud any M'usomihlc right to bargain for under the circum stances, und my nasailants were thus effectually de prived, by my apparent obtusenofw, of that larger naif ot their sport which was antii inated from my mortification. Placing their di appointment aa an offset to nty nnuojunce, I felt satisfied with tho squareness of the account so fat*, and in this con tented stale of mind kept on my way up in the di rection of the town's ccutre. Suddenly I saw a nunilter of youngsters rushing from every direction towards n common centre, and that centie evidently myself. They were all armod with a pair of blat king brushes and box, and had si uiething hung loosely over their p.houklers, which another imtant revealed to he blocks of wnodc it in the fi rm of a boot scrte, but somewhat smaller than a man'' foot. Turn which way I would, I ) >und it impossible to proceed witbont wa'Hiny,- over ihera or tudely shoving them usidc; and not feeling inclined to do' i itli? r, i carre to a deud stand-brill. Not even the desire to make the penny, which it was clear each and every one oT them so sadly needed, could M'piess in tho Irish portion of them the outward exhibition of that ready wit ned keen appreciation i ot the humorous so universally characteristic) of Uie ! race in every clime, and which no calamity or pri , vation j eems suflh font to moro than momeataiily el' ate. Being of the same stock with most of our iivii newspaper boys in New York, it seemed for the moment as though 1 were in the Sixth ward, and had repeatedly nu t nearly every on& of tiieni before. No matter in what direction I looked, 1 was received with the fame niui-mUitfjy salute, which consisted of eui h young scamp lirst quickly touching his fore heed with the back ot his brush, and looking me di rei tlv in the eye at the same time, and then, with all tlie celerity and precision of - rractised "pistol shot," about to take the nail joint or my big toe off, down went both eye and brush directly on the point of intended attack, followed by " boots cleaned, sir?'' "Ah, I'm the Loy, sir, will make 'em shine for \ on j like an American dollar, or a pnrty girl's eye when she's kissed by the one she likes," and a hundred simi lar phrases ot "persuasion. Being very hard pressed by the most pei linacious of these boot-black cadets, "I singled out one exceedingly roguish looking little urchin, with a bright, intelligent eye and very dirty face, and addressing him in an argumentative tone, fuidr "Can't you sec that those are patent leathers?" The wcrds were scarcely outof my month when a do zen hitherto unseen little bottles, and a correspond ing number of raw cotton wipers, leaped from the pockets of the surroanding imps, with the words , ?I've plenty of sweet oil, sir, and cotton, to clane it off? you 11 not. know yourself, sir: after I'm done with Apprehensive that if I remained much longer in that predicament, the closing declaration in there leuarks might not remain entirely symbolical, 1 gave a penny to each of those who had particularly uiniinguiBhea themselves by the readiness of their ?lt, ai d flingin? the few remaining coppers in my possession down the street to be scrambled forlby the whole crowd, I iin-tantly teemed a free passage for nj\ keif. ?nd a inil guarantee against further inter i option by the same paiiy. Again at liberty, I sauutered musingly along, wondering within myself what would most likely be the character of the next ordeal through which I f-honld have to pass. After walking two whole block.-) in thU u uy, without interruption of nnjFkind, tave tie parsing stare aid snigger, against which I was now -o entirely proof that it only served to a mute me, I suddenly heard some one call me cau tiov.-lv by name, and turning in the direction from whcnce tiie sound came, I recognized a young Cape Ccd -kipper who was my confidential companion during the passage acrosy . pee ping stealthily out from liehind the scrceu of a ' taproom ' or tavera imme diately abitast of where 1 stood. He was a good fellow?the best New Kngland "skipper" i i vrv met ? ntid come oat as passenger on his way to Wales to | take charge of his ship. Stepping in, I hailed him with ? "Hallo, Cau, what arc you doing here.'" ! "Doing? ' acid oe, "why, hiding away, to be sure 1 never saw uioh a plaguey place in my life. Me and tlic old cbap vou call latent Medicine, who, like w\?elf. has an old white hat. came out this morning ! to* take a wnlk.aad afore we got ten pace- we were j followed by the darudestgang of blackguard bovs and full grown pals I ever saw aitertw i poor fellows-, | :.ud Mch hollering 1 never heaid more" "W here is i'utent Mediciue now':" 1 inquired. "By golly. I can't say. 1 inn away and left him in the middle ol a crowd who was raining the very ' devil with hir.i. Bot say," he continued, "how iii I the deuce did you work it to ge' here without a ( crowd at your heels? You've got a white liat too.'' I ? To be sure 1 have," I replied. "AVI at, pray, is there strange about a white nat?" "Lt?rd blcea me, haint tiuue o' the-e 'ere feller 1 or gals singed oot 'who stole the donkey?' nrter you/" Wanting him that thin was all ue?-; to mc, and that it must have been soimtbingel-o about bis com pany n ! elides a white hat. whidi caused the strange exhibition which he dotoii'.ed, f proposed a walk, to which, after no little persuasion, and with nndis , guited reluc tance, he finally consented. After a ! good gloss of ale apiece we "tatted out. and dashed , t bi ot gh several by-streets and lanes, Irom who* re ' sidenta and wnyfaren we received in, irked notice ' and frequent shouts and dilutes, which the sklpoer i sought to Impress upon my notice hv remarking as each new im-taln;eut poured upon us?' There! ' Now do you see it? Now do you hear it?" ! On turning up Wliltocbapei street we des-rle na i old <hop in a white hat, who, on Dentin;,' a lit e, ' we discovered to be l*nt?nt Mediciue. *tnigglit)g ! violently, but vainly, to disengage binvelf from a ! l umber of sturdy coar-e-looklng wenches, who, at j the comer of Pteston street. were taking all sorts of I Hletties v, ith hiu., to the iutiuite delignt of a mun , her of sailors and loafers, who, withroars of laughter, and every variety of encouraging expre^ Jon," were ' {'initiating them to persevere in the work of annov 1 . The -kipper stout iv pretwtei aeatnst any 1 fouler advance, when, seeing, an old < | with mi imbn ila iu ot.e hand, ? bandbox in the other, and a ycsing dac fitter an either side ot him, I coming alon'x hurriedly. no doubt to catch some ' tnilroad train .ti/om stalling, i promptly pointed out j the inijrtinity which ? eli**? sail under his lee pi niled us -, and on his breasting us, I feil into po-ition. and my . omriunior.? there being n" time tor he itatioc? instinctively followed in tny wake. Just as we Aeie nenring the scene of poor Patent Mi did tie's di-conjliture. a reinforoctnt at to his tor mentor- arivcd. in tbe si, ape of a tail, brawny limbed, lolliokinu looking yo-ine damsel, who, rwli ing upon Ms rear, first squeez*! hi* bite hat, and then made an ineffectual attempt to borv hiai, by hii.ii.jt It a vVllevt slap on the crown. Bo', n 2 yen limpsy, however, from old age and hard iieuge, it >?n!\ went down .?n his head, like one o< thc?e oijerj cuoUennrB.wltb iit budging the brlia. Detcrouicd aot t'? Ix- tolled in her sburc of tiie sport, she seized ti-e jtter mentioned projection with notb hands, and 1 wltli * vigorous jerk, which ntarly ompped him on hi kwces. she seat it u^wn to ti ? very <stge of uis Herii el white necktie. The uninteliigibie am-oti f>ir which, paired forth 'a ? ide ,hi h-?t . elicited a tiin.nuhant y?*Il of mer.-i i ii cut. iiuj' r cover of which, and "the old feat ? *iid '.i? -i ?? gbtcra. ue saccoaafitll) e? iped i.ii ?b ?ep>eii. Mfei mufcjtlly canceling wmw "ti our tjooii j (orUitv . t il in? another glass of XXX nle, and d<-rtng about tor *'?f tiaje, we cane anddenljf on " Huiw's Brow, ' the great tecrnitiag locality. Re ert ulnf t#\ the >vaj', u- a mighty slow bminess hei* it -t now. The front of ovorv house (and ever) li<.i m -i .>tav. ?-n) was filled with printed placards, culiiiig lor .u-d for neatly evtrv aifierew lvgiment in the1 en ice. The whole neighborhood awarnted v h the l.c-t looklr.g lellows heionglng h, dlwsed 'he most ftatuiy imiforms, shd soi. e of them with long streamers if hi e, white and red libbntids flylr.g frotu Acir 1 1 n| s lil.a those which ulorn the horns of cbr>lce I 1 .ittle occasionally at Washington atid ('Hntou mar I l ets. Moppiug, out of coiionity, to 1 cad tiie glow- < i' g do^iiptions of tiie soldier's imaginary life, we ] were snon pounced upon aa tit sabjecta for royal -ervke in the Crime#. Jn p>y c ixt I bid) give ^ou 1 on necnuiit of the aawflng attempt** made to enl at the bkipper and myself, together with mndry other a>flKUerf, which will, I think, intent your readers. 1 ?ui u?iw pretty well booked up in Liverpool ? much b< tter than uaoy who have I ecu here 'or yean ? and I Icgin to ki.ow the Kuglixh people a* they really ore. Not wkLing to haftify and fooltobiy commit i.ivtelf iu icgard to the character or iintituti one of 01, e < t the prominrct natinua of the world, I shall n>nd yon olc, or perhaps two, more lettera before entering veiy deeply ioto thofe xnhjectH Id the mean time you may lest assured 1 am Dot idle. MlKti Watah. LETTTER HI. -Vi ';t and the Shipper in Danger of being EniuUd for the Cn mta? Seductive Invitation* to thai Happy Valhy? Mike Lodges the Recruiting Ser geant, and Boldly Lecture * the Sentiments of the threat Yankee Nation in General, and Aw then in Particular, on the Propriety of the War- -The Skipper Seconds him Energetically, and the John, ny ttuics Approve ? Mike comes off Triumphant in the Livmrooi., August 31, lb&5. The cloee of my last letter left me In company with my fiicr>d the skipper on "Shaw's Brow," reading ti e large placarded advertisements for re cruits, and surrounded by a crowd of rather dash ing, good looking, showy <lres<od fellows, clad in tie various uniforms of nearly every regiment in tlie servk'". 1 had reen plenty of recruiting officers before, at home, and was quite well versed, too, ia the plausible meaus and ingenious devices which they employ with mieh con.snmmate art iu entrapping their victim*; but the Skipper's experience in such matters being entirely confined to the bungling falsehoods and frauds by which half-witted flats arc decoyed on board whaling ships, became seriously alarmed as lie sow them rapidly pushing their pornllcls closer and closer to where we were landing. He had doubtless read stories aud heard pon;;B sung about the sad misfortune* of nnsophisto eatcd chaps who had been kidnapped from their sweethearts thro Jgh the fraudulent smuggling of a piece of money into their hands by some heartless rcciuitiug officer, as he had thrust both his own flippers, on their appronch, into the very bott< m cf liis pockets for safety. T was much amused at this, and slyly tried to add to Ids perplexity by getting him to release at least or.c of them for a moment. In vaia I offered him or.c of Wally Mason's choice segnri, to which l:i bad become almost romantically attach' d during ti e passage across. For the first ? the very lirst tinie since he got the smell of one of them, he "did'nt feel like smoking " Having employed severol simi lar exp< dienta for the sumc purpose, with ro letter etfeet. 1 finally naked him for the loan of his knife. As lie bad the cheek to say he left this at home, iu the very fare of the proof, which his use of it, a few nail utes previous, in detaching tho skin of a refrac tory looking apple, furnished to the contrary, con pled with the fuel that it was no part of my pur pose to coiner him, I gave it up as a bad job. V hingle glance at the tinselled gentry who were angling for us, was abundantly sufficient to atitify any one well verst d in human character that they were pre eminently adapted to the peculiar business in which they were engaged. They were all fol- , lows on whose hearts the cares of the world evi. dently pat n.o?>t lightly. Chiefly Irish and English with a small sprinkling of Scotch, they all looked at least two thousand per cent better clad, fed, and, in all respects, provided for, than any of > nose they may succeed in entrapping are likely to be a week or two after their enlibtment. Some of them were remarkably fine looking men, and the jolly, romp ing, laughing, bareheaded girls with whom tliey joked and skylarked in the open streets, looked as if they saw a glorious night's frolic in pro spective off the fee which our anticipated cap ture was expected to put in the pockets of their favorites. One of the prettiest of them, at whom I purposely threw a oouple of encouraging glances of recognition, was evidently conning over in her mind the best mode of laying out my e ight pounds bounty mcuey. She seemed perfectly satis fied that I was already " booked." With the view of eiitournging those who were after us to a speedy and definite comim nccinent of operations? it being quite apparent to me thut they were in considerable doubt as to the probability of success ? 1 assumed, a look of vacant abstraction and mingled despondency, as I re-read the flaming and plausible bills of the " Queen's Lancers," " Queen's Boys " or " Dragoon (iiinrds,-' " Itoyal Artillery," "Duke of Lancaster' ? Own," " Scotch Fuaileers," " Marine Corps," Ac. My friend had no need for the exercise of auy sncli deception. The Tear of being entrapped by Borne unexpected i.nd damnable dodge weighed so heavily on him that he looked fully dejcctcd without it. My move the desired effect, as I could reidily per ceive through the corner <>f my eye. In a moment, one of tiicm, dressed in a brilliant hussar uniform, after tv iiling a little switch, aud striking up a verse of the "Bold Soldier Hov" in a really animated ttyle, l>y way of prepar uion, came plump up to as, arid tlnpmng the aHuper guud-uaturcdlyou the back, -aid, addteta-mg u... |,otli " Well, boyS, what d'you say? liar you going to join us ?" " Jim ! no, I ai'nt a going to jine ? what do 1 want to go s?jei log tor ?" replied the terrified skipper : and then to me, in an under tone, added Come, Walsh, for Lord a'mlghty fake let's be off, or these "ere fellers will munage some how or other to get us iuto <joger clothes afore we know what we're about ; an' that 'ill be nice newb for our farmerliee, won't it, now ' A pron pt nudge and look from me, followed by a few woids of sly, and, to all | but him, inaudible words of advice to keep exceed ingly shady if he did not wi-h to spoil a goo?l thing, had the effect of restraining hiin from any farther n liiBiks on the subject. Having served capper for me during tlio perpetration of many amusing jokes and sells on board the Atlantic, he had learn ed to catch my meaning p rutty quickly, aud plat ing gient confidence both in my juduieut and ability to St oct of almost anvthing su.-ccssftille, be resigned mself to my keeping. with a sort of iudetioable I appreht naion, however, that the chance- were very strongly in favor of its Icing all up with both of >'J. ' "Not lot'g from the States, be ye said a dragoon officer to me. " Not a great while, but long enough to have hud pretty hard lnek," I replied. " Ah. I see, sh"it o' ha'pence. Ihistv business thut, when a cove is on the road. I knowed what it, wn- nv ny a time, afore I joined the uci vlce; bn| thank (Jed, and bk - the Queen , I'm pji t it now for hoer. Glorious i.ews from the seat o' war? mag nificent chances for promotion? what do you say for the C rimea "r That's thu spot for fame :md for tune now, to those w ho ave the 'art and ^enterprise to seek "em." he continued : "Well, I rather thiuk lihail go to the Crimea,'' was my m/on* e. The skipper, who hud read consi derable ?lout that regiou. and the ->ecn"s which have taken place theie during the lust \car. could not avoid peering keenly into the lace of the uubl'ish ing n,s<?l who was addressing me. and who. in ad dition t? what I lime just quoted, gave a most cWwirg description of its clhnate and "bangcllc" girls. He cor, Id not tonoeivc it poa-ihle that the fellow should have the hardihood to attempt so broad and buld a humbug upon us, utiles- we bad gric vou-ly degeueiuted in apjMiarance Biace leaving the ?hip, and - as inclined to get angrj , when ano* her look fern ine again restored his composure. A succession of stirring and seductive appadj weie now adorewd to us l>v a do^en or so otliem, during the little interludes between each ol which 1 : took my friend a.-ide and preteuded to hold t con sultation with him on the eul ject. specially desiring it to be infetted from my manner, while" so doing, that f ivas willing, if he would but mnsent to accom pany me. While J e was in tlx act of strenuously remonstrating with me on the supposed danger we were encountering while tam|K*ru.g with so delicate a business, a line, good-humorei, devil -may -co re linking lieutenant ot tl? Royal FUfes/atoppiag no, iatenuptid ia, n th "Come, boys, cheer up! we all ?have our trouble* at time.-? let's al! roan' get a lit tle - m at buying which, he took my companion l.j the nrnt . and the hussar living performed a like serviie fur rae. over we thus marched, followed by a dozen of their comrades, to a tavern called the Soldier s Peat, on the comer of T> uman strwt. A low of the (.it k? the mot favored I'ortioc, I pre s?'ii.e, iua-oiucb as (her were evhleiitiy the brighten* rd 1 e-t lorkit.f? foljowtd close in iwr w*l< aud pcftp'hf after its UiU? the tanromn of the "East," scat'd themselves without the slightest ceremony in cui- loidrt, aud instantly made their "cat!*, ' j with an aiT of boisterous Ircedoin which plain ly iudh iitcd ffii't they weie what might aptly le tcimcd in Bow cry peiiance, " som? pump kins" in that neighborhood. Presently, nor jet* and places all h?-u>g filled, and In hand, we , " touched all round, and drnuk a "jolly g< od I n-alth to each other.' 'fills operation havlrj, ?een through with two or tniee HmAi more, l*ft emaigh u* either ja/f tw gt..? > <?; cover ? good Kited fly, and gave admonishing noticc to those at ?kow npt'BK they bad been tilted, thai it be hc vul them to be up and doing ere the trine vet re iuainii g wan nest (nrrutwnrd, to again utiiisfe with that which had no recently preceded it in the same direction. In reply to the question as to what part of the '? Ftules" we were from, we answered on the square, I, "ftom New York," and my associate, "from MrrsacLcfettB" On being next interrogated aboat oor names nnd past mode of life, I took it npon my self. fi r fear of .some blunder, to answer for ooth of us, by saying. " My name is Ned Reynold*; I wan a sergeant in the A< w York volunteers during the M<*ietn war, and would have been a Captain long le/ore we returned if it h<'d not been ior my inde jicr Toadyism atd spit-licking to those above one in portion are quite as potent in securing even ui merited notice ard promotion in the army, for there who ore sufficiently base and servile to stoop to their en ploynient, as they are in any other de partment ot li.e. Real merit in unfailingly associ ated with sel-respect and a certain degree of peroral pride, and consequently, how tver willing or even desirous it may be of i reiving the recognition and reward which t is copscitus of having fully and honestly earned, Ddijniuiitiy spurns both when a sacrillce of those aiso< iale qualities is demanded as their price. My friend heie, (.'apt. Haviland, was commander of a cralt ?n ti e Hudson river until recently, bnt is now, I ke irynlf, " on the town," as we sayat home, or, as yen would fay here, " on the road,'" and open for ? job. Though I assumed the name of my lriend hejueles en this occusion, it was the only liberty I icok with him. 1 knew he would readily endorse e*eiy word 1 spoke ior him, if he had been along; irdctd, 1 but expressed his sentimenta, while I rea dily diceovered, by the effect produced, that I had in rd\e:tcntl> clothed them in language a little.too re iteed for the part 1 was then acting. A couple of jioor war-worn fellows just returned ftom the Crimea, as I afterwards learned ? one with a shattered aim, and the other with two frightful giubi s on his head ? had been listening by the door. When I hnd concluded, they struck the counter vio lently with their fists, and certified with an ooth, whicn bespoke bitter personal experience of the fact, to lie entire truth of every syllabi's I uttered. Their sincerity was plm i d beyond' the reach of ca vil by a pressing invitation to take a little " some'at" with them. This I was of course compelled to de cline, If Irom no other motive than the common ab horrence which any person ought naturally feel to diir.king at the expense of two such haggard, po verty-stricken looking creuture*. Under other clr ci instances, I wov.ld gladly have made them drink with me; as it wus, the attempt to do no would huve spoiled my game, and that was now rapidly reaching its culminating point. The r< marks or the returned Crimean warriors did not fteni to l;e at all relished by our glitering, well fed gcntiy of the recruiting department, one oi' whom muttered sr Retiring abu t their being "a pair of mheiuLle pliiftlese devils, who were not worth the hi inkets l ecesfaiy to cover tliem,'' to wliieli a couple of the girls added that they were Ruipri-.ed the lai.dloid would permit such "'swabs" inside his hcese. Even Veie, I could not. r void a passing thought of m<li;ei -i at tlie hearlle- disregard which the groat mats of mankind exhibit toward the past services, mi&iirgR and sacrifices of all who promise to be of no Further iue to them. In our days the question in, not what has a man done, but what can lie do? When he ceares to be able to enforce respect by his power, command it by his position, or [ archase it by bis wealth, no matter what his worth, he ceases to receive it from any but the few heaven-ordained noblemen of nature. The calling in of another roond of drinks by the Queen's lancer severed the thread of mv reflections, and, anxious to wind up a bmintSB which had now begun to get a little tiresome, I made mighty short work of my pot o' 'eavy. The skipper, who had remained perfectly silent during the la*t ten minutes, mechanically followed suite, and I braced myrelf to meet any exigency which might arise* Though each of the officers endeavored to obtain ub for his own corpB, the rivalry was carried on in a spirit of goodnatured liberali ty which at first considerably puzzled me. 1 could not loconcile their seeming disregard of the two pounds which they would secure by our enlist ment, with the villatouH Hiibtcrfuges which they so lavishly and unscrupulously employed in tho effort to entiap us. This seeming mystery has, however, been since satisfactorily cleared up, by the. discovery that nil made iu that way goes into a common fund, which is equally divided every evening, after deduct ing such expenses as we hud just been the mean9 of their incurring. After beating around the bush a little longer, the dragoon who accosted me on thaw's Brow, snid : " Why, I hnnderstood you to wiy when we were first speaking together " hover yonder, tliai you hoegnt jou would go to the Crimea.'' " Yon understood me right, bow. and 1 think so : till.'' was my icplv. "Well, why not join nt once, then ? "Ere yon ave he nick o' the service," he continued. I "That may all be. But how do yon know I want nrv pick? There are other ways of going to he Crimea , aid the worst of them might, nerhaps, suit me, and my friend too. fai better than tho high est commission in your service," I returned. "Yen. by jinks, that's ho : von may speak forme all night in that yere stylo," emphatically ejaculated the ."-kipper, who seemed to have just recuperated for the efl'ort. "1 don't thirk they hintend to join at hull," sulkily miitteird the hussar. "Old Toppy, that's by all odd" the most sensible remaik I liuve heard during this whole interview," was mi response. The V hole party now, to use a well known and expressive phrase, began to sirell the rat. and a long, gai.nt Scotchman in a kilt, spitefully gave it as his opinion that we were, like nearly all our country rr< n, "raitlicr Inclained the aither Wa' in this wair." With not a mite more courtesy than his offensive manner merited, 1 consoled the iU looking Sawney with, "Yon guessed it cxa< t!y, at the first pop, oaten bannock." Tin's hioughttbc performance to i cb?se. Thofe oramg them wno, through a modest appre hension of their own want of capacity for the suc cessful rcanapement of so novel a case, contented themselves w ith playing an indirect part in the busi ness. now langhed heartily at their more contidcnt and conceitcd companions, and I ro-e from my beat. Iiiule good day to all, wished them better luolc with their next customers, and walked od quite leincirely with my fiieml, who breathed freer and freer as we incicased the distance between us and "Shaw's Brow." Mike Waish. LETTER IV. Mike \lrditnti?ti on the P.roprifty of a $tw IV a ? His Critiri?m on Ftuhum?Ht Shorn* Uir Ele phant to the Peter Funks of Lord Strut ? How Mikt Louked in his Liverpool 7\ipgrry ? Hi< Coihplaeint Reflections on hi* Ntwhj Acqur'tl Cosnopolitein Experience. LrVEBfOOL, Sept. 1, lRji. As -oon as some half a mile had intervened be tween us and the "Soldiers' Rest" the skipper halted, and with the spumed determination of purchasing a Mack hat. and some other English looking tog*i in tiinter. he bid me a hasty good day, and bolted lapkllv in the direction of his hotel. Not giving m) elf much trouble as to what was likely to turn i: p next, I eyond the ]>bilanthrophic regret that f thould have no one to enjoy it with me, I struck into | and down Tithebarn street, and through the Ex change, across Pale, into Castle ?treet, which latter is a sort of < om pound of our Broadway and Wall stieet. As my hut, pant- and shoes at least sadly nee ded leplacing, I had scrutinized the windows and door, ways _of every flatter, tailor and shoemaker who I enctmb reri mj my route down, for something in tl eliiitof each, approaching my ideas of what a civilized and respectable man ought to weu ; but to nopuipo?o. The shape, weight and texture of the bats were absolutely horrifying to ? person whose taste had not become depraved by loot; familiarity with the seeing and handling of them. The pants might pass in New York as port of a purchase from the "five dollar suit man." But the shoes- s~>me with great thi< k wooden sole?, which might easily have been cut out of one of the steam frigate Niagara's planks; while other-, with double toe*, and tilple sole* of leather, studdi d with mawsive, square bendid s;uiclhings, which looked like half grown boiler rivets ? could not, it seemed 1 to me, have possibly been Intended for anything slioit of family keepsakes. No two or tiuee gene ration.- could rertaiuly wear out a pair of them. Previous to coming ashore In the morning I ehe lished the hope that 1 could lAlek it out in my own rig until 1 Leached Paris: but the ordeul through which I iuid already passed rendered that utteily out of tlie r|ue<*?on, uule?s I was prepared to go through at once, i felt It to be lmp???Me for rae to look WOlse in tlie eyes of others with the 1 had on. than I knew l should appear in my own with one of those cast Iron English tiles; and yet, th< n{ b I slway make it a rule- aud a very sensible lule it to, too, V ? general one-to suit o'yself, in preftieucs to all "th< rs in sncb matters, It hctvmc \o?y evident, from whst h.<l already tr.rosplrsd, that in this iurtance, at least, I mus' de<> r to wlut ] ] i!ecm<d o mo?-t mWr.ibir pervei-ion of tl.?* pOblie I Jniiiw <?', ^ 'bvj' i'g I l dm il >. i ? to business or see the place and the people to pro per advantage. Thia clinched my determination for a speedy metamorphose. (On raising my eyea from the window into which I had been looking at '"?vrf pictured exaggerations or tho alleged achievements of the alMed fleets and armlet* in the Baltic and Crimea, T observed through a hide glance a Peter Funk looking chap clow by, apparently absortwd in measuring me Tor an operation. I could searccly avoid laughing outright at the stupidity of the clo * u in thus inHn^ for u flat one who could twist the sharpest noble in his tax-ridden realm around his finger like a piece of thread. By way of adding to the poig nancy of the discomfiture I was preparing for him, I took a whole handful of loose gold oat of my bieerhes pocket, and counting out some fifty dollars of it, as if intended for the afternoon's expenditure, I put it by Itself in another pocket, and sent the b.ilauce, with a loud jingle, rattling back among their companions, with the silent exclamation of ? "If that don't fetch you, my dear ftliow, I'm most aiunably mistaken." On taming round in the direction of where he tood, my gravity whs taxed to its utmost tension. The fellow's mouth fairly watered at tbe sight of 1he gold, and his vlllanous hang dog eye* glistened with unwonted brilliancy at tbe prospect of getting p. liberal dip iu it. An accomplice who wa-* stationed a few paces ofT, almost rivalled him in rapture of ex pression. Stretching my?e!f out, taking a look up utid down, and then wblhtllug the (list two lines of a popular street tune, us though I was at a loss to know where to go, or what to do with my money, gave them renewed and btill more cheering as buranccs of my being a most glorWms gooso to pluck. The first step f took in the direction of Lord street, Funk No. 1 pounced upon me, and touching his hat? the invariable rulo here with everyone when addressing the titled or the wealthy? iaia in a suV clued voice, "Please, nir,can 1 have a lew words with you in private?" " Certainly, old boy, a thousand of them If you don't take too long about it, as I've got to see a friend who lias just arrived down hero, for a mo ment," 1 replied. " Btep iu ere for a moment, please," bis next request, pointing to an alley or entry. '? Would you like t" get sojuc magnificent Havana segars, sir, ehcnr ? jou huiiderMaiul mo? hor somesilk 'andker ehlere, hand a crape shawl or two, which I 'ave iust brought bin myself? Nothing like them to be 'ud in hit I i Ileiigland, hlr ; henormous duty on 'em. do you iiiiiid '( None but the first nobility can hufiord to touch 'em, fir. 1 trust in God, sir, whether we conies to an hundcrstandiiig or no, that you will not whit-pec a word about it hinadverUntly to a. friend you know ? 1 r <:.n, hand know an honorable gentlr i. nn like you wouldn't do ?ich a thing for the wnrl 1 if yen knew the vein it would bring hupon me. Ah, sir. you've i o hidea iu the States of the terrible coPKemunces which hull 'ere must suffer who bar caught i-mcgglhig. Ah, there! what 'ave I been saying ? That unfortunate word, sir, puts me com pletely hat your mercy ; ni\ life is hin your 'undsnow; but I spoke bin conlidence, though not.. tote sure, hintending to go so 1 ar, and lias I've made the slip, 1 must now tiust to yoar honor." This was a slight specimen of the entertainment to whlilt 1 was invited in the alley. In return I as tured him that I had a h!gb regard for smuggler.? that I wit-bed every ciihtooi house on earth ruaed to its foundation, and all the lazy, spunging loochcs connected with them sent adrilt, to honestly earn n living, or to suffer the consequences of thehidlcne*-. or crimes. These, by tbe way, were my heartfelt sentiments. I told him he need not have the slight est appuheuHon about n.v informing on him, and that 1 would like very well to get five or ten thou sand good scgare.asthey t eemed to be a very scarce article in England, and would have no objection to purchasing tlie shawls, together with a dozen or two of the bandkerchieis, if we could agree. Ho wus in perfect extacies at this, and wanted to olose a bargain at once; but as his partner had tbe sogar* in a huge market basket enveloped in a cloth, and the alleged contraband shawls and etceteras were wonnd around bis own body, I contended that it would be impossible for me to accompany them to the private room of the tavern, to which he had in - vited roe for the purpose of examing the things, without missing my friend, the time appointed fix meeting w hom nad already expired. '-Call round to the Commercial Hotel in about twenty minntes," Faid I, "and then we can talk the matter over at our leisure in my room, or anywhere else you like." "Bay at 12 precisely, sir," be ejaculated, looking np at the Exchange clock as we again reached the " Enough paid," I returned. And binding the de clflrntion with a warm shake of the hand, I departed giving him an my name thnt of the little dock-legged St. John calico dealer, who cume across with as., end wan putting np at the Commercial. Turning the flint corner, I made tracks down Lord street, np John to Dole, an?l down to a chop lioute immediately opposite the Commercial, whioti t entered, :nd from the window of which 1 bad a full \ iew of what followed. Both Punks were on the ground at least ten minutes before the time speci fied, and eagerly watched every passage le.idlng to the hotel, and peered inquiringly into the distance, in every direction, with tnc hope of distinguishing a discolored white hat associated with summor panU and patent leathers. Tbe effort wan, however, Trust less, as Liverpool did not contain a duplicate combi nation of the kind. At half-past 12 they exhibited ma iked signs of uneasiness, which added mate rially to the gratificutb u which my chop and oL( ale were already affording mc. At length, alter some mutual consultation between the Funks, No. 1 entered and inquired for his man. It was a perfect luxuiy to witness his consternation when the little New Urunswicker appeared and answered to hU nacre. On being told by Funk that he wa* not the gentleman, thut it was a taller and younger n an. with a white hat and summer pants, he immediately snsperted that something was out. and then recurring in his mind to the scenes which took place on boavd the Atlantic, be found no diffl eclty in solving the seguing mystery. "Go 'long, you damn blockheads," said lie, and then turning <m bis heel retired, leaving them still more confoanded by his strange manner. At scon hb they weic out of the way, 1 left the chop bonne. and after meeting with sundry similar adventnies, I returned to my hotel, with a firm de termination to Anglicise my dress as much as po? sible the first thing in the morning. In compliance with this decision, I sallied out after breakfast or Tuesday, and going to ahattei in the Crescent buildings, I purchased ono of what I lw: dew mutated his most fashionable plugs. I can not my with any certainty how many pounds it weighs; but it seems to be intended for <t seat and stool, as well as a hat. for Charley Carrigsn or Pet* Warner might safely stand upon it at a public meet ing without the slightest danger of compressing it. When you knock against anything you are goin* under." intend of it* leaving a kink inthehat. it simply jams it down so as to Wave a heavy dent It* your forehead. I-eevlnp my " Knox" with the hat ter. as an illustration of the wide diflercnce which can ard does exist, in tlie manufacture of hats, be tween the people of two nations speaking tbe same laDgnage, but utterly unlike in every other particular, 1 made for the first tailor's shop in Ix>rd street, got a pair of thick black cloth pants, and left tbe sum mer togs behicd. I now began to look qnite natu ral to t tlie?, but felt most abominably oat of sort* myself. Thinking I could get along very well, I strolled aLoi t for some time without attracting any particular attention, sa\e when I Involuntarily took off my hot to see if It whs not really lined with very heavy sheet iron, or loaded with lead. In going up Hrownlcw Hill I saw a pair of stub-toed laced snoe* in a shop window, which, though not much Ughtei than a pair of our fire boots, were the nearest ap proach I bad yet seen to whut a shoe ought to be ; so 1 get into them. and. thus equipped, felt myself ehartt ud to pees cuirent anywhere. An I am now seme two weeks in Liverpool, an<4 have scoured it from end to end for tt least eighteen out of eveiv twenty-four houia during the whole ot that tire, ibose at' home who know anything aboi.* my qualities as a traveller, particularly at night, will readily believe I know something about the town by this time. Indeed, I haaard nothing In nying that I already ktow tbe place and its per pie for hetter than n.*st of those who have sp?M five times a* manv months as I have weeks in i* TLo?e scribbling tourists wl.o study ? place by it? map. in their room nt a hotel, and learn al< i about its public buildings, institutions sn.t Keople from "band-book-." m ver bodging a block rrmwiieie they put np, unless in a coach or cub nvsiiaUy retoin, if an' thing, more tguonuit tbaa when they stalled. I have kcii so much of thi? that 1 : ni 'ittonnined to refrain from expressing anr 1 hasty opinions. If over charged atl a hotel? aud t bsve re ver yet seen w.e at whi'h a stranger not Mne to be. wherever an opportunity offered? I shall ii t on that accc nt. set down all in the ph?c* as swtnuier-'. I shall endeavor to know the people of evcij cotinliy I visit as well us the time sp< nt an ong tliem will admit, and hope I may be able t-t speak of them truly and without pieJudiT- Todj that a man ant mix freely with all olaases? he must go among them unheralded sod rroknowi? must Le able to ?o accommodate himself to the mm* nere >1 lie humblest as to neither inspire awe ore* I cite siwoic ion. and be, at the same tlm*. compe'ctit i to uii. i.lslu at least aa ei tire equality, by Ids Ix-ar ing and enversattooai powers. in the i*o?t intellec i tusl or ? rttoeratic **?'iety. Ho far, I have g hi? I (utiielv en my own hoik, and think I may *ar(.|/ I say, th* t few, i* any, bme ever visited l.urope witli r?|ial fsiciliiiee. In every respect, ?sf becoming I n nri i irhlv s?|istated wi \h ?t '<sn its peniiia. I JltgK Wet u.

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