Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1855 Page 6
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IDfKKTISEMEOTS BMEWED EFEBr Dir. SAU5N AT AUCTIOIV. " A^."LvHVwJP?LAY' AUCTIOIfKK*. WILL SELL f?hu%> ^Su-aS?!^ ,U\M ,2-'? o'clock at the Me. chant.' In nX!? lor"r? <"?I nt whom it msv roneeni? m?!np t10!!*!0 ai JH?*is*ippi Railroad 10 per real concert!* ;; ,ond-1'um ?? ">?.A" coovenUuf bS^J? '* r',>l Uu,"'twd 41 ""??????? 7 pe, cent "tible ho?di r Ku:"<*"J ?**? 7 per cent eonver ^TAl^uZr^ *^ 'sfa,Mi ??''per ceKi 'auS0 """road 7 per cent bonds, (second is *cS?re?; eeiSS,llbondr*> ?'"?RiUratuVfc l!5^: memo <:i'yy(Ul7uilf ?nU8D?Src; nT b?nJU' 81 >m bonds - "an and prison loan) 8 1)fr tem JO aha. es Tlilrii Avenue Ha I; road *eliH!U !??un?:ifai(;^?rnio"::::::1i!? It) Oriental Hank '| 125 60 Pe'er Cooper Wrc/inJ/tiVJ?^s VuHa?,?i i. ^?? *. Hnce Company *??,? , ASg 2 o'cloc k to morrow' P The aecraadTT' i*1*1 V" 1 ,laue'* before will be charged to the prtw KmSi0" ,:,e.?bo;''* 'lay October 18. ? "?*' regulat salt o'l Thurs ?very'Moo^y'Md^hS^a^m^^'f' ?f .;'",1 bond* Si? ?aESSS?"J?rjwa bJS^SpaSm^nt^n'h?fL ,my, 1lo,'k', ??> and foiwr office No a Rr^i c,' n?l?<;led, ns heretofore, at my aion The mewimndE? i "!' "nder m}' peeeonal auperrf preaeut 1< ration \o 11 'V,'1"11'"lem wl" ?"* continued at Its euwor ,!S5&?tJLSr ,"rou,? "ndei' at'I'frlutend ALBKttT H. NfCOIdAY, No, I llroad atrcci. A AUCTIONEER.?STATIONERY Wfc-On tuBHdi iy. Oct. Lvkl, Albert HwHXTi??*#!?8, al l'10 ,1,,cUon room. * J Broad Htreef, Valine if' mIX regular senilaauual irade sale, con riSff*x?k8, stationery, papers, bookbinders'mate ^n#fulgH,wii,,ake P,ac* U!l *twve. Thecata 2E^?5ISbf#".? attractive collection, both of ii?zPth?i frbrlcs, which are well worthy the atten Hnited *S'ate-?. and to ??erve. Terms?4 and G months' red'.t; all leas than $100, .ttHh Catalogues now ready tor aUhe aaieiioom *** < aiUed at ^ ??ce- Ko' * Broart st? A i AUCTIOXKBB,?.CLEARING Broad it., a lot of fnrirlture oonatoUiV?f l eL?f ,r00m'11 5k?wSS49 egg**-"?"??. tiVSv? ?rs.7s'5;,?s A NICOLAY. WILIi 8BLL \.T An pIO\' OK ?n theuremlssea, ot u, , \ti ('(loif i ao? hi 0 at. t or to the auctioneer li Hrm'd street. ?* ' 111 Ni"a"tUce'' ANTHONY J BLEECKKB * CO.. aITTIO\KFRs_ ^age?aneseaudiim!nhT ?e*er,r?' ?J 400 building lota aod J lK r r !Sl f.en lHl?nd, at auction Anuinnv ^^?t%5BftSErv5J!5.^ SBrFf^ hull fMi paeaca through the property to and liom every l2tnd -in ^ mo"' a,tT"v? |io?itton for rcsftcnccs ont e * li? ia^ O ,great 111'b.cements to build as an Investment ."J"'";0' on', ?cre each, on avcnuel! 70 feei ^??a^.fc^'SRi5tsjs Will be absolule* and no prononltioii tor nrirate mn'rlimoi e t tt-lailce "'"I remain on bond an" mor Lac for ^^CpS^SftSOLPt'lsS^ the atfc^lone >ro N^?7 S"1'8; Rnd further psnieulnrs. apply m WE^tl jhe prem?^7.. H 8"C0'' ?r '? W VA V A C?. TITTLE, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 0-1 BROAr? C TutUe^^wU^t^r'8 8t0^at a,ution ?? Tuendav.-A. the warchouseo! a'^ "'clock, at S^^Srtor^{ai',,?nd b'?1'1'" w^atlP^s an^mdll^e^ sim auf'lBe'h^a'tiTklilcTed slnn'ta't" b."rC4UK "nJ waahitauda. ceirre aud exJ.n: alontaoles, together with nn aasovtmeut of elock. 'mV ^ 5Sn?7 (A;U', 'hf.?*"" ?f ?bi, , will he s.?ld wWtotit reserva ton fo. ra -Ii. t atalogucs on n,e morning of sale. A I CTION NOTICE.?J. ROGART, AUCTION*FER nv? AAraass.-a ^ 3S JK? "fh-<Sd^e^re^;Uneda ^ A af lan . ?PTI?F"?J- HOOABt" At'CTIO.VEER By AULTr^fl,^?uI<,'K ~n':VRY It. HERTS. ,nt . U'crrov ^riork iuhi i ant,"?". on Monday, lath Ocwber at 10' : wciock, a. the salesroom, No. 5U Pine street Shpriff? ?ud . uV?T?^^orr^^^^r^a"d^rchleu'. A VCTION NOTICK?CROCKERY, OLAv.s vvn rntvi' A Wiff ^sl large assortment of beat W. (J*, 'blue and idf1 kinds felT**' ? Auction notice.?thob. bell, auctioneer.?by BELL A BUSH, Tuesday, Rt 10'j o'clock, ill the wild room*. 12 North William street, wo wilfaell a valuable assort moot oi furniture, dry goods, clothing ami pledged ariirles, show ca?s, jewelry, Ac. also, one splendid show esse from the Crystal lalace. More particulars day of sale. Auction notice-Joseph l. smith, auction err, will sell, to morrow, (Tuesday,) at 10'? o'clock, at No. 117 Chambers street, a splendid assortment of furniture, consisting of roi-ewood parlor and bedroom suites, two magntH cent suites In satin hrorade, two splendid rosewood bedroom euitee, three painted coUage suites, mahogany ami black wal nut bedsteads sofas, bureaus, rocking cltalrs, Ac., some t ichlv carved reception and parlor chairs, about 500 yard > of Brus sels and Ingrain carpels, In excellent order; oilcloths, oil paint ings, some excellent scenes by some of the lirst artist", broca lei and lace curtains, rich parlor shades, excellent clocks, china vases, lea, dining and extension tables, rosewood centre, aide and caul tables; crockery, glassware, costly china tea ami dinner sets, silver plated casters, rake baskets, spoons, forks, tea service, salvers, all heavy plated. Ivory cu tlery, Ac.; best hair raalfe-ses, pillows, blankets, stair carpets, hat .stands, large oral and pier glasses, with heavy French plates: an ex cellent assortment of kitchen rumlturc; one rooking stove, in good order. Also, at 12o'clock, a superior rosewood piano forte, city made, and fully warranted. Deposits required, Auction sale ok splendid household rra. niture.?The sale this day, at Ill's o'clock, al No. 14.1 West 2Sd atreo' between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Is well worthy the alien tan of dealers snd Iambics. comprising some ol the Most elegant parlor suites and other furniture ever offered at auction In a private house. Catalogues at sale. 8 AY AO E A PARKS, auctioneers. ATTENTION?TIN WORKERS AND TIN TOY JIANU fkcturers. The l-ong Island l'ressed-wnre Jo. will offer at Kublle sale, at the factory on Dean St.. near Carlton are. Brook yu.on Tuesday the Idtb Inst, at 10 o'OMak A, M., all their tools, presses, dies, unfinished stock, fixtures, paints, varnishes, nth re furniture, Ac. The dies and tools for manufacturing tin tors, compri-e over one hundred and fifty varieties, together Willi a large nnmber of tinman's tools. There are three drop presses and 4 large screw presses, rostlng from 960 to 9210 each. For further information apply to JAMES WKKKRS. 58 tivekman ?t, N.Y. /"IMFTON SPRINGS AT AUCTION -THE SUBSCRIBER Vt^Vlll sell, at public sale, on the ,10th dir ol October ?ett, the entire property owned and occupied by himself and known as the Clifton Springs llouae, embracing about fifteen acres of lan^mnon which are the springs (white sulphur), highly valtistrlBr their medicinal proprrdei, the park and f lessors grounds surrounding them, a bath boose 100 feet ing, bowling and billiard saloons, Ac. The house will ae commodate about 100 persons. It is a valuable property, altua'ed In Ontario county, wtihln 10 rods ol the depot of the New Yoik Central Railroad, and Is becoming very and popular as a watering place. He will also sell about 10 beautifully situated village lots, upon elevated ground, cum ?landing s fine prospect, and the must desirable loeallfiea for Tcstdreres In the fiourtsnln : and rapidly growing village of t'llfton Kprtiim Also the furniture In said Imu-e, several h baggiet. carriage., liarnevs. Ac. Sale to commence wl'h the rra'. rsiaic. on Tuesday, October .10, at 10 o' lock A. an l continue until sold Terms ol sale will lie ar omruo 4Hag- m. parke. Extensive trauk balk?jobn f. eumkm* auc t:oneer, by Day, Itu-srl) A Co ? Al the salesrooms, SO j.swan strrot, to mier>iw, Tuesday, ocudiet Id, ,t lok o'clock A. M., to pay (wriiifei. i of gtiporh cabinet farnl lute, rpniP'lMng one splendid rosewood parlor soli In green and gold f rcnch brocatel, two do. in crtnwon brooat.d, two In I i t rloth. of the best msnuia, ture; twelve mwtwotsl and rns l xanj marble top dr? - ng hunans, twenty-five ro?ew , ?l r I mahogany bedsleade, ten enamrp,e<icham sr suits twenty ? . rii iuai ble top tables, throe black Walnut ami mahogany I i.ilcr suits; nine rosewood, mahogany ami Ma li walnut < rclary and library botsraar*. one manng?n> i mo oik t , rbletopaldebnarsls. marble top tine eoperlnt , Ot and ma ? jsny parlor eitenalon dining tables, sever,' ?u ertor gilt an.e mirrors and oil paintings, mahogany and bt o k walnut > of as, parlor chairs, thirty lounges snd lounge b-d-. ,y ? xtie trade end others will do well to eticnd 'hie al ?. a. every lot n li e c Stalosue will be sold Catalogues will lie ready iMeaner noon. Al*e one tiperlor plsnal'orle, by J. AC 4, her, has besntnuie about ten months, and fully warranted. LIAR COMBS, AUCTIONEER.?THIh M< iRNINiT"aT Ho'clock at06 Nassau street, a large and rhh a or' tnrnt ot household furniture, oil painting*, mirrors, writing desk aegars silver plated ware, (an?y arttces Ae . *<-. t\,.|i advances made on stocks ol mcrrbandlse Of any kind to any ? mourn. COLTDN. AU?rri?iNKER,-4|F.NtfcFI. HOUBKIIOLD ? Ac,?P. Cotton will m?H, io*nwr* r?w, Tueaday. Oct. 16, 1U.1 >, o\ i <?? Bro*?1 v*'. corner of Ainlty afreet. all th* fori rr o the h ?um?* it v> , ? ? ,t?f I ? pun of uwu.v,a?rft piy ?, '^in <**rp>-'* rw.rood vi.t n.?bof?ny porior, dinturf * , , , lM,j .|;,n t u# cveav-oa fiiatt** * v , oUm# in brncsto'lOf rnu :na>r uj?? Mid bVk . . BALES AT AUCTION. (7 KORGE COOK. AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY HALE I of a large and elegant stock of lurulluro, remove ! for con vuult-neeot wile. George Cook will sell a* above, at 117 Nk-.u st., near Bookman St., ou Tuesday, ai 10,'-, o'clo-k, without ro serve, chamber ami dining room furniture, en suite, rosewooJ, mahogany, wulnut, oak, ac., in various covering* of near and fashionable styles. Also sofas, chairs, rockers, couches, etc geres, sideboards, bookstands, corner stands bureaus, a ash biauds. commode*. secrtlarie*, wardrobes, centre, side, und sofa tables, bedsteads, mattresses, bolsters and pillow*, prill ar?e-, oil paintings, mirrors, silver plale and gla.-iw-are. Ca talogues on niornm " J " ~ ' ' .. log of s.-ue. Hot lug and shipping at moderate that go und In the best manner. C1KORQK COOK. AUCTIONEER.?LARGE SALE OE T new and lai hit liable furniture. George Cook will sell on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 17 and 18, ai W-4 o'clock, at No H54 Broadway, near Bond street, the entire manufsctur ed s eek of Jiunes Blook. Req , embracing parlof, chamber and dining room lurni.tire in great variety, parlor suit* in several elegant coverings, wardrones, sideboards, etegeres. bullous isecretarles, bookcases, escrliotres. dressing latdes, dining ex e nsl ii tabb s, iotas, chairs, rockers, music .tan is. corner do bed leads, bureaus, wnahsinnds. commode*. mattresses, boi lers and pillows, Ac.; indeed every article touud in an exten sive and la.-luoiiuble Broadway warehouse (Also, two superior rosewood piano fortes, tits Is may be eax mined the day previous to the sal?. Catalogues cau be had a the-tore, er at the offlee ol the auctioneer, 117 Nassau street i H e above i? well worthy the attention ot the trade and oners. (7 ROCKR1ES, LIQCOBH, HRGARS, HARDWARE, 7 t nolo-.?I no-d?> . Oct. in. a! 1IH? o'clock, at 57 1> street, ccinerol Greenwich. sosp, ilg*. neh, beef, rnDlns, prune nuis, brandy, gin, champagne, knit us, forks, spoons, scissor:-, saws, ehlse!*, planes, files, coats, vests, pants, collar*, .locks. Alio, one ealeehe carriage. W. A. CARTER, Au ? utieer (7 O. HOBTON, AUCTIONEER WILL SELL THIS 7. day, ut 10? o'clock, at lad Ohurjb sf., furultttre ol a family li-atlng the eliy. Henry t. deeds, auctioneer.?assignee's sale of rosewood parlor and chamber furniture; lace and brocatel window curtain*; ro*ewood suites ot chamber an.1 illriuig room furniture, Ac., oil Tuesday, Will October, at 10>; o'clock, at house 191 Prince street, near Macdruigal ?HENIt A T. LEEDS a CO. will sell, as above, all the furniture, which has been used but lour month*, without reserve, consisting of two rosewood parlor suite*, in brocatel; several ova! and ob long mill ors, oil paintings, splendid vases aud manic I orna ments, chamber furniture, vis., rosewood and mahogany bed steads, best hair mattresses, palliasses, mahogany, rosewood, ai d cine scat chairs; walnut lea, centre, and dtilug tables; alto the carpets and oilcloth In the hou-e, with many other articles whlch the catologue will enumerate. Sale peremptory, without regard to weather. HENRY T. LEEDS. Henry h. Leeds, auctioneer?by h. ii. Leeds A CO.?Tuesday, October 16, at 12 o'clock, at the sales rooms, No. 19 Nassau street, the original oil painting represent ing I.aiayette In prison, by tlie celebrated Amorlctu artist, Mu'tlsson?a piece ot great historical and arttn'io value?cost leso. Henry ii. leeos, auctionekii-by h. h. Leeds A CO.?Tuesday, 16th, and Wednesday, l"tb, at 10l, o'clock each day, at the auction rooms. 19 Nassau street?Sec ond superb sale of fancy goods?Hlguor O. B. PANDOLEINI begs leave to announce lent his second great sale of the season will take place asahove, at which some of his linen goods will lie dlsvnsed of, eoneisllng uf real Carrara statuary, ag.te, Ilaidlglto, yellow of Hlenna, Etruscan, Medici, Roman and Ilebe vases, from 1 to 5 feet high, with other choice vases suit able lor parlors and niches. Also, alabaster statuary?Kepre seiillng Venus of Cauova; Amoli e Devine, by Beneriuo; tour Inials of Italian poets?Dante, Ariosto, Petroarcn and Tasso; bust ot Zeno, two groups representing summer and autumn, sta tuary f?r garden* and piazzas, CliristopherColumbus, Bacchus, darting girls of f'anove, Venus, An.; those arc about 5 feet blgh. Alabaster and vrde antique tlsui-es and gcaups, the Graces, dancing gtils, Hebo, two brechoa, birth of Venus, re posing Hercules, Apollo Bclvldere, sleeping Cupid, rag? of PumpaUon, copy of the monument on tlic plax/1 at Leghorn, Ac. Large marble vases, one superb fountain carved with leaves, n pair of the large.-.1 vases ever Import ed, in alto relievo; Gothic and Grecian vases, lor parlors, mantelpieces, halls and niches; Tarra of Adrian, card receivers, solid grape leaves, in luid tables, transparent vases. Pompeii and Hercufcnean vases, urns and temples, mosaic table and va-es. groups, animals, Ac. The above splendid collection bas just been Imported from Italy expressly for this market. Also, a large and valuable as sort mentor French china vases, clocks of superior workmun -?lilp. in bronze und ormolu; china vase, richly palmed. Also, a large os-ortment of bronze figures, groups, Ac., all of recent importation expressly for this market. The goods can be parked at small expense ou the premises for shipment, If de alt ed. IMPORTANT HALE OE BLACKSMITHS' AND WHEEL wrlglit's tools, Ac., at auction JAMES CUHHINO, auc-' tioncer, 318 West Forty third street, will sell, on this Monday, Octobor 15. at 10D o'clock, A. M.. at 281 West Twenty fourth Greet, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, the entire stock of a blacksmith and wheelwright's shop, consisting of bellows, anvils, vices, slocks Hnd dies, swages, punc hes, hammers and sledges, lool* of all descriptions, spokes, felloes, hubs, booms, bodies ami wheels, Iron und steel, old and new; two second hand carls, grindstone, benches, Ac., Ac. Also, a good horse and carl. J J. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER.?CROCKERY. CHINA ? and gla.-s, from the shelves,In lots lo suit purchasers, on Tuesday, Oct. 16, nt ltl o'clock, ut 92 Pearl street.?HENRY G. KVaNS v111 sell a large assortment of French china tea set*, vases, card baskets, toys, Ac.; also, w. g. c. c. and all kinds of common ware, glassware, Ac. Goods carefully kinds ol common ware, glassware, Ac. Goods carerul packed for .-hipping. Sale positive. Hales every Tuesday. JOHN REDDING, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day. ihe l.Vh Inst., at 10 o'clock A. M., at 1,089 Broadway, one grocery wagon, horse and harness, together with two hones, by order of B. J. Carr, constable. Hale peremptory, aud must he sold. OAKLEY A WRIGHT, AUCTIONEERS?WIT.L SELL, ON Monday, Oct. 15, at 10 o'c ock A. M., at -18 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, a urge and general assortment of stoves, furnaces, ranges, lin and Britannia ware, Ac. PETER PARKS, AUCTIONEER.?ELEGANT HOUSE hold furniture?SAVAGE A l'ARKH will sell this dav, Monday, ai Id,1, o'c'ock, at 113 West Twenty-third stroet. be tv.ccn Seventh and Eighth avenues, the entre furniture of a faml'y removing South, us follows;?Rosewood parlor suits 111 ciitnson satin brocatel, large splendid oval mirrors, splendid original oil paintings, richly framed; rosewood ctegore* ami wardrobes, Brussels carpels, one Hue rosewood pianoforte, al-o, ingrain and other carpets In chambers aud in per room-, and all the usual variety ol chamber lurnlhu e, or superior quality, made to order. Also, the contents anil tlx tore* of a private gymnasium, bui'l expressly lor the owner's lauidy 'Ihe whole forming a mo: t attractive sale Tneom mence with ;be kitchen furniture. Catalogues on the moraiug of .-ale. SAVAGE A PARKS, General Auctioneers, 314 Broadw*v, Gothic Hall. PC BCLKLEY, AUCTIONEER?POSITIVE SALE OF ? 59 lots on Water, Spring and Hliepard street*. Elizabeth town, N. J., lo close a cone-i n, on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 10 o'clock precisely. For maps aud free ticket* upplv to the auc tloneer, 49 Wall at., basement of the Insurance building*. PIER AND MANTEL CLASHES.?BY PECARK, BERN STEIN A PHILLIPS, a' their saleroom*, 61 Liberty St., on Thur. day, 1Mb Inst., at 10 o'clo'k, A. M., a catalogue sale, embrnclrg 320 lots, conlstlng of elegant and elaborately orna menlcd pier and mantel glasses of every *lze. splendid oil painting looking glasses and picture* of every description and site being ihe contents of anentire store. This I.* a splendid oppi r-unity for dealer* and housekeepers, in want of s-u-h ar tfclea, r , a* the good* will he sold without reserve. Catalogues are now ready snd may he had at the offlce ot the auctioneer.*, 51 Liberty street. PAWNBROKER SALE-A. M. CRI8TALAR. AUCTION ecr, 25 Bowery, will sell. oh Tuesday, October 16, at lfijj o'clock. n lnrge assortment of womena' wearing apparel, con" si-tlng c.f rich sllknnd satin find delaine dreaae-. capo and mantilla*; remnant*, silk satin. alpaca and delaine; and a Urge lot of German table llnon ami bed linen; ladle*' gaiter boot* and shoes, umbrella*, Ac. Ac., by order of Z. Bernstein, Broome street, licensed pawnbroker. Term* cash. Russell w. westcott, auctionker.-mortgaoe ?a!e of genteel furniture. This day, Oct. 13, at lu,1; o'clock. B. W. Wchtcoit will sell, by virtue of a mortgage, a large quantity of household furniture. Ac., contained in house No. I'd Eighth avenue, near Fourteenth street, all In tine order, most of 11 being new, consisting of tapestry aud Wilton room and stair carpets. 1 suit solid rosewood parlor furniture, co vered In rich broctde; 1 suit mahogany do., covered in Maroon velvet?both superior ar'tclca; marble top rosewood centre tables, mahogany tete-a-tete; large French ptate mirror, slabs end biacke's; maboganyand gilt,In.. carved French sofas, arm and rccepilon chairs, rockera, rich mantel vaaes and orua nienls, lace curtains and shades, oil paintings, Ac.; roc-ewl and mahogany bedsteads, hair mattresses, feather beds, m ir ble top dressing bureaus, do. wa hstands, toilet sets. 1 marble top cluunl cr suit, Ac., with a large variety of bedroom and basement furniture, 10 cottage bedsteads, Willi Ualr* to lit; mahogany extension table, ?bins, cutlery, rut glassware, Move and fixtures, oilcloth, clocks, spring seat club s, Ac. No postponement. Catalogue* now ready. RICHARP WALTERS, AUt'TIONSBR?THIS PAY. AT lots o'clock, .Met'sflray A Waller* will sell, at aucbon ristm ati Catherine street, household furniture of every descrip tion, consisting ot parlor *nd kitchen furniture, bureaus, tables and waslistsinl*, sideboards, solas, chairs and rockers, leather beds, mattresses, holme's, pillows and comforters. Sale puur tual and without reserve. Also, luve on hand for private sale, a highly finished, strong, perfect toned rosewood 7 oct ive piano, Penhem, maker. Robert e. watson, auctioneer.?randel a WATRON, 52 Broad street, hold regular sales of dry goods, by catalogue for ca-b. every Wedncaday and Suturdiiv, In lota to suit the city retail trade. We will Include In our sale oti Wednesday. Oct. 17, 1.800 dozen Gerraanlowii hosiery of superior quality. For particulars see catalogues. Tunis morrrll, auctioneer-valuable stock of titrhiturc. inlrror*. dr.?Will be sold Itv auction, on Monday, Oct. 15, (ircci.ely at 12 o'clock. Very choice and rich ar icles will le t>n,d llt sl. By examining early you will be pre pared lo bid, a* all the s,o-k Is from large manufacturers and private Karen tints advances being made, and sold to pav. N. II.?In a city like thl*. money must be lost and made, and tl Is Is the wm and time, ilalrly.i Rich minora, oil paintings, mnttrciaca, a? well a? furniture, which I* extensive. Boxing, storage, cartage furnished, moderate. UTM. C. JUGGINS. AUCTIONEER. WTLL SELL. THIS il*v, at Id,'; o'clock, at house lilt Eighth avenne, bctvecn Thirty fonrtb and Thirty tlflh street*. * large assortment of housidio'.d lurnlture, roh-IMIng In part of solas, sola be 1 - t,u rcaus, lounges, tnah-'gauv and cane chair-, gilt and other glasses, < lock*, cerpe's, tc. Also, one light wagon. MVSHAL. n nnn ba n job for bai.b-at ?i ao. so, u m, m jo, *).UMl\J MAO. M 50, 07 50, MfiO, ?!>, gin $12 $15. #!.* to flpO a* the old wholesale .md retail banjo factory, *d lluds si street, stsn of the big banjo. Banjo taught in sin ;e*-on*, by R. B. JACOBS, herja let -BANJO' BANJO! BANJO 1?Til* BANJO TAUGHT ?J"U. In six le- on* terms ?tl ,n advance l,c. on* given every evening. Mi Odd Snangkal benjo on exhibition, Ike best New York, Certificate* from my lormer pupil* to be *een li. V. JACOB* 11 iti oi Ladles t aogir. li. V. JA?'<>11R, Baa joist. W1, Ckathatn street C'H ? BANJO f At'GH I IX "IN EASY LESSON* ON A V'o ten nod Improved r e hod. by which no person oaafail toiearu Uilnmtwoto dire week.. Term- go In advance. Banjo, at all pi tee*. A large *? ? i mem always on liand. 8. ft JACOB* bstijoi-t.80Hudsonstreet. a SPLENDID 01, OCTAVK ROSEWOOD PIANO FOR a\ sale at a sa'tlflire, m.ule ; ? ? c the tie. e.?, maker-, used but little .indwil! in -old with 'be maker'*guarantee, and muM be lo three i* on erconttof 'h-- owairiesr ingibe cit;. t 'an be aeon until 1. o'clock M,, at I IS) Kim st t te', Uns me. FT tNOFORl K BY 1 FIRST RATE tits Kit. FOR sale, a' a griat reditu up. App,' al UNO J M.r.EM * in i o. Leonei d and Brooklyn. A., PB0FER8OB OF SI t method of i rodvieieg tone and srrngt - in* voice t,< came to ? Icl iaicd i.t Iiuly that he lad tie liuoot being elcited Erofc-sor in the Musical Colteg-- in Rniee Ira ng nmtiime-to git e le- n. at bis pupil.*' at ki* ?w? i.dcii,, Ne. 5 L III v CI at} ple<, B kNJO->BvNJo T \ if; I IT IN TEN LI ?? '?N ' \r y.eir 1 o.l Ifnce, t. ixrecl box |,|| IlcruM o3i -r 'OR KALE ? A 1.1 top ?ECONI? HAND BREr, Wi "I II front ana de glasses fbr winter u*e, Mgln r .lining ?:i i nerleci repair Also, Iw# second kerfl burgi* App" ? ?' I eonard Mrtet. . CHauKs RWiJ'i > ms ? foi r be a i Tirol, Seven oct \ vf pi t v > C line tone and talsh. made ?t the l>e?t*ri'-rut a o-i substantial manner, wt' be , u ?,?, in* DA v I ft tMiiiL Ufii tkereJnie" ' r.TI'8 AND MFLOf EON A FOR s\t,E \NDTG cheep price. .Jl, V,\ ?, a; . gy, a,, a ' ,n it fid and *i . ?, ui'l. r*c ,.|?T. J H. i?C N-l'AY. ttaehei ot uiu.?, m Orau!i " BOARDING AND LODGING. OCC BROADWAY. UNION SQUARE.?HANDSOME OuO mil of rooms od the first floor, to let, to a aelec'. tarul 1) of gentlemen with private table, or ou European plau; bath, gas, Ac.; beat cooking and attendance. No other board OQO BROOME STREET.-TO LET, TWO LARGE ELE ''Ct) gaoliy furnished parlors, with ; rivutc table. n de sirtd. The hou*o ha" all the modem improvements. Caraaul .-cages pass the door every five minute-. m TWELFTH STREET.?A SUIT OF ROOMS, CON ?fitting of a pa. lor and bedroom, to let, furnished or un furnished, with full or partial board, to a gentleman and hit wife, or to two or three young meu. The house is orw and c rap'ete with all the modern Improvement!, and desirably located between lite Fifth and Sixth avenues; also, single too tin-. furnirlied with grate: and cue Parties wishing to -e cure the comfort*, of a home wvh a genteel privat" famuy, will do well to give '.hi* '.net. Immediate a'lentlon, Reterenc - a given and req'.-red. nr wince street near broadway.?two or t'O three single gen leinen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms without board The liouae has ail the mo lent Improvements Reference required. JQ I B \ NKLIN street, first house west of _ _ Broadway.?A flue large front room, bedroom and pan ny attached, on the second floor, to lot to one or two gentlemen; hreakfastserved if required. Also, single and double rooms, all tn at: > furnished. Inquire a- above. r?f? REMSEN* STREET, BROOKLYN HEI'iHTS.-A Ooi suit, censidlng ot three large and elegant rooms upon second f! >or, MitUibie fur one or more fumllie.*; also rooms on third story if the above delightfully located double house. G ie. Ac Dl-jner at 0 o'clock.. Reference.; exchanged. r\(* I-isPENARD STUF.F.T. NEAR BROADWAY?TWO UU large toouis, on the liiet floor front and haek. hand somely furnished, to let. lo gentlemen, with or without board. 4 7 WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN I f ifth and Sixth avenues.?Board u-fih line rooms com municating, both on the first and second floors. Also, single rooms, w ith fireplaces. OT NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?TWO ? J I handsomely furnished rooms to let, with board, la the first class house, 37 Ninth street, near Filth avenue. 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?ROOMs WITH board for families tr Biuglc gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. AI.ADY, LIVING IN A HEALTHY AND CONVE nlent location, would like to let one or two furnished or unfurnished rooms, with or without partial board; has, also, a nice parlor with extension room to let; the house contains gas, and is within a few minutes' walk of South and Wall street terries; cars from Fulton ferry pass the door. Inquire at 22 1 Court s'reet. South Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A SUITE OF TWO OR MORE 100ms, tor himself and a lady, with or without board for the lady. A small appartement, fraucals preferred, l'lease address D. E.. box MB HeraWoffice. A FAMILY HAVING A HANDSOME BACK PARLOR TO dispose of. would accommodate a single gentleman or a gentleman and wife with board; the house contajns all the modern Improvements, such as gas, bath. Ac. References ex changed. Inquire at No. 123 West Twenty set eerond street, be tween Sixth and Seventh avenues, near seventh av. A YOUNG PHYSICIAN, OF THE HIGHEST ATTAIN mcnts, versed in many languages, would occupy some of ltts lime as tutor, it he could live with an agreeable family, in the best parts of the city, giving him a room ou the street floor. Address M. !?., Herald otitic. A MAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH unfurnished room*-, with board, in a pleasant situation and small family, where there aro no children, at 185 Hudson at., neat .si. John's Paik. Two single gentlemen cau be accom modated with room and board. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVNG MORE ROOM THAN required, would dispose of a few pie;,stint rooms with full or paittatl board. The house is pleasant lv located, ha> gas, bath, Ac. Apply at 125 West Twenty-Second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. References required. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOM MO DAT ed whi, a neatly furnished front room in a small family, wilh board for the lady, at a moderate price. ? House centrally located near Broadway, and has all the modern improvements. Addrcta Mrs. Ho war 1', Broadway Post OtDce. A THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM TO LET-TO A GEN lieman, without board, iu the Ninth ward. Address M. K., Broadway Post ofiico. A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ONE OR two bedrooms attached, to le'. in a private house, with all the modern improvements. Also, ? single room, with grate and gas in it- Apply at iw Prince street, a lew doors west Of Broadway. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET? Together or separate, pleasantly situated, in a small pri vate family, where there are no children or boarders. Terms moderate. Apply at 203 Prince street. ANjCE COMFORTABLE FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, without board, to one or twosingie gentlemen; the apart ment cannot be surpassed hi respect to convenience, location, comfort, and quiet; the family is private. No boarders la the bouse. Inquire at 10" Oteene at., near Bleecker. BOARD.-THF. SECOND STORY, CONSISTING OF FIVE rooms, handsomely furnished, to let, wllh board, to gen lemen and ihclr wives or single gentlemen, is a first class house, near Washington square. Apply at 222 Thomp-on suret, between Amity and lllceckcr. 1(1 Dinner at six o'clock. Rctireucc-s exchanged. BOARD.-P ARTIES WHO WISH TO BE COMFORT ABI.Y settled for the winter can obtain desirable rooms, neatly furnished, with board wt the well kept hou-e 0.', Fulton -tract., Btooklyn. Location very convenient to the lerry. Gas In the house. Terms moderate. BOARD-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS IN house 4tt West Washington place, to let either to fa ml lies or single gentlemen, with full or partial board. House conta'us the tnedern improvements. References exchanged. B OARD.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, OIt SIN gte gentlemen, may obtain pleasant rooms, with board bv Immediate application a; 1W) West Twonty-fuuilh sireet. te contain- all modern Improvements, with easy access by House contain- all modern Improvements, wltb easy access by cars and stages. References exchanged. Board -two or three young gentlemen can he accommodated w Hit pleasant counts ami board, at 33 Market stri ct. B OABD.?SINGLE GENTLEMEN WILL FIND GOOD accommodations at 33 Forsyth street, near Walker, two cm* well adapted for parties rooming together. Respectable " "' 1 call be* mechanics wishing comfortable motq- will do well to call before tusking winter arrangements. A stove on third floor fur gene ra] comfort. A few day boarders taknu. Board.-should you desire board or rooms, 1 have near 1 two nib*c*tbers who take boarders, and by applying at my office, 80S Broadway, near Grace church, you will be carefully directed to suitable houses, free of charge. You will find It the surest and most reliable source of luforma lion, being the oldest experienced, largest and universally known iu .lie Union. X. B.?I am no, connected with any petty office In the city. B. D. GOODWIN. Board down town.?two or tup.f,k gentle men ( til lie accommodated with hoard, Hi 172 Duaue street, near Uudton tliect, opposite Hie Dunne dree' park. Board in bfooklyn.-a private family, re Hiding a quai ;er ol an hour's walk from Montague Ferry, convenient to Myrtle avenue oars, can accommodate three gentlemen with comfortable board ami neat rooms, at At, ami f.'l 50 per week. Address Hcotla. Heath's New s Depot, 111 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn?a widow lady ha vino a home t optetc with the modern Improvements, would like to dispone of a room or a null of rooms, furnished or unfur nished, to n gentleman mid hit wlte. or two gentlemen, with board. Dinner at f> o'clotk. References exchanged. Apply at 62 Wll lough by mi eel. Board in brooklyn.-a widow lady, havtno a house, pleasantly located, with the modern Improve ments. would like to dispose of a suite of rooms on the second or third lloor furnished or unlet ntshed,to a family, with board; references exchanged. Apply at 119 Lawrence street, four doors from Fulton avenue. Board in Brooklyn.-two singlegentlemen ran be accommodated with a pleasant room and partial board In a private family, ? bete there are no other boardors, at Mf> llrldge street. Brooklyn, within five minutes' walk of Kultcnti Bridge street ferries. Reference exchanged. Board wanted-by a gentleman, in the fami lyofa widow lady, where there are in oher boarder*. Address Kd said-. IK s' 1 . flic. Board wanted-wanted, by a gentleman, wife and Infant, hoard In it private mmily, tip town, or Brooklyn, n ar a railroad. Address Kill on. Herald oflh-e, sta lng location an 1 terms, which must be moderate. Refer cure given and required. Board wanted-a gentleman wishes a well furnished room having ass and conveniences for tire, wttli breakfast and tea; location not atiove sixteenth street or rntshed room having aas nu t convent?nt for (Ire, vakfaM and lea; location not above .Sixteenth street or more than one Mock from Broadtrav. Address, ea'lng terms and location (pest p.tid). 1>., hex 1..V8 Post olllce. Board wantbd-in a house well located. with modem Improvement*, for a gentleman, wlte, son and.daneh-er seed 15 and IS y Mr a Must have square room ami bedroom adjoining; also another sleeping room. Will pav ?id per calendar month; pay monthly. Good reference. Ad dress II srt, Herald other. Board and room wanted-by a frknchlady. In a (julet and respectable Amerlean private family, where she esn have all the comforts ot a home. It possible. In the lower pan of the city. Reference* given. Add ess P. B., Herald ofllce. staling tent s and location. Boarding?a large pleasant room, with pantry al'achcd, to let with hoard, to a gen t -man and his wtfe or a couple of single gentlemen, where the comforts of a home may be enjoyed. Apply at 9.1 Henry street. Boarding.-a gentleman and his wife can be St comtnodatetl hoard and pic-, an1 lurntshed or unfurnished rooms on Ihe scooud lloor, at 101 go -.?nd avenue BOARDING.-EI RM9HED PARLOR TO I,Iir to a gentleman and hi* wlte. yvtih lull or p. rttat iv,rd. Two or three yoting men can be accomn.od*;. d with pleasuit ro itns and gcodhoB'd, where there arc few other boar let Apply at Is! Mulberry creel, fir.-', house trotn Broome. Reference re-ittl red. Boarding ?two vkry desirable rooms, on the second floor of a Brsl clasa lance, wl.n g?a, hatha, Ar., W ith mil or partial hoard, suitable for one or two single gentlemen: temia reasons! e, to r. pr.-.itiie partihouse veiyqitlrl and retired Apply at :;2 Sullivan street, near A nrlty. TJOABDINg-ANY PERshN WISHING to invest J) PStHl?r >? d In a heardUt.' . e . vi !v c= tUU-Vd, In a very dcorab-e Mention, live mm t??' walk from he ( in ti.xU will address /. Herald, st .iug wiierehti Interview miy be bnd. tfoardino -a large plkasanr room with IF p.itttrv attached. to let. wi'h artia ? no i ? uncle gen'lcn en. ot to s gen einan -x . . .? ... -ii,. lady). Il?u>e hs? ?n?, hath- Ac and Is wiihin hail ah.ookof lr.? neennd and Firm avenue car-., Retei nces.... ,.q p > at It.s F'..*t SI*.- emit ? re t. 1 ROARHINO.?FAMILIES OR MVH.K GENtTa-MEN wishing to -cetne '.oard the winter, nr.; in t vary .In ? hahieai *? men \ In a tir-tctass private boardir g nou?e d? Its', ' :"M'. I-'V," "* 1 ?' ??? ffu'l ill par' or the cl'y. Reie eace eacuauged. Apply u No. 4 on Square. SO' ? d> B ;?*?! it}? ? Ihifty: ?fsA' K.-TV ^ it i MAR! r .. Mv-'KT. TRCRT, *noA?i> v hi .v. :i\vu' D ?**?. *"*? * ??- * * *?! %.til ? rpiffr'frtlij i fv mf t *'?? n.\\ w p ' . I.I M :?. > ; A] -.iyln# '? ' * * ' : .wvjtfl* nr*?1 nj? BOARDING AND LODGING. Boarding?a large furnished pai?or, on tint floor, and furnished rooms on third anil tourth floors, families or gentlemen, with full or ixirtlal board, aaonable. Apply at 31 Clinton place, a t at. to let, to Ttrill, re Boa rdtng down town.?families and single Rennptueii cau he comfortably acccsunodatod fur the winter with good I oi,rd and pleasant rooms; ulso, front parlor end bedroom adjoining. Transient bo irders taken, at No. 8 Broadw ay, oppiisie the Bowling Green fountain. Brooklyn.-several rooms to let, in suit or singly, wltl. Itoard, at moderate terms. In a first class house, pleasant!* situated, and on'ya few minutes' walk .rom either t-omh or Wall street ferries. Apply at 242 Henry street, between Ami'., an 1 Congress blreets.' Brooklyn heights.-pleasant boo is. with board tor gentlemen and their wive, or aing'c gentlemen, con be obtained at 124 Columbia street, within three minutes' walk of Wall street and Fulton ferries, llrooklyu. Tdl.EGAMT Y FURNISHED BOOMS FOB SINGLE GEN J j t un a ot Ulqh reaper, (ability, with or without bo ird. in a private family. The boose ami furniture new. with all tuc mo iWn Improvements. Apply at lW-^ Ninth street, five doors wpit ol Broadway. Fcbbished rooms and sple.vmd parlor-in a first class homo. io let, in a sod <>r separately. to a smily or single gentlemen, a'so, Hie use oi a kitchen. Apply at 33 St. Mark a place (Eighth sin et.) F I'RNIBIIKD ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, AT ,'J Waveriey plaer, corner ot Greene at. IjlUBNISnKD ROOMS TO LET?TO A GENTLEMEN AND a lady; boaid lor lady onlv. Addre.-* Stanly, Broadway l'o-t efllre. FURNISTIED ROOMS.?A LARGE SECOND FLOOR j oom, at it't per week tor one gentleman, or $4 for two; alae. part of a plea aunt room, for a single gentleman. Brcaktast and tes, if required. Apply at 326 Broome hi. First class booms.?a gentleman, of high respectability, wishing n suite of elegant rooms, consisting of a narlor, bedroom, bathroom, and water closet, on second floor, fronting Washington square, near the Now York Hotel, richly tarnished, with partial hoard, In a strictly private fami ly, may address box 1,131 Post office. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?AN ELEGANTLY furniebed parlor and bedroom, with pantries; also, ae rommodallons lor single gentlemen in that first class house, S28 Henry sireet. located cunvouleut to the South lerry; terms moderate. Apply iib above. Rooms to let, furnished?with or without parilul board, 417 Broome street, one block l'rom Broad way Gas, bath, Ac. Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnished, with partial or full board, at 1113 Lerov street, corner of Hudson; house contains all Uiemoderi improvements. Rooms?a parlor and bedroom, front, second floor, with eraie and gas. at 35 Bleecker street. Breakfast If required. Family private; no other Inmates received. Re ferences given and required. TWO YOUNG MEN, WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY A liberal price for a good parlor and bedroom, wttli good board, can apply at 68 East Twenty-seventh st. TWO GENTLEMEN AND WIVES, OR A FAMILY OF four grown persons, may be accommodated with well furnished rooms anil good board. In a private family', neigh borhood genteel; bouse has in idem improvement--1, amino oilier boarders. Keferenies required. Apply at 214 West 1'lilrty first street. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED, COMMUNI eating, for|two respectable vo ingllAdlc^.{iio:|faruier up town tbun Grant street, ami In a pleasant location, for which a fair price will be paid In advance. Address, stating location, terms, description of rooms, Ac.. Watervllle, llarald office. door from the Bowery. TO LET-A NICE PARLOR AND BEDROOM ADJOIN log, in house 438 Atlantic sireet, Brooklyn, two doors from Nevios street. Inquire on the premises. TI7ANTED, BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FUR Vi ntshed room, either with or without breakfast. Location nenr the Astor House, Address Winthrop, Ileruld office. EDUCATION. Qi fl BROADWAY-BOOKKEEPING, AC.?GENTLE O jlw men seeking mercantile employment, may attain at FOSTER A DIXON'S establishment a superior and masterly knowledge ot bookkeeping, writing, Ac., in a lew weeks Pros pecluses ami full particulars on application. Terms moderate and Improvement guaranteed. $10 ~?00???nTT'N0, ARITHMETIC. Mr. DOLBEAR, 009 Broadway, corner of Houston street, receivespuplts this week on the best terms ever offered. Bookkeeping for special business, $6; n full general knowledge of oceounts for $10. Instruction private, time unlimited. Every student guaranteed, or the money returned. 4:1 n ?WRITING,BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC), AC. ?JP-LU. ?Time uullmlled.?Mr. PAINE (assisted by two efficient teachers) announces that his academics, 233'Grand sireet, corner of the Bowery, and 166 Fulton street, Brooklyi, are open the entire day and evening for Instruction. Pupils select hours. Ladles private writing classes, 42, twelve les sons, stationery included. <t> C ?WRITING, SPECIALLY FOR LADIES.?MR. %)'J. DOLBEAR, 609 Broadway, has opened a new private room, and receives pupils to fill It this dav at onlv for twenty lessons; regular terms, 4,10. A fashionable English band taught In ten lessons for $2 60. Five seats vacant. ONLY. FOR PENNMANSHir?$6 FOR ROOK KEEP log, F3 for arbhmetic. elocution or reading, English grammar and composition, including spelling; the French, Spanish nnd German languages on lae same terms. Applica tion must be mode immediately after 2 o'clock, at 773 lint id way. between Ninth and Tenth streets. C. BOBBINS ELLEN WOOD. arithmetic, writing, a p., tho roughly taught, upon teims more favorable than those of any oilier competent teacher, by W. J. RENVILLE, 2MBroad way. Each student is separately and carefully Instructed, sod enabled to readily apply In practice the knowledge imparled to him. Open dayaniU-vcmng. French language.-frof. d. lacroix. no. &5 Broadway, continues to receive new pttplis on favorable terms for thorough lush uelinn In ih" French lai gttage, impart ing to them ihe ability io spent b with fluency and correctness. Classes are now bring formed, In which the u umber of .scholars will be 1 nii'ed to six. French and classical institute for youno gentlemen, (formerly 11. 1'eugnel's ibooli No. is Easi Twenty fourth itreet. ELIE CliAKLIEK. French language spoken in a shortitime, by thr new system of Monsieur And Madame Dubos. La dies' cla-ses In the morning, gentlemen'* classes In the even Ing. Also private lees on*. M. Ilulina attends twice a week In ltrroklvn. I>CliOe, No. \ '/i Clinton place, flr-a private house from liiondway. Gm RKAT REDUCTION THIS WEEK. ? GOLDSMITH'S Academy of Penmuiishtp and Bookkeeping, 342 Bread way, corner of Finnklln street. New York. IYiunamddn?Ladles' class, dally, (excepting Saturday.) at II o'clock A. if. Term*. $3 for ten le-sons. Gentlemen's class, on Monday, Wodrte; day and Friday, at 8 P. M. Terms, $.1 for ten lee 'on*. Oerillr mi n'a class, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 A. M., 3, 5 ana 7 o'clock P. M. Terms, fft tor ten le sons. Ladles or gentletnen, private Instruction during the day. Term-. 810 tor ten lei sons. Bookkeeping?Double entry, per quarter, of three months, twice n week, HO: arithmetic, do. do., $10; elo cution, do. do.. $10; bookkeeping, including mercantile writing and arl'ltmellc, V-.Y The above rates Include nil books ,,nd staitorery, without charge, and la a reduction of one liaif trout from the subscriber's t egular charges. OLIVER n. GOLDSMITH. INSTRUCTION COMBINED WITH AMUSEMENT.? Ladles and gentlemen, will you spend your evenings in a most agreeable, and useful way ? Please join either the French, (Irrtiion or English Convoriu'Ion, Reading and Discussion Club, connnnected with ocvalor,til vocal an l Instrumental concerts. In Whltehouae Buildings, 283 Fulton street, Hrook lyn. For lartlrulars and terms of admission apply Irn mediately to the dirertor, J. I.OWENDAHL, teacher of Ian gunge*. bcokkeei Ing, ami of the Boehiu Mute 284 Fultou street, Brooklyn. 1 tic beat of reterenees as to character and ability will be given. MM ORE NEW CLAUSES.?PROFESSOR B. YATES' DA.VC lig Academy is now open for ilie season, at Military llall, Bowery, opposite Spring street. New York. Days of tultlor:?For gentlemen? 1 ue-day and Friday evenings, from 7 to 10, For ladles, misses and masters?Tuctday Satur day afternoons, ftoin 3 to 6. Assembly thlt evening. rrHE FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES CA.V T E L learned In a reasonable time or prlvaie instruction from the undersigned, at 483 Broadway, near llrooine street. room *.'4. third lloor. where he established himself In 1842. Passed the examinations prescribed hv government In Europe. K. TELLE RING. COPARTKKRSHIP 1YOTICKS. ^ |j||l -PARTNER WANTED, TO PURUHA E THE iPt" IH, one halt interest lu an old established real estate and brokerage business; ran he made to par two partle- hind comely; no further capital required in iheDosine-s; business culls ihe retiring partner abroad. A rare chsare for a good man. Apply to CAMPBELL A CO., 113 Chambers s\ i|Q/)|| -WANTED, A SMART BUSINESS MAN, UN tpCUu, the wholr-nl. snd retail liquor business, by a young men who IsJiiS -tartedtn one of the best corner liquor stores In the rlty. and Is well established with a iong of tlte premises. Apply immediately to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nas-au street, room No. 7. dhrrjA ?A GENTLEMAN HAVING A LIGHT AND genior I manufacturing business. In connection with a store down town, which pay - large proht, sufficient to -ad.tfv any ntsn. as one man cannot do the business, would like it thorough business man to join hltr with the above amount. Apply at the s'ote, 90 Murray street. Al)AO ?WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH THIS amount, to take one-half Interest to a first class travelling exhibition. Any per-on will find this a safe invent ntetit, and a aure.chance to make a fortune. Fifty dollar.) will be laken per day. Apply at l'KTl.lf \ ING ALL'S office, 345 Broadway. (tO PARTNERSHIP?THE VNDKR810NRD HAVE THIS V day purchased he Interest ol Charles If Johnson, in the iaii tb:n 01 MablitTt". rik'lding A Johnson, and will continue li e I nsine-s under the firm of elebhUis A Sk-iding, a' At Pear au-ect. CHARLES SrEtllllNS, N?.w York. Pel. 1, Is-Vi J. II. SKELDING. VfOTICE -THE CO PARI NKRSHIP HERETOFORE EI JJM Isting under the tlrm of F-tcbhlna, Kkeldlng A Jithnaon, Is thlailay dl -olve l. hy mutual consent. Chtrle-.-re'iSim an I James'A Skcldlng arc authorized to liquidate Ilia afsl s of the Uietirm. CHARLES STFHBJNS. J. A. SKELDING. Ni.w York, Oct. 1,1853. CH ARLES H. JOUNSOM. rARTNKP. WA.VI ED?IN THE WHITE Lt AD BC9I uts?. with a capital ol from SOoO to $1,00), to join the a l vcDIser. ns be is unable lode ote his wools time o Uui?#!f, I he btislne s Is lucrative so l afiords n good opponinu . tor Invrstmcnt. Apply at 181 Broadway, of Mr. Butk'ey. ? .m l Boor. HOTELS. Qt HWABTZNt HoTKL. A1KEV, SOUTH CAROLINA 1 ? ' A ken < situated near -fx hundred feet above the Ic-ei o tbe <-es. and one hundted snd twenty miles f iat <wi. Ihe air is e*< eedlugly dry and pure, anil the country or tube, around l? studded with pin's. ourflrr physicians it n-nmep f It rery litghlr for rotisnrnp'lvca. dyspeptics', n I all a'ter i m ? c< ?be thr*a'. H t?arrei.s|h>fi?.m a'l parsof the ! ipsd >?a>s b; railroad, Ihep-opt or feels thanfc?il for the pt todti.e heretofore be- wed upou h m, ( in 1 having made new si ratigements wt h a Nor ha, n genii'man) trust', by unMrln* |e i ve retire and ???!<?? ae-ntmn, to continue to merit th eme. f?r. web war's, who has rer$lrc?f twraf veura eip. -rnreln Ion* aite 1 m- n-" let near 'he hotel" N. it. ?. st rings set aad iic bor tv ran he ba t at a shot! notice. THE COLLINS FnTPL, FOOT CAN XL STREET Wlt.L let to pet tnanen' >; oar lets, atuts >f p* idrsot sir file rorma, on moat rea .<>ti?jv terat? Tie locat.on la a da air*" e one. fiKftng 'he r re *1*h a lull rlew of tha hof w, snd renven'en: to s 1 pe-'s tth> eiH hn? suit t from 'hrae U) five rooms. TALLMAN A M NPF.S, I'MTiiC Ora TEBTAVTSr REOLVTEB. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, WITH IMMEDIATE possession. west of Broad w? v near Eighth avenue?year ly rtnt $9(10?suitable tor a genteel faintly. Everything good, and to nice order tor housekeeping, with gas. chandeliers, hot audcohl water bath, range. Ac. B. YV RICHARDS, SOT Broalway. A HOUSE TO LET.?YEARLY RENT $300, CONTAINING nine rooms, aituated west of Broadway, below Grand street. Possession may be had Immediately on purr iaatng the carpets, Ae . throughout. Frlce retyttew, tSM, I'or full par Lcu'a: i apply to B. VV. RICH U, OS, HOT Broapwsy. A furnished iiorsE to let?a -wort distance wes' of Broadway, below Houston street, containing 13 rooms, with modern Improvement, and eeerj Unng tor liouae k>-e Possession may be had immediately ' >r full par ticular- appiv lo B. YV, RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Apart of a furnished house to lit?com plete, wiili modern Improvements, In a pleasant :ielgh borliood, in the vlrlnlty of Twenty ?ven'h atreet and Lexing ton avenue, viz:?two parlors, with basement. two ,-oouia ou third boor, vantries, Ac. Rent. until May, $250, B. IV. RICHARDS, 107 Broadwav. fyjKJ"H AVENUE HOUSE TO LET.?THE FIRST CLASS four story brown stone house on Fifth avenue, next lo north oust 1 orner of Thirty -ill'th street Eur I arms tvpiily 0,1 Hie ?itemises, or 10 ALFRED A. MOTT, at W. U. TUu- A Co.'a, W Eioni si. Furnished house ?a gentleman, arnica up housekeeping, Udesirous of renting hishoase and welling the fui nlturn. The house Is In a fine location, and the furniture but little used, and will tie sold l?w. Addii-a bo* 1,307 Post ofiice. F URNISHF.D HOUSE TO LET?TO A GENTEEL PR! _ vale family, who would bo willing to board the owner nnd ladi and another eonple permanently. First class houve in South UrooU. n. Address hot 4,077 Post olllce. House to let- rent #sso per annum.-a hand some three story house, in excellent order, and sttuUed next to the coinor of South Ninth and First streets. William' burp two blocks south of Peek slip ferry. Apply on the pre misev, 4B First s'rte:. Also, pat t of a house at $12 per inou'h, the rooms handsome, in Color ade row. Rooms with steam power, or one detached building, airy and well lighted, and with heating and dry ing apparatus In every room, to let or lease on moderate terms. Inquire at 12 and 14 Pitt atreet, near Grand. Also, a building 00x100 feet, Ar sale. 1YO LET-FOUR GENTEEL THREE STORT DWELLING houses, with the modern improvements, in King street; two of them to let whole, and two In parts, to genteel laiullies. Inquire at 29 King street. TO LET?THE STORE NO. 40 RE ADE STREET, SO feet east from Broadway, opptsitte Stewart's; rent #500 per year. Also, several rooms tor light manufacturing pur poses, In house 86 Duane street, first house east from Broad way. Apply at GKMMKL'H, 302 Brosdway. TO LET.?THAT HOUSE, 22(1 WEST FOURTEENTH atreet. Posaesglon may be had on the 1st November. The premises are in excellent order, with all the modern Improve ments. The gas fixtures and oil cloth will be sold at a sacri fice. Applv at the house, between the hours ot 12 and 3 o'clock, PpM. TO LET?THE BARBER'S SHOP IN BASEMENT OF GIL sey Building, corner Broadway nnd Cortlandl stveet. Fix tures and furniture for sale cheap. One of the best locations, and doing a good business Apply at the olllce of the building. TO LET.?A SMALL PRIY'ATE FRENCH FAMILT HAY log more rooms than required, wish to rent part of the hou?n 313 Iiicks street, Brooklyn, two minutes' walk from the South ferry. Apply on the premises. TO I.KT?NO. 12 PARK PLACE, A FINE FRONT RO> second floor, well adapted for an office or olllces. Apply lo PLOWS A BROTHER, ;m Broadway. 10 LET?THE NEW FIVE STORY MARBLE FRONT . store 210 Fulton street, neuir Greenwich. Applv to J. 1*. BROWN, 86 Maiden lane. TO LET?THE FINK HOUSE, NO. 214 WEST TWENTY second street, 22x50 feet deep, with all the modern Improve nienta rent $750. A .so, a new fine (stone trontl house, with the modern ironrovements, in Twenty second street, between Seventh nnd Eighth .1 venues; rent $75(1. Also Hie cottage house corner of Sixth avenue and IKAUi street, with eight lots of giouud; rent $600. Also, 4 dnvs tn the week, the large hall, (Greeuwb b Hall,) No. 276 B'ercker street: rent $300. Also, a slot t-on Eighth avenue, near Thirty-fifth s.reet; rent $300. Abo, the four story house ami dwelltug, No. 390 Seventh ave nue, near Thirty-fourth street; rent 9480. Abo. No. 173 Thirty eighth street, near Eighth avenue; bath. gas. Ac.;rem $425. if. DEN HAM, Eighth avenue, corner Sixtecuth street, T 10 LET-HOUSE NO. 5 WERT BALTIC STREET. Brooklyn, with gas, bath, range, and hot nlr fixtures. The house has been newly papered and painted. It Is located ?. ,5.x. .. Railroad. " near Court street and Fulton Ferry Railroad. Inquire of J. BRAINARP, Wall street ferry, Brooklyn; or at 167 Hast Fourteenth street, near Second avenue, N. Y. TO LET. AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?A neat three story dwelling house, on the nnrtlierlv side of Thirty-first street, with Croton water, gas, Ac. To'ateiunt giving satisfactory security for the rent, 11 lease will be given for n number of years. Rent $650. Apply lo GEORGE UARGAN, 64 William street, second story. TO I.ET?A NEAT STORE AND BACKROOM, U5>? BOW ery, well adapted for a harnessmaker, pluiuber, or eiothier. and one of the best locations In the Bowery. Also, a neat cottage, 20 South Third street, Williamsburg, Applv at 1-15 Bowery, up stairs. TO LET?THE RESIDENCE OF J. C. CARTER. UNITED Slates navy, furnished or unfurnished, at Port Richmond, Staten island, wlthlu three minutes'walk of steamboat hind big. It can be Lad on good terms, being lu every particular desirable. TO LET-PART OF A NEW TUREK STORY HOUSE' with all the modern Improvements, .-ituaie In Fourth at., near Second avenue. Apply In the rear ou the premises 449 Fourth at. Poeresftoii given the lstoi November. N. B. None but Ameikans need apply. TO LET-THE ELEGANT NEW BROWN STONE MEDIUM mansion No. 109'i Eighth street, St. Mark'.* place; h mall the ta-hlo ruble improvements. Omnibuses paw- the door evety fire minutes trom morning until alier midnight; markei wltli.n five minutes' walk. Iupilieot Commodore Jung, 107 S'. Mark's place. TO LET.?ANY PARTY DESIROUS OF HOUSEKEEPING w ill find pleasant rooms, wlib every convenience, at 195 Hudson street. Rooms, bedrooms, parlors, and dining room, wltii bath, gas, hoi ami cold water, chandeliers, Ac. Booms tun Mud. and biard If desired. Apply as above. TO LET-A STORE, WITH OR WITHOUT APART meats. No. 6e6 Broadway. Apply at 13 Howard atreet to Mrs. M. HAUSBUROER, 10 LF.T?THREE THREE STORY HOUSES IN FIFTY third ureet. betweeu Fourth and Fifth avenues. Kent to good tenants $300 per annum. Applv to 1$ blu:" JAMEs BUCKLEY, 181 Broadway. TO LF.T?HOU8E8 AND I'ARTS OK IIOU8ES. WITH OR without furniture, la various locations, tttid too ntituercus ui describe. If you with to litre, let, buy or sell, you will be successful by Applying to B. P. GOODWIN, Principal of tbe Stale Reglalty Office, 803 Broadway, near Orace church. TO MR?NEAR THE 8T. NICHOLAS HOTEL, A LARGE sud wc'l lighted ratooo, with entrance on Broadway, t un nlor through to Mercer street. Also, two large places for mittiufacluriiig, In tin- game neighborhood. Apply to C. O. THOMPf-ON, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. rroLE'r in Brooklyn, with option of pur 1 rhn.lng lite whole or part of the fun iture, a centeel brown maitfc house, three Rtorjr and high basement. in a first claaa neighborhood, In Wlllougliby atreet. It contolna twelve rottnx, with | antries and dry atth cellar, gas, kitchen range and lit lures; hot air furnsce In cellar; oil In good condition; the house haa been lately painted and papered throughout, and tilted wl'li every convenience for a respectable family. Inquire at SI Willoughby street, Brooklyn. Ret t 96S0. TO LEASE?A FINE STORE AND DWELLING, ON THE west side of Eighth avenue, between Forty-ninth and Fif tieth streets. The house will lie put in romplete order, and a lease given for a term of years to a good tenant at a moderate n nt. Apply at625 Slkth avenue. JOHN MURTHA. TO MANTFACTURF.RF.-TO LET, HOUSE NO.221 EAST Twenty third street, seventy-live feel weal of First avenue, ? by :0 icet, Qve stories aud cellar, well adapted for raanufac turlng purposes; possession will be given immediately. For particulars apply to THOMAS MORTON, 212 Pearl street. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC. Reduced prices. - watches, jewelry, dia monds and silver ware. The undersigned, fpr the last eighteen years a well know* dealer and Importer, offers for sale all goods In his line it lower prices for the same quality than any other bouse In New York, Philadelphia, or auy other elty, and will send by mail or cipress, WATCHES, JEWELRY, *e., to all parts of the United Steles, free of charge. All goes, warranted as represented. Orders by mall, post paid, la,,/ attended to. WATCHES. Watches, with place* for daguerreotype*.. flon tofts* Jurgensen Watch'-*, genuine, warranted ISO to 2% U-K'per Waiches, genuine, warranted 124 to 271 Independent Watches, fbr timing horaea 124 to 2M Pocket Chronometers 12S to 25? Eight day Watches 120 to l? Ladies' hnamel Watche* ;gj to 1 * Ladles' Diamond Watches 44 to 300 Msglc Watches 100 *1 174 Goid Hunting I-everi, full Jewelled IS carat ?to 40 G<>.d Openlsced levers, full Jewelled. 18 carat ?to 28 silver Opeufsced Levers, fufljswelled ? to 18 Silver Lep.nes ? to JEWELRY'. Fai rings $1 SO to |2S 08 Pins I SO to 25 (A Pre relet* 4 00 to 80 0C Gold Sleeve Buttons, net 2 00 to 20 0* Gold Lockets, 1. 2 and 4 glasses 3 00 to 25 00 Gold Guard (bains 10 00 to 00 00 Gold Chat'-lslne. or Bell <'halns.. 10 00 to 110 00 Gold and Ve?t chains 8 00 to 84 00 Gold Fob < bain* 8 00 to 15 00 Gold Pencils I 24 to loin Go d Pens and Pencils A 40 'o 28 00 Gold Cm-sea 2 00 to 12 00 < listed G"ld King- '4 to 8 00 Plain Gold Ring 75c 'o 8 00 Pure Go d We-ldlng Rings 1 *0 to lj tA Jewelry of every description. diamonds. Diamond Rlngle Mom I'uis .114 00 to 11,500 M Iflam-.-id Cluster Pin* 3u 00 10 400 0* Mniuuul Rings 7 00 to 240 0C D.anw :.d K-uungs lilt) 00 to 500 00 platoon* G-o*??v 24 no to 800 0* Diamond Bioceleu...... .......100 00 to 840 tN Ac.. Ac.. Ac. NII.WR WARE. Miser Teaspoons, pet,et 14 00 to Id 08 .-liver Deaaert bp-wms pervet ...12 0b tj 15 O0 #< ver T?b .? tjv - n-v, per S*l 14 00 to 45 08 Tab.e Fn. ks, pr r set 15 00 t-i 28 <K 8; ver lie vert Forks, per vet 13 00 to 2t 0* Sliver waddle cake knives, pie knives, B?h knives, piek'e .'ot k-, Ice t ? ear. kruve.i. trull knives, butler knives. Chil dren < sets, vu.\km.?, fui k aud spo-.a, stiver cups, nankte rings. Ac. W?, ,rs rtoeKs and Jewelry repaired at lesstnan nauoi p '.re* Wi-cbieood Jawolry liken ui ewdunge ^ ( ^ Let 4rlerfltWsMe* and Jewelry.' wbo'.eva'e %-vd'retek Ho. U Wall street, second floor, Near Broadwa;, New York. ?? A - -NOV nis. HARt.lNO. A SI PERIOB ARTt' LE N), of rc-dcb ?- ve cool, diysui a gctworder. *u?abl? , r m ... id i.iges. a' fo pe; n. A >plf at ne yards S Kllra'e h sheet ittl *6s Cg'.i'q -,r?H.^ r"\I?PRTCF REDUCED?THE tOBBCKIBKR H V4 re,11 t-.tieprV- of iits Fcaeh Orrb ,.1','ow besumme. rae ree*lvtej*upp!ie?of tea Srst qeill-y winch Ue w i. II.-1? diri-r'lhJBI heal t>r e -.-,-e-?e| rggyinl Also lor ?ale. * bile asl 8- hd*-kiii ? Broad Mcin*a*nj ' -:mbe r wi snd i... c ??>. ill'ltNY Pvv VK, corner Canal su-t t'ei're aut r . i,i J iue ?n I We- s re*?? ( OAL-Vf ttY BF-T QUALITY Of RFD ARB. ffPOTE ci erg ?./c r. a eencd aad delivered dry and in *.*>i enter In ni tusder a , da, ?'?. v'pe-tc, and wtSM asb at fn I*, fn n< l td No. 85O-jere* sire,- Weigh- and q'la. v war taott-L MM t\.|N 1 ON. m&ifaAii. onn ?TO loan on diamonds *h Hr V I* watches, jewelry. dry good t, s -rare. .*<?1 or bought for < M-h Mocks. notes, mortgage*. Ac.', iv tutuied Buainees SMifitlcntlal eiul prompt, By TllOMPt-ON & CO broker* and commisskm merchant.,, U.12 NV,.vr street ramo ol Ann, room No. 2, second Hooi. <K/V7 000 T.0 I'"AN-ON WATCBM, ilLAMONIM ipt)t) I .1 lyji' Jawe.ry, sugari. an, every d&*-nnitm * valuable vjrtyirrtj,or bought Cat cmii, by J0s E 13AA0 basement oflrct. 11 Chambers 8rrP', fr..n9(Jtifi gunH prompt and confidential Old gout an , stive.- MMhl a. ? Nil buniMiv tra-ioMued on Saturday. (tin nnn TO loan on diamonds, watcw iJHUivl/U Jewelry. dr v got -J*, furniture, and every 4 crlplioo oi atope, t-, inter-.- >r ?-run.1 am units; ditferenl ire olh.-t offices. Apply at 8S3 Houston street between Merc ON DIAMONDS, W * TCflKH y I?* _t fron - , r; ? ??? Merc* and Gtveue. Bu?lben?pi?ni> 8. MYERS, Ag m' $5 000 <lB *JW0 WAKTF*D ror r0,rR OK rm _ year. or. unencumbered reel estate. at 7 [ie cent. Address m Nimpton, Herald office. Jf.B.?Nu atone brokers need apply. J^TiL BUSINESS JIKN AMI OTHERS IN NEED Of 'tniporarr or permanent ai. cau prnenr. money in sums hem MS to 610,HOP oa reasonable and sirt u> private Irnns. Stock"! merchandise ,<viirhi's and valnaW personal property of every deacrtttion, ad van, t upon i bought tor cash, withoit- d. lav. ?? tit Grand atrce , corner Broudway, rooms Nov. 1. 2 and 3. ANY A MOO NT ?? t'tsa I/IAN t>. OR PUR' fiAjitCZ ?t au'it. for fair prt tea, or dtau, > -1-, watches, vr.b ynwrl ry. plate, mon.hniidl*e, ann vkltu'.i > perianal property tat nr 11, WOnl), t>y Fulton tirv. seooad d?w, frun* r*>e ir x i A. M. to B V. M. Any amount ok money.. in large or smali stuns eau alwa>* Ite obbnned instantly on securities valuables,merchandise diamonds 4< .at tbe oldresponalblt 1' .tic Agency ami Private Loan t/ilice. over Par I tic Hank All trommel ion* prompt sale, confldhnttal and tatUtectorr, at no charge; alway tally" Insured. Corner of Broadway am ti: and street Banking agency of john b. Hurray. no Wall street, over Bunk of North Ant a ?A,Ivan made upon vessels and their cargoes, and <.u me. .tianllse u store or transit; loans male upon bank i ail way and Imuran stocks, business paperdiscounted CASH TO LOAN?IN hi MB ( ROM $10 TO 16,000, fig hetarlllea, merchandise valuables, Ac., on reasonabl, private terms: also unc'irrcnt monny and broken bank tnoner foreign gold and silver, undoubted business notes, check' drabs, valuable' and property bought at sight for cash, at th< Metropolitan specie and bank note office. 558 Broadway. Notice.?office of Molliere manufacturcmc Company, No. 3 Broadway. New York, Sept. 6, 1865. By a resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Molllore Mann factoring Company of New York passed first of September la stent, the stockholders of said company are hereby called upo* to pay In an instalment of eighty dollars on each shore of *1 stock thereof, on or before the sixteenth day of I ? A December next under the penalty of forfeiting the shares ot stock subscriber ] far. By order of tbe Board of Trusteos. EDW'D. G. TUCKEBMAN, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE CONSOLf dated debt of New Orleans?New Orlcana August l. Idea ?B> virtue of the thirty seventh section of the act of th< Legislature ot the State or Louisiana, entitled i'Au set to coo aolldatc Ihe city of New Orleans, end to provide for the govern mpnl fin ntirninlcfrn ? irvn A# ttfi aft'uifs " snnrnvsl toa I *s mentand administration of pa afTalra.'1 approvel tue 23>1 _ February, 1852, and of the ftflh section of uie act supplemon tarv thereto, and provldlntt for the Incorporation of the city of Lafayette with the city of New Orleans, approved on the samt day, and of the third section of an act entitled "An act supple mcntary to nn net to consolidate the city of New Orleatu, out lo provide for the government and administration ol Its at fairs." approved March 11. J'52, and for Ihe purpose of me?' tngallobllgatloDBOftheold corporation and of the late First Fecond anil Third municipalities, and cltv ol Lafayette, raa turlng during the year 1866. Pealed proposals will be received at this office from this date tmtll Thntsday, October 25. 1865 at 12 o'clock M., for the purchase ot a series of four hundred and fifty bonds, of one thousand dollars each, said bond., to be da'e.1 tl e first of October. 1866, payable In thirty-seven years, ai the office of tlie treasurer or the ctty, with Intered coupons attached thereto, at the rate of six pet cetiiuui per annum, payable , . ..?,. -f ffcw Yorx. on the first of April and semi annually in the city of New Yorx. on the first of April Ihe first of October in earh year. Proposals to be emlorsed "Bids for thepureha-c ot bonds of the cltv of Now Orleans " and uiMics-rd to the "Commissioners of tlie t onaolidafod Debt of New Orleans," the bonds to be adjudicated to tbe highest bidder, the Commissioners reserving the right to reject any or all bids. Terms of pay men! cash, or in any obligations of tin old city, the late muuicipaUuei or city of Lalsye'te, maturuig In 1856. COX VIS'lONEn, JOHN L. LEWIS Mavor. OVIDB KeBOYS, Comptroller. W. H. OAKLAND. Treasurer. E. H. DUBELL. Chairman Finance Committee Board of Aldermen. J. EAGER, Chairman Finance Committee Board of Assistant Aldernoeo. C. 8. Lxr, Secretary. QFFICE OF THE CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAH ? road Company, 13 William street. New York, Re pi. 27. 1HC6.?Dividend.?A dividend of four (ft per cent on the capt'ai stock of thts company lias been declared out of the profits of tlie last six months, payable at the office of the company, on ass sfler tlie 26lh October. The transfer books will be closed from the 2Uth to the 26th October^ Hjr order ot the Board of Direc tors. E. B. LITCHFIELD. Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE FULTON FIRE INSURANCE COM panv?New York, October 4, 1865?The Board oi Direc tors of this compear have this day declared a wemx auausl dividend of five per cent, payable on the 3th Inst. W. Ml LL1GAN, Secretary. TUF. GRF.AT WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY having its rs*h capita! all paid t?, will commence losing marine risks on Monday, October 1. at thele office, rtrea1 Wee tern Buildings. 35 Pine street This enmpanv return, to Ha cus'omers seventy-five per cent of the uet profit, of the yeaCe business, In scrip Copies ol the prospectus and r aa; ter ea be had by applying of the Secretar y's de,k. DOUGLAS ROBINSON. Secretary. FINK ARTS. Arctic charts?showing the recent Disco veries ol I f Haver, T. nnv, Inglefleld and Mct'lura; also, the podtlon of Hie brig Advance, abandoned bv Dr. Kane aati hie party May 24,1365, Tot sale by J. Dlht URNELL, 197 Broa lwav. A* F HORMES, CARllIAGES, AC. T PBIVATB BALE?ONE PAIS VERY YALCAHJL tvrii matched, datk Mood buy cartdago hoces w u r in o4 found. 17 hand* H!t;!i kiwi and stylish drivers,aged live an I s.x horse, Frank," a bright blooded suit*!, very las; In double or single barnesa, w-aiinn'ed sound, and t? in go?t condition: a!?", one saddle pony. Irougrav, well suite 1 for la dies' or voutW riding sound, gouto and kind: ulu* im? lU'ile, large abt'e, kind and gentle In harness; one large lamll) <a risvo, one lieh' rockawav. one sh'ftlog in' buggy, nearly new; one buggy, just repaired, nut Hole usel; double and single harness complete one aide saddle one gentleman'* sadd'e, anl one bnv'* saddle, wlthnuttrer, made lor the pony, to order; stable appliances, carriage covers, horse blanket.'. Ac. To be sold on a .count of an estate. Can be seen at the r.-.<denreof Mrs Arnold, Fifth avenue, be'ween 131st and 132d street*, Harlem. For kale?a splen did team of black horses, with an elegant ear; tuge and double harness, all tn Due running order; w ill he so d cheap. n? the owner has no tnoro use for them. Inquire ai the Fulton livery stable. No. s Seventh avenue. FOR SALF.-A FIXE BLACK FAMILY HORSE, ROUND. and kind In all harness, suitable lor ft doctor. CM man or exprewmau. or (amlly uae. Apply on the premise*, 49 Vaa dam street. Alio, a covered wagon, suitable for a grocer or milkman Price HO. Can be seen at UK) Varicfc street, near Ppnng. For falk-a oray horse, wj hands high. sound and kind. Rood traveller, and a first rate family horse. Sold for no tault. as the owner has no further use for him. InqUire at Uiinund's stable, 81 New street. OR SALE-A PAIR OF BAY MARES, 14* HANDS high, S>4 year- old, warranted sound and kind, well matched and good travellers. Apply at THOMPSON'S stable, 110 East 1 hlrteriilh street, near Third tiventie. For salb-a brown horse, eight years old, 1(1 hands high. kind, and round, a good traveller an excel lent animal for a phyntelan. express wagoa or for a family; price noo. J. J. UNDERBILL, Dry Dock Iron Works, i'M Tenth street. For salb-a hornk, cart, harness and pri vilage of good work Inquire at Sd(Til A SHAW'S, 1S3 Washington street. Tie owner having other bualnesa re quiring his attention is the only reason for selling. Frf.d wagon for sale?net little vsf.d. with platform springs made to order, with pole and shafts. Apply at 161 Kivington street. Horse, wagon and harness for sale?a bat Morgan borne, pony built, of great endurance for Cut road or draft work; alto a light express wagon, ut goal o.-Jer. Apply at 157 South a' reel. Horse wanted-to match a dark brown bay bora*, sixteen hands high, smoothly made a very stylish and free driver, capable of trotting a tulle In about three mi nute* Address Horace Williams, at Tat'ei -iir?. Sixth avenue, cornerof Thirty ninth street, giving partlcn at- description 01 (lie lior?e, age, price and place where he can be seen. Hobse and carriage for sale.?a bay mare. 13 hands high, sound ami kind, will rand v-.thnut tying. Also, a one horse tamlly carriage In firs: rnte order They will l>r sold low, as ihe*owner lias no furtlter u e fbr them. Apply at tia Fifth att-eet, after 3 o'clock. VTEW YORK TATTTIRSALLS, SIXTH AVENTE. COR. INI otr of Thirty ninth street.?Tttesd.iv, Oct. Id, at 12 o'clock, at auction, l<omes, wagon., harness, thorough bred cattle, Ac?lite thorough bred bull "Isirl Leu-eater," tim years old, lull pedigree at time of sale; al?o two splendid rows in milk?one five, one aged?, of the Dutch aud Durham breed; one calved In August, end tin- other i.a* a calf by her side three week* old, all to be sold without reserve. GEORGE CLEMONH. Auetloneor. Htxnv I'rmiH, Salesman. OWNERS OF HORSES ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT II Dr. TOBIaS' horse liniment H, pmt bodies ofSdrenU, is not tound superior to sny other, for the rureof Otitic, sore throats, gallr, ruts, bruise*, curb, and scratches. 1 lie mon-r wltl be reinrned. Depot GO *tree:. Over 2,000 cer tlUeates can be seen at tbe office. THE SUBSCRIBER n.\S HO ACRES OF LAND IN Texas, well loea'ed. which tost bm In cash and I-work If Of, which be would exchange for a gosxlbotse avd buggy. Address Texas Land, Herald tffice FaNTED-A STABLE IK THE YICIKITY OF TWENTY third street and Lexington a- rntte, with three tt* Is and rotm for two canlaces, light wagon and sleigh, I cm 1st of November. Atldrr- s !>ox 312 Post oflb e. IIOI8KK. ROOMS, Art ., WAIKTHU. TIOl'SE WANTKD-KAkT OF FOURTH VVKS'L'K AND II near Twenty sixth s'ree-, for wltleh fr;,m fr.oisi lotld.OUU w ill be paid, Addri.s 1k>x igfit Font office TJOOMS WANTED?TWO OR THRER ROOXM ON THE Ik lirst 01 wcond l?*ir. wltlwiut liosrd. In a flnurlm . modern built bouse above Tenth Mice'. between Second avenue ami trta It ay, for a family of thine person*, woo w. b a nrema titn; location Address M. D., Boyd'a lire l.n rts ofli-e 46 Ml li 1* m - treed tt-ANTED-AN EVENCt'MHERKD COUNTRY RRKI vl tlence, 'n in ,ange for two : nemeu hoi.-", in tbe rer'ra part ef Hrroklyn: lots each 25 by lot tee j inrbaw, hot tea fc'.r storms aid basement; now rent for 0?ayi harn retted for *??<> A party wlto 1ms a gentee, puu-e will t?e dealt w b t pet, l>ir t"rm Apply at No*. II." and 117 Nk'?an street, room No 3. in: f 1, rear hall, afler II o'r ocii. PI.AIlMi CAR OIL PHRr ATTN" CARDS -TH* St H*CRIREFS RiTf Trill ?Tr;u?tre sa'e of A !*rogberre't manufacture o-' rlaytoc sirv sol bare constantly 00 bar.d ell the i'lertn' j, alas m hjl ce.ebreteil 1 urn dealing rards A. Y>N YALk-BN,ltTRGR? t?. No m Paari aired. mc.uNatorr U OBI s-.-net' P" MATING OARDH OF FVERT DIWf RIPT'')N" pry* sale af tbe liana 4'arJ Man dae'orr, IT* and n reran* aires t pear Broadway, in-.tiding atngtr and den Sis beads or t Stneti'e! and plain an 1 et tin.4 eawls A supswltw article <4 . nenlaro rards. we J seasoned and sWraa'eitmSU. ra.-T Mta e?; re??ly f?r lealntg. '

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