Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 18, 1855 Page 3
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IBIEITBMBHTO KHTCWEB KTE1T BAT. ?ALBS AT AUC11 ON. A LBKBT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL this day, Oct. 18. at 12){ o'c oek. at the Merohsola'Ex change, for account of whom n may concern.? Stt.OUO Vlrglulm 8 tale mix per cent bonds ? ? ? W.000 {> da'"* Ul,utu AlLon Railroad aecond Moidgage ?._I0 SI .OuO New Orleans mix per cent bond* of 1892 ? SI 2,000 Chicago and Mivalxslppl Railroad ten per cent bond* ... ' f:a,U0U Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad lat Mortgage bends. J4.000 Canandalgua and Corning Railroad lat Mori^u^e booda. S6.UU0 Galena and Chicago Union Railroad 1st Mortgage seven percent $1.01X1 S4.IHI0 Harranieuto City eight per cent hoods, <lated 1852..SI 0J0 fill two Cleveland and Toledo KaUrotd aeveu per cent con vertible income bonds $1,0 HI St,000 Chicago and Rock Island lei Mori,"age aeveu per cent oouvcrtibl e hood . ? 51,000 Cleveland, 1'alnosvllle and Ashtabula Railroad bond* ? $0,000 Allan Mutual Insurance .Scrip of 18u. $800 Atlantic Mu'ual Insuram n Scrip of 1851. I* 0 shares Ohio and Mississippi Kailroac, eastern division *50 11 do. St. N Icholas llank 100 S'75 82 A promissory nolo, drawn by Donnelly A Rogers. 80 tharea 8t. Marks Fire Insurance Company, bvoothe oaled ' fig} Jt'O do. Mechanics' Fire Insurance Co.lipVIIV 10 10 do. Wells. Fargo A Co.'a Express Company 100 80 do. North River Fire Insurnnce Corn lany 25 DO do. Peter < ooper Fire Im-uraooe Company 20 5 do. Lafargo Fire Itisursnce Company " 50 10 do. National insurance Company ot New Jersey 50 Terms of hale.?Ten jier cent this day, and the balnure be fore 2 o clock to? orro w. The accrued interest on all the rends will be charged to ihe purchaser, with the exception ot the Suite bonds. Next regular sale on Monduy, Oct. 22. Albert ii. kjoolay, auctioneer ?stationery aud paper hangings.?Trade sale -On Tuesday. Oct. 2*1 and on Ihe following days, a the aui'tiou room. II Hrosd street, Albert H. Nlcolay's Ural regular semi-annual trade sale, con rlstingof blank hooks, stationery pipers, huokblndera'mate rials and paper h raging*, will lake place as above. The cata logue will embrace an unusndly atir ictive collecUofi, both of foreign and duraeallr fabrics, which a, e well worthy the atten tion Of the entire trade, ihrougboul the United States, and In b*-11 sold without reserve. Terms?land 8 months' credit; all pur chases less llian $100, casli. Catalogues now readv fnrdiatr! button, and cnu be obtained at the ofllce, No. * Broad street, and at the salesroom. AO. TUTTLE, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 94 BROADWAY. ? ? Peremptory aale of lirst class cabinet furniture, being ll.e balance or stock of Joseph Scanner E-rp, 452 Broom street, near Broadway, without regard to cost. A. C. Tuttle will sell, on Friday, at 1U)? o'clock, at 452 Broome street, the balance of stock of first class furniture of Joseph Sonnner'e, who Is retiring from Ibe trade. Every article of which Is war ranted of the best class, and will be sold pereuiotorlly wirbout regard to coal. The stock comprises rosewood partor suits, etegeres with marble tops and looking glasses, secretaries and t-ookcares, wardrobes, oxtenslon, sofa and centre tables; rose wood a-d main gany dress bureaus, wnshslantls, bedsteads, commodes, hall stands, large armchairs, dining room articles solas, Ac.; also, one large French plate looking glass; also, osevvood and mahogany veneers, lumber, hardware, Ac. Ca talog ues ou the morning ol sale. Auction notice. ?m. noumiTr. auctioneer, will sell thlsday, Thursday, ut lot, o'clock, at 2i*<>utre street. Uie handsome parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture of ? family, (removed for convenience of sale.) constating of sofas, tele a teles, rockers and parlor chain, Frent h pia'e and other tnlrrors, handsome taposlry, parlor and alulr carpets; uiiho Many and walnut French and cottage bedstead). hair and other mattresses, bureaus, waahatands, toilet seta, mahogany ward robes, lace cu-loins, wlucow shades, glass and plated ware, dinner ,tid lea seta, cooking, parlor and other stoves, with nu merous other articles, worthy attention. A UCTION NOTICE. ? PARISIAN AUTISTIC RR0NZ8 Company.?EDWARD Bt'llENbh. \tiil sell at auction. this day, f'l tursdaRj 18th Ins!., at liltjo'-lock, Jaf the sal-s ' * rw bro mom. 16 Wall freet, superb sale of Paris bronzes, the man a fact are of Ihe 1'ai lslan Ar istle Bronze Company, who obtained Ihe Council medal at Ihe World's Fair, In London, 1851; Ihe golden medals In Brussels, 1841; Paris, 1849: Dublin, IW,. aud lalelv at (he Crystal Palace, New York, the sliver medal, ihe -only one awarded for bronzes ol any nation, consisting of a lurge assortment of superb vasos. coupes, consols, brackets, 4 roups and figures, large and small size; superb oandelabraa, bronze and ormolu; figures representing Peace aud War; por trails of Napoleon, Washington, and other Illustrious men large) groups ol the Indian Amazon*, Indian warriora, boar limning. Ac.; very ric ry rich iuksiandft, bronze and ormolu, ot vari ous styles and devices; paper weights, segar holders, mat -Ii nod s-li stand and card receivers on marble, ba -? supported by figures; horses, eagles, and groups ol deer; boudoir and par lor candlesticks, and a great variety of statuettes, suspension flowers, vases and brackets, new s'yle; they are all Ihe fashion lust now in Paris, and admired by every one. The sales of ilils extensive manufactory are well worthy of Inspection, us ihelr goods sre superior to any manufactured. All the goods are warranted to he sound and In perfect order. Auction notice.-edward sciienok will sell on Frldsy, October 19, at 10X o'clock at 18 Wall street, continuation sale of sn Importer's stock of fine old wines, bran tiles, Ac., West and hast Indie Madeiras, pale and brown slier rles, London por:, London dock brandies, champagne, cognac do., Scotch and Irish whiskeys, Jamaica rum. Ac. Hale pu-i live. Auction notice.?fink oil paintings.?edward BCHKM'K will sell, at auction, on Monday, October IS, ?i 11}( o'clock, precisely, (no postponement on account of Ujc " " " nMtiw. weather,) about 71) line oil paintings, now on exhibition at bin .-talcs room. Tbla collection contain* large parlor pictures, nailery do., cabinet do., of the French, Belgian and Duateldorf .-?cbuools, by the best ancient and modern musters nlso. acv oral views painted from nature, ol high artistic merit and finish. Moat or Ihe pictures are warranted originalu and with cortifl catea attached. Those wishing to purchase Utie picture*, atwl^ those who have made u* prlyate oilers. will do well to intend rhla role, ae the picture* will be sold without reserve toolose accouuu. Catalogues now ready. Auction notice.-henry b. hurts, jr., Auc tioneer. will sell on Thursday, October 18, ut 10), o'clock, at the aalea room, No. h}, I'lne stiwet, assignee's sale of a large stock of clotlis. camltucres, vesting*. Ac., comprising !u part French. English and (lerman casstmeres, Belgian doeskin, cus tcr, beuycr, Blolc cloth, autlnctU, . ru* de Kliine satins, vesting*, sloven, handkerchieta and a large quantity of ready tin de clothing. Auction notice?at private bale, one pre ml tint rosewood cottage pianoforte, made bv I.emin I Oil Itett, Boston, a stiperlor Instrument It not sold hy Saturday nest. It Will he Mild on thHt da at ail' Hon, ?t our storp, 86 Na? hsu sheet. DAY, BL'SSKLl. A CO , Auctioneers. UCTION NOTICE.?W. A. CARTER. AUCTIONEER, will sell this tlay (Thursday), st 10 o'clock, for account of whom It may concern, at HO Greenwich street, a stock of frr-U nod desirable drugs and dies; al-o, lollo wing, a slock o I stock of assort - i'dgroceries, wines, teas, fruits, Ac., Ac. Auction notice.?bherikf'B balk.?j. bogart, auctioneer, by 8. Bogart, store corner Frankfurt and Wll Jtam street.?This day, at II o'clock, at Vaurattse stable. 31 Canal street, one horse, cart and harness. Tuoiras Coaun, Deputy Sheriff .IOUN ORSER, Sheriff. Auction notice.?j. bogart, auctionker, by S. ltOGART ?Friday, at 10'j o'clock, at die auction rooms comer Frankfort and William strict*, th' ed'eta of a bakery, troughs, pans, bread trays, counter, show case, also a general ascot intent of parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture, carpels, atoves. segars, crockery, Ac. Auction notice.?MftRToace bale-notice ik hereby given that by virtue of a mortgage, I shall pub licly expose for tale to morrow(Friday) morning, at Mjlf A. M., ?II the elegant contents of the four story and basement house 79 Warren street, opposite the Hudson River Railroad depot, wl'hout reserve, to the highest bidder, consisting In part of die following list of desirable and substandal first class goods: Parlors?Where the sale will commence, superb royal Wilton carpeting, fine and substantial rosewood suit covered In the first quality of French brocade and elegantly carved, rosewood French ctagc elate backs and doors, statuary top, Ae : gothlc ebony inlaid French tints piece, gothlc alabaster do., rosewood easy, spring and reception chairs, beautifully covered; rose -wood quartet-, rosewood French work tables and other fancy Paris and paplerniache do., rosewood corner etage, rosewood centre tables, finely carved and with statuary martde tons;ele gant ornaments of Sevres porcelain, vase*, bisque and Parian antique and modern designs and classic representations, rose wood card tables, elegant tambour lace curtains and cornices, shades, gas chandeliers, rosewood suit ingroen and gold French hrocatel, an excellent suit, rosewood bookshelves, rosewood corner stands; elegant mirrors, oval, pier and mantel; a choice colleriimiot anelcni ami modern design*, in oil, finely framod; paintings on glass, do. on por -clsln, ntMuliOl lir-t rla<s rosewood 7 octave pianoforte, round oornored, nearly new and warranted. Dining room?I wo walnut extension tables, linen covers, napkins; oue china dinner sot, I'll) pieces, three china X?'B set*, one silver tea service aud salve teaspoons and table forks, knives, casters, cake baskets, liquor eases, champa-encs, wtnea; tumblers, cut and engraved; ilecanters, go'nets, Ac., Ae., Ac.: dining chairs, mahogany and rnapie; mahogany sofas and chairs, lookers ana easy do., lounies. clok*, tapcatryaml Brussels cat pels, sideboards, dining tables, tea dr., common crockery aid glassware, Ac., Ac. Chambers?Elegant and costly antique and modern rosewood andmalvu; uiy bedsteads finely flnlsped, with paillasses and pure hair mattresses to match; very (Ine roscwosi and mahogany marble hip dn wing bureau*, do. wash and corner standi, ciminc-le*. rosewood amour de glare, paintings. Hue tapes ry Brussels carpets, sola lied*. toilet set*, bed*, bolsters and pillow*, fitled wtlb pur'- live ???-*?? tea Ihe r? of the finest tpiaity; Marseilles counterpanes, mliror*, Ac Ac . A- . Rale positive Wlthn it r.-,;ard to weather, i'atakigtics can be obtained at the oftlce. 76 It- ktnan street D. 8, HOUGH, Aiiatteneer. AUCTION NOTICE?THOS liKI.L AUCTIONEER. BY It KIT, A III ."II, this day, at It/1, o lock,at 12 North Wlll*tm v'leel, valuable sale rd new *nd second band luruimre vut:? bureau*. *of?s.'afa couch and French bedsteads, mahogany theirs, ward ret ies, extension table". Ac,; a<*o, balance Invoice ?r watclirs jewelry plated ware, hfty box -s segars, balance ncalr, Ac. A UCTION NOTICE.?TH OH ItK'.L, AUCTIONEER. By BELL A UU8II.?Valuable plumber'* stock. - Fri st 19 ' ' " ? day, at ljo'clock, at No Mi Nlndi avenue, will be "o'rt, with' ut reserve, lor cash, the entire stock of n first talc plumbing Store, marble ??l.l,.?ln? all kinds of pumps, shower bath Arrange menis for ho' and cold waier, ?dtiav, a quantity of lead pipe, r.a? fillings, tool* for gaa fitting, an l oi'.er Cuot? autt Pile tor Uie Dusln*'**, patont scales, counter pumps, on- m i'sh gray horse. < ne wagon two sefa harness, good tvtll ol the place. Ac. Auction notice?hardware pale?h. van ant WEHF will sell, this day. si ten o'ens-k, *1 No. 2l<; Pearl Kit eel, J*t ps< kage< and lots, w ell aeterted liardware, eti'lerv, Ac. Abo 2B ri?o "late*, MO boodles Herman MOfl, 2 oaa<-, guns. For full particulars *ee ca alogues. A ffTION ?TIITH DAY, AT II O'ClfKK, REGULAR f\ sale, by ELI AH OOMBl Auc oncer, at 00 Nassau ?ilver pla'ed spoons and (nrk?. roeewood. black wehtal and ral.cgar y fiiftilfnre, ext>ae?iu tables, wlreors, ofl n.iiiiunga. < Ok i- furniture Ac. f'nrfbaaeys can lutve their ghtsts packet Ml the prstxaes an I prtperly skipped. I IMF I ON AMUNOfl AT Al'CTIO N. -THE H U BB(: RI HER Bill sell at pel lie title, fill th*J *"!l Of'"etcher next, the enure pro pert* fvttsq end occupied by hi'fitelf gnfl next, the enure properfv owned end t known as the Utlf'oii Hprtaga House, cti.'.raclog about tifesui arret of lan'U^ue-n whlrh arc the springe < whl'c sulphur), tiuad mr their madi-tnai properties 'be park and l.ubly valued Tfir Ihtir meii-.nai propi Jleasure ,-rounds surrounding thetn, a bath house hi) (e-' fang. and billiard aaloaue, Ac. The hnnsc will or mm slate about 200 persons. It It a valuable pr p-r'/, "r? ' * luftfic ifitnaied le Or'ar.o county, wHI-in .to r>?l' m tha depot J,,-w York. Oetitral Railroad, and te becoming very a"ract:v ai d popu'ar as a wstertng place. lie wt.l wlao aeH auout 7X1 beautnullv *1'tale 1 village Jpu. up<ei -ietaie.1 grotin I com mandln* a fin" pmipcci. and la* ae - desreahId lo-ab !*?* tor rssutenci- in the fionriahlng an l rapidly (.-owing na>?g? -if Cdflou Pptin:- Also the fUnikure In sal.1 hou<e several Iv r*e? btn le? ca-r:*ge?, heme** Ac Hal" to C'CI)-n-'n"O ?withSe real eita'c on, O it *), a' 10 o'- .ck A. H end (on.'.ntir until sold. Terms of ?a!e will be a"-ommo dating. *' FARKK E CGENF R FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER ?CONTINUA .. turn i. -FRANKLIN NH'H "-c w.ll t -g-c- the catalogue o< Octobei 10th. and oooitn .<? th-lr rcgmir sales everyYrtdev .ugl WedneadaY, a' Odrtr ??lea rqoma 70 N. ssau street at in', o'clock. Pnrewosers are tionficl that owing ui went of rtnm and our present rxiendyc salea, that w* nan ailew but two day* tor the delivery o' the iull*_ than win tht refprc he a* prompt ae |MM*. TOBMTOW IrdSfiOf tobcr IWh, t eyiilar trad" sal" ol rich cabinet tad household fut nl'ore. roti-l-Ung of the nstial verte'j. be gars 1NURN1TURF BALE.-A M. CRIBTALAR, AUCTION I ecr aill.iwerv wtll sell. Ibis ila.. ? lb', ' '? * one rsl aae<wint'-nt W houarhokl furnltoi", tooeA' .ng ut man 'gany aoo reaewoc .1 parlor ilialrsattd rocst-i , ea'V clialrs. b"ea Mea, owe splendid long glaas, 34 by 111; one pair oval m rmrs, elegantly mounted In gilt, ml nalnt'ngs, l.ruasela and tigr.. n esrpegng, mahogany French bedsteads, otir barbet s "B?tr. eaehatand. t.u.o, oue apleodkt Rngi.-h dotlhle barrel gua, kt caeeiHinb and twist rifiea. Ae., Ae . also, on account of m m?r purchaser, one fewlgg Machloe. ?AXJU AT AUCTION. Ek. aabon, auctioneer-will sell this i>at . at the auction room 67 Nassau street, a splendid assort ment or line gold watches, Jewelry, and fanry goods. Persons Jn ""J ?f watchea far their own use would do wed to attend. Bale without rjg^rre for cash. POOLTON, ACCTIONEKR.-LARGE BALE OF NEW ? and seooud hand ftirnttuie, tapestry andmgraln carpets, oilcloths, hotel lurntture. Ac., Ac. r Cotton will sell, this day, Thunday, Oct. 18, at llt>i o'clock. at the auction rooms, No. 59 Beckinan street, on the y?eond tloor, a eery large assortment ? kood new and aecond liand furniture, of every variety, most of which Is In good order. Among the lot tnav he found large wardrobes nnd lioukcaae\ sofas and tele a fetes, marble top furniture, nwewood and mahogany do ; French, Kllzabethlan and Gothic bedsteads, mahogany, curl maple and oak chairs, carved and Voltaire do., black' walnut dintug and extension tables, hail tnaUreases, caroets and ollclo'hs, mirrors, oil paint ings, bednom and basement furniture, Ac., Ar. Also, about thirty full pieces of laoestry carpels, of a very auperlor pat tern. Also, a lot of botel furniture, from the Clarendon House. Greenwood. Sale without regard to weatbe., and without reserve. Gbohgk cook, auctioneer.?large bale of new end fsahb nabls furniinre. George Cnolc will sell this day, Ihuraday, Oc'ober 18 at half past 10 o'rlo -k, at No. 6A4 llroadway, near Bondairrel. the enure manufactured stock of .Tames H.Cook Esi| , embracing parlor, chamber and anting room fur nlture In great variety, parlor -ult.s m several i elegant coverings, wardrobes sideboards, clegere*, buffetta, tsecretarles, bookcases, escritoires dressing tallies, dining ei fusion tables, sofas, chairs, r? iters, music stan is. corner do., bedsteads, bureaua, waslisisuila commodes. matt reuse*, bob stars and pillows, Ac.. Indeed every arlltle found in an eil-n slve nml fashlonnble hroadwav warehou.e. Sa!k<>, two suiierlor rosewood piano loriea. Gooda may bo eai mined Ibe day previous to the sale. Catalogues can be had a llie store, or ai the office or the sue'lou er, 117 Nassau sirred 1 he above la well wot thy the attention of the trade and others George cook, auctioneer will bell to morrow, ut lot, o'clock, at the salesroom* 117 Nassau strert, near tleekman. it lnrg' and ue'l selected stork or nrw and fashionable furniture viz: Parlor suits, chamber do.; ex tension dining table*. centre, side andaol'a do.; bedsteads, bu reaus, waslisiands, sideboard*, solas chairs, rockers mat tresses, palllaaers, etn; one rosewood plAuolorte. Catalogue* now ready. Groceries.liquors.heoarh,btovbs and hard. ware.?Friday, October 19th, at intj o'clock, at 17 Oev street, corner Orrcnwlch, sewing machine, coffee, tea. fish, mustard, pepper, raisins, tigs, indigo, pickles, knives and lorks, spoons, scissor*, saw*, planes, ch'sels, clocks, scale*, coats, pants, collars, feed wagon. Ac. IW. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. Henry h. lekdr a co.. auctioneers.?ab slgnee's sale of a large and valuable sUick ol manutao turcd jewelry, set diamonds, Ac., without re.crve, by order of the assignees. The trade are Invited In attend. HENRY U. I.KEIIS A 00. will sell by auction, ai their salesroom*, 19 Nas sau street near Pine, where It has been remove I for conve nience of sale. Thursday. Get. 18, at !()t; o'clock, extensive stock of tint c!a*s jewelry, all manufactured for llroadway lescriptlc sales, of the best descriptions, consisting of tine set* breast pins, earrings and bracelets, complete, set and unset; liard solder, very fine real gold lob chains, very heavy, In great va riety. Diamond Jewelry?Pearl*, garnets, rubles, tnruuotse, Ac. Gold p.-u* and pencil ca es. set and un*ct. mosaic nnd cameo Jewelry, soft soldee Jewelry of all kinds, hard do . line gold chains, single and double gold lockets, English plated jewelry, Uugcr rings, set and unset, very flue; coral do; enam elled sets gold seals and rings, jewelry stand* of porcelain for show esses, plain and engraved bracelet*, do. set In csm-o esses, plain and enernv and precious Hones; scarf pin ... wrist do , ere--a* mourning ring* *ei In pearl, Ac. , tot and unsel studs sleeve buttons nod other Jewelry?to be sold without reserve, to close the con cern, by order of llie assignee. Alio, one large invoice ol plated, pu; c English pattern, beaded dessert anj tea spoon* HENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?BY H. II. LEEDS j A CO., Thursdnv, Oetober 18, elegant household furni tore, at 10jg o'emck. at 21"' West Twenty aeeoml street, neat Ninth avenue, all made to order last spring, by Meeks A Bnndolne, of lit' best <|tinllty and In porfe ? order consls'tn i of rtoh velvet, lace curtains and heavy insects, elegant euamelled cornice, rosewood otogere, plate glass and -a'in ? i o<l, ova! pier glosse* n superb rosewood pianoforte, made by Lmdi I a Fritz 7 octave coat last May ft it, a set of rest bronze group and ligtireafor mantel*. vorv elegant gn- chande tleri and fixtures with globes, pine and black walnut carved parlor furplture, selected wood, covered green silk velvet: clo* lis In bronze and ornoila, fancy chairs, arm, Ac , covered satin brocatel; dicing com furniture, oirved mahogany, covered crimson plush, extension tables, very fine; reception rnont rosewood, covered in purple morocco; couchee, chairs, Ac.; bedroom furniture, Itnissclscariie1*. three ply do., mate, gsnv and black walnut bedsteads, chair*, dressing bureaus, n urble tops; cottehes. enamelled cottage furniture, mattrcKses, beds and leather pillow*, all ot the best kind; English oilcloth hat racks, velvet nalr carpets, cliliuv, glass, Ac. Sole will commence with the kitchen furniture. The above furniture has been used slucc May. Henry h. lkedb, auctioneer?by it. 11 lkedba Co.?Friday. Oct. 19, at Uo'clork. In front of Ute sales room. 19 Nassau street, a bay pony about 15IisihUhigh, be lieved m be souud and kl'd In" all harness can trot or pace In able of three minuter; a new light wagou, lu perfect order, cost $185; set of single liar acts, nearly new; also a beautiful bay pony 10 band* high, seven years old. warranted perfectly sound and kind in all harness; saddle, bridle, ulso a ?et of dou hie harness by Gibson. Sold a* the owner Is about leaving'lie country. 1'ulr bay liorse*. lt> hands high seven and eiglo yenrh old; coupe rockaway, made by Wtsid, Tomllnson A Co., uearty osi WfiO; two sea new'double harness l,y Tralnor?. ci*| SM?t): double seat wagon; set single harness, saddle, bridle an, two pair blankets; sold for want ol one. Henry t. lkedb, auctioneer.?auction bale of elegant rosewood parlor aud chanmer luruliure. lace and brocatel curtains, rosewood stills of chamber and dining room furniture,at the residence ot Dr. HI by, l9SPrbioe*t..iiear Macdongal.?H. T. Leeds A Co. will sell, as above, ail the turn! tore of the above (bur story house, consisting of two rosewood parlor suits, In brocatel; several ovnl and oblong mirror*, oil paintings, rich china vsse* and lea sets, rosewood and muhoga ny bedsteads, pure hair maure??ee. palliasses, mahogany, rosewood and cane chair*, walnut lea, centre aud dining ta bles; also, the carpet* and oilcloth In thedhouse, with many other article* which the catalogue will mention. Sale perewp loiy, without regard to weather. IIENUY T. LKKIH, Auctioneer, .'kl Beekmah street. Henry b. iiertm, jr., AUorioNBtR ?abbigneeb* sale of diamond and gold jewelry, gold watches, Ac,? HENRY B. I1KKTS, Jr., auctioneer, will sell on Friday, Oct. 19, at IPJa o'chs'k. nt salesrooms No. h}A Pine street, a targe in.d elegant stock Of diamond Jewelry, gold jewelry, gold wulclie*. Ac., comprising in pari rich cluster and single stone brilliants, plus, rings sad earrings, all (lift waterslones; pearl, emerald, rimy and ouyx ilngs, pin*, e.irtiugs, siuds, sleeve bultoas. Ac.; gold bra<eleis. earrings, brooches, weioh nod guard chains, seal*, keys, rings, plus, thimbles, Ae.; line 18 csrntgold hunting ease una open free lever, leplne, chronome tcr, duplex and double time keeper watches by Hre'lnz I'rere* Bewell, Jo*. French, Robinson and othercelebrated maker*; together with a large assortment of French jewelrv, two Iron sales three glass cases, Ac , being lite enure stock of a wholesale dealer, removed tor r.onvenlcujeof sale by order ol Lewi* Ucnton, attorney for assignees. JL. VA N DRWAT KB, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELfc, . Oils day. ai It o'i'erk. In flronl of sales room. 12 Maiden lane one road wagon, eilptlc springs, limit by Armour A Bro. A lao 1 siiusre box wagon; also, one sol Ol silver mounted bar Mas. made by J. Poet, Broadway. JBKRKBTBIN, AI CTIONEEB.?PIF.n AND MkNTRL . glasses.?By PEGAKK. HERNBTRIN A PIIILLIPB, at their salerooms. 51 Liberty *1., this day,*(Thur*d*v,i el 10 o'clock. A. M .ara'alogu. sale,embracing 1120lot*.couslsiing of elegant and elahoraleiy ornantenU d pteraud mantel glssseu of every size, splendid oil painting, looking glssee* and pic lures or every description nnd size, being the contents of an en ttre store. Thin la a splendid opisirunity for dealers and house k-eper*. In want of such articles, ss die goods will be sold without reserve. Catalogue* are now reodvWM may he hod JOHN HOl'OH, AUCTIONEER?PEREMPTORY PALK of rich and elegant hotunltnld furniture, pianoforte, W-ptii'Ii pluie mirror*, carved ronewood parlor *uile, parlor organ, tapeetry carpet*, oil paiolieg*, mantel *t*iunry, Ac ? J.llnugb wlll*ell. wlthnui reservation. thL II o'clock A.M.. the enilre ooiitem* of Uu. elegantly lurnuthrd rcddrnee, 70 Murray *ire?t, near College place. Apart Itat l? herein contained:?'Two carved roo'w.K*! ?ult*?one In crlm ?on and grcon, ibe other In claret and green hrocatel, each cobxiiding of one *ofa, one caay chair, four medallion hack chair* and one Gothic reception clmlr; rosewood 7 octave pianoforte, of beautiful lone, in a highly finished csee. and fully warranted by die maker; Auhnaaon and Upnatry velvet car a a'*, Aimlnaier rug*, lady'* enorotolra, beautifully Inlaid imuphoui, wttb mirror door*; elegantly carved etegerea. rnlr rt r trout and hack; papier inarhc anil Purl* Inlaid table*, carved roeewood centre table*, with *t?tiiarr marble top*: l*t K" French plate pier and oval falrrora; rosewood aide. Both and plar table*, ro'.vvood hook abrlra*, oorner etegei .-a and stand*. rich Herieavaw*. parlan marl W and bisque ant tuary, a choice collection of oil p.timings, embraing fruit, ma rine and gutne piece*, by well known artiata, alao, *orne very flue portraits ind land'capes on pnrcc'ain, costly lace window drapery, gilt cornice*, decorated *had< *, Ac. AI*o, a par lor or to. n of ui equalled purity of lone. In the chain. ber??Rosewood at It In hrocatel, mahogany do. In haircloth, Ilru?<fl* and Ingrain rarnete, row. wo-I and mahogany bu reaux, bed lead* and waahilandl, ehma toilet eeta, eaay and ncklng chair*. mahogany cprtng .cat . hair*, heavy Inlr mat t-e*?e? F'retc h counterpane*, gilt mirror*, bolsters *nd pll Iowa, lace and tmulin curtain*. mahogany rcntra and work table*, cane *eat rLalr*, A.. IMnlng room?China dinner aet of 190 pieee*. decorated tea ?e'?, diver ?ervlce, naivera, caa U?r*.iak. ha*ke'a. fork* *poona, Ac . rut gl.uw ware, hory eu'lcrv, dining nnd tea table*, mahogany aof n. dln.tig cltair*. 4r. Ac. The **le will be pottluv*. and without regard U. weather Oauibveuee can be o .utne.1 at the hon e, or at the ydlee orthe *nctAm*er, No In Beokman atraet. lluue to let? po**e**loti given Immediately TMORIARTY. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL. Tfftt ? day. at III o'clock, at 17.1 Glut ham *qu.ire. the fnniltiiie of a family Irotn Twenty -*eound itrect, a nice anew-uncut. A'eo from Sixth avenue, an aeaorttnent of fhrnptire frotn * famtly leaving for the W en. Al*o, a var.e y of good* from other lourcc*. rale po*IUve. MA BULK MANTELS AT AUCTION TO PAY AD v?rc ?A M ? K1 ST A I. A R. ?i|ctinno*r^1 Bowery, whl ?ell on Friday Oct. IP at In1; o'clock, fltc marble manl"l?, 'wo n.arhl|lre<t iron do . nnd *1* pier** broratejl. ani'able for upholeteriifg purpose* PAWNBROKER'S SALE THIS DAY.?MoCAf ERAY A I WALTERS wlil Hell "o day. at 10 o'clock, at Uie corner of <nh?rln* and Henry eiraeta. a large lot of woman** clothiw, ahawlr, remnani*. delaine and eaMcoa*. ?hoe?, b<r.i? table llneu*. umhr*Ua*. Ac. L. A H, KOFFMAN. K< EIVUi'H SAI.E OF TWENTY RIGHT LOTH ON Fourth avenue arid on Ninety third and Ninety fourth sited*.- Will la- old hv AN1IIONTJ. BLKECK BR, auction eer. a pnhlh aucUi^at (bo Merchant*' Exchange, under the direction of the *til imMr, receiver, on Thuraoay, fs-wher I*. 1*69, at 12 M.. tboee elgMet n lo'a of land In the TwelPli ward of the city of New York, hounded aaaMrty by Uie Fourtli avenue northerly by Ninny fourtli ?treai, wiuiherly by Nlne't third ?tr*el. westerly by a line running parallel to Fourth avenue and diataol 3H (Mt therefrom, b? ing ?l feel S inrUe* In f ont on Fourth avenue and In the rear and AM feet lo depth on Ninety third end Ninety tourth utreeta. Thee* tot* ere on high ground, over the litem I i i?ei**iiillm e fin1 view <g die city, tag North end Kaat river*, end Ibe Hound. the flnesit end most (ttractlve pottUlwi fur a rcaelcn. c on tl.e i?l*n i. There I* on the ground an e'eg*nt and cttnmodfcma dwelling bo i*e, with all tp# modern lmpr.iv. tneni*. bM and cod water hailts. Ac.i -'able and nntbou-c*. *11 In the beat and mot* OOOipleta or l*r. line i atden well plante I whh frup tree. The** lot* will tut ?old hwether, auhjnct to a mori**** of (11.(?*1, having two yeeo to . un from Janu*- next. Al?o. elgh' lob- on me aotitli *tdc of NbUPv f. urth ?'r.-ct, (tmtmenrlng ai a point MM feet vve?t of 'he Fourth avenue lo be ?dd ?cp*ra>e|j or in parcel* Wxtvper rent n. tv remain on bandana mor'g*** I,* three veei . AI*o. two lot* un Fourth avenue, corner of N uety ?? end alree', logeiti. ., 8d fc i 4', li.rlxr* on the *ve-uc by HI) lectio depth S|?i> per out nm> terimln on lewtil aod roort gage lor three )<a"?. Irnn*" Ten per rent and 'ho a n ion ecr* he on dav of*ie balenci w 'bin Ihlr.vfcv* theieaftw, when dce?l will k* delivered. For map* and foil parUeutar* at illy at .f the a..e O.neer, No. 7 "road ?'ree?. or m ' llhNHY B. OUMMIRGw. Itc-eiver. 7" lto<a.lw*y_ t1 r I1ARTOL ACCTflONFER.?IMPORTED WfN'RS brandle* vera r*. Ac a' *nc on?S F. lUr4' . t'o will ?e.l' n Thnrvlav, Icn O. to'e* a lerir 'rt*Walve ,a .-.r -im. fit Peart ?trect a ehotcw -ment of M*d m* port and *le try wti.e* bran llee, 01 ,rd, llennrv**#, and tea wan doek ouMit hiandy. llonami aa-i Rehiedata gla, Lowlo* enr liale London and Setkeh aloe la ptnte. hamp.g'-.' Ac , In original package*. Al?o, Sii.m,; Uut < r e.l ?egar?. a.' m whirl are wv r*i.'. d a* ceprr*cn'ed. Thl* ?.!e well be w rl',.. the a'ett'ioo of the trad- and prlraie famt .e?. CAM. F rtAKir?L. AUCTIONEER ?A. F BARTnt. t A tin. will net I this .lay, at he *a lament. .104 l"e*r. ?? e t, ? I lnjjo1. kx-A a c,*g,w a?or Bonat a* wire. i'q un* !e? ?oap xegare, Ae., Worthy U,c at-eonoo of buyer*. HFRIFF'H HAI.R -WILL BF Hf)LD,~AT IM BUi'~t loo, at Br tgwlek'* MaloM. in Hoy -'rM ? ?*t Ft n m. Brrx Ulyn. im tVanuday, ?s t. 14, JgftY. at Uo'clo It M . l owing properr ?I team very IW' perm* r mle* I r ecet wag a I Rftal w ?g<vt, 1 eub, I ? d. e ua I -r klDI'e bar new. buT?'o mbca, Ac . Ar R. R. Uh'JEMAN uni t -Cveni. R s IAL1I AT AHOTMWI. S' I1TRBIOB Bl LBOU8 BOOT8-81VRRAL CA8ES.-J. L VANPRWATFR. auctioneer, will ?#U, tflU day. Thursday, Oct 18, at iOJ* o'clock, at the sales ruom 12 Maiden Une a lance and fine assortment of the moat d flaunt aud ci^ uulaitc aorta ot liaarlem flower roots, constating of double and Stogie hyacinth*, narcisse*, tulip*, double and tingle jon q utiles, Iris, crocus, earlv Due Ton Tboll'i, Ac.. Ac . from it. *an Der School A Sod*, florists and nuraerymen, at lllUegom, car llaarlem, In Holland To be told tu low to auit pur Van neat chasers. SPECIAL BALK.?TUNIS MORRKLL. AUCTIONEER.? This noon, at 12 o'clock, at 81 Nassau street First, cloth ing; second. segars; third, allver plated gooda; fourth, lew elry, filth, paintings: sixth, mirrors, seventh furniture, Ac ? 1 be above gooda will be sold in the above order, that pur- > chaser* may accommodate them-clve*. For particular*, ex amine from 10 to 12 Arranged to give the opportunity. Tin* least delay possible, to an to make quick work. Satisfaction guaranteed. Small artiCes delivered at once. Iatdlas attend vMipqI any QBplmuli7. N it pesrrtptioa vmR take much apace. Rvrry fad It? for boxing and shipping furniture, which la of a superior quality, trom extenalre manufactories. W8. MKLLOR, AUCTIONEER?BY HOUGHTON A ? MKI.LOR.?Thisday, Thursday and Friday, Oct. IS and IP, at 10' i o'clock at I Hi Nassau at., on two floor*.?Trade aale ot elegant cabinet furnitnre. Catalogues will be issued on Wednesday, when the stock will l>e arrannod tor exainination, and consist* of Uie richest and moat desirable assortment of oablnfl lumftuit and houaekeeptog artlclee oflferod thisfail, the whole of which will bo sold peremptorily without reserve, to nav advances and close consignment*. as per agreement with manufacturer*. It would be linpofldrde to enumerate the armies contained in the aile, nnd can only be appreciated by examination, to which we particularly call the a'Pmtlon of la die* and gentlemen. For the accommodation ot country iner chants we ni7e mH* arrangements with oompeteal pariOQt for the packing and shipping of goods at a reasonable charge, ihe stock will embrace every variety of the mo*t laablonable at\|M of | arl"r. ri.amncr MWllffrQOB d 11 r i irPOOtB llbrarr und reception room tunfit ure, finished In the IBOft substantial manner. ftd suites ;,r?? oovered In costly ftwr-ooloradaUk biYMadea, br oca telle, plush, hair cloth, moquet and fancy de laines. purchased at Messrs. Stewart's, Ration's, Thorp'** an<* other large New York hoiine*. Dining tablet areot the maim* laciure of Mr. Uerdts. of this nlty, anu are warranted the same as when sold at private sale. We can safely say to our nil inrroua friends tire stock l* equal to any In the city. Find tloor with costly parlor, chamber and library furniture; second floor with inedlum class do , with which the sale will commence. Also, new and secondhand pianofortes, silver plated ware, bronxe clocks and figures Alan, by order of assignee, French plate maniel and plei mirrors. In -rich gill frame*, about twenty tu number. Also, 900 yarda English tape*try aud In grain 'carpet*. FIlVAICIAli. AAA -MONKY TO LOAN ON DTAMONDH, iPUUv.vvl'# watches, jewelry, dry good ?, segars, Ac., or bought for cash; storks, Dotes, mortgage*. Ac., negotiated. Business confidential and prompt. ByTHOMPHON A CO., brokers and cotnmlaaion merchants, 102 Nswau street, corner of Ann, room No, 2, second floor. &R&7 TO I-OAN-ON WATCHK8, DIAMOND*. .HUD Jewelry, aegara, aud every dearrtpuon of valuable prmiertr. or bought for cash, by Jf>8 K. ISA AO, dement office, 11 ('hamtier* street, from 9 till H. Busumw prompt and confidential. Old gold aud allver bought M. B. - No business tranaacted on Saturday. d?1A linn TO W^-000 TO LKN'D ON MORTGAGE, IN tpl v.liU" one sum, on first class Improved New York property. Also 926,000, In variou* sums, on New York and Brooklyn pi op*>rtv Apply, trom 12 to 2 o'clock, to K. BAL TONHTAiJj, 63 John street, corner of Wllllatn. AA AHA WAWTID OK PBAPKBTY kBOUl 19 vjp" miles from thecltv. worth double the amount a: auction loi which a good interest will be paid. Address J ii., Heruld office. Al QAA ?LOAN WAJITED, ON * F1B81 IfOKT gage on real e-ute worth four times the amouut, tor which a good Interest will be paid For particu lars annh ut the real estate office. 282 Broadway, room II). SlMKKB a. TAYLOR. ANY AMOUNT OF MONKY, IN LA KG K OR SMALL J\ suins, can always be obtained Inst uitlv on scoortUe*, valuables, merchandise. dlnqjind* Ac., at the old responsible Pacific Agent) and Private is*an Office. over Panno Jiang. All transaction* prompt ^ale, confidential nnd sat in factory, or no charge, always fully injured, t'-oruer of Broadway and Grand street. ANY AMOUNT OF CASH LO A NED, OR lM'KOHARED at sight, for fair prices, on diamonds, urate' jewel ry, plate, merchandise ar I valuable personal propertygene rally, by R. WOOD, t>9 Fulton street, second floor, front room, from 9 A. M. to 5 1*. M. "DOND AND MORTGAGK ?TO INVFST ON GOOD CITY I 9 proper tv, $20,(XMh ilo.pOO. fis.iNN), two ?uni9 of Ah* f)00, t wool LI.lHX) and l-MHA). Addttss, with description, box 1.108 Post ofll C1ABH TO LOAN-IN M MB FROM 910 TO 95,000, ON J securities, merchandise, valuable*, Ac., on reasonable private terms; also uncurreui money and broken bank money, foreign gold and silver, undoubted kindness notes, checks, drabs, valuables and property bouvht at sight for rush, at the Metropolitan specie and hank note ollice. 668 Broad wa>. For balk?a first 910,000 mortgagk (bearing Inierent at the rate of 7 per cent per annum.) on 100 bulld lots In th?? 9th ward. Oby of Brooklyn. 9A0U0 mature* tn May '67. and the balance In May '68. Address (i. Box 1,202 P.O. MONKY USUALLY ADTANOID OK HOUBIIVOT?D furniture, pianos, gold and silver watches, jewelry, musical, surgical, and uauvkal instruments, horses, wagon's, barin gs, dry goods, bni dware and mercliaiidisr, and personal property of every description, on Hiittsfactorv terms, or same purchased for cash. Applv at McC AFFRAY and WALT EBB' auction and commission store, 26 Catherine st. XTOTfCK ?t)FFI( K OF MOLLIKRK MtN'I'K \t TURING It Company, No. 3Broadwat. New York. Bept. 5, 1*^? By a rcsoluttoii o! Uie lk>ard of Trustee* of the MolUere Mann factoring Company of New York, passed first of September In slant, the stockholder* of said company ore hereby coiled upon tn pay In an Instalment of eighty dollars on each share of the stock thereof, on or before the sixteenth day of December next under the penalty of fo; felting the share* ol stock subscribed for. By order ui the Board ot Trueea. KDW'D. G. TLX'KERMAN, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONKBK OF TIIE OONBOLI da'ed debt of New Orleans?New Orlcan*. Atlgttf|l, IBM ?By virtue of the thirty seventh aeetion <>( the act ot the Lf gLlature ot the S'aln <>f liOulsiana, entitled "An act m con aolldate the city of New Orleans, and to provide fir Uie fovern incntand administration of Its attain,'' approve I Utc 22d cd February, 1862, and of the fifth so fion of the act stipplemen tarv thereto, and providing for the Incorporation of the elty of l#nfayeite v*|th the city ot New Orleans, approved on Uie same day. and of the third section of an act anUUed "An act supple men'arv to an set to consolidate the city of New Orleans and to provide for the governmen ? and adni'.nlstraUon or Irs at fans," a {proved March U |.N?2. and lor the purpo-*e of RteM log all obligations of the old corporation and of the late First. Second at;d Third munictpalt'ios, and city of Lafayette, ma tui lug during the year 1866. ? enled nmpcmala will >?e received at this office from thlw date until Thursday. October 26. 1866, at 12 o'clock M. for the purchase 01 a aerie* of four hundre^l and fifty t oud* <?f ??ne thousand dollars each, said bond* to be iloted the first tif October, 1866, paynbio lit thirty seven years, at the office of the treasurer of'ne city, wflh Interest coupon* at'a bed thereto, at the ra?e ot six per centum per annum, payable M-ti.i fioonfillT In the dtyof New 1 vi oa Uu first o the first of October In each year. Proposals to be en.lorsad "Bl?ls lor the purcl*a*e ol bonds of the cltyof New Orleans." and addressed to the "Commissioners of U?? Consolidated Debt of New Orleans," tlie bonds to be adjudicated t'? th? hlgbcnt bidder, the Cs>tnmil*Mioiiein reserving the right U> reject anv of all bids. Terms ot payment r.ihb, or In ar^r obllgauons of the old city, the late municipalities or of I?alsyctte, mst 'rtng in 1(66. coMviseioirgia. JOHN L. LKWIB. Mayor OVIDF DsBOYH. Ounptroller. W H. GARLAND. Trewsiirer. K 11 DURKLL. Chairman Finance Committee Board of Aldermen. J. KAOKK, Chairman Finance Committee Board of A?latent Aldermta. O. 8. Lxa. Secretary Or?ICR OF TIJK CI.ETBl.AlfI> AM) TOLEDO RAH. road i "fni'?riv, 1>< William atreet, New York, Kept IT. H66?Dividend ?A dividend of fuur (ii per a nt on Ibo ? ?{?li-mj ?"Irk of Olid Company tin? been declared oat of the praStg of'h e Inn: nil month*. payable at the oUtrc of the ronip.iiiy on and alter 'tif 26th OctoMM*. The Iran-fer hooka will lie cHMad Ir ax tbe 2b lb to tbe 26'ia October lU order of Ibe Board id lnr>ie tg~i. K II. MTl If FIELD, Trra, irrr. Orrn F, or thb nkw vork o as i.ioht coatfawt, Octobers, IWIS.?The Pi ridden! and Dlrectom hire ibla day declared n dividend ot Ore per ren' <10 the raplial Mock id tliia company for the all mont! > ending I-' of Aug'latin, and p?Miide loijie atorkboMera on end alter Tbonday. lai of No len.lit r heft. The tmeer bonk will be i li?ed Maim tba lib Uwl. to iliui date By order < I,. EA'K.KITT, Secretary. O not of tiik filton riKf: in-i hamv oo? puny? Near forLOiiiileri 1148?Tie Board at Dir?v tor* ol tlila company hate U.ia itaj declared a Mini annua dr. kirad of Ore per nam, payable on the K.i mil. W. MI'LMOAJf, le-rotary. rPllfc OH RAT WMTKRN INSl/PANVK CfiVfdfi* I hartal Ho eaatk eapi'a all paid In ell enmmen'i iA.ih marine r1aa? on Monday, <" 'ober I a' diet- otrioe, 'ir>at AV?e torn Bnlt'linita. HO Pine a'reet Tula company return* to In ri ? irnara accent y live pei ? eta of IM m ? prnru of the yetr't b*n ir-'.in welri fVinitta n* Pie prnepa. lua at a chervir om be liad by applying at Ui' Fe. .?tary,? de- k DDI HI.AS ROBINSOlf. R* rotary. 11' ANTED?BT A LADY ?l"<i. FDIt Wlllril OOOO SK '} curtly will be given. A Idri ?, L'l mla, Broa lw.iv Poal ? Hire. Yl ITRinOHIAL. AVOI'.NO MAN or ItF.-PR'TABLE CONNEfTfONd, . Il??ra! education and Independent meana,ilmdroo to Mo an m i|iualniaiiee with r'ferenre Ui m*< wny, with a young laili hewn n teecnteefl and I Went J live, oflnnn -'I. nvsio. able In perann, ami of moderate riilmre Any emnmoate ,'iiai eli be guarded with ihn airl -eat aeereay.andaaauraornof II e earneat leellng of the-iiili-ii:!Ii er byaddrcaalngS ('.,Rryad way Piet ollire MATRTMONY MAIIF. EASY AlAOAAt MORROW Wfl.l, eaaae apeedy marrtagea and nhow the !.k?n"?a'if 'h" In "Hdirl buahand and abaenl friend a Hlie kOO mada nv" 'hree bnndrrd ma'clie* In one year, ail of wbnOI nowen/iy thegrea-' ea' happ.neas of ma'rlmuMai nllaa. No. tfi Brwitne ?tg'"*t, be taeeti Oannon and < olmnbia. MATRIMONIAf, ?A OENTLEMAN. 34 YEARS Of age. Jnat eomfiMKtng ihe aUMtleo of lua prnfaa.v n, Wlabeo to lorni the acqiialiiiam e of emu* all nl weaitb and gorrl edn eat inn. who wnuid be willing If meiea and fe< '?? ? *ro rnngental. In tmile in a Itfe-lung parAneeablp. f -aar aAtrrvl J. V Waidwell, t'nlim a*?are Port oflu ? BflAHUlNt. AMU liOIMHAU. Q7ff BROAOWAT-MR* KKMItf.K HAS RftoMS FOR ? ' I ? ) kwOf u a a l A ainele per anna, with or wlibmp board. In the iwo Mjlendlu bono a looking upon Malboii "inaro, b* cw< en Tweutr fifth ami Twenty alxth atreeta. 7- I BROAOWAT ?OWIRARLR RftOMH, ri lt r t Ml til Ilea and aim la ganUetaott, ?ltii full board. Dfaner at 6 t/oloek. All tho naaacrn Impr ivaanenia. LI A O B BOAT) W AT.?PRSIR A>LR SllTrptif ROOM "i < ' lorfkmll wJi fnl or pa-tta' hoard a *'? r- ' alng> gentlemen. Trana *?' Imnrdara aeenrum ?l*'vh The aii"Ve re,uar baa re-.-n'iy Chang,d banda. ,?r:d i* n ti lar i a tboron.-h roitrae of repmea and renovadoai. Mm r. bfeOWf' IN<i, Frofineirraa, a flOO AM) - :t ItROAD'V A V BRTWKRIf SOI SToN a ' ? ?< and Bleoeger itreeu ?rirat eiaaa noooMMNdaMM lo griiin men and '.untie, without children. ?>70 #OP*TH RTRKFT.-TIIK OB A NO AFOIA.fM A I' I ' dan- rira-adennv Profeaaor -ara , i, open r I 'a.aea and private leaaaai? Mr Hera-. . the r t a ?com) : died Vr. guaranteea ? make m, onakUfa, f, iptl Cr fee * ,11 a few legnooaln Ma Moat graielnl, rl>g<ut and fawti table daaaea. ??-(? rovRTH ?TRri:r-Tf? i,pt an n ovr ? af 'Iirntahed room to a gentleman or gea'lrmao ami Wi. - Vtri H r whhcitl Ixurd. The laouan tut all ihe m > n Impn ? ementa I i?> rioi'Tn^RrvT oFromrrt nt* Mrm anttja ftu Library, gereral pieatvnt rnoow. with twnrd. n?i bo bad era lor, MOUTH IKF1T. OPPOaiTF WCBOANTIUI LfS A'iO ta.y -Pi am.0* tb"tn*. alb b?*? L ?a?j euat. 107 ?QAJMirao AiTD umana. FRANKLIN HTRKKT?TWO DOOR8 YBOMs IMIO ?on. tod live mlnuiea' walk from tin* Olty Hell, lur mahed room* tor alngle gentlemen. with partial board, WW ?or ? tiluiM' front ruoui fur two. without board, EJ, (or gen tleroeti and their wire*. 16 to and >7. 1 A fTmi'MOW fTEKKT. MtnNTlNG HT. JOHN'S PARK. It- I ? Furnished ruotna to lei, with board, to alugle geu tleweii. or gentlemen and Uietr wlvea. a'?o, a Uaiitbmiifly furt nlahed bark parlor, boute nearly lurtudied. wllb all the mo thru Emw?E 1 1 r TWELFTH HTBEET, NKAR HBCOND AVKNIJK? Room* with board, furnlahed or unturnlahed. In a private faintly. Ungle gentlemen. or gentlemen and their wive*. ran hud desirable areomiuudatkma on the aeood and thbd I'.oor..; a limited number taken, near r ira ami *uvge?. lobatlon pleaaant with modern lniprowtnenu; releranoea mutual. 111 NINTH HTKBKT, T1HKD DOOK F.AKT (If BROAD Irrl way.?llaml.ome furnlahed rooma In aulU or ..Ingle, with breaklaat U required. Alao. at No. ti t/Ollege place. ' TKNTII HTRKKT. BETWEEN BROADWAY ANI) J.V, . I tin crvlty (dare?A Unite of huiidaomely fiiri.labe.t rooma, Aral floor, Iron! parlor, and two large bedroom, attach ed, with private table, or will be let Ut tingle gentlouiou, wltU or Without board. Term* moderate. I 1 /ir WAVKItl KY I'l.At'F, THIRD DOOR WKST OF UN) Waslilng'un purk.?A atilt ot room- on tlie aeitond tlool U> let, vvli board. Private table If dedred. Alao two or three ftingle room, Locatlou one ol the L?ett lu Iho olty. Termt moderate. Reference required. (11 PKINCK HTUKKT. WKST OK AND NKAR BROAD r/J way?Superior ?reoiumndatlnti*, with board, aitltable lor gentlemen and Uiv'.r wive*. or tingle gentlemen alao low prleed bedroom* for alngle gentlemen, liouae Ural clean. Loca lion very desirable. Hatha and gaa. CtK ORAND HTRKKT?TO LKT TO A OKNTLRMAN, A Ot) pleaaant furnished parlor on the llrst llnor, with gaa. Breaklaat aerrrd tu the room If dealt ed, Q1 WKST TWKNTY SIXTH HTUKKT.-TO I.KT, WITH ol board a parlor and bedroom in die reennd llnor. The hottae 'a Ural elaaa, Ibe locat'un pleaaant, and teilua moderate to a suitable applicant ___ fTfk FRANKLIN RTRKHT, FIItHT nol'HK WKST OF | U Broadway.?A line large tninl room, bedroom ami pan try attached, on the aerond Moor, to let tonne or two gontlomen; breakfaat served If required. Alao, aiugle and double rooma, all neatly furnlahed. Iuqulre aa above, IJO KF.MSKN HTRKKT, BROOKLYN BRIGHT*.?A autt, eoualatllig of three large ami elegant rooma upon aoeond floor, aultalde for one or wore taralllea: alao room* on third alory of the above deligbttully located double bullae. Gaa, Ac. Dinner at ti o'clock. Reference* eicbanged. rf? BLKF.CKER HTUKKT?FrRNIFHRD BOOMS TO I.KT, ?J\) wllh full or partial hoard. the liouae bt attnau-d In a de ?iratde locallno, Ihe second block from Broadway. The lio-lvo coutalus all tlie modern Improvement*. r?) BLKHfKKR FTRKET.-TO I.KT, A LABOR FRONT *)? J loom, wuh pantry attached,on ihe ?evond iloor, alao two single rcom*. Apply u. above. ? A r GROVR HTRKKT, NKAR Hl.KF.t'KF.R. TWO KT.K 4t) gaiJIy furnished parlora on tlie fir* tuid aeaoud lloom a? I..a .. I a la l.onril I/. itai t ? t 1 aaf tin It utttl ihrtil- U It 's fllsO IllWllfl Ji f.J KH'"y lunilsll^i |IIIIIUIHUII HI" llIBi IUFI l?v A " I'a to let. with board, to geiii'emrn end the wlv ?? nl?o, inrmn nioda'lona lor two alnglo g. nlb uien; hM*a ttral elaaa, roplale wPb Improvement*. AI*o. fine room*. with board, at No. li. hleeeker atreti, opposite Dcpaw row. ? OT NINTH HTRKKT, NKAR FIFTH AVKNUK.-TWO ? > i liui dsouirlv fiiriil-betl riaim* fo b I, wllh board, ur Uio llrelrl.ias hou?v. II. Ninth Mtt c m ar Fifth avenue, HP amuv PLACB, ORB DOOR PROM BLHHCTtRB ^,1) afreet, n litllo of Broadway ? Hani* tut united parlort aud bedrooms to let, with partial boaid II dealred. n (IKKAT JONES HTRKKT.?A HP IT OF PARLORS. with ItetlrooiiiH tuid bathrooma .itucliel, wl'h prlvllc ,e< In the kitchen; alao bedroom* tor gentlemen, without hoard. O BOND HTRKKT, NKAB BROID* tY BOOXg tvr l il . board b .? lauiltlea cr amglr geuUcmett. Dlnue at u o'eltak. A FI VV AORKKABLK AND ItKFPO.VHIIH.H PF.RHONH, j\ dealt B>g haudwnne rtatiita, wllh board, will tind " in at ig, St Mark'.splaee, m at He.iond avenue Faintly AniciTcmi ar.fl private, hottae gen'- el. |t?e?tion etiperlnr. None but tfio-ta wlio are highly rv-pet table and who inland to bo pet manent need apply. A NEATLY IT RN1MIRD ROOM TO I.KT IN A PRI rate lamlly, and In a tleairable lorauou two bloeka Irora Broadway unit ea*y ol ac- o- Apply at til3 uotwton atrcet, Cttruer ot (itecu. VOTNO MARRIKD LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH a Btrletlv t rlvaie latniiy, where there nre no otaer l.tjanb era who would tent her iwo Ullfnrol-lii d rooma oil Ihn .e.-oml Pi ttr, Willi boartl lor beraclf and iitaitl. A widow lady pre ft rred. who would accept the amPe- "t the mai l part 'g the tin\ aa 11 mpi n a'loti o r lier board. Addie" ? a*ng loc.iiuai term a. w hh h tonal he moth rale Mr*. K Ovarii Hart, I o*t olliee. Tl.e l.e-t ot teforencea given and rviuired. AOK.MI.KM A N AND W1FK. OH TWO HINHLK OKN tlemen < att b? aecommodaled wph a plet.m' room on the i. outttl ttta r ot house No. ',4 (old No. net * eat I weuty -. f ond a rt el. 1 be honae em,labia the modern Improvement*, and ta convent* ut U> cari and nirin**#, .. \YOPNO T'HYHHT AN, OF THE II HI 11 BIT ATT AIM meitla, vei'M-tt tu li.'U.i Itttignager. woti.-l M ? ?'??? ?' I liia time a- UUot, ? lie emild Mse w Ith an agreeable family, tu 1 Ihe heat pa ta ul the city, glvlug hint a roout on ihe alreel hi*>r. Address M. I' , Herald oflke. ? 1'RIVaTK FWH.Y W1I.1. RENT TWO II ASDSoVR. j\ parlora on the Brat Iloor. wUIt h?lrntaii t. to a party of r< nth tin II or a family desiring a prtv-ile table Apply at ?I V> uahtngtofi plaee, between Broadway un'l the 1'ark. A FEW MNOLK OKN TH ('AN HK A<'('OM>|t)l> VTED Willi bt hi tl. Ill one ot Ihe pleiruti leal pari* ol the cpy, up town, weal aide. Apply at It* We T.d ah A SKIT OF Ft RNISTIED ROOMS WITH RoARIV alao, two a.ngle room*, at tl Ut Twenty eighth - reel, between Fourth and Madi-on avenue*. Hottae las* all the modern Improvement*. PlcnaecaUand . ee. AOFNTLF.MAN AND WIFE. OR A fODPLE OF HIV gl*? Krotlnmrn, iuay 1'** ' Oinniftdiiie'l wllh R pi Irate larufly. Ibe bouae eyrbabie liath. gaa /c. Bete.'mt eiel.?meti In.pure .at m Weal Iwenly*". >pd aire.- , b i ween Mtlii and seventh even sea, near .-ei eti'h. ? A ("OMFORTABI.E "KIT OF ROOMS WANTED?ON A I" Hetntlar l?itr t Itoor, lor a unlet family of 'f t 'ut must be moderate. sr, ata'lng loeaTou, retp Ac.,??. W., If. rind I'tllte 4 PAR1MKNTH-WITH FIRST t LASS HOARD \ A .ft II air. a ..wMe for .it-..' mf ami hla lailv; aleo two alngle rooma. can be hal wllh board, at Bra. Meyeia' No. S Leroy place, Bleeckcr atrceu t pt hum R. ...w \\ IT II A OKN A Reman at || w-l'" ai '> twoalpgle ro-.m* mi p-u'l. in -n. In a beautUnl anil ewivanh-n' bataUnti. ?'ar ?ia -e. ao-1. tra witn bath ami gaa In a private family,07 Perry aire ", I -twe -n Lleecker ale I rourtli atreeta. a OKNTI.FMAN iM- I WO I. t IN UK \< ' it'-IM" A da ed ?Rh I oard at llal Vte.i Klcvemh a i. la new and nnntahi* all the modern Improvement- untt. ?p Unliable reference required and given. 4 SINGLE LADY Wl-IIKS BOARD IN t SMALL RK A ipcctable family, where no Other bo.rdnr are' . H autied, a permanent an l liberal armnymetit will I ? n ad* Haiblaetory reference given. Addreae M.vru lajutaa, It ? tl Posl i ll" ?? H"ARI>.-TWENTY HK.i'OND hTPKIT NEAR FIFTH J) ? purler nrwl luMliixmi. "u ** ??'"?! oMainrcl in ?prlv?t# fa?ll> l.y * KoiJlrrnau aw! wt:r. ^ ant rnmnx on tl.?rd flrxir for a man mi.I ^?*Df)#*tnrti; refun-oct-^ required. Ai ply u. ./I u??t 1 i? iwconii Hiifcu Board-to j.ft. to a oentleamm and iih wile, m to two it.rle gentlemen, a large front n tm "n tlie se or it atory, bftnilaomel/ IIIruldietl wl'h par-ia' t.tiar.l ..r'.t* gei ' erro-n.' Applv at Igg Ka?t I wi ffth at/ec . between keeon I and Third avenue*. a. TJOARD?YFRY PLKAStNT ROOMS, VA'ITII BOARD I) r ,t be ,,1'f i.e I l.v pvr ot." " "? ? t ourtb ttM'tim Tbeltotiw la o. *Ura and p:? u*an iy - imt. and acrea Isle to all para ofihe Hty. TYOARD? A IIANI'SOME FRONT ROOM ON TilF K I I I. lid poor. 'O let W.'b oard. It lam ' ?' a*ffeey wfj. to make up a plta-ant f?tnl v. ? ' " tak n to hnenirony enpect Urn .-.m.r wu of a ,u.-. n ..... gio.1 li cat Ion hefs'tnecv enlianreth loptl: a. till r. wtindway. Beth and gaa In tlie bouw. WhABD.-A ClRNTtiWIAN AND BIN wit s OP. A' i ? tivery favnra't>''Tm f ? fir e *- ,* h o diatra emu of Heeoiiil avenue Tie- house t? ple-taaatlj ait-. - -d. and rrtfitAftrt* #11 modern imiimveiiMsft!#- ^ T>rTAHP ? A FP1" ? rv. ? ? vi? ? ; J) HSVCDtll #r?l KifcfSi f * r:b SiA'h ' ' ti? n <4r\uid* tfffi e11".All A vrrjr J ? in' r*>',rn ? ? '? nui * v n<mtpni?u<e. )u>irri? k*. M. Wmr^dot *,lor iwo <U TJOARD.-A K\MH.Y HAMS. WORK ROOM T S N |> . rr ,u i ?<??: 1 <1 ??.?? o( rifi-'Ui ..m i 11 I wan to a family <.r .mar lln h> i ?? li mi ? ? m>?rii hqmftuiti' by timMil App.. at im W< ?i Tacit: v-Crai ax-aci, I.*t iwarn r'avan'fe a..d fc.. i .h artaae* -Ijr.Altn IN MAM. rBIVATK l-WI'1,1 IV I'.OOK I) Ija.?1 wi. ?ln^l?- r? or a *? ? in ? !? ? it In ' laamndaitiil alfli i iai"n m la r< .ma and put..' ?rd, fnll board for l?'l?, wi'l. ti fan MRiiMa' walk <* h<* A'a I atrna >?rr> Apply a( 136 WUi<w|liu) t Board arc roomriv cmon *m>'ark-fahimka fir .Inrlr ItDllMM* uaii'ini pa m ??><??. mm >1 ???. I d'-airallt a>< ?n ruod-i'irai.. tit It I'm hi ai|uaf* attal - I" 1 r?t houM atwrr Flftaauth m. Ttw IMM l?? IKM rWTOU r*f ir i).-1 ad arid fltted up In nood -') > HOARD. AT S NINTH KTRKK1 rUR' I >1 KI? Ji<.?>M n a ultra and rli.^la may t<* had r a tl * krtnlar; t\? wh'. a <4 tlx arnapd ?.r third "?? ? t ? . tx- htd wtrMhar Rn' 'laaa h>.naa. t.rwly PimMI'd, etdMaliiAk ? : m??; -n iaiprn nw ' it'll wall ky atad. BOARD IN WK*T FOCRTKPNTH TRT.Ki OIT i-TTK r riiinrladnn <h'ii<-h ix-ar Milk a*. ? ir - * aaat.laaita i.rwl * ill atfl latt ?!'.* ? partial .ail sail ? a- Ut 1 ?"h I laaikl rot m. and >...?t i lijt Uaruadia ? Am K , Wen P'Hirtci uili tu-'. The Math .? ia.tKbu i >1 ir.? I nlly ??t all. RaJ> n n*aa r?vtlf??! B CARD IN WRBT KI.K Vf VTII t?T It i T.I -ROOVm n art-ond and third Rm r?. '? '< t W . l? ?"1 Apply ?? W> -t Starnth air art. a low .too*? w. at if Br'.wlwa BOARD CT TOWN?A I.AIiY MATIVO TAKRN * t...una Bp'nam. ?o u4 W.woi ? ? htrjlrra , lomUbttd, kiaiMMMNkaal lad) l><wrd lor Uat lady . lM Ix.uaa haa th* H.V.I-T* .<B( a A.lll.- .1 II. I Ifnadway fa HOARD DOWN TOWS -TWO OR Til ? tn.-t. rat. ha army ?fh Wn| at I'tOmana utr Illartaua, ' , ; <Ju:r BOARP is RRINIKLTN ?PARTIR N vKISi t rn.'.mawl. r iVaatn". a-'l t 1 larya a at ?*' f ? In J, ? ... -tarn i?l ; ?* ...... *??.? ? f*?n-ti "I? Family??aP and at rp.f> > , ?g Uoarp IN BROOKf.TN ? \ f.AR/;R R'i IW IV .v,i D 'ir. an!'at,la U r a gat.' . ww. ... I wU? tn ?.. ? arnllrn m ? a pma'! > ? k oarinr mi Ar m? Mr.' ator rtym Iri a Trat rlan ??w. Apply a. ihl itmi i a .an, ? naaaa' <*.*!??? a.-.d AruMy akraaaS. Board in rroori.t*.?a ladv bavis . a nr ? Ifa?i> una, aril: >?1 it '.?r?. Aa! .* ... ? i A . ? ... ami)? <" dr.rla . ??B-man. a:??v . ...? ? i. . ? a, 7#rail i?a?,i..i.> Apply al rti I itlleca tiit#?* 4w*h iM'aora t-m.. Fatwna a-M Wai. at DOARD IN RROOKI.TR. NRAR TWRIirirnrTx -A P?W If >a ? ' taiallMi, and 'an ama atxi'iamaa ?? i?- a -ram OPr'a r-! a i h t?M ami mm. by app am'M* at '/? Mam at .at. pp-maa OatAra pr*a\ Mrpt .<*, ligh al a?. ; ? . BOARDING AND IiODOWU. B OARL IX BROOKLYN.?A VKW HIVil.K OKVTLKt ? hi ran til" ?I ? wlih tuxxl mil pl????ii roonu, b> ?pi>lvMK a' OR Hi?J? ?lrei-i, nmurnt (innim liirw ?. * ? -|,n]| f ~? ? *" "** *' * M minutes' walk from the Hmrth and Wall street feme* B OARD IN WILMAWBriO.?A PARLOR AND BKD ?J room on the first floor, a Mcund *tor\ rmnn and two smaller room?. suitable for gentleman and thefr wtve. and ?m ?lr gent !r men. with board. can be had a( Aft Sn onl street, rtillatnsburg, within three udnuUVwalli of reck ailp farry. Board wanted?by a mnoi.k lentlkman, in a pr.vate family; location near Canal str.?t. Tcinm must he moderate, Address A U Herald oftot, Mating terms, Ac. 1>OAH?> WANTED?BY A MAN, KOR l!IM>K.LF AND J J hoy, Iti h private family, between eighteenth a ret Thirty sixih Hrccts. and Broad win and .Seventh avenue. A Una at dieted to H. A., Herald oth e. will he promptly attended to. Board wantkd-by torrk mingle grnti.rmkn. to n private family, where there are few or no boardem, n mew hare In the vicinity of 8t. John'* park- They are de sircus of o thimlng one lurae r?K>tu and two ?ln*piOg nuitiia, where they can have a coittiortahta home and a?ir**e vvble > ?cie y. The best of reference# given Address, stating parlicu Inia, C. li. N , Herald aflke. TJOARD WANTKD.?A GENTLEMAN WIWIEs TO OB J/ tain i oard. aUh I raaltf1 t in th l in I o ? kdow ;*-iv. wherano other boarders me taken. Addreaa, with teiui and lull parllculais, Robert William*, Herald oflire. Board wanted-in mouth Brooklyn, within ten minute's walk, from Hamilton avenue feri v for a gen* licnnii ntid hia wife. Their room wlli he luruWhed li r? ouircd Address, Mating terms, which must be moderate, II 11. T., Herald oflire. "|>OA KD WANTED.?A CARD-"A. A II B ? PRE | J J M*nta Ida compliment* to tiie ladies who have iwmoi od 1dm J with replies to hi? adverfiaeiiieut for permanent hoard In yr* tcrday's llcrnid. The unswets are entirely too mmirron* to admit of either answer or vlsf on Ida part. Tin* <pu*stt'?u mu*t ^?-? ? paRrm*! I therefore he narrowed down. Tlie advertiser Is a g? by education and association; htn*lu?j*s in Wall atriwiil an unfpmialied room. K?a, lire* Ac. Will pay *4 #$? per week, always in adv ma rfcaaa sutmT ngstii Pi'Vig particular more in detail, and especially who manages aud who eoitipo?a the Imiialea of the house, also the exact price, and precisely what it is intended to give for the money. Please fhia time not forget to give location, and to pay postage. Addresa, as before, A. A. li. B., Boyd's Poet other, if, William street. Board w a ntkd?either in nkw vork or Brooklyn, by two toting gentieinrii, In a private fatuilv, where there are low or no outer boarders. Ad<lre?* W. A. h , lloral#odlce. UOARD WANTED IN MORRISANIA- BY A GENTLE man; a pleasant room with breakfast m t .? Addr< with particulars K, 177 Bowery, corner of (fraud sL B CARDING?A VERY PLEASANT ROOM. ON TIIK :oml floor, suimMc for one or two gru'leiurn, would be II t.ill ' lot, with panful hoard; gas and hath in the house. Apply a' 70V iiouwiou street. References ??*< hanged. i "HOARDING -I'LKABANT HLHOIfl) AND THIRD HTORY X) front room*, with full board, ma v be h?*l at f?'i Vf?ri**k street, ( ppoHi'c fit. John'* Turk, wLh ell .he modem Uupiovc mania. 110A ft D t Sti".- A LAKH K A N D IN)MKORT\?It!.F~"itV>OM. J# on the BflWMld III Kir M * tlrnl cIlLKM UIIMj?*ri! ImiIIM*. Willi huh <*ltd Dot and cold bnih adjnltilfiii;. with partial board. <m very re allot tab it* 'erne*, to two *ib/;le a> ntletiieii. Ako, a v**s r in lit room, on Niiinc tinot, to u sing e lemai.. Apply at Hull1 van utrret near Amity and Iliret ker. HOARD ?< I-'AM L.I I CK NmLF GF.NTLF.Ml I J wimIiiok to mm-mo board to tin* winter ttfilvaryde alvahle upHiimetit*. In a IT .1 c1&?* private boarding hottae llvthl'tilD located, po-MmluK every facility ot u<c i? from all purl* or the city. Rc'cronea eseharureil Asndy at No. 4 Abingdon #<j\uite, wvu aide, two door* north 01 Hank. HOAR PINO?AT ?ii UIVINOTON HTRKKT ONF! Ml.' >t K 1J tr.-m lit** KIciw?-t ? P.n youn-?: sin n <mi be .1 > . t, . da'cd with ?ood hoard a Ski per week; al? ? a mull and bU wilt*, and 01:0 lady* ?hoarding, it 11 >\v\a pinVATF v vmii Y\Lrv Jy lug a IIV* Wr?; For' '? til'di wirn-i. woo d ief n parlor and hi dr<* m nd.'tih'nr on ? Lo ftt floor, ? ??anfitiii> ftlrtiM.< <1 to u geuUcmHri and hb* wife I e -hih whriiimr to ecofi<#nil*e p*r .? - vi.tild do wo 1 to rail. Locnhori h? wr it Hroulwa and fdsdi avenue, ]>(. IRDIM 1 N J BOOR 1 \ M \ \ . A In*. Wiii* or a lafniL, al?o 11 few :n ' ?;*-on^iuou. ran be at tncxtn fd v. 'li fviiI or |KtdiaH>o*rd ui It, it k err?n, I' tt.kl) 11 Ilti*lit*, anliui two tiiuiut* a w?? k of Wail atrial l)OARDfKG AND LODGING ?W ANTRD, O.V TDK 1ST I lot h. verviber, I ?? d in ? t-r-i ?ia*? hoarding liuurMt by a gentleman, wPe, chid <Ai month* old.) and itur***;'*o bed r- ? in* t miner t l?tK til tli* thud flour front, with y*?; the large r< oin with f.iv nnd huridM'ii.ely linnUhfti I*o-<i' *?n betwen , I* igbib ar d '1 von 1 fifth turret*. Prifp nut to evrred tier i v e? k Ad'iri-' -aMnx full j-to icumm, J t II., lleiakl oUiro ' Brooklyn hkights- tlkabani uooih. wrrn ? oard, lor K^nt^eruffi and ihetr wive* nlnff e Re nil Turn, j ran he ohtained at Hdu Ctdun hin H'rert, w/hio uiree mui m a' walk nt Wall Htt?;? laud Fulton ferrte? M'ooklvn CM 1 OOMR TO I.KT-WITH OR WffROfTT I hoard, in lieaithy and hentittful I<H *iloti, for u**ot!?"in?*n ! end ihrlr wi^? h ? 1- lo bilrno-n; the 1m*u>i' 1im? ad the ?n>r 1 (It rn improve mat ?? 11e?ae wt?blfiR a rikkI home ran apply a' I lit KUn v* ?an' etrcct. rear of tl.e Hlhle lloure, hi tweuu e* - nd 1 ai.d Third avanm 4. PMJRNIhHKD RtiOMs AND HI'LRai DID I'ARUtK I N A iir?t rlar-t laouae,' 'ft In a auii or ???i?araifly, to ? UmUv or alnrl**ijefitlmnefj. pi o?,te tahte, t?r Uo* u*<* 01 ? klu hni if required. Apply at 3,'t Ht .Vf?rk*? plnee, Kialna arret. T^l BMeHKD ItGOMS ?A FAMILY II WING MoiCK J room than ? .< v waul, with t*i it two nea'U famtxtM*-! !M,in?, at 71 t'roaby Mrt ei, next door to the rorner nl Hpt irijr FM I m>iif:d ROOM U ANTKD - l?oy. V TOWN OR rtavinh ward, pr (erred, wuii t>r wiu? mi p?? la! t M4"l a room with faeltitle* tor fl**e; hatht!eH#peri-.ahie. n?e irlvrritwr ha* no rui lofcify ?? aperta to inc t w.tfi re ij t <? t?I j #|.on h ut Addic-r. with partieniara aii I tet iiia, Haeret, Her; id ofli .? Boarding a front room with hkdroom %t t*< in d, t.n I he ? otMi floor, uufurii ?he I, with ! t'i. ?t? let to a geii'lt mat. and hU wife, in a priva'e family, where tlifie are no other ? oard* 11. J<? ?*i ??!,< e* (w iueh in fiat Ue ut, njiet j t|* nable) eit handed Ap|djr a 101 -eeond avenue HOARDING. ALAMO IfA.VDdOMKLY FfllMNIIKD IP room, oil the -**?*?>u?l fltarf. an ?tal?ie Un I wt? oeniiemeii. or a Reuiietnan and wile, 1 ? let, alii Imard, a' i'i ft' u h ir? <?', a>c? one alfjf.e room. Iloii e fir ; Ia?*. with i?a< ia, aaa, A* . TTlfU* HOARD WANTED?f!V A RIN'OLK GKVTLKMAN. I t*ih a tmall nta'<> I irt..-he?i 100m, with a < : ?*e r wartlndie, oi*d cot Tenooii for fire, a rate preferable; tooaMon heiwe* 11 Hioadwav. lrtltift inaee. L* liiiubm and Hiuh ayeuut*, aid t,r at Kit ? Tw', ?l>rn neh.w F.?ur 1 * n * . from |20 tof " | ?*r mofi>h. ludapeiKltni of we, lt<h* A* . pt> t'let.ialri ad % ant e r ft nieea 11 at.ifeo. r ??n p?r in* Mid prke. doner h \r, ftp* nae t?f ftie, bib*. A , Addraaa em* rleai?, hoi l'f7 iierri.U ? Hi. K" RNIhllLll RCiOMS TO LfT -IN ^ TRKM H S AMILT. t, let, ?e v ?ral room* * w 'y iarnlatoed. A| p / at Art Whin I \i I'OftT A >T TO Til t-R IN -R\R( II OF A H'lVF. ?A 1 prtrafa family oreupytfif a lire# m wlern liotiae in Waver ley j i.'ieo, jrou.d let ?*? * i*euUeuiai? and w ife a liandaotaaty i?ir b(ehe*i rcorn, (ami bedroom if de*lred.l on *? >*tv\ floor, wtOi |i?i 1 j boat4 It. ;??!? ietu-iii. He,.-f ??ji*e? Rp ? ri ai..l r? | lifwd. l'leaee iddm * .1 V. .N. Herald ?aJW. for three day*. vroTirr?randnomixy n fnishrd ko./ms, with la ioanl f*? h ale reiflb t . n, *<r for faflii tea, miy be ?#(? Uifift) id ft ?aUttllilt / 1 Aik' i No I Mow in.g fir* rf?. YtO M) WAl.hKH HTRFKI NN\II T I?il|v - I'AM. K ,1 tif . mab at1 be ,."????\ wv f'irti ;?n and plfii-ai.tJy aiumted roome, ?rtt*?*xit h*ard. ONF. OH TWO -MALI FAMILIES HAN HV A? ? OR MO ?la'ed vtph D'eaeant ir*?t * f.'id kwj J at 74 F. tit Twenty third itrer!; t ton alna all 'lie mo tern Improve ?fiu and i* f?t <? y heated, ti w? an Fo'ifth and Leaia(bni avenue* |>AKMAL BOARD CAJf IIR OHTAIBKD IN A FRI I v de feiallv, (n two ?> itflo tjent'* men, of I VflUoi %?? ??vt wMe, wi'h a *? i r p.* h - uit 10 111 ?ri ne *#???,,d r , panw rna, pra'e, aed waer** they eau enyoy a pea?ant home De mrabe loraikiri, Mb <00 in* ? 'reel, wit4ioi ou?- hee k of tileeeker KOtl MmHon *!**?? '? T- rm? eaajr I >1 ' asa * r w? ;.r. n ? \j-h f? '-"ov t v i> \ rrt ?n ? I lwrrt).ern, aui'ahiw tm ? ikiovr'i *KUi?e, to ho, at 117 Rrow<*w ?ereet, we.* of Rrovlway INT ftOORA TO t-flarfiam^ !>> l\ J K Id MDl* ' s; ? R TUd Mm vf I ? r 1 '? i *'?i . , . If f ? . ill l.r !.m-i W i, , R' >M "TO |,KT ? A NFtTLY rt RARI/tR ?i.-i te4rv*rn on a. 1 t*r?e #>r two mj> ^e. t at III Art JfNGLF Ol n'TLFIMFN, fIR A Gf. NTT.KM AN ATDIffR I i?rb*w f r a hrH'iaaa tabi % CfNGI FT GI Mf.F VfF" o ote, Wilmm ?"rfl npo I ) T?A fl Rk fuflKfr HOflM AND BrDROOtf TO X a iMtlefiMo,?) Ibl flo' JRit a , oear 7th avrti'ie. 'id I f A RRIVATl FAMILY WILL LI* f fu A 0 L \ J tlemea ami wife, of *|.?fe* haM a, a larfe room and iuhn fiy,?u theaac* ml (W. at"i a hvlr<?*tf?i ? arUA lev t? a *ifVe te?1 temar. a trntu w Mitiflf Reflar* - -e rr fUrri Af-plf an/4 f or^yiAa raet __ TWO G| N TLKTR ANfr A I.ADY ( A ' MR AL'OMMO I ia?e*l w? h in a pn-am )?mDf whet* hey ?a? eajmr a 1 i>e r?,rrbn? ef a beme. i* r m# aeaiereiB. Apply a' lid M?*t rweaty fourh <w^?e* ff*'TTjJMITLMICKY ^a"kITYATI Ra MfLY bMrRBTf! 1 j ttiiOM r *w>? eei4iea?m.i a ae?t|/ fofwrftiiwa# fitMt room i'LRTY TfllRD t *R FT ONL OR TWO UDlB r?? i?A pifltaia 4* "-if, amw ? toil avewae fap-^mewIBi t/.t.lon impr vefe#* ?*, are* wullar ? ?ihahh1 <r. a k#0 off b* -v utnfc* etalari t) tuMeaeailsf L M, N f? t'jMh I'oa* *4. r "n Rl AT WITH HOARD, A YlftT ff lYfrwOMf LT 'an ' M imrko atat hmaaaie ew** r?I ft # r aw. ? tl A* *FD t ' OMrORTA r./ rWKY:*tfro R'k|M ff * *m a pafWal ImmhNI iha, #m ataA ^ea la* * f ? ''"/-*# *?#a?4 ?f*d a #*!%% ?!'<? a ?.*?<* ? R"e aiflf- m rafei'MVe thwwmwd AAlmw Sfaarh* R f I. ?? way Few Mike. Far two day* ?tas^?f w ??a*, wflA * M e' 'ere* 1 ?' .r u*iNffb.|OAii fH FVRnrr nrt 4 tomf* Vf r *ar. aM W ?tb avaw* ke 1 )eae?W ? * MMHRPH- HIM 81 b?'' A4II M M r , V"* I ? Fa TJClf ANTM' RKU1HTKR. Arjl fMlft -*u- I'KKMONM who WANT TO I.RT ??)"/a\""/"? mil their houM-a. a' urea aptr'mrna. Urtaa Ar 'o t?ei man or Preurh people win nu.1 ?Ji.- qul.krat opp-tc liinltT by celling at the real iu*ate utBee, >.| Bowery. 711 BROADWAY. BKTWKKN rOKRTII HTRKCT AN* 111 Waibin* tin pure, A beauUlul parlor and bairooa on Nrrond lli?jr in lei. an I ooe or two na.iua on third Boor. Ne btifedrra 10 the haute, Ba li gta Ar Ki-lerewoa ruhauAed At i:a iiKii.\nwA*-To i.kt. two ki.rhant par kin on the I rai floor, furnished. al?o rooma on the m com! umlDUid tinora; reference |lino and required Ari IIOl'HK TO IiRT, WITH INMKIHATK pu-araah.n -r,' oi Itimtdway. near KlglHb evanue?>??* ly in. pm -.11111,1,1, ior a *??nieel family Krerytbliig go?U anil In ou r unlet In lunta^erpnig. with gat. rhaiidallera. M and told waiar baiti, rlWW Ar II W RiniARIW. ST llroedwer A Gimp STORE AND U til- Ml NT 111 I.ITT WITH IK mediate I'|<> -.Ion Nn Til Bowery, neei fourth elreM. Trail) ii n' f.'iti. auliabla li i aiinual any klml id nualuaaa, an ? acrllei.1 nai.d ior an upholster. or a 'addle, karnaaa. ill innkatonr Apply lo II V. Itli ll.\Bli?, jr; lined way I BRA I Tift I, ri UMrlim I ?I N. I TO I.RT? In Jrr? J 11'y, rt j reevmeble, for la up nUta. from IB borrmhc r, in m in iiamlatiuii ly I irnuheil UmmglMul, art* pas i liandi ,t, . inn and fruit o( dllternil kinds, delightfully al.iia'ed anbln lire mlio tea' ?alk of Hie larry II W ltl< II Mtlis. IkiT Broadway. AHMAI.1, KTOHKTO I.KT Hl'ITAltl.KkoR ANTRIM* of bii -inerr, it la a hi at rtie an.it1 and 111'urea on nplab. II appiii || I t III in. dial*-? y ;?i?i I l? . r. aannablr. lo a goad ' 1 ' " * I* Fourth are ana, amar al A A PIRNDOIKD HOI HR TO HUNT-IN TIIK NMIHM J\ oroliood <>l I n Oil B |<iair tmitelinhir the modern IW pinrernrnla for ?'9l) per raoolh; or Die lady wb . uplaa It woulil atiprrlnu-iid II for a a.- in pany. Addr.-.a l|,?ur ll. rdM nffirr. / 1I.TTAI1K-. T.i |,PT WITIIIV IKN MI NT TK. W1U ay ill T ulnmfrrry iiwn retlioa.l; pla/'a front and rrar (uad renin, grape arbora, Ar ; all in eii ellrm <-oudlii.M. Ala* lame earner etinr. marl luialnraa lueau.ui with pleaaaat aparmienla in aauie building. Impure al Nu IX. Naawu kireri, Brooklyn. FCRMSIIKD ROOMS IOLKT.?BOOM, IIP.DROOK AND klialien. a lib every ooni rnlenre for ki-eptuii bouar al re durrd prl< e?; abn, n'ber .IraLrsblr aparlii.ruu fnnilabad ar MP. and (lie arealer pari nf a modern li.mee alpr.eenl urea pled by ibrer pereotia. Apply at 119 Weal Twenty Iburlbal. nOPPK TO I.KT-WIIOl.K OR IN PARTS, AT A LOW reol, No. HA nln'h airrrl, war l-e.uigum arenue; baa elgbi |.?no tin a Moor, i loiun water Diioiialuiui, uiarWa Inaulira, Iraiea. Ar for particular* apply on the premieaa. I rem V In II oT n. a A HI bad 2 to d P. M. HOIkK to i.kt and r URN I TURK KOR -rn brauilfiil Uiree m.u y liunae Ho lb Hubert at ona raaw <lr. p, and wi ll ml. ulair.l lor a amall nut Hy Sail Imiih baa all 'lie Ian.I uiiprm eiu< nU. and w li I lie lei -nhywl bi selling llai tnnitiure. Itiut K4W |.rr fan mil) lie n-cu Iruoi It u. I ti'clot k. UOl'HK TO III sT -A k AMII.V Ot't'l I'VlN'i A SV Aid. Imrlrin I'Ullt bo i*r In (be >ii,tli ward wWli in r ehro|ulab lion... werplnt' and will rrnl il.e bullae for .it munlba from let November The hnuae |a well ault.d fc.r a .nia.l l .ioiy.Uwa pa- balli and water t|.. ? tpr rrpi u p... The furniture, wlii. h la ii. .il nnd plain, I li >,e aol l I wauled Addr.-aa I. U K , li. raidnffter, I ?A KT OK A M I.NISIIKI) ||lif.| TO II.I AT M I tl > ? Tl.l' It U I* III.' e h . | t',.. undent Ibipinvpiii.Ti' , tbir. niluulea' walk from Die ll.uin i.ia Irrr/. II;. ok I; n. IJOOVS, WITH - TKAM PoWKK, OR ON K I OCT M'lIKO I btil.dlnp airy and ?? ;! llpli v.I, wltb heailri* and dr rln* a] para'ui. o It' ?' p Inqip ?? al I. and II PlU alrea^ it >r Craiid Alto, tin ?ala, a li.-. ltn;r W by liM Ir?l. with lot. CTATrv lHl.VNO.-A rI RMHIIHI i hTTAOK O.N UTA t ' ten l-!.ll.d oil Ult tull lit. (1 -I lalflln* (tta aide), la ii lei Poai. aah.ii on Die la'borentber. I'laaae apply lo 0.T. OUOhllk IM. Ill Broad aim I rito I.RT?TIIP HTOKK NO. in JiK AIlR IIII KT '0 I If i i ?" 'i >ni Hn>t Jf?i.? atet * ?? ?!?'?, r. nl fcv* p*-r y.Mr A v . #? *l r< r Until iiuuiiil* tuitui p<in hoiiNi* N? *'rf Uni iirmm' H n\ . Avply M fli'MMM/ft, HWNKllTBjr. rro i> j awt FI.OOR or a riuVATf inptmK, fit I Km ft'I uthftirnu ( m ? mi ihf H-k. K?ntrfwt4# r/itt . April; 'o Dr. HHKI'I'A ItD, V71to'tialr??( t.nfn D ur.?l C. rpo i.m ? . ' i I 'I ? i IT) b\\ ri I l.titxv *nhil)t moiltm lm|>ro>'nvti r, in Ku?? tvoof lt?rm to irl nhttlr .?i?U two in pmrti?, Ui |Mt? I Utnlll?. lnqoi# at mV Kloji ntrwrt. rro i.ft -i.n nRooKi.Y .v. roRNKfi or roniiT a ho J IIti?Ir?r f tln? |%r#a thrr??* ?<ory wr?'I ?tt, do<um fur nuhrif vttl? jfim. l?o< nil NrtiMiv Ar , ?ti?l t< in pvrfnf! <Witor. AUo, tJi? Ntniilr ou llutlrr btriN '. wiJ'duitig iiom'dUI<- paw ii. Aiply lo .h >M N| MK a I N A fill WwJl fnrrf, I)fookl)n; or of J IM ItllY, Kul KlDpentk *tr?H N Y . bw ?ire 10 vf *A#r 4 o'eluck. LKt*ruiK!vinfRD APAireKfrv wnm rniss ?lvn uni* rrfU>?> ktW-h?*t). wit Um im|>ftnfmnu, Cteii'trlkri for nu, t?ni)i n*nu*, Ac ; p * u*y 'A nw ? for ? I ? n ' - . -re V . ii \.y\ A I.AIDiK I'lK-T not I I* A l#K J *ir iil)1i* RtiunUfni. wttb n*ndvm lmi*rr?irr?ii' ?'* MOdaKtHH lurui .if! ?? for ? v iVK'r- amiU* ur a I i urtiioK Imhum tui rlKUiA f'ii iii iiiUa*. ni?4, II (??ri ufl fin f oil ily noi?! I rrujiu. At !'?"?? liurn^'lUt^ljr vrtlii r%*I i ?i , \V \\ W l not. qttwr I ? rrn i.kt-hkvuiai, orwtkkj. and ro^vRNimr I !;?* ? MWfoui ' kli4 UH trim' I ? i ii I m J K | e , i >? |Mr ? ii?< n b. I'cp ? ?*iorj liufOi lutr'it A|'ph mm Mbor*. or of A. I V J H > i ? l I fi'lj Rl/pr-f rno LKi?tio: * thick ?. i.kamimhikt, I ?Of|H nhoijl Ml) l if .1 rr-p .Uilnfa .?ll ?? IhtfirftHWI, r h < * Wloli, .? Diltirf 1 Id* l? with llir ?tnri ^ lu>|tir?> rjl ||. li AFP UM DDlnWyfi ntr? ? I. o|?p.Miii |*lk? ?f'l riMi Lin?TWO T If ft F K HTOBV IIOl'h?> ONK IIUDft. I uiot <hr oibrr - - ur ftur.t. So b*, ?f, l It'2 Hilrlf Mfon'1 f !!???? ?IU? til t)w #?*!??? ii rirU'Rtii i kf.!kit 1m? na ha* t'Uurr m! ow IU n( $19$ j>rr jr?r. 9*?mr?*Uni Unnnl *t*ly rro i kt rnr hk<oxn rieoow or not mk no. I 1 ? < ? i . . i i i? % I Oflor, klrlwn. two ) rd'fw.rn i #?,fl ly*ih f ?ftr, U.e tja* mf ? of v t'ff .1* ki ' l.eii. I'i-HiRt*)' o ,,l?en 'tun,r t *>fly lututr* on l.c |>rm?t<r* mo 11 iUi o? part or a rift?r f iftn 1 t|.? of. liMU'l V* My, !.'? i !??. . r " ? * o WI I.'?u4 I mt fffiHN*?<! t< r |.? ir i ?f4 ?(>, S> u l( D <?? UDWIN, I'lli-'I'.i of ibe H * li'Mt try ltr>j*/lwtt nlioiv W1U I t il i? Mjjf I?ou?n l? r MMir ur lo I* LI T TO A ' M .U I. r A Mlf.ff 11f T hV' OfU ?it ?i \ .ft.* m In iU 'bird. r?t?f k'iVt |?r atunun 1m lf r nia 12*r ;?rwmuM ? 'H Kut Ri'iruuii alrvei. lf.T? TIIK TWO WTOHY AM) II AMR lift NT In t?>r\\ ui.i'A mitmft. No ?#?t R??k m ivn In fr? n . on ih# fMTrib tvi*. bM?*m flftsUt mj*i n*v*m$k mfi'Uri Inquire m? LL* pirn U* rrn i.n us nrrif ktiikbt howk n third aru I I ? . , i to NV, IVfl fti Ml MWNMk rtg%t rt*nn? * iaa h MiiiM >4r<l*nt |tnlf?, rnd |IH (Mr yett. lb>|ttii?ba(iN pfttiMfM iipotu Foanl. awoue rrn IM II.KA-sM Kim ST FARl/'fl AM) JIAfft f be en o' to U ? ' - ? . ? n 7 KUm *irrri, n*#r UMuifummaah rro |U' I fi?i-r T'n. f|N l I.I I rt, Mllfl '# 1*. f|V) LFT Knll A TKBV OF TK All ITU MVf. KToKf I ii- * wo Mf) eUeei, mi Ur# m th? ?Bimv " il?r '? l?#ft wf %r?o ?i ? u U r?ri *|f?n riipm. Apply It* N? f OLliil ARD W uthx . i.U Nmri'i A/ufWi rro i r.T vkkt at <n\r\ kton. hta rr.n 1 !? ?? ,|. i i I" " W?? <?? ? ? .> aaan'MJ i'u## ?AMT |,r,rk I*'aa# "g? ?,.;<? ?rj ?????. 'i,?U a| <??%?* ?p? ) *!>|'I> *?' ' HiRrli f r. I?A UmlMf, 'I'M III I* ?. i ? -< K ?. > ?* V , OH'IIW Iflal'MM. I >-"(J .11 W . . #bl r ?'<?-' ??ar lb# lug II*., Tim 'niMi'it". 1 ja i?.i< <4 ?(ii' la !? A4?. ??ia iaa? b ? l,-*|a ia? M l ? * 'III# r.iai air ! < IIIual,.aj.,4, aril |pwaM ri.| ' j TM ir'ai I r?t ai.i i#?,?. Apptf. j ,? a i I ra>.#0 II II . In a US lirrhM'?&## am ?>:t 'an ma . -Tin ri.MiAirr \??i> m mm?a*. I ? ,1 a ??'rjr I 'a ? ' >. aa.n.n anal ,,??la-r ?liar, M?. n anal ?n?i. Mirk Mai#, im I*mm# ?u#?a, a mm a . I ll ? ,!r? ,1. a Ja aiUaan . ? )..??*,# p?;,?f Ijw1?4?A, ?Iron 'T ?H" I ) a.ta.# WiauU )<? iaal-inal Apt, > W UA l ull < . ?JU II ,i, guar- . ?,(|||| | S? A Will M TU 1,11 Hi l.f.AKI-rial A Tli 4 HT TK\h.T<IA I llaj.t jaa -all ? a.. ' 1- Wat" a I gl! I ? a??a 4| AM ',?#?. a- a l' ? t a/r.a -ji "I, ? *AI ' aalalVaaaaal a-,a.nia-4a,tia ?<#[ i ,!#?# I a 1 >r*tA mr*#?. baa, t|aa larti a I, mprkllic > Bla H a?,,la,I f?l, la, fa a! a* a UaaaaWaata# f T? ?#?? " ? a la# fi -I #-? 1-4 alii I 4**fc for I- rh*f f?Aril A : m fa W|i??rr;i li.alaaa.. a ah a ia? aiaaa UM A KU-Jh'ih* M (a/li il I.KaA |i. T" "1 M aiK i l*. 1' it iAI, that aif.tVDlD | ? ' a ? ? ? I . a ? . MS l?| a . a. a i<W,' a, a# # -I ??'a a | -1? ?( fa ?fj. Ap p)awa?a>o i-.N'lwM l"? I a *t- ,? a Jta|f* IIKI.l HiAIM! X? 7 >??i,|?ai TMO l.ri OR TOR - aI.K- rOTR TWRMK fHRT |tOW HI aai la* <!? I#. a?a a a* #4 aa? -a# aaafr.aaaarf A a' #a t#f I aa#l I!?U a ? aia ai, . aa. ? ?? >,#-??#? M. laaiafa. ri > I ? t pa# liia,'i ;? I TI I * IA MJ laM*?, ila* IUlAlWa ___________________________ Ta ii A-f a n*r rrottr ash ii*rij,i*i?. <>? tm ? a . a ??????? ' ? ? l a") ?*'? haA TTT ll?i|. a'f'a'a Thai# M *l-a la* ?? in aM??#l# i*Ma ?hl ?aia(ilat |.a| ran f? ?? A |jaa"J < ?a.' ? ? m Urn r#a Apr I MVt- l> ? a mill ML ATM A. rr? mtrr-Tia a uni t, wrrn rrgnimuKAiiLa | , aaaaaw ymt laMMM hi MM. a i a I ? I,./' I.a aaaaaa n# laaata* M fl# ? ? a> Mi ?? #-n if ' a*ia, Uai tnaAlaai iM taa a Mr aa ?|.plMaa#M. Mi t ?la, i? Vaj I ,U Paaaa nfta '?? a a -maij. oc?r?rj. r*mii.t a rrAt rim? I ia,f'l aa 'aa laa lai WMllaiA-i'a Waaa aa. a -? aal? r#MMa a l??-?T,'l?AM a*4 ?a? aari a# aa, . ta a ai-fij r, #aah BlaiMaBa ' laala#,' ?? la' ??a ?f4 -f I- h#M a.MfMM1 ?a.a#A MM* IM AaaM. l a , ? |a?a A? ,..aa. Ia?|*a - A AA.' Uaa#a4aba __ rpu mriMiT'tti'a-i" I rr. ROfM M W 'Aif I / 'W4 4a aa, aaia. ij A a# 'taa 'ft* I'aAM, ff' - IAI## Aa ? *a a ? < ? aa f :n a(, aM laaaaiMAa a r ,| I lart 4aa ?? ? ?# I ' I paaa #.a ?a? l|,r r 1 laa M a* WOK^aS, f!| #a aa mrtt*. ClAH II I S la, .W (All I villi ?l TM T ? ' ' ' 'a ' ?AM C ?a''""' ? ' !"*?*<* a#f, ,a# , ? I ? '* ? , ahaMli ? laa|A aar-a ^.a, larsaif#) air> ?? ? all IIAbtl n/afMIV? ? . ' A a-/a a aMt Wa a/ IMAat ? a-aau 'A# HrT MM ? Tmom A 4 AI lA# a'aar*. M a' . ? Vaa ?aa# -1*1 A 1.1 i ?I'liK'HimtMRaiitrHaflR * aa, a a I. r auaa* l r ?*, a . a# M( M .,'Hm aa a aaa>!M *H?? I a4M|, hur ?? M" PlaAtUll ( T?I ATI?1 ' Atrw nr rri'it niw Airrto" n* I a*-# ? W I a4*? I *#4 ha-, .V-'fi IT] a#l l*? '?'Ma4 a aa? ? #%/ n-a?4#*a ?Mr--?a,? fi ? *mI Aa > # Sa??a_ ?r Mna-'a I 1*4 paaM *A4 Ham-.i* %/Ja A ai|i,V? haM4a W l ?*at 'aaa a?ala a a m .Maal .AbriMAl M* ***f' ? ? IHrlM?|l? I

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