Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1855 Page 7
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rERTISEMOTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. FOR SALE. InH IWW) ?PROPERTY OWNKttS DESIROUS OK Lvvf disposing ol their real estate, will find It MMM to Ml MM leave a ds? riptioo of Uib MOM at our Real estate of every description bought. sold anil ex *" Dwellings, stores, .tc., let^jMia collected, and g jpertalninji to the business piimr ri?cui<4. BKKKIAN A HANKS, 45 Wall street, basement. inn nnn ? estate owners having UUiuUU. properly to dispose of. will ttnd It to their tniage to call and leave a desonptlau of the ?m? at our e. f.very description of property bought, sold, and iced. Several country seat. to cxchang* for city propi rty. BBRRIAN 4 HANK8, *b Wall at., basement. k nnn -FOR 8ALE, TERMS easy, 88 ACRES I)#UUV'. highly improved, good building*, trmt, Ac., Inly tlve miles from New York, two r?lta0 from depot on the Kailroud, iiiic do. Ml acres, 200 yards from depot, i iu Meir Jersey; OM prt uy farm, for Mk Of exchange, I acres, ffi.UOO; other larin*. W. H. MEL1CK, f>i Seventh avenue. prnn ?FOR HALE, STOCK, FIXTURES AND it)' 'U| goodwill of a wholesale toy ami fancy Rood* jess; has been establUhed for Lhete last Ave years, and i a good cash trade. The whole art of the business will )>e ?u to ihepurcheser, as the owner has other business t.i at d to. For further particulars please address bo* 100 stham square Post office. nnn -FOB sale or exchange, the lease, .UUVJ. stock and fixtures ol' an old established feed Jour store, situated on a prominent corner. In one of the |>t localities to he found for the above Hue of business, and !l be disposed of at a bargain. Apply to HOWES A fr KO SHER, M N assau st. <>nn -FOR 8 ALB OR KXCHANOB FOR MER l/? chandlse, six acres ol land, situated in West iter county, near a railroad depot; a line building site, and Uy filled with apple trees of large growth and choice s, and In flue bearing order. This is n tiun chance for any i wishing a small farm. Address O. W., Herald office. nnn -FOR hale or exchange, three new _?UUV /. three slorv brick houses, sanded, near Fourth rnM, Brooklyn, splendidly finished, scenery and looatlon surpassed: perfect title; price of each only 13,750; wanted 'i (1,000; balance In lota or other property. A bargain. <;. O. THOMPSON, hi Nassau st, room 7. Brnn -FOR SALE, THE LEASE, 8TOCK AND l'v/? fixtures ol a grocery store, situated on one of tho streets in this city, now doing a splendid business. This is lance seldom met with. For particulars apply at the real ) office, 2bfl Broadway, room 10. BIKERS ? TAYLOR. irnn -FOR SALE, THE INTEREST OF A RE |?)UU . tiring partner, in an old established real estate and okeia e lau in ss that pays two parties handsomely, and is ntlnailly Increasing. No farther capital required. This is a Ire chance for a business man. Apply to A. CAMPBELL A ^., 113 t'bambeis streot. I A CA -FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK, FIX tures and tools of a stove and tin store, situated | the central part of the city, on one of the greatest thorough sand now doing a splendid business. Tills is ungues -.uably a rare chance. Apply at the Real Estate office, 289 lioadway, room 10. HIM BUS A TAYLOR. Linn -FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, A CONFEO I'tIW. tlonery, fruit and toy store, on tho bestavenue in le city, doing a good business. A beautiful location for a dy. Inquire at 103 Kulton street, Brooklyn. kQnn -FOR HA LE, AT 60 PER CENT DISCOUNT, pOVJU. the contents of a thread and needle and fancy 1* store, consisting In part of hosiery, gloves, ribbons, mu? p, needlework, buttons and trimmings of every description, cl mounted glass cases, counters, awning, 4c. B. W. RIi'HAROS, 307 Broadway. 5300 rtles; one ...... v?.. ...... ???j . kill find this a desirable opportunity to get into business, f HOWE8 A FhOBIHHKR. 84 I WILL BOY AN INTEREST OR PARTNERSHIP, . . In a light genteel business paying large profits on one who can give his time and energy to the business !o business. i Nassau street. |Ofn -FOR SALE, A MILK AND BUTTER DEPOT, ^Uu> now doing a safe and profitable bnslness. To a Ferson with a small capital it otters great inducements, as the usiness ran be Increased to any extent. Apply to HOWES A ROBIHHER, B4 Nassau street. >tl n/r -FOR SALE, ONE OF THE BEST LITTLE thread and needle storc.s In the. city. Good locn ?; stock fresh, and In good order; pleasant rooms attached, id in every way a desirable place. Apply at 28<J Broadway, Foom 11. " -GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, NEAR THE ltowery, with everything complete, and doing a 8ood cash business. Must be sold low. ns the owner Is iiulng lo Europe for a legacy. Apply at McMaIION'S, 170 Chatham Biticet. pn LOTS. ? FOURTEEN ELIGIBLY SITUATED , UU building lots, within one hour by railroad of the It} Hall, bounded by a running stream, for sale at the above rice. tCOO cash, balance on easjr terms. Address Lola, ?Herald office. ? a wrU KNOWN SULPHUR, V e ' M-aU' in central, ?A^Vcffiath c.'abllshmemfor large and tWnlly- Tefm T" |*,&l3bnnetlon given to ^"glgJuRDB. 30T Broadway. A FARM OF 200 AORKB FOR SALE OR KX cbnnge for a business of wine description? grocery, ma nufacturing, or any established respectable profitable bust lies* TLe farm In located In Ohio, desirably situated, a short ttialantu from railroad depot*, canal, Ac. Apply to HOWE8 A FBOBI9HER, 84 Nassau *treet. A HOUSE FOR SALE ? IAS FORTY THIRD STRKET, BE tween Itroadway and Eighth avenue. In good order, and K' ntrf 1 neighborhood. Reason lor selling, the owner Ih leaving ito ni>. Inquire of I). MoKAN, 205 Welt street, Washington ?uirke., between Fulton and l)ey, between i) and 12 o'clock. A RARE CHANCE? FOR SALE, THE WHOLESALE and retail confectionery atore 166 Grand street, WUUunv btirg, e; ublUliod in 1Mb, with a route of about lour hundred cm turners or over. The ow ner has some other business to at ten) to. Any perron wishing a chance of thin kind w ill be aura et making $1,000 fnim now to Mew Year's Kay, wltliout any trouble, a* everything Ih In perfect order, t or particulars tome and n o, CO ihe i>rciidst*. A VERY VALUABLE FARM OF 140 ACRES, WITHIN Jtx twmy-lo'tr tulles ot New York, and three of a depot. In a Blunt picturesque and fertile valley, beautifully located oo a river; one hundred acre* in a high male of cultivation, balance fine pasture and heavy woodland, house large and hamlaome, hart l, cow and carriage buUMl, and outbuilding* all in good crrter, a splendid orchard with line grafted truiteof choice and various kinds. Price $*,000; $2,800 In eaah, balance In unen cumbered real es'ate and bona ?u l mortgage. W. J. BKCNDKKD A 00^78 Naaaau street. A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOR 8ALB A corner stare, one of the be^t stands up town, the lease, M??k and fixture* to l.e Mil at a bargain. A<?o. several gro eery (tore* In varum* p*rl* of the city ; prlcea from $700 to J5.W.0. Apply to HuWIvS A FKOBIHlKR, 84 Nassau atreet A BAKERY FOR SALE? NOW BAKING TWENTY-FIVE barrels a week; the lease, and fixture* complete, will be he sold for $H)0. Also a bakery In Brooklyn, n*lng about fif teen barrel* a week; will be sold for $400. Apply to HOWES A 1 KUB1SHER, Ml Nassau street. COAL YARD FOR SALE-EqUAL TO ANY IN NEW York, doltu.'a large business, with horse*, cart* and Ill tare*, In Que order. Is capable of storing ft.tlUO or ti.000 tons of coal. On a long and favorable lease. Will be sold at a oar gall . J. T. HOROET, over PadBe Bank. C1ENTRAL PARK LOTS FOR SALE.? FIVE LOTS, ON / the north tide of sixty third ?:reet. 190 feet east of Broad ?wsy. and wttlitn three bun (red feet of the ( entnil Park re stricted stalnst nuisances; even with ihe grade; Croton water through the street. Apply to JOHN F. CON KEY, 23 and 26 Wall street. COUNTRY HOUSE ON STATEN ISLAND FOR BALE ? An elegant house, new, and In perfect order, with fine cari ?ge house, two acres of land beautifully Improved, situ med on Ft at en Island. Will be sold very low. Apply to M. L. SHELDON, 86 Nassau street. Drug htokk for sale -situated in a good neighborhood; I* doing a good prescription and family basinets. This present * nn opportunity lor an enterprising apothecary seldom to be met with; satisfactory reasons given lor selling Address .Mcdlcus, Herald Olllce. Express for sale-lanodon's well known und Ioi.k establli-hed express, having everything necessary to carry on an extensive business; It is a rare chance; the pro prietor has been Induced to sell for reason* which will be *a Mufactorlly explained on nppllcatlou to the present proprietor. P. LANuIkjN, 47 Fulton street, Brooklyn. "LIOB BALK?TWO LOT8 OF OROUND WITH PARTY JT wsll, beautifully located on Murray Hill, on the north side Of Thirty sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, adjoining lint class houses. Inquire of A. KENNEDY, ISO Ba?t Thirty -filth street, near Third avenue. "FOR SALE ? A NICE THREE STORY HOUSE, ON WEST JF Twenty -sixth street, very low; price ?l,T#o. Two on 1 wi nly rignth street, between Ma- 1 tson and Fourth avenues; *7 .<**?. One on Tbir y w ond afreet, near Lexington avenue; k/>lMl. Twuon Klin -4roet, $6,000. One on Fourth aveni?, |I7, but, and Others at low price*. E. H. KINSIIIMKK, Sly ? ip . -th avenue; H to 7 P. M., 8 ui 10 A. M. FOB SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL of k confectionary and fruit store, now doing a good bus! lie**; a i!e?tr*blc star, I for a person having a horse and wagon, and * man to attend to marketing, Ac The present occupant'* family It ico ftuall to give It proper attcnuou. Apply at 38 Hamilton avenue, South Brooklyn XM)R HALE- A NUMBER OF VALUABLE AND DE J slrable but ding lo*s at Fordbarn, WaateheeMr eoumy. on the Harlem Itailroad. one hour*' ride from the city, for sale cheap; also seve -al desirable country residences, unsurpassed for t? tuny and convenience, for sale or ex' liange for city pro per' y. IK it It I AN A BANKS, 46 Wail street, baaeiaeut. For sale ? a large packing box imctory rarriod on by the owner fw twent,) eight years; will sel the I us.ttese litid ma blnery. ao'i glxe a <ease There are four circular s?* ? and one uprliiht ?r will sell the lot, with all Urf apparteoaneea. The lot Is * teet frm.t *nd about 1'ig feet <l. ep, a firf rau tnar ftory treprai br k *?v>v In the rear, a doable two *u> -y ft-Mne tiuiidin? oa front. The front boose wlU It', In tenement, foraboat per year. A per ti-et title, t,o tne\uubr*nc< e'ear of all dent* *n<l demand*. 1 l.e r,His of the ii" r.-v < r-tniin on I rood and Mortgage, if lequlred. The reasmi for Mlllng is the iflTMr ha* fsmghta Urge tin<. snd will co a id live ou lu Inquire ?t W. J. COKY'S, V, Marina * f> t. TilOR SALE? THi HIT' RES OF A POItIC IVI) BEE F Jr atore. an I s-< re to let. In * genteel n< (j:,i> irV??l A rare cbafiee far a German Aj ply to I) D. LVhKK, ili llrooine, corner of Norfolk t'.reei. ruB SALE? IN THE MttsT HEALTHY AND PUIlJlANT part of Brooklyn, two neit w tag-- hwilt hohse* nod lou, cou' mandlnc one of Ui ? Hues' ?>? ? In the e; v ho ne, wo etory at*d t-asemen*. hart Unlabe l, and earniced centre p. eces, a relied pallors; large ?*ulie. pree onlv gl.KV) ferTi* eaay ecwodared .heap, Wl.l 'loiihU in vaitie. AtipiyntiUv rn-Ri^e*. Deain" i -r^et, tiriMeen <>-ao<! end aven ie*. I .uton cars pa*> within a short db-u ??< *,-tOR SALE-ONE CASE CI INT A INTNG one gro?? large r llasl.s Lyon's maguetle powd ? iw > Lyon's magnetic powtl-r. :*? tnj** j,..u or kin ng rate, tnce rihI all oiher vermin at a die. oun. ol thirty par cant. Ap ply at 40 Stone Wi re' Ilt.K BALK? THE BTfH K AND FIXTCRKS OF A liquor store No t?9 .lai ies ?ir-ei, now doing a t,r?i rate business. Apply on pi- au*". The rea~.o for t.derln I I tie stablispn. i. .for sa.c I* that the proprtetor is about io g > ?o.t allfortoa. i'on SAL*? A TW'I ST'IRY ASI? ATTU BRICK basen ent house, together wi'h afi unerpirerl lea.* of ae en years, wltb two renewals of t want v ? tie years each. Pries K tlOU. Apply on the pr*m.?. ?. isj Frsnkuii s'reat. TfOR SAI E? AX OLD EST A HUSHED DRUG STore r nea ly iH ed np afMld JMgafa* buntnea* wli.-.'i <? >n he largely .:,erca** d 'fhe owner wlui I* engaged In a'lO'.-j bo alnesa, elil elile-r sell the *fiOhshm' n'- or make an arrsn : ? men' with a practical dr'-r.-i-t a< partti'-r. mion whotn Qm wtoleeare ut 'he e?t?oUahn -tf will devolve. Address W 1. 1'., .u? 1 Oil SALIC. IptOK SALE-THE LEASE, FIXTURES AND UIK)I> WILL 1 of a segar store, nicely mteJ np, well local* I, and now doing a sood business. It will be -old cheap if applied for m (wo days. Address 817 Broadway. FOR SALE-THE STOCK, FIXTURES, AND LHASK, of a tlrst i?te grocery and Iqoor store; in a good location. SuRU leut reasons given (or selling out. Apply ouilie preuises, 111 asth aU, two doors Irom 3d avenue. FOIl SALE.? WILL HE DISPOSED OK VKRY LOW, FOR the want of use, a handsome counter, beer purups, and I aisled stand casks ot'ull sizes. A Wo, to let, the boui?, HW5,. in, aire uext door, at 107 St. Mark's place. FOR SALE? ONE OF UAYLER'8 LARGK safes, with Pay A ."Jewell's patent combination look, (having <0, 0(i0 changes.) suitable for jewellers bankers, M>'. \ will be so'.d low, or exthaiiKed lor n smaller one and receive the dlf fereuce in ca*h. WILLIAMS A SMITH, M Nassau street, Real Estate and General Agents. FOR SALE? IN AND NEAR MADISON, MORRIS COU.V ty, -V. J., six farms, and several beautiful building sites, ten, eighteen, thirty, tin y , eighty lour, one liuudredand tweuty, and one hundred and sixty six acres. Several of the farms would be exchanged for city "properly either In New York or Brooklyn. Also, a lour story building, with steam euglnc, all new, end valuable. Tins would be exchanged for city pro perty. Inquire of S. D. HUNTING, Waverley House, Madl iMi near the depot. tf?OR SALE ? AT A SACRIFICE, A FIRST CLASS ?- blown stone basement house In West Twenty second at reel. Apply to H. R. FOOTE, No. ft Trinity Building. For sale? a bargain-fortune's nucleus -a manufacturing business connee'ed Willi dentistry, paying a heavy per oentage and large demands; all secrets ana infor mation for conducting the business Imparted at the conaumma tlon of sale. Satisfactory reasons glvan tor disposal. Address Sllex, Herald ofllce, or box 1,782 Philadelphia Post office. For sale- four desirable buildino lots. each 26x100. on south side of I't2d atreet, between Fiilh and Sixth avenue*. In this city, also, eight desirable lota, each 25x100. in East Brooklyn. Inquire of M. P. MASON. No. 'J Chambers street, or or WESTCOTT A CO., 168 Broadway. For sale? a livery stable, well situated, up town, doing a good business; the stock light and will be sold on reasonable terms. This la a grand chance to engage In the bualness, or a partner would be taken with $1,000. Apply to HOWES A FHOBISHER, 84 Nsasau street. For sale? a passage ticket per baltic for Liverpool, sailing 14th November. Apply to T. UK AU BURN, bookseller, corner Fulton and Nassau streets. FOR SALE? THE LEASE. FIXTURES AND STOCK OF a liquor store, 19 Urand street. Williamsburg, suitable for groceries. Apply at 146 Pearl street. For sale? an oyster and pining sai.oon, with fixtures tables, cooking utensils, Ac., all new anil complete. In a good locality fur business, with live year*' lease of premises. Said saloon was fitted up about six months ago by the present occupants, and is new sold for wan', of time to attend to It. For further particulars (inquire at HI Cortland street, af'er 2 o'clock P. M.; or at the restaurant, 433 Broadway, corner Howard it., any ume during the day. For sale? a full lot, between eighth and Ninth avenues, in Fortv seventh street, in a good location, well sewered and guttered. Sold cheap, on account of the owner's leaving the city. Inquire of l>. MOHAN, 20ft West street, between Fulton and I 'ey, Washington market, or at llrandretli Hotel, from 6to 7 P. M. For bale? fifty dollars cheaper than in any other place, a new elegant rosewood parlor suit, made In the newest style. Inquire at SS2 Third avenue. In the cabi net maker's shop in the rear, between Twenty seventh and Twenty eighth streets. For sale? an old established portkr house. For particulars Inquire at 346 Spring street, opposite Clinton market. For sai/e-a gray mare, sixteen hands man, seven years old, warranted sound and kind, splendid style and action: would be a very desirable family or road horse. Also, a light buggy and harness, little used, will be sold very low for cash. Apply to GEORGE W. FARLEY, corner (I Market and Cherry streets. For sale, in the seventh ward-a two story brick basement and attic house, with all the modern Im provements. In complete order; hot and cold water, bath room, range and heaters; ou leased ground, 16 years to run, with pri vilege of renewal; ground rent, $137; lot 25 f?et 4 inches by till! feet. Price, tS.MIO; $2,000 cash; balance on bond and mort gqge. Apply to B. PAKKHL RHT, 21 Market street. For sale cheap-a house in fortythird street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, in good or der, and in a genteel neighborhood. Reason for selling, the owner is about leaving the city. Inquire between 9 and 12 o'clock, ol D. MORaN, 16ft West street, between Key and Fulton streets, Washington market. For sale or exchange- a good hotel, now doing a paying business, located In a good business street, and within ten minutes' walk of the Merchants' Exchange. The furniture and house Is nearly new, and will accommodate Irom seventy-five to one huudred persona. There Is also a good billiard room attached to the house. Will sell the lease, furniture and fixtures as they stand, for cash, or exchange for good real estate. Apply to O. B. HASKELL, Real estate broker, 14 Pine street. For rale or exchanoe-for a small farm in the country, lease of dwelling and large mo tie om build lngs, with good ran of genteel bualne**, lu til* city. Address Barnes, box lbl, Herald office. For bale or exchanoe-a valuable country neat or farm of forty acres, adjoining the village of Jamai ca, L. I., wltli a large stylish dwelling home, outbuildings, Ac. The grounds are beautifully laid out, abundance of fruit and hbade trees, Ac. ; also, a llrst class bouse In Brooklyn. K. B. KINSH1MER, S19 Fourth avenue, from 3 to ^ P. M. For rale or exchange-two houses and lots In West Thirty filth street. Apply to H. R. FOOTE, No. 5 Trinity Building, 111 Brovlv. ay. For rale or to let-on eighty ninth street, near avenue A, two new and beautiful three story houses, mndenily arranged, with Croton water, baths, water closets, wash tray*, Ac., each house having four full lota, fenced in, embracing a greenhouse, with fruit and shrubtlcry. Also, on the same street, directly opposite the above, an ele gant mansion, with twenty eight 1st*, well adapted lor a hotel, boarding house or private residence. Also, for sale. In the vi cinity or the above property, a number of vacant Iota, In par cels to suit applicants. 1 be above property Ik restricted against nuisance, has facilities for boating, fishing and bathing, aad commands a delightful view of HellgaUj. Fare 6'4 cents, by Second and Third avenun cars. Terma? "S per cent or the put chase money can remain on mortgage: and If the vacant lots are to be buUt upon Immediately, then the whole purchase money may remain on mortgage. Apply to H. RICHARDSON, 212 Fifth avenue. Grocery and limfor store for sale? now doing a Rood business, with a lease of the whole h?n?e; is In a thickly populated neighborhood. Inquire at Wt First avenue, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth sta. Grocery.-a wholesale and retail grocery store for sale, one of the best stands In Brooklyn, now doing a large and profitable bueiBc*a. This :s mtnnd ?'|tial if not superior to any in the city, aad where a man can itake a fortune In a few ysar*. For particulars Inquire in the store corner of Fat iflc and Bond streets, Brooklyn. Great baroai.v.? coffin stork and under taker's business will be sold very low, if applied for im mediately. Wanted to Interest In noire !l,'ht lanry business. One hundred houses and lots In New York and Brooklyn >or sale. 304 Broadway, comer Duatie street, room No. 10. Hardware rtore.-for rale, the stock and fixture* of the hardware store lataly occupied by James 1-eister, deceased, corner ol Fourth and Lewis straeta. Must tie sold to close the estate. A rare chance for a men with a model ate capital. Apply to ANDREW MILLS or ELIZA J. LEISTER, administrators, on the premises. Machinery of a porte monnaik establish ment for sale, consisting of ?u>am and hand presses, 17 sets dies, shears, shafts, polishing wheels and tools, lathe, ptihles, vices, benches, beams for wheels, scales, Isinps, stoves, ?mall and large tools, Iron, copper and tin wheels, 'trills, pin mid planing machines. All these articles and machlcery, with o'hers, sre new, up and In perfect working order; wMne sold at private sale or at auction, on the 10th lay of October next, at 12 M., on the premises, corner of Kent av?-nue and Taylor street. In the city of Brooklyn flate Williamsburg. Per (arm* ? nd particulars apply to JOHN TUFFS, asnlgnee, Ac., 54 Wall street, N. Y. THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A LACK AMD EM broidery store. ? The stock Is small, carefully atiectad, ami bought tor cash: has been established tor Ave year*, large run of custom. The reason for selling Is the owner Lan other I unjien. The ?tore Is ?ltualed i n the best buslneaa s?e?tin the city. A chance seldom offered. Apply to or addresa iOIlN t LAKK, 48 Warren street, second floor. TO SEAFARING MEN.? FOR SALE. A CHILD'* CAUL. Price ll.'iO. Apply to Mr. S pence, 19 Spring street. r PHYSICIANS? A RARE CHANCE -FOR SALE, the stock and fixtures, complete, of a physicians alee, with lease nnd good will, locate.! at llyde Psra. Dotobaaaoaun tv, New York For particulars Inquire of Dr. I. H W , Bran dreih House, (Torn 1 to 4 o'clock, on the 8th, 9th and ltlth lust. mo FARMER* AND WOOL GROWERS.? THREE UK J rlooea snd two Southern raois. two and three years old, pure breed, for sale by J. F. CLKl. A CO., W Maiden lane. TO CATHOLIC PHYSICIANS.? A PHYSICIAN, RK3ID Ing In a large and rapl lly Improving di/, west of New York, Is desirous of -seL'lng his practice. th? actual receipts of which amount to nearly four tbou?and dollars per annunr, the appointment of nhyalclan to a large hospital would oe aiallal le also. eatiaraeiory reasons for ih? dlspmal of 'his fine practice will be as?lgned. a reasonable Introduction given There are circumstances why ihe Master ean he rendered easy and certain. Apply to J. A. MASTER, F . email's Jour nal cfll.a, 1S1 Fulton street TO SHIP BCILDERS? FOR RALE? I HAVE TUREK hundred tons ties' .jusltty ship timber, which I will sen on plenstrg terma and deliver In B? 'lmore Apply to AL8XAN 1>KK SMITH, Hall'g Cross Roads, Harford count y, Md. rrn DRUGGISTS AND AFOTHECARIES.-F. HALE BE J si eciftilly invl'es the aUention of purchasers to -everal Im ps fide coticerns now lor sale In Brooklyn VVil an ? mrg and New York cities. Full particular* glv<-n t>r ??lllng on F HALE, druggi-ts' glass and fixture dealer so Nasaaa strae' TO DHI UOIRTS AND APOTHBCARIM.? AN OI.D ES M 'all.'- hed and beautifully MMd drug store fur saie. doing first rate t u?ines?. and desirably *H-ated It la len-sel very low lour ) ears of which is unexpired. Prloe |c,igw. Ai?t ly si i.iK-e ui'F. HALE, druggists' g .<* and tixtui e ,W as* >ai street. 'PO DRCOC.IKTR AND PHYSICI ANS.-TO BE DIS I posesl of immediately, the entire H'MniM of a dm* ore, I ntle? drawer* 'Winters, class case dru/s and fancy aril ilea, Ac , Ac . lor t2W cash, must lie ?st. Apply '<> F. HALE. Druggist, glass and fixture dealar, W Nassau street. T1 BAKERS? A CARE CIIANCR -FOR SALE ' ' ^|nf 'be be^ bakeries Si Williamsburg, laeated In the pi In rlpal IhWiMtlfkr**. having sn unexpired lease of seven years, !,tted ip In fs'hinnai le style arvl a first rata business 'i . . iv, hl?hth aienae. New Tor*. TM O HFO aR MANUFACTURERS ? Ft?R SALE-EMITY s? . ar boxes. Apply at Broadway Tl'ILLIAMHBl'R'l PROPERTY ? FOR S\I,R OR TO TT let ? rat - s^e l?.u?e. sBuaf on Flfih ?tree' be- ween Nor'h fd'h and North Stxth stree's. It will be sold cbeaii tr ren'ed low to a giod tenant K so 'o iet, four ur fiva roimis in a neat cooage ho nee to a small re<p?< table family. For terms inquire of <T DtiYI.E, on the premise*. PUTOG CARD*. P LATINO CAKDS-THE SI B-' RIHEKX HAVE Till etc. i naive tale of A Do?igher.y's niaiulac i?re of playing card>, snd hare ,on>:ao'iy on band, all tha different grilles, u> c.ikJ r.g hla ce ebrated Unen dealing nar ls. A. van Y 4LK ENBI'R'1'I * OO,. No. I?3 Pearl (fr?4t. a an<dhe'"rv 74 Cliff siree'. 1>l AYINtl t ARDS fir EVERY DESCRIPTION FOR *Hlr st the I nton '"ar.l Manulaetorv, 177 and 17'* Or , id stien near Rrrswlwsy, Including ?Insle and <V)"-0e hea !? or ban ented snd plain and (-t sni-h e.rls A s>it>TV?r article of linen (Wro eartts, Msg) ? snd wsrran'ed no' riry ':il' | rtprSMiy lar ieajiuy. ' mxproo. Ii?OR LIVERPOOL? UNITED 4TATES MAIL STEAM 1 ship PACIFIC, Nye, commander? Thl< (team* Up will depart V?ilb the UDltad States mall* for Europe positively on Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 12 o'clock, M., from her berth at lue tool of Canal street. For freight or pa**ag?, having unequalled an I'U.modatlon lor elegance ami c, union, apply to luw A K I > K. COLLI vVi.M Wall street. Pamengcr* are requested to l>e ou boaril liy 11 o'clock, A. M. Ship pi ra please take nolle" that the ?hlp? of tlila tin.: canivit carry any good* contraband of war. All letters mint pi-n through (be font ofllce; any other* will be returned. Tbo steamship Atlantic will succe?d the Pacific and sail Oct. 31. Tire BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL stsanishtps FROM *CW TOKK TO UTUPOOL. Chief rnbln passage y|<ui fcecond cabin passage 73 raoa souths to uvkhi-ool. Chief cabin passage Second cabin passage ou Die chip* from Hot-ion call at llalirai. A KAHIA, Capt. Jodkliis, AMKKICA, Capt. Ijin*, 1'KKSIA, ('apt. hyrte, KtKolM, Capl. Shannna, ASIA, Capt. K. U. Lott, Canada, I ant. ftione, AFRICA, Capt. Harrison, NIAG ARA, Capt. LeH-ch. 1 hese vessels carry a clear while Ughi at tnaal bead: green on starboard bow; rid on port bow. Aniertcu. Lang, leaves Boston Wednesday, An*. 29 Canada, Stone, " Hox'on Wedneaday, Sept. 12 Africa, Harmon, " Boston Wednesday, Scut. 24 America, I MOg, " Horn an We.liirn.lay, Oct. in Canada, Stone, " RoaUin Wivlm-a.Uy, Oct. 21 Africa, Harrison, " Bo-tou We lnesday, Nov. 7 Aala, Lott, " Hution Wednesday, Nov. 21 Benin not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. 1 he owner* of theae ships will not b? accountable for (fold, ?liver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, precious stones, ?r metal*. 1111 lean bill* or lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof ther m expressed. for freight or passage apply to ft. CUNARD, No. 4 Howling green. There will be no tteamselpa o> Uils line trom New York, until further notice. Black ball link of packets for liverpool. ?The fast nailing sbln NEW YOKK, 2,000 tana, Captain Bryant, will positively mil on the 8th of October. For terini of cabin, second cabin and steerage pa> <age apply on hoard, foot or Heekinan street, Kaat river, or to JACOB WILSON, 10H South street. EMERALD ISI.E.-FOR LIVERPOOL ? TAPSOOTT'B line, null" ou Halurtlav, Oct. 6 ? The large and commo dlntiH clipper ship EMERALD ISI.K, Capt. 0. li. Cornlab, will Hall ai above. This superior resael baa luisurpaaaed accom modation* lor all clauses of passenger*, who will ha taken al moderate rates. To secure berths, early application should be made on hoard, at pier 40 Kast river, or to TA1HCOTT A (?p., 8*1 Booth street. For liverpool? hali.h on Saturday, oct. ?, at 12 o'clock, the clipper ship ONTARIO, 2,800 tons, t 'apt. Wood. For London.?' The packet ship SIR ROBERT PKEL, sails Oct. 4. For passage In either of the above packets, ap ply on board, pier 20 Kaat river, or to the agent, TUOm. C. BOCHK, S3 South street. FOR MVERPOOL-8T. OEOROE'B LINE.? TDK MAO nUlcem and celebrated clipper ship KACfcK, Capt. Alnsworth, will sail on Saturday. Oth October. For passage In cabin, second cabin or steerage, apply on board, pier No. 0, North river, or to DEMARKBT A JONES, 40 South street and 36 Old slip. ry LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS -FIRST PACKET Xi ship for Liverpool.? The ;lno fast sailing ship O Z, Capt. ( handler, will positively sail on Saturday, oth October, and can accommodate a few more cabin, second cabin and *teerage passengers, at moderate rates. If early appUcitlou be made ou loard ship, at pier 14 K. R , or to TArSCOTT A CO., 88 Houth street. TI1K VANDKRBILT EUROPEAN STEAMSHIP LINR For SoutliampUm and Havre.? The superior first class steamship NORTH STAR, 2,300 tons, Wamack, commander will positively sail as above 011 Saturdsv, Oct. 13, at noon, freclsely, from pier No. 30 North river, loot of Chambers st. Irst elaaa paaaage .9110 Beeond class paaaage 00 null datu or saiuau. lltv TOU. BAVRR aftD SOCTQAMPOR. North Btar Sept. 22 ffortABIar Oct. 1) Ariel Oct. 1.1 Ariel Nov. 3 North Star...... Nov. 3 Ariel Nov. 24 These ships bar* water tight comparlnienta. and are bulit and fitted In the best manner lor safely and eomlort; class AI, and Insure at (be lowest rates. Letters, prepaid, each IS^e. Ecr k oz., are received at Uie office nt the line. No. 8 Howling reen, till 11 o'clock A. M. of the day of aalllug. Goods and specie taken al reduced ratea, and parcels, prepaid, aaoh 91 and upwarda. For frel^hUir passage apply to No. 5 Bowling Green, Now York. ALBERT N. CHKYSTIK, No. 8 Place de la Bourse, Paria. CHRYHTIK, HCIILOKH8MAN A CO., 27 Qual Castmlr Delavlgne, Havre. For bodthampton and havrk.-thk united States mall steamer UNION, K. Adams, comtnauler, will leave for Havre, toachlng al Southampton to land the malls anil passengers, on Saturday, Oct. 2u, at 12 o'clock, from pier 37 North river, fool of Beach street. Price of paaaage, first cabin $UM Do. do. seoond cabin 78 Luggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent ou boaratlie day before sailing marked "below." No freight taken after Thursday, Oct. 1H. For freight or passage, apply lo *. LIVINGSTON, Agent, M Broadway. The Arago will succeed the Union, and sail November 17. FOR BREMEN, VIA BOUTH AMPTON.? THE UNITED Stati-s mail steamnhtp WASHINGTON, E. ("avendycom tnander, will aall for Bremen, (ouchlng at SouUuunpuin, to laud the mails vnd passengers for England and France, mi Saturday, October fi, at 12 o'clock M., from pier 37 North river. Price ol paaaage from New York lo Southampton or Bremen : ? In Ilrat cabin, main saloon. tl V In Oral cabin, lower saloon 110 In second cabin. M An experienced surgeon is attached 10 each steamer. Specie delivered In Havre or London. All letters must pass Uirough the Post office. For paasase or freight apply to C. U. BAND, agent, 11 South William street. The p learner Herman will succeed the Washington, and sail November 3. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company Intend sailing their favorite steamships? CITY OF MANCHESTER 2.1Z8 ions. .Capt. Wylle. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new). . .2JWW " ..Capt. . CITY OF WASHINGTON, do... 1700 " ..(^pt. R. Leitch. mow 1'UU.AtlCU'HIA. CITY OF MANCHESTER Thursday, January 18, IHSti ruoa uvcki'ool. CITY OF MANCHESTER Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1K?5. Saloon 9110. $68 and S68, according 'o slate ro.un A llmlu-d number of third class pa -sengers will '>e taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provisions. From Phlladel jhla WO I From Llverpis.l %U Parties wlstlng lo bring out their friend* can obtain >-ar:lil rates of Passage aad draff* on Liverpool, In sums of ?1 ster ling ami upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMI TH, Agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and No, 7 Broadway, New York FOR CALIFORNIA -NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA steamship line, via Nicaragua.?' The Accessory Transit Cumpany, of Nicaragua, proprietors.? Through in advance of the mall; 700 miles uiorter tlian any other route; avoiding the deadly Panama fever and two miles or dangarou* boating u> Panama hay. The Panama Una oonnaeU at Asplowall with a steamer from New Orleans, where the yellow fever is raglntf. The Nicaragua line has no connection with New Orleans. The splendid double engine steatnahip STAR OF THE WKrtT, 2, WO tons bnrtien, Capt. Tamer, will laave from pier Ko. 3, North river, at 3 o'clock P. M., precisely, for Punt* Arenas, on Friday, October 8 e>innaetlng with t)ie favorite staamshiu Uncle Sam, 2.000 Uins burthen, over Uie Nlr*ragoa Transit route, having bat twelve miles of land transportw'ion, by first class carriages. For Information or paaaage at the re lu??l rates, apply nnly to CIlAH. MORO AN. arent. No. 1 Bowling (irren. I-eUer hag mails up at the office. Stamped lstl?rs taken for li S, cents. V. M ? Conenenclng on We<tnes.lsy, the 24th of October, tke day* or leaving New York will be cWiged 10 the L'Ui and 2t'h of each rnonlu. Fiioru HOl'RS FROM OCKA!f TO OCKA W, HT PA!*\ 1 ma Railroad. T??n?j hve t. >w?U baggage fr?? -Thltitlk fur California, via Panama Railroad? The raited Hlatea Mul Hteanudjip Oampaay Intend la deapateh for Aapinwall, oq Fri day, < in. 5, at '.! o'clock P. M , prec.laely, fr in pier foot of War rrn atreci North river the well known and m lorlte ?U;?mafiip <iK?iU(JK LAW, Captain A. U Uray. Paaaeuger* anl mail* will be forwarded by Panama Railroad, and co? ine<-> ?? fana ir, a with ike Pacific Mall Bleamahlp Company'* tnagoifWrit ? cninalitp Konora, K. wilting, Commander, wblcfc will be in readlneae and leave immedlaiclv for Han Francleoo. The pu'i llr are inAjrmed 'hat the P M. H. 8, Co alwaya hate eae i r more eiira eteamrra lying at Panama read v for mi, o? avm ] any prmaibfo detention or pa?a*ngera or matl?. For pnaaiufe apply to I. W. K* YMkNU, al the only Mll'f of the ooir.pan??e, 1" Weat utreet. comer of Warren. New York. First clippkb pok has francisoo? iikhpatc h , Line; guaranteed to aall on or before Monday Oeioher 8th; loweal ralea and no detention fhf favt riipper at p M AHY, lln?n maaier. I* taking in the laat of her "V *?> at p'. r 27 Kaat rtvcr, harm? rcmalnlne can*. l'? f"r a few toaa ludil fn 1*1jI If muii immediately alonranle Shipper* will heat In iiilBd thar Tie veaeela of thu line take no freight afe t> ?> day advert laod The Anion* A I ?llp|i?r nblp OCKAN F.X PKI-ph Cunningham. inaeier will men l>e ready for eat* >, when an early 'lay for railing will he na. ied BOTTOM A CO.. Oh South atreet, corner Wal'. Acftraua piorkkb link, carhytnotiik rMJT? ed Hlaiee mail. The beautiful A 1 clipper bark iX>LIMLN I KA, <v?i tan*, for Melbourne, now at ber berth, pier No. 8 Ka?t river. Haa now half her oargo on board, and will kave quirk deepalflb. Guaranteed u?e flr?t ve?ei for freight or paaaage apply to R. W. CAMERON, No II Howling (ireaa. Al KTRALIA INPIIPK.VnKNT LINK -TIIK A I < per flilp II R MILAM, will be dmpa'ehnd fo - MelbOerae about Um U>b October. Her aeeaouiuybtloiw/ar i<t>wii<rta, m flrat aod ieeoDd cabin* are ?ua.'rlor to any ve? i oo * n| A few berth* y ' for ?al'1. for w?.< h anl balance ol freight apply to ARkl LL A KI.LIflT, Puarl etreet, or o* ooan. at pier 8 Kaat River, to (' Harry. FH,K~ MKLIKII7RNK, AI STrTuv- mTtTI' A I'lJ NrZ. I{ej(ii!ar pa kel of Wth Orlnber.-? ' Will p"?i l??ly ?? ; tn or b'-lore 'hatdaw.? All g'*ida muit be on t?ir*rl bvrta'aritr, lili proilmo.? 'Tie miperVir A I r Upper ?l,lp i JKlt I K i nk, PI Inoey. maater, haung ne.iriv all h'-r i--?r ;i> ' n ,'^i'ivl ?n l ko lug ob board, Wll! bedeepeuaied a? abore "hip lu<nn-i a< i-ominodaUona for lire: ainl ar< o! e?'>ln |-?> eo<.-r? i?f? will be 'aken al tiwleraie ralea for tialan e of ffmUt or p?i apply on l"?rd, a' pier Hi: K oi to MATLLn. J/iRP k U I RRRKAi;. 1(M W I atre. The rlippi-r ?hip Vancouver wtil aaaoaea, and ?<u pan ' i % y on the day adreruaed. h*)B HAVANA Hin~niw QBLBAJff.? THK I'NrTKO Hta'ea mall ateaMiblp HLACK W ARBIOB, J, O. HiIlM, etivmaudar. will rom* lence receiving frelgh' oa Kr:>Xar, <*?' f,. at.d -?il irotn ber pier, loot of Hoblnaon au-ee t. N R , at J I* M , or, Wednemla% Oct. H. LIVINflhTON, i ROCHKROM k CO.. SI Hn*dw?y. I^'rv VANS' Ml AND KI.ORIIM -INITKO HTAI'X Uril Lfae. ? The at*?m?bM? FLORIDA 1 i M Woodkull. WUl keaae on Hatnrday, October ft, Ir it (I ?r No. i % irtli river, al 4 o"rl "k I" M preriae!? . H U of Ivl. t;, Mil ?n leiard. For frct?ht apply on Koard, or for i ia to ft. L MIT' II II.l., IS Broadway. S K -Tbe r* - ? .-nt'al Hat I road leave HatannaJi er.-ry lay I ir M arm. ( ?? .im bul Minrr tnerv, A' a' H ii*-k A M ai.J ? H * '?t>ne'ti'irf wl'h the cr' ai eoa 'hero mall. h<?!ner< Nai variuiJi Iw varioua pia- ea in Morldaoo TuWa.?, Thuiaii < atnl liaturday- at 10 o'eV?k A M. FVj? HA V A UNA II? TAR II R Kr>I ' KI>~ril A sflV. H le*?ira.? Tlw^uticrior tlral '-.aar ft^amaljy* - F \ i '! OF UFORfilA, i 'Hp' i. J (iarvha, ?% ill leare F?lla 1- ph. ? ;or Havarma.1' oti w -drir~Jay. Oct. |0, i 1 r * k I" M ' . \ (1; aie^ragc t- I'aea. nirera br the - A. M. 'rain f-oafl - w Tork arrive n ample tins*" Itt tik* hie ahlp A|e-ta:'i Se-v ) irk. Hi R.kNToN .? TAI.IJlAN l? Old ? ,,, wnei 1 If<i?n? may be ac-ured. H?- htalr ?* ?>e<j(,ta w .. care , ?? alo e .41 W?!i?'-day, 'Mt 24. fM)tT CHABI.FjlTflN AND FI/lItT l? \ . ? RMMrT : "h' I i' l'nlte-1 -tale, ajallline.? The w aol gmm xaam NAMI VII LK, M llerry. ( i iraoander ? . .e? ? p,-- . t Nor' h river, on Maier'la) . 'e-t. 5, at t o < -ck P <f i-'? For frrlgbt ?t>v 1 y oo Imarl. wh?re ail Ilia of la ! if ? ? ?gr .ed, and tor [/a-aj ' at he oflW <4 hpfif F'iR II, fl' f-Tfi.V A CO., ? hroail'er. Thr iugh tkk> ? o ?!?'? *t ? ?ndl'lla>ka Tlrfi -<<iu-h~rT?er will ?'iccee?,' a<i4 leave oa H"'d ??-day, Oct, 10 I abln pae^i. c Ji'. Tf) *oi TnritN Tnwn.i.rR-i -tiik i ?rrKD tat-< ! m*li *n ?hip 1 I OWK, < '%??? PwrtA, wtil j*. r ? | i.i. H<*nh r\*m. on inturter Oru. ^rH, tur wiM ; t w hln* ?t Okl Pntot (V mlbrt. u.r r u * | vtft i'wmbtn, Md w.;t ?mvt ua j > ?J/w. Winmlaifl<m m mrm, %r^l *rJi ?,?? ir"? j ?? f they ?r<mt vki Norfolk, THr? not ?fpr A ?*i? j '' n.jiff frr?m Um? U vcr, mm ilu* ?h<(? <U*$ fww ro ?**r ?<? t ' r% tr*. Ami firt, iurl -.IimI. ?#? ft 1 IV?i , # ? ] Ll I'LAM A PI-r_Ac.?* ,r. Si r.ii.?lwty, j DAWHO ACADKMIKS. Adodwobthh DANCIMS ACADKMIEH. ? N*w Youg, No. MM! Broadway, nppotm,- We venth atraet liRooiLYB, No. 137 Montague place. uv Uoart street. Mr. DODWWKTH hav liir honor of announrluf u?t Ihf *n<l Leaaona wfl commence for the aeaaon at the New Turk Academy ,on RATI ItllAY, Oct H. ami at dw Brooklyn Academy, MONDAY, Oct. 8. Circulara cuutauOng tertu*, Ac., can be obtained at ellAar of thi- a?i<i?ailM. Mr. DOI> WORTH h?? the plfwort of Informing his fHon la thai, agreeably lo their repented *nlirliauoiM to e?'aMfc>>t a I'ancu.g A' otlrtny In Brooklyn 011 the plan so >iir<'r-wfnl In New Y.nk, he baa erected a apactou* baddtng noni.iliuim ???ry con venience (hat conld he auggeated by many year*' experience, ami in every way adapted to the healthful exercise to whV-b it will he devoted The location la one of Urn moat acet-saihle In Brooklyn. 'he ( ourt atrcet. Fulton and M > rlli- avenue railroad* meeting ?' 'be bead of Montague |>!ace, but a few ?m^>t from the Academy. Soiree* excluaively fur pupil* and parent*. CHAKRl'AI li'H Id )( i.MS, M EAST TIIIKTKINill street, south ti le. wcatol Broadway.? Mr. I'll AltKi' Ai'l> respecihilly aci|iiainw hut patron* and die publl" that lie hi* returned from hli tour of ohnervatlnn in Europe. and will commence giving lumructlnn in dancing and valuing on Sal urday, 1Mb, and Monday, l&ili October. Duya lor the regular eliiiuH-i Monday and Thuratlay, at 7J? o'clock P. M . tor gentle meu; Wednesday and .-aturday, at 12, noon, and :*lt, after noon, for ladlea aud children. Private leaauti* and prlwe rla?*e* at anv other hours Scvemi new dancer will be intro duced. Monihly noire** danaaute. Circular*. coulalnluif leriua, & c., can be had aa above. IfKRRKRO'S DASt'INO ACADEMY .-MADAMK 0. OV 1 BltEfL FERRKR0 and K. FERRKRO respectfully an oounce tliat liielr achool will re open Saturday, Dot rt. tnrou lara containing term* aud daya of tuition oan be obtained a the academy, 89 Went Fourteenth atreel Brooklyn.? Madame C. Dubreul Kerrero and It. Ferrere respectfully Inform tlie resident* of Brooklyn that they will open a branch of their New Vork academy at Montairue Ilall I ourt atrcet, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Circular* oon lalnlng term* and day* of tuition can tie obtained at the (tore of Meter*. Smith A I-ord. 246 Fulton street. Brooklyn 1 I MtYKN'S DAM INtl ACADKMIEH WIM. RK OPEN J J ? at Pythagoras Ilall. 197 and 199 Walker aireet, on Wed iieeday, the 17 til Uurt-t at National Ilall, ?U and IWi Forty fourth a'reel, 011 Tuesday, the lfith; and at Haunter'* Hotel, ilobokrn, on Monday, the IMh. t'laiuHM for chlldiea at 4 o'clock, aud tor ladles and gentlemen at 8 o'clock I*. M. MRH. A. I-ANNAY'H nANCINO RCHOOlt, AT MO NT A (tuc ilall. Court atreet; Brooklyn will be re opened o Saturday, Ortobar 6. I???ina on Wedneailay and sattirda aftrrnouna, commenclnR at 3% o'clock. Monthly Malinee Dae ?an tee will be *l?en. Mra. lamiay will bo aaeiatetl by her daughler. Fnrliier lnforinaUon can be had on application u Mra. Lannay, at W WUlou^bby (treat, between Lawrence and Bridge, Brooklyn. MADAMR AUOl'WTA WMJ, RR OFRN IIF.R HANCINO school on the IMh of October. In New York, at the t'blnoae building", on Weilnrwtaya aud Kaiunlayn. In Brook Ivn, at the Aibrna iitn, Atlantic airoeta, on Mondaya and Frl daya. N. B.? For parUculara apply at 712 Broadway, or No. 2U* llenry ilreet, Brooklyn. MMK. 01ATGT.U RKSFKCTFUIXT INFORMS HKR frtcndu and the public that, having newly fitted up In'r rooma, they will be open lor Inatriictlon In dauclng 011 Uie tiUi 01 Uetobcr. For further tntortnatton apply dally i?t Uto Waver ley llouie, corner 01 Fourth atreet and Broadway. N. H.? Ctaahca for ladlet and Kentlemen every WedneMlay evening. $800 COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. (WWt ? partnto wanted, to knoaok in 'Uv/, an eritabllalied bualnenH, safe, pleaaan' arid re apec'al'le, which bit" paid an annual protlt of orer per year, lor neveral yean, aud can be more than doubled uum year. Pleaae adore ea. with real name, which will bo emial dcrid nrlctly couAdentlal, Interview, Herald oOlen. <J.kl AAA ?AUCTION AND OOMMUflON MSB chant*. ? The unilendgneii, a thorough builne .a MB, With tlie above -um. would Ilk'' to join aome one iilrejuly eatahllabed In the aui'tlou aud eoiumlaakni buaiaeaa. doln.* a good bualiieae, and one that can be extended with the aatlal ol tb? money and the aervtoea of a good man. Addrea*, aiating partlculara and where an Interview can be had, t'om miaalou, llernld nfllce. d>9 nnn TO W.OOO.? A PARTNKR wantkd in an ?PmiVvv elegantly luted up andbent located dining aaloon In ihe lower part of the clly. Attached to the rcitituraui U oue ol the moat profitable bar* down town. Apply to IIOWKH A FltolllSHKIt, m Nuaaau atrcet. ?WANTED? A PARTNER, TO ATTEND T(? J the lluatt'lal part of a uiiinufnctiirtrig btnlneai, l(iai haa I (JOU cuaUitnei- and paya loo per cent protlt. <,'an be enended to anv amount with the belli of a good man. Apply Immediately lo IIOWKH A FROBIS1IKH, M .Na-aau atrwel. A/JfWJ TO ?^00. ? ' WANTED, AN E.VHRdKTIC MAN, TO wpDl ' Join the advertlaer In a profitable biialneaa, to wliotn Iwill guarantee a net prt Ot 01 f"ft per week. > 'tall Imrne lt itiely upon WM. LORD, 'S46 Broadway, room No. M, aecond floor. (J?r?nn -partnf.r wantf.d, with $<iou cash, in V' H'Ui a good paying caali manufacturing bualneai. wholewtle and rcbtll. In a good location, eitahiUheu elgltt veura, and now tilling a good trade. Thl* la a very profitable into truant. Addietw Partner, Herald office, atatlng where an inteftlkw may be bad. -WANTED, A PARTNER IN TH> QBOOMT v'JV'V'. and liquor bii?lne-?, of lonn and excellent Handing, and located In a moat dealraldn part nf tb.a city. Ini|ulrelor particular* at iVJ Ktt^t Fnurlc ?. ntli a'reet. ({??>,' cn -ANY Pi RSON HAYUrO THIS AMOUNT, AND daalroua nf engaging In a Brat clavabuatMaa, well eatabUnhed In thla city, c in hear of .1 splendid opportunity and aallaracinry prtKtf by calling upon Mr. Newton, a l'taoh A In gal)*', 34 6 liroadw uy. (fconn TO IMO.? WANTED, A PARTNKR WITH thla aniontit, to take an Interval In a reape -table and lueraiive butlnewt. Toagootl penman and a ueuileman of Billte addrt-?a, a fortune l? 'he result For piitUoulaia apply at cMAHON'8 office, 178 ( Ikmtham ?|uare. An immkdiatk rusinkkk for rrs.? a tocn'i mail, with the abtiye aiiiount, will be taken aa an e?|uitl Parmer by an auibro'yue ariaiwho intend* travelling an I want* AMbtance. TbiaU the urw art that wtU*uper**de da gtierreotjplng; immense protlia can be realized a* there 1* arcel) any opposition. Apply at'.*) Chatham s'roet, in tl?o gallery. Apartnkk wanted? wmi ir&oo to $3,000, to }>uitIuim* the rUctit of one or more hta'ea, either Ho nth or , Went, tor the Hule Ml a newly invented ar icle of valta* to the community for It* money mmvIiik ?iu*llUa?, Tn connexion with on* of u?e larjreet item* ofexpenat atuebe4 to atoree aud dwelling*. Addre** for one we<-? with r??al name arid par* llieukir*. Patent, liudaon street Pott otUc *, 530 Hudatm a!ruet, . New York. I (lOPARTKKBtflflP.? TIIK L'NOKKHIONKO IfAVK J (hie day rerch*?*d the ln'* reat of <*harl?a If. Johuaon, In tl??* la u? firm <st H ehblrm, Hkeldtog A Johnson, and w.ll ron tlime the tmNtnene under the arm of Htebbtn* A Hkeldm r, at bb Pearl *? real. (IIARLKH HTfCHHljfJL New York, Oct. I, lftM. J. II HKKMMNU. DISFOM TION.-TIIK COPARTNKWHJP HKKKf O fore *>i**injr wider the name or flm <?t Darton a vf nt worth, of N- w York, hooknellera, In thl* ?lay dla*olred brmu fuel eonaeat. All peraona hartntf elaltn* u</ala?t ?h?? *.it# firm are harabl reqtietlad to present the name for Immediate ?et'le rro'iit. end aii persona andeoled 10 the aaid firm are re<|%aeted to ll'ju.da ?* the Mime At once. KATff A VIRL L. IUYTOM. New York, On 1, IHM. HORAt'K WKJfTWOETIf. Dilution ok FARTinaimp.-vsi part.vkh thfp which him heretofore ekiat?*d ao4?r the firm * 'Jae^k e) A Pc.mUier, aa u**r haot taiwt, *t N?. f North Wiitiun and i 211 Wiillam vtreeia, la thia day dlaaolrad by muuial notMMtt. Georpe Jaeckel will continue the buaJaeen an ha retire to bia own ituuv, and ?eUie all a< ouunta of die kaie flrrn f*R?J ROB JAROKKf, New York. Fept. 2H, l-^a JOHN HCHAfc I OCR VTOTirK ? THK CO PARTNKK-M/P HKtRTOPORK exiattaa wider the Arm of stub Mm. Hkeldtr* A Johnaon, 1* (I la day d *aolirrd, by mutual < bar tea Steb'on* m if.. Jaii)' -< A. ckeldiu# are autbortae4 u U'iuidafe the H urt of tiie late firm. OHARLKs HTM BINS. J A fc'KKMHfO. New York, Oc'ober 1, 1MS6. CM AJtLKS H. JOIUVtfOX. J>ARTNF.H WANTED, WITH NOT f.KSH THAN IUHOO or ??' (J0U.~ Two f?enOa*ien /without near**). a partner with (lie alK#ve ? ipftai u? >*kr onr tb'M ln??re?t ta the manufacture of an art- !?* of uaiveraal corMurtpuofr, twrii* are .juU'k and prosta iat^e. Add re?* Ujx I' mt offlff, ?w York. ]>AKTNKR WANTRO IV NIC W YORK-TO CXlMMSVClC | ?h#* fnanufartura of t'rennrr a fortable ar.uH|c a?h*? mif, I already M>'~ab!l4i?'i In Phi lade liiina. Addrrw? <Jr#em?/A i*ee nier, l^housl) Tenth ?tr<?', PhilaulelfihU. IJARTNKR W.OTK/I-/V A UKTMl !>tlY - > >'r ?u>r*. a dla'anee frowi \W ''Ity, U* tak#? the ? 'a*-* on^ retirttiK. Ati eiperu-noad y*u*ft man uffU < m.| ?, ? a' jiivifH wi'h u?? uilllinary aJ .v*? ui tf?> -#? ?julrnd.or L<*?i accurity u> thlt tAM^vutl. Addieaa U lift ? 1 < ITi. f ]>A RTNP.R W A NTf.Ii ? A HI -INKHS MAN UAVfN, ??f i orr.maixf a few hundred *WEar? < aa now ru?w t witl ? rl> anea perltapa fferrer a^nin to e?ft ;all'*d The ??arearvd U* ration ? tl?r very t>e?t in Kai??a Iir???k tv n. lit ik* *m?e & dry ^or>di?. h-wtfry, lan? y In fact anyt hiimr ?lii e?rf? . ? ? ? * ?? n?-<-ded in hlenreaeifet bti^iri'-a. A4f\r*w,, to-, 'hr** > da/a, Mtore, I oi IA4, Iferalcl o0ee, nutinif a*t? -on of ean.tjil re#; tn ur v ith f?U partieaiara. No notice wJU be taken of i'.4uo?* namea. Ac., Ac. QPKrj AI# PARI NKR WANTRO A MPKrul. rutrvi- ? p to invea* |6,0n<l In rt?h aad |?rri*toon bu'ftnM i !??* b'?tirj<?*a I* on the wc?' -id#* of t *t<, at an oM i ra**} ? hi .I U wet' #caMuiM and hnt tM a4wrt?<" r ft?a? n?v hiiffli lent <rnplUil to urmnmm** It I rt 'he b-v adta mm ^ 1 liUi wtJI be fouod an ? urei.ent ivwnvin All '?iRintrvra llftia Ktilctly cont?it!>t^U. Addr^aa Jflercfcaa*, r*. I of r e rriiff n*M or rinhvon a iA<xjf;rN w riie^rr r> J from :htH day Tb^ onderalcM^ fb* ii^aldeaer ?if m '3 i roi, and b*>l m niln^ie tlw >?(M I ? New York, Oct 3, UM. IIr..*Hl JAOgCfN. TO CAPITA LIKiy. -A PARTY PMvK -INH A V AJW K bl?* lnvei.Uori, w ft every pro a '4 if of it# efc t Se futrwinit, will di#|M?eor an intAre*' in ti*c > t w^*t w? h a reeiKetable and# fl&eiieat jianwf. ii in* ire lu ti. t v<a . Uvn. Ad'freM If,, boi ?51 llera U'ANTnus PARTNER, WITH A ripjYAf. v,/f " l-*? 'han a -ni'*, ? already ?-?!ab/. l,? ?J wbhai pay * from Vi *j W j^a *e- A* dra?i a B, C , Herald ?A ? \4* \NTKD-a FaBTVH with im r A Re?PF< 'A *f hie permanent r>'i?a* 'oi ?< ' . d ?. ? t -r ??? #r p?tf HMfe at ro'ir hf '*? 4|/ie aiel r >r?*a <? 1 wo *?**? m?fi ?M? fhar $l.w mHi, v arU tm* |>rao ? * *umn *.? ' f ir* a Uie a^d*'* /tml do'ie# 4.' out to t/e H < <L A p > f a ?> J Fulton ?L, itrv/kjfo, uptLa?T4 AMI A I Itl*Y>. U4 i l.lbl AM> Al ItWT.? MY PaYIRNTk A It h Hft ?fMK^tUit^y Urtf<atnM vhatei* n* Ui the f ea? laefaite -/ lt 4i-+*Ur>* otteineei ??i>ee my t**tif n from m / wv/ <?>?# .'iofi In ^or*^ 1* J ir*e found I MM ei*.#nd ray eao i ? '? <1 1 hare t MM ?r<- 'neorf ed arlth 'n- fir ; ? V pgjlffi already r<v rai?M kte.wn u Ui prnf'^ial MMBeal ? t*/-e. ?t %* Hi den rite our ? oireifoi' a," at ' uim > dfcM ? *e? o, fjfce eye fcfkd ear. a# aIb>> Hi !la- trta'?ne-> r acllral a ?4 ?<?r/ ' ?l 1 in * ?.f a' I liifd# l>alif?*\xMne laua nft ???#? ***??*?: y h ? ?-?,? e ! U ealtaabla iiMW'imeit^ vltfdif ?ar re-l m /a*^e?e * e 1, * at a g'mj*'? ve ir'e^f (he ? *lftrW ?k ?^a*e m i^a W-o *'? ? * tH? ? e. ? ar ot he<? at WHk Iif, JiaA'i iwJ' t ft'#d >#?!#? f re r, on e faiarae' 'd'heut pajo ?ar ^ianyer ivaf >p? ?on* w%,i# are l*a :?.i dr?M *X Im ? a/ t er.?jra>fl >1 net, an !j*' ? H?ar r a u<? a?rfh H t ? fke artl^-iai fywpwl. fr? -h ar 'i* ' #1 #)'<* tsaaefl#4 tba* wfff kr>1r and r<?a^e etae?f ? ?#? arai ' rta?> <MI'# h#'#ea la?n f to 4 nr atari 4m f vl fr a ? to % hwA ra the eveturtf fw wartitf ; eoul'* I A N# " It '(lUM'l- M, l),f (irailM ?fd A>iMt, Mr.' jlr<a?dw%y ' t* p*M * ?' Nfcd Ho t rt HA irt Hr. I u/ttaok a prn r amci r Him nr. warrh^ <a 1 M HfAdwar ayorliA Uka HC Xir^ae il'AM* - VAllttwa I ^t A? KY aifat fr?e tala tAe m?Mt ?nm* 9* us n e#. o# (iMy, eoMaj?e, e-jit*#i i l|a- * Prenyl far * ire a ? I ftt-ad '?4M( a* V'vee* # n ?' I IAJMM, M , at ?aa<^?? ?'M' J ffAM J AMOUBMF-.VTft. NIBLO'H oarden. KmtiAT Kr*m*o, noma** 5, I MM 1'riun ' pliant ituorrna <>1 (h? KK? ??U oltlutNal aatkUA* unul, eomaoaed by <1. Y Hriaiow, HIP till W1DIU. Pounded on Waahtngton Irving'* celebrated l?*end, and p|? duccd t>> 'he i*y>K AMI HARRISON TROOP* Muatehy Octree Hrlatow. I.lbrettn by J. II WUlnrmhl. Produced ?iUj now .eeoery t nnu ill Iglnal drawing* Innn ,a lore, Uikiui lo the kaataknl Mountain* and rlcuuly, b> Mr. IHJIyard A He* Ml* l.oul?a Pyna Kdwaid Cardcnli r, an offlrcr In the Coniincn in I army Mr. W. IUrrt??t Rlii Van W inkie Mr. MreUus (I.ate oi (in* theatre* lloyal, I ovejit ijarden, lirury L*ua. ?nil Uh I'bilhartnnuic Concert*. Uitulimj 1'nine Vtn Winkle Mix* Pyna Kdward Vileo nr Mr UorocMtla ('till cant *n<i particular* In dally MM". Itooka of the ('pern Ut aalr Hi toe (iarden. Iiooraopen hi li1.. , U>r?i!iuBfiiotAl7H o'clock. Ticket* u? all parta of the lnjtino, any urcbvalra *ea>*, It; private liosrM. ft. No free lt?t elrept Uie Pr??. WAI.Ull'H niRATRK. ? HRKAOWaT, RRAR Bioume atreet. -Trice, of ailml aalon Itoiea and Pe? ? urn He Au rente, Paniily Clrcl" '3t mum, Hlail*. II, Prtrata Binm, ai'd f7. I'oora opm at ?; u> begin ai 7>? o'ntunk Prldai evening. Oct. ft, will lie pertbrt?e<l TIIK QAIIK OP UiVK. Ram Weldon Mr. iMUr Koiglovii Mr. II. Placid* | Jacob i *h ibb. .Mr. ti Holland Tt-ii Murphy... Mr Brougham Pbmlie i'nn*(l?. . . Mr* Vernon Da Merfle Mr. rikablarl I Mr* HeMerfle. Mr*. Brougham Alloc Devereui. HOW HTOl'T YOU'RK OKTTIKO. I. Mrnngbain ? Mrs. uaey Tl,| KTROPOLITAN TIIKATRK.? if I On PkiDaV, October 6, lhM, will be presented the bcautlM! modern dr.uaa <?f AMI KM >. By Victor Uuk<i. I* Tl?be Mile. Racbol Door* open ai 7 o'clock? lo commence at h Dreri?e|y. Regular day* of perlurmano*? Monday *, weduoedayi and Fiiilay?. BOCKUtY'H KKRKff ADKRfl, ? BROADWAT. Kvery night thl* week, the rerv ?uore**ful burle*-iue oa TIIK DAVOHTKR OP TIIB KMUIMKNT, KTinoeinR, Ac , A<<. The celebrated <? K?a;ii llnrkley will etnif hi* popular ??huoadwav iONU," wl'h n ilr-crlpllnn of Briadwty. t 'oiiri-ri couuueiirm at o'clock. Ticket* ]ft eenta. (1BARMCY WHITK'S OPRA 110081. 4!l ?<>WKRV. ) To nlgbi, tin* great ni'ifn. p^nioinlwe eml'led Uia MYSTlt HpKIX. Krcelred ai Mirh repri'm aiaUon with nhouta of laugliler. \ri?l.ri'8 tIARIiKN.? Il UkMrir or tiik M-rntaiR* nr Vkllhw, In NOItnu.K AMI PilRTHMOUTH, Ok tuny Kv?mm;, Ottoacu (i, K18. ? in whlrh ouuli'U the lollowlng (<-men have cmuietileil (? art ?n tiiKLoaairr a ? Parnando Wood, Mayor, Kred'k V. Ru<h>nn M. il. Wolfe, K>'(., KniiTt lllow, K?| , Robert Urwle, , i'api. Vtooant, Beury t.udlain, B?q.. .1 uuum T. Hiagi;, tb< j., Klch'il A. Tooier, la-|,, Oeqrge W McLaan, t'.tq., N. h Walker, Iwi,. John H, P, llrinkertxiir Col. P. II. Har', P?i , Col. (i. H. MabbliM, .la*, nirtnger, W|., ('apt Fcrrm, ('. A. HUM?i,n, Ra>i., Win. N. M.iirim, K?| , J 1' Trrailwell, r-|., Kruin'ln SklM v, K ? ! . , J. Iceland, K? i. W M, .VIIII.O, K?g , tutu pl?' < I hi* tnarrilllt'i nt mtablUbmeut at Die dlapotal of I'l n.ninlfi' , tree ot all charge. Mlt-H Mil IDA I'YNK AM) MR. HAItRIHON have ToliiMi-eri'il tin ir vulnubb- aid gra'u U) MICK PVNK, Mil, KTRKTTON AMD MIE. IIORHOAITLB a Ian give their roltminrr axlatann-: m.d ihe wliole UPERATK company, On bei-ira, Chortia. Corpa de Ballet, Machinlata, Artlnta, and oihi r ungafi u In the ?"'iilillehiin'Dt, have, unit aod all. unaonclied, pmlli rad Uu-ir aaeloea in Lhe gKxl caiww. Iitiowouly reumlim for the public lo cooperate wiihibe cnnitiiltti e, tie aianagemcnl, and U,n artlata, u> Innirc Uu. re alUatlott of A t.AROK APIlITION TO TIIK Pl'ND, ao morh needed, not onb lor tkr preaetkl tnoment, but to pro vide lor thoae aurrtruni left deatltuui by Uie lerrible vlnl' iium whirli hiiHuaepl away tlielr oarrnln. friend i nod I'lupluyora. The enleiialnnaata provided w ill ue of TIIK MOST ATTItAl NVK CHARACTER, of which full partirulur* will be dul> ann"un' i?l. and In order to enable all rluH<ea to aid In tbta bnnelU lite price of Uckrta luw been placed at PIPTY CKNTH. Tlrket*are fur sale at nil 'he principal bote!?, at ercry mil ulr ktnre, and (he |>rlnclpal bookolorM; aU< at Kiiibtoo'ii Iroit Ktorra, and the office of Nililo'a (lardi n. Ticket* may alao be obtnliiiKl of Uie Dteuiber* of the committee, who cariietuyeu trcat tbe co operation arid mipjiiri of Die public. TIIK cOMMITTK* are rc|tip|ied 'o meet aitbc An'or Uuuae ua Tburaday eyen big, OcL i, ai 8 o'clock, punctually. TIIK RKNPP1T AT NIHMVfl, Off HATI'RHAV KVKJT ln?f. In aid of the auflerera by yellow fever at Norfolk and Porlattiouth. ? Ibo committee are particularly re<|uc*M?l lo Rieci af tbe Aator Ilouite tbl< evenlmr, a' w o'ew k precisely, Ticket* ran be I, ml at ihe Imu-la, houkiwra*, drug >.lori ? of Mr Ru-liion. ?i the offlcen of Robert (Iraela, ,V? llrwr aud William N. Marc u> . 12U Water uu eel, aud at Mblo'* tiaideu. 1 fTHK HIRP.RNIA, AT THK AP0U/? ROOMH, NO. <11 X llroadwaT ? Mra. AI.KXANDKK (illlHV Vocal ami Inrtriino'tiial Knterialtinicnl ? "The Kmerald lale" and ' l*k?a of Klllarney " with xriigK, lei^ndr, aneedotea and plctoruaj vlewaof "tnild Ireland," l? now open every ernulng. aieapt Smurday, eoniTiienriiig at t> n'eliick Ha'urda) afWrnuCiO, at A. Alio ihe overture to PICA DIA VOLO, Mr*, tilbba perloriuln/ on aeveral liieirumenK. Admtaatcn Krnou. I^RANKLIN Mt SKI M, NO. M BoWKRT, HP,ART,T OP V I'onle tlie IViwery Oie*ira.? I'artortnancea eeery after noon at S, and evening at 7H N ? M. ? hiran*em will ooaerrf ll.a Uie Prank lln Mum urn la the only place in the United "aia where Uie M'ulel Ar'taU are r itnUte, I, with other original ?B tertalnmenta. Remember, No. M Bowery. u HrrMuiH ?y.? The Al ove plac? of iflBDi**?Mntt?'h?orilv ? uiirr*- ,%r? 1 Wrfity Uvr i'A<)tcp ai'pr?r nl^lil!v A'linl??iou ja ornu. After J e ri' rlr>nn*n'r?, n prism"- 'luiuiiillo rornpiojr. VfKmniON If ALU. CIJSVKtANH, OHIO, MAVflfO if! bMn r+p+tr*f1 aik! p?lnt?(i thrMU^h'iiit. I* rm# rrmlv U> Ir', by U>r ?lajr, ww-k ??r tn??n'h. for ronwru hibltioii?of all ItmUa. A<lUrt:M Ur.o lroti ,<>vtrUfil, < lli'O. \1 r KL< H'S NKW VATfONAL TIIKATKK. If HAI.KI THTKKKT T Itii. A!>KM*B!A. WKM'H A laK.NT. PKOf'KI KTOKH Thi-" R|J#?uUkJ wffl opn <m nr fthout Ar*( Mftudtr In Novmuber, Willi ibr^ puwrrJal Knnm Irian, f'r mimtw nn*! ran tern tab*. laAfllrii ?iHf gmillrmwti of alsor* (ir>'fm?t<m? * uU1m?ui enira?r^ti>^fU *?u*t apf'jr imm?t.d'#!jr, bf let'* r, |k>? t uM U. Ki n'N WIPI/Tfl. .UmtHi lln**'! VUVv ./r to f K MAKHIH k~Jng im?1 Mftnaffii1, a* , New Yor\, from IU uj! 4. An ariuaow l ?cr ;.,c ar*fct m a ;!?*]. HACIffa TKWrTF-OADTIO* T O THE f'l HLir I# t II 4l'ff A HI. PKI.f X b+p* I***" ?o ratnk?ri l>?* publte who Mil Uthf'* 'o Wl*. Karbal'i frfitrwm aiM-vw at * pr?rafeJto. The only vt1??'r? imh'TlMl by blm ?rt fti 'h* MatropoftfUii th?fcirc bo* tGlr?* . at Joiltr ?? iww ?'of?, f#i9 H.'m'lvrnj atxi at Uws gariftral oUi* 4il W?il ?*? iu **> 2ft Th? ifMni|i mnil dtflaUaa ftli roujutftlofi ?itl? any tick el ? lleiM. ftll ttokfrta b? Wig *oid ai lb** ahova ?rfnr?'?, at Ulw fallowing UrJfT of nrtre*;? C/f rlwt* ra fti.?l Mv -ooy ? *!)* 13 f'arijtj# n* I>rr?* (Sfrl# %/* I Mr?' llfi*, t2; ' irei?. T?MOrtrioW (SATI'KPAf/h MiTOHKIt f?, OKA^D K* tr.?niir? tioca at tba I HaSki.IS Ml *Kt M, M lto*?r/, bang for th? hhmut * i w^x ny.snjy.TTA thowihoj* <m whtfli fiPy 5 00a ? Sv1l? ? will apfttar tu 'h* ll<> l#-l ArtUHr ** ? lib ofh*?r tutera?lnm',iit* K?w* v* morrow'* Hill . VKI h I'OV' ANI> OIKM TOOPT1IKH ' TIIIh *? aft*' ?t<il ballad, f** lair*! i./'-loc'Jm of 'b#* po ?tLar J. K TWrdtf, ? 1.0 w /ea?J> ml iio kdua?c #tar?ia t*ttbflftb#C by Prill), 1 l o. K1TIM PAV. 1,'XfKA l'A\ NAVY III, I \TY I. fth AMI 'XIII. A J P?7 ' oni'#? wlrrat)'*, * etira pa*. 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