Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6991. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1865. PRICE TWO CENTS. ABBIVAL OF TIIE ATLANTIC. IHJE WWMK LATEB FROM EUROPE. important financial news. ANOTHER RISE IN THE RATE OF INTEREST SHirnEITS OF COLD TO RUSSIA. Consols 87 1-4 a 871-2. 8EBAST0P0L TO BE BLOWN UP. Movements of the Allied and Russian Armies. Vnralry Battle and Defeat of the Russians near Bnpatoria. DEPARTURE OF THE FLEET ON A SECRET EXPEDITION INTERESTING FROM CHINA. Conflict of Americans with Pirates. DEC LINK IN COTTON?BUEADSTUFFS QUIET, Ac., Ac., Ac. The steamer Atlantic reached this port yesterday morn ing about 8 o'clock. Hho left I.lro. pool, Saturday, Octo ber 6, at 4 P. M. In the river, pained royal mail steam - ?hip Africa, from Ilo.ton. Sunday, 14th, 46 miles went of Chpe Race, atS I>. M., panned ateamer America, from Ila lKax, bound East. The Atlantic arrived on Sunday morning, Sept. 30, at Xiverpool. The Ericsson arrived at Southampton on the 29th, ?fter a boisterous passage. The A rag'i arrived at Cowes on Friday evening. 28th. The chief items In the English news are the rise in the gate of interest, from 6 to 6% per cent, which took place On the 4th. A good deal of commercial uneasiness has aeauhed. The revenue return* of the United Kingdom, made up to the i-Otli September, show a net increase upon the last quarter of ?1.924,124; upon the half year, of ?2,929,699; and upon (he yoar, of ?8,344,781. This is chiefly made Up by the income tax, the increase upon which is ?6,484, 147. The Board of Trade returns for the month ending 31st August show on increase In the declared value of impor tations, a. compared with same month last year, of ?107 ,769. A gieat diminution is shown in tho Australian trade; but in the cotton, wxdlon and linen manuiactures and metals thtre is little variation. An increase is shown in the arrivals of wheat and Indian corn, bat flour, owing to a delay In the American shipments, presents a dimi nution. According to the shipping returns the tonnage of British vessels entered inwards during the month end ing 81st August was 427,484; United States, 120,792; other countries. 64,600?total, 708,866. Cleared?British, ?20,608; United Mates, 130,867; other countries, 249,903. The Prefect of Police of Paris issued, on October 1st. adeoiee regulating the price of butcher's meat in that Oily, which had caused much excitement. The price ertll be turd every fortnight for every kind of meat, ac cording to the returns made at the Caisse do Poissy, and t* the weight of meat ascertained to have been sent from the public slaughter house of Paris, dur ing the preceding fortnight. The meat is classed beet, of which there are three categories?cow and bull beef, and veal and mutton. In the shops establshed In the markets, meat shall be sold at 10 cents at least per kilrgramme below the fixed price. A part of the decree which delights housekeepers is the abolition of rijnuii ccncr?an expression which requites to be explained, as the word rrjcmitnanct used to signify that at which the good house wife grieved. It U the custom of the butchers Of Paiis when weighing out meat to 'hrow into the scale O piece of dry bone, (utterly useless to the purchaser.) upon the piea that it Is the frir share of the bono belong ing to the portion of flesh sold. Many butchers bought bone-- on pm pose to serve out to their customers as Tijouutanrr. It tickles the French public immensely to ttitnt that the government has condescended to interfere in a matter was a dally cause of bickering between the butcher and the mistress of the bouse. Corn lias reached its maximum price. The leading event* In connection with the war are the quarter ing of iletaebmente of French and English troops In Nebaslopol, and the bet that the allieil armies of opera tion threaten the Russian army, both from Eupatoria and Baidar. The French cavalry, under Gen. d'AUenvtlle, de feated the Russians near Eupatoria, on the 26th. Russian io*??(0 killed and 105 prisoners; French, ? killed and 27 wounded. A tough campaign is ?xpectad, as the Russiant are making tremendous pre parations, and the Emperor himself is at Odessa. The Heel lis* sailed from Sebastopol on a secret expedition, it In supposed dther to Nlkolaieff or Odessa. Ears still held out, according to last accounts, though the provi ?ions were nearly exhausted. It was expected, however, that the snow would compel the Russian* soon to retire. Ttxv probability of a marriage between the Princess Royal of England, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, ami Frince Frederick William of Prussia, heir apparent after his father and un-te to the throne, was very warmly canvassed in the I'niied Kingdom. The people wore violently opposed to the royal arrangement, now said to be completed. Prussia wac looked on merely as a Rus sian province?snd If the marriage took place the Princess Of England If true to her husband must be a traitor to bar country. The London Timm says:? Why should we place a daughter of England ina situ ation in which devotion to her hushsnd must be trea ?on to here mntryV Why distract her mind betwen wishes fcr the welfare of the family which she ho* left, and thvt into which the is to be received? The Pirrinontt, of Turin, of the 30th ult., announces that the King of Sardinia's health continued to ira .prove. The government at Berlin notified, on the 6th Instant, to the journal., of that city, that no attacks on the West em Poweis will be permitted. A bill wa> iradin the Spanish Cortes on the 3d inst., fixing the contingent ot the army for I860 at 70,003 men. The ('ones approved a bill admitting political refugees into r-'pain. No further bulletins have been isaued re specting the Queen's health, which has so much im proved that her Majesty has determined to return forth with to Madrid. The treop* and National Guards are to -form < a the occa-ion. It is stated that the Duke de la Victoria returned tiom the Esc trial, completely satisfied with the conference which he had with the Queen snd |hat all difficulties in that quartar are now at an end. The taking of Sebastopol has caused the greatest ex citement in Naples; tbe people are full of joy *t the -mews, but are obliged to smo'her their feelings. The TOyalists are terrified. Banquets have been held at the fCngti-li, French and Sardinian embassies with great pomp. St. Lkno, Gaeta and Papua are now being strong ly fortified: great activity is shown in oonstrncting the necessary w.>rks by day and night. Also in Pescsra to Which place ? strong body of troops hat lewn sent, anl ?nolber bmiy fs about to be despatched to the 1 to man confine-, fhiteries level with the sea are in course of construction at various points of the coast near Naples. The King, through an agent, <i. pescantlni, has with drawn ids capital moneys from the Gran libro, National Bank, and invested them in Amsterdam am) America. Thro- withdrawals have caused a panic In the Kxch gi, and produced a tall of two per cent in tbe funds, as well ma several failuies among the merchants. Account- ha TO been received from Penstantmople to "the 24 <h ' t September. 13,000 men ot the Anglo-Turkish ?>ntiaweot b?ve left for Varn* where tbey will tske up their winter quarters. Omcr I'aslia is eoncen'.rating IA tno men near Phefhatil. a tort on the frontier of Asia, which the Turks took from the Russians at the comm-nee Merit of the war. The young King of Portugal is rendering himself popu la< with Pie troops snd people g< or rally, by visiting bar va'-ks hospitals. Ac., when lets* expected and not spar ing hi censure- of un atisfketory ration* or other irregr larities. I hear Ilia Majesty expressed great satisfaction at the efficient state of the hospital of St Jose. Ha, his brother, and fath* r attended the Spanish minister's b .11 the other evening; the King wss very quiet, but the Duke of Oporto danced a great deal. Yesterday, the Pope's Nuncio gave a grand dinner, and other diplomatic festivities are announced in honor of the new reign. A vtrj diasgretable incident took place at the State dinner given by the King on the 18th alt., at the Adjuda Palace. M. Ozori.IT, the ltusaian Minister, could not tind the place ahtch bad been destined for him at the rojul table, mid being probably out of temper with news of the tall of Sebastopol, his Kxcellency took the matter up rathtr warmly, but was prevented leaving the room by s Portuguese nobleman, who gave up liis own place; he was ultimately ; added by the production of the card wbilh bore bis name, and bad been cauied oil the >abie by Ma dame OcoroVt dress. A diplomatic difficulty also occurred at the royal banquet. The Duke of Faldanba, it is said, arranged the guests liefore they entered the dining-hall. Now there is a very prevailing opinion that his graee knows far bet ter how "to set a squadron in the field" than interpret the volumes of court etiquette with due regard to their intricate canons. His grace requested Sir Hicliard Packenhsni to escort Madame O/eroff, the lady of tiie Russian Minister, but the British representative pleaded the impropriety of the demand, as the dinner was a pub lic aud Btate eient. and his conduct would consequently be open to criticism as Her Majesty's envoy. Just as the horns of a very awkward dilemma were api>earlng one of the lords in waiting effected a compromise by suggesting the American Minister as cavalier to the Rus.-ian lady In the room of Sir Richard. It was stated in Milan that His Holiness, the Pope, lately received a letter from the Emperor of the French, In which he was reminded of the stringent reasons w hich render it series of reasonable reforms necessary, such as were recommended in the letter ot August 18, 1840. from the then President of the Republic, dhlivered to the Pope by M. Edgar Ney. The measures recommended were, a general amnesty, the fCcularizalion of the ad ministration, the rode Napoleon, and a liberal govern ment. It i- added that His Holiness replied that he was not averse to granting his subjects certain reforms cal culated to secure the peace of the country without sacri ficing his dignity or that of the Holy Pee. To this reply, it ia rumoud, that an answer has been received which lias not proved palatable to the Holy Pee. The Committee of Mexican landholders in Ismdon is sued the following circular on October 3d:?The commit tee have received advices from Mr. Whitehead, of Mexico, down to the fith ult. The new government hod, it ap pears, re appointed Colonel Facio Mexican flnanciaj agent here. The packet brings for the dividend fund 922,600 from Tampico, and 624,000 from Vera Cruz, addressed to the Mexican financial agent. ? The new constitution of Denmark was promulgated on Octi ber 4. Prince Ferdinand, the King's uncle, having rc uti d bis c gnature, had been dismissed from the chief commund of Zeland and tho Islands Adaviant. The Empress of France was in very poor health. The ftnperor was about to visit Boulogne in company with Abdcl-Kadir. In the British army, Generals Combernero. Karl of Btrafford, and Viscount Hardinge, have been made Field Marshals. The project for the organization of a new bank at Vienna has been submitted. The State will give the bank a mortgage on State domains of 175,000,000 of florins, with right to leceive the revenues and to alienate the domains. Cholera was rapidly on the decline throughout the north of Italy. An order for reinforcements for the Crimean army had been issued by the Minister of War in TurM. The health o( the King of Sardinia was improving. IMPORTANT FINANCIAL NEWS. The Commercial Crisis In Europe?Shipment or Cold to Itanliu I From the London llmoa, (Money- Article,) Oct. 5.] te facts ju t continued regarding the artificial opera tion* of the Bank of France in drawing (fold from tlii . aide, furnish a remarkable confirmation not only of the view* lately nmiMi but of the Houn.lnesa of those put forth a uionth back, wheu the I'auk of England first rai-"'d their rate of discount. It wax then stated that, although a moderate advance in the value of money was Inevitable, and thric could be no prospect of its being otherwise than in active demand thronghont the remainder of the yeer. there was nothing In a general auive.v of the til the o iintry 10 suggest that any repeated movcmentx on the j art of the bank would be found necessary. Subsequently It beenme known that the govern ment had arrangid that the proceed* of the Turk in loan should be remitted to Conatantinople in Kpecie inaicad of being managed, a* uxual by e*. change transactions; while at the same time, notwith standing reiterated statiiiicnt* r.gardiug the excellence of the American harvest. ?300,006 or ?100.000 no xud dmly 1 emitted to \ ienna for purchases on the Danube, owing to a con'inned improvement in the grain market, the undfounded nature of which haa since been demon at rated by a leaciion of 4s. per quarter. Kven the-fl ciicuroatanrcs, however, although calculated tempora rily to modify previoua expectations, were insufficient to account for the drain which had aei in, apparently with uncontrollable force, lho Bank of Kngland, the private and joint atock banks, the discount houses, and the mercantile community generally, were alike perplexed, and a multitude of theoriea were put forth to arooiint for their cunfuilon, ono of which wax that they had all been mialed by the JSmn, wliile another comprised the idea that Kuv-la had lieen socre ly Ixnovii.g. >11 that wax poalllvely known war. that gobl continued to go to I'xri* whether the rate of ex change rendered it profitable or otherwise, it waa thoo declare)] that, in consequence of the war, the joun'ry wax carrying en a much more one aidad trade thau had been apprehended ami that the raanlt, which ought long age to Dave been forearm, had now lendond iteelf pul pubie. It Waa vain to urge ih.t, aa the wa: bad been raging for a year and a half its elTect* were hardly to be looked for in n sudden craah spread over a few *?kt, ami that, in addition to the grain purchaeex and the Turkish loan, ther> mud atiU be a ana accidental or ex eeptii.nal aoluliou for the symptom* io pngrosa. Huch a mode of evasion ??? not to be tolerated and the apecu latoie fori, tail were triumphant. At length the operations of the Rank of France grad i elly became known. Innrln- to jpreemf lh. nrmnXjf for ratalin/i to an o: hover oftKf rolr of .fi'mrum/, t\>y K"-l br n junhaiitip prbl at a join ohm ,u nninml nrlw, aad n bfli/a.rory itimnlut waa thus le-i: g afforded to the linan ria! affair* of that countiy. Ihe amount* -w?:e aaid to be large, but, nevertheless, aurprl-e waa felt when It was announced that they were expected to reach ?1.40'i. ?Ob. At last the total has been t->und to be ?4,000, 0C0, ami the n loth n of all the previous mystery I. m ire thnnample indeed, the marvel is that with such an operation in progress tha dl?turbianee lias not been greater. 1 he teal difficulty, thetefote, is not to acconnt l?r what h?s been witnesred, hut for lt< moleration. I'nder there rir> umxtancos a new glance at our por tion becomes prsetiesble, and a th- more desirable, br cauae, In addition to tho-e acting ti|>on ordinary apecu lallve motive*, there are at the present conjuncture other lartles atrongly engaged in exciting distrust namely, the (fres-k sj mj athlrer* with Kn*sta who c in stituie a Urge and active .-la*. both in London an t l.i. verjonl; and the section of English psdi'idsns with An-tilan vi'-w? who h"pe to see their predictions ful lilled, that the war Would ultiinat) ly become ?o unjiopu. lar as to rati-e peace to be *<-.-eptc| on any term* It la not enough tha' the alarming fraturoa of the p-e?en' drain have now been removed by the discovery of oae of its prlnci|?l caueee. At eve,y futuia opportunity the attempt to create a t anic will be repeated. it was triad March. I*M, when t'on?eia went down to ?'k- anil *1 tiioogh it haa twice tailed, the result may torn* day be different. Ihe question whether the war expenditure I- beyond the means if the c ontry must, therefore, beboldlymet. if it be upon a scale to involve a permanent drain of gold there la no alts rnatlre but to luwer It, or to pre,>are our ielvce for that mitigated fi rm of na'lonal bankruptcy whirl: constate in a suspension of wpccie payments. Hap pily. the rapture of Fobeetopol puts it Into our fcrwer to limit or extend our operation* at pleasure. While that runaiiie ! to b*- effn-ted, there w?t i c hoice hut logo on, even II the yearly tacrilire were mea?ure<l by hnnd:eiti of millions. But, apart tiora all conderations of thix n.rt, the necessity for lis diminution will prove up >n In quiry to be at prevent without proof. I he view orlgl nally taken against the abua.i-t* has not yet be. n set aside. It was that the stop which would lie givea by war 'o the wild expend:'are In foreign enterprise or loons wbirh alway* take, place In time, of pro?p?rity, might, probably, more than coonti (act all ihe lose to be en oontered in our new ferm of outlay??n impression ai: far stu-Pfthen* d by the way in which money was about to 1* drawn from ua- under the new aystem of guarantee* by foreign goveinineat* or corporations as to tender it actually a point for con-ideratiou whether we should not be indebted to Russia for saving ua from a nev. rrmmrrclal crisis. These modus ot absorbing our surplus moan being for the m..*t pert arrested, the question simply la wb< ther thf annual profits of the country from Its trade, whl.-h the enemy isnnot dlstnrb. are sufficient to meet the sum to be sunk in material* of detraction, and in the p*y of those who, diverted from reproductive l*V?.\ are em ployed in connection with them - Although the outlay nt fifty or elghry million* haa a serious sound, ev?n when comjsred with ?ur enormous e mmereia! gains, It must he borne in mind that there i* a very iaigi- port.-in of thia which ia not lost to the nation in ant shape Tuns one of tli# beevioxt item* has been the ehartciiog of steau era, the profit* of which have gone to private In-li vidw .te or pnbUe companies, while the im uediate oom merelal iocs ha^been small, owing to the nation oa' -n ing itself mesawbik with an economicsl system of rns.l ad. rifg. lp Uk? manner, all tt? bcfefjr proflta of s atrpc tors, together with the additional wage* en rued by men who but for government employ might he nut of woik, the extra transport on rail a ay a, Mil a multitude of other thing*, um*t be ileducte<i until we arrive at the no re net of the product* im ported for tl>e manufacture of war*. the c<>*t of working them up, aud the direct pay and aue teiiauce of the force*; and even these are liable to a e*t <0. since the producing countriea bc.'ome better euatom er? fo u.i in cou*equence, and inuc.b of the pay of the force* find* It* way bacl. to their fa nlltc*. We mull at* > e titrate that the cxpendKuie of our enemy U heavy; that it lakca place in gold; an<l that we share to a Very considerable ex'eut. although indirectly, the advantage* of the purchase* he ia compelled to make frum weatern Europe. lltuce there i* inheient reaaon to avoid any ha*ty assumption that the war i* too much for our mer cantile strength, and experience ha* thu? far aup ?oited tbrorj. Through nearly two yeara we have bun unusually fici from monetary disturbance, ami although our expeune* wure a? heavy *lx month* hack a* now, they dot not prevent the bullion in tho llank from increasing trim C1-,lfli,4l'6 on the 30th of January to ?18,01B,ri76 on tire 20th of June la-*, while nt present it not only *taud* abore tlie Jauuary limit, but i* fully equal to the total h' id juat after the war began, to m opt the conclusion that the drain of 000,OiH) during tlie pnat tlx wick* must 1* the result of the war wax, therefore, obviously premature. 1' wa* uiumpporled, lu rteed. by arty car ual circumatances, ainse the previou* gold supply had apparently not been Increased by any ac - cidental occurrences, the Australian remittances having shown no fluctuation.-, while from California they had be en below the amount upon which there is reaaou to calculate for the future. The expenditure of the popula tion, moreover, lia* In en eoually utriform, and their gp porlutinn*, in fact, of late have been rather under matt tver their roquiieimuit*. It may consequently be repeated thit, although the effect* ol the TmkUh loan and of the recent g ain pur chase*, together with thor.e of the oribrokeu demand fir kilter for India am* China, the perplexities consequent upon the strange proceeoitiga of the Dank of Fran ??, and the certainty of a new loan being required by the English government in Die spring, are ail cause* which must ex ercise for miim lime an adverse iutlueirce, our prospects are not ouly a* sound as Ihey were lu .ely described to be, but that the conviction- then onteitained have received additional weight from the fact of the unparalleled movements ot the bank hating failed to produce a single sign of commercial uneasi ness. That the ultima> effort* oj the war exjteiuliturc on the tutrtntyu a j.rotiem which time aitmr can toltr, mil that it tails for the utmost wnUhfulness on the ttart tf the government, it not to he denial. If ever it should present danger, the only remedy must be u reduction, sine it ennnot be touched by a constant advance in the rate of dircount. which, in fact, would merely check the com merce that foims our best dependence. The premonitory indication*, however, would be likely to la-gradual; and although at Vienna, Berlin aud St. Petersburg the high est congratulation* have doubtless been current upon tho diatuibanccs of ti e past few week*, and tho cause* as signed for tliem, there is full reason to hope that the financial rigor of the country, under oui system of free trade and a convertible currency, Li equal to much great er triale than any to which it hus yet been exposed. [F.'oni the Ixmdon Chronicle, Oct. 4.] The acceptance* of Messrs. lie lisle, Janvrin hi lie I.lsic were returned this afternoon, to tlie aeep regret of many, 'lho house was a very obi one, ami highly esteemed. They have a branch at Rio Janeiro, another at Montreal, and correspondent* at tlucrnscr and Jersey. Their liabi lities are estimated at stmutl.i00.00tV This suspension produced a very unpleasant feeling in tho city, and, in connection wilh a variety ot rumors wblch could nut be traced to any source, created a gloomy impression; the continued tightness of money mid tlie export of gold tending materially to cause unpleasant anticipations, which the knowledge that the piesent unfavorable poxi th n of the market i* quite unconnected with ordinary business operations failed to counteract. Messrs. Mankey A Co., late in the afternoon, announced that they would protect the drafts of the Cimmerclal Bank of (Juornxcy drawn u)mn Messrs. lie lisle. 'Iheie has to-day been increased tightness in the money market and the current rates have been lull* five per cent. The demand increases instead of diminishing, and 1he tightness appears destined to be much more severe ly experienced. The tecent extensive shipment* ol gold to the Continent, to winch we have so often and, at we are infoimcd, piofitnbly directed public attention, will, we have good reason to know, still be for some iimo to c me n souice of anxiety and to some person- |>erplexi fy. These operation* a* we have before mention*!. are totally unconnected aitli trade. Had they reference to ccmn.eielal transaction , they would have shown it in Die exchange*. but they have not done so. It has been aal.1 that the gold thus sent abroad will ehrrtly come loo k again. The matter is so full of intereet, as we remarked yesterday. that too much attention cannot ha given to it, and knowing it* Important* we have devoted considera ble time to it* consideration. After further endexvon lu !nv? silgate the-e opest*ions, and to trace them from ttieir source fn their end, we have arrivod at the fact that negotiation for further rx/iortatioiu if gold, unth r f.rtcieolf similar iii\um>tanerr, hare been nf inn I. unit that the shi/ mmts trill c.ntin ir. We have every lesson to lelii-ve that they will be of very large amounts, and extend oyer so me |i*rtid of itinc. The negotiations themselves, and the Dammit sit us of the g"M, indeed everything relating to the mat ter, xrr conducted wilhgicut circumspection and seerety That tlie wants of Kiaiirc have by these means been ?np [lied, theiecan be little doubt, hat the ihtfrnonu are not cenfrnt to thai rmmtry. Jhrt/ arrtlestinnI tar Kusria. Not only do rlrctimstances. which have unavoidably trans piird. denote tins, but there are reasons which mike this not mi rely a prohabllity but a certainty. There are two great seereta < mbodied in tliese transsetions. They are? when doe* the gold go to, and how is it paid for " The llrat ia readily answered, by the general wants of Korn I can g< vcrnrnexit- for war purposes; but the second is still a mystery. We know thut the gold is psot for by bank notes, and they aie obtained by means of foreign bills diawn on Ixmdon; but the rest of the operation is sedulously preserved linru investigation. Ate means found to pay these demands by the sale of securities Ac. ? There certainly lias no*, been a pressure of slock thrown en the London market. Although we cannot discover the whole course of p oreeding. we do know that these shipments will be renewed, nnd that the gold so sent abroad will not coine hack again. [Krom the I/mdon Cnrenicle, Oct. flJ intion of tl Wewouhl psrticiiluily direct the attention of the mone tary and commercial Intcret* to the bank returns of tills evening, made up to last .-?tuidsy. Ho y will be found to present most important features, will deserving their special attention. It will lie found that there was |u*? wick a further demand made upon tho bank for discounts hec , to the extent of ?1 400,010 sterling which brings the total up to within a fraction of ?30,000.000, an unpreee 4? nted amount ol liability to lie provided for during a season of genefai inactivity of trad*. The cause of the enormous demand fcr discount of late on the bank is trucrsble to the heavy drain ujmn the country for gold for shipment to the Contiin nt. Besides what has b<-en drawn direct from the bunk, the exporters have pur cbnsi d most of the late arrivals from Australia, Ac. The pieveat return, rhtwa Janhrr diminution in the sloth q/ tuition of ?.T'.H,tiT0. The tin tease v. at hi tf rtrurtr, ha" teen greater, tut thai a r?ry large ami ait' hael teem nl/iSsrseit in ttu marktt. Them are s< vei si other largo alterations expected in ti e returns, but they all have reference to tl e two item* above n ferird to. I"he appearance of this statimsnt at once exonerates the director* from the charge brought against them by some of our eontemporn lies, of having indiscreetly and Inconaldcrnlaiy inter fered with the interests ot trader* by raising the rate of discount yewteiday. (From the Iondon New*, (let. 4.1 lob fur tin- Fagliah funds to day hiiee experienced ? further fell of U to t, |*r relit, and closed flatly Ml the lowest joint of the day. fbe large salee made daily by the r'ar.k of Pnglalwl more than counteract the atr.dy inte-t. nrent* Of the public. A ?!?. hli illy depre ?lnp effort It al o produced by the knowledge that the withdrawal of gold ft- m thia country lor Meoniit of the flank of France con Untie* unchecked. I pon thi* important subject we ran mention s'ir.c fart? of moment. In addition to the tir?t contract fcr ?1,(00,000 in gold for that eitablWhtiv-ir, the n triplet ton of which ha* already been recorded a further rontract fi r the supply of an additional ?nm of no ler* than thtee millions -'erling in geld has, we are in fotniid. been taken in London, and la now In course of execution. The nlttmate lost accruing to the liink of Fiance fri m the ptemium which it ia laying for thl?g<>M Will be, it I* presumed considerable, and although the tirat contract i* alleged to hate t<en met 6mmjWe by bill* on 11 ndon which were lying in Peila, and by renrttan??? iff sliver, It 1* dtflcoK to understand hoe the llaok of France fgapoaea togv thl-country *n equivalent, In the natural course of trado, for there enormous additional aaaounU of geld. To n rr.e extent ti e preront efflux mty t># re garded a* a tfrtual discounting on French account of future arrivals of the prertona metal frotn Australia and California, bnt it la eeident that anticipation* of tbl* nature mint lie involved to *r>n>e extent in uncertainty The drain however, la regarded aa now becoming ?e rtona. am) imperatively calling fur a nolle/ of counter artl' n on '.he j art of our Mgey market The gradtiol tiae in the rate of diarount here It la aottateotorj to aoo. I aa been attended by a dot ided Imp.roveinent in the ma til.? I.tal aX'Lacges, and although the (tank of p ran a he a hitherto continued it* iurcha*e? in ttsMaace of Ihf loos Involved, II ii hoped that a fortiier ri?e to the rah*of aw mty in tendon will Imps..** check I nler tbeao ?lf ? cum-taoeee, many peratina exprass a hope that the Han't of Fngland will not po*tj.< re t< o long the announcement Of a further rlre In the rate of discount. The inr no nience * he b may la* occasioned to trade by s n 't a *tep ie to be regTcttcd, but ieirt no projairtlon to the evil* which might enene rhenld the extraordinary MhttM at prarent In operation upon tha t oorae of tie preeiea* mnala be allowed to remain without correct m. The apparent unsoundness of tha present policy of the Rank ol Ftanco it la considered. ought no' to delude ua into neglect of judicious mearurco of precaution [From the london ffaws, fret. ?.] A* great Interest at'ach'-a to the pre** nt remarkable bullion operations of the flank of Franco, an*' *? various errrt.emi* statements hare been put forward reis'.lra to the contracts entered ln?o betw*cn that estal.p-hm'rrt ard bouses on this side an aothnrltative recapitulation of the far ts n ay be Useful. We hare to repeat iVn that the lirst 'ontract was for forly million- ?f francs or sar ?l,fC1),0eO and was taken by Messrs. R. Rapilar; k -tons. Forty days were allowed for the fulllmeat of thla con tract, but It was completed witbin ? month from its .late and the whole of this transaction was thus terminated wl'hln the last three weeks. The entire sum of il sssi 0U?i, payable to Messrs. Kaihael tor this gold *u dctrays.i e are informed by short bills on lxmd?n representing ndlng ) til' transactions at maturity, including trans post trills and bonk note#, (gather with s*.me remit tances in sDrer. In fact the whole of this npervtiou -ecwis to haeo beam carried oat wfthout ace um -it tton paper id any de ertftloa and the raai p?.itou id tj,? Wl'.tof ?vito to bt Utat d'iraaigfe *a* ol every available debt dne in tl>? e<?ir*e of trade from Pkig Ikiid to t'lUMK to facilitate th? withdrawn! of U.? ?1 COO 60u lb gold from thia country. It vu chiefly with refeiener (o these circumstance* thAt we cautioner! th<s I ublic not to rely upon the reflux of thl g<>H. The soconi c? ntrect wu? hi 78,000,004 (r., or about ?3,000 Otk) and we* ?1. o offered to Meaara. Itaphael nod Hon*, who, lion ever, ha*tug regard to the tifbtruing tendency ?f the money tnarliet, re*| ectfully declined it. The contract j for tliia rum in then accepted by another of the pr.tiu pa! rmuetary fli m* of London, and la now In course- of ? xecutton. We believe the ptie* at whiob the aer ood contract wua taken U 10a. preutUiiu per mtffe, or 1,004 franoe. Die preaiium paid by the U>ok of France iatbua calculated to lie at the rate of about one per cent. Yentetday'a tire in the Bank of Kngland rat* of dis count sterna to haie produced very little effect r>n tlie uioney inaikct. Utile or no burin-** ia done below the l'nnV. minimum of &S pet cent; but although great can tion c< niinure to be evinced. uiuncy cannot be reported tight the supply I t-iug atmndao*. In the abaence of distrust, conrldeiable eagern- -a* in shown to plueo money with the discount houaaa and bank* at the high rate* now allowed. The Uinibuitl atioet discount houaee noti ced to -day that t liey will allow 4 ej percent "at eall."ThU calm attitude of the market at the present moment ia highly KutUtactory, as it tenda to show that the aim of the 1'auk directors in attempting to check the drain of {;old, ia du ly recognized, and that un diapoaition extnta n mercantile circlea to give way to needle** alarm. The tope ts thus strengthened that we alt.iU tia enabled, without Inflicting seiioua Injury on trade, to impose an e(Relent eheck upon the adverse bullion no vcruent until relief aliali lie derived fr< m the mpeoted urinal* of Auatiallan gold Howsoever lodlfferaut the l ank of France may hitliertu have aeemed to the imme diate In** acctirlt g from its pun-liases of gold here, it ia evident (bat aucTi cannot be endured he*ond a certain limit, and our beat means of attaining thl* point?vident ly Ilea in a ri?c In ihe \aluc of money in this inaiket. It must !>e reuietnbered, however, that the irtep ao tardily adopted yerterday by the Back of France In ralaing their late < f discount from 4 t" 6 | or cent, luii a tendency to counteract the deli tislve policy adopted by the Bank of Inglnnd, and thus it may ultimately conduce to the maintenance of itcadinew in our market, If the commar ctal et niniunity will accustom thtmaelvoa to regard a fur ther lire in the io'c of discount as not improbable, in the event of the la t adtanco not proving sufllcient. 'Ihe return of the liank of 1 oglatm for the Week ending Saturday, Fcpt. '.fl, wht n compared with the previoua re turn, stiows the Kllowing results:? Circulation lasue ?20,508,266 Decrenae ?1120,995 Calculation active 'JO, 173,486 Incieaae 761260 I ublic deposit* alii ,s 9 Decrease 246,6811 Other deposits U,4::7.96& Increase 171,07S (internment securities In hanking ilej artment. 12,1'26,0.6 Decreem d7',0tl Other securitiea iu bank ing dtpaitiuent 1#.VIA,70." Increase 1.400,485 Coin and bullion in both departments 12.'.>:'8,t>'_8 Decrease : 29,679 Ms< Ten day and other tiilla 1,001,71!) Inereaar 1.202 Die rest ?,670,125 Inrreu-o 12,018 Ihe reserve (vir., notas and coin in banking department) 6,768,24!) Decrease 1,008,920 1 hi subjoined rlhibita the extent of the Week's varia tions at one view:? Public deposits decrease ?2tG, Other depoat* Increase ?171.0*8 Notes and hills in circulation inciease 766,462 fe-t increase 12,018 On ihe other side of the account:? Government aciurl'. oe decrease !>71',041 Other tecuriiies ..increase 1,40*1,486 Coin and bullion. dccicase 529.070 Total ?1,"-62,108 ?1,062,108 Die change* here ixhiblied are again of a voiy unfa vorable cl.uiactei?es|jecially Uio iin-rni-o of no lea* than ?1.406,486 in the pi irate sccuii ies. and the diminution of ?1.999,929 in tM recurve?ami atte.t the aeverity of the pressure for money last week. Die decrease iu the bullion, It ia satisfactory to perceive, is not so rapid as of late, bat Ihe total amount now standing under that lie id ia reduced below thirteen millions, the further decieaa* In the government securities 1* attributable to tlu> sale* of stock by the bank. In the wei k embraced la till* re mm, It will l>e remembered Ure bank raised it* rate of discount to five per cent. IB 1 WAk, POBITION, MOVEMENT* AND PltOHPECTB OK THE A KM IKK IN THE CRIMEA. 1 he lut official rleepe'coe< report the aoulb aide of Kc twatopoi to b* oerepled by detachment* o* French ani 1 pgHsli tioope, who have hid distinct quarter* o! the town * reigned to them. 'Ilie liuauioe cone-titrated their force* in the northern ft it*, and net* oooaatonally bring upon the town, to which Die allien irpHoi from the two forta whicli re mained intact, i Nlel olne nnd Quarantine.) and frotn the ruins of other fori-), f'rin. e (iorUc.iakoff. in hie reports, ill rciibe* the tire ol the allien an timer. 1 reparati) ua were nuiking hy <he Hi itl?li an>l I'rnn h engirt, era, by the -Inking ?f itninenae miaae, to deetroy ti e r|leii<lhi dock*, arsenal*, and shipbuilding yard* of i-? 1 aniopol, and ihun uproot thu*ploM aa a naval etroirg In lil. Though there ia no (rtOcinl tufoimallon on 'he tub Jed?the allied general', fbr obrlotM leaaona, being nib tit to thi Ir future operation*?tlieri- are varum* pr.moui Hon* ol a vigorous c*rn|>aigii tn the op- n Hehl. It ia unrei tain, and will remain no for nome little time, whitb oi thene trneaii ni-d attarlu ia the real, but tbeto in ijulto enough In Prince (lortiehakotf'a deapatchaa to ?Ime that kt catirlAari hfanaalf neii-mnly threatened ia fiont and on loth Hanka. Another slgnltlo int fact in that the 1 i.gli h hind lian?poit coipn are in full activity; that the Held battesir* of the uitillery are In mar- hing older; that huge nt mtiera of the French cavalry have - mini - he-1 tor Fu|iatoiia and by Die telegraphic ai.cov.uta from VUnua, It ia stan d that the alU-dllc-tn bad lift hiLaetopol on acme aeeret rx|?diti<-ri. it ia again arretted (rum \ ienua that the Kit-..inn army la retreating. the lima oorraa|ion<leni, writing on the 21st, ia n--t at all - .ingultie that the Russian. will be forced to abandon their I'irttlon < n the a;; roe- h of wtnb-r. Frince fiortaeliakoff, m tin- 2-1 ult., reporten that lit CC4 men kad been tamled at Impatorla, ami tliat on the Sflth tide fore- wn? increased to 3' < 00 men. lie lian nlnce repotted that " imposing maaaea,' of ttut allied troopn continue to ihieatin tin- left wing <>f tbeltunnan amy, In ni the valley of Hai-tar, whilnt a force amount ii g to l-etwern .~0 000 an-1 40 (100 men tlii-at-a the right wing of tin Kris atari* from FNiMbrb I he coi respondent of the Mti/y A'- u ? tale* a lilTer-n* triow. He ray- > Ihe be lief pain- ground t ha' the Russian- are pr.-par log to evacuate the north atda ol the toiitr r of rtebaato* pel. 111 extenaive earthwork'whi-h have bit-n lately Mbtructtd, and othi-ra in - ouraa of conatruetlori, a ? rtgartrd aa -Imply intended to cov-r the retreat, and pi of ret 'he leei guard of the (Iti-alan army, ''arte hare retire in rmpty fnm the Mackenzie h'-lght*. and here gone aaay lailen, it la auppoixd, with pfWVutoru. There arrai.feti.ent* aie auppored to indicate an in tentlcm to retire. It ia atlll un 'er-o-od that a eambin-d movement la to lak? piace egalnat th- em rny'a fc-iti-ui on (he Mackenzie height*. A direct attack from Hak-bl aeril la aj-oken of. ti.e approach from the -oulh being n-e-'e by a t'Utf wllch l? kept M-cret, and whicli will hate the effti t of avoiding the enemy'* fortified entrerr fa ir cnta. in en order which Prince Dorl-ehakoff l.a- nddreaaed to hi> .. Ii.'ii r?, the Prince ailmita a law of from MM to 1 000 men jet .lay during the laat thirty day* of the aiege. To c ntiuaa to dkfsnd the aoath aide, he -eya, would have been to evpt-'c the troop* to be oMiietoly mntdered. He ronrlu'lea by laying ? it Is Mt Ksbastopol we hav left In tl ? CM m)'* bands, but burning rulr.* that we have >et (Ire to otrtie I me. rebostopol aechaiwrd ua to ' t ? wel'f?with its fall wo acquire frse-lpm of actios an ! a mw waf eommMiooa." A la iter from lit. Petorehurg a'atee that th.- even ng be*bre the (tmpgrdt**'ure f--r th- ?kra h i ?r?n-l council wa? held, at which it waa deet !e?| to - arry o| the war with the uttnoet energy. The Kmpetot went fro n Moar-w to Nikola ell, the gii at Kuae an naval dep..t the F-tlne, w hore, on the 2 d nit., aecmpantod by the Drand Uukea Oauetenllne, Nlehclaa and Michael, he made an inetie tiott -1 th t roc-pa krrtltcstiona and dockyard a The forliSeotlona, It lc stated, tai to he greatly etreoglbeo'd and ezten led By telegraph we loom that the ? *ar haa left NUtolaieff for the C rimea; hl? ot jeet la pr -. dlog thither bring doubUme to io-pirit hia force# t-y hu pro . n e, and torn the tide in faror of piuwl*. Yartooa lluaelan an-1 a iconn'a "'at/- that the wnr ia to le carrbd i n with the gnat' at, and that the f 'rtme* t* to be deiondi d to the laat ei ttemity. tieneral Moqrav eg, who ia now In A-i.i, Will, it i< iati mated, fake the pife of 1'iioce --ortechaa ft who ia to become Miat'ter i f tit a . Mi-ecow I.drtcee elate th*'. IH,tM m- n hare teen a : lad to the military fr-TCe .itHawia [f'n m tie 1?ed-.n Time., flet. i ) 'fr -e more noliottud* for 'he future moat r. lorn t . Il# - Id place In the thmjghra of the na'ioo, and miogle 'he .ecoller 1 lone of paut trt .wipbe Hae r-.m* at f>-bub (ol ere in the hand* of tke alUee a nu?nf>?i uf aorv n anrlnany thr u.-nd p. )e.-t|le? ate am r<g be at-il# Arte hat were parfialty blown up a ay be repaired ant a-med; but et111 tba great qaSetloa <f the anb?t?'rore of -he cicl'-r-ou* aimy-tuiirrg the winter will beoalypat tleliy ?e)ved by !),??# advantage Tw - ustlageai '? are row bef< te ua?one, that the KnaeiaSe having b-vt the ' vn, the aretnaM, and th# d? ? k> of --baetopoi, wilt con eider that rbf n '.meoan-e of a fort an I earth- -tke .-a tie north -Me will nerve so purj-ae white it art 11 endan ger the wheir army of the f rime* a rd met -rr ?, en 'art vaet *?- r'i-o and outlay durtag the en? .lag mon'tM. The fa. iMtiea with which the aliia- can transport a iorer to nay point en the Meet early ia the spring timet be preaeut to the minds of tl - P. r-slan g-r.ri.Je and It she then- aniioje to r> al-rrae the trocp- at Niah'ia:r<> and on the lower laaui". Din* ail <ke tr?Maa stuck rr-n let nira tie era rathe -1 tl.0 win le Crimea not improtabie aa a Batti'Stf Inm tt i trt C/n tk? ?eker ks?wf '*cr- are aat ?o .'to; raw . kick twtig -?a?i U> a defaeakSwed re?. faacs the chief >4 vfasso S * Wit live which may nlga the Iterant ht? ad Steer* to tit aaaet deeper*t* icoiati'-na?the Sts-ii-g of rat Venal and military pride It may ba ssotieth-ng %a them to ISdOM the world a little loogar t-> MNM th*f t u??i* haa aot tn'.tely i.wt "wbaats.-p-1 That may *!?? h? ja to bo abla to hold their giouad uat-l the rate of Wlntev, and yodge that thaa lite operav.on* >.t ti.e all." n il be delay*4 -luring an tatarval nf ?h.-a. -a'y may makagvnd aa*. Ky tha latter >4 our eorrosp.-a.teat. It will ba man that a UHaf prevails In lamp that Da eran.y will ant ralai wttt. at a struggle U> l I. !4 af the rwrtbr a ht't and the rbigw thay to py tIccer Vera nt j ?. sew. k- 'ivtj .ktll, a#* oe-fy fee a isij --w - It Ho i At tut-1 Ol JiU, ofr. K?k, IU kA.liei . / ?*>' , 4 . fit rl (c tkt ftnuh 'tn ti If Mttltirrrirti, Mk villi prcduce lit MllllOiiD/JKMhlt M<w?l w*l?ln raiufent t) e Aihe.i, nod. ahoalrt all tkd* be a Mnt A r? rerh.luly fhe n.p.t ripen.fe and Mirrrrf-big on record Tliere ?l.o nbti idat that the intnaiB nut roa.t to a ft a. 1 IbBtM llatMBj' h-of tbi? ephaiow, It wit net tall to afreagthen 11. iH?.n to r?ni*'ii For ce>v.r eou fbtgeary it la li? dagy of lilt III It-. I g ivirnwfl l- pro p.vir. n miM tfir t? -it y mo i nfoifr 111 /irr.tetl' JfttM not il i I nfi/ia' fAd'/Ae ;,T'd' /vfgrf - nr ,wwy mo*' .7 rgAwr r> ? wirlw ?* th< ?jvt vhrrr t laiImtt m/ awiyrvl o l-mrj. *%1hn' tit I'tX'1 tttilailarii7ni'.*r f >n'it to I* ttr/mri I rvm eded itf *?]J '?>* nr'il fi'in. II lnil?r>.i'Vn ( jnl-.n if rumin ilof t 11 hmff at thf Kmiiaa art fit p. ?*,ior? fAr no tattiiir.: m urVii the miiM>ml i rlmf ? of wtnAji, din/ fAm? fAnr mil/ t? to) U'/ixi><rg ? (?/ ft JW1.WI fttroarewtVare, in im fAe y/n. \ Kveti putting a.lde the bmtile effort* ol Ilia emm* ft I 111 tllO <l|l|KI?|l? chore. it IH doullttlll l-Sl'lhBf tlior,. |,< much that ran Ik- railed hiivltatile ? etnaindag of the ci tp iiueied lti?D The great work. of Cugtneertng acfanre, IW dock*. fhe ? lid balterle., uiuy have dated the il uno l ot tMrta' ta nod private hauiai Harm "the to have li en totally deatrtyrd, or m In injured a. to require motr labor for their repair than would OMMtrlMt new duelling.. A. ft 110r h|i| e.'ira oartaiu that the ltu..ian. will I ot <|ii|t thair {.wlih'na without ? i.iintuigu, actual or menaced, arid than fore no dia|ierMoii of the Uril.h force can plaeo it beonrnea tip-duty of tbaguicru ii ant and i*hi| lr to ifeor to t)i'>-o c it' (deration. whlrh tw i n glad thtm betore tbc i aaltoimnit ol the lerft three week.. It la a duly t? take thought for there thing., even in the fii ?hn< ?. of triumph. Willi a greet geiiertl a vic loiy ia hut thi lieginningof tm labor a; aud it will not dolor the nalh n to teal content with what it luta done, while an oh.-tiiiate i ueuiy it oppo-xd to it. with iln-ifiue peihiipH hhariwnid l,p defeat. cl.uuld the cm my abandon hie Inat woika the harbor of f-'ehaatoj-ol would lie open, and tian.porta might Inndpto Tialma will,In a h w yaida id the alihil troop.. who might either And thimthio dwelling, in (he town 01 be partly encampo I aloi'g the nortliern ?Me But tlilw areond con ijutat. though not Ullpmailil*, ought not to he n garded ua a ceitnlnly, or prevent the cotitlnuanoe of th>- worka which were Juatlj dei'tned nece aiy a few week* ainc The porltlon ul lhe Turk, an 1 Sardinian, with a part of the kienth, In the plain of )U Ink Lava, rendura abaolutely neceatary the c< inplelh-u of thane enterpilaen, wltlumt which tl cy will be h iced to cloav up t'i the real o! tiw army, to ine great dincomfbrt of all and the dhninl boil mitily ot the allied |kmiHI inn. The ac?ount? glvan by oui cont'npendi nt uf iixent tnrpaiatioun for the winlei ere n< t entirety reailuting. The (tuarde ??re on ? day inarrh t d dow n to work on the loud-, hut when they arrived theta wrta to iodic?Bo epadr., ahomla, picha >ea or bar li audio the! inaicbi d hack again. A gnat pait of luat year' warm clothing la IrriHrWa Lly reined, and tht old atoiea muat uol be rvlied npon; but "II the hut a only an Ive la thaa by the > iltng ahipa In which they have been atewed" much of th<' aeverity of wln'er will be dl annrd. It i. thi <]ve?ity arrh al which be wi-li to Ineuie. The lalcgiaph ha. now for aoioe lime tmu rileut and we have ii ilgtit to augur from the udireoi o of the hone rala that they ha\a aomethteg to conceal. Indeed, It l. baldly to he auplioMwl that a roitimauder with the vigor anil ten lotion ef Var?hal Pell??ier would allow the ale wetka of line weather which remain to paaaaway wiUmut an rudcatur to c< mplete hi, \ ictory and rabe at ill higher the reputation of hla oouiitry. Iho powerful lleet of the allien, n ueiating now, f, r the nio.t part, of aciew veaaeU, and (be nuniherleaa tranaiMirt* of the llriti?b ma tine, nay, thiougli (he rklil aei|Uiie<l hy a twelv. month a (Kteihnco, laud in n lew d*yr a poweifui force at any point whence It might bidealrehlotu opeiate A. ton dim t advaiirc in the liueriaiia then* aie variniii opinion.. Ike unit gim ial ia that, thought! hazardous morfmaut, not lo lr nudertaken without much csulh n, It might eucceed, tu w 'hat all the artnlea of the allie-urent II herfv. the cbfef ilifflcully in to obtain aoeewi to the itua i.ian | orIIion, which,towaida the eoutli, may he oonipareil to a gnat r>utiiral tortteaa. The plain of theCriuiea rU?, pranuolly till it imrhrH the line of the T< heiiuiya, and them einla in pioclpltooa ? Jiff., aluuat peijeodlcukar ah Dg many mile., ttn thi- rommumling elevation the Ittif.lau aie poaled, and have Inereaaed the na ural rtiergthof the reglou by tha artlthial olietaelr. whh h they are Ml rktllul tn ereoling. Ihe loud down v hh'M Uiey i!er,end' ,", to Ihe Tchrrnaya and the I'ana of Altodor, aiue light mllee further on, are atnmgly fortified. It fHQbe rean that the Kn nch ha a made ? rocmnai* ranie on the ealietue light, and that they are con .'noting icada 11<>iii the Valh-v of llaidai U) to the I lateau of tht I pper IklUk. < Inter to tfatiaetopal the woik. of the anriuy are even more minion o- and for mid able. It l> probable that If the tienerala conteoiplata uiiy attack fi >ni the oouth thevgwuulI have to makea 1< ng detovr; hut. ibould Ihey t.e m cet ful in gaining ti c plateau in force, their can he little doubt that the Jturatana w< uid aone he runfvlM to ahan Inn th'dr poal tiona. Ih- other alternative i? a new landing and an ad vanee from ron e p' intonthe wi tein ruaat, which would merace the rear and the retreat of the enetny. In tin* call*, rl.ouht tl a gltlc* have to tight another tialtle of the Alrua we might truat lhat tin Valor which ha. one* pre Vailed would be again equally ?ucci ilul. Howerer the opinion .till I lhat thealll". m.iy not !?? .trong enough In n.rn or iman* of truurp'ot to effect any gnat dfvnrntoa of thi. kind. In i lt'u i cane, a campaign of ruine wreka mint tale place, .rul tt. ronelu ion would tmd our ar.ny fatigued ami rri|iiliii greal. RUSSIAN VERSION OF TIIK CAPTURE OF HKbASTOPOL. Die llrnt |t?Ua r*r?lon ol ih<? fa*11 of Hrhaatojffll I ? contained In Ilia- following |f- nvrul Older tilllf.aill by Trine* Mortal liaki.lf to bin troop*, ami in *? Irjcomplr r report of the progieaa of Ibr n",r publUh 1 iu tia< lii raih r Hvur ? 0k?UMl llfuni Arn itUMTtt to tiik Aunt or Tin. A * r r, A.tlaTIITI'1 I .A Ml A?l> *IU t Ho- IK IT ITlK <'*l ?? A IIi ai. i(i iiitkii. , Hbuhti or lai.Kiituyv it m ) Viiivir o? baa .-ro| t., Aug -A f -apt lii j Vail*nt fi nradi ? ?fin tin* lVtb of ? pliu li. r l??t jor, a alriiiif in m)'a army appeal* 1 lift-ore Ibr walla <if Ha Ui?tu).ol. I#*pt1* it* unuirili'itl *ul*'t iortty, d? ldl* th# abaanre of iibalwlri wbtcb nOtttif Mimri' mi.lit have ? ppoiJ 1 ti It In the town, Out army 'i t Mot d*i" attack it < | i nly [lltarally, wiik in open, and undertook a regular ? ngi r-luc* than, daapilft the formidable f i< n *' tin Hap ?*! of our ato intra, who by thair nunvrou* tiatanUf reiairrd ralafbretroenta ?>till***y ami ammunition for ? la vtu month* and a Ualf, all their rim la failed betm* poor bravery tad flrmneaa. it i- a fart unexampled la military alalia'* I|ikt?ti ?n haatlly fortified, iitfrwecnn* of tlo eijifny, would buff heen aim- to hold out - > I n| agninat a li tea, the of kttnek ,.f whl> li I. ad ovnytbiig tiiat hitherto could hav< Wea taruaweo la call ulation* of 1 hi* natute. Ami wilb mean. ?o em imi and of tatb a deaeriptlea, aftei the rnlnotta eSlcta tl aa aitUlery ef tolo aal ditnftn aim ?, continued for nine month*, tli ? i neniy having fra ijui iitly had ?< r< ur?* to prolonged bmnl-aadtnentacf the town. Si lag on aarh Konira many huno'd tbooeaad muuda, they became n uv.ui idot th< liu?<t?pia > ' f their effort* ami reaolird to tmk* fahaatopnl liy it combat. ' n tli' nth (IfitbJ of Jun? they m ' the a- *ult on different rWaa. entering eotirng'o Into the t -wri hut you iceaived tbero wltn |abr|iiflti tnd tl*> w. <? drivea buck i o all point* in the moet hi i.'Hani ionj.ii r. 1 lua < he< li fmced tin in return 'o a cmtiaeattoa of their fliet | lan of (lege, malllply fog tbefr hattrrl*> and Incii-aiii k their activity of tbeli trench work an I mln lug operation*. Mm* the n i moralili ?y uw n which yoo raj n!a#.| the ;i -auM two mi and ? half have? Uoaed dtllat efclrti, animated by *enilmcnt* of duty and ofloe# to link throne ? n<l to yonr country you hate herafeato blp'itel em li Inch i t |if und, kiirlng the amaitanl* to .. !>an ? nly fi<t by fi't, and |?ytag with torrant* of hi la d an in cracible lor* ofainnmnlUoafoi *wh yard of ground they giintd In tlii* i l/alli ate <h f?n" your w'uage dl I tu ' ft <g u.e CI ntlaiy It IO*e to the hiflb*?t deg IX' of -elf denial. l'i I II von iiitiepidi'y and y> r j? let ? wrr* with nut*, there ate a... h in tf?* nat ir* of the poaeibili ty of ' efeg! e A* the appn-a'.h'a i ' the < :i?o.y graloally adwi i ' ? f ef r I alter lea were erected p jarfr the wall* The ' i <i! Iii which atirroaaded twlagapal grew dally Uarioaer *ml a. nt death an dealru'tlon ape* the ti urtgeou* defendeM *till further loto the town Taking advantage ol the auperloiity of th-ir fire a' ?hor' rat ge, the enemy, a tor the reoeen'iated a I toft < f ti en artillery Sir thirty day*?which enet owr iarrtwm fri m Wii to 1 U)0 man p*r day-m* (Whienced U,a' tetriole li.n tardmim rfa?nlae''*H li'mfrr) frntn th? ? ianu ii.eiatl* eagfaaa of war and of a -aobr- bltberte aa know*, wUa deatf oyed <#ei defeacee, which had t?*ea i | mud at o *bt w 'h gr -et Ulx an I at grea ?? uo der 'h' inei*?>aiit Ilia of tbeeaewiy?tie joiv!:*! w irk tba Kirra l'f tadoubt, iw tba Mebkoff nil i rl ? h<y of fel a*top> I a* a point di auna'lng tbe wl i< towg I bar ine e?pi ilcree.) nmrtdeiable Hal I rp*i?M' da-nage I" oi.iltu* under thr e ciieuaaiiare ' I T1 * bWt li ?hi ?uo'h *irt. would bar* Uuw to ? tff *e . ,t u p* lally to a ?**'<**? butchery, ead ibatr ur*ae vat Iu la-day mere than <vrr, n e**arv to tic foif-r r of If u -?ia. i r th ?.er?** aa with " nrow la nyh?art t-it w h a toll era victli.n, I feolnd to eaacwata >*>a*t |*4, ami 'ake oier the tfe- p* tb" n'irib apt- hy ti a ti'.dgw'oa ?tfU'tad ball-ehand oxer ?ha toy and > ? >-at ? ? ?ntlm? 'h? en*my l*|*Mlar n tf.c J7tb '4 A igu't (tth' t 'e('imlcr). ?! 10 A 'lie hatf r-uae work* >* rote Ikim ar l tk*1 aorn 'egredr-." ?M ?? dl'cbe* fill fd up, rev-i?*d a a detpe-ati Niuit Srat llatKm Vo 2 (K- rfiileff , *n<* No t 'f'e-"? ,n< *??,, atewt tbt?e boor*, a|c e Haetlon So and tb* Hetk.e *wd bwartt Re- ouVt* Id lk?*? ?t attarka fi i w#?? ft ,i ??> > rapoleod fi B * ' f thr I otota of a' a a tlh? 'I. "W ft ** " ' ? n wbkb th# ernn.y had ??> aeded # ? ag"'* y*"* 'f f ylrg hrh'.ge*, barlfir at varh ? tiiw# he- ?? a ant r.' ak-n ii u.a m- fiaadly < *if? Ihi* '? > * v-* dor-Id meir dafr*gr-l II.?n t! ? ofbrea hp ft* b?wa *??! n i nt waa lak*n t y ' *.? fr*n'h '? ??*'?* "? ;ci Mm ir*n ?*? nat it and imM aei ?e *a?s#e. aMe< tbe ?Hit |ieo W* had txffee t *I *he ' e?v?w ew 1 '' '? caer-lat f? r If wo M ba?* Me? neeeaary v ** emt a I tb* wld?t ?f tb* rulB* a very ?<*?? lar'ine aw-' Ike* 'toe* a narrow rtdg* abo*? a deep 'ttm> 'a tb* rear bm www J,, i j th# "reach e-.'k aa ?f.->rTe* ing m e*l kav* pr< ?? i ?d ?? era lev nr 1h? if l"-*d '-fbwt aad w tig M'f "d i> wttbowt 'h* >ti|tt*at 1#?M neaten'ahle lleiit. *k? aticr ? t ?*? the ewe* Mfde-a u I i Ojiiiaa * r dy r. eatkaed I hat raeolvat to -vacaate tb* plocw Ha ffi't* ?* he ?vc*m of th# aa*my a*, wffn-d to tf c - ' aaalate "f th# Kornlhtf rwA-iwh* I or dart d that Ui at"*rk if u.d bo made ft* that rekwH, and ta rwaaln ia fn ol' f it to upp-w* aay taMbmatka nf tha ram; ? at a-k a t>>* t'wo I1*?if an r?d#? which wo eae? itai dl-I t* a I the ?*' rta ?f thft fr'rxii ta get ley ?d he ?< >?? of th* radaabt At dnah tba troop* wet# rvdared v, ret-re wewo-t ng tl ? arrtr^woeat. prevtoaaly aawie 7 a ? r ? n j. ?? rf hratery ym gnee daring that day art r.r -a'#. * m red #.,?*. <, th* at <f re |e g <mp ; tba', ?>, ** tli kv,?.t j* ti?y ??'?. he t gj!1**!* *Mt?i.laa*w? . f vb| K "'fr*1, ? (*?<?/ gradually hut**.'" T ""I "*b dtrl not purao, u* n> iolui?n. ? ihTJ"" "'??? wr-IHUry. wbicb tUa* V. J:. '1 j. l>??ti.|K | itl'i'I!,."!'! " " '* It t" har } fo loarp h* HfWpw, Hi tiji* ,Uut rerumwbw, thraa. Mu. n? wi> ? Vr ",ua<r' ,u d' nn ll dfiar u,, .. . ? wp at>ai> *?> *hr. u ""K":: * hor' ?>ai of 18lv (I?, | , * , . 'P Rrwat J Iki-wl.a V,.V;-?; .'.man ,?,| mb,, hut ti.? hu1Ilin? tXl . "hwh ?... I.,?. ,r(t to tfifnt, M'tfiir II b?* ' ' , " ?*. ?htch we nurMln^ iu ?ueh a ai im /tui ," "".r "f rk" til a an. In a i, n , ? l> bildrww maw IF " - ? war in ii? . "*r rom to, ijf, ,;v'V,r'T ?? pru*e to 1'ua.t, ts.i ' '1** ' tb"Ijnperor, !Pt u? ?hlrh anina'rd , Jr "" " ^ <h>- apt,* patriotic R|lr|tUl ,jJ| "'r an* u?tiv? l.iml a? ?,. ,t Hrnijr i it n, |m-> de.ou.i our t .lUltl.' vuttu l r I IJ^U.oi mm t . a I iij.o Hi |hi- ^Ui|.tr?I I thank rou f..r tl ?*#? <n COU.U^ c.,1 if 't v o^hal^;"'? I ag tin- kftgeol i-?Im?I, |?i|. the .J* i.TtlT'" '""!'"?UI J.mltb.oi , ""?* ?-?rr??.in* t|.P gr-.lltu.lo v-ur worth* ra. ii an^PTH ar? (utiilau to wTm aru ?tlli H* ?? 1.1 u4 ,i^. tl.-.- who lian- fall.,! loooraMy t- | n|. ' ", r t "n 'he rainpart. of .SrlMM #t I a itmainU r lh* miinurt*! hhum , of Narhirnoff. te?,?! ;:!-vS ?T,,;;,nV0r.s;;;;,ry ??,u ? *?"*>u ,o r??-r. or\V:t?I,"U?','"? '""" '?t",- lu.kotr,? diary ?,ol.U,*i *,4 L^''* ?J?At 8 * u l1"- "'??> ?-p. noil ? wmr ? '? ^mWriln?#n| a^itio't tha fl^ai u:v:; i'.r ?"^ .in laii- - ??? r.-|.U?l l.-,.i our wi.,1 . ?n Uwrto ;* 1 "''fill.,. I.jr a,I o<|oaJijr aril ...ataoLd '> V.'.'i'f,,1"! I h'1!."1 * 'V to our worVa t? tl a 1 HuUT.tu,7 " ? N? " irte {li^d?!il::Xrur-'T* n"?*? I- ? .1.1. Ih. tlau d.... a 1,'o'rU, .Vi a '1 u' *""* 2 gun- w< i?- ie|,U.?5 1 f i .V 'k* ,,f h??irf.ii did ,,0( Altar .WIMdc tha lira . u IU ?-I, h,?i tu, 0f Haot,,., lwr, tha dlaiy ?t.,| at thaNit with tlir..l?pr?atioi!ttiat ii,'.f h.y ro..rss^t; lb? <llai j- a.M, .bat oa tb* Mtb of frpi.n.lwr tl.a ? "* 7 ilVl:r:rr^ l> oi *r t lint?ILa\ latllmir, (nw%, .rouioooan t-, Hboroua, I'anuba, Tura and firum* rh'dw Kuna war. Brat tuk. nout oClhawi. 'flip rPiorl n mliidra aa fi.liowa ?. , 1^-)?"" lb" lit ffa it. Ill U,a rnirwa flird but llltip. 7) , y nttp,,i|.fp,t to om n flf* wiiK a*;,:,'lo7,,aM1" i?#d"f >'u" "-A ""ruSHltrs: tanp Ob tbp ?awp day Ibi- auraunil j? ta nfoor lafi whW O HHirtPd l I.M.O rampa bad I-p.! a.l.Wi.hM i! tin- Taller of I aldar, mar II,e *|ll??,. ?f tl? (o*?rka m '"?<1 rrcm fbi.enU.iblk I Onriouala to wUUk wa.a wUI^.'rillUrr "(c*T*l'r tad Bfr '"'uu"? ?? Infantry, MANIH'STO OF THK" KMI'KU'lR AF.KXAJfDFIL M, lha '.Otli of fppiemUr. the Ku>|ipror rd Kuaa2 all dn-Mpil Ibp I. llowing iPreilpl to l'?nut /ak.ewakw MM, larj f.ovainot of Mo.row ? '? ft unt A, rnp Andtairlirh?Nia< a .region |. bnrie of nj. am. at or. ltba<ba?B injr I'rnlr ,|e-|r, (, m. an, lent , a|.ifal, thai b-yal and UloW r.-.l,|enoe wbeu I waa twin ar.d wijrie I , ,?i,M Uptl.m undar tha pro! <-ii<n.dtharrllra ot tb. i,le ?i Al, .la, the thnn maiiirrua of Horn. 1 ' Ifaving today .all.lm-l that de.|r-, ||,a?a wttnaaaad ?ttl, Ibe RiPat. 1 rati.fartb Ibe e, .dial .ml ali.eaaa impr . whlrblf p InhaM'antr ?l Mo-, -w .Lowa lilt bail T*t.|it,oi, ,f mv elf *,?? all lor !?,i,||y ? tf%4i tUna wUo ma .bleb I'ua.l, ba. alway. pf..^ ti i?i8'Jr 1^^*11 i Ul*'' 7"%i u$ ?*> MikC?r? grmlf t- to all rlaraaa of fb< m pnlatlon of Moa ,w ami to U.7e k,T tM,f?'?'?? " .old bar. U. i c tnnletr || . nt e.anl. ba-1 m l d mm, I tba uR> fa.linn 11 lie.* -wret ttj- tneuta Yj Older , f tl a day l? the p, , u? u, ..?a made puli.ti that allPr an unp?aiii|,le.t .lege ,,f .UraT in'n.l,. ib- .-a,,.-on of n.| l^fUggi*? ,,2r? r"u",C ??. ' 'Pff -l-nlal and haalnw .im rp, fully I. (iuUsI >li .1, up.rale ,.uu|t, ^ TV 1'.', *,'V "-'""n only Wood lali.r.l i f In. f? Ibe ., , n.y The garrl,. n of MwUmI l.lf (ii'lli- nil (hill IIfd i.lj ,tJ.*.??!'} !*'1 T."1 Irr"*''t paanfa a. the imnanatrnMa iii. .. ,, "p ?l' ?. ba. girpn a .'.T./ul 1.1*1 J".t*'i bar .op|Mwtpd .1111 (n-alar (rial, ami i. /a.r.l l? Iff, g,r? baa ^7.!! glrpu bar blatant ur,|,orl lot oa, u,. af..,p UJL al o plarp nor Irort In llfm. *? ',?* f, /a r.'l I !"7 7"',"" " up arm. H, / TVt "? <4U'# "f ? b'ltfanlir. /l u ? ibl b -Tt tl "" '.ne, a'lng ? bf. 1. all m, ? flrli.i. ,U|r ? (d,IrtNH> f(( %r'r,XJ ami e.en lb- laat dr.y b.l U?, f?, Ibe niaful* r an> e of .Le Integrlf* of iC "uLlr# and f r Iba nalnal b nor mi' I* ""n,fr ,,'Mn ?"?lm*?a of u.a aa Ion a. In ?e ?.?. Ib,i | darlyp atrenglb and ,?nh n,-I- or II log ra/aaff la>e|..,ably W?ib ,-,y l,e?i n. ,,, b.roi; and faithful R'.ti. I r.j a>, ,,^.l^mTuo? ?. Iba help .0.1 , Al, Mi.y Ibe w -rd/of iC. I " | < ror Al.i.n >, ^ ^ ???r and InraiUbly your., _ , AI.KXAbnnt. flja f. :i Journal r ?. ihn. da.e,it-. th. ,-,.,tlo. ?? Ti n "I?' 41 ' ""** "" tbe . Id <d y. ,,t _ Iba Hii.aun lorra. mcupy ? bm fortibe.1 I / .f and "o'T* ??tnhuoi# roumtlba (-.limn .R ,Mh ?Hlra. at,I .ii.mlng lion, tb? l?-,g,.p g|.d r rtl.m a inline, aitoalp at ibe eilrer, ,,. ? ?? all nr-.-o m 7r'latlrf'l ih* ?'l" U in> of i ii I f 71' ruain b,r,. ,r lb. i:riauu toa ti l l *. dlwl.lona I. po.Ud Uhlmt IJ,4t lb. lla'Pau -/ lb. flett-. ??| th, TTo'tr lb. t win. .., ?.?.fc,i7.bie (OB tb. n Mb ???. of -ba.1,^,1, M.p rlt.del M 1 LL V it !'?* ?""'b-p <?n-u/iii,,. ,Hd ,* .'iT*1 . *'"* 'h UrWIlwt d,7U.,d Alt'-t. r aid tb. ,h.ln .fib. Tebprk,- Ian ? ? (? ^ t?.,H,r,e?f tbe lie ,?b .ml lb. mom.talo. ,.i J i"."? "fr,;r "V k ',mU":r* *? ?W?l,'-r.l .? I ,m U in.In II \ ITT .na n ' - U .. pilmMy.f a??y ,vt t),r? ,dimr , n?i,,|y be on. bel.,1# haM>!, .| lu rWW win* ?l half, and II. lef. .1 Ar.bal , ,? ou/,.t,..!/b/ Pre lo,.,.?la and t),e I hi "I to , o, WflmPB riMwu la,no, nl a'.* ?|,? VlTl" ''7 ' h ,h0T """ l .iil, . ant 'L Tu u t# ' * t'T "? l"bfo.. of Ili^.TrJJ^j h' f 1 b nga, TIIK HOI Til HID* OK i-Kl! IMTOI'Of.. nrKKft menu mow* or tmi WHiua ??ow TittY wobe I'm ru rtHft?coMRTRK a now vith the ivtemoh trrrUM *wp mi row< mrwTE the rmiw ft mhoubpwkkt. [I i l/tll'H I ?; ?J l.rn.j.i ri . ??' t'.a |. ntoe TiUMM.J T> ? i-tfin) f" ? t?l 14 .*#'11.4; fin, ' ?Ma "k* ? n tb# n' ftfi ?I U Bad ?? l?i?B ?B ?? * 411 ftaaa l?r 1(1 till "? t< ># i 17, )*M, ao>l ??? r ? ai y*t fnrlng thair 'lafatt#'-#, ?illl th* ??#? r?.??fcrl B thall I-' akto I'll Ml' r <*|i |>4 II^B tBi# tin n It fM ? a; ' r oil * r In l ;??r?r IM Mrulliw tMihOT #. ii aa lit sitk *? ) <-f "? ? aal a*;# iii ?ui 4ri tSfaltof (.aortal* ? t# y ?? j..u Mf ?4iM| aa loM. 1 ?i n I 1?< y H nun ?<<? It t.?*a? i. tain "? IWti a/ta r 1u > lurt at. t? n?r >>>?% I??< it glai "ay , ?.latk ar4 ?<? H< ?'??? nine Ik* irtator. Ihr mir.4 alsat# a#" ? |j# ?? IW l.'itj Blh >4 'tla Is th< (> n~> ?"li rar# r# ?j ar.'l # I? ? to fey I .ii t4#Ir n ? ((? niwt tli rayt'lly t H B*'1 ????*? tto mat! kti #n :>toil< |4 I uc# U?t.- iiirlU *4 to"*# pn?>i t,># i#??? t.. >#? 't.-Mtn # r 4k'"l f hf an; i#V4?m >4 BCtak ng tollll| i# 'k< r !f i |?t?' -4 if shirk It i .'itn ii K**ry <?? ?i. ? i# ??!?. r#>I #> k t'ttii !? h'it.Krg *b- ? >*lt I TI4|# ' >?<1> *. I. l?IB* Itlwtl 'It'll. C<fi# ?I,Hi f 'tr I.-' M - I?1'#I1 t hi* i Brian, ? 1.4 If,?/??'? ?1 #1 '7 ?!'; ? S *? I# 'I'll'B '?># I St la In B*t4 |a"?? to r-"*"1 ?'J*f thaw Of . n.'taama; Ml B#l**4 ? M I# i1 i I ?#>; l.*Mla Bv#ln, f,4 r f nbl 44.'.< ? ?; i at* an; f*; yr>f-aaa U. b>i? Ire II# W*i*? ! B?#tar? all toy nf >H| BMB B?<r .l',# lto? a-# r#4ly aary Vaa; la i<? fit; ' ? I in 11 toff ?#f f># a*4 at ?? nrl# laifa .Jti.'i'la. . f | >.ai# <.?a ??.4 atanaa (ltW l*rf? n^n in-' If '?????# ??v* vMrk I* BBBfty #?fBa|? BB K at 1 n?-? -f'h'<n rra#f tfca Og# '. -m-t ' ? r# tnfc lilt tfca# a# If in -tamotMUa'* IBM tlM ?? Mna# tf.r'. #?? By r^. t?an. feMkatlM <1 an t#4'#Bi?<iB ?? ? a<# 'I ? ; ?ia Ixrrrlne a yr "II# > a#1 ????># a ?tli ? a?i 1.1 f ????<- ;?I l? tk? 't? ta- tain# i4 IB# BBBi ai?., #4-^ #4..t far fiaai ? atrnac narltB-#* 4?? ?f?l?B aaatr >4 a natrr. l/t n I..f t Tta yOa* 4 ?art# ar,<1 )??* ?'?#!4a.| n|, in a #>'i'i4##i fr#na, ?I? | til.) ???#?*#<uI a attli t?, naaa#! ?fi, kt It i. #f/taaea<rtaiM4 VhM llM nii* mbi-? fmmimt Ua? ?* i a* ti?m Ul# narlh #i#ia ilia#) at WW* ?#a IBB tl#B ?' Bira/T II *????? B# I f'"?B tB* (?!????# BBBBB ? ?? fr<aa - imyfca# piA. t*4 <ky #i'a<) M-ftB* *t Ukaa Vxwltty 'Wh 14 <? at V* ??#?'?*? l? fka BBigkB* 664*# Kan Wtli Tin t*"a tjB* i orlJ. #?4n. Si I B */' ??#? #rfaf??iJy a #^#-t la 'arrTisc assy Mktiwai Ik f?a<l ?k.'' i-aaas* iM #->ta4st a*-' a 11.4- *#?#? ta t#r '*?*? MB. a*t sin nit#; aeaawl if at ?'V '?>*? Bra Im4 to Sgkf, " tfcay s#r? / <n? to O- ?a ?-a' ?*?? to ?M rl|tt, *a4 ?y |4*r#IWI I# to a#4|,.., ? ,4* iOI## r+Af ?4 '4 fa'a^tny I IVaa #a>U a/# la ha ,#.? 4"t salr at 'to fna1 lit# Kbsb* ??#?> f-.rt I a'to a# ar- II? .laa-li* to.I at tto Ota4?f a?4 *t t ##i (>#?'#*' 4B* aat H #'>#H ###a aa ?' >t< i caaamytr .a * vast asay baartty Uatof, TV# a ?? at titan, to . rat.#'# Tto* a fa not 4-r#?tiag la ?,>.*# tog train# 4 a ? t ly tia bat Ifht trail BB>}tM?ta#t B ar; BB#rlMt*a 4r'*?* by aoktof# anrl atmitoatly B >##-1 a* I* flBB I yvi** #r?a#a?,l (to B|?aO tHtli ar* i#fc ttoy ira* a a f.#M >4 a toaal# it tat ttoai toa >a? ? 1 to la r? B#?4f??'a- <to ?#>? ?? y #. # filiate It .a t >? ;? ?;*? I' (?'? < r*.. < <4 ilk. r. 1*#; aaraaai tjaai ran ? .! V. a#'t '"1**" " '* at#>: ttoy s?nl.'. toy H' m .ta tla ra*4 ahlrfc ,a aaa#l;

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