Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Ekim 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Ekim 1855 Page 7
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ADVERTISEMENTS BENKWEDETEBY DAL " ivn sue. tmn ftftn -'ROpbrty owners df-hiroub or IlUU.l/l/lr. dmpoKlug of (heir real estate, will flwl li advamafeoua to call and leave a iWription of die name at our efloe. Real eMale of every description bought, told am* ~~ ?hanged. Dwelling*, store*, *?., rac" aolleetod, everything pertaining to the bunlne?* uiMRnr eiecuted. BKRK1AN k BANKS, 43 WaUist rect, ha^.aieot. . ACRES I'rutt, Ac., $5 000 ~ J25 8AI-K. TRKMH EASY, 86 SmJr?? Vlr, tmproTBd, good buildings. i. Erie ajKSU!! , SJK ?ork' two ,oUe* ,rt)m depot on the HntJi i <?o. 80 acr*, joo yarda from .lepoT ?s,<)oo. .^,^.NKro.Ur0f;rnP" uy r"ra1' ,or"ioor ? L W. H. MELICK , m Seventh avenue. H2 MO ~F0R SALB- ?*OCII, FIXTURES A*n ?Pjf/.tJfJU. goodwill of a wholeeaJe tojrand fanoy goods J""1"1"; bae been established (or the<e laM Ave rear? ami C*?" caah trade. The whole art of tie business will be en to ihe pnrchiuer, aa the owner has other business u> at Gfaftlliam aqwkc??o^loOl?e^ 4ddrW" b"< '*> 000 ~?KSALEOR KXrnA.VfJB, THK LEASE n' " Mid fixture* ot til) old '*Htah ! iuh nrf J sSoSTiKv wis 900 8ALE OR KXCHAXOK FOR wro. moVcIr 2aa Jl 000 procure yourself A HOMF FOR TL ft??- * fcV * i> Inland, prioe $1 (Jul)- one of lT.,* 1 "f'w Y?rk on lx> ig ?&Saa????;?a #8/50 MI!'K ANT> BPTTKR depot and round ?L..T ""'?ale, togeliter with horse and wacon- ihn In toisrsrr1 "? Nr rurk- Tb? 5SS'?S Jss. **?.?*. uM"y iio,a,,u IlOWKfl A KHoltlBllEH, 84 Ntmau ilrcet. M to ID dally. H0WK8 A 'CuMH^. SiP'iigliljg fiHsSSr-'P' a^-sas/saSiiS H1MKRS a TAYLOR. f 30() V*I,K . at (10 PUR CENT DISCOUNT steel mounted gins a rase*, counters. awning, Ac wilpUDo, WL RICHARDS', 307 Brondway. Hay lor wl,.t it w?.brl,? ??* A WELL KNOWN SULPHUR VAPOR i-iipx?r, .77*737, ?sswusis ~ffi> asrvsss! ? ? ? "? ^t)HA.RD8, 307 Broadway, A 6T2RYuAND BAHEMKNP house to lft flete for1 Vale' l',Krte?;0ry""?* ",m fco. D^iraMy wf.?? ^r u '. )(,i 3'''ir,y rent, ?trutt. PosM-aalon may be h^l lmra^JiXyWa Ap^Y/to ? ? W. RICHARDS, J? Way. A V rXCKLI.K.V CORNER LOT ON A Win* * t??n? office. p ? AUdre"a K*?nange, bo* IJn lleruM A OROORRY STORE FOR SALE. -FOR sai K Tirv ^cTioTdoZ'1 fi'i'r *" ,n w,e11 <?""'if-hn.d n?t J'.L itrnice tiuS Th * !eTX? hevo?'" ?R*gpKLYN PROPERTY?FOR S.VLK, OH EXOHANOP So-hlnL' bu-ln^?"(fti5ti00"ld be 'B"lluri1'1 "vallalile In the' brown s?,m- frour 1 1 ' , 1 1 1 / Vh . 1 ^ Pr , ,c r a t" 'tVi?' ' I !'""" !f re?i<leiice. fonnh hon?? In the I, lor It or EP ill h! if. j iu tbM be?i ?n Long I- land. Aln.i money u. I<,an SST 'n ' ?egHtert d lor >1, an^iw further <?(,?%" 1 r,,purly ( '"vorlTdoln aw SA. ,>;-K'H'AL TO AW IS NKW ^ *orK, noina a lar??? bunlnriiH, wJ1h horwou mr a ??. ? -7 ? ? HOROOT, over Pacific Bank. DEL? h"",)KI: ' OR sa,'I-:? T u !?: I!K\I riKI-LI.Y LO fclriTrom'the I ,? l '? ''enlruiH of r,; ^rlMngapothocarTrarel yPffrTllXa g^tess?ssy~? DRltJ STORK FOR SALE.? A Pll frill 'I AN vnoi'T j -|i-eV f.o'n J:"r,,j,8-wW."? to 'I M>"W <>I Ills di .!? , a .'I i'?" i .e. Tt.i iuih HuKlora'e to a ca?-h < t mi ? ?i t ? ?? >* \m,k ?mi.a Brooklyn! W""d'"'" "rM i'"d T^RUO STORE FOB SALE? KLIUJBLY LOCATF O OV hw In an o^niiix that n. .-,is but ,.n Invent lirailon o h, L , r - Ice'!' KentVery derate. In,,.^ Dwelling hocsb is the hkvkntu ward for ?ale ? I be three lory and hnMi. I T| woi I .? ... Kii'item place opionlii- the rUimd? ol Uio old Kuibi-i-4 .ml.'o" an'l'rear ."liy* 1 Mfw.M^p.^lui"1 'pj^y w^Ti'il! J anal Mir rei, ul.lrh haa now been extended to b'n-^i itr u ?rmltiatea lara ln,i .d^"' "AMUhL It. PLATT, ItJO tlreenwlch street. EXPRKSS FOR SALE? LANG DON'S Wfri V v*/,,?-v. '??"? ' -uji.ii.hed . x, IO carry on an e*teii?h,. si||,. ? . ' . , ^ } prl> tor ha- I.een Imlu- . I :o -HI for rea-".i ? wh'-of'uVn iM? ctcm, c^U^ ott anpHeytoi, -o the pre. . X", o~ ^ 1 ? LANODOJMrf b ulton ulrcer, Bruoklvn. EXC-?!Ay<iKi F0R ^ r>RY O0OO8 OR RKADV M \ DK cJcKhtn>(04 a go?id qu.?lltjr? Two two Ntory fr.imo ho?i-<t? iSsON'.^Wtr^r Pa'11' """ 10 *??* * ?-?? For giLi^Two tors of ground wrni partv fhlrty -ix^hUVif Vitl> f1^, ^u* 1 M;?n-ay lit.I, ?... <*M. no iu k,'i JS .'"t i/r^Vv r. ?aiM-t Thirty flnij street, ueir Third aVetiuV KLNNh,DY' ^ JpOR SALE?A GREAT HAROAIV 8KLDOM OFFERED. ' ?A grocery and Hquor sior<?, mtuate<i in a ? >*1 aei^hbor Ik<mJ, vvH be sold at a #a? rlflc#% on account thai the owi not attend to If. I no aire at the store Mr. C. m iXKR'fl, lb Mlr.e'M street not attend to If. Inquire at lie store 56 Hpruig street, or at " 8, lli For 8 ale? one lot bet wren Kiourn and Ninth avenues In Foriy seventh street, in a good loo * LMm. well sewered, gotier'Hl, Ae. Sold cheap, on ae^ouu of Ihe owner's leavtriK tiie city. Inoufreot I>- MoKAN, 'M VV.?st street, between the hours of 9 and 12, or at the Uran ii e h Ho tel, from rt to 7 F- M lJIOR KALE? A NIC K THftKK riTORY IIOI'SE, ON WErfT I; Twenty nixth s're* very low ph |?i,7 M. Two on Twenty -eighth street, between Ma^i*on ao 1 Four Ji aveaien; |7.i)00. One on Thlr.y second .- reel, near Lenug'ou avenue, fit, (niu. Two on Elm street, <?ne on Fourth -i.'enue, 17.100, snd others at lou E. ?. KiNrtlllMER, lid Fourth avenue; 3 to T P M., 6 o 10 A.M. FOR RALE-TIIEHTOt K F IXTURES AND GOOD WILL of a eoofeetlonarv and fruit store now doing a g?*Hi bu?i nenh. a deHtrsble s'anu for a person having a Imhx- au<i eragou, snd a man o attend to marketing, Ac. The pre sen' o> < ipuit < faniM is too *mail to give I* proper atveuuou. Apply at ii llamtl'oii avenue, Soutii Htooklyn. M HALE? A MMHKH OF VALl'A HLE A N I > DK 1l sirabie bulldtng lots st Fordhsm. Wesn ?? s er county, on Lhe Harlem Railroad, one hours' ride from the my, foi ?s ?* Hbeap; *1m>, several desirable country rest.irncee, unaurptssed r?#r f?eauty and eonvenle.iee, tor sale <>:? ex? iiauge for city pro pcrty. llKHRIAN A BANKS, t it Waii sire*;;, l*at u*etii. 1jH)R HALE ? A LARtJK PACKING HOX FACTORY I o^rrled on by tl?a owner ! ?r twenty e|*iit y?ar*: will sel lh'* bilBlin ? an?l ma< h1ner> and give a ?ew. Ther?* ar#? four circular ?aws and one ut?rtg'>t . ??r wtil *ell th#? lot, with ali U?e ^i pur enat.ref The iot U 30 fe? fiTNitareJ at*ou< 1?i0 ierp, a lirnt rate font story tin pr'^ii brtek stoop b) tin: r?*?r. a n*rge doul ie two ?uj?-y fraire : ullding "ti fr<?nt. Hie fer#ni house alii let, in tenen .-i t- tor aie>ut $600 per year A p**r feet title; no incumhi afiee, clear of ati .iu?l demand*. The n.o?t ?.f the money can retnadi *m houd and tn ?rgag". It required. The ri^son fur sellinv la tli?' owner ' as . ? ?' a large, larm, and wul go and live mii it. In^uue * V* . .1 46 Maru>n street. FOR ?ALE? THE VALUABLE PROPERTY, corner ot Seventh avenue and thirty- ?tonrth atre* - t ie ? r ?? fb?u* stiirtea tugh. With modern unpro? men's. Flfi-t rate staixl tor a froeer or btitgher. Term* very ess/. Inquire ot HA Ml KL .-TAKES, Jr., on the premise*. For sale? ov Tfi r irri^ojf Rivr:/; a o imr mux ootifftry r'%aM??nc* containing 10 room*<. together w. 'i -4 a^ res ot land, on which are a barn and earr age h ?u... 4*m? 4IKt trui' tree*, a vinery " ain ng Wtreign grapes; tlifi. a rtoe well of water, cistern, A : ?ht>- quarj rs ot a ml.o from h* Uermnntowti - on of " i nud^n Ki-. -? |:%? m ] ten r* > .< Imit.w RtMfe'm; Uo Iwatih), and - - t.?rv ... , Inquire of DR. o ATMAX. I? HMrtUe street; of D. A A. Wnr? vaot, etmier of W < ? ?ud Cuatntxrs - raata orgftieorga H t ailihiji. on the preti.!?es. F R SALE? THE tiOOl) WILL AND IIJT; Itf of the hslr dr J?o. MB Chain be -sire- < , iwr ? ' .. Apt I oi TSWaR* NO - I Ma liwiti ? e?. JSOR <AI.E? A FAR* OF 'I *' RBe \DJOINJNf? v er>, ?.V) lee: lnm< a rivet lit en a market ?o l garden tarm f..r y year", highly 1 ului ste I. we|| wi <?<1 and fenced al.onlaa e of frulf; mi ' ??? ?e :i .. t?r a?>;>re dated A large dwelling bo'iae, a4tnaied n high ground KlBHtntftng an ertcrtalve Ttew; aim -ma l tarni Ikum" ?al . irner ..!* ou' building., togadMr w,ib ?toeii atrl torm.og tnen?tl-. Wii|e*vhanit? ?ir flr^i ela^al,,i..fttv^.l ctts property at a fair valuannn Al-n, a dairy larm of M aeraa, I ntilea Ircoig depot , ?fc.M*'. C. N IIARTWfi.K 2WBro*Iwt) row? I. FOR SALE. Fob hale- in the moot healthy and PLBLHANT pari of Brooklyn, two ueat collage built boL?e* and lot*, commanding cue or tie beat view* In the eHy; bouaei two ?tory and baneaent, bard finlabed, and corniced :: - arcbad par Ion; large lou, 2/1x110 price onw tl mn ' ea ay; ronaidarad cheap, will doSle In ?aT/ Y#riP* premiaaa, Deane atraet, between tirand and C'li Fulton can paaa within a ibort dtalan? Ua**0[? 4??"ue?. F?F IALE~* #00? A FINR LARUK n?mv p. uu ?. wtaa? ??^T3s?.*s <x rr?: implement*, Ac., can be had at a irreat wn t n?? kUwk, to jLj-BKfcRIAN A by applylD4' F?HMk?Ir^'NE CAKK,' WUTAININO one groa? lar,;e I vm.1^1 kyon a magnetic powder; two utmh -mull fi ukM mice ?rdalfo/h" powrte,ri two Kron* boxea pill* fop killing rata piy at ^Siom ^treel.r ^rty pe'c^Ap' F?tauo?A^rJ?^a fTO, 'c Aicn FIXTURES or A l.uilnfHH 4,J, b* Jama* Mreet, now doing a flni rate tie ?i?hH.h?.P y.f 0 P' ??"'???. The reaeon for offering U"u ">? proprietor in about to ?3 F? ^ ?JiL e.-m?lbn Mil confectioner y and cakh H n|j5&7' "'tuated on Klglith .treat, near H roadway, joliu . i bUKlnea*; prire fWH); rent *7'M. AUo hit.rrtH {ittlent hURlnoi, y, elding lariic profit-.. Al-o splendid .'ou>c iu ee^rTm ?/ *" Brook,yn- 9ll>0- A?V at 81 lC, FOR BALE, IN TUB BRVKNTII W ART) ? A TWO STORY brick bowmeni nnd attic huu-e, with all ihe modern Im provementy. In complete order, hot and cold water, bulb room rajige nnd heater.; on leaaed ground, It! yearn to run, wi'b nrl' Tilogeof renewal: ground rent, $137; lotZSfaat 4 Inclio. by l.Ml foct. Price. W,(-Al. W UOU c Jh. b^tonee o i bond Ind m -V yage, Apply .o B. l ARKHt'R.vr, a Market gtreet. P?? M1? CHEAP? A IIOl'SB IN FORTY-THIRD ?treat, between Broadway and Klghih avenue in J??t Y.r aer, and in a #enteel neighborhood. K canon for tfellfnjr the Fuilon'iitreebt, brl""0 Dey au" TJ'OR HALE CHT5AP? V?, 4 4 ^ OUItk' TiAnrt/o ail' H?ccond yr^'t"*' ""r,D*U w><T>?'"d- AfPU 'at" P , EEASOWAMLB TKRMS. OR I.i > v, i liable on an adjoin, n'gWT^II Micuhi'icd'fe a ?mail caplta!would make u . ?' a wl>?*?>op. or ln'iulre on lie premlaei Vn h Wn> P m tenant house, market. v % h Mruihaiuin ?.ireet, uejir Union ?" TO ?'KT-A NBW TIIRKK STORY AVi> tliuated on ^Elght?1 towt?Sb?^TA >" J*> r,'cl bf F??,?^: P? EXCHANGE? A OOOO nOTKf. Vow Irnm ?ev^nu' ih,'T i" 'T l n,,'w- ?^?mmod?S KM?i real eaUUe. Apply 10 ' ,? iV; !i ASKKlir Real eytale broker, 14 Pino street. /JtROOERY AND UoL'OR KTOP.K Pit p. H \t E ?TIM* -*>? oAShLmm MhS tC,?toZn f-irn "f ?ll",-i.y g beiw^TK!}, Tortune in a few v?ar? |.'n?* 1 nmn can '" ike a corner ol r,.. |Uc and Bon.l HtrcetM? Brook th*' ,toro """'? A pply at (ih fuih' streJl ato-To'^i!'0 ,llrlb0r for L&wm A,'",y N'I>HK w'mTliJ "m5u, LKIMhR, ailmlnlnfraior^, ?? Ihc premw " V * Vf ACHINKRY OF a FORTH MONNAIK K iTAIIf I-.W w TJ''"?n' ?" lh? 1<n*4*y0?' October I^l!td "rii,11,;,^ r\'u,w H' T?>-& ^??irY.#pp,y 10 jo^n 5^,'i ^rsi iJORTH AMKRICAN RH\r. II8T \TI' I'XCII t VC" ? vr? nltur - for -ale. $-ju ow lo luufmi w! "I"1 fur Broadway, room 10. *" 0u w<tlch,? ?"<! jewelry. 3W P^opSTv* lnINwS?.Y?RK T0 "^"ANOkTor ^ 1-wff Srfh^S,1 l,?sfc Z. J"">y-rA I'oye^lon can ^e had ImmedJa.elv. roMlh*?' rpo CAPITAMHT3 AND L?MBBRVBV? a MftjT'^erition "^,' W"'"r" N"" Agent,' & Htate Mreat! ISpara"' "?ceS T S? 'ir?r^ or e.chL.^rfm' TH|?Xy^?fh?T.LRkK|. Vmalf C*T,h' ,MW ^ "^'^V^^arTT.'^ The 1" 'll" "Wn'r ^ rro BxcuANoB for m>:rchandi9b? mu ?crw np V'"'^ A,5r^ TW.<;0,"iTf'-A f rNK andi-arobdrpo ntorf bs "SSS^sSSs1 ? LKTTBRMAN. T"' ^ MHN.?F(jR KAI.F A ''HILD'M CAf'r ru e (ISO. Apply to Mr. Spen.e, PJ Spring -'treet. ' ' rp 1 \\ vTt II Ma KSRB.? FOR SAI E. THF. RNTIRH VIII;, i;e, w |il,r"wo Itouril^r **e oj'nI-' ^ v"rk "V* !'?"rl'l"l;' Inquire ?<_ A. \ DREW.' a BROTH Kit. MO Bi^oad w.yT T"ih?"V'wCM?H~A HABK CHA NCR ?FOR 7. r y ?'wl._Uo?^, from 1 to 4 o'cto k, ?n he ?<h, iKh anll loJh' i,',?" T0,?yr K R M E< 'TTTIHTU ? ON B OF TUB 'wmTl'ni 1 ple e ami ehulble uallerie. In Broadway u iT, i , proprietor, having other ou3? ,y ' f ,,?'"r pOK'ft u> -etl at ii Ka''iillc4*. Appiy to r fi \ ri : 1. yyi V way, neu door to Taylor1. ?atlon. "*???. M Brond rro rARMKRA AMI WOOL <?ROWKRrt.? THHKK MK 1 i i, (ten nnd two t4ouM?em ranm. two and three y?-nm old. pttitbried, tor ftaieby J. V. ( LRt .it ( '>.,W Ma<?Aen lane. "XXfl LL1 AM H B r RO PROrKRTY ? FOR KALE OR TO f ? let. a neat eouajre house, Mituafeon Fifth n4r<Mit, be'w^mt North rlzttl and North Ktxth *?.r#e?n; It will he nold ''heap ??r ren /d low to a ?roo<j teriant Al?o to |ft. t >ttr ??r Are r.Kjriui In a nev rottaffe hotiw? to ;? *majl re*pe? table lann-jr. For tern* inquire of G. L>OYLK, on the pretniaex. TricirT fok^saf.k-thk i'klkbFatbi) f as r >a< h? Katv Old. the u inner of the t Wii regt?uan at tilen 09f% v*f!l found and in OBfldMc order, wl/j be aoM otfeMp. About nlnft^eii tons carpenter'* mea*'ireim,*t?t. For parti u la/- ippiyto THOh. F PUILLIPH. 117 William alreet. THE MlI-IT \ III . BIRKBKt K A Ft'RMAN Ol'ARI) MaIIE TIIKIH THIRD anutial uti cxi um^in to (JliOen Park, stamen lulaud. on October ?$, \*U>. The folio wtnc N tJ??* lie' of prl/m, and who they were pmttoftd Ih , ano by u hora won: ?1 * prlae $i>>. order tor ciotiiiiiK, by Htrkt?e<k. Funuan <t<o won njr Georite WlUw&n. 3d priz#*, $15, order for clothliuc. t?? h?* am won by Mamuei Oooderooti, 3d piite, fio, order lor eiotftfrw, by 'he Mftin**, won by John Argtfagor. ft'h pno-, t10, order t<r r oUie*. by ('apuin Coffin, 'von by Fr*ann? Hitler; Ith prt*e. ue silver ra? er pr* -ented by Fran m It. Policy, won bv Wll ilatn l?fd; '?'Ji prue, one ?et of tfvtr efNBHW, IIVtMNMi br WUltem ('am**, won b\ Roi>ert liaaUuon. Tth priae, one it vet cake basket, by Jar. Morton, won by Patrtek F<> ey; *?h pri/e, a musket, b> t'aptaiu KOMMM won to .Umet M. Dor rtetj 9rh price, f*? ftoid p^e, pre??*nfed by Wl!lia:n flMrrt+tn, I won by .lam?"? J?' k?"u. lOih pn*e rme fowling p?^*? by I Jerry < a*ey, won t?y Dentil" Krr!t?*?ie; I lib prize, ft foM p|e< ?? p ? ^eti etl by t*H|Haiii ? "il.n, won ?y P?<?r !>? i^'br y; i .th pr1/#-. ?llrrr nobler bv I i ?. ? - lniari Harney, won by Robt. | Borji?. L'?th pt lie, bre<?fc'pin# by ? ? ? v ?nbvWm H a kb irn Il4?h. ? Hi it, prewm'td by Jotin WilU.-r won by F. Me .o-, afoldpenell, pre-^-nsdhv Joeeph LyMa?,'won b> Wil ;iam A. Mnfti*; iHth. >m*- i*? pair ot i?oot-*, praMWited by Writ ?? k, V ermao A ''o , won by Ume> o?rrau-ter. IT'b a Kold pt?ce by Cap' t offiu. won bv Pair, k t .n't* in i, $? Kuidp '^e frf-rnted by won by William Wood: 19th, one +*>' of void rtjif buo<?n?. nreaented by Captatn C??id, won by t rederfc k Fathnwa. ; SRItii, Meene Im, prewired ?> Joseph Belkrmp. K-*M . won by dr o, ?? Atker, 2U M bill, by Henry I??*a. wo?? by Coin. 22<l. of *et of 40IJ ain la. !iy Ktena !?*?( tflu by WHItotn ffrtfht, JS?1, ooe g?iUl ritlg, bv 1 1 woo by J'la^pli M' Kay.SM b Sa preeawefhy ?iie ,* iovt won o| Forr*-?? Wh oik wr^atli, proaeot**?l b> lira. btMgf H irk beck. Jr. , won by So ?eif Murray 2Mb one wreaili i<rr*? nte4 t?s ? v?on ty toho Cartie; Th-- a*>OTf r ??<? *.y aro employ*" of H F .1 Co.. and c??>*oln Cotfln vo untiHIy ?*. t^e %eeaoib'>at .lohn H rkbe<*k toc^mvev Uve ?ai>.e to Mia'^n Wand. CAPT HMfTIf^O^. () S HK? K.? lllf. MV MH' li- AVU FRIRNH Boaimcn Wuard ?re rc.,i t 'heir head t i.r\T-. i ?in) target ei> 'in IX.wi'itr* II. Ri, \rrrKBAR oiRi-- <n i?i ol the "Orpa v. HI t>? held a penard atr. ct. OB Filday e*ei.hi.". ' > -o?'?er 5, ?' 71-, ? i. Ity.?.p% W RvVMly l?, W?. TitIM, Ailjuiai \V AT< Klf, JKWUftV, ?< . / ' AI.IFOKJUA DIAMOND" ?Mil- VrW \ VO Hit1 11 " v f.?l aHlele atlH take, liie U ad with i . ? . r? ?? ?. ? . . i#*firy l he he-t /nig. rMino* u- ' 'hem from tbc ?. I i i vr*r?a are wvhto the reach of ererj '*ie. i*lu?iei- gr^ta1 oiua. ? . U and >? ; ear itn?* tO to **., I, ? |j>; aiaC ladtea' pln?. "**ea t^kri*. t,ui'oni, hrac.eMe A^. Anrl?* nade toorder.M^ wt?h he atov- iHawm- In ?n. .r> Am *^M?.jt trail to Any part of 'h? Caliad Htaia. h* eneta?n? trnq**. addrtaaod to 1>. A J. JA'VUh, mr Br-vi^ay. SHIPPING. Fur i.lVKKl'OOl/? UNITED STATES HAIL HTSAlf. nhip PACIFIC, Wye, commander. ? 1 TMi iUvim.hip will d?pi?rtwJHi liie I'tilted Htalea roaili for Europe poniivuly mi Wednesday, Oct. 17, ?' 12 o'clock, M., fruin lier berth .it tlx; Toot of Canal atree*. For freight or pamuge, Ii.ivihk >iue<(iutJIed accommodation for elerance and couifort, aiioly to BI'WARI) K. CUIJ.I.NH.Si; Wall?treet. raMeofen are r?<| ueateri u> be on board bv II o'clock, A. M. Shipper* pleane take notice that the ship* ol tins llni caimot carry anv good* contraband of war. All letter* muit p >?? through the Foat any other* will be returned. The NieaUfhip Atlantic will succe-wl the Pacific and nail O-t. 91. rE NEW CORK ANI> UVKRPOOL I'?nTBU 8TATKH mall meaner*.? The ship* computing ihu line are llic fol lowing:? ATLANTIf, Cap'. West, BALTIC, Cant. nonrtoek. PACIFIC, Cap). tiye, A 1WIATIC, ('apt. Tbeae *hlp? have been built hy .ontra.i, eipreaxly for gov eminent Her*lce. Every ''are linn been tak?-u to their <*irurtruo lion, a* also In their eoplnca, to erunire -^trctigth and HDMd, and their accommodation* tor p.iwscrifc'cr* ..r?t .iijc.juaIIo'^ lor elegance and comfort. I'rto* i t puNw^'e Irom New York to Uverpool In 6r?t ela?? oablu fiso, in tecood do., $1.1; erulo ?lve u?e ot eura hIm .late room, f'iJfi; from Uv.rpool to New York, 30 and *1) guinea*. An eij>eri*:u< ?>l stu'geon aUachjd U> cacb ship. So berth necurod auiU p.ud tor. moroticu najaa oi TKCa Ttr TOItK. FCOM uvr.nrooi. Wednexlay Inly 15. '?S. ^it'irhy Inly a?, IMS. WeilDewlaj ... Aug. I\ 1*54. Hatuplay Aug.U.lKM. Wedneiulay Aug. 22, IH.VV. Kiturday, \ug.2K, 1>W. Wedneatay "^ept. 4, lNM. tfutunUy <?|it. H, liiVi. W'dnewlny M'pt. IP, 1MB. Xti'urdi/ Sept. 22, UM3. Wedneaday Oct. 3, IMA. Saturday Out. tl, 18..5. Widneaday Oct. 17, IM6. Katunlay o i. an, ikm, Wednesday Oet. :.l, IMWi. >?uirj?y Nov. 3,1833. Wedneaday Nor. 14, 1HM. Saturday Nov. 17, laM. WodftMAky ?..-Nov,2t), IMS. Sat unlay l)eo. I, ItW. Widnemlay IJcc. 12, IHi, Si1 urday Dec. la, IsM. WedoCMlay Dee. 3t>, IHM. Saturday Due. -D, IMA, For freight or paawige apply to KDW. K. t OI.I.1NB, No. M Wall street, Now York. HROWJf, Hlill'LKY ,k CO., Liverpool. hTKFHEN KE WARD A CO., 27 Austin Frlin, Lonlou. H. O. WAINWRIUIIT .V <'0., I'aiia. OBORUE II. DKAJ'KJt, Havre. 1 he ownar* ul' tie-? *hlpa will not iie u oouii'ai.le for <ToVd, ??liver, bullion, apeehi, Jewelry, preolmia Htonc, or iueu?u, uu leaa bills ot lading are tiigued therefor, airl Urn valuo thavaof ?herein ?xprcaned. Khipper*. pleaoe t-ike notio* 'h it tlie aiiipn ol ibia line ,.nuot < ai ry auy gcoda coniraland ot war. Bi.ack ball link or pa< kfti ?? port liverpooi/. ? Theiaai .hiIiiik ?l"j) NEW Y' )KK, .',iK)0 ion*, ''attain l.r.Min', will p.?nivl> Kill on lie r.'.li .<r o.- i.' er. l-'or i.'rina ol eabin, aeeoud < abili an<l Hteer me pa*< >i'e apply oil luianl, font of ttcekiuan street, Kaht ri\ ' .', ur fe JAiTOU WILSON, Ittfi houtli street. pMKRAJLD IHLK.? FOB LI VKKI'OOL? T AIMCOTTrt line, ?alla on Katnrdav, Oet. II. ? The lar ;n an I eoinmo h ... dloua clipper atdp KMKKALD IriUt, (apt il H. Cornlah, will mil ux al nve. 'I III* miperlor ve<ne. hM unaarpaaaud aoeom modatloii? lurall ehi" * of paaxenftra, who will bn l.ikei iU n.<?Iernte rutea. To aeeiira bertha, e*rlv appllCAtkm Hlioul<l Ii" niHiie on hoard, at pier 44) Kaal river, or lo TAFBCO'I I 4c <X)., Hoo'h a*r Fun liv t: R i'<)0i--?Ai UA on hati'udvy, ot-r. ?, at 12 o'clock, the ollmier ?hip ONTARIO, 2,W0 ton a. Cap Wi od, 1 or I*mli ii.? ll>? pokatdnp HIK ROIIKBT PKM., ?all* Oet. 4. For parage in elthoroi lb" above packet** an ?ly on board, pier 20 kaat mtr. ur Ui th t agent. I'llOH. O. KOCIIK, S}K<> itli irreet. F jlOR LITKRP001#-KT. (IBOft'YK'B MNK.-TIIK MAM n.Df f'nt ami rllpp^r ^>?tp ^ M*t K, < A ins worth, will null nuSni'inlnv, t?Mi QNruthrr. K?<r p t*snn?j ?*i cabin, BtcOTid CA^in ?n* h?? ? r ?*:? , on t i. i* .%?<. ??, Norib rivor, or 'o DEM UKST ?t JoN&S 4U Modib and % OKI Mltp. THK VANDKRBILT ROftOpKAfl HTKAMHflfP LINK Pur Hotilht&uiton ami Havre.-? Tim ?npc iv*r cKhh iitramiiliip NOftTII sTAK, J KM) ton*, WaniMlt, comrn.ind^r v,Ui ixmi'tvcly Fail \* atiuv?>. m? Hmurday, Ort. 13, at noon, nrorWijr, from pier No. 30 Nor'Ji rivor, loot o i r'Inunbcr? hi. Vlr*t i'lan* ......a $1)0 Socond clasH pa Ui hied i t.H or new roR*. havhk AXDBOVTtuuroii. North rtlar .^opt. 22 NortJtHt&r 11 Ariel Oct. J.*4 Ariel Nov. 'J North Star Nov. .J Ariel. Nov. 24 Th*'*v *Wp* ^av? ?n;"r tlpht com pari menu, and Are -uilc and fitted In tii? 1>p* t manner tor wifeiy .uid ?*oii?i..rt, cAtk-n Al, and inaiirr* at #im 'ou-fKt rar?*n. V,<*tu?ra, D repaid, ea* b I8;^c. per or., are r^elved at tb* oflUre of tiir lim-, S \ It IJowlinir iireen, till II o'clock A. M. of the day of ?utiliu/r. Oood* jind H ^ ? a' rwlueeU rate*, and parcela, prepaid, eauli $1 and npwarda. For t'refffkit or p???m aj?e apply w J). TORRAM'bl So. 5 Howling llreen, .Ve;v York ALUKRT N. rifUVSTIK. No. ri f*iAce <le la lloarM, Paris. (jRJIYhTiK, hHJULOKSSMAN .V <'<)., 17 t^uai Ca?jfuir Delavigne, Havre* tjl OR SOUTHAMPTON AND UAVRK.? THK US fTKD I? Statira mall hi earner VNION, H. A<lanm, corit'iuindcr, will leave for Havre, 'oucbing at Soatbamptoo to iaml the niall/* and pawngern, on Saturday, 0< ?. at>, at 12 o^clook, Trorn nler V North river, lfw>t ??f He^ob mrcct. Price of pannage, fiiwt cabin $1?/) Do. do. f oeond eabln 75 Lm'pnpc not wanted during the vova e who i Id ?>#? * -nt on board tbo day b?*r?re aniline marked ' t>elow." No frH^bl taken after TburMay, 0< t. |H. For frH^ht or o inna^e, apply to M. LIVINGS TON, Atfent, M Broadway. The Arago will succeed tlie t'nlon, and nail November 17. ?/OR BRKMKN, VTA SOUTHAMPTON.? Til K UNITED C Htatea mail ati^amahip WASHINGTON, K. t'.ivendy corn mander, ill rail for I'remen, touching at Ko ith^nip on, to land the mails vod f?aK ??n?t rx for Kn^lar.d and Fnuire, on Saturday, October *?, at 12 o'clock \f.. from filer .'17 North river, rrloe of paaha^e from New York U? Suu Jiainp'on or Bremen In tir *t cabin, main Mloon yi.ii) in flrat cabin, lower aaloon.. 1 In iecond cabin 60 An experienced surgeon Ih attained to ea< h nt earner. Specie delivered In Havre or London. All lettcra muat on?.*4 thro nth 'be Pofct office, for pa*aaie or freii{bt apply to if. II. SAND, agent, II South William ^reet. The Hteamer Herman wiU aucceed 'he Waahin^ton, and sail November 3. TBK UVKRPOOL AND PHILADKU'IIIA rKAMSIlIP Company intend sailing their lavorlU) 'eamabipa? <ITY OK MiN< Iir>Tfl{. . Alston ..tij- VVvlle. CITY OK BALTIMORI*:. <n?w>*. " ..t!apt. . CITY OK WASHINGTON, do .. /.TtXI 11 ..< apt. 11. Lcltcb. r*o* mil. \i?:i rnt a. CI TV OF MANCHESTER Tliuraday, January I rt, IWl rui)M ii vKM'ooi.. CITY OF MANCHESTER - Wednesday, F *b. 14, 18M. Saloon $??a and V*5. according to itate room A limited number oi 'bird clAai" pa u*engera will I e taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and round In provlxiona. From PhiladeJ ?hla | From Liverpool .$41 Partlea wlaMng to bring out tnelr friend a nw obtain < e<-ilfi cme? ot pa^naK'' ?*nd drat *? on I^verpo-'l, in auma of II nler IIhk and upward** Apt ly to SAMI'kIi SMTTlT. Agent, 17 Walnut ?''reel, Philadelphia, and No, 7 MroAdway, New York IV)R.OAr.lFORNIA.-NKW YORK AND CALIFORNIA Mi wii*.i!p line, via *N'ic?ragiia.? The \oremnr% Tranalt <V,rnp?ny.ot S.caraKua, proprtc'ora.? Through in a<ivaiweo( the mall; 700 mllea unorU r tlian any oib?r route, avoiding 'he deadly Panama fever and two mile* of dantteroiia IxM'mg In PunMina bay. The Panama line <4.nne taut AipinwAli apna at earner lr* m New Orleans, where the yellow fever In racing. The NleHragna line baa no connection wPh New Or lean. ?? The apletxlld double engine ^enm.ship STAR < >F TIIK WKST, XJH'O tons burthen, < apt. Tamer anil leave from pier No. 3, NorUi river, at 3 r>?eloek P. M., prt' laelr, for Punta Arena-, on f 'rlday, (Vtober ft. connecting with the favorite ateamahlp Uncle Sum. 2.1*0 tona burthen, over toe Nicaragua Tranoi route, having but twelve mlb ? of land transportation, by 6rat claaa carriage#. For information or n ts*?g<' at Um reduced rate*, apply only to t'HAS. MORtJAN agent. No, 2 Howling Ore en T.etier bag made up a' the ofllce. htampM letter a taken for u \ cent-. N. B ? <*ommenclnr on Wedn?HKla v, the 24th of Ocntber, ? dayaof leaving New York aiil bo dbange4 to the 9th uii Ji U of taeb mon'li. F^Ol'R HOIR8 FBOM OCEAN TO OCEAN, BV pana ma Railroad. Twenty the ixiundt baggage t"re?? Through for California, via I'ariamii Railroad.? 1 be I in oil Statu** M ill Htesim-b'.p i utnpanv Intend todoapatcb for AHj?inwai'. on Kr' day, Oct. ft, at 'J o'clock P. M.. nreeiaely, from pier foot ol War ren street. North river, tbe weH known atei akorVe -teAm?hlp OKOBOE LAW. ('apialn A. O. (?'ray. Pa^ng' Tg and rn*ii? will be forwarded V?y Panama Haihoai), and conned a i'ana ira mib the Pacific Ma i Bteamxlslp <,ompan)'i magi.wi cnt aiernieblp S# nora, R. Whiting, t^imman ler, ?vUi? h will )>e in reMdir e -e and ? at e imrntMliateiv for San Frtnciteo. The pub lie are Informed thai the P %f. H. S, ?*o. al way a have one >r more extra au*arnera lying at Panama ready lor nut, 'o avp&d anyjpoaatble deteriti'-n of pa-ceugere or matl*. For paaatg^ ai-plv to I. W. RAYMOND* at the only office oi dm compaue a, fH Weat utreet, corner of wAffl New York. First cltppkk for han francini-o -di spatch Line; guaranteed to aal! on or before Monday. ot>er fth, lowest rate* and no detention, fbe fa*t clipper ?*hlp MARY, Howea maa er, ia taking in 'he la*'. of ber caig<iatpie i*7. Ba^t river having remaining capacity for a few 'on-t li*'.t treigbtflf *ent immeMliateiy a'ongaiae shipper- w id be*vr in mind 'b*?t tbe veawela of thi* lino 'ak? t*> f eUht nflr t|?a das advertlaed The fainou* A 1 e.upprr wlUp Ot KAN KX PBKsh, t u nn it>i nam , ma*ter. will ?*a*n be ready Utf ear#'* when an early day for nailing will be named. HI "f TON A CO.. 5ft Sou h street, corner Wail Australia pionkrr link, carrying the unit . ed S'a'e* mail. The beautiful A I cUpper ba'k OOLDKN K.RA, ?'i ?ai lOfiS, for Melbourne, now at her ber'h, ptrr So. fi Ka*t river tiaa now half her eargo on board, n4 win t?i.a * j u a deapa'cb. Gtiaranteed he fl m re*ee|. For freigh* >ir paaeage apply to R. W. t AMKRON. No & Bowling Ureen. FOR HAVANA AND NKW ORLF! Y\^~THB UNITS D atatf a mali Kteainaitip ULAt'K WaKRIoR, J. O lluik>k, c? imuiandei , will rommen e re eiring * ? igh 00 f /idav, < ? r?, and Mil from her pier, foot of Robin*ou *li ?'?t, N. B.,at 2 I*. M , on Wednesday. '?? t. 10. LI V I > Of-TON, ? R0CHF.UON k ' O , 4 Hr?iadway. F IOP. SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA.-CNITM) STAT' Mall Line.? Tlie A rat claw* *'eatn*hiji FLORIDA. Cap'. . Woodhui will leave on *a' u < >? ? r if . n i? ? r No. 4 North river at 4 O'chck P M. precisely. Hs.l* of ladiri< xl/f.efl on board. For freight apply on bo inl, <? i -r | i-* *ge ? - L MIT' H ILL. U Broadway N II -The ear* of O.a ( ci.tra) Railroad leave Savannah e,? ry lay f-?i Maeoo, Co. im bo? Montgomery. Ac a' 8 o'clock A. M ??id 4 o'e.^-k P. M , connecting witli tbe great Sou die m mail. *"?'? mer* le%?c Sa vannah for vartotta place* in Florida on Tuesday Tfiuraiay* ano Saturday- at 10 o'clotk A. M. For charlmiton and Florida United Male* mad line.? Tbe new and fa*' q urtg * earner 'AfllVRifiK M Herrv. < ' ?mmao ler vi;; leave pi'. > 4 North rivet on Sa'ur*iay. <mh 0. at 4 o i'?ck P. vf, For freight apply on beard, where all bill# ?g la/ling wil ?ill ?"i iwl mi pa? age a the oflp-e m ?sPt|FF* ?RD, II LH S'foN .? f<K. Tj Broadway Through vice's \t* Jfackao n?. * and IMa'ka. I '.?? -? M herner will ? < l *n i !? ave >m We?l neaday, Oct 10. < abln passage %z, rro soi thrrn travrlli r- -tmk i nitko sVatfm 1 may *ieamahtp *1 AMKHTOWN, Cai? ParvlatL will lea ? pier 13 North river. ? n ?*h tii'Uy Ocu? >er for Ri hrnou 'ouching at 0.d Point < otnfort. Pae??nger* tor Ue - nuh w. i pro read, fftt Peterafcrorg* witbou' de ay, and -rid arrive in Wel'ion, WH?injt*a) A a- <?- and with a- ho ? aipeu*#?, as if they v* fit via Norfolk Tie v ru- 1 not appr ne I *>? danger fmm tbe l? ver, a* the *blp doe* not go naa; die infected CPU'*. Paesagc* and fa? ? <tat? room In (de l, to Old Point, $*; to Petersburg or Hi? hneind. f iO. St'-erage half prW LUDLAM A PLKAS \\TH 31' llrovlway. N'OtW f SffTi'^f fMRM f '( > s'c f y ^ Tr rof. _ lowing parkagaa m*rr %wlii* per *i??p oaftner. O *t sen Francisco, will j ;efv*e n ake ih#o*#ei--s? known, oth** * ??<? ?aid pa< kages will he ?dd forarfnuant *A wkom it may c . rern for the purpose of paying frHft?< < harg^s 4 '*\*g.? *+r. 1 nanlbe marked ( H ? . be lows a kei if. 4 1 , 1 pa. et. marked K Y lla* *01 "tgned ? V V. Ha*. am I ? b#*? marked J D Lang, 1 vail** vrartad a F , aon*ign*v| fo ortiee 1 cheat I trunk eoosfgm <1 to lbren%e t>otewnan. if balee w '*?i , mai aed J. L M.. ootieigTi^i *0 .1. It W. b. lalDl .N 104 H ? . ? e*' B RITR V PA V# OUNTY LAND? BXTHA PAY PF,NaiON? *<\.DVK I r*?r* *atteri t?! *okf ler* pr" ir^l by J B VO.Vf5H e United Htatea nary No, IS Warrea sir ei c*?mef |roa4way. UaMao sta?e* r^aMpon- a *0 issued by ). B. S. mm 'tefl cttii?? miMt (irraM* ?? r*.if?oa>a? E itk \ tat? Wavy fcf.r*tr i.a*o uid . itka 1 fay" La*<l ?IVraiii?, .1 a pa ' an I ?>? an ?*? ar w*f> 4?r all I ni ??! I'M. mrj m. oi. in ail tr%r. ?tr?'* I'.W J < ,r ? I<1. ? ' ar (1 1^1 - (.t m|.i? - ? ?o l , a..l ui4 an k.n<l 'A ' aim. aim* ta I dIimMax. . bj KUWaKIi BIMtXL At'is', )a ? P?r*?r I' * Va?j-far?l * +n4 ctui, <+lkw Ij,?. <1 DANCING \( A C1IIARRU ACIVS BOOMS. M RAHT THIRTKHNl'il J *treet. ?ouih -He, westot ilroadway.? Mr. OHARttUAlfD respec'fnliy acquaint* bis patron* and the public Lbui be lui* returned from 111* toitr of ol>?ervntlon tn Europe and wi'l commence giving ln*i ruction tn dancing and walking on Sat urday, Kith, and Monday, 14<Ji October. Day* fur the regular cluane* Monday and Thursday, ai 7>a o'clock V. M., lor gentle men; Wednesday ?i id Saturday. at 12, MM, MdMA after i oon, for ladle* and children. Private liwin< and private r laaaee at any o'her hour*. Several new dances will be in'ro ilurfU Monthly voire*' daneante. Clreuiar*, containing terms, Ac., ran be bad aa above. DANCINO ACADEMY? MAI?EMol?gt.I !'. CAROUSE YEZIEN'S danclug academy, n Howard street, l? i.oir o|>rn tor the Manon. VlaweWW for the Instruction ofladt a and gentlemen at S o'clock P. M., anil at * In the evening, fhr practice. (irumt Kotri >? Dannnte every Batuxday evetiitig, from 8 to 11 Admiaalon SO cent*. GKAM) Al'OLI.INEA, ;t79 FOURTH iTEEBT.? F. s a Ra<i O, ih? only accomplished toa.-h er of h- n- r .ui'l modern danoea In America, na* re opened hi* dancing room tor private. le<M>ua to ladle* aud geutleujeu. Cuwava for prac tice as imiwI. MRU. A. LANNAY'8 DANCINO SCHOOL, AT Mil NT A tine Hail, Court *txeci, Jtiooklyn, will be re opened o Saturday, October C. kwiiii on WWneertay and saiurda afternoon*. comnjencln T at 3,', o'clock. Mouthly Matinee Oat ?ante* will he given. Mrs. Idiunay will lie Msste.liiy hex daughter. Fnruier Information i-hi> t.e had on application i* Mk l.annay. alte WiUougbby sheet, between Lawrcocc and II ridge, 11m ok. \ u. VfAOAMK AUar?TA W!U. EE-OPEN HER DANCINO lfl school on the Iftth of October, la New Vurk,at the < hlr.tse . on Wednesday* and Saturday*. In llr<?'k Ivn, at the A'hcoteum, A Mantle streets, on MouiHy* aid Fri dats. N. II.? For par" uiar* apply at 7U Broadway, of No. Alt Henry itreet, lirooklyn. M.VF. OTA mi, I RRPI'KOTKtrU.* I N FOR MS HKR fYii-nd?i>n 1 the pubito thai, having newly titled up her rra ms, they will lie open for liir'ructloii in lanelng on mo litli oi October. Fnrfutliier mim n ation apply dally at the Waver ley House, corner ot Fourth street tod Broadway. N. It ? I ?**. h for ladle" and gentlemen every Wednesday evonlng. PROFrPSOR P. YATES' D \N 'WO ACADEMY IS NOW opeu for the ?<:? on, at Military Hall, Bowery, oppoaito S|irlii? xtreet, New York, luya of tnitlon? For Keutlemeo, Tu< aday nod Friday gtenllW, from 7 u> III. For lailiea, mlaaea and muatere? ' 1 ueiday and t aturiay ufterhooim, trCCD 3 to ?!. (OPAHTNKHNIIIP ,*OTlC'EM. (2>1 K TO J'JI.OOti ? A PARTNER WANTRI), WITH THIS 1 f ) amooiit ut eapltal. The Imalne* in well eatabilnlt**df ami to ituy one hai Iok the above arootiut, tl la a ehao< o rarely met with, aa the only ruimou tor wUIiiok .k par ner la tii >? ex tennionol' the builms. AddreaaO. W., l/atao K<iuara I'oat olln'o, ?tating win re a peraonal addn aa may be ?ent. (A ;/? oon T" W, 000.? WANTED, K PARTNER, IN jpU.UuU wholoaaie grooety btiatneaa. Anv man, wt h tfii! ulnne capital, by Klvlttuia lalactrtry referenen, may hear of a ifyoil Opportunity, )>y .i4w??atng Oroeer, box l:i7 llerald of lice, for two days. (J>4? Ann ? I'ARTNKR WANTED, Til RNOAOR IN ? an eatahiiahnd bti one-n, .??!?', ploanat t'el r" ttpeelable, wltleh litw paid an unU'tal profit of over SflyC* M pe r jrar. for foveril yearn, ni l an lie more than doubled th.i year. Plrn-e atl.nem. with real tuune, whloh will li? c.nal tier* d strictly coiilitientla), Int' rvl-.w, Herald otllce. AO AAA TO ?R.OOO.?A PARTNB# WANTCD, IN a ?. AtUvv large nr*1 elaaa reetotmuu, tn oaaofQM i oh' hiuiliieea IhorMghiarea down town, rite fir. ?en' prt>nrietor ,h di >ir<wi? i'i toeetli K w ith a gentlonutn to loin htm in thu in- . tl. n , with the raiii'a I tlateil il?>v?. Apiily til fiHW RS A FKOHUtUEK. M Vvs atl i . m-i. AQOO - WANTED A I'ARTNKR, TO ATTEND r?> V* the ttnanelal part of a inanurnnturing lm tlmt lia? I UOO rtiktomer- and pay* llsl pur <>.es' proat evended to anv amount with ihohelp ot' a cimm matt. Ipply immediately to IIOWRft A, ni Sa Q/'OO -ANY AH'IV' . vol N(i Man, WITH Tills Vvvu, umotirit, ''an have mi Interoat in a pintttaiie retail giwery liiutnew, well eitoblUhed and eontlinittlly In creaafliy, or a|elerknid)> at lair ages, on loaning til , "r Uii* atnmint. Addim II II, lioi lhfl Herald otlloe, wlilch will be pruinpl) anowi i eil. Af>0(\ ? PARTNEH WANTED, WITH MOO OAfllT, tN ^llUVi a (jooit pnyiiui ea^li inanuCMttiirlng budte ?, Ml.otoaiiie atid retail, la a goml loctuioti, Qalahti?heii ei.' it veara, and now doing a gixKl tnule. Thl* in a very prod'anln In vi' *' m^ut Aditre"* ParttMr, it? r?ld olllca, aling where an In'crvntv may be laid. 4i?On TO ?M0.? WANTBD, AN ENXROUTIC MAN, TO >? v)>M" jiilti theadvertlwr in a prniiukldn lni-in?<i. tn whom 1 will gnaronlee a net jirtfli m $75 t>er week I'all linmedl ?Inly opoti WM. LOHII, 345 Broailway, room No. L>, eond floor. tfi -00 -PARTNER WANTED, WITH TI1IH AMOI'N 1", to take an In'ereot In t uiauulactorlng Iiiihiii.'hh ,i ?'i.iiiif "'ion with wlileh a -tiire Ih kept tor the wti'i oi' v?t Ion . tr Uclr-. With Hell directed etTort the ht|i.lrieiM can lie nn le irn n.ei.tly proli'ahle. AipU Immediately at t'AVi'Kl.i.l. A t'O.'rt. Real K*tate agent''. 118 t'li.iinborn street. (tor./l ?ANY PERSON II A VINO THIS AMOI'N I. \ND iPtlilw, dvKtroaa nf enaa^iiitf In a flrat i a - . tni-dm--- Weil enal ll-l i d 111 thi" elty, ' an hear of a splendid opportuult} a 1 1 ?atl?fBeti,ry proof l>> > ailing upon Mr Ncwtou, a I'etac i In Kall?, S4A Bowery. AQAA TO M.-A RAKE CHANCE? A PARTNER wantrd, to te- uuie one hall owner In a n p.i'iat>:<> ami jdi u -aril tiui-lm* s. from whl' h t.tJO per lu'm'ti cau tn mai.e. It re4|tilres the attention of but a lew hours through the day. and mi riek to run whatever, fall a, el -a ,y y en self, on M. KOtH, 'l.'i llristdway, room 3A. Al cn til tno^? AN ACTl VE MAN, Willi Tills amount wanted. Vi Johi the advertl^tr In a p'.e t n irh\i il.og boatneae, whi< h will pay a net pro!!! ol ptO per dor. 't be Is lii lit and perle. t: y ? ,.r. having lieeti eStahgeh till for ot er thlr IX'.II years. For particular* apply to S. A. tireene, Ixirejoy '* Hotel. ImAN WANTED-WITH A t'AI'ITAl, OK fl'i '<> EN gnKO in a light, , reeahle tn dtsir banlnnan, tua will pay i: ii J.S a ilav An entei). rising mm will tin I ihis a m ? I Hu e. Apply at No. 8 i a l.crlre r'lom No 'J, up ? a.. ., between il atirt 3 o'eloek. A I) A )*A HTNKR WANTKn FOR DRKftflMARI St! T'h: JY. *dvor h willow Unlyt luMnaod luruUiH: I r>> m ?? > * drat rft'f fK'Etioji lor (ho tni^tnn.s?f, and wi*h?A to jo n *?h? imJv ihrtt r^uin<J- tlir* To n .rh ,1 r. i?* i r.i/n eb .?nr? ir nit?*r?t. A?! ir<- poni^ki, .Mm. Uoodrl' n, I :>* :t *qUArt Vo?i u(lk*', tor una wrok. ArAHTNKH WITlI^Vi, WAVIKP IX A PIK ORfor, ihftt will rift i?H) per rtii-k: ur a |?ur> wi hfrom$A*U pari liaMio .< :..i or 'lie \Abole of s 1 ' I r 1 1 n ,? It > i-", n< ? doing a gr?.| bualnesa. Addrea* Paitner, Uei aid oOioe. 1SSOMJTION.? THE i 'OFARTNKRPIIIP HERETO fori eu? it,.- ui,.i.T the name or firm of Davvei .t NA e worth, of New York, t owk-e era, la t|,ia day diaaoived hjr tn'i tnal innsent. All pet ?on? lia? n,g elating against the all 'n an- hereby I I I, lie*., d til I ? n th? game for ImOMdiMe set ment an4 all perti. us endented to ?< said firm u*i .- iueei"l In lit, u. date the ant' at <ai e NATHANIEL I. DAYTtjN. VewYi rk.Ot i 1, DM. HORAt E WENTWORI II DIHKOLf TIO.N Oh I'ARTN KR IIIF -THE PARI SEit -lilp whirl has le e ' I ?> d tiniler the Arm -'Jae , el A Kehaidfr. aa mer i nit alms, ai No A 5 ?? fit WllliMn and til Wllliatn afreet*. :s this day 1 oive.j by col i tleoitre .laeekel will eot.tinue tl., t, itaitn-sa aa heretoCoen in hu own name, and settle all a' rounta of tint lat ?? lit in. tiRUR'iE .IAECKEI., New York. Sep' > l-?5. JOHN HCH AIUER OTH'B? THE UMtiliMONED HAVE EVTBItED nt" a "i l>aft?er?ln(i In the tmnne. ? of thAelaetic *,i - H( lOOfcGe'iug 'ttid r the style and name of M !? M > *re a Office, >n I Mnt uii ,?? i ilrooilrn. Ha ? I 1. Ii HIHIRR. WM. R. <>At.E PARTNER WA TED, UTTII '.n'l f.i -s in v ? ?l,...t in fdli taut. - 1 hi, gentle ine partner Hl'h the i' n?? i| ' *1 tiAuula. tu/e irt a ?r <( turf > are ?iue t ami i m. n U. - Addreaa t.'oi i." odtre, New >'rk. PARTNER If A NT ED? WITH M.000 IN CAHH, 1 I'apje imntilae'tirlti* 1,'t ? '. 1 r Mikltn, air- .tdy llafeed wlili I tii '.'ID ? i n 'Inn. m i nery. .v-- , e fimtdi now ettrnlnx WW pei mon h, , . etplanaiKin at an inter trh w, i,y ail.liet- ng liroos jn, llerakl a'a tog time an I plare .. b? rti? n N SI'Ei IAI,PARI M il WA'. (EH A t'EttlALPAETM ?i. invr. tn i, e in m,d provlsii.t busin T"fc W FIRM HI IHNeeON t .IAC'4 IV IS HI \nrk, I)- I !(. I liK . Kl I A* 'jl NTP.D-A 'pAnTNKB- wfnnr 1 VPIT At. ?- s than t?.00o to engage tti a manufacturing hu y . >iahU>bed, w ? t. t.a . ? iiom Vi ui ? i ?. < t II.MOH HOCHF. MONFMEVT HgtTARE HALT I M< IRE J ?Ih, nave lug put I e la . at ? 'tnl y Informed > I. , he IP I or House w . I be ? ,-. u '!e te ?. ? I o K .... Mis ity, Or'ober I. t. RILDEEEKOKR KMITH, P--.pi r W H Wti'M * t!*'e ol the Ht. V eilas Hn < , New V .. k ?-ill erteteadtni. OOI)f.AWV; H??rKL TH l'ltuPRIlTroR op tTik above nacit I popular eetatjiishment wo ltd rwsjie I il v itilbrBi <ae pnhlle l?tbeh*eteiw'. I , m . ? m< Mat cupper a?d dining si.imn, capable of - nntmoi - n/ -e hiiedrrd vtakers. In addition 'n -b'" * anbetanrtia t . , :, , , l.een ??Ide'l, wlx re st< imboato ' in land passengers si "an stage of waiar. The Woodlswn ? one of >te mo. t,. . res..r, no the Hfoomltis-d i.e risk.!. K ery aeaeotialile i.-tre?h u.fiit eaa be procured at the -i.ort. -I ,; i. e. Mi Karj ? -i ? i.^scan beai.eooain<?:.i -d with In an f tl shooting ,? , ?i i s.i battel}' . w. CAMPBMX, Pt prli t#Mr w i i ii wn io;. iM/TT Attlt AMD FAN<1 PI RNflLkN WsPi i <4s ;. *.1 1 itr- dts * . n-,'? e e \ - as I *1 A ITIEM II A hTAt K V oT?-r '? r ?a'e 'he m> si atei-i. ?a ^*e.i.?nt of fancy, l Oltare, emairie. ed^'-l l'ra n^h irn i-e * ?I e I'm ed Hta'Ca, tl ledv i r m K ery ' na tf. -es. paiMaes*!, poiews, t. . stars. Ac-, a. ma-.ifi.. u <**> twseaa. I)V NEDK \ L COOPER It fit A M tTI'l T I I ii, I; K t T 1 i <?. ?r V rk I ti ea est I wer, y I., i t-arsintw)* .|ie?U,ay etishies 'nat'ig is sale* permanent ' urea III itRD TRI tTW!', / if PliiV ! i. it Dr. . ill.N us, l? In. . . w* . ? F J .t *-%*?-? ll1' A? Tf' "t- VTtf'f. * tf ft ? *15 K# ?nfffK i of ?>>?? ii*f , Ur* 4 bmti *n?i i.t vtiA* >?? ! Mv wwifhli| ?Mi rtMUM m 111 iraM i * nf f 'i ?i>aaM i(? *#?? ? ? w? aul ??) (? ? ' ? ? ' ? V "t?n m? i ??J'** ?ST Wm Lf ?;? ? n? f4 w 4?y mmr \ rfx*. ? 'f f ?ff* " ??i>* hft rtiik'Vr I ? ? h#f m*y wfff rnr M a ?? t*t -tod '?m in f n ' j? ?''*f *1 ?t i M - : '* I'Wlf 9*4+* ' ?? 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II I K UKAlt HHOT Vr Hff?rTln.iJ Mr. W A. fUtmiau .-QJWKF.Y TH -ATllR -l'ROPRIKTOIt ANI> M AN *C.KR, XI I I'- WMiln n; Wanajfur, O. II. <irltn<l?. I'rlnwiur ?ulmUaloD:? Uoitia. X> o?n'K, pit, li>. rwit; ?>n!l?rr, 12% c IV'irw, ff?. ThuiMlrtV, Oct. 4, wD. be perftirittad ? i n k hkidAi, Mclm.ilu^ Mr. *. W tt *ll;u'k j AinJ'it r . . Mr. R. .lolitwtoii Amw Mr .1 frltn I Km im- Mm. W. Warl JlIK IS I,ONI>OW BURTON'B, < n WiriKItHXTRKKT. Tiilii.)sl)*r? I hi' i>"i>ular .-ottirily of >1 1 LI. tt.UrlK KIN- IIFKP, nirhtly a traotlntf rruwi liM and nuhlotutbln himw-a. Mr In.rti.oait John MlUtnui), Mr. U. J?r<ltu aa <'?i>t*tn lliakifj, Mi?. llufllnv and Mi nit Kuyti.oml In favorite char St-iond nlfbtbere of Mr*. Thonw '.tbo will itppoor it* Linda. hi 'lie u, .i-? al lar< ?- of THE HKNTI.VKI-. Mr. Bilrtley, Mr. '.inn1, M. l.rniiiiiwrDAiv fun' r? 1 IlK TOOPI.K ? uuirilK HKKKiUK FAMILY. G1K0. t IIRIKTT t VFOOIVS MimrftKU, 144 )UOAI). T way, below <.i-amI ?ti. hi.? OPKN KVfcRV KVKHINO. BntdneMtnuuwlttlljT Ilmiry Wood Bi??e M.iiau*-r titxt. '"him, for I hit we?A~ Etbiooun Mlnxtr'lar. ? onrlMlugj w, J> Jiu WAMH KlN<i MIN*I UKU. TKtn elegant and rntiinimllniu hull w ill l.n o|icnrd by 'he Mioveeonpany on Oelobki Im, when Ikay *1il bit b?ri>y 'o rvielTB 'Jieir patroea in u hulMinu whim h p oitoiino d m>ii i r.%; to he iho largeat, the fo*M?t ventlU ed and Utt h*ti<f*?tnc?t p!ar?j Of K.liU'l tiftf i <*n?ar(alruo**u( in 'iin wi?rl<t Nimi ?..-!>* on u t ?:n *\ 0, aiaU Ui? cir'4i 11 rmv* *l7)% o\.i>Kk% p !*??.? i?? I y. Ailn lnhinn ..... 2ft ^ent? JOHN B. hMITiffi < i R A M ) TOT R or ICIJUOPK AND <?K HKHAKTo!'(Hm RtKOVHi To I'Mi iKi; lUu , W, HmoaDWaT, >h<iwti,|r ON K IUNDUKD VIKWH, ?rt> ii ?i * lie. of tli*? wrli. iiml | 1TU.S A > l> i'H Of rKTKHtST I H tCCRUr*. K'visn * v? nlrir, ill h o'fUK-k; luitl *\i>ry HiiiitnU/ a/u-riuiou, W 3. Th?* im.Hio by Mr. Alwyn Vit Ui, of A liiurHt^ h<? nightly tastily ih*t lIiIm is th? ji'fmti, n o* i tT.u>rcitUQX %i??l eitKMit *uwr\miutnnl to N?w York. lt? h ie<-4'Ki, hn? been wmt %< liUtirful Aiini?Hi<m,... 3ia*?fc roi It <iF Kl ROI'K r? ntovf<l to Ktnplre Hull. *ti<t vrtll r?: i q ??' .on TburnUy. October 4 piT-on )m\*i 4ji?-^lv %? .Mit ? ?i it in New Yoik, *n?l 1L5.UU0 more arc Afixioun to ?ee I C A MoikofAitu a Joy inrever. I iMi wtt k hot one in s<-w Yoik, tml ? HANI) ADDITIONS TO Til K TOUH OK KUK<TH T' ? Fij udllion !a now complete, aiui iho who!* #?*ei wi)J Biuroipt tit*' ntUick, and riKlJAHTOl'or. r ALI^fl TO wkiht. MH. CC'UJNH T1IK CKLKIIKATKH y?K*AIJST A N f> ?:omed Mr . .ill* i- |??m to? roto? u brilliant <*m< axemen! ?i 1U0 ht. Jajiuh tt? a ii?, nay" one 01 |m ehara?' "i L?u?' ? ?Mv*?rt? tn tl at r|ty- at Library Mali, on Uie 15(?t ?? of Sej>' u r, l?? we one tbou-aud p? r*or.Ovt:b *!;?? moet decblad ettoceee. I(e r#UiTtui to N?-w Yrrk on he 4th, *0 m.iko arrangeim r?f 4 for tlw pr?*l i tioo of hla coBceiu lu hat ?*tty, BU1?AI?WAY TIU* VTRIC? A I'AKIV ? Vr. K L. 1?AV bJk'J'OKT r??po? UolJy imwiiUiCCM Uie UK NKKIT for Kattur Ef OrroaiEit 5, on \% liieh ' <'? - .1 wtU ' ?? jirrM??nn'd TUP! LADY or LTONH. t latwb Mr-iiM ?? ... . Mr, K. I<. Ikv^npor' I'ailUlo I'r? .'i.iM'c'ii: s (on Ullx occm1m)> M.hh Fanny Vlnincf Mniaii D?? ' Mr? W ft. llUko 1 1 ' * 1 llr>t ap ???araneo tblaKea on,) To c? ucluih; vs ), tbn rati'b al 4rama ot hLA< K KYKDHITHAM. WlJUm. Mr K. L. Dareopor' BMM Ml?*a Far?ny VlrilnK (With Uie |K/po!ar iiautlrai ong-* o 1 "Columbia, the 0*soi of UmOeftin," an ! A Yankoc ship and a Yankco Crew,'1 aud a .klJorN hori.ritpr ) Box book is now open. ZIERILLA I I ON! TI1K OHKATKRT BALLAD HtVO ??r ^ of ihc Hp', wiJl m.'tko h?*r flr^i a|>p?-arAi. e in Anrtor a \ n Friday evening, 1* t*?Loi *S, ,ii U??* Brook !\n In* ooiti-m oi Wtthtimum and (Uncord Htrof*'" kcoouyn, tbe proot b*vli v for a b^i cvolmit porb'HM? (ih?? great cania 1 W-e Jiavlm; volunteered h? r ' Tfio tlrk^ta will bo *<?M at tlie lovv urtf < t 2ft ? !???. Ko irtra? <?i the I ? ?t pb-ooM Iw.m bi"'ii j#-od (-<??? po??'? r*)( and ono of tl?n rloheni muni ai fi?*atu m^y oip# t? -I. I '?m < pen at (?* j o^ilo. h . il NKlSoH, | r"imnl IV AI.I.A t'K'h T 1 1 K AT UK~ >f I' Ii(i:imiw TRII'Mi'lIANr i'AKEKK. OAMi UK l,OVK M l I e in u I Illl '(HHAV Ortol er 4. Fit I DAY, b? 'b"r fl, wilh the faree *?f slot r YOL Hi. ? i K ! 1 ISO. Bo* Hook on,*. MK. V HASKHAV, W\ R PKUKOKMINO \ U< < KH^ ful ei uBn*<m' nt at Montreal and an *elb ni one a? One in 'ho third w? ? V ??f a br\Pt*nt I'ligaiC'io' til al iUm M ?????, o\Khii% crowding tbo tonal ??,t4? ? >' I i?kiil?in ami tfm and lot own and Mim Albenbie'ii pi/puU' u? l vo wi: ?? performances. ORAXPRAV I*! H form ID A (IOOD K HO AO IS i rr at Motitrea), a Kf^a' one at <,?oi t?i ^ and * now 'mfedlng tbo Na'lonal tbeauo, Ib^ton, otfh'ij . Ho commnnoee (H M. a} Buffalo; Oct, 17. a? ft Lnuta; O t :?l, .?( M<*iupbU; Nov. I" at Na^hvUle. and proeemU Utenoe <! re t to Sar.innah, < l*arI? "ton, Hirbmund. P.aiMm< ro, Philadelphia fitol home nh*!ro ho |iorpo%e? reMinttnK ?'ar!y in Mar< h ueit. rritK MAfiu; tmmim.k and caiiini t or won drum 1 ot the KHf* ma*! an. MA> VLLlKir.U, t pei ? very ? \*nlf /. 4T2B.??a< h>ay 1M MI LK OF T MK VII' EH, GOTHIC MALL, IH RBOAD way. Thi* o*iiahtJ?hiiiri?t to t?prn *vrry at fnwm a1 find ? \ # nln*.' at m, for tio p if | o?e of a ???.? ? ? ?.er er? of MA'.Nini ?"*r onoti or i.irtjMo mriMiur. by a 'rout e oi lilVIM: } MAI.K AHTI T ??oriti ri-ing a cm | ai?j of ? me of the l!ne*i fornie<I wom^n to the world. Hand strkkt imll. vr, ohaniV > i , ; y kt skui I Ifroada ay. ?Thie i.Ja*>- of am'i<*eri)?r?t t? tin* >mly oom where Uio M< Artist-, or JUiHan . i \ r. no*, a re # ? h b m.j. A itoBD^r ?)l l.idlea m? bt. ? 'o...rueo on nt H oVloek. Adnil?*lwi 26<:etit* RAN* KLI N Ml sKI M, Vl HOW FRY rill KHDAV at rite* u and ? v?*nln#r, the full tronoe of MODM. Mil I r K 4 a U! appear in a chob e w-J? ' tion of "living p ur* t." ioxkh pAKguirrrF. nal'-<?.ny and fir r etitii, m 'ho beal locakUom* for tike Aradb*my ??f ilnajti l e ured, l? advaio ? . s,n-l ??ib* rtpU(H ? Urao T uoibi i iif imrforman'-en durmit Ihe ? arran. ?1 on fa?V#rabie terio? al PA n'HIC opera an l eoi^rert ticket i fii e, 1o. i< - inu*tr iff) ?? Mv Bnrtdway. T: k?'n for R* h perfo; maniei, n' the re<l tee?l prloe , *>i !^ r /ol oy the ma nagcri.ent f|MM -IP. K Al V'/lh"! N 4 i'l 1! " \ Vfsi'inK'H I to nif hv Home <* my h? ' fr>ol ? mlpn'ritj ilirn li m generally urHieratood I hvl retir?"i from 'hi* *"we. f take t) oppori>n if> io aaturn U?rm and ?'??? pub ik* that ?a? li t* not the ' ?i?e . n< i have I any Idea of duinw ?? onui I ??? ???oe a ore aoiUiv eon pell tor lor tlo run-rk of the much to I e lamented Tyr* h" Power , ?h< ??? p< r> .?? f? f Irttfi r\gkr%> lar, bo'h ?? p? *-r and | ? amm', did ho< or to ? ? nnfr . ioaite# ' * | i ? fr?nlon. arid Mat?- dtUgh* to 'he oitelllgrnt aitij ero trda4 how** ? he never lailrd o nnw.t. After folHihug an engara n?enf at the Ht. I o iheaire in fcepteinber, f aitaJI return to S* w York io give a ??rlei of claratieiU .? mu?i< anterlalit mentf, |.?ven by n ?? wub auerree i(, principal HUr# ill and W??i4 ron.prWtng dtanta't III ? r* . .ta a Irtal, "f a? ? r, Irak ?i?,ne?? and noeed' ? ?, and a e'ada* -eUcU' -n <a ballads, MUiga, d^eia, Ac . from Mm t??aipi( ?i tu* *!>? >4 In* aod'? no u rial bard lom a.u. * ma trnn iba rr??^i P? j ular Fo^itah ?u?i r* un ??j araa, a if \ t?y vea. inair * ()' n.4 ita! tftlrfit of lb* flm ' ai?<>. rhara *ye axwn b) Ham I ' ?i . aa aiitig ? v ma In H i U.4- u>? a'ret Vfler WLk.h. i *kt,X he happy to make arrangro e ita with the ma ^.< ?? of the ? pal th*5 aire* fr r th*? prodnetiot) a* a* me r*/- w e^'nad *?? aiid M wrUieo aff>raa*J for n?et with ?? rmit of Tyr*#?c P' ?i r a t ? ai par'f, end to<??*?or, *? far aa my h'i nf.b* aapa bill '< x whJ a w, fo doju#t. *'-i I 'a n^iot4* a/1 Ifai* be?i l/.*k pb r... or. he atage I hav^ ii?e hrmur to r*-nmln. tbe i moat ohcdlerit eervant, JOHN < nt.U*U * oioeiliao and Voealla*. Ho?, /? R|?*veo'h *? , KNaJ^lelnh^a P H ? All o.a/Mbg' ra wiaktnf |o t^egouala wiU pkaae al>lr?M rpilKa a3?Ii -Hahi.K*TON ? r ? J<?l|v HMUS M?v\ c mpaoy Of (be Mouth Tl ? dmotai- , op** ** u| any aMl < >IKI)I< IL. X4K fOH 11 and TAKl. WO or OF! -DB I. 11 WI<I<#|| I M l. t ii'l ? a' art ' %i ? ? ? <ea ta? ? pbf"?' la d' l' g ? r.der? It la end ?g, wl b^- already "-tra. t tf%wi*t iaaea 'if aypbUk, cntonOMH roetlreuaae. 4b-: - 4^L I at" r. of * '|j?r.i.4- ^h-- ? ? ?. * ?ear ? he* ?b** ?h*?le ey*?etn, rHrry?ng all imi or'tiea *r?I kn more from 'he blood, acting u|poo the l r*>r wl?*? * ? fl? art etp? i.tng lh<- nnftiVI H it? ? r * an-l ?!>? H? '-*? *?*' > Ir'im the ?y*ei? a?-i?'lo| nature m < groat a?4 eel wwt, wbb a slower httnoro omanoan *4 ao pre uaravjn o?i?U% ( A ?? 1 CIIH ? ,? s har|r? 4*iitrrm ?> U K WARD'" ' " I) and rr. ? e IO'1 roh I* ra |,l ) a#? Ij ?>#ao*i ? *?ti* J WHO tre?e dfe****** f a "i' f rjr r>?em ?h* daoaef of de?av I ? .s-t * . a*. * o ? i ? ? ti H? ??|w M te d.r |.ia r ?" ' m r? ? ? . ' .?? ' ' ?< ?- A * ie%naf *o ??<f rrRli>> m a h Thr. ob* iff Bopif ? o di* onif J r"/e^e-J t.r H' <a le* art Pa?oat of keJWai. a^-i oope b* !a Vf a da TUaf nsae ? ts U a a .1 JM (a ? r?l < o >#e of Mel ' na, \ 9ur a fratt-'a* Ot? I, a a ?*aaa ? - arf^a e ? e4*e* MN , ra- -i ** -M Wa a y a a . a ^ , , - i ar MMdrar* M 4? tmww # Vf a-a ' * ? %;?? '?i tl^e va ta a irifcn n ; ? ae^ed m tlaOAMH |A ne f 4 fl4et a?v # a* msk 'f Oaf Hi Of U 't?aa. f a. a*airv i ad ? ? a?a^ rein, . of H# il a. Ba Aioa ?a*^ r^a# 1 a#>a **aw 7 k ?, ..*/ * a# 4 4 a;ea?e? a> a ges *e o* AMtMk.. NIBLO'H <1 ARIIKfl ? TurwciT hiino, Ontm 4, Uw Triumphant aUArnaa <<t iba ?EW ii>i>hiiiuii>4L inuiaii ornu, ccmi'?*r<l by <1. r. Briaiow. KIP VAN WINK I. K. Pmind*l on Waahinfion Irving'* i?lrl>r?i*d tod pi* <1 i:t?l by lb* fYNK AIfI> HAKKIHO.V TROtfPfc Mnalchy iWxirtf* ItrMow. I.lir-tio bjr J. II. WklnrtgM. I'ruliirM w lib new wii ?ry rrom ortfln*) itrawtnn (Vara Mt l akea m ibo kaaiakul MouuUtu. ami rlctuity, by Mr. Mtllytrrt. AU Miaa Loulaa fjM 1: UaiitrnW, an uOecr In Ui? CooUo''a 1*1 army Mr. W n?rr%m Kh> Vim Wu,k ?? Mr rtjit" oi ih? 'iK'.nm Royal, Coram liuntea, Dpjry l?M. ?i 0 ih? I'liiilutrmoiila IVuuvna, Ijoaiiuu ) l>aau Van wii.kio MuaPyna VdwarilV ounir Mr. Uuruoullt Pull r*ni.'.ii?r? in 4<a|y toll'li l:o? k. ui il.? i >|Mirt w.r ??!.? ?t u,* ii.nii.n. I <* r?c |>ro at Kir.iium.i,, ?t;i ?>Iook. I. kru.lo all |i?rt?uf lite bou?r, tMy crow, iwrbcutr* (Ml*. II, (nival* Ixiirn. |A Ki, 'r- ? ? ?i ?ir?|>t iho Prww ^ ituv ar<l?wy waning 4urtaf tlt? ? K IP VAN WlSlvl.K TIT AI.I.Ai K'H TIIKATKK. HKi'lllWAT, Nil A It " Broonm >'iw l'rlrea of ?Jnnwk . Ikn?a and l*V< oiicitn M ??,tit". Kauily I'lrtila. "JO tvn'n *iaII?, fl, KrtrtU, Rnl'?, H >i>d I" ?|n-n at J; In h???iii \t 7 ' , lyiVoak. Thtiraduy evnnln*. < >< t. ?, ?m i,? in-ri tuio<1 THK UAMK or W?VIL Paul W-iilon. Mr. l-??*ar Mr. II. 1>I? ,1.1. , |, ,bb..Mr. G. IIoUmhI * M'liphjr. . Wr. Hroiiil'iun I I'w n?l?.. Mr*. Varnon !'? VrM> Mr. ModtUri I Mr? !>? M>"Ur lHr* Mrnuatalii A.I.r Iliivrr^tii Mn. ua?f now trroi t vol hi o n rma METROPOLITAN TRKATRK -- On Cum A V, O. ottar &, I 'Aft, \%ill l*prf??t)i*l th? baauutut modern dram* <>t A NUM.O, By Victor Hujfo T'aM H\> Rarfcol I Mx r? <>\>* t> ?t 7 o'i lo? k? io roinmi?r?r? nt H prrelmly. K?>??Uir of jirri? ru.rtiM o Maud**)*, rltrtnem*}* u4 Friday*. Al'ADKMY Of MIMl -Kol HTKKNTII hTUKKT.? TlilHi) w Hill r. Oil KBI1? \ Y, Oeditttr ft, 1^, v% <11^ ri f-ri i ? d CJrno?l Oiiera. Ill THOV ATOHK noun oi #ii ?i 7 'A; or?m tit H IV If, A N KXrftA MOKM1MU PI- ItMUlM AN* K Will I/O Kivtu On Hattuiiat, Octol??r ft. on **hfr.h ooetilon iho piifoa ?if ii'luU^urii will !?? oNK l>OF? 1 A K '<> (ill <?f vb?* bou?M. 'if>? m?vn. m*?i4 i j ??i >ti 12 oVkvk, noon. ?hf op? ra wl)l commune* ai I I* H. K?.r '!>?? APfflMtaiidKIM of Ui?i public a prm? l|?ai o#l? o f??r tM ?w.'r tf Mviirrd M-HiM uUJ !>? oj iir.l daily, fi-om ? A M. k> 4 P. !M , mi ? fcR'?, iM?rnar oi Hroailway an<l Fourteenth , al*> a Hall A Hi.ii'h pinnoroH* and tinuiU' 0or?. 'J&V H road way , aoit l>Ai kU) H t , -y, h > mtmla 511/ Broadway 990 t>> k- :* will b?* w l?l ai >Lfj Acadfiny trie^pt on U>? e%'*iiinfH of p?-rforiuao<w. "OV* KIJCY H KHRFHAIlFRF, MO HROA DW A T.-^ i) ?? ii n?i;h (Mm w? K. th?- v?r\ iitc? wxfti) iKftrkai'tl <m Til r IMI ' i 1 1 T K II < IK TlH ?l K 1IMKNT, KtMioi'iAM Mi? rHrmv A'1 , .%?? I'l " ^'lehratrd U. Hwa'n w?r! * ui{ hla l>0|>?l!ar ? Ml l? A I ?\% A Y HON.,/7 Vk i'Ii h d<!*rrfpt|Mi <<t HroMda tv t.'oiicfit c? inn?r*ti ?? at , \ <*? i? a, tu v.-?? "Arpnu <1|(A1UKY Will i K.'H Ol'l l' \ Hot -t v? m?WKKY - 7 Kvcn t.liclit thin twl, *r?' s' iifgr iiatiUitnliiuet aiilki^ l ?U VlNhTIi wrRIJ. XT !l*LO ? WAHIWN i 1 r? m rir oi thk Hrrrr urit* 1* Vi i.u?w F? vri' Hi NOIIFOLK \ N 1 1 I'Oll l> V >l 111. ()% HiTilHAV Kv? H|??| Oi I .HUH ?, I MAS. ft' wlilrit oc'catkin (too loll'iwlri/ naial^rn'-n havri to , i at Tiir. < uMiiiit) m K?Tf.i?ndo Wii"! Mil y or F'r?* ' k V. Ru?h'on, . ?, N It. ^olfa. K? ?i H-Ih : 1 Blow, K?j , N. I?rt Kmj., ?'ttpf, Vlii'^11% Hfi ry l.udfarn. F?<i , .'ttoiui I K'-'v'j.'. K?'| . It i h'il A footer K?' i . . OMiryVV p' , N H Wa.Jtfr, K?|., Joim II. K. HrtukrtwiU, ? 'I I. F II llnr?, Kari (VI. (i II t ", .la ^ iin^? r, . , t'npl. I'? rr>?, *' ^ Mtrtwio, , Win. V Mur' ?'?, y-\ , J I* Tt?a<lw? il. Fran- :? HAitkly, K? i . ?!. I^ImJ, Ka<|. V\ M * !Hf/? Ka i lift m filar# <1 M? tsiarfiitW ? nt ?>J.?iiirtPj*t ut t/io <JI?f <*al <M U.o ??? t? HJiltff, tr'P' l nil t'liars** . MH IH A r V.N' K A VI) MK HUN/ON I |VI> ;U||'?M? I <lw yul?ml?.?i hA - u- ? Mlf> I'VNI HI -1 HKTT- N A.'.Ti >11! Ill IK.Vi ' ? 1 1 1.P, *!? " jrWf! ?h?*ir v?'lon?ai v ? M *)ie win OFKliATK fUMfANY, I ri l i* r?. t*horiiJi t i.<i ? ?1#? lw? >' Mi' Mn *??% Ar , euil o* I * t ? in |' oy^a ? 1 1* ?? 4* ? ? ?f it Hi#* *?' v tl'MufMii, I?a??, ona and ? I. ..:i ?d, | n ? ? ir i ?hf.r tarW*#. tu Uir llriu (tily fri.MliH for ?b* pulltc f* ? r-o iifNoat? wt'h U*?? n fi.mttt# r. if.r i:.aiu.?;Mio ol, iiftd U*?* aflUl*. tw ilM'im ti?^ I* ait/a ? li of A I. A ROK ADDITION T<i TU K VUXV fo n. nli needrd, i.oc <?iily tu r ti#?- m'?m?nt, t? i to | >r ? n> !i?i ii. ? i>ui vlfi r ? ? ?tr? .'?!?? ?'> iJji tAtril.le > ? I 1 wlorli haumwept ?way tlmir tiancoit. frlr -r?'l an-! finp)ot?r?>. T1 f ruturtitlftiiipntii provt'MNl will i?e of 'I It K Vti'l \TTI'.A< I IN K t MA HA?*I HR. of ffchkli fti'l fx* r' r filar* w'i! ?" duly anno u ?????' < 'I n ? el ?t Ui ftmtila .? II to *.<1 in tuu benadi Ut? ^ ^ hrt* I <K'ii j larrd n( FIFTY t'F.RTH I I. *?? ? are f ? r ?al?? a *1 <!?? i riiM*i|.?l boMiU. a4 m?ry no ?{?? , ?? v- ud th** i. rU*cty?*,t !??*>? *i r?* nt*'. al iiiiil%von ? ?!?-* *i ?o n ?, Hi.d 'he off of Nit I./- Cantata Tt?'k*-ia may *W? ??t t#u.? d ? i tte n?vn?t ' ot lh" ^bo * Aii ?*'tf tn it- ui Of? ;o i paralionand *o>nt,n of h? pubtln. III). < on MITU ? ti e r* *o ii eat at ?fi' N*? r lion*r: <?i Jhirf'iiy tt'it* u.r. o. i. 4, a* f "j '? rk yunc \ially. rniKMHKKMA, Ai Till AT LI." RfXiM^. no iif I Hr?^laay Mi. AlFtANnFf olli' V , ?l li/ 'i Kiitpr iUiiiitiil-' Tlii- .men* \ la < ''ar?#l * l-ati?< of K I rtfiejr," vit'ii <v? 1 a < ? < . aod rial iri?r?of "OiiW lr*'l- f?d ,* * i oj'tti er> firr- o.rf ?? ??( -Mho day, ''owtnei - ii>?r at H .,'r ml -a' -lay a ?#ro#? o, ai 3. AUo I-" veritira o FRA 1)1 \ Vof,- Mi-? 'Ml. iiiiwo,' r i eteral in??r?jo ' ? *. A .... ....... . . . . ? "Ota. / ? n A N r? f'OM > (IT in Till AlJJIlin MAN ? " I In ?*oi?iiP' tw?n * (*h tf.e nf?J<*n l l thutsiM' ir t ?io< a/i .m of Ia?*t lUH Ui o? 111 n ^ , M IIIM,. Krrrjr uHerr it .'i, a> d . *poIo^ at 7'j oVIt At A< AIM I %IX W HltOAIIWAV ?do a ? i i', 'a ip ' li. diro l.>, crn'a. t*rfi< ra frfOi ?)?? difer* nf ? will )?'? ?<*rn ted fo J o a '* pi iMi'U fihilo'i. tM for ten cans ? a '?n*i l?a# aiwl #?. r, :m.afr i A.N HI. IN Ml I M, NO t+. I #>Kt. NRARl.t OF r?< ?it# "'Mil? -)Vi s irma om Ltlid rr#i<? * a< ; % N It Hirai^am w.?J ?i,*?raa Frai.a .r y . u?. i? ? , . > .? >.? ( v f rila . " l ?iOi< l(*f r<f?ral ?? , No. Ii wory. MHX?DFo\ MA1J. M KVKUMi OHIO IIAVHO l"pi. r?t)OTa'?t f o> '?'i ?. -is# itaf , wr#>li ? r fjT- x4l f.-r ' r'a awtn MM- -kri.? of ail t?nd?. 1 ai^t | t*e t Uii'i Of ? '41 for e? ?a Mir'^dwo Hall. J IWftiftHMii W A I.N I 1 MUM;i I'lU 1. \DK jj'H I A. HKM1I * IT NT, FHOI'HI F.TOIiH Tld?" aj letidid ant wtil t/pt on ??r a**0'i< *Ke er??| MiiiiUv ,i Ni NMj 1 rr *i i, ?" j-ati * .i",u?9? *r!?n. f)rai?.a'le and r>%n u?? ?.??'** ?? .??.d foi'i' ? p? o! flip ? ?<a j-r oa w'?htt r '?i o.ate entaiC'O rioot a; ry H o ?? ; el?, t- r ?# "if, p?a?i l?..| HI KIH WKM II, Jtimx llu . Pi .1- ,.|.a ? -? ^ I HAliRlli, A' ii.jf a'?d r *if* KaiMk*?r. a' F??r?tfjr-r a IJi/rfp), )troe4a*a New Yri , f, ? .t#i 10 H i i. An MrtUM/Wlad^'eo actfik; aro*t wanted ElA?Tf'l TI'K'V \flfON i ni l'< I.I l? vi I R A I'M A I I. D IIN ? ? ?? ? *-a ai^a'a?c ipp< u ?o r* ah#? *??!. *.,f ta ? u t?..? Marlwi'* pa#<?e?a to' ? a' .(.r?n n? Tt or. ? ^ ?. o! ?ybmare a 'J# ?mr *-%?* t'ai. ?f*e% * t/*it a- U? < < * tiv ia4r am-, fit Hr<?4wa* ai?<l a iK-|o* ia fi Wa ?.#aa< **w Ji *> ilip menaitr-fO' o* d %'fiia a ' *'?? - ? ?i % ')? any 0 loi- 'U.hfi aelJa? ? ali ?!/*p a ? ? *o,f *'? <. a*. U#e ai- -a a ?? a4 i|'{e toito* tnf **HfT <4 l*rt- ?-? lit (i?i i* ar?J II*: #*>; ? ail#, . CalviP ? Drr ? r. . ? ! ) ' . ? r $3 I ? ,/r 0 lift) oat. l*. 1 ha a? < ur#4 ara-^ in ?l b-/?t riki* fear* a. 1 > A' It) I I'l. A V#1 '' fl' > O r MiKli I ? M.I II ? ft'lopliwwl I -.'km I >1 oi ./I I - ' ard KniJM r*Wf ner-rj ? ?????..#/ ?} ? o 'fcal Mflkfao>" K|?. d#? i 'ardia. rt' w ^ ro?dr. I^i> Tu i-." to ?t ? h If in <,J' fr.fl.,- I A' r f '?*' ?*??# <? I I 'h?* ft ? aa a i o,? ? # . o o a ? ? ? -ov a?y< tt" ?irl) f?at ? Ha j . -i% I' u alaa : ataiM ?i*d 'i^* w#oreao da w'd *** U* ?. r4 o?n Fri?ia> i? a. W * % i ) A Hf*l F A < ^>?1^ '\Y V| *'??/ ' ' ' *tN",aiRlJ' ".'Tllrll fill a.i 'aa i MKHI( ,%I . 1 !?' Ill Mr R Mil IJ}' I ? I'Mlk Af? 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Inai* .la ? ?? r? ... -.a.. .??' ? a ? - ? uiMMf t>.rw?, i ir Km, . v r. > >*< ^ ?|_, % w. ... a a-*, ?M > aw. ,? ,?( . , 4. , ?" ?**???" i aaai>?aM ?<kimi >>? -j-,... ? vi'dll ?? Til- ll WT1J.I * N M f? MiC^MIwu Ik* |/?? M ?, ia . v. # II <M*o, ? ?'??? rr?a?. Mir Hfaal**)

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